Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 21, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 21, 1873 Page 7
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CITY REAL ESTATE. JjlOll SAUL-10 MTS ON KQAN-AV., CORNER 95 feet on Langley., between Fosty.sooond end Forty* 12Sx!m! corner of Forty-clghth-st. and Konwood-conrt, 160 foot on Konwood-conrt, between Forty-seventh end Forty-olghth sls., within one block of Kenwood Htetlnn, 49x180, Klmbark-av., between Fifty-sixth end Fifty* ■oventb-sta. MiiCo,.on Indlana-av., botwoon Fifty-third and Fifty* ‘fourth-sta. . • lOlotson Wosiorn-av., near Langhlon-al, « 9o lota on Ijioghtun and Marvln-sts., nonr 10 lute on Second and Erlo-ats., botwoon Reuben end Noble. 60x170 on Mlohlgan-av., with flrst-olase bouse. . . 26x110, with 9-ntory frame bouse, un Four tk*ov., between Harrison end Polk-sta. lOlnlsonlfigan-av., corner Stewart. ... , 60x134 on Indlana-av., between Thirty-third and Thirty fourth-ita. „ WING A FARLPT, 6C East Waahlngton-Bt. Room 4. TjIOR BALB-BY P. O. VIBRLINO, REAL ESTATE JD Agent, Room 18,128 Doarborn-st. 1 60 foot on Wbillng-st., oast of Woll*, sonth front. 95 feet on Krto-qt., oaat of 1 *SaUo, south front. 96 feet on Wolls-it., nonr Michigan., 45foetoaWarron-av., noarOakloy-at. Mfooton Adama st., near IJncoln. . IWfoeton Asbland-av., near Twelfths!., cheap. 30 foot on Adams-st., near Aberdeen. 90 foot on Tblrd-av., near Fourtoont-hst., cheap. 96 feotonThlrty-sevonlh-it., near Wabaab-av., cheap. 60 feet on Wabash-av., noarThlrty-llfth-at., coat front. 86 feet on Hryant-placo, near Vlnconnoß-nv. 60 lost on llutn»ldo-«t.* near Thlrty-cighth, 195 feet on Nai>oloon*p)aoo, near Uullor-st. 60 foot on Twonty-nlnth-st., -near Uutlor. Also Improved property In nil part* of the city. F, O, vIEULInQ. VnOR SALK-TWO STORKS. BRICK, WITH LIV* 4? log rooms abovo, corner Taylor and Wostorn-av., $6,000 and $5,000. Nortboasl corner lot and bouso, 60x125, Lake and Sang amon, homo 13 rooms. _ . . . _ Henso and lot, 83Hx162,‘ on Wabash-av. and Twenty bintb-st., 10 rooms, lam, grapery, $13,000. 1254 Wabash-av., homo and lot, $7,600. . , _ House and lot 463 West Jaokson-st., south front, lot 35x 190, 3-story framo, 9 rooms; tonns easy. 49 Uonoro-st., 8-Btory brick and basement swell-front. 10 rooms, east front, good frame barn: very cheap, and desirable neighborhood j house new. Don't fall of Booing it} $9,500. J. W* lIEDENBERO, Room 4, 09 East Madison-st. JpOß' SALE-GOOD LOTS ON THE FOLLOWING ' atreota: State, Burnside, Butterffold, Arnold, Gari* aldl, Hanover, Butler, Wallace, Summer, Winter, Mur ray, and Halsled; also on Wentworth. Shurtlolf. Portland and Stewart-ava; also on' Alexander, Twooty-fourtn, Tweoty.aixtb, Twentjr-r>«vuiitti, xwoniy-Wgiub, Twenty-ninth, Karl, Thlrtlotb, llaTon.Tßlity-flrat. Tbir tv-tecond. Thirty-third. Thlrty-lifro.'Vhlrty-sixth, Thirty ■prenth, fcontalno, and Thlrty-olghth-sle. ruioperleoi. Warranty deeds. Avery small payment down, live year a time, 8 por cent Interest. No agency business. Apply to owner. ALBERT CRANE. 679 Wabasb-sv. •papn RAT.R-RY K. O. COLE A CO., 13$ LASALLE* Indlana-av., 000x163 ft, oornor Flftloth st. BnrtuldOrSt., 235, bouse and lot, ohoftp. !lalitod-sl., 25 ft oaat front, near Sophia. noarLaraboo, 25 ft, $3,600. Flvo acres at Cornell, corner Cottage Orovo-av. and Bovonty-fißb-st.. with good house, cheap. Forty sores in See. 1, T. 87, R. 111, N. W, Five sores in See. 14, 67,13, well fenced. Five acres at Lawndale, on Twonty-socond-lt. 100 ft at Norwood Park, best location. JpiOU SALE—BY MATSON KILL, 108 AND 110 DEAR -INDIANA-A.V.— foot, between Sixteenth and Elghteenth-sts,, $255 per foot. cash. WABAbil-AV.—60x175 foot, near Twonty-alxtb-Bt- WABASH-AV.— 183x146 loot, near Flfly-Urat., $45 per foot for a few daya. , .. . UICHIQAN-AV.—60x165 foot, near Flfty-sixth-st., S6O BTAT^E-St!—7sxls3 foot, between Fifty-seventh and Fil ty-olghth-st., 845 por foot. . XpOR SALE—MIOHIOAN-AV., NORTHEAST COR; JD nor Forly-fifth-st., 204 feet; Indlana-av,, north of Forty-fifth-st., oast front, 180 foot. Thla property, bo longfag to non-roaldcnta, will bo Bold at an average price foribo whole of slutipor foot, on easy terms, If taken soon. Title perfect. J. EBAIAS WARREN, 18 Cham ber of Commerce. . TBOR SALE—LAKK-ST.-60 FEET FRONT ON WEST X 1 Lako-st., between Woitorn-av. and Oakloy-st., south front. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroo and LaHaUo-sts. F)R SALIC—6O FEET ON STATE-ST.. NEAUTHIR- Iy-aorenth; S9O per foot, worth SIOO. 100 ft on the South Boulevard, only $3,000 cash (double front). House and lot on Kvans-av., only SSOO down, and balance on longtime. One onßurmSdo tor $1,600; one f0r52,950, and one for $3,300. PETER SUIMP, 1774 Stato-st., cornor Thirty-ninth. TUOR SALE-ONE AND A HALF STORY FRAME X 1 cottage, including lot on Thirty.nocond-st., Just oast or Wallace. Small payment down; balance in monthly payments: 6 years* time. Water on promises and con venient to cars. Apply to FRED. P. FISHER, 148 La- Ballo-et., basement. • For sale—the best and cheapest lots on West Side, fronting on Division, Leavitt, and Shobor sta.; near Wicker Park. Good neighborhood; lots 134 foot deep, with sidewalks and city water. Price, S6OB, S7OO, ami SI,OOO. Terms, oao-tmrd cash. Warrantee deeds and abstracts of title. A redaction on first cash payment: if required, to those who build this spring. In* aulro of F. ARNOLD A CO., Grooaobaum’a Bank, No. 76 Fllth-av. F)R BALB-ON HALSTED-ST., BETWEEN THIR- Iy-fifth and Thirty-sixth-sis., 10t56x125. O. YAGER, 167 East Madison-st., Room. 11. TIOn SALE-CHEAP LOTS-BY JACOBO. MAOILL, ? 8V and 83 South Olark-st.: Harrlsun-st., 8600, easy terms., SSOO, easy tonus. Fourth-st., a 1,000, monthly payments. Dlller-st., S9OO, monthly payments. FOR SALE-AT A BARGAIN, LOTS ON WESTERN av., Polk and Toylor-sts., and Oampboll-av.; parties wishing to build, no money required down. Inquire of GEORGE OADWELL, on promises, or 185 South Clark gt.. In bank. FOR SALE—3SO FEBT op nßomnwoD uonnepw (four comers) near Lincoln Park, south'front, shade «t »60 p«r toot. MOBToil CUL+KB, Boom 4 Metropolitan Block. OR BALE—NEW BASEMENT COTTAGE (OWN ronr own house and save rent), monthly payments. 6 per cent. Call soon. GARLIOK, 64 East M&dison-st. FOR SALE—CHEAP OOTAGON-FRONT BRICK roildcnco, 2 stories and basement, 10 rooms, 10t29 feet front: excellent location (West Sldo: $9,500. HENRY WALLER, JR., 86 East Washlngtomst., Room 4. mOB SALE—OR EXCHANGE—A VALUABLE LOT, J? for either manufacturing or rcsidonoo purposes, on Iluron-st., between Markot and Sedgwick, 117)tf foot by 100 to alloy, subject to mortgage; would exchange for house and lot of 25 foot front, uoincnmborod, and pay dif ference In Talne, If any. For particulars apply to ED* WARD N. BBMBXT, 163 LaSallo-st. FOR SALE—CHEAP—MIOHIOAN-AV., CORNER of Flfty-fourth-st., 50x160 foot. Apply to owner, J. C. IHCHBKRG, Lind Block, corner of Randolph and Markot-sts. FOR BALK-WABABU-AV.,SOUTHEAST CORNER Thirty-fourth-et., 225x175, a duo lot fur a block of residences; prico only $l6O per foot. Terms, one-seventh cash; balance on very easy terms. Title perfect. Only offered for this week. J. KBAIAS WARREN, 18 Cham* her of Commerce. TpOR SALE-OFFERED FOR A FEW DAYS AT ' much below tho markot valuo; 73 ft northwest corner Indiana and Tblrty-fonrth-st. 48 ft South Park-av., south and near Twonty-ninth-st. DO ft Caluraot-av., south and near Twcnty-thlrd-«t. 100 ft ludlana-av., sonth and near Twenty-nlnth-st. .. • O. A. LELAND, 188Doarborn-st. For sale-very low for cash, a dksir able residence on Prairjo-av., largo bouse, barn and tot 60x170: price $30,000. MRS. B. M. HANSFORD, 107 East Madison-st. FOR SALE-ON BURNSIDE-ST., EAST FRONT, south of Twonty-ninth-st., 25x110. Also, on Went-- worth-av., sonth of Twonty-nlnth-at., 50x135 or 26x125, east front. J. H. KEELER, 14S Clark-eL, corner Madison. For sale-tndiana-av.—two-story and basement octagon atono-front bouse, lOroonts, on In* dlann-av., between Twenty-ninth and Tblrliuth-sU, SNYDER A LEE. 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroe and LaSallo-sts. F“ 'OR SALE-LOTS ON PRAIRIE-AV., NORTH OP Tblrty-flth-st., east «r west fronts, S9O to SOS per foot. J. H. KEELER, 14D Clark-st., corner Madison. For sale-forty acres in hydb park, near South Chicago. A grout bargain for somo ono. J. M. CUTLER. Room 18 QtU Block. For sale— cottage and lot, con roniont to Madlson-st. cars, $3,800; col taco and lot, Buttorfield-st., noarKgun-av., 83,1)00. HENRY WAL LER, JR., 86 East Washington-st., Room 4. IpOR SALR-ON ADAMR-ST., NEAR WOOD, SIX • now brick bouses, swell frouts, 2-slory and basement; everything complete. sl3,6Doand SIO,BWJon easy torus. Inquire there, orot2B North Jolforaon-st. FOR SALE—MANUFACTURING PROPERTY—IU3x 365 feet on Twemy-second-st.,' northwest corner ol Ailnort-st. Also other pieces. HENRY WALLER, JR., h! Last Washington-st., Room 4. •_ I” pOU SALR-AM GOING TO EUROPE AND WANT ■ to sell 78,# feet corner nf West Lake and Valontino this week, just ont of tiro limits, u( a bargain; a block of frame buildings put on thin corner and rented will pay for lot in two years. Apply morning and evening at 886 Ful tou-At.. or 89, or between 10 and U o'clock at ltore t)ls>o West Lako-st. M. HALL. FOR SALE-VERY CHEAP—7S FRET ON INDL ana-av., noar Fnrty*floventU-st. GEO, A. EMERY, 164 LftSullo-st., bnuemont. FOR SALK-CHOICE AND CHEAP BUILDING lots on Kgan-av., South Park, and Oakwuod Houle- Krds, and in tho vicinity, at lowest markot rates, and on o easiest terms. J. ESAIAS WARREN, IB Chamber sf Commerce. tpOH salr-at a very great BARGAIN, 100 X l . foot on Mlchican-av., noar Fortyllfth-at. QEO. A, EMERY, 164 LaSallo-st., basement. FOU SALIC—ON MONTHLY PAVMENTB-OOT tagei on Doyton-Bt,, near Wobator-av. Inquire on premises of SCOTT 4 PAGE. T7IOR SALE-OHEAP-HOUSE AND LOT ON TOR* J? ty-fifth-at.. near Vlnconnoa-av., only $3,L00; easy terms. JACOB Q» MAOILL, 8l and 68 South Clark-al. F~ OR SALE-LOTS ON HARRISON, CONGRESS, and Van Buron-sts.; also on Congress Park, only a.Sf tnilei from the Court-House. Thoau lota havo tho lake water, and sro sold on very easy terms. Apply to CAMP* PELL BROS., 131 Madiaon-st., corner Clark. For sale—, us feet, comer of Stanton-av. CANFIELD 4 UATTESON, 80 LaSallo-st. For sale-niob grove lots near horse. can, fur $23 down, and S2O per month, without In terest; not required to build, and only a few loft. OKU. n. HESS, UflLaSalle iU froß SALE-NICE FRAME HOUSE AND LARGE X* grove, lot 187 Stanton-av., near Thlrty-suvonth-al., very cheap. GEO. U. HESS, 227 Egtu-av. and 116 La- Ballo-st. TTtOH SALK—ON SOUTH SIDE. BETWEEN THE X 1 boulevards. adoslrablocoUago and lot 2.