Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 20, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 20, 1873 Page 8
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8 WASHINGTON. Treasury Statement Relative to Out- standing Currency. important Decision , Affecting Retired Army Officers. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, GOVERNMENT FINANCES. Washington, May 11).— Tbo balances In ibo Treasury, as shown by tbo books thereof to-day, aro doomed to bo good Indications of a favorable financial condition of that Department. Tho legal-toudors outstanding amount to a fraction loss than $850,500,000, being about $6,000,000 In excess of what is regarded by tbo Sen ate Financial. Committee to bo ibo maximum amount of that kind of circulation allowed by law, although, as is woll known, tbo Secretary of tho Treasury claims tbo lawful right to draw upon tho $10,000,000 re serve whenever in his judgment it becomes necessary for him to do so. No doubt is now entertained at tbo Department, however, that the amount of outstanding legal tenders will bo reduced to the so-called maximum by tbo Ist of next month. OOV. COOK. Henry D. Cook say a there is equally no much truth in tbo recent report that ho intends to re sign hie present position as Governor of tho Dls» tiiot of Columbia as there was ouo year ago, when a similar statement was published. It has boon Mr. Cook’s purpose from tho first to withdraw from tho Governorship as soon as tho matters of the Territorial Government aro gotten into smooth running order and in godd substantial condition, which, owing to tho tedious work of organizing tho now system, and of squaring up tho chaotic affairs of tho old District Govern ment, is not yet quite accomplished. EXPLORING EXPEDITION. Liout. Whoolor left hero to-night for Denver, whence hie exploring parly starts in about two wuoks on its expedition toward tho ono bun drodlh meridian. [7b the Associated Press.] CENTRAL AMERICAN MISSIONS. ■Washington, May 10.—The Central American missions are to bo vacated on tho 80lb of Juno next. Ono Minister there is to bo oorodited to all of them. Tho President to-day appointed Judge George Williamson, of Louisiana, to tho position. THE RUSSIAN MISSION. Judge Plorropont is expected to decline the Russian mission owing to a press of legal busi ness, ARMY DECISION. Tho Court of Claims to-day rendered judgment for somo SSOO in favor of tho retired Maj.-Oon. Eh Long, as commutation for fuel and quarters while ho was serving as Professor of Military Science at the Indiana State University under detail of tho War Department. Tho decision of this tost case establishes tho principle that re tired officers assigned to such duty are entitled to receive tho full pay and emoluments of thoif rank. THE aCHCETZEN FE3T, Baron Sohloozor, the Gorman Minister, re sponded, to-night, at tho May festival of tho fichuotzon Voroln, to tho toast: “ Germany, tho laud of oar birth. May our actions as Qorraan- Amoricana over prove worthy her groat renown, and may her latest triumphs not bo her last." NEW YORK. Over Seven Thousand Immigrants Ar rive in One Day—Miscellaneous Lo cal Items* Special Dispatch to The CMeano Tribune. New York. May 19.—Eight ships arrived to day with 7.852 emigrants, most of whom aro bound for the West. This is tho largest arrival in any ono day this year. Tho police have a new theory in regard to tho Thompson street murder. They think that Jackson, after killing bis mistress, became terri fied, and attempted to wash tho blood from her loco, which would account for tho bloody water found in tho wash-bowl under the bod. Becom ing convinced that she was really dead, ho took his bank-book and wont to .Sarvont’s dauoo-houso to hypothecate it, as be had done before, to got money to got out of town. Being refused, ho wout into tho water-closet aud cut hia throat. Tho barkeeper found him there aud assisted him to tho house at tho corner of Browne and Sullivan streets, to which tho drops of blood wore traced, and either 'ho or bis corpse is hidden thoro, or somewhere in tho neighborhood now. A thorough search is to bo made. It baa Ijeon ascer tained boyoud a doubt that tho murdered woman was tho unwilling mistress of her negro slayer. Ho beat her severely several times when she attempted to escape, anil a letter has been found addressed to Jackson, from a woman in Sing Sing, saying she hopes Sullivan has becoroo reconciled to hor lot, and if she has not, it is bettor that she does so os soon as pos sible. A friend of Count Daniol Boiemontcali, who married Miba Parka, of Brooklyn, on Thursday evening, writes to ono of the morning papers that the Count la worth at least SIOO,OOO In his own right, ITo tbs Associated Press,] New York, May 19.—A morning journal speaks of the Mobile correspondent of a leading bank ing-house in this oily drawing prime sterling bills as having proved a defaulter to the extent of $590,000. The facts which led to such exag gerated statements have been known for nearly two weeks, and are that the firms of Halsey & Co., of Now Orleans; Goldthwaito &. Co., of Mobile, and Halsey & Goldthwaito, of Galves ton, have dissolved partnership, W. P. Halsey alono being authorized to sign in liquidation. These firms represented the house of Brown Bros. «k Co. in tuo cotton markets of the South. The trouble which caused the dissolution was that sterling bills against cotton shipped to Liverpool had boon sold, and when the solos of cotton failed to moot the sums specified in the bills, a reclamation was made. It proved that a majority of the bills wore not responsible, and that Goldthwaito was jointly interested in the speculation. Goldthwaito is a relative of a member of the firm of Brown Bros. & Co., ond his fall is more painful to the New York princi- Eals than any sum that they lose, which cannot o more than SIOO,OOO. Oliver Oharlick, President of the Long Island Rood Company. Hugh Gardner, Abram Duryoa, and 7ohn it. Bussell are the nominations for Police Commissioners sent to the Board of Al dermen by Mayor Havomoyor. Gerrit Smith has given SI,OOO for the relief of the Cubans who formerly lived in wealth or com fortable circumstances, but who are now desti tute because of tho revolution in Cuba. • A now phase was developed in Judgo Wright's case in tbo United States Court boro to-day. His counsel, Stoughton <fc Burnett, made a mo tion to quash the indictment, which was argued by Gen. Burpott. Should tho motion prevail, it would defeat all tho cases now ponding bore against Judgo Wright. Those cases arc connect ed with tbo contest that bos so long boon going on between tbo Interior and Attorney-General's Departments. Decision reserved. Dr. Harris, tbo physician of tbo Blalcbford family, says tbo six domestics of that family, who wore poisoned, undoubtedly obtained the prison in corned beef. It is supposed tho butchers at tbo market whore tbo beef was pur chased used arsenic to kill rats, and some of it got spilled into tbo pickle which contained tbo beef. All the poisoned are recovering. Tbo grand opening festival of tbo. Now York Bcbuetzen Corps commenced this afternoon, on Union Hill. Tbo festival will last four days. President Graham, of tbo Wallkill National Bank, will bo tried Juno 2, and Taintor, tbo de faulting Cashier of tbo Atlantic National Bank, will bo tried May 20. * Tbo Fifth Bogimont, originally called tbo Jef ferson Guards, celebrated tbo birthday of Titos. Jefferson to-day by a parade. Work is suspended on tbo publlo parks, (n consequence of tbo failure of the Legislature to appropriate tbo necessary money to keep the laborers busy. Over 700 men aro.thus thrown out of employment. Tbo Inquest in tbo case of tbo throo men crushed by tbs falling of the building Nos. 44 and 40 Hubert street, concluded with tbo verdict that death resulted by tho falling of the floor, which was overloaded. Judge Black and Wayne MoVcagb, counsel for Oon. Fremont, in tho caso of tbo Memphis and El Paso bonds, will apply, It is reported, for a reversion of tbo proceedings of tbo French court, In which Gen. Fremont was condemned by default. Proposed Change In Che Now Torlc Libol Law* Aluany, N. Y., May 19.