Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 19, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 19, 1873 Page 7
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COMRHSSiON; (jen. Van Buren’s Defense. otters to President Grant and Secre •tary Fish. .. An Affidavit of Innocence. From the Sew Tort Times, May 16. The following letters from Gen. Van Buren tre now for the first time' made public. Tiro jUlics are his own - ‘ ■ TnarKi ; >pril2o,lß73. Prttidsnt U.S. Grant Hb. Pbesident; I can scarcely believe that it your hand that has stricken me down—that it Is bv your order I am degraded from the position confened upon me without solicitation on my pjrt, 'and the duties of which I so reluctantly g£cnmed—that you destroyed *my • character and Overwhelmed iny family with mortifica tion and shame. 4 -Through two political cam piigM I have, afrmy own expense, and without {eeorfeward of any Irind/given my best efforts to your success, and ‘entertained for yon the idgbest regard; and now, without explanation, fithout the least information as to what-Iram loascd-bf, or who are my accusers, I am by your older made a by-word and scorn, arid the ftainless reputation of a life is scattered to the nods; What have I done? : I pray yourgive. Os the poor privilege of knowing. - For ten Booths I have- devoted myself and • all that X bad tQ. the best interests of American exhibit ors and the credit and honor of., our country , Jhiringihat time I have spared no exertion or expense to make our exhibition a success, and I an utterly unconscious of doing or authorizing to be done a single wrong •or unworthy thing. And I wish here to say in the most emphatic language. Taut with the i greatest respect, &at ihepesson who asserts or intimates that Thave ner received , asked, been promised, or expect , .a tingle cent, or' any consideration or advantage whatever, pither directly or indirectly 3 from quy appointment or concession, or by reason of rixy position , or in any tray in connection with this f zhibiiiohf is a cowardly knave and liar. The accursed malignity and unhallowed ambi tion and vanity of John Jay have for months been employed to destroy me and the Commis bod, that he-might obtain some notoriety him eelf. A year before Congress took action upon the proposition to have our country represented •tthia exhibition; the subject had been present ed to our Governments During that time John hy took no steps to put our Government or people in possession of information as to tho in tentions of the Austrian Government, or tho im portance and value of the . exhibition to our people; but when my appointment was made, I untold he remarked that 1 41 was not the proper' person,” and, although by every subsequent mail be overwhelmed me with voluminous personal letters, many.of them crowded with fulsome praises, he began at the same time,'and con tinues - until now to send official dispatches to the Stato Department, the object of which na to. undermine. my position, and finally to destroy me. I denounced, these attempts to Hr. Fish,' and'such was my confidence in your sense of justice/ and your firmness mdlove of fair-dealing, that I entertained no Kjprehensiona as. to. the result.devoted my fdf solely and continuously to my- duties. 1 determined on success, believing that .success tould put to shame fault-finding- snd : abuse. ■ Wsa ever success more ’ certainly achieved ? Without assistance, without funds, I have gath ered from all sections of pur country a vast mount of rich material to represent bur indus tries in a foreign land. Exhibitors, about 800 in amber,-have again and again testified, to my diTotion and energy, and I have looked forward to receive at last the warm approval of our Gov ernment and people. For months John Jay car-’ ced on his infamous designs to counteract my efforts, and get whatever honors might attach to the exposition himself. I was permitted to hbor dike a slave. I was encouraged to ship, goods from our shores. I. was allowed to sail for Europe with my family, and to reach the Austrian capital. 1 was even received with open ems by Mr, Jay, and my wife and myself en iertainedjWith others , at his table; but just as tho grand opening of the exhibition is to take place, and the Emperor of Austria. is ' to receive the representatives of the different nations, the mine is sprung, and the honored .name of tho President of the United States is used- to strike me to the dost —to rob me of my hard-earned laurels, to seizo the accumulations ol all my labors and put them in the.hands of strangers, tnd even to destroy my character and standing. And this chief 'conspirator, who'represents our Government in Austria,'is able to persuade the' Secretary of State, and through him the Execu te of tlie nation, that this monstrous wrong • ad outrage IB necessary for the credit and good tame,of me United Stales , and that the wonder ful discovery he has made entitles him to the ttunbw of the Government. Why, sir, I can prove that this man, long ago, had his plot marked out, and the very means agreed upon to make it i success. Aye, the very names ,of the parties just made temporary Commissioners, to reap the tumor of my toil and that *of my /associates,: were mentioned, or written do wn, as tho instru ments to be used at.the proper. time. /Was' -evpr anything more base, unmanly and unpatriotic conceived or,executed ? Had,!. failed in every-. thing,' or acted unwisely, or even been guilty of vrong, tho reputation of our country demanded, th&tno scandal should be made here ; that-the’ exhibition should not be interfered with ; that secret insinuations, should mbit .be made open, charges; but that afterward, if accusations were ride, they should be Investigated at home,: and cot before the eyes of . Europe.- Wore I & thief, a burglar, or a murderer, I ihonld have .some ..hut mow. I iq condemned- and punished in tho most public" manner, without accusation,-evidence,- trial, or defense. I pray you/llr. President, ro tters me to my position. Of- course ! shall righted in time, for such. fearful injustice wflll Dot be' tolerated by our people, vrong has been dona a citizen cannot always he left m ' disgrace, even. by the fiat of the Presi deai;-but I earnestly request that you will not pennit this state of things to exist a moment knger.. J cannot bear to seo-thp.frult of.gU , uy bird toil handed, over to those who ,hafb r . contributed nothing to their production. Bestow memy character; The position of Com ; Djaoner has become hateful to me, but the xep : tiarion of ah honest and true man is my birth and has become mine, to bequeath by |ti parity' and honor. Perhaps I should stop Dae, but I am exercised not only for myself, but for those gentlemen who received, their tens'through my recommendations, 1 acting gder your authority. 1 I am told that the fas tjD°ns'and aristocratic taste of Hr. John Jay Ju offended by the character ofh my; seleo- J®a. Mr.President, I shall.leave all cbntrp on that subject to Mr. Jay and the parties "Deemed, saying only that my appointments, vere made upon the recommendation of excel sDi citizens, and my principal desiro was to so fp® assistants who could 'and would labor for success at which I was aiming, and not to the companionship of the particular friends. •Dsociatea of John Jay. These gentlemen “rfnßy capable or defending themselves, and, oeneve, will do so so completely as to cori ff* you that you have been induced .to & number of the best citizens of the United S**J*upon statements utterly without truth, to the transactions of Gen. Slayer,, oca are subjects of accusation, I beg to say n °Dhing, except as stated by him- SSS?-® 'Other parties concerned.- My con ■with them. was as innocent, pure, and - i«gtitaa“Bct as ever was performed by mortal lam told that among other offenses of iS. ; Aam guilty, is that of appointing assistants some citizens who were jDorai upon our soil, and ‘ that. Mr.' Jay ex-. his' detsrmination that “No Dutch-* SrJ? • . ex P r, should remain upon It is said, also, that I do not i^r^ e “ ecoa gh to suit Mr. Jay, do not-wear tei>2?