Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 20, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 20, 1873 Page 3
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THE COURTS. ■ Action Against the City and the 81x- ! teenth Street Viaduct Con- 1 ■ tractors. , The Pleas of the “Evening Post” in the Linda Gilbert Libel Suit, 'Partnership Squabbles Bank ruptcy Matters—Court- Kotos. In Iho Olroalt Court John F. Irwin ot al. file & bill against tho City of Chicago, Nelson Do . Gol yor, and Joseph Hubbard. Tho complainant owns property on tho southwest comer of Six teenth and Canal streets, and states that it is now tho site of tenement houses, which &ro filled with tenants. The city, defendants in this suit, baa ordered tho building of a vladuot over Six- . loonth street, at its intersection with Canal street, and has ordered that tho grade bo raised there at from fifteen to twenty foot on tlip north - front of Irwin's property, which fronts on tho north of, and extends 811 foot along, Sixteenth street. This street, in front of complainant's property, is laid out 60 foot in width. On tho north sido of Sixteenth street run tho tracks of tho Chi cago, Burlington «fe Quincy Babroad Company, which rood crosses Canal street at Us Intersec tion with Sixteenth street. Immediately north , of Irwin’S property, and along tho north side of Sixteenth street, commencing at Canal street, on . tho east end and extending west on tho north Bide of Sixteenth street, is a brick freight depot, which is used by tho Chicago, Burlington A Quincy Ballro&d Company. In complainant's bill it is claimed that tho city has ordered tho south half of Sixteenth street to bo raised from fifteen to twenty feet on part of complainant's lot, and it is claimed that tho contract is lot to DoGolyor & Hubbard, two defendants in the suit, to build tho area walls In stone immediately on the northern lino of Irwin's property on Six teenth street; and also to build another stone wall, nearly perpendicular and near tho centre of Sixteenth street, commencing at Canal street for tbo eastern terminus and running along tbo cen tre, or noar tho centre, of Sixteenth street, os for west as iho grade is to bo raised; and It is claimed that the contract is lot to tboso two de fendants to build tho two parallel walls of stone work, and that tho same are to bo permanently located, and to bo filled with earth-work to tbo required grade. It is, therefore, claimed by complainant, that tho balance of Sixteenth street, being tbo north side thereof, is praoticol appropriatod by tbo contract, and by tho pro ceedings of tbo Common Council, in having tbo front of his property appropriated to tho solo use of tho Bailroad Company; and it Is claimed that tho Bailroad Company has agreed with tho city authorities to pay tho city SIOO,OOO or thereabouts for build ing tho viaduct over Sixteenth street. It is also claimed by complainant that neither tho city nor iho railroad authorities have offered to pay him any damages arising to him, nor havo they token any stops under tho statute to assess or ascertain damages. Complainant also claims that, by reason of tho raising of tho grade, as sot forth, his property will he injured to tho amount of SO per cent of its value, and that al ready. his tenants have begun to threaten to leave his premises, and have refused to pay rent; that tbo city has no legal right for an propriating property in Sixteenth street. In conclusion, the bill prays for an in junction re straining the city aud DoGolyor from proceed ing to grade tho street in tbo manner and form as sot forth in tho bill of complainant. LINDA OILDEBT VB. THE EVENING POST. Tho case of Linda Gllboi t vs. The EoeningPoat Printing and Publishing Company caino up in Jadgo Booth’s Court yesterday. Tho complacent Leonard Swolt appeared for the publishing com* PJInT, thft imwihlß Mi*. v«n Duran appaAnnn tom plaintiff. The occasion was the filing of throe pleas by defendant's counsel. Tho declaration in the case alleges that Mias Gilbert was en gaged in selling 200,000 engravings, at $6 apiece, with tho intention of erecting with the pro* coeds a homo lor fallen women. The first plea filed for tho defense sots up that the business described in the declaration was not tho real business in which Linda was engaged; that, in fact, she was endeavoring to sell $1,000,000 worth of lottery tickets, throwing in tho engrav* logs; that her business, instead of being lawful, was.criminal by tho statuttes of tho Slate of 1111* nois ; that the defendant published a newspa per, and had a right to say of the business what ever was proper; and that it did so. Tho sec ond plea sots up that tho business which Linda S)d in was a lottery, and was of itself a o, which swindle consisted of Linda's hav ing represented to Gov. Palmer that she was about to erect a homo for fallen women by such contributions as liberal women would give bor, and that the business was to bo done by Thomas & Co. Upon these representations she obtained the Governor's recommendation of her enterprise as a national philanthropy, and Thomas & Co, became its managing directors. Tho recom mendation was so worded (bat, standing alone, It was simply an indorsement of a benevolent enterprise; but. having obtained it, plaintiff published it in the middle of a lottery advertise ment, and thus Gov. Palmer was tricked into becoming tho supporter of a lottery scheme. This plea also claims that tho JP oat Com- pany, publishing a newspaper, had a right to make the facts known to tno public. The third plea justifies tho libel by claiming that it is all true. Mr. Von Buron contended that those Sicas have, in substance, boon overruled by udgo Rogers, while Mr. Swott contended that they woro now pleas. In the matter of Q. W. Marshall, an insolvent, lately a commission merchant doing business on ’Change, Goo. W. Campbell was appointed As- BlgDCe. In tho matter of Smith riapg, insolvents, who, before the fire, kept a fancy livery stable on North State street, a further dividend of 1% per cent was made to all creditors who have already received 87££ per cent, and of 46 per cent to those who have filed their applications as cred itors since the last mooting, it is probable that a further dividend of 6 per cent will be declared from tho assets not yet converted. The argu ment will bo concluded to-day. PABTNEUBUIP SQUABBLE. Jamea Shannon yesterday hied & bill in the Superior Court against Michael Harty. Com plainant states that he entered into copartner ship with defendant to carry on the business of a sash, door, and blind factory, at the corner of Loomis and Twenty-second streets, buying a half-interest in the business already established by Harty for $1,010; that Harty, by agreement, did all the outside business, including the financing; that Harty has boon conducting the business so as to turn the income into his own pockets { wherefore complainant obtains the usual injunction restraining defendant from collecting the firm’s assets, and asks for the ap pointment of a Receiver. In the Circuit Court, Lambert V. Stutbo filed bis bill against George 8. Kelsey and 11. G. Olaymakor. Ho avers that ho. on the Ist of March, 1872. joined in a copartnership in the trucking business with George S. Kelsey, who induced him to do so by representing his busi ness as a particularly profitable one, paying for a part interest In the business $3,000 ; that sub sequently to tho formation of the copartnership, Kelsey began a system of bullying