Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 22, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 22, 1873 Page 8
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8 FOREIGN. The Pope-in Danger of Death by Suffocation. Appearance or me uiuicra « u Posen, Germany. Election Biota in Merida, Yucatan—'■ Thirty laves Lost.- Defeat of the Conservative Coalition in the French Assembly. FRANCE. London, May 21.—Tho French Atlantic cable la repaired. Pams, May 21.—Tho Assembly this afternoon proceeded to complete its organization by the election of Vice Presidents. There was an ob etinate contest over the Fourth Vioo Presidency, for which office M. Martel, the avowed supporter of ..President Thiers, was nominated by tho Loft. Two ballots were taken without result, none of of the nominees having a majority, On the third ballot, M, Martel was elected by a majority of coven, receiving 880 votes to 828 for his opponent. Tho announcement of the result caused a very profound sensation in the Chamber. Although close, the vote is a decided reverse for tho powerful con servative combination in tho Assembly which made the election of M. Martel a lest question. It is now believed that Thiers will have a ma jority of thirty in tho vote on the interpellation, notwithstanding the coalition of the Donaportist, Legitimist, and Orloanist members against him. Both aides are maldog efforts to bring out all tbeir strength, and pressing summons have been to all absent members to come to Versailles. Among the speakers will bo President Thiers, M. Oassimer Perior, the Duke De Broglie, and Duke D’Audiffrot Padquter.' SPAIN. Madrid, May 21.—The Carlisle, under Don Alfonzo, attacked Sanahuja yesterday. After a stubborn resistance the commandant of tbo gar rison surrendered, on condition that the lives of Ida men should bo spared { but. notwithstanding the terms of tbo capitulation, tbo Oorllats butch ered 150 of tbo men in iho streets of tho town. Madrid, May 21.—Tbo first report of tho mas sacre of the surrendered volunteers by Carlisle, at’Sanahuja, was greatly exaggerated. Only sixteen volunteers wore butchered. Ssnor Ovelro, Minister of Marino, tendered tie resignation yesterday, butfiubsequontlywith drow it. • . It Is reported that tbo Government will pro pose that the President of the Republic bo oioot •d by aplebiscitum. London, May 21.— The report that tho Carllsts were about to introduce a loan in the London market is false. ITALY. Brussels, May 21. — A dispatch from Homo says: “The Pope baa bad several severe at tacks, and is in danger of suffocation. The Car dinals art in the Vatican, ready for any emer gency. . CUBA. Havana, May 20.—Mr. Price, the Now York Eeraid correspondent hero, was arrested this morning by order of the Government and placed in Fori Cabana. No one is allowed to communi cate with him. The charges upon which ho was arrested are not known. GERMANY. Berlin. May 21.— Cases of cholera are report ad in Eaei Posen. HOLLAND. The Hague, May 21.—The Ministers have tendered their resignations to the King. MEXICO. City of Mexico, May 16.—Congress will ad journ in a fortnight, until September. The family of the late President have deliv ered to President Lerdo do Tejada the sword of the Emperor Maximilian, which has boon in their possession since his surrender. An election riot took place in Merida, In which thirty persons wore killed and fifty wounded. CANADA. Sepeial Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Ottawa, May 21.—The death of Sir George E. Cottier leaves three , vacancies in the Dominion Government, two of which have remained un filled for Rome time. In the House, when the news was announced, much surprise was express ed. and several high tributes to his memory were delivered. Sir John A. Macdonald, to-day, proposed to tho House that the funeral should be a public one, tho expense to bo borne by the country. It is expected that tho House will adjourn late tonight or to-morrow till August. Ottawa, Ont., May 21.—Tho resolutions for the admission of Prince Edward Island into the Canadian Confederation bn the Ift of July passed the House of Commons. Halifax, May 21.— Throe more bodies have been recovered from tho Atlantic wreck. A considerable part of tho cargo, which was most ly hardware, nos been taken up. The brigantine Kildare, from Baltimore, re ports that on tho sth Inst., on Big George Bank, she saw a schooner lying at anchor, twenty feet under water. Tho foremast, mainmast, and main top-sail wore standing. The Kildaro wont close up, aud dead bodies wore aeon in tho cabin. Tho namo could not bo made out, but it was supposed to bo that of an American fish ing schooner. dt. John, N. B. f May 21.—Tho Lancaster Mills at Musquash burned this afternoon, to gether with about forty houses, occupied prin cipally by the employes. The fire is still burn ing. Ottawa, May 21.—The House of Commons to day voted annual subsidy to the Province of Now Brunswick for renouncing in accordance with the provisions of the Treaty of Washington tho right to collect duties on American timber trans ported down tho St. John lUvor. SPRINGFIELD. Fatal Mine Accident—Laud Dispute Compromised* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Springfield, 111.. May 21.—This afternoon, about 3 o’clock, James Euright, a minor engaged in mining at the Barclay mines, in this county, was instantly killed by tho premature explosion of a blast which ho was preparing. Tho deceas ed was a single man about SO years old, and lived in this city, where his body was brought for interment. A controversy in regard to the right of the Springfield & Northwestern Railroad over cer tain lands near tho Sangamon lUvor, In this county, having boon submitted to a jury ompan neled lor the purpose of assessing the damages, but who failed to agreo, was to-day amicably settled by the railroad paying the amount of damage demanded by tho parties interested, and now the last obstruction to the building of the road is removed. Springfield, HI., May 21.—The Public Printer delivered the last sheet of the laws passed at the last session of tho Twenty-eighth General As sembly to the Public Binder this morning. This evening tho Illinois Journal Company are delivering copies of a private edition. The time occupied by the printers in doing the work has been nine days. Odd Fellowship* Indianapolis, Ind., May 21. The Qrand Xodge of Odd Fellows met this morning. Tho reports show very gratifying progress and pros perity. The number of effective lodges in the State is SB3, of which six are new lodges. Tho whole number of contributing members is 21,707 •, of brothers relieved, 1,483 \ paid for re lief and charity, $34,873.08. Bt. Louis, May 21.—'Tho Qrand Encampment of Odd Fellows of Missouri meets here to morrow. Illinois KKtvvr and Canal Now«« Special IHepatch to The Chicago Tribune. LaSalle. May 21.