Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 18, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 18, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 26. BEAL ESTATE. PABE PROPERTY IS THE BEST. "We have now for sale 300. liots "within two blocks from'the South ■ Park, and several fronting on' the Park, all very cheap and: on' easy terms of payment. Also 200 I>ots near Twenty-sixth-st., at from $750 to $1,050, in five payments, and only 6 per cent interest. Also 100 Dots on. the West Side, between Wood and liinooln-sts., very cheap. . Houses and Lots of all prieea, and in all parts of the city. CLARKE, LAYTON & CO., 120 LaSalle-st., Oriental Building. THE Desirable Residence And Lot 60x125 feet, . I ; S. W. COE. OF W.WASMGTON k LffICOLN-iSTS., j&jj: axtctxon, : On Thursday Afternoon, May 22, at 2 o’clock, on tha premises, Will be-sold the tctj desirable dwelling No. 630 Weet Wazhlnzton-sL, containing 10 robins, bath-room, pan fcdee. cioseta, gas fixtures, Ac. The noose is heated by 1 steam, and has all modem improTomeats. Ground* or namented with tree* and shrubbery, and Inclosed by an iron fence; goodS-etory barn on lot. Location one of the meat desirable in the city, burrouadings first-class. , Ti-. 410 perfect. Abstract of title famished. -- One-third cash, balance in 1 and 2 years with interest at 8 per cent. C. O. THAYER & OCX, B. B. Auctioneers, - ' Office 186 East Medison-et. JACOB C. MAGILL, EEAL ESTATE, ' 81 & 83 CLARK-ST. lESo’o.jsoss, Ijots. - , Wehavealongllstof acre property, dwellings, and lot*. Acre* to exchange for residences; also residences for acres. See list in for stio column of Sunday Tribune. TEXAS LMDS. 500,000 ACRES Of the best fanning, gr&s&g and.timber lands In the world, for sale is tracts to salt purchasers, at slto $3 per acre. Title warranted.. Texas has now direct communication with the West, and new railroads are being built and projected. The population is rapidly increasing, and the present prosper-. Ms condition of the State offers opportunities for invest ments, which must prove remunerative within the next three years. Full Information and lists of lands furnish* «d to parties wishing to purchase o^migrate. —*j OHN a. FBANdS A CO., . .. 151 LaSalle-st. FORSALE. Two Lots on Michigan-aw One of them la 81 feet front, near Fourteenth-at., mod thflother U25 feet front, near Thirty-fir* t-«t... ' These Lots are Very Desirable, - And if closed within s few days wo are authorized to sell' at a considerable below their value.. Titles perfect and reasonable. Also, a large amount of other prop erty, both city and suburban, to which wo invite the - of capitalists and others dotiriug to invest. SHEPPARD A BTRfcETER, . • Boom 3,K0. 186 East Madlson-st.,' T $5,500-: MONTHLY PAYMENTS -A new house, finely finished, with ms, cis tern, and bam for 3 horses, beautifully situ ated on Forty-first-st., west of Langley. Bee ' the property and judge for yourselves. ; -Call on owner, J. 3j. McK.BEv.hiß, 133 La • Balle-st., Boom 16, or any evening, 37 j University-place.. FOR SALE, sfiy 0. 0. THAYER £ CO., Heal Estate Auctioneers and Brokers, 186 East Madlscn-st-, SPECIAL B^R.C3--AJ3STS In Acre Property at WASHINGTON- HEIGHTS! BTUall and examine list. - : n '' ATTENTION! The horse railway will run to North-aVc, on MQwan kse-av., this summer. NEW SUBDIVISION Per sale. Great bargains in baslnesi and residence lota fronting on Milwaokee-av., North-av., Wood, Girard, aad Eix Grove-sts. Street pavement and all other im provements on Milwaokce-av. paid by the present owner. Par farther particulars and maps apply to jacoßwbilaco., Corner of Madison and Dcarbom-ita. FOR SALE. Lots and Blocks in vicinity of new car works of C. & W. W.'R. "W. Co., onKinziejPulton, Lake, and other streets. Easy terms of payment. Trains leave Wells-st. Depot every day (except Sunday) at 7:30 a. m. and 12 m., stopping at car works. J. D. HARVEY, 174 LaSalle-st. FOR SALE. Great bargains in Dwelling Lots In desirable locations «n tbs West and South Sides. Apply to VM. H. SAMPSON £ CO., - 144 LaSalle-st., Otis Block. Offic. 