Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 28, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 28, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 26. LACES. EMBROIDERIES, AO. Mominnn On Acconnt of Removal. B.A.IR.GKA.IIN'S RIBBONS, LACES, TANS, JEWELRY, EMBROIDERIES, AND WHITE GOODS. G. Mendelson, : east jam, coiw mmuM. ; FIDELITY SAVINGS BANK. SECURITY FROM LOSS RY ROBBERY* FIRE* OR ACCIDENT. TUB FIDELITY Savings Bank AND Safe Depository, In their now Fire-Proof BuUdlngp 143, 146 & 147 Uandolph-Bt., Booelvo for safe kooptnt la their GREAT FIRB AND BURGLAR-PROOF SAFE DEPOSIT VAULTS (among tho boot In tho world, baring eoat over ono bnndrod thousand dollars), Coupon Bonds, Soearttloo, Family Plato, Coin, Doods* Wills, and Valuable# of every do ■crlptlon. Abo, nmt Safes in tbolr Vaults at from $lO to SSO a KIND lIKOEIVED AND BXB OUTED. Interest Allowed on Savings Deposits. JOUTf Q. HAJN33B, President. COAL. WILKESBAEEE COAL EEOMOUE OWN MINES. Prices for our celebrated Wilkcs barre Coal, f. o. b. vessels along side OUK OWS docks In Buffalo, as follows: Orate $5.85 per ton 2,000 lbs. Egg 0.10 per ton 2,000 lbs. Range 0.35 per ton 2,000 lbs. Chestnut.. 0.10 per ton 2,000 lbs. Owing to our facilities for hand ling Coal direct from vessels into cars, wo are enabled to make very favorable contracts on through shipments of cargoes for the coun try* O. -A— BLAKE «SB CO., 11l Broadway, H. Y. Commercial Bide., fin Halo. BLASE, WHITEHOUSE & 00., 19 Chamber of Commerce, caicago. 111. HOTELS. OCEAN HOUSE ! KTewport, R. X.. JUNE, 1873. WEAVEES & BATES. GRAND UNION HOTEL, BABATOBA SPBraiM, N. Y„ will open Juno 1, for the reception of guests. Prof. J. M.\Lander and bis auperb band have been engaged for tbosoaaon. Rooms can bo engaged at Metropolitan Ho or GUjoy Homo. N. Y. Address HIUiSLIN, GARD NERAOQ.. at Saratoga Springs, N. Y. STOCKHOLDERS’ MEETINGS. NOTICE Is hereby giron that amoetlng of the stockholders of the Peninsular Railway Companywill be held at tho office of the Company In tho City of Battle Greek, State of Michigan, on the 80th day of July, 1673, at 3 o'clock p. ra., for the purpose of submitting to said stockholder*, for thoir sanction or rejection, an agreement made and ontorod into by and between tho Directors of tho Peninsular Railway Company and tho Directors of tho Fort Huron A Lake Michigan Railroad Company for the consolidation of said two companies into one corporation. M. 8. BRACKETT, Secretary. Dated 20.1873. OFFICE ODF CMcaaMlMiPafflc BAIXiROAD COMPANY. April 25, 1873. The annual meeting of the Stockholders of the Chicago, Back liland A FacWo Railroad Company, for tho election M Director*, pursuant to lair, sod the transaction of each other ouilneaa oe may come before them, will bo bold at the office of the Company, la the City of Chicago, on Wednesday, the 4th day of Jnno no*t. at 11 o’clock a. u. _ _ JOHN F. TRACY, Proaldont. F. n. TQWB, Secretary. ' Chicago, Danville & Vincen nes Railroad. GfiMEIUX Omox. 899 WEST lUKDOLTH-nT.,) CaiOAQO, May S3, 1873.1 Tho annual mooting of tbostookholdon of the Chicago, Danville AVinoonnosßallroad Company, for tho election of Dlrootora, and tho transaction of such other business as may como before tho mooting, will be held at the tHco of the Company, No. 890 Westliandolpb-st., in the City of Chicago. JUhTon Wednesday. Juno 18, 1873. The poll will be oponod at 11 o'clock a. m. J. 6. CAMPBELL, Secretary. Stockholders’ Meeting. Notice la hereby given that tho annual mooting of tho Stockholders of Chicago South Branch Dock Company, for the election of Directors of said Company, will bo hold at tho office of said Company, No. 623 Wabasn*av., lathe City of Chicago, at 10 a. in., Wednesday, Judo 4, A. I). Iml 1 E. G. MASON, Secretary of Chicago South Branch Dock Company. REMOVALS. njEOMCOVAXi. F. J. ABBEY & CO., DEALERS IN Guns, Pistols, Fishing-Tackle, And Sporting Goods of ovorydosorlpUon, have removed to their now store, 48 SOTJTKC OLARK-ST., Where they are prepared to furnish their customer! with all goodi In thnlr line !t bottom prioea.. DISSOLUTION NOTICE. DISSOLUTION. OIUCAOO, May 93, 1878. Casey A Roily have this day dissolved. The business will bo carried mi at tho old stand. 