Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 20, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 20, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 26. COD LITER OIL. •WTLLSOISPS CARBOLATED GOD LIVER OIL Ib a Specific and Radical Cure (or CONSUMPTION AND SOEOFIJI.OUS, DISEASES. Remember tho name, "WUlson's.Oarbolatcd Ood Liror Oil." Ifceomm In largewedge<sbaped bottles, bearing tbe Inventor's signature, and ia lold by tbs beak Druggist*. Prepared by J. H, Willson, 30 Platt-et,, N.T. Tor «al« by all Druggist*. REAL ESTATE. Desirable Residence And Lot 60x126 feet, S. W. COR. OF W. WASHINGTON & LINCOLMTS., .A.T A-TTCTIOISr, On Thursday Afternoon, May 22, at 2 o’clock, on the premises. Will be told tbe very desirable dwelling No. 690 Week WaabtngtoQ-st., containing 10 moms, bath-room, pan trios, closets, gas flxtnros, do. Tho house la boated by ■team, and baa all modern improvement*. Grounds or namented with trooi and shrubbery, and inclosed by an Iron fence; good 3-story barn on lot. Location one o! tbe most desirable in tho oltv, Surroundings first-class. Ti tle perfect. Abstract of title famished. TERMS-Ono-tlilrdcash, balance In 1 and 3 years with interest at 6 per cent. O. O. THAYER A 00., R. K. Auctioneers, Omoo 180 East Madlson-st. FOR SALE. Lots and Blocks in vicinity of now oar works of O. & H. W. R. W. Co., onKinzio.Pulton, Lake, and other streets. Rasy terms of payment. Trains leave Wells-st. Depot every day (except Sunday) at 7:30 a. m. and 12 m., stopping at car works. J. D. HABVRY, 174 LaSaUo-st. FOR SALE. Twonty-flvo Acres West of and adjoining tho olty, in N. E. H, of 800. 83, 89, 18, on oaay term*. WM. O. DOW, Room 81. Tribune Building. HIM Pert Bell ft, Office 163 MONROE-ST., Room 4, Kent's Building. Homes and Lota for aalo on easy term*. FRANK P. HAWKINS, Agent. REMOVAL. REMOVAL. E.L.HEDSTROI&CO, COAL SEALERS, HAVE REMOVED TQQB wain OFFICE TO 71 WASHINGTON-ST. Hooks at 13 Kingsbury-st., oor, Kinzio, and foot of Hast Sixteenth-st. HORATIO PRATT, Apt. GENERA! NOTICES. TO BE IMPROVED AT ONCE, that valuable property, 40x100 foot, being tbo N. E. cor ner Clark and Lake-sts. A sketch ot proposed plans can be seen at my office, which will be modified to meet tho wants of ten ants for a term of years, it applied tor immediately. J. C. WALTER, Superior Block, Clark-st, A. R. WEBB & CO., BILLIARDS, WILL OPEN WEDNESDAY, May 21, 758 Michigan-av. CHROMOS BUY CHROMOS AT THE ART EMPORIUM, 167 South Clark-st., Chicago. T. OOWPY. Proprietor. TO LEASE FOR LEASE. To Retail Dry Goods Dealers. That valuable real estate Nos. 224 and 236 West Flf th at., N. 8., near Plum, Cincinnati, 0., with lot 34x100 to an aUey. No better location In the city for a retail dry gooda store. The various Improvement* on this street, sacbaatbeProbasco Fountain, now Government build- Ings, Ac., makes this tbo principal thoroughfare of Cin cinnati, and business Is rapidly advancing on this street. I will leas* the urn* for 10 years, on liberal terms, to par ties that will make a tine improvement. Addrusa B. N. ROOBUH. Box 3768, Cincinnati. Ohio. CORNELL UNIVERSITY, ILLUSTRATED. SCRIBNER for JUNE. FOR SALE. Arnold’s, Sanford’s, id Carter’s XHTISIj AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, AT CULVER, PAGE, HOYNE & CO.’S 118 and 120 Monroo-st. Mathematical INSTRUMENTS AT J. O. IiANOQUTII'B, Optician. M Stalest., between Washington and Randolph. HENARD ORNAMENTS 0/ tho Nineteenth Century. Ornament* for Fresco* Painters, Sculptors, Oanrers, Ac., at L. SOHIOtt A 00.'S, No. 102 Bast MadUomst. Wfat Pmlij ©flMiie. CARRIAGES. BREWSTER' & 00., OF BROOME-ST., WABEROOMS, Fiffch-av., cor. Fourteenth-st., TSTEW YORK. Elegant Carriages, In all tbe fashionable varieties, from original designs of oar own and the best stylos of Paris and London, exquis itely finished In all Sllk-Satlns, French Morocco, and the finest Broadcloths. Special attention Is called to tho fact that every Carriage offered In our Warorooms lathe pro duction of onr well known BllOOfllE-ST. FACTO RY* and equal, In every respect, to thoso built to the order of tho most valued customer. In addition to our stock of tho LARGER vehicles, wd offer a complete assortment of ROAD WAGONS, with and without tops. IN ALL WRIGHTS, for PLBASURR DRIVING OR SPEEDING, embracing In their construc tion tbe various Improvements Introduced by us during the past fifteen yean, and which have made tho “BREWSTER WAGON” Tire Standard for finality. OUR PRICES BRING FIXED AND UNIFORM ffO ALL, orders by mall li&vs equal advantages with those placed In person. To prevent confusion, the public will please remember that wo are not connected with a Joint Stock Company of Carriage Dealers now seeking to share our reputation by adopting a firm namo similar to our own. BREWSTER & CO., OF BROOME-ST. Wardrooms, Fifth-av,, oor. Fonrteenth-st, CARRIAGES. B. M. STIVERS, 01 Ml, 146, 148, 150 and 152 Fast TMrty-Drst-st., NEW TOBK, Ib manufacturing, and ha* three largo ihow room*, equal to 400 feet long by 35 feet vrido, flllcdwlth a aplendid as> ■ortod itock of Top and Light Road Wagon*. Dog Carts. Four and Six Seat Phaetons, Ladles' Pony Phaeton*, Rookawaya, do. Parties In Chicago, by calling on O. M. CLARK; No*. 