Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 28, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 28, 1873 Page 6
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MONEY AND COMMERCE MONETARY. Toxaiut Evekwci, May 97, Tho local drimancl for money continues acllvo, but tho supply Is ample. Deposits at tho banka aro aa largo, In tho aggrogato, an they have boon at any time for six months past, and though some of tho banks have more applications than they caro to moot, others would liko to Inoroaao tholr loans. In tho opon market thoro ia a good supply of money offered on collaterals at 10 por cent. Thoro lo atill a largo amount of real oatato paper offered by brokers, and aa thoro is also a class of capitalists, who prefer this to any other class of securities, a largo busi ness is being done in that lino. Acceptable real oatato mortgages having, say, elz months tp run, aro taken at about 19 por cent por annum; those having a year to run are taken at about 15 per oont per annum. Now York exchange was Armor to-day, at 95d,ooo premium. There are some small amounts of currency going tp tho country, but, on the whole, thd movement in any direction ia light. . . „ .. NSW ItAILBOAD LOANS. It Is estimated that tho aggrogato amount of • bow railroad loans that have recently boon ' offered in tho Now York market Is considerably over $200,000,000. Of those, a considerable por tion has been sold, both thoro and in the west, ; but bow much of each ia not known. ■ Of tho : original amounts placod upon the market by different ro&dqjtbe following is a partial list t Chesapeake ft Ohio—First mortgage, gold, on main line, lUohmoaO, Vo., to Huntington, on Ohio River. ,427 miles,. * Chesapeake ft Ohio—Bonds gold; first mortgage on ' Eastern extension and Ohio River bridge, and second - mortgage on main lino, 427 miles, $3,000,000. • Northern Pacific Railroad, Duluth to Pugot Bound- First mortgage, gold, for $100,000,000. Land grant, ■ 47,000,000 acres. International Railroad, Red River to Rio Grande, Texas—First mortgage, gold. Houston ft Groat Northern Railroad, Columbia to ’ Clarksville —First mortgage. • •- Chicago, Danville ft Vincennes Railroad, Indiana, Division—First mortgage, gold. $1,600,000. Houston ft Texas Central Railroad, Houston to Red River—First mortgage, gold. Indiana ft Illinois Central, Indianapolis, Ind., to Decatur, Hl.—First mortgage, gold, for $3,600,000. Lake Ontario Shore Railroad, Oswego to Lewiston, N, Y.—First mortgage, gold, for $3,000,000. Springfield ft Illinois Southeastern Railroad, Boards - town to Sbawneetown, Hl.—First mortgage, gold, for 13,400,000. Chicago ft Canada Sonlborn Railroad, Chicago to 'Detroit River—First mortgage, gold, for $3,000,000. Indianapolis, Bloomington ft Western Extouslon Railroad, Champaign to Warsaw, 111.—First mortgage, gold, for $5,600,000. ■Taeksoavllle, N. W. ft 8, W. Railway Company, Jack sonville to Mount Vernon, Hl.—First mortgage, gold, for $2,260,000. 1 Lake Shore ft Michigan Southern Railroad Sinking Fund, loan for $6,000,000, redeemable $600,000 por year. - Bt. Louis ft S. E. Railroad Company, consolidated mortgage, $8,820,000, St. Louis to Nashville. Burlington, Cedar Rapids ft Minnesota—First mort gage, gold, convertible sinking fund, Milwaukee Blvl ulon,.Cedar Bapids to Fostvllle. 110 miles. ■Central Railroad of Long Island, extension—First mortgage, gold. Farmlngdale to Babylon, 10 miles. {Leased to Flushing and North Bide Railroad.) Milwaukee ft Northern—First mortgage on 126 miles. Milwaukee ft St. Paul—First mortgage for $2,600,000 onLaOrofiae bridge, second mortgage on alltheliue, (except third on laOrosso and Prairie du Ohien Divi sions). •Portland ft Ogdcnsburgh, Vermont Division—First mortgage, gold, on road. 126 miles. South Bide Railroad or, Long Island—First mortgage on 17 miles extension to Speonk, and on 12 miles itock away Bridge, and 6 miles Hunter’s Point fir., and sec ond on old Hoe. . Toledo,. Wabash ft Western—Gold mortgage for $8,000,000 on whole road and branches, Toledo to St, Louis, 600 miles (subject to old liens). • : It will bo soon that, of tbo whole amount In tho above Hat, over €46,000,000 aro for roads . either whole or partly located in this State. Tbo rate of Interest on all except a four is 7 per cent gold, and tbo average price at which tbo bonds ore offered Is about 01 to 02 cents. The average interest paid is therefore about 7# gold, or a little over 9 nor cent currency. The New York agents for a largo proportion of this aggregate of loans had expected to nego tiate them in Europe, but the disturbance of confidence In tbo European markets, In conse quence of : the default in payment of interst .by' several well-known Western roads, prevented tbo fulfillment of these expectations, and tbo . endeavor to carry - them along m American markets until a more favorable timo in Europe should come was prob - ably one of the causes that. produced the ex treme stringency in New York in the early part of tbo year, and induced the expedient of bor rowing of sterling bills which attracted so much attention a few months ago. The present easy condition of money In New York is more favor able to tbo sale of such securities, and notwith standing the unsettlemont of confidence in Europe ’ lost fall a groat many new railroad loans aro ceing negotiated there. The Eatings have Just taken charge of a loan of £500,000, Louisville & Nashville Railroad Company, Memphis and Clarksville branch} also, a pending loon of the some company. North and South Alabama branch, £1.000,000 sterling, or $5,000,000. The Paducah & Mem phis Company nave recently placed $5,000,000 in London and Amsterdam. As for tbo prospects of tho prompt payment of interest on now roads in the West and North- west, it is safe to say that if any new road in tho States of Illinois; lowa. Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, and.Kanaaa docs not pay tho interest on Us bonds, it will bo duo more to dishonest , managemant than to any lack of business. Tho ease of tho more remote roads is different. Some of them are undoubtedly being built so much in advance of the progress of population that they must first be made the means of settling up the coun try they penetrate before it can reasonably be expected they would pay Interest on their actual cost. In one sense, however, the railroads aro “ all in one boat.” Tho projectors of tho more re mote roads endowoa with land-grants hold out an attractive bait to immigrants in the form of ‘ “ cheap fertile lands.” To the European immi grant, especially, tho .idea of securing two or three hundred acres of land os bis own, for almost nothing, is no attractive' that he seldom stops to think of the groat distance from . any.maiket for the product of' his farm. Expe rience shows them at last that tho cheap farms ” are generally located whore the product must bb sold cheap, if at all, because a greater; portion of the value of tho crop must be given lor its transportation to a market. This, how- ■ ever,.dees not. prevent the now railroads from r drawing to the remote Territories a largo popu lationthat would otherwise settle on the vast 1 extent of unimproved and unoccupied lands in Illinois, lowa, and Wisconsin. It is a well-known jfaotthat, Inmony ports of thetwo last-mentioned States, os fertile lands as there are in tho West will not soil for as much as they would throe or four years ago. The tide -of immigration flows' past them to tho remote lands in tbs For West, and it is in this respect that the new railroads in tbo distant Ter ritories are hindrance to tho increase of popu lation and consequent increase of local business on the nearer roods. Tho enormous extension of railroads in the more distant Territories h&s undoubtedly a tendency to disperse population over a groat area of land to a degree that is un favorable for both rnUroads and people. FAILURE 07 TUB NEW YORK OSWEGO MIDLAND RAILROAD. The projected linos of this road are a main line from Oswego, N. Y., to State Lino, N. J., JHS miles# with four branches, one to each of Auburn, New Berlin. Delhi, and Ellouvillo, N. Y.. the main line and branches aggregating 3GG miles. Of this, 202 miles had been completed by the beginning of the year, but the road has , proved to oe a very expensive one, for exceed ing the estimated cost of $10,000,000, A very large amount of local aid from the towns along Its route had boon given, but when this resource began to give out the Company failed, The Rochester Union gives the following statement of the,finances of the road from official sources at Albany: The capital of tbo road aa authorized by its charter is $10,000,000, and lie funded and floating debt $3,000,000 in exceas of that amount I At the date of the last report of the Stats Engineer and Surveyor only $5,330,773 of the capital of $lO.- 000,000 had boon paid in, and of that $5,320,773, about $5,000,000 caniefrom the bonded towns I The towns are bonded for IB pur cent of their entire valuation, real and personal, and the interest they pay on their bonds, the principal of which Is lost to them and they must eventually malco good by taxa tion, is $4 per head per year 1 The Newbarg (N. Y.) Telegraph adds The great mistake of Its maosgora was in commenc ing the construction of the Midland Road at the wrong end. Too much capital was rendered unavailable for want Of adequate Ebb lorn connections. Rut the road will be speedily completed nevertheless. A settlement wifi bo made with Its creditors, and work, without doubt, will soon be resumed. Through connections were almost completed west of the Delaware, and the failure of tho Company, under the circumstances, cannot but be regarded as a public misfortune. LOCAL STOCK AND POND MARKET. Messrs. Luqt, Preston A Kean quote os fol lows this afternoon: Buying, Billing, 5-30* of llflV 5>30«0/|64 116$ 6-2wof us* 8-aOfl of *<W, Jan, nhd July .118* 5-30s of *O7, Jan. and July.... *.,.... 131* 0-20« of *OB, Jau. and July« 4 . i4 .k.,..UUJtf ,JU u, fl. Bs (now Issue)..»» Gold (full weight) Gold Coupons,; k Gold Exchange.,,...,, Blorilng Exchange. Northern Pacino Gold 7-3 Os Chicago City 7a Cook County 7a Illinois County aud Township 10a ...,117tf ....wh REAL ESTATE, Tho following instruments wore filed for record on Tuesday, May 27: cm PRontnTT. Lota 80 and 87 In Block 23, Shonield’s Addition, dated May 20; consideration, SO,OOO. - Eight lota hi Tbompnon’fi Subdivision of n w If, no 800 1, 90, 13, dated March 29 { consideration, ss,odd, Catherine at, bet Throop andLoomla sts, n f, 24 ft to alley, dated March 8; consideration, $1,160. West Jackson at, a o oor of Boboy si, n f, Lota 10 and 11, dated April 22{ consideration, $4,600. Lot 10, of tho above, dated April 22; consideration, $2,260. Hunt st, bot Elizabeth and Rucker els, a f, 24ft to alloy, dated March 10 ; consideration, $1,200. Lake av, near u w cor of Thirty-ninth si, of, 10* ‘ 130 9-10 ft, dated May 21; consideration, $1,400. Lot 24 of Lota Ito 29, of w v Block 20, See 33, 40, 14, dated April 10: consideration, S9OO. Honoro at, bet Mouroo and Adams els, a t, 22 2-12 ft to alley, with building, dated May 1; consideration, SB,OOO. Oayuga st, bot Auburn and lUlaled sts, af, 60 ft to alloy, dated May 24; consideration, SI,OOO. Leavitt st, a w corner of Bryson at, of, 24x124 0-10 ft, dated May 30 ; consideration, S7OO. Michigan av, north of and near Twenty-fourth st, w