Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 22, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 22, 1873 Page 6
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MONEY AND COMMERCE MONETARY. Wkdwkbdat Evknino, May 31. ' Money continues in good supply In this mar ket. Tbo demand from tbo mercantile depart ment of trade for accommodation la still active, but approved paper goes readily at 10' per cent, and tbo supply of funds in the open market sobking Investment is Increasing. , , There was a largo demand for currency to go to..Milwaukee and other Northwestern points, both yesterday and' to-day, and tills la tbo prin cipal cause of tbo greater weakness in tbo price of Now York exchange to-day, which was freely Offered at SUo per SI,OOO discount. ; Money Is growing abundant In Now York, and was quoted at 6 to 0 per cent per annum to-day. TUB PRICES OF iB6O AND 1878. So'rimth is said from tlmo to' time about the general advance in prices slnco tbo suspension , of specie payments and tbo increase of taxation slnco the war, that it may bo of interest to oom pare, the present ruling prices of the; loading products sold in this market with tho ante-war : prices of tbo samo articles in tbo same markht. Referring to tho files of tho Punas and Tbiuunb of-1860 and 1860, at tbo dates corresponding to wo .make tbo following comparison ’" with yesterday's prlcoa, xoduclng tbo figures for .. yesterday's quotations to their gold value of 84% cent's to tbo dollar of greenbacks, in ac ... cord&nco with tbo gold premium at 18 per cent: ' . May 20. Hay 20, May 20, 1860. 1860, 1873. • ■'^SsßS!^]'???4M»h>*Uo' f1.0310t1.0J tl.ll Ho, 9 canal corn, • s i per bu.. .79 to .74 Oats, per bu SO to .67 Moes pork, per brl 16.60 Tallow, per 1b..... .10# Flour, pur brl, for . bostapiiugoxtra 6.60 . Butter, per lb • .13 to .18 Lumber, perm ft, . cargo©* strips.. 9.00t0 10.00 6,50t0 7.00 10.00 Propeller freights to Buffalo, corn. .03 < .03# .04# - It 'will bo soon from tlio above that, with tho exception of tho articles of wheat and lumber, all tho loading products of tho West and Northwest aro lower now than tho average prices they sold for in tho two years before tho war at this season. Cotton is also down now to just, about ante-war prices. Thus wo find that all the loading pro* ducts of tho country aro no higher in gold than : they were thirteen and fourteen years ago. Tho ‘ “ general advance " of 40 per cent in prices of commodities, to which many financial writers : and political economists refer from timo to time. : is, therefore, confined entirely to manufactured and imported articles, except so far as the . per cent depreciation in the currency makes quo* ' tationa for nominally thntmuch higher. Greenbacks aro a legal tender for tho payment of debts at ihoir nominal value, and in exchange for the manufactured and imported articles which, tho producer consumes, arc worth their face. If then, there has been an advance of 40 per cent in tho prices of manufactured and im ported articles generally, wo must' deduct tho 18 ;per cent of premium, to arrive at. tho Increase in tho cost of tboso articles on account of < increased taxation, which would therefore appear ’to bo something over 20 percent. It is probable, , however, that instead of iO per cent, tho increase n tho. coat of manufactured articles gener ally is nearer GO per cent and if a detailed list of .’ tho articles which are higher now than in 1859- ’6O, were compiled, it would undoubtedly be foaud 'that they have advanced in exact ratio to the direct taxes levied on them, and tho tariff duties established to “protect” them. TUB ADVERSE BALANCE OF TRADE FOB 1872. . The’ latest official reports of; tho Buroaa of Statistics bring tho total footings of our foreign trade down, to tho close of 1872, and afford the moans of comparing it with that of 1871, as fol , lows J Xirronxs-r{aoLD valux), 1873. 1871. Merchandise.soso,ooo,ooo $573,100,000 Inc.s 89,900,000 Specie. 21,200,000 10.800,000 Inc. 4,400,000 ‘ T0ta1....5077,200,000 $589,000,000 Ino.s 87,300,000 KXPOnTSWoOLD VALUE). 1879. 1871. Prod,&mflse.s4oß,Boo,ooo $460,300,000 Inc.s 8,600,000 Specie 100,700,000 77,400,000 Ino, 23,?PC,2!;2- TotaI....|S6Q,6QQ,QI» SSS7/:DO,Ou0 J Inc* 31,600,000. JJALANOIC. 1873. 1871. ... .$877,200,000 $580,900,000 : .... 609,600,000 , 637,700,000 Total lm ports. Total exports, Excess of 1mp0rt5........5107,700,000 $ 62.200,000 A few days ago wo gave statistics of tho in crease- In tho export movement of products in the four months of 1873, ending May 1, showing an estimated Increase of probably $50,000,000 over tho corresponding period of 1872. It is, without doubt, to this increase of exports in the last four months that we aro indebted for tho aofomng of tho financial crisis in our foreign trade which would have resulted from tho fur- Uier increase of tho largo adverse balance shown tauavo stood against us at tbo closo of 1872 The foregoing figures, however, only toko Into account tho balance against this country in the exchange of commodities and specie. The an nual interest debt of at least $100,000,000 on corporation, railroad, and Government bonds negotiated In Europe must be added so that the *ctual adverse balance against us at the close iß72waa probably not less than $200,000,000. It will bo soou that the settlement of the ex changes of commodities alone would have re quired the exportation of $100,000,000 more gold khan was exported that year. This balance was KiSSML P Qt off > fc y the sale in Europe of $190,000,000 of bonds of various kinds. Tho debt, therefore, exists yet, and tbo interest on it will increase tho liabilities for tho current year. LOOAIi STOCK AND'BOND MARKET. , Messrs. Lunt, Preston & Kean quote as fol lows this afternoon: M0.or«B ,f“& 6-20.ot’M 116 V JJS 4 6-20.0f’65 ... . ... 11? V J S., 1-20. of ’65, Jon. and July I.Mllov nl'i ■ 20s of ’67, Jan, and July 120J<f Oaof *6B, Jon, and July 118# 118# U7jJ xohange 117 « nty and Township 10s, 92(505 REAL ESTATE. ■g instruments wore filed for roo jday, May 21: CITX PnoPEBXT. s e corner Tblrty-slxth-st, w f, 23 feet to une 23, 1873; consideration, S7OO. lather tc Taft’s Addition, dated April 2 : 'K $1,700, ( * Section 19, 89,14, dated March 8; f:v ' :0 r;’', ’- ■ -aurjld-VV ■i ,rjl ,»r.» i I • .... /.'.a. .-\ f V 3 •5 f’.. i ,Vl, wjLfT i- ■ r ,: :V, s'-'^C AW r M: 'O: r r;iy ; : r. Lot 3, In AMcanorn’ Block 87, Sco, 10, 38,14, dated May 31{ conaldorntlou, S3OO. Tho following wore tho receipts of tho loading articles of produi during the post twenty-four horn .corresponding date ono year agoi | HEOEU‘T9, shipments. _ | 1873. 1873. 1873. 1873. Flour, brls. . ' 10,887 4,200 13,133 ** 4,(504 Wheat, bll ....< 8S,0;l0 10, COO 67;8»0 6,008 Corn, bu CO,OOS 183,130 101,340 103,325 Onto, bu 00,220 83,310 ’ 10,307 10,010 Ilyo, bu 3,033 0,820 1,300 0,430 Barley, bn 1,000 2,400 1 403 8,000 Ories seed. tbs 84,830 08,760 36,011 31,013 ■Flaxseed, tbs ...... Broom corn, 11ia.... 30,710 8,843 Cured moats, 1ba..., 8,710 68,070 104,300 460,300 Beef, brls 70 337 Fork, brls 600 21 803 187 Lard, lbs 11,740 - 0,600 6,723 97,720 Tallow, lb 0,100 13,340 44,810 DuttAr, lbs 40,380 44,743 10,000 8,300 Dressed bogs, No.. 1 ...... ...... Lire bogs, No 6,040 18,001 7,403 8,818 Cattle, No 3,0C6 4,881 3,086 1,084 Sheep, No 708 270 444 Uldcn, lb 60,100 84,705 60,400 70,805 Ulgbwlnoe, brls.... 120 148 320 424 Wool, lbs.. 318,000 100,340 173,840 101,017 Potatoes, bu 8,820 7,808 1,283 3,810 Lumber, mft 8,044 4,180 3.T01 1,881 Shingles, m 1,520 6,470 3,349 3,229 Lath, m 116 193 873 105 Balt, brls 60 1,067 1,298 Withdrawn from store yost< consumption : 070 bu wheat; ' 1,445 bu oats; 810 bu rye; 2,788 bu barley. Tbo following grain has boon inspected into . store this morning, up to 10 o'clock t 62 cars wheat; lOScarecom; G,ooobuNo.2dobycanal; 71 cars oats; 8 oars rye j.2 cars barley. Total (821 cars), 146,000 bu. ■ Tbo leading produce markets wore again lower to-day, but grain was firm, os compared with yes terday, there being more disposition to buy at tbo decline, especially as freights continue