Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 17, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 17, 1873 Page 7
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THE EXPOSITION. A $260,000 Crystal Palace Ordered , : ■ from Boyingioiii The Building to Bo 800 Foot-Long and' 200 Feet Deep. Aud Heady Tor Use by tho First of September-. ’ ’ ■ * The plana t for the Inlor-Btate Exposition Building have been accepted by the Committee, and the work of excavating and grading for tbo foundation-walla will bo commenced on Monday morning next.' It was originally intended to erect structure} but,,it becoming oyl dont thnt thoro was a general desire to inako tbo fcnUding afoatttro of Ohioago, tbo yiowa of the 1 Committee expanded, and they gradually came to taia conclusion that an elaborate affalr—l fmo ■•which would ho an, ornament, arid’ 'available for other purposes than the Exposition —should bo erected. The architect} W. W. Boy- 1 Ington, Esfp, received instructions to govern, accordingly, and his labors have resulted lu.the production of A crystal palaco which will compare favorably in point of magnitude and beauty with the world; certainly far. su porior to ahy similar structure over constructed |n this country. ’ Tbo Committee mot. in the rooms at No. 87 East Washington street yester day afternoon, and the plans woro submitted'to them. They unanimously approved of thorn, and passed an order directing the preliminary work to bo commenced on Monday morning. Tho Btmcturo will have cost, when completed, »260;000. ■ Estimates for the material to bo used Wro now making, and tbo contracts for the super 'structure will .probably bo awarded next week. As stated, tbo building—ltalian in general stylo —will bo an elaborate one, capable of accommo dating.tbonsands of people, and, cosily divisible into compartments, several different mootings, concerts, or fairs can bo hold within it at the eamo time. It will occupy the portion of the lako front between Adams and Jackson streets, having a frontage of 800 foot on Michigan avenue and a depth of 200 foot. Some idea of its magnitude may bo gathered from tho statement that it could bo need as a cover for tho Michigan South ern & Rock-Island Railroad depot, withsulU ciont space between the two to allow twenty or nr thirty people (men, not women,) to walk, abreast. The main walls, which aro to bo 24 a foot high, will bo of brick and glass. Tho cross Section represents a clear story and Bcrai-circular space of IDO foot, leav ing an anto-rbom of 25 foot square and 80 feet lu height on either side of tho dome. fl.’ho ends will ho in dome form. In tho centre ©Mho ends facing Adams and Jackson streets •will bo projections of 80 foot front. In the cen tre of the Micbigad avenue frout there will bo a projection of 60 foot, and directly opposite, fac ing tho lake, another of similar dimension. The. tflrst is intended for a carriage exit. There will lie two entrances, one on either side of the car riage exit/ which will bo carried up to two utorioa in height, or 70 foot, and sot off with ’ornamental pediments and a canopy. Over the'exit will bo a grand muslo stand. The approaches from Jackson and Adams streets are surmounted srith domes 50 foot iu diameter and 9140 foot in height. The centre is surmounted with Adorno 60 foot iu diameter and ICO foot in lioight. Tho cresting on tho ridge of the main structure will bo 100 foot from the ground, and will surmount tho grand arch. Opposite tho grand centre is to bo an art gallery 45x120 foot, which .win bolightod from tho roof, 36 foot from tho floor. It will bo an inclosed compartment, and excel lent for tho purposes intended. Between tbo art gallery and the centre a largo fountain will jbo placed—an attractive feature, visible from all parts of tbo palaco. Tho superstructure, with the exception of tho bricks iu the main walls, will bo composed of glass and iron. Tho front eleva tion shows that It will bo a handsome building, and if when iiuishod it compares with Iho paper plan,, it will, indeed, bo ornament, and ono of which all Chicagoans will bo proud. For tbo convenience of a steam-elevator is to bo placed iu t one of tho end domes. Tho elevation will bo i bigh enough to afford an excellent view of tho city, and this dome will doubtless prove to' bo .very attractive. Although tbo ornaments have Jnot yet been decided upon, the structure is to bo /"embellished by various devices, probably em blematical 'of tbo trades and professions. It pa tbo intention to bavo tbo building .completed by tho Ist of September. In consequence of tho increased cost, which %bb not ' contemplated when tho aubsariptions wore received, tho community aro to bb appealed to mako up tho doilcioucy. They will not fall to respond. Many of the stock holders have already given notice that they in tend to double their subscription, and, as an ex amination will show tho plans to accord with every one’s Ideas of what the structure should bo, tiioro is no doubt that tbo $250,000 will bo secured, and Chicago bo a crystal palaco which shall overshadow any in tho United states. NO KEST FOB TIIE KICKED. She Gamblers HJuy Jnstas WolK IQ&kc Ifp 'Their Itliuds First ns Last Shat They Cannot hive in Chicago* - 'Tho police, especially those of tho South Side, fcavo been pursuing tho gamblers with unrelent ing fury during tho past two weeks. Not an afternoon has passed but.that Sorgt. Buckloy and a squad of men have gone forth, in citizens’ dress, in quest of the gentry who “ shnfllo ” and “ deal.’- Property, tho furniture of tho rooms,- tms; been destroyed to tho value of SI,OOO, including gambling tools of ovory pattern known to tho fraternity. TVhilo tins warfare’ has driven many of tho ilk from tho city, the .work is not yet done. Tho Webb Side still swarms with those fellows, and Copt. Lull has material for many a raid. On tho South Side, tho old haunts are broken up, but the gamblers themselves still remain. They have sought out now dons, and hopo to remain undiscovered. Borgt. Buckley, however, is not to bo thwarted. Ho is determined that those now dons shall bo ferreted out. Yesterday after noon tho now rooms of the notorious Walter Winchester wore discovered, and, soon after, tho occupants woro surprised by a call from Buckley and a squad of mou. Tho rooms wore situated in Clark’s European Hotel, on Bimtli Water street, near LaSalle, and tho gam biers evidently thought themselves secure from tho pblico, aa they cud not oven have their dobra locked. A complete sot of tools were captured, with seven inmates, A few moro such raids as these, and a few moro decisions to tho effect that gamblers are vagrants, and tho city will flpeodily bo deserted by them. SEWING MACHINES. For sale-one first-class sewing ma chine, purfootly now, wilhuU nttachmvnis; pricasoo; Company's prioo SIOO. Inquire at 137 Twonty-sucund-st. ROVER A BAKER'S SBWINO-MAOIIINER-QEN*. \X oral office, 150 Stato-st.; branch office, 073 Wabash ■7, Person* haring old Grover & linker sowing-machines ■re invited to call and see tho now Improvements, and Lear something to their advantage. gINQER BEWINO MAOHINES-WEST RIDE OF floe of NICHOLS A PIS ARSON, 141 South Ilalstod-st. achinos sold or rented on easy monthly payments, and —wing glron when required. • SINGER SEWING MAOIIINES-NORTJI SIDE OP tioo, No. 131 North Olark-st., corner Ohio. Machines ■old or rented on easy monthly payments ;t>pon evenings. &INOER OFFICE OF A. J. MIfitOIIKUT, 316 SOUTH lO HaUted-st., machlnossoid on monthly payment* and rented. Open evenings. HIDE NEW FLORENCE SEWING MACHINE—WE X call special attention to recent Improvement* made la tho Florence, also to tbo now and tilogant stylus of cases Added to our Hat. To moot tho views of those preferring m machine feeding tho work away from (ho operator, wo cave made Nub. ill and 14, which bambino tbo dctdrablo feature# to be found In machines made by others, with all &hn peculiar excellencies of tho Florence. WM. 11. CllAltPA CO., General A Kent*, 254 Stato-st., Chicago. •WHEELER A WILSON SEWING MACHINES, Vt the now Improved sold or roatod on easy monthly payments. BURNHAM A FLANNERY, City Agents. •Cffioe 156 State-st, <sil £ AH FOR CHOICE OF TEN FIRST-CLASS «|)XtJ.L/U sowing machines In/Ino running order and but little used; also three ns good as new, cost SOO, for ■ale at $25 for ohuloe. U. MAuZY, 711 South llalslod-st., .nu-atalrs. PERSONAL. T) ERSON AL—IS AA O HULL WILL PLEASE SEND JT bis address to ILEVI HULL, til Klnzlo-st,, Williams .Douse. PERSONAL-WILL THE TWO YOUNG LADIES that called for " package ’* May 6, at 157, please send address to U fO. Tribune oilieu ? TO LEASE. fro LBASK—DOOIC LOT 1W FKBT ON UIVEU, J. justaurta of Twoi»ty-Boc<md-«t. brldgo, and nuw oc cupied by Daniel Uuglu «« a conl-jftrd. Amdy In base miint ivirtliwa<t cornor of MadU.m and Dol\^^b.)rn^^.tß.^ for sale. YOU WILL LOSB L It-Umuo. tf rooms, and born, and all fences, near Uadlwm and Aberdoon-sis. ; must beromoTod immediate* tf. A, 0. OOOOWILLIK. 1113 Y/o»t JdadUon aV. ' CITY BEAL ESTATE. will subdivide jlmtldorfl can buy without down payment} SIM) per loot.. • _ i .... . i. . ' Two brick storOa on Tnytar-it. and Wcatom-av, i living rooms aboru: $6,000 and SB,OOO. ‘ Southeast, corner Wnosah-fiv. ,nnd Twonty*math-Bt., hoiixo nml lot, MifxlM, 10 rooms. SIB,OOO. i. . • 12.14 WnbattHiv., a-storylrmnonudlol, 21*190. $7.n00. 80 North ClAriiontor-at., hlmso And lot, 2(.Hi125,17 rooms s4,OOOcaauironlßforlfSWOsa decided bargain.