Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 25, 1873, Page 15

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 25, 1873 Page 15
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WANTED- -HALE HELP. Bookkeepers, Clerks. Etc XWSsinUißKroceiTbmiintiss. wtio cm tlUrEnsUall ApW»tlMHenq-.t. MAN (AMERICAN) THAT ~to to good.. Jfo. 1293'SUte-st.'-- Tyrrn EOQK-KfiEP KR—ONE "WHO HAS HAD In builder*’ hardware, and can v5S?GeSan lanm»««o preferred. Addreu, statin* Hl2. Tribuna office. ~ WHO IS :WELL 4fEC£* voulng man. stopping with cashier. Inquire at GOLDEN TEA earn'"' Twenty-iec oad-et. and Indiaaa-av. grfiKTED—A YOUNG MAN IN A J GROCER’ at 101 Fourtcentfa-st. - • TvtTvTED—A SMART BOY' CORRECT AT FIG. \V nres. as easier. Mart live with his parents, end " rcconnncmdcd as to honesty. InquiroatW. B. ggfppgA CO.’S, 119 State-*!.. Monday morning. Trades. tttANTED— STR/CW HAT AND BONNET: PRESS- and blockers. Apply to J. O. STRAIN A CO.’S g T Jj W pat and Bonnet Bleacnery, 250 State-et. tttaNTED-1 COMPOSITOR. APPLY AT 55 -WRS: VV Lake-st. • ■ - ’ ? ; - - W- —iKTED-SIX GOOD CARRIAGE PAINTERS AT F. -£* OANDA A CO.’S Car Works, Blno Island-av. • gnd Robey-sts. ANTED—AN EXPERIENCED MALE COOK FOB W. » factory xneaa. EXCELSIOR BRICK CO., 77 pgarbom-rt. ; - ' TXTiANrED—TWO EXPERIENCED HOUSE-PAINT. If or*:none other*need apply. Coll this morning at No. SSOmest Madison-st., or Afonday morning at shop on West«rn-ar., one door south of MadUoa-st. TTfANTED-A boy assistant to A jV ._bacger; none butnneat paatear.need apply, in basement 166 South Peoria-st. -riTANTED GOLD GILDERS. AT; ISO AND 133 M ..Monroe-st. B. B. APPLEBY. : *rrrANTED-A PHOTOGRAPH ARTIST. WAGES .Jf g3sper weak." Address Y 33, Tribune office.-. ■ ■tryANTED—A EIKST-CLASS • yjF sewedand pejrgod work, at 10 TTI-ANTED-A carpenter to do general YY work around a packing house; one who has a general knowledge of machinery and willing to do anything. To such a one good-wages will bo paid, by tho month or Quarter, as he may-choose. Nono other need apply- . m> ■Archer-av. - XI rANTED—TWO ACTIVE CARPENTERS. GOOD ; VV job. 542 Tyler-st, - - Wabash-av. Gallery, 28 West Handolpa-st. WANTED-TWO GOODMAN TO^PUT TOGETHER inside blinds. . Apply »t ALLEN A BARTLETLii :PUntn g aijli, etc., 443 to 451 West Van Buren-st. “WANTED-A CARRIAGE JPAINT ■VV er, to take charge of a paint*shop, at 239 Sonth •Canal-st. ■ ; -rrr 4 fmr TV—TWO FIRST-GLASS BARBERS. 164 V» State-st., northwest corner Monrooet. TIT"ANTED—I OB 2 TAILORS FOR CUSTOM WORK Yl week. Apply 170 Cottage Grove-av. WANTED-2 OR • S EXPERIENCED W fitters and layers at the Chicago Carpet Cleaning* coro<>r anted-coenice-makees S AND tin-eoof era: steady work the year round; wages from £3to oi B0 per day; none but good men need apply. JOHN £).* MORRISON, 298 Dovor-st., Boston, Maas. iSTED-OSE HIEST-CLASS WOOD WORKER on jobbing and now work, at 769W0«t Madiaon-Bt. Vrr A N TED -TWO FIRST-CLASS WINDOW-SHADE W AndCTrtahi upholsterers. E. F. HOLLISTER & CO., 131 and 133 State-st. ■ - •-nTANTED—A HBSI-CLASS STRIPPER AND VV finisbor at J. H. KUNE’S, oomor of Clinton and __—- ANTED —30 FIRST-CLASS UPHOLSTERERS” Trtth tools, to go at work Immediately. Apply at wrb*yer*TobeyFarmturo Co., 778tato-sU • 1 *TnrrANTED—A BOY OR YOUNG MAN WHO HAS * VT worked six monthsor a yoarat the printing business, Xoxa. is, Central Union Blook. I VANTED—I BAR-MILL HEATER AND S GOOD first- Qtio. • - ?*4l. fIED—TAILORS—THREE MEN TO WORK TUX oaatam pants. Call to-day at 113 Orchard-st. '' m %x>_A COMPETENT JOB PRINTER,- AT . Tr WPAINTER3—THOROUGH WORKMEN, WASTE ’hope Tuwvt apply. 344 West _nonn at 6, Monday morning. ■' > °* t . h *:- iT B(3tf SOUTH STATE-ST., -A GOOD \Y7* ,(3*4f to-day or Monday forenoon. W” r' : HOOD BLACKSMITH, .-ADODS ANTED—A r‘ tTTt *R hammers end -fine edge - tamed to fo TOs>' ApplyJ. F. DUFFY, 149 tools; first-class wv V>» - Falton-ei. . ■ ■■ Coaohm« ’. ■nrANTED-MAN TCT «t 27 and W andcarriage In aTprivat efamily, A l '*’*' S North Mgrket-rt- - tirtvCTG TITANTED—BOTT TTHO W" 73 W md taking coJ.-e of liorsos; ° r ‘ -drod. old; and be. 'rd, roftsonce reqv, , Apply at 171 South ‘CUxk-st. . . yinenll fttiam U» “WASTED—M3SN IN EVERY COUNTY,- -W and State, to sell our now bntvm-h ueefilo-Uireadlng. thimble. Agents th^tw.*h ; ■SEI i»TomonrsL*id limeby buying direct c\ thomaan Iscturoze, at 89East Madi*in-st., Room 6. a YOUNG MkN. SWEDE, TO VAff “IT oare of a horse and coir, and work in the gas 1 Apply st Doris* Stables, corner of Paulina and \yaa Dnren-sts. • •“T7FTANTED— TRAVELERS OP AU 1 VV trades who desire a specialty, to sell on commission^ to address P. O. Fox 22, Nonda, 111. * WANTED—A STRONG BOY TO WORK ON A VV faun. Apply' Monday to H. M. SEAVEY, 189; lnka-Et. . ___ “WANTED-OANV“ASSERS FOR USEFUL GOODS. VY of ready sale; kvo money by calling before you buy, ( <oa A. M. RICHARD. U)N. 146 Madisoa-st.. .. j "NT ANTED AN I VPPRENTICE IK AN AEC HI-! Vi tect's office. Ar ply to L. O. HALLBEHG, Room| 37 McCormick’s Block,' comer of Randolph andDcar-f born-sta. .1 TI TAKTED—IN AWH DLESALE HOUSE, A SMART, ■ 17 industrious boy, wbois a good and rapid penman, to run errands, and mak* »himself generally uflainlintisgsf g5 a week. Address, in < wn handwriting, stating age, £» care Letter-Carrier No. I B. ~ TITANTED—TWO WA ITER BOYS, SMART* AND VV neat, at Board of T. ads Lunch Boom, rear or 121 LaSalle-at- : WANTED-A BOY TO "WORK IN KITCHBaf, AND •Vi one in dining-roc hi. Apply at LAURIE EOTRT-, Canal and Modi ion-eta. •' •WANTED—AN ADVEI fcTXHING SOLICITOR FOR-' • If. a first-class weekly p tzper of largo circmation. a».v liberal commission and per zcandut situation wm be glrea \ •to the right party. Addrt as, giving reference, -JP- O. > Drawer £3O, Chicago. ] ' I WANTED— 25 LIVE CANVASSER ON SALARY? or commission. SUTTON A MONTAGUE,I7I East Uadis on-st., Room 9. Call 2t053 P- m. - WANTED—A LAD, 16 OB .IB a YEARS OLD; •if steady work, at 129 North Hi lited-st.* in basemen.. Apply this morning. J, L. STRAI ’fAHAN, WAKTED-AN ACTIVE. GEN TEEL BOY 15 OB 16 ,l» years of age, to travel with a n entertainment. Ad dress £ 51, Tribuna office. TWANTED—A. BOY’FROM 16 T« 118 YEARS OF AGE, if one living with his parents oa North Side preferred. • Inquire at 26 North Clark- it- - .WANTED—A FEW YOUNG- * MEN FOB HARP IT work. Addressß3s j WANIED-a ENEEGICTTO THAT UNDER fV .stand sewing-machines. Call Doom 2, No. -j WANTED— TRAVELING SALESMA N . TO , fire-works; those aefllng other lines lerred. Apply at 43 South Clark-st., in - v?£ 0f ® Goa Srore, Monday and Tuesday. ■ CHAS. MOBK WANTED—MEN AND WOMEN IN CliW AND , TV country, to sell Prof, Henry's non-explosiN'®':^® 1 "' pound for kerosene oil: $8 a* day easily marie on annul Ital. A. RAY, S3B Lakeyst. T\TANTE—FOUB TRAVELING SALKiVMEN W> VH it good roforexjco. Nodead-beatsor bo.ißty-jumve*® need apply. 178St*te-Bt., Room 15. TTTANTKD-A good smart boy, at tkb T» Oriental Steam Laundry, 420 West Rondc dph-st. TIT ANTED—GOOD SALESMAN IN A OR OOEETj Tf. one'wnoislamlliArwttiitho'WeatSido trade p reierrca nnat giro good references, tCS "West Adams-st. _ W ANTED-A S JIAET BOY TO ATTEND WAB WSS 1 1 machines and as one Lae. pall to-day at WILLS ('>'* laundry, 2 91 and 299 State-st. , ■'RTAKTED—A YOUNG MAN TO DO GENKR work In a hit store. Inquire at MACKENZIE , lOE&rtMadison-st. . , WANTED-AN OFFICE BOY. AT BOOM 10, TRIE ’• *» unaßuilding;. Apply only between Band 6 o’clock - p. to. . - • W ANTED—Jt MAN (GERMAN) WHO UNDEB tI-stands English.. and who understands gardening ana the care of bones and cows. None but a thoroughly competent man need apply. 19 Major Block. Ty ANTED—B BOYS TO FINISH CHAIRS; THOSE _» T who hare worked at the business; steady work. 211 East Monrog-st. ‘ ' T\TANTED—3 OR4 GOOD FARM HANDS. APPLY '' at HORTON’S dtnfpg.mnme, 76 West Randolph -st- TyANTED—A YOUNG MAN WITH 8600 TO 5800 > T to take exclusive charge of the retail department of a well established manufactory in the centre of tho city. Address A 50, Tiibnno office. ‘ TyAKTED-MA?? AP.TvB Tn T KTTF.TZ VTTRE CHARGE »i of a mill in the country, owing to tho ill health of tho owner. Salary, sl,S® per annum, with residence, fuel, and the produce or tho farm; must be able to deposit 81.500 for which security on the real estate worth $20,000 ■will be given. Preference would be given to apracucal PiUlcr. BOH.VIN & CO.. 4S Sooth Clark-sf. Room 7. MUSICAL. A VEST FINE MELODEON IN ROSEWOOD CASE for sale, or exchange for a baggy, horse, aud harness, >r a fine gold watch and chain; will pay any cash diner* race. Can be seen at Room 7, 48 South Clork-st. • - Host do without a piano when you can C buy a good-toned, 7-octave, with carved legs and ele pmt rosewood case for S3W. It will pay you to invest 10 gats to ccme and aso It 251 Park ar ; . » ' pOR SALB-KNABK PIANO AT A GREAT BACRX JL flee; mnstbesoldat once. Call at Roam 23, No. 13) .{garbom-st,, after 7 o’clock Monday, or address 0 63, j tribane office.' * • FOR SALE—CHEAP—ONE 7-OCTAVE PIANO IS wood order, Sl5O. Also one Eater organ, noarlynew. U- ROGERS. 