Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 27, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 27, 1873 Page 3
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THE COURTS. Another Chapter of (ho Celebrated Ktugstmry Case. Tho Claim of the Infant Hoir to the “ Spenooi Tract ” Sustained, Important Decision of Judge Thornton. Transactions In tho Chicago Courts Yesterday. The Supremo Oourt, In tho celebrated Kings bury ooao, some two or throe years since, gave to Mrs. Buoluior tho aharo of hor father's prop erty convoyed in 1801 to her brother in trust, and sent tbo case book to tho Circuit Court, with an ordor’to outer a docroo that bar property bo rocouvoyed, a partition made, and an account of routs and profits duo hor be taken. Such a de cree was rendered, when the friends of tho In fant heir of Cob Kingsbury discovered that a email piece of land on tho North Side, worth, porhaps, $60,000, hod boon sold under a deed of trust to a Mias Sponoor, who hod In 1804, at tho request of Mr. Latrobo, of Baltimore, who then represent ed tbo infant, convoyed it to Gov. Swann, to se cure a certain sum of money, and, upon, tho pay ment, to bo convoyed to tho Infant. It waa claimed that this piece of property belonged ex clusively to tho infant, and that Mrs. Buck ner had lost all hor interest In it. Tho Supremo Court, upon a second appeal, has sustained tho claim of tho infant heir to this part of the property, and wo publish tbo opinion below. Tho Supremo Court, however, reaffirms tho title of Mrs. Buckner to all tho roat of tho prop erty, and holds aa a matter of law that tho Court cannot go bock of tho decision upon tho* Drat appeal. This principle la doomed very im portant by the profession. Tho counsel for tho infant heir havo persistently contested tho title of Mrs. Buckner. After tho first decision in tho Supremo Court, now ' counsel wore employed for tho heir, and they undertook to save the property, and sot aside tho docroo in favor of Mrs. Buckner. Last summer, a bill was filed 'in tho United States Circuit Court to review the proceedings in tho State Court Localise of alleged errors, and fraud aud collusion in conducting tljeiQ, bat Judge Dlodgott dismissed tbo bill, both for the want of Jurisdiotlou aud power to interfere with tbo pro* coodinga of a State Court. In tbo Supromo Court last winter, at Spring* field, amotion was made in bobalf o'f tbo heir to recall tbo mandate to tbo Circuit Court, aud dismiss the appeal, because, as it was assorted, tbo Circuit and Supromo Courts bad no Juris* diction, and tresult bod boon obtained by col* fusion botwoon \ho counsel in tbo case ; bat tbo Court overruled motion, bolding that tboro was Jurisdiction in both courts, and that tbo charges of collusion were entirely without foundation. Upon this second appeal to tbo Supromo Court, it was earnestly urged by the counsel for tbo boir that tbo former decision was erroneous, and that numerous errors existed, to which tbo attention of tbo Court b&d not boon called, and that tbo Infant could not bo included. It waa also claimed that bis rights bad boon neglected in the former proceeding. Bnt tbo Court now decides that tbo infant is conclusively bound by the first decision, and refuse to review or over* role it. The last dccroo, allowing Mrs. Bucltnor ono-holf of tbo tract purchased from Miss Spencer, is reversed, giving tbo wbolo of it to tbo infant boir, confirming Mrs. Buckner’s titlo to all of tbo rest of the property sot off to her by the Commissioners. Nothing remains to bo done except to tako an accouut of tbo rents and profits duo to Mrs. Buckner. Tbo decision is as follows: Henry IF, Kingebury vt. Mart/ ff. Tlusl-n*r. Jr***-' JVom Cook. Opintok »t TnoBNTON, J.: This case woe before <bo Court at a former term. As wo shall not go behind the decision then made, it is necessary to understand It, The cross-bill of too Buckners, upon which the decision was based, wan for tho purpose of having a trust declared, a reconveyance or real estate, ana a partition. The Court then decided that tho deed from Slory K. Buckner and husband to her brother was not originally properly delivered to bo effective; but that it became operative by tbo subsequent acts and declar ations of tho parties; that there was an express trust manifested ; and the docroo of tho Court below dis missing tho bill was reversed, and the cause remanded “ with directions to dismiss tuo original bill abaolutety, and to grant the relief prayed for In tho cross-bill by a decree establishing the equitable title In Mary K. Buckner to have proper share In ail tho real estate,” fee. Every question was thon settled and .became res odju dlcata except tho actual Interest of Mrs. Buckner in tho real estate. This was subject to future inquiry end additional evidence. Ik was directed that sho should have "her proper share,” and thin must be ascertained by the Court below. It was not definitely fixed and determined by tbo former opinion. If her father before hia death had alienated a portion of tho properly, she could sot Inherit such portion, and It would form no part of her proper share. A labored ali gnment has been made to prove tho error of the fon mor decision of tho Court, and It Is charged that fraud and collusion wore practised and incompetent testi mony adduced to obtain it. If this wore true, we can not determine questions so grave upon cr parto affida vits. If there have been fraud and collusion (Improper remedy would bo in chancery, and then tho parties as eallsd could have an opportunity of making a defense, or if the decree Is directed by tho Court of final resort by an application for a rehearing. Upon the former -hearing, after full argument, this Court decided that Henry w, Kingsbury hold tho prop erty conveyed by tho deed from Mrs. Buckner and her husband to him as Trustee; that tho trust bad been manifested by a writing, and that she bad an equitable title to a share in tho estate. Tbo cause was remand ed to ascertain her share, and not to determine the (rust. Tho latter had been established by tbo declara tion of this Court. This appeal is prosecuted ffom the decree making partition, and can bring before us do other question except questions incident to tho order for partition. Wo cannot examine os to tho merits of tho original case, but only as to proceedings subsequent to tho decision at the former hearing. If tho course suggested, aud so strenuously Insisted upon by the counsel for appellant, was pursued by ap pellate courts, litigation would never ccaso, now counsel, as in this cose, would make new arguments, and prosont additional points for adjudication, and the resolute persistence would finally settle the rights of the parties. The appellate power of this court would then bo exorcised more over its own proccodlngsaud Judgments than over those of inferior courts. The trust relation between the parties was established by tho former decision, and the Court has not tho power to reverse It. Wo might overrule it, but this would manifest a vacillation which would destroy all respect for the Court. Tbo proper mode would have been an application for a re hearing In apt time, and then the suggestions now made would have been entitled to consideration. This Is the doctrine of the courts, as definitely settled by re peated decisions. Hallowbush v. McConnell, 13 111., 203. Washington Bridge Company v. Stewart, 8 H0w,413. Browder v. McArthur,7 Wheaton, 68. South aud ▼. Bussell, 15 How, 647. Bobertev. Cooper, 80 Howard, 407. After