*t? e f? oa^“*lor th® regulation hat- pre by the embassy. To-day (Sunday) all Jannging with the news of my disgrace,- paper of Austria has an article •bln T5 rsion j evidently obtained from Mr. charges are set forth in strong- I and it is said they are all proved. W that a single individual d 3 a , against me. I caii am calumniated, nor why WvtSwS 0 ? suspended. Before leaving c JF tai ? aUegatioos were made to me, jjggwg the character and practice of Thomas , now lords it over the Commis- who asserts that the “whole Com disgraced” in order to make the fall tW.nCommissioners the easier. referred to the conduct of Mr. -in' States Appraiser at New h*.to 'tF® 1 hearing them, and without mean leeaM resa opimon about them, it that the honor and dig- States required me not to or any action upon them ftidi -p 16 dissolution of the Commission. ™ the wisest, mine or that of iwAl e *FL D 0 writhing under, the. m 7 disgrace, lam using all iitQjgthe benefit of American ex ■“U the American department, and am appointeea, knowing that my justification, how ever long delayed, will be most complete at last. 1 have the honor to bo, sir, with the greatest ie spect, your obedient servant; . . Thomas B..Vasßobejt. Bon jflamfiton Fi,h. SKrcia^f^i^ , M ’ 1873 ‘: - : A 8 J have been, degraded, condemned, and punished without charge, trial, or proof, I do not know that anything I can eay will avail in my behalf, but X wish to put upon record my remon strance such monstrous injustice. • I shall submit m duo time the estimates put upon my work in New York by aU our exhibitors, and those who had dealings with my office. I shall show that in the public service I, time, moons, and health, and that up to the very moment of .sailing from New. York my official duties prevented attention to any of my personal affairs. ....... My appointees as assistants, Instead of being pohticiaue who might have boon of personal ad vantage to me, instead of being relatives or par ties in whom S had any special interest, were, with, one exception, entire strangers to. me, and .woro selected from written recommendations, with a view of securing gentlemen capable and willing to labor with me for the success of my undertaking. Among these I was glad to have a few who spoke and wrote several languages.. .They wore worthy .American citizens, and 1 did .not inquire os to the places of their birth, as John. Jay.had not at; that time made known his hostility-to * adopted citizens. If either one of these assist ants will state that ho has over been .requested by' pay, or has over.paid to me, or at my | request, a single dollar, or any consideration j whatever, for his appointment, or by reason of I it, I will resign my position and proclaim the fact I to the world. Tho. only one of these assistants 1 with, whom I had any acquaintance previous -to his. appointment, sailed for Europe,, and, up to thb time I requested him, by letter, to proceed to Vienna and attend to his duties, he was eu jojing his leisure and his dignity in the south of Europe. . Mr. James, an. Assistant. Commissioner, was appointed Jjy me upon the recommendation of- John Jay, who considered the only objection to •his appointment might be his youth. ■ I am now told that while an American by birth, he has parsed but a few years of his life in tho Unitod States, that he went there from Europe to part in the, rebellion upon the side of the Con-, federates, and left after the war without taking the oath of allegiance.' Since being hero, and known as the especial pot of-John Jay, he arranged a contract for the covering and Hooting of a portion of our space at,the Industrial Palace, which is denounced by many as a fraud and a wrong. Andupon which rumor says (about the truth of, which I know nothing whatever) ho received a commission. .1 sincerely trust it is not true. This contract was signed by Thomas McElrath aa-sood as ho reached Vienna, for the reason, as he s&ys,' that it was for tho, amount contracted to be paid for the French department. Messrs. John Jay and McElrath are pleased, I am told, UTcondemn the maimer in which work was done in my office at New York. Neither of them have tho remotest;conception of the amount or char acter of that work, aud if they and Mr. James bad as earnestly engaged themselves, in the -legitimate business as they did in plotting ,to destroy the commission and disgrace the Gov ernment, the condition of affairs here would -have been much improved. . JThen I took charge of the office of the Com mission in this city, not a paper was filed or in its place, no one had the least knowledge of ihe whereabouts of anything, no record was kept, no letter-book, no account of expenses. i "And yet it is those men who are now my judges j and [executioners, and I am informed by your i telegram that if I am reinstated at all it must bo | file gracious permission of those whom. I Messrs. Jay and McElrath have placed in charge I of the Commission. . I --1 positively decline to accept grace from any such source ; but 1 claim the rights of a citizen, and an officer who has received his authority from tlie President and Senate of the United States, and who', without conviction of any of fense,-, is, by telegram, disgraced before the •world, to be restored to my legitimate position, and to have my character vindicated as openly as it has been assailed, and by the eame high au thority. • ' •* • Tho Clerk, or Secretary, of the august "spe cial” tribunal, that is to-day the wonder of Vien na, and will be,-ere long, the scorn of the world, is the renowned Prof. Blake, who edited tho re ports of the French-Exhibition in his office at the state Department, at tho public expense, and who doubtless has the vision of another profita ble job in publishing for the honor and reputa tion of ihe conntrytbe reports of tho inquisition.* ■ Bat not content with being Clerk, this eminent Professor, I am informed, is also the jackal and informer-general of this most worthy conrt. • He has taken witnesses aside, and into private rooms, it is said, and intimated advantages-if they would only allege something against mo, hut neither his persuasive powers, nor the weak ness of human nature, were sufficient to produce anything to justify the proceedings of his mas ters. 1 . I am tired of soft phrases, and do not intend to* deal tenderly with these men. If my life is spared, and there is any virtue in the laws of *our country, I shall hereafter compel them to abide the consequences of. their lactsi; but now I respectfully aek that - I may bo’ righted . where and as .publicly as I have been wronged, which I believe yon will not hesitate to do when you know the truth. .' These men use the cable at the public ex pense, but I am driven to the alow process of the, mail. 'They revel-in their ill-gotten, power now. but I,look, forward, to the time when I shall again the position which is mine by the laws of our country. I have the honor to be,. sir, your obedient servant, Thomas B. Van Boren. I ; r- GaiXD Hotel. April 29, 1873.' \ .Son, John Jay and Thomas McElrath : I have learned-that Mr. Kltzel has sworn be fore our Commission that he had paid-mo 8500. for his concern, r. If he has so sworn, he is an infamous liar and scoundrel, and 1 demand to 'meet him in your presence. Your obedient ser want, - Thos. P. Van Buben. : ; ♦ . No. 6 Kolowbat Erso, Aprll 29 l 1873. -GtiuT.B, Vanlittren, ,Grand Hotel: - . Seb: lam instructed by the Special Commis rßign to inform yon, in reply to your note of this date, that. Mr. Hitzel has not mode the stater inent therein imputed to him. > Respectfully yours, . . - W. P. Bluee, , .-j Ymrei, Apri128,1873. ; Horn Hamilton Fish, Secretary of State : Sm.: As lam permitted to know nothing of 'the proceedings of the conspirators, sitting as a special commission, under the authority of the President,to , condemn tho Commission,* by whose labor .the American department of tho ex hibition has been created, I can only act in iny -defense upon riuhors that reach me of-their doings. - / lam told that they are preparing a lengthy re port, wherein, abandoning their gross libels, heretofore telegraphed to the Department of State, they now endeavor to convict me of “ mis management,” in that X had the space assigned to exhibitors in ,my office, Instead of referring soph assignment to the Advisory Committees, and that I did not forward to Vienna, after re-' peatod demands, a record of such assignment.. .and a catalogue of exhibitors under the different * groupings. • * If; such a report can find consideration in your department X despair of justice from the Gov ernment. ' 1 appeal from the decision of this tri bunal, founded upon no evidence whatever, and bom only of the prejudice, hatred/and ambition of John Jay. to the results of my labors and the testimony of exhibitors. - The 1 Advisory Committees were voluntary bodies, created by myself, having no official rec ognition, and, in so far as it was practicable, their assistance and advice was asked and re ceived. -But to have left the necessary action to them was impossible, in. the short tune at our com mand.. . For a while tbia was attempted, but it was found impracticable, and these gentlemen, will testify. Afl to sending to*Yienna tho list of exhibitors and the record, of groupings and assignments, It Was simply impossible. The rush of applica tions up to the last moment, tho withdrawal of many, and acceptance of others, made it neces sary for the engineer to sail from Now York on the same vessel with the Assistant Commission ers, in order to work out the plans of space while crossing tho ocean. The delays in making an appropriation by Con gress kept back applications. Until that appropriation all was