Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 21, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 21, 1873 Page 3
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THE COURTS, The Republic Insurance Com panyJAgain. legality of the Bankruptcy Proceed- 'inga Contested, An Extraordinary Will—lnteresting Landlord and Tenant Case. the United States Court yesterday, Levi Z. Lector, A. D. Walboon, A. E. Small, E. 8. Skinner, Obauncey Hardin, Henry Ferris, Orson P. Johnson. T. H. Ferris, Q. W. Barnett, and other corporators of tbo Republic Insurance Company who may hereafter become parties to the petition end tho proceedings thereunder, filed a petition in tho United States District Court. Complainants stale that they own up wards of SBO,OOO stock In tho Company. Com plainants then state that tbo stock of tbotlom pany ls held by parties abundantly able to pay any assessments that might or could be made thereon up to the amount represented on tbo face of stook owned by them; that on tho 14th Novem ber, 1872, the Republlo Insurance Company was not insolvent; or In contemplation of bankruptcy, their knowledge being especially based upon re ports of a&id Company by its officers through Joseph R. Fayaon, tho Company's Secretary; that sold Fayson, shortly before 14th Novomber, 1672, represented that, after allowing all reason able deductions, then an assessment of CO per cent of tbo remaining 80 per cent unpaid upon capital stook unpaid would liquidate all the in debtedness outstanding for which the Republlo was liable; that 'such stockholders as were solvent at the time could and would have paid promptly when called upon; that on tho 14tb of Novomber, 1672, a petition in involuntary bankruptcy was filed in tbo United States District Court by one William J. Hanna, as petitioner against the Company, alleging non-payment of commer cial paper and preferred payments to creditors while insolvent as acts or bankruptcy, tho peti tion falling to particularize tbo commercial paper tho stopping of the payment of which is the alleged cause of bankruptcy, nor describe or indicate tho particular or specific preference of payment to creditors, but simply alleging gener ally that such commercial paper wero prornissorv notes issued to said William J. Hanna, tho peti tioner, for a balance duo him for loss by fire on property insured in tho Republlo Company, without describing tho terms, con ditions. agreements, or provisions that might bo contained in tho instruments or writings; that Hanna, in bis petition, described generally as promissory notes, giving tbo Court no opportunity of Judging whether the said writ ings wero promissory notes or agreements topay on condition, or whether they were commercial paper in anv sense as contained in tho Bankrupt act; that the allegations in said bill that tho Re public Company bad made divers transfers of money to creditors of said Company with intent to give preference, was and is a vague and gen eral statement, not alleging a single specific act or acts; that said petition was flloain tno United States District Court on tbo 14th of Novomber, 1872, by said Hanna, Messrs. Barber imd Lack signing it as solicitors; that on tho same day and at tbo same hour of tbo day, appeared in tho same office some person or persons claiming to bo the attorneys of the Re public Company, who then and thero filed with the Clerk of tho Court a paper in which are the words: And now comes the said Republlo Insurance Com pany of Chicago, 111,, toy Tenney, McClellan & Tenney, Its attorney, and waiving the return day of tbo rule to ahow cqubo issued herein, confesses tbo several allega tions of acts of bankruptcy In tho petition sot forth, and consents to an immediate adjudication of bank ruptcy as prayed in such petition. • That on tho filing of said protended confession of bankruptcy tho Company was adjudicated bankrupt, and Joseph R. Poyson was appointed provisional Assignee: that there never has boon at any meeting of tho Company any officer, or person or persons whatever, authorized by a •vote of a majority of tho corporation, at any legal meeting called for that purpose, tu consent to tbo adjudication of bankruptcy of tho Bopub . lio Insurance Company; that Tenney, McClel land i Tenney had no power to waive the return day of the rule «to show cause, ' and no right to confess tbo several allegations of bankruptcy in tho said petition, and no right to consent to the immedi . «ate adjudication of bankruptcy; that it was not E'thln tbo scope of any persons to consent to a said adjudication of bankruptcy; petitioners bmit that &U proceedings by virtue of any 'supposed adjudication in bankruptcy, or any rights that might claim to have accrued there from since tho filing of Hanna's petition, are absolutely void. Petitioners proceed to show, that Payson was, at a mooting of creditors of tho alleged bankrupt Company, appointed Assignee; that, continuing to act as such, bo has instituted proceedings in the United States District Court against a large num ber of the shareholders to compel them to pay bimapartof the amount remaining unpaid of tbo stock held by such stockholders ; that said Payson. has Instituted suits against petitioners os stockholders for the pretended purposes os aforesaid, which suits aro now pending, and that ho ia now making every effort in his power to ob tain judgment against petitioners, and gives out that ho will obtain them at the present term of tbo District Court. Petitioners therefore 'pray that said Parson, acting, or claiming to act, aa Assignee in bank ruptcy of the Republic Insurance Company, may be restrained, by injunction of tbe Court, from proceeding any further against petitioners in fi&id suits at law now pending against tboin by e&id'PaysoD; and tb&t an order may bo entered sotting aside and declaring as void and of no ef fect au the proceedings which have been had or taken since tbe filing of Hanna's petition, and. that petitioners may havo such other and further relief as tbo nature of tbe case may require and may be agreeable to the Court. LANDLOBD AND TENANT. The 0&63 of Oroenobanm ▼. Reynolds occu pied tbe attention of Judge Rogers since last Thursday. Greonobaum, owning tbe premises No. 636 Wabash avenue, leased them to Reynolds for one year, ending May 1, 1873. After having taken possession bo at once showed & hostile front, claiming to have purchased the property for $16,000, under a verbal contract, and without tbe payment of any money except tbe sum of SSO, paid on tbo lease, which payment defendant claimed was changed into a payment on tbe pur chase. Tbe landlord proceeded at once to for feit the lease for non-payment of rent due for May and June, 1872, and this was the issue before the Jury, whether the relation of landlord and' tenant existed, or whether Reynolds bad taken posses sion as a purchaser. The plaintiff, Vice-Presi dent of the Livingston County National Bank, at Portia, 111., domed tbo sale to Reynolds, and claimed the defense to be a wicked conspiracy to keep him out of bis property without paybig rent. The case was hotly and ably contested on both aides, Adolph Moses,. Esq., representing tbe plaintiff, and Messrs. Knowlton A Humpbre viHe tbe defendant. The jury, after short de liberation, found a verdict for the plaintiff, and tbo defendant .must now seek other quarters, unless be