Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 17, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 17, 1873 Page 5
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Government woe running the Indian ootvioo on . ihosoUnoßj that Viall, afior reflection, ehoao to Join the Molhodlet Chnreh, and at once became Intimate with the Bov. Dr. Newman and Senator Harlan) that those becoming Interested tn the convert, ho returned to Keokuk and formally ho-' Came a member of the Ohuroh j that’ ho then re turned to Washington, and, upon the rooommon ™°f II “ 1 “ n »" d Newman, was appointed by the Proaldont Indian Agent for Montana, at a •slaty of *2,600, and aftor some llmo spoutln of fleo amassed considerable wealth. The general management of Indian affairs in that Territory, however, was so had that Viall had to ho ro movod, Assoonaa Jasper Viall was removed from office, finding hiraaolf In possession of an i abundance of money, bo loft tho Oburcb. and baa Joined another fraternity. Ho states In hie letter, as tho immodiato reason for his want of the ohlokon, that lie bad made a hot of S4OO on a I cook-flght, and wanted ono who would bo Ukolv to win. Mr. Viall therefore dropped bla official •nd religious character at tho samo timo. •The incrosso of insanity In Now Jersey Is ■toted to .ho eogroot that tho -authorities'and themselves troubled to take ooro of tho patients. The asylums at Trenton and Newark ore crowded, and the county aeylumo are full, while In somtf of the asylums tho Increase is about five per l i n view of those facts, an additional' bfl f ".K? 4 u l’ on tho now asylum at Mor ristown, and 250 men are now engaged upon it. Er*') ‘T a of 1,211 foot, Uis b 'w onougli to furnish tlio nooos- StrurpS fl ’ iuoludiug thoß ° now iu NOTES AND OPINION. Senator John Early, of Rockford, now (for a row days) Acting Governor of Illinois, is talked of aa next Congressman for the Fourth District, Vice Sieve Ilurlbut. —lt la remembered of John A. Andrew that, Whilo Governor of Massachusetts, ho vetoed a salary steal.” and tho Legislature did not ven ture to try it again with him. Now, John A. Andrew is dead; and Bon Butler rules. coatoat In Illinois is receiving much at tention all over tho country. Tho Toledo Blade days : Thei remedy proposed by the farmers of Illlnolo la * Q extreme ouo, ami it is ft aught with daugcra, but perhaps It Is uocessnry to develop Iho unomiUy of the «vil« Introduced into onr political system by powerful corporations. They do not hesitate to use cither their personal or corporate tmlucnco, or tboir money, to se cure laws and decisions it* their Interest and against Iho best interests of tho people. . . . Under ex isting circumstances lu Illinois, there may bo no bettor method by which a proper robulto cmu bo administered lo,those corporations which thus sock to prcidiLulo the Courts to their owu use, and wo aro not pro'iurod to j censure the action of the farmers. — l The farmers throughout tbo West, Gouth, and Northwest nro deeply concornod about the questioner cheap freight; and with good rca «on. Lot them reflect that the public jobbers and Credit Mobilior awindiora have pocketed dia bolically more than enough to build all the com peting watorand railway lines that they want to zuruiab speedy and cheap transportation for their ' cr °P a which now rot on their farina. Public works have been constructed; but wo have paid a higher price for them than any people over paid before for similar works. It would bo a moderate estimate to placo the sum of tho public frauds m connection with Paclllo Hallways, Credit wo ssa&ste at S6O - 000a —That tho farmers should seek to ovbrrido tho SSnwf “SS" 8 ot th ° taHot-lior is much to to deplored. Thoir caso Is a grievous ouo, and ro quirea a romody, but that must bo applied bv legitimate inoaoß. .... Tho difiloilty is tto enforcement of tho remedy iu tho face of tho im inonso power acqulro4by tho railroad interest in' this country, amf thio prohlom of railroad con trol ls one that is peremptorily forcing itself for ff?fcra° r 7i Carly Bolutiou -~* hila totphia Evening —Because the railroads are auch powerful aids to the country, there m no reason why tho coun try should, bo laid helpless at their foot to ho H plucked at leisure. It is a short-sighted on tho part of tho corporations lo arouse jutspalch 5 tUat “ erowin S up,— St.Paul (Minn.) —lt should bo homo in mind that this now ia «uo is not brought forward by politicians for po litical purposes, but is actually forced upon the country by necessity, xiiu Xnimtnn J* iCVcJ! are compelled to seek some remedy.— Galveston {fltecO News, —Courts, and decisions, and charters, and •very doyteo by which power and monopolies on- must conform to tho popular (Will. This is tho highest law in this land when ever tho people chooso to express It. It is in deed in anyfand, as tho Bourbons and feudalists learned in Franco near tho close ot tho last con tury. It is infinitely dosirablo that tho pooplo should act wisoiy and moderately, but wtotfior they Will do th la or not depends upon tho moas nro of thoir wrongs and tho persistency of tho ■wrong-doors. Extromo moasuroa aro to to depre cated, hut submission to wrong and oppression Jioyond a oortam point is more to to deprecated •—St. Joseph (Jfo.) Gazelle. —lt will not do for us to toko anything for granted,—wo must know how ovory man wo sup port tor offloo stands. Ho must bo pledged ovor his owr signature to inaugurate tho reforms de manded, and it iuauguratod already, to support thorn unilinehingly and unfalteringly : and it he fans, hold him as an ojioatoto and a traitor to our Interests and unworthy to remain among ns if not unworthy ot Ufo ilsolf. Wo must exact’ a fearful penalty from tho coward and impostor. Onr interests have boon bartered away so long and so constantly that onr indignation at any further betrayals is hut Just and reasonable, and as tho truck trader no longer has any regard for public sentiment, wo must hold up something to him ho will regard.— Marshalltown (lowa' Times. ' —The railroad war id the West is likely to cud in a general war against all sorts of organized diahonoaty m both tho State and Federal Gov ernments.—A'cio Orleans Times. —Evils and abuses thoro always are to bo over come, removed, or corrected. But Hying from organized parties to-mob movements will not do It. Lot tho philanthropists, tho real, earnest seekers for put their best energies into tho work of oleansmg and oiling their party ma chinery. Let them begin at tho beginning and make clear *ot\s.