Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 22, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 22, 1873 Page 3
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THE COURTS* End of the Vall-lglcliart Big taiiil Suit. Judge Gory Benders a Decision. •Worth S3OO,QUO to the i Vails. il Bankruptcy Matters—Tho Lamar Ac counts—Tho Courts in Brief,' ’ Tbo ooso of Mrs. Vail and daughter against Asa Vail and Nicholas P. Iglohart was concluded yesterday afternoon, Judge Gary slopping tHo . progress of the ooso/and depriving Mr. Beach, counsel for plaintiff, of tho pleasure of making! his speech in tho presence of a deeply Interested,; .andalso interesting, audience, to render Ills) decision* tho nataro of which'probably made upj for Mr. B’a disappointment.' The salt' was* brought by plaintiffs fqr-tbo specific porforiri-j ancO of a contract by defendants. The original contract was mado Juno. 23, 1860, between ;Asal Vail and Nicholas P, Iglohart,. by which' contract, in consideration of certain things 1 done by Vail, tho contract,, so far as ho, Vail, was concerned, was fully executed; the con- 1 sldorailon being fully paid, By tho contract m question in this suit, Iglohart agreed to convoy' to Mrs. E. P. Vail and her mluorchUdron, within four months, tho.W. K of N. W. H aud S. W; H ' of 800. 9, T. 37, N. It. 14, containing 210 acred, t nearto and-castof Washington Heights. -The; clause,of tho contract under which tho liability l is claimed is as follows:. “Iglohart agrees bb follows: Within four months from this time to secure to Mrs. Ellen P. Vail aud her minor children, In a proper legal manner, free from all incumbrances or Uena, tbo land this day con voyod in Section 0. T. 37, N. R. 14. so that tho same may bo bold by her as a homestead and for her and her minor children’s sole use in foe simple.” Tho land was incumbered to tho amount of. about SO,OOO at tho time tho contract was entered into, which in cumbrance. as will bo soon, Iglohart agreed to remove. At the time tho contract was entered into tho laud was valued at about $16,000 ; it la now worth more than $250,000. Tho defense setup was that Mrs. Vail'look; in lieu of tho 240 acres of land, two mules, a wagon, and SBOO in cash ; the statute of limitations, payment, of taxes, Bona fide purchaser’s laches, and all tho usual de fenses. After hearing the arguments for the de fense, and before tbo plaintiffs’ counsel had a chance, the Court delivered' tho following: de cision : In my judgment, all tho Janguago about homestead ts of no coußcquoncc ; It la not of tho essence of iUo arrangement between the parties at all; tho cozul'loS atlon between Vail and Islehart was entirely pecuni ary; bilk tbo reason moving Iglehart to require tho property to bo conveyed was, that hla sister and her children should have thobenefll of It. That reason dot the consideration for the transfer—was hla affco tlon for her and her children. Then there is tho use of the language “ homestead." It was used in no such sense as that tho parties woro to. go and llvo there. There is no limitation, condition, precedent or subsequent, tbat it shall bo used as a homestead. It Js an agreement that ho will convoy it to her and her children, bo that eho may havo a homo for her children. To my mind this is a case of a clear: explicit agreement to convey a certain prescribed quantity of land for a past consideration, which tbo panics themselves estimated and treated as a sufficient consideration. Whether it was, or. was not, it la not jny purpose to inquire. They estimated it and treated sufficient consideration. Tho incumbrance on the land In 1860 is said, in general terms, to have boon all that tho land is worth. It scorns to me very-clear that Iglohart had in expectation.that, in someway not now disclosed, ho was going to negotiate and lift this incumbrance, by sotno sort of an operation, other than by paying cash for it. Ho was defeated in that expectation. After tho contract of tbo 22dof Juno, 1860, there was nothing left to bo done except to con vey tho 240 acres of land, and there waa a clear, ex plicit, and absolute agreement to do that dear of incumbrance within four mouths. Tho payment of taxes on tho land cuts no figure, because bo bad agreed to convoy It clear of incumbrance, so that (ho longer ho bold it tho greater tho amount or taxes which bo would havo to get out of tho way, in order to convoy It dear of incumbrance. All that ho had to do to got rid of thoso taxes at any tlmo was to perform that agreement. When parties havo solemnly put their engagements into writing, after negotiations running through mouths, and amended, at tbo Umo of execution, tbo phraseology which did not suit, and bavocomotoarosting-placo; persons intelligent and capable, with no circumvention and no advantage on either side; when such havo come to that result, I oonnot iUsturo it upon the uncertain testimony of persons as to all sorts of things which aro not in tbo writing. I think tbat tho complainants aro entitled to m decree that the loud shall bo conveyed to them in feo simple. • Robert Rao and J. W. Boach aro solicitors for firs. Vail and children; Bent & Black and Bco-' till, and Corwin A Bailey, solicitors for ’defend ants. • • 1 THE LAMAH INBUHANOE COMTANV. Tho Receiver in the caao of Edwin BUrnham ot al. v. tho Lamar Insurance Company, report ed to tho Court yesterday that ho has on hand'd, sufficient amount of money with which to pay 20 per c°nt of tho following claims proved against' tho Company, as contained in tho report'of tho M&ator: Edward Burnham el al, $2,533.22: Joseph E. Paincbaud, $656.90; Goo. Reily $G61.63; E. K. Garvin,, $328.60 : Horace 8. Eaton, $1,072,11 ; Henry Diaslon, $1,087.26 ; Alma ir. Whitcomb, $2,103.30 ; Alex. A. Malt man, $545.20; Roalna Mogolsoln, $864;63 John W. Schonck, $3,251.40 ; Jerome D. Sccor, : $1,084.41; Thomas Mmphy, $1,289.05 ; Prank Fold ot al., for tho ueo of First and Second National Banka of Peoria, HI., $1,617.08 ; Henry P. Stevens ot al., $2,003 ; Augustus F. Booker, $1,627.63; Trustee North Baptist Church, $3,250.41 ; Jacob A. Rotscliild ot al., $2,710.76 ; Adolph A. Blaokall, $2,099.37; Thomas Bar rows et al., $2,173.20 ; Samuel Arontz, $2,171,-' 20; Peter Plommiug, $1,276.57 ; Peter Plom mmg, $828.40; James W. Kellie, $982.41; James W. Koliio, $873.50; Hamlin & Halo, $5,415.15 ; Alfred Smith, $2,177.55; Mrs. Cornelia D. Rickor, $5,999; Marks Romatoin ot a!., $1,088,- 25; Prederiok Korapfor, $2,066,90 1 James H. Warner ot al., $1.809.10; Isaac P. Coats, $0,580; Peter Armai, $1,091.62 ; Prank 9. Barton ct al.. $1,013.40; Louisa Gund, $1,239.04; Peter Han eon, for use of Anno H, Perkins, assigned to 1, N. Withorall, 6340,57; William O. Rey nolds, $1,624.68 ; Joseph Zanischock, use etc., $1,102.23; Alfred 9. Barnes & Co., $2,699.43 ; Charles A. Gregory, $1,863.58 ; Patrick Rowley, $438; Alfred A. AUon, $1,550.83; Charles E. Ciasins et al., $450.60; Carl Lam, Jr.; $515.85; John T. Moran et al., $1,321.60; Michael Bayne, $1,081.50; 8. O. Olin, $630; John Anderson. $282.29; James Gorman, $431.05: J.