Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 24, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 24, 1873 Page 6
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MONETARY. • ** Fjudat Evkuiho, May 38.' The local money market continues reasonably easy, and no changes of importance have taken place for several days. Now York exchange was firmer to-day, with •ales between banks at par. The movement of ourrouoy In any direction to or from this city is light. HAB TUB TnCABUUY TUB AMOUNT OV COIN XT claims ? In connection with rumors of tho organization of a clique In Now Hork to got control of and advance the prioo of cash gold in Now York, it is intimated in. some quarters that thoro is nothing like tho amount of actual coin in tho United States- Treasury that is xoport ed in the debt statements from month to month. Notwithstanding that tho raising of this question now may bo done in tho interest of tho hulls, there is undoubtedly some foundation for it. It will bo remembered that about a year ago Treasurer Spinner’s account of tho transactions of tho first Syndicate with tho Treasury showed that a very largo amount of 1862s which had boon “redeemed" by exchang ing now 6 per cents for them wore coin, and wore included in tho coin balance re ported In tbo monthly debt statements during the whole of tho process of exchanging bonds by the Syndicate. A correspondent or a Now York paper also alleges that while (ho Now York Bub-Treasury reported a coin balance of 843,000,000 on May 1, 86,000,000 of it was known to bo “Treasury paper," thus reduc ing tbo actual coin in tho Sub-Treasury at Now Pork to 837.000.000. Put tbo debt statement for May 1 reported tho coin balance of tbo Treasury at $77,000,000. and tho Very pertinent query lu naturally suggested, If. the Sub-Treasury in Now York only bold $37,- 000,000, is it possible that all tho other Siib- ■ Treasuries of tho United States could have hold bo largo an amount as 840,000,000 of actual coin ? The reports of tho Bureau of Statistics show that at least two-thirds of all tbo dutiable goods imported into the United States are entered at tho port of Now York ; and tho duties—whloh are the only source of com revenue—are paid there. It is reasonable to suppose, therefore, that two thirds of the average coin balance of tho Treasury would be found in the New York Bub-Treasury. Ifc can not bo denied that tho crooked ways of the Treasury, as developed In connection with tho two Syndicates, have created a good deal of reasonable doubt about tho exactness of tho Treasury statements of tho amount of coin on baud. iiESPONsiniLirr ron lost goll>atbbals. The question as to whether a bank ia rospon alble to a borrower of money for the oollalorala he may have deposited oa security for the loan haa been discussed at ooneidorablo length in several financial' papers in various parts of tho country. The Now York Journal of Commerce, usually a good author ity on such topics, bolus that the bank Is not responsible. And for the reason that “a pledge of collaterals is for tho mutual benefit of both parties, and tho pawnee, or cus todian, ia simply bound to use ordinary diil ?enco in tbo care of tbo thing pledged. If bo ails in ibis bo is liable, but only liable whore such a failure can bo shown. Tbo loss la not oven presumptive evidence of a want of due earo; It is, like any othor loss, subject to tbo laws of testimonyTo this, however, tho Phil adelphia Ledger odds : “Whether this principle of non-responsibility applies In cases whore boxes with valuable contents bavo been received on deposit by banks and other liko places of supposed safety, and lost, is a question that ad mits of some dispute. Tho courts generally insist that it does, while jurors, by their verdicts, hold tbo opposite. Tho box busi ness ia not ‘mutually* beneficial as a legiti mate banking transaction, and, so far as tbo National Hanks are concerned, to hold those boxes, with or without pay, Is in direct violation of tho directions of tho Comptroller of the Cur rency. Tho thoory assumed, that the hanks accept tho boxes without consideration, and, therefore, in equity ought not to bo bold respon sible, is not entirely conceded. There may bo no stipulated rent for tbo service, but considera tion is nearly always implied. The depositor’s account, more or loss valuable to tbo bank, al most Invariably follows the box; or its owner, being a prominent man in tho neighborhood, scatters wide tho bank’s bills (tho latter a ser vice more valuable formerly than now) 5 or ho may be a large customer, or in many ways a valued friend to tbo bank, thus rendering con sideration as decided as If mode directly in money. 1 ’ LOCAL STOCK AND ROND MARKET. Messrs. Luut, Preston & Kean quote as fol lows this afternoon; JUiifinp. Selling, mob of w no* no* 6>2os of ’64 llfl* no* (k2ob of *65 .'....117* 118 6-20s of ’65, Jan. and July 118J« 119* 5- of ’67, Jan. and July 121* 121* 6- ’6B. Jan. and July 119* ' 119* 10408., .77. in* 114* tl. 8.6s (new Issue) 114* 115 Gold (full weight) ..........117* 118* Gold Coupons 117* HBj* Eastern Exchange (counterrates) ...1-10 dls.l-10 prom. Gold Exchange 117* Sterling Exchange .... 109*3110* Northern-Pacific Gold 7*3 os 100 & int. Chicago City 7s 99* & lot. CookOounty 7a 00*& int. Illinois County and Township 10s 95(328 REAL ESTATE. The following instruments woro filed for rec ord on Friday, Hay 23: OIXX PnOPEBTT. West Madison, near n w corner of Curtis st, s f, Lot 26 and und * of w 6 ft of Lot 27, dated May 17; consideration, $12,000. Lots 64 to 69 and 67 to 69 and 74 to 70, in Slock 64, Sec 19, 39,14, dated May 8 5 consideration, SIO,OOO. Banwens st, n of and near Elk st, wf, Lot 40, with buildings, dated May 21• consideration, $1,400. Lot 21, In Block 9, of s0 * Sec 20, 39, 14, dated May S3: consideration, $1,500. Rebecca st, bet Paulina st and Ashland av, s f, Lots 84 and 95, dated May 35,1871; consideration, $2,000. Lot 60, in Hull’s Subdivision of 9* acres, In o *, a' w * Seo 4, 89, 14, dated April 235 consideration, $1,200. ' ’ ' Cayuga st, bet Auburn and Halsled sts, a f. 60 ft to alley, dated April 10; consideration, S9OO. Lot 23 of Block 1, of Pago’s Blocks 16 and 18, of w u Sec 6. SO, 14, dated April 1,1872 ; consideration, S9OO. Wallace st, bo corner of Twenty-fifth at, w jo of entire Block, dated May 7 ; consideration, SIO,OOO. West Twenty-second st, 100 ft wof Uoynost, nf, 95x124 ft, dated April 90; consideration, $1,200. • Lake av, 68*f ft, n of Thirty-ninth st, ef, 30»/xl37 ft,datcd May 21; consideration, $3,540.- Flournoy bI, b w corner of Campbell ar, n f, LoU 1 to 6, dated March 4 : consideration, |fl,ooo. H X of Lot 18, in Block 2, Myrick’a Second Addition, dated May 22 ; consideration, $5,U00. Burnside st, near n w corner of Thirty-ninth st, e f, 36x104 ft, dated May 21; consideration, $3,900. Burnside st, near nw corner of Thirty-eighth st, e f, 25x104 ft, dated May 1; consideration, $3,400. Butterfield ot, near n w cor of Thlrty-ulnth 6t, of, 60x07 ft, dated April 20; consideration, SI,OOO. Lot7B,inn ev of b«X Svo 18, 39,13, dated May 12; consideration, SI,OOO. Prairie av, n e cor of Thirty-seventh st, w f, 108x124 ft, dated March 1; consideration, $8,588. north or city limits. Lincoln av, 382 ft n w of Goorgo st, n e f, 48x125 ft, a&ted May 21; consideration, $1,200. East x Lot 1 Lots 6 and 0 of Block 15, &o„ In Pino Grove, dated May 1; consideration, $2,360. BOUTU Of CITY LIMITS. Cottage Grovo av. near Forty-third at, 39x140 ft, dat«d April 20; consideration, $3,0C0, Wabash av, s of and near Fifty-sixth st, 60 ft, dated May 16 ; consideration, $3,600. Lota 17 and 18, In Block 13, In Adam Smith’s Subdi vision In svr X See 30, 39,13, dated May 22: consid eration, S7OO. Lot 16, In Block 3, of n74 rods of no X 800 4, 38,14, dated May 10; consideration, (700. N2sft of Lot 17, In Johnson’s aX■oX of no Vof Bee 8, 38,14, dated May 23; consideration, $3,C00. west or orrv limits. . Lots 10 and 11, iu Block 1, in Blanchard’s s vs vr if of ae X Beo Q, 39, IS, dated March 1; consideration. 11,800. ' Lota 6to 10, in Block 4, and Lots 6 to 7, In Block 9. town of Bchreawlg, dated April 26; consideration. SB,OOO. ' COMMERCIAL. Friday Evening, May 23. The following were the rocoiplo and shipments of the loading articles of produce in Chicago luring tho past twenty-four hours, and for tho corresponding date ono year ago: I RECEIPTS, SHIPMENTS, | 3873. 1879. 1878. 