—The steamer L&st Chance arrived to-day, towing tho canal-boat Nautilus, light, from Henry, destination unknown, and departed, towing the canal-boat North America, loaned with lumber, for OhllUcothe. The steam er Beaver arrived, towing one ice-barge from Bt, Louie for LaSalle, tho canal-boats • Oak Leaf and J. I. Sherman from Bt. Louis, loaded with sandstone, for Chicago, and the Gold Hunter, loaded with coal, for Chicago, and departed, towing tho canalboat Hiawatha loaded with pig-lroafor St. Louis. The aanalboat Jock Ilobinaou loaded with lumber for Florence, ami took two barges of Ico from Bom to Bt. Louis. Tho Q. L. Booth, loaded with pre pared husks from LaSalle, and tho Angola,' loiul od with LaSalle coaL both for Chicago, and tho Ocean, light, for Ottawa, all’passed tho canal; and tho Waterloo, loaded with lumber, for Bt. Louis. Tho Jack Robinson loaded with lumber for Florence, and bargo No, 4, light, for repairs at Peru, 111., passed out. 13 foot and 4 inches of water on tho mltro sill of Look 10, and i lh n hftß..Qf Hfttor on tho dnm at Henry, river. * w ViW RELIGIOUS. Tho Proabykbrltiti ANDombly, North, at ilalttraore««l k rocoodlnirw Yonto^lay. Special Dispatch to The Chicago TVftmuv BALnuonE, Md., May 21.—T0-day's diVbiUe on tho report of tho Committee on Bills End Over tures soon developed tho fact that thb Assembly was in favor of consolidating tho Boards of tho Church, and ’almost prepared to do so by sum mary proceed. By a majority of 29, tho whole mattot Was referred to a special committee of seven, composed of men prominent In the Church, several of whom are not members of this Assembly, to report next year. Tho Rev. E. A. Thompson, of Wooster, Ohio, made a speech, favoring action by this Assembly, in tho ooiuuo of which ho eald emphatically that It Was t time tho Boards should kuoW they wore tho servants of the presbyters, and tho pres byters werb not tho servants of, the Boards. It was stated, and not denied, that the business men of the Church are disposed to insist upon a reduction of the running expenses, and the oonseorltUou ol tho funds to the pur poses for which they wore contributed, and not to tho maintenance of a Boorotary aud other Officers of tho Boards. Dr. Nlccols and others, who opposed the reso lutions regarding the National Centennial, pro fess to bo entirely satisfied with Herrick John son’s revision of the wording of tho preamble. It Is now declared that tho Church may properly improve the occasion presented, aud not that it is expedient for tho Church to participate in tho Centennial and World’s Fair. Dr. Nlccols does not explain how either phraseology effects tho respectable body of tho Missouri Presby terians,’ whose estrangement ho predicted in case tho Centennial project was ap proved. Tho passage of the solemn declaration so-called, concerning tho “ declaar tlou and testimony people.” and the Southern Church, is regarded as highly important. ‘ When tho Assembly so voted unanimously, tho mode rator and gentlemen standing near on the plat form exchanged congratulations, and a stray Methodist said: “Amenl Praise God..” ’lt la only apprehended that tho Southern Church will regard tho solemn declaration as a concession easily obtained, and. therefore, insist upon more, when it is admitted that all the acts of tbp Northern Church, previous to tho re-union of tho two branches, touching the Southern peo ple, are null and void, little remains to contend for. The Assembly bos reconsidered tlio ac ceptance of President Grant's proposed recep tion, on account of a prior invitation of the Bal timore ladies,, , This evening the cense of foreign missions wee considered; Belying upon the promises of the last Assembly tbo Board extended its opera tions, and is now SIBO,OOO in debt. .Measures for its relief wore advocated by many eloquent speakers, including Secretary Ellin wood, Wm. E. Dodge: and Dr. Hayes, of Louisville. '• The Assembly decided to set too example by raising a part of tbo sum required on tbo spot. Tollers Were appointed to report to-morrow. . It was ordered that no proposition fdr ue» tronohmontbo entertained, but that $600,006 bo raised for tbo work next year in addition to the liquidation of tbo debt. The audience was the largest of tbo session, notwithstanding the rain, and tbo mooting the most enthusiastic. [To th 4 Associated Preit.) BALTmonn, Md., May 21.—The General As sombly of the Presbyterian Church adopted a resolution to-day modifying Us previous resolu* tion, which was adopted, in relation td the Cen tennial celebration, and declaring that it is ap propriate and expedient that the Church should improve the occasion of the celebration to sot forth the history, principles, and polity of the Church) and to make a grateful record of the goodness of God to us as a people. Dr. NicoUs> Chairman of the Committee on Bills and Overtures, submitted a report on overtures in regard to the consolidation of tbo Boardq of the Church and the simplification of their machinery. The Committee say they have con sidered the overtures on tho m'rjoct from the Presbyteries of lowa, Lansing, Nassau, Craw fordsvillo, Long Island, and Baltimore ; and re commend that a special Committee of seven be appointed to take charge of these overtures and report to, tho next Assembly, whether a con solidation would tend to economy and in creased efficiency, and In such case to sub mit a plan embodying tho consolidation of Boards. Tho question of consolidation was discussed at some length by *a number of gentlemen, and the report of tho Committee was finally adopted. Tho Committee on Consol idation) to report to tbo next General Assembly, was named by tho Moderator, as follows: Bovs. W. T. Adams, New York; D. Swing, Chicago ; O. H. Foote, St. Louis; Elders Lewis Chapin, Boohester, N. Y.; Washington B. Yonnilyea, New York City; J. E. Moorhead, Pittsburgh, Dr. Curtis announced that Elder J. H. Bogors, of Warren, a delegate from the Presbytery of Freeport, 111., to this Assembly, was lying dan gerously ill in this city, and asked that tho Mod erator load the Assembly in prayer for tho res toration of Brother Bogors, which was done. Dr. Nioolls next reported on overtures from different presbyteries on various subjects, among whicn was an overture from the Presby tery of Baltimore, requesting the Assembly to affirm the doctrine of tho Church os to civil mag istrates, and tho relation of Church and State ; and an overture from tho Probaytory of Austin, Texas, suggesting some action designed to con ciliate the Southern Church, and, if possible, to prepare tbo way to reunion at -an early day. Those two overtures aro considered together, and tho Committee recommend tho adoption of a solemn declaration. In substance as follows: First —ln view of tbo reunion of tho two branches of tho Presbyterian Church in tho North, neither of which was responsible for tbo oondnot of tho other, all action boforo tho re union touching the Southern Assembly, or the Old School Synod of