699 Subsist., br JAMES CASEY, who pays all debts and oolleoU au accounts. Wiyt $ WATCHES. JEWEL- Y, Ao. PINE WATCHES, We have the largest assortment of Fine Watches in the West, which we are selling at remarkably low prices. We have just received another large invoice of GOLD GUARD CHAINS. N, MATSON & CO., STATE & lOHROE-STS. WATCHES, JEWELRY, Silverware, Etc., At extremely low prices, pre vious to remoyal to my new store, Nos. 183, 185 and 187 Wabash-av. A. H. MILLER, 176 State-st anfl 42 West Maiison-sL MUSICAL. GEORGE WOODS & CO.’S Parlor Organs. Thoao romarVoble Instruments hare created much In* terost and enthusiasm among raualdani by reason of tbolr BEAUTIFUL QUAIiITY of tone, thorough construction, , ELEGANT DESIGNS AND FINISH, And tho extraordinary musical effects to be obtained from tbolr COMBINATION SOLO STOPS. AEOLINE (a soft or breathing stop); VOX HUMANA (a baritone coin, not a fan or tremolo); PIANO (of exquisite tono, which will never require tuning). Those organs have acquired a very extensive.isle la America and Europe, and all Interested In muslo are In vited to examine them at tho warorooms, Nos. 66 and 68 Adams-st., between State and Dearborn. OHXOAGO. All lovers of muslo are Invited te examine them. Clr* oalars containing muslo soot postpaid to any address. SHOW CASES. B3BMOVAT - M. ANDERSON, the Show Case Manufacturer, is now doing business in his now Warorooms, No. 83 STATE*ST. (be tween Washington and Randolph), where ho will .bo glad to meet his old friends and patrons, who will And him, as heretofore, prepared to manufacture SHOW OASES of every description at living prices. To those in what of a SHOW GASB, no matter what stylo, wo would say call upon ANDEESON, at 82 State-st. STOVES, RANGES, &o. NEW EMPIRE CO OK STOVE. THE FINEST EVER MADE I SOMETHIN& ENTIRELY HEWI Hon Dfore flood Fcnturpn Than Any Other! Ad Examinatlou Will Coqtlqoo Ton I Manufactured by Swott, Qulraby * Perry, TroyN. Y. Bold Wholesale and Retail by JOHN D. MACLEAN & 00., 335 SI'A-TE-ST. WANTED. •g.jyMiaMiS.'.WrW h H ■ to 8860 per month, everywhere, to sell one IfRI of the moat aieful article! ever Invontod, Bael needed In orory family. Bond for ClroU' V O Ur. Address, . * SECOMB 4 CO., l&7 6Uto at., OnioAQO, 111.' WANTED. By tho BKOUIUTY LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, « rolltblo business man to work la this city, on spool*! contract. Call at Room 1, Methodist Church Block. O, H. BAKER, Qon’l Agent. Partner Wanted. Inawell-ostabllshed Wholesale Grocery House In Chicago. Reliable party, with $30,000 to $40,000, can secure a de sirable bnslnoaa and Investment. Address, with refer* cocos. WHOLESALE QROOKIt, Tribune office. LOTTERY. LOTTERY. Official Drawings of tho Dally Combination Lottery: . GLASS NO. Ittl, Eon MAY 96, IWI3. 13, OS, 47, 61. 64, 89, 23. 6(1, 14. 21, 30, 88. CLASS NO. IW. FofIMAYW 1873. 83. 68, ,83, 63. 40. l‘i. 63. 17, 76. 87. 60. M. Scaled plays received on deposit. Prices cashed and Information given by tho SEALED DEPOSIT COMPANY# . „ P. O. DAVIB, Manager. 151 South Clsrk-st., Rooms 0 and 7, third entrance from Madlson-st. WINDOW SCREENS. Wire Screens, FOR DOORS AND WINIIOWH, At the oldest establishment la the business. J*. W- X), KELLEY <Sc BRO., SB Madltfon-at, Tribune Building. TO RENT. TO ZE^E^T. . .Rooms oter Drug store. A good oppenlng for a doctor. Apply atosß Mllnsukoo-av. GENERAL NOTICE. SILVER. Wo. tho undersigned, belloVo that tho business of Smelting and Reflnins Slim can bo carried on successfully and profitably In Chicago. That as ibis city lo now tho great centre ol lumber trado and grain trade*, It Trill boeomo tho groat minora! market and amolllag fornace of tbo oonntry. Tho allror oro In ttio mountains west la inexhaustible* and, with coal, Iron and flux hero at bond; with abun dant labor, with tho Improrod sclontlllo methods of sop. aratlng, It Is bettor to bring tho mineral hero than to to duoo tt In a crude way in tbo mountain*. There is no doubt an Immense profit In tho business, nnd wo recom mend that tbo moneyed men and mechanics of Chicago unite and form a strong company to dorolopo this Impor tant branch of business (bat legitimately belongs to Ohl. cage. Klvnnd ■Wm. Broas, 0. O. Hammond,. O. 0. P. Holden, B. F. Culver, A. 0. Hosing, U. D. Colvin, 8. D. Oooklns, W. K. Nixon, James B. Tyler, Tbos, Tloyno, W. M. Egan. W. B. Holla, A. D. Mocker, B. 11. Campbell, Murry Nelson, W. 11, Bradley, Matt. Laflln, Halo, Ayer & Co., John C. Ilatnos, Obas. P. Kellogg, Obas. L. Wilson, N. 8. Benton, L. B. Otis, A. 0. Badger, J. McGregor Adams, A. Cowles; H. W. Zimmerman, W. H. Oringtoo, 0. 8. Crane, 8. J. Walker. I vnr In me above so far as He cnule meHoJs vow VEOd Id too nvvlalns. IAMBS V, Z, BLABEY. There will bo a public mooting at the Pacific Hotel at 8 o’clock Thursday evening, 29th, to dls enss the matter. REAL ESTATE. Auction Sale of Lots. Will be sold at Public Auction, on tho ground, on Thursday, May 29, at 3 o’clock p. m., for cash or short paper, Three Choice Lots, 28x170, on Oalnvood-ay. Boulevard, In lot 8, Block 2, Cleaverville Ad dition, Also, other lots on Langley, Vincennes, and Unlon-avs., in same addition. Por further particulars apply at Boom 6, Honore Block. FOE SALE. Main, Mlllsll 111 MB M I have for solo a very dosirablo plooo of improved business property* centrally locat ed, tlmt is offered at 5i.20,000, on very easy payments, and long time. Building is 40* IGO foot* ilvo stories high* stono front, and has all modern improvements. Cost over SOO,OOO, Lot is 40x172 to a 20-foot alloy. Land in tho vioinity is hold at $2,000 per foot. Tho host judges say this will double in ilvo years. Also 20* 40* or 100 foot on Mioh isan-nv.