Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 21, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 21, 1873 Page 6
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MONEY AND COMMERCE MONETARY. Tuesday Evening, May 2f). The local money market continues tolerably Well supplied with funds. Tho National Banks aro endeavoring to keep pretty strong, because ihoy havo boon expecting a call from tho Comp troller for a statement, for several weeks past, though there is no moro reason for oxpeoting it toow than thoro was a week or two ago. As far ms tho futuro can ho foreseen now, thoro seems no reason to fear hut that money will remain tolerably easy all this spring and summer. In tho open market, money is to bo had on primo -collaterals at 10 per cent, aud while some of tho 'banks oro buying outside paper at considerably ■higher rates than that, they aro also offering to Joan on call at 10 and oven at 8 per cent. 1 Owing to an Increase in tbo country demand tor currency, and partly also to an increase of exchange, tho price of Now York exchange drop ped from par yostorday to 600 per SI,OOO dis count to-day. TUB SPRING TRADE of Chicago has not hoou up to tho expectations of our wholesalers and Jobbers. Considering tho exiromo backwardness of tho season. It could not well ho otherwise. But while many of tho merchants .complain of * smaller volume of trado than they probably would havo had if tbo woathor had been moro propitious, wo hoar of no such in timations or an ontlro failure of tho spring trade «a oomo to ns from Now York. Thoro, tho late boss of tho • season has prevented any demand ■for an important and expensive class of dry goods Intended for tho Intermediate weather be tween winter and summer. Tho advance in tho price of gold since the beginning of tho year has &Ibo deranged the calculations of many of tho importers, and involves considerable losses in cases whore Importers had sold goods to cus tomers eomo months ago on a basis of green backs worth 67 to 88 cents on tho dollar, and now find that ihoy must replace thorn with greenbacks worth only 84 to 85 cents on tho dollar. A higher price for gold implies a lower price for tho commodities ex changed for it, unless the currency prices aro prompt to rise in accordance with the advance in gold, which Is not often the case. It frequently requires some months before prices of commodi ties rise in accordance with the rise in the price of gold. Tho prices of our products, which are fixed in gold in tho groat consumers’ markets, lilco Liverpool, and fluctuate from day to day ia all the markets of this country in accord ance with tho fluctuations in Liverpool, follow tho prico of gold vory quickly. Bui with manufactured aud imported goods it is different. When gold advances rapidly their J trices lag behind, and for a timo thoy are owor in gold in this country than before the advance iu gold began, and vice versa, when gold declines rapidly and steadily, their moro slowly-moving prices make tho actual gold vuluo of the current prices of imported aud manufactured goods higher than it should be. It follows, therefore, that daring the process of a rise iu gold the importers ana manufacturers suffer, and during tho process of a decline thoy gain moro than their apparent profits. REDEMPTIONS OF CURRENCY. A few days ego the Postmaator-Gonoral de cided that after the let of July loiters containing currency sent through tho mails to or from' tho Treasurer of tho United States.may ho registered without charge, but tho postage on them must bo paid as on all other like mailable matter. TUE NEW TRADE SILVER DOLLAR authorized by tho “Coinage act of 1873 ” will weigh 420 grains, which is eight grains heavier than tho old silver dollar, aud will bo worth iu silver. BAN FIIANCIBCO BANKS. The now “ Anglo-Cnliforniau ” Bank to be es tablished in San Francisco is to have a capital of $G,000,000, or just about equal to that of tho B&uk of California, which has a capital of $6,- 000,000 and a surplus of somewhere near sl,- 000,000. Thoro ore now fear National gola noto banks iu California,—oue iu Sacra mento with a capital of $300,000, ono in San Diego with a capital' of $200,000, and two in San Francisco with an aggregate cap ital of $2,600,000. Including tho new bank first mentioned, tho aggregate capital of tho com mercial banks of Ban - Francisco will be $17.- 000,000.' TUE POST-OFFICE SAVINGS BANKS OF ENGLAND have been a success in that country. Tho plan was introduced by Mr. Gladstone twelve years ago. Since thattiinoS, people havo opened accounts in theso postal banks, making deposits in tbo aggregate of $800,000,000. Tho withdrawals, a portion of which, of course, was accrued in terest, amounts to $170,000,000 ; while at tho present time, 1,600,000 persons have their savings invested in these banks to the amount of $100,000,000. Tho Interest allowed on deposits is 4 per cent. One of tho features that recom mend this plan to tho public is that tbo depositor can. upon identification, draw bis money at any post-office in tho country, thus securing, to some extent, tho advantages of a traveling letter of credit. ' Notwithstanding those advantages in cident to tho system in England, it is doubtful if they would not bo overbalaucod by the whole institution being turned into a political machine If it woro established in tho United States, as proposed by tho Administration. LOCAL STOCK AND BOND MARKET. Messrs. Lunt, Preston & Kean quote as fol lows this afternoon: _ n „ _ Buying, Selling. 6-2050f’62 115 V 110 6-20s of ’64 US7X 11CV B-20sof *65 ....117V 117 V B-20a of *65, Jan. and Ju1y,,....... ..übj* 118 V 5-20* of *67, Jan. and July ...I2o>£ 130 V 5-20sof *OB, Jan. and July 118*; 118K IU IH# D 8.6s (aaw Isfluo) 114 Y 114Y iwk ink GoldConpon* 117Y 117 V Gold Exchange 117# Sterling Exchange 108?;@110V Northern Pacific Gold 7-30 a 100 A lot, Chicago City 7a OOtf * lut. OOtf A lut. Illinois County and Township 10s. 02®08 .... REAL ESTATE. The following instruments wore filed for rec ord on Tuesday, May 20: CITY PROPERTY, Lot 85 in Block IB of etf Sec. 31,39,14, dated May 3; consideration, $550. Milwaukee av, near n w cor Chicago av, a e f, Lot 18 dated May 14; consideration, $8,300. ’ The premises No, 6C2 Archer av, dated May 7 • con sideration, $2,100. Hurlbut at, aof Black Hawk at, e f, 25 foot to alley dated Slay 9,1870 ; consideration, $3,000. * Lot 30 In Block 4, OdshUl’s Sccoud Addition, dated Hay 10; conaldoratlon, S7OO. Loti 18 and 08 to 103 in Scott’i Seo 14, SO, 13, dated March 25; consideration, $3,500. E H of Lot 80, in Block IS, of a o & Soo 20, SO, 14, dated April 31; consideration. SBSO. Lot 6, of n % Lot 4, In Block 1, llockwoll’a Addition, dated May C; conolderation, SI,OOO. The premises No. 103 Caunlport at, dated May 17 • consideration. $5,050. ' Moore it, 135 ft wof floyne st, af, 125x124 ft; dated May 16; consideration, $4,000, B 34 WK of w 34 of u 315 83-100 ft of Lot 88, Butter field’s Addition, dated May 30; consideration, SBOO. Lot 66, In Hull’s Lota 60, 01, Ac., in Butterfield's Addition, dated May 20; consideration, $1,700. Lota 108 and 107, Block 27, Shofllvld’a Addition, dated March 31: consideration, $1,300. Sixteenth st. bet Paulina at and Ashland ay, s f, Lot 93, dated April 1; consideration. SI,OOO. Bt. Louis it, near Twenty-tint at, of, 75x122,V ft, dated May 16; consideration, SI,BOO. North Carpenter at, 108 ft u of Klu/.10 at, w f, 20x110 ft, dated May 9; consideration, $1,500. North Dearborn st, nw cor of Huron at, of, 65x00 ft, dated May 20; consideration, $4,600. Ashland av, 210 ft nof West Indiana at, of, 24x123V ft, dated May IS; consideration, $1,600. ' Calumet av, 150 ft u of Twenty-fourth at, w f, 25x 1781-10 ft, dated May 10; consideration, $13,600. Thirty-ninth st, wof and near Langley at, a f, 1603/ ft to alley, dated May 6; consideration, $14,085. Hubbard at, near s e corner of Ada at, undivided 34 of Lot IS, dated May 20 ; consideration, S7OO. Lot 15, in Bub-block 1, of Block 20, Bee. 7, 30, 14, dated April 1; consideration, $576. * State at, 22 ft a of Quincy at, 0 f, 20 ft, running to end of Lot 16, dated April 21: consideration, $25,000. North Peoria st, between Lake and llandolph sta, w f, 25 ft to alley, dated May 1; consideration, $3,000. Lota 42 and 43, in Mather A Taft’s Addition, dated May 16 ; consideration, $4,000. Park av, between Oakley and Leavitt its, ■ f, 48 ft to alley, dated March 20 ; conaldoratlon, $3,000. Bummer st, 25 ft s of Twenty-ninth at, e f, 25x124 ft, dated March 10; consideration, $760. Bummer st, 160 ft a of Twenty-ninth at, 0 f, 25x124 ft, dated May 7; consideration. SBOO. Olyloum av, near s 0 cor of Lorrsboe at, n e f, S3 ft to Larraboo st, dated May 10; consideration, $4,600. Lot 23, In Block 3of » x Block 9, See 83, 30,14, dated March 1. 