down, and Eastern markets are not depressed. Tbo fooling was, however, largely influenced by tbo weather; a bright sun early caused a heavy de cline, which was partially recovered late, when tbo atmosphere again threatened rain. The re ceipts of tho loading cereals continue moderate, except that we note a marked increase in oats during tbo last two days. Shipments ore fair. There was much tbo same condition of things in tbo dry goods market os noted from day to day for a week past, tbo only now feature worthy of mention being tbo slightly.increasing inquiry for staple cotton textiles, resulting from tho really low prices at which those goods ore now being offered. The general market, however, is quiet,—almost to dullness,—and tho prevalent fooling is far from buoyant. Groceries mot with a moderate demand at about former rates, tbo only quotable change being an advance of %o in Java coffees. The movement in sugars exhibits a steady increase, but tbo largo supply keeps the market weak and unsettled. Syrups and molasses are more firmly bold, in sympathy with New York, whore a slight advance lias recently been* established. Teas are easy. Rico, soaps, and spices ruled comparatively steady. Tho butter market pre sented the same general features akon the pre ceding days of tho week, good to ''choice grades mooting with a liberal demand at full prices, while the poorer sorts were more ,or less neg lected and wore weak. Strictly choice dairy is scarce. Bagging remains quiet.and steady at BG%o for Stark ; 050 for Ludlow, and ut 820 for American. No new features wore noted in tho coal. fish, and dried fruit markets.' Choose was weak ana a%o lower, New York factory being quoted at 13%@14%0, and Western do at life) 186. Huy' was firmer. Hides and leather wore quoted steady at former rates. The oil trade' was fairly active, with prices steady at 19%0 for carbon; at $1.00@1.05 for linseed; 760 for extra lard, and 680 for turpentine. Lumber at tbo docks and tbo yards is active, and all choice grades rule firm. Common lum ber is in good request among local’and country dealers, and steady at tbo quoted pricCs. Building materials wore -unchanged ; the. inquiry is Improving slightly, prices - nulng fho same as they have done for several days,, past, though common brick is weak at SB.OO. . Retain are in' moderate request and ste?dy.'-Naii are unset tled, owing to IcuaV^compotition; quotations. ttagb*Volh'ss.l2%@6.2s, with l@%oo£f. Tbo iron trade is fair for tbo season. There was no: quotable change in prices. Wool Was in mode rate request.' The seed market waa.quiot. Tim othy is linn, while millet and Hungarian are . dull and weak. In green fnr its, we note a further . advance in lemons, now quoted firm at $7.00® 0.00 per box. Oranges uro also very scarce and : firm. Poultry and eggs wore in largo supply, dull, and easier. Highwiuos wore quiet and firm at tbo recent advance. Bales wore made of 100 brls at 90c per gallon. Tbo market closed stronger, at 900 bid, and 90%0 asked, when Now York was reported closing higher at 950. Lake freights wore dull and'.- unchanged, though our quotations are lower than those of yesterday, as the charters then reported to bavo been taken at 5%@5%0 for com to Buffalo are now known to bavo boon taken at6@s%o, and mostly at tbo inside. Wo quote the ; market to day at 6o for com to Buffalo, with 4%0 ; tbo boat made by prominout ship pers. To Kingston or Oswego, wheat was rated. at 100, and com to do av 120. Com on through rate was quoted at 2Co. to Boston, via Buffalo, and to Portland, via* Sarnia. All rail freights to Now York are stated to bo 450 per 100 lbs on groin and fourth-class.! A total of throe charters was reported to-day, which will tako out 82,000 bn wheat, and 84,000 bu com. Provisions wore moderately aotlvd,' ; and again weak, though tbo market opened with a show of firmness on lard. Mess pork was freely offered by parties who bavo it coming to them next month, and wore anxious to plado it, while there Boomed to bo no shorts in tho field, so that tbo only buyers ,wero;v capitalists, who would not tako bold except at figures which would pay them a profit to cary into some future month against opticus that wore slow sale. Tho market closed 400 low er. Lard declined 20oporl00 Iba under free offer ings for next mouth. It sold to-day down to the quotation for short clear middles, which is very unusual,and argues a heaviness which can scarce ly bo accounted for without falling back on tbo belief that stocks are much larger that) reported. Moats wero dull, and averaged %c lower on mid dles, which were offered early but withdrawn when it was found that thoro was mo demand. Tho market closed at tbo following tango of prices: Moss pork, cash or seller May. $16.50; do seller Juno. $16.G0@16.55; do seller July. $15.96@16.00; do seller August, $10.40® 1G.60; lard, cash or seller Slay, $8.60; do seller June, $8.50@8.65; do seller July, $8.70@8.76; summer lard, $7.75; do without package, $7.25. Sweet pickled hams quoted at 10@ll%o. Dry salted moats quolohlo at 0%@G%0 for shoulders; 8%@8%0 for short ribs; and 8%@8%0 for short clear. Boxed shoulders, G%@G%c. Eng lish meats, 8%@8%0 for short ribs; B*s@B%o lor short clear. Bacon is quoted at 7%0 for shoul ders; 0%0 for clear ribs: 10c for.short clear, and 13@14%0 for bams, all packed. Moss beef; $9.00@0.25; extra mess do, $10.00®10.25; beef hems,s2B.oo@29.CO. City tallow, 7%@80; grease ‘''lo at 6%®6%c. Sales wero reported of . . *vwk at $15.50; I,ooo’brls do seller 1 , * do at $16.05 ; 250 brls '" • boo brls do '•-Ir do .60 ;S3 .33 .20 17.00 19.60 .09# .00# C.OO 6.95 .12 *l3 ""ast, Bf, 24x78 ft, ♦uco. .S ■■ w , ' » T »* J > jo ,t 0-.(5-!’ r :Si. / ir , * »x c i i i. \ n - ’ ..'i a/\ >r/r'C 1' cM *i> \ 1 l . . ' ou , •' I; • O JJ til It f li 3 4 ~ i . ,> c, 1 r. ■ • -.-.rpTM.ff ii .. , , fw is ! .■ J.i* i: .■-"tsi 1 ;*. 'll v-’ii - ‘ • • •■? v.l •!.{.; 1 . COMMERCIAI ■WedkxrdaV E' KNlkdf.May 31.: ■ and shipments ico lh" Chicago its, and for tbo irdaj for city 7,876 bu com; ,ZllV •'* ,r . .oi y:\'- ‘.-Ml" ._v t&LT* shorts. Even this, however, could not prevent a decline, in sympathy with options, which wero weakened by tho expectation of larger supplies bora, and advices from Now York and foreign markets that wore discouraging to holders. Shippers bold off, especially towards tbo close, which fact brought out more liberal offerings of cash lots; they withdraw on account of tbo Eastern depression, which would appear to bo duo to tho fact that largo quantities will soon arrive on tbo sea board. Boiler Juno opened at $1.20, declined to $1.27%, advanced to $1.2%, recoded to $1.27% and closed at $1.27% Seller tho month sold at $1,20%@1,82%, closing at $1.00% Boiler July sold at $1.2(1%®!.27%, seller August at $1.20. and seller tho year at $1.10% Regular No. 2 spring sold at $1.80@1.02, strictly fresh receipts at $1.02(5)1.02% and hard nt $1.82%@1.82%, No. 1 spring was inactive. No. 8 do was dull at $1.22% and rejected do at sl.ol* Cash sales wore reported of 8.200 bti No, 2 spring at $1.82% t 21,400 bu do at $1.82% 0.200 bu do at $1.82%; 15,000 bu do at $1.82; 6,000 bu do at $1.81% ; 10,000 bu do at $1.81; 5,000 bu do at $1.80%; 20,000 bu do at $1.00; 0,200 bu do No. 8 spring (special bln) at $1.23 : 0,000 bu do at $1.22%; 4,800 bu rejected do at $1.01; 1,200 bu by sample at $1.41; 800 bu do at $1.80; 400 bu do at $1.87% Total 108,600 bu. Corn was loss active, and Irregular, at an av erage decline of nearly lopor bu from yesterday. There was a groat rush to sell early, os yester day ; and as tbo offerings wore almost entirely local, from parties who bold corn boro, it is probable that the decline is duo to anxiety to avoid tho responsibility of carrying through worm, muggy weather. There is no doubt that fears arc entertained in some quarters of the condition of tbo corn received boro last winter if tbo weather should bo of tbo steamy order, lj there is no doubt that some of tbo short interest have labored bard to induce this fear, that thoy might cover at loss prices. At present, however, tbo