Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 21, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 21, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME *26. FIDELITY SAVINGS BANK. OEOUAITY FROM LOSS DY ROBBERY* FIRE, OR ACCIDENT. THE FIDELITY Savings Bank AND Safe Depository, In their now Fire-Proof 801 l ding, 143, 146 & 147 Randolgh-st., Seoelre for aafo keeping In their GREAT FIRE AND BUROLAR.PROOF SAFE DEPOSIT VAULTS (amon* the beet in the world, bavin* ooet over one hundred thonaand dollar*), Coupon Bondi, Securities, Family Plate, Coin, Doods, Willi, and Valuables of every de scription. Also, rent Safoa in their VaulU at from 810 to S6O a wear, according to alzo. TRUSTS OF EVERY KIND RECEIVED AND EXB r CUTKD. Interest Allowed on Savings Deposits. JOHN O. HAINES. Prilßldont. REAL ESTATE. THIB Desirable Residence And Lot 50x126 feet, S. W. COR. OF ff. WASHINGTON & LIHGOLMTS., AT AUCTION - , On Thursday Afternoon, May 32, at 2 o’clock, on the premises, TVIII he Bold tho very desirable dwelling No. 630 Weit Wuhiagton-et., containing 10 rooms, bath-room, pin tries, closet*, go* fixture*, Ac. The house 1* heated by ete&m, andba* all modern Improvement*. Ground* or namented wltb troo* and shrubbery, ami inclosed by an Iron fence; good 3-story bam on lot. Location ono of the most desirable to tbo city, Surroundings first-class. Ti tle perfect. Abstract of title furnished. TERMS—On*-thlrd cash, balance In land 3 yean with Interest at 8 per cent. O. O. THAYER A CO., R. R. Auctioneer*. OQico 186 Boat Madiaon-at. DWE LLI3STGS On Monthly Payments, OB IN EXCHANGE! I have two excellent hoanos of 11 aod 13 rooms each, with water and gas, on tho West Side, which I will soil on monthly payment*, or exchange for South Side property north of Thirty-fifth-at., either improved or unimproved; If worth more than mine, will pay tho dUTorenoe In oath. Inquire of tho owner, at 67 State-it. Any one wanting money, now la yoar chanco. JOHN COVERT, IliUil fail Bill Go., Office 163 MONRO E-ST., Room 4, Kent** Building. Htmiea and Lota for aale on euy terms. FRANK P. HAWKINS. Agent. BUSINESS CARDS. (Established In 1856.) WM. LITTLE’S SONS, (Successors to Wo. Little * Co.) Commission Merchants, U Drain, Tlonr, Butter, E®, Dreen and Dried Emits, &c. Bole Agents for the sale of New York Ready Roofing, Sheathing Felts, Roof Oomonte, do. Ho. 72 West Lake-st. - • Chicago. WerefertoFlntNallonal Bank aod Loot, Preston* Kean, Bankers. WILLIAMS & THOMPSON, Attorneys-at-law, ■ REAPER BLOCK, CORNER Clark and Washington-ste., Room 29. TO REJVT. STOEES! STOEES! 227 East Jackson-st., 220 "West Van Buren-st., 120 East Washington-st.,. ADD OFFICES! OFFICES! IN EXCHANGE BUILDING. Enquire Boom No. 43. MISOEUANEOWS. SPECIAL MICE. SAMUEL SHARPLEB, Saw Ma ker and Repairer, bogs to inform his friends and the public, that he has again opened and is permanently located at 84 West Madison-st. lasMonaWe Millinery & Dressmaiing At Mrs. Jackson’s Bailors, 88 STAIB-ST. KTOTICE. Washington Heights—Female Sem inary—lmportant Meeting. By virtue of tho Authority to me veiled, in the Articles of subscription to a Female Seminary in the Town of Calumet, Cook County, 111,, 1 hereby callameaUng of the subscriber! to such articles, to bo bsld on Monday, ■Tune 3. 1873, at 3 o'clock, at the office of Chambers A Bogus, No. 4 Ilonoro Block. Oblesfo, for the purpose of considering: the general Interest of the enterprise, and taking such steps aa may bo advisable to secure, at the earliest possible period, the commencement and com pletion of said Seminary, according to the terms of said subscription. Tho punctual attendance of every sub scriber is earnestly desired. JOHN W. CARRINGTON. JR. 33 E3 IS 3ESL And OFFICE CHAIRS, at BOSTWICK’S, No. na FIFTH-AV. Base Ball Goods Of Every Kind, at Retail or Wholesale, by J. W. D. KELLEY A BRO.. INKSTANDS tn Large Variety and at Low Prices at L. SOHIOK ft OO.'B, 102 East Madison-st, TURKISH BATHS ATaMMIOHIOAN-AV. ARB SPLENDID. FINANCIAL. CHARLES n. BROWER. R. PARKER PIERCE, PIEEOE & BROWER, BROKERS, 03 jvLajpisoJxr-sig. Local Stocks, Oommeroial Paper, Govern ment and Western Securities, Illinois 10 per cent Registered Coupon Honda. MONEY TO LOAN U .urn. ./ ®1 WATCHES. PINE WATCHES, We have the largest assortment of Fine Watches in the West, which we are selling at remarkably low prices. We have just received another large invoice of GOLD GUARD CHAINS. N. MATSON k CO., STATE ART GALLERY. FOR QUALITY IN PHOTOGRAPHS, GALL UPON STX>, Whose work is kept up to tho VERY HIGHEST STAND A HD of Photo graphic excellence. S3 PER XJOZEISr. Studio, 596 Wabash-av. COPYING. $3 $3 TAKE YOUR Old Pictures of De ceased Friends To BRAND’S to have thorn beauti fully copied and enlarged. BRAND'S ART GALLERY, SO6 Wabasb-aw. MUSICAX.. GEORGE WOOD & CO.’S Parlor Organs. Tbeao remarkable Instruments have created much in* toreat and enthusiasm amongmuslclana by reason of tbolr BEAUTIFUL QUALITY OF TONE, THOROUGH CONSTRUCTION. ELEGANT DESIGNS AND FINISH. And the extraordinary musical effects to ba obtained from tbelr COMBINATION SOLO STOPS. AROLTNE (a soft or breathing atop); VOX HUMANA (a baritone solo, not a fan ortromolo); PIANO (of exquisite tone, which will never require tuning).. Those organs have acquired every extensive sale la America and Europe, and all interested in music are In vited to examine them at the warerooms. Nos, 66 and 68 .Adams-st,, between State and Dearborn, OHIOAQO. All lovers of mnale are Invited to examine thorn. Cir oulare containing muslo sent postpaid to any address. REMOVAL. KIBIMIOV'.A.X.. ANDREW BROWN, WHOLESALE DEALER IN Beef, Pork, Lard, SMOKED BEEF, HAMS, Tongues, Tripe, & Pig’s Feet, TO OLD LOCATION. 