Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 20, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 20, 1873 Page 6
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AND COMMERCE Y NONE MONETARY. Monday "Evening, May 10. In tho local money market matters continue to Vrork pretty smoothly. There is nn active de mand for money, but tho supply of funds Is good. Some of tho banks that have largd linos of mercantile accounts experience a larger de mand for accommodation than they care to moot, but for loans on collaterals money Is easy enough at 10 per cent, and some of the hanks ate offer ing to loan on call, on security of tho best col laterals, at 8 per cent. Now York exchange was offered pretty freely 10-day at par. Currency movements wo rather light yet, hut orders from tho country are larger than a week ago. EVASIONS AND MIBDNDEnaTANDINQa 07 TAB TWO- OENT STAMP TAX. The evasion of the Government two-cont tax on bank chocks and sight drafts wiU doubtless seem like small business for a bank. There la, however, in many quarters a large degree of prep aration, directed to this potty object. In some fmrU of tho country the ordinary method of pay ng out money on tho checks of depositors has been changed, so as to pay only ou their “receipts.” the Utter not being technically liable to tho two-cont tax, and some country banks have gone bo far as to havo “ receipt books ” printed for solo to their customers, Instead of check books. Our attention has also boon called to the increasing practice of country banka drawing on thoir correspondent banks here In Chicago—and wo presume in other cities as well—at ** ono day's date, without grace,” instead of at eight, as was always tho cus tom before this now method of evading the two cent stamp-tax came Into fashion. Wo havo as yet heard of no city banks resorting to this kind of 11 economy,” and of the country banks which aro known to praotco it, there is scarcely one that can gain over SSO or SIOO a year by it. To whatever kind of sophistry a banker may resort to reconcile his conscience—assuming that ho has any stock of that article—to the evasion of a known, just, and logoi liability In a two-cont tax, it would seem that his depositors might well have cause to fear that he would make use of tho same class of arguments to es cape the larger liabilities to themselves In- case tho opportunity ever offered. Tho most that can bo said m behalf of small evasions of debt, email swindles or thefts, Is, that many a man who commits them never arrives at a degree of moral courage or hardihood that would permit him to commit a groat one. There is, however, another aspect to the practico of country banks drawing bills on their city correspondents at *' one day's date” instead of at sight, that may havo more weight ogainst it in tho minds of those who practico it, than tho moral question : The drafts drawn in this new style aro “time bills,” and as such tho obligation devolves on tho holder to present them for payment at maturity. Tho maturity of •bill drawn “at ono day’s date, without grace,” is on tho day after its date. The holder of such a bill who does not present it at maturity for payment, vitiates the contract implied in the bill, and voluntarily releases every indorser, and possibly also tho drawer, from legal liability. It would, of course, ho an unusual sot of circum stances that would cause a bank, in Chicago, for Instance, to refuse payment of a draft of one of its country correspondents. But supposing such a cose, and also that the bill was presented a day or two after maturity, ns nine out of ton of those “one day’s date ” bills are, tho holder of tho bill would find that ho had no recourse on any indorsor through whose hands it had passed. With a great many bankers and merchants, also, there is a misunderstanding of the act of Congress abolishing tho stamp-tax on all money and legal obligations except bank checks and ■ight drafts. Wo are reminded of this by a letter from a bank-teller at Louisville to tbo Mew York Journal of Commerce , lu which he claims that “all drafts or orders tor money when not paya ble by a bank, banker, or trust company, are, under tho ruiings.of the Revenue Department, exempt from all kinds of etamp duty.” According to tho extract of tho law fubllshod by the Journal of Commerce, hia is not correct. A bank check or an order for money, drawn payable at sight, on any bank, corporation, or person, is liable to tbo two-coni stamp duty. Wo aro inclined to think it was a mistake that the stamp duty on time drafts, bonds, notes, mortgages, deeds, and legal docu ments was over repealed. Tho tax on these for merly yielded a revenue of nearly $20,000,000 per annum. It was paid by people who could well afford to pay it, and to whose interest it was to see that the stamps wore aflixed In order to perfect the validity of legal and money obligations. Some other tax would bettor Lave been repealed instead. THE FINANCIAL TROUBLES IN OEUiIANY AND AU3- HU A. Notwithstanding that tho latoat telegraphic re ports are favorable to a subsidence of tho panio at Vienna, its effects seem to have spread. At Odessa, on tho 15th instant, it caused such a panio tuat all business was stopped, and dis counts had advanced to unusual figures, though it is probable that, at the present writing, oonfi dence may have boon in some measure restored. As far as Austria and Hungary are concerned, it la fortunate that they aro not on a specio basis, and consequently tho evils of a currency panio cannot bo added to those of the prevailing credit pauio. Austria baa a paper-money currency aggregating a nomi nal equivalent of about (<358,000,000. This paper money legal-tender currency is. like onr own, partly of Treasury notes and partly of issues of tho National Bank, being about $202,- 000,000 of the former (121,000,000 florins), and $155,740,000 (April 23) of tho latter. Tho National Bank holds the funds of tho Qovern- moot, and, on the date above mentioned, hold coin to the amount of $71,285,000. Even, there fore. if Austria wore on a specio basis, there would be a reserve of about 20 per cent against the aggregate of tho currency. Tho panic, how ever, is strictly a credit panic, resulting from a loss of confidence in the value of specula tive stocks, which have boon increased enormously in the last three years. A similar panto occurred there in 1609, causing oven a greater decline in Austrian and Hunga rian stocks than the present one. A -letter from' Posth, in Hungary, to an English paper says: 11 Tho impulse given to industrial and financial enterprise by the settlement of political affairs, in 1807, however healthy and legitimate in the. beginning, had gradually degenerated into' speculation of the wildest kind. Every one was getting up companies, or, at least, trying to ob tain his share in the fabulous gaius which were realized by tho promoters. Tho shares of com panies which had not yet begun their operations were driven up to twice and more of their nomi nal value, while tho whole disposable capital in the Empire would have teen scarcely sufficient to supply half of them. Foreign capital, which it had been confidently reckoned upon would flow in freely, did not come in so rapidly as was required to mako up tho deficiency of capital in tbe country, and tho result of all this was a violent reaction, which, in tho autumn of 18G9, culminated in a monetary crisis. A great disaster was tho consequence. Shares of every kind foil to a fourth and loss of their former value. Most of tho now industrial establish ments being short of working capital and relying on an easy discount, wore, if not ruined, at lease crippled for years.” The present panic seems to be nearly a repeti tion, in all its phases, of thatof 18G9. There is. however, an additional feature in the loot that tbe speculative mania, instead of being confined to Austria and Hungary, as it was in 18C9, now finds ail Germany in a similarly Inflated condi tion. A Frankfort paper has boon malting a compilation of the Issues of bonds and chares in North Germany and Austria from Jau. 1, 1871, to tho first quarter of 1873—a period of twenty-seven months—as follows, tile figures representing millions of guilders: 1871. 1872, 1873. total. miVn Mill'll Mill'll Mill’n guild, guild, guild, guild. State loans 128.0 11,0 .... 