177 East Madison-st., Room 9. POR SALE-FOKOED SALE —SSSOWILL BUY NEW P £nt-c!iss pUlio t£t cost £BOO. JAS. B. STOREY, “ sad 86 LaSalle- st,, Room 35. ----- . GET THE BEST AND CHEAPEST. THE NlCH oJaon Organ is retailed at the factory, 63 East Indiana-* rc* Race. »50to$&u0. . . : . TO RENT—PIANO—7-OCTAVE, OVERSTRUNG rosewood cover, full tone; WANTED—FEMALE HELP. 'TOTANTED—9O GOOD DININGROOM GIRLS. IM- Vr mediately, for the city. Call at the corner or Lake sad 8 p. m-and 6 p.-m..- Isouire lor j. McNamara. « WANTED —A- GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework In a email family; good wages, Apply at SSlTylcfrflt,, .poar.Contre»av» - *\\ r ‘ ANTED—A GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND ¥4 -iron*-r who can give good references: wages liberal. Call at 610 ilichigan-av. • i T^JAKTED—A-GIRL TO BO GENERAL HOUSE-, f f v.irk, at Erantton. Apply or ftddreu JOE SOM ERS, 103 West Randulph-fit. • TXf ANTED—A GOOD GIRL. SMALL PRIVATE TT family. 'Apply at SMS E&st Indiana-st/ ,■ : : WANTED— A GOOD GIRL IN A PRIVATE FA?i ily of throe, to take Iho entire charge. Bring refer ences from last place. 3u5 Sodgwlck-aU, up-stalrs. * WAKTED-A GOOD, PLAIN COOK, WASHER, and ironar. Apply at 10 Bldridge-court. Also a din ins-room girl. WANTEO-A. GIRL TO DO GENEBALHOUSE work for a family of throe parson*; no children. Ad dress S, care of OatriorNo. 1. Will give good reference {in exchange. . • . - . . WANTED GOOD COOKS, WASHERS. AND iror.ors for private families. MU* Barton’s Intclll gence Oißce, 883 Stato-st., entrance on Eightecnth-st. ~ * TA7ANTED—AT 747 74IOHIGAN-AV., IMMEDIATE -Vi ly, cornpotontcook;references required. WANTED— A YOUNG GIRL TO ASSIST IN TAK . ing care of two children, one who can sleep at homo nights preferred. Apply at 274 Blue Island-av., in grocery store. Call on Monday. ‘ TU’ANTED - A GOOD, COMPETENT GIRL TO -V V - cook and do gonsral housework in a family-of two: good wages to the right kind. Gall on Monday at No* .la Egaa-av. (Thlrty-ninth-si.). ■ TjCTAHTED-A YOUNG GIRL TO ASSIST IN DOING VV general housework in a small private family . Apply nt 857 West Tylor-st. • - - - ~ CaUto- ttt ANTED— IMMEDIATELY, ONE FIRST-CLASS W dininj-room girl, with references, at $52 Iddiana^ay. WANTED —A GIRL FOR GENERAL HODSE wort. Apply at 44 Laflin-st. Monday; no Irish.-- «. COOK.' CALL AT.6iO SOUTH VY Canal-rt. ~ ‘ •- - • - BOOTMAKER Ol 1 East Twellth-st. WAKTED-A GIRL TO COOK. WASH,. AND IRON tV at 7£6 West Lakc-st,; $4 a weak. Como prepared to stay. ' ' " "' “'• ’ " '' ITrANTED-AFIRST-CLASS COOK, WASHER, AND VY ironor in a small family in Oak Park; bert of refer ences required; German girl that can-speak English pre ferred. Apply, between 10 and 11 a. m., at Boom 57 Bry an \i WANTED-A GOOD GERMAN GIRL TO COOK, wash, and iron in a private family, at 70 Park-av., corner Fago-st., West Side. Call Monday. . . • • "TITANTED A GIRL FOB GENERAL HOUSE .YI work. Apply at 163 South Roboy-at., near Jackson. W ANTED—A GIRL AS GENERAL SERVANT. AP_- ply at 45 Tbirty-aoventh-Bt.. near Cottage Grove-av. “WANTED-A NURSE GIRL. APPLY AT 1323 WA VY bash-av., Monday morning, after 9 o’clock. WANTED-TWO GIRLS, OR WOMEN,' OB MAN and wife, and one girl, for farm In Iowa; steady place; Apply at 11 a. m. Monday, MRS. BATES, 10 Pock-court. ' TTTANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE- Y Y work fora family of four. Call at 546 Battorfield-et. “WANTED-A GOOD COOK AND DINING-ROOM VY girl immediately, at 1131 State-at.; boat of pay. ■ WANTED— GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK. Gorman, English, or Scotch: at Lake View; small family. Inquire at S3 Harket-st. LaNDQN. . WANTED-A GIRL TO COOK, WASH, AND Y Y iron. Apply at 190 South Pcoria-st. . - - • “WANTED—A GOOD GIRL; MUST BE A GOOD VY cook, washer, andlroner, at 43 South Carpenter-* t., near Madison. ’ TTTAKTED-A GOOD COOK; WASHEB, AND VY ironor. At 955 Indian a-av. • - TTrANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL YV housework in a email family. Apply to H. GOUR LAY, 336 Archer-av. . WANTED— GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work, at 1346 Pralrle-av. WANTED— A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework, at 631 Washington-av. •’TSTANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE VV -work for a small family. Apply No. 913 Fulton-et. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS GERL, .THAT GAN cook, wash, and iron. Call on Monday at 55 Park er., one block weet of Union Pork. WANTED— GENERAL SERVANT, BY AN ENG lish family, 411 Calumot-av., near Thirty-first-st. An oozy and comfortable situation may bo found by a re spectable and agreeable girl. Good wages vill be paid. WANTED-A SERVANT TO DO GENERAL HOUSE VVwcrk; must bo a good cook, washer, and Ironor. Call for two days at 45 Fourteen th-et., Sooth Sldoi WANTED— TWO COMPETENT GIRLS, ONH TO oook, wash, and iron, and second girl; references required. Apply at first house north of Fullerton-ar., on ~ Orchard-st. ; ■ TTTANTED—A GOOD GERMAN GIRL; ONE WHO VV- understands cooking; no washing. Apply- at 151 Twenty-first-st. ‘ - WANTED-A GIRL 'TO .DO GENERAL HOUSE work at 8&0 Weet Madieon-st. ANTED—A CLEAN, HONEST GIRL TO ASSIST in the housework of a email family. Apply at 263>£ Thirtieth>it», near State. | WANTED— A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework at 1C33 Indiana-av. WANTED— FIRST-CLASS HELP AT THE TROY Laundry, 73 South Linooln-st., just south of Madl- WANTED-A COMPETENT GIRL (SOANDT narian preferred) for general housework at 1030 Mlchlgan'-av/ > ■ 'WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS COOK AT 117 SOUTH Sangamon-st. Apply Monday. ‘trr>Nl , ED--GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK W is" otsll family, Swedo or German proforred. Rof tttaKTEl>-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL VV at 156 South Park-av. German pre ferred. . ' .' ——! —: . y\' second work; a good cook wanted at 607 Wa h\»3i ar. WANTKD-GIKL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE VY US6 Mjchigan-av. •. ■ • - • GIRL TO DO HOUSEWORK. iltt7 Vinc3nnc3-sv.‘ • - * Tf TtTiTT , n A GO«OD GIRL TO ASSIST IN GEN• W^Sj^?nsAvofkr < APPD at 61$ gonth Canal- at.- - TTtInTED--A _ GOG& COOK AT THE POWELL Yf Milwaukee and Westem-ava. - WANTED-A COMPETENT GffiL TO .COOK. \V waahTaad iron; German preferred. Apply at 8.8 Frairio*ar. . ; ; ~ ■■ tuamed-a good second-girl, who can W Birfcood references, nnrt nqderßtsnds her tnsi p,ss, ntUfaMlchlgan-av-, nenrThlrtieth-st, ANTED—TWO KITCHEN - OIBMIAT BOARD of Trade Lonch Boom, rear of ISI LaSallo-st,, .ffood wages. : WWANTED—GOOD GIRL TOGO IN .THE QOUN VY irv. Abply at WSf Prairfe-ar. ' TWANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO COOK, WASH, VY and iron, at Tiß Uiohigan-aT. ■ ■■ '■ W' ANTED-A FIRST-RATE COOK.. AND A DlN tag-room and chamber girL Apply immediately to i 0 4 Wabaah-av. ' WrT-AVTFn-A GIRL—WILL MARY ANN ■ —. »V wiioßvodatSSa West Ailams-st., the summer of 71, ivlsase ecpd her address to F 71, Tribune office, SERVANT GIRL; MUST BE A GOOD it cook jraaher, andlronor: three In family- Apply at ; No .1 Bine Islam Lav-, corner Harrison-st. ‘ ~ WANTED-A -QQOD GER3IAN. NORWEGIAN, oS“roitNo. WLlto-ev.. fourth honao aonth of Thirty . Sfth-st. ' ■ ■ ATTTEP—TWO good girls, cook and chambermaid, at £29 Wabasb-sv. • •r~T~r a _a_ GIRL TO WASH DISHES AND DO W rrmk about» kitchen, taa South Dearborn (Bumride)-et., near Twenty-ninth. -r-g-r- a vTPn_nTPTA- ATX KINDS FEMALE_HELP A for city and country. Groat Weatern pr.rfn efi ß Exchange, Si Dnlpn-st., corner Washington. ttt a\TPD A GIRL •TO BO GENEABL HOUSE- W to a J»o, 1437 Ipdiana-av. *IX7ANTED—A SECOND OIBL THAT W stands TmltlDff on table. Call Monday moraine at 169 Arobor-ar, TTT ATfTFr*— A- GIRL TO DO GEKEBAIgOUSg- VY work at 461 Micblgon-av. - AKTKD-ATISX WEST MADISON-ST. A FIRST, class cook. WANTED— A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE* trork at 23 Warroa«c7., comer Ashland. ■ W : —Zkted-two gims, one AS COOK, wasii or, and Ironcr, tho othor as clrl, with bait of recommendations. Apply, for tbroe days, ftt 822 W»- bish-av. ANTED A GIRL TO COOK, WASH. ' ANy iron; to one competent, good wages, South Jef forsen-at. I rsVANTED-A GOOD GERMAN OB SCAHjODTA y\ c-irl for general homework in a einall fatnilj» ! J> a mitaam wages will bo paid. No.SiHam. ' Uton-»v., newMonroa andHoyno-etfl. \%~ T .wTRn_A WAITER-GIRL. APPLY AT THE Anclinr Coffee Rooms, comor Weit Lake and Do*- - ■ttetocs-eta. ' ; \ jirAKTKD-IN A FAMILY OF FOUR PERSONS,^ A Y ' -tcro good Scandiatrian girls, cook and second girl, •f W6 West Adams-st.; wagoa good. , ' ■rr 'ANTED-GIRL TO DO HOUSEWORK IN PRI- no Iriah need apply. Call at 493 West -Mad! r=pr VTED-GIBL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK YY i m . !l y Q * tg °t mQg t be a good cook. Applyatla Abcrdo. * * fl-i.VflOUaework for private family: good wages. hrefaxrncrc, 810 West Monroo-at. - L-A GIRL TO DO - GENERAL HOUSE- T\TJ_v <CaIl Monday, from Bto 13 o'clock- 629 Wa balh-av. Bc fertmccs required. ; ; ANTED- NURSE GIRL AT 1019 WABASH-AV. tttavteti A GTRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE!- HOPSE c^: HODSE vJr.CTFn A FIR.ST-CLAS.3 DINING-WOM GIRL Mono other agedappl^ '■m AKTED-A GiRL TO BO SRCONDWORK AT 100 ■ mor TO DO GHAM3ERWORK. SS?ata?o?o°o do (Wtrt» and'light liouaoTTorh. Anolr at®o4 Wabuh'AT* ■ - 1 Domestics. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: SUNDAY, MAY 25, 1873. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domestics" Continned. TTTANTED-A CAPABLE GIRL FOB GENERAL*' T T housework la a small private family; good wages to -oaa that .tin dors lands her business. ISOt Indlana-av. •nTANTED-A GIRL FOB GENERAL HOUSEWORK YT at r n ViDceanos-ST., two blocks south of Douglas House. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL work; also girl to take caroof children.'Apply at &d!odiana-ar, . . . ■ ..—. ‘TTTANTED—TWO GOOD GIRLS, ONE TO COOK Tt- wash;‘and iron; and one for second girl; Norwegian* or Swedes preferred; good wages. Apply immediately to £0 Do Puyster-st. WANTEDt*A GOOD GIRL TO DO PLAIN COOK log. Apply et i*9s State-Bt.♦ ■ - - "T\rANTED—IMMEDIATELY. 6 FIRST-CLASS DIN>. if ins-room girl*. Apply at the office of tbo B ARNES' HOUSE, Monday. - ; - • 1 "TITAKTED—FIRST-CLASS COOK FOR PRIVATE T.T boarding-house. Apply at 323 West Washington-' st., coroerof May; • - - , WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS'COOK AND WASH ing girl; good wage* paid for each a person that is wlliing'to go to-Highland Park.-'lnquire at 47 Twenty slxtb-et. -■ ■ • - TXT ANTED—A GERMAN OR SWEDE GIRL FOR jj general houecwoxk. small family, at 415 Warren-ay. WANTED-GOOD. EFFICIENT DINING-ROOM YY girl at 342 West Wa&hington-at. ' ~ WANTED— AFIRST-CLASS COOK, WASHER AND Ironor; who Is closn and nest, and con glfe good references. Apply at 1143 Wabash-av. ■ • TP-ANTED —A FJRST-CLASS CHAMBERMAID.’ i V Also, a young girl to help in the kitchen. Good wage*. Apply at 324 Wabash-av. STEADY, COMPETENT GIRL FOR if general housework; must bo good cook and laun dress; also, a good second girl wanted. No. 428 South l Park-av. .. TfTANTED-A COOK IN A PRIVATE BOARDING > V bouse: wages $7 a week; kitchen girl kept. Comer, of Paulioa and Twonty-socond-st. ’ WANTED— A GERMAN OR NORWEGIAN GIRL ■ Gull at 477 Fulton-st., Monday morning. -- ■-- . ■ ■ . . . X\rAyTET>-\ GOOD GIRL TO COOK, WASH, 'VV “ end Iron; reference required. ' Apply at 583 Adams st., on Monday, between 10 and 12 o’clock.. . WANTED A COMPETENT GIRL FOR SMALL fnjnily. Call tbi* morning at 713 .W eat Jacason-st., n?ar Lincoln.* ' ■ • * ~ WANTED— A GOOD COOK. APPLY MONDAY morning at Weber House, loC.WesfcXake-st. . , WANTED-AT THE IRVING HOUSE,I4B WABASH av., 6 dining-room girls. WANTED— 3 GOOD KITCHEN GIRLS AT THE Ogden House. Apply to tbo head cook. . 3 TO*ANTED—A COMPETENT GllUi TO; DO GEN „V V oral housework in a private family, at 21 Centre-av. WANTED— A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT GIRL to do general housework in a private family at 453 "West Jackion-it, . WANTED-AT THE PARKER HOUSE, CORNER Madison and Halstcd-sts.. girls for washing dishes and scrubbing, ' ' -' WANTED-A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT COOK in a first-class private boarding-house. Apply at 1300 Prairic-av. - - - GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE • work at 47 South Carpenter-st, . .. TTTANTED—TWO GOOD GIRLS FOR GENERAL •VV housework. Call immediately at 100 or 123 Lako-av.-, south of Tblrty-sercnth-st., on lake shore. WANTED-A GIRL FOR SECOND WORK. CALL VV trough the week at 310 Mlchigan-ay. ANTED—A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work. Apply at SIS Fnlton-at. • ; WANTED— A GOOD OOOK FOR A FAMILY OF 8 persons; good wages, and a good girl will receive the best of and a giod large room to sleep In: -references required. Apply to T. M. BURKITT, 117 South Franklin-st. • TTTANTED—A GOOD COOK IN A PRIVATE VV boarding-house; no washing. 811 Bltnols-st- WANTED-A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT COOK and laundress; none but first-class cook need apply; -good wagoo will bo paid. 635 Wbot Waabington-ot. . . WANTED— A GOOD GIRL TO TAKE CARE OF children. Apply at 127 Oak-at. i WANTED-A KITCHEN GIRL WHO CAN WASH, iron, and do plain cooking, or else a second-girl who reu wash and Iron- Apply at 797 Michigan-a~. on Mon day. ■ TTTANTED—A COMPETENT, RELIABLE. GIRL VV for general housework. Apply at 1013 Michlgan*ar> Monday morning. .. TTTANTED—FIRST-CLASS .DINING-ROOM GIRL. YV Also chamber-maid and kitchen girl, at3ovcro House, 610 South Canal-st. T\rANTED—SOME FIRST-CLASS GIRLS PRI VY rate family, some for Hyde Park. Call early and get good situation. 446 Wabash-ar., Boom 4. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO COOK, WASH, and Iron in a small family ; good wages to the right, one. Call to-day at 822 Indlana-av., comer Slxtocnth-st. TTTANTED—A COMPETENT GIRL (SWEDE OR V V - German) for general housework in a small family, at 10 Bowory-st. • TTTANTED—A COMPETENT COOK, NORWEGIAN VV or Swede preferred. 819 West Monroe-et. TTTANTED—AT CM WABASH-AV., A COMPETENT VV girl to do kitchen work. Good references required. Wanted— a german or Norwegian girl at 239 Sooth Halsted-st. W ANTED—A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work In a small family; references required:- good wages paid. Inquire 240 Forquer-et., near Halsted. .•. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL GENERAL «V bousowork In a small family; good wages; no Irish need apply. 83 South Hoyne-st. WANTED— A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work; German or Swede preferred. 645 Michigan-ar. WANXED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE YY work at Erauston. Apply or address JOB SOMERS, IC6 West Randolph-st. • ' Socjnsrrcsses. - WANTED— NO. I DRESSMAKERS AND TRDl mers at the People’s Storo, 673 Stato-st. TTTANTED—HA NDS WHO CAN MAKE THE V V finest of underwear for ladfM, to take thp work home, at the People’s Store, 573 3tatc-st. WANTED-ONE PERFECT SRIRTMAKER ON VV tba \Vhcelor * Wilson machine. Apply a 237 Bluo Jslaad-av.. . TTTANTED—ONLY GOOD HANDS FOR G. 4 B. VV 8. M., at 143 Thlrd-av. TTTANTKD-A GOOD GIRL TO DO SEWING AND V> assist in light work in a family of three; none need apply who do not understand plain sowing. Call at 101 Park-av. ‘ . : r - ' . ' TTT ANTED—IO 'FIRST-CLASS DRESSMAKERS AT VY CBS Booth Clark-st, ” • - WANTED —EXPERIENCED BRAID-SEWERS ■ none , others wanted. A. A. TURNER, 280 Wa basb-av.' ' • - • • - WANTED — TWO APPRENTICES FOR MILLIN TT eiy. Also, two for dressmaking. Nona bat thoso who know how to sow noed apply at 836 Wost Maduon-at, ■nr ANTED SHIRT-MAKERS, AT McABT’S VY Eureka Shirt Factory, 60 West Madlson-at. WANTED— A SHIRTMAKER WITH WHEELER A Wilson machine, also dressmakers for piece work, and ono apprentice; steady worlL Mrs. PETERSON, CM State-fit. • ___ WANTED— DRESSMAKERS—SOME GOOD HANDS can find steady employment and liberal wages by jv.ihtut at Mra. NELSON’S, ICO3 Indiaoa-av. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS TRIMMER. APPLY to Mrs, M. LACY, 653 State-st. • WANTED-FOUR TAILORESSES TO WORK i ON custom pants ; also two apprentices. Apply at 147 South Halstod-st., in rear. liaimdresoes. ■ '; WANTED-A FIRST-RATE LADIES’ CLOTHES ironor; none others need apply, at 20l West Lake-st. WANTED— 2 LADIES’ CLOTHES IRONERS AND one f (archer, at Laundry 43 South Unlon-st. Nona but first-class need apply- ; ' ' " TirANTED—A GOOD LADY-CLOTHES IRONEB, tV and. one experienced tagger. .Apply Monday, AN DERSON'S Steam Laundry,Stato-st.and Eldridgo-conrt. TSrAKTED—IO LAUNDRY GIRLS, 5 IRONERS. 3 V V Btarchcra, and 3 washers, at Twenty-aecond-st, Lann dry, 177 Twcnty-sccond-st. ‘ ' Wanted— a laundress in private fam ily of six. 103 South Pork-av., corner Twenty fourth-st. TiITANTED—GIRLS IN ALL BRANCHES OF THE W business, at WILSON'S Laundry, 299 South Sto te at. Call to-day. . WANTED— FEEST-CLASS LAUNDRESS, IN PRI- Tate boardlaj-houfie; best of waffes. Apply at 68 East Lako-it. ; • ANTED-FIRST-OASS SHIRT IRONERS; ALSO ladies’ clothes toners. Apply at Home Laundry, 533 State-et. WANTED— A GOOD SHIRT AND COLLAR IRON cr: also I starchor and 1 boy from 16 to 17 years of in to deliver bandies. Apply at Eureka Laundxy, 625 Wobosh-av. ' WANTED— AT LAUNDRY 15 SOUTH DES plolnos-gt., 3 first-classwashwomen: also, S first class shirt-ironera. Wanted— a woman fully competent to take charge ol» bundle washing; also, one good et-Tcher. Inquire at the Oriental Steam Laundry, 1 420 West Kaadolph-st. _ ; . TXT ANTED—2 LADIES' CLOTHES IBONEBS, AKD VV 2 shirt Ironors, at MIDDLETON’S Steam Laundry, 14 Adams-st. Housekeepers. TXrANTED-A NICE HOUSEKEEPER WHO CAN W do the work of a small family of 4, noar Washington Heights. Call at 113 and 105 South \i atcr-st. ITT ANTED—A GOOD MIDDLE-AGED AMERJCAN VY woman, who wants a good home, to go into the -country £0 miles, and keep boose foraman and tvroboyp. Call at 227 WestlUndolph-st,, this p. m., between 8 and fi o’clock. In laundry. WANTED-HOUSEKEEPER BY A MIDDLE VY aged gentleman of .moans; must be thoroughly competent. Call at 134 Third-ay. . - .