Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 22, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 22, 1873 Page 7
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CITY BEAU ESTATE. •riot SALK-10 LOTS ON EOAN-AV., OOLNEII X* Stewart. o 1* foot on Langley., between Forty*sooond nod Forty* , ( 123*1 ML coniorof Fnrty-olghlh-st. and Konwond-court. IMfootonKonwood-cotm, between Ferly-soventh ami yorty.elghlb-aU., within one block o! Kenwood Button. 41U1B0, Kimb&rk-av., between Fifty-sixth and Filly* •ovonlh*Bls, • • ... - . 60x160, on Indlana-ay., between Fifly-third and Fifty* fonrlh-Bta. Id lot ami Westomav., near Laughlon-st. So lots on Laughton and Marvln*sis., near Weriorn*av, lOJotiou Second and Erto*sta., between Reuben cud Noblo. WJtiyOon Mloblgan-ay., with flrst-elaislnmvo* , aaxiio, with 3-atory frame house, on Fourih-nv.,between. HarrlsOn and i’olkgita. laSSf SlSlSHmCßSfif(fiif YSirlrthlrd »nd Thlrlj fourlh-Hts. • - _ . WING ft FARLIN, SSEostWashlngton-st. Room 4. FOR SALE-GOOD LOTS ON -THE FOLLOWING stroolst State, Burnside, Rutlerflold, Arnold, Gari baldi, Hanover, Butler, Wallace, fiummor.Wlofor, Mur ray. and llalstod; also on Wentworth, BtmrtlslT. Portland ami BtowartraT«t ! al*o on Alexander, 1 wontr-fnurtn, Twonty-slxth.'Tminty-ROVonUi, Twenty-eighth, Napoleon, Twenty-ninth, Bari, Thirtieth, navoii. ThUty.flref. Thir. ty.BQoond u Thlrty.lhlrd. Thlrty.flltb. Thlrty-alx h, Thirty. •oTonlh, Fontaine, anuThtriy-elghth-sta. ’lltloporloot. Warranty deeds. A very amall payment down, flvo year’s time, 6 per cent Interest. No agency business. Apply to owner, ALBERT ORANB. 872 Wnbash-av. JJIOR SALE—BY E. 0. COLE & CO., 133 LASALLE* Adsms-st., 85x183 ft, cost of Panllna, Q4.C00. Jutllana-av., 800x163 ft, oorhorFiftloth-st. Burnslde-et., 23A.. bonso and lot, cheap. Halstcd-st., 25 ft cast front, near Hojihta. plvislon>tt., near I.araboo, 25 ft, $3,600. Five acres at Cornell, corner Ootlago Orovo-av. and Bovoaty*flftb*st.i with good house, cheap. Forty aoros in Bco. 1, T. 87, R. 13, N. \V, ,U. Flvo aoros iu 800. 14, 87, 18,- well fenced. - Flvo aoros at Lawmlalo, on Twenty-sccond-st. 100 ft at Nonvood Park, best location. . FOR SALE—IxAKE-RT.—6O FEET FRONT ON WERT Lakn-st.. between Weatorn-av. and, south front. SNYDER A LEE. 14 Nixon UuUdlnc* northeast comer Monroe and Laßalle-ste. • DIOR SALE-60 FEKT ON BTATK-BT., NEARTUIK* ij ty-iovonth; S9O per foot, worth SIOO. 100 ft on the Bcmth Bonlorard, only $3,000 cash tdoublo front); House r ,nd lot on Evans-av., only S6OO down, and balance on img time. One on Burnside for $1,600; one for $3,060, andono for $3,300. PETER BIIIMIV 1774 Btato*st., corner Thirty-ninth; .. ’ • ~ TpOR SALE—ONE AND A HALF STORY FRAME A3 -cpttago, inoludlng lot on Thlrty*, Just oast el naiiutc, Small payment down; balance In monthly payments; 0 years’time. Water on premises andcon vsnl«nt to oars. Apply to FRED. P.FISHER, 148 La* tuiie-st.* tM«msnt, DIOR BALIS-TIIE BEST AND CHEAPEST LOTS ON X Woat bide, fronting on Division, Leavitt, and Shobor »ts., near Wicker Park. Good neighborhood; lota 131 Sgcot deep, with sidewalks and clly water. Price, S6OO, and ft I, MW. Terms, ono-tlilrd cash. Warrantee payments II roquTrC*d.*toVhoso vAlo'tuWrVCEis'sprrsigt < ’ln* gulro of F. ARNOLD A CO., Oroonobaum’s Dank, No. 78 Flfth-av. ITMIR SALK-CHEAP LOTS-13Y JACOB 0. MAQILL, . 81 and 83 South Clark-st.: llarrlson-at., 9600, easy terms. Congrost-st., 9500, easy terms, Fmirih-tt., SI,OOO. monthly nsrmcmfa. milor-st., SWO, monthly payments. ITIOR SALE—AT A BARGAIN, LOTSON WESTERN -1 av., Polk and Taylor-sts., and Campboll-av.; parties wishing to build, no money required down. Inquire of GEORGE OADWELL, on premises, or 135 South Clark at.. In bank. ■ FOR SALK-250 FEET OF RESIDENCE PROPERTY (four corners) near IJncoln Park, smith front, shade tree*. Ac., at SSO per foot. MORTON CULVER, Room t Metropolitan Block. 11l OR S ALE-NEW BASEMENT COTTAGE (OWN * yourown bouse and save ronO, monthly payments, 6 per cent. Call soon. OAHLIOK, M East Madlson-st. TPOR BRICK X' rosldonoo. 2 stories and basement, 10 rooms, lot 29 foot front; excellent location; West Side: $9,500. HENRY WALLER, JR.. 80 Eiit Wanblngton-st., Room 4. IpOR SALE—OR PXOIIANGK—A VALUABLE LOT. 'for either mantfaoturlngor residence purposes, on lluron-at., botwora Market and Sodgwlck, H7>tffeotby 100 to alloy, sublet to mortgage; would exchange for boose and lot of« 6 foot front, onlnonmborod, and pay dif ference Invalid, Many. For particulars apply to ED WARD N. BFMENT, 153 LaSallo-st. FOR SALt-OFFERED FOR A FEW DAYS AT much Jolow tbo m&rkot valun; 72 ft northwest corner Pralrlo-nv. and Thlrty-fourth-st. 48 ft Sorth Park-av., south and near Twonty-nlntn-it. Ml ft Jsmmot-av., south and near Twonty-thlrd-st. llWf»indlana-av., south and ncarTwenty-nlnth-st. Q. A. LELAND, 188 Dearborn-si. IPOI BALE-2 LOTS SLAUGHTERED FOR OASH- X Lts on Hamllton-av.. near Adams-st., only $2,600 wB» I°®° them; decide 10-uoy. It. O. OIODWILLIK, 101 South Clark-sl. TPOI SALE-VERY LOW FOR CASH, A DB3IR r-A , b ‘2 roldonco on Pralrlo-av., largo house, barn and “• “• “AtoFOKD. J?CH SALE-INDIANA-AV.—TWO-STORY AND usomont ootagou stone-front house, 10 rooms, on In between Twenty-ninth and ThlrUoth-sts. 6NV9KU A LEE. 14 Nison Building, northeast corner Alocoo and LaSallo-sts. FtR SALK-FORTY ACRES IN HYDE PARK, . no ?-.«o?. ,, JP., c Hl ca K 0 *. A groat bargain for some ono. O. J. OUILKH, Room 13 Otis Block. aTUR KALE-ON SATURDAY NEXT, ON THE PRE -1 mlsco, buildings Nos. 373 and 274 North Olark-st.; ]wU ho ooM under chattel mortgage, In favor of James AV Madden. B. D. WARDEN, Agent for mortgage. fpOU SALE-OR RENT—NEW HOUSES ON JACK- U, ;on nnd Adams-sts., oast of Califomia-av. Inquire |9l JacksoQ.Bt. ijlOR RALE-OR EXCHANGE—A DESIRABLE LOT L' on Miclilgan-av., north of Jackson-st., 40x180: this fu-jporly will bo Hold vory roasonablo, and there Is money ulr, as the Exposition Buildings will outno dlroctly In Broatof It. K. N. DEMENT, 153 LaSallo-st. L'OR SALE-FINE BASEMENT COTTAGE HOUSE, V I £P> n "v, near Thlrly-llrat; $3,750. 1. H. KKKLKR, 145 Olark-st., corner Aladtion. HOB SALK —A 12-ROOM HOUSE, JUST FIN k » l»hod, on Wasblngtou.av.. 4 block# from Union S’wost l&adlioMt tftr “ tln * TI ‘UESDELL <k BROWN, TOR SALE—CORNER JACKSON AND LINCOLN' ? .!&••» 4 0^ x !rjJSl 8 ?-P. a yashington-Bt., near Paulina, svi33. J. H» KEELER, 145 Clark-st., comer Madison. TOR SALE—S3,SC-0, WHO TAKES THBM-3 FINE J lots, cottage, fence, oto., 388 Fourth-st., near Oak ly; decide to-day; easy toms. R. O. GUODWILLIE. 31 South Clark-st. . * ?tm SALE—PRAIRIR.AV., NORTHEAST COR- S^ nor, # ,llr . tJ ’' 8 ?? onllJ - 8t ; 1S)S fo °t. to bo sold together at . 00 kt » onl'romont-st., near Centro, ir S7M. MARSHALL A DICKINSON, Otis Block loom 10. . , ■ VOR HALE--148 OALUMET-AV., 3-fiTORY AND basement brick bouse and lot. DREW A NEW. >UItY, Rooms 8 and 0, Bryan Block. J’OK SALE—S4xBO FRET ON THE SOUTHWEST - comer of Calhoun-placo and FrunkHn-ot.; con bn ought cheap, on favorable terms. W. D. KEUFOOT •-LO., BOEastWaeblngtou-st. "■ MOiIBV, 77 OLARK-ST.! J Usrriuon, near Oalduj, SI.-IW. ..i„^? 01Utac, . lcrl ;V"-' “““ Bolw-rt., «7S rorfoot; »vldr assohsmenl paid. 1 l 9* 1 ? i 8 v rjQl i ru ">'- Bt *f cast of Xcaritt, sl,lro. I'» 0W Ot &nd eOod " ou,L '* Adaius * near Cftmpbollav., iOj lota at Wlokor Park. 7i r °J^ 8 Af il ?T 0 . H( ,? IC ?? LOIS UPON STATK, AH -I'tm* 1* ,0 m I J u &h n » UmoraW, Umhlol), Twenty. »r°. nt ?/. oud Thlrty-BovcnU tß, • u l ,u n Montworlh, Archer, and Kgan-avs. : ins Umo; Interoit 6 per cent. UKNIIY W. CHAPMAN. ,).»Alouroo-at. ’ 71'— S i\ LE T n , Y Mv J *, ARNOLD, P3 KABT MADI . noo'iit.: Lot. on llarriaon-Ht., nonrKoboy, ”3x135: 50 aT rP uc, » Indwua, Pralrlo, and Ualu. >ot, near I'lity-aovciith at. tior salk-we'do NOT BELIEVE THERE IS AN :*?ot In Chicago or vicinity that otlora such rare* to purchasers of lots ns tho locality just out alo oltboflro limits. couth from Mndison-at. ana woetof i- T0 ,otß ,rontln ® on Woitem-ov.. rite I6^U a ,u. d , some that wo can soli ir if JOU, only tfluo down; boo tho class of houses going ud toro; wo tho class of people settling thoro. and thon boo loniAtsonotaatourotHco. EDWIN A, RICE A CO., U lUndolph et. * POE SAI.E-I,AHaK J.STORY HOUSE AND LOT t on Buudan-st., near Twnnty-rlshth: only ftt mu* .sy terms. TRUEjSDELL A BUOW. Ro ?Vc S t iiadi! Q-St. * MOU HALE—IiJJtf IT. NORTHWEST CORNER OP J Jnrtlana-av. and I’orty-nliith-st., cheap, ivo or ton acres southeast corner of Stony Island-ay. gl bovonty-hrst-st., vorycncnp. - WEI.SON THOMABRON, l°ft. SALE-. 