Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 20, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 20, 1873 Page 7
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BOARD OF POLICE. A regular mooting of tho Hoard of Police Com fenlsßionore war hold yesterday afternoon, Proel* dont Mason in tho olialr. Commlsfllonorß Wright «nd Shorldan wore also present. Olllcor Michael 'Ackor woo charged with wilfully maltreating a prisoner named John Frill, with a Blnngnhot. Tho case being substantiated, ho was dismissed from tho forco. Olllcor Dolnuy wan discharged for intoxication. Tho resignation of Olllcor John AUnoiuUngcr, under charges of intoxica tion, was presented and accepted on this under standing. . A coso came up before tbo Hoard which needs publication for tho purpose of giving instruc tion to men similarly placed. Health Olllcor Elbert was arraigned for neglecting to arrest a mtm for cruelty to animals. Tbo officer ob served that bo had two horses drawing a load of coal which w onld have been too heavy n load for (our horses. Whllo tho olllcor was watching, one of tbo poor boasts foil doad In tho traces, evidently from exhaustion caused by overload ing. Tbo olllcor reported to his superior, who in turn reported him for neglecting to inako tbo arrest. Tho Hoard decided not to dismiss him, ad ho appeared to havo no clearly defined idea of hla duties, but impressed upon him tbo fact that every special policeman was expected to sco that tho ordinances of tho city woro carried out, and especially that relating to cruelty to animals. Thoro being no further business before the Hoard, it adjourned. GRAIN-SHIPPERS’ RESOLUTIONS. fib the Editor of The Chicago Tribune: . . oib s At tbo mooting of grain-shippers at Ot tawa, 111., on tbo 16th lust., tbo following reso lutions were adopted: P Jicsolvcd, That wo order all our groin shipped by canal-boats to Chicago to be Bold thoro by sample, on 1U morlta. without luspcctlou. 1 Received, That, in selecting men for tho office of Canal Coumiisßloucra. tho Governor of tho Btnto ho respectfully requested to select men living on tho lino of tho canal and river, or adjacent thereto,—men who arc fully acquainted with tho conditions and workings of tho canal and river, nud who will act with & view to E remote tho interests of those patronizing thorn ; and, 1 Justice to tboso patronizing tho canal,, n material reduction on tolls will havo to bo made, or thoy will bo obliged to abandon tho uso of It. * licsolvcdt That tho grain-dealers of (ho river and canal ho requested to signify llicir acquiescence In these resolutions by their signatures. Unsolved, That this mooting adjourn to meet at Lock* port, 111, on tho second day of tho meeting at that place by tho Hoard of Canal Commissioners. llesolved, That these resolutions bo published in tho Chicago dallies, and tho uowopaporo olong tho lino of tho cannl. ■ ■SVillinm Barton, Scott A Harrington, Mylo« Young, A. J. Thurbor k Co* James Barton, Thomatt Rybum & Co., Jno. Stockdalc, Bruce A Co., M. Byrno, Henry McEwen, George L. Blanchard, Rulesoo A Byrne, Clark & Son, McEvvan & Duckworth, William 11. Carey, D. IV, Burry, Bhulcr Bro., William Burr, E. Richardson St Son, Carpenter & Sawyer, E. L. Hcasack, George A. Brown. BOARDING AND LODGING. West Side. TO SOUTH SANOAMON-9T.-A BIOELY-FUR. A—f nishod front room for single gentlemen or gentle man and lady; alto rooms for single gonllomou, with board. OR NORTH BANOAMON-ST.—VERY PLEASANT mom, with closet nnd gne, furnished, for throo gents or gont and wife; good board, very reasonable. On AUEUDEEN-ST.-MARBLE FRONT-A HOME of comfort, elegance, and refinement; now, clean, and ovory convenience; terms reasonable. Suites and sin* glc now ready. A A SOUTH MOROAN-ST.. NEAR WASHINGTON. xX st.—A few very desirable rooms with board. Ono or two day boarders can bo accommodated. PIEROEuST.-ONE single lady can find IMJ good board and room, everything llrst-oloss; also a tablo-boardora taken. Qk south morqan-st., nearmadison-fdr- Ounlshod or unfurnlnhcd rooms, with board: houso first class, with modem improvements; a few day-boarders wanton. Oft WEST ADAMS-ST.-AFKWYOUNQ MEN CAN DU bo aocommodatod with board in a plain; respectable family. Q7 WEST MADISON-ST.—ROOMS TO RENT. V i with board. $5 and $6.60 per week; also day board at $8.60 pot week. Room* all light. ,T Q£ SOUTH PEORIA-BT,—FURNISHED ROOMS iOfJ with firet-cIoBS board; also day boarders accommo dated. r OHO WEST MADISON-ST.—ROOMS FOR FAMI- Xj\j 1/ lies or slnglo gentlemen, with board. Day board ers accommodated. Apply at Room 7. Toms moderate. OAQ west MONROK-ST.-LARGB furnished OUt7 room for two sontlomon, with board, wlthuso of liath room, hot and cold water, in a private family- Q9Q WEST WASHINGTON. COR. OF MAY-ST.- O-LOSplondld alcove room, with good board, nicest lo* cation in tho city: everything flrst-olaaa. QQO WK3T WASULNGTON-ST.-ALCOVE SUITE mJOZi with board. iTOHNSTONB HOUSE, 114 AND 116 WEST MAD* W Isqp-st.—Everything first-olass; terms $2 per day; table board $6 per week. S¥rcilARLES~ftOtEL. CORNER DE3PLAINES and Washingten-sts., day board, $4.60 per wook; board and room, $7 to $lO per week; boat accommodations. South Side. A QnUBBARD-COURT-NEW BOARDINO-IIOUSK; *xO tlrst-clam board, with rooms, $4 to $6.50 per week, with uso of piano; day-board, $4. 11Q AND 120 TIURILAV TO RENT, WITH JJLO board, several nico rdoms, suitable for man and wife, or single geatlomon; abicftlrat*claßß day-hoard. 1 KKI WEST . WASHINGTON-ST. - NEW AND nicely furnished rooms, with board, forgontln* men anil tholr wires, or single gentlemen, at $6 to $lO per week. Day-board, $4.60 pot wook. Cfcn WABASH-AV.—FURNISHED FRONT AL OOU core room, with board. Also other rooma. A few day-boarders accommodated. Barn for rent. yn AQ WAD ABILAV.—HAVING CHANGED HANDS, \jVJO parties can find delightful apartments and board; table a specialty. Mono but tirst-olass people desired. 7*TfV MICHIGAN-AV.—PLEASANT ROOMS ON |OU second or third iloor, on suite or single, wither Without board, lloloroncca required. WADASII-AV. —TWO LARGE SQUARE iOx rooms, for gentlemen and wives or single gentle men. Accommodations tlrst-class. 071 WABASII-AV.—ROOMS TO RENT FURNISH* O I X cd or unfurnished, with first-class bosrd, to gen tlemen and tholr wivus, orsluglo gontlamon. Blx o'clock dinner. l(ipfo WABASILAV.—TWO GENTLEMEN AND JLuvO their wives, and a few single gontlamon, can find board and ploasant rooms. INDIAWA-AV. —A NIOKLY-irUUNISHED .LUO I front room, auitablo for two, to rout, with btinrd. SANDh HOUSE, UO AND UO FIFTH-AV.—EVERY thing first-class. Terms, $2 por day. Day board, 95 per wojk. North Side. 1 1 ft WIHTE-ST., CORNER OF NORTH WELLS, 2 XXL# bloeka north of Chlcago-av.— Boarders wanted in a £r)vatn family; ladles preferred; $6 par week. E. VON* •EUHOOUK. • OQU'IIURON.ST.-TO RENT, WITH BOARD, IN Private family, elegantly furnished front suite, suitable for gcntloinan and wife; also ono largo room suit* •bin for two gentlemen, within 10 minutes' walk of Court Rouse. OPLENDID SUITE OF FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH P board, fur yoiidg married cuunle. in front of Lincoln Park. Call at Room 7, 114 East Madlsoa-st. Country. PinST-OLASS ROOMS, WITH BOARD, FOR TWO couples for tho seanon. on lako shore, Evanston, with reference. Inquire nf H. E. MARBLE, Room 6, 79Doar born-st., or P. O. Box 2ICB. Evanston. BOARD WANTED, Board-in kvan.ston, for the summer months, by n family coii-hllng of gentleman, wife, two children, and nurse; would prefer Jiving with a pri vate family. Address X 6, Tribuneotilco. "nOARD-IN EXCHANGE FOR FURNITURE AND Jj carpets, on Wnbnsh-av., near Twoiitfoth-s'.; house has modern Improvements, and table first-class. Address X 68, Trlbuuoolllco. J) and aOluonyv m u private family, where there U a ruunglsJttuhVyi ajKOcnmpllsliod brunette. Rofcronccs Tribune otllco. by a young QENTLIC JJ man. BroffW* and tea only during tho week. Ad dress Box IDS, NM LaSnllo-st., stating location and tonus. Ty SOAiiii-wiTirrnrvATit family iiy a young man who desire* a qulot homo: references exchanged. Address, with particulars, Fbi, Tribunoodico. ybuNcTMUN in stiiioti.y private family atoodorato figures; letters from board ing-house keepers not bollcitod. Address, giving location »ud tonus, 11. oara^lanufaoturora 1 National Bank. ‘nOARD-A AiOKW FURNISHED ROOM WITH J> breakfast, and dlpnor at 6. on Booth Hide not below Twonty-ilfth-st; few urno other boarders. Address V 46, TrlbunootHoo, 9f wife, anddaugh ter in a ploasankxuburb of Chicago. Address O 87, - I^fANCIAL. HALK-7 NO^flT 7,1 ’ mouths, without interest, secured by chattel mort gage for 8 times the amount. Address, staling lowest rats of discount, X 67, Tribune 011100. I WANT S3OO OIU S4OO FOR ONE YEAR AT 80por cunt; wollsoourod In real estate. Apply fur three days. F 60, ellico. XfONKY ADVANCED „AT LAHBKN’H LOAN iiL olltco; Utu Jnoulla A Co., on diamonds, watches, Jnd other valuables, 177 CUrk-st., coruor of Monroe, team 6. TO LOAN—MONHW IN HUMH. 41,9(10 OR MORE on city real estate «r Improved illluuls farms. B. L. |»EABE, 79 West Madhum-st. fro LOAN, TWO SOMfl, At.OCO AND 410.000. REAL X estate security. A. 8. PALMER, Jr., 94 Washing ton -it., Rooms 10 and I?. fro LOAN—SI,OOO for ONE YEAR ON GOOD T U ro*l?aUU. LINGLU * HARLOW, rn Dcarn bornst. Ppo LOAN—I HAVE ®3.000 TO LOAN ON CIIJ. X osgu real estate foft ftvo years, ALH.ED JAMES, souUwfß.porner Myliun aud UlarK-su. n 1 IfAVE* _ FUWa ON HAND FOR RICVK- W rtl loans of $® oftoh. MoKINNON 4 MARSH, I6sofftvk-at. . .. . . X\T B HAVE FUNfMON HAND TO LOAN ON REAL 14 estate. Webaßaml tell coal eatato, ooramorclal J rtporibi. CITY REAL ESTATE. FOU RALE—tO LOTS ON KQAN-AV., CORNRR Stewart. . . „ 25 foot nit Langley., between Forty-second ana Forty* third")*. . . corner of Forly-olghth-it. and Konwood-oonrt, foot on Konwood-cmm, botwoon Forty-seventh mid Fony-olglilh-sts., within one block n( Kenwood .Station. 