>x126; also Urge barn; price. $6,600. Mrs. li. M. RANSFORD, 167 East Madhon-st. _ For salb-on soutiiwkstern-av., front logFlournoy-st.; lowest prlco lot in block, Apply morning and evening. 61. HALL, 886 Fultou-sU Irion BALE-ON MIOHIOAN-AV., 131 FEET, COR ■ ner Twenty-ulmh-st. On Michigan-av., 39 feet, noarTwonty-elghth-st. Ou Mtchlgun av,, FI toot, noarTwenty.olghth-st. On Mlohlgan-av., Id fool, corner Mfly-fourthst. On Mlchlgan-uv., WO foot, corner Filly-sovomh-flt. On Mlohlgan-ov., 18 fuot, near Moaroo-at. 8 acres on Hlato-st,, botwoou 1-llty.seventh and Fifty- by tho acre to aoll near South Chicago. 9 nno marble front houses tm West Van Burtm-st., to trade, by ’ THOS. A. HILL, 123 Dourbomst. t=TOR AND LOT, 60 HONOREST. |1 or will exchange for vacant lots in same uoighboi hood. Inquire 404 West Madlsou-st. TpORSALR—WABASH-AV,, N It A R T W I! LFf I l-ST. -It two-atory and basement framo-houso, lot 26i18u; wl bo sold for what tho hit is worth, If taken ntuuoc J. HENRY WEIL, 160Doaiborn-»t„ Rooinji. LOTS LEFT ON LINCOLN- av. at per foot. MORTON CULVER, Room* IstrocwUlou Block. CITY REAL ESTATE. FOR 8 ALE-BY OSBORN A SKILLMAN, 123 SOUTH Olark-st., cheap lolst , Twenty-sixth, Twenty-seventh. end Twonty-olghlh-sls., between Fort Weyno track and Wallaoo-at. Twelfth-st., near Asklatid-av. Hampsnn-st., near Diomls; n bargain, Ilarrliou-st., near llnyne. . _ Smithwcstorn-av.; a ohanon to secure something fine, Ilninlltoo-ar., lots for »f 1.300. NOU'I’II HIDE. Lots on Hurlbnt. Oroltard. Hurling, Llncoln av., and a , largo number In Snollinhl’H Addition. . ~, You can obtain bargains in many of tbo above by calling soon. For saXjß—hy t. h. noYD, ko west washing* ton-st. SIO,OOO-(UUI2.» f -d. kl-coom dwelling, barn, do., on Wnshlnuton-81., near lloyiin. $6,000-26xl2.’>ioot, 12-mom new dwellingt sonfh front on Van Uurcn-st,, oaitot Iloyno. SI,OOO down, but very easy payments. . _ 111-room Uriuk dwelling. Modern Improvomonls. 83x125 foot. LotnnOroon-sl., nonrMonroo. Want an ollor. SB,OOO-80x125 foot, 12.roum bouso on Uroon-st., bo* twoon Washington and Madison. _ slooper f00t—26x125, Booth fronton Van Bnron-st., near lionora. S6OO down 5 balance easy. JjlOR SALK—BY LINGLB * DARLOW, 125 DEAR. Nort Invest* oornor, 183x126, Pralrlo-av. and TMrly-Bovonlh. at., $865 easy terms} cheapest piece of avenue property offered. _ 8.6x135 Warron-av., near Woslorn-av., $1,600. 100x800 Woodlawn-av., Kenwood, choice building lot.. Homo and lot, Brooms. Diingloy-av. and, lotly-socond at.. $3,600; S6OO cash, $9,000 In syears, balanpo to anlt. 4 homes and lots, 19 rooms, near Oakwflod depot, Hyde Park, s2,2ooeach; oaay terms. IpOU SALE—FOREST-AV.—2O-FOOT LOT, BAST ’ front,' north of Thlrty-iocond-st. SIOO per foot. ABELL A HOTCHKISS, 43Otis block. ■ lilOU SALE-LOT ON NORTHWEST CORNER Off * Michlgan-av. and Madlaon-st., 81x178 foot. Lot nn northwest cofnorof Van Bnron-st* and Fonrth-av.. lW)x lUU ft- Lot on Hhorman-at.. north of Polk, 110x106 ft. Title Indisputable. Apply for terms at 795 Wabash-av., between the hours of« and Ip.m. F“OR BALK—COTTAOE HOUSE AND LOT FOR aaloat293 South Joffeisen-at., at a bargain. If sold within nno week. Gallon the owner, D. O. GEARY, 74 West MndUon-at. House vacant. • ITIOR sale-five lots on west lakk-st., ' south front, botwoon Wood and Llucoln-sts. Five lots on West Lako-at., botwoon Loavltt and Uakloy-ats. Two lota on Rheldon-st., oast front, botwoon Washing* ton and Madlsnn-sta. This property will bo told ohoan, and on longtime, by 6!. MAUOIIAN. 21 Reaper Block, northeast oornor of Clark and Waahlagton-sta. Ytior RALE-LARGK LOT AND 9-STORY oot- JJ lego, West Sides lino neighborhood. Bargain. Also, cottage and lot on North Sido: only $3,000, monthly pay monte. FINLEY, 127 South Olstk-at. JPOR SALE-COTTAGE WITH FINISHED RASE -3 mont, 806 Thlrty-tblrd-st.; 7 good rooms. This Is a arcaln. Inquire on promises. IflOR SALE-MARBLE HOUSE, INDIANA-AY., 1 $11,600. \vost Van Bnron-st. $10,000; small payment. Mloblgan-av., oarrlago taken llrst paymont. Pralrlo-av., good Smirk Side lots taken. 8. MEAR3, 200 LaSallo-st. For salk-by henry p. grorqr, real kb into Agent, B9olark-sl., opposite Oourt-Hunso: 1.10x160 foot cornor Indlana-av. sad Ttilrllottx-at.; a splendid building lot, at a bargain. 100x183 foot Wabash-av., corner Thlrly-Hrst-st. 100 footMlohlgan-av., cornor Thlrty-sccond-st. 100 foot Wabash-av., oomor Thirty-foarth-st. KM) foot Krans-av., cornor Forty-thlrd-st. 135 foot Pfalrio-av., cornor Ttilrty-sovooth-at. For sale—pabk-av.—two-story and bask. montbriok ooragon front homo, modern improve ments, brick barn, on Park-av., near Lluooln-at SNY DER A LEE. 14 Nixon Building, nortboaat corner Mon roe and LaSalle-st*. - T?du SALE—BAROAIN—FINE BRICK HOUSE AND X 1 lot, with nil modem Improvement#: furnace, range, nowcarpets; only $9,00(1. Inquire of F. LAWLER, on promises, (V) Utmuos-av., near Thlrty-sooood-at., or of HESS. WHITNEY A CO., 143 LaSaUo-at, POR SALE-VERY CHEAPAND FAR BELOW ITS value, and on very easy terms if sold to-morrow: 100s 175 on Wabash-av., cornor of Forty-second-st.. cast front. Apply to M. O. BALDWIN A 00„ M andß6LaSalio-st., Room 24. For sale-great bargain, 100 feet on wa bash-av., just outside of liro limits. Want au oiler, Addrosa O 43, Tribune otlico. IHOR SALE—IMPROVED—STATE-ST., BETWEEN » Twonty-olghtb and Twonty-uinth-ats., two-story frame store, east front, $6,600. . „ Pmirlo-nv., No. 1469, 3-atory frame honso, 9room; will bo sold cheap. ... Michlgan-av., S-atory frame house, brick basement, oast front; Inf 60x160; sls, Cod. FRED. L. FAKE AGO.. 88 Wasblngton-st. SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. TTIOB SALE—HIGIIWOOD—NEW BEAUTIFUL JP dwelling-houses trora ffBOO to $5,000, payable $l2O to S6OO yearly, or In monthly Installments if preferred; the lots are covered with tine growth of shade trees; Ihi natural commanding position of tho town is acknowledged to bo tine by nil who sco It; tbo question of its advantages for homo is nut to bo questioned, when so largo number of Chicago’s wealthiest men bavo their homos near mo on all Hides costing as high as $50,000, in locations not ox colling some 1 bavo by paying mo as much yearly as you would pay for rent of some bouses. 1 oiler as far out by horse-oars as those aroby steam; you can have homestead paid for 8 to fi years, or lots will bo sold and payment ro covoii'd In as small amounts or saving banks receive; no payment down. K. ASHLEY MEARS, 200 LaSallo-st. Residence, Highwood. TltOR BALE—OUOIOE SUBURBAN LOTS ON THE X* Mllwaukoo Railway, six miles distant, and twenty minutes’ ride, in Clybourn’s Addition to Ravcnswood. ThCBO lots aro laid out 60x163 foot on 8(1 foot streets, nnd will bo sold upon easy terms, at from SSOO to S7OO por lot. Tho facilities fur access to and from tho city—tho deslr ability of tho laud—it being high and thoroughly drained —tbo proximity to flrst-olass Improvements, churches, schools, and society, commend ibis property as tho best at tho ptlco now in tuo market. Comparison challenged 1 Tbo attention of tho Indus trious—tho (hriflv—tlin/innH/m.—U called to fhnsn lot* • • anus tor humosloaOs or investments. Call, for a printed abstract nnd plot, npon ROBERT GREER, 84 La3allo-at.. Room 3. For sale-lake forest-residences from $5,000 to $25,000; building sites from SBOO to $1,600 por acre. Lnko barest Is tho most beautiful of Chicago suburbs; laid out by A landscape gardonor in tho stylo of a park, with eominary. academy, and public schools of a high grade; 20 miles of beautiful drives, elegant private residences, lirst-clnsi hotels, olfor unusual inducements to thoso seeking suburban homes. CANFIELD A MAT TKSON,_CO LaSalle-sL T?OU BALE-ONLY SBS PER ACRE-SO ACRES. 17 J? miles aoutli of Chicago, in Soo. 85,80,14. Cull at the Nicholson Organ Factory, 08 East Inulaua-st. For salr-io acres at a great bargain— Juitoutsido of oily limits, von-near Central Park, on West Madlson-st. Very ohnlco for subdivision. Apply at onco to ALFRED L. NEWELL A CO., lloal EoUto Dealer, 158 LaSallo-st., Chicago. TBOU SALE —AT SOOTH ENGLEWOOD -153 X’ choice building lota near the depot. Prico, $350 each, payable ono-fourth cash and balance at tho end of 8 years, with tho privilege of paying any tlmo before ma turity in emus of $lO nor lot. Will not sell loss than 4 lots at a tlmo, but will mako tho deed to two or moro pur* sons jointly. Acrosslblo by six dummy trains each way daily on Rock Island Railroad. Title guaranteed per fect. Abstract furnished each purchaser. Chicago real estate is tho host savings bank In which anyone can place tliolr earnings, MATSON HILL, lOd and 110 Dearborn-st. TBOR SALK—SOUTH ENGLEWOOD LOTS, ON X 1 monthly payments, S2OO, only two blocks from depot. JACOB O. MAGILL, Siam! 83 SonUi Clnrk-st. 1' pOR SALE—OR EXCHANGE FOR HOUSE AND 1 lot, 50-acro farm, well Improved, noar Downer's Grovo, on 0., It. AO. R. R., SBO por aero. T. B. BOYD, 180 West Washington-st. IT*OR SALE - WEST MADISON-BT.