-Orand liapids (Mich.) Eagle. —fho truth of tho matter is, there is little hope of any good from either of tho old nartv Snzations, and the quicker tho people comb y up to tho conclusion tho bettor it will bo lor the country.—J/an.s/lcW (Ohio) Liberal. . —lt i® to bo hoped that tho day is not fardis tant when abettor understanding and moro Jus tico will prevail between tho people and tho cor porations, for at present it must bo admitted It looks as if thoro s an ugly and bitter conllict ahead which may load to moro serious results x«“ 5° notaUy imaEiQOd - i '’ o " d —lf tho politicians can succeed in no other wav they will possibly attempt to oxclto a portion & tho formers against another portion. See that thoy do not succeed. No great good can bo ac complished unless tho farmers pull together. Ikero must bo no break in tho ranks. A solid front will carry'tho enemy’s breastworks. Shall Vo have it? — Kansas Fanner. —Tho Farmers’ Association, now being organ- Izod, is the groat ontoring-wodgo which will eventually split asunder tho giant trunks of mo nopoly which obstruct to-day commercial free flora in our country. With eneh indomitable aims mid ends wo bid tho movement God snoed Leavcntcorlh (Knn.) Commercial. —Tho last week said that “Mr Bur chard had done nothing to forfeit tho confidence of tho people. Judging from tho touo of tho press throughout tho district, and tho tone of tho communications that pour in upon us, and the thundering tones wo hoar ovorywhoro from those same poopio, wo beg loavo to disagree with tho Mirror most emphatically.— Carroll County Gazette. —Uno branch of tho late Hon. Samuel Shollo bargor 0 argument Justifying his acceptance of the Congressional back-pay ia too beautiful to poBB by unnoticed. Hero it is j If I did wrong in taking *5,000 back pay, it waa not for 1 took bi,ck l ia )’ umlor tho act of July, 18tt0, which gave the Congress (but passed It duht months’ back pay. . /I 10 i 1""; ® tr ,- Lighlflngora, Just con demned to State a Priaon for burglary t “If I did wrong In taking *5,000 from tbit aafo, it was not my first bio. for I took 53,000 in July, 1800, without anybody oven arroatlng mo for it:* 1 The world will not regard tbla aa conalituting a rea son why Mr. Ligbtllngoru abouldn't bo punished, but tl‘o argument la ns alrong and as forcibly nut sa Mr. Bhollahnrgor a.— Memphis Avalancho. —Tboro la not anything highly oxoitlng In tho Congroaaional humming at Bt. lamia. It indrawn nUld.—Chichmari Commercial. —ln later years American society has betrayed symptome of a cankering corruption that was never known to exist in any country in history at bo early an ago. It is shameful to-the last de gree, but it is true that In our day money is wor shiped like a god; and when this blind idolatry exists it is idle to suppose that men will not ao quiro lt by infamous moans. It Is also idle to suppose that It will bo tho loss devoutly honored gu that flcoouut.—xoubmhts Courier-Journal, OUT-DOOR SPORTS, Third Day of llio Pigeon-Shooting ..'Tournament. Stagg vs. Farnsworth, Bogardus vs. Paine, Klomman vs. Paine, Tho “.Western Sporting 1 Ga/otto —Turf Notes. PIOEONSHOOTINQ. ; The weather yesterday was magnificent for pigoou-Dhootlng,' and was taken advantage m 00 B°rly by.. all . ,tb'o . good. marksmen in the city, and by • about two hundred of rthoßo non-prof6sfdonar people who delight jto hoar tho craok of tho shot-gun, and mark tho effect from the grand Bland in Dexter tark. None of those who .wore present .can complain of mot having received tho worth of their money in the way of sport, for there word three cloaoly contoßted matches, in two of. which the craok BhotH of tho country participated. Tho other match was shot by Tom Stagg and John Fa.-ns | worth, and wna • tho first ono of tho day. It- waa at ‘ fifty biuglo birds, I twenty-one yards., rise from a plunge I trap, for SSO a side. At tho opening Farnsworth waa quite a favorite with pool-buyers, hut before tho match wna over the- betting changed around I In favor of Stagg, ' wbqwontually came out win- I nor. Fallowing in tlio tjooro, I Staod—l lOOllOllllllllliiiiii o-^sc 1011 0 HHim.u.uoom I FAnnswonTn— l loioillooioiloolll 110 lis 1 111 ooooum 101111101 DOQAnDDS AND PAINE. The next match'waa hbtwoou Capt. Bogardus, I the champion, and-Ira A. Paine, tho famous Now •York marksman; Astako of SSOO waa generally supposed to depend.-ou the result, but it is highly probable that- such waa not tho fact.' Professional pigeon-shooters, as a general thing/ talk more and produce loss money than any other closs of sporting men, though why this should ho so cannot bo explained. Any one who knows anything about pigeon-mutches could toll I at a glance that Bogardus and Paino wore not shooting for money. Both of them appeared to Im? caro l°« B aB *° k°w tho thing would turn out. inci match, however, was not devoid of Interest to tho spectators, as there was considerable money in tho pools. Fifty single birds from five , .ground traps were shot at, the rise being thirty and tll ° boundary eighty. Tho English rales' governed tho contest. Milos Johnson ™ l >‘° reforoo, end E. W. Tinker acted oe Judge for Paine, and Theodore Waohtor ns Judge for Bogardus. At tho otnrt the betting was about oven but 810 to 85 was offered on Bogar dllß 'Sj™ ‘“0 first ton birds hod boon disposed Si; • The score thou Bleed 8 for Bogardus and S for Paine, both men having mado some miser- I able misses. At the end, of tho second ton tlio Hfi 1 1 "ff '' as again materially changed, Paino hav ing killed 0 and Bogardua 0, thus making tlio ’ score oven at U each. Tho calculations of pooi 'T 010 a ffeiu upset during tho progress of tho third round, in which Paine managed to got behind again. Ho secured 6 and Bogordua 8 out ™♦ i * r °m this point on to tho oloalng of tho “ Boe fr luß .K 0 !’ 1 tho .hotting with him at various -pdcls, which woro freely taken. Ho miHHcd 4 birds in tho lost 20, and so did Paine, the scoro being loft at 87 to 85 in favor of the Western man. Tho observations of several I persons who got caught in tho pools woro not very complimentary to either shooter Just about this timo; but Bogardus aud Paiuo aro old heads in the shooting business, and care little about v‘«at is said of them when they don’t fool 1 # ii *“°h‘ P oc kot-booka. Following is tho score of tho match: , 010111000111110011 1 oo 01011111n110 1 1 1 1 S ; 1 1 ! OIS , BeoAnnus-o mill 11 lo ofuoui 0 0 1 w! 11110 "“>UHU1U„1 1 The guns did not miss flro In the match, and nVilKlmn?KJ , I u W l,v ”«H. When 11,0 ability ™ K Uoo£or3i “ in!ioa Into consideration, the score bccomoß very poor. 1 TAINE AND ItLEIKItAN. TniJl? 