101 South Water-st., Chicago. Packing Homs, a. W. eomor Eighteenth and Grovo-«ta, STOVES. RANGES, &c. NEW EMPIRE COOK STOVE. THE FITTEST EVER MADE I Bomrmjua enueely newi lias More (Jaod Features Tlmu Any Other! An Examination Will Convinoo Yon I Manufactured hr Swell, Qulmby <fc Perry, Troy N. Y. Sold Wholesale and Retail by JOHN D. MACLEAN & 00., 335 STATE-ST. PRINTING. JOB PRINTING, OF ALL KINDS, BY CULVER, PAGE, HOYNE & CO.. 118 & 120 Monroe-st, WANTED. WANTED IN CHICAGO. An Active or Special Partner, with $30,000 to $60,000, To take a halt Interest in an old and well established Jewelry House, doing a protltablo business. To a party with the above amount of capital, tbla preaonta a rareop a unity to step into a business ready made, well organ* • andatoooe pleasant, safe, and auro to pay a baad aorae return upon tbo Investment. We anall bo plcaaud to answer inquiries from partloa who have the cash, and who addroaa ua with aultablo ref erencei, Addroaa "WEENN & BREWSTER, Bankers, W Waablngtoo-at., Chicago. A COMMISSION HOUSE of Mcellont standing on ‘Chang?, wlahoa to engago tho service* of a party controlling, with certainly, orders for Kaatorn points, either shipping or speculative. Tn such an one tbo opportunity of jormlng an engagement with an u oW Addroi8 ‘ WOVEN WIRE MATTRESS. YOUR LIFE / IS SPENT IN BED, You get tbo Moat Comfort by using PRTEKS’ lilll’ItOVKl) Woven Wire .Mattress. A n Improvement over all others, Bold by dealer* In Furniture and Bedding. _ „ WHITTLESEY A PETERS, ISO LaSalle-at.i 3d Door N* of Aladlson, FOREIGN. Additional Details of the Finan cial Panic in Vienna. Khiva Not Taken and the Khan Not a Prisoner. Abandonment of tbo Proposed French Expcdilon to Morocco. The Belgian Jesuits Organizing a Pil grimage to France. Decided Conservative Victory in tlio French Assembly. AUSTRIA. ■ New York, May 20. —London papers of tho 10th, received tonight per tho Java, contain very little relative to tho recent Vienna panic. Tho Times says In tho money article: “In tbo foreign market prices have again been flat throughout, and from Vienna a general collapse is telegraphed of all tbo unsound financial secu rities recently created there. Most of tho ques tionable financial paper lately in circulation emanated from Vienna, and tbo crash to-day in that city has exercised an effect on all tbo Ger man bourses.” Tho same paper contains tho following dispatch: Vienna, May 19.— The failure of ono of the loading financial houses, whereby a largo amount of stock was thrown on tho market, has caused an extraordinary panto on tbo Bourse. It was impossible to resume business to-day. Tbo dealers have resolved to offer each other mutual assistance. Baron Konigswartor Is to request tbo Minister of Finance to ordor a suspension of business for several days, and to sanction ar rangements for mitigating tho crisis. Baron Rothschild and Herr Schoy were insulted to-day on the Bourse. The supply of money at present moment is good, the public crowding tbo exchange offices to purchase stock at present low rates. Negotiations are being carried on between tho Committee of tho Bourse, tbo banks, and tbo Government, to de vise moans for preventing greater disasters than already occurred. $3 $3 FRANCE. London, May 20.— A dispatch from Versailles reports tho sitting of tho National Assembly yes terday as very stormy. Members of tho Bight openly declared their desire to overthrow Thiers. Versailles, May 20.—1n tho Assembly, to day, M. Louis Buffet was re-elected President of tho Chamber by 859 ballots, against 280 cast for M. Martel. The vote indicates tho success of the interpellation introduced by the Conserva tives yesterday. Tho debate, which was to have opened to-day. has boon postponed until Friday. New Yore, May 20.—A Paris paper announces the abandonment of tho proposodFronch expe dition of 20,000 troops against Morocco, the good offices of tho English Government having so-, cured a treaty under which tho Emperor of’ Morocco agrees to pay for tho depredations com mitted within tho territory of Algeria by the tribes residing in Morocco, and the expense of tho French warlike preparations. GERMANY. New York, May 20.—The London Times of the 10th contains the following : Frankfort, May O.—A panic prevailed on tho Bourse, to-day, in consequence of tho stringent state of tho money market, and the suspension of business on tho Vienna Bourso. Tho Telegraph of tho 10th contains tho follow ing: Berlin, Friday.—The Bourse here is very dull, in consequence of the closing of tho Vienna Course, whore there have boon about 200 failures among tho outside speculators. Berlin, May 20.—? The session of the Prussian Diet closed to-day. Tho speech from the throne was read by Gen. Von Boon, President of tho Ministry. BELGIUM. New York, May 20. —London papers state that the clergy and Jesuits of Belgium are mak ing great efforts to organize a pilgrimage into the heart of Franco, to the celebrated shrine at Faray-le-monial, there to pray for the restora tion of the temporal power of the Pope. Each province of the realm is also invited to dedicate a banner to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. A mission of monks and nuns, who have iu view the establishment of schools for boys and girls, and the propagation of their religion in Upper Egypt, have arrived at Kharlom. SYRIA, Herald Special. , London, May 20.— George Smith, of tho Daily Telegraph, correspondent in Assyria, has found tho King's library at Nineveh, and discovered numerous valuable fragments, particularly the missing portions of the broken tablot'containing tho history of the deluge, hitherto dcoiphoiod iu tho British Museum. London, May 20.—A dispatch from St. Peters burg, Russia, says that there is no truth in tho report that Khiva has been taken, and the Khan is a prisoner. There is much anxiety in St. Petersburg concerning tho ultimate success of the expedition against Khiva. Two of the col umns have been delayed by heavy snow-storms, and the third, which forms tho advance, is still behind. * New Yonn, May 20. —In tho latest intelligence from Peru is a brief statement to tho effect that of 80,354 coolies who were shipped from Macao to Peru during the past twelve years, 8,227 per ished from shipwreck, and 6 per cent of tho whole from suicide or sickness. SUMATRA. London, May 20.—A dispatch from Fadang announces that an army of Battaha and Atchlnoso 10,000 strong la marching on Belli, a State on tho northeast coast of the island. London, May 20. —Mr, Dradlaugh, while on hie way to Madrid to present the English reso lutions congratulating Spain on the establish ment of a republic, was taken prisoner by the Carlisle, but soon afterward released. RUSSIA. St. Petersburg, May 20.