Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 25, 1873, Page 13

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 25, 1873 Page 13
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CITS’ REAL ESTATE. -'•SSrtSiwdriro^ i-Sb sale-bt j. h. keeleb. m clakk-st., 2-»torr and haEemmt. •jjjjJJfJoatlKros* &nd bam; «ii modern improvement*j •n'iSrfidiJ.t-. EMrThlrtj-firet, Bne b«Mmant oottara. ..?jSfLM4 lot 25x110, 53,7f0. - u^SSWIi-f t.. cr-^.T v.nntr-ninth-at, two-rtoijhmu^ M ira3£jt“. neiTTUitJ-mnli. brick cottage, 7 room,, ■yCS* go.luO. " nearThirty-iccond-»t, brickhouse, SIO,OOO. And lot— $8,6C0. p S3,ington«at.. near Home, fine house, and lot, 11 • • AfMn-sc., near van Boren, fine basement cottage, 12 'ikitTiti and Jot, $6,000. . C ?«rU>at., near Tyler. good house and lot, $6,500. • • 'Orehsid-et-t near Sophia, new two-story house, 9 rooms, Wostera-av., 25x125. ’'/ } jtcison-at., corner Lincoln, 50x125. ' • • - Washington -et., near Psulins, 44x133. • adamaat,, east ci Cali/omis-av., 54x125, S4O per foot. • . '• Loti near iVellih-st. .and California-as., gEoo to S6OO '*TjSer-st., near Campboll-av.; lot* $lO to S6O per foot. , -Adamwt.* near VtroodiSQxlSO. i - Jfichlgsa-av., nearFtfty-eixth-St., 60x163. u jfsbub-tr., north of Thirtieth-st., lota from $l5O to BCOnerfoot. /ftslriahar., northof Thlrty-fifth-et., lots.s9o, $95, and • near Thirty-fifth-st., lots at sloo,per foot. • Burnslde-st,; south of Twenty-alnth-st., oast front. 25x fTfl— - ; Wentworth-av. south of Twcnty-ninth-st., cast front, .£xlSs or 50x1-5. i near Forty-Srst-at., 23x110. . Jfcntsine-st., near Stewart-av.. lota, S6OO each. ’ Arnold-st., near Fifty-ninth, lots, SSOO each. - .A seres on Bony Point Road, aoarcity limits; •* Sacre< on Chlcago-sv., near Grander. JO acres east of Hawthorne. ; 40 acres on Stony Islaud_av. r aOaereenearScuthChft&ffo. '■ n seres at Washington Hei-hts. ‘ 4fl acres near .Calumet Riser and Wol! Lake. i JTIOR SALE-BY WM. H. SAMPSON & OO.i BBAIL 4? Estate Agency, 144 LaSal!e-at., Otis Block.* » - - - SOUTH DIVISION. . T . t Thirty-oighlh • 193 foot front to fell depth, on comer Thirty geventh-et, and Pralrie-aT. ... . Two lots, 23x150 each, on SutliT-av., between Wont- ‘ andEuddan-st., sl,Xoeach; easy terms. • -■ *• Two lots on Atlantic-st., near Forty-seventh-st., ssoo* - Beautiful residence lot, 80x125 feet, on Brexol Boulo- JTWOt U ear Brook-rt;, for sale at a bargain* List, 94x176, on Thirtioth-it., between Stato-st. and .Wahash-av. r Lot, 120x70, on northeast comer of Ootfage Grove and Xlokwood-avs. • "■LoV 100x175, northwest comer of and Forty- lot 50x120, between Vcnßuren and Harrl •on-su. ~.LoVBOxI2O, -on Dougles-place, hand of EUls-av., ,wlll «jchange for improved property on the South Division. ! Erairte-nv.; aearTrroaty*ixth-st., lot, 25x153 foot. a large list of choice aero property in the South and West Divisions. - • W. H. SAMPSON A CO., ... 144 LaSalle-st., Otis Block. rOB SALE-ONLY 8300 DOWN-CEOICE LOT26fcr 127. outside limits, Fulton-st., botwoon Loavftti jxndOailtfj, $1,900. K. G. GOODWILLIE, 131 South tt?OE SALE-BY F. C. MOREY, 77 CLARK-ST.j . S? SPECIAL BARGAINS. . EO last cn ITadivan-et., one blcckezefrof .Central Park. ■’’'One acre on Loke-st., near O. A N. W; B. B. shops, $3,500. ■"66fcvt, comor lot, Adams-st., near Wsstem-av., 875 per foot. : H .IC feet comer Stanton-av. and Thlrty-styrenth-st. . j 34x125, Ratrison-st.. neir Oakley, $1,400. -* corner Adams and Irying-place.. ‘gJIOU SALE-OHEAP LOTS! CHEAP LOTS!—ON 3? monthly and just outside tho fire limits, * iitoated on West Van Burea, and Jackson-ata,, just west Ef Califomia-aV., accessible br Mad icon and van Bnren- U cars. Pries* from §7OO to §I,OOO per lot, In weekly, . monthly, or yearly payments, to salt. For further par ticalars inquire or STEVENS A WOOD, Room 1, 18 -Booth Clars-st. IDE SALE—BUSINESS LOT.ONLY §9O PER FOOT, «va Dirfxfcu-st., 40 feot west of Larrsbea. R, G. >OP WILLIE, 134 South Clark-gt. STtOR SAI^E—HOUSE AND LOT 93 SOUTH DKS -JftfJnlaines at. Lot 82x80 comer Canal and iToaroe-ste. ' 65xS0 on Caual*t., near Adams. . -60x125 on Fulton-at., near Weed. - Brick houass on Park-av., near "Lincoln. 900 lota near Central Park. 6 acres corner Taylor and Oalifornia-av. ... ... D. OQLE A SON, Real Estate Agents. \ jnOS SALE-LOT 125x73 FEET CORKER VANBU ft: ns and Wuod-sts. v Lot 135x135 feot corner Wood and Jacksan-sts. _Lot 150x160 feet comer Wood and finbbard-sts. House and Jot, 380 West VanSorgn-st.. cheap.* House add lot, SSoWashlngtcn-st., 71x200 feet. Lot 76x125 feet comer Lincoln and Hubbard-sts. GOO lots around Central Park. ■Lot7sxlso on Throop-eU, fronting park. Lot 36x188 A dams* t., soarLatiin. Choice property all over the West Division. - D. COLS A SON, Real Estate Agents. ' - ISS West MacSaon-et. fOR SALE—OHIOAGO-AV., CORNER FORTY •ighth-vt. (orHymac-av.), 10 acres. Chlcago-av.. east of Hyman-ar., 10 acres. Rldgeland. 60 acres, comprising the unsold blocks In ‘ toe northwest V of Sec. 8, lying Latween Lake-tt. and ' *Ohicago-«v., Oak Park and Austin; the streets are all T graded: lots staked, and free from encumbrance; a bar ' (sin will be given, and lance profit can be made in retail - fag. - J. D. HARVEY, 174 LaSallfr-st. ‘ S? erty, ‘ , Piae-«t., corner of Huron-st-, 60 feet front. Pino-rt., corner of Snperior-st., 60 or 100 feot front. Ohio-et., 40 feet, south front, nsar Dearbom-st. Indiana-it., botween Caaa and Rnah-eta., 60 feet south . :J fe. De «bon l . St., corner Elm-st.. 50 feet, east front. . .. U.D. HARVEY, 174LaSalle-st. EOB BALE—IMPROVED—STATE-ST., BETWEEN . Twenty-eighth and Twenty-ninth-sta., two-story mo store, east front, $6,500. ‘ ‘ Frairie-av., No. 11£9, 2-siory frame house, 9rooms; will )be sold cheap. • For sale ooctagea and bouses on Atlantic and Haitio gts., near Rock island Oar Shops ; will be sold cheap and tan easy terms. . . . , . - -Ulenigaa-av.. S-story frame house, brick basement, «ast front; lot 60x180 feet; $15,000. * , fUED. I. FAKE i CO., _ „ 88 WRfihlngton-St. apOE SALE-109 WARREN-AV., 2-STORY AND - SJ‘' basement house, 11 rooms, and au modern Improro * manta; barn for 6 horses; price, $7,000. A. F, NOBLE, *' &ywwp Tribune Building. ' FORRALE— OBTRADE—NEW BRICK HOUSE, 631 West Adams-et., 14 rooms, octagon and south front, ' all modem improvements; very desirable boose and loca • *UmV A* F. NOBLE, g Tri h^n « Rnildtny. *C7IOE . 43 ALB—NORTH CLARK-ST.-SOxlM FEET, I? west front, on North Clark-st. ■ Price, 34,000. P, J. WBIDiNGER & CO., Real Estate Agents, Room 51, Metropolitan Block, northwest corner Randolph and La Balle-sta. • 1?OE SALE—BY SUMMERVILLE & COUSINS-SOO .* JP lots In South Lyna. from SlSOto $350, monthly pay ‘ -ments:S4lotsat DesPlaincs, from 3 100 to $l5O, monthly * payments! 90 lots l« miles from city limits, from S2OO to ~ i#3oo: easy term, 190 lota Inside city limits, from S6OO to • .$l,00b; easy terms. Three cottage* on Adams and Jack-- • aon-ats., on eaayterms. Sir brick houses on Adams-st.,. ifrtans6>SoJ toslo,ooo. TTB'State-st,', Room 13. FOE BALE—TO BUILDERS—I 23 FEET ON ‘WEST Ko cash under 10 rears to party; who trill tnild. First-class locality# MARSHALL 4 DICEJN* BON, Otis Block. Boom 10. POE BALE-ONE LOT ON H A MILTON-AV., BE tween Adams and Jackson, at £1.400. if sold at once. jUgo. 60 foot on Hoyne-et., at head of Van Bnren, for. tit per foot- MARSHALL 4 DICKINSON. Otis Block. . Room 10. ; J?OR SALE-BARGAINS IN CORNER LOTS: : ' Corner LaSalle and Division-xis. ; per foot, 3225. - • • Corner Tjiy* Shore-drive, near Dlvlslon-st.; choice. tCoraor Vanßoren-et. and Winchester-av.; sllO. - - 'Corner Thirty-first and Rockwcll-ets.; S6OO. .Comer Oakley and VanHom-sts.: 8850. • vComar Kobey and VanHorn-sts.; $700.' ■ -’Comer Burhnall and Buddan-ste.; BL4OO. L Comer-Wallace and Tbirty-foarth-sta.; $730. • Comer Daahleli and Thirty-foorth-sta.; 8760. • Comers In fino suburban resident lands; $l5O to SBOO. •' EDMUND G. STILES. 99 Madlson-st., comer Dear born. ' ■ STIOE SALE-CHEAP CITY LOTS: M} Chleago-av., near Hoyne-st.; SI,COO. Superior-st., naar Hoynn; monthly, $750. Near North-av,, east of Humboldt Park; 8400. . .Oak-ct., near LaSalle; per foot, SIOO. 'Jackaoc-st. Califomla-av.; $900., -: Clayton and van Hom-sts.; lota, s£so to $750. Lincoin-av., near Hnrlbut'St.; 880 per foot. ;lincoin Park-drive, north of Divislon-st.; sllO. '•Thirty-first and Rockwoll-sts. ;*s4oo to 8500. - ’McCormick'sfactory vicinity; S4OO to $650. - EDMUND G. STILES, 99 Afadfson-st., comer Dear born. . _• ETOE SALE-CHEAP LOTS; ONLY A FEW LEFT— p? Amold-aL, near Forty-fourth, $500; Forty-fourth-fit.,, near W«ntworth-av., S6KJ. Hurry up If you expoet them. STO. GOODWHiJE, 134 South Clark-st. __ BTOR. BALE-BY O. YAGER, 157 EAST MADISON y st.: Lot on Hanison-st., near Wabash-av. 'Lot on Balfitod-et,, between Tnirty-fiith and Thirty-dxth. Lot fWiThlrty-dith-fit., near Cottage Grove-ay. Also lots on fßonthly payments. . ' ; - Eob sale-houses and lots and vacant Xots'oU Madison, Monroe, Adams. Jackson, and Van ren-sts.» battrccn Abhland-av.-and Hobcy-st.: some of Vie cheapest corners in the market. G. S. THOMAS, 163 aaSalte-st., Boom 10, first floor. ~ EOB SALE—4S FEET, NORTH FRONT, ON MON* roe-rt., between Franklin-rt, and Flfth-av.; will trade untsido acre property. Large brick houao on Honor©- B. near Ogden-av.: unimproved lots taken in exchange. . S. THOMAS, IC2 LaStlio-Bt., Room 10, first floor. •OR SAXE-NORTH SIDE BARGAINS FOR CASH. Neat cottage, lliinoit-at., neat Pine. can be removed, SO. Cottage and lot., Woston-st,, near Linooln-ay., ■.SaO. R. G. GOODWHLIE, 154 South Clark-st, i *- j?0B SAXE-BY G. S. THOMAS. 