Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 25, 1873, Page 16

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 25, 1873 Page 16
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16 ANXIOUS TO SETTLE. How Gen. H. L. Stewart Proposes to Get Out of a Scrape. He is Sick and Tired of Being a Stockholder in the G. W. Ins. do. Proposition Submitted to Judge Blod gett by His Attorneys. The General Will Give Up a Large Number of Lots to Bo Released. The case of the Great Western Insurance Company came up before Judge Blodgett, yester day, when the attorneys for Gen. Stewart sub mitted a proposition, a synopsis' of which is printed below, for the consideration of the Court. The Court ordered a rule to enter that the policy-holders show cause within ten days why the proposition, submitted by Hart L. and John S. Stewart, should not bo accepted. The 1 following is a condensation of the proposition: To th* Hon. Henry Hlodgeit, etc : Hart L. Stewart, of Chicago, and John S. Stewart, of Choaterton, Porter County, Ind.,* respectfully rep reeent unto your Honor: .... . . That on or about the Ist day of March, IS7O, hs (H. I*. Stewart) subscribed for 150 shares of the capital stock of said company, and on the 22d day of ■March, 1870, he received three stock certificates for .fifty shares cadi; that eaidTL Xi. Stewart paid upon «aM 150 shares of stock at this time 20 per cent of the par value thereof; to-wlt, $3,000. which said h Ti. Btewart hiu ever since held and now bolds. Second—-That on or about the 20th of December, 1872* an assessment, or a pretended assessment, of 20 per cent on all stock issued by the Great Western In surance Company was made, and said H. Xi. Stewart paid said assessment upon said 180 shares, to-wit, $3,000, making a total of $5,000 paid upon said stock, and a balance of $9,000 due thereon. Third—That on or about the Ist day of Jane, 1870, the said Great Western Insurance Company required security to be deposited with the Auditor of Public Ao counts for the State of Illinois, and in order to obtain auch securities said H. L. Stewart, at the solicitation of the officers of the Company, executed four notes of SIO,OOO each, payable to said Company, In one, two, three and four years from date, respectively, and exe cuted a trust deed upon 300 lota in H. I*. Stewart's Subdivision in the S. W. #of Bee. 1, T. 88, K. Kl3 E, in. Cook County, to secure the same, and said four notes were, with other securities, deposited with ' said Auditor, as required by the statutes of the State of Illinois, requiring SIBO,OOO to be kept on deposit to secure the payment of losses; that said four notes were loaned to said Com pany with distinct Tinflorfffvmding and agreement thfLt eaid Hart L, Btewart might, at any time, cancel the same, upon the -surrender of the stock certificate given to secure eaid loan as hereinafter stated; that at the time of jHia loan, to-wit: June 1,1870, in order to partially secure said loan of SIO,OOO, in notes so loaned, said Insurance Company issued certificates of its stock to said H. Stewart for 1,500 shares, upon which mottling had ever been paid; that said stock was issued solely as a collateral security for said loan, and in no other way or manner, and it was distinctly agreed that notes should be returned to said H. & Stewart, said stock cancelled as soon as said Company should acquire sufficient securities from other sources to satisfy the requirements of the law, to wit: $150,000, or as soon as said H. L, Btewart should demand the same. fourths On or about the 12th day or July, 1871, said Hart I*. Stewart went to the officeeof celd Insurance Company and tendered to Its Secretary, O. D. Hooker, ■aid fifteen hundred shares of stock, and demanded four notes above described, and release deed of of said three hundred lots, and said Hooker informed said H. I*. Stewart that the Company then had suffi cient security to comply with* the statute, aside from the $40,000 so loaned by this petitioner, hut requested a little tims to arrange the matter, and in this condi tion the nutter remained until after the fire of Oct, 8 and 9,1871, as hereinafter stated, JPi/th-* On or about the2Cth day of December, 1871, said Insurance Company was and had been doing bus iness the great fire, and its officers contemplated going along' in business and paying all its losses, and said Stewarts believed said Company was solvent and -able to pay all its liabilities, and said H. D. Stewart de manded of said Company a surrender to him of said four notes, and a release deed of said 800 lots, and the eaid notea were surrendered and a release deed given 'Bald ILL. Stewart of said lots, and said EL L. Stewart surrendered to said Company the 1,500 shares in stock, •which was then cancelled. Sixth —On or about the 20th day of December, 1871, the officers and stockholders determined to negotiate a loan for the purpose of making immediate payment of i til its losses, which, so far as then ascertained. f amounted to about $250,000, and to that end several parties met and agreed to place in the hands of the Company certain notes, secured by mortgages or trust deeds. to be hypothecated to some capitalist foraloan. To this end notes were given by several parties, and left in the possession of said C. D. Hooker, in escrow, to be used in the event sold loan could bo nego tiated, and the Company thus enabled' fb continue in business. Said H. L. Stewart being of great age, end of infirm-- health, and determined not to again encumber himself in theun . certainty of insurance companies, conveyed said land to said John 8. Stewart, and said John S. Stewart, act ing in concert with tho several parties who had agreed to furnish sufficient security to enable said Company to pay its debts , and continue business, executed his notes for the sum of SBO,OOO, and also a trust deed of' said. 300 lots to secure the some, and placed the same in the bands of said Hooker in escrow, to be used only upon the condition that sufficient security or mosey were raised and deposited to enable said Company to pay its debts and continue business; and also with thA express condition that they should not be used unless a loan was negotiated upon the faith of said securities with which to pay the losses of said ■ Company; and that,tosecure said John S.Stewart for his said loon of SBO,OOO, as aforesaid, in