330 WILL BUY GOOD NltW J Juratory houso audaO-foot front lot. west of Union *OR SALIC—IB 7 FEET. EAST FRONT, ON SHKR , tunn-at., between Harrison and Polk: onsvtnrma 'quire of D'REW A NEWBURY, RoSms d Bryan ? S Al *ls—Tlin BEAUTIFUL RESIDENCE 118 » EUis-av., with largo lot. Purobanor can have dob- Islonntonco. ISAAC R. HITT A URO. V lOR SALE-COTTAGES ON WEST SIDE, NEAR I street can. newly built: largo Join. Cheap, and on gy terms. • PUSHING ii BILLINGS, "CO LaSallo-st. PR SALK—S7,3OO TO DAyTaLL CANT HAVE IT. fnow brick cottage and lot, Buttortlold-st., between 'rty-soronth and 'lhirty-oighih: very easy torraa: pos* [gun at once. R. G. GOUDWiLLIL. IBJ South (ilark. RR fiALK-ittO-WE HAVE A FEW MORE OP l tlioso high and dry lula located inside of tho old city tna, accessible by street cars and omnllme lino, which vetior on easy terms. Title perfect. Call and let ua «kyou to boo them. A. O. STOREY A SON, 115 South, Room 6, and 287 Mllwaukoe-av, ?R SALE—COTTAGE AND LOT ON TWENTY • olgbtb-st., near Wallace, on mnntldy payment*, at a anln. TUOESDELL A BROWN, U6 West Madi. .me. itR SALE-LOT ON NORTHWEST CORNER OP .lohlgau.av. and Madison-st., Blxl7B foot. Lot on >rtwcst corner of Vanßurenst, and Fourth-av,, loox il l. Lot on Sborman-st.. north of Polk, HOxlOfl ft, tMndisputablo. Apply for terms at 705 Wabash-av.. ’two the hour* of lu a. in. and t p. m. HR SALE-COTTAGE WITH FINISHED BABE* lent, 2)06 ThJrty-thlrd'-st.; 7 good rooms. This ii a rflln. Irnmlru on promises, BR SALE—ON ADAMS-ST., NEAR WOOD, BIX now brick bouses, swell fronts, ‘J.stnry and basements Writing complete. 812,600 and $10,600 on easy terms. 4 tro there, or at 28 North Jmforaon-st. 'CR BALE—MANUii'AOTORING PROPEUTY-IJBx :» foot on Twouty-soooud-st.. northwest corner of AUo m1iom>Iooo«. UKNUYWALLKH, JB„ that Washlngton-st., Room 4. fft BALE-VERY OHKAP-75 FEET ON INDl ana av., noarForly-soventh-st. GEO. A. EMERY, laballo-st., haaoiuont. OR SALE-AT A VERY GREAT BARGAIN, 100 r f l,v 0 5l ! ? I r Q u fK M , ‘ \ T, ’, nf ’ ar Fortyllfth-st. GKO. A. >K£Y, 164 LaSalle-st., basumunt. 3P. SALR-ON MONTULY PAYMUNTS-COT .nBeVSfi Wobßtor - flV ‘ x “^ on 5n SALK-NICE onovifi LOTS NEAR HORSE, cars, for 823 t own, and S2O per month, without tn •sfc: nut roriulrod to build, and oulya few loft. GEO. HESS, 146 LaHallo-st. )R SALE-NICE FRAME HOUSE AND LARGE grove, lot 137 btanlou-av., near Thirty.savonth-at.. olioap. GEO. 11, HEbß,'227 Egan-avl and 146 Li*, o-st. 111 HALE—WABASII-AV., NEARTWELFTH ST., two-story and basomont frame-house, lot 26x180: will iild for what the lot la worth, If taken stance lENRYWEIL, IWDearhorn-st., Room 6. *lt tiAI.E—A FEW LOTS LEFT ON LINCOLN. u-r! ar $26 pjr foot. MUUTON CULVER. Koom4 roDoUliuiilock. 1 , CITY REAL ESTATE. ■nion sale-byosborn a bkillman, 123 south X’ Olark*at., cheap lotai • . . _ . Jt t . Tvfemy*alxtb, TMonty-wvonlb, and Twenty*6lgblb*atß., between Fort Wayne track and WaUaob*it* . _ Twelfih-st., near Auldand-av. ■ • ’ Hampion*st., near Loomis; a bargain* • Jlarrlstm-Bt., near Hoyno. , H-mthwc«torn-av. ;n ehanoo toseonro something fins. ‘ • IlnmllUm-nT., lots for $1,300. . . . • NORTH Him:. Lots on Hurlbnt, Orchard. Burling, Llncoln-nv., and a largo number in Hliotfiold’s Addition. You can obtain bargain* In many of the above by calling Boon. , ‘ 1‘ pOII BALE-I**BTOUY COTTAGE AND LOT, CON* 1 vonlontto Madlson-at. cars, $8,860j qoUftK'Vatidl'i» E“ “OR SALE—COTTAGE HOUSE AND LOT FOR anient M 3 South Jofforeon-st., at a bargain, if Hold within one week. Call on the owner* D. 0. QIOAHY, 74 West MadMon-st. 1 Hmno vacant. ’ •IBOR BALK -PARK-AV.-TWO-BTORY AND BAKE* X' mont brick octagon front house, modern Improve. £ienta, brick barn, on Park-av., near Llnooln-st HNY* lEII A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Mon* roe and IrtHalle-stß. ■ - ■ . SUBURBAN BEAL ESTATE. .TpOR SALE—OIIOIOK SUBURBAN LOTS ON THE X* Milwaukee Railway, six miles dlstaut, and twenty minutes’ ride, in Clybnnm’s Addition toßavemwood. These lots are laid out 60x163 font on 80 fust streets, and will bo veld mien easy terms, at from S6OO to s7do per lot. The facilities for ocodm to ami from tlio olly—thß doilr ability of the Und-lt being high and Uiofoughly drained —tlio proximity to flrst-olsss Improvements, churches, schools, and society, commend this property ns the best at the price now in the market; , , Comparison ohallongcdl .The attention of the Indus* trluus-tho thrifty—the caulloiu-l»called to thosu lottos sites for homesteads or Investments. Gall, for a printed abstract and plot, upon * nOBKHT QUEER. 8( Idballo-st., Room 3. I BOR SALE—BY LEVI WING A CO., 86 Doaibom-st. 1 3 aoros at Washington Heights. i 100 foot on Noblo-av. ■ KW feet In Ravenswood, original town. Will take brick In exchange for any nf above. B-story brlokhDuso,Thlrty*tlret*nt., near Waimrh-av. Largo brick house, Sllohlgan.av., noarl'onrtcenlh at. , - Twu-ytory frame bonso, 171i.WalDut-st. W foot Langley-av., noarForty-aecond-st,, grove lot. 1“nOR SALE—WASHINGTON HEIOHTS, MORGAN Park AddlHnn—Lot* 60x1361 only S2OO, if cash; on easy terras. TUUESDELL A BROWN, 176 WcatMadl son*st 1 FOR SALE—IO ACRES AT A GREAT BARG AIN— Just outside of city limit*, very near Central Park, on West Mndlson-st. - Very choice fur subdlvhlon. Apply at once to ALFRED L. SEWELL A CO., Real Estate Dealer, 169 LaSallo-at., Ohloogo.. ■ 171 OR SALE -AT SOUTH ENGLEWOOD -163 ’ choice building lots, near the depot. Price, $360 each, payable onodourthoash and balance at the end of 8 years, with the, paying any time before ma tnritv In $lO per-lot. Will not soil less than 4 low at a time, but will mako the deed to twn or more per son* jointly. Accessible by alz dummy trains each way dally on Rock Island Railroad. Title guaranteed per fect. Abstract furnished each purchaser. Chicago real estate Is the host savings bank la whlob anyone can place their earnings* MATSON HILL, 108 and 110 Doarburn-st. J* 7»01l SALB-SM ACRES NEAR DOUGLAS, PARK noW^ißfW^WoFW^eooa«A**aoroproperly in tho city.’ SNYDER ft LEE. II Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroe and LaSalle-sts. FOR SALE—FOR THE NEXT IB DAYS, WE WILL sell acres at North Evanston at the exceeding low prloocf S6OO an aero; 1. B, or 10 acres to suit: 28 acres offered at a bargain. Call on E. O. EGGLESTON, U7 LaSallo-st. For salk-thrf.r new s-room cottages at Park Grove, for SI,OOO each; tonus $25 per month. RHODES A CLARKE, Itf LaSallo-st. FOR UALE-43RVERALOURAPLOT3AT BRIOUT on : also at Kenwood and Ravonswood: 100 foot near car works, very cheap; several aero traotsin suburbs at low llgnroa this month. 8. DELAMATKR, 86 Washing toast. FOR BALE-BY H. O. MOREY, 77 OLARK-ST., firat-olass rosldonoo In Wlnuotka; modern improve ments, and one aero of ground, at a bargain. FOR SALE-SBSO WILL BUY A6-ROOMHOUBR AND a H acre of land near depot In a pleasant village of 1.600 Inhabitants, 60 minutes' ride from Chicago. WHIP PLE A CLARKSON. 183 South Clark-at. TPOR SALE—BIOO WILL BUY A BEAUTIFUL LOT X' at Dqsplalncs, one block fmm depot, $lO down, and 86 a month until paid. IRABROWN, 143 LaSalle-sT. TRIOR BALE-a ACRES AT - LAWNDALE, ALSO - D,unv For bale-great baroain-io acres east of Central Park. Will subdivide and nay CO per coat, AVERY. MILLER A RIQDON, 143 Monroo-st. EOR SALE-LOOK HERE. CAPITALISTS, IF YOU want to mako 60 per cent on 913,000 in a fow months. call on W. P. JONES, Sr., 203 LaSallo-st. 1?OR SALE—A NUMBER OF SUPERIOR LOTS IN . Uavenswood. W. P. JONES, 203 LaSalle-st. TT'OR SALE-AT ENGLEWOOD. 20 ACRES, THAT X 1 will pay 100 per cent to subdivide this season. HUL BURP ft CO.. 208 LoSallo-st. FOR SALE-AT ENGLEWOOD—WE ARB PRE parod to furnish money and build to order 30, 40, or 60 houses upon our lands, In tbo most Improved part of this growing suburb: 50 dally passenger trains: commuta tion, $45 porycar. HULBURU ft CO.,2oßLaSallo-st. TPOR SALE-AT ENGLEWOOD, OHOIOK GROVE X' property on Wabash, Michigan, and Indlana-avs., □ear South Park, and only 80 minutes by steam oars. HULDURD ft CO., 208 LaSallo-st. TjlOR SALK—WE OFFER FOR A FEW DAYS LOTS X’ or blocks in our now subdivision, at acre prices. TRUESDELLft DROWN, 175 West Madtaon-st. For salb-i will offer, at a bargain, ib bouses and cottages of from 6 to 10 rooms, In Evans* ton, North Evanston, and Oloncoo, at lowor figures than any parly can soil for who doos not deal exclusively in bla own property; you that want bousos come direct to mo and save tho commission; ono-tiftb down and balance la monthly or yearly,payments will buy a homo slots in any of tbo places named at wholesale prices; lumber furnished a loan who will build: none nood apply who havo nut a lit o money. 0 E. U ROW WE, Grover's Block, Evatutou, or 153 Monroo-st., Room 3. SALK—BY "KERR. DAVISON & WKLOII. X' Real Estate Dealers and Brokers, 142 LaSallo-st.: „10, 20, or4o acres on 0., 8., AQ. Itailroad, adjoining Clyde; will pay largely to subdivide; only two miles from city limits. ItiO acres 8. W. Sec. 16, S?, 13. comer Hyman and Junotlon-avs, 60 acres corner Jnnotion-ar. and Flfty-fifth-st. Boule vard- FOR BALE-AT HINSDALE-TWO FIRST-CLASS residences, containing Id and 13 rooms, all modern im provements; Urge orsmalllot; all Winds of fruit and shrubbonj: largo asparagus bods. Cheap and on easy terms. W. LELAND, residence Pllnidnloj leave every day on the 1:46 p. m. train for homo. Oftlco, 205 Seven tcontli-st. Ou ’Change from 12 to 1 o’clock. FOR SALE—6-AORE LOTS. SUBDIVISION OP WO acres, well improved, good, dry prairie land, odjoln mg Hobart, on Fort W»>no Railroad, 32 miles from Chi cago; SBS nor acres I, 2, andSyeara; Broom cottage, $l6O cash. J, EARLE, owner: oillco days, Friday und Mou day, Room 0, basement, 153 Monroo st. FOR SALE-LOTS ADJACENT TO NKW OAR shops of O. A N. W. R. R. and within two blocks of depot, on favorable terms. A. O. ODELL. 