Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 25, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 25, 1873 Page 3
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SPRINGFIELD. gfee National Agricultural Congress— foarteentU - Regiment Reunion— pardoned—lmportant Decision* _ Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, - tontfflnzLD, EL, May 24.—'The National Agricul tural Congrees meets In Indianapolis on next Tuesday, ibe37lh Inst, and will continue In session for three TWa society was originally organized in 1870 at Jackson, Miss., for the purpose of advancing the agri-' cultural interests of the Southern States; Its last ;MBS lons were held In : 1871 at Nashville, snd 1872 at St, Louis, where its charter was made na tional. J. P. Reynolds, of this State, was at the last elected President.; He, together with Emery jCobb and A. M. Garland, of this State are delegates 3rom our State Board of Agriculture to the Congress. *V. C. Flagg and H. M. Smith, President and Secretary (tf the Fanners* Association of this State, are also de legates. The proceedings will he looked to with Inter- as gentlemen prominent In the agricultural inter* eeta of the United States will be present, and shape ihe action of the Congress, The reunion of the Fourteenth Illinois Volunteer Infantry in this city to-day was a very pleasant affair. About fifty of the original members of the regiment were in attendance. They were received by Gov. Beveridge in the Representatives Hall, from which ®lace they visited Oak Ridge and partook of a lunch. Bov. palmer, the first Colonel of the regiment, gave an historical account of the service of the regiment, which 'was listened to' with Interest. This evening Gov. Tpalmer gave a collation to all the members of the ; regiment at his house, where each fought his battles (Over. The occasion was a very enjoyable one. - - Gov. Beveridge to-day pardoned from the Peniten •tiary George Rice, sentenced for seven years for rob !bery in 1870, by the Recorder's Court of Cook County. An important suit baa just been settled here to-day. Tin 1871 the City of Springfield levied a water, gas, and, :eewertax. The various churches of the city and the :Bettio Stuart Institute refused to pay it, on the ground ■that it was a general tax, and they werojconsequently • exempt under the law. The Collector brought suit to • recover Judgment against the property, but Judge 'Crook,of the County Court, decided that the defense •was good; that the tax was general, and could not be -collected from the churches and the Institute. THE cm Iff BRIEF. The Council Committee on Fire and Water will meet .’Monday afternoon at 8 o’clock in the City Clerk’s office. The Ellsworth Zouaves will meet to-morrow evening. .for the purpose of completing arrangements to parti cipate in the decoration services. Assistant M*r«baig for the Gmceland division of the :3ecorative ceremonies wIQ meet at the Sherman House :-it 2 o’clock this afternoon. A gymnasium has been fitted up by the Christian Union over the reading-room, No. 114 Madison street, .'lt will be formally opened this evening. The motion for a new trial in the case of Courtney against the Catholic Bishop (St. Patrick’s Church) has sustained and the verdict set aside. The question of opening -Dearborn street is one which will be folly discussed at a meeting of property owners, to be held on Tuesday evening, comer of Third avenue and Varf Boren street, up stairs. Among the attractions at Cremome Gardens, Lon -tioxL is a colossal picture of the Chicago fire, by E. J. 'Burry* This is appropriately preceded by a grand of pyrotechnics. Several important changes have been made in the rtime-schednle of the Ulinoia Central Railroad. Pas sengers going by that route will find it to their ad vantage to consult the time-tables published in the ad vertising winning of this paper. About 11 o’clock yesterday morning, a hone attached to a butcher’s wagon took fright on West Madison street, and, running away, collided with a buggy. A gentleman named Walker wa£ thrown out and some what injured. The Chicago Society of Physicians and Surgeons meet, Monday evening, in the parlors of the Michigan* Avenue Orphan Asylum. There will be reports from the State Medical Society, and a paper on Ilmo vapor an membraneous croup. Hfyith Officer John Braus found the dead body of a male infant in a basket, in an alley near Robey street, between Fourth and Erie streets. It was taken to the Union Park Police Station, to await, the action of the Coroner. . .. A still alarm of fire was given the engine B. E. Will iams, at 2 o’clock yesterday afternoon, flames having "been discovered in a three-etory frame building. No, €i North Qanai street, occupied by Fred. Kannelu Damage, $l5O. No insurance. At 8 o’clock yesterday morning a man named Rich ard Brown, was caught between two freight cars of the Chicago, Pittsburgh & Fort Wayne Railroad, at the “Eighteenth Street depot, and was badly crashed. He tos taken to his home No. 632 South Union street, and Attended by Dr. Lee. * The of the Chicago Christian Union will meet at No. 114 Madison street on the following even ings * Monday, dramatic; Tuesday, German, and Thursday, the literary and debating club. Students of BcoyiPs system of short-hand are requested to meet on Wednesday evening to form a class. A young mao named Irving Wyman was formerly In tie employ of tie Excelsior Stone Company. A few weeks since lie ran away, taking with him money and notes belonging to the Company to the amount of $l4O. Be was arrested yesterday afternoon, and lodged in tbs Union Street Police Station. Two or three days ago Mayor - Medlll revoked the of Messrs. Angell A Cooker, employment on the charge of defrauding emigrants with promises of employment, and extorting money from them on this hypothesis. Yesterday, finding that some leavy lying had been done to their detriment, he re stored to them the license, 'which he had supposed, on *he affidavits of certain parties, they had forfeited. . A laughable incident occurred at Booley’s -Theatre last evening. Just before the curtain fell on the first .act of u The Victims,” a gentleman and his wife en tered, and were shown to their seats. The lady Boated herself, but the gentleman started down the a<niA xhe wife, seeing her husband leaving her, ex claimed with much emphasis. “Where are you going, John?” The explosion which followed among the Audience was immense, and Blaisdcll was nearly over come by his attempts to control nls risibilities. It was several minutes before the audience quieted down so that the play could proceed. Thft following building permits were granted by the Board of Pubuo Works yesterday; Samuel Baker, two-story and basement stone front, .25x60, at No. 1213 Indiana avenue; Grant Goodrich and A. 8. Baldwin, throe-story and basement stone front double tene ment, 50x£0, ot Nos. 267 and 269.111in0is street; West Side Railway Company, new stables, heavy brick, 109 x 93, near the comer of Throop and Von Buren streets. A sacred concert will be given in St. Patrick’s Church on Sunday next, a week from to-day, by tho choir of the church, assisted by an orchestra and the best TTT n<, i < * a i talent of the city, under the direction of Mr. B. Fail, organist of tho church. The programme includes selections from Rossini, Mendelssohn, Handel, and Haydn, and the concert will doubtless be a most enjoyable affair. ’ • . An accident, as peculiar as it is melancholy, occurred yesterday forenoon at D. B, Flake’s new building, cor ner of Washington street and Wabash avenue. A pain D»r ■n *tn ftd TTr»nry Dooley, employed in the building, was standing on the platform of an elevator. His paint-pot was on a scaffold, opposite him, overhead.. While endeavoring to reach it, the elevator was set in motion from above, and began to ascend. Not think ing of the scaffold, Dooley thrust his head forward to see who had started the elevator, when his head was caught between it and the scaffold, breaking his neck, and causing death. Dooley was 85 years old, and leaves a wife and two children, At the Coroner’s inquest yesterday afternoon, at his residence. No. 288 Cottage Grove avenue, a verdict of accidental death was rendered. PERSONAL. Got. Etuib, of Colorado, Is in town, the gnest of Hr, Lnnt. Barry, editor of the DeeMoiaee Regiiter, to (topping et the Ogden Hooee, OoL L. O. Gilman, of Belvidere, and 0. T. Bbnr, of El Paso, are at the Ogden House. Mr. George Bond and George Dongles, of the New York Paid Fire Department, were the gnosis of Engine Company Ko. 10 of this city, yesterday. . . It was Mr. James B. Dowland, and not John F. Down, who delivered the entertaining lecture on India at the Victoria banquet at the Sherman House on Fri day evening. Prof. Joseph Haven will deliver a lecture on day evening, in the basement of the Union Park Con— rational Church, before the Everett Literary Bocifr ills subject is ** Travel in Palestine,” . . General sympathy will be felt for S. A. Irwin, Esq., Collector of Internal Revenue in this city, in tbebe reavement he b** sustained by the death of his wife. Mr*. Irwin died at U o’clock yesterday morning; of pneumonia, leaving four children. . Every well-informed knows that the Hon. Phil Hojne has a great eye for architectural