162 LA SALLE-ST. j JP Houses and lots which I will sell and tako lots or out. •- AWeacre property as pan pay. . bouas and lot, Jackson-at., near Lincoln. Pouse and Jot on Diri«ion-at.; rents tor SSQ per month, —Jgtmse and lot on Ewing-at,, no&r Dosplalnes. Cl Boasa and lot on Fuitoa-st., near Ada, and basement brick bouso on Honoro-st*, ,~gcax Ogden.Ry. ~ - basement brick house on Monroo-st. l near Honors,. . fGood homos for any ona who wishes. • S?OR SALE—MICIGAN-AV., A CORNER, NORTH Ffftfcth-su, very low If taken at once.’ ..wntario-st., 60 feet; no cash payment; long time. .Dearborn-at., north of Harrison, 60 feet; £SOO. . L. L. WILSON, Room 4,153 LaSalle-si. ’OR SALE—WHO WILL TAKE IT, BEST BAR gain yet - offered, 13 lota on Humboldt Boulevard; ist bo sold at once. O. S. LACEY AGO., 119 Dear n»-«t. 7- . " - : : ; [?OR SALE—WE HAVE SOME CHOICE BARGAINS L la North Side residence property on LaSalle. Dgar fiß*, and Raah-ets. Give us a call. B. F. CLARKE A K)., 122 LaSalle-at. •OH SALE—BAEG AIN, S3OO DOWN-BRICK COT* B ’ G ’ ITOH BALn-BY KERB, DAVISON A WELCH. A* Estate Dealers and Brokers, 142 LaSalle-st,: . between Aberdeen- and Sholto. -fkoUonlndiaac; MJchhraa, and Pralrie-avs., between ana ThiiUGih-sts. , v » 127x168, Canal-st., batween Washington and Randolph, A Urge number of aero, tracts near city limits. ; f oft SALK-J5 FEST ON CALUMBT-AV., KKAB , -XmaUeth-aw ■ Prairie-hr., notrThirty-fourth-et.; SlOOper • 011 Deartonrst., ceroer Chestnut. “ S««toallaple-st., comer>orthStat». ,■♦*o acres la See. ZU S7. 13, cheap. * ;®acto*laSoc. SI, 2S, 15, easy terms. 5 - t E. K. BEMEKT. 153LaSalte-st,. 'OSSALE-SBr.OCO-e-ACRE BLOCK ON SOUTH «rfc*nd WelliagtoMT*., Just Smilc-e north ofConrt *Q*e, SiO per aero: 60 aenrs 1 mila cast of depot at Tborn- Bj .HJchanddzjlaad. T. B. BOYD, 180 West Wash ***** CITY REAL ESTATE, HxUled-st., nearDlrcrar-ST., Lincoln Park, undent,. *a *°® 100x130, on easy tonus, and at ’ n “ r Wver,i-,T~. honST {T rooms; very easy torms. . * * ° Chicago-av., near Dearbom-fit,, SO feet, south front, near Lincoln, Slots, south front. * ; Grchard-st., near Sophia, 2 lots, oast front. Clybaum-av., nearLarrabee-st., 1 loV , Larrabeo-st., near ldnooln-av.; 1 lot. 1 near Willow, 1 lot, SI,BOO. t Mohawk-st,, near Centro, Hot, Halstod-st., nearßelden~ar., 9 lota, $1,200 each. • ,s ar Jl a ®- near Sophia, lots 35x124, 81.000 each. • ■ ItelS*’ 81 ** noar J??'den.av., lola 84x125, $1,200 each/ ‘ DrereLav., near Flfty-fifth-st.. 2 loU, s6spSfootT D!ve«y-av.. nearHalsted-sfc., • - Uacoln*v.. corner Lilh 3 lota. : Wrlghlwood-av., near Lincoln, Slots. BL9OO. Domung-st., near Liacoln-av,, 2 lota. * Owon -st., near Divcrsy. 2 lota.* Lincoln. 66 foot, bhe&eld-av., nearDirersy, Slots, mlstod-st., noarWrigbtwood ar., lOJot*. - near Wrigbtwood, 10 lots. SBOO. 1 Wolfram-et,, near Halstod, south front, $35 per foot. : * .. B&ywm-st., near Centre, oast front, S9OO per lot. irromont-st,, near Centre, oast front, 8900 perlot. ' 'IjIOB SALE—BY J. T. MATTHEWS A CO.. X ner Madison and LaSalle-Bts., in Citizens* Hank. 6 acres fronting Ogdon-av., at liwnd&lo. 6 acres on Sixteenth-fit., noar Douglas Park. 8x acres on Sixteenth*t., near Douglas Park. . 80 acres in See. 18, 39, 18, fronting Madison-st. 80 acres in Sec. 17, 89, 18, fronting Twolfth-sL . SOO choice residence lots at Lawnd&lo. S acres in Sec. 16, 89, 13, near Madison*!. 62 ft, east front, on South Fark-av., near Thirty-third st. t at a bargain. : 50x123 ft on Townsond-st.. near Elm, cheap. 90tlB0 ft, south front, on Madison-st., west of Central Park. • Lots on the West Side just outside fire limits, desirable, ' cheap, and on easy terms. • A large list of houses and lots in all parts of tho city. FOB SALE-BY GOODBIBGE & STOKES, REAL Estate Agents, comer Washington ’ and Dos* plalnesirta.; • • 25-foot lot, Brockonrldgo-st,, between Indiana and Fourth-ava. 29fcctonIndiana-st., with 2-story building. $5,000. 55 foot on Indiona-st.. with two buildings, SAOUU. r - 60 feet on Soath Peoria-sU, $5,000.’ Brick bouso and lot, South Peoria-st., $9,C00. 25 foot on Clyboum-av., near Larrabce-et. Cottage, bam; and lot. North Carpcntor-st,; $3,000. * Northwest corner Hubbard and Carpoator-sta.. 77x116* feet, SIOO net foot. £o.foot at Riverside opposite hotel, S6OO. 50 feet, Indiona-av.. math of Flfty-thiid*St. Honso on Coolidge-st.; a bargain. FOR SALE—MICHIGAN-AV., U-13, EAST FRONT, between Thirtieth and Thirty-firs t-Bta., two-story and bosom oat, Mansard roof; terms to salt. SNYDER (A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast comer Monroe anil L ah olio-sts. J?OR SALE-BUSINESS PBOPERTY-IMPROV] X and unimproved: • Bandolpb-st., neat Grocn, 75x100. Water-it., near Clark, 88x70. Washington st., near LaSalle, 20x100. Washington's!., near Fifthly., 40x180. . Fifth-av., noar Jackson-st,, 87x152. Wabash-av., near Uarrison-st., 40x170. Sbermau-st., noar Harrisoo, 25x100. Cottage Grovo-av., near Thirty-nlnth-at., Clark-su, corner Chestnut, 64xLV). X&ko-st., noar Western-ar., 60x150. Voaßuren-st.. comor Ceutro-av., 120x103. Canfield j matteson. eo LasaUe.»t. OU SALE—HOUSE AND LOT ON LEAVITT-StT-I largo U-story and bassment brick bouse, Kimball \ modem improvements, at $6,000; cheapest house la tho \ market; can bo had on time. .... UNIMPROVED LOTS. 125x125, Jackaon-st., corner of Wood; sllO. ~ 60x125, Adajntvat., corner of ‘Winchester; $l4O. ' CdxJ2s, Van Buran-sfc., corner of Roboy; sllO, ‘ 8Gx125, Van Buren-st., near Robey: sbs. fcOilSo, Monroe-st., near Wood: $l2O. • - ’ 25x125,* Jacksoa»st., near Lincoln. §33. 25x125, corner oi Hoyne and Ashley; SI,OOO. , Ssxl2u, Wo»hingtor»-»v.,cornerof Robey; §1,600. G. S. THOMAS, 162 LaSallo-st., Room 10, first floor. \ ! TjlOß SALE—ONLY 6 LEFT OF THOSE vP Oakley-st. lots: oast front; SoilSS?*; south from Mad-v •ison-at., jostoutsloo tho tiro limiu;xaro bargains and 1 freasy terms. EDWIN A. RICE A CO., 147 Randolph-Bt. \ F)R SALE-BOTTOM PRIOES-SL4I»-NEAT COT* tago and lot, 733 Fourth-su, nest Oakley; S3OO down. ?B. G. GOOD WILLIE, IsTSonth Clark-at. IjiOß SALE-LOTS SLAUGHTERED FOB CASH— i Lots on Hamilton-av., near Adams-*!., only $1,350; yon certainly will lose them; dccldo Monday, R. G. For sale-by t. b. boyd, iso west wash ington-st.; JL $9,000—13-room 2-stoiy dwelling, storo-room 18x50: good> bam, hold lo hones; rents for $125 per month, with SOx 110 feet of ground, east front on Halited-et. osar Twelfth.* 1 §9,000—83,000 down. 60x125 feet, 10-room dwelling, goodr barn: south front on Washington*!., between Boyne and* Leavitt. . i down, 13-room new 3-story dwelling Mot 25 xI2S to alloy: south fronton Van Buren-st., castor Hoyne. LOTS FOR SALE ON EASY TERMS. SIOO per foot, 25x125 feet to alley; south front on Van Buren-st., bocween.Honore and Lincoln; ssoodown, bal ance 1, 2, 3. and 4 yuan. $1,200—25x125; south front on Erle-st., between T.inenin and Wood. - SIOO per f00t—33x133 feet: oast front on Stanton-av. between Thirty-eighth and Thirty-nlnth-sts. FOB SALE-OFFERED FOR A FEW DAYS AT much below tho market value: 7S ft northwest corner Pralrie-av. and TMrty-fourth-st, 48 ft South Park-av,, youth and near Twonty-nlnth-Bt. \ 6oft Calumet-av., south and near Twonty-tnird-st. 100 ft Indiana-av., south and near Twenty-nlnth-st. Q. A. LELAND, 168 Dcarbom-st. *|POR SALE—BELOW BOTTOM PRICES-HUB JD banl-sL, near Hoyne, new house, lot. §1,900; easy terms. R. G, GOODWLLLLE, 134 South Clark*!. TTIOB SALE-A HALF-ACRE TRACT ON JACK- J; son-st., cast of Westem-av., at a bargain. Apply at 181 Madison-rt., corner of Clark. CAMPBELL BROS. For sale-17 lots on van buren-st., fronting Congress Park; will bo sold at a bargain. FOR SALE-NEAR SOUTHWESTERN-AV., LOTS on DeKalb-at., $950; lots on Eoboy*t., north of Polk, SI,BOO. R. G. GOODTvILLLB, 134 South Clark*!. TjtOß SALE-ONE LOT ON IDAHO-ST., NEAR Polk, 33x123 feet; SI,OOO cash will bay It, If taken at once. Apply at 131 Madison-st., comer Clark. CAMP BELL BROS. • ‘ IBOR SALE—CHOICE BUSINESS LOT, 35x118, JC Lake-et., east of Westcru-av., only $125 per foot. B. Q. GOOD WILLIE, 134 South Clark-st. __ TJtOB SALE-CHOICE RESIDENCE LOTS BY G. A, J? LELAND, ISB Dearbom-st.: Michlgan-av., northwest cor. Twenty-sixth-at., 99x173. Calnmet-av., 50 ft, south and near Tw enty-thii d-at-, oast front. Wabash-av.. 50x180 near Twcnty-elghth»Bt. Bcnth Park Boulevard, 100x206, northeast comer Thirty- BOTonth-at. _Hjdo Pafk, several choice lots on Tompkins-placo, east front. . ’ • . F)R SALE—ON MONTHLY PADMENTS, HAND some, roomy and substantial cottage, 449Socond-et., betweenLiadelaandßobey-sts. Horitnylocation;choice -neighborhood; pleasant home. S. T. KING, 70 LaSalle st., lto2p. m. . ' FORSALB-BTA. A. DEWEY/ 155LASALLE-ST. Oalnmot-ar., choice lotcorocroi Thirty-Beoona-Et, Prairie-ar., BO ieot north of Twenty-ninth-st. ' Mlchigan-av.i that. dcsir&blo lot comer of Twenty ninth-st. . Loomis-st, 50 feet fronting Jefferson Park "West Jackaoa-st., 100 foot oast of A»hland-ftT. : Lotion "West Van Boren, Tyler, Harrison# and Polk sta., between Loomls-at. and Aahland-av. 1 One taonso find lot on Thirty-secoad-st., cheap, easy term*. Several choice pieces of acre property well located. FOR SALE-BARGAINS—ON FORTY-SEVKNTH st.. near Wentworth-av,, large bouse and fine lot, 83,000, only H down. R. G. GOODWILUE, 134 South Clark-st. ■■■■•■ . FOR SALE-BY W. J. DAVIS, 146 3IADISON-ST.: New house and 75 foot lot; also, comer lot 60x125 in Jefferson. ’ . " Lota near Lincoln Park, outside firo limits, in first-claas neighborhood. 80 foot lota West Side. SBOO. Wentworth-ar., house and lot, $3,600; sell on monthly payments or exchange. Cotta go on loosed ground. North Side, lease runs three - years, cnoap. . . For sale-two story and basement brick with modem improvements. Price low and on easy, terms, ■ Apply on the promises. 