f, undivided K of 27Mx610 ft, dated Aug, 8,1872; con aideratlon, $3,760. Western av, bet Jackson and Van Bureu sts, w f, 60x 125 ft, dated May 24; consideration, $3,000. Burnside st, north of and near Twenty-ninth st, w f, 25 ft to alley, dated April 24 ; consideration, $2,000. Bark av, near n w cor Leavitt st, sf,2o ft to alloy, dated May 21; consideration, $0,700. Leavitt st, 204 ft nof Division st, of, 25x124 9-10 ft, dated May 27; consideration, S7OO. . Lincoln ov, 226 ft nw of Sophia st, no ft, 60x125 ft, dated April 10 ; consideration, $6,250. Prairie av, 00 ft n of Thirty-first st, of, 30x180 ft, dated May 22; consideration, $16,000. Wabash av, - 337 •ft u of. Sixteenth at, of, 21x170 ft, with buildings, dated March 18; consideration, SIB,OOO. - Lota 1 and 3, fto.,of Morris ft Johnson’s Subdivision innw*f Sec. 23,39, 14, dated April 80; consideration, $27,600. ■ ; ..... Forty-two lots in Spears’ Addition, dated April 12 ; consideration, $40,000. Lot 90, in Winslow’s Block 21, 800. 7,39,14, dated April 1; consideration, SI,OOO. Thirty-first st, 176 ft oof Stewart nv, sf, 25x110 ft, dated April 21; consideration, $1,185. Lots 86 ana 87, in Block 23, Sheffield’s Addition, dated May 20; consideration, $6,000. Eight lots In Thompson’s subdivision of nvVno X Sec. 1,39,18, dated March 29; consideration, $5,000. Catherine st, bot Throop and Loomis sts, uf, 24 ft to alley, dated March 3; consideration, $1)159. West Jackson at, so corner of Robey st, nf, Lots 10 and 11, dated April 22; consideration, $4,500. Lot 10 of the above, dated April 22 ; consideration, $2,250. Hunt st, bet Elizabeth and Rucker sts, ■ f, 24 ft to alloy, dated March 10 ; consideration, $1,200. Lake av, near n w cor of Thirty-ninth st, of, lOx 130 0-10 ft, dated May 21: consideration, $1,460. Lot 24 of Lots Ito 20, of w W Block 20, Bee 33, 40, 14, datod April 10; consideration, S9OO. Honors sC bet Monroe and Adams sts, of, 22 2-12 ft to alloy, .with building, dated May l; consideration, SB,OOO. Oayuga st, bet Auburn and Halsted st, e f, 60 ft to alloy, datod May 24; consideration, SI,OOO. Leavitt st. a w cor of Bryson st, e i, 24x134 9-10 ft, dated May 20; consideration, S7OO. Michigan av, n of and near Twenty-fourth st, w f, und Hof 27>tfxlOO ft, datod Aug. 3, 1872; considera tion. $3,760. Western av, bot Jackson and Van Buren its, w f, 60x 125 ft, datod May 24; consideration, $3,000. Burnside at, n of and near Twenty-ninth st, w f, 25 It to alley, dated April 24: consideration, $2,000. Park ar, near n w oorof Leavitt st, s f, 20 ft to alloy, dated May 21; consideration, $6,700. Leavitt at, 264 ft n of Division st, e f, 25x124 9-10 ft, dated May 27; consideration, S7OO. . Lincoln ar, 225 ft n w of Sophia st, n e f, 60x125 ft, datod April 10; consideration, $6,250. Prairie av, 90 ft nof Thirty-first at, of, 80x180 ft, dated May 22; consideration, $16,000. . Wabash ar, 237 ft nof Sixteenth st, e f. 21x170 ft, with buildings, dated March 16; consideration, $15,000. Lota 1 and 9, - &0., of Morrla-& Johnson's Subdi vision, inavk Bee 28.80,14, dated April 30; consid eration, $27,600. Forty-two lota In Spears’ Addition, dated April 12; consideration, $40,000. Lot 90, in Winslow’s Block 21, Seo 7, 39, 14, dated April 1; consideration, SI,OOO, Thirty-first st, 175 ft eof Stewart ar, s f, 95x110 ft, dated April 21; consideration, $1,185. COMMERCIAL. Tomdat Ethtoto, May 37. The knowing wore tho receipts and shipments of tbo leading articles of produce in Chicago during the post twenty-four hours, and for the corresponding data on® year ago t BXOEtPTS. tIUPXEHTS. 1873. 1673. 1873. 1873. Flour, brla 11,798 7,113 4,999 1,034 meat, bu. 55,630 39,095 36,069 83,130 Corn. bu. 80,195 319,300 64,318 953,409 Oats, bu 77,600 110,300 102,780 87,051 Rye, bu 1,540 3,950 1,900 1,600 Barley, bu 1,160 4,990 800 420 Orus seed, Its 67,110 33,640 80,063 23,455 Flaxseed, iba 08,690 84,000 Broom com, lbs 36,300 31,300 20,800 Oared meats,lbs.... 81,810 54,000 440,011 339,750 Beef, brls 40 44 Pork, brla 300 880 109 .Lard, lbs 4,200 8,831) 87,228 76,335 Tallow, lbs 12,010 60,270 40,160 .Butter, lbs 50,621 60,005 22,840 Dressed hogs. No Live hope, No 0,920 6.470 3,777 6,492 OstUe, No 6,057 9,102 8,663 3,946 Sheep, No 162 378 670 Hides, Its 63,976 127,955 66,624 60,470 Hlgbwlnes, brls.... 384 266 116 200 WOOL lbs 157,726 833,138 20,803 192,168 Potatoes, bu 6,301 7,841 6,301 1,347 Lumber, m ft. 18,916 9,650 2,272 1,611 Shingles, 3,990 462 - 1,694 1,159 Lath, m 1,712 1,788 Sod 71 Balt, brls 100 1,601 1,375 Withdrawn from storo yost< consumption: 1,122 bu wheat; 4,052 bu oats ; 403 bu rye; 1,803 bu barley. The following grain baa been inspected into store this morning, up to 10 o’clock: 123 cara wheat; ICO care com; and 3,000 bu No. 2 do, and 6,000 bu. rejected do by canal; 37 cars oata; 6,000 bu rejected do by canal; 2 cara bar* ley. Total (831 care), 140,000 bu. Where are all the strawberries this year? Echo answers, '* Whore," and does not take the trouble to finish the sentence. la it possible that they are withhold by a kind Providence, in order <o diminish the material for “ Walks among the Ohuroboa ?” , , . Wb note that a considerable quantity of wheat Is reported ibis morning as shipped out under ho bead of “ unmerchantable." Every one well knows that it means that mixture of nice wheat and screenings about which so muoh noise was made a few weeks ago. Still it is strange. If a merchantable article is one that can bo sold, then unmerchantable grain is groin that Is un salable. If that wheat cannot be sold; -what is the use of shipping it out ? Also, what would a warehouseman do with such stuff, if it wore loft on bis hands to pay the cost of storage.? Some of tho railroad