153 MOH2ORST., Boom 4, Kent’* Bnlldia,. and Lota fat aale on easy ternu. FRANK P. HAWKINS, Agent. LAWNDALE. sold cheap for cash, a neat IX story cottage house ffrTrfe?C a r*£l kke water: fnrnitnre for sale. Apply to DECKER, £oom 6. Repnblican Building, lahiHest., orto J. C. JdOORE, on the premises. FOR SALE. Two Tory desirable lots on Warren-rr., near Stanton. »oy cheap for cash if sold Immediately. Apply to • WM. H. SAMPSON A CO., , U4 LaSalle-st., Otis Block. MEETINGS. Attention, Sir Knights. i/Sp** o o°®msndery, No. 19, K- T.—Stated eonelare «yenlag, Mayl9, at 7X o’clock, for business and IS OO /. T. ©rdarrvisltlngfiir Knighta courteously in tu*d» By order of thoE. O* > GEO. F, SINCLAIR, Recorder. " Attention, Sir Knights ! Bernard Oommandery, No. 85. K. T. Special con t>°^7 gening. May 19, at 7 ;30 o’clock, for work «*..T.order. Byorforof the E. O. J. O. DICKERSON. Recorder. _ . Masonic. ®°nclare of Gourgaa Chapter of Bose Croix ths if?w* Masonic Temple on Monday erening, .. "“ton., at 8 o’clock. T ~ .Tames H. MILES, Or. Secretary. ■ ■ , ■- A. P. A- .V p^f-^“ l^ > « r s of Garden City Lodge No. 7 American Association, are requested to attend at their Chukot, on Monday the 19th, at 7s3op.;m. # Trtui'fT*® *®d installation of officers and other busineaa Sipetransacted. . a. kwkRRER, Setfy. * xao.T. °* FlatSwftdish Lodge N0.479 are hereby J° mwt their Lodge Boom, corner Clark and » Sunday the 18th inst., at II o’clock a. jbJwKPv attend the funeral of Brother L. Baar, .of Swalodge. MendoU, DL Members of other Lodge* j. t. applebebg, n. g. DRYGOODS. - 224 & 226 Vest Madison-st., .... ; 1 Will exhibit, during 1 this week. Special Bargains DRY GOODS - AND 1 , SSLA-WXiS. 100 Pieces Camel's Hair Cashmeres,' 50 cchta, worth 75. 200 Pieces Mignonette Mohairs, 40 cents, worth 55 cents. . ; 100 Pieces Satin Striped Canton Cloths, 50 cents, worth 75. . ■ 200 Pieces Japanese Silks, 50 cents, worth 75. 100 Silk Stnped French Ottoman Shawls, at SIO.OO. cheap at $15.00. . • , ■ 500 Llama Lace Points, Fichns Marie Antoin ette. Fichus Trianon, Fichns Lainbelle, and Llama Lace Baines, at half their usual value. ‘ 1 ■ We hare also received 1,000 Pieces Tack; Eih hons, in Gros Grain, Moire Antigne, Homan Stripes, and Plaids, at 65,75,90 cts. and SI.OO/ • 25,000 lards Hamburg Embroideries at half price. ! The above goods we secured at ImportcretAnc tions,and buyers will appreciate on examination. MANNHEIMER BROS. FINANCIAL. GMAN-MESCAN SAYING-S BANK OF CHICAGO, At the Office of the Germania Bank, Com faslii-st ai WMi CAPITA, - - ■ SIOO,OOO. This Savings Bonk Is now folly organized and ready to receive deposits. Interest at the rate of 6 per cent per annum will be paid, or credited on accounts on the first days of January and July of each year. ' Office boors from 9 o’clock a. m. to 8 o’clock p. m. daily, except on Sundays and holidays, and on Saturdays and Mondays from 6 to 8 o’clock p. tn. FRANCIS LACKNEB, President, O. KNOBLESDOBFF, Ist Vice-President, GEO. VON HOLLEN. 2d Vice-President, WM. T. HALLER. Cashier. - LOUIS SChIF-FLIN, Assistant Cashier. Bankers, ' ■first National Boi Building, sontliwsst corner of State-and WasMngton-sts., CMcago, Dealers in Gold and Silver Bullion, Bar, Leaf, Sheet, and Granulated Form for me chamcal purposes. Deposits received in. either currency: op coin, subject to check without notice. Six per cent interest allowed on-all daily balances. ‘ . ; : Checks upon ns pass through the Clearing- House,' as if drawn upon any city. bank. Interest credited, nnd aooounts-ourrent rendered monthly. Coin and Currency Drafts on J*ew; York. 105 CLABK.-ST., MetHodist Church Block. Bix per cent interest allowed on deposits, payable semi annually. July 1 and Jao. 1 in each year. __ 7> T GEO. SCOVILLE, President. Wic. Ktlset Reed, Caabior. NOTE.—Until farther notice, any hoy or girl calling at the Bank will bo presented with a. pass book free, and -one dime deposited lo his or her credit, which inm can be . drawn oat at pleasnre. =. - ■ ■ - CHARLES H. BROWER. R. PARKER PIERCE. PIERCE & BROWER, BROKERS, 93 MAZ>ISO]^-ST. Local Stocks, Commercial Paper, Govern ment and Western. Securities.. Illinois 10 per cent Begiatered Coupon Bonds. ; FINANCIAL. SIO,OOO for $130.30 (age 35) annually, for the first five (5) years, m that sterling old Company, the United States Life, of New York. JNO. I. D. BRISTOL, - Genl Agent, 166 ~Waahlngton-at. WE HAYE FDMIS FORLOANS On Eeal Estate in Chicago. JACOB WEIL & CO'., H. W. comer of Dearoom & Madison-eta. 5i0,000.00 Fourth. National Bank Stock for sale at par. Apply to O. £. FIELD A CO.. pp v . 