— The Shah of Persia anivod at Moscow yesterday, and was warmly welcomed. Ills throe wives remain in Persia. GREAT BRITAIN, New York, May 20.— The Prospect mill at Halifax, England, was burned on the l)th instant, throwing 400 people out of employment. Loss .£275,000 ; insured for .£175,000. CANADA. Halifax, N. S., May 10.—The relief fund for tbo widows and orphans by tbo Drummond 00l liory calamity roaches $2,001. Railroad Nows* ‘ Special Diepatch to Tho Chicago Tribune. LaSalle, May 20.—Tbo mooting of tho Direct ors of tho Lafayette. LaSallo ft Clinton Pall rood Company, hold In this city this afternoon, was highly satisfactory to tho friends of tho ro&d. Reports of the most encouraging char acter woro received from all points along tho lino, and all soomod to fool confident of tho early construction of tho road. Special Inapatch to The Chicago 'J'ribune, Cedar Rapids, lowa, May 20.—Tho stock holders of tho following companies hold moot ings, commencing to-morrow, lor tho election of Directors and olncors: Cedar llapldu ft Missouri River lloilroad; lowa Falls ft Bionx City Railroad; Blnux City ft Pa cific llailroad; lowa Railroad Land Company: Rlnlrtowu Lot ft Land Company; Moingona Coal Company: Sioux City ft lowa Falls Town Lot ft Land Company; Sioux City Railroad Con tracting Company, and lowa Railway Contract ing Company, all of which companies' head- CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY, MAY 21, 1873. quarters arc in this city. Among tbo most prom inent Directors present arc John B. Alloy and J. M. S. Williams, members of Congress from Massachusetts; John J. Blair, Now Jersey s Horace Williams and J. Van Dovouloc, of Clin ton, lowa. Bt. Joseph, Mo., May 20.— Tho first locomo tive mossed Missouri Hlver over tho now iron bridge at this point to-day, bearing ox-Qov. Hall, President or the Bridge Company, most of tho Directors, Col. Mason, Superintendent and Engineer, and a number of railroad officials, Tbo trial trip was witnessed by a largo concourse of people, who assembled on tbo river bank in tho vicinity of the bridge, and occupied the roofs of prominent buildings in the city. This evening about 100 froisrht cars which had accumulated hero were creased over to tho Kansas side. There is much excitement and hilarity in tho city over the suc cessful completion of tho structure, and there will bo a jubilee, celebration, and banquet in honor of the event on tbo 31st inst. Boston, May 20.—1n tbo Massachusetts House, this afternoon, tho minority bill for tho Hoontio Tunnel railroad schema was substituted for tho majority bill by a vote of 130 yeas to 00 nays, and ordered to a third reading. This bill pro vides for State management, and omits tho Low oil Railroad from tho linos. Tho subject comes up again to-morrow. {Special Dispatch to The Chicago IWbune. Springfield, 111., May 20. —Tho contractors to build tbo Northwestern Railroad are resolved to complete tho track between this:' city and Petersburg and have trains running over it be fore tho Ist of July. Tho lino, when completed, will connect this city and Peoria. KHIVA. PERU. SPAIN. W. A. MoKogon, Chairman of tbe Oommittoo on Bosolutious, presented tho following, which woro adopted: Resolved, That while we concede that It U Improper to require pledgee of candidates for Judicial positions In regard to particular measures, or upon any specific question actually ponding -in tho courts, wo neverthe less hold It to bo wise and prudent to require that they ahull bo thoroughly Imbued with tho spirit of freo institutions, anti that they shall bo lu hearty sym pathy with tho general mass of their follow-citizens lu their determiuallou to control tho monopo lies which do now arbitrarily ami unjustly dictate the terms upon which tho traffic and travel of tho country shall ho conducted; and wo do held that only such men should bo elected to Judicial positions as do be lieve (hat tho legislative and Judicial departments of tho Government have tho legal right and ought to reg ulate aud control tbo corporations which do now, or may hereafter, own and operate tho public highways of tho country. Hesolced. That tho Hon. Nathaniel J. niisbury, by his action In tho Constitutional Convention of 1870, of tins State, and bis uniform declarations, both public aud private, upon tho suhjoct of monopolies, and es pecially railroad monopolies, aud by his uprightness and Integrity in all tho relations of life, and by his ability ns a lawyer, is entitled to tho conildcuco of tho people of this Judicial Circuit, aud wo do cordially commend him to tho favorable consideration and sup port of all tho voters in tho circuit, of whatever avo catluua in life, and without distinction of party. Jtesolvcd, That the Bocretnry of this Convention for ward a copy of those resolutions (o each newspaper in this Judicial Circuit, and respectfully request their publication,— and also (ho Chicago dally newspapers. Wulukas, Obstructions have been placed upon tho tracks of certain railroads, thereby endangering tho lives of passengers aud tho employes of said railroads; therefore, f/s it revived, That wu condemn such proceedings, and that wo are In favor of using only law and lawful means to accomplish railway reform. Decatur Yeaoh, of Livingston; W. 11. Oreubll, of Kankakee, and W. 11. Man, of Iroquois, woro chosen as the Farmers' Judicial Oommittoo for the Thirteenth Judicial District. THE JUDICIAL CONTEST. Farmers’ Convention In tho Thir teenth Circuit—Nomination of**tho Ron* Nathaniel J. Pillsbury* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Oilman, May 20.