Missouri, is now null and void. Second—Tho Assembly express confidence in the soundness of tho doctrine and Christian character of these brethren, and hope that a more intimate communion will tend to remove the barriers that time has established between ua and them. Third— With regard to civil magistrates and tho relation of the Church and State, the Com mittee sot forth tho declarations contained in the confession of faith and form of government Of tho Church. Fourth— They recommend the appointment of two committees, to confer with similar commit tees from tbo General Assembly of tho Church, South, and the Old School Synod of Missouri. The report and recommendations were unani mously adopted. Boporta were made on overtures from other Presbyteries, relating principally to the latter’s local interest. The thirty-sixth annual report of tho Board of Foreign Missions was then read, reporting a general prosperity, during the past year, in all the various missionary fields. Although the re turns of the accessions of membership have not boon mode from all tho missions, an Increase is shown of 12 per cent in tho number of com municants over tho previous year. Greatly Increased aid has boon received from tho various Women’s Societies throughout tho Church. Tho receipts of the Board from various sources during tho past year was $458,836, and the expenditures. $552,- 775, which, with the previous debt of $30,767, loaves a balance of $128,605 against tbo treas ury. This heavy indebtedness of tho Board is owing to tho steady and healthful growth of tho mission work. The roport says tho financial condition thus shown Is such os to call for wise counsels in tho Assembly, and a generous spirit of prayer throughout the Church. Tho Bov. Dr. Lowrio, Secretary of tbo Board, addressed tho Assembly. on tho roport, and tho Bov. Samuel Jessup on tho subject of missions in Syria. Adjourned till evening. Xho Presbyterian Church, BoutU«»Yes» torday’s Proceedings* Little Book, Ark., May 21.— The Presbyte rian Assembly was called to order at half-past 0 o’clock. Tho Committee on Bills and Over tures reported an overture from tho Bynod of Memphis, requesting that tho time for holding tho next Synod he changed from October 23 to October 2. The Committee recommended the request bo granted.—Adopted. Tho Committee on the Synodical Bocords of Memphis reported the records correct. Tho Bov. Mr. Hugh. Chair man of tho Standing Committee on Publication, read his annual report. Tho report recommended that the Presbyteries take tho subject of publica tion Into earnest consideration. It also contained a number of recommendations in relation to the Presbytery Publishing House at Kiohmond, Ya. The Committee recommended tho anuointmeut THE CHICAGO DAILY TIUDUNEi THURSDAY, MAY 22, 1873. of the following delegates as the Executive Committee for tho current year t E. T. Baird, X). D., Boorotnry \ Charles Bonnet,. I Treasurer ißoos. W. D. Hogg, D. Lm William Drown, D. D., Charles XI. Deed, D. D., T. L. Preston, and W. A. Campbell, and Xluliug Elders tho Hon. W. Fi Taylor. E. lx. Fitzhugh, il. D. Wilford, aud Rob* ort Quid. After discussion, the report wits ta bled* Dr. Pi It, Smoot, Chairman of tho Com mittee Oh Foreign Correspondence, road the annual report of_ lhjL-ConiKßK&....Jjl9 1 ilOt‘ Mild delegates to tho Evangelical Alliance. At 10:20, ponding tho further consid eration of tho Evangelical matter, tho Assembly took up tho special order of the day, being the report of a Special Committee on the matter of tho relations existing between the Bodrd or Trustees and tho ExeCiltlvil Committee. Tho rules for the huldanCo of the Board and tho Com mittee wore discussed separately and adopted in tho same manner. Rule No. 8, which provides that whenever a donor declines to particularize tho manner of its use, the Trustees shall pay over tho same to the appropriate committee, was adopted without muoh discussion. Rule No. 4 was next taken up. The rule provides that when tho donor declares tho par lioular object of his charity, but not tho manner of Its use, tho same shall bo paid by tho Execu tive Committee for use, unless the gift or be queath to that use shall exceed tho sum of SI,OOO, iU Which cose tho Trustees shall pay over only tho interest as it accrues, aud the next As sembly shall dispose of tho principal. Ponding discussion of tho rule, tho Moderator announced that tho hour for adjournment had arrived, when the Assembly adjourned to half-past 8 o’clock to-night. Baptist Anniversary at Albany* Albany. N. Y., May 21.—The Baptist anniver sary mooting continued in session to-day. Ai tho Missionary Union resolutions wore adopted to inoredso the force in India, by sending out ton new missionaries. Collections are to bo taken in all the churches to moot tho expense for this purpose: and also, for paying tho pres ent deficiency or $42,000. Tho proposition to modify the constitution of the Missionary Union os to the term of membership was re potted Against, and tho report Agreed ib. The report of the Homo Mission was rood and gave much satisfaction* Tho receipts in 1803 for missionary work wore $82,000 s for 1878, 104,010. Tho Women’s Baptist Missionary Society mot with closed doors. It is learned, however, .that their receipts for tho year wore $20,168. Tho special object of tho Society is tho Christian elevation of woman in foreign lauds. The United Brethren Conference* Dayton, 0., May 21.—Tho sixth day’s session of tho General Oonferonco of tho United Breth ren Church was presided over by Bishop Ed wards. The greater portion of the day was de voted to amending ana thoadoption of tbo Com mittee's report on education. It was agreed to enlarge tho Jteligious Telescope one column to tho page at as early a day as practicable, and that two editors bo placed upon it. Tbo attend ance to-day was not so largo os on yqptorday, owing probably to tho worm weather. Ad journed. NEW YORK. Tito Cato of OTaoDonnclU—The Moran Murder Trial—Stock-Jobbing Suit •••tFathlOnabld 'Wedding—ftliscclla* noon* tOcal Nows* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, New York, May 21.