uncertainty, and : oven now applications are being received here. . ... , A*j to the backwardness of the Ampncan de partment, permit me to say is no de- Sartment of the exhibition which will ho in or er on the Ist of May. And that neither the court-yard, or annex—and, indeed, hut a small Eortion of the space assigned for our! country— as been, nntO. to-day, in condition to.receive ourgooda. All the work'done in Vienna since my iamval Lah been done by myself and my as sociates.; but Leg. B. Cannon, Theodore Boose-' velt, andothors, are to .reap all the honors, while I am held up to the scorn of the, world. These temporary .Commissioners are this even ing entertained at a public dinner upon invita- THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE; MONDAY, MAY 19, 1873. Liionsfissued-tome, and,-on -ihoJst_of- May_ara- I to be presented to the Austrian authorities to re ceive their . Mnjgralu&tiona. ’ for 'the wo£k; iny I and my means have ' performed. In all I history I ilndjio parallel to. this. outrage, which. I the balance - oTrny life shall be devoted to expose I and denounce. By a mere letterfrom John Jay, without even a copy of your order, my rights are confiscated, and my character V libeled and de stroyed. , • * .' Upon this whole matter I shall hope to obtain the unbiased verdict of .the groat American peo ple. ; I have the honor to be, sir, your obedient servant, Thos, B..Van Busen. , Vienna, Austria, April 28,1873, . 1 hereby solemnly swear that I have never asked, been promised, received, or expect tojre coive a single, cent, or any consideration or ad vantage to myself, of anymmo of naturej either directly or indirectly, for any. commission or other appointment made or. promised by me, as Chief Commissioner of the United States to .the exhibition at Vienna, nor for any concession, or grant, or promise, or act,.or authority, in con nection with the exhibition, or from any exhib itor or other person,,or from any . source hy vir tue of, my official position, except the sum of -SI,OOO received from the United States on ac-‘ count of salary, on the 15th of March, the day I . left the city of New York for Europe. Sworn and subscribed before me, this 25th of April, 1873. [seal] Philip Sidnei Post. r Consul General,! Ac'., A HUGE FRAUD. A Boston Broker Raises money Rap* | idly by Raising CertiJlcale*—S232,- 000 Swindled* % Boston {May 14) Correspondence of the Kew 'York Herald. ' ‘ Another irregularity occurred on State street to-day, of such a nature, too,' that the author the amonnt-of bail at SIOO,OOO. The culprit in the case is James A. Coe, a stock brok er doing business at No. 76, and a high liver gen erally. On Monday last, a merchant desiring a loan from a Boston bank, deposited ■mth 'tho .cashier, as collateral, a paper wUich'pmnofted to be a certificate for 100 shares of the Ola Colony Railroad, drawn in'tbo name of a leading fiiya/ and indorsed by the same firm. ,• The cashier did not like the appearance of the paper, and on examining it made the' discovery that the document had been altered from a “oho” to one hundred,” and that the •which it hod been issued had neon erased, and that of the firm in question substituted. The endorsement of the firm on the hack was genuine/ evidently placed there by them.under the .impression that; the paper had really been issued in their name. On inquiry at the Old Colony office it was ascor T talned that ihe certificate in question had bfebn issued to J. A. Coe as a certificate for one share. Thb gentleman who brought the certificate to tho bank was advised to go to work quietly and got bock the money ho hod loaned on the paper, which ho did. Subsequently it transpired that a certificato*'for 100 abates of Eastern Railroad stock -had been deposited in the Massachusetts Bank, on . which a large sum of money was loaned. Tho, certifi cate : was made out in the name.of the bank.' On inquiry at the Eastern office it was found that this also bad been originally a one-share certificate, issued to Mr. Coe,' and that it had been altered to 41 one hundred” shares. Tho heaviest draft of funds that has been developed was that made on Mr. Nathan Matthews, on a certificate of 200 shares of Al bany Railroad stdfck and other collaterals. Mr. Matthews had recently loaned to Coe a large sum of money—Blo,ooo, it is said. Had the certificate been correct it would have represented a value of $25,000.-An examin ation -by ■ several bank officers thfo morn ing revealed the fact that this also was on altered certificate, having been issued as “ two shares,” and altered to ir two hundred.” Tho Cashier found that the certificates in ques tion had been originally Issued in the name of “ H. E. Coe,” and receipted for at the bottom by J. A. Coe. - - - Subsequent investigation showed that Ode had made the following changes in share certificates: Old ’Colony Railroad -Company,- one certificate from two shares to 250.shares; one certificate from two shares to thirty-two shares; one cer tificate from two shares’ to2oo shares; ; one'oer-' tificate from- ono share to 100 shares; one cer tificate from two shares to 200 shares; one cer tificate from ono share to fifty shares. There oro other certificates in existence. Among them are certificates of shares-of the Boston Water Power, denomination not known ; one certificate of the Eastern Eailroad Company altered from one share to one hundred shares ; certificates of shares of the Fitchburg Railroad, denomination not known; one certificate of the Boston . & Albany. Railroad Company, altered from a value of $25,000 to SIO,OOO, or'from two to. 200 shares. The losses may be tabulated thus : Warren A C 0.... Eami>ton National Bank. Third National Bank. John I'orris. AUoacz Copper Company. Hr. Liccls Daubar k Co, Nation Matthews. Eiliot National Bank. Total Such is the amount of the “ irregularity” so fa? as ascertained.Coo has been extravagant in his jtaaies, his wife wearing diamonds to the value .of $5,000. Both his* wife and child have just returned, from a continental tour. .Ho was. arrested this afternoon* by Detectives Skelton/ Ham, and Dearborn, who-successfully “ worked up ” the case, : and will appear in court to-mor row. ... C6e, who was formerly? connected* with tho house of J. N. Bisk, is about 35 years of age, and; in the course of quite a large' business: ex perience for a man of his years, has heretofore* sustained an* enviable reputation.' Ho is oho of the best known men on the street, and is a mem ber of the Brokers* Board. • -—Both tho traveling pnblic and the public that loafs and invites its soul around railroad depots will be anxious to learn how far the practice of putting C-year-old lions ! into wooden cages pre vails among our itinerant 'showmen.* The - Now' York Times reports a recent instance of it, in ' which the animal was shipped from Towfmda, . Pa., to Trenton,' N. J. En route, he gnawed hia -way opt of his cage, and went to work on thosido of the freight car; with two hours more time, the Times says, ho would have be "h in a position to'step off tho train at the' first' a 3ppiug-plac© without assistance. 11 Luckily, his keeper was in the next car, beard his chaise moving about, and warned the railroad employes not' to be in a* hurry about opening the doors upon the arrival of the train at Trenton, so that there were no lives lost. But it was' more good luck than good management.' Suppose the journey bad been r afew,hours longer, or tho keeper had been asleep. V. : MISCELLANEOUS. COLONY-ALL WISHING TO GO WEST, - COME and seotis. More member* leave Monday night. H. B. STEVENS. Secretary, 169 Madlsoa-st., Robm3. • CASH PAID FOR CAST-OFF CLOTHING AND miscellaneous goods of any kind, by sending • letter to L GELD ER, Loan Office, 861 Stata-at. . ... I WILL SHOW ANY HONEST, INTELLGENT man how 10 make a fortune as an artist, without capi tal, for sl, st 129 West Madlsoa-st., np stairs. TO TEAVELERS-A YOUNG GENTLEMAN OF scientific education, speaking tho English, French, German, Italian, Polish. Russian, Turkish, and Arabian languages, having traveled already through the Conti nent oLEurope, Greece, Turkey, Palestine, and Egypt, wishes to accompany, as guide, a family intending to travel/ References of the highest order. Address O 77, Tribune office. . . / . Troy laundry, ts south lincoln-st., near . Madison. Family washing made a specialty. Work called for and delivered free of charge. G. WILLSEY, Proprietor. ' • • ' TTTANTED-EVENING EMPLOYMENT FROM 6:30 TT ; until 10 orll o’clock in tho evening, by a gentleman who understands business matters fully. Very best of references given if- required. Address L 81, Tribune office. ‘ ' ' Ter ANTED—MEN WITH SOME CAPITAL TO COR 1V respond, with a view to manufacturing agricultural implements, or to starting any legitimate xnanafaotnrihg business in this place; native Inmbor plenty and cheap; railroad communication in all directions, and a first-class market at ourdoors: a No/1 point for a starch" factory. Address GEORGE A. BAILEY, Corresponding Secret*- ryGlcnwood Manufacturers’ Association, Glenwood,lowa?