Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 28, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 28, 1873 Page 3
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SCHOOL RULERS. ’ Mr. Goggin Talks Plainly and Disagreeably. An Opinion on a Physiological Teit- Boot-~ohioago Academ ical Education in aßadWay. Axo Our Higli-Scliool Toachors Shirking Thoir Duty to Save Trouble ? Tho Board of Education mot at tho Board* . rooms, No. 81 LaSalle street, at o'clock, • present, Mr. President King,and Inspectors A, ' J. Bonflold, A. 0. Calkins, J.Qoggln, .W, :Hbsing, B. Prussihg, J. 0. Blohborg/E. F, •Banyan, 1 E. H. Sheldon, L. Stono, W. H. Wells. UifisTtasßoU,' principal of Polk Street Primary ' School, having sent in her resignation, the santa \ was accepted, and Miss Bose A. McCarthy wad 1 elected in hbr stood. . : On tho High School report as to toxt-books, discussion took place on a proposition to discon * tihno tho uso of Dalton's toxt-book oh physlol ogy, it being considered that it was not In all ro . epocts suitable to thboapaoitios of tho students. - A motion to this effect, and an amendment post poning tho discussion, woro submitted. |; Mr. Goggin was satisfied that Dalton novor' * wrote tho book bearing his name,' and that who . ever did write It Know nothing wnarevor of the .subject of physiology. Ho advocated putting in use a good book, or nono at all. Mr. Richborg moved a substitute to postpone ' tho consideration of tho quostlon of physiology until tho first mooting of tho Board in August next. Mr. Stono said tho real foot was, tbo toachors of tho High School woro not able to learn physi ology from theso toxt-books as in a technical Bchool. Tho question was, how much physl-l ology thoy should loarn, and impart. They woro' &of teaching for medical purposes. ' . 1 Mr. Goggin said it was conceded by all that Chicago was tho worst provided city in Christen dom for imparting this class of academic Imowl-; edge. Thoy were paying SIO,OOO to High School 1 toachors, and It seemed to him that tho toachors! woro studying how to teach with tho least trouble' to themselves, whether the pupils.learnt any-, thing or not. Tho High School was tho only ono, whore knowledge of this kind could be. obtained in Chicago, and thoro should ,bo noprotenso. about it. ~ Mr. Blcbborg'a substitute was adopted, and the High -School report was also about to bo adopted, with that, change, when Mr. Prusslng moved that tho Analytical Sixth Header bo sub stituted for tho Independent Sixth Header. Ho understood that tho'former contained-slangy . words. He appealed to Mr. Wilco, who said ho was In favor of postponing any. change for an other year. It was a serious matter to change * a reader throughout tho school. '• 'Mr. Stone thought tho Analytical Sixth Header .was tho least objectionable of all readers. Mr. WUoo thought that tho Independent was the most objectionable. It contained six rep resentations of a sensational kind, illustrating lovo-soenes. ghost-scones, and fairy-scenes. Ho ,gayo an Instance, a flotlon worthy of a Chicago Times . writer’s imagination. Ho objected to .that sort of thing for his own children, and should do so for tho children of others. Tho .Monroo and other series of .readers wero all superior to tho Independent series. ~ -Mr.- Goggin -was satisfied Chicago hod tho worst senes of readers In tbo country. Ho might oppose tho readers in uso, but tbo pub lisher was a member of tho Common Council .and the Council hod tho confirmation of mem’< bora nominated to tho Board. The inference . was obvious. - . Tho motion was put and lost. A question arose as to tho test-books on polit ical economy, which tho report loft to option, the various books being devoted, solely either to protective or to free-trade theories. Stone thought, no children should bo taught tho principles of froo (.ratio (Perry's), Mr, Heslng moved that the free trade booh be struck out. ■ i - • The roll tu called, and tho result woe one Veto for Mr. Heelng’a motion, his own; and tho report was adopted, with tho exception of the text-book on physiology. The Committee on Apparatus, and Furniture applied for permission to advertise for furniture for tho Jones School. Carried. Tho Committee on Janitors and Supplies rec ommended that the Janitor of tho Franklin Bchpol receive S2O per week, commencing’ 1st 1 May Instant. Carried. . . The Committee on Salaries made no report, and bad untU next mooting to prepare tho .schedule for tho ensuing year. ■ The Committee on Auditing reported bills, w bich wore ordered paid, amounting to $6,210.54. The School Agent's report wos accepted and placed on tile, as follows: Receipts from all sources. Expenditures Balance $7,510.39 Of which $2,814.81 Is for investment, $1,878.06 for paying outstanding accounts, ’ and $8,292.02 for payment of teachers. of the Committee on Examination of Teachers recommended for partial certificates Marion F. Porvln, Mary A. Faniham, B. Nottio Mott, Jennie Strickland, and Mary 0. Clarke, and recommended that an examination of candi- M;r^ p o°S n a. sbo npon M -■“"J of Toachora reported tho following transfers i Emily Carlisle, from Washington to Scammon School; Myrtello Colbert, Clark to Beam onoll School) Mary A.' 800, from OoUaga Grove to Franklin j Alicia Aiken, ■ from Third Avonno to Moaoly ; Fanny Hannan, from Hayon MaryE Cilloy, from Hayon to Eliza, both j MlnniolV. Hanna, from Clark to ' Eliza beth » Carrie E. Bunmo, from Corpontor ■to Ha von. ■- i •• Confirmations—Mary O. Baker, Lizzie A. Pat terson, Amelia Mallory, Amanda Gatos, Sophlo B. Adams, Carrie Malloy, Helen ,W. Boydon, El len A. Campbell, Helen W. Drant, Carrio E Simms, and Sarah M. Smith. * Boflignations—Abba . G. Woodford. Georgia Moule, BoxanaJß. Breussner, and Jenhlo Price. Camod. ■ . The Committee on the High School recom mended tho following order of exercises for the closing of this term: • Pirate Thursday, Juno Iff. Examination of Candi da tea for admission to the High School. - Secoml—Friday, June 20, and Monday, June. 23 High School exorcises suspended, that the teachers to marking examination papers. 