—Omn A. Dodge, stock broker, of 18 Nowstreot, was arrested by the Sheriff ibis afternoon, at the suit of John Cham berlain, rflib charges that between Sept. 3 and ftov. 23, 1872, Dodge bought 400 shares of Now York Central, and agreed to bold them, subject to plaintiff’s order. He also purchased largo amounts of other stocks for plaintiff, who paid him largo suras of money as margins. Dodge sold the 400 shares, and converted the money to bis own use. Ho admitted that ho bad done tills, and agreed to biiy other 'stocks OU the. .same terms, and bold them subject td plaintiff’s order. From the transactions be tween Dodge and Chamberlain about $5,000 ac crued to the latter, which Dodge agreed to hold as a margain for carrying other stocks. On Sept. 15, 1873, Chamberlain bought through Dodge a call for sixty days on 1,000 shares of Now York Central, paying the latter 61.031.25 therefore, ns the full value and commission. After the call arrived at maturity, Dodge, with out the knowledge or consent of the plaintiff, sold this stock and pocketed the proceeds, for which Mr. Chamberlain claims 614,600 damages. Besides. Dodge owes him $21,100, and ho de mands judgment for the full amount of the in debtedness and interest since Nov. 23. Dodge was balled in SIO,OOO, Rufus Hatch and Julius Noyes becoming his bondsmen. The West Presbyterian Church, Forty-second street, near Fifth oVenuo, yesterday afternoon, was the scone of a notable wedding. The bride was Miss Ada Leith, daughter of the late Edward McQoachy, Crown Surveyor-General of Jamaica, West Indies, and the bridegroom Mr. Francis Hastings Carter, of Chicago. The relatives and friends of the two families congregated in suffi cient numbers to All the church, and manjt i cu rious persons passing in the neighborhood at the ,timo wore attracted by the blockade of carriages and excitement in and about the church. The ceremony was performed by the Nov. Thomas S. Hastings, D. D., assisted by the Bov. George H. Hopwortn. After an informal reception, Mr. Carter and bride started for Chicago. [To the Associated Press.} New York, May 21.— The argument against the extradition of MacDonuell, the alleged Bank of England forger, Is in progress before Com missioner Gutman. UUOOIUIIUA U UVU4I4U* A motion was made in the Supremo Court to day to place the suit of Almln Miller to recover SI,OOO from Bowles Brothers, against Nathan Appleton, ho being a special partner, who moved that judgment bo entered against the other de fendants on the ground that their answer was frivolous. Decision reserved* A special panel of 250 jurors was drawn to day for the trial of W. M. Tweed. Among the passengers for Europe to-day wore the widow and daughter of Prof. Horse, and Henry Probosco, of Cincinnati. King, the murderer of O’Neil, is ranidly re covering his health, and his trial will take place shortly. James Dovoo, a cleric in thoofQceof Taliaferro P.,Bhaffnor, No. 78 Broadway, New York, and DA Jacob Clark, of Ohio, were arrested in Jer sey City to-day, charged with removing from the safe and carrying away twelve certificates repre senting 1,000 shares of the Atlantic Granite Powder Company of Ban Francisco, valued at SIOO,OOO. Dovoo is a stockholder in tho Com f»any. An injunction had been issued rostraiu ng Messrs, Bhaffnor, Dovoo, and others from removing or negotiating tho certificates, pend ing legal proceedings. Tho caso was compro mised by Devoe banding over tho certificates to SbaHuor, to be placed in tho bauds of a Receiv er,‘ and tho prisoners were discharged. The trial of Moran, in Brooklyn, for boating bis wife to death, ended wlthavordiot of man slaughter in the second degree. Tho prisoner was sentenced to seven years in the Peniten tiary, tho highest penalty under the law. . Territorial Explorations* Washington, May 21.—Lieut. Wheeler’s ex ploring party will leave in a few days. The operations contemplated lu. the exploration and surveys west of the 100 th meridian during the field season of 1873 include portions of Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and How Mexico. The ex pedition will bo divided into four main fiold par ties, ono of which will bo again subdivided, and four astronomical parties. They will operate in nearly parallel linos from north to south, cutting most of tho old routes of travel and traveling the area of the backbone of the continent. Railroad Accidents* Toledo, 0., May 21.— A switchman named Wm. Biliman, while switching cars at tho Air- Lino Junction, near this city, to-day, was run over and instantly killed. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Jlanesville, wis., May 21,—Tho Janesville accommodation ran down an embankment a inilo south of this place, on tho Chicago A Northwestern Bailroad, the track having uoon wauhod away by the storm, this afternoon. Two coaches and the baggage-car wore detached. Four passengers wore badly Injured, and twelve others more or loss. No one was killed. The Temperance Cause* AniuHY, N. Y., May 21.—Tho State Temper ance' Committee have issued a call inviting tho momibors of tho Executive Committees of the various temperance organizations in tho Slate to mootiwiih them in this city on Tuesday, May 27, to consult in reference to future action, in view of tho veto of the Local Prohibition bill. Sulcido* Special Diemleh lo The Chicane Tribune, Djiyton, 0., May 21.—John Boagan, who was disubargod from tho hospital yesterday, at the BoWdenr Homo, committed suicide by taking a dosn of arsenic, He was found near that insti tution in spasms, and conveyed to tho hospital, whore he soon died. Tho cause is thought to havo been despondency. lUveHuout, lowa, May 21.—0n yesterday af ternoon a German, named Belief Stoltouborg, committed traioido, In this city, by shooting him self through the heart with a shot gun. Family trouble was thocauao. Tho doocasod was over 60 years of ago. In Hock Island, on Monday afternoon, an In sane woman, named Mrs. Hanna; committed suioldo by banging herself with a skein of yam in a garret. . . . DETrtoix, Mieh., May 21.— Yesterday afternoon W. L. Leighton shot himself dead at tho Ex change Hotel, at Sturgis. Ho traveled in the •*“P% of Young «t Backus, of Toledo. No wsTguoU/“ nk * roolaucholy state of mind is THE DOCTORS. meeting: ot tho Illinois State nodical Association at Bloomington—Papers Head and IKoporta Submitted* Special Dispatch to The CMeaao Tribune, Bloomington, 111,, May 21.—Tho State Med ical Association met at half-past 8 to-day. Dis cussion on tho reports of Brs. White and Ham ilton, of Tuesday, was resumed, and both woro adopted. Tho invitation to visit the institutions of Nor mal and tho railroad shops of Bloomington were accepted. Dr. McFarland presented a report oh Medical Jurisprudence, which was discussed and adopted. Dr. Hollister, of Chicago, reported on Brags and Medicines. After diaonssion, it was referred, and a vote of thanks tendered. Br. Prince, Jacksonville, made a report on Galvanic Therapeutics. Adopted. Tho Nominating Committee reported for Presi dent, T. P. Worrell, of Bloomington •, First Vice President, E. L. Holmes, of Chicago; Second Vico President, S. H. Birndj, tfrbana } Secretary! T. D. Fitch, Chicago; Assistant Secretary, W. B. Quinn, Chicago; Treasurer, J. H. Hollister. Chi cago ; Committee of Arrangements, N. B. Davis, W. E, Quinn, Charles 8. Smith. andß. Powell. The plocb of holding tho next session was fixed ftiOhioagd. . ‘ . . t Br. Fitch read A papfar by Br. B. B. Hawley* of Aurora, oh tho assistance necessary and Justifi able in protracted labor. This elicited much dis cussion, but was finally adopted. In the afternoon the members visltodthe Nor mal Scbdol, and .welcomed by Dr. Edwards; President, and. Walter O; Lockwood and Miss Lura Bullock hi behalf of the students. Re sponses wore made by Brs. Fierce, McArthur, and others. . Tho Orphans’ Home was visited, and the Bloomington liallroad shops, the honors of those two insulations being done by Dr. Swedfldy and J. A. Jackman respectively. In the evening interesting, papers wore road by Dra. T. F. worrell ana T. D. Fitch, the former on Hygoino. COLLECTING. How a Prominent Detroit Politician Arranged Affairs with an Equally Prominent Debtor—Money or Blood* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune . Dethoit, Mich., May 21.—This city has boon