* opposite tho Grand Exposition Buildings. Also 26x100 foot on Monrob-st.. between State and Clark. Also 45 or 00 foot on Monroo-at., west of F. 0. VIBKLIWG, 120 Boarborn-st. FOR SALE. Corner Mlohlgan-nv. end Adams-st., Lot 37 foot front on avenue by 109 on Adams-st., with 10-foot alio/ In roar; ono block from Gardner and Mattcaon Houses, two blocks from Palmer's Hotel and OUfton House, throe blocks from now Custom-Homo, directly opposite Pnllman Pal* ace Oar Co.’s now offices In llonoro Block, and within 10 minute*' walk of Grand Union Depot. EXPOSITION BUILDINGS will bo erected on oppo site side of avenue. Will bo sold on reasonable terms. No commissions to agents. FI. G. HOWARD, Hoorn 80 Republic Life Building, 169 LaHalle-st. NOTICE. Washington Heights—Female Sem inary—lmportant Meeting. By virtue of the authority In me vested, In the articles of the subscription to a Female Seminary in tboTown of Calumet, Cook County, 'III., I boroby call a meeting.of the subscribers to such articles, to bo hold on Monday, .Tune 3, 1873, at 3 o'clock, at the office of Chambers a Bogus, No. 4 Ilonore Block, Chicago, {or the purpose of considering the general Interest of the enterprise, and taking such stops as may bo advisable to secure, at the earliest possible-' period, the commencement snd com pletion oi said Seminary, according to the toms of said sobicrlptlon. Tbo punctual attendance of every sub scriber Is earnestly desired. JOHN W. CARRINGTON, JR. FOB. Xi£3ASE3, Bonthwort comer of Flftb-ar. am! Jackaoa-et., by 0. 11. A 0. O. WALKER, 13 Chamber of Oommoroo. ORNAMENTAL IRON WORK. OrnamentallroEfiOotls, Fountains, Vases, Statuary, Aquariums, Seer, Sogs, Sions, Refrigerators, Ice Boxes, A full line Stoves, Ranges, and Housekeeping Goods. DALTON & GO., 82 & 84 Bandolpli-st., near State. FINANCIAL. LOANS OH HEAL ESTATE. Wo ore making loana, for a term of yoara, on wolMooatod Chicago property, and on improved suburban property, where val ues are well established, and eon oloao promptly. Applioanta will pleaae bring suoh abstracts and titlo papers as they have. BAIRD & BRADLEY, CHARLES 11. BROWER. R. PARKER PIERCE. PIERCE & BROWER, BROKERS, 88 JMUOJPISOJPa'-.S'J! 1 . Local Stocks, Commercial Paper, Govern ment and Western Securities. Illinois 10 per cent Registered Coupon Bonds. MONEY TO LOAN On flrot*clttSß oily property. $1,600 In hand. MEAD A COB. 163 LsSalle-st. MEETINGS. Musonic. Regular oommunioatlon of Blaney Lodge No. 971, A. K. A A. A!., will bo hold this (Wednesday) evening, in Orl* ental nail, at 8 p. m. E. Q. BOWZUR, Secretary. A* 8. B, I>. Association. The members of tho above order are hereby notified that the final mooting will be hold at Pottgelur Hall Saturday evening, Mar 81, 1878. per ortler. W, Hi WOOD?Secretary. F, it. PIERCE, President. CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY, MAY 28, 1873, DRESS GOODS. BICKERTON & JEFFERY Will offer on WEDNESDAY, 28th Inst., tkolr Entire Stock ot IffIPOBTBD PATTERN SUITS, At one-lmlf the cost of importation. Wo are determined to close the above goods out, regardless of cost, and Eadlcs will And this a rare opportunity to purchase the most elegant costumes for bouse and street wear. Black Silk Suits, Colored Silk Suits, Serge, Poplin, and Chally Suits, Striped Silk Suits. We invito Eadics to call and look at these goods, as we are positively sacrificing them. 36 East Washington-st. Between Stato-at. and "Wabaalx-av. FURNITURE. SAMPSON, GILBERT & CO. FURNITURE HOUSE. Extensive Stock of Rich and me dium FURNITURE! Of now and elegant designs and MW PRICES. We particularly invito an examination of our goods, and hope no one will buy until they have examined our stock. SAMPSON, GILBERT & CO., 267 MD 289 WARASP-AY. ART C^AIXEBY. QUALITY IN PHOTOGRAPHS, CALL UPON BRAND, Whose work ie kept up to the VERY HIGHEST STANDARD of Photo graphic excellence. S3 PER X)OZB2NT. Stndio, 5f16 ‘Wabash-av. COPYING. $3 (Old Pictures of De ceased Friends iTo BRAND'S toh*TO thorn beauti fully coplod and enlarged, BMP’S MT GALLERY, 500 Wabash-av. PICTURE FRAMES, &o. SAMMONS, CLARK & CO., T97 & 199 S, Olinton-st,, MANUFACTURERS OF MOULDINGS, PICTURE FRAMES, AND LOOKING GLASSES, AND JOBBERS OF CHROMOS, Engravings, &o. The Largest Stock in the West. Call or send for Catalogue. PAGING MACHINES. PAGING 11 UMBERING MaoMnes, MANUFACTURED BY CULVER, PAGE, HOYNE & CO., 118 & 120 Monroc-st., Chicago, BUSINESS CARD. THEODORE WALKER, AOBTsTO?, Commission Merchant I3NT Butter Exclusively. Oonalgamoats of flno nod shipping grades solicited. MTS MISCELLANEOUS. CARD. Wo beg to announce to the public, that wo have opened a nrsl-olus Family Grocery Store, opposite Field, Loiter • Lo. », lornor of State and TwontloiuiU, * KELLY A CLARK, Proprietor*. GOLD PEN Factory, W, J. MORSE, 07 Olark-st., corner Washing. V>». i'cu* . ground to suit any baud. Gold peas re painted. 