Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 24, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 24, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME Mi. real estate. CLYDE . UNDER THE HAMMER! 100 LOTS. Two Miles West City Limits, On the 0., B. & Q. Eailroad, ONE HUNDRED RIDES ONLY sl4. The most "beautiful ground be tween Chicago and Riverside. Good School. Church now build ing. Sale iOn the Ground, May 26. Froo Train leaves foot of lake-st. at 11 o’clock a. m. Property free of inoumbranoe. Terms easy. Sale peremptory. WM. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers. RMS PM, (IN THE TOWM OF EVANSTON), Offers rare inducements to those seeking Homes nr Inyestments In Suburban Property. Nino miles north of Chicago Court House, 41-2 miles from Lincoln Park, near the Lake Shore, on the G. & N. W. Kail way. Convenient trains and low fares. Beautiful property, on easy terms. ' Prides from sl2 to S2O per front foot. For v-aps and terms call at the Comp a>. sjOP’co, AIMED I.WILLMO.,4|ii 159 ♦LaSalle-st.r'biUoago. FOR SALE. Oomor Michigan-av. and Adimut., Lot !7 foot front w l ® ,0 5, 01, . Ad “ ,1M,; ' " lUI W-foot alio. In mart one block from Gardner and Mattoson Houses, two block* from Palmer a Hotel and Clifton ‘House, three blocks sco'c2 Sr o ufl?^ 1 10 ■ oppoiito Pullman Pal n.l,.|t/ “ nd ' ,l,UnlO A Good Tract for Subdivision For Sale Cheap. « 10, Orlt .cro, fronting on rUtf-nlnlh .nd on Scrntnon b°"l°,«nl, »nd noarltook “j”? . d ‘ „ Tb ° " IU “*»" to ono nook, ud wants to dispose of It before leaving. Call at CLARKE, LAYTON A CO.'S. ■ ISO LaSallO'Si FOR SALE. Bj JACOB WEIL A CO., northwest corner of Madison . r.7,? M ]? 0rn ‘ Bta " 243x660 foot oatho northwest corner ol t’lity-nrst-Bt. and Cottage Grovo-av., fronting on »ho groat Sooth Park. Can bo bought cheap, with ono-third catb, balance In one and two years at 8 per cent. For Sale—At a Bargain w^?rT°f cr °,. n ! 0 f k '- Bnbdl Tided Into <8 loin each, nt f west of Morgan Park. Money can bo doubled In retailing them this season, y 0 n H. 8. DIKTRIOII, Room 2. 143 LaSalle-st. FOR SALE AT A SACRIFICE, within ton days. GUSTIN & WALLACE. Ho. 3 Tribune Building. E’OCO. IiEA BonUmoat oornor of Kllb-ar. and, hr Q- II;, d O.c. WAI.KKR, - i j Chamber of Commorco. HIM Part Bmiiim ft, MONRQE-ST., Room 4, Kent’s Building. Houses and Lots for salo on easy terms. . FRANK P. HAWKINS. Agoat. SXT3B aj JNCFt a FINANCIAL. DZRzZES siyms^Bin, 106 CI.ABK.ST., Meffiodlat Church Block. Wm. Kilict Heed. Pro,lde “‘- further notice, any boy or girl calling XDXGr„ aroisg^Aw«gj.w»«Wii. , B TOBANKERS ANI> OAPXTAMSTS. 40^a i , 5 85.676 agalnittho Fourth National m 3 n fl dcpoiltod. .übjuot to draft »t“lflt* noS m ‘ ulr “»tomoo. MONEY TO - LOAN On first*olaaa Inside property. «s,oOOlnhand. Cancloio fttonc «- WEAD 4 COB, FOR SAI.E. “Fish Poles.” BIGGS, SPENDER A CO,. Wire Screens, FOR 1)001(8 AND WINDOWS, ' At tho oldoit ostnhliihniont in tho bualnon. %Tm *W, X>- KELLEY Sc BRO 88 Madieon-at.. Tribune Building. "* TO RENT. TO RENT. IToa*# of 10 room*, furnished, with or without Bam 1185 Pralrio-av. Inquire on premlaoa from 10 a. m, to 3 p.m., or of W. D, ALU'S, FJorlat, HlBUt«-at, Wfat (fifties#* CLOTHING. FINEST QUALITY Clothing*! SPRING OVERCOATS, sl4 to S3O, ■ BUSINESS SUITS, ■ sl2 to S4O. AN ELEGANT STOCK OP Boys' S: can's ClotMi, Latest Styles and Lowest Prices. Call and Einmlno Boforo Parohajlng ElHowhora, Custom Berartment at West Slfle Store. EDWARDS, BLUETT & CO., . 45 and 47 West ItL.dison-st., ANii ’ 808 BTATB-ET. CARRIAGES. BBEVSTEE & 00 OF BROOME-ST., WABEROOMS, Fifth-av., cor. Fourteenth-si USTHTW TOEK. Elegant Carriages, In an tho fashionable varieties, from original designs of oar own and tho best stylos of Paris and London, exquis itely flnlahod in all SUk-Satlns, French Morocco., and. the finest Broadcloths. Special attention is called toitbo fact that ovory Oarriago offered In our Waroroorosls the pro* duotlon of our well known BUOOIUE-ST. FACTO RY. and equal, In every rafpoot, to those built to tho order of tho moat valued customer. In addition to our stock of tho LARGER vehicles, wo offer a complete assortment of ROAD WAGONS, with and without tops, IN ALL WEIGHTS, for PLEASURE DRIVING OR SPEEDING, embracing In their construc tion tho various Improvements introduced by us during tho past fifteen yean, and which havo made tho “BREWSTER WAGON The Standard for duality. • OUR PRICES BEING FIXED AND UNIFORM TO ALL, orders by mail havo equal advantages with those pldood lu person. To prevent confusion, tho public will please remember that wo are not connected with a Joint Stock Company of Oarriago Dealers now socking to share ourroputr'ion by adopting a firm name similar to our own. BREWSTER & CO. • OF BROOME-ST. 