—1n tho General As sembly, to-night, a majority of tho Committee on Grievances reported in tho oaso of Stephen English, imprisoned at tho suit of President 'Winston, of tho Mutual Life Insurance Com pany of Now Itork, that the ball required of Eng lish is excessive and oppressive, and recommend ed the DAsaage of a bill providing that tho jmn- Iraum bail in the cnso of Hbol üball bo 83,000, nnd that it Hbnll bo 85,000 whoro moro tiiau ouo onit ia brought by Ibo name plaintiff. AMUSEMENTS. HOOLEV'S TIIEATRfiv Considering tho excessive moisture of last evening, Uooley’o Theatre—the pot of tho ladies and the adrairMidtt of tho otbor sox, —was com plimented by & fair attendance. Tbo attraction vras “ Tbo Victims,” ono of Tom Taylor’s society dramas, wbiob is somewhat of a novelty hi Chi cago, Its last appearance in this city having taken place sorao six years ago, -when tbo old Museum was In Us glory. Tlioro is not much lu tho play In tbo way of plot, and to somo minds it is all tbo bettor for that, because it does not involve much mental labor to follow its progress. Flirtations abound, but tboy aro ar ranged in tbo usual fashion, so as to bo abruptly terminated when tboro is an interest ing probability of tboir becoming serious. Tho entire strength of tho company was engaged, and that is saying a groat deal for any play, as tbo versatility and ability of tbo actors aro a guarantee that if tboro is any noting to bo dono it will bo douo woll. This is tmo of a largo majority of tbo company. Mr. Billon was m all bis vein, humor bristling all over him, and bis elastic countenance assuming all sorts of comical attitudes. Uo was Joshua But-, terby in every particular, happening in at inopportune moments, and "putting bis foot in it 1 * with premeditated blun dering that was simply delightful. His wit and audaoiiy carried him triumphantly through ovonr sorapo. Mr. Goorgo Oiddons, who will uo fond ly remembered, made bis first appearance at this theatre, and was greeted with a hearty wolcomo. Tboro was too little of him as Mr. Curdle , “ nn economist and statist,” but tbo small quantity was of excellent quality. Ho will bo no uncom mon acquisition to the establishment. Mr. BlalsdoU as Mr. Mcrryweather, a generous, good hearted, unsophisticated husband, was moro than usually natural, unrestrained, ami sober in voice and mannor. It was a neat and quiet bit of acting, with scarcely a touch of tbo rant which is tula gentleman's besotting sin. Mr. Rowley (Soggn), an old merchant, was jolly and affable enough, but perhaps bo talked in a tone too boisterous, as no was not bailing a ship at soa, but convers ing in a drawing-room. FUzJierberhcrt (Norris), a literary gontlomon, acquitted himself with considerable credit, and bo rolled bis eyes in a “ fino frenzy ” like any otbor stage poet. Mrs. Mcrryweather (Miss Mock) playod tho hostess with much skill, though at times ebo lapsed Into a lackadaisical state that was not absolutely essential. Her costume wnsoxmilalto. Without the accessories of dress Miss O’Connor as Mrs. FiUherbcrt was charming. She pleaded with her foolish poot of a husband, with much patboa cried genuine tears and forgavo tho scapegrace so as to tempt him to sin again, that bo might bo onco moro forgiven. Mrs. Crane, a strong-minded woman, was imitated by Mrs. Maodor, and Miss Anthony herself could not have done much bettor. The remaining parts aro inconsequential, and nothing need bo said about them. Tho scenery was fully up to tho standard of thishoaso, and deserved the applause which it evoked. On tho whole tho play, as presented, will ropav all tho trouble of going, oven if tho night fa damp. It is light and airy, full of ludicrous scenes, and abounding in wit and humor enough to dissipate tho blues. It will bo on tho boards every evening except Tuesday and Thursday, when “ Risks ” will be produced. M’VIOKEU’S THEATRE. The second week of Mr. Edwin Adams' en gagement at MoVickor’s Theatre did not opou more auspiciously than tho first, bo far as Ins audience was concerned, for tho houso was quite small. While this was partially attributable to tho watery sunset, and other indications of storm which blow up toward evening, othor causes must bo looked for to account for this circumstance, which need not here ho enlarged upon, having boon mentioned before. ** Enoch Arden,” with Mr. Adams in the title role, was the'attraction last evening. Whilo this brilliant and popular actor has achieved a reputation bv his impersonation of characters demanding dramatic talents of a higher order, and more exacting in study, It seems strange that ho should regard as bis specialty that of EnochArdcn. It is true that without him tho piooo would amount to very Uttlo, and that it is ho who onnoblos by his characterization a ) . / which might not, in other hands, bo so successful. It is also true that ho can find in tho part scope for (ho exhibition of a largo amount of pathos, and can- illustrate to tho world that a real actor can, by tho force of his genius, construct a char acter marked, dignified, and popular out of not very promising material. And this Mr. Adams has certainly done out of Enoch Ai'dcn. But the question is whether ho is correct in supposing it to he either his greatest* or oven most popular part. It is probable that before tho week has come to an end be will have received evidence to tho contrary, and as without him tho interest would bo very limited, there is not much to recommend tho piece. It possesses, too, an atmosphere of all-pervading sorrow, which not only finds expression in tho hapless miarnor who was “ cast away and lost," but which hangs over the cayor scones and robs them of their gaiety. There is nothing to contrast with this as the plot unfolds itself, tho mirth, if there bo mirth, being too broad ot too dull to boar any relation of light -to the shade of melancholy in which tho on tiro drama is moulded, and hence it ceases to havo that hold upon tho public’ which many others in Mr. Adams' repertoire retain. In this it shows its weakness, if m nothing else. Tho mind of tho audience bos been kept in a condition of long suspense as to Enoch's fate, and when tho truth becomes known by a sudden vision appearing to lus wifo, the fooling is ono of relief to think it is no worso than that. And here one would think that tho playwright has missed tho ontiro spirit of tho poem. To Annie Arden tho mystic words, “ Under a palm-tree," convoyed an instant belief of Enoch's death, and abandonment of all hopes of his return, which finds expression in wards. In tlto play, how . ovor ; tho audionco has tho uncomfortable con clusion thrust upon It by bor vision of her hus band “ under