97CUrk-«t., corner Washington. POS W TAKE YOUR HATS. AMDOS’S UI3A- VliK MIXI3O HATS nt 104 WADISON ST. J. S. BABNKH & CO. FOREIGN. Free Trade and Reduced Ar my Expenses MacMa hon’s Policy. What Is Thought of Tiller’s Deposi sitlou in Europe. Religious Corporations Abol ished by the Italian Parliament. Departure of an Exploring Parly from Egypt to tlio Holy Land. GREAT BRITAIN, London, May 27. —A fire, attended with loss of life, occurred this morning iu Berkeley Square. Six persons wore unable to escape from the burning buildings and perished, and six others wore injured by falling walls. In the House of Commons to-day the usual motion woo offered to adjourn over the 6th of Juno, Derby Day. Thomas Hughes protested against the practice, and denounced as a public humiliation such action of Parliament in defer . once to what was called the national sport. Ho believed the example was injurious in the high est degree to publlo morals. Ho hoped the Gov ernment would oxtoud the operation of the Bet ting-Houses act to Scotland, whore Eng lish sportsmen wore still able to evade the law. The English papers wore filled with betting advertisements purporting to emanate from Scot land. The police there wore powerless against this gross scandal, which was daily Increasing, because the local law sanctioned it. Aftor father debate, in the course of which the Gov ernment promised to oxtoud the act to Scotland, the motion to adjourn on tho 6th proximo was carried. Tbo West India mail stoamor Mosollo. which

arrived today, brought from Havana the bank forger Austin llidwoll, who has reached London ana been couvoyed to Newgate. Another hear ing of the forgery case will bo had at the Guild hall to-morrow. Bidwoll will appear. SYRIA. Alexandria. Egypt. May 28.—The pioneer party of the Oriental Topographical Corps from Now York, engaged in explorations of the liiblo lands, have gouo from Egypt to Syria and Asia Minor. A scale photograph of tho Nileomotor, devised by one of the corps, has boon taken, which, it la claimed, will definitely settle tho vexed cubit question. A plan of rapidly taking tbo altitudes of tho ruins, pyramids, &c., in vented by one of tho party, is sold to work ad mirably. SPAIN. Madrid, May 27.—Capt.-Gon. Pioltain has boon ofllclolly notified to curry into effect tho order of March 21, directing the emancipation of 10.000 slaves. The Councilor Ministers has postponed tho consideration of tho Electoral law for Cuba. There is reason to boliovo that tho Govern ment has resolved on measures.which will con siderably reduce tho interest on tho public debt. CANADA. ffpecial Dttfxilth to The Chicago Tribune, Montreal, May 27. —Two unsuccessful at tempts have boon rondo to blow up the steamer Itonaud, in tho Luchino Rapids. Tho second at tempt caused tho steamer to burn to tho water’s edge. Halifax, May 27.—A woman uatned Courtney, of Torrance Ray, has given birth to four child ren, being tho second time within two yours. Slio has had covonteou children in ton years. Throe more bodies have boon recovered from tbe wreck of tbo Atlantic. Queued, May 27.—The heavy rains near Quebec have ao swollen the lumber rivers that upwards of 5,000,000 foot have boon carried away. Montbeal, May 27. —0n Saturday night a fire broke out in a hotel at Bedford, and a largo por tion of tbo village was soon a mass of nuns. Among tbo buildings destroyed aro tbo Town Hall, threo hotels, and the lending stores. Halifax, N. S., May 27.-rTiio Prince Edward Island Legislature yesterday, unanimously pasod resolutions accepting the terms of Union with the Dominion of Canada. ITALY. Rome, May 27. —The Pope, in a speech yester day, declared that ho had ever prayed for Franco, but that ho would now pray with greater conlldouco, for the election of Marshal McMa hon to the hood of that country was a guarantee of order and justice to civilization, which woq menaced on all sides. The Chamber of Deputies bos finally passed a bill for tho abolition of religious corporations. Parliament has adjourned as a mark of respect for tbo memory of tho late Count Manzonl. The Royal Princes and members of both Houses have gone to Florence to attend the poet's funeral. Tho ceremonies will bo of the must imposing character. GERMANY. London. May 27.