Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 25, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 25, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 26. REAL ESTATE. AT AUCTION. m L BUTTERS Will give Ms, personal attention to tlie sale of We have several large sales which will he made in June. WM. A.BUTTEES & SO., auctioneers. LATOALE. We have a few Houses for sale at Lawndale,which are now completed, which we will sell on easy terms. 2 Houses, Lot 32x125, ■ 1 loose, Lot 50x125, - 1 loss, Lot 125x125, - Hose, Lot 105x125, - . Building Lots on easy terms. Long time, and help to build, if required. Lawndale is the only suburb that 18 supplied with Lake Water. Hina trains daily; fare, 8 3-4 cents. Ap ply to MILLARD & DECKER, Eooin 5, Up. 161 LaSalle-st. FOR SALE. 78 ACRES In Bm. 84, T. 38. H. U, lyine along aid. Chicago * St. EonißßaiiroadTlO mlleslrom city limita. Very choice; Station, on Chicago & Northwestern Railroad, 10 miles Iran Italta, 81M per aero. 17 ‘"asTw.'oLjS.'kß. ’ 13S first floor. TEXAS LANDS. 500,000 ACRES Of the best firming, graring-and timber lands in the wodd, for sal© in tracts to suit purchasers, atslto $3 per acre. Title warranted. '1 ' . ‘ far«« bai now direct communication with the west, «wi< new railroads aro being built and .projected. The. wgml&tton ia rapidly increasing, and the present prosper ous condition of the State offers opportunities for invest ments, which must prove remunerative within the next three years. Full information and lists of lands furnish* 161 LaSallo-et. VASM6TON HEIGHTS SPECIAL 3STOTICB, I have for sale at this anbnrb, property by the acre or lot from original owner*, not before offered In thia mar ket, very choice high ridge timber:and prairie, which I wilTaoll choapor than la offered by any other boaae in this jjjy, ASA. W. CLARKE, * 123 LaSalle-st., first floor. • POE SALE. Corner Michigan-av. and Adama-st., Lot 27 feet front on avenue by IC9 on Adams-st., with 10-foot alley In rear; one block from Gardner and Matteson Houses, two blocks from Palmer’s Hotel and Clifton’ House, three blocks from new Custom-House, directly opposite Pullmim Pal ace Car Co.'s new offices in Honors Block, and within 10 minutes' walk of Grand Union Depot. —*• EXPOSITION BUILDINGS will be erected on oppo site tide of avenne. Will be sold on reasonable terms. Wn /v'mTn<««tnpc tn awnta. H. G. HOWARD, - Boom SO Republic Idle Building, 169 LaSalle-st, i FOR SALE. Seven 10-acre Blocks located m Section 34, Town 37, Range 14,10 .minutes’ walk ftom Michigan Control, Illinois Control, Great Eastern, and Chicago, Danville & Vincennes Railroads, and on the line of improvements 'of Chicago & Calumet Canal and Dock Co. Tand the Pullman Palace Cor M’f’g. Co. This .property will be sold on long time and rea sonable terms if taken soon. ' A. D. TLNGIiBV, i Booms 54 and 55 Bepnblio Xife Buildmg. A Good Tract for Subdivision For Sale Cheap. f, 10, or 15 acres fronting on Fifty-ninth and on S common, 'at*,, a short distance from the boulevard, and near Rock Island Road. The owner will stay In the city one week, *snd wants to dispose of it before leaving. Can at CLARKE. TiATaON A CO.’S, 120 LaSaUo-st. i To induce yon to become interested- ia High wood. I of er lot* 810 down and 10 years, 8 first at 6 per cent. Como to my office any afternoon At 8:30 and take osllgntXnlpde, pawtf through finoitos and Highland Park, and see property; returning reach here at 7 ;40 same erening* Ask any ono who has soon it. - Can it bo surpassed a* location for town? W.W. Boyington, Chicago’s grt»t architect, selected one of my