-W, Calkins, $2,000; Cashman Calk ins, $1,000; amounting to about SBO,OOO. Tho Master also reports that Charles P. Gun ther and others have filed claims, the validity of. which are disputed. BANKBUPXOV MATTEBB, In the matter of Root & Cady, tho petition of tho Third National Bank was filed, and leave was granted to tho Trustee to sell under tho powers contained In tho trust-deed. In tbo'maUor of Hugh Patterson. "bankrupt's petition was filed, and order entered that, upon examination of a certified copy of the Register's docket heretofore transmitted, a discharge ho ordered to issuo, npon payment of all costs. In the matter of tho Great Western Insurance Company tho petition of William Hanebrouch was dismissed and order entered referring peti tion to Register Hibbard to take proof and report. The petition in bankrnptoy of the Lyon Rufilor Company was dismissed on motion of petition er’s attorney, unless ohjcctions&re fiioa within ten days. In the matter of Alphonse L. Handel, an in solvent, R. E. Jenkins reports the sale, by auc tion. of tho stock of drygoods of bankrupt estate realizing tho sum of $1,226.60. The case of Goodrich and Kirby was ordered to ho dismissed if no objections are filed within ton days. A SIO,OOO TRESPASS. In Judge Rogers’ Court tbe case of Jamos Ooary v, Buckner F. Morris was triad. Plaintiff sought to rocoyerslo,ooo damages for an alleged trespass on the caao. His effects, consisting of a full stock of saloon fixtures and liquors, which complainant avers bo casually lost; and they then came into defendant’s possession by find* Ing; defendant’s version being that tboy wore sold by plaintiff’s landlord for back rent and purchased by defendant. Tbe cose is almost devoid of interesting features. It stated that an appraisement of tbe value of tbo property was made before tbo fire by throe experts, one of whom lu a Deputy in tno Circuit Court, but tholr appraisement was burned up In tbo groat fire, and now comes a parly who is willing to swear that the throe appraisers wore drunk at tbo tlmo tboy viewed tbo goods, and their ap !>ralsomont is therefore valueless. Tbo throe oily exports are now called upon to swear that boy wore not drunk, and, as one of them re* marks, “it is a very difficult thing to swear (bat ouo was not drunk on a certain duy a couple of years since." Tbo case will probably bo concluded to-mor row. JTJDOB POETEE’S COUET. In tho suit of Bobiasoa v. Achoff. In which plaintiff sought to rooovor damages for the at , logod. trespass of defendant. In ploughing up iit crop plaintiff bad planted on his own laud,' tbo’ jury returned a verdict of not |pillly; o ‘‘ 1 ' - 1 : In thosuit In ofisnmpsit of John Mi Durarld ot al. v. Richard Mason and Alexander Johnson, a Tordiefc for pldlntlff tfas rendered f0r.93,188.00 damages. !• ■ •' *•* ’ ' v '■ ; ■ : • Tbo cftsoofQoo. 11, Leonard v. Thomas Ray* mond was submitted to the Court, who decided In favor of-plaintiff,with $257.50 damage*. • 1:1 ■ In tbo suit of Matthews MoCabo v. Frank P.i Hawkins, Thomas B. Welland,. tuid Voinov E.! Itusco. ii verdict was rondorod fol’plaintiff j dara- ( ages, ,$040.77. *. 1 j In the suit for debt of Jacob and Louis Loh-! ram v. James IV and William Tracey, a vordiiit; for plaintiff was rendered for debt $226; dam-' ages, $106,17. ' ‘ CRIMINAL COURT ITEMS. , Very little business of consequence occupied, tho attention of tho Criminal Court yesterday, • ; John Howdor, ft minor plcoaod guilty to; being found in a house, frohi which, at tho llmfl.: . tho oecupants wore * absent, and was remanded l for Hontonoo. • . . t . I • Tho’easo of Kennedy, charged with'” Bolling; liquor Illegally at Lake view, was continued. 1 ' ; , Tho case of John 11. Forwoll. another lawyer,, charged with forgery, tho particulars of which: have already boon published, was continued. 1 The trial of Philip Drown, which was to have; boon hold tp-dayiwas discontinued bn account 1 of tho absence or a material witness. ...... t • In' tho throe oases of the City v. James J:Goro,i defendant*! have flled;prosotitmot\tß. and, bonds! ’ with the Clerk of tbo Criminal Court for an ap -pcal. - ‘ ■ • ‘ ' ' ! COUNTY COURT ITEMS. Dennis S. Morgan was yesterday appointed Administrator of tho estate of Miranda Morgaii, under, a bond to bo approved of SB,BOO. . ■ • 1 On petition of tbo hoirs of tho late George W. Tappan It was ordered that ft citation bo issued, returnable Monday,. May 20* to Richard L. Car hart ,aud Charles SI,. Lo)ris, surviving partners of tho latoflrm of Carhavt, Lewis & Tappan. to show oauso why they should not bo'oompolled to give socnrily-for tho faithful settlement,of the affaire of the co-pavtnoißlilp and for.tbo account ing and paying over to tho Administrator of said .deceased whotovor is due, after paying 'partner ship debts, etc. • r THE COURTS Ut DRIEV. In tho United States Circuit Court, Andrew McQraw-files his bill, ogainfit O. ,H. Dvor on a plea'of non-fulflbneiut of contract; damages. S7OO. ‘ • Tbo, North Bennington Boot • and Sbco Com pany file a pnecipo in assumpsit against Edward Byrne; damages. $i;500; ■ • ' . In Judgo Booth’s t court, tbo caso of tbo Illi nois Central Railroad v. u’Brlon, wont by de fault of defendant, whereby plaintiff recovers an estate in 100 simple, as described in tbo declara tion, namely, tho S. E. ot Sec. 11, T. 88, N. R. 14; E. of S P. M. . Tho caso of Henry R. Draper t. Tlio Artesian Well Company, Joseph, H. Barker, Alpbaous O. Badger,’A. F. Oroskoy, Lyman Bridges,. Jocob Fayne, J. W. H.'Browii.H. H, Brown, Allan O. Storey, and Rufus King, ;was yesterday dis missed by Judgo Williams at the cost of respec tive parties. • Jacob Wilder, Marla J. Boylpgton, Ella Sher man, Mary A. Loitcb, and Caroline Jackson'file their petition in tho Superior Court for a Con servator to manage tho ‘affaire of their father; Benjamin Wilder,; tho* owner of considerable property in money and moneyed securities. The father is now 60 years of ago, Is Insane, ond alto gothor’unablo to manage Ins businoes affaire. - WilUam H. Lunt and Luolen Newbury filo a hill in tbo Superior Court, on a plea of debt, against Hugh Mahor. Complainants over that on the - 2Gth Dooomber, 1871, they leased to plaintiffs tho building known as tho Newbury Elevator, situate- on Lots 2 and 7 in Block 14 of tbo Original Town of Chicago, at a rental of $5,000 per annum for tho. first five years; that hoowoson said ront thoenmof $4,333.80, for tho recovery of which, ond SI,OOO damages, cho present action is brought. Jacob Blodgorot al. bring suit In tbo Circuit Court-in- an action of trespass on tbo case against tbo Drainage Commiamonore; damages. $6,000. ’ Oliver F. King sues Hiram,-Charles W.j and Goorgo H. Wheeler, in; tho - Circuit Court, for trespass on the caso : damages. SIO,OOO. Judge Williams will give his decision In tho Lincoln Park assessment oaso to-morrow morn ing at 10 o’clock. NEW SUITS. Tub BurEiuon Court.—43,4sl—Matthias M. Smith etahv.-Max Outteustoin; assumpsit, SSOO. 43,452 Thomas B. Dobbins v. James Burko ; ejectment, SSOO. 43,453—Christian’ Carr v. Christian Thulman, B, W, Nichols, J. H. Ciybourno, H, P. Caldwell, Levi Warly, and Clark; petition for mechanics' lien, $354.63, on theatre and part of Lot 17, In Butterfield's Addition to Chicago.' 