Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 20, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 20, 1873 Page 5
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. t E THE COUNCIL Various Propositions to Amend • the 11 O’clock Ordi nance. petitions from Saloon-Keepers to Ex tend the Time from II to 12, Resolutions Favoring the Use of Oil in Streets Not Lighted by Gas. The Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad Or dinance Defeated, Reconsidered, and Recommitted. Another Scheme for the Selection of a City-Hall X*lnn» A regular mooting of tho Council was hold yesterday evening, Aid. Dixon in tho chair. Present, Aid. Bowen, Bichardson, Dixon, War ren, MoGennies, Cooy, MoAvoy, faldwoll, Slone, Dickering, Tracey, Schmitz, Cullorton, Mo- Clowry, dowry, Bailey, Powell, O’Brien, Clark, Bwcot, Kohoo, Heath, Minor, Cleveland, Quirk, McGrath, Eckbordt, Mabr, Longoohor, Sohoft- Her, Carney, Cannon, Ogdon, Brandt, Woodman, Corcoran. PETITIONS. Petitions woro presented and referred for %ater-pipo on Hubbard street, botwcon Oakley and Western avonuos; for opening Hinadolo Btreot; for water-main on Coolldgo street; for W sewer on Division atroot, from • Milwau kee avonuo to Lincoln Btreot; for a sidewalk on feoboy street, between Peterson street and Arml tago rood; from Lotz & Sons, for payment for work done on tho old Court-House; for a sido avaik on tho west sido of Oakloy atroot, near Fourth, and on Edgar, Commercial, Btrcots; for tho improvement of Stewart ave nue, from Twelfth to Meagher etroots. ORDERS. Tho Board of Public Works was ordered to lafeo all necessary stops to widen and improve West Twonty-aocoud etreot, from tho nvor to Ashland avonuo; to compel tho Northwestern Bond to plnco n flagman at Market street; to caneo all dead trees in tho burnt district which aro dangerous to pedou trians to bo cut down and removed; to build a kidewalk on tbo north sido of Indiana street, be tween Desplaluos and Jefferson. Tho Board of Police Comnnsßlonora ms or dered to station a policeman at tho crossings of tho Chicago, Burlington & Quincy mid Chicago A Northwestern Bunds at tbo intersection of Blue Island avonuo and Sixteenth street. LIGHTING THE STREETS. Aid. Eokhardt offered the following, which was Adopted: Whereas, The lighting of tho city with goa costa at present about $400,000 a year; and Whereas, A largo portion of this amount Is collect ed from tho poorer class of our citizens, who uujoy no benefit therefrom; nml Whereas, Tho city authoritlcß have no power to compel the prosout gas companies to lay gas-mains in any of tho streets of tho city j therefore. itoofmf, That tho Board of Public Works bo In structed to report some feasible plan for lighting tho ■{roots In tho settled parts of this city with oil, and es timates for tho probable cost. SEWERAGE. Aid. Cullorton offered tbo following, which Was adopted; Wiiebeab, A great ncccsalty orials for tbo extension Of sewerage; and Wuebbas, Under tbo present system of raising money for sowerago purposes, it will bo impossible to construct sewers in proportion to tbo growth of tbo oily, Resolved, That tbo Corporation* Counsel Inform tbo Council whether or not, under tbo provisions of tbo •ct passed by tbo Legislature, at Us past session, en titled “An act in regard to tbo assessment of property and tbo levy and collection of taxes by incorporated cities m this State,” this Council has tbo right to lovy a tax greater than ono mill on tbo dolkr Jor sowerago purposes. LEAVE OP ABSENCE. Aid. Corcoran was granted leave of absence to >0 to Italy. ~, , Tbo Board of Education was requested to closo the schools on Decoration Day. THE ELEVEN O'CLOCK ORDINANCE. Aid. Cullortou offered the following ordi nance, which was referred to the Judiciary Com mittee : That any person who shall keep open any saloon, bar-room, or tlppling-houso during tho night time, after 12 o’clock p. ni., whuff bo subject toaflno of not loss than S2O and not more than SIOO for each offense. The Alderman who offered it aaid ho was glad bo was in Chapin A Gore's tho other evening when an arrest had boon made, since it hod given him an opportunity of seeing tho workings of the 11 o’clock ordinance. It hod boon got ten up to close tho break o’ day houses } at least those wore the reasons alleged. Now, from bis own experience, ho would say, having walked down State street to Archer avenue, that ho had found fourteen of such houses open with a little white muslin around tho bar, and a sign of “No liquor sold.” Ho wont in to tost the matter, and asked for a drink. Tho man said some policemen wore opposite, but ho guessed bo could manage it. lie wont behind the bar. put some whisky in a couple of tumblers, and put them into a cigar-box, and brought them Into tho hack room. Ho said ho had to do it, for all tho others did tho same thing. Tho or dinance just submitted covered tho whole ground, since it compelled them to close their bouses at 12. Aid. Woodman presented a petition of saloon keepers, praying the change of the hour from 11 to 12, and also tho following resolution: Whereas, Tho ordinance ordering tho closing of all Saloons for tho sale of liquor at 11 o’clock seems to meet with opposition by nearly all tho beat-kept saloons In the city, ns an hour too early for tho closing of their places of business; nud Wherkas, Tho proprietors of all tho bolter class of drinking places are willing to close at 12 o’clock; there fore, Reaolred, That it Is tho opinion of this Council that tho hour for closing should bo changed from 11 to 12 o’clock, and that tho ordinance should ho amended so as to read 12 o'clock, instead of 11. Ha moved tho question on tho passage of tho resolution,, to test tho sonso of tho Council. Ho thought 11 o’clock too onrly. Aid. Schaffnor favored a reference to tho Ju diciary Committee. He had favored the 11 o'clock ordinance to shut up tho break o' day bouses. The police eoeraed to bo discriminating against tho hotels and tho decent saloons, while U had been understood they wore not to bo in terfered with. , The matter was referred to tbo Judiciary Com mittee. Aid. McGrath offered an ordinance relative to liquor licenses, changing tho present law in two respects, ’by providing that saloons shall bo closed from 12 o’clock Saturday night to 1 o’clock Sunday, and that no license shall bo granted ex cept to persons who oqq furnish sufficient evi dence of good behavior. It was referred to tho Judiciary Committee. STREET IMPROVEMEKTH. The Board of Public Works submitted ordin ances for paving Fifth avenue from Van Buron street :for widening the north aud south alloy from Dlackhawk north; for extending Lar raboe street from Chicago avenue to Erie street; lor opening the alloy from Twenty-third to Twenty-fourth streets, between Indiana and Prairie avenues { for opening the alloy from Twenty-second to Twenty-third streets, between Bliohigan and Indiana avenues. They wore all passed except the one for pav ing Fifth avenue, which was referred. TUI MILWAUKEE * ST. PAUL, The ordinance giving to this Hoad tbo right of xity across certain streets was taken up and de feated, yeas, 11 j nays, 21, as follows : Yea»— Dixon, McGeuuiaa, McAvoy, Oullerlon, Dailey, Powell, O’Brien, Head, Miner, Longaclicr, and Wood owon, Richardson, Warren, Coey, Sldwell, Btouo, Pickering, Tracey. Hcumltz, McOlowry. dowry, Clark, Sweet, Kuboo, Cleveland, Quirk, hcklianlt. Mahr, ScUail'ner, Carney, Cannon, Ogden, Brandt, and Concoran.