40x100, Kimbark-av,, between Fifty-sixth mid Fifty* seventh.sis. AOilCo, on tndlana-av., between Fifly-third and Fifty funrth-ats. 1» loth on Woslom-av., nnnr Laughton-st, Co lots on Laughton mid Marvln-ms., uonr Wcalorn-av. Ulloißon Socuud and Krle-sts., tiulwocn Reuben and Noble. f>oxl7onn Mlchlgan-av., with Aral-clata Imnno. 25*1 Id, with S-stury frame house, on Fuurth-av., between Harrison and Pnlk-sta, 10 lota on Egan-av., comer Stewart. . . . 60x121 on ludlana-fcv., botwoon Thirty-third and Thirty* fonrth-nls, _ WINO A FARLTN, Bfi East Washington*!. Room 4. ipOR BAU?-RhsiDi2NOK9-IJY"s. W. KUOBF, X* Room 14, Major Ulooki Wabash-av., near Harmon-court; $27,C00. Wabash-av,, near Klubtcontbsf.: Mlchlgan-av., noarnuteonlh-st.: SJS, (*.*». ImUtmti-av., near Twonty-tUUd-st.: !t;M,(.i*o, Indinna-av., nonrThlrty-socoud-st. s ftlii.cou. Indlana-tiv., near Thlrly-lhlrd-st.; sll,Ma). Iniltnna-AV., ncarThlrty-fonrtli-st. j SH,(KiO. I’ralrio-nv., noarTwonlloth-st.: $22, IW. Kg.m-av., near Vorntm-av.; $24, (Wd. Vurnon-ftv., near Dnnglos-plftco; $5,C00. Worron-av., near Falla st.; Van Burou-it., near Ashland-av.: $12,000. Van Buron-st., near Robey; $8,0(10. Adams-st., near Robey: $ Jn.tiS). WashlngUm-st., near Elizabeth: $10,600. Rsnilolpli-sl., near Anno. { 910, niX). Loavitt-st., near Adams: Splendid bargains altered In lota In all parts of tho city, auu In noro property nnSoiitb, Woat,jum North Side*. FDR'S A LK—BY E. N. BEMENT, 163 LAHALLK-BT.; Indlana-av., near Klghteonth-11., 2-atory double lnlWKlt>s, $23,000, easy terms. Wnuath-av., near Twontloth-st., largo S-atory brick house, all modern improvements, ana in goodordor, cheap. West Adams, No. 697, 3-story brick, 10 rooms,,9ln.ol'o. llnniscy-Bt, Na.22P, cottage, Groom*, 10t25*130, 100. Maxwoll-st., No. 1C«, 2-«toryhou .’i, lot 35x175, $3,600. Nob. 141, 141>f, and 143 West Vonlluron-st., 3 stores and dwellings, lot(30x165; also, cottage No. II I’rloo-placo lu tho roar. Tills property will bo Bold scry cheap. I alao havo some vary desirable building lots In all parts of tho oily. FOR SALE-GOOD LOTS ON THE FOLLOWING strents! State. Rumsido. Buttorilold, Arnold, Gari baldi, Hanover, Butler, Wallace, Summer, Winter, Mur* ray. and Halslcd; alio on Wentworth, SburtlofT, Portland and HtownrNavs; aluo on Alexander, Twoufy-fmirlh, Twenty-sixth, Twonly.fovonlh, Twonty-olghth, Napoleon, Twenty-ninth. Earl, Thirtieth, Havon, Tnlity-flrat. Thir ty-second. Thirty-third, Thlriy-fitth, Thirty-sixth, Thirty snvoalh, Fontaine, anuTblrty-olghth-nts. Title period. Warranty deeds. A very small payment down, live year’s time, 6 per cant interest. No agency busluoss. Apply to owner, ALBERT CRANE, 872 Wnbasb-av. "ptOR SALE—UV R. 0. COLE k CO., 183 LA3ALLR- Adnins-st., 25x163 ft, oast of Paullmi, $1,600. Indinna-av., 800x163 ft, corner Flltlotb-at* Burnaido-et., 235, houiu and lot, ohoan. Hnlited-st., 26 (I oast front, near Sophia. DlvUUm-st., near lArabau, il it, $2,0U0. Flvn acres at Cornell, corner Cottage Qrovti-ar. and Sovanty-ilftb-st.. wlth*coad bnusn, cheap. Forty seres in Hoe. 1, T. 87, It. 13. N. W. F'ivo acres lu Hoc. 14, 87. 18, well fenced. Five acres At Lawndalo, on Twonty-socond-at. 100 ft at Norwood Park, host location. TROR SALE-BY MATSON HILL, 108 AND 110 DEAR X’ bnrn-si. INDIANA-AV, feet, between Sixteenth and * Kigbteenth-sts,, $256 per foot, ertsh. WABaSH-AV,—6(1x176 foot, near Twenty-slxth-st. WABaSH-AV.—182x145 loot, near Filty-lltU., $45 per foot lor alow days. _ MICHIQAN-AV.—66x165 foot, neat FUty-tUth-il., SCO STAI^E-ST?—7sxl63 foot, hotwcon Fifty-sovonth and Fif* ty-elghth-st., 845 per foot; For sale-m feet on statk-st., nearthir ty.sovomh; 890 per foot, worth SIOO. 100 It on tho' Bontu Boulevard, only S3,OCd cash (double front). House and lot on Kvnns-av., only S6OO down, and balance on longtime. Ono on Uurnsldo for $1,600; ono fors3,Dso, nntT ono for $2,800. PETER SlllMP, 1774 State-flt., corner Thirty-ninth. ■JTtOR SALE-ONE AND A HALF STORY FRAME X 1 cottage, Including lot on Thirly-ioomd-it., just oast ot Wallace. Small payment down; balchoo In monthly payments; S years* time. Water on iiroinisca and con venient to oars. Apply to FRED. P. FISHER, H3 La- Sallo-Bt., basement. IpOR SALE-MY LATE RESIDENCE, NO. 260 ■ Wnrron-av., brick, 14 rooms, nil modern Improve. menU; warmed by Btenmjbrickbaru. Thin is avorydo slrnblo place, and will bo sold on favorable terms. Imme diate possession. Carpet* fitted to rooms aohlwUhtho hnuso. Apply at my olHee, No. 160 Washlngton-st., or E resent residence, 233 Warren-av,, corner Hoboy-at. EOUOE BCOVILLE. F>R SALB-THE BEST AND CHEAPEST LOTS ON West Side, fronting on Division, Leavitt, and Shober. sta., fjgar Wicker Park. Good neighborhood; lots 134 feet deep, with sidewalks and city water. Price, S6OO, Sand SI,OOO. Terms, ono-fhlrd cash. Warrantee a and abstraets of title. A reduction on first cosh payment: if required, to thoso who build this spring. In* Jhlro of F. ARNOLD A CO., Greonobaum’s Bank, No. 76 'lfth*av. FOR SALE-LOTS, S4OO AND SSOO. EASY TERMS. Lotslnsldoo! tbo old clljTllmUs, near street cars nnd omnibus lino; high ground; title perfect. Call and let nstnkoyou tosco thorn. A. G. STOREY A SON, 145 South Clark-st., Rooms, and2B7Mlhv.mkoo-av. IPOR SALE—INDIANA-AV.—9 OCTAGON STONE } front houso* on Indinna-w., hotwoon Twouiyafinth and Thlrtloth-eta.. 2-story nnd basement, 10 rooms, mod orn improvements. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixuu Build, ing, northeast corner Monruoand LaSallo-sts. ■TIOR SALE-LOT 71x75 FEET ON THIRTY-FOURTH- J} st., oast of alley, south front, very cheap. OuIVITS A KELLOGG, Itoyms 4 and fl, Contra! Union Block. FOR SALE-CHEAP LOTS-DYJACOB O. MAGILL, 81 and 83 South Clark-at.: Harrison-at., S6CO, easy terms. Congress-st., S6OO, easy terms. Fourth-st., $1.00), monthly paymonts. Dillor-at., S9OO, monthly paymonts. _________ FOR BALE-AT A BARGAIN, LOTSON WESTERN* av., Polkand Taylor-sls., and Cnmpholl-ar.; parties wishing to build, no mono/ required down. Inquire of GEORGE CAD WELL, uu promise*, or V 66 South Clark* st., in bank. FOR SALE-SIX ELEGANT 2-STORY AND RASE* moot octagon front brick houses on West Adanis-st., near Wood*, lots 33x13u and 22x180. SNYDER A LEE. 14 Miron Halloing,northeast corner Monroeand LaHallo-sts. RTeSIDENCE PROPERTY 1? (four corners) near Lincoln Park, south front, shade trees, Ao., at S6O per foot. MORTON CULVER, Room 4 Metropolitan lilook. TTIOR SALK—CHOICE LOTS ON WESTERN.AV. X 1 and Oakloy-st.* south from Madison, just ouisldo of the flro limits: real bargains, and terms to suit*• EDWIN A. RICE A CO., 147 Randulph st. FOR BALE-NEW BASEMENT COTTAGE (OWN yuuruwnbouso and save rout), monthly payments, 6 percent. Call soon. GAULICK, 51 East Madlson*st. IjtOß. SALE-AT A BARGAIN-FOUR 2STOUY 1 frame buildings, with brick basements, corner of Hub* bard and Orcon-sts; rents for $2,700 per year. Alsoprop* erty 841x105, with throe good buildings, corner of Hoisted ami Hubbard-ula; will sell nil or separately. Inquire of A. U. JOHNSON, 23 llubl.ard-st, IJiGR SALE-MICHIOAN-AV.—2 OCTAGON STONE -1 front house", 8-story andbasomonr. on Miohlgnn-ar., between Twenty-ninth and Thlrllotu-sts., II rooms. KNVDERA LEE. 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroe aud LaSallo-sts. TPOR RALE-OIIEAP - OCTAG ON-FRONT URICIC X' residence, 2 stories and basement, 10 room". lot £9 'foot from; excellent location iWostSldo:#,soo. HENRY WALLER, JR., 86 East Waabliigtou-Ht., Room Ip OR SALE—I, 1 /.STORY COTTAGE AND LOT. CON* ■ vcnlent to Madison-st. cars, $3,84K); cottage and lot, Huttcrlleld-st., noarEgan*nv., $3,000. HENRY SMAL LER, JR., 86 East Washlngton-st., Room 4. F)U SALE-E0x125 FEET, EAST FRONT, ON HURL near Sophia; also 60 1 125 foot on Mohawk-st.; a pair of horses and oarriago will bo taken la part pay. SNYDISR A LEE. 14 NLnn Building, northeast corner Monroe and LaSallo-sts.' For hale-tiirer-story and basement brick house, on Warroa-av., near Hoyno-st.. 14 moms, modern Improvements. Also, lot with brick barn, forsalo at a bargain; possession at onco; house la In perfect order; house it heated by steam. Apply to WM. 11. SAMPSON A UO., 144 Laßallo-st., Otis Block. r)R SALK-ON ADAMS-ST., NEAR WOOD, SIX now brick houses, swell fronts, 9-story and basement; everything complete, $13,800 and $10,6u0 on easy terms. Inquire there, orot2B North Jollorson-st. FOR HALE—MANUFACTURING PROPERTY-lMx 265 foot on Twenty-eecoud-st., northwest- corner of Allport-st. Also other pieces. HENRYSVALLER, JR., £6 East Washlngton-st., Room 4. TPOR SALK—AM GOING TO EUROPE AND WANT J.' to aol) 78)4 (uot corner of West Lake and Valentino tills week, just out of tiro limits, at a bargain: a block of fntmo buildings put on this corner and rented will pay for let in two years. Apply morning and evening at bad Ful ton-*!., orfcl) Davla-st., or botwoon 10 and luo'olockat •tors9ls)tf West Lako-st. M. HALL. 7™ r~rale- on~ s out ff\V ester n - av., front- X 1 log Flouruoy-st.; lowest price lot in block. $1,9j0. Apply morning and evening. M. HALL, BS6 Fullon-st, I POR SALE-BY H. J. ARNOLD, 99 EAST~MADI ■ aon-at., corner Dearborn: Lot on Harrlson-st., near Robey, 25x12.7, loits at Lawndale, lake water: easy terms. Lota on Wostorn-av., Artoslan-av., and Soymour-at.; on easy terms. 