■ ■ anted-housekeeper. by ayoungwid ower with only one child. A splendid homo lor tho rTghtparty. Address E46, Irlbnno dfflee. 1 Unrsos. TrrANTED—A GOOD NURSE GIRL, WHO ALSO IS VY willing to assist in doing tho housework. Apply at 410 second floor. ■ ' ANTED-NUKSE GIRL; ALSO, FIEST-OLA63 cook, at 69 North Shcldon-st. . ‘ WANTED-A NURSE GHILTO ATTEND A BABY W 8 months old. to BO to trios Park. Bmile. from Chlcaso, w»ge« S3 ncrirook. Applyto S. B. HAyU An- - and Kldridgo-ctmrr. "nrANTED—A GOOD, HEALTHY WET-NURSE VY Immediately. German or Swede preferred. Apply at 1© EUis-av., near Egan, or 8 Honors Block. WANTED BY AN AMERICAN WOMAN, A child to nurse at homo. Can give beat oi references. Call at 178 Wapanseh-ar, .. Employment Agencies. - "WANTED-GIRLS for EVANSTOKOAKPAKK. ■W Woodlivrn, mid city: fumiliM rapplled with Lrat olLt help. Mb. HAMILTON, <6 South Dnlon-rt. - rn ANTED GERMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN Vy gi r j 9 r m private and hotels at S6S Sedgwick st.; no foes. . - TIT*ANTED—B, GIRLS IN PRIVATE BOUSES, Vy boMdlmr-hotwex boata. and tbssclb. Apply at AS SUtfrat. by Mm. REISS. ■ TJTANTED —AT THE STAR EMPLOYMENT W Office, 200 girls, for hotels. restaurant* Umidßf», hoarding and private houses. Girls, come and sy MRS. POTTER, bt No. 5 West get good plapei and high wages at the Star Employment Office#- ‘ - ' • " • -- • WANTED-TEMALE HELP. Milliners* TTTANTED-TWO MILLINERS; "MUST- BB EX ** YY perionced. Callat Wl-Stato-st. MAD. BAUBREYS' Fench millinery. TITANTED—A GOOD MILLINER. 475 WEST OHI tYT cago-av. - - - - - I .... TIT ANTED TWO YOUNG LADIES TO DO WRIT. : V ? ing; a neat, plain, and rapid hand required, r Call at 223 Wabash-ar. Monday morning from 10to iy , 4 !\V*ANTED—TWO SALESLADIES FOR OUR SUIT TT department; only tho«o of thoronrh experience apply.. JOHN H. DaVEY.A CO., ga West Madisoa-et. i TXT ANTED—I PRACTICAL WEAVER ON POWER,' \T, ,* looms. A.G. ft a RVIET.n A 00.) 239 and, 211 L&lce-st. ' ; ' ~ - WANTED-TWO LADIES TO CANVASS FOB A Vt much needed sowing machine attachment. Call at Room 2, 25 West Lako-st. 7 WANTED-NO. 131 THIRD-AVATOUNGLADY VY from.lßto2syearsofnge. .Apply npstairs^lOLto.S. WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED SALESLADY AT VY 133State-st. - -~- WNTKD-LADY CANVASSERS ON GBOSZ felod’a sewing machine attachments : and patterns; good pay. At 253 Slato-ct. ■ ; ; • ■ • WANTED— 3 WOMEN TO CLEAN NEW BUILD* ings, 256, 258, and 893 Fiith-av. Apply on premises. TTfANTED—AN INTELLIGENT GIRL AS A LADY’S Y Y companion; most bo a good seamstress and bring the best of references. Address by letter, H7B, Tribune of tice, stating wages expocted. . WANTED— LADIES OUT OP EMPLOYMENT AND. that would like a situation as general traveling' agents, to the Orient Hotcl,'Hoom 13; oho day only; rare chance for ladies to make men’s wages; 930 to S4O per week guaranteed. . "CTTANTED—SEVERAL LADIES TO SELL FAST YV selling goods to ladies in city, and country. Small - capital required. Room 8; 25 West Lako-st. *■ WANTED— 25 GIRLS TO SORT RAGS, AT 881 South Jefferson-st. • • WANTED-A LADY SPEAKING’GERMAN OR Yv - Scandinavian, to give instructions on and assist-ia selling the best sowing machine, can find 'a permanent situation and good pay by addressing with reference, ex perience. and salary expected, E 62, Tribune office. r - SITUATIONS WANTED—MAIiB. r; Bookkeepers, Clerks. &o. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN- AS drugand prescription clerk; speaks German and Eng lish fluently. Address HG, 173 South Wator-st. SITUATION WANTED—ACCOUNT-BOOKS OPEN ed, closed,' or examined, by a competent and eneed accountant; posting, adjusting, Ac. attended to evenings or day-time. A. BRASHER, 757 West Madi son-st. • - 1 - '■ • - ' SITUATION WANTED-BUSINESS MEN DEBIR* lug the services of & short-hand writer to dictate their correspondenco'te, can hnd each by addressing F 63, Tribune office, ' "' ' SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN AS salesman in a grocery store; bare had four years’ ex perience. and can fnmiah the beat of reierencos. Call or address for twodays A. J. H., SBand6oShorman-st. SITUATION WANTED-AT BUYING. SHIPPING, or receiving, by a young man: have had experience in a wholesale'grocery house; tint-class city reference. Ad dresa H 7, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—IN A WHOLESALE HOUSE , by an experienced bookkeeper, who is well recom mended. Address P. Cl Box 125. ‘ SITUATION WANTED— BY A YOUNG MAN practically familiar with hotel bosincss; capable to assume fall management and responsibility; would accept tint or second clerkship. Having extensive acquaintance In Illinois "rid adjoining States, can • control largo trade; best city and country references; no objection to leaving the city. Address u 87, Tribuno office - . SITUATION WANTED—BY A MAN, AGED 28. good penman and accountant: able to work and well recommended. T. STOKES, 23 West Kinxlo-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AS teamster or to work in wholesale or retail store, or in any capacity where be can make himself useful. Good scholar. Address J£, 38 Foster-st.,.'West Sldo. . SITUATION WANTED—BY A GENTLEMAN WELL educated, who can give good references, and la com §etcnfc to assume responsibility, and ready to work for tho est into rests of bis employer. Would prefer a situation in an office.- or in somo place where ho can advance. Address H SI, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT Busi ness man, as bookkeeper, salesman, or traveller with :a good business honse. Can bring large acquaintance and unexceptionable references. Expectations moderate. Ad drees H. 6, Tribuno office, . SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN TO collect bills. Can giro the best references aa regards character. Address H 95, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-EYKNINO EMPLOYMENT —A practical accountant wishes work evenings. Will ; regulate disordered books,* post, draw o9 accounts, or do writing of oiyr kind a lair price.. Address lor one week, FHS, care Carrier C 9. SITUATION WANTED-A PRACTICAL WORKING mechanic with nearly 20 yean* experience at building, setting up, running, and repairing engines, grain, freight, 'ana passenger elevators, wood working and gen eral machinery, desires a situation where energy, sobrie ty, capability, and strict integrity would be requisites; used to buying, selling, and collecting. Address for one week, with particulars and real name, H 88, Tribune office. ■ • - SITUATION WANTED-AS ASSISTANT BOOK* keeper, shipping or entry clerk, or collector; am well acquainted with tbo city, a®d can furnish first-class references. Address H5, Tribuno offleo. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN ENGLISHMAN. IN a flour and feed store; has had 7 years* experience In a large store in England. Address J. LOWkV, at A. M. Morrison’s, Wcatworih-av. and Thirty-slxth-at. . SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN WHO h*.n lost his arm in tho army, in an offleo where bo can make blmiolf useful; wagesno object.' AddressH2B, Tribuno office. • . SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN THAT baa had several ye&yt’ experience In the lumber busi ness, as shipping clerk or salesman; city reference given. Address Y 43, Tribuno office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN, IN paint and oil store, as talesman or bookkeeper; giro best of city references, and letter* from last employer*. Address Y S9. Tribune office. . SITUATION WANTED—IN A WHOLESALE STORE or any other work, by a trustworthy young man wuo bos the boet of references. Addrusa H Sl.Tribano qffico. S" ITUATION WANTED—BY A CORRESPONDING short-hand writer. Address S6O Wabash-av., Room A. SITUATION WANTED-H. I. DIXON, EXPERT Accountant, Room 1.119 Deaibom-et. Books opened and closed: complicated accounts examined and adjusted. Posting by the day, week, or month, on reasonable terms. Office work In general promptly executed. SITUATION WANTED—AS SALESMAN. ASSIST ant book-keeper, or in any position of tru»i; can giro good references or security. Address H 87, Tribune once. SITUATION WANTED—A YOUNG MAN FROM O Boston would liko a situationJo learn the grocery business. -Address JOS. P. WHITCfO, Box 63, Build* era' Exchange. - • - ■ SITUATION WANTED-AS CLERK OR BOOK