—2i. Aid. Cullorton moved a reconsideration. Tbo motion was agreed to—yeas, 27 5 nays, 9. Aid. McGrath moved to postpone for two Weeks. Tbo railroad company was willing. It was arbitrating Aid. Konoo r a claims, which it agreed wore just, and did not want tbo ordinance passed. Aid. Boliaffnor wanted tbo whole thing recom mitted, to consider tbo interests of tiio peopio living near tbo West Bldo parks. It ran near Humooldt Park, and should bo required to make Borne provision for the accommodation of peopio wishing to go there. Tbo Company bad boon requested tolnilld a depot there, but refused. Aid. Richardson moved to postpone tba sub loot till December, since tho road, having agreed to pool its earnings with tbo Northwestern, do peiwd no favors, mid was not & oomoetbiK road. Aid. McGrath did not coo that tho reason given amounted to anything, for tho road was already in tho oitv. Aid. MoAvoy also opposed Indefinite postpone ment. , Aldi Bowcll favored tho motion, since thoro vraa at prosont no legislation compelling roads to K land-owners for land damages other than ng tho land. Where a track won laid in a street tho owner of tho abutting property could not recover. Aid. McGrath admitted that tho provisions in Hio railroad ordinances providing for such dam ages wore worthless. Tho Milwaukee & tit. Paul Hoad damaged no ono in that way in that part of tho city covered hy tho ordinance. Aid. Hlohnrdson Insisted that tho St. Paul R< ' ioftd would bo au injury to tho city, and would livort freight to Mihvaukoo. Aid. Schaffnor again urged the advisability of using tho opportunity to force tho road to make Humboldt Park accessible. Aid. Richardson withdrew his motion. Aid. McOonnlas thought it now for tho Council to dictate to a road whoro its depot should be. Tho motion to recommit to tho Committee on Streets and Alloys, West Division, prevailed,— yens, 25 ; nays, 11. Tho ordinance for tho prevention of cruelty to animals was taken up. Tho amendment to prevent overloading street ears, which tho Committee on tho Judiciary rec ommended bo not adopted, ilrst camo up, but was not acted upon. Aid. McAvoy moved to strike out that part prohibiting all persons under It from working, or being present, in any slaughter-house. Aid. McGrath favored tho amendment, not seeing whoro tho city got . any power to regulate tho way in which parents should employ their children. Tho whole subject was filed. THE COURT-HOUSE PLANS. Aid. McGrath offered tho following, which was road and referred to tho Committoo on Public Buildings: Whereas, There being no doubt that tbo Committoo on Public Buildings bns proved Itself to be utterly un able of judging as to the merits or demerits of tho Slans submitted for tho now Court-House ami City [all about to bo erected; and, Whereas, Thn tax-payors who hoar all sorts of ru mors upon every street corner, about rings, &0,, being formed in favor of certain plans, regardless of merit, have come to tbo conclusion that Justice will not bo done either to (hem or to tho architects who have la bored throe or four months, in arduous study, and ex pended largo sums of money, believing that merit would bo duly appreciated and rewarded; and Whereas, Believing that all such accusations of cor ruption by said Committee are false; but that they have unintentionally erred in their Judgment in tho selection of inferior plans, and rejection of some of tho best, was duo to the want of knowledge of orchitcclure and experience in tho construction of pub lic buildings: therefore, to obviate tho repetition of such error, which'ls sure to ho committed again, if loft Lu tho bauds of any except experts, be it JlcsolveJ, That ills lluuor tho Mayor ho, and ho hereby is, authorized to ongngo three architects, ouo from Now York Cily, one from Philadelphia, and one from Baltimore, to come to this city to select the throe best iilans out of tho whole number submitted, and shall classify them " A.” ** B.” oud •• 0,” tho ono marked “ A " to bo considered tho best, oud to ho en titled to tho first prize, " B ” the second, and “ O ” the third prize ; and bo it further JlMotved, That said architects, before leaving thoir respective cities, will alllrm upon oath that they know none of tho plans or authors of plans submitted, and that they have no interest directly or indirectly in any of thorn, and that they will not listen to any person or Ecraoua of anything relating to said plans, until they avo thoroughly examined them, ana given their final decision in writing, which decision is to bo accepted as final, provided it be signed by at least two of such architects. j, Tbo Council adjourned. THE CITY IN BRIEF. Tho Firemen's Benevolent Association mot last evening, and ro-olcctod tho old olllcers.. During tho yoar ending May 1, 373 children had boon picked up on tho streets and brought to tho Armory Police Station. Thoro will bo a meeting of tho Decoration Gommittop at tho Gardner House at. 8 o'clock this evening. Every member is requested to bo present. The second promenade concert of the Social Benevolent Oiub will bo given this evening at Central Hall, corner of Wabash avouuo and Twenty-second street. Tbo members of tbo General Committee bay ing charge of tbo banquet on Queen Victoria's birthday are requested to meet this evening at Charles Korns’, Monroe street, near LaSalle, to perfect arrangements. The case of John Keefe, who was tbo principal in tbo stabbing affray on Wright street, on Sun day evening, was continued by Justice Scully, yesterday morning, until next Saturday, in bail of SI,OOO. Mrs. L. A. Conklin, of No. C 94 Wabash avenue, wishes it to bo understood that slio docs not owe S3OO rent, as stated to a Tribune reporter by ono Fetor Martin, and that she can show receipts for ront up to tbo Ist Inst. Tbo boot and shoo store of Patrick Hinoguo, No. 95 North Wolls street, was entered by thieves, on Sunday night, through a side window. About $2,000 worth of slock was taken. Ellon Larson, who stabbed her husband on Carroll street, Saturday night, was before Justice Scully yesterday morning. Tho case was continued until tho 28tu, in SIO,OOO bail. Larson revived on Saturday night, and is now believed to bo out of danger. On Sunday afternoon tho residence of Mark Anthony, No. 719 South Jefferson ntvest, was en tered by burglars. The family wore absent at tho limo, and every room in tho house was searched. The thieves secured SOO in currency and about SIOO worth of sllvcr-waro and cloth tag. During tho absence of Mayor Modill, in Can ton, 0., his oflico is undergoing a much-needed cleansing process. Tho hundred various visitors who called there yesterday were saluted with a coatful of caloimiuing, and woro directed to tho City Treasurer’s office, whither Mr. White has moved his desk. Mrs. Russell, residing in tho roar of No. 108 North Desplaluee atroot, died very suddenly yea torday morning. She was taken sick soon after arising, and, seeming to anticipate death, sent for Dr. McCoullargli, but died before ho arrived. Bho was 54 years of ago, and had lived in a some what impoverished condition for somo time. Her husband is employed ou a propeller. Tho Milwaukee Sentinel says t “Tho libelous and licentious character of tuo Chicago 2 x imcs is a scandal to journalism, and, if tho laws of