remandment of this cause by this Court, tho Court below rendered a decree in accordance with tho mandate of this Court, and appointed Commissioners to inquire as to incumbrances upon the property, and to maim partition. Those facts were developed, which were not ip the former record. Julius J, ,B. Kingsbury, the ancestor of the Sartlcs, and the owner of the property in controversy, Jed Intestate in 1860, and previous to hia death exo-„ outed a deed of trust on tho land known in this record as the "Spencer tract.” Tho note secured was due in five years, with Interest, and a power of sale was given In cass of default in payment. The language, os to tho• notice to bo given of tbo Bale, was m follows : “ Alter having advertised such eale ten days in a dally newspaper.” In 1853 the trustee, upon the request of the holder of the note published a notice In Tax Ojiioacio Daily Thibuke, on the 10 th day of April, that ho would boU on tho Slat day of the same mouth. Tho deed executed by the trustee recited that tho notice was printed for ten days consecutively, commencing on the 10th of April. This deed was dated April 31, 1803, but was not acknowledged until 1808. The grantee, Emily Spencer, in 1804 made a. deed of trust on the same promises to Thomas Swann, upon the condition to convey tho property to Kingsbury, the appel lant, upon tho payment of tho money advanced. The father of appellant was killed at Antletam in 1603. and before tho examination of this last deed. This "Spencertract” the Court below divided be tween hire. Buckner and the other heir. Sho Inherited from her father, Maj. Kingsbury, who died in 1860. Ho, In 1856, made tho deed of trust on this tract to Corydrm Beckwith. If, therefore, by the sale and deed of the Trustee, tho titlo to the "Spencer tract” was vested In Emily Spencer, and by ber conveyed to fiwann, to secure him for money advanced, and limited Ju tho deed to tho use of appellant upon payment, Mrs, Buckner could not have Inherited any jtert of this tract. In 1866, whou tho deed waa made to Beckwith. Buckner, tbo husband of Mrs. Buckner, was the agent aud attorney of Maj. Klonlmry, with authority to Im nrovo tho property in Chicago aud make loans aud leases aud ho Joined In the deed of trnst to Beckwith. TJnon the facts.. now for tho first time disclosed, yy to tho sale of tho "Spencer tract,” is appellant estopped by tho former deolulon from any Inquiry os to tho ownership? As already ' remarked, upon the facta before ua In the former record, wo merely decided upon the relation saluting between Mrs, Buckner and the father of ap idlant, and, as a eousenuonco of tbo trust relation, lint alio was entitled lo ucr propor share In (lio ostulo ( of her father, anil wo diroeUd that an account bo tnkon between her ami all'othor persons interested In tbo eft- , late. Tbo Court liolow proceeded In this Investigation, ami It was ascertained that tbo common ancestor find convoyed a portion of tbo estate In bln lifetime, ana 1 by virtue of the deed of trust and tbo sale thereunder, and tbo conveyance by tbo trustee, tbo 11110 to thd tract In question bad become Absolute In trolly Bneuuor; Bbo was tbo bona lido bolder of tbo nolo scoured, and If tho sale and deed wore regular and in accordance with tbo power, she obtalnod a perfect Ulto ns against tbo bolrs of MaJ. Kingsbury. No r gbt or equity of redemption existed ua nguluol her. Tho conveyance, then, by her to Swann was voluntary, and wan made at ibo solicitation of tbo friends of appellant to socuro to bltn tho premises upon the payment of tbo money borrowed, Tbo conclusion Is that Swann bad tbotlllo limited to tho uno of appel lant. Bwaim was not n party to tho cross bill of nnpol lees, and* therefore, cannot bo divested of btu tillo by tbo former decision. Tbo legal tlllo wns In him, tbo equitable waa lu appellant. As Swann's Interest could not bo disturbed, neither could that of: tbo ceslui gw trtM, But It Is urged that tho sale was Irregular; that two Sundays Intervened between tho day of tho first Insertion of. tbo notice} and that, na Sunday is diet non JutUlieua, Ibero was not publication for ten successive days. In tho nlwonco of proof tp tbo con trary. tbo presumption lo that tbo publication was made each day from tbo 101b to tbo Hint inclusive. Exclude tbo day of sale, and* still tbo notice was pub lished for len consecutive days. Ills assumed that tho publication was Invalid according to tho decision In bo case of Bcammon v. Ibo Oily of Chicago, <0 Illinois, M 7, In that ease tbo law required the publication for six ' days, and tbo Court decided that Sunday could not bo computed as ouo of them, because tho notlco required was in place of process, which cohid not bo served on Sun day. In this case tbo publication was not for tbo pur pose of bringing a patty Into court. Tbo grantor In ho deed merely stipulated for ten days'notice of tbo sale. This was a matter of private urrongoniont bo-. twcon tbo parlies, with which tbo law has nothing to do. Wo have no right to exclude Sunday In tbo com putation when tbo language of tbo dood does not do It. Wo might as well say that, when a note la payable ton days after tho date, and a Sunday intervenes. 11 must bo excluded lu determining tbo maturity of tbo note. Wo think tbo publication was suittclout. Again; it la contended that tbo transaction with Emily Spencer operated as a redemption, and restored tbo title of Ibis tract lo both heirs. In this view wo cannot con cur. Sho bad obtained tbo absolute title, and hold- It for two years prior 'to tbo conveyance to Swann, for tbo use of appellant. By tho Trustee’o sale tho right of redemption wss gone; ami tbo-pur chaser might have convoyed to one or both of the bubs, or to a stranger. AH equities bad become merged lu the legal title. Then when tbo deed was mado to Swann It expressly excluded any Intcrost lu Mrs. Buckner, ana convoyed tho premises upon tho express trust that a conveyance should bo mado to appellant upon tha payment of tbo moucya advanced, . It seems to ua that the entire transaction la a simple ono. Wbon tbo Trustee made tbo deed lu 18G2, it re lated back to tbo deed of trust mado by Maj. Kings bury In 1855. Tbo laud tbou ceased to be trust prop erly. Any title, equitable or toborwiso, in tbo brother of Mrs. Buckner, was extinguished in bis llfotlmo. Neither bo nor Ida son, this appellant, could bo re garded os a trustee of tbo property, for tbo entire title bad become Invested In Emily Spencer, tbo grantor to Swann. . We ore, therefore, of tbo opinion that tho title to tbo “Spencer tract”Ms In Swann, for the uho of appel lant, and that Mrs. Buckner bus no interest in it. Aa tho docroo must be rovoracd, It Is proper that aomo further suggestions should bo mado as to tbo proceed ings subsequent to tbo former appeal. At tbo com mencement of tbo suit tbero wore valuable Improvo meals upon tbo property. Tbceo have since boon destroyed by flro. There were also Incumbrances, and the Receiver, by tho order of tho Oourt, bad bor rowed money and paid for buildings upon leased ground. Policies of insurance bad also been pro cured by tbo Receiver, which bo bold at tbo tlmo of tho fire. . .. The Court appointed Commissioners to ozoouto tho docroo of partition, and directed that they take “ into consideration tho quantity, quality, and value of tbo premises and the Incumbrances thereon,” and, subse quently, upon a motion in behalf of Mrs. Buckner, the Receiver waa ordered lo pay to her uuc-half of all which bad been, or might bo, collected from tbo In auranc©policies. ~ Tho Court should bare ascertained tho incumbrances by proof submitted, and approved thorn according to tbo righto and equities of ibo parties, and not have lu • trusted this Important duty to tbo Commissioners. , We directed on account to bo taken between Mrs. Bnckner and all other parties Interested In tbo estate. 