beauty. He is about ordering the erection of a pretty rustic cottage on his extensive lot at the comer of Indiana and Pine streets, and has selected ilr. Banldn’e plan for a City TT»n %s the design. It is safe to say that the cottage •wiH be the most remarkable building of the kind in the North Division. S. H. Moore, Esq., having given xrp the building No. 165 inf tit avenue for the übo of those who have in charge the decoration of soldiers* graves, all ladies and gentlemen interested in participating in the ceremony are requested to call at this number to-morrow at; 10 o’clock. The following wholesale dealers in boots and shoes v have agreed to cloee their stores at 3 o’clock on Satur - day afternoon, from May 81 to August 16 inclusive: Doggett, Bassett & rails ; Groensfelder, Rosenthal ft Go.; 0.0. Thompson ft Co.; Philip Goodman ;1L Selz ft Co.; C. H. . Fargo & Co.; T. J,Shay;C.H. Henderson ft Co.; Phelps, Dodge ft Palmer; McAuloy, Toe ft Co.; WiswaH ft Thompson; T. B. Weber ft Co,; M, D. Wells ft Co., and G. 8. Richardson ft Co. A dispatch from Milwaukee announces the death of Capt. Jaaner, of the schooner Hears, by an accident, but fails to give the particulars. The schooner was on her way to Chicago from Buffalo at the time the acci dent occurred, Thursday evening, and immediately ' pot in to Milwaukee. Capt. Jaaner was widely known tnd highly esteemed; Be leaves a wife and family who reside in - Missouri, where he intended going as: loon as he had given up >»<■ seafaring life. His inten sion was to retire from the taba service at the close of r^4tepresent season, ifnot earlier. . * It is proposed to place a memorial to Daniel o*Con« leH in the New York Central Park. The new Board of Police Commissioners in New tetfc Cit Hu elected Henry Smith President; and has removed Superintendent Kelso, and appointed George Mated!—who was Superintendent of Police sixteen years ago—to succeed hfm, The Labor Question. Pbotidence, B. I, May 24.—1n Woonsocket Iho Ten-Hour Oommltteo liavo advised the factory opera tives to return to work. The strike may be regarded as ended. . New Fork, Hay 24.—The Carpenters* Society has given notice that its members will only work eight ours on and after Monday next. This action of the journeymen carpenters in waiting until the plans of buildings for. the year are made out, and then striking unless their demands for the enforcement of the eight* -hour system Is compiled with, is - strongly condemned "by thb “ bosses.** Business is said to be very dull, and employers assert that they will not yield to the de mand. They say they can better afford to be idlo than can .the men, and they will see who «»b bold out the long est. The journeymen who are about to strike are quite as fixed in their determination. The meeting of the employers on June 12, at the Cooper Union, was intended to effect a compromise, but -the carpenters Bay they will accept none. . : . The Newark manufacturers complain that their or- . ders are not half eo largo as usual at this season. They have kept on their regular complement of operatives, but a reduction in time will be necessary after tho 4th of July, and some of them talk of discontinuing -all work until orders for the fall trade begin to arrive. The hat, shoe, Jewelry, carriage, and saddlery people feel the depression most. Crime In Now England* —Boston, "May £4.—James 0. Coe to-day filed a de nial of tho charge that be has made fraudulent con veyances to baffle his creditors, and the case will go to the jury next week. James W. Eldridge, of North Harwich, has been held for trial on the charge of committing an assault on his father from which he died. Wagner, the alleged Isle of Shoals murderer, was arralned at Alfred, He., to-day, and pleaded not guilty. He also entered a plea of a want of jurisdiction. Suicide* Bristol, Pa., May 24.—James M. Bolleau, of Flush ing Mills, Rucks County, Pa., committed suiddo to day. He was a lumber merchant and among the re cent failures. Vessels Passed Detroit* Deteoit, May 24.—Passed Down— Props Dean Richmond, Dubuque, Philadelphia; barks Prince of Wales, E, Coming; echrs Lady McDonald, Wave, Crest, Swallow, £. Roberta. » Passed Up—Props W. T. Graves, St. Albans, Mo hawk, Ganlstee; bark J. S. Austin; schrs New Do minion, Allda Rogers. . Wxjtd—Southwest. Detboxt, May 24.— Passed Down— Props Fountain City, Wales and barge, Estabrook and bargee ; schrs Champion, Vienna, Brooklyn, Bigler, Ataunto, James Piatt, Kilderhouse, F. J. King, Fitzhugfa, Onward. Passed Up—Props Alaska, Jay Gould, Bradbury,. Bay City; bark Wm. Jones: schrs Jane Ralston, Thomas Ferry, China, K. Winslow. Wind—West, MARRIAGES. HART—SULLIVAN—On Tuesday, May 80, at the Church of the Immaculate Conception, by the Rev. Father Butler, Mr. Michael Hart and Mias Ellen E« Sulli van. WING—EDWARDS—In this city. May 14. by the Bov. James Matthews, at the residence of the bride’s father, William P. Wing and Eunice Edwards. WADDELL—HENNESSEY—On the 15th tost., at the residence of James Holden, Esq.,ln this city, by the Rev. Father Conley, Mr. George Waddell, of this city, and Miss Kate Hennessey. DEATHS. ROGERS—On Saturday, May 24, at 2 o’clock a. m., Ruin M., wife of Charles A. Rogers, 'aged 2S yoars, 7 months and 13 days* . _ - Funeral services will bo held at the Westem-av. M. E. Church, comer of Monroe-st. and Weatern-av., at I o’clock p. m., Sunday, May 25. SMITH—At her residence. 157 Douglas-plaoe, May S3, Mrs. Sarah A. Smith, formerly of Meade County, service at half-past 2. Sunday, before leaving for Oakwood Cemetery. Friends of the family invited to attend. papers please copy. IRWIN—In this city, of pneumonia, Saturday morning, Mrs. S. A. Irwin, wife of the Hon. 8. A. Irwin, OoUeetor of Internal Revenue. ~ „ ' • Funeral from her late residence. No. 75 ElUs-av., on Monday, May 26, at 1 o’clock p. m. INSTRUCTION. A MUSIC TEACHER WOULD LIKE A FEW MORE nanils: Unas, $8 per quarter, with use of piano for practice. Call at 1390 J. O. THOR $6 A TERM A FIRST-CLASS TEACHER J} will accept a few more piano pupils, day or early evening; vocal culture, S3; best of references. I will ln- Btruotinboth for moderate use of boggy and very gentle -horse. Address H 24, Tribune office. BENCH LANGUAGE-ACADAMIB, FAVABGBK, .Vm a . DEPELGROM-NEWELL; furnished room for one or two gentlemen pupils. SKS6 Michjgan-av. German kindergarten, west side, ia South Morgan-st., corner Jackson. Misses BUR MESTEB A MARTENS. INSTRUCTION GIVEN IN THE FRENCH LAN- X imago by a teacher of experience, private or classes; terms moderate. Address Hll, Tribune office. Mrs. darling will give lessons in draw. ing and painting at tbs Stndio, Room 81 (via elevator) •Republic life Ball ding, 161 LaSalle-st. Mbs “H. SIMONS, FROM THIRTY-NINTH-ST., Now York, successor to Miss Mott, English, French, and Gorman hoarding and day school; tho school closes July 25. comer Foortoentn-st. • ROP. CLARKE. 6« WEST MADIBON-ST., IN strnets thoroughly in classics and mathematics, and guarantees a correct accent in French, German, Italian, and Spanish. ' PROF. DELOULME. 413 WEST MADISON ST., up-stalrs—Piano, vocal culture, singing, French, Latin, Spanish, at my rooms or pupil’s residence; terms moderate. ■ SITUATION WANTED-AS GOVERNESS OR secretary. Unexceptionable reference furnished. Address D 34, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A LADY t EITHER AS companion or teacher In a family. No objection to travel: highest references can be given. Address Y 36, Tribuneomee. • SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG UDT AS O visiting governess. Address L, 157 and 159 LaSalio st., Room 81. " . THE ENGLISH, GERMAN, AND FRENCH SCHOOL, formerly on Calumet-av*, has been removed to 8 Union av., near Cottage Grove and Fortieth-st. The honsels new and surrounded by a large grove. Pupils received at anytime; music and needlework taught. For references and circulars apply to the Principal. Mrs. HAY, Bauer’s and where its fury was most sadly felt. It came down Music Store, 393 Wabash-av., or Dr. TUCKER, 612 Cot tags Qrovo-sv. ___ WANTED-A FRENCH LADY, NATIVE OF Paris, desiring a home, would be glad to make some ftlsasant arrangement with a family for the summer or ongor. She has friends in tho city who would gladly tes tify to her agreeable method of teaching her language. Address MADAME, 8 Park Row. - WANTED-A FEW PIANO SCHOLARS. AD ’ dress or inquire 299 West Hartison-st. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. A BARGAIN—WE HAVE ORDERS TO SELL AT private sale tho house and lease, and the furnitures cost ®2,tK». for $4,600, part cosh, and the bal anco long time. Call and examine. No. 43 Mav-st., tor further particulars. HODGESACO., 613 West Lake-at. A TTENTION CALLED—WE WILL SELL AT PRI- A rate sale a largo lot of first-class cook stoves, carpets, furniture, crockery, Ac., Ac., every day th Is week and evening until 9 o’clock, at HODGES A CO.’S Commission House, 613 West Lako-st. - For sale-at a bargain-kitchen, din iug-room, and sloe plng-room furniture. Call to-day and to-morrow, at 374 Franklin-st., comer Van Boron. For sale-a complete boarding house furniture and fixtures, with the privilege of the bouse. In good locality. Apply on premises, No. 40 West Lake-st, ' Fob salb-the fubniture and lease of a marble-front house in most desirable location on South Side; honso full of first-class lodgers. Address K 89, Tribune office. • FOB SALK-a self-feeding stove as good as naw will be sold cheap for cash. Address H 83, Tribune office. T UMBER FOR SAIE-ABODT 80,000 FEET JOIST, JJ . alio sidewalk lumberMdinnwe timber; also, lome brick; all cheap for cub, or wilTexcbange for real estate* Apply F. R. W ILSON, 77 South Olark-si., from 12 to 1. PARTIES HAVING HOUSEHOLD GOODS TO Dis pose of for cash can, by applying at the commission house of HODGES A CO., 613 Lakg-st., find ft purchaser. OME SECOND-HAND FURNITURE AND A GOOD cook-stove for sale cheap, at 317 West Polk-st. THE EMPIRE PARLOR BEDSTDAD SURPASSES aIL Seven style*. All size*. Now and improved de signs. An elegant piece of furniture, convertible instant lyintoaluxurious oed. Occupies only one-fourth the space of a common bedstead. Adapted to parwr, library, din Ins-room, office, and store. Prices, s2o, $25. 845, S6O, 866, $75, SBS, SIOO. Sold on installments, if desired. Empire Parlor Bedstead Co., No. 352 "West Madlson-ot. ■Wholesale warerooms, No. 370 and 372 West Madlson-st. WE HAVE THE MOST MODERN AND AT traotive parlor suita found in tho city, of our J D, S manufacturo and warranted, which we sell lower by 2S per cent than any other bouse, Bce for yourself, at S3 North Wells-st. • TXTHKN LOOKING FOB PAKLOR SUITS DON'T Vr buy until you examine the stock at 83 ftorth Well*- at-, whoro they make a specialty of parlor ffoods, and do not baro general furniture for sale. PERSONAE. PERSONAL— J D: THE OEL TANKS YOU WERE inaalrlng for aro manufactured by the Shipping Can Company, 46 and 48 West Lake-st. TOM* PERSONAL- WILL THR LADY WHO * RECOG nlzed the gentleman on lndiana*st. last Tuesday after* noon« address the same care Tribune office ? BG. PERSONAL— "DID YOU MEET. AD.f” "YES, sir.'* Have not heard from you. Address V 71,. Trib une office. PERSONAL— IF MISS MARY BROSNAN, OB Brosnau, of London, Eng., or her brothers, are la *he city, they will please communicate with Mrs, B. F. PALMER, corner btate and Monroo-sta. • PERSONAL— WILL THE LADY WHO LEFT A diamond earring to bo matched about six months ago at 468 Stato-st,, please call for same at zny new store, 118 Clark-st. A. GOLDBMIP. •' PERSONAL— COEL: WANTED INFORMATION concerning John H. or Abraham Cori, or their families. Address OG, 1296 Hichlgan-av. PERSONAL— ROBERT BIDDLE WILL HEAR OF something to hia advantage by calling at ho. 100 Shennan-st., Michigan Southern depot. PERSONAL— E. E. RYAN ft CO., INSURANCE Agents. Send me a policy in the Amazon Co. for $2,600 on *»y household fanmuro. P. B. ARENo. ERSONAI*—"WILL B. R. KIOKERSON, OR KlcholKm, 11 In ChJcjgo. Mnd bia nddrai to FOWLER, Tribune office, and oblige a gentleman desir ingto see him on business. ' PERSONAL-THE PARTIES THAT LEFT PARCEL at 143 West Bandolph-et-, please call and get the same. PERSON AI/-MISS "M," YOUES RECEIVED. GENT. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: SUNDAY, MAY 25, 1873. BOARDING AND DODGING. South Side- O PARK ROW—FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED Jj rooms, with board, for gentlemen and tholr wires, or single gentlemen. A few day boarders wanted. Refer ence repaired. - ■ ■ 3EIGHTEENTH-ST.. NEAR THE LAKE—FDR nlshed or unfurnished room, with first-class board: a {Peasant home for gentleman and wife; splendid summer ocation. . • SPARK ROW-FURNISHED ROOMS TO KENT with board. ■\i\ ELDRIDGE-COURT - PLEASANTLY FUR XV Dished rooms, with board, for gentleman and wife, or single gentlemen. • ■ • 1 A ELDRIDGE-COURT—TWO DESIRABLE X'Xdoublo rooms. A No. 1 day-board. Reasonable prices. ; ~ • - • ' *! f* AND 18 ELDRIDGE-COURT.—TO RENT. WITH XU board, desirable rooms suitable for gentlemen and wives or gentlemen companions. Billiards free. 1 Q CONGRESS-ST.-A NEW BOARDING-HOUSE, Xt? just opened, famished rooms, single cren suite. Day board $5 per week. - . . • TWENTY-FIFTH-ST.—TWO LARGE PAR jwV low, unfurnished, except carpers, with or without board. 97 COTTAGE GROVE-AY.. NEAR TWENTY cj I secoud-st.— I hare two nicely furnished rooms, cne front and one back, to rent with board; convenient and pleasantly located; accessible to three lines of street cars. Terms reasonable. QQ PARK-AV.-TWO BEAUTIFUL ROOMS. WITH OO board, famished or unfurnished, single or en suite; private family. Unexceptionable references required. AO HUBBARD COURT-NEW BOARDING* ttO house i first-class board with room, $4 to $6.60 per week, with use of piano; day board, $4. - AQ HUBBABD-COURT FURNISHED ROOMS, Ttt/ with or without board, for gentlemen; day boarders accommodated. 7£ TWENTY-FOURTH-ST.—TWO LARGE WELL I U furnished rooms for gentlemen, with first-class board. QQ TWENTY-THIRD-ST. —NICELY FURNISHED. OO south front alcovo room, second floor, with board for gentleman and wife; references exchanged. IH9 THIRD-AV. - FIRST-CLASS BOARDING XVi£ house, newly furnished throughout; boarders wanted by the day nun week; prices reasonable, *1 no ELLIS-AV. TWO SPLENDIDLY FUR XUO nlshed rooms to let, with board, at reasonable, rates; also, one room unfurnished. TIC FOURTH-AY., NEAR HARRISON-ST.—TO XXJ rent pleasant famish od room, with good board at reasonable price. . *J*| Q AND 120 THIRD-AV.—TO RENT, WITH .1 IQ board, several nice rooms, suitable (or man and wife, or single gentlemen; also firat-claaa day-board. . •HQ COTTAGE GROVE-AV.. JUNCTION UALU XXO met—A large, pleasant, well-famished room and • bedroom: will rent single or otherwise, with excellent ta blo board; homo cooking; terms moderate to permanent parties. ■ TTQ EIGHTEENTH-ST.-A COUPLE OF GENTLE i In men can bo accommodated with a pleasant, good sized front room and board. Reference required. T 0/3 TWENTY-FIRST-ST., BETWEEN WABASH ±Z\J and Michlgan-avs.—To rent, with board, finely furnished mite of rooms in private family. IQ A SOUTH PARK-AV., NEAR TWENTY iOx fourlh-st.—A largo furnished room, second floor, with board; family email; references. 1 QQ THIRD-AV.—CHOICE ROOMS FOB LADIES XOO or gentlomen, with board; accommodations first class ; term* reasonable. . *1 A Q SOUTH PARK-AV.—A GENTLEMAN AND JL i ±o wife can be accommodated with good board and a suite of rooms; terms sl2 per week. 1 TWENTY-FIRST-BT.-PLEASANT ROOMS XtJX to rent, famished or unfurnished, for gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen. Day boarders accom modated. 1 On THIRD-AV.—FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH OR XOI without board, at reasonable prices. oAA EAST VAN BUREN-ST., SECOND FLOOR— Z\J\J Boarding and lodging in a private family. 099 THIRD-AV.-NIOELY FURNISHED ROOMS, ZZZ with or without board. 290 EAST VAN BUREN-ST.—BOARDERS WANT- orrQ MIOHIGAN-AV.—ROOMS WITH BOARD; ju j rt house has all the modem improvements: day boarders will find cheap and first-class accommodations. OQ*l MIOHIGAN-AV.—SUITES OP BOOMS FOB ZoJ. young men, and one for a oonple. nnr MIOHIGAN-AV. LARGE, 'NEWLY FUR ZOO nishod. and desirable front room, second story, with board; room for single gentlemen; references ez changed. 9Q7 MICHIGAN-AV.—TWO VERY DESIRABLE ZO I rooms to rent, with board, to married couples or singlo gentlemen. References exoh&ngod. 9Q9 FIFTH-AV GOOD BOARD AND PLKAS- ZtJ Z ant rooms; $5 per week. MRS. LYNCH. QTQ MICHIGAN-AV.-TO RENT. FURNISHED OXO front room, with board, suitable for gentleman and wife. QQA SOUTH CLARK-ST.-BOARD. WITH WELL OOU furnished rooms, en suite or single: location l}tf blocks south of Grand Pacific Hotel; house lately built, and furnished with ail modem conveniences. QQ/f WABASH-AV.-LARGE AND PLEASANT OUT rooms and board for gentlemen and their fami lies ; also sleeping rooms and board for single gentlemen. non WABASH-AV—WANTED, BOARDERS AND OOP day boarders. Terms reasonable. 00(7 WABASH-AV.—GENTLEMEN AND THEIR 001 wives can be accommodated with rooms and board. Also, a few day boarders wanted. QQ/3 MICHIGAN-AV.-SECOND-STORY ROOMS Ot/O newly furnished to rout with board, suitable for gentleman and lady, or two gentlemen. QQQ michigan-av—a suite of rooms; al tjt) u bo a single room. A I Q AND 420 WABASH-AV—NEW BOARDING xIO boos©—Booms single* doable, or on sal to, far niabed or unfurnished, • - A An WABASH-AV.—TWO FURNISHED ROOMS, I one single, with first-class board. . ACA MICHIGAN-AV,—VERY -PLEASANT AL- Tl) jl core suite to rent, with first-lass board. Aa Pi MICHIGAN AV. GENTLEMEN AND trQt) wives or singlegentleman, can be accommodated with famished or anfamishod rooms, with first-class board. • ~ Aan MICHIGAN-AV.-BEVERAL BEAUTIFUL ttO I rooms to rent with good board or without; terms reasonable. AQI MICHIGAN-AV. NICELY FURNISHED rooms for gentleman and wife or two gentlemen, with first-class board; honso all modem improvements. AO A WABASH-AV.—NICE ROOMS, SINGLE OR «n suite, with first-class board; also, day board. A good bam to rent. ' " A AO WABASH-AV.—FRONT BOOMS FOB GEN tleman and wife, also large side room for two gentlemen; bath-rooms have hot and cold water, closets, etc. Everything new. and prices moderate. Day boarders accommodated- References exchanged. ,10n SOUTH DEARBORN (BURNSIDE) ST., near Twenty-ninth. A nice ohoerfnl family hotel, excellent table and surprisingly low prices; single rooms, $6 and $7. ■ rno WABASH-AV.—ALCOVE. ROOM, WITH OUO board ii desired; references given and required. Pi f\Q WABASH-AV.