keeper by a middla-agod man of good business qualili citions; salary moderate; best of city references. Address H 65, Tribune office. • _ SITUATION WANTED—A GOOD, PERMANENT situation by a man of good habits; married, ago 33; ex perienced in retail dry goods and groceries; seven rears in the forwarding and commission business, ana two years as traveling salesman in the wholesale boot and shoe business. Address H 25,' Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN WHO has had experience In assistant bookkeeping, shipping, and outside work, and can furnish the best of references. Address B 63, Tribune office. ' ' • SITUATION WANTED—AS BOOK-KEEPER BY-A thorough accountant; satisfaction guaranteed. Ad dress Z 10, Tribune office. . . . " SITUATION WANTED-AS BOOK-KEEPER, FUL- Iy competent; 85 years of ago; reference* unexcep tionable ; salary moderate. Address K 97, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-AS SALESMAN BY A yonngman thoroughly posted In paints, por-hangieg. A No. 1 references. Address B w, Tnb uno office. Trades. „ SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN OF intelligence and good habits to learn the printing trade, either In Chicago or somo town near. Address £* 'B6, Tribune offico. - • S~ ITUATION WANTED-AS FOREMAN OP OAR pentors, or to superintend the erection of buildings. Good references. - Address Z S3, Tribune offico. C ITUATION WANTED-BY A MAN AS A FIRSTV Oclass meat or pastry cook; good reference. 86, Tribune office. . • ■ ■ SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN IN A tin-shop to work under instructions; have had some experience: willing to work for low wages on steadyworic, mu giro good ra<viTnnnmdttUet>*- Address Jd. Eta to-St. , >. ' 1 - SITUATION WANTED-A COMPETENT BUILDER wishes to find a situation as superintendent orfovo man in any or all the building branches. V®» Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT EN jrineer; is a steam-fitter and machinist. Address w. Hardin, 44 and 43 North Market-st. SITUATION "WANTED—BY A GOOD. STEADY boy, to learn upholstering. Address J 23, Tribune office. ' SITUATIONS WAKTED-BY TWO EXPERIENCED machine bands on stlckor, tononer, moulder, shaper, or scroll saw. Address FR. DVORAK, care i’r. Schnltz, IXI Bunker-st. - . Coaohjnea, Teamsters, &c* - SITUATION WANTED-BY A DANE, AS COACH man Jn a hrst-clsaa American family, understands tho coroof a small flower garden; mast be a steady place. Address for three days, V 63, Tribune office. . - Situation wanted-by a german u years old as coachman in a private family;,isvreh postodin thucare of horses; references given. Addreas uutir* HOKAMP, 289 Blno Island-av. ' ■ - SITUATION WANTED-A YOUNG MAN (oKß man), who can speak some English, and has bau great experience In training horses, wants a place, aq* drees H o, Tribune office. ■ SITUATION WAsTED-BY A YOUNG MAN(SCAN dinavian) as first-claas coachman; knows his business well, and can furnish tho best of references. Address 1129, Tribune office. ' . SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE man and wife, bo as coachman and plain gardener, and she as cook. Address Y 35, Tribune office. . Situation wanted —as coachman ok groom, by an stableman. Address K 98*Ttu>* one office. ■ SITUATION WANTED-AS COACHMAN WITHA respectable family by a yooog man (Dane); fa driver, and has the best of references. Address sx. a** Tribune office. - SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AS coachman in a private family. Pl ease can ot address for two days, JOHN A. JOHNSON, SaO West Lako-et. BlisoeUaneons. S ITUATION WANTED-AS PORTER AND PACK or; understands tho shipping and rccclrink of good*. beat of city reference from last employer. H ID, Tribune office. . • . • - SITUATION WANTED-AS TRAVELING SALES man for wholesale grocery or taa-honso, by one wno bos had largo experience and can furnish the beat ol city references. Address 11., 328 West Rando!uh-*t. . SITUATION WANTED-AS PORTEBjOE TO drive wagon for store. Address K 100» Tribnno offic^ SITUATION WANTED-BY A STEADY AND LN doitrious man, thoroughly (inguaiu, highest city rofereace. Address NB, Iribano office. — SITUATION WANTED-AS JANITOR building. Best of references. Address H 81, Tribune office. ~ ~ •, - - * '~~r SITUATION WANTED-A NORWEGIAN, 11®*- with good references, sranta work in * store or Not afrild of and itred/- Addire* JOHNSON, North May-ft. SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE Domestics. CITUATION WANTED—BY ACOMPETENT GIRL to ad seoond work in & private family, or chamber -work in a private boarding-house.- Apply aill72fiUte-aL. CITUATION- WANTED—BY .A RESPECTABLE to travel with a' family to Europe. Address HB, Poet-Office, corner JJncoLn-av. and Hoisted-st. CITUATION WANTED—TO DO GENERAL HOUSE* O work, or' in a private laundry. Apply at lu3 Kler ootb-st. SITUATION WANTED—BY AN INDUSTRIOUS, conled-Engllsh. girl as general servant la a fint-cUsa family, where tcoroarc no cnildnm;or second-girl; satis iMloiy'roJeroacs given. Apply, for two days, 1324 otate-str • ' . . CITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTATE GIRL O to do second work am", plain sewing in a private fam ily. ■ Call at 334 West Adams-ct., Monday.: SITUATION V/ANTED—BY A COMPETENT GIRL, to cook, wash, or iron, in a private family. Call Mon day at 287 South Frankiin-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG DANISH girl in a'private family Intending to travel. She is wlllingto take card of children. She speaks English and Gorman : beat of references. Address F 71, Tribane office. i CITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNGWOMAN, AS O second-girl, or to do housework in a small private fam ; ily. Please cnl! at 101 Mathcr-st.. near Clinton. CITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE O girl inn private family to cook, wash, andiron; beet city references. Inquire Monday and Tuesday at &W Clark-st- ~ ' CITUATION WANTED—TO DO SECOND WORK O in a private family, by a Prqtcstant girl. Call Mon day and ThuradAy, at 242 Weatworth-ar. . . . GITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO GIRLS; ONE TO O cook, the other to do second work; private family pre ferred. ‘Apply on Monday,- at 554 South Morgan-st. • A TOTING GIRL, IN A O small private famOy, to do general housework. Coll on Sunday and Monday, at 348 Blue Xsland-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A SWEDISH GIRL. TO do second, work in a private family.. Call or address 126 Corneli-st. SITUATION WANTED-AS DINING-ROOM GIRL or u first-class waitress in a private family; under-- stands all about salads, and can take fall charge of din ing-room. None but first-class private families need ap-' ply, at 804 Wabaah-av. Best of references. . SITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY AS COOK for the lake, on vessel or steamer. Apply at 46 South Unibn-st. ’ GITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO YOUNG GIRLS, O one as cook, the other as chamber or dining-room girl. Call at Webosh-av., Monday. ' SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL as chambermaid or dining-room girl. Call at No. 210 West Kandolph-st. GERTIE M. WRIGHT. Situations wanted-by a girls just came over, not afraid of work. Please call at 760 Indiana* 8.7., in the rear. • SITUATION WANTED BY A COMPETENT woman aa pastry cook in a hotel or boarding* house. Address for 3 days, Y 44, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED BY A RESPECTABLE girl, ascook or-second girl; South. Bide, north of Twenty-»eoond-Bt-, preferred. Apply Monday, at 965 Spnth Ciark-st. • SITUATION WANTED—BY A GERMAN GIRL AS second girl or nurse. Apply at 1&3 Chicago-av., Monday or Tuesday. - SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD GIRL IN A small private family. Call Monday at 213 West Modi son-st., side door. . . SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS COOK ■or laundress, in a private family. Coll at 1123 Pralrio-av* • • SITUATION WANTED —BY A GOOD FRENCH cook, in a private family* Good references* Address E 88, Tribune office. * ____ SITUATION WANTED—BY A GOOD GIRT. AS cook, washer, and ironar, or cooking alone. Can bo soon for 3 days at 192 Mather-at., between Hoisted and Despl lines. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL OF 19, DO ollo and agreeable to do second work in private family. Call or address KATIE, Sl3Twenty-third-3t., cits'. SITUATIONS WANTED-FOR TWO SISTERS IN private family; also, for an English girl as nurse or governess: Scandinavian, Gorman, English girls con stantly on hand waiting for employment in hotels, restau rants, laundries, boarding and private families. Remem ber Uiat ’tho Star Employment office Is tho only reliable office la tho city. No. 5 west Madison-st.; brunch office 128 West Monroe, •_ ‘Honsekoouers* SITUATION WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER FOR somo respectable family; good references given. Ad dress LH, 190 Sooth Peoria-gt. QITUATION WANTED-AS HOUSEKEEPER IN A O widower’s family by a raiddlo-agod widow lady of ex perience : Is trustworthy, and willing to make herself use ful Call at No. 118 Indlana-sL, np-rtalrg. SITUATION WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER OR cook in nloe family by a Swedish lady who can speak English and German. Apply, Monday and Tuesday, at Drag Store, comer Thirty-ninth and State-sts. SITUATION WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER BY A lady having a daughter XX years old, in the city or country; • Address Y 40, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A WIDOW LADY. AS housekeeper, where a girl Is kept; will care for an in valid, bow; do light work, Ac. Call at 385 Wabssh-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY AS HOUSB koeper either in a hotel or private house; no objection to go out of tho city. Satisfactory references given. Ad dress V 49, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-A MIDDLE-AGED LADY wlshos to take charge of a house, or would like to travel with an invalid lady. Address 917 North Olark-st., ■ upstairs. SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT LADY in country-hotel, small boarding-house, or widow er’s family. 