1871; consideration, $2,000. West Twenty-second at, 125 ft w of Lincoln st, n f. 73x124 ft, dated Jan. 20; consideration, $3,500. Oakley at, n of and near Taylor at, e f, 2034x1251/ ft. dated April 10; consideration, $957.* ™ * ' KOIITU OVOITY LIMITS. Lots 6 and 0 in Block 27, Ilavouswood. dated Jan 27 1811: consideration, $1,690. * ' Lots 7 and 8 in Block 2. Bavenawood, dated Deo 22 1871! con.ldflr.tlon, 11,500. ’ “ ' ' Lot 68 In Bheldon et ah Block 19, of tkieV Seo. 89, 40, 14, dated April 23 ; consideration, SB6O. fl/Wt.f'Kf AV AT'im t Tlft-n boutu ov orn limits, Lot 13 in Block S, of n74 rods of no V Bee. 4. 88.14. dated April 17; consideration, SBOO. WIST or CITY LIMITS. Bingham «t, sir front Lot llfl In Block 1, of Staves' noif of flee, 30, 40,13, dated May 10 ; consideration, $450. COMMERCIAL. Tuesday Evenino, May 20. Tho following wore tho receipts and shipments of tho loading articles of produce In Chicago during tho past twenty-four hours, and for tho corresponding date ono year agoi I lIKOUIPTS. SHIPMENTS, I 1878. t 1872. 1878. 1872. Flour, brls ' 0,478 6,233 12,952 4,602 Wheat, bu 1 88,200 0,880 80,0:15 8,108 Corn, bu 140,970 143,380 117,400 133,777 Oatfl, In (19,800 01,100 20,102 80,003 Bye. bu 2,444 3,916 BHft Harley, lm 1,30(1 050 8,107 10,229 Grass seed. lbs 70,078 41,000 28,920 22,907 Flaxseed, lbs 4,780 Broom corn, 1b5..., 12,600 28,000 23,460 ’ Cured meats, lbs.*.. 19,800 110,870 240,401 208,682 Beef, brlfl 70 Pork, brlfl. ; 28 349 495 Lard, lbs 7,390] 67,009 100,001 Tallow, Iba 10,610 11,700 33,650 1,200 Butter, Iba 63,970 60,240 3,180 1,009 Live bogs, No 11,609 11,U80| 0,483 0,870 Cattle, No 6,810 4,246 2,200 2,060 Sheep, No 401 401 Hides, lb 89,743 67,900, 78.207 187,188 Ulghwiuea, brls.... 646 341 140 108 Wool, lbs 27,136 41,010, 32,227 132,907 Potatoes, bu 19,041 6,163) 4,626 006 Lumber, mft 8,618 0,692 2,CBi 1,697 Shingles, m 2,666 3,268 1,189 993 Latb, m 286 782 230 217 Balt, brlfl 0,133 7in| 1,823 1,969 Withdrawn from store yesterday for city consumption : 2,778 hu wheat; 2,60*1 bu com ; 8,564 bu oats; 811 bu ryo 5 2,078 bu barley. Tho following grain has been inspected into storo this morning, up to 10 o’clock : 44 cars wheat; lOQcarscom; 5,400 bu No. 2do by canal; 82 cars oats ; 7,000 bu rejected do, by canal; 2 cars ryo 5 8 cars barley. Total (820 cars), 120,- 000 bu. Tho inaccuracy of the reports of tho produce movement, furnished dally to tho Board of Trade, is tho subject of wide-spread complaint. Those by lake, which use to bo passably correct, nowsoom to boas faulty as those furnished by tbe.raiiroads. And jet tho newspapers aud tho Board of Trado pay for tho misinformation. The St. Louis Democrat is welcome to all tho capital it can make out of the following false hood: The TnniDNS pleads manfully forthe Chicago Board of Trade, and assures (ho grumbling shippers, who now flank Chicago and scud their grain direct to Now York, that tho Legislature Is alone to blamo, and inti mates that if Chicago had Its own way there would bo no trouble In grading inferior and damaged grain as No. 1. The Tribune has said that tho inspection is correct, but that, whether good or bad, tho State is responsible therefor, and not tho Chicago Board of Trade. Tho State passed tho law, and appointed tho Inspectors. Hence tho following statement, which tho Democrat makes in another issue, is equally without foundation: So fearful are tho Obieagoneso that a wrong thing may be done In their groin market, that they have enacted a law which forbids the Inspector to grade any lot of grain higher than tho poorest quality It con tains. THE MARKETS. Tho loading produce markets wore weak to day,-almost without exception,—notwithstanding tho continued bad weather. They all opened heavy, with a considerable pressure to soil, and declined extensively, tho day being a weaker one in a general way than has boon known in several months previously. Tho receipts wore only moderate, though somewhat greater than tho recent average, aud tho shipping movement was fair, under the circumstances. There was only a moderate movement in any line ofdry goods, while, aside fromfprints, season able dress goods, and some of the leading brands of brown aud bleached cottons, trade was sluggish. A further reduction In certain brands of prints is noted, aud also iu Nashua, Dwight, and Lawreuco fine brown cottons. Groceries wore in fair request, and, with tho exception of refined sugars, which wore weak and au K° lower, former quotations wero generally well sustained. The only article in the lis. for which the market exhibited anv unusual firmness was coffees, which are still (he subject of con siderable speculative inquiry. -Butter met with a good local and outside demand, and prices wore steadier all around. There is an inadequate supply of really obolco qualities, aud such find quick sale at 24@27c. Tho poorest sorts sell at 10@20o. Bagging remains quiet and compara tively steady at the quotations, or at 80>£o for Stark, 860 for Ludlow, 34)£0 for Lewiston, and at 320 for American. No now features wore de veloped in the choose aud canned goods mar kets, tho demand continuing small at for mer quotations. Dried fruits wore quoted quiet with prices generally easy, though not materially lower, except for raisins, which wero marked down to $2.55@2.05,—a de cline of Co. Fish wero again in liberal request at firm prices. Hay was iu moderate supply, aud, uudor a better demand, ruled firmer, pressed timothy selling at $15.00@17.00, aud prairie at $12.00(5)13.60 on track. The hide mar ket was more settled and steadier. No import ant changes were noted in tho pig iron, paints, wood, tobacco, and oil markets. Tho demand for lumber continues active auo the market rules steady. The offerings at the docks have boon light for a day or so past, whild a good inquiry existed, and all cargoes have sold readily on arrival. The hardware merchants re port on improved demaud for metals, nails, tiu £lato. Ac., the quoted prices being generally ad ored to. Iron and steol aro without particular change; tbotrado for tho season is fair at tho given rates. Seeds wero quiet, excepting timothy, which met with more inquiry, tho better grades being mostly wanted, and owing to light offerings, were hold bighar. Sales ranged from $3.0U@4.25. Other seeds were quiet, and millet and Hungarian being plenty and easier. Thera was no change in tho wool markets, tho trade is light and confined to tho wants of the Western mills. Choico poach blow potatoes sell readily at tho full prices of yesterday, but other varieties aro slow. Groou fruits are in good request and firm. Ohoico ap ples are scarce and strong at $4.00(3)6:60 per brl. Poultry was in hotter supply and moderately ac tive at lower prices. Eggs sold at 12@12>$o to tho city trade. • Highwiuos were very quiet, but firm at tho re cent advance, holders offering to sell at 900, and refusing to take loss. Sales wore restricted to CO brls at 000 per gallon. Lake freights wero moderately active, but lower to Buffalo, with no change to lower Inko ports. A total of 11 charters was reported which will carry xmt 50,000 bn wheat ana 230,000 bu corn. Bates to Buffalo wero ou wheat and CX@o)<o 0Q corn, closing at tbo inside j to Kingston or Oswego, 18c on wheat and 120 ou corn ; through to Boston on corn, 2Co via Buf falo, and 20c via Ogdousburgh ; corn to Port land, 250 via Sarnia. Bail freights wore also quoted Cc per 100 tbs lowor ou fourth olaas, now 4Co to Now York and CUo to Boston. Provisions wore more active, and again weak. Mobb pork declined 20@250 per brl, and lard 200 per 100 lbs, while moats wore dull and nominally unchanged. There was very little demand, and the Bales reported wore made bocauuo holders proßßod their property on the market, ami buy ers took hold at the decline, principally to till ehortH, of which there are not many now out. Live hogs were