Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 27, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 27, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 2(i. REAL ESTATE. GREAT SALE _£Lviotio;o., Of 120 Cits teip lots Fronting on Humboldt Boulevard, - Began Square, and Milwaukoo-av.t Lots Each ICO to 200 Foot Deep. (to Way anno, Jie 3, at 21-2 o’ett, AT 1136 EAST MADISON-BT., Will bo sold ISO beautiful and choice residence Lota, situ* ated in tbo Subdivision of 89 acres in tbo B H of the 8 &■ Vo!Boo. 86, <O, 18, , . The Lola aro well located} tbo ground Is high, and tho * wbolo city ovorlookod by ono standing on Ita surface. Humboldt Boulevard is being finely improved; large two* have been set out under the direction of the Park OoremiMlonora. An Artesian Well, with a fine flow, of water, Ilea on ellhoraldoof thUpropsrty. « • lor reaching this property am °1 tbo 0. AN. W. R. R. ia wtfUn 200 rods oaat :tta« M. A Bt, P.ol B. B. mm lo tunw..t««rd, »nd tho Ohlo«,o A Paomo it. R. •nt*rs tbo city on too south. __ . Milwaukee av, tana directly through It. The soli is * fine loam with clay subsoil, Hob and productive. Thoro is no nuisance whatever In the nolghboroood, making It par* tloularly attractive for choice residence homes. It ts safo to predict that this neighborhood will develop wtUdoablo Ihelr invcatmonU to two yea™, lota will proto one of tbo beat Investments over pat on tbo Chicago market. 4 , .... - . Tltlo to property perfect. Abstract of title furnished. Terms of salo-Oao-thlrd cash, balance In ono and two years at 8 per cent Interest, , A deposit of QCO on oaob lot will bo required at lime of ■Ate, and balance of first payment withinßo days. Plata of titu property can be obtained at our office. 0. O. THAYER A CO., , Real Estate Auctioneers and Brokers, ' 180 East Madison»at. am fake, (IN THE TOWN OF E7AHSTON), Offers rare inducements to those seeking Homes or Investments la Suburban Property. Nino miles north of Chicago Court House, 41-2 miles from Lincoln Park, near the Lake Shore, on tho O. & hr. W. Bail way. Convenient trains and low fares. Beautiful property, on easy terms. Prions from sl2 to S2O por front foot. For maps and terms coll at the Company’s OJttoo. AIFEED UEmLM.ipilS, 169 LaSalle-at,, Oliioago. FOB SALE. Corner Mloblgao-av. and Adams-at,, Lot 37 foot front on avenue by 109 on Adams-it., with 10-foot alloy in rear; one block from Gardner oud Matteson House#, two block* from Palmer’s Hotel and Clifton House, tbroo blocks from now Oustom-Hnmo, directly opposite Pullman Pal* aoo Car Co.’s now offices in Honoro Block, and within 10 mlnuloi’ walk of Grand Union Depot. EXPOSITION BUILDINGS will bo oroctod oa oppo site aide of avenue. Will bo sold on roaaonabia terms. No commission# to agents. 11, Q. HOWARD. Room 80 Republic Llfo Building, 166 LaS&lla-at. A Good Tract for Subdivision For Sale Cheap. % 10, orU eeros fronting on FUty-nlatli sad on 8 caramon, its., a short distance from tho boulevard, and near Rock XiUndßosd. Tho will #tay In tho olty one wook. and wants to dispose ol It bcloro leaving. Call at CLARKE, LAYTON 4 CO.’S, 120 Laßallo-flt. POK IjSSASE!. Soatbwoit comer of Flfth-sv. and Jackson-sfr.. by O. H. A G. O. WALKER, ____ 18 Chamber of Commerce. BittM Part Hi Go., Office 163 MONROE-ST., Room 4, Kent’# Baildln*. Homes sod Lots for s&ls oa cosy terras. - FRANK P- HAWKINB. Agent. REMOVALS. REMOVED From 225 East Washington-st. to Bear of 82 State-st. Happy to too hlaold friends and tho public generally. Furo Liquors for family use. X. IP. WILLIAMS, Dealer la Pace Old Kentucky bourbon, Robertson Conn* tr.Tenn., Ryo and Scotch Whiikios; also, Old Otard, Cognac, and Hounos#y Brandies, Medor Swan Gin, Port ana Sherry Wine#, roar of 82Stato-at„ Chicago. MISCELLANEOUS. NOTICE. To Architects, Builders, and Con tractors. Wo are prepared to furnish Tlro-Proo! 2,4, 6, and7>[ loch Plaster Castings at reasonable rates. Wo will no . oroct work any moro oursolroe, but only deliver material at buildings. For further Information apply at our offios. No. 619 Stato-st. U. 8. PLASTER PASTING CO. Blank Books, “at wholesale and retail at ii. schick: & oo.’s, 102 East Madlson-st. SPECTACLES AT J. G. LANGGUTII’B, Optician, 83 State-et., botwoon Wa»Mngton and Randolph. Gardens Laid Out, tad kept la order. Jobbing promptly attended to. W. D. ALLEN, Fieri* t, I<l SUto-it. JOHN C. RICHBERG- Hu removed bit Law Office to eoulhoaet corner Clark god lUndolph-sts., opposite Court Homo Squire. WANTED. Partner Wanted Is avroU-oslablUhod Wholesale Grocery Ilouto to Chlcogc Reliable party, with 930,000 to 840,000. can secures d< alrablo business am) Investment. Address, with refo: eaoea, WHOLESALE PROPER, Tribune oPoe. SPECIAL PARTNER WANTED. Capital Esquired, $3,000 or $5,000. Inquire ol H. U. CHANDLER A CO.. Advertising Agontc, northeast corner of Dearborn and Madlson-ita- GENERAL NOTICES. KTOTIOH. Flag Poles for llie Groat Joioi First week In Jnno, of all slice, ready-made or made t order. White Ash poles of all alios, always on band. Oi dors loft with GILBERT HUIiUAUD A GO., 23d and 2S South Wator-at., will receive prompt attention. PRESCRIPTION FREE For (ha speedy cure of Nervous Debility, Early Decay, indlhe whole train of gloomy attendants, Loss of Memo ?r. Energy, Ac. Any druggist has tho Ingredient*. Ad rosa Pit. UILTON A CO.. OlnolnuaU, Oh la. DISSOIsTJTION NOTICE. dissolution. The partnership heretofore existing between John J. D'Kocft and Howard Clark, '•under the firm name ol Q»Keefe A Clark. U thlsday dissolved by mutual consent. Tho huslnesewlli bo continued by John J. O Kecfo, wh< laaanjoi all outstanding llablUtloe, and will collect al MOOUntB. JOHN J. O'KEKFR. (olgo.a) HOWARD CUIIK. CARRIAGES. BBEVSTER & GO., OF BROOME-ST., WAREKOOMS, Fifth-av., cor. Fourteenth-st., tTSTHTW YORK, Elegant Carriages, In alllho fashionable varieties, from original designs of our own *nd the best stylos of Paris and London, oxqnls* ttoly finished in all Silk-Satins, French Morocco. ami tho flno»t Broadcloths. Special attention ia called to tbo fact that every Carriage offered In out Warorooraa 1" tho pro duoUon of our well known BllOOIHE"ST» FACTO" HY, and equal. In fro,/ wiped, to tboio built to tbo order of tho moat valued customer. In addition to our atook of tbo LARGER .vehicles, wo offer a complete assortment of ROAD WAGONS, with and without tops, IN ALL WEIGHTS, for PLEASURE DRIVING OR SPEEDING, embracing In tUolr conilruo tlon the various Improvements lotroducod by ua durlug tbo past fifteen years, and whiqji have mado tbo BREWSTER WAGON” Tlio Standard for duality. OUR PRICES BEING FIXED AND UNIFORM TO ALL, orders by mull have equal adTsnlagoi with those placed In person. To prevent confusion, the public will please remember that wo are not connected with a Joint Stock Company of Carriage Dealers now seeking to share our reputation By adopting a firm name similar to our own. BREWSTER & CO.. OF BROOMB-SX. 