27uro—Tueeday. June 24, and Wednesday, June 25. Examination of High School pupils. Fourth^ Thureday, Juno 20. ‘ Bohoanal. Friday, Juno 27, p. m. Graduating exercises of senior class. ■ Tho Committee also advised that the Primary Bohool, and all primary divisions of tho Gram mar Bohoois, ho closed at noon of Thursday. Juno 26; also, that tho Grammar Bohool bo closed at noon of Friday, June 27. Carried. The Committee on tho Normal School recom mended that candidates for admission bo exam ined Thursday. June 19; that tho Bonlor Glass be examined for certificates Friday. Jane 80; that all other classes bo examined Jane 25; and that tho exorcises of the graduat ing class bo hold Thursday. Juno 28, p. zn. Carried. ’ * • Mr. Calkins moved that the Board, whon it adjourns, shall adjourn till Thursday of this trook. at 4 o’clock, to open bids for tho con struction of tho Western Avenue Primary School and decide on the samo. Carried. The board tuon adjourned. DEARBORN STREET EXTENSION* ■ A mooting of the property-owners Interested in the extension of Dearborn street, from Jock son to Twelfth street, was held at tho corner of Third avenuo and Van Buren street,, last even ing, Tho object was to mako arrangements to. Bocure tho abstracts of title, so that tho Board of Public Works could see who ore interested, and toll who tojproceed against in the condemna tlou of land. Mr, Bigelow presided. A discus-' Bon took pW during which it was aUtod that tho Board of Public • Works bod given up the idea of getting fixe abstracts from the property-owners. The ooords were now being examined, and the as sessments would bo completed within two weeks Tho extension was a work of much labor and Its progress T was consequently slow. Tho ab atracts would bo needed before tho paving was done, and hppoo il was: suggested that the own ora of the ground have their abstracts brought down to date, eo that they Trill bo available when too wants thorn. Tbo gentlemen vroro appointed a commlttoo to con sult with tbo Corporation. Counsel, and loam What was necessary, to hurry forward the’lm provement of 'tbo street> Hr. l)Mo, Hr. Keod, and Hr.’ Palmer. Tbo Committee was Instructed to prepare a circular notifying prop erty-owners that It Is necessary to procure ab stracts If they haven’t them, and telling them the Board of Public Works will need them be fore the condemnation proceedings are com menced. The.meeting then adjourned. JUBILEE NOTES. A movement Across tlao iinko«>Stenm< liont £xcuralons« Tho Goodrich steamers aro to bring a largo number of excursionists from points across tbo . lake to tho Jubiloo, and largo parties aro form ing for that purpose. Tho steamers oro aU to bo kept busy daring tho week in short-trip excur sions on iho.lako, and on Saturday, Juno 7, Col. J. H. Bowen will proudly load out a steam flotilla carrying 1,000 . invited guests on an excursion to South Chicago, tho largest naval .engagement on tho lakes since Perry's Victory. THE REHEARSALS aro proceeding with groat vigor, and it is certain that results will bo reached vastly creditable to Chicago resident musical talent. •. MB. OILMORB has boon for several days past represented In this city by h!s ogont, Mr. Prescott, who re turned, lost evening, to carry a highly encour aging report to his chief. Ho says that 1 over our extemporized and hasty affair of jubilation a stir prevails in tbo country, at largo exceeding oven' tho. enthusiasm of the Boston Jnblloo, . owing of- course to the foot that tbo people have the half-fare opportunity to boo at tho same time tho City wo aro Jubilating over. In the groat donot will to-day bo assigned sev erally . tbo bands', .the chorus, tho press, re freshment. and ladies' rooms. Tho ontiro front nmiamg opening- on the' groat audience room, with a sebro or two of windows and a brood bal cony. will bo given up to tho distinguished guests in charge of thollocoption Oomnuttoo. 1 ' THE OUTSIDE PRESS. -Tho Now York Times thus disoussoth: 11 As H to put to abamo their loss liberal brethren of : Vienna, the hotel proprietors of Chicago have signified their willingness to make no ohaogo In their rates of chargo during the days of tho Musical Jubilee, preparations for which aro now being made on a grand scale. -As tho festival Is intended to mark tho rising of tho city from its ashes, all classes of citizens feel an equal pride and interest in the movement. Tho desire 'is, therefore, to receive visitors more near ly upon the footing of “ guests," so that they may carry away favorable impres sions of tbo now Chicago. Tho purpose is cer tainly a most laudable one. It will bo agreeable nows for thdso- who intend to spend their holi day in Chicago, to know that thoro is no ohauco ' that tho pleasure of tho excursion is to be marred by extortionate hotel bills." —The St. Louis Democrat spills over in this fdoosant voln: “ A gentleman, who has Just re amed from Chicago, says novor, In their palmiest days, did tho citizens of that quiet settlement ■ exhibit suchan exahnrnnco of animal spirits, nor indulge in such pleasing anticipations of tho future, as thoy do now that tho railroad depot concert and Groat Western Jehuhollibiloo is a fixed fact. Tho hotel proprietors now seo a prospect of settling the back-pay question with their' help—the dollar storo merchant princes ore removing tho verdigris from their-wares, while every freight train from tho East comes laden with rosin, fiddlo-strings, aqd long-haired gentlemen with oleoginons coat-collars, who propose to blow their brains out through thoir trombones rather than see tbo coming musical carnival a failure." THE DESTRUCTIVE EFFECTS OF LAGER-BEER. 3b tho Editor of The Chicago Tribune : 6m In your editorial of yo&torday, replying to my letter of the 19th inst., in which I argued that tho enforcement of .the Sunday law is a ne cessity of the public safety, you practically ad mit tho soundness of my conclusions, except as to beer-saloons, which, you hold, do not endan ger tho public safety, and ought not, therefore, to bo forcibly closed on Sunday. Tho issue is, therefore, narrowed down to a single question of fad, viz ;■ Does tho keeping open of boor-saloons on Sunday endanger the safety of the public ? I gladly accept that Issue also, and am ready to prove tho afilrmaiivo with empUttois. • In support of your statement that it is a mis take to hold boor responsible, to any extent, for crime and depravity, you quoto tbo widely-prov alout opinion, that a compariaou of Continental countries, where beer and wine are most drank, with Groat Britain and America, where stronger drinks aro tho rule,-shows that boor is on agent of temperance, rather than of Intomporanco. No statement could bo more mistaken, and no opinion more ill-founded. It is not true that Continental countries are freer from drunken ness than England or America} but the contrary is true, as I shall now, show by the statements of witnesses who will not bo questioned. J1 Foniinoro Cooper says: “ I come to Europe under, tho Impression that there was more drunk enness amongst us [Americans] than in dny other 'country. A residence of six months lu Paris changed my views entirely. I have taken un believers about Paris, and always convinced them in one walk. I have boon more struck by drunkenness in the streets of Paris than in those of London." .