1 If tbo Court woo satisfied that, upon tbo payment of i debts and ibo removal of all Incumbrances, sho would bavo been entitled to tbo amount ordered to bo paid to horbytbeß may bavo exorcised Its dlacny i tion properly in making tbo order that tbo Receiver . par to hor on ©-half of tbo moneys collected from tbo policies of insurance. Tbo proper practice, bowovon, - would bare boon to bavo awaited the statement of (bo » account. The Insurance money belonged to tbo estate, and all outstanding notes boarlug Interest should have . been satisfied, and tho Incumbrances removed so far I os they had matured before any division of Ibo mon -1 cya between tho parties. r The decree is reversed and tbo cause remanded. r A IXATUEH FUMSV PRETEXT. Charlotte E. Bourne files her bill for divorce, In tbo Superior Court, against Oowin H. Bourne. She avers that she was married to defendant on the 10th of July, 1807; thol defendant was then a member of a pork-packing firm in Chicago, and was doing well, but about a month previous to their marriago ho loft tho business aud began assiduously to do nothing, times that time ho bos not contributed to complainant’s support; Srovious to marriago ho represented himself os 01Ug bUU !Vbl|.ioul vf i^vruuliti J XltvU.a Tiuul u father, who was making a tour in Europe, the fact being that said father bad boon dead for five years. Tho latter faot becoming known, bo was reduced to tho painful extremity of pawning his wife’s jewelry to pay board-bills. Finally ho was ejected from a boardiqg-houso where she was permitted to remain, which tho plaintiff construes as an act of dosortlon, for which complainant claims that sho is entitled to a divorce. UNITED STATES COURTS. In tho United States District Court,' before Judge Blodgett, in tho case of O. W. Upton, Assignee oi tho Groat Western Insurance Com- Jdny v. Charles Shober, a verdict was returned or plaintiff; damages, $2,083.33. In tho case of C. W. Upton, assignee, etc., v. A. ( D. LXooors, leave was granted to make Osoor D. Alooora defendant, and finding and judgment for plaintiff for $813.60. In the case of J. M, Murphy, Assignee of tho Chicago Fire Insurance Company, v. Mrs. Eliza Haldroth, a verdict was rendered for. plaintiff; damages, $154. The case of same v. Joseph Crocker wont by default, judgment being ren dered lor plaintiff for $206.42; tho cases of tho same v. Boschor, and Dickinson, and Jennings, and B. Lewis, and Fues, and Chas. Bohm (judg ment for s7a.lG), aud Graphelra, and Graff (judgment for $44.16), Joseph Crocker (Judg ment, $2X6.46). BANKRUPTCY MATTERS. In tho matter of Ezra B; Liucoln t on tho pe tition of Henry W. B. Hoyt, a creditor to tho amount of $1,078.40, order to show case was en tered and issued, returnable 4th of Juno, 1872. Petitioner charges that Lincoln, with intent to give a preference, suffered E. W. Blatohford to got a judgment against him on tho oth of April last for $713.77, by virtue of which his property, Bos. 74 and 70. Twenty-fourth street, wore ad vertised for eaio on tho 22d Inst.; and another Judgment for $360.00, by which: the Sheriff threatens to levy upon any property, of Lincoln’s which may bo found. 1 In the matter of Franklin Lonnt, of Peoria County, 111., an involuntary petition was filed by Charles P. Kellogg & Co., of Chicago, on seven promissory notes aggregating $635.84. Bank-, runt suspended payment. Bankrupt is alleged to nave concealed his stook of goods for tbo pur pose of deluding his creditors, and has con cealed himself from tho public gaze to avoid ser vice. In the matter of Malcom It. Brace, denial of bankruptcy was yesterday filed by defendant. . TUB CRIMINAL COURT. There wore but very few cases of interest tried in this court yesterday. Johu Barny was tried on a charge of stealing a quantity of pig iron from tho Northwestern Railroad Company, of the value of sl4, and was found guilty ana sentenced six months to tho House of Correc tion. Albert G. Storey, a respectable citizen (no connection with tuo Chicago Times), aud J. K. Woodward aro accepted os surety for one Whit ford, a defaulter. Etmca Banks and John Callahan, two youths charged with stealing a quantity of Jewelry from tho house of a Hr. Miller, on West Randolph street, wore found not guilty TUB COURTS IN BRIEF, The following change in tho sessions of the Superior Court was announced yesterday t Judges Porter and Wood will, in future, hold two sessions daily, tho first from 10 a. m.,. until 12:80 a. m.; tho second from 2 p. m., until 5 p. ro. In Judge Porter’s Court the case of Wood v. Robertson was dismissed at plaintiff’s request, as was also tho case of Wrenn v. Woodruff. In tho case of Todhuntor v. Thomas, tho ap peal was dismissed at defendant’s cost for want of affidavit merits. In the ease of Jacob Frye eb al. v. H. M. Childers, judgment on answer of garnishee W. T. Keenan, was rendered for $10.05 ; $2,020.40, ami $18.60, plaintiff’s cost; balance for defend ant. In tho Superior Court. William H. and David Martin make an affidavit in attachment against Robert Jackson, who owes them slOl.Bl, and has now taken up his abode iu Ban Francisco. James H. Keeler, of Chicago, files a praioipo in assumpsit against tilloa T. Green, of Ken tucky, for $2,000, and prays fur an attachment against liim. The dent is claimed as commis sion duo from defendant for a sale of certain real estate effected by plaintiff. The Case of Brine V. The Board of Trade was resumed In Judge Williams’ court yesterday, when the arguments of Messrs. Herrick and Black received tho attention of tho Court. In Judge Rogers’ Court, the ease of Rood v. Nowborger, in which plaintiff’s right to recover tbo amount of an account for varnishes, shellac, eto., supplied from Us factory la New York, a' verdict was rendered In Ida favor for $140.89 damages. .... Tho onao of Boettcher v. Schweitzer ot al. la again being tried before Judge Booth, the coun sel for tho dofonno fooling vlrlnouuly Indignant at tho fact that the evidence In tho previous enuo was published. Tho coao. it will bo remember-, od, waa brought by plaintiff to recover damages for ft brutal aai'auH alleged to have boon com mlttod upon-plalrttiir, whom they looked up In jail in tv moat unaccountable manner. In tho Circuit Court, George VogovlU fllos jus bill against John and IJ. Bompaoy, complaining that on tho Oth of September laat they cannon him to bo arrested, Imprisoned, mid brought be fore Banyon on tho charge of assaulting nofoml ivulb with ft deadly weapon. On tho lUU of September plaintiff stood hia trial and won ac quitted, ami ho now brings ault lo recover $lO,- 000 for Injury to Ida character, oto. Svilllam Kerr A Co. file a prreolpo In BBaurnp alt In tho Circuit Court against Attain 0. Bolen, who owes tho linn 9226.06. Complainants avor that said Lolch has absconded from tho State, and concoala himself ho.that process cannot bo Borved on him; wherefore complainants Book to obtain a writ of attachment against any property ho may possess in thla city. , Thomas JI. Thompson and Oliver A. Hnos doll petition In the Circuit Oourt for a writ of attachment againat Julius B. Bowoll, who owes them 9276, and who, tboy avor, baa within