Illi nois wore effectual, it would ho forthwith sup pressed on tho score of indecency.” This just estimate was brought out by tho tolographio an nouncement of the expulsion of ouo of tho Times' ungodly employes from Trinity Episcopal Church, ou Sunday last. A mooting of tho Committee on Streets and Alloys of tho West Division was hold yesterday afternoon, Alderman Cullorton in tho Chair. There woro also present Aldermen Moore, Heath, Kohoo, ana Eckhardt. Tho object of tho meeting was to consider tho petition of property-owners for tho extension of Milwaukee avenue. Tho matter was discussed informally, and postponed for two wooks. Bids woro received yesterday for trenching and back-filling for water-pipes to ho laid on Ambrose, between Wood and Robey streets. This pipe must bo laid in rock. James Kincado bids $1.93 per lineal foot, and Charles Gladding bids $4 a lineal foot. Tho ordinary cost of lay ing this pipe during the year is lOjtf cents a lin eal foot. On this street the rook crons out to tho surface and must bo blasted. This shows tho economy of clay foundation. James J. Gore, of Chapin A Goro, with his six bartenders, woro brought before Justice Banyan, yesterday afternoon, for tbo several offenses they committed on Saturday night, in violating the 11 o'clock law. Gore was fined S3O and costs. With regard to his servants, tho august Justice was not ready to pass judgment, and took their cases under advisement until nest Wednesday. D. Rottlck and James M. Barton, arraigned for a similar offense, got off on tho plea of irregular timepieces. Ford Smith, of tho Central Billiard Hall, escaped by showing that no liquor was sold from his bar after 11 o'clock. A daring robbery was committed on yesterday morning, about U o’clock, at the bouse of Will iam Slobort, No. OU Centro avenue. Two won entered tho bouse, by a roar window, and pro ceeded at onco to tbo slooplng-room of Mr, Slo bort. That gentleman being absent from tbo city, tbo room waa occupied only by bis wife. They aroused bor by roughly shaking her, aud'tbon, bolding a revolver at bor bead, tboy demanded that she give up all the money in tbo house). Tbo torrillod woman banded them tbo keys to a drawer which contained s2l. This money was taken, together with a fow articles of josvolry, of nominal valuo. Tbo thieves thou departed, apparently eaUsllod with thoir night’s work. Tboy could not be idoutilied, as they woro masks. OaICOH Aiiicn’ AVIII* Boston. May 19.—The will of Oakoa Atom wne admitted to probate on Saturday. The witnesses aro Mosoh Dillon, N. G. Ordway, and Philotus Sawyor. The boquobta aro as follows: To Ida wifo, Evoliuo 0. Ames, SIOO,OOO, all tho house hold furniture, horses and carriages, and tho use of his dwelling-house during hor Ufothne; to hie daughter, Hunan E. French, $3,000 a year during THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNETUESDAY, MAY g». tail her life | to each grandson now or horo&ftor to ho bom, $20,000 s to each granddaughter, $20,- 000} to Ida son Frank M. Amos, all his interest in tho Kinsley Iron and Machine Company, and in tho houses, lands, and buildings bought or received from tho estate of Lyman Klneloy In Onuton ; to bln sons Oaken A. and Oliver Amos, nil his rent ostntu in Canton, Braintree, and West Bridgwater, with all tho machinery, toots, and fixtures pertaining to, or that aro In any way connected with the nhovcl bunlnonn. An Income of $130,000 from 7 per cent railroad bonds 1b to bo used for tho nupport of schools in District No. 7in North Easton. All tho remain der in to bo divided among his sons Oakes A., Oliver, and Trank M. Ames, and Oakes A. and Oliver Amos, his sone, are appointed his execu tors. IRON-MANUFACTURE. Vho Production of Ralls in the Pnitod Staten* From the llullctin 0/the American Iron and Steel /!«• fioitoituti, The total number of not tons df raila made in tlio United Stales in 1872, ns reported to tlio ofllco of tlio American Iron ami Stool AHHoointion by tlio makers, is 041,01)2. or 841,004 gross tons. Tliio nggregnto was produced hi tlio following Slates, tlio production of each of 'which In 1872 is given in comparison with tho production in 1871: Pennsylvania. Ohio Illinois Now York Wisconsin Massachusetts, Maryland Indiana West Virginia. Missouri...... Tennessee..... Maiuo jllchlnau... Now Jersey Georgia ... Kentucky... Total. This Aggregate of production includes only such rails ns were miulo for tbo use of freight and passenger railways, and excludes 15,000 tons of street roils and all mining rails made during tbo year. More mining rails aro made by bar mills than by rail-mills, and they aro generally classified ns bar-iron \ houco tbo Impossibility of ascertaining exactly tho production of this class of rails in any year. Woro tbo fact otherwise, however, wo but follow tbo precedent of this office in excluding from our statistics of rails ouy estimate of tho production of mining rails, as well as tho ascertained production of Btroot By tula table it will bo observed that in 1872 Pennsylvania made 419,529 tons, 0r44)-£ per cent of tbo wliolo. Ohio comes second in tho list, taking the place which Illinois bold in 1871. Illinois is tbo third Slnto in tbo list, and Now York tbo fourth. In the pro duction of atcol rails tbo relative position of those four groat iron-produebig States is almost tho same—Pennsylvania producing 38,403 tons; Ohio. 22,000 tons; Illinois, 15.930 tons; and Now York, 17,077 tons. No other States made Bessemer roils in 1872. Tho largest pro duction of both iron and steel rails by a single mill must bo credited to tho Cambria Ironworks, at Johnstown. Pa., which made a total of 81,000 not tons. This magifleout result was accom plished during a year in which tho larger part of tbo works was destroyed by firo—a calamity which it is proper to state, however, was almost immediately overcome by tho extraordinary en ergy and resources ofitbo Company. Tbo following tablo exhibits tbo growth of tho homo production, importation, and consumption of rails in tbo United States from 1849 to 1872, inclusive, together with tho growth of tho rail way system of tho couutry during tho same period: fjls inE leas' -sss 2 -SSa T'.m. |- q ~ S- |p| : 3 || Fa’ll :5| : ||i - :8 T :IS : S-Sl 1849 2-1.318 09,103 93.481 1,309 1850 44,083 159,080 293,103 1,050 1851 .. 60,093 220,350 270,933 1,001 1852 02,478 204,750 357,228 1,920 1853 87,801 358,794 440,658 2,452 1851 108,010 339,439 447,453 1,300 1855 138,074 153,010 201,603 1,054 1850 180,018 180,691 300,012 3,013 1857 101,918 215,100 377,034 2,401 1838 103,712 00,804 25-1,000 3/460 1859 195,454 83,058 270,412 1,821 18d0 205,038 140,010 331,618 1,846 180] 187,818 89,388 277,200 621 lac-J 213,012 10,180 224,098 864 1803 275,768 20,606 290,274 1,050 1801 335,309 142,457 477,826 738 1805 350,292 63,327 419,819 1,277 18Q0 430,778 117,878 648,656 1,832 1801 462,108 184,840 640,940 9,9*7 1808 600,714 300,100 800,874 3,033 1809 693,590 340,500 930,080 4,077 1870 020.000 472,403 1,092,403 0,146 1871 ’ 776,733 500,202 1,341,935 7,453 1872..... 941,092 630,850 1,472,842 0,043 “ "Tl * 'oil 18' Tho production of mils in 1871 in tUo Uuitou States was 776,733 not tons; in 1872 it was 911.992 tons. Increase, 100,259 tons, 0r21% per cent. The importation of foreign mile in 1871 was 606,202 not tons 5 in 1872 it was 630,850 tons. Decreoso, 35,352 tons, or 0% per cent. Tho not gain of tho Araoricftu railmakor in 1872 ovor his foreign rival was, therefore, 201,611 not tons. Of tho total production of 911,992 not tons of rails in 1872, 91,070 tono wore Bessemer steel rails. In 1871 there were produced 60,012 not tons of stool and stool-headed rails.