—SBVKNTY- J.’ live acres In Bee. 18, of Olooro. ABELL A liOTOH KISS. 43 Oils Block. 7710R SALE—WASHINGTON HEIGHTS-25 ACRES JP adjacent to Morgan Park, and between tho Rock Island and tho Dummy Ronds. Stations on each nt this property. Will glvo a bargain. ABELL A UOTOII KISS. 43 Otis Block. ITIOR SALE—BY LEVI WING A CO.„ 90 DEAR • bom-st.: 8 acres at Washington Heights. 11)0 foot on Noblo-uv., noar Clark-st. Idti foot in Ravouswood, original town. Will tako brick In exchange for any of above. 8-story brink houso on Thirty-ilrst-st., near Wa- UaaU-av. Ktono front on Cnlfax-av., near Thlrty-socond-st. ■ Largo brick on Mlchignn-av., near Fourtconth-st. Two-story frame, 170 walnnt-st, 60x150, Laugloy-av., near Forty-soooml-st. FORBALK-BM ACRES NEAR DOUGLAS PARK and Douglas Park boulevard, subdivided Into 48 lots. Ono of tho choicest pieces of aero property in tho city. SNYDER A LEE. 14 Nixon Building, northeast coruor Munruo and LaSalle-sts,' 77* OR SALE—FOR THE NEXT 15 DAYS, WE WILL X* sell acres at North Evanston nt tho exceeding low prico of 9 Codon aero; I, 5, or IQ acres to suit; 28 acres olforod at a bargain. Call on H. G. EGGLESTON, 147 LaSallo-st. TTIOR SALR-FROM 1 TO 2LOTS NEAR THE ROOK X' Island Oar Shops. Vory desirable, A rich bargain If taken soon, D. B. DEWEV & CO., 147LnSailo-st. For balk-i will oft’er, at a bargain, is houses and cottages of from o to 10 rooms, la Evans ton, North Evanston, and Qlenooo, at lower figures than any party can sell for who does not deal exclusively la bis own property; you that want houses come direct to mo and save tho commission; ouo-flfth down and balanoo in monthly or yearly payments will buy a homo; lots in any of tho places named at wholesale prices; lumber furnlslum those who will build; none need apply who haro not a lit tle money. O.E. HIIOWNE, Grovor’flßlock, Evanston, or 153 Monroo-st., Room 2. IpOR SALE-BY KERR. DAVISON * WELCH, • Real Estate Dealers and Brokers. 142 LaSallo-st.: 10, £O, or 40acres on 0., 8., A Q, Railroad, adjoining Clyde; will pay largely to subdivide; only two miles from city llmlto. 160 acres B. W. M 800, 15, 89, 18, corner Hyman and Junotlon-avs, 80 acres corner Junctloa-av. and Flfty-fiflh-st. Boulo vard- For sale-6 or io acres on piety-ninth. at., near Englewood, at $3,000 per aero; also lots m tho urovo north ot Englewood, ono block Irotn elation. Price, 925 por foot. J. SOUERBRY, 121 LaSalle at., Room 17. 171 OR SALE—IO. SO, OR 30 ACRES EIGHT BLOCKS . from Irving Park, aoven miles from Cmirt.lluuao, on easy terms if sold bofuro Juno 1. J. SOUERBRY, 121 La* Balto-at., Room 17. FOR HALE-LOTS IN EVANSTON, ON GRANT-AV, and Laku-at. for S3OO, Including trees and sidewalks. Terms, $lO, monthly payments, or if cash, balance 1, 2, and 3 years. Oumo froo of oxponao and sou tho improve* monte and Inducements lam otforlng. ROBERT COM* MUNS. 113 LnSallo-st. Inbli SALE-26 LOTS, ALL OR PART, ON ASH * Jand-a?., north of Fifty-llfth-it. boulevard, at a bar gain, for % cash. AddrosaF&C, Tribuneolllco. THOR SALE-6 AND 10 YEARS' TIME; OHOIOE X 1 Hydo Park properly; also, aumu West Side property, cheap. J. 11. DISoHLL, 16 Bryan Block. lAOKBALE-65 ACRES ATWAHIUNGTON HEIGHTS X 1 pear depot, tinotroesun It, high land;olforcd at a groat bargain; will sell 20 acres or 10 auros, divided by Prospect-av, ULRICH 4 BOND, 87 Doarborn-et. F~ OR W. H, PHARE, 113 LA BALLK-ST.7 llrstlluor, Major Block i 8 llvo-acro blocks near Northwestern Oar ahopib 7(1 acres In blocks to suit, Sec. 1, 37, 13. bo seres, Sue. li, 37, 13. Macros, Sou. 6, 87, 81. IbU sores, Seo. 81, 87, 13. TUacios, Sec. 5, 87, 11. Can give bargain* In the above property. 710 It SALE-DR. liENSIIALL’S OHAUJIINO RES- X* idonou at Ooimoiuownc, Wls., known as Sumtybruuk. on Lake Fowler, Tudor, Gothic brick house, 49x10 ft., 16 rooms jail modem Improvements; brick stable aud car riage bouse; allnocossary ontbulldlng*;olght norua. Ap ply to Dr. J. A. lIKNSIIALB, Ominomowoo, Wls. Refer toGitQ. Anson Stager, H. D. Klmbsrk, Esq., U. H. Shu foldt., Jin;,, Chicago IJiOB SALE-AT HINSDALE-TWO FIRST-CLASS X* reutdoncos, containing lu and 13 rooms, all mndoru Ini provomoiita; large or small lot; all kinds of fruit and ihrnbluiry: largo asparagus hods. Cheap and on easy tonus. W. LEIiAND, residence Hinsdale; leuve every day nn the l:tsl>. m. train fur homo. Olllco, 896 Seven tocalU-tt, Ou ’Uhauge from 13 to 1 o’clock. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: WEDNESDAY, MAY 21, 1873. SUBURBAN BEAL ESTATE. For rale-at a bargain—by ooldrn a FURSIIWAT/IllS, 83 South Ohuk-st., Room 16: 40 noroa In Roc. 11, Its, 111. 40 aoroa In See. 15, HO. HI. lo aoroa In See. 92, m, in. in aores In Reo. 17, 38, 14. 0 acres In Roo. 16, 80, 18. 9 noroa In Hoo._l, !iD, 111. Lion!i;dTfl~TujTif>ivision of too X' aoroa, woll Improved, good, ilry prairie land, adjoin* Ing Unhtvrt, on Fort Wayne Railroad, C 3 miles from Old. ongn; (ttl pnr oeroi I, 3, and <1 veurn; 3 room cottage, $l6O cash. ,1. EAULI’I, owner: cilice days, Friday and Mott day, Room 8, Iwumnont, 163 tymcoc-st. I'jtdil BALR~I,DT.S adjacent to NF.W oar* . alinpi of O. AN. W. It. R. and within two blocks of depot, on favorable terms. A. U. ODELK 193 Dearborn* st., Room 10, Drat floor. _____ IpOR SALE-AT SOUTH ENGLEWOOD, CHOICER* 1 acre blocks, on 6 yearn’time to imrchMora who will build Immediately. An agieomonl will ho mado fur tbo roloose of loin upon tbo payment of amount duo on (ho part re leased. Six dummy (rains caoh way, dally learo the (Jratid Depot on Ytinllnron.Bt. MATSON HILL, 108 and 110 Doarborii-81. 1‘ ROil SALE-AT ENGLEWOOD—NEW, NEAT, AND . thoroughly built cottage, $2,850, ono-fourth cash, bal ance S6O per month. Have your rent and your own homo. llULilUitD A UO.i 2UB LaSallo-st, I' BOR BALE-AT ENGLE WOOD—CHEAP AND DR ’ slrnbio lota on nearly ornry elrcot and ovory Paft »f this beautiful suburb. Secure good bargains wbilo you can. 11ULUUUD, A CO., 203LaSallo-st. 1’ nOR SALE—AT ENOLEWOOD-OUOIOR GROVE 1 property on Michigan, Wobaah, and Indlana-avs., in 60 or luu foot lota, near the atatlouand Sonth Pork, IIIJL* BURP A CO., WJSLaSnllo-iU F" OR BALE—IO AORISB BOUTIIEAHT CORNER Off Aahlnnd-av. and Elghly-fourlh-at., Jnat west of Booth Englewood, and within two blocks of the proposed now dummy railroad} omMlfthcosh, and the balance at the end of throo years, 8 per coat. MATSON HILL, 108 and 110 Doarborn-sL J'pOU RALE-COTTAGES AND HOUSES ON AT -1 lantlo and lialtlc-sts., near Kook Island oar-shops. Will bo sold cheap and on oaay terms. FRED. L. I’ABLE A CO., 83 Washlogton-at. For salr-enolewood-only a few left of thoao beautiful loH closo to station and Normal Hoboed, at SBSO each, monthly paymoutfl. STORES <fc WARE, M Wnsblagton-st. . . For rale-40 aores at olvdk, on a., b. a q. H. R., clow to station, clmroli, and sohool; only $1,260 per aero. STORKS AWARE. 94 Washlngton-at. F" OR SALE-SAVE YOUR RENT AND SECURE A now and beautiful homo and 60 foot corner lobs close to Elation and Normal School, Knglowood} monthly pay tnonts. STORKS A WARE, 01 Washlngton-at. IPOU BALE-AT RAVENSWOOD-A DESIRABLE 1 dwelling houio of 8 rooms, good brick collar, furnace, hard and soft wator. Lot 142x152 ft, ornamented with fruit and shado treoa. Apply to ROBERT QUEER, 81 LaSallo-st., Room 9. BEAU ESTATE WANTED. WANTED-AORE TRACTS BETWEEN SEVENTY first and Elshty-nlntU-sts., and oast of Stony-Island qv. Call atfllfiStato-st., hardware store. : TITANTKD-TO exohanoe acre property r T for Improved oily properly. Also to oxebanco unim proved clly property for aero property. Wanted, unim proved lots for customers. HAIR A CO., Room So Bryan Block. WANTED—ACRES ! AGUES' ACRES I—WE HAVE, > » constant Inquire# for aero properly s can tnnko quick sales at good prices. JACOB O. MAOILL, 81 and 83 South Clark-at. ~ T .WANTED—PROPERTY FOR MANUFACTURING VV purpnaoa, between Fifty-first and Fifty-third-eta., or Fifth-third and Flfly-tUth-sts., and Amold-st. and Hook Island Railroad track. 