the eventthe same should be used, the said Company issued to said John 8. Stewart * certificate of 2,000 shares of its stock, and placed the some in the bands of said Bart I*. Stew art to be given eaid John 8. Stewart in the event of . sold 'notes being used under the conditions aforesaid. Seventh— Upon tho strength of said agreement of Btid various persons to place their respective security : In the hands of said Hooker, for the purposes afore caidr.said Oort Xu Stewart proceeded to Hew York City and commenced negotiations for loan to pay the losses, - and while there,and while said negotiations were near ly successfully closed, he received intelligence that told .Company had. been thrown into Bankruptcy, and he stopped all negotiations for a loan, and re turned home to Chicago, and, since his return, discov ered that said Company had been adjudged bankrupts, - and-that said trust deed, so given by sold Johns. Btewart, had, contrary to the agreement, been placed upon record, in the Becorder’s Office of Cook County, ■ And that til the notes and securities, save those giten by said John S. Stewhrt, had been returned to their re .. epectlve owners, and the SBO,OOO in notes, so given by add John S. Btewart, had gone into the possession of • the Provisional Assignee, and are now in the bands of Clark W. Upton, the Assignee of said G. W. Ins. Co. Fiahth—Qo the Ist day of June, 1870, said Insurance Company were the equitable owners of forty lots of land in Irving Park, and being desirous of obtaining available security upon the same, with which to make a deposit, which said Auditor of Public Accounts caused the some to be conveyed to said John S. Stew art, and said John S. Stewart executed a note to said ■ - Company for $12,000, payable in years from date, end to secure the same executed a trust deed upon said forty lota, which said note and trust deed are now in the bands of said Clark W. Upton, Assignee, as afore said, and the legal title of said lots is now in said John S. Stewart, subject to said trust deed. ~ - Sinih —in 1870, said throe hundred lota were sold for State and county taxes, and a tax title to said prop ’ erty is now owned by one Edgar I/Mmis, of Chicago. - Tenth—Said three hundred lota are now worth $30,000 in cash, and upon the usual time can be sold for SIO,OOO, and said forty lots are cow worth SIO,OOO incash. We insist that in any event there is so liability spos fbe part of said Hart Xi. Stewart beyond the $9,000 sn .. paidupon the $15,000 in stock first issued to bim / and to that be has all the defenses of any stockholder. Be is sot liable under any circumstances for the stock held by him as collateral security for the. $40,000 loan—l, because he sever owned the and. 2, because Is June, 1871, the Oompany had accumulated sufficient security . to take the place of the $40,000 deposited with the Auditor of Public Accounts, and said H. Xu Stewart demanded back his notes, and ten dered back said 1,500 shares of stock, and the transao tion was then at end j S, while the Company was re ported good, and so far as was then known teas ffoody to wit: Dec. 1, 1871. - a*lu 1,500 shares of stock was surrendered to the Company canceled, and the $40,000 in notes was returned to Hart lu Stewart and a release deed of said 300 lots was executed by the Company and placed on record. This constituted a legal termination of said transaction, end if any liability ever existed it was then canceled. There never was any liability on the part of John 8. Biewart on the $200,000 in stock; he never received the same, and never saw it. Be gate the SBO,OOO in notes and the trust deed to secure the same, upon the ex press agreement that they should remain in escrow. mHi an the other parties had placed their securities in the hands of said Hooker, and upon the fur ther condition that they should not be delivered or WniUny until security sufficient-had been ob tained to enable the Company to pay all its debts and goon In business. .Neither of these conditions ever happened, and all the other parties received -back their securities, and their trust deed and notes were alone retained and the deed placed on record—the $200,000 in stock was placed in escrow, and remains. there to this day. The placing of this trust deed cn record and retaining the SBO,OOO in notes was a fraud upon John S. Stewart, and a conn of equity ought to, and in our opinion would, set It aside. In view of the fact, however, that Hart L. Stewart Is old and Infirm in health, and to avoid vexatious litigation, we, on the part of our clients, make to the .Assignee this proposition; The $12,000 "note and' the SBO,OOO in notes shall be returned to John S. Stewart tone canceled. He shall'receive a receipt and dis charge in full for or on account of any liability on the $300,000 In stock, and a receipt and discharge in full for or on account of any matter or matters whatever with Great Western Insurance Company. All suits ab»n be withdrawn against H. I*. Stewart, and he shall be discharged in full for or on account of all stock now held by him, or any which be has heretofore held, and a receipt and discharge in full for or on account of any liability of whatever name or nature to said Great Western In surance Company, said John 8* Stewart shall quit claim with release of dower to said Clark W. Upton, Assignee, eaid forty lots, and said 800 lota, and said H.. L. Stewart shall cause a quit-claim from said Edgar Loomis and ■wife to be given said Upton, as Assignee, of said 300 lots. To which proposition, if accepted by. said Assignee, we most respectfully invite the approval of tills Honorable Court. ... , MoimoE, Bubbeb & Grans, Attorneys, A PEBSISTENT HUSBAND. Xlie Original Coachman Still learn. etj» for Ills Wife. The original coachman is still in trouble. Thomas Lyndon is ho, who wooed and won the daughter of his employer, Col. John L. Hancock, the scandal whereof tickled society so much nearly a year ago. The parents of his wife have endeavored to produce a coolness between the youthful pair by keeping her away from her horse-tending husband. There was a rumor that the Colonel had set his son-in-law up in the liv ery b ÜBinees, but he had no intention of ieihng his wife. Tliis was disgusting, and accordingly Thomas Lyndon filed his petition in tho Superior Court yesterday for a writ of hobeas corpus lor the body of