22Willard-place. F)R SALE—2S FEET, EAST _FEONT, ON MDl ana-av.. near Douglas-place. F, A. BRAGG 4 G0. ,. HfiDearborn-st-, basement. TTtOB SALE-STATE-ST. SLAUGHTERED—£2xISO X feet, State-st., near Forty-third, only $65; easy terms. B. G. GQODWXLLIB, 134 South Clark-st. . FOB SALE-CHOICE CORNERS: 50x125, Jackson and Sceley-av, 76x116. Campbell-av. and Harrison-ct. --40xl0L We*tem-av. and Harrison-st. 125x105, Westem-ar. and Jackson-et. * 43x101, Hariison-st. and Cicero-court. 98x128. Tyler and llobey-sts. £0x145. Fulton and Oaluoy-ets. ’ 100x125, Washington-st. and Califomla-av. Apply to CAMPBELL BROS., 131 Madiaan-et., coruor Clark.' FOB SAJiE—I LOT. 25?d30, ON WILCOX-ST., ONLY $1,400: 10 lots oa 51onroo-at. from ssst<> S6O per foot; Apply to CAMPBELL BEOS., 131 Madiaon-st., corner Clark.-' Fob sale— good business lots on itadi* son-st.. cheap, aadeasy terms: also a fine comer on .Madison-at- Apply to CAAIPUBIAi BBOS.» 131 Marti* ion-st., corner Clark. . Fob sale-greatest bargain on record— -82,200 Small, neat cottage, picket fence, two fine lota; «68 Fourth-sl., next to corner Oakley: Monday, 8400 down.. B. G. GOOD WILLIE, 134SoothClark-et. tnOB SALE-CHOICE LOTS ON VAN BUREN, A* Tyler, and Harrison-sta. and Cougreas Park, only 8m miles from Conrt-Honso. Great inducementsi offered those wishing to build. Apply to CAMPBELL BROS., 131 Madison-at., cornerOlark. ; ■ For sale-a fine residence, indiana-av., near Slxtebnth-st.; lot, 73x193. near Twoatleth-st-, good frame; lot,- Pratrie-av-t south of and near Twenty-aiath-st., good : Vfesl Van Buron-st., white marble, just completed, l 26 For sale by G, A. LEuAND, 183 Dearbora-st. Fob salb-by hunting a Reynolds, 99 east Madison-st., Room 4. Salary and basement brick house, octagon front; lot, 60x175. Price, 85,500. Easy terms. 3-stoiy frame hoaso, wi f hlot, £4,500. S-story frame house, with 60-foot lot, £5,250. Very easy terms.' jtlso, Some very desirable residence lota. Call and boo them. - rnOE SALE-VERY CHOICE LOT, $2,500. . JACK- Ji soa-st.. near Wood, uno-fonrth down; will advance tor this week. E., G.. GOOD WILLIE, 131 South 'laric-st. . ■ Tp OB SALE-ELEGANT BESIDENOE-LOT, SOUTH J? front, on GrovoiaadPark; Tory cheap, i. A. BBAG6 A CO,, 146 Doarbom-et., basement. Fob sale-two houses with large lots, onEobey-Ft-, between Monroo and at a bar* aaln. F; A. BRAGG A CO., 146Doarborn-st. TPOR SALB-BY H. C. MORET. 77 OIAHK-ST.: Jv 10 fccroa, comer and Orawford-aT. - -40 acres, comer ITortj-sorcnth-st. ana Arcaor-road, on Macros, corner lianiaon*st» and city limits, i* mils west ofCentralPark. . t . ' 4 acres on Madlsr*n»it., eastof Cenoal Park* 10 acres, corner Egsn-ar. and WaJJacwt./ near Stock Yards: good for sabdirUioa. : W . loit SAiE-HO USE AND IOT HO MCHIOAN-AV. . j} between' Twenty-second and Twonty-tn»xu-« ts.. 14 rooms, completeorder; ban and carriage honso: JStrRP easy terms. Apply on premises, or to fi. M. OAliftOi*, Board of Trade. ■ -• OB SALE-A. COTTAGE OFJ ROOMS ON FUlr toa**w for SI.SCO; terms easy. Inquire ortho owner, W. B. STOOFis, 173 East Boom 10. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: SUNDAY, MAY 25, i«7;| CIXT REAIi ESTATE. Fob sale—wabash-av., between thirty. fourth and Thirty-fifth-st., oast front, 50x178, $176 per fooh on long time," ,•; ■ . - - , - r . Wabash-av., between Thirty-fifth and Thirty-aixthißt*.,' ■ AMtlronU. 25x178. at $125 per foot, --Miomgan.av., *ontbca3rcQrafirrorThlrtrfflurth-at»',“«t; S2OO por foot. Forrest-av. t north of Thlrty-socbnd-aLSOxloo, east front. At SIOO per foot. ’ * Laks-av., between Thirty-ninth and Forty-first-ata., 100 xIBJ, east front, -Bumeido-et., northwest corset of Thlrty-eixth-st, 45x 125, as,oeo. • • Grvre-ar,, corner Thirty-*ocona-at., 50x150, at Indfama-ar., north of Thirty-flfth-st., east front, 50x161, on easyterzne. ■ -* ' St&to-st., lota between Thirty-second and Thirty-third, on lon* time. 30 acres adjoining Hawthorne, near Burlington '& Quincy Railroad, about four blocks from depot, and i}£ ' xniloa west of eity limits, on easy torms. ADOLPH LORD;A BROTHER, 153LaSalle-st. Fob sale-by m. maughan, boom 21 keap tr Block, northeast comer Clark and Washiagton-stSv WestLako-st., Slots, 25x125 feet oacb, between Wood andldncola-sts.:prico sl7sperfoot, & cash, balance 1, 9, and 3 years at 8 per coat interest. ... West Lake-st., 8 iota, 25x135 foot oscb, botwoon Leavitt and Oftklyr*»ta.; price, $l5O par foot, cosh, balance 1, '. Uncoln-st., near Jackson., a good cottage with bay window and lot, at a great bargain. between jßobey and Hoyno, a large cottago • With lot 30x125 feet; price, SS.UW. - • Cottages and lots on the Woat Side in first-class locali ties, prices ranging from SS,OCO to 84,50(h • Improved ana unimproved property in good localities, and acre property near the Wont Sids Parks. • i Shbldon-st., Slots 26x150 feet oaoh, between Madison and Washing to n-sts., east front; R caab, in 1, S»‘ and 8 years. Fob sale-large op dwellings Jnall carts cf city and suburban tewnst-easy terms and soontuly payments; con shit almost any want.and give a' bargain in improved or unimproved property. SHANNON A TRIPPK. Reaper Block, Basement. 1 Fob elegant building lot, finest location in the city, ou long timo, at cash rnloo. JACOB O. AI AG ILL, 81 and 83 Clark*t. . . > BALE-A FINE BRICK STORE ON WEST VAN J? Buren-st., near Aberdeen; 3 stories, well built, and a bargain. EDWIN A. RICE, 147 Randolph-st. . . . SALE-GREAT BARGAIN—MOBGAN-BT-, J} near Twelfth, two-story framo bonse, containing 12 rooms, water, etc., with lot: price, JSJKJO. - 81,000 cash; balanoe long •timn. DIBBLE A I<aBELLE, and 800 l Bstato, 255 SoolßHalsted-et., comer Harrison. * 1 OR ' S FEET ON NORTH GLARE* st.. near Lincoln Park, bolow the market price. A. -PICK, Jr., 183 comer Michigan and Daarbom-sts, • DOE SALE—LOTS FROM 140 TO 180 FEET IN JD depth,’ only two blocks from depot on Chicago A Pacific Railroad, same from omnibuses. High, dry ground, and only 4 miles from Court-House, for the small price ot $350 each. Thoro aro already very fine improve mentsontnis property. G. B. GRIFFIN, 183 Madison st., comer Clark. . For sale monthly payments new • house, 8 rooms and alcove, gas, . fine well water, olstom, and largo bam, andhandsomegrovo lot on Forty, first-st., Avest of Langley-st. Cali on owner, J. L. Mo- KEEVLRv 133 LaSauo-st., Room 16. or any evening at S7 Univeraity-placo. ~ For salb-a bargain will be given this week oa the desirable property H and 18 Park-av., dose to Union Park. Ground Is 50x150, south front, two largo framo booses In fine order, renting at $76 each. Small cash payment only required t oiler wonted. Parties -dexiting a profitable and productive investment will rarely find s better opportunity. ABELL A HOTCHKISS, 143 LooaUe-st. .Rooms 41 and- 43. - ■ For sale—a large list op acre property on the Burlington & Quincy Railroad* Rirer Side Boulevard, • Hyman and Ogdon-ava,, in trocta to suit. Also lots, aaddiottses and lota in varimjs parts of tho olir; some on long time. G. S. HUBBARD, Jh., 168 Wash ington*!. TpOR SALE-THE VERY CHOICE. FIVE ACRES X fronting Wabash-av., Stato-at. and Fifty-fifth-at. Boulevard; has & frontage of 3-13 feet on boulevard and 300 feet on each of the other streets. Will bo sold ou easy terms. •- Buxnside-st., 88x123 fact, near Forty-fourth*!-; win be Bold on long time. ■ Wabaah-av. and Btat«*t., 60 feet each front, between Forty-fifth and Forty-slxth-ets. , Mlchlgan-av., near Thlrty-aixth-st., SO feet cast front, f $135 nor foot. r. Wabaeta-av., nsar cornerThirty-eighth-et., 60 feet east \ front, S2OO per foot. \ North Dear born-81.. 100x185 feet, in choice location. I Wabash-av., 225 feot, southeast corner Thirty-fourth* Vet., $l6O per foot- FRED L. FAKE A 00.. x 88 Washlngtcn-et. '■JjtOß SALE-OOTTAGES ON WEST SIDE, NEAR JD street con, finely finished. Urge size: title perfect and on easy terms. GUSHING A BILLINGS.- So 6 La- Salle*!. Foe salEt-ob exchange-new house, 7 rooms, and 60-foot lot, near northwest toUgato and Kimball’s woU, for smaller bousa and lot on West Side. R. G. GOODwILLIE, 134 South Clark-st, ~ 7710H SALB-OALUMET-AV., NEAR TWENTY iX fourth-it.. 60xlS0. . Thirty-seventh*!-, ooroorSttnton-ar., 143 feot. Whitney-fit., just west of LaSalle. 48 feat. Fulton-Kt., near Wostem-av., 60 foot. CANFIELD A MATTKSON, 60 LoSallo-et. TjlOß SALE-CHEAP—NEW 5-ROOM COTTAGE, JE* water in kitchen; first eotfaxo west of Western-av., onPolk-st. Address J. MILROY, 974 Fulton-st. For sale-by geo. dsloynes a son, iss la- Salle-st., inbaaemont: Michigaa-av., near Twenty-thlrd-st., 3-stoiy and base ment brick house, all modem Improvements.sls,ooo. Mlchlgan-av., no&r Sixteenth-st,, S-story brick, 913.000. Amold-st., near Thirty-ninth, nice cottage, 12 rooms, 9° coo. *Shurtleff-av,, near Thirty-flrst-st., well-built frame house, §4,000. Buttomeld st,, near Thirtieth, fine house, 15 rooms, znarbel mantels, water up and downstair*, §4,00p. Also fine bouse and grounds on Ogdan-av., Lake View, SIO,OOO. FOR SALE—6OXI3S FT.. EAST FRONT, ON OR chard-st., between Centre and Sophia-sts.. near Lin coln Park, Inquirg of OWNER, £76 East MaqUon-st. FOB SALE-CHEAP—a GOOD FRAME AND A fine brick store on West Lake-st., and several stores on West Madison; also several cottages and fine frame and brick houses on the West Side. GEO. ROUNDS, 66 Washington-*!. T?OR SALE-LOTS SITUATED ON THE WEST J? Side, 85x125, within 10minutes’Madiaon-at. cars; $723, •mail caah payment, balance monthly or quarterly. 