the lant two years prior to the filing of their bill convoyodhia offoctiifio aa lo hinder Jfls creditors, and that he has fraudulently concealed hie per sonal property with tho same intention. Franklin 8. Idoll files hia declaration in tho Circuit Court against J. 0. McCord, charging that ho routed from defendant a houso at No, 20 Thirty-eighth street, and that tho defendant maliciously caused largo quantities of water to run and flow in upon said promises, flooding tho basement Htory and rendering it unfit for habitation. Plaintiff avers that ho and hia family were obliged In consequence to book another habitation, at a damage to plaintiff of SI,OOO, which amount ho hopes to recover on the preaout suit. . Addison H. Foster was yesterday appointed administrator of the estate of Myron P. Foster, whoso will was yesterday proven, under a bond to bo approved of $4,600. Tho will of Mathias Haag waa proven, ana lottore testamentary wore granted to Barbara Haag, widow, under a bond of $6,000, to bo approved. NEW SUITS. Tnß SorKiuon Court,—-43,510—William H, Martin ot al. v. llobcrt Jackson; attachment, slOl.Bl. 43,020—* juraca H. Keeler v. Silas T, Green: assumpsit, $3,000. 43,621—Charlotte E. v. Oswlu 11. Bourne ; divorce on ground of desertion. 43,623—'Thomas B. Murphy ▼» Ucmry Rlcmonach nol d° r s ejectment, SI,OOO. 43,833-* Appeal. 43,621—Thomas E. Mahon v. Ida E. Mahon ; divorce on ground of desertion. 43,625—Catherine V. v. Wolcott Slcclo; divorce on ground of desertion. 43,520 *7—Appeal, „ Tire Circuit Court— 7,o76— George vorovlU v. John Dempsey and B. Dempseyt trespass on the case, SIO,OOO. 7.070—0tt0 E. Wolff ot al. v. O. F. Thulmann ; petition for mechanics’ lion on house sit uatod on southeast 60 feet of Dot 17, Butterfield's Addition to Chicago, and land. 7,077 to 7,084 —Tax appeals. 7,oßs—Charles E. Wiswall et id. v, Mathias Kouly; assumpsit. S2OO. 7,080— Phillip Ulclts v. William Waymou; restored case. 7.oß7—Appeal, 7,088— George Fannlnly v. Duncnn McKollnrand James Ingram; restored case. 7,oßo—Same v. Lincoln! same. 7,(WO— Appeal. 7,ool—Uriah B. Ferris v. William 11. Rico and 11. McKenna; assumpsit, $1,600. 7,092- Franklin McVcngh ot al. v. Walter V. Hunt; assump sit, $221. 7,003— Appeal. 7,094—Wm. Kerr et 01, v. Adam C. Belch ; assumpsit, SSOO, 7,o9s—Thomas 8. O. Thomson, Oliver A. Uucsdell, and llcnry O. Morey v. Julius D. llowoll; attachment, $275, 7,096— Appeal, JUBILEE NOTES. Tlie Artists Busy—Preparations for tUo Great Concerts. The "Grand Round” of flio City—Dls. Hnguighod Oncsta—Tlio Jnblloo Ball. Tho artists of* tho illustrated papers oro busy preparing their sketches of tho Jubilee. Frank Leslie's, Harper's, and tho Graphic aro all rep resented, and Chicago, in all that pertains to tho jubilation, hor citizens, and tbo strangers that aro to bo witbm her gates, bids fair to bo the beat advertised city on tho Continent, for tho groat illustrated journals aro seizing tho ovont, aud will givo tho whole story of our groat re building. Wo aro glad to uotico immense activi ty in clearing up tho streets, and getting mat ters into readiness for next week. arn. nuinoorr, mu. oit-Monn’a agent, is in tho city, and expresses himself delighted with tho aspect of affairs, and tho promise that tho people will bo out in thousands from all over tho Northwest to hoar his groat chief. Prof. Butterfield is very proud already of tho promiso of hia monster chorus, and tho children aro get ting ready to sing like'a meadow full of larks. By many persons this chorus of 1,000 school children, who will occupy a platform by them selves, is looked forward to as one of tho groat out prospective charms of tho Jubilee. THE GRAND BOUND showing Chicago is an art, ami few understand it even among our own- citizens. Take tho av erage visitor and keep him uu iiour or two among our now buildings, many of them not ready for occupancy, many vacant; show him whore tho North Side used to bo, and finish up with adrivo on tho South Boulevard, and your stranger sees so much that is prospective, so much that is predicated on tho future, that ho is likely- to go away with a shako of tho head, and a chill which ho half communicates to you. Ho has not soon tho strength and power of tho city. Perhaps ha is being driven about tho city by an old resident, who baa boon boro thirty years, but who himself thinks that Chicago ovonuo Is out of town ; that thoro isn’t much of anything west of Union Park, and that Twouty-sooond street is “ pretty far out. M Ho has not sot forward his views of our growth for Um last ton years. Our guests, tho city’s guests, tho distinguished visitors from abroad, aro to ho shown, on the pub lic ovation day of jubiloo week, Friday, Juno G, a viow of tho city that will bo probably quite as much of novelty to tbolr entertainers them selves as to thoso friends from abroad. It has already boon referred to that tho bolt railroad is to bo used for tho first timo, • and a train of magnificent cars- will convdy a party of 600 excursionists from Kinzio street station the entire circuit' of tho city, south to tho South Branch, whore O. H. McCormick will entertain tho party and other invited guests at his mammoth roapor works. Thonco tho train will sweep along tho South Branch, through tho vast lumber district and mills on Grove street. Thonco down to tho Union Stock Yards and' tho paoking-houso district. Thence eastward to tho lake, and up along tho shore to tho Great Central depot grounds. This route will pass la review the great manufacturing and producing districts of tuo city, and ho filled with facts ana features that will do jus taco to the reasons for the growth of Chicago. At Lincoln Park, In the morning, before tak ing tho train, a grand carriage cortege will carry tho distinguished guests up the Lako Shore drive, and escort thorn through the park roads. And the samo party will, iu tho afternoon, leave tho train at tho groat South Parks, and como homo on tho boulevard. It will bo altogether a memorable day for Chicago. Tho precise route of streets taken is yet to bo announced. DISTINGUISHED GUESTS. Oon. Sherman and other dlstlafmlshod army officers Aviil ho tho guests of Gen. Suerldaa dur ing the week. Bospousos from tho Governor- Qoaoral of Canada and tho British. Legation at Washington onnounco that official roprosoula tlvoa will ho present from both. Tho Hat of Governors of States to bo present ia elovon. In tho oarriago oortoge eight former Mayors of the city will bo honored guobts. Hon. Win. 13. Ogden, tho first Mayor of Chicago, writes that ho will probably ho present. TUB JUBILEE BALL, Tbo culmination of tho festivities In the Grand Jubiloo Ball at tho Chamber of Commerce gives increasing promise of boing a most brilliant af fair. It should havo been stated that at tho first mooting of tho Board of Managers it was unan imously voted that wine should bo excluded as a disturbing element on public occasions afore time. THE PROMISE OF A OQOWD. The half rates of faro from all stations in tho vast roglon traversed by roads centering hero ace already In advance giving tokens of a crowd for which Chicago must prepare herself, and ex orcise a boundless hospitality in entertaining. Those people abroad wore our friends in our hour of need, and, coming in by scores of thoue-* amis to see how we huvo como out of our troubles, must ho hospitably received. One parly of fifty gentlemen, from New York, have nmdo arrangements for thoir trip and stay while boro. Lost Child, Loot, on Sunday afternoon, a child two years and three mouths old. Hud on a plaid drees, laced shoos, and blue and white stockings. Whoever wifi bring him to tho home of Ida parents, 80. 