Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 17, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 17, 1873 Page 3
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THE COURTS. The Brandt Case 1 Prog; ; rcss Vcstcrday. L trouble ,in „ : a Wabash . Avenue Boarding-Houso. The.. Bostwick-Hcsa and VaiMglehart lands Suita, Bankruptcy Matters—Criminal ..Court Trials, Now Stills, Etc. ; - Tho Brandt caso enmo trial yesterday in tho Uuitqd States .Circuit Court, boforo Jttdgo Drummond.; It will bo romcmborcd that, by direction of tho Court, a bill. in. chancery, was filed’ by tho Assignee in* banltruplcy Vf Tirhst 1 Brandt, to toßt''tho"validlty of the ; otiuvoyancb i of tho teal estate by Brandt to lils wifo. Tho testimony already taken- in tho b’ohimiptoy pro ceedings > was, order 1 of tho Court, mado testimony in tho. chancery, suit. Tho bill,: of, ; wlilch, ,a. Dummiuy Las already , boon given, in ‘,TrtE . Tuidune, claims subston-*. tlolly* that the .conveyance was In fraud, of ctbdltors,-being made while Brandt wad in debted, Or in contompldtiou of becoming ludobt od;;thd.proporty being dcsoribod os;“Lot 188 of N. W. ofrLot 12, Ogdon’s, Addition. to. Chica-, go;” whon, in fapt, there is, no, such i lot. .Tho; amsvfor substantially denies that! Brandt was ow-, thg anylliing at the time of tho’ couvoyanco, or intended to incur future ludobtodneea; admits' that .tUe convojTinco was voluntary,- without 1 ' money consideration, but says that all tho debts'- now existingwore contracted nearly a year after, tho conveyance, and that tho,, creditors cannot, Attack ,tho transfer. 'Tho answer also says that thbro was a mistake In tho description,—tho property is “N. W. Lot 12, ”■ and tbo fltrept number is 183 Milwaukee • avenue, and it* was Intended to put, tho street; number .on tho: deed instead of lot 133, and -claims that this As-, signoo Is not in position to. toko advantage of fluoh mistakes. - After tho reading of tho bill, Assignee's conn- 1 sol proceeded to road the depositions.of several. ■witnesses, taken before tho, llogisterin Bank ruptcy, to mlstain' tho allegations' of thb'bill. Among them wore those of Mr. Amos; of Amos,; Sherman & Co., Sir. Sweet. of Sweet, Dempster. & Go., and representation of Eddy, Ilawoy «k Car-' tor and.of.othcri wholesale.fur. .andhat dealers,: creditors of Brandt. The testimony wasprincipal-. ly as to Brandt's ludehtodnoss, and to statomonls' of his, since the conveyance to. Ida wife, -that ho was tho owner of tho real estate; and that it was . free and door, etc.; and' that they sold goods to' them on tho credit of that property. Tho .coun sel for* the defendant - objected on the ground that statements made by him, after tho convey- . once, and not in the presence of his wife, .wore. inadmissible to affect her title to tho property,/ but tho ■ Court ruled that tho evidence ho recoiv- > od, subject to tho objection, tho question of its admissibility to bo raised on tho final argument; Further hearing of tho caso was postponed until'. Monday morning, at II . o’clock Assistant united • States‘Attorney Boutollo and Homer Cook appeared for tho Assignee, and-John W. Ela and J. M. Burrows for’tho defendant.- SUOUDLB IK A WABASH AVENUE BOARDING-HOUSE, Lydia Oouohlin files'her bill in the Circuit Court against-Michael B. McDonough. Com plainant avors*'that ahois In possession of No. 594 Wabash avonuo, at a rent of $1,200 per an num j that sho paid, rent until tho Ist of May inst.; that,tho promises are owned by ono Averill, and by him leased for a term of years to one E. L. Brand;that complainant occupies the promises as a private boarding-house, and has furnished them handsomely; that- on Saturday ' last ono Michael McDonough,- without any au thority, took possession of tho. house, together with ono Peter BolHs; which two worthies stayed at-; tho : house; until 8 o'clock In the'even ing, when McDonough departed; leaving Beilis to remain in possession; that on Monday morn ing last McDonough returned, demanding admif- J tanoo. which was refused, when lie began break ing-ms way. in, but was repelled by one of the boarders ; that ob tho same day tho wily Mc- Donough Instigated ono Peter Martin to falsely pretend that ho wanted board for himself and. wife, ’■which Martin did, soliciting an interview, With complainant, by which moans ho found ad- ‘ dittanco, whereupon McDonough rang tho boll, and, notwithstanding, complainant's resistance, ■ thrust' himself into the house: that the throe intruders kept up loud talking all night long, to tho disgust .of ; tho - boarders; - that on Thursday morning Beilis demanded break fast from complainant's : cook, who resisted his demand, whereupon BolUs drew a revolver and threatened to shoot the cook, who immedi-. ately kicked him out of tho house. McDonough was out at tho time,, and tho two attempted to . regain an entrance by moons of chisels, hatchets, andhammors.buttho cook again enmo to tho front' and repelled, them. .The r boarding-house is still ■ in a state, of siego, and, to. put ,uu end thereto, , complainant files her bill and petitions for a capias by which her two obnoxious and non paying. boarders may bo arrested and hold to answer for their alleged misdeeds. UANKRDFTCY MATTERS. In tbo matter of Jacob Lewis, a bankrupt, on liis petition for diecharge, nu order, was issued for a bearing, and a meeting of tho creditors of tbo estate on Juno 20, before Bogistor Hibbard.' . Joseph E. Wight ot al. wore adjudicated bankrupts by default; warrant returnable be fore Bogistor Hibbard Juno 16 next. - In the matter of Cyrus Coan, Alvin B.- Burdick,- and Francis .Holbein, on tbo petition of tho, Buckeye Engine Company, of Salem, Ohio, a rule to show cause was entered and issued, and provisional warrant of seizure was also issued. The insolvents have "boon doing business in Chi cago under the name of tho American Billiard Guo Company, at No, 1016 State street. . In tbo matter of tbo Lamar Insurance Com pany it is stipulated between tbo creditors and' respondent'that' tho proper ’charges of'the petitioning creditors shall bo submitted to and determined bytbo Court.' In tbo case of tbo Commercial Insurance Com pany, G. Spruanco, one of tbo Directors, was ax amined and testified that bo bold 200 shares of the stock at tho time-of tbo flro ; that bo at present bolds about $2,100 of tbo assets of. tbo Company, which bo collected on account of a policy of insurance of some Ohio Company,, re ceived os a compromise for $5,000. Tbo $2,100 odd Mr. Spniauco.was pay over upon an order'from the United States. CRIMINAL aODBT ITEMS. • The case of People ox rol. Calver ▼. Fulton come tip before Judge Tree ■ yesterday morning, on a motion to amend the Information. The amendment, which was merely' a technical al-; teration, was allowed to bo made. David Jlitcboll pleaded guilty to etoaling a coat from a follow-boarder, and was remanded for sentence. A nolle prosequi was entered in. the case of Gool, who was charged with break ing tho head of a negro named John Alexander, with a shovel. Gool married a mulatto, and the trouble arose from tho • very-pointed attention which Alexander paid Mrs. Gool. .A habeas corpus coso came up in People ex tel. Wilfldom v. Sheriff Bradley. Wisdom was detained in jail on a charge of bastardy. Tho information was lodged against. him some timo since, and a warrant for bis arrest was got out. Tho prosecutrix followed him to Now York, ar riving there just too late, as Wisdom had loft for Chicago. Here sho was confined, and so was "Wisdom os- soon as ho got"to Chicago, whoro Bradley^got-hold of him.