—The Hews has a dispatch from Berlin, convoying tho idea that it is the prevalent opinion in the Gorman capital that President MacMahon will prove tho counterpart of Qon. Monck, tho restorer of tbo house of Stuart to tho English throne, and that his elec tion heralds a Legitimist restoration in Franco. Beuxjn, May 27.—Tho Paris correspondents of tho Gorman press assort that tho movement for tho removal of Thiers originated in Bomo-aud Florence. FRANCE. London, May 27. —A special from Paris says that tho now French Government have resolved to adopt tho free trade policy, and to reduce the military expenditures. Tho same dispatch says that Thiers will resume his literary labors. Pabis, May 27.—Ex-President Thiers took his seat in tho Assembly to-day. Prince Fierro Bonaparte is in Paris. NEW YORK. Arrival of tho Yellow Fever-—Vessels From South America Closely Watch* Gd—The ISrewers* Association— Taiutor Funeral Scandinavian Immigrants—Stokes Fxjiocttf to ol»* tain a »Yow Trial—ltllscellaueous liocal IHtiWN. Social Dispatch to Tho Chicago Tribune. New Youk, May 27.—A company has boon formed hero, which propones to make mouoy by expediting tho delivory of Now York morning newspapers botwoou horo and Chicago. They aro to pay tho Pennsylvania llaihvay Company $50,000 a year for tho prlvilogo of running two. oars dally, ctarting from horo at 3:2Q a. m., | reaching Philadelphia at C:52 a. m., and thoro connecting with tho early Western trains. They will carry no passengers. Tho cars will bo fitted up with tables, and tho papers will bo folded on route. It Is expected that this arrangement will enable tho Chicago newsdealers to receive their Now York morning papers at loast six hours in advance of tho p/osont delivery. Stokes' father arrived from Albany to-day, and at oueo proceeded to his son's coll in tho Tombs with tho woleomo nows that, in all probability, tho Court of Appeals will grunt him a now trial. A dispatch from his counsel, Mr. Tromaino, to tiio soino effect was also received this afternoon. Btokos is highly olatod in consequence. He in* formed a reporter that ho oxpoots to got out on - bail soon, and that ho intends to go to Europo and enjoy himself, so as to make up for lost time. Bomo days ago information was given to tho Superintendent of Police that Jim Brody, tho notorious burglar, who has already served one or two terms in tho Btato Prison, and who lately escaped thenco without serving out his full term, was attempting to negotiate a largo (tmonntof United States bonds, whioh wore sup posed to have boon stolen* as ho was offering thorn fot* roach loss thntl tholr value. Tho Superintendent immediately sent for Capt. Irving, and .related to him what ho had heard, at tho same lime giving tho case into his hands with instructions to havo Bradyarrest ed as soon as possible. Copt. Irving solootod . Detectives fully and Dilks, mid dotation thorn to work np tho ease. As tho ofllcors woro well ac quainted with Brady, they soon got on his track, and havo followed him night and day since Saturday last until this after noon. when they saw him ontor Dr. Harrison's office, no. 40 Sixth avenue. They immediately followed him into tho house, ana con fronted Brady, who coolly asked thorn what thoy wanted. Detective fulloy was about to search tbo doctor, when Brady sprang fortbo window, mid hoforO tbo officers could stop him had jumped into tho street, tho window being in tho second Door. Tnlloy grabbsd him by tho logs, but bo broko away, and both detectives sprang after him. Talley tearing away tho sash, and falling heavily against • tho iron railing outside, severely injuring his wrist and shin. This did not hinder them from following Brady, however, who ran through Sixth avenue to Carmine street, to Bedford street, to Leroy street, and towards Blcookor, the officers calling out, “Stop thief." and bang ing away at him with their revolvers as thoy wont along. An immense crowd joined in tho chnso, and it was a miracle that some of them woro not killed. One detective fired five shots, and tho other four, but failed to hit. One of tho shots, however, struck Mr. John Benson,‘of No. 48 Sixth ovonuo, in tho oalf of tho log, causing a slight Uoali wound. Officer Murphy, of tho Twentieth Precinct, attempted to head off tho fugitive, and finding that ho was hard pressed, Brady turned into tho area of No. SO Leroy street, and, without stopping, jumped through tho basement window, carrying sash and glass with him. Officers Tulloy andDilkos woro hut a short distance behind him, mid mode their entrance in tho same manner, capturing Brady as ho was in tho act of escaping ny tho book door. Finding that bo ho had to fight for it, bo at tempted to draw a revolver which ho had in tho right hand pocket of his coat, but could not do so, as it was caught hi the lining. Tho occu pants of tho house woro terribly frightened