1091'ourlh street, will bo rewarded, THE COUNCIL. Twelve o'Clock to Bo Substituted foi' Eleven, us tho Hour for Closing tbo Saloons. Tbo Sunday taw Also to Bo Amended to Allow of tho Sale of tlauor After One O’Cloek on That Bay. Col. Waterman Not Confirmed as Com missioner of tho Board of Health. A regular mooting of tho Council Was hold yesterday crmilng, Aid. MoAvoy in tho chair. Present, Aid. Bowon, Itiohardaon, Dixon, Worron, MoGonnlss, MoAvoy. Sldwoll, Stono, Tracey, BoUmltz, Cultorton, MoOlowry, Olowry, Dolloy, Powoll. O’Brion, Kohoo, Uoath, Mooro, Quirk, MoOrath, Eokhardt, Sttrat, Mahr, Lon gaclior, SchaHnor, Cainoy, Cannon, Ogdon, Woodman. BBXPEWBIA INSPECTOR. Tlio Mayor-sent in a communication nominat ing John O. Baines an Inspector of tho Houbo of Oorroollon, tbo term forwbjohhowatj appoint ed having expired. Tho matter waa referred to tho Committee on tho Brldewoll. I'ETITIONB. Petitions wore presented and roforrod for ourb-etono on Pneo place, instead of curb-wall; for a sowor on Butterfield, from Twenty-fifth to Twenty-sixth; for wator-plpo on Wentworth avenue, from Thirty-fifth to Thirty-seventh,; for asidowalk on Taylor, west of Ashland avonuo; romonstrancos against tbo improvomont of Wentworth avouuq, 'from Archer avonuo to Twonty-aooond street, and oponlng an alloy between Indiana and Prairio ave nues and Twonty-third and Twenty-fourth streets; for changing the grade of Madison street west of Oakley ; a remonstrance against tho va cation of tho alloy in Block 60. Canal Trustees’ Subdivision.of tho northwest balf-of See. 21, 89,14 ? for an approach to tho Oanol street via duct on tho oast sido of Canal on Sixteenth street { for paving .Washington place from Dear born to Slate street ; for water pipo on Lincoln street from lowa to Thomas ? for water pipe on Fourth street from Eoboy to Hoyne. orders. Tho Board of Public Works wao ordered to report by what authority it had signed an agree ment binding tho city to xjviao to grade all tho houses at tho Sixteenth street viaduct, of which five wore brick and forty-eight of wood, which would coat $30,000; and also to report by what authority It proponed to order the payment of the necessary expenses from tho City Treasury 5 to report ordinances for opening Franklin, from North avonuo to Mouomonoo; for a sidewalk on tho west sido of Perry street, from Clyboum to Fullerton avonuo, and for filling and curbing Third and Fourth avenues, from Twelfth to Fourteenth; to lay water-mains on Napoleon place, from Stewart avenue to Hanover; ou Arnold, from Twenty-fifth to Twenty-sixth 5 Twenty-fifth, from Hanover to Buddan, and Hanover, from Twenty-sixth; to build an approach on the oast side of tho Canal stroot viaduct on Sixteenth street. _ ~ „ Tho following orders wore referred to tho ap propriate committees: Directing the Board to expend 81,000 in dredging out Ogden Slip; to cauao Thirty-fifth street to bo put in decent condition from Ualatod' to tho South Branch/, to cause tho tracks of tho Chicago, Burlington «fc Quincy Bead laid on West Sixteenth street just after thoflroof October, 1871, to bo removed, they having be come an inconvenlonco; to lay a one-foot erode sower on Sixteenth street, from . tho South Branch to Arthur street; aud to prepare plana and estimates for a bridge at Taylor street. Tho Railroad Committee woo ordered to report next week In regard to tho tracks laid by tho Chicago, Columbus & Indlono Central Road across Western avenue and Stoolo stfbots. STUCET immOVEMENTS. Tho Board of - Public Works submitted ordi nances for establishing gnyloa on Tsvolfth and Thirteenth streets and Indiana avonao ; for tho vacation of part of an alloy in tho subdivision of four acres In.tho s. o. cornorof tbo u. w. quar ter of 800. 8, 88,14, E ; for vacating an alloy In tho south half JJlook 00, n. w. quarter Seo. 21, 89 14: for vacating alloy In Block 3, Pickett’s Second Addition, and lor fixing tbo grade of West Twelfth street,«uoar tho proposed viaduct. They wore referred to tbo Olork for ongross mont. , Tho veto by which tbo ordinance for opening Larraboo street from Chicago avenue to Erie Htreot was roconeidorod, os well os that for open ing nn alloy botwcon.lndiaua and Prairie aven ues and Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth streets, and they were appropriately referred. UOAUD OF HEALTH. The nomination of A. N. Waterman as a mem ber of tho Board of Health was taken up. Aid. Cullortoti opposed tho nomination, think ing tho southwestern part of tho city should bo represented on tho Board. Tho Aldermen repre senting tho wards in that section should have boon consulted. They knew tho groat needs of that locality. Aid. Bailey said tho Mayor had told him ho did not care about having Waterman's confirmation pressed if the Aldermen in tho southwestern part of tho city, could find a good man. ’ Aid: Powell also was against tho nominee, Aid. McGrath spoke highly of Mr. Waterman's personal character, but should vote ogainsb him oa account* of the groat needs of tho section mentioned: Ho was uot confirmed—yeas, 19; nays, 9—as follows: jVrta—Blcliardson, Dixon, Warren, McGonnlßH, Me- Avoy, SldweJl, Btono, Kchoo, Heath, Mooro, Quirk, Mctiratb, Stout, Mabr, Lcngacber, ScUaffnor, Cannon, Ogdon, and Woodman—l 9. Sayt—' Tracey, Schmitz, Oullerlon, UcOlowry, dowry, Balloy, Powell, O’Brien, and Carney, RENDERING TANKS. The ordinance for the inspection of rendering tanks was favorably reported on by the Judiciary Cpmmlttoo, and was referred to tho Olork (or engrossment. It was stated that a recent partial examination by tho Boiler Inspector showed that there woro two tanks at Shoonomann’e in even worse condition than the one which exploded, and that at other houses there were several in bad condition. TUB LIQUOB QUESTION. Tho Special Committee of Nino on tho Liquor Question reported, recommending tbo present ordinance ho so amended us to allow of tho sole of liquor after 1 o'clock. Bungay. Tho Judiciary Committee reported book, with out recommendation, Aid. Oullorton’s ordinance for closing tho saloons at 12 o'clock, repealing

the one providing for stopping tho solo of liquor at 11. It was so amended as to provide that the saloons should bo closed from midnight till 5 o'clock la the morning, and was referred to tho Clerk for engrossment, and mode the special order for 0 o’clock Monday. ENGINE HOUSE. The Comptroller vr&a directed to advertise for * lot for an ongiuo bouso between Noblo and Lincoln, and Hubbard and Brio strode. SIGNS. The ordinance amendatory of the flro ordi nance and providing that no sign more thau ton foot in height shall bo constructed on any build ing within the fire limits which is over two sto ries high, was laid over. POLICE COURT CLERK. Tho Police Committee recommended tbo con firmation of John Aniborg an West Side X*olico Comb Olork. It was laid over. VEHICLES. Tbo Committee on Licenses reported adverse ly on tho ordinanoo for Hemming all vehicles, aubmlttod by Aid, Dixon. A minority report, recommending its passage, wan submitted. Both were laid over. The Council adjourned. Tho fit* JPmil Construction Company* From the Jm Qroeta ( Wie.) Democrat. Tbo Bt, Paul Company, wo are advised, proba bly roJ ootod tbo land-grant because tbo Credit JlobUior programme, as followed in tbo construe tlon of tno Minnesota Central, in tbo road in lowa from Oalmor to Algoma, bi tbo one built