4(1 acres near South Lynn, Sec. 24. 88, 13. 2U acres near Riverside, nee, 94, 89, 13. |Uo acroa near Rlvorsldo, Hue. 92,119, 18. FOR BALE-9500 TO SBM eaoii-lots on holt, Thirty-ninth, Arnold-sl*,, and Wontwurth-av. No payment roqulrod down if Improved. J. O, BTARR, M Weat Randulph-aU FOR BALE—A TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT brlok bouse, octagon front, every Improvement, In Cottage Grove, fitted up in the most elegant manner, which must bo sold this wook (law price). Those wanting an elegant little homo look at it. DAVID WILLIAMS, 195 Ulark-st. I YOU BALR-ON MONTHLY PAYMENTS, A SIX. 1 room enttaga and lot on Hocond-at,; house now; will bo finished Juim 1; small cash payment, balance month ly. 11. H. DIETRIOH, Room 9, first fioor, lilt LaSallo-st. Major Block. IYOU SALE-ON MONTHLY PAYMENTS, 2-STORY I frame house, modern Improvements, barn; lutlUJillO feet; small on<di payment, balance munthly. 11- H. DIKTKIUiI, Room 2. first fioor. 149 LaSalle-at., filajur Block. For hale-cheap loth on van burkn, Tyler, and lUr|ison-ets.: also on Congress Park. Tonus umdo to suit Itiuin who Improve hnmoaiatoly; only 81.,B 1 ., miles from the Court-House. Those lots are supplied with hydrant water. Apply at 181 MadUou-st., corner Clark. CAMPBELL BROS. F~"0U BALE-B5 FKIOT, MIOHIGAN-AV. AND 'lVonty-olghth-st,, $10,900, uaah; 59 fool. Prairie av, and Twcuty-olgUth-at., $19,699, k cash: 6 lots, (K 11. Harrison Addition, opposite Campbell's Park. B. F. HUAI), 126 Ulark-st. I^dUHALE--TLOTH, 33x125 FEET, ON IDAHO-KT., X* near Polk and Westorn-av; only sl,9ut)each; uniong (lino and easy terms. Those lots have tho hydrant water. Apply at liii Maillion st,, corner Clark. CAMPBELL BROS. F'OR HALE-BUSINESS I.OTH-IGO FEET, UOUTU Watnr-st., northeast coruor Hcui horn-st. 80 foot, South Wator-st., 89 feet west of Ulark-st. IMfoot, Markot-st., botwoon Lake and Hamiulpli-sts. 151 feet. Weal Washington, nnrilieast cur. Dosplaliica. b0x159 fool, 'Lako-al., northeast corner Wells-at. longtime at low Interest on lliroe-fourths of purchase price. UEDDEH & UKIJ), Room SI, Portland Block. InuH SALE—RKHIDUNCE LOTH—KAHi' FRONT OF 1 block un Indlana-av., between Twentieth and Twun ty-ilrst-als, !.<>ng lime at low interest on throo-imirthu of purchase price, < GUDDKH A HEID, Room 31, Portland Block. TPOR BALK-100 PERT AT TVOiVOUTjIWKBT OOIC II nor of Alichlgan.av. and Twonty-llMi-st., with lull depth, suitable for ohiiroh location. Terms—Ono-tifth cash, balance In I, 2, U, and 4 years, at U per cent Inter est. Alio, 9 acres on Btato-st,. noartlio cur-shops. ,1. M. MARSHALL A GO., Real-Estate Brokers, Rooms 9 and 19, Reaper fllook, W fiuutii ClarkaudlUiWashing, too-ot. I'ilK CHICAGO bAttV TRIBUNE: TUESDAY, MAY 20, 18 Ti. CITY REAL ESTATE. InORHALIS-ONMIOinOAN.AV.riBI FEET, COR ’ ncrTwouty-nlnth-st. On Mlcblgan-nv., Kfi foot, near Twonty-dghth-st. On Mlemgan-av., fool, near Twenty-elghth-st, On Mlchlgan-av., 40 foot, corner Flfty-fourth-M. On Mlchlgan-av,, 250 foot, corner Flfiy-Rovouth-sl. On Mlchigan-iiv., 49 foot, near Momoo-sl. „ R acres on Htato-at., baiwuou Fifty-aovonth and l-ifly* rjjrlitli. 2i' pieces by the acre to sell near South Chicane. 3 lino inarblu front honsos mi West Van Htiron-st., to trade, by THUS. A. HILL, 133 Honrhorn-st. IpOR'SALR-JKW AND aM'WifiST LAKK-ST. fliis J.' housds as rented nro ft capital invoatmont: will bo sold chtau, aiid on tho usual tonus, lurpiiro uf DIUCW ANKWOUItY, Room* 8 nud 0 liryau Ulook. TpOU SALK-iIOUSK AND LOT, 60 IIONORR ST., i. nr will oxebanro (or vacant lota in snmo nolahhor. ntiod. lni|uhujQ> >Voat Mndlwon-st. 7poa HALK-aiHXW fkrt on market.ST., J. near Madison *. small cash paymont, bnlnnco easy terms. Jl. F. ULAUKI2 A UO., 123 1-nHallo-st, TPOR SALE-WAHAHIf-AV.. NIiXIITWKLI'TIf.ST., A' two-story and hnsomont framo-housn, lot 25x190; will bn sold for what tho lot Is worth, If taken otouoo J. UI2NUY WEIL. 160Dunrbnrn*8t.« ItonmC. IpOHHALK-A FKW LOTS LKPP ON LINCOLN* 1 nv. at $25 per foot. iIOUTUN UOLVKR, Room 4 MotropoUtnn lilnok. SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. For salti-oiioior buuurran lots on the Milwaukee llAihvny, six miles dlstimt. and twenty minutes* rldo, in CJyboum’a Addition to Ravenswoou. These lots nro laid mitf.UxßS foot on B>t feet streets, and will bo sold upon easy terms, at from S6OO to $7Ch per lot. Tho fncllUlos for access to and from tho city—tho dnslr ability of tbo Isnd—lt bolus high and thoroughly drained —tho proximity to Urnt-clnss impruvomunts, churolius, schools, mid roclolr, commond this property as tho boat at tho price now In (no market. Comparison clmlloimedl Tho atlootfon of tho Indus* trlons*-tho thrifty—the cautions—is called to those lots as slius for hoincstendH or Investments. Call, for a printed abstract and plot, upon KUIIGRT (HIRER, 81 LnSallo-st., Room 3. For sale -at houth rnqlr'wood -ma choice building lots near tho depot. Price, $250 each, payable ono-tourth cash ami balance at tho end of 8 years, with tho privllego of paying any time before ma turity to sums of $lO per lot. will nut sell more than 4 lots at a time, but will mako tho deed to two or more per* sons jointly. Aocottlblnbyelx dummy trains cacti way dally on Hock Island Railroad. Title guaranteed per fect. Abstract furnished each purchaser. Chicago real OHlalo is tbo best savlnga bank in which anyone can place thqlr earnings. MATSON HILL, lift and IIP Doarboru-st. P~" Oil SALR—nOULRVARI) PROPERTY—WE HAVE chelco lots on Grand and Urcxol boulevards; also, in vicinity of the aamo. OIIAOEA AURLL, 184 Dearborn. I "'BOR SALE-riyrm PARK-FINE building lots } In this attractive suburb. 01IACE A ABELL, 184 Donrborn-st. For sale-south enolkwood lots, on monthlypaymonta, S2OO, only two blocks from depot. JACOB O. MAOILL, 81 and 83 South Clark-st. liVoR 'SALK-SOME OF TUB BEST GROUND IN X' Rogers' Park, near Lake shore, cheap: convenient to city, only 20 minutes' rldo, and rising rapidly. 011A8. E. GILL, with Lunt, Proslou A Kean. rnOR - BALE-40 AORE9“dfTSTONY ISLAND-AV., X uoarSovonty-Dhit-Bt. 10 acres on Stony lalnnd-av., noor Soventloth-at. 80 acres In Section S3, 37,14. Other ohuloo acre tracts, north, west, and sooth of tho Ity. OIIAOE «k ABELL, 181 Doarborn-st. JTIOR SALE—I WILL OFFER AT A BARGAIN, 15 ' houses and oottagea af from 6to 10 rooms. In Evans* ton. North Evanston, mid Gloncoo, at lower figures than any party oau sell for who does not doal exclusively In bis own property; you that want houses oomo direct to mo and savo tho commission; ono-ilfth down and balance In monthly or yearly payments will buy a homo; lots In any of tho places named at wholesale prices; lumber furnished those who will build: anno need apply who havo not a lit tle money. C,E. BROWNE, Grover’s Block, Evanston, or 153 Montoo-st., RoomS. FOR SALR-DOUGLAS PARK—d ACRES NEAR Douglas Park Boulevard. subdivided into lota. SNY DER A LICE, 14 Nixon Building, nortboaat corner Mon roo and LaNallo-st. For salh-finb residences in iiydepark, from $7,000 to $40,000! also, lino building lots in beat locations, will toko parties wishing to buy to look at properly on short notion. B. L. UNDERWOOD, 99 Mad Ison-at. FOR SALE-LOTS AT NORWOOD PARK AND Irvine Park In tho bust portion of these suburbs, at low prices and easy terms. B. F. CLARKE A CO., 121 Laßallo-st. TTtOR SALE-LOTS IN SOUTH ENGLEWOOD-THE J? “ Original Pint.’* Donot buy In niblltionsatSoutli Englewood. Easy terms. HENRY W. BROOKS, Room 4 Empire Block, 128 and 180 LaSullo-st. I]H)R SALE-LOTS IN EVANSTON, ON GRANT-AV. nnd Lako-st. at $9 per foot, including trees and side walks. Terms, slo monthly paymonts or ona-fourtb cash, balance in 1, 3, and » years. Tboso lots are within live blocks of North Evnustou depot. Como at my expense, and soo tho improvements and inducements that 1 am allur ing. ROBERT COMMONS, 112 LaSalJo-st. For sale-io acres on and east of hum buidt Boulevard and near Mllwaukeo-av. Tho abovo tract is finely located, high and dry. and will bo sold for loss than actual valuo. Call and soo plat and get terms. Also 30 loti in Sherman’s Addition to Holstein, half mile west of rolling mills. G. E. STOWE, Room 19, soutbcaat corner Madison and Olark-sts. TTtOU SALE-65 ACRES AT WASHINGTON HEIGHTS jP near depot, tine trees on it, high Innd; olforcd at a groat bargain; will noil 2d acres or 111 acres, divided by Prospaot-av. ULRICH A ROND, 87 Doarbom-st. I~PORS ALE-aViUStToLARSFARM OF239ACRUS, ' 16 miles from Chicago. Call at 712 West Wnsbington st., andgotfull description. , I BOR SALE-BY wril. PHARE, 113 LA BALLK-ST., ■ lint floor. Major Uluuk: t) flro-aoru Ulooho near Nortlmoatorn Car OUupa. 70 acres in blocks to suit, See. 1, 37,13. 80 acres, hoc. 23, 147, 13. £0 aoros, Sec. 6, 37, 13. Ko acres. See. 31. 37,13. 