- ■ - -40 Honorq-st., . brick homo, 2-story and basement,, swell front,TO rooms’, oust front} comoloto in nil of Hb tpiiotutmnnta} tfrtt/d fmmo burn, '99,600. Dorlrnblo neighborhood, huiuo now} ' , 1 "Room 4, Mndlloa-at. TpOU' HALE—WE OFPRll'l'Oll A FEW DAYS X 1 only (ha following bargains In North Side property! 94x150, North Ularx-at., near Elm, caat front, S2OO par Mill I foot.oortli front. Oak-near litiali, sl2slior foot/ ' ■ • • 60x00 fecit, woat front, Doatborn-at., near Huron, .SIOO P lfi’>tf*llo foot] civil front,‘on, SIBO per foot. - 01x160 fooL Dayton-st.; no&r Wohsler-iV*.. SI.MO. . , B.F. CLARK*CO./ V• . .. . Room 4, 153 LaSftllo-at. IPOR, HALE-GOOD LOTS .ON -THE FOLLOWING '•streets’: SUli*. Burnside, Butterfield, Arnold, Gari baldi,' Hanover, 1 Butler, Wallace, Rummer, Winter, Mnr* ray. andilalited; also on Wentworth, Bhnrtlolf. 1 orflaiid and.Btowarl-avs; also on Alexander,. Twenty-fourth, Twomy-slttbi Twonty-Aovonth, Twenty-eighth; Napoleon,. Twolity-ninth, Karl, Thirtieth, Haven, Tlility-flm, ThlrJ fy-tocoad. Thirty-lhird, ThirJy-ilfth, Thtrty.jßbflh,.Thirty i seventh, Fontaine, ami Thirty-clghth-ala. Titlq porlocL, Warranty deeds; -A very small payment down, five year's i Umo, 8 par cent Interest. Nnngenoy business. Apply to owucr, ALBERT CRANE, B?iW*l>asb-av. Foil BALE—I'HAVE A LARGE LIST OP UNIM . proved property to sol), and would invito any parlies 1 wishing'to pnreiiMO to call and investigate before buying. O.'ll. GRIFFIN, 133Madison-st., corner Ulark. • OITSALK-ONH AND A HALF STORY FRAME cottage, Including lot on Thlrty-sccond-st., Justoast ot Wallace.- Small payment down; balance In monthly, payments: 6 years'time. Water on prciiileos and con vonlont to car*. Apply to FRED. P. FlhllEß, 148 La* Balio-at., basement. ■. . ■ • I ' ■ : ; • - FOR BALE-MY LATE RESIDENCE, NO. SCO Worron-av.. brlok, II romns, all modem improve monta; warmed by steam; brick barn. This la a very do. slrnblo place, and will bo sold on favorable terms. Imiio dlato possession. Carpets titled to rooms sold with tho house. Apply at my 011100, No. ICO Washlnglon-st., or nresont reslnstioe, - SB3-Warremav.,' corner llobo/-«t. GEORGE KCOVJLLE. . ■ - - . - i FOIt OAI,B-OR I.PAOH-AV A - PAIIOAIN, 100 foot corner of Van Huron and bbornrna-ats.; south front. Inquire 135 Bout h Olark-st. In bank. ' . FOR BALE-TIH2 BEST AND OURAPEST.LOTS ON Wostßldo, fronting on Division, Leavitt, andShobor* sts., near Wicker Park. Good neighborhood; iota 134 foot deep, with sidewalks and city water. Price, SCOt», S7OO, and'sl,uCo. Terms, one-third, cash. Warrantee oeds and abstracts of title. - A reduction on first cash payment: 11 required, to those who build this spring. In • nmro of F. ARNOLD 4C0., Grconob&um's Bank, No. 76 Pifthmr. , .» • • For salic—lots, «<oo and sroo, easy terms.. Lots Inside of tho old city limits, near street cam and omulbusllnot high ground: title por/oet. Call and let us takq>3unusoo them. A. G. STOREY A SUN, H5 South Olnrkat., Room 8. and 287 Mllwaukco-ay., . EOU, SALE CHEAP -OCTAGON-FRONT BRICK ’residence, 3 stories and basement, luroom*, 10t.29 feet front:,excellent location: West Side: SV-W. HEN RY WALi.EU, JR., SJ East Washlngton-st., Room 4. T7IQU SALE—IM STORY COTTAGE AND LOT, CON* JO vunient to Madlson-st. cars, 83,600: cottage and lot, Bultortlold iit., nonrltgan-av., s2,tfai. HENRY WAL LEU, JR., E6 East Waahtugton-st., Room 4. TBOU SALE-LOT 71x75 FEET ON THIRTY-FOURTH. J}' st., oast of alley, south front, very cheap. CURTIS A KELLOGG, Rooms i and C, Central Union Block. I non, SALE-LOTS BETWEEN NORTHWESTERN : Car Shops and Central Park, Inside city limits, SOOO each; easy terms. PIIINNEY A LOMBARD, ltd La* Sallo-st. FOR SALE—46>tf FEET NORTHWEST CORNER OF. Indiana-nv., and Forty*ulnlh*st.. cheap. 10 or 6 acres, southeast comer of Athlaad*av, and Forty. ninth*st. Very cheap. 1 will sell tho abnvo described property, with little cash, balance at the end of llvo years at low rate of Interest, NELSON TAOMASbON, Roumg. Honoro Block, For salic—residence lots on - paultna. at. and lTornillago*av., South of Hanlson-nt.Torms easy. E. C. WALLER, 89 Xiiaat Wimbington-st. • FOR SALE-LOTS FOR MANUFACTURING PUR potcslu tho district smith of Twonty-Becond-st., having nnoQuniod dock facilities and track oonncotlnns with all railroads entering tho city. Manufacturers about selecting now sites will do well to call and examine. Terms reasonable. S. J. WALKER, U Host Washing* ton*Bt. 171011 SALK-T0 BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS } I have 100 foot a short distance from Court-llnuso, which I will soil or Icaso on long tiinu: will sell without any oash payiuont, if wauled: will I'urnUh 20 per cuut of tho cost of improvement. Address Q 9D, Tribune oltlco. . I“BOR BALE-NEW“"nRIOK .DWELLING ON VAN ; Buren-st., cast of Robey, complete in every respect; can bo bad at a bargain If taken at once; go and look at It. MEAD A COE, IWLaHaUo-et. IjIOU SALE—2S FEET ON VAN BUREN-ST., EAST j of Iloyne, at S2OO under tho market value. MEAD X COE, 158 LaSallo-st. IPOR SALE-123 FT. ON WEST KANOOLPH-ST.. X 1 cast of bhcldou-st.; would exchange for luipruveu property. 40 ft. unFulton-st., cast of Ashland-av. 25 ft. on JackiOD-st., oast of Contro nv. 75 ft. on PauUua*st., north of Vnnllurcn. . MEAD A CUE., 163 LaSallo-st. TBOR SALE-75 FEET, WABASH-AV., NEAT TIIIR* X 1 ty-fonrlh-st., coat front: only SS,SUO cash, balanco time, at SHo a foot, for this week uuly. HENRY L. HILL, 161 LaSallo-st., basement. TBOR SALE-60 FEET, MIOHIOAN-AV., NEAR X* Thlrty-sixth-st., east front, at $165 a foot front; part time. HENRY L. HILL, 161 LaSallo-st., basement. For sale—By rees. pnfncß a co„ po dear. bnrn-st., Lot 29, Kco. IG..T. WJ, R. 11, adjoining tbo Fort Wayne Railway, and having a frontage of upwards of 1,200 feet on tho boulevard. For sale—a fine s-stoby frame house, b&rn, etc., on WasUlngtnu*st., uent loltiOx 185. A very nioo cottage of 7 roomv. with closets, oto., on Walnut-st,, near Leavitt; lot CGiliio; SI,COU; wo otfor this {or a few days only; a very good Invcatmout. HILL A ILISB, 91 Doarbom-st. For balk-on b and 10 years’ time, choice boulevard and Hyde Park property: also, West Sido property, cheap. JOSLVH U. BISSELL, 45 Bryan FOR SALK-20 ACRES ONFULT.ERTON-AV., JUST wost of tho now railroad (Milwaukee A St. Paul). D. WILLIAMS, 125SouthClark-st., Roomll. For sale—b acres corner fouty-seventii st. and Woßiorn-av. MEAD A COE, 153 LaSallo-st. troh JU moat, BU6Thirty-thlrd-at., 7 good rooms. This is a bargain. Itmulro on premises. P~6il SALE—SO,OOO, ONE-HALF CASH, WILL BUY a brick house and lot on South Side; only two-thirds Ua value. Address S 79, Tribune oldco. ' EOR ■ SALE—‘WEST WASHINGTON-ST.. NEAR Paulina, 2-story and basement Btono front linuso, U rooms,, brink barn, everything complete. SNYDER A LEE. 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monrooand LaSnllo-sts. For sale-olinton-st., miuwfeet-onoltn. tou-st., between VanUnren ami Harrlsou-sLs, SNY DER it LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast comer of Mon* too und LaSulle-sitt. 7BOR BALE—MICIIIOAN-AV., BETWEEN THIRTI-. X 1 othand'Hilriy-lirst-sls,, 3-story and basomont atono front house. Mansard roof. SNYDER ALEE, 14 Nixon Building, norilioflit comer Mnnroo and LftSnllo-stx. F~ OR SALE—273 PARK-AV., FIRST-CLASS MAR blo-front house: brick baru. Can ho had at a decided bargain. MERRILL A ENGLE, Room 6 Metropolitan Block. FOR SALE—cheap for cash, building and 2 yearn’ loasooflot, building 20x40, v>UU store front; prioo S6W. Inquire nt 06 West Randolph-fit., up stairs. , ■JTtOR SALE— RESIDENCE NEAR UNION PARK, X 1 ;13 rooms, bay window, water, gas, 010. Two corner lots at North Evanston, very cheap. D, 8. INGHAM, Ol Sonth Dosplalnoa-st. IpOR SALIC—BETWEEN THE BOULEVARDS, 1 cottage of 7 rooms, and lot 25*125 to alloy; good barn; only £3,500. Mrs. B. M, RANSFORD, 187 East Madl ton-at. FOR SALE KGAN-AV., BETWEEN GUANO Boulevard and Vincennos-av., 63x173 foot each, to 20-/ foot alley; high and beautiful Juts; just outsldo city anil' flro limits. This extremely choice and attractive property will bo sold at $135 per foot, on very easy terms. It pos-' Besses every advantage for residence purposes. Tho terms of sale are extraordinary; a largo part of the purchase money can remain 1, 3, 3, 4, and 6 yean. J. JiBAIAB WARREN, IS Chamber of Commorco. FOR SALE-LOTS ON OAKWffiJb BOULEVARD, between Grand Boulevard and Vlucounvs-av.: prices from $1(0 to $176 por foot. This is tho widest, and will bo by far the most beautiful, struct running oast and west, lying south of the city molts. It connects tho Grand Ronlovard with Droxul Boulevard. J. K3ALAS WAIL REN, 38 Chamber of Commerce. ' FOR BALE-TWO-STORY FRAME HOUSE ON Washlegton-av., near Llncoln-st., ohenpandnncasy terms. Sovuu-ruom oottaga and lot on Twenty.aovcuth at., oast of State, water an promises; *3,Boo—sloo down, balance in monthly payments of S3O. HALL A O’NEILL, 77 Clark-st. FOR SALE-TWO ACRES IN MOWRY’S HUBDl vision lu Section 26, 89, 13. Inquire of DREW A NEWBURY, Rooms 8 and 9 Bryan Block. For sale-on west madison-st., a good store, with six dwelling-rooms above, and a small ton omont of four rooms In the roar; lot 21x126 to 13-foot alley. Also a small utook of groceries; prioo low; tonus easy. W. P. JONES, 2U3LaSaUo-st. FOR BALE-OHK APLOTS—BY JACOB 0. UAGILL, 61 and 63 South Olnrk-st.: Harrlson-et.. 9600, easy terms. Congross-5t.,5500, easy tonus. Fourth**!.,.ml,ooo, monthly payments. Dlllor-at., SOOO. monthly paymenta. FOUHALU-AT A VERY GREAT BARGAIN-100 font on Mlobigan-nv., near Forty-llfth-st. GEORGE A. EMERY, UR LaSallo-st., basement. FOR BALE-10 acres, corner forty-sev ontb-st. andCotUgoGrovo-av., at a bargain. Wo havu a lino llatof acfo property in all sooUons, which wo oiler on very favorable terms. KEELER, PLATT A CO., , • 117 Randolph-at., over Fidelity Bank, __ liiOß SALK- PLEASANT COTTAGE OF 0 ROOMS ; on North Oakloy-st., with 10t25x135, only $3,000; part on tlmo. S. W. KROFF, Room 14 Major Block. TJIOU SALK—LOT 24x126 ON TWENTIETH-BT., NEAR X' manufacturing district, at $750, If taken within a wook. B. W. KUOFF, Room 14 Majorjilock. 