from Mootings, and that built from Milwaukee to Chicago, could not bo carried out. Tbo milt which tbo Qovommont iu instituting against tbo Pacific Hood, and tbo exposures which tbo inves tigations for the past six months bavo mode, bavo alarmed the Now York operators. They wore afraid, if they accepted the grant, they would bavo to build tbo road bouoully for tbo stockholders, or else the Construction Company would bo compelled to disgorge. No rooro steal ings, no more railroads, is tbq watchword of tbo Bt. Paul Company. Wo oro advised that It is in serious contem plation by somo of tbo Bt. Paul stockholders to bring suits in Illinois, and bavo an overhauling and accounting. In tho courts of that Stato, into tbo parobaso of tbo Western Union Hoad, run ning from liaolno to Book Island, from oomo Edinburgh Rcotclimcn 5 and the Inland road to Chicago. Tho Iftllor, wo midorntand, In a rich bouo io pick. It la reported the actual coat of UlO road was at about SIB,OOO nor nillo from tho limltu of Milwaukee to Ihoßo of Chicago. Tho amount paid tho Construc tion. Company by tho Railroad Company, it is reported, was $20,000 cash, and SBI,OOO 01 pro* forrod nloclc per nillo. Tho preferred stock waa worth from 70 to 75 cants ou tho dollar. A hundred miloa of road built this way each yoat will soon Jnako a construction company of eight to twelve persons sufficiently well off to banish all dread of the poor-house. Tho Milwaukee JVcio a, the organ of Mr. Mitch ell, last year published tho list of proclaim pa triots wbo composed thin Oonstniotlon Company. Will It roprcduco them? Tho people of luo Htato would like to take another look at them. Tho.pooplo can nee thorn through bettor glosses and more uudorblumliugly this yoor than they could tho paut. A CARD FROM JUSTICE VANT’ WOUD, To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune Sin Groat injuHtlco lu douo mo In your issue ofyobloiday. You stylo 1110 ll Tho jimk-doalor's friend," and, In lauding tho Integrity of another Justice, you make a base insinuation agaluut mine. I etrivo to do justice to all mon 7 and to adminiator tbo laws to tho beat of my ability. If I fail to do tbiu it is myniisfurtuno, not roy fault. Tho caao you speak of was not tried before mo \ it was nob dismissed by mo *, bub was withdrawn by the officer making the charge, because I inti mated, for tho benefit of tho prosecution, that separate crimes, committed by different persons, at different times and at different places, could not properly bo tried and Included lu tho same warrant. I was then and there ready, and offered to issue separate warrants against tho parties, but tho officer preferred to go elsewhere. And that 10 tho whole of my offending. J. Vant’ Woud, J. V. Chicago, Jlay so, 1873. THE LEMONT OIL WELL 8m i Herewith wo hand you sample of orudo petroleum from an artesian woll now being sunk by Mosers. Swan Bros., of Potrolio, Ontario, for tho Singer & Talcott Stono Company, at tholr quarries iu Lomont. This sample is pronounced by those competent to judge, to bo equal to tho boat crude lubricating olij from Pennsylvania wells, and is found, as wo stato upon authority of Messrs. Swan Bros., who have had extensive experience in Canadian oil regions, in quantities that in Canada would bo considered Indicative of a paying vein. Oil was struck at tho depth of QRO foot, Immediately abovo a vela of sand rock. It is probable that tho Company will take measures to develop tho indications found, and ascertain definitely whether or uot oil exists In paying quantities. Very truly, H. D. Baker, For tbo Singer & Tnlcotfc Bono Company. S. hi. Pottlneill & Co. This old Arm, which began its advertising agency in Boston as long ngo as 3843, and bus been growing In strength and popularity yoar by year, has recently ex tended Its field of operations by openings branch of fice nt No. 701 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. This firm has already done advertising to tho value of $10,000,000, and, largo aa that amount Is, it will proh ably bo dwarfed by tho transactions of coming years. This signal success Is an Illustration of what can be ac complished by honesty nnd business sagacity. They have now offices in Now York, Boston, and Philadel phia, and have tho agency of nearly every newspaper In the United States and British Provinces. Tho Denver Mixed Hat in tho latest mode for gentlemen—a dress hat for sum mer wear—lntroduced by Parker k Tilton, No. 63 Clark'street, opposite tho Court-llonne, Tho Gonuino Geyser. Spring Water is drawn by Buck k Itayncr, nt both (heir stores. AMUSEMENTS. AIKEN’S THEATRE. Last week of tho Sprint* Season, and last appearance of • tho celebrated kebhe AND HER EXCELLENT COMBINATION. Monday Evening nnd every craning until further no tice, also Wednesday and Saturday Matinees, first pro duction Jn ClitciiKO of the successful drama, written ex pressly lor Alii# Keene, entitled MM Down; or, Tie Two Lives of Mary Leigh. Friday—BENEFIT OF LAURA KEENE. EOOLEY’S THEATRE. BEST COMPANY IN AMERICA. ANOTHER NEW PLAV ! Monday, May 26, daring the week aud Wednesday and Saturday Matinees, Bart ley Campbell 1 # powerful American Drama, THROUGH FIRE ! With nn Unapproachable Oast nnd'Enllro Now Scenery. N. H.—Owing to tho elaborate preparation necessary to tho proper production of '*TUa Goullo Savage," It fins been unavoidably postponed for a fow days longer; It will positively bo tbo noxt novelty. In preparation; *‘Smoko." McTIOKER’S THEATRE. Last Weolt of tho Season! Last Nights of Edwin Adams! EVERY EVENING AND SATURDAY MATINEE, ENOCH ARDEN Now and Beautiful Sconory. Novel Mechanical EiToots, Next wook—TUß KATIE PUTNAM COMBINATION. ACADEMY OE MUSIC. . llalatcd-at., near Madiaou. THIRD SUCCESSFUL WEEK OP THR GRAND OOMBINBTION FROM THE THEATRE COMIQUB, Broadway, N. Y. Entire change every Monday and Thursday. , MILLINERY. lIUIIIITI -A.T WEBSTER’S, 241 West lioi-si CHOICE STYLES, CLOSE PRICES, PROMPT ATTENTION, JUST OPENED—A LABGE LINE OE ELEGANT Imported Flowers. GETTYSBURG WATER. a-BTTYSBXJBa SATAIYSINE WATER. Tho United States Dlspontatorr, tho authorised record of our Materia ModiM. classes this water with tho muit renowned Alkalino or Carbonated Springs of Europe. it far oxools «uy other known la Its self-proserrlng proper ties. It does not deteriorate hy bottling and keeping. It lias never boon claimed for apy other mineral water the power to dlnaolvo tho urates, or so-called chalk formations In the body or on tho limbs and joints. J his the Gettys burg Kstafyslno Water hasdono In hundreds o! Instances. Gout, Ilhoumatlsiu, Neuralgia, Dyspepsia, Oravol, Dlt botes. Kidney aud Urinary Dlsoasos generally bavo all yielded to 1U Influence. Jtlias restored Muscular Fowor to tho paralytic, cured Abdominal Dronsy, »ud given healthy notion to tho Torpid Ww. It hM ««od OhronTo Dlarrhioa. riles. Constipation. Asthma, Oa tarrb, Diseases of the Skin. Guucral Debility ancl Ner fous Prostration from Munfaiand Physical Excess es All these by tho bottled water. It is a powerful antidote for Excessive Kiting or Drinking. It oorreots th« Stomach, promotes Digestion, and re lievos tho Hood almost Immediately. Pamphlets contain line a history of tho Kprlug, reports from eminent Physi cians and medical writers, marvelous and woll-attoitod cures, ami testimonials from distinguished cltizous, will bo furobbodond.ontbj, A«-U. 837 Smith Kront-st., Philadelphia, Pa. Forsaloliy BUCK k KAYNKU, and druggists generally. BUSINESS CARPS. 