considerably exorcised for tho last two days over the prospects of a shooting affray botwoon two well-known citizens. The facts are those: Paul Gics, a loading German Democratic politician of this city, late County Treasurer, and lost fall Democratic candidate for Sheriff, loaned while Treasurer a large atnouht of county money to Henry Webber, head of tho largo Wehor Furniture Manufacturing Company, of Detroit and Chicago. When Gics’ term ex pired last January, Weber’s business situation waa such that he could not pay over the public funds, and, as a result, Gics was unable to settle up, and became a defaulter. Suit waa commenced against him, and judgment ob tained against his sureties by the county author ities for SIOB,OOO, a few days ago. Weber meanwhile steadily promised to settle up. and kept failing. Tho matter also became finally complicated with some other affairs, and yes terday Qioa armed himself and started for Weber’s office to have a settlement or blood. Tho latter waa forewarned, and wont off boforo his arrival, and Mr. Giea, in a high rage, stood sentry at tho office for tho rest of the afternoon. The proceedings attracted much attention, and tho police were detailed to pre vent any affray, and they also watched Mr. Weber’s house during tho night. This morning early Mr. Gios also appeared in that neighbor hood, and was at onco arrested. Ho was soon released, however, and promised to keep peace: and to-day Mr. Wober .has satisfactorily settled their business differences. The whole affair has created quite a sensation hero, os both parties ore well known. ROCKFORD. Trial of Bcdoo for the Harder of Oon> nors in July East* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune . Rockford, 111., May 21.—After much difficulty, a jury was at last impaneled in theßodoo murder trial, at 3 o'clock this afternoon. Mr. Ohcevor, State’s Attorney of McHenry County, opened tbe case for the prosecution, and T. B. Wakeman, of Chicago, on behalf of the prisoner, Judge Will iam Brown, of ibis city, presiding. Eight wit nesses were sworn on the part of the people. Mary Conners, wife of the murdered man, testified as follows: My husband is dead. Ho was killed the 11th of July last. 1 was present at his death, at 5 o’clock in the evening. Ho was mowing that morning. About half-past 10 I wont out for wood for dinner. I saw Bedoo going down to him with a club. After a few ex cited words ho struck my husband with the club, and knocked him down. I ran down to the meadow* Ho continued striking his prostrate body till I throw myself across it. Then ho said he would kill me too. I invoked him in the name of God to lot my husband alone. Ho finally loft us. With the aid of neighbors, wo got bimhomo and dressed hla wounds. ... She was cross-examined closely, but main tained her story consistently. One of tbe ■ conn? sol regarding her narrowly, asked her if she was .with child. She declined to answer. • A physician testified to dressing Conners wounds, and to attending him at his death the same evening. Ho stated that the skull was ff At this point the Court adjourned until half past 8 to-morrow morning. The jury are looked up over night. FIRES. Destruction of Property In Various Places* Toledo, 0., May 21.—Tho amount of grain contained in the Wabash elevator, which was burned day* before yesterday, is ascertained to have been 180,000 bushels of com and 105,000 of oats, valued at $102,000.' A large portion of this was saved in a damaged condition, and will bo sold at auction on Saturday next. Philadelphia, May 21.—Riddle s cotton-mills, at Glen Riddle, was bumen yesterday. Loss, $30,000 { insured. . ,„ „ , Albany, N. Y., May 21.—Tho Central Railroad repair works at Niagara Falls, were burned tho night before last, resulting in tho loss of SIOO,OOO. About 160 employes wore thrown out of employment. Indianapolis, May 21.—A third attempt was mode last night to bum tho Tilford Building, m which tho Evening Newa t tho Herald, and 2ele~ qranh . and several Gorman and mucollanoous periodicals are published. The fire was sot la the press-room, but wont out of its own accord. Poace OoimuUnlonor fileacliam* Washington, May 21.—Commissioner Meacli am writes to tho Commissioner of Indian Affairs, from Salem, Oregon, May 0, that ho hod return ed home, and that, since leaving tho Lava-Bods, his wounds have boon healing rapidly, and ho hoped within tho next twenty days to bo out. nearly as good as new. Ho proposes to visit Washington before tho present mouth closes. Now York Legislature. Albany, N. May 21,-In tho AaacmWy.tho Committee on Internal Affairs reported a bill to amend Excise law 20, amended as to conform with the Governor’s suggestion in ids veto of tho Local Prohibition bill. It allows the people to vote separately on the question of soiling lager boor and cider. Infanticide* Soeeial Ditpatch to Tho Chicago Trihunt. Fo’ht Wayne, lud.. May 21.—A case of Infanti cide was discovered here to-day. The body of a babe, inclosed in a box, with a weight attached, had been thrown In tho canal. The body, when found, was partially decomposed. Theakull had boon crushed and the aide injured, and had loin in tho water for two or throe weeks. The Coro nor’s jury rendered a verdict of “ willful m fauUolde. , Telegraphic JlroTltioe* The State Teachera' Association, of lowa, will meet at lowa City, August 28. Two w-IqikU of lewuite for regtamta on duty In tho Indian country loft St. Louie on Tuesday evening. Tho annual mooting of tho Oouoral Congrega tional Association will bo hold' at Burlington, lowa, Juno 4. B. A. MoKoo was found guilty of taking illegal pension foes in tho United States Circuit Court, at Bos Moines, yesterday, and lined $250. A boatman employed on tho Illinois & Mich igan Canal, named .lames 0. Brown,was drowned on Tuesday evening, one mile north of Lock port. Tho Missouri Btato Editorial Convention, linn inadQ , nnflnßomoli , nj , to'r Ln ft/i Chicago; Tho. MissoUri dt&to donate mot at Jefferson City, yesterday, as a Board of Equalization, but did nothing beyond tho appointment of stand ing committees. Tho difforont commandorlos of Knights Temp lars of St. Louis, celebrate Ascension Bay to day, with a parado and with religious services In St. John's Church. In tho Bos Moines Circuit Court, yesterday, M. Martin received a judgment against tho IllU nois Central 'Railroad Company for SO,OOO, for Injuries received. The British steamship San Antonio, whllo en tering tho hdrhdf of Galveston, yesterday, was blown ashoro in a heavy gale which prevailed. She is fit 111 hard aground. . Frank Bostwlok and Benjamin B, Rockford, of Janosvillo, Wis., woro tho successful candidates in the competitive examination for ilia military and naval cadetships from that district yesterday. Tho former goes to Annapolis, and tho lattor to West Point. There woro twouiy-ono applicants. ON THE RAIL, ThS Congressional Excursionists at Galveston* Special Diipatch to The Chicago Tribune. QalVeStoNj Teiu Stay 21.