'Address Z, 491 West Maalson-ot. SITUATION WANTED-AS HOUSEKEEPER OR seamstress in a private family. Address £ 49. Tribune office. . SITUATION WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER BY A lady of refinement: widower's family preferred. .Ad dress E 69, Trib one office. ■ Seamstresses* SITUATION WANTED-BY A, FIRST-CLASS - dressmaker, employment by the day or week* . Ad dress H SO, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED dressmaker to go out by the day. 457 Axnold-et. OrfUATtON WANTED-BY A SEAMSTRESS IN A O private family. Understands cutting and fitting. Ap ply CS Q’li rlcn-it. - SITUATION . WANTED—DRESSMAKER, LATE from the East, will go out by the day; fitting a spe cialty. BHB, 2SS Falton-st. SITUATION WANTED—AS CUTTER OB FORE woraan in n shirt-store or manufactory, by a lady who understands the business; city references. Address O 71, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-AS DRESSMAKER ETA respectable family. Call or address DRESSMAKER, ■ 158 South Halsted-st. SITUATION WANTED-TO DO DRESSMAKING, plain sewing, and children’s clothing. Can furnish machine; by the day or week. Call, or address E, 153 Knron-st. ' Knrsos* SITUATION WANTED-BY A PROFESSIONAL woman nurse. Call as 238 Calnmot-av. SITUATION WANTED-A GIRL OF GOOD QUALT ficatlonand experience wishes a place as nurse, or care of invalid, in a family going to New York. Address MARY HANRAHANTI4I7 Prafrio-av. SITUATION WANTED-AS WET NURSE, BY A respectable young widow lady. Apply at 25 ton-av. ■ SITUATION WANTED-BY A FRENCH GIRL, IN a private family, as - children’s nurse: speaks i rcnch kth! English. Call or address at No. 133 Forqucr-st. - Laundresses. SITUATION WANTED-BY A LAUNDRESS, IN fiwt-elM* private family. Call, for two days, at 333 Foortfa-av. Employment Agencies, SITUATIONS WANTED—FAMILIES IN WANT OP i good help of different nations can bo supplied at MRS. THOMPSON’S office, 1000 State-st. SITUATIONS WANTED FOB SOME OP THE best cooks and second girls in the city: families care fully supplied at Mra. WHiTTAKER'ET. 265 Chicago-av. Situations wanted-the proper place where to get good girls Is at the Scandinavian Em ployment Room, 663 aodgwick-st. S' ITUATIONS WANTED—TOR BVERY NATlON ality. 885 Wabo&h-av. MRS. BALKAM intends In the future, as In the past, to mako good help a specialty. Miscellaneous. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN TO take charge of Itaoa department; has bad 5 yean* experience in first-class hotel. Best of references given. Address X 55, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—AS CLERK IN FANCY store or confcctionciT. by a German gin woo speaks English lloontly; has some experience. No salary ex pected for the tirst month- Beat of city references. Ad dross D 92, Tribane office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A LADY IN A SEWING machine office; la familiar with Wheclor A Wilson, Grover A Bakor, and Singer machines. Address I* -H, Tribnno office. : Situation wanted-by a young scotch O lady as companion to a lady or nursery-governess; Is competent to teach faneywork: no objection to travel with* family. Call or address OT, 4-11 becond-st. SITUATION WANTED—DAY-WORK, SUCH AB hotmvclcanlug, washing, Ao., by a»n. Call on or address I, 697 Stata-ft., comer Fourteentb. In the rear. - J ; ! Situation wanted-by a lady to do O copying or write in an office* Y S3, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG LADY AS cashier, copyist, or to do writing of some kind. Ad dress H 43, Tnbuno office. S' ITUATION WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN; would like to travel to Dsovcr, Colorado; would take card of invalid lady or assist vrith children: wages not so lunch an object ass homo with kind people. Please ad dress, for 6 days, H TO, Tribnno office. S' ITUATION WANTED—A LADY WISHES TO GO to Eoropo with a family, aa corapnnionorgprornosr. Address TEACHER OF LANGUAGES, Terry Hall, Like Forest, DL ■ , S’ ITUATION WANTED-A LADY WHO ISA GOOD and very rapid writer, and a first-claas correspondent, trMififl a situation in an insurance, real estate, or lawyers office Working from ncceulty, not lor amusement, S require retry, which sho fa willing to earn. Ad drere O 8, Tribune office. C? ITUATION WANTED-BY A , YOUNG LADY S -irh s family which will be troreling, ns Indy’s maid, ortotako'caru of children. Will giro references. Atf drere or call, 1037 West Wadiron-at. ; S ITUATION WANTED-A LADY WHO IS USED to compiling and wrillng for publication, a competent reriowor and critic, and long aconatomod to literary work, doSreo a sltnatlon in editorial department of a newspaper orraSpatbaoinGhlcago or olrewboro. WUI bring best of references as to nbfllty and character. Address lor throe days. O 9, Tribnno office. ITUATION WAKTED-A YOUNG WIDOW LADyr who wishes to travel either in Europe or America, would like a situation as child’s nurse, lady’s companion, op to take care of an Invalid. Is well educated, a superior reader, ready amanuensis, with good healto. and a good temper. Will endeavor to be generally useful andsgreor ablcTTßest of city reference*. Address O 10, Trio one office- attend confectionery store, or cashier in some busi ness Good references can be given If repaired. Address for 3 days £ 5L Tribune office. FINANCIAL. CLAIMS AGAINST ALL CHIOAGO BANKRUPT IN snranco Companies cashed at highest rates by J. N. WITHERELL, IBODearbom-gt., Boom 6. T? QUIT ABLE INSURANCE COMPANY—HIGHEST ■Pi cash price paid for claims: policies *" nnmnAtit.n bought by E. N. HOPKINS, 113 Wert Madison-st.. Room L op-stairs.,- ■ - • : ■ . T7IOR SALE— S3,2OO—ADJUSTED CLAIMS AGAINST Jv office. . - • • TT'OR SALE—S£SO—NOTES DUE IN 6 TO 13 MONTHS, J*. saonred on Chicago property worth five times the amount, drawing 30 per cent: will discount 8 per cent from face. TRUESDELL A BROWN, 175 Wcst'Madi-- son-tt, ' TWILL PAY 3. PER CENT A MONTH FOR .310,000 X sixty days, secured by. §25,000 trust, deed, purchase money capon real estate worth ££o,ooo, and name worth a 81,000.000. Principals only that can furnish money Mon day addreaaE 28, Tribune office,. Monday before 13 m. , T WILL PAY IH PER CENT A 3IONTH FOR ONE X year on two sums, ono of' SI,OOO and oao of S7OO, on buddings worth throe times the amount wanted on leased lota, long time to run, cheap ground-rent;. will insure to protect loan. Address E29 Tribune - Loans of ssoo to SI,OOO. 6 to 12 months, and $5,000 for 90 days, or real estate mortgages bought; also loans on collaterals, or houses on leasehold. Dia monds wanted. OTTAWAY, 79 Doarbom-rt. . •\f ONEY TO LOAN ON HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. i-U. hoasesjuiaaog. and other good chattel-security. E. ROGERS, ITTEaat Madiaon-at., Room 9. \f ONEY TO LOAN ON GOOD SECURITIES. PUR- Aii. chase-money mortgages bought and LEVI WING A CO., 96 Dearbom-st. Money advanced at las sens loan office; lato Jacobs A Co., on diamonds, watches, ami other valuables. 177 Clark-st., corner of Monroe, Room B. Money to loan in large and small sums. By GKO. W. REED A CO.. No. 144 LaSalla-st., basement. ’ . ■ MONLY TO LOAN ON CITY REAL ESTATE. . G. S. HUBBARD, Jr., 168 Washiagton-st. rpo L0AN—32.060 FOR THREE YEARS. H., O, X MOREY. 77 Clark-st. - ‘ mo LOAN—S6OO OB SI .OOO ON REAL ESTATE SE -1 enrity. R. M. OUTHET, 181 East Madison-st., • Room 7. ■ . • • rrO LOAN—SS,OOO OK REAL ESTATE FOR FIVE X years. T. A. JACKSON, SBO Stato-st., near Twelfth. mo LOAN-MONEY ON WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS, X houses on leased lots, furniture and other good collat erals. JAS. B. STOREY, 84 andSgLaSalle-st., Room 25. T" O LOAN—S3,OOO ON REAL CITY ESTATE, .IN quiroof G. A. FOLLANSDKE, Boom 43 Bryan Block. WE HAVE FUNDS ON HAND TO LOAN ON REAL estate. Wo buy and sell real estate, commercial paper, bonds, stocks. local Bocnritiss, and do a general financial business. J. McOORD A CO., lU9 Dearborn-st. Wanted— good purchase-money notes; no commissions. Inquire at No. 2, 336 State-fit. WANTED— $1,000—ALSO,' $2,000 ON AMPLE IN sldo city real estate security. Owners of the money apply to TRUESDELL St BROWN, 175 West Madi sen-st. WANTED TO LOAN—BI,IO9 FOB 8 YEARS ON V f house and lot worth $4,0C0. Address, with name and terms, HI, Tribnaa office.. _ WE HAVE FUNDS ON HAND TO LOAN ON REAL estate security. MoKINNON St MARSH, 125 Clark-sfc. WANTED-A LOAN OF SB,OOO ON PROPERTY worth $24,000, central location. Money to Improve property. Principals only dealt with. No agency. Busi ness will pay good rate of interest and commission. Ad dress LAWRENCE. Tribune office, for 3 days. TU*ANTED 55,000 IN A WELL-ESTABLISHED VV commlssion-buHinesf, for which good security and interest will bo given. Address ESS, Tribune office. WANTED— $1,200 FOB FROM ITO 5 YEARS AT 8 per cent on first mortgage on improved real estate. No eemmission. Address H 49, Tribune office. - WANTED— 81.S0O AT 10 PER CENT ON UNlN cumbered real estate in Aurora, UL Address H 76, Tdbuno office. ' TO LOAN-HOUSE TO RENT ON ABNOLD <J)OUU st., near Thirty-ninth, 12 rooms; or will nnt6 rooms to a party who can loan the owner the above amount, ana take the principal and interest out in rent; will rent cheap. Address N» 1283 Halated-st. cz»o nnncASH in hand for a bargain. Jjij.Ul/U Address 0 66, Tribune office. (\Ct{\ TO LOAN FOR 6 YEARS ON- CHICAGO Uyll real estate. ALFRED JAMES, south west coHor Madison and Clark-sta. ' Ann WANTED FOR THREE OB ,FIVE J-pO.UUU years on improved property in firat-claes lo cation; amnio margin; interest and commission at full avorago rath. Address H 35, Tribune office. (2»-i n nnnTo loan on inside improved tDXU.UUU property, forßor syears; or two soma of $5,000 each. W.U. PHARE, 141 and 143 LaSalle-st. 000 nnniNBANK TO LOAN ON REAL E3- in sums over $5,000 by B. W. BRIDGE, 441 Wabaah-av. ■ c*ox nnnTo loan on ohioago real es ?DJjO,UUUtate at 10 per cent. Small loans on collat orals. J. F. LATBHAW. 