bluffs, and has rcrtaonco nearlycompleted. B. AoHiiWX MEAito. v 300 lASsHe-st., reaidenee Hlghwood. FOR SALE. By JACOB WEIL 400., northwest comer ofJMadlson andDeazbozn-sts., 243x660 foot on the northwest comer of Flfty-fint-at. and Cottage Groro-ar., fronting on the great South Park. be bought cheap,- with one-third cash, balance in one two years at 8 per cent. POE SALE, AT A BARGAIN. ONLT S4W PER ACRE. Two Sacre Blocks, subdlrided. into 45 lots each, at Washington Heights, west of Morgan Park. Money can bo doubled in retailing then: this season. „ „ H. sTdIETRIOH, Boom 8, 143LaSaHe-«t. For Sale—At a Bargain, Two fire-acre Blocks, Subdivided Into 49 lots'each, at Washington Heights, west of Morgan Park. . Money can be doubled in retailing them this season. - H. S. DIETRICH, Room 2,l43LaSalle-et. FOR SuBIASB, Southwest comer of Flfth*sv. and Jackson -st.. by O. H. 4 G. O. WAT.KKR, ■ 18 Chamber of Commerce. Hi Pars EDiii Ci Office 153 JdOKEOB-ST., Boom- VEant’a Building; Houses and Lots fox sale on easy to nnsl - For Sale at a Bargain. Pont 3-story frame buildings, with brick basoment, oor- Berof Hubbard and Grecn-sts.; rents for 83,700 peryear. Also property 80x106, with three good buildings, corner of Balsted andiiobbartl-rU.: will coll all or separately. in quire of a. b. Johnston, .as Hubbard-«t. GBBATSALB ; ; .A.-t ~ ■ Of 120 CMcb Mew tots iFrontiiig on Humboldt Boulevard, Xiogau Lots Each 150x200 Feet Deep. (to Way aflernoraij Me 3, at 21-2 o’clock, ; AT 186 EAST MADISON-ST., Win be sold 120 beautiful and choice residence Lots, situ ated In the Subdlvtilon of 89 acres in the B X of the S B X of See. S6, 40, 03. ' , . 1 .The Lots are well located; tbs ground Is high, and the whole city overlooked by one standing on its surface. 1 Humboldt Boulevard is being finely improved; large trees have been sot out under the direction of the Park Commission ere. An Artesian Well, with a fine flow of : water. Use on either side of this property. Tho facilities for reaching this property are excellent. Tho depot of the 0. AN. W. B. R. is within 200 rods east: the M. & St. Pan! B. Reruns to tho westward, and the Chicago & Pacific K. B.* enters tho city on the south. Milwaukee av. runs directly through it. Tho soil is a fine loam with clay subsoil, rich and productive. There it no nuisance whatever in the neighborhood, making it par ’ tienlarly attractive for choice residence homes. - ' .It is safe to predict that this neighborhood will develop rapidly this summer. Purchasers will double .their investments is two years, if not in less time. ■ These lots will prove one of the host investments ever pot on the Chicago market. Title to property perfect. Abstract of title furnished. Terms of sale—One-third cash, balance in one and two years at 8 per cent interest. > A deposit of SSO on each lot will be required at lime of sale, and balance of first payment within SO days. Flats of the property can be obtained at onr office. 0.0. THAYKB ft CO., Beal Estate Auctioneers and Brokers, INSIDE PROPERTY ! At Sis Per Cent. i To those who will improve at once we will sell single lota or In quantities to suit, conveniently located Property, ON TIME: NO CASH PAYMENT; SIX PEE CENT INTEREST. . Halsted-st. and OMcago-av. ■ NJOOLSON PAVEMENT and HORSE OARS from the OomtsHonsa to the Lots. Z3 p ~Splendld Chance for Manufacturers. S. H. KERFOOT & CO., SO X+A. BAT.LE-3T. - $2,800 - 3,200 - 8,500 - 7,500 FOB' SALE—Largo' suburban residence, ■ modern Im provements: house for gardener; coach-bouse; largo spring; 23acres land: block from depot; 83 miles from Chicago, at