0. H. LAWRENCE & 00, PROVISION AND PUODUOK COMMISSION MERCHANTS, NKW OIIUKANa. LA. WILLIAM A. HARRIS, , Providence, B. 1., Buildorof tho HARRIS-00RLISS ENGINE, 'With Harris I Patented Iniproveiuontk. boud for Uitou ars. JUJUILEK. JUBILEE. NEW 01CA60! OPEN TO ALL THE WOB1D! P. S. GILMORE, ■WITH A Mail Orchestra mi Cliorns, IN' TURKIC Grand Coliseum Concerts, AND ONK GUAND JUBILEE BALL, Thursday and Friday, Juno 6 and 0, Tho Concerts will hoglvon in tho mniinl/icont now Pas senger Depotof tho L. S. AM. H. and 0., 11. 1. <t I’ncillo It. K„ which ttIU bo doooratod and fitted up to accom modate 40,000 PEOPLE! ADMISSION TO CONOKUTB, OISTE DOLLABI On Friday a full holiday will bo dnclarqd for tlio public School*, children bolng admitted to tho Friday afternoon Concert nt XWBNTY-PXVB OBNffS I On this occasion tho Chorus will consistof ONK THOU SAND cnnjpnitN from tho Public Schools. Tho fo». ties will culminate In tho GRID JUBILEE Bill, On FRIDAY EVENING, for which tho elegant Hall of tho Oil AMBBII OF COMMItROK h&B been granted. Tlokota for tho 8011, admitting Lady and Qontloman, $lO ; Ladlos’ Tiokota, $5. Tickets CAN ONLY BK OHTAINKI) at tho Juhlloo Houma, lOnnd II United Stole* lUpro»iOompany'» Build ing. No. R7 WashlngUm-st., and can only bo procured on INVITATION'S preioutod bearing tbo signature of oao ol tbo Oomndttoo of Invitation. ~ RocognUlng tho Jubllco orout as momorablo and over to bo hfttorlo, tho railroads centering InChloago will Iseuo JUBILEE EXCURSION TICKETS HALF PRICE 1 TICKRTB TO TUB BALL NOW READY. aAIU’RNTKR * Stlltl.DON, Bmluoss Manager*. Tho 8.110 of ttckols for t ho (Jnncortß will begin Thiirmln) OCEAN NAVIGATION. FOR EUROPE. IIMANLINE ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. Will Hall from Now York na follows: CITY OF LIMF.RIOK Thursday, May 50, ft A. M. OITY OF LONDON .Saturday. May 81, 9 A. M. GITVOF NEW YORK..,,...Thursday, Juno®. IP. M. CITY OF PARIS.. fiftturcloy, Juno 7, 3 P. M. And onch succeeding SATURDAY and THURSDAY, from Pior No. *l6, North Klvor. Cabin Pnsmiffo* S9G nnrtSlOO CSoId. Steerage, to British Porta SBO.OO Currency. Steerage, to Gorman Porta 86.00 Currency. Steerage, to Dromon or Scandinavian Ports..,. 88.00 Currency. SIGHT DU AFI3 for sale at low rates. FRANCIS O. BROWN, General Western Agent, 86 South Mnrkot-st., Chicago, GDNiRI MAIL LINS. ESTABLISHED IQ4iO. *k,Boston,iuid Liverpool. .Mny 28 .Juno 4 , Juno 11 Steam Between New Yoi ..May 241 Jam... ~Mny 311 Cuba.. .Juno 7 (Scotia Calabria, Prtrtlila,. Samaria And from Uoaton every Tuesday. CnbluPaiisußOi 880» 8100 mid 8130* CJolil. Steerage Passage, 880 currency. Passengers and .freight booked to and from nil parts of Europe nt lowest rates, flight Drafts on Qront lirllaln. Ireland. and (ho Oontlnont. . I*. 11. DO VRK27RT. Goa’l Wost’n Agent. N. W. our, Clark and Haadoluh-sta. ifflOML lEI Soiling from Now York for Queenstown and Liverpool every Saturday, and for London direct ovory fortnight. Mlu Passage SBO, S9O, ai SIOO Currency, Kxourslon Tickets at favorable rates. Intending pas* Bougora should make* oarlv application for bsrtbs. STEERAGE, 839.00 currency. Prepaid steerage ticket* from Liverpool, Queenstown, Londonderry, Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol, or London, SBI.OB currency. PasHonacre booked to or {tom Gorman and Scandina vian points nt low rates. The Steamships of this lino aro the largest In tho trado. Drafts on Groat Britain, Ireland, and tlio Oontlnont. WILLIAM MACALISTBB, Gon’l Western Agent, Northoaot oornor Clark and Bandolpb-ita. (opposite now Bluinnan Honan), Chicago. Balling twice a week from Now York, and carrying pas sengers to nil parts of Great MtUMu, Ireland, Continental Europe, and tile Mediterranean. .Cabin from tsosj Moor age, Urltlsli and Iclsti porta oast, 9110; west. $32. Conti noDlol porta same as other roHulnrllnos. All payable In U. S. ourrunoy. Apply for lull Information at tho Com* pany’a offices, No. 7 DowllagOroon. Now York, and N. K. corner LaSalle and Madlson-etk., Chicago. HENDERSON BROTHERS. Agents. STATE LIRE STEAMSHIP COMPAM. «EW BFX- TbOßo elegant now steamers will sail from State Line Plor. Fulton Ferry. Brooklyn, N. V, fiaasfollwa: VIRGINIA. 9.600 ton Wednesday, Jane 11. PENNSYLVANIA, 9,600 tom Wednesday, Juno 25. GEORGIA, 2,600 tons Wednesday. July 9. Fortnightly thereafter. AUSTIN BALDWIN & CO., Agents. 73 Broadway, N. Y. Steerage office, 46 Broadway, N. V. SUMMER RESORTS. CLARENDON HOTEL, SARATOGA SPRINGS, "Will bo open fnr tbo rocoptldn of guests from Junol to Ootobnr 1, 1878. AU communications for apartments should ho addressed Charles 15. Loland. Bturtcvaot House, Non York, or Doluran Houso. Albany, N. Y., urovioua to tbo opening. Hoard, $-1.60 nor day. v OHAHLKH K. J.KLAND. Pronrlotor. MISCELLANEOUS. BARLOW'S INDIGO BLUE inH'olotlhks nrtl ° lolll tho markot ,or BLUIS ' TbOKonuiuohaabotb Barlow's and WUtborger’a nemos on tbo label, and la jmtupat WlUborgor’s Drug Store, No. 233 North Heoona-st., jPblladolphJa. „ ■ M A D. 8, WILTBKROER, Proprietor. PT For ealo by Grocers and PniggUte. % SAIiVE. Alllllsht Salvo for Bimini Holla, CORNS! 25 flonta a box. PR. STEPHENS. IM Dearbnrn-«t. MEDICAL. CARDS. DR. O. BIGELOW CONFIDENTIAL PHYSICIAN, 4M Stato-st., Chicago, It la vroll known by all readers of the paper*, that Dr. n. uigolow la tlio oldest established physician in Chicago, Science and experience have made Or. 11. the most re nowned SPECIALIST of (ho ago. honored by tho pres*, estoornad of tbo highest medical attainment* by all the medical InMltotos of the day, having derotod TWENTY YEARS OF IllS LIFE in pOTfeouna wmiotUoa that will ouro poHltlvoly all oases of CUiIONIO AND SPECIAL DISEASES la both eoxoa. « CONSULTATION PUBIC. SEPARATE PARLORS for Indlnn and gentlemen. Call. OOIiftESI’ONDKNOE CONFIDENTIAL. Addressall lottom, ViUhatampa, to Dr. O. BIGELOW. No. 4iH Stato-st. 3Dr. TOWMTS3EaKTI>, 183 SOUTH OLABK-ST., Continues to euro all Gbrouio, Nervous, and Urinary Dl««'ft*cs of both iioioe, and may ho confidentially con suited, personally or by mall, free of charge, humalo (imioultloa treated with safety and success. Ilia Medical Treatise to Indies and gentlemen sent free. X>3BL. STOWE, Confidential Physician, 112 WMadlson-Bt,, Ohloago, Cl. (A regular graduate In modlolno) cores all obronlo and •* Special Diseases," of both aoxos, at reasonable prices. Meulclnoefurolshud. No mercury used. Uonaultattonfroo, ponunallyorbymail. Curas guarantood. All "fomalodlf jlouUlos " treated with safety and success. Clroularsfrue NO OUKEJ NO PAY! 1 Dr. Kean 300 South Olork-at., Chicago, May bo confidentially consulted, personally or by mall, free of charge, on all chronic or nervous diseases.. DR. J. KEAN is the only physician In tbo oily who war rants cure* or uuyay, (Irfuii Hook sent lor W oouls. Illustrated pith numer ous due engravings. iSTfifTliiM SOUTHERN eauwat oompaht. NEW SIBKIM FEND BOPS, COUPON AND KEOISTI3UED. $6,000,000. lomlfl Dno Oof. 1, 1882, with Iniorciit at Hcven i»or Cunt, pnynhlo ncml-anntiuily, April and October, nt th«olllp.o of tlio Union Trust Co. of Now York, SOOO,OOO, or Ton jior Oont of HioLoan, to to rothofl annually by tlio Sinking Fund. Conpon Bonda of. SI,OOO each* Eoglatorcd Bonds of SI,OOO, $6,000 and SIO,OOO caok. Price, 94 and Accrued Interest. ROBINSON, CHASE & GO. BAISTKEES, Wo. 18 Broad-st., Wow York. RAILROAD TIME TABLE. ARRIVAL AHD BEPAR' {jfement. Spring Arran} . Explanation of Refrhrkob Al copied. * SundAy oxcoptod. t M rivo Sunday at 8:00 a. in. 4 Dally, iIANKS. t Snturdayox* londay oxcoptod. I Ar- WESTERN RAILROADS "trot «i f 7‘wi«nly-«ecoml-l( truer