and brow beating, which culminated iu his assaulting com plainant on tho 10th of May, 1872; that at tho time complainant was induced to enter the co partnersnip, defendant said he owed only $1,600, the fact being that ho owed $6,000, which amount exceeded the value of the whole proper ty in the business: that Olaymakor got posses sion of the note; that subsequently business af faire got considerably mixed, and complainant, considering that the sooner he gets out of tho scrape tho bottor, flics his bill for a dissolution of copartnership, and seeks to have matters righted in a Court of Equity. *_ .. A WAKUAMTX DEED WANTED. nut.uOil.A TT All A |W| In the Superior Court, Petor Holm* flies hia hill against Carl Heinrich and Fritz Willey. He avers that on the 8d day of May, 1809, he made a contract with one Gottlieb Willey, whereby be agreed to oouvey to complainant, by warranty deed. Lota 1 ana 2 of Willey's Rnbalvlakm of Lot 189, in Bronson’s Addition to Chicago ; that complainant was to pay therefor $4,800, and fiaid SI,OOO in cash, and was to pay tho balance n fifteen years, with 0 per cent interest; that since then complainant baa paid tho installments ftodall tho ABBeeetaentfli that he never got a deed from Qottllob Willey, who died intestate on tho 10th of May, 1802. leaving a widow and hlo children as heirs at law, tho defendants, to whom complainant has tendered tho balance of tho amount duo on tho contract, hut with out having it accepted. Whereupon com plainant, fearing that defendants may ,not ratify thoir father’s bargain, asks .that they may ho made to appear. In a court of equity and make answer to the allegations of his bill { that a guardian ad litem bo appointed for Fritz. tho minor heir, and a bill of consequence of sud real estate made over to complainant. jUNKnurror matters. In ibo matter of James Qoodwilllo, Potor M, Livingston, and Louis Schofield, bankrupts, Itobort E. Jenkins yesterday'made application .for a writ of injunction. In his application, pe titioner stated that about two years since, and after bankrupts’ debts had boon contracted, Liv ingston gave to bis wife tho sum of S7OO. with which she purchased a house and lot at his re quest ! that, within a.fow days of tho filing of the voluntary petition. Livingston exchanged a largo lot of land ana other property ho then owned in : tho State of Kansas, together with said house and lot, for a tract of laud of tho value of SIO,OOO, on winch ho imme diately after raised. a $3,000 loan, trans ferring tho money to his wife, who now holds a largo part thereof ; that subsequently ho sold tho farm for SB,OOO, receiving $1,101) in cash, $3,000 in a house and lot in tho County of Kano, the purchaser assuming tho $4,000 upon tho said farm; that tho transfer was made in his Wife’s name, but that the said property, and all of It, belongs to tho bankrupt. Livingston ; that Mrs. L. has loaned one Ephriara Crockett, Jr., tho sum of $1,500: that Crockett is her husband’s successor in business, and ostensibly employs said Livingston, who, himself, baa control of tho money loaned; whoroforo peti tioner seeks to obtain a writ of injunction against defendants restraining them from dis posing of tho moneys and property in question. THE COUNTY COURT. After a fortnight’s holiday, Judge Wallace, Clerk Poliak, and tho remaining officials of tho County Court havo returned to work. In iho matter of a special assessment, it is ordered that. parties having objections to tho conflrmotion of assessment rolls Nos. 95 to 111 inclusive, 121 to 148 Inclusive, and 101, 105, and 160 shall file the same by Wednesday, tho 21sb of May, 1873. Tho will of Johann Brown was proven, and letters testamentary wove granted to Gertrude Brown, uudor a bond of SII,OOO, to bo approved. Wesley/Vincent, arrested on a capias for debt, issued by Justices Stutovant and Scully, on a judgment in favor of Houry B. Holm, for $125 and costs, was released on a bond for his appear ance for SB,OOO, and tho cause continued to tho 27th of May. the courts in nniEF. In tho United States Circuit Court, Henry W. Fuller files his bill against tho Jansen Excelsior Tuck Marker Company, complaining that they aro violating bis patent for tho manufacture of certain now and useful improvements in mechan ism for marking cloth in sowing machines, and seeking damages to tho amount of $50,000. In the Criminal Court business was very light: The only case tried was'that of John O. winuoy. who was charged with stealing a watch and chain. Tho evidence was by no moans to tho point, and tho prisoner was acquitted. In tho case of William McGregor v. J. O. Lati mer, a suit in assumpsit, tried in Judge Porter’s Court, yoatorday, a verdict was rendered in favor of plaintiff for $160.75 damages. In tho case of Charles H. Smith and JobnD. Duncan, a suit in assumpsit, tried iu Judgo Por ter's Court, yesterday, tho jury returned a ver dict in favor of plaintiff for $188.79 damages. In the assumpsit suit of Eli J. Sumuor v. Tho Garden City Manufacturing and Supply Com pany, a verdict for plaintiff, for $819.20, was re turned in Judge Porter’s Court, yesterday. The cose of Robert Robinson v. Qoorgo W. ScbolT was begun in Judge Porter’s Courtvea tordoy. Tbo plaintiff socks to recover $2,000 damages on a plea of trespass, alleging that de fendant, on tbo Ist of Juno. 1872, broko into his S remises, See. 31, T. 41, li. 18, Town of Niles, ostroying tbo fences and fivo acres of peas which plaintiff had planted. The case wont to tbo jury, who, by agreement, woro to return a sealed verdict. In tbo case of Tho City ▼. Birbian ot al., tho State etroot tsitloning condemnation cabo, tbo lawyora ycstord&y entered appearance for thoir clients iu Judgo Booth’s court. NEW SUITS. The SvrEßion Court.—l3,422—James O. Grant and John Prico v. Alexander Wilson and John Nowcorabo ; distress of rent of piece of ground on Fifth avenue, $321.35. 43,123—James Shannon v. Nlcholl Harly; bill for Injunction. 43,424—8. Klomp v. W, D.- Far rell ; debt, $l5O, 42,425-Potcr Uobm v. Carl Uolnrlch and Fritz Wlllig ot al.; bill. 43,426—Suppressed for Bcrvico. 43,427—Lovrie Porter v. George Southworth ; assumpsit, SSOO. 43,428.9—Appea15. 43,439 R. A. Love land ct al. v. O, Q. E. Prusfiing, petition for mechanic's Hon, $4,407.25 on Nos. 349 and 351 Wabash avenue. 43,401—Sarah v. John Jansen ; divorce on ground of aaimery, an.aox—«iuuu xx. xluuuam, David 13rad loy, and Arthur R. Briggs v. Susan E. and John P. Bols; confession of Judgment, $176. 43,433—George L. Scavey v. Melissa A. Soavoy: divorce ou tho ground of desertion. 43,434—W11fiam Scales v. William Gllky; petition for mocbonic’s lien on Lot 6 Sub-Block 3, of Ebcrhart and Weber’s Subdivision of Block 25, la Canal Trustees' Subdivision of Sec. 7, T. 39. N. It. 14, E. of 3 P. M. 43,435— Appeal. 43,430—M05es Walxel ot al. v. O. O. Dxvls and 11. O. McOlary, co partners under Arm name of Davis k McClary, The CmcuiT Court.—7,ol6—A. H. Holden ot ni. ▼. E. T. Uunshaw; confession of Judgment, $1,000.70. 7,ol6—John P. Invln ct al. v. City of Chicago, Nelson De- Goljvr, and Joseph Hubbard: billforlujunolion. 7,017 —Appeal. 7,018— Suppressed for service, 7,019’20 AppeaL 7,o2l—Joseph Becker v. Henry Hollmar; bill for mechanic's lion. 7,022 F. M. Merrill, administra tion of rotate of late.Ami; 8. Merrill v. Illinois Central Railroad Company; treepass on the case, $5,000. 7,023 —Appeal. 