70 notes, Hco. 6, 37, 14. Can give bargains in tbo nbovo property. FOR BALE-D-ACUE LOTS. SUBDIVISION OF 800 acres, well Improved, goad, dry pratclo land, adjoin* ing Hobart, on Fort Wayne Railroad, 82 miles from Chi cago; SBS per aero: 1, 2, and 3years; Sroomcottngn, $l5O cash. <l. EARLE, owner; olllco days, Friday and Mon day, Room 2, basement, IKlMouroo-st* THOR HALK-SIOOWILL HUY A BEAUTIFUL LOT J’ at Dovplainos, only one block from depot; those lots will double hi rnluu this summer; only $lO down and $6 a mouth until paid. IRA BKOWff, 142 LaSiUlo-st., Room 4. I' POR KALE-AT SOUTH ENGLEWOOD, CHOICES* ' nero blocks, on 5 years' tlmo to purchasers who will build Immediately. An agrcommit will bo uiailo for tho release of lots upon the payment of amount duo on thopsrt ro* leased, falx dunirny trainseach way, dally Dave tho Grand on Vauliureii'Bt. MATbUN HILL, 103 and 111) Dcarhorn-sl. *■• For sale-at knolewood-New, neat, and thoroughly built oottago, $3,360, uno*faurtU cash, bal* anco $3;) por month. Savo your runt and your own homo. UULHUKD A UO., 508 LnSnllo-st. THOR SALE-AT ENGLEWOOD-CHEAP AND DE- X*. sirnblo lots on nearly every street and every part of (his beautiful suburb. Secure good bargains whilo you can. lIULBURD A CO.. £O3 LnSallo-st. THOR SALE-AT ENGLEWOOD-CHOICE GROVE X* property on Michigan, Wab:inh, and Indlaun-avs., In C(J or 100 foot lots, near the statiuu and South Park. UUL* HURD A CO., £OB LaSallo-st. IPOR SALE-LOTS ADJACENT TO NEW OAR ' shops of O. AN.W.R. R. and within two blocks of depot, on favorable tonus, A. O. ODELL* 123 Dearborn* st., Room IC, flrut floor. t TVOR BALE-4t)'ACRES IN KEO. ID, T. 89. R. 13. X 4 Inquire of DREW A NEWBURY, Rooms 8 and 0 Hryau Block* TpOR SALE-TWO ACRES AT LAWNDALE. X 1 Usual torms. Inquire of DREW A NEWBURY, Rooms 8 and U Bryan Block. I' pOU SALK— Vo AORK3 SOUTHEAST CORNER OP ■ Ashland-av. anil Elglily-fourih-st., Just west of South Knglowuod. nail within two blocks of the proposed uow dummy railroad; one-fifth cash, and tho balance at tho end nt tlirco years, 8 per cent. MATSON HILL, l(jd and 110 Dcarborn-st. I POR KALE-AT RAVENSWOOD-A DESIRABLE . dwelling house of 8 rooms, good brick cellar, furnace, bard and soft water. Lot l42xU>'i ft, onmmontod with fruit and shade trees. Apply to ROBERT URUUU, 84 LaSalle-st., Rnnin 3. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. FOR SALE-TUB CHEAPEST FRUIT-FARM ON the lako shore, ono mllo from Benton Harbnrt 17 acres, good house, ana improvements; 1.090 poach trees, 100 applo trees, 600 juiat ttooa, llO'chorty trees, ono act® straw berries, H acre rod raspberries; 45,000, tMi>o cash. 4(WO in 1 your, and balance in U to C yoara. HENRY B. LAST MAN, Room 24, 131 LaSallo-st. TpOR SALK—A FARM OP 020 ACRES IN NR J’ brnakn, right on tho Mlnsouri Rlvor, and opposite Yankton, beautifully located ;thii property can bo bought at a low figure, or exchanged for oily property. li. J. NOOKIN, 76 South Doarlmru-at. TT'OU BALE-ONE OF THE REST HOUSES AND X 1 lots In Toulon a 1.54,900; and ono of tho best houses In Wyoming for 41.600 s or would exchange for Chicago prop oriy. Address W. M. MINER, Wyoming, 111. HORSES AND CARRIAGES. A SOUND HORSE, 6 YEARS OLD, HARNESS, nud express wagon for sale, cheap. 68 PJorco-Bt., near llalstod, Ai’INK ASSORTMENT OK CARRIAGES, PHAK- : tons, buggies, do., of most approved stylos, allow prices, «I 7 Htnto it. V. L. SMITH. inOU SALE—A LIGHT DU LIVERY WAGON AT X 1 at 23U South Caualat., cheap for uasti, F“ oil RALU-eis“nORSES, MULES, PONIES, AO.} top buggy, eliifflo and double harness; all at a great bargain.7o West Monroo-st, I~pOU~SALK—HORSE, KIND, AND WELL BROKEN ’ to saddle and harnoHs, buggy (phaeton), and harness, cheap, at $325. Apply at 40 South Adouit. For bale—two draft houses, two ex. pruia hersus, one buggy bond! would exchange latter for manlier horse, vrolshmc from 800 to OUO lbs. Apply ub oual ollioo, IS&Himlh Uanal-st. I"jiOH HALE—FAIR OF HORSES; CAN TROT IN 1 U minutes; good aaddlu pony; slugl* homo, can trot In 8:10. and several good drivers. Al. U. WILUUR A URO., 167 Mlchlgan-av. FOR BALI2—OVER ONI! IIUNDRKD CARRIAGES of all varieties from llrwt-clu*iß makers at reasonable yrloos, at 853 and 1165 West Randulph-st. O. L, liRAD. lltOU SALE-SOME VERY BTVLIfiH KAHT-BTKV- X' pin* reud'hurauft} ail kind and wolbbxokou. Can bo soon at Nu, 77 Twelfths!. for tlio next few days. ITIOR SALE-SS76-B-YEAR OLD HORSE, NEARLY ' naw top buggy nml humcss, good business rig. Can be even nt 876 West Van lluron-at. t'HAVirFOR SALE~ONI! S-IIORSK, B-BPRINO X wnuon, suitable for furniture business, cheap; light and heavy express and delivery wagons, of all kinds: also onoßcepud-hand express wagon and two eccouddiaud buggies. AtUfiJ Houth (Janal-st, 1K YOU ARE IN WANT OK A TOP OU OVEN X buggy, rond, or business wagon, tliu iilal-m to pur chase "s FLUVOMER, LAEEAU i OIIJCNEY'S * 3U5 Btofo-at., or corner ol hodgwluk and Dlvlslon-sts. They innkeabotlnr buggy for lees mouwy than any manufactur ers In the world. Y"jC‘MUOOKMAN, 100 TWENTY-HEOOND-BT.. (J , hai for sale, or exchange, new and second-hand upon rud tup-buggies, biuluasa and express wagons, a tow good light and heavy horses, single and double harness, ono clarence, landau, and close carriages, Wli WILL'hELL OR TRADE FOR A HEAVIER horse, u tlrst-clais saddle pony. 7 years old, 600 |n< weight; perfectly gentle; has always boon used by a lady; reason for sidling, the lady got mtvnlod. Apply to HMITII A KELLY, 43 South MarkoUt. WANTED-12 0001) TKAMS,~ SUITABLE FOR railroad work: will pay part cash, and real estate nt cash vntnu. fill West Raudolph-st., Room 6. H. MATHIBO.V, Contractor. i n 11KAD young'. SOUND UOligtffl. OUK MOT XZi to is mmll (irulltu uud quick Bales. JUBUi’U LAMIi ik CO. i coruor HUtuvoUi oml Uuxailao iU. TO RENT-HOUSES. fllo RENT—LAHGJ3 IIOUHE AND GROUNDS ON X lako shore naarnnd south of Oakland Htatton and city limits. H. L. UNDERWOOD, I» Madt»fin-st. . fpo iIENr-FURNIHHRD lIOUsTI.'IO ROOMS, ALL X inod<’ni Improvements, delightful location, nuar Kills Park and Langloy-av., completely furnlHlind, tnallrst olnas truant, furtuo sammer. Apply at 83 Doarborn-st., Room 4. ntO RENT HOUSES IN GOOD LOCATIONS. X cheap to «ond luuanta. JACOB 0. MAUILL, hi and 83 Smith Clark-fit. fpO RENT—TiII? 2-RTORY HOUSE 7R3 WEST JACK- X aou-ft., contalaiugO rooms, pantry, cloxels, ole.; also bam, Inquire nu pnmiUex. fho RENT-a-STORY AND BASEMENT MARBLE* X front rosldeneo. II rooms, 1020 W«hash-av. Inquire of FISRL). W. PROIC, Room 8, Nixon’s Building. mo RENT—A UOUSE WITII g'rooms, buttkuv. X and clothes press, rooms papered, ront cheap. 830 Nabla-st. riVo URNT-FUIINISURD HOUSE OP B ROOMS, X to small family wbo will board owner. BENEDICT, 118 Madlson-at. DIO RENT—A RRTCIC HOUSE OF 10 ROOMS. HOT X and cold bath, 123'lhmnp-81., S6O per month. Inquire at 180 Tlmiop-at., In forenoon. ritO RENT-488 PER MONTH-WEST SIDE, HAST X of Weatom-av., a G-room cottage and dry basement, suitable forsiunmor-kllchonand storage; all thoroughly furnished: use of (urnlturo and fixtures fur board of gen tleman. Ohm and Blagosimsi door every three minutes. An ozoollout opportunity to keep n fow aolool hnardore.or havo a quiet homo, AcldrossV SR, Irlhuno OITIOO. P.B. —Widows and single woman wbo Imagine they boo o mar. ringoablo proposition lu the above advertisement need nob apply; T" O RENT—3-HTORY, BASEMENT, AND HUB-ORL- Jnr marble front house, all modem Improvements, In cluding furnace. No. KM Wosl WashlngUm-at. Apply at No. Itt7 West Rundolph-st. for tonus. mo RENT—A NICELY FURNISHED DWELLING X to a small family. If closlrod, owner, with wlfo mid servant, will take board In payment of rent. To secure an Interview, address, with full name, V 44, Tribune ottlco. rro REN r—loßo WABASU-AV.-a-STORY AND X-basement house : barn. House has Just boon enm- Rlotoly ronnvAtod thrnnghont. Inquire of DREW A EWUURY, Rooms 8 and 0, 164 L&Salic-st.. Bryan Block. _____ fro RENT—COTTAUIS NO. 474 WEST TWELFTH- X st., sls; also* largo barn onaaino lot. J. 8. WOLFE, 119 Dcorborn-st., Room 1. G ROOMS. BESIDES OLOS- X ots and psntry, S3U A month: also, 8 rooms for small family, $lB por month, on Smlth-st., one block west of Union Park. O. E. IIOLMEH, 69 South Cllnton-st. rro rbnt-a nicely furnished marble X front rosldonoo on Mlchlgan-av.,- between Twelfth and Thlrtoontb-RtftLfrom Juno Ito Nov. X. Apply to A. J. AVICHEfiL, 180 Doarborn-st. TO RENT-ONE NEW S-STORY AND BASEMENT brick house of 7 rooms, on Adame-at., near Robey, at S6O. F. M. GRAY, Room 6, 127 Laßallo-at. rpo RENT-FIRST HOUSE EAST LAKE-AV., ON X DroeU-st., Oakland; 10 rooms, bath-room, hot and cold water, collar, furnace, and barn. Apply at SID South Wator-st (basement) or on promises. rpo RENT-BY GOODRIDGE * STOKES, ESTATE X Agents, Dosplalnos and Washlngton-sls.: No. 60 South Unlon-st., near Madison, cottagenf 7 rooms, ctos* ots. In nice order, good location lor dressmaking or other business: 450. 16 South Oroon-st,, near Washington, 11 rooms; $76. Store 63 West Maduon-st., near Clinton; Blooper month. mo r‘KNT-TWO ELEGANT NEW COTTAGES, X containing 8 rooms each, on (ho corner of WUcox-st. and CampholT-av., only two blocks from Madison-ct. cars. M.MAUGHAN, 21 Reaper Block, northeast corner of Clark and Wavhlngtoa-sts. Snbnrbnn< qiO RENT—AT WINNETKA—HOUSE *lO ROOMS. X largo barn, fruit trees, 6 acres of garden ond grove, a blocks from depot. Rout reasonable. Call on 1. T. HIIEPHKRD, at Winnotka, or GKO, T. CLINE, 885 Wnbash-av. TO RENT—STORES. OFFICES. &o. TO RENT-STORE 20x85 FEET NO. 193 WASHING ton-st.; also doublo store 40*86 In samo, brown stone building. Theso stores are splendidly lighted, havo a‘2s - alloy directly In roar; fire-proof vaults, and have Jin- Ishod basements, which may bo routed with them nr not, at pleasure of tenant. Apply directly to owner, Room 6, Wo. 193 Washlngton-st. mo RENT-OFFICES, SINGLY OR EN SUITE, WITH X fire-proof vaults; only one (light stairs; first-class la all respects. Apply to owner, Room 6, same building, No. 11*3 East Washlngtoo-at. fllO RENT—BASEMENT 40i85 FEET, NOS. 195 AND X 197 Washlngton-st.; has wide alloy directly in rear, flro-pooof vault, sidewalk lights, and finished through* out. Apply ntßoom fi, samo building. fllO RENT-A SMALL OFFICE, WITH GOOD LIGHT X and ventilation, vault and closets: rent very low. HENRY W. OHIPMAN, 163 Monroo-t.. Room 2. TO RENT—STORfI- FORMERLY OCCUPIED BY us. 69 and 61 Markct-at. Apply to AI. GRAFF A CU., 44 ami 46 South Wator-st. fTO RENT—THE STORK AND BARN, NO. 079