- Ho got a writ of habeas corpus, but tho foots of tho case show ing that tho prosooutrix would be on hand to prosecute very shortly, ho was remanded. In tho case of tho People v. Vounogos, no wit ness appearing for tho prosecution, defendant was discharged. Vonnegas was charged with stabbing a companion, who had broken a lager boor gloss upon his skull. Lovx P. Wright yesterday filed his plea in tho Klokko case, reciting no facts in tho case which not already known to the public. • George Wilson, ono of tho Bt. Louis picture robbers, was brought before Judge Trco on a writ of habeas corpus, After a brief examina tion as to tho evidence in the case, the Court re manded him for removal to Bt. Louis, whither ho was to bo taken last night; Twenty-five prisoners wore arraigned, only four of whom pleaded guilty.. The eases ranged from tho pettiest, of petty larceny to the most aggravated of aggravated assaults, a remarkable featnrolntho gang of prisoners being a largo number of small boys who are charged with seri ous offenses. . f • • .TUB counts OOHpRNSBD. For tie last two days tho ,attoutlon, of Judge Williams {raa been taken up with the case of Mrs. Oornolla Russell-v; Tho Calumet' <t Chi cago OfiJial-DooU Plaintiff .sued to recover $50,000 dower on certain 600 acres of jand M*l Ov tho Compauy. Tho case was oon \ eluded yoMeuUy, when the Court decided in. favor of plaibllfiv l ■ u - •' * ll i) In tho case of Burnham 1 1* Lamar Insuranoo ; Company, by tho request of Dennison, Master, i and agi'dofhont bf cotillilalnnnt’s solicitors. P. 13.' j Hall < was ; appointed Special ;Maßtor.vtd toko I proofs during tbo sickness of Dennison. , ■ 1 All thb actions brought by the Northwestern : Gorman-Mutual Insuranoo Company against -imi policy-holders,and therefore stockholders, -hqvo. ; boon dismissed. ’ It appears .that the assessment madflby tho Company * Ognlilst* its stockholders was Illegal, inasmuch as it was ,nmdo to ; cover only a portion of tho stockholders. This matter, they wlll'amondbyrnnking agohorhlheßckpmout,' and will.thou proceed .with , a general litigation'. 1 against polloy-noldors, . . ; Tho County Court will resume operations' thla* morning, after a Very healthy holiday, which tho I officials liayq enjoyed heartily. •. » It. E, .Jenkins, Assignee to tho estate of Harry Hubbard, a bankrupt, ftlod'a bill In tho United i Htatoa Circuit Court, against. Mary Hubbard.. ' Complainant avers that HubbimVwiyi - adjudicate lod U uankrtatit’on thb Xfith December,. 1872, am!' i that on the-Ist day of October in tho-Same year. [ho delivered to his wife,- the defendant, a-, jdood ; of forty-two lots’bf land for tho.nominal sum of i $1,500} that thb aollbn wan dono With tlib intent* j of .defrauding htoorodltors,'Hubbard: being; iu-f I solvont.nt tho tlrao.. r . • ■, Agnes and Alexander Stevenson ffio a bill in l the;. United states District; Court against tho> schooner Lucy Graham. Complainants .aver i that they shipped at flqitaw Island,- LHkb'aUohi ’ gan, for. Chicago, 316 paokagos Of fish, ogrcolncp I to pay for tlio carriage thereof at tho rate of *ls ■ cents per package, hut that they cannot now 1 obtatn dolWory of tho fish,* although tho vessel 1 |is Im port. They, claim $1,183 damages., ~ ~ ( ‘ J. q. IllUon has entered lilß.bond for, costs in’ ' bis notion in bankruptcy against tho Great West- - 'om Tolograph Company. l . * . ; . t Tho caso of Yail ▼. Iglehart was boforo Judso Gary yesterday afternoon. Tho examination’ of , wituGHßca for the defense was resumed.: ■'; -1 i Tho ; Bostwlok-Hoas case, came, up in Judge ■ Gary’s Court on a raotlonby' defendants to 1 ■ I miss tUp -amended .bill,: on the ground that now 1 I matter had boon introduced therein that was not, iln tli6 Original. Arguments Wore heat'd bn both > sides, tho Court finally taking tbo mattor under ,advisement. _, , • > « v .-, v , *,, vr i ' Tho whilom somewhat celebrated caao of i JnmceE. : Tylor v. The Western Union Telegraph : Company, has .been restored to.tho Superior : Court bn a mandate of tho Supremo Court. .. OharlosW. Partridge' brings suit, in tho Supe rior. Court, in assumpsit, against J. M. Martin; damages, $6,000. "Martifa Murphy sues Daniel Hood and Tamos ’ tDawson in tho Superior Court, in- assumpsit; ■ -damages, $3,000. John D. Hummel! and John McLaughlin bring similar suits agalnst'tbo same jpartiosfor SI,OOO each. i ,Qoorgo F. al. sues Samuel 8. and Don- . ijafnih D. Gardner, in tho Superior Ooui't, in jofißnmpsitfor62,ooo damages’. , .In the .Circuit Court Obadlah Jackson files, a pneclpo in assumpsit. against tho Chicago it , GrcAt Wcstcrn Ballroad Company, laying dam ages at the modest buso>r*sl6,ooo..- , Ezra J, Warner files an affidavit in tho Circuit ; Court that Albert Porter. Albert A. Sprague,aud ;Ezra'J. Warner are,indebted to him intho sum iof $217.16, and that Porter has recently ab sconded from tho“ city after having during tho. ipaet two ycora carefully concealed all his prop erty with tho intent to dofraud his creditors. To itlio'ond that complainant may.roalizo upon ■whatever of Porter’s property may bo attalnablo, ho tokos out a writ or attaohmout against him; James B. McKay asks in tho Superior Court for a writ of attachment against Eliza Boinoman. Complainant testifies that tho defendant is in dorsor on anoto of $1,044.58, made by Munn & Scott; who arc now bankrupts, and that tho do •fondant is not a resident, but lives- somowboro.. In tho Empire of Germany. . NEW SUITS. ! The Cmocrr Coonx—o,9Co —Henry Rchwoldk v, Alexander Bateson ;' assumpsit, $1,500. o,967—Albert XL Sprague ot bl. v, Albert Barter; assumpsit, $1,600. .0,068 to o.o72—Appeals, o,o73—Lydia A. Coucklln v. Michael 13. McDonough, Peter Martin, and Peter Baffin; trespass. 0,074—8. Morris Hodges ot al. ▼. Samuel T,‘ Lawrence ; petition for mechanic's lien. o,o76—Obadlah Jackson r. .Chicago & Groat Western Railroad Company: assumpsit, $15,000. o,o7o—Same v. Alvukora -Burnett, Nathan Znnwnakl, and Moses ' Marks ; assumpsit, SI,OOO. o,977—Appeal. (Burnt ifcc ords.) 76—AJexrtudcr F. Stevenson v. City of Chicago and all whom it may concern; bill -to establish and confirm. Utlo to' tho south X of Lot 3, of Block 20, In BushncU'a Addition to Chicago. The SuvKßion Counx—Frank Shaffer v. Augustus. Blcbmond and’David IV Essonhart; confession of ’Judgment, $45. 