140 West Adams-fit. ■ ... Fob sale-or exchange-a choice tract subdivided and rrady fnr immediate sals at ratal!; ad joining one of tixo Wost Side Parks. Will taka improved South Sido avenuo property for all of first payment. N. T. WRIGHT, 155 laSalle-st.. basement. FOB SALE—SQxIOO FEET ON OHIO-ST.. 100 FEET cast of Pine-st. Inquire at 127 North Clark-st, No agents nood apply. • FOE SALE—S9OO-MONDAY, FINK LOT, FOURTH et., 60 feet west of Oaklev; easy terms; discount for cash. - It. O. GOOD WILLIE, 134 South Clark-et. Fob sale-bye. n. bement, 153 lasalle-st. ; Indiana-av., near Eighteonth-at., 2-story doable house, lot 50x1(3. $23,000: easy terms. West Adams, No. 637, 2-storybrick, 10 rooms, SIO,OOO. • Romsoy-st., No. 29, cottage, 6 rooms, lot 25x190, $2,100. Maxwcll-st., No. Ifio, S-story house, lot 23x175, 32,600. , Nob. 141.14114, and 143 Wost Van Boron-rt., 8 stores and dwellings, lot 60x163. alto cottage No. 14 Price-place intbo rear. This property will be sold very cheap. : I also have some very desirable building lots in all parts' of tho city. . FOR SALE-WE DO NOT BELIEVE THERE IS AN other spotln Chicago or vicinity thatoffera inch r&ro inducements so purchasers of lota as the local!ty iast out ride of the fire limits, south from Madlson-st. and wpst of Leavitt; there wo hare lots /routing on Wcxtcm-av;. Oakley, Idaho, and Flanruoy-sts, some that wo can soil for S9OO, only SIOO down; «oo tho class of hooscs going up there; soo the class of pooploecttlisg there, and then soe tho plats of lots at our office. EDWIN A. RICE 4 CO., 147 Randolph-fit., over Fidelity Bank. • Fob salb-framb buildino, store and dwelling, iot and bam. No. 291 West Tylor-at. - Apply to tho onwor on premises, or to W. H. SAMPSON 4 CO.. 144 LaSallo-st., Otis Block. Immediate possession given. ■ : FOR SALE—CHEAP—A NICE 6-ROOM COTTAGE in first-rate repair in a good location on tho South Bide, with 4 years* ground lease at $6 per month and can bero-leaaod on longtime. Being inside of fire limits, there are no tazek to pay during said lease. I will give one year’s rent and the cottage for the price of three years'- rent paid in advance. Apply at 87 South Halsted-st., up stairs. 8. W. WHITE. . ... FOR SALE—B LOTSON STATE-ST., OPPOSITE 0.4 R.I. Car-Shops. F. A. BRAGG 4 CO.. 148 Dear bom-st., basement. 108 SALE— OR EXCHANGE GOOD BRICK house with 25 foot front, on Thlrd-av. and Dearborn-- st. extension, near Harrison-st. .F. A. BRAGG 4 CO., 146 Dearbom-Bt. For sale-ob exchange-valuable cor net on Wabash-av. for acre property. F. A. BRAGG 4 CO., 146 Dearbom-st., basemont. For salb-a 3-story frame house, with lot 60x125, on the West Side, one block south of Har rison it. Price, 58,2C0: one-half cash, balance to suit.. Apply to owner, B. M. DURHAM,I4B LaSalle-at. TP OB S ALB—BY WILUS G. JACKSON, 153 LA-i JD S*U9-et» ■ Loft at St. Cloud, (junction of the 'Chicago ft Pacific, and MoTrankoo A St, Paul Railroads); only 6 miles from Court-Houso: all trains obliged to stop hcror no city taxes; near Humboldt Park and boulevards; good roads to drive in on; tho cheapest lots, considering their nearness and acccptlbility, on tbo market. Only $250 to SBOO per lot. Easy terms. ; * • F /OB SALE—LOTS ON HARRISON, FLOUBNOY, jj Lexington, and Polk-Bts. Very cheap; no money ro». onlipd of partleß wbo will build immediately. Apply to theownerf B. M. DURHAM, 143 LaSalle-gt. - - For sale—no. 137 stanton-av., near thir ty-eeventh-st., east front; nice frame hemse and largo prove lot, only $5,000. GEO. H. HESS, 146 LaSalle-at., £27 Egan-ar. TTOR SALE—'WABASH-AV., 693, THREE-STORY A> fratne-boase. lot 25x180 feet; want an Offer. .F. A. BRAGG A CO., 146 Doarbom-st. ' ; : SALE—A LARGE NUMBER OF 'CHEAP P rcaldcnoe-lota ontaide fire-limits; F. A*. BRAGG A 00., HSDcarborn-st., basement,. . • ■■ • * FOR SALE-60 FEET, EAST FRONT, ON FOB rest-aVi, near, S9O.- F, A. BBAQQ A CO., 146 Dearborn-at., basement. ■ < > Fob sale—division-st.-lot ssxies feet,' south front, on Diriaioa-st., near /Wells. F. J. _WEID INGEE A CO., Real Estate Agents, Room 51 Metropolitan Block, northwest corner Randolph and La* SaUe-sts. ■■ ’ ; Fob bale-on monthly payments, new cottage andlotonSacond-st., near Lincoln. Two-story frame, with SO-foot front lot, on South Dear born-st.. near Thirty-second. The above can bo boogbt on small cash payment, the. balance monthly, to suit. - H. 8, DIETRICH, 14c la-’ Salient., first floor. ‘ . Fob sale-ob bent—the 4 new swell front bouses, with brick stables. Nos. 133, 134, ISA and 138 Park-ar., between Wood aad Uncoin-Mts, Appifito the owner on the premises. T?OB SALE-BABE INVESTMENT IN BUSINESS J? property, 5-story and basement* iron and stou->frqnt building, m lobbing centra, elovator, foot alley; rental value. SH,oCO. Will, sell cheap, as owner la going.East. Address H 62, Tribune office. TNOB SALE—AX A BARGAIN-FINE LOTS ON J? Washlmrton-et. and Warrea-av., . corner/ and oast’ of CslßomJa-st. Easy term*. LU.ULSeYINGLEDEW, 363 LaSalle-st., Room 17 Bryan Block. 77108 SALE—MONTHLY PAY MENT3—C 0 TTA G E JJ and 60-foot lot on Fourth-st., near O&klcy, x. A< ■ BRAGG A 00,, US Desrborn st. TjIOE SALE—TWO « ACRE LOTS'IK COOK* X Anderson'* Subdivision, cast of Douglas Park. iP. A. BRAGG A CO., US Pcarborn-st. . For sale—Michigan-av raxia feet cor ncr FUty-fonrtb-rt. Very cheap xor a few days. F. A. BRAGG A CO., H6Doarbcm sL : - Fob sale-cottage and lot. on bakbeb st., only $1,600, also 100 other* oa easy terms. B. KENNEDY, ISClatk-gt., Rooms S6 and 57. ♦ ' • TBOB BALE—BRICK COTTAGE AND LOT, BUTTER: J? fiold-st., between TbJrty-ssTcath and Thiriy-eiffhtb, 83,250; loss timo: SIV) down. Possession immediately. B. 6. GOODWILLIE. IZt South Claxk-n. . I _ CITT REAL ESTATE. largo barn, lot 452115, east front, on Calumat-av ina? Tjftirtx-vocond-rt.*—Also tha- elcnnt-timl*fwe and basement brick house, Ko. 173 Warnm-ST' eia+°rvf Lincoln, -lot 45x125, good bam; immediate -po— T?OR SALE—HANDSOME LOT JUST ODTfimn X • the fire limits, and will bo told at a crest barM*n <5 •old on Monday. - 100x175 feet- on Wabash-av., corner nf Forty-second-et., east front. Apply to M. O, BALDWIN A CO.. 84 and SSLaSaUe-st.. Boom 24. w * a4 w»»Ui Eor sale-$2,0c0-a great bargain, halp 5^00%*£.4 tot, Krat-st,, nsarßen. ben. B. Q. GOODWTLLHC, 1 3i South Clark-at. FOR SALE-CHEAP-NEW COTTAGE AND LOT • onliineoln-st. Qf*od bargain If sold this ww*fe. in .Quire of owner, A, WILLEY. 433 West SALE—SIX NEW COTTAGES AND LOIS OV JD Swan-at., near Wcntworth-av. and Forty-eovcnth-st. Small payment down, balance in monthly payments Also, for lease, on long time, lots on Erie -at., near Bnmn’ Apply to F. R. WILSON,77 Clark-st.,fromto lo*cloc£* Fob sale—sloco will buya home, house almost ■ net?, cental os 9 rooms, cost s£ooo. other Improvements $1,000; lot alone worth 86,000: lot 43x221 ATOI> ? HEKay j - SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. .fnoß'' s’iiE-^wdbi>~mc JO choice residence sites at low iiffuras: SO foot, sooth front, on Forty-ninth-at., 370. fiOfoot, south front, on Fort £*« a von th-sc., 393 IQO feet, out front, on Hyde Park-ST., $cU. 100 foot, south front, on Forty-soruuta-st., sllO. SomoofthcsopJccoswfthinsne block, consmorothan three blocks, from Station, and from 150 to SuO foot deep IMPROVED. • - Two beautiful new Gothic bouses, 3-story, with brick basements all tinlsbod of!; 10 rooms each, besides pantry Store-rooms, and large closets; all modern improvements gas-pipes, not and cold water-pipes throughout, hot-air pipes, registers on all floors, bath-room, wat*r-c T oseU • marble wash-howls, and marblo mantles and grates* && loot of ground (east front) frith each house, or mon> (f desired. 'The most complete &ad ooavemitmt house* in Eon wood/ • Will sell at fair price and easy terms. • JOHN M. WAITE, 183 Doarbom-st. ~ ° FOR SALE-HOUSE AND LOT IN VTT.T.SfVff Glencoe, on lake thoravwoald asll furaituro and rent house. Inquire ol MORRIS & WILLIAMS, 13 jc North Canal-et. T7IOR SAXE—OR EXCHANGE—A STRICTLY FIRST. X 1 class 2-3iorj frame dwelling with large grounds, at Maywood, convenient to depot: price, gl.&uo. M- C BALDWIN A CO., SI and 86 LaSalle-st., Room Si. • i For sale-special bargain—englewood— -100 feet near depot, at 25-per cent Icaa thun current rates. - Address Hr 3, Trltmno office. ; For bale-so acres, in sec. c, st, 13, in town of Worth: 80 acres la See. 2*. 33, 12, in town of Lyons, by WILLXA& PRICE, 133Madlaon-st.. Rooms. W * FOR SALE-HOUSES* AND LOTS; VERY CHEAP and on -easy terms. ISAAC L. HINDS. .THOR SALE-5 OR 10-YEAR TIME-CHOICE BOUL& X! vard and Hyde Park property: also, some West bide property ac a bargain. J. H. .BIS3RLL, 45 Bryan Block. TpOE SALE—AT AUSTIN, ONE LARGE LOT, VERY X* contra], thro tun inutos 1 walk from depot, very chesn. Address V 67, Tribune office. v . For sale-foe one week, « lots in ibvino Park, neat the depot, at low prioo, by SEWELL Soom 13 Otis Building, southwest corner State and Hatiiaon-stff. ' FOB SALE-LAKE FOREST RESIDENCE PROP erty— Cottage and.lot. sl,6Cq to §3,000. Residences, $7,000 to s2o, 000. Residence sices, JjSuO to if 1,500 per aero. Those see king homes should visit thin beautiful suburb, which, with its beautiful location, school* of high grad*, elegant private grounds and residences, offers unnsoal in ducements to those desiring suburban homes and edu cational; advantages. Z CANFIELD A MATTES ON. 60 Laflallo-st. T?OR SALE—ENGLEWOOD—NEW H OUBE, WITH X' one or more lots, also, one or more lota near depot. Graveled stxeots. ■ • • • - • Irving Park—House and 80-foot lot, now, $3,000. Evanston—Near depot, lot 100x156. Lako Forest—Residences and residence sites, funa of the most boautf/nl in the place. Kavonswood—Lota near the depot. ■ Austin—Lota near depot. Will build henses to order, and sell on easy terms. ■ Humboldt Park—Lota in Thompson’s Subdivision. Hrde Park—Lots on Klmbark and Groot-avs. CAN FIELD A MATTESON, 60 LaSalle-at. . . T7OB SALE-80 ACRES, AT A GREAT BARGAIN. X* 17 miles south of the city. Call on the owner, at 63 East Indlana-st. FOB SALE-100 PERT, WABASH-AV., COR. FOR ty*Mcond-st. 364 feet, Wabash-av., near Flfty-first-st. . 