Ella Lyndon, his wife, to whom he was married on the 31st of Jnly, 1873. -In his petition complainant avers that said tvll- Lyndon, his wife, is wrongfully and unjustly restrained of her liberty, and so _aa to prevent access of petitioner; that she is so wrongfully restrained and coerced by ono John L. Hancock, and said John L. Hancock’s wife, at the premises No. 950 Michigan avenue, in the City of Chicago, where they reside; that said TOla Lyndon is not detained by any criminal act; that petitioner is entitled by law and by tho wishes of his wife to her society, association, and cars, all of which said John L. Hancock and his wife prevent and deny by restraint of her lib erty ; wherefore the petitioner prays for a writ of habeas corpus to be directed to said John L. Hancock and wife, commanding them to bring, or cause to be brought, the said Ella Lyndon forthwith before the Court, and to show tho cause of said Ella’s detention. The writ was is sued by Judge Gary. RAILROAD-ACCIDENT. A Train on tlio Northwestern Hoad Thrown from the Trach« and Fifteen Passengers Injured* Prom the Janesville (jTft.) Gazette, Hay 22. The Janesville accommodation train from Chicago, on tho Chicago & Northwestern Railroad, due hero at 7:20 o'clock, was thrown from the track last night just inside the city limits, about a mile aud a half from the centre of the oity. At the spot where the accident occurred the track runs along a gravel embankment some eighteen feet high. The heavy rain of yesterday afternoon had washed out a portion of the gravel,' just over a culvert, causing the track to settle and break through. Approaching this defective spot from the south a curve hid it from the view of the engineer until close upon it. As soon as he perceived the danger, the engineer, A. J. Tripp, of tbig city, applied the steam brake, but the train was under auch headway that it could not be brought to a stand in time to prevent the catas trophe. Mr. Tripp and his H. R. Bliss, also a resident of Janesville, remained at their posts expecting, of course, to be thrown down the steep embankment. But as the locomotive struck the break in the track the coupling parted and it leaped {he cbnwm and struck the rails in safety on the other side. The cars, however, shared a worse fate. Three in number, includ ing a baggage car and two passenger coaches, were hurloa down the embankment, which here rises to a height of eighteen foot, tho en tire train turning completely over before reach ing bottom. The cars struck, right side up and coupled togetber { just in the edge of the second growth oaks which fringe the base of tho em bankment at this point. It is only necessary for us to state that the train was moving at the rate of twenty miles an hour when the accident occurred to convey to our readers an idea of the force of the con cussion as the three cars plunged down the steep embankment. The sign which warns the en gineer-to slacken speed was some forty rods ahead, in sight, but not near enough for the passengers to receive the benefit of its mute ad monition. Fortunately there were not more than twenty-five, or thirty passengers upon the train, else the casualties must have been more numerous and serious. None wore killed, and only two seriously hurt. The following is a list of the injured: * Charles A. Pernot, traveling agent of the Fire side Friend, Chicago, scalp wound and bruises upon leg and arm; John Riadinger, Watertown, wis., badly bruised on leg and shoulder; D.Dun widdie, Brodhead, farmer, bruised on shoulder and head; W. H. Douglass. St. Joseph, Mo., traveling agent for Boavey, Poster, Bowman & Co.; Chicago, cut on head, face, hand, and leg, collar bone fractured, and Internal injuries; Mrs. 13. O. DaMan, Whitewater, slight internal injuries and bad bruise on left leg; £. B. Evans, . Watertown, livery-stable owner, out on face and side and bad internal cuts; O. C. Brown, Chicago, traveling agent for M. Graft. & Co., gro cers, Chicago, bad bruises upon head and body; D. B. Sanborn, Freeport, foreman of Western Union machine shops, scalp wound aud bruise on leg; H. Hughes, Janesville, news dealer on train, bruised on leg and hip ; John Manning, Janesville, baggageman, scalp wound; Emmet Phelps, Chicago, compomtorin the Times office, severe cut across the neck, laying boro the covering of the jugular vein; D.W.BaIL Monroe, farmer, severe cut on side of head; Noah Dut ton, Janesville,- injured in the back; Jesse Miles, Janesville, cattle dealer, cut on head and bruised on body; Prank Burr, pastor of Advent Christian Church, Chicago, severe scalp wound and trifling injury of tho back. We visited the wreck at an early hour this morning, and found the cars in the position left by last night's disaster. As indicated by our diagram, the train was standing directly upon the cmaned fence, in a straight line and coupled together. In their descent of the embankment it had turned completely over, becoming station ary in the same position occupied before leaving the track. Many of those who made the plunge with the train are ready to testify that the cars turned over not less’ than six times; others in sist on four revolutions, while not a man who participated in the accident will ad mit Jess than three somersaults. But the distance from tho top of the embank ment to the final resting place of the wrecked cars precludes tho possibility of such an acrobatic feat, and we conclude that the ideas of the se yerely bumped; bruised, and lacerated passen gers were slightly confused. Inside the cars the seats were mostly tom from their fastenings, many being broken into fragments. The stores, with one accord, obeyed the laws of gravitation as rapidly as the cars revolved, emptying their contents over the passengers, barking shins and here and there peeling a nose or lacerating a scalp* The glass in tho windows was mostly re ducod to fragments, which mixed with the lamps, .broken rods, and other debris on the interior of the cars, the whole combining a wreck which in duces observers to wonder how it was that the passengers escaped with injuries so slight. The wounded were brought to the depot in the tender of the locomotive, and distributed about among different hotels, where our surgeons at tended to their necessities. All ore doing well to-day, and no fears are entertained of fatal re sults in even the worst cases. A gang