$357,043.98 . 360,437.67 Horace Greeley wrote from Paris: “ That wino will intoxicate, does intoxicate,—thot there are confirmed drunkards in Paris, and through out Franco,-—is notorious and undeniable." James M. Usher, Chief Commissioner of Massachusetts to tho World’s Exposition of 18G7. Haysi a lhave soon moro'people drunk hero than I over saw In Boston for the eamo length of time."' A French magazine says: «At Lille, 25 per cent of the men and 12 per cent of the women are confirmed drunkards." Dr. Warren, of Boston, seven years a resident of Germany, says: “ Drunkenness is very com mon. Eyery evening drunken people stagger by Lr. J. G. Holland, who baa written a book recommending wine as a substitute for stronger drink,—quoted as an authority .by those who ad vocate tnat theory.—has, since hla late and longer travel in Continental countries, disclosed that the views given In his * book are wrong, and that, on the contrary, wine-drinking is a great producer of drunkenness. If more evidence is required to show that, wine drinking does not promote temperance. 1 am pre pared to give It. , It Is not necessary to go id foreign countries to loam whether oeer promotes temperance or otherwise, and whether ft is responsible for crime. It is only needful to call your attention to the fact that, within this County of Cook, between the hours of 11 o'clock lost Saturday night and 4 o’clock last Monday morning, four deadly as saults w ere -made,—two of thou, according to the papers. Induced wholly by drinking beer, and two by drinking beer and whisky; »nd,ocoording to tho last accounts, tho victims of the assaults occa sioned wholly by beer are not expected to sur vive. You will find the account of those frays in the Post of Monday and tho Times of Tuesday lost. If you will review the files of the daily papers for the past year, you will find that boor saloona and Deor-arinking are responsible for their full share of the violence and murder that have so appalled our citizens. In the face of these deadly facts, argument in favor of boor must certainly be dumb. Yours truly, Chicago, May 28, 1870. Ossian. Rkuahes.—lt Is not necessary to go to Europe, or to ransack tho writings of Fonimore Cooper, Horace Greeley, eto., In orderto judge of thoten denolos of logor-boor and light wines to produce intoxication and moke men quarrelsome. Chi cago has tolerated the use and solo of theso bev erages on Sunday nearly a quarter of a century. Those who have lived horo during that period aro better ablo to judge of the effects of boor drinking than any whoso opinions aro derived from reading books. Those whoco observation teaches thorn that beer is a destructive com pound will probably vote that waywhon tho time comes; and thoso who think otherwise will, if the issue Is presented in such a way that they oaa make thoir views affective, vote dif ferently. Real Estate Auction. A number of oholco lots will b« disposed of at public auction, on tbe grounds, at half-put 3 o’clock to-mor row afternoon. Tbe property Is located ou tbe Oak wood Park boulevard, and Langley, Vincennes, and Union avenues, and Is very desirable for residence* Particulars may bo obtained at Room 0 Honoro Block The Latest Thing In Hats. Parker it Tilton, No. 03 Clark street, opposite tbe i Court-Rouse, have introduced their summer style beaver mixed dress bat, the lightest and most stylish . bat ever manufactured.- - ■ ■ A tomporanco mooting was hold yesterday evening In tho Oontonary Church. Tbo gather ing was not a Tory largo ono, and was mado np of ono man to every two women—a bigamous kind of a mooting. Tho Rot. Mr. Peek prayed for raoroy for tho rumsollors who had no moroy upon others or thomsolvos, and for strength for those who wore fighting tho groat sin, and that power might ho given to put a total ond to tho acoursdd trafflo. 110 askod for moroy upon all who aro now staggering to .a drunkard’s grave, and concluded by hoping thbeo prosont would enter that heaven whore no whlaky-drlnkor could enter. Tho Rev. Mr. Peek explained that ho would have made a speech had it not boon for a sore throat) Ho was heartily In favor of tho move ment, and would speak hereafter. A cloud was rising which,* unless proper precautions woro taken, might dolugo them in tho fall. ( Tho Chair explained that tho mooting was not in opposition to tho now movement among tho Gormans.. It was hilt tho beginning of a series of mooting to bo hold all ovor tbo city to awakon tho public to.tho importance of tho tomporanco cause. Incidentally, of course, they should op . poso tho pretensions of ihoso who claimed -not' to bo American citizens. They had mado ar rangements for a scries of '.on-minuto speeches. Some of tho orators woro men who. six or seven years ago, woro in tho clutches of tho Flond. They • would , also - hoar 1 Tomporanco - Bureau statistics, and have a dramatic reading. Ho hoped ail present would unlto against those diabolical men who woro trying to abolish ’Christianity, Sunday, ondthoßiblo, and reduce ©very man, woman, and child to slavery, and iij tho Fall put an ond to tho dreams of those de signing men. Mr. j. L. Qrogg then rood an address on “ Liberty and Slavery *' a tiresome and poorly delivered essay, bristling with pootlo quotations, and closing with si description of delirium .tremens,.evidently drawn up oy Dr. N. S.Davis. Tbo attending physician turns away, with tears in his eyes, and murmurs, “Bromide of potash cannot help him.” ' This gentleman’s time was up long before ho concluded, bat ho wont on with his production for a time In spite of shouts of “Time,” “Sit down," oto. At lost ho asked If tho audience had had enough of him, ond somebody sold ho guossod so. So Mr, Qrogg folded his manuscript and silently stole away. 