lower, and this helped to weak ness la product, especially as the supply of hoga promises to keep up during the summer. The market closed • at the following rango of prices; Mobs pork, cash or seller Hay, $10.00; do seller Juno, $10.00(^10,05; do seller July. $10.40@10.45; do seller August, $10.80(2) 17.00; lard, cash or seller May, SB.O5} do seller Juno, $8.C5@8.70; do seller July, $8,90(2)8.95 j summer lard, $7.80; do without package, $7.80. Sweet pickled hams quoted at 10@Il&o., I)ry salted moats quotable at o%@oKo foruhotiiders; 85tj@8>£o for short riba; ami 8%@8)£o for short clear. Boxed shoulders, Eng lish moats, 8%(a)8%o for short nba; 8>6@90 for short clear. Bacon Is quoted at 7%0 far shoul ders 5 100 for clear ribs: for short clear, and 13@14J£o for hams, all packed. Moss beef, $9.00(2)9.25; extra moss do, $10.00(2)10.25; beef hara5,528.00(2)29.50, City tallow, l%@8o ; groaao quotable at &}£(a)G%c> Halos wore reported of 250 brls lUfiHs pork, sollor Juno, at $10.16 ; 760 brls do at $10.10; 250 brls do at $10.05 ; 2,000 brls do at $10.00; 1,250 brls do, sollor July, at $10.50; COO brls do at $10.47 M; 750 brls do at $10.45; 500 brls do at $10.40: 250 tea lard, seller Juno, at $8.70; 250 tes do at $8.05; 1,250 tesdo, seller July, at $9.00 5 250 tea do at $8.95} 250 tea do at $8.90; 10,000 lbs sugar cured aud cau vasHod bacon hama at 14)£c, packed. Flour was more active, at former prices, the reduction iu freights bringing out a bettor ship* plug demand, which, with a steady fooliug la New York, enables dealers in to maintain quota tions, notwithstanding tbo weakness in grain. Moat of the sales wore believed to be for direct export to Europe. Bran was again lower. Halos were reported of 100 brls white winter extras (Eagle) at $9.02W; 60 brls do at brls do on private terms s 100 brls Wisconsin rod winters at $7.50; 200 brls spring extras (Lock port Hydraulic) at $7.60; 100 brls do at $7.401 200 brls do at $7.00: 400 brla do at $0.50; 140 brls do at $0.26; 2,920 brls do on private terms 1 100 brls spring superflnos at $4.00; 100 brls do at $3.05; 44 brls do at $3.02)4; 100 brls ryo flour THIi CHICAGO DAILY TBUWNIi: WEDNESDAY, MAY 21, 1873. (Beloit) at $4.40. Total, 4,f1C4 brls, Also 20 tons bran at 910.00; ami 10 tone do at 99.50 on track. Tho following woro tho quotations at tbo closes Fair to choice white winter extras $ P,fio 0)11.00 Hod winter extras 7.00 3 8,60 Good to choice spring extras 0.25 3 7.60 Low to medium 5,00 3 0.00 Minnesotan (patent)..... 8.00 311.00 Good to fancy Minnesota 0.60 3 8.00 Spring Buporflucs s.OO 3 6.00 llyo flour 4.16 @ 4.40 Bran o.CO 310.00 Wheat was quiet and weak, averaging about lo lower on cash lots, and 2o on options for delivery after this mouth. Tbo freight advices woro con- Hiding, ami Now York was quoted easier. Tho brat brought out numerous sellers for next month, which mado tho market almost panicky for a while, as there woro very few buyers. Gash wheat was relatively strong, ns many of those who are short for this month seized on tho op portunity to fill In, being further impelled by tho rapid reduction of our stocks in storo. Wo had but 821,427 hu of tho speculat ive grade on hand on Saturday ovoning, and tho stock has boon further lessoned to tho extent of 100,000 bu since then, adding in tho oily consumption to tho oxcobb of shipments over receipts, while tho shipping demand con tinues good, being further stimulated to-day by a decline in freights. This mado tho shorts nervous, as tho end of tho mouth is near, while thoro wae no such anxiety for further deliveries, as receipts aro expected to increase. The busi ness of to-day, outside- of buying for shipment, was largely in settlement of May deals. Tho option of seller Juno opened at 91.80%, declined to 91.20, advanced to SI.OO, ami closed at $1.20)4'. Seller tho mouth sold at closing at $1.82)«f. Regular No. 2 spring avoragod %o above seller tho month, but closed steady at $1.33, with no discrimina tion in favor of frooh receipts. Seller July was little bettor than nominal at $1.28@1.23)£ 5 No. 1 spring was quoted at $1.33 5 No. 3 spring was easier, closing at $1.23; and rejected do was dull aud weak, closing at sl.Ol cash. Sales woro reported of 800 bu No. 1 spring at $1.38 ; 27,400 bu No. 2 spring at 91.83.%; 20,000 hu do at $1.83%; 28,(W bu do at $1.33 ; 25,000 bu do at $1.32)? 5 18,200 bu do at 91.32 V ; 45,600 bit do at $1.32 5.000 bu do at $1.31% ; 10,000 bu do at $1,81% 6.000 bn do at $1.31; 0,000 bu No. 3 spring (special bin) at $1.25 ; 7,600 hu do at 91.23 ; 800 hu rejected spring at $1.02; 800 hu do at $1.01% ; 800 bu do at $1.01; 400 bu by sample at 91.07 V* Total, 203,000 hu. Corn was moderately active, and l@l%o lower, tho weakness being greatest on tho Juno option. Now York was quoted dull and nominal, but our decline had boon effected before that report came in, being caused by prospects of had woathor (with dampness) and a rather extensive calling of margins on tho part of tho short interest. This caused numerous holders to soil out, or attempt to soil, and tho offerings at 0110 tlmo woro very largo; tho shorts filling in liberally at tbo decline. It was said by some that tho Inrgor operators woro throwing tho smaller ones overboard: but It is moro probable that they sold because it was not convenient to put up the margins required. Tho weather is still bad for corn; but thoro were nu merous orders to sell on country nccoupt; evi dently from parlies who hoped to soil off a por tion at tho advance which tlioJT expected would ousuo to-day. Tuoro woro too many of tho ono mind. Seller Juno opened at 40% c, declined to 30% c, and closed at 39%0. Seller July sold at 41%@42%0; and seller August at 43k’@44c, both closing with tho inside hid. Seller tho mouth, or regular No. 2, sold at 37%(®38%0, and current receipts at 38%@30%c, closing at 3Su for regular. Gash sales woro roportod of 800 bu No. 2at89%0; 18,000 bu do at 390; 4,800 bu do at 83%o; 5,000 bu do at 38% c; 10,000 bu do at 0S%o; 49,000 bu do at 83% c; 65,000 bn do at 83% c ; 30,000 bu do at 33c; 5,000 bu do (short receipts) at 37% c; 5,400 bu do at 40c, free on board; 13,400 bu rejected at 37c. Total, 198,400 bu. Oats wero more active, and 1c lowor, but qaito steady at tho docltno. New York was quoted firm, but tho fact that receipts wore more than twice as largo as tho shipments, and sympathy with wheat and corn, was too much for holders. Bogular No. 2, or seller tho month, sold at 82 81$fo; seller Juno at 32%@32%c, and seller July at nil closing with firm holders at the outside. Bojoclod wero very weak. Cash sales wore reported of 3,000 bu fresh receipts at 32^0: 7,000 bu do at at 81% c ; CO,OOO bu do at Sljd’c 5 2,400 bu re jected at 20c ; 2,400 Im do nt 23% c ; 1,300 bu do at 28>£o. Total. 84,200 bu. Bye was quiet and steady at the recent ad vance, with a fair demand. and light offerings. Bales wero limited to 400 bu No. 2 at 70o; and 400 bu by sample at 71J £O. Barley was inactive and unchanged. Wo quoto tho market at 71@80c for No. 2; 84@G8c for No. 8, and 4C@430 for rejected—tho . inside iu tho Book Inland Elevator, ami tho outoido iu tho Ar mour, Dole & Co., and Central Elevators. Cash sales wero reported of 400 bu rejected, iu special bin, at COo; 2,000 bu by sample at $1.10; 400 tm do at $1.00; and 800 bu do at 00c. Total, 3,000 bu. Tho following are tbo footings of tho official report of grain in store in this city on tho even ing of Saturday last, and at corresponding dates: WHEAT. Slay 17, May 10, May 18, 1873. 1873. 1873. No. 1 spring 38,302 8,045 02,545 No. 2 spring 321,427 073,505 1,051,402 No. 3 spring 00,700 173,502 0,230 No. 1 hard spring 3,045 2,043 .... No. 2 hard spring 30,835 34,513 Rejected spring 10,512 23,800 25,218 No grade spring 5,000 701 .... Total . 613,047 1,218,200 1,189,050 CORK. White Yellow No. 1 No. 3 llojcclcd No 2 kiln dried. No grade 6,607 . 43,002 42,884 60,053 155,012 100,807 76.083 .4,430,037 5,005,035 3,040,871 108,424 189,410 112,013 . 3,533 3,533 . 3,100 2,004 Total, .4,814,004 5,400,802 3,301,792 OATS, . 2,517 2,517 5,500 .1,332,670 1,503,780 619,347 . 49,087 70,144 61,384 . 010 NO. 1 No. 2 Rejected.. No grade. .1,383,390 1,035,747 676,191 RYE. Total. 0,074 0.074 37,503 250,823 283,229 145,040 1,043 1,045 1,512 N0.1.... No. 2.... Rejected. Total, ... 