139.0 Oily loans 35.8 25.7 7.4 68.0 Bank shares 400.7 483.6 81.3 1,008.6 R. R. bonds and shares 216.2 268.0 32.3 610.1 Mf*g companies’ shares 172.7 1,044.6 100.6 1,817,7 Total 1,042.4 1.834,0 174.6 8,050.0 The decline in tho quotable prices of these ah arcs duos not, however, represent an actual loss of that much value, but simply a decrease iu the imaginary wealth In the stocks at high premiums over the amount actually paid iu on tho shares. There has boon no loss of actual property. Tho trade aud productive industries of Austria, Hungary, and Prussia aro really in a prosperous condition, only that this prosperity lias induced a speculation in tho promotion of new enterprises which has exceeded reasonable limits, aud necessarily collapsed. The whole situation before tho collapse was not unlike tho fever of railroad expansion in this country. TUX OBEAT INOBBASK OP FINANCIAL OPBBATXONS IN ENGLAND, caused mainly by the speculative mania In Ger many and Austria and in the United States, is shown by a letter from Sir John Lubbock to the London Times. Ho gives statistics show ing the working of the Clearing-Home for the year ending on ttio 80th of April, which is the sixth during which thoao statistics have been collected. The total amounts for tho six years have been j fbtat/orthe On /mirth* Exchange rtau, y«ur, i/lhem'th amount (fnyf. jemimm ""xwiimoo ahuumoo }8«8-m>... bmiowodo lAlmiooa mcshum uhtomo iumo... sjswbuoo lew-snow BOfisanw iwaanuo 1870-71,., (IllwaiOOO IWM7MO ftlMMftiOO IS9MIOOO 871-73... KIMUITCOtHI fc.’P62oooo IM2t4UOOO KBSliftKK) »»Ta-7a... flooflaafiooo wtwaxm iKumooo awoiooo ‘ Tbo total amount of bills, ohc Clearing-House during Iho year shows therefore nn inoroaso of j and of £2,'745,024,000 over 1808. Tbo amounts passing through on tbo 4th of tbo month for 1873 bnvo amounted to £205,906,000, show ing an Increase of £30.330,000 over 1873. The payments ou Stuck Exchange account days form a sum of £1,033,474,000, being an Increase of £00,028,000 over 1873. Tho payments on consols account days for the samo period have amounted to £243,601,000, giving an In crease of £9,716,000 over 1973. ookß. etc., paid at Iho muting April SO. 1873, £613,010,000 over 1873, LOCAL BTOCK AND BOND MAHKET. Moosrn. Lunt, Preston &, Koau quoto as fol lows this aftoruoom Bwtintj. Selling, 5-SOlOf *63. (MOsoCM. 6-20aof’05 117# 117# i-2Ua of ’65. Jan. and July 118# 118# 6-20fl of ’O7. Jad. and July ISO# ISO# 6-20s of ’OS, Jan, and July 118# 118# a01d00un0na...,,..,....,, ....117# 118# Gold Exchange lljj# Sterling Exchange Northern X’aclflo Gold, 7-30 a........ .... I°° * j n J* Chicago City 7 JK# * Cook County 7a . •»» k lut * Illinois County and Township 10a. 02(305 .... REAL ESTATE. Tho following Instruments wore filed for rec ord on Monday, May 19: cm rnoPSBTT. Clybonrn ov, n w of Sheffield av, s w f, 60 ft to alley, dated May 1 | consideration, $3,C00. Pulton st, bet Hoyne and Bo boy eta, nf, 36x121 ft, dated Nov. 1,1873 ; consideration, $1,760. South Park av, near b w cor Twenty-ninth st, of, Lot 6, dated March 1; consideration, $5,000. Peoria st, bet West Indiana and Hubbard als, ot, n X Lot 8 and nH of a X Lot 9, dated April 35; con sideration, $4,000. McGregor at, hot Stewart av and BuddansL sf, 23 feet to alley, dated May 17 ; consideration, SC3S. Lot 13. in Smith’s Block 18, of wK u w Seo 0, SO, 14, dated April 35; consideration, S7OO. Trumbull av, a w cor of West Sixteenth st, of, 400 x 125 ft, dated March 34; consideration, $1,637. Ht. Louis av, no and s e cor of West Eighteenth st, entire Blocks 3 and 3, dated March 24; consideration, $28,176. Lot 44, in Block 1 of Block 10, of:« X See 31, SO, 14, dated April 36; consideration, SSOO. Trumbull av, no and a o cor of West Eighteenth st, entire Blocks 1 and 4, dated March 24; consideration, $23,048. Plum at. n • cor of Baffin at, Lot 26, dated Fob. 10; consideration, SI,BOO. Jefferson at, near a w cor of Adams st, of, 20 061-6 ft, dated May 10; consideration, $3,000. Thlrty-aovonth-et, 83 f e of Ellis av, s f, 103x100 ft, dated Oct. 13,1873; consideration, $25,000. Lot 45, In Block 63, Seo 33, 40, 14, dated May 18; consideration, $l,lOO. Twenty-fifth at. bet Wallace and Sanger sis,' a f, 25 ft to alley, dated Feb. 31,1879; consideration, SBOO. West Indiana at, ICB ft e of Union st, u f, 20x80 ft, with buildings, dated May 17; consideration, $4,500. Ewing st, a w cor of Besplalnoa at, n f, 60x119 ft, dated Aug, 28,1873; consideration, $3,700. - - Sedgwick at, 100 ft a of Hobblo at, of, 26x130 ft, dated April 15; consideration, $3,200. North Sangamon at, 183 ft nof Chicago av. of, 23# zl66# ft, dated April 6 ; consideration, $1,360. State at, n w cor Sixteenth st, of, 160x333 ft, dated MaylS; consideration, $200,000. Samuel M, Nlckeraon to Joseph B. Young. Lot 8, In Orano’a Block 3, United States Bank Addi tion, dated May 17; consideration, $1,160. Lot 10, in Block 6, of o X a eif Sec. 0, 39, 14, dated May 10 ; consideration, SI,OOO. Orchard at, between Sophia and Centro sin, w f, Lota 0 aud 10, dated April 16 : consideration, SB,OOO. Hastings at, a w oor of Lallin at, n f, Lot 51, dated May 10; consideration, $1,200. Lot 70, in Block 8. of s w jf Sec. 20, 89, 14, dated April 18; consideration, $1,860. Lot 60, In same, dated April M; consideration, $1,350. Indiana av, nw cor Twentieth at, of, 109?jxl60 ft, dated April 23; consideration, $45,000. Lot 82, In Block 93, Sheffield's Addition, dated May 17; consideration, S6OO. Lot 9, in Blocks, In Block 9, of Wright and Web ster’s noX of See 13, 89,13, dated Jan. 2 ; considera tion, $550. 1 . Polk at, wof and near DeKalb st, af, 34 ft to alley, dated May 14; consideration, S9OO. Lot 38, adj the above, dated May 14; consideration, S9OO. Chicago av,loo ft wof North Green at, a f, 25x110 ft, dated May 3; consideration, $3,600. Oakley at, nof Taylor st, ef, 25x125# ft, dated March 27; consideration, S9OO. Lot 16, in Block 16, Sec 8, 89,14, dated May 18; consideration, S7OO. Lota 1 and 4 of Lota 1 to 30, of w X Block 28, Seo S3, 40,14, dated Hay 2; consideration, $2,150. Noble st, near Superior st, w f, 24 ft to alloy, dated April 38; consideration, $1,300. Rtib-x<ot oof Trf)te 63 sud oo,tu xiutterfleld’a Addition, dated May 8; consideration, $2,900. Lot 13, with building, in Block 44, Soo 10, 39, 14, dated May 14; consideration, $1,350. Lot 39, In a & of Block 01, Soo 19, 39,14, dated May 0; consideration, $1,200. Lot 43, lu Block 27, Sheffield’s Addition, dated April 30: consideration,ssso. Lot 10, in Block 4, Sco 7, 89,14, dated May 15; con sideration, $1,200. Chicago av, n w corner of North Green at, a f, 25x80 ft, dated April 10; consideration $2,000. NODTH OP OITT LIMITS. Lot 9, of Lots 5 and 0 in block 16, of Hundley's Sub division In i’ine Grove, dated March 12; considera tion, $1,660. south op orrr limits. Lot 6, in Block 8, of Eberhart Si Wcago's ViC 6eo 0, 38,14, dated May 15 ; consideration, SOOO. Lot 6. in Block 6, of north 74 rods of ne % Sec. 4, 88,14, dated May 10 ; consideration, S6OO. Block 6, in Phare's e Hof s w ££ See. IS, 37,13, dated April 10 ; consideration, $5,000.* Lot 6 In Muller's Lots 27 and 28, in Bobbins' n Itf s e # of no M Sec. 8. 88,14, dated April 22 : considera tion, $5,000, Lot 0. and a strip adjoining, In Block 36, Hyde Park, dated April 21; consideration, $7,200. Lots 18 to 86, in Block 9 of e % s w v of n w % Sec. IC, 38,14, dated May 17; consideration, $0,702. COMMERCIAL. Monday Evening, May 10. Tbe following wore tho receipts and shipments of tho loading articles of produce in Chicago during the past forty-eight hours, and for the corresponding date one year ago: I RECEIPTS, SHIPMENTS. j 1873. 1872. 1873. 1872. Flour, brls » 8,124 8,027 10,171 10,188 Wheat, bu 61,600 10,380 104,800 17,808 Corn, bu 100,696 204,016 05,108 325,276 Guta, bu 49,850 66,470 75,528 26,890 Rye, bu 712 2,460 2.535 2.330 Barley, bu 1,160 1,995 6,202 Ortas seed, lbs 60,660 12,000 : 28,360 22,000 Flax seed, lbs 130 ...... Broom corn, tbs.... 14,000 28,000 2,125 6,640 Cured meats, tbs.... 36,400 30,660 203,030 205,040 Beef, brls 80 Pork, brls | 332 64 Lard, tbs 17,660 10,1801 237.500 67,440 TsUow, lbs 14,720 34,7101 87,330 300 Butter, tbs 46,766 62,845 10,200 26,600 Dressed hogs, No ] Live hogs, No 6,713 6,303 6,633 4,653 Cattle, No 1,364 7871 2,666 2,680 Sbsop, No 1,186 205, 169 Hides, lbs. 103,620 1X4,1501 146,492 74,300 Uighwlnos, brls.... 125 *lO, 01 350 Wool, tbs 40,760 00,000, 36,060 200,000 Potatoes, bn 7,683 4,783 2,738 1,200 Lumber, ra ft 6,085 6,00f.