at this unlocked for intrusion, and the gentleman handed tho ofllcors a package of United States bonds, to tho amount of $20,000, which ho said Brady bad thrown away when ho was passing through tho basement. Tho prisoner was handcuffed, and marched to police head quarters. It is not known to whom tho bonds oolong, but it is suspected thoy aro a portion of Ihoso alleged to havo boon in tho possession of Cant. Colvocoroßsoa when ho was murdered in Brfdnonort, Conn., about a year and a half ago. It will ho romomborod that tho Insurance Com panies refused to pay the heavy policies bo had effected upon his life, •on tho ground that ho committed snlcido, and, that tho story about tbo bonds in question was a fabrication. _ {To the Associated Prese.) New Yobk, May 27. —Christian Saukor, a Dane, is tho first yellow fover patient for the Quarantine Hospital. Vessels .arriving from Bio do Janeiro, Bahai, Havana, Para, and Mon tevideo are closely watched. The ship Normau has arrived from Bio in charge of tho first mate, having lost two Contains at soa by tho fover. Tho vessel put bock a second time for a third Captain, but, failing to secure him, was obliged to proceed in charge of tho first mate. Alderman Henry Clauson heads tho delegation of the Now York Gorman Browers’ Association to tho Browora’ Convention, which is to be hold in Cleveland, Ohio, next week. Tho trial of Talntor, the defaulting Cashier of tho Atlantic Bank, stands postponed until Juno. The funeral of James W. Wnllack took place this morning, from tho Church of tho Trans figuration, on Twenty-ninth street. Tho pall bearers woro A. Oakoy Hall, Bocordor Hackott, Theodore Morse, John Gilbert. Alexander Stet son, and John Freeman. Tho remains wero taken to Greenwood for interment. At a mass-mooting of the Scandinavians last evening, an immigration Society was fanned for tho protection of Scandi navian immigrants landing in Now »York. Jim Brady, a notorious burglar, was arrested to-day. Ho jumped out of tho sccond-story win dow of No. 43 Sixth avenue, whoro ho had boon attempting to negotiate what are supposed to bo stolon bonds. Five shottyworo fired after him, afad Joim Hanson, a resident •of Sixth avenue,* was hit in tho log. Brady ran into the basement of No. 30 Leroy street, nud there was captured. The gentleman who occupies tho premises Sicked up $29,000 in United States bonus, which rady throw away while passing through tho basomont t< and handed them to tho officers. At a picfiic iu Qowauas last evening, “ Shorty” Maguire fatally stabbed James Harris. The quarrel originated about a girl. Benjamin Jackson was fatally wounded, last evening, in Elizabeth, N. J., by a negro named Hall, who severed his intestines with a razor while tho former was engaged in a quarrel with Theodore Terrell. Both Hall and Terrell woro arrested. Tho office of tbo Consul of Japan was formally opened yesterday at No. 46 Exchange place, by Totsuosko Tomita, Vice-Consul of Japan. Tbo only otbor representative of tbo Japanese Em pire is Iloraco D. Dunn, acting Consul at San Francisco. Several representatives of foreign Consulates in' this city called to welcome Mr. Tomita, ond to congratulate him upon bis estab lishment in this city. Tbo body of James L. Orr. late Minister to .Russia, will lie in state in this city before it is taken to South Carolina for interment. The Tribune will publish, to-morrow, alleged singular revelations concerning tho East River bridge. It says it baa obtained a transcript of tho transfer book of tbo Company, from which it appears that Wm. 0. Kingsley' lias transferred 100 shares to other parties; that only four of these transfers aro genuine, and those wore mode as gifts to Benfomiu A. Tracy, Wm. A Fowler, Hasson IT. Whoolor, and Cortland Dix on, all of whom aro connected with tho Brooklyn ring. Tho drat two of thoso aro stated to bo at Albany in tho interest of a bill relieving Kingsley and bis partners from tbo payment of any more money. William W. Good rich and William Scbwavtzwaldor. to whom it was alleged stock was sold, deny that tboy ever paid for it. METEOROLOGICAL Signal Service Bureau Reports and Prognostications. Chicago, May 27—>10:18 p. m. Tbo following reports bavo boon received from the places mentioned below: Station, iiar.JSVir IPirnf. Weather. Breckinridge.... 29,07' 60 N., fresh. Clear. Buffalo. 20.69 61 8. W., gentle. Clearing, Cairo 29.83 CO 3., light. Fair. Chicago 20.63 64 8. W., fresh. Cloudy. Cincinnati 20.80 70 W...fresh. Cloudy. Cleveland. ...... 20.60 60 8., brisk. Fair. 0U0y0un0..,,.,,. 20.81 67 8. W„ light. Cloudy. Davenport...... 20.74 02 W., fresh. Clear. Denver 20,82 60 8., gentle. Fair. Detroit 20.64 66 8. W., fresh. Clearing. Dninth ~,. 20.68 00 N. E., light. Fair. Ft. Garry........ 