43,380—Maurice Raleigh et nl. v« .Clinton wade; F. J. Scars, oud J. K. Foreman ; as sumpsit, SSOO. 43,087— Tho F. Douglas Manufacturing Company v. Davltl Ronldn {.assumpsit, SSOO. 43,388—, ,W. Kabcn v, John' Cyhlar and Matthew Cyblar; gor- ‘ nlalimoia, SSia.St). ±—Oaf»UnoT. Warner { • divorce, on ground of desertion. 43,300—James E. Tyler v. Western Union Telegraph Company; restored case on .mandate of tho Supremo Court. 43,391—-, Conrad Hoffmann v. R. Spallngor and Bernard and Gertrude Milo; creditors bill, $100.30. 43,892 Charles W. Partridge ck nl, v. J. M. Martin; as 'sumpslt, $5,000. - 43,393 —Charles Fols v. Henry Lie 'bcustclnv. Joseph Hplcgcl: assumpsit, SBOO. . 43,394, 5; 6, 7—Appeals, 43,398—Aadca v,' Washington Saun ders ; divorce, on ground of cruelty and desertion. 43,309—Jamn0 R. McKay r, Eliza Reinman; affidavit In attachment. 43,400 —Martin Murphy v. Daniel Rood and' James pawson ; assumpsit, S2OO. 43,401 John D. Hummell v. Same *, same, SI,OOO. 43,402 John McLaughlin v. Same; same. SI,OOO. 43.403 GcorgoF. Lctzctal. v. Samuel S. and Benjamin ,B. Gardner ; r assumpsit, $2,000. -43,404—Ezra' B, Lincoln v. R. XI. Wallace; action In replevin of homo and bug gy, harness, otc. 43,405 —Same v. same; trespass, $1,250.. : 'i Billiards Extraordinary. Lovers of the game of billiards are to enjoy, a. genuine treat this .(Saturday) evening—a treat ineo”; much os they can witness some of the finest “ ball-, rolling” by Bblnes, Snyder, Deeaunger," and Vonnou- 4 lon, ever soon In this city, at the “ opening ” of Durr li Dorr’s elegant new billiard ball, next door to Myers’. dpora-Zlouec, No. 71 Monroe street. These gentlemen have spared neither pains nor expense to make this hall one of tbo most complete and attractive places- of- its kind in the Weak*. Bow well they have.succeeded may be Imagined when each men os the following are en ttu sted with a carte llanefie as regards quality it not os to quantity. That'on which the most depends In a place of this kind ;Js, the manufacturer's name on the tablej If they are not of standard make, It la often found to boon up-bill undertaking. ' Itls an undeni able fact that “ The J. M. Brnnswlck & Balbo Com pany ” platoon these nine superb-Improved Phelan combination‘cushion tables in fbls ball will prove, as It haa to thousands of others . who' have fitted up first-, class places, to bo more than half the battle for public favor and patronage. Tbo Immense factory of theJ.' M. Brunswick A Balko Company, at the northeast cor-, nor of Lake and State streets, Is crowded to Its utmost to keep paco with tbo. demand for their goods, for all their, facilities are much greater than over before, they now having by for tbo largest billiard 1 manufactory In the. world, llomington, of the well-known importing crockery house ‘of Abram" French & Co., No. 837 Wabash avenue, as. usual, “did the handsome thing" in furnishing the side-board with glass-ware—anu, by tbo way, wbo could do It bet ter 7 The counter and side-board, surmounted with its three immense mirrors, are done in rosewood, ebony, and black walnut, and reflect great credit on Mr. 11. Curtis, of No. 718 State street, who bad the contract. The Metropolitan Sign Painting Co., No. 23 Market street, have produced paintings on the walls that are worthy a higher art than that which fades as easily as doea frescoing. That immense street-lamp juat over the door, with its ground glass lettering, is only a hint as to what Otis & -Walt can do.. They are' extensive manufacturers, at No. 73 Adama street, of everything in the way of reflectors and lamps, and are now at work on an immense affair for the Jubilee here at the Michigan Southern depot. Mr. E. Baggott, No. 133 Fifth ave nue, did the plumbing and gas-fitting in bis good, honest stylo. It is only necessary to add for the lovers of “mixed goods” that Blchaid Yates presides over this department, while George Jewett fs to run the fifteen-ball pool table. If anything else la necessary for the success of this place, it will bo found in the. fact tbit both Mr. Durr and Mr. Dorr are gentlemen highly esteemed by many of our business men, with whom they have come in contact during their long res idence hero. . The Tremont House Sale. The Tromont furniture comes under the auctioneer’s hammer on Tuesday next. Tho house will bo open to. day and on Monday for the public to Inspect the furni ture. This house is well furnished 5 tho furulturo has been well kept, and la to-day almost as good as new. Mr. Butters, who will wield the hammer, Is confident that the whole will ho closed on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We trust that Mr. D.ako will not be a heavy loser. Be Is determined that everything shall go to (he highest bidder. California Sunday Train. Tho Government Overland Mail train will leave Chi cago Sunday, May 18, at 10:16 a. m., via Chicago, Rock Island A Pacific Railway, stopping at all regular sta tions on tho main line, and connecting at Omaha with the Union Pacific Express train for Denver, 8m Fran cisco, and all far West points, - Tickets via Chicago &. Nortuwecstru or Chicago, Burlington A Quincy Rail roads will bo taken on this train. By Fire Bemovod Four Times. Wo arc now permanent (wo hope) where Chas, Qos soge A Co, .were. No. 337 Woat Madison street. Our facilities for showing, and experience in buying, war rant us in asking the favors of our old customers, as well as retail buyers generally. J. B. LamiuN. How Life to the Bair. Burnett’s Cocoalue gives now life to tho hair* , —Science still flourishes. A yory soiontiflo physician, of Washington, announces that bald* : headed men die young. Wo never would have thought that bald-headed men hod anything to idyo. Probably the converse of the statement is true, that people who dye their hair when young , i are liable Ca hi Itabh WASHINGTON. - T •'* ; .:i ■Jd * . .