7,024 —L, V. Sklnklo v. Qeo. S. Kelsey and IL G. Slaymaker. EVANSTON. Tho prize debate between the Juniors and Sophomores of tho Northwestern University will take place in tho Presbyterian Church this even ing. The public are cordially invited to attend. There will bo a meeting of the members of tho Evanston Library Association at tho library rooms, at 8 o'clock on Thursday evening of this week, for the purpose of voting upon tho propo sition to turn over tho books, and other property of tho Association, to tho Directors of the Free Library of tho Village of Evanston. Tho Northwestern University is making many valuable improvements on tho land around by it in the northern portion of tho village. It is now setting out trees and opening up streets. Tho Trustees have also decided to repair and enlarge that portion of the so-called big ditch that runs through their land ; they will also tile the entire length of Chicogo avenue. Tho Trustees are fully decided to resist tho proposed taxation of their property, and will lo*ok to tho courts to protect them. NAVIGATION OF THE YELLOWSTONE. Edwirton, Dak. Ter., May 16,1673. Lieut.-Gcn.P. U, Sheridan, Chicago,'Hl.: Arrived here at 6 p. m. The expedition to Powdor Biver via tho Yellowstone was a com plete success. The stoamor Koy West—tho sec ond largest stoamor on tho Upper Missouri— wont up. to within 8 miles of tho mouth of Pow der Biver; and, if wo had hod proper appliances to havo taken out two loose rooks in tbo channel at Key West Falls,—tbo last rapids on tho river, —sho could have gone up at least 80 miles far ther. At high wator she could have gone over these rooks with case. At tho time tho expedition wont up, the spring-rise bod not occurred, and tho water was lower than at any time previous for the last throe years. Tho Yellowstone is a bettor stream to navigate than tbe Upper Mis souri abovo Buford. Geo. A, Forsyth, Major and A. D. 0. Prof. Richards and Popular Science, Before the great fire, Prof. Richards won a deserved ly high reputation in our city as an expounder of physical science. His lectures have never been equal ed here In brilliancy of Illustration, and are still re membered with delight by hundreds. Wo hope that his new -programme, for next season, will arrest tho attention of our lecture committees, and that ho will bo introduced to “ tho now Chicago" with eclat superior oven to that which greeted him In the old city, lie has a splendid list of subjects, and a magnificent apparatus for Illustrating them. Light, heat, magnetism, spoc trology, and sky-phantoms are fascinating subjects, and, in his hands, will be moro charming than fairy tales. His address Is still at Pittsfield, Mass. Spring Has dome. If you don’t bellovo It, visit Anderson’s European Hotel dining-rooms, at any hour from 6 a. m to op, m„ and see tho display of spring vegetables, straw berries and cream, spring chicken, spring lamb, now green peas, asparagus, cucumbers, etc. TUcho uro a few evidences that spring Is bore. Tho celebrated Parker House soup served to-day. Tho Best Collars, It U not neocssary at this time to go into any expla nation why the Ulmwood and Warwick collars have become such favorites. Those who havo used them have found them so pleasant to wear that they have largeftr helped tbo spread by their recommendation. The Genuine Geyser Spring Water U drawn by U Rsyaor. it both their stores, Sulla to lio Instituted Agnlnnt For* felted X*ropurty-*Tlio Ooiirt"fiooi(NO Debris—lionioiit’M 91ff WuUo>»TUo Cuiirt-BQouNo Plana—Nothing to bo Cxiioctcd Dhln Tear* A mooting of Iho Board of County Commis- Blouoro was hold yesterday afternoon, Commis sioner Miller in tlio chair. Present, Messrs. Galloway, Harris, Crawford, Jones, Singer, Hortlng, Clough, Ashton, Bussell, Lonergan, and Harrison. Tho County Attorney submitted the following, which was referred to tho Judiciary Committee ; JlrsoUcd, That tho Uonnly Collector Iks nnd ho hereby 1h minimized to institute milts for (ho nmount duo on forfeited property, pursuant to Soo, 230 of tho Ilcvouuo law. The Stale's Attorney reported that James Strotton, principal, and B. W. Kendall, security, had forfeited throe bonds for 6750 oaoh, which they now proposed to settle in part. It was re ferred to tho Judiciary Committee with power to act. Tho application of Iho American District Tolo- Sraph Company to occupy tho room next to udgo Booth's, in order to plnoo there a tele graph operator, oto., for tho purpose of notlfy ng attorneys of causes to bo called In tho vari ous Courts, was referred to tho Committee on Public Buildings. A summons from ‘William IT. Kelly, J. P., at Lomont, requiring tho Board to appear at his oflloo on the Slut Inst, to answer to tho complaint of S. L. Derby, was road, and a resolution passed directing the County Attorney to appear with the Oommlttoo on Poor-House and Paupers. Tho Judiciary Committee reported back with out recommendation tho claim of tho city au thorities for repayment of sundry expenses in curred in tho roarrest of James Brown. Tho sub ject was laid on the table. The name Committee recommended tho pay ment of tho foes claimed by tho County Clerk m insane cases to the amount of 9251.05. Tho re port was concurred In. The Building Oommlttoo reported that forty yards of stone from tho Court-House ruins had boon sold to William Sanderson for 9280. The same Committee reported on tho allega tion that Mr. Ashton hod obtained material from the old Court houso, that all tho material had not boon properly accounted for, hut from tliolr exposed condition, and tho fact that tho city was selling brick and stone from tho city por tion of tho debris, it could hardly bo doubted but that tho County had suffered some loos at tho hands of parlies unknown to tho Oommlttoo. Tho report, which thus exonerates Mr. Ashton, was agreed to. Tho Committee on tho Equalization of Taxes recommended tho payment of tho bill of tho County Clerk for 94,7G1;02 for making tho Assessor's books, and it was ordered paid. On tho recommendation of tho Committee on Poor Houso and Paupers, bills to tho amount of 91,848 wore ordered poid, 9070 for tho poor in towns outside of Chicago, 9235 for transporting paupers, and $937 for tho Poor House and In sane Asylum. Tho same Committee recommended that bills to tho amount of $1,082 bo not allowed, includ ing one of 915 for a wako at Lomont, and 9400 for other espouses in that interesting town.. Mr. Crawford asked what progress tho Court- House Committee was making. Mr. Harrison suggested that tho Committee should lot in tho competing architects to point out tho merits of their own plans, and tho de merits of others. Tho Committoo were not ex ports. Mr. Crawford thought tho Committoo woro acting rather slowly. Tho Chair asked Mr. Singer if ho had received any sleeve-buttons. Mr. Singer denied that. . Mr. Crawford believed such things woro re served for tho papers. Mr. Singer said his Committoo was not influ enced by such paltry things. Mr. Galloway said that at the last mooting of the Joint Committoo, cix plans had boon se lected, but the Committoo was not bound to them. They had agreed that it would require a police force if all tho architects woro invited at once. If they woro taken singly much time would ho required. Prob ably they would select sixteen, taking one a day, and getting bis general opinion of oil plans. It was also proposed to consult an export to see bow ho agreed with tho estimates of tho architects. Tho majority woro in favor of going slowly, and, indeed, all that could bo done this yoar v wns to lot tho contract for tho foundations. In reply to an inquiry, ho