—PERSONS DESIRING A O.UU pleasant and quiet homo will find elegantly-fur nished rooms, with board, at above number. Also, day boarders accommodated at moderate prices. Table first class. References exchanged. • . rgn WABASH-AV—A SUITE OF FRONT ROO JIB, with modem improvements, furnished or unfur nished; also well-famished single and doable rooms, with board. References. ' ; CO A STATE-ST., UP-STAIRS—WANTED, BOARD OOx ors: our place Is pleasant, neat, ’dean, and square moms at $5 per week. Inquire of Mrs. MKN DOLA, up-stairs.' : C Q7 WABASH-AV—TO RENT—WITH BOARD, (JO I rooms, famished or unfurnished for gentlemen and wives or single gentlemen. Day board reasonable. CCA WABASH-AV—CHOICE ROOMS FOR FAM uJx flies, or gentlemen with board. Accommodations first class. Day boarders taken. References exchanged. CGfc MIOHIGAN-AV. ROOMS on second UOD floor, ffomiflhod, with board, for gent and wife, or two gents, • ■ enn MICHIGAN-AV—TO RENT-LARGE FUR- I \J nishod room, first-class board, to two yonng men. CnC WABASH-AV., CORNER TWELFTH-ST— OJ U Large and pleasant rooms; baths, etc.; first-class board. - ■ CO A WABASH-AV—TO RENT-ROOMS, FUR. OOjZ nishod or unfurnished, single or en suite; could accommodate a few day boarders. . . ' CCiA WABASH-AV. FIRST-CLASS BOARD, with furnished rooms, singlo or on suite, with private family; also day boarders; terms moderate; refer ences exchanged* KHn WABASH-AV.-A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE Oyy or .Ingle gontlomen mar obtain doslrablo and nicely f"rn<«hod rooms. with excellent board; reference*. nAQ WABASH-AV.—ROOMS, FURNISHED OR DUo unfurnished. end board; table ft specialty. A few d*y boarders desired. nnr\ WABASH-AV. ONE LARGE , SECOND DUy story front room, with first-classboard, to gentle man and wife or single gentleman. Two day boarders accommodated. ’ aAn MICHIGAN-AV.—ROOMS TOEENT, FOR h4- 1 nlshed or unfurnished, with or without board. A few day boarders wanted. ■ ' nr\ A WABASH-AV.—A LARGE, HANDSOMELY by 4b furnished front room, with board; references re- quired. CC\a WABASH-AV.—FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH DyO board, for single gent or married ©onblo. A few day boarders can be accommodated. Also a barn to rent. 1-7 AC AND 7« MIGHIGAN-AV.—HANDSOMELY / furnlehed and unfurnished rooms with japerior table. A few table boarder* locommodated. References given and required. rf An MICHIGAN-AV. - PLEASANT ROOMS -with board can be obtained. Be/exonccs ox obanzed. • .. —■ WABASH-AV—TWO NICELY FURNISHED lOi rooms for gentlemen and iriros, or single gcntla men, with first-clans table; references required. _ vinHlG.vy.AV.. yEAJI TWJKTY-SECO'WP- T59 at.—Furnlahed or nnfnmtihcd room, with board. wnr> WARASH-AV.—TTO DESIRABLE FRONT 69 roomi.einsta or en suite,fnrnlihod Also, one back suite, modem improvement*, with board. m „ tx WARARH-AV. —SECOND STORY FRONT. 770 with alcove, anfomiabed. Also famished lodg- Intr-room. Call to-morrow. - xifnirrOAN-AV.-DESIRABLE SUITE TUB. 774 nlshod front roomstoront, withboordintdßrfor. nished rooms; two doors sooth of Twonlr-sccond-at. Loa WABASH-AV—TO KENT. TWO PLEASANT i 99 rooms, famished or nnfnmlshed. with board. nrv i wi ash-av. —one Large axcovk 804 room famished; also, a Umo room.^on first floor, to riot, with or without board. References required. 812 SS pleasant neighborhood, near.Tweatjr-eecond-st. Xerm* moderate. —— QOQ WABASH-AV. ROOMS FOR Twy OR O Z6 Ihreo single geaUemen.jrttb good board, hlto, one lady boarder and table boarders waateo. onrr WABASH-AV.—AVBRYPJUE^AIiT.FBOST 067 &lcova room, unfurnished; also ■with first-class table. One or two daj boarder* accom modatod. —— QfTl WABASH-AV.-TO RENT—VERY JESIBA O / i bio room for tiro or more contlomen. alio, other rooms, with Smt-clue board. So clock dinner. BOARDING AND DODGING. South. Slde**-ContiTitled. COO PRATRIE-AV.—TO RENT WITH BOARD. A OOU front room, handsomely famished; also a one room* south front, both suitable for gentlemen and tboir wives; also rooms for single gentlemen; house detached and location the finest In the dty. Q7Q WABASH-AV.-A .FURNISHED FRONT O I O room to rent, wifhboard. QQA TNDIANA-AV., NEAR EIGHTEENTH-ST— OOU A fine parlor or parlor cuito, unfurnished, except carpets and curtains; also pleasant furnished room, with large closet and bath-room adjoining; a few table-board ers can bo accommodated. . nOrr WAB ASH-AV.—PLEASANT ROOMS EN tjS I suite or single, with first-class board. A few day boarders accommodated. AO7 STATE-ST., THIRD FLOOB-ELEGANTLY tjS i fnmished front room, with large closet; board if desired. C\nn INDIANA-AV. —A FINE LARGE FRONT y I | room, newly carpeted, also a small one, suitable for two gentleman, to rent with board. - line PRAJEIEAV.—A PLEASANT BOOM TO I I If* J rent, with first-class board, to gentleman and wife or two gentlemen.. .Heforcncoa exchanged... 1 non WAB ASH-AV. —ONE LARGE FRONT PAB- J-UoU lor, en suite, with first-class board. Day board ers wanted. : lAtO WABASH-AV., NEAR TWENTT-THIRD XUtJO st.—Handsomely famished front room for gen tleman and wife, with board; also, room for two gentle vAfTA WAB ASH-A V., BETWEEN TWENTY XUIU third and Twenly-fourthsta.—Pleasant fur nished room; also front suite unfurnished; terms reason able; no other boarders. mno WABASH-AV.-A SUITE OP CONNECT- WjtjS ing parlors, unfurnished, to rent, with first class board*m a private family; no other boarders. . 110.1 STATE-ST.. NEAR TWENTY-FOURTH— I IZi South Sid« House Hotel. Excellent table and mmn«atssporwoek. Families at redneed ratea. • 11 OQ MICHIGAN-AV. FIRST-CLASS ROOM I I Zn and board to two gentlemen orgentlemsn and wife, northeast corner M<f»h<gan-av. and Thirtieth-gt. nr 1 WABASH-AV.—NICE FRONT BOOMS. II DI singly or en suite, with board. House with all' modem Improvements. lOA/i PBAIBIB-AV. ROOMS FOB GENTLE- man and wife or single gentlemen, famished or unfurnished, with board. IQQQ STATE-ST.—PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH XoOtJ board. ■ irnA INDIAN A-AV. A GENTLEMAN AND XOUU wife or two gentlemen can be accommodated with board in a private family, with large front room, with alcove; also, nse of barn for horses. A FINE SUITE OF FRONT ROOMS. WITH BOARD, for gentleman and wife in email private family, this side city limits. South Side; all conveniences. Address N4, Tribane office. . ' A SUITE OF 8 UNFURNISHED ROOMS, 3 LARGE . parlor* and bed-room off with hot and cold water,- suitable for 3or 4 persons. House and board first-class. Only 8 boarders in the bouse, and no more will bo taken. The house Is on Sangamon-st.. between Madison and Washington. Address H 92, Tribune office. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE CAN BE ACCOM modated with a first-class front room, famished, in a first-class, marble-front residence and locality, on Mlch igan-av., fronting oast, with the ordinary board of a Jrivate family. Call on H. W. CLARKE, Attorney, No. Oriental Building, 120 LaSolle-st. TTAVB A COMFORTABLE, MEDIUM SIZED Xlroomoff back parlor, well vehtilatod, near Tvreaty-sec and-at., also lake, which 1 will rent with good table board, to one gentleman for $9 per week, or lets for two; references exchanged. Address F 73, Tribune office. MIOHIGAN-AV., NEAR ELD RIDGE-COURT—A finely-famished large front room, with board, in & quiet family with few boarders. Address B 56, Tribune office. TvTEAR BDCTEENTH-BT., ON MIOHIGAN-AV.—TO XN rent, with board, two front zooms en suite, and one rear room, all nicely furnished; marble front; young men . preferred J references exchanged. - Address £ 44, Tribune office. ■ ONE OB TWO GENTLEMEN WHO WILL AD ▼ance S6O or SIOO and take a large front room with board for payment of the tame, on Wabash-av., address H 88, Tribune office. ' SANDb HOUSE, 116 AND 118 FIFTH-AV.—EVERY thing first-class. Terms, $3 per day. Day board, $o per week. - ■ ; Southwest corner wabash-av. and Twenty-third-st.—A large front room to rent with board. • - ' " COUTH SIDE—FURNISHED ROOMS FOR GEN jj tlemen and ladles. $25 per week, to first-closs parties only. Address P. O. Bor 163. TWO YOUNG MEN OF REFINEMENT CAN FIND a home on South Side, in private family, where every thing Is first-class, by addressing H 73. Tribane office. mWO OR THREE COUPLE CAN BE ACOOMMO- X dated with very nicely furnished or unfurnished rooms, except carpets, in a private family on Mlchigan av., south of Fourteenth-*t; everything first-class. Ad dress H 74, Tribune office. >. West Side. 9CENTKE.AV.-A FURNISHED FRONT AND back room, with board. U CENTRE-AV.—SEVERAL FURNISHED ROOMS, suitable for gentlemen and wives or for single gen tlemen; also a few day boarder* can be accommodated. TO SOUTH OURTIS-ST.—FURNISHED ALCOVE Xxifront room, with board. In private family for gentle man and wife, and 1 room for 8 gentlemen or 8 ladles. - 1 o SOUTH SANGAMON-ST.—FURNISHED ROOMS XZi to rent, with board, for gentleman and wife, or sin gle gentleman. • . 1 e NORTH OURTIS-ST.-A PLEASANT HOME XO for two gentlemen. Price reasonable. References exchanged. 1 a NORTH SHELDON-ST.. NEAR RANDOLPH. XO ono block oast of Union Pork—Boarding by the day or week. •j rr ANN-ST.-TO RENT, WITH BOARD, A KICE- X I iy famished room la private family. OH NORTH SANOAMON-ST.-PLEASANT FRONT ZU room to rent, with board: gentleman and wife, or gentleman; oreasoite if required, famished or untar nished. ■ ■ no SOUTH JRFFEBSON-ST.—ACCOMMODATION ZO for a few boarders. Also day board. O A ABERDEEN-ST.-PLEASAKT FRONT ROOMS £jl famished or unfurnished, with board; lady and gent, or two gentlemen. 0/2 ABERDEEN-ST.—MARBLE FRONT—A HOME ZO of comfort, elegance, and refinement; new, clem, and every conveniencei terms reasonable. Suites and stn gle now ready. . . Cyn GOLD-ST.—A FEW YOUNG* MEN ACCOMMO ZO dated with rooms and board. on ABEEDEEN-BT. BOARDERS CAN . BE AC OU commodatod with furnished or unfurnished rooms; also a few dajr boarders.