—1’ho oxoaralonlstß were carried around td dll points of interest to* day, and this afternoon the firemen SVdfd in spected in their honor.' Wo leave by steamboat for Kerr Orleans this evening. The committees have confined thonisolves to pleasure. On board the steamer they will prdpdUild tbdir $8,000,000 scheme. There has boon no sneoch-itiaKing of the slightest interest outside of Galveston. [To tht Aworintal iVew.] ' ! , OAlrwwroH, Texas. May 21. —At 10 o’clock ibis 1 morning tho 6idUr6loblßis were taken for a drive on the hooch oil tho Gulf slab'of the city, which was enjoyed very much W #u. tinltlruing, many of them visited the cotton-presses, uowo> gardens, and residences of citizens. At 12 o’clock on elegant lunch was spread at the dfmory of iho Galveston Artillery Company, which was attended not only by tbo entire party, but by many gentldmdd and .ladies or the city. After partaking of thd bfrtinteous repast, Oapt. Molt; of the QalVeslOti Artillery, called the assembly to order, ana, after a few remarks expressive of bis own rind his company’s appreciation of the honor of.a visit from such distinguished gentlemen, bo in* traduced Mr. Kiblnok, of Indiana, who made a brief speech. Speaking was then entered into rather promiscuously, and Eldrldge, of Wiscon sin ; Statmard, of St. Louis; Ward, of Chicago; Judge Reagan, of Texas; Mollicbo, of New York: Col. Flournoy, of Galveston ; Crittenden, of Missouri; Judge Eonnard, of Now Orleans; Crane, of Bt. Louis, and ox-Qov. Lubbock, of Texas, wore successively colled out, and the sentiment of fraternity, good feeling, brotherly respect and love, unity of purpose, oto., which wore uttered, wore loudly ana heartily applauded. At 8 o’clock the guests were token in carriages, and after witnessing a review of tho military and fire departments, wore driven to the New Or leans steamer, upon which they aro now em barking for that city. . Previous to tbo lunch at the Armory, many of tho Congressmen assembled In tho Opera-House by invitation, and listened to on interesting ad dress from James Borloy, Chairman of tho Com mittee on Commerce, and Col. Tbroahor, upon tho resources of Texas, and tbo imperative need of tho improvement of Galveston and other horhors of the Gulf. _ • , New OnLEAfIB, May 21.—Tho Congressional delegation, is expected to arrive to-morrow by special train from Berwick Bay. A FAILURE. Xho Judicial Convention of tlto Sec ond Circuit, After Xwo Hundred and Ton Unsuccessful Ballots for a Judge, Gives It Up in Despair* Woodstock, HI., May 21.—Tho Judicial Con vention of tho Second Circuit, which com prises tho counties of DoKalb, Boone, McHenry, and Lake, mot at Marengo, Monday a afternoon. Tho candidates before tno Convention for the Circuit Judgeship were tho Hou. Charles Helium, of Sycamore, and tho Hon, T. Di Murphy, of Woodstock, the pres ent incumbodtj Tho first formal bal loting resulted in 12 Votes for Mr. Kollum and 12 for Mr. Murphy. Tho Convention continued to ballot without intermission, and with the same result, from 2 o’clock Monday afternoon until 0 o’clock Tuesday morning, when, after 210 ballotingSj the Convention adjourned without having effected a nomination; Railroad Nows* Special JHepafeh to The Chicago Tribune. Fort Wayne, Ind., May 21.—A meeting of the officials of tbe Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad Company, G. W. Cass, J. N. McCullough, 0. E. Gorham, and others, was held hero yesterday, the principal object of which was a settlement with the city officials of Kendallvillo, in regard to SIOO,OOO in bonds having been issued by that city, the payment of which was refused, the City of Kondauvillo claiming a failure of theOom- Kto comply with its agreement. The result a meeting was a compromise. The Con tinental Improvement Company are to surrender to the City of Kendallvillo SBB,OOO in bonds issued in aid of the construction of the Road, and for doing wbiob tbo city pays $25,000 in teu years, with 6 per cent interest, and to assign the $83,000 of stock in the Grand Rapids & Indiana Road issued to them in lieu of tholr bonds. The agreement will become binding when ratified by the City Council of KondaUville. Indianapolis, May 21.—Articles of consolida tion of the NorthAmorican, Now York. Western, and Fort Wayne and Pacific Railway Companies, agreed to in 1870, wore filed to-day with the Sec retary of State under the now name of the Now York Western. This Uuo is contemplated to run straight from Council Bluffs, lowa, to New York City, on a capital stock of $50,000,000. Detroit, May 21.—The first train over the Chicago & Canada Southern Railroad arrived at Flat Rock, Mich., this evening. The citizens of that placo celebrated the event with bonfires and a reception to the workmen and officers. St. Louis, Hoy 21.—The Board of Trade of Kansas City to-night appointed a committee to wait on the Directors of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad, and secure the building of a branch to that city. .. . Hartford, Conn., May 21.—The Railroad Committee of the Legislature has agreed to re port favorably the biU incorporating the New England Railroad, the now name for the Bos ton. Hartford & Erie, as reconstructed under the trustees for the Bordell bondholders. The bill is substantially the same os the one already naasod by the Massachusetts Legislature. H ■ Special Dispatch to The CMeagoTribune, Des Moines, lowa, May 21.