Hobart. Price, SIO,OOO. J. EARLE, Mon day and Friday. Room 3. Sterling -Silfon are. We have a very large assortment of- the" celebrated “GOKfTAIVr I STERLING- SH.VEH.WAEE, which we offer at extremely low prices. Spoons, Forks, &c., &0., , sold by the ounce. ’ Fancy Pieoec, in cases and trunks. Tea Sets, Cake Baskets, and Jelly Dishes. ■ - Knives, Forks, and Spoons, for children. _ Card Cases, Tobacco Boxes, Eap- ViTi Eings, and Fruit Knives. The largest-Stock of Silver Goods in the West. 0, MATSON & CO,, State and Monroe-sts. K,IE] IS/L O'V .A. Xj ! JOHN STEVENSON, DEAPBE Ss TAILOR, 450 Walmsli-av., will occuyy after Tharsclap -9. store In Anderson’s 143 East Madison-st., Between PaSall© and Clark, And will clear out Spring and Sonunor stock at 10 per cent below usual prices. .. : p. s.—A good medium-sized firo-proof safe (very best m nV«>) for sale. Apply to cither of above numbers. REMOVAL. THE FRANKLIN BANK LN ITS NEW OFFICE, Southwest comer Pearboru andMadiaon-sta, THE OFFICE OP THE . it 0. 1 1 ill GUta Line •WILL REMOVE TO THE • Cor. LaSalle & Washington-sts. (MERCHANTS’ BUILDING), MAY 26. J. WALSH, Agent. MME. P. BODRNIQDB, the French Embroider, and Stamping v*taW<«hnient, No. 601 South State-st. JOHNC.RICHBERG Has remored his law Office to southeast corner Clark andßandolph-sts., opposite Court House Square; . SCIILLO. COSSiffl & SEKH, IRON FOUNDRY, 87 TO 95 WEST POLK-ST., Furnish HEAVY and LIGHT BUI I DING and MAOHXNEBY CASTINGS on short no tice. OaH for estimates. Counter Brackets. Coal Hole Covers S Baker Furnaces tbr sole. Paper Patterns. the importing bonso oi SL T, Taylor 4 Son, New York. Their Trimmed P.Kcrn. this reison elegance anything ever before offered in Chicago. nuta. WYANT is thoonly authorized agent in this city to teach Taylor’s perfect system of garment-catting, a system ny which any lady can cut and make her own and herchu- dresses!, DRESS and CLOAK-MAKpO DONE, particular attentlonpaid to fitting and making of CULL* Z)RS2TS CLOTHES. P. HAWgINB, : Agent. REAL ESTATE Square, and LHlwaukee-av„ ISJ East jSTj'jaui? TFS^JJ. SILVERWARE. REMOVAXS. WILL OPEN FOB BUSINESS MONDAY, May 36, ZR/ZEMO^-AXI IRON FOUNDRY. PATTERNS. CHICAGO, SUNDAY, MAY 25, 1873-SIXTEEN PAGES: DRESS GOODS. IAIHEMMS, 224 & 226 West Madison-st. DRESS GOODS DEPARTMENT. Baying made extenaiva purahaEfis at tbs lata IM PORTERS' AUCTIONS, we are prepared to offer Qoodi in tWa Department at from-20 to 26 per pent below regular value. We will offer, on MONDAY, May 28,' . 600 Pot Bit Alpaoaa, from 26ft upward. ‘ 200 Poa, Bit Mohair lustre, from 60ft upward. ~ 100 Poft Moinlra, Sage and Mign., 40c., worth 60. 100 Fee. Mohairs, Sage and Mign., 600., worth 65, ’ 100 Poa, 4-4 Cashmere Mign., 36ft worth6o.' ' 600 Pea. 6-8 Cashmere Mign., 20ft, worth 30. , 50 Pea. Finest Wool FouJarde, 660., worth SL 100 Pea. Tap. Silks, 46ft, worth 60. 60 Pea.'Tap. Silk Brocade, very fine, 76ft, worthsl. SHAWL DEPARTMENT. W6 will offer in this Department on Monday} May 26» 300 Striped Wool Shawls, $3, worth $5. _ 200 Striped Ottoman Shawls, $4, worth 46. 200 Striped Ottoman Shawls. $6, worth $9. * 100 Striped Ottoman Shawls, extra fine Bilk Broche, $lO, worth sls. . 600 All-Wool Cashmere Shawls, $3.60, worth $6. 200 Cashmere Scarfs, $2, worth $5. * . lOO.lilama Laoo Shawls, $4, worth s7* , 100 Llama Lace Shawls, $6, worth slo* •' 100 Llama Lace Shawls, $7.50f worth sl2. 200 Llama Lace Jackets, from $6 to $25. 200 Llftma! Lace Piohns, from $4 to $25. RIBBON DEPARTMENT. ■We will ofar, on Monday - ; May 26, EXTEAOEDI KABY BAEGAINB, 100 Pea. Sash Bibbosa, Plaid; sl, worth $1,50. 