• W ANTED—EVERYBODY TO KNOW THE BEST place to got first-das* painting and c also mining done cheap is at D. NORTON’S, 630Stato-«t. *I\rANTED—NOTICE TO DEALERS IN COOPER ■VV age stock—dry Uerco staves and heading. Apply to T.'M. SINCLAIR A CO., Cedar Rapids, lowa. WANTED— A SAYINGS OR COMMERCIAL BANK charter, or both, with legal status. A fair price paid in cash or stock. WM. F. BREWSTER, 164 La- Salle-st., basement. TO ANTED-A TICKET TO ST LOUIS, LESS THAN VV the office price. For purchaser, address G. R. BILLS, 499 Barnsfdo-st., Chicago. • - WANTED-AN ACTIVE GENTLEMANLY YOUNG man, with S2OO cosh, to join the advertiser in gener al merchandise brokerage, with Now York and foreign connections. Address NEW YORK. Tribune office. INSTRUCTION. SITUATION WANTED—A YOUNG WIDOW .DK : 6 Iros a position as governess, to teach the English branches, French, and music; or would take ft situation a s governoss or companion. Address SAN FRANCISCO, - this office. ’ CLAIRVOYANTS. DR. MATHEW AND MADAM MAYNARD, Busi ness and modic&l mediums, 106 West Msdlsoa-at.. . CIXYn.EAX.-ESTATE. For sale-good, lots on the following street*: Statey Burnside; Butterfield, Arnold Gari baldi, Hanover, Butler,-Wallace, Summer, .Winter. Mar. ray. and Ha Is ted; also on Wentworth. Sburtlcff, Portland and Stewart-avs; also ’on Alexander, Twenty-fourth Twenty-sixth, Twenty-eighth, Napoleon* IVeaty-nlnth. Earl, Thirtieth, Haven. Tfaiity-firsu ThirV ty.second. Tnlrty.ihiiti, Thirty-fifth, Thirty.#ixth. Thirtv ■eveath, Fontaine, and Thlrty-elghih-sts. Title perfect Warranty deodar A very small payment down, five year’s time, 6 per cent interest. No agency business. -Annlvto owner, ALBERTCRANE. £72 Wabash-av. ipOR SALE-ONS AND A HALF STORY FRAME •X' i cottage,'lncluding lot on Thirty-second-st.,'just east oi Wallace.--Small payment- down; balance la monthly payments; 6 time. Water on premise* and con venient to cars, Applyto FRED. P. FIS£EB t 148 La •Salle-st., basement. y ' • -.* ■ * TTIOR SALE—MY LATE RESIDENCE, 'NO. 260 X' 1 Warren-av., brick, 14 rooms, all modem improve : niests; warmed by steam; brick barn. This is 1 a very de sirable place, pod will be sold on favorable terms. Imme diate possession. Carpets fitted to rooms . sold with the house.'Apply at-my office. No. 156 Washlngton-st or present 2|B- Warren-av., comar Robey-st. ■pOR SALE-50 OR 100 FEET ON MICHIGAN-AV,, X 1 between and Fltty-eevoath-sta.. cheap. F. A. BRAGG A GO., 146 Pearboro-st. * v TpOR SALE-OR LEASE-AT A BARGAIN, 100 XV; feot comer of Van Burea and ShCrmaa-als.: aouth front. • Inquire 135 South Clark-st. in bank. - -■ •• EOR BEST AND CHEAPESTLOTS ON . West Side, .’fronting on Division, Leavitt, and Shober it*;, near Wicker Park*. -Good neighborhood; 1 lots 124 feet deep, with Sidewalks and city jyater. Price. &600, S7OO. ana ftl,ooo. * Terms, ouo-third cash. Warrantee oeds nil abstracts of title. A reduction on first cash payment: if required, to those who build this spring. •in • gmro of F. ARNOLD'A CO., Greenebaum’a Bank, No. 75 . ]CTOR SALE-LOTS, S4OO AND SSOO, EASY TERMS; X l , Lots inside of the old city limits, near street cars and omnibus line; high ground: title perfect. Call and let us take you to see them. A. G. STOREY A SON, 115 South Clark-st., Room 8, and SB7 Milwaukee-av. TTtOR' SALE—INDIANA-AV.-3 OCTAGON BTONE- J} front -bouses on* Indiana-av., between Twenty-ninth and Tlurtioth-sts., 2-story and basement, 10 rooms, mod em improvements. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Build ing, northeaflt comer Monroe and LaSallo-sts. , : 1?OR SALE-LOT 71x75 FEET ON TUIRTY-FO URTH- X' ‘ st., east of alley, sonth front, very cheap. - • CURTIS A KELLOGG, Rooms 4 and .ft. Central Union Block. For sale-cottage with finished base ment, 3WsThirty-thlrd-st,, 7 good rooms. This is a bargain. Inquire on promises. . ' . For sale-cheap lots-by Jacob o. magxll, 81 and 83 South Clark-st.: , Harmon-it., 8600, easy terms. Congroas-st., SSOO, easy terms* > . Fonrch-et., SI,OOO, monthly payments. DlUer-st., S9OO, monthly payments.. „ . . . T7OH SALE-W ACRES, CORNER,-PORTV-SEV- X 1 and Cott&ffo Grove-ay.,,at a bargain. Vfu have a fine list of aero property in all sections, which WQnfferonVeiT'favurablattrms;■ r: ; - . KEELER, PLATT A CO., - . * * ‘ 147 Randolph-et.,' over Fldell ty BanV, T?OR BALE-AT A BARGAIN", LOTS ON" WESTERN". I' - nr., Polk and Taylor-sta.', and Oampbell-av.; panic* wishing to boild, no money required down. - Inquire of GEORGE GAB WELL, on premises, or 135 South Clark* st., 1 in bonk.~> ' . . T?OR SALK —30x125, WEST WASHINGTON-ST., J? : near Leavitt. # ■ , £1x125, Wamnr-av., near Lincoln* ■ • * 290x125 (or loss), West Adams, near Lincoln.. £1x125, Parkav., near Union Park. 75x1101 comer State and Thirty-fourth-sts. The above will be sold low to close out. KEELER, PLATT A CO., - } • • 147 Randolph*at.,~ over Fidelity Bank. THOR SALS—SIX ELEGANT "2-STORY AND BASE- X • ■ meat octagon front brick bonses on West Adams-st.. near Wood: lots 33x130 and 01x139. SNYDER A LEE, 14 -Nixon Bull din c,north exit corner Monroe and LaSalle-ste. . POE-SALEr-CHEAP LOTS OUTSIDE THE FIRE JU limits, on eaey.tcrms,.lot mechanics. . . Thirty-nrst-st., near Wallace, s7w. • . Thirty-*ccoad-«t., near Wallace, $550 and S6OO. - Twenty-eecoad-st, near Lincoln, $1,200. Twpntleih-st., near Wood. $&5 O. Twenty-first-st. near Lincoln, SBOO. Allporheh, near Twenty-second and Centre-ar., • Arnold-st;, SI,OOO. ’ Contro-cv., near Twonty-Mooad-at., $1,500. ' Egsn-av.; near Wallace, 8800. 1 Egsn-av.; near Wsatworth-av., SLOOO. Bflurtleff-av., near Egan, S7OO. - . V AYRES A EOFF, 74 Washlngton-et. “pOR .SALE-250 FEET OF RESIDENCE PROPERTY t l ~(fourcorners)near Lincoln Park, south front, shade trees. Ac., at SSO per-foot. MORTON CULVER, Room 4 Metropolitan Block.. TTOR BALE—A FEW LOTS LEFT* ON LINCOLN. -T av. at $26 per foot. MORTON CULVER, Room 4 Metropolitan Block. - TjIOR SALE—SEVERAL FINE BUILDING LOTS ON X l . Galaraot-av,, near'the entrance of South Park Boule vard, $125 per foot.- 187x106 feet, eaet front, on 'Shorman-at., SCO foot south, of Harrhon-at., near Michigan Southern depot, S3OO per foot.. .... ULRICH A BOND, P7 Dearborn-et. TpOR SALE-HOUSES AND LOTS. IN CITY ANIV X l , . suburbs: also choice boildinglote on small monthly payments, and aero property for subdivision near city on 0.. B. All. R. R., by LYMAN A DODGE, Real Estate and General Insurance Agents, 144 LaSalio-st. :TpOR SALE—TWO-STORY FRAME BUILDING. -X‘ with store front, 7 rooms, iot 22xfO, with bam. No. 593 West Tylomt. 'Apply to WM. H, SAMPSON. A CO.; 144 Lahallo-st., Otis Block. , F)R. SALE-NEW BASEMENT COTTAGE (OWN your own house and save rent), monthly payments, 6 pei cent. Call soon. GARLICK, &J East iladison-st. * T7U>R SALE—BY C. P.' McKAY, 173 EAST MON- X rooHit., 2Jirßt-cIASB dwellings, 2-story and basement with French roof near Slxteenth-st. on Wabssb-av.; 10 • genuine matblo front dwellings on -Van Buren-et., ono block west of Afhland-av.; 5 now dwellings on Part-av.; stonO fronts, S-story and basement, first-class; ono brick dwelling on Honore-st., near Madison, furnished; ono brick dwelling on tho aouthoast corner of Randolph and Sheldon-sts. . . FOR . SALE—AT A BARGAIN-FOUR .2 STORY frame buiUUsgi*, with brick basements, comer cf Hub . bard and Groon-fts; rents fair $2.7C0 per year; Also prop erty 80x105, with three good building*, corner of Hoisted and Hubhard-sts; Trill sell all or separately. Inquire of A.-B. JOHNSON, 93 Hobbard-st. - 50,000 . 20,000 ’ .. 20,000 7,000 . 15,000 . 20,000 .. 40,000 . 40,000- . 20,000 FOR SALE-VERY CHEAP-lI7FEET ON HURON st., west of Market; a rara bargain. 40 acres See. U, 33,13; easy terms. .. 40 acresKco.-24, 3S, 12; easy terms. 70 a eras Sec. sl, 57,14: easy terms. ■ i - E. N. BEMENT, 153 LaSalle-st. For sale-by o. p. bay, eq north or.ark $3,000 House and lease, No. 1 Rucker and Kiuzio-st. SWo—Alois, 25x100 foot, Inllerfon-av., WestSi r le. 82,li00—Choice 60-acro farm, adjoining Cnetal Lake. : 8-I,4oo—House,- barm and S acres,' by Dolton Station. • $10,000—S8)tf acre*, OalumeC River and HaUteJ-st. ; .$232,009 T7IOR : SALE ss; ICO-MONTHLY- • PAYMENTS-^A I . now house, finely finished, with gas, clsturm and bam for throe horsoe, beautifully situated, on Forty-tirst-sL, west of Langloy. ' Seolho property, and fudge for 'r cur selvas. Call on ownor, J. L. MeKKBVEB, IS3 LaSalle »t.. Room 16, or any evening at 37 University-place. OCTAGON STOKE, front houses, 3-story and basement." on -Michlgan-av., between' Twenty-ninth' and Thirtlcth-sts., 14 rooms.' SNYDERALER. 11 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroo and LaSallo-ata. 1 : ; • < T?ORSALE-ELEGANT MARBLE HOUSES, - PRAI- X; rlo-av., SIB,OOO, long time, SSOO down. Michlgan-av., SIB,(XX), longtime. sl,ooodown. Indiann-av., $11,500, $2,600 down. West Van Buron-K.,'510,000, $2,500 down.'' "EllisPatk, $l2,£OU, down, long time. - : . , S.MEARS, 200 LaSaUe st. ■CIOR SALE-VERY -LOW FOB CASH, ADESIR- X able residence on Prilrio-av., large house, bam and lot; 50x170: price SOO, OOu. MRS. B. M. HANSFORD. IbTßast Madison-st. ;