—A convention composed of delegates of tho Fanners’ Clubs and Granges of Livingston, Iroquois, and Kankakee Counties was hold bore to-day for tho purpose of selecting a candidate for Judge of tho Circuit Court of tho Thirteenth District. A. J. Alexander, of Iro quois, was chosen Chairman, and W. W. Todd, of Kankakee, wos elected Secretary. Tbo Committee on Credentials reported tho fol lowing named delegates as entitled to seats in the Convention : Livingston County—Decatur Veach, 8. T. K. Prime, W. A, McKogon, Brown eon Smith, J. O’Brien. Iroquois County—Henry Dan forth, J. O. Ward, M. B. Parmotor, A. I. Alexander, A. 11. South. Kankakee County—W. Cooper, W. H. Grinoll, Benjamin Goodwin. Mr. Prime, of Livingston, nominated the Hon. N. J. Pillsbury, of Livingston, aud Sir. Labrio. of Kankakee, nominated tho Hon. 0. B. Starr, of Kankakoo County. Tho informal ballot resulted in tho Hon. N. J. Pillabury receiving 11 votes, and tho Hon. 0. E. Starr 6 votes. Tho Convention then proceeded to take a formal ballot, which resulted in tho Hon. N. J. Pillshury receiving tho unanimous vote cf tho Convention. W. H. Qrinell and H. Danforth were appointed by tho Chair as a committee to inform Mr. Pillabury of. his nomination, who in accepting tho same, made the following remarks: Mn. Chaiuman and Gentlemen op toe Conven tion : I return to you my sincere thanks for tho houor you have conferred upon me, and the confidence you have reposed in me, and It In my earnest, greatest, and only desire that I may hereafter bo conduct my- Bolf that such confidence shall never bo abused or for feited. 1 fool tho moro grateful from the fact that you members of this Convention are not within tho palo of any ono political party, but have, In obedience to tho call of your constituents, thrown aside all partisan feeling and prejudice, and Joined hands in working together for wbatyomconsldcr to be tho best interests of tho people, I eeo here representatives of the great loading Interest of Illinois, that Interest which is her wealth and power, and has given her such a proud po sition in tho sisterhood of States, Representatives also of an organization that, though yet in its infancy, has made its influence felt; an organization that has done moro in tho short period of its existence to create thought and extend inleUJgonco among the masses of tho people than the harangues and speeches of party loaders for the last quarter of a century. Tho people aro thinking, Judging for themselves of what they need. They aro awakening to a true sense of their powers In tbo land, aud demanding that their rights shall bo maintained, and their wrongs redressed. You and your co-laborers in this movement bavo for so long felt the injustice, extortion, and op firession of monopolies of various kinds, that longer orbearanco has ceased to be a virtue, and now you have arisen in your might, thrown aside the shackles that have so long hound you to party, and united, as ono common brotherhood, have avowed your holy purpose of never ceasing your efforts for tho good of tho whole people until you have obtained, from overy tribunal, a recognition of your rights do dared by you in tho fundamental law of this Btato. I am iu full sympathy with you in asserting your rights aud maintaining them. Ido not understand, however, that you ask that tho relative positions of monopolies and tho people should bo re versed, that they should become tho oppressed and you the oppressors; that they should be ground into dust by tbo mighty tread of-tho millions of tho Republic, while you glo&t in triumph over their fallen condition. If 1 did, I as a man who hates wrong and oppression in every form, would scorn the’positlou you have this day resolved to bestow upon mo, but having unbound ed faith in the great thinking mass of the people,—in their love of right, of Justice, and of law,—l believe, I know, that all you demand and require is, that tho legislative, judicial, and executive departments of the Government shall declare and maintain that no char tered monopoly has any vested right to wrong aud op press their creators; that they shall he compelled to do equal and exact Justice to every per son and community in tho land ; that they shall bo taught to know that the laws of this State, passed in compliance with o Constitution adopted by 120,000 majority of tho freemen of Illinois, shall be obeyed by them as well as by you, and upon this plat form of equal aud exact Justice to all, demand ing prompt obedience to all constitutional laws, from every person, association, aud corporation. Maintaining that the people have tho right and power to prevent and punish tho com mission of wrong by any and all monopolies by and through tho OodsLUulloq and laws of tho land, I cheer fully place myself (and trust the people of'lhis district will Investigate my record upon these questions, the honesty of my expressed opinions, and vindicate my position at (ho polls. I believed thus when, la tho Constitutional Convention of 1870, I voted for tho Railroad Article, that article which is tho beacon light of tho Illinois farmer, the foundation

stono upon which tho people can and will, iu time, erect an edifice wherein tho railroad companies of this Stale will find equal rights with tbo people, yot in which no wrong or injustice shall or will bo perpe trated upon them. I believed so then, I bclievo so now, and ever shall until tho highest judicial tribunal in this Republic declares that 1 am wrong { but beyond tho statement of my opinions and bcuiof upon the general principles underlying tho farmers' movement I cannot and will not, aa a candidate for Judicial posi tion, pledge myself.—neither do I supposq that you, as honest men, who lovo an independent judiciary, who upon any particular case desire an unpledged one, would desire me to go further. I, however, assure you that should you elect mo Judge of this Circuit, it will be my highest duty to use my best efforts to enforce all tho constitutional laws of this Btato, Irrespective of in dividuals or corporations ; and, whllo distrusting my ability, aud feeling tho weighty responsibility resting upon mo if elected, I will endeavor to perform my whole duty to the best of my power, skill and ability, aud. with grateful feelings to you for selecting me as your candidate for Judgo, I again return you my heartfelt thanks, ' ' The proceedings were marked by a spirit of harmony and good fooling solddm, if over, wit nessed in conventions of a similar nature. Tlio Republican Convention In tlio Second Circuit—Ono Hundred and Seventy-five Ballots Without Re- ■ lilt. Marengo, McHenry Co., 111., May 20.