100 Pcs, Sash BibbonSf Plaid; 75o«; worth SL2S«- 100 Pcs. Pfl-sb Rlbbona! Satin Stripe Moire, 85a., worth. $1,25. 100 Pcs. Sash Bibbons, Col r d Gros Grain, 750«, worth $1.25. " 100 Pcs. Sash Eihixma, Dol’d Eoild, 900., worth $1.26. 100 Pos. Barb Bibbons, Bib, Ores Grain, 660., worth sl. 600 Serge Boarft, 35a, worth 90. 25.000 Yds, Embroideries at half price, 2.000 french fens, from 160, to sl3. We offer full lines in every Department at large redac tions from former prices. MANNHEIMER BROS.* FINANCIAL. 6EBH&B &MEBKAH SAVINGS BANK OF CHICAGO, At the Office of the Germania Bank, Cner Wasiitoi-st and HIM CAPITAL, - ■ ■ SIOO,OOO. This Savings Bank is now fully organized and ready to receive deposits. Interest at the rate of 6 per cent per annum will be pald» or credited on accounts on the first days of - January and July of each year. Office hours from 9 o’clock a. m. to 3 o’clock p. m. daily, except on Sundays and holidays, - and on' Saturdays and Mondays from 6 to 8 o’clock p. m. FRANCIS LACKNBB, President, O. KNOBLESDORFF, Ist Vice-President, . GEO. VON HOLLEN, 2d WM. T. HALLER, Cashier, LOUIS SCUUTLINj Assistant Cashier. MISIMSt Bankers, First Monal Bant Braiding, sontlwest corner of State and Waslington-sts., GMcago, Sealers in Gold and Silver Bullion, Bar, Leaf, Sheet, and Granulated Form for me chanicol purposes. Deposits received in either. currency or coin, subject to check without notice. Six percent interest allowed on all dally balances. Checks upon ns pass through the Clearing- House, as ii drawn upon any city bank. Interest credited, and acoounts-oorrent rendered monthly. . ■ Coin and Currency Drafts on Hew York. Money Wanted I THE BEST SECURITY DT THE WOELD | Parties having means from S6OO upwards will these facta. Purchase money mortgages secured upc , real es tate inaldo of the old city limlta. When the purphaxera of the real estate have paid from KtoM down are altejJfltuAl orsally admitted to be the boat security in the world. With, these there ia no trouble, no expense jno other lien can oome before -them. The Interest la paid semi-annually, sure and Inevitable. What can be better aecnrity. Banka may break, stocks may depreciate, be lost, or destroyed; personal aecnrity ia uncertain, but nothing save the de struction of the universe can destroy the aecnrity of a la* dieiously selected purchase money mortgage,-which If lost or destroyed is easily replaced or proved from the records. ■ We have now several thousand dollars worth of purchase money mortgages of the beat class in svms of 8600 and upwards to dispose of, and Invito the careful.ln- porUMor 147 Kandolph-st., over Fidelity Bank. XJHUEES SM(||||bAM, 105 CUEK-ST.I Methodist Church Block, Six per cent interest allowed on deposits, payable semi annually, July 1 and Jan. 1 in each year. '• GEO. SOOVILLE, President. WM- Kzlbet Rezd, Cashier. ! NOTE.—Until further notice, any boy or girl ceding at the Bank will be presented with a pass book free, and one dime deposited to his or her credit, which snm can be. drawmmt at pleasure. - ' ' CHARLES H. BROWER. R. PARKER FIERCE. PIEECE & BEOWEE, BROKERS, 03 MA33ISOKT-ST. Irfjoal Stocks, Commercial Paper. Qovam ment and Western Securities. Illinois 10 per cent Registered Conpon Bonds. ; $10,000.00. We.bave above amount on band to loan on; inside city property, in sums of $5,000 each,' at current rates. J. O. McCOKD & CO., 109 Pearbom-at. • IDIO- w.tnn Attorney, ereryirtiore, mnd ooUect tbo cUtai. 'Wholesale Mercnante and others in any part of the ‘SuMmS D mlkcsStSe nnr.T/RCTXON AGENOT, 146 Madison-et. Eplalle te. Go. A few PollclM .ranted Mender (or cch. Room 8. No. 77 . West Madlaon-rt.. uPigtelrg : .