be granted a new trial and appeal the cose to tbe Supreme Court. A BATHER ECCENTRIC \7ILL. In the Circuit Court, Mrs. Martha Long flies a bill in chancery against Wm. D. Long, Lucy, Stephen L., William L.. Theodosia P., and Rich ard Rrookonridgo. Petitioner ia the widow of the late Col. Long, who died In 1871, leaving be hind him considerable real estate. By his will tho Oolonol left the estate and all Lis worldly goods to his wifo, after whose death they wore to bo divided among tho children and the children's children, a proviso of tho will stating that the bequests shall bo null and void in the event of any heir becoming an inebriate, or in anyway incapable of taking oare of him or herself. The widow now seeks for power, which the will did not provide her with, to sell tho property, or so much of it as may bo necessary to provide the family with the means of support. A strange proviso in tho will was to the effect that if the heirs did not live In the old homestead at Aldon. it was to revert as a be quest to the city, end to be used as a female seminary, but was never to contain more than flftoen students at a time. BANKRUPTCY MATTERS, - In the matter of Michael Weidingor, a bank rupt. it appearing to the Court that tho only creditor proving claim consents, it is ordered that adjudication be sot aside and vacated, and petition dismissed, unless objections ore filed within ton days. In the matter of Joseph Parker, P. Ayer, John T. Bird, Thomas Padgett, and Albertus Yon Roatto, on motion of bankrupts by R. B. Jen kins, attorney, the application of bankrupts to 'discharge was postponed until Monday next. In tho matter of,O. J. BneU, a bankrupt, all. cartiee consenting, the adjudication'ls dismissed. unless objections arc filed within ton days; nil 'properly In tbo Marshal's hands to bo delivered •to debtors. Tbo ease of Edward L. Upton, Assignee, v. Frodenoda Brandt was dismissed yesterday by Judge Drummond at complainant's cost, for want of equity. . In tbo matter of George W. and Allen B, Mis* ley, their admission of an net of bnukmtoy an to non-payment of commercial paper, was yesterday filed, and they wore adjudicated bankrupts by confession. In tbo matter of Charles W. Woodward, a bankrupt, a mooting was bold in Register nib bard's office yesterday, and a dividend of 7 per cent was declared. In tho matter of 0. S. Noyes and A. F. Hens ley, bankrupts, a general mooting of tbooroditora .of tho estate has boon called, to bo bold at tbo office of Register A. D. Coon, at Marengo, on tho 12th of Juno next. In tbo matter of tho United States Brick Ma chine Company, tho attorneys wore paid 9226 for foes and disbursements. THE COURTS CONDENSED. . Caleb O. Davis brings a suit in trespass 6n tho ease, in tbo Circuit Court, against W. Hodge and L. M. Jewell; damages. $5,000. Mary E. Baud, administration estate of lato Q. W. Rand, files a praecipe in assumpsit, in tbo Superior Court, against W. W. Brown t damages, $4,000. In tbo Criminal Court, the ease of D. James Leary was taken np. Prisoner was charged with a forgery, consisting of altering tbo date of a SIOO judgment note from ono year to ouo day after date. Tbo case excited considerable in terest. I . The case of Proctor and Gamble v. Sam W. Mcßride won tried In the United Slates District Court yesterday. Plaintiff sued to rocovor damages for. and to obtain an injunction re straining defendants from imitating their trade mark. • I’lalnliffs are soap makers, turning out an article which they stylo tbo “ Gorman Mottled Soap,” ornamenting each cake with a starry moon; defendants are soiling tbo “ Gorman Mottled Soap" with a somewhat similar trade mark. NEW SUITS. Ta& Circuit Court.— 7,o24—Lambert & Sinklo v, George J. Koltey, H. O, Glaymaker, J. P. Toute, and William 11. Smith: bill for dlasolution of copartner ship, and Injunction, 7,o2s—Appeal. 7,020— George D. Lincoln v. I. Sherman Hall and William J. Pope, surviving partners of Munro D. Sherman, deceased; petition to restore judgments. 7,o27—David Carroll, administrator of Andrew W. Carroll, deceased; tree* Ease on tbs case, 15,000. 7,023 —Edward v. Elizabeth ockwood; dlvorco on ground of desertion. 7,020 Robert and Richard Meadowcroft v. Elisha Locd, 1500. 7,o3o—Caleb O. Davis v. William Hodge and L. U. Jewell: trespass on tbo cose, $6,000. 7,o3l—Martha Long v. William D. Long, Lucy, Stephen L., William L.. Theodosia P.. and Richard Breckonridgo, and the other unknown hairs of Stephan H. Long, deceased; Tins Superior Court. —<3.437—Peter v. Elvira Swartwout; dlvorco on ground of impoteney. 43,438 —Charles Cellsho r. A. Weldo; assumpsit, SSOO. 43,430 —Thomas Wlmmlllv,George O. Knight; assumpsit, SI,OOO. 43.440—Louisa v. Charles Booker; dlvorco on ground of cruelty. 43,441—Mary £. Rand, adminis tratrix of estate of tho late Goorgo W. Rand, v, M. M. Brown; assumpsit, $4,000. 43,442—EonasColeman ot ah v. H. L. Stewart; assumpsit, S3OO. 43,443 — John L. Gerber r. Asa Vail et nl.; assumpsit, $1,600. 43,444— 'Appeal. 43,446—Elizabeth v. John lira; di vorce for cruelty. v. Henry Burwell; divorce on ground or drunkenness. 43,447—J0hn B. Smith et ai. v. David and Hugh Henry; assumpsit, $2,000. 43,448—Same v. 0. J. Bishop and D. P. Hub bard; assumpsit, $1,600, 43,440—DinlelP. Oriilyot 01. v. James F. Weber ; assumpsit, SSOO. MUST LIVE TO HANG. The JETylng>T>nn murderer Attempts to Commit Suicide* Daring the past few days Philip Brown, tho head-centre of tbo frying-pan tragedy, has been very moody, and behaving altogether in a manner that caused some little uneasiness among the jail officials, who aro over very care ful of tho prisoners’ health, especially of such notables as murderers and the higher class of kleptomaniacs. Tho cause of his peculiar con duct was a mystery to all tho keepers, and tho general opinion prevailing was that ho had got hold, by somo moans or other, of an overdose of whisky, and his eccentricities wore simply the peculiar way in which Intoxication showed, itself in his case. Matters getting worse, however, and his eyes rolling in a way which, oven in a negro, was quite startling, a follow countryman of bis was put in with him to try and unravel tho myatory. Ho did so. In a short time ho gave hints that ho would just as soon go back, to his own cell (Brown is pretty much dreaded among his fraternity), and on arriving thoro ho handed Mr. Fultz a uiiumiuui vial ho had, by tho exorcise of his peculiar art, adroitly purloined from Brown. It turned out to contain half an ounco-of morphine, with which, doubtless, the unfortunate man intended to commit suicide, judging by the words bo lot fall when he found that tho poison bad been taken away from him. At present Brown is suffering considerably from nervous prostration, whioh'has sot in since tbo effects of the anodyne had passed away. A close watch is now kept on him, and his friends will find it hard work to again supply him with tho moans of postponing sine die nfs trial, which is tobegin at tho Crimi nal Court to-morrow morning. DEKALB COUNTY REPUBLICAN CONVENTION. Tho Republican Convention of DoKalb Coun ty, 111., mot at Sycamore, May 16. The Hod. Z. Y. Randall presided. M. B. Castle, C. W. Marsh, W. W. Sedgwick, I. Y. Randall, H. L. Boies, George Brown, and John Symo were chosen delegatee to tho Judicial Convention at Maren go, and were instructed to cast tho vote of DeKalb County