—W0 are having an exciting contest hero. The Republi can Judicial Convention for tho Second Circuit (McHenry, Boone, DoKnlb and Lake Counties), mot hero, yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock, to nominate a candidate for Circuit Judge. Tho balloting has boon in prog ress all afternoon and' all night with out a result. Tho contest is between Judge T. D. Murphy, of McHenry County, tho present incumbent, Charles Kollum, of ftoKalb, and T. E. Clark, of Lake. Tho frlouds of Kollum and Clark are united against Murpuy, and Murphy’s friends are firm for their man. Up to this morning there had boon 175 ballots, in all of which Murphy received 4 voles from Boono, 7 from McHenry, and 1 from Lake. Tho 7 votes for DeKalb and tho other C from Lake wore each time cast for either Kollum or Clark. There is no prospect of a change, and, therefore, no prospect of a choice. It is a dead lock. None of Murpuy’s'friouds will forsake him, and none of his opponents can bo budged an iucb in his favor. It is a nice little fi’fht as it stands, with no prospect of a chango. Both sides declare they will stand their ground until election day, which is a week from next Monday. NEW YORK. Tho Thompson Street Tragedy—Ar rest of tlio lUunloror—Tho Veto of the JLocnl Option 11111 —Ocorgo Francis Train Judged Insane—Po lice Commissioners—Miscellaneous Local Items* Stxctal Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, New York, May 20.—Tbo last theory of tho police Id regard to tho Thompson street murder has proved to bo correct. At 2:45 o’clock this afternoon James Brown, a negro, hailing from ■Washington, temporarily stopping at a negro thieves’ resort under Goldin's liquor store, kept by Solomon Bolding, ot tho comer of Houston street and South Fifth avenue, entered tho Eighth Precinct and informed Capt. McOullogh and Sorgt, Schultz, that Jim Jacksou, tho murderer, was at that time conceal ed In tho house mentioned above. The Captain and Sorgt. Schultz at once wont to tho place in dicated, and in an inner room, used as a store-room, found Jackson stretched out on two window-shutters, with a gash in his throat four inches long and very deep. Only tho su perficial vessels wore severed, tho carotid ar teries and Jugular vein having been missed, by a miracle. Jackson, on seeing tho officers, said ho was glad they came, as ho intended to givo himself up as soon as ho was able. He admitted that ho struck tho deceased throe or four times while in the street, but denies having killed her. Ho says that ho took her homo and loft her there, and then wont out. When ho returned ho found her lying at tho foot of tho stairs dead, and is of tho opinion that she fell down stairs after ho loft her. Ho then carried her up-stairs and laid her in bed, and loft tho place, fearing that ho would ho ar rested as her murderer, aud wont to an out-houso in Sullivan street and cut bis throat. Ho refused to tell who carried him to whore ho was found. Ho was taken to tho police-station, and a sur geon was summoned. Ho pronounced tho in juries severe, but not necessarily fatal. Tho wound had never been dressed. Jackson was sent to Collovuo Hospital for treatment. A vast crowd of colored persons assembled in tbo neigh borhood, but no demonstration was made as tho prisoner was driven off. Tho poor wrotch was in a state of fearful nervousness. His limbs trembled, and ho gavo his statement in a very jumbled and disconnected manner. Brown says that ho stumbled over the fugitive by acci dent. while looking for something in tho cellar, and immediately recognized him. Ho adds that Jackacm admitted to him that ho had killed his “woman,” and that he intended to leave for Chicago to-night. Jackson's description of his attempted suicide is curious. Ho says that after killing his mis tress, ho mot a mulatto friend to whom ho told what ho had done. Tho latter advisedhim to cut his throat, and lent him a razor and accompanied him to tho water-closet to witness tho deed. Just as Jackson was about to draw the weapon across his throat, his considerate friend caught his hand and suggested that ho might bo acting rashly, as perhaps tbo woman was not dead. Thou tolling him to wait until ho ascertained, ho ran around to the- house in Thompson street for that purpose. Jackson says ho waited a while, hat becoming impatient, concluded to kill himself anyhow. Ho remembers no more until this morning. ' Tho trial of George Francis Train on thoebargo of issuing obscene publications, was summarily concluded to-day, amid a scone of unparalleled excitement. Tho prosecution rested yesterday on the testimony of Anthony J. Comstock, and Nicholas, Train’s photographer. This morning Mr. Howe, of Train’s counsel, moved that tho Court direct tho jury to acquit, on tho ground that tho statute is unconstitutional. He held that if the act was liberally construed, every man having in his possession nude statuary, or tho works of Paine, Smollett, and Pope was liable to indictment. Justice Davis denied tho motion, saying that bo had not tho least doubt but that tho law was constitutional. Counsel then briefly opened for tho defense, relying mainly on tho statement that tho matter published consisted of extracts from tho Bible. Ho thou attempted to road selections from Borneo, but Judge Davis stopped him, saying that Suakspcaro was not on trial. Similar at tempts to read from Smollot, Byron, and Field ing were treated in tho like peremptory manner. Exceptions having boon taken, Sir. Howe called Dr. Cross, one of the exports, who had testified to Train’s insanity on tho inquisition do luua tico. After a few preliminary questions had boon asked him by Mr. Bell, Assistant District Attorney Lyons said, that having called exports to testify that Mr. Train was insane, ho coula not now put in testimony in rebuttal and was pre fiared to admit insanity at the time of tho pub ication of tho Train Ligue, Mr. Bell claimed ' that, if tbo District Attorney believed that, ho should outer a nolle prosequi. Judge Davis re torted that ho would not permit such a thing to bo done. Mr. 801 l then demanded that the Court should direct