X North Olark-st.: cheap to a good tenant. Apply to K-NAUEB A BRQ., corner Kintlo and Olark-sta. rro rent-two elegant oitioes on first X floor, with vaults, and eultcs of ploaeant, woll-Ughtcd otlicos in second and third stories ol building Nos. 46 and 48 South Olark-st.f next to Sherman House. Inquire W. S. OARVKR, Room No. 4, 4H South Clark-st. nicfRENT-A SPLENDID OPENING FOR A HOTEL X —the four-story and ba»ointmt»Mono-lrnnt building, situated ou the cornor of North Wells and Allchlgau-stu., 80 feet front on Wolls-st. and 106 fcot on Miolilgiic-st. Apply to JACOBS A FISCHER. No. 60_North IVells-st. rro RENT— Tine KKnnvn Trr.nnTi. NO. nn r.A iaia-cr., X corner btattf. Inquire on first floor. alO RENT—A NICK STORT?. FIT FOR ANY KIND . of business, at7i? West Madison-st. TO KENT—ROOMS. rro RENT—9I SOUTH MOROAN-ST.-FOR GENTLE- X man and wife lu private family, a handgomoh-fur nithod front, room, with bedroom, in matblo-iront; house has alt tho modern Improvomonui; also a single room far a gentleman- • • a Hi RENT—FUUNISUF.D AND UNFURNISHED . room, with or without bnnrd; bath-room, bot und cold water, Ac. 4ii Smith Oarponler-st. FURNISH ED ROOMS . by tho day, week, or mouth, nttho ST. JULIEN, 181 and 153 Doarhura-at. a "tO RENT —PLEASANT AND NEATLY FUR. . ninhod rooms, with gas and oloiulfl, at 843 Stato-f rilO RENT-4 ROOMS SUITABLE FOR SMALL X family, nice neighborhood, near struct cars, Ac. Rent S2O. BENEDICT, 118 MadUon-st. rilO RENT—TO ONE OR TWO SINGLE GENTLE* X men, a lurnUhod room. Call at U4 South Urcun-td. fno - rent-Elegantl^ X tdngle ami on suite, for gentlemen: also good brick barn with all conveniences. 812 Wabash-av. To rent-wTth OR WITHOUT BOARD, A SUITE of two front rooms, nicely furnished and very picas* ant, only 3 blocks from Madlsun-st. curs; bouse first-class; a gentleman and wifo preferred. Call at 123 South lloyoe»9t. - IT© RENT-PLEASANT ROOMS FOR HOUSE keeping, at 688 West Mimroo-st. Water, etc., on promises. 110 KENT—TO A RESPONSIBLE PARTY, THE second lloor of a private house all in lino order. Ap ply at 728 Cottage Qruvo-av. fpO RENT-JUST GOAND LOOK AT THOSE EL- X cgautly furnished rooms at Houoro Block, corner Mou* roe and Dearborn-sis. Apply at Room No. 33. 11 0 RENT-TWO NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS, with or without board, at C 67 Wabash-av. T~ ROOMS, PANTRY AND closets, with water, Just calclmined, two doors from siroot curs, rent S3O. Apply on premises. 163 South rt\o RENT-2 LARGE AND 3 SMALL FURNISHED X rooms, to gentlemen. 413 West MadUou-at. oroiißulto, forgontlomononly. 101 South Clark-st., between Madison and Mourae, Room 11. rro RENT—SEVERAL UNFURNISHED BACK X rooms, at 833 Wabaob-av. W. H. MA'ITOOKS, 823 Wabash-av. TO RENT—DESIRABLE AND ELEGANTLY FUR ulahod room* by tho day, week, or month, US Dear bom-st. Charges reasonable. HlO RENT—A NICE FRONT ROOM, WITH AL X cove (unfurnished), and a nice sleeping roum, In i private family. Inquire at 776 Wabaan-ar. rpO RENT—A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT X parlor, in marble-front house, with or without board. House has allmodcru improvements. Also, room for a gentleman. 81 South Mcrgan-st. .. niO RENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, X single or on suite. WiUfmuisli gas aud attominneo. lUC2JI wabash-av., botwoon Twouty-thlrd and Twenty fourth*ats. • - ItO RENT—A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, WITH nrwithout hoard to respectable parties,, lu private lamily at 6 East Polk-st., near State. rpu IHiNT-FURNISHED ROOMS, TO SINGLE GEN* X Demon. luqulro at 202 North Doarborn-st. OItEN 8 aTWAX3 ASILAVr.I WO~ELEGANT suites of rooms; also, one front parlor, furnished or uufurnUhod: lacatlou desirable; house has all modem Improvements; will rent singly if desired. nib RENV-340 IULTON-ST., FRONT ROOM, FUR JL nUUod or unfurnished. Board It desired. WANTED---TO RENT. WANTED-TO RANT—HOUSE OP ABOUT TEN Vr room*, between liubey-st. and Bishop-court, south of Randolph-st.; rent not to ezcood SI,OOO. Address OAVANNA, 121 South Clark-st. WANTED— TO RENT—A PHOTOGRAPH GAL* lory, with option of buying, If business suit*. Ad droa« for one week, elating rent, L D, 83 South Ganal-st. \VANTKD-TO RENT—TWO UR THREE ROOMS, lY neatly furnlshod, for light housekeeping; rent, which must bo reasonable, will no paid monthly, la ad* vance. F 78, Tribune office. T\TANTED—TO RENT-SMALL COTTAGE. WELL VV located within two miles of old Court-House. Ad dress, giving description, location, and rent, F 78, - Tribune office. WANTED— TO RENT—SMALL HOUSE, OR 4TO 8 moms: two in family. Address, with terms and loca* tioti. V till. Tribune ollico. TO LEASE. rpO, LEASE-DOCK LOT 16Q FEET ON RIVRR, X just north of bridge, and now oc cupied by Daniel Bogle as a coal-yard. Apply In base luuut. northeast corner of Madison and Ponruern-sts. rilo LEASE—CHEAP—IUO FT OF DOCK FRONT. X our of the best locations mi North Branch foe acoul or wood yard..,lnquire at 118 Kingsburg-st. REAL ESTATE WANTED, WANTKD-AURK TRACTS BETWEEN SEVENTY, brat and Elghty-ulnth-sts., and east of Stony Island ay. Call aUR6 Stalest., hardware store. AGRE PROPERTY for improved city property. Alsu to exchange unim proved city property for acre properly. Wanted, unliii proved let* for custumur*. IIAIR A Cl>„ Romu So Bryan WANTED-A HOUSE OR STORE WITH LOT, ON I f a good strum, with Improvement*; ft property that will rent readily at a good price; will pay not to exceed 88,000: cash, balance on time. OICO. K, STOWE, Room 111, southeast corner Clark and Madluou-sls. WANTED-TO PURCHASE ON TIME, A GOOD 11 lot, high and dry, between Harrison and Randolph and Hunguimm und Oakley-Bt*. Address, with particu lar*, V Tribune otlioo. WANTED-AORKS 1 ACRES' ACRES 1-WE HAVE If couriant timuirc* for acra property: can make quick sales at coed prices, JACOB U, JIAGILL, 81 and_63 South Olark-st. . WANTED— WE HAVE CUSTOMERS FOR LOTS south of Sixteenth, xvost of jlulilod, and north of Indian*-.!. JACOB C. MAQILL, South Clark. SEWING MACHINES. ri rovf.r a baker's skwino-machtnes—orn- LT oral olllee, 150 Htatost. ; branch 011100, P73 Wabash nv. Persons having old Gvnvor A linker sowing-machines aro Invited to call and boo tho now Improvements, and hear snmothlm; to tliolr advantage. OINOER HEWING MAOIIINES-WEST HIDE OR* pllconl NICHOLS A PEARSON, 111 South HnlsloiUt. Mnrhluoi sold or rented on easy monthly payments, nnd sewing given when roijnlrrd. OINOER SEWING MACHINES—NORTH HIDE OF- O lieu. No. 131 North Clark-sl., enrnor Ohio. Machines wold or muled on easy monthly paymanln; upon evenings. SINaiiiTdFFIOH OF A. J. MELOHERT, Slfi SOUTII Halstml-st., machines sold on monthly payments and routed. Oponovunhma. riilfic NEW FLORENCE SEWING MACHINE-WE i. call special attention to recent Improvcmnutn made In tho Flutonca, also to tho now and elegant ntylua of oases added to our Hat. To moot tho views of those preferring tv machine feeding tbn work away trom tbo operator, wo have made Noa. hi nnd If, which combine tbo desirable loniums to bo found In mnolitiion made by others, with nil tho peculiar excellencies of tho Florence. >VM, U. SHARP A CO., General Agents, 251 Stato-st., Chicago. W “’HEELER" h W!LBO>TTaEWIHO~M^^ tho now Improved sold or rented on easy monthly Smontß. BURNHAM A FLANNERY, City Agent*, !0 155 Hta(o-at. BUSINESS CHANCES. A PARTY WHO WOULD LIKE TO INVEST $5,000 to SIO,OOO cash, nnd will bo satisfied with n profit of Sd pot coni per annum, tuny address V 40, Tribune otboo. A SNUG LITTLE STATIONERY AND NOTION bunlnosA, beautifully located, to lm sold immodlntoly at S3OO cash, or $1(K) on time. X 5, Tribune olltco. As amplimiooma“nd~iuwt:ujrTntTdsino A good business, on one of the best at reels on tbo North Ride, fornale on nccouutof proprietor’s sickness. Imjulro at 55 East Klnzlo at. A RARE OHANCE-FOU BALR-A FIUST-CLABR sample-room of well-ostnbllshnd reputation, for cash, tho owner withdrawing from business on account n||R. lionltb. Address by mull, Room 23 Mctropolilou Block. MU. E. VON UAUEN. A“™ FmsT.OLA'BB 'PAYINO GROOERY STORE FOR ante nr trndo. Ollier good openings for SSOO to SIO,OOO. J. It. ICIMD ALL, Ilia Doarboro-at. A ITRST OLAB3 RESTAURANT, IN GOOD LOOA (ton, capable of feeding 41KI per day, for sale; pro prietor wishes to lonvo city. Auilrcess F 77, Tribune 011100. ' TARUO AND PRESCRIPTION STORK FOR SALE; XJ good situation; no conourronco. Good chnnooforo man with little capital. V 80, Tribune ollico. rtlOAlt STORE FOR SALE: 00OP LOCATION! cheap rent. Addrcaa In (oil name, 0 65, Tribuno oillco. ' /~1 ROGER? FOR SALK—THE OLDEST AND BEST \JT family grocery on tbo South Sidu, between Twenty* second-nt. and Uydo Park. Business, $50,000 a year. Has ft duo lot of paying customers. No bonus naked. Parlies aro going Into iho manufacturing business. Address V 86, Tribune oillco. G~ t ROOEUYBTOUK (S2IX3) FOR SALK; STORE TO T rent. Good opening for man with small capital, in ft rapidly crowing suburb. E. ASHLEY MKARS, StX) L&S&llo-st. I HAVE A NEW PROCESS FOR BURNING KERO- Bono oil for cooking purposes. Can bake, broil, or donuyklud of cooking without smoko, smell, or dirt. At a cost of M cent nor iiuiir.' Parties with cnpllnl oau mnkn a fortune by establishing (hcmaolves in nny city. Can bo noon In practical operation at Room 12, Kuhns’ Hotel, Doarborn-st., between Madison and Monroe. _____ O' NIC OP THE BEST AND OLD-KSABLISHED COR* nor groceries on Went Madison-ot. for aalo. About gB.EOt) will tako it. Other business. Address V 41, Trib* uno ofllco. SALOON 173 OLARK-ST., CORNER MONROE, IN basement, lor sale cheap. First-class ftsinga and lease; will bo sold cheap, as the proprietor is going Into other business. T-HIC BEST MERCHANTS’ LUNCH AND DININO mom, with eampln-room attached, in Chicago, for sale (dining dally2Voto32a): is offered at a bargain, or tun competent party who can take charge, would rather sell an interest, present owner being engaged in other busi ness. Address D, oaro Cook, Coburn A Co., Chicago. ClOnn BUYS A LARGE CASH BUSINESS, ipiiVU ebloofbclng greatly increased. Other busl- Dossonhand and must bo sold immediately. This Is no every day chance. 