'Warerooma, Tiftlx-av,, cor. Fourteenth-at. FEW PUBLICATIONS. HOWELLS’ HEW STORY Published This Day. I. A CHANGE ACQUAINTANCE, By W. D. Howells, author of * * Venetian Life,« *' itat* lan Journeys," "Suburban Sketch os," "Their Wed ding Journey," etc. Ivol. Small 4to. Uniform with BIU of Travel.” "Among tho Isles of Sho&la.” 81.60. This delightful story Is a sequel to "Their Wedding Journey. Its graphic description of scenery, Its delicate discriminations of character, its pervading humor, and Its exquisite style, render It ono of the most attractive works In American literature. “ Tho ‘ Cbnnoo Acfinaintaneo 1 o( Mr. Howell, is one of the most charming sketches In recent literature, Tha author appears to delight in producing bis effects with tho simplest materials, and tha result ls,a triumph of genius,"—Hartford Oourant. H EEADY-MONEY MOBTIBOY. “ ‘Roady-MoaoyMortlboy’cannotfall to lntnp ft .f . n ,i amnio the most suporllclal readers, while tho mn«i nn& e (‘i;SS"i!i&on , DM&5^. h ' l, “ uuio Th%V h %z ,b h °;°' proof of what wo conceive to bo a serious —w JAMES E. OSGOOD & 00., Boston. THE LAWS, 1873. _ authorized edition. ow rr t rtf™!** 11 ' °a iloaday, May 28, tho STATII’PItH HILL’S CHANCERY PRACTICE. SECOND KDITION. ‘fir'Sitt S' BUI. E.q, 1 rob. 6,0.. 830 op.' PrVO.JIj7.KI. K. li. MYI'.M Publl.hor. STOCKHOLDERS’ MEETINGS. Ole of tlie Joliet & Norton Indiana Rail road Coinjany. BOSTON, May 14, 1873. and forMSSSStuS Sauoteorb^affi Sits it a.'S! aasr * thß 25111 Sf *»• _ J. W. BROOKS, President. ISAAC XiIVBRMORID, Secretary, OFFICE OF CUca£o,Roclc Islanfl & Paciflc railroad company. <1( Dire'to™ ~1, Auint iS'AfS. ,or l ?” •l""tton Woduo.dar, tha Rh da,‘„( W„“. “•,% F. 11. TOWS. g«oroUri! UW I- Tilaoy > Fre.ldoul. ’ Stockholders’ Meeting:. Secretary of Chicago South Ur.uohVyJ^S. ■- OFFICE FURNITURE, JL> gg 3ESL JE3 Ami OPFICD CHAIRS, at B O S T -W I a PS’S No, 113 FIFTH-AV. 3 MACHINERY. ■ARDS' IRON WORKS, 47 & 41) South Jcflbrsou-st. w. n. BATKUAM, Preil. J. 0. lUCIIABDB, Snpt. niiii.mins op PiitsT-cr.Ass 'rta^^ Po: ENGINES, AND IMFUOVKH ELEVATOR MACHINERY. Wo tiso only the host material In all our engines, atoel piston rods, stool valto rods, and crank jitns, and warrant our work unsurpassed by any other builders In the Union, J'E ItEFKIt TO OVER 1,000 ENGINES ouut in tbo past tow years, among which In this city ws mention a 6j> Uo«e Power Vortical at Onlvor, Pago A Hoynn’a. Stationary at P. WoUTA Son's Stono , A Yard. «* .. I. Stationary at Fannins’* Stono Yard. ~1? ~ ~ Stationary at Donnie's Splco Mills, WW Vortical at Unrnnm A Richardson Oar O/Vrt .. .. >VhoclOo. ' I , Stationary at Brighton Cotton Mills. V .. . Stationary at Joliet Rolling Mills. Ami many others In tho city and throughout tho North west. VVoaro at present building .TEN DIFFERENT SIZES TO ORDER* i* 20 horsepower, and larito those In tornstod to call and Inspect their construction. »M& h i V 0 In" 1 oolu l»lo“d * Stationary of 120 horso power 1 w,lrra nt tho most substantial and elegantly, finished Engine over built in Chicago. M*«gwuiy HAIR GOODS. HAIR GOODS. Ladios, wo aro selling Hair Goods cheaper than any other house in Chicago. Call and bo convinced. Largest stock of SIDE OUELS in the city. MMIUu 292 West Madison-st. Orders from the country solicited. HATS. HATS. THE BEST STOCK, BREWSTER’S nnmer (M ai Mafan-sb. You can save money by purchasing your Hats at J. S. BAEMT3S & CO.’S, No. 184 East Madison-st. removals; ~ UTS REMOVAL. E. L. HEDSTROI & CO. COAL DEALERS, HAVE BEHOVED THRm. MATH OFFICE OX) 71 WASHINGTON - ST. Docks at 13 Engabiiry-st,, oor. Enzie, and foot of East Sixtoentb-st. HORATIO PRATT, Agent. REMOVa.Ii. F. J. ABBEY & 00., DEALERS IN Guns, Pistols, Fishing-Tackle, And Sporting Goo d»j>[ 1 ojloi 1 oi7 o do.orlptlon, bare routed m «S°tJTK CLAHK-ST., WOVENWIRE MATTRESS. Woven Wire MATTRESS CO. 280 Statc-st., CHICAGO, ILL., Manufacturers of the Orig inal and Genuine Woven wire Mattresses, J’ntontci Juno 10, 1803. 