11. F, KLDUED AOO., 155 Mon* roo-at. WANTBD-LOTSI LOTS I LOTS I ON WEST WASH* Vr lngton-at„ Park-av., Warron-av., and Adaina-at., tnnUimato-at., Prairie, and Indlana-ava., North Dear* orn and LaSalle-sts. Wo have customers for lota on the above and neighboring strootfl. JACOB O. MAOILL, 81 and 83 South Clurk-st. WANTED-FOR A CASH OUSTOMBR, A GOOD bouse, south of Tblrty-flrst-it., worth SIO,OOO to $13,000: also a place worth about SB,OOO, partly oash. HENRY P. GEORGE, 89Qlark-st. WANTED— LOTS ON THE NORTH AND WEST Sides. Wo h&vo many applications, and want them in all localities, to moot the wants of customers. OS BORN A SKILTiMAN. TO EXCHANGE. rjlO EXCHANGE—FOR OITY OR SUBURBAN 2 puod'liousoß. comer IToyno and Hubbard-sts., with cosh, or trill soil on monthly payments of S6O each. 9 lota at Humboldt Park. House and lot at Evanston. _ A palatial roaldenco in tbo city of Ripon, Wls. A line roaldenco and 40 acres at B aukogan. A 870-acro farm near Dosulainoa Station. S lino residences at Hinsdale. Q fruit farms in Michigan. , 4 larroa, dltTorcnl alecs, well Improved. A fine residence and elevator at Lanark, 111., for farm or other property. Afarm In Rico County. Minn., cash, and city property, for mercantile, manufacturing, or hotel property, ardour mill with waterpower. Wo also bavo inr aale: 11 duo lota at Brighton, on Doaglas-placo, near Boule vard. A largo number of houses in different parts of the city. A largo quantity of very desirable aero property at bot tom prices. LAWRENCE A MOFFETT, 181 East Madtaon-st. TO RXOIIANOR—2,4OO FRET ON THE BLUFF, Washington Heights, and within 60U foot of Morgan Park, and uo&r tho Military School and proposed $13,000 church, with sidewalk from depot; streets and trees, etc. Will tako a good improved farm. lOOlotsatForty-sovonth-st., 1 block from Wostorn-av. boulevard, furn good farm. 50 lots southwest of Brighton. ISlotaatSUty-lirst-st. aud Contro-av., Englewood, for good cottage. Residence and 406 foot at Maywood for unimproved >< CottAga and lot, $3,600, North Side, for cash and lands, m t-u, x4Uw«»k., *«ii m-.N)’ fur form. AU tboabovo nro good property, nnd will bo nvnhftnffed at fair prices. LINQLE A DARLOW, 125 Poarbom-st. fllO EXCHANGE—FOR CHICAGO PROPERTY X lino residence in Janesville, Wis.; will pay some oash. Address 398 Uluo Island-av. rro EXCHANGE—FOR LOTB-A NEW 9-ROOM X houso and lot, good location, West Division, near Ashland.av. and VanUurnn-st. cars; Immediate posses sion. JACOB O. MAGILL, 81 aud 83 South Olark-st. TO EXCHANGE—FOII BUILDING LOTS-A NEW brick irridenco; location and finish tlrst-class. JACOB U, MAOILL, bl and 83 South Clark-at. ■ fpO EXCHANGE—IBO ACRE FARM IN MoHENRY X County, 2ut) and IGu aero farms in Loo County, 111., all for city property. FINLEY, 127 South mo EXCHANGE—A DESIRABLE HOUSE AND 60 X foot lot in Kansas City for property In or near Chicago. Address 79 South Llncoln-nt., or 401 WostMadtson-st. rrO EXCIIANGE-AT ONCE, A NICE NEW 7-ROOM X bovine uml lot. Will give somebody a good bargain. L. 11. WHITNEY, 141 Laoallo-st., basement. rpo EXCHANGE— A HANDSOME NEW COTTAGE X uud lot on Wuut Side for North Sldolots. Owner will runt 11 if desired. JACOB O. MAGILL, 81 and 83 South Clurk-st. a" Vo EXOHANQE-A DESIRABLE HOME, FROKT . lug oast, on Miehlfian-av., noar Twenty-ninth-st; largo lot: will tako a corner lot, improved or unimproved, or business property in tho ilty. HENRY G. YOUNG, Real Estate Agent, 140 and 151 Madlson-st., basement. f|lO EXCHANGE—FOR CHICAGO UNIMPROVED X property, (30 aerca fine lond noar Now Buffalo, Mich., with mill-power, Ao.s also lino built cottage end lot on SliurUolt-av., noar Tnlrly-first-st. UltO. DE LOYNES A SON, 163 LaSallo-at., basement. ' WANTED— HOUSE AND LOT. EAST OP STATE, in oxohango far unimproved property In burnt dis trict, Smith Side. EVANS 4UIOKLNSON, Room 38, 135 Clark-at. • ■\XTANTED—TO TRADE FOR A STOCK OF DRY >» goods, notions, clothing,, furnishing goods, boots and shoos, and furuUuro, 3 farms In Mason County, 111., nil under a good state of cultivation, noar market ana railroad—one farm of 110 acres, ono of 241 acros. and uno of 335 acres. Also ft lino now dwelling house and S lots in tho City of Poorin, 111., with all modem Improvements. Tho titles are perfect. All worth $60,000 cash. Will trndo part orall. Address Box 1443, Peoria. 111. AGENTS WANTED. Agents wanted-100good canvassers im modlatoly to sell now and staple goods ut retail and wholesale. Particulars free. 0. M. LLNINQTON, 177 East AladUoa-at., Room 10, Oliloogo. Agents wantbd-to book agents-now ready, now and additional Inducements. Now way of running subscription bonks. Agents selling thousands. Moro agents, male ond female, wanted. Address Union Publishing Company, Ji36 Wabash-av., Chicago. Agents wanted-to sell our new-but. (on-11010 Cutter and Noodle-Threading Thimble. Agents oioar S3O per day, 09 East Madison-at., Room 6. Agents wanted-monev to be made, and canvassers wanted to help make it; $lO a day clour. RIOHARDSON, 140 Madlaon st. AGKNT3 WANT ED--EVERY COUNTY—HEWITT Fluting, Pollshlug, and Band Iron, oumbinod. Pat ented 1873. Flutes any length,. Room 18, 170 East Madl- Bon-st. A GENTS WANTED-WE OFFER TO MEN AND XL women tho best ohanoo for making money, in city or country’, on small capital. Samples 360. MERRILL <2 CO., 2o and 27 West Lako-st. A GENTS WANTED-SIALE AND FEMALE, TO XL receive and till orders for tho Universal Soll-Wasbor. Just patented; llttlo or no capital required. Apply at 813 West Madlson-st. Agents wantkd-for a new article, at 43 West Washington-st. FOR SALE. TTIOR BALE-A NEW NOVELTY PRINTING PRESS, J.Wyi'ol, do. 116 Wblte-at.,_oomor of North Wells. TtToRSALE-A 85-TNOH~KNQINEEUa SPIRIT. JL 1 lovol, tripod, lovelllng-rod, rud surveyor's chains. 118 \Vblto-at., comer North Wells. liiOK 'AND STATIONERY 1 ohonp, at 680 State at. .■ 1,1011 BALE—A PATENT SPARK AND SMOKE } conductor on railroad trains. Call at 91 Sixteenth- It. EDWARD ADDY. 1,1 OR SALK —BY D. BONNARD: 10,000 LARGE 1 evergreens, assorted j 100,000 hardy roses, assorted; 6,000 extra tino carnations, pink, which wero awarded two sllvormodalsatthoOrand State Falrof Louisiana, 1872 and 1873: 10,000 grape-vines, assorted; 10,000 asparagus mots; 6,000 rhubarb roots. Will guarantee tho growth. Plants Ing van bo dune all summer, If required. Tartlos wishing to mnko their own aoloollon will pleaao cal) at the Nursery, corner of Franklin-at. and Webator.av., North Side. I'nOß SALK-A NICE PAIR OF PEACOCKS, AT 63 • West Lake at. POTHER, SCHOFIELD 4 CO. I'jlOß HALE—S2OO—TO BE MOVED, 6ROOM COT -1 taguon Groon and Uandolph; must bo sold to-day. T. B. BOYD, 180 Wm*t Washlngton-et. PERSONAL. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GENTLEMAN (AGE 23). good-looking and In good circumstances, wishes to form Acquaintance with a young lady, with a view to mat rimony; must bo tall, good-looking, and under 19. Rof. •roncos given and required. Address BTEPHANO, Trlb. Uno otlico. IjERSONAL—ADMIRER: DO NOT OBJECT TO X bitiug admired. Call and Introduce yourself if you aro sincere. Fur from a blonde, PERSON WHO BORROWED JL abstract fur Luts 9, 111. 11, and 12, Block 95, School Sootlun Addition, several weeks since, will plenso roturn It Immediately, and save cost of new uno. aalt la needed Jt unco. Tim party who loaned It being absent, we do not now where to Inquire fur It, KERB, DAVISON 4 WELCH, 113 LaHallo-st. UEUSONAL-ANY INFORMATION THAT CAN BE X given In regard to tho whereabouts ol Mary K. I‘ioul. Johnny L. Pruut. orFrancia Prout will bo kindly ruoulved by their aunt. Address MARY Y. PROUT, Walla- Walla, Washington Territory. • 17ER30NAL-A YOUNG SWEDISH LADY WISHES J to iK-company n family tn Europe. Ploaso address Rev. A. J. ANDERSON* iUI North Mtiy-st. TO BENT—HOUSES. mo nuNT-nousns in oood, i,ooations. i ohoan to goad tenants. JACOB O, MAQILL, til and M South Cbifk-st. ■ rpo rtlnt-s-biTTiiv And iubi'.munt maiiiii.b --.L front residence, II rooms. 1026 Wabash-av. Inyulro of J''l£llD. W. PKOK, Nixon's Building. fpo"KKNT-A NIOBLY jmWlSlii!D-i)Wl!r,r,lN(l X to a small family. If desired, owner, with wltn and servant, will lake hoard In pnyinonl of rent. To secure nn Interview, address, with full name, V 44, Tribune office. ~ IPO HISNT-A NICELY. FURNISHED MARIILIC X front residence on Mlohlgan-av.. botwoon Twelfth and Thirlnonth.Rtfl.from Juno Ito NoV. 1. Apply to A. d. AVEUKIJi, ISO Dnatborn-at. nio”RFNT—LOWTWOS-STORY BUILDINGS ON 111- X vine nlnoo, • nloo nolghnorbomlj one of 0 rooms,' std} one of 6 rooms. SCO- D. IS. FISKB, Room 6, Otle lllook, . . , nTcTiiENT-9-STORY HOUSE. 477 IiyiIAARU-BT,, X of 8 rooms, and largo garden In complete order, W. WALLER, Ntf._ajgßState.Bt. rpO RENT—IiOUSKS, 3-STORY FRAME, NOS. 28 X and 80 on Thlrty-sovcnth-st., near Bllis-nv, 1 good ro- Imlrt loroomns choice neighborhood} roasonnblo rent. 1. lif. WELLS, 1881> ___ STORY HOUSE, 35M WAUREN-AV., X sß6} 2-slory house, I\7 South Hoyno-01., $45: 9-siory homo. BJI Wssfdnaton-sti, $115; 3-story house. 11l rooms, wilnitTt., ««' OUOIIdE Hi I'ISABE. U fctlltll' son-st.. : . . • ■ • • • rfiO RENT—A BRICK HOUSE OF 10 ROOMS. X and cold iMith, 123 Throop-st., S6O por month. In quire at 100 Throop-st., InforcnoonH ■ rro“RRNT-A 2-fITORY HOUSE, NO. 706 WEST JL ' Madiaon-tt., containing 0 rooms, with closet, water, and gas. Apply at No. 687 West Monroo-st. _ ■ rfio _ RKNT—FURNISHED HOUSE ON PRAIRIE- X ft?., near ThUty-first-st. Inquire at 141 Btnto st. rro RENT—THE BOARDINO-HOUSB 220 AND 223 X West Iwkkn-st., containing 14 rooms; cheap rent, SCO per month. Furniture for sale at a bargain. mo RENT—TWO-STORY DWELLING. NO. BNORTU JL Ada-st.; gas, wator, 7 rooms. OMAR BUSQNELL, llWDoarborn-Bt., Rooms 11 and 13. rIIKNT-A GOOD DWELLING Off 14 ROOMS'} owner would llko t a occupy four nr flvo of tbo rooms, and, to a suitable tenant, would pay liberally for board of self and family. Address J K At. No. 10 Blxtconth-it. mO RENT—B-STORY, BASEMENT, AND SUB-DEL* X tar marble front bouso, all modem Improvements, in eluding furaaoo, No. 830 West WashlugUm-et. Apply at No. 86? West lUndolpb-»t. for terms. - TO BENT—THE LOWER STORY OF THE COT tago bouse northwest oornor Oroon and Tyler-sts., 6 rooms; possession Jane 1. J. U. KEELER, 145Clark st., comer Madison. • ~ - rpO RENT—A COTTAGE ON ARNOLD-ST., SIX X' rooms,/orsl6pormontb, to a party that will pay six months' rent In advance; worth $25. Q. 8. LACEY A 00., 119 Doarborn-st. TO RENT—A CHOICE RESIDENCE, LARGE DARN and grounds, on Pralrlo-av., north of Twontloth-st, Addrew v 65, Trilmno oflloo. • ■ mo KKNI-A HANDROMEt.T FDBNISnBD OOT- X tago of 6 rooms on Wabash-av. nntil Nov. I or longer. Address V 63, Tribune otßoo. . rrio BENT—NEW6-UOOM HOUSE, CLOSETS, HALL, X water, do., good neighborhood, $25. O. W. DEAN, 133 South OJark-st., Room Jo. Mb BENT—FIVE HOUSES IN OAK PARK. A. T. X HEMINGWAY, 149 LaSallo-sU, Room 86. mo BKNT-3-STOHY lIOUSB. SOUTHWEST con- X nor Paulina and Tyler-sta., atSßfl nor month, to ono family only. By OGDEN, SHELDON A GO., Nixon's Building, Room SB. TO RENT-HOUSE AND ONE ACRE OF GROUND at Jeflorson, with fine garden, S4O per mouth. LIN* GLE A PAULOw. 125 Doarborn-at. TO RENT—STORES. OFFICES, &o. rno RENT—THE STORE AND BARN, NO. 879 X North Olark-st.; cheap to a good tenant. Apply to KNAUER A PRO., corner Klnxle and Olark-sU. TO RENT-TWO ELEGANT OFFICES ON FIRST floor, with vaults, and suites of pleasant, wolMlghtod offices in second and third stories of building Nos. 46 and 43 South darkest., noxt to Sherman House. Inquire W. S. CARVER. Room No. 4, 48 South Olark-st. TO RENT-A SPLENDID OPENING FOR A HOTEL —tho four-story and basement *tono*front building, situated on tho comer of North Walls ami Mlohlgan-sts., 60 foot front on Wolls*st. and 100 Plot on Mlchlgan-st. Apply to JACOBS A FISCHER, No. 66 North Wolls st. Torrent— the second mlake'-st.,