10 Portland Block. $10,000.00 Union Hide & Leather Co.’s Stock For sale at very fayorablorates. Apply to 0* B> FIELD A CO.» Appv 10 Portland Block. Money to Loan. Xn soxn. to suit, »“OU«*«^ 1 G^ t S- T yi IREIX , Boom 9 Tribune Building. XDIO- We hare Attorneys everywhere, and collect the claims of Wholesale Merchants and others in any part of the country. No Attorney’s fee*in suits; no charges until coUeSons arT madi FRASIER’fj MERC ANTILB nnT.T.wrrriON AGENCY. 146 Madison-st. : HAIR GOODS. F. CAMPBELL’S Hair Store, 76 EAST MADISON-ST., NEXT TO MoVICKER’S THgATHgi. LAUNBBT. •non •EarOS’ STEAM LAUNDEY, 205 SOUTH PAUXJNA-ST. tW Offlcci. Sls Mid 473 Wert iUdhoa-rt- CHICAGO, SUNDAY, MAY. 18, PAGES. SILVERWARE. Iran We have a very large stock of the celebrated “GORHAM” STER LING SILVERWARE, in Morocco Cases and Black Walnut Trunks, made' expressly' for , Wedding and Anniversary Presents. Eor origin ality of designs, purity oS metal, and perfect finish, these goods are: un equaled ; and we offer them at ex tremely low prices. N. MATH S CO., State and Monroe-sts. REMOVALS, ¥. ¥. KIMBALL Has removed to his NEW PIANO WAREROOMS, 105,107,109 State-st., CORNER ADAMS. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF PIANOS AND ORGANS CONSTANTLY ON HAND. KELLEY,MORLEY&CO. EOALDEALBRS, Haye Removed Their Main Office to • 130 LA SALLE-ST., Bet WasMngton anfl Mison-sls. Have telegraphic connection with yards, and can fill orders with promptness and dispatch. REMOVAL. E.LHEDSTROI&GO, COAL BEALEES, HAVE BEHOVED TffPJft MAIN OTFIOE TO 71 WASHINGTON-ST. Pocks at 13 Kingsbury-st,, cor. Rinsde, and foot of East Sizteentli-at. HORATIO .PRATT, Apt E/BMOVAL CHAS. SCHOBEE & CO., PROPRIETORS J Chicago Lithographing Co., LAKESIDE BUILDING, CORNER ADAMS AND CLARK-STB. BUSINESS CARDS. FRESCO FAINTING. SCHUBERT & KOENIG, ARTISTS IN FRESCO, 217 EAST WASHINGTON-ST. Orders for fine Fresco Painting solicited. As proofs of refer to the new Sberman and Pacific Hotels. MORSE, MANUFACTURER OF GOLD PENS, 97 Olark-st., cor. Washington. M. M. MILLER, Attorney and Connsellor-at-Law, Hu lomowd hh X»w OHoo to 81 mid 83 South CUrk-rt., Opposite the old Court House. GEO. 3B_ manufacturer and DEALER IN i B»me Olgars, IQ. rs EAST MADISON-ST.. Central Pnlon Block. WANTED. LIFE INSURANCE SOLICITORS. John 1. D. Bristol, General Agent of the Old United States Life Insurance Company, 166 Washington-st., de sires to contract with twenty experienced solid tea for Chicago. Best brokerage.. with an additional caah ad vance fdr'rtnewal* from' my own pocket. No ** guaran tee” or *’salary men” need apply. Will suspend soliciting and be at office all day Wednes day > • DIAMONDS ACT JEWELRY. mm, iEGTIER k CO. Will open, this week, special attractions In' the war of beautiful New Jewelry and ap propriate Wedding'and Birthday Presents. Our advantages in Europe and this country give ns unusual facilities, and. we have now reduced our prices to a point below competi tion. „ - ; Diamonds Jewelry! No old stock. New styles at old prices. Diamonds and Pearls of all sizes set and tin* set. Elegant Coral Sets, just received direct from Naples. New Amethyst, Topaz, and Cameo Bings and Lockets.- New Neck Laces, Opera, and Guard Chains. - AMERICAN and GENEVA Watches. The finest imported styles of Ladles’and Gents’ Watches, Jurgensen, Hardin, and Homan i Bepeaters and Sporting Watches; superb “United 'States’* Stem-Winders. Pull line of the noted home productions of Elgin, in oases of our own make. Howard and Waltham Watches at cost. - CHENEY BEOTHEES, Silk Manufacturers, Mills at Hartford and South Manchester, ; Connecticut, SALESEOOMB, . 