171 feet, Wabash-av., corner Fifty-fourth-st, -SoOfeet, Wabash-av., corner Fifty-sixth-st. lUO foot, Michigan-av., near Forty-socond-at., 9 years* time. 10 acres, Madison-st., near Car Shops. "lOacres. Lako Shore, North Side. S. E. GROSS, Room 15, Major Block, 145 LaSaDe-st. Fob salb-ry a non resident-soo feet front on a choice comer near depot, in Bavenswood, at a sacrifice, 'and on very easy terms. Apply to owner. Room 10,170 South Clark-at. For sale-at bnglewood— h acre blocks (6 lots each) at acre prices. To any party wanting Mote I will giro a good investment on Fifty-seventh and Filth-oightfi-sta. at S3SO to S4OO per lot, one black from station, 48 trains per day. faro 8 cents. Q. B. GRIFFIN, 133 Madlson-st., comer Clark. ' I?OB SALE—AT WASHINGTON HEIGHTS—BEV- X oral nice 4-acro blocks near Vincennes Road Sta tion at same prico that is asked for surrounding property in large tracts. A fine opportunity for parties not able to boy large tracts. 10 dally trains. Q. B. GRIFFIN, 133 - Madlson-st., corner Clark. T?OR SALE—WASHINGTON HEIGHTS-25 ACHES JJ choice forsubdivtslon;s6ooporacre, jg cash: a bar* gain. ABELL A HOTOUKIbd, Id LaSalle-et,, r)R SALE-AT HINSDALE—A 7-ROOM HOUSE in a first rate condition, with X acre lot set with fruit and shrubbery. A piano will bs taken in part payment. D. JL. A O. W. PERRY, Room 14 Speed’s Block, las Dear bom-et. T7IOB SALE-AUSTIN LOTS—THE CHEAPEST OF JJ feted in Cook County; If a home or ah investment is wanted go to Austin, sec, and inquire for yourselves; you will be satisfied yon nave struck a good point. W. R. WOODBURY. dS Wftshlngton-st. For sale-at highland park-brick res- Idcnca with all modern improvement*; largo grounds, bam, carriage-house, Ac. Terms easy. S.I.KiNG, 70 LaSalle-st., ItoSp. m. • • FOR SALE-AT RAVENWOOD-19 ACRES, VERY desirable for subdivision. At Bowm&nvillo—2o acres In See. 11, 40,13; SBSO por aero. At Norwood Park—36 block close to depot. At Austin—H lots naar depot. JOHN S. BUCHANAN, 159 LaSalle-st., Roomfi. EOR SALE-NORTH EVANSTON-LOTS EAST OP railroad; 10 bouses in course of erection. Carpenters wanted. O. L. JKNK3,I4S LaSalla-st % TPOR SALE-A GOOD 40-ACRE TRACT, 26 MILES JL* ‘ from Chicago, at Palatine, for S4B per acre. A rare chance for some one. EDWIN A. RICE A C 0.,117 Ran dolph-* t. ' ■ FOB SALE-BUILDING LOTS ON LAKE. WASH ing ton. ond Madlsou-sts., in subdivision of West Chi cago Laud Co., adjoining new car works in See. Id 59.13. Also, blocks and acre property adjacent to same, which, can be readily retoilodatlargeprohU J. D. HARVEY, 174 Laaallo-st. . * For sale-four corners. 200 feet each, 165 deep in Block Id at Irving Park. Most desirable property In thesnbdlvislonjtorinseasy, Address owner, 205 East Kinzio-st. . T7»OB SALE-LOT 78X170 ON SOUTHWEST COR- X? ner Humboldt Boulevard and Hoffman-av*. Maple wood, with a comfortable and well built honss of 9 rooms, furnace and bathroom; water in house. Bam and ben* ery; choice shrubbery, fruit and ornamental trees. Fare 6M cents commutation. - Terms reasonable. M. J. WHITMAN, at Hardware Store, 173 East Madiron-st. For sale-6 acres in seo. n. sa. m, near Fifty-flfth-flt. boulevard. F. A. BRAGG A CO., 146 Dearborn-st., basement. - TJIOE 8 ALE-AT HAWTHORNE, m ACRES IN N. E. X* MSec. 28, 39. 18. F. A. BRAG# & CO., 146 Dear born-fit., basement. Fob sale-340 per acre? so acres good farming land in the Town of Thornton. F. A. BRAGG A 00., 146Lcarborn-gt., basement. ~ . < TJIOR * SALE—ACRES IN FORRESTVILLE, X* fronting Fony-fiflh-st., Langley and Evans-avs* F. A. BRAGG A CO., 146 Dearbora-st., basement. For sale-washinqton heights, so acres, subdivided in Sees. 11, 87, 13. -F, A. BRAGG A CO., 146 Doarbom-st., basement. FOB SALE-SOUTH BYANSTON-WE ARB JUST completing, and are building twenty very fine real-, denoos, frame and brick, with all modem improvements, and built in the best manner and from model plans.. Tfaorols excellent sowerage, fine plank sidewalks, and beautiful trees throughout the entire subdivision. Wo have some fine building lots yet unsold, which are an cx> cell ant Investment. Any of the above we offer on very easy tonru. WARREN, KEENEY A CO., IS6 Doar bora-st. • TTIOB SALE-BY ‘W.-H* PHARE, 113 LASAIXE-ST., J? first lloor,'Major Block: • 8 fire-acre Blocks sear Northwestern c&r-shopa. 70 acres In blocks to suit* Sec. 1, 37.13. •-80 acres. Sec. 8. 87. 13. ICO acres. See. M, 87, 13. 70 acres. Sec. 5, 37, 14. Gan giro bargains in above property. I SALE—IMPROVED OR UNIMPROVED property by the lot or acre, in the beautiful juburban town oi Highland Park. Apply to "WM. H. SAMPSON A CO.» 144 LsSalie-et., Otla Block. - ' TfjIOR SALE—AT A- GREAT BARGAIN. SO ACRES J? >t .Toff-rron. Sro 23, I, 13, only SIOO. Apply to WM. H. SAMPSON 4 CO.. U4 LsSsUe-at.. OtR Block. TRORSALE—S OR 10 ACRES; ALSO GOOD REST XI' dencc lota west of Englewood, one block from, Homo r«d, oa cuy terms. J. SOUERBKY, 12i LnSlUe-tt.. Boom 17. | , TTIOB SALE-AT SOUTH ENGLEWOOD-A NEW 3- JL* story cottage, bay window, Brooms; fronting oaxiautoa ‘st* and near too boulevard; only one block from oepoi._ Lot 50x125 foet. Cheap'and easy terms. UiOE SALE-AX SOUTH ENGLEWOOD.’HOUSES J? And loU In tio ■ * Original Plot, >• high ud ip, tad M. nekrtho depot as you 'may* desire.* Titlo perfect. At>, abcacts furnished purchasers to date of sale. NOB-uIS * RICHMOND, No. 2 Tribune Building. TTOR SALE-AT AUSTIN—LOTS FRONTING ON J?- Mcnroo and Madlsontta., near depot. soxlßo root each; only2o minutes* ride; 14 trains daily; 'J* cents. ..We will ae(l lots to parties on a sniau ZvinPf/C meat, and balance in monthly £. INGEBACO., Ke.l Estate Acent,. Room 61, MolropoU tan BJock, northwest corner Randolph and Laoauo-ata. TJIOE-SAUJ—AT ADBURN, ON. BOOK ISLAND R. J? 8., near Englewood, choice lota at reasonable price# and on easy term*. : ' - ; . • t . • This property is handsomely improved with large woes, graded streets, sidewalks, do. Wa ate erecting several doslrablo residences, which are forsale onT«y easy ter®a• Noaubdiriaioanoar Chicago can offer more snpetanuai advantages. bMITH, WOOD d 00., 163 L&SaUe-st. F° T jIOK SAIjE—OR WISNETKA, ONE OF JJ tho most beautiful places In Ooek Opo nty, Gw»o house, 10 rooms, largo verandah, brick cellar, ieo bouse, fine barn and stables, fire acres of garden, jruittr»«». ergreens, grove, shrubbery, etc., b** a timl view of lAso Michigan, four blocks from Milwaukee station, go out and look at U onl o'clock p. m. train. Call on J. T. SHKFERD. atWinnatka. ' • - FOR SALE-HERE IS A BARGAIN-1M FEET front and 125 feat deep on Sontli Park mi tween Slxty-aixth and Slxty-ecTcnUi-st*-; loot. Appfrto MUBEAY, McDOftAIJ)*JOHNSOri, .Blank Book Manofactnreia. 11l Eaat Madl«on-»t. .108. SALE-AX ENGLEWOOD. ON MONTHLY j} payments, 2-slory house, l&rffo lot, -A <k CO., 146 Daa^bora-gt. ba SAXE—SO ACRES IN SEO. «. 89, jMg joining Hawthorne; very easy term*.. * • & CQ., Lk> Dearbom-at. ■IOR SALE—CHOICE RESIDENCE WSiTtlV IjE Park, ae»rdapotandGre*t.SontlrPwk,owrff3®o» monthly payments of $10; *gt»atA. b. and fitoiran-ar.. for MoOHESSBY 4 CO.. 133 Madfcon-at., Boom i. TflOß ATO HOUSJtSj Jt* «ad lot> under, the market* F. A* * •• Pwxborn-iU buwaflafc SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. T^ 011 -*-* wsuko© 4 St. Paul Railroad, In See. 27. 40, 15. 60 acres north of Austin, in Sec. 5, 29. 12. • acres in 5-acre blocks. Riverside. W acres in 5-aoro blocks, Hawthorne. : —eO acre* near Lawndale. _ bonS.^a^ri 5 ,T bdlT “ oa raU ™< l “ d , ta “■ ; 10 acres In Sco. 10, 57,14. * 80 acres in Sec. S3. 37. li. • 1 Acres In See. 27, 37, 14. ~ { Acres in Sec. 81. 3A 15. Acres la Sec. 26, 39,14. ' Acres in Sec. 23, 3ss, 14 - - Acres la Sec. 14, 8?, 14. Acres in Sec. 11, 38, 14. Acres in Sec. 3,33,14. ■* ; A fins list of lands by the acre In all part*of Hrdo Park. at rneaa and terms that will Insure good profit to pujl .A fin© Hat of roaidoaco property in Hyde Park and vicinity. i ,* . - - OHACK A ABELL, ! IS-1 Dearborn-st., Houoro Block. > TpOR SALE-BY C. C. THAYER 4 CO.. 186 EAST i Madlson-st.: • BARGAINS IN CHOICE ACRE PROPERTY. 120 acres in Sec. 24, 37, 13. * 150 acres la Soc. 13, «7, 13. ' iWi acres in Sec. 24, 27, 13, 40 acres in Sec. 25, 37, 12. ’These tracts are wall .located, being in the vicinity of all improvements, and ere ridge and grove. • 200 acres in Sec. 23, 37, 13. 80 scree in Sec. 15, 37, 13. 40 acres in Soc. 8. 37, 14. Aso, several amaatocU at a bargain. **" following f?OR C. THAVJEE CO., ISS EAST . Madiaon-st.: Englewood lot*, 3© feet, oast front, oa Xracej-av., near FUty-flfth-st, boulevard. choice property, end at a bargain. FOR SALE—BY o. C. THAYER A CO., 188 EAST Maoison.fct.; ... . 10 acrea in Hltt’j Subdivision, Soc. 8. 37. U. . 80 acres In Sec. 27. 87, 13. ■ ‘•«aoros-la-Block 4, Kcaegcr’s Subdivision, Soc. 00. 5.* 14. • 10 acres In Block 2, Kcocger’a Subdivision, Soc. 80, 87. 14. 85 teres in Vlnconnea-rcad Addition, Boc. 19, 37, strc*otsopoa:dopoton ground. . 25 acres in See. 18, 33, 13, /rontic, F OK -- SALE-'VALUABLE ACRE PROPERTY IN .in tracts to suit. HENRY J, GOODRICIi, Real Estate Broker, 128 Dearborn*Bt. ; FOR SAXE-KNOLEWOOD-SAVE YOUR RENT. Wo offer beautiful home* with'largo lots close to stations and Normal School; little- cvh down and monthly E$nS?So * t .'3 th "tfsjpy afternoon and see them. SIORKS A WARE, W Washingtoa-st. FOR BALE-BV LEVI WING & CO., 96 Dearbom-st. ' 8 acres at Washington Heights. 100 feet on Noble-ar... IJXJ foet In Rarcniwood, original town. Will take brick In exchange for any of above, fratory brick honse, Thirty.first-st.. near Wabash-ar. Largo brick houso, illchlgao-ar., nearFonrtocaih-st, Two-story frame hoato, 179 Walnat-st. ■ SOfeet Langloy-av., nsarForty-socond-gt., grorolot. IpOR SALE-WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, 3!ORGAN ■ Park Addition-Lots 50x125: only S2OO, hi cash; on easy terms. THUKSDELL & Bko WN, lit West Madl eon-st. FOB SALE—'WE OFFER FOR A FEW DAYS LOTS or blocks la our now . subdivision, at aero prices. TitUESDELLA BROWN,-175 West Madison-st. T7*OR SALE-FINE RESIDENCES IN HYDE PARK. JL 1 frost $7,000 to $40,000; also, fine boildlng lota tn bast location. Will take parties wishing to bq* to look at property on short notice. 