'Warerooms, rifth-av., oor. Pourteonth-at, CARRIAGES. K, M. STIVERS, Of 144, 146, 140, 150 Mil 150 Fast TMlty-ltSl-Et,, 3STBW TOBK, la manufacturing, and hai three largo show rooms, equal to 400 feet long by 26 foot wide, fllloifwith ft BpiondUl as. sorted atook at Top and Light Hoad Wagons, Dog Carta, Poor and Sir float Phaotuna, Ladloa’-Pony Phaetons, Roekawtys. Ac. Parties in Chicago, by calling on O. M. CLARK. Nob. 79 and 8181xtoonth*at.. can eco aamploe, sot nkraoulara, and order through him If more convo* nlont. R. M. BTIVKKB, Now York. % CODLIVEBOU. •WTL,LSON' J S CARBOLATED COD LITER OIL I# a Specific and Radical Core {or CONSUMPTION AND SOEOFDLOUS DISEASES, Remember the name* * ‘ Willson's Onrbolated Cod Liver Oil." It comes in forgo wodgo-iliapcd bottloe, bearing tbo Inventor’# algnaturo, and 1# told by the bo»t Druggist#. Prepared by J. H. Willson, 83 John-at., N.T. For sale by all Druggists. _ FINANCIAL. AlfflSiMSi, Bankers, First National Ban! Snlldlug, sontliwest corner of Stale and ffasMngton-sts., CUcago, Dealers In Gold and Silver Bullion, Bar, Leaf, Shoot, and Granulated Form for me chanical purposes. Deposits roceivod in either currency or ooin, subject to chock without notice. Biz par oont interest allowed on all daily balances. Checks upon us pass through tho Clearing- House, as if drawn upon any city bank. Interest credited, and aooounta-ourront rendered monthly. Coin and Currency Drafts on How York. LOANS ON lAI ESTATE. We are making loans, for a term of years, on woll-looatod Chicago property, and on improved suburban property, whoro val ues aro well established, and oan cloao promptly. Applicants will pleaso bring such abstracts and title papers as they have. BAIRD & BRADLEY, 00 ImSallo-at. Fourth National Bank Stock, FOB SALE AT FAB. Apply to O. B. FIELD & 00., Boom 10, Portland Blook. XDIGr- We hate Attorney* everywhere, and collect the claim* ofWboloßalo Merchant* and other* la any part of th( country. No Attorney 1 * foes In »ulta: no charge* unt collection# are made. FRASIER'S MEROANTIL COLLECTION AGENOY. 116 Madl«oa *t. MONEY TO LOAN Oo flnt-olase city property. sl, COO to bind. MEAD A COB. 163 LsSallo-st. FOR SALE. CARMINE INK AND 3S&TJOIL.&.GKES, AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, BY CULVER, PAGE, ME & CO., 118 and 120 Monroc-st., Chicago. MOETON & 00., OflS.ce Desks, 164 West Xifxlnewet. TO RENT. TO RENT THE DEBT STOIIB FOR F’XjmsriTXTFlß XnOhioago. Madieon-at. and Oentro-av. MEETINGS. I. O. ot O. F. A regular meeting of Excelsior Lodge No. S3 I. O. O. P., held every Tuesday evening, at 8 o'clock, at Methodist Church Biota, 8. B. cor. Washington and Claik-sta. Strangers cordially Invited to atlenu. _ , , E, D. tiUULL, tiec’/. JOHN DAViB, N, O. WASHINGTON. osculations ns to the LfToct of the McKenzie Raid into Mexico. No Existing Treaty Provision Applicable to the Case. The Government Suit Against the Union Pacific and Credit Mobilier. TUo Bill Presented by tho At toruoy-Gonorol of the United States. Full List of All tho Defendants to tho Suit. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribum. k’kxnzib’s MEXICAN idin. Washington, May 20.~OfllcIal circles hero do nob Boom to bo impressed withtho Importance of tbo diplomatlo consdqrfoncos attending Goa. MoKinzio's invasion of Mexico. It is now be lieved that tho affair may bo mado tho occasion of considerable correspondence between tho two Governments, which in tho end will load to an agreement that either nation shall have tho right to pursue and punish offenders oven beyond tho national boundary lino. When in 1648 tho Guadaloupo-Hidolgo treaty was ratified, it was conceded that euoh aiauitbftucca as those might arise on account of tho romantic character of tho Indian tribes in habiting tho borders, and tho olovonth article of that treaty provides that tbo United States shall havo no right to pursue and furnish marau ders irrespective of boundary lines, ThoKickapoo and Lipou Indians wore, at tho timo tho treaty was mado, inhabitants of tho country which, ac cording to Mexican pretension, was coded by , tho provisions of their treaty to tho United States, and they still llvo chiefly by plundering our citizens, although residing a greater part of tho timo on tho Mexican side of tho boundary lino. It was fonrod, bowovor, that this obligation to restrain and pun ish those border Indians might bo , considered by the Mexican Government as laying tbo foundation for a claim for all losses suffered Iby Mexican citizens growing out of a failure on 1 our part to mako tho restraint effective, honco tiro united States secured tho abrogation of tho olovonth article of tbo treaty of Guadalopo- Hidalgo, by tho second article of tho treaty of Sept. SO, 1853, by which the United States acquired Arizona. There is at present, it is believed, no existing provision applicable to tho subject. It must bo considered and treated according to tho recognized principles of international law. Its discussion will doubtless raise several different questions on which diplomatists may display their varied learning. The question may bo raised whether thoso Indians are citizens of tho United States or of Mexico. That their original homo was in the United States is not disputed, and parts of these bands are still residents of Kansas, tho Indian Territory! and Texas, but ‘hose marauders reside by turns on either side of tho dividing lino, aud havo novor boon recognized as Mexican citizens. If so, would not their armod incursions into tho United States for plunder and wholesale murder ho, according to tho principles of international law, an act of war ? And, if not citizens of tbo Mexican Republic, but residing within its juris- , diction, being sheltered mid protected by i that Government while making contentions, aimed Invasions of our country,—Mexico being the baeo from.which they send out armod parties for this purpose,—would not their hostile acts become an act of war on the part of the Mexican Government itself as much as if they were recognized citizens o! tho . Republic ? This is a question