1873, & ta1i.........1 7,911 0,800 5.970 9,730 ,bu 49,305 0.800 25,470 17,094 Cota, bu ' 00,896 230,095 101,070 230,777 Oats, bu 07,900 116,060 60,073 29,198 Bye. bu 2,616 4,100 17,105 7,330 Harley, bu 1,860 4,300 I 476 4,870 Grass need, 1b5.?... 80,230 3,440 60,300 24,464 yiax seed, tt>a 300 ! 49,000 Broom corn, lbs 19,674 Curedmeats,lM.... 891,170 46,710 690,098 85,000 Beef, brla 136 9 Pork, brls 676 P4o| 80 960 Lard, Ibe 4,790 8,890) 96,000 163.956 Tallow, lbs 90,990 11,010 60,700 Butter, tba 80,463 70,676 40,930 65,680 Dressed hogs, No -cimirruu .T J1,H17 3,108 8,247 Sheep, No 1,200 400 lllilob, It 103,101) 110,410 00,110 Illßhwlnoa, bito..., r»7 20i 070 Wool, il<R 2[),r.:.0 57,04<) 48,00.1 Potatoes, bn 3,3.10 3,080 0,370 .Lumber, mft b,2.w 6,665 a,r>o3 Shingles, m 0,000 3,180 1,(584 Lftlb, m 313 1,077 ia? Salt, brla 202 2,218 IDEIIVb "Withdrawn from store yesterday for city consumption t 4.183 bucom ; 8,408 bu oats; 880 bu rye ; 3,170 bn barley. Tbo following grain boo boon bisected into store this morning, up to 10 o’cioiu t 08 cars wheat; 228 cars com; 110 cars oats; 8 cars rye. Total (445 cars), 105,000 bu. It would bo a very good thing to shut off the click of the telegraph instruments on ’Change while the market despatches from other points are being road. No one is allowed to talk, but the Instruments Jcc:p up a noise in each of tho four comers of tho room that prevents many from hearing a word. It was rumored this morning that a break bad occurred on tbo Erie Canal, which may lake a woo*k to repair. This caused quite a sot-bnek in shipping operations for awhile, which was scarcely recovered from at the close of ’Change, and aided other Iniluoucos in malting the markets dull. Reports received this morning stato that it was raining last night nearly oil along tho lino of tho Chicago & Alton Railroad, and over a largo part of Ohio, tho storm being one of tho most se vere of tho very severe ones that have visited tho Northwest this season. It tore up fences, and flooded much of the land so badly that some plows that wore in use yesterday and loft in tho Holds, wore under water to-day. This Is espe cially bad on com. A groat many coses wore voluntarily cited to day in corroboration of our statements this morning in regard to false quotations of prices of produce. It la not necessary to name them, as our object is only to call attention to tho evil in tho hopo that It will bo corrected. Every part of tho commercial world is tinged with swin dle In some form or another. Some doctot- bar ley with brimstone, othorsnmko “patent coffee," and still others manufacture bogus tea, or imitation oysters. Tho American Qro ccr has recently done a good work in ex posing wholesale swindles in canned goods (?); whore a single oyster or half a dozen strawber ries does duty for a pound, while' “greenpoos" are raised from those that have boon dried. All those things aro swindles, and ought to bo de nounced as such, not only in general terms, but in specific language that points to tho swindler as Nathan did to David—“ Thou art tho man." So. too, tho commission man who sells at ono price and reports a lower price to his principal, Is a swindler, though a part of hia ill-gotten gains bo donated to the church, and ought to bo made to attend divine service in the Penitentiary. It 1b really a wonder that honest traders have not long since taken concerted action to clear tholr respective linos of business of tho swin dlers, who really rob tho honest trader as well as tho publio. Tho dishonest commission man can always afford to underbid his conscientious rival, In tho mattor of percentage charged for services, and hence not seldom gets tho bulk of the trade, out of which ho grows rich, while the other can scarcely pay office rent. We note in cidentally that ono way in which these sharks may bo foiled is for honest dealers to take pains to post tho publio prints in regard to tho real soiling prices of goods that are good, both iu condition and quantity. Tbo Metropolitan Branch of tho Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, from Point of Rooks to Wash ington, is now open, and ie expected to give rates to Washington tho samo as to Baltimore, which will bo a reduction of somo 8o per 100 lbs. Tho loading produce markets wore generally quiet to day, with a downward tendency in prices, especially of grain. Tho severe storm of lost night was followed by sunny skies this morning, which again induced many to think, after Agng, that “ the bitterness of death is past." This did not so much bring out more sellers as it reduced tho number of buyers, especially as tho shipping movement was dull owing to othor causes. . No changes wore reported in tho dry goods market, a moderate amount of trading being done at tho prices current earlier in tho week. In tho grocery market business continues slack, with prices generally easy, coffees being tho only article showing positive strength. Tho different grodca advanced a to-day. Sugars were again weak and unsettled—notwithstanding there is a steadily good demand for them—and a further reduction of an y&o, both in refined and in raw grades, is noted. Tho only other change report ed was a frjb decline in Proctor «fc Gamble's Gorman mottled soap. Cheese was quiet. Goal mot with a light demand at SIO.OO for Lackawanna and Eno ; at $0.50 for Hlossburg : and at $6.00. for Wilmington. Prices of fish were unchanged, though for cod, mackerel, aud whitofish they wore rather more firmly hold. Dried fruits remain quiet and easy. Currants and figs wore a trifle lower. No now features woro developed in tho hoy, pig-iron, tobacco, and leather markets. Hides woro firmer. The oil trade was fair at about former rates, a slight decline in turpentine being tho only noticeable change. Tho lumber trade at both tho yards and tho docks continues active, and tbo market is tolera bly steady for all grades. The receipts by lake are barely sufficient to supply tho demand, and common lumber Is firm at the prices ruling. Choice grades are also firm. Metals and tinners’ stock are dull and unchanged. Tho demand for nails is active at $5.12% rates. There was no change in tho iron trade; business is not brisk though fair lor tho season ; the quotations re main the same. Building materials are dull. Fair, steady weather would perhaps produce a better trade, but at present tho de mand Is light. Prices are unchanged. The in quiry for wool is still from Western mills, aud the given quotations aro for old; now is from 3@50 lower. Seeds woro in moderate request, tho trading being principally in millet and Hun garian, prices for which, owing to largo offer ings, aro weak, and millet is quotably lowor. Apples woro more plenty aud lower, while oranges and lemons remain firm. Strawberries are coming in slowly. Poultry was plenty aud lower. Eggs also ruled weak at ll@l2c. Higbwinos woro moro active, and %o higher, under a good demand, which was due to light stocks hero and an advance in Now York. Sates woro reported of 200 brio at 90)tfo per gallon, aud tbo market dosed strong at 00Mo bid and 010 asked. Lake freights wore dull and Arm. There are very vessels hero, aud few wanted. Car riers ashed tho same as yesterday : Co for corn, for wheat, and 45.