Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 24, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 24, 1873 Page 3
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THE COURTS. Judge Williams Conflrms (ho Lincoln Park Assessment. " One Wilbur F. Storey ” Sued by a Firm of Oontraotors. Interesting Bankruptcy Notes—Crimi- nal Court Items. Tho Toolco-FnrwcH Case—Tho Courts Condensed. Ohiof-Justlco Williams doUvorod in tho Circuit Court, yesterday morning, a very lengthy opin ion in tho matter of tho application mado by tho Lincoln Bark Commissioners for a confirmation of tho special assessment of 1871. for tho im provement and extension of tho park, involving $1,200,000. With regard to tho question of Jurisdiction, tho Court hold that, under, tho Con stitution of 1818, and also by virtuo of decision of tho Supremo Court, tho Circuit Court had jurisdiction in tho ease, and power equal to that of tho Supremo Court. Tbo Court would only deal with tho graver objections raised to tho assessment, ns it was impossible to deal with oil tho objections brought forward, most of which oro based . upon purely technical grounds and woro unworthy of nolo. Tho Court dooidod that tho objection that tho act of 1860, and amended act of 1871, failed to apply to Lincoln Park wos not valid, because, if tho laws did not apply to that park they: could not bo mado to apply to any others within tho jurisdiction of tho Stato of Illinois. Tho amendatory act of 1871 provided for tho poy mont of condemned lands by tho issuo of muni cipal bonds. Lincoln Park moots all tho require ments of that act; tho objection of tho amenda tory nature of tho not being of no avail because tho law was constitutional, although nmouda tory. Tho objection that tho parlies making tho assessment wore not corporate authorities ou tho ground that tho Legislature, having,established, by tho union of tho corporations, a district, and placed it, for purposes designated in tho act, undof tho Park Commissioners* control, is equal ly untenable. In support of his views on tho case tho Court quoted authorities occupying sovoral pages of his decision, tho decisions in cases in tho Courts of Oregon and Indiana be ing dwelt upon with particular stress. Accord ing to tho law, tho impartial opinion of tho Court was that tho lovy of tho Commissioners was, purely, an assessment, and not to , ho looked upon in the light of a tax. Prop- received a fair remuneration for their land. There was no doubt in tho mind of tho Court, that tho assessment was fair and that tho beautifying and extension of tho pork would turn out to bo a bouollt to tho public. An adverse opinion would bo a death blow to tho very existence of tho park, and would place a bar to all suburban improvements to come. Ho considered that woro there any doubt tho park should have tho benefit of it, but, as it was, ho considered ample evidence had boon brought for ward to show that tho viciuity of public parks var * a Wy a cause for increase in tho value of tho adjacent lands. Tho Court closed with the words “In my opinion tho objections ought to ho overruled. I shall, therefore, sustain tho motion to confirm tho assessment.” Judge .Trumbull gave notice of an appeal to tho Su premo Court. ’* ONE wiLmm r. btohet” sued fob a* $7,000 DEIST, f In tho Superior Court, Edwin F. Beeves. dOBopU James, and Warren A. Wolla, masonry contractors, in partnership under tho firm name of Beeves, James & Co., file their bill of com plaint against “one Wilbur F. Storey.” Com plainants aver that “ one Wilbur” engaged them to do certain work on tho structure at the north west corner of Washington street and Fifth av enuo, namely j to lay. walla of the building to bo used for “a publish ing-house of tho Chicago Times news paper. and other purposes,’’—complainant, in the last throe words, unburdening his nund of , a suspicion of . what peculiarly appropriate use any spare room of a building oc cupied by such a moral newspaper would be nut aio S r /* tho wor ! t » on ® Wilbur” was to pay $12,600 (ten years’ advertising gone at a swoop, and only the foundation laid f); that petitioners thd certain extra work on tho promises: that they have boon unpaid to tho extent of $6,000 since the Ist day of April last; that “one Wil bur wheedled complainants into signing a con tract to build a certain sidewalk, which it turned out could not possibly ho constructed; that do fondant declined to pay complainant his reason able demand, and instructed his blaud architect to treat with complainants, who agroodtb com promise; yet the wheedling Wilbur sought i*°J? ■ , from the* contract price: that the wheedling Wilbur, who walks among, etc., aud tho architects have laid their heads to gether and are trying to prop up their moribund concern by conspiring to hinder payment to plaintiffs of tho amount duo them on said struc ture, namely, $7,000 and interest from tho Ist AiV r ii laßfc ? wherefore they pray that “one Wilbur F. Storey” be mkdo to answer in a court of equity for his iniquity. A ? .i 800 , 11 .,/ 18 . tho lo Kal reporter of tho Times road tho bill, ho very wisely sold his “ copy ” to tho Inler-Ocean man for 50 cents, and whoa last scon was standing in front of tho Employment Bureau shod, with coat off and shirt-sleeves rolled up, haggling, with a follow wreck, over the purchase of a second-hand saw-horso. DECISION IN TUB TOOKE V. KIMUALL CASE. In tho cose of Tooko v. Kimball, Judge Far well, yesterday moralug, rendered hia decision. Tho emt was brought By Tooko for the purpose f obtaining from Kimball specific performance of a contract to convey him GO acres of land ad joimug tho Normal School, at Englewood, at g SOO per acre. The case has been before tho Bopromo Court in a suit brought by Kimball to eet aside the contract, which resulted in favor of defendant. Tho Court remarked that it was by no moans clear what was tho effect contract in all respects, which the counsel in tho case did not Boom thoroughly to understand. There are in it a number of obscure provisions, tho effect of which it is difficult to determine. The Court's impression was that the doustruction which the parties to the contract gave to. it at the time of its making was the cor n mußt 1,0 bold that, under the contract, Kimball was to bo required to give Tooko a deed on the 15th of March, and on pay? montof tho balance of tho $5,000, and then a mortgage on tho property was to bo glvou him A Wn i balance. The Court did not think that looko had done anything to lose hia right to specific performance, that his delay in payments was not such as to cut him off from his right, and that Kimball should not be allowed to repudiate under tho evidence heard. Tooko, finding defendant was not in clined to perform tho contract, mado him a formal tender of the money due, which was declined, whereupon ho deposited tho money and notified defendant of hia having done so, and of its being paid °, ver f° at moment. Bummed up by saying : FiuaUy. I think that Tooko is entitled to specific performance of contract. As to the PJPP r , matters, I can hoar counsel further. I think that under tho contract Tooke was ou 0f property on tho 15lh of March last; with regard to the payment of dout tbink that Tooko has lost bis right to specific performance on account of the non-payment of taxes. Kimball would not lot lopke have the possession of tbe property and claimed therefore that bo had no right to pay taxes. I will not sottlo tho tonus of the decree aa to the question of interest and payment of taxes, without further hearing tho Council iu tho matter." SUIT TO REMOVE CLOUD FROM TITLE, Timothy Wright fllod his hill iu tho Superior Court yesterday against Stephen W. Dearborn. Complainant avers that on tho 17th day of December. 