| 2,010 1,245 Shingles, m 8,280 6,2801 1,806 2,740 Latb, 424 371 232 188 Salt, brls 2,647 4,0251 3,251 046 Withdrawn from store on Saturday for city consumption t 1,741 hu wheat; 1,467 bn com ; 4,040 bu oats; 690 bu rye ; 3,880 bu barley. Tho following grain has boon inspected into store this morning, up to 10 o'clock : 70 cars wheat; 030 cars com; 0,000 bn No Ido ; 0,000 bu No. 2 do, aud 0,000 bu rejected do, by canalj 7G oars oata; 2 core ryo. Total (484 oars), 223,- 000 bu. The following shows the distr; breadstuff's shipped out from th tho past week: SMpptd, Flour, intent. Corn. Oals, Uyt, By rai1........ 83,604 260.872 69,058 ~2M,369 6.800 By canal 46 8,425 .... .... .... To Buffalo.... 8,8!* 816,934 867,849 267,007 10,000 To Krlo 1,600 .... 18,886 To Oswego... 43,50U .... .... To Ogd'nib’h 62 .... 21,b0U To Humn..... 20,110 .... .... Other U.H.p’s 160 035 20,767 82,618 ToColborne W,Oi9 80,618 .... .... To Kfnuston 341,367 21,W0 To Goderich 35.681 10,088 4,103 Other O, ports 16,370 .... .... T0ta1.....~ 42,660'064.726 1.140.433 6W.0D7 19,800 jod by rail. Also, 22,688 bu barley ship] io exports of broadstuffs w York for tho week eud- The following were tin and provisions from Non ing May 17: , 33,620 Lard, lbs 1,346,671 .287,410 Bacon, lbs 6.152,620 .426,173 Tallow, lbs 1,069,853 . 6,038 Butter, lbs 41,032 , 8,783 Choose, lbs 716,083 Flour, brls. Wheat, bu. Corn, bu... Pork, brbs. Beef, brls.. A gentleman who haa received a considerable portion of the canal com that has oome in re jected this spring, was overheard to-day to eay that he hadmado “a great ado" about the inspec tion, “but, between you and me, the inspection win right." Thoro is a statement which contains Toluroos. Tho lending produce markets wore again quiet to-day, except com, .but averaged somewhat higher, on account of tho rain, which fell like a wot blanket upon those who had hoped that tho weather had at Inst settled down Into a condition which Old Probabilities could take a pride In. Tho reports from tho grnln-ralajifg sections wore nearly all of the Rome tonoHfs those quoted by •» llural ” In our issue of this morning,—wot, nothing hut wot, and oven tho most conserva tive began to fear for tho crops of this year. Yet prices did not advance, as some expected, irohably because thoro has boon considerable nvestmout in bod weather already, and thoro is plenty of grain now to bo sold, whatever thoro may ho in tho future. . Dry goods wore only moderately active In any department, and tho general market did not ex hibit a remarkably firm tone, though there was no material decline in any article In the list. The demand for groceries was fair, so far as staple articles wore concerned, but side goods wore gen erally dull. Quotations were the same as on Saturday. Butter continues weak and unsettled, the demand not being sufficient to prevent a steady augmentation of stocks. Local and out side buyers wore operating at 10@320 ♦ for poor to good, and at 24@270 for choice. Grain bags wore rather easier. IMltf >Us’g Tho demand for chooae and canned poods wna email, and prices woro loss all around, though not quotably lower. In tho fish market, there is steady, fair activity at Arm prices. Dried fruits are quiet, and most varieties ace easy. Hay was Arm. Uidos remain dull and weak. No changes wore noted in tho nlg-iron, tobacco, leather, and paint markets. Oils were quiet, and turpentine and carbon wore easier. Trade at the lumber-yards was only moderate this morning, owing to tho disagreeable weather, though there was a fair inquiry from city deal ers for choice boards aud strips, Tho offerings wore only fair. At tho yards a fair demand was reported, at about the same range of prices. Metals oud tinners* stock, are mooting with an Improved demand, and tho market rules steady, at quotations. Kails woro in moderate request at $5.25 rates, with 12)£o off to tho trade. Duilding materials remain quiet and unchanged. The wool market is quiet; tho movement is light, aud entirely on Western, account. Droom corn is in the usual demand, and the bet ter grades are bold firmly. Seeds woro quiet and without material change. Common and mixed lots of potatoes continue dull, while tho demand for choice poacbblows is good, and form er prices are fully sustained. Tho trade in green fruit continues fair, though Interrupted to some extent by the disagreeable weather. Prices are unchanged except for Messing oranges, which, owing to scarcity, have advanced. Poul try was scarce and firm, with a fair iuqury on lo cal account. Eggs wore in liberal supply and easy at 12@12^0. Illghwinos woro qvdot but firm at the outside quotation of Saturday. Sales woro reported of 100. brls at 900 per gallon. There was very little offered. Lako freights wore in fair demand, and rather more active at the iuaido rates quoted ou Satur day. The leading inquiry was for steamer room, especially on wheat. Bates wore G)£o on wheat and G)-<)0 on corn to Buffalo : 130 ou wheat and 12c ou corn to Kingston or Oswego ; 4o on oats to Buffalo ; and 2Go ou coru through to Boston via Buffalo. A total of 13 chartorawas reported, which will carry out 200,000 bu wheat, 180,000 bu corn, and 80,000 bn oats, including one vessel to load at Milwaukee. Provisions wore dull. Mess pork was a little stronger than on Saturday evening, though Co nor brl lower than on 'Change ou that day, aud lard was tamo at a dccliuo of So por 100 lbs, while meats wero inactive aud uoraiuollv un changed* Sales of summer lard wore mauo to day at a decline of )£o por lb from tho prices of a few days ago, In consequence of more liberal offerings, what Ja called summer product is produced In largo quautlcs, aud is generally preferred for consumption, being sold at a lower price; leaving the winter product to bo delivered back ami forth ou options. The market closed at tho following rango of prices: Moss pork, cash or seller May. $1(3.10 @10.20; do seller June, $10.20(5)10.25; do sollor July, $10.05(5)16.70; do seller August, SIG.BO@ 17,00; lard, cash or seller May, $8.00; do seller Juue, $8.00(0)8.95; do seller July, $9.15@0.20; summer lard, $8.00; do without package, $7.50. Sweet pickled haras quoted atlo@UMo. Dry salted moats quotable at 6%@o)<c for shoulders; B%@SyjO for short ribs; aud 8j)£(5)8%o for short clear. Boxed shoulders, G%@G%o. Eng lish meats, for short nos; BK(®oc for short clear. Bacon is quoted at 7%b for shoul ders; 10c for clear ribs: 10)fo for short clear, and 13@l-1%0 for hams, all packed. Moss beef, $0.00@9.25; extra mass do, $10.00@10.25; beef ham5,528.00@29.50. City tallow, 1% @8o; groaso quotable at s)f@oi3fc. Sales wore reported of 1,500 brla moss pork seller Juno at $10.25; 1,500 brla do seller July ai $10.70 ; 500 brla do at $10,05; 250 tes lard seller Juno nt $8.05 ; 250 tea do at SB.OO ; 50 tea do (country) at $3.00: 60 tes summer do at SB.OO ; 100 tea do at $7.60, loose. Flour was quiet aud unchanged. There was very little inquiry, and most of that was from parties who professed to expect concessions, which they could not obtain, as holders wore rosoluto. The business was chiefly of & local character. Bran was 250 lower. Cash sales wore reported of 200 brls white winter extras on private terras; 400 brls spring extras on private terms; 100 brla do (low) at $5.60; 100 brls do, Minnesota seconds, at $6.50; 60 brls ryo flour at $4.37)<j; 25 brls uo at $4.26; 60 brls do nt ?4.17X; 100 brls do on private terms. Total, 1,025 brls. Also, 20 tons bran at SIO.OO on track. The following wore tho quotations at tho clouo: Pair to obolco white winter extras $ 8.60 @ll.OO Red winter extras 7.00 ($ 6.50 Good to choice spring extras. Low to medium Mlnnciotas (patent) Good to fancy Minnesota. Spring superlincs Rye Hour Bran Wheat was quiet and steady, averaging %o higher than on Saturday, though reported un changed in Now York. Tho continued rain was tho leading cause of tho stronger feeling, which appears to have ozeitod Milwaukee more than Chicago, as wheat was reported soiling at §I.BO there this morning. To this was added (hero) tbe causes named last week, chief among which is a heavy diminution iu our stocks,which makes cash wheat decidedly scarce, iu tho face of a fair domand for shipment. But tho receipts this morning wore larger, and intending buyers grew suspicious that somo ono would unload oro long and cause a break in prices. Hence they hold off, and thoro was very little demand, in comparison with that noted last week, os many of the men who usually trade iu wheat wore attracted Into tho com department. Toward tho close tho advices from other points woro loss favorable, and a reported advance in ocean freights caused buyers for shipment to hold back, which brought out more free offer ings on tho part of holders, causing a relative'./ weak feeling. Seller Juno opened at $1.81%. advanced to $1.82.