43,454—A5ah0l Qufllay v. James M. Chap man and 6. M. Ettor; confession of Judgment, $32,324. 43,456— Appeal. 43,46&— Suppressed for sendee,' 43,467—Jac0b Wilder otal. v. Benjamin Wilder; peti tion for the appointment of a Conservator. 43,450—E, H. Wacns ▼. John Davis & Co.; as sumpsit, $1,108.30. 43,460—Mar1a v. August Dunlap; divorce on 1 ground of desertion. 43,460 { Crane Orothora’ Manufacturing Company; assumpsit, S6OO. 43,CC1—John 17. v. Mary Ellon Iluutcr; divorce on ground of adultery. 43,462—EUzur D. Bsavoy ot aV v. ueorßo White, Roderick Clark, and Oregory Sharp, tinder Ann name of Clark, White & Co.; petition for mechanics' Uon on E. 120 feet Lot 0, Block 10, fraction al' 800 16, Addition to Chicago, $2,048.46. 43,463—' Louis Morris v. John Otto; assumpsit, $1,600,: 43,404 —Tho IlopubUo Life Insurance Company of Chicago. ■ v,- J. R.Dlckcrdlko; assumpsit, S6OO. 43,406—William’ Rent v,. F. M. Atkinson; petition to supply record. 43,466 —E. 11. Qammon v, J. A. Flake; assump sit, $1,500. .43,407 W. O. Kruger v. C. Thlolmutm: confession of Judgment, $147.60. 43,468 W. H. Lunk , etal. v. Hugh -Maher, debt, $4,833.30. 43.400—Peter W. Field et ah v. Joseph Day and E. W. strong; as sumpsit, S6OO. 1 Tne Cmouir.'CounT.—7,o32—Appeal. 7,o33—Jacob Blodgor et al. v. The Drainage Commissioners: tres pass oh tho : case. $5,000. 7,034 —Oliver F. King v.' Hiram, Charles w„ and George H. Wheeler ; trespass on the case, SIO,OOO. 7,035—Appeal. PERSONAL. Col. James H. Pinnigan, Cincinnati, is' at tho Gardner. A. Coppell, Havana, is at tho West Side Briggs House. Col. John N. Howell, Salt Lake City, is a guest of tho West Side Briggs Houso. Dr. John A. Vincent: is registered at the West Side Briggs House, from Springfield. ■ The Hon. H. I. Rodflold and wife loft the West Side Briggs yesterday for their home, Now York. • Wallace Pierce. Lake Superior’; D. A. Nowton, NowiYork ; A. Fontayno and family, Cincinnati: D. Pi Hodges,, Sioux City ; Wm. Clifford Neff, Cincinnati, woro among tho yesterday’s arrivals at Anderson’s. - > , - Tho silvor wedding of Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Gur ney was celebrated on Tuesday evening at their residence, No. 250 West Randolph street. Seventy members of tho Tahornaolo Church sur prised tho worthy couple, and had a good time. . There are 100 Chicago youths at Notro Damo University this year, ond fifty at St. Mary’s Acad emy. A Chicago alumnus, Mr. J. J. Pitzglb bon, President of the Irish Literary Society, will bo tho orator at tho Commencement, aud will undoubtedly get off something brilliant and breezy. Among tho arrivals at tho West Side Briggs House yesterday were: D. G. Bronton and wife, Philadelphia; Scott Greono, Tallula, HI.; J, W. McClelland. Indiana ; E. J. Davis, Now York ; Wm. Waucn, Havana j Col. R. Whoelor, Wis consin ; Prank Fisk, Adrian; J. C. Jones, Bloomington; C. 11. voorhoos, Now York; and J. C. Randolph, Bloomington. Among tho lost on tho ill-fated Atlantic wore Mr. auditors. Turnbull, resident's of Jefferson la this county, tholr homo being about nine miloa from this city. They bad visited England to boo relatives, the aged mother of Mr. Turnbull and tho mother of Mrs. Turnbull, In. Manchester* They have no heirs in this country, tho only connection being a widow,- Mrs. Milton, now in tho County Poor-Hoiiso. Mr. Turnbull had property valued at about $20,000, and . tho Brit ish Consul will take immediate measures to bring the facts to tho knowledge of proper par* ties abroad. Marshall 0. Roberts, of Now York, has spent about $70,000 on pictures in Romo this spring. Died in London, after a short illness, April 24, Mary, Lady Lyoll, wlfoof tho celebrated geolo gist, Sir Charles Lyell. Tho Roy. Dr. Pholps, for more than twenty* live years pastor of tbo First Baptist Ohuron, Now Haven, Ot., lias tendered his resignation. President Morrison, late of Olivet College, Mich., has under consideration a call to tho Presidency of a now college which has just boon founded at Springfield, 111. George 8. Boutwell paid a short visit to tho Massachusetts State-House, Saturday, and made a few remarks, thanking tho Legislature for choosing him as United mates Senator. Tho death of Thoron B. Strong recalls a joke of Lincoln’s. Passing up Pennsylvania avenue with Gen. Nyo, ho pointed to a sign, with tho remark, T. It. Strong, hut coffee arc stronger. At Long Branch i Secretary Qeorgo M. Hobo eon has a now residence which cost about $60,- 000. Alexander Q. O&ttell has a now residence, which is located noxt to it, which also cost $60,000, Messrs. W. J. Bowen, L. E. Bobo, and F. L. Bkoels. proprietors of the Coldwator (Mich.) Republican, nave sold that paper to Messrs. A. J; Aldrich, of Girard, -ami Geo. Wi Sterne, of .Coldwotor, for tbo sum of S7,COp., , Th6.venerable Enop T; Throop, piio wan in Congress in 1815-’lO (Henry Olay, Speaker), and hi 1801 bficanlo Governor of Now York (succeed* Ing Mortln Vou Bureu), has now. at tbo ad vanced’ago of 80 years, returned to Idu old bomb on Owat-co Lake, near Auburn, N, Y. Ho is re markably bale and vigorous. , Wo rogrotio announce that Mr. Oscar; Town send has felt it bis duty to resign bis position as General Manager of the Cleveland, Oolnnlbiiß, Cincinnati [lndianapolis Railway Comnauy. The considerations loading to this notion oro so entirely personal that wb do not fool at liberty to refer to them.—Cleveland Herald. ■ ' Qon. Alex. I). Dyer, at tbo head of the Ord nance Department, in. .Washington, has recently had a severe operation performed upon him, which was entirely successful, and his health Is already improved. Though confined to bis resi dence, bo is able to give some attention tobuel ‘ness. and, when tbo weather Is very fine, to tako short drives. ’ His disease la Bright’s disoaso of •the kidneys. There are rumors of difficulties, political and otherwise, in tlio' way of tbo Duka of Edin burgh’s marriage with tbo daughter of tlio Em peror of Russia. They say that thoro are • high -personages in Court strongly opposed to It, ■ and that hints have come from “ cousins ” in Berlin .that it might perhaps bp as weir oven. lf ‘it- did .not tako place. . They fifty further that thoDuko of Edinburgh will havo his own way, lot every body else do or say what everybody olso.ploasos. When it was announced that Lieut. George M. Harris was wounded in tbo Modoo massacre, April 20, bis mother, a sister of • the lato Bishop Mcllyaiuo. Immediately started from bor : homo in Philadelphia to nurse him. It was a long journey, hut a mother’s affection only thought of her son,.who might need her tondorost caro In his illness.' By traveling night and day, in different to the fatigue and hardship of the Journey, this loving -mother reached the conch of her son on the 11th, and ho died on tho 12th. His full nnrno Is: The Right Honorable Sir Frederick 1 Toinplo Earl of Dufforin, Viscount and Baron Olanuoboyo, m the County Down, in tho Peerage of tho United Kingdom, Baron Dufforin nnd'Claudohoyo of Ballyloldy and Killl loagh* in tho County :Dowc, in tho Peerage of Ireland and a Baronet, Knight of tho Moat Illus trious Orddr of St.'Patrick; and Knight Com mander of tho Bath, Governor-General of Can ada, and Governor