for the Hon. Charles Kollum. Tho following resolutions were adopted: Resolved, That we, tbo Republicans of DeKalb County, In convention assembled, express our hoarty condemnation of the iniquitous back-salary grab of our lato Congress, and that we will support no mon for of fice who participated la it. ■ Resolved, That we, tbe people of this State, are - its sovereigns; (bat we will not submit to tbe tyrannical demands of the railroad-monopolists, nor concede to them the right to tax ns what they please for tbo use of those great lines of communication, which havo be come tbe public highways of the nation. Retoloea, That we bid the farmers god-speed In their rscont efforts to organize their class into one compact, solid body, as thus only can they exercise In public affairs that Influence which their numbers and intel ligence entitle them to. Jteeolved, That the Judicial branch of our Govern ment Is but tbo Just oxpouo nt of what should be the rule of conduct in a well-regulated State, and adapted to the wants and necessities of the times ; that there should be a degree of flexibility in it that will at all times admit of such adaptation, rather than an iron rule founded on the precedents made necessary by a former age. Resolved, That, in tbe opinion of this Convention, this county, through its Board of Supervisors, should refuse to receive the money sent to the County Treasurer as our portion of the back-salary grab, and that It should be returned to Mr. Farnsworth. A GOOD SUGGESTION. To iht Editor of The Chicago Tribune; Sm: Groat preparations are being made to col ebrate properly our forthcoming Jubilee. Allow me to suggest that the hundred thousand dorks, and others employed In tbe city, should bo given a half-holiday on one of the days, whereon they may celebrate tbo occasion with becoming spirit. If through the medium of your paper, you would advocate this idea for adoption by employers, 1 feel sure you would be doing more to insure the success of tbe Jubilee, than any one thing else possibly could do. Yours truly, Loyalty. Oiuoaoo. Nay 20,1873. Who Bays a Piano P We have some now planoa that have been rented from throe to all months. Also, a few that have had the outside cases injured in moving. These will be sold at the very lowest prices—from S2OO to S3OO. A splendid opportunity to purchase a good, durable instrument, as every piano will bo warranted to givo satisfaction or money refunded. Call and see them at our new place of business— the fineet piano t eareroome in the world • Heed’s Temple of Music, Corner Dearborn and Van Durem streets. Humboldt Park Residence Association. The members of the above Association are hereby notified that a meeting will be held at their rooms, on Thursday, May 22, ot 4 o’clock p. m., for the purpose of considering the propriety of disposing by lottery of all the unsold lots no) disposed of In the 40 acres on Division street, bordering Humboldt Park on the east. O. PitoEDSTiNO, Secretary, The Tremont House Sale, Tho Tremont sale began yesterday. The company wan Urge, although there was tho usual animation that always attends Butters’ eatos. Tho prices are far below Mr. Drake’s expectations. The sale will he continued to-dsy, Burnett’s Kalliston removes tan, sunburn, and freckles. Clvll-Servlco Reform* Ft cm the St, Paul Pioneer, Hay 18. The appointment of Gen. Robert N. MoLsron as United States Marshal for tbo District of Minnesota, is another Indication that the vaunted Civil-Service Reform will prove a delusion. His THIS CHICAGO OAJLY TRIISUNE; WE OWES Brlncinal competitor for tho position was J. R. lovofancl. who ban performed tho duties of tho office during tho incumbency of Mr. Augustus Armstrong, and was recommended for tho ap pointment by Judges Miller, Dillon end Nelson, on account of experience and peculiar qualifica tions. But Qon. McLaren, who has no practi cal knowledge of tho duties of a United States Marshal, seemed tho recommendation of our Congressmen, and received tbo appointment, on tho ground of partisan services, being virtual bead of tbo Republican State Central Committee, and principal manager of tho political machinery of tho party. .Wo do not wish to condemn the appointment; but merely mention tboso facts, that a just estimate may bo formed of tho sincer ity of Oon. Grant’s often oxprosed determination to observe tbo rules adopted by tho Civil Service Commissioners, for tho appointment of Federal officers. OUR READ HEROES. Further Arrangement* for tho Decora* tlon of tho Muldlorii’ Graves on tho 30th lust. Tbo General Committee having cborgo of tbo arrangements for decorating tbo soldiers' graves on tbo 80th inst. mot at tho Gardner House last evening, Qon. McArthur in tbo chair. Tboro wore about fifty mombors present, Including quite a number of ladies. Tbo snb-committoo to proouro flowers, flags, etc., reported that they hod contractod for 142 boxes and 64J£ crates of flowers, and that 3,000 pounds of ovorgroons bad boon donated. Those, with others which wore expected to bo presented, wero thought to bo sufficient to docorato all tbo* graves reported—about 800. Liout.-Qon. Sheri dan bad kindly furnished ton garrison flags, and a similar number of storm flags, and promised to loan a stand of regimental colors for tbo stands in tbo cemeteries. Col. Baldwin bod given 800 small flags; those, with what wore left over last year, will give a “ marker ” for ovory soldier's ?rovo. A donation of six barrels of ovorgroons rom Mrs. It. Burroughs, was thankfully received. Tbo Committee thought it was necessary to se cure rooms at onco, so that wreaths, crosses, oto., could bo mado. Aftor some discussion, tbo Committee was au thorized to secure a room in some convenient locality. Major Woods, Marshal of Rose Hill Comotory, reported that bo bad selected as bis aids, Gapt. James Stewart, Capt. John Stevens, Capt. John Gregg, Capt. Louis J. Lull, aud Surgeon H. W. Boyd.. Col. Baldwin, Marshal of Oraooland Comotory, reported that bo bad mado arrangements to mark tbo soldiers' graves and to erect a stand ; also that bo had appointed os bis aids Llout,- Gol. F. A. Beatty, Mai. Wood, Capt. Dorrickson, Capt. Swan, Capt. E. Hamilton, Capt. G. A. Basso, Gapt. Potor Hand, Capt. F. Basse, Lieut. J. M. Johnson, .aud Capt. Norman E. Hunn. On motion, Hansom Post, O. A. R,, was au thorized to tako obargo of tbo flags, oto., loft after tho graves woro decorated, and preserve thorn until next year. It was decided to make a distinction between soldiers and sailors' graves, but tbo device is yot to be agreed upon. Some discussion ensued in regard to a discrim ination in tbo decorations, but as tbo general de sire soomod to bo to decorate all tbo comoterios alike, it was decided to do so. It was announced that the German military or ganizations bad agreed to defer their parade on tho 26tb inst., and participate in tbo decoration procession. Tbo mooting then adjourned nntU next Wednesday evening. THE CITY IN BRIEF. ' Tbo average daily sale of stamps at tbo Fost- Offloo amounts to $3,000. Tbo fact is not generally known that tbo Twenty-second street aud Union Park cars run, when there is time, to Wood street, four blocks beyond tbo Park. An ominous notice appears in tho Post-Office: *• No more vacancies in tho Post-Office Depart ment," which must freeze tho marrow of the hopeful office-seekers. Jake Bossungor is not going to play the four ball game any more just now, aud will play uo more on a small table, as ho is going to prepare for tho throe-ball tournament. • Tho Board of Public Works yesterday awarded tho contract for building au iron gallery and stairway for tho engine-room of tho Water- Works to Clark & Rollon for 81.595. 