which will bo pressed upon tho Mexican Government in tho correspondence upon tho treatment of this question. It is be lieved hero, on tho part of tho State Depart ment, that Mexico will disown the hostile acts of thoso Indians, as well as their general thieving character, aud will insist that on its own part It lias done all that was obligatory to restrain their lawlessness. Such a course would necessarily raise tho ques tion of tho right of a nation-in time of peace to pursue hostile forces or bands of robbers into a neighboring country without its formal consent, tho latter being confessedly or no toriously unablo to protect its neighbors from such damage. Tide question, although raised several times in international history, has novor yet been formally passed upon. It may bo ouo of tho important results of this in vasion that tho two Governments, so for os themselves are jointly concerned, may roach a conclusion in this doficato matter which may prove of service ta tho civilized world. There is no apprehension of any serious difficulty, what ever may bo tho result of tho present disturbance. oubxnbacu padeu. Assistant Secretary of tho Tro&sury Sawyer loft hero for Philadelphia to-night, where ho will . inspect tho Glenn paper mills. Upon invitation of Secretary Richardson, Senators Windom and Went will accompany Mr. Sawyer, in order that their opinion may bo ascertained rolativo to tho facilities of thoso mills, which furnish tho paper upon which the greenbacks are print ed, and also ns to tho present condition of tho institution. Mr. Sawyer will thou go to Now York to attend to matters appertaining to tho ’ Collector of Customs. TUB DEER TAX. A statement prepared at tho Revenue Bureau shows that, during tho first six months of tho current fiscal year, as far us compared with tho samo period in 1872, tho receipts from formouted liquors, at $1 per barrel, in somo of tho loading collec tion districts of tho Union where consider ably increased, tbo excess ranging from 83 down to 9 per cent. Tho Fifth Maryland District 1 shows tho largest percentage of increase, which is unaccountable, aud tho First California shows tho smallest Increase in percentage, although several others aro lower in actual increase of collections. Tho Third Massachusetts, tbo Bos ton, District increased its collections from tho abovo source $50,317. or 23 por cent; tho Ninth Now York, tho largest col lection district, increased $70,804, or 24 per cent. Tho First Ohio, Cincinnati, in creased $29,499, or 15 per cent, Tho Fourth Illinois, Quiuoy, $2,110, or 15 per cent. Tho Sixth Illinois, Joliet, $-1,238, or 17 por cent. Tho I First Missouri, tit. Louis, $18,741, or 12 per cent. iTo the Associated Press.] A NEW PLANET. Washington, May 20.—Prof. 0. F. Potora dis covered tliia morning a new planet of the elev enth magnitude; right ascension, IGI degrees 14 minutes south, and 211 dogrooa 18 minutes de clination ; motion duo west. TUU COURT OV CLAIMS rondoror tbo following judgment for cotton seized by Oon. Hhormau's forces at tho time of the capture of Bavannah and sold by tho United titatos: In favor of William Battornby and tho oxooutors of Thomas S. Motcalf, $486,212, being tho largest single judgment over rendered by tho Court of Claims. Battotaby ia an alien tmb- Joct of Gront Britain, who has resided for thirty years in Savammh. Tho cotton claim of Wm, B. Mills, another British subject, was dismissed on tbo ground that tho cotton for which ho sued was purchased by him outside of tho Union linos, autlin violation of tho regu lations then in force. Judgment was rendered for $155,664 in favor of Charles Greene, of Savannah, also a subject of Great Britain. Tho main question In this case was whether an alien, domiciled during the Rebellion within the insur rectionary States, could he guilty of tho orimo of treason against tho United States. Tho Court of Claims, following tho decision of the United States Supreme Court, last term, decides this question affirmatively, but also holds under tho same decision that aliens thus guilty of treason, by falling to obsorvo their ok gationn of quallQod allegiance, were included in and pardoned by tho President's proclama tion of l)eo. 25,18t&. A decision was rendered In tho long-ponding case of Eliza J. Atocha, administratrix of Alex ander J. Atocha, deceased. Atooha was a native of Spain, but was a naturalized citizen of the United States, who did business as a banker in tho City of Mexico, and was expelled from that country during tho revolution of 1846, which CHICAGO, TUESDAY, MAY 27, 1873. overthrow tbo Government of Santa Anna. The United States tbo treaty of Guadalonpo Hidalgo, assumed tbo claims of its own citizens against Mexico, Atooba presented bis claim for losses caused by bis expulsion, and It was rejected by a Commission appointed to oxamlno snob claims. Subsequently, In 1805, Congress referred tbo claim to tbla Court, which now ren ders Judgment in favor of Atooba against tbo United States for $207,459, being tbo balance of throo and a quarter millions provided by tbo treaty of Guaualoupo-Hldalgo for tbo payment of claims of citizens of tbo United States against tbo Government of Mexico, which now remains unapplied to that object. Judgment was also rendered for $03,598 in favor of Wm. M. Oouos, of Memphis, for cotton seized by tbo Government, and In favor of Har vey & Loveaoy for $42,000 for work and dam ages in bnllding a bridge for tbo Govommout at Rook Island. In tbo case of tbo executors of John J. Pratt, a claire for supplies furnished tbo army in tbo war of 1813, tbo Court found that tbo Govern ment was justly indebted to Pratt to tbo amount of $181,509, but woro equally divided upon tbo subsequent question, namely: whether a pay ment of part of tbo debt, under a private act of Congress, does not bar a recovery for tbo bal ance now. X’ratt, aftor pressing this claim upon tbo Government for many years, died in a dobt , or’s prison in this city. The Oourt,attor hearing tbo argument in tbo Hot Springs cases, ad , journou until next Monday, when an adjourn ment will probably bo ordered until October. POSTMASTERS. Tbo Provident ban signed commissions os Post masters of Samuel A. J. Snyder, at Fremont, O.; Joseph Bablotor, at Now Ulm, Minn. OREENnAOKS. Legal-tenders outstanding, $358,425,878. PACIFIC BAHiROAD SUIT. Mr, Ashton. ,of tbo counsel for tbo Govern ment, loft last night for Hartford, wboro a bill in equity against tbo Union Pacific Railroad Com pany ana Credit MobiUor is to bo filed. THE BEER TAX. A comparative statement, showing tbo receipts from fomented liquors, at $1 por barrel, in some of tho loading districts of tbo United mates re turning the largest revenues from ibis source, from the first six months of tbo fiscal years end ing Juno, 1872, and 1873, gives the total income in tbo United States of $869,837, or 17 por cent. NATIONAL RECEIPTS AND EXPENDITURES. Tbo following in an official statement of tbo receipts and expenditures by warrants for tbo quarter ending March 31,1678 Hot receipts: From customs Internal revenue.... gales of public lands DUscoUanoouß sourcoa, Total Loans and Treasury notes, Total net receipts .