—1n tho Polk County Circuit Court to-day, a decree of foie olosuro was granted against the Dos Moines Valley Railroad, for $5,301,000 in favor of the first and second mortgage* bondholders, and the entire property of the road was ordered to bo sold to pay tho amount of tho decree. A peti tion of intervention has boou filed by one of the Srlnolpal first mortgage bondholders, and thirty ays have boon given to answer. Tho case will probably go to the Supreme Court. Some Illinois JTlurclors. Bingwood, McHenry County, 111., has had a murder and suicide. Robert Harrison was a wealthy fanner 70 years old. Ho lived with his wife alone, as no help was employed by tho old oouplo either in tho house or on the farm. They had two children, a son and a daughter, both married, who lived near and managed tho farm. Harrison wont to a lawyer a few days ago and made his will, leaving all Ids property to Ida wife until her death, after which it was divided equally between tho children. Tho next morn ing after this will-making a neighbor went to tho house on some errand and found Harrison and wife lying on tho lloor of their dining-room, bloody, and both with cut throats. Mrs. Harri son was quite dead and Harrison was just gasp ing his last with a razor in his hand. Breakfast was on tho table untouched, and tho whole situ ation presented a ghastly spectacle.' Harrison had evidently murdered hm wife, and then out his own throat. Prom tho tracks of blood ho had evidently wandered around a good deal after committing tho tlrst act. Ho had boon out to tho pump in tho yard, and had taken a drink of whiskey and sugar, nud rubbed hla blood-stained fingers on a towel. An explanation is given lb is said that his two children had resolved that thole mother should nut live with their f fiber any longer, on account of late youthful judis erollons the old man had committed with hia niece, a girl of 20 years, who lived with the daughter. The girl was soon to become a moth er, and Kolwt .Uwriavu b wife ww to bo taken away from bird that day, but she was not, • • . . . The Galesburg Register gives tbo following particulars of tho Abingdon (IU.) murder. John Marlon Oheenoy it is stated, in* bulged In Improper Intlmitoy with tbo slater of Sham Knox, tbo miirdorod tddti/ who had fre quently expostulated with Ohosnoy. for his rep rehensible conduct, but with no avail, lia Ohos noy oontiuuod bis criminal relations. On Friday evening last, tho two men mot In front of a drug storo on Main street, when Ohosnoy, who is re ported to have boon drunk, accused Knox of fol lowing him. Tho latter replied to tho olToot that ho did not caro to talk with a drunken man, noy. drawing a revolver, fired twice, tho second shot passing into Knox’s bowels, from the ef fects of which he died In a few hours; CITY ITEMS. At half-past 0 o’clock yesterday morning, a carpenter named. Ellas EUso'd/while at work at Fetter Palmer’s Hotel, on State str'ect, made a misstep and fell through two stories. Ho Wes dangerously hurt* being injured internally, ond bis recovery is doubtful. Bo was taken to tho County Hospital. Detectives Miller and Flynn, of tho Union fitrodt Station, yesterday arrested a brace of thieves, who wore implicated in tho robbery at No. 214 West Randolph Street, some weeks ago, when S6OO worth of cloth was taken. Tho names of tho thieves are Mike Connell, Tom Boyle, Nod Laflin, Tom Woods, and Toth Clark. Yesterday morning before they wore brought into court they attempted to effect an escape by cutting through tho coiling of tho coll in which they wore confined. While Connell was in court ho managed to escape from tho custody of tho officers, and was lost la the erod'd. Ho wont out into the street and was lost until a late hour last might, when Detectives Flynn and Miller, after a long and exhaustive search, arrested him. funeral of Gen. canby* IndianvpowS, May 21.—The remains of Qon, Canby will arrive hero <sd the early train to-mor row morning from Peoria. Amdetlng of tho various committees was bold this morning; and arrangements perfected for tht* foaor-i, whlnb Will take place on Friday afternoon at 2 o’clock. A dispatch from Gen. Sherman, received to-day. announced that he Would leave Washington at 8 o’clock this afternoon foi’lndlanapoUa. - -»«nthcr Duroll Doclalon. KiW Orleans, May 21.— The guu-etore or Bouron. a foreigner, waa gutted by tho mob on March 5. He sudd the city, claiming $31,000 damages. Judge Duroll decided that the city bad no police under Its control, and, therefore, was not responsible. To Do Kanffcd* WAsmHdTOSr May 21.—Tfm Wright, under sentence of death for the murder of Bozonskl, will bo hanged on May 30, the District Supremo Court, iu General Term, sustaining tho decision of tho court below, tho prisoner failing to prove an alibi to the satisfaction of tho Jury. A Chicago, Swindler Comes to Grief. Boston, May 21.—Grant E. Smith, charged with embezzling from $7,000 to SIO,OOO in Chi cago, has boon arrested in Boston and dohherod over to tbo authorities of Illinois on a requisi tion of tbo Governor of that State. The Social Evil In St. Louis. St. Louis, May 21.—A momoriol, signed by nearly 1,000 women of this city, praying for the repeal of the Social Evil law and the regular sys tem in practice hero, was presented to tbo City Council last night. It was referred to tho Sani tary Committee. Ocean Steamship Mows. Liverpool, May 21.—Tho steamship Peruvian, from Quebec, has arrived. New York, May 21.—Arrived, tho steamer Bremen, from Bremen ; Pembroke, from Cardiff, and California, from Glasgow. Tltc Labor Question. St. Louis, May 21.—Between 200 and 350 team sters, who struck for higher wages in tho tunnel excavation, hold a meeting to-day, and resolved to hold out for $5 a day. • MARRIAGES. RUEPARD-KATHAN—At Oxford, N. Y.. May B, 1873. by the Rev. Walter Amult, Mr. Frank Bhcpard, of Chicago, HI., and Mils Ague* O. Katban. NONWBII.ER—BBLIr-On Tuoidav, Mayat the residence of L. O. F. Lota. No. 98« thirl}r-flfeh-st., by tho Rev. Charles Edward Ohuoney, Frank H. Nonwollor and Emma 8011. IIANOUETT—DOWKBR—At tho residence of the bride’s parents, by tho Rev.. Robert Nhopphcrd. Mr. Charles H. Hanchott, E«q., o Beloit, Wls.. Marlon Dowksr, eldest daughter of John P. Dowkor, of Ontario, Canada, and Beloit, Wls., papers please copy. DEATHS. WHEELER—On tho2oth lost., Brower, Infant son of W. W. and Mary B. Wheeler. MCCARTHY—On Wednesday morning at 4 o’clock, Timothy McCarthy, aged 63 years. _ Funeral from hi* late residence, 69 Wsllar-st., on Fri* day at U o’clock, by oars to Calvary. BELMER—May 31, at 101 Warron-ar., tho Infant son of 0. D. and Mrs. S. 11. Holmor. YOUNG—At tho rosldonoo of J. Chalmers, 63 North Arta-at., on tho 21at last., Peter Young, aged K year*. Funeral from tho house to Oraoelaud on Friday, May 83, at 10 a. m. Friend* of tho family are cordially Invited to attend. _ „ „ „ MnKAY-In Lincoln, Nob., Mb/ 16. Dr. P. B. McKay, •gad H years. Ho was fonoorlyof this city. AUCTION SALES. By EIjISON & FOSTER. ASSIGNEE’S SALE OP NEW FURNITURE A.rn A.XJOTXO3ST, FEED AT MOBNINS, May 23, at 10 o’oloplc, at our Salesroom, 87 Market-st.. consisting of Bureaus, Tables, Bedsteads, Mattresses, Lounges, Sofas. Pillows, Comforters, &0., &o. ■ & By S ordor°of SeU'W. CAMPBELL, As- Blimoe. ELIS ON & FOSTER, Auctioneers, HOUSE MD LOT, With Elegant Grounds, m 581 HUBBARD-ST., At Auction, On Saturday Morning, May 24, at 10 o’clock. OTST TITHE PREMISES. Home two-story frame, with brick basement; lot 100 feet fronton Hubbard-st., by 217 foot deep on Wood-st.; . Ground* fitted up lu splendid stylo. This property bat boon occupied for several year* past by Frants Arnold, Esq. . TERMS OF SALE CASH. TITLE PERFECT. For Information regarding tho property apply to 'WILL IAM ANDREWS, Room No. 15, 163 LaSallo-st. RLIRON A FOSTER, Auctioneers. SPECIAL SA BEAUTIFUL FRENCH mmi rBLBGKA-ISrT Bronze Clocks, Superb Carrara Marble Figures, Fine Ala baster and Verde Antique Statuettes, Groups, Vanes, and Urns, Elegant Garden Statuary, Monumental Statuary, Rloh Fronoli Bronze Figures and Qfoupa, French 21-day Clocks, •So., So., _ ATTOTIOH, On Monday afternoon and evening, May 30, at 2 1-2 and 71-2 o’clock, at store No. 048 Wabash-av., corner Twonty-flrst-st. UootU will bo on exhibition Saturday morning, May «, with catalogues, ami until time of anlo. m * BMSON A I’OHTKR,, Auctioneers.