companies that bring produce eastward to this city will undoubtedly make a material advance on freight rates about the Ist of July. This has been unofficially an nounced already by some of the officers. It is probable that the highest rates charged will bo only on produce carried from what are known as “competing points," tho object being to work under tbe law. Put oven this change will make a groat difference to those who have sold grain from such points for delivery in this city after the Ist of July. Vast quantities of oorn hnvo boon sold in this way, because the premiums paid' for carrying is large, in proportion to tho coat of storing in tho country. THE MARKETS. The leading produce markets were moderately active to-day, with few important changes in prices. Thu weather was again of the equivocal order, neither one thing nor the other, aud there was not much else to oauso variation in quotations, as receipts aud shipments wore about up to tho recent average. Our statements of stocks of grain exhibits a marked decrease during the past week in ail kinds of grain. There was no noticeable change in tho com plexion of tho dry goods market. Quiet pre vailed In all departments, and prices ruled com paratively steadyas previously quoted. Groceries wore moving a little more freely, and tho fool ing developed seemed a tritlo firmer, though there was no appreciable advance in any article in tho list. Tho only weakness evinced was in raw sugars, tho quotations of which wore lowered an y&Q all around. Boflned grades were steadier, the opinion seeming to prevail that prices have reached tho hard-pan. Coffees are strong, and syrups, molasses, spices, and rice are also fairly firm. There was fair activity In tho butter market, at the prices current yester day. There Is no surplus of choice butter, aud only a moderate accumulation of any grade. Cheese was moving with some freedom, and at the reduction noted yesterday the market was comparatively steady. No change waa made in prices of cosh Lackawanna bains held at $10.00; Rlossburg at S9,CO; and Wilmington at so.t)o. The fish and dried fruit markets presented the same features as on yesterday, the lomet ruling aotlvo and Ann, while the latter was , qulot and easy. Hay mot with a liberal inquiry from local and outside buyers, and with continued light receipts tho market remains Arm. Hides were quoted quiet and tfinn. Lontbor was unchanged. The oil, pig-iron, tobacco, and paper-stock markets wore without now features. Wood Is soiling lower, quoted at SO.OO for beech, SIO.OO for maplo, and $ll.OO for hickory. • At tho lumbor yards trade continues fairly ac tive, tho movement being confined mostly to tho common grades. Recent quotations are gen erally adhered to. Tho offerings at the whole*? salo market are still very largo, and this morning trade was rather slow, as buyers and sellers worn apart in their views. Metals and tinners stock are in hotter request end steady. Iron has de clined ; now quoted easy at 4 8-106p4 0-10. The trade, generally speaking, In dull. Imported (dock remains firm. 'Nalls aro in demand at $5.12K; largo lota aro sold at con cessions. * Building materials were .in moderate request at former prices. The wool morket continues qulot and.without material change. Tiro broom corn trade is fairly aotlvo, and the superior grades aro very firm, 1 being scarce. Stock braid No. 2 is quoted k'o higher. Millet and Hungarian seeds woro In good request and firm ; choice Hnngarlan sold at $1,28@i.80. -Other seeds woro quiet and un-> changed. There was noparticular change In groeq fruits. Tho demand for lemons and oranges is fair and they aro very firm. Strawberries woro more plenty and lower. Tiro inquiry for chickens was moderate at about yesterday’s prices. Turkeys wore dull and weak at ll@l2o. Eggs were in request at Ho. Highwines wore more aotlvo, and firm at tho recent advanoo, at which all the offerings woro freely taken. Sales woro reported of 200 oris ofc 01c per gallon. ' , Lake freights wore again, active, and steady at tho decline of yesterday. There are a good many vessels in port, and shippers held off till laloln the session for a further drop, but finally took hold at tho asking figures. Buffalo rates woro Go on wheat, Co on corn, and 4#o on oats, all by sail. Kingston and Oswego rates wore 12>£o on wheat and HWo on corn. A total of 14 charters was reported, which will carry out 20.000 Im wheat, 276,000 bu corn, 62,000 bu oats, ond 27,000 bu rye. . j Provisions wore dull, and lower on the specu lative articles, while moats wore >£o per lb high er, there being very little on tho market. Mess pork weakened 10@16o nor brl, in sympathy with an easier fooling in live hogs, and nothing was wanted except tho turning over of about 2.000 hrls from Juno Into July, at a premium of 400 per brl for carrying. Lard was the weakest article, dropping 200 per 100 lbs, under liberal offerings. The market closed at the following range of prices: Moss pork, cash or seller May, $10.20@1(3.25; do seller Juno, $10.25; do seller July, $10.50@10.55 ; do seller August, @17.00; Into, cosh or seller Juno, SB.GO@B.GS; : do seller July, $8.05@9.00; summer do, ®B.l2X@ 6.15. Sweet pickled hams quoted at 10@12c. Dry salted moats quotable at 6&@GKoforshouldorßj BH@B%o for short ribs; ana for short clear. Boxed shoulders, Eng lish moats, BM@B%o for short riba: B%@BKo for short clear. Bacon is quoted at 7#o for shoul ders; for clear ribs: for short clear, and IS@HWo for bams, all packed. Mess beef, $0.00@9.25: extra mesa do, $10.00@10.25; hoof hara5,528.00@29.50. City tallow, ?9£@Bo; groaso quotable at Bales woro reported of 600 brls mess pork seller Juno at SIO.BO ; 1.600 brio do at $1(3.25 ; 600 brls do seller July at $10.70; 1,600 brls do at 81G.G5; 250 . tea lard seller June at $8.70 ; 500 tea do at sß.G2>s: 600 tes do at SB.OO ; 100,000 lbs abort ribs at B#o. Flour was rather more active than yesterday, though quiet, there being very little demand other thou local, as shippers were very back ward about taking hold. Vricoa woro unchanged, though tho receipts woro very largo in proportion to tho shipments; and quotations have not declined in consonance with wheat (wo can scarcely say how prices have ruled recently, as most of tho sales have been reported on private terms). Bran was steady. Sales woro reported of 100 brls spring extras_(fanoy Minn.) at $8.00; 200 brls do (Loclcport Hydraulic) at $7.50 ; 75 brls do at $7.12U; 100 laris do at $0.86; 100 brls do at $0.00; 750 nrls do on private terms; 13ft brls spring suporfines at $5.00; 100 brls do at $3.25. Total, 1,503 brls. Also, 80 tons bran at $9.00; 10 tons middlings at $9.50, and 80 tons do at $9.00, all on track. ‘ The following wore the quotations at tbo close: Fair to choice white winter extras $ 8.60 @ll.OO Bed winter extras 7.00 @ 8.50 118,* 121* 120 * 114* US* 118* 118* ... 11»K ... 100 *int. ... ODtfftlnt. ... ODWftlnt. 05<fJ08 Oood to choice spring extras... 6.25 @ 7.50 Low to medium 5.00 @6.00 lliunoaotas (patent)... 8.00 @ll.OO Good to fancy Minnesota 6.50 @B.OO Spring suporflnea... - . 8.00 @ 8.00 Rye flour 4.16 @ 4.46 Bran 9,00 @ 9,75 Wheat was a little more active than yesterday, and Tory steady during tbo regular session, at a obado higher prices, though Liverpool wan early reported dun, with fln« w»«n»ov ror the crops, and receipts of not less than 85,000 qrs (680,000 bu). Tho New York advices wero un important. Tho strength was greatest on cash lots, which were wanted to some extent for shipment, though probably more for the purpose of filling May options; and tbo lower grades wore m such demand as to rule 1@ 8o higher, suggesting that they are perhaps being bought up to bo transformed into No. 2 to fill May shorts. There is now but about 200,000 bu No. 2 spring in store, and the receipts, though on tho increase, are not largo enough to prevent the stocks from being cleared out com pletely long before tho now crop is resdy to com© In. A week of really active shipment would empty all our bins. Hence holders of cash wheat aro not anxious to part with it, though tho more deferred options are inclining to weak ness, in anticipation of a liberal yield. Seller June opened at $1,215#, advanced to $1.27% receded to $1.27, and rose to $1.28 at the close. Boiler tho month or regular No. 2 spring sold at $1.28@1.29#, closing at tho outside. Seller July was slow sale at $1.26#@1.27#, closing nominal at $1.27% Seller August was nominal at $1.22@1.23, ana seller the year slow at sl.lO. No. 1 spring was nominal at $1.86% No. 3 spring closed firm at $1.20, and rejected do at $1.03. Cash sales were reported ox 400 bu No. 1 spring (special house) at $1.87 ; 23.400 bu No. 2 spring, hard (special bouse), at SI.BO ; 12,400 hu do at $1.29 % 5 10.000 bu do ot $1.29# t 10,- 000 bu do, regular, at $1.29# ; 64.600 bu do at $1.29; 5.000 bu do at $1,28#: 6,000 bu do at $1.28#; 10,000 budo (before 'Change) at $1.23#; 4,000 bu No. 3’ spring at $1.20 ; 11,000 bu do at $1.03; 400 bu by sample at $1.33 ; 1,000 bu do at $1.82.. Total, 168.400 bu Com was more active, and strong, advancing #o per bu in tho latter part of tho regular trad ing after Now York wm announced “bettor,” and it was reported that a largo part of our re ceipts hud been inspected rejected. Tho last named fact brought out a: good speculative de mand, especially from the short Interest, some of whom expressed the fear that wo shall got' scarcely any No. 2 com from tho country if this weather continues, and the present strict in spection is kept up. This will make No. 2 rela tively scarce, and may interfere materially with deliveries of corn sold to arrive from tho country. There was also a good shipping de mand, stimulated by the recent reduction in lake freights. Much of this inquiry was for rejected, which was strong in con sequence, closing at S7o. Bollor Juno opened at 89#o, and advanced to 39#0 at tho close. Seller July sold at 42#@42#0 • seller August at 44#@44#0, and seller tho month at 88#@ 390, all closing at tho outside. New receipts closed at 400. Gash sales were reported of 7,200 bu No. 2 (received to-day) at 40o; 8,000 bu do (dated since the 10th) at 39#0 ; 4,800 bu do at 39#0; 3,200 bu do at 80#o; 32,200 bu do' at 390; 10,000 bu do at 88#o; 20,000 bu do st 88*},(o ; 5,000 bu do at 88#o ; 26,000 bu re jected at 370: 12,800 bu do at 80#o; 6,400 ba do at 36#i 8,000 bu yellow et 40#o. Total, 143.600 bu. jrday for city 3,935, bu corn; Oats wore more active, and strong at an ad vance of X@%o, in sympathy with corn. There were a good.many orders on the floor tobuy. and the shipping demand was fair, as for several days past \ because a scarcity of corn must mean higher prices for oats, wherefore many think them good property at present prices. Boiler the month sold at32@32#o: seller June atß2>£ seller July at and fresh receipts at 1i2)i(582%0, all closing firm at the outside. Cash sales wore reported of 21,000 hu at 82K° 5 5,000 hu at 32 %\ 32,000 bu at 82>;o: 20.000 hu at 320; 1,800 bu rojocted at 30%o; 7,200 bu do at 30o: 2,400 bu do at 29%0j 1,200 on do at 20>tfo: COO ou by sample at S8o; COO bu do at 87o; 000 hu do at GOD bu doat 310. Total, 00,000hu. Bye was moderately active, and >tfo higher than yesterday, being firm at with some holding off for COo. Gash sales were reported of 17,800 bu No. 2atCß><o. Barley was neglected, as for several days past, with no quotable change in prices. The range is about 70@80o for No. 2, C3@C7o for No. 8, and 43@500 for rejected: the inside iii the Book Isl and Elevator, and tbo outside in other houses. Cash sales wore limited to 600 bu rejected at B0o; 400 bu by sample at 82K° I *OO hu do 760 j 400 budoatCßo. Total, 1.800 bu. • The following are the footings of the official report of grain in store in this city on the even ing of Saturday last, and at corresponding dates: ° * wucat. No. lapring...... No. a BprlPK No. ft miriUß..,,*, No. 1 hard spring 2,005 3,015 'No. Shard spring.. r 00,041 80,835 ~i. .Rejected 5pring,,........ .32,678 .10,619 85,030 No grade spring,.,,Ml 6,000 , ~..i Total, White..,v.v. , B,6s* Yellow;;;;. 83,881 •43,802 68,308 N0.1....V.;V.V.;.V...;;. 128,838- 165,012 101,810 NO. ..•.•..V.;;.4,278,788 1,438,037 , 2,897,800 Rejected,;.;..., 203;0!T1 108,424 203,600 No9kiln dried., ........ 3,533 3,633 No grade. l»74B: , 3,160 .... Total, No. 1, No. 2 Rejected... No grade,.. T0ta1................1,348,644 1,033,800 010,806 N0.1.... No. 2.... Rejected, Total No. 9.... No. 8..., Rejected, ToUI 74,777 88.806 101,8113 Total, 0,742,000 bu. This is a dooroaoa during tho nooK of 03,074 bn wheat, 104,055 bn earn, 00,766 baonta, 14,870 buryo, 14,108 bu barley. Total deeteaee, 824,171 bu. TlioUnited Stales Economist eaya : “The, Cleveland iron xnaatora have auccosofally or ganized a fleet of largo bargee, .to bo towed by powerful Bte&m tugs, fox tho oatriago of ores' from tho Lake Superior regions. Buffalo mer chants also contemplate ostabllsuing. barge transportation companies for tho gram trade. .Tho Oloroland Transportation Company is said to have materially cheapened the freight on ores, and there is no reason why grain freights might not be similarly cheapened. In foot, it is held by thoßo conversant withtho matter to be only a question of a few years’ time when the greater-part of the lake business will bo dono with largo steamers and barges.” > . • , . The Now York ProduceHxdhangeWeekly gives tho following as the imports of provisions into tho United Kingdom of Croat Britain and Ire land for tho four months - ended April 80, of the, last four years, as follows i ... •• { -• ■ " • 1878. 18751 1871. 1876. Ciefs.'. Cwtt. Ciot*.’ Ciifs. : Pork, fresh Pork, 5a1ted....;...... 106.207 134,779 171.973 60,860 Beef, salted 98,708 82,705 165,399 00.401 Beef, fresh..'. 29,101 33.634 0,256 4,316 Bacon 1,208,731 936,113 406,231 223,468 Ham 77,481 70,355 Meats 90,328 144,773 61,046 16,421' 10rd.... 829,001 438,007 218,746 85,062 Butter. . 376,491 353,343 404,286 323,724 Cheese. .. 179,930 118,837 229,043 138.143 ■ Tallow and stearins.. ♦. 371,033 448.233 578,295 320,899 Stock of lard in Liverpool May •■' •••"'■ ■ : - t. In toasof 2,240 1bR........... 9,500 16,000 1,347 97 Equal in to 58,646 116.742 9.733 700 Tho foreign exports of proviotons from Now York for tho week ended May 20, 1873, aud. tho distribution of name: - - ■ •. • • . ; ; Jaiul JUxcon Cheat,' Ji) IrU pk/Ji Ibi, tbi lb** Liverpool ' 025 901 SJoM "*4B3,CM 660,048 London 455 12(1 104,720 910 Glasgow 60. 91 80,000 * 231,464 ' 65,414 Bristol ; .150 80JWW .'8.13,180 97,819 Havre, ...1 83.451 99,286 Minolllo 68,5(9 69,838 Genoa.,; ..... 100 ........a .......... ......... Hamborg 100 816 259,3i8 349,977 Rotterdam 60 ;aa*aaa Antwerp....... . 690,900 1 Hromem... .ll* .. 14,000' is £9l West Indloal 1,6*7 -166 .471,914 163,197 9,813 D.N. A. Col 730 104. 4,0 V000zu0ia.......... 4 . 110,051 7,2(3 2,780 Brazil IB 30.0(11 347 318 NewGrsnada. 19,312 1,180 ...' Mexic0............ ....; ..... ......... 820 490 Arg. .Republic.... 65,880) ;«»« Total sltS I.mCTAi 3.437,577 717,005 Previous week 3,654 2,292 3.WJ9.553J 0.813,223 , 773,366 Week May 6, '7B. .. 4,8813,057 7,Oaft.RW 7,609,021 1,931,438 Week April 30, ’73.. 8,918,3,216 9,349,461 6,741,67! 673,079 WooVcAprll93l.m..», «63,807 6,a97,‘.«3l 14,991,851 1,125,627 Week May 31, '72...13.h94i9.0tf0 2,807,9001 4,766,0771 634,209 And huttor, 85,688 Ilfl ; grease, 300,790 Iba; stoorino, 100,469 lbs. Tallow, 1,032,682 lbs. • And from, Nov. 1 to May 18, inclusive, for four years:' ; Pork, br15.,... 106,110 94,617 90,908 43,316 Beef, brls, tea 67,900 - 63.168 114,258 49,951 Lard, 1b5...... 136,077,422 113,135,419 49,583,410 17,633,977 Bacon, 247,037,195 150,766,830 42,537,335 33,403,553 Batter, 1,982,478 2,834,070 2,266.279 835,423 Chooso, 1b5.... 18.956,796 8,865,780 17,183,829 11,229,196 Tallow, SO 206.624 34,139,168 18,014,838 16,446.320 Also from Philadelphia and Baltimore, since Noy. 1. 19,628 brls pork, 1,071 pkpa beef, 0,991,- 071 Iba lard, 24,804 Iba buttor, 213,081 Ibacboeee. 4,980,846 Iba tallow; and 16,512;610 Iba baoon ana hams. -1.,. I _ ■’ '! LATEST.' . . In tho afternoon, wheat was in light renaoet «„A «ueitu'. no. a Bining was quiet, at $1.29 caab» and sold at $1.27)3(a>i.279i* aelier June, closing at and aoller July. Corn was quiotapd firm, at aelier Juno, HoUor July, and 44% o aoller August.. Other grain was quiet and tin* changed. • • • Tdxbdat Eveniwo, May 27. ALCOHOL—Was fairly active and Arm at $1,820 1,87 for 04 per cent proof. BROOM CORN—TUe demand for all gradea,except the Tory lowest, la active. No.. a stock braid Is scarce and Mo higher. There is very little burl in tho market. Prices ■ are as follows: No. 1' burl, C@7o ; No. 1 stock braid, 6(%5)f0; No. 2 do, 4®4j<o; No. 8 do, S3 3#o; inside green, 3&®40; do rod tip, 8@4o; do pale and red, 2®2*c. BAGGING—'There are no change* to report in con nection with the bagging market. Nothing bos oc curred to disturb the quiet so long prevalent, and tbo e&sy feeling noticeable for some time vast is still ob servable. Stocks are ample in all departments. Wo con tinue to quote: Stark, Ludlow, 