a verdict of “not guilty.” Mr. Lyon said that would bo satisfactory to him. Judge Davis thereupon directed tho Jury to find a verdict of "not guilty," on tho ground of insanity, which was done. Two of tho jurors arising and saying that such was not their verdict, Train’s counsel demanded that tho Jury bo polled, but Judge Davis refused. In an instant all was up roar. All tho parties interested sprung to their feet and began talking at once, and gesticulat ing wildly, while spectators crowded forward and made the room ring with laughter. Order having been restored, Assistant District Attorney Lyon moved for Train’s commitment to the Lunatic Asylum. Mr. 801 l protested that there had boon no proof of Mr. Train’s lunacy, oithon East or present, and the Sheriff’s jury hud held im now sane. Judge Davis, turning to Dr. Cross, said, “Do you still consider this man insane ?" “ Yob. sir s I bollovo it chronic." “All right, Mr. clerk," said tho Judge, “ make out tho commitment. I will send tho prisoner to tho Btato Lunatic Asylum.” Thou another uui vorsal laugh filled tbo Court Houso. Train grew palo and nervous. Ho stopped for tho Judge’s seat. Ilia oyo Hashed fire and ho shouted: “I shall demand your Honor's impeachment by tho people.” [Luughtor.J Justice Davis—“ Sit down, sir, I want to hoar nothing from you.” Tho iury was thou discharged and tho room cleared. Train’s counsel hastened to Judge Fanchor and obtained a writ of habeas corpus, returnable on Thursday. The English detectives oxpeot to tako Mac- Donnoll, tho Bank of England forger. to Eng land on Saturday. Tho expenses of a large number of Now York witnesses are to be paid to Europe. [To the A ssoaiated Press,] Nbw Tonic, May 20.—Tho Mutual Bank, or ganized four years ago, is winding up, tho ofll-. cors being of tho opinion that tho present unro munorativo character of mercantile pursuits does not warrant tho continuation of business. All tho debts and depositors are being paid in full. Tho Assignee of the Central Bank of Brooklyn has declared a dividend to depositors of 2Q nor cent, and gave a promise of a further divi dend. All the Police Commissioners nominated by Mayor Havomoyor yesterday were confirmed by tho Board of Aldonnon to-day. Qoorgo W. Lane was. unanimously confirmed! Chamberlain. Tho consideration of the nominees for Park Commissioners, Phillip Bisuiiigor, Da vid B. Williamson, Salem 11. Wales, aud Prank 12. Church, was laid over for a week. WASHINGTON. The President’s Views on the Ques tion of the Chief Jus ticeship, A Grand Annexation Scheme Said to Be in Prep aration. Lower California, Northern Mexico, and Canada the Talked-of Acquisitions. Ex-Secrctary Welles to Keply to Mr. Adams’ Decent Spcecli. Special Dispatch to The Chicago T'ribune. TUB CHIEF JUSTICESHIP. Washington, D. 0., May 20. —The President stated to-day, that, in appointing a successor to Obiof Justice Obaso, ho proposed to sink all personal and party considerations, and select a man who would. bo acceptable to tho whole country. His main object iu postponing tho ap pointment until after tbo meeting of Congress wau to allow tho claims and qualifications of tho various aspirants to bo thoroughly discussed in tho newspapers. By this menus ho expects to ascertain tho fooling among tho pooplo,and their preference as to tho candidates. It is evident that tho President regards tho selection of a Chief Justice as tho most important act of his administration under the appointing f ewer, and ho expects to gain considerable repu tation by It. _ There aro about 200 aspirants, so that there will bo abundant material from wnich to choose. According to tho executive pro gramme, tho newspaper press of tho country will oxorciso a largo influence on tho appoint ment. Contrary to his usual custom, tho Presi dent will devote much of his time this summer to a careful perusal of tho newspapers which discuss the merits of the various candidates for Chief Justice. OCEAN MAILS. In response to tho demand of the Postmastor- Qoueral that the White Slor Lino be required to show cause why it has failed to punctually carry tho European moils, tho agents of the com pany have appeared hero, and have given evi dence to show that tho failure of this line in this rospoct was owing to circumstances over which human foresight nad no control. Tho Postmas ter-General will withhold his decision in tho matter for some weeks yet. It is his desire to have four European mails leave tho porta of this city per week, and that tbo patronage bo equally distributed between them. Ho desires to snow no favoritism towards any particular lino, nor to punish any unneces sarily. DECORATION DAT. The Executive Committee of the Grand Army of tho Bopublio, having in charge tho decoration cororaonica at Arlington, on tho 30th inst., hold a meeting last night to discuss the proposition whether tho friends of Confederate soldiers buried iu tho cometoty should bo allowed to decorate their graves at the samo timo. The re sult of this consultation may bo inferred from tho following resolution, which was adopted: Whereas, Douattonu have been invited for tho pur pose of decorating tho graves of the Confederate dead at Arlington ; and, Whbbeab. Such contemplated proceeding 1b calcu lated to create disorder and lead to a broach of the peace, therefore, tho members of the Executive Com mittee of tbo Grand Army of tho Republic do hereby give notice that tho 80th of May, being sot apart by tho Grand Army of the Republic as a memorial day, and tho grounds at Arlington being opened on that special day by order of tbo Quarlcnnoster- Goneral of tho Army to tho Grand Army of the Republic, for tbo purpose of strewing flowers upon and decorating the graves of the de ceased Union soldiers, any ottempt by tho friends of (ho rebel dead to strew flowers on their graves will bo regard as an interference with tho programme of tbo day, and will not bo tolerated.” A CLAIM HONORED. A warrant waa leaned by the Treasury Depart ment to-day for SIOO in favor of Donald McKay, tbo scout who loads tho Warm Spring Indians in tho campaign aginat tho Modocs. Tho money is duo by the Government, on account of quarter master's stores furnished by McKay to tho United States troops sorao timo since. Sjxcial Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, ANNEXATION SCHEME. New York, May 20.