(0 for oats. by sail to Buffalo. Corn to Boston and Portland quoted at 25@200 on through rate. A total of two char ters was reported (besides ono from Milwaukee), which wiU carry out from this port 27,000 bu wheat and 30,000 bu corn. Provisions wore again moderately active for tho bo&hod, but weak, offerings being larger than tho demand, especially on moss pork, which de clined 250 per brl. Lard was dull and 100 por 100 tbs lower ; and moats wore more active at a decline of %o por lb ; though live hogs wore re ported Armor. The business all round was prin cipally in changing over, by parties who wont to keep in tho trade without carrying tbo property. Wo note that Cincinnati was quoted strong, and Now York Armor at tho close. The market closed at tho following range of prices: Moss pork, cash or seller May, $15.50; do seller Juno, $1G.50@16.56; do seller July, $15.85@15.G0 ; do seller August, $10.00(2) 10.26; lard, cash or seller May, $8.40; do seller Juuo, $8.40@8.45; do seller July, $8.G5@8.70: summer lard, do without package, $7.50. Sweet pickled homsquotcdnt 10@ll><ro. Dry salted moats quotable at (i@o%o for shoulders; B@BX° for short ribs; and 8)£(®8%o for short clear. Boxed shoulders, Eng lish moats, B#@BXo for short riba: 8x@B)6o for short clear. Bacon is quoted at 7}<o for shoul ders ; 9'Xo for clear ribs: 100 for short clear, aud for hams, all packed. Moss beef, $9.00@0.25; extra moss do, $10.00(2)10.25: beef ham5,528.00(2)20.60. City tallow, groaso quotable at Halos wore reported of 1.000 brls moss pork seller Juno at $15.60: 600 brla do at $15.40: 500 brls do seller July at SIOJ6, and 760 brls do at $16.05, both last even ing; 1,000 brls do at $15.90; 1,000 brls do at $16.85; 1,000 brls do at $15.80: 500 brls do seller August at $10.26; GOO Mb do at $10.00; 250 tes lard seller Juno at $8.40; 760 tos do seller July (lost evening) at $8.76; 160 tes sweet pickled hams (10 lbs) at Ho; 200,000 lbs shoul ders at Oo; 60,000 lbs do seller Juno at 0ko: 200.000 lbs short riba at 8ko; 100,000 lbs do at 8o; 100,000 lbs do seller July at BUo. Plourwas quiet aud unchanged. There was little demand, either for shipment or ou local account, but holders insisted on former prices notwithstanding the weakness in wheat. Halos were reported of 100 brls white winter extras ou private terms ; 800 brls spring extras (Looknort Hydraulic) at $7.60 : 100 brls do at $0.761 100 brls do at $0,124$ 1160 brla do at $6.50 ;60 brls do at $6.25; 200brls do on private terms; 200 brla spring superilnes (Royal Gem) at $6.00:100 brla rye flour at $4.05. Total, 1,300 brls Also SO tons bran at $9.60 at mill; and 60 tons H 2|fls3’ 5 'ioV.Vfsa 200 7 0,650 ) 082 J 1,278 ( 8,3.11 7 221 3 1,171 TUB MARKETS. Quotations at tho clone Fnlr to choice white winter extras f 8.60 (3511.00 lied winter oilms... 7.00 (<$ 8.60 Good to rholcospring extras.. 3.25 64 7.60 Low to medium 6.00 (4 0.00 Mhmcflotßfl (i«\tonV) 8.00 0411.00 Good to fancy Mlnncnotn 0.60 @ 8.00 Spring 5uiicrf1uca,...^..,.............. 8.00 (4 6.00 Ilyo flour 4.16 ® 4.40 Item . 0.00 0 0.76 Wheat was rather quiet, and l@l)/o lower, be ing weak early, and firmer toward tho close. Liverpool was quoted lower, and the receipts at Milwaukee wore reported to bo 131,000 bu; while the break in tno Erie Canal, and the lack of froinht' room hero, tended to keen shippers out of tho market, thus materially reducing the number of buyers. Nevertheless, cash wheat continued to command a premium of 2@2)/o on tho prioo for next month's delivery, though moat of tho May shorts must ho filled by this timo. Tho reason for tills is that thoro was almost no cash wheat offering of tho speculative grade, but tho lower grades wore very weak. Tho fool ing in wheat is heavy, as tho impression Is gain ing ground daily that thoro will no an abundant wlioat crop, however it may bo with com. Boiler Juno opened at 81.26%, declined to $1.20)/, and advanced to $1.26)1/, foil off j/o, and rose to $1.27)/, closing at $1.27%. Boiler tho month sold at 81,281/@1.29, and seller July at $1.25% both closing at tho outside. Seller August was nominal at $1.20, and seller tho year do at $1.10%@1.14. Gash No. 3 spring closed nominal at $1.20@1.20 ( */, and No, 1 spring at 81.00@1.80%. No. 8 spring was slow solo at anything over $1.18)/, and rejected do was dull at SI.OO. Cash sales wore reported of 8,000 bu No. 1 spring at $1.30%; 4,200 bu do at 61.30; 80.000 hu No. 2 spring (Minnesota) at $1.80; 8.000 bu do (ham) at $1.20%; 68,800 hu do at 81.20; 5,000 bu do at 81.28%; 10,000 bu do at 81.28)1/; 1,000 bn No. 0 spring (favorite house) at 81.10; 2,000 bu do at 81.18%; 6,000 bu do lit 81.18; 800 hu rejected do at 81.00; 400 bu by sample at 81.40; 1,200 bu do al $1.88; 400 bu do at 81.33. Total, 180,600 hu. Corn was less active, and %@%o lower than on ’Change yesterday, but was generally strong at tbo decline, which was partially duo to the loss favorable advices from tho East aud from Europe, with tho prospect of larger receipts here. Tbo torriblo storm of last night, following a wot season, would probably Imvo caused an advance in spite of tho abovo facts, but for tho Armor tone in lako freights, tho scarcity of vessels, and tho break in tho Erie Caual, which discouraged shippers from operating to any groat extent. Tho principal feature of tho market .to-day wrb tho widening discrimination in favor of options for delivery after Juno due to offerings for this month and next, which wore raorouuraorous than wanted by buyers. This fact was partly owing to tho difficulty of carrying com, many capital ists not caring to loud money on it, and partly to a desire to avoid the risk of bad condition which many fear, should the damp atmosphere continue into hot weather. Seller June opened at 38% c, declined to 38%q, and advanced to 88%0 at tho close. Seller duly sold at 419/@ 42% c, and seller August at 44@44%0, both closing at tho outside. Seller tho month, or regular No. 2, closed at 38c, And strictly fresh receipts of do at 88JJ/C. Cash sales wore reported of 16,800 bu No. 2 .at 38JJ/0 ; 6,000 bu do at 88% c; 85,000 bu doatSSo; 40,000bu do at 37% ci 20,000 bu do at 3?%o; 21,000 bu rejected at UGo. Total, 101,800 bn. Oats wore quiet, and averaged lowor, but wore firm at the decline, which was principally duo to tho largo receipts, though they wore loss tbau the 95,58U hti of yesterday. Tho weakness was greatest on next month’s deliveries, which opened (seller Juno) at 32c, declined to and closed firmer at 33% c. Seller July sold at closing at Dl)£c. Regular No. 2 closed at 31% c, and strictly fresh receipts of do at Cash sales wore reported of 1,800 bu at 81%0 ; 1,200 bu at sl%o 5 4,200 bu at ; 16,000 bu regular at 31% c; 15,000 bu do at at GOObu by •sample at Me ; 400 budoat 880; 1,200 bu do at 36c. Total, 49,000 Im. Bye was inactive on graded lots. One or two cars of No. 2 wore wanted for shipment, but 090 was tbo best bid, while 70c was asked. Halos were limited to 400 bu by sample at 720, and 400 bu do at 71c. Hurley was dull ami nominally unchanged, tho demand being about over for this season. Wo quote tho market at 70@80c for No. 2; G4@GGo for No. 3, and 4G@500 for rejected,—the inside iui tho Rock Island Elevator, and tho outside in tbo Armour, Hole & Co., and Central Elevators. Cash sales wore reported of 400 bu No. 3 at Gso 1,000 bu rejected at 50c, both ia city; 200bu,by sample, at $1.05: 400 bu do at 800 : 200 bu do at 65c. Total, 2,800 bu. EXTRACTS. Tho San Francisco Commercial Herald says Our active export trade iu brcadstufTsfor (bo current season is fast drawing to a close. Already wo havo dispatched to tho United Kingdom, fur the harvest year of 1872-’73, a fleet of 320 vessels, with cargoes valued nt $10,700,000, more than double tho quantity over before exported in a corresponding period, There aro several vessels yet on tho Liverpool berth, and It Is possible that a dozen or mure ships may still ho dis patched prior to tho close of tho scarou, July I.‘ it la diflicult to state with exactness tho stock of wheat yet remaining In tho State, or tho sur plus that may he made available for export; possibly CO,OOO tons of flour and wheat oro yet Inland, hold for tho present awaiting tho result of tho growing crop, which is now tbo all-absorbing themo upon 'Change, Tho question Is ono of .vital Importance to tho ship ping and commercial interests of the Pacific elope. It Is yet too early to speak with definiteness upon tho sub ject. Tho cool weather continuing la encouraging to farmers, and tho prospect of n crop aro no more dis couraging to-day than they were u fortnight since, or at tho dato of our last issue, when our probable wheat surplus for 1873-71 was placed at 800,000 tuns, t Tho St. Louis Globe says: Tho West !b full of good and cheap corn which can not bo marketed at remunerative prices for cultivation! whilst if fed to hogs, and they kept at homo until fat ted, would bo Improve them that their values would bo generally enhanced and appreciated. We are aware that sound policy, and tho true Interests of farmers, dictate that they should forward to market tbo pro* duco of their Innas as soon after it is ready na It can bo prudently and practically done; but tbls docs not im ply that everything should bo rushed to the front for the sake of early sales, especially hogs, la the spring, which cost so little to keep and grow. Just now they ate being driven In and forced to sale in a somi duvolopod condition, unsatisfactory to tho sol* lor, lu pecuniary results. The winter cure of hoga Is rapidly passing off. Tho country is short of supplies—lt has on hand nothing more than it requires for its usual aud strictly dependent customers, and until it gets up an other stock, it should not export a dollar’s