123 Dearborn at., Room 18, first floor. Iron SALIC—AT RAVRNSWOOD-A DESIRABLE dwelling homo of 8 rooms, good brick collar, furnace, tiard»and soft water. Lot U'ixlfrl ft, ornamented with fruit and shade trees. Apply to ROBERT QUEER, 81 l>aaallo»Bt.. Room 8. COUNT RY REAL ESTATE. FOR BALE-A FARM OP 160 ACRES. WITH IM tiroTomcnls, at Dolovan, Tazewell County, 111. 'i'lio land is of (ho boat quality. Term* of aulu very easy. An. ply to PKOKHAM A BROWN, Reaper Block, UoonM'i, cortior of Clark and Waablnston-sts. HEAL ESTATE WANTED. WANTED— PROPERTY FOR MANUFACTURING purposes botwoon Fifty-first and Flfiy-olghlh-sts., Just west of Rock Island Railroad, for a customer. H. F. ELDRKD A CO., ISS Monrooat. WANTED-HOUBB in good locality, south it or West Chicago, 10 to 13 rooms, atonoo. SHAN NON. A TRIPPK, Reaper Block, basement. \\r ANTED—ACRES 1 ACRES' ACRES I—WE HAVE •Tt constant inquires for aero property s can mako flob* salm at good pricea. JACOB O. MAGILL, 81 anti 83 South Olark-Bt. .. WANTED— LOTS 1 LOTS ! LOTS! ON WEST WASH tngton-Rt., Park-av., Warron-nv., and Adams-st., nouth btato-Bt.. Prairie, and Inrilona-avs., North Dear bom and Lahallo-sts. Wo have customers for lots on tho abqvo and neighboring street*. JACOB O, MAOILL. 81 and 63 South Clark-at. WAN TED-LOTS ON THE NORTH AND WEST bides. Wo have many applications, and want them BORn’^SkY/TM 010 !? 1 tllQ waaU of oaj lomors. OS- TO EXCHANGE. TO EXCHANGE—FOR CHICAGO PROPERTY . nno rotddonoo In Janoavlllo, Wla. ; will payaomo cash. Address 8W Bluo Island-ay. TO 1 EXOnANGE-FOfri.OTB-A NEW O-ROOM house and lot. good location, West Division, near Asbiand-ay. and Vanßnron-at. cars; immediate posses sion. . JACOB O. MAOILL, 81 and 83 South Clark-st. TO KXOHANOB-FOR IIUILDING LOTS—A NEW brick residence; locatinn and llnlsh lirst-ohus. JACOB O. M AOILL, 81 and 63 South Clark-at. TO EXCHANGE—FOR CHICAGO PROPERTY. The moat desirable UK)aero farm in Onondaga County. N. Y., two miles from Syracuse. Immlro of tbo owner. Room 1C Dry an Slack. 0. J. ADAMs! “ uuu "««r. TO IfiXOiIANQE—EVANSTON—A FINK'obRNKR, X 75x180, four blocks from depot, on tho ridge. and near tho lino roaldencoß of J. H. Kedzlo and 11. U, Hurd— wlnh to exchange this or South Evanston lots for lumber. OSUQRN A BKILLMAN, 128 South Clark-st. TO EXCHANGE-GOOD HOUSE AND tOT ON X West Sldo, for lota at Englewood or Hyde Park. WHIPPLE A CLARKSON, Rooms 16 and 17,133 South Clark-st. r EXCHANGE—AN ELEGANT BRICK HOUSE. West Sldo, for North Sldo lota. JACOB O. MA* GILL, 81 and 63 South Olsrk-st. rEXOH ANGE-FOR OITYOR SUBURBAN PROP orty—l farms in Wlsoonrin; 330 acres in lowat 1 farm and other city property lu Michigans brick homo on West Adame-at. For bargains apply to W. MORRILL, Room 6, 127 LaSalle-st TO EXOHANOB-SM.OOO WORTH OP FIRST-CLASS r S. B * .®»tatw, for good farms In Illinois. K. KENNEDY, Real Estate Broker, 145 Clark-at., Rooms 3d and 27. TO EXOIIANGE-AT MAYWOOD, FIVE LOTS, X 133 foot, oast front, by about 113 (loop, very cheap, for somo omh, ami piano or organ, two-neat buggy, carriage, groceries, or dry goodas! mmt be soldi opportunity for o cheap homo. Will glvu the purchaser a permit to build o new kind of house, bolter than brick, cost loss than frame. COLORADO, Kuhns' European Hotel. TO EXCHANGE-HOUSE AND ACRE GARDEN 03 miles from Chicago. for printing olllcu or other prop erty. Address PRINTING, Tribune iitlloo. WANTED -A STOCK OF. MERCHANDISE amounting to Alu.tKXI or 816,000, lor good real ci tato. R. KENNEDY, Heal Estate Broker, 145 Clark-at.. Rooms 26 and 27. WANTED-TO TRADE FORA STOCK OF DRY goods, notions, clothing, furnishing goods, boots and shoes, and furniture, U farms In 4!aaun County. Hi., all undor a good stale of cultivation, near market ana railroad—one farm of 115 acres, one or 314 acres, and ono of B3A sores. Albu a lino new dwelling house ami 2 lots in tho City of Peoria, 111., with all modern Improvements. Tho titles aro perfect. All worth 866,000 cash. Will trade part oral!. Address Box 1413, Poorln. 111. DIVORCES. ■fVVORCEB OBTAINED FOR CAUSES. ALL LAW J J hubluoss attended to. Room 3. 847 South Clark-st. T'kIVOROKB—LEGALLY OBTAINED—FEU AFI'ER XX decree. Kcaudal avoided. Nineyears’practice In the courts of OUlotgo. Addrou P, O. Box 1037. THE CHICAGO i)Ji BUSINESS OHANOE3. ' ■ A photograph gallery in Tiuj 'iiKs r r.o --* V t Cft * ,(in ou Motli*on-Bt. for sale, rent low and doing a fair imalnona. Address D ft), Trlbunn 011100. A retail grocery, doing a business last JVyearvrU ha not profit of about tffi.ow, fjr sab.-onne* coiint ofjll health. Address F7fi, Trtbimn ulhco. - A UA UK O!TAN('JR-FOU RALE-a"inUHT.Or.ARS -tv aamplo-room of wnll-oaiabliahod rcimlallon, for cash, llm owner withdrawing from business .on aaonmit oMll* 5m 1 is von r fi \ I'c'ion 1 ' 1 ’ lloo,n a A,otr °i wlltftn i)|( iok. : A BPi.KNmn opening pon a HATii-miMj av orj.rimkbnaluniui. ~ r ALAnOR BILLIARD HALL, AT A BARGAIN, for Bale—(Very ..well adapted fora concert saloon), together with a lino lilted up saloon In thu best business location on Woat Mmllsitn-sl.; this bnxlnosi can bo bought also without billiards and stock. For particulars, Inqulro of B. J. NOOKIN, 75 South Dearborn-st. TJUBINEBH INTERESTS SOLD. PARTNERS PRO* JJ cured. Really good openings on hand for men with G r >W(oQ10,000. ' Wurth Investigating. J. iC. KIMBALL, IVo Deaiborn-st. , pLOTHINO STOUR FIXTURR9. TABLES, SHOW \y case, A0.,-for sale olioap. Call at 163 IVcstMadlson-st. /“tONFiSOTIONISnY AND*NRIVS DEPOT, M 3 WEST V/ Lako-at., for sale; causa of sslo, sickness. Drug and prescription store for balri good situation: no o.mourrooco. Gnud chonoofora man with llttlo oapltal. V 30, Tilbuno olllco. . • pROOERY STOCK (i-OC) FOR SALRt STORE TO VJT runt. Good opening for man with small capital, In a rapidly growing suburb. K. ABIILEY MEARB, 200 Laß, • . • Good orooery, drug, tea, and boot and shooßUirosfor sale. Alio, restaurants, billiard rooms, Ac. Good openings. J. K. KIMBALL, 129 Dcacborn-st. ONE OF THE DEBT CORNER'GROCERIES ON WostMadlß foronlot about $3,300 will make the trade; custom tirst-olasa; other business. AddrussZnll, Tribune olHco. ' mo A COMPETENT PERSON.:WHO WILL TAKE A charge of a targe business, and ban $3,600 to Invest, I will give good security for the money and pay a salary pi $3,600 a year. Address 003, Tribune oflice. * - mni! SOAP MANUFACTURING ESTABLISHMENT X formerly known ns "The Lakeside Chemical Works," for isle. • Complete in nil Its appointment*. A rare chance for those wishing to engage In the soap-making business, on a moderate op extensive scale. Apply to or address O. A. MoINTYRE, 621 West ludlana-at. ■ •HTANTED-WE ARB OFFERING THE BEST BUS VV Incas ohanoo (for a few days) over ottered In Chicago; small capital. STONE A BKLNNSU, 119 Doarhorn-aT., Room 6. , , d*l fUin WILD BUY A HALF INTEREST IN A 3>X'»UUu wolbcstobllscod cash Imalncst, paying half that amount monthly. 127 South Olark-st., Room 36. MAAA TO 86,000-ON ACCOUNT OF ILL • UUU .health, iho owner odors for sale, for cash, lita 3-story frame bouse, In splendid location, on a favor ably leased lot, together with fixtures and •lock of station ery, fancy goods, cigars and Everything In A No. 1 order. Business <'••*< profitable. muWest horses And carriages. A GOOD EXPRESS HORSE FOR SALE CHEAP— Call before 8 o'clock a. m. or alter 6 o’clock «, m., at <6 Warron-av. A 8 WE HAVE HORSES THAT MUST BE SOLD UX. to-day, would adviso buye.tto pitch in. That splen did pair of mules was not sold yesterday, and tho owner has weakened, and must soil today; bavo room andaalo forEO good roadsters, and any amount of delivery and ox* press hones Halos stables 861 and 263 Stalo-aU BRAD LEY A iVILLS. A LARGE VARIETY. OF ROOKAWAYS, BA touches, Jump-seats. slldo-soats. and buggies; low prices. 27 and 29 South Cllnton-st. H. B. HILL. FOR SALE—a splendid HORSE and family carriage; horse 6yeans old, sonnd and kind; oarrlago ono seat or two: will bo sold cheap; owuorno uso for him. Inqulro at No. 89 filadlaon-at., Room 8/ For bale-oheap-a . bargain-s brown hors os, 1,200 to 1,800 weight. Also 3 lumber wagons, and 1 double sot harness. Apply at 81 East Wbltnoy-st.. near Pino, North Side. ■pion SALK-SIiVKHAL VERY STYLISH FAST X stopping road horses; also a matched pair of dapple grays, can bo goon at No. 77 Twolfth-st. FORBALE— A PAIR OF TROTTERS FROM THE country, can show 8 minutes together; sound and mnd, at NEWION'S now stable, roar of Sherman llouso, IpORSALR-A FAST BUGGY HORSE, GENTLE, ' suiublo fora lady; price $l6O. to bo scon at 639 West washington-st., before 9a. m., and after 6 p. m. TT'OR BALE—A GOOD HORSE AND CARRIAGE— X cheap for cash; warranted in every respect. Also a good business buggy. luqulro at 10 and 13 West Ran uolph-st., between 10 and 13 o’clock a. m., or address D 87, Tribune offleo. . T?Ott SALE-THREE RIDING HORSES, BUITABLR X for tho mail delivery service; also sovcral drivers. NORTON 7 ** ro4r °* K7 KENDALL ft OR SALE-A STYLISH CARRIAGE HORSE. IN qnlreatS? WcstLako-st, W. F QLIN. FOR SALE-VERY OHEAP-2 TOP AND 3 OPEN bugglos. and 8 uhoap business hones. OSCAR FIELD, *a and 44 Oongross-st. InOR SALE-SEVERAL DRIVING, WORK, AND oz-press horses, ata groat bargain. Also top buggy,' single and double harness. 