79 and 81 Sixteenth**!., can *oo aaraplo*, got particulars, and order thrnngh him if more conve nient. R. M. STIVERS. New York. FINANCIAL. MaiSilMi, Bankers, First National Basic Building, southwest corner of State and Washlngton-sts„ Chicago, Sealers in Gold and Silver Bullion, Bar, Leaf. Sheet, and Granulated Form for mo ohanloal purposes. Deposits received in either currency or coin, subject to chock without notice. Six per cent Interest allowed on all daily balances. Checks upon us pass through the Clearing- House, as if drawn uuon any olty bank. Interest r credited, and aooounts-ourrent Tendered monthly. _ __ . Coin and Currency Drafts on New York. FINANCIAL. SIO,OOO for $130.30 (ago 36) annually, for tho first five (5) years, m that sterling old Company, the United States Life, of New York, JNO. I. D. BRISTOL, Gen’l Agent, 166 Washlngton-st. ZDXGr. Wfl have Attorney* oTorywhoro, and collect tbo claim* of Wtaoleeale Merchant* and other* In any part of th# country. No Attorney’* feosln eulta: no charge* until collection* are made. FRASIER'S MEUOANTILB COLLECTION AGENCY. M 6 Madhon it. TO LOAN. $3,600 for 6 month*, on firet-claa* security, ahd no other. KIRK HAWES, Room* 11 and 12 Ilonorc Block. Money to Loan. In sum* to suit, on Chicago real estate. *WRIQIIT 4 TYRRELL, Room B Tribune Building WOVEN WIRE MATTRESS. mmmsm ■ Bli v - ; -Esa 1 1 •• * ■ hiiiMailvi»«nwti¥iKWiMi KiSiiEMMBBMBBiEw vif vi :5M WANTED. LIFE INSURANCE SOLICITORS. John I. D. Bristol, General Agent of tbs OldUnltod States Life Insurance Company, 168 Washlngton-st., do elree to oontraot with twenty experienced eoilcltor* for Obioago. Best brokerage, with an additional oaeb ad vance for renewals from my own pocket. No "guaran tee" or “ salary men 1 * need apply. Will suspend aolloitlng and bo at offioo all day Wednes day A COMMISSION HOUSE of excellent standing on 'Change, wishes to engage the ■orviocs of a party controlling, with certainty, orders for Eastern point*, either shipping or speculative. To such an one tho opportunity of forming an engagement with an Interest to iho business brought, la offered. Address, confidentially. F46. Tribune otneo. PROFESSIONAL. DR, R. H. KLINE’S Oanoer Treatment. It« superior merits known in all tho States. Chicago Office, 770 Wabarb-av. j Drs. 15. O. aud 0. E. Dalton la charge. Every patient cured or benefited with but Utile or'no pain, and without tho knife. AMERICAN IRISH and AMERICAN GERMANS. See SCRIBNER for Jimo. WINDOW SCREENS. Wire Screens, FOR DOORS AND WINDOWS, At tbo oldest establishment In tho business. W- 3D- ICB3LXiB-ar <Sc BRO., 88 Madieon-st.. Tribune Building. FOREIGN. The Panama Revolution-Se rious Battle Between the Pactions. Convening of the French Assembly Yester day Afternoon. The Beautiful Snow in England on Sunday. CENTRAL AMERICA. Panama, May B.—President Gorrooso arrived at Panama on tho Bth from Costa Pica, and tho revolution has broken out afresh. On tho even ing following tho arrival of Gorrooso, ho de clared that tho National troops actod treasonably by interfering in tho lato revolt, which deposed Noira, and expressed his intention of disarming them, and counseling them to leave the State to morrow. At 2:80 in tho afternoon of tho 7th fighting with aboil and small arms commenced in, tho Plaza Ban Jose by tho Btato troops advancing upon tho National forces. After a fight of two hours tho former woro ro fiulsod, ninety boing captured. Both claim hat tboy attacked for safety. Tho fighting con tinued, with a slight intermission, until 0 o'clock in tho morning, whon Gorrooso wished tho Con suls to arrange some plan for peace, but they refused to interfere. The United States steamer Pensacola arrived during tho afternoon, and tho foreigners are protected at tho Consulate by fifty men from the Pensacola and tho Tuscarora, while ICO men from tho same ship guard the property of tho Panama Railroad. This morning firing was reopened, and continued, with slight Intermission, until 1 o’clock, when a truce was agreed upon. Capts. Urroa and Mudorsa, of tho No tional forces, woro killed, and a Colonel and a Lieutenant Colonel woro wounded. Presi dent Gorrooso Is wounded. It is impossible to give tho number of killed and wounded at this time. Thoso residents who have not availed themselves ot the protection of tho mon-of-war have fled from tho city and are in tho hushes. President Noira, since his banishment, has issued an address to tho National troops, catling upon them to maintain tho dignity of tho State. The trouble is now over. Col. Juan Porvot, tho former Prefect of Colon, has boon designated provisional President until Qon. Neira can bo recalled. FRANCE. Versailles, May 19.—Tho National Assembly mot this afternoon. Tbo Right Centro pre sented an interpellation asking for a thoroughly conservative Cabinet, and demanding explana tions from tbo Government of tho recent changes in tbo Ministry. Tho Assembly voted tbat tho debate on tbo interpellation bo opened to-morrow. M. Dufauro. Minfstortof Justice, sub mitted constitutional bills organizing public powers and providing for tho establishment of a second Chamber. Two tost votes woro taken • during tbo sitting, which show tbat the parties in tho Chamber are evenly balanced. Tho Con servatives are well-disciplined, resolute, aud fully prepared for an issue on Cabinet aud con stitutional questions. A motion, modo by tbo Extreme Loft, for dis solution of tho Assembly was voted down by a hoavy majority, and Indefinitely postponed. SPAIN. Madrid, May 19. —1t is anticipated that Sonor Oronao, chief of tbo Federal Republican party, will bo President of tho Constitutional Cortes, and that Seuor Figueroa will remain President of the Ministry. It iu reported tbat tho Carlisle have, in some cases, not only shot soldiers who fell into thoir hands, but wantonly mutilated before killing them. CHIU. Panama, May B.— Tho news from Chili is that a par y of Fuogian Indians made a raid on some cattle at Freshwater Day, but woro repulsed with a loss of ton killed. Capt. Heywood, of tho American ship Mary, lost at eoa, was shot by a Justice of the Peace. Mr. Hall, Managing Engineer of the Lumbay Mining Company, was shot by tho native laborers. NEW ZEALAND. San Francisco, May 19, —' The steamship Nebraska arrived to-day from New Zealand. Her news is unimportant. Tho crow of tho British ship Alsagor scuttled her at sea. The ship sank. All Lauds escaped by tho boats. Throo of the crew woro brought in irons to Auck land for trial. CUBA. Havana, May 18.— Tho authorities having given tho passengers on the steamer Yazoo per mission to leave on another vessel for Now York, they sailed on tho steamer of Saturday. The Yazoo remains in quarant* ie. Havana, May 18.—All vessels from New Or leans that were quarantined here have boon re leased. CANADA. Halifax, N. S., May 19.