0 i ft® of 4110 d ay occurred between b, wl and Abo Kloinma", of Calumet, who in horlts the family failing of carrying off sweep stake and handicap prizes, and losing siugl£ banded matches, as a general rule. This contest was undoubtedly genuine, as tho shooters thom raniUt considerable iuuioty about tho result. Thirty single birds from a ground trap 21 yards rise and 80 yards boundary, wore shot e*0 nJ Thn b m? n h ?. d t° M “. nd ™' aa . a°stako 25 nibs; ’tmu? trapped and handed ” for each ami ono n ok 11 P l K oon from tho coop and placed it in tho trap for tho other norland “ t 'n T l a .m, ay bo oonsldorod anuuim portont portion of the match by those who do not thoroughly understand it. To tho profos -s‘°f al Ejpoo-shootor, however, it means a great deal. . Ihoy are intimately acquainted with the poculiantics of tbo bird, and can pick out tho Btrongcat, and thoao which are likely to fly wild whonroleaaod from tho trap. I»i thia roapcct Tamo has no superior m America. When Klein man stopped to tho score ho was tho favorite in i ISUfi 0 ? B Vfw con4im J od to until after ho had fired his thirteenth shot. In tho first ton ho lulled nmo, tho second bird falling dead out of w P {S U ' S flr!?°t l^ U } od out of his first «n« tho Mth bird, which carried cousidor - oflf no - parl£ * Kl °inmnn lost tho fifimL m 1118I 118 Bocond ton,—tho former falling dead out of bounds, and tho latter being a clear miss. Palno J of} t ... 0110 , bird In this round by foiling to lut it, and came very near, losing another, which flow out of bounds and flow in again to dio. Any odds almost could now bo got «ftJ» ano, i tbo third ton, Kloinman made I another clean miss of an easy-flying bird. whllo'J his antagonist killed hia ton unerringly, leaving 1 tho score 28 to 26 in his favor. What a differ? S? c ° to Qro is between this match and tho Paino- Bogardus affair! Following is the score • I i ffi ?TtTh o \\L*V 111111 “• 1 io> 1111 imn iii 01 “numiiuoui THIS AFTERNOON, A sweepstakes match will bo shot by local am ateur marksmen, this afternoon, and it promises to bo interesting. Fifteen of our best shots J. l \° *d»;eady entered and deposited a fee of sls each, which makes tho “ pot ’’ respectable. Lady Thomas and Bobortson, tho Scotch fn^Sf 0 ! 1 ’ H 1 * 8 aft °rnoon at fifty birds ’SI bo obaorvcd! Konuicolt Club A FOUR-HANDED MATCH. »„„:T" s . o£ ! 0 ? tll A ro , boi “g ““Bo to arrange a four-handed match between Tiukor and Paine, end Bogardua and Kloimnan. The parties tbom aolvoa appear witling, but there are differences of opinion as to. tbo amount of stake and tho plaoo of shooting. Tbo Eastern men would rather have it como off nearer to tboir homo than „ Si o ?™ Sl -‘S b a “t Dexter Park, for 8500 a , B -', d °’ 'T°“ ld , bril 'S an immeuao crowd, and it ought to bo made if possible noEoN-BiiooTimi in Irene pane. Another match lias been arranged between J. P. Bobortson and Dr. O. It. Bross. The condi tions are that twonty-flvo wild birdn nliall bo shot at, twonty-ono yards riao, the shooter, to trap and handle j utako, 8100. * TUB CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH. 4 It is ela mod by poiflQUH who ought to know that tho champloimhlp umtch between Dogardus and linker on Thursday was a “snap" affair gotten up for tho purpose of catching bets. One gentleman who was present says he hoard a man who must have boon in tho “ ring," call out tho missed buds, or, rather, tho birds that wore to bo missed,* and got them right every time. Tho eame gentleman reports lhat tho cartridges which missed fire wore put into tho gun empty. If these aro facts, professional pigeon-shooting ahould not bo countenanced any longer. b NEW SPORTING PAPER, Tho Western Sporting gazelle is a now weokly papor, which will malm its first appoaranoo dm-, ing tho first woolt in Jnno, under tho competent editorship of Mr. T. Z. Cowlos, wlio has, for tho past five years, boon identified with tho sporting department of The Tribune, and for nearly a year has combined with it tho charge of tho dramatic column. Tho now paper with which ho will hereafter bo connected is, as its noma im plies, essentially a sporting paper, and those who aro familiar with tho sporting columns of this journal during tire time of .Mr, Cowles’ con nection with it, will need no other guarantee of his ability to conduct just such a publication as tho Gazette. In leaving TnETmnu.Sß, Mr. Cowles taitos with him the brat wishes of his old associates for bis succ .b Aa bis docoaso does not nooos aarily follow his disunion with us, tho obituary roaolutiana aro nroaervod. it la hoped, for a very THE CHICAGO -DAtt.l 1“ “'“ com.; THETUDr. The splendid drlvowayon tho north lake shore was thrown open tq fast roadsters from • 2 • till 0, | joafonlay.oftornoon, and the result was' a lively' : and exciting. iiportp'. ; The trotting Is reported In', lave eon very fast. The host horses on : tho ground were air. iHnstt’s hay, Col. Swallow’s matched bays, Mr. Forrest's sorrel, Mr, Moore’s 0^ VO,I bjr Al - TAnLti AT LEXIS'dTON. lit. •. ■ .H-—Tlio boat 8-yoar-oid ; I ' 8811 Just .boon made. Anim drown by the annonnoo -i™l Dowling would make bin drat ap * 0 , 0 " t ,‘ Q , t ," r . f f?‘ lU s’> a ” d ll ’° result shows n'm,, 10 8 11 that his friends claim him to he.’ i..? well eon tested, Sallio Watson mak ing a e,oso second In both heals, The , result Mtawllt’s Tom Unwllsn. Cottrell's HsIUo Wntson... Boyd's h. f Timo: * Second Race—Citizen's alako, for* O-yoaMfid- 0 > ****** 4 Keeuij’fl War-Cry, by War-Danco 3 Itoynold’a Uuchu, by 1‘1nn01.... . .. .. ; 4 • Time, 1 TWO-TIDNCnED MILB.nAOB.' St. Paul. May 10.—Delaney's norrol mare* completed tlila morning 200 tho Driving- Park In forty-four houra and twenty minutes, being on tho truck twenty-eight hours au thirty-’ one minutes. BASE BALL. 12fSS, E b Mfty la -* mo Ba “'-«es, THE CITY IN BRIEF. 7 1 !