'Mr. Myors was called on to tell what the Tem fioranco Bureau had done. Ho said that would ako all night. Ho wonted to deal with live Is sues. Five Judges were to bo elected Monday. Tho liquor men wore going to light Booth. If they succeeded, they would go Into tho fall elec tion with the prestige of success. All present must vote, and vote tho full ticket. Ho introduced Dr. .Hatfield, who wos' glad to hoar thoro was a well-defined issuo mado np on tho liquor question, which other things had forsomo years crowded out of sight. Ho be hoved tho people everywhere woro going to put a ptop to this thing. Tho war hod caused many unpleasant things, bat one good ono, that tho people were not as easily led. They had an illustration of that In tho salary-steal. Ho w&s at Washington when it happened, and bod got as mad over it os a mild-mannered maw could. At first tho politicians thought it would not cause any commotion, haf it cud. It was tho hardest task for ono of thoso Congress men to secure a ronomination, and especially a ro-oloction. Tho people in tho same way were looking after the rights of liquor-sellers. ■ Ho would not trespass on tho rights of any saloon keeper Whatever should bo done could bo aouo without trespassing on tho rights of any one. Bat no man had a right to dis seminate poverty and misery. -No man had any more right to mako drunkards than to steal, and society hod a right to put down tho wholo accursed bueinees. Wiioro there woro no grog-shops thoro word no paupers or criminals. Tho only way to got rid of tho ovila of liquor was to suppress lie sale. Nothing elso could do it. Ono trouble lay in tho miserable ideas cur rent about tho -duties and responsibilities of offlco-holdors. A Mayor, for instance, was sworn to oxocnto tho laws, and yot allowed re peated violations to pass unnoticed, and said ho did not know whether the-people wanted tho laws enforced. If a man had not courage to do his duty, ho should vacate. It was easy enough to enforce tho law by putting on f. , bold . fr ° u , k - It was an unfortunate *?. .Ma coun ry that- nationalities should divide politically, but if tho Germans forced tho, issue, on them bo the responsibility and they would find out whether this was America or Germany. Many of these foreigners had no idea of constitutional liberty, and bo- Uovod they woro free to do what they, pleased. They had no right to bring their OonHoontol Sunday. After all, the country, during tho War, was saved by Americans, ond only a slight per centage of tho soldiers wore foreigners. The liquor contest was now upon them, and it had to ho met and disposed of. Tho meeting then adjourned. THE 11 O’CLOCK CLOSING. , At a mooting of Garden City Division Sons of Temperance, held last evening, the following resolutions woro adopted: ; . . Awolwd, That, the amendment to the ordinance com pelling tbo saloons to close at 11 o'clock at night, passed at tha last mooting of tho Council, by which they are allowed lo cany on thoip work of ruin and ° k • weak and Infamous surren der to the liquor interest, and an act for the promotion °{^ c ft dlflo , rd °r, and crime, which moots with the op. prob&t on of only tho vicious elements of society. That, as friends of law and order, wo call upon the Mayor to veto said amendment. * THE ROOMS. O. J. Benson, Esq., of England, la at tho Gardner. George B. Davis, U. 8. A., was at tho Gardner yesterday. B. E, Thompson, TJ. S.A., was at tho Sherman yesterday. Dr. H. E. Smith, of Detroit, is at the Matte son House. F. B. Jenny, of Now York, la at tho Woat □ido Briggs. «5 ?, i J o , ! o£ E?? on i of I‘oulayillo. Ky., is at the Wost Bids Briggs. , ” WhitOjEai]., of London, England, is at tho Sherman House. ■ TBo Hon. A. B. MaodlU, of Plover, Wis„ is at the Sherman House. 1 ~ u f y°r j• B. Fletcher, of St. Albans, Vt., is at tho Mattoson Houso. * ' Oapt. E. O. Lockwood, U. S. A., Yankton, D. T., is at the Gardner. Tho Hon. Charles A. Eldridgo, Fond da Lao. s at tho Sherman House. 1 _lho Bev. James Oralk, D.D., of LoulaviUo, Ky., is at tho Gardner House. •' Tha . Kov. Eugene Neely, Limerick, Ireland, was at tho Sherman Xlouso yesterday. ' w •ftSI 8 JPf Borden > ot Pontioo, arrived at the West Side Briggs House last night. Gen. O. L. Case. BosMolnos, lowa, is among yesterday’s arrivals at ibo West Bide Briggs. H Hon. D. R. Gannoo and party, from St. Louis ou route for San Francisco, arrived in this city £sbk?Soi£l? 410 fltoppiDß ftfc tho Woat Bid ° Joseph A. Homan, Esq., proprietor of tho Maine Farmer, and John Hartford. Esq., of Augusta, Maine, aro visiting in this cltv 1 the guests of Col. B. W. Stryker. . y ' . , p * 5* p , erkl 5 fl * Qouoral Manager of tho For .Kr,LD# n ° C ° ra Pf n * ? f Fort Woyuo. *8 in tho oity,looking after tho intorostsof that onterprlso. Mr. Forking is at tho West Bldo Briggs House. ITm following wore at tho EmtHldo Urim yoaterday : 0. H. Burfoo, Leavonworth : b W. W. Young, Banla Fo; L. B. Oartor, Boston : G. W. Boott, Wyoming j W. H. Joriau, Non Haven. 1 At the West Bldo Brigga Homo : Wm. Brunt. Liverpool, Eng. j L J. Loro, Louisville. Kv • Win. Btoffa, Philadelphia; A. Eroera.n, Wyom -o°' Milwaukee j H. L Colo ■The following wore among tha distinguished arrival, at the Gardner ye.tordayi Edward Holbrook, Now York j W. D. MoOord, Baltl moro; H. D. MooKay, at. Louie j A. Bplnkle, The following wore at tho Sherman Hou«e ; yoaterday i Georgo Oadwalodor, Baoromouto i TEMPERANCE. Mooting at Contonnry Church tnst Evening. Addresses By the Kov. Dr. Hatfield, of Cincinnati, Formerly of Olricago. PERSONAL. Mrs.'li. M. Springer, Yorkvlllo s E. 11, Murdock. Boston; 11. Scott Smith. WMblngton,D* O.t O. L. Mownson, Troy* W. Edgar Rogers, Now York j .Honry Kayaer, E. 0. Lackland, St. Louie: Mr; Hans Balatba, bo well known in our oal otroloe, and who baa boon tho loader of thd Milwaukee Musical Society during tho past eighteen months, arrived in tho city last even ing. In tho oourao of a day or two ho will mooti eorno of tho prominent Gorman citizens and mu- Blolans of this city for consultation upon musi cal matters, preparatory to taking charge of tho Chicago Lomotkrouß ■ and organizing a largo: orchestra. . Bon Butler has now gone down Into Maine to hook some trout. Coo. tho defaulting Boston broker, had a fam ily extravagantly fond of diamonds. Henry F. Clark, President of the Cleveland Paper Company, died, lout Saturday, at hla resi dence near Cleveland, ©. Peter Mitchell will bo appointed Canadian Commissioner under the Washington Treaty to adjust tho excess In valuo of tho Canadian over the American fisheries. Tho Commission will : Bit in Halifax In July. The Canadian Premier was brought to tho bdr .of tho House, the other day, hi custody of the for' nou-altondanco at a sea-' slon. 111-health being pleaded, the House ox-' . cased him. -, , - William Sharon, formerly a dry goods clerk In Carrollton, HI., has, it is soldi amassed In Cali fornia* a fortune of not loss than 620.000,000. Ho la tho ruling spirit of tho Bank of Califor nia, and Is ono of the men who played for a Ne vada Sonatorshlp and made money by it. Henry Strong, of Chicago, has boon elected President of tho Atchison, Topeka A Santo Fo Railroad, in place of QlnoryTwitchell. of Boston: Thomoe Nickerson, of Boston, Vice-President, in plvoo of Mr. Burr, of tho samo place; and A. E. Touzalln, Land Commissioner, in placo of D. L. Lakln, resigned. Mr. Peter retires from tho office of General Manager. «. Da i r i D ff rocoat visit to this city, Gen. Sheridan, speaking of the latb raid into Mexico, said: “ Iho Rio Grande is such a crooked river, you know, that MoKonzlo probably couldn’t toll which side of it ho was on. I’, 1 ’, The merry twinkle of his oyo as ho said this showed that ho did not disapprove of MoKenzlo’s action.