70 WcatMonroo-st. T HAVE I-OR SALE LIGHT AND HEAVY EXPRESS X and dollvory wagons of all kinds; also two aoooad-haud buggies, at No. 261 South Canal-st. JR. BROOKMAN, 190 twenty-seoond-st., • has for sale, or exchange, now and second-hand open and top-bugglos, business and express wagons, a fow good light and heavy hciraos, single and double harness, one olaronco, landau, and close carriages. WANTED-FOUR PAIR HORSES, ONE 4-IIOR.SR r T platform spring, ono covered passenger, carry eight people, suitable for business. Inquire at 130 PRESCOTT 00 ’" 1 ** Wlld M °“ Uoru P° Show ‘ K - TWANTKD-A BASKET PONY PHAETON, IN J,*,- good order, cheap for cash. Address O. A. SQU FELDI, JU., id Wnsmngton-st., Room 30. ANTED—A GOOD BUGGY HOUSE, SOUND, TT good stopper. wolghlnnUoO to 1,100 pounds: cheap {? rc ? s K A .W'y to JAS. W. ELLSWORTH, 1 West Kamlolph-G. . miscellaneous. ASHOLZ. MANUFACTURER OP RAO-OARPKT9, • corner Mohawk and Menomlnoo-sts. Custom work promptly attended to. Carpets for sale. r'IASH PAID FOR WATCHES, JEWELRY, OLD gold, silver, firearms, and all goods of value, ot the Exchange Loan Olßce, 203 East Madtsou-st. CjASII PAID FOR OAST-OFF CLOTHING AND » nilsoollnncous goods of ony kind, by sending aluttor to I. GKLDEU, Loan Office. StM Stato-sU PVENTORS, CALL AT STONER’S INVENTORS* Burosu. D.STONER 4 CO., Patent Solicitors and Negotiators, 125 South Clark-st. ;waul to exchange a man ufocturing business for a patent right or real estate. M'us. RANDAZZO, LATE OB’ ALBANY. N. Y., bog* loavo to inform Ibo ladles of Chicago that alio la prepared to color Indies' faded switches (by an entirely now process) any shade, from a light brown to a deep black. Warranted not to fado sooner than the natural color.. Depot, 131 Twonty-second-sl., up-stalrs. Soldiers, gall at n south oanal-st., and apply for your bouutloa, poMionj, and other war claims. J. b\ ROSE. T R ?X.f lAUN 5 RY I 78 SOUTH LINCOLN-ST., NEAR ± MadUon. Family washing made a Bpoolalty. Work cnllod for on d delivered free oi oharco. G. WILLSEVT. Proprietor. ..... . * rpO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS—I WILLRE- X ceivo proposals at tho office of, Brown A Horton, 150 Doarborn-st., for the emotion of two brick dwelling* In Houtb Division, tho fronts to bo of oltlior stone or brick. Dcairo oiUiuatcs for-'both atone and brick front*. Plan* amlspoclrioationsto be seen at my office. 1 rosorvo tlio right to rojjct any or all bids rucclvod. P. A. BROWN. ■XVantld-vegictable.stand, WITH FOUN •7Mwta.l»rßli{*chm?nts mu,t bo ohoap. J. A. LAUR, TBaWosl Modiflon-st. . ; WANTED-ABOUT TWENTY FEET OP RAILING A! .#°.T.* , . , n 0 S? CO, A? ao » ° fi°°d Bafo, at a bargain. Ad dress / 01, Tribune othco. FINANCIAL. IjlOR BALE-? 3,200 ADJUSTED CLAIM AGAINST the Lamar Insurance Company. Address Z 82. Trib une oinoo. LOANS IN SUMS OF SSOO TO SI,OOO, -6 to 13 months, and if6,UOO for W days, or real estate mort gages bought : also loans on collateral*, or houses on leasehold. Diamonds wanted. OTTAWAV. 79 Doar born-st. \fONBYTOLOAN ON GOOD SEOURITIES. PUR "'Origagoa bought and sold. LEVI WING A GO., Ikt Doarboru-st. AfONEY ADVANCED AT LASSEN’S LOAN i>X office; late Jacobs A Co., on diamonds, watches, aud other valuables. 177 Clark-st., corner of Monroe. Rooms. MONLVTO LOAN ON CITY REAL ESTATE. G. S. HUBBARD, Jn., 168 Washlngton-at. * Money to loan in large bums on first , class unproved or unimproved Chicago real estates 60(011880 money mortgages wanted. ,F. D. HARVEY, oal Kitato ana Loans, 1,4 LaSallo-ut. TO LOAN—« 100 ON SMALL PRINTING OFFICE, “ ° h °‘ v jn ""« 11 - TO LOAN—I HAVE MONEY TO LOAN UPON iiavn» *2 BU l°, B .. of , not 10,8 than SW.WO. RAVIL) FALKS, 44 Portland Block. E HAVE FUNDS ON HAND TO LOAN ON REAL estate. Wo buy and sell real estate, oomniurolal paper, bond*, stocks, loon) securities, and do a general financial business. J. McOOUD A (So., HP Dearborn st. CiQ OHO 79 L0AI ? 0N first-class real ns* .i . . tatajpeurity for three orllvoyoara, at 10 per cent interest. BRYAN LATHUOP, 12 Exchange Build- ft9o 000 .'fOLOAN ON INSIDE REAL ESTATE fr0 ,"\ 000 to 810,000, by D. O. K I•' J« N iCUOI«i, No. 181 C/lurk-st., corner Monroe, Romm 6 and tf. * agents Wanted, A GENTS WANTED—IOO GOOD CANVASSERS 1M- Xxmodlntoly toioll nowand ataplo goods at rotall and wholesale. Particulars froo. O. M, LININUTON. 177 East Madlson-st., Room 10, Chicago. . AGENTS WANTED—TO HOOK AGENTS-NOW -tX ready, now and additional Inducements, Now way of running subscription books. Agonts soiling thousands. More agents, male and female, wanted. Address Union Publishing Company, 336 Wubaih-av., Chicago. Agents wanted-to HKLir~ouß"new’uut tiuHlolo Cutter and Needle-Threading Thimble. Agonta clear $23 pur day. 03 Hast Madlaon-at., Room 6. A GENTS WANTED—MONEY TO DU MADE, AND J.X oanvaHiurs wanted to holp make It: 816 a day clear. A. 41. RICHARDSON, 116 Madlson-st. 7 Agents wanted-good pay. niiwirr timing, polishing, and hand Iron oomblnod. Patented 1873, Flutes any length. 176 East Madlson-st., Room 10. A ~ GENTS WANTED-TO BELL "DARWIN'S 7 ' Ague-Cure. From $6 to S3O per day can bo made on a capital of 810* Address it 17. TVlbuno oSico. A AGENTS Si^NTED—HILViSU WATCH FRKET Wo otfor men and women tho best chance lu tho oily for making money on small cash capital. Samples free. MERRILL «* ou '» ,2!i 7Vt)at J'ftWe-st. TO LEASE. fro LEASE—DOOK LOT 160 FEET ON RIVER, X Just north of Twenty-sooond-tt, bridge, and now oo« auplod by Daniel Boglo as a coal-yard. Apply In base* naut. uurtbasataArßarof Mußsna and Dexrbora-cU. ILY Till HU WE: THU USD .TO REWT—HOUSES, ■ nnVuKNipinouwm ' X oh. .tp ly good tonknls. iJAOOB U. MAUILIi, 81 turn, . .. , . , . fpO KUNT-S-HTORY AND BASEMENT • X front roMdcnoe. 11 i-chiiiih. irr.o Wnhadi-nv. iimuiro oIFEUD. W. PKUIC, Room 8, Niton's Building. • ’fro X front roHldmioo nt» Mlemgnn-ar.. between TwclUh •and TlilrtomiUi-MB/from .luno Ito Nor. 1. 1 Apply to A. ,1. AViiHKLL, 180 Dcarbnm-H.. rpo RENT-ITOUBKS,. aWollY FRAME, N00.,2? X nml 30 oil Tblri> - *fl,V'iWtolrtoriftby'}*'rca»ouabTo rent. b:*K. ’WELLS, iMDcarhnrn-st. HOUSE, CLOSETS, HALL, >.L water, 40., good neighborhood, $26. C. W.DKAN, 133 South Olaili-at., Room lU. T" *!0 RENT—9-STOUY' IfODHIt, DOUTHWEST OOR . nor Paulina and Tylon-sls., atsso nor month, to one family only. ByUUDEN, BIIKLDON 4 CO., Nixon's Building, lioflm 23.‘ fpO RENT—A BRICK HOUSE OF 10 ROOMS, HOT X , find cold bfttb, 121Throop-sl., gCO per month. In* qnlro at 180 Tliniop-iiU, In forenoon. TO RENT-NICE 10-ROOM JIOUSR, WITH LARGE - corner lot, fruit, shrubbery, nnd shado freest inrnor Warron-av. nnd Oakloy-st. H. DELAW ATKII, 86 Wash. Inglon-st., basement- • ' rpo RENT—9-BTORY HOUSE 477 HUBBARD-ST., J. wJlb'B rromt and largo .grounds; ront, SB6, W. •WALLER, 838 StatO'Bt. , fpO RENT—NEWS-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK >X homo, corner of Adnms-st. anil Kor'ly-av,, to a food party cheap. F. M. OUAY ( -HooinO> 137LaHoUo-st. . WM. M. WHITNEY 4 00., HtfOaSallost. TO RENT-3 ELEGANT NEW all modem Improvements, 14 rooms,' Juko view; corner Jndlana-av. and Twojflh-sf.; torontat Sl;opo, nrfnraalo At a bargain.. Call on owner at houses. ■S. WHITTIER, rpo RKNT-NO. 11*1 ,1 KLLIS-AV.—3-3TOUY AND X bnsoniontslono-froiui water nnd gas; bath-mom, nnd very neat horto’ahd steam cars.- ’Tbrco good beiiNes at Hyde Park, near stenra-enrs. Inqnlro of ULKIUU 4 BOND, 87 Dcarborn-st. - ' RENT-HOUSE, 788 WEST MADISON ST., COR. nor Lincoln: has b rdoms, ctueols, pantry, and bath* room: all rooms load to hall; well arranged; rolorunoos ro* ‘qulrod. Inqulro at store. ■ - • ' • n^O. RENT-CHEAP, TWO 2-STORY AND BARR. Xmont liouucs, on Irrlng*placo, nowly refilled ami In nlco nolrhborhoud, SOO and S4O. D. E. FIBKK, Room 6 Utls Block. ■ - . .v. ’ rpo RENT -TWO-BTORY DWELLING. NO. 8 X North Adn-it.; gas, watort 7rooms. OMARBUBU* NELL. 180 Donrbom-st., Rooms J1 and 12. rpO RENT—NEW HOUSE, NO. 190 SOUTH PAUL* X .inn-st.; 14 rooms; owner.wishes board; Utreo In fam ily: will furnish part of tho bouso. Inqulro at 825 and 827 Stato-st.. FLETCHER. TO RENT-HOUSE OF 11 nOOMS ON erie-st near Robey, s:w,or oaoli story $lO and S9O. Soyniour-st., near Lake, house of 4 roorue, si'o. It. O. GOODWILL!R, RH South Olark-st. niO RENT-HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF'IHFfIT ± ar. and Adams-st., containing M rooms. Including bathroom, water closet*, laundry,, hot and cold water. A pply to owner oa tbo promlaoi. • . Suburban. . . D'O RENT-HOUSES AT MAY WOOD/ AT 1 FROM ±s2s to 840 a month. Apply to M. V. HOTCHKISS, Room 17 Lakeside Building, . .. i , TO RENT--STORES. OFFICES. &o. rpO RENT—THIS STORK AND BARN, NO. 879 ± North Olark-st. 5 cheap to a good tenant. Annlr to KNAUEII A BRO.y comer Klnxlo and Olark ata. ppv 10 r> RENT-TWO ELEGANT OFFICES ON FIRST floor, with Taulta. and suites of pleasant, well-lighted ollloos In second and third atorlcs of building Nos. 4i} and £ n ?? k t0 Sherman Homo.- inquire W; B. OARVKR, Room No. 4, 48 South Clarx-st. rpo KENT—A SPLENDID OPENING FOR A HOTEL