%, declined to $1.83, improved %o, foil to §1.31%, and closed at $1.81%. Seller the mouth sold at $1.32@1.83%, closing at $1.32%. Seller July sold at $1.80%@1.81%, and seller the year at §1.1G@1.16%. No. 1 spring was inactive. Cash No. 2 spring sold at $1.82% @1.33%, not iu preferred houses, closing at SI.BB. No. 3 spring was quiet and firm at $1.22%@1.23, and rejected do at $1.05@1.05%, both closing with the inside bid. Gosh sales were reported of 1-1,800 bu No. 2 spring at $1.83% ; 10.000 bu do at $1.83%; 88, GOO bu do at §1.83%: 5.000 bu do at $1.38% ; 17,100 bu do at $1.38% ; 10.000 bu do at §1.88%s 25,000 bu do at $1,88: 10.000 bu do at $1.82% ; 8,100 bu No. 8 spring at §1.28 ; 1,000 bu do at $1.23% ; 1,000 bu rejected soring at §1.05% s 800 bu do at $1.05. Total, 178,260 bu. Cora was %o higher and moderately active, but weak, iu sympathy with Now York, The miserable drizzle of the morning, with reports of similar weather nearly all over tho country, caused a strong fooling early, but the advanced prices could not bo sustained, though the weather showed no signs of breaking up, as many holders took advantage of tho advance to soil out. Tho receipts woro also larger, which fact caused some surprise, as it has boon gener ally thought that they would continue small, and oven decrease till such times as country holders can bo bolter assured with regard to tho next crop. At present loss than half tho corn is Slanted, and very much of tho ground has not eon ploughed yet: so that under the circum stances thoro is not a very encouraging prospect. Tho Eastern weakness scorns to he predicated on tho idea that thoro is an Immense quantity of ooru yot to como forward; but tho backwardness of tho season lias reduced farmers to tho necessity of feeding their stock with corn for somo weeks longor than usual, and by so much their exportable surplus is lessoned. Holler Juno opouod at 41%0, and declined to 40%0 at tho close. Seller July gold at 48@i8%0, mid seller August at 4-l%@-15%0, all closing rather firm at tho inside. Holler the month, or regular No. 2, sold at 89%@89%0, and strictly froali receipts at 40@40%0. Gash sales woro reported of 5,000 bu No. 2 at 40%o; 10.400 bu do at 40o; 8,000 bu do at 89%o; 85,000 bu do at 89%o: GO,OOO bu do ut 30%o; 20,000 bu do at 89%o; 2.400 bu rejected at 88%o: 14,400 bu do at 88o; 8,000 bu No. lat 41%0, afloat; 6,000 ba No. 2at 40%0, afloat. Total, 109,400 bu. Oats wore quiet aud weak at nearly the same ibutlon of the is city during THE MARKETS. 6.10 @ 7.00 4.76 @ 5.76 8.00 @ll.OO 6,50 @ 8.00 3.00 @ 6.00 4.15 ® 4.40 10.00 @10.60 rango of prices as on Saturday, being steady through the greater part of the session, and then breaking, In. sympathy with ■wheat and corn. Seller Juno sold at \ seller July at 05@85X°i nn <l Bailor the mouth at 82%@82>j’ l but could have boon had at the close at 33k0. Striotly fresh receipts commanded premium ovor regular, Cash sales were reported of 1,200 bu at 88#o 5 4.200 at 830 i 2,400 bu at Oajtfo ; 1,000 bu regular at 32)^0 1 10,000 bu do at 82&o: 000 bu rejected at Ole s COO bu do at DOJ^o; 1,200 bu do at 30>£oj 1.200 bu do at { 1,200 bu by sample at OCo. Total. OH,COO bu. Bye was quiet ami Arm at the real price of Saturday, though >£o higher than the quotation; as 05,000 bu wore sold at 700, while the only sales reported were of 7,000 bu at Bales to-day were 400 bu No. 2at 700 t aud 400 bu by sample at 7 20 - Barley was quiet, end easier on the speculative grade { others unchanged. Wo quote the market at 71@00o for No. 2 : 04@08o for No. 0, and 46(S> 480 for rejected,—tbo Inside In the Book Island Elevator, and the outside In the Armour, Dole A Co., and Central Elevators. Cash sales vroro re ported of 400 bu No. 2 at80o: 0.000 bu do at 71o; 400 bu by sample at 050 ; 400 bu doatß3o; COO bu do at G3>£e. Total, 7,600 bu. • produce STATISTICS. Tho Now York Produce Exchange weekly gives tho following: Tho export clearances for Europe from tho ports of- Now York, Boston, Montreal, Philadelphia, and Balti more, aggregated, wore for tho undermentioned weeks as follows: Flour Wheat Corn, Jli/e, Peat, Onto brls, bu, bu. bu, &u. 6u. May 15 20,205 357,317 635,710 7,644 23,713 10,000 May 8 10,393 114,450 697,049 May! 10,009 310,108 434,343 14,070 4,300 .... April 24 814 91,089 433,673 1,113 3,800 .... Total, 4 W*ks 03,483 773,669 9,001,161 33,720 29,712 10,000 April 17 3,689 07,005 373,087 ~.. 10,000 .... April 10 0,013 40,883 251,052 .... 2,800 .... April 3 1,200 14 438 233,202 .... 3,000 .... Marchs7... 3,279 37,160 85,080 .... 8,400 .... Total, 4 wits if,oßo Tbo stock of wheat in Marseilles April 25, 1873, was 88,024 metrical quintals of 220tf lbs each, against 590.- 000 metrical qulntots at iho corresponding date 1n1872. The Imports from tho 16th to the 90th or April. 1673, woro 23,000 quintals, against 04,190 quintals for tbo corresponding week In 1872. Tho imports from Jan. 1 to April 20, 1373, were 890,200 quintals, against 1,279,990 quintals for tho corresponding period In 1872. Tho small stock of wheat at Odessa, as compared with last year, gives a Arm market there. Seven steamers with 869.050 bu of wheat woro on passage to United Kingdom. It usually takes twenty-one days from Odessa, and twenty-throe days from the Dan ube nod Azov Bea, to make tbo passage to United Kingdom. . In Hungary, the weather was, at latest mall dales, reported Ado and dry, with rain wanted for the spring grain. From Germany the reports of tho growing crops continue favorable, though tho weather was dry and cold ; tendency of prices of wheal was upward. • lu Holland the weather was .One and warm: (be sowing had been completed under favorable auspices. From Belgium Ano and favorable weather ia re ported, but a temperature accompanied by frosty Tho oppcaranco of tho wheat plant In France woa quite generally favorably apokon of, but ryohad suffer ed from too much moisture. French markets, gener ally hold small supplies, accompanied by rising prices. In tho United Kingdom for several weeks tbo supply of grown wheat has boon considerably below tbo aver age of tho last ton years, which has caused, at many points, augmented values for tho beat qualities of wheat, which are scarce, but tho Inferior grades aro without Improvement, and compose the larger portion of tho offerings. • Thoao aro quite neglected and almost unsalable. The stocks of wheat in granary hive been quite rapidly diminished lu the United Kingdom, as tho deliveries of bomo-growu wheat, plus tho Imports, have for several weeks been about 100,000 qrs, or 809.000 bu, weekly below tbo weekly consumption. Tho stocks of wheat throughout Franco, at Odessa, tho Dumtblan and Azov ports, are email ao compared with tho stocks at (ho corresponding data In 1672. Tho diminishing stocks in Germany at tho principal cen tres of »upply give rising prices. Tho tendency of prices la quite generally upward throughout Europe. From this time to (he harvest weaker markets may bo expected,audlf favorable for tbo crops, probably ateady full prices; but If unfavorable, a higher range of values will rule, Tho supply and tho demand for wheal are so nearly equal that permanently lower prices are not, from this timo to the harvest, probable. Tho comparative Imports of wheat Into tho United Kingdom, mouthly, for tho twelve mouths ended March 31, for tho last three years woro: 1872. 1871. 1870. Ctota. Ctcta. Cicla, 2,233,048 2,282.930 1,853,755 2,017,194 2,406,321 2,670,455 2,559,448 2,433,851 1,944,299 3,997,237 4,633,120 2,878,873 3,526,112 4,110,189 8,053,930 4,237,624 3,842,034 3,129,993 6,718,647 6,028,387 3,000,704 4,949,033 4,104,197 2,311,720 3.924,393 2,933,111 2,344.700 1873. 1872. 1871, 3,952,370 3,932,285 8,023,708 3,184,340 2,034,903 1,033,990 2.820,809 2,777,964 2,028,880 Wftwfc April May June . July August.... September. October.... November. December. January.. February March... Total It mouths.... 43,203,703 40,642,348 30,161,077 1370. 1871. 