and Commander-In-Chief In and over tho Island of Prince Edward, and Vice- Admiral of Canada and Prince Edward. COMMON SENSE AND THE COURT-HOUSE QUESTION. To the EdUor of The Chicago Tribune Bin: It was with pleasure that I road this morning your admirable editorial on “Tho Oourt-Houeo Plane.” Its Bound and aonsiblo suggestions must bo approved by every lover of justice. Tho present' Committed is evidently unfitted for its work. Among them are able, honest, and conscientious mon,—mon who, by their faithful services to tho city, aro entitled to tho high con sideration of tboir follow-citizens.. But what, pray, do they know of tho rules and principles of architecture ? Wo dosiro to oroot In this city as grand a pioco of architqoturo os ample moans, united with gonius, can command. Wo wish something that will stand tho criticism of tho future,—some thing that will strike ovory ono as a model of excellence and beauty,—into which no sordid questions of Bolf-lntorost, shall in any dogroo havo entered. This ia tho common desire of onr citizens and of tho press. No ono wishes to dis parage tho present Committee; but ovory sonsi blo member will confess that ho is utterly un fitted to decide a question so technical and pro found. Thor con no more dooido this question with truth than they would bo ablo to docido upon tho comparative merits of forty-nine of tho greatest musical compositions of tho ago.’ Musio and architecture aro flno arts. None but artists can properly understand or docido artistio questions. To build a Oourt-Houso on tho judgment of incompetent mon wonld bo to throw away millions, and also render ourselves, by our blunders, tho laughing-stock of tho world. Tho vory greatness of tbo task demands tho exorcise of tho most experienced,skill. It de mands more x It requires tho most ontlro and absolute impartiality. A committee composed of citizens, or of homo artists, coulduotpossibly fulfill this latter requirement. Every man is swayed, to a greater or loss dogroo, by projudico, by interest, and by tho lufluonoo of others. Lot, thoroforo, no man in Chicago havo any thing whatever to say aboak Ibis matter, in tho capacity of judge. Any deviation from this rulo would prove to bo a fatal orror. To rofor tho decision of tho question of architecture to-mon who havo no knowledge of that noblo art, Booms to mo as.insano a proceeding as to rofor to them tho decision of eomo mathematical, or chemical, or philosophical question, concerning' which thoy havo not tho slightest acquaintance. Aid. McGrath’s proposition, to refer tho whole matter to tbo decision of throo architects outside of this city, is tho simplest and .boat proposition, by. far, that has yot boon suggested. It ought to bo unanimously adopted. If it is not, thoro will bo somo grounds to fear that there is something'moro than ignorance con nected with tho contradicloiy action of tho Com mittee thus for. A jury of Chicago architects should not for a moment bo considered. It would bo a farce I It would be impossible for such a Jury to como to a conclusion satisfactory to tho public. Tho world is auspicious, and there is good reason why mankind in tho mass are suspicious. - Our most trusted men are constantly falling before temptation, in its different and Insidious forms. Society, therefore, cannot bo too careful in whom it reposes trust, nor can it guard itself too strongly. Tho plan proposed by Mr. McGrath seems as near perfection as auy plan can bo which aims at securing justice to tho forty-nine competing architects; and to tho scouring for this city tho really best planj of those which have keen sub mitted. Tho best plan may not bo tho ono displaying tho greatest degree of external beauty. Every*, thing must bo considered,—utility as well as - beauty. Some of tho plans, as every ono can see," although very attractive without, aro absolutely impracticable within, and could by no possibility answer tho main purpose for which tho building is to bo erected. The best plan is the ono combining tho moat utility with tho highest degree of Ideal beauty: perfect convenience within, —simplicity, grand-' our, and beauty without. To determine upon tho host plan,—the plan which will give satisfaction to all except a few conceited Idiots,—it would bo hard to doviso a bettor plan than tho ono submitted by Aid. Mc- Grath. It would bo eminently just to all; and, boyoud question, tho final decision would bo one that no man of sense would object to. It would bo honest, aud entitled to profoaud rospoot. Now, if tho Aldermen and other members of the present Committee - are ns modest men as they ought to bo, they will promptly relievo themselves of on undesirable responsibility, and accent without reservation tbo plan suggested by Mr. McGrath. Otherwise, it may be suspected, in this suspicious world, tnat they have ends in view which do not appear upon tho surface of affairs. I caunot imagine anything more proper than to allow our Mayor to select the three architects from the three other cities, to constitute the now Committee, Ho will act with discretion. Mayor Medlll is a man of uncommon good sense, nor is ho inclined to overestimate himself, nor to depreciate the merits of others. Ho Is a lover of justice, and mav safely bo entrusted with this selection. lie does not claim to bo a great architect, or a poet, or musician, or to bo an infallible judge of tilings whoro bo knows but little. Cut ho has a practised judgment and an honesty of purpose that will enable him to select a compe tent jury of disinterested architects, who will most readily and satisfactorily solvo the knotty problem that has so much troubled the present Committee, and so greatly wearied and disturb ed the general public. It will not bo possible to plonso every one, — particularly the architects whoso works aro not selected. But who expects to ploaao every one ? There are men who never have boon pleased, nor over will bo in this world, nor in any. other. They came into tho world to gruroblo, and grumbling they will go out of it; and grumble they will, perhaps, to all eternity. It Is not worth whilo to take such people into account. They arc dead weights that tho city must put up with and carry along. In tlio erection of such a building ns tho now Court-House, it is unwise to uot in haste. Tho idea must bo made perfect before it is embodied in stone. Everything great it) this world comes out of tho mind. It is tho miud that fashions matter into oil its multifarious forms of useful ness and beauty. Beauty is not a chemical com fiound. It is something more ethereal and more mo than anything that tho Positive philosophy over dreamed of. A beautiful building wo must have, and one that will stoud for generations, a monument to Us builders, and an honor to the city, J. Esaias Wadbbm. , THE PLANS. .IVliat tie Committee Accomplished Yesterday. ■. r Four of the Eejootod Plana Admit -1 tod to the Charmed Cirolo. Tho Number of "lucky" Ones Extended to Tori. Tho Committee on the Court-House plane mot yesterday afternoon in Kentucky-Block, in Bccretßoaßtou.