1 atontoi November 23, 1800. ratuntet November 30. 1800. i'Rtcntei November 22, 18011. IJiitomci April 11, |B7l. I'utentej .Inly 2, 1872.* raeunitM October 8,1872. w'i 1?u 5 ,1 fi ,ro Doolorfortho Hartford ■wSrff Wiro Mutt T ofl m „T. ho beat hod in tho W. orld : J. T. STOWE, Manager. BOOK BINDERS’ STOCK, CIIL7ER, PAGE, EGYHE & CO., MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN BOOK BINDERS’ STOCK AND TOOLS, 118 AND 120 MONKOR-ST. WANTED. ¥anted-To Lease borYoD*”"” ° f S ° Utll SW °‘ ,l) ’ 11,0 UUI °f Gala. third and fourth lofts, Sultabto for Itindory and’ Friulian OHIco, oimlalnlim abodH,ooo “duaro foot oaoh. Good llaht, ahum P o»„rf and elovator required, ADAAIS, lILAOKMRRAI.yON. Pub Oa OT'I'AWAV, RROWNACOUIERT. BUSINESS CARD. PEN Manufactory i No. Hi Wo«t Lako-.t. HJmtlo nan. th* rineat ami licit, made to order to suit any baiidP a’i«f«2 aaiurtmcnt alnaya on band fur my own rotall trada cftS v WALTISII TIIULBAVKN. CHICAGO, SATURDAY, MAY 24, 1873. JUBILEE! 11 Commemoration of. tin “ Gnat EiiiMii,” “NEW CHICAGO” OPEN TO A] THE WORLD. arrangements aro now complete for Tint magnificent coliseum concerts led dy P. S. MORE .ry JUBILEE BILL, at the NEW CHAMBER OF COMMERCE n* ti, M, o/ lha L. S. AM. S. .nd 0., K. I. * P n n“ PnTh.“. th !S “™BNSB NEW PASSENGER Dill POT hu bean flllod up to «ow ramo -Ajsr A.TTi>iß3srqH or 40,000. THE OHAHD 00N0BBT3 WITH An Orchestra of 300, A Chorus of 1,000, A Select Chorus of 1,000 from tho Pnbllo Schools of Chicago, will bo given Thursday Afternoon, Juno 5, ofc 2 o’clock, Thursday Evening, Juno 5. at 8 o’clock, Admission to o»oh Grand Concert baa boon died at One Dollar, £ll2, I 2»« >ra * 0 price being only warranted by tho ooncos* purposes* 0 Ero4t oxt «*oporizca Coliseum free for Jubilee „J° raako the event as memorable to tbo young as tho June 6? B ° trU 0f Eduwtlott h»TO doolarof Frldaj, A Pull Holiday for tho Public Schools. * G '‘ n<l °“ nCOrl On Friflay Aflemoon, Jane 6, at 2 O’Clocii, 25 Cents Admission, ADULTS, SI.OO. 0» morning and thronghont tho day a grand 0 r oco Pri°s aQ d ovation will bo given to our mstln* guisbud guest* from abroad, by the city authorities and mo Joint Committee of the City Park Board. __*3 I .°.P r o*W«n t »n d y i ce-P r o»ldontof tho United States, * n GoT6ro °™ of eleven States have boon Invited. Governor-General of Canada, Karl Dufferln, to pu?™ a, P°. clal baa been tendered from Montreal to P» °rja b o”?SrW ~d •» b. u.. P...1.1 th. Oto dur h«nn°i“nd Go an Minister* at Washington have 100 period o*l 0 * 1 tbo * uo,t# of the‘city during thoJubl „A*) classes of our citizens will unite In a magnificent roaVwUl act as^a 0 " 10, lowing dlstlngulshod'clti- lIEOEPTIOH COMMITTEE, wm. P. Ooolbaugh, Ohauncey T. Bowen, Goorgo W. Field, Krod. J, Gould. W. k. Nixon, J. MoGrogor Adame, 11. I|. Honnre, IT. D. Colvin, J. T. MoiHn Jjwott, John Alston, Hon. Joseph V od *.*' S 01 * daraos 11. Bowoa.Hon. li. 8’ Dori fl J x. lr w a, tF?. , ‘ roo <, 1 * N. Hardin, ikon. John Mo Arthur, 0.0. P.Holdon, Philip Oonloy, Charles L Wilson, A. 0. Hoeing, Dr. V. O. IXuribul. Dr n h Smith, Col. John L. Hancock, P. O. Maynard, Hon* & The fMtWtIM vrilj culminate In a GEAI JUBILEE BALL, tL?jU&Unnt'llTSiof tS d ° b "° “ morou * l ' CHAMBER OF COMMERCE; Ou Friday Evening, Juno 6. Arrangamonta have boon mado to make the avnni Mi* Sly 1 'Ths^ihV 80 fV» oho fii* ut J ,M ovor occurred In tl!l» JJh’v *he whole of tho Chamber of C'ammorco will be Hall Of the Open Board of Trade, con- TIOKKTS «.=NT™N iAND Lady . 87 Waahlnaton-at,, and Trill only be Usued of tho follo O wlng Preflont ‘ boarlD * 1110 »l«naturo of one n u OI ?, M: J7 i: S. or invitation. Llout..Gen. P. H. Hhorldan, 0. B. Sawyer. P. II Win. ■too. VplaoyO. Tumor, Hon. 0. D. Parnell. Walter L smlh F A lr J lin ' tß t,o‘ | D. John McArthur. Sol. a! ®/olto. Potter Palmer, 0. L. Wilton. Gen .T ’ll w n t. ank ll u MoVeigh. Hon. Josonfi Medll). 