TpOR SALE-CHEAP OCTAGON-FRONT BRICK X*. residence, S storios and basement, 10roomvlot29 feet front: excellent location; WcstSide:s9.soo. HENRY WALLER, JR., 83 East Weshington-st., Room 4. - •pOR COTTAGE, AND LOT, CON- X. vonlent to-Madlson-si. cars, $8,600; -cottage and lot, Battcrlleld-*t.vnearEgan-aT,, $2,000. HENRYrWAL-. LER, JR., WEastWashingtoc-st., Room 4. ,■ _•• F)R. BALE—50x125 FEKTJSASTFRONT, ON HURL bnt-st., noarSophia; also fiflil2sioet on Mohawk-st.; a pair of hones and carriage will bo taken In part pay. SNYDER A LEE. 14 Nixon Building, northeast comer Monroo and LaSalle-sts. - For sale -three-story and basement brick house,. ozr Warren-av., noar Uoyno-st., 14 rooms, modem improvement*. Also, lot with brick barn, for sale .at a bargain; possession at once i house is in porfoctorder; house is boated by steam; Apply to WM, tu SAMPSON A CO., 144 LaSMIe-at., Otis Block. . 'TPOR.SALE—ON ADAM6-ST., NEAR WOOD, SIX :A l > Pew brick houses, swell fronts,'B-story and basement; everything complete. $13,600 and $10,500 on- easy terms. Inquire there, orat2B North Jeffcrson-afc. . '' FOR BALB-OE TO RENT—A NEW TWO-STORY house and lot, oast front, desirably situated, on Bum sldo-st.. between Thirty-seventh; and Xhirty-olgbth. A small payment down, and the balance in - monthly pay ments. No. 910. ' FOR" B ALE-SI ANOPACTUKINO PROPERTY—I33I 265 teut on Twenty-eeconJ-it., northwest corner of A'lport-st. 'Also other plecee. HENRY WALLER, JR.. 86Esst Weshington-st., Room 4. . . - For sale—on easy monthly payments— . several fine cottages. ASA'W. CLARKE. 128 La balle-et., first floor. ; . • • : ' COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. For SALB-A LUXURIOUS COUNTRY SKAT IN Michigan, of 1,500 acres, with lake, residences, foun* , tains, mills, etc., fitted tip for a retired gentleman of for . tone and leisure. Value, gIfIO.OOO. A splendid first-oiaa* stock, dairy, and fruit farm of 1,100 acres, near the above: $66,000. . Now brick residence, is rooms, at mp-Mwnd Park. $14,000. • ’ . Marble*front residence, 15 rooms, on University place, (worth $15,000). 813,000. * Stock aad (k&rtenn of m mere. anr Erin, HI.. $ .0, 500. N eat dwelling at Highland Park, wery low, $4,000. Call from 3 to 4 v. mat Koom 29 Tribune Building. F ~ /Oil SALEWA : FARM OP 320 ACRES IN NR X break*, right on the Missouri River, and opposite Yankton, beautifully located;this pioparty can bo Bought °r exchanged, for city property. B. J. IiOOKIN, 76 South l>carbora-st« - r - For sale-one of/thk best houses and. late in Toulon at $4,000; and one of the beat houses in Wyoming for $1,500 ; or would areha.ngefof Chicago prop*' erty. AddrwVT. M. MINER. Wyoming, HI. •=. BEAL ESTATE WANTED. WANTED-ACRES I ACRES* ACRES!—WE HAVE . constant inquires for acre property ; can make quick sales at good prices. JACOB C. MAG ILL; 81 and £{ Booth Clark-st. T\7 ANTED—BUILDINO LOTS IN THE NORTH Dl l' » vision: also on South State-at. JACOB O, MAGILL. SI and £5 Clark-st. WANTED-FOB CUSTOMERS. LOTS ON WEST Side, between Taylor and Madlson-sts., west of Csntro-av. H. S, DIETRICH, Boom 2, first floor, 143 LaSalle-st., Major Block. T\T ANTED—WE HAVE CUSTOMERS FOR LOTS ' if south of Sixteenth, west of Hoisted, and; north of 7*idiaua-«t. JACOB C. MAGILL. £1 and S3 Sooth Clark. riNANCIAIi. \fONEY ADVANCED AT ' LASSEN’S LOAN ill office; Uto Jacobs A 00., os watches, and other valuables. 177 Ciark-st., comer'of Monroe, Room 6. • ’ ■ ' TO LOAN—MONEY IN SUMS. 81.000 OB MORE on city real estate or improved illinnu farms. B. L. PEASE,- 79 West Madison-st.' Toloan-ihave money to loan on real estate security in turns of not less than SIO.OOO. DA vn> PALES. 44 Portland Block. too nnn IN bank to loan on real es- JjO.UUU tote. Apply to B. W. BRIDGE, 441 abash-av. SUBURBAN-REAL ESTATE. TjTOR SALE-CHOICE SUBURBAN LOTS ON -THE ±. six mile* distant, and twentr minutes ride. In Clybourn’s Addition to luvenswood. "" • ■tpese lots are laid out £0x132 foot on 80 foet streets, and bo sold upon easy term*, at irom SSOO to S7CO por lot. ' f ° r access to and from the city-tbe detlr ability of the land—it being high and thoroughly drained —tho proilihuy-to firat-chua improvements, chiSrches, spools, -and. society, commend this properly as ths beat at the price now in the market. Comparison challenged! The attention of the indus trious—the thrifty—the cautious—is called to these lots as Sites for homesteads or investments. CaD, for a printed abstract and plot. upon. : ROBERT GREER, 84 LaSallo-st.. Room 2. For sale-t-dr. henshaix\s.charming res- IdeneeatOconomovoc, U Is., known asSnanybrook,. on Lake Fowler, Tudor, Gothic brick bouse, 43x40 ft,, 16 rooms; all modem improvements: briclr stable and car riage house; all necessary outbuildings;eight acres. Ap plyto Dr. J. A. HENSHALL, Ooosomnwoc, Wis, Refer to Gen. Anson Btagar, S. D. Kimbark. Esq., H. H. Shu feldt., Esq., Chicago. T?OR SALE-BOULEVARD PROPERTY—WE HAVE A choice lots on Grand and Drexel boulevards; also, in vicinity of the same. GHACE A ABELL, Dearborn. THOR SALE-HYDE PARK—FINE BUILDING LOTS X in this attractive suburb. CHACE A ABELL, 184 Dearborn-fit- - , ■p.OR BALE-5 ACRE LOTS-A SUBDIVISION OF X ', well improved. good dry prairie soil; adjoining Hobart, on Fort Wayne Railroad. S3 mites from Chicago; SBS per acre, fayable $lO monthly. J. EARLE, owner. Office days, Friday and Monday, Room 3, base menc 153 Monroe-at. TpOR SALE-SOUTH ENGLEWOOD LOTS, ON payments, S2OO, only two blocks from depot. JACOB C. MAOILL, £1 and 83 South Clark-st. ■EIOR SALK-SOME OF THE BEST GROUND IN J. Rogers’Park, near Lake shore, cheap; convenient to city, only 20 minutes’tide, and rislngrapidly. (.'HAH. E. GILL, with Lunt, Preston A Kean. rpOB SALE-40 ACRES ON STONY ISLAND-AV., J- nearSovqnty.first-st. . 10 acres on Stony Islnnd-nv., near Sevoutleth-st. £0 acres in Section 33, 37,-14. Other choice acre tracts, north, west, and south of the CHACE A ABELL, 184Dearbom-st. _ FOR SALE-I TOLL OFFER, AT A BARGAIN. 15 ,t aTO . # a J d cottages of from sto 10 rooms, in Evans toq, North Evanston, and Glcncoc, at lower figures than any party can sell (or who does not deal exclusively in his own property; you that want houses como direct to mo ana save tho commission; one-fifth down and balance in monthly or yearly payments will buy a home; lots in any ortho places named at wholesale prices; lomborjurulshed those who will build; none need apply who hare not a Ut tie-money. :0 : E. BROWNE, Grover’s Block, Evanston, or 1,t3 Monroc-sl., Room 2. FSR SALE-LOTS IN EVANSTON, ON GHANT-AV. andLaJce-st. at $9 per foot, including trees and sldo walks. I crms.JglO monthly payments or ono*founh caab, balance in one, two. and three years. Th'-sc lota ora wtlbin-dTeblocksof North. Eranston depot. Como at my expense, and sea - the improvement* and inducements that . I am offering. KOBEIiT COMMONS, 112 La- Sallo-st, F 0 , Rr A SALE-AT HALF PRICE. 150X173, BLOCK 8. -«.• Inrlag Park; has sidewalks, water, 4c.; price S3,CCO, » down, balance to suit, or $2,600 cash; a bargain; must be gold this week. JOHN LI3G, 75 South Canal st. TPOR 8 ALR-t DOUGLAS PARK—6 ACRES * NEAR X 1 Douglas Park Boulevard, subdivided into lota. SNY DER ALEE. KNlxon Building, northeast corner Mon* roo and LaSaile-st. >R SALE-AT A BARGAIN—BY GOLDEN A L 1 KRESHWATERS, 83.South Ciark-st., Room 16: ■4O acres in Sec, 11, S3, 13. 40 acres in Sec, 15, 39. 13. 10 acres in bee. 22, 30, 13. lu acre* iu See. 17, 38, 14. 6 acres In Sec. 15, 33. 13. 2 acres ia Sue. 1. 59.13. BOARDING AND .LODGING. West Side. ABERDEKN Sr.-MARBLK FRONT—A HOME <£U ; of comfort, elegance, and refinement; new, cioan, and every convenience: terms reasonable. Suites and sin* gle now ready. . 79 SOUTH MORGAN-ST,-NICELY FURNISHED" I Zu front rooms, with or- without board; day boarders accommodated. Q 7 WEST MADISONST ROOMS TO RENT, O I with board, $5 and $5.50 per week; also day board at $3.50 per week. Rooms all light. m SOUTH GREEN* ST,—A FEW BOARDERS wanted. A /root and back room, with good board, for $5.50 per week. - . . . . 900 madison-st.-a suite op rooms Zj\J If (front) tor three or four gentlemen,-or gentleman and wife, with.board. House has all mod am improve ments. Accommodations for day-boarders. Apply at Room 7. . 000 WEST WASIIINOTON-ST., CORNER OP tjZdO May. furnished rooms suitable tor gentleman and wife or single gents, with first-class board. QQO WEST WASHINGTON^ST.—ALCOVE SUITE OOw with board. . Qil‘4 SOUTH HALSTED-ST.—BOARDERS' WANT- OttrO od;board, $4.50 pcrwcekfordoublorooms;sin gle rooms, $5; ono front room, bedroom, and closet; fur nished,-suitable for lady and gentleman; other rooms, famished and unfurnished, to rent, with board, at reason able terms. JOHNSTONE HOUSE, 114 AND 116 WEST MAD- J ison-st.