com instore is In excellent condition, though some of that taken in as No. 2 in the early months of the year was not so drv as it should bavo been tor that grade. Wo ought not to have much of that com lioro now, ana certainly will not have much of it on band in a week or two from now; while tbo Arm stand taken by oar present Inspector has kept damp com from being nut into tbo No. 2 bins over since bo took bolu. Hence there docs not seem to bo any good ground for alarm. The shippers took hold very sparingly to-day. Seller Juno opened rat 88%0, declined to 88%0, advanced to 090, recoded to 88%0, and closed at 38%0, Boiler July sold at 41%@420, closing at 41%0. Boiler August sold at 43@440. Seller tbo month, or regular No. 2, sold at 87%@38c, closing at tbo inside, and now receipts at 88%0. Cash sales wore reported of 14.000 bu No. 2nt 38%o; 0,400 bu do at 88%o; 6,000 bu do at 88%o; 20,200 bu do at 8So; 45,000 bu do at 87%o; 20,000 bu do at 87%: 2,800 bu rejected at 8G%o; 2,000 bu do at 80c. Total, 121,400 bu. Oats wore more active on options, and quiet on cash lots. Tbo market was weak, early, and %o lower, in sympathy with other grain, but recovered before noon to yesterday's prices, though tbo receipts wore again very largo os compared with the shipments. Seller tbo month, or regular, sold at 81%@31%0 ; strictly .fresh receipts at 82@32%c; seller Juno at 81%@32%0; and solior July at 83%@34%0, all closing at tbo outside. Cash sales wore reported of 8,000 bu at 82%o; 2.400 bu at 820 ; 3,000 bu at 31% c; 16.000 bu ut 81%0 ; 4,800 bu rejected at 29%0; 1,200 bu do at 20%0 ; 1,200 bu do ht 290 ; 400 bu do at 28%o; COO bu by sample at 87c ; 000 bu do at 84% c ; GOO bu do at 84%0 ; 1,200 bu do at 88c. Total, 84,000 bu. 1 Rye was quiet and %o lower, buyers bolding off for a decline, though tbo offerings wore small. Bales wore limited to 400 bu No. 2 at 69%0, and 400 bu, by sample, at 710. Barley was dull and nominally unchanged, in an utter absence of demand. Wo quote tbo market at 71@80o for No. 2 ; G4@GBo for No. 3, and 45®480 for rejected,—tbo inside in tbo Rook Island Elevator, and tho outside in tbo Armour, Dole & Co., ana Central Elevators.' Cosh sales wore ronoitod of 400 bu No. 2 (N. S.) at 780, and' 400 bu, by sample, at GDo. □RAIN mOBPEOTS, Tho St. Louie Democrat prints a number of loiters from various parts of tbo Northwest, in regard to crop prospects, principally of winter, wheat. From them wo gather that,- •wrhiW’partlal failures have occurred in autho sections, the gen eral average .is bolter than last year, one-fourth I more arc**'“having been planted, and the crop loohd well. Apples are promising, but poaches ore generally destroyed. The same paper has tho following: Advices from the hoavioat oat-producing States of tbo West are to the effect that not more than two thirds of tho area have been put into oats this year that was devoted td tho crop In 1873. * Not because the oats wore not wanted, but because tho spring waa so . vary wet that none of tho clay lands could ho prepared In season for the crop. Tho Stales whore tho greatest areas aro sold to bo sown aro Minnesota, lowa, and Wisconsin, but in thoso special portions of tho above States, the amount of ground annually dovoted to oats is limited, only eulUclont being raised to supply tbo homo demand. It Is true that oats of tho crop of 1873 aro still abundant In first hands, but when it is fully realized that comparatively few will be harvested this year, tho extreme slender ness of the stock will be* realized, and by next fall and winter we expect oats to rule strong and exhibit a steady upward tendency. During tho months of Juno, July, and August it is also very probable that prices will ascend considerably, first because oats aro really low, and range very near to their cost of production; second, because consumption is heavier' In all the large cities and towna during the * summer than dur ing the winter, when com can bo safely substituted. There are hundreds of merchants and others owning horses In our largo citlea who send them to the coun try to he kept in the winter, having little or no use for them, hut who, with the return of spring, order their horeca back to the city stables, and by this means greatly incieaso tho city consumption of oats. Advices from coni districts nro very conflict ing. Soma report that planting is being pro ceeded with rapidly, except in lowa, and with prospects of a good yield. Others claim that Illinois cannot possibly have more than half an average crop of com, except under unusually favorable conditions. It Is hard to arrive at tho truth ; and still harder .to know, when wo have got there. It is, however, certain that there aro many sections of country in which com boa been bought up, and is being hold back, in full confi dence that prices will rule still higher, without much question of weather in tho future. Tho San Francisco Bulletin says: “It now looks as though tho present fleet in port would about closo up business for tho season. There aro still several cargoes of wheat to spare, but they aro generally bold too high for export. Tbo condition of the crop Is now hotter under stood. Wo know of no estimate abovo 300,000 tons for export, and some think wo will do well if wo export 250,000 tons. Tho. last-named amount is as much as wo over exported prior to tho x>ast year." BALES OF BUTTER AND CHEESE. Elgin, IU., May 20. 1873. To the Editor of The Chicago I'ribune i Tbo cheese market to-duy was unusually brisk, tbs demand exceeding the supply. Tbo offerings wore somewhat limited, tbo last week’s sales having taken nearly all tbo early make, those on the tables looking fine but very new. Tbo present stock nowls nearly afl made from grass, aro full cream, and wore quickly picked up by first-class buyers, who were well repre sented on the Board. Most factories have but just commenced making cheese, which are not sufficiently cured to put on tbo market. When In full operation,* over forty cheese factories are represented on this Board, making In the aggregate over 700 boxes cheese per day; 1,320 boxes cheese were taken at last week’s prices, and 1,200 lbs butter at a decline of 6 cents. COMMEBOB OF NEW YORK. Tho Journal of Commerce gives the following as the foreign imports at New York for tho mouth of April: „ * , ... 1871. • 1872. 1873. Ent. for consu*n..s 18,610,940 $ 22,863,493 $ 14,708,239 Ent. for wareh'so. 12,023,601 20,310,310 14,189 071 • Free goods 9,094,333 8,200,470 7,039 *OB ' Specie and bullion 332,883 63,019 683,263 32,007,601 $ 40,443,037 $ 37,170,426 om .... 10,020,483 11,130,287 .11,211,104 spending figures for four months i) arc: 1871. 1873. 1873. m’n.. $73,331,008 $82,010,870 $71,375,103 .•eh’flO, 40,400,058 05.371,388 43 105 037 million 3,247,600 037,831 1,044 833 t p0rt..5135,017,111 $169,517,814 $167,284,266 a from J«o 44,110,170 40,208,400 44,009,001 .jllowingworo tbo exports from Now York gu porta in tbo month of April: reduce....| 17,023,004 $ 10,118,220 * 34,622,020 ntlee. free.. 07,823 04,058 107 007 adae.du'blo 008,567 000,500 898 935 i and bullion 0,603,020 4,400,518 8,850 810 Alexport*...s 28,523,103 $ 21,580,802 $ 29.470.008 Uloxc,bliodo,t 18,930,074 $ 17,089,781 $ LATEST. 0 tho afternoon, wheat was moderately ootlvo 1 fltoady, No. 2 spring soiling at $1.27%® i 7%, seller Juno, closing at $1.27%. Com In odorato demand and steady at SJB%®3BJ<o. dlorJuno, closing at the inside, and 41%® 1%0, seller July, closing at 41%0. In pro dawns, sales include GOO brls moss pork at $16.65, and 600 brie at $15.00, seller Juno: 200 tes lard at $8.50, seller June. A vessel was char tered for oats to Buffalo at 4#o s capacity. 