a palm-tree,” that ilfrs. Arden is guilty of conscious bigamy; or at best, rejecting so disagreeable a theory, regard tho incident, so exquisitely full of moaning in tho poem, as hearing in no way upon anything olso that might happen. But leaving the piece for Mr. Adams' share of it, thoro is little to say of it that is not entirely commendable. Tho actor has a perfect conception of tho character dimly outlined in tho text, and sustains It throughout. His elocution, always good, gives fresh meaning to the wonder fully dramatio lines in which tho poet has de scribed tho lonely island : and in his discovery at length of tho long-looked for sail, and con sequent restoration to homo and humanity, as well as in tho last act. whore he takes a farewell view of his wifo and children, ho rises to the full height of his gonius, and thoro, indeed, ono recognizes tho actor. Tho angry determi nation to wring from heaven that share of hap- S lncas which should bo bis gives way to his un ying love for bis wife, winch impels him to forgot himself, lest in claiming his own ho in jure bor. Hero is an opportunity for a fine dis play of dramatio fooling, and tho opportunity is not lost. Mr. Adams’ support was in general better than could bo expected. Tbo dramatis per sons are, fortunately, not numerous, and beyond tho parts of Mr. O’Neil, Mrs. Myora, and Mrs. Stononll, there was no requirement which could not bo amply supplied by any other of tho company. Mr. O'Neil as Philip Pay found himself more at easo in the last two acts than in tbo first, and, there fore, was far more pleasing, especially in his love-passages. Mrs. Myora us Annie Leigh was, as usual, quito up to tbo mark, and made of tho part something more than tho lifeless ofllgy which one is apt to regard it. Mrs. Stoneall, always acceptable, succeeded in adding considerably to tbo interest of tbo piece in Miriam Lane, tbo garrulous relict of a bibulous iuu-Keopor. ‘‘Enoch Arden” gives*an opportunity for tbo introduction of strong sconlo effects, and in tbo mounting of it tbo management bavo shown good taste and liberality. Tbo view of tbo tropi cal island is rich in coloring and in accuracy of detail. In tbo mechanical effects a little moro care might avoid spasmodic movements on tho part of a ship under full sail, which appeal to tbo rlslbles of tbo audiouco. The Mormon UucNtion* New \oiuc, May 10.—Elder Cannon, of tho Mormon Church, and Brigham Young are spend ing some time in this city on commercial busi ness. Elder Cannon expressed himself nuito confident of bis admission to the next Congress, and has mado extensive legal preparations to de fend tho contest which will be mado hy Maxwoll. Tho contest is designed to bring polygamy as a distinct issue before Congress. BTrvu* Milwaukee, Slay 19.—Boporla from Groan Bay say the woods aro on fire around Big Cedar, ana running along tho nido track. Tho now hotel and store at Big Cedar was burned on Saturday. A big flro is reported at Ishpoming, and thero are fears of tho destruction of tho town. Toledo* o.* May 10.—Tho Wabash Elevator THE CHICAGO DAILY TKHiUINE: 'TUESDAY, MAY 20, 1873. Company's Elevator No. 2 mar destroyed by flro, this aftofnoon, together with its contents, con sisting of about 125,000 bushels of oats, and 7,500 bushels of corn. Loss on building, 880,000 ; insurance, 805,000. Loss on gram about SOO,OOO. Fully insured. Tho insurance is mostly in Eastern companies. St. Louis. May 18.—Tho National Hall Build ing -was partially destroyed by fire, Ibis morn ing. Loss, $3,000. Insured in homo companies. Cincinnati, May 10.— Joseph Vogel's pork hoiiso, on Spring Qrovo avenue, was damaged by liro to tho extent of SO,OOO last night; in sured In tho Gorman Savings and Firemen's, Merchants' and Manufacturers’ Companies of this city. Tho residence of Samuel Emerson, near Vin cennes, Ind., was burned this morning: loss, $4,000. MAGAZINES. Tho Practical Magazine, published by Osgood A 00., monthly, is nn illustrated cyclopedia of Industrial nows, Inventions, and improvements, collected from British and otbor foreign sources. It is intended for tbo uso of those concerned in raw materials, machinery, manufactures, build ing, and decoration. As Its articles aro alt writ ten abroad, tboy bavo no especial roforonco to whatever tboro tatty bb that Is individual to American industry; but, for all that, it cannot fail to bo a compilation of great uso to work men and manufacturers of ovory craft, as it embodies tbo results of tbo latest research in mechanical and chemical arts. Tho table of its contents for tho April number, Just at band, will servo better than any cursory review to show tho econo of its field t rfg-Irou Trade of Scotland, with Sketch of Mr. James Baird, of Gnrtbsherrlo (with Portrait), Now Double- Action Btono-Broaker (with Illustration). Cheap Sausages. Flax and its Machinery (with Illustration). Tho Machinery of Loudon Life.—lll. Loudon Food Supply; Imported Foods (by James Greenwood the “Amateur Casual”). * llosulls of tho last Census, Grecian Btatuo and Cup (with Illustration). Tho Man ufacture of Brandy, at tho works of Mosars. James llcnnessy & Co., Oognao (with Illustration). Enamels by M. Charles Lopco, Paris (with Illustration). Tho Artificial Flowor Trade. Cigar-Making (with Illustra tion). Tbo Plow :. its History, Construction, and Management (with several Illustrations),—by llobcrt Scott Burn, O. 13. Key Boat Cutting Machine (with Illustration). Chemistry, ns applied to tho Arts, Metallurgy, Chemical Manufactures, and Allied Subjects, from Foreign Periodicals, etc.: Manufacture of Trichloracetic Acid—Manufacture of Vinegar by means of Ozonized Air—Preparation of Acrylic Acid—Phospholungallo Acids—Now Process for Preparing Caustic Soda—Preparation of Caustic Baryta —Conlno—OafTolno In Coffee—Potassium Chloride— Preparation of Pure Potassium Bromide—Testing of Potassium Bromide—Testing Potassium lodide for lodate—Saltpetre In Vegetables—Preparation Trichlor acctato of Potassium—Salt Spring at Knot Selon, Corn wall—Sodium Sulph-hydrato os Depilatory—Action of Ammonia on Nitrate of Ammonia—Devitrification of Glass—llecovery of Sulphur from Soda-waste—Water glass Composition—Magnesium Oxychloride—Kicsorito —Preparation of Mercury Oyanldo—Carbonate of Lead as a Substitute for Bed Lead lu Glass-Making—Com pounds of Yttrium and Erbium—Cerium Salts—Tech nical uso of Tungsten and Uranium Compounds— Manufacture of Phosphates—Mauufooturo of Btanuatos —Preparation of Amyl Nitrile—Tho Ponsard Iron Smelling Process—Krupp’a Factory at Eason—Man ganese in Stool—Volatility of Iron—Valuation of Copper Ores by tbo Cornish Method—Weld ing Copper—Boasting Argentiferous Blendes —Argentiferous Ores in Colorado—Stotofoldt Boasting Furnaces—Recovery of Silver from Residues—Plati num Black—Alloy of Platinum and Lead—Reduction of Thallium from tbo Chloride—Preparation of Thal lium on tho Largo Scalo—Manufacture of Fuchsiuo without Arsenic—Dyeing Straw with Aniline Green— Fuchsiuo Dye for Cotton—Gronat.Marron—Oil-Bath for Aniline Dyes—Brilliant Green for Wools—Molybdio Acid as a Dye for Silk—Blue Dye—Now Mordant- Oxide of Tin as a Mordant—Black Printing Color for Calicoes, Ac.—Mixture for Oil Paint in Colors-Use of Carbon Disulphide to remove Fatty Matters from Wool—Washing Liquor—Leather Dressing—Ultrama rine—Red Coloration of White Lead—White Paint for Metals-Purple for Euamols, Ac.