1855, John S. Wright, who was tho owner of Dots 7 and 8 of Subdivision of Lots 14. J A J ; N H ’of Lot 12, Block 18, Fort Dearborn Addition to Chicago, convoyed tho same by trust , w,*° Siphon W. Dearborn, now of the State of Missouri, to secure tho payment of olcht notes boanug date Doe. 17, 1855, executed by Baid u right, each for tho sum of $3,750 : that on tho 27th Januaiy, 1858, complainant, wliowas then tho owner in foe simple of said promises, paid said notes, and they, together .with tho deed of trust given to secure iho aarae. wore delivered to complainant and canceled-by him; that said notes and deed of trust, aa paid and canceled, were destroyed in tho great firo; that it was tho duty of said Dear born, as Trustee, upon’tho payment of said notes, to reconvor tho legal estate in said prom ises to tho owner thereof : yet ho has neglected, and still neglects. to do ho* that saiddoodof tniflt not being discharged from the roconls of Cook County, complainant Is prevented from soiling or otherwise disposing of said promises t wherefore ho flies the present kill asking that defendant bo brought to answer in a suit of chancery, and complainant discharged from the lion of said trust dood. INTERESTING LAND SUIT. In Judge Gary’s Court tho case of Sylvostor Bomingtou v. Elika Davis, ns executrix and logatoo, which has boon on trial for tho last two days, was yesterday concluded. Tho com plainant fllod a hill for tho specific performance of abend made on tho 21st of September, 1871, by ouo John Davis, now docoasod, for tho con veyance of twenty acres of land, at s?100 an aero, In See. 5, T. *lO, Banco 14, Lake View, which property is now valued at from $‘20,000 to $30,000. Tho bond provided that payments woro to bo mado in certain installments,and that upon tho payments being made at tho times mention ed lu tho bond, a deed was to bo mado by Davls to Bomingtou,—tho last pay ment becoming duo on tfio 21st of September, 1872. Bomington foiled to mako payments according to tho tonus of tho bond, although constantly urged to do so by Mrs. Davis, widow . and oxooutrix of the late John Davis, lu Septem ber, 1872, Mrs. Davis recorded tho contract. In •October, 1872, Bomington fllod a bill for specific {lorformanco of this bond, but it wan dismissed >y Judge Gary. Tho present bill was filed by com plainant in February last, alleging substantially tho same facts as sot forth In the former bill, viz : alleging that an extension was mado of tho payments mentioned in tho bond by Mrs. Davis, until tbo suit of Thomas and Morris, affecting tho titlo to tho land, was disposed of, Tho proof in each case failed to establish tho allegations in tho bill, that an extension was got. Tho first bill was dismissed on tho ground of variance,-and with regard to tho present ono Judge Gary said ho must dismiss for tho samo reason, although ho would withhold his decision until this morn ing. Mooro & Caulfield and W. H. Ellis for com plainant s Spallord, MoDaid & Wilson for de fendant. STATEMENT OF TUB GREAT WESTERN INSURANCE COMPANY’S ASSIGNEE. O. W. Upton, Assignee of tho estate of tho ; Groat Western Insurance Company, a bankrupt, fllod with Bogistor Hibbard, yesterday, his ac count up to date. Tho cash receipts from April 11, tho dato of Assignee's appointment, consist ing of amounts received upon notes, from the sale of tho otfico effects, on account of stock, premiums on policies, oto.. amounts to. $15,- 927.75. Against this amount are placed tho dis bursements, consisting of sundry expenses amounting to $315.82 ; paid O. W. Upton por tion of money advanced, $318.23; city aud State and county taxes and property mortgages, $367.02; united Stales Marshal Campbell, $584.26; Bogistor Hibbard. $71.60; S. M. Mil lard, attorney, $375; office rout. $160: S. W. StowoU, for special service at Jackson, Mich., $72.06 ; 0. W. Upton, traveling expenses; $67.81; P. G. Gardener, bookkeeper, $2,213.78; J. K. X’hilo, employe $1,134.16; Smith A Wa terman, and Boutoll A Waterman. $1,466.49 ; attorneys at Grand Bapids, SIBO, leaving a bal ance of cash on band of $8,508, being $4,743.25 ahead of tho balance os shown by tho Assignee’s statement of tho ond of April last. Tho As signee submits a statement of tho whole estate of the bankrupt, of tho property recovered, and of tho property outstanding, and tho cause of Its being outstanding and also such debts and claims os are yet undetermined; showing mort gages and trust deeds in bands of tbo Assignee, amounting to $274,270.60; unpaid premiums, represented to bo in the hands of general agents who claim they owe tho Company nothing, never having collected tho policies which they offer to surrender, amounting to about $11,000; supposed list of stooldioldors, fifty-throe of whom, in tho Eastern States, have been sued, resulting in forty-four settlements; fifty-one in Michigan; tho suits against stock holders in other States being postponed until tho present cases are concluded. The statement also gives a list of notes in tho Company’s favor widen are In tho hands of collectors. . In tho matter of the Union Lithographing Company, the first mooting was yesterday held, at which B. E. Jenkins was appointed Assignee. Tho same gentleman was appointed Assignee of tho estate of J. Smith & Sons, of Lomont, tho first mooting of whoso creditors was also hold yesterday. CRIMINAL COURT. John Hood, charged with attempting to com mit a burglary and with malicious mischief ou the store of a South Side druggist, pleaded guilty to the latter indictment, and was remanded for sentence. Two alleged thieves, named Thornton and Bums, failed to make an appearance, aud their bail was forfeited. Another forfeiture was had iu tho caso of tho throe balled-out prisoners, O’Grady. Flynn, and McNamara, who wore charged with assaulting ouo Charles Smith for tho purpose of coax ing a confession from him. Tho facts of the case are such as to causo regret that tho defendants wore over admitted to bad at all,. They, it appears, suspected Smith of having stolon from them the sum of $23. With a view of saving legal expenses, they called upon Smith while ho was working at raising a barn and demanded tho money they accused mm of stealing. Ho denied tho crime, when they in sisted on a confession, whether ho was guilty or no. Finding him tardy at confessing, they be gan pummelling him with their fiats, then kicked him, then belabored him cruelly with a bam beam. Still ho would not confess,when they or dered him to undress. With their assistance ho stripped to tho akin, aud they improved the op portunity by lashing him about tho body with some laths aud shingles. As soon as this amusement failed to ploaso them they got a pair of traces, which they tied together, made a noose at one end, which they adjusted round Smith’s nock and hauled him into mid-air, and only lot him down when ho was in an inanimate state. Then they went through his pockets and took out sl9, which they found there, and kept. To cap tho climax of their cruelty, they had Smith arrested ou a charge of larceny, and It was while Smith was undergoing examination that tho above facts were elucidated. Tho State’s Attor ney soon had tho brutes arrested, and they wore released only after finding SI,OOO hail apiece. This they yesterday forfeited. THE COimTS CONDENSED. Horace O. Gillott files lus bill in tho Supremo Court to establish and- confirm his title to tho Lots Nos. 20, 80, 81, and S3, in Block 3 of Mc- Roynolda’ Subdivision of E W of N. E. if" of 800. 