corner Siato. Inqulro on first lloor. TO BENT-STORE AND BASEMENT 231 NORTH Clark-sfc. Apply toll. U. FLEMING, Room 14, 156 TO RENT-A LARGE STORE ROOM AND BASE* moot, 118 West Lako-st. OoU at 280 West Washing ton-st. mO RENT—SECOND FLOOR OF NO. 9 STATE ST.; X a very desirable room nod prominent entrance. In quire of COCHRAN A OVERTON. 8 Stato-at. TO RENT-STORE AND BASEMENT, 250 SOUTH Olark-st., between Jackson and Van Buron. Inquire In store from 9 to U and from 9 to 4. TO RUNT-A GOOD BARN WITH 8 STALLS. AP ply at 126 Warron-ar. TO BENT—AN ELEGANT LARGE STORE, SUIT* able for any business; good light; have no uso for It, and will ront it cheap. Apply on promises, 77Doarborn-st. rno rent-for” a term op years, a brick X livery stable (or will rent for a private stable), to bo built Immediately, on Morldlan-st., botwoon Dosplainss and Union. PR. L. DODGE A MOORE, 186 East Mndlion-st. TO RENT—BOOMS. mo RENT—PLEASANT AND NEATLY FUR* X pished rooms, with gaa and closets, at 643 Statd-st. mo RENT—PLEASANT ROOMS FOR HOUSE* X keeping, at 9&a West Monroo-sc. Water, etc., on pieintaffß. TO RENT—3 LARGE AND 2 SMALL FURNISHED rooms, to gentlemen. 413 Woat Madlson-st. ' TO RENT-SEVERAL UNFURNISHED BACK rooms, at 623 Wabash-av. W. 11. MATTOCKS, 523 Wabash-av. ritO RENT-DESIRABLE AND ELEGANTLY FUR* X nlshod rooms by tho day, week, or month. 85 Dear* boni-gt. Ohargea roaeonamo. rno RENT-A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT X parlor, in marble-front bouso, with or without board. House has all modern Improvements. Alee, room for a gontloman. 81 South Morgan-st. mo KENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, X single or on suite. Will furnish gas and attendance. lOffiHtf Wnbaslrav., botwoon Twenty-third and Twenty* fcmcth-eU. ■ ,rpb RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS, TO SINGLE GEN- X tlomon. Inquire at 2U3North Dunrboni-at. rpO RENT—AT" 881 WABASH-AV., TWO ELEGANT X Buitesbf rooms; also, one front purler, furnished or unfurnished: location desirable; house has'all modern Improvements; will rent singly if desired. ■_ fllO RENT-0 ROOMS AND 3 BUTTERIES, TO A X small family. No. 4C9 North Clark-st. rpO RENT-rFURNISHED ROOMS: ALSO a FRONT X or back parlor, unfurnished, at 076 Wohash-av. TO RENT-2 WKLL-FURNISIIED ROOMS (ONE on first tloor) in a private residence, at raodorato rates;brick house, modotu Improvements. 84Sixteenth. fpo RENT—ELEGANTLY-FURNISHED ROOMS. X single and en sullo, for gentlemen: also good brick barn with all conveniences. IH2 WabasU-av. TO RRNT-83 ARTESIAN-AV., TWO BLOCKS from Uandolph-st. cars, six nice rooms, two closets, and buttery. T"~ O RENT-AT UNION PARK. FIRST-CLASS PAR lor, and other rooms, furnished or not; board or not. Call at No. BShehlon-st. 1710 RENT—CHEAP—DESIRABLE, WELL-LIGHT- X cd rooms, suitable for light manufacturing business or fur sleeping room*. M. UANSBROUOIi, liU LaSalle st., 12 uoono Block. fTO RENT—2 VERY PLEASANT UNFURNISHED X rooms to man and wife at 633 West Wnahlngton-st. T"“ O RENT-4 GOOD ROOMS, sl6 PER MONTH. Apply In basement of 125 Woflt Randolpb-at., corner Of Dospialnoa. , HtO RENT—BY O. 8. LACEY 4 CO.. 119 DKAtt- X born-st., 8 nloo rooms, first floor of a house on Dayton- St., for S3O; splendid place. TO RENT-FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED rooms, at 12 Eldridgo-court; also furnbbad basomont, from Juno I.’ . fpo RENT-PLEASANT AND WELL-FURNISHED X rooms, with gas, In a strictly private family. Tonus roasonablo. Apply at No. <l6 West Jaokson-st. fpO RENT—A BEAUTIFUL FRONT ROOM, UN- X furnished, with use of kitchen J sl2 par month. 130 Lnrraboo-st. Cars pass tho door. . mO RENT—A SUITE OF FRONT ROOMS, FUR- X nlshodarnufurnlsbod. Apply at 126 Warron-uv. ntO A LARGE FRONT X parlor and bedroom, on sulto, in lino neighborhood, pear tho lake, convenient to streot and steam cars; good day-board convenient; for gentleman and wlfo or two or three single gentlemen this Is an excellent opportunity. Address F, Anderson’s Steam Laundry, BUvo-st. and Eldrldgo-oourt. rRENT— NICKLY-FURNISHKD ROOMS. WITH or without board, to gontlomon. In a small private Gnrman family. 21 Uarpouter-st., between Randolph and West Lake. TO RENT-TWO PLEASANT FRONT ROOMS, partly furnished, suitable fur gentleman and wife or two gontlomon, without board, 687 Wost Jackson-st., pear Aberdeen. TO HISNT-A NIOK HACK PARLOR. UNFUR. nlshodjalsoabarn, at 1035 Wabaah-av. Toms, rea sonable to good portloa. TO RENT—AN UNFURNISHED FRONT PARLOR and basement, suitable for hoasokooplng, Ram at 472 Wabaah.av. T'* 0 RENT-JUST GO AND LOOK AT THOSE EL eganliy furnished rooms at Honoro Block, corner Mon roo and Dcarborn-sts. Apply at Room No. 88. TO RENT-MARRIED COUPLE, OR TWO GEN* tlomou, can havo nloo fumlshod front room, drat floor, sl3, allM Wo»tWasblngton-»t. r RENT—A FINE BRICK BASEMENT ON FUL. ton-st., 205. A. T. HEMINGWAY, H9 LaSallo-st., Room M. • 1' lO RENT-PART NICE OFFICE, WITH VAULT . and modern Improvements, or desk room at low prlco. 8. MEAUB, 200 LaSallo-st. WANTED—TO RENT. WANTED-TO RENT-THREE OR FOUR FLOORS in some building hi llio buahtsis part of tlio city, tin. {shod In a suitable nmnuorfor occupancy by pomuneut lodgers. Best of rolerenooa furnished. Address, for ono week, M, P. O. Box BiW. WANTED-TO RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE, 7TO 9rooms, within 20 rninutoa' walk of Court-House; Joaannablo runt; flrst*olass tenant. Address M, Maultun louse, KluElu-st. W" ANTED—TO RENT—A SUITE OP UNFURNIBH. od rooms. Address XM, Tribune office. TIT ANTED—TO RENT-8 ROOMS FOR HOUSE* TT keeping by man and wifo. Rent not to exceed sl6 per month. Address F 62, Tribune office. WANTED-TO RENT-HOUSE OR COTTAGE, ON West Bide, with 6 to 7 rooms. Bust of reference given. \VANTKITITdTIENT-8 OR 4 ROOMS, FURNISH. T Tod, suitabio for housekeeping. Alsu, a small furnish ed house. Address FBI, Tribune office. \\f ANTKL)—TO RICNT-SMXITj OOTTAOU, WITH. } » In t\?e milus uf old Oourt-Ilouio. Address, giving description, luentiou. Mill rnnl. VIP. Trilliumnffluo. MUSICAL. BEFORE IMIIIOIIABINO AN ORGAN. EXAMINE tbo NiohoUoa: It In llio bast and obuanoat. X’rlooa, <6O to SOOO. Hotallod at tho factory, CO Kiut ludlanaat. 1) EMOVAI. OF PIANO ROOMS TO iU BTATE-BT,, J.V near Vaulturon. Piaooanml organ* to runt and for I*ls. ItoaUan a weclilu. >YAI. It. FttObbEW. BOARDING AND DODGING. SontH Sido. 1 R AND IB EI,DIUD()R-OOUHT.-TO DENT WITH J,U board, a fow rory dosirablo room*, suitable forgen tlomcnand wives or gonllunion companions; references required. Q EAST HARRIHON-ST.-A LARGE FURNISHED ,0 room to rent, wJtli first-class board. _______ cyff COTTAGE GROVE-AV.-TO RENT, 3 NICELY £ | furnished front rooms, with board, convenient and tdensaianlly loeated; acooislblo to throo linos of streets care; charges very reasonable. .M EIGHTEENTH-ST. —ONE LARGE FRONT TU.Lronm, furnished orunfumishod; also one largo plena ant roar room, with closet and bath-room, to rout, with board, at reasonable rates. *.40 1£ U nil AIIDId O U RT-N MW HOARDING ‘J.O House 5 llrst-olass board, with room, 84 to $5.50 per wouk, with uso of piano; day board, 8b __ A Q HURBARD-OOUUY—FURNISHED ROOMS TO <7 runt (or gentlemen, with or without board; accom modations for day-hoarders, Q/f TWENTY-RKCOND-ST.-TO RENT A NICELY Ox furnished front room, suitable for two persons, with Inwird. Also, day-boarders wanted. IT Q AND 120 THIKD-AV.-TO RENT, WITH iiO board, aovoral nice rooms, suitable for man and wife, or single gentlemen; alsofim-clais day-board. 1 Q/f BOOTH PARK-AV—A LARGE, PLEASANT J.O .t furnished room, on second finer, with hoard; for goutloman and wlfo, or two gunllomon, with references. hoc MIOIIiOAN-AV.—LARGE, HANDSOMELY 400 furnishedscooml-story front room, with board; also, room for sluglo gentlemen. Rarn to lot. QQ/f WABASH-AV.-NIGE ROOMS AND BOARD OO X for Indies and gentlemen; or day board, Tm WAIIASILAV,,*CdIINKR ELDRIDOfi COURT U'Oi handsomely furnished room for gonllomanand wife. Also, room for two single gentlemen. Uoforonecs roiinlrod. A (VI MIOHIGAN-AV.—A LARGE SQUARE ROOM, ‘xt/i. with hot and oold water, closot, furnished, with board, for two, atmodoralo terms. , A Q,4 WABASLI-AV.—NICE ROOMS, SINGLE OR ‘xt/tc on suite, with first-class board; also, day board. A good ham to rent. AQQ SOUTH DRARBORN-ST. (BURNSIDE), Xt7Unoar Twenty-ninth—A nice, cheerful family hotel; excellent table. And surprisingly low prlcoa; slnglorooms, 80 and $7; a aulto of front rooms to ront. . frd o"WABASII-AV.-A SUITE OF FRONT ROOMS, with olosota, hot and cold water, etc. Also, a well furnished room suitable for two or more gents. C/IQ WABASU-AV.