8. L. UNDERWOOD, 99 Wadi son-st. l?OR SALEtA ACRES AT CLYDE. ON C. B. A Q. 'X 1 Railroad, close to station and church; fine improve ments in progress. This is tho only small acre tract in the market at Clydo. STORKS A WARE, 94 Washington^ T?OR SALE—WEST FORTY-EIGHTH-ST. DEPOI, X . at the C. A N, W. Car Works, lots and blocks cheap, on easy terms, and help to build. The car-works now building will cause this property to Increase rapidly in value. 0. E. CRAFTS, M LaSalle-sU - T?OR SALE-SEVERAL LOTS VERY CHEAP AT X 1 Brighten, near depot. 100 feet on Fiftlcth-su, south front; only 31,600; easy time. 100 feet at Kenwood. 40 acres at a great bargain os Halsted-rt. 80 acres near shooting park at extremely low figures.. Lota at Englewood and Anbnm. S. DELA MATER, 85 Washington-st. T?OB SALE—IF YOU WANT A BARGAIN AT HINS- X 1 dale call from 9tolat 73 and 74 Dearborn-st,, main floor. O. J. STOUGH. •pOB SALE —LOTS AT NORTHWESTERN CAR X* Works, from 8400 up. Come and take a drive, and see the property. LARKIN A JENK3.I43LaSaIIo-st. T?OR! SALE —COUNTRY RESIDENCE AT ST. X 1 Charles; 23acres, stone house, ploosyof fruit, tim ber, ' Ac.; one mile from depot, ana near schools and churches. This place is in good condition, and will be sold at a bargain. For further particulars apply, for two days, to the owner, JAMES LUSK, 56 West Lake-st. For sale-3 handsome homes, with large and beautiful grounds;plenty of shade and fruit trees; 30 minutes from city by cars; will take part in trade; a good bargain will be given. LARKIN A JENKB, 145 Laßalle-st. Fob sale-at central park-pleasant house of ten rooms. Rouse of eight rooms. Two houses of seven rooms each, on long time; «p*ll payments.- CLAFLIN, BROS. A CO., 131 XASalle st. TjIOR SALE-LOTS NEAR CHICAGO A NORTH- Ju western Car Shops. Non resident owner. Sell very cheap: long time. PHINNEY A LOMBARD, No. I£3 1a Salle-st. Tj'Oß SALE-30 COTTAGES AND 2-STOEY HOUSES X’ at Englewood, on easy terms. Apply to TILLOT SON BROS., 373 and 274 State-st. FOR SALE-4 2-STORY HOUSES ON EASY TERMS r at Sonth Evanston. Apply to TILLOTSON BROS., 279 and 274 State-st. T?OK SALE-10 LOTS AT ROGERS* PARK, ONLY 2 X' blocks from depot; weald exchange' lor small bouse and lot in-tho city. STILES A GIBBS, 130 Dearborn-st., Rooms 6 and?. F)B SALE-53 FEET ON STATE-ST., BETWEEN Fifty-first and Flftr-aocond, SSO a foot by the owner, north oast corner and Dcarborn-sta. For . sale —on exchange—so-acre farm near Downer’s Grove, on C. B. A Q. Railroad, 20 miles west of the city: well improved; jroed orchards, otc. f noath cl depot, SSO por acre. T. B. BOYD, 180 West Waahingson-st. FOR SALE-RARE CHANCE, NO GASH; 40X167 feet on Michlgan-av., near Fourteenth-st.; $950 per foot; 6 roars at 8 per cent if purchaser will build. GEO. DeLQYNES, lea LaSallo-st., basement. For sale-washington heights, cheap lotA near depot and school; os monthly payments if desired. Call any morning; free fare. L. L. WILSON, Boom 4,123 LaSallo-st. FOB SALE-LOTS ON LAKE-ST., AT NOBTH woetem - Car-Works, $700; §2OO down: longtime. Also, half-acre lots, Washington Heights, §SOO to §700; §SO cash, balance 5 rears, 6 per coat; abstract with each sale. O. W» DEAN, 133 South Clark-at., Room 16. • For sale-from our englewood list of lots and improved property we select the following to which we call special attention : 3 0 feet on Wabashnear Siity-Orgt-st. 99 feet on Wsbosb-ar., corner Sluj-first-st. -154 foot on Wabash-av., near Slxty-iecond-at. ' £0 or more feet east front on Mlchlgan-ar. 60 feet northeast comer Sixty-fourth and Yale-st., at Q42.50. 60 feet on Englewood-av., at §3O. i. 83 feet cast front on Yale-st. Houses and lota at from §3,000 to $3,000. Everything in this list Is within five minutes* walk of depot, and offered at fair prices. LEWIS, BROOKS A KENT, 155 LaSalle-at. . FOR SAXE-FIVE ACRES ON TWENT7-SECOND st., inside city limits. F. A. BRAGG A CO., 146 Dear born-at. . TTIOB SALE—WE ARB PREPARED TO OFFER XI good bargains in the original plat of South Lynne, in tracts of from 6 acres upwards, with handsome discount foreash; streets graded,' trees planted, 1,400 lots sold, large factory and 35 houses built, railroad station and bos inet lots at from §l5O to $350 each. Will exchange for good unincumbered inside property. A. VAIL A SON, 129 Dearbom-at. For salb-at wholesale acre prices, av- per lot, 50x100 feet, all high ground, near school*, churches, stores, markets, and cars, only 60 min ntea* ride: terms $35 cash, and balance $lO per month. For free ticket* to seo these lots call on EDMUND G. PTTT.KS, 99 Madison-fit.,’ Corner Dearborn. ■ For sale first-class evanston resi donco property; this largo, beautiful, and rapidly growing suburb is fast assuming the proportions of a city; an examination of our largo list of property is invited terms very favorable to purchasers. For particulars call it bur office. JULIUS WHITE A CO., 84 LaSalle-st., -Room 1. FOB SALE-AT ENGLEWOOD—A NUMBER OF lots in this suburb, very cheap. F. A. BRAGG A CO., 146 Dearborn-gt, ~ . . For sale—at winnetka, bo acres, one mile from station, in Sec. 29, T. 42, N. R. 13. F, J. WEIDINGEB A CO., Beal Estate Agents, Room 61 Metropolitan Block, northwest comer Randolph and La fiallo-sts. ~ _ _ REAX* ESTATE WANTED. "OrAKTED—TO PURCHASE-A COTTAGE AND YY lot on the South or West Side worth from $3,000 to 8AC00: will per 81,000 cash: must send particulars or call at once. G. S. LAOEY A CO., U3 Dearbom-st. WANTED-ACBES 1 ACRES’ ACRES!—WE HAVE oonnUut Inquire* for lore moperty • m mil] Qoiok saJet at good prices. JACOB C. UAGHX, 61 and 83 South Olark-st. - _____ WANTED— LOTS! LOTS I LOTS! ONWESTWASH ington-st., Park-a v., Warrcn-ar., and Adams-eh, South Siato-st., Prairie, and Indian »-avi., North Dear-, born aad LaSalie-cte. We hare customers for lots oa the above »tid neighboring ttnod< JACOB O. MAGtIJj, 81 and 83 South Clark-st. __ - WANTED— LOTS ON THE NORTH AND WEST Sides* Wo havo many applications, and want thorn In all meet tho wants of customers. OS BORN A SKILLMAN. • WANTED— A SOR 10-ACBB BLOCK. SOUTH OF of Slxtoenth-st.,wo»tof Blue Islaad-av., and east of Westazn-av. A. LTMBERG A CO., 173 Washington- Bt., aontheast comet of Fifth-av*, Room 3. • nr anted-a house on leased lot in ex- W change for a good Inside lot. L. B. WHITNET,I44 LaSallo-st., basement. ' • WANTED-A CORNER LOT ON WEST LAKE OB West Indianar-et., between Elizabeth and Green, with 3-story house, store-front, or that can bo readily chanced to store-front; no fancy price will bo considered; state bottom price; all-cash customer. Address immedi ately Hls, Tribune offices. WANTED— CHEAP LOT NEAR HUBBARD AND Robey-ate. for immediate improvement; orniii loaao. ftp ah. BALDWIN, CoO Wort Indiana-et., near Robay. TT7" ANTED—HOUSE AND LOT ON THE SOUTH VY Bide, between Eighteenth end Thirty-firs t-ate., and eaatff SiAto-et, All caan will be paid. Price not to ox ceedsto,ooo. Apply toA. LOSB AjJIiO., 123LoSalle-Bt, CHELAP LOT ; EAST OF YY preferred; the first payment an machine; par the deferred payment* monthly. iTES. EOSSITEB, 1089 ladlaaa-ay. W ANTED—LOTS—PP.OrERTT-OWNERS, ATTEN , tion—Scad fall description, with bottom prices,ana tr»» will sell roar property In a few days, for we cavo groat demand. DIBBLKA LA BELLE, Law and Baal Estate, 255 South Halstod-st. ' WANTED— CHEAP LOTS JUST OUTSIDE TTBE limits: ftbo boose* sod lots In &U part* of the city, for customers. SHANNON A XZuPPJS, Keeper Bloc*, bsscmeat. tttaKTEIV-3 OB 8 LOTS ON ONE OP THE -Vr avenue* eut of Wabaih, to improve; man be earth of Thirty-ninth-«t. and aoath of Twentyndith-st. Will n&j no fancy price, and prefer to doal with the owner. DiVIS 4 P IKE, 125 Dearbom-at. ■ » TT7'ANTED—2O TO 80 AGEES NOBTH. OB KOBTH- V T west of city, ono to ten miles of limits, to bo good Urn!. Address P. O. Box 47. . .. ; Waited— to purchase-house and lot *onth of "Wcit Like-tt., west of H&lstod, nortii lof Tailor, *ad east of AahUnd-sr,, at a retaoaablo prioo. Addno S 91 Tiiboaa odea. REAIi ESTATE WAKTEP. T\T ANTED—DESIRABLE CHICAGO SEAL ESTATE, I» aero property preferred, la exchange for a beautiful residence In Mnscarino, Iowa; u also several hundred teres or unimproved lands In soma of the best counties la ofl^ WANTED-A FARMIX KANE COUNTS'. ILL.. IN IT eictunes fortoprorrilproperljon Loomu-tt., near Uadisoa. S. COLEiSON) IwWMtHsdlton-it, ■\TTANTED-A CORNER LOT ON THE NORTH T i Side of about 75 ft front, or large Inside lot. In ex change for South Side lota. F. J. WEEDINGEB St CO.. Beal Estate Agent*. Room 61 Metropolitan nortb west comer Randolph and TTTANTED—TO PURCHASE—A COTTAGE OR »r small house on Sooth or West Side, from S4COO ta 86,000.. Andress, with location and price. Z9, Tribune olheo. , - , • . . TVT ANTED—A CEE PROPERTY IN SSO. 23. CHEAP. _Ll_ Addreaa H 58, Tribune otfiep- • - tCXnMQDS COUNTRY SEAT IN ii l J^ w . acre *> wlUilake, residences, foun. r~f» 0lc *» fitted up for a retired gentleman of for ttmo and leliuro. VaJoe. SISO.COO. c “ k * UUiAil 01 lor i ctock * dairy, and fruit tana ot J *vr CC fioar tho aboyor S{j(LOOO. sl4 000. Ct rosideac ®» W roans, at Highland Park, ““UnlT^typUio, Sio'am “ d d * iry flLlm 01 810 “ re * ae<Lr % m., ■ fe»A , KS«S&SiS«& f ■ — LOTS ' SUBDIVISION OH A. 500 acres, troll Unproved, goal, diy prairie land, ad joining Hobart, on Pert TVayno Railroad. S3 mile# from Cmcago; 86j per acre: 1, 2. and S years • S-roora cottar, SlaO extra. J. EARLE, owner; odea days, Fddajran<i Monday, Room 8. basement* 1&3 Woaroc-at. FOR SALK-CHEAP FARSI—64O ACRES OF LAND. 120 plowed. 