1870, Ctcti. Ctclt. Cwln. 300,476 386,608 420,300 311,071 237.321 408,006 383,313 331,737 386,003 816,374 312,113 363,013 300,490 337,093 078,009 360.109 204,127 062.007 636.109 318,608 410,813 625.970 298,073 800,502 716,764 350,654 481.184 1873. 1872. 1871, 684,371 220,264 380,098 671,191 2'>7,163 288,319 015.971 205,019 421,653 Flour April... May.... juuo. August.... September. October... November. December., January.. February, March.... Total cwts 6,707,267 8,678,2(1* 4,738,253 Equal to wheat, cwts.. 7,134,08* *,*72,830 6,004,000 Total wh’t 5: f10ur.00,330,870 *6,016,178 86,000,0*3 It will be observed that the Imports of flour during October, November, December, January, February, and March, 1872-’73, have boon very largely In excess of tbo Imports for the corresponding months of the pro* vioua two years. It Is expected there will bo atnplo supplies of maize from the Danublau Principalities, of crop of which last year was proliflo and of good quality. This maize will come in competition with American maize in the mar kets of tbo United Kingdom. Tho stocks of Dauubian maize, howovor, held at tbo principal points of export over winter, are but amali portion in first-rate con dition. The unfavorable temperature in the corn-producing districts of the Northwest, and the late planting, is not favorable for such Immense com crops as there has been for the last two years. If that crop shall this year turn out unfavorable, tho swine slaughter of 1873- *7* will probably fall far below that of 1872**73. The indications, as pointed out by ths foregoing statistics, aro, that any deficiency in tho bog cron of 1873-*74 will not probably be made good from the hog crop of 1872—*73* The corn crop !■ yet to bo made, and the extent of the volume of export, and that of summer packing, aro yet to be determined, and all aro Important elements in determining whether there is an ample or deficient supply of the nog product yet left in the country to meet possible or probable requirements. Slocks of grain in the undermentioned ports of tho United Kingdom, May 1,16T3: Flour, Flour,

hrls, each, Wheat, Corn, Oatt, At 190 lbs, 260 £b«. qvs. ora. ora. L0nd0n....05,252 82,400 103,829 75,209 131,709 Gloucester .... 84,377 10,001 20,629 Clearances of flour and grain from Montreal for the week ending May 18, 1673: Flour, Wheat, Con brh, bu , bi o—Stmr, Russian, Liverpool 5,274 Slmr. Thames, London 3,893 31,933 10—Strar. Peruvian, Liverpool, 0,338 bupo&s 1,430 6,000 12— Stmr. St. Patrick, Glasgow. .3,500 .... Ship Olenlffor, Glasgow ... .1,647 83,480 Stmr. Toxna.Llvorpool,lo,ooo bu oats, 17,374 bu peas.., 13— Ship Pomona, Liverpool... Ship Gleuborvlo, Liverpool Total for week ending May 13,1873 0.670 07,403 80,430 Thovislblo supply of grain, Including the Blocks In granary, at the principal points of accumulation at .lake ana seaboard porta, in transit by rail, and frozen in on Now York canals, was, May 10,1873 6«. In tfofe at M 9.497 60,000 2.V0, 6.440,30; 43.000 Now York Albany Buffalo •Chicago Milwaukee...... Duluth Toledo Detroit..... •Oswego Bt. Louis Boaton Toronto Montreal •Philadelphia... •Baltimore.,..,, I«ako ahipmoots, llall shipments.. OaN.Y. canals, 189,233 13,400 121,137 1,800.661 1.4W.W0 '101,183 JJ6B.INB 103,741 870.000 860,028 6,337 206.801 127,301 106.000 419,443 32.813 05,000 440,707 78,210 860 814,165 160,000 328.734 .140,(101 173,325 161.457 4ft,(KX) 1,077,600 400,271 62,120 0,451.33J 1U,039,8711 9,686,460 11,571.aU 11,763,415 10,937,828 6.4 M.820 0,831,054 8,733,600 7.015.745 7.400,001 7,7)08.473 6,808,610 Tot* -May 10, '73. Tota -May 3. >73.. Total—Apr.'io, ’73. Tota —Apr. 18, ’73. Tola —Apr.ll, ’73. Tota -Apr. 4, *73. Total-May U. *72. “liiUmalcd. TUB PRIOR 01' NICKEL. During tlio Inat two years on extraordinary Ad vance bus occurred in tho value of ulelcol. In 1871 it was obtainable In any quantity at 4b tid nor pound, but it has now reached tlio enormous price of 10a per pound, and Is very diflloult to procure oven at tuis quotation. This remarka ble rise in partly, if not principally, duo to the now coinage contemplated by the Gorman Gov ernment. It is expected that tlio coinage will absorb within tho proponed term of tho con tract—two years—about 600 tons'of nickel. In which case It is not Improbable that the metal may rise to 00s per pound, not withstanding that numbers of old mines aro again being worked both In Norway and Sweden. Should this prove to Jw tho case, tho electro- Plato trade of BtroUuuU(uu.Aud WhoOiold will bo brought to a standstill, the advances In price al ready declared having seriously restricted tho demand. THK inOH TRADE IN rttANCR AND BELGIUM, Tlio French iron trade has not boon quite maintainedj It has, novortholoso, boon Armor than tho corresponding industry in neighboring countries, tho downward londonoypwhlca has be come general, having mado itself folt with comparative mildness in Franco. Ik is iho foreign demand wbidh, however, sustains tho French market to tho extent to which it is sustained, as French consumers maintain an altitude of greater re serve from day to day. Tho downward tendency which lias characterized tho Belgian iron trade has become rather more marked than formerly. Tho Belgian mechanical establishments and rail way plant factories are still active. Tho French coat trade has experienced a chock, but no re action is remarked, at present, in prices. Coal is still very scarce in tho south of Franco. Tho demand for coal is not so active in Belgium, oud slock are again beginning to acaumulato. In the afternoon wheat was in moderate de mand, and %c lower. No. 2 was quiet at $1.31% @1.32 seller the mouth, and sold at $1.30%@ 1.81 seller Juno, both closing at tho inside. Corn was fairly aotivo and %@%o lower, closing at 400 seller Juno, and 42%0 sellar July. Sales were reported of COO tes lard ut $8.87% seller Juno. A charter wan made, bat tho particulars woro not ascertained. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. Monday Evening, May 19. ALCOHOL—Was In demand, and Arm, at $1.8001.85 for 94 per cent proof. BEANS AND PEAS—Were quiet end without ma terial change. We again quote: Choice hand-picked navies, $3,6003.60; do mediums, $3.4002,45; Inferior grades, $1.2503.00; green peas (In brie), $1.4001.60; yellow do (in bags), $1.25. ....... BUTTER—There was a fair movement In this staple to-day, outside buyers as well as local consumers tak ing bold with considerable freedom. Tbo Increased Inquiry did not, bowovor, any visible effect upon prices, which remain weak and unsettled. Wo now quote: Strictly choice dairy, packed, 240270; medium io good, 18022 c; Inferior to common, 90180. BAGGING—Prices of grain bags wore not particular ly firm, tho easier fooling developed at tho East having a “ softening ” tendency. Olhor goods In tho list wero comparatively steady. Wo quote: Stark, 38X® * Lud low, 360; Lewiston, 84Xo; American, 32X0; Amoi koag,32Xo; Otter Crook, 34c; burlap bags, 4 and 6 bu, 80022 c; gunnies, single, 17018o; do double, 28030 c; woolsacks, G7J4o, BROOM CORN—Tho movement In all grades of corn, except tho lowest, continues fair; and tho mar ket Is fair for tbo good qualities. Tho rccoipta oro light. Wo quota ; No. 1 stock braid, CosJ4o* No. 2 do, 3M@4o *. No. fl do, 303**0 1 lueldo green, 3X@4c; do rod tip, 904 c; do pale and red, QO3XC. BUILDING MATERIALS—Trade In this depart ment continues qulot. Prices aro without particular change as follows: Stucco. $2.6902,75; Now York stucco, casting, $3.7504.00 ; eupetflno do, $3,500 4.00; Portland cement, $5.6007.60 per brl { Roseu dalo cement, $3.2503.50; Utica, Louisville, and Akron cement, $2.00 per brl; marble dual, $3.25 @3.60; Umo in bulk, 85c@$1.00; lime (brls), $1.25 per brl; white sand, por brl, $1.7502.00; plas tering hair, per bu, 40050 c ; fire brick, per 1,000, $40.09090.00; building brick (common), $6.00 ; sewer brick, $12.00013.00; country brick, $13,00, deliv ered ; Bt. Louis hydraulic pressed, $45.00, del.; Milwaukee pressed, $33.50, del.; do common, $14.00; Racine pressed, $30.00, del.; do common, $14,00 • Hillsdale, $25.00, del. ; Indiana pressed, $22.000 24,00: do common, $12.00 ; (Excelsior pressed, No. 1 and 3, $20.00030.00 del,; Are clay, per brl, $3.00, or SIO,OO per ton. Tho following is tho list of prices por box of 50 feet for domestic window glass, from which a reduction of 45 and 5 por cent Is mado to dealers: 7xlo to Bxlo, Bxl4 to 10x15 8.10 12.00 12x18 10 10x20 0.23 10.00 18x22 10.18x30 11.00 19.00 20x28 to 21x30 13.00 21.00 30x00 to 10x00 i . 