—PLEASANT FURNISHED ulO rooms, to rent with board; also a few day board ers accommodated. References exchanged. rwC WABASH-AV., CORNER TWELFTH-ST.- O| tJ Largo and nloaaimt rooms, bath-room, 40., with tlrst-clasa board. Day boarders takon. hf\6 WA B ASH-AV.-HAVING CHANGED HANDS, QUO parties esc find delightful apartments and board; table a specialty. None but first-class people desired. 7>r Q ST ATE-ST.—WANTED A FEW MORE UuO boarders at Bayloy’s Hotel; board, porwook, 85.50 and $8 Call and boo. n A Q MIOIIIOAN-AV.—MOST DESIRABLE FUR- I *xO nishcd or unfurnished rooms, with atrlotly llrst olass board; day boarders accommodated, References glroQ and required. rrFft MICHIGAN-AV.—PLEASANT ROOMS ON i O\J acoond > v third Itoor, on suito or single, with or wlthont board. References required. Qf>7 WABASH-AV.—ROOMS WITH BOARD. ONE QU I or two day-boarders token. Q7l WABASH-AV.—TO RENT, WITH FIRST* O I X class board, 6 o'clock dinner, rooms, fnrnialiod or unfurnished, to gentlemen, or gentlemen and tholr wives. QO7 WABABII-AV.—PLEASANT ROOMS EN t J£J% suite or single, with first-clasa board. A few day boarders accommodated. ■JACQ WABASH-AV.—TWO GENTLEMEN AND XUc/O tholr.wives._aud a, (ow slnglogontlomon, can llnd hoard and pleasant rooms. 1 fTK7~TNt>iANA*AV. - A NICELY-FURNISHED XweJ I front room, sultahlo fur two, to ront, with board. ___ IT 01 STATE-RT., NEAR TWENTY-FOURTH- South Sldo House Hotel; excellent tabto and good rooms at $5 per week; famlllea at rcducod rates. A YOUNG MAN DESIRING TO SECURE board and shoro an upper front room with another foung man in a pleasant private family at Cottage irovo, on Oak-av., throe blocks from steam and two blocks from straot oars, will plooso address X 49, Tribune office. References exchanged. ■nOARDINO-A FAMILY OCCUPYING A PLEAS* X) antly-furnlshod house In a desirable neighborhood, on tho Month Side, have two or throe unoccupied rooms, and would liko to rocolvo two or throo gentlemen, or n gentle man and wife, who would make it pleasant addition to their circle. References exchanged. Address, laoonfl donee. F57. Trlhuno office. Sands house, hb and its fifth-av.-every thing llrst-olass. Terms, $2 per day. Day board, $6 per week. West Side* nOENTRR-AV.— ONE LARGE ROOM, SUITABLE for four gentlemen; also ono nice, largo front room. Tonus reasonable. 1 C SOUTH UNION-ST.—ACCOMMODATIONS FOR XOa few more boarders; Arst-oloss board $6 per week. Home-made broad. Or BISHOP-COURT, SECOND DOOR FROM 4 i: Madlson-st.— I Two very pleasant rooms, with llrst olass board, suitable for gontlomau and wife or single gents. C)n ABERDBEN-ST.—MARBLE FRONT-A HOME of comfort, uloganoe, nod refinement; now, clean, and ovory ctmvonloooo; terms reasonable. Suites and sin* gle now ready. A A SOUTH MOROAN-ST. —A PLEASANT AND Tory desirable nicely furaUbod front room, with board. A £ NORTH PEORIA-ST.—TO KENT, NICELY* fumUlioil rooms, with or without board. A 7 SOUTH peoria-st.-two UNFURNISHED X I front rooms, with board, to gontlouian and wife. Good reference required. A Q SOUTiI PEOUIA-ST.-AN UNFURNISHED XO front parlor to rout, with or without board. 79 SOUTH MOROAN-ST.—TWO HANDSOMELY I furnished front rooms, with board, $8 per week. cn sbUTii^oiiGAN-ST.—foXcentlTeman and OX wife, In private family, a handsomely furnished front room, with bedroom, in marblo front; house has all modern Improvements; also, a single room tor gentleman, with good board. • Q,| SOUTH'MORQAN-ST.; NEAR MADISON— Ox F'nrnlsliod slnglo room for gontloman. with or without board. • QC SOUTH MORGAN-RT., NEAUMADISON-FUR OO olshod rooms, with board: (nno unfuniishod front room) suitable for families or single gentlemen; boueo lirst-olasa, with random improvements. mTHUbOP-ST.— TWO YOUNG GENTLEMEN In a private family. Host of references required. TIG ■'VEST WASHINGTON-St., ROOMS WITH XXO board or without. Apply onrly for chotco of rooms. ____ I f ~A ABERDEEnTsT.—ROOMS TO RENT, WITH Xl x first-class board; in a private fumlly, for ladles or gentlemen; tonua.reasonable. m SOUTH SANGAMON-ST., PLEASANT FUU nlahod rooms, with board, eultnblu for gentleman and wife, or two gentlemen. Bam to rent. o*l A NORTH HALSTED-ST., CORNER FOURTH- ZiXrjZ st.—Flrst-olass board and lodging, $5 per week; newly lilted up. 000 WEST WABHINGTON-ST.—TO RENT WITH A*jQ board, a largo room with singloboda. OQ/I WEST WASHINGTON-'ST.-ELEGANTLY' ZiO 1/ fUrnUhcd rooms, with board, single or on suite* Prlco roasonablo; day-boardow accommodated. OTrO^ULTON-ST.—TO RENT, TWO UNFURNISII- AitkOed room t, with or without board. WEST RAN li blip 11 -ST. - BOARD AND £jOO pleasant homo can bo obtained fur two young lady dorks with good rofuroncos. Q Q Q _ WEST WASII INGTON-ST.—ALCOVE SUITE with board. QQfi WEST ADAMS-BT.. CAN ACCOMMODATE OOUporsons desiring board with a nicely furnished room; llrst-clasatablo; private family. QA A WEST WASIIINCTON-ST. ONE LARGE O olosot, ond gas, for gentleman and wife, or four gentlemen, with tirst-olass board; also tablo board ore accommodated. (U\R WEST WASHINQTON-ST., NEAR UNION cH/UPark—Famished rooms to runt on sulto or single, With hoard, with all random Improvements. aoo WEST MONROE-ST. NEAR WOOD-TWO UUZior throo gentlemen can obtain pleasant rooms with good board; 6 o’clock dinner. TOHNSTONB HOUSE, 114 AND 116 WEST MAD- O l«on-«t.—Everything first-class; tonus $3 pur day; table board $5 porwook. Q'T~CnAiILES HOTEL, CORNER DESPLAINKS Omul Washlugton-sta., day board, $4.00 por week;board and room, $7 to $lO per week; boat accommodations. TITKST BIDE, NEAR UNION PARK—DELIGHT- T V fnl location—Two gont lemon and wives or four sloglo Eonllenien may obtain beautiful rooms and plu&saut uiiio, with bonn), in a private family: ono room. $lB per week; front nlcovo suit, SIOO per month. Only tlrst-ola<iß parties need apply. Address for 6 days, V 47, Tribune olllco. North Sido. OK AND 97 NORTH OLARK-ST.-PLEASANT *JO rooms, nicely furnished, with board, can bo bad at low prices. “ lift WHITE-ST., CORNER OF NOIITH WELLS, 3 JLIU blouks uorth of Chloago-av.—Boarders wanted hi a private family: ladies preferred: $5 nor wook. It. VON* UKRHOOUK. 917 ILLINOIS-ST., 8 BLOCKS FROM 6TATE-RT. Zjs. I bridge. A largo, nicely furnished front mom with closot; suitable for gontloman ami wife, or two gontlu* men. Also, anlco single room. Now brink buusu with modern Improvements. OQO HURON-ST.—TO RENT, WITH BOARD, IN siOOa private family, elegantly furnished front suite, suitabio fur gontloman and wifo: also one largo room euit* •bio for two gentlemen, within 18 minutes'walk of Court House. Country. T7URST-OLASB ROOMS, WITH BOARD, FOR TWO J. oouplos for the season, on Uku shore, Evanston, with reference, imiulro of U. K. MARBLE, Room 0, 78Dear* imni-st., or P. O. Boy ‘.’ooß, Evanston. BOARD WANTED. TJOARD-AT HYDE PARK, FOR THE SUMMER months, by a family consisting of gentleman, wife, child, and nurse. Address, staling particulars, F 63, Tribune ottleo. IJOARD—IN EVANSTON, FOR THE HUMMER X) months, by a family consisting of uoullomun, wifo, two children, and nurse; would prufor tiling with o rrl* yalo family. Address X 6, Tribune odioo. •OOAUD-IN SOUTH SIDE, XI where Instruction in nmalu and uuu of piano would be an equivalent lor board. Apply or address Woman’s Aid Association, 61 aud 53 LaSano-st. BOARD— AND UOOM~BY TWO ~GKNTLBMEnT cast of Stale, between Sixteenth and Twenty-eighth* its., in a Private family *. nu hash-houses need apply. Ad dress O. L. MENDBOn. caro Palmer, Fuller a Co. INSTRUCTION. rpllß SHOUT-HAND CLASH IN TUB MKTKOI*OLI- J - tani umlnuis College, Madlinm-st., is now oryunlrod, and (aUuH thu Unit lesson oo Tburaday owning. Pupils piny then Join. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. Ij'OH BAI.E-A SPLENDID RANGE, BUITAHI.E for Imlol or dlulog aalouu. No. Weal Madison, cornor of Pimrla-at. CLAIRVOYANTS. Dr. MATinaV anlTmadaVi maynaud, rubi- U9|d aud wvdigol mediums, 1W Woat Mudl»yo-it, WANTED—MALE HELP. Boolclcoopors, Olorlts, £to< TITANTKD—IMMF.DIATRLY, A FIRBT-OLABS T t salesman, to work on percentage t best of references required. Address V 51, Tribune office. WANTED-A SMART YOUNG MAN TIIATTIIOR t» oiighly nmlorsiands bookkeeping; must have first class reference. Address M Blno Island-tv, ANTED—A FmST.OLAHS MAN. WHO CAN give references, as salesman. Call from 11 to sp. m. at 7a Bast Mndliomt., Room 1. WANTHD-A THOROUGH BOOKKEEPER, ONE who la tfompohmt to take charge of one thousand no. counts. Address, with roferonces, giving ago aud if sin. glo or married, F 55, Tribune ofllco. TraUos, WANTIfiD-A FIRST-CLASS UORSE-SHOEU. TO V r whom steady employment ami good wages will bo given {railroad faro will also bo paid to Rook Island. Ap ply at onoo by letter to WALTER DANUBE, Buck island, 111. W” ANTED - PLUMBER .AT P. RAFFERTY'S plumbing shop, illuo Island-av., near Twonty-aeo* ond-st. ' *\ArANTED—PAINTER TO PAINT HOUSE IN PAY VV mnnt. for ft lot; some cash paid. O. W. DEAN, lid Roulh Olark-st., Room 10. W" ANTISD—PHOTOGRAPHERS TO KNOW THAT I havn an outfit (solar camera, and view also) which I will furnish froolu consideration of ft slluajlion as opera, (or or assistant; will work cheap. Address W.W. LOWE, Rook Island, IH. ________ WANTED— TWO HOUR!? CARPENTERS. APPLY to ROBERT GRIFFITH, corner of Grove and Nino .toonth-uts. *\XrANTKD—AFIRBT-OLABS PAINTER, TO WORK VY bythodny. Innulro at JOHN GREGORY'S Ship Yard, foot West Hamson-st. ■\\rANTED—A FIRST-CLASS BAKER. AT ENGLE* >Y wood, 111. Call, or address D. O. CUTTER, En glewood , » W" ANTED—A FIRST-CLASS TINNER, ONE,AO qnniotod wltb all branches of thobualnoss. Must bo tomporato and bring good recommendations. An