—Everything first-class; terms $3 por day; table board ssperwoek. - WANTED— IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A GKNTLE . man and wife, or two .single gentlemen, to board: can have the comforts of a home; also, washing done, lx preferred; no other boarders. Apply at 103 North' South Side- A O HUBBARD-COURT-NEWBOARDING-HOUSE; ttO first-class board, with rooms, $4 to $5.60 par week, with u*o of piano; day-board, $4. lift THIRD-AV.—TO RENT. .WQ‘H XXCP board, several nice rooms,: suitable for man and wile,, or single gentlemen; also first-class day-board- *1 7Q TWENTY-THIRD-ST.. NEAR WABASH-AV. X I O —furnished room to rent with' board, enltabl&for two gentlemen. Day boarders wanted- QQfi WABASH-AV. ROOM AND BOARD $6 OOU per week; day board, $4.60 per weak. ern WABASH-AV.-FURNISHED FRONT AL OOU corn room, with board. Also other rooms. A few day-boarders accommodated. 'Bam for rent. 1 nro WABASH-AV.-TWO GENTLEMEN AND Xv'«JO ihcir wires.. and a few single gentlemen, can find board and pleasant rooms. Nortli Sicle. % QQ NORTH WELLSST.—FURNISHED ROOMS, OOr.jlli board. BOARD WANTED. Board-in evanston, for the summer .mirntb?, by a family cunnstingof gentleman, wife, two children, and nurse; would prefer living with a pri vate family. Address X 6, Tribunooillce. Board-diamond pin or ringtoexchange for day-board on South Side, north ofVanßuron-st.; nwtaurant' preferred. Address or apply, G. EMMEtt- TON, 55 South Clark-rt. HORSES AND CARRIAGES. A: FINE ASSORTMENT OF CARRIAGES. PHAE-* Jx ■ tons, buggies, Ac/, of most approved stylos, at low prices. 327 Stato-st. P. L. SMITH. For sale-at 65 and 57 south halsted-st., a . pair of fine matched carriage-horses, used to the city;;a family team; price, $1,000; ono very line coupe horse: price, S6W; ono gentleman's driving-horse; price,, $200., Aleo, several good business horses. FOR SALE-CUEAP-ONE LIGHT STYLISH TOP buggy. Brown's make. Can be seen at bam In roar of 343 Calomot-av. . FOR SALE-HORSE, KIND, AND WELL BROKEN to saddle and harness,- baggy (phaeton), and harness, cheap, at $323. Apply at 49 bouth Ada-st. For sale-two draft horses, two bx. , press horses, ono buggy bone; would exchange latter for smaller bone, weighing from 800 to 900 lbs. Apply at coal otbco, 1&8 South Canal-st. FOR' SALE-PAIR OF HORSES; CAN TROT IN 3 minutes; good saddle pony; single horse, can trot in 8:10. and several good drivers. M.C. WLLBuR A 8R0.,, ; 67-Michigan-av. ' ' - ' TF YOU ARE IN WANT OF A TOP OR OPEN i. buggy, road, or business wagon, the- placo to pur chase is FLETCHER, LAZEAK A CHENEY'S/SS Stato-at., or comer of Sedgwick and -Diviaion-sts. The/ make a better buggy for leas money than any manufactur er* ia riie world. , ' . JR. BROOKMAN, 190 TWENTY-SECOND-ST.. • bos for sale, or exchange, now and second-hand open and tcp-huggios, business and express wagons, a few good light and heavy horses, single and doable harness,- ono clarence, landau, and close carriages. Livery-stable no. ijq twenty-second-st. for rent; it is new,- well built: will accommodate thirty horses In. basement; there are two good rboms above. Aj^lyon tho premises, or 13 North Morgan-st., (£/f AH WILL BUY A FIRST-CLASS BORSK. TOP buggy, and home**, if taken immediately. Can be seen at Bassert'e Stables. 19 and 21 Harmoa-court. SEWING MACHINES. A SINGER OB GROVER A BAKER FAMILY OB manufacturing machine, warranted in complete or* der, at ball tnonsnai price; no trouble to show them* 328 Indiana-st-, between Rash and Pine. • GROVERA BAKER'S SEWING-MaCHINES-GEN era] office, 160 St&te-st.: branch office, 9?J Wabash ar. Persons having old Grover A Bolter sowing-machlnas areiuTltod to call and see the now improvements, and bear something to their advantage. SINGER SEWING MACHINRS-WEST SIDE OF fico of NICHOLS A PEARSON. I« South Haletcd-st. Machines told or rooted on cuy month!/ payments, and Bowioff given when rcqaired. ■ . SINGER SEWING MACHINES—NORTH SIDE OF fice. No. J24 North Clark-Pt., corner Ohio, Machines sold or rented on easy monthly payments; open evenings. SINGER OFFICE OPA. J. MELCHBRT, 215 SOo Halstcd-it., machines sold on monthly payment* and rontod. Open evenings. . - HE NEW FLORENCE SEWING MACHINE—... call special attention to recent improvements made in the Florence, also to the new and elegant styles cf cases added to oar list. To meet the views of those preferring a machine feeding the work away from* tho operator, w© have raado Noa. 13 and U, which combino the desirable features to bo found in machines made by others, with nil tho peculiar excellencies of the ' Florence. wM. H. SHAJtPA CO., General Agonta, 254 Chicago. Wheeler a wilsox sewing machines, the now improved sold or rented on easy monthly payments. BURNHAM A FLANNERY, City Agents, omco 155 BUSINESS CHANCES. First-class billiard satxion with stock, fixtures, and everything complete, for sals; owner going to Europe, reason for selling. First man first chance. Inquire at 85 Chlcago-av. A PARTY TO TAKE A HALF INTEREST I In swell-established cash business that pays well; must bo ready for business at once; from SSOO to SOOO-re* naired. 125 Sooth Clark-st., Room S3. DALOOS 173 CLAEK-ST., . O basement, for sale choap. £lrsC-claaa fixings and 20aa.% Kilt bo sold cheap, os tho proprietor is going into other business. - • T" H E PHARMACY OFTHB LATE DECEASED G.M. Von Schlleben, located at No. 519 Wabn-h-ar.. for .ale Forr«rticnlan inquire of AUGUSTA VOX SCHIJEBEWJ.Pi-IBSmXG.Xo.94 East Washington st». Room SI. - " T“ HE MOST CENTRALLY SITUATED 'HOTEL IX the city, now doing a large-and profitable busl»o«s, will be sold for 36,000, half caalv balance -to aulU 31. C. BALDWIN A CO.. Wand €3 LaSalle-at., Room 24. - HOUSEHOLD GOODS. For sale-a family leaving town will sell famltnre and giro lease of bouse to Ist May. l£Ti; house trith aU modem improvements; sitcatod north of Teentr-aixtb-st.. on Prairie-ar;; rentof house, 5100 per month* amount of fumitnre about 32.000; will be aoldoa' credit If desired. -Address X 77, Tribune office., for sir dijs. = . . mO RBNT—THE ALMOST NEW 2-STORY BRICK X. and frame cottage bouse No. 593 West Madlsou-st., containing 8 rooms, closets, pantry, etc., in best order,' with gas and water; good bam on the premises.'- Inquire at No. 121 West Ranoolph-et., Room No. 2. . TO RENT—BY 0. P. McKAY, 173 EAST MONROE* st., dwellings N05.76, 78, 80, 82, 84 Park-ar.; £Lr»t claSs. Also dwelling 61 Warron-av., SSO per month; fur* nituro for sale. TO RENT—THE 2-STORY HOUSE 783 WEST JACK aon-st., containing9rooms, pantry, closets, etc.; also barn. Inquire on premises. . ' • rpp: RENT-HOUSES-2-STORT FRAME, NOS.'22, X- 24, 26, 28, and 30, on Thlrty-seventh-st., near Ellis* rooms, good repair; rent reasonable. S.‘ E. WELLS, 183 Dearbom-it, TO RENT-FINE COTTAGE WITH BRICK BASE ; mention Hamllton-av. opposite Jackson-et., con taining five rooms, kitchen ana oath-room,well finished; basement unfinished. Apply to ERNST PEUSSING, 113 Eastßandolph-st. TOi RENT-A BRICK HOUSE OF 10 ROOMS, HOT and cold bath, 1 hroop-st., S6O per month. Inquire ,at 13Q Throop-st-, In forenoon. TO RENT—ELEGANT MARBLE HOUSES. PRAI rio-av., east trout, $150: choice. Micblgan-av. t octagon, $150; near stages. Wentworth-av,, 4.storas very cheap. DuQrtloff-aT., rooms and tenements; very cheap. - Twonty-cighth-at., nice bouse. S6O: nice location. • . .S. MEARS, 200 LaSalto-et- TO RENT-AT WINNETKA—HOUSR 10 ROOMS, large barn, fruit trees, 6 acres of garden and grove. 3 blocks from depot. Kent reasonable. Call on 1. T. SHEPHERD, at Whmetks* or GEO. T. CLINE,*BB3 Wabash-av, rpO RENT-NICE FURNISHED HOUSE AT EVANS- X- ton. for the summer or a. year.. Apply at Brigbt slda Office, 9 West Madtson-st'. ‘ ■ ■ /TiO RENT—A SMALL OFFICE, WITH GOOD LIGHT X ar.d ventilAtiou, ‘ vanlt and close ts; rent - very low. HCNRYW. CUIP.MAN, 133 Monroo-ft., RoomX TiO RENT—STORE FORMERLY OCCUPIED BY ne. 59 and6l Market-st. Apply to M. GRAFF A CO.. - 44 anil 48 South Water-st. - - •mo, RENT-2 FRONT ROOMS IN MY BUILDING, X; 62 and 63 South Oanal-st., with or without power. - F. U. WELCH, 142 LaSttllo-sfc rpO RENT-STORE lETWEST MADISON-ST., 2SXBS, X. near Hoisted: cheap to good tenant. Store 73 Hal sted-st. Store 166 West Madlson-st, D. COLE A SON* 188 West Madlson-st. rpO RENT-STORE 20x70, NO.' 215 EAST RANDOLPH JL si.; will rent to good tenant cheap. Inquire of owner. M. JACKSON, 233 Milwaukeo-av. TO RENT-STORES-AND DWELLINGS 915 AND 917 South Ualoted-at., corner of O'Neill, noar the river-bridge. Inquire of JOHN COOK, 26 ana. 23 South Water-st. . ... TO RENT-FLOUR AND FEED STORE, 614 COT -tage Grove-ar., corner Douglae-place. TO RENT-STORE II AND 13 MABKET-ST., IN Garrett Building, 45x85. Also, largo lofts over cor ner Lake and Marketsts. Apply to O. LUNT* Boom 8, Methodist Church Block. TORENT-BBIOK STORK 229 WEST MADISON-ST., size 30x100, with basement; formerly occupied by Car son, Pirle A Co. For rent very reasonable. Apply to W.H. SAMPSON A CO., 144 LaSalle-st.