^___ M^— — blank books. CDIVER, PA&E, HOffl & CO., Fine Stationery a ttti w. A ~Ki ri- BOOHS_ AX "WHOLESALE AND RETAIL.' • ilB & 130 Monroe-st., GMcago. Blank Books, AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL AT L. S CHICK S CO.’S, 102 East Madison-it. WATCHES AND JEWELRY. OFFER A SPLENDID STOCK OF At prices that defy competition, ' and guarantee to all po lite attention. RODDIK & HAMILTON, 99 State-st., COR. WASHINGTON, SHOW CASES. SAVE YOUR MONEY! 4. few of our FINEST Show Cases will be given FREE of all charges

to parties having first-class loca tions in Hotels, Railroad Depots, &o. "We are making this very liberal offer to introduce a new patent. Call this week and examine the Cases. Finest work in Chicago guar anteed. Liberal arrangements made for trading with those who have old Cases. N. W. SHOWCASE MEG. CO., 69 and 61 South Canal-st. XISIMOVAXi. M. MDERSON, THE Show Case Manufacturer, is now doing business in his new Warerooms, Wo. 82 STATB-ST. (be tween Washington and'Bandolph), where he will be glad to meet his old friends and patrons, who will find him, as-heretofore, prepared' to manufacture' SHOW OASES of every description at living prices. _ „ ‘To those in want of a SHOW OASE, no matter what style, we would say call hpon ■ANDERSON, at 82 State-gt. TO RENT. STORE TO RENT. No, 40 Randolph-st., 25x100, four stories and basement, fin ished in the best manner. Ap ply to THE WESTERN JjTBWS COMPANY, 42 and 44 Ean dolph-st. . ■ TO RENT. A famished house, comer Twen ty-sixth-st. and Prairie-av.,one of the nicest homes in this city. Aj>- ply on the premises, 1198 Prax rie-av. ■ . ■ Dock to Lease. GREAT EASTERN. Apply to E. BRAWABD* . * Room 38 Bryan Bloch. to ieijeskt. TIE HOTEL AT FRDTTPORT,: MICHKjM. . TheFrnltport Company will rant their large brick Hotel, elegantly furnished, alto the bath-house, on verv iavor abti terms, to an acceptable man- _ Apply to . A. J..SAWYER, 1M lASailo-Bt.. Chicago. TO RENT. Large first-class Heaidence, Ho. 43 Cenlxe sv. Must apply soon. Will not be rented for Boarding 'feouae. sale cheap. Apply to-Br. H. 8. BASHES, 328 West Jdadlson-st., Boom 2. , TO RENT. lArse andweU-llghtod rooms at the Arcade Building, 183 and 164 South Clark-st- with'powerjboat, and[eleva- tor. Apply to H. HARCT A ORNAMENTAL IRON WORK. Fountains, Vases, Statuary, Aquariums, Deers, Dogs, Lions, Refrigerators, Ice Boxes, A full line Stoves, Ranges, ana Housekeeping Goods. DALTON & GO., 82 & 84 Randolph-sf- near State. PLANTS,. Sco, ROSES, DAHLIAS, VERBINM Green House & Bedding Plants, An Immense stock of choice fine plants at rerylov rates. Those wlthlr-g tc plsnt jn thstr own grounds or those gho wish to purchas# to seu g* l0 * vOl pleaw send for j^^obtH, Proprietor of BnPege BUSINESS CARE-. FRESCO PAINTING. i SCHUBERT & KOENIG, ARTISTS IN FRESCO, 217 EAST WASHIKGTON-ST. Orders for fine Fresco Pslntlng soUeitcd. fHii refer to the now Stißrman and Pacffio do CARPETS, &c. SMPITS PURIITURE! E.F. HOLLISTER. & GO., ; 121 & 123 State-st., i OHIOAGO, ' I Having bought of the largest import-- 1 ing firms of the sea-bosrd ansi tha leading manufaotorors of .the. coun try, a large line of their StUKPLUS Spring Stock, are prepared’ tb offar' to the public the. LARGEST and MOST DESIRABLE line of BODY BRUSSELS CARPETS, both in. STYLE and QUALITY, ever-, shown in this city, at prices FAR BELOW THKilt VALUE, and which must command tho attention of every one. Their stock of • ■ ■ i VELVETS, . WILTONS, MOGIUETTES, | AXMINSTERSj TAPESTRY, BRUSSELS, 7 INGRAIN, Etc., Etc., is