—Vltrlflablo Colors— Ink which Docs Not Attack Steel Pens—Artificial But ter-Black Mustard—Decomposition of Eggs—preser vation of Meat. Ac., by Cold—Preservation of Grain la Vacuo—Ccrcalino—Use of Sulphurious Acid in Saccharification of Grain—Action of Malt Extract on Starch—Beer—Tauulu In Beer Brewing—Sugar in Syrups—Borax ns an Antiseptic—Silicate of Soda as an Antlformeut— Chloral-hydrate as a Preservative— ChloraMidrato as a Remedy against Sea- Sickness—Nitric Oxide ns a Disinfectant—Chromic Acid as a Disinfectant and Antiseptic—lodine as a Dis infectant—Bicaching-Powder as a Disinfectant—Char coal as an Antidote to Phosphorus—Uso of Turpentine us an Antidote against Phosphorus Poisoning—Medical Mud—Condition of Oxygen in tho Blood—Composition of Tobacco Smoke—Carbon Fillers—Purification of Water by Spongy Iron—Fire-proof Paint for Wood— Preservation of Dresses, Ac., from Flro—Rendering Fabrics Waterproof—Hydrocarbon Gas—Purification of Coal-Gas from Carbon Disulphide—Glycerine Puri fication—Candlo Nuts—Blackening of Caudle Mate rials—Bleaching of Oils—Distinctions between various kinds of Oils—Velocity of Light—Action of Light on Silver Salts—Tho Holiotypo Photographic Printing Process—Preparation of Chromotypes, ns Practised In tho Studios of tho London Autotypo Company—Mi croscopic Photography—Bichromate Batteries—Altera tion of tho Conductivity of Selenium by Exposure to Light—Now Galvanometer Balance—lron con tained in Food—Applications of Electricity—An Improved Hot-Air Bath—Sulphur an a Lubricant —Lubricating Grease—Production of Matt on Glass— Cleansing Bronze Statues, Ac.—Rabbit Fur as a Sub stitute for Wool and Cotton—Preparation of Litmus Paper—Manufacture of Ozone—Dynamite—Wood Pulp In tho Manufacture of Paper—Furfur* - 1 from Wood- Manufacture of Carbon Disulphide—New Liquid Glue —A Good Glue—Parisian Wood Varnish—Floor Wax— ' Phosphorus in Co-'-Atdiea—Commercial Red Phospho rus. A Commissariat for Industrious Families. Safe ty Wntor-Tubo Bailor (with Illustrations). Lord Bftu bazon’s Report of the Industrial Condition of Franco (conclusion). Gum Arabic in tho Soudan. Oak Press (with Illustration). Notes from tbo North of Europe. Geometric Turning (with Illustrations). On Two Re cent .Improvements in tho Production of Chlorine, by It. derail, F. O. S. Tho Wcstlnghouso Air-Brake. Tho Words of Master Salobrln (with Illustrations). Tho Silk Industries of Italy. Improvements in the Manufacture of Iron and Steel. Celling of tho Billiard- Room at Marlonburg (with Illustration). Means of Protecting Textile Fabrics, Ac., from Flro. The Prac tical Note-Book of Technical Information Useful to Students and Workmen (with numerous illustrations): Designs for Ornamental Wood-Work—Memoranda on Cast-Iron—Memoranda on Slide-Valves of Steam En gines, and mode of Setting them—Tho Geometrical Solids, and (heir application to Working Drawings in the Constructive Arts. Tbo Art of Secret Writing. A Lucrative Trade. Engineering ond Practical Memo randa : Anti-Fouling Composition for Ships’ Bottoms —Reclamation of Land in Italy—Expansion Stay- Cement Tcator—-Vertical Boilers—Asbestos Steam Pack ing. Value of tho Genus Rhus. Autldoto to Carbolio Acid. Tbo American Church Jicmcw for April has tbo following contents; Tho Seventeenth Article; Tho Controversy about Prayer ; Tho “ Dies Ino,”; Tho Spiritual Essence of OhrlBtlaully ; Losalng’a Life of Gou, Schuyler; Pres byterianism and Episcopacy lu Scotlaud ; Tho First Bishop of Vermont; William of Ockham, tho Prero* former; Book-Notices. Copies of tbo following have como to baud: Tito Penn Monthly. Tbo Ocm of the West. Hygiene: A Fortnightly Journal of Sanitary Sclouco. Dcmorcsl's Illustrated Monthly and Mirror of Fashions. Victoria Magazine: London: Emily Faithful!. Tbo American Naturalist: A Popular Illus trated Magazine of Natural History. Zell's Monthly Magazine. Tbo Voice of Masonry. American Homes Illustrated. Tho Western Life-Moat, and Journal of Biog raphy. Wo bavo received copies for Juno of tbo At lantic Monthly. Qodey's Lady's Book . The Gal axy. and Our Young Folks , from It. 1), Bussell, 14a State street. CART. LULL AND THE GAMBLERS. Yesterday afternoon, two West Sldo gambling dons suffered tbo results of Capt. French’s resig nation. It was serene sailing for tbo occupants of those places while that burly officer was in command. But tboir days of sorono sail ing are over. Tbo raids yesterday afternoon wore made under tbo direction of Bouudsinon Tom Simmons and Vosoy, and tbo places visited wore No. 03 West Madison street, Miko McDon ald's house, and No, 118 of tbo samo street. Ten inmates wore brought in, together with tbo fixtures of both places. The gamblers wero lot out on bail, to appear boforo Justice Scully this morning. Miko McDonald has said that bo wobld pay no moro linos. It will bo a matter of somo interest to know how bo will avoid them. Surionu Accident nt Sing* Sing* Sino Bi.nq, N. Y., May 10.—Tho fall of a gallery in Bing Sing Prison, yesterday,' caused the death of ouo convict, tho serious wounding of a keeper and two conviotb, and tho blight wounding of sixteen convicts. PouaniCEEPHiK, N. Y., May 19.—Tho verdict of tho Coroner’s Jury in tho case of Qorrott, killed hy tho falling of a gallery, ut Sing Bing Prison, is that ho camo to hie death by tho falling of a gallery, whereby his skull was fractured, and add: “ We furthermore would express our con viction that tho Legislature of tho Slate of Now York has exhibited a culpable negligence In re fusing tho necessary appropriations to remedy the insecurity of tho galleries.” Obituary* PiTTanouon, Hay 19,—^The lion. Ezekiel T. Cox, tho father of lion. S. 8. Cox, died at Ids residence in Zanesville, 0., yesterday, aftor a protracted Illness. Mr. Cox for a number of years edited the Zanesville Oazelte, and several times represented Muskingum County In the Btato Legislature. New York, May 10.—William Archclalo O’Do herty, who figured somewhat conspicuously in the recent fight for tho possession of tho man agement of the Erie Kailway, died on Saturday In this city. Horton, May 10.-— D’Atallo, tho “iron-jawed man,” died to-day at Fall Kivor. lie came to this country from Franco some flvo years ago. THE VIENNA COMMISSIONERS. fjottor from Gun* Van Huron to n Vienna l*npor-» Communtsi of tlio l*rcHs of That City. Vienna {April 20) Correspondence of the Xt\o York Tribune. God. Van Duron has appealed to tho Vienna proas in a loiter, a translation of which is as follows: Grand Hotel, Vienna, April 27. To the Ilonornbte Editor, Publisher of the Fcue Frcio Freese in Vienna: Honored Rirj In regard to an editorial article on tho “ Suspension of tbo American Commission for tho World’s Exhibition,” allow mo to inform you that, al though tho source is very cloar whence tho statements contained in tho article were derived, they have been falsely apprehended in several respects. It is not true that the accusations against tho American Commis sioners have boon found to bo Justified. On tho contrary, tho accusations ‘ bavo been directly found to be false before tho committee which was appointed loluvesUgalo them* No oao who knows tho individuals compoStg tho American Com mission will over behove that they bavo been guilty. Tho great work which tho Commission has accom plished, without tho help of tho Government of tho United States, has, for a long lime, received tho highest recognition from tho people of tbo United States. Tbo suspension of the Commissioners is tho result of a conspiracy, which will be com- Stately revealed at the proper time. I beg you, loroioro, honored Sir. Editor, kindly to await tho truth and the proofs of It, attested by tho Government of tho United Slates, before you pronounce your ver dict upon mo and my associates. Accept, honored Sir, tho assurance of my high re spect, and beliovo me, very sincerely yours, Tuomab D. Van Buren, Commissioner-General of tho United States. Tho following is tho remark of tho editor of tho Neue Frcio Prcssc: Mr. Van Buron states, in his communication, that tho source from which wo draw our information Is a “ very cloar ” ono.—which wo confirm ; but wo can by no moans admit that wo havo 11 in many respects false ly apprehended ” tbo communicated facts, slnco “clear ’’circumstances allow hut ono Interpretation. To pronounce a final Judgment upon tho matter Is not our business, and thoreforo we can readily grant tbo writer’s request, by waiting for “ the proofs, attested by tho Government of tho United States.”