61nco tho last census of dogs, in this oity eleven have boon added to tho number, which Is now 181. Tho trade in vagrant curs this season promises to bo heavy. Sheppard S. Wilmor was examined before Coramissionor|Hoyne yesterday afternoon, on tho charge of smuggling a quantity of buffalo-robes into tho United States, from Canada. Ho was bold for further examination in $5,000 bail. Officer Wyman yesterday afternoon arrested a well-known pickpocket named John Hoany, on tho suspicion of picking tho pocket of a lady in a State street car on Saturday. Tho lady identifies him as being in tho car, and bis well-known char acter makes it probable that ho committed tho theft. A number of directory men wore busy, about tbe end of April, taking tbo addresses of parties living in tbe West End. Tbo question naturally arises whether, now that tbo May movings bavo taken place, tbo samo men bad not bettor do the same work over again. Prod Scbrocdor was examined before Justice Canyon, yesterday morning, on tbe charge of forgery. Ho acknowledged his guilt, ana was sent to tbo Criminal Court m bail of @I.OOO. It appears that Scbroodor made a noto for $l6O, signed by John Myor, who was a myth, which bo sold to John Kramer, of No. 6G9 Arnold street, for $75. ’ William O’Neil was enticed into a bagnio, at No. 83 West Washington street, yesterday after noon, and, if bo bad not been tbo owner of an uncommon amount of good sense, would bavo been robbed. Ho reported tbo matter to Oapt. Lull, who at once ordered the place pulled. Five women and four men wore the result of the raid. A probably fatal accident occurred in front of tbo North Side Turner Hall, yesterday morning at 8 o'clock. A man named John Taubor, foil from the sidewalk to tbo basement below, a dis tance of ton feet, alighting upon a pile of flag stones. He was severely bruised about the hood, and injured internally. Tbo attending physician, Dr. Leo, pronounced bis injuries latal. Tbo wounded man was taken to tbo County Hospital. A few members of the Old People'** Home Association mot yesterday afternoon for tbo purpose of electing a Board of Managers, but fioatpouod It until tuo first week in Juno, when tis hoped there will bo a larger meeting. An informal discussion on the subject of a now elto for tho'Home was bad, and each person present was appointed a committee to make inquiries concerning suitable lots in tbe diiTorout divi sions of tbe city. Capt. Lull is bound to put down tho base ball nuisance i n tbe West End. On Sunday bo raid ed among tbo irreligious devotees of tho na tional game with throe Sergeants and sixteen mon, breaking up several games, and arresting throe players. They attempted to go off ou tho “fly," but tbe Captain made a “triple play," secured bis men, and handcuffed them, just to make sure. The extraordinary industry of the membere of the Common Council in to bo remarked. To* morrow afternoon the Committee on Railroads will meet in,tho OUy Clerk’s ofllco at 2 o’clock. An hour later throe other Committees—those of Gaslights, Harbors and Bridges, and Streets and Alloys of tho South Division—will wrauglo for tho possession of tho room. Tho ultimate ob ject of the Railroad Committee ia tho rolling mills again. Tho Journal man, in niter contempt and defi ance of all geographers, persists in locating Khiva In Africa. The samo stubbornness and contempt of precedent loads this chap to put downMovlllo as a French port, while the mod ern geographies persist in locating it on tho coast of Ireland. This must bo tho porvorso in dividual who informed tho public, nut a short time since, that Shakspoaro was tuo author of ‘•Richelieu.” A daring theft was yesterday committed at tho corner of Adams and Peoria streets. A lady named Mrs. Mills, of No. 22(1 Mouroo street, had made some purchases in Johnson’s grocery store, at tho corner of tho streets referred to, and was liassing out of tho store with her pocket-book in lor baud, when o well-dressed young man stepped up and, snatching tho purso, ran oast on Adams street. Ho was pursued, hut not caught. The pocket-book contained S3O, and is a serious loss to Us owner. The circumstance should warn ladies of tho insecurity of tho common habit of carrying purses in thoir hands. Edward Bosnian, formerly residing near Ilydo Park avenue and -Fifty-ninth street, visited tho Fair at Burlington Hull, Chicago, ou Monday evening, in company with his married daughter, Mrs. Noob. They loft for homo on tho 11 p. m. Hyde Pule train, ho getting out at South Park Station, near his homo, and sho going ou to Grand Crossing, wboro sho lives. Early yester day mm nine his body was found in a pool of water, face down, under the cattle guard, and under the railroad track, only a few foot from whore ho left the earn the night before. No marko of struggle or violence wore to ho found on the ground or on the body. An inquest was bold by Justice Homo, noting an Coroner, after which deceased's sou-In-law, Adam Noob, took charge of the remains. Tho Commissioners appointed to ascertain the value of (ho old Post-OJllco site and building, ami the city lot at tho comer of Folk street and Fifth avenue, and to report a basis of exchange, have concluded tholr labors, and tho report, as soon as it is signed, will bo forwarded to the Sec retary of tho Treasury. Tho Commissioners re fuse to divulge their conclusion, considering that it la tboir duty to keep it secret; but it may bo announced that they believed, from the evidence adduced, that tho Fost-Ofllco lot and building was worth about as much as tho old Bridewell lot, and havo decided to recommend that tho ex change bo made on oven terms. The abstracts of title of tho Qovormnout lot aro already In tho city, and when those of tho city arc ex amined, the transfer will bo made. Within two weeks at the farthest tho city will bo in posses sion of tho Foat-Onico lot, and shortly after ward tho work of llxing up tho building for tho public library will probably bo oommoncod. Tho Board of Health mot yesterday afternoon. It appears from tho report of the Sanitary Su perintendent that last wook there wore 117 deaths—Bo males and Cl females. Tho total number is seven loss than tho preceding week. There wore 19 deaths by convulsions, 12 by small-pox and consumption, and 7 by bronchitis. Tho moan temperature was 52 degrees, ond tho rainfall 16-100 of an inch. Tho decrease in mor tality is among decedents over 20 years of ago, and males, The highest death-rate is in the Nineteenth Ward, and tho lowest in tho Tenth. Thlrty-ono now cases of small-pox and varioloid woro reported, being nluo loss than for tho pre ceding wook. For tho same time last year, forty nine woro reported. Thoro woro throe more deaths than for tho preceding week, and, for the first time this year, more than for the same time lost year. PERSONAL Gen. J. 0. Black, of Champaign, is at tho Gardner. A. Bodlom Whetham, Esq., of England, ig at tho Gardner. S. S. Gilbert, Esq., of Shanghao, China, is at tho Gardner. Gon. F. D. Bewail, of Washington, D. 0., ia at tho