—A Washington special savs: Tho Government bos a grand annexation scheme on hand, and tho acquisition of tho Sandwich Islands is to bo tho first stop made. I loam from official sources that the Commissioner is about starting for San Francisco to proceed to tho Sandwich Islands and arrange preliminaries with tho King. Tho next stop in the scheme will bo tho formation of a new State of that part of Northern Mexico which contains the old sil ver mines, and its annexation to tho United States. This will bo brought about through grants made to tbo Boaocraus Baltroad enter prises and tho advance of tho Texas Pacific Bail road, aud by means of Now York capital ists. Tho samo ’parties aro engaged in this work who planned tho Lower California Boad, and made a failure of it, but this timo they will bo successful. When Lower California and the new silver State have been annexed, tho Government will turn Us eyes elsewhere, and it is estimated that a proposition will bo made to relievo Great Britain of the bur den of Canada." [To the Associated Press,] PERSONAL. Washington, May 20.—Tho President to-day appointed William B. Sapp Collector of Internal Bcvonuo for tho Thirteenth District of Ohio. Gen. Sherman expects to leave this evening or to-morrow for Indianapolis to attend the funeral of Gen. Can by, whoso remains will ar rive there to-morrow or next day. WELLES ON ADAMS. It is announced that the ex-Socrotary of tho Navy, Gideon Welles, who kept a diary of all that was done in tbo Cabinet, will reply to Charles Francis Adams. Among other tilings, ho will bo able to prove that Mr. Lincoln desired to appoint Mr. Dayton Minister to Groat Brit ain, and was only induced to change bis mind and appoint Mr. Adams by the urgent appeals of Mr. Seward, THE RUSSIAN MISSION. The President has tendered the Bussian mis sion to ox-Qov. Jewell, of Connecticut. Ex-Qov. Jewell, of Connecticut, was in-De troit yesterday, whore the nows of his appoint ment to the Bussian Mission reached him. CIVIL SERVICE. E. O. Graves, Chief Clerk of tho United States Treasurer's office, and tho other gentlemen com- Eosing the Examining Board of the .Treasury apartment in connection with tho Civil, Service, have returned from their trip to Galveston, Now Orleans, Mobile, Savannah, Charleston, and St. Louis, whoro they comnlotod arrangements for tho examination of candidates for appointments to office iu tho respective custom-houses iu those cities. THE TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE. Senator Windom, Chairman of the Select Com mittee on Transportation, has returned to Wash ington, and is now engaged in working up gen eral statistics, and making arrangements for por footing tho programme of tho Committee. A general meeting will ho hold boro in August or September, when it will bo determined how far the visits of members of tho Committee shall extend. Senator Windom will first visit certain localities, including Philadelphia, Now York, Albany, Boston, Buffalo, and Montreal, to ascer tain tho host sources of commercial and transit information, so tho other members may have starting-points for a more particular inquiry, TUB 'NEW SLOOPS. The Secretary of the Navy ban*decided to have, tho eight sloops-of-wur authorized by act of Congress built as follows: One each' at.tlfo. Norfolk, Now York. Kitlory, and Charlestown Navy-Yards ; at tho last named tho vessel to bo built of iron; the others of wood. An other is to ho built at tho Kittory Yard of material' furnished .by ‘ tho Navy, Department, the contract to ho glvoil to tho low est responsible bidder. Tbo sixtji, seventh, and eighth are to bo built at private yards, also by contract to tho lowest responsible bidder, two of them of iron and ouo of wood. MILtTAIIY POSTS. Tho purpoao of the Powder Blvor expedition, spoken of in MaJ, Forsyth’s dispatch to don. NUMBER 275. Bborldan, 1b to ascertain what aro the bostpointa for tho location of now military posts and nupply depots in tbo Indian country near tho lino of tho Northern Pacific Balboa?---”* APPOIf ,V,D. Tlio Prcflidont to-dav ; Samuol A. Snyder Postmaster at J .{Snout, 0., vico Honry- Loshor, ccmmlßslon oxpi ol; Joseph Boboltor, Postmaster at Ultn, Minn Mice Frederick Foster. Also Edmund Palmer ( o.lau Agent at Grand Blvor Agency, Eakota. "2 drclu J. W. Wham, formerly; o'dlan Agent at tbo Pod Cloud Agency and e S’wlioro, has declined an appointment as ono of \ rs Iftvo Indian Inspec tors, provided for by tho rCJ nt act of Congress. Tbo appointments will not .{formally made un til the expiration present fiscal year. Sir. Wham, 1.. .. odclrosßlug tbo Secretary of tbo Interior, after giving his reasons for tho declination, said: “It would bo a high honor to bo ono of those, who demonstrated to tho American people tho economy and practicability of that grand idoa of tho President to humanize, civilize, and Chris tianize those vast bands of wild Indians that roam over our West, a curse to themselves and » detriment to tho onward march of civilization." TREASURY ITEMS. Balances in tho Treasury to-day: Currency, f 4,783,005 Special aopoftit of legal tenders for the re demption of certificates of deposit 28,055,000 Coin 74,685,004 Including coin certificates 20,873,400 Outstanding legal tenders 860,478,060 WEST I’OIHT VISITORS, Tho following Board of Visitors to tbo Military Academy for 1873 has boon appointed by Secre tary Belknap: Bov. J. L. G. Mclfown, of Illinois; Hon. M. lUirbol Thayor, of Pennsylvania i Hon. William T. Early, of Virginia 5 Hon. H. w. Mc- Mullan, of Maine ; Hon. Henry B. Curtis, of Ohio; Hon. A. T. Akorman, of Georgia ; Bov. A. S. Chapin, D. D., of Wisconsin. On the part of tho Senate. Hon.' John Shot-man, of Ohio ; Hon. J. W. Stevenson, of Kentucky; and on the part of tbo House of Boproßontntivos,llon. John Coburn, of Indiana ; Hon. L. P. Poland, of Vermont, and Hon. S. S. Marshall, of Illinois., SUIT TO RECOVER. Tho Supreme Court for the District of Co lumbia took up, to-day, tho case