A C*' NORTH GREEN-ST.—A FEW BOARDERS xD wanted who dosire tho comforts of a home. A n SOUTH PKORIA-ST.—TWO VERY NICE UN -4:1 furnished rooms, with board,- to gentleman and wife. Good reference required. A n SOUTH HALBTKD-ST.—TWO OR THREE GEN- X | gentlemen' can be accommodated with pleasant room and good board. • A Q SOOTH CARPENTER-ST., NEAR MADISON “tO Very pleasant furnished rooms, with first-class board; bon so him modem improvements; two or three day boarders accommodated. . ■ A Q SOOTH CARPENTBB-ST.-A COSY HOME for gent and wife, or two single gents, with good reference. Jolly couple preferred. rn NORTH OABPJBNTEB-BT. FURNISHED QU rooms, with board. • _ ; CO SOUTH HALSTED-ST.—FURNISHED BOOMS 00 to rent, with board. Terms reasonable. c a NORTH PEORIA-ST.—A FEW NICK BOARD -00 erain a private family, at $4.60 per week and op wards. '' • ' n A HONOBB-ST.-A LARGE TOOOT ROOM. It* nicely furnished, for gentleman and wife or two gentlemen. In private family, with board. /jrg SOUTH PEORIA-ST.—BOARDERS WANTED. QQ SOUTH MORGAN-ST—A NIOE^Y-FURNIShS OO room, suitable for gentleman and wife, or two iingw gentlemen: also, a room for a single gentleman, doom has all modem improvements; board unexceptionapie. nn SOUTH HOYNE-ST., HALF BLOCK 0 4 the car#-A pleasant front parlor to rent, witiboaid, for gentleman and wife* Referen&es required* QQ OENTEE-AV.-A GENTLEMAN AND rj y two gents can find & pleasant home In a small family, large front room with alcove ; hooso mod am ImproTemema I/VT SOUTH PEORIA-ST.—A FDR JLU I nlahed room, with board, for two gentlemen, gas,-hot and cold water, bath room, do. mTHROOP-ST.— A NICELY FURNISHED BOOM to rent, with fint-clea board, to » v.yo, or two Kontiomen; a low door# from Vanßoren-st ('ATS. __ SOUTH JEFFERSON-ST. nished front parlor and chunbort to rout. ifioio boarders accommodated. - ITO SOUTH SAHOAMON-ST. - TWO OBNTI^ I I O men or gentleman and wife can obtain Doaru aa room; terms $8 per week. _ ; - lin WESTJACKSON-ST.-A FDENISKEDFROM? I In room, to rent. Also, a few boarders. no WEST WASHINQTOS-ST—a ±lo rooms, handsomely famished, ga»» and first-lass table. mWEST MADISON-ST.-A PLEASANTraON? room to rent, fuirdsbed, rouble for men, with or without board. Table board, 85 per WEST JACKSON-ST.-WE HAVE _A nicely furnished rooms with board for gcntlemsr and wife, or single gentleman. ■ IQT- SOUTH VW, 10l find fint-clu. übl. board, entrance on Adanr st. Caro taken to make it pleasant to au- ; 1 Q/f WABREN-AV., CORNER WOOD-ST.-NICB J.O jl aocommodatlonsformamed connle;wsoi young genu, at $7 per week; only one ienw son-at.. near Union Park; dcligbuol snmmer re*lg _ IOC SOUTH PBOBIA-ST.—FUBNISEED BOOiU XOtl with first-class board. —. *1 QQ AND Ifl NORTH HATO J.Oy a suite of rooms for gentleman and wife, ana room for a few gentlemen boarders. ■ T A Q SOUTH JETFEESON-ST.-AIHWBESPEOT HO able yonng men can be accommodated with first class board. 1 KfU WEST WASHINGTON-ST.AN^ JLOO2 nicsly furnished rooms with .«g ♦* suite to gentlemen and their wires, or fteclegenw* 9® 810 per week. Day board $4.60 per week; come and see 1 rc WEST MOUHOE-fiT.-A FEW GESTLEMiiS J.OO can find pleasant rooms, with boara. Tcq SOUTH HALSTED-ST. -TVB NI SHED lOy rooms, with or without board. Day boarders coramodated. _ ——■ ■ ■— -I nrj WEST lO i with first-class board- Also, day boarders ao commodated at moderate prices- : ; ——• MATHEB-ST., HEAR halsted-wANTED. - mVKST WASHINGTON-ST.—PLBASAST FU^ nUhod room to rent with hoord for one or two gentlemen. ■ ■ -\n- SOUTHPEOMA^T.^CTEEWt^OBOOHS- X I 0 furnished or unfurnished, to rent, wi aiao a faw day boarders wanted. k Nf _- mWEST __^ , modornred Wd Mini. Boferenow repaired. 5T5T57ct fnw WEST WASBINpON^T. LO I front room to rent, with or without |i«man and wile, or two gentlea*** BOARDING AND DODGING. "West Side—Continned. *lo*l SOUTH MOROAN-ST.-TWO SINGLE GEN- J-Ul tlomcn wasting, a nicely famished front room, with good board and a quiet home, please call; terms very reasonable* QAA WEST MADISON-ST FINS SUITES OF ZiuU. front rooms, with board; terms moderate; suita ble for four gentlemen, or gentleman and wife; also, smaller room. OH9 SOUTH PEORIA-ST.—A FRONT ROOM, S\JS suitable for two gentlemen, with board; also, room for man and wife. QAQ WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—ROOM AND SUO board for gentlemen and wife, or two single gen tlemen ; day-boarders accommodated. ■ 01*1 WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—THREE YOUNG gentlemen. or two ladies and one gentleman can be accommodated with rooms and board. 5 day boarders accommodated. ■ * - mn FULTON-ST.. CORNER-PEORIA—A FUB SXO nlshed room with all modern improvemonte, with good board for a couple or two gentlemen; brick house. 999 WEST MONROE-ST FURNISHED FRONT SSiS room, suitable for gentleman and wife or two gentlemen, with first-class board- House has modern im- Ero Yemenis. Day boarders wanted. Also, 2-story brick am to rent. one WEST VAN BUREN-ST.—A HANDSOME SSO front bed-room, well famished; has alcove, clos et. and gas; with orwitnoat board. 99 C* WEST MONROE-ST.—FURNISHED FRONT SS\J room suitable for two persona to rent, with board, in a private family. : 997 .WEST LAKE-ST.-PLEASANT FURNISHED SS 1 ’ rooms, with closets, for gentleman and wife or single gentlemen. 99Q WEST WASHINGTON-ST.-LARGE ROOM SS*J to rent, with board, to one or two gentlemen. 9QA WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—A NICELY FUB- nishod suite of rooms, south front, with board; to permanent parties a reasonable price. 9 o*l SOUTH SANGAMON-ST.-A NICELY FUR-’ Si OX nished back parlor and bedroom, with closet and gas. suitable for gentleman and wife, or two gentlemen, with board, in a strictly private family; terms reasonable; references required. 9QQ WEST WASHENGTON-ST.-A PLEASANT AiOO room, furnished suitable for one or two gentle men, with board. 9QQ SOUTH GRKEN-ST—TO BENT—FURNISHED SO O rooms with board. Terms satisfactory. 9 AC WESTRANDOLPH-ST.-PLEASANTROOMS SitO and Yankee board, with homo comforts; also, day boarding. . 9/17 SOUTH DESPLAINES-ST. —BOARDERS SjC I wanted; day boarders can also be accommodated. OAH WEST MONROB-ST.-VERY DESIRABLE L 3Z I «iront room, anfamlohed, Terms reasonable. O CQ WEST LAKB-ST.-BOARD AND NICE ROOM, Akj U with large closot, suitable for gentleman and wife, or single gentlemen; private family. 0(10 WARREN-AV A -NICELY FURNISHED U-/ room, with board, for three gentlemen or gen tleman and wife. 6 o’clock dinner. WEST RANDOLPH-ST.-VERT PHEASANT ZiOO furnished rooms, with board: accommodations and location No. 1; also a few day boarders can be accom modated. OCQ FULTON-BT., CORNER CARPENTER—A £XjU wcll-farnlsbod front room, with board, for gentle man and wife or two single gentlemen. Also ono aingle room. Ail first-class. f) nr BLUE ISLAND-AV.—MAN AND WIFE wanted to board in a private (English) family; good table kept; terms sl3 per week. OQ A WEST MAD ISO N-ST.—FRONT ROOM, NICE £o\J ly furnished. suitable for two gentlemen, with board. Day board, sl. OQA SOUTH HALSTED-ST.—PLEASANT FRONT Zft/U room, with alcove, fumishodor unfurnished, with board, at reasonable terms. Apply on the premises. OQ7 FULTON-ST A SUITE OF FURNISHED. A & I and front suite unfurnished rooms, with board; also single room In private family. QAO WEST HARRISON-ST.-SEVERAL VERY QUZi pleasant rooms, with first-class board. OnrC WEST MONROE-ST A PLEASANT FUR OUt) nlshed room, with board, for two gentlemen; day boarders accommodated. OAA WEST MONROE-ST—3 ROOMS FOR SINGLE OU t j gentlemen, with board. In a private family. OOQ WEST VAN BUREN-ST.-ONE NICE FRONT room to rent, with first-class board. ~ OOQ WEST WASHINGTON-ST., CORNER MAY— O.XO Nicely famished alcove room, with board. non WEST LAKB-ST THREE PLEASANT Ouv rooms with good board; alao a few day boarders bo accommodated. Terms moderate. QQ/4 WEST WASHINGTON-ST. PLEASANT OOtfc rooms, with or without board. QQfl WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—VERY DESIRA OOO bio rooms, furnished and unfurnished with first class board; references required. . non WEST ADAMS-ST CAN ACCOMMODATE ODD persons desiring board with a nicely-famished room; first-class table; private family. QAO WEST WASHINGTON-ST. TWO LARGE OxX rooms for rent, with good board; newly famished and pleasant. Day board era-accommodated. Q,4 Q FULTON-ST.—TWO LARGE ROOMS, WITH OtfcO board, in a now, modem brick house, to gentle man and wife or single gentlemen. QA A WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—HAS BEEN Oxx newly carpeted and furnished for a private board ing-house. where gentlemen and their wives can find rooms ana first-class board; also rooms for single' gentle men. Also, table boarders accommodated. | QA n WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—DESIRABLE rooms, with first-class board. QCO WEST HARRISON-ST.