81 - 000 bu. ’ * CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. ■Wkdnesdat EveNiNQ, May Si • ALCOHOI/—Was In fair request and steady, at fl 80 @1.63 for 01 nor cent proof. SIIOOU COHN—Tho demand for good com la fair, Wo again quote : No. 1 stock braid, 6©sWc; No. 3 do, B)tf®4o; No. 0 do, 8@8*{o; inside green, oW@4o :do rod tip, 9@40: do pale and red. 202W0. . . BEANS AND PEAS—Were quiet. Beans oro quite firm, being scarce, hand-plokca particularly so. Peas are unchanged. Wo repeat t Choice hand-picked na- Vlos. $2.5003,00: do tnediums, f3.4003.4d: Inferior grades, $1.3003,00; green peas (in brls), $1.4001.00; yellow do (In bags), $1.35. BUILDING MATERIALS—TIie demand is improv ing slightly, and dealers think the market would rule active if the weather would continue fine. There was no change in quotations. Common brick are weak at SB.OO. Wo quote: Btnooo, $3.6003.75} Now York stucco, casting, $3,7504.00; superfine do, $3,6004.00; Portland cement, $0.6007.60 per brl: Rosen dale cement, $3,3603,60; Utica, Louisville, aud Akron cement, $3.00 per brl; marble dust, $3.33 03.60; lime In bulk, 86c0|l.OO; lime (brls), $1.33 per brl; white sand, per brl. $1.7608.00; plas tering hair, per bu, 40@B0o ; fire brick, per 1,000, $40.00000.00; building brick (common), SB,OO ; sewer brick, $13,00013.00; country brick, $13.00, deliv ered ; HU Louis hydraulic pressed, $46.00, del.; Milwaukee pressed, $33.60, del.; do common, $14,00; Bnolno pressed, $30.00, del.; do common, $14.00; Hillsdale, $36.00. del.; Indiana pressed, $33.00034.00; do common, $13.00 ; Excelsior pressed, No. 1 aud 3, $30.00030.00 del.; fire clay, per brl, $3.00, or SIO.OO per ton. The following Is tho list of prices per box of CO feet for domestic window glass, from which a reduction of 45 aud 6 por cent is made to dealers: j-yrst' Double Quality, lircnqth. 7xlo to BxJO 0.75 ' 0.00 Bxl4 to 10x13 8.10 32.00 12x18 to 10x20 0.23 10.00 18x32 to 18x30 11.00 10.00 20x38 to 24x30 i 13.00 21.00 80x60 to 40x00 46.00 BUTTER—Good to choice grades that wRI answer for Uhlo use are in steadily good request, and, with no considerable overplus, tbo market remains compara tively firm, at tho prices current earlier in the week. Low grades aro dull, and sell Irregularly. Wo quoto: Strictly choice dairy, packed, 340270: medium to good, 18032 a; inferior to common, 10017 c. BAGGING—Was again quoted quiet and steady. Following aro the prices ourront: Stark, SOjrfc; Lud low, 360; Lewiston, 34 «tfo: American, 83o; Amoakoag, 83Wo; Otter Greek, 340; burlap bags,4 and 6 bu,2o 033o; gunnies, single, 17018o; do doable, 280300; wool sacks. 07Wo, CHEESE—Receipts continue to increase and prices are working downward. Only a moderate demand ex ists, and tho poorer sorts aro only salable at low figures. Wo drop our quotations a#o all around, as follows: New York factory,-now,'l3 W014W6; Elgin cream, 13>(®14<rfo;. Ohio factory, now, 110 13o: Western factory, now, 110130. '■* > COAL—Quotations were tbo same os for tbo past ton days. Wo repeat our list as follows: Lehigh, lump, $13,00; prepared, $13.00; Lackawanna. $10.00; Erie. $10.00; TJriar Hill, $10.00; Walnut Hill, $10.00; Bloss burg, $10.00; Cherry Mine, $9.00; Hocking Valley, $0.00: Indiana cannel cool, $10.00; Indiana block, $9.00; Kirkland grate,. $9.00; Miaonk, $8,00; Wilmington, SO.OO. r • f, . COOPERAGE—The trade continues quiet at former prices: Pork barrels, $1.2301,36; lordtlcrccs, SI.OO 01.70; whisky barrels, $1.9003.10; flour barrels,' 60066 c; pork staves, rough, $17.00030.00: do bucked or sawed, $20,00035.00; tierce staves, rough, $20,000 23.00; do bucked or sawed, $26,00028.00; whisky staves, rough, $24.00038.00; do bucked, $30.00033.00;’ flour staves, $9,00011.00; clrclu flour beading, 7©Bo per sot; flour hoop poles, $14,00015.00 perm; pork and Uerce poles, $30.00036,00 per m. ' [ EGGS—Wore in good supply, but rather slow of sale. Prices aro weak aud unsettled, quotable at HWol2j<c.' Bales include 145 casoa at 12#e; 1,600 dor, 25 brls, and 195 cases at 12c, '» • FEATHERS—Continue in good demand, and firm.. Tho receipts are very light. Wo quote: Prime to choice live gcoso at 700773, from first hands; Jobbing prices, 82@8Co for assorted feathers; mixed feathers, 46@700; chicken, 7®loc. '• ' ‘ .. : FlSH—Continue to moot with a liberal demand, and remain firm at tbo quoted prices, which aro as follows j 1 No. l whitoflsb, W brl,sC.B7M®7.oo; No. 3 do, $0.75; No. i 1 shoro mackerel X brl,sll.oo® 11.25: No. 1 bay, so.oo®, ' 0.25; No. 3 mackerel,. X brl, $7.7608.00; No. 1 shoroi kits, V 0; bank codfish, per 100 Its, $0.0000.25;; George's codfish, $0.7607.00; Labrador herring, split,i hrls, $0.0009.60; do X brL $4.7606.00; Labrador! herring,: round, brl,' $8,0008.60; do X brl, $4.26® [ 4.60; box herring No. 1, 38030 c; box herring,' scaled,' 85037o: Columbia Illvcr salmon, X brls, $10.00010.35. i FRUiTS AND NUTS—This market presented no; now features. A fair movement was witnessed, both in' foreign nnddomestlc assortments, and the prices follow-: lug wore pretty generally adhered to: FoueiojA—Dates, i 8®0c; figs, drums, 11014 c; figs, 'box, Turkey prunes,. 0#®l0c; raisins: $2.6602.05; Zantoi currants. 7&®B>fc. Dombstig—Aldcn- apples, 18® Sflo; Michigan d0.0@70; Wcstemdo, 606.14 a; Southerni do, 4@50; poaches,-pared, 17®10c; peaches, halves, do, mixed, iXQ^X O I blackberries, 0Vo: raspbeirles,-4O041c; iiltted cherries, 32®340.i Nuts— Filberts,' 14@16o; almonds, Terragons, 21®230; 1 Naples walnuts, 34®250;-Braxtls, Jtfo; -pecans,. .11012o; African peanuts, 6tf@7o; Wilmington pea-' nnts,7oßo; Tonnosseo peanuts,4XoCc. GROCERIES—An advance of a In Java coffee was; the only quotable .change to tbo. prlpo of goods enu merated in the subjoined list. AllgOod grades of oof-. ‘ fees aro held with pronounced firmness, and a further advance Is • among the probabilities. Sugars are in good demand, but remain weak and 1 unsettled. . Mo sses and syrups are quoted firmer. Other, goods ruio quiet and steady,; , Bi Oajid. Soda—7#oß?£c, CorrxES—Mocho, 33@33X0; O. O, Java, 27X@ 28^<o; Java, No. 3, 20#@37c; fancy Rio, 34#® 24X0; choice do, 21@24X0; prime Rio, 23X@240; good d0,23X@23X0j common do, 22X@22X°; roast ing do, 21@21x0; Singapore, 24®24>rfc; Oosto Rica, fancy, 2*X®23Xo{ do, prime, 24X@24X0 : Mar acaibo, 23x@24c. - Candles—otar, full freight, 20@20X0; b tearing,full' - weight, 16@lBXc; do short weight, 14@lfXc* Rioe—Patna, BX(3BX°; Rangoon, 7)4@8o; Oaro lina, 8?X@0o; Louisiana, S@BXc. : Sooans—Patent cut loaf, 13)f (513X0; crushed, powdered, and granulated, UX@l2Xc; A, standard, U@llXo; do No. 3, 10R®llc; B, 10X@llo: ex tra O, lOXQlOJfo; ONo.3,10M®10^o; yoUowO, MX ®IOXo J choice brown. 10X@10Ko i prime do, flx® lOo; folr do, OX@'JX c ; cholco molasses sugar, 10 @10Xo: fair do, OX®9Xo» New Orleans sugar, choice, lOOlOXo: do prime, 9X®9J^o; do-fair, 90 OXo: common, BQBXc. emopo—Diamond drips, $1.83@1.55; silver drips extra fine, 70®730: good eugar-houso syrup, i5@480; extra do, 60@Mc: New Orleans molasses, choice, 80 @83o; do prime. 75@780; do common, 63@700; Porto Rico molasses, choice, 66@660: common molasses. 30 @33 c. • : * . . Salwutds—Common to best. o@loc. . Spicss—Allspice, 17@18o: cloves, 87@88o ; cassia, 88@40o; popper, 23X@24X0; nutmegs, $1.23(51.30: ginger, pure, 28@30o; do No. 1,20@250; do No. 2,16 @loo. Boaps—French mottled, CX’®Q*/o; Gorman mottled. 707*0; Golden West, «06tfo; White Lily, CX® 6xo; White Boao,O>tfo6>tfo; brown Windaor, 4WO iXo ; palm, Oo6#o • -Savon imperial, 634©6>fc. oTAnoa—Gloss, OJ<OlOo j corn- O0Ilo; laundry, 60 To ; common. 