$120,000,770.00 Not balance in the Treasury Deo. 31, *73. 107,780,645.40 Total .$234/180,324.40 Net Expenditures: I'or civil and miscellaneous. 10,800,003.77 W&r Department 11,874,326.18 Havy Department 6,650,619,00 Indians and Pensions; Indians. ronsloas. Premiums on bonds purchased '080!57C.40 Interest on the Public Debt .86,(114,024.53 Total $81,850,602.20 Redemption of Loans and Treasury Notes: purchase ofbonda for Sinking Fund, &c. C 1,669,767.40 Total net expenditures $136,420,849.60 Balance in Treasury March 31, 1673 98,329,074.89 Total. TUB PRESIDENT. The President, accompanied by Gon. Babcock, loft this morning for Harrisburg. He will re turn on Wednesday. RESPITED. On tho rocommondatlon of tho Grand Army of the Republic, tho President, before Ida departure from the city this morning, ordered tho nontouco of Thomas Wricht respited until' Juno 0, so tho execution will not-take place on Decoration Day. v MEXICAN CLAIMS-TREATY. The new Mexican Commissioner, with iho ratified treaty for an extension of tilno in which to adjudicate tho American and Mexican claims, is expected in tho .United States by next steamer from Vora Croz. THE PACIFIC AND CREDIT MODIUEB SUIT. Boston, May 26.—-A apodal from Washington *lo tlio Boston Traveler gives tbo following names of the Credit Mobilior suit papers, which wore filed to-day at Hartford, Couu.: The United States of America by Gcorgo Henry Williams. tbolr attorney, brings this their complaint against the Union Pacific Itnlirond Company, which is located In Boston. President, Horace P, Clara, of Now York; tbo Credit Mobilicr of America, President. Sydney Billon, of New York ; tbo Wyoming Coal and Mining Company; tbo Atlantic and Pacific Tele graph Company, President, John Buff, of Boston; Pullman Pafneo Car Company, President, Georgo M, Pullman, Chicago; tbo Omaha Bridge Transfer Com pany, and against' John B. Alley, Lynn, Mass.; Oakes Angler Ames and Oliver Ames, tbo second: executors of tbo lost will.' and testament of Oakca Amos, deceased, and Oakes Angler Ames and Oliver Amos tbo second, executors aforesaid, representing said Oakos Ames as trustee for other per sons ; Oliver Ames, surviving partner of the late firm doing business under tbo namo of Oliver Amos A Sons, Boston ; Oliver Ames, North Boston; Frank Andrews, Boston : Elisha Atkins, Boston; P. Adams Ames, Boston ; Ezra H, Baker, Boston: Ezra U. Baker, Jr., Boston; Josiah Bardwcil, Boston ; Oliver W. Homos, Philadelphia; Benjamin Baton, Boston; Benjamin Bates, Trustee, Boston; Ell Beard, Brooklyn; Sylvester hi, Beard, Brooklyn; EU Beard, Sylvester M. Beard, and Wm. I. Cummings, doing business as Beard A Cummings, Now York ; 11. S. Blake, Boston ; Henry Blood, Now York ; Benjamin M. Boyer and Helen Boyer, his wife. Norristown, Pa.; Georgo Bliss, New York; Gamaliel Bradford. Boston; Wm. B. Brystal, New Haven, Conn.; \vm, Tracy, executor of tbo last will and testa ment of James Brooks, deceased; 0. L. Busbnoll, Now Harun, Conn.; Oliver L. Chapman. Camden, Mass.; John J. Cisco, New York; Oliver Char lick. Now York; John J. Cisco and J. Ash field Cisco, doing business as J. J. Cisco k Bon, Now York: Henry 0. Crano, Yonkers, N. Y.; Henry 0. Crane, Trustee, Youkew, N. Y.; John F. Dillon, executor of tho last will and testament of Ebonozer Cook, deceased, into of Davenport, la.; H. 0. Crano, Trustee for Willie D. Train. New York; Wm. A. Cummings, now or late of Darlon, Conn.; Samuel T, Dana, Now York; John M. Davis, Now Haven, Conn.; Wm. P. Day, cashier In trust. Now Haven, Conn.; Hugh Do Haven ami Alexander Henry Do Haven, doing business os Do Haven Brothers, Philadelphia; Sidney Dillon, New York; John It. Puff, Boston; Granville M. Dodgo and Anna M. Podge, Council Bluffs, la.; John Duff, W. P. Durant, Now York; Sowell 11. Fessenden, Boston; P. B. Poster, Now Haven ; L. O. French. Now York ; W. D. Forbes, Boston ; John Jardlnor. Trustee, of Boston ; H. Gil bert, Boston ) U. J. Gilbert, Boston ; Horatio Gilbert and H. J. Gilbert, doing business as IX. k 11. J. Gil bert, Bouton ; I. W. Gilmore, Boston ; W. T. Ollddon, Boston ; W. T. OUddon and John 6. Williams, doing business as Ollddon k Williams, Boston; Gcorgo Griswold Gray, Now York; Henry W. Gray, Now York; William A. Guest, New York: Hyman Cook and O. S. Lauman, executors, and E. 8. Grimes, ex ecutrix, of tho last will and testament of James W. Grimes, deceased* Burlington, Iowa; Charles 11, Hall, Philadelphia; B. P. Hall. Crawford, N. J.: Rowland O. Hazard, South Kingston, R. I,: Roland Hazard, Providence, R. I.: Isaac 11. Hazard, Newport, R. I.; Elizabeth Hazard, Trustee, Newport. It. 1.; M. J. Hazard, Newport, R. I.; Ann Hazard, Newport, R. I,; Thos. Iluwloy. J, Hidden, Now York; Aaron Hobart. Jr., Boston; 1). Ualllduy, Portland, Oregon; Samuel Hooper and Franklin Gordon Dexter, copartners, Bos ton ; Samuel Hooper, Boston; A. Horner, Newport. R, 1. U. Hotchkiss, New Haven, Conn.; Beiij. J. Haigli, Bouton; Gardner G. Howland,'Now York; 11, Ingalls, Bouton; 11, Jenks, Philadelphia; James B. Johnston, Now York; David Jones, New York; T. lulon and Adri an lulon, Jr., copartners, Now York; Georgo Walker and Edward Q. Norton, executors of tbo last will and