of men worked at the broken track un til nearly 2 o'clock this morning, and since that hour trains have been running regularly by tbo scene of the disaster. Sard Karnes* A protest was put forth a day or two past against the propensity of the savants to puzzle the unclassical by giving Greek and Latin de nominations to common things. A groom will never know the meaning of pynegefcic, nor will a coiffeur bring himself to comprehend why pomatum should be called Pbilocoxne. Yet every new inventor fliea to some Grcsculus esuriens to buy a great name for his wares. The chemists are breaking out of all bounds. Dr. Babutoau yesterday communicated to the Academy ox Sciences the discovery of a new chemical compound or medicament which has a revolting fetid odor, but which is endowed with marvelous poisoning properties. He described his experiments on animals- with iodine of Tetramethylammonium," which acts upon the system like curace, as also the u Methylaznmo nlam.” If you object to these jaw-breaking words, permit ua to two other speci mens in constant use among the learned chem ists—one is the 41 Ethycmorhydrargyromergy rodvmercaptoglyeolate,” and the other “ ITie thylbydraigyrodymercaptoglycolate. 1 * When chemists cram ten more letters than the alpha bet contains into one word, the uninitiated will protest against taking their doses.— Echo. «n old Woman Wants Her Lean, Lank, ' Lost Husband. From Hit Richmond Enquirer. Under the heading of “Strayed or Stolen," Mrs. 8. Susan Hundley, of Sheffey’s Farm, Wythe County,' advertises her husband, Andrew Jack eon Hundley, in the Enquirer. She says ho loft her about two months ago in company with one Manda Wyriok, who ehe believes “ conjured or bewildered ” him by giving him “ a cup of coffee to drink, upon the top of which he saw a bine gloss swimming." They were accompanied by her eon “Bos, who left a wife and three chil dren.” The deserted matron says: “ I want A. J, arrested and handcuffed, if necessary, and THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: SUNDAY, MAY 25, 1873. brought back to mo dead or alive, aa he owes a goodmany debts that he mustpay, and be owes me ft support in my old age. Ho is supposed to have gone to Tennessee or lowa, or out..West. Ho is a long, lean, lank fellow, about six feet high; broad shoulders, thin beard, light hair and complexion, blue eyes, and about 45 years of ago (being about twenty years younger than myself). She offers to pay anybody a fair price who will return him to her “ dead or alive,” and requests all papers in the United States to copy the ad vertisement ono time and forward their bills to her. iEmbroidery. Dolmans, Talmas, Polonaises, Bacqnes, Dresses, &c., beautifnllv embroidered on Grover t Baker machine, at Sticknej’s, No. 383 State street (nesr Van Buren). i. large assortment of patterns. For Bathing Infants Burnett’s Kalliston la soothing and cooling. The Coroner’s jury in the Marina murder case, in Cedar Bapids, lowa, rendered a verdict that. “ Barbara Marina came to her death by a shot from a gun or pistol in the bands of some person to the fury unknown." MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. Hew lork Financial Hows. Hew Yobc, May 24.—Money was easy on call to-day, and ranged from 7 to 6 per cent. Legal-tenders outstanding, $66,386,000 ; a decrease since iast Saturday of $146,000. Foreign exchange was lower, with actual business st 108# to 108# for prime banker’s 60 days, and 109# to 109# for sight. Customs receipts, $314,207. Gold was active, with a further advance. The price ranged from 118# to 118#, and dosed at 118# to 118#L The rates paid for carrying were 4,6,2, and 3 per cent. Xhe bank statement is unfavorable, and shows a net loss of $399,600 In tho legal reserve. The statement was a general disappointment to the street. The as a whole now nave $4,070,476 above the 25 per cent required by law. The percentage of reserve to the total Habib toe is 27.08 for the National banks, 24.46 for the State banka, and 26.72 for the banks in the aggregate, Gobi clearances, $185,799,000. - • The Aiarfutimt Treasurer paid out to-day $190,000. The Treasury operations for the week at the New York office included the disbars ament of $924,000 gold for interest, and $18,700 in the redemption of ft-’SO bonds, and the receipt of $2,300,812 for customs. The Treasury also sold $1,000,000 bought $600,000 bonds. Part of the gold wes pal® for in legal tender notes, which probably f*piafng ; tho decrease in the bank statement. Government bonds closed strong at - the highest quo tations of the week. The dullness which characterized tho stock specula tion during the week was more msfked today. Aside from a fewdbares the changes were veryamou.. xbe Exchange had but a slim attendance of .brokers, and the market at times was neglected. The bank meathad little effect on prices. The largest dealings were in Pacific MaiL which.fell pff from 4o# to 46. ad vanced to 45#. and sold at 45#@46# at the close. Western Union declined from BS# to 84#, with the latest transactions at intermediate quotations. Erie was dull at 63#@63@63#, and the changes in the re mainder of the list were only # to *£ the latter fluctu ation being exceptional. Sterling, 108#. Coupons ’67 121 X Coupons. ’63. 120# 10-403 114# Currency 6s 116 New 5b 115# BONDS. I Virginias, old ...43 North G&rolinas, 01d..28# North Carolines, new.l 6 Coupons, >Bl 123* 6-20« of ’62 IXC* Coupons, ’O4 U6* Coupons, ’65 . 118* Coupons, *65 (now).. .119* ST ATX ...93* ..81 80* Missouri*. Tezmossces, old. Tennessee*, new. Virginias, now... St Paul pfd 79# Wabash .. 68# Wabash pfd 83 Fort Wayne......... 93 Torre Haute. 15 Terre Haute pfd 40 Chicago A A1t0n...;. 109 Chicago A Alton jrfd.UO Ohio A Mississippi.. 41# a. O. A 0 88 C.,8. A Q.... ..109 Lake Shore 90# Indiana Central. SO# Illinois Central 115 Union Pacific SO# Union Pacific bonds. 86# Central Pacific bonds.lo9# ■Del. Lack. A Westem.lo3# Hartford A Erie 3# Canton.... 98 Western Union 84# Quicksilver 40# Adams Express 93 Wells Fargo 80 American Express... 67 United States Ex.... 70 Pacific Mail 45# New York Central... 100# Erie 63# .Erie pfd 73 Harlem 129# Harlem pfd ..130 Michigan Central...'.lo3 Pittsburgh. 87 Northwestern 75 ■Northwestern pfd.... S4 Kock Island.. ; 107# N. J. Central.. - 105# Bt. Paul 54 Foreign JHarketß. Liverpool, May 24.—11 a. m.