8«(36c. • ■ GREEN FRUITS—Tho. trade continues fairly ac tive. Lemons bavo advanced SI.OO per' box: now quite firm at-$7.0009.00 per box. Tho markets for both lemons and oranges Is very Arm, and la likely to rule so throughout the season, as they are scarce, and so far the fruit has arrived In poor condition, and has A* be repacked. .Strawberries are coming In spar ingly. We quote: Apples, good to. choice, $5.0000.60 per brl from store; cranberries, $1.00®12.00 par brU ; Palermo lemons at $7.0007.60 per box; Messina do at $8.00; Palermo oranges, $0.0007.00; Messina do: $8.0000,60. - Pineapples, $3.0001.50 per dos. Ba nanas, $3.0007.00 per bunch. Gooseberries, iiOo per quart. . Strawberries, 86005 c. . HOPS—Tho market Is dull and nominal. Tho brew ers say the weather Is unfavorable, and many of them have stopped running, end are trying to work off their stocks. Tho first reports concerning the loss of plants by frost In Wisconsin are now looked upon aa being true. It la sold that about ono-half of tho roots have been wlutcr-klllcd. Stocks are light, and there la no disposition to force sales. Wo quote: - Primo Western hoi>ssWOol6o ; common to fair, 26035 c. HAY—Was moving freely, and was firmly held at tho advance noted earlier in the week. We quote wholesale prices paid by dealers, as follows.' cars to contain 20,000 lbs: ,Om Tbacx—Timothy, boater pressed, $15.60017.00 ; timothy, loose pressed, sls 00 010.60; pralrio pressed, $12.00013.50. On. Wagon —Timothy, loose. $16.00017.50; pralrio, loose, $14.00 010.00. For delivery of pressed, $1.0001.60. accord-: ing to distance. ... HIDES—Were steady and unchanged. At the East prices have recently advanced a trlile, but the Improve ment is too slight to exert any marked influence on prices hero; which are expected to remain about where they are for the present. Wo repeat our quota tions: Green city butchers’, 7frj green cured ught, lOQlOJtfo ; do heavy. Oo9jifc : part cured, 8?/0 o; green calf. 16015^0; veal kip, 13«tf@13c: dry calf, 240; dry kip. 210 r dry salted, 16017 c; dry flint 100 SOo: long-haired kip, lOtfe; deacon sUns, 400. 650 ; grubby, scored, out, or otherwise damaged, two thirds price. OosxnvEn. IBON AND STEED—Trade, though fair for the sea- 1 son, is far from being active. Prices are rather easy, but without quotable change, aa follows: ir0n......... i i.ioa i 8-10 rales nonMhoo 1r0n....... . 0 . @ 0 8-10Inina Plato iron, common tank fl# <a 7 rates ’Jluißia Iron 20@aio rates Itussia Iron, No. 1 stained iso -m u, Norway Iron 0 ! @ fl# o «lb Norway mil rods It# <glOo • >y jb German jilowßtecl, 11 @l3o . »jb SngllHh cast plow steel 12 (gi2#o ytb American tool steel.... 17# @lßo ylb Chrome tool steel 18 @BO . , ]b

English tool steel 21# @23 rates English srning stool 11 ft 12 Vo rates LEATHER—Was lu demand at unchanged prices. Wo quote: Oily harness .$ 393 41 Country harness 30® 88 IJno, city, ylb 4104 43 Kip, Til lb co<3 Kip, veals.. 86($ 1,20 City upper, No. 1,79 ft 28® 80 Oily upper, No. 9, Vft 26® 27 Country upper, No. 1 20(3 27 Collar, yft 20(4 23 Calf, city 1.20® 1.40 Calf, country I.lo® 1.25 Hough upper, standard go® 85 Hough upper damaged...; 27(4 30 HuQalo slaughter sole.. 88(4 87 “H, A,” solo 80® 83 Kip Haruosa, French calf. Jotiol, French calf, L0m01n0..,, French oalf, 91 to 30 Iba., French kip, 60 to 100 tba. MKTALB AND TINNERS'’fITOOk— I Trado'ia aim light, though lacreoouig. Thoro was no change la (lUutollOUS: Tih Plat*—lo,loxl4, $IB.C0; do, 12x13, $15.50 s do, 14x20, $10,00; do, rooting, 10, $14.00; do, 20x28, $30,00. I>io Tin—Largo. 420; small, 430: bar, 440. Bukxt Ziko—l*ull cooks, llo; hou casks, ll&@Uj£o; less quantity, lltfo J olab, 00, Bucbt 1»om—No. 24, 6tfo rotes. QxitYAKisxo Xuoh—No, 16@'10, 150; No, 23(324, 100 j HEMLOCK. 1.250 1.45 7fi§ IS' 76(3 I’lO 400 45 C5.00y00.00 60.U0ytiti.U0 1.650 3.60 l.lUtf 1.65 , MAI! SW, 1873. No. 20025, J7o; No, 27,180 1 No. 28, 200. Adlscount of IB por cent is made from the list. Ooppxn—Copper bottoms, 45048 c; braziers, over 13 lbe t 470; tinned copper, 40c, Wm«-3 to 6. 8c; 0,8, andO,lOo; 10 to 11, lie; 13, Uo i 17,150} 18, lOo; 10, lOo; 30, 30o; full bundle, 15 per cent din-! count; fence wire, 7>rfo; by cur load, 7Vc. ' NAU.B-TIIO donund 1, ncllvo, lining .111011111103 by o llToljr oompollllon imong del.™. I’rlcc. nra wo«k •ml unoolllcd, qiuiloblo >1 t».ia*®s,2s, irltl, U*. off. Wn quote: lOOOOd, per keg, $3.12W05, 25 rales: 8d do, Cd do. $6.C3X(g5.75; 4d do, SC.o6 00.13W} Btf J0,5<f.C2>404.7«} 8d do. Ano. sB.l3W@ 8.851 Milo,M.a?xaß.6oj Cllnob, |7.6487.03J?i ITUo off to tbo trade. • ” NAVAL BTORES-A fair, steady demand exists, tbo quoted prices being sustained, ns follows; Manilla rone, Wlb, I8®17o; sisal rone, lb, 10017 c: hemp sash cord, V Jb, 300330; marline. %) lb, 30032 a• tarred rope, M lb. 10017 c; oakum, $ bale, $5.0000.60 : Ditch, por brl, $0.0007.00; brl, $6.0000.00. 1 OlLS—Quotations were the samo as on yesterday, where they wore generally; firm. A liberal amount of trading was done at tbo annexed prices; Carbon. extra lard oil, 760; No.l, 70o; No. 2, 05os lin seed, raw, sl.oo} do boiled,sl.o6; whale,B7o; sperm, $3.0003.10; noala foot, ol), striolly pure, $1.10: do extra, 90o; do No. 1,70 c; bank oil, 70c: straits, 76e: elephant oil, 9Bo; turpentine, 68c; naphtha, 03 gravity. 2O031o: naphtha, common, 10018 c. * FAINTS, COLORS, AND PUTTY—Wo continue to quota: WHITE LEAP, Strictly pure.. Fancy brands. _ ZINO, Genuine VoUIo Montague American...... Masury’s railroad colors Palace oar colors in cans 9.60010.60012.50 Rochelle 0chre............... 8.600 3.73 English Ven. rod 4.000 4.33' English orange mineral 15.60010.00 Pittsburgh orange mineral 13.00 English red lead 13.00 American red lead 11.00011.60 English vormllllon, por 1b.... 1,400 1.45 Scarlet vormllllon 23.00 Parlswhlto 8.600 4,00 Whiting 2.000 2.60 i’DTTT. In bulk BXo3#o In bladders 3&@4 o POULTRY—The offerings wore quite largo this' moralngj and, the demand being light, lower prices wore accepted in effecting sales. Old chickens aro quoted at $4.6005.00, and spring at $4.00; turkeys at 16010 c. Sales Include 21 coops spring chickens at $4.00; .10 coops old chickens at $3.00;, 3 coops (loot - $4.75; 2 coops at $4.60; 6 coops turkeys at lOo; 3 coops •do at 150. :■ > ■ POTATOES—Choice poschblowa sell readily at 62® 6flo on track. Now potatoes arc dull and lower. Sales wore toado to-day at |0.00®7.00 per Lcl. Wo uoto sales of 3 cars peachblowa at (M)o; 1 car do at Clc dollvorcd; 2 cars do at 620 on track; 1 car white at 38J40 on track. BALT—Was in light request at Lho annexed prices : Onondaga and Saginaw, flue, $3.00; ordinary coarse, $2.00; coarse Diamond 0, $3,25 ; ground solar, $3.25; dairy, without bags, $3.60; dairy, with bags, $4.50® 4.7s;:Ashton dairy, por sack, $5.60; ground alum, $3.30 @3,40; Turk’s Island, $3.00. • • SASiI, DOORS, AND BLINDS—Wore in demand -and steady. A discount of from 16®30 per cont Is ’ made from lho list. SEEDS—Were quiet. Hungarian and millet woro dull and woak; the former Is quoted at $1.Q5®1,30, and the latter at 00c®1.05. Timothy is qulto scarce, and is held firmly at $3:50(34,25,the outside being the price for ohoioe. A sale of fancy seed was reported yesterday at (4.60, which must bare been an exceptional in stance, and la therefore no criterion of tho market, as choice seed is offered at $4.25. .Clover and flax wore nominal. Wo note soles of 13 bags common timothy at $5.60; 82 bags fancy at $3.75 ;30 bags Hungarian at $1.30 : 60 bags do stssl.2s; 86bags millet st 00c. - TEAS—Remain quiet and rather easy, though tho future of the market begins to assume a more ebeeful look. Following sro the quotations: Young Hyson, com mon to fair, 46056 c; do good, 00®70o; do choice to extra fine, sl.oo® 1.10: common to fine old Hyson, 70@05o; common imperial, C0@06o: good to choice do, 80c® $1.10; fine to goodgunpowdor,7oc®sl.lo; choice,sl.l6 @1.20; extra, $1,8601.45; choice to extra loaf Japan, 86c@|1.00; fair to gooddo, 05®75c; common-do 42® 45c; colored natural loaf Japan, 66@050; common to fine Oolong, 85®460; good, 65®00c; choice to extra, 'Boo@fl.oo. TOBACCO—Was in demand at tho prices given bo low Chewing— Fine Cut—Extra. 75® 83c; choice, 05® 760; common, CBfflCOo; poor. 40@6()c. Plug—Natural leaf, 75@80o; half bright, C0@70o; .black, sound, 45@65c. Smoking— Choice, 33®850; medium, 80®32o; com mon stems, 27®290., WOOD—Ooutlnucs In good demand At former rales: Beech, SIO.OO ; maple, $11.00; hickory, $13,00 j slabs, SO.OO, delivered. VEGETABLEG—Were In large supply, and prices ruled weak for most varieties. Following are the quota tions : Peas, $3.00@U.25 per bu; string beans, $3.00 per bu; cucumbers, 90c®$1.00 .per doz; now onions, $8.00(39.00 per brl; do per dor, 25@10o; spinach, ta.6o @2.50 per brl; .radishes, 25@40c ; squash. 10@12_j*o Sorlb; asparagus,- 60c@51.50; pie plant. l@2>tfcpcr i p lettuce, 35@000 per dos; cabbage, $2.00 per doz; turnips, 90@50c per doz; beets at $3.75 per brl. WOOL—Thera was no particular change. The trade la light sod prices easy, as follows : Tub, washed, extra medium 61@550 Tub, washed, common to fair.. 45@520 Common dingy. 