American preferred. P. MARSH, Evanston, 111. TO VV go In the country. Apply to M» KRONIiERG, 159 Btate-at, WANTED— A GOOD CARRIAGE WOOD WORKER at 44 Paolflo-ftv. DRAUGHTSMAN. IN~ >Y nuiro of It. UOLLUB. OUy Surveyor, Room 52, Major block. • YVrANTED-A YOUNG MAN TO LEARN THE PHO iV togranhlo art; a good chuuco. Call at SMITH’S Gallery, 38 West Randolph-at. WANTED-fi GOOD BENCH HANDS. APPLY TO VV JOEL BULLARD, corner of Indiana and Kings bury-sts. No botches need apply. TIT ANTED—B GOOD CARRIAGE PAINTERS AND VVSgood rubbers, at soatbwost corner of Quincy and Franklln-sts, ~ WANTED— A CARRIAGE BLACKSMITH-HELP- or. Apply at 44 Eldridgo-oourt. "I JIT ANTED—A FIRST-CLASS FOREMAN, ONE VV that thoroughly understands taking charge of paint* ora, and taking contracts. Apply at CO Cine Island-av. WANTED —A CYLINDER PRESS FEEDER; steady work to ft good hand. OTTAWAY, BROWN A COLBERT, 7 and 9 South Jolforeon-at. Coachmen. Teamsters. &o. T\TANTED—MAN AND WIFE; HR AS COACH* U man and gardener; *>ho ns cook and laundress. Ap* ply at 0 a. in. Tuesday. OIIAS. O. Alichlgsnov. \\T COAOHMEN“AT m'FlFriL ll ay. No Irish nood apply. Miscellaneous T\TANTED—A NEW YORK IMPORTING AND if jobbingwlnoand liquor bouse, wolland favorably known for many years,souk the services of an active yonng man os salesman for tho Northwest. With ono who has n safe aud well-established trade among druggist* and grocers, a liberal arrangement will bo mndo. Tho host of references nf past services will ho required. Address IMPORTER. Post-Olfiua Box 4891, Now York. WANTED— MEN IN EVERY TOWN, COUNTY, and Stato, to soil our now buttoudiolo enttor and nendlo-throadlng thimble. Agents that wish tho goods will sovo money and time by buying direct of tho manu facturers, at 99 East Madlsop-sL, Room 5. WANTED—A STRAIGHTFORWARD MAN WHO Vi has had Btimo experience to act ns solicitor. Remu neration, a liberal commission. Address, with roferon cos, FR3, Trlhuno office. WANTED— A BOY OP RESPECTABLE PAR onts to strip tobacco for cigar-makers, or to loam tho trade. Apply 39 West Madlson-at., or at factory 891 West Lako-st. WANTED— SOLICITORS FOR THE VICTOR SEVA lug machine. Wo will offer bettor inducements than ovor before. BARROWS BROS. A CO., 881 West Mad* ison-st. WANTED—ENGLISH OR AMERICAN LABOR ii era at Hlgbwood. Houses sold on long tloio. E. ASHLEY MEANS, 200 LaSallo-it. W“ ANTED-A FEW GOOD TRAVELING SALES mon: also, oustomors for several business openings for men with small capital. 178 Stato-iL, Room IX it for a retail gruuory on good terms. Apply at 416 Soutb Clark-st. T4/ - ANTED—MEN OUT OP EMPLOYMENT TO VV cull on JONES A CO., 71 South Oaual-st.; S3O to S4O a week sure money. ' TATANTED-Syi ACTIVE MEN WITH $5 TO $lO OAPI* VV tal; light job and big pay for summer, 178 West Washlngton-st., Room 4. WANTED— STRONG BOY, OB A MAN, TO WORK on ft farm. Apply to H. M. SBAVKY,*I6O Lako-st. roiPfllE OITY AND 600 1 1 fur outside towns, for an easy business, paying men and women $lO to S6O a week on small capital. Samples to country free. A. RAY. Room 8, 2a West Lako-st. WANTED— A BOY TO DO ANY KIND OF WORK about the place, and drive a homo. Must come well recommended. Call early. WILSON'S, 299 Booth Stato-at. TiTANTED—A SMART, ACTIVE BOY TO MAKE it hlmsolfgenerally useful. Unozcoptlonublo refer* cnees required, lot East flindlson-st. WANTKD-A GOOD CITY CANVASSER, ONE 11 familiar with hardware or machinery preferred. Ad dross V 79, Tribune nfllco. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domestics- WANTED— A GIRL TO COOK, WASH AND IRON. Wagea, $4 per weak. Apply at 14!TWesfc Adnnis-st. T\TANTED-GOODOIR L. T(>rDAYrFORmTNEiIAL l r housework. 194 West Msdison-st., upstairs. \*rANTi2D^T^HEUVA^I r it housework. Inquire at 823 ludiana-av., near Six* (oenth-st. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS SECOND-GIRL; MUST como well recommended. Pali at 1176 Wabash-av. TIT’ANTED—A CLEAN. HONEST GIRL, TO DO THE ?! housework of a small family. Address 8 18, Tribune ollico. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO COOK, WASH, AND iron In a small family. 336 Ulluols-st., aooond door from Rush. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework In a small family (any nationality oioept Irish), 817 Wabashav. WANTED-A GOOD PLAIN COOK, ALSO A NICE rospectablo girl na waitress. 133 Cottage Grovo-av. WANTED-A GIRL TO COOK FOR 12PERSONS: only tlioso who thoroughly uudorutand cooking need apply at 67t) Mlclilgan-av. WANTED— A~~QERMAN OR BOHEMIAN GIRL for gonoral houenwnrk In a small family; will pay good wages.Apply at 623 Duttorlield-st. WANTED-A GERMAN, SWEDE. OR DANISH girl to do second work; must bo thoroughly compo tent: uuno othoni need apply; host of roforonces required. Apply at 816 East (JUlcago-nv., basomont door, WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework for smalt fumlly; good wages. blWar ten-av. TAf ANTED-FIRBT-OLAS3 COOK FOR PRIVATE ? I hoarding-houso. Apply at 338 Wost Waahington-st., corner of May. V\TANTED—GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK ¥ T In private family. Apply at 121 South Hoyno-nt. ■\\TANTEb-A WOMANTODO GENERAL HOUSE it work in a family at Evanston. Gorman, Bwndo, or Norwegian preferred. Apply at basouuot, otOcolo3aud HODoarborn-st. TITANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL IT housework; aSwcdoorUormau proferrod. Apply atftft) Indloua-av. TXTANTED—A GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND IT ironcr. Inqulfo nto3l Indlana-av. TITANTHD—ONE FIRST-GLASS DINING-ROOM > r girl, Immediately) at 069 Indlnna-ar. ■\\TANTED-A GOOD COOK. WASHER, AND >Y Irene: . None other need apply. 92 Slstocnth-st. TIT ANTED—TWO SMART GIRLS FOR KITCHEN IT work. ApplyotT. ANDREW'S ohop-bouso, roar of ISO Doarbom-st. WANTED-A GIRL THAT CAN WASH AND IRON 7 Apply at BENNETT'S Dining Room, In roar of 83 South Wulor-st. \vr ANTKD—TWO GIRLS; ONE TO DO KITCHEN ¥ ¥ work, thn other to wait on tho table. Apply at No. 86 North Clark-st. ANTUD-AT 85 SOUTH JKFFEUSON-BT., A girl to do general housework, in a small family. To a competent person, good wages will bo paid. Apply Im mcdlatoly. W* ANTED-AT TUB PARKUR HOUSE, CORNER of Madison and Haleled-sts., 3 girls, ono to wash dishes and ono to wash silver and Iron napkins. WANTED-A COMPETENT OIRL FOR GENERAL housework in a small family', tiood wages ami no washing required. Aluel have good reference. Apply at 68 Tweuty-tuuctU-st. WANTED- IMMEDIATELY-TWO GOOD EX* porleiioocl cooks at dining-rooms 4(1 Franklin-at. WANTED - A~aiRL~FOR GENERAL HOUSE. it work. Apply at t&j Fulton-st. lIfANTED-A GOOD RESTAURANT FEMALE »l cook, and kitchen girl, at. 479 Stato-at. \VANTED—A GOOD COOK, WASHER AND IT Ironcr. Good wages. Apply at 685 Wost Adama-st. T\rANTKD—A YOUNG GIRL TO DO LIGHT WORK II andmako herself generally useful. Can’t run out nights. WILSON'S Lauiutry, No. 289Stato-at. TirANTKD-A GOOD KKCOND GIRLs ONE ACCUS* YV toured to taking caro of children. Call at 873 Wost Wasblngton-at. • _ WANTEU-GIUL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK; ll must bo good waslior and irooor; Swodo or Nor* woginn preferred. 35 Ounlro-av. WANTED-A GlU'ii TO COOK, WASH. AND IRON l T in private family. 68 South Oarpenhjr-sL_ ■\\rANTEi) a nooircmrrTo cook in a res' Vi tuuruut. Apply nt 323 West Madisun-st. ni>ANTEb-A“VOOD-QIUL“T6 TA'KB CARE OK TT children, and also a good seamstress, In a private family, imiulro at H7 Twonly-lifth-st. Soamstrosxofi. "\\rANTHt)— FIRST-CLASS SIIIRT-MAKKIIS AND TT omul Imly'a olothot Inmor. Apply at Homo Launiliy and bnirt Fuouiry, Hlalo-Bt. XV f ANTKI)-a66l> OAl* MAKERS AND CU’KUA TT tors, atglUiCußt MatiUoa-Bt. WANTED— A GOOD TAILOUKSH, TO WOUK IN tboutoro. OjII tbUiuornliitft ul Hi West WmU liißtoa«at« WANTED-.SISAMSTUICBSKS--COMPETENTHKAM > 1 otroesoi on droamnakiiiit: nmio but nuat baml-aowora. A only between U and 11 a. m. Wodnoaday morning. at?co >\ aiiAaU«uv,, corner Nlxtountlnat. \\TANTED—BIX GOOD HHUITMAKERH AT THE i T Tnulu I’aluou Bblrl Factory. UißHoutb CJlark-ut. T\rAN TIC IN( IKII MACHINE OPERATOR 5 it must uudoiJtami dressmaking. Call liiiusUny tuuiuloz uxuuarud to vtwk, at 6U WabMa-av. WANTED-FEMALE HELP. ' Nnrnos. TirANTED-A WET-NURSE. APPLY AT 621 NORTH Vt Wolls-it., up stairs. . Latin drosses* TirANTRD—IMMEDIATELY.TIIRRRFIRBT-OLABS VV shirt Ironors. foundry, 863 West Madlson-st. Employment Apondoa. TirANTKD-aOOD GIRLS FOR PRIVATE FAMI »V lies, Kwodos, Norwegians, Danes, and Gormans, cooks. ntmo-clrlc, general housework. Employment Of- Hep, No. eOMllwankoo.ftT. • TTTANTED—ALL THE OLD GIRLS THAT ARR " out of omplnymint lo como amt ecoMr*. POTTER at No. fi West Madlson-st., an aho can glvo them eomo of tno heat altunthma in tho olfy, and high wages. Star Employment Office. \\TANTKD~sTrUATIONH AT THE STAR KM ,*» iHoyment office for sumo of tho best working girls In Ohlcngn, such as conks, dlnlng-rimm, pantry, scrub, laundry girls, nlo., with references. Wo work to tho in terest of nil. Como ami soo 11a at No. B West Madlson-st. s branch office I'iH West Monroo. Miscellaneous. TyANTKD-A SOPRANO BINDER FOR OUUROII nlx.