204,640 HARLEY. No. 2.... .No. 3.... Rejected, 00,020 12,100 0,850 Total 88,805 110,437 195,754 Total, 7,000,837 bu. This is a decrease during tho week of 701,313 bu wheat, 085,733 bu com, 260,8-18 bu oats, 20,406 bu rye, and 30,652 bu bar ley. Total decrease, 1,007,360 bu. PROVISIONS. Tho Now York Produce Exchange Weekly gives tho following ns tho foreign exports of' provi sions from New York for tho week ended May 13, 1878, and tho distribution of samo: l‘ork\Ue<f brls Ipkj/i Liverp001......... London Glasgow Ijomfondurry Hamburg Bremen Kluttln Ktncktiolm Uolio Lisbon Havre. IVoat Indies B. N. A. U01..,«, British Guiana... Now Granada.... Brazil Total ... Provlims wook. 2,2 M! ;t,d:.7 2,21(1' 3,3071 11,478 11,837; V,ni 4,881' ;i,2ta 3.415 D, 1111 1,2371 Wook May 29, 'TO*.* Wook April 23, '73. Week April 10, '73. Wook Atuy H, '73.. And butter, 61,000 11h ; urcaio. GO.COllbs: btcurlneT 60,783 Iho. Ami from Nov. 1 to May 13. Inclusive, for four yeura: | 18TJ-73. 1871-73. HflMI, 1860-70. Pork, 103,633 W1.923 88, KU JiTiwa 1100 , lirls, to* Cfi.l4s OJ.UW llO.lwi 4^213 -anl, tt>H 121.897,783 110.338.1:4* 47.1Ui.28l 17,1W,1U3 laoim. 1b5.... a43,6i5»,f118 146.010,743 41,778,476 22,:trJ4:i3 iluttor« 1b5.... 1,0115,790 2.774,037 9,191,100 760 (W3 tbs.... 18,230,701 8.260.871 10.641, 10,633 820 1 allow, tbs._.._. 28,278.042 31,050,4.11 12,949,330 14.82^614 And from I’kladolpbln, Boston, mid Baltt more, ninco Nov. 1, 41,822 brls pork, 7,283 plica boor 20,380,880 Ilia lard, 1,011,482 Ilia buttor, 501,300 Urn oilman, 8,800,304 Iba tallow, and 73 - 200,057 Ibamoata, m. .. . u 'oinaait wnnaT nupn.y. Tljo Detroit Free Press nays; “The amount °' M \'l | oat «°w in tho handa °f tho farmer* ami minora iu at loaat ono-quartor of last yoar’acron Thla wo gather from inqulrioa of tho aaaodaorfl, millers, ami wheat-buyers, Very many of tho largo cropa have not boon sold, ami many of tho email growora have from 200 to COO buabola on hand. Thoro la a couuidorablo quantity of farm era’ wheat in tho atorohouuoa, but tho moat of their wheat ia in tholr blna, and but little wheat will bo hauled to market until the hurry of tho spring work ia over. 1 ’ LATEST. In tho afternoon wheat was moderately active and oloaod the aamo oaou 'Change. No. 2 anrimr aold at sl.2oX(§)l.2oJj£, Boiler Juno closing at sl.2o>tf. Corn waa iu fair demand, and a shade higher, selling at 89K@39#0 Holler Juno, closing at the outaido; also at 41%@-12ko aollor July and 43%@'Uo eollor Auguat. Other grain waa quiet and unchanged. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. Tuesday Evening, May 20, ALCOHOL—'Wei In moderate request at $1.8001.66 for 04 per cent proof, BEANS AND TEAS— I The Inquiry continued moder ate, and chiefly on local account. Choice beaun are scarce, but there In a liberal supply of common grades. Peas are in light request. Wo repeat: Choice hand picked navien, $2.6002,60; do mediums, $2.4002.46; Inferior graded, $1.2802.00; green poae (In brls), $1.4001.60; yellow do (In bags), $1.25. BAGGING— I There haa been a lack of animation In tho hogging market throughout the past week, and, un der full, slocks and In sympathy with (ho Eastern market, a somewhat easier feeling nan been developed: though If wo except a jrfo reduction in quotations of Stark aud American, no material change has taken place. Following oro the prices current: Stark, ; Ludlow, 38o; Lewiston, 34kfo; American, 920; Amos kcag, 32>tfo; Otter Creek, 340; burlap bags, 4 and 6 bu, 20@220; gunnies, single, 17616 c; do double, 28029 c; wool sack*, 67#0. BROOM COllN—There has been no change of Im portance the past week. Tho trado continues fair for all good grades and thoy aro becoming scarce ond con sequently firm. Common com is slow. Wo quote j No, 1 stock braid, 605)1 0; No. 2 do, 8M04o; No. 8 do, *{o: Inside green, 3Jrfo4o; do rod tip, 804o; do pale and red, 202 Wo. BUILDING MATERIALS—Tho demand for all materials is light. Prices are unchanged though easy for common brick. Wo quote; Stucco, $2.6002.75; Now York stucco, coaling, $3.7504.00; superllnodo, $3.6004.00; Portland cement, $6.6007.60 per brl: Roson dalo cement, $3.2603.60; Utlcs, Louisville, and Akron ooment, $2.00 per brl; mafblo dust, $3.23 08.60; lime In bulk, 85e0|l.OO; 11ms (brls), $1.25 per brl; white sami. per brj, $1.7602.00; plas tering hair, pvt bu, 40®600 ; Are brick, per 1,000, $40,00090.90; building brick (common), SB.OO ; newer brick, $12.00013.00; country brick, $12.00, deliv ered ; St. Louie hydraulic pressed, $46,00, del.; Milwaukee pressed, $32.60, del, 5 do common, $14.00; Racine pressed, $30.00, del.; do common, $14.00; Hillsdale, $25.00, del.; Indiana pressed, $22.09024.00 : do common, $12.00 ; Excelsior pressed, No. 1 end S, $20.90030.00 del.; flro clay, per hrl, $3.00, or SIO.OO per ton, The following Is the Uet of prices per box of 60 feet for domestic window glass, from which a reduction of 45 and 6 per cent Is made to dealers: 7xlo to Bxlo, Bxl4 to 10x15. 12x18 to 16x20. 18X22 to 18x30. 30x28 to 24x30. 86x60 to 40x60i BUTTER—The past week has witnessed a liberal movement in this staple. The comparatively low firicos prevalent havo stimulated the demand, and as he receipts have boon moderate tho stocks have been reduced to a low point, and at tho close tho feeling. Is sensibly Armor for all grades above common, while for strictly choice dairy a shade bettor prices are obtaina ble. The supply of desirable table grades is not now equal to tho legitimate wants of tbo trade, and 240270 In easily obtained, while, In rare instances, as high as 28030 a has been paid. Tbo following fa from the Now York JJulletin ; “Iu our figures given yesterday of tho value of the receipts of butter at Now York for tho last year, wo omitted to note that thosp figures, $20,- 000,900, were based on tho receipts ns reported, but that those receipts do not cover several lines which bring nearly all tbo pail butter from this State during tho summer mouths. This is a largo Horn, and lm eludes tho bulk of that consumed In Now York and ad joining cities. This is variously estimated at $5,000,000 to $10,900,000 moro iu value, which would swell tho total to $25,000,000 to $30,000,000.” Wo quote : Strictly choice dairy, packed, 24027 c; medium to good, 18022 c; Inferior to common, 10 0180. CREESE—No very decided chango has taken place in the cheese market within tho past half dozen days. Tho domnnd, ns is usually tho ease at this season, la small, being restricted to small orders, Just to supply immediate necessities, as tho quality of the cheese now offered is not especially desirable, and, what is of equal Importance to tho buyer, tho tendency of prices Is downward. Wo quote: Now York factory, new, 14® 15o; Elgin cream, 14@16c; Ohio factory, now, 11® 13)40 ; Western factory, now, H@l3)4c. COAL—Prices range tho same ns on tho dato of our last review, where for tho moment they are steady. Tho demand for anthracite has Improved some as com pared with the previous week, but bituminous varieties remain dull. Wo quote: Lehigh, lump, $12.00; prepared, sl2.oo{Lackawanna,slo.oo;Edo, $10.00; Briar 11111, $10.00; Walnut UiU, $10,00; Blossburg, $10.00: Cher ry Mine, $9.00: Hocking Valley, $9.00; Indiana catmel coal, $10.00; Indiana block, $9,00: Kirkland grate, $0.00; Mluonk, $8.00; ‘Wilmington, $6.00. COOPERAGE—There wan no change, ‘ The de mand was light, and prices steady, as given be low : Pork barrels,-$1,25(3)1.35; lard tlorccs, SI.OO ©1.70; whisky barrels, $1.9002.10; flour barrels. 