worth. By tho farmer holding back, and feeding bis stock mitU late, it will increase tbclr size and corresponding lm- J>rovo their value. Tho conservative course of hold ng hogs back, aud merely feeding the markets during tho spring aud summer mouths, will servo to increase tho desire of buyers and accelerate prices, and eventu ally carry figures to a full if not high point in late sum mer. wheu remunerative prices may bo obtained by the producer— not only scouring a good return for the hoga sold, but placing on opening value on tbo fall crop, which should be continued at least until December, thereby giving as a compensatory return to tho farmer, a portion of the profit, which through tho cheapners of hogs lust winter, has passed Into the hands of packers and speculators the present season. SUtiAII. Tho Now York IKor/d prophecies lower prices in sugar. Tho facts gleamed during a reporto rial visit to aovorallcading Arms are thus summar ized: “It wan learned that the present stock of sugar, both hero aud in Europe, is unprecedent edly largo, and that tho crop in Ouba and tho other producing countries will be largely in ex cess of previous years; that prices nro ruling low at present, and in all probability will bo still lower. Tho United States receives sugar from Cuba, from tbo variousWost India Islands, from Brazil, from Manilla, from Java,'and other parts of tho East Indies—in all amounting to botwoou 550.000 and 576,000 tons, of which about 825.000 tons comes in to Now York. About 70 por cent of all tins is received from Cubp. A largo excess, therefore, in tho drop of this is land cannot fail to havo an appreciable effect ou tho market. The domestic production of this article, which, previous to tho War, was very large, has so far fallen off as scarcely to bo con sidered at all in tho general result. Louisiana produces between 2,000 and 8,000 tons, which is more than Is produced Ly all the other States put together. Besides tho supply of sugar mado from tho sugar-cane, there Is some 15,000 or 20.000 tons of sugar made from the maple syrup, a little tnndo from sorgo-cane in tho Western Htatos, and a small quantity of sugar mado from boot-root iu California. In round numbers tho ycariv consumption of sugar from all sources may bo estimated at about 720,000'toua. LATEST, Wheat was moderately active iu the afternoon, declining %o. No. 2 sold at $1.20 cash, and seller Juno, closing at tho inside, and sl.2s|rf seller July, Com was in fair de mand at Boiler Juno, closing at the inside, and 41 *£@423-/0 for seller July and seller August. Other grain was quiet and unchanged. Tho only thing reported in provisions was tho sale of 250 brla moss pork, seller Juno, at $15,75. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. Friday Evening, May 23. ALCOHOL—Wua In fair request ami 3o higher, owing toon advance in highwiuea; 04 per cent proof ia quo table at $1.83@1.87. BEANU AND PEAS—Were quiet ami unchanged Wo quote; Choice Imud-nleked navies, do mediums, $9.40(39.46; Inferior grades, $1.96k2.00 • green i>oas (in brie), $1.40® 1,60; yellow do (In bags)) BUTTER—Was moving to a fair extent at about former quotations. Strictly choice dairy Is scarce and sells quick at 9t@27c, white for something «gut edge** a shade higher prices are ohtaluablo. Common to fair qualities are in fair stock. We repeat our list bs follows: Strictly choice Hairy, packed, 24027 c? medium to good, 18022 c; Inferior to common. 10® 17c. , BAGGING—No changes wore developed in ib fa mar ket. Business continues rather alack, And the preva lent feeling la cosy. Wo quotes Blark. 30#o; Lud low, OBoj Lewiston, Mjfo ? American, 320; Amoskeag, 82 220 s gunnies, aluglo, 17018 c ? do double, 28029 c: wool sacks, 87Wo. BROOM CORN—Was in tolerably fair' demand at the annexed prices j No. 1 stock braid, 6@6>fo ? No. 2 do, 3,V05 Noi 8 do, 303*f0 ? inside green, 3#040; do red tip, B@4o ? do pale and red, 2®2Vo. BUILDING MATERIALS—Somo dealers report an Improvement In the demand, (bough the general trade Is light. Limb In barrels Is now quoted at sl,lO 01.28, Quolallona for other mnterlsls are nuchang ed, as follows j Stucco, $2.6002,78 ; Now York stucco, casting, $3,7604.00; superfine do, $3.60® 4.00; Portland cement, $6.6007.60 per brlr Rosou dnlo cement, $3.2603,60; Utica,* Louisville, and Akron cement, $2.00 per brl; marble dust, $3,26 03.60 i lime in bulk, B3cosl.OOj lime (brls), $1.1001.25 per brl; white sand, per brl. $1.7602.00; plas tering hair, per bu, 40060 c ; fire brick, per 1,000, S 40.00000.00; building brick (common), $8.00; sower rick, $12,00010.00; country brick, $12.00, deliv ered ; St. Louis hydraulic 'pressed, $46,00, del.; Milwaukee pressed, $32.60. del.; do common,sl4.oo; Racine pressed, $30.00, del.; do common. $14.00 ; Hillsdale, $26.00, del,; Indiana pressed, $22.00024.00: do common, $12.00 ; Excelsior pressed, No. 1 ami 2, $20.00030.00 del,; flee clay, per brl, $3.00, or SIO.OO per ton. The following Is tho list of prices per bor of 60 feet for domestic window glass, from which a reduction of 46 and 0 per cent Is made to dealers: j>'irat Double Quality. itremth. .. 0.75 9.00 7xlo to Bxlo. Bxl4 to 10x16, 12x18 tO 18x20. 18x22 to 18x30, 20x26 to 21x30. 38x00 to 40x80. OUEEBE—The InqitiryVor fine goods was reported fair, and such commanded very i»U prices, but tho poorer sorts were neglected ami sold irregularly. Wo make no change In our quotations: Now York factory, new, 13014 a; Elgin factory, 13014 c; Ohio factory, now, 11013 a; Western factory, now, 11013 c. COAL—Rloßshurg was a triflo lower, but aside from this there was no change in prices, which ruled com paratively steady os follows: Lehigh, lump, $12.00; prepared, $12.00; Lackawanna, $10.00; Eric, $10,00; Briar Hill, $10.00; Walnut Hill, $10.00; Biossburg, $0.60; Cherry Mine, $0,00; Hocking Valley, $0.00; In diana caunol coal, $10.00; Indiana block, $0.00: Kirk land grate, $0.00; Mlnouk, $8.00; Wilmington, 10.00. COOPERAGE—Wo continue to quoto: Fork bar rels, $1.2601.36 ; lard tierces, $1.8001.70; whisky barrels, $1.0002.10; flour barrels, 6006(p} pork staves, rough, $17.00020,00; do buokodor sawed, $20.00025.00; tierce staves, rough, $30,00026.00; do bucked or sawed, $26.00026.00: whisky staves, rough, $24.00028.00; do bucked, $30.00053.00: flour staves, $9,00011,00: circle' flour heading, 7080 per set; flour hoop poles, $14,00016.00 per m; pork and tierce poles, $30.00035,00 per m. EGOS—The demand from tho city dealers is fair, hut the offerings are largo, and prices are rather weak at 11012 c. Silica Include 600 doz at llo; 2,600 doz at lljrfo ; 140 cases at 12c. FEATHERS—Are coming In very slowly, and being In good demand, fell prices are readily obtained for good grades." wo repeat: Prime to choice live geese at 76077;, from first lumdk; Jobbing prices, 82086 c for assorted feathers; mixed foalhors. 45@70c; chicken, B©loc, FlSH—Remain firm, under a continued good de mand and light stock, and, In some descriptions, the tendency, at the moment, Is to advance. This Is no tably the case with cod. the supply of which is scout hero and at tho East. Wo quoto: No. 1 Whitehall, K brl, No. 2 do, $8.76; No. 1 shore mackerel H brl,$11.00011.25; No, l bay, $9,000 0.25; No. 2 mackerel, }4 brl, $7.7308.00; No. 1 shore kite, $1,8501,90; bank codfish, per 100 lbs, $0.0000,26; George’s codfish, $0.7607.00; Labrador herring, split, brls, $9.0000.60; do # brl, $4.75@6.00; Labrador herring, round, brl, $8,0008.60 { do V brl, $4.25® 4.60; boxbcrrlngNo. 1, 28030 c; box herring, scaled, 36037 c; Columbia River salmon, brls, $10.00010.23. FRUITS AND NUTS—No maloriol Improvement was witnessed in tbe condition of (ho fruit market. Trade continues slack, and for most imported vnrltica the feeling la rather weak, In sympathy with Now York, Currants uro “ off”a *{c t and figs also are a triflo lower. Wo now quoto : Foueioh Dales, B@9o ; figs, drums, ll@14o; figs, box, 14>tf@18o; Turkey prunes, 0>4@10o; raisins, $2.6002.80; Zanto cur rants. 