* Ottsßlock: ■' THO RENT—THE STORE AND BARN, NO. < 879 X North Clark-s t.; cheap to a good tenant. Apply to KNAUKRABRO., cornerKiczieandClark-sta. - rpO RENT-STORE AND LIVING ROOM IN REAR; X tip-top for dressmaking or millinery; rent, 825 per manta.' 173 Cottage Grove-ar. - TO! RENT-FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED room, with or without board; bath-room, hot and cold water, Ac. 49 South Carpentor-st. ■ . rpO RENT—THOSE DESIRING FIRST-CLASS AND X elegantly furnished rooms, by the day, week, or month, can secure them at Williams Block* 85 South Dcarborn-st. TO RENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS by the day, week, or month, at the ST. JULIEN, 151 and 153 Dearborn-st. TO RENT-THE SECOND AND THIRD FLOORS of 56 West Madison-st., suitable for boarding-house. Will be rented ebeap to a responsible party. Alio, base ment of said building to rent. Apply on premises. . TO RENT - PLEASANT AND NEATLY FUR nished rooms, with gas and closets, at 543 Stato-st. TO RENT-ONE FURNISHED ROOM AT 376 OALU met-av., south of Twenly-mnth-st. TO RENT-HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, ' single or en suite; transients accommodated. Apply Room 43, 10 and 12 Madison-st., nearMlchlgan-ar. TyANTED—TO LEASE—A LOT AND HAVE A V» ' stable built on tho same, suitable for a livery and sale stable, to bold 100 horses, the same to be located on the South Side, in the business part of the city; will take a lease for a term of years. Address X ll, Tribune office. Ty ANTED—TO RENT-TWO OR THREE GOOD v v rooms and a good barn, between Harrison and Twen ty-second-st.' Apply at 50 East Harrison-et. PARTNER WANTED WITH A CAPITAL OF $6,000 to $3,000, to take a one-half interest in. ono of the best-paying hotels •in Northern In diana.- Wishing to enlarge the hotel to meet the de mand of its business, and nnable to do so without selling an interest, one of the best bargains can be had that can be found in the Northwest. Size of lot, 133 feet on Mein et. and 166 feet on Clinton, fronting Coart-Honsa-square. Hotel now: Main building, 55x80 feet, three stories and basement; brick and stone, iron roof; kitchen 20x30, two stories; wash-room 20i?0, one story, all brick, iron roof; bams, wells'and cisterns. The nicest location in ths healthy and beautiful City of Goshen,' county seat of Elk hart County, fifth county In wealth and population in the State; two railroads, firat-claae water power, eight man ufactories on the water power, fear steam manuiactories; a lire town. Call on or address W. 0. CHILDS, Proprio toc Viqlott House. Goshen, Ind. PARTNER WANTED—{AN ACTIVE YOUNG OR middle-aged roan) in a wholesale hardware house, with a cash capital of twenty-five to forty thousand dolian. in an'- old-established house.-. Good references required. Address B, care Jas, B. Story, Nos. 31 and 86 LaSaile-st., Room 25, Chicago, HI. PARTNER WANTED—"WITH $230 CAPITAL, IN A business that can't fail to pay. Call In person or ad dress J. S.. 376 South State-at., Room 13. ■ - ■•• PARTNER WANTED—IN A FIRST-CLASS MEAT and vegetable market; one that understands the business with a small capital preferred.' 68 Wostcm-av. PARTNER WANTED—WITH SSOO OR SI,OOO, IN the best paying business in Chicago. The best of references given and required. Address F 43, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED-AN ACTIVE PARTNER with S3OO, to do outside work in a manufacturing bust pass yielding gOO percept profit. 143 North Desplaines-stl Agents wanted-ioo good canvassers Im mediatelyto sell now and staple goods at retail.and wbolcsale. Particulars free. C. M. LININGTON, 177 East Madison-st., Room 10, Chicago. • Agents wanted-to book agents—now ready, new and additional iodncemonta. . New way of running subscription books. Agents selling thousands. More agents, male and female, wanted. Address Union Publishing Company, 335 Wobash-ar., Chicago. A GENTS WANTED-TO KNOW THAT GHAS. -rV Hock, wholesale dealer in books and prize packages, has removed to 152 East Qulncy-st, Agents wanted-to sell our new but toa*Holo Cutter -and Needle-Threading Thimble. A goals clear S3O per day. 99 EaetMadlson-at,, RoomS. GENTS WANTRD-EVF.RYWHERE IMMEDL ately; Hewitt Fluting, Polishing, and Band Iron combined, patented 1873; dating any length, selling fa»U 179 East Madiaon-at., SOUTH A GENTS,WANTSD-MALE AND FEMALE: BAM- J. 1. olos free, and $lO a day cosily made. BRAY A CO., Drawer 551, Chicago.- j; " E—-WE A GENTS -WANTED—FOR HERE.. THERE. AND UV: everywhere, on this, tbsr, and many a thing. A.'-* M. RICHARDSON. 14fi Madison-st. • rpo EXCHANGE—^OR^"CHICAGO JL fine residence in Janesville,:Wis.; will paysomeoash.') Address S?S Blue Island-ar. TO EXCHANGE—FOR LOTS-A NEW 9-ROOM housonnd Iot v good location, West Division, no&r Ashland-av. and\anßaren-st. cars: Immediate posses sion. JACOB C.MAG ILL, 31 and 83 South CUark-stT TO EXCHANGE-FOR BUILDING LOTS—A NEW brick »evidence; location ordfinieh-first-class. JACOB C. MAGILL, 81 and b3 South Clark-st. "1 X^ANTED—TO TRADE FOB A STOCK OF DRY 11 goods,.notions, clothing, famishing goods, boots andahoes, and furniture, 3 farms in Mason County, 111., nilundoragoodstato of cultivation, near market and railroad—one farm ol 115 acres, oneof 344 acres, and ono of 335 acres. Also a fine new dwelling boose ana Slots la the City of Peoria, 111., with all modem improvements. Tho titles are perfect. All worth SSO,<X» cash. Will trade part oral]. Address Bar 1142. Roods, 111. 'RN'ERMOXROE, L~OST-SIQ REWARD FOR THE RETURN TOSJO Walsab-av.n.' alittlo black and tan slut 1 year old; lost last'Saturdayevening. - - T OST-A RED AND WHITE SPOTTED COW AND Jj calf.* A reward will bo paid by returning them to lfis .Lak*-av. A. COOK. • - - : " FOUND-rON COTTAGE OROVE-AV;. BETWEEN Twenty-second aqd brown leather satchel containing pocketbook and small snm of tndn«y.‘ which owner o*o Haro by calliog.a^flS3Sgoto_Btate-sC__ FORSALE-NEWBABCOCK fire EXTINGUISH ers. organ orders, and laundry mangles at 4M Wa> baah-ar. TO KENT—HOUSES. mo RENT—A. NICE COTTAGE-HOUSE OF 6 ROOMS, X West Side, to a email family who will board owner and wife J to tho right party very liberal terms will be offered. Addess L 19, Tribune office. - .. - TO BEST—SEVEN-ROOM COTTAGE CORNER first and Llncoln-sta. A. A.. WES TEN GAUD A C0..‘115 South Clark-’at.,. Room 11, ' ' " *; . TO RENT—A HANDSOME COTTAOE,FIVE ROOMS and closets, and barn if wanted, at 212 North Pan llaa-st.- V.;'.- • -. • fpO RENT-LARGE HOUSE AND GROUNDS ON A lake shore near and south of Oakland Station city limits. S. L. UNDERWOOD, 99 Madisoa-st. . <v TO RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE. 10 ROOMS. ALL modern improvements, delightful location, near Ellis park and Langley-ar., ■ completely furnished, to a firsr cissa tenant, forthoaummer.- Apply at 63 Dearbora*st., Koom4. , , T°i RE 5 iT HOUSES in good LOCATIONS, M‘cX ltmU ' JACOB C - T < i;£, E! TC^ O,rT / QE , HOUSE, furnished OR Inqnireof D. LITTLE, Suited States Hatch Cottage Grovo-av. and Thirty- rro RUNT—TWO 2-SXOHY BRIOJC HOUSES. J» Xyooms and cellar back; all modern improvements: or for sale cheap. Aro la the best of order. Annlr to S a TAYLOR, I&LaSaUo-st., Room 7.* - ” p, ' W B * .. TO RENT-COMPLETELY FURNISHED HOUSE' ■l2l Twenty-fim-st. ilouxe two-atory and and meat brick, with bam, 10 rooms and bath-room.- The house and iumlturo ls In first-class order; rent 31,5C0 a year; possession at once; house newly painted and calei mined. Apply to W. H, SAMPSON A GO., Hi LaSalle at., Otis Block. , . TO RENT-UPPER FLOORS OP BUILDING 529 -West Madlson-st., 22 rooms, bath-room, and water closets; suitable topa first-class boarding house. Apply to,W. 1L SAMPSON A CO., 1M LaSalle-st., Otis Block. - . - Suburban. TO RENT—STORES, OFITCES, &o. TO BENT—ROOMS. WANTED—TO RENT* PARTNERS WANTED. * AGENTS WANTED. TO EXCHANGE. liCSX AKD FOUND. FOR SALE. —-—WANTED—MALE-HEX,?.. Bookkeepers, Clerks,-Eto- TTTANTED-A PRESCRIPTION CLERK WHO CAN «I speak both Gorman and English, and can ran a soda fountain, by E, H. HILL A CO., Druggists, Ft. Wayne, Ind.; Reference required of ability and character; single man; age 20 to 25 years. Apply by mail or In person. __ Ty ANTED—BY A WHOLESALE FANCY GROCERY * i house 1b this city a salesman in the store: only experienced men need, apply. Address X 7% Tribune ©face. . - _ - ’j. ... j TV t ANTED —AN EXPERIENCED CHICAGO IF salesman to represent ns in Ohio and Indians; trade mostly established. WHITTLESEY 4 PETERS, 129 La Salle-st.