6, T. 89 N., B. 14 E. of 3 JP. M., and all of. Lot 32, Block 4, same addition ; also au undi vided ijj of Lot 4, iu Block 8, in same addition, Mary P. Mack was yesterday appointed, at the County Court, administratrix of tho estate of tho lato Patrick Mack under a bond, to bo ap proved, of $6,500. Daniel A. Dickinson ot al. file a prrocipo in as sumpsit against George H. Hess, iu tho Superior Court; damages, $6,000. John BoUoy files a pnocipo, in tho Superior Court, against Samuel Solkey, in a plea of tres pass on tho case; damages, §IO,OOO. Phillip Hicks files his pnocipo in a salt iu assumpsit, in tho Circuit Court, against Heury G. Coulson, laying damages at $2,000. Tho case of Hall v. Rose Hill & Evanston Koad Company was tried in Judge Porter’s Court, yesterday. This is a suit brought by plaintiff to recover a dividend of 20 per cent de clared by tho Company, which tho defendants refused to pay on tho ground that tho shares hold by Hall were fraudulently issued by tho officers of tho Company. John W. Hodonburg files his bill iu chancery, iu tho Circuit Court, against Kylor W. Jones, iu which ho asks that defendant may bo decreed to specifically perform a written agreement, by which ho agrood to convoy to certain parties, by a good and sufficient deed of conveyance, tho N. 80 acres of subdivision of N. 120 acres of S. W H of See. 23, T. 40, N. R. 13, E. of 3 P. M. f ex cepting the right of way of tho Northwestern Railroad Company, which ‘runs across said promises. Iu tho Circuit Court, Addison Goodell, Sellook B. Warrou, and Eraatua Marsh file tholr bill against M. P. Lasson, a pawnbroker, who has leased Room No. 5, in tholr building on tho cor ner of Clark and Monroo streets, asking for an injunction to restrain defendant from displaying iu front of the building tho throe-ball sign which pooplo of Lasson’s class hang out to in duce the impecunious to bogiu negotiations of small loans. It will bo remembered that, a fow days since, Lasson obtained an injunction re straining certain parties from tearing down his sign. NEW SUITS, Tur Superior Ooukt.—43,492—Daniel A. Dlckln ,,, • v * a ° or 8° H. licas ; assumpsit, SC,OOf. 43,- 49J—Edmund Moors and Edward Ewing v, Btslla 8. Contcuwertu; petition for mechanics' lieu on Gothic opUago in rear of lua North Curtis street. 43.494- Uatlle v. Bonbon Hurd ; bill for divorce. 43 493 °, larIi0 » divorce ou drunkenness, 4J,400-KMhim Elsendrath v. John Oaisody t confes sion of Judgment, 1371.23. 43,407—Jac0b We/uholmur T«wi!? ~l i I « liy#n » aMUm * M,,t « WM. 43,498 —The U. WhltbockCompany v. 8. MoK4ohunand d. MeDouimll: uiuupijtt, $309. 43,109 —Marguerite v. William D. Kelly; divorce on ground of cruelty. 43,600 «7iu? to jq nni Uff t » V ’ w c °“ ra( l Qthrko ; assumpsit, S4OO. 43.601—J0hn B. Mayo v. Hamnul Bolkey s tree' C T* ABOa-Chsrlos JI. WoU-uor V, Tlllotson b llllotsou • appeal. 43.61)3—Bun pressed “bo. 43,694—Wi11iam 11, Longloy v. Francis I. Holt and Edwin and Janice Holt; assumpsit, SBOO. 4.l,6o6—Joseph W. I idler ot al. v. F, Miller and II Kites. SI,OOO. 43,600—James 11, Bmlth v, Auguatus o! Front and John Blevons : appeal, 43,607—Cirua J Corse v. Francis A, Oonwoll j assumpsit, S3OO. 43.801 11. Buahnoll ut al. v. Anna J. Coombs; assumpsit. S3OO, 43,609—Timothy Wright v, Htepheu W. Dear hpn*hlH to remove cloud from titlo. 43,510—Horace C. Qlllolfl y, Augunlo Kmitz ot al.j petition to confirm ?,m». ® B tfd>hsh title. 4.l,sll—llcovch, James k Go., v. Wlllinr P. storey; petition for mechanic*’ lien on iho Time* building, $7,000, • Tim Oinourr 00imT.—7,055-Danlol F, Buckler Vi •jin I!, ~o_ *■, Wheeler ? confession of Judgment, $488.01, 7,ojo—John W. Bmllh, surviving partner of Hanford, Johnson k Co., v. Amos Qoodjohn ; petition to restore Judgment. 7.os7—Philip ■ Hides v. Henry «. Ooulaon; OHsnmpßlt. $3,000. 7,osß—John w. v * Kylcr W. Jonos, 7,030, 7,000— Appeals, 7,ool—James O. Grant, John Price, v. Frank O. Tay lor , pollution for mechanic's lion on out-ntono huild ■oitUicaal corner of North Dearborn and Maple streets, 7.oo3—Malvina v. John Elliott ot al.; petition BVM, 37, 54, 65, 50, In Egan's subdivision of Block 20, except tho cast 174 feet there of ", l l l‘° <kw»»l Trustees’ Hubdlvlfllon of W. V and IV. H of , Jk I3 *X ° r 17, lu T. 3D, N. 11. 14. E. of 3 1». Apjicnl, 7,oo4—Addison Goodin ot nl, v, N. 1. Lassen ; bill for injunction, • THE LEARY CASE AGAIN. IVcvr and Startling Developments .Tolin JL>*lo King After n Now Trial (or fl2i* Ollontv. Tho Criminal Court adjourned for tho day at 1 o’clock yesterday, all business being, appa rently, concluded. At 2 o’clock, however, State’s Attorney Boed rushed Into tho Olork’a ofllco in such an onergotio manner that tho supposition gained ground that bo had more than his ' usual complement of half a dozen galvanic batteries con cealed about bis person. lie had boon noti fied, though previous warnings had boon studi ously avoided, of tho intention of tho oounsol of Leary, tho lawyer oonviotod of forgery, to move for a now trial on grounds of quito a startling nature. Shortly afterwards tbo Grecian coun tenance of John Lylo King appeared, and, tho Judge taking his seat on the bench, the euujcot of tho motion for a now trial was broached. Tho motion of defendant's counsel was based on affidavits impugning tho char actor of the prosecuting witness. The. chief affiant, ouo Oloson, failed to mention his residence in his affidavit, and, tho Court requir ing tho production of witnesses, tho case was postponed. A very singular circumstance in connection with tho former trial of Leary, has leaked out since his conviction. Swanstou, tho principal witness, filed a declaration as to tbo foots m the ease, in tho Superior Court, some time since. A purported copy of ibis declara tion was produced in Court at tho trial, which sot forth that both Iho judgment note and tho attachment woro signed by Swanston in blank. Since tho trial, it has turned out that tho said copy was a fatso ouo, tho true original being in direct confirmation of tho ovidouco produced by tho State’s Attorney at the trial. Yet a still stranger revelation was to ho had. Tho prose cution, at tho motion for a now trial, ran out a heavy guu iu tho shape of a now affidavit against defendant, containing, it Is alleged, vgry damaging allegations. This mysteriously disappeared during tho trial. Consternation reigned in tho camp of tho State’s Attorney from tho moment tho document wont astray. Jim Boot says his eyes looked bigger even than in bis pioturo at Chapin & Gore's. Altogether it is evident that in tho caso thoro is some sharp, very sharp practice— somewhere. Tho affidavit of tho man Oloson, by which tho counsel for Loory hope to gaiu their cliout’e acquittal, states that affiant is a Norwegian; that ho is acquainted with Swans ton; that in November, 1872, ho had a conversa tion-with him, when Swanston told witness that ho was in trouble with regard to tho Peterson property; that Leary