* Increase. 34,023 tons, or 66% per cent. Of tho 530,850 not tons of rads imported in 1872, 119,780 tons wore stool tails. In 1871 it is estimated that there were imported 83,837 not tons of steel rails. In crease, 05,889 tons, or 78% per cent. It will bo aeon that, while tho importation of rails of all kinds was 35,852 not tons loss in 1872 than in 1871, tho importation of stool rails in creased 05,889 tons. Tho reduction iu tho im portation of all iron rails was, therefore, 101,241 tons. ' _ .. Tho total consumption of iron and stool rails in 1871 was 1,3-11,935 not tons; in 1872 it was 1,472,812 tons. Increase; 130,907 tons. This in creased consumption was more than equaled by tho increased production of American mills, which was 1GG.259 tons, as above stated. The importation in 1872 of old rails for ro manufacturo is carefully estimated ab 170,000 gross tons. Tho customs regulations do not sep arate old rails from scran iron; honco tho ne cessity of estimating tho quantity of each im ported. Tho total importation of old scrap iron in 1872 was 248,444 gross tons, valued at $7,6X7,- 4(13, gold, of which Great Britain sent 108,181 tons, valued at $3,203,740. In 1871 Groat Britain sent us 189,812 tons, valued at 83,255,349. During tho year ended Deo. 31, 1872, the ag gregate value of tho imports of iron and steel manufactures thereof, as officially reported to this office by the Hou. Edward Young, Chief of tho Bureau of Statistics, Treasury Department, was $00,576,514, gold, of which $22,705,025 represents the value of now iron and stool rail road bars—sl4,4oß,ol2 of iron, and $8,207,013 of During tho ton months ended Oct. 31, 1871, the exports from the United States of American railroad bars and rails was 030 hot tons; during tho same period of 1872 tho export was 740 tons. Increase, 120 per cent. Those figures of our ex port trade are comparatively unimportant, but they show progress m tho right direction. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. Now York Financial News. New Youk, May 19.—Money waa more active at 6®7 per cent, gold, the latter rate before the close of bank hours, after whilch there was a fall to 600. Sterling was dull at 1090109# for 00 days, 1100 110# for sight, and 11O#0HO# for G&blo transfers. Gold was etoady !u the forenoon, but weaker In the afternoon at a range of 117*40118)$, closing ot 117#0 117)$. Loans 6®7 per cent. Clearings $79,000,000. Treasury disbursement#, $161,800. Cusloma receipts, $348,000. . _ Oovcrnmonts were quiet and firm. The Germans wore buyers to-day. State bona auiut. . , ~ x _. Stocks opened alroug at an advance of #®l per cent, but the Improvement was Boon lost, and there after the market waa alternately steady and weak, but fcuctttlly dull. The leading feature waa I’acillo Mall. Uu transfer books of which, for annual election, closed to-day. The stock waa worth 3-lfl per day, at ono time, for borrowing, Tho market closed dull, but steady. The chief tluctuatlons wore: Pacific, 47#, 47*/, 45,40,45#, 40#, 45# ; Panama. 119#, HI J Erie, fl'Lfll#, 09#, 61#, 09# J Western Union, 80#, 80#, 85*$. 85; St. Paul, 64&, 65#, 54#; C.,0. Si I. C., 00# 30, 30#, 30#; Chios, 49#, 41#,42; New York Central! 100#, 100#, 100#, 100# ; Lake Shore. 00#, 00#; Hock Island, 103#', 108#, 108; Union Pacific, 31#, 30#, 30#, 30#. Sterling, 109. aovemtMENT bonds, Coupons, ’Bl 15W Coupons ’C7 120?^ 6.20b of *62 UCJ.{ Coupons, 'CB 11H?* Coupons, '(31..... ..llOif Now 9s IH'tf Coupons,'6s . ......U7?i KMOfl lUif Coupons, r O3 (now).. Currency Cs. 116J* imuho BTITB MlsßOurls Tutiueeseca, old Bl'i TnnuoMoeß, uow Vlrainlai, CO fitOOKB, BOMDB. (Virginias, old .60 North Ciirollnaa, olrt.,M North Oarolluuß, now. 10 St rauli)fd. Wabash.... ,100 I till I Canton IVoiern Union, QukkVuvcr.'....'.*,.. WKI Watasbtf«l..V j»’ A«lums Express 05>tf ioxi Wayue 03, Wells Farao R0 Terra Haute 10 American Express... 07 y, Terre Haute pfd 40 uStSsutaaßs.... «» OWcago ji Ajlw f ....}oJ raclflo Mail CUicauo U Alton nfd. 113 Now York Central. Erin JWtf Krlopfd 71 Harlem .....ijojtf Harlem pfd,.........120 Michigan Central.... 10* M Northwestern 70 Northwestern pM.... B*>)4 Rock Irinud.. .......188 N. J. Contra! W* Ht.Paul, Wi Liverpool, May 10—12 m.—Broadsuflfs unchanged. Flour, 28s od, Wheat—Winter, 12a 2d; spring, 11s 4cl (312s 4d: while, 13a 3d®l2s 4d ; club, 12a Oil. Corn, 27s (Id. pork, 07s Od. Lard, 40a (Id. London, May 19—® I>. m.—Consols for money, 03**; account, 03»f ; MOa, ’O3, ®lj* ;do ’07,03)4 ; 10.408, 88*f 5 now 6b, 83# 5 Brio, 48'*. Bullion withdrawn from tho Bank of England on balancelo-dnywasX2fl,ooo,. „ Tho weather to-day was fair, but unfavorable to tho growing crops. „ .. . , , , LtvxnrooL, May 10.—Colton easier and a shade lower: middling uplands, Slid; Orleans, 9‘fd; sales 10,000 halos; spccufaliou and exporl, 2,000 ; American, B, Breadslnffs qulol. Rod winter wheat, 12s 2d. Flour, 28a Od. Corn, 27s Cd. Cheese, 09s. Frankfort, May ID.—Five-twenties of 18C2,95JJf. Paris, May 10.—Routes, 84f CGc. Now York JLlvc-Stock iilarkot* New York, May 10.—Beeves— Yosiordny and to-dny, ; 347 can?, or 5,415 bond, making 9,400 for (ho week, against 8.250 last week. Among tho offerings woro nil grades of quality from poor to fancy native steers, and from very common to very good Texans,- Sellers com plained bitterly of tho prices they woro forced to ac cept, and tho market was generally regarded as a hard ouo for tho soiling interest, but tho reported sales show no important change siuco Friday last, or for (ho week, and not more than a half-dozen carloads re mained unsold. Native steers ranged from 10c to 13c. with most of tho sales at 110120. Texans sold nfc o®llc, chiefly lOfllOWe. Porliaps SI.OO por head would cover tho actual decline in prices. Sales Include 13 cara Texans, scant, 0 cwt, 10jtf@llo; 10 cars, 6Jf cwl, 10 Vc J 6 cars, 6 owt, 10c ; 4 cars, 5# cvrt, 9%0 ; O cars, 0k( cwt. lOKc, and 3 cars very poor, 6 cwl, 9c : 8 care Illinois steers, 7,Vf owt, 12®12.Jtfo ; 5 care, OV cwl, 11 X ®13o; 6 care, 7k owl, 12c ; 6 care, 7 owt, 11?{®12; Dears,BM cwt, 12K@l3J4c; 11 cars, 1% cwt, 12®lUa; 4 cars, o>f cwl, IIJ4O 5 dears, 8# cwl, cars, owt, ia?fc; 10 care, 7k cwl, ll>tf(3l3o • D cars, 0& owl, llk©l2o ; 2 cars, 6cwt, 10c; 10 oars do slillors, o*f cwt, ILVQIIJfo 5 4 care Missouri cot tlo, 7if cwt, UM@l3o, and 0 cars Ohio stillors, C}£ cwt. Sheep—Receipts, 4,100 head, making 19,240 for tbo week, ngalnut 10,760 last week. Tho market was dull and weak, at Sk®B&o for sheared sheep, and 7®BX C for unshorn. Sales include 6 cars sheared Ohio shoep, av 88 lbs, at OJtfo ; 2 cars, av 102 lbs, at o*fo ; 2 cars, av 89 lbs, &tQ’£o t and 2 earn, av 8i lbs, at OMo. Spring Jambs aro dull at 10@14o, with calcs of 1 car load of Virginia lambs, av 40 lbs, ax 10c. Oaivcs aro plenty and caaior. Receipts, 720, making 4,220 for tho week, against 4,170 last wook 5 tho ex treme pango being o^@U*£c. Swine—Yesterday and to-day, 00 cars, or 11,030 hogs, making 30,520 for tho wook, against 44,000 last week. Market weak, at sjtf@s,Vc for live hogs, and <Uf®7Jjo for city dressed, a decline of about ke. 1872. 1871. .410,520 335,001 .121,923 75,783 ,100,910 91,179 . 82 457 87,023 , 37,234 28,774 . 29,243 26,804 . 20,472 41.941 . 23,803 12,778 . 20,190 5,000 . 13,500 8,200 . 14,020 0,007 . 14.058 10,363 . 0,883 14,000 .. 9,185 0,700 . 0,930 7,810 . 4,000 0,000 776,733