—The Arcadia Powder Works at Waverly exploded.on Saturday, de stroying tbo building, and damaging tbo mana ger’s residence and several other houses in the vicinity. There was no loss of life. GREAT BRITAIN. London, Eng,, May 19.—Snow fell in the north of England yesterday. METEOROLOGICAL Signal Service Bureau Reports and Prognostications* Chicago, May 10—10:18 p. m. Tbo following reports havo boon received from the places mentioned below; .'Slalion. Bar. TAr| ift'jid. Weather, Buffalo 20.08 64;Frcah. Fair. Chicago '.... 20.02 64 8, E., brisk. Clearing, Cleveland 29.88 60 8. E., gentle. Clear. Cincinnati 20.78 68 G.,gontlo. Clear. Cb0ycnn0........ 20,83 40 B. W., fresh. Cloudy, Davenport 20.08 88 S. W., frosb. Light rain. Denver.......... 20.87 67 N. E.,fresh, Thrcatcn’g Detroit 29.87 60 8. E., fresh. Cloudy. • Eacanaba........ 20.92 60 N. E., brisk. Cloudy. Keokuk 29.71 68 W., light. Threaten’g LaCrosso 29.78 49 N. E., fresh. Light rain. Marquette....... 29.02 40 Calm. Cloudy. Milwaukee 20.74 48 8. £., fresh. Throatou’g Omaha 29.62 63 W«, gentle. Clear. Toledo 20.86 67 8., fresh. Cloudy, FllOI) ABILITIES. Washington, May 19.— For tbo northwest and Upnor Lakes, and thence to tho Lower Missouri and Ohio Valleys, northeasterly veering to north westerly and southwesterly winds, falling tem perature partly cloudy weather ana raiu clearing to-morrow. For Tennessee and tho Gulf and South Atlantic States southwesterly to north westerly winds, partly cloudy weather with occa sional rain, cooler and clearing to-morrow with increasing pressure. For the Lower Lakes ana Middle States, falling barometer, rising temperature, north easterly and southerly winds,cloudy weather,and rain. For Now England and Canada, northeast erly winds, increasing cloudy and warmer weather, and possibly occasional rain. Joliet ItUmNa Special Dlepatch to The Chicago Tribune, Joliet, May 10.—Mayor Henry thin morn ing iaeuod a proclamation recommending tho obaorvanco of decoration day by tho cloning of all placet) of biiHlnoaa on that day. On Haturday night, tho roulclouco of Q. W. Haight, nowß-uoalor of thin city, wan entered by thievoi) and about S2OO worth of property taken. Tho property connialod of SIBO in money, a gold watch and chain, and eovoral email piocoa of jewelry. The rabboru entered through a back window, and took tho articles from Mr. Haight's bod-room whore himnolf, wife, and two children wore Bleeping. Tho robbery woh not dlacov orod until tho next morning, when a warrant was leaned for tbo aonrohing of tho houaod of two neighbors, who woro miapoctod. No oluo has yet boon had to tho thieved. Several other similar thoftu have been committed in tho vicin ity during tho pant few days. On Sunday afternoon Alexander Kenney, a CHICAGO,. TUESDAY, MAY 20, 1873. rolling-mill employe, received a severe concus sion about tho head from being thrown from a carriage. He was driving, and under tho influ ence of liquor. Dr. llosmor dressed his wounds, and ho is now pronounced out of danger. Tho Chicago & Alton Hoad was contemplating tho laying of a side-track across certain private property on yesterday, by which to roach tho prison. It appears tho railroad had not ob tained tho necessary right of way, consequently a tompor»>*y injunction was served on tho Com pany on Saturday night by tho property-owners, Notwithstanding this, about thirty men woro en gaged yesterday laying traok on either side of the enjoined property. Tho circumstances of the case are those: A loose of convict labor was made prior to tho change in tho prison man agement. to establish a oar-shop in tho Penitentiary. It was doomed necessary by tho Oar Company to have a side-track from the Alton Railroad to connect with tho works. Tho prop erty over which tho traok would necessarily pass is owned by James Bruce A Co., John Hold, lato Penitentiary Commissioner, boing one of tho company. Bruce and Hoid represent a four tontua interest In tho property, and are in favor of granting the rood tho right of way, and fixing tho damages afterward. The other owners, rep resenting eix-touths of tho property, are opposed to tho traok boing laid until the damages are fixed, and hence tho injunction. Tho c&so will come up for a hearing to-morrow before Judge MoHohorts. THE JUDICIAL CONTEST. Charles Wheaton Nominated for Judge by tho Ropiiblicansof the Fourth Clr« cuU»Xho Rcsolutlons—monard pole* gates to tho Farmers’ Convention in tho Seventeenth Circuit* Special Ditpatsh to The Chicago Tribune, Aurora, May 19.— A Republican Couvontion to nominate a Judge for tho Fourth Circuit, composed of Kano, Kendall, and Du Pago Coun ties, was hold hero to-day, Mr. William Grim wood, of Kendall County, presiding. Messrs. Adam Ores, of Du Pago, and T. E. Ryan, of Kano, woro appointed Secretaries After tho credentials woro examined by a Com mittee and found all right. Mr. Quoroau, of Au rora, nominated tho Hon. Charles Wheaton, of Kano. No other nominations boing made, an informal ballot was taken, resulting as follows: Kendall cast her 11 votes for Sylvanus Wilcox, tho present Judge ; DuPago her 11 votes for H. H. Cody, and Kano her 31 votes for Charles Wheaton. A formal ballot produced tho same result, and Mr. Wheaton was declared to ho the nominee of tho Couvontion. Mr. Geary, of DuPago, moved to mako tho nomination unanimous. There wore aomo dis senting voices from Kendall, but tho motion pre vailed. Mr. Moore, of Kano, Chairman of tho Commit tee on Resolutions, presented the following, which wore adopted: Devolved, That tho railways of this Slatoaro "pub lic highways,’’ organized for tho publlo good, and sub- Joct to legislative control, with full powar to regulate tho manner of operating and conducting tho same, and of fixing their liabilities for all infractions of law*, and to fix and determine tho rates of faro and freight within reasonable limits. * Jieaolced, That while wo concede that U Is Improper to require pledges of candidates for judicial portions In regard to particular measures, or upon any specific question actually pending in tho courts, wo neverthe less hold It to bo wise and prudont to require that tboy shall bo thoroughly imbued with tho