testament of John L. King, deceased, Springfield; W. Knight, Charles A. Lombard, New York; L. Lockwood, Now York; Thomas Lord, Now York; Abel A. Low, Now York ; Win. H, Mary, New York; 11, B.M'Comb. Wilmington, Del.; Cyrus H. McCor mick, Chicago; Robert G. T. McNeill, Philadelphia: fl, A. Miller, Edward 0. Moores, Now York; E. Hoed Myoru. Philadelphia; Charles 11. Ncllnon, ‘Now York, Prod. Nickerson, Boston; James Nickerson, Bouton; Thomas Nlckoruou, Bouton; Gcorgo Opdyko, New York; GeorgeOrdyko, Charles W. Opdyko, George P, Opdyko, Henry IJ. Opdyko, and Georgo W, Parlee, co- Sartueru. Now York; P. W, Patterson, James Phelps, bwYorlt; Nathan P, Rock, Now Haven, Conn. ; Jou. B. Pigol, Now York; Paul Polil, Jr„ Philadelphia; James Richardson, Now York; Henry A. Robbins, Now York; Royal E. Robblnu, Bouton; Henry A. Robbins, and Royal E. Robbins, doing business as 11, A, k R. E, Robbins, Roulon; Harvoy Hanford, New Haven, Ooun.; Prosper P, Hhuw, Now York; Joseph fl. Scran ton, Scranton, Penn,; Edward 8, Scranton and Boreno 11, Scranton, lain partners, Now Haven, Conn.; irnnk Skinner, James Bardwell, ami Edward P. Cullen, cp iiartnera, Boston; I>. N, Smith and James M, Smith, Now York; Thomas M. Hletaou, Now Bedford, Mobs.; Wm. u. Slovens, Now York; Ward 1). Stevens* Con necticut; Benedict D. Stewart, Philadelphia; Goo. I. Smith, New York; luaao Thatcher, Boston; Lydia Torroy, Newport, R. I.; Geo, Francis Train, New York; John P. Tracy, Chicago; Ezekiel H. Trowbridge end Henry Trowbridge, Now Haven, Conn; Ohas, Tuttle, Milford, Couu.; Sophia Vernon, New port, R, 1,; Chua, Waite, Now Yura | John M. B. Mlll - Cambridge, Mubi. j Jjjo. 8. WlUlamo and Win, •11, Gulon, co-psrluoru, Now York; Wm. White, Now Haven: Martin Zebrouakl, Now York; Edwin B. Mor gan, Now York, surviving Trustee, under the first mortgage made by Bald Union Pacific Railroad Corn- Iwny, his associate In his trusteeship, Oakes Ames, taving died; Cyrus H, McOomlpk, of Chicago, and John Huff, of Boston, Trustees under the so-called Innd'Rfnnt mortgage; John R. Duff, Bonj, E, Bates, aikl F. Gordon Dexter, nil of Boston, Trustees under ilio Do-callcd Income-bond mortgage. The bill states tbo provisions of tbo net of Congress authorizing tbo suit, tbo different acts creating those corporations, tbo organization ol of the Company, and completion of tbo road, and says tbo conditions and stipulations for making tbo works moro complete, in conformity with tbo said nets of Congress, have not boon performed and complied with to tbo satisfaction of tbo United Slates. A Board appointed by tbo Presi dent reported, Got. 80,1PJ8, deficiencies in tbo construction requiring n further expendi ture of $1,588,100 to make it conform to law, The Company - has foiled to pay the Interest which nos accrued and Is accruing on tbo currency bonds issued by tbo United Slates hi its behalf, by which default, it, on tbo Ist of January Inst, owed tbo Govern ment 50,103,709.77, making the aggregate liabil ity on said bonds $33,485,221.77. Tbo whole amount of the first mortgage bonds, viz., $27,- 287,000. isal/io unpaid, with tbo exception of tbo Interest thereon. Of its land-grant bonds, . amounting to $10,400,000, there,still remain un paid $8,811,000, and tbo Company claims the right to go on applying tbo proceeds of the sales of laud to their liquidation, thus exhausting tbo security of tbo United Stt.too for the repayment of their bonds. Ton millions income bonds aro outstanding, as well as $2,408,000 of bridge bonds, while tbo Com pany has a floating debt of $2,000,000 and out standing stock to the amount of $30,702,800. The bill claims that the lease of tbo Company’s coni lauds is illegal; that tbo arrangement be tween tbo railroad and tbo Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph Company la a fraudulent device to make money for tbo managers and deprive tbo United States of its lawful security and ad vantage from tbo said telegraph. The bill also claims that tbo arrangement with the Pullman Palace Car Company is an arrangement by which tbo Car Company obtained privileges and profits .from tbo said Railroad Company not for iuo-interest of the Company to give, and by which tbo managers and stockholders of ibo sold Railroad Company or some of them fraudu lently obtain for themselves profits for tbo use of tbo road, which, In equity, belong to tbo Railroad Company; that tbo agreement with the Omaha Bridge Transfer Company is fraudu lent. Tbo bill also claims that the Union X’a cllio is insolvent; that the cost of tbo railroad and telegraph lino was considerably loss than one-half tbo sura represented by tbo aggregate of tbo stock, and tbo other protended liabilities of the Com pany outstanding; that tbo larger part of tbo stock and bonds pf tbo Company before men tioned was issued in the name of ibo Company by its managers, not In tbo interest of tbo Com pany, but to onrich themselves in a manner and' for purposes unauthorized by law. A largo ma jority of tbo stock now habitually voted upon na of right in electing officers and controll ing tbo affairs' of tbo Company is stock Issued in a manner not authorized by law, which was never paid for in *cash or in any other thing of an equivalent value to the Corapauy. A largo part of its iu ■ como is used habitually in paying its managers high interest on the bonds Issued unnecessarily without lawful motion or adequate considera tion. The earnings have not been sufficient to pay tbo accruing interest on Us floating debt and on the several classes of bonds issued by tbo Company. Ton million dollars of its income bonds so far called will bo duo in Bojh tembor, 1874, but no funds have boon provided or aro accumulating for either new ties and rails, or tbo payment of said in come bonds. Tbo interest on the bonds issued to ibo Company is allowed to accumulate with out payment. As before stated, tbo Company is insolvent, and obliged to depend on temporary loans to save its obligations and promises from dishonor. Its principal managers treat it as de pending on tbolr personal credit to save it from bankruptcy, and mako profit by looning it'monoy for high interest ami commission. Tbo bill also claims that tbo prices under tbo' Hoxio contmot contract wore excessive; that fraudu lent allotments of stock woro made to tbo Credit Mobilicr: that tbo management of tbo railroad and Credit MobiUor woro the samn • that ..... $40,002,018.07 24,202,778.80 ..... 041,658,38 .... 8,772,323.05 $83,678,070.00 43,391,100.00 1,677,029.30 6,313, .