I add tho following translation of an article which appeared in the Vienna Deutsche ZcUung of to-dav, and which, though not accurate in all Us details, is interesting as showing bow tbo people hero will probably look at it: Wo have received tho following data In regard to tho suspension of tho American Commissioners, As is known, tboy bavo boon deprived of their sal aried offices, unkor ibo charge of “irregulari ties ” which havo taken place. Tho grounds for this action aro said to bo tbo followng questionable transactions: Tbo firm of Matthews procured tho exclusive privilege for tbo salo of soda water from tho American agency of tho Com mission in Now York,—that is, from tho Commis sioner, Mr. Mayor representing tho Oomraissloncr- Gonoral, Van Burcn. Relying upon this privilege, for which, It lo said, Mr. Mayer received a largo sum, Mr. Matthews constructed a splendid soda water foun tain, and jnado an additional outlay, amounting to SIO,OOO In all.' On reaching Vienna, the firm of Mat thews found that, as early as Inst October, Baron Schwarz had granted this privilege to tho house of Dows. Clark A Co.; that they had therefore boon swindled by Mr. Mayor, and had lost their largo out lay. A socond case is that of a Mr. Uitzcl, who is said to have purchased tho privilege fora “ bar” of Mayer, for $2,000. When Uitzcl camo to Vienna, ho discovered that Baron Schwarz, to whom alono belongs tho right to grant such privileges, slnco they form one of tho sources of tho Exposition Fund, had not conceded it to him, and, in fact, was no longer able to do so. A third caso is that of Messrs. Jewett St Tracy, who acquired in Now York tho exclusive privi lege for nn American restaurant—for a good nun of money, ns is said—and on reaching hero found a rival —Herr Kutluo, who was in partnership with a Vien nese, and had obtained tho privilege direct from Baron Schwarz. Wo aro assured that Commlsslonor-Gonera! Van Buron remained almost constantly in Washington in order to urge Ibo opproprlation for the Exposition, slnco, with tbo Indifference of Congress and the direc tion of the popular lutercot to tho Presidential election, America would havo had no share la tho, Exposition, hut for bis efforts. According to this version, his agent in Now York, Mr. Mayer, would bo tbo only guilty Individual, If tho alleged ewludics aro substan tiated. Another feature Is the appointment of the Commis sioners 'themselves. In addition to the distinction, they received by act of Congress a considerable salary —s3,ooo—and the struggle for tho poets is said to have been very lively. Thirteen so called Executive Commissioners * wore ap pointed by Van Duron, others by Grant, and others again by tho Governors of States. Tho charge Is made that also In these appointments one or tho other “ irregularity’* took place, and that this or that Commissioner, In his turn, thought to maho money out of his odlcoi Wo give the whole history ns It comes to us from an intelligent scarce. Tho affair certainly needs no commentary. Tho nowly-appolnlcd Com missioners hove no salary, and need none: Cannon and Aspiuwall are millionaires several times over. If wo must, on such occasions as this, send back to tho old Stales of Europe their emigrants naturalized with us, it is to bo hoped that they may bo each as wore honored in their old homos os well as in their now. pfew Orleans Sterna* New Orleans, May 19.—Tho Bt. Martinsville Srisonors wore arraigned before tho United tales Commissioner to-day. In answer to a question tho Commissioner stated that tho pris oners wore held charged with a violation of tho sixth section of tho act of 1870. Hon. John VT. Foster, United States Minister to Mexico, loaves to-morrow by tho steamer Canandaigua for Yora Cruz, on route for the City of Mexico, accompanied by his family. Riotous Jail Prisoners* St. Louib, May 19.—Seventeen prisoners con fined in the County Jail made a preconcerted at tempt to break out on Sunday night under the leadership of Memphis Bill, Qua Canton, and other notorious thieves. The plot was given away by another prisoner named Nolan, and thus frustrated. This morning, during the hour for exercise, the prisoners became riotous, and at tacked Nolan, beating him badly before they were quelled. Floods In Texas* Marshall, Texas, May 19.—Heavy rains from Friday till Sunday noon 'along tho Upper Red River have caused a 25-foot rise at Rod River City. It is still rising rapidly. Clarksville re ports a 30-foot rise in tho river. All tho tributa ries ore overflowed. Several bridges on the Sherman stage route are washed away. The McGarrnhau Claim Case Once ITloro* New York, May 19.—Tho Now Idrla Mining Company, it is reported, havo again applied to tho Secretary of the Interior for a patent to tho quicksilver mines worked by them in California. McQarraban, tho other claimant, has also filed evidence, combatting the Companj’aright to tho mines, Philadelphia CaUlo market* Philadelphia, Slay 19.—Dkef Cattle—Dull and rather lower. Sales of 3,100 extra Pennsylvania and Western steers at $7,C0@7.75; fair to good at $0.60® 7.00; common at $5.6000.00. Sheep—ln fair demand. Sales of 9,000 head at $«.00@8.00. lloaß—Lower, Sales of 6,000 head at $8.0008.26. murdered mid Robbed* Cincinnati, May 19. — A Fort Wayno dispatch to the Gazelle says that tho man run over by tho freight train near Van Wert, Ohio, on Saturday night, h&u boon identified as Jefferson Oarrett sou, and it has boon discovered that ho was murdered, robbed of SIOO. and his body placed on tho railroad track for tho train to run over, The perpetrator is unknown. The Russian mission* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, New Yonu, May 10.—A Washington special Bttya Judge Piorronont called upon the President and Secretary or Slats to-day and declined the Russian mission. IIIh principal roasonls that ho cannot afford to resign hie position as Treasurer and Counsel of the Texas & PaoUlo'Railway Company. Tito Labor Quostion. Baleiqu, May 19.—Thoro is a general strike, to-day, among tho journeymen mechanics, who insist upon ton hours as a day’s labor. New York, May 19.—Tho Crispins claim that they aro entirely successful, only one shop hold ing out against them, and they will discontinue their dally sessions. Tlio Indians* San Francisco. May 19.—Tho family of an oillcor, lust arrived from Arizona, says 200 Apaches have fled from tho Comp Verde llosor vution, and gone on tho war-path again. No later nows from tho lava-bods. Navigation Item** Detroit, May 19.