spirit of free lu stltuUons, and that they shall bo in hearty sympathy with tho general mass of their foUb.f-cltlzous in their determination to control tho monopolies which do now arbitrarily and unjustly dictate tho terms upon which tho trallto and travel or tho country shall bo conduct ed, and wo do hold that only such men should bo elected tojudlelnl positions as do believe that tho leg islative and Judicial departments of tho Government have tho legal right and ought to regulate and control tho corporations which do now or nmy hereafter own and operate tho publlo highways of tho country. Jteeolved, That tho lion. Charles Wheaton, by his ac tion in tho Costltutlonal Convention of 1870, of this State, and his uniform dcclartlouH, both publlo and private, upon the eubjoot of monopolies, and by bis uprightness and Integrity in all tho' relations of life, and by his ability and learning as a lawyer, Is entitled to tho confidence of tho ■ people of this Judicial Otrvuit, and vro do cordially commend him to the favorable consideration and support of all tho voters la tho circuit, of whatever avocations in life. A Formers* Convotion to nominate a farmers* candidate will bo hold hero on tho 24th instant. An effort will bo made to have Mr. Wheaton in dorsed by that body, and the friends of Judge Wilcox and Mr. Cody will probably urge their nomination. PETEDSDuno, 111., May ID.—ln accordance with a cal), previously announced, the farmers of Menard County root at the Court-House in this place on Saturday to appoint delegates to the Farmers’ Convention winch is to moot in Lin coln on the 21st instant, to nomiuato a candi date for Judge of the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit. A committee of five being appointed, reported the following as said delegates, who were unanimously chosen : J. K. Kincaid W. 0. Smoot, Bobort Young, S. H. Plane, John Engle, A. K. Biggin, w. T. Bookman, J/W. Judy, George Hudshoth, and A. O. Nance. A resolution was adopted, with but one dissenting voice, instructing the delegates to vote for Hon. N. TV. Branson, of this place, so long os there was hope of bis nomination, and, secondly, for Hon. Lyon Lacy, of Mason County. The Convention'was remarkable for the unanimity of its action. SPRINGFIELD. City Asicsimcni«"-Xho Revision Com* mlttce— Personal « Kail Storm » Change of Name* , * Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Sfbinqfield, May 19.—1t was considered doubtful by tho city authorities hero if they had tho power to mako an assessment for this year, under tho provisions of House bill 800, and to settle tho question it was submitted to the Hon. A. L. Knapp, of this city, and his logoi opinion asked. Ho replies that, as tho law does not take effect until July 1, ho is of opinion that no asses smont can bo made under it. The Committee appointed by the Legislature to revise tho statutes, hold a preliminary meet ing in this oity on Tuesday, the 27th inst., and it is thought that they will adjourn to moot in Chicago, whoro their sessions will hereafter bo hold. Capt. D. Pope, of this city, but lato of tho United States Array, was to-day appointed Audi tor of the Oilman, Clinton & Springfield Hail road. The southwestern pari of this county was to-day visited by a terrific bail-storm, which, it is reported, did much dam age to small trees and growing grain. Hailstone, wore said to have fallen as largo as hens' eggs in eomo places. A heavy rain fell hero. The Chicago Commercial and Savings Hank filed in tho office of tho Secretary of State to day a certificate of obango of name to the Gar den City Savings Dank. (Railroad Nown, Detroit, Mich., Mar 19.—The work of stool railing a portion of tho Detroit & Milwaukee Failroad will begin at ouco. Ono hundred steel rails for that purpose arrived to-day. Washington, I). 0., May 18.—Attorney-Gen eral Williams to-day decided that tho Cairo & Fulton Itailroad Company has tho right to build a bridge across tho Arkansas Fiver, at Littio Ilock, if it shall not obstruct navigation. Joliet, May 19.—A mooting of tho Board of Directors of tho Joliet & Indiana Itailroad baa boon called, to bo hold in this city on tho 2Qth of Juno, for tho election of officers and tho transac tion of other business. Philadelphia, May 19.—A special dispatch from Washington says that tho Committee of tho stockholders of tho Northern Central Fail road report in favor of leasing tho lino to tho Pennsylvania Failroad Company. Marshall, Tex., May 19. —Tho Texas Pacific commence truck-laying from Jefferson towards Marshall to-morrow. On tho Southern Division tho track is being laid at the vato of two miles per day. Thoy expect to have tho lino complete to Dallas by tho Ist of July. San FiiApaisco, May lO.T-Work on tho South ern Pacific Failroad is progressing steadily, as far south at present as Doer Crook. A fflurilorer’u Confession. Hudson, N. Y,, May 10.—Joseph Waltz, in Ida confession of having murdered Hulohor, tho scissors grinder, states that it was done about 1 o’clock p. m., on tho Ist of May. Ho wont to the room occupied by llulchor, whom ho found asleep, and* struck him three times with a hatchet, tho first time with tho blunt part and twice with tho sharp side. Ho only groaned and nil was over. Waltz thou took tho body to a stono wall, whore tho traces of blood were found, and covered It np. There ho loft it until the next night, when ho took U down into tho orchard and buried it. Tho officers having learned all they could, took him out at his own suggestion, to tho place whore tho body was hurled in (ho orchard. A few inches below tho surface tho body was found wrapped in a blan ket. Tho head was horribly mangled. Waltz also confesses to having burned throe school houses in tho town, and buried tho hooks, which have boon found at tho place ho desig nated. When asked why ho committed the mur der, ho replied : “ I done it for mischief ami not for gain. Tho bad spirit was In mo, and I wanted to do something had.” RIVER GAUGES. TVhnt tlxo Signal Service Proposed to Bo In tho Interest of Inland Com* morco—-lilst of Stations at Which River Canges are to lie Placed* Special Dispatch to The Chicago 'lribune, Washington, D. 0., May 10.