477BR00ffiE-ST.,N.Y. Have now opened a store in Hew York, ex clusively far the sale of goods of their own manufacture, consisting at Dress Silks, Black, Colored, and Striped Gros Grains. Parasol Silks, in all shades, and widths. .Marcellines and Florentines. Foulards, all colors and grades, for Hat, Cap, and Fur Linings, and Millinery Purposes. ’ Black and Colored Grbs Grain '■ Ribbons, .. ." Sash Ribbons and Belts. Machine Twist and Sewing Silk. Trams,' Organzines, ; 'and c Fine Patent Spun - Sills, for -Silk ’ Mixture "Woolens, v; i " Particular attention will be paid to orders for any special kinds of Silk used by manu facturers, either in woven : fabrics or silk in the skein or on spools. . “MY BLOCK.” That moat elegant of all the Buildings in the Hew Chicago, is now completed* and for rent, AS A WHOLE, or subdivided to suit a number of tenants. Said Building has a basement 102 feet front by 138 in depth, with six fall stories; 82 by 120, situated on Wasbington-st., within three blocks of four teen of the largest "Banks in the city, and within four hundred .feet of the Wonder of the World, asßryGpods men (Field, Letter & Co.), and two hundred feet of the '‘largest and most elegant’* and successful Millinery Establishment in the country (D. B. Fisk A Co.), with two Elevators, and equipped up. to modem times. Inquire at the Building, or at 287 Michigan-av,, or address Box 103, Post Office; _ N.P. WILDER. FOR RENT. Store 89 Clark-rt., with very large room in rear suitable for wholesale or manufacturing businea*. HENEY P. GEOBGB, Booms 10 and 12,89 Clark-at. TO RENT. Anelegant, Urge etere, splendid light, avoir ctraveal ence, emtable for anj business; have noose for It: wm rest it cheap. Apply on promisee, 77 Dcarbom-st., eonta of Bandolpa. TO At 47 LaS&Ue-st., comer of Bandolph, S rooms 16 by 51 on first floor for S3O per month; 8 rooms in front on secona floor, same size, $80; rooms 18x16, $lO t0315 each; all well lighted And finished In good style. Apply to WM. H. CONDON AGO.. Boom 2. 48LaSalle-«t. _ LTBRAIT AED OFFICE INKSTANDS AT WHOLESALE AND BBT ATT. BY COLTER, PAGE, HOYlffi & GO.. 118 & 120 Monroe-st. Mathematical INSTRUMENTS AT J.O. LANGODTH’S, QpUclan. 82 State-st., between Washington and Randolph# “SPORT I” Fine Trout-Rods, Hies, etc., and fishing-tackle In every ■trie. Brecch-Loadoi and Sporting Equipments. - BIGGS, SPENCER* CO.. . BSS Wabash-a v. LIENARD ORNAMENTS Of the • Nineteenth Century. Ornaments for Fresco* Painters, Sculptors, Carvers, 40., at L. SCHICK * CO.’S, ' No. lnaE«stM»di*on-it.__ CHROMOS THE AET EMPOEIM, 167 S'oiiW claft-st., Chicago. X. GO WHY, Proprietor. SILKS. TO SENT. FOB SALE. CHROMOS BIXST AT LADIES’ SUITS. BIGKERTON & JEFFERY, 36 East WasMngton-st, Bet. Statorst- and Wabash-av. t TVfli offer, on MONDAY, Mar 17, one of the most complete assortments and elegant stocks of MB’ sum, POLONAISES, m CLOAKS, In Plain and Embroidered Linen, Satiate, Tosao, Cloth, and other new materials, for ; Spring and Summer Wear, Striped Silk Suits. Plain Silk Suits, in two shades. Black Silk Suits.

Colored Cashmere Suits. Black Cashmere Suits. Ohallie Col’d Alpacas & Bl’k Alpacas. Black Cashmere Talmas, Dolmans,, , Holms, and Tahh Mantles. . “PARASOLS,” in every variety. Ladies’ and Misses’ CORSETS. Ladies’ and Children’s Underwear. Our CLOAK and DHESSMAKIHG - DE PAETMENT Is in charge of the most com petent artists, and a perfect and sure fit, lat est style, and the best work is guaranteed. Our prices will always be found the lowest in every department. - ■ We make LADIES’ QAEMEHTS a Spe cialty, and invite special attention to our stock. It will be found the most complete in the city. FURNITURE. Furniture! The Largest Stock, The Finest (roods, AND The Lowest Prices AT SAMPSON, GILBERT & GO ’S, 267 AND 269 WABASM. BLANK BOOKS. THE OLD CUSTOMERS QF ; MTLLAEH&..DEGEIIE CAW HAVE THEIR Hlanls. Books DUPLICATED by sending ns the numbers inside the covers. We have pnrchared the BLANK BOOK MABUTAOTOEY Formerly owned by Messrs. M. A D. and are now making THE BEST BLANK BOOKS Brer offered to the business men of Chicago. : GET OUR FIGURES BEFORE ORDEEISG ELSEWHERE- HffW.lcDii&JDMsra, 11l MADISON-ST. OPENING. TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY. May 20 and 21, at J.H. HABVEY’S, 282 West Mad ia on-at. Pleaae examine our stylea, and com pare prices. 