60@550; pork staves, rough, |17.00@20.00; do bucked or sawed. $20.00025.00; tierce staves, rough,' $20,000 25,00; do bucked or sawed. $25.00028,00; whisky staves, rough, $24,00038.00; do bucked, $10.00000.00; flour slaves, $9,00011,00; circle flour heading, 7@Bo per set; flour hoop poles, $14.00010,00 per m; pork and tlorco polos, $30.00035,00 per m. DRUGS AND CHEMICALS—The demand for drugs has been tolerably fair. Gum, camphor, and citric acid arc a little “ on.” otherwise there was no particu lar change. Quotations aro as follows: Add, citric, lb $ 1.70 © 1.75 Acid, oxalic, U> fl'J 0 35 Add, tartaric, powdered, lb G3 © 05 Ammonia, carb, lb,, 25 © SO Asafcntlda, lb , 00 ® C 5 Axle-grease, Dldwell’s, doz 1.50 © 1,55 Deans, Tauqua, lb 1.35 © 1.40 Moral, rof., lb ;U0 © U3 Dlne-vilroU, lb 15 © 38 Dromo-chloralum, pis., doz 4.00 Corrosive sublimate 1,40 © 1.45 Cream tartar, pure, lb. 45 © 50 Cochineal, Hoad,, lb 00 © 1.00 Chloroform, lb 1.40 © 1.60 Glyccrluo, 11b hulk, lb 35 © 40 Gum Arable, picked CO © 70 Gum Amble, sorts 28 © 80 Gum camphor, 1b..... 40 © 45 Gum opium, 1b... 8.23 © 8.50 Gum shellac, lb C 5 © CO Glue, white, lb 45 © 55 lodine, lb 0.60 @ 10,00 Lye, cone, case 8.25 © .... Morphia, sulph., oz 6.50 © 6.75 Oil, bergamot, Sand., Ib © 0.60 Oil, castor, gal 1.40 © 1.75 Oil, lemon, Sanderson's © 6,60 Potnssa, chlor., lb 00 © 06 Potassium, cyan, fused, Ib 85 © .... Potassium,lod.. 1b.................. 7.60 © 8.00 Potash,Babbitt’s,case 0.00 © .... Quinine, sulph., oz.. 3.00 © 2.66 llcdprcdp., lb 1,60 © 1.05 Root ipecac, powd., lb 1.76 © 2,00 Root rhcl, E. 1., powd,, 1b.... 1.50 © 1,75 Sal opsom, lb 4)4© 0 Silver, nit., cryst., oz 1.15 © 1.20 Soap, castife, gen., Ib 12 © 13 Sulpuur. lb 6 © EGOS—Are In fair supply and demand at 12©12V0. Sales iudmlo 600 doz and 100 cases at 12 Vo; 1,600 uoz, 8 brls, and 20 cases at 12e, FEATHERS—AII kinds of feathers are very scarce, and there Is no trouble-in selling all good grades on arrival. Geese feathers are from l@2o higher all round. Chicken feathers have also advanced. We now quote: Prime to choice live geese at 75@77e. from first bonds; Jobbing prices, 82©860 for assorted feathers; mixed feathers, 45®70c; chicken, 7@loe. GROCERIES—The week under review has not been a particularly active one In this department of trade, though the leading staples, as well as many leading side articles, have moved on a raoro liberal scale than during last week or the preceding one. Values have been subjected to but few ebasges. Coffees have ad vanced a trifle, and aro strong at the Improvement, but for other goods In the list the prevalent feeling is not particularly buoyant. Notwithstanding the low prices, of sugars, and the consequent large demand for them, the market la weak and unsettled, all refined grades being quoted off }(o tevday, Spices are gen erally firm, and prices of syrups, molasses, and soaps aro also pretty well sustained, wo now quote: 200,047 185,015 83,704 148,160 11,530 38,917 10,137 8,087 Bi Caiid, Soda—7»*(3BXc. Coffees—Mocha, 33033X0, 0. Q. Java, 37JX® 28>.,'c; Java. No. 3, So,Lf(32G*fo; fancy Rio, Q4x© 24Xc; choice do, 21024X0; prime 1110, 2iX@24c; good do, 23X023X0 ♦ common do, 22XQ22j.Cc; roast ing do, 210'Jlxo; Singapore, 24024X0; Costa lllca, fancy, 24X@25,X0; do, prime, 24,X@2 4X°; Mar acaibo, 23X®240, Oandmm—otor, full weight, 20@20>£o; etoarine, full weight, 15@16X0; do short weight, 14014X0. lineon lbs Rioc—Patna, BX® 8Xo; Rangoon, 7X@Bo; Caro lina, 8X000 ; liouislaua, B®B^c. Sooaiib—Patent cut loaf, 13X013X0 5 cnished, powdered, and granulated, H?i012Xo; A, standard, ll®U*,'c; do No. 2, 10X@Uo; B, lOJjQllc; ex tra 0, lOXQlOfto; C No. 3, R»X@10j;o; yellow 0,10, X choice brown, 10X010X0; prime do, 9XO 10c ; fair do, OX@9X e 5 choice molasses sugar, 10 (SlOXc; fair do, 9.X09X0; Now Orleans sugar, choice, 10©l0>fo ; do prime, UXO9/»o; do fair, 00 0,Xo! common, 808Xc. 631,720 3U9.JW3 233,286 2,713,197 855,017 637,533 43,160 88,usi 41, tv. 639,433 2,24 b COO 9.879 13;>,ftil 4,n.K) 4,000 ecuiciu

- Flßll—With light stocks and a steadily good demand tho Hull market maintains tho linn tone that has char acterized Jt for a number of weeks past. Whitehall are still scarce, and must continue so until about the Ist of Juno, when tho now "catch.", will begin to mako their appearance. Local and interior dealers aro ordering freely at tho annexed rnngo of prices: No. 1 whlleflMh, w brl, $0.87X07.00; N0.,2 do, $0.76; No. 1 shore mackerel X brl, $11.00011.23; No. 1 bay, $9.00© 9,25; No, .2 mackerel, Xbrl. $7.7608.00; No. 1 shore kits, $1.8501.90; bank codfish, per 100 lls, $0,0000,25; George’s codfish, $0.7607,00; Labrador herring, split, brls, $9.0000.60; do X brl, $4-7506.00; Labrador herring,. round, hrl, $8.0008.30; do X brl, $4,250 4.60; box herring No. 1, 28@'J0o; box herring, scaled, 350370; Columbia River salmon, X brls, $10.00010,25. *7,660 139,853 1 2,6()0,M.V,1 'i 7,05 a, 833 ia,an»,46i |/.,397,Kil 1 2,677,440 ;a,l£Jo,l!W 0.813.223 7,809,931 0,741,071 14, Muni 9,139,101 M17,t1*3 FHUITa AND NUTS—Thor® .hos bceu rathor nioro doing in both domestic and foreign fruits than during Uio previous week, but (ho Increased activity huts uni resulted iu any improvement in priced, except for prunes, which ore u )/o higher. Ou tko other hand, •raisins ami apples uro a trlllo lower, luo former being "off” Co per box. Nuts arc In good request, and are generally firm. Stocks aro full In nil de partments. Wo now quote; FomuoN—Dates, gft 9c; figs, drums, 11014 c; figs, box, 14)/($l(l<.;t!: Turkey prunes. 0)/®10o; raisins. $2.5502.03; Zinto currants. ViQVXv. Domestic— Alden apples, 180 2Do; Michigan do, 0@7o; Wcstonulo, s®r>>ju; Southern do, 403 c: peaches, pared, 17(3U)o: peaches, halves, CO3)/c; do, mixed, 4,VOQ)/o; blackberries, 8?/0 raspberries, 4O041o; pitted cherries, 22(3240, Nuts—Filberts, 14013 c; aliuouda,TerragunH, 210230; Naples walnuts, 24(0230; Brazils, lO)/0U)/o| pecans, ll(4)12o; African peanuts, 6)/@7q; Wilmington po:i* nuts, 708o; Tenucasco peanuts, 4)/030. brnora—Diamond drips, $1.23(31,85 ; silver drips exira Hue, 70073 a ; good sugar-house syrup, 48®480 j extra do, C(%SSo ! New Orluaus molasses, choice, 80 083o; do primo. 730780 ;do common, 350700; Porto Itico molasses, choice, 68®050 ; oouimou molasses, 80 Cg'i3c. Salbbatus—Common to best, o®loc. SriOES—Allspice, 17®18o; cloves, 37®380; cassia, 86040 c ; popper, 23J/024J/O } nutmegs, $1.2501.30; ginger, pure, 2803Oo; do No. 1, 20®250 : do No. 2. li @loo. Soars—French mottled,o)tf@6\c; German mottled. 7Q7)/o; Golden West, 60O>/o : Waite Lily, O)/0 6?/o; White Uoao, O^QflUo; br rvra Windsor, iv® 4ko ; palm, 6®6)/o; Havou Impel (at. fl)/(itflJ/o. Htabou—Olobs, OA40lOo: corn, t)0)lo; laundry, 00 To} common, Q#oOo, GREEK FRUlT—Oholco oranges nml apples nro very scarce, nml the former nro higher. Oranges nro arriving nt the seaboard in very poor condition this season, and many of them hnvo to bo repacked; lemons nro also Arm, Cranberries nro nearly out of the market, The receipts of strawberries nro still very light; prlceo range from 30075?, according to tho con dition of thofruit. Wo quote: Apples, common to fair, $1.0003.00; good to choice, $5,000(5.(50 per brl fromsloro; cranberries (oulllvated) nt $8.00013.00 per brl; Palermo lemons at $7.0007.150 per box ; Messina donlsH.OO; Palermo oranges, ffl.0007.00; Messina do, $8.0000.50, Pineapples, $3.8004.150 per doz. Ba nanuH, $3.0007,00 per bunch, Gooseberries, 200 per quart. HOPS—Tho hop market continues quiet and un changed. The slockH are light and prices steady as quoted hclow \ Prime Western hops at 40®450; com mon to fair, 23@3.10, HAY—There ban been a noticeable increase In (ho demand for pressed hay within (ho past few days, and, as tho offerings have fallen off, (tellers have Leon en abled to realize bettor prices, (ho advance being fully Mo per ton. Until farmers arn done with Iholr plant ing tho receipts may bo expected to continue light, and a further advance In among tho possibilities. In ad dition to a good local demand, there In a fair Inquiry for shipment to Lake Superior and tho lumber regions. Wo quote wholesale prices paid by dealers, as follows, can u) contain 20,000 lbs: Oh Track—Timothy, boater pressed, f16.n0@17.00 ; timothy, loose pressed, $16.00 @10.60; prairie pressed, f12.00@13.60. Oh WanoH —Timothy, loose, $10.00@17.BO; prairie, loose, $14.00 @IO.OO. For delivery of pressed, |l.oo@l.Co, accord ing to distance. • HIDESr-Tho light receipts, rcsnltlng from the low prices recently established, Imvo changed tho com plexion of thin market, tho fooling of despondency no ticeable during last week and tho preceding one hav ing glvon plnco to one of greater confidence and firm ncen. Tho Eantorn markets alno wear a better look, and, unlosn our receipts shall materially Increase, It Is not probable there will bo any further decline. Wo quote: Green city butchers', 7o; green mired light, 10@10Xo ; do heavy. 0(30&o s part cured, B*i® 0Vo; green calf, IB@ISX°S ▼ oa * kip, 12W@13c; dry calf, 240; dry kip.2lo: dry salted, lfl@17o; dry flint 10® 20o! long-haired alp, Ifljtfo; deacon skins, 40® 6Bo; grubby, scored, out, or otherwise damaged, two thirds price. IRON AND STEED—Morchnnls report a fair trado for tho season, tho market being Arm for all Imported slock.' Following are tho prices current: iron..