—Oon. Albert J. Myor, Chief of tho Signal Service, has Just put Into opera.ion a regular system of dally river reports in connection with tho weather report system, and its proposed connection with the light-house and life-saving stations. This will make tho signal service, in its peaceful operation, about as perfect as is con templated for tho present. Tho now rivor-roport system was commenced on tlio Ist day of May. It involves tho employ ment of civilians as observers (tho only civil ians In tho signal sorvico), but it bas'bodn found cheaper to adopt that plan. Stations havo been ordered at tho following points : Adalusia, 111.; Boonovillo, Brownsville, Brunswick, Cairo, Cin cinnati, Confluence, Davenport, Evansville, Fort Benton, Fort Smith, Fort Bully, Freeport, Graf ton, III.:- Hermann, Mo.; Jefferson, Mo.; Kansas City Keokuk, Leavenworth, Lexington, Littlo Book, Louisville, Marietta, Memphis, Nashville, Now Genova, Now Orleans. Oil City, Omaha, Pittsburgh, Shreveport, St. Joseph, Bt. Louis, Bt. Paul, Vicksburg. The usual river reports have boon based on standards of given years, understood by boatmen, but tho difficulty has boon that they lacked reliability, because boatmen, by reason of interested motives, fre quently gave false reports, and iu manyinstancos caused the delay or advance of shipments to ho hold hack or stuck on shoals while tho party giving tho information took tho benefit of bis knowledge. Under tho now system a gauge is planted in tho river bank at each station, it is made of pino or oak timber, two inches thick by ton inches wide, and. long enough to oovor tho wholo range between extreme low and extreme high water. This timber is placed odgowiso and firmly imbedded in tho ground, leaving one and a half inches ex posed above the surface. A scale of measure ment is furnished, being tho extreme standard of 18G7 for tho low water mark, or bouoli mark, os it is technically called. Tho odgo of tho gauge Is planed, and aftor being placed iu position is graduated in foot and inches. The graduation is governed by tho tost of an upright rod, and tho oxact measure in feet and inches is determined by* an ordinary spirit-level placed on a straight edgo, reaching from tho vortical rod to tho timber iu tho hank. Aftor this measurement has been recorded in foot and inches, tho observer can toll at a glance how much water thoro is in tho rivor. When tho rise or fall of water is gradual, ono observation will ho made at 3 o’clock p. m., local timo, from May 1 to July 31 and Oct. 1 to Nov. SO of each year; but, whon tho change is sud den and unusual in its character, reports will bo raado every throe hours daring such ohaugo until tho river resumes it normal condition. Thcso reports aro all sent in an ingenious cypher, invented with a view of socrosyaud brevity, and securing both objects. Thoro is no appropriation for tho rivor report system. It has so far taken about $25,000 from the weather signal appropriation, and it is quite probable that Congress will indorse tho under taking. Gou. Myers says that if Congress would give him SIOO,OOO a year to prose cute tho work, ho would furnish to all tho cities dally reports of tho condition of every navigable • rivor in tho United Slates. Early nows of an ap proaching flood or break of an ico-gorgo would, ordinarily savo a single city tho whole amount required to support tho system a your. RELIGIOUS. The Northern Presbyterians—Politi cal Fouling Shown In the Debate on. the Centennial llcport—llcx>orts of thelloardsoC education and Foreign missions* Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune, Baltimore, Md,, May 19.—Much political fool ing waa developed to-day by the debate on tho adoption of tho centennial report. Dr. 11. J. VnnDyko, of Brooklyn, who opposed tho whole project aa foreign to the genius of tho Church of Josua, waa distinguished during tho war as a man of Southern x>roclivitios. Ilia speech, con sequently, produced an effect exactly contrary to that designed. There aro many good rea sons why tho centennial should not bo celebrated by tho Presbyterian Church as a denomination, and it is probable that tho Committee’s recommendation would have been negatived, or essentially modified, but for tho dubious political standing of several speakers who advocated this course: Aa it is, tho matter is not disposed of, but Will .probably bo reconsidered and relegated to tho next As sembly. Tho report of tho Board of Foreign Missions will bo presented on Wednesday evening. Tho rocoipta for tho year aro $451,830. Tho expendi tures woro $552,775. Debt at tho ondof tho Srovious year, about $30,000, and at tbo end of iia year, $128,005. Tho report of tho Board of Education, pre sented this evening, has tho following items of general interest; students aided, 070, of whom were new recommendations. Those were divided among 12 theological seminaries, 40 colleges and universities, and 50 academies. Boceipts of tho Board for tho year, $104,459, $30,000 of which was borrowed. Expenditures for all purposes,. $131,808. Present indebtedness about $34,000. {To the Associated Tress.) Daltimork, May 19. —Tho fourth day's bob eiou of the Presbyterian General AHSombly opened this morning. After a long discussion, which was abruptly closed by Horace Maynard, of Tounosaoe, moving tho previous question, tho report of tho Centennial Committee, recom mending tho Church to tabo part in tho Cen tennial celebration in Philadelphia in 1876, was adopted, and a committee was appointed to co operate with tho Centennial Committee. Tho report of tho Committee ou tho subject of a periodical for gratuitous distribution by the Board of Publication was o msidorod, pend ing which tho hour for tho apodal order of tho day arrived, viz : tho roport of tho Special Committee to which hod boon referred the an nual roport of tho Committee ou Bonovolonco and Finance. Dr. Backus, Chairman of tho Special Gommittco, road a report, tho consider ation of which occupied tho remainder of tho morning session, and without coming to a vote, tho mattor wont over as unfinished business. Mr. Coll gavo notice of his intention to movo a reconsideration of tho voto this morning adopting tho recommendations of tho Centennial Committee. Adjourned till evening, when the report of tho Board of Education will bo consid ered. Other ICollglmiM Gathering*. Cincinnati, May 19. — A Committee of tho Church Womens’ Foreign Mission Society to-day passed a resolution forbidding branches transcending authority in sending out mission aries. Davton. 