■ d - Jußtioe.. Buried—Bemi- nisoenbea by Gelltiotdr'Bar- ' \ ■•l'l'wi-. boy. v; : ■Mr. " Snhiiior—lipicurus and 1 1. - the! Nut-Fed Fowls. -! Caleb Cusliing*s Book-Paat Chief Jub':‘ ! ' titios--Mr; Ckixsb’o Sndeessor.'" ’ FroMOur Oirrt' Ccrrcarontfcui. , Wasiiikoton, May 13,1073. •inn funeiul or mu. cjiabb . Waft hold dh ah oxcoodingly beautiful dayj but lu tlio pbridd of’recess when tho population Is ro ’dacad to tho toSmspooplo, and thoriforo tkd pro cession was mainly small and.official.. Tho loco |of the, dogd,wqs not disolosod-qi reason having bcoi|, f .Recording| to opo-idea, tbat ( tho. claiightorfl.brdngiil tho body into tho cars to get Jf out of thd'rriliV, 'contrary to tho' undortakdr’s counsel. Thorcforo the foatiiros grow discolored by. wont of atmosphere •to - harden them; : The Senate-Chamber was; filled , with people; right speedily, and k many hundreds could not enter it. Elpwors,' rcspcofci icllgibus rites, and eulogy, out! tears as well, accompanied',the ceremonial in tho Bohato-Chamhbr. It was tho belief and'dtato mont of the Methodist clergy; and unqnosfionod by tho family or anybody olso, tliat tho’ Chief Justice was a Methodist by choice; - Dr. Tiffany, t pristor of tho Metropolitan Church, made an olo quontAddross, very soothing to tho mliids of thb 'and it was' quite touching to sbb'tho old’ negroes’of tho ; Supremo Court, tho" 1 gbwnmon, 1 usUsrs, and mossongoru, take tip tho oaskot and boar It out/ , . • .The, funeral procession was wholly of . a civil character; the carriages in line wore often of a very inappropriate form, and the ’President and Mr. Pish rode in a high box-wagon,such na wo' attend races in. At the cemetery, the body was placed under anlvyfmantlcdchapel, and tho ulti mate disposition of it is uncertain. ; Somo .wish, it to remain at Washington, beside. Stanton's grave; .others want to toko it to Columbus. EX-COLIiECtOU BAHNET. Amongst tho pall-bcarors of Ghlcf-Justlco Obaiso was Hiram Barney, Oollootor of the Fort of Now York during the whole period of Mr. Chase’s touantoy of tho Treasury. Ho was a; prominent anti-slavery man, and ho turned over to the Government as high as $150,000,d00 du ties a year. Ho toldmo that bo was nominated by Mr. Chase to Mr. Lincoln.- Mr. Lincoln said 1 at tho timo: “ Gov.,Chose, whom do you desire for.Cqlloctor of Now York?” “ I prefer Mr. Barney,” said Chase. “ What do you say, Seward ?” u I have no objection to Mr. Barnoy,” said Mr. Boward. : “Thon we’ll consider that matter fixed,” ex claimed Mr. Lincoln. Hr. Barney says ho derived from his office no rooro than tbo. gross sum of $25,000, including foes and forfeitures, and that ho had to pay back to politics nearly tho whole of this, so that ho would have boon about as woll oil 'without tho office. CHASE AND SUMNER. Tho last interview between Mr. Sumner and Mr. Chase has been described by Judge Worden, of Ohio, who boh boon writing tho life of tho Chief Justice, and it is to bo hoped that ho will ho allowed to go on with it, as ho seems to have a just estimate of the man and respect for his character. .Chase called on Mr. Sumner two weeks before his death, and tho latter returned . the visit' a few days before the decease. They were always admirers of each other; aud this aa»- miration grow into a manly fondness os years and consonant sympathies rolled over them. 'Mr. Chase felt discouraged attho political condition of .the, country, ana, thought that tho pcoplo woro growing oarolooa of tnoir roapoufl>billHo«, and woro submissive, self-indulgent, and with out that vigor of purpose and jealousy of liberty and honor which they had shown prior to ana •during the War. Ab to affairs in Louisiana, ho was shocked to see the . success of merely dull usurpation. unrelieved by Congress after patient appeal. Tiio two colleagues of former days then entered into each other’s physical oilings, and inquired, in a humorously sad way. about tho medicines, ooch was taking. Mr. Sumner told Mr. Chase to send bib biographer* to him, for bo was anxious that the groat record of tbo Chief Justice should bo written during his life, aud full credit given his character. TUB LATE 'DIVORCE. . Tbo newspapers bavo noted with respectful i brevity that Mr. Sumner was divorced from bis., wife the day of Mr. Chase's funeral.' The Court and tbo counsel in Boston wore ■ equally delicate and brief, tbo ground of tbo divorce being de sertion by Mrs. Bumner. There is nothing in t this disagreement of tbo slightest consequence ito posterity or tbo present. It ; waa a match of -affection, but both parties wore too mature to" harmonize, and they consented to count the alli ance a mistake, and. after sufliciont l lapse of , time, to have it quietly annulled. Mr. Sumner's , father-in-law, Samuel Hooper, Esq:, of Boston, has maintained the most intimate relations with • Mr* Sumner ; and Boutwoll, Cushing, and that, class of regnant spirits, make the bachelor's hall on Lafayette Square cordial, in despite of Mr. r Sumner’s unequal health. THE TURKEY TIIAT ATE WALNUTS. ' Ono of tho most agreeable entertainments of on epicurean kind which ifl given at Washington is that of Dr. Ninien Pinckney, who stands second‘ on the list off Modical'Diroctore, arid is the nephew of William Pinclmoy and brother of Bishop. Pinclmoy. Dr. Pinckney’s quarters oro at tho Washington Navy Yard. • and ho is celebrated for feeding turkeys on English walnuts,—admin-- istorod whole, shell and all, without cracking., A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attend ing a dinner given by this hospitable oplourus to Pay-Director Cunningham. A turkey reposed in tho centre of tho table, of remarkable size, and of a flavor not equalled by tho moat dolicato capon.. Before wo put tho knife into this dish for Dives, another turkey was brought up to tho door, and tho process of feeding him was achieved. Fourteen lull,, largo walnuts, whole, were put in tho wondering fowl’s bill, and slipped down the gullet by tho Augers, outside. As the first walnut wont down, tho turkey looked up with ono oyo, in a bafilod sort of . way, as, if wondering whether bo was assisting at a comedy or going to execution. ' At tho third walnut, ho turned up both his eyes, as > iff. now assured that it was not the intention to kill him by starvation. At tho fifth walnut, his inquisi tiveness was unbounded, and ho wore tho look of a man who bad been reading a thrilling storx in th oliedger, and had suddenly bumped up upon'] the words **To bo continued In onr next.’ r Con- | tinned it was; and, after tho seventh walnut, Sir. | Turkey gave up the comindrura/olosed his eyes resignedly; and, when tho fourteenth walnut had slipped down his gullet, and they were all rattled by the hand, so as to produce from tho bird's in terior a sound as of a macadamizing job going on there, his expression was plainly to bo read?: “ Gentlemen, you know what this is for, and 1 presume that your consideration for myself will enable mo to reflect upon the performance with tho oyo of faith. 