233 West Lako-at. g»T nnriVt'iLL BUY a ii'alf interest in a !SJ.,UUU weU-cstabllsccdcash builuot?. paying half jiirvt Ainnuiit monthly. 127 South Olark-st,, Room :a. PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNER WANTED—(AN ACTIVE YOUNG OR X middle-aged man) In a wholesale hardware hniiße, with a cash capita) of twenty-five to forty lhuuf<nnd dollars, in an old-established homo. Good roforoncoa required. Address B,care Job. B, Story. Nos. 84 and 86 LaSallo-st., Room 25, Chicago, 111. PARTNER WANTED—WITH 46, OOOTO SIO.MOOAPI- X tali to (ako an interest In a wcll-ostabllsfica hardware business Jn this city. Good references given and re quired. A (I(Irosn JA3. M. HORTON, firm of Wm. Blair A Co., 174 Lake-st. Partner" wanted—i want a live man and good talker ta taka y t interest In the boat buslncwa la the city. O. A CO., No. 70 East Madlson-st., Room 6. artner want e d—wfnr^i, coo to 43,0000X811 In an established ami well-paying iowelrv business, tbofinost chance ln_thocliy. Ad«iresa Y7, Trihuno olTlco. ISARTNTfR~IV'ANI'EI)-4th00(l CASH WILL BUY A X hnlf-intorcst In an established manufacturing bus), ness in Chicago, with no conipotUlun, Address V 42, Tribnno oillco. PARTNER WANTED- LADY WITH FROM SBOO TO 4600 to join tbo advertiser (a lady physician In good r.wsttfa’J.Vss owsawf WBitt-at * olmrgo of tho domestic department would receive an equal share of (ho profits. Apply to M D, Box 290, Bloomington, HI. PARTNERWANTKU-IN A X paying manufacturing Imilnos. A business man with 4JI.(M) to 46.1W0 cash can obtain a chance seldom oiTurod. Andress O 82, Trlbuuo oflice. FARTNEirWANTED~WITII SOME CAPITAL TO open a grocery and liquor store in a thriving country town. Inquire, inside 3 days, No. !t76 Stato-st.. Room fi. AGENTS WANTED. Agents wanted—ioo good canvassers im. modlatolyto Bell new and staple good* al retail and wliolonalo. Particulars free. u. lif. LININGTON, 177 East Mndisoa-st., Room ll), Chicago. AGENTS WANTHD-TO BOOK AGENTS-NOW J\. ready, now and additional inducement!!. Kcwwuyof running subscription book*. Agents selling thousands. More agents, male and female, wanted. Address Union Publishing Company, 335 Wabadi-av., Chicago, Agents wanted-to'sei.l our'newbut ton-11010 Cutter and Nccdlc-Tliroadlng Thimble. Agents clear S2O per day. VO East Madisim-st., RoomS. V. rltori - ; good Inducements; no capital required. Rbum 28, In bmldlng corner Chirk and Madluim-ate. OENTSWANTKI)Z.F.VICR Y~G OUNI’V; HEWITT litutlng, polishing, and band iron combined : patented 187h; llmoa any length. 171) East Madhnm-st., RootnTS. chance in the city for men or women to make money on small capital, in city or country. MERRILL A CO., 25 West Lako-st. TO EXCHANGE. ntO EXCHANGE—3,4OO FEET ON THE BLUFF, X Washington Height*, and within COO feet of Morgan Park, and noar thoMilitary School und proposed $12,000 church, with sidewalk from depot : streets and trees, etc, Wllltalcoa good improved farm. LINGLEA DAB LOW, 128 Doarbom-st. a 10 EXCHANGE—FOR CHICAGO PROPERTY . tine residence In JnnoHvlllo, Wis.; will pay some cash. Address 396 llluo Jsland-av. rno EXCHANGE—FOR LOTS—A NEW 0-KOOM X house ami lot. good location, Wost Division, near Ashlaud-av. and Vanllurou-st. cars; immediate posses sion. JACOB O. MAGILL, 81 and 83 South Clark-st. TO EXCHANGE—FOR BUILDING LOTS—A NEW brick loHidonoo: location and llnisb first-class. JACOB O. MAQII.L, 81 and 83 South Clark-at. PpO EXCHANGK-A STEAM FLOUR- X Ingiiilll In good wheat district, lor a good farm. R. KENNEDY, Real Estate Agent, 145 Clark-st., Rooms 20 and 27. r EXCHANGE—SI6.OOO IN GOOD RAPIDLY-IM nroving. real estate, unincuinborod, for astock of merchandise or good farm. it. KENNEDY, Real Es tato Agent. 145 Clark-at., Rooms 26and E7. HlO EXCHANGE A ONIMIALP PROFITABLE X manufacturing business, extremely profitable: sales cash: no chnnoo for loss on sales of material inanulnouir cd, for well located real estate. Address F 43, Tribune ollico. WANTED—TO TRADE FOR A STOCK OF DRY tt goods, notions, clothing, furnishing goods, bouts ami shoes, and furniture, 3 farms in Mason County. 111., ail under a good state of cultivation, noar market ami railroad—one farm of 115 acres, one of 214 acres, and one of 335 acres. Also a tine now dwelling house and 2 lots in tho City ol Peoria, HI., with nil modern bnprnvomontH. Tim titles are perfect. All worth $50,000 cash. Will trade part nrall. Address lie* 14)2. Peoria. 111. LOST AND FOUND* T OST—$5 REWARD—ON SATURDAY EVENING, A J J package of millinery goods from our wagon; tho above will no paid at our ollico. HEILBRUN BROS, 262 and £64 Wabash-av. T OST-A POCKET AND MEMORANDUM KOOK XJ on Saturday night. Tlio Under can vocolvo 45 by leaving It nt A. ft. BIDDLE'S, IfcM South Clark-st. T OST-ON THE NIGHT OFMAYI2, ON OMAHA J.J train, O. A N. W. It. R.. near Genova, Hi., n porto nmnnaio containing about *ls to 400 In money, am) ticket, Chicago h> San Francisco, No. Wo, Any person returning portemonnalo and ticket to A. A. WEST, Genova, 111,, may keep tho money. I OST-ON SATURDAY. 17TU INST., A BABY'S J white turban bat. on Prairie or Indlana-avs., smith ofTwonty-tlilnl-Bt. Tho Under will receive thank* by tending notice to 1061 Imllana-av. LOST— A RED AND WHITE SPOTTED COW AND calf. A reward will be paid by returning them to 155 Lako-av. A. COOK. inOUND-A LARGE RED COW, WHICH THE X' owner can have by calling one mile west side of the JA?!FS U M ) ,rov^ntf l iro l'orty, and paying expenses. TjVoUND-AT SECOND UNIVERBALIRT CHURCH, X* several weeks ago. a lady’s fur capo. Call at CG7 W«*l Monroo at., between 13 and 1 o'clock only, nr address. STRAYED-ON SUNDAY. MAY 18. BETWEEN a and 4 o'clock p. in., from the wood and uoal yard of Daniel T. Elston, font of West Qroro-st., North Branch, a young, fluo-brod cow, heavy wllh calf, aged 6or 0; color mi. with white spot on Hank, white bag, teats covered with warts, short straight horns. '1 ho person returning her to the owner will receive $lO reward. DANIEL T. ELSTON, foot West Qrovo ut., N. li., or 210 North (Jar- FOR SALE. TAOR BALE-TWO 1! ANDSOME .SHOW CASES. AP- X 1 ply nt 43 South M»rkot-«t. IjlOU SALH-A NEW NOVELTY PRINTING PifES^ 1 types, etc. llti Whllu-st., corner if Norlh_Wella. TBOll HALB-A." ar>-INCH ■ENGINEERS" BPHUT- J* love), trlpml, lovelllng-rmi, rnd surveyor 1 # chains, lid Wiilta*«t., corner North Wells. liSou’HALR-a'siiOW CASES AND STATIONERY 12 cheap, at 680 Statu at. TilOU SALE-MORSE A SONS' TRIUMPH SODA X 1 apparatus, Italian stylo, used but ono season j very low: good as new. I'pOß SALE-ONE BLACK WALNUT OFFICE ’ 11 fret long, 7 foot wide, and 7 foot high; gliu* all round: bran new; ceil $2lO, now fur sale for tflUO. Call at 61 Smith Stated., Im.oniuut. INSTRUCTION. SITUATION WANTED-A YOUNG WIDOW DE- O sires a iiosltlou us govurnevs, to teach Jhu EngHxli braneheu, Freuch, ami music; or would mkun Bllniiti .n at govcrneii or cumpauluo. Address SAN FHANUISUU, thlsoffic*. WANTED—MALE HELP. Boolclcoopors, Clorltß, Etc- W’ANTKD—HY A WHOLESALE PANOV GROCERY TV bouse in this city asaloiman In tho stern i oidjr oiporloncod mon nood apply. Addroaa L 73, Trlbuuo othco. WANI’KD-A MAN TO LEARN THE FIRE INSUR anoo business; must bo over 20 years of ago, and from (ho country; must bo a good mlkor, and have bad successful experience In canvassing or soliciting; com* pomallnn moderate. Apply at ITftnmitti Ul&rk-st., our* nor Mntirno, nflioo No. 0, from Bkj to II a.«m. WA N ONE TV that h willing to work for hli omployor'a Inloroit. Address F <O, Trlbimo nflioo, with addreu and roforonoci. GOODS BALKS »Y mens good salary given: mmo but experienced mon wanted. KLEIN & BIILOH.S, lit Twnnty-sooimd-at. WANTBD-AOliKiik WIICT CAN LOANHIR EM. it ployorssooor SI,OOO, good saourlly, eon secure sit uation; salary S3O por week. Address J. 8., Tribune 011100. WANTKD-A GOOD ROOKKHEPER AND BUST VV nets man to take o ball Interoatlu a business B year# established. 