had caused him trouble on a judgment note, which ho had signed, and ho was afraid it would interfere with his getting hold of tho Peterson property; hut that ho could boat Leary, if ho only said that Leary had altered tho judgment note. Later, tho witness was drinking, iu a Kinzio street saloon in company with a number of Swedes, when Swanston entered, and said ho had fixed the business all right, and had got Leary indicted boforo tho Grand Jury; and, in answer to a question of witness, acknowledged that tho note had not been altered subsequently toils being mado, but that his (Leary’s) lawyer had told him that if ho swore otherwise ho could not ho charged with perjury. Three other equally interesting affidavits of equally unknown parties wore filed, tho affiants to which will prob ably testify iu tho caso iu a day or two. A Magnificent Engine. Interested parties, aud tho admirers of tho beautiful lu thu mechanical Hue, aro invited to call at tho lllch- ards Ironworks, 47 and 40 South Jeffcrsou street, and iuapcct auothor mammoth ougiuo just completed for tho now elevator and mill of llicharda Uros., bank ers, of Champaign, IU., and which, for elegance of de sign, substantial proportions, aud first-class ma terial and workmanship, is rarely equaled or excelled either East or West. The cylinder is 20x24 inches, fitted up with steel link-motion cut-off. Main shaft 8 inches in diameter, solid hammered wrought-lron, carrying a flvo-tou fiy-whecl 12 feet in diameter. Steel piston rod, valve-rod, aud crank-pin. connecting-rod, slides aud cross-bond, highly polished and burnished. Cyl inder lagged with fluted plates and bonds covered with ornamental brass. Tho whole surmounted with Allen’s improved safely slop governor, silver-plated oil cups, etc., combining tho elegant with tho substantial in the highest degree of the art. Tho engine is rated at 120 horso power, and was designed by Master Mechanic Samuel Allen, Esq,, and lon credit to himself and tbo Company, as well as to nil Chicago, and proves conclusively that our Western mechanics aud manu facturers are fully prepared to compote with tho best of Eastern builders lu either price or quality. Tho Company are making a ajKdaWj of building first-el uss heavy engines, and are determined that, if good work at} /air rate* can ho appreciated In this market, there shall he no further apology for our citizens patronizing Eastern manufacturers. See their advertisement in another column. Clyde. Tho handsomest spot between Chicago ami River side on the 0., 13. taQ. Railroad, only two miles west of the city, will bo put under the hammer on Monday, May 128. Trains will leave tho depot, foot of Lako street, at 11 o'clock. Tho lota are wide and deep • wldo afreets; plank sidewalks; handsome shade trees Clyde has a good school; a very tasty station-house ; church now building, and several handsome dwellings will be built at once. A most generous lunch will bo served on tho ground by Philip Conley, E«q., tho well known caterer. This sale Is tho first of tho season, and it is hoped our friends will avail themselves of a grand excursion, and make an Investment that will yield nu hundred-fold. Wm. A.- Butters A Co. will wield tho hammer on tho occasion. Who Buys a Piano P Wo have Rome now pianos that have been routed from three to six months. Also, a few that have had the outside cases injured in nioidug. These will bo sold ot tho very lowest prices—from |2OO to S3OO. . A splendid opportunity to purchase a good, durable Instrument, as every piano will bo warranted to give satisfaction or money refunded. Cull and see them at our new place of business—Ms Jirvat piano i careroom* in the world. Heed’s Temple of MUslc, Corner Dearborn and Van Baron streets. California Sunday' Train. Tho through Pacific express tram for Connell Bluffs, Omaha, San Francisco, and all other Far West pomto will leave tho Wells street depot of the Chicago A Northwestern Railway at 10:15 a. m. f Sunday, May 25. 1873. Through tickets via Chicago, Burlington, A Quincy, and Chicago, Rook Island, A Pacific Railways, will bo good on this train. Charles Netcher, Noe. 114 and 110 State street, is now opening a full line of ladies’, misses’, and children’s shoos in great variety. Look at tho black alpaca at 50c, os good os you buy elsewhere at 750 I Look at those flue French striped shawls at $7.601 Others ask $12.00 for no bettor goods. Largo lino of spring dry goods now opening at astonishingly low prices. Important Invention. Mr. August P.Rlck, of No. 110 Schiller street, Chica go, has just received letters of patent on a cooling ma chine, which is of groat value to boor brewers, distil lers, and also for tho purpose of ventilating halts and houses, Tho inventor respectfully invites all persons Interested to call at his residence and examine tho machine. To Bo Continued. Tho reduction iu prices of furniture at Potter, King A Go’s, Nos. 284, 230. and 288 Wabash avenue. Black walnut marble-top chamber suits for SOO. Tho Beavor Mixed Hat. Is tho latest mode for gentlemen—a dress hat for sum mer wear—introduced, by-Parker A Tilton, No. 83 Clark street, opposite tho Court-House. How u ifliiabniul wm Sold. J'rom the Xeio Vork ZHrihune, Iloro 1b a curious Htory of the old Hlavory tlrao, which wo pick up from a Wontorn Carolina nows papor. In tho gold mining regions of Burke County lived au industrious, well-to-do froo col ored woman named Nunoy Boyce. Site was en gaged to marry Jack, a alavo, and in order to have everything pleasant, who put hor hand In her pookol and bought liim of Ida master. But who was shrewd enough to take a bill of ealo of him, fortunately, qh It happened; for Jack turned out to bo utterly worthless, and a perfect sot. But little need was there for Nancy to go to tho Court for relief by divorce. Hho owned'hor man, and she simply Hold him to a slave-dealer, who earned him off to tho far South-West, so that tho Hliarp Nancy waii never bothered by him again. Ilimbanda have boon badly udld before, though uot in this particular wwaty t THE 11 O'CLOCK ORDINANCE. ’ Grounds Upon Which Chnpln Sc Core TV Contest Its Legality* Points from Tliolr BHI In Chancery Applying for an Injunction Restraining tho Potlco from Enforcing tho Ordinance. ‘ Messrs. E. G. Asay and W. L. Hirst, Jr., tho attorneys of Chapin «k Gore, havo decided to carry tho war into Africa. With that intention they havo prepared a' bill in chancery applying for an injunction restraining tho city .and police from enforcing tho ordinance. Following oro tho points of tho bill: Gardner 8. Chapin and James G. Gore, doing business under tho firm name and stylo of Chapin «fc Gore, v. Tho City of Chicago, its officers, agents, and assistants, and Elmer Washburn, Chief of Police. Tho bill is addressed to tho Judges of tho Circuit Court In chancery sitting. It sots forth that tho complainants aro “ engaged in tho sale of eatables and drinkables arid cigars” at Nos. 78 and 75 East Monroe street; that In fitting up their storo they had expended $35,000; that they havo a lease of tho store for eight years, at on annual rent of $9,000} that tho reason why they expended so much money on tho store, and pay so much rent, was because tho store was “ situated immediate ly under one of tho largest and most popularly patronized theatres in said city, known as Myers’. Opera-House, and Immediately in roar of tho principal and largest