282 West Misi-st, 282 GENERALNOTICES. TOSEWIGffIACRIM DEALERS, Agents and Operators. Toor attention is called to the New Perkins Eureka Baffler, for Pleating, Gathering, and for making Flounces .and Puffs. It is the best Sewing Machine Attachment ever brought oat for Trimming Dresses and Underwear In the present fashion. All are invited to call and exam ine it m operation, at 150 State-st., second floor. Is adapted to all the leading machines, and is the only per fect Baffler over invented. Agent* wanted in every city and town in the United States. All orders most be addressed to _ „ r .. r . n „ O. C. CHASE, General Agent for the United States. 150 State-st., second floor. ITOTICB. The CHICAGO SPRING WORKS will occupy, brlst of Jane next, the now buildings now being erected lor moral will canoe but little delay In the delivery of orders on hand, for which we ask the indulgence of onr customers. Our office, until farther notice, win be at the old .land 235 Booth Cllntoa-st. p _ Jf Alfcltßorf> President and Superintendent. CABPET CLEANING. raws ram Thoroughly, without injury, by B. A. ED WABDS & CO., 353 & 255 South Canal-st. BOSTON CARPET CLEANING! 44 A TOD 46 W. ADAM3-ST., Branch 93J* Tweaty-secoud-sfc. Carpets taken up, clean* od, and reiald hotter than can be doim at anr other place la Chicago. • A* N. HANKINbOJ^^OU.— IRON FOUNDRY. SCHD.LO, COSSiffl & Sffl. IRON FOUNDRY, 87 TO 95 WEST POLK-ST,, IMrnlsh HEAVY and LIGHT BUILDINQ and MACHXNEBY CASTINGS on short no tice Call for estimates. Counter Brackets, Cool Hole Covers A Baker Furnaces for sale. FLOUR. FLOUR. -Goddard’s “Golden-Eule.” Solo Agent J. HICKSON, 1270 State-st. N. B.—The best FAMXLX ELOUB la the market. THE TURF AND FIELD. 1 The Dexter Park July Meeting an Assured Shccbss. ; ■ i Improvements MaHng---Soma of! the Stables that WiH ‘Be Eep- ! resented. : - The Most Desperately-Contested Base-Ball Match on Record.' THE TURF, THE DEXTER PARK JULY VEETZKG. The advent of bright, sunny weather has been hailed with peculiar satisfaction by the turfmen at Dexter Park, who have been seriously hindered by the backward spring in training and working their* horses, in preparation for the July meet ing. Now the business of getting ready will be gin in earnest, and tho ensuing month will 1 be a lively one.’ The same brightened condition of things enables the Dexter Park Association to proceed with many important improvement on the track and appurtenances. Tho running course is being straightened, widened, and graded, so that it may be drained’ as effectually as the trotting track, which is now in fine order, being considered much ‘*faster” and better than ever before. A new stand for the judges aud reporters ia to be constructed. It will be placed about 100 feet south of . the pres ent stand, thus giving a longer stretch for the send-off before the first turn ia,reached; This will be of great value in getting away after the word ia given; ,A considerable; portion of the southern end of tho grand stand, is to be set apart for the occupancy of ladies. It will be comfortably fitted , up, and, in connection. with the other stand 2and. the balconies', will afford most eligible and' attractive ac commodations for the fair, sex.. The pool : stands are. to. be. -wholly removed from the quarter stretch, and placed either at the north .end or in the rear of the grand stand—anywhere, so that the selling may be conducted privately, and not obtain the* of fensive prominence that it has hitherto enjoyed. All these improvements, and many others of minor importance, are moat excellent, and will tend greatly to enhance the comfort and 'enjoy ment of tfce patrons of the races. They should not stop here, however. Inasmuch as the com plete success of the July meeting ia assured be yond peradventure, the Club should see to it that extra accommodations are provided for spectators. Ten thousand people can be taken care of very well with the present facili ties, but in case • 20,000 should assemble on any one occasion, —and it is more than prob able that the attendance will reach that , figure during the races,— it is difficult to imagine what would be done with so vast a crowd. Some provision should be made for them, for they will surely be there on one or more days during the meeting. We have said