.041,092 Now York Dry-Good* market* New York, May 19.—Tho market woe quiet in all departments. Tho cotiunionlon houses wore unusually dull. Domestic cottons remain nominally unchanged lu first bauds, but tbo Jobbing prices for shootings and shlrlloga are irregular, and in buyers’ favor. Ticks aud donlma rule steady, and lu abort supply of tho best makes. Chocks and stripes aro quiet. Prints rule very dull, and buyers have little confidence in tho stability of tbo market. Ginghams and dress goods aro dull. Tho clothing traders aro buying heavy cassimcres at a reduction from last mouth’s prices. Foreign fabrics aro very quiet. Flttshurgli Oil Market* Pittsburgh. May 10.—Crude petroleum dull and drooping. Safes at $2.25 por brl at Parker’s Lauding, equal to OJ/o per gallon horo. Refined dull aud droop ing, at 16’£o for export. Tho Produce Olarluct,. HEW YOIIK. Nrff York, Moy lo.—Coxxorc—Weak ; middling up land, lOtfc. BaKADSTorro—Flour 5 flbado firmer; receipts, 8.000 brls; superfine Western and State, $6.00@0.50;. common to good oxtro, $0,0007.45; good to eboleo, $7.50(38,50: while wheat extra, $8.75@10.50; extra Ohio, $7.00(310.50 : St. Louis, $7.60®12.60. Rye flour firmer, with fair demand at $4.7C@G.10. Corn meal unchanged. Wheat less active, and a shade easier; receipts, 38,000 bu; rejected tprlug, $1.40; No. 3 spring, $1.63 ; No. 2 Milwaukee, SI.OO ; No. I Chicago, $1,73; No. 2 do, $1,65®1.C0 ; choice white ’Western, $2,25. Rye scarce and firm ; SI.OO bid, $1.03 asked. Barley aud malt unchanged. Corn dull and heavy; receipts, 71,000 bu; soft now mixed, Cltf ®G2o ; fair to good do, C2tf ®G3tf c ; yellow, Ct@o4.tfc. Oats steady ; receipts, 25,000 bu; now mixed Western, 40@52c; white, CG@s7tf c ; black, 40@50tf c. Eaas—Quiet; Western, 15tf@lCo. Hat—Quiet aud firm. llops—Quiet and nominally unchanged. GnooKiUßS—Colteo quiet, but very Arm; Rio, 17tf @lotf c. Sugar dull and declining ; fair to good refining. 7tf®Btfc. Molasses quiet uud unebauged. Rico quiet. I‘ktholkom— Quiet and weak ; crude, 8tf@Oo; re fined, 19tf @l9tfc. Tuiu'jbntikk—Dull at 47tf®4Sc. Total Stock or OnaiH ik Stouk, May 17—Wheat, 63.000 bu; corn, 303,000 bu ; oats, 100,1100 bu ; ryo, 22.000 but barley, 20,000 •bu ; malt, 180,000 bu ; poos, COO bit. X’hovibioks —Pork qu&t; new mess, $17.75®18.00. Beef quiet nud weak ; plain mens. | ( J.00®11.75 ; extra, 112.00013.00, Boof hams dull ami unchanged. Tiorco dull aud nominal; cut. meats quiet. Middles easier: short ribs, fijtfc; loug clear, lard dull aud lower ; steam, OJt'o; kettle, Bu-rxtn—ln fair demand and unchanged. Cheese— Steady ata2ols>fc. Whisky—Firm, at 93,V@‘Jic. MEMritii, May 19.— Cotton— Quiet; held Arm ; good ordinary, 14&@l6o; low middling, 17@17j<c. Bkeadhtovys—Flour llrm; medium, $0.60®9.50, Corumeal Arm at $2.7302.80, Com dull and drooping at 690C0c. Oats scarce and Arm at 48®19c, HAY—Quiet at $18.00020.09, . Buan—Dull at 14>tf@lCc. • I’uovifiioNS —Bucoa quiet and weak; shoulders, 8c; Bides, 9*£@loc. Toledo. May 19.—Bbeadstuffs— Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheal a shade firmer; No, 3 white Wa bash, $3.81; No, 1 whlto Michigan, $1.89 ; No. 2-do, $1.08; amber Michigan, $1.70 spot, $1.71 seller July; No. 1 rod, $1.80: No. 2 do, sl.7otf. Cora dull and a shade lower; high mixed, spot; eoller Juno; 470 July; 400 August; while, 62#c. Oats quiet; No. 2, 41c. Fkeiohts—Dull and unchanged. Ukoeu*ts—Flour, 1,000 brls ; wheat, 12,000 bit; corn, 28,000 bu ; oats, 6,000 bu. Shipments—Flour, 2,000 brls; wheat, 4,000 bu; c0rn,69,000 bu; 0at5,3,000 bu. Louisville, May 19.— Baoqinq—Firm at according to quality, Bueadhtufes—Flour steady with good demand 5 No. 1, $3.00; fancy, $9.00. Provisions—A shade firmer. * Mesa pork, $17.60. Bacon—shoulders, 7lfc; clear rib, 9jtf@9»£o; clear, 9’«®l9c* Plain bams, 13013)^0; sagnr-curod, 140 16c all packed. Bulk moats looso; shoulders, 7c; clear rib, 8;£o; clear, o>£c, Lard Uorces, O^QO^o; choice •team, Oc. Whisky—Steady at 88c. Osweoo, May 19. Bbeadstopfs Wheat dell; white Canada, $3.05, Corn unchanged. PHILADELPHIA. PiriLADEL'pniA.Moy 19.— Bbeadstutfs— Flour quiet; superfine, $5.0005,60; extra, $0.00®C.76; lowa and Wisconsin family, $7.50(37.76. Wheat quiet; red, $1.95(31.97; amber, $2.0002.05 ; No. 1 spring, $1.76. Bye, State at 95c. Corn less active and lower; yellow, 64®C4#c; mixed Western. 640. Oats In moderate de mand; wblto, 40@51u; mixed, 4(%®48c. Ponte—Dull at $18,50019.00. Petroleum— Crude. 13>fo ; refined, 19j^o. Whisky—Firm at 04c. Baltimore, May 19.— Breadbtopfs—Flour steady and unchanged. * Wheat actlvo; choice whlto, $2.16 ; fair to prime, $1,8502.05; good to prime red, $1,850 2.00 ; Western red, $1,7601.90. Corn steady; mixed Western, Cltfc, Oats dull; mixed Western, 49050 c ; white, 62053 c. llye, TOcQtl.oo. Provisions—Quiet ond heavy. Mess pork, $17,600 17,75. Bulk shoulders, 7>£o7Kc i rib sides, B^a; clear rib, 90. Bacon—Shoulders, B@Btf; rib sides, 9 v@10o; clear rib, Lard, UOIHio for West ern, Butter octlvoandflrm; good to choice, 20028 c, Whisky—Firm and scarce at 01)£c« MILWAUKEE. Un.WMJEtx, May 19.—UucAusTnrFa—Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat steady ; No, 1, $1.42; No. 3, SI.3CV. Com scarce and firm ; No. 2, 4l?£o. Oats steady ; No. 2, Bye steady; No. 1, 720. Barley dull and nominal; No. 2, 81c. FnwaiiTS—To Buffalo, To; to Oswego, 13c. Receipts—Flour, 0,000 brls ; wheal, 105,000 hu. Shipments—Flour, 7,000 hrls; wheat, 301,000 hu. BUFFALO. Buffalo, May 19. —BiiEAnaTOFFS—Flour in fair ; demand. Wheat in fair demand; sales 23,000 hu at i sl.lO for No. 2 Chicago spring; $1.60 for No. 2 Milwau kee club. Curu steady aud In fair demand; sales 10,000 hu No. 2at 4734 o; 30,000 hu sample at 45Q4Q0 47c. Oats, No. 2 Western hold at 44c. FiiEiaiixs—Steady, CINCINNATI. Cincinnati, May 19.—BuEAmmirrs—Flour firm at $7.7608.00. Wheat quiet nt *1.7001.73. Com quiet at 49060 c, Oats steady ut 40949 c. Bye, 83c. Burley Arm. Oils—Firm. ... , „ Provisions—Fork quiet; mess hold ot $17.00, cash or buyer May, Lard dull and nominal: steam, ; kettle, 9c. Bulk meats Armor; shoulders, OfctgtDic, with sales at 7Jtfe buyer July; clear rib, B3408«o; clear, BKOBJfo. Bacon Armor; shoulders, 7JtfoJ clear rib, clear, o><c, Whisky—Steady at 87c. BT. LOUIS. _ Bt, Loots, May 10.—Bkeadstofm—Flour quiet aud unchanged. Wheat quiet; unchangedl: choice soft spring, $1.4091 45 ; No. 2 red winter, $1.80: No. 3 do at $1.0201.05. Com inactive, easier; No. 2 mixed, 380 on track, 39039K0 iu elevator;«Mo BollerJmio, 47®4734csacked. Oats steady; No, a, 300370 ou NEW ORLEANS. New Ojilvamr, May 19. —IJiieadstuffs —Flour dull; family, $9,00010.00. Corn In good demand; mixta, 60o• white, 00c. Oats Arm at 60». Bran dull at 760. Hay— Dull; prime, $24,00020.00. Vliovunoua—l'orlt dull; lucia, $17.75. VtJJtito} meal, dull at 80. 'Jo, and 0«c. Uacuu dull at 8Va01.“ for clear rib, and clear hams, litfc. Lard dull, llorco, 8®0#o; keg, R)0lOtfo. , , ~ , Bjt XTn OuuoEitiES—Sugar dull; fair to good fair, 80. Mo tiSHcs—Nothing doing. Whisky—Duß at UlitiOlo. Ohio At Mississippi.. 43 0., O. H O BBK 0., 11. fltQ .100 boko Shore OOJf Indiana Central,.,... 