—Floor, 27s 6d, Win ter wheat, 12* 6d; spring. Il« 2d@l2s 2d; white, 12@ 12s 2d; club, 12s sd. Corn, 27a Cd. Pork, 655. Lard, 39s 6d. Liverpool, May 24 —2:30 p. m,—Market un changed. * London, May 24—2:30 p. m.—Consols for money, 93# ; account, 94; 6-20s, ’65,91#; do ’67,94# ; 10-40 a, 88#; new ss, 80#; Erie, 48#. FniSKroni, May 24,—5-20 a of *62,95#. Paris, May 24.—Rentes, 54f 85c. The specie in the Bank of France has increased dur ing the pant week 500, OOOf. XrvEßPOozvHsy 24. —Cotton steady; middling up lands, B#d; Orleans, 9#@9#d. Sales, 12,000 boles; American, 7,000; speculation and export, 2,000. Flour, 27s 6<L Corn, 27s 6d. Cheese, 67s Gd. Cumberland middles, 38a. The New York Frodoce Market* New Toes, May 24.— Cotton Quiet and un changed. Bscadsxuits— Flour la buyer's favor. Receipts, 6,000 brla; superfine Western and State, $5.8506.35; common to good extra, $6.6507.30; good to choice, $7.3508.50; -white wheat extra, $8.65010.50; Ohio, $7.00010.50; St. Louis, $7.50013.50. Rye flour and commeal unchanged. Wheat in moderate demand and higher; receipts, 67,000 bu; rejected spring, $1.38; No. 2 Chicago spring. $1.59jj01.63*d0 North west $1.62; do Milwaukee, f2.6601.66ij’. Bye doll, at 95098 c. Barley and malt unchanged. Corn in fair demand ; receipts, 66,000 bu; inferior to prime new mixed Western, 63@64#0 ; old do. C6#0670; yellow, 65c. Oats in fair demand and firmer; receipts, 36,- 000 bu; new mixed Western, 51@52#c; inferior to prime white Western, 66#058c; black, 49V051C. Metals—Manufactured copper steady; Ingot*duH. and in buyers favor, at ft)£o32e cash for lake. Pig iron dull and heavy at $48.00060.00 for Scotch; American firm at f46.00@50.00; bar doll at sllO for refined English and American; sheet dull at 16017 c gold for Russia ; nails dull and nominal at $4.7506.35 for cut common 10 to 60, and $6.2507.00 for clinch. Lkatheu— ln fair demand at 28&031 c; Orinoco. 27@28c. ’ Wool —Quiet. Ohio fleece, *" - Eggs—Firmer: Western, 1‘ Hat Ain? Hops—Unchacgc 50@52c. \7}4f*lSc, Groceries—CoJee strong; Rio, I7*f®l9»£c, Sugar steady; good Muscovado, 8c; Porto Rico, 9c. * r ”hff**ff quiet. Rico steady at ' PETBOunnr—Crude, 0#o; refined, 21c. Turpentine—Firmer at 47@47#c. Provisions—Pork steadier; now mess, sl6 G2W Beef and cut meats unchanged. Middles more active; short clear, 9@9}jo; Jong clear, B„V@9c. Lard fimar: steam, 9 l-16@9>^c; kettle, 9y@9Mo, Butter and Cheese—Unchanged. Wihset—Quiet at 96c. CURT AIKS, &o. MiOeptiil I shall open MONDAY, the26tb, the largest and most elegant assortment of NEW DESIGNS in Eeal Lace Curtains and Lace Window Shades. Also a large stock of SILK and WOOL TERRYS, Cro tonnes, etc., suitable for Draperies and Lainbrcouins. to which I invite attention. SPENCERS. PECK, 195 & 197 Wabash-av., COBWEB ADAMS-BT. PRINTING. HOWARD, • WHITE & CROWELL, COMMERCIAL PMTIBS,

AND PUBLISHERS DAILY COMMERCIAL BULLETIN, HATE REMOVED TO 132 SOUTH CLARK-ST., THIRD FLOOR AKD BASEMENT. _ TEA. GET £5 ABBclamof SHIPLEY A HARRIS' 81 TEAS |°al aua.have given yon a beautiful Caster or Tea Sot j gratis. —3. {MS Blno HUnd-ov.. corner Twelfth,*.. - 1 Halited-at., just aonth of Harrison. f—*l 546 Aroheisar..', . . .. HAIR LUXURIANT. UP TryMANTTS h*tr BUSINESS CHANCE. FORSALE. HARDWARE BTTSX3STB3SS, IRON AND STEEL BUSINESS, In Quincy, Illinois. We offer our entire Hardware, Iron and Steel business for sale at the actual present cash value. Our stock of Hardware has been reduced to about five thousand dollars of good salable stock, which can easily be re asserted, and our large and extensive cus tom ship retained. ' Our Heavy Hardware, Iron and Steel busi ness is still perfectly and well assorted, and complete in all its branches, and is this day in cash value of about seventeen thousand dollars. We have been profitably engaged in this business over twenty-two years-and enjoy a large and reliable trade hue. There is but one Heavy Hardware and Iron business be sides onrs in existence here, and so favorable an' opportunity fbr entering Into a well-estab lished business in a large and prosperous city, commanding a great and wealthy dis trict, of country, accessible by seven rail roads, centreing here, will be seldom again offered. ' ", We will sell for cash, or part cash, with ap proved security fbr.tbe balance, and at actual present cash valne, without bonus, and with our good will. BEMMGER & SffIWEDELI. HL. May 52.1873. XiADIES’ UNDERWEAR. LABES' BNBEEWEAE, Aprons, and Corsets. SPECIAL BARGAINS. r. h. McDowell, 131 SOOTH HALSTED-ST., COT. Of AMIS. Just received from the manufacturer, $6,000 worth Ladies’ Underwear and Aprons, to be sold at oost of the material, being eaual to 45 per cent below former •prices. These goods are made of the best material, and in all sizes. Ladies will save one-half their money inbuying these goods. 1600 tallies’ Ohrcm«r«. Corded Bonds and sleeves, at 75 cents. •600 Ijartlca’ Bonds, 300 Ladles’ Drawers, Tacked and Bullied, at 60 cents. 800 Ladles’ Full Skirts* Tacked and Sallied,' at 85 cents. 800 Ladies’ Fall Ahirts ( Bins Tacks and Flouncing* at 81*00* worth 52.7 G. GOO Ladies? JS DreueSi Embroidered, at d(K) Ladies’ and Misses* Aprons and Slips from 25 cents upward. CORSET DEPARTMENT. Just opened, one Case FREE - OH COB-, • SETS, in numbers from to 32, and in • price from 75 cents upward. Every Corset is warranted to give satisfaction, or money cheerfully refunded. Lady Clerks are employed in these Depart ments, and will oheerially show these goods. Store open unta 9 o’clock every evening. MERCHANT TAILORS. SEA.UY & COLLINS, Tailors, 91 EAST WASHINGTON-ST., (Formerly with BROWN A MATHEWS), invito atten tion to their cboico stock of Imported Woolens, ♦ 3?OB MEN'S WEAK. ' Mr. SKATJV fin charge of On fling: Department), hav ing had £0 years' expert sneo in all the principal cities of Europe* including St. Petersburg. Moscow, Berlin, Vienna, London, and Paris, and for the last 7 year* in the roost stylish houses in tbit country, is a sufficient guaran tee as to stylo, and that all who patronize us will resolve satisfaction. Mr. COLLINS, in the Salesroom, will ro celro all with polite attention. ALBERT THOMPSON, 134 South 01ark-st., over Brewster, ■PATIiOR, ax stock. Opening, Tuesday, 37th May. Carriages approach from south, etc. LOAN OFFICE. CAUTIOI! Malicious persons have reported me re moved from the city. My LOAN OFFICE will be found at 118 SOUTH