of recent selection], choice and desirable, and will be> offered at VERT LOW FRIGES. Having recently opened a FDRI - DEPARTMENT in the ad joining building, wo will display the best stock of Jb‘ URNIT U ±(E in that West. Parties desiring to fnriiish. their houses will find it greatly to their advantage to call onus for CAEPETS 08 EIMITIE. Mr. B. S. DOWNER, long con nected with the trade in this city, will be in charge of this Department, and will be pleased to see all his friends. E. P. HOLLISTER & CO, CHEAP CIBPETSI itLEii i JIACKET Have during the past week received 200 pieces more of those Body Brus sels Carpeting, in choice patterns, which they are selling at $1,65. ani $2 a yarcL Decidedly'the cheapest goods ever shown in this city. Come now and secure a bargain. ALLEN & MA.OEET, 180 State-st., ALSO Monroe-st., opposite Palmer House. PAPER HANGINGS. Retaflel at Wholesale Prices. j. j. McGrath, 174 AM 17fi STATE-ST. GENERAL NOTICES. notice. Washington Heights—Female Sem inary—lmportant Meeting. Br virtue of the authority la me vested. In the article* of the subscription to a Female Seminary to Urn Town of Calumet, Cook County, 211., I hereby oalla mMtln« of the subscriber* to such article*, to be fa eW ra Monjy, Juno 3, UTJ3, at 3 o’clock, at thenffice of.Chamber* * Boiu*7No, 4 Honors Block, Chicago, for the purpose of considering the general interest©? iho and goch steps as may be advisable to secure, at the possible period, the commencement pletlon ofsald Seminary, according to the terms of said subscription. The punctual attendance of every *nb- Bcribar u eMnoaUy -yy. OABRIHGTOS, JB. NOTICE. To Architects, Builders, and Con tractors. -We we prepared to famish Fire-Proof 9, 4. 6, end inch Plaster Caetlngs at reasonable rates. We win not ereet work any more ourselves, bat only deliver material at buildings. For farther information apply at our office, Ko. tlSStatMt. v B. PLASTER OASTDfO CO. THE CHICAGO mi FEATHER RENOVA TING AND CARPET CLEARING CO., In roar of Ho. 1347 Prairie-av., wDI attend promptly to all orders by mail or otherwise. SATISFACTION GUAEAHTEED. J. M. PTrrr.T.IPS, Agent. Notice to lie Lot owners of Gracelanl Cemetery- Those plant, that were taken no by Mrs.OUcn. laat laU, cai bo had hr celling at mj place, ono-halt block vest tem Greenland Gate. . LEWIS A. LEE. Gardens Laid Out, And kept la order. Jobbing promptly attended to. W. D. ALLEN, Florist* UI State-st. WANTED. Waated-To Lease For a term of years, on Sooth Side, by the 15th of Octo bernext, t . * r/-.. . .> fji'p rrm AH2) POUBTH I*OFT3, Suitable for Bindery and Printing Office, containing about 4,000 sqnare feet each. Good light, staam power, •nd elevator required. fmMS, Fob. Co. OTTAWAY. BROWN A COLBERT. wxt* ,!_ i . MUSICAL. STEINWiYS' SIjME IMK, Wo desire to call the attention of those who still prefer a piano of tho cqnaro form to STKCTWAY’S SQUARE GRANDS, with the new patented, ‘‘Duplex Seale.*? Thtn improvement adds immensely both to the power and even ness of tone, and makes'the STEINWAY SQUARE GRAND incomparably superior to any other Square Piano STEIIWIYS’ SQUARES Surpass the Squire Pianos of ill other manufacturers in ' all the essentials of s superior instrument. ' STEirwiYsr mriEUseum Is another evidence of the “ Patent Duplex Scale.” It has all the power, volume, and effectiveness of the former full grand, while it la but 6 feet 8 Inches long, precisely the length of the Square Piano, and has tbe further advantage of the natural and graceful fora that no Square Piano can claim, while the price la within S6O of Stelnwsys’ highest priced Square