$234,760,324.49 ail Uio defendants wore jointly interested tp tbo IToxio contract; that tho Ames contract was a direct spoliation to tho amount of $3,000,000; rimt Iho land-grant and income bonds wore fraudulently issued and disposed of among tho defendants; that all tho protended contracts with Hoxio, Amos, and Davis woro invalid, and tbo Issuo of tho stock and bonds fraudu lent. That neither tbo Credit Mobilior nor tho Trustees over paid any subecriptioun to tho stock of tho Union Pacific Rond; that iho said Union Pacific Company has not settled with tho Crodit Mobilior for tho protended performance of tho Iloxio contract, and with tho said Trus tees for iho protended performance of tbo so called Oakes Amos and Davis contracts, but iho accounts of tbo said railroad company with tho said contracts and with the said parties remain open and unsettled, with largo balances claimed bjP said parties against tho said railroad; that all such protended payment for subscriptions growing out of tho unlawful and fraudulent transactions heroin sot forth aro void and of no oltcct, and said protondod balances aro fictitious and should uot be allowed. It is also claimed that upward of $1,000,000 woro wrongfully appropriated in procuring legis lation and influencing publio oillcors; that dis tributions of tbo assets of tbo road have been made to tbo amount of $17,000,000 in ex cess of tho figures already named, and that tbo stock and bonds so distributed are still bold by tbo defendants. That tbo con dition of tbo road is such that it may bo sold under tbo deed of trust uud mortgage, and indefinitely exhaust tbo security of tbo United States. The bill finally pravs that tbo financial condition of tbo said Company may bo decreed to bo refonnod, so that tbo actual cost and fair price of tbo construction and equipment, over ami above tbo amount of tbo proceeds of tbo United States bonds issued to tbo Company, shall bo represented only by stock fully paid; or if this cannot bo done, that any excess of tbo cost and fair price over tbo price of United States bonds, aim of tbo so-called fully paid stock, shall bo represented by tho first mortgage bonds of said Company, and all excess of stock and of first mortgage bonds shall bo canceled, and all income bonds and land grant bonds, and mortgages, and trusts, mado by tbo Union Pacific Ilailroad Company with refer ence to said land grant bonds and income bonds bo decreed to be canceled; that au account bo taken of tho sums improperly expended or ex pended for improper purposes by tho authority of tbo defendants out of tbo assets of said Com pany, and that they bo required to return tho samo to tbo Treasurer of said Company, with 1 in terest; that tbo Union Pacific Ilailroad Com- E any be enjoined from making or permitting to o mado any uso of its revenues, receipts, and credits which shall disable thorn from 'tbo paying interest from timo to timo as it shall mature on tho first mort gage bonds of tbo Company; from*paying interest or principal on any first mort- S land-grants or income bonds which woro ibulcd as dividends or allotments of profit to tbo shareholders in any way; from .making, issuing, selling, or in any way pledging or dis posing of any sinking fund or other bonds under tbo oob for tbo issuo of $16,000,000 in amount of a sinking fund, or from iu any way disposing of any other stools or bonds of tho Company, or from making any contracts without reporting the. same to this Court and obtaining Its information ; that Du rand, Amos, Alloy, Dillon. Iftishuoll, McComb, Dates, and Duff bo enjoined from any transfer, sale, or other disposition of bonds or stock of tbo' Company bold or controlled by them ; that all tbo defendants ho enjoined from dis posing of tbo property received by thorn in way of dividends or 'allotments; that tho Credit Mobilior corporation, bo enjoined from tho disposition of snob stocks or bonds of tbo Union Pacific, and from any sale, transfer, or distribution among its stockholders of tbo assets of any kind belonging to tho Company; that tho Atlantia Pacific Telegraph Company, the Wyoming Coal and Mining Company, and the Omaha Bridge Transfer Company bo similar ly enjoined anu prevented from making fur ther contractu without reporting lo thla Court; that all tho dofondanto iu this suit bo enjoined from re ceiving any dividends, or interest directly or indirectly on tbo bomln or stock received as profits or allotments under tho Iloxio, Amos, and Davis contracts; that tbo Union Pad flu Company bo enjoined from paving any intended balance under tbo Iloxio contract, mid also from paying thoir said noto for $2,000,000; that the Union Pnoffic Go. bo enjoined from making any further payment to, and from transfonlng or delivering any profits to tbo Company or so call ed Trustees, under the Amos contract and Davis contract, on account of any pretended balance duo, and that the said dofondanto bo enjoined from taking utopo for collecting tbo balances. * FOREIGN. Scenes in the French Assem bly on the Deposition . of Thiers. President MaclUahon’s Message and Policy. The Tichborne Claimant Again inflicts Himself on the Public. FRANCE, New York, May 28.—A special gives tbo fol lowing as Ibo text of President MacMabou’s ad dress to tbo Prefects of Paris? “ I have boon called, through tbo confidence of tbo National Assembly, to tbo Presidency of the Republic. No immediate change will bo made in ibo existing laws, regulations, aadtnsUtutions. I roly upon material order, and I count npon your vigilance, and upon your patriotic aaslst- anco.° Tbo Ministry will bo formed to-day. Tbo scones wero extremely oxoHiug In tbo Nn- tlonnl Assembly Chamber ponding tbo discus sion wjiicb resulted in Ibo deposition of Thiers and tbo exaltation of Marshal MacMabon. Xu tbo President's box woro Madomo Thiers, ibo Prefect of tbo Department of tbo Seine, and others, who woro gesticulating quite wildly, and once tbo Prefect was called to order for tbo ardor of bis otbusi nsm. Tbo diplomatic corps was well repre sented. Lord Lyons, tbo British Minister, was not present, being engaged in giving a dinner reception In honor of Queen Victoria’s birthday. Many celebrated women of Napoleon’s court, as well as of tbo Republic, occupied conspicuous places, and remained until tbo political ebango was consummated. As soon os tbo voto was taken deposing Thiers, the representatives of different countries Immediately left the Chamber and telegraphed the nows' to their roepootlvo Governments. Thiers sat a close watcher of events, and con stantly used the exclamation, “Oh 1 blon, Messieurs.” Once he caused an immeuso ex citement when ho said: “They have spoken of negotiations, when it has occurred to mo that they only wanted the Government to bo trans ferred to Paris, but tho army would not outer there. I have repelled thorn in order to prevent the shedding of streams of blood at the* expense of tbo army. If there is a man who counts the cost of this effusion of blood, it is myself. I have fallen. I rather wish to say, wo havo fallen. For a long time I havo had a hope that this detestable faction—” Tbo close of tbo