36c; Lewiston, 34 Mo; American, 330; Araoskoag, 32#0; Otter Crook, Slo; burlap bags, 4 and 6bu, 20®220: gunnies, a In gle, I7@l8c; do double, 28®20o: wool sacks, 07^0. BEANS AND PEAS—were quiet and without mate rial change. Beane are In light stock, particu larly choice hand-picked. The supply of-common is ample. Wo repeat; Choice hand-picked navies, -$3.6082.60: do mediums. $2.4032.45; inferior grades, $1,25(32.00; groen peas (In brls), $1.4031.60; yellow* do (in bags), $1.25. BUILDING MATERIALS—Were la moderate de mand at the annexed prices: Stucco, $2.6032.75 ; Now York stucco, casting, $3.76@4.00; superliuo do, $3.5034.00: Portland cement, $0.6037.50 per brl: Rosondale cement, s3.26®3.6oUtica, Louisville, and Akron ooment, $2.00 per bri; marble dust, $3.25 . @3.60: lime in balk, 85c®$1.00; lime (brls), $1.1031.25 per brl: white sand, per brl. $1.7532.00; plas tering hair, per bu, 40®600 ; fire brick, per 1,000, $40.00300.00; building brick (common), SB.OO ; sewer brick, $12.00@13.00; country brick, $12,00, dellv ored: HU Louis hydraulic pressed, $45,00, del.; Milwaukee pressed, $32,60, dob; do common, $14.00; llaoiue pressed, $30.00, del.; do common. $14.00; Hillsdale, $25.00, del.; Indiana pressed, $22.06324.00: do common, $12.00 ; Excelalor pressed, No. 1 and 3, $20.00330.00 del.; flro clay, iter brl, $3.00, or SIO.OO per ton. Tbo following is tbo list of prices per box of 50 feet for domestic window glass, from wbicb a reduction of 45 and 6 per cent is made to dealers 7xlo to BxlO, Bxli to 10x16. 12x18 to 16x20. 18x32 to 18x30, 20x28 to 24x30 - 21.00 80x00 to 40xi)0 45.00 BUTTER—The situation of tho butter market la es sentially the eame as on tbe date of our last weekly review; there being no very pronounced change either in tbe character of tho demand or In prices. Receipts, though liberal, aro not unusually so for the season, and tho legitimate consumption demand has thus far proved sufficient to prevent any considerable augmentation of . stocks. Of strictly choice dairy suitable for tbe tablo 1 there is no overplus,and holders experience no difficulty I In promptly realizing at tho quotations, ornt'34@2oo, I white In a retail way a shade higher figures.aro obtain- I able. Aside from supplying local wauls, there has boon » steadily fair outward movement, and at tbe moment the stocks are light. Wo quote: Strictly choice yellow dairy, 24®200 5 medium to good, 18(3 220: inferior to common, 10(3170. CHEESE —There is a perceptible Increascin the de mand for tnls staple.tmt the increase in the supply has been even more marked, and bas bad a weakening ten dency. Tho.offerlngs during tbe paslwoek Lave embrac ed some very fine goods, but there: it ellll a good deal Of poor cheese on band, and sales are occasionally re ported below our Inside quotations. There is now a fair Inquiry on local and Interior account at the an nexed range of prices : New York factory, now, 12tf <3l3# o; Elgin factory, 12,54@13>tf0 • Ohio factory, sew. U®l2#o: Western factory, now, HQIOKo, OOAI/—Quotations are tbe Borne as for a fortnight Sast, but some varieties aro. aching Irregularly. The omand continues light, consumers holding olf for a 44 drop.” Priota will probably go. lower tboa at pres ent, but they can scarcely reach an low a point os was touched last Season, owing to higher freights and the advanced.cost at Uie mines. An. Eastern exchange says; “ Tho people of tho country may as well come to the conclusion that there la a combination, now, as at any. later, period, if they can stand it, well and good {.but wh«u» there to lien stoppage in tho ad vancing movementT Tho prices last year wore unre munerative, it Is claimed ; Ut ua eco what, they were, and (bon compare this year with tho result. Take tbe I price Wat for May. 1872, tho average for WUkesbarre coal then was $3.89, this month $4.73; for Lehigh in May, 1672, $4.40, and this mouth $5.10 ; Bcrauton for May, .1673, $3.61 M, and for this mouth $4,11. These few examples are sufflcltnt to show the increased

prices, ollo73,” We quote { Lehigh, lump. $12.00; nro pared, $12,001 Lackawanna, IIQ.D0: Erie, $10.00: liriar .Hill, $10.00; Walnut BIU, $10.00: Blossburg. $0.60 {.Cherry Mine, $9.0); Hacking Valley, $9.00: Indiana caunol coal, $10.00; Indiana block, $0.00: Elrklaud grate, |9.00{ Uiuonk, .sß.ooj Wilmington, COOPER AGE—There wsi no change to note* Heal ers repprta.light busings at the.annexed prices: Pork.barrels, $1.25(31,80: lard tierces, $1.0001.70: whlakv. barrels, tl.Sia2.loi flour barrels, 484A570i Hay 24, Hay 17, Hay 25, 1873. 1878. 1072. 14,720 88,302 70,238 208,806 821,427 697,961 80,003 09,700 41.468 IJ\B i WEDNES: 420,078 618,847 1,036,276 COBH. 4,M0,609 4,814,004 8,267,283 OATS. 64,201 40,087 64,362 ........ 808 : 010 .... .. . ... .. 6,718 6,074 80,489 . .» 241,104 230,823 146,007 .1......... 2,761 1,045 1,612 340,603 ' 204,640 184,008 juntKT. ... 68,040 60,020 118,217 * 9,257 13,109 84,810 ...... 0 874 9,860 8,887 ixironxs. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. Fint Double Quality. tlrenqth. la.oo •AY, .MAY 28, 1873, pork slaves, rough, $17,00020.00! do bucked on sawed, $20.00(325,00; tlorco staves,-rough, $20,009 26.00; do bucked op sawed. $25.00(328,00 ; whisky, staves, rough, $24.00098.00; do bucked, $30,00083.00; flour stares, $9.00011.00; circle flour heading, 7@Bo par set; flour hoop poles, $14.00016,00 per mi , pork and tlsrco poles, $30.00086.00 per in. DRUGS AND CHEMICALS—-Were ill falr'demand, 1 An advance of IBois noted in quinine, owing to tho scarcity and the increased demand. Asafcctlda and opium arc a trifle off. Annexed arc tho quotations: . Acid,cllrlo, 1b..... $ 1,70 0 1.75 Acid, oxalic, lb 83 0 85 Acid, tartaric, powdered, lb CO 0 C 5 Ammonia, oarb, lb 26 0 80 Asnfmtida, 1b bo 0 55 Axltsgreaso, Dldwoll’s, dor 1,60 0 1,66 Beans, Tauqua, 1b,,.» 