- -Mayor DlodlU was tidt but the other members woro. .With regard to those secret sessions, tho public, who are inter ested in.hndwing.whnt transpires with,regard to those plauq, naturally Inquire, tho object of the Committee In excluding 1 reporters. ' To ascertain what this object is, It nloybo as well to mention that no vote was taken upon-' tho question, hut tbatAld. Ogdon desired that .they - bo. 1 excluded/ and tho other .members,- not observing at the time tho significance of this wish,out of courtesy to' ' dnd ’of their number ' made no stir In tho matter. Tho janitor received his 1 orders ; from Mr, 1 Ogdon to admit no body, and hooco tho press was kept in thooroti cal ignorance of the doings. of tho Committee, and practically gavo to the public the main points of (bo mootings. In order to ascertain what thd’ Committee thought upon tho subject, a reporter interviewed several -of tho members. They.' invariably ox* pressed their willingness to allow the reporters in, stating that they said and did-nothing of which thoy wore ashamed.. Tho Committee will moot again this afternoon to continuo tho work bo : gun yesterday, and a motion will bb raado to admit tho press, a majority of the Committoohaving ox prossod themselves ready to cany it. As thero is no danger of Mr. Sturgis* plan, No. 8, receiving anything mote than u a complimentary vote,”— as Mr. Ogdon has always succeeded in squeezing this out of tho Committee, and as his position .with regard to , that plan is now understood,—, perhaps oven ho will withdraw his personal objection.' - On Wednesday, a week ago, tho Committee amused themselves by reducing tho total num ber of plans to six, having paved tho way to this action by previously 1 selecting;sixteen, out of whloh the . six wore chosen. Yesterday they proceeded ‘to extend tho six to . six teen, thus making preparations to inoludo once moro ;tho first forty nine." While this oscillation appears puerile. If it does any good, so much the better. But surely If. the.: Committee aro so thoroughly ashamed of it that.thoy wish to keep it secret, lot them drop It.’ Their honest Catholicity was Interrupted by' tho falling of tho shades of night, whioh ; out tholr labors,, and compelled them to adjourn until to-day. ' They took up No. 1 again, and tho merits of thodosignof Messrs. Bank in «t Guernsey wore onco moro dis cussed. but that plan aooms dead beyond oven galvanic resuscitation. No. 2 was taken up and discussed. A review of its courts and corridors, and tbo vaults, was entered Into, and, after much measuring and es timating. tho Committoo determined onco moro to give tho plan a show, and it was admitted to make the seventh in the glorious galaxy of pos sible triumphs. No. 5, tho famed “ Eureka” plan of Mr. Tilley; was next inspected. The corridors wore care fully measured and examined, and their pros pects of light and ventilation again examined. It was claimed ,onco before that tho corridors would bo dark! An Alderman stated that ho has' boon viewing tho long corridors of tho Pacific Hotel, which wore more than 800 feet in -length, wore narrower than those in Mr. TiUoy’s'plon,—' whoso length was about half this figure,—and lighted only indirectly. Ho bad found them per fectly lighted. Prom this comparison bo had oomo to tho conclusion that tho objections offer ed against thoEureka ” plan that tho cor ridors wore dark ' J and gloomy would no. stand tbo tost of .on oxaminationt Another member, while ho admired tbo ingenuity of the plan, doubted whether It would bo practi cable. Ho admired tbo exterior so much'chat if any interior could bo ohoson to maloh it ho would bo satisfied that Chicago would have tho host court-house in tho United States. Two mem bers of tho Committee ridiculed tho plan as ro mantic, fanciful, and expensive, but a vote being taken, tho Committee determined onco more to admit tbo design. No. 7, the plan of Mr. Welsh, was taken up, but. after a short discussion, was laid upon tbo shelf. . No. 8, Mr. Sturgis* plan was among tho oloct, and Ala. Ogdon was' spared tho necessity of do* mandiog “ a complimentary voto for No. 8, be cause it does not look woll for ua to oloct only Chicago architect's;” - No; 0, Mr. Matz's plan, was among tho - oloct, and stood & sharp examination... There. was ono objection made to this plan, and that was . that one 1 of tho corridors camb to a lock, pre venting a continuous passage round tho build ing, This, however, tho Committee concluded, ' could bo readily remedied. ‘ No. 14, Armstrong- Sc Egan, was once more looked at critically, and was also readmitted. . No. 17. Mr. H.'L. Gay, after a moio thorough examination than it boa heretofore received; was again chosen. Tho main objection to this plan Is not tho internal arrangement so much as the entrances. Cut as oven tho plan adopted will ' require a vast amount of modification, it was only fair to give Mr. Gay another looso of lifo. No. 18, Carling Sc Adler, was already In tho charmed six, .and was allowed to remain there. The Committee then adjourned until this after noon,having added four to their minimum of six, making a total of ton. Those added are tho plana of - Messrs. Cochrane Sc Miller, Tilley, Armstrong Sc Egan, and H. L, Gay. Those that remained wore Messrs. Sturgis (complimentary), Matz, Burling Sc . Adler, Wheolock Sc Thomas, Caudal], aiid Dixon & Hamilton. This is tho day of creations. Next Wednesday tho weekly slaughtering will take place. THE CM IN.BRIEF. The Board of Police and Sopt. Washburn will determine, next Saturday, what kind of a sum mer uniform tho patrolmen shall.woar. Tho Atlantic Base-801l Olub will moot tins evening at tho corner of Ohio street and' Fifth avenue, 7:SO being tho hour. Tho dStna gentle men are fraternally asked to attend.. Tho alarm of fire from Box 314, yesterday at noon, was occasioned by a tor barrel catching

fire on Peoria street, between Madison and Mon roe. Nominal loss. Tho annual meeting of tho Trustees of the Dllnols Soldiers’ College, at Fulton, will be hold at the institution Juno 24, when everybody in terested is expected to bo on hand. There will be service In Trinity Church at 10:45 kids morning, it being Ascension Day. The Rev. Edward Sullivan Trill preach on 14 The As cension, its Place and Power.” Tho'lriflh Literary Association will meot ibis evening In Judge Rogers’ Court-room, 8 o’clock being the hour, when a full attendance Is de sired by the President, Mr. Fitzgibbon. The Christian Union Lyceum will moot at No. 11l East Madison street this evening and wrestle with the following problem: ‘‘That’ President Grant is not responsible for the disorders in Louisiana.” A mooting of tbo Committee to plbco decora tions upon tho soldiers’ and sailors’ graves in the several cemeteries will bo held at 8:80 p. m. to-morrow at tho Gardner House, when a full attendance is earnestly requested. i Tho officers of tbo different trades-unions In this city are invited to attend a mooting, to bo bold Friday evening, at tho Trades' Assembly Hall, No. 105 Fifth avenue, near Madison street. Malone, tbo assailant party in the biUlard-oue affray on Garibaldi street, on Saturday night, was bailed out 5f jail yesterday morning. The bail was SIO,OOO. Nurry. the victim, is Improv ing, and It is believed will recover. Tho