Bcntonco wan lost by tbo tre mendous uproar which tbo beginning bad ox cited. Again did Tbiors awaken tbo enthusiasm of bis friends. When bo was charged with be ing tbo protogo of radicalism, ho retorted that there was something more remarkable than that in their midst; they bad with them tbo Duko do Broglio, who was “ tbo protogo of tbo Empire." No fear of disturbance is apparent in Paris. Tbo people on Sunday attended in great num bers tho Cbautilly races, giving themselves up to pleasure, and caring little, seemingly, for poll} tics. Tbo Courier dea Elats Unis, of this city, sneaking of tbo substitution of Marshal Mac- Mabou for Tbiora. in the Presidency of tbo French Republic, eays: “Tho Right faction' has made its revolution against tbo national sentiment, against tho electoral body, against Prance, against tho Republic; more than that, against tbo now-founded order, against peace, against confidence within and without, against re-established prosperity, against triumphant credit, and against that supremo aspiration of tho country—tbo liberation of tho French terri tory by tho hands, tbo wisdom, and tbo honor of tho Republic." The change is characterized not to bo tho work of Franco, but iho work of a fac tion, "whichwill not find, however, a people servile enough to submit to its dictation, nor a Pnotoriau army roadyto overawe.” •Paris, May 20,— Tbo now Ministry is an nounced this morning in tbo Journal OJjicicl, as follows : Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Duko do Broglio ; Minister of Justice, Ernoul; Min ister of tho Interior, Beule; Minister of Fi nance, Pierre Magno; Minister of War, Qou. Do Clssoy; Minister of Marino, Admiral D'Hor uoy ; Minister of Public Instruction and Wor ship,* Balbie; Minister of Public Works, Do Seilltguy, Minister of Agriculture and Com- merco, Bovellorio. There has boon no disorder in any portion of tho country in consequence of tbo change in tbo Government, and dispatches report general tranquility. Only half of the troops are now bold in bar racks. Tbo Orleans Princes woro present in tbo As sembly when tho question was taken on accept ing President Thiers’ resignation, and voted in tbo affirmative. Ex-President Thiers has informed tho mem bers of tho Loft Centro that ho will resume bis scat iu tbo Assembly to-morrow, and will tako his placo on tholr benches, accompanied by tbo lato Ministers Dufauro, Porior, and Loon Say. Tbo whole Loft has decided upon tbo policy of constitutional opposition to the new Govern ment. President MaoMnhon sent a message to tbo Assembly to-day. It was road by the Duko Do Broglio. Tbo President says': ■ "I am animated by a rospoct for your wishes, and will always scrupulously execute them,—tho National Assembly bad two groat tasks. Tbo liberation of territory and tbo restoration of ordor. Tbo first was ably conducted by my predecessor with heroic patience. Tbo country and 1 roly on you to accomplish tbo other. 1 shall follow tho foreign policy of my predecessor. I wish for peace and tho reorganization of tho army, desiring only to restore our strength and to regain for Franco her rank among nations. Tbo homo policy will bo resolutely conservative. Tho Administration must bo imbued with a con servative spirit, appoint to oifico respecters of tho law, defend society against factions, and stand as a sentinel to see that your sovereign will is obeyed in its integrity." GREAT BRITAIN. London. May 20.— Tbo Daily Kews this morn ing publishes the correspondence between M. Do Lossops and Gen. Iguatiof, Itusalan Ambassador at Constantinople, regarding the building of a railroad across Contra! Asia, to connect tbo Bus slan and Indian railway systems. - A conference of Mormons was bold bero on Sunday, at which George A, Smith was present, Tbo Tlcbborno claimant will soon appeal to tbo public again to raise money for bis dofonso. Tbo lloiiße of Oomraona to-night, while in Committee of Supply, took up tbo item for tbo payment of tbo Alabama award. Mr. Bontick declared that tbo Government policy on this question had boon humiliating and degrading. Tbo Government sUould have broken off negotiations at tbo timo when no boubo of shame would have been loft England. This arbitration was the greatest monument of human folly, and could not bo considered otherwise than as a national degradation. Sir Stafford Nortbcote admitted that during tbo negotiation of tbo treaty he had not minute ly examined the consequences for British sub jects of fixing tho end of war at Loo’s sur render. Air. Gladstone said tbo advancement of tho in direct claims by tho American Government was a gigantic error. In all other respects bo de fended tho course tho arbitration had takon. Tbo debate hero closed, and tbo item was agreed. SPAIN, Madiud, May 20.—Tho Minister of Foreign Affairs bus sent a circular to tho llopresontatlvoß of Spain abroad giving an official account of tbo butchery and mutilation of prisoners by tho Oar lists, and requoHtingthom tocouvoy tho informa tion of IboHo outrages lo tho Government to which they aro respectively accredited. CANADA* Halifax, N. fl., May 20.—Throe bodies, two males and one female, wore recovered from tho Atlantia wreck on Wednesday. On Thursday a body vras soon wedged iu among tho debris of J NUMBER 281, V • *t\ tho wrooV t 2 ipposod to bo that of Mr. Fisher, of Vermont!- will bo made to recover it. Tho ooH'S\or:Amilo Brown, chartered by tho Now York' t *< coking Company, to carry a cargo of goods fv ■wreck, has boon seized by or der of tho Hice-Admiralty Court at tho suit of lidward Byan, James Conlou, and othnrs, of Prospect. who claim SB,OOO as compensation fop imvlng life and properly at tho time of tho wreck. AUSTRIA. Vienna, May 20.—Tho King of tho Belgians arrived In this city to-day, ami was received by dho Court with lilting ceremonies. CUBA. Havana, May 20.—Captain-General Pioltaln has ordered that O’Kelloy, now confined in'tho fort at Santiago do Cuba, bo brought to Havana, Havana, May 30—livening.—O’Kolly has ar rived hero. It is reported ho will soon bo sent to Spain. WALL STREET. Review of tlio Moneft Galih Bendy Stocky and Produce Murkets. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, • New Yquk, May 20.