—Tho steamer Meteor reach ed Marquette yesterday, being the ilrst boat of the season through tho Bault Coaal. After tamo. Beadlno, Pft., May 10.—Donaldtw*. the aero naut, made an asoousiqn hero lafherMing, in a balloon mado of brown paper, auOfrWod safely. Rullvoml Accident** Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Geneva, Ind.. May 19.—A young man, named Ephraim Metcalf, 21 yearn of ago, was lying on t)io track of tho Cincinnati, Richmond (c Fort Wayno Railroad, near thin place, this afternoon, and was run over and instantly Killed by tho af ternoon train. No blamo attached to the train men. It Is supposed tho man was intoxicated and laid down on tho track. Ho was employed In N. Q. Olds it Sons’ spoko factory, of Fort Wayne, and was hero purchasing spoko ma terial. NEWS PARAGRAPHS. Gloucester, Mass., Is to bo a city. —The Chicago Inter-Ocean Is tho best news paper in America—to make a bustle out of. — Co lumbus (0.) Jouninf. —Tbo Now Orleans P/cflyumJ says that advices from tho sugar districts of Louisiana represent tho crop as very promising. —A nice place for a summer picnic. Tho snow was still so deep in Hawley, Maas., that a road had to bo dug for thirty rods. 4 foot deep, May 0, to got to tho burial-yard to bury a person. —Mr. Motzol, of Baltimore, poured coal oil ovor HRUor-krout, mistaking it for vinegar. Thou ho put it on tho stove to warm; then it exploded, and a piece of the dish knocked Air. MeUol’s eye out. —The Lena (111.) Star says that Thomas Pol lock, living two miles oast of Orangeville, suf fered the loss of his house, barn, and everything therein contained, except live stock, by lire on Monday night last. Loss about $12,000. —Tho State police, assisted by a number of tho local police, have boon doing a lively busi ness at Fall River, Mass., in the way of raids upon liquor stores. They made descents upon a largo number of dealers, groat and small, tho whole amount seized being valued at about $2,000. —Tho i?at7road Builder tolls tho truth when it says: "Tho rail, which ought to bo tbo most honest part of a railway, since so many lives do !ond upon it, is generally the object of as much obhory as any part of it. When roads ato being milt, and are poor, any rails are taken that can bo bought with bonus.” —Tho most costly new structure in Newport, R. 1., is a 8100,000 Swiss Gothic cottage, build ing on Rhode Island avenue, for Mr. 11. J. Mar quard, of Now York, and tbo most extensive alteration is an SBO,OOO addition to the old Eng lish villa of Peabody Wotmoro, of Now' York, which is hardly considered an improvement. Ross Winona, the Baltimore millionaire, is build ing a $50,000 cottage; F. W. Andrews, of Bos ton. a mammoth wooden 'residence. Hu by 120 foot; and Admiral Gale is eroding a showy $20,000 house. —Tho Bollofonto Iron Company has concluded to move its works to Williamsport, Pa. The reason given for tho removal is tho exorbitant freight on tbo Bald Eagle Valley Railroad, which makes a competition with other mills not obliged to use tho transportation of this road a mJll cult undertaking. It is stated that freight costs nearly as much from Bollofoute to Tyrone as from Tyouo to Philadelphia, and that Pitts burgh manufacturers can ship to Philadelphia at about two-thirds of what is charged from Bsa>> fonto. At Williamsport, being oa a main lino ot road, and not on a branch, tho rates are much lower, and houco tho removal.— Pittsburgh Com mercial, —“Subscriber” writes to tho San Francisco Chronicle: “An idea struck me this morning, by which tho Modocs can easily bo exterminated while in tbo lava-bods. It is this: Construct a kite capable of carrying a weight, say ten pounds; suspend to tbo tail-oud a can of nitro glycerine, having an arrangement for its ready detachment; thou fly it until porpoudioulary ovor auy spot in tho lava-beds, which any experienced engineer can readily determine; pull tho detaching string, and tho havoo that would follow tho explosion of tho box would, I think, bo torriblo and effectual. Another—for somo experienced mronaut to ascondln a balloon and drop tho box. If you think tho hint worth anything, please give it publicity through your valuable paper.” —Susan Ebqrhort, tbo woman who was hanged ot Preston, Georgia, last week, while iu prison whiled away tho solitary hours by making friends of tho rats that had access to hor coll. A man called to see hor afow days before hor execution, and after somo conversation told hor that he had understood that sho had somo pot rats. Sho tapped on tho lloor, when out of thoir holes came tho rats, until no loss than fourteen of them had answered tho call. They climbed up hor lap, and up her shoulders, and crawled about over hor head, suffering hor to caress and handle them as she pleased, and not one of them manifested tho smallest symptom of alarrar This story is told by tbo Augusta Con stitutionalist. —A correspondent of tho Philadelphia Ledger writes that in a recent real estate transaction in Berks County, tho purchaser, after much haggling as to tho prico to bo paid for tho tract of ground, owned in common by threo married mon, was unablo to secure a marketable titlo until bo had, in addition, given five dollars to each of tho respective wives in order to obtain a release of dower. Our correspondent expresses somo surprise at this conduct of tho wives in ex changing their “ thirds ” for so paltry a sum, hut tho custom is prevalent in many parts of Penn sylvania, and husbands can only got tho signa tures of tholr wives to deeds of real estate by promising thorn a black silk gown, or its equiva lent in money, which is always paid by tho pur chaser. Tho custom is frequently alluded to in the Pennsylvania Boports. Taking tho Census lu Dongal. Tbo Indian Mail Bays that tlio taking of tho ceiißUß in Bengal. over an oroa of 250,000 square miles, inhabited uy nearly 07,000,000 boqlb, has been accompliohed at a very trilling cost, la England the coot of numbering 23,000,000 souls amounted to nearly £BO,OOO, and in tuo United States tlio census of 1850 cost as much as £300,- 000 for a Uko number of people. But tho census of Bengal, tho first that has over been fairly ac complished thoro, cost no moro than £21,000. This result was mainly duo to tho plan adopted in Bongal of getting tho people to number thorn solves. Tho loading inhabitants in overy district woro appointed to carry out tho task without payment, and so dcarly'waa tho privilege rated by thorn all that many who had boon passed over as unfit or superfluous petitioned tuo Govern ment to lot them share in tho honorable work. In thoSauthabcouutry tho village head men kept their reckoning by moans of knotted strings of different colors—black for malo and rod for female adults, white for boys, and yollow for girls, lu some villages seeds or gravel served tho same purpose, one person being told off to count tbo men, another the women, and so on. In Orissa, for mouths before tbo census, Mr. Ravoushaw wont from vUlago to village, preparing tho people for what was coming, un til oven the nulo hill chiefs entered heartily into tbo scheme. Very few cases of extortion have boon discovered, and only ono riot took place. Much of tho work got through was very trying to those engaged. Most of tho enumerators in Hughli had to wado in tho mud from village to village under