°T? , ii c “,f, 0 Ohrlslian Union have started their third Holly Tree Inn at No. 10 Franklin street. ■ Vrank Stnrgos yesterday transform! to Will iam E. Dodge, Jr., of Now York, forty-eight foot of ground on btato street, west front, near Mad-. “root, with sandstone-front building, for <p*”e,oou. There will bo a special mooting of the mana 6®|g f 1 ?, momhora of. tho .Old Ladles’ Homo. No. 1245 Indiana avouuo, at 2:80 o’clock. Monday af- I tornoon, A full attendance is desired. Tho helpers at the North Ohlcago Rolling Mills I !? on A^ r^fO, ,J hD y aro ■voryuproarious, and it is feared Uioy will commit violence. lice aro on tho ground for any emergency. fov' trom ' Zox'm, at 4 o’clock' yesterday afternoon, was occasioned by flames •’ being discovered in a email shod on North avonuo wUh noffitss 8 . 11001 - Tboy,Wllro ostin ßu ißl »> d . „. I ’? trißk Muiphy, who was ono of tho victims accident at tho Bessemer night^ ° d "i" “ B °“ y ou Wednesday ™ B , •m X Biu ßi° man, and a good work man. Tho Coroner will hold an* inquest to-day. ’ . Poto* Gore, O. Eiioy. and Miko KoUy, who havo DolJn “ n , CBl t et * 88 ‘“a Parties who assaulted tlrn Rmol™ , Sn , nc ’“ y evening, woro before Jus-- tlco Scully yesterday morning. The oiaminotion ‘ was conthmod to May 2i, without bauflhS wounded mau being unahlo to appear. Tworongh-lcoklngouslomors, named Thoraae 5' ™ ,B ‘ ol '. B, ‘ J Homy Monohon, woro before Of n? u ?r s'°m 5 '°m 0 l d “ y morwing, on the charge Isn S,n“ B , “ r - T - W. BulUvan of a watch and T?,n . b ?, ' vnß in 1111 inebriated condition. o ”w.Mooar ° onlmuod tIU tho !™'. in . fln^’™ rd i-yona and Patrick Haggerty woro SJ 00 each, aomo timo since, for heating inn.i.'^ 09 *. Th sv wore lot off on a promise o? fh»ir or- Y° alold ay morning they broke mn?Oiom m i2iH°7 a ’ , a i“ d d r ußtioo Scully soon after 203 days b tU l ° th ° lloußl > of Correction for Wolf, a young swindler, who wan nr roatod and found guihy, somo time einoo, of procuring money by presenting bills for payment of bln own got up, was again arrested t 10 ? 11 -' 11 " t™ instance of W. 8. Halin' h°- 70 L ll '™, street, for tbb same offense.’ morni 11 olomilloc * tnto™ Juslieo Banyon this Jifnn Bauyon, yesterday, passed Judgement on James Cleary, who has a ptuollce of slavim? uiur ulgbi at boaruing-housos, and decamping *" ‘ U ° m T ° T rni «K 'Vith his wardrobo muoh P in- "’“J llßli 10 tho Criminal Court, lu MOO bonds, for stealing a dozen shirts, in this way, from Bdlortonu Hotel, bn I’if th avenue. ' xlllu ■r™ boy , nan , r Anderson, while on his way homo ifimn mw? 01 ’ y<wtor ‘'“y “flomoou, attempted lo (S™ e v co^' cllt pUer of engino No. if. of tho Chicago & Northwestern Road, and, slipping was ?r,^ 18 toft leg was badly injured. *Dr “u not°pr g OTo“2 dod Li “’ “ nd attyfl wouui merry old soul,,but his death 'dosorvoa mention because hia name is familiar to many people in this city, where ho was long omplmxd inths elevated occiination of a gnmhlor. But now lio i/**' u ? 4 too will inform tbo public of too face, and, it is hoped, a wealthy brother who Uvea soraowhoro in Cook County. 1 " uo One of tho nmeultios of a Christian civilian, t on wasi demonstrated at tho extreme welt of tho city, yesterday aftornooil Two ?ounir women wore observed dancing in front 7 of a church, waiting for a funeral to leave 2 house on tho opposite sido of tho avenue and thnr. short 3 !? Injoytog 1 njoytog thomseWos. Life must ho vo£ fKut P,S ‘“ 00Uld not b0 poalpoucd a Tho Commissioners having in charge tho ay. tlm' 0 ola for fho Mo ot Th^ n Sod IZTL \ f ‘ orn S davoß , to o tlm C ro I l C r l,lo °. videnoa talion tho other ! roI ,“ llvo yaluoa of tho two lots, but wXitafnilH.TlM 0 pu f U ? • tholr conclusion, It Monday noit. r IMOU ffould bo given on „ in C n o '' u ” dram S Supposing that County Commis monor Lonorgau brings in a bill for f»nn« !l tho , clt y. for compensation for a wall pulled kowu by tlio Firo Department in 1870 • Bunnosing also, that this bilf baT boon throi?ii outky a former Council; suppose Aid. Bailov obtahis a ooutraot from tiio County Committee on Buildings, of which Mr. Lonorgau is a member; supposing that tbo claim Is referred to a oom nnttoo of which Aid. Bailey iaa memhor wire infer 0 fhnT 0f i Blc ,°, vo ' button “ knit Credit Mo- Srglu'e claimf aot Mr - BaU °X P™Mr, Shumaway, the St. Louis Library thief, yoalor of y ilm° 1 ?| I t lK J\ ltcm I llcd t0 P ot out of tbo clutches imen wll f°f iv ° B »“,»™‘of habeas cor.m”, upon which ho wae taken boforo Judge Tree in tho Criminal Court. John Lylo King ’an imated for tho thief, who swore that ho . was hold in custody without legal process. But Sorgt. Ellis was present, and S soatod for his Honor’s perusil, a Mentation ifftvnrf 1° oovo , rn l or ot Missouri upon Governor Be\ orldgo, and ii uo a warrant issued by tho Coromor of Illinois for tho follow’s arrest! En’Vi 1100 ' tbolofor °j promptly refused to ro l?Xl« S ir n, i’ vly '. “““ ' van taken back to J, G ] n . Headquarters. Detective O’Neil will take him to St. Louis to-night. A regular meeting of tho Board of Police Oom missioiiera was hold yesterday afternoon Presi and She“?lX 1,1 tho cl ,‘ alr ’ Sftigbf SfHiitim?? woro ? lao P loao “t- Tho resignation of Station-keeper Joseph Komiy was accented Konire has been on tho' force for Im. ycnrs lma won the esteem of all bis superiors luM nmv™ tiros to hotter himself financially. Bichard Ham* QKmnm P; la ints’xl’a2tihB a ' 1 cup“ W °Tf i Uß , ittoa “ tl” aljofcf « To a certain class of thieves, tho several rail d BlE t/ 8 ° C “n I Phor of somothfuff is s’tolol or °Ono if So favortUraodes of operating is to Jack up tbo oars, and rimwo tho brass boxes. Tills property la oasilV ells posed of ot tho Junk-shops, OuVhursXviXni Ofiieors Thomas, Malouoy and Lafgo aiSofoii hr arresting two i?S, q Tpeto? Doltaoh and Isaac Maontz, who arc believed ti control a largo gang of thoso thieves. Two hoys hayo also boon arroatod, named Ooruollus Leary and Joseph Pearce. It Is believed thoy boloim to tho gang, and, will turn Slate's evidence. They have boon chiefly oporating on tho cars of ho Chicago, Burlington & C,ulnoy lisllroad. Over 81,600 worth of property was found" m (ho r TRIBUNE; SATURDAY. MAY 17, IsfS. fllioplof these dealers, all of which la believed to have boon stolon. The parties woro examined before Justice Boully yesterday morning,. and Doltsoh and Maontz woro - hold in $2.COlf bonds oaoh, and the boys hi SOOO. ',. , r wwoo^w • Tho' suicidal mania ;h»a again made itnoifi manifest, and this time on Elha.avonno, on the South Sldo. Yesterday morning, about 9 o'clock > n Bwedo woman, named Johanna Alaon, who has boon employed os a servant In tho lioueo of Mr ' A. Johnson, 1 No. 161 Ellis avonuo, was found iti , a shod in tho roar of that gentleman's roaldonco hanging bv tho -nock from a beam. When dia oovoroa.