0., May 19.—Tho fourth day’s ses sion of tno united Brethren Conference con vened at half-past 6 this morning, Bishop Ed wards presiding. Tho Committee's report on missions was referred to tho Board of Bishops to report tho result during the present session. At half-past 11, adjourned until Tuesday even ing. Tlio Congressional .Excursion. Bt. Louis, Mo., May 10.—Tho excursion did not got away from Sherman last night, as ex pected, tho repairs on tho Texas Central Fail road not having boon completed. Thoy wore there this morning. However, after a detention of about twenty-four hours, they are now U5 miles north of Dallas, hut making slow pro gress, iu consequence of (ho had track oc casioned by tho very heavy and prolonged rains. Tho party will dlno at Dallas, thou pro cuod to Gorulciana, whore tho Pullman cars will bo exchanged for day coaches, owing to the break of gauge iu tho road, tho'track below that point being five foot wide. At Corslciaua thoy will strike tho old part of tho Texan Central Hoad, and from that point south shall make faster time. It is Impossible at this writing to say whon tho party shall roach Galves ton. They havo homo the detention admirably, aud retain their good spirits to a high degree. At Bhormnu tho party woro guests of the Texas Pacific Hoad, and woro handsomely entertained by Col. Irwin, representative of that Company. Dallas, Texas, May 10. —Tho excursion party arrived hero at half-post 8 o'clock and was re ceived by tho Mayor and Committees of Recep tion and Arrangements. Tho gentlemen of the party wore escorted to Odd Follows Hall, whore Mayor Long introduced Capt. J. G. Ad ams, who extended (ho most cordial welcome to tho excursionists, and gave the mem bers of Congress some very Interesting and val uable statistics concerning Dallas and tho sur rounding country. Hon. Ed. Crossland, of Kentucky, replied to .Cant. Adams in a brief but eloquent speech, in which ho heartily thanked the citizens of Dallas for choir warm recep tion. Refreshments woro then served, and a general good time ensued. Tho party was thou distributed among tho hotels for dinner, after which they boarded tho train and are now speeding away for Corsiciana. WALL STREET. Review of tho fflonoy* Hold, Rond, Stock, and Produce markets* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. New Yomt, May 10. —Money was easy during the morning hours at 0 to 7 per cent on call, hut in tho afternoon tho demand from tho stock people was more active, and loans woro made at 7 per cent currency to 7 per cent gold up to 3 p. m. After that hour tho demand abated, and balances woro loaned at' 5 to 0 per cent. Tho discount market was easy at 7 to 8 per cent for prime business nol-os. The banka are offering money freely to leading brokers, and also buying mercantile paper. STOCKS. Railway and miscellaneous speculation open ed with a strong fooling and prices to % 0 per cent higher than at tho close on Saturday. In some cases a further advance was made in tho early dealings, but tho improvement was soon los (at tho First Board. A steadier fooling prevailed again, but soon afterward a weaker fooling sot in. Toward 1 o'clock tho market strengthened once more, but after «2 o’clock S rices' declined to nearly tho lowest point of tho ay. Tho loading feature was Pacino Mail, but beyond this stock and Western Union, Erie, 0.. O. & I. 0., and St. Paul common, a very small business was done, and during tho afternoon tho dullness was oven more marked. The latest on dit in regard to Western Union is chat tho stock will not bo cornered (though just now this can bo done with tho utmost ease), for tho roasan that there is an indisposition among outsido speculators to deal in cornered stock. It is said to bo tho intention of tho dominant parties at tho next mooting of the stockholders, in Juno, to declare a scrip divi dend of per cent, restore tho canceled $10,000,000, ana thereafter pay. a cash dividend of 8 per cent. It is assorted that tho oamiugs of tho Company will justify this, and that, af ter being thus liberal to tho stockholders, tho managers con lay up a surplus every year. GOLD was steady In tho morning, but weak later in tho day. Foreign exchanges wore dull and slightly lower on tho street. BONDS. In Governments a lively inquiry was manifest at tho second call from tho Gorman bankers, but the offerings wore limited. Called bonds of 18G2 woro in special demand, and it was intimated that there is an intention to present them on and after the Ist of Juno and demand gold for them, but no serious derangement is anticipated should inis be done. PRODUCE. Flour was firmer but quiet. The light arrivals and stronger market for wheat give holders a further advantage. Low grades are fairly active and still quite scarce. Choice family brands are held higher. Bales 13,400 bile, including 8,000. brls city ground at rather higher prices. Re ceipts, 8,305 brls. Under the very limited arri vals, ana favorable private advices from * Liver pool, holders of wheat advanced their prices at tho opening. Spring closed lower, however, and very dull. Tho absence of freight room checks exports. Tho millers are buying sparingly. Winter closed quiet, but firm. Sales, 20,000 bu; receipts, 37,010 bu. Pork was dull and nominal on the spot, at SIB.OO for now mess in the jobbing way.. For future delivery, 600 brls for Juno sold at $17.60. Receipts, 50 packages. In cut meats, tho business was generally very light, and prices in consequence are, to a groat extent nominal. Dry salted shoulders are quoted at Receipts. 