BLAEE-ST. A. GOLDSME), LICENSED PAWNBROKER. STOVES, RANGES. &c. STOVES AND RANGES, UNION WASHING MACHINES, AMERICAN MANGLES, PACKER'S ICECREAM FREEZERS KEDZIE'S WATER FILTERERS, REFRIGERATORS & ICE BOXES, HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS. TtAT.'npOM' cto 00., - 80 &82 HAMDOIiPH-ST., near State. BARSTOW’SBRICK SET RANGES, RICHMOP DOUBLE AND SINGLE OVEN PALACE RANGES, ARLINGTON PORTABLE RANGES, REFRIGERATORS & ICE BOXES, REGISTERS AP VENTILATORS. BANGSBROS., COB. STATE & VAN - BTTEEN-STS. STOP! STOP! STOP! Genuine first-class BARGES lor families, hotel*, and restaurants. Go to B. E. GIVAUDAN & TBESTED, jB,.StfSUto-st. - • • BEAL ESTATE. WASHINGTON HEIGHTS We bare bat ten of those splendid blocks In Morgan-ar. Subdivision at Washington Heights yet unsold. They are bat a short distance from two depots: streets graded; fine young trees set out on each lot; average size of 10t5.25x150 feat. Price psr lot (by the block) $110; one-third cosh; balance in one, two, and three years, with interest at 7 per cent. This is the best opportunity ever offered in suburban property as well located, and at these prices cannot fall In yielding large profits to purchasers. Eighteen daily trains pus this proportion the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Road, Persons desiring to visit this property can do so free of, expense by calling at our office any week-day before 8:30 or.lo a. m. or 12 nobn. B. F. CXARKE & CO., • ‘ ' Room 4. ISS LaSalle-st. ~ WANTED. A COMPETENT MAN Wishes actuation as traveling mlmhimi for a boot and shoe house. Speaks German perfectly arid can control German trade. First-class ref nances given. Address H M, Tribune office. AUCTION SALES. By EUSON & FOSTER. SPECIAL SALE BEAUTIFUL FEME BRONZES, ELEGANT Bronze Clocks, Superb Carrara Marble Figures, Pino Ala baster and Verde Antique Statuettes, Groups, Vases, and Urns, Elegant Garden Statuary, Monumental Statuary, Bioh Preach Bronze Pignres and Groups, French 2X-day Clocks, &0.. &0., ATATJOnOW, On Monday afternoon and evening. May 26, at 21-2 and 71-2 o’clock, at store 370. 848 Wabosh-av,, corner Twenty-lirafr-st. Good t will be onezbibition Saturday morning. May 34, with, catalogues, and until time of sale. . BLISON A FOSTER, Auctioneers 195 West WasMngton-st. GENTEEL lUENITUBE at Axjcarioasr. On WEDNESDAY MORNING, May 28, at 18 o’clock, consisting of Chamber. Dining-Room, and Kitchen Far" niture, Bedding, Crockery, io., io. EUSON k FOSTER. Auctioneers, 87 Slarket-st- HOUSE AND LOT, With Elegant Grounds, 681 Hubbard-st., AT -A-UOXXOIN-, On SaMay inning, May 31, at 10 o’clock, ON THE PREMISES. House two-story frame, with brick basement; lot 100 feet front on Hubbard-st., by 317 feet deep on Wood-st.; Grounds fitted up in splendid style. This property has been occupied for several years past by Frantz Arnold, Esq. TERMS OF SALE CASH, TITLE PERFECT. For information regarding the property apply to WILL IAM ANDREWS, Room No. 15, 152 LaSalle-st. _• EUSON A FOSTER, Auctioneers. By GEO. P. GOBE & CO., Dry Goods, Motions, Hats and Caps, Ho- siery, Sc., -AT ■A.-CTCTIOTsT, ON TUESDAY, * May 27, at 9:30 a. m. This sale will* be unusually attractive, including* a rich Uno of DRESS GOODS La Poplins, Plaids, Linens, Ao. ; also a fino display of White Goods, Gents’ Underwear, Ladies’ Shawls, Pocket and table cnttlcry, Vienna fans, Ac. At 11 o’clock, usual sale of carpets by the piooo, also lOQ single and double harness to close. GEO. P. GOES A CO., Auctioneers, . 53, Si, and S6 Rsndolph-st. Men’s and Boys’ Summer BOOTS AND SHOES OF BEST STYLES. Large and Attractive Line fninen’s Kite’s Summer fear, That must be closed, at the CATALOGUE AUCTION SALE of . GEO- T>. G-OHIIB Sa CO., 22,24 &26 Bondolph-st., Wednesday, May 28, at 91-2 a. m. By GEO. P. GOKE & CO. VTo will bold a aalo at our cow and spacious store, 69 and 70 Wabash-av., near corner Randolph-st., -A.O? -A.TJCTXOISr. A special sale of W. G. erode cry and yellow wore. 30 crate* W. Q. Crockery, 10 crates of Yollowware, On Thursday, May 29, at 91-2 o’clock G. P. GORE A CO., Auctioneers. By TAYJLOK & HARRISON. At Nos. 193 and 195 North Wclls-st., InSoipp’s Building, comer Superlor-st., On TUESDAY Morning, May 27, at 10 o'clock, THE ENTIRE FDBMDEE OF 10 ROOMS, Consisting of Carpets, Parlor Furniture, Marblo-Top Chamber Sots, Elegant Sido-Board, Dining-Boom, and Kitchen Purnitnro, Cooking and Heating Stores, Crock* sry, Glass and Plated Ware, Ac., do. Sale poeitive-and without reserve. By TAYLOR A HARRISON, Auctioneers, AtrcnOH SALE OF DBF GOOODB. ETC. WEDNESDAY, MAY 28, AT SK O'CLOCK. Large assortment of Fans, Fancy Goods, Swiss Mails, Dross Goods, White Goods, Piano Hats (new styles). Ribbons, Laces. Embroideries (hand-made and Ham burg), Notions, Etc. Etc. By TAYLOR A HARRISON, Auctioneers, 31 and S3 South Canal-st. Another Large Sale of HOUSEHOLD GOODS. MAY SI, AT 9X O’CLOCK, SATURDAY, A lot of elegant Chamber. Sets just received, Also, Parlor Furniture or all kinds, Ice Boxes, Crockery, Fla ted-ware. Desks, Etc.. Etc. By TAYLOR A HARRISON, Auctioneer*, TWO MILLION DOLLARS. GEEAT OLOSDTG OUT. TRUSTEES’ SALE REALAND PERSONAL PROPERTY Belonging to tho CHICAGO LAND COMPANY, AT PUBLIC AUCTION, On .Weteflay, lie ißtl flay ol June, 1873. By.the articles of the association of said Company, it is provided that all the property in the hands of the Trustees m the mouth of Juno, IST3, most be sold at auction for cash, to close the trust. ' ' The realty is centrally located in tho CITY OF CHI CAGO, and Is valued at $1,300,000. and composed largely of river and canal frontage, docked and ready for immedi ate use. Also, a large number of vacant lota in the imme diate vicinity of the docks, all well adapted for business T?ietltio to this property Is unquestioned, having bean hold and owned by tho Association for twenty years. Tho personal property consists of notes bearing 7 per cent interest, having from ono to five years to run, and amounting to about £7OO. Thase notes were received for deferred payments on land bought from the Company by tho makers thereof, and their imvment is secured by mortgage on the same. TERMS OF SALE, CASH. Tho personal property will bo ready tor transfer and delivery immediately after the sale. Purchasers of realty will bo required to mako a deposit on the day of sale or 10 per cent on tho amount of their purchase, the balance to be paid