171011 SALE-THREE SPLENDID LOTS FOR $3,000 snorltioofor one wook only; own or must raise money. OIUSUN A liOSM lilt, 116 East Randolph-at, Ip6R SALE-S7 4 (H)O all cash down will take ’ It—A splendid 2-BU»ry brick house, and lot, with good •talilo. and all modern Improvements, on Ilonuro-st. UIIIs6N A IIOSMER, 110 East Ramlolph-st. 1”P0R SALE ELECi ANT MARBLE HOUSES, ' Pralrio-av., $16,1X0, long time, s&ou down. Mloblgan-av., SIB,OOO, long time, sl,ooodown, Indlmia av., sll,too, $9,t00 down. , Weal Van Itaron-st.. SW,UOO, S2,&CO down. Km. r.,k.»i' J . W .kao^< aB ».n. : . gOO IBOR BALB-M*l2B FEET ON STATE-ST.. Go FEET J south of Tblrty-llrst-st. AYRES A KOFI)', 74 Wash- Ington-st. T?OIt SAUfi-VKIIY OIIKAP FOR OAHU, LOT ON Flfth-»v.. iußt north of Adamwt. Imiulro ol DIU£\V *•* Room* a and B Ury&n Uluok. 4 HBWUmWI T?OU BALR—SISVKRAIj FINE BUIJiDINO LOTS ON i; (Jalmnol-ar., soar (ha ontranco of tiuutu Park Jioulo* vnrtl, tflMporfoot. 4 187ilod foot, oo»t front, on Hhorman-it.,.800 foot lonth of Hurriiou-at., mmr Michigan Houtuoru depot, SSOO por fool. JLILRIOn 4 POND, 67 Doarhorn-st. F!>' iTt6iISALK~B3KxIBOFI! IST ON INDIANA.AV., UK* X 1 tmionHUtoenth mid JiJgliloonth-Bti, 5 c>rlaos2U oa«h. TtiU Ui tbo vury Uu«l bargain la ttio luarkot, MAltiON UILX, IW &&d IW I3caibuia-»t. irfiE ckifcACJo' DiiLyiTiiikkkii: i&rto&ifr,may* . i7,~-i&ti r CITY REAL ESTATE. TP on BALK- 801135, WEST ■ WABIUNGTON-Bt.; X 1 near Leavitt.-j • 89x12.1, Warron.av., near Lincoln. U«oxl2ft (nr toaa), Wort Adam*, near Xlntoln. • ‘ ’ ' .WilSfi, Park-nv., uoar Union Park, , /,>*. • • 76x110. cornerßlatonnuThlrCy.fourlh-elt. ' . . ... Tho abovo will bo Bold low (o close out.' “•-•’ 1 • • ' • ' • KEELER, PLATT AGO.,i . 147 RAndolph-at., oyor Fidelity Hank. TPOII BAMt-SW FRET OP*IIESIHENCJK PROPERTY L< (four corners) near Lincoln Park, south front, shade Irene. .tc.-ntiMpor foot. MORTON CULVER, Room 4 Metropolitan Dlook, : •• • ■ k • FOR BALE-LOTS SLAUGHTERED FOR CASH- Lot# on Hamllton-ar., near Adnrua-at., only $1,860} youcnrlMulywlll Joan them; (Icoido to-day. 11. O. GOOD. WILLIE, lal Went Madlion.«t; ■ ■■ ■ 'i • ' TfiOß SALE—VERY CHEAP —76 FEET ON IN A’ cimun-iiT.j near Forty-sovonth-st., GUO. A. EMERY, liM LaHnHo«§(.) baaomont. •• '■- 1 I'■ ~ • • HI HAL) ./oil ..ALR-MARIILR.jmONT IIOUOR Off INOT- X 1 AiiS'hVtt uonr TwonllotU-»t.' MATSON lULLL, lOSftad HODenrtiDrd-flt. * Foil HAIJt-dJEVRUAIT 26-TOOT LOTS, SOUTH , front, on Oongrosa'St.i wool of Oontto-nv..* ISO .'foot on vlno«unoB-ov.. south of tiro limit*. No .cash pay ment to parties building Immediately; will bo sold At* bargain If taken soon. by tho owner, who geos to Colorado. IS. W. HAGERTY, hoom 16, jfcl UJark-at.; , ~ HALE—UUY, BUY, BUY—®2,BOO WILL TAKE IT J- —New brick outtngo andlot, liultorllold-st. botwouu Thirty-seventh and Tmrtr-olgblhj if secured to-day, easy terms. * It. U. UOODWILLIB. 103 Weat MadUnn-at. > I HOB SALE-IMPROVED BUBINKHBPUOPBHY AT ' a bargain, a B*stary brick warehouse on Itlvorsl., nenrtho bridge, routed to ilrsl-olasa tenants at S6.(HU per year; 60 font irentago on street ami equal freotupo on rivor;>only Slfi.oou if taken atonoo; this I* merely tha ptlco that adjoining vacant property is held at, JsWopor foot, ItlsaduwurigUtsacrlhco. Building I* Insured for $20,000. Title ported. J. KBAIAB WARREN, 18 Chamber of Commerce. ___ ' '' IpOR SALE-HOUSES AND LOTS IN CITY AND ■ suburbs: also choice building lots on small monthly payments, ami acre property for subdivision near cuy on v: t n. 4 Q. UJI,, by LYMAN 4 DODGE, Uoal.Estalo and General Insurance Agents, 144 Laßallq-st. • 1 *• tpOU HAI.iCnO 1 OAHII DOWN IP PURCHASER 1? builds, Warrcn-av., Just outsldo flro limits.- JUBLAII lI L IUBBKLL,-45 Uiyanßlook. ■, ■ ■ - ntORSALE-GHKATifST BARGAIN ON RECORD— J.' ®2,U00-Hmnll, neat oottago, plcbat fence, 1 two tine lets; 788Fourth-st„ next to coiner Oakley j to-day, easy terms; U. Q. GOODWILLIK, 133 Wost Hadlson-st.' - TTtUR OALK—A’ PEW‘LOTS LEFT ON LtNCOLIfI I 1 av. at QB6 per foot. MORTON OLJLVBII, ' Itodm 4 AfotropoUtnnDlook. . •. J . ■ ;, ij. ; IpOR BALE—A LARGE LIST OP GHOIOE.'ACRE 1 properly, by WA!. 11. SAMPSON 4 CO., 144 L a OUsPiece.' ‘ ' \ .' 1 — POR BALE TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT ) briok houses on Adams-st.,west of Ashland-nv.. £O,OOO each. Apply to WAI. IX. BAJMPBON 4 00., Id Lo- Ballo-st., Lula Block. ■ . ■ - . Ip OH SALK—WHO TAKES IT t CHOICE LOT ON VFuUrni-at,, mar Loavltti It taken to-day. It. G. OQODWILLIE, 133 West Madlson-st. ' - TjlOH SALK-TWO-STOny FRAMIt BUILDING, X 1 with store front, 7 reams, lot 32x80, with barn. N0.’293 West Tylor-st. Apply to WAf. 11. SAMPSON A CO., Hi lASaUe-st., Otis Block. ■ ■ ■■■ ■ SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. For sale-choice suburban lots on the Milwaukee Railway, alt miles distant, and twenty Oilmitos’ride, In Cljboorti'a Addition to Ravonswood. . Those lota are laid out 6(1x163 fcot on ft) foot streets, and will bo told upon easy terms, at from S6OO to S7OO per lot. Tho facilities for access to and front tho’ city—tho dcslr ability Ol tho land—lt being high and thoroughly drained —tho proximity to tint-class Improvements, churches, schools, and society, commend this properly as tho host at iho price now In Ino marker. Comparison challenged I Tho attention of. tho iodus. trlous—tho Unity—tho cautlons—ls called to those lots as Bites fur homesteads nr Investments. Call, foraprinlcdabslmotandplot, upon ' :■ ROBERT GREER, &1 Room9. POR SALK-26 LOTS, ALL OR PAMToW ARH laiid*av,, north of Fllty-Aith-st. Boulevard, at a bar* gain for half cosh. Address 8 63, Trlbuno ulhoo. IBOR SALK—IO ACRES OF EXCELLENT LAND X' - adjoining Blue Island. Inquire of U. F. MCCLIN TOOK, Bluo Island, 111. ■ • For salk-at a BAnaAiN-ny golden a FRESH WATERS, 838outh Ulark-st., Room ID: ■ •10 acres in See. 11, 88, 13, 40 soros In See. 15, 19, 13. ■ 10 acres in See. 22, 80, 13. 10 acres In See. 17, 88, 11. 0 acroi In Sec. 16, 89, 13. 9 acres in Sec. 1,83,18. I “BOR SALE-80 ACRES IN SEC. B. 87, 13, IN TOWN ’ nf worlhj 80 acres In Hoo. 31, 18, 13, In town of Lyons, by WILLIAM PRIOR, 133Madlsun-at., Roomfi.: : . IPOU SALE—AUSTIN—ELEGANT LOTS ON THE . ridge, on gravulod and sewered street. Only a low loft. 0. E. CRAFTS, fri LaSallo-st. IBOR SALK-WEST FORTY-EIGHTII-ST., DEPOT L 1 nt C* A N. W. car-shops, lots and blocks on easy terms rod help to O. B. OUAFTB, M LaSftUo-fct. F" OH SALE-FINE RESIDENCES IN HYDE PARK. from $7,000 to $-IU,()U0;alBO, lino building lota In best locations. Will toko parties wishing to bny to look nt property on short notice. S. L. UNDERWOOD, W Madl* 8011-St. FOR SALE—two.story house and large barn, lot -15x161, suitable for residence or store! Park- Side, near Cornell, Call at Room 16, 70 East Madlson-st. TBORHALK-ATHINSDALE, X 1 In a bkek of tho depot, fronting park; a choice lot for a roMdonee; frequent trains and cheap faro. 11. O. MO* KEY, 77 Clnrk-st. ' F' OR SALE—AT ENGLEWOOD—WE ARE PRE parod to furnish money and bnlld to order 80, 40, or 60 houses upon our lands, In tho moat Improved part of this growing suburb. HULBUUD A CO.. 208 LaAdlo^Bt. F)R BALE-BUY. WHILE YOU GAN. SOR 10 acres on Flfty-llftn%t. Boulevard, near Halstcd-st. HULBUUD A CO., 2ubLaSalli>st. • ■[7 l OR,SALE—AT ENGLEWOOD, $2,800, COTTAGE jj and lot, ono-!<mrlh cash, balanco $Sn nor month; save your rant ami soouro this at ouoo. UULUUiU) A CO., 2iß LaSallo-st. , . , TTiOR SALK—TO WIDIC-AWAKE DEALERS—! WANT X 1 to show an oxlra lino bargain bntlio O. B. AQ. R. R.; also, a few more small trades with 25 percent guar* antcod. Call from otolat 72 and 71 Doarbom-st., main lluor. O. J. STUUOII. . IjIOR SALE—II) OR £0 ACRES ON HIGHEST RIDGE X' In Washington Heights at a bargain. YOUNG A ROWLEY, Room 8, No. 152 Donrbom-st. • rpOR SALE-LOTS IN EVANSTON, ON ORAND-AV. X 1 and Lalco-st., nt ?U per foot. Including trees and sidewalks; terms, ono-fourlh oash, balance In 1. 3, and 8 years, or In monthly payment* of $10; those lots are within 6 blocks of North Evanston depot; come and see tbn improvement;}' and inducements 1 am offering, ROBERT COMMONS, 143 LaSallo-st. IpOU SALE—IRVINO PARK-A CORNER LOT, 3 1 blocks from depot, 100 foot cast front, by 166 deep, for $3,500, part ilowu, and the balanco on’time to suit* Address No. 12 North Saugamon-st., Chicago. Ip OK BALE—6 ACRE LOTS-A SUBDIVISION OF. . a 600-ncra fanu, null Imnrovod. good dry nrnirlu soli; Adjoining Hobart, on Fort Wayne Railroad, 83 miles from Chicago, SBO por aero, fxyablo $lO monthly. J. EARLE, owner. Oman days, Friday and Monday, Room' 8, baao mont l£3 Monroo-aU • • •• . For sale-south, tenglewood lots, on monthly payments, S2OO, only two . blocks from depot. JACOB O. MAQILL, 8! nod 83 South Clark-at. - FOR SALE—WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, ADJOIN lug Morgan Pork, It), 20, or 40 acres, part grove. No bottor property on tho Ridge, Will tako good city prop erly aa tint payment on part of tho above. Five acres on Spring-st., near the proposed Female College. Go with mo any day and boo tho land. ASA W. CLARKE, 128 LaSallo-st., first floor. ' ■_ ■_ TpOR SALE—Ib ACRES AT RIVER FOREST, >-( Jj milo woat of Oak Park, 3 blocks' from depot, 00 track N.W. R.R. J. >V. HEDENBEKO, Room 4. (12 East Mndliun-tit. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE.- I BOR SALE-A LUXURIOUS COUNTRY SEAT IN Mlohigan, of 1,600 acres, with lake, residences, foun tains, mills, eta., littod up far a retired gentleman of for-. tune and leisure. Value, $160,000. A splendid Unit-class stock, dairy, and fruit farm of l,looocres, near the above: $66,0u0.. ' Now brick residence, Id rooms, at Highland Park, 1 814,000. Marble.front rojldonco, 15 rooms, on University place, (worth $15,000), 813,000. Stuck and dairy farm cl 240 acres near Elgin, 111., $1(1.600, r , Neat dwelling at Highland Park, voir low, $4,C00. Call from 3 lu 4 p. m., at Room lib Tribune Building. BEAL ESTATE WANTED. WANTED— A GOOD BUILDING LOT ON STATE, at., north of Thlrty-socond, in exchange for 40-aoro, lot In a now subdivision: no fictitious valuation. ENOS TURNER. 90 East Madfsoa-st. TirANTED—ACRES I ACRES’ AORF.BI-WK HAVE 11 constant Inquires-for aero property: can mako quick sales at good prices. JACOB O. MAQILL, HI and H3 South Clark-st. ■ ; WANTED HOUSE AND LOT, OR VACANT 1 it ground, on West Side. Willglvo some cash or as* •mno Incumbrance, balance In ohoap aoro property sonth of ulty. THUESDULL A BROWN. 176 West Modlson-et, 1 WANTED— BUILDING LOTS IN THE NORTH Di vision ; alio on South Stalo-ot, JACOB O- MAQILL, Bl and 83 Clark-it. WANTED-TO BUYA HOUSE AND LOT IN GOOD location; worth from $4,000 to $6,000! tonus, SI,OOO cash; balance Irving Park lots at their value. Address B tie, Tribune ollluo. FINANCIAL. lIIOR BALE-AT ALTBKRAL DISCOUNT, A CLAIM X 1 against tho Fourth National Hank fur $6,676, (or monoy deposited; now In suit: no dofonjo; either in law or equity, inquire at office, 60 Bryan Block, 170 LaSnllo-st. T OAN*S~ON HOUSES ON LEASED LOTS FURNI- Xj turn, warehouse receipt*, and good collaterals. L. K. CARSWELL, 149 and 161 East Madlsoa-st. AfONKY LOANED ON OITY REAL ESTATE, IN IVL auins of $1,0(10 to $10,000: real estate iiapor wanted: also, lounauu leaseholds, B. GROSSMAN, Room 111, 17b State-st. MONEY ADVANCED AT LASSEN'S LOAN office; Into Jacobs A Co., un diamonds, watches, and other valuables. 177 Clark-st., oornor of Atouroo, Room 6. (HO LOAN-MONEY IN SUMS. SI,OOO OR MORE X on city roal ostato or improved Illinois farms. B. L. PEASE, 70 West Madisoo-st. rpO LOAN—MONEY ON WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS, X houses on leased lots, furniture, and other good col* laterals. JAS. B. STOREY, &1 and 8d LaSallo-st., Room 26. ■ Wifi HAVKFUNDS ON HAND. TO LOAN ON REAL estate. Wo buy and soil real ostato, commercial paper, bonds. Blocks, local securities, and iln a general llnanolal business. >l. 0. MoCOUD A (JO., 100 Dourborn-st., Port* bind Block. nnn TO LOAN ON REAL ESTATE, LONG. S>XU.UUu SI,OOO to buy secured notoorloan. A. B. PALMER, Jr., 01 Waiblngtou-st., Ruoms 16 and 17. C»lT)”n7W\ W PER GENT SCHOOL lIONDB-FOR sale. Application for tbo above bonds of fil.txx) each, with coupons fur intorout, payable soml annu ally at the Alorohants’ Havings Loan and Trust Company In Chicago, will be received by tbo School Dlroolor* of Genova? lUao County, 111. Address O. B. DODSON, President. Soo'nnn in bank to loan on real ks- tale. Apply to It. W. BRIDGE, 441 wabash-av. ! INSTRUCTION. :!‘,»3rsr,as«E KWBIiLAWU, tioofutttry, Boston, Mass. lITANTD—A LAI) Y OP OUI/fUAK AN I) AKPIMB" VV' inunt desires ft situation b» resident uovnrnow In ft family: will toaob all tlio Ungllsb branches, French and. Latin; salary moderate. a iiloaaaat bomo or muro aa* count} no ob/ooUon to tb« country. Address XB6, Trlb*, uao o'ilcQ. TO RENT—'HOUSES.'“ ; ' 1 rro, HENT-HOUSSSI W,jL™!)DAf.OnATIONa. rno RENT—OR FOR SALE-GOOD .Housns ON -X - 'Alfalfas and JAekson-sls.', cast of Callfcniln-av.- (lako water.) A Inquire ■. ■ : ’ • .u.r nio RUNT —NEW 76.Rd6M~~nOU8R. # IN FINE X order; goad nolghhorbood; 635.: O. W DEAN, 133 Southplsrk-st., Room 18. • mo lII.NT— IIOTEXj THE CORNER, OP FIFTH- X av. and XdaMA-ftt., containing 65 rooths. Including baihrootif, walAFelos«ts. 'Rundr7« hot mid cold water. Apply to owner on tho urohilaos.i ■■■■ i ' .i.ri : <■ :. ■ 1 TO UENT-OOfTAOH FIOUBE, ’ FURNISHED OR . unfnrfdahod, on liDgloy-av. Inquire of D. LITTLE, United Blolos .lIol«J77cot(oBO„Oror«-av. *nd Thirty flrsGst. 1 • - 1 . . mO RUNT—A BRICK HOUSE OF 10 ROOMS. HOT 'JL And cola batli,, SOO por iuonth. Inquire at 180 Throoo-st.,. In forenoon. • i . mo RRNT-qiougrc si? south park-av. of 10 X room* nnd oloaou, S-atory, wlthbrloknaaomont.iinod era Improvements., Apply *t 265 OottngoXJrovo-ftv. <; T*~ollENT-A.NK\V~ BNOLI3II BAHBMUNT RRIOK: houso of 10 rooms, on UioWcat Blcio, oaat or union Park, and In a (rood location s Iho loaso of tho houao will l)rf sola with .tiio furnltaro (irbloU Is uosrlf naw) at a t bar. ■»ajn, ~i, Mitre.,... 80, Trlbimo ottico. fro RUNT-TWO 9-STORY BRIOK .HOUSES, =lO JL rooms hnd collar Imok; all modern Improvements: j.p for salo Cheap. Aro lu tlm bnitof order. Apply to 8. A; TAYLOR, life LaStllo»St.,.Room 7. m ■ )■■■ ». ) ■ 1 naa. baLh-ronm, A 0.5 largo lot ,aqd bam. 1>« H. INGHAM, (A South Dusplstnoi-5t.... . . TO RENT—B-RTORY, BASEMENT, AND SUH-CEL- Inr marblo front bonne, all modern Improvements, la. eludin'* furnace, No. OW wVit Washlugton-at. Apply at No. UftlWcst Randolph-st. forlornis.,' , 1 . . . Mb nijNT-fiiK upper part op aid south JL Park.nv.i four rooms, five can bo bod lx desired, with all modern improvements. ~ ' ~ _ TO* It'lfiNT —614 WAIUBU-AV.. FURNISHED home,- mndoni Improvements. Apply at 17X East Madlson-it.,-Room?. . - - mo lU£NT-IMOUUT.By.ST.i HOUSHOF 7R00M3, JL' oto; ryOUNO A ROWLEY, Jfo. .US-Dcarborn-st., Room 8. . I. • . ■■ ,I'V froJIKNI-COMPUKTEIiV FURNISHED HOUSE; |X 131 Twotity-’flrst-at. r House two-story and and, base mChtbrlokl wUUbktn, 1 10 room*' and bath-roomi >, Tho house and jumltaro.lsln'lirtt-olas*. order; rent $1,600 a year 1 possession at onoo; houtn nowly painted and oalol* mln»a. Apply to W. il. SAMPSON A CO., Hi LaSallo* St.. OtUHiock. ' ■> ■ TO' RENT-TWO FIRST-OLAB9 NEW BRICK hDUiosy lu room*, near Llnooln l’arh and Boldon-or; Apply to WU. C. DOW, Room 91. Tribune Building. 1 ■ nib RENT—P\JRNIBHET> HOUSE OP 9 ROOMS. X with largo lot, and stable, on Loko-av., near Kenwood Station. Apply To'WAI. 0, DOW, Room ill, Tribune Building. .■ v • 1 ■ • .. aiO RENT—UPPER FLOORS OP BUILDING 329 . West Madlson-st., 83 rooms, bath-room and water* Closets, suitable fora (Irst-pUss boarding hnuto. Apply to W. H. SAMPSON £ CO., Hi LaSallo-st., Otis Block. mo BENT-ELEGANT MARBLE HOUSES, PRAI. X rlo-av,, o&Utronl, $16(1: choice. ■ ~Mlohlgnn-av., octagon, SlSOjujoarstagos. • - Wontworth-av., 4 stores nud tenements; very cheap, ‘ Shurtlolf-av., rooms «nd(ononiontßj very cheap. Twouty-oighth-st., nicuhonso, 860} nice location. > ,v-i ...i, iS. iIICAKS, flOOLaSallo-st. mo RENT-B STORY MARBLE ITOONT HOUSeT Xt elegantly furnished, on Mlohfgan-av.. near Eight eenth-fit.; rout low to a good tenant. At. H. HALL, 77 Clnrk-st. ' ' • ’ 1 ’ ' . ' ’' ’■' ,* riio -liHNT-E® OAI.mtKT.AV-. 3 STORIES. 13 X rooms; very convenient for two families. Barn room for threo horses can be bad It wanted. : ’ ’ ■ '• ■ ’ Suburban.' ' . TO RENT-THROUGH THE BUMMER, A PLEAS ant homo, neatly (nrnlshcd, In Geneva, with car* riago, borne, stable, small fruits, oto. .-Inquire, for par* Honiara, pfo. VATTES. Kau.. Gonova, Kano C 0.,111. TO RBNT--BOOMS. mo. RENT-FURNISIipn AND UNFURNISHED X room, with or without board; bath-room, hot and cold water, do. 4D South Carpoaler*»t. ■ • rno KEHT-FOKNISHidIi BUITEOFKOOSIB-, AMO. X aingto rooms: will furnish gas and koop rooms in or der. IwQM Wabash*av., between Twenty-third and Twcutyfumth»sts;. .■ . rpo rent-part of furnised HOUSE:to X gentleman and wife for light lumtokocplng}or second* story front suite, to gentleman andwlfo, without board. Inquire at 77 Twcnty-fuartb-st. • 1 mo RENT-SINGLE FRONT RKD-ROOM, FUR* X nfsbod, without board, 246 South Groen-at., loft Land boll; references required. a“ 10 RENT-3 HANDSOME UNFURNTRTTED PAIL . lots to man and wife, without board, at 638 West Wash* Inglou-sL . T"' O RENT—ELEGANTLY-FURNISHED ROOMS, single or on suite, at moderate rates to responsible parties. at669Stat«-st. • ’ TO KENT-A WELL-FURNISHED ROOM IN A marble-front private residence; terms moderate; atß4 SUtecuth-st. • T" O“RKNT-ROOMS SUITABLE FOR HOUSEKKEP* big, at 318 South Uarponlcr-st., block and a half from Milwaukco-nv. cars. . • TO RENT-A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, to gentleman' and Jody, with or without board. Ad* dross 0 53, Trlbuno otlloo. ■. ■ niO RENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED-FRONT L' parlor aa Bleeping room; also, bedroom, furnished. 81 North Poorla-st. rpo RENT-TWO NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS IN X first-class locality; rooms largo and comfortable. Call at 446 Jackson-tt. ’ TO RENT-373 MIOHIOAN-AV.; HANDSOMELY furnished rooms: also bam to rent. 110 RENT-NEWLY FURNISHED ROOMS, SINGLE . or on suite, for gentlemen only. 161 South Clark-at., Room 11. • • . . -• TO RENT-4 FRONT ROOMS AND 4 CLOSETS, third floor. No. 183 North OUrk-st. niO RENT—A SUITE OF 4 ROOMS, IN THE NEW X building at tho northwest corner of Arnold and Twon* ty.iihith streoU. Apply at tho building, botwocu 10 and 11 o’clock, any forenoon. ' ■ • rpO RENT —FURNISHED ROOM —A.'MARRIED X'’couploor two gentlomea oau havo a nlco furnished parlor cheap; also, sleeping room for two gentlemen, SB,