tho fierce sunshine or tho drench ing rain of a Bongal September. One of them died at tho close of his work, and five moro havo since boon in valided. The preparations for taking tho census gavo birth to a rich crop of absurd ru mors among tho most, credulous classes. In Orissa it was widely bollovod that tho Govern ment was going to repay itself for tho cost of tho famine. Some people thought that only male Adults would ho taxed, because tboir names only woro recorded. Ono man refused to let bis baby be numbered because it was too young to bo taxed. Many pooplo fancied that tho census was a means of forclug’immigralion to Mauritius and Assam. In Marshidabad it was rumored that tho authorities designed to blow tho surplus population away from guns. Elsewhere it was given out that men woro wanted to fight tho Russians, or to servo as coolies against tho Loshais. la Faridpur tho surplus women woro to ho carried off to supply tho want of women elsewhere. In Koakhali it was tho “ General Sahib” who had a longing to look at all tho women of a certain ago. Others thought that everybody was to bo vaccinated forthwith, lu Tirhut no ono would stir out of doors on tho night of tho census for fear of being crippled by tho “ ill wind.” Ocean Steamship News. Boston, May 19.—The steamship Siberia, from Liverpool, has arrived. LivuiirooL, May 19.—The steamships Thurin gia, Wisconsin, and City of Baltimore, from Now York, have arrived out. Havana, May 19.— Tho steamship Liberty has arrived hero from Now Orleans, and io detained at quarantine. New Your, May 19.—Arrived, tho steamer City of Antwerp, from Liverpool. Insurance Cnscsi Deb Moines, lowa, May 19.—Tho Republic In surance Company's cases from Chicago wore called In tho Federal Court this morning, and argued all tlio forenoon, on a motion to dismiss. Tho Court reserved its decision. Au Alleged Swindler in Custody* Boston, May 19.— Goorgo O. Wilbur, who is charged with swindling one Arm out of $0,009, and who is said to owo Providence parties $*}(),000, arrived hero to-day iu charge of tho po lice. How England’* legislator* Aro ■Brought Together* Tho London papers of April 22 say that on tho previoDS evening a very successful signal-light was iiauguratod at tho Clock Tower of SI. Stephan's, to indicate the honorable members at tboir clubs and residences when tho House is sitting. It is vrhat iu a light-house would bo called a fixed dioptric light, with tho addition of a beam, which onco in a minute traverses on are of 180 degrees. Tho mode of Illumi nation has been tested for some time, with most satisfactory results, In five of tho Irish light-houses and In one on tho coast of Norfolk. Common cool gas is burnt, and tbo oxygon of tbo air Is brought In contact with tho Homo twice over, tho effect being to produce a mass of smokeless whlto Homo, Intensely brill iant, capable of'diminution and expansion In volume, to moot tbo varying requirements of a moro or loss clear atmosphere. Tho optical fiart of the arrangement is 11ko that in tho lan orn of a light-house, consisting of three vortl-* cal lights, giving a brilliant fixed wbito light, with tbo rapid roourrouco of o flash, from tho revolving glass screen, making tbo identity of tho light, as far as it can bo soon, a matter of case and certainly. Tho screen is revolved by clock-work, and no loss than fifteen degrees of Intensity can bo given to tbo light accordingly as tho atmosphere la clear or murky. Tho travel ing ray was brilliantly effective over all parts of tho metropolis coming within its scope ; and as, with tho power employed last night, only 800 cubic foot of gas per hour was consumed, it certainly Is not very expensive. Jiovo’it Suspense. In bis ** Far Cathay," Mr. Modlmrst states that one morning ho received a card from a wealthy young lauy informing him that hor be trothed having lapsed into an early grave, she had fhado up lior mined to commit suicide on & certain day. To Mr. Medhurst’s surprise, his official remonstrances wore received with com mon-place civilities, and “ on tho day named tbo woman did deliberately sacrifice hor life iu tho firesouco of thousands. A stage was erected a tho open Holds, with a tented frame over it. from which was suspended a slip oNacarlot crape; one end of this she adjusted round hor neck. She then embraced a littlo boy, probably a littlo brother, presented by a person standing by, and, having lot fall a veil over hor face, she mounted a chair and resolutely jumped off it, hor little clasped bands saluting tho assemblage as hor fast-failing form twirled round with the tightening cord.” Another .mystery* Camden, Mo., May 19. —An inquest was hold this afternoon In the Warren murder case of Dr. Baker. Tbo case thus far baffles all attempts to ascertain the guilty party, though the evidence seems to point to Miss Mink. Tho Stolcca Case* Albany, N. Y., May 19.—0n motion of Lyman Tromain, to-day, tho case of Stakes was ordered by tbo Court of Appeals to bo hoard on Monday, tho 26th instant. Commissioner to Vienna'. Albany, N. Y., May 19.—Charles H. Adams, Senator from tho Twelfth District, has received tho appointment of Commissioner to Vienna. MARRIAGES. BROPUY-MABON~In this city, Bth Inst., at tho roildonco of tho brldo’a parents, by tho Jtuv. 15. F. Good win, Dr. Truman W. Uroithy and Miss Kmma Jean f'a son, only daughter of tho Hoa. Oarlllo Mason. No card*. tOr Aurora and Klftiu, 111., pupore plooso copy. DEATHS. STRONG—In (bis city, May 18, 1873, Luoy L., Infant daughter of Wilton O. and Kmma A. Strong, aged i months and 15 days. Hartford, (Jt., papers plcaeocopy. DIAMONDS AND JEWELRY. AMERICANS VISITING EUROPE Will find at our house, in Paris, a salesroom with a choice se lection of DIAMONDS, GEMS. FINE JEWELRY, WATCHES, BRONZES, FANCY GOODS, Ac., and at our Watch Manufactory, at Geneva, a stock of WATCHES, CHAINS, and JEWELRY. TIFFANY & CO., Union-spare, Now York. In Geneva—lo Grand Quai. In London—29 Argyll-st., Rejrent-st., ¥, In Paris—-Tiffany, Seed & Co., 57 Hue Cliatcandnn. PORTRAIT AND SKETCH 0E BRET EARTE, SCRIBNER for JURE. AUCTION SALES. TWO MILLION DOLLARS. GEEAT CLOSING OUT. TRUSTEES 3 S-A-XjE REALAND PERSONAL PROPERTY Belonging to tho CHICAGO LAND COMPANY, AT PUBLIC AUCTION, On VedEßsflay, tbs 181b flay of Jane, 1073. By tbo articles of tho association of said Company, It U provided that all tho property in tho hands of tho Truatoos in tho month of Juno, XaJS, must bo sold at auction for cash, to oloso tbo trust. Tho realty la centrally located in tho CITY OF CHI CAGO, and Is valued at $1,1100,000. and composed largnly of river and caual frontage, docked and ready for Immedi ate uso. Abo, a largo numborof vaoantlots in tho Imme diate vicinity of tbo docks, all well adapted for business P tK title to this properly is unquestioned, having boon bold and owned by tho Association for twenty years. Tho personal property consists of notes bearing 7 per cent interest, having from ono to five years to run, and amounting to about $700,000. These notes wore received for dolorrod paymonta on land bought from tho Company by tho makers thereof, and their payment la secured by mortgage on tho same. TKUMS OF SALE, CASH. Tho personal property will bo ready for transfer and delivery Immediately after tho aalo. Purchasers of realty will bo required to make a deposit on tho day of sale of 10 nor cent on tho amount of their purchase, tho balance to bo paid within thirty days, eras soon after tho sale as doedscan bo made ana delivered. MAIILON D. OGDEN. 