—Wall street was perfectly stagnant to-day. Tho nows from Franco had no effect upon tho markets. Money wae easy. Approved mercantile paper, tho supply of which" on tho market Is small, is quoted at 7(5)9 per cent. There scorns to bo a disposition in overy department of trade to purauo a conservative policy in regard to now engagements, the se vere money stringency which continued front November until May having inflicted such unex pected losses as to induce every ono to got in a strong position before tho recurrence of this stringency is possible, which may ho in autumn. Accordingly money accumulates hero for tem porary uso. STOCKS . wore quiet ami steady In tone, though prices wore a fraction’ lower in early do aim go and higher towards the close. The fluctuations only # to H per cent. GOLD. opened Arm and remained 00 for some time* but finally became weaker, and declined % por cent. Mr. Gould has not yet shown bin hand, and other operators in both gold and stock markets are waiting. ROSD3. Governments are strong. rnonuoß. Flour—Most grades are dull and easier. Tim supply of medium spring and winter wheat brands is in excess of the demand. Choice fam- ily brands aro well hold. Good superfine is ia fair demand, and bettor sustained than other hinds. Bales, 7,800 brls; receipts, 10,212 brls, Wheat was l@2c lower and fairly active, the de mand being chiefly for export. Bales, 68,000 bu •, receipts, 74,701 bu. Pork was firmer for future delivery, with sales of 1,700 brls at $10.76 for Juno, and $16.87Jtf(®17.00 for July. Receipts, 200 pkgs. Cut moats woro generally abrnfi steady, with a light business, however. Bales 2,600 Ihs of 11-lb pickled bellies at oc, and dry sailed shoulders at Receipts, 802 pkgs. Bacon was quiet, and prices about aa before. Long clear is quoted at B%c, and short clear at oc. No sales. In lard there was a moderate business and at higher prices. ■West ern for May sold at and city ot 8%0. For future delivery. 750 tea wore sola for Juno at 9#c. DVo is bid for July, and 0 asked. Receipts, 477 pkgs. THE BENDER FAMILY. Arrest of John Homier at Ely Station, lowa* Cedar Rapids, lowa, May 20.— Great excite ment was occasioned on our streets last night bj the arrest of a man answering every description of John Bender, or bid man Bonder, of Inde pendence, Kan., of murder fame. It seems that on Saturday night Bonder was hanging around the depot at Fly Station, ou tho Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Minnesota Railroad, and caused suspicions. Mr. Dovault, who had just been reading a minute description of each member oi the Bonder family, soon discovered that this man ai\swerod tho description in every particular. He telegraphed hero for an officer, and thoujjgot some citizens together, put tho sus pected man in a box-car, kept him there until throo officers from this place arrived at Ely, and arrested him. Ho toils several very conflicting stories, and odmits his name being Bonder, lie admits having lived near Independence, Kansas, and had an orchard there. Ho also speaks of a daughter Kate, whom ho said had $4,000 in hoi possession, only giving him a small proportion of it. Ho denounces Kate severely. Parties ia tho city who know Bonder in 1800 say that they would recognize him, hut ho seems to bo f&tto) than seven yoiya ago. THE INDIANS. Tlio lißtoHt from Capt* .I.aclc—lndian* In Idalio—Xlio Jsl;im»ocJcu and SUo- HllOtlCSi Ban Francirco, May 26.—Reports from Fair child’s stalo that Cape. Jack is north of tho Pitt lllvor country, with twonty-fivo warriors# He says they will (lio with rifles iu their hands. Gon. Davis has ordered troops iu pursuit. Gon. Gillom was ordered to proceed to headquarters with his regiment, at Benicia. Col. Wheaton has boom reinstated. It is thought half-a-dozen Mo docs wore near the camp waiting to surrender. The savages are still free, and are reported to bo broken into small bands. Tho future move ments of tho soldiors will ho mado accordingly. San Francisco, May 20.—Company A., First Cavalry, sent from Prescott by Gon. Crook, on tho Ist of April, to co-oporato against tlit» Apache Mohaves, found a hand at the head of Date Crook, April G. In tho light five Indiana wore killed, and all their provisions and blankota captured. Just after tho battle, there came or ders for the command to go to the Modoc country. Uoporta from Arizona indicate tho danger ol another war should tho First Cavalry llogimout bo withdrawn from this Territory. Four thousand Indians from all parts of Brit lab Columbia have assembled in Now Westmin ster, in council. Dr. Powell, Superintendent of Indian Affairs, will moot them to-mor&w to hear grievances. Washington, May 20.— Indian Agent Ingalls reports that tho Bannock and Bhoshono Indians aro off their reservations and near Idaho sottlo moots, but says that they have strictly peaceful intentions. METEOROLOGICAL. Signal Service Rurcau Reports and Prognostications* Chicago, M«y 26—10:18 p. m. The following reports have been received from tbo places mentioned below: A’fufioii. |i/ar,|27irj If'utrf. Wtather, Drocklurldgo.... 39.601 COiN., gontlo. Light win. Buffalo 32.82 68 H. froth. Light raia. Cairo 30.81 691 K., frsuh. Fair. Chicago 3D.03} 06 8., fresh. Fair. Cincinnati 39.81 73 8. K., gentle. Fair. OloveianO 29.77 79)8. K. ( guntlu, Clear, Ohoyonne 29.79 61 Went, gunUc. Fair. Davenport...... 39.60 CDS. IV., fresh. Fulr. Denver 29.85 65 8., frunh. Fair. Detroit 39.73 07 8.12., light. Fair, Keokuk 39.68 70 Calm. Clear. LaOrosse 29,60 61 8. E„ Truth. Fair. Milwaukee 29.07 04 8. W., freali. Cloudy, Omaha 29.61 68 8. W„ brl»k. Fair. > Pembina 29.63 69 N. W., light. Fair. fit. Paul 29.43 00,8. W„ fresh. Cloudy. £ Toledo 39.73 08 8., fresh. tjdr, , Yankton 29.74 63|N. W„ fresh. Light ralu. VROttmimaa. WAsniNOTON.May 20.— For tlio lakes and tbotico to tbo Ohio Valley, northooHtorly ami southeast orly winds, veering to southwoslorly and north westerly, warm, oloudy weather and rain. For tbo Nortbwost.and tlienco to tbo Lower Missouri \a\loy,northerly and northwesterly wind*, Calling temperature. higher pressure. clearing woathor, and occasional tain. For tho Gulf and South Atlantia States, oud Toimossoo, southwoslorly and southerly winds, partly cloudy and clearing weather, with occasional rain. For tbo Middle States, southwoslorly winds, falling baromotoa. partly cloudy woatbor, and rain lu Virginia. West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. For Canada and Now England, southeasterly and northeasterly winds, partly cloudy woatbor, and occasional rain. _ Judicial Convention* DrxoN, 111,, May 20.—A Convention la called to meot at Polo to-morrow to nominate a Judge for this district, composed of the counties of Whiteside, Lee, Ogle, and Carroll.

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