that the success of the meeting is assured beyond peradventure. It ia already known that the attendance of horses from all parts of America will far exceed that of any other meeting ever given at Dexter Park. There will be one hundred race-horses alone, not to mention the which are to be here ,in great numbers. The judicious position taken by the Club with reference to the difficulty between the Trainers 1 and Drivers 1 and the National As sociation has secured the warmest-good .will of the former, many of whom have written to Mr. Simpson, the Secretary, assuring him that they would bring their horses to Ohicagcrif they had to trot them for nothing. Positively ail the great trotters of America will he here. The horses will.bring the spectators, and so the suc cess of themeetmg is a fixed faefc.- Mr. Simpson is daily in receipt of : letters from turfmen ail over the lend, notifying him of their intention to enter thelrhorses m the July races, and bespeaking stable accommodations. Among the well-known stables which are certain to come, the Southern States are represented by T. G. Moore, W- Jennings, Geo. C. CadwaUader, A. Bibrell, £!. HarrisonE. War wick, JLYan Liew/Fred. Lloyd, G. B. Warwick, T. Or. Bacon, and others, all of them containing the most noted of racers. Ohio will contribute the stables of Blandy Sc Son, of'Zanesville, and 0.-P. Chaney, of Canal Winchester; Wisconsin, those of * Mr. Barnes, of Beaver Bam, and Mr. Bbuglaa; and the Illinois stables include those of Gen. Bowett & Bro., Messrs. Powers, and Reynolds, Gray, Barron, Simpson,- and otners. John Bemas and the Chappels will represent Michigan. - • *. * THE KENTUCKY HACKS. Lexington, Ky., May 17.—The spring meeting of the Kentucky Association closed-to-day. The weather was fine and the attendance large. The result of the first race, mile dash, purse SIOO, free to all, was; Robinson's Florence 1 Thoinaa Trouble. 2 Stewart’s Hamming Bird 8 Time—l:47. Second Race—Consolation purse, $l5O, mile heats for beaten horses: Reynolds’ Elsie, by Bonnie 5c0t1and.......... 11 Thomas Trouble . 2 2 Time—l:49, 1:48 - Third Race—Sweepstakes, for all ages, three mile dash, SSOO. For this race, which was the event of the day, there were seven entries. live started: McGrath’s Susan Ann ............ 1 Harper’s Extract 2 McGrath’s Jury 8 Reynolds’ Clarina. Not placed. Buford’s Ma1ai0ff.,.......................N0t placed. Time—6:32. THE NASHVILLE PACES. Nashville, Term.. May 17.-— ln the last day of the Nash villa races, the first' race was a handi cap hurdle, mile and a half over six hurdles: Emma, firnnmin . 1 Glenrose 2 Hutchin50n....................... ................. 3 Time—3:lo, Second race, Maxwell House stake, two-mile heats. . Seven entries, two started: Joe Johnson 1 1 Jack Frost .2 2 Time — 3:16% ; 3:0%. Third race, tiro-mils heats: Euchre ...1 1 Carrington . 2 2 Time —fco4; 8:33*. Fourth race lor beaten horses: Flash . 1 1 80nnab10.,,,..,, 2 2 Qlenrose.....:. 3 3 Alice McFall ...4 4 Bed Fox. 0 Time—l:4B*; 1:47 - Bed Fox threw his rider at the quarter pole, and broke his arm. This is the most successful meeting at this conns lor more than twenty jean. • BASE BALL. THE WTTTT.mwT.PITTAB VS- ATHLETICS. Special Dioprtch to the Kew York World . Phtladelphia, May 14.—An enormous crowd witnessed the second game between the Phila delphia and Athletic Clubs to-day, folly 6,000 people being present. The weather was cloudy and threatening rain, which at one time fell for a few minutes during the game, but did not last. The Fhiladelphias were the favorites at 100 to 80. The Athletics scored one in the second inning by means of Clapp’s one-base hit and a three-baso hit by McMnilin. The Fhiladelphias scored one run in the third and two in the fifth inning through a couple of bad errors,by Fisher at right field, and base nits by Malone and Meyerla. In the sixth Inning Mcßride voluntarily, exchanged positions with Fisher, who pitched during the balance of . the game, three men having been given their bases on called balls, and six base hits—three of which by Cuthbert—were made off Mcßride’s pitching in the first five innings. The Athletics tied their opponents’ score, in the eighth