1 ’ It takes about tbroo weeks to fatten a turkey in this way, for the aphnal, unlike the mills of tho gods, grinds exceeding small, but very fast. Ho' undergoes considerable digestive wakeful ness, but Uie secretions come to his rescue; the shells are molted down, and tho walnuts are as similated, so that ho matures in a fractional part of the Ufa ho had boon destined to. It seems that this trick had boon discovered on the way around Capo Horn, on a certain naval vessel which con tained a great many turkeys, and nothing foy them to oat. A humorousofllcorsaid that,sooner than see his turkeys starve, ho would feed them on the table-dessert. A few of the animals ditf, but tho majority survived, and proved to bo palatable boypud all previous experience. I mention this matter for tho edification of your gourmands in tho West, who want to know what a turkey is capable of. Senator Anthony was delighted both with tho docility and tho delicacy of the respective birds of freedom which had been brought boforo us. The experiments made with turkeys are said to demonstrate tho fact that fourteen walnuts la tho limit which a bird can stand, and that less .than eight will not produrs tho flavor attainable. Dr. Pinck ney’s daughter is a very admirable poetess, and perpetuates in the fauriiyj tho literary talent of William Pinckney,—a man who perhaps rosom blodSolmon P. Chase in elevation of character, as much as any of Hr. OhasoV predecessors. t 'mairiVft'p Uil. OAX.EUi OUHUINO'S UOOK, called “ Tim Treaty of Washington,!' Is a proof of lila Industry, and, as a compact account of tlio matter In band, of iko dboialon, and some uketcbof the veroom uurroundime the treaty. will have Us value In libraries. MubTi hna boon vrrilton lighhMfc MV. Olinblnj* for liis : H6V(Jft'ftr- ! rnignraontof_Bir 'Alexander Cookburn,.nophow, of Admiral Sir Goorgo, Cookburn, who ravaged tbo coftfilflof tfio ChbiiKpcako ‘aiuV burnt ■'Wash ington. There in ho good reason, why an Amer ican historian should not have opolcon of this re lationship. Ooitalnly hto sketch of tho present Cooltbimrvory 'oloeclyblalUos with Ibo sketches: of Admiral Cookburn, written nearly sixty years ago'by Jared Sparks, Joseph Guido, and others wdio liad oommuoioAlod with that drunken Eng lish barbarian. Oushiug’B account of Cookburn oppoaro to bo consistent. It certainly will stick longer than the newspaper-notices HV Cushing’s book.;, . I *i> ' . !„■ • ■ ; Mr. Cusblng nuiak not bo angry if ho discovers late in life'that hid dubious - relation to our poli tics and ( diplomacy brings upoli him some ani madversion. A Democrat who followed the star of Slavery as persistently as Ihd Wine Mon of lliO'Enst followed 1 tho Star of • Bethlehem, and made-gifts - of -frank-incenso, and myrrh to It \vhoult proposed to bo King of pur free Torri torhiri, his fonvarddesfl in the oattflo of; personal government and >cgal equivocation at Washing ton diminishes tbo stature of hla later years. Theft Is a ‘ story afloat hero - that Cushing and Bancroft Davis More ro tickled,with their extrav agant rendering of the American case that they had It Bmftptmonsly translated 1 Into different languages tand disseminated over Europe,' to thcir.own confusion,—for their claims for indi rect dathages 'Wore dropped without reupcot, oven bv Count: Frederic Sclopls','tO' whom Mr. Cushing, dedicates hla book, “la testimony of profound vospopt.” . - - ■ - • • ’ past oitiep jootioes. Auil boro, ab Cofihing'B. uamo, wo come to the question of our next Chief Justice, The Presi dent, ib is said, will makd no selection until Con- ■ gftsa moots, In., December. ‘ This will show dis cretion, if it lends to a selection of tho r highest clnsH. ThO United States has boon remarkably successful In the lino of its chief jurists! don., < Washington appointed, after tho deepest medita tion; John Jay, - In'tho year 1780, and associated with him William Cushing, probablya connection of Caleb; James Wilson, of Pennsylvania; John Blair, of Virginia: James Iredell, of Noi'tli Caro lina;-and Jolm 'Butlodgo, of South Carolina. Four years ; afterwards, Jay, took the responsi bility of proving that Citizen’Genet had Insulted President ’ Washington; Jay retired from the Bench voluntarily, and it ia*wcll for people to know who borate Mr. Chase for aspiring to tbo Chief Magistracy, that Chief Justice Jav was a competitor for Adams’place, and inißol ho re ceived one voto from Ithodo Island. The sec ond nomination for tho Chief Justiceship was John Rutledge, who denounced-the British treaty, and was therefore not confirmed; while Jay, his predecessor, was denounced J>y Charles Pinckney as worthy of. impeachment. Then Cushing, of Mnssa’olmsotto, was nominated Chief Justice, bat, '.declining, the place .was given to Olivor.EUsworth, of Connecticut, who hold it for more than illfto years, and then resigned. • John Marshall than hold tho office of Chief Justice and Secretary, of State at tho some time, and rotaiuod tho formor until his 80th year, when, in 1836, Roger Brook Taney became Marshall’s successor.- Marshall manifested a strong dislike to Jbfforson while chief of a co-ordinate oranch. Taney was rejected by the Senate, both for Justice of tho Supremo Court, and Secretary o! tho Treasury; hut ho filled tho place of Chief Justice for twou ty-oight yoars, or until 1864, • when Chose took his place.:' There are statues extant of Marshall and Tauoy, and tho busts of all but Taney have boon' placed in the Supremo' Cburt Chamber. Mr. Chase expressed his appreciation of ■ his prede cessor by having his portrait painted aud, placed in his residence. This review of Chief Justices shows that tho nation has.boon remarkably fortunate in its pre siding Judges, but it is not the case that tho ap polntmonHias always been mado or hold without political fooling. Ellsworth was a man of strong Erovluoial prejudices, and his writings show that o disliked Pennsylvanians, frontiersmen, and Virginians 'promiscuously. Rutledge, though honored with the judgment of President Wash ington as' fit for the first position of - wisdom in tho land, , and who had actually ascended tbo Bench, died insane; andEllsworth’o days wore closed by a distressing malady, Tho position of Chief Justice is ‘in itself steadying and elevat ing. Removed from faction, reminded of re sponsibility by tho consciousness of standing on trial before tho groat bar of tho country and posterity, and compelled to sobriety and industry, by the demands of tho olfico, tho place is one of labor without 1 victory, and power'without tri umph. The Bar of the United States has suffer ed, like commerce, literature, and public life, by prosperity. Lawyers now ‘ live in tho days of inordinate foes; and, in tbo conflicts of corporate wealth, os over railroad, or mining, or patent rights, the counsel is hardly separable from lils clionte. To ohtoin.ft-OJilof Justice of adequate learning nowadays, is to ask a sacrifice. Mon have been named already in tho public prints whoso incomes at the Bar range from §60,000 to £IOO,OOO per annum. Some of those may play with tho compliment of tho appoint ment, and relinquish it in a few years to resume Mammon, and stickle for a statue in the Pan theon they have deserted. I have hoard the opinion expressed that to discover a successor to Mr. Chase, of purity, simplicity, and habits equal to tho rank, the Bar and Bench of . the country parts should bo poliod, and tbo pampered Bar of groat cities passed over. Mon who have lived with gentle incomes and on reasonable foes, who have area of mind more notable than brilliant faculties, and persuade loss than they reason, such has been tho class of Chief Justices here tofore ; men who could live country