atl64 West >Vashtngtou-gt. . TO RENT—UNFURNISHED ROOMS AT 487 WEST ‘ Ma’dlaon-st. . .' . TO RENT-STORES. OrriCl S, &c. rpo RENT-SECOND, THIRD, ‘ AND . FOURTH X -floors, with power and oluratcr, >l-19 Olark-st., near Madison. Apply at SOUWEIZER’S Ooffoo-Uouso. T5 RENT—FIRST-CLASS OFFICES, NORTHWEST corner of LaSallO and Adauig-ots. R. SCULOESSKK, basement, 219 LaSallo-at. • ; • ' fltO RENT—TIIE STORE 91 KINZIE-ST.: REAR X outranoo from WcUs-at. depot.- Apply on tuopreu- TO RENT-DOCK PROPERTY EMPIRE SLIP, Twoltth-st. Inquire of P.. ijOUUTTLEU. 45 West Monroo-flt. : TO RENT-FLOUR AND FEED STORE, 611 COT tago Grove-av., comer Uonglau-plaoo. TO RENT-VERY DESIRABLE BRICK STORE,. 329 West Madlson-at.. formerly occupied by Oaraon, Pirio A Co. Apply to WAI. U. SAMPSON A CO., IU LaSalie-st., Qua Block, ■ . rilO RENT-STORE U .AND 13 MARKKT-ST., IN X Garrett Building, 15x85. Also, largo lofts over cor ner Luke end ilarkot-ata. Apply to O. T.UNT, Room 8, Methodist Church Block, rpORENT-Bliidk STORE 529 WEST madison-st., X size 30x100. with basement; formerly occupied by Car son, Pirio A Go. For rout very reasonable. Apply to W. If, SAMPSON A CO., 144 LaSullo-et.. OttsDfook. TO RENT-A GOOD NEW STORE AND BOARDING home, 1 cornor of Elston-rood and Paullna-st., 13 moms, S4U per mouth. Apply to 31R. GILBERT, of tho Water Department of tho Board of Public Works, corner of La- Salle and Adams-sts. . fpO RENT-GOOD STORE, 53 WEST MADISON-ST., X with four rooms; will rent lor a saloon. Apply to' WM. H. SAMPSON A CO.. 144 LaSallo-st., Otis Block. TO RENT-HALF OP A DESIRABLE STORE, 119 East Randolph-st. Apply at 83-West Madison-st. rpd RENT WELL-LIGHTED OFFIOES AND X lofts above, 20x116, on Htato-st., opposite Palmer’s O rand Hotel. Inquire at Room 18,178 Btatq-st. 1 . fllO RENT—THE STORE; AND BARN, NO. 870 X Nortli Clark-st.; cheap le a gued tenant. Apply to KWAUER A BRO.,comor Klnzluand Qlark-ata. rno RENT-A LARGE STORE. WITH DWELLING X above, togetherursoparato; asnloudid location fora grocery store, at 3aß Flftu-av., near Van Buron-at. Apply to owner, on tbo promises, , T“ O RENT-A STORE. WITII-AGOOD CELLAR, 48 foot deep, 2Q7.South HaUiod-st.,, Inqulraat 205. WANTED—TO RENT. TYTANTED—TO RENT—WITHIN TWO 'MILES OP VY Ccurt-Hunso, a cottaso of 7or 8 rooms, with bam preferred, kddrws O 86, Tribune oflice. ■\ATANTED-TO RENT'—FLOORS IN A BLOCK FOR YY ro-ronling; parties hr.vlng such cun find responsible persons by addressing O 63, Tribune otUco. WANTED^TCT RKNT—BV'SINQLIj GENTLEMAN, room, famished or unfurnished, between Uldrldgo court'and Fourtoonth-st., oast el State. S 58, Tribuno oHloo. MISCELLANEOUS. CASH PAID FOR CAST-OFF CLOTHING AND miscellaneous goods of any kind, by sending a lottor to I. QELDER, Loan Olllco, 8(31 Htalc-st. Glove and mitten dies-manufaotured by WM. BEVEIUN, KB North Oarpontor-st., Chico go. HI» TO INVALIDS-! CURB CONSUMPTION IN THE first and soeond stages, also bronchitis, asthma, nnd nasal catarrh by tho agency of oxygenized air, medicated vapors, and atomized fluids. The worst cases of catarrh cured la ono month. Write or Bond for pamphlet on above diseases. Rooms at Kuhns' Hotel, Duarboru-at., Ohloa go. M. PHILLIPS, M. D. mO TRAVELERS—A YOUNG GENTLEMAN OF J. solontlflo education, sneaking tho English. French, Gorman, Italian, Polish. Russian, Turkish, and Arabian languages, having traveled already through tho Conti nent ulEuropo, urcooo, Turkey, Palestine, and Egypt, wishes to accompany, os guide, a family intending to travel. References of tho highest order, Addrois 077, Tribune oillue. WANTED— MEN WITH SOME CAPITAL TO COR respond, with a view to manufacturing agricultural Implements, or to starting any legitimate nmnalaoturlng busbies* in this plaoo; native lunitior plenty and ohoap; railroad communication iu all dlreotlous, and a llmt-olass market at our doors; a No. 1 point for a starch factory. Address GEORGE A. BAILEY, Corresponding Secreta ry Qleuwood Maniifaotorors 1 Assoolatlen, Olonwuod, lowa. TATANTEb-A STOCK OF DRY GOODS. WORTH YV $40,000, for cash and real estate. 1. ALBOHULLU4 CO., Room 28, Major Block. WANTED— LARQE'STOOK OF GOODS, $60,000 TO $160.0/0, for productive real citato. S. IV. SEA 4 00., 161 Mouroo-at. MUSICAL. 110R SALE-ONE FIRST-CLASS PIANO, VERY cheap, or will exchange fur a good fourorsix-sealud oarriago. Address 0 Bd, Trlbunoolhco. ONE NEW PIANOUNSURPASSED FOR STYLE and richness of tone, with all inudoru Improvements, fur sale at $376; also, ono, a porfoot beauty, aud good tone, at $2761 alto, a parlor grand at $260. ana one nearly now at $176. 1). MAuZY, 73 South Hafstod-st., corner Madison, up-stalrs. ■ • WANTED-TO EXCHANGE—A VERY VALUA bio gold watch and chain for a piano of standard {manufacture; will give cash boot-money la axohangofor a flnt-oiM» lasUumout, Address Xl. Tribune vtUeu> BOARDINtt ANt) LODGING. South Side. SrioiiTnnNTn.flf., .njiau the lake-pur ■ nlihod or unfurnished roonf} with boafdj sultflblo for tontloman and wlfoj location pleasant. MKr7umfaoE«oomiT^nNr,Y. -two booms jofti onnboronlod fnrnlilioil nr unfurnished. Al day board noouniwodatlon; reasonable charges. A Q UUimAlin COJJHT-NIiVVHOAUUTNa UOUSKj T_*o tlrst-olnss board, with rooms, $t to tJsfi.CO por vroek, wuhtmo of pinnas day-board, i) 4. . • ' . 1 fit) BLLIR.AV.-NIOKLY- FURNISHED ROOMS, iuO with board, cdpvou(enl toliydo Park trains. Tib AND Vm”* WITH iJ.O board, several’nice rooms, suitable tor man and wife, or clnglo gentlemen;, also Ursttola»a day-board. 1 ■TWBNTV-NINTK-ST.—ROOMS, UN SUITE J.OU or single. Rlk o'clock dinners. obc • MfofiioAN-AV.-large handsomely aOiJ' furnished socond-Btory front room, overlooking tholako, with board; also room for slnjrlo gentleman. OQ7 WABAHH AV.-«n Pilß WKKK FORFIRST QOi class day board.', Convenient (o business contra. orifi >nfjinoAN-Xy.-Ai ,suite If “front Ot/U rooms on sneond floor, newly furnished, - to rent. With boardi sullftblf* fur gontlotnnu'and wife or gentle mon. MIBS FORSYTH. . , . * dQQ, SOUTH DRARIIORN-ST. (11URNHIDE), TttjfJ noar'rwonty*nlntb, a nice, cheerful family hotel; excellent table,. nnd,surprisinglyi low prices. , Single rooms, s6} doubld rooms, ©l3. . Eft HQ WAUABH-AV. - PERSONS DESIUINO A uyq pleasant end quiet-bumo will find elegantly fur* Hied rooms Willi board at above niirtibpr. Alin day nardorn accommodated at modorato prices; Table first class. Roforoncos exchanged. ’ 17,1 Q MICmOAN-AV. —VERY DESIRABLE FUR ’I .tO nhhud'or,nnfnrnlshod frontnlcovorooms; also •Ingle and on sullen with strictly first-class table. Refer ences given amt required. • 7 hi”wai'iasTi-avT— nice, large square I 'JJL room, with closet, tocontlonian end wlfo or two gentlemen, with llrst-clasn table. • SANDKnOUSR, itOAND ll?F1FTII-AV.-PKUMA nont board at reasonable rates; transient, ©2 per day; day-board, $6 per week. ' ’ ' ■ •■ ■ '• . ! ’ • TVont Si<lo. ’ ‘ C)A BIRIIOP-OOURT, SECOND DOOR FROM dU .1: Madlson-st.—l largo, liiidly-fnrnlshod • room for gentleman and wlfo. or two, goutlomoa, ■ with llrst-olaas board; also one single room. , , , ■ . QK SOUTH MORGAN ST., NEAR MADISON.— O *J Furnished room*, wlthboardt ■uliabtofor (emlllos or single gentlemen; homo llrst-olaso, with modern Im provements. . . ,■■ ; 0-1 a FULTON-ST., CORNER OF PEORIA—TO djLXj rent, a furnished room with all modern Improve ments, wllh good hoard to man and wlfo, or two gcntlo* men.' ‘ ■ • i-■■ > • _____ QQQ WEST WASIIINGTON-ST., CORNER MAY OZiO> I'uvnlibed-booms aultablo for gentleman and wlfo, or slnglo guilts, with llrat-class board. Q A O SOUTH ILM.STRD-ST.-HOARDERS WANT DI O od: board, ©4.60 per week for double rooms; sin glo rooms, $6; onu front room, bedroom, and closet, fur nlsbod, feultablo for lady and gentleman; other rooms, furnished and unfurnished, to rent, wilhboard, atreoson ablo tonai. P.A (I "WEST WAHIIINOTON*BT,—BOARD AND O .tO' room with largo closot. suitable ter gentleman and hla wife; mortorn Improvements; private family.. SftA"WEST FUR* UiiU ' nlshod front room, vvltb flrstt-class board, and tnodore Improvements. ' - • - ' fyC] WAD ASH-AV.—HANDSOMELY-FURNISHED I OX moms ter gentlemen and wives or single I’ontio* men. with board: accommodations stiiotly tlntrulnss; roterouoos required. J'oitNSTONE -HOUSE, 114 AND 110 WEST MAD. lson-at.