(Bho was . llfolous,<,aud had apparently boon hanging for eomo llmo, Bho arose at a very early hour in tho morning, and, after putting r tho . breakfast on tho table wont out, and' was not soon until who was found dead. For . some days she soomed dopyosHod and abstracted, but what Incited her to so summarily oud her life la not known., Bho had boon working in the family for Homo llmo, and was highly regarded. About sßo' was found upon her person, which will ho Rent to her friends in Sweden, os, she relatives in this cdunlry. Bho-wnti 48 years -of ago. Deputy Coroner Pilgrim hold an Inquest yester day afternoon, at \vhioh a verdict of eulcldo by hanging was rendered. 4 ■ A gang of burglars are operating on Milwau kee avenue and vicinity, who appear to bo ready l to commit murder if thwarted in their attempts' to purloin property. About 2 o'clock'yesterday' : morning, George F. Muss, proprietor of the i Wicker Park Saloon, No. BUB Milwaukee avonuo, : was aroused by hearing a noise aa if some one was trying to force an entrance into tho bouse :by raising a window, Mr. Mubb got out of bod and was proceeding down fllnlrn, when ho was mot by four men with masks on. Before ho could demand of thorn an ex planation, they grappled • him, and heat lUm • most terribly. While this was in progress, Mrs. Muss escaped from a

back window, and, by screaming, alarmed the whole neighborhood. Tho burglars, fearing ; fl£ y x? OU i/r d bo If they remained longer, loft Mr., Mubb, bloooding and insensible, on the stairway, and put out. Bomo police ofllcorHwero . °/ tbo affair, but not until tho masked villains had escaped. They wUI probably go un punished, as they could not bo recognized. Mr. J,« S j Was co ?*oyod to a drug-store,-and ids wounds woro dressed by a surgeon, who pro-’ nouncod them not very serious. PERSONAL .t. E. Campbell, u. S. A., is at tbo Sbormnn. oon^ r ' ° BSOO<II QroonllollI iMass., la at tbo Matto- imuj 011 ' A ’ MoDon “’ <1 > Arkansas, Is at tbo Sbor- B. 11. Simpson, of Maine, is at tbo West Side Bngga. Clara Louiso Kellogg loft. the Gardner yester day for Toledo. is at to ■*?*■ Enß, “ Cor Cor P fl > Us£ at&b D orSk 1 n; LL - D - S ° ot - Sso^i3^?S 3 oZ°olan Llj - D -’ : Mtabn * h >. L. namiUcm, of Wisconsin, loft tbo Woat Side Briggs House yesterday. of Albany, loft tho West Bide Briggs House yesterday for homo. t„BS vi' 1 ? of soriba of loolnres boforo tbo Jewish Union will be delivered by the Bov, Dr. Adler, this evening, at Standard HalL The aub- Vii . H O . “Load us not into temptation.” All are invited to this evidence of progress. ‘ » ermo s which tbo Rov. J. L. G. MoKown *i.n B ii?M bavo d f^ ve - ro J la «t Sunday morning to the UUIo people of the Wabash Avenue Meth odlst Church, was dofeirod on account of tho visit of Bishop Harris. It will bo delivered on ounuay momuig. Prof. J. Haven will commence a coarse of lec i”™B.upontho history of philosophy on Woduos .atao°look, m tho rooms of tho Christian Union, No. Hi Madison street. Dr. nil delivered this lecture before, but baa addodto and embellished it from his experience while traveling in Europe and Egypt. ‘ Among tho arrival at tho Gardner yoatordav wore the following: John L. Mitcholi, Milwau koo s Temple Dodge and wife, Omaha; H. W Loviaon and wife, Council Bluffs; Clifton Shears, Toronto; John Bing and wife, St. and" B ai,Uy, D lio?ou!° U ' I’UiMo 1 ’ UiMol I ,Ul ‘ I F ' A ' Avh Among tho anivalo at tho Sherman yostorday John rf°D°m OWi V g : S*,T* C °P° laud . Georgia; ?° U w O, Baltimore ; John B. Schaf for, Now York; Daniel B. Steams, Brooklyn; S , * H * Goosor, Olovo- T^T> 5 C r !“ d ‘ amU y» Connecticut; Boston 8 I,Waflhmet ° ni J ’ K ‘ Uorrick On the recommendation of the Hon. J. D rnSS’rf fr .°“ , t!l ° Socon 'l District, IhohardH. Lull, son of' Albert G. Lull, of tho Pioneer Planing Mill, hau boon appointed a Co dot Midshipman in tho United States Navy Ho was born in Chicago, and tvUl bo 10 years of ago on Juno. His oiamiuntiou will take place at An napolis on Juno 6. 1 u Among arrivals at tho West Side Briggs Honso wore: Gon. E. A. Pamo, Monmouth, III.; Thomas Campbell, London England; Goo. if. Oylcr, St. Louis; L. Wiloos, Pittsburgh j Isaac Ed- Omaha,B. O. Loomis, Portage City; D. 1. Minahnu, Providonoo, It. I.; It. Dunbar, Chicago * Alton Ilailroad; !p. T. B. James. Cinf omnati; Gon. E. 11. Howard, Boston ; and Will iam Horst, Manchester, England. Mr. Jtoutledgo. tho colobrated publisher at Loudon, is now traveling in this country. „i.o r , ohbl ? llo . p , 1> , ,lr0 ? 11 Las forbidden Catholic F, i^ 0n to take books from tlio Cincinnati Pub lic Library.' I S- bin f,’ *t?° ortißt - k to apond tho Bnm morwiUjMisa Cuehmau at Newport. Tho two Jadiea oro cousins. • , ‘ . Min. Florence Knox bus boon engaged to Bing M frir ioUth Church, Brooklyn at a salary o: 82,600 per annum. Sho ia a Michigan lady. , .Judge A, J. Thayer, of tho Supreme Court of Oregon, died at Corvallis, April 23. Ho ran or Congroaa ip 1800, and waa elected Judgo in' Lac ?y> tho only surviving mom bar of tUc> Connecticut Couatitutioual Couvou tion of 1818, lives m Bristol, Konosbu County. Wia., at tbo ago pf 88. Oswald OttondorCTor, of New York, having re signed the office of llegont of Hie University, «10 Legißlaturo oloetedjamea W. Booth, of Now xorli, to nil tho ■vacancy. . Tho Young Mon's Christian Association of Cleveland cleared just 75 cents on John Hay’s lecture. They are undecided as to tho heathen country to which tho money should bo sent. It to aald that at tho end of Ids term of olKlco Gon. Grant, as a robuito, to tho lato thieving Congress; will roatoro hie-hundred thousand ox- Commerctcrf. 0 I ' cmau ' ry ' With intoreat.-iJ a ,. s ir Gov, Julius Converse, of Vermont, aged 71 woo marriedto'Jennie Martin, of Woodstock, a I Columbus, N. H., Monday, tho ceremony being lam 0 ™ °n y tU ° E “ V ' Ml ' - of Gor- George Oarloton, the Now York publisher, has Just returned from Bermuda, bringing with him a colossal marble statue of tho Appollo Bolvi doro, which is now on exhibition at hie publish ing houso. It was one of tho works of art saved from tho submerged hull of tho Italian shin Charlotte which was wrecked last March on tho sunken coral rocks of tho dangerous reefs of “ tho still vexed Bermoothos." MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. Now York Financial Nows* . Nkw York, May 10.