— lndianapolis Journal . Tho. most extensive stock-grazer in Texas Is Samuel W. Allen, who lives at Galveston, and carries on an immense <( rancho ” forty miles north of there, shipping his cattle to Golvoaton and thonce to How Orleans and Now York. Ho owns 600,000 hood of long-horns, and his freight bills over the railroad during tho month of March wore 681,000, while on tho Steamer lino they amounted to 6830,000. THE EXPOSITION. Tbo Slto Determined Upon—Active . . . measures to Doglni Tho Inter-State Exposition building ia now a fixed fact. It waa fixed before, of course, but baa been a littlo unsettled by some minor points .of location, now definitely adjusted. Theman agers will now turn on a full head of steam, and carry all before them. It is now definitely set tled, and there will no future questions arise, that tho centre of tho building oyer which will tower the huge dome, a bubble of glass and iron, will front directly tbo foot of Adams street, and tho wings will terminate respectively at tbo south lino of Monroe street and tho north lino of Jackson street. Every exertion is being made to bring tho porspootive and views of this Chicago'Or petal Palace to completion, in order to place them by thousands in tbo hands of our visitors during Jubilee week, to show thorn that the day or two of Jollification is but tho prelude to a more sub stantial and permanently creditable enterprise undertaken as a permanency, and to bo main tained henceforth as one of our local institu tions, in which every citizen can take pride. It will be ready in October. THE CITY IN BRIEF. To show how lino fio could write, tbo polloy wrifcer of tbo Republic Life Insurance Company recently put 1,900 words on a postal-card. _ The headquarters of the Judicial Campaign Committee are in tho basement of tho Mer chants’ Building, No. 02 LaSalle street. • Tbo members* of Rawson Post, G. A. R. t aro *0 ™ eot 1 at headquarters this evening for drill and, tbo. transaction of important baoi noss. Templar Lodge, No. 440,1. O. 0.F., will moot at their hall, corner of Washington and Doa- B lames streets, this • evening. All members of io order ore invited to attend. An inquest on tho body of tho unknown man who was found In tho lake at tho foot of Adams atroot, at the Morgue, yesterday, failed to re veal his name. A verdict of “ drowninir 11 was rendered. °

To-morrow ia tho lost day for voters to regis ter for tho Judicial election, which tokos place on Monday, All persona who intend to vote, and have not registered, should hood this admoni tion. ' Tho alarm of firo, from Box 884, at half-past 8 o clock yesterday rooming, was caused by the up setting of a kerosene lamp at No. 145 Lake ®w°et, a frame dwelling, owned and occupied by John! l rode. No damage was done. A follow who desires to earn a living .without doing.mannal labor has boon collecting money from tho charitable by representing that it is for tho Homo of the: Friendless. Rev. E. M. Boring, Secretary of the institution, is tho only person authorized to rooolvo subscriptions, and hence all applications, unless maao by him should be refused.. . Work was made for tho Police Commissioners about half-past 8 o'clock yoatordav morning by a collision which ■ occurred at the corner of Fisk and Twenty-second streets between tho hose-cart of tho Littlo Giant englno, and tho hoso cart of No. 18. Tho Littlo Giant’s horse was instantly killed, and tho horso of No. 18 was badly injured. In some of our public schools a plan has been adopted for safely dismissing tho scholars in caso of firo. Its working was tested on Monday morning last at tho Scammon School, with tho most satisfactory results. Tho signal was given at half-past 11 o’clock t and in just two minutes four buildings wore emptied, and without tho occurrence of a jam at either of tho doors. We need only to add that tho alarm was entirely experimental, thero being no 1 firo ’ in the neighborhood. _ I? 10 ®°mploted foundations of tho now County Jail and Criminal Court, in process of erection on the site of the old North Market Hall, were examined by several members of tho Board of County Commissioners, yesterday, and wore pronounced perfect specimens of mason-work. Even those Oommisalonorß who were opposed to ■ M. B. Bailey & Co. receiving tho contract, were compelled to concur in this opinion after careful scrutiny. A neat wine lunch was served and arolitocfs 115 roatauraut by the contractors Tho Decoration Committee mot at tho Gard ner House laat evening, and. all the sub-com mltteoa reported progress. Ex-Gov. Yates woo invited to be.present at Gracelaud Cemetery on Decoration Day, and all friends of the dead sol diers aro requested to call at tho rooms of tho Committee on Flowers. corner of Fifth avenue and Monroe street, and assist the ladles in mak ing up tho evergreens and flowers. Air. Richard B. Kent, the missing Now York merchant, baa not yet turned up.. The dorks at the Atlantic & PooiUo Telegraph office romombor that a despatch similar to that received by his family, was seat from their office. The original copy, which they have retained, is transcribed in a feminine hand, and was not written in the of floe. It was brought there by a largo man whoso description is similar to that of Mr. Kent. At the Michigan Central depot one of the Pull man car attendants thought ho remembered that, yesterday a week ago, a man got off his oar who appeared to bo very feeble and sick. Further iaa those fihadowy oluoa nothing was learned. A prominent railroad official arrived In this city yesterday afternoon, and. in company with aoveral of the officers of the Chicago 4 Bt. laul and Northwoatorn Hailroade, went « “ v ?S ß * on 7 o’clock in tho oven ning. They selected that suburb forameotlng placo herder to “ got away from reporters.” dteonsaod was, Shall the earnings of the Milwaukee & St. Paul and tho Northwestern i(ai|road CompanUs be pooled ; in other words, shall they do away with competition, and keep up freight and passenger ; tariffs ? The session W « lot K one i lasting several hours. None out the ciUcials wore present, and the result could not he learned. If they reached a oonolu siou, it