00!£ Illinois Central 116 Union Pacific HOJtf Union Pacific bonds, fid Contra) Purlflo bonds.UlJ'f Del. Lack, h Western.lo'J‘a Hartford it Erie ‘ifi ilarlccts. forolffn MEMPHIS. TOLEDO. LOUISVILLE, OSWEGO. BALTIMORE. track; 37039 cln elevator. Barley nominal, Rye, choice while mixed, aa-kml. 73c. I’hovihioms—Pork dull nml unchanged, ■ BulK meats and hacon dull and nominal. Bara dull and in \vmsKY—Dull at 00c, and ctoolng lower for round l0 OATTt,Ti—Quiet and unchanged ; Inferior lo com mon, ; good fat beeves Hoos—Dull 1 most sales at f 1.73(34,H0, CLEVELAND. OtßvrnAND, May 10.—UnKADSTorra— I Wheat firm. Balca Hu. 1 rod, sl.Hl J No. 2 held id tL7O. Oocu steady at 6110540, Oats Arm : No. 1. 45c. • . l’E,i-m>hv.uM—Quiet •, standard white, Ida; cat lots, Ohio Htato lost, 24 / V(S23. dcthoit. , Detroit, May ID.—UntunutUFEß—'Wheal dull, and n ahado lower; oitra, $1,07.; No. 1, $1.9101.93 : am ber, $1.77, Corn In fair demand and higher; State, iS.^o. Jfiuaaiixs—Dull and unchanged. MARINE. PORT OF CHICAGO. ARRIVED May 19. Prop Arabia. Buffalo, 610 brla sugar, US bags rlco, and sundries. . Bchr H. A. Wells, Port Huron, 932 m lumber. Prop B. F. Wade, Detroit, 8119 half-barrels fish. Bohr Nielson, Detroit, 20 m lumber, 0,000 brla salt. Prop J. Borlschy, Dopcre, 300 tons pig Irou, Bcow Hamlet, Ford River, IDS m lumber. Bohr .T. Fisk, <Tr., Buffalo, sumlrlcn. Uchr Flying Cloud, Big Huamlco, 230 m lumber, 20 m salt. fichr Alcrlann, Big Suamlco, 20 tons pig Iron, and sundries. Bavgo Mary Amanda, Grand Haven. 200 m lumber. Bchr Son Gem, Manitowoc, 8,000 cedar posts. BchrFcllclloiin, Manitowoc, 183 m lumber. Belie Pauline, Muskegon, 120 m lumber, 10 m lath. Bchr Petrol, Muskegon, 130 m lumber. Barge City of Grand Haven, Muskegon, 230 m lumber. 20 m lath. Bchr Mystic, Muskegon. 116 m lumber, 60 m lath. Bchr Ida, Muskegon, 180 m lumber, 15 m lath. Pros Goo Dunbar, Muskegon, 200 m lumber. Brig Contest, ATuskogon, ICO m lumber, 60 m lath. Bchr H. Simmons, Muskegon, 200 m lumber. Bchr Fashion. Muskegon, 160 m lumber. Bchr Cntchpolo, Manistee, 120 m lumber. Bcow Chapin, Manistee. 120 m lumber. Scow Flora, Manistee, 80 m lumber. Prop Nebraska. Buffalo, miscellaneous cargo, Bchr Nassau. Oswego, 617 tons coal. Bchr D. DoWolf, Oswego, 675 tons coal. Bchr O. H. Walker, Erie, 330 tons coni. Prop City of Traverse, Traverse City, 071 tons coal, 19 dry hides. Prop Fountain City, Buffalo, 057 brla sugar, 925 pkga fish. Bchr Schuylkill, Buffalo, 800 tons coal. Bchr A. J. Mowry, Lincoln, 16 m lumber, 10 m lath, Bchr HL B. Hall, Cheboygan, 210 m lumber. Bchr J. Dresser, Frankfort, 90 m lumber, Dargo Wolverine, Grand Haven, 200 in lumber. Bohr Octavia, Milwaukee, 125 m lumber. SchrN. H. .Ferry, White Lake, 85 m lumber, 160 , bunches pickets, Bchr It. Hewlett, White Lake, 170 m lumber, COO m { ahluglea, Bchr Mars, Menominee, 85 m lumber, 25 m shingles. Blmr Winslow, Erie, cargo of sundries. Bchr Beloit, Poutwator, 100 in lumber. , Bchr Guide, St. Joseph, 55 m lumber. Bchr Four Brothers, Davis’ Pier, 2,200 railroad ties. ' Bchr Black Hawk, Ludington, 125 m lumber. I Bchr Kate Lyons, Muskegon, 200 m lumber. . Bchr Magnolia, Muskegon, 115 m lumber. ‘ Bchr Pride, Muskegon, C 5 m lumber. I Dargo Comet, Muakegon, 230 m lumber. ’ Bchr M, Z. Merlck, Bay City, 2,877 brla salt. 1 Bchr J. W. Brown, Kewaunee, 150 cds bark. I Stmr Saginaw, Sheboygan, 200 in lumber, i Bchr A. Beers, Little Bay Do Noc, 140 m lumber. Bchr St. Paul, Grand Haven. 175 m lumber. Bcow Banner. O’Connell's Pier, 05 eda tan bark. : Bchr B. B. King, Saugatuck, 76 in lumber. Stmr Muskegon, Grand Haven, 70 m heading and sundries. Bchr M. 11. Hawkins, Union Pier, 11 eda wood. Bchr Lizzie Doak, Bouton Harbor. 65 m lumber. Bchr Vermont, White Lake, 80 m lumber. Bchr Lumberman, Black Crock, 140 m lumber. Dark Groat West, No. 2, Oconto, 248 m lumber. Bchr Lori Grant, Manistee, 200 m lumber. Bchr H. Baldwin, Buffalo, 430 m lumber, 130 m lath. Prop Doan Richmond, Buffalo, cargo of sundries. Dark B. Jones, Buffalo, 1,000 tons coal. Burge E, E. Tyson, Menominee, 375 ro lumber. Bark E. S. Robinson, Menominee, 376 m lumber, prop J. 11. Owen, Eacanaha, 732 tons Iron ore. Bchr A. Richards, Oconto, 250 ra lumber. Bchr America, Sturgeon Bay, 240 m lumber. Bchr Frontier City, Ludington, 185 m lumber. CLEARED May 19. Prop Oawcgatchlo, Ogdouaburgh, 400 brls flour. Prop Lowell, Oswego. 10,609 bu corn, 200 brls pork, 85 tea lard, 101 brls hour. Bchr Annie Mulvey, Kingston, 10,100 bu wheat. Prop Montana, Buffalo, 1,735 bu rye, 535 brla corn meal, 17,500 bu corn, 300 brla hour, CO bags seed, and sundries. Prop J. Fisk, Jr., Buffalo, 613 brls hour, 800 sack* oil cake. Stmr WTnalow, Erie, 4,800 brls flour. Prop G. Campbell, Erie, 700 brla flour. Bchr Lucrone, Buffalo, 60,000 bu corn. Bchr Dean Richmond, 1,000 brls flour. Bchr Muskegon, Grand Haven, 110 bales broom-corn. Bchr Lizzie Doak, SI. Joseph, 20 kegs beer, 2 tons hay. Bchr Lumberman, Black Creek, 10 brla ilour, and sun dries. Bchr A. J. Mowry, Lincoln, i tea butter, 10 pkga sun dries. Bark America, Sturgeon Bay, COO bu oata, 10 brla pork. Bchr O. J. Weils, Buffalo, 30,000 bu corn. Prop Miuaourl, Duluth, 000 brla flour, 20 brla pork, 200 pkga feed. Barge Guiding Star, Port Huron, 25,013 bu wheat. Prop Oily of Detroit,' Port Huron, 10,934 bu wheat, 100 brls pork, G5 brls beef. Prop Arabia, Buffalo, 200 brla flour, 100 brla cornwoal. Stmr Manitowoc, Manitowoc, 40 bills Iron, and sun dries. Prop Ira Chaffee, Saugatuck, 300 green called hides, ) and sundries. VESSELS PASSED DETROIT, Detkoit, Midi., May 10.— Passed Ur—Props Pas sale. Nashua, luter-Qccau and barge, Mooro and barges; bark Nelson; sdirs Joseph Paigo, Midnight, City of Manitowoc, /Etna, Wlhcr, Ellsworth, Moulauo, H. P. Murray, Flcctwing, Mars, St. Lawrence, J. C. Harrison, Pamlico, Hattie Wells. Passed Down— Props Itoanoko, Arizona, Bradbury aud barges, Priudivillo nud barges, Tempest aud bargee; bark Thoraaa Streeter. Wind—Northeast. Detboit, Mich., Stay 19.—Parsed Up—Prop Thomas Scott; sohrs Annie Sbenvooil, F, W. Gifford, Hubbard, 35. M, Davidson, T. linker. Passed Down—Props Rocket. Chicago; barks Mas sillon, William Jones; scbrs Mapgio McCrea, Uattlo Johnson. U. J. Webb, Muttosou, F. Bcrrlmor, Saaco, Hippognffe, Mixer. Wind—Northeast. ILLINOIS RIVER AND CANAL NEWS. Special Diapnfch to The C/ffcajjo Tribune. LaSalle, 111., May 10.—No arrivals or departures by tbo river yesterday or to-day. The Hiawatha,loaded with pig iron for Si. Louis, and the North America, loaded with lumber for Chllllcothe, passed out of the canal last evening, and await towage. The M. L. Adams passed Into the canal to load with LaSalle coal for Chicago. Tho steamer Baker is expected up from St. Louis, Thirteen feet and four Inches of water on the miter sill of Lock 15. Canal CoLLitoxon’s Oman, OmoAao, May 19. AanrvßD—Cataract, LaSalle, 0,000 bu corn; Elizabeth, Lockport, 21,000 lbs meal and 400 brls flour; Jennie, Morris, 0,009 bu corn ; Banner, LaSalle, COO empty tierces, 125 tons iron; Monarch, Lockport, 100 brls flour; Chicago Bello, Utica, 0,200 bu corn. Cleaned—Onondaga, Joliet, 84,411 ft lumber; Con test, Morris, 20 brls Umo ; Traveller, Eclipse, and S. F. Gale, light, Lemont; W. A. Steel, Joliet, 21,017 ft lumber, 6fi m lath ; Whale, LaSalle. 101 tons coal. 0 brls salt, 26,000 11)8 merchandise ; Friendship, LaSalle, 183 tons coal; Moutauk, Lockport, 73,050 ft lumber, 7,050 lath; Monarch, Lockport. 