X —the four-story • and baßomont stone-front building, Biluatodon the corner of North Wells and Mlehlgan-sis.. M foot front on WolU-st. and 106 feet on Miohlgan-at. Apply to JACOBS A JTfICUER, No. 66 North Wells-st. rpo RENT—THE S ROOND FLOOR, NO. 60 I*AKE ST., X corner State. Inquire on lint floor. rpO RENT-PART NICK OFFICE, WITH VAULT X nnd modorn ImproTomenta, or doik room at low price. B. MKARB, 800 LaSalle-st. TO RENT-STORE .AND BASEMENT, 269 BOUTH Clark-st., between Jackson and Van Buron. Inquire in storo from 9 to II and from 3 to 4. rpo lIENT-A CORNER STORE IN A GOOD LOOA- X tlon, occupied as a meat, market. Fixtures foraalo cheap. Apply at 800 West Harrlson-st. - rpo RENT—TWO STORES, 878 AND 876 NORTH- X ay.; blxo, SO by SO; rent, $26 per month. Apply at 375 North-av., up-stalre. fl'O RENT-A AM ALL AND VERY DEBIRABLH X furnished oOlco with vaults and closets: rent cicocd- Jnßly low to a desirable party. HENRY W. OUIPMAN. 153 Monroo-st., Room 2. ’ niO RENT-OHBAP, ROOM 16, 163 LAHAI.I.K-BT., x famished or unfurnished 5 have complete ofllco-furnl turo foraalo. rpo RENT—CHEAP—DESIRABLE, WELL-LIQHT- X cd rooms, sullablo for light manufacturing business or for sleeping rooms. W. lIANSDROUOH, lal Laßallo-st. TP RENT—2OO FEET OF DOCK-FRONT, WITH X largo lot, southwest corner of Monroe and Markot-stfl. - a. j: TO RENT-PART OF A LARGE STORE, WITH offico room, on Btato-st., between Monroe and Adams. Address A 23, Trlbuno office, elating business. rpO RENT-FOR A TERM OF YEARS.“X BRICK X livery Btablofer will rent foraprlvato stable), to bo buiu immediately. on Morldlan-st., between Deanltlnos and Union. Dll, L. DODGE A MOORE, 166 East Biadlson-st. TO RENT-ROOMS. TORENT^LAROE^SmT^MAL^ rooms, to gontlomon. 413 West Madlson-st. r RENT-DESIRABLE AND ELEGANTLY FUR tUahod rooms by tho day, wook, or month. 85 Doar born-st. Charges reasonable. T'O RENT—A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT A parlor, In marblo-front house, with or without board. House Ims all modern Improvements. Also, room for a gentleman. 81 South Morgan-st. rno RE NT-irA NDSOM ELY FURNISHED'ROOMS. Xeinolo or en suite.- Wlllfumlsligas and attendance. I0ta« nbash-av., bolwooa Twenty -third and Twenty fourth-sts. • rro RKNT-83 ARTESIAN-AV., TWO BLOCKS A from Randolph-st. cars, six nice rooms, two oloaota. and buttery. ' HlO RENT-3 VERY PLEASANT UNFURNISHED X rooms to mao and wlfo at 633 West WaalUngton-st. TO RENT—JUST GO AND LOOK AT THOSE EL-' ciranlly furnished rooms at Honoro Block, corner Mon roe and Uearborn'-sta. Apply at Room No. BB.' rpO RENT-NICE FRONT ROOM, WITH GAS AND X cloßot. furnished or unfurnished, ond with or without board; private family. 863 West Harrlson-st. rno RENT—AT 831 THIRTIKTH-ST., TWO BLOCKS A westof Stato, 3rooms, olothespross, and pantry, ole- C» advance *° r ilottßo * to ®P lo B« torms $25 por month, rno RENT ONE LARGE FURNISHED FRONT a room, sultablo for man aud wife, or two sontlomcn, ort wo ladlos, with or without board; near Union Park. Address F K W. 638 West MadUon st.' rno RENT-4119 WABASH-AV.-FRONT ROOM, UN- A r furnished,for gentleman and wife; largo furnished rooms for gentlemen, at moderate prices; references ex changed, , fPO RENT-PLEASANT ROOMS, FURNISHED OR J unfurnished, with or without board, and with all mod ern conveniences, at 1223 Pralrio av 5 private family. Hnsh not a specialty. . . ' qiO RBNT-U7.WEST VAN BUREN-ST., 3 LARGE X a^ ntroom “ 0 . nll P ,to » Urst door, furnished as parlor and bedroom, or bedrooms; will rent togetherorsopar atc, facilities can be given for housekeeping If wanted. TO RENT—NOB. 899 AND EOl SOUTH HALSTBD it.,,pleasant rooms, with or without hoard, at mode rate rates. T 0 RENT—A LARGE ROOM, FURNISHED OR unfurnished, te.ono or two gontlomon. SMMlohl- fUO RENT-NEW AND HANDSOMBLYFURNISIIED A »S n 'V single or on suite, 161 South OJark-et., bo twaen Madison and Monroe, - Room 11. qiO RKNT-TWO FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH OR A . wltliout hoard. 113 South Groon-st. T'O RENT—IIANDSOMELY-njRNISHRD ROO.MS ■L. bytlioday, wook, ormonth, nt tho St. Jullon, 151 and 163 Dcarbom-at. . Terms roasonablo. TO RENT-ROOMS. BN SUITE Oil SINGLE, FOIL nlahod or untumlabod. 659 Stato-st. rpO : RENT—SDC' DESIRABLE ROOMS, PANTRY. A and closets, wltli water, Just, oalotmlnod; (wo doors from stioot cars. Apply on promises, 133 South Wood-st. rpo RENT—FURNISHED ROOM; ALSO, UNFUR- A nlshod rooms, convenient for light housokooplug, at 177 Olark-at., corner Monroe. Inqniro at Room Bu. qiO RENT-ONE ELEGANT SUITE 0F ROOMS.' A bath-room attached! also, ono front parlor, furnished or unfurnished. 881 Wabash-av. WANTED—TO RENT. WANTED-TO RENT—FURNISHED HOUSE. 7 TO Brooms, within W minutes’ walk of Court-House: reasonably rent; firat-olaaa tenant. Addrcsa M, Maulton House, Klnzlo-at. TyANTED—TO RENT-A SUITE OF UNFUIINISU TT od rooma. Addrcan XM, Tribune oflico. WANTED—TO KENT-3 ROOMS FOK HOUSE »» keeping by man and wife. Kent not to exceed If 19 per month. Address F 62, Tribune office. WANTED— TO KENT—BY THREE ADULTS, CTO Brooms, furnished or unfurnished, for light house keeping, on West bide, In neighborhood of Madlaon-at. Address, atatlng tome, which must bo moderate. Z 18, Tribune office. WANTED-TO KENT—HOUSE OF TORB ROOMS, two °r throe blocks south of Weat Madlaon-at.; SyjAPft* P° r niontb; boat of references given. Address DBS, Tribuno office. ANTED-TO RENT—A SMALL COTTAGE, 7TO 10 rooms, SouthSldo, north of Thlrll«th-ut. andoaat ' • no ohlldren. Addroaa, stating particulars, Q O IC. care of Carrier No. 83, WANTED-TO LEASE—FOR A TERM OF YEARS —ft hd llvory*Btablo, In good location, Tribuno offloo. WANTKD-TO'UENT FURNISHED Oil UNFUR. uU ted front room, aouth of Twentleth-al., by a plain and quiet man. Addroaa Z 89, Tribuuu olHco. FOR SALE. IPOR BALK —BY D. „ V,. ov ®rifroens, assorted; UKI.OOO hardy roses, assorted; 0,000 extra tmo carnations. pint, which wore awarded two ?L^ er , ,^( .m I,aUho . Ur,ind °' ato i'' atrof Louisiana, 1872 and !*J?I 10,000 crapo-vluea, assorted; 10,000 asparagus roota; B.ou) rhubarb roos. Will guarantee tho growth. Plant ing can bo dono all summer, if required. Parties wishing to make their own selection will please call at the Nursery, corner of Franklln-at. and Wobster-av., North Side. ™U HALK-OR RENT-A LARGEBUILDINU , . "unable for a woodworking or olhor manufaoturiug business, it la situated In tho heart of the lumber dls ty good roads. Engine, shafting, and other niaclilnory fo tho building. Apply to or ad dross G. Weat Jndlana-el, AT WHOLES ALB AND retail. WM. AA. W. WHEELER, PERSONAL. pEIISONAL-ANY INFpUsTATIOrTmAT^Xrr^ X given In regard to the whereabouts of Alary E, Pioul, Johnny L. i rout, or Francis Prout wlllho kindly received v - w *"*- PERSONALIA YOUNG SWEDISH LADY WISHES Y, MAY 22, 1873. ! BOARDING AND LODGING. , SontU Side -9 PARK ROW-FURNISHICD on UNFURNISHED nmtns, with board, for gontlomon ami their wivoa, or .shißlo Bontlomou.. A fowi day boarders wanted. Refer ences required. 1 n ANIT 18 ELDUIDGR-OOURT.-TO RENT WITH XU hoard, ftfowvnrydotdrablorijnms, sullnblo fnrgen t lemon mid wives or gentlemen companions; references ro<)itln-d. , ’ 0* lioiiso t fTrul-clnsli blUrd, uUlirdMlf, <JV\J VJMAIfJ. »i«iii wlih 080 of t day hoard, sl. . . A CCOTTAGfrPLACE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST xcJ and Tblrly-nocond-Bls.—l largo chamber and Irlu* plo room, with board. Pleasant location for the summon halt a block from steam or street car*. . . A O HUIHtARD-COURY—FURNISHED ROOMS TO rent for gentlemen, wltli or without board: accom modations for day-boarders. Tl R '.ANirTw Tinnb-Av.*-To rent, with J.J.U bond, several nloo rooms, suitable for man and wife, or single gent lemon; nlauflrst-clarsday-board. 9no TWirN^^T-IPl T ITST~i!X“si r " OF STATE— iwo gentlemen maybavoa furnished room and good board. 9QI WIOIIIOAN-AV.—ELEGANTLY FURNISH* od siiito of rooms to ront with board, 90c MICIIIO A ZfKjO furnished second story front room, with board; also room for tingle gentlemen. QQX WABABU-AV.-NIOE ROOMS AND BOARD «JvJ x for ladles and gentlemen 5 or day board. AA7 WAi|Asli-AV.