inning by and Anson’s fine hits and an. excusable error of. Meyoilo’e. In, the T»,nfb inning, with two men on the bases and two out, Human made a most extraordinary 1 raining catch and blanked the Quakers, and the Athletics being also blanked, a tenth inning was begun, amid themostintenseexcitemenL Acouple of wild pitches gave Treacy arml after two hands' were out, Fisher’s errors thus giving the Quakers all the runs mads so far. In the same inning NUMBER 272. fine base hits' by MoMullinjMcßride,- and Anson earned a run for the Athletics, again tieing fh* scot©. • Both nines were blanked in the eleventh and twelfth innings, Mornon being the only one to reach first'base and being caught napping there. A close decision was against him. In the thirteenth inning Palmer reached first by Sutton’s muff, and was sent home after two men .were outby good base hits by Zettlein and Cuth bort, thus giving the Quakers the game, as Ahson.waa the only one ia mat© . a clear bit for the Athletics, although the score might have been again tied had not tho umpire decided as foul a seemingly fair ball-bit by Pisher. The game was one of the finest. ©Tor witnessed. The fine, bat ting of Cuthbert, Anson, and in fielding of Palmer. McGeary, Pialer, and Sutton, and the -out-fielding of Imirnan,-Cuthbert, Mc- Mullin, and Mcßride being the main features, umpiring throughont was very poor, and the Athletics decidedly suffered the most thereby, one of the men being put out on called strikes, and four bases given on called balls to the Quak ers. The following is a summary of the game • .Philadelphia, Pa. t May. 11.— Second game of the championship series between the athletics and Phila delpkias, both of Philadelphia, Philadelphia. -Ri B p\A\ Athletic. R B P\A Cuthbert, 1. f... 14 6 ol McGeary, a, m. . 1 0 0 0 Addy, 2o 10 3 1 Mcßride, p. ol 1 2 1 Malone, c...... 117 0 Anson, 1 b 0 421 0 M©yerle,3b.... 0 2 0| 0 Fislcr, 2 b 0 0 4 7 Bechtel, r. f.... 0 0 2 0 fisher, r.t.... 0 0 0 0 Fulmer, 5.5.... 1 0 3 8 Sutton,3b..... 0 0 2 7 Treacy, c,f..... 1110 Clapp, c........ ifl 5 0 Made, lb 0l 015 0 Murmur, c. f... 0* 0 3 O Zettlein,p. 0 2 2 3 McMuJUin,Lf.. 1,3 2 0 Totals 510 39 12 ' Totals 419 39 21 Innings — ■ 12345678 910U12 13 Philadelphia 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 I—s Athletic. 0 10000020100 o—4 Buna earned—Philadelphia, 0; Athletic, 1. , First base on errors—Philadelphia, 5; Athletic, 3. Bases on called balls—Philadelphia, 4; Athletic, 0. Umpire—Scott Hastings, Baltimore, Md, Time of game—Three hours and five minutes. ~ A LOCAL AFFAZXt. - . All members of the Amateur Baso Ball Club are requested to attend the annual meeting of .ibe Club, Tuesday, May 22, at 8 p. in., at No. 11l LaSalle street. AQUATIC. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, New Yoke, May 17.—Mr. W. B. Curtis, ol Chicago, holder of the challenge scullers 1 medal of the New York Athletic Club, is here uphold ing his claim to the medal against. several chal lengers. In tho race lost evening he easily de feated 'Six. Bathbone, and during the early part of next week he ia to pull against Mr. McCready. CHARLEY WILSON’S BENEFIT. On Thursday afternoon next Mr. Charles H. Wilson, one of the ; most deserving members of the dramatic profession in Chicago, will have a benefit at Hooley’a Theatre. Miss Laura Keene, Mr. Edwin Adams, and the prominent members of all the local companies have kindly consented to assist, and there should be a full house. The following programme will be given: ' THE BOUGH DIAMOND. Cousin Joe Margery Lady Plato Sir 'WilliamEvergreen Lord Plato Gapt. Blenheim John Thomas Bedtation by Miss Laura Keene. NATAL ENGAGEMENTS. • Mary Mortimer Octavia Allen Mrs. Pontifax : .. .Clara Stoncall Lieut. Kingston. Jamu O’Neill Admiral Kingston F. B* Pierce Dennis.... ...John Dillon Short..... H. A. Webber - Bedtation—* 4 Sheridan’s Bide,” by; Mr, Edwin TBS MAID or MUNBXZB, Kate O’Brien. Susan Sam Charles Paragon...... .81r Lawrence,....... ■ MR. LORING’S STATEMENT. - Mr. F. L. Loring, a boot and shoe dealer at No. 116 West Madison street, whose name was rather unpleasantly connected with ** an out rageous assault” upon the person of Mr. G. B. Kane, of the ink-making firm of Kane Sc Co., mentioned in The Tribune yesterday, claims to have been entirely misrepresented. He. states that in answer ic an advertisement he called on Kane, some time ago, for the purpose of ex changing a watch for a lot. Kane produced a map of the city, and pointed out the streets on which the real estate was situated. Lonng went with a friend to take a look at the property, and, being satisfied with it, returned and l com pleted the * exchange. receiving • from none a ' deed.