theatre in tho city, known as Moviokor’s Theatre;” thot “ they expected to . and did receive from tho largo audiences crowd ing nightly each and both of said theatres a greet amount of tho custom Incidental to their business, and, in fact, tho principal part ond largest amount of sold custom, which said custom was of greatest valuo ond profit immediately upon the close of Um per formances at said theatres, which usually occurs at and after tho time of XI in tho evening;” that they commenced business on tho 11th of May, 1872, and had since enjoyed tho largo cus tom and profit arising thorofrom, “until they wore wrongfully and illegally deprived of tho same by tho defendants, who have impaired tho value of tho leasehold ; that they had duly and faithfully complied with all tho laws of tho State and tho ordinances of tho city, relative to pro curing licenses for tho prosecution of their busi ness, ond had always acted and demeaned them selves as good and law-abiding citizens, and in all honesty and good faith in their transactions; that under choir license they had tho right to conduct their business without interruption or Interference from any person or persons what soever, except in a manner duly authorized by law, and to keep their said stores open and sell liquors without limit aa to hours:” that tho City of Chicago. “ not regarding the legal and unquestionable rights” of tho orators, did, on April 28, 1873. by its Common Council,- pass an ordinance, which was approved by the Mayor of tho city on thoday thereafter, requiring your orators to cease and desist from prosecut ing and carrying on their said business at their stores after tho hour of 11 o’clock in the even ing ;” that immediately after, on May 15, tho defendants, tho City of Chicago, by its agents, “ commonly called policemen, ontord the store nnd arrested James J. Gore, one of tho orators, and compelled tho immediate withdrawal of cus tomers in tho store at tho time; that Gore was fined $lO by Justice Banyon, and appealed to tho Criminal Coart, tho appeal being still ponding; that Gore was arrested in tho same way on tw6 subsequent evenings ond fined; that policemen lay in wait around and about their store, “’until tho same is thronged with customers coming out of said thoatroa, after tho close of tho performance therein, and your orators havo reached tho most profitable part of tho day for tho prosecution of their said busi ness,” when said policemen “rush in said store, arrest your orator, James J. Gore, and your orators* employes, and order and enforce tho im mediate cessation of your orators’ business, and compel your orators’ customers to depart, alleging that tho carrying ou by them of such liquor business after IX o’clock at night is a vio lation of said ordinance;” that such unlawful arrests and stoppage of business inflicted irre parable injury ou tho orators, from all of which hoy have no adequate remedy and relief at law; that tho Justice declined to pass upon tho legal ity of tho ordinance} that the orators wero will ing to have agreed with tho defendants to havo tho appoalu triad to tost tho law, hut that tbo de fendants continuously shut them up, aud hence tho necessity for on injunction. Tho remainder of tho document is mado up of tho usual legal appeal for justice, and tho whole is accompanied by a copy of tho obnoxious ordi nance. The bill was handed to Gon. Stiles. City At torney, for perusal, and will bo filed next week, when tbo defendants will demur. Gen. Stiles is of tbo opinion that tbo injunction will not bo granted. No matter what the decision of tbo lower court, it is intended to take tbo caso to tbo ° u prouio Court, and settle tbo question forever. Xbo attorneys for Chapm <t Goro will maintain, among other points, that tbo 11 o’clock ordi nance is unreasonable, and therefore Invalid: that having elected under tbo general law to is sue licenses for one year, the city cannot, after tbo making of such license, invade the rights acquired under it, except as a necessary police measure; that this is no such measure; that tbo principle might bo different as to licenses issued since the passage of tbo ordinance; that tbo en

forcement of ordinances by tbo Police Justices until determined invalid by the appelate court having boon commended by tbo Superior Court, an injunction should issue to restrain the city from prosecuting vexatious suits and arrests for a violation of an ordinance whore there is any reason to doubt its validity, and tbo party Book ing the relief is in good faith seeking a judicial determination of its merits. THE SPORTING WORLD. PIOEON-SHOOTINQ. Ira A. Paine, of Now York, who is looked upon by a groat many people as the champion pigeon slayer of America, got his fill of Western shoot ing, at Dexter Park yesterday afternoon, where ho was beaten at hia two favorite matches by Abo and John Klolmnan, of this city. Tho at tendance was limited to a fow amateur shooters aud admirers of tho sport doing business in tho vicinity of tho park. Tho first contest was a trap and , handle match with Abo, fifty single birds. 21 yards rise, aud 80 yards boundary, for au alleged stake of S2OO. There was no hotting on tho result, and this foot alone Is sumoiont to create a belief in tho imaginary character of tho stake. When a lot. of old sports, who aro willing at almost any time to wager all tho money they have about them on the turn of a copper, collect at a pigeon match and fight shy of the pool table, it is safe to presume that there Is some thing wrong somewhere. Tbo match was not at all interesting, os Paine wont behind at tho very start, and kept getting farther and farther be hind up to the thirty-eighth bird, when ho was so hopelessly in tho roar that ho was compelled to give up. His score shows ten misses, nearly olrof which wore clean and clear, not a feather having boon stirred. Klolmnan shot remarkably well, but was attended with bad luck. Ho lost but four birds out of tho thirty-eight, and throe of those fell dead oat of bounds. Following is tho score: AdsKleinman—l 1 1 1 1 01 1 1 U l 1 111 i i 01011111111110111 I—;i4. paihe—o union in i niioiini 101101100111001 I—2B. The second match waa quite a different affair from the firat. Everybody was lutoroatod In it and bets wore frooly made, neither party having the call up to the twenty-seventh bird* when it wont to John Kloiuman. The match wan ai fifty single birds from five ground traps, twenty five yards rise for Kloiuman, twenty-eight yards nao for Paine, eighty yards boundary, for SIOO a side, under tho English rules. Both barrels are used in contests of this character. Paino lost nine out of tho fifty. Tho second bird shot at flow off with a whole skin, tho sixteenth foil dead out of bounds, the twenty-third cot away without fooling bad, so did tho twenty seventh, tho twenty-eighth fell inside tho bounds, but was lost in an attempt to gather, tho thirty-first was lost in tho same manner, the thirty-fourth, forty-sixth, and forty-seventh w r ere clean misses. Kloiuman lost seven birds out of his fifty, two of which were total misses. Tho rest foil out of bounds. Beforo tho close of the match Paino gave himself a severe talking to for having boon so foolish os to allow odds to a marksman like Kloiuman. Tho spectators wore unanimous that it was far from wise. Fol lowing is the score: Piina—X 011X11X1111X110X11X11 OM 100110110111111111110011 