lives like John Jay, or boar indigence like Roger Taney, or boar domestic affliction like John Marshall. ! . , ITEMS AT WASHINGTON. One Camp, whose initial ought to be S, has taken advoutogo of Mr. Whitolaw Reid’s visiting this city as pall-boaror to tho Chief Justice, tO' have him arrested for libel,—thocbunsbl capable of advising this piece of meanness being, of .course, Benjamin F. Butler, author of tho back salary grab. To use tho capital of , tho country for entrapping gentlemen who como to bury tho 1 revered dead, is tp make the snot whore Con gress has exclusive jurisdiction (lie seat of Mur rell’s game. To stop over night here with char acter or effects, may become os dangerous as to lie up at Seymour, or Montgomery’s Point, or with tho Bonder fondly at Cherry vale. The Dahlgron family is said. to contemplate putting in a claim for. inventions in ordnance, only with tho design of erecting a monument to the late Admiral and his son Umo. Tho loss of the qtoamer Polaris, with the Hall ex pedition, has called little expression of opinion, except that it is time those appropriations forth© purposes of amateur roconnomsanco in dangerous places should cease. Talking with tho Hon. Samuel J. Randall, Philadelphia Congressman, tho other day, ho’

expressed tho opinion that tho ponding cotton crop would got the South out of straits, and tho next one would make it rich. ■Washington is duller than usual at this period, although aorao buildings nro going up, Tho Capitol edifice Is-annually rebuilt to some do-* groo, apparently for tho purpose of never com pleting it. Mullett is rushing up Ids State De partment with such speed that no will got tho tho roof,before winter. This extraor dinary character is said to ho putting np thirty flvo groat buildings at once.' As Artemus Ward told the artist who come to aoo his daughter, to fo out and throw some soul into a fonco, It la to o hoped that Mr. Mullett will throw somo soul into these orohitooturos. Gath. BUSINESS CARDS. WILLIAM A. HARRIS, Providence, R. 1., Builder of tho HARRIS-00RLISS ENGINE, With Harris’ Patented Improvements, Bead for Circu lars. ' 0. E LAWRENCE & 00., PROVISION AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, IKVVO] MISCELLANEOUS. Tho Croat Kouicdlco for Consumption, Wasting, and Indigestion, are Savory A Moore’s I aDoroaUohmul elan and Pancreatine. Medical men who have made It a apoolal study toatlty that life U prolonged In a remarkable manner, appetite, strength, and weight incronjod, diges tion greatly promoted, nourishment imparled, and tbo general condition of tho body Improved, by their use. Price from !h. to Sis. Savory A Moore (Ohornlsta to tho Queen, 11. K. H. tho Prince of Wales, Ills Highness tho Khedive of Egypt, Ao,), 145 Now Bond street. London, and all GhdniUU. Noth.—Name and trade mark on each botlJo. - ■ BAELOW’S INDIGO BLUE Is to© cheapest and boat article In tho market for BLUE ING CLOTHES, Tho genuine has both Barlow’s and Wlltborgor a name* on the label, andls nut up at Wlltbergor a Drug Store, No. S3 NottMccomU, Ptol , rielot . tIT Foraalo by Orooera and Drugglata. FRACTIONAL CURRENCY. $5 Packages Of' FRACTIONAL CURRENCY POtt SALE AT TEIBTOE OFFICE. AMUSEMENTS. 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Dugluyn Cottage I Tho Varnoy Villa Jllumlnatodl Saturday—Last “Risk**' Matlnop. _ Monday, May Iff, Tom Taylor’# Brilliant Comedy, THE VICTIMS, with a powerful oa«t. 1 • ■ ■ CENTENARY M. E. CHURCH. MBItAUY ASSOCIATION I.ECTDKE. . “Pliiok vs. G-ood Luck,”. BT BEY. J. O. PECK, S Tuesday Evening, May ~,0. 5 Admission, 22 cents. Reserved seats, 60 cents. For aalo at Hcoonor's, 818 West Madlson-st. MoVIOKER’S THEATRE. THE POPULAR ACTOR, I 33 3D*X7U‘X3»’ Al3 AMS J , ' MATINEE,'at2 o'clock, ! HEART., t Raphael UuoUalet. JCUWIN ADAMS.a EVENING, at 8 o'clock, last rpptosentaflon of ’ tub iKTaonsrsT^-aNTT- Mr ADAMS in els sparkling luipureonatlon uf Yonoff* ENOCH ARDEN. * HOOLEY'S THEATRE. j COaiVIiIAIENTAItY BENEFIT TO ) CHARLES H. WILSON,. Thursday Afternoon* May 22* 1878» ~ Tondorcd him by tho entire Dramatic Profession of tbo ', city. Amorlca'a Great Artists, MISS LAOBA KEENE, and _ ’ MB. EDWIN ADAMS, Havo kindly consonted to arpoar. Tho performance will commence precisely at 2 o'clock p. m. ' , AMPHITHEATRE. (Fonuorly Nixon's.) This and Every Evening WONDERFUL SUCCESS of tho GREAT DEUAPITATOR, VJOsriEJiC- Saturday—MATlNKß FOR LADIES. Sunday F.vonlug-SAORED CONCERT. Locturo In Gorman and KucUsh. with lllustrallonsol tho Holy Land, by VANEK. ~ ACADEMY OF MUSIO. Enthusiastic Reception of tho Theatre Oomipe Combination From 511 Hroiuhvay, N'owY'ork. 10 Star Porfonnors in the Orgawization. • Houses Crowded to Beplotion. Socuro Tour Seats Early. Matinees Wednesday and Bqturdoy, liiß SHORE t lICHffl SOHTHEffI RAILWAY COMPANY, NEW SINKING FUND BONDS, COUPON AND HEaiSTEKED. $6,000,000. Bonds Dno Oct. 1, 1882* with Interest at Seven per Cent* payable ucinl-aiiniiaUy* April and October*'at tbo office of tho Union Trust Co. of New York. $600»000, or Ten per Cent of tho Loan, to bo retired annually by tho Sinking Fund. Coupon Bonds of SI,OOO each. Eeglsteicil Bonds of SI,OOO, $6,000 and SIO,OOO each* Price, 94 and Accrued Interest. ROBINSON, CHASE & GO, BANKERS, Ko. 18 Broad-at., New York. “ Tonci Him Again If Yon Dare.” OFFICES. A few Very Desirable Offices are offered lor rent In the Trib une Building 1 . Single or in suites. Witn and without Vaults. English Tile Floors through out the Building. Elevator running during all business hours. LT/KANS. T.A. These Offices are not equaled in the city. The hest for all classes of business requiring a central lo cation. W. C. DOW, Room 81 Tribune Building. TENTS Fnrsalo cheap? 500 Wall, House, and Hotel Tents, com plete, mostly now, and In first-class order, suitable for Emigration, Families going West, Unionization Societies, Itallread Building Parties, Lumbermen, Fishermen, Hunters, State Fairs, Uiunp-Moulings, Ac. Just received, and with othor kinds of Quartermaster and Ordnance Ht0..., to bo uldcbuii. Q „ pp , NOOTTi Government Goods Depot, 105 and 107 Boat Lakn-at., Chicago, 111. AHltlglit Kulvo fur Jlurnist Hollni COENS! M wou > bo,. Dll, BTErUKSIS. 111 Dowbora-U FINANCIAL. TO RENT. TEIITS. ' * SALtTEs * new publications. 1 “It* cannot fall to Interest the roflrtod arid cultured of any aac* i *~‘Nome Journal, JVeu York. GETTING; ON IN THE WORLD; . BT PItOF. WLLTAM MATHBfWa, LL.D. ! . . Five tdllloun In 4 months, and ilia sale unabated. SIXTH EDITION ' ' Will bo Eondy rioxt Wools. * , 19mo, ECipngoi, Lotloredaldoa. Price, $2.25. ' Th6‘Dhuj/ Athton, 'Liverpool, England, *.* Dp . ;- Mathowa baa produced a charming,book, i. Ho has worked Into an attractive form Uio oxpprlonoo of many Uvea. "Wo knowno’liOok bolter o&leniated‘to rouse to honorable ellortaby young man who IswaatlDg blsllmo and oner plea through Indifference to life's prises.