within thirty days, eras soon after tho solo as deeds con be mado ana delivered. OGDEN, L. S. BEECHER, GEORGE WATSON, Chicago, March 12, 1073. Trustees. - H. B. Booce, Secretary. Office with Ogden, Sholdon A Co., Boom 34, No. 173 La- Balle-s*. ' By HAVENS & CO. CREDIT SALE. SIOO,OOO BANKRUPT STOCK! Consisting of . fatcte, Jewelry & Faney Geeis, 172 South Clark-st., Monday, Mar £6. at 10 a. m., and continuing afternoon and evening cntil the entire stock is sold. Terms cosh on suns less than $100; 30 days on sums of SIOO to $500; 60 days on seas over SSOO. HAVENS t CO., Auctioneers. AUCTION JEWELRY SALE. 172 South Clark-st., Monday* May 28, at 10 a. ra. Tims given on all sums over SIOO, by HAVENS <t CO., Auctioneers. J BY BRUSH, SON & CO. On. Saturday, May 31, we will make (without reserve) another of our LARGE SAXES of FURNI TURE, CARPETS, COOK STOVES, &c., &c». - BRUSH, SON & CO., 188 Bast Madiaon-st., and 41 South Canal-st. Mel Martiap Sale of an Onuiiis Linfi ATTCTION,, On Saturday morning. May 31, at 10 o’clock a. zn., at the pnywllng and Ralfl Rubles 260 and 2R2 near Rush, consisting of a fine lot of Hones (young and sound), Omnibuses (open and close), Concord Harnesses, Halters. Whips, Bobos, 4c., 4c. To be sold to tbs highest bid der for cash. Sale positive. Per order, J. B. STORY, Mortgagee. P, F. PABEOBTH £ CO.. Custodians and Auctioneer*. AUCTIOK SALES. By TOL A. BUTTEKS & CO. IT HIDE PAM, AT DWELLING OF John Nash, Esq., . TEE ENTIRE FDRIUTOB, Piano, parlor suites, chamber-sets, dining-room eat, •mantel mirrors, pier-slaaaes, fine carpets, lace-curtains, together with tho entire outfit of a first-class house, ‘ AT AtCXIOT, ON MONDAY, MAT S3, at 10# o'clock, at thedwelHo* of JOHN NASH, ESQ., opposite the Square, near Hjdo Park Homo, Hyde Park. Trains on X. O. Railroad leave Chicago at 9 o’clocka, m. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO,, Auctioneers. COTTAGE AND LEASE OP IOT, On Monday, May 26, at 3 O’clt, ON THE GKOUND. Cottage and lease of lot. 281 First-at., between Paulina and Wood. Terns cash.- , WM. A. BOTTERS A CO., Anctlonoera. GRAND AUCTION SALE ONE HUNDRED LOTS, ByVTM. A. BUTTERS & CO., On Alonday, MayGO, 1873, AT CLYDE, Two miles west of the City Limits on fho Hue of the • 0„ R&Q, B. E., ando. &&.W.B. B. r 7V. ! a fa one of the most desirable suburbs about Chi cago, The streets are well graded, sidewalks laid) and trees planted. There is a good soiool, and during the present season tbs town ef Cicero intends erecting a fine school building. The advantages of Clyde over all other suburbs ate that it lies on the line of the most accommodating railroad running out of OMoagoj is accessible by trains st all hours of the day and night, and the &re onlyls cents | the ground is high and dry and is well drained. The lots are all EOzIEO. A de lightful fork wiß be loidont near the centre of the town. AOhnrohisnowbelnglmlltatacostofSViOOO. Bale to be positive and without reserve. The title it perfect and property free of incumbrance. TtiHMS—One-third cash, balance in one and two yean at 8 per cent interest. A deposit of SEO on each lot will be required on file day of sale. A SPECIAL TRAIN Win leave {he Depot of C,, B, & Q. K. K. at 11 a. m, on day of sale) acd a splendid Lunch will ho provided Cor aIL Free passes will be famished to those desiring to at tend the sale, by W. H. flfiATlKTi, Proprietor, Boom 3 Chamber of Commerce, or WU. A. BUTTEES & CO.I Anctjoaeersi BS & 67 South Canal-st. On "Wednesday, May 28, Fine New Top Buggies, OpenWaacni, Phaeton*. Democrat. AadJE*pr«s_Wa*; oni, Doable and Single Hanien, A.T AUCTION, at 26 and 81 West Washiagtoa-st., Wednesda? morning, at 10 o’clock. W. A. BUTTERS A CO., Aac^lonegra. On Thursday, May 29, Dry Goods, Eeady-made Clothing, Stravr Goods, Carpeting# Boots and Shoes,, ote., AT AUCTION, on Thursday, at 9& o’clock at 56 aad S7 Sonth CanaUt. A. BUTTEES A CO.. Auctioneers.. GREAT BALE or RoslEst&tc TUISMT, Jie 3,1813, IB'Z’ Wm. A. Butters & Go., At 15 & 17 Eandolph-st. 6 Xiots fronting on Cottage Qrove-av., being * liots 31,32,33,34,35, and 36, in Block 3 of Drexel & Smith’s Sub* of Section 11, Town 38, XL 14. 4 Lots fronting on Madison-av., being Lots 14,15,16, and 17, in Block 2 of Drexel & Smith's Sub. of Sec. 11. Town 38, 8.14. 2 Lota fronting on Drexel-av.* being Lota 6 and 7, in Block 1 of Drexel & Smith’s - Sub. of Sec. 11, Town 38, B. 14. 2 Lots fronting west onVernon-av.,between . Douglaa-av. and Thirty-sixth-at. X Lot fronting on Sixteenth-st. between Ash* land-ar. and Paulino-st., being lot 03, 25 feet front. 2 Lota on Wabash-av.. east front,*between Thirty-third and Thirty-fourth-sta., be ing lots 19 and 20 in Block 4of Went worth’s Sab., 50 by 180 each. 2 Lots on Oolumet-av., between Thirty-third and Thirty-fifth-sts., west front, being lots 35 and 38 in Sub. of Lots 7 and 10 of Block 2, in Dyer & Davidson’s Sub. 5 Lots fronting on Lexington-av., between. Fifty-fourth and Fifty-fifth-ata., being Lots 1,4, 5,8, and 9, in Block 18, Egan dole. '1 Lot fronting west on Prairie-av., between Fifty-fourth and Fifty-fifth-ats., being Lot y 18, in Block 5, in Jennings & Moffat’s Snb. 8 Lots on Ulinois-st., between Franklin and being Lots 7, 8, and 9, in Block 4, in Butler, Wright & Webster’s Bub. 1 Lot, No. 8, in Lyman’s Sub. of 8. E. frao. quarter of Sec. 2, Town 38, B. 14. 1 Lot, No. 17 Simons-av., just north of Dick ens-ar,, in Block 17, in Shipman, Bill & "Merrill’s Sub., Sec. 35, Town 40, B* 13. Full particulars hereafter. WM. A. BtTTTEBS & CO., Auctioneers. TO RENT. ELEGAHTBESIDffICE TO JR.J3JSTT- A first-class marblo-front Xlosidenco on tbs comer of one of the avennee, near Twenty eoconcUat., is now for rent, famished or un famished. to a flrst-olass family. Address, for throedaya, TF, Tribune office, ■ To Rent, with Board A pleasant, large room, very desirable, for genth*M£ '* and wife. Also, two comfortable single rooms ®>s y Wabash-av. 1' - DRUGGISTS’ SUNDRIES. SODA WATER. Agency for G. X). Dows & Co.’f-^-PP^A^ 13 i Genera tors. Copper I-otmtaW.T^Wer "Washers, loe Shavers, eto. Jarga assort* ment of samples on hand. BLISS & GOBBET,. Wholesale DrmrSJJts Snndties, 171 and 173 Banoolph-st, miscellaneous. PROP^S^j®- THE CHICAGO fl|||T|ljj *p® \HIHT WEST iIADISON-ST. ib|i BB fi nnvr.Ti& DIOKJ-MSOIT. 2VCXSHS*- -A— GWCON^. 