-Niai: 'iucK nboM, also l _£x| single rcotn, with good board. Vl O/L AVAR 11 INGLE OR xl/x on suite, with llrst-ulasß board; also, day board. A good barn to ront. QO soirrii deariioun-st. (burnside), X t/t/noar Twenty-ninth—A nlco, oheorfnl family hoiol; nxoellpnt table, nnd surprisingly low prices: single rooms. sll nml $7; a miHO of front rooms to ront.- ■U xu. rooms, to rent with board; also a few day board* ots accommodated. References exchanged. KQO WAUARILAV.-A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE Ut/ u or Blnalo gentlomon may obtain doalrnblo and mcolv funitalioa rnotna, with oxcollont bonnl; references. , nM WABASII-AV s -liAVINa OHANGEI) HANDS, y.yc parties can find delightful npnrtroonts and boaitl; tablo a specialty., Nonobut llrat»clnsi people doslrod. I Ui rooms, with llnHclnss tablo for gentlomon and wives or single gentlemen. References required. 09 A AVABASILAV.-A VERY HANDSOME PAR (JjU xlor suite, furnished or unfurnished; can bo rented separately If desired; references required. nfir, MTCIIfOAN-AV.—IIANDSOSIEROOMS HUIT i/UU able for gentleman ami wlfo: also, for two singlo gcutlemou, with lint-olass tablo board; dinners at 6; rof oroncou rouuired. , 097 WADASU-AV.—PLEASANT ROOMS EN y 4 i suite or ulnglo, with first-class hoard, Afowday boardem accommodated. KIM WABASH-AV.-TWO GENTLEMEN AND xu yo tbeir wires, and n fow einglo gentlemen, can find board and pleasant rooms, 11 91^AT l i’ti T W. NEAR TWENTY-FOURTH— ±±*j± South Side lionro Hotel; excellent table, and good rooms at $6 per wook { families at reduced rates. APLEASAKT'FURNISIIEn ROOM, WITH GOOD - family board for a gentleman and wife or two gen* uuinon, on Mlohlgan-av. f c irnct* of Twonty-first-st.; ref erences required. Address R, Room 17, Reaper Block, corner Clark aud Washlnglonets. •nOARDING-A FAMILY OCCUPYING A PLEAS " anUy.fnrnlahod homo in a duairablo neighborhood, on GlO s*?*?.. have two or tbroo unoccupied rooms, and would like to receive two or threo gentlemen, or a gentle man and wife, who would mako a pleasant addition to thotr circle. References exchanged. Address, in confi dence,JF 57, Tribune office. SOUTH OF . TWENTY-SECOND. jL»± at.—Boarding, with rooms furnished nr unfurnished, In a marble front, 'lablo uniurpaseod. References ro-‘ qulrod. luquiro of a boarder at Room 10 Bryan Block. West Side. 1 O SOUTH OURTIS-BT.-1 FURNISHED FRONT * room for gentleman and wife, with board. Also other roimiß for gentlemen and ladies, *|Q SOUTH ANN-ST.-TWO VERY DESIRABLE **• .. ‘“miahod rooms, on suite or single, suitable for a gentleman and wife, or four single guntlemon, with or without board. 9ft aberdeen-st.-marble front-a home ajw of comfort, elegance, and refinement: now, clean, and every convenience; terms reasonable. Suites and sin glo now roadj, OA ABKRDERN-ST.-FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH OV/or without board; also a few day boarders. • A A SOUTH MORGAN-ST.-A VERY DESIRABLE and nicely furnished front room, with first-class board. An SOUTH PEOUIA-BT.—TWO UNFURNISHED I front rooms, with board, to gontloman aud wife. Good reference resulted. rjR SOUTH PEORIA-ST. ROOMS FOR MAN I <J and wife; also rooms fur throo gontlomon, with first* class board. CO VAN BUREN-ST., TOP FLOOR-AROOU Xj\J for four young men, wltli board. a SOUTH MORGAN-ST.—FOR GENTI.KMAN AND wife, In Private family, a handsomely furnished mint room, with bedroom. In marble front: bouse has all modem Improvements; also, a single room for gentleman, with good board. QO SOUTH MOROAN-ST.-A NICELY-FURNISHED uy room, suitable lor gontloman and wife or two single Eontlomon: also, a room fora single gentleman 5 house as all modern Improvements; board unexceptionable. Oft ABHLAND-AV.. COR. MONROE-ST.-TWO t/U elegantly fumUlicd front rooms, to rent, with board. Must bo aeon to bo appreciated. Apply at No. 93. mfi irioop-st.-Two young gentlemen 1 i> A WARREN-AV., CORNER X«J*x accommodations for a few young gents at $7 nor week. A few day-boarders wanted. Table first-class. 1 Aft SOUTH PEOIUA.ST.—PLEASANT ROOMS XJcU forgnntlomon; also a young Indy to room with an other. Day boarders Accommodated. .WEST SVASniNGTON.ST. - NEW AND XKJtJ nicely furnished rooms, with board, single or In aultos, togontloraon and thnlr wives or single gontas $U to $lO per week; day board, $4. Ik). 179 WEST WABHINQTON-RT.—P LEAB AN T X I aj furulsbod room to ront with board, suitable for gentleman and wife or two gentlemen. 17A. WEST WASHINGTON.ST.—TO RENT ■LI f Rooms furnished er unfurnished, with or without board. mWESTWASHINQTON-ST.— PLEASANT WELL furnished rooms, enltnhlo for gentleman and wife, or single gontlomon, with desirable board; house modern and central. oor BLUE ISLAND-AV.—WANTED, MAN AND ZIOU Wife to board with private (English) family. Tonos, sl2 per wook. QQO WESTWASIIINGTON-ST.—ALCOVE SUITE with board. QQfi WEST MADISON-ST., CORNER OF ABKR OOvJdoon—Good furnished rooms to rent, with or with out board. A few day boarders accommodated. ■QQ'ft WEST .ADAMS-ST,. CAN ACCOMMODATE OOUporsnna desiring board with a nicely furnished room; tirst-classtablo; private family. QK7. WEST JAOKSON-ST.—TWO FINE LARGE Ocl I .front room, sultablo for gents and wives, and good board; modern conveniences. OQQ WEST RANDOLPH-ST. -HANDSOMELY Out/ furnished rooms, with board, for families or sin glu gontlomon. WEST WASUINQTON-ST.-2 SUITES OF rooms, furnished or unfurnished, with board. WEST WASHINOTON-ST.—BOARD AND 01U nice room, with largo closet, suitable for gentle man and wlfo; modem improvements; private family. 00 9 WEST MONROE-ST. NEAR WOOD-TWO UU-ior three gontlomon can obtain pleasant rooms with good board; 0 o’clock dinner. JOIINSTONE HOUSE, 114 AND 116 WEST MAD- Uon-at.—Everything first-class; terms $3 por day; tablo board $6 por wook. S" T. CitAßLl'a “hotel, cornbr desplaines and Waahlngum-sU., day board, sLtiO per wouk;hoard aud room, $7 to SI(J per week; best accommodations. Conntrv- I HAVE ROOM FOR A FAMILY OR SEVERAL: single hoarders. - MRS. D. O. DICKINSON, Wau kegan. BOARD WANTED. BOARD-IN a quiet private family for a gentleman, wife, and daughter, 6 years of ogo, ulioro thoro nru no othor boarders, and whoro tho comforts of a • homo can bo onjoyed. Rooms ensuito preferred. Un furnished, except carpets. South Side, south of Twenty- 1 socoml st. preferred, No boarding houses need ■Acldrosa ZIC, Tribune otHoo. TJOARD—IN HYDE PARK BY A FAMILY OF AJ gentleman, wlfo, two children and niece. Would, prefer living with a private family, Address O 85. Trib- UQO OtUOU. Board-tor family of four adults, on West Side, In exchange for two lots inside Boulevard on South Ashland-av. Address Box 47, P. O. pOARD-FOR GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, IN GOOD- Sj locality during tho summer, for which good suburban real estate, rapidly raising in value, will bo given at n low figure. Address Z l.'l, Tribuno mhoo. PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNER WANTED—WITH SO,OOOTO SIO,OOO OAPI X tnl, to take an Interest Inis well-established hardwire business in this city. Good ruluroiiccs given and ro iu,t.rod,.*&ld.ro9B J Aa ‘ HOKTON, firm of Win. Blair, a Co., 171 Lako-at. WANTED- WITH FROM $6,000 TO X SIO,OOO, In woll-catahlishod foundry and innohinu rtiop in a growing country town; no competition vrlihin 2U mllci.and whom the beat gang-plow now In tho market la liprllculnra call or address CIIAS. A. BUDLOW, 87 South Ulark-at., Ohieago, 111. pARTNKU WANTED—IN A MOST PROFITABLE A i nu lL w £!.. Oß M!}. d i 8,,0 d restaurant bualneaa on tbo South. Side; $3,000 or s2,6uu money required. Don't answer un le»a you moan business. Address O 30, Tribuno office. PARTNER WANTED-! WANT A ao'diTuuSlT uess man with $250 to take hall intaroat Inobukincaa u»at Will pay principal In thirty days. 70 Ea»t Madison at., Room 6. U. A 00. MUSICAL. TjIOR SALE—A FIVE OCTAVE RtfTKY ORGAN. ™ . c w oa,, .. for oa,tj * onllmo orrent. Cnllor addroaa til Weat Van Bureu-at., up atalra. PIANO AT A GREAT BARGAIN. FOR CASH; 7 oolavo, overstrung, bass, rosewood case, full tone, In nno order, fur only $17.1. Also, one finely curved, for f’uric av^° W aHua loss tho regular price, S6l HOUSEHOLD GOODS. It'Oß HALE—A MOSES POND NO. 3 KITCHEN LnonibTafa** t* porloot, aud will ho sold cheap, at ISO T?OR HAUE~AKPLENDID RANOFy RUITABLB a,rn.r to ,,ViC l |g f .; l . l '‘ l,l ‘ 1 -‘ ,lgl, °' N “’ “ <Vusl INSTRUCTION. Ty ANTED—BY A LADY TIIOIIGUCH O ' qualntod with the ironoh iauguegc, n pleasant home In a family fur Urn aummor months, either asoom- C-lvilnum nlHoo: can bo given. Z machinery. 7; 1 H?' uuakk ano I'iokku p i ■TT* beater, for Ui.klnir OQlumuu tow tif flar-muee. All ilteM btutuuvat. mtrtbwuet curuor Lako uttl butti.u. WANTED—MAI.E HELP. J^ra^s&UT. ,, i u l ;S , iT ,n !""