-■ . .j • WANTED-BY A PHILADELPHIA HOSIERY. FF notion, and white goods jobbing-houso— AdrsGclast traveling salesman acquainted with tho bnsioesv/ and 'baring an established trade. Address,.stating amount and location of trade, experience; etc.,,COX, SMITH A CO., Philadelphia. Traces,' WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS HORSE-SHOEB, TO TF whom;steady employment.and'rood wage* willhaf; given; railroad fare will also be paid toßock Island. An* ® at onco by letter to WALTER DANBER, Rock tud. 111. WANTED— IMMEDIATELY—TEN -OR. FIFTEEN good stone-cutters, and tba same number of stone masons; work guaranteed to last till the fall. . To good mechanics, good wages. .Apply personally to G. GEI bhK, contractor, Leavenworth, Kansas. Ty ANTED—TWO FIRST-CLASS BARBERS a¥ FT tho Hotel Hair Dressing and Bathing Booms. No. 287 South Stato-st. - WANTED-A MAN .WHO UNDERSTANDS THE ' »F : grinding of new-made'shears and scissors. High - 67& < at^CaSf?t nUa 1 Bmi>]o * mbnU CANDRIAN BROS., W^sC^^ T . W( iT G S OI> CARRIAGE SMITHS AT TI 733 Statq-at. HAYDE A O’BRIEN. • 1 ; WANTED-ONE OB TWO GOOD CARRIAGE WANTED—SIX GOOD PAINTERS. AND n*r~ FF . somioert. Call at Room 57 Exchange Boildinx. at 7 o'clock Monday morning. - . TirANTED—GOOD COMPOSITOR; STEADY JOB. J F Address, with references as to sobriety. NORWOOD PRESS, Norwood Park. •WANTED—IO GOOD CARPENTERS THIS MORN TT ing at 91 -Butior-st. . t : ... ; • T\rANTED—CABINET MAKERS, PIECB WORK, FF forth® country. Apply by letter or personalty, be* tween 1 and 3 o’clock, on Tuesday, to £. W. RICHARDS.’ 12X East Eightoenth-st., Chicago. . - wanted-a good BARBER. AT IIAULTON Ff 1 House Barber Shop. North Market and Kinzle-sts. P. OARCIOTTO.. . . Coachmen. Teanuters. So.* WANTED— A STEADY,' RELIABLE MAN, TQ take care of hones and cow and garden* and do gen* eral work about premises; must be temperate-and indus trious.. Call Monday morning, K. Peacock's brick houses on TSiirty-ieventh-at., two blocks west of Che Hock Island Railroad. • Address L 72, Tribune office. \TTANTED-ASTKaDYBOY TO TAKE OARS OP 1T horses and a cow; wages $lO a month and board. Ad dross F 87. Tribune office. - ... WANTED—A. MAN TO DRIVE TEAM. APPLY YV ißtiX}SouthLaSalle-st. ■ Misoellaneons. .WANTED-A .NEW YORK. IMPORTING.. AND TT . jobbing wine and liquor house, wetland favorably known for many years,seek the services of an active young man as salesman for the Northwest. "With one who has a safe and well-established trade among druggists ana grocers, a liberal arrangement will be made. The best ot references of past services will be required. Address IMPORTER, Poat-Officeßox4B9l, NewYbtfc. TXTANIED-A MAN TO LEARN THE FIRE E7SUR vr ance business; most bo over So years of age, and from the country; mast bo a good talker, and' have bad successful experience in canvassing or soliciting;' com* psnsatlcn moderate. Apply at 173 Booth Clark-st., cor. ner Monroe, office No. 9. • ...j WANTED— AGENTS ON -SALARY OR COMMIS sIon. at 876 South State-at., Room 12. WANTED-MEN IN EVERY TOWN, COUNTY, and State, to sell our new buttoh-holo ; carter and noodle-threading thimble. Agents that wish tho goods will save money and time by buying direct of Hie manu facturers, at 99 East Madison-st.,-Room 5, . WANTED-A. BOY FROM 13 TO 14 YEARS. OF ago, to .tends coal office; most reside in the West Side, Apply to No. SSi Blue Island-av., Mi MOLLS UR. WANTED-MEN AND WOMEN IN EVERY TOWN, ' for 23 articles that pay $3 to 820 a day. Address drawer 551, Chicago. • WANTED— 50 GOOD RAILROAD MEN; WAGES, S3 per day; steady work. Also 25 teams, $4 per daji 59 Weatßandolph-aU, Room 3. WANTED —INTELLIGENT YOUNG MEN TO* leam and engage in the telegraphing business, at Porter's National Telegraph College, 159 LaSallo-eL, Boom 79. WANTED—TO LEAVE TO-DAY, 25 RAILROAD, i r laborers; Company work and entirely free fare; Agent goes with men. SHAW A CO.. 274 South Water-st. WANTED— 500 MEN TO WORK ON RAILROADS, i : farms, saw-mills, tio-choppers, stone-quarries, etc. For transportation and.particular* apply to CHRISTIAN A BING, No. 1 South Clark or 101 South Qanal-st. WANTED-GOOD ACTIVE MEN OUT OF EM ployment to call and investigate a business paying from S3O to S4O a week; sure thing. JONES A CO., 71 South Canal-st. • WANTED— 3 WHITE WAITERS AT CLARKE’S European Hotel, northwest corner LaSalle and South Water-sts. : Ty ANTED—A WAITER AT LAURIE’S HOTEL, ¥T corner Canal and Madiaon-ets. WANTED— A BUGGY-WASHER AT OMAHA Stables. M. C. WILBUR A BRO.* 167 Mlchl gan-av. WANTED—FESIALE HELP. Domestics. TyANTED—A GOOD. COMPETENT AMERICAN Tr or German girl, lor goaerai housework, at US7 Michigan-av. \\T ANTED—A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL VT housework. Apply at 931 lodlana-av. WANNTED— A NEAT AND CAPABLE GIRL AT 133 Marahfield-av., West Side. Apply in person within three days. WANTED-A GOOD NURSE GIRL AT 9 SOUTH Curtia-st. References required. TyANTED—GERMAN, NOBWEGLVN, OB SWEDE TT girl to do general honsowork in a small family; the place is first-class, the girl most bo tho same. Address X. 40,-Tribune office. •\yANTED-2 GIRLS, ONE FOR COOKING, THE n othorforwaltlngoa thetable, la aprivate boarding house. • 116 West Klnzio-sL TyANTED—GIRL FOB HOUSEWORK. SWEDE Tv or Norwegian; must be good cook, washer, and ■ ' iron or. 85 Centre-av. * TyANTED—A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE. Tl work. Apply at 108 West Monroe-at. TyANTED—A GOOD GIRLFOR GENERAL HOUSE. v v work, at -17 South Halated-st.; wages liberal. WANTED-WOMAN COOK EARLY MONDAY noon, at restanrant 567 State-si. WANTED-A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT GIRL to cook, wash, and iron In small family; liberal wages. 49 Sooth Pooria-st. ; ■WANTED—A GOOD COOK. WASHER, AND IRON. Tl er for a small family; must bring good city reference. Apply at 1M Calumet-ar. ■*\jyANTED—FIRST-CLASS COOK FOR PRIVATE’ iv boarding-house. Apply at 32S West Washinglon-st., comer of May. ■ ' - WANTED— AT JOHNSTONE HOUSE, TWO GOOD smart dining-room girls. Comer of Desplaines and' Madlson-sts. WANTED-A GIRL OR WOMAN TO DO KITCHEN work; a good girl will find a good steady place* Call' at £5 West Adams-st., corner Jefferson.- WANTED-AT 18 EAST HAREISON-ST*, A FIRST* class second girl. Call early. WANTED— PASSAGE TO TORONTO. CANADA, will be paid for a woman who will assist in taking care of two children to that point. Apply, nncU 6 o'clock p. m. to-day, at743Michlgan-av. TyANTED—A GOOD WET NURSE. INQUIRE OP iv E. C. LONG, Marino Bank, comer of LaSalle and: I-ako-aU. ■ • • SITUATIONS WANTED—MALE, Bookkeepers. Clerks. &c. SITUATION WANTED—BY AN EXPERIENCED bookkeeper and salesman la a grocery store. . D..T. DUNK, Now Buffalo, Mich. SITUATION WANTED—BY A SHOBT-HAITI, O writer in a railroad office. Address FB3, Trfbuoo office, untfl 4 p. m. to-day. • Trades. / ? CrrUATION.WANTED—BY A BOSTON CUSTOM. O cutter. In Illinois, lows. Minnesota, or-Wisconsin; ’ ‘ will buy an interest In a good paying trade. T. F. PHIL* • LIPS, -10 and 13 Madison-st;, Chicago. , v • < Coachmen. Teams tors. &c. CITUATION WANTED—BV A COMPETENT AND O good man as hoe tier and to work at all work, with tv private family. Good reference. Address or call at 212 West Twelth-st. . SITUATION WANTED-BY A COACHMAN,. WHO andorslands the care of horses, and is willing to roako himself useful about tha hoosc. Address fa earn of Dr- N. J. Land, 273 MUwaakee-av. Jidisoollanooas. CITUATION WANTED-AR ADVANCE AGENT OR OTroasurer of a first-class Show. Traveling Troupe, or ' traveling Physician, by a man well posted la thogoogn- •- pby of the country. , Can; famish best Of. reference foe business qualifications, sobriety, Ac.; also jJSOO cash. Is . necessary. Address, tor 10 days, P. O. Box Hi, Bellevue, ‘ lows. - . • ■ ' 7 ■ '’■ ~ . SITUATIONS WANTED —i’EMAiK Seamstresses. CTTUATIOSWAKTED-BY A LADY IN A SEJHA’Q O 'machine once; Is familiar with Wheeler A - Wilton, Grover £ Baker, and. .Singer machines. Address L 41, Tribune office, , ; Employment Agencies. OITUATIONS WASTED-AT TUB SCANDWA. Cj viau-Genuau Intelligence Office—For first-alass aor« rant girls, in Chicago and the country, in hotels, restau rants, laundries; boarding-houses, and private; nooses; don’t fall fo give os a c*n, and remember ournuraber is GO Mdwaukee-ar. Mrs. DUSKE’S Intoiligeneo Office. MUSICAL* For sale-a new yoke piano, carved legs, over-straog boss, front round comers, and etocL for &XO, at PHOt&KFt'S. 274Stste-it. REMOVAL OP PIANO ROOMS TO 274 STATE-BT., J.b near .Ysnßuron. Pianos and organs to rant and for sale. Reoiloga cpeolalty. WM. R. PROSSER. TO LEASE. TO LEASE-DOCK‘LOT 150 FEET ON RIVER, just north of Twoaty-aecond-st. bridge, and now oc cupied by Daniel Bogle as a coal-yard. Apply In base* moot, northeast comer of Madison and Dearborn-st*. - < fpO LEASE-CHE AP-ICO FT OF DOCK* FRONT, JL ' one of the beat locations on North Branch'for & coal or wood yard. Inquireat 148 Kingsburg-at. -- -- - DIVORCES. Divorces obtained for causes, all law . fansinoss attended to. Boom 3, 347 South Clark-st; TkiyORQES-LEQALLY OBTAINED—FEB AFTER ±J decree. Scandal avoided. Nino yaars* practise in tha, courts oi Chicago, AddreosP. O. Box 103/. .7* 7

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