0. P. Kel tei 1 S? r f? BI TO, Norman Wll lama, Wirt Uoitor. ti? W. K. Uoggptt, Alfred Uoitlm, W tAiA. n * r> » r s. ojr » Carter 11, llarriaon, M. Huahltt. Sf, S5!, r *V,S:,% c ? l,or ; J - H : McVlokor, A. E &S. fl* Dou * ,a **i ° oo * *• Kurotoy. S. D. JUmbark, H. 11. Honoro, F. B. Gardner. K. S pike An SlS** m. 1 " V’"^: StniKtan ®l-> Stager, don. Joaaph W. *. Coolbaugh. 0. B. llrown. Fhillin Key" W b, NS n oh \‘ l i° l “W<^’i T- Bow “j WllburK v • Nixon, John M. Ayer, B. B. McOainr lon. J. Y. bcammon, M. 1). Ogden, /inward Prloillev’ Hiram Wheeler. J. O. WoMnlllß, A . L. M, ?™ 2nL„ 0D h Ja ir e V V * Odell, Manhall Fiold. l'. Blaoj? «!?£?'Ji, P* John A. Logan. L H. J l ™!™!™!Haa SA%SSISt. ffiSb, G Widl, te’ii 7 ' sfc imnn^'A^Sr 0 W*i n W * Peolt J S - M.Nlokl ereon, A. H. Burley, F. B. Poabodr. Dr if A jAi.A.vTn Honry Qroenobaum, Limit Wahl, A. o’ ase aasK $L l : aUm *- n ’ jobn 6 * uuto °* laS^sia.'^ ““f;™ ««l°ol Oltu.u. .lUitho,. o'ot*orc“ri°,f where managers bare been appointed, the number of Olil. “J 1 ! 1 b ® Umltod, and tbo looal Committee ■lrod!* requiroci 10 *«port oar(y the number of tickets do-. JUBILEE EXCURSION TICKETS AT HALF FARE b r'^ W ? 0D Buffalo on tho oast, Leavenworth SEE OUR NEW CHICAGO, with our oltirona In the marvelous reiteration °*rpuf f.JL* p0C1 I'!?A ro cum log by tom of thouaanda Tbo Committed unite lu a rocommondatlon to ail mil spoatffifi&SiMd Multitude of Jubilee Guests. grammes. QUO. W. LYON. Muiloal Superintendent. CARPENTER & SHELDON, Business Managers, GENER. Notice to lie Lot Owners cUraceM Cemetery. muT. 0 ills" S. th “, t ij ,oro i“ k “ n "P I*7 Mn., lut fall, tram Ur.cQl.ud (Jato. K “ w»l Gardens Laid Out, And kept la order. Jobbing promptly attended to. W. D. ALLEN, - Florlit, Ml RUto et. MEET! Masonic. JUBILEE, AND A GRAND AND Washington, lowa, May 23— tional nows from tbo tornado makes tbo damage a groat deal more than baa boon heretofore re ported. Six more persona bavo died since my former telegram, making eight in all. Below are tho names not before reported: Ladan Ilonaol, Mr. Davison, Mr. Baker, a daughter of Jacob Seek, and two children of Henry Waters. There are many others who are very low, and their lives are despaired of. Those are all re ported to us within six or eight miles on tho tine of tho storm, Wo have not boon able to hoar from other parta of tho country to what extent tho storm has ragod. An immense amount of property has boon tjostroyod. It is impossible to describe tho seono after the storm had passed. It resembled a long tract of country that had boon suddenly overflowed and everything carried away, and as if tho water had suddenly fallon and loft every thing in oomploto ruin. Tho force of tho storm must have boon tremendous. Nothing resisted it. Heavy cattle wore carried eve a quarter of a mile, and thrown to the ground with snob violence ns to halt imbed thorn in tho earth. Wagons and farm implomonts of all kinds wore strewn all over. Even tho spokes wore broken out of tho wagon whools, A hog was found piorcodt hrough with a two by four timber, pinning it to tho ground. Probably a thousand persons from this place visited tho seono, and sondorod all tho assistance in thoir power. A. tologram from Sigoumoy soys that In Lnn oaator, Keokuk County, ovoty houao hut ono waa entirely destroyed, but no ono ia reported killed, though aovoral wore severely hurt. Keota, lowa, May 23.— Tho moat torrlflo alorm ever known in thia part of tho Btoto, pass ed through horo yoatorday afternoon about 3 o’clock. It atartod, aa for aa hoard from ton mlloa southwest, on Skunk Bottom, traveling in a aouthoaatorly direction to within two and a half miles of this city, swooping everything before it. Dp to tho present lima there are reported four peraoua killed, eight or nine slightly hurt, eight houses, three hams, one aaw-mlll and aovoral granaries blown down, and from 200 to 300 head of stock killed. Building material and agricul tural implements, including threshing machines reapora, corn-plows, planters, cultivators, ole.! iu every shape imaginable, aro strewn the entire distance. Tho storm seemed to coniine itself in width, from 100 to 400 yards. ’ It la reported that the Town of Lancaster, 16 xni)oq aouthwoat, la thia CWaahiugtou) county, TERRIBLE TORNADO. Washington County, lowa, Visited by a Furious Cyclone. Houses, Barns, and Fences Torn Dowi and Scattered for Miles. The Village of Lancaster Ee ported to Be in Enins. Eight Persons and 300 Cattle Killed. The Hurricane Appears in McDonough County, 111. Washington, lowa, May 23.