45@470 Fleece, washed, X&XX, light....; 43@4f10 Fleece, .washed, X&XX, dingy. 40@440 Fleece, washed, medium •Fleece, washed, medium dingy 37(j5420 Fleece, unwashed, XlcXX,ln good condition....3o(g:)2o Fleece, unwashed, coareo to medium ~30@350 Flcoce, unwashed, coarse, and dingy..........a7@300 Bupor, pulled ; 38(^430 Extra, pulled .36(5440 Burry wool s@loo lees. ■' CHICAGO LIVE-STOCK MARKET. Wednesday Evening, liny 21. ' The receipts of Uvo stock since Saturday have been as follows; • Cattle, Hogs, Sheep, . 6,310 11,660 461 . 2,005 6,046 708 . 0,100 0,300 1,000 Monday. Tueaday,.. Wednesday. T0ta1...... 11.315 26,800 2,109 Bnmo time last vroek .14,392 ' 41,353 1,910 Week before lost 8,949 27,905 1,409 Shipments were aa follows: Cattle . Jloqs, Sheep, Monday....; 2,299 6,485 Tuesday 2,385 7,493 T0ta1..., 4,684 Tlio growth of tho Uvo-stock trade of Kaunas Olty Is steady and rapid, the receipts at that point during 1872 amounting to 230,000. cattle and 101,000 bogs, while from .careful estimates made it is thought that tho business of 1673 will show an increase of fully SO per cent. In the construction of tho Kansas City Stock- Yards, which now cover thirty-flvo acres of ground, 2,000,000 feet of lumber was used, and SBO,OOO was ox- E ended. Each of tho seven railroads centreing there ave 600 feet of platform, and tho facilities for receiv ing and shipping of stock are admirable. Tho otllcors of the Company are James M. Walker,- Chicago, X’resi dent; James 7.' Joy, Detroit, Treasurer: George N. Altman,’ Kansas Olty, Secretary, and Jerome D.' Smith, Kansas Olty, Superintendent. Thera are fourteen commission Anns located at tho Yards, prominent among which aro two woll-kaowu Chicago Anus, viz,: Gregory, Strader, & Co., and It. Strahom & Co. OATTLB—Few changes, and none of importance, wore noticeable in the general features of tho cattle market. The number of buyers in attendance was fully as largo- ob on yesterday or Monday, and all' classes purchased with fair liberality, though there did not seem to be any particular urgency iu tbo demand from- any source. The fact that the tone of ad vices from the East was rather unfavorable was offset by tbo moderate character of tbo supply and the unexceptionable quality of the stock offered for sale, and the Arm feeling developed yesterday was an equally prominent feature of to-day’s market, and the supply of butchers' stock was again scant, and for especially desirable lota there were buy ers atsomotcing of an advance. The offerings of stock steers also fell short of the demand, but prices uro al ready disproportionately high and former rates were no more than' maintained, ‘common to prime droves selling at $3.7606.00, with sales chiefly at $4.0004.75. The highest reported sale was 102 extra steers averag ing; 1,380 lbs, at $6.00, and the lowest a small lot of bubs and old cows, at $3.00. Most of tbo transfers were at $4,7606.60. Only a small amount of stock remained unsold, and the market closed steady. QUOTATIONS. Extra—Graded steers averaging 1,400 lbs [ • and upwards... $5.8000.10' Choice Beeves—Fine, fat, well /armed 8 year to fi year old steers, averaging 1,300 to ' 1,450 tba 8,C0@5.75 Good Beeves—Well-fattened, finely formed steers, averaging 1,200 to 1,300 lbs 5.05(35.40 Medium'• Grades—Steers Ju fair flesh, aver afflug 1,100 to 1,260 1b5..... 4.8005,15 Butchers' Slock—Common to fair steers, and good to extra cows, for city slaughter, averaging 800 to 1,100 lbs 4.0005.00 Stock Cattle—Common cattle, in docent flesh, averaging 700 to 1,080 lbs 3.76(35 00' Inferior—Light and thin cows, heifers, • stags, bulls, and scallawag steers 3 0003 75 Cattle—Texas, Northern wintered 4 00r*4B0 Cuttle—Corn-fed Texas ISSws CATTLE SALES. *\ 0 ’ Av. Price, 17 good steers 1,800 $6.40 C 8 choice steers ....1,201 6bo 64 good'steers 1244 C.Vrtf 00 choice steers 1,053 6,70 48Texas steers....,, 1,204 4.03# 32g00d steers...., 1,108 6.40 . 30good aters.... ....1,143 6.10 • 84 good steers 1,103 6.00 • ncholcostocrs...., 1,203 6.00 81 choJcesteers., 1,289 6.00 18 good steers..; 1,207 6.80 17 good steers 1,817 6.60 46 choice steers 1,230 6.C0 48 good steers 1,107 6,86 63 choice steers 1,884 6.00 30 cholcestecrs 1,378 6,70 48 Texas steers 1,204 4.03 V SO good steers 1,140 6.10 16good steers 1,670 6.16 17 choice steers 1,208 6.00 16 gook steers 1,223 6.66 18 good steers 1,834 6.85 18 choice steers 1 828 0.75 77 good steers 1 201 6.80 83 good steers 1 220 6.33 137 choice steers 1,803 6,76 73 choice steers ..1,237 6.60 S3 choice steers 1,208 6.60 43 choice steers 1 690 6,65 lOcalvos 103 6,00 80 good steers 6.40 102 extra steers. 1,880 6.90 ' IDstockers 1,000 4,75 81 fat pony steers 1 070 6.35 64 choice steers 1,815 6,00 84 choice steers 1,208 6.60 13 ww». Ml 000 4.60 UOOB—Tho foot tnat tho arrivals wore again comparatively light, enabled eollom ,to easily Buntaln, on nil gradco. the advanced prlcoa on* tablishod ycßtoraay aftemoon, while thoraoro doflirablo lots woro readily salable nt a furlW Improvement of 5(S)10o. Buyers'operated, with more apparent confidence than on tho preceding days of tho week, and bolob wore quick nt $4.05 @4.75 for poor to common, at $1.80(3)4.85 for modlnm, and at $4.00@5.00 for good to roally choice. Very few lots clmngoa hands below $4.75, and not many above $4.00< Tho market closed steady, with all sold. > A'o. Av. Price. B8 275 $4.08 . 01 lot 4.00 53 232 4.00 102 254 4.RO’ 83 128 4.00 01 977 4.70 43 270 4.02 V 60 217 4.80 02 109 4.78 67 . 200 4.00 87 221 4.80 458 211 4.05 274 202 4.85 103 234 4.80 122 108 4,00 08 213 4.80 CO 100 4.00 .$11.00011.60 . 9.00010.60 ii 267 i'.oo |os ato tcs |'n iei. W BlJEEP—Continue in light supply, but there was lean activity In the demand to-day, ana price* cased off a little in favor of buyers. Oily butcbcrsfcwero the al most exclusive operators, and sales dragged at $3,800 4.00 for poor to common ; at $4.2504.60 for medium, and at $1.7608.60 for good to prime showy. Lamta oro quotable at $3.0004.60. 14.60 11.60012.00 , , Wkdnkbdat Evknino, May 91* The receipts of lumber wore fair to-day, consisting mainly of Muskegon lumber. There was a good at tendance of both city and country buyers, and tho market ruled active and firm. Nearly all tho cargoes were sold, and several cargoes of choice mill-run lumber were dlapoaod of, to arrive. Brices are ruling strong at $15.00017.00 for good to choice strips and boards,, and 112.00@14.00 for common to fair boards. Lath were steady at $3.50, and shingles nominal at $3.00 per m.* Following are tho sales: Ithlca, from Muskegon, l 135 m common boards and strips,at $13.00; 20 m lain at : $2.60, Muskegon tally; J. P. Ward, from While Lake. , 30 m Inch at $13,00, 60 m two-inch short nt SIO.OO, S m lath at $2.60 ; Ulllo Bello, from Muskegon, 110 m com-: mon boards and strips at $12.23, CO m lath at $3.60: 1 echr P, Hayden, from Muskegon, 120 m common ’ boards and fencing at $ll.OO ;;Minorva (to arrive), from. Muskegon, 200 m mill run strips and boards at sl7 00 Cargo schr Pilot,fromMuskogon,B2 m ft common boards and strips nt sl3; 22 mf t scanning and Joists at SIO.OO • 1J ““ th ftl Cargo sohr Presto,from Grand Haven Oo ;’“ ’H ul >f,3t 00 m ft "trips .ml board. .1 SIO.OO. Cargo ocbr Scoville, from Muskegon 100 m ,tt atripa and board, .t WO.OO-mIU tally! Cargo 'f^Pi; ko !.f r0,, ; ?. lu ‘. k £e™- 180 m « alrlp. and boards at 1U.75J 3J m lath at $3,50. Cargo schr Herald, from Muskegon. 