—Everything flrst-claiij; terms $3 pot day; table board $6 por tvock. • North Sibo. no GRANOKB-BT., FIRST FLOOR—FURNISHED UO front room, and board, for one or two gcnllomau, in n good Gorman family; referenced exchanged, nnn SEDGWICK-ST., 2 BLOCKS SOUTH OP DT- ZiUO vhlon-sl. Nlcoly.fumliliod rooms, airy and pleasant, with board, ter siuglo men, at $5 a week. Ulvo us a call mid sea foryouraolvos. - H"“ AKCOOK HOUSE, 05 AND P7 NORTH OLAUK-ST. —Two very pleasant rooms, with board. BOARD WANTED. T>OARD—A NIOELY-FURNISHUD BOOM, WITH J J board, in a private family, ter quo or two young gen tlemen; location convenient to Archor-av. cars or Hal* stod-st, 'bus lino. Address, stating terms, location, etc., *to., 0 46, Tribune ofTioo. BOARD— WANTED BY A GENTLEMAN, WIFE and daughter, a parlor and two bod-rooms commnnt eating, furnished or unfurnished, hot and cold water, with drst-class board; near Union Park. Address, slat* lug terms andjocatlon, O 03,_Ttibuno office. BUSINESS CHANCES. A FIRST-CLASS MEAT AND VEGETABLE MAR kot on tho West Side for sale; hasngood trade; must ho sold at once. For particulars address O 83, Trib une olhoo. A SPLENDID OPENING FOR A. BATH-ROOM OR trunk bustuuss. Apply to Pekin Tea Company, 1170 Stato-st. T)ARBER SHOP, GENTS* FURNISHING GOODS, J) and cigar store of BEN. ROBINSON, ter sale. Ap ply tUO Wut Lako*st. TSUSINESS INTERESTS SOLD, PARTNERS PRO JDcurcd. First-rate openings ou hand for men with to $10,000; worth Investigating. J. E, KIMBALL, 136 Dourburn-st. /"IRESUENT LAUNDRY—IN A FIRST-RATE LOOA* tlon and doing n goad busbies*, teraalo. Sickness of tbo proprietor aud health of another member compels a •ate. ORESCENT LAUNDRY, 274 West Lako-st.- TTIOR SALij-lSil. SAPP’S ELKCTRO-TlfkllMATi X' Bath Cure, ftt Cleveland, Ohio. XU health the reason for soiling. A splendid opportunity. Business well os* tahlbhodT IpIRST-GLASS RESTAURANT, WITH STOCK, 1 lease, and fixtures, for sale, doing ntlrst-olais busi ness, situated on Madison-st. .oast of Clark, best location lathe city. Apply to WM. IL SAMPSON A CO.. 144 LaSallost., OtUßlock. THAVE A NEW PROCESS FOR BURNING KERO* X sene oil ter cooking purposes; will cook a meal in less timo than you canbuild n coal tiro, and no smoko, smell, or dirt. Parties with capital can make a fortune by es tablishing thomsolvcs In any city or town. Can bo seen in prautloat operation at Room 22, Kuhns' Hotel, Dearborn* sW, between Madison and Monroe. Tlf ORSK A SONS TRIUMPH SODA APPARATUS, i,YX Italian style, used but ono soanott, for sale; big dis count. M. \r, BORLAND, 378 Vanßuron-st. QALOON AND FIXTURES, NORTHWEST CORNER O Klnziti and Ada-sts., foe sale. Inquire on promises. P. DUNDON. ; ; , SALOON AND FIXTURES, 103 WEST TWELFTH et., for sale. Inquire on promises. O. P. CUM MINS. ■ : STOCK, LEASE, AND FIXTURES OP A FlßST class mllllnoiy store, or exchange for.bouso and lot. 205 South Halstca-tt. S“ll012 SUOPAND DWELLING (COTTAGE), WITH lease for 6 years, rental ssoa year, fur Bale cheap; will rout foe S6O a month. Inquire at 230 Walnut-at. rpUE MOST CENTRALLY SITUATED HOTEL IN X' the oily, now doing a largo amt profitable business, will bo Bold for SO,OOO, half cash, balance to suit.. M. O. BALDWIN & CO., EH and £0 LaSalle-et., Room 31. rilO A COMPETENT PERSON WHO WILL TAKE X charge of a largo buslucssand basS2,Boo to invent, I will giro good security for tho money and pay a salary of $3,509 a year. Address COO, Tribune ollioo. S&OrVA BUYS A SMART CASH BUSINESS, AL ready largo, aud capable of being greatly in creased. This is no every day business cliaiiue. 2UU West Lako-st. ' tfjQfjA WILL BUY A FIRST-CLASS ICE-CREAM ipOwl/ and oyster saloon, including bar, liquors, all itookon hand, tixturoi, seven marble-tup tables, oto.: cheap rout, with lease from ono to live yuan, inquire of T. BOUUGOIN, northwest cornorWashington midClark ■ta., Oourt-llouso Square, or at plaoo, No. 61 Alllwau koe-av. ■ . - HORSES AND CARRIAGES. ASIES ALEXANDKIt—PLEASE CALL ROR YOUR horse und wagon, which wan la possession uf Frank Sanders, and pay charges. FREDERICK FULLER. FINK ASSORTMENT OF CARRIAGES, PHAK tons, buggies, etc,, of most approved stylus, at low prices. 327 Stalest. P. L. SMITH. ' A GREAT VARIETY OF FINE ROOKAWAYS, barouches, phaotnns, top and open buggies, just re ceived at 27 ami 29 South Ullnton-st. H. B. HILL. AUOTKJN EVERY WEDNESDAY AND HATUR day of horses, carriages, wagons, harness, and good stabling for horses. Money advanced on goods. JOHN, MORTON, Auctioneer, 121 Otato-ot. FOR- SALE-GOOD HOUSE: SBS, IP taken away to-day. inquire at Kendall’s Stable, roar 49 South Halatud-at. ' P* OR BALK—THE CELEBRATED FRENCH STALL-' lon Lion lloatt, just imparted (com Canad- Hols a dopplod gray, stands 10 hands high, weighs about 1,350 pounds: - he Is a good stylo of a horse, and is to bo soon at CltOStialAN’S livery stable, near Union Park. Any poraon wanting such a bor.o had bettor eoo Idm at ouco, as ha Is only going to remain lu tho city a few days. 1 IJIOR RALE-OVER ONE HUNDRED CARRIAGES . of all varieties from lirst-chiss innkors at roasonabla prices, at 358 aud 355 Wo:,t Randolph-st. O. L. BUAD- TTIOR SALK-8425 WILL BUY A MATOUKD, H'i’VL- X' ishpairof huruoa. JAB. U. BTOHKY, 81 andß6LnSallo-flt., Ituoiu 25. Ip OR BALE—TWO DRAFT HORSES, TWO EX -1 press horses, onobnggyhurßo; would exchange latter for smaller borso, weighing fromtiOO to 000 lbs. Apply at coal otlico, 183 South CauuFat. ■pOR HALE—CHEAP—ONE LIGHT DOG-CART, AL JD inoatnow, made by Browstor; one pluutun, top ovor back seat; ono extension top pbtutnn; ono light rookaway; throo aoU of single liarnoafl. Can bu aeon av Wron'a now itablo, ooruor of Twonty-elxth-at. and Cottage Qrovo-av. • For sale-a young, goal black mark, sound, kind, and free from any blemish whatever; balf-slatortonnoof tbobost mares in tho West; has ua record against hor. Can haul two men in a buggy us fast as they want logo. JOHN BUSS, Ocommiowoo, Win. JTI. BUOOICMAN, 1M TWKNTY-SUOOND-ST.. « lias for sale, or ozchnngu, now and sccond-haim open nnd top-lniggica, business and express wagons, a few good light aud heavy burses, single and double Uamoie, ono olarouoo, landuu, and oloso carriages. Livery-stable no. iw twenty-second-st. for runt; It la now. wall built; will accommodate thirty horses iu basement; there are two good rooms above. Apply on tho premises, or 1U North Morgan-su. of W. SKINNER. * TSTANTED—BUSINESS HORSE; MUSTBE A GOOD Tr traveler, and a bargain. IM West Monroo-at. <ll/f nn WILL BUY A FIRST-CLASS HORSE, TOP rJP xIH/ baggy, and harness. if taken Immediately. Can bo scon at Bassett's Stables, 19 and lit Harnion-oonrt. STRAYED OR STOLEN. STRAVKU-OU STOLEN FROM 80 LIBERTY-HT.. a dark brown mare; a while spot on tho forehead mid atm iu tho foro feet. Reward for return to above. STOLKN-FROM REAR OF 137 STATJCST-, ON Fill day, 4 p. m,, brown home, Ib.SS hands high, whtto strips In fsoo, and throo white foot: square-box top. buggy; silver-trimmed harness. Any Information lending to tlielr recovery will bo liberally rewarded by BENJA MIN ALLEN, 137 and m Stato-st. STRAYED— A SMALL RED COW, GIVING MILK; herns turn in: I. branded on right hip; liberal re ward given. WaRUEN HPIUNUKH, gj North Clinton. DIVORCES. DIVORCES OBTAINED FOR CAUSES. ALL LAW busluuss attended to. Room 3, 317 South Clark-st. IYIVOROHS—LEGALLY dUTVINICi>--FEE ~Ain'ieil XJ decree. _Scandal avoided. Nlnoyears'j.raullcointho courts of Chicago. Address P. O. Box 1937. WANTED—MARE HELP. > Bookkeepers, Clerks, Etc* RANTED-BY .A PHILADELPHIA HOSIERY, ,i» notion, and white (roods iobblna*bflnso—A flrsUolais triToHnß islMffiftn nciitiftlQlcd wiili iho btulnoss. and llavlnir anoltkbllßhoUtrndo, Addroii, rUtlnir amount and location of trade, oiycrlonoo, eto., OOX, SMITH A 00., Fhllndolphla. . ... i - , , WANTKD-TWO . KXPUHIK.NOKd' DUY GOODS VV cleric* ulSt’i and 220 West Madlion-il. T\TANT7fff)-A rnTHoiuPTioN gleuk who can Vt iponk both German and KnffllAh, and can run a «oda fountain, by IC, It. lllLfj A (JO.. Dnisßlati, Ft. Wayne, lud. Koforonco inquired <»(, ability ami character; elaitto man, ap.o 2(1 to 26 year*. Apply by.mull or In ponon. TXTANTFI)—A YoONG~MAN AS TUAVnMNd Vr aaloflinnnforn wholesale.bonne; city references ro* Apply by Jotter only ,U. caro W1 Wost Tlf ANTICD-BOOKKEEPER;. MUST ,RE RAPID, iii ; acourato, and pjriiQrippoud.. .Address, giving ago and references, . 0 Uf, Trimino olfloq. , \\f ANTUD-OLRIIK’, .MURTCIiE . GOOD PENMAN tt nnd hnvolmd sumo exporlonco In nlllco, and not loss llinn_2s years old. Address 0 67, Tribune ollicq. GROCERY house In this oily a salosiuan In tho, store: only oznorlonood men nuou apply. Address L 73, Tilbuuo oflico. 1 • TP - ANTED - 3 SUPERIOR HONKHT WORKING »t ralosmon In .wholesale-groceries. Addross 048, Tribune ullloo, • 1 . i ! ; , . ; Xis'RttoM. T\T ANTED—COAT, ‘ \ f U,ST. AND PANT-MaKKPS; itT’ steady employment nnd good wages; nono but the best need apply. Inipilro of T. I". PIILLLIPti, 13 Madt son-st. \frANTRD-A FIRST-CLASS IIORSE-SHOKR. TO tt vrbum steady, employment nnd good, wnnoa will be given; railroad faro will also’bo paid in Rook Island. Ap ply at on Co-by letter to WALTER DANXJKK, Rook Island, IU. T\r ANTED—IMMEDIATELY—TEN OR FIFTEEN it goodstono onltora, and tho samonumber,of sfono masons: work guaranteed to last till llio fall. To good nmohamos, good wages. Apply personally to 0. GEI GER, contractor, Leavenworth, Kaunas. \\f AlfaPED*!. iT WO FIRST-ISLAHS OARUIAGK • V trimmers at unco. To good workmen wo will give constant employment. HALL AIIARTLETT, Rockford, T\TANTED—DYER—ONE WHO HAS HERN AO- J t ouatomod tn cleaning. Call at works, 131 KlUs-av., POOK A MofiAlN. . : • ' ’ WANTED— TWO FIRST-OLABS BARIIEUS AT tho Orient Hotel Hair .Dressing- and Lathing Rooms. No. 287 South Blato-st, . WaNTED-M*PAINTER'S AT 719 STATE-ST. W- A. ■VV REISHBM. . WANTKD-26 rmST.OI.ASS PATNTEIIH, NONie Yi bat good workmou nnad apply at IC3 Washington st., botwoon Flfth-av. and laSaflo-st. ’ ’ TYTANTRD—PHOTOORAPIIIO OPERATOR. AP VV ply at 879 Wabaah-flv.. NAHONA WAKNIC. T\rANTKD-TWO GOOD CYLINDER FEEDERS. J. VV J. SPALDING A CO., 168 Clavk-st. WANTED—A BOY AS CLERK IN A REAL 158 IT ' tato otlSco, Ana who has sumo knowledge of tho husl* Sosa, Ilvoi with his parents, and Is wall acquainted with