10 acres of hop*; crops oa the ground; hoo bouse, -4x60 feet- good barn; tha dwelling contains'l3 roonis; plenty.of shrubbery; price. $4,000; term*reason able. For particulars address J. D.SASLES. P. M.l Armenia, Jonoan Co., Wi*. T? ob. sale—coal land at braidwood: eo A acres in Section 12, la Grundy County, in contra of great coal tleld, now being worked, Addreas MIDDLE. TON, P. O. Box 3595, Now York. on Junctioa-ar. For sale-a farm op leo ACRES, WITH Im provements. at Deleran. Tazewell County, DL The iand 1m of tbe bost qualify. Terms of sale rety easy. An ply to P-EOKHAM A BaOWii, Reaper Block, Room 42. comer of Clark and Washington-eta. FOR SALE—OR EXCHANGE—a pleasant res- Mence at Genara. Hi., worth «!>,«»: trill orchanns - j^- 8 within 10 miles. Call at or address ISd Sooth ■pOR SALS—OR KXOELANGE—PAKM OP S3O ACRES Wgh atato ol cnltiyation; good improrcraoatß, artesian vreXl, timber. orchard, - and small fruit. Eighty fire muss from Chicago od Illinois Central RailroadTpor SSffxErateffiSSEJS* pcricre - F OK SAM-710 ACRES CHOICE MISSOURI FARM V'-l acre. Titlo perfect. B. r. CLARKE A CO., Room I, IS TAHOlftjt FOR SAM-A FARM OF» ACRES IN NEBRAS "? I ll ' Mlwonri River, and opnorite Tank ion. Beautifully located. This property can be bought •jfojasfiaaggße&fg clti *•*** *■ j - I ,O iS£&SStISSSSf- BYa ' a THAYEB 80 sores in Wayne County* HI, 350 acre# la Kendall County, 111. - . • acroft in peKaJb County; near Sycamore. ’ •ocV 057 *o™*“ County, HI., finely imnrored;over BWftcre« under cultivation; one of the finest farms to La* d alio County. TO HENT-HOCSES-BY D. COLE i SON. REAL B*lata zud Hausa-Reatin. A eoatM, 163 West Mad* Ison-st,; 10 rooms and barn. 114 Aberdeen-st, Famished house. 14 rooms, 117 Walnut-st, 6 rooms, 274 Flrat-st., $25. *. • Largo house and grounds. 717 Washlngton-at. Several good houses on Waahlngton-«t., east of Union. 10-room house. Iff! South Linctln-ai., with bam. 8-room cottage, BS3CoroH-st., &JO. 6-rooru cottage, 132 Caroll-at., §25. 6 rooms, 666 West Madison-st. 8 rooms, 333 West Madison-sL 6 rooms, 223 South Qreen-at. 8 rooms, SCO Park-av, 10 rooms, with bam, 136 Walnnc-st. 14 rooms, 119 South Grean-st. 10 rooms, 49 Honoro-st. S 10-room houses, 176 and 180 South LesritNat. Several suites of good rooms, comer of Green and Mad ison-sts., to rent cheap. TO RENT—3-STORY BRICK HOUSE ONLAFUN st., near Monroe, 10 rooms, modem improvements; rent, $950 per year; furniture for sale; all to perfect or der. Apply to WM. H. SAMPSON A CO., I*4 LaSalle* et,, Otis Block. TO RENT-UPPER PART OP COTTAGE, CON tatotog 3 rooms; furniture for sale, cheap. Apply at IS Grant-st., near Lincoln Park, • TO RENT-THE COTTAGE HOUSE, 187 WEST Taylor-at., corner of Desplatoes; 6 rooms and pan tries, water and cisterns on premises, newly pointed and papered; Icnr rent to a good tenant. Apply at loan Office, 358 South Clart-at. TO RENT-PARTIES WISHING TO TAKE charge of a first-class boarding house and board own* ers for rent, address H 67, Tribune office. TO EENT—NO. 344 TYLER-ST.j 850. WILL SELL on easy sayments, O, B. THOMAS, 162 LaSalle-st-, Room 10, farst floor. . rrO RENT-DWELLING, 1184 PRAIRIE-AV.; BENT X $65. per month; 14 rooms. Apply to ROBT. BAB, No. l29Dearbom-at. % TO RENT-ELEGANT RESIDENCE, NORTH BIDE. 8 minutes’ walk from Const-House; 18 rooms; all modem improvements. JACOB O. MAOILL, 81 and Q South Clark-st, | ■ ■ - ■ TO RENT-A NEW GROOM HOUSE, CLOSE TO can; £3O; Rood location. JACOB O. MAGILL, SL and 83 South Clark-st. TO RENT—A VERY GOOD HOUSE. WITH 8 CHAM* bon and 3 doable parlors, all modem.improvements. In one of the Tory best locations in the city—on the lake shore—for the board of 3 very quiet people; good barn on tho premises; the best of reference given and required. Address HOME, Tribune office. TO RENT—OR SALE-CHEAP, GOOD HOUSES OS Jackson and'Adams-sta.; east of Callfomla-av.' Ad dress 1091 Jackson-st.. TO RENT-COTTAGE, 7 NEAT ROOMS, 18 BROWN it., one block from Bluo Island cars, - S3O per month. Inquire of 0. VALLIARD, onpremises. TO RENT-COTTAGE, 6 ROOMS IN GOOD RE pairs, Shnrtleffi-ar. and Thirtieth-it., S2O per month, in advance. TO RENT-TO A GOOD, PROMPT, PAYING TEN ant, house. No. 162 Walnat-st., containing 10 rooms, bath-room, water and gas; barn, also. .Address or apply O WNEB, 158 Walnat-st. ■ TO RENT-HOUSE, NO. 42TWENTY-FOURTH-ST., contains 10 rooms, bath, furnace, and gas fixtures ail in good repair; rent £75 per month. Inquire at No. Si South Fark-av. , TO RENT—CHEAP-TO A GOOD TENANT,. TKN room end basement bouse, gas, cistern, large bam, oto., onßowen-av., west of Cottage Grovo-av.: sign on bouse. J. L- hIc&EEVBB, 133 XaSallo-st., Room 18. TO RENT-3 STORY AND BASEMENT STONE front house, No. 335 North LaSalle-et. Two 2-atory and basement brick bouses on North La- Salle-st., comer Nortb-av. Two brick cottages on North-av,, near LaSaue-st. Two 2-story and oasoraent brick houses, near Lincoln Park and Belden-av. Famished bouse near Kenwood Station, with or with at. C stable. • _ _ • Apply to WM. O. DOW, Room 31, Tribune Building. TO RENT-FOR BOARdING-HOUSE-HOUSE OF 7 rooms. Forty-seventh-ft., first wost oi Clark, $23. B. O. GOODWILLIE, 131 South Clark-st, TO RENT—ERIE-ST., NEAR BOBBY—HOUSE U rooms, $35, or. first story, S2O; second, sl3. B. Q. OOODWILLIE. 134 South Clark-st. TO RENT—NEAT BRICK COTTAGE, 8 BOOMS. 9C5 Butterfield-st., S3O. R. C. GOODWZLLIB, 131 South Clark-st. TO RENT-NEAT COTTAGE. 3 ROOMS. 753 Fourth-st., near Oakley, $18; 4 rooms on Soymour tX., S2O. R. Q. GQODWILLIK, 131 Sooth Clark-st, TO RENT-A NICELY FURNISHED HOUSE, WITH barn, on Michfgan-av., north of Sixteenth-sh. and furniture for sale cheap, or will rent furnished for a term of years. 030 A R FIELD, 43 and 44 Oongrese-st. TO RENT—THE LOWER STORY OP COTTAGE northwest comer Green and Tyler-«ts., 6 rooms; possession Juno L .J. H. KEELER, 145 Clark-st-, cor ner Madison. . . TO BENT—THE FIRST FLOOR OF A HOUSE CON* taining 4 good rooms and oloeets, water in; also. a good wood shod, all in good order. 9 Henry-et. \Q RENT-631 WEST ADA3IS-ST., NEW BRICK L bouse, 14 rooms, octagon and south Wont, all modem nprovements; very desirable house and location* A. F.- fQBLE, Room 2 Tribune 801 l dang. 10 RENT-HOUSE OF 7 ROOMS. 263 FULTON-ST. TO RENT-FOR THE SUMMER, TO RESPONSIBLE - parties, a nicely famished house. Apply at 19 Aber deen-fit. TO RENT—UPPER PART OP COTTAGE, 6 ROOMS bosidos closets and pantry* cheap, to a responsible party; also. 3 rooms for small family, all in good repair, on Smith-si., 000 block west of union Park. O. J. CORSE, Room 10, 85 Dearbomst. ■ '■ TO RENT-703 WEST WASHINGTON-ST., 2-STORY and basement brick house, 10 rooms,-furnace,• range, bath, barn, 4c.; lnt7sfoot front; rent, 81, QUO per annum. Inquire of T. B. HONSINGER, 280 Psjk-ar. . • ' TO BENT—A STONE-FRONT, 3-STORY- AND basement corner bouse on Midugan-av.: will sell or ronttho furniture, Including paintings, if desired. Terms reasonable to satisfactory parties.-Aodross £ 67, Tribune office. ' . ‘ • TO RENT—VERY CHEAP—A FINE STORE ON Jackacn-st., just west of State., 25x70; new and well finished. Apply to A. N. KELLOGG, 77 and 79 Jack- SOD.St. ~ • * ' ~ . TO RENT-THE X dwelling, with good bam* situated 1371 Michlgao-av.; water, gas, Ac.; rent only 841.67 per month.- Apply to H. Q. STONE, Room 9,146 East MadUon-st. • TO RENT—4B HAMILTON-AV.. 9 ROOMS; ALSO. 353 Hubbard-st., 7 rooms; $2» per month-. COB- 1 THELL, Room 13, I£3 Dcarbom-st. i TO RENT—42S MAY-ST., SIX ROOMS, PANTRY, end closet, with water, to a respectable family, . IO RENT-PART OF A FURNISHED COTTAGE. X from Jnne 1 to Oct. or Nov. 1, situate north of Lako* at./ near Lincoln, West Side. Address E 25, Tribune office. ' • ■ ‘ t r RENT-FIRST FLOOR OF HOUSE NO. 73 Marebfield-av., Srcoms-andcloseta; rent, S4O. IO RENT—SI 3 NORTH DJSARBORN-ST., U ROOM 0; modern Improvements, desirable location. Inquire at Sigel-st., or 3 Chamber of Commerce. • ■ TO BENT-3 OB 4 ROOMS IN A NEW BRICK . • building. Bam la the rear. Apply at US Miller-st. TO RENT-HOUSE OF 10 ROOMS, FURNISHED, with or without barn, 1%65 Pralrie-av. Inquire on prctu ises, orW. D. ALLEN, Florist, HI Statist, _ TO BENT-A SPLENDID HOUSE, 9=»i SOUTO Daarbom-st.,corner Thirty-ninth; only s39per month. Inquire of J. W. GOULD, 9& rItENT-?9 NORTH PKOIUAST.. A LAEOK FUR nished front room, snitahle for 2 gentlemen or gentle man and wife. . • ■ TO EEKT-HODSE NO. EOO WEST JACKSON-ST., elegantly furnished, to a good tenant, .at £135 ijet month. • * c ■' O RENT—A NICELY iUimSHED HOUSE OF,IO rooms, on the West Side, to partiM who will bwnd o persons). Address Y S4, Tribone office. O RENT-HOUSE NO; £3 COTTAGE-PLACE.' Baipar BlnA BClftUi-rt.. Boon 11. . j COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. TO RENT-HOUSES. LARGE 8-STORY TO H£NX~HOTJS£S. rro KENT-BY WSL H. SAMPSON A CO., BEAL X Eetato and Renting Agency, 144 LaSalle-st., Otis Block: SOUTH DIVISION. Two-story and basement brick bouse. No. 138 Via - -oemies-av.— —— ——- ——• _Three new S-rtory frame" houses, Nos. 23, SI, and 28 Thlrty-serenth-eu, 10 rooms each: rent, 840 permonth. Completely furnished bouse of 10 rooms on Langley-av., nearlnlrty-elgbth-it,; rent, 31,200paryeor.- - • brick residence, corner Prilrio-ar. and Tkenty thlrd-at,, 90 rooms, .. -S® Suto-st., 9 stories and basement, sl,9ooper year. • Two-story and basement brick house*, 4* 47, and 4? Long ley-st,, near - "iTwoiatoiy and basement brick bouses on Thirty-eighth, n., w rooms each.. Very desirable residence on Mlchigan-av., near Har mon-court; furniture new, and for sale./ . . , - Tiro-story and basement brick bouse, 138 Vincennea-av. 'Parlor floor and basement’of 674 "Wabash-ar.. suitable • for a restaurant. * Titt , "WEST DIVISION; : • House on Laflia-et», nearMonroo-et., 10 rooms, modern order, about s3oowonh, for sue. . . New 2-story frame bouse at Norwood station. 