Sherman. William MoKoyos, Manchester, England, ia at tho Sherman. Tho Hon. M. O. Johnson, of Woodstock, is at tho East Side Briggs. Tho Hon. E. E. Elmore, of Fort Howard, Wis., js at the Gault House. Norman Finite loft tho West Side Briggs House last night for St. Louis. B. S. Merrill, Esq., General Manager Milwau kee & St. Paul Ballway, is at tho Shormau. Tho Hon. Joseph YUas. President of tho Mil waukee & Manitowoc Bailroad, is at tho Sherman. Maj. J. B. Fleming, Illinois St&to Penitentiary Oommissioncr, is at tho West Bide Briggs House. Dr. J. S. 0. Bennett, of Coldwator, Mich., is registered at tho West Side Briggs House. D. B. Canfield, Esq., Philadelphia, publisher of tho American Law Jicgister, is at the Gard ner. James H. Howe, General Manager of tho Chicago & Northwestern Bailway, ia at tho Sherman. Mayor Modill has returned; his office is cleaner than it was, and his clerk expectorates over & now piece of matting of a gaudy pattern. Mr. H. H. Gardner, of tho popular Gardner House, will sail for Europe, with his family, in tho steamship Calabria, from Now York, next Saturday. Gen. G. W. Cass, Provident, J. F. Do Lalnio, L. H. Myor, J. L. Ludlum, John B. Jervis, John M. Harding, Directors of tho Northern Pacific Bailway, are at tho Sherman. The following woro at tho Gardner yesterday: A. F. Roberts, W. S. Wallace, G. E. Garlock, Now York ; Dr. J. W. Terraco, St. Paul; J. M. Bailey, Danbury, Conn. ; F. H. Wilkins, Bur lington, Yt. Tho following wore at the Gault Houso yes terday : J. C. Chandler, Milwaukee; E. G. Now hallj Dultoll. O. D. Rogcru, Detroit; J. 13, BtlUnge, Montreal; M. AY. Downy. Plymouth * Dr. IL W. Wales, Lanark. The Hon. Charles E. Gorham, General Man ager, C. D. Gorham, Superintendent, and tho lion. F. Slatahor, Chief Engineer, of tho West Division of tho Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chi cago Railroad, tho Gault House. The following were among tho prominent ar rivals at tbo Sherman yesterday: Lowell Mason, Now York; Charles Collins, Cleveland; Thomas Dolan, Philadelphia; W. 8. Brookhouse, Salem, Maas.; William Young and wife, San Francisco. The following wore at the East Sido Briggs House yesterday: L, Carmichael, Tamah Oily, Ir. ; H. A. Loo, John S. Hawley, New York ; James Wilson, Beilair, Ohio; w. S. Wycoff, Texas; 0. A. Chapin,Newark, N. J.; J. A. Stan wood, Gardner, Mo. Mr. Charles H. Uarriogton, tho talented city editor of tho Jiocky Mountain Hews, of Denver, Col., is iu tho city visiting his many friends bore. Tho latter are doing their best to raako him com fortable, and follow the example of hospitality set by him toward Chicago newspaper men iu tho shadow of tho mountains. Among tho arrivals at the West Side Briggs House: William Smith and wife. Miss Porter, England; H. H. Bay, Duluth; Dr. E. 13. Col lins. Duluth: L. W. Winchester and wife, Now York; James E. Pater, Now Bedford, Mass.; N. H. Dodge, Madison; Thoo. Tames, St. Louis; E. B. Collins, Momonco; J. W. Smith, Liver pool ; L. D. Korn, Torro Haute; Col. W. B. Allen, Aurora; Willard Lamb, Green Bay; Goo. S. Dana, Lincoln; and E. H. Eyer, Delavau. Sorgt. Jaraoß Garrity, of tho Madison Stroot Police Station, departed, for Now York lost even ing, whence he will sail for Ireland next Satur day. Sorgt. Garrity has long been known as an omoiont ofllcor. ono who has performed hie duty fearlessly and honorably. In sixteen years ho has had but ono leave of absence, and that was of short duration. Ho has reserved his pleas ure to bo taken at one mouthful. He will bo kindly remembered during his absence by many friends, who will give him & warm greeting when he returns. Tho Ehodivo has eighty children. Jones, Nevada Senator, is visiting in OfQvo laud, 0., whero ho usod to llvo. Prof. Potora baa named tho last two plonota discovered by him, Antizono and Elootra. Col. Mortimer O’Koan, an old citizen. well known in Southern Illinois, died at his residence in Olnoy a few days since. John E. Coppingor, of Alton. HI., has beon in dicted for being interested iu city contracts while holding the oillco of Alaerm&u. Gen, Giles A. Smith and Gyrus Jones, of Towauda, HI., have purchased a splendid “ rancho ” near San Jose, Gal., Capt. Douglas Pope has boon appointed Audi tor of the Gilman, Clinton & Bpriugfleid Pail road, vcio Joseph Lane, resigned. Tho beautiful Princess Theresa, of Olden burg, lilted a big Grand Duke, out of desire to wed a handsome but obscure music-teacher. So the punctilious Czar elevated tho music-teacher to the dignity of a Baron. President Eliot, of Harvard College, affirms that “ There Is a fundamental, pervading ailTor once between all men and all women, which ex tends to their minds as much as to thoir bodies.'* Prof. Agassiz odds that they need a different

diet. Mrs. Admiral Dahlgron-last Friday gave a lunch party at her residence in Woshmgtou in honor of Mrs. Almira Lincoln Phelps, the well known authoress. Mrs. Phelps is upwards of 80 years of ago, but bears her years remarkably well, as witness tho fact that she has written a now book within a year. Gou. Sheridan, by all tho'accounts of tho late army reunion at Now Haven, was shown to bo emphatically “the soldiers' pot;" for, while Grunt was applauded and Bhornmu drew cheers, ns did every mention of Hancock, the enthusias tic spirit of tho hour was poured lavishly over “Little Phil" as not only tho dashing soldier but gay comrade, who, as ho said himself, “ had eoino hero ou a bum, and did not know whore ho should bring up." Ou the evening of tho 16th inot., Mr. L. E. Conger, a well-known banker, of Dexter,la., started, withhis wife, on a visit to his old homo in Massachusetts. He was in goodhealth and spirits. When tho train was about passing Commerce Mills.—Mr. and Mrs. O. having Just retired to the sleeping-car,—ho foil out of tho berth to tho floor of tho car, doud. Apoplexy was tho causo of bis death. Here is a cheering estimate of character of Senator Timothy O. Howe, which oomos from •AY, MAY 21, 1873. tho Brooklyn JZagic: “Mr. Howe, a Senator who, like Conkling, escapes tho noligibility of Mr. Edmunds, by having begun a now term since the Judicial salaries wore raised, is hardly to bo thought of for tho Ohiof Justiceship. Ho is a pure, prolix, serenely stupid man, who does not think tho Bomiblican party does things be cause they aro right, but wlio thinks tilings aro right because tlio Bomibllcan party does them. A curious compound of .a Christian and a grandmother, tho mention of his name for tho placo scorns to givo a gentle, not a malicious,olo mont of comedy to tho situation." JUBILEE NOTES. The JDoiiot Collroiiiii— Tlio Jubilee Dali JPrvjmi’atloiu, etc. Tho changes and transformations in the groat depot commence to-day, and tho improvised Coliseum will bo in readiness for such rehearsals as may bo uocoesary next week. Tho prepara tions for tho Jubilee Ball are going forward, and tho invitations will ho in tho hands of tho man agers on Saturday. No tickets to tho ball will bo procurable except on an invitation signed by one of tho managers. Tho pricoof tho Jubilee Concert ticltots, $1 each, has only been made possible by tho generosity of tho railroad com panies in giving up their groat depot froo of rout. The arrangements for tho grand orches tra are so nearly complete that full programmes can shortly ho announced. Tho throe Park Boards aro studying a concert