54—1 eorers out and made. Carriage linings and to order. Also fancy sofa pillow*. WiadowWTO go ABERDEEN-ST., CHICAGO. through mafl promptly attended to., ; Contractors, fisnonslbls Carpenters, Plasterers, and Painters wanted to bH on job of a) Cottages. Apply at 513 Wabwh-sv. I*. Q. BUNT. AMUSEMENTS. J ÜBii.EE. OPEH TO All THEWOEED I p. s. giljMore, WITH A iniOrctett-a ail in. IN THREE Grand Coliseum Concerts, AND ONE GRATfIT JUBILEE BAU, Thursday and Friday, June 5 and 8, Tbe Concerts will be given In the maqpiSoeaUfiewPai,, senger Depot of the I*. S. A and 0., R. I.APacts* eTr., which will be decorated aadflttcdnptaaceoo. •"'*‘‘’4o,ooo PEOPLE V ADMISSION TO CONCERTS, . , OUST IB DOLLARI ' On Friday a fall holiday will bo declared foribepobßs Schools, being admitted to the Fridayaftaraoca Concert at a’WEIsl TY-FIVB CENTS ! On this occasion the Ohms will consist of QNS Tffflff. SAND OHILERKN from the PnhUo Schools. The in. tlvlties will culminate intho 6811 JUBILEE Bill; On FRIDAY EVENING, far which the elegant Hall of the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE hu been Tickets for the Bail, admitting Lady, sad Gentleman, SIO ; Ladies* Tickets, $5. r Tickets CAN ONLY BE OBTAINED at the Jabfe*’ ißoonw, 10 and 11 United State* Express Company** tiny, No. 87 Waahiaifton-an,,Mia)caa only be procured oa S present*! oeadbff tho dgnaCnie of on* * of the following . * 1 COMMITTEE Or33TVTEATIOS. v -Gen. P. H. Sheridan* C.B. Sawyer, P. H. Whs .'■ton, VoineyC. Turner, Hon-'C. B. Farwcll, Walter L. .Pock. N. K. Pairbank, Gen-John McArthur, SoL A. % Smith, Potter Palmer, G. L. •Wilson, Gen. J. D. Web* Aster, Franklin McVeigh, Hon. , Joseph uleclllL 0. P. Eel. rlokg, George Sturges, Norman -Williams, Wirt Dexter. T. Lincoln. W,.E. Doggdtt, Alfred Cowlet, W. >P. Tucker, J. F. Tracy, Harrison, iL Hmmitt, bJohn Cretan C. E. Gaiter. J. MoVlcker, A. E-Gm2 jrich, Horn John 31. Dbngleas. Goo. F. Maw/, 8, D. 2 Kim hark, &. H. Honor®*, Plß.jGardner. E. 8. Pike, An drew Brown, 8. J. Walker, Hon. Nonaan B. Jodd, t George 0. Walkor, W. M. Trueman, Wr 0, f.Fargo, Hugh Riddle, Gan. Akison Stager. Ges.Joeaeb Hou. W. F. Coolbaagh, C*JS. Brown. PhCoo • Wadsworth, William Chisholm. C. T. Bowon, Wilberr. c Storey. W. K. Nixon, John M. Ajar, B. B.McCagy, i Hon. J. Y. Scacxmcn, if. Howard nHiram Wheeler.-J. C. McMnllin, A '."L. Hqpldns, Mam {fNgipcrn.Jamea W. Odell, Marshall. Field, T. B, Black, ketone, B. E. Barcant, Hon. John A. Logan, L. B. r Midway, £deon Keith, Son. Thorn*# Boyne, Hon. Thos. > Drummerid, Hun. Corydou Beckwith, A. B. Meeker. ' J. B, Dhuce, Ira HolnlcsTJ. W. Doa&e, M. C. Grannis. •8. 8. HaydsVHon. J.D. Ward. JohnNeWoU. J. O.EatJ ‘ter, H. P. 'JSkmos,. Gen. G. w. Smlto, Hon. J. H. Walker, GeSrgp H. Laflin, E. E- Childs, Dr. B. Mo. Tiekar, HotoiJohn B. W. Peck. 8. M. Nick. • erson, A. H. finrley, F.'.B. Peebody, Dr. H. A. Johnson, * George W. olgP, Henrr Groenebawn, Igula Wahl. A. 0. Heslag, Gsoree M. PqQsuuk John G. HUtou, J. Irrtßj Pearce, Perfctnskßass, C 2, B. Sawyer. Beooenjiinb *Ea J übilbe'oTont as memorable and ertr to be historic; the*railroakis oontorlng In Chicago will lm) JUBUiEtf EXCURSION TICKETS HALF PRICEI Tb3 time of tho a lie dfi Tickets for the Concert! «jj) be aanomiced to-xaokxow.v TICKETS TOTHEBALIi NOW BEADY. ‘ CARPENTER A SHELDOa, Basinets AfaaggHi. EGOLESS THEATBB. BEST AMERICA! Another Hew Play! -MONDAY, JfnrSs-Dnring thd week. and Wedasadat and Saturday ..Matinees, Ba&lax CampbeU's powerfcl American drama. " ~ With an Unapproachable Cavt, and £adn SewßcsneiyT ..- t Act I—SPARKS! Act 2—EIRE 1 Act &-ET THB FIRE! Act 4—THROUGH iXESf Act 5-BUB NISHKDI SCENERY— New Haven Depot! The At £ West! The Sierra. Neradas! . ; I K.B Owingtothoel^oratoererumLUflnnwuMizrTl) | the proper proanctlDU of “THE GENTLE SAVAGk• ft it bu been acaroitubly postponed for s few 0171 Login 1 ItJwill pcsiUrely be tbeuoxt novelty. *• In preparation—“SHOEE." A ACADEMY OF MUSIC. Halited-At., near Madison. Third Week Sacoessof tho •e| THEATEE OOMEDJATIOH, I] AN ENTIRE CHANGE OP BILL. t i AK E-NTIHE NEW OLIO, ■ , . U sad first time of the sensation* eatflaa f? ARRAH NA BBOGT7E, U ARRAU'NA BROGUE, & ARRAH NA BROGUE. f W j BROWN’S HOUSE-DOG. ' ASt-IX-ART: ONE NIGHT IN A BAE-BOOM; andflrst weekof the CANNIBALS, {. OANNIBAX& ! Harriffsa and Hart, jfcank ‘Kernes. Jobs Wild, Jaia !• Hart. Larry Tooloy, John Queen, E. D. Goodies. J«*s ; Bradley, G, X*. Stoats, Joan Williams, W, .F, Jojgska, * W|w Jonnio Hnghwi, i»i« Ada Wray. Miss Kitty TiUSco. {,• In a new and pleailnff bill. ENTIRE CHANGE ofbw t_ erery MONDAY and THURSDAY. Matinee, Wedae- f day, at 2 p.m. Matinee, S tnrday, at 3p. n. ' , AJKEFS THEATEE. £ost week of the Sprite Seaeoa, and last appeanset d ? the celebrated ’ r X.AIJEA IKI IB IB ISTH ‘ AND TTTCTt excellent COMBINATION. ! Monday Evening aid every evening until farther » c ttce, also Wednesday and Saturday Matinee*. Srrt P> * doctloa la Chicago cu' the succeaafni drama, written tf* r presalyforMiuKeeio, entitled ‘ r Unite! Down; or, Tie Tin Lives of Man® [ Friday—BENEFIT OF LA.TTRA KEESE. j McYIGEEE'S THEATEE, last Weak of the Season! last Nights of Edwin Adams! | EVERT EVENING AND SATURDAY MATINEE ; ENOCH AKDENI; 1 70* and Boautifol Scenery. Korol Mechanical Edadfc ‘ Kelt woet-THE KATIE PPTKAM COMBCTATIO?. * GLOBE THEATEE. BrvTTErDsno - And all the weoh, the senaatlozi of the ace, th* CHILDREN OF CYPRUS I Elegant- Scenery and Splendid Mechanical Effect*. GEOW'S OPEEA HALL, 517 West Madlson-sL DR. HARRIET CARPENTERS RADICAL LECTURES, ENtITLED /' , i “TBOTH tTJTVEELCTQ F-&XBEHOOP* | EVERY SUITDAT EVENING. THE TUBE. TOTSDAT AFTEBSOON, Mar 27-AjfcMtes»jS| of SIOO. between M. J. Tearner’* m. |:; W. b. m. PRAIRIE QUEEN, WsMJ ■c kef'sng. HIGHFLYER; to be track on Arcber-av.. two miles west of r*. * : place known u JItTRPHY’a TATEBN. r best two out of three. *; ART GALLERY, | Michlgaa-av., corner Van Borea-iU | ; OPEN DAILY, 8 TSJjL J> Sundays. 3tosp. ml _ LAKE navigation. For Lake Superior! TaV« Superior People’s Lino Steamers, do®* i Madison and Washtogtoiwts. . - *. STEAMER PEEBLES^ dpt, AIiAN UaISTTRB, ■ t Steamer J. 1.. HXT3D. Oapt. Thos.JWftj "WfllleaTe Wedneydcrwni Tlmrsday Biraloia SSthMax. For freight or£™c|J>£Js>bri : a coo —■nr..M».tcg. CmOU —< f; meetings, ■ Cr£ Masonic. on m yi& fi gag fe Attention, Sir | Chicago Commanderr, No. M, £fiv tend Byordetof the^Oj. y, SINOLAIB. g 6V

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