227 packages. Bacon was weak and unsettled. Long clear was offered at 90, with out buyers. Short clear is quoted at 9>£@9%c, without sales. Lard was weak and rather quiet. Western is hold at 9#o for May, and bid ; city \3%c. For future delivery tbo business re ported embraced 1,000 tes for Juno at 9#o, with 9>£c bid for July and 99-10 asked. Receipts, 631 packages. SPORTING. A Prizc-Figlit That Did Not Take Place—Rase Bull—The Oar* Boston, May 10.—This morning a largo dele gation arrived hero from Baltimore, Philadel phia, Buffalo, Cleveland, and Now York on route for Eastport, Mo., to witness tho prize fight bo* twoou Arthur Chambers and Qoorgo Soddous for 32,000 and tho light-weight championship of America. They wore to havo loft Portland, Mo., at noon, and thou take a steamer for Eastport. Tho articles of agroomont sot forth that tho men woro to weigh at. Boston at 9 o'clock this morning. At 8 o’clock a largo crowd of sport ing men asscftnbled to witness tho mon weigh. Chambers weighed at 8:14, and thoro was evidently something wrong, for his trainer, Boouoy Harris, would not allow tho representa tives of tho press in tho room. Soon after Chambers and his trainer left, o«d wont off at a brisk walk, and it was stated that Chambers was ovor tho stated weight of 120 pounds. Nino o'clock camo and Soddons and Butt lUIoy, Qcorgo Loose, John Murphy, and P. D. Pyrnos, of Now York, tho stakeholder, put in an appoarauco. Butt Biloy said tho timo for weighing bad ar rived, and if Chambers did not put in appear ance in fifteen minutes, ho should claim tho stakes. . Tho stakeholder ordered Charles Calvin, of tho Now York Clipper , to show him the articles, which specified that tho men were to weigh at D o'clock precisely, the man weighing ovor 120 lbs, or who should not put in an appoarauco, to for feit the stakos. A delay ensued, but neither Chambers nor his trainer put in an appearance. Soddens was thou stripped to his drawers and fighting-shoes and placed on tho scale, and bo weighed 117—three pounds bolow the weight. The stakeholder again waited, but Chambers did not put in on appearance, and tho stakeholder Informed Seddous that he had won tho money, which will bo paid. Tho result caused quite a broezo among tho sporting mon here, many of 'whom had purchased through tickets to Port land. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, New York, May 19.—\V. B. Curtis, of Chicago, and W. E. McOroady, of this city, rowed a two mile raco this afternoon on tho Harlem Fiver, from High Bridge to the Powder-Ship, for the championship modal of tho Athletic Club. Cur tis won with oaso, in 16 mlnutos seconds. Nearly 4,000 persona assembled on tbo Union Grounds this afternoon, to witness the match between tho Atlautlcs and Philadolphias. Tho latter having won ovory game thoy have hitherto played, and having beaten tho Athlet ics, of Philadelphia, on Saturday, hotting was heavy, with largo odds In their favor. Tho game began at 0:40. At the end of tho sixth inning ths Philadolphias woro 8 to the Atlantics 1, and $lO to $1 was offered that tho latter would be boaton, with fow takers, Tho Atlantics put on a “ spurt," and non handily: I uniwj a— 123458789 Atlantic# 0 0 1 0 0 0 4 (3 2—19 Philadelphia# 1 0 0 6 2 0 0 3 o—ll Albert Gamier has challenged Maurice Daly to play him a game of billiards for tho champi onship and SSOO a side. Special biipatch to The Chicago Tribune. Bloomington, HU, May 19.—Tho pigeon match, twonty-tlvo pairs each, between Captain Bogardes and Milos Johnson, this afternoon, at tho Fair Grounds, resulted in a victory for John son, who at tho oloso of tho match was two ahead. A handicap for professionals and amateurs will tako place to-morrow. Special Dispatch to The Chicago 'JYibune, Toronto, Out., May 19.—Tho Canadian Ohoaa Congress has concluded. Twenty of tho host NuMeR 274. plnyorsin Canada for prizes. Tho first was won by Ensor, of ,Hj itroal; the second by Jnekeon, of Soaforth, tho third by Whito, of Montreal. f INDIANC^^TRACTS. Tho Chairman o» m'io >2<mril of Indian Commissioners Courts Investigation at tho Hands of tho Secretary of tho Interior—How Contract** Arc Now Hlftdo to Supply Provisions to tho Indians* Philadelphia, To., May 10,1873. Tho following letter was sent to-day to tho Secretary of the Interior: linn. C. Delano, Secretary of the Interior, Washing ton: Sin: My Attention as Chairman of tho Pur chasing Committee of tho Board of Indian Com mlsHiouora has boon called to charges of unfair ness in tho recent awards of contracts for In dian supplies, and having learned that it is your intention to investigate any cases in which com plaints are made, I write in behalf of myself and colleagues to say that a full and thorough examination will moot with our most hearty ap proval. Tho Board of Indian Commissioners, having no selfish end to servo and nothing to hide, desire that all their actions shall bo open to the public, and even when complaints aro indefinite and totally unfounded, .as they aro in the present case, wo ask that tho fullest opportunities bo glvon to all parties to bo hoard, and tho result of such hearing bo glvon to tho press. It may bo well to roforr to tho fact that all awards wore mado by us, as they are required to bo by tho Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Hon. E. P, Smith, and not by our Board, which is an ad visory body. Wo aro glad to say, however, that every award mot with tho unanimous approval of our committee, consisting of Mosers. Robert Campbell, of St./ Louis; John V. Farwoll, of Chicago; William E. Dodge, of Now York; and myself, and also of Messrs. Felix B. Brunot, of Pittsburgh, and Nathan Bishop, of Now York, members of tho Board, who wore present. Tho representatives of the inte rior Department, consisting of Hon. B. It. Cowan, Assistant Secretary of tho Interior, and others associated by you with him, most cordial ly concurred in tho decisions of tho Commission in ovory award. In no caso was an award made without