Klkihmxh—l 1111101111111101110 1 1 IJI3 ou BILLIARDS. Tho St. Louis Ilomoorat of Tlmrstlny, speak ioK of tho Croat French billiard export who bos boon astonishing Now Orleans, says: “ Tho first of tho two Übassy exhibitions in billiards was Riven at tho temple last night, and was attended by an appreciative though not very largo oucli otioo. ’ Tho exhibition opened by a garao of 000 points, French caroms, between Mens. UhOftsy and Mr. Daniel Morgan. Mr. Morgan won , tho load and made throe points, lie was followed by Ids opponent, who made one, and for li few minutes tho game dragged rather heavily. Doth players, however, settled quiokly down to their work, playing with tho greatest coolness and accuracy. Although Mr. Morgan was given a discount in tho game, and played magnificent ly ho was destined to bo beaten, and at tho ond of aii hour and a quarter tho Frenchman won tho f;amo in lliirty-soveu innings, Mr. Morgan hav ug mado 141 points. Mons. Übassy, therefore, must havo mado 441, or an avorngo of nearly 12. His largest run was 108, In making which ho accomplished several brilliant manse shots. Mr. Morgan’s largest run was 10. ana his avorngo nearly 4. At tho conclusion of tho gatno tho Professor gavo an exhibition of somo mar velous fancy shots, among which wore tho ser pent, tho Chinese, several circle mnsso shots, and shots in which tho carom was mado from tho table to a hall on tho lloor, on which it caught tho English.” This marvelous player, whoso record since his arrival in tills country warrants tho presumption that ho can discount any of our lending exports at tho French game, will roach Chicago this morning, accompanied by Mr. Charles Lacoumo, of tho tit. Charles billiard-rooms, Now Orleans. During his stay In tho city ho will bo tho guest of Mr. Tom Foley, ond will play principally In his ball. Ho can bo soon shoving tho ouo there this afternoon. Next week ho will givo public exhibitions of his won derful skill, In tho Amphitheatre, probably, and so many arc anxious to sco him that it is doubt ful If tho canvass will contain them. An effort is being mado to arrange a match between him ond Bossungor, at a discount, for $250 or SSOO a sido, and it Is to ho hoped that It will succeed. Somo of our players ought to havo norvo enough to givo him tho bobt boating they can—under tho discouraging circumstances. WEATHER AND CROPS. Special Correspondence of The Chicago Tribune . Monms, 111., May 32, 1878. * The repeated and heavy rains havo made tho roads impassable, and almost prevented plowing and planting. Tho prospect is that tho coming crop will bo exceedingly small through this vi cinity. Last evening a severe thunder-storm passed over tho county, killing a number of cattle, and playing queer antics iu tho office of tho Groat Western Telegraph Company at this place. Tho operator was absent ot tho time, and had loft tho connection broken with tho ground-wiro; but tho olootricity passed from tho wires through the side of the building, passing through a me tallic sign, until over whore tho ground-wire hung, and back again into tho building to the ground-wire. Gardner, Johnson Co.. Kan., May 21, 1873. To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune; Sm; It has boon raining In this vicinity every day or two for six weeks, and all last night rain foil, and was accompanied with wind and hail, till tho ground is all alloat with water. Wo ore over a mouth behind with our spring-work. Us ually, at this time of spring, wo* aro cultivating our .corn. At present there is not more than two acres In five plowed or planted thot farmers in tended to put out, owing to tho wot. Wheat (winter wheat hero) looks very rank, but la thin ou the ground. Wo will have plenty of straw t» cut, whether tho wheat Is there or not. It looks as if it wero to bo all feast or famine on tho corn question. Nature appears to have come to our roscuo, for tbo time lias already passed to make a full crop. Alfred Taylor, HATS. GO TO BISHOP * BARNES For tho Best Assortment of SPRING k SUMMER HATS To bo found in tho city. Oorner State and Monroe-sts. NEW PUBLICATIONS. DOLLAR 10816 BOOKS, sssssss Clarke’s Dollar Instructor, For Rood Organs, Clarke’s Dollar Instructor, For Pianoforte. Claifee’s Dollar Instructor, For Violin. Three very attractive aud useful Instruction Hooka: designed for thoso who wish to tako a partial and easy course. Full of bright, popular mtialo for practice, the .first two containing oaoh nearly 70 tunes, and the last lUO tunes, beside# exorcises. ssss ’ $ $ $ STIIAVSS DANCIS IUUSIO 1,00 For Violin, or Flute and Plano. sssssss Whincp , s Violin uml Flute Ducts ...1.00 For 2 Violins or 2 Flutes, or Violin and Fluto. sssssss Winner’s Band of Four (nearly ready ..1.00 Easy Quartets for Violin orFluto, Cornet or Clar ionet, and 2d Violin or Violoncello. Tho nbovo 8 hooks aro for Tue People, and aro full of the bright, wldo-iiwiiko, easy music, that Isn’t bard to play, and la so delightful to listeners. sssssss Tho above honka mailed, postpaid, for tbo retail price. OLIVER DITBON * 00,, OHAS. H. DECSOH & CO.* BOSTON. 711 E'dwfty, How York, EYQN & HEALY, Chicago. TENTS. TENTS For sale cheap 5 600 Wall, House, and Hotel Tent#, com* mote, mostly new. and In first-class order, suitable for Emigration, Families going Woet,Colonization Societies, Railroad Building Parties, Lumbermou, Fishermen, Hunters, fitato Fair*,Gamp-Mootings, do. Just received, and with other kinds of Quartormastor aud Ordnance Stores, to be sold cheap. OOL. O. IJPPINOOTT, .. Government Goods Depot. BUSINESS CARDS. WILLIAM A. HARRIS, Providence, R. 1., BuUdorof tho HARRIS-OORLISS ENGINE, With Harris’ Patented Improvement*. Send for Clrcu fare. 0. H. LAWRENCE & 00., PROVISION AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, WKW ORLEANS. LA MISCELLANEOUS. Boarl in New Yoit Cllr. , Gentlemen or families coming Hast, who prefer (bo quiet ami economy o( a private house, may obtain good beard, with oholoo of handsome rooms, by tho day or week, In tbo well-kept boarding-house, 41 West (Sixteenth st., west of Fifth-av. BAELOWS INDIGO BLUE ING GLOtIu" B aDd bo,t artlo, ° l “ tho mnT * 9t tor fibUE- Tbo genuine has both Barlow's and Wlltborger’a names on l ho label, ami is nut up at WlliLorger's Drug Store. No. 83J North Hooona-st., Philadelphia. K , , . _D, H. WIl/I'UL.RUER, Proprietor. t-A For aale by Grocers anil Druggists. 1 F°ml for Inranl«.-- ,, Tho young Prince ili ri . VB V 0 ww ] upon It that It must be very good."--Dr. Rlohardiau. "It.resembles Mother's Milk as closely as E?Vi * T l ?