■ •“» WANTKD— AHHIBTANT UOOiCKKEPKU. MUST bo nmd tiotimnn and accurate. Addrout Birin? a?a andMfcnnioM, /,2a, Trlhunooflloo. ' ‘“ nn » a »« W~“ a‘n i;ed-fiju; sman’in retail QROOPUy: Trades. TIT ANTED—A TTRSTyOIiASS IIORSE.RUOnU, TO *» whom Moady employment- nnd Rood wugoanJll be even; railroad faro will also bo paid to Itouk Inland. An. lafaml “u°® by ,otUJC to WALTER DANIJEH, Rock VU" antlsd—an nxpuniENOKD soiiolmawyrh TT who,-la accustomed to run a band-nsw. Atmlrnt Northwqatern Planing Mill, Nob. 76 to 87, Woat Olilca* bout. »•' •'•-•••* WANTED-A NO, 1 WAOON-MAICKR, CORNER Vi HaUtod and Tblrly-Jlret-Bte., No, 1216. Call wltbla 8 days. 1 ' WANTItU-TIIIIRR PANTS MAKRUS. W. HOD RRIB, 166 Twonty-aocoad-at. ■yy -ANTIiL)- TWO 'MKTAL - SION OUTTJBRS; TO -■ competent workman cootl wncos nml & Bioadr job will ho elrou. GAUUETBON A DUUAIIIIY, ZlOKast linillinn^t. \yA*NTED-PLUMBER AT WEIR A CRAIG'S, 149 *T Arober-nv; WANTED-A PLUMBER, IMMEDIATELY; ALSO, ‘I, a bey that has boon at too Uubluoh. , 648 Arcliur*nv,. WANTED- PAlN'im'sV INQUmbT^TI«TWIiST Mauiion-st., boforo noon. WANTEIJ-Rridr.KfAkEns on fine sewed •loclfj’ Apply at J. O. O. CURTlS’Factory, north west corner Laku and Stato-sts, Ty ANTED—BLANk^OOnTHI NDETIS, APPLY AT >T once.' CULVER, PAGE, lIOYNE A CO., 118 and Un) Monroo-st., lifih Hoop. . , • "\\T ANTED—A PHOTOGRAPHIC OPERATOR; A dolph.?t"V ft " profom(1 * .. Imiulro at 148 WcstlUn- \V ANTED-TINNEUANn BLACKSMITH TO COM .OOOII "Q”**- “■ ) TA «,ON;-’' IAKKn - OALL AT a >3 South Statc-at., from Ito6p. m» . i ■ ■ . , WAKTBU-A GOOD F]riST”*AND' BEOOND MAN ■»» i. 000 “' • Aindlson*stt« • • ATMoNALLY’3, WWvin&SS?,&V&S?V naMjSSSS: WANTED-A OR R GOOD"CARPENTERS. APPLY this day at UJIAMPLIN 4 BUCKLEY'S planing mill,, near Lake. . , WANTED-A GOOD BARBER, AT WO. 70 BLUE Island-av. Steady work. , Coaoiimon.'Toamotora. &o. . AND WIFE; MAN AS COACH man mud gardener, wlfo to cook, waih, and Iron. Applyß:.lQn. m. Thursday. O. O. LAY, H4 Mlohlgao-nv. ’ 1 Sftisoolliuioonfi. NEW YORK IMPORTING AND ,»» . jobbingnlnoand liquor honse, well and favorably known lonauny years, look ttiosorvlousof an active young man as talesman fop tho Northwest.' WUbono who has arafo and-noll-ostablSshod trade among-drugglsts and grocers, a liberal arrangomont will bo made. The host of RttJEfH&VU ■ Borvlcoswill bo required.- Address IMPOIUEIt, Poat-OlHco Box 4891, Now York. W^Jg. D r M * EN I.”* “VERY TOWN, COUNTY. 'S. B . o^. 00 * nowbutton-holo cutter aiii noodlo-lhrcadlng ihlmblo. Agents that wish tho good* wll save money and Umo by buying diroot of tho manu facturers, at 1)J East Aladlson-st., Room 6. MEN, AT LEAST B FT. •ft 6 inohcs high, for U. 8. Army, at 83 North OanaCat. WANTRD-BEVERAL ENERGETIC MEN TO » » canvass in tho cltv for thn Babcock Fire EiUnauish er. Apply to BRADLEY BATES ± CO. 78 MarkoUt. Salary men noed not apply. ’ , ’ T\rANTED—A, BOY 13 OR 14 YEARS OLD TO • > tako carp of a horso In tho morning and act as er rand hoy during tho day. Apply between 7 and 9 Thurs day mornfhg to T. F. LAWRENCE, 81 North Ann-st. T\T ANTED—THIS FORENOON. ONE OENTLeT JI nianly oanvassor. A good position. BRADLEY 4 tu.| 773 Carroll-st. Ty ANTED—IN AN ARCHITECT’S OFFICE, A BOY p - lbi^iuogx . WMSESP-®” •'ENJO WORK ON BAIUIOABS, t f farms, Baw>tnlU». tlo-ohoppora, atono*qnftrrlo«, oto, *«iK^’ , w rta i tI S n applr to CHRISTIAN ■ A liXNO, No. 1 South Clark or 101 HouUi Canal-at. *\\T ANTED—A FEW MEN FOR THE CITY. AND COO T f for oataldo town*, for an oaiy business, paying moa andworaonslotos6o anoek on Bmall capital. Samples to country froo. A. RAY, Room 8; 26 West Lako-BtT^ WANTED— LABORERS, GARDENERS. TEAM ■tor or coachman ati Hlghwood. Good place to aoouro a nomo. • K. ASHLEY WEARS, 200 LaSaßo-at. "WTANTED—AT ROOM 1, NO. 7! SOUTH OANAT^ dVnci--rs.VioHigmr lll oomo ,n,i ' oo “>• «*• T\rANTED—MEN OUT OP EMPLOYMENT TO I) call on JUNKS AGO., 71 South Cannl-at.; S3O to Bto a week euro money. ’ w WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domestics. vxrANTED t a SERVANT GIRL FOR GENERAL t t^°^ OVTOrk * In( l ulr ° at 62S Indlana-av., near Six. \VANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL !Li I ho . n l ,o ’ l,orlt l aßwodsorUstmin preferred. Apply ato39 Indlana-av. WA NTED—A GIRL TO COOK. WASH. AND IRON ANTED-A GOOD diRIT’FbR” HOUSEWORKS SmaULimiy 53tt wook. Applylustore, 2U WoatLako-at. WSOfTKb-A GOOD STRONG GIRL FOR SECOND work in a boarding-bouso. S6l SouthEtato-at. TWANTED-A QUIET RESPECTABLE OIUL TO T ' charge of an infant, IG3 West Washipaton-st. WANTED —A GOOD COMPETENT GIRL FOR general housework In tho suburbs 5 wages, *4 per Buftc'st y ' PRUfISING’S Vinegar Works, Wl WANTED-SERVANT GIRL: MUST BE A GOOD ■J.j , washer, and irouor; throe in family. Coll at No. 1 Dluo Island-ay.. corner Harrison-st. ."WANTED—GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK West Randolph.™* ApPly ° r addro “ JOE SOBERS, luß \V a NTED_a GIRL TO MIND A BABY AND *r wash dishes, Inquire at 07 Slitoonth-at. -\yANTED—TWO COOKS AT 420 STATE-ST. W A I!I.i:^r ; VMa^ i . 1 n 1 !. E ;. T0 aOOK - WANIED— A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housowork In a private family. Apply at 77 Vln« .cennos-av., near Cottage Qrovo-av. and Wurty-soVonth. XVTANTED-A WOMAN TO DO GENERAL HOUSE >I --work, Iho highest wages to a drst>blass nenou Inquire at 409 West Randolph-st. porson. WANTED -GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work In small family. 199 South Poorla-st. WANTED-GOOD STRONG GIRL TO COOK. ■Z S"!i. l 'il£‘i«AfAte 0 .;:-- Thun,dw « lrl - IyANTKU-A GOOD SECOND GIRL, ONE USED tY • to children, aUßTwenty-fourth-at. '\\7ANTED-TtVO GIRLS, OR MAN AND WIFE, -Mm. date's fiM'-c'S. 10 I “ W * ! “" UIJ W* ANTKD-IN a private family, an excel. loot cook, and a good second girl; both to boolean ’ anu noat, and well qualified.. Ilia Wabash-av. . GENERAL HOUSEWORK. . , *1 IWI Wabash-av., between Twenty-third profMred ® onu,ul * Bwodo, or Norwegian AKTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work in tho country, nearby, in small family. In. (qmro at 12 East Madiaon-st., socoud story. ■TWANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO" DO GENERAL Caual st U *° ta a flmttl i family. No. f&i .South WAN-rKO-AOKHMAN GIKL BETWEEN H AND ,L 'lsEKsillii?. 1 ' 01, »“ , “"“ rk “>« of two por. WANTED-A PinST-OLASS COOK AND NURSE, girl. 68 Worth W ANTED-AT RESTAURANT NO. -&I 8 SOUTH •.*5.,. Stato-at., aaocond-oook (fom.ilo);alao girl to work In uitchon. p OOOD COOK. WASHER, AND WANTED— A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE* work iu a private family. 883 Wcat. Waililngion-aU WANTED-A STEADY GIRL TO WORK AND iron. Apply at 177 Woat Wa«hlngtoa»at. WANTED— A. GOOD OIUL TO DO GENERAL homework. Apply at «55 South Doarborn-H. W A^l r [P^^. G P 0I ? Co o K^pl> AT 606 South llalstod-st. I\TANTKD-A GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND v> Ironor. Apply at 615 Wabash-av. WANTED-C3B WEST WASHINGTON-ST., A GIRL »»: to do general housework lu a family of four; German preferred. "\\TANTED—A NURSE GIRL TO TAKE GARB OF M a baby 1 year old. Apply at 003 Mlchlgan-av. T\fANTED—GERMAN, HOLLAND, OR NORWE vi alan girl for general housework in a small family; wagogftj. Ca»at4s3Wo»tllarrtßOD.»t. WANTED— A COMPETENT GIRL TO COOK, wash, asm Iron; Gorman preferred. Apply at 876 I’ralrlo-nv. W'ANTKD-A GOOD COOK AND CHAMBERMAID. w °h recommended. Applyatliti SouthSaugauion.Bt, 1 , \\7*ANTED—A COMPETENT GIRL IN SUAIJ. FAM iI ily, at 713 West Jackson-st. WANTED—A COMPETENT GIRL FOR GENERAL V V housework. Must bo a good washer and Ironor. b-pplyathJi Wabaah’UV., basement dour. WANTED—A COMPETENT GIRL FOR GENERAL il housowurklua small family. Good wages, and no washing required. Apply, with references, at 63 Twenty fourthst. T\ r A NTICn-A GOODKITOHFN-GIRL. APPLY if early Thursday morning at tho Clarendon House, corner Ontario and North Glark-sts, WANTED— TWO SMART GIRLS' FOR KITCHEN work. ApplyatT. ANDREWS'chop house, rear 190 Dcarborn-st. ' \\f ANTKD-OIRL TO DO GENERAL day “ “ ,o<l ,ldf °* u WANTED— A GIRL TO WASH AND IRON FOR _ prlvuto family. luQ bouth Park-av. WANTKb-X STRONG QIRL~FOR GENERAL J :_i UJUSOW ‘^. { .* 00d u South \\T ANTED—AT 79 WEST LAKE-BT.7diRr~TO DO > V ohauihorwork and assisting dining-room. Seamstresses. WANTED- NO. 1 OPERATORS ON SINGER’S •wll“»'-machine, to work on hats and capa. 125 W A N . T w OLA aw sknvkhsT at HMVES A PUEhCUTT, tsa Wabash-av. Luuntlresses* WANTED-TWO FIUKT-CJLAMH HHIRT-inONERS, VT ono l? ( 1 l , l Ironur, and two. wasbvromou. ami'll 61 Bloom Laundry, U Last Ad* WANTED—FEMALE HELP. MllUnorn. . WANTED-TWO JIILMNEHSI JttJBT. HK »3C. ! Vr tjorlonood. Call atfMl Btato-at. MAD, DAURRICT’B French millinery. Employment Aroiiolos. Wanted-good girls for private pahi lies, Hvrodoa, Norwoulani, Dane*. arvl,/iijonvoi« COOKI. n»f<aw»i»»aM«OT«ar. ' ...... MisooUanotm*. a W A £JJP“ A rPI ,I k '£llo UNDERSTANDS ITAIIU s^s.4^9n^wanted--ma£ei ■ . jQnoltlcoopor« t Clorlrs. &o 1 . SITUATION ‘WANTED—ASARWRTANT ROOIC. o»lco. 00p0r * ponman * AddroM O 67, Trlbun* CITUATJON WANTED—HY A YOUNG-MAN Iff capacity where ho oan-UojronoS CITUATION WAITED- AsDRUG AND VRIC . sorlptlon clerk. Address Z 81, Tribune olflco. S l \^^. TION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT HOOK. arn«. «^n or .? B is? £ ,m . n . Q & ,ho •onibor business. Ad* UUObwiLLTK. °° a ° U U mt6r Bt " ,Moon*. l. TUGS. CITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MARRIED R ” ln s, nyc .