Piano. mmiw Superb Uprights At* the most desirable Parlor Pianos now mads. Their volume of tone is otf the most exquisite mniioal charac ter-pure, sympathetic, and perfectly pliable; while their capacity for long standing In tone is most remarkable, ex celling even the **Grand” and “Squares," which hither to bare stood without a rival in this respect. They are the only “Uprights” that'have stood the test of time and tbe severest of trials, can therefore be conscientiously recommended. SMITH MIXON, General Uorthwestem Agents, 163 STATE-ST. FURNITITRE. SAMPSON, GILBERT & GO. FURNITURE HOUSE. Extensive Stock of Rich and Me- dium FIKIITIKII Of new an*t! elegant designs and liOW PRICES. We particularly invite an examination of our goods, and hope no one will huy until they have examined our stock. - SAMPSON, GILBERT & GO., 267 AND 269 WABASH-A7. THE piioi mini Is coming, and all your country cousins are about to honor you with a visit, so it becomes you to set your house in order. To do so properly, all you have to do is to call on HALE&BRO., 10,12,14 & 16 Canal-st, And select your Furniture. We have the : LARGEST STOCK and the LOWEST PEICES in the West. Calland see for yourselves. HMiE & BRO., FURNITURE! MOETOII b 00., Office Desks, 164 West Tiafco-st. FOR SALE. 100,000 POSTAL CARDS Received and fbr sale at the CHICAGO SAM6S INSTITUTION, IT. W. dor. Dearborn and Madison-ate. SPECTACLES, AT J. G. LAWGGUTH’S, Optician* 83 State*!., between Washington and Randolph* FISH POLES. Tire thmuaad fulllenath easa polea, 55.50 per 100; «7; 33S Wabaah*ar. , IS TOXS PREPARED CORN HUSKS Tor ult. Addreaa V. H. HOLiBIBD A CO.* No. 9 West Madisaa-et. THE IOWA TORNADO. The Terrible Cyclone in Washington and Keo kuk Counties. Full Details of the Hur ricane of Last Thurs day Afternoon. Miles of Devastation and Ruin —-Great Loss of Property. Houses, Barns, Fences, Orchards, and Forests Razed to the Ground. School - Houses, Teachers, and Scholars Whirled in the Storm. Twelve Persons Killed and iwcuty.f nill More or Less ’Wonndea. value of the A Hock of 1,500 Sheep Carried Off and Mashed to Atoms. Tbe Tillage of Lancaster, Keokuk County Badly Wrecked. The Hurricane on the Mississippi- Two Steamboats Seriously Damaged. Thrilling Description of the Storm Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune* Washutqtok, lows, May %L —Trie extent of the terrific tornado which swept ovcrKeokuk and Washington Conn ties last Thursday after noon was hat meagrely detailed in the dispatenea sent from here on that evening. The damage done seemed too great to be realized, and al though the statements made were alarming, they convey no idea of tho injury done to prop erty, and of the number of persons killed and wounded. •In the absence of 'telegraphic com munication with the interior, nothing definite could be learned, and hence the dispatches were Tnade up * from rumors, with a few sensational -adjectives sandwiched in to make the cyclone truly horrible. Had the writer of the dispatch had the most vivid imagination, he could nob have pictured the devastation and rain wrought within two hours. Such a wind-storm was never before experienced in these counties. The old est inhabitant remembers a hurricane twenty five years ago, that swept everything before it, but as Washington was then an insignificant vil lage, the damage was not material. Five years later there was a hail-storm, which did consid erable injury to the crops, "but the tornado of last Thursday is the severest ever known in Washington County. No damage whatever was done in Washington, the point nearest where