coanot long bo kept from the public. i uiat who committed suicide by throwing himself into the river from the Madison street on Saturday night last, was identified yesterday morning as John 8, Kelley, who has been boarding for six weeks at No. 167 East Adams atreot. Prom some papers found In his trunk, it would appear that the deceased has ESDAY, STAY 28, 1873, boon a resident of St. Louis, and that his family BtUl reside in that city. It is said that his father is a wealthy citizen there. Uo lived In Chicago before tho fire, and traveled for several wholesale grocery firms. Ho loft this city for To?oa soon after the fire, and returned about six weeks ago. His efforts to got work woro unsuccessful, aud ho hod become much disheartened.. Ho had sev eral times threatened to commit suicide. Uo was about 90 years of ago. Tho Coroner’s inquest concluded with a verdict of death by suicide. Tho Coroner yesterday wrote to tho firm of Brookmlro A Rankin, in St. Louis, with whom deceased was at ono time employed, asking thorn to Inform hla relations of hla death. Tho Investigation Into tho causo of tho death of Michael McLaren, whoso body was found In tho river on Sunday morning last, was continued until this morning at 10 o'clock io enable Detec tive Simmon's to got together as many foots as possible. Tho evidence which will bo given will bo In substance as follows i McLaren attended a mooting of tho Moulders’ Union at No. ICS Fifth avenue on tho evening of Friday, tho ICth Inst. Ho was Intoxicated, and during tho mooting ho woo several times ordered out. Ho Sot into a dispute with ono of tho officers of io Union.' but they did not come to blows. About 9 o’clock, McLaren, having become very noisy, was put out of tho meeting, aud taken down-stairs to tho street by two of tho members, who started him homo. His residence was at No. 400 Wost Twelfth street, and In going there ho would havo to cross tho South Branch either at Polk, Van Buron or Twelfth street. Tho man with whom ho quar reled did not loavo tho hall until after 10 o’clock, and then In company with a party of four. Mc- Laren has boon employed as a moulder for como tlmo in the reaper factory, of 0. H. McCormick A Co., and was In indigent circumstances. JUDGE LAWRENCE AND THE CHICAGO TIMES. Ed Paso, 111., May 23,1873. To (he Editor <(f The Chicago Tribune: Six: In tho labored effort of tho Times to answer tho letter of Judgo Thornton in behalf of tho re-election of tho unjustly-abused Judgo Lawrence, that paper admits everything that tho friends of Judgo Lawronco claim for him, viz: ability, honesty, strict Integrity, experience, and devotion to tho best interests of tho country. But, says tho Times, his election would defeat tho cause. What cause? If Judgo Lawrence possesses ability, honesty, strict integrity, ox fiorienco, and devotion to tho best interests of ho country, as tho Times fairly admits in its editorial on Judgo Thornton's letter, then, I ask what cause will bo defeated in his ro-oleotlon ? Surely not tho cause of the people in their strug gle with tho monopolies, for it is admitted by his opponents that hois devoted to tho host inter ests of tho country. Then again I ask, What cause doos tho Times refer to? I can only Im agine that it Is tho cause of defunct, defeated, sore-hooded pcrtiticlons of tho Tory typos a • rotten cause indeed, in those days of advancing reformatory movements, in tho interest of tho wholo people, and to tho great discomfiture of the few. Tho people oro now making a grand effort to secure to themselves tho blessing of' froo government, so long withhold from them by tho chicanery of dishonest and disreputable poli ticians, who, while protending to servo them, .wore, in fact, organizing Crodit-Mobllier schemes and land-grabs, upon which to enrich themselves at the expense of tho wholo country. It is tho cause of such, aud none other, thot tho Times is fearful will bo defeated, in the re-elec tion of that honest, fearless, ana upright jurist, Judgo Lawrence. A. M. O. LAST WEEK'S MORTALITY. The regular weekly report of tho Sanitary Superintendent was road at tbo mooting of tbo Board of Health yesterday. It showed that . there bod been 145 deaths during tho week end ing on tbo 24tb, and of tboso 73 wero males and 72 females. There bad also boon one still-birth and 20 premature births. Tbo number of deaths in tbo preceding week was 147. A slight in crease In tho uumborof bouses infected by small pox was reported, though tbo total la-not so largo as during tbo same period last year. Fourteen deaths from tbo diacaao'had occurred in tho week. Messrs. Hanlon, ‘Hough, and Flanigan, packers, whoso places of bußinoss are on Hoisted street, in tbo vicinity of tho Stock Yards, wore before tbo Board for tbo purpose of explaining away charges concerning the un cleanly condition of their promises. As an in dictment Is threatened, they promised to clean np their houses os soon as possible. Tho Sani tary Police reported 470 notices served, and 547 umeaiicon ttPatod.' The Board then adjourned. AMUSEMENTS, ACADEMY OF MUSIC. IlaUted-Bt., near Madiioa. MATINEE MATINEE MATINEE MATINEE MATINEE MATINEE MATINEE MATINKE MATINEE TO DAY AT 2 P. M. An Entertaining and 1-Jiughnblo Bill. AUUAII NA BROGUE ARUAH NA lIHOQUE ARRAU NA BROGUE At Matinee. THE CANNIBALS, THE CANNIBALS TUE CANNIBALS, BROWN’S UOU.SK DOO, BROWN’S HOUSE DOO BROWN'S HOUSE BOG THE MIXED COUPLE, U ’ THE MIXED COUPLE, THE MIXED COUPLE. AT MATINEE ONE NIGHT IN A BAR-ROOM, ONE NIGHT IN A BAR-ROOM m n ONE WIGHT IN A BAR-ROOM THE QUARTETTE, THE QUARTETTE, AT MATINEE. THE QUARTETTE, Bongs, Dances, Vocal Ooms, 40., AT MATINEE. MATINEE, MATINEE, MATINEE, MATINEE, MATINEE, MATINEE. Entire change of BUI Thursday Night. HQQLEY'S THEATRE. Wednesday Afternoon and Night, May 28, positively last two performances of Hartley OampbolTa American drama, (THROUGH FIRE ! Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Afternoon and Night, Marshall's elegant Oomody, FALSE SKC-A^EE, With a powerful cant and gorgeous scenery, concluding wilh a laughable FAROE. Monday, Juno 3, after months of elaborato preparation, the Musical Extravaganza or VB QBN- AIKEN'S THEATER Hunted. Down. Two Grand Performance*, this Afternoon at a#, Evening at 8 o'clock, LAtTKA. KBEISTE AND HER STAR COMBINATION IN Hunted Down; or, Tie Two Lives of Mary Leigh. Friday—BENEFIT OF LAURA KEENE. MoYIOKER’S THEATRE. Ijast ’Week of tho Season I Lust Nights of Edwin Adams! EVERY EVENING AND SATUEDAY MATINEE, ENOCH ARDEN I Now and Beautiful Scenery. Novel Mechanical Effects, Next wook—THIS KATIE PUTNAM COMBINATION. ACADEMY OF MUSIC. ilalsted-at., near Madison. THIRD SUCCESSFUL WEEtt OP TUB GRAND OOMBINBTION PROM THE THEATRE OOMIQUE, Broadway, N. V. Entire change every Monday and Thursday. FLORIDA WATER, IMPERISHABLE FRAGRANCE! MURAT & LAWMAN'S CELEBRATED HUM Mi. Tbo richest) most lasting) yet most delicate of all Per fames, for use ou tho HANDKERCHIEF, At tho TOILET. And in tho BATH. A* thorn are Imitations ami oountorfolti, always ask for tba Florida Water which haa on tuo bottui. nn the label, and on tho iiamiihlot, tho namus of AlUliltAx lit DANJIAN, without wbloh none Is soQUino. For solo by all Perfumers, Druggists, and Dealers lu‘Fancy C3oods. JTJBII.EE. JUBILEE. JUBILEE. P. S. GILMORE. MAMMOTH ORCHESTRA, MAMMOTH CHORUS, MAMMOTH COLISEUM, GRAND BALL. TMMayacfl Friday,' Jig 5M 6. GREAT REJOICING OVER THE GREAT KEOUILDING. Immonno Excursions from Surrounding Statoa at HAIiE FARE. Ticket* for Concerts . FOR SALE TO-MORROW MORNING. TICKETS FOE GrEAED BALL To bo Blron in tbo OIIAMDim OP COMMBROB (only to upon invitation from a momber of tbo Com- WOW HBAUY. Gentleman, $10; l a. dlu Tiokota, $6. , ITor.wlo at Jubilee Headquarter*, 87 Waamncton-nt.' ' OARpKNTBR h RTTRLDOW. Pi OCEAN NAVIGATION. ALLAN LINE Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. Pint-class Steamships, Unsurpassed for Speed and Comfort, rnimlnj? on Uio Shortest Sea Kontcs between EUROPE AND AMERICA RATES OP PASSAGE s CABIN m low mby any other FIRST.OLAB3 LINES. Return Uokota at great reduction, BIEBRAOB TlcSota either to or from Europe, alio at lowoit rates.and through to points In the Weal lower loan by other lino*. RATES OF FREIGHT: Tariff Arranged on all classes Merchandise from Liter- Pool or Glasgow THROUGH to Chicago. For other Information, or freight contracts, apply at tho ' Company’! Offlee, 71 and 74 LaSalle-st. ALLAN A GO., Agents. CUMRB MAIL LIRE. ESTABLISHED 18-0.0- Steam Between Now York, Boston, and Liverpool Calabria. Pnrtliia,. Samaria, ..May 211 Java... ..May 311 Cuba.. .Juno 7 (Scotia And from Boston ovory Tuesday. Cabin Passaic, 880* 8100 and SI3O, Gold. Steerage Passage, 880 currency. Passenger# and freight Bi P °h, e nrlV a^ro^ SlghtDrafU on Grant Britain. Ireland, and tbs Continent. P. U. DU VEBNKT. Oon'l West’n Agent. NATIONAL USE. Gatin Passage SBO, S9O, and SIOO Cnirency. Tlckoto at favorable rates. Intending paa- BCDBOra Bboul(l^mnVn^o3H£(ip^|ca(jQ l |^QpJ^ r (^ la> or '" m aonwm.ndSft.ndlM. "5“ ‘So lAnrost In tho Wo. Drafts on Groat Britain, Ireland, and uto Continent. WIUUM JTACAIISTER, "OW Balling twloo a week from Now York, and earrritur was. ■engors to all Parts of Groat Britain. Ireland, OonUnontal (furopo, and the Mediterranean. • Oabln from *65-7 Steer- British and Irish porta east; 930; west, QB3. Conti nonui porta aame&a other regularllaoi. AU payable in Apjw for *2“ Information at the Com. pany's oniMa. No. 7 BowllugQroso, Now York, andN. fi, corner Üballeand Madlsonats., tAjlcago. ’ HBKPBBbou BBOTHBES, Agcrata. STATE LINE STEAMSHIP COMPANY. NEW TCjoso elegant now steamers will sail from State Lino -I&S'aXS. 1 !? 1 f«Jsyi Brooklyn, N. Y, asasfollwsi ■VIRGINIA, 9,600 toot. Wednesday. Juno 11. 2,C ®° Wednesday, Jana 26. GEORGIA, 2,600 tons ... .....Wednesday, July 9, Fortnightly thereafter. AUSTIN BALDWIN * OOTT ‘ . ' . Agenta. 79 Broadway, N. Y. Steerage office, 46 Broadway, N. Y. ■ . . NEW PUBLICATIONS, DOLLAR MUSIC BOOKS. ssss*ss Clarke’s Dollar Instructor, ■ ror Rood Organs. Clarke’s Dollar Instructor, . For Pianoforte, Clarke’s Dollar Instructor, For Violin. Three very attraottro and useful Instruotlon Books t designed for those who wish to taka a partial and easy course. Full of bright, popular tnuslo for practice, tho first two containing oaoh nearly 70 tunes, and the IsstUU tunes, besides exerolsos. $ $ $ $ STRAUSS DANCE MUSIC. For Violin, or Flute and Plano. $ . $ $ $ $ $ $ Winners Violin nnd Fluto Ducts 1.00 For 2 Violin* er 3 Elates, or Violin and Fluto. $ $ $ $ $ $ $ Winner’s Band of Four (nearly wady 1.00 Baay Quartet* forVloUn or Fluto, Oomstor OJar lonot, and 8d Violin or Vloionoello. The abpro 8 book* aro for Tub People, and aro full of the bright, wldfr-awako. eaay music, that isn’t hard to play, ami la so dullghtfiu to listeners, . * $ $ s'•s*s $ The above book* mailed, postpaid, for the retail price. OLIVES DITBON & 00., OH AS. H. DETSOH & CO. , BOSTON. 711 B'diroy, How Toik, LYON & HEAX.Y, Chicago. SCALES. ■fef FA IB BAN KS’ 8J —STANDARD 1. SCALES OF ALL SIZES. FAIRBANKS, MORSH &OO Sf 111 AND 118 LAKE-BT. MEDIOAI* CARDS. DR. C. BIGELOW CONFIDENTIAL PUYfiIOIAM, .484 Ohloajro, Ills well known bjr all readersol the paper*, that Dr. O, Bigelow la tbo oldcifc established physician In Chicago, Science and experience have made Dr. U. tbo most re. Downed SPECIALIST o( tho age. honored by the area*, esteomed o t tbo btgboat medical attainment* by all the g! f. rt . 1 1 1 » f5 °f iw?. d “L devoted TWENTY YEARS OF 1118 LIFE In perfootTna remedies that will f "< OHIIOtfIOAED SPECIAL DioEANKa in both sexes. CONSULTATION FREE. , SEPARATE PARLORS i t,om A 8 ?*. COHIIEai’ONUENOB ' ,ith * N'' Dr. Kean, 360 South Olork-at., Ohioogo, May bo confidentially ooniultcd, poraoaally or by mall, froeat obgao. onaU« a joornu%ou # dl.ea«.: y ’ no ££■ ““U' la tbo olt, who „,r - '"“•‘"'•‘I "Mh »»«■«- DR. A. G. OLIN, chronic, and petrous diteaaoa In both eaiea. Scud t*ru r oaU*o. Full tnfnmnlloa. •“* *“9 n ( w ft» - OorrMjioudonoo confidential, Separate rouuia for ladlea and bouUquou. Hoard, attendance, oto. LAKE SHORE k IICHIGM SODTHEI RAILWAY COMPANY. NEW SINKING FOND BONDS, $6,000,000. Ilomlfi Duo Oct. 1, 1883* wltli Interest af Seven per Cent* payable scmi-ntimmlly* April anil Or.tnlicr« nt the ntllcn of tbo Union Trust Go. ofNotr York. 4000,000, or Ten nor Cent of the loon, to bo retired annually by tbo Oinking Fund. Conpon Bonds of. 41,000 osob, Registered Bonds of $1,000,40,000 snd 410,000 oaoh, Price, 94 and Accrued Interest. ROBINSON, CHASE & CO, Uo. 18 Broad-st., New York, RAILROAD TIME TABLE. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAM Spring Arrangement. ' RxptAHATioN op Rkphuknob MAbkb.—t Satardayor. ,Ar - MICHIGAN CENTRAL ft GREAT Dtpot, JjoQt qf Zakt. it ~onci J Ticket offlet, 75 Canataf,, a i Minamw. Mall (tlft main and nlr lino) Day Express. Jackson Accommodation... Atlantic Express Night Express INDIANAPOLIB TIA PEBO BOAD. Mail Night Express OKAND lIAFIDa AND PENIWATZB. Morning Ezprois...., Might Express... CHICAGO & ALTON I Chicago, Allan & St. fault Thro\ iVo.) nets thort route from Chleac, >epo(, Wut Side, near MadUon-t St. Louis ft Springfield Express, via Main Line Kansas City Fast Express, via Jacksonville, 111., and Louisi ana, Mo Wonona, Laoon, Washington Ex .press (Western Division.),,,... Joliet A Dwight Accomo’datlon. ot. Louis A Springfield Lightning Express, via Mkin Line, andsJso via Jacksonville Division.,....