1,. S. ItEKCilKil, U&OUGK WATSON, Chicago, March 13, 1873. TVusleos. H. |(. lloilt’K, Secretary. Uillcowtlh Ogden, filioldon A Co., R00m24, No. 173 La fiallo-st, AUOTIO3XT, ON WEDNESDAY, MAY 21, AT 10 A, M. Exlra Grocery ami Butchers’ Mires r.'on jlstlng of now amt uhcnnt aholvlnj?, drawers, counter*, lino marl>liMop (abb*, nuirblo iop tmtobor racks, book* racks, cutting tables and blocks, moat counters and trays, stove, etc., citi.. by GONKTAIILE HARTMAN, on attachment, corner Flitoontb-st, and ’.Vabash-av. CHATTEL MORTGAGE SALE On SATURDAY MORNING. May 24, at 10 o’clock a. m., of tho 2-atory and basement frnmo building, No. 704 Wftbash-ftv., with ground lease; long timo. Also bods and eddlng. ourpots, atovoa, and general house hold furniture, crockery, andglasswaro. Bale positive. GEORGE A. HARTMAN, Constable and Auctioneer. By HAVENS & CO. Household Furniture at Auction. Tho entire contents nf tho dwelling house, No. 680 Kul ton-st., uiintlatliiu of Parlor, Ohambur, ami Kitchen Fur niture, Unroots, Ac., will bo sold, on tlio promises, on Tuesday, May 20, at 10 a. in. HAVENS A CO,, Auctioneers, Kt South Unual-st. A VISIT TO THE POPE. SCRIBNER for JUNE, GOLD PENS, GOLD FIS DEPUTED. MOUSE, 07 Clui'k-st,, cor, AYiidUmrloii. AUCTION SALES. By WM, A. BUTTERS & CO. , CREDIT SALE, May ao, ax and s«. THE ENTIRE FURNITURE OF TUB TREMONT HOUSE, AI 1 AUCTION. B/ WM. A BUTTERS A CO., on (ho promises, come* of Mlchlgan-av. and Cftngress-st., tho sale commcneh ■ TUESDAY MOUNINO, Alny2D, at 10o’clock, In tti I .A. DIES’ PARLOR, disposing of tho lino Rosewood lo’nld Hollo. In Green and Crhusou Plush, Mnrhlo-ton Tm ic-w massive Mantel Mirror, H. W. and Hold Cornice, I* a Curtains, Lamhroiiultis, Plano Forte, VuWot Carnot, Rich OMt Chandeliers! all the furniture of the GENTS’PAR* LOR} thoncolotlio SLEEPING BOOMS, Rich Black Walnut and Gold and Black Walnut Ohara* nor Hots, Parlor Suits, Lounges, Easy Chairs, Ladles* Dressing Cases, M. T. Tables, 0. 8. Chairs, Bedsteads; Bureaus, I.acß Curtains, Lambrequins aud Carnleos* Hair MaUrossca and Feather Pillows of boat quality, Be«l Springs, Sheets, Blankets, Spreads, English Body anj /*pe*try Carnots, rich Mantel »ml other Mirrors, Oos r Chandoliort, Stores, Pipes, oto. Thonnototho DIKING ROOM. All the French China, Out Glass, Goblets, Wines; Hooks, Hilvor-Platod Table Cutlery, Castors. Spoons.' Porks. Butter Dishes, Table Linen, O. W. Dlning-Tut bles, Chairs, etc. 7 KITCHEN FURNITUJ&E. Tables, Copper Saucepans, Broilers, Hollers, Rang#' and all tho utensils for cooking. LAUNDRY. Steam Roller, latest Improved machinery for washing wringing and mangling. BILLIARD ROOM. 4 Billiard Tables, complete; Chairs, Settees, Chandot Hors, Bar, Bar Fixtures, etc. OFFICE FURNITURE. Table. Desks, Arm-Chairs, Settees, Safes, Mirrors*' Chandeliers, Regulator, etc. TERMS OP SALE, sl,oooand under, cash; over SI,OOO, and under $9,009.' 4 mouths; over $3,000, and under SO,OOO, 6 audit months; over 85.000, 12 and 15 months. All notes bearing 8 pop cent Interest per annum, with approved security. DEPOSITS. A sufficient amount to soonro tho prompt settlement ot bills will bo required from EVERY PURCHASER. FOIt INSPECTION. The Tlouso will hr open on Saturday and Monday beforo tho aalo. HOTEL FOR RENT. The Michlgamav. part with 75 rooms, and Caayrmst Hall with CO rooms, will bo routed supa.utoij or together* at a low rent. JOHTT B. BRAKE, Propriotoi WM. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auot’ra. ON WEDNESDAY, MAY Wa, FINE NEW TOP BUGGIES, OPEN WAGONS, Phaetons, Democrat and Express Wagons, Doublv and Single Harness, AT AUCTION, At2s andSl WcstWashlngton-st., Wednesday morning/ at 10 o'clock. WM. A. 11 UTTERS A CO., Auctioneer*. WORKS OF ART AUCTIOW- Extraorfllnary Sale of Supert) Moiern OIL PAINTINGS! Belonging to tbo American Art Gallery, Now York, num bering nearly t2OO Coma of unexceptional excellence *’iu marked originality, introducing tbo latest works of our most favorite American and foreign artists. Tho Paint* Ings aro appropriately mounted In tbo richest of fine gold leaf frames. To bo sold tugolhor, without reserve, on WeiliiGsflay STlmrsflay Mornings, May 21 & 22, Commencing at 10 H o’clock a. m.. At tho Salesroom, 55 and 57 South Canal-st. On freo exhibition on and after Monday, May 19. ON THURSDAY, MAY 23, XMEfE" CS-O>G>XSJ3, Ready-Mado Clothing, Straw Goods, Uatpotlng, Boot* and Shoos, do., AT AUCTION, On THURSDAY, May 83, at 9J* o’clock, 66 and 67 South Canal-st. WM. A. BUTTERS 4 CO., Auctioneer*. GRAND AUCTION SALE ONE HUNDRED LOTS, By WI. A. BUTTERS & CO., On Monday, May 56,1 873|» AT CLYDE, Two miles west of tho City Limits, on the line of tha 0., B. & Q. B. 8., and 0. & Q-, W. E. E, This la one of tho moat desirable suburbs about OhU» cage, The streets are well graded, sidewalks laid, and trees planted. There la a good school, and during tha present season tho town of Oloero intends oreoting a fine school building. The advantages of Clyde over all other suburbs are that It lies on the lino of tho most accommodating railroad running out of Chicago j 1b accessible by trains at all hours of tho day and night, and tho faro only 16 cents | tho ground is high and dry and is well drained. The lots aro all 60x150. A de lightful Bark will bo laid oat near tho contro of tha town. A Ohuroh is now being built at a ooat of $7,000- Bole to bo positive and without reserve. Tho title is perfect and property free of inoumbranoa> TEEMS—One-third cash, balanoo in ono and two yoars at 8 per cent interest, A deposit of S6O on each lot will bo required on tho day of sale. A SPECIAL TRAIN Will leave tho Depot of C., B. & Q. E. B. at 11 a. m. on day of solo',' and a splendid Lunch will bo provided for all. Free passes will be furnished to those desiring to at tend tho sale, by W. H. CLARKE, Proprietor, Boom 3 Chamber of Commerce, or WM. A. BETTERS & OO.i Auctioneers, 65 & 67 Booth Canal-st, By GEO. P. GORE & CO, GREAT SALE, BY CATALOGUE, OI& 1,200 O-iSLSOSSS BOOtS, SIIfIBS, tipis On 'Wodnosday, May 21, at 91-2 a. m. This will bo tbo largest and finest sale of the season. In tbo assortment will bo found fine linos of Now York, Philadelphia city made goods la Wora.’s, Misses’, and Children's wear. GEO. P. GORE *k 00,, Auots., 23, 34 and 36 Randolph-st. AT Special Sale of W, G-. Crockery, On THURSDAY, May S3, at 0W o’clock. 20 fixates of WJ O. Crockery: 10 casks of >V. G. Crockery. GEO. P. GORE i 00.. Anotlonoor*. By EMSON & FOSTER. HOUSE AND LOT. With Elegant Grounds, NO. 581 lIUBBAED-ST., At Auction, On Saturday Morning, May 24, at 10 o’cloclc, ON THE PREMISES. llouso two-story fnnw, with brick baaomont; lot 109 foot (ronton,, by 217 foot doopon‘Wood-st.; Grounds fitted up iu splendid stylo, Thlsproporty bubeoa occupied for soTorsl year# past by Frantz Arnold, Bsq. THUMB Ob' BALE CASH. TITLE PERFECT. X'or infonnation regarding tho property apply to WILL* IAM ANDREWS, Room No. 15, 153 LaSallo-st. ELISON A FOSTER, Auctioneer*. By TAYLOR & HARRISON. , J Continuod Balo of Original OIL PAINTINGS AT 180 WEST MADISOW-BT., On Monday and Tuesday, May 19 and 20| COMMENCING AT3« ANU7*P. M. TAYLOR 4 HARRISON, Auollonoen. IUEBONB, ILAOES, BILKS, DBESSJ BMM, DATS ADD CABS, LADIES' AND QEOT GLOVES, NOTIONS, &0., &0.1 at AUCTION, Wednesday M'nlng, May 21. «t 0,30 o olook, u, taylou a

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