the storm laid its de stroring hand being abont 6 miles distant. The roar which accompanied this manifestation of the anger of nature was distinctly heard here, and it is said by farmers, who live 10 miles away, that they heard a peculiar, rambling noise, and could not avoid connecting it with the storm. To some the noise sounded like a heavy freight train at night, when everything was reposing; to others, like musketry, with an occasional dis charge of artillery. Scarcely any light ning flashes were visible, and only an occasional loud peal of thunder was heard. The rain fell in torrents, not in drops, but in sheets, there appearing to be a lake of water in the atmosphere. The whole country was flooded to the depth of several inches, and it is feared the com already planted has been washed out. The little creeks and rivulets, which supply Skunk Biver, were swollen and overflowed their banks, carrying away trees, and causing the banks to cave in.' JS tttpi U2CE OF TTTV. STOBar. Everything, except here and there a mile or two over which the whirlwind seems to have jumped, is desolate-looking. Scarcely a house, ham, shed, or granary is left.. All were swept away as clean as the fire wiped out the North Bide of Chicago. The exact starting point of the storm is not known, hut it is believed to have been in Keokuk County, probably a few miles west of .Lancaster, which town, it Is said, was totally demolished. It advanced in another easterly direction, passing north ol Tallyrand about three miles, and south of Keata, through the Goman settlement called Baden, approaching the line of Washington Count 5 where it jumped a district of about eight mile.?, alighting again about six zones northwest oi Washington on the farm of Frank Brown. Bemaining on the ground for six or eight miles, it passed up to Highland Township. Leaving the earth here, it struck again in Middle Town ship, where its force was spent, and it disap peared as suddenly as it appeared. Those who saw the commencement saythej first noticed an immense •which to some resembled a bnge hay-stack in shape, and to others a balloon, with the small end toward the ground. They eonid not see beyond its borders, but, aa it went by, they aaw mud and boards flying in all directions. Houses were tom from their foundations, aa it thep were chaff, broken and twisted into a mill ion fragments, some of which were forced into the ground two or throe feet. Cattle were lifted up carried some distance, and hurled head-long to 'the earth. One heifer, three years old, was thrown into a ditch, head first, and when found her head and neck were buried in the mud. Thin is an actual fact, as I saw it myself, the owner having left the animal where she was thrown in order to satisfy the incredulous. Sev eral steers bad pieces of timber forced into their aides, and quite a number were thrown down so violently that their limbs and horns were broken. It is impossible to give an adequate descrip tion of the of the cyclone. It moved forward so ranidlv, and those who saw it approaching were aobadiv frightened, that they thought only of their owii safety. What' met their view they conld not avoid looking at,, although fear seems to have confused their minds and rendered them unable to give a satisfactory account of it. As far as I have been able to leant, no man who possesses even a superficial knowledge of storms observed it. Those who were in its midst and escaped with broken limbs and braised bodies NUMBER 279. King’s Hide, THE TESfPEST BOAB. buck mass, PEOOBES3

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