7Jvoßc. Domestic— Aldou apples, 18@2iic; Michigan do, 8©7o; Western do, C@s>£c; Southern do, 405o: peaches, pared, 17019 c: peaches, halves, do, mixed, 4&@s,}tfo; blackberries, B?.f® y.tfo; raspberries, 40041 c; pitted cherries, 22024 c, Nuts—Filberts, 14®15c; almonds, Tcrmgonn, 21023 c; Naples walnuts, 21026 c; Brazil?, pecans, 11012 c; African peanuts, C>;o7c; Wilmington pea nuts, 708o; Tennessee peanuts, 4X@Cc. GROCERIES—Tho demand for goods coming under •this bend exhibited little or no Improvement. Interior merchants, as well as local retailers, continuing to re strict their orders to small parcels Just (onicct the current requirements of their trade. Thus far tho prices have not been seriously affected by (ho pro- 1 longed season of quiet, but, with perhaps tho single exception of coffees, there Is more or less shading oil around. Sugars arc more active than any other arltclo in tho list, but they are weak nevertheless, and were to-day quoted “off” au *£o—bbth refined and row grades. Coffees were strong and advanced n >.fc. Tt may bo a matter of Interest to consumers to know Unit Proctor t: Gamble have lowered tho price of their Ger man mottled aoapa Jtfc. Following are' our revised quotations; ' Jir CAiin. Soda—7*ioß?fc. CoKtT.un—Mocha, 33033?f0; O. G. Java, 27#@ 28#o;Javo, No. 2, 20#@27c; fancy Itlo, 24?f® 25c; choice ;lo r 24#®24#c; prime Kio, 24©24#0; good d0,23#@23),(c; common d0,22#0230; roast ing do, 21#®22c; Singapore, 24Jj@21#c; Costa Rica, fancy, 25®25#0; do, prime, 24#@2i#o;‘Mar- acaibo, 23#@24c; Candles—star, full waipht, co^so.'it!; Htcarmo, full weight, 16@16#0; do short weight, 14014#c. Rice—Patna, 8#@8#o; Rangoon, 7#®3o; Oaro lina, B;x@9c; Louisiana, o@B#e. Sugars—Patent cut loaf, 13013#o; crushed, pow dered, and granulated, ll#®l2c; A,'standard, 10# ®llo; do No. 2, 10#@10#o; B, 10#®10#c; ex tra 0,10#®10#o; ONo.2,10?i®10#o; yellowo, lo# @10#o; cuolco brown, 10#®10#o; prime do, o#® 0j»c; fair do, 0#@0#o; choice molasses sugar, 0# 0lO#o; fair do, 0#®0#o; Now Orleans sugar, choice, 9#®lo#c; do prime, o#@9#o; do fair, U® 9#o; common, 7#oß#c. UYitnrs—Diamond drips, $1.3301.35; silver drips extra fine, 70073 c; good sugar-house syrup, 45048 c; extra do, 60055 c; Now Orleans molasses, choice, 60 083o; do prime. 73®780; do common, 6,1070 c; Porto Rico molasses, cuolco, 65®660; common molasses, 30 035 c, Halebaxdr—Common to best. 9®loc. SnoES—Allspice, 17@18c; cloves, 37®360 ; cassia, 38040 c; popper, 23#024#0; nutmegs, $1.25®1,30; ginger, pure, 28® 30o; do No, 1, 20®250; do No. 2,10 019 C. Soaps—French mottled, o#@6#o; German mottled, o#®tl#c; Golden West, o@C#c; Whlto Lily, C#@ 6#c; Whlto Rose, 6#@6#c ; brown Windsor, 4>(® 4#o; palm, 6®G#o; Savon Imperial, C#@o#o. . Stahoh—Gloss, 0#@10o; corn, o®lie; laundry, 6® 7c; common, s#®oc. GREEN FRUITS—Apples aro more plenty and lower. Wholesale prices range from $4.0005.00. and re tail at $6.00®0.00. Oranges and lemons remain firm. Strawberries aro still In light supply, though tho re ceipts are Increasing. Good fruit sells readily. Goose berries aro moro plenty and lower. Wo quote: Apples, good to choice, $4.00®6.00 per bri from store; cran berries, $4.00012,00 per brl.; Palermo lemons at $7.00 ®7.60 per box; Messina do at f8.0000.00; Palermo oranges, $6.0007.00; Messina do, $8,00010.00. Pine apples, $1.7504,60 per doz, Bananas, $3.0007.00 per bunch. Gooseberries, 12#®l8o per quart. Straw berries, 4Q@6sc. HOPS—Wore dull and nominal at 25®450 for com mon to choice Western. ■ HAY—Timothy bay, of prime quality la in light Block, and prices are stronger. Prairie is plenty, but, under a good local and outsido demand, holders are enabled

to realize full prices. Wo quote wholesale prices paid by dealers, ns follows, cars to contain 20,000 lbs: Oh Tuaok— Timothy, neater pressed, tlC.00@l7.00; timothy, loose pressed, $!6.50@10.50; prairie pressed, tl2.Qo@iil.Go. On Wagon— Timothy, loose. slo,oo® 17.00; prairie, loose, t14.00®10.00. For delivery of pressed, $1.00@1.,50, according to distance. HlDES—There was nothing resembling activity la tho demand for bides, but the continued light receipts induced a firm feeling, and for the more desirable lots holders were asking a #o advance on prices current early in tho week; Wo now quote: Qrccn city butch* ors* 7o; green cured light, lOjtfo ; do heavy, O^c; part cured, 0@9,V0 5 green calf, 15@15Wfc; veal kip, drycnlf, 24c; dry kip, 2lo; dry salted, 10 17o; dry flint, 10® 20c; long-hulred kip, lO^/o; ueo con skim, 40@55c; grubby, scored, cut, or otherwise damaged, two-thirds price. IKON AND STEEL—Trade continues moderate, and prices easy for most of tho articles mentioned. Wo quote: iron . 4 4-10® 4 8-10 rates Horse-shoo Iron 0 @0 8-10 rates Plato Iron, commou tank O,V @ 7 rates Russia iron 30031 a rates Russia Iron, No, 1 stained. 180 %Ub Norway iron 0 @ Ojtfo $ lt> Norway nail rods. Utf 0100 tfib Gorman plowstocl U @l2o lb English cast plow steel 13 (<i12%0- lb American tool stool. 17# (?;180 lb Ohromo toolsteel....* IS 030 V lb English tool stool. 21# @2U rules Englishspring steel..... 11 (il‘2#o rules LEATHKU—No cbimgu was noticeable In the char acter of tbo demand or lu prices, A steady, fair move ment la witnessed at tbo quotations given below: jjkmloor. City harness .$ 390 41 Country harness 300 38 Line, city,TjUb 410 43 Kip. lb, Co@ 1,10 Kip, veals .* 850 1.20 City upper, No. 1,79 « 280 30 City upper, No. 2, Vft 950 37 Gauntry upper, No. 1 23® 27 Collar, 79 ft 200 23 Calf, city 1.200 1.40 Calf, country 1.100 1.25 Hough upper, standard 30® 36 Hough upper damaged 270 30 Buflaloslaughter 501e............. 330 37 “B, A," solo 80® 32 Kip.V,V.\\V.V.V.*.’ 760 1,10 Harness French calf, Jodot Cfi.OUOOQ.OO French calf, Loraoluo 00.00080.00 French wdf, 24 to 30 lbs 1.C50 2.60 French kip, 60 to 100 tbs 1.100 1.03 METALS ANB TINNEHB* STOCK—Woro dull. On galvanized Iron a discount of 20 per cent Is now made y dealers. Prices for olhor articles ore without quotable change, though concessions are made now and (hen in cllecllng sales. Wo quote« Tim Plate—lo.loxl4, fIS.CO; do, 12x12, $15,50 s do, 14x20, $10,00; do, rooting, 10, $14.60; do, 20x28, ’530,00. l*ia Tik—Large. 420; email, 430: bar. 440. Buster Zino—Full casks, lie; half casks, ll,V@U>fo; loss quantity, UKo \ oe. Biibkt luok—No. 24, Qtfo rates. GalYahuko Iron—No. 16020,160 J No. 92024, 10 c; No. 23028, 17o? No. 27.180j No. 28, 200. A dlacount of SO per cent la made from (lio lint. Coppkii—Copper bottoms, 4flo; braziers, over 12 lbs, 47c; tinned copper, 430. Wire—2 to 6. 8c; fl, 8, and 0,10 c; 10 to 11, Ilo; 12, lltfo; 13and 14,12*0; 16and 10, Ho: 17.16o; 18, Iflo; 10,10 c; 20, 20o; full bundle, 16 pot cent dll count; fence wire, Ttfo ; by car lotul, ' NAILS—Are active at rales. Woquolo; 10® 600, per keg, 16.12K rates; «d do, $6.37kr { Od do,- $5,(124u do. $0.00; 8d do, |fl.B2is; dd do, Quo, sß.l2j£ : 2d d«. sß.37tf ; clinch, $7,60. NAVAL STORES—Continue In good demand at (ho quotations given below: Manilla rope, ft 11,, 10@I7n; sisal rope, ft lb, 10017 c; hemp sash cord, ft lb. 20® 230; marline, ft lb, 2(1@220; tarred rope, ft lb, 16@l7o; oakum, ft bale, $6.0000.60; pitch, per brl, $0.0007.00: tar, ft brl, $7.6000.00. . * OILS—A decline of lo In turpentine was tbe only 3 notable chnvgo noted In prices of goods in this lino, lough there was n Armor feeling in linseed oil, hold ers anticipating an early advance. Lard continues weak and unsettled, while carbon, whale, sperm, and other descriptions wore Bloody, Wo quote: Carbon, 10® lUJtf’o; extra lard oil, 76c; No.l, 70o; No. 2, G6o; lin seed, raw, $1.00; do boiled, $1.06; whale, 87c; sperm. $2,0002.10; neats foot, oil, strictly pure, $1.10; do extra, 00c; do No, 1, 7oc; bank oil, 70o; straits, 760; elephant oll.Dfio; turpentine, 67068 a; naphtha, 03 gravity, 20021 c; naphtha, common. 10®18c. PAINTS. COLORS, AND PUTTY—English Venetian red was a shade lower, which was tho only change not ed, Trade was fair at tho quotations given below: Strictly pure.. Taney brands, Genuine Velllc Montague. American. Mosury’s railroad colors... Palace car colftrs in cans... Rochelle ochre English Yen. rod English orange mineral.... Pittsburgh orange mineral, English red lead American rod lead English vermilion, per lb. Scarlet vermilion Paris white Whiting... 11.00 10.00 In bulk 3KOWo In bladders... 