178 Htato-at., Room 13. WT ANTED—EXPERIENCED TRAVELING RAI.KS- Vr inno for Northern lown nnd Wißoonain, who under stands groceries nnd a good tea man. Address V 4J, Tribune ulllco four days. WANTKD-A>IHRT-CLABfI DRY GOODS SALES VV man. BOHLKBINOIiUS MAYER, 188 West Modi' ton-at. Trades* T\TANTBD-A FIRBT-OLAB3 nORSK-SIIOER. TO VV whom steady employment nnd good wages will bo given; railroad faro will also be paid to Rock Island. Ap ply at once by letter to WALTER DANDER, Rook island, ID. ; TV'ANTED—CABINET MAKERS, PIECE WORK, VV for the oouulry. Apply by letter or pnrKOnnlly. be tween land B o'clock, on Tuesday, toE. W. RIOIIAIIDH, 131 East Klgbtoonih Bt., Uldoago. WANTED -TWO HARNESS MAKERS AT CIS West MadUou-st., one to work on flue work and ouo on repairing. : •WAITED —A FIRSTOLABS CARPENTER FOR YY bench work, at 167 Fremont-al. VAT ANTED-A GOOD TAILOR, IMMEDIATELY; TV a sober man: steady employment will bo given. Ad drasaifi. M. SMITH, Alarsctllos. IIL VVANTED—AN EXPRiIIENOED ENGINEER FOR VV a stationary. Call at noon, or from 6t0(3 p. ra., on DRAKE ± CO.. 81 Mnrkot-st. VV ANTED—MATTKESB-MAKERB IMMEDIATELY V> at WHIPPLE’S, 806 StaUi-at., second floor. ■UTANTBP - PLUMPER AT P. RAFFERTY'S Vr plumbingibop, Blue Island-av., nour Twonty-soo ond-st. WANTED— PAINTER TO PAINT HOUSE IN PAY jiionlforalotssomocashpald. 0. W. DEAN* 133 South Ulark-Bt., Room 10, WANTED-8 PAINTERS 5 STEADY WORK FOR com! men. Cali early. Room ID, 179 East Madison* Bt. DOUGHERTY A McCIIEHAN. WANTKU-TWb BOYS THAT UNDERSTAND i f running machines In a furniture factory, at 091 Ful* ton-st., in ttio alley. \VANTED-3 PAINTERS. AT 166 FOURTH-ST., BE- Vi twoon Asbland-Ar. and Paullna-ut. ;oallinthoovou- WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS MAN TO WORK ON buggy bodies, at 239 South (Janalst. ANTED^A'FIRST-CLASS WATCHMAKER, ONE wbo thoroughly understands bis business. speaks English, ami has good roforoncoa. Apply at No. 3 South Clnrk-Bt. WANTED-A GOOD MAN AS SECOND COOK; also a first-class waiters must understand opening oysters. BUCKMINSTER'S corner State and liar- TUOD-Btß. WANTED-A BRASS FINISHER, AT BALDWIN'S, on CalUoun-plaoo, near Adams Express Office. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN TO LEARN THE TT photographic art; a good chauoo. Call at SMITH’S gallery, 28 WcstUaudolph-st. . Coachmen. Teamsters. &o. WANTED-MAN AND WIFE: UK AS COACH* U maivnnd gardener; she as cook and laundress. Ap ply at 9 a. m. Tuesday. ANTED-A TEAMSTER. CORNER WALLACE and Thlrty-flret-sta. Employment ARoncios. WANTED-600 MEN TO WORK ON RAILROADS, Vi farms, saw-mills, tie-choppers, Btono-quarrios, etc. For transportation and particulars apply to CHRISTIAN A BING, No. 1 South Clark or lul South Cansl-st. TI/ANT^D—3O ~MEN~ FOR RAILROAD WORK; TT wages, $2 par day; board. $4; charges, $3; steady work. 69 Woatßandolph-Hf., R-umi 3. SliaooUaDotm^, WANTED-A NEW YORK IMPORTING AND jobbing wine and liquor house, well and favorably known for many years, Book the services of an active young roan as salesman for the Northwest. With one who has a safe and well-established trade among druggists and grocers, a libera) arrangement will be made. Tbo best of reference* nf past services will bn required. Address IMPORTER, Post-Omco But 4891, Nowjfork. W" ANTED-MEN IN EVERY TOWN, COUNTY, and State, to sell out now button-hole cutter ond noodle-threading thimble. Agent* that wish the goods will save money and time by buying direct of the manu facturers, at 99 East Madison-st., Room 6. W~anted-q‘o6d Motive *mkn out of e.m ploymont to call and investigate a business paying $39 to $lO a week, sure money. JONES A CO., 71 South Canal-st. XVANTED t INT.Kr.T.inKNT YOUNG ,MKN TO Vr learn and engage in tbo telegraphing hpsitioss, at Porter’s National Telegraph College, 159 LaSallo-st., Room 79. WANTED-MAN OF GOOD ADDRESS TO SELL goods, who can give security for $159 worth of sam* pies. SAWYER, 97 CWk-si. ANTED-A BOY, BASEMENT 411 WABABH- WANTBD-PARTIES LOOKING FOR BUSINESS paying largo por contago, call on STONE A SKIN* NKR, llS'Ucurboru-at., Room 5. Patents wanted. tXTA NTEb—A FEW MEN FOR THE CITY AND tt 6CO for outside towns, foran oasy.nionuy-iuakiog busl nosi; moa with email capital cun clear $lO to SCO a week. A. RAY, Room tt, 23 Wont WANTED— TEN SCANDINAVIAN LABORING men for city work. Good pay and work all tho year round. Call cany at 122 North Wulls-st. WANTK 1 YEMEN WITH $5 TO $lO CAPI iT tal; light job and big pay for summer* 17S West Waflhiagton-at., Room -I. WANTRU-A FIRST-CLASS COOK. WILL PAY it $7 par week: a man preferred. Aim a good kitchen girl. Call at Oil West Adama-st., frontdoor. WANTED-A OLD THAT undergtnndi the retail grocery business. Abulyat No. lOU Wiuoo-Bt. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domestics. TITANTED-A GOOD. COMPETENT AMERICAN IT or Gorman girl, for general housework, at 1187 Mlohlgsn-av. \VrANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL it housework in a small privato family* Apply at USD Indlana-ov. wanted-a girl to do GENERAL HOUSE it work; Gorman preferred. 003 Fulton-it. WANTED— TWO GIRLS, WITH REFERENCE, one as cook, and one ns second girl. Hyde Park, near dummy. Address VB4 Tribune otHce. WANTHD-AN EXPERIENCED GIRL: GOOD washer and Imnor, In a family of 0, at 120 lionore-st., first house southof Vanßuroa-st. • WANTED-A FIRST-GLASS COOK AND NURSE girl. 69 North Sbeldou-st. UTANTBD-A SERVANT GIRL FOR GENERAL it housework, luqulro ot 823 ludlana-av., near SU toontb-at. WANTED - A GOOD KITCHEN GIRL. APPLY early Tuesday morning, at tho Clarendon House, corner Ontario and North Clark-sla. WANTED-A FIRST-GLASS WOMAN, MEAT AND pastry cook. Good wages, at 953 Wabash-av. IWANTED-A GOOD DINING-ROOM GIRL. 07 VV Wost Mndlson-at. WANTED-OIRL FOR GENERAL tt Apply for two days at 101 West_Adams-*l, \\rANTED—OIUL. FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK T T at 124 Wost Modiiou-st. Good wages will bo paid to a good girl. TXT ANTED—FIRST-CLASS COOK FOR PRIVATE tt boarding-house. Apply at 329 Wost Wnshlngton-at,, corner May. WANTED-A GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND ff Ironor In a private family. Apply at 41 South May* eU, between WaaUtngtou and Madison-sts. "UTANTED-A PROTESTANT GIRL, 16 OR 16 tt years old, to take care of a baby ami do second work. Apply between tho hours of 6 oud 1 at 93 Calu mot-nv. WANTED— TWO GIRLS IN WEBNER’S DINING room, 61 South Stato-at., one to assist the cook and tho other to wash dishes. TXTANTED—SERVANT GIRL: MUST BE A GOOD it cook, washer, and (ronur: 3 m family. Inquire at No. IBluolsland-av., corner llarrison-st. WANTED-ATH3WABASH-AV., HIVING HOUSE, > Y uuo chamber-maid and one laundry girl. T\rANTED—A GOOD GIHiTtO WAIT ON TABLE iY nndasxlstlnhou.oworkjalsoagood plainoook, at jil Kldridgo-court. Soamstrossca- WANTED-DRESSMAKERS-GOOD HANDS OAN li llnd cup.laut employment at Oil AH. GOHHAQE A CO.'s, IW, lei), 110 Stated. Apply before On. m. ■\\7aNTKD-A COMPETEFT HEAMSTUKSS > Y Hug tu assist In ohamborwork. Apply at (2W Mluhl* * au \\T ANTED—SOME FIRST-CLASS DRESSMAKERS. If flos South Clnrk-st. Nurses. WANTED-A NURSE TO TAKE CARE OP A 1Y baby onuvtocknld, at 81 lUtneU-st. WANTED— A WET NURSE, HOUND AND healthy. Apply Immediately at 101 Warrcn av. \\ r ANTKD—A APPLY AT 621 NORTH Vl Wolli-st., up stairs, Lnunttrossos* WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS SHIRT IRONF.R AT YV HAMILTON'S laundry, tJJ Morldlun-st. (In the roar of 176 West Madisuu-st. ANTED—CFiUHT-C LASS SI HUT IRONERB AT Star of the West Laundry, 21l West Lako-st. WANTED-AT THE ORIENT HOTEL A FIRST -11 clans laundress to take charge of the laundry: none other need apply. Apply at tho office, Employment Ahoiiolob, WANTED-GOOl) CHtLS OF EVERY NATIONAL >7 Hy for cooks, and nil kinds ol homtu* work. Apply to AIRS. WHITTAKER, 2<is Unlengu-av. Rliticonanootts. WANTED-A GOOD YOUNG WOMAN TO COOK VT In a restaurant. Apply at No, 225 West Madison, corner of Puurla-at. WANTED-AH COMPANION TO A MARRIED 1 1 lady, a young lady ul nropos.os.dng appearance and irreproncliable elnmtmur. Om» fond of travel and rcllnod lanes preferred. Address TOURIST, Kuhns' Hotel, Chicago. PERSONAL. I)EUSONAIi—AS V INFORMATION THAT CAN BE X given In regard to (be whereabouts of Alary E. Piout. Johnny L. Prout, or Fraud* Prmt will bo kindly roeuivod by their aunt. Adduma MAUV Y. PROUT, Walla- YValla, WasUlngton Territory. FHtSONAL— A YOUNG SWEDISH LADY WISHlfs to ucootnpany a family to Europe. Please address Rev. X. J. ANDERSON, kU Nurth Mu-st. SITUATIONS WANTED—MALE. Booldcooßors. Clerics, &o. CITUATION WANTED-BY a short-rand O writer, iu corresponding clerk and uookkoopor. Ad. dross I, 18, Trlbuno 011100. CITUATION WANTED—TJIB SUBSCRIBER, UK- O sires a situation In a whaloillo homo ; 011100 work pro. ferrod. Writes a good band and Is accurate. Roforouoos furnished. Address F 47, Trlbuno oflloo. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN. IN A wholesale nr commission bnme-nnn that la willing to make hlinsotf generally useful. Host of roforonocs can us Riven. Address F 46, Trlbuno olllco. SITUATION WANTED—AS CLERK IN' WHOI.It. k5 salo or retail hardware; soma experience; a practical tinner. Address A OT, 7,3 West VanHurcm-sl, CITUATION WANTED—A BUSINESS MAN OP k.7 largo axpomnca In this city Is open to &u exgttgo-* mont to take* charge of tho Unsocial and bookkeeping pop. tlon of n mercantile nr manufacturing establishment, permanently If required, nr will examine and square up bonks for partloancoding the aid of an experienced ac countant, Address Nila, Trlbuno office. CITUATION WANTED—IN A WHOLESALE QUO. O cory or liquor house, by an experienced salesman; can command somo lino trades good cltr reference, Can give soourltylt necessary. Addrosa Trlbuno otlloo. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AS olorktna grocery or dry goods atom; sneaking tho Scandinavian and English languages; Is ready for work, and will make himself generally useful. Address by lot* tor or call at IUB Hulburt-st., up-stalrs. Trades. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST -CLASS EN glnoorof throe years’ experience, with coed references. Address 11., SlS'Tnwnsend-at. . SITUATION WANTED—BY AN AEOIIITKCTURAS draughtsman; city roforoncoa. Address VB3, Tribuni ollluo, CITUATION WANTED-BY A GRADUATE OF A O civil engineering Institute, who la a prnolleal carpen ter, oa foreman. or at any kind of work wboro his sorvioos would bo required. Sneaks French and English, and liaa been a foreman on building before. Addtosa V 23, Trib unoolflco. , CITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS ENOI- O noor. 1C years’ experience, competent to run all ulasset of hoisting engines. Good reference from present om* idnycr. Address, forono wook.ENQINEEIt.BO7 Boult Clnrk-st. CITUATION WANTED-A FRENCH GARDENER, kJ liorist or Togbtablo, would llko a situation; Is a sin glo niau, with thu best of roforoncoa. Address F 80. Trib* uno 011100. Coaohmon, Teamsters. &o. SITUATION WANTED—BY A COMPETENT AND good man os hostlor ami (o work At all work, with a private family. Good reference. Address or call at 213 >\ost Twelth-st. CITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE kJ married man as coiiohmnn. Scotchman, Protoslantr flood references. V £). Tribune oiflco. . SITUATION WANTED—AH OOAOIIfIIAN BY AN kJ EngUahman; thoroughly understands Ids business. Address T 0. (&> Bouth Htate-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN kJ (Dane) as coachman; understands perfectly liow to lake oaro of horses and carriages, and la willing to make himself gsuctally useful ahum, tun promises; can epoak but llttlo English. Address V 81. Tribune ollico. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN IN A kJ private fniuily to take can) of hones, or ns coachman, or as porter In n dry goods store. Good city reference. Address V 3, Tribune oiUoo. SITUATION WANTED—IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, by a yumifltimn, imdorstamls tliocaro ofhorsosnnd enn milk cows nud tnko caro of carriage; never has taken drink nor never will. Addrcsa F PI, Tribune office. ftlisooUrtnoous. SITUATION WANTED-BY A SOBER AND IN dustrlmis Englishman who understand* gardening and thooaroofhowoa, aud will make himself useful, Address K V, 494 llubbara-st., Chicago. SITUATION WANTED— BY a RESPECTABLE man. ns bar-tender, who has had live years' experience .In Scotland, and flood wlao-bottlor. Address X 69, TTlb uno office. SITUATION WANTED-BYA YOUNG MAN JUST from tho country: would make himself useful any where; good scholar. Address 00, 868 West Harrison-st. ITUATION WANTBD-BY A MAN WITH GOOD roferonoo as watchman in a store or manufactory. Ad* dross by lottur or call at 108 llullmrt-st., up-stairs. SITUATIONS WANTED—PEMAI Domestics. SITUATION WANTKD-BY A GOOD, RESPECT- O able girl to do general housework In private family. Call at &»J West Erie. Situation wantkd-ijya good girl to do general housework in small family. 179Bmiorflold-at-, near Twonty-socond-st. SITUATION WANTED—IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, tu do general housework, by an American girl. Best of references, Apply, by letter or in person, lor 8 days, 235Towiuuml-st.. corner of Elm. No boarding-house keepers need apply. SITUATION WANTKD-BY A COMPETENT GIRL to do general housework in a small private family. I'ioabo call or addrcsJ Si llublo-at., West Side. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL AS COOK IN a private family. Apply at 1)1 Ontarlo-st., for two days. CTfUATIONS GOOD lOIRLS, O In a private family, as cook and second girl. Apply at 97 West Baodolph-st., Boom 3. SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT GIRL, to do general housework in a private family; good roforooecs. Apply at 61 Waubannla-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant girl to do second work aud sow. Cali or address No. 16 South Unionist. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG GIRL TO DO O second work and nlftin sowing in a private family. Call for throe days at 118 Jelioraon-at. A YOUNG WOMAN, IN O A respectable private family, as children's nurse and sowing girl, or socoud-glrh Apply at aiW Townsoad-st. Situations wanted-by two girls, onetg do second-work, and ttio other kitchen work, In prl vato family; WostSido preferred. Apply at first houai across tlio bridge, on North ilalslod-st. OiTUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG LADY IN A O small family to do second work or general housework. Call at lUS Suporlur-at. Seamstresses. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPF.OTABLD kJ girl In a private family to do sowingum! assist insoo oud work. Ploaso call or tddross 23 liublo-at., Weal Sido... SITUATION WANTED-BY A TRUSTWORTHY and reliable person, as seamstress; understand* cutllnuaml lilting all kinds of family sowing; a perms* nont situation preferred. Address M, 180 South Jollur* Bon-st, Employment Agencies, QITUATION WANTF.D-BY A FIRST-CLASS MEAT Our paitrjr cook In 5 boardinghouse or botol; and also wAineu tc clean offices and billiard halls can always bs found nt*!9 Wost Adama-st. Situations wanted-we have some very efficient help, housekeepers. seamstresses. and ser vants. Those needing help Vill (Jo well to call at 446 Wa» bnili av., Rouin I. No charges to those wanting seam stresses and housekeepers. UisooUanoons, SITUATION WANTED-BY TUB DAY, WASHING, ironing, or house-cleaning, at 059 North JeSorauu-st., MISCELLANEOUS. An aotive business, with $6,000 or $7,000 in inmicy, wishes to join snrao reliable tirm already os tablUhort commanding a good trade. None but such not'd tnswor. Address V 98, Tribune office, stating where au Interview may bo had. 0‘ ‘ASIi PAID FOR OAST-OFF CLOTHING AND miscellaneous goods of any kind, by bonding alettes toj. OELUEH. Lean Office. 861 Staio-st. GRAINING AND MARBLINO-GIST YOUR GRAIN. Ing done by KDYE A POWELL, HCNorth LaSallo-st. INVENTORS. CALL AT STONER'S INVENTORS’ X Bureau. I>. STONER A CO., Patent Solicitors and Negotiators, 195 South Olark-st.; want to exchange a man. Ufa during business for a patent right or real estate. TVfKS. RANDAZZO, LATE OP ALBANY, N. Y., I>J. bogs leave to inform the ladles ol Chicago that she la prepared to color ladies' fadod swltchca (by an entirely now process) any shade, from a light brown to a deep black. Warranted nut to fade sooner than tUu natural color. Depot, 131 Twonty-socond-at., np-stalrs. Notice is hereby given that the copar. tnorihip existing under tho firm name of Burling A Adler It ibis day {Chicago, May 19, 167.1,) dissolved by mutual consent. Tito business of said linn wilt be con- ducted by E. Burling. TROY LAUNDRY, 72 SOUTH LTNCOLN-ST., NEAR Madlsnu. Family washing mudo a specialty. Work called for and delivered free of charge. G. WILLSEY, Proprietor. fpHic STOCK OF UPHOLSTERY GOODS OF THE ilato HENRY PHILLIPS, 497 Stuto-st., still ouutluuos for aalo. . IJTAKTED—MEN WITH SOME CAPITAL TO COR tY respond, with a view (o manufacturing agrlcuUural Implomonta, or to starting any legitimate manufacturing business In this plaoo; native lumber plenty and cheap; railroad communication In all directions, and a first-claim market at our doors: a No. 1 point for a starch factory. Address GEORGE A. BAILEY, Corresponding Secreta ry Glonwood .Manufacturers'AemolM Inn, Glenwood, lowa. ~~ANTE OUT RAITS TO I’XINT IN OIL. crayon, pastel, or India ink. Also, any kind ol ar tistic work, drawing on wood, 010., etc. Address A. U. DOUGLAS, Box 8&, OUy. WANTKD-TO PUROHARIS—ORDER ON FIRST~ Yr ulass furniture, uiao carpot. houso, a? a dhoounl foi ensh; ooinmunioatlouaconliduutiul, Address FBI, Trio* UUfl otUoa. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. For salb-furnituuk of thk unionpark llotol, uudur mortgage, nearly in*w, In iruod cmwl* Uon, uommonuliu; Tuciuny, May 30, Mil Mtidhon-Bt. WiinNiTUIIKOF jU.t KINDS'os'iKSTAUiSIjiKTS J.' at lotvoat cash prices. Emplro PorlorHoditoadCn., lift West Mttdlaou-st. WOH SALIC—A KTt.KNDII) HANOI!,, SU' 1 T 4 I nl ‘ t i’ for liatnlnrdlnluifaaloon. No. 524 Wet Aladlnon. oornor of Pcorla-it, mins ji.Mpmic VAiu.oii uedstkad suiivasses 1 all! now mill Improved donljtnai ndirplwd to parlor, library, lUnliw romn. 011100. anil alarm oronplon only oira lov till lint npaoo of a common bodntoad. Tricon, A“5 to »lw, Booimllnif to ntyle. Solti on Inotallmonln nS hit a tnonilr. ICmidro, Parlor Itodatoad Oonionny BSB '(VcNt MadUou-at., vrhuloialo waroroimis. 810 ami 373 West Madlimi-st. - MUSICAL. YPOU BALK-PIANO ORDER. GALLS TOR ®3» i> to ninil)'on purchase ol s&7o piano. Will soil fui *IOO. Alio, a lirst-ola-n ticket U> St, Louli, for $9. Ap ply ataioro, 136 Dearhorn-st. KKMOVAL OF PIANO ROOMS TO 371 STATH-ST., near Vimuuroii. I'lnuon mid ornnn* to rent ami fot sale. Uoutlna a specialty. NVM. 11. PHOSSI-Ul. \\rAKTUU-TO’UKNT-A NIOK PIANO, OFPAUTV Ti who would take payment In day-beard. Ploaso call or iiildmss U ■!> Wulmuh-av. CLAIRVOYANTS. T\U. MA.TURW AND MADAM MAYNARD, BUST. J J nojs uml medical mediums, lt)s West MadUuu*it. KH. F. M, TK.KD, PHYSICAL, TKST, AND Bus iness medium, 4iW West Mudlaoil-ot. 1 iivftto lit* thm* during thudsy. fln.mee every DIVORCES, BTVOnOKHOBTAINKDirOK CAUSES. AU. LAW Inistiiova attumtoii 10. Hoi»» 3. IHT Btmth Hark-at BIVOUOUS— LEOAIXV OIVPAINEU—FEK AI'TKR doom*. HoamJalavolilod. NinoyoaiVurAoUMlatb» voui'Uvt OU«»#o. AUUrgw I*. 0. lioi 1037. 7 15. BURLING. 1). ADLER.

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