of .tAidlion. MICHIGAN CENTRAL & GREAT . Urpot, .fnnl <i f Ijtxkr. ..ami S' Ticket offlet, 75 co Mall Mu tnftln nod air lino), Day Express Jackson Accommodation.... Atlantic Expross Night Express....... INDIANAPOLIS VIA rKRUIIOAD. JVlall Night Kxprosa OnANDjHAPIDa AND TENTWATKII. Morning Rxpross. •« •«« Night Kiproaa * B:!50». in. *B:Hp. m. 19;I0p. m. *6:3Uam. P,nOa. m. 8:00 p. m IP:IHp. in. *6;00fl. m. 0. WENTWORTH* oral I’flßaoDgor Agent. HJiNUV (Jam /AlinOAD. iijh Line, and Loutetana join Knitea* CUy, t/nht tl. brldje. [ Leave, \ Arrive . CHICAGO & ALTON R Chicago, AUon it St. toutt Throw, if to, ) neif thort route from Chlmgc Weet Side, nmr MadUon-tt St. Louis A Springfield Express, via Main Lin0..... Kanras City Fast Express, via Jacksonville, 111., ami Louisi ana, Mo Wonona, Lacon, Washington Ex proas (Western Division.) Joliet A Dwight Acoomo'dnllon. Bt. Louis A SprinHllald Lightning Express, via Main Line. andnl&u via Jacksonville Division Kansas City Express, via Jack sonville, 111., A Louisiana, Mo.. Jefferson City Express Peoria, Keokuk A liurPn Rx * 0:18 a. m. * 9:16 a. re. " 4:l0p. rn. * 4:lo p. m. UDally, via Main Liao, and dally except Hu Jacksonville Division, it D.illy, via Main Lint •zeopt Monday, via Jacksonville Division, CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & SI Union DtfwL corner Jtiuileon unit C 3 South cfurk'tt., opposite h’fitrw Milwaukee, St. Paul A Minnonp ' die Day Express Milwaukee A Prairie du Ohlcn Mail and Express Milwaukee, St, Paul A Miunoap olla Night Express CHICAGO. BURLINGTON & ( J)rpols-~Fi>ot of 7-<iAv-«f., IniUam ami (\innl amt, House, .Vo. £9 Clorfc-sl. , unit at ( Ottawa and Strentcir Dubuque and Hloux City Bxp... Pucltia I'ftHt. Lino Galesburg Passenger. •. Memlota .t Ottawa Passenger... Aurora Passenger. Aurora Passenger Aurora Passenger (.Sunday) Dubtiqdo A Sioux City ISxp Pnoitlo Night Express Downer’s Grove Accommodation Downot’fl Provo Accommodation ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. Dejtot foot qf' Lakr-fl. and foot aj' neenly-tteoni office.', 131 near Clark % ami 7c corner <i/‘ Madison, 61. Louis Express... St. Louis Fast Lino. Cairo Mall, Cairo Expce5i£**............ Springfield Express Springfield Express Dubuque i Sioux City Ex.. Dubuque A Sioux City Ex.. Effingham Passenger....... Ilydo Park and Oak Woods. HyduParkaad Oak Woods. Ilydo Park and Oak Woods. Ilydo Park and Oak Woods, Hyde Park and Oak Woods, Hydo Park aud Oak Woods. Hyde Parknud Oak Woods. Hyde Park and Oak Woods. Hyde Park and Oak Woods. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN RAILRI Titket office, corner Randolph and £aSaU«~it, t < Mailiwn-u, Pacific Fftflt Lino. Dubuque Day ICx. via Clinton... Pacitlo Night Express Dubuque Night Ex. via Ulluton. Freeport 4 Dubuque Ex proas.... Freeport 4 Dubuque Express.... rnllwaukco Mai1........ Milwaukee Express Milwaukee Passenger Milwaukee Passenger {dally)..., Grooo Day Express ht. Paul Kxurosa Green Day Express St. Paul Express CHICAGO, ROCK ISLAND & . Dtvot, corner of Ilarrixm and Sh• 83 W’ett Jladiio Omaha, Loavonw’thAAtohlson Ex Pom Accommodation Night Express Leavenworth & Atchison Express LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN Ri corner Harriion and Shemum-iti, 3' ai norihtetst comer Clark anti H currter fVimil am/ .t/mff*on'»«(«. Express Aocom. via Main Lino.. Mall, via Air Lino and Main Lino * Special Now York Express, tla Air Lino * 9:00 a. ra. Atlantic Express, via Air Lino.. B:iBp. m. Night Express, via Main Lino,... •19:00 p.m. KlklmrtAccommodatlon * S:top. m, South Chicago Accommodation.. 19:00 m. . CHICAGO. DANVILLE & VINCENNES RAILROAD. pautagrr Pepnt at }',, C. tfsSt, Louie Depot, comer oj Co* naiami Kintie-tit. Freight «w<i TieM office 163 M'aehing-ton-ii, Mall * 7:40 a. ra. • 1:10 p. m. Hvaiißvlllo A Tarro llauto JSx.... * 7:00 p. ra. 4 7:30 a. ra. PITTSBURGH. FORI WAYNE & CHICAGO RAILROAD. Day Express * hiOOa. m. 4 Pacific Expros CfislOp. m. 5 I'aat Xduo t*B:«K)p. m. t 1 Mail * 4sWa. to. • Valliaralso Accommodation. * B;4Up. in. CHICAGO & PACIFIC RAILROAD. (OPEN TO HOSEI.LK.) Depot comer UaJtted and JVorth Jiruncfi’iit*. General office 10 Metropolitan Jilock, corner Uamlnlph amt LaSalle-tit, Rosello Accommodation. River Park Accommodation, River Park Accommodation. CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS & CINCINNATI THROUGH LINE. VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. JVom the Great Central Jtallroad Depot, final of for through ticket! anil eteeptng-car berthe apply at our new Ticket ofite, 131 near ronur Clarks 75 Canal-tt,, corner MatlUon; M LnSalle-tt., corner Wa*n» ingtan; alto Juut of 'i\eentu»iteond‘tt. Leave Chicago Arrive at Indianapolis...... Arrive at Oluoliipatt Trains arrivo at Chicago at 7:57 a. m.. 8:85 a. m..iand 7:40 p. m. Only lino running batnrday night train to In. dlauapollt and Cincinnati. South End V« 1. 6 baggage checked and tako train at 7lwonty-Boconu*st. Depot. FRACTIONAL CURRENCY. $5 Packages OF FRACTIONAL CURMSGY . FOR SALE AT i TRIBUNE OFFICE. OF TEAMS, Arrive, I, fate. 8:45 p. m« 8:00 p. ni< 10:20 a. m. fi:3<)a m. * I 9:00 a. m. *} 8:35 p. m. ill R :Ift p. pi. 9 I *9:oop. in. V 8:00 a. ni. ni. ■ 8:10 p. m. 1 8:10 p. m, • 8:10 p. m, * 0:40 a. m. U?:3op. m. W:00p« m. 519:00 p. re. 5I9;00 p. m. • 9:00 r. in, 117:30 a. m. H7:3oa. m. * 8:10 p. to itnrdny, via d, anddaily ULWAY. r. PAUL RA CimnUtla.t tan House, at r iScktl Office mdat Depot* Arrive. Ita ve. ' 9:00 a. m. 17:20 a. m« *4:30 p, m. *11:20 a. m. t9:oop. Pi. *6:OQ] 3UINCT RAIL 3-nn., and Si ticket offices lepoh. .ROAD. Hxleenth'-fi, t s in Brings Arrive, Leave, * 4.15 p. m. 8:00 p. ra. * 3tl&p. rad * 8:16 p. m. * B:00p. raj * 9:55 a. m. * 8:16 a. m. * 8:55 a. ra. 0:66 a. mv t 7:00 a. ra. l 6rtWa. xui* * S;Wp. xn« * 7:18 a. ra. • 7:43 a. ta. 7:45 a. m. * 9:tua. m. •10:1)0 a. m. * 8:lti p. ra. * 4:20 p. ra. * IHS p. xu. * r»;M j>. m. 1 .no p. m. t’Jsfflp. m. til rIK) p. in. •11 ;0J a. m. * 8:15 p. m. Ticket 'a £Unul-*t., Arrive. * 6:20 p. m. * 7*50. ra. * 4H5p. ra. * 7:55 a. m. * 4HSp. m. * 7:65 a. ra. * 2:00 p. ra. t 7:00 a. m -5 8:20 p. to. * 0:30 a. ra, * 6:48 a. in, * 7:46 a. m. * 8 HO a. ra. * 0:30 a. m. {10:30 a. m. i lH6p. m * 6:20 p. ra. * 6:55 p. m. * 7HOp. ra. • 8:35 a. ra. , t 8:lBp. ro. • 8:36 a. m. t 8:15 p. ta. • 8:25 a. m. . t H:lsp. ra. • U:lsa. m. t 0:0()p. m. • f>;lsp. m. *ll;l()p. ra. , • B:hla, m. . * 7:loa. m. . } 9:00 a. ra. , f!2:10p. m. , * 3:0(1 p. m. , * 4:30 p. m. . * 6:15 p. m. , * CMOp. m. , •llrlOp. ra. mo. and 81 sT<ml Arrive. Z«o c«. k 10;1fi a. m. 1U:15 a. m. t10:45p. m. 1J:45 p. ni. • 9:15 a. m, • 9:15 p. m. • 0:00 ft. m. • 9:30 ft. m. • 8:00 p. in. (ll:00p. ra. 9:10 o. m. •10:10 a. m. • 9 ;00 p. ra. t 9:30 p. ra. • 8:16 p. ra, 3:15 p. ra. $6:30 a. m. 6:30 a. m. • 2:00 p. ra. • 7:00 a. m. •10:15 a. m. • 4:00 p. ra. • 7:40 p. m, 5 8:00 a. m. 4 7:00 p. m. 6.00 p. m. • 6:50 a. m. 16:20 a. ra. PACIFIC RAILROAD. Wrmfirt-jf*. Ticktl qfiee, mwf. Arrive, I.ence, * 8:45 p. ra. • flsTOa. m. t 7:00 a. m. t 7:00 a. m. *10:15 a. m. • 6:CO p. m. p. m. tH>:OOp.m, ML'RO/ID. fcVct q/Hcsr, nd iou(AUMI Arrive, I*nce, 6:66 p. ra, 0:00 p. m. 3:30 a. ra. 6:4oa* m. ■ 8:00 p. ra. 8:00 a. ra. "46:30 a. ra. * 9;85 a, ra. BMp. ra. Arrive. Leave, Arrive, Leave. : 7:30 p. m. f 6:30 n. iu. (■•8:00 a. m. 1 6:Wp. va. ' 8:50 a. m. Arrive. 5:00 p.m. thlSu.m, 1(1:51 a.m. fiiHOp.m. 7:41 p.m. • 11:5(1 a. in. } «:4#p. m. * (J:l0 p. m. { 5.00 o. in. *10:80 p. in. |1U:(KI». w.

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