stated that each man voted for six plana at onco. They did not expect to bo limited to them. Architects and exports would bo consulted be fore they got down to three. Mr. Clough was satisfied with tho slowness of tho work. Ho thought it would not bo wise to Jtuitjr Jliom up. The Board adjourned. PERSONAL. God. Terry, U. S. A., is at tho Gardner. Ur. M. It.' Toogardon, of Itaclno, is at tho Briggs. Judge Thornton, of Sholbyvillo, is at the Sher man. A. P. Swolnford, of Marquotto, is at tbo Sher man. Dr. J. S. Ashloman and family, of Phila delphia, aro at the Gardner. James Cunningham, the carriage manufac turer of Bochostor, N. Y., is at tlio Briggs. L. S. Nlma, of Cedar Falls. lowa, tho well known insurance ogout, is at the Briggs. Col. Jaraos H. Howe, General Manager of the Northwestern Railroad, is at tho Sherman. Maj, A. A. Morideth, Superintendent of Public Property of Wisconsin, is at the Sherman. Tho Hon. 8. P. Lotfroy, Attorney of tho Wostom Union Telegraph Company, is at tho Sherman. D. L. Moody will load tho noon prayer-meet ing in tho Methodist Church Block every day this week. Samuol M. Nickerson recently sold to Joseph E. Young 150x353 foot on tho northwest corner of Sixteenth and State streets for 8200,000. Tracy W. Titus and Mrs. Gatos (Mrs. Titus now) woro at tho Gardner yesterday. They loft for Milwaukee in tho morning train. Owing to serious injuries received by being thrown upon the pommel of a saddle, Gurdoa 8. Hubbard, Br., the oldest resident of Chicago, is lying in a precarious condition at the residence of one of nis tenants, at Thornton. Hr. William Shaw, tbo photographer, desires It to bo known that it was tie, ana not a James Shaw, who applied to the Council for permission to erect a bathing establishment. Among the arrivals at the Briggs yesterday were the following: 0. Moulton, Bloomington ; F. J. Stephens and wife, Michigan City ; P. H. Woodworth, Columbus City, Ina.j William Hood, Dixon 5 J. G. Cormick, Oentralia. Among the arrivals at the Gardner yesterday were the following: James W. Harper and fam ily. Fond du Lao ; W. F. Thompson, Detroit; John Canftold, Manistee ; It. Mozloy, Fond du Lao; W. A. Jenkins, Now York; 0. W. Bogota, Philadelphia. Among the arrivals at the Matteson yesterday wore the following: John 0. Gatos, Benton, Mich.; B. H. Spencer, Bt. Louis; E. L. Abbott. New York; 0. M. Butler, Amboy, 111.; N. N. Boyington, Geo. B. Hedges and wife. Now York; J. F. Palmer and .wife, Dixon; G. B. In gles, Kalamazoo. Among the arrivals at tho Sherman yesterday wero tbo following: Edward V. Preston and family, Hartford, Conn.; Thomas Wicks, Mil waukee; S. 8. Buckton, Providence, B. 1.; Charles F. Clark and family. Boston; Charles H. Davis, Philadelphia; Samuel Tate, Jr., Memphis; E. S. Goodrich, St. Paul; W. W. Whoaton, De troit ; Louis Henry, Buffalo; D. 0. Baldwin and family, Toledo. William B. Aetor la said to own 8,000 houses in Now York City. Beecher, on route to Cincinnati, laafc week, on-, joyed a iooomotivo ricio on tho Pennsylvania Central. Col, John M. Haborloln, editor of tho Free Press, at Leavenworth, Kan., died, May 10, aged 53. Arlo Pardoo, of Luzorno County, Pa., was a Ijoor man in 1833. Ho ia now worth $20,- (00,000. President Grant expects to visit Gov. Smyth, at MaucbeHtcr, N. H., in July, ami to prolong hits trip to tho Soldiers’ Home, near Augusta, Mo. The wife of Talntor, the New York Atlantic Bank defaulter, is tho daughter of Gen. James Wilson, of Keeuo, N. 11., aud has returned to her father's. Bismarck is a groat consumer of lager beer, introducing it into his dwelling-house in small hogs, which are on tap at all hours of the day and night, and on all occasions. Tho Duke of Norfolk, who is Premier Duke and hereditary Bari Marshal of a Bo man uatuouo, agoti m ih to marry Milo. Mon talombort, daughter of tho illustrious Count. Col. Vau Zandt, 'who rend tlio poom nt tho reunion of tho Army of tho Potomac, made a happy hit in describing Don. B. I\ Bailor as ono who “caromed on Big Bothol and pooholod himself.” Thomas M. Bnrt, formerly of tho firm of CroawolljVaußontlmyHou & Burt, State Printoro, and publishers of tho Albany and, in tho lalo war, a X’aymnnlor of Volunteers, dlod, May 14, at Kludorhook, N. Y., aged 74. Tho scandalous report concerning Chovallor Lobo, tho Portuguese Minister, and his con* traotod tenancy of a boiiHo In Washington. la now elated to have originated in a refusal on his part to bo victimized by ono of tho extortionate landlords or laudlndlon who abound In tho Na tional Capital, and to whom members of tho dip lomatic corps often become an easy prey. Mormlllod, tho Archbishop recently expelled from Switzerland, has settled at Forney, Prance, In tho former roaldonoo of Mme. Dennis, tho celebrated niece of Voltaire. Ho io oald to have written to tho Popo this comment on his late and present places of labor: “ Your Holiness sent mo to Calvin; Calvin sent mo to Voltaire; I hope to inter them both.” Oakes Ames had peculiar ideas on tho subject of vacations. Ono of tho eulogists at his fu neral said that some seven years ago ho suggest ed to Mr. Amos that ho ought to tako a little rest, when ho replied that “no had taken a day once nt tho seashore, and that, ho thought, would last him for a vacation tho root of his, life.” Mr. Amos’ estate, by tho way, Is esti mated at about a million. Tho Hot. Benjamin H. Paddock, D. D., who has just boon elected Bishop of tho Protestant Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, has boon tho Hector of Grace Church, Brooklyn, siuco 1860. Dr. Paddock is tho son of tho Into Kov. S. B. Paddock, of Norwich, Conn., where ho was born. Ho was graduated at Trinity College in 1818, assumed chargo of a church in Portland, Mo., after his ordination; was Hector of his fath er’s church. Trinity, Norwich, Conn., from 1853 to 1800, ana filled tho pastorate of Christ Church, Detroit, nine years. lie was elected Missionary Bishop of Oregon by tho Houso of Bishops hi; 1803, but declined tho office. The present ap pointment, it is stated, ho is willing to aooopt. THE BILLUBD-CUE ASSAULT. Arrnipnmont of the Offender Hoforc the ]*olicc-Oo(irt«™Procarlouu Con* slltlon of tUo Victim* Yesterday morning Timothy Malouo waa brought boftfto Justice Banyon, at tho Armory I’oficoCourt, to anawor to tho chargo of commit ting an assault with a billiard ouo upon his brothor-in-law, John Murry. Tho prieonor pleaded guilty, but Ida victim being unablo to appear in court, tbo examination was continued until tho 21st inat. Tho cer tificate of Ur. Ualo, « being proaontod by Sorgt. Fitzgerald, that tbo wounded man was in a critical condition, and would prob ably dio, tbo prisoner was remanded Without ball. The assault grow out of a fight, which oc curred between tho parties, about 0 o’clock on Saturday night, in Smith’s saloon, at tho comer of Archer avenue and Garibaldi fetroot. A near relative of tho combatants appears to bave boon tho primary cause of tbo difficulty, although whisky. probably, gave thorn courage to com mence it. Tbo two mon have not boon on good terms for a couplo of years, but their hatred has occasioned only sullon looks and angry words. Tho feud which existed between them originated in alleged bigamy. Two years ago Murry, who was thou supposed to bo a single man, married Malone's sister. Boon after tho nuptials it was learned that ho was married. Tho report was not behoved by tho parties interested until tho discarded wife presented herself at tho houso of tho newly wedded