—to eboor. stim ulate, and Inspire with enthusiasm any one who la do- Spending through distrust of hla own l abtUtleß. < * Tbo Han Francisco /JulteUn says: , "It Is a book that ono may rckd over and ovcr'agaln.iand Hod something, fresh and suggestive oaobtlmo. H , * . ; ; ThoNow York rrftunssays;. ’* It’Js adorned with tho igraoes of polite ’ literature, arid polfsbed to a degree rolinoraont .which adapts li to tho* demands of mode m : tasto. . . .While announcing thoflswsof worldly Pros perity, ho bblds up nu elevated sfandanl of ehar 40 to r . .' Ilfs appeals aro not mado to humanjeolflabnoss, bv't t 0 g, 0 lovo of excellence." • • ■ - ■ Hon. JIRfIUY W. PAINE, LT..D., Bosl/jb, writes: ' "Have road it through, not only with but,' '.possibly, late as It Is, with aomo.'profit. IVad I fallen la •with this hook forty yeat*-ago, it would‘havo saved mo frost many, serious mistakes; tontl tho loss ofijnuoh time. ‘ You have written an admirable book.” Her. ARTHUR KUWARr*3. In tho WfMrwfem Ad vocate, says: V Tho man who vtAn,socunWa wide reading, for this polumn will do an amount of goi*' 4 soooud only to that Uonoljy him who wrote It. ■" Holclby.'BookßQllow, or it will fto msUotl, Dost-oald. on rocolpt of $3.26. , * S. 0. 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A Hotel well furnished, well ventilated, and woll warmed when necessary. Thoroare76ofootof plaszaon three sides of tho house. Shade at all times. Tno Table, none bettor, Quail, Venison, Prairie Chicken, Wild Pig eons, Brook Trout, Fresh Salmon. Reef, Mutton, Lamb, Vrmf, Turkov, Ducks, Chickens, Green Turtle, Eggs in all stylos, Ham, Roast Pig, Wallies, Qrlddlo Cakes, Kolia, 100 Creams,' Water Ices, Jollies, Hot-Housa Grapes, Peaches, Canned and Candled Fruits, Raisins,. Almonds, Nuts,' Green Peas, Sweat Com, Groan Beans,' Caulitlowen, Tomatoes, Melons,-and all garden vegeta bles. Tho cooking, baking, ana confoothmory not ex ceeded anywhere, - First-class iFronoh and American cooks. 6th, Beautiful Scenery, a large river flows in front of tbo hotel, with 119 foot fall, 70 miles of the Green Moun tains iu lull view from tho piazzas of tho house. Beauti ful boating and fishing, a good library of oholco reading, Croquet, Nine-Plus, Billiards, 6th. Tho sanitary effects from tho amusements, tbo xuluoral water and mineral water baths, and tbo oxqulidto nlr. Pulmonary Consumption Is soon helped, and lu Its early stages cured; Head, Throat, and Pulmonary Catarrh, soon cured; Expectorating, Hawking, and Spit ting, Ac., soon cured; Cancerous Affections, Throat Diseases, Hoarseness, and Weak Voice, Sklu Diseases. Headaches, Rheumatism, all Kidney complaints, and Abscesses, Dyspepsia, and Foraalo Complaints promptly relieved and soon cured. Price of Board, $2.00 to *3.00 nor day. Cheaper to May and Juno, and to tho 15th of July, and in October and November. For rooms and Information, write or call no Dr. 8. 8. FITCH, at 714 Broadway, Now York, or 28 Tromont-st , Boston, or at Congress Hal), Sheldon, Vermont. Tho Hotel opens on tho tint of May, and continues open until tho first of December, and later If required. - CAPON SPRINGS 4 BATHS, HAOTSHIBE 00„ V.Ya. 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Itbaa restored Muscular Power to tho paralytic, cured Abdominal Drousy, and given healthy action to the Torpid Liver. It has cured Ulironio Diarrhoea, Plies, Constipation, Asthma, Ca tarrh, Diseases of tho Skin, General Debility and Ner vous Prostration from Mental and Physical Excess es, All those by tho bottled wator. It la a fmverlul antidote for Excessive Katlng or Drinking, t corrects the Stomach, promotes Digestion, and re lieves the Head almost Immediately. Pamphlets contain, tug a history of tbo Bpring, reports from omluout Pbysl clans and medical writers, marvelous and well-attested cures, and testimonials from distinguished citizens, will hu furnished and sent by mall on aumloatlun to WHITNEY BROS., Gon’lAc’li. 437 South b'ront-st., Philadelphia, Pa. Oottyshurg Rprlng Co. For solo by VAN SUIIAAOK, STEVENSON A BEID, BUCK AUAYWKII. and druggists gonorally. COAL. Coal Reduced. We sell Lackawanna at $10; Briar Hill, Kirkland Grate, Wabash and IHluola Goal, aud all kinds of Wood a.l o £§^ 3 £°g d^ ratoi V WaUaeh-av. aud iladiaou-at. .—?AIEm>AP TIME TABLE. - ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS, Spring Arrangement, i,‘p ; RtPLAKAiTO*orimrunjiimsi 6npU)d. * dnndajr oxoopted. t * J 8' I [3 ra y «r* rive Sunday at 8:00*. m, {p* lAr- SS ,0 r n N , t c A ! ' T S L great western railroads': ** faktlomeiL ,*Ji l ‘pnilSool of 3'iceiilU'teeond.ti • . jnekei !shmtto Accommodation/.*.""!! Klffifti.-jj*** : i luntiv JiroSS,,,,, Wa11... ,AM>UB VIA I’KUU l ’ KUU HOAD, n nl* 1 * ' pro&i!!!!!!!!!!!!!*/!!!!!' _ .ght HxprflM..... ».,,,/,,,!! •5:308 ra. • f1:45 p, ra. * 9:00 a. ni. ' 8:00 p. m. 4 3:35 p, in, {10:20 a. m i 5:15 p. in. » 8:00 a. ra. T'SiOOp. in. }*6:Soa. w.' * 6:80 a. m. *fi:4sp. W. 19:10 p. ra. *8:80* m. ■ 9,00 a. m. 8:00 p. ra. 10:10 p.m. *0:00 a. iru IIENrtY O. WENTWORTH, •• lorftl Passenger Agent. , CHICAGO & ALTON I Chita-jo, Alton t ft flf. Throt (««.)««« *horl routo/fwn Chtmr, J)rpol, HVif NOtf, ntnr Maithon-i RAILROAD. Z6u (Wftfift 70 to Kanta* oily. tfhtofti t(. bridge. . ~ J*ave, Arriet. i St. laiils A Springfield Express. . via Main Lino Kaneaa.Olty East-Express, via Jacksonville, PI., and Loulsl l Wonona, Laoon/ Wiwhlngton Si* _rrcni <Wostora Division.)..-'.... : Jpllot A Dwight Aoeomo’datlon. i ht. Louis A tiprlngflold Lightning l Express, via Mam Line, and also v via Jacksonville Division Kansas Cl tv Express, via Jack sonville, 111., A Louisiana, Mo,, Jefferson Olty Express Peoria, Keokuk A Ilurl’n Ex..,.. * 9:15 a. nt. * 9:15 a. ra. • 4:10 p. m. * 4:10 p. ra. 119:00 p. ra. 119:00 p. m. 1l9;oo p. in, * 9:00 r. m. 7*^00117,-yja Main Lino, and dally except Saturday, vis, o^1 iT lli 5 I)lTl, . l0I 3* P D«Ur» vfftMain Lln6, anddally J except Monda/v via Jaoksonvlllo Division. ; * CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & Sf. PAUL RAILWAY. • J Union Jifpot, rorner Hadftan nmt CHnafwti.; JYrJtef OMti> -• - |*i£ ifgiltsan-sl. M olrs l Day o A?pitS? Ul * Mlnnoa P* Mllwaakoo P Prnirio'dn ‘ CUion .Mali and Express., *9:ooa. m. 17:20 a. ra, •4:30p, ra. *11:20 a. w. ItPrfWp. m.