0 PIG-IRON—Quiet still prevails in this market, and f trices wore not subjected (0 any decided change, rui ng steady as follows: Scotch (according to brand),sß2,oo 087.00; Tuscarawas, $61,00: Massillon, #BI,OO J Lake Superior, $68,00060.00; Chicago slouo coal, $37.00; Missouri stone coal, $57.00068.00. POULTRY—The supply of chickens Is still more than equal to the demand, and prices rule weak and irregular. Small spring sold at $2.0002.60, and old at $4.00. Turkeys at 14016o; ducks at $3.5003.76. Sales include Scoops turkeys at 16c; Icoopatlio; 80 coops chickens at $4.00; 4 coops at $1.25; 0 coops spring ot $2.0002.60; 14 coops at $2,60; 4 coops ducks at $3.60; 3 coops ot $3.76. Pigeons (dressed) sell at 76080 c. POTATOES—There was no particular ghnnge. Choice peachblows are In demand for homo consump tion and shipment, but all Inferior lota are slow. Now potatoes wore dull and lower, selling at $5.0008.00 per brl. Sales include 4 cars choice peachblows at 80c , 1 car do at 68c, delivered ; 2 cars do at 650 on track; 1 car mixed at4oo. SALT—There was no ebango to noto, tho inquiry la light, and prices steady, as follows : Onondaga and Saginaw, fine, $2.00; ordinary coarse, s2,Oti ; coarao Diamond O, $2.26; ground solar, $2.26; dairy, without bags, $3.50; dairy, with bags, $4.6001,75* Ashton dairy, per sack, $5.60; ground alum, $2.3002.40; Turk’s Island, $2.00. SEEDS—Hungarian and millet wore In moderate re quest ; tho former Is In largo supply and weak at $1.15 01,25 : millet was about 5o off, quotable at 80086 c, tho latter price for prime seed. Timothy sold in a small way at $3.9004.2.5, (bo outside figures being for prime ; fancy seed at $4.26. Tho offerings of timothy are very light, and dealers are holding what they have firmly. Flax Is quoted at $1.90. Clover was nominal. Sates wore reported of 20 bags prime timothy at $4.26 ; 10 bags at $4.00; 16 bags at $3.90 ;88 bags prime Hun garian at $1.25; 20 bags do at $1.20; 80 bags at $1.16 ; 136 bags prime millet at 85u ; 118 bags at 80c; 88 bags flux nt $1.90. TEAS—Business was reported quiet at former quo tations. Tho Journal 0/ Commerce says of tho Now York market: “ Tho market is very quiet. Tho lino trade Is light, and invoice, buyers do not seem disposed to operate at the moment. Notwithstanding tho dull ness, there Is rather a more coufldeut feeling among dealers, and It is tho general Impression that prices have touched bollom.” Following arc tho prices current: Young Hyson, common to fair, 46055 c; do good, 80070 c; do cholco to extra fine, 95c051.10: common to fine old Hyson, 70095 c; common Imperial. 60@05c; good to choice do, 80c® $1.10; fine to good gunpowder, 70c@$1.10; choice, $1.15 01,20: extra, $; choice to extra loaf Japan, B6c@ll.00; fair to good do, 63073 c;• common do 42®' 41c; colored natural leaf Japan, 550 85a ; common to fine Oolong, 35015 c; good, 53086 c: cholco to extra, 86c@51.00.. TOBACCO—Wo qtiolo: Chewing—-Fine Cut—Extra. 73083 c; choice, 65® 75c;’tommon, 55060 c; poor, 40060 c. Plug—Natural loaf, 7508(Jo; half bright, 60@70c; black, Round, 45055 c. Smoking—Choice, 33035 c; medium, 30® lococom mon stems, 27®29c« WOOD—Waa more quiet, and prices were easier, quotations being 50c lower, ns follows : Beech, $9.50; maple, $10.50; hickory, $11.00; slabs, SO.OO, delivered. VEGETABLES—The oupply was liberal, though a good portion of tho offerings arrived in poor order, which had a tendency to weaken prices. Freeh stuff sold readily. Wo quote: Penn, $3.00@3.60 per box; Btnug beaus, $3.0004.00 per box; cucumbers, 75c® SI.OO per doz; now onions, $7.5009.00 per brl; doper d0z,25®300; spinach, $2.0902.00 per brl; radlsbos, 15030 c; squash, 10®12#o per lb; asparagus, fGOo ®51.25 ; pie plant. l®3#o per lb ; lettuce, 230500 per doz ; cabbacjo, ♦3.oo(3‘j.iK do* j lUCUIpS, 30®50C j>cr doz ; beets at $3.75 per brl, WOOL—Was in moderate demand on Western ac count. Tho quotations following nro for old wool; now is from 3®sc lower: Tub, washed, extra medium ..61055c Tub, washed, common to fair 45®320 Common dingy 45®470 Fioeco, washed, X&XX, light ....43®460 Fleece, Washed, X&XX, dingy, .....40®440 Fleece, washed, medium light 43@450 Fleece,'washed, medium dingy 37®420 Fleece, unwashed, X&XX,Iu good condition.... 30®320 Fleece, unwashed, coarse to medium 30®35c Fleece, unwashed, coarse, and dingy 27®3tio Super, pulled 38®430 Extra, pulled 38®440 Burry wool B@loo Jess. WOODEN WAIIE AND BROOMS—Tho demand Is moderate. Cheese tubs have declined SI.OO all lound, otherwise there was no change. Wo quote; Two-hoop palls, $2.30 per doz; 3-hoop do, $2.60; 3-hoop dairy, $4.25; extra do, $4.75: extra cheese tuba, $12,50; - No. 1 tubs, $10,50; No. 2 do, $9.00; No. 3 do, $3.00; tubs, 3 in neat, $2.30; heelers, 6 in nest, $1.75; half-bushel measures, plain, $3.75 per doz; do iron hound, $4.50 ; peek measures, plain, $2.50; do, iron bound, $3.75; churns, No. 1, $11.00; do, No. 2, $10.00: do, No. 3, $9.00; do, No. 4. SB.OO per doz; headed clothespins, $1.1001,25 per box; washboards, $2.35® 2.00 per doz; barrel covers, $2.00@2.60; kannakins, $3.0003.60 per rack; butter tubs, oak, 3 in nest,sl.6s; do, ash, 2ln nest, $1.10; broom bandies, $12.00016.00 per m; No. 1 brooms, $2.75; No. 2 do, $2.2502.50; do, common, $1.7502.00. IIILHOAD FRElGHTS—Following are tho rates now current: 5: o & Sl ?3|'S3'S?| ss-2 5 J? Chicago to «V |j| g., Sjc : s S-s- & Js if llMiM New York 45 $ 00.45 65 805t0n.... 50 1.00 60 60 Philadelphia and Baltimore... 40 60 40 60 Pittsburgh...' 30 60 30 85 Albany 42# 85 42# Buffalo 30 CO 30 Cleveland 22# 45 22# 30 Washington 48 00 40 63 Wheeling, W.Va 40 80 40 Wilmington, N. 0 70 1.25' Savannah, Qa 70 1.39{. Cincinnati and Columbus.... 25 Coj2s ...... Bollslre, 0 35 70j35 Montreal and Prescott 42# 80i42# CHICAGO LIVE-STI Fiiidat Evening, May 23. The receipts of Uvo stock since Saturday have been as follows: Monday.... Tuesday..., Wednesday. Thursday.. Friday Total Bbiiuuouts wore as follows. Cuttle. Ilona. Sheep, lV.iiiy G,iH5 y,:jßs 7,4'ja u,4aa c r 7io esi y/J47 7,880 Monday,... Tuesday.... Wudnctulay Thursday ~ Total i 10,304 28,574 681 CATTLE— During tho forenoon trading was charac terized by u good degree of activity, both local and outside buyers operating on A liberal scale, and tho market was firm at a trifle advance on yesterday's rateu, but later In tho day tho demand fell olf and prices cased up n little. Tho fresh receipts were not so largo qh to caubo alarm, but tho olalo cattle dwelled tho supply to pretty largo proportions, and. in view of tuo near approach of the close of tho week, holders, toward tho close of (ho day, grow uneasy, and, in their anxiety to dispose of their stock, conces sions wore olfcrod where concessions woro necessary to attract tho attention of buyers. Owing to an accldont no stock arrived by tho Chicago & Hock Island liuud until 4 In tho afternoon, and ns by that hour trading was virtually over for tho day about 1,000 cattle ana 3,000 hogs remain in tho Itock Island division alone, unsold. Tho other divis ions of tho yard were pretty well cleaned up. Sales were reported ot $3.60@6.00 for poor to good butchers' etutt, ou local account; at $3.7604.75 for Stockers; at $4.80ft6.60 for common to good shipping hooves, and at $5.0000.60 for choice to extra. There wero only two or throe transactions at over $3.75, and comparatively few below $4.60, the hulk changing hands at $5.0005.06, The market closed quiet. QUOTATIONS. Extra—Graded steers averaging 1,400 lbs and upwards $5,8500,16 Choice Beeves—Fine, fat, well funned 3 year to C year old steers, averaging 1,300 to 1,450 lbs 6.C005.75 Good Beeves—'Well-fattened, finely formed steers, averaging 1,200t0 I.SUO 1b5........ 6,2506.60 Medium Grades—Steers lu fair ilesh, aver aging 1,100 to 1,250 lbs 4.8005.16 Butchers’ Block—Common to fair Bteors, and good to extra cows, for city slaughter, averaging 800 to 1,100 lbs 4.0005.00 1.250 1.45 WHITS LEAD. .$11.00011.60 . 0,00010.50 14.60 11.50012.00 .0.60010.50012.60 ..... 13.00 PUTXT. ‘OCK MARKET. Cuttle. Jloga, Sheep. . 6,310 11,600 401 . 3,003 6,040 708 . 2,754 0,71)8 1,284 . 0,817 11,774 1,200 . 3,700 0,600 -1,100 .18,466 <5,578 Stock Cnltlo—Common entile. in Accent flenli. Averaging 700 to 1,080 Ibn 3.75(?«.00 Inferior—Light and (bin rows, heifers, alnga, luillfl, nnd flcatlnwng fitoera... 9.00(33.73 Cnltle—Toxoa, Noillicrn wintered 4.00(44,60 Onttlo—Corn-fed Toma J.COirfiUS CATTLE BA.LEB No, Av, Price, an choico atoora 1,264 (5,05 64 good doers, 1,305 5,05 04 good a1eera,........................1,210 ’ 5.35 IBgodd Bloom. 1,160 6.25- 17choico aleera 1,202 5,05 121 oholoo aleera 1,206 6,00 04 choico ntccra 1,418 . 6.87# 76 good Htccro ..1,384 6.05 82good at00ra...... ~..1,214 6.60 66 Toma 8t00r5,.., 000 4.00 14 good Hlcora 1,303 6.00 22 Texas cattle 880 4.60 15good Hlcora,, 1,250 6.45 14 nutchcra* cowa 1,029 4.26 84 good atoora 1,100 6.60 ,78 good steers 12,72 6.36 84 choico atoora ...,1,309 6.70 33g00d alccra.. ,1,103 6.40 33 choico atoora 1,263 6,60 84 choico atoora 1,333 p. 60 4(1 choico atoora. 1,405 6.55 48 choico alccra., .1,247 f1.02 V 14oxtra gradodatoora ~...,...1,594 0.60 22 choico atoora 1,570 6.75 63 choico atoora.. 