^ CHATin. ;.WRTGAG3 SALS On SATURDAY MORNING, May 24, at lO o’olooka. m., of tUo 2-storv and basement f’pnino building. No. 784 \vabash-ttv.i with innsfl t long time. Also beds and KdSng/oSrpets, stoves, and general house hold furniture, crockery, andglaaßwaro. Bale positive. OJEORCUS a. HARTMAN, Constable Auctloaoor. AUCTION SALES. By TO A. BUTTERS & CO. THE TREMONT HOUSE Sill Wllili BEGIN This (Thursday) Morning, AT 10 O’CLOCK, In tbo Dining-Boom. A largo lot of Glass ware, .Crockery, and Plated Waro will ba sold, among which is a largo amount of New Goods, which has never boon usod* All tho Dining-Tables and Chairs, Mirrors, Chandeliers, etc. Also, all tho Bod and Table-Linon, beta, Spreads, Comforters. Towels, Napkins. Also, Furniture of 40 Booms in Congress Hall, which is as good as now,having been in use loss than onqVoar. . Also Billiard-Boom, with Tables, Fumi* turo, etc. . WM, A. BUTTEHS ft CO., _ Auctioneers. WORKS OF ART A-trcTibisr. Great Sale THIS HOMING at 10 o'clock 61 a superb collection of modem OIL PAINTINGS, from tho AMEEIOAH AET GALLEEY, Hot. York, at Salesroom, WM. A. BUTTERS & 00., Auctioneer!, 65 and 67 Booth CfcH»l-ik_, ON THURSDAY, MAY 22, TtTIV GOODS, Ils.dr-Mftdß Clothing, Str.n Good., Oupotlni, Boot, and Shoos, Ac., AT AUCTION, Oa THURSDAY, May 23, at 0)4 o’clock, 55 and 57 SoutN vmini’tv. ttmi a. nvTTnne «v %a.«, Auctioneers, On Thursday, May 33, A retail stock of BOOTS and SHOES, consisting of Indict', MUsoa’. and Children's Sergo, Morocco, ana Kid good*, of superior quality. _ W. A. BUTTERS 4 00., ' Auctioneers* BUTTERS & GO’S. SATURDAY SALE, May 84, Will embrace a large assortment of Household Goods, Pianos, Car ppts, etc. Also a stock of Groceries, Teas, Coffee, Tobacco, 40,000 Cigars, etc. W. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers, GRAND AUCTION SAIE ONE HUNDRED LOTS, By WM. A. BUTTERS & CO., On Monday, May SO, 1 ST'S, AT CLYDE, Two miles west of tho City Limits, on tho line of th® 0„B.&Q.B.B.) andO.&G. W. 8.8. This is one of tho most desirable suburbs about Chi cago. The streets are well graded, sidewalks laid, anil trees planted. There Is a good school, and daring tbs' present season tho town of Olcoro intends erecting w fine school building. Tbo advantages of Olyde over alll other suburbs are that It lies on the lino of the moat accommodating railroad running out of Ohioagoj is accessible by trains at all hours of the day and nighty and the fore only 16 oonts | tho ground is high and drj^, and la well drained. Tbo lots are all 60x160. A do- \ lightfal Park will ho laidont near tho centre of thi \ town. A Ohuroh Is now being built at a cost of &7,000« Solo to he positive and without reserve. Tho title is perfect and property free of inoumbranot TEEMS—One-third cash, balance in one and two years at B.per cent interest. A deposit of SSO on aob lot will ho required on tho day of sale. A SPECIAL TRAIN ; Will leave the Depot of o.j B. & Q. B. B. at II a. n. oft day of sale, and a splendid Lunob will be providoJ for all.' • . Free passes will bo ftirnlshed to those desiring to ot< tend the sale, by W. H. OLAEKE, Proprietor, Boom 3 Chamber of Commerce, or WM. A* BDTTEEB & COj Anotloneerg, 66 & 67 Sooth Consl-st. AT HYDE PARK, AT DWELLING OF I John Nash, Esq..,, THE ENTIRE FURNITURE, Plano, parlor aultot, cHamhot-aets, dining-room • mantel mirrors, pler-glasios, fino carpets, laco-cnrUlna, together with tho entire outfit of a first-class house, 1 AX AUCTION, ON MONDAY, MAY 20, at IO)tf o’clock, at tho dwelling I of JOHN NASH, ESQ., opposite tho Square, near Bydo Park House, Hydo Park. , , . . Trains on I. O. Railroad leave Chicago at 9 o’olocka. m, WM. A. BUTTERS A CO.. Auctioneers. By GEO. P. GOBE & CO. J±.T Special Sale of W. G. Crockery, On THURSDAY, Mw a. «t 8M o'clock. 20 orate, ot W. O. Crockery ■ 10 casks of W. G. Crockery, u. urooaorjr,q EQ> p. qqre A CO., Anotioneers. JA.T A.UCTION- Another largo sale of elegant now and secondhand fa* On Saturday, May 24. AT 9 O’CLOCK: English Crockery, Rockingham an# Yellow Ware, Glassware, Ao. AT 10 O’CLOCK: Elegant Parlor and Chamber Setg, Sofas, Lounges, ’Wardrobes, Extension-Tables, blaoft walnut, Meat-Safes, Bureaux, Bedsteads, Ice-Chest* and Refrigerators, Hookers, Chairs, and Carpets. Show* Cases, Office-Desks, Chamber-Sot# in the white, Oa)| and Walnut Extension-Tables In white. AT 11 O’CLOCK: Buggies and Carriages. GEO. P. GORE A CO., Auctioneers, By TAYXiOR & HARRISON. GREAT SAOMFIOE OP OXXj DPA.rN*TrNrGh s. Owing to tho inclemency of the weather last evening, wo were unable to closo out the balance of tho Oil Faint lags remaining on hand. We shall most soil those now remaining this evening, May 23, at 8 o docs sharp, at 189 West Madison-at. .„ . , _ N. B,— Parties having purchased Paintings at previous sales will forfeit their deposits unless Paintings are paid for this A HARRISON. Anotloneers. LE TWO MILLION DOLLARS, GKEA.T CLOSING OUT. ; TBUSTBES’ SALE REAL AND PERSONAL PROPERTY Belonging to tbo OiUOAOO LAND COMPANY, AT PUBLIC AUCTION, On WnesJay, Ua 18tB flay of lane, 1873. j By the articles of the association of aald Company, It It nrnvhled that all tho properly In thahamla of tho Trustee* fij®s?o»U Of J™.V lA mu.t lJ» "Ola «t motion to. InllinCITY Off 0111-' OAUO. ami la valued at $1,800,000, and composed largely of rivor and canal frontage, docked and ready for Umnoul* atousu. Also, alargonumberofvacaatloUlntbolmmo. dlato vicinity of tbo pocks, all well adapted for buainosa > to this property la unquestioned, haring boon bold and owned by tho Association fur twenty years. The porsunal property consist* of notes bearing 7 per cent Interest, having from one to live year* to run, ami amounting to about $700,000. Those notes wore received fur deterred payments on land bought from tbo Company by tbo makers thereof, and their payment U secured by mortgage on tbo same. TISUMB OF HALB, OABil. Ibe personal property will bo ready for transfer and delivery trauxodlatoly alter tlwaalo. Purchaser of realty will be required to make a deposit on the day of sale of 10 nor cent on tho amount of their purohaae, the balance to bo paid within thirty dart, oras soon afar the sale as deeds can bo mod. >uß dou.orod. HAnr . ON OODEN, ’ f* B. BBHOIIHH. OfiOBQB WATSON, -Chicago, March 13, 1878. aruatees. OWo#with'OadenSHholSun A 00.. RotwaM. Ko. 1731** fkllo-iU . nlture,

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