- Supposing that the • latter was an honest man, he neglected to examine the paper until after he returned from an Eastern trip. Then he discovered that the deed was for a valueless lot in the swamps of Calumet. He immediately sought out Kane, and demanded aproper exchange, or the return of his watch. Kane said the exchange was cor rect, and in accordance with the advertisement. Loring denied this. Kane then called him a liar, and struck him in the face. For this affront Loring whipped him. Mr. Loiring says that this was all there was to the outrageous as sault ; that he can prove that his statements as to Kane's honesty are correct, and that he will bring suit to recover damages. PERSONAL. Norman Unite, of New York, is at the West Side Briggs. H. O. Colgate, the New York “Soap Man,” is at the West Side Briggs House. Gen. E. A. Paine, Monmouth, BL, left the West Side Briggs House last evening, for his home. William Herst, Manchester, England, left the West Side Briggs House yesterday, for San Francisco. ■ Prof. G. W. Bliah, the dialectic reader and de lineator of character, will give a select reading at the Union Park Congregational Church, on Tuesday evening. Mr. T. J. Kinsella, formerly Bepuiy Collector at this port, and now United States Special Treasury Agent at New Orleans, is sojourning in the city for a few days. ’ The silver wedding of Mr. and Mrs. William Meglade took place last evening at their resi dence, No. 127 West Jackson street. There was a large gathering of friends, and several valuable presents were made, Br. W. H. Woodyatt will deliver a lecture at the New Jerusalem Temple, comer of Washing ton street and Southwestern avenue, to-morrow evening on the subject of “Light.” It wlil be for the benefit of the organ fund. B. F. Underwood, the liberal lecturer, will speak upon “ Christianity and BatiOnalism Con trasted, at Bice <k Jackson’s Hail, corner of Randolph and Jefferson streets, at 3 o’clock this afternoon. The Bev. J. O. Feck, the recently appointed pastor of the Centenary Methodist Episcopal Church, will deliver his popular lecture, ” Pluck versus Good Buck,* 1 before the Library Associa of his church, on Tuesday evening. Prof. Mathews will give an organ rocitation- Yesterday morning Chapin A Gore, through their counsel Mr. W. L. Hirst, Jr., pleaded guilty, before Justice Banyon, to the charge of violating the 11 o’clock law. They were fined S2O, and costs, and, thereupon, gave notice of an appeal to the Criminal Court. - Gen. Stiles, Coroner Stevens, the City Attor ney, the Eeoorder, Commissioner Sheridan, Justice Banyon, and several other of his person al friends waited upon Ban O’Hara, yesterday, to see the last of his beaming, countenance be fore he transported it across the ocean to bast a refulgence over the Vienna Exposition., Ths main topics of conversation were Ban’s depart ure and Banyon’s chances for the Chief Justice ship. Only one sorry face was visible; that of a Times local, whose hints as to the propinquity of Foley’s, and the propriety, of a libation, at somebody else’s expense, was gen erally disregarded. On arriving at headquar ters, in response to his city editor’s inquiry as to his success, the reporter with the unsated .thirst said: ‘’Couldn’t do anything, sir; not even a drink, not a cigar, not so ranch as a German silver shirt-stud,” whereupon word was sent to the Briggs’ “that they hadn’t' anything to go into the safe Just now; thank you all ths same." John Dili cm Kate Meek .Alice Sherwood J. W. Norris , ..H. A. Webber ...,W. B." Arnold Q. H. Waite .. .Phillis Glover .Sydney Cowell .George Glddens W.H; Power ~J. B. Eyerham

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