73,050 ft lumber, 1,250 lbs seeds; Leviathan, LaSalle, 81,321 ft lumber, 10m shingles, 12,850 lath; Montreal, Otlawn, 92,000 ft lumber ; Dolphin, Ottawa, 78,717 ft lumber, 800 lath, 39,750 shingles; J. Menard, Ottawa, 02,000 ft lumber. LAKE FREIGHTS. Obartors were made at cjtfe for corn, o#c for wheat, ond 4o for oats to Buffalo. Tho engagements reported were ; Clayton Belle, com to Oswego, at 12c ; prop City of London, corn to Oollingwood, at 4%0 ; barge Oliver Cromwell to Sarnia, corn through to Portland. To Buft'alo, props Nebraska, Philadelphia, and Colora do, wheat at OXo ; prop Badger Statements and corn ou private terms: echrs Lucerne and C. J, Wells, corn at 5u ; bark Bridgewater, oats at 4c. From Milwau kee to Buffalo, bark J. G. Mastcn and prop Arabia, Both for wheat at 70. MISCELLANEOUS. The fine now schrW. S. Croslhwalle, of Saginaw, came in this evening. Sho was built by William Crosthwaite, and coat upwards of $50,000, Sho is capa ble of carrying between 60,000 ami 00,000 bu of corn, and is ouo of the largest sail vessels ou tbo tykes, —Another now vessel, called tho Schuylkill, of tho Anchor lino, Is also lu port. Sho Is sailed by Capt- Barry, ond will carry about 30.000 bu of wheat, • —Tho now prop Arabia, of tiio Western Lino, was In 1 Emma Leighton mado tho trip from Mil waukee to Whitehall and back In 40 hours. —The achr Capo ilora has been towed to a uafo place timKr Long Point. —The stmr Meteor ban arrived at Marquette. —Tho schr Scotia wna loaded at Milwaukee on Satur day, ou u draft of 13 foul 8 inches of water (about all thoro was) 61,200 hu of wheat was taken in. — l The hork lied. While, and Blue, laden with coal, while being towed out of the Erie Basin, Thursday night, struck a wreck, slaving a hole in her and caus ing her to leak badly. A flloam pmim wan' put on board, (hereby preventing her from sinking. She was towed to the dry-dock yesterday morning for repairs,— JUijfato Aih'erlieer. —So far thirty now vessels havo arrived at Detroit tho present season. —The schr Eack Chandler, grain laden, was hard aground Saturday evening at Milwaukee, Two lugs pulled her oil. —Thu Mauzanilla is thouamo of a throc-maalor, of about 376 tons burden, hulling from St. Catharines. —The sehr Mary Battle arrived at Tort Culhoruo, Wednesday night, with main and mizzeu mauls car ried away in a squall on Lake Erie, —Thu now sidu-whcol steamer Transfer, built for the Canada Southern Railway, was launched at Messrs. Jenkins’ ship-yard, above Windsor, Ont,, last Wednes day, —The propeller Oconto ran Into tho steamer She boygan, at Manitowoc, last Saturday evening, cutting through the latter’s guard to tho main deck. —lt Is said that a vessel was launched In 1811 or 1812 at Oswego, called tho “ Judy-fUz-goHey-hog-mayol,” which for shortness was called “Judy.” —Tho wrecking steamer Leviathan Is at present em ployed In getting from the beach tho schr E. Hauler, which, laden wlin vaUroad iron, went unhoro last fall Hear Leland, on the oast coast of Like Michigan. Tho cargo will ho nearly nil saved. Oapt. Klrliaud ex pects, by tbo aid of steam-pumps, to float tho vessel, fludcctW Into port, SPECIAL NOTICES. Sclicnck’s Mnndrnko Pills. Ttiono pill* nro compoied oxclnilvoly of TO«otablo in. Rrmllonlß, and idthoim li they entirely luporaedo tho uao of mercury, do not Toavo any nf.lla Injurious effect*. They not directly nprm the liver, anil aro a valuable rera«. dyln all caioi of derangement resulting from ft dllaor dnrod *tali) or that organ. , Liver , Complain], ulllous Disorder*, JndlgosUon, Blok lloadaohe, Typhoid rover*, Ac., Ac., all mlccumb lo tho froo mo of Schonck * Alan* drake Pills. For mile by all drUKfllat* and dealer*. DRESS GOODS. MM* BROS, State aid Harrison-sts., ENTY-SECOM. AMD MICHIGAN-AV. Will odor during the coming week extraordinary bargains In their Silk Department. Black Silks at *l. *1.16, *1.2-1, *1,60. Blob Black Ore* Grain, supo fllTililr, it worth »h.W. I'ln.r Hood. proper. Uonaioly bnv. Also, lino of uow shade* in Plain Silks, for dinner and evening wear, at *1.26, *1.60, and up. Largo lino, of nil colors ami shades, In Spring and Summer , _ _ Striped Silks it 05 cents and up. Friends, customers, and stranger* iro Invited to call and examine. Ladies’ Suits. The popularity of our New Suit Department with our customers has Induced ua lo make extensive additions to our former assortment, and 'rill offer this week Ladles* 811k, Motinlr, Linen, Lawn, Pongee, and Alpaca Suit*, Children's Linen and Pique Suit*, at prions lower than any other homo, Oashmoro, Dolmans, Talma*, ana Haoquos, belli Imported and of our own manufacture, at prices lower than any other house la tho city. Dressmaking, Under superior management, executed at abort notice, without disappointment In llmo or fitting, equal in style ami elegance to tho boat foreign produollona. Charges Tory moderate. Parasols * and Sun Umbrellas. Wo nro now displaying the moat complete and largest assortment of ParaaoU In Oio city, In all tho latest stylos of tho aoaaon. Ohlldrnn'a ParaaoU In all colora, lined and unllncd, from 65 cents up, with many other altraotiTO atyloa. Ladles will find ittotbolr Interest to oxamino our prlcoa before purchasing. State and Harrison-sts AND TWENTY-SEGOND-ST. AND ICHIGAMV, LADIES 1 GOODS. CABSOH, FIBIE & CO. RETAIL DEPARTMENT. MADISON AND PEORIA-STS., Offer He following Eilraordlnarr Bargains In KID GLOVES. 3,000 pairs Gennino PAlilS KID GLOVES, heretofore told at $1.75 a pair, in full lino of shades and sizes, at $1 a pair i the greatest bar gain ever offered in Gloves. All sizes and shades in Alexandre's and other popular best makes. Agents for lierz's Seamless Kid Gloves, tho best imported, in which we have a full line of styles nnd sizes in Ihochoiccst and newest shades. 'Ladies will find our Kid Glove Department unsurpassed in variety and assortment, and much (lie largest on the West Side. DISSOLUTION NOTICES. DISSOLUTION. The copartnership heretofore existing between F. Mod lor and W. H. Baumgardner, has, on tho I'ith day o Anri!. A. D. 1673. been dissolved by mutual consent. XV. 11. iaii^GAnDNEK. A CAUI>. Thoundorilgood, thankful for former favors, bcgtloavo to announce to his patrons and friends and the public gen* orally, that he continues tho manufacturing and repairing of furniture and Its upholstering and varnishing at his old stand, corner of Calumet aud Cuttago Crovo-avs. and Twomy-flfiteat., Chicago. Cheap, good, and on short no- mattresses mado to onlor and repaired. All work done warranted. FRANK MOELLER. CIItCAUQ, May 19, 1673. DISSOLUTION. Tho firm known as Walker A Kolton, Builders, has this day boon dissolved by tho undersigned; and notlco Is given that 0. W. Kollon has no authority to mako nny contract, or incur any liability In the name of, or on ac count nf tho late firm of Walker A ICclton, after this date. Beuj. P. Walker will eojtlo all old business, and all debt* duo said lato firm muatbo paid to him. lIENJ. F. WALKER, W. N. IIINCIIJIAN. Chicago, May 17, 1673. DISSOLUTION. Tito partnership heretofore existing between John O’Kocfo and Howard Clark is this day dissolved. All parties are cautioned against dealing with said Howard Clark on tho ilrra account, as 1 will not bo ro spouslblo lor any debts he may contact. O , KEEm Tho business, which Is steam-fitting in general, will bo