Board of Publio Works issued tho follow ing building permits yesterday: John Lomax, throe-story and basement brick, 20x107 foot, No. 18 Charles place; Charles 11. Wood, two-story and basement stone-front, 47x05 foot, Nos. 670 and 678 West Adams street. The twelfth anniversary of tho Athemaum Literary Society of the University of Chicago will be hold tills evening, In the University Place Panlist Church, beginning at 8 o'clock. Thoro will ho prayer, music, debating, and orat ing. Yesterday afternoon Justice Hinsdale gave his opinion as to who is the party.ia fault in. the fight which occurred some days ago between F. B. Lorlng and Mr. Kano, which, owing to the ef forts of tho contestants, Um. boon given con siderable publicity iu tho dally papers. Tho Y.'TBDtr- 22, 1873. opinion bf ; tbd 'Justice WAX, Aftef hearing tho ovidouoo< that Mr, Loring assaulted Mr.Kano, mul severely that bo Jiollovod tho former might to bo fined SSO and coats. Deputy Coroner Pilgrim, yesterday, ’ hold nn inquest on the body, of Albert Nelson,- tho boy who wns billed by a . street-ear on Milwaukee avonno on Tuesday evening; Tho inquest con olmlod with a verdict exonerating tho driver, William Soholo, from bl&mo. , ( .. Tho Christian,Boys’, Mlsslonaty Union, In eon? nootlon with Sir. Moody's North Hide Tabernacle, Intends to buy a S2OO library from which to fur nish itn members with moral rending. In tho meantime tho Union holds gospel-mootings for boys every Monday evening. The owners of property on Twenty-ninth street are requested to moat this evening at Mri Corrigan's residence, corner of Twenty-ninth street and Prairie avenue, to consider tho pro priety of improving Twenty-ninth street by lay ing wooden pavement. , . .Yesterday afternoon, about d o'clock, a team attached to a brewer’s wagon, belonging to J. LomaX, ran olf oh South Clark street, near Har rison,> Tbo driyor, James Kano, was thrown out. and so seriously injured that bo lioo'ln a critical condition at No. 80S South Clark street. Dr. Charles Van lUddcaou attended him.. , Tho Board of P.ubllo Works yesterday awarded tho contract for paving and filling tho intersec tions of Clark street with'Bandolph, Washing ton,. MAdison. Monroo, and Adams streets to Boborfc Stewart for CD cents par cubic yard for filling and $1.40 pov square yard for paving, tho system 1 helug tho same oh iii used for Clark street. : ... • A complaint was made to tho Mayor, yester day, about tho employment agency of Angel <t Conker, on tho Wont Side. It wan alleged that;., they swindled < .twenty-five ■ men out of a foo, sending them to Wisconsin, whore they Wore unnblo to obtain work. Tho Mayor’s poUoo are invostlgafciug tho matter. . , ' . The object of tho visit of tho prominent rail road officials, whoso arrival, hero.was mentioned in Tuesday’s Thibune, was made known yester day. Qon, Cass, Mr. Moyer, and Mr. Lainor mo a sub-committoo of tho Board of Directors of the Pittsburgh Port Wayno Hallway, and havo boon inspecting the road. Thoy do so nt certain times In tho year.- to, learn if tho lessees, tho Pennsylvania Itailrond Company, keep ev erything in good order; to noto what improvements are made, and boo if thoy aro needed and properly made. Tho Committoo examined vouchors yesterday, and concluded their labors. Qon. Cass loft in tho evening for a trip of inspection on tho Northern Pacific Bail road. Ho was' accompanied by Gen. Sheridan,* who wilt ask for aid if tho rood needs protection from the . Indians. Tho other members of tbo Committee will probably leave for the East to day. SUICIDE AT WAUKON, IA. Wattkon, lowo, May 10,1073. To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune: • Sm: A Norwegian blacksmith, named An drew OJeson, aged about 25 years,,and for a long time in the employment of Holahau & Bnggy, wagon-makers, at this place, committed suicide yesterday by cutting his throat. For some mouths post ho has occasionally exhibited symp toms of mental derangement, bat continued to labor stoadily. aud ho anxiety was felt on his ac count. Yesterday morning ho arose, ato his breakfast, and shaved himself, and no ono observed anything peculiar in his conduct. About noon ho was found in his bedroom, dead, with bis throat out in the. most shocking man ner.. It appears that bo took his razor, crawled under his bod, and out his throat so that it blod profusely ; thou, crawling out from under the bed, sat upon ms trunk, and again applied tbo razor, cutting the arteries, windpipe, Ac., clear to the cervical vertebra). coir. COHN. P.vxxoif, Ford Co., HI., May 20,1873. 2b (/ic FMor of Tin Chicago Tribune: Sin: I have traveled over, a largo portion of Vermilion, Iroquois, Champaign, and Ford Counties, and, from the best information 1 can got, I *am satisfied that there aro not, in tho abovo counties, ovor 10 acres In every 100 acres of land plowed that wore intended for corn this year; and, under tho most favorable weather, wo cannot raise ibis year half of a crop of corn. Thu heavy rains on Sunday and Monday nights will delay plowing a number of days.. All /arm ors who have old com on hand are not disposed to sell at any prico until they can soo tho corn planted and have good weather. The roads aro very bad, and farmers could not deliver their com iu sixty days, were they disposed to uell. Tho farm-work will take all of their time. Ouserveu. ■ Como to Life. - JProm the Bloomington mi.\Panta(rraph. ■ Mrs. Elizabeth Wallor, of Marseilles,, whose dead body was reported to have been found In : tho waters of the canal at Marseilles, 111;, of which tragic ovont accounts have been given in all tho papers of tho country, including those of this city, instead of being-numbered with tho dead is alivo and .woll, visiting her children at tho 1 Orphans’ Homo at Normal, whore sho arrived on , last Snnday. 'lt will bo remembered that daring tho past week horhuebaud was arrested in thin city upon suspicion of being implicated .in her supposed murder, and that upon evidence of hia innocence hb was discharged from custody. Be fore the arrest, Dr. Sweeney, of tho Orphans' Homo, telegraphed to the Mayor of Marseilles, Mr.Porsons, informing him of tho whereabouts of Wallar, but although Mr. P. is aifiegod to have known that Mrs. Wallar was not drowned, as was the current belief for a time, ho did mot for some reason think it worth while to inform *ho public of the fact. Mr. Wallar la in good health, and rejoiced with the rest that tho telegram from Marseilles was a f oundationloss canard. Whether there was really a dead body found in tho canal, or, if such wan tho caso, by what name- it was known when it lived, moved and had Ua. being, are facts not yet vouchsafed to the public. , TO BENT. OFFICES. A few Very Desirable Offices are offered for rent in the Trib une Building'. Single or in suites. "Witn and without Vaults. English Tile Floors through out the Building. Elevator running during all business hours. These Offices are not equaled in the city. The best for all claeses of business requiring a central lo- cation. W. C. DOW, Boom 31 Tribune Buildini FINANCIAL. IME SHOBB tlHl SODTHM RAILWAY COMPANY. NEW SINKING FOND BONDS, COUPON AND REGISTERED. $6,000,000. Ronds Due Oct. 1, 1882, with Interest nt Seven per Cent, payable suiiiUunnmiUy, April ami October, at tbo ulllco of the Union Trust Co. of Nor York. $600,000) or Ton por Cont of tho Loan, to be retired annually by tho Sinking Fund. Coupon Bonds 0f.... SI,OOO each. Registered Bonds of SI,OOO, $6,000 and SIO,OOO each. Price, 94 and Accrued Interest, ROBINSON, CHASE & CO. BANKERS. Wo, 18 Broad-st., New York. AMUSEMENTS. HOOLEY'S THEATRE. : COIUPLIfIIENTAIVY DENRFIT TO CHARLES H. WILSON, Ttinrnriny Afternoon, May fig, 1873, S^'Xt». b 65.