1,922 6.02# 40 choico alccra 6.70 14 medium alccra 1,048 6.10 17 good atoora 1,109 6.37# 28 good Btoora 1 206 6,40 64 good at00ra.........................1,228 5.46 31 medium fleora 1,189 6.00 140 choice atccra 1,139 6.76 43 choico atoora 1,262 6.62# 10 good atoora 1,370 6.25 30 good alccra 1,303 5.55 105 good alccra 1,081 6.25 32 good atoora. ,1,284 6.60 34 good atoora 1,389 6.60 62 Texas Btoora 1,103 4.26 32 loxoa atcora. 1,126 4.95 11008—There woa more animation In tho hog trade than on yoaterday, hut valuoa wore osaontlolly un changed. Tho fact that receipts wore moderate, and tho tenor of Koatorn ndvlcoa rather more encouraging, Bllmulated huyota, and tho different classes took hold freely at tho prices current yesterday afternoon, or at $4.5Q@4.60 for poor to common, at (4.65(34,70 for me dium, and at $4.76® 4.85 for good to choico. Inferior de scriptions sold oa low oa $4.00®4.40, while a few car loads of extra were dlspoaodof at (4.90, hut moat of tho day’s business woe transuded within tho rango of £1.&»Q4.75. Only a few droves remained unsold, and tho market closed steady at tho aUovo quotations. Among tho transactions wore tho following: HOO BALKS. .Vo. Av. Price. 03 103 $1,78 120 180 4.70 57 108 4.05 58 325 4.G5 31 220 4.70 200 179 4.76 21 163 4.76 140 171 4.70 68 322 4.80 60 223 4.70 48 247 4.85 69 211 4.C0 68 200 4,00 03 183 4.70 109 201 4.76 65 207 4.70 124 173 4.73 114 221 4.73 62 207 4.75 toman* *' * * Xo. Av. Price, ft) 250 $4.65. R3 215 4,00 GO 107 4.75 01 100 4.75 83 183 4.81. 112 203 4.77W 07 107 4.85 125 180 4.85 38 259 4.80 203 290 ' 4.80 55 210 4.00 45 ' 278 4.80 40 242 4.75 65 230 4.G0 411 219 4.65 64 200 4.55 46 120 4.25 40 2G3 4.75 69 100 4.70 * - , - , 4.75 SHEEP—Tho demand, though far from being active, wna about equal to tho oCferingß, and former prices were tolerably well sustained. Good to choice may bo quoted at $4.75@0.40, and poor to medium at $3,60(3 4.60. Lambs sou at $3.00(3)4.60. LUMBER. Fiuoat Evening, May 23. Tho market continues active and firm, a slight ad vance being noted In Joists, scantling, and common boards. Tho receipts ore fair. Joists and scantling sold at $10.25@10.50, and strips and boards at $11.35® 33.00; good do at $16.00010.00. Shingles sold at $3.00 @3.25, the latter for good cargoes. Lath wero steady at $2.60/ Following arc tho sales : White Oak, from Manistee, 150 m Joists and scantling at $10.50; scow llndical, from Fentwoter, 100 m pieces stuff, largely 10 ft, nt $10.23 ; 170 m shingles at $3.25; 30 in culls at $1.00; Paulino, 120 m boards and strips nt $15.00; 11 m lath at $3.60; Florence, from Pentwatcr (to arrive), 80 m abort limber strips nt $10.50; 11 m pickets nt $10.00; Kate Howard, from Ludlnglon, 100 m mixed at $12.50 for Inch; $10.50 for 2-lnch; $2.50 for lath ; proji Menominee, from Green Bay, 400 m A shingles nt $3.25; 1,080 m .do at $3.00; B. F. Wade, from Manistee, 160 m Joists and scantling at $10.60 (Manis tee Sally); Whirlwind, from Ludlugtou, 110 m Joists and scantling and Umber at $10.50; Madison, from Lndiugton, 73 m joists and scantling nt $10.23; Dan Fayes, from Manistee, 165 m Joists and scantling at $10.60; prop Menominee, from Dopero and Green Bay, 000 m A shingles at $3.00; Dawn, from White Lake, 73 m coarao mixed at $11.50 for inch, and $10.25 for S-luch; 15 m lath at $2.60: Schr Liberty, from Muskegon 90 m’common mixed, at $12.00 for Inch ami $10.25 for 2-luch. Lath $2.60, Johnston, from Manistee, 100 m Joists and scantling nt $10,60; Glpsoy, from White Lake, 00 m common at $12.00 for inch and $10.25 for 2-iuch ; Magnolia, from Muskegon,sll.23(oll.6o, and $10.50 mill run; N, J. Warren from Manistee. 50 m timber at $10.00; 100 m Joists and scantling at $10.50; Annie Florence, from Manistee, 133 m Joists and scantling at $10.60. Tho Saginaw papers report sales to Eastern parlies of dry lumber at $7.00, SU.OO, and $35.00, and green lumber (1,000,000 ft.) at $6.60, $13.00, ond $35,00. The Greenville Democrat of last week says: “ Tho majority of thu logs in Flat USver have passed by. Tho roar of tho drivu will reach Langston tuts week/* LCMIiUB FREIGHTS. Manistee, $3,00(33.25; Ludlngton, $3.00; Muskegon, $2.50; Oconto, $5.50®4.00; Menominee, I'outwntcr, $2.75; White Lake, $2.6002.75; Grand Ho voo, $2.50. • AT TUB BAUDS. Tho yard Irado coutluuca active, at about tbo same range of prices. Tho demand 1b chiefly foe common lumber and building material. Wo quote: First c1ear........ $52.00 @55.00 Second clear, 1 inch to 2 Inch Third clear, 1 inch. Third clear, thick Clear flooring, Ist and 2d together, rough Clear siding, Ist and 2d together Common siding Common flooring, dr&'scd, first...... Common flooring, dressed, second.... Wapon-box boards, selected, 14 inches and upward A stock boards B Block boards 0 stock boards Common boards Joist, Bcantllog, small timber, fencing, etc., 1C feet and under Joist and BcautUug. 18 to 24 feet...... Pickets, square. Pickets, flat Cedar posts, split Cedar posts, round Lath No. 1 sawed shingles. A or Star BUlnalea on track. No. 1 cawed. Three dollars por car to bo added whoa transferred, which charge follows the shingles. Thickness—Five shingles to ho two inches in thick* Length—Sixteen inches. UAIIDWOOD. Black-Walnut Counters, $100.000150.00; clear, $C5.00®76.00; common, $10.00050.00; cull, $30,000 35.00; llooring, $50.00000.00. Ash—Clear, $30.00040.00; common, $20.00025.00; cull, |12.00®18.00; flooring, $30.00040.00. Oak—Clour, $30.00040,00: comuiou, $20.00025.00; cull, $12.00018.00. Hickory—Clear, $35.00046.00; common, $25.00® 35.00 ; cull, $12.00018,00. Maple—Clear, $30.00(340.00; common, $20,00030.00; cull,slO.OO@ls.W). Butternut—Clear, SSO.OC@CO.OO; common, $35.00® 35.00. Cherry—Clear, $50.00000.00; common, $25,000 85.00 ; cull, $12.00018.00. Wbllowood—Clear, $30,00040.00; common, $20.00 @30.00 • cull, $10.00015.00. Wagon Stock—Hickory axles, per sot, $1.0001.60; wagon poles, each, 46065 c; box boards, $36.00040.00. MARINE. PORT OF CHICAGO. AKMVED May 23. flehr A. L. Potior. Escanaba, 487 gross tons pig iron. Prop 8. O. Baldwin, Ea?anaba, 040 gross tons pig iron. Schr Emma, Ludlugton, 100 m lumber. He hr O. HJhbard, Coulrovllio, 112 cds wood. Schr J. F. Joy. Bay City, 007 m lumber. Schr Glpsey, White Lake, 110 m lumber. Schr Seventh Ohio, White Lake, 120 m lumber, 60' m lalb. Scow Laurel, Duck Lake, 70 m lumber, 0 m lath. Scow Auun Tomluo, Manistee, 130 m lumber. Scow Dan Hayes, Manistee, 100 m lumber. Schr Luvlnda. Lincoln. 125 m lumber. Schr O. Johnson, Manistee, 180 m lumber. Schr G. It. Roberta, Grand Haven, 75 m lumber, Schr Persia, White Luke, 00 m lumber. ‘ Scow White Onk, Manlstoo, 160 m lumber. Schr B. F. Wndo. Manistee, 100 m lumber. Scbr Magnolia, Muskegon, 116 m lumber, 10 m pickets. Bargo Comet, Muskegon, 230 m lumber. Schr Sky Lark. Buffalo, COO tons coal. Schr Tuscola, White Lake, 100 m lumber. Scbr Lizzie Throop, Grand Haven, 75 cds wood. Schr Radical, Pentwatcr, 83 m lumber, 250 m shingles. Prop City of Madison, Sturgeon Bay, 140 m lumber, prop Ira Chalice, Haugatuek, 70 m lumber, 30 rolls leather, 20 bxs lien. Prop Ootomor, Buffalo, 870 brls sugar, 60 tons pig iron, 30 bgs rice, 120 bgtt coffee, Schr Dawn, While Lake, 74 m lumber. Schr Warren, Grand Haven, 75 m lumber, 20 m lath. Schr R..P. Mason, Manistee, 165 m lumber. Scow Milton, White Lake, 128 m lumber, 25 m lath. Schr Madison, Ludinaton, 76 m lumber. Brig J. Browuson, Menominee, 000 m lumber, 200 m lath. Brig B'jrouia, Moumulnco, 200 m lumber, 120 m shin gles. 2 in neats. Brig E. W. Williams, Menominee, 300 m lumber. CLEARED May 23. Prop Milwaukee, Ogdcnaburgb, 12,000 bu com, and B0 brlfl pork. Prop Ira Chaffee, Baugatuclc, 00 green salted bides, and 7 bales dry hides. -i Schr Sunrise, Buffalo, 39,000 bu com. Bchr E. Jones, liulfalo, bu 62,000 oats. Hrhr A. L. Potior, Escaunbu, 76 tons mllroaddron, Bimr Manitowoc, Manitowoc, 326 Backs peanuts, 10 bugs seed, and 308 green hides. Bohr Radical, Michigan City, 82 m lumber, and 300 m shingles. Scow Milton, WhiloLako, 20 tone bay. Prop Favorite, Menominee, 45 bars railroad Iron, and 17 BackH potatoes, Schr 8. W. Urostlnvalle, Buffalo, 70.000 bu oats. 0. IT. Walker, Wnlkorsvlllo, 18,101 tin corn. Prop B. O. Baldwin, Kacamdm, 32 loua railroad Iron. Frolß In scarce, nml carriers arc holding their vessels firmly at Oo and Otfo for com and wheat to llnfTnlo. Tho schr. Swoopalakcfl wnn reported for wheat to Kingston on owners' account; nchr Rival., wheat, nt lajtfo. Tho propn Russia, Vanderbilt, nml Blanchard wore making up mixed cargoes for Now York ami Boston on through rates, . Total capacity equal to 37,000 tm of wheat, and 30,000 Im of corn. From Milwaukee to Buffalo, tho prop Inler-Ocoau and barge Argonaut wero taken for wheat at 7e. BREAK IN THE ERIE CANAL. New lonic, May 23-13:50 p. m.