15.00 CHEESE—Some alight increase in the demand was noted, but tbe movemont la otill slack, and tbu mnrk.t exhibits a weak touo. Receipts arc increasing, end tho tendency is to lower prices. The following quotations aro furnished ; Now York factory, now, H(3lsc; Elgin cream, 14013 c; Ohio factory, now, 11013 yo ; West ern factory, new, 110I3#c, COAL—No obaugo took place in prices of coal, and most descriptions wore steady at former quotations. Wo repeat our list; Lehigh, lump, $12.00; prepared, $12.00; Lackawanna, $10.00; Erie, (10.00: Briar Hill, $10.00: Walnut Hill, $10.00; Blosshurg, $10.00; Cher ry Mine, $9.00; Ilocklug Valley, $9.00; Indiana coal, $10.00: Indiana block, $9.00: Kirkland grate, $9.00; Miuonk, 53.00; Wilmington, SO.OO. COOPERAGE—Tho usual demand for flour and whisky barrels exists at tho quoted prices. Coopers' stock is in light request. Wo quote: Pork barrels, $1.23 @1.85: lard ticrccs, $1.0001.70 ; whisky barrels. $1.90® 2.10; flour barrels, 60@560; pork stoves, rough, $17,000 20.00; do bucked or sawed, $20.00025.00; tierce staves, rough, $20.000 25.00; do bucked or sawed, $23,000 28.00; whisky staves, rough, $21.00028.00; do bucked, $30.00033.00; flour staves, $9.00011.00;■ circle flour heading, 7080 per sot; flour hoop poles, $14,00015.00 per m; pork and tiorco poles, $30.00035.00 per m. EGGS—Were In moderate request among local deal ers. Tho offerings wore large, and prices wore rather easy at 12012jtfo. Sales include 158 cases and 1,100 dozen at Viyc 5 30° dozen at 12c. FEATHERS—Were salable at tbe prices given below. Tho receipts aro light: Prime to choice live geese at 73®7Cc, from flrat hands; Jobbing prices, 78(ij850 for assorted feathers: mixed feathers, 40005 c; chicken. 008°* FISH—A Arm feeling again prevailed in this market. Orders aro coming in freely, and are being filled at tho quotations following: No. 1 whitcflsb, y hrl, $7.00; No, 2 do, $0,75} No. 1 shore mackerel y brl, $11.00011.25; No. 1 bay, $9.0009.25; No. 2 mack erel, H br). $7.7508.00; No. 1 shore kits, $1.85 @1.90; bank codfish, por 100 lit, $0.0000.25; George's codfish, $0.75®7.00; Labrador herring, split, brls, $9.0009.60; do y brl. $4.7605,00; Labrador herring, round, brl, $8.0008.60; do y brl, $1,250 4.50; box herring No, 1, 28030 c; box herring, scaled, 86037 c; Columbia llivor salmon, y brls, $10.00010.25. FRUITS AND NUT3—The fruit market waa mod erately active and easy for most descriptions. The following quotations aro furnished : Foiieion—Dates, 809o; llga, drums, 11014 c; figs, box, 14>f@10#o: Turkey prunes, ratslua, $2.6002.70; Zanto currants, 7 s *oßifc. Domestic—Aldon apples, 180 20o; Michigan do, O07o; Western do, 6Qs«tfo; Southern do, 405 c: pfticbcs, pared, 17010 c: peaches, halves, tQQyo; do, mixed, iHQSyc ; blackberries, 8»f0 9yot raspberries, 40041 c; pitted cherries, 22024 c. Nots—Filberts, 14016 c; almouds, Terrngona, 21023 c; Naples walnuts, 24025 c; Brazils, lO>tfoll,Vc; pecans, 11012 c - African peanuts, 6K070; Wilmington pea nuts, 708o; Tennessee peanuts, 4#o6c, GROCERIES—The situation of the grocery market was essentially unchanged. Tho lending staples were moving with some freedom, but side goods were gen erally dull. Values underwent no decided change. Coffees remain strong, and spices, rice, and soaps aro fairly Arm, but aside from this tho market lacked strength. Wo repeat our quotations of Saturday : Bi Oahu, Soda— 1 7*<@8?fc. Oorrxxa—Mocha, 33083?.f0; 0. O. 'Java, 27 31Jic; choice do, 24®24,40; prime RJo, 23*i®24c; g00du0,23X<323,jV0; common do, 92&@223,f0; roast ing do, 21021j,'0; .Singapore, 24®24«tfc; Costa lUcb, fancy, do, prlme,24)io2j#o; Mar acaibo, 23jtf@24c. Oanddeb—otar, full weight, 20@20*<c; stearlne, full weight, 15@15,V0; do short weight. 14014)^c. Rios—Patna, BAfQSjtfo; Rangoon, 7tf@Bo; Caro* Una, 84(09c; Louisiana, 808)tfc. Buoajis—Patent cut loaf, 13)f013Jtfo; crushed, powdered, and granulated, 12®121<o; A, standard, IllfailWo; do No. 2, ll@U.Vc ; B, ll@ll‘ a 'oj ex tra o,loJ<@Uo; ONo. % lOMOWJic; yellow O,IOK ®lO#o; choice brown, I0>f®l0^o; prlmo do, Ido; fair do, OXtf&’JKo; choice molasses sugar, 10 fair do, 0^09^0; Now Orleans sugar, choice, IOQIO.Wo ; do prime, » do fair, 9® Wo; common, 808>4c. BYaurs—lM&mouddtlpß,'sl.33ol.3s; silver drips extra tine, 70073 c; good sugar-house syrup, 45@480 ; extra do, 60@550; New Orleans molasses, choice, 80 @B3c; do prime, 73076 c ;do common, 63070 c; Porto Rico molasses, choice, 66005 c ; common molasses, 30 036 c. Salebitds—Common to best, 0010 c, Spices—Allspice, 17@18o; cloves, 370380 ; cassia, 88®Wc; pepper, 23><@24Ko; nutmegs, $1.2501.30; ginger, pure, 26030 c; do No. 1,20025 c; do No. 2,10 OU)c. Soaps—French mottled,CKoO?*o; German mottled, 7®7,V0 { Golden West, 6@o>yC 5 While LUy, fii'c; White Rose, 6j/®6>tfo; brown Windsor, W0 Wet palm,CQC'tfo; Havou Imperial,fl^GOj^o. . B ranon—Gloss, 04f@10o; corn, O0llo; laundry, 60 7o; common, GKEISN FRUITH—A further Advance Is noted in Messina oranges, now quoted at $8.00@d.B0; Mceslnae are very scarce. Lemons ore also in light stock and firm. Other fruits are unchanged. The demand is fair. A few cases of Tennessee strawberries were ottered at 40050 c ; gooseberries at 20®230 per quart. Wo quoto: Appjou, common to fair, $1.0003.00, good to choice, $4,0000.00 per brl from store; cranberries-(eultlvated) at $8,00012.00 per brl; Paler mo lemons at $7.0007.60 per box; Messina do at $8.00; Palermo oranges, $0.0007.00; Messina do, $8.0000.50. Pineapples, $3.5004.60 per doz. Bananas, $3.0007.00 per bunch. HOPS—Were quiet and unchanged. Wo quoto; Prlmo Western hops at 40045 c; common to fair, 25 0350. HAY—Sold to a liberal extent at substantially Satur day’s prices. In addition to a fair local demand euv or&l purchases were made fur shipment to Lake Superior and the lumber country. Wo quote wholesale prices paid by dealers, an follows, cars to contain 20,000 lbs: Oh Track—Timothy, boater pressed, $15,60018,50 ; timothy, loose pressed, $14.50 @15.50; prairie pressed, $12.00013.60. Oh Waugh —Timothy, loose, $10.00017.50; prairie, loose, $14.00 @IO.OO. For delivery of pressed, $i,0001,60, accord ing to distance. HIDES—No further important ohsngo was noted In the hide market. Business was hlmost at a stand-sllll, neither local nor outside tanners mani festing any Inclination to invest at the current rntoti, and the feeling was much depressed. Wo quote: Green city butchers’, 7o; green cured light, 10@10»fo ; do heavy, 00'JAi’o ; part cured, 6}<& O.Lo; green calf. veal kip, 12,'tf@13o; ury calf, 21o; dry kip, 2io; dry salted, 16017 c; dry flint 100 20c; long-halved kip, deaeou skins, 400 65c 5 grubby, scored, out, or otherwise damaged, two thirds price. IKON AND STEEL—A moderate amount of busi ness was transacted at the rates given below : iron 4 4-100 4 B*lo rates 10.000 17,600 13,121 32,600 flacky, hu. aw.eas 07.000 4,231 1,707,740 806,000 ‘**190*665 61,800 26.000 140,440 148,410 86.625 61,000 3,0)1 128.603 86,000 "Xtto in, not 176,000 6.481 12.621 B,»W 61,073 48.000 40.000 11.062 383,010 36,21X1 2,177 6,040 19. WO “i.aal 88.149 78.136 8,458,671 3,540,907 8,4i)5.&73 8,701,345 8,779,700 8.950 196 3,937,1621 583,096 7!W, 338 633.350 570,491 tU“7,SMS 901,878 935,035 Hoi'HO-sboe 1r0n........ Plato iron, common (auk, Russia iron Husain Irou, No. 1 etuluod JHo tub Norway Iron 0 ($ y,'<o lb Norway nail roda U# (slOo Vl l * amwtuviovßtcti'-" u quo wi> English oaat plow sled... 19 (?*l9>tfo Vlh American tool steel • ••••17# V b Ohromo tool stool 18 Cs2o - V lb English tool Htool ?}# ®23 rntoa English spring steel H («iri#o rale* LlJATilEU—Continues quiet and steady nt the quo tationa given below OHybarnoss Country harness.. ■ Lino, city, 3Mb. Kip, lb Kip, veals City upper, No. 1, ft.... City tipper, No. 2. ft.... Country upper, No. 1 Collar, V ft Calf, city..... Calf, country Hough upper,standard.... Hough upper damaged.... Buffalo slaughter solo •• B. A." solo Calf 1.250 1.45 Kip 750 WO Harness....... 40(41 45 French calf, Jodot. 