143 mjft strips and boards at $16.00. Cargo schr Mystic, from Muskegon, 102 m ft strips and boards at $16.60; lath at SXSO. 1 LUMBER PHEIOOTS. Manistee, $3.00(3,3.25: Ludinglon,s3.oo; Muskegon. $2,60; Oconto, $3.60@4.00: Menominee, $2.75(^3.25• Pcntwater, $3.75; WEito “Saginaw exchanges give thofollowlng items: “Tho .largest day’s shipment over made from tho Saginaw Blver was mado Saturday from Bay City. It went out In 34 vessels, and consisted of 7,000,000 ft of lumber 150,000 slaves, 70,000 ft of timber, 6,000 brla of salt' besides lath. Tho Aggregate average valuation of tho shipments was $130,033. “ Harris U Evans, of Lockport, N. T., sold last week, on dock at Port Huron, 300,000 ft of uppers toD Whitney, of Detroit, for S4O per m. Tho same firm also sold from Wright k Wotheroll’s mill, Saginaw City, to Burrows k Lane, of Touawauda, 500 m ft. for $7, sl4, and $35. Tho firm has about 6,000.000 ft to ■blp east. “ Tho lake freshot has proved unexpectedly effectual In bringing tho logs out of tho tributaries of tho Tltta bawftssco,onmo6tof which largo amounlo wore loft by tbe sudden subsidence of tho freshot at tho spring break-up • • * * On tho Cedar, for Instance, over 10,000,000 feet of logs have como out In the Inst freshot, and very litilols loft there. Other streams are In a similar state. “Logs have been running down tho Chippewa live ly for the past few days, tho recent rains have raised the wafers and a now drive. seemingly having been started. “Our correspondent writes: Bcccnt rains having raised tho tributaries of tho Muskegon, log-driving now goes forward successfully. On tho Clam, where a largo quantity of logs wore hung up last season, tho drive is well advanced, and It Is now believed that all tho logs on this stream will bo got out this season,J “ Tho Tltlabawasßoo Boom Company have not raft cd ’ out any logs the past week on account of the high walcr. but have delivered to tho mill a few that wore rafted out last fall. ' Total number of pieces rafted out this season, about 60,000. Tho Company will com mence rafting out again next Monday,” The demand for lumber continues active, and tho market firm for all choico grades. Common lumber is steady at the given prices. Tho trade In hard is fair, and present prices axo fully sustained. We quote: i'lret clear, $52,00 @65.00 Second dear, 1 inch to 2 toch 17.00 @50.00 Third dear, 1 Inch 33,00 @40.00 Third clear, thick 45.00 First and second clear flooring,togeth er, rough 40.00 @12.00 First and second dear siding, to gether Common siding Common flooring, dressed, first.,.. Common flooring, dressed, second. Wagon-box boards, selected, 14 Inches oud upward A stock boards B stock boards, 0 slock boards. Common boards. Joint, scantling, small timber, etc., 1C foot and under .* 13.00 @14.00 Fencing... 13.00 @14.00 Joist and scantling, 18 to 24 feet 15.00 @20.00 Pickets, square 14.00 @15.00 Pickets, flat 13.00 @15.00 Cedar posts, split 14.00 @IB.OO Cedar posts, round.. 17.00 @25.00 Lath 3.25 @3,60 Lath, on track 2.75 @ 3.00 No. 1 sawed shingles 1.60 @ 2.00 Aor Star 3.50 @3.75 Shingles on track B.l2>f@ 3.37# No. 1 sawed 1.25 @ 1.60 Three dollars per .car to bo added when transferred, which charge follows tbo shingles. Thickness—Five shingles to be two inches in thick ness. 13.078 length—Sixteen inches. iIAUDWOOD, Black-Walnut Counters, $100.000160.00; dear, $05.00075,00; commou, $10.00050.00; cull, $30,000 35,00; flooring, $50.00060.00. Adi—Clear, f30.00@10.00; common, $20.00023.00 cull, $12.00018.00; flooring, $30.00010.00. ■ Oak—Clear, $30.00010.00: common, $20.00025.00; cull, $12.00018.00, Hickory—Clear, $35.00015.00: common, $25,000 85.00 ; cull, $12.00018,00. Maple—Clear, $30.00010.00: common, $20.00030.00: oull,(10.00016.00. Butternut—Clear, $50.00060,00: common, $25,000 36.00. ‘ ■ Cherry—Clear, , $50.00060,00; common, $25,000 35.00 : cull, $12.00018.00. Whllowood—Clear, $30.00010.00: common, $20.00 030.00 ; cull, $10,00019.00, - Wagon Stock—Hickory axles, per set, $1.0001.50; wagon poles, each, 15@650 ; box hoards, $35.00010.00. PORT OF CHICAGO. ARRIVED May 21, Schr 0. Harrison,White lake. 130 m lumber, SO m lath. Schr E. EUinwood, White Lake, 160 m lumber. 25 in lath. Schr E. Scovllle,Muskegon, 88 pkgs fl»b, 110 m lumber. Schr \V. 8. Oroathwaite, Bay City, 13,600 brls salt. Schr Racine, Muskegon, 110 m lumber, 25 m lath, Schr Westchester, Muskegon, 115 m lumber, 20 m lath, Schr Herald, Muskegon, 115 m lumber, 10 m lath. Prop Chas, Reitz, Manistee, ICO m lumber, 150 m lath. Schr Adriatic, Muskegon, 125 m lumber, 150 m pickets. Barge O. O. D„ Gratia Haven, 300 m lumber, I’rop Oconto, Green Bay, 1,100 m shingles, 107 tons pig Irou, 308 pkgs Osh. Schr Pilot, Muskegon, 115 m lumber. Prop Annie Laurie, Muskegon, 230 m lumber. Schr Ithaca, Muskegon, 135 m lumber, 30 m lalh, Schr Mary.-Muskogou, ISO m lumber. 20 m lath. Bchr O. J. Boeder, Muskegon, 115 m lumber. Btmr Maultowoo, Mauitowoo, 200 brls Hour, and sun- dries. Stmr City of Toledo, Ogdensburgb, 75 brls currants, 700 boxes raisins, 200 boxes lomous, aud sun drica. Prop Colorado, Buffalo, 6 pigs leaf tobacco, 3,800 • brick. Scow Champion, South Haven, 31 m lumber. Scow J. A. Johnson, Saugotnek, 00 m lumber. Schr Marengo, Buffalo, 800 tons coat. Trap M. Qrob, Manistee, 120 m lumber. Schr I*. Iluyduu, Muskegon, 135 m lumber. Schr Mary, Muskegon, ISO m lumber. Schr Presto, Grand Huvon, ISO m lumber. Barge Wyoming, Grand Ilavon, ICO m lumber. Barge Golden Harvest, Grand Haven, 175 m lumber. Schr CoraL Buck Lake, 107 m lumhor, 21 m lath. Schr Mystic, Muskegon, ICUm lumhor. Schr Wltllo Loutll, Grand Haven, HO m lumber. Sebr Maggie, Two Klvers, 4,600 posts. Schr Wm. Smith, Ludwig’s Pier, 45 m lumber. Schr Lizzie Book, Benton Harbor, 65 ra lumber. Stmr Milwaukee, Ogdeuuburgb, 601 pkgs starch, and sundries. ’ Schr Muuboou, Muskegon, 120 m lumber, 25 m lath. Schr Iver Lawson, Muskegon, 175 m lumber. Schr Arctic, Muskegon, 173 m lumber. Sebr 13. It. Blake, Muskogon,l7o m lumber. 100 m lath. Schr J, O. Mohh, Muskegon, 150 m lumber, Sebr Argo, Ahnupoo, 3,884 railroad ties, 3.097 cedar posts. Schr Maggie, White Lake, 100 m lumber. Schr Harmony, Manistee, 276 m lumber, 176 m lath. 160 m pickets. ' ■ . CLEARED May 31. Sour Clayton Hollo, Ouwego, ID.OOO Im corn. Prop Montgomery, Port Huron, 6.000 brU Hour. 20 brls pork. £ r0 P Aryylq, Moutpoal, 42 bale* broom-corn, Irop Oily of London, OolUugwood, 1,414 bu corn. Purgei Lout Saginaw, Goderich, 11,608 bu corn. Prop Nebraska, Buffalo, 41,600 bu wheat, 1.407 brls flour. Prop Philadelphia, Buffalo, 27,100 bu wheat. 1,200 brU flour. Prop Fountain City, Buffalo, 21,000 bu corn, 200 brla flour. Prop City of Toledo, Ogdensburgb, 11,040 bu com. Bargo Oliver Cromwell, Port Huron, 31,000 bu corn. Prop B. P. Wade, Port Huron, 33,276 buoarn. Prop Oconto, Qrecn Bay, 1,002 pkga sundries. nbu ■ sites.; yo. ' A t). Price, 68 101 11.00. CO 102 6.00 117 208 4.00 74 178 4.65 114 232 4.80 08 ' 202 4.80 05 100 4.88 40 284 4.08 01 200 4.88 64 210 4.00 ; 44 280 4.05 .Vo. Av, Price, 41 208 |4.80 80 210 4.00 170 258 4.78 f 68' 272 4.80 ' 63 284 6.00 ' 81 104 4.80 40 241 4.78 68 213 4,00 64 100 4.88 88 174 4.00 60 189 4.85 111 207 4.85 .00 220 4.75 40 180 4.75 62 227 4.05 60 235 4.70 38 800 4.70 40 200 4.76 68 230 4.48 672 62 4.70 69 234 4.80 48 101 8.80 138 174 4.80 LUMBER. AT TUB YARDS, 23.W @24.00 20.00 @22.00 34.00 @30.00 28.00 @30.00 37.00 @40.00 37.00 @40.00 28.00 @30.00 10.00 @20.00 13.00 @16.00 MARINE. Bcbr A. 8. Andrew*, Fort Colborno, 91,602 bU corn* * RcUr Algerine, Buffalo, 10,228 bu com,- Bohr Nassau, Kingston, 33,(100 bu corn, ' Bchr Harmony, Manistee, 10 ton* nail*. Bcbr 15. A. Nicholson, Buffalo, 48,104 bn corn, rrop OHjr of Bocton, Ogdoushurgh, 10,8lfl bu 4om, 205 _ ... ~ .lake FREIGHTS wore dull at Bo fdr com to Buffalo. Charters wore: "°“ to . n ™ Ogdcnsburpb, prop Oily of Boston, corn at H!» ’ 1° I No dT rk i Buffalo, prop Fotorano for wheat, to Cloyolnnii. sobr Atmosphere, com at Be. B ,cbr* Q. it. Word, Schuylkill; ami Donaldson wore taken for wheat from Milwaukee at ®#° ,P » PwpoWor not named at7o for wheat. Tho achr W. fl. Crputhwalto was token In tho afternoon for oats to Buffalo at 4>fe, THE NIGHT OFFICE. Mr.- Charles M. Judd (no relation to tho Hon. N TL\ has recently been appointed Deputy Collector at the Onßtom-Hmiao night office, now situated In Room 3 Loomis Building, southwest comer Poulh Water and Clark streets, Office hours 6:30 p. m. until Ba. in. Sunday office open until oa. m. and from 2 to 4p. m. PASSED THE WELLAND CANAL ON.THEIOTH.