—Money abundant and easy at 0 @7 per cent on call, and 7@o for prime discounts. Press dispatches from Vienna, announcing a hundred additional failures, place the panic there in a more se rious light than heretofore. Sterling decidedly firmer, closing at 1031-IC@lo93* for CO days, 1103;@110ji* for sight, and 1 10% for ca ble transfers. Gold firm and higher, ranging atll7**Qllß, with more activity under the advance in ezehuugc, the bulla being confident of early shipments. Loans, 4Qfl tier cent. Clearings, $31,000,000. Outstanding legal euders show a decrease of $330,000. Treasury dis bursements, $233,000. Customs receipts, $318,000. Governments miiot and firm. State bonds dull and heavy. Stocks depressed, with u marked decline lalo in the day. At times prices were firm, hut thii always ended In a general selling movement. Transactions very large, and the figures in some cases were the lowest current this week. The chief fluctuations were in I’adlla Mall, 48;;, 453*, 45;; ; Krlo, COtf, BOW, 111),', 60j;, cot; ; Western Uulou, M3L 01, 84?; ;' 0, O. &I. 0„ 00J4, ajv, 303*. 303* { Union Pacific, 00*;, 01 if, 003,', so;; take Shore, 00k, 693;, «0: New York Con trull 100;;, 093*, 100; Hock Island. 1083*, 107;;, 107** ; Ohio's, 4l«, 433/, 4lVi 41* 1 St* KJtf, 53>*, 6i Harlem, 120JU- lyo, 1283* 5 and Wabash, 60, 68>*. The market at the close was steadier, with » recovery of y @3* per cent from the lowest point. Jay Gould 'is credited with the general full of the day. A great de cline is noted In Union Pacillo income fronds, which were offered at 083*, with Co>* hid. ■ ’ „ QOVKBNMENT BONDS. Coupons, *Bl ;.19l« | Ooupoua ’o7,* 130 V 8*20» of »0a ~„M ~IWV IC«U090«. 'OB uox Coupon*, 'B4 iibv Coupon*, 'OS H7u Coupon*, 'OS (Uow).;. llßjf ... • • • STATS Missouri*,,.. k 04 Tennessee*, old BOV remioß9ooo, now BOil Virginias, now ;.,60 _ , 1 stocks, 0an10n,.... ..,.100 Htßaulufii in Western Union,,.;,, 84 Wabash 1 **'• nai^ Qulck«Uvor.. i .S? . wltaihnfd •,"••2?^ w!5!?V B * pro " HW JfortWnyno!;.".'"“ 031/ S O -**' Tc WOllanlO 15 ,Sli&E Krta.y. 0 .?; °!" lrn '- • -V™;' <Uf &SlsE Ei?s Itockffinl pW — - ,SL CoiilrnU'nclnolioml«.lo3ar Forolffa niurUcts, 1 WoS E *Ma ot *rJi Ifty f^ :301,1 ni.—DrendflliKTa Arm. :«.nasr-“^ «J‘orm oil, onftW. • • ' J * I’iiAHKvonx, May 10,-^5-209,'C'’ 05 lAlun, May 18.—Bcutes, 64f COc. * &!“• WfollWlon and export 2,T0) ; ImorSi off 0%^ or s ‘t' , o o r^feffi 000 ■! T l ' 10 -T> "«p“olii.°C aVniwt. , ORK *. ”10,000, American, 386.000 j recolnla "Wtt&W" 1 “ por ‘- la ’ m fiimmr'JiS* Oflltonito Trtillo vlimt, avomgo HyV-tJ f 1 ?" *>:. Club, 12a cfi®l2,’oa; rod cSf Cora, a7?o£ * roj ' vlulcr - 128 2d - JP‘"«r. =B* ■ , °llC«*0. ™«. auml«ri.nil«, 08.. ’ ' i,*P* 8 of cerufor the past tbreo days, 2.000 ora »lbAmerican - wbent, o,oo|{q™, all Amorkn. 9 ’ Yarn* aud fabrics at Mnncneßlcp Arm, Albany lave Stock Market. 10 Thc CMeago Tribune. Y ’l ilay 1 8--Bi!EVEii-Tbla week’s mar nr baa boon an nollvo anil probably a very ?, no 10 lll °“o engaficil In 11. Al I™ . h f r ° tho munl attondanco of local deal era and butebara, nnd n tow Eastern buyora, who, .tier m2nrkl d ■ bou « l11 largely ot Ibo offorlngs, pay-' if. Il£r , Ilj llvo "'eight over Ibo opening 1 non h.25 If - S ? 1“ ot yeaterday amounted to fully' ot " n,ca for tlio opening and Aii ,u "oro in want of aloek, bSnabilU^fi th 1 **?, lllcr « wero firm, buyora finally, nought largely, nud the market ruled very active for rnd vf u ( day - Hel'leea knowing that tbo Now York' and Eastern markets woro In want of cattle and largo wor'diml Vl‘ 0t Ul ? ' VO,IId bo 110,10 100 m2fti?hS! S to ““l™ concession, nnd the market bos ruled, thus far, Arm at tbo opening prices Vow C v 6l v a & To^a 7 the attendance was largo iotm Y A ( ? onnßctl . cut * Bhodo Island, and Mnssaehu- : ,f aOC ? 1 and river-country buyers woro aluo In good attendance, and from early morning till noon the lniftM“ or ? 1,, . d - Tho B “ ,cs of to-day Amount to 1,800 head, largely in excess of tbo rales of this dnv S?. ♦ , r cQelptQ this week nro slightly m ex- t * lf d ii tho - av P ra SO quality fully ns good, If Uod / u . m weights are most abundant, aud among tho receipts are several Ano herds of Illinois Miton Cows—The offering this week is small.: uo lP vor one car-load,-and of medium quality! Eight of medium quality were sold nt $42.00 per bead. The prices range from $05.00 to $55.00. o . x^ M ““ De ” i good, but tbo offerings prices * 1 ’ A fOW yokCfl wero taten ot laat week's Suesd and Lauds— Receipts are about equal to last week, ana tho '.demand moderate. Tho demand w? 1110 i ‘* ood ’ and, although holders J* a Y® -f° n . c i? clea X&M>°,Por lb, buyers refuse y . ftt tho P rofl c»t prices, and tbo market rules £ vera ?°, quality good. Only one cor-load of lambs has yet boon received, which was sold at 12c nor jo, Btato ana Western shorn aboop we quota at GUGi J unshorn at 0®7,"i0 per lb. 1 Now York I.lvo stock Plnrkot. Niw Yonu, May 10.—Boovsb to-day, 63 care, or-890 bead, making3.7io bead for four days, against '8 510 bead tho asmsi llmo lost week. Market lifeless, and sales slow, but prices well sustained. The olferinus were all native slccra, except a single car-load of bulla. alc ? ra Blll| - fc >b A car-load of bulls sold ot6J,c, lira weight, and noUvo cattle ot a rango of ll®l3c, mostly ll,ti(Sl2o. Among tbo sides were 0 csre of St astern siillore, Oif cwl, at ; 6 care IlUuola corn-fed aloore, 7 cwl, ot 12o; 3 cure Illinois, & 7*’ow“at k%uT°' ™ C '"’ IViC ’ “ ad ‘ Sheet—Received, 13 cars, or 2,744 head, all fair to good sheep, making o total for tho four days of 11,f,20 oguinst 8,155 the same lime last week. Lambs next to nothing, and sales effected wore nt a decline of yc. Medium to prime sheared aboop could not bo sold for more than Bales Include 7 cars dinned 21*?. 90 ,l>a ' nt and 3 cars do, 70 to 01 lbs, at COfljtfc, Spring lambs quiet at 12®14c. l J ‘oua—Receipts to-day, 2,570, making 20,400 slnco “tMouday, ngaipsl 22,820 same time lost week. Mar kot Uitlo flrnior at s»£@Cc, olive. Dressed In fair do numu at 7®7^iC. Buffalo Live Stock market* Buffalo, May 10.— Cattle— To-day, including 43 cars to arrive, 1,309. Total for the week, 8,857, or 521 SJS? J ara tho fiarno time last week. Market dull and j,o off from ycatorday’s prices. Rut few buy ers In attendance, and only a few loads offering. Tho yards are nearly bare of slock. Sales, 112 Illinois steers, averaging 1,027 to 1,15s Ha, at $5.