couplo, and demanded their separation. They would uot separate, aud tho abused woman wont to livo on tho West Side, and, after a time, ceased to interfere with her husband. Tbo discovery of tho criminal net on tho part of his brothor-m-law so enraged Malone that ho lias not lot an opportunity pass to satisfy his anger. On Saturday night Murry and ho mot by ebanco in tho saloon referred to; Malouo and a friond wore playing 41 pigeon-hole," when Murry oniorod, accompanied by a young man named Addj’man. Tho alleged bigamist and his brother in-law exchanged sullen giaucce, and for somo time paid no attention to ono another. Liquor was freely drank, and both became somewhat noisy, and indulged in abusive epithets. Final ly Malone, referring to Murry’s two wives, said, “ You ought to livo with Bridget Young." There upon, Murry dealt him a violent blow in tho face, aud ran out tho door. Malonn bnenmo desperately enraged, and picking up a billiard cue, rushed after him, and overtook him in front of his homo No. 97 Garibaldi street. As soon as bo caught up with him, ho struck him ou the top of tho head with tho cue, which felled him to tho sidewalk. Murry, however, immediately got up, and tho two clinched and fought for somo time. When they were separated, Murry was almost unconscious. lie remained iu this con dition until Sunday afternoon, when ho became delirious. In this state no remained un til n late hour last night, and no hopes of his recovery aro now entertained. Tho skull is be lieved to bo fractured, and thoro is a gaping cut ou tbo loft side of tho head. Sorgt. O’UounoU was informed of tbo affray at an early hoar on Sunday morning, aud at onco arrested Malone, at his house, No. 95 Garibaldi street. Ho did not attempt to escape. Malouo is a plasterer, aud has borne an excellent reputation for industry and sobriety. Murry is* a laborer, aud is uot so well spokon of. THE JUBILEE BALL Tho ball which is to oloao tho festivities of Jubileo week will bo given at tho Chamber of Commerce. Tho matter camo boforo tho Direc tors and members of tho Board of Trado yester day, and tho following resolutions woro passed: Jluolved, That the request bo granted by tho con curreuco of the Chamber of Commerce and tho full Board, provided It can bo done without expense to tho Board. Jiceolved, That tho Board concur In tho propriety of allowing the hail to bo used as suggested, provided it bo not occupied longer than from 1 o’clock m tho after noon to 10 o'clock next day. Jluolved, That tho Board of Directors bo and oro hereby authorized to grant tho use of tho rooms of tho Association for tho purpose requested, on condition that tho not proceeds of tho entertainment are paid to tho Directors far the benefit of such charitable objects as they may elect. UNKNOWN SOLDIERS’ GRAVES. 2b tho Editor of The Chicago Tribune Sin : In making a record of soldiers’ graves at Bosohlll, for use on decoration days, 1 havo found the following graves of soldiors whoso names are unknown, viz.: 13 graves Taylor’s Bat tery ; 5 graves Block A, Lot No. 05 ; 13 graves Block A, Lot No. G2; 11 graves Block A, Lot No. G3 ; 3 graves Block G, Lot No. IC3. Tho total number of graves of whioh wo havo record is 382. lam informed that thoro aro many sol diers buried in lots belonging to private parties Friends of thoso persons will do mo a favor by reporting at onco tbo name, company, regiment, and date of death of suoh soldiors they know to be buried thoro. Bospoctfully, Bouebt M. Woods, Marshal. Chicago, May 10, 1873. Braining a Murderer of Six Mon and Two Women. Lakt City, fla., J lay 6, Correspondence of tha -Veto Torn World, Same wooka ago a man named Jim MoDonnell' was murdered at Molwen’sFerry, on the Sinvanoo Blvor, by a notorious outlaw and deuporado known as Ed Lawson. Hearing of tho mur der of his brother, William started out as an avenger. Accompanied by a man named Peter Hagans and a ferocious dog, bo made his way to Jlolwou'a Ferry, near which tho outlaw Lawsou lived, ana after some llttlo rocon uoitoring came upon tho object of hiirsoaroh near tho river. Lawson, divining doubtless tho

object of tho men, endeavored to escape to a neighboring hammock. But MoDonnell had provided against such a contingency, and tho dog was slipped from his leash and sot upon his human prey. There was a short, hopeless race —a desperate struggle—and tho murderer Law son was at tho mercy of tho murderer McDon nell. The fierce dog had sot his fangs in tho man’s shoulder and hold him ilrmly to the earth until tho pursuers came up. Thoro was but a slight display of etiquette when the two murderers mot. MoDonnell told Lawson that ho had come to avenge tho death of his brother, and allowed his prisoner fifteen minutes to prepare for his doom. Tho wretched culprit devoted the few moments of his life to a confes sion horrible in the extreme. lie not only ad mitted that ho had murdered tho brother of McDonnell for his money, but confessed that ho had also murdered five other men and two women for tho purpose of obtaining their money, and added that those murders had only netted him $25 all told. When Lawson was through with his confession MoDonnell placed tho muzzle of his gun to • murderer’s head and scattered his brains bi Mil over tho ground. It in slated that tho Deputy Sheriff of tfitri ('Co" luinhla) Oouuty, when ho was pursuing McDon nell to arrest him for tho muni or of the negro near thin place, followed him to tho funeral of Ills brother amt saw him there, but was afraid to arrest him. For tho truth of thin, however, your correspondent will not vouch. It is certain that McDonnell was pursued for several days, ami it is furthermore certain that his pursuers returned empty handed. It Is probable that Qov. Hart will offer another and a larger reward (or tho ar rest of this man McDonnell. _____ ROYAL MVAMMERYIF CM Official Drawing, Stay 8,1873. JVb. JYfse.lA'o. fVfo#.tA*i>. /Wtc. i A'fl. Prfte, OU:i.. fKIO, 1233.. 8300* 7KJ7 9loCo|S:Eni..t3(« 47 Ikul OIW ..MW 1 Ki11....MW 7(VH....MKte11)....M*J M m\ 6U»....MW ; tSn7....HW 70,VJ....H00|^155....i((W it - ) »,o 6ir.ii iko 7«74. t ..«r0ww7f1...,rH.0 lor, two IUW....MW im....ww 7ii-..,..mK) ; 0T,ii....r.u» Idl f-OO «178....MW, H7A....MW 7UM. ..JUKI liMUI....MM »tt m 6317. >W 1W9....AM 72.V.)., MW a«M9.,..Mi0 2D MW tilllll lKhl 1,V2....i!iW 72W, JUKJ 2.T01....f.»W sws r.w> iiuo! iuh....:wo m)..,.Ano<sai(u....iMW 412 mu 0H0....MW 10i11....MK) 7MVJ....M)(1 2.1(01....M0 4W MW SMI....MM; 171 M....MX) 74tt. (> .»M51178....MM i 4:mj Ace i?tu,„.jw» 74iu.,,.!X)0a:wi;...,w«» 405 3-.-0 11KI..CWH0 76W....8u0;25Wia....«i.« • ®:::8S BtrßCßfcß , 000 mw 0:n....«00 i is»..«.nuo 7ftW....Mi02f1;i0....!!(0 . MO MK) U7isi»....:uw 18M....M0 7MW....1UW,2i17)i5....MXJ MM MM 6707....MM 1 7tf*» ( ...MM 2MW....MM (kW MW 1W10....MM HUW....MH 77«»....!fci»a:wia..,.fiW) | m MK) 1W1.....MW 11'.W....MU 77i11....1)00 ISIMt'J....!>C • Via MM 0*21....MWi 1M1....MW 79t5.. 1 .MH1 1 21irD....1WU sia sou iai«„. t towi 1977....5wi ;-00....:w02i(M....:;u» W.HI 800 6817....500: 1HA5....wr 7n.vj....mj'5m7....«h di0....10-jo ■J(ki2....:u,‘o 7!Mi,..iw024i:»....:w) mi :too iisni....i»n ! 2MH....1HM. ;i' 101 l 300 6969,...3(H1, 3131....300 8W3....300 21148....JW1 lord rn 7(i11....300 J1M....303, 8M5....300 34174....300 1«U WO 7lC.) 1 ...:!00 3173....300 *016,...L00 31181....300 1101 300 70(6....800 2221....800' 30R2,...300 21203....300 1125 3*l 2228....8u0, H001....3W)31214....1KiJ 1133.. .1(Hh) T030....300 2250....800 8066.., ,fKjO -34377.... 