*. 4 4-10® 4 8-10 rates >Vrst BouMe quality, ttrenqth. .. 0.75 9.00 .. 6.10 12.00 .. 9.25 16.00 .. 11.00 19.00 .. 13.00 21.00 Horso-shoo 1r0n,..,.,... 0 @ 5 8-10 rates Plato Iron, common tank OX @7 rates Russia Iron, 20@210 rates Russia Iron, No. 1 stained 18c lb Norway 1r0n........... 0 3? lb Norway nail rods OX (£loo lb Qorman plow steel ®I2o lb English cast plow stool 12 ®l2Xe S? lb American tool steel 17# @lßo Vlb Chrome tool stool IB ($-0 V lb English tool steel 21X 023 rates English spring steel 11 012X6 rates LEATHER— I Tbo market Is without now features. A moderate amount of trndlug has been done at prices that have been current for the past four weeks or more. Wo continue to quota: DEMLQOK. Oily harness : 9 89® 41 Country harness an® 33 Line, city, lb 41® 43 Kip, « lb CO® 1,10 Kip, veals e.',® 1.20 City upper, No. 1, 79 ft 28® 80 City upper, No. 2, sft 25® 27 Country upper, No. 1.. . 23® 27 Collar, Vft 20® 23 Calf, city 3,20® 1.40 . Calf, country I.lo® 1.23 Hough upper, standard 30® 85 Rough upper damaged 27®- 80 Buffalo slaughter sole 33® 37 “B. A," solo 80® 83 OAK. Calf. 1.25® 1,45 Kip 75® 1.10 Harness 40® 45 French calf. Jodot 65.00@00.00 French calf, Leraolno 00.00@80.00 French calf, 24 to 30 lbs 1.05® 2.80 French kip, 60 to 100 lbs I.lo® 1.65 METALS AND TINNERS’ STOCK—Business in this department is Improving slightly, and If the weather were favorable, a fairly active trudo would probably rule. The market is steady at the subjoined quota tions : Tut Plate—lo.loxl4, $15.C0; do, 12x12, $15.50; do, 14x20, $10,00; do, rooting, 10, $14,50; do, 20x28. $30,00, PlO Tin—Largo. 42c; small, 43c; bar. 440. Biiuet Zino—Full casks, He; half casks, less quantity, UMo; slab, 9c.' BncRT InoH—No, 24, Ctfo rates. Galvanized InoN—No. 10020, ISo; No. 22®24,10c; No. 23®20,17c; No. 27,18 c; No. 28, 200. A discount of 15 pur cent is made from tho list. Copper—Copper bottoms, 45®18c; braziers, over 13 lbs, 47c; tinned copper, 43c. Wire—2 to 5, fie; 6, 8, and 9,10o; 10 to 11, He; 12, UKc; 13and 14,12)4c; ISandlO, Ho; 17,15 c; 18, lOo; 19,19o; 20, 20o; full bundle, 16 per cent dis count; fence wire, 7)s'c ? by car load, 71(0. NAILS—Were in fair request, and steady at tho an nexed list of prices: 10®60d, per keg, $5.25 rates; £.l do, $5.50; Od do, $5,75; 4d do, $6.12)4 ; *3d do, $6.75; 3d do, One, $8.25; 2d do, $8.60; clinch, $7.02)4; 12)40 oil to the trade. NAVAL STORES—Dealers report n fair trade, tho quoted prices being fully sustained: Manilla rope, lb, 18® 17c; slral rope, %? Il», 10®17o; hemp sash cord, lb, 20®230; marline. V lb, 20®23c; tarred rope. $ lb, 10017 c; oakum, bale, $.'>.0000.00; pitch, per brl, |6.00@7.00: tar, brl, $5.5000.00. • OILS—No very important changes -were noted in this market during tho week under review. 80 far ns tho loading oils are concerned, there has been a elcmU- Ivfair movement, and former rates were generally well sustained, a decline of 2c In turpentiuo and kc iu carbon being tho only quotable changes. Following ore tho prices current: Carbon, 19)4; extra lard oil,. 750; No, 1, 70c; No. 2, Cso; linseed, raw, $1.00: do boiled, $1.05; whole, 87o; sperm, $3.00®2.10; neats foot, oil, strictly pure, $1.10; do extra. 90c; do No. 1,75 c; bankoil,7oo; straits,. 75c; elephant oil, 95c; turpentine, 68c; naphtha, 03 gravity, 2ti@2lo; naph tha. caramon. 16®18e. TAINTS, COLORS, AND PUTTV—The pleasanter , weather prevalent during the greater part of tho past ; week has witnessed a moro active inquiry for goods in . this Hue. but tho market appears to bo pretty liberally stocked in .all departments, and former prices havo been no moro than sustained. Wo repeat our quota tions, as follows: Strictly pure.. Fancy brands, Genuine Vcillo Montague, American Masury’a railroad colors 11.60 Tulaco car colors in cans 0.60010.50012.60 Rochelle ochre 0.600 0.75 English Von. red 4.000 4.26 English orange mineral 13.60010.00 Pittsburgh orange mineral 10.00 English red load 12.00 American red lead. 11.00011.60 English Vermillion, per lb 1.400 1.43 Scarlet Tormilllon ' 23.00 Paris white 8.60® 4.00 Whiting 2.00® 2.60 In bulk B,V@3tfo In bladders 8*(04 o Fid IRON—There is loss firmness in this market, though nominally prices are unchanged. The demand is light at the following quotations : Scotsh (accord ing to brand), $62.00007.00; Tuscarawas, $01,00; Massillon, $61.00; Lake Superior, $68.00060.00; Chi cago stone coal. $57.00; Missouri stone coal, $57.00 068.00. POULTRY—*'Was in better supply and lower. Chick ens are quotable at $4.7506.00, and $5.2305.60 is asked. The demand Is from the retail trade, and is only fair. Sales include 18 coops chickens at $5.00 ; 6 coops do at $4.76 ; 3 coops turkeys at ICo. POTATOES—Peachblow potatoes in good order met with ready sale, and ruled firm at 600550 on truck. Now potatoes sell at $7.0008,00 per brl. Mixed lots are rather slow. Sales include 1 car choice peach blows at 65a on track; 1 do at 630 on track ; 1 car do at 60o; 1 car at 670; 2 curs mixed at 47c, all do* livcroii. BALT—The trade is rather quiet, thongh a light, steady demand exists. Tbo receipts by lake, though quite liberal in certain grades, will x>robabiy not ut present affect the market. The choice grades are in light stock, and rule steady at the quoted prices: Onondaga and Saginaw, flue, $3,00; ordinary coarse, $2.00; coarse Diamond 0, $3.25; ground solar, $2.25; dairy, without bags, $3.60; dairy, with bags, $4.6004.75; Ashton dairy, per sack, $3.60,; ground alum, $2.3002,10: Turk’s’lsland, $2.00. SASH, DOORS, AND BLINDS—Wero in demand and steady. A discount of from 16030 per cent is made from the list. SEEDS—There was rather more doing in timothy to-day, tho bettor grades being principally in request. Tho stock of timothy 1h very low, particularly of tho higher qualities, and dealers are holding their prop erly llrmly. Bales wero made to-day at $3.UU®4.60 for fair to fancy seed ; $1.0004.10 is about tho price for prime. Clover was inactive and nominal at SI,OOO 6.00; Hungarian and millet were in largo supply, dull and easier—tho former is quoted at $1.2301,30 ; mil let at 75c051.00; llux was quiet at $1.0002,00. Bales include 20 bags fancy timothy at $4.60; 25 bugs choice do at $4.25 ; 60 bags at $4,10 ; 10 bags prime ut $4.10; 20 bagu at $4.00; 27 bags at $3.90 ; 14 bags at $3.80 ; 4 bags at $3.76 ; 33 bugs Hungarian at $1,30; 16 bags do ut $1.26 ; 21 bugs good millet at $1.00; 23 bags poor at 75c. TEAS—Since our last weekly review this market has ruled dull.with prices weak uud unsettled for all grades below choice,which, being in moderate stock, are firm ly hold. At tho relatively low prices now prevalent (low grades are oil' 30Ou) dealers anticipate a more lib eral movement, and u healthier condition generally, Tho ,47»enc«m (!rocer says : “ Tho distribution trade continues Increasing, mul tho future of tho ton market looks more encouraging. No material improvement in prices rnn'bn looked for until (ho present very large stocks are marked down to manageable proportions, except for ouch grades and qualities as are scarce. Fine greens are firmer and flue Japans, as also flue Formosa Oolongs, in consequence of being in lighter stuck than Oolongs undtho common qualities of the other descriptions,*' Wo quote: Young Hyson, common to fair, 460550; do good, OO07Oo; do choice to extra lino, $1,0001,10; common to tlno old Hyson, 70095 c; common Imperial, C90OBo: good to choice do, BOco $1,10; fine to good gunpowder, 7Oc0$l,lO; choice, 01.20; extra. $1.3601.45; choice to extra loaf Japan, 85c0$l.OO; fair to good do, 05076 c; common do 4204 45u; colored natural leaf Japan, 65@030; common to hue Oolong, 83@430; good, 66005 c; choice to extra, U3cotl.OO. TOI3ACGO—In Uio tobacco market there hnvo been no material changes, A steady, fair Inquiry exists, and all primo goods uro being firmly hold. Wo ooutluuo to quote: OuEWtHa—Fine Out—Extra. 75085 c; choice, 050 75c; common, 550 GOO; poor. 40050 c, Plug—Natural loaf, 76@80o; half bright, Co®7oo} black, sound, 460 55c, Suokinu—Choice, 830350} medium, 00032 c; com mon stems, 27029 c. WOOD—There has been an active demand for bocch and maple, and as tbo orrlvala have been light for tho season, tbo market remains quite firm at former quotations. Wo repeat our list: Beech, $10.00; maple, |11.00; hickory, $12.00; slabs, $3,00, doUvorod, VEGETABLES—Wore lu moderate local request at about yesterday’s range of prices, as follows: Green WHITE LEAD. .