20.70 40 N., fresh. Cloudy, Keokuk 20.77 68 H. W., gentle. Clear. LnCrosse 28.80 66 \V., brisk. Fair,' Milwaukee 29.G0 64 8. w,, fresh. Cloudy. Omaha 20.74 67 Oahu. Fair. I’embina 20.72 61 N., fresh. Cloudy. HI. Paul 20.60 01 W., fresh. Fair. Toledo 20.06 70 S., frenh. Fair. • rnOUADILITIES. Washington, May 27.— For Tonnossoo and tho Western Gulf States, southwesterly to north westerly winds, increasing pressure and partly cloudy weather, with occasional rain iu the latter. For tbo Eastern Gulf and South Atlantic States, southwesterly wiuds, warm and partly cloudy weather. For tbo Middle States and Now Eng land, southeasterly and southwesterly winds, falling barometer, high temperature, Increasing cloudy weather ond occasional rain. For Canada and the Lower Lake region, southwesterly winds, warm, cloudy weather and rain. For tbo Upper Lakes and Northwest, and thence to Missouri and Kentucky, southwesterly to northwesterly winds, rising barometer, cooler, clearing weather, with occasional rain. Convention of Insane Asylum Super- intendents. BiLTijimiE, May 27.—Tho AaaodaUoti of Medical Suporlntoudoutu of American Institu tions for tho Insane mot to-day in annual con vention. .Forty-three members were present, representing forty-one iuatUutloua. Dr. *T. S. But ler presided. After tho appointment of tho usual standing committees, reports" wore submitted by members of tho advance made in their respective institutions in the treatment of patients, and also on tho construction of asylums. Dr. J« D. Gray road a paper treating or tho pathology of Insanity. Dr. Lindon, of Canada, road a paper contrasting tho characteristics of hysteria and mania. The Atcoglatiou will goutlmw in session several days. NUMBER 282. ANOTHER TORNADO. Tcrrlllo Cyclone Near Osage Mis« slon, Kansas. Six Poisons Killed and Twenty-One Wounded, Six Mortally. Sptdal Dhpateh to The CMeriffO Tribune. Osaob Mission, Kan., May 27. — I Tho most vio* lent tornado ovor experienced in this section/ occurred about eight miles south of this city o»’ last Thursday afternoon. A whirlwind tempest desolated a tract of country a half mile in width* 1 and six miles in length. Two houses woro lifted* in the air, and blown to atoms. Six persons ' woro kilted outright, six mortally wounded, and, fifteen dangerously Injured. Ono little girl was carried one-fourth of a mile and drowned in tha* crook. . Person s woro stripped of their clothing/ and birds of their fontb-rs. Horses, cattle, and hogs wore killed. F -toon families wore loft' entirely destitute. A scone of continuous and#* awful desolation is presented. Storm nt f.otilsvillo* Louisville, May 27. — A storm passed ovor this city this afternoon, doing con siderable damage. Tito wind lifted several roofs, and uprooted trees la ovary direction. Tho lightning struck tho chimney of tho school-house, but no harm was' done. It struck tho large smoke-stack of Tom-; Eloton’s ale brewery, splitting it from top to ottom. Nobody seriously injured as for as 1 hoard from. SALT LAKE, Decoration JDny ft'undN speaker JBlalne and HrlgTiam Voimif* Salt Lake, Utah, Hay 2(j.—At a mooting of discharged soldiers to-night tho General Com* mltteo woro ordered to return all moneys con tributed to pay tho expenses on Decoration Day to tho donors. This was on account of tha solicitation of funds from Brigham Voting, ’ Wells, and other Mormon loaders. Tho Com mittoo decided to return all moneys contributed, and gave all into tho hands of tho Grand Army of tho Bopublic. Speaker Blaine would not permit tho Mormon authorities to pay his bill while hero, unlike moaf public men who come hero. Ho did not call on Brigham Young. Tho people of Utah are taught that even kings shall render homago to the Prophet. Brigham managed to moot Mr. Blaine on tho cars on an excursion, and the Speaker said some plain things to tho Prophet, which it would ho well for tho pooplo coming hero to re member. A newspaper falsely says that Mr. Blaine sab in Young's box at tho thoatro. Salt Lake, May 27.—A morning newspaper gives tho following occount of tho interview be tween .Speaker Blaino nud Brigham Young: Brighain Wanted to impress tho Speaker with tho idea that Congress had no right whatever to inter fere with tho local affairs or Government of tho Territory in any respect, ami that any attempt at interference was a breach of faith ; that they should bo loft just as (ho organic act loft them, and hod full power to do all legislation without lot or hindrance. Mr. Blaino reminded Brig ham that tho Presidential contost of 18t>0 was fought on tho distinct issue of tho right of Congress to control tho domestic institutions of tho Territories, and that Mr. Lincoln was chosen on that ground; that Congress bad exorcised Us power by abolishing tho relation of master and slave, aud