79 Dearbora-st., Boom 13. FOR SAIxE. For sale-a cabinetmaker’s bench, only $lO, and some tools, all new. At 3d house on Thirty first-st., railroad track and Haaover-st. Fob sale-a nine-foot plated show-case. Apply, at W Dearborn-aU. np-stalra. FOR SALB-AMtABGE ICE-BOX, SUITABLE FOB a store, cheap, at 346 Bumsldo-st. Fob sale-a no. s American sklf-venti lating refrigerator. In perfect order; as good as new. Will be sold for $25. Apply at 127 South HaSted-et. -rri OR SAXE—TO BE MOVED—NICE LITTLE COT- J? tags, worth SSOO. for S2OO, If token Monday, on-Green, near Randolph. T. B. BOYD, 180 West Washing ton-* t. ■ ■■ -- For sale—a tine haoneale a urban safe, cheap. QftanDLEß St CO., 202 LaSalle-st. For sale—ail kinds of platform scales. both with and without drop lever. Also counter and dormant scales, both single and doable pillars, at reduced prices. 56 West Lake-st. : . For sale—at cost, two Rochester bar bor chain, found at A. H. ANDREWS A CO.'S,' Of fice Farn<*her», 168 to 170 States t.| EOR SALE-ON MONDAY AND TUESDAY, ALL kinds of platform and counter scales, at very low prices. 66 West Loke-st. FOR SALE-VERY CHEAP-T CAN SPARE ONE pair or trio of splendid light Brahma chickens 1 year old. MARTIN, at hardware store, 173 East Madlson-st. FOR SALE—SALOON FIXTURES CORNER CLARK _ and Eighteen th-sta. Inquire on premises. B. Q. HIPP. • For sale—second-hand microscopes, from 300 to 1,000 diamoten. at DR. JOHN PHIL LIPS*, Optician and Oculist. Don’t forgot the place, 120 Fourth-av., a few doors south of Harrison-st. Specta cles suited by inspection to the eye. FOR SALE—A WILKS* PATENT BROILER FOR hotel or restaurant; cost 890; price, S3O. 7 East Eighteenth-st. TNOR SALE—AN ALMOST NEW SODA FOUNTAIN, Jj with 6 operator*. Inquire at No. 839 West Twelfth si., comer Brown. • For sale—a soda water generator, with fountain, all copper, or will rent for the summer. Apply at 119 Dearborn-et., Boom S. For sale-a valuable^ law library, now in Vermont. Apply to JOHN W. MARoH. 13a Clark-st, For sale-forced sale op a magnificent set of diamond jewelry, pin and earrings; cost $3,300, will be sold at a groat bargain. O. G. BRYANT. Private Ranker, 147 Randolph-at. FOR SALE-TWO ICE CREAM MACHINES. ONE 85 quarts, one 40 qnarts. Inquire at 183 Blue Island- For SALE-A SMALL SAFE, CHEAP; also a lot of second-hand Singer sowing machines. Inquire of O. MARKUS, 201 — T?OR SALE-A FINE SET OF . CHAMBERS* BN- X* cyclopedia, 10 vols., half mo., now, S4O; fine sot of Penny Cyclopedia, 28 vols., In fiuo order, $49; law and medlcol books at low figures. The old book store, CHAPIN BROS., 214 aod 216 East Madison-st. For sale—two awnings—been used a little. CHAPIN BROS., 314 and 215 East Madi son-at, . ; __ For sale-two first-class railroad tiok ets to St. at a discount. Address Y 87, Tribune office. ’ FOK SALE—CHEAP—-BIiEVEN MILK, CANS, nearly new. and In good order. E. ROGERS, I*7 East Madison-st., Room 9. - - ~ 1 ' ' FOR SALE-A GOOD ONE-HORSEPOWER, WITH or without hay-cutter. Apply to M. DOYLE, Ho and 247 South Franklin-st. • ~ - • FOR SALE—a GENTLEMAN WISHES TO SELL AT a bargain, for cash, a 7-carat diamond, a perfect gem- Address u 73, Tribune office. For sale-a gentleman from Nevada has a fine collection of specimens of silver and fos sils, and would dispose of them at a reasonable price. Ad. dress £43, Tribune office. •• For sale-a complete soda-water appa ratns, a No. I copper generator, and three fountains: suitable for a druggist or a small factory. Apply No. 84 North Gsnul-st. R ROUZB A CO. FOR SALE-3 6-FOOT HEAVY SILVER MOUNTED show-case* u good as now. Two very fine black walnut 5. loot counters with door* and drawer*, and about 15 feet handsome carved shelving, all of which Is as good as new and very stylish. Apply at 876 South State-st. THOR SALE—AT HALF PRICE, A LARGE QUAN- J? tlty of rubber and leather belting and hose. The goods sre new first-class. I will sell In Quantities to suit. PHIL. F. SCANLAN, 220 West Washingtoa-st. For sale-laundry-stovb. nearly new, ' best kind, cheap. 319 West Madlson-st. OR SALE—A FINSBLOODED NEWFOUNDLAND dog, weighing over 150 pounds. Call to-day at 73 Trlor-n., or Monday at 73 West Washlngton-st. L. ADLER. AGENTS WANTED. A GENTS WANTED—TO SELL OUR NEW BUT- A ton-bole cutter and needle-threading tbimblo. Agents pipur S2O per day. 99 East Madison-at., Boom 6. : A GENT WANTED—FOR THE SALE OF A FIRST- A class sewing machine, a sample of which may. bo seen from 9 to 12 a.m.. and from 3 to 4p. m., at Room No. 17 Burke’s Hotel, Madleon-st., May 34. ■ Agents wanted-agents are making sio to 812 a day, with my noodle book, machine needle, button hole cutler, etc., etc. Particular* free. O. H. y.rXGTON, 177 East Madison-st. ■ : A GENTS WANTED A FEW FIRST-CLASS A agents, ladios and gentlemen, for the salo of “ sm fcy’s Struggles, ” and other ponular works, tho best tolling works ever offered to tho public. Call at 106 East Aladi son-st., Sd floor, 8d door, on Monday morning, between 9 and 11. Agents wakted-men oa women, at.sst "West WadUon-aL, np-atalra: business and pleasant; pay good. Call from Btol2 a. m., Monday. Agents wanted-men and women can make $3 to J*lo a day In city or country selling orer SO fist-selling articles. iiF.RRILL & CJO. , 3iWe»twkwt. GENTS WANTED-EITHER LADIES OR GEN? tlemes to sell aa article as staple as greenbacks, sells readily, la used by every merchant and housekeeper. Agents are making from $5 to 8M per day; call and os amlne; this is no catchpenny cr humbug. Call Monday at 113 Randolph-st., first door. \ GENTS wanted in every county— A Hewitt Fluting. Polishing, and Band Iron selling at Bight; good pay. 1?3 East Madlson-at., Room la. Washer. Onfrrollaole. intelligent men need apply at 313 from 8 to lb a. m., andl to4p. m. Agents wanted fob mme. oosttnot’s patent self-fitting dress charts; patterns cat. tUWest Madison-st. MISCKIXAKEOTJS. A StJRK CURB FOR CATARRH. GDAJIAH A Trial freo. DR- 0. R. SYKES. 209 West Ran* dolph-at. - YODSG WIDOW LADY, WITH SOME, RE sources, desires the assistance of some gentleman of -means to assist her in a business-matter; firsi-ciase r«/er» encos. Address D 43, Trihnno office.'' A NY OXE HAVING CYLINDER OFFICE DESKS rt cheap ©an find a customer for Bcroral by calling at Boom 2. la Doarbom-st. „ An experienced dressmaker can b: found at. H24 Wcbaah-av. Address M. E. O. A GOOD BUSINESS WANTED, WHERE SOME choice real estate coaid bo token In part for stock; would not object to going in with a reliable party. An dress. stating business ■ and for interview, H £6, -Tribune office. A PLYMOUTH CHURCH JUDGE SENDS GEORGE FRANCIS TRAIN to a lunatic asylum. See Wood ball A Cl&fUn’s Weekly, for sale by all newsdealers in the , city. J.' E. HOYT, Agent, 317 West Madisoa-at. ’ ' ~ ASHOLZ, MANUFACTURER OF RAG-CARPETS, • comer MohawkandMenomlsoo-ata. Custom work promptly attended to. Carpets for salo. ANY PARTIES OWNING UNINCUMBERED REAL estate in thfa State «« learn how they can increase their income therefrom by addressing, with real name, D 93, Tribune office. BOOKS-CASH PAID FOR PRIVATE. MEDICAL -, andlawlibraries, and single volumes of. all kings, CaUoraddross The Old Book Store, CHAPIN BROS., 914 and 316 East Madison-st, • CAUTION —ALL PERSONS ARE CAUTIONED against paying money to persons representing them selves to be our agents. Payments to be made to ourselves alone. 0. E. AW. N. BRUNER, North Side Stcne Works. ‘ ' r CASH PAID. FOR WATCHES, JEWELRY, OLD gold, silver, firearms, and all goods of value, at. the Exchange Loon Office, 303 East Madison-st. CLOTHES WRINGERS REPAIRED BY NORTH westem Novelty Bobber Press 00., 183 East Wash ingtoa-at. . . . . . DR. MARIA N. JOHNSON has REMOVED TO 131 South Poorfa-st. * ~ Dr. akelY, ra west madison'-st., cures acute or chronic diseases without calomel or: other - noxious minerals. ... GOOD NEWS TO PARTIES WANTING CHEAP.) houses within fire limits! Twenty years' experience la * the business. 