ed plan for tho exhibition of the entire park and boulevard system of tho city. Every day adds largely to tho list of oppllca tlous for rooms at tho hotels during Jubilee wook. Tho landlords aro getting ready to add largo transient accommodations far guests. Wo aro glad to notice that tho street improvements are getting along very well, notwithstanding tho unfavorable weather. Clark street is being put in flue condition. Street cleaning is making good progress. A suggestion has boon mado that among tho features of jubilee week the corner-stone of tho groat Inter-State Exposition building on the lake shore bo laid. It would bo a most fitting occasion could It bo mado practicable, to thus prominently place in tho minds of our thousands of visitors tho great enterprise which is to bo tho marvel and pride of onr citizens. It would thus make of tho brief period of Juno Jubiloo what It really is, but tbo prelude to tho gruudor ovout in October. Tho books havo arrived for the Jubilee chorus, and tho chorus Superintendent, Mr. J. A. Butter field has announced tho first rehearsal, which will take place on Thursday evening next at 8 o’clock, in tho Union. Park Congregational Church. Those singers who havo not registered their names should do so at once, as tho books will soon bo closed. It will bo a good oppor tunity for thoso who havo not yet done so to at tend this rehearsal and bo initiated. The com fort of tho singers is in good hands and will bo carefully attended to. Singers will have froo ad misaiQn, and reserved seats. Further informa tion can bo obtained at Jubiloo Headquarters. PROBABLE MURDER. Desperate Affray at a Tliornfon 'Wed* ding—One itlan Itvliovcd to Do Fa- tally Cnjurcil. On Sunday night Inst a serious affray took place at Thornton, a Holland settlement, in this county, which will probably result iu the death of a young man named Mead. Tho disgraceful affair was the finale to a wedding which took placo in tho town at tho time referred to. Tho nuptials woro witnessed by a largo number of railway employes, who wont out from this city. Boer flowed freely during tho progress of tho wedding, and, when morning began to appear, there woro few sober persons in tho party. Early in tho evening Mead and a young man named Fred. Long had disputed between themselves regarding some trivial matter. About 2 o’clock in tho morning, Mead, becoming enraged at some remark made by Long, struck tbo latter in tho face. Tho blow was returned, and then rogivon, and, Anal ly, Long’s friends fell upon Mead, out! so brutally beat him that bis death is momen tarily expected. Tho fata! injury is a frac ture of tho skull, produced by a club, which was used freely by a parly whoso whereabouts is not known. Long is employed as a brakesman by tho Chicago, Danville & Vin cennes Company, and was arrested by Detective ponuis Simmons, at their depot, yesterday morning, and is now in prison at tho Central Station. D. J. Moad,« a brother of the injured man, was iu tbo city yesterday afternoon, and stated that his brother ban boon unconscious otor dluoo Oumlnr morning, Tho affair brut caused much excitement in Thornton, where Mead iu highly regarded. OCEAN NAVIGATION. CUNAEB MAIL LINS. Established ia<io. Steam Between New York, Boston, and Liverpool. FROM NEW YORK ....May 17 I Russia .... ....May‘.M I Java,.,.... ...May 111 I Cuba Am! from Bostons Tuesday. Cabin PajMiiffLS SSO,S_ ' ami SJ 30, Gold Steerage Passage. S3O ourr oy. Passengers and freight booked to and from nil parts of Kurupo at lowest rates. olgutDraftaouOreat Britain, Irolaad. and tlioContinent. I*. 11. DU VEUNKT. Uou’l West'll Agent. N. \\. cur. Clark and Kaudolph-sts. Batavia., Calabria. Partbla., MTiMIi LINE. Sailing from Now York for Queenstown and Liverpool every Saturday, and for Loudon direct every fortnight. Caliui Passage SBO, S9O, aui SIOO Currency. Excursion Ticket* at favorable rates. Intending pas sengers should make early application for berths. STEERAGE, $99.00 currency. Prepaid steerage tickets from Liverpool, Queenstown, Londonderry, Glasgow, Oardllf, Bristol, orLondon, $31.00 currency. Passengers booked to or from German and Scandina vian points at low rates. Tho Steamships of this lino are tho largest In tho trade. Drafts on Great Britain, Ireland, and too Continent. WILLIAM MACALISTER, .. .. . . Oen’l Western Agent, Northeast corner Clark and Randolph'Sta. (opposite now bhemiau llouso), Chicago. Sailing twice a week from Now York, and carrying pas sengers to all parts of Groat Britain, Ireland, Continental Europe, and the Mediterranean. Cabin from $65; Siour* ago, British aud Irish ports east, S3O; west, $39. Conti* nuuial ports same as other rogularhnus. All payable iu U. S. currency. Apply for lull information at tho Com pany’s offices, No. 7 Bowling Green, Now Vork, amlN. E. corner LaSalle and MndlsonsU., Chicago. HENDERSON BROTHERS, Agents. ALLAN LINE Montreal Dim Steamy Co. First-class Steamships, Unsurpassed for Speed aud Comfort, running on tho Shortest Sea Kriutcs between EUROPE AND AMERICA RATES OF PASSAGE: CABIN as low as by any other FIRST-CLASS LINES. Return tickets at great reduction, HTEKItAGE Tickets oitlior to or from Europe, also at lowest rates, and through to polnU In tho West lower than by other linos. RATES OP FREIGHT: Tariff arranged on all alnssos Merchandise from Liver pool or Glasgow THROUGH to Chicago. For other Information, or freight contracts, apply at tho Company's Olfloo, 73 nml 34 LaSalloat. ALLAN A CO., Agents. STATE LINE STEAMSHIP COMPANY. NEW YORK ANI> GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL, BEL FAST AND LONDONDERRY, Tliono elegant new alcamors will nail from State Lino Flor. Fulton Forry, Brooklyn, N. Y, hh as follws: I‘KNNSYLVANIA, ‘J.tKAI lou*,, Wednesday. May?. GEORGIA, 3.800 Urns !.....iWodncßday. .Tuno L VIRGINIA, if,tOO tons, Wednesday, Juno 19. Fortnightly thereafter. AUSTIN BALDWIN A CO.. .. _ Agents, 73 Broadway, N. Y. Htoorago office, 46 Broadway, N. V. COAL. Goal Reduced. *Wb soil Lackawanna at $10; Briar Hill, Kirkland Grate, Wabash and Illinois Coal, and all kinds of Wood at corresponding rates. O. 11. DYRR & CO., Wabash-ay. and Madioon-st.. DISSOLUTION NOTICE. DISSOLUTION. J. M. Wallace this day retires from Urn llrm of Wallace Bros. Busluuss to this dn(u will Imauttlud by him. R. H. Wallace anil J, Q. Bavnga will coiillimo tho Genera) Oonimlislou Ruiilmtss umiur tho samn uiiiiiu ami stylo, at BO Eiohaugo BuMlug. .1. M. WALLAGE, „ WAM.AGIC. May 30. 1878. J. U. BAY AGE. AMUSEMENTS. ACADEMY OF MUSIC. llnlatcd-st., near Madison. GRAND MATINIiIS TO-DAY BY THU THEATEE OOMIQUE COMBINATION, From 6H IlrumlwAy. Now York. MATINHIS, MATrWjR, MATINLIS. MATINKK. MATIN IS li, _ TO-DAY AT 3 O’CLOCK. mim; mm nAnnTOAN*i r aJA?.