—NICE FRONT ROOM, ODX with closet and gas. famished or unfurnished, and with or withont board. In private family- QQQ SOUTH HALSTED-ST., THIRD FLOOR— OOv Largo front room famished, with small one off, suitable for three or four gentlemen, with or without board. OQQ WEST RANDOLPH-ST.—NICE .ROOMS, single or en suite, with first-class board. Family small. A cyn WESTVANBUREN-ST.-ELEGANTROOMS, ttZO furnished or unfurnished, with first-class board, in a brick house, with modem improvements. Best of references, /IQ QWEST LAKE-ST.—BOARD, WITH FUR tDO nished or unfurnished rooms; also, back parlor, with bed-rooms; all modem improvements; reasonable prices. ' ■ A A Q WEST WASHINGTON-ST.-ROOMS, FUR uI‘J.O nisbod and onfamiahed, to rent with board. AAH WEST LAKE-ST.—TO RENT, WITH BOARD, \L\jZ I a large back parlor, with connected sleeping room, well famished, lor two or three gentlemen or a small family. Tho house is a brick, all modem improve ments, bath-room,. Ac., in a good neighborhood, near Union Park. German family. • ACO WEST WASHINGTON-ST., CORNER OF Sheldon— I Two suites of famished rooms to rent, with board. AOC\ WEST LAKE-ST., .NEAR UNION PARK- Front rooms, with board, at £5 per week. r/\n WEST WASHINGTON-ST, PLEASANT OUD rooms, furnished or unfurnished, single 'or en suite, with or without board. A few day boarders acom modated; terms reasonable. ' ro Q WEST LAKE-ST., OPPOSITE UNION PARK— OZo A very pleasant front suito of furnished or. unfur nished rooms, with board. er A a WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—BOARD AND o*xo nice room, with large closot. suitable for gentle man and wife; modem improvements; private family. rn/i WEST ADAMS-ST. ONE FURNISHED 01/O room, with first-class board; all modern Improvo ments; pleasant locality; hot and cold water in room. CQQ WEST ADAMS-ST.—ROOMS EN SUITE OR Ot/O single with all modem improvements; also a back parlor with bed-room. A few table boarders can bo ac commodated. oaa WEST ADAMS-ST.—SUITE OP UNFUR DUU nished rooms, with board. First-class nouse. nf\A WEST ADMS-ST.—BOARD AND VERY OUx pleasant suite of rooms, unfurnished, except carpet; re fc roncea repaired. Stable to rent. /JOn WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—NICELY-FUR DZU nished front room,-withboard; modem improve mentt»| /}f)o "WEST ADAMS-ST.—NEAR UNION PARK— DLO Two elegant. Urge, well-furniihod rooms, with board; accommodation* and location No.l. dOQ WEST MADISON-ST.—GOOD BOAED AND O-wO comfortable rooms, $5 per yeek. • /200 WEST ADAMS-ST.—TO RENT, WITH UOO board; one, two,or three rooms, single or en suite: house new; location, etc., first-class. nO A WEST MONROE-ST.-SUITE OP ROOMS OO jt for gentleman and wife, single gentlemen, or la dies, furnished or unfurnished, with board; house new, with *ii modern conveniences, one block from Ashland-av. CCO WEST MONROEST., NEAR WOOD-2 OR 3 ODiJ gentlemen can obtain good board, comfortable room*, and 6 o*clock dlnnsr. non -WEST MADISON-ST., NEAR UNION PARK— O OZi A gentleman and wife, or two single gentlemen, can find good board and neatly-famished front parlor. Day boarcers wanted. noC\ WEST MONBOH-ST.-NICELY-FURNISHED DOy front parlor; with board for two single gonta; terms reaatmaole. • ■ - >7OO WEST LAKE-ST., COBIHEB rUNCOLN-A, I ZiO solte of two nnfamlshed rooms, with board, and two furnished rooms for two or four gentlemen. Also day. board for any namber. n iff WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—A BUTTE -OP I handsomely famished rooms to rent, with or with out board In a private family. OCA WEST MADISON-ST.—A PLEASANT FRONT OOU room, with board, for two gentlemen. OAO FULTON-ST ONE OB TWO YOUNG GEN- tlemea desiring a nice comfortable heme at moderate prices will please call. JA.CKSON-ST.. NEAR WE STERN - -AV WbO Front chamber with first-class board for gt mt and wife, at less down town rates; so children; call two days*. ' “A PLEASANT BOOM. NICELY-FURNISHED, A with board, on tho West Side, for two aantlemcn; lo cation good, and no other boarders; 6 o clock dinner. Beat of references required. Address B 96, Tribune office. SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET. WITH board, to desirable parties, two or three very pleasant ly furnished rooms on second floor. Tejm* moderate. Location, vicinity Union Park, within half block of Mad fcStTcars. Address N7, Trlbnnooffice. Furnished or unfurnished booms, en suite or single, to rent, with board, on Maj-st., near Address Kl, Tribune office. Pleasant unfurnished booms to rent. with good board and modem improvement*., nwr Aberdeen and Madison-st*. Price* reasonable. Address 0 7, Tribnne office. . —ARTIES DESIRING BOARD IN A-PRIVATE board inc-houae, with all modem conveniences, in one of the beat location* on the We*t Side, please address K 95, Tribnne office. - ; ; S' T CHARLES HOTEL, CORNER DKSPLAINBB and Wa£biogton*«t*., daj board, 84.50 per week; board and room, $7 to $lO per week; beat accommodation*. S’ T CHARLES HOTEL. CORNER DKSPLAINEB and Washington-sta.—Bookkeepers, salesmen, Ac.; can get board and room at 86 to $8 per week. Best ac commodation*. - ■ ■ ■ T“ HE BISHOP-COURT HOTEL WELL BE NEWLY furnished and open to the public June L Booms can b?»"gagodatonce. 511 Mad&on-at. . —WO GENTLEMEN OR GENTLEMAN, AND lad? can find pleasant rooms and good board in one ofthofiiest locations on the "West Side. Address H 43, Tribnne office. mWO BLOCKS EAST OF UNION PARK—HAND- I some parlor and bod-room, unfumiiM except car isompK» J-B Krtti «jd cold water. WITS, Carrier BOARDING AND LODGING. North Side* NO CASS-ST., THREE BLOCKS FROM STATE-ST. tfcX bridge-Ladles and gentlemen accommodated -with neat]/-furnished rooms and good board; day boarders wanted. • A A OASS-ST.—PLEASANT ROOMS AND FlEST *rrj: class board, by day or week. - DDI HIKSDALE-ST.-IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. 003 with first-class board, one largo front room, with bath room attached, to gentleman and wife. References exchanged. • ■ Qfr LINCOLN-AV.—TWO GENTLEMEN CAN Jju finrf hrmvrt room; blocklrom Lincoln Park. ' 1 AQI NORTR WELLS-ST A FEW GOOD ROOMS, XUQ3 with first-cla£s board. Day boarders wanted. Ifift FRANKLIN-ST.-DAY BOARDERS CAN BE XU U accommodated at Room 29 Nevada Block. "I Oft NORTH DE.iRBORN-ST.-PARLOR AND XX U bedroom off unfurnished, except carpets, with board;haTßonefrontfornlshedroomon second floor. n-i 7 TTT.mnrs.RT., three blocks FROM XX I Stato-st, bridge— A large. nicely-famished front room, suitable for gentleman and wife or two gentlemen. Also a nice single room. New brick house, with all mod em improvement. ~ . OQQ HURON-ST TO RENT, WITH BOARD, XOO in a private family, an elegantly-fur nished frost suite; also one large room, suitable for gen tleman and wife or two gentlemen: within 10 minutes* walk of Coort-Honso; house has modern improvemonts. on i ILUNOIS-ST. A FEW GENTLEMEN Xt/TT boarders; also, a few day boarders. . On A CHIOAGO-AV.—lO MINUTES 1 WALK FROM OI 7T Rush-st. bridge, unfurnished front room, with marble basin, mantel, and first-class board; also well-famished single room. » OQO NORTH CLARK-ST.—A LARGE BEDROOM 000 with closet, to rent, with board, in private Eng lish family, famished or untarnished. 0/1 K EAST INDIANA-ST., NORTH SIDE—LARGE X trO front room nicely-famished, with board; also a few day boarders accommodated. rrr pr NORTH WELLS-ST., OPPOSITE LINCOLN I 00 Park—Afew boarders wanted; nice location; first class board, on rcasonablo terms. Lake view—two furnished rooms, with bath-room and closet, in a private family, with board: a pleasant home for the summer for a gentleman and wuo. Address Z 39, Tribune office. ATORTHWEST CORNER WELLS AND HINSDALE _iJN st.—Largo pleasant front rooms, with good board; brick building. ~ Country. A FRONT PARLOR ON FIRST FLOOR PARTLY famished : s doligbtfal location for summer, nosr Falrvlotv Station. For particular* Inquire at 184 South Watcr-st- • TYOARDING—I HAVE BOOM FOB A FAMILY, OR fi several single boarders* MBS. D. 0« DIOKOoON,. Waukegan. ■ Evanston, two blocks south of the Ladies’ College on Chicago-av„ opposite a large grove, with fruit and vegetable garden.—Two desirable rooms »**" be with board. Address Mrs WALLIS, Evanston _ FIRST-CLASS -ROOMS TO LET. WITH BOARD, only two mhmtea’ walk from depot. ISAAC I*. HINDS, Hinsdale. . T HAVE A PARLOR AND BED-BOOM; ALSO TWO J. large rooms, all nicely furnished; would like boarders for the summer. Address Box 1078, Evanston, with ref erence. ' • • • • ■ T HAVE A PARLOR AND BEDROOM. ALSO TWO X large rooms, all nicely famished; would like boarden for the Sommer. Address Box 1078, Evanston, with reference. ~ MATTISON HODSE. EVANSTON-A.FEW MORE desirable rooms for families yet to be had, and In cottages in connection- LEASANT BOOMS AND BOARD IN A BKAUTI fuI suburban town 83 miles from the city. Address P. O. Box 63, Highland Park, Dl. TWO LARGE BOOMS. NEW HOUSE. HOT and cold water, use of bath-room, near Normal School, 25 minutes nde on Rock Island Railroad. Ad dress J. H. BIGELOW, 80 East Van Buren-at., or call on promises at Normal Station. Miscellaneous. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN FIND PLEAS ant room and board daring the summer, hi a family of two, where the gentleman of the house will be absent in Europe; only pleasant companions and most respect able need apply. Address O 63, Tribune office. - T WILL ARRANGE WITH A GENTLEMAN .AND X wife for room and board on reasonable terms. Address HBS. Tribune office. . BOARD WANTED. TJOAED—WITH UNFURNISHED FRONT BOOM, JD for sontlemaß ami wife, west of Robey-at., between Park-av. and Monroe-st.. stating terms, which must be reasonable. Address V 66, Tribune office. Board- A suite of booms, furnished or unfurnished, with board. In & private fami ly where there are no other boarders, by a gentleman and wife; most be on South Side east of State-st. Address H 19, Tribune office. Board-near the lake, by a young mas, a room looking east or south, with or without break fast and tea. In a social boarding house or family at a mod erate price. Address H4. Tribune office, giving size of zoom, price, and full particulars, with size of family. Boabd-hyde PARK-BYA family consist tng of gentleman, wife, two children, and nurse, would prefer living with a private family. Address H 97, Tribune office. " ‘ Board— and care fob two small chil dren, with a young couple, young widow, or where there are young ladies; permanent; prefer north or South Side, near the lake; terms must be low. .Address D 36, Tribune office. • ■ Board— in private family for gentleman and wife, on Soath Side, north of Twenty-eighth-st. and east of State; would famish zooms except carpets, if otherwise suited; terms most be reasonable. Address Hl7, Tribune office. Board-for two single gentlemen in a private family on the Sooth Side. Best of refer cncea given. Address YlO, Tribune office. ■DOARD-TWO YOUNG GENTLEMEN IN PRIVATE T> family; cool room and croquet lawn desired; West Side preferred. Af to terms, etc,, address H 96. Trib une office. • TJOARD—IN EVANSTON, FOB SELF AND WIFE, n dazing summer months. Address H 36, Tribune office. "DOARB—IN WEST DIVISION. NEAR STREET D car*; in private family, by gentleman and wife. Term, 810 cash per week and lessons on piano. Address H 37, Tribune office. T> CARD—ON THE NORTH SIDE, BY OEKTLE- I> t na.n and wife, one large furnished mom, with alcove and elosot. or two famished rooms, with first-class board. Address, stating terms and location, F 70, Trlbnne office. OARD-BY A TRAVELLING SALESMAN. FOB wife, also for self when at home. Reference®re quired. Addrosn, giving name, place, and terms, H 43, Tribune office. , BOARD-A GENTLEMAN AND LADY DESIRE first-class room and board in a strictly private family on the West Side, about Jane 25. Address H 89, Tribane office. ' • BOARD— WITH ONE OB TWO UNFURNISHED rooms, far gentleman and wife, in a private family. American, near Wolls-st;, and between Obicago-av., and Oak-st. Address, stating terms, which mustbomoa orato, A. B. WORTH. 53 Chicago-ar. Board— two gents, or gent and wife,, can secure a large handsome rocm, with good table and homo comforts. Call at 434 Mlohigan-av. TJOARD—IN PRIVATE FAMILY FOB GENTLE fI and wife, with pleasant front room on second floor; would like east or sontb front. Address H 69, Tribune office. • "DOARD-BY A YOUNG GENTLEMAN IN A PRI- I) rate family, where tbero are no other boarders. Ad dress, giving location and terms, Q S5, Tribune office. BOARD-A ROOM SUITABLE FOB A SINGLE lady, where dinner can be bad at 6:30 p. m. Loca tion between Twelfth and Twenty-sscond-ats., Michigan and Wabash-avs.; terms. $7 to $lO per week. Address 011, Tribune office. "DOARD—BY A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, DAY- Jr) board on North Side. Address H 68, Tnbnne office. BOARD-A SUITE OF ELEGANTLY. FURNISHED rooms, bath room, etc., with first-class board, by a gentleman, lady, and servant. Will payallberaLprlce for first-class r-<wrm m fv4 art nr-.Address H 79,. Tribune office. __ BOARD-A SCOTCH GENTLEMAN DESIRES A room and supper, with a pleasant family near the lake, and within a reasonable distance of Rondolph-et. Refer ences. Address E 31, Tribune offioo. BOARD-GOOD BOARD FOR ONE OB TWO GEN. tlemen: strictly private family; $7 per week. Call or address 25 Cottage Grove-av. BOARD-FOB GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. AD dxess, stating term* and location, H 93, Tribune office. B OARD-BY TWO YOUNG GENTLEMEN, IN A family where there aro fowor no other boarders, with in ten minutes’ walk of Ruah-st. bridge. Address, stat log terms and location, B W, care Carriers. T)OAHD AND ROOM FOR A YOUNG LADY JD as room-mato engaged daring the day. Pleasant quarters for tho right person. Address £ 81, Trlbnne office. • OARD-BY A YODSG GESTLEMAN IS A PEl ▼atefamily; wooldgive instructionslnmusicforpart payment; best of references given. Address £97, Trib une office. ' Board— wanted a home by a gentleman in » strictly private family. Address, stating terms, locality, Ac., E So. Tribune olfice. Board -in respectable private family for gentleman and wife; IS minutea* ride from Coart- Honse; terms moderate.' Address E 58, Tribone office. B OARD-BY GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, WITHIN a block or two of Slxtecnth-at. and Wabaan-av. Ad dress B, at Coontlss Grocery, corner Sixteenth and State-sts. ' BOARD— AND BOOM. WEST OP MOBGAN-ST., by two gentlemen; best of references; no old amlpro fasslonal baah-hoosea need answer. Address H 83, Trib nne office. ‘ Boabd-day-board wanted in the vicini ty of Tfairty-eecond-st. and Wabaah-ar. Address, for 3 days, 843, Tribune office. B OARD-BY LADY AND GENTLEMAN. WITH child 7 months old, in very respectable private fami ly, where comforts of a home and good meals can be had; most not bo more than 15 or 20 minutes' ride from Court- House; West or South Side: prefer where there are no other boaderw. Address X Bor, Tribune office. MACHINERY. FOB SALE-A GOOD SECOND-HAND TWO-HORSE tread-wheel power at a great bargain. Address Y 43, Tribone office. - FOR SALE—CHEAP, ELEVEN GRIST MILLS, 15, 20, 24-inch borcstones. EASTMAN, 3 Arcade-court. For sale-chbap-an excelsior lawn mower and an iron garden roller; have been used only a few week*. Apply to A. V. PITTS A CO., U South Jenerson-et. _ __________ For sale-ob to rent-shops, with a is borse engine and boiler, one 2-foot planer, scroll-saws, ciroular-caw, shaper, and turning lathe*; all necessary machinery for carrying on the manufacturing of furniture. Firet-rato place for some builder. Call on the owner, 145 South Clark-it., Room 12. J. H. EHLE. Hoisting machine, and lot of machin ery to manufacture wash-boards lor sale at a bargain. 0. MANN, 61 South Groeo-st. ; NB 13-HOBSE PORTABLE ENGINE ANIXBOIL er: also. 12-bone stationary engine and 90-hone boiler, cheap, at 29 North jeffereon-et. a. D. POLLARD. TfTANTED—A LARGE AIR-PUMP. ADDRESS 638 VV Arcber-av., giving tixe, price, and where to bo seem • : : : TAKEN ITP. Taken up-a bay horse and buggy in lake View on Willington-st.; the owner can have the aame proring property and paying charges by calling at 91 LOST AND FOUND. Lost— aio reward—from park ridge, a black Newfoundland slnt, answers to the name ox Flora, has extra toes on Inside hind feet; last heard from at Jefferson, coming to Chicago; tho above rwari wiu be paid on delivery at 391 West Lake-st. F. TALL MADGE. Lost-mat 25, a little black and tan slat, answers to name of Nolly; ears recently cLppeo. A liberal reward will be paid lor her return to W. b. BAKER, EM West Madisons t. Lost-fridat evening, on jiarket-st., a wallet containing 314 In currency and valuable papers; the finder can keep the money, and return papers to PRANK GAVEGAN, 51 Marks t-st. T OST-ON FRIDAY LAST, ON MADTSON-ST., BE- I i tweon Sheldon and M. C. depot, & laoy's pockot-fcock with visiting-card, small photograph, and 33 bill in closed; a liberal rewerd to any one returning it to £C3 West Madison-st., or S7 Market-at, • LOST— $10 REWARD—A SMAiL BLACK-AND-TAN dog, red collar, and broken, tail; answers to the came of Frank; plooso return to 77 and 79 SiXtecnth-st- ‘ T. E. MORRIS. Uvery-atable. . ■ . • Lost-yesterday afternoon, in cottage av. car, at Madison-st., black stU parasol. whl*e lining. The finder will please leave it at Room 10, Boons ■ Block, and got reward. D. LEONARD. • LOST-ON THE WEST SIDE, IN THE VICINITY of May-fit..o no sleovo-bntton; a red sloao in gold setting, with the monogram 5. B. L. out In 1U Too und er will be handsomely rewarded by returning it lo IS North May-st..orl73Soutb Clark. • "■ ' T OST-SATURDAY, ON MORGAN. ABERDEEN. XJ Adams, Monroe, or Madison-at., part of lady's gold earring. Finder rewarded by leaving et 277 West Jack son-fit. T OST—ELGIN WATCH, O. M. WEELLER HOVE XJ mont. on Indiana or Wabash-av..' between Eigh teenth and Twentieth-*la. Please return to. CIIAS. H. FLYNN, 337 Thitd-av.» and bo liberally rewarded. Lost— may 21, a top buggy, swan neck box, body painted black, brown running gear, yellow stripe, a hole in the foot board, a new whip, patent whip holder, cushions trimmed with blue cloth. A liberal re ward will bo paid. Any information may be sent to ELMER WASHBURN, General Superintendent Police. Lost— on wabash-av., between twenty fourth and Twenty-elgbth-ata., or on Twenty-fourth - et., between Wabash-av. and State, a lady's gold black enameled chain pin, with pendant and gold fringe at tached. The finder shall bo liberally rewarded by leaving it at 1229 Wabash-av. LOST-LAST WEDNESDAY NIGHT, BETWEEN corner Madison and Ann-au. and Cottage Grove, a leather-oovored momoraadam-book, containing paper* with mv name. The finder will be suitably rewarded. N. H. WINTER, 863 West Madlson-st. T OST—$lO REWARD FOR THE RETURN TO 699 XJ Wabash-av., of a little black and tan alnt 1 year old ; lost last Saturday evening. - Lost— from es halsted-st.. a poodle dog, umrorlßff to the nsioo of Dolly Varden. Whoever will return It to 156 Fonnh-av., will receive thanks of Mrs. PHTLL. the owner. __ LOST— TUESDAY FORENOON, on corner op Congress-st. and Mlchlgan-av.,chestnut colored honw and a light business buggy. Whosoever will return the same, or give information concerning them, a liberal re ward will do paid and no questions asked. R, P. PRICK, 41 LaSolle-st. ■pIOUND—IN A STREET CAB, A POCKET-BOOK J? containing a sum of money and the namo of Miss 11. Gleason. The owner can get it at 48 Van Bnren-st. H. A. PEARSONS. Found— at the second univeesaust Church several Snndays ago, a lady’s for cape. In quire at 567 West Monroe-st. Found-a small amount of money, near Throop-at, bridge,* which the owner can have by call ing on HANNAH. BURNETT £ CO., Box Mannisetor era. No. SOMain-st. STOLEN— A BROWN HORSE. 