that its authority was plenary in the promises, and tho extent of its exorcise s matter of discretion ; that tho organlo act ol Utah was, by its terms, subject to amendment, alteration, and repeal, and that uo enactment ol tho Territorial Legislature woe of tho slightest validity if Congress chose to annul it. Said Brigham; “If that is your doctrine, our interests and our rights demand that wo bo ad mitted a State. Wo have tho requisite popula tion, resources, and wealth." “it tmo. Mr. Young," tho Sponger re plied, 14 that you have the necessary population and wealth; but, speaking to you with tlio frank ness with which I should speak woro I on tho floor of Congress. I must say to you that Utah oan never be admitted- os a State, so long as the InstituitoM nr polygamy is uphold ana practiced by tho Mormon &uuxuu, —a, aa x un derstand, by tho great maos of your people. ‘ This remark seemed to nottlo Brigham consid erably, but ho kept his temper, and proceeded to a long dissertation on tho relative parity of the morals of the Eastern cities in comparison with tho morals of Utah, contending that tho superi ority was on tho side of the lattor. “ But, Mr. Young,” rejoined tho Speaker, “ what you denounce in the East Is done against law clandestinely, and it is admitted to be wrong evon by those who indulge in it. What you do In Utah is nob only done openly by tho sanction of tho law, but has tho approval and command,of tho Church. With such practices and opinions, radically differing with those of tho people of the United States, you cannot, In my judgment, ever bo admitted to a participation in the government of tho Union.” “Well, then,” said Brigham, “what aro you going to do about it ? You seem always to bo worrying over Utah in Congress, and to legis late for us.” “Why,” replied Blaine, “what specific measures. Congress will adopt is not for mo to say ; but I will ossuro you that Congress will adopt such measures as, in Its opin ion, may bo necessary to maintain tbo Federal authority in this Territory; but, as to Congress worrying about Utah, it Is ray Impression that tho worrying is all on tho other sldo. Ido not think it would bo right nor wise to do anything to prosecute your people for what tboy may conscientiously bo liovo, however much I may differ from them;, but, at tbo same time, I would not leave on your mind tbo impression that Congress may not at an oarly time legislate injyour affairs in just snob manner as tboy may deem best for tbo general good.” During tbo trial of a contested land case in tbo Probato Court of Salt Lako County, to-day, tbo defendant, E. Corea, testified that she was tbo polygamous widow of one Winchester, whose first wife was Mrs. Winchester's own mother. Tho parties in tho action aro all Mormons, and tho testimony of the woman bos not boon doubted, nor any attempt made to suspect her. Capitalists aro flocking boro. It looks as If tbo Bank of California was going to bocomo In terested in Utah mines. THE INDIANS. Uordor Mexicans Pleased at tbo Do* feat of the Kickupuos by Slacken* %le»A)l (Inlet at Spruce Mountain. Washington, May 27.— Secretary Belknap ro coivod the following telegram to-day: Chicago, May 27. T« (he Secretary of H'ay, WaHhinyton: Goii. Augur telegrapliß (bat the Mexicans ou (be border are wall pluancd with (be punishment given to (ho KlekujiooH by Mackenzie. Tbo rumuludcr of tbo Klckapoon threaten retaliation, but Are uru ready for them If they come. (Signed) I*. 11. Sheridan, Lieutenant-General. VnuuNiA, Nov., May 27.—Dispatches from llumboUlt Welle report the recent Indian soaro at Spruce Mountain groundless. The violent Indian donioubtrationß wore caused by whisky. Tbo orders to loavo or bo killed wore a fabrica tion. The Indiana have returned from Deep Crook Council to tbo settlements and resumed thoir usual avocations. All is quiet again. A Well JGxeciiled Swindle. Stitrial Oiawitch to The Chicago Tribune, Detroit, Midi., May 27.—H0m0 of tho sur rounding cities liavo boon swindied recently by ebooks drawn by A. llouo, Cashier of tbo Eaton County Havings Bank, on tbo Fourth National Bank of Now York. Cleveland, Toledo, llllls dalo, and othor places horoabouta havo boon cashing tbo chocks freely. The chocks wore printed horo, sont to Now York for tbo Internal revenue atampa to bo printed thoreon, returned horo, and forwarded to Eaton Rapids, whoro tbo mythical Eaton County Savings Bank was said to bo located. Ocean NteuiiiNliip Nows. Liverpool, Way 27.—Tho steamships Dorian, Batavia, and City of Brooklyn have arrived out. New York, May 27.—Arrived, the stoamahipi Minnesota and City of Limerick, from Liver* pool. , Brent. May 27.—Tho steamship City of Waslv ington, from Now York, has arrived.

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