—A torrifio tor nado or whirlwind, accompanied with hail and rain, passed over this county, aoouv u i*. umoo north of Washington, yesterday afternoon. It came up from the southwest, and passed out of the county a little south of Yatton. Tho tornado was shout one-half rail© in width, and tore into fragments everything that came in its course. Houses, barns, fences, trees, cattle, and human beings wore caught up and whirled through tho oir like mere toys, and then dashed to tho ground with such Violence as to produce instant death with tho animate beings. Tho houses and barns wore tom to fragments and scattered for miles around. Fields are dotted with largo Umbers driven into tho ground at an angle of ninety dogroos, end cattlo wore actually driven head-foremost into tho soil. Ono con scarcely conceive of tho devastation or realize tho force of tho tornado. Already wo have hoard of thirteen houses and many barns that wero litterally tom to pieces, and many others badly damaged. School was in session at a sohool-houso 0 miles north, and. tho tornado tore tho building to pieces, and carried a 14-yoar ’old daughter of Henry Rathmol about a quarter of a mile from tho school-house, and whon found sho was mashed to a Jolly. Miss Smith, tho teacher, and six or eight scholars were hint, somo badly. Tho wife of Henry Watters was killed. A Miss Gardner and a sou of Alexander Gib son lio at tho point of death. Jacob Seek was seriously hurt. Mr. Baker was badly hurt in tho back. Several of tho family of F. Campbell, near Keota, wore wounded. Mrs. McCoy was seriously hurt. * A gentleman, who was near tho tornado six miles north whon it passed, reports that it was balloon-shaped, with tho small end to tho ground, and moved at tho rate of about seventy mites an hour. It commenced its fearful work near Koota, whoro it demolished several residences. Wo noxt hear of it about six miles northwest, whoro it destroyed two or three houses, and, as it passed on northeast, it scat tered. to tho four winds tho fino residences and tmma of Alex. Gibson, J. A. Babcock and J. C. Culinghain, and also leveled to the ground tho dwellings of D. Coneor, F. and U. Watters, Mr. Carnnger, and Mr. Kerr. Many persons’ lives wero saved by their has tily getting into their collars. Bad havoc was raado with all kinds of stock. I From au oyo-wituosa’ dosoriplion, it is alraoat a miracle that anything in its trade escaped alive. Ho says that ho could aoo largo pieces of timber hurled from tho' cloud as though shot from a cannon. Hail fell that measured nine inches in diam eter. Some wore brought to this city, and four hours after they wore picked up, they were as largo as hens’ eggs. Tho roaring of the tornado was fearful, • and could have been hoard easily ten miles. At this place, six miles away, it was perfectly ap palling, surpassing in terror anything that wo over hoard except tho roar and din of a terrific battle. A telegram from Kcota, last evening, says that five persons wore killed about throe miles from that place. One child was torn to pieces. Our reports are from only a few points on tho lino of tho terrible destroyer, and wo cannot es timate tho amount of damage, but it may bo many thousands of dollars. Many more lives wore probably lost than those reported, and no estimate can bo made of the stock killed. Nothing heretofore so terrible and violent has ever befallen this county, and wo can only contemplate its devasta tion with awe, and wonder that so many escaped alive. tftnm in ruins. Ab Tvriting, moro buildings I AMO r0 reported blown down, further 1 I rIfc_;INDIANS. « . , - BOUthVTOBt. Rmeial DUvateh to Th« Cftieaoo Tribunt Keokuk, lowa, May 23,— Wednesday night'a atom did not roach tide place. The nearest It came to na was Washington, In tliia State. The time IS'nPn& T Bt ‘ l08 «» t « ™* ™e iha wind altered lie'eon™?"’ but a flh# "B 8 lu MS MOINES. Spidal DUitatch to Tho Chicago Trllmnr. Des Moines, lowa, 21._Tlio 'severest thun dor-stormimowD for several year* passed over this locality at 4 o’clock this morning. The wind blow a tempest, and, while it did no groat barm in this city, it caused groat damage in tj lo surrounding country. Eighteen or twenty farm houses wore blown down in this county. That there should have boon no loss of life was miracu louß. Near Norilyko Station, tho robidoucoa of Mi a. Nordykooud John Tyuor wore torn to pieces. No one hurt. In Walnut Township, the rosidouces of Mr. i'linn and Iroston Bennett wore blown down, and also a Methodist OhurcU in tho same neieh borhood. No one hurt, 6 At Altoona four-or live houses wore blown off their foundations, and one tntlroly destroyed. Near Ayer a Grove, tho resilience of Henry Hiobort, with a family of eight persons in it. was torn all to pieces. Tho man and his wife had limbs broken,, but none of the six children wore hurt. Portions of his house wore blown half a mile. His barn, containing ton horses, was blown to fragments and not a horse hurt. Two of his neighbors, Mr. Mayor and Enoch Casebcon, had their residences blown somo distance from thoir foundations, as i‘ a Morgan, throo miles from Dos Moines. Tho brick church at tho town of Ho Soto was nearly ruined. Tho roof blown from it crushed a small dwelling, but Injured none of the inmates. Tho only loss of life reported is that of a man near Stuart, killed by lightning, hi bod. Ho was a yisitor at tho house. Name unknown. Fences wore wrecked for miles, and many trees are uprooted. Such thunder and light ning are rarely soon in this latitude in tho hottest weather. For over an hour tho play of light ning was so continued and so vivid that a paper could havo boon road by the light of the terrible aud lurid glare. The phonom ouon of fire-balls of electricity passing from the earth upward formed a feature of tho wild car nival. Some of those wore as largo as foot balls, and loft behind them a brood glittering trail of sparks. ° b Three houses wore struck by lightning in this city, but no injury. Special dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, _ LATEH. A,- D £ 8 ?»i OlN, 'i s ’ May 22.—Evening—Details or further losses by Ihursday morning’s storm i n to amvo » V ut wothing important besides the nows sent before. No further loss ro PP r . k ® (l * -fi 1 , 0 damage to growing crops will bo slight. Iho storm seems to bo •general all over tho State. There is a heavy loss m this vicinity by tho blow ing down of hundreds of . miles of fonco. Numbers of cattle wore killed by light mng. One farmer in Adair'County lost twelve head, that wore standing by a wire fence whon it was struck by lightning. A still moro destructive storm occurred twelve hours later in Washington County, but nothing later is known hero than is given in the Asso ciated Press dispatches. Special Ditpatch to The Chicago Tribune. OTTAWA, ILL. Ottawa, 111., May 23.—The tornado which passed through central lowa seemed to have spent its force hero lost evening, this city being in a direct lino oast in the progress of the lowa whirlwind. An enormous quantity of - rain fell in an incredibly abort time, and the trains on both railroads were delayed for hours. Bridges woro swept away, and much damage done. OAIIIO. Special JXtpateh to The Chicago Tribune. Cairo, 111,, May 23.— I The heaviest iiail-storm soon m this city for many years occurred here this afternoon between 3 and 4 o’clock. Hail stones wore picked up that measured five inches m diameter. The ground was covered. Consid erable damage was done. ’ The rain came down in torrents, and lasted two hours. _ IOWA CITY. „, I ° WA ,? IT ' r . Io "». May 23.