* Kansas Oily Express, via Jack* sonvillo, lu., A Louisiana. Mo.. Jefferson Oily Express Peoria, Keoknk A Burl'p Ex CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL RAILWAY. Union Depot, comer Madieon and Cannl-tlt.: Ticket OMc» 63 South Clarfrit., oppotile .SAeman House, and or Depot, ..May S3 .June 4 .Jane 11 Milwaukee. 8L Pan! ft Mlnnoap- ~~ 1 «.9; ,a ®*?P rOM * 9:00 a.m. 17:20 a.m. Milwaukee ft Prairie da Obion MaU and Express.,.. *4: SOp, m. *ll;20a. m. Milwaukee. St, Pan! ft Minnoap* ollaNight Express t9:oop. m. *flrf»p. m. CHICAGO, BURLINGTON &( Depofe—Abo( of Lakesl,, Indiant and Canal and Slxteenth-ete, Haute, A’o. 60 Clark-et., and aid OttawaanA Streator Passenger.. 7:45 a*. m*. 8:00 p! m! gnboQn* and Sloo* City Bxp.;.. • 9:10 a. m. • 2:18 p. m.l PaclfioFast Line *l0:00a, m. * 8:15 p. m. OalesbQrffPassangor. • 3:15 p. m. • 8:00 p. mj Wemlota A Ottawa Passenger... • 4.-30 p. m. * 9:66 a. m. Aurora Passenger. • 1;45p. m. * 8:15 a. m. Aurora Paasengor. • B:30p. m. * 8:65«. m. Aurora Passenger (Sunday) I.OOp. m. 9;66», m; ° ,t7 fixp t.?;COp. m. ± 7.•00 a, ra. Pacific Night Express +11:00 p, m. 1 6:00 a. mj Downer ■ Grove Acoomraodalloa •11:00 a. m. • 5:60n. m. Downers Grove Accommodation * 6:15 p. tn. * 7:18 a. m. ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. Depot footof Lake-il. and foot r\f Twinly-eecondit. Ttchet offices, 131 liandoljih-el., near Clark, and 75 CUnol**!.. comer q/ Madison. * Leave. Arrive. St" f' o '*! 1 5 I r. r *>" ■ 8:25 a. m. • 8:30 p. a L “” f H:lsp, m. ■ 7:Mi. ra. O. roilill - 835.. m. • .;«p. m. S;L™ 5'WS!’ “■ * I*s*. S SpriDffdojdKxpnw. ■ 8:35., m. • 4;« p. m. Springfield Express., f 8:16 p. m. * 7:660. ra. Dubuque ft Sioux City Er * 9:16 a. m. • 2:00 p. m. Dubuoue ft Sioux City Ex t 9:00 p. m. t 7:00 a. ra. EfflnjtEara Passenger * B:15p. m. * B:30p. m. KaDMeo Fasseiiger.. ‘UslOp, m. * 9:30 a. m. IM® £ ar £“l? 2“ m. • 6:48 a. m. |®BSsaßtfHgJt : Jigfc S: ■gjSt&SaseaSKss I-itoS: HydeParkand Oak Woods.- Loop. m. r9:399: m * Hydo Park and Oak W00d5....... * 6;16p. m. * 6d0p,0. Hyde Park and Oak Woods * 6:10 p. m. * 8:55 p. m. Hyde Pork and Oak Woods; *ll;l0p. tn. * 7:40 p. m. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN RAILROAD. rieJbst office, comer Jtandolph and LaSalle-it., and 31 Wtti iiadUonit, Leave, Arrive, Pacific Fast Lino mo.u a. m. •8:15 p.m. Dabnqno Day Kx. via Clinton.... 10:15 a. tn. 8:16 p. m. Pacific Night Express.. +10:45 p, m. tflJO a. u. Dubaque Night Ex. via Clinton.. 10:45 p.m. 6:30 a.m. Freeport ft Dubuque Express * 9:15 a. m. * 3:00 p. m. Froeportft DnbuqneExpress • 9:15 p. m. • 7:00 a. m. Milwaukee Mail • 8:00 s. m. *10:15 a. m. Milwaukee Express • 9:30 a. ra. * 4:00 p. m. Milwaukee Passenger... • 6:00 p. m. • 7:40 p. m. Milwaukee Passenger (daily) {11:00 p. m. { 6:00 a. m. Green Bay Express 9:40 a. m. 1 7:(Mp. m. St, Paul Bzurosa *10:10 a. m. 6.00 p. m. Green Bay Express • 0:00 p. m. * 8:1*0 a. m. St. Paul Express t9:30 p. m. 16:20 a. ra. CHICAGO. ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC RAILROAD. Depot, comer of Harrison and Shermanite, Ticket office, Leave, Arrive. Omaha, Loavenw'thftAtchl son Ex *10:16 a. in. *B:4fip. m. Peru Accommodation..... • 6:00 p. m. • 9:30 a. m. Night Express. +10:00 p.m. t 7:00 a. m. Leavenworth ft Atchison Express tIO:00 p.m. I 7:00 a. m. LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROAD. Depot, corner Harrison and Shermanite, offlete, northaeet comer Clark and 77andofpA-«(f., and southwest corner Canal and Hadltomte, Leave, Arrive, Express Aooora. via Main Lino.. 2:30 a. tn. 6:55 p. m. Mall, via Air Line and Main Lino ■ 6:40 a. m. * 0:00 p. m. Special New York Express, via Air Lino * 9KK)a. m. * 8:00 p. ra. Atlantic Express, via Air Lino.. 6:15 p.m. 8:00 a. m. Night Express, via Main Lino,... *+9:oo p.m, *16:30 a. m. KltUartAocommodatlon.... *B:4op. m. * 9:65 a. m. South Chicago Accommodation.. 13:00 m. 1:60 p. m. $ $ $ CHICAGO. DANVILLE & VINCENNES RAI Depot at P,, C. A St, Louit JDtpot, eo nal and Drtiqht end Ticket offlee 168 Wathing-ton-tt. M&llhmm itmiiKtitHii «•«•<•« * 7;40 a. ui. BTatwrlUe A Terre Ilauto Ex.... * TiOOp. m. PITTSBURGH, FOR I WAYNE & CHICAGO RAILROAD. Da? Express...... Pacific Express., Feat Line Wa11..... Valparaiso Accommodation. CHICAGO & PACIFIC RAILROAD. (OPEN TO nOBEI.LK.) Depot corner TTattled and Rorth Jlraneh.tti, Central o*let 16 Metropolitan Jllock, corner Hamlolph ami LitSaHc-iU, Roselle Accommodation..... River Park Accommodation. River Park Accommodation. CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS & CINCINNATI THROUGH LINE. VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. Trom 16s Great Central Railroad JJtpot, foot nf T.nke-tt, Ibr through Heketi and berlht nntify a: o;r nsw TVc«<( office, 101 Randolph-H., nettr corner (Hark,- 73 CtenaUr.i eornsr Modi ton; Oil LaSallctt,, corner H’uiA. inglonj aliojootqf 7\c»ntg‘ueand-tl, Leave Chicago Arrlvoat Indianapolis Arrive at Cincinnati Trftlai arrive at Chicago at 7:67 a. in.. 8:36 a. m., and 7:40 p. m. Only lino running Saturday night train to In. olanapulli and Ciuclnnall, South Uml pimongora can get baggage chocked and take train at iVeuty-eocoud-it. Depot. FRACTIONAL CURRENCY. $5 Packages UAGIHUUL CUBRENDY TEIBTOE OFFICE. ; FINANCIAL. COUPON AND REGISTERED. WESTERN RAILROADS foot qf T>eentu*teonil‘U omtr qf Jfadtion, Leave, 8:80 a m. * 0:00 a. in. * 18:85 p. m. 8:15 n. m, •Bsoop. m. •6:80 a.m. *B:4sp, m> 18:10 p.m. •6:Boam, 9,00 a.m. IMp.Qi 18:10 p.m. *6:oon. m, HENRY Gem O. WENTWORTH, icral Passenger Agent. RAILROAD. ugh Lint, and Louliiana goto Kama* City, Union it, bridge. Leave, Arrive. * 0:16 a. m. *8:10 p. m. * 8:10 p. m. • 9:10 a. m. • 4:10 p. m. *4:10 p. a. * 1:10 p. m. * 9:40 a. m. T9:oop. m. flfiOOp. m. ÜBflop* m. * 9;00p. m. tt7:3o p.m. P7:80 a. m. 7:80 a. m. 8:10 p. a Leave, QUINCY RAILROAD. t any., and Sixteenth'll., 2ieket office* lit Jirignt depots. Leave. Arrive, ILROAD. jmerq/ Ca- Lea re. Arrive. *l!«p. m. t 7:30 a. m. Leave, Arrive. • 9:00 a. ni. ± {5:10 p, in. 5 t*9:oop, m. t' ■ 4:55u. m. • * 8:10 p. m. * ; 7:30 p. ia. i ttrfUla. m. h*tJ j JO a. in. 1 6:10 p. m. 1 B:5(Ja. in. /.«ire. Arrive, 6:00 p.m. 0:10 a. in. 6:16 3(1;51n.m, 7:11 p.m. , I* 0:50 «. in. [6 8:46 p. m. . * 6:10 p. m.ll 6.00 a. m, ■ 1*10:30 p. m.l{10:(X)a. m. OF FOR SALH ATI 3 Arrive, * 8:45 p. m. • BK»p, m. 10:20 a. m. |fi :00 a. m. r 8:30 s'. mi Arrive,

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