* barker. Abounding In HeaU ami bone forming substances, this Jood perfectly ftillllU iU object, whereas other so-called hoods being entirely devoid of nourishing properties imlnoo a rickety and Idiotic condi tion. It is also carefully freed from the ground busks of tho wheat, which cauielrrltatlon of (bo bowels,dlarr)m*B, Ac. Prepared by Havory i Moore, Uhemlsts to the Queen, 11. R. 11, tbo Prince of Walas, do., Now Rond street, London. Hold by chemists and storekeepers ♦bpiVKhout America. * SALVE, All Right Halve far Ruma, Holla, CORNS! % coot. . box. Ull. STKIMIKNS, 121 AMUSEMENTS. MoYIOKER’3 THEATRE, EDWIN ADAMS, EDWIN ADAMS. ENOCH ARDEN, enooh Arden. " ln " “° IU ,urtll ° r nollo »i ond BATUHDAV HOOLEY’S THEATRE, BEST COMPANY IN AMERICA. Friday, and Saturday afternoon and night, last throe performances of Tom Taylor’a tlno Comedy, VICTIMS, With an unapproachable oast and splendid olleets. ~^PI n . ^y A AV/^Awßn n , oy . powerful Drama, *'l lIUOuQII LIRE, ■’ with Now Boonory oud Brtilianl Mechanism. AIKEN’S THEATRE. THIS AFTERNOON, at 2H o’clock, EVENING, at 8 o’clock, Laura Keene, AND HER STAR COMBINATION. Last two performances of Tom Taylor’a famous Comedy, OUR AMERICAN OOUSIN! Monday noxt-UUNTKD DOWN; Or, The Two Lives of Alary Leigh. ACADEMY OF MUSIC. Unabated Successor tho Grand THEATEE OOMIQUE OOMBINATIOH', Remsmtnr, Mia c&aage every May and Thursday, TONIUUT, Bovoral now acts by tho full strength of tho Powerful STAR COMBINATION, Novor boforo soon In Chicago. _Beala>cctirod■!»daya Inadvance without extracharge. MILLINERY. HIIIINEBTI -A.T WEBSTER’S, 241 ftsl Hjilohl, CHOICE STYLES, CLOSE PRICES, PROMPT ATTENTION, JUST OPENED—A LARGE LINE OP ELEGANT Imported Flowers. FINANCIAL. LME SHOEE & MICHIM SODTHEI RAILWAY COMPANY. NEW SINKING FUND BONDS COUPON AND REGISTERED. $6,000,000. Honda Duo Oct. 1. 1882* with Intercut nt Seven per Cent, payable aouiUnimiinlty. April nml October, at the cilice of the Union Trust Co. of New York. $000,000; or Ton per Cent of tlio Loan, to bo retired annually by tbo Sinking Fund, Coupon Bonds of SI,OOO caob, Registered Bonds of SI,OOO, $6,000 and SIO,OOO eaob. Price, 94 and Accrued Interest. ROBINSON, CHASE & GO. BANKERS, Wo. 18 Broad-st., New York. SUMMER RESORT. Congress Hall AND SHELDON SPRINGS, SHELDOIC, VERMONT, Are situated 8 (eight) miles by Railway oast of St. Albans. Vermont. St. Albans Is reached by ail the Railroads of Now England, tbo Canada, and alt the United States Railroads. Sheldon Springs aro 330 mllos from Now York, duoi North, 286 mllos from Boston, 60 miles from Montreal. Tbo following six advantages most precious. to Invalids and tbolr friends aro found Lore: Ist. A pure mild air, hardly any easterly winds at any season. Ono of tbo healthiest o! places, no malaria, no favors, no dysenteries, no fogs, no swamps, no mosqul toes. Pure granite water for all domestic purposes. 2d. One oftbo best and largest mineral ana medicinal Springs in the world, flowing 14,000 gallons dally. Bd. The finest sot of hot, cool, and tepid mineral water baths, known anywhere. 4th. A Hotel well furnished, well ventilated, and well warmed when necessary. There aro 760 foot of platza on throe sides of tbo house. Bbado at all times. Tbo Table, none bolter. Quail, Venison, Pralrlo Oblcken, wild Pig eons, Brook Trout, Fresh tTalmon, Boef, Mutton, Lamb. Veal. Turkey, Ducks, Chickens. Green Turtle, Eggs in all stylos, llam, Roast Pig, Waffles, Griddle Cakes, Rolls, lea Creams, Water loos, Jollies, Hot-House Grapes. Peaches, Canned and Candied Jfcults. Raisins, Almonds, Nuts, Green Peas, Sweet Corn. Green Beans, Cauliflowers, Tomatoes. Melons, and all garden vegeta bles. Tbo cooking, baking, and confectionery not ex ceeded anywhere. First-class french and American cooks. 6th. Beautiful Scenery, a largo river flows in front of the bote), with 119 foot fall, 70 mllos of the Green Moun tains Xu full view from the piazzas of the bouse. Beauti ful boating and fishing, a good library of choice reading, Croquet. Nine-Pins, Billiards. 6tb. Too sanitary otfocto from tho amusements, the mineral water and mineral water baths, and tbo exquisite air. Pulmonary Consumption is soon helped, and in its early stages cured; Head, Throat, and Pulmonary Catarrh, soon cured; Expectorating, Hawking, and Spit ting, Ac., soon cured; Cancerous Alfootlous, Throat Diseases, Hoarseness, and Weak Voice, Skin Diseases, Headaches, Rheumatism, all Kidney complaints, ana Abscesses, Dyspepsia, ana Female Complaints promptly relieved and soon cured. Price of Board, $2.00 to $3.00 nor day. Cheaper In May and Juno, and to the 16th of July, and la October and November. For rooms and Information, wrlto or call on Dr. 8. 8. FXIOII, at 714 Br9adway, Now York, or 35 Tramont-»t , Boston, or at Oongross Hall, Sboldon, Vermont. The Hotel opens on tho first of May, and continues open until the first of December, and later if required. "Traci Him Again If You Dare.” GETTYSBURG WATER. GETTYSBURG KATAIYSINE WATER. The United States Dispensatory, the authorised record of our Materia Medico. classes tbU water with the most renowned Alkaline or Carbonated Springa of Europe. It far ezoola any othor known Id Ita soli-preserving proper* ties. U does not deteriorate by boltllng and keeping. It has never boon olahuod for any othor mineral water the power to dissolve the urates, or so-called chalk formations In the body or on the limbs and Joints. TbU tho Gottys burg Katalyslno Water has doao In hundreds of Instances. Gout, Rheumatism, Neuralgia. Dyspepsia, Gravel, DU to tho paralytic, cured Abdomlnil Dronsy, and given healthy action to tho Torpid Liver. It has cured Chronic DUrrhata, Piles, Constipation. Asthma, Ca tarrh, Diseases of the Skin, General Debility and Ner vous Prostration from Mental and Physical Eicon os. All these by tho buttled wator. It Is a powerful antidote for Kicossivo Hating or Drinking. It corrects tho Hlumaoh, promolos Digestion, and re lievos the Hoad almost immediately. Pamphlets contain- Inga history of tho Spring, reports from eminent Physi cians and medical writers, marvelous and woU-atleslod cures, and testimonials from distinguished citizens, will be furnUhed and sent by mall on application to WHITNEY UROa., Uon’l Ag’ts. iiJrW"!”STKVKNSON 4 HKID, HULK A UAYN UR, and druggists generally. COAL. Coal Reduced. Wo sell Lackawanna at $lO j Briar Hill, Kirkland Orate, Wabash and Illinois Goal! and all kinds of wood at oorrotmondinir rates. O. 11. DYER & GO.. * WabasU-av. and Madison-st. RAILROAD TIME TABLE. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. Spring Arrangement. Explanation opß Marks.—t Salurdayer* copied. * Htmday excepted. t Monday excepted. i Ar» rive Sunday at 8 ;U0 n. m. i Daily. MICHIGAN CENTRAL & GREAT WESTERN RAILROADS j>rpot, J'fiot <\f fake tl , amt Jbol <i f I'tcrntn-teeoiut-u i'irke.t nfflff, 75 (UnuM., corner of Madlton, Mall (via main and air lino) Day Express Jackson Accommodation Atlanllo Express Night Express Ma| 1 | IANAr ° LlB VIA I,EUU lIOAD * Night Express! i !',!".!!!! ’.'.'.!!!!! |!! OnAND UAPIUfI AND I'ENIffATEU. Morning Express Night Express.. HENRY ( (Jem CHICAGO & ALTON I Chicago, Alton it yi. hmte Tft rot (Mo,) item ehnrl rnutejrnm WiiVnr Depot, ll'esl .ViJ», nrnr Sl*, IfroU A Springfield Express, Tin Main Linn , Kansas City I’ast Express, via Jacksonville, 111., ami Louisl ana, M 0..,,...,,,. Wonona,ljicon, Washington Ex* .press (Western Division.) JoMot A Dwight AooomnMathm. <ou * fl * Sprlnati otcl Lightning Express, via Main Line, and also via JncksonvlUo Division Kansas City Kxpross, via Jack, sonvillo, 111., A Louisiana, Mo. Jefferson City Kinross Poorta, Keokuk A llurl’n Ex. UDr" " u pally, via Main Lino, and dal Jacksonville Division. tt Dally, ' oxcopt Monday, via Jaoksonvlllo CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & SI Mcorner Mailhon nml 6T Xoulfi Clork-tt,, opposite Sherm Milwaukee, St. Paul A Mlnnoap. * ‘ ollbDay Express •0:00 a. m. t7:2oa. m Milwaukee A Prairie du Obiea + ra ' Mall and Express *4:300. m. Ml ••’ft a m Mlwankoo. St, Paul A Mlnnoap* ' * ollaNlglit Express tO;(Wp. m. •6;0(lp. m. CHICAGO. BURLINGTON &( JJerott~Foot nf,, Indiant and Canal and, Jlousf, jVo. r>9 Clark-*!,, and ato Bfall Ottawa and Strentor Pnflßnngor.. Aurora Paiaongor..., * Aurora Psßßongor Aurora Paasongor JHundajr) Dubuque A Slour City Exp Pacific Night Express Downor’a Qrovo Accommodation Downers Grove Accommodation ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. Depot foot i\f Lakr-*l. nndfooi Tietnty-ircoiu _ office, 76 fainWwt,, corner q/' M'tilltor St. Lonis Express St. Louis Vast Lino... Cairo Mall Cairo Express * Sprlmrljold Kxpros Bbrlngtloid Express Uubuquo & Sioux City Rx Dubuquo * Sioux City K* "Oilman Paesongor Hyde Park and Oak Woods Ilydo Park and Oak Woods Ilydo Park and Oak Woods Hydo Park and Oak Woods Ilydo Park and Oak Wood Ilydo Park and Oak Wood Hydo Park and Oak Woods Hjdo Park and Oak Woods Hyde Park and Oak Wood s ••On Saturdays this train will bo run to Champaign. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN RAILROAD. Ticket office, corner Uatuhlph atul LaSaUe-el., and 3! n>«< . Jtaitison-et. Leave. Arrive. Pacific Fast Lino *lo*ir> a. m *3*lßn m b |fl aU viW I, vi& Clinton..,. 111:15 a. mi 8:16 pi mi PadfloMglitKxpro* 110:45 p. m. 16:30 a. m. Dubuque Night Ex. via Clinton.. 10H6p. m. 6:30 a. ro. ProoportADubuquoKxprosa • 9:15 a. m. » 2:00 p. m. ?! WftU fceoMall *8:00 a. m. •10:15 a.m. 51 waukoo kzprose • 9-30 a . m. • 4:00 p. m. M waukooPaasongor...... ■ 6;00p. m. • 7:40 p.m. Milwaukee Passenger (dally) {11:00 p. m. { 5:00 a. m. Grcoa Hay Express 9:40 a. in. * 7:00 p. m. St. Paul Kxjiress *10:10 a. in. 6.00 p. m. Green Bay Express » 9:00 p. m. • 6:50 a.m. St. Paul m. 16:20 a. m. CHICAGO. ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC RAILROAD. Depot, corner of Harriton and Ticket o/See . 33 H*mC Jlailitoii-it. j Arrive. I.ttxve. | Omaha, TioavenwHliAAtchison Ex *10:16 a. m. ' Peru Accommodation • 6:00 p. m. ' Night Express tIOiOO p. m. i Leavenworth A Atchison Express rlOiUOp. m. ] LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROAD. comer Jlarrieon and Sherninn-itt. Ticket officer northieest corner Clark and Uandolph-ele,, and toulhtceii corner Canal and Madlson-tls, Mall, Tla Air Lino and Main Lino Special Now York Express, via .Al p Lino • 9:00 a. m. • 8:00n. m E *P r » S9 / Air Lino.. s:lf. p. m. 8:00 a. m. p ?h t^'^ v * a Main Line,,.. , tfl:00 p.m. «16:3(Ja. m, EmPartAccQmmortaUoH • 3:10 p. m. »io:lOa. ra. South Chicago Accommodation.. 13:00 tn. I:CQ p. m, CHICAGO. DANVILLE & VINCENNES RAILROAD. FOstenger Depot at l\, C.itSl. Louie Depot, corner of Ca. naland Kinsie-ete, . rrtlpht and Ticket office 163 ira*ftfag.for>.<t. Evansville* A fferre lYauto*Kx' !" ' 7:00p.’ m! t 7*:3Ua.' mi PITTSBURGH. FORi WAYNE & CHICAGO RAILROAD. - J 7;3 °P* ni. Pacific Express Cfiflop. m. S6:!Wa. m. f ast Lino t v 9:oop. m. t'B:ooa.m. Ma 11.......... • 4:65 a. m. • G:10p. m. Valparaiso Accommodation * 3:40 p. m. * 8:50 a. m. CHICAGO & PACIFIC RAILROAD. (OPEN TO HOBKLI.K.) Depot corner IfaUled and A’orth Jtraneh-ste. General office 16 Metropolitan JlloeJf, corner Randolph and LaSalle-sts. Roselle Accommodation...., River Park Accommodation. River Park Accommodation. CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS & CINCINNATI THROUGH LINE. VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. iVom 16a Great Central Jlailroad Depot, fool of Lakelet, For through tickets and sleeping-ear btrihe apply at Ticket office, 76 Ctimif-ri., corner Madison; 120 Haa/iViiofon-if.; aUo jootqf Twenty-second-sl. Leave Chicago..... Arrive at Indianapolis Arrive at Cincinnati * 8:00 a. m. 8:00 p. m. * 4:2U p. m. 8:50 a. m. * 9:30 p. m. 9:15 a. m. Only lino running Saturday night train to Cincinnati. Pullman sleepers on night trams. UNDERWEAR. Spring and Summer Merinos, An. gola Flannels, Silk, Lisle Thread, Jean, Linen, Jaooonot, &0., in fine goods, at bottom prices. WILSON BROS., fi. IS. cor. of Stato and Washington-sts., ) “Arcade Court,” Clark-st., south of Madison,) Colcago. Ami Pike's Opera House, Cincinnati. MEDICAL CARDS. DR. C. BIGELOW CONFIDENTIAL PHYSICIAN, 461 Slato-st., Chicago. It U won known by all readers of tho papers, that Dr. O. Rlgolow la the oldest established physician In Chicago, ouleuco and experience have nmdo Dr. 1). tho most re. nowuod SPECIALIST of tho ago, honored by tho press, esteemed of tho highest medical attainments by nil the medical institutes of (ho day, having dovotod TWENTY YEARS OF IIIS LIFE in perfecting remedies that will corn positively all cases of CHRONIC AND SPECIAL DISEASES In hath sozoa. ,CONSULTATION FREE. SEPARATE PARLORS for ladies and gentlemen. Call. CORRESPONDENCE CONFIDENTIAL. Address all letters, with stamps, to Dr. 0. IHOELOW, No. -UH Stnto-st. NO CUKIO! NO I‘AY !! Dr. Kean, 380 South Clark-st., Chicago, May be confidentially consulted, personally or by mall, free of charge, on ail oUnmio or nervous diseases. DR. J. KEAN Is (he only physician in tho city who war rants cures or no pay. . Green Rook sunt for 60 cunts. Illustrated with numer ous tiuoungravinga. 33 3F8.. STOKTB, Confidential Physician, 112 W.Madl«ra-Bt.| Chicago, 111, regular graduate In medicine) euros all chronic and hpocinlDlßcasos, 'of both Boxes, at rnaaonabio prices. Medicines furnished. No mercury used. Consultation free, personal yor by mail. Cures guaranteed. All “fomalodil llmiltles treated with safety and success. Clrcuiarafreo Dr, i! , c>'w r asrsEßKrx>, „ .. 183 SOUTH CLARK-ST., yontlnuos to euro all Chronic, Nervous, and Urinary Diseases of both noios, and may he conildontially com suited, personally or by mail, Ireu of charge, I'omals dllHmmlus treated with safety and success. Ills Medical 1 realise to ladies ami geutlomuu scut free. Arrive, Leave, * B :30 o m • 0:0(1 a. ro 4 3:85 p. m 4 f»:lsp. m 1*9:00 p. in * 8:13 p. m. * 8:00 p. m. }l0:20a. in. | 8:00s. m. 1*0:30 a. in. * r, :30 a. m 10:10 p, m *B:4sp. m. •0:80 ft m. 8:00 p. m, •fl;00n. m. 0,00 a. m l»:10 p. m O. WKNTV toral Pasactii, SORTIE [er Agent. RAILROAD. •H-jh line, nrul Louisian* "Jot? Knmat CiVj, Union bridge, f-eitte. Arrire. * 0:15 n. in. • 8:10 p. m, • 9:15 4. tn. * 8:10 p.m. * 4 :tO p. m. ' 4:10 p. tn. * 8:t0p. m. * 9:40 a. m. 119:00 p. m. 117:00 p. m. 1i9:00p. m. H9;00 p. m. • 9:001’. m. U7:.TOn. m. h7:ooa. m. * 8:10 p. m illy oxoopt Saturday, via via Main Liao, and dally Division. f> PAUL RAILWAY. 1 CannUrtt.t Ticket OJHet nan lionet, and at Depot, I.tate, Arrive, OUINCY RAILROAD. ta-av., and Sixteenths!., Ticket offices in Brian depots, Leave. Arrive. * 7:45 a. m. _ 7:45 a. m. * 9:10 a. m. *10:00 a. m. * 3:15 p. in. * 4:20 n. m. * i :-n p. m. * 5:30 p. in. 1.00 p. m. tfl-enp. m. TlI:U0p. m. •11:00 a. m. * 6:15 p. m. 1 4.15 p. m. 8:00 p. m. 1 2:IBp. nip 1 8:15 p. m. 1 8:00 p. raj 6:56 a. m, flitflO. Ul. 8:55 a. m. 9:56 a. mj : 7:00 a. ra. 6:00 a. raj 8:50 p. m. 7:16 a. ra. irf-lf. TtcktX in. /.race. Arrive. • 7:30 a. m. t 8:16p, in. 4 7:30 a. m. t 8:16 p. in. 4 7:30 a. ra. t fl;lsp. m. 4 0:16 a. m. t o:iiop. m. • f>:l6 p. m. • fl:l0n. m. • 7:10 a. m. } 0:00 ft. m. {12:10p; m, • 8:0i)p. m. • 4:30 p. m. • 6:15 p. m. • 8:ll)p. m. *l!:Wp. ra. 1 9:00 p. n>. * 7:66 a. m. * 9:00 p. in. * 7:65 a. m. * 9:00 p. m. * 7:55 a. m. * 2:00 p. ra. * 7:00 a. m. * 9:00 a. m. * 6:49 a. m. * 7:46 a. ra. * 8:4(1 a. m» ' 9:00 a, m. Sl0:30a, m. [ 1:46p, raj 1 6:20 p. m. 1 6:55p, tn. ' 7:35 p. m. 3H5p. m. 9:30 a. m. 7:00 a. m. 7:00 a. m. Leave, Arrive. 6:40 a. m. * 950 p. m. Leave, Arrive, ifiirf, Arrive. Leave, Arrive. 6:00 p.m. 0:10 a.m. 6:16 a.m. 10:51 a.m. 8:30 p.m. 7:21 p.m.

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