—Tho groat tornado of Washington County exhausted itself twelve mhos southwest of this city. There wao a high wind and lightning hore, one house being struck and having the interior demolished, but no one was hurt. , ’ PBAIRIE CITY, ILL. Prairie City, McDonough Co., HI.. May 23. A fearful tornado passed ono and a half miles north of this place yesterday at about Cj4o p. m.. tbo extent of which is not yet known hero, though wo have heard from it ton to llftoen miles east and west. Tho storm traveled eastward, sweeping nearly ovomhiug with it half a mile in width, blowing down houses, haras, out houses, fences, and telegraph linos, killing and injuring several persons. A number of horses UU m, ca i t l° wero Wiled and injure Iho Yellowing aro a few of the casualties: Yauaervora house destroyed} boy about 14’ Joel Nichols’ house and bam destroyed. Eight persons woro in tho house. One child has a log broken, and is not expected to live. Others more or loss injured. A. J. Cayton’a house and bam destroyed. Mr. wm°tt naa an arm broken and one child killed. Charles Perry’s house and barn destroyed, and Mrs. Porry is not expected to survive her in juries. AutUovr Mulholland’a bouse destroyed, and baa a leg broken. iiriukmavor’a house destroyed. No one at the bouse but himself. Ho la badly hurt. „A n , “® a of the fierceness of tbo storm may bo gained from tbe fact that it carried boavy sills ton rods, and oven moved boavy stouoa some distance from tbo top of collar walls. llroalc In the Erie Canal. Buffalo, May 23.—Tboro is a canal break at Basbor s aqueduct; a loaded boat is lying in tho break, and will have to bo cut in pieces to clear if «nf # v at Loc i c !°» in Sprakor’a south pier, it will take a week to make repairs Albany, N. Y., May 23,-Tbo bottom of tbo now lock on tbo Champlain Canal, near Water ford Junction, has given out. Tbo break is a serious one, and will Insure & largo expenditure, as well as causo a serious delay A part of tbo aqueduct at Sprnkors. on tho uc« Little AV‘"° 0l “' “ Ud a Lriae ° ha “ f “ ll0Q Another Tragedy, t0 n ’ Chicago Trlbmt. ’ aoorgo Weldon, deity Coimln lilo, dttompted to arreet a uogro utuuod Thomn tl'l“ cl fy. to-ulght. about 8 o’clock, out WobW« fo i r ab V ßivo Y or \ whon thQ «egro out J u B. ular vein with a pocket-knife. Tbo Sh??i£ tte Wi ocl i to oSca P°» when Weldon shot Tho uogro fell dead, “Id, on died in about ten minutes. Tho Coroner Is now bolding an Inquest on both bodies This is tho most terrible alfuir that has occurred in this city for years. Ocean Stoauiahljp News, Liverpool, May 23.—Tbo steamships Hoola, from Boston, Berlin, from Baltimore, and Den mark, from Now York, bavo arrived. New York, May 23,—Arrived—Tho steamships Lapland, from Bristol, Holland, from London. Mmaou, and Italia! from Marseilles. NUMBER 278. ji Unconditional Surrender "of a Large Portion of the Modocs. Capt, Jack and His Gang to Bo Pursued Vigorously. °6featof theKickapooson the Mex- —•o Border. Five Thousand Red-Skins Reported on (lie War-Path in Dakota. Vrbka, FAincnir.D’a Ranch, May 20—4 p. m, “While Gen. Davits, Inspector-Gen. Bardio, Col. Groon, Col. Sumner, Col. Gillom, Col. Ilojt, aud Liouts. Rockwell and Adams, with an* escort, wore on route to Van Bremer’s, having loft the lava-bed about 10 o’clock in the mom-' ing, a courier intercepted thorn by tho delivery* of a dispatch. Qon. Davis aud tho Warm Spring scouts, who wore in odvauco, wore recalled, autfl tho programme was iuatautly changed. Gen.- Davis determined upon Fairchild’s Ranch, in stead of Van Broraor’a as his future head-' quarters, Tho place is about twenty-three milotf northwest of the lavo-bods. Captain Hasbrouck loft Boyle’s camp on May 7th aud bas boon scouting since. His command consisted of Battery B, Fourth Artillery, Troops* B and Gof tho First Cavalry and Warm Spring Indians—2lo men. Jackson had ckargo of B and G. Ho harassed tho Indians and soon found that his men fought well in every instance, and paid? little heed to danger. Tho Indians wore van quished. Capt. Hasbrouck especially praises tho gallantry of the B Troop and a portion of G. la the charge at Dry Lake tho men scaled a ridge* twenty foot high in tho face of tho Modoce and* drove them away. Capt. Jackson led the right and Lieut. Moss tho loft, and Liouts. Boutolhy and Kyle hold other bold positions. Capt. Haa bronck has not lost a man since tho Dry Lake engagement. Artona Ohokaus Long Logs and One-Eyed Dixie, two Modoc residents of this ranch, last evening interviewed tho fivo women captured by Capt. Hasbrouck's command, aud from theta* gleaned Interesting accounts of tho Hodoo oper ations during tho lust few months. Tho cap tives are Mrs. Wachmotol, Boston Charlop’s two sisters, tho mother of Black Jim, and one maid en whoso relatives have attained no notable