continued as usual at tho old place, corner Canal and Polk-sts., by John J. O'Koofo Chicago, May 19, 1873. DISSOLUTION. Notice I* hereby given that tho copartnership heretofore existing under tho firm name of Loos, Hendricks A Co v was this day dissolved by mutual consent. Messrs. O.b. Hough i Sons retiring from tbo firm. The remaining Sartnon. Edward Lees ond Unbort J. Hendricks asaum ig all llabUltles, and sottlingall accounts of said firm. hobeut .lhk^dtucks, Chicago. MavS. 1873. O. S. HOUGH A HONS. BEAL ESTATE. faslilteii Milts J Wo have but ton of those splendid Blocks In tho Mor gan-av. Subdivision at “Washington Hclghto" yet un •old. Thoyarohuta short distance from two dopota; streets graued; lino young trops not out on eachriot; aver ago size of lots, 25x160 foot. Price per lot (by tbo block), SllD-k cash, balance In I, 9 and 8 years, with in terest at 7 per cent. This Is tnobost opportunity ovor of fered in suburban property a* well located, and at thoso prices oaunotfailhi yielding largo profits to purchasers. Eighteen daily passenger trains pas* this property on tho Chicago, 1 lock Inland A Pacific. Persona desiring to visit thlapropnrtyoandoßofroool expense by oiilling at our olUco nay week day noon. ' Room 4, 123 LaHallo Bt. FINANCIAL. GEORGE C. SMITH & BROTHER, Corner Dearborn and Eandolpb-sts. DEPOSIT ACCOUNTS kept In Currency end Gold, luteroil allowed on Special Deposits. COLLECTIONS made on All points, and liberal cash advnucos made on approved collection paper. GOLD, SILVER, and CANADA MQNEV bought at highest rate*. SIC IIT DRAFTS, payable In any part of Croat Britain, Ireland, or tbu Continent of Europe. HOTELS, 6EAND UNION HOTEL SARATOGA SPRINGS, N. T., will open June I, lor tbo reception nl uuoala. Vrut. .1. M. Lander aud his atiporh baud havo boon onjrngod lor thoaommu. Utioma caubu onguKod At Alctniimlltan Mu. Tel or CJllmty lliiuso, N, V, Address HUEbLIN, GABO* ,NICR A CO., at Saratoga Springs, Nj_v. A SEANCE with FOSTER, the SPIRITUALIST, SCRIBNER for JUNE. MEETINGS. Masonic*. Aablar Lodge, No. JKH, A. F. amt A. M. noaidapoom nmulcatloii tills (Tuesday) uvnnlng, nt 7 dock.Vhnfld bull iu Masnulo Templn for biulnnij and work on tbo Ja degree. Fraternity cordially Invited. qraNH. Sec. Attention* Sir Kuliclils! S'u( , ihh’.‘o" i ‘ “ k iiuUik«; iy GOOD! PANI “imms.” Wo aro opening a lino lino of Parlj, London, and Vienna Goods, in tlio lotost stylos of Osydlzod Buttons, Chatolainos, Hat, Dross, Veil, and Shawl Ornaments, Buckles, &0.,&0.j Buasla Loothor Bolts, Bags, Satoh ols, and Bookot Books; Spanish Shall Combs; “ Whitby Black Gar net” and Bubbor Sots, Bor Bings, Chains, Bracelets, and Hair Orna ments ; Elegant Bans, in Gilt, Ivory, Sholl, Pearl, and Eusslo; a “ Special Bargain”of I,oooßans nt76o each; just opened; worth double. Wo shall be in constant daily re ceipt of everything new and novolin PARASOLS I Our stock of Trimmings is very complete and cheap, and will well repay examination. Black Bringes in all widths, plain and beaded, Col ored Bringes in all the now shades, Passementerie and Crochet Gimps, Ornaments, Bquragiers, Loops; White and Colored Cotton and Linen Bringes, Cotton Passementerie ond Pique Trimmings, and a stock of Goods pertaining to this department unoquolod in variety, style, and cheapness in this market. Chets. Oossage tjr Co. 106,108, 110 State-st. COLLARS AND CUFFS. lira gollabs aid cum. Tho greatest variety of stylos over offered in lino goods, at WILSON BROS., 8. B. cor. of Stato ami Wa*hlngtan'Bta., 1 nu.... • ■ Arcado Court," aoutU of Madbon-Bt., f unwago. Plko’B Opera llonao. Fourth-st., Cincinnati. STOCKHOLDERS’ MEETINGS. OFFICE OF Cl».MlsMMc RAILROAD COMPANY. April 25. 1873. Tlio annual mooting of tho Stockholder* of tho Chicago, Rock Island A Paolllo Railroad Company, for tho election of Directors, pursuant to law. and tho transaction of suon other Imahum as may come before thorn, will ho hold at tho 011100 of tho Company, tu tho City of Chicago, on Wadn o .d»„ Iho ,tli - bil« n Til AO ", ffldA F. n. TO~\V3, Socrotary. ; .. Stockholders' Meeting. Notice U hereby given that tho annual mooting of tho Stockholders of Chicago South Branch Dock Company, for the election of Directors of wild Company, will bo hold at tho olflco of said Company, No. Kfl Waba*b-av., In tho City of Chicago, at 10 a. iu., Wednesday, .1 uno 4, A. D. Ittia. k. O. MASON, Secretory of Chicago South Branch Dock Company. OUE POSTAL GAB SERVICE, lIiIAiaTHATED. SCRIBNER for JUNE. PROPOSALS. To Builders and Contractors. SEALED PROPOSALS will bo received until tbo 25th day of May, 1873, At 1:30 p. m., by tbo Board of Commls* Blonoraof Cook County, for any portion or all of thorns* tcriil now contained In tho building* and foncos on tbo Reform School ground* at llydo Park (with tbo exception of IbodwolllDg-boußooa tbo northwest corner of Forty thlrd-st. and Hydo Park-av.), consisting of bricks, joists, lumber, windows, doors, groon-housca, glass, fencing, posts, oto. Tbo buildings to bo taken down and the material ro moved within thirty days after tbo contract for tbo solo thereof Is executed. Tbo right to rojoot any or all bids received Is reserved. Proposals must bo Inclosed in a sealed envelope, In dorsed ‘‘Proposal# (for tbo various kinds of material named)," and deposited with the County Clerk, ad dressed to Tbo Board of Commissioners of Cook County. GEORGE M, BOGUB, CARTER U. HARRISON, H. M. SINGER, TIIOS. LONKRGAN. JOHN 11. CLOUGH, . „ , Committee on Finance Board of Commissioners of Cook County. LAKE NAVIGATION. FOR fin BAYJi ESCAHABA. The Now Propeller OCONTO will leave for Green Bay and all intermediate porta, touch ing at Esoanoba, connecting with Peninsula Railroad for Nogaunoo, Ishpoming, Mar quette, etc., TUESDAY EVENING, May 20, at 7 o’clock. Office and Docks foot of Miohigan-av. T. Q. DUTLIN, Superintendent. GOODRICH'S STEAMERS For Encino, Milwaukee, Shohoygnn, etc., daily, Sundays excepted,' 9a. in. Saturday Excur-. sion Heat for Milwaukee, etc., do'n't leave un til 8 p. m. For Grand Haven. Grand Eapida, Muskegon, Spring Lake, Fruitport, Manistee, etc., daily, Sundays excepted, 7 p. in, For St. Joseph and lienton Harlior, Tuesday Thursday, and Saturday, 11 p. m. For Green Eay, Menominee, Oconto, and inter mediate ports, tri-weekly. 7 p. in. CHROMO. Another Now Chromo. THE 10M9K GALL A beautiful suburban picture of a very rosychonkand hrl*ht»P}'oJ Illtlo «lrl innklmc an early visit to tho Howo* Harden given to uaoh customer by The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co.) Itfi West Waihlngtcm-«t. and 1!>8 Twentys-oenud jt._^ SHIPPING TAGS. <PI * A DENNISON’S PATENT 1 A SHIPPING 'I'AGS. I Ft Tl 1 th? t!» hScsmVlnrf dutaohod. All impress A A Lwv Companies usothoia. Sill,| liy IVlnli TH mill Slulloiiof Evnry.vlliiro. general notice. 'isra> , 37Xo33. Fid Poles for tlie Great Julie, First week in Juno, of all sizes, readymade or made to order. Wlilro Ash F.ilosof alUlsea. always on band. Or dors loft with UILHKUT UUHIJAUD A CO., SAUndSad frnuth Wator-st., will rccolvw prompt attention. . CLOTHES WRINGER. THE “ PROVIDENCE ” CLOTHES WRINGER ItM llio Mr-'jttuu 11011, Mot«lJourii«lC«[Uiii>. Unrvo.l OUiu-,. I •....Lie Slilrol o«*r. « }SoitK. ' lug au Infer.jr aulclo. b. li. A*• »• x-aka*«K *..,iu/vms iiraouM w mt I Bom Uyf OUU'ago. AddrOM i*. 0. Uox 1037. 5

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