800 1156.. ..6WO 7074....3JU 92iH....300,31413....500 1169 800 7(09....800 12656....500 H275....1M)24(95....300 1187 HlXl 7129....600 12661....300, 8307....300 34519....800 lUI9 800 7830!!!'.ft0O l 12699....1W0 15537!!!!nf1034G05....800l 5 537!!!!nf1034G05....800 J897 «0U 7327,...800 12744....80)18:65....800 24617....800 1483 800 7829,,,,8 iK) 1i8('8.,..JW0 1K'i78,,,.80 1 J 1 21692.,..300 1115 800 7373 ~«00 12K19....&W 186V1....WK1 31723....600 15(« 800 1603 300 7629....1W0 129.55....:W0;i«783..,.H00 1 3188l....B«0 1602 300 7349....800 1296.5....3<X1!l fc P29....800'25W , 0....1560 1619 800 7601,...800 1 12931....600,18945 ...JUKI 25095....800 1765 300 7691....800 13009,,..300 18963....W0 25 07....800 1793 800 7637....800] 13033.,..330,18997....800 25101..,.1U0 1830 600 7619..,.WM ! i:5087....300 19.HJ6....800 25201....T00 1865 800 7H.V4....300,13209... 1 8n0;i9076....8'H»24*330....8iH) IMI 800 76(V1!..,300 13233....800 19120.,.,800 25866.,,.n00 2036 300 7687....JVW;1«250....800,19176....300 25117....300 20CJ 300 7696... ,390 13266,,...800.19193.,,.8iW 3.7130. ...300 2064 1.00 77;H....8:W ISOO 192, V..,..300 25470....30(1 2UB 800 7790....300:13359,,..800 1H593....300 25601.,,.300 2118 300 7907....3Wj113374... .300 19396....300 25613....300 2159^....800 71W2...,800|13406..,.800’19514,.,.800,25723.,..800 2209 30(1 816J....800 13136....800 19269..,. 300 25903..,. 300 . 2313m.,..500 8186....800 13129...1000,19709....300,25831....300 2303 800 83.53.,..800118475.,..300,198TJ....300,25908....800 5339.„,..800 8396..,.300'13522..,.800 19H93....800 25861....8 iX) 2369.. ..300 8399.... BIX)] 18530,...800 19934..,.800125862...AH) 3390 800 8120....800 ( 13552....:«K);19959....800 26012....:i00 2536 800 8452..10000,18578....800 19963....800.2GU14..,.8u0 2573 800 Wm5|....500 13618...,3f10!21XW5....300 26071....300 2593 300 8660....300U3670....300 20006....800,86073....300 2603 800 8713....500,13677....800 20034....600,26157....800 2601 800 8717....800 137fi3....800a)045....800 26280....800 2833.. ...BDO 8720....800 13691....300 20073....600'26311....300 2708 800 8740....800 183W....80020107....300:26360....8:0 2723.. .800 8759....800 13944....300.20121....300 26113....300 2757 800 8813....800j13819... .300:20362....300 28163....800 2929 800 8930...,80U13956....3011 2U373,...8(K)29157....!!00 2849.. ...600 8839....800113990....800,20381....800 £6(»9....300 2871 300 8913....800413931....300 203*8....300 26tH3....300 2879 800 5W....300114005....800 20103....300,26753.,..300 2904.. 8969,,,1000u 1026....300 20109.26916....800 29i5 800 8972....800 U4029....300 W506....800 26Wfi....800 3010 500 88;n,...300{14099,,..5W0 i 21»f.39 1 ...300i20m...m0 3067 800 8999...,300 14121m...300'20'>47.,.,5(K1 26u15,.,.3()0 8076 800 8»16....300 mi5!....800;2055:i....300 26916....300 8077 500 8918.,..800114160^...800 20T9J1....300 26969..25000 3145 300 8919....800 14256.M..300 20661....300 26981....300 8224 800 8970....800»1431«.^..300|20678....800 27095....800 JKI9 300 8993....500 3287 800 9006....800 14513.,mJ00;20889....1W0127158....300 1016 300 9060,..,800. 14518,.!?t80020929.,..300|27176....300 3427 800 9134....800 14618...,.300 20017....800 27290....300 8493 300 «56l 500 9140....800 145-45....590 21029....800 27362....500 B*lß3. ...300 9190....800 14583....» <1 21940....300,27480....800 8912 800 9202,...300 14581....M O 2118rt....800137509....800 3377. ...300 9247....800 14614....30 0 21219....800'27572....500 8383 800 9261....300 14629....H<n i ‘J1298....800!27596....800 3899 ~..800 9318....300 14656...,8U 1,91299....800 27691....800 3916 800 9331....800 14658....»! 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(H89....800-15551...,; WO 22155....800 2681W....300 44)16 »M' 0505....8'W 15iHK)....l 00iW177....300,29013....500 5112 800 11620....3(4) 1.V4W....3 K) 22290....44W 29014....!W0 6256 300 0670....3<W;i5643. 1 ..8i.W:22299....300,29192....800 6291 800 0693....rW157(M....80 I 227154....800 29231....300 5313 300 10715....BOO! 15724....80 1 22379....500 29360....400 6379 800 10729....500115801....8tK 022399....3W 29145....300 5560 800 10777....:W0|15U58....500 W21U3....300 29167....300 5618 800 10974....300 14,D1M....300 112617....ftW 291^....800 6t726 300 10387....300;im29....500 03628....300 29526....350 6709 300 10910....:w0:16113....30t/i2%«.«....800 29559....J5W 5731 800'1U960....3‘W;16127,...50U 5'.Y4M....800,29595....800 57;n..KKKW0 H0c....800 16143..,.500 2i«01....3(w12!‘676....800 67:kl IWO 11104....600116176....800 22?45..,11W0 1 29671....r>00 6779 31KH11U....300.16258....300 22 779....300 29756....300 5870 300'1U13....:i0(U6:ai....800 21835.. .300 229791....500 59)1 BtW HI2L...:UW 1tV1t;5,...:!00121V4f8....50021)MW...J«W 5919 3CO U151....300 16160....300 21 WH....81W i’9540....5C0 6967 :«W 11225,,,.8(W| 16492,..,800 2.'{120.,..300(2907..,.800 5999 800 11228....800!16502....;nw;2.1172....600 299:13....800 COO 9 BiW 11217....800 16556,...3<W 2 )21H....!UHD29!(;56....300 (H132 :tOO 11254....300 16701....300 2 {221....300(29945....600 €137 300,11257....300116780....80ui . APPROXIMATION PRIZES! 6732 600'11792....300:26962....20J 8153....21W! 1151....2(W 6734 500 11783....800:26963....3(W ;8454....200 , 1 7129....200 6735 6<W|U784....800:26964....200 545.5....21W’ 7180.,,.200 6736 500 11785....800'26:»65....200 3456....2(H) 6787 f4X)1117bf)....300 261ki6,,..2i)0; 8137....200 5733 44Wi11787....800;26;'67..,.200, W58....200 5739 S(W 11783....800 26913....200 8459....5C0 6740 500111790....300.26970.-.200| 8460....200 Frizes cashed, orders filled. Inform itlon famished. TAYLOR A CO., Removed to No. 11 Wall-st.., Now York Cltv. SUMMER RESORT. CM SPRINGS & BATHS, HAMPSHIBE 00„ W. To. Any one In search of a really Medicinal IMlnoral Water and Hath, and, at same time, a most chaining and at trnotiro summer resort, will do wall to procure ami road our descriptive Pamphlet. Terms sls at*d $lB por week, with discount* on family bills as stated la: Pamphlet. Ap* ply by mall to FRAZIER A RALE, Propr lotors. BUSINESS CARDS. 0. H. LAWRENCE & 00., PROVISION AND PRODUJOE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, NEW ORLEANS, LA. WILLIAM A. HARRIS, Providence, R. 1., Buildiorof tbo HAERIS-OORLISS ENGINE, With Harris' Patented Improvement*. Send for Olrcu- SALVE. All flight Snivo for Hume. Roily, CORNS! SHOUT STORIES, CHOICE POEMS, ESSAYS and EDITORIALS. SORIBHER for JUKE. SCALES. FAIRBANKS' IT"?! STANDARD I, SOLLIES ■ K-' <il OP ALL SIZES. Jsgms&ilJ PATRHANKB, MOUSE&QO lit AND 113 LAKE-ST. FRACTIONAL CURRENCY. $5 Packages 03? FRACTIONAL CUBRHNCY I'OU SALE AT. TRIBUNE OFFICE. * iiDauajeiimx«i* xo» - HOOLEY’S THEATRE. j COHU’I.IiHENTAUY UHNmfIT TO CHARLES H. WILSON, Thursday Afternoon, May 22* 1873, Tendered him by tho ontlro Dramatic Profession of tho city. America's uroat Artists, i MISS LAURA KEENE AND ‘ MR. EDWIN ADAMS ■ Haro kindly consented to appear. Tho performance will commence precisely nt i o'clock p, m. AOADEMY~QF MTOia : SECOND WEEK nnd tremendous cucoors of tho GRAND THEATRE G01IQUB! OOMBINATION -38 STEONG SPECIALTY STAES. CT?’ ENTIRE CHANGE OV BILL. Prices romntn ns usual. HOOLEY’S THEATRE. BEST COMPANY IN AMERICA. Chrnt. Nov:by Wookl. Two HrlDlant Coined Ins! Mnn dry, *Vcd:iOMlny. Friday, mid Huturdny Matinee, Tom Taylor’s splendid drama VIOTIIMCSJ ‘With tho full strength of the star company In the cast. Tnnsd.iynnd Thursday Evening*, Bnrlluy Campbell's last and greatest success, HBLIOISISJ! '■ With tho powerful cast. Monday, May 26, after weeks of preparation, Till', UENTI.E SAVAQE. Splendid trans formations, gorgeous effects. MoVIOKER’S THEATRE. TUB BRILLIANT AND POPULAR ACTOR, Edwin Adams, Etoct evening unlit further notice, find SATURDAY HATENEE, In his Remit specially, founded on Tennyson's ’com, entitled ICNUOII AIIDICN, which, will ho produ ced with now nnd bountiful Scenery nnd novel Mechanical Klloots. Every-ovenlng, unlll further notice, -and at Ujo Wednes day and Saturday Ma( Jnoo, Laura Keene, AND HER COMEDY COMBINATION, In Tom Taylor’* fmnnm Ccimo'ly, OUR AMERICAN- COUSIN I (Unaltered and unabridged). LAURA KEENE a* FLORENCE TRENCH AIU), nv originally played by her over 1,000 Union in tlio United StAtos. OENTENAEY M. E. OHUEOH. litnUAllY ASSOCIATION I.ECTUItK. “Pluck vs. G-ood Luck,” BY REV. J. O. PECK, Tuesday Evening', May SO. Admission, 25 cents. Reserved seals. SO coots. For sn o at Beocbor’s, 818 W-oat Madlson-st. THIRD WEEK AND WONDERFUL SUCCESS OP VANBK. CHANGE OF PROGRAMME Monday. May 19, and every evening during tho week. LADIES’ MATINEE SATURDAY. • The Asbont of Mount Hayden, A Now Chapter of Western Discovery, hy N. P, Langford, with illustrations. See SCRIBNER for JUNE. , INMAN LINE ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS, CITY OF WASHINGTON. ...Thursday. Mny22, 2P. M. CITY OF ANTWKIIr Saturday, May 21 a P. M. CITY OF LIMERICK Thursday, May 2!‘, 8 A. M, CITY OF LONDON Saturday, May 31. 9 A. M. And each succeeding SATURDAY and THURSDAY, from Pier No. 45, North River. Cabin Plumage* 885 and 8100 Gold. Steerage, to British Ports... $30.00 Currency. Steerage, to Unrman Potts 85.00 Currency, Steerage, to Bremen or Scandinavian Ports 88.00 Currency. SIGUT DRAFTS for sale nt low rates. FRANCIS C. BROWN, General Woilorn Agent, 86 South Markot-st., Chicago, CUN&BD ML LINE. -ESTABLISHED IS4O Steam Between New York, Boston, and Liverpool FROM NEW YORK: May 17 f Russia 1, May 24 Java May 311 Cuba And from Boston every Tuesday. Cabin Pnssnoo, 980* 8100 and 9130* Gold Stoorago Passage, S3O currency. Passengers and freight booked to and from all parte or Europe ot lowest rates. Bl.htDr.n.opOg..Bri^ N. SV. oor. Clark and llandolph-ats. Itataria., Calabria, I’arthla.. nlshod. CO., r orlc City. MTIOIAL UHL Sailing from Now York for Queenstown and Liverpool every Saturday, and for London direct every fortnight. CaUa Passage SBO, S9O, and SIOO Cnrrency. Excursion Tickets at favorable rates. Intending pas* eongers should niako oarlv application for berths. BTEKKAOE, ©1*9.00 currency. Prepaid steerago tickets from Liverpool. Queenstown, Londonderry, Glasgow, Oardlil, Bristol, or London, $31.00 currency. Passengers booked to or from Gorman and Scandina vian points at low rates. Tbo Steamships of this lino are the largest in the trade. Drafts on Groat Britain. Ireland, and tlio Continent. WILLIAM MACALISTER, .. Oen’l Western Agent, Northeast corner Clark and Raudolph-sts. (opposite now Sherman House], Chicago. Bailing twice a week from Now York, and carrying pa»- imagers to all twirls of Croat Britain, Ireland, Continental Europe, and tho Mediterranean. Cabin from 466: Htour. ago, British and Irish porta oast, 830; west, $33. Conti, nuntal porta same as other regulonlocs. All payable in U. S. currency. Apply for full Information at tbo Com* paiiy's oltioos, No. 7 howling Croon, New York, and N. K. corner LaSallo and Madlson-sts., Chicago. HENDERSON BROTHERS. Agents. ‘URNS, 124 Doarhorn-st. STATE LINE STEAMSHIP COMFAHT. NEW YORK AND GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL, UEL FA ST AND LONDONDERRY. Those elegant now steamers will sail from Stato Lino Plor. Fulton Forry, Ilrooklyn, N. Y, asaafollws; PENNSYLVANIA, Wednesday, May?, GEORGIA, 3,600 tons... Wednesday, .limo4. VIRGINIA, 3,600 tons Wednesday, Juno lb. Fortnightly thereafter. AUSTIN BALDWIN i CO., a. « . AgenU.W Broadway, N. Y. Stoorago offloe, 46 Broadway, N. Y. GETTYSBUBO- FITAIYSINE WATER, The United State* Dispensatory, the authorized record ol our Materia Modloa, classes this water with tho most renowned Alkaline or Carbonated Springs of Europe. It far excels any other known in Its aolf-prosorvlna proper ties. It does not deteriorate hy bottling and keeping. It has never boon claimed (or any other mineral water tho power to dissolve tho urates, or so-called chalk formations In the body or on the limhs and Joints. This thoGottyi burg Kataiyslne Water has dono in hundreds of instances. Lout, Rheumatism, Nouraigla, Dyspepsia, Gravel, Dia betes, Kidney and Urinary Diseases gonurally havo ail yielded to Its Influence. It has restored Musoular Power to the paralytic, curod Abdominal Droosy, and glvon healthy action to tho Torpid Liver. It has cured Chronic Diarrhea. Piles, Constipation, Asthma, Ca tarrh, Diseases of the akin, General Debility and Ner vous Prostration from Mental and Physical Excess es. AO these by tbo bottled water. It is a powerful antidote for Excessive Rating or Drinking. It ttorroots the Stomach, promotes Digestion, and re lievos the Head almost Immediately. Pamphlets contain ing a history of tho Spring, reports from eminent Physi cians and medical writers, marvelous and well-attested cures, and testimonials from distinguished citizens, will bo furnished and sunt by mall on application to WUITNKY BROS., Gen’ Ag’H. • 237 South Frunt-st., Philadelphia, Pa. Iw/aV'lI? v’anSoIiAAOK, STEVBNBON h HKID. DUCK 4 KAYNltll, .mi diumllU gwunllr. AIKEN’S THEATRE, AMPHITHEATEE. <Formorly Nixon’s.) OCEAN NAVIGATION. FOE, EUROPE. "Will call from Now York as follows: GETTYSBURG WATER. mvEmdlepartdee on' Mil Spring Arrangement. Explanation of UrrEHENcn Mapra.— + Saturday «• copied. • Sunday excepted. 1 Monday excepted. I Ar rive Sunday at 8:00 ft. ui. 4 Dally, MICHIGAN CENTRAL ft GREAT WESTERN RAILROADS JJrvol, font n/' lithe it . amt foot a/, ‘ Hr.hrto(liee l WfMna!‘tl. t r.<yTHff «f Mil'll. n»i. ' " I Arrive, Mall (via main and air lino) • £:3oa »«• “ *’» J 1 '* Day Express . ' ?:00ft. m. • «rO(lp. it. Jackson Accommodation......... 4 fltJVjp, m. 41d5-On. m« Atlantic Express..... j fislßp. m. m * Nl«ht Express t*9:Coi>.ni. >*fl:3oa. ra. INDIANAPOLIS VIA I'EllU HOAD, i ~ Man »15 :M a. m.| •8:« p. m. Night Express 19:10 p.m. *6:3(»ain. OJMHD lUPIDS AND PRNTWATEn. Morning Express 0,00 a.m. 8:00 p. jtu Night Itxprtw 10:10 p.m.' *6;OQa. »u« HKNUY 0. WKNTWOftTII. General Possonaor CHICAGO & ALTON RAILROAD. Chicago, Allan it t.t, Iswli Through Line, nnrl Loulrlnna (Mo.) ntw thorl routejrom Chicago to Knmat Clio, Union l)r)iol, Weil .Vide, vriir, hri'lge. Leave, Arrive, Bt. Louis A Springfield Express, via Main I, 1nn..... • 0:15 a, m. *B:10p.m» Kansas Uiiy l'a<t Express, via Jacksonville, HI., ami Loulsl* ana, Mo. * 0:16 a. m. * 8:10 p. m. « ononn, Imcon, Washington Ex press (Western Division.) • 4:10 p. m. * 8:10 p. m» Jollnt A Dwight Aceomo'datinn. * 4:10 p, m. * OHOa. m. tit. Louis A Hprlngtluid Lightning Express, via Main Lino, ami also via Jacksonville Division....... U9:oop, ra. U7:3op.ra. Kansan City Express, via Jack, sniivlllo, 111., A Louisiana, Mo.. p. m. 417:50 a. nu JoiTnrson City Express, 1i0;OOp. ra. |47:3Da. n., Peoria, Keokuk A liurl'n Ex * 0:00 r, m. * 8:10 p. m 1i Dally, via Main Lino, and daily except Saturday, v’i Jnoksnnvilio Division. E Daily, via Alain Line, uad dally except Monday, via Jacksonville Division, CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & Si Union Depot. corner .Vitdinon noil 63 South Clark-tU, opposite Sherm Milwaukee, St. Paul ft Mlnnonp oils Day Express Milwaukee ft Ptalrlo du Ohlon Mail and Express Milwaukee. St, Paul A Mlmionp* ulfMlghl ... CHICAGO. BURLINGTON &OUINCY RAILI Dtpoh~~ fbo< qf Lnlte-d., Indiana-av., and SI: and Canal mid Sixteenth-Alt. Ticket ojßcei Jfoutf, A'o. CO Clark~el., aud at depolt, < Ottawa and Strealor Passenger. Dubuque and Sioux City Exp... Pnclllc Fast. Lino Galesburg Passenger Mondota A Ottawa Passenger... Aurora Passenger.. Aurora Passenger Aurora Passenger (Sunday) Dubuque A Sioux City Exp Paclllu Nlnht Express Downer’s Grovo Accommodation Downer’s Provo Accommodation ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. Depot foot r\f, niidj'oot of Ticenly.ateoni, 75 t’unuM)., cornar of Sladitor St. Louis Express St. Louis Fast Lino Cairo Moll Cairo Express Springfield Express Snrlnghold Express Dubuqoo ft Sioux Oily ICx Dubuque ft Sioux City Ex ••Gilman Passenger Hyde Park and Oak Woods Hyde Park and Oak Woods llydo Park and Oak Woods Ilydo Park ami Oak Woods Hydo Park and Oak Woods Ilyde Park and Oak Woods Ilydo Pork and Oak Woods Hydo Pork and Oak Woods ilydo Park and Oak Woods 'On Saturdays this train will bo run to Ch&i CHICAGO & NORTHWEST! Ticket qjfiee, 81 Weil . Paolflo Fast Line. Dubuque Day Ex. via Clinton.., Pacific Nlaht Express pubuquo Night Kx. via Clinton. FrooportftDubuquo Express..., Freeport ft Dubuquo Express..., Milwaukee Mai1..... Milwaukee Express Milwaukee Passenger Milwaukee Passenger (da11y)..,. Green Bay Express Si. Paul Express Grcou Bay Express St. Paul Express CHICAGO. ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC RAM Depot, earner of f/(irr/*oii ciiul sAfrnmu-i(». 2\ 83 Maditon-tt, Omaha,LeaTenwHhAAtcblsonEx *lU:I6a. m. * BH5p. m, Peru Accommodation * 6:00 p. in. • 9:30 a. id. N Ight liiprou lo :00 p. m. t 7:00 a. m. Leavenworth A Atchison K*proaaiilU:oo p. m. $ 7:00 a. m. LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROAD. Depot, comer Ifarrhon and Sherman-Us, Ticket ofleei, norlhxun corner Clark and liandolph-tti. , anti touihxeca corner Canal and Madhon-slt. Mail, via Air Lino and Main Lino Special Now York Kinross, via Air Lino Atlantic Express, via Air Lino.. Night Express, via Main Liao.... Elkhart Accommodation South Chicago Accommodation.. CHICAGO. DANVILLE & VINCENNES RAILROAD. Vataenger Depot at /*., C. »t SI. Louie Depot, comer q/ Cn* rial ami Kintie-ila. IVeight ami Ticket oJRee 163 \fn»hlng-ton-it, Mall • 7:*o*u. ni. Kvauavlllo A Tcrro liauto Ki..,. • 7HWI*. m. PITTSBURGH. FOR> WAYNE & CHICAGO RAILROAD; Day Express Facllio Express Fast Liao Mall Valparaiso Accommodation. .May 21 .May 28 .Judo 4 CHICAGO & PACIFIC RAILROAD. (OPEN TO HOBEU.E.) Depot comer llaliled and A'ur/A Jlrnnch->lt, General oSlee Id Metropolitan liloek, corner Ilandolph nml LaSalle-if. Rosalia Accommodation Hirer Park Accommodation. River Park Accommodation. CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS & CINCINNATI LINE. VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. From Great Central Jiailroati Depot, foot For through ticket! and tleeping-car berths an; ojtiee, 75 Canal-tl., corner JluJiton; 120 U’a alto foot of 2'uenty-iecond'tt, Leave Chicago Arrive at Indianapolis ...... Arrive at Cincinnati Only lino running Saturday night train to Cincinnati. Pullman elcoporaon night trains. COAL. Coal Reduced. Wo aoll Lackawanna at $10; Briar Hill, Kirkland Grata. Wabash, and Illinois Goal, and all kinds of Wood at corresponding rates, O. H. DYER & GO., Wabash-ay. and Madison-st. HOW TO CATCH A CANARY, In tho Now Funny Department of SCRIBNER for JUNE. MEDICAL CARDS. DU. C. BIGELOW CONFIDENTIAL PHYSICIAN, 4U State-at., Chicago, Itiawell known by nil readers of tbo papers, flint Dr. O. Bigelow is tho oldest established physician in Chicago, Science and experience have made Dr. It. the most re. nownod SPECIALIST of the ago. honored by the press, esteemed of tho highest medical attainments by all the medical Institutes of Iho day, having devoted TWENTY YEARS OF IIIS LIFE In perfect mg remedies that, will cure positively all cases of CHRONIC AND SPECIAL DISEASES In both sexes. CONSULTATION FREE. SEPARATE PARLORS for Indlosand gentlemen. Call. CORRESPONDENCE CONFIDENTIAL. Addvcsa all letters, with stamps, to Dr. O. BIGELOW, No. 4(H Htato-at. NO CUKIO! NO PAY!! 360 South Clark-st., Chicago, May bo confidentially consulted, personally or by mail, froo of clmruu, on all ohronlu or nervous disoasoa.. I)U. J. KEAN la tho only physician In tho city who wac nnU euros or no pay. , ... Groon Hook sent fur CO cent*. Illmlratod with numor* oua flpomicraviuga. IDSEL. S'H’OKTDES, OonfldontialPhysiolaD, 112 W.Madison-at.j Chicago, HI, | (A regular graduate in medicine) ourua ull chroulo aud '•Hnoolnl Diseases,” of bolli Boxes, «t reasonable prices, Idudlcinoa furnished. Nomoronryusod. Consultation free, personally or by mail. L’nroß guaranteed. All “fomnlodlf lioultlos "treated with safety and success. Ulroularsfroe. 183 SOUTH OLAIIK-ST., Continues to utiro nil Chronic, Nurvoua, and Urinary Diseases of both fluxes, and may bo ountidontially con* suited. personally or by mall, freu of charge. Female dllllcuUles treated with safety nml success. Ilia Medical Treatise to ladles and gentlemen aont froo. BARLOW’S INDIGO BLUE IN(?0LOT \lKH > arl * fl *° * Q ,nar kot for DLUK* The genuine ha’s both Harlow’s and Wlltborgor’s name# on tho label, and la put up at Wlllborgor’a Drug Store, No. Slid North becoml-st,, Philadelphia. D. a. WILTUIsKUBB, Proprietor. I2T tor Bale by Grocer# and Druggist#. ULWAY. r. PAUL BAI CmnUnls.i ' inn Jfoute, at Ticket o#f| rulai Defx)l, Arrite, Leave. 7:20 a. m. * 0:00 a. tn. ■lltMa. m. * 4:30 p, ra. tOiOO p. tn. * 6:00 p. tn. .ROAD. Ixittnlh » in Hriggi Arrive. Ira re. 4.1 A fi. m. 8:00 p. in. 2:18 p. m. l , 8:15 p. ra. 8:00 p. mj 9;55a. m 8:IAa. m. B:Ma. m. 9:65 a. in, 7:00 a. m. 6:00 a. mj! 5:Wp. ra. 7:18 a. m. • 7:45 a. m. 7:45 a. m. • 9:16 a. m. *lO:iK)a. in. • 0:15 p. m. • 4:30 p. ni. * 1:15 p. m. * 0:30 p. m. 1.00 p. m. + 0-oop. m. 11l six) p. in. •11:00 a. m. * 6:15 p. m. nrl*«r. Ticket Leave, Arrive. • 7:30 a. m. t 8:15 p. m, 4 7:B0a. in. t 8:15 p. m. • 7:30 a. m. t 8:15 p. m. 4 9:16 a. m. t 9:lWp. m. • 5:15 p. ra. • 6:10 a. m. • 7:10 a. m. fi fl:00a. m. tl2:lUp, ra, • 8:00 p. nt. • 4:30 p. m. • 6:15 p. m. , * 6:l0p. m. . *ll:00p. m. * 9:00 p. ra. * 7:55 a. m. * 9:00 p. tn. * 7:65 a. m. * 9:00p, m. * 7:55 a. m. * 2:00 p. m. * 7:00 a. m. * 9:00 a. in. * 6:43 a. m. * 7:46 a. m. * 8:40 a. ra. * 9:00 a. ra. 310:30 a. m. I 1:45 p. mj * 6:50 p.m. * 8:65 p. ra. * 7:35 p. ra. irapalga. 10AD. FERN RAILRI .U(i(R«on^(, Leave, Arrive. *10:15 a. in. 10:15 a. iu. tlO:lfi p. m. 10:15 p. in. *9:15 a. ra. * 9:15 p. m. * 8:00 a. m. * 9:30 a. m, * 6:00 p. m. {ll:00p. m. • 3:46 p. m. 8:45 p. m. 16:30 a. ra. 8:30 a. ra. • 2:00 p. m*. • 7:00 a. m. *10:16 n. in. • 4:00p, m. • 7:40 p. m. 5 5:00 a. in. • 7:16 p. ra. 6.00 p, m, • 6:50 a. ra. t 6:50 a. m. 9:40 a. m. •10:10 a. ra. * 9:09 p. m. 19:30 p. m. ILROAD. Viektt o.fiee, Arrive, Leave. | Arnre. Arrive, 6:40 a. m. * 9:20 p. XOt 8:00 p. ra. 8:00 a. m> ’iC :30 ft. m. ‘10:10 ft, m. 1:60 p. m. * 9:00 a. ni. * 6:15 p. m. 'tfliOOp.m. * 3:10 p. m. 13:00 m. Arrive. * 1:10 p. m. j 7:30 a. tu. Arrive. Ltave, : 7:30 p. ra. ■ 6:3Uu. m. [•*8:00 a. ra. 1 6:10 p. in. ' 8:50 a. ra. • 9:00 a. m. ± {5:10 p. m. i t*9:oop. m. +' • 4:55 a. id. * • B:4Up. m. * Leave, Arrive, 5:00 p.m. 0:10 a.m. 6:15 a.ra. 10:Bla.ra. B;3op.ra. 7:21 p.m. THROUGH of Zake-tl. ?p[y at Ticket uhingtonM.i 4 8:00 p. m. 5 3:50 a. ra. } 9:16 a. tn. * 8:00 a. m. * 4:20 p. m. * 0:30 p. m. Dr. Kean,

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