io city: salary small. Address, giving ago and rofcr ouoos, a 76,Trlbuno office. ' : • ■ • CoAohmou. Tonxnstors. &o. TTTANTICD—COAOIIMAN; A MAN OP SUPERIOR » rpialllicntiona, with flrnt-olnso dly references, may find a good situation and liberal salary. Apply by tetter, and state in tetter lull particulars uud ruforeucos •to ter* morcinplo/om. Address La, Tribuao office. Sliscollanoons. TTTANTED-A NEW YORK IMPORTING AND Ir ■ Jobbing wine and'liquor bouse, well and favorably kuown ter many years, seek tbu services of an aottvo young tnno as salesman ter tho Northwest. With ouo who has a sate and wcll-astabllhhcd trade among druggists and grocon, a liberal arrangement. will bo made; Tito best of roterouoos of past services will ba required. Address IMPORTER, roHt-Ollluo JJoi ISM, Now York. WANTED-MEN IN iiVisUY TOWN. COUNTY, II and Statu, to soil our now button-hole outtor anti noodle-threading thlmblo. Agents that wish tho goods wilt oimi money and time by buying direct of tbo maim* fuctmors, nt Ki East Madtson-st., Room 0. ' . TITANTED—MBN OUT OP EMPLOYMENT TO 11 call and a business paylug £3O to 810 ft week, ca-«y. JONES A CO., 71 South Csnul-st. TtTANTED—A FUtSftOLASS ORDER AND DINNER IT cookjUigbost wages paid; also ft dish-washer and scrub girl. Apply at 5i Harrlson-et., ncarStato, SMITH'S Oyster Xlouao. T\T ANTED—BUSINESS MEN TO OPEN BUSINESS VI in a colony town; great inducamento offered. Coll at 74 East MadUon-et., Chicago, third floor. •UTANTED-CO RAILROAD LABORERS: WAGES, VI gStiardayjsuro pay; good steady work;alio, 25 foams. Apply L 9 West Randolph-st., Room 3. \\TANTED-A FEW EXPERIENCED CANVASS* TV orsln tho city and country to soil Prof. Johnson's non-oxploalvo korosouo oil powders. Liberal arrange ments madowltli lirst-clans men. Apply to or address JOHNSON A CO,, 87 Tblrd-av. Cali between tho hours of 9 and 10 a. m. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN AS LIGHT PORTER. BUCK A RAYNER, 117 Clark at. WANTED— MAN OF GOOD ADDRESS TO SOLICIT orders and mako himself generally useful. 119 In* dlana-st., corner Clark, in baiomont. WANTED— SEVERAL MEN FOR THU CITY TO sell goods that take well everywhere. Also too for tho country. Only email capital required; $3 to sls a day can ho made. A. RAY, i 5 WostLako-st., Roomfl. T\r ANTED—ONE EXPERIENCED CANVASSER 1 1 for West Side, south of Madlion-at.: good pay. Nona but good hands need apply at Room 15.179 EastMaJlsuq. \\f ANTED—A COLORED BOY. APPLY AT’NoTs ll_Aberdeen-flt. WANTED—FEMALE KELP. Domestics. TITANTED—GOOD GIRL FOB GENERAL HOUSE* If work; email family. 103 Vinconncs-av. ■UTANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL VI housework in eniali private family. Apply tb jNo. 13 Ahordoon-st. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS (COOK FOR FAMILY with boarders; tlio very bichest wages paid (or a capablo poraon. Apply ot l&l warron-av., corner Wood-et. WANTED— OIRLTO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK. Apply at 007 Mlchlgan-av. T\TANTED—A COMPETENT GIRL TO DO GKN VV oral housework in a family o( throe, no children: good references; a good Catholic desirable. Apply at 613 Mlchlgan-av. WANTED AN EXPERIENCED NURSE-GIRL, ono who la a good seamstress; English or Scotch pro furred. Apply, between 10 a. m. and Up. m.» nt 1023 Wa bcih-ar. • VITANTED—FIRST-OLASBOHAMBERMAIDB,FINE ,YV ironors, bundle. washer, and scrub-girls; none but girls with good references need apply; boat of wages. Call Friday, Saturday, and Monday, between 10 and 1 o’clock, at tbo Grand Pacific Hotel, corner Clark and Jackson-ata., Room-111. , WANTED—A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE- V f work at 21 Centre-ay. TIT ANTED—A NO. 1 COOK, WASHER, AND YY Inmer, for a family of four, in a ploataut suburban homo. Will give S3O per month and a pomionont place to a woman with lirei-elata references, and no other need apply, at 72 and 74 Duarboro-st., main floor, from 9to 13. WANTF.D— AT THE DOUGLAS HOUSE, DINING room and laundry girls. good pastry cook, and kitchen girl. TIT ANTED—A GOOD GIRL TO COOK, WASH AND VY Iron. References required. Apply to 583 West Adamsst. . . GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE YY word, a good place, 167 Centre-ay. Apply between 8 and U o’clock a. m. . WANTED— A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work; must bo a good cook. Inquire at 88 Twenty thlrd-Bt. • ■ ' WANTED— DINING-ROOM AND KITCHEN GIRLS at St. Charles Hotel, 18 South Dosplalnea-at. T\7*ANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE VV .work. Applyat2l2 Twonty-flfth-st. WXNTF.D—GIRL FOR HOUSEWORK, SWEDE YY or Norwegian; must ho good cook, washer, and Ironor. 86 Contro-av. .• WANTED— A GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND Ironor; permanent place and goad wages to a girl well recommended. 19 llonorc-at. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL, TO DO GENERAL housework, nt 764 Wnbssbav. WANTED-A FIUW’-OLASS KITCHEN OIUL, Gorman or Norwegian. Apply at C 95 Wabn«h-av. \WANTED—A COMPETENT’ GIRirFOR GENERAL YY housework. English,'Gorman, or Norwegian pro ferrod. 7U3 sllohlgau-av., comer Twontioth-st. WANTED— A GOOD RELIABLE GIRL TO WASH dishes and assist in kitchen at a private hoarding house. Como ready for work. 233 West Washlngton-at. WANTED— A GIRL, ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS general hosework, lor a small family; best uf wages: must cornu well recommended. Apply immediately at.3U West Monroo-st. • ’ TifANTED-AT 12235110H1GAN-AV., GOOD COOK, YY washer, and Ironor; good wages. « VYrANTRD-A SWEDE, NORWEGIAN. OR OKR VV man girl todo second work. Apply athh) Indlana-av. W’ ANTED - GOOD GIRL IN' SMALL, PRIVATE famlU; a good homo to tho right person. 85 Dear born-st., WllUams Block, 4lb Hoar. SoametrosgOH. WANTED EXPERIENCED GIRLS TO SEW Yt cactus and fancy braid huts, no others wauled. A. A. TURNER, 2cd NVabaah-av. Nuxtioa. WANTED-A GOOD WET NURSE. INQUIRE OF V> R. u, LONG, Marino Bank, corner of LaSalle aud Luko-sts. Lauudrosuoa. WANTED— AT THE IRVING HOUSE, US WA- baoU-av., S3 laundry girls. Employment Agencies. • TirANTKD—GOOD GIRLS Full PRIVATE PAMI VV lloa, Swedes, Norwegians, Danes, aud Uormam cooks, nurse girls, general housework, at Mm. DUSKL Intolllgooco Oillue, euMlhvaukuo-ay. Misoolltuiooua, Wanted -two girls to learn to finish in India Ink. Apply at U79 Wubush-av. NASON 4 WARNE. _ AGENTS WANTED. A GENTS WANTED—EVERY WHERE, IMMKDI JX. alcly. Hewitt Fluting, Polishing, and Band Iron outuhlucd, patented IS7J.* Flutes uuy length. Soiling fast. l7l»JJaslAladlsou-iit. GENTS WANTED—S6 A DAY EASILY MADE BY mule and female bulling throo good articles iu the city. Twenty artlolon for cither sox In tho country that pay liHJ (o 309 pur cent. MERRILL 4 CO., a West Luko-Bt. _____ A""' GENTS WANTED—IM GOOD CANVASSERS IM mediately to sell now and staple good* nt retail and wholesale. Particulars free. 0, M. LLNINGTON, HI East Alndlsou-st., Room 10, Chicago. A' GENTS WANTED-TO SEEK OUR NEW BUT* tou-11010 Cutter and Nocdlu-Thrcndlng Thimble, Agents clear s2(l per day. 09 East Mndlsen-st., Room 6. Argents ready, new and additluual indneumonts. Now way of running snbaorlplhm bonks. Agents soiling thousands. Moro agents, male and female, wanted. Address Umou Publishing Company, 333 Wabash-uv., Chicago, '* UUNTH WANTIiD-TO KNOW' THAT (lIIAU. JV. llcok, wholesale dealer in hooks andprUo packages, bus removed to 163 Earn Unlnoy-st. , BUILDING MATERIAL. 1 TO 6C9,C00 BRICK FOR h'aLE CMKAP; DELIV- X crud lumiodlatuly. U. i'. HEAD, I*9 Clsrk-st, SITUATIONS WANTED—MALE, Boolclcoopori. Olorlcu. &o. CITUATION WANTED—AB DRUG OLKUIC, WOULD SroFJSS! *. « 00 6 SITUATION WANTED—DY A MAN 2S YEARS OF O ago. speaking Fronohj acquainted • •with Canadian trnilnj could net as bookkeeper or salesman; no object ion to tlio nuuntry, or would travnl tolly references; salary arranged after trial.Add roe a LB7, Trlliuito otllco. SITUATION WaSVED-TO DRUGOISTB-A. Lt- O censed ilrsl-olnsa drug dork, speaking English, Fronoh, nml Italian; boat references. Addrosa PIT, Tribune oltlco. . . ■, j CITUATION WANTED-BY A UO.MPKTHNT DRUG* t : four yrnra l experience; best references. Address GBO, Trluunoofllco. CITUATION WANTED —TO TRAVEL FOR A jv .wUoloaalo grocery, ten, or tobnocu liouso, or ship* pnif- dork, npsimnt bookkeeper, and collootor; good ret oronoog.. Address JA, IHI Month I<onvitt-it; “ SITUATION WA NTijb-OITY~OiFCOUNTRY, BY a young man with' long years’ftxporlunno In tlio dry Roodn niid clothing buslnosn; speaks tho English, Oor« man, and branch language iluotUly. Address O 78. Tribune ofllco. * Situation wantkd -hy a luaibWi’ETcoM poiont bookkeeper} very meliorate salary, . Good 1 dlty references. Address Q ft), Tribune oCloo, , SITUATION WANTKD-liY X"YdiTNO MAN til} wmporafo habits, good address, olid business capaci ty, ns dork or salesman; linn bud over throe years' experi ence ns bookkeeper; is not afraid of work; no objection to going out of tho city. Address Y 100, Tribune., .■ Ti'atlos. CITUATION WANTED—BY A BOSTON CUSTOM cutter, in Illinois, lowa. Minnesota, or Wrsonnalnt will buy an Interest lu a good paying trade. T. F, PHIL LIPS, 10 and 18 Madison-st., Chicago. ■ >. i|,| QITUA^ION~WAIITKD MAN (A O stranger) ns helper In a blnoksmlfhltig or machine ■lmp; has bad experience In both; wanes not so much, an bhjoot ns a good slluoUnn. 