* Up—Props Graullo Slate, Qoorglon, Nashua; acow Now Dominion; Behr W.L. Johnston; barge Argo ; Bchra Bermuda, W, T. Greenwood, Australia, Marys, burg, Followcraft, Henry Itoouoy, Agnes Uopo; canal boats W, O. Laphal, Qej. Arnold, A, K. Clark, IL Norton, Maize. • * - Chicago to Oswego, wheal; rfinvfti I, mu I ' l ? h lcago to Kingston, wheat; prop *° Ogdonnhurgb, general cargo: ’ flchr UoutlceUo, Chicago to Kingston, wheat. MISCELLANEOUS, • ' Tho now Milwaukee schooner, Marengo, camoln ibla mcninntg t from Buffalo, with coal. This Is hoc first visit to this port, Bho fa sailed by Cant. 0, Carr, and " “pnuU of carrying about 45,000 buuhcla'of corn day 110 propoUor woa at Houghton on Moo. —John Canfield, of Manistee, offers to raise tba |3GM nor W ‘ Grant 1111(11)11118 k° r 11110 that Port for —A collision occurred on Sunday, tho 18lh Inst., off Presque laic, on Lake Huron. Tho vessels In tow were tho schooners a-isco, Montcalm, Hlppogrlffo. O O. Mixer, and Arcturus. In charge of the tug Frank Moffalt. The lug dale Moffatt via approach ing tho tow. head on from the shore, and when near her engine stopped -on tho centre, and passed between tho two head ves bolb, tho Basco and Montcalm, and narrowly escaped .sinking the Utter, carrying away her Jibboom, hcad ralJ, the head gear of tho Montcalm, and tho timber ft?® mi .°? the Basco. JTho tow has arrived down, and tho Montcalm Is at tho Detroit dry dock. Tho Haoco was not detained. —TUo now fog boll at Nino Milo Point la said to bo of groat service In safely defining (bo course of craft, savs ft Kingston paper. ' J —Tuo prop Arizona left D ‘ Buffalo, unaided, Bbo will the latter point. —Tboslmr Silver Spray has boon sold, and will in future ply between Toronto and Niagara, ■ —The Blmr Boneca, wblt'j early this spring snagged Bcac °, T r k > Laa beon got up oud B towo(?to Windsor. Her onllro upper works are gone, but otherwise sbo bas probably sustaluod no serious dam- )otroit Sunday evening for i bo thoroughly repaired at --Tho 3. B. Buckbout, launched a few days bldco. is a staunch, well-built. and tidy craft, of as neat a motlol m any that saHa tho lakes, Tho cost is In the nclghi borhood of $33,000, and sho will mu during tho season in tho lumber trade. Her carry!tin capacity la about 400,000 fcot. Bho measures ICB foot in length, Mfcct In breadth, 10 foot In depth, and registers 051.70 tons. Sho was built by W. S. Campbell for Ulmaolf.— Saai* nato Courier, nih. y ■ —Tho Iron steam-tug E. B. Ward, Jr., which has gone to Lake Superior on a wrecking expedition Is said to be tho moat complete, substantial, and power ful boat over built In our inland waters. Sho was built by Kirby Brothers, at Wyandotto. Her dimensions are as follows; Length, 180 feel, 145 feet over all: beam. 25 feet: depth of hold, 12,4; feet average; height be tween docks, 7 feet; displacement at 10 feet draft, 600 tons, custom-house measurement, 404.48 tons. Buies A 1 for fifteen years. —Col. Wllaon decided, with tho approval of tho En gineer Department, to do tho harbor work nlmself under tho new appropriation for Oswego. Ho has al ready ordered about 70,000 lbs. of Iron, 1,200,000 feet b m. of hemlock, 130,000 foot b. m. of. pluo timber from Canada, and is negotiating for olouo. Ho will com mchco work about July l, with a largo force.—Oairwo Tunes. ~ . . 7".°.? . lho , BoUth m*d of Beaver Island a lighthouse Is established, with brick buildings attached, which serves as a guide through tho passage between tho Beaver and North Pox Islands. This channel la 04f miles wide. The Grand Traverse light bears 8. VE„ distant 25 miles. Tho South I'ot Island light bears 8. W. li 8., distant 10 miles. Pilot Island light W. 8. W. X W.; distant 03 miles. Bock Island light W. by 8.. distant 03 miles. On tbe north point of the entrance to tho harbor a lighthouse Is located, which serves os a guide to anchorage to Beaver harbor. Sklllsgalce light boars E. by 8. }4 8., distant 17 miles. This course would pass, seven-eighths of n .mile south of Hog Island, reef. Hog Island roef E. *i 8., distant 7?' c miles. Tho entrance to Littlo Traverse Buy 8. £., dis tant 31 miles.— Detroit Tribune . —Tho Saginaw Enterprise gives the following con cerning ship-building at that port: Tho schooner which is being built by Capt. O. Wheeler for Mescrs*- Tolfroe it Simpson will bo ready to gooff tho stock* about the Ist of August, It is designed to make Lor a first-class vessel in every respect, and she will have a capacity for carrying about 650 m feet of lumber. Capt. John Stewart is having a boat built, which will be out in about three weeks. ‘She is designed for* passenger boat, to ply between this port and points along up the shore. The Umber <» on tho ground for a tug to bo built far James White, to bo out tho Ist of August. Messrs. Holder houso & Orosthwolto are getting up another flue three masted scoonor, which wlli, in about three weeks, it in thought, bo ready to launch. Sho is to bo sailed by Capt. MoMUlen. Another schooner, a canal vessel, is under way, owned and building by Mr. Ellinwoud. She is designed for tho Oswego and lower lake trade. Tbe contract requires that she oo finished by tho Ist of Juno, and it will probably not bo long after thafbeforo she Is off and ready for business. OCEAN NAVIGATION. FOB, EUROPE. MAI LINE ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. 'Will pail from Now York as follows: CITY OP WASHINGTON... .Thursday, May 22, 3P.M. CITY OF ANTWKRP Saturday, May», 2 P. M. CITY OP LIMKHIOK Thursday, Way 29, 8 A. M, CITY OF LONDON Saturday, May 31, 9 A. M. And each succeeding SATURDAY and THURSDAY, from PiorNo. 49, North Hirer. Cubln Fatisnitoi SBS and SIOO Gold. Steerage, to British Ports,,,, .....,.$30.00 Currency. Steerage, to Gorman Ports 85,00 Currency. Steerage,' to Bremen or Scandinavian Ports CS.OO Curroncr. SIGHT Dll A ITS (or sale allow rates. FRANCIS O. BROWN, General Western Agent, 66 South Market-st., Chicago. CUHARD MAIL LINS. ESTABLISHED 1840- % Boston, and Liverpool, .May &] •tluuo i .Juno 11 Steam Between Now Yoi Calabria, Partiila.. Samaria, ..May 34 I Java.., ..May 31 Cuba.. .Juno 71 Scotia And from Boston every Tuesday. Cabin Paaaiurc, 880, 8100 and 8130, Gold. Steerage Passage, 830onmmcy. Fassongonand freight booked to and from all parts of Europe at lowestratos. SigbtDraftson Great Britain, Ireland, and tbo Ooatiuont. P. U. DU VURNET. Gon'l Wost’n Agout. HAL LK Sailing from Now York for Queenstown and Liverpool every Saturday, and for London direotovory (ortulgbt. CaLin Passage SBO, S9O, ai SIOO Currency. Krourslon Tlckots at favorable rates. Intomllug pas* eeugors should tnaku early applloatioo (or berths. STEERAGE, §29.00 currency. Prepaid steerage tickets from Liverpool, Queenstown. Londonderry, Glasgow, Carditf, Bristol, or Loudon, $31.00 : ourrouoy. Passengers booked to or from Gorman and Scamllna* vlan points at low rates. Thu Steamships of this lino aro (ho largest in the trade,. Drafts on Groat Britain, Ireland, and tuo Continent. WILLIAM MACALISTER, Gon'l Westuru Agent, Northeast corner Clark and Ramiolph-sts. (opposite now Sherman House), Chicago. ' , Bulling twice a wo«k from Now Yorlr, and carrying pas. aongoraloall par In ul Groat Britain, Irolaml, Uonduuutal Europe, ami tlio Mediterranean. Cabin from $(36; .Steer age, British and Irish porta owt, llaos wait, S!U. Conti* uunlal porta naiuoaa other rognlarllnoi, All payable la If. 8. ourronoy. Apply for full Information at the Com* party's ollice*. No, 7 lluwllng Croon, Now York, and N. K. corner I-aSallo and MadUonaU., Olilcago. HENDERSON DROTnBH3, Agonta. STATE LINE STEAMSHIP COMPANY. ’*** BEL - Thoao elegant now ■toamora will sail from Stato Liao Pier. Kultuu Kerry, Brooklyn, N. Y, aa aa follwsr PENNSYLVANIA, 2,600t0n .Wednesday, May?. Wednesday, Jiinoi! VlllUir» I A, J. 600 t0n5.,........... .Wednesday, ,luao 18, Fortnightly thereafter. AUSTIN BALDWIN A CO.. ' Agonta, 7U Broadway, N. Y. Stooragootflce, IB Broadway, N. V. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. COPARTNERSHIP, JULES SCHWARZ has associated himself with Obas. Rlioo, under tho firm name of Rlxon A Solmaw, la tbs Hardware Builueis, atUSMUwaukee-ar,

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