%t, , .'5 1 .? r,m,Uo °< «« MISS LAURA KEENE AND MR. EDWIN ADAMS Haro kindly cemented to appear, The perfortnanoe will commence precisely at 9 o'clock p. m. Mo VIOKER'S THEATRE, EDWIN ADAMS, EDWIN ADAMS. ENOCH ARDEN. ENOCH ARDEN; Krory Kronlßg until further notice, ami SATURDAY MATINRB. • • AIOTS-THEATRE, Every evening, unlit further notice, and at the Wodnoa day and Saturday Matinee, ' Xiaura Keene, AND lIEHOOMBDY DOMINATION, In Tom Twlot', famous Comedy. our American cousin i (UnAltprod &nd unabridged). ■- LAURA KBRNIS as I'LOItKNGB TRENCH AltD, as originally played by hor 0v0r.1,000 times In the United States. ' ■ • HOOLEY’S THEATRE. t REST COMPANY JN AMERICA. Great Novelty Wookl Two Brilliant Comedies! Wodnoi day, Matlnoo and Night, Friday, and Saturday Matt- . nee, Toro Taylor’# splendid drama VICTIMS! • With the Ml strength - of the star'company In the cast. Tuesday and Thursday Evenings, Bartley CamphoU’a last and greatest ■ ■ k - HISKS t . With the'poworful oast. Monday, Mar 23, ‘•THROUGH FIRIC.I*.inpreparation. 1 *.inpreparation. THE GENTLE BAVAOIS. ACADEMY OF MUSIC. Unabated Bucoossof the Grand THEATEE OOMIQTJE OOMBDIATIOE, Eemeiater, Entire Clangs eyery Monday and Ilnrsday.' TO-NIGHT, several now nets hr tbo full strength of iho Powerful STAB COMBINATION, Never before seen in Chicago. , Boata aoenred six days in advance without extra charge. AMPHITHEATRE. (Formerly Nixon’s.) THIRD WEEK AND WONDERFUL SUOOEBB OF "VjAJSTIESIC. CHANGE OF PBOGBAMME! StettSffiW” 4 ” 11,0 woo,t - MILLINERV. MILLINERY A.T ■WEBSTER’S, 241 West MMison-st. CHOICE STYLES, CLOSE PRICES, PROMPT ATTENTION, JUST OPENED—A LARGE LINE OP ELEGANT Imported Flowers. PROPOSALS. To fillers ai Contractors. SEALED PROPOSALS will bo received until the 2flth dayof May, 1873, p.m., by tho Board of Commis sioners of Cook County, for any portion or all of tho ma terial now contained In tko buildings and foncos on the Reform School grounds at Hydo Park (with tbo exception of tho dwelling-house on tho northwest: eomer of i'orty thlrd-st. and Hyde Park-ar.), consisting of bricks, joist*, lumber, windows, doors,' groon-housos, glass, fencing,' posts, etc. l Tbo buildings to bo taken down and tho material ro moved within thirty days aflor tho contract for tbo sale thereof is executed, Thorighttorojeotanyorallbldsrooolvodlsresorvod. . Proposals must bo Inclosed In a sealed envelope, In dorsed "Proposals (for tbo various kinds of material named),” and deposited with tbo County Olork, ad dressed to The Board of Commissioners of Cook County. GBOROIS M.BOOUE, CARTER U. HARRISON, H.M.BINOER, . THO3. LONKRQAN, ; JOHN 11. CLOUGH, Commutes on Flnsaoo Board of Oommlsalonors of Cook County. _ TENTS. TENTS For salo cheap; COO Wall, House, and Hotel Tents, com £leto, mostly now. and in flrsUolsss ardor; suitable for migration, Families going West, Colonization Societies, Railroad - Building Parties. Lumbermen, Fishermen, Hunters, State Fairs, Camp-Mootings, do. Just received, and with other kinds of Quartermaster and Ordnance Stores, to bo sold cheap. COL. O. LIPPINOOTT, Sovonunent Goods Depot, astLakn-st., Chicago. 111. SUMMER RESORT. CAPON SPRINGS & BATHS, HAMPSHIRE 00., ¥. Vn. Any ono in search of a really Medicinal Mineral Water and Bath, and. at same time, a most charming and at tractive summer resort, will do well to procure and road our descriptive Pamphlet. - Terms sl6 and $lB per week, with discounts on family bills as stated In Pamphlet. Ap* ply by root] to FRAZIER A SALE, Proprietors. SALVE. All Bight Salvo far Burns, Bolts, ■CORNS! 86 cents a box. DR. fiTBPHRNH, 101 Dearbnrn-st. SCALES. PAIEB ANKS* STANDARD I, SCALES . fj. OF ALL SIZES. j^MS^MFArRBAJfKS.MOIiaB &OO gT 68r w mandll3lake-st. BUSINESS CARDS. 0. a LAWRENCE & 00,, PROVISION AND PRODUOK COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 'NEW CHILEANS. JiA. WILIiIAM A. HARRIS, Provldonoo, R, 1., Builder oftho HARRIS-00RLISS ENGINE, With Harris' Patented Improvements. Bond for Olrcu- COAL. Coal Reduced. Wo soil Lackawanna at $10; Briar Hill, Kirkland Grata, Wabaab and Llinola Coal, ana all kinds of Wood atoorreapondlnjy ratoa, _ O. H. DYER & 00.. Wqbaah»av. and Madiaon«st»_ DISSOLUTION NOTICE. DISSOLUTION. J. M.WaUaco this day retires from the firm of Wallace Rroa. Business (o this dale will bo aottlod by him. R. H. Wallace and J. Q. Savage will continue the General Commission Buslooss under tho same name and stylo, at M Exchange Building,. n May SO, U7B, J.’q! BAVAUR. RAILROAD TIME TABLE. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS,’ ——— { Spring Arrangement. Explanation or Rbpmibhcr Mauk*.—+ Saturday ax* copied. « Sunday excepted. 1 Monday cxcoptod. | At rlre Sunday at 8:00 a. in. (Dally. MICHIGAN CENTRAL A GREAT WESTERN RAILROADS Vfpol, fool of fstkr $1 , and foot of Tiftlitij-lteond'H ncktl office, 7B Canal-*!,, corner of Matilron, f.ence. Mall Ma mala and alt line). Day Express Jackson Accommodation., Atlantia Express Night ICxpros*,,.. via road. Night OUAND nAI’IDB AND I’I:.NX\7AXKU, Morning Express Night KxproM,.,. * R:3oft w. • I * 0:00 ft. m. • j 4 B:s* p. ib. fl( 4 B:l6p. ra. \ ’ T*9:OOp. 18. }' * fldWa. m. *B:ttp. in. 19:10 p.m. *6:Bu»m. P.ooa. m. BKMn. m'. l 19:10 p.m. *0;00a. in» lIKNRY Ueni O. WENTWORTH, ioial Passenger Agent* ' CHICAGO & ALTON I Chicago, ■Alton it AY. I. onto J’Arot (.Vo,) new thrrrt route from Ch(ea>j lifpot, M'eif ft Mr, n«aP>/ad(ion-i lAILROAD. ugh tine, rtnrf T/ntUietna goto Kantai City. Union it. bridge. St. Louts A Rprlngflotd Krpross, ■▼ln Main Lino,,; XansasClty last Kzpn»n, via ' Jacksonville, 111., and Loulsl ana,-M0...,........ ; Wenona, Laeon, Washington Ki nross (Western Divlilon.) •Toilet «k Dwight Aooomo'datlnn. St. Louis A Springfield Lightning Express, via Main Lino, andalso via Jacksonville Division....... Kausas City Express, via jack. ' sonvlllo, 111.. A J.onUlana, Mo., Jolforson City Express...., Peoria, Keokuk A Buti’n ki • 9:15 a. ia, * 9:15 a. m. * 4:10p, m. * 4:10 ji. in. U9:oop. m. ffl:00p. m. D9;oop. m. • 9«»r. in. ,fpa(ly. via Main Lino, and da! Jacksonville Division. UDatlr, i except Monday, via Jacksonville lly except Sr via Main Lint Division. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & t»f Union Depot, earner .Vitdieoit and 63 South Clarhel,, oppoiite Shermt f. PAUL RAI Cannf-ile.f 3 inn Home, an Milwaukee,' St. Paul 4 Mlnnoap _ olltDay Express..; Milwaukee A Prnlrio du Onion Mall and Express; Milwaukee. Bt. Paul 4 Mlnnoap oils Night Express.. *9:00 a. in. (7:20 a. m. •4:30p, to, *U£oa. n. t9:oop. m. *6:00 p. m. CHICAGO. BURLINGTON &0 Depoti—Foat of Zaie-tl., Indiana and Canal and Sixleenth.sti, Holm, h’o, 69 Ctnrk-et,, and aid QUINCY RAILROAD. >a*op.. and £Let««n(A-«(., Ticket offlett in Hrlggi depots. * 7:45 a. in. Ottawa and Streeter Passenger.. Dubuque and Sioux City Exp,... Pacific bast Lin0...... Galesburg Passenger Meadota 4 Ottawa Passenger... Aurora Passenger. Aurora Passenger. Aurora Passenger (Sunday)..... Dubuque 4 Sioux Olty Exp...... Pacific Night Express Downor’a Grove Accommodation Downer’s Provo Accommodation 7:46 a.'ra, * 9:lo«. m. *10:00 a. ro. * U:lsp. ro. * 4:30 p. m. * 1:45 p. m. * 8:30 p. m. I.OOp. m. t9:COp. m. lll.DOp. ni. *11:00 a. ro. * 6:15 p. m. ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. Depot fool t\f Lake-tt, amljoot of Tteenlu-teeom office, 75 Cbnot-tt., corner of Sfatlltor St, Louts Express., ... fit. Louis Fast Lino Cairo Mall, Cairo Uxpnu Springfield Express.... Sprlngllold Express........ Dubuque A Sioux City Ex Dubuque A filoux Oily Ex •*QUman Passenger Hyde Park and Oak Woods HydoP&rkand Oak Woods Hyde Park and Oak Woods Hyde Park and Oak Woods Hyde Pork and Oak Woods.. Hyde Park and Oak Wooda Hyde Park and Oak W00da.,..,., Hyde Park and Oak W00da...,,,. llyde Park and Oak Wooda. * 7:30 a. m. t B:lfip. m. * 7:30 a. m, 18:15p, m. * 7:30 a. m. 18;lSp. tn. 4 0:15 a. m. 10:00 p. m, * 5:15 p. m. * 6:10 a. m. * 7:10 a. to. {9:00 a. m. {13:10 p. m, * 8:0 dp. ra. * 4:!Wp. m. * 5:15 p. m. *6:10 p. m, *ll:00p. m. 'On Saturdays this train will b( )o run to Gbai CHICAGO & NORTHWeSTi Ticket ojflee, 31 Wat .1 FERN RAILRI MadUon-et, Pacific Fast Lino.,,, Dubuque Day Kx, rla Clinton... Pacific Night Express Dubuquo Night Ex. tU (Jllntou. Freeport A Dubuquo Express.... broeport A Dubuquo Express.... Milwaukee Exp ross, Milwaukee Passenger. Milwaukee Passenger (daily)..*. Qrcon Car Express... fit. Paul Express Oreen Day Express St. X'aul Express *1(1:15 a. TO. 1(1:15 a. ra. fl0:l5 p. m. 10:15 p. m. • 0:16 a. u. • 9:16 p. m. • 8:00 a. to. . * 9:30 a. ra. . * 5:00 p. ra. . {U:OU p, m. 9:40 a.m. *10:10 a. tn. , * 9:UO p. m. , t»;30 p.m. CHICAGO, ROCK ISLANU & PACIFIC RAi Depot, corner of liarriton and Sherman-ele. 2 33 \fetl Madlton-it. Omaha,Loavonw’lhAAtcblson Bx *lcl:lfi a.-'ta. fern Accommodation * 6:00 p. m. night Express tl0:00 p. m. Leavenworth ± Atchison KxprossitlOiOO p. m» LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROAD. ' Depot, corner ITarrleon ntul Shermnn-tfe, Ticket ctfleet, norihue-si earner Chirk ami liandolph-ete,, and ecuth ims' comer renal anil MmUeon-ete, Mall, via Air Lin? and Main Linn * Special .Now York Bxprou, via Atr Lino,-....,...,.; , • 9rf»a. aj.i* Atlantic Bxproaa, via Air Lino.. 6 :IB p. m. NlphtLipreß*, via Main Lino..,, •fflrOOp.ia. »J Klkhart Accommodation.. * 8;<op. in. •’ South Chicago Accommodation.. 13.-0Q m. 1 8:40 a. m, CHICAGO. DANVILLE & VINCENNES RAILROAD. Fanenger Depot at P. t - C, «C SI. Louie Depot, comer of Ca nal and Kinsle.ite. freight and Ticket office ICB Wathing-ion-tt, SvangvlllVATorro iVa‘»ifo‘jixi * 7MO a. ra. * 1 MO p. m. * 7;JOp. m. t 7:30 a. m. PinSBURGH. FOR i WAYNE & CHICAGO RAILROAD. Pay Express • Pacific Express ! Fast Lino.. r Mail * Valparaiso Accommodation * * H:00a. m. i {6:10 p. m. 4 r9:oop. m. t' * 4:65 a. m. * 3MOp. to. * CHICAGO & PACIFIC RAILROAD. (OPEN TO 1108BIXE.) Drpol corner UaUted and North Jiranch-ste, General office 16 Metropolitan Block, corner llandolph and LafktUests. Rosollo Accommodation River Park Accommodation. River Park Accommodation. CHICAGO. INDIANAPOLIS & CINCINNATI THROUGH LINE. VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. from the Great Central Naitread Depot, foot of Lake-et. for through ticket! and steeping.ear berths apply at Ticket office, 75 Canalol,, comer Madlton{ ISO \; afro foot of, *. * 8:00 a. m. 4 * Ir-tip. ro. 5 * 8:30 j>. m. 4 Leave Chicago Arrive at Indianapolis ...... Arrive at Cincinnati Only lino running Saturday night train to Cincinnati. Pullman sleepers on night trains- WILLOW WARE. WILLIAM POTTLE, MANUFACTURER OP WIIiMWIMI Having just opened In tho store lately occu pied by Onas. QossaßO & Co., 236 West Madl* son-st., I am prepared to offer a fine assort* rnent of Plain ana Fancy Baskets, Ohildron’t CHAIRS, CRIBS, AND CARRIAGES. Also, Ladies' and Gents* Fine Bookers, Bird Oagos, &o. t &o. MEDICAL CARDS. DR. 0. BIGELOW CONFIDENTIAL PHYSICIAN, 4M SlaU>.»t„ Chicago. It is wall known by all readers of the manors, that Dr. O. Blgolow Is tho oldest established physician In Chicago, Science ami experience have made Dr. B. tho most re- Dowood SPECIALIST of (lie ago, honored by tlio press, esteemed of tho highest medical attainment* brail the modlcallnstltutHs of the day. having devoted fwhNTF YKAUS OP HIS LIFE in porfoclW romoilios that will onro positively all oasos of OIIIIONIO AND SI iiOIAL DISEASES in both loxos. l ~ na CONSULTATION FUER. . SKPABATK PAnLOnfl for ladios and gentlemen. Call. OOUHhM ONDhNOIt CONFIDENTIAL. Address all letters, with stamps, to Dr. O. BIUELOW. No. <dl State st NO CUKE! Dr, NO pav 11 300 South Olork-st., Chiongo, May bo confidentially consulted, portion,illy or by mall, (ros of charge, on all chronic or nervous mtoasu). i)H. J. Kli.tN Is too only physician iu tho city wnowap rtmlscwrcs or uu puy, Uroen Hook sunt for CO conle. Illustrated with numor. ous tlueungravings. Hr- a?o’V^7‘3Sffj3DEs3Sri>- 183 SOUTH OLAHK-ST., Continues to euro all Uhroulc, Nervous, and Urinary Diseases of both autos, and may ho confidentially con* suited, personally or by mail, tree of charge, ruinate dUlioultlus treated with safely and success. Ills Modlcat Treatise to ladles and gentlemen sent free. X> m. STOBTB, , OoaQdontlal Phyalolau, 112 (A regular graduate In modiolne) cures all chronic and “Special Diseases,"of both sexes, at reasonable prices. MoalolnesfuroUhed. No mercury used. Consultation free, nor&onallyurby mall. Cures guaranteed. All “foinalo all. nouiUu " treated with safety and success. Ulrculaxsfreo. 3 I Arrive, 6:15 p, rn 8:00 p. m 10:20 ft. m, -«n«a. m. “6:30 a. a, Leave, Arrive, * 8:10 p. m. * 8:10 p. in. * 9:10 p. m. * 9:10 a. m. »7:Mp.m. P7:3rto. m. 7:80 a. tn. B;U>p. ni kturday. via i, and (Tally. UUWW. 1 Ticket Offle* nd at JJejnft, Leave. Arrive. Arrive, k Leave, 4.18p, ni. 8:00 p. m. 2:18 p. tni 8:15 p. in. 8:00 p. ml 9:55 a. m. 8:15 a. ro. 8:55 a. in. 9:55 a. mj 7:00 a. m. 6:00 a. mj 6;60p. m. 7:18 a. m» i d*t, IXekti Leave, .Arrtc*, * 9:00 p. m. * 7:55 a. m. * 9:00 p. m. * 7:55 a. m. * 0:00 p. m. * 7:55 a. to. * 2.-OOp. m. * 7:00 a. m. * 9:00 a. m. * 8:48 a. m* * 7:45 a. m. * 8:40 a. m* * 9:00 a. to* {10:30 a. m. I 1:46 p. raj 4 6:20 p.m. * 6:53 p. m. * 7:3Cp. TO. ipalgn. Arrive. Leave, * 8:45 p. m* 8:43 p. TO. 16 JO a. m* 6:80 a. to. * 3:00 p. in. * 7:00 a. to. *10:15 a. m. * 4:00 p. to. * 7:40 p. m. { 6:00 a, m. 4 7:15 p. m. 6.00 p, m* * 6:20 a. m. t 8:80 a. m. IILROAD. Ticket office. Arrive, Leave, * 8:46 p. m, * 9:30 a. m. t 7:00 a. m. t 7;00a. m. Leave, Arrive, 0:20 p. m> 8:00 p. nii 8:00 A> tn« *i6:3oa. m. •Ip :10 a. m. l! 60 p. m« Arrive, Leave. Arrive. Leave. 7:30 p. m. 0:30 a. m. *8:00 a.m. 6:10 p. m. 8:60 a. ni. Arrive. Leave. 6:00 p.m. 9:10 a.m. 6:16 a.m. 10:51 a.m, Bi3op.»i. 7:21 p.m. 8:00 p. m. 8:60 a. m. 9:15 a. m. Kean

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