1 Address O t*o. Tribune olnoo. gituations wanted-bytwo young men, O one os onglrtoer.tlio oilier an scrnll-anwyor. • Address by letter Aor H, 107 Wuttßandolph-st., Room 27,; . r» CITUATION 'WANTED —BY A ' COMPETENT OgnnJonor haring had several years experience InEuropa ami tills country. Bnstof roforouco uivoailtoqulrod. J, YOUNtfr 218 Bouai Wator-st. CITUATION WANTED—BY AN EXPERIENCED O maohino band, on a tenoning, sticking, moulding ma* ohlno . or' scroll-saw. Addrosa D, cate if. HchuUo. Ul Bunkorat. . . j . , . r .. . < j.:.... ... Conollinon, TConm*tfyr»»'<fco»'“” gituations wantrd-by a man and with; k) Danes, in a private family; the man ns coachmen; and wife as cook or to do gonoral housework. Addrosa O 63. Tribune ofllco. “ QITUATIOM WANTED-BY A YOUNG SCOTCH k) man, ns coachman or delivery dork: a No. 1 farmer j having good roforouco. Address 69 Wcat Randolph-st.. Room a, ... ' Blinoollano(m<*. QITUATION WANTED—AS COMMERCIAL TRAY kv olor. A flrst-claas traveling salesman, with boat o! city references and n largo acquaintance with druggist* and hardware donlors In Indiana, Illinois, and lowa, is open to an engagement. either on commission or on a sal* ary.' Address S7o, Tribune office. , ’ AGENT OR of atirnt-olasi Show, Traveling Troupo, or traveling Physician, bra man well posted In tho phyoftho country. Can furnish nest of roforonco foe ImalnoßS mmltticatlons, sobriety, <Sco« : also 8600 cash. If necessary. Address; for 10 days, P. O. Ilex 141, Bollovno, lowa.' ■ . .. 4 QITUATION WANTED-BY ORGANIST, OOMPB- O tout to ploy cancortoo pieces and direct a quartotts or chorus choir; position by a gentleman who has IS years' experience lu tuo Knat. Address S 13, Tribune office; ' aTVOUNO MANAS buyer, collector, cr any outside business; has bad experience in wholesale grocery house, and can furnish flrst-olass city roforonco. Address X 79, Trlhnno offloo. SITUATION WANTED-A YOUNG GERMAN MAIL- J rlod man wisltws a situallnu as imrtor In any business, r to deliver geed i or groceries; Is well nbqunlntodtn tho Ity, nud understands driving horses. Address O 76, 'clliuuo otfico. ■ SITUATION WANTED—AS DAJt-TENDICR, BY A competent man who thoroughly understands tho bust* ness; good rofotouco. Address O 83, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY SOBERyOUNO MAN, ago £3, English, as watchman or portor;,can glvo so« ourlty If desired. • Address O 84, Tribune office. S“ ITUATIOfTWANTED—BY - A~YbUNO GIRL.--AS olork In bakery or confectionery; tho best of roior onon. Call or address Ihl Unrtla-st. __ SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE Domostioo. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED English woman In a private family, ns chambermaid or dining-room girl. Address 311,11 Kansas-sL, West Chicago, • - QITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT WO- O man, ns cook In a private family whore she can hava her child with her. Apply at 670airoU-at. SITUATION WANTED-BY A MIDDLE-AGED woman an cook, washer and ironor In a private family; country preferred. Inquire 239 Walnut-st. ■ QITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWb"RK3PECTABLB O girls, one ns cook, and the other as second girl. Please call at fco7 Stnto at. Good roforonco can bo given. • , Nursoa. QITUATION WANTED-BY A WOMAN, AS A O nurse In a family which goes to Europe; speaks both languages well. Tho best of city references given. Ad* dross MKB. U. 8., grocery store, at 137 West Lako-lt. • ll * Honaokoouors. , QITUATION WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN LADY. O as housekeeper in a private or nubile house; yoatu of experience qualities motor tbo position: boat of roforonco; Apply or address, for throe days, t!U Twouty-slxth-at. Employment Agencies* SITUATIONS WANTED—AT I THE BCANDINA vIrn-Gormau Intelligence Office—Por flrst-slass ser vant girls, In Ch< mgo and tho country. In hotels, rcstnu* ranis, lauudrle, boarding-houses, and private bouses: don’t fall to g<«* us a call, and romomborimriminhor la 80 Mllwankoo-av.' Mrs. DU.SKE’H Intelligence Office. .... XO EXCHANGE. rpo EXCHANGE-HOUSE AND LOT ON VAN X iiurou-st. for Inside property and ossh ; 48x100 on May st.. ncarTwonty-socoud, with buildings, for huusoand lot; ICO acres and 820 acres In Kansas for aero property near oily, or will place 820 Acres as a part payment on homo ami lot. IIILL A BLISS, W Doariiom-uU ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ TO BXOHANOU-TO CARPENTERS AND BUlLD ors—Wanted—materials furnished nml building com* Eloted and to exchange for the saiuo Eastern improved uslnosß property vnlund at $20,000;- a liberal ozohango will bo tnado with building ■contractors. Address So 7, Tribune ollico. ■ ■ ( FEET ON LOOMZS-ST.r X near Mndlsun, toozohsngo for a farm. By D. COLE 4 SON, Beal Estate Agents, 188 West Madtson-at. mo EXCHANGE—FOR LOTS-A X bouso and lot. good location, West Division, noar Aahl&nd-av. and Vanllurcn-st. cars; Immodiato passes* elon. JACOB O. MAOILL, 81 and 83 South Clark-st. TO EXCHANGE—FOB BUILDING LOTS—A NEW brick icsldcnco; locution and ItnUh lirst-olass. JACOB U. MAOILL, 81 and 83 South Clark-st. • TO EXCHANGE—FOUR NIOB SUBURBAN LOTS fivo miles from Court-Homo for piano and furniture, or part for either. EL H, P. O. Box 140, city. a 10 EXCHANGE—SIB,OOO IN GOOD REAL ESTATE, ■ all clear of incumbrance and rising rapidly lu value; would trade for a Block of tnorchnndlßu In city or country, or a flrst-cloes form. K.KENNEDY,I4SUIarVst.,HoonM 26 and 27. • j fpO EXCHANGE—GOOD SUBURBAN PROPERTY X for a geod farm or Improved city property, R. KEN NEDY, 145 Clark-st., Booms Sfl ana 27. WANTED-STOCK OP OIiOTIIINQ IN KX IY change lor lew at Irving Park, near two depots, Bcbcol, high echnol, church, artoslsu-wolls passage aomo, in lltno and money,as to city-limits; also piano, If desired. Owner with E. F. ADAMS, 70 East Maduon-st. ANTED-TO TRADE FOR A STOCK OP DRY •V V goods, notions, clothing, furnishing goods, boots andshooe, and furniture, 8 farms in Mason County. 111., all under a good state of cultivation, near market and railroad—ouo farm of 115 acres, one of 241 acres, and one of 835 acres. Also a lino now dwelling house and 2 lots la the City of Peoria, ill., with all modem improvements. The titles ato perfect. All worth $50,000 cash. Will trade part or all. Address Box 1442, Pnnrla._lll. PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNER WANTED—EITHER ACTIVE OR X spuds], In ono of tbo boht paying distilleries In this State. Capital required about $15,000. For particulars address AB, Tribune office. ' ' pAHTNERSHIP-NOUTON REDMOND FROM THIS X date oeases to do hUHlnesa under lirm name of RED MOND A CO. J. B. Redmond will continue tbo com mission business,uudorsame namo.. Farther wanted—(an active young or middlo-ngoil man) in a wholesale hardware hnnso, with a cash capltalm twenty-five to forty thousand dollars, In an old-established house. Good references required. Address B.caro Jss. li»Story, Nos. 81 and 66 LaSallo-st., Boom 25, Chicago, 111. PARTNER WANTED—IN A FIRST CLASS MEAT and vegetable market: ono that understands the business with a small capital preferred. 68 Woatorn-qv. "PARTNER W ANTED —WI Til SI,OOO TO $3,000 X cash, to enlarge a musical business. Address 77 North Clark-st. • Partner wanted-in a long established wholesale liquor business, for a business man. with, shout $3,000. This la u good ohauuo. Address V 01, Tribune office. ■ ‘PARTNER WANTED-MY INVENTION HAS THE X Indorsement of tho best mon In tho Imsinoss; to mako It suooussful, I want a partner with $3,00 U. Address O 85. Trlbuno otHco. TjAllTNfill WANTKD-IN A WEJJ.-RBTADMBIIED X paying manufauturlngbußlncsß; u Inutiicas man with $3,000 to si),ooUoaßh can obtain u ohanco seldom olfcrod. Andress soon, 0 82, Tribune oilico. 1 TjJAKTNKR WANTiSD-Wmi’*sl,oon; 11US1NRSS X vroll OBtAblialmd j nays well; Uavo inoru than one can do; must bo a good business man, and ready for business at onon. 127 South U|ark»Bt.,.Ri>iim HOUSEHOLD GOODS. FOU BALK-CHICAP FOR OABIT, Oil EXCHANGE for doßh'Ablo suburban ronl onlnlo, household furni* hire, Including parlor huts, carpets, and one tirst-class piano. all Hourly now, and in excellent condition. Inriulro at ollico of JULIUS HAUER A CO., JWO-326 Wubash-av. F'"bli HAI.K-A FAMILY LEAVING TOWN WILL Bull fundturo and glvn lonso of hou&o to Ist May. MM; house with all modorn improvements; situated north c f Tmmty-aiith-at,, on Pralrlmav.; rent of house. SIIXI per month; nmuuntof furnlluro about $3,000; wiubosoldoa onditifdesired. Address X 77, Tilbuno otlioo, loralt days. __ • 77IQR HALE—A COMPLETE SET OF imi)ROOJI J? furniture cheap for cash. Inquire a l ire I roof Rob. tnurant, IE .Muiiroe-ttt. _ ir ~, LOST. T OST-A SPOTTED DOG WITH A LEATHER COL. I j tar on: n liberal reward will bo paid lor returning Ibu BUino to SHUJILKLN A CLARK. 110 Stato-st. T OS’I'—GOING* FROM \VARABU-AV. AND IMIOK. I j court to Tldrdav., yoaterday forenoon, package con* mining handkerchiefs and hosiery. Two dollars reward will bo paid by leaving It at 118 Tlurd-uv. T OSl'-AT DOWNING’S HOTEL LAST SUNDAY id aflotnoun.ouo leather wallet containing s3*Uu money, also one liny* sloovo-buttou; the tlinlor Will bo suitably N "- w Wo,t WM||l|, »- Lost-reward— uEMORANDUM POOKBT. book with Bunio valuable notes and uapom In It. The Under will bo rewarded by ruturnlng the name to the West Side HrlKK* House. UPWARD BURNS. FOUND, T7tOIJND-IN A COTTAGE GROVE OAR, A PAR. X 1 cul containing dry goods, on Thursday evening. The owner unu have tame by calling at Sl6 North UlvUlca* it, O, miuNSKILL, 7