$11,00011,60 . 0.00010.60 ' 14.60 11.60012.00 peas, $3.00(38.35 per bn; Hiring boons, $3.0004.00 per bn; oucnrabora, $1.0001.35 per doz; now onions, $8.0000.00 per brl; do per doz, 3(50400; spinach, $3.00 @3.50 per brl; radishes, 85040 c ; squash, 1001'Jmo per lb; asparagus, white, 40c@$1.00; do green, $1,350 1.50; plo plant, 10tlo per lb ; lettuce, 35@500 per doz; cabbage, $.3.00 per doz; ttirnlpfl, UOOBOo per doz. WOO!*—The market 1b In about the znmo condition u Inst week. Western manufacture™ aro buying email auartltlc‘B of old wool, but outside of thin llioro la very (tlo doing. Blocks arc quite low, and prlcca generally favor buyers. New wool in coming in nlowly. It la thought that prices for now will bo from U@so lower than tho prlcca for old. Quotations for old wool are as follows: Tub, washed, extra medium... Tub, washed, common to fair.. Common dingy Fleece, washed, X&XX, light., rieoco, washed, XftXX, dingy., Fleece, washed, medium light.. Fleece, washed, medium (ling] Fleece, unwashed, XdtXX, in go Fleece, unwashed, coarse to me Floocc, unwashed, coarse, and Super, pulled Extra, pulled .' Furry wool R@loo loss. RAILROAD I'HRIGIITS—It! ton, and Philadelphia aro 0< quote ‘ loci COD I c ilium, dingy. tales t< Jo and Chicago to Now York Boston Philadelphia and Baltimore, ntlflburgb. Albany Buffalo Cleveland Washington Wheeling. W.Va Wilmington, Del Aloxondria.. Norfolk, Va Wilmington, N, 0 Savannah, Ga CHICAGO LIVE-STOCK MARKET. Tuesday Evkkino, May 20. Tho receipts of Uvo stock siuco Saturday have boon as follows: Cattle, Jlogit. Sheep. . 6 r :uo n.r>co 401 . 3,000 7,000 700 Holiday. Tuesday, Total Same tlmo Inst week Week before Itut SUlpmoutß were os follows . 8,310 18,060 1,101 .10,092 83,372 1,021 . 0,370 10,413 812 __ , Cattle. Hons. Hhtcp, Monday. 2,290 .0,485 .... OATTLIi—Tbo effect of tho lighter receipts (only about 3,000 arrived to-day) was to induce a more con fident feeling all around. Buyers wero out la goodly numbers, and all classes operated with more apparent confidence thuu on any of tho half-dozen preceding days, though nonoworo wllllng to pay any consider able advance. So far us butchers' cattle and stock steers aro concerned, tho situation of the market con tinues favorable for sellers, tho demand fully equaling tho supply, and prices ruling relatively higher than for tho upper grades. Good to choice steers of from 1,200 to 1.450 lbs average comprise a very largo proportion of the re ceipts, and, comparatively, prices are low, the best not being wanted at over $3,8000.00, while 16 must bo really a flue bullock that commands over (5.50. The extreme range of tho market was $3.5000.15 the Inside quotation for bulls, old cows, and scrawny heifers, and the oulnldo for extra graded steers. Tho bulk of tbo day's business was done at $4.7605.00 for good butchers’ cattle; nt $4.0004.80 for atoed steers, and at $5.0006.50 for medium to choice shipping beeves. Veal calves wero In liberal supply and sold low, $4,600 6.00 being all that could bo realized for choice, while coarse, thin lots Wero not waited at over $3.0003.75, Now milch cows sold at about former prices. There were a number of droves of corn-fcd Texas cattle among tbo offerings, must of •which were disposed of at $4.0004.80. Borne choice fetched $5.00. Thu market closed qtcudy and firm. QUOTATIONS. Extra—Graded steers averaging 1,400 lbs and upwards $3.80®0,10 Choice Beeves—Fine, fat, well formed 3year to 6 year old steers, averaging 1,300 to 1,450 lbs 6.5005.73 Good Beeves—'Well-fattened, Jluoly formed steers, averaging 1,200 to 1,300 Us,. 6,2505.40 Medium Grades—Ulcers iu fair flesh, aver aging 1,100 to 1,250 lbs Butchers’ Stock—Common to fair steers, and good to extra cows, for city slaughter, averaging 800 to 1,100 lbs 4.0005.00 Stock Cattle—Common cattle, in decent llesh, averaging 700 to 1,080 iLs 3.7605.00 Inferior—Lignt and thin cows, heifers, stags, bulls, andscallawagsteers 8.0003.75 Cattle—Texas, Northern wintered 4.0004.50 Cattle— Corn-fed Texas 4.5005.15 1 CATTLE SALES. XO. Av. Price. 10 Block fllcora 1,023 |4.75 ' 04 good steer*.... 1,322 5.45 10 good steers ..1,202 5.45 20 good steers 1,312 5.60 34 good steers.... ....'..1,223 5.40 15 good steers.... i,iR2 (>.== 38 stock steers 080 4.50 29 choice steers 1,202 6.00 40 Texas steers .1,032 4.80 35 Texas steers .1,039 4.37# 49 good steers 1,091 _ 6.27# 10 extra steers... 1,319 5.85 117 choice steers 1,228 6,00 43 good steers ...1,200 5,37# 03 good steers 1,209 5.45 40 choice steers .... 1,280 6.50 15 goodslecrs ......1,230 5,25 18 stock steers 900 4.70 10 cows 099 4.37 .V 17 cows ...1,153 4.87# it butchers’ (deers 1,035 4.90 32 fat smooth steers 1,146 6.10 158 choice steers 1,200 6.55 00 good steers ..1,202 6.45 10 choice steers 1,316. 6.76 51 good steers. 1,179 6.30 Mcholce steers 1,410 6.02# 61 Texas 5teer5......... 1,100 4.75 17good steers. ...J 1,233 6.40 05 choice steers. 1,293 6.55 79 extra steers 1,384 6.85 74 choice steers... 1,307 6.00 95 choice steers. 1,372 5.75 62 extra graded steers 1,398 0.15. HOGS—The hog trade opened extremely dull, with prices weak and sensibly lower, early sales being ef fected at $4.50(34.00, but toward mid-day, It becoming evident that tho day’s supply would scarcely exceed 7.000 bead, buyers took hold with decidedly more in terest, and the market stiffened, closing firm at $4.65@ 6.00 for common to really choice. The bulk of tho transfers were within tho range of $4.65(34.75. noo BALES. \ .Vo. Av. Priee,\Ko, Av. Price. 177 104 $4.85 62 202 $4.85 21 242 4.65 02 218 4.80 127 219 4.05 03 216 4.60 58 218 4.05 43 244 4.80 00 102 4.70 20 339 4.25 47 282 4.70 67 272 4.80 105 250 4.70 65 221 4.05 04 187 4.00 133 202 4.00 118 100 4.05 67 220 4.00 09 204 4.05 60 232 4.65 48 202 4.70 68 229 4.65 60 207 • 4.00 64 263 4.85 178 263 4.00 CO 235 4.00 109 230 4.60 61 238 4.65 48 235 4.00 43 220 4.05 40 202 4.70 49 274 4.70 127 108 4.85 61 202 4.85 Dccipts were again light, and prices her. Local butchers and shippers tho supply, consisting of some 700 disposed of at $3.75@4.75 for common t $5.00(35.76 for good to choice—indi iof fully 250 per 100 lbs. Lambs wore ,00@'1,75| jVb. Av. Price. 64 180 $4.76 SO 253 4.80 74 107 4.70 60 283 4.75 115 273 4.73 61 289 4.76 *7O 155 4.65 *O3 214 4.60 64 232 4.65 272 180 4.76 07 221 4.63 61 261 6.10 62 108 4.60 63 221 4.60 110 220 4.60 63 281 4.60 CO 217 4.60 BIIEEP—The rot wore Arm and high competed, mid tl head, was readily c! to medium, and at eating nu advance Inquired for at |3. THE CHICAGO DRY GOODS MARKET. Toesdat Evening, May 30. Blnco the last review nothing has occurred to disturb the quiet so lung prevalent in this department of trade, tbo demand, as was the case earlier in the sea son, being entirely consumptive, and mainly restricted to supplying immediate necessities. Some of the Job bing tiouecs report a fair distribution, but, in the ag gregate. business la not us largo or active ns in former years at a corresponding period, and is fur from being satisfactory. The extreme backwardness of the sojf sou and the prolonged stringency of tho money mar ket has no doubt been quite as seriously felt in tho country ns in tho city, and it must bo confessed that tho immediate future, so far as concerns tho dry goods trade, dues not wear a particularly cheerful look. Our merchants have en countered so many drawbacks to a successful business that they have at times become restless, ami ollcrcd concessions in hope of stimulating trade, but buyers buvo at no time been speculatively Inclined, and have persistently restricted tbolr purchases to the actual wants of consumption. Prices of prints, bleached and unbleached cottons, and some other lines are now really /oio—lu fact, below tho cost of production, and that under a bettor demand tho market for the more popular makes would react, is entirely probable. Tho following is from tho New York Jlullet iut " Thu marketfor cotton goods continues steady with a moderate demand for the several descriptions of staple fabrics, for which prices are unchanged, al though It is reported that thn agents of one of tho leading mills contemplate advancing tho price of flue brown sheetings to tho quotations from which they were reduced about two weeks ago. The carpet trade, though less active than lost week, continues fair for the season, and former prices have, with u few unimportant exceptions, boon firmly ad hered to. Stocks aro not largo, and as tbo demand promises to continue good for sumo tlmo to como there Is a confident feeling among jobbers generally. Among tbo changes In cotton goods slnco our last report wo note a reduction of a y, o in Dwight, Continental, Nashua, and Lawrence lino browns. mid a )/o reduc tion In Merrimack, Ournor, Wamaultu, and Amoakeag prints. QUOTATIONS. mown cottons. ~13)40 Groat Fails E, 4-4,..1 So ..13 Cabot A, 4-4 12)./ ..19 Cabot W, 4-4 Ujtf ~1l Lawrence. L L, 4-4.. 