of Frauds Dainez against Charles Halo, formerly Consul- General of the United States Army at Alexandria, Egypt. Plaintiff charges that Halo maliciously ana illegally interfered with his business mut ters, by which ho suffered groat loss, and he therefore brings suit to recover *525,000 damages. The case involves tho judicial powers of Con suls. THE INDIAN CONTRACTS. Tho Commissioner of Indian Affairs, to, whonf were referred for investigation the complaints of certain parties who alleged they wore unfairly treated in recent lotting of contracts for Indian supplies, to-day submitted bis report to tho Act ing Secretary of tho Interior. After stating all tho circumstances of tho opening of bids and award of contracts and that ho made tho awards on tho unanimous findings of tho Purchasing Committee of tho Board of Indian Commissioners and Gop. Cowon, the Assistant Secretary of tho Interior Department, tho Commissioner says : “ That somo mistakor wore made by which deserving bids did not re ceive duoconsidcration is not impossible; but nc now facts havo boon disclosed to this office which, in my judgment, would bo likely to load to & different award if it woro now to bo made under tho advico of the eamo parties. Tho bids of Messrs. Harlan, Church A Middleton,for tho transportation of flour and to bacco, which woro lower than tho bid upon which tho contract was made, was rejected, m accordance with tho law which gives agonts of tho Government tho authority to reject any or all bids, or to accept other than tho lowest bids, if in their judgment it is to the interest of tho Government to do so." In tho case of awards for transportation and supply of cattle for somo of tho Indian tribes, tho Commissioner says: “ While tho hid of tho party complaining was lowor than that of tho person who received the award, It wa« rogurdod ae obscure and informal, and could not havo boon modified without doing injustice to other bidders." In this particular case ho requests that tho bid of the protostant bo roforrod to tho Solicitor of the Department for his interpreta tion of its moaning. THE NEXT CHIEF JUSTICE. New York, May 20.—Ex-Judge Edwards Piorrepont, who has declined tho mission to Rus sia, is mentioned by Washington specials as tho probable successor of Chief Justice Chase. METEOROLOGICAL. Slgrnal Service Bureau Reports and Prognostications. _ Chicago, May 20—10;18 p, m. The following reports have boon received from the places mentioned below: •Station. BarAThr Wind, Weather. Breckinridge.... 29.94 . 65 8. K., fresh. Olbudy. Buffalo 29 94 65 8. E., fresh. Foir. Cairo 29.88! 04 N. E„ senile. Fair, Chicago 29.68 i 67 8. W„ gentle. Clear. Cincinnati 29.00 70 8., gentle. Fair. Cleveland 29.8fi| 63 8. E., brisk. Clear. Cheyenne 29.81' 60 Calm. Cloudy. Davenport 29.80 60 E., gentle. Clear. Denver 29.80 64 Calm. Cloudy. Detroit 29.87 CO N„ fresh. Fair. Duluth ....29.85 43 Calm. Clear. Escanaba 29.82 47 N. E., fresh. Light rain, Fort Garry 29.68 61 W„ light. • Cloudy. Keokuk 29.82 00 8, E.. fresh. Clear. LaCrosse 29.91 61 8„ gentle. Clear. Milwaukee 29.88 , 64 W„ light. Cloudy. Omaha 29.72 62 8. E„ fresh. Thrcaton’g Pembina 20.75 61 N.W., gentle. Cloudy. Bt. Paul 29.80 64 8., gentle. Clear. Toledo 29.87 64 8. W., gentle. Cloudy. , riIOUAUILITIES. V» r asiitnqton, May 20. —For the Northwest and entire lako region, and tbonco to Missouri and Kentucky, variable northeasterly to north* westerly winds, low barometer, cloudy weather, aud occasional rain will prevail. For tho Gulf and SWh Atlantic States and Tennessee, south* southwesterly winds, high tempera ture, cloudy weather, and rain, clearing to morrow iu the Western Gulf. For the Middle States southeasterly and southwesterly winds, cloudy weather, falling barometer, and occa sional rain. For Canada aud Now England, high barometer, rising temperature, southeast erly to northeasterly winds, and partly cloudy weather, with, possibly, occasional rain. POLITICAL. The Situation In Arkansa«MTlio Ohio State Republican Convention To day* Little Hook, May 20.—Tho political situation is quiet. Tito militia on duty at tho State-House has boon disbanded, tho Governor not appre hending any further present need for their ser vices. Gov, Baxter to-day appointed nearly 100 county, officers in various parts of tho State, to whom commissions will bo sent to-morrow. Colduuds, 0., May 20.—A. representa tion is bore from all parts of tbo State to attend the Republican Stato Convention’tb-morrow. Noyes will bo renominated Governor by occiam niution, Tbo indications avo that the remainder of • tbo ticket will bo made up as follows: Lieutenant-Governor, N. 11. Van Vorhos, of Atbdns 5 ’ Attorney-General, John Little, of Qroono ; Stato Treasurer, Inaao Welsh, of Bel mont j Comptroller, W. T, Wilson, of Portage ; member of the Board of Publio Works, Philip Horzig, of Auglaize ;; Supreme Judges, William White, of Clark, and Walter Stone, of Erie. - James .Monroe, of.Oborlin, will probably bo made permanent Chairman of the Convention. Tbo “salary-grab” will bo vigorously denounced. Obituary* Jacksonville, 111., May 20.—Mr. John Lolton, a prominent citizen ana a loading farmer and stock-raiser of Scott County, died tbla morning. llooKFonn, 111., May 20.—1). 8. Ponilold, ouo of tbo earliest settlers of llookford, a Trustee of tbo Female Seminary, the late City Treasurer, and who was elected Alderman at tbo recent election, died about 5 o'clock this morning, of pneumonia, after a brief Illness. A special meeting of the Old Settlors' Society and tbo City Council are to bo called. tipeeuil Dispatch to The Chicago 7W6un<j. Touonto, Out., May 20.—A cable telegram just received hero announces tbo death, in Lon don, of Sir George Etienne Cartier, member of the Canadian Government. , Buouauest, May 20.—Alexander John Couzn, Urst Prince of Moldavia and Wallocbla, elected in 1659, and who abdicated iu 1600, is dead. Judicial llcuigiintloikt llAitTronn, Conn, May 20.—The resignation of Chief Justice Butler, of tbo Connecticut Supremo Court, was sent to tbo Legislature by Uuv. lugoruoU to-day. IU health Is the cause.

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