\?.i V »i" t P 1 5 , . ,,0,1^U, i'J c . lf y\ A PPIy »l STOREY A CAMP'S Miisla Hloro, 310 Htalo.flt. \\T ANTED—EXPERIENCED OIRB TO WORK AT tt paper boros. IBS.Enst Wnshlngtnn-Rt. SITUATIONS WANTED—MALE. Boolclroopors, Clerics, &o. QITUATION WANTED—TUB SUBSCRIBER DE- O sires a situation In a wholesale houss ; office work pro forrod. Writes ft good hand and Is accurate, Reference* furnished. Address F <7, Trlhuno office. QITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN WHO* O can furnish host Now York Oily and Brooklyn refer ences; any kind of employment in store, office, or lmsl-i ness houso: ho writes n good hand and understands tb*- solonco of double or single entry bookkeeping. Salary i no object. Address F 76, Tribune office. S'" iTUATION WAMTKD-liy A PKAOTIO.VL B(JokA keeper; unozooptlonabio references. Address XU,I Tribune office. oirtrATidN wanted—a ret,table man., day-. O ing some experience as bookkeeper, collector, ami* grocery dork, and who writes well, and Is quick and cor-; root at figures, dcalros employment of somolUndiprofonS* office work; will go cheap. Address F 08, Tribune office..' QITUATION WANTED—EMPLOYMENT O craning leisure hours by an experienced bookkeeper* writing a plain, legible band. Address F 69,. Tribune. i office. QITUATION WANTED-BY AN ENERGETIC.' O young man with a reliable houso; la a competent double-entry bookkeeper: oyears' city experience; good references. Address F 69, Tribune offloo. Trodos. QITUATION WANTED—BY A GRADUATES OF A, O civil engineering institute, who la a practical oarpon-* tor, as foreman, or at any kind of work whoro bU aervloor would bo required. Speaks French and English, and ha* boon a foreman on building boforo. Addrosa V 29, Trlh. Uno office. QITUATION WANTED—A FRENCH GARDENER,. O florist or vegetable, would Uko a situation; Is a sin* Rio man, with tbo boat of reforonoos. Address F 80, Trlb*i unootlioo. * SITUATION WANTED - BY A FIRST CLASS watch maker. Addrosa R J n, 65 South Olark-at. QITUATION WANTED-BY A FRENCHMAN AS O cook in a private family. Address V 63, Tribunes office. SITUATION WANTED—AS FIRST-CLASS MEAT, and pastry cook (male). No. 63 Woat Van Buroa-st. 1 QITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO MAN AS' O engineer. Dost of city roforonco. Address, for threo days. A M, 603 State-at. * Ooaohmon, Teamsters, &o. QITUATION WANTED—BY A COMPETENT ANDt O good man as bostlor and to work at all work, with a. private family. Good roforenoo. Addrosa or call at 9U Woat Tweltb-at. QITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN IN A O private family to take cars of hones, or as coachman,. er as porter in a dry goods atoro. Good city reference.. Addrosa V 8. Tribune offloo. 1 QITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN WHO kJ can speak tho German and Enßliah languages, as teamster. Address F 64, Tribune office. QITUATION WANTED-AS COACHMAN, BY A kJ steady man (English), competent, and willing. Firsts class city roforonco. Addrosa V 60, Tribune office. QITUATIONB WANTED-BY A BROTHER ANI> O aistor la a private family, tho man as coachman, tho Blrl as cook or dining work: both truly understand their uslncss, and can give good rocoimuooda. Address V 63, Tribune office. QITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAPI O (Swocln) as firat-olnas onaohman; best of oltyrofor*. once. Address V 78, Tribune office. MißOoUauoonß. QITUATION WANTED-BY A SOBER AND IN* Odustrlens Englishman who understands gardening and; thn care of horses, and will nmko himaolf useful. Addrosst KV, tolHubbara-nt., Chicago. QITUATION WANTED BY A COMPETENT' O young man oxporlonccd In farming, or milking, or plain gardening. Call at No. 16 Roa-av., near Twenty* nlntb-at., South Sido. I QITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO SIAN WHt>> O spoakaFrench, Gorman, and English; accustomed, to dclvo liprso** and can help In a atoro. Addrosa 480 Uouben-at. QITUATION WANTED-BY A RELIABLE, MID* O dlo-ogodmsn, as night watchman. Address X 61, Tribune office. SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE Domestics. QITUATION "WANTED—IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. O todogouoral housework, by an American girl. Bosh of roforoncos. Apply, by loiter or In person, for 8 days, ■ 235 Townsuml-st., corner of Elm. No boardlng-houss keepers nood apply. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO GIRLS, ONE TO do second-work, and tho other kitchen work, la prl« vato family; West Side preferred. Apply at Hm hauaa on left band sido across tho bridge, on North Halatod-st. QITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL, BETWEEN IB O and 16, as nurso-glrl in a private family. Ploaso call or address 48 Croaby-at. QITUATION WANTED—BY RESPECTABLE GIRL O of experience, to do general housework, who can f ivo good references from bor last plnoo. Ploaso call, for wo days, at South Mqy-st., botwooa Taylor and Polk. Situations wanted-by two respectable girls from tho East, ono as cook, tho other as second (rirl. Apply at ISM South Dosplalnos-st. No boarding* muaekeepora coed apply, GITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL WITH GOOD O oily references to do general housework. Gall at 407, WostKlnzlost., second lloor. SITUATIONS WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS SEIU rant In a private family; also by a liratr-class cook., Address X W, Tribune ottico. 1 SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS GIRL' in a private family, to oook,wash, and iruo, or general housework. Inquire, for 8 days, at 863 West Adams-st.. No hnardlng-hoiuofl need apply. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG PROTEST ant girl to do light socond work or take caro of chll dron: would not object to engage with a family Intend-, in to travel, or to wait upon a sluk lady; boat of references.; Address F ill, Trlbano office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG LADY A3( second girl la a private family or flrst-class boarding house; with reference. No. 67 Jblnnoll, botwooa Wont worth-av. and ■ SITUATION WANTED-TO COOK, WASH, AND Iron in a private family, by a Gormam girl. Apply at; m North Slalo-st. ■ SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT GIRL,' to cook, wash, and Iron in a private family. Addrosa V 80, Tribune offioo. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO GIRLS, ONE as cook, tho other aa second girl, In first-class family*. Apply at lit West Lako-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A NEAT 80ANDU navlan girl to take care of children and sow, or would travel with a lady. Apply at 265 East Ohloago-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL AS CHAMBER maid lu a hntot. Call at 125 SUonu&q-ftt. Sonmstrossos* SITUATION WANTED-BY A TRUSTWORTHY, and reliable person, as eoamntross; understands cutting and tilting all kinds of family sowlng;o perma nent situation preferred. Address W, lUO bouth Jotfor son-st. SITUATION WANTED - —A DRESSMAKER WILL work by tho day or week In families: can clvo refer ences to titling; has late patterns. Address FCS, Tri bune olfioo. . SITUATION WANTED—AS SEAMSTRESS IN FAAL Ulna; can do dressmaking. Terms, sl.—iporday. Ad dress F 06, Tribune ottico. litumdroßoos. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN IN linen department; lias had 6 years' experience la first-class hotel. Best of references given. Address X f>6, Tribune oUico. ■ Employment Agencies, SITUATIONS WANTED - FAMILIES IN WANT O of need help, of every nation, can bo supplied at Mrs. THOMPSON'S ofllce, lUOtl Stato-st. SITUATION WANTED—FOR A COLORED GIRL for mining, second work, or travel with a family: un* exceptionable references. BS6 Wabash-av., Mrs. BAL. KAM'K nllico. PARTNERS WANTED. T>AUTNKR WANTED -WITH A CAPITAL OP J. SC,OOO to SB,OOO, to Uko h ono-half, Interest in oQu n( (lin boat-paving hotels in Northern In* diaaa. Wishing to onfnrgn tho hotol to moot the da. maml of Us business, ami uuablo to do so without selllnir an lutornst, ono of tho Lost bargains can bo hud that oai* bo found In tho Northwest. Hlao of lot, IffJ foot on Main-* ■t. and 1(36 foot on Clinton, fronting Court-Honao-sfiuaro. llotolnow: Main building, 65i80 foot, three stories and basement; brick and stone, iron roof; kitoheu ‘JOxIW, two stories; wash-room ono story, all brick. Iron roof •» barns, wells, and cisterns. Tho nlcost location In tho healthy and beautiful City of Goahon, county seat of Elk hart County, llfth county In wealth and population In tin* Etato; two railroads, llrat-elaas water power, eight man. ut'ttotorici ou the water power, f< ur atoam manufactories; a live town. Call on or address W. 0. GUILDS, Froprlo* tor Vlolutt House. Goshen, Ind, PA RTNER ~WANTED —(NONK HUT A 80DKU, active man), with S6OO, in a light nianufaotuiln* bnslnosß, yielding SOU per cent pruut. 147 North Dus. plalnoa-st. , PARTNER WANTED - EITHER A MAN OR woman, that Is In for making money. Must havu ®6oo«ash. Inquire at No. 6 West Mndlson st., Room 6. PARTNER WANTKb-W'iTH 96,000T0 SIO,OOO OAPI.' J. tul, to tnlco an Interest In a well-established hardware business In this oily. Good roforenocu given and ro* nulrod. Address J AH. M. UOUTON, tlrm ol Wm. Blair A Co., 174Lako-*l, IJAUTNBR WANTED-WITH PROM 95.000 TO J. 910,000, in well-established foundry and machine ■hop in a growing country Lawn ; no competition within miles, and whore tho best gang-plow now In tho market la Biannfauturod. k'or particulars call nr address CIIAB. A. oUDLOW, 87 Houth Clark-st.. Chicago. HI. ■pAUTNEU WANTED—I WANT A LIVE MAN AND J. good talker to taka % interest In tho bust business la the oily. O. A jJO. L No. 70 East Madlaim-at., Room 0. DIVORCES. Divorces ohtained for causes, all law business attended to. Room 0, 847 South Olark-st. lAWOROKK-LEOALLY OBTAINED—EKE AFTER. U deoruo. Rcumlul uvnidod. Nlnsyears'jiraoUca In the courts of Chicago. Address P. O. Box 1037. TO LEASE. rno LEASE-DOCK LOT 160 KEKT ON RIVER,. X Just north of bridge, and now oc. onpiud by D.mlu] lloglo us a coal-yard. Apply in tnvut, nviUiimsl cutuur of MtnlUoa tail Daaruoruiu. 7

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