|*6too p. m. CHICAGO. BURLINGTON & QUINCY RAILROAD, Dfjwh—that of Lake-it,, ImUana-av., anil ftfxl*<ntfi~*L. Ill'll ° mcu ,n *"*» OUatYa AhA Btrn«iupV*rtMon(ror** Ptfmquo and Sioux Olty Kxp.... I’acllio hast Lino,, (Jalosburg Passenger Alondotn«» Ottawa Passenger... Aurora Passenger.. Aurora Passenger......;..,. ... Aurora Passenger (Sunday) Dubuque & Sioux Olty 15xd...... p«ciiio Night Kijircjs.Tr..;::;:: Downer’s Drove Accommodation Downer’s Urovo Aooommodatloa • 7:45 a. m. 7:45 a. m* •9:10*. m. •I0:00a, m. • 3:llip, m. • 4:2« p. m. • 1:46 p. m. • 6:30 p. tn< I.OOp. m. 19;C0 p. m. fit :00 p. m. *11:00 a. m. • 0:15 p. ta« ILLINOIS CENTRAL Depot foot of Lake-tt, amlj'ootqf ■ Voice, 75 CUnnl»*f. t eorm RAILROAD. Ttetnly-tteoru tr of Matlltar fit. Louta Express St. Louis Fast Lino Cairo Mall Cairo Express..,., Hpringfiold Express Hpriagltold Express.,... Hubuqne A Slonx OUy K* Dubuque A Sioux OIV Ex •’Oilman Pa55enger.............. Hyde Park and Oak Woods HydoParkand Oak Woods Hyde Park and Oak Woods Hydo Park and Oak Woods Hydo Park and Oak Woods HydoParkand Oak W00d5....... Hydo Park and Oak Woods Hydo Park aud Oak Woods Hydo Pork and Oak Woods * 7:30 a.'m. t 8:16 p. m. * 7:30o. m. t»:l6p. m. * 7:80 a. ra. i flslßp, ra. * 9:16 a. m. t D:00p. Ri. 4 6:15 p. m, * fi:loa. m. * 7:l0n. in. 5 9:00 a. m. 5 12 :Io i>, m. • 8:00 p. m. • 4:80 p. m. • 6:16 p.m. • 6:l0p. m. *llsoop. m. **oa Saturdays this train will bo tun to Obi CHICAGO &-NORTHWESTI Tick't ojflce, ai 1l>«t FERN RAILR( Madhon-tt, Pacific Fast Line. Dubuque Day Kx. via Clinton... Pacific Night Express...., Dubuque Night Ex. via Clinton. Freeport ft Dubuque Express,... I- rcoport A Dubuque Express.... Milwaukee Mall. Milwaukee Express.. Milwaukee Passenger Milwaukee Passenger (tidily). .., (trocu Huy Express Hi. Pant Express..!. Creep Hay Express, St. I’nul Express *10:15 a. m. 10:15 a. n>* 110:16 P. m. 10:15 p. m. * 0:15 a. m. * 9:15 p. n». * 8:00 a. m. * 9:30 a. m. * 6:00 p. m. {11:00 p. ra. 0:40 a. m. *la:10 a. ra. * 9:00 p. ra. t9;30 p. tn. CHICAGO, ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC RAI Depot, comer >l/' Harrieon ami Shermanite, 2 ■ ' ' BO ll'eit JlaciUon-M. Omaha,Lotvrenw’tb&AlcWMmlvx. *10:15 a. in. Peru Accommodation * 6:00 p. m. Night Express..,. tlO :00 p. ra. Loavouwortb A Atchison ExprctatrlO:oo p.m. LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN Ri Depot, corner Ilarrieon and.&Ttrrmaml*, Ti 'tiorlnieeil comer Clark and Kandotph-ele,, ai corner C\\nal and Madhomte, Lruve, J * Q:4O a. m. Mall, Tia Air I<lno and Main Lino Special Kow York Express, via Air Liao * Atlantia Express, Tin Air Lino.. NtabtExpress, TlaAialaLluo,... • KlknortAccommodation. * South Chicago Accommodation.. 1 * 0:00 a. in. 6:10 p, m. *tO:0(»p. m. * 3:40 p. tn. 12:00 ra. CHICAGO. DANVILLE & VINCENNES RAI tXiuenger DepbtatP,, C. iC SI. Loul* Depot, eo tin/ and Kintie-ili. /Vefy/it ami Ticket office 163 yfiuhingdot Ma1t.....'. * 7:40 a. m. Evansville & Torro Hsnto Kx.... * 7:00 p. m. PITTSBURGH. FOR] WAYNE & CHICAGO RAILROAD. Dor Cxnross Pacific Express Fast Lino MaU Valparaiso Accommodation. * 9:00 a. m. 1 {6:10 p. in. & t*9:oop. ra. T* • 4:65 n. m. 1 * 8:40 p. tn. • CHICAGO & PACIFIC RAILROAD. (OPEN TO HOBELLE.) Depot comer Jfaltted and North General office 16 Metropolitan Hock, corner Jtandotph and LaSaUe-eU. , Accommodation. Roselle River Park Accommodation, Jtlvor Park Accommodation. CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS CINCINNATI THROUGH LINE. VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. From the Great Central Jlatlroad Depot, foot of, ibr through tiehete anti ffe«;i/nj-c<ir bertha apply at Ticket office, 76 corner JJadieoni 120 UuiA(nyton.Jl.,* alto foot of TuentU'UCond'tt. * 6:00 a. m. i 8:00 p. m. * 4:2 Up. m. 4 8:50 a. m. * 9:30 p. m. } 0;l5a. m. Leave Chicago... Arrive at Indianapolis...... Arrive at Cincinnati Only lino running Saturday night train to Oinolnnatl. Pnltmnn sloDpera on night trains. DIVIDEND NOTICE. MM No, 2, Tentouia lusnrauce Co. Cleveland, 0., April 96, 1873. Notice Is hereby given that, by order of tho Probate Court, a dividend of live (S) per- cent, payable on and after May 8, 1673, at tho National City Dank of Cleveland, has boon declared to tho creditors of the Toatonis Insur ance Company of Cleveland, who have proved their claims according to law. Dividend orders can bo had on application to JOHN F. WIUTELAW, AMlgnoo Teutonia Insurance Co. - SCALES. FAIRBANKS’ Jr“’n STANDARD ■ / SCALES - BLi—■ fA OF ALL SIZES. JjSEWafrggmFATBBANgS.MORSE &0O gp**jgflT*** lli AND 118 LAKE-ST. MEDICAL GARBS. DR. 0. BIGELOW CONFIDENTIAL PHYSICIAN, 4ftl Stato-st., Chicago, It Is well known by all readers of (lie papers, (bat Dr. O. Rlgolow Is tho oldest established physician la Chicago, Holcnco anil oximrlonca have nmdo Dr. u. (bo most re. nonnod SPECIALIST of the ago. honored by Uio proas, esteemed of the highest medical attainments by all the medical institutes of the day, having duvutod TWENTY YEARS OF HIS LIFE In porfeotlmr remedies that will cure positively all cases of CHRONIC AND SPECIAL DISEASES in both soxtw. CONSULTATION FREE. . SEPARATE PARLORS for Indies and gontlomon. Call. OOKUhhPONDBNOU CONFIDENTIAL. Address all letters, with stamps, to Dr. 0. UIGKI.OW. No. 4ft4 Stato-st. ’ Dr. Kean, NO CUKEI NO KAY 11 300 South Clark-st., Chicago, May Imcontldontlnlly consulted, personally or by mill, free of chamo, an all chronlo or nervous diseases. DR. J» ICRAN is (ho only physician In the city wbowar lanla cures or uu pay. Otticu Uouta from oa. m. to 8 o.w. Green Hook sent for 50 uonta. Illustrated with numor* ons ilno engravings. ....... Tho reputation of Dr. Kean should make this work very valuable to all, aud particularly to young men. ■'DH - '’ST'O 3ST 23 , Confidential Physician, 112 W.Madlaon-Bt,, Obiongo, 111,. (A regular graduate In modlclno) euros all obronlo and "tinoulalDlsoases," of Loth sores, at reasonable prices. Medicines furnished. Nomurouryused. Consultation tree, norsunallyurbymaU. Cures guaranteed. All “femalodlf. licultlos 11 treated with safety and success. Circulars froo. XftP. TO*W3STS3ESKTX3), IBS SOUTH OLABK-BT., Continues to ouro all Chrunio, Nervous, and Urinary Diseases of both sores, and may bo confidentially con. suited, personally or by malt, froo of charge. Female dlfUcultles treated with safety and auoooss. His Uedloa) Treatlso to ladles aud csullameu sent free. 3 Arrhe, tea re. * 8:10 p. m. 1 8:10 p. m. * 8:l0p. ra. * 9:10 a. a. H7:Bop. m. 117:80 a. m. * 8:10 p. m Irrfcfl. Leave, Arrive. 4.16p, m. 8:00 p. tn.’ 8:16 p. mj 9:16 p. m. a 8:00 p. mj 0:56 a. m. 8:16 a. m. 0:55*. m. 0:65 a. m/. 7:00 a. to. 6:00 a. m* 6:50 p.m. 7:18 a. m. !<•«/. Ticket Ltave, Arrive. * 9:00 p. m. * 7:55 a. m. * 9:00 p. m.- * 7:55 a. m. * 9;00p. xa. * 7:65 a. m. ■ Stoop, m. * 7:00 a. m. ' 9:00 a. m. * 6:43 a. ra. * 7:45 a. m. * 8:40 a. to. * O.KXJa.’TO. (10:30 a. m, I 1:45 p. mj 1 6:20 p.m! * fl:ssp. m, * 7t35p. m. unpalgn. tOAP. Arrive, leave. • 8:46 p. to. 3:45 p. m. $0:30 a. m. 0:80 a. ra. * 3:00 p.m. • 7:00 a. ra. *10:15 a. ra.. * 4:00 p. to. • 7;40p. ra. { 6:00 a. ra. 4 7:10 p. m., 6.00 p, m. * 6:30 a. m., t 6:60 a. ni. ILROAD. lYcArel office. Arrive, Leave, * 8:45 p. ra. * 0:80 a. ra. t 7:00 a. m. j 7:00 a. ra. MLROAD. feket officte, nd louthutst 9£o p. :tt. 6:00 p. m. 8:00 a. m. 16:30 a. m. 10:10 a. m. 1:60 p. ia. ULROAD. .. ornerq/ C<v Arrive, Leave, • 1:40 p. m. t 7:30 a. m. Arrive. Leave. : 7:30 p. m. i 6:30 a. m. 1**8:00 a. tn. 1 6:10 p. m. 1 6:50 a. m. Leave, Arrive, 6:00 p.m. 9:10 a.m. 6:16 a.m. loAla.m.