1 can build good, substantial houses, barns, - ont-bouses, cellars, foundations, stores, side .walks,- steps, garden walks, water cisterns, fire-' proof vaute; 1 can mako tha wall of your noose htJllow, with ventilators, fines, and all the improve- ; meats of tho day; lean makeyoor window capeand sills at Uttlo expense on the house: I can do this with fire do- ‘ bris, rough gravel, and sand, broken stone, or both con creted with lime or cement; I will contract or manage your work accordln&to agreement; I have done thu kind of work for J. V. rirwell A Co., comer Monroo and Franklin-a ts,, and I know they will tell you lean doit for you. Address JAMBS SCHOFIELD, Tribune office. GO TO “THE PEOPLE’S STORE,” IF YOU WISH a ntce-fittlng dress made. 573 State-st. . • GO WEST WITH THE ARMY AND NAVY COLONY, 160 aero farm, 3 town lota, and other advantages:! membership, $26. U. B. STEVENS, IC9 Madison-fit., Room S. - Detective agenoy-any party desiring the services of a detective of TO yean* experience, with any reference required, address O 75, Tribuue office. " • , • : T\ISSOLUTION—THE PARTNERSHIP HERETO-, JJ fore existing under the name of Harding A Williston. Is this day dissolved by mutual content. Chicago, May 34, 1873. fThaRDINQ, GEO. D. WTLLISTON. • DR. THOMAS J. LEWIS. MEDICAL ELKCTHI - has removed to 69 West Madison-gt. TMPORTANT ANY ONE SUFFERING FROM A varicose veins can I earn a positive euro by midraMing H 31, Tribune office. INDELIBLE MARKING ON UNDER-CLOTHING, handkerchiefs, Ac., done to order at 283 West Madl son-st. T WANT EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT DR. JOHN J. PHILLIPS has a very largo assortment of Brazilian Pebble Spectacles for sale, which be suits by inspection to the cto. Don’t forget the place, 120 Fourth-av., Optician and Oculist, a few doors from Harrison-ti. • Mbs. randazzo, late of albany, n. y.. begs leave to Inform the ladles of Chicago that she is prepared to color ladies* faded switches (by an entirely now process) any shade-, from a light brown to a deep black. Warranted not to fade sooner than the natural color. Depot, l&lTwonty-flecood-gt., np-atairs. • . : MRS. O. HAAS WISHES TO INFORM HER cus tomers that she has opened her hairdressing parlors with a fine stock of hair goods at 358 West Madison-st., formerly of 838 West Madison-st. Laoies are respectfully Invited to call. • • •VfOTIOETO THE LADIES—MISS KENT HAS R SU JJN movodher dressmaking roams to S3S West Washing* ton-st. • ■ OWNERS AND INVENTORS OF PATENT BIGHTS who wish to dispose of their territory call on STONE St SKINNER, 119 Dearbora-st., Room 6. .• PARTIES HAVING PROPERTY THEY WISH TO exchange should call ur-m BOXLVIN A CO., the Groat Western Exchange and Land Offices, 48 South Clark-fit., next the Sherman House. Honey to any amount loaned open good farmo in IlHnnis. - SURE CURE FOB DRUNKENNESS—DB. V. DE3* parde’i remedy cores all desire for strong drink: can bo given secretly In tea or o.iffoe; success guaranteed. Address, inclosing 50 cents, DH. V. DESPARDE, P. O. Box 260, Chicago.' ‘ . STAMPING DONE TO ORDER AT 289 WEST MADL son-fit. Also patterns and powders for sale; white .powder, warranted. . Stoves stored curing the summer at VAN BRAMEB St FLOOD’S hardware and stove store,-384 State-st. . ■ ' - Troy laundry. 73 south lincoln-st., near Mmriiarm. Family washing made a specialty. Work called for an d delivered Dree of charge. G. WILLSKY, Proprietor. . Tailors wanted—an extra mass meeting is to be held In their new ball, 63and70 West Lake-at., 8 o’clockMonday evening. By order of central body. . mWENTY-SECOND-ST. LAUNDRY—JOHN LAUF X has opened a laundry at 177 Twenty-seoond-fit., where he guarantees to give satisfaction.- ■ - TO PARTIES WITH SUBDIVISIONS IN AND AD iaeent to Chicago, who desire to realize.some cash without delay,' may communicate with zeal name, O & Tribune office. . . ~ , Yarioose veins permanently cured by one that has cured himself, after suffering 8 years, wnfT been pronounced Inc arable bp the Professors of the best Medical Colleges In the U, S. For instructions, ad dress H2l, Tribune office. • ’ WANTED— THREE SOLITAIRE DIAMONDS, from three-quarters karat upwards. Call at Room 45 Exchange Building. ■. WANTED— A CHEAP CIGAR STORK OR STAND, 1 wither without stock. Address H 53, Tribune' office. * . ■ WANTED—TO BUY A GOOD SECOND-HAND Vr safo. AddressK3, Tribune office. , WANTED— A SET OP SECOND-HAND SHELVES, counters, and show-casts; also, a figure suitable fbs a cigar store. Address HB, Tribune office. , TIT ANTED—A BABY CARRIAGE, CHEAP FOE T F cash; perambulator preferred. Y SO, Tribune office. WANTED— A YOUNG MAN OP SEVERAL yean* experience as bookkeeper in a Urge whole sale house here, wishes to invest several thousand dollar* in wo™** good legitimate and paying business. Address, with particulars. Investment, Carrier No. IM, Detroit, Mich. ■ - TTTANTED TO BUY. FOR GASH. SMALL JOB VV printing office. Address H 98, Tribune office. *\TTANTED—TO BUY, A NEW OR SECOND-HAND VV ice box, 4to 6 feet broad. Address £5 Olybouma-av. WANTED-MEDIUM SIZE FIRE-PROOF^BAPB; must bo cheap for cash. MERRILL A BKKKLB, 845 Lumber-st. - WANTED-A CONTRACTOR TO BUILD A BLOCK of residences, worth SBO,OOO, and take half cash afid balance In outside lots* - WANTED— BOUSES TO BENT-TO GOOD TEN ants. Anyone haring houses to rent can find good paying tenants bv calling at my office. G< S. THOMAS, 163 LaSalle-et., Room 10. first floor. WANTED— A LADY TO LIVE WITH A WIDOW as companion, and share expenses; light rent, ploas rooms; dressmaker preferred. Third floor, 1001 South State-cL, near Twenty-second. ; ' TCTANTED—A MAN AND WIFE CAN STEP TSTO W a boarding-house full of boarder*, and completely famished throughout, and board the owner*. 129 West Madison-st, ■ ■ . ■ WANTED— A GOOD BUSINESS HAN, WITH some capital, to be used in outside real estate; large profits guaranteed; no Address B 49, Tribune office. WANTED-A GOOD HOME FOR AN ORPHAN girl in an American family; is very smart and affec tionate, between 18 and 14 yean old. Address K4, -Trib une office. ■ - * WANTED- WE INVITE THE DRESSMAKERS OP this city to call at the Orient Hotel, Room 13, on Monday, examine tbo great French system for dross cutting ; only ono of the kino in America. TXTANTED—TO CONTRACT IMMEDIATELY WITH W responsible parties for the erection of ten boose* as North Evanston. O. L. JENKS, 145 LaSallo-st. , WANTED— TO CONTRACT IMMEDIATELY FOR the erection of a block of building* on East Van -Boron-st. O. L» JENKS, 145 LaSallle-st« ■nTANTED-A HOME FOR TWO LITTLE GIRLS. VY ono 9 and the other 8 years; will pay $350 a year for thobostof care; no morcenaiy person need answer. Ad dress OG, Tribune office, with real noma. . . TTfANTED-TO NEGOTIATE WITH A PARTY VV who would be willing to pay for first-class board and rooms in » private family on the West Side. None bat a tollable party nood reply. Address K 48, Trtbnno offlee. WANTED-LABORINO MEN, FARMERS, YOUNG men going West, and everybody that neoda a tent, wagon cover. Hone blanket, or camp equipage of any kind, firearms, etc., to goat once tho Government Goods Depot, 196 and 197 Lako-st., and got your goods at Bale price. - WANTED-A SECOND-HAND OFFICE DESK worth from S3 to Sls. Give price and description. Address H 29, Tritmno office. WANTED— TICKET TO NEW YORK. CALL T< day at 68 West Madlson-st.; 1 to 3 p. ox. <SO nnn - gold and silver watches. jewelry, and a miscellaneous lot of'gogfe for salo at half price to pay charges, at BARTLETT3 Loan Office, 203 East Madison-st. BUILDING MATERIAL. TJUENA VISTA BUILD ING-STONE i) ging, saw**d to order; prices and sample a« 48 booth Clark-st. J. H. ttMITH. : FOB S ALB—TO DEALERS, BUILDERS, AND CON- .took of lock. b°tu. toners. Ac.. Ac. This stock can be bought for less than tho goods can bo laid down In Wilfsell the whole or part, Jo sgt. Call and exajOne, at I»o. 723 Cottage Grove-ar., for throe days only. OR SALJE—OH, EXCHANGE FOB FEB3OSAIi V , Prrrrtlri. -at*ic. & la w foat of <licUß~ b'SSS^ - For Information call oa or nddraaa FIRST, 4SS Flfth-ar. OE SALE— BBMABKABLY GHEAP—9XIf.IOXI3, new plain rail saab, glazed. Appljr at £0 Elao .Is land-aT. . T7!OB SALE— CHE\P—A FINE LOT OF BUTLDINO h stone, cut and ready for Immediate use. Also, 2(006 crewed brick, both suitable for hoiue fronts. Apply at Government Goods Depot, 133 and' 137 East Lche-st.,np stair*. " ' VERMONT MARBLE, IN BLOCKS AND SAWED; marble-tile, any quantity, and lowest price. J. H* SMITH, <8 Sonin Clark-st. ■ ' WANTED— 200,000 FIRST-GLASS COMMON BRICK in exchange (or choice, unincumbered resldence lota. Inquire at Room 1, 146 Madlson-st. - : TWANTED—I,OOO,OOO GOOD BRICK; WILL PAY Vv one-half cash, balance good inside zeal estate. Ad dress O fri, Tribune office. . ' . -» OH A H FRDJB GARDINER BRICK. LOW PRICE, Aiuu now on Yard, foot Hanlscn-st., WestSlde; saay pie at office* IS South Olr-rk-st, j; H. SMITB. 15

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