—Onnnl break at Laßhor’« Aqueduct j loaded boot laid in break will •have to bo cut In plocos to clear It. At Lock No. 10, near fiprakers, Boulb plorcarrlcd away. Superintendent thinks It will take a week to repair it. Mr. W. 11. While now weighs for Mr. John Wade, the Board of Trade Wetghmaalor. — l Tho scow Laurel lost her ilylng-Jlb In the gale, thl* morning, off Gross Point. —Tho Bchra Skylark, Mocking Bird, American Union, and Ponsaukeo arrived from Buffalo to-day. —Tho now Bchr H. W. Oroathwallo cleared to-day tot Buffalo with 70,000 bu oats, —Letters Just received from the officers of tho steam* pro now In Lake Superior, dated 17th and 18th, atnts that tho boats have had to fight tmmeuao masses of lee. which wore very utrong, and In many places could uoe bo penetrated; and tho water would freeze from on® to ten Inches every night. Tho Hurd was tho first . 0 J’. 0a ,. 11 oftago, ond received tho customary no* lute. Tho Cuyahoga was about five days In getting In* to Houghton, and was damaged considerably by tho ± Ice. One of the boats got within fifteen miles of Mar* • quelto but could not get further. The Union Is sup posed to bo Ice-bound at Grand Island. Tho Leopold ft Austrian Bloomers oro now trying to get Into Msr auetto, and It is quilo probable that they have by this mo effected on entrance. J '—The Milwaukee Sentinel, May 23, Boys: “On Tncs* day morning, during a dense fog. tho bark Clmndlea J. Wells, bound down from Chicago with corn, and) Bchr Uovana, upward bound, collided about twen ty miles northeast of this port. Tho OhamUor wu» damaged to the extent of between $1,500 and 82.000J She was struck on her starboard bow, ond had her talO qulckwork, nud throe or four Btrakca of plank broken! and the small anchor ond chain, cathead, foreynrd! and upper and lowca topsail yards carried away. 8U« Was towed to our harbor Wednesday afternoon leaking badly„»mt her cargo had suffered no damage, Tho Havana is known to have lost her bowsprit, jlbboom, ond head-gear,” ’ —At Buffalo tho tug HI Smith has received & general overhauling. ® , —nchr Cape Horn has been taken to Buffo lo. A. bole was made in her starboard side some four feet by eight feet, and that side was badly sprung. She Is a very hard looking week. 3 1 8 —Tho schr Kxllo, which was damaged by getting ashore on Lake Su]»orlor last fall, has arrived at Cleve land and gone into tho dry dock for repairs. —A new schooner called the Atlanta was launched Wl ‘B°» Monday. She will carry about 22,000 bu *Vf). Av. Price. 62 SCO H.OO 200 170 4.05 116 300 4.76 44 251 4.C0 70 180 4.75 70 188 4.75 117 107 4.75 47 100 4.70 68 247 4.75 03 320 4.70 61 SCO 4.50 133 100 4.05 65 228 4.73 115 250 4.75 76 245 4.05 47 201 4.00 67 180 4.75 163 108 4.75 338 ICO ThiSlQy rdßOf£!,ooo ' oooftoriumbor P“ aod Detroit —A party of Surveyors who arrived at ColUnawood. Sunday, from Saulfc Bt, Mario lu a sailboat, report the Sft ?9"VJl n A fl0 « oraI . ot V cr B lct »Jnorfl ice-bound on tho Ifth Id Whisky Bay, head of Lake Superior, and tho Algoraa aground in Maultowauing Bay. A tug which had rouo to her oeßlstouco was also aground. ,«T7 illo . fi . clir . 1>roWo » which cauio out as a brig la 16f2, and has been in constant service ever since la probably tho oldest vessel allout on tho lakes. * —A buoy and stake have been located at Bar Point, They will bo plainly risible In all but tbo worst weath er, and it Is hoped may servo to avert such disasters as took place there during llio early part of last season. During Intense darkness or (hick weather, steamers or vessels will necessarily have to govern themselves by tho bearings of BoJa Diane light, located on tho south point of tho Island. —Tho outer can buoy and stoke nt the entrance of Maumee Bivor ore already located. Tho others will, tn duo time, bo properly arranged. On Turtle Island, at tho outlet to tho Maumee, Is a lighthouse which, with many, serves as a guide over the flat without the as sistance of buoys or stakes. —Tho Detroit Pott says : '* Tho moving of vessels hereabouts by small steamers, known ns tugs, was properly organized a year or two since, and, with tho requisite number employed, paid a fair compensation, Tho business has not Increased, but tbo tugs have, consequently all aro compelled to work at low rates, and nouo aro making largo dividends," OCEAN NAVIGATION! Sailing twice a wook from Now York, and carrying pas sengers to all parts of Great Britain, Ireland, Continental Europe, and tho Mediterranean. Cabin from $65; Stonr age. British and Irish ports oast, $3(1; west, $33. Conti nental ports sArao as other regufarllnos. All payable la U. H. ourronoy. Apply for full information at the Com pany's olllcos, No, 7 Bowling Green, Now York, and N. E, corner LaSalle and Madison-sts., Chicago. HENDERSON BROTHERS, Agents. CUNARD MAIL LINE. EOT-tVBXiISHBD 13*3:0.. Steam Between IfowToi Calabria. Pnrtiila.. Samaria. And from Beaton every.Tuesday. Cabin Panttaso, 880, 8100 ami SI 30, Gold. Steerage Passage, 830 currency. Passengers and freight booked to and from all parts of Europe at lowest rates. SlgUt-Draflsoii Great Britain, Ireland, and tboContloout. P. U. DLJ VKIINET, Gon'i Wost'n Agent. ■ N. W. our. Clark and ItandolpU-ata. 47.00 @50.00 38.00 @40.00 43.00 @15.00 40.00 ©42.00 23.00 @24.00 20.00 @21.00 34.00 @30.00 28.00 @30.00 07.00 @40.00 30.00 @38.00 20.00 @28.00 10.00 @20.00 13.00 @15.00 UTHAL LIE. Sailing from Now York for Queenstown and Liverpool every Saturday, oud for London direct every fortnight. CaSi Passage SBO, S9O, anO SIOO Currency. Excursion Tlckota at favorable rates. Intending pas sengers should make early application for berths. STEERAGE, sl*9.oocurrency. Prepaid steerage tickets from Liverpool, Queenstown, Londonderry, Glasgow, Cardilf, Bristol, or London, $31.00 currency. Passengers booked to or from Gorman and Scandina vian points at low rates. Thu Steamships of this lino are tbo largest In tho trade. Drafts on Groat Britain, Ireland, and tho Continent. . 'mUAM 3UCALISTER, Gon’i Western Agont, Northeast corner Clark and Randolpb-ils, (opposite new . Sherman House), Chicago. 13.00 @14.00 15.00 @20.00 14.00 @15,00 12.00 @16.00 14.00 @IB.OO 17.00 @25.00 3.00 @ 3.60 iieo © 2.00 3.60 © 3.75 wajtfi jW7* 1.23 @ 1,50 FOR EUROPE. INMAN LINE EOYAL MAIL STEAMERS. Will sail from Now York as follows; CITY OP LIMERICK Thursday Slay 29, 8 A. Hf. CITY OP LONDON .....Saturday, May 31, 9 A. M. CITY OP NEW YORK Thursday, Juno 6, 1 P. M. CITY OF PARIS ißaturday, Juno 7, 3 P. 51. And each succeeding SATURDAY and THURSDAY, from Pier No. 45, North River. Cabin FnMHUge, 883 and 8100 Gold. Steerage, to British Ports I $30.00 Currency. Steerage, to Gorman Ports 85.00 Currency. Steerage, to Dromon or Scandinavian Ports 88.00 Currency. SIGHT DRAFTS for sale allow rales. FRANCIS O. BROWN, General Western Agent, SB South. Market-at., Chicago, ALLAN LIKE Montreal Ocean SteaisMp Co, First-class Steamships, Unsurpassed for Speed and Comfort, running on tlio Shortest Sea Itoutes between EUROPE AND AMERICA RATES OF PASSAGE: CABIN as low as by any other FUIST*OLA6B LINES* Return tickets at great reduction, STEERAGE Tickets either to or from Europe, also at lowest rates, and through to points la the West lower thau by other linos. _ _ KATES OP FREIGHT: Tariff arranged on all classes Merchandise from Liver* pool or Glasgow THROUGH to Uhluago. For other Information, or freight contracts, apply attbo Company's Office, 72 and 74 Laoallost. ALLAN A CO.. Agents. STATE LIE STEAMSHIP COMPANY, NEW * m f J mSMSSSSbsms? OL ‘- m;t - Thoso elegant now stoamors will sail from State Lino Pier. Fulton Ferry, Brooklyn, N. Y, BBaafolIws: VIRGINIA. ‘J,MX) tons Wednesday, Juno 11, PENNSYLVANIA, a,600 tons Wednesday, Juno 2», GEORGIA, 3,600t0ns Wednesday, July 9, Fortnightly thereafter. AUSTIN BALDWIN i CO., Agents, 73 Broadway, N. Y. Steerage offleo, 46 Broadway, N. Y. FRACTIONAL CURRENCY. $5 Packages OP PRAGTIONAL GMBICY FOR SALE AT, . TRIBUNE OPFIOE, LAKE FREIGHTS. MISCELLANEOUS. •k, Boston, and Liverpool. .May 24 .■luno 4 .Juuoll ..May 24 | Java,., ..MaySl Cuba.. .Jana 7{Scotia

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