(J2®5.90; 11 Illinois slockora, av 020 lbs, at $5.37 V; 05 Texas steers, ay 1,154 Iba, at $2.25 ;19 Indiana s'tccrs, av 1 180 lbs. at $0.00; 20 Stale bulls, av 812 lbs, at $1 00 • ’ and Lasibs—To-day, 1,000. Totarfor tho week. 11,300 against 11,800 same time last week. Mar ket cloßodduli at Altaic off from Inst week’s closing prices. Western woolcd sheep, SfI.CO@C.GO ; Western teS’IKS I|lDB Ohio clipped sboap, oi^r 2^loo^ 8 ? 1110 tlmo laflt wceka Market dull at jS? rfi’i 30 ? 9 h, ° ho « 9 ' ftV 16 10 20 Hjs, at '55.00(0,5.55 ; 491 IlUnola hogs, av!80to201 lbs, at $6.50: BGS stock pigs/ ov 80 to 100 lbs, at $5.85®0.00. Now York Dry.GooJtt ITlapJcct. New York, May 10.—Business alugglah to-day with manufacturers, agents, and Jobbers. Tho market for ; cotton goods remains quiet hut steady. Heavy fancy caaslmercfl. medium grades, are wanted by clothiers but low-priced Jeans, satinets, and coltonadca aro dull and Irregular, iorelgn goods are quiet, except plain gray Japanese dross-goods, chumbrays, and black rao bairs, Th o Daily llulUUn says : “A loading Jobbing bouse Is selling Garner's fancy prints, shirtings, ant JapauMgatOVc: Amoakeag prluls and shirtings at -01"“ ; h , lrll l!» s “ l Bh'o,sud Wamaullo prints at 7*tfo, as a drive,” Plttsklirgli OH market. Prmmmou, May lo.—rimior.cuir—Crmlo dull lower, and drooping at f2.25@a.30. Endued dull am drooping, and nominally unchanged. XUo Produce ITlnrlccts. NEW YORK, New Yore, May 10.—Cotton—Weak, wllh a limited ox|)ort demand ; middling upland, . Bbkadstcffs—Flourasbadofirmorand more active* receipts, 6,000 brla; suportluo Western and State’ 15.00Q0.40 ; common to good extra, $0.85<5}7.40: Rood to choice, $7,4808.50; white wheat extra, *B.OOOIO CO • «*»*» 0*»lo, 57.00Q10.C0; St. 3/>uia, $7.60® 12.60. Rye flour a shade stronger at $4.5000.0u. Com meal steady: Wheat a shade Armor,, with a fair export demand; receipts, 60,000 bu; rejected snrincr. $1.4001.45; No. 3 Chicago spring,®1.67; No 3-Milwaukee, $1.58: No. 3 Chicago, $1,05; No. 2 Northwest, $1.08; white Wealorn, $1.0702.00. Rye firm ; Western, SI.OO, Barley quiet and unchanged. Malt dull. Corn in moderate demand for export; quotations unchanged. Oats more active and higher ; receipts, 15,000 bu: now mixed Western, 60Q620: white, old Slate, SSo; black Western, 40 @soo. Maas—Firm'; Western, 15W@10o. . Hay and Hops—Unchanged. • Groceries—Coffee quiet and firm; Rio, 17VfQ19Vfc. Sugar dull; buyers nud sellers apart; Porto lltco, B*,; QBfic, Molasses quiet; Now Orlcaus, C7QBOc. Rico quiet. PiTnoLKDU—Orutlo, Oc; refined, lOtfc. TunpßNin<E—Dull at 41)o. Provisions—Pork weak ; bow dims, *18.00: nrlmo mesa, $17.25@17.50. Hecfuleadyand unchanged, Cut moats dull; shoulders, 7;*'o ; hums, 12®l0o. Middles I 0 ?® clear, 0^@y ? ;o; short dear, F- wl quiet and weak; Western steam. 9>* @0 6-lflo ; kottlo, 0*;o. '• Hotter—Lower; Western, 25Q300. Cheese—Lower, at 12@15#0. ! Wiiisuv— Firmer, with fair demand, at 03(3033*0. m TOLEDO, * Toledo. May 10.—UnEAnaiUFys—PJour Ju fair de maud, ami firm. Wheat dull, a shade lower: No. 3 white \\uhaah, $1.00; extra while Michigan, $3 00 • No. 1 do. SI.BOW ; atnbcr Michigan, $1.70 spot; $1,773* June; No. 1 red, $1.83; No, 3, $1.70. Corn dull and drooping, and a shade lower; high mixed, 403*0 snot: «Jtfo J ulyr «o August; low mixed, Mo; yoUow,4Be; no grade, 45**0. Oats u shade higher ; «o. 3, * i a,,u at 3, °' cor^n“Kufe,,*ffr a! ' ,hc “ t ' s'ooo 5 ' 000 b “i „ _ ~ BT. LOUIS. St. Louis, May 15.—Hrbadstuffs— Flour in fair do. maud and Arm at unchanged prices. Wheat firm* No a red fall, $1,77(5)1.80; jjo. y $1.63®1.03 Coni f c *^imA N °n a » ml *?« (J ' elevator: 41«<o sel ler Juno, Oats active and higher; No, a. tlflkffiiOTo In ll “ ° ■wMi sl^5 Vl ß?infr i 1 !°f k i q n ,et l a,, ‘ 1 unchanged; moss. uuehaimS k r Lard lower for louml lota; I)r juj u altuui, Whisky— Firm nt 00c. fnir dcu,aml aD ‘ l flr mj inferior to com moii, common to choice, 4(2f10. Uoas—Easier ; most sides ut U,H), lllnSff P v -{ M “y lj>-pi)UE»mTurr«-Plour Arm •i «' vllo “ l A ul " 1 “ *i.roc«.m com arm Omil-FITO ™““ Ba °- »«•»**«>. H7oS'bum?jHS nl, r * *17.00, ipnl j ..leu, Lr urd dull and nominally BJ/o snot, Arm•?i2iid±^?/ op H elUo - Bulk A w»J wm» Oi.c; doav rib, uiic: dear, Do/ uud 1 Now'sb ......lUv 10*409... ..,.,,.114 • I Currency oa, .114w- HOHDB.', , Wiiukt—Steady at 870 w BUFFALO. Jas. jx g: VfESR® 1 *. 1 * 85 - Corn dull, heavy, and of 7,000 bu No, aln lots of 60,000 and aaoooMm o^ whoat, AX * rnKiailTß “ llo for com, and 12012tf0 for Virginia*, old BO North Carolina*, 01d..28 North Carolina*, now.lfl _ CLEVELAND, i,,ft'r t '? VR f iAI fH' ,10.—Bheadbtupfs—' Wheat dull a - ti - m - * I’etholbum—Quiet ami unchanged. _ LOUISVILLE. .iSb , .S M ‘ r 10.—IJAfuJiMa—Quiot, Iml firm T>- I^? Vlß,oNa “,^ ll, . cl * won* pork hold at $17.60018 00 Bacon easy; shoulders, 7«oj clear rib, oi°c* clear* .Pjchod. -llama Bloody! plain, {sugar-’ °}J™ d fan °J'i Built meats steady and for ch °' c ° Whisky—Steady: Iron-bound, 880. „ . „ NEW OHLEANH. M° y Ifl* —Bhuadhtuffs—I*l our dull • tioblo, $7.0008.40 ; family, $9,00010 CO Guru nnlntl wWlo » Arm" aT‘Jfe i r »«r D,lU 5 p^mo » 5 25 * 00 ? choice, $28.00. 'TirJ l ? V n 8I ? I * f, ""F or^k ,I,| h om * nominal; mca*, sl7 75 Dry Bailed meat* dull at B}tfo, oc, OVo’. Bacon dull 14vi? 01 ?* 1111 ! V ?/^ c > 1Ul? . Hams dull at I4u<a I *n» , « l,ard * prime llorco, Ojrfo ; keg, 30Vo, :i«.™-MK' I iS" D V“ lli ° ommou • “*® 7 * Mo - Whisky—Dull at 01094 c. Nt balcfl Rood ordinary I'UILADELriIIA, 10.—BnEADSTCpps—Flour dull• nSW®, 0 - 7 . 0 I, »>bl Ml": .ncHoiu, 57,76(58.25, NVhoat dull: rod- SiD7tsion« HS,ra r : fif 0 ' 03c? ffifcai 1 WhSIuKImV 10 ' rcfln “ d * 10^®10 «o- I ■ ■ BALTIMORE. IlAl.TiMonE, MaylO,—BnEADBTUFFs—Flour In nood *l°?fio? on ? unß hnngod. Wheat steady; sL»s®l.p° ; amber. $1.05@2.00. Corn—Mixed Weßt- SS?'^T» ot at ?°a 0, ® n * B flrm * nilxcd, 00c; white, 620 63e. Rye quiet and unchanged. - ’ 1 PnovisioNfl—Dull mid nominal. BuxTUtt—‘Western steady; cholco tub, 27028 c ■ •VIIISKV—OSo, » v# • .. iULWAUKEE. - - 1 milsWaukbe, May 10,—BnnADQTUFFfl— Flour oulet ftm uuchmißcil. Whcat flrm ; No. 1, $1.39*1 No. 2, f I.J4M. Oats dull and lower; No. 2, 82 Vo. Corn In fair demand but lower • No. 2, 42c. Tlyo. No 1 73c Barley Arm; No. 2,880. ' 3 ' * > heights—-To Bu(raio, 7o; to Oswego, 18c. .-S" 0 "”"- 1 o*ooo brls ; wheat, 00,009 bu. DiapiiKNXfl—Hour, 4,000 brls ; wheat, 215,000 bu. Vessels Passed Detroit* Tw ß ,? t^ UP r l>rop , 8 Clt £ of Concord, Dean Richmond, Mauzannu ffy 0 ’ BCllra CoßQack » Vicuna, Sau Jacinto) ' Wind—Northwest. pErnorr, Mich., May 10—Evening.