tho unanimous approval, of theso throe bodies, representative of the Government. When our Board was called upon to supervise tbo awarding of those Indiau contracts,wo found little or no fair competition; scarcely more than a score of bids woro received, and half a dozen contracts covered all tho lettings. Wo found powerful rings opposing us at ovory stop. Our desire was to open competition, and to do this it was nec essary to remove nil suspicion of unfairness. With this end hi view, tho receiving of bids and awarding of contracts were removed from Wash ington to Now York, tho largest market in tho country, where bids wore opened and received in public. And after a full comparison of bids and samples awards wore made, which wore pub lished in tho daily papers, tho contracts being open to anyone wishing to compote for thorn. Tho following clause is part of all tho adver tisements : | jTlio right la reserved lo reject any or »n ouch xuo posnln, If such a course RUaalU ho deemed for the interest of tbo Government, Oar Committco. acting in concert with tboir colleagues, exorcised thin right bo far as they deemed it necessary to protect the Government from persons, either ns principals or partners, who have in tho past been connected with or boon members of old “ Indian Rings,” who wore afraid to bid in their own names, covertly using tho names of others. In regard to awards wo would say that in every case thoy wore made to tho lowest and best bid ders. As to tho result of tho present system of letting, it is only necessary to say that 284 bids, representing ever 200 different firms and individual bidders, wore received, and seventy eovon contracts wore awarded. As to the prices obtained, compared with tnpso under, the old system, beef ranged from $1.05 to $2.76 per 100 lbs., against as high at $6.50 per 100; flout from $1.60 lo $3.50 per 100,' against prices at tbo same agencies ranging as high at times as sl4 per 100, ana other articles wore at almost as marked a differ ence. That parties who have in the past sup plied tho Indian Department with goods at thoao prices should ho dissatisfied with tho present system is not to bo wondered at. Expressing again tho wish that every oppor tunity for investigation may be given to alt per sons who are dissatisfied with the awards, and knowing that your action in the premises will moot with our approval, I am, with much re spect, yours truly, George H. Stuart, Chairman of the Purchasing Committee Board of tho Indian Commission. VAN BUREN. TVhnt Sutherland, the New York Res taurant ill an, IDas to Stay About Him* Social Diepatety to The Chicago Tribune . New York, May 19.—A reporter called to-day on Mr. Sutherland, the well-known restaurateur, at 74 Liberty street, to loam his version of Oon. Van Huron's proposition to open a restaurant io the Vienna Exposition. Mr. Sutherland said he regretted that the matter had become public, but since it was so, ho would reiterate, as well as ho could remember, the exact conversation between himself and the General on tho subject, as follows: "About a year ago agontloman who introduced himself as oon. Van Huron called on mo. Ho was accompanied by a gentleman whom I did not know. -The General said ho had charge of tho American department in tho exhibition, and wanted somo man with capital to open a first class American restaurant there. Ho produced charts or plans of tho building, and pointed out a prominent part, which ho said ho would givo mo, and that I would make enormous profits. Ho wound up his proposition by saying: ‘Wo will expect, of course, that you will do something for us in return for giv ing you such a good site.’ I told him that I had more business to attend to at homo than I could manage without going to Vienna, and I declined tho proposition. That night I had several friends with mo, and men tioned tho extraordinary proposal made to mo. There was only ono opinion among us, and that was, that Gen. Van Burea expected a good ' stake' out of tho arrangement." Telegraph Brevities, Tho United Slates steamer California soiled from Honolulu for San Francisco May 0. A Troy (Ohio) dispatch says Mary Jane Hart died at that place yesterday, aged over 110 years. A mammoth cave has boon discovered on the farm of 0. H. Lyon, in Rockford, Floyd County, lowa, Tho Grand Lodge of tho Independent Order of Odd Follows of Missouri will convene in Bt. Louis to-day. Got, Brown, of Tennessee, arrived at Atlanta last ovouiug, as a delegate to tho Couvontion of Governors. Poter Johnson, a Norwegian, of Waukan, Ala makoo. County, committed suicide yesterday morning. No reason is assigned for tho rash act. Tho Supreme Court of California has affirmed Judgment against Charles A. Bussell, convicted of the murder of James Crottor in San Fran cisco. A man named Daniel Cooper, a dock hand, a resident of Pittsburgh, fell from tho steamer Acorn, on Saturday, a short distance below Wollsburg, W. Va., and was drowned. Tho body of Miss Hattie Bloy, who disap peared from her home on April 16, was found in the Book Bivor, about nine miles below Janes ville, on Sunday. Tho Tammany Society to-night, at their annual mooting, elected Abram 8. Hewitt QrandSachom. Samuel J. Tihlon and others wore installed Sachems. A severe hail and wind-storm passed over St. Louis yesterday afternoon, prostrating fences and chimneys, breaking windows and doing In calculable Injury to gavdous aud orchards in tho suburbs. Tho body of a man was found in tho river op- Eosito Wheeling, W. Va., on Saturday morning, earing marks of foul play. It is supposed to bo that of John Baymoiui, of Marietta, who has boon missing for some days, aud had in his pos session about S6OO when ho came to tho oity. During tho storm, last evening, at Joliet, the residence of B. W. Muun was struck by light ning, by which his wife was slightly shocked. The only visible trace of the doings of the olootrio tluid was a small hole burned through a partition between two sinks, near where Mrs. Muun was standing at tho time.

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