11)/ ..13)/ Agawam F, 4-4 10 ~11)/ BhawiMUt, LL 11 ~13)/ Uwift Itlvor o'/ .13 Hosier, 4-4 10 .11 Utica 0 0 riKB uuownh. Atlantic A,4-t.., Atlantic 11,4-4... Atlantic D, 4-4... Atlantlo P, 4-4... Indian Head, 4-4. Indian Hoad, 8-4, Stark A. 4-4 Nashville, 331n.. Nashville, 301n.. Dwight Star, 4-4. ...14 0 Continental 0 14 Lawreuco D.........14 Newmarket A 11)/ Massachusetts OB..11)/ ,16 o .13)/ .12)/ .14)/ .13 Nashua E, 40-1n..... Nashua It, 33-1u..... Nashua O, 33-in..... Fepneroll 15, 40-ln.. Peppered li> 33'1u.. Pepperell 0, 83-1n.,.J2 1 PopporcU N,30-1n...1l | __ . PIUNTB. Morr maoW. P1nk...13 o Garner Fancy 10#o Morrlmaol),Fancy..ll# Amoakeng Fancy..,. 9 Oocboco Fancy 11# Mourning 11 to 11# nmmoll 1-ancy u Shirting 10 to 11 Kkhmom l rnnoy....!! Mallory Pink 12 A,,c y j l Mallory Purple 11# Sprague Fancy n Manchester,,..ll Gloucester Wamsulto Fancy.... 7# „ „ niKOIIAMB, Renfrew 0 I Amoskoog 14 • o Lancaster ~14 I Glasgow ~....12V. Bates ..14 j Hartf0rd............12W COHORT JRANB. 1 Rorkport.. lOk’o Poquot eatloonn 14# Columbian....*. uu Laconia 13 | Indian Orchard. ...V.u* OAMOniOR. Garner Flat 8 o I Slater’s Paper..,,... 9 « Washington 8 [ Manvlllo Paper 0 High colors, 1 cent extra. ,C1@550 .4B@r>ao ,45(n}470 ,43@400 ,40@440 .43(5480 id1t10u....30(»5320 - 27@300 Hleaciiei Lonsdale cambrlo,..2‘j#o Lyman, d 0..,,.....,22 Now York Mills 21 Wamsutta 10# Pride of the West..., 20 Langdon. OB 19 Fruit of the Loom. ..17 Lonsdale Androscoggin, L....1f1#e Hill Ifss Auburn, A ,38@430 .88<g440 to Now York, Dos- I 10c oIT. Vfo uow 111 2 K rs3 111 I*l m XlOl Mlnnobaha, 4-4 35 o Mlnnohaba, 7*B 30 Amoakcag, AOA 80 Amoakcag, A ‘JI Amoakcag, B 21 Amoakcag, 0. 10 Amoakcag, D X 7 DENI >25 o | York Bine. Araoskoak. Columbian, Otis, AX A,. Otl«, 88... Otis, C 0... .23# .20# 17# RTBI Ulnnehnhß, 0-3 23#0 Amonbeag, 6-3 10 Amoskcnff, 3-3 38 Uucaavlllo, A 14 . . OAIIFET Standard white 371rf0 I Rockford. GOO 35 Reaper City 34 | oarpe: V.IAS w 1# . Three Hartford,»2V | Hartford, 1mp1.... 1.45 | Bright's.. CrOßeloj'e. Smith's tapestry $1.30 Hartford extra 1.20 Hartford mod 1.05 Bolgrado 83 „ 7/ci Common plain., 23j5@370 i „ „ Mat English cocoa, bcat.,.,830 American common,, ~C3o American beat .-...750 Hod and wh, chit 4-4 . .050 Hod and wh. chic 6-4. ,40c Ten: Spool thread, grain bage, off 10 days, Domestics, cottonndcs, E cent off 30, 3 per cent off 1G Regular department goo cent off 30, 0 per cent off 1( Tuesday Evening, May 20. There has been a decided Improvement In the lum ber trade the last few days. The domaud on both local and interior account is very active for all grades, particularly choice mill run lumber, and several largo sales havo been made at $16.00017.00. The receipts this morning were light and all tuo cargoes sold readi ly on arrival. A largo fleet from Muskegon are ex pected In to-morrow. Joists and scantling remain steady at $10.25010.60 ; common boards and strips at $11,00(913.00; choice mill run boards and strips aro firm at $16.00018.00; lath steady at $2.60; and shin gles 11 A ” at SJ.OO : No. 1 do at $1.23. The following sales wero reported: Cargo schr Lincoln Dali, from Oconto, 180 m boards and strips at $13.00; 60 m lath at $2.60. Fountain City (Itobc'c’x Mill), Ludlngton, 176 m mixed at $10.25 for 2-inch and $11.50 for inch. Menominee, from South Haven, Cfl. tn common inch at $ll.OO. Joses, from Muskegon,'T?C*6oa ft strips, 30,600 ft boards, at $13.60; 0,000 ft 2-luch‘ilf.slo.oo; 16,C00 lath at $2.60 (mill tally). Prop OcoutoT'from Do Fere, COO m “A” shingles at $3.00. On Thursdoy Mr. E. M. Pholon, Agent at Saginaw of ihoOaclda Salt and Lumber Company, sold 600,000 feet of lumber at $7.00, $14.00, and $23.00. There aro not a great many buyers in the market, but prices aro firm at the above rates. 4.8003.15 Manistee, $3.0003.23 ; Ludiugion, $3.00 ; Muskegon, $2.50 ; Oconto, $3.6004.00; Menominee, (2,7303.35; rontwfltcr, $2.75 ; White Lake, $2.76; Grand Haven, $2.00. ’ ~ Trade at the yards was fair today considering tho weather. The prices given below are generally ad hered to. Shingles on track area trifle higher, now quoted at ®3.37Tha demand for hardwood is fair, and the market firm. Wo quote: First clear. $52.00 065.00 Second dear, 1 inch to 2 inch. Third clear, 1 inch... Third dear, thick First and second clear llooring,togeth er, rough. 40.00 @43,00 First ami second clear aiding, to gether ..... 23.00 @24.00 Common siding 20.00 @22.00 Common llooring, dressed, first...... 84.00 @BO.OO Common fiooriun, dressed, second.... 28.00 @30.00 Wagon-box hoards, selected, 14 inches and upward .. 87.00 @40.00 A stock boards 37.00 @40.00 I) stock boards 28.00 @3J.00 0 stock board 3, Common boards. Joist, scantling, small timber, etc., 16 feet and under 13.00 @l^oo Fencing 13.00 @14,1)0 Joist and scantling, 18 to 24 feet 15.00 @20.00 Pickets, square 14.00 @16.00 Pickets, flat. 13,00 @16.00 Cedar posts, spjlt 14.00 @IB.OO Cedar posts, round 17.00 @25.00 Lath 3.25 @ 8.50 Lath,on track 2.75 0 3.00 No. 1 sawod shingles 1.50 @ 2.00 Aor Star 3.60 @3,75 Shinnies on track 3.12#® 3.37# No. 1 flawed 1.25 @ 1.50 Three dollars per car to bo added when transferred, which charge follows tho shingles. Thickness—Five shingles to bo two inches in thick* ness. Length—Sixteen inches. /iaddwood. Dlack-Wolnut Counters, $100.000150.00; clear, 265.00@76.00; common, $10,00@60.00; cull, $30,000 35.00; Hooting, $50.00060.00. Ash—Clear, $30.00040.00; common, $20.00025.00; cull, $10.00013.00; flooring, $30.00@40.00. Oak—Clear, $30.00040.00; common, $20.00025.00; cull, $12.00018.00. ' Hickory—Clear, $35.00046.00; common, $25,000 36.00; cull, $12.00018.00. Maple—Clear, $30.00040.00; common, $20.00030.00; cull, $10.00016.00. Butternut—Clear, $50.00000.00; common, $25,000 85.00. Cherry— Clear, $50.00060.00; common, $26,000 35.00 ; cull, $12.00018.00. _ Whilewood—Clear, $30.00040.00; common, $20,06 ©30,00; cull, $10.00015.00. Wagon Stock—Hickory axles, per set, $1.0001.60; wagon poles; each, 45055 c ; box boards, $35.00040.00. OFFICES. A few Very Desirable Offices are offered for rent in the Trib une Building. Single or in suites. Witn and without Vaults. English Tile Floors through out the Building. Elevator running during all business hours. These Offices are not equaled in the city. The hest for all classes oi business requiring a central lo« cation. W. 0. DOW, , Room 81 Tribune Building. jsgp FAIEBANKS’ . If-Tl BTANDAKD a' SCALES Ilk* -MaJ OP ALL SIZES. morse &oo 111 AND 113 LAKE*BT. FRACTIONAL CURRENCY. $5 Packages . 03? FRACTIONAL CURRENCY POR BALIS AD TEIBUNE OFFICE. Massachusetts E....10# I’orlamouth P 8# COTTONS. Blackalono, AA 14 Cabot 14V Dwight Star 16# Western Product....lß Harris 14 Gold Medal 12# Social, L,....... ..,.11# Green 0 10# Green, 0 10# Methnen, AA....»,..23 0 Willow Brook, No. 1.33 * Portland, AAA 35 York, 82-1n0h...,.,.,35 York. 80-inch 31 Pacific 15 • Swift Hirer law ti&t*. Warren, AXA .23 Vo Warren, BB 20W Warren. CO 47 w Haymaker u Boston utf WhUfonlon, A,.7,,,.18 q WlilUonton, 0. Mlrf American, 0-8 u • American, 8-Q, 13 WAnr, Peerless 37>tfa See Uivo, c010red....85 Jiruaszls. Higgins, | Iloxbury, sPly, I liowoll $1.40 | Smiths & Sanfords, 1,45 •aina. Lowell extra ....$1.30 ixmell superfine I.OS Common wool C5®760 Union 60@00« «p. Twilled and ox. pl’n., ~340 inn. China matting 4-4.....30 a China malting 6-4 35c China matting 6-4 400 Red and wh. chit 6-4. .450 etc., 60 days, or 1 per cent Kentucky Jeans, oto., 1 per 0 days. ods, 4 per cent off CO, 6 per 10 days. ’ LUMBER. LUMBER FREIGHTS. AT THE TAHOS, 47.00 (§50.00 38.00 @40.00 45.00 16.00 @20.00 13.00 @IB.OO TO RENT. SCALES.

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