— Passed Down— Blanchard, Usury Howard, llackclt and boros • IbomMFerry?’ bobra Mor « arat Muir, Jessie Scarlb,’ ir■St lI S Ul '— p rops Nebraska, Oblckolunoj bark Yank<! “ ul “do. E. C. llobcrla, Mary Msla,°&L°v„T' • Uttrsaro ‘ Dall -^ Wind—Northwest. Illinois & ffliclilg-an Canal* - T ,o^ Al ‘Coi.T l Eorou , fl Office, Chicago, May 10.—An nited—Onondaga, Morris, 5,800 bu com: Advance stn?ft •» (lß t r too °• Col ‘ shinning, Lomont, 03 yds Sm.?* A d «i r “ ,p . Le,no ?. t t 89 y‘ l8 »louo: Reliance, Lv mom.-80 yds stone; Edwin Walker, ir.. LoraonL 77 to r 8 Urac * MalIo 8»n. Lomont, 55 yds atone; yd?rion« • t’ »f C ° Btoue; Lomont, 81 BaSKS* j rS' m ke i r ’ J j omont » B9 y ds Bt ° n ° • Eiiio ammL ß 5 ' 89 y ,la et ° D °; prop Whale, LaSalle, A l )r °p Wasp-, Summit, 33 yds stone. Ottawa, 5 brls pork; Lo ck P° rt » 41,380 ft lumber, 010 bn wheat. t» ,« hA »* CoLLEa- EP Ilt} Office, Cuioaqo, May 10—0 s»*Zii Il ?«n E f > TP ol . pll! . n » corn! J l ' 85 ydS Bl0U ° ; oubß, ottawa » 0,000 bu Elizabeth, Lockport, 5,410 bn wheat. ScheiicU’s Blamlrake Pills. Dlsordora. InrtlgostloD./lok EovLra 8 40.. Ac., all Biiociimb to tho froo «aoof hchouck'^Mnn 1 drake I'illg. For Bale hy all droggbta and d°, a W * fllan ’ • MOURNING GOODS. loimuiG. Full lines of Bombazines, Crapes, Henrietta Cloths, Can ton Cloths, Batistes, Paramat tas, and other popular fabrics, constantly on hand. A choice lot of Blk. Striped Grenadines received this morn ing; 8-4 and 8-4 Blk. Grena idines, much below value; Blk. and Wilt. Silks, Lustreless Silks, and a full assortment of all articles pertaining to this department. The Blk. Alpaca we are now offering is unequaled in value and cheapness, and merits ex amination. Special pains have been taken in the selection of goods for this department, and we can confidently recommend them as superior in quality, color, and finish. Chm, Gossage 4* Co. 106, 108, no STATE ST. GEORGE C. SMITH & BROTHER, ns-fa-iETisLiEjnEns, Corner Dearborn and Bandolph-sts. DEPOSIT ACCOUNTS kept in Currency and Gold Interest allowed on Spools! Deposits, * UOJU * COLLECTIONS made on all points, and liberal cash advances made on approved collection paper L».. B .i LVEII ' “ d OANADAMONKrboo.hf.t ° f a,nt WILLOW WARE. WILLIAM POTTLE, v^ u ?£- opened In the Store lately occupied by Ohas. Qosbqro, 335 West Madi £?P«2 «Vtm H 1 P ro Paro<i to oft’or n fino naaort ment of Plain and Fancy Baskets, Children's CHAIRS, CRIBS, AND CARRIAGES. tt?d Gents' Fine Bookers, Bird Oases. &o,« &o. ‘ • ■ * SPECIAL NOTICES. FINANCIAL. MANUFACTURER OF DRY GOODS. CARSON, PIRIE & CO. Retail Department. W. MADISON AND PEORIA-STS.; ? r(d ? r to inaugurate busi ln tlleir spacious and ele- : following premises - offer the' INTERESTING PRICES. ■life, a ot °- f Embroideries ' riTiilr™^ of lem "<»tu 40 cts. Sin”. 8 WMto i ‘.<l«o Sm(B $1 cnch. fnrW.te t ' lndl ! l!!itni . l1 ’ 0l ; (e(1 i’ ,c " ch Corsets f fi.iill aU | ffffulia; price.sii. Affront barfmin. Co^laVnder'value™ 110 * " r ° VCU a,ld S °' Vcd si&ruty^^rii^a; oll °™ pHces 1 11 ' 1UUC3 ' ,liC3 f,l hrse nssort niont; ■Jffint assortment now Parasols, just re ; Mutest one floUar Kid Glove in the city. ! Alexandre D and other boat nmlrce Pans Kid Gloves, in all shades and sizes. 0,2(5 f 9 r Jhosale of llerz’s Seamless Kid Gloves, the best made} each pair warranted» a HS ZCS a U Jjtest and choicest shades. 1 bafgnim PrUll,r S law a ’ bri B ht stripes, $2.60 1 a' wn^r^ 1 ’ 10 ° ttolUan Stril ’° Slmwl3 ' ?! np. ’ stytof Ut n ° W Fr ° nCll Oltoman Silvia to rich Croat Bargains in lace Shawls and Sacanca Iwnclit much under regular value, W : < pod Japanese Silks from 40 eta. yd. nn ■ Black ground Stripe Silks, all silk, 05 cts Colored Stripe Silks sl, a hai-gaim t egant oua ity SWpo Spring Silks, SUO. , Black all-silk Gres Grams SI, sl,lO, $1 ao ‘ l r*. t 7r l ' y ? l Jo l V,' lck , (iro3 Grains, Si ant tho cheapest £oodjJ- Black Grenadines, very cheap, f,i. v , c r y ,'“.l? lctivc d i?l'toy Goods,' from lo to JO per cent lielow usual prices. Having in our new store fine, light, spacious accommodations, central location, and a low rent,; we intend to make it interest* ’ ing for old customers and new to come from the remotest parts of the city and country to trade. DRESS GOODS. HAMLIN, HALE AND COMPANY call attention to recent arrivals of Summer Dress Goods and Shawls, from Auction. Also, to Bleached and Brown Cottons, : at very low prices. . MADISON AND FEANKLIN-STS, ORNAMENTAL IRON WORK. Grain- Bros, yilee, 149 & 151 Statc-st., Cliicago. 01AIEIT1U ARTISTIC Metal Work, , WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. Fountains, Vases, Statuary, Drinking Fountains, Aquariums, Deer, Dogs, Lions, Emblematic Signs, Copper Weather Vanes, Stable Fittings, Crestings, Iron Furniture, Brackets, and Store Stools. EXCELSIOR LAWN _ MOWERS. Agents for the French Patent BOULEVARD CHAIRS AND SETTEES. Oom|S|l for Toun *lov° Arohitcotural Iron Patent Illuminated Tilo. FOR SALE. 12,000,000 ACRES! CHEAP FARMS I The cheapest land lu market for sale by tho UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD CO.. L. tho groat Platto Valley, 3,000,000 Acres iu Central Nebraska Now for sale in tracts of forty acres and upwards on fl» a TomlZ {'. credlt “ 6 "" o,mt - K ° «<R«00 lofiSSS 0( # iMa"w n a'(«.“ alth ' al MU. an abuadanoo THK BEST MABKET IN THE WEST 1 Tho mat mining regions of Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and ifan. da boluff supplied by tho farmers la the Platto Valley. * liers EntilleJ to a Homesteafl of 160 Acres! ‘ THE BEST LOCATIONS FOR COLONIES! FREE HOMES FOR ALE I Million! of aorea of oboica Government landsopen for entry imdor iho llomuHtfi.H law, noart hU groat railroad, with good mtrkote anrt Uin convonlouco* of an old Bottled country. d aU u^?i P^ s f o A to,mr^ba ? orao * railroad land. Sectional Mapi, ahowlngtho land; also now edition n# Hboro. Pt Addreai 0t . nan tnolnS. . O. P. DAVIS, P COLLARS AND CUFFS. LUES COLLARS ~ AH CUFFS, Tho greatest variety of styles over offered la fine goods, at : WILSON BEOS., S. K. cor. of Stale and \Va*hlngtr>n*Bl».. > ' ?. “Arcade Court," aouih uf MadTion»t., j Chicago, riito*! Q|icra_Hmi»o. Fmirth-»t.. Cincinnati. SHIPPING TAGS. TA flft DUNN ISON’S PATENT A 'Vn SHIPPING TAGS, I Li Bi\ been uaod within tba I 188 Hi 1 PaßUUj’..»r«, without auiutdalnt of loia bj Sold by i’tluu'ro ami Sintlonom Everywhere, 5