- ATa ° ,OLOtJK ' joiin iiaut; 1 JOHN WILD. FRANK KISIINS, JOHN QUHKN. LARRY TOOLISY. JOHN WILLI A M&, J AMISS IJROAUY, 0.1. arouTK. id Saturday, Lntlro change of Matlnoo Wednesday atn bill every week. HOOLEY’S THEATRE. COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT TO CHARLES H. WILSON, Thursday Afternoon, May 22* 1873, Tendered him by M’o entire Dramatic Profession of tho ally. America's UtuiU Artists, MISS LAURA KEENE MR. EDWIN ADAMS Have kindly consented to appear. Tho porfonnanob will commence precisely nt 2 o'clock p. ni. M^OKEffSTHEATRE. TUB BRILLIANT AND POPULAR ACTOR, Edwin Adams, Every evening until further nolloo. and SATURDAY MATINEE, In hid groat specially, founded on Tennyson's Poem, entitled ENOCH ARDEN, which will bo produ ced with now and beautiful Bconory and novel Mechanical Klfeots. AIKEN’S THEATRE. Every evening, until further nolloo, nnd at tho Wednes day and Saturday Mallnco, Laura Keene, AND HER COMEDY COMBINATION, in Tom Taylor’s famous Comedy, OUR AMERICAN COUSIN! (Unaltered and unabridged). LAURA KEENE at FLORENCE TRENCHAKD, as originally played by hoc ovor LOW times la tho United States. HOOLEY’S THEATRE. REST COMPANY IN AMERICA. Great Novelty Week! . Two IlrllliantComcdioß! Wednes day, Matlnoo and Night, Friday, Saturday Matl noo, Tom’taylur'a splendid drama With tho foil strength of tho alar cnmjianv In the cast. 1 unsday and Thursday Evenings, Hartley Campbell's last ami greatest succots, 3R.ISKIJ3 : W!lh the powerful c iat. Monday, Mar2o, "THROUGH HUE." In preparation, Tim GENTLE SAVAGE. AMPHITHEATRE. iFomiorly Nixon's.) THIRD WEEK AND WONDERFUL SUCOEGS OF "V-A-IKTIBIEZ. CHANGE OF PROGRAMME I Monday, May It*, and every evening during tho wool:. LADIES' MATINEE SATURDAY. NEW PUBLICATIONS. LIPPINCOTT'S UAGiZII. AN ILLUSTRATED MONTHLY OP POPULAR LITERATURE ATO SOIEN OE JTTST ISSUED, THE JUNE NUMBER, COMPLETING VOLUME XI., WITH NUMEROUS BEAUTIFUL ENGRAVINGS. COHSTTEKrTS = 1. A NEW ATLANTIS. Illustrated. 3. THE UOU.MI IN KABYLLA. Concluding Paper, lllust rntml. 3. A REMINISCENCE OF THE EXPOSITION OF IHO7. By lui Anlol I'n'kon. 4. BLAINS oaK'l'LlC. lly th- 1-dy Blanche Murphy. 6. OUR HOME IN THE TYROL. Chapters 8 and 4. By Maryam Ilmvitt. 6. SAINT ROMUALDO. A Poem. By Emma Laza* rue. 7. A PRINCESS OF THULE. A Serial Novel. Chap tom 8 ami 9. By William Black, author of "Tho Strange Adventures of a Phaeton." 8. THE K.tniRALD. By A. O. Hamlin, M. D. 9. BERRYTOWN. A Serial Story. Chapters 8-10. By Rebecca Harding Davis. 10. BOWERY ENGLAND. By Wirt Sikes. 11. DAY-DREAM. A Poom. By Katu Putnam Osgood. 13. OUR MONTHLY OOSSIP:-Mr. Gladstone ana His I.\mlly; Whitsunday among the Mannlsts; Tho Raw American, by Prentice Wulford: Farewell Nut ns. 13. LITERATURE OF THE DAY. lIPPINCOTTS MAGAZINE Is for Sale by all Book and Nows Dealers. TERMS.—Yearly subscription, SI.OO. Single number, 85 cents. .May 21 .May 28 .Juno 4 Specimen number, with Special and very Liberal Pro* nium List and Club Ratos, moiled, postage paid, to any idarcsson receipt of SO cents. J. B. LffPICOTT & CO,, Pnljlislißrs, 716 and 717 Markot-st., Philadelphia. f!7“Spoclal Agent for tho ealo of tho Magazine and Binding Volumes, O. H. BURROWS, 169 South Clarlt-st., Chicago. 15,000 Copies Sold! OF DITSON 4 CO.’S UNEQUALED OEMS OF mu, Containing all tho host Strauss Waltzes, Polkas, Mazur* kas, Galops, Quadrilles, 40. 260 pages. Price, $2.60. This extraordinary collection of Strauss* host music has achieved a great success, and edition aflor edition has been Issnou to fill the popular and steadily increasing demand; 16.000 copies sold since November last testify to its popularity. Among Its "Goins*' are tho "Blue Danube." "1,001 Nights," "Man* hattan," "Wine, Woman, and Song," "Now Vienna." GEMS •aasw.jaa?' GEMS op Bolls, "aud 60 oih* __ or waltzes; OF STRAUSS STRAUSS the Track" Galop; "One Heart, Ono boul," Mazurka; and2oother choice jPolkas. Mazurkas, Quadrilles,do. Price, $9.60 In board covers; $3 in cloth; $4 In gilt. Also. Just published: ‘‘StriuiMej Uunct*Dlti(ilcl«r Violin and Plnno.” Being a collection of the host Strauss Music,olfocllvolyarranged forPlmoandVlolln. Price, sl. Sold by all Book ami Music Dealers. Published by OLIVER DITSON & 00., OH AS. H. DITSON & CO., BOSTON". 711 B'dway, Now York. LYON & HEAIiY, Chicago. FINANCIAL, LAKE SBOEE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILWAY COMPANY. NEW SINKING FUND BONDS, COUPON AM* REGISTERED, $6,000,000. Ronds Duo Oct. It 1882, with Intercut at Seven pur Cent, payable sumt-nnmmlly, April and October, at the olilcu of tho - Union Trust Co, of Now York* $000)000) or Tou per Coat of tlio Loan, to bo retired annually by the Sinking Fund, Coupon Bonds of SI,OOO oaob, Eeglstered Bonds of SI,OOO, $6,000 and SIO,OOO each, Price, 94 and Accrued Interest, EOBINSOK, CHASE & CO. TKEES, No. 18 Broad-st., New York, BUSINESS CARDS. 0. E LAWRENCE & 00, I’KOVIBION AND riIOUUOK COMMISSION MEKOHANTS, NKW ORLEANS. LA. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. Explanation op nrirnr.NCß MAlMli.-t Saturday «• copied. • Sunday oxooptod. 1 Monday excoptod. |Ar» rivo Sundayatß:ooa. m. (Dally. MICHIGAN CENTRAL t> GREAT V Depot, ./oof qf lake tt . amt fo Jtrket ojHee, 76 6Vinaf-<(., cor AT MATINBB TO DAY, 2 P. M, Mall (via main and air 1in0)...... Day Express .Jackson Accommodation......... AlUntio Express Night Express INDIANAPOLIS VIA PEIIU HOAD. Mail Night Express ouand hapii.b and pentwateu. Morning Kxpross Night Expre55.......... MISS JENNIE HUGHES. MISS ADA WRAY, MISS KITTY TII.STON, CHICAGO & ALTON R Chiragn, Alton ifc A'f, Poult Throw (.Vo.) new ihnrt roulefrom Chicagt Depot, HVi», near .>/nd(»en«rf Bt. Louis A Springfield Express, via Main Lin0,..,, Kansas Cl'y Fast Express, via Jacksonville, 111,, and Loulsl ana, Mo Wonona, Laoon, Vvashlngloa Ex press (Western Division.) Joliet A Dwight Aooimiu'datlon. Bt. Louis A Sprlnatiiild Lightning Express, via Main Line, andalso via Jacksonville Division Kansas Ulty Express, via Jack sonville, 111,, A Louisiana, Mo.. JelTorson City Kxpross.... Peoria, Kookuk A Burl’n Ex AND HDally, via Main Line, and dall Jftcksonvllln Division. Jt Dally, v except Monday, via Jacksonville I CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & SI Union Depot, earner Mmllson anil 03 South Clnthst,, opposite Shervt Milwaukee. Bt. Paul A Minneap olis Day Kxpross Milwaukee A Prairie da Chlon Mall and Express Milwaukee. St, Paul A Mlnnoap olla Night Express CHICAGO. BURLINGTON &OI Depoti—Foot r\f Lake-et., Indiana ami Canal and Slxleenlh‘ite. House, A'o, 69 Clark-el,, and at dt Mall Ottawa and Stroator Passenger. Dubuque and Sioux City Exp... I’acllic Fast Lino... OalosburgPasaongor..,."!! Mondota >i Ottawa Passenger... Aurora Passenger Aurora Passenger... Aurora Passenger (Sunday) Dubuque A Sioux City Exp...... Pacliio Night Express' Downer’s Grove Accommodation: Downer’s Grove Accommodation! ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. Depot foot of lAiUe-st. and foot nJ Tieenty-eecond-et. Ticket o.[lire, 7S Cuim(-»(., earner t\f Jfadiion. Bf. Louts Express Ht. Louis Past Lino Cairo Mail Cairo Express Hprlugliuld Express Springhold Express Dubuque A Sioux City Ex Dubuque A Sioux City Ex '•Oilman Passenger Hide Park and Oak W00d5....... HydoParkond Onk Woods llydo Park and Oak Woods Hyde Park and Oak Woods. llydo Pork and Oak Woods llydo Park and Oak Woods llydo Park and Oak Woods Hyde Park and Oak W00d5....... llydo Park and Oak Woods •*On Saturdays (bis train will bo CHICAGO & NORTHWEST! Ticket office, 31 li'eit .' Pacific Fast Lino Dubuque Day Ex. via Clinton... l acllic Night Express Dubuque Night Ex. via Clinton. Pi eopurt & Dubuque Express.... r rooport <t Dubuque Express.. Milwaukee Mall Milwaukee Express Milwaukee P&ssongor Milwaukee Passenger (daily).... Croon Day Express 8(, Paul Express Green Bay Express. St. Paul Express CHICAGO, ROCK ISLAND & I Depot, corner q/* Uarr(««n ami Sh Omaha, Loavonw’thAAtchison Ex Peru Accommodation Night Express Leavenworth A Atchison Express LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROAD. Depot, corner IlarHton anil Sherman-th. Ticket ofteei, northicett corner Clark and Itandolph-eU,, ami touthweel corner Canal and Madison-eU, MMI, via A!r Lino and Mala Lino • (3:10 a. m. • apodal Now York Express, via Air Lino • 9 : ooa. m. • Afinnllo Express, via Air Lino.. 6:15 p. m. XSlpht Express, via Mala L1u0.,.. *t9:lX)p.m. *4 Elkhart Accommodation •SHOP, m. v South Chicago Accommodation.. 