9 rooms: gas and gas-fixtures in the bouse; rent, *SO per month. • 183 Beoocca-st., 3-story and basement name house. 10 .rooms- .. ,v . . V - fora boarding- May-ct., arooms, upper part of brick house. &?V^£ T 3i ton ; !rr *» 9 rooms, *SO per month. North Cnrtis-at,, 5 room*. $25 por month. West Tnylor-st., comer Throop-st., 3-story and base “wt hricJc house, 13 rooms, 833.83 per month. Jilo • 11 rooms. $720 per year. 409 West Madison-st., marble front house, 14 rooms, ew house on Madison-st., near Lea vie, 14 rooms. buibieia 011 Madison-st., 60 rooms, doing a flrst-clasa 7j>HonorO-et., 10 room month Tyler-st., brick honse, 10 rooaa, $75 par Insdai »/ 8 or 9 rooms, SOOO per year. ’ mansu bona ® 3TJ Walnufr-st., 7 rooms, S3O per x , - . NORTH DlYlfllOif. * NjrthDearbom-st., 15 rooms. a«d basement stone j£%SSS’” Brfh ‘ ,t - *“ “■« Im ‘ ne4r ßayroad,s room*. s *“»« * , * o > Houses and stores for rent, rents collected. Ac. WM. H. SAMPSON * CO.. T°e^NT-_?9R SE 2 AND ROOMS BY j7m. MAR- A_ CO., Reol’Eatata Broker*. Rotimaq *r,A 10 MKT-nOCSEg AKD EOOMS BT5r5. MAR. liw iltei oo - Real Elllta Srokaw, Boom. 9 and 857 Tweaty-toorth-et., S2O. 147 Forejt-ar., 6 rooms. $25. 244 Wabash-*T., entire building. . 823 Michigan-ar.. 3-story building, 3150. *JVaroon-aT., la rooms, slw. i??*. a f T ? a ' av *» lu rooms sod barn, S7O. licoPrairio-ar. 5 rooms, S3O. 5->3SontaCl*rk-st., uo-atairs, $45, 435 Bcatb Clark-st., 10 rooms, S7O. - 858 West Madlaon-st., 7 rooms. $65. 474 West Taylorat., 15rooEns,$80. 3 Twelf th-st. • 9 Tvrelitb-st. • 11 Twelfth-si. Mm, sleeplog-rootns la Reaper. Speed’s, McCormick. M.iKrataolkTjilock., .nd .t Ilf. A m 3 130, MiS WS Sooth OW-ft Apply to J. jl. MAItSHAJLLiCO., feigii;*” l Block - 97 Soatu o, “ k -“-» m° RENT—-BTO.B. LACEY A CO., 113 DEAR- X bom-it.; No. 83u WostMonroe-«t., 3-story brick,'ll Ji ode l°, l , t ?2 rc T ei aant«. tine grounds, b*m.-81C0. Noe.7l3and7ll Wssbtogtou-av. 712-11 ll^ov^ e a t f. barn. S6O. 714-storo and 5 rooms, $45. • 2jo* &• story frame, gas and water. 38 zooms« will rent separate floors, or rooms to suit - * btowxrt-av., 3-story frame, 8 zooms, 635. S? I*, 1 *, 4 flower back) rooms, sls. Ml and 935 West Adams-st., 8 rooms each, $lO. •**?fe l s fae “ t v COTl ? or WwtTw ® l * t fc anddlntoMte., hall. 36x76 feet, $10; basement, 48x70, $25. » «««. WestTayior-st., upperdoor, Brooms, $35, Ittolndlans-av.. upper floor, 5 rooms, $35. lloosepn Arnold-»t. for sls per month to a party that will pay 5 months’ teat to advance, worth $25, a rooms, lower part of house on Dayton-at., for S3O; worm S4O. «* fpO EENT HOUSES IN GOOD LOCATIONS. TO RENT-HOUSES, 2-STOBY FRAME, NOB, 2 and 80 On Thlrty-serenth-st-, near EUis-av.; good re* Salx: 10 rooms; choice neighborhood; reasonable rent. . E, WELLS,' 188 Doarboro-at. .... TO RENT-NO. 19X KLUS-AV.-3-STOEY AND ' basement stone*front; water and gaa; bath-room, and very near hone and steam can. Three good boose* at Hyde Park, near steam-cars. In noire of ULRICH A ROND, 87 Dear bom-it. TO RENT-HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF FIFTH* at. and Adama-et,, containing 63 rooms; bath room, water closets, laundry, hot and e»M water. Apply to owner on the premises. . ' TO RENT—TWO-STORY FRAME DWELLING, NO. 297 Mlchlgan-av.; rent, 91,500, or reserving two rooms, 81.000. Apply to J. O. FARRINGTON, oflce ol OEO. C. CLARKE, Rooms 3 and 4. Bryan Block. TO RENT—FRAME DWELLING WITH BARN, COB* . ner JLake-st. and Wahpanaeh-ay. In Quire at 61 EUlo* av., sameblock. TO RENT-NEAT 9-ROOM COTTAGE AND LARGE Jot, Warren-ar,, oonwr Oakley; trait, shrubbery. and shade trees. 8. DELAMATEB, &5 Washing ton-at. TO RENT-NEW BRICK TENEMENT, AT T. MOD, am improvements. West Madison-st. Cheap, House two blocks from Madison and Hoyue-st*.; will rent to two families—§so. House on Warren-av., near Oak* ley-st., 855. GEO. D. PEASE, 79 West Madlion-«t. TO RIiNT—A VERY DESIRABLE RESIDENCE ON Pralrie-av., north of Twentiath-at.; large bam and E 3ends: 8150 per month, barn rents for $25, making the use only §ilo. Address Y 6, Tribune office. rpO RENT—2-STORY AND BASEMENT MARBLE. X front residence, U rooms, 1028 Waba*h-av, Inouire of FEED. W. PECK, Rooms, Nixon’s Building. TO RKNT—HOUSE 110 LOOMIS-ST. CHAOS & ABELL, 184 Dearborn st. TO RKST-A, VERY DESIRABLE• IS-ROOM house, with clotoU and all modem Improvements and in Rood order, near Union Park; Addrose H S9. Tribuna office. rpO. RENT-HOUSE OF 9 ROOMS, FURNISHED A or unfurnished, with itsblo trro acres of ground, corner Indiaco-av. and Fifty *e«cond-ft., near grand boulevard art park, within a few minutes walkfrom steam ears. Rent very moderate. Apply on prealies, oi TO, RENT-HOUSE 195 FOURTH-AY., 10 BOOHS, gas and water, 8 closets. Inquire at 231 Twenty, oith-at. TO EEST-A TWO-STORY FRAME DWELUNQ No. 70S West Madison-ct., containing 9 rooms, with closets, water, gas, and marble mantel. Apply at No. 687 West Moaroe-et,,- two doors facia Honore-st. TO REST-FIBSr-Or.ASS HOUSE, JUST FINISH od, 14 rooms, with all modem improvements, hot and cold water,-bath-rooms, eto., in a firsbclasa neighbor hood ; owner wishes board, three in family; house not far okhed; will furnish part; a private family with grown no ehildren preferred. No. 1 barn on premises; house No. 199 South Faulina-st. Inquire at 230 snrf 337 stale st. MB. FLETCHER. TO fl RENT—COTTAGE, STATE-ST. AND FORTY A nrst-flt.. o rooms, new; $35 per month. S if MOORE A fcUMMCfds. 119 and la Lass££rt7 TO HEST-B-ROOM FURNISHED BOUSE; PART rone can bo paid in boarding owner. Adores# B 53. Tribune office. TO RENT—B-STORY, BASEMENT, AND SUB-CEL *ar marble-front honso; all modem improvements. In eluding furnace. No, 830 West WaahJixgtfln-st. Apnlyal N0.857 West RSndolph-st. for terms. TO RENT-WEST 61DE-A FINE HOUSE OF lo rooms, large and beautiful grounds; location excel tent. Rent S?UO per annum. 307 Warren-av. mO RENT-AT IS ELDRIDGE-COUBT. FURNISHED A and unfurnished rooms. Also furnished basement. House has all modem Improvements. TO RENT—A GOOD HOUSE OF 8 BOOMS, 203 Sooth Wood-ft.; rent cheap. Apply 225 Park-ay. r RENT—TO A RESPONSIBLE PARTY, HOUSE partly famished, near Union Park; nice ground*, garden, and barn. Owner wishes board. Call'tor three days alter the Sabbath, from I to 6p. m., at 148 Walnut at., comer of Lincoln, one block from can; references required. TO BENT—A NEAT COTTAGE OP 7 ROOMS, NO. 651 Bomsido-st. (South Dearborn), and furniture for sale. The furniture is nearly all new, and to any one in want, a good bargain will be given. Inquire at the house, or at Nos. 5a and 60 South W&ter-aL W. 5. DIX. TO RENT—THREE ELEGANT NEW BRICK houses, aQ modem improvements; 14 rooms, lake view, comer Isdiana-av. and Twelfth-st.; rout, «I,OW>, or for sale at a bargain. Call on owner, at houses. S. WHITTIER. TO RENT-NORTH SIDE, NEAR CARS. UPPER part of cottage, S2O; lower. sl4; house over store, $18; all 6rooms. A. T.GALT, 77Dearbora-rt., Room 11. TO RENT—DWELLING-HOUSE, NO. 42 NORTH May-et, nine (9) rooms, beside* closets and pantries, hot end cold water, gas fixtures, Ac, Inquire, for par. Uculars, at RICHARDSON A BRAOKBUS&S coal yard, comer Carroll and Morgan-ata, TO RENT-HOUSE 738 WEST MADISON-ST.. COR. net Lincoln, has 8 rooms, besides bath-room, pantry, and closets; all rooms lead into the hall; well arranged; references exchanged. Inquire at store. • rpO RENT—HOUSE OF to ROOMS AND CLOSETS, X modem traprovemeata. No. 817 Sooth Poxk-av., near Twonty-nlnth-»t. r RENT—FURNISHER HOUSE, IQ ROOMS, 840 per month, and board for one; newly papered. W alaot-st. . TO RENT-COTTAGE HOUSE, FIVE ROOMS AND basement, at 44S Amold-at. Inquire at 205 Flfth-ar. TO RENT-TWO NEW HOUSES, 6 ROOMS. GOOD neighborhood,six minutes’ walk from Union Park. O. W. PHAN, 133 Sooth Ciark-at., Room 15. TO,RENT-UOUSB,AND LOT. NO. U62 SXATE-ST. McKinnon a marsh, is! ciark-n. TO RENT-FURNISHED, FOR THE SUMMER, A small brick bousein a desirable locality, on the South Side, to a small, private family who can famish satisfactory references. Address N 9, T rib one office. rpo RENT—COTTAGE OF 6 ROOMS WITH BARN, X 6EO Fnltou-si. Inquire at Room 36,163 Bandolph-st. TO RENT-TW.O-BTOBY FRAME BUILDING, S3 Hubbard-st-, containing 9 rooms and 3 closets; will be’ rented cheap to good rsspoc table people. Apply at 150 North De«piaines-et. TO BENT—OR FOB SALE-TWO FIRST-CLASS brick houses. Nos. 91 and' 91 Walnat-st., 10 rooms and cellar each; all roodsra Improvements, and In'the boat of order. Apply to S. A- TAYLOR, 121 LaSalle-sfc., Boom 7. • • ' TO BENT-COTTAGE, 177 WALNUT-ST.*, ALSO, lower half of house 22 Habbard-st. ELA A PAR. WER, 154 Washlngton-at. • Room S5. TO BENT-FOR THE BUMMER, A FURNISHED cottage on Wabasb-ar., to a gonUemaa ami wife. Ad* drees H &. Txibnae office. TO RENT-NEW AND COMPLETE STONE FRONT, 11 rooms, 666aad6€3Monroe-st. luo Wood-at.. 11 rooms, English basement. . 669 Moaree-at., 9-room bouse. 114 Aberdeen-st-, 10 rooms, modem fanproTcmenUAnd bam. • ■ - - 45 South Groen-st., front 6 rooms, cheap. For terms call at 618 Moaroe-st. TO RENT—COMPLETELY FURNISHED HO USB on Langley-av. ncarThirtyelghth-st.; 10 rooms, mod em Improvements; also, good barn: rent, 81,20) a year. Apply to -W. H. SAMPSON & kiito »ad Banting Agoaqr, m InSalla-st.. Omfeloct. fpO RENT-830 PER MONTH-NICE 7-ROOM COT- X tage and barn, on South Side, sear can. W. M JACKSON, 118 and 120 MonroSsU TO RENT—BAS F. MENT FLOOR, 4 ftnowa, rjnny\ repair, gas and water. 75 South B*ng«mpn-»t. * fpO_ RENT-HOUSE 19 COTTAGE-PLACE, CON- X venieal to steam and street cars. Rent 845 per month. Key next door. j ; « » TO BENT-J-SXOKT DTTKtXINQ. NO. gSOBTH AdA-rt.; SJlMlti; 7 rKmc • OMAB BUSHKEId* laiDaaibeni-it.; Eo«a»ll«i4u. . • 13

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