05.00000,00 French calf, Lomolno C 0.00000.00 French onlf, 34 to SO lbs 1.650 2.50 French kip, 60 to 100 lbs 1.100 1.00 METALH AND TINNERS’ STOCK—Trade Is Im proving ; tho prices given below being as a rule sus tained: LATEST, Tm Plate—lO. 10x14, $15.00; do, 13x13, $15.60: do, 14x30, $10.00: do, rooAng, 10, $14.60; do, 20x28, $30.00. Pie Tin—Largo, 430; small, 430 s bar. 440. Buert Zino—Full casks, Ho; ball casks, 11%@lljjfo; lees quantity, ll%o; slab, oc, Buert liion—No. £4, Gjrfo rales. Galvanized Iron—No. 16020,150 {No. 22024,100: No. 35®80,17c; No. 87,18o; No. 28, 200. A discount of 15 por coot is made from tho list. • Oovpeb—Copper bottoms, 45@480; braziers, over 13 lbs, 470; tinned copper, 43c, Wins—3 to 6, 8c; 0, 8, and 0, lOo; 10 to 11, lie; 13, lljrfo; 13 and 14.12* c; 15 audio, 14o; 17,16o; 18, 10o; 10, lOo; 20,20 c; full bundle, 15 por cent dis count ; fence wire, 7/tfo; by car load, lh(o, NAVAL STORES—Tho demand continues fair, and (ho market steady at tho following quotations: Manilla rope, lb, 18017 c; sisal ropo, $ lb, 16@17o; hemp aaah cord, $} lb, 30023 c; ropo, W lb. 10@17o; oakum, hale, $5.0000.50: pilch, per brl, |0,00@7.00; tar. y brl, $5,5000.00. NAILS—Woro In moderate demand, and steady, at $5.25, with 12'tfo off. Wo quote: 10(?,60d, per kog, $5.25 rates; 8d do, $5.50; Cd do, $5.76: 4d do, $0.12X1 3d do, $0,751 3d do, One, $8.25; 2d do, $8.50; clinch, S7.C2X 1 12j<o off to tho trade. OlLS—Carbon and lard oils woro easy, while linseed, sperm whalo, Ac., vrero steady. Following arc (ho quotations s Carbon, 10X; extra lard oil, 7o ; No. 1, 70o; No. 2, 05o; linseed, raw, $1,00; do boiled, $1.05; whalo, 670; sperm, $3.0003.10; neats foot oil, strictly pure, $1.10; do extra, UOo; do No. 1,750; baukoll, 70o; straits, 760; elephant all,03o; turpentine, 680G9o; naphtha, 03 gravity, 20@21o; naphtha, common. Ksolßo. PAINTS. COLORS, AND PUTTY—MoI with a fair Inquiry from tho Interior, but tbo local demand was light, owing to tho unfavorable weather. Prices wove not subjected to any decided change: Btrlollypuro.. Fancy brands, nr»t Double Quality. strength, .. 0.75 9.00 o e-iu rates 0# Qi 7 lotos 20@210 rates HEMLOCK. wunc LEAD. Genuine VolUe Montague, American colors, Masury’s railroad colors... Falaco car colors in cans.. Rochelle ochro English Yen. red English orange mineral..,. Pittsburgh orange mineral, English red lend American red lead English vermllllon, por lb. Svarlot vermllllon ParlswhUo Whiting putty. In bulk. In bladders. l>jd IUON—Wu« quoted quiet and unchanged. Wo quote: Scotch (according to brand), $62.00007.00; Tuscarawas, SOI.OO ; Masnlllou, $01.00! Lake Superior. $58.00060.00; Chicago stone coal,. $67.00; Missouri Blono coal. $67.00053.00. POULTBY—Under tho Influonco of a good demand and moderate offerings prices ruled strong at 17ftl8c for turkey*, and $4.7606.60 for chickens. Sale* In clude 2coopa turkeys at 18c; 4 coopsdoatrfa: Gcoops (fancy) chickens at $6,60; 8 coopa good do at $5.25; 11 coops at $5.00; S coops at $4.75. POTATOES—Common and mixed lota woro dull, while choice peachblows sold readily at former prices. Now potatoes sold at $7.0008.00 per brl. Sales include 1 car choice pcaubblowa at 650 on track; 40 brls new at $7.00®8.00 per brl. HASH, DOORS, AND BLINDS—Were in request at former prices. A discount of from 15030 per cent is made from tho list price*. BALT— Continues to meet with a light inquiry at tho annexed rates : Onondaga and Saginaw, fine, $2.00 ; ordinary coareo. $2.00; coarse Diamond O. $2.25; ground solar, $2.25; dairy, without bags, $3.50; dairy, with bags, $4,6004.75; Ashton dairy, per tack, $5.61),; ground alum, $2.8002.40: Turk’s Island, $2.00. . SEEDS—Another quiet day was experienced in the seed market. Timothy is quiet, scarce, and prime seed is held firmly at $4.0004.10; fair sold at $3.80,. Clover was nominal at $5.00 for choice. Hungarian and mlliot were in light request and hardly es firm : the former sold at SI.BO for good, and choice millet at $1.05, Sales wore reported of 12 hags fair timothy at $3.80; 35 bags good Hungarian at $1.30 ;$0 bags choice millet at $1.05. TEAS—This market is olill somewhat unsettled, though the lato reduction in prices has had tho effect to ■stimulate trade a little. Wo repeat our quota tions: Young Hyson, common to fair, 45055 a; do good, C0@70o; do cholco to extra tine, SI.OO (21.10: common to duo old Hyson, 7O0U5o; com mon Imperial, 60065 c; good' to cholco do, BOco sl.lo} fine to good gunpowder, 70c@$1.10; choice, $1.15 @1.20; extra, $1.3501.45; choice to extra loaf Jopan, K6cosl.OO; fair to good do,CS@7so; common do 420 430; colored natural leaf Japan, 56005 c; common to fluo Ooloug, 35046 c; good, 65005 c; cholco to extra, 85c051.00. TOBACCO—Is firm and unchanged. Wo quote: Cunwino—Fine Cut—Extra. 70086 c; cholco, 650 76c; common, 65060 c; poor, 40050 c. Plug—Natural leaf, 760 80c; half bright, 60070 c; black, sound, 45@660. Bitoui.NO—Choice, 33035 c; medium, 90032 c; com mon stoms. 27029 c. WOOD—Tho demand is good, and prices rule com paratively steady as follows: Bcoch, $10.00; maple, $11.00; hickory, $12.00; slabs, $6.00, delivered. VEGETABLES—Owing to tho rain, trade under this head was rather light this morning. Spinach and as paragus were alow and lower. Other varieties were unchanged. Mobile cucumbers sold at $2.00 per doz. Wo quote: Green peas, $3.6003.00 per bu; string beaus, $3.0004.00 per bu ; cucumbers, $1.0001.23 per doz; now onion*, $8.0009.00 per brl; do per doz, 250 40o; spinach, $1.5002.00 per brl; radishes, 25«40c ; squash, per lb; asparagus, white, 40c($$1.00 ; do green, t .5 ; pie plant. 1030 per lb ; lettuce, 350 60c per doz ; cabbage, $3.00 per doz; turnips, 300 per WOOL—There was no change to note. Stocks are gradually becoming reduced. Tho demand la still con fined to the Western manufacturers, who are buying small quantities for immediate consumption. The re ceipts of now wool aro as yot very light, and prices are from 3040 lower than tho quotations below, which aro for old wool. Wo quote: Tub, washed, extra medium 61@500 Tub, washed, common to fair Common dingy Fleece, washed, XAXX, light Fleece, washed, XAXX, dingy *s^l° Fleece, washed, medium light 43@450 Fleece,-.washed, medium dingy 5704-0 Fleece,unwashed, XJtXX,in good condition, ...30@3-o Fleece, unwashed, coarse to medium.. 30@350 Fleece, unwashed, coarse, and dingy 27@3i)0 Super, pulled Extra, pulled Burry wool 6010 c lets. LUMBER. Monday Evening, May 19. In tho morning tho market was rather quiot, the rain tending to keep buyers as well as sellers indoors. Later In tho day, however, a fairly active business was transacted, and nearly all-tho cargoes wore disposed of. Choice lumber sold readily at $15.00016.00, common boards at $11.00012.00; shingles, “A,” wore a shade Armor, sales being made at $0,0003.05, to arrive. Joists and scantling remain .at $10.25010.50, and lath at $2.60. Wo note tho following sales: Cargo barge East Saginaw, from Cheboygan, 75 m ft timber at sl2; 75 m Joist and scantling at $10.25; 50 mft boarda and strips at sl6. Cargo schr Minarva, from Muskegon, 204 m ft strips and boards at sl4 ; 0 mft 2-iucU ut $lO. Cargo barge William Burns, from Grand Haven, 184 w ft strips and boards at sls, Cargo schr Kate Lyons, from Muskegon, 207 m ft strips, boards, andlif miu-run atsl6. Cargo tonvvlvo from Muskegon, 200 m ft, all straight mill-run. at £lO. Cargo schr Bololt, from Tent water, 100 in ft piece stuH at $10.25 ; 10 m pickets at $lO ; 20 m lath ut $2.50 Bluckhawk, from Luulngton. 16 m common Inch at $11.00,110 m Joist and scantling at $10.25 : Felicitous, from Two Rivers, ICO ro strips and boards nt $12.50, 20 m lath at $2.60 5 prop Menominee, from Green Bay, 720 m A shingles (to arrive) at $3.05 J prop Oconto, from Green Bay, 400 m shingles at $3.00 (to arrive) 5 schr Mary, from Menominee, 00 m ft common boards at $12.00, 30 m shingles at $3.00. itUMucu fiitimiTfl. Manlutoo, $0.0003,25 ; Lucliuglou, SO.OO ; Muskegon, |2.80 : Oconto, 50.6003.76 : Menominee. $2.00; i'out water, $2.75 } White Luka, $2.75 ; Grand Uaveu, $2,50. AT TIIU TAIIDH. A, fair hualuoas wao transacted at the yards, though owing to the disagreeable weather the demand was loaa active than laet week. Hardwood ia in good demand and firm. Quoiatloua arc au follows ~ .First clear, Second clear, 1 inch to 3 inch Tlilrd clear, 1 Inch Third clear, thick.... First and second clear flooring,togeth' cr, rough 40.00 @43,00 Find and second clear elding, to* gcthcr. 23.00 @24.00 Common elding 20.00 @22.00 Common flooring, drossod, Aral 81.00 @30.00 Common flooring, dressed, second.... 29.00 (SBO,OO IVugou-box boards, eolcctod, U inches and upward 37.00 @IO,OO Afitock hoards..... 87.00 @IO,OO B stock b0ard5,,,.................... 26.00 @30.00 ostock boards..,, 10.00 o^o.oo Common b0ard5....... 13.00 @16.00 WUi.UUWU UUM.MU.if. * .tl.* ...I.