15 TO 15M HANDS high, about 9 years old, very heavy, black tail and foretop, hoary neck and shoulders, throat full (caused by epizootic fever); top buggy, closed yacht box, painted dark, running soar wine color, with entail stripe, top Unod with brown cloth, cushion same, patent wheels; harness plain, rubber mounted. A liberal reward will he paid upon information of the above to BT.MRRWASHHnky f General Superintendent of Police. WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS LOST-CHICAGO DOCK Company warehouse receipt No. 8376 for 4CO barrels, 8. P. hams, Lot 6L Collar *‘C;” also. No. 3, Ice-House 3, for 50* barrels, a. P. hams, both to our order; being lost, we hereby caution all parties sot to negotiate the same. A. H. UOVKY ± CO. WENT AWAY FROM HOME, MAY 2*. BOY named' Russell Parker; ago, 8 years; light hair cut short, gray eyes and fair complexion; was dressed in dork coat, vest, and pants, white stockings and shoos. Anybody knowing anything of him would confer a favor by Bending word to W Ambroso-st. • ©1 A REWARD—STRAYED FROM 335 SOUTH «?XU Halsted-st. on Ist day of May, largo red and while cow about 8 years old;, nock and head all small, white star in face; tip of one horn broken off; gives no milk; largo, long teats. Any one reluming hor to the above number will receive the above reward. H. RICE. C*Cn REWARD-STOLEN FROM IN FRONT OF JptMJ Chamber of Commerto. at 12 xn.. May 24, one horse and buggy; faerso dark bay, 16hands high, small star In forehead, long tall, slightly galled on the bach; harness rather old, rubber trimmings, silver-pitted ro settes on bridlo; top buggy, square box pointed black and striped with narrow gold band, bolt heads gilt, toplinod with blue cloth much faded. The above reward will be flvenforthe return of said horae and buggy to 487 Hurl nt-st.. or to the Central Elevators. J. C» HOW fc»LL» _ PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNER WANTED-WITH $5,000 TO3B.CGO. IN a well-established commission business. For fnrtuce particulars address V 59, Tribune office, for 8 days. PARTNER WANTED—WITH $5,000 OB $15,000 TO go with an old Rodoro to Texas, to raise load buy stock; capital trebled in a year. Address H 34, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED—A PERSON DESIROUS O? commencing thin dress-making business wants a tho roughly cozapotout person to join; no capital required. Address Y 12, Tplbnno office. PARTNER WANTED—A CHANCE WORTH IN vcstJgating—A live in an, with 810, OCO to $15,000 to invest, can secure an interest in a safe, legitimate, and profitable business, thoroughly established. An interview will cost nothing. Address B 37, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED-A DRUGGIST AS, PART ner, by a physician. Apply at 95 Blue Island-av. PARTNER WANTED —IN MANUFACTURING business, a monopoly, and paying big: groat induce ment offered. F. K. FINLEY; 137 Sooth Clark-st. PARTNER WANTED—TO TAKE HALFUNTEREST in a manufacturing business, now doing a good busi ness; most have $5,000 cash. Object, to enlarge the business. Nononcoa answer unless they mean business, and have the above amount. Address E 47, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED—WITH ABOUT 82,000. IN A profitable manufacturing business. Address H 90, Tribune office, PARTNER WANTED—IN REAL ESTATE OFFICE: several yeikTS established and paying; man of ex perience preferred. Address E 53, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED—MAN TO TAKE ONE-HALF Interest in two new articles just patented: rare chance; only open for ono day. Call at Orient Hotel Boom 13, Monday. Partner wanted—a person with 85,0cw or more to enter Into partnership with two yoanc men who possess large credit and extensive trade, and are at present holding leading positions in one of the largest and most enterprising commercial houses In the West. A person with eapitalwill find this a rare chance for Investment, as the business is remunerative, and can be extended to an unlimited amount; first-class refer ences given, and required. Address for ono week B and W, Tribune office. ' "PARTNER WANTED—WITH S2OO, TO TRAVEL i and sell goods from a wagon; will give half Interest In the and goods. Mast start Monday. Call at 200 Matber-sL, up-stairs. PARTNER WANTED—IN A FIRST-CLASS Busi ness whero the profits are large, and to a man woo can command a capital of $5,000. Secnricy upon real es tate worthßls,ooo until party issatistied. Call personally upon BOILVIN it CO., 43 South Clazie st., Room 7. ~ P' ABTNEB WANTED—IN A MANUFACTURING business, with froms3,oooto $5,000 capltal;no risks to run; pays a handsome profit. Address H 27, Trlbnne office. PARTNER WANTED-A GOOD BUSINESS MAN. with some capital to Uke half interest with mo in real estMo boslness. T. B. BOYD, 180 West Washing* ton-st. PARTNER WANTED—ACTIVE OR SILENT—WITH $5,000. to increase the manufacture of a valuable pa tents Iready well introduced, and will boar investiga tion. Address P 55, Tribune PARTNER WANTED-A PERSON WITH $0)0 OR S7OO, who desires to take an Interest in a good busi ness. Call Monday morning, at 304 West Madlson-st. A. PARTNER WANTED-A YOUNG PHYSICIAN (5 years’ practice), old school, wishes to form an office connection with soma older physician. Addreaa £ 33, Tribnne office. SEWING MACHINES. AW. PERCY i CO. HAVE REMOVED THEIR . Sowing-Machine Agency from aiSloK) West Madi lon-st Wo have a complete assortment of Grover A Bakor, Singer. Howe, Remington, Florence. Victor, and all the leading machines on hand, at cne-bali the regular prices charged elsowhero. All machines warranted. Anew geover a baker sewing machine. Handsome table and coror; cost!s£s a short time since; price, S3O. 7EastEizhtooathst. TT!OB SALE—A FLORENCE SEWING MACHINE; J? cost $81; will sell for §3O. Inquire at 547 West Madi aon-et, ; Fob SALE—cheap fob cash-bode differ ent kind of cowing machining*, nearly new and m good order. E. ROGERS, VI East Madison-aU, Boom t>. Fob balb-a singer ou gboveb a baker family machine, warranted in complete order me 835; cost 853; good as new. 23 East Indlsna-st., be tween Bosh and Pine. . • Gboveb a baker’s sbwino-jiachd«e^pf„v oral office, BO Sute-rt.: branch office, Helieih er. Fences bavin, old GtOTar A Baker cewiUß-mechincc are Inrltcd to call and see the nm» hnprovemonta, and boar something to their advantage. INCER OFFICE OF A. J. MELCUBRT. 215 .SO LIT 11 Hals tod-st., machines sold on monthly payment* and rented. Open evening*. mHE NEW FLORENCE SEWING MACHINE—Wr, X call special attention to rocont improvements made in the Florence, also to the new and elegant styles of can* added to our list. To meet the views of thoao preferring a machine feeding the work away from the operator, w« have made Nos. l 5 and 14, which combine the desirable futures to be found In machines made by others, with all the peculiar excellencies of the Florence. WM. H. BHAJRP A CO., General Agents, 251 State-et., Chicago. Wtrwgr.gß A WILSON SEWING MACHINES, the new Improved sold or rented on easy monthly payments. BURNHAM A FLANNERY, City Agents, office 155 Stato-vt. TO DBASE. TO LEASE-FOB 10 YEARS—SEVERAL LOTS ON Folton-sW between Oakley and Western-av., r<rata front. ISAAC R. DIXXER, 61 North Ada-st. TO LEASE-THE WHOLE OB PART OF 220 FRIT? dock front; also, a stock of lumber for nr la; a good location for a lumber-yard. Inquire at 143 Kingibury-st., .NorthJßraacb. TO LEASE—PART OF DOCK ON STOWELL SLIP, near Twelfth-et. Apply to JOHN HO PEE, 41 aad -13 Wahash-av,. TO LEASE-DOCK (GREAT EASTERN). THE P? C. A F. L. will make favorable contract with a lessee who will handle their lumber. Apply to 25. BRAINARD, Room S8 Bryan Block. DIVORCES. ■PkIVORCES—LEGALLY OBTAINED—FEE AFTER XJ decree. Scandal avoided. Nine year*’ practice in uia courta of Chicago. Addreas P. O. Box 1U37. DIVORCES OBTAINED FOR CAUSES. ATT. burinraa attended to. BUSH, 3C South Olark-tL 3

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