°! nn . l ? rcla ‘ or business capacity. Good anlnimsn. No objection to traveling.- Five yean' ex* portoaco. Address A P3, TrUmno oltico. Traitos* p civil engineering Institute, who is a practical oarnon nn l iiMim r r?n!'' *} r *\ny klii<l of work whoto bis sorvlcei ?««« I r rogultoll V Ironolt and English, and lias. uno^rtlco r ° mnnon bHI d Uff^°toro, Address V 29, Trit>!' SITUATION WANTED-A PAINTER AND OAIi kj Bomlnor wishes a steady Job through tho i.tnmtir nUnaco ' lo r ftddt r : CITUATION WANTED —AS WAGONMAKRR, CITUATION WANTED—AS BLACKSMITH'S HELP* Mhmo ofto””*** 0 ° r mao^ lao “ b °P* Address O 111. CiTUATKJNB .WANTED—BY MAN AND WIFE.' hr.;-r2i’ clA ?? and wastry cooks t no objections to the country, pall or, address M, PATTERSON, No. 70 ouorroan-st. w Ooaohxnon* Teamsters. &o, CITUATION WANTED—BY A COMPETENT AND tJ good man as hostler and to work at all work, with a Hood reference. Address or call at 912 west iweith-Bt; • OiTUATION WANTKO-DY A YOUNO MAN IN A priyato family to tako oaro of horses, or as coachman. AdJrS. 0 . r v r Ssßf.* GooJ OUJ ror " ro ”"" : SITUATION WANTED—BY A MAN AS COACH » *?*? , n . ft faintly jis a good driver and under. ,Btand» taking oaro of horses, is willing to work, and can giro good totcronco. Address VM, Tntmno oflfco. OITUATION WANTED —BY A FIRST-CLASS kJcoaobman ; can bring tho bostof city roforoncos. Please address 55 K, Trlbuuo office. • OITUATION WANTED —BY A FIRST-CLASS kj coachman, in o private family; 1b well posted In his b.ulnota, and has llrsfolass city roforoncoß. Address D 91, Tribune olEco. SITUATIONS WANTED —BY A RESPECTABLE LJ ,•t rotostantman and wife; ho as coachman, sho aa °ook, without washing. Address, foradnys.D D 3. Trlli. ono olnoo, ’ ' , ‘ ' ' uSiHooUanooixs. omjATION WANTKD-TO-WORK ON A FARM O fop ono .or two years. Address QUINCY, 823 Cottaga OITUATION WANTED—BY A PARTY WHO OAN furnish best of roforonocs, posting, collecting, oi "■‘“‘"•■’■rtol Id. Urn.. Ad. SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE Domestics. OITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL, TO DO GEN, Uoral housework tu email family. Inquire 496 Morgan-st, CITUATION WANTKD-ny A RESPKOTABLH Uwoman, in a small family. Call at 180 Wost Monroo-»t. OITUATIONB WANTED— BY TWO GOOD OIRLBL kJ ono to Uo gonoral lioußowork la a small private family, and the other to do dlnlog«room work or second work. Call at 26 Suporlor«st. gITUAT’ . RATION WANTED-A8 COOK IN A SMALL- Sftf it basSm* 5 & Strode; roforoncca. Address 10 .GITUATION - WANTED—BY A GIRL FROM THH A^«?? ,I ?nss\/a? 0 . 80 ? oral housework in a small family; Apply at 878)$ Stato-at. CITUATIONS WANTED—RY TWO GIRLS, , ONH Lj to go out washing or houso-cleanlng, tho other for aooond work.or general homework in a amall family, rioaao call at 2SI Twentloth»at., up atatra. South Sldo. GITUATION - WANTED—BY A GOOD COOK, IN >* J city or country, restaurant or liotol 5 good references. AddroggDW, Tribune offioo. ■ • - - GITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT WOM« kJ an, ns nurse or aooond work; no objection to tbo coun try. Apply at Ist Buttorliold-st. • • SITUATION WANTED—TO DO GENERAL HOUSE, work in a private family. Address 160 MaxwolUt. SITUATION WANTRD-TO DO GENERAL HOUSE* mn.Unq private family. Boat of city roforonco, I! ro qulrod. Pleasocall at 10 Huron-st., North Side. - • QIfUATION WANTED-TO DO SECOND-WORK Thlrdar riTftto 5 aood clt * reference. Call at SU GITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE kJ girl, to do aqcond-work In a first-cJasa family; privato bouao preferred. Inquire at S3 Kldridge-oonrtT GITUATIONS WANTED—AMERICAN - PROTEST* kJ ant girl to cook; also second girl ina first-class privato family; steady place wanted. Call at 118 Burnslde-st.. between Sixteenth and Seventeenth. Best of reference given. Sorunstroßses. . SITUATION WANTED-BYA FIRST-OLASSFITTER b- 1 ftnda™s.raakor, engagement# by tho day or week. Ad. dross Zea, Tribuno oUloo. 1 Nnrsos.' CITUATION WANTED-BY A PROFESSIONAIj O woman anno. Call as 233 Calumet-ar.- • SITUATION WANTED—AS NURSE, BY A LADY O ol oiporionoo. Address D 69, Tribuno ottico.' Miscellaneous, CITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN TO tJ tako charge of llnqn department; has had 5 years* experience In lirst-olass hotel. Best of references given. Address X 65. Tribune office. . LOST AND POUND. Lost— physician’s pocket-case of instru monte, 00 Wabash-av. or Kightoonth-st. Tho flndot iTul bo llborauT rewarded by returning to owner, south, oast corner Halatod and Harrison, or 610 Wabaah-av. O. 7\qaT-$lO REWARD FOR THE RETURN TO 6M totir«situ°dwo? o ning. bl * ck “ uJ tonßlutl,earoldj T,9 S T.r A SMALL OALF-SKIN BLANK-BOOK, co . r d. r h 1“ whlqb woro written notes lltcraturo! this can bo of valuo bnttotho Inary** Ilotum *° lß d Aahland-av., or to Dearborn Som-. TiWVft 0 RBWARD-FROM PARK RIDGE, A JLi black Newfoundland slut, anawora to tho name of Flora, has extra toes on imldo hind foot; last board from at Jefferson. coming to Chicago 5 tboabovo fflward will MiDGB 1 doU,rorjr at 891 ” oat S'- TALL. T OST-ON THE CORNER OF CLARK AND LAKE. XJ sts., a tan terrier slut, with long oars. Any person bringing her to No. 100 West Watcr-at. will bo liborally rewarded. JOHN IIANNIQAN. 17 T OST—SUNDAY, ON FIFTY-FIRBT-BT., A SMALL JJ bay mare with small white streak on lorohoad, one foro log knee-sprung; rope around her nook: good toward paid on her return to 25 East Kiusio-st. T OST-ON TI IK N1 GUT OF MAY 13. ON OMAHA XJ train, O. iN. W. U. It., near Genova, 111., a porto* mounalo containing abont to ifflO In money, and ticket, Chicago to Sau 1 ranclioo, No. 906, Any person roturnlna portemonnalo and ticket to A. A.'WiSST, Gone?#. IU.T way keep the monoy. * L’ost—fuom OUT unla»»>»"••’ -JB DELIVERY WAGON, ON SAT j unlay OTouJnjf. hotwoon Madi>on<«t. and Hubbard, court, a parcel oMlnoo carpeting. Five dollars reward will bo paid for llio return of the aamo to our office. 120 Doarlmrn-at. U. U. &L. MUNOEII. TT’OUND-'ASTJIAY—A BAY MAKE; PROVE PROP. 01 J - u - TT'OUND—ASTRAY.. A LARGE NEWFOUNDLAND andtakoa ™ ’^ STRAYED-ON SUNDAY, MAY 18. BETWEEN 3 *ua 4 ot olooic |>. m. a from tho wood and coal yard of DanlolT. Elston, foot of WoatGrovo-at., North lirancb a young. tlno-hred cow, heavy with calf, aged Bor 6: color red, with whito spot on Hank, white hag, toata covered with warta, abort atralght horns. Tho purann ratnrnlma hot to tho owner will rocolvu sloroward. DANIEL T* ELSTON, foot Weal Gruvo-at., N. IL, or aid North Oar< pontor-at. . OTUAYED OR BTOLICN-A LIGHT BAY MARE, IQ p hands high, right car split, and small lump ou loft hind leg: buggy yacht box, painted black, rod runnioti gear, Information stmt to K. Washburn. Gsnoral Super intendent of Police. A liberal reward will be given. W’ AREiibllSE RECEIPTS LOST—OinOAQO"iSoOK Company warehonso receipt So. £176 for 4(HJ barrels, e>. i'. Harris, IxttCl, Collar •‘0;" also. No. 8. loe-Hnuso 2, for CO barrels, H. K Harris, both to our orders boine ri»o' TU A !lb y CO 1 ’" 11 * 3 * 00 • t0 UOfc '°” ftU * tha SEWING MACHINES. A N , OBOVKB i UAKKU SKWINQ-MAoiTINK; XL handsome table and cover, almost now, prleafiSO. 4 East Eltfhteeuth-at. 1 GnOVER A BAKER'S SEWING.MAQIIINEH-GKnT oral nines, lf,o Statost.; branch ollicc, P79 Wabash* »y. roreous having old Grover A linker Bowlng-mnotiino>t aro Invited to call and soo tbo now improvements, and hoar something to their advantage. gINOBR HEWING MACHINES—WEST SIDE OF* 1 lloa of NICHOLS A PEARSON. HI South llalstod-st. Roulnea sold or routed on easy monthly payments, and sowing given when required. QINQRR SKWING*RiAOHINES-NORTII SIDE. OF* O ttoo, No. 191 North darkest., corner Ohio. Machine* ■old or rented on cany monthly payments; open evenings. QINOER OFFICE OF A, .1. MKLOHKUT, SIS SOUTH O, machines sold ou monthly payment# and rentodj Open evenings. ; ■ TnaE NEW FLORENCE SEWING MAOIIINK-WB X call special attention In recent Improvements mad# In tho Florence, also to tho now and elegant stylus of case; Milled to our list. To moot tbo views of them) preferring a mnohine (coding tho work away trom tho operator, wi havo made Nos. 13 and 11, which combine tho doslrablt features to bo found In maohlnos made by others, with all tho peculiar excellencies of tho Floronao. WM. H. SHARP A CO., General Agents, 2H Stato-at., Chicago. W““ HifELEU A WILSON SEWING tho uovv ltnproved sold or rented on oaiy monthly payments. BURNHAM A FLANNERY, City Agents. otlloo 163 Stato-st. • * BUILDING MATERIAL. non 000 fWWHIUOKFOR BALE CHEAP v-'WI/.yWly imreudlato delivery, Alio a good brick, yard, with an order fur 1.500,0td brick; will toko pay Ir brick oh mn_dfl, _B._F. HEAD, 12d Glark-st. CLAiRVOYANTSi DR. MATHEW AND MADAM MAYNARD, BUSL nou and medical madlmna. lai Wait Midiioa-it. 7

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