dis- tiuctiou. They report that “ Slmcknasty Frank,” “ Shacknaaty Jake,” u Shacknasty Bill,” “ Steamboat Frank,” “ Ellon’s Man,” “ Hooka Jim’s ” father, “Boston Nick,” and aeroral other Modoca have boon killed, .and many wounded. “Gariy-Hooded Jack” carried a piece of lead in his body for several daya, and when last aeon was appa rently booked for the happy hunting-grounds. The inability of Little John to travel at a rapid pace delayed the baud which Capt. Haabrouck encountered, and got the Modoca into this last difficulty. The cauao of the disaffection among the Modoca after the battle is interesting, jack consulted his stolon chronometer, and, after sundry gestures and exclamations, promised hier followers that they should shod riffle-bullets as & duck does water, and escape unharmed. Tho confidence this statement inspired was rudely dispelled by Capt. Uasbrouck’a oncounter-i whore several Modoca were killed and others wounded. Indignation reigned supremo in Jack’s household. The Cottonwood branch tribe, from Fairchild’s, decided to light no more. This reso lution led to Jack’s clandestine departure. The Cottonwoods, numbering twenty warriors and fifty women and children, hurried to tho Snow Mountains, tho southern end of tho lava, deposit, preparatory to traveling to tho Yainor Reservation, and imploring pardon of tho Great Father at ■Washington. The sudden and unex pected advent of llasbrouck’a cavalry and Warm Spring Indians disturbed their peaceful medi tations and caused them to run and light during the stampede. Mrs. Hendricks, alias “ Limpy,” threw her babe, 6 months old, to tho ground m the hone of escaping, and was soon af tor killed by a Warm Spring warrior. The babe was brought hither and turned over to tho Reservation. They might have boon indiu-od to enlist under Jack had ha met with continued success. His defeat has dampened their ardor. No trouble ia now antic ipated that tho Modoca will slip into tho Yainox agency and incite the young bucks to mischief. Faikouild’s Ranch, May 21.~Th0 latest order' locates the headquarters at Van Bremer’s, whither tho infantry wont yesterday. Gen. Davis remains hero for tho present. FAinouiLD’s Ranch. May 21.— Artena Chokaa and One-Eyed Dixie returned at dusk this even ing from tho direction of Dorris’ ranch. Mr. Fairchild, tho gentleman who boa cleverly en gineered this consultation business, judged that the Modocs must bo at least fifteen miles away. Doth women said in substance that they had traveled a long distance. Tho women were taken to Gen. Davis r tent, and had a talk with Gen. Hardin, Col, Gillem, and Capt. Hashrouck, Fair child interpreting. True to nature, these women talked a long while and said little. Finally Arte na said that tho Indians were 15 miles from hero, and numbered fifteen warriors and fifty squaws • and children. The Great Spirit had caused their hearts to blood for tho white people. All wanted to return to tho fold and live in peace among tho whites, but tho present condition of affairs, with a duo regard for their lives, prevented them from appearing within roach of tho army. They wanted a peace talk. Lot tho groat white Chief (moaning Gon. Davis) come out and see them alone and talk over mat- tors, and through that medium tho par ties might come to an amicable understanding. No Modoc would surrender without a peace-talk. Dixie corroborated tho statement of Artona. Tbo interview lasted one and three-quarters hours. At tbo close, Con. Davis told Artona and Dixie to go to tho Modoc camp to-morrow morning, and toll tho Indians that ho should not come out for a peace-talk. Ho did not bollovo in neacft talks away from bis men. Tbo Indians must come to him if they wanted to talk. Ho would allow them to surrender, and they bad until Fri day morning to appear at headquarters, and after that bo should shoot every Modoc found with a The women told Fair child that they should not return to tbo Modoo camp. That question will bo determined in tho morning. Col. Perry baa arrived with bis cavalry. Buovr is falling. Boyle's Camp in tub Peninsula, May 21—10 a. xu.—Nothing has transpired bore since tbo ar- (CV/ih'/wcd on V (tr Eitjhih I’ayo)

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