* ***** w - - - - Joist. BcunUhiK, small Umber, oto., 10 „ feataudumlor 13.00 @14.00 FeneliiK 13.00 &i 4.00 jojatomi eoautlluff, IS t024 f00t.,,... 16.00 (£20.00 Pickets, square 14,0° @}6.00 pickets! flat 13.00 (£19.00 Cedar posts, split 14-0° @1,5*00 Cedar peats, round 11.00 («,25.uU LatU 9.23 00 3.60 Latb, on track 0.7® @ 3.0® No. 1 sawed shingles 1.60 & -.00 Aor 3-60 C£ 0.7® SliiuHlcs on track ?•?£ Ko. 1 sawed ®* l ' w Throe dollars per car lo bo added when transferred* which charge follows the shingles. Thlckness-Flro shingles to bo two Inches la thick-; DORS. Length—Sixteen inched. UAnnwoon, Blnek*Walnut Counters, $100.000150.00 ; clear, 1f18.00Q18.00 { common, flO.OOQ60.OU; cull, $30,000 36,00; flooring, sso.oi)<ar.o.oo. Abli—Clear, t30.00Q-iu.oo: common, $30.00035.00; onll, $13.00018.00 ; flooring, $30.00010,00. Oak—Clear, $30.00@40.0U i common, $20.00035.00; cull. $13.00018.00. * ' Hickory—Clear. $35.00045.00; • common, $25,000 80.00} mill, $13.00018.00. Manic—Clear, $30.00010.00 { common. 120,00030.00 ; mill, $10.00015,00, * ' Butternut—Clear, $50.00060.00; common, $33,000 85.00. Cherry—Clear, SBO.OO0CO.OO; common. $26,000 85.00; cull, $13.00018.00. ’ Wlmowood—Clear, $30.00040,00; common. $30.00 030.00 J cull, $10.00015.00. ■Wagon Slock—Hickory axles, per sot, fl,0001.60; wagon polos, each, 150690; box boards, 139.00040.00, CHICAGO LIVE STOCK MARKET. Monday Evening, May 10. CATTLE—Received since Saturday, 6,600, Judging from the extent of today’s receipts, western shippers have not profited by recent experiences. It would seem that after the unsatisfactory results following the excessive receipts of l&at week they would have « curtailed shipments for a few days, and thus given tho market tbs much needed opportunity to recuperate from its present unnatural depression, but they have opened the ball with a supply overwhelmingly In ex cow of the legitimate requirements of the trade, anil they are again at the mercy of buyers. The attendance was fully an average one, the quality of the offerings all that could bo desired, and the tone of telegrams from the Hast quite: favorable; but despite those encouraging circumstanced, tbo market was dss* ‘ Ututo of animation, and tho few soles effected wore un mistakably In buyers* favor. Luring the morning hours, very little trading woa done, but toward noon shippers took hold a llltlo- more firmly, prices having boon lowered a trifle to meet tliclr views. Bales were reported at $3.5005.00 for inferior mixed lota to fat . pony steers of from 1,080 to 1,160 lbs average, and at • $5.3505.80 for good to extra steers, averaging from 1,850 to 1,450 lbs. Tho following quotations aro Httlo better tUau nominal: QUOTATIONS. Extra—Graded steers averaging 1,400 tbs and upwards $5.0008.10 Choice XJoovcs—Flno, fat, well formed 3year to S year old steers, averaging 1,300 to 1,460 tbs 0.6005.75 Good Beeves—'Well-fattened, finely formed steers, averaging 1,200 to 1,300 lbs r 6.3506.40 - Medium Grades—Steers in fair flesh, aver aging 1.100 to 1,330 lbs 4.8005.18 Butchers* Slock—Common to - fair steers, and good to oxtra cows, for city | slaughter, averaging 800 to 1,100 lbs 4. OOOS.OQ Stock Cattle—Common cattle, in docent flesh, averaging 700 to 1,080 lbs 3.7505.00 Inferior—Light and thin cows, heifers, stags, bulls, and acallawag steers 8.0003.73 Cattle—Texas, Northern wintered 4,0004.60 Cattle—Corn.fod Texas 4.6006.15 HOGS—Received since Saturday 10,600. As was tho case with tho cattle market so was It In this depart ment, tho heavy receipts causing a dull, heavy feeling all around and prices ruling a shade lower. Shipper® seemed afraid to tako bold at (ho prices current last 1 week, and Insisted upon 10a 41 off” but holders consid ered values already low enough, and refused to takeofS more than .60 ; consequently trading was extremely slow, and only a small proportion of the offerings were disposed of. Sales wore reported at $4.7004.75 (or uoor to common ; at $4.8004.85 for medium : and at (4.0006,00 for good to prime. Wo note tho following: ,$11.00011.50 . 0.00010.50 14.60 .0.60@10.60@12.60 ■ 23.00 No. Ac. Price. So. Av, Price. 67 250 $4.05 65 211 $1,60 197 200 $4.05 70 105 4.05 50 212 4.00 60 247 6.1S 00 240 4.90 59 216 4.00 00 175 4.00 66 204 4.85 46 222 4.70 132 223 4.85 68 230 6.01' 107 238 5.00 132 221 4.85 114 200 4.85 56 221 4.00 107 318 4.60 113 202 4.65 65 231 4.00 205 187 4.05 110 200 4.80 120 231 4.03 27 890 4.00 65 100 4.70 108 233 4.95 62 203 4.75 66 210 4.70 B^@3tfo 3£{|i' SHEEP—Sheep wero In limited supply and In light demand, at $3.G0@4,00 for poor to common; at 14.35& 4.60 for medium, and nt for good to choice. Lambs are in demand at $3.1)0(34.00 Tor common to choice. JTCerUimor County Dairy Ainrkot* Little Falls, N. Y. f May 17.— Tho market this week was a little dull, tfud buyers endeavored to keep prices down, while the views of holders were about above the rates of last week. The foclory-men finally nave way, and the prices oro without material change from last week, although the quality of cheese offered was bettor, ... , . ' . Farm dairies continue to bo Inferior, but ate grad* nnlly Improving, and some of them show a considers-* bio proportion of whole-milk. Tho delivery was from 600 to 800 boxes, and prices ranged from Oo to 13c, ft few of tho fancy make going at 13tfo. . * In factories wo estimate tho delivery at about 3,00(1 . boxes. Tho top prlco la 16#o t which was reached bp only a few lots. Wo glvo some of tho leading transac tions, which will show tho lone of the market: Man holm. IBHo; Herkimer County Central, 15&o; Crane’* Corners, 15tfc; J, D. Ives, Js*fo { Slone Church, l*lio: Newvlllo, 16?.(e; Countryman, 15 Vc; Old Fairfield. 15o; Snell’s Bush, 15>fo ; Manhelm Centro, 161fo: Mftubclm Turnpike, 16)ioj Mlddloville, IBAfo J St. Johuavillo, 15*0 ? Cold Creek, 1811? 5 Fulton. 15Uc; KatonviUe, 15*0; White Creek, 16Vo: S.ulurvilio, 15*o; Shell’s Bush, 13*o; George Lotluc, lf>*c; M. S. Smith, U»<c{ Newport. 15o: Keys, U,*c; Herkimer, 14*o; Danube Cold Burma. 14o;Brockctt St Filter, 13c; Nichols, IBo; Cold Brook, 16o; North Fairfield, 15*o; Fairfield Associa tion, 15* c; IlaOßlnclevn, 15*o; Little Falls Central, IBWo. From on oxoiulnallon of tho above figures, ft very correct estimate may be made in regard to thft market. Last year, on May 13, factories at Littlo Falls sola at from 130 to 14c, only three bringing the last figure. Tho delivery of butter at Little Falls Is declining from week 1 o -week end prices also are falling off. Cue quotations this week aro from 270 to 33c, and fancy at 300. At tho Utica City market about 1,600 boxes werei of fered and prices ranged from 150 to 15*c—-tha bulk of sales being at lowor figures than at Little Falls, The weather In Herkimer Is cool, with bleak raw winds, end grass comes forward slowly. The trees have not yet leaved out, and altogether the season is backward and doea not promise well for a largo makft of early cheese. It Is thought there is much less cheese made up to this date than for the correspond ing time last year. LAKE SHOEE k IMAH SOUTHEI RAILWAY COMPANY, MEW SINKING OTD BONDS, COVI'ON AND REGISTERED. $6,000,000. Bonds Duo Oct. 1, 1882, with Interest at Seven per Cent, payable sewl-mmunlly, April and October, at the olUcc of lUo Union Trust Co. of Now York. SOOO,OOO. or Ton per Cent of tho Loan, to bo retired annually by tbo Sinking Toad. Oonpon Bonds of SI,OOO each. Eogiatorcd Bonds of SI,OOO, $5,000 and SIO,OOO tub* Price, 94 and Accrued Interest. ROBINSON, CHASE & CO. BANKBHS, No. 18 Broad-st.. New York, OFFICES. A few Very Desirable Ofaces are offered for rent in the Trib-> une Building. Single or in suites. Witn and without Vaults. English Tile Floors through out the Building. Elevator running during all business hours. ,$52.00 055,00 . 41.00 060.00 . 88.00 040.00 . 15.00 These Offices are pot equaled in the city. The best for all’glasses ol business requiring aLcentral lo cation. W. O.WoO'W, Boom gl Tribune Building. TBN.TS For*nl6oh**ps 800 Wall. House, and*floiol Touts, com plete, mostly now. am) la Orat-oUTu onlor, auilnblo ful Kmlgratiuu, I-’mulUu# going WoftttUolonitaUoa Socialise* KftllroftU llnltiilng Partloa, Lniidionuea, Fishermen, lluntora, ButoFftU*,Uamp.Moot4ojs, do. Jml reoslrod, ami with other klmla ol Quartormaator am) Ordnance Bioroi, tohoioldoheap. • • , COI,. O. LIPPINOQTT. Ouvommant flood* Depot,, 195 and 19T KmV CiiUW«» HU 1100 HALES. FINANCIAL. TO RENT. TENTS.*.

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