12:00 m. CHICAGO. DANVILLE & VINCENNES RAILROAD. Faseeirter Depot at l\, C. (LSI, Louie Depot, comer of Ca nal am I Limie-iU, Freight and Ticket office 168 Waehing.lon-el. EvftUßvll'le*A Torre Hauto *Ex*!| * 7:00 p. in. PITTSBURGH. FORI WATNE & UHICAGO RAILROAD. Day Express... Pacific Express rast Lino Mall Valparaiso Accommodation. CHICAGO & PACIFIC RAILROAD. _ . (OPEN TO HOBELUJ.) Depot comer Daisied and JVorlh Jlranch-sts. General oftn Id Metrojialitan Uloek, corner Randolph and LaStille-sts, Roselle Accommodation River Park Accommodation. River Park Accommodation. CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS & CINCINNATI THROUGH LINE. VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. JVorn the Great Central Jiaitroad Depot, foot of Lake-st, For through licJ<ets ami steepinj-ear berths apply at 'i'iclett Office, 75 C’aiiat-it,, comer SSaditon; 120 Washinyton-st.i also foot oj' I'lcentu-eecond-tt. Lcavo Chicago ~ Arrive at Indianapolis Arrive at Cincinnati Only lino running Saturday night train to Cincinnati. Pullman sleepers on night trains. COBURN Medical Institute, 175 and 177 South Olark-st,, cornar Monroo, Chicago, founded and conducted by Dr. J. O, Coburn, for the treatment and cure of all forms of uhronlo and special diseases in both soxes. This Institute Is unquestionably too most scientific In tbUoouniry for tho treatment ol diseases. Dr. Coburn Is a regular gr&duato of modlolue, and has three diplomas from tho best colleges in ths world, and has had mure oxpudouoo in the treatmen iol private diseases than any physician In Chicago. Younj men who require a physician never fall to find speedy re lief and a permanent cure at tho hands of Dr. Coburn, bond two stamps for Ida books on malo and fom&lo disease to ®PJ r J‘vl‘ ro ‘ 8 t * u sealed envelopes. Address lottors, Dr. J. O. COUURN, 175 and 177 South Olark-at., Chicago. 111, Allconuuentlal, OUioo hours: oa. in. tod p. m.: Sunday. a to 4 p. m. DR. C. BIGELOW CONFIDENTIAL PHYSICIAN, 4M Stato-st., Chicago. It Is well known by all readers of tbo papers, that Dr. O. Bigelow Ib tho oldest established physician in Chicago, bolonce am! experience havo mado Ur. B. tho most ro* Downed SPECIALIST of tho ago, honored by tho press, esteemed of tho highest medical attainment* by nil the medical Institutes of tho day, haring devoted TWENTY YEARS UB HIS LIFE in perfecting roinoilltm that will S l ‘ r «.P°^‘' T Bly all cases of CHRONIC AND SPECIAL DISEASES in both sexes. CONSULTATION FREE. SEPARATE PARLORS for Indies and gentlemen. Call. CORRESPONDENCE UUNI'IDUNTFAIi. Addressull letters, withstamps, to Ur. 0. BIUKLOW. No. -Hit State-st. 1 S8 Sml Dr. Kean, 300 South Olai'k-st., Chicago, May ho confidentially consulted, personally or by mall, free uf charge, cm all chronic or nervous diseases. UR. J, KKaN Is tho only physician in tho city who war* rants cures or noimv. ... Green Book rent tor 50 cents. Illustrated with immer* ous lino engravings. DR. A. Or. OLIN, IMSouth, Chicago, tho longeiit engaged and most successful Specialist lu tho treatment of oil private, chrunle, and nervous dliuasos in both sexes. Send two st.unpa for Medical Treatise. Full Information. Con sultation free. Correspondence conlldontlnl. (Separate rooms fur ladtosondKomlumon. Board, attendance, etc IMR- 3^O3STIiOE, Tin* most succossful physician in tho city in t no treatment of Private Chronic, and Uunllo-Urlnary Diseases, of both stnes. All fomulo diseases treated with safety and sue. cess. Citrus guaranteed. Corruspondmicu ooullduuilal. Hjmt stamps tor loidlua* Circular and •* Eureka" Pamph* lot. Uilico hours tin. m. to Bp, m. Mondays. U 106 p. m, Address DU. MONUOE, 277 and 371> South Olark-st., our. > an Huron, Chicago, 111. _____ PRESCRIPTION FREE For the speedy euro of Nervous Debility. Marly Decay, and the whole train of gloomy attendants, Loss of Memo ry, Energy, Ac. Any druggist, has the Ingredients, Ad* dross Dll. UILTON A CU., Cincinnati. Ohio. RAILROAD TIME TABLE. Spring* Arrangement. WESTERN RAILROADS oof rtf' Ticenti/'teeond-it inter of MadUon, leave. • fi:3da m. * IhiHiA. m. ( 8:35 p. m. & ft:ls p, m. 1*9:00 p.m. * 5:30 a, tn. 19:10 p. m. 0,00 a. m. 19:10 p. m. HENRY i Qem O. WKNTW local L’uasonci RAILROAD. ugh Line, nm goto Kansas C it. bri'lje. leave. * OilS a. in. * 0:16 a. m. • 4:10 p. m. * 4:10 p. ra. 119:00 p. m. 110:00 p. ra. 1I9;00 p. m. • 9:00r, m. lly oxcopt Saturday, via via Main line, and doily . Division. ir. PAUL RAILWAY. f Curuit-sti,; Ticket Qflet man House, and at Depot, leave. *0:00 a. ra. J 7:20 a. m. '4:3 op, m. *ll2O a. m. It 0:00 p. m. I* 6:00 p. m. JUINCY RAILROAD. a-av,, and Sixteenth-*!., Ticket office* in liriggt ittiuli. Leave. Arrite. * 7:45 a. m. • 4.15 p. ro. 7:45 a. m. 8:00 p. m. * 9:10 a. m. * 2:18 p. mi *10:00 a. m. *B:l6p. m. 1 8:15 p. m. * 8:00 p. mi * 4:30 p. m. * 0:55 a. m. * 1:45 p. m. * 8:15 a. m. * 0:30 p. m. * 8:55 a. m. I.OOp. m. 9:55 a. mi tO'GOp. m. t 7:00 a. m. ill :00 p. m. 1 6:00 a. ra4 1*11:00 a. in. • 5:00 p. m. i* C;lsp. m. * 7:18 a. m. Leave, * 7:80 a. m. t 8:16 p. m. 1 7;8il a. in. t 8:15 p. m. * 7:30 a. yn. t 8:15 p. m. * 9:15 a. m. t 9:liop. m. * 5:15 p. m. * 8:10 a. u. * 7:10 a. m. 4 9:00 a. ro. (13:10 p. m. ‘ 8:00 p. m. * 4:80 p. m. * 5:15 p. in. * 6:l0p. m. *Il:0Up. m. 1 run to Champaign. FERN RAILROAD. Madleon-et, Leave, J *10:15 a. m. * 3:45 p. m. 10:15 a. m. 8:45 p.m. tl0:l5p. m. £6:30 a. m. Ill:tr> p. m. <3:80 a. ro. * 9:15 a. m. * 2:00 p. m. * 9:15 p. m. * 7:00 a. ra. * 8:00 a. ro. *10:15 a. ro. * 9:30 a. ro. * 4:UOp. m. * 5:00 p. m. * 7:40 p. ro. {11:00 p. ro. 4 6:00 a.ra. 9:40 a. ro. * 7:15 p. in. •10:10 n. m. 6.00 p. in. * 9:00 p. m. * 0:20 a. ra. 19:30 p. in. t6:soa. ro. PACIFIC RAILROAD. herman-ett, Tieliet office, r on*et. Leave, *10:15 a. m. • 8:15 p. m. * 6:00 p. m. • 9:30n. in. tl0:W)p. in. 1 7:00 a. m. tl0:00p.m. | 7:00 a, in. Leave, Leave, I* 7:<Q «, m.|* IHOp, m. Leave, • 9:OHn. m. 1 {5:10 p. m. ( t'lkuup. m. t 1 • {:55 a. ni. * * 3:40 p. m. Leave. 6:00 p.m. 0:10 a.m. 6:15 n.m. 1U:51 a.m. 8:30 p.m. 7:21 p.m. • 8:00 a. m. $ 8:00 p. m • 4:2U p. m. } 3:50 a. in • 9:30 p. tn. { 0:15 a. m MEDICAL CARDS. A rrlve. * 8:46 p. ro. * 8:00 p. m. (10:20 a. ra. i H:00». m. 1*0:30 a. m. •8:« p. m. *6:00 am. 8:00 p. in, *6:(H)a. m. TORTH, ;ar Agent. <1 Louisiana Clti/. Union Arrive, * 8:l0p. ra. * 8:10 p, ra. * 8 ;I0 p. m, * 0:10 a. m. *17:30 p. m. 117:3 ft a. m. 1*7:30 0. m. i* ftjlOp. m -Irrfre. Arrive, * 0:00 p. m. 1 7:55 a. ro. * 9:09 p. m. * 7:65 a. m. * 9:00 p, m. * 7:55 s. m. * 2:00 p. ro. * 7:00 a. m. 1 9:00 a. m. * 6:49 a. m. * 7:45 a. m. * 8:40 a. m. * 9.-00 a. m. 410:30 a. ro 4 lilfin. m * 6:20 p. m. * 6:65 p, in. * 7:35 p. m. Arrive, Arrive. Arrive. 9:20 p, m. 8:00 p. in. 8:00 a. m. in. ‘iosiua. ra. 1:60 p. m. Arrive. It 7:30 a. ia Arrive, ; 7:30 p. m. 6:30 a. m. r's:oo a. m. * 6:10 p. m. ' 6;o0 a. ui. Arrive.

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