1.35 0 1.40 Borax, ref., Ib so 0 S3 Dluo-vltrol, Ib IQ 0 jg Brotpo-chloralnm, pis,, doz 4,00 Corrosive sublimate 1,40 0 1,45 Cream tartar, pure, lb 45 0 60 Cochineal, Uoud,, 1b..,. 00 0 1,00 Chloroform, 1b..... 1.40 0 1,60 Glycerine, Ilb bulk, 1b.... 85 0 40 Gum Arable, picked 60 0 70 Gum Arabic, sorts 28 0 80 Gum camphor, lb 40 0 45 Gum opium, lb 8.00 0 8.25 Gum shellac, lb.. 66 0 60 Glue, whits, lb 45 0 65 lodine, lb 0,60 0 10.00 Lyo,cone, case.... „ 6.25 «... Morphia, sulph., oz 6,60 ® 6.76 Oil, bergamot, Band., 5i.............. ® 0.50 Oil,castor,gat 1,40 0 1,75. Oil. lemon, Sanderson's. 0 0.60 Potassa, ohlor., lb 00 ® 65 Potassium, cyan, fused, lb 85 @ .... Potassium, lod., lb 7.60 0 8.00 Potash, Babbitt’s, ease 0.00 0 .... Quinine, sulph., oz 3.75 0 3.60 lied proclp., lb 1.00 & 1.05 Hootlpccao, powd., lb 1.75 (4 3.00 Root rnel,, E. 1., powd., 1b..., 1.60 0 1.75 Balepsom. lb 4*o 0 Silver, nil., cryst;,oz 1.15 0 1.30 Soap, caslile, gen., lb 13 0 13 Bulpnur, 1b... 6 0 .... EQGB—-Tho supply was increased to some extent by this morning's receipts, though tho demand was active, and many dealers wore firm at 14c, while some Bales were reported at 180 In barrels. Bales include ■ 600 doz, 167 cases, and 33 brls, at 14o; 17 brls at 130. FEATHERS—Tho scarcity of oil grades continues, and every thing sella readily on arrival. Wo continue to, quote; Prime to choice live geese at 78®770. from first hands; Jobbing prices, 82088 c for assorted feathers: mixed feathers, 45®10o; chicken, 8010 c. FlSH—Continued activity ia noticeable In tho fish . trade, and decided firmness still characterizes tho market for all. descriptions. Stocks are generally light, while of cod and fat mackerel there is compara-, lively a scarcity, and prices wore yesterday advanced/ tho former'6oc'per half hrl, and tho latter 600 per 100 Ibe. New whUeflaU have made their ap pearance in tho market, but not .In any considerable quantity as yet. Following are the gholotionn: No, 1 whlleflah, Jtfbrl, $0.87*07.00; No. 3 do, $6.76; No. 1 shore mackerel * hrl, $11.60011.75; No. 1 bay, $0,600 9.76; No. 3 mackerel, * brU $6.6008.76; No. 1 shoro kits, $1.0602.00; hank codfish, per 100 lbs, $0.6006.76; George's codfish, $0.7507.00 ; Labrador herring, split, brls, $9.0000.60; do * hrl, $4.7605.00; Labrador herring, round; hr), $6.0008.60; do * hrl, $4,250 4.60;: box herring No. 1, 28030 c; box herring, seated, 85037 c; Columbia River salmon, * brie, $10,00010.25. FLUE CRACKERS—Are In fair demand at $3,700 3.65 per box. FRDITB AND NUTS—Trado haa exhibited only alight improvement, and prices have ruled weak aud variable for most articles enumerated in tho list, prunes and blackberries being the only articles for which.tho market has shown pouilivofitrongib. Raisins, currants, figs, mixed poaches, and Brazil nuts, aro all lower than .on tho dato of our lost weekly review, tho following prices now being current: Foreion—Dates, B*@9*o; 'figs, drums, 11014 c; fig?, box, U*®l6c; Turkish primes, 9*®10o; ralsfue, $2.4002.60; Zanto cur rante, 7*@7*o. Domestic —Aiden apples, 18020 c; Michigan do, C®7o; Western do, B@s*c; Southern do, 40Co; peaches, pared, 17®i90: peaches,,halves, 6®o*o; do, mixed, 4*®6«; blackberries, 00 0*o; raspberries, 40041 c; pitied cherries, 22024 c. Ninrs—Filberts, 14016 c; almonds, Tetragons, 21023 c; Nopica walnuts, 24023 c; Brazils, 909* c; pecans, Il0l2o; African peanuts, 6*®7o; Wilmington pea nuts, 7(3 Boj. Tennessee peanuts, 4*®Cc, - QUOCEUIE&—In coiupurißon iritii tho previous week, Home slight improvement is noticeable in the de mand for the different lines of goods coming under the above head, and, as there nro unmistakable Indications of continued Improvement, tho feeling of depression,: no long a feature of the market, is gradually giving oway to n better, firtnor tone. The season of activity that is almost sure to .follow the dullness of the post; few weeks can scarcely result otherwise than in a gen eral hardening of prices,, as all articles in tho list aro ' now eellfug on an extremely close margin, aud not a few at a less price than tho goods can bo replaced at. Sugars; especially, are cheap,, oud a sharp upward movement fs looked for at a not very distant day. - Wo quote: Bi Cano. Soda—7*®B*c. Corrsrs—Mocha, 33@33*c; O, O. Java, 27*0 28*o; Java, No. 2, 26*027 c; fancy Rio, 24*0 250; choico do, 24*024*u; prime Rio, 24@24*c; good do, 23*023*0; common do, 22*®23c; roast ing do, 21*022 c; Singapore, 24*®24*c; Costa Rica, fancy, 25025*0; do, prime, 21*@24*c; Mar adtiiho, S3*o24c. Candles— otor, full weight, 20®20*0; stoarlpo, full weight, 16@16*0; do short weight, 14®14*0. Rice—Patna, 8*®8*o; Rangoon, 7*®Bo; Caro lina, 8* ®9o; Louisiana, 7*®B*c, ' Sugars—Patent cut loaf, 13013*o; crushed, pow dered, and granulated, ll?«@12o; A, standard, 10* ®llo; do No. 2, 10*®10*o; B, 10*@10*o; ex tra O, 10*®L0*o ; CNo. 2,10*010*0; yellow o,lo® 10Vo: cholco brown, 10®l0*o: prime do. o*o OVe: fair do. 00'JVfc; cholco molasses sugar, 0* A.I. avT now ' onw«.« - —jt— l . choice, 0*@10c: do prime, 9*®9*c; do fair, B*o 9*o: common. 7*®B*e. . . bTßurs—Diamond drips, $1.3301.35; silver drips extra fine, 70@730; good sugar-house syrup, 45®480: extra do, C0@660; Now Orleans molasses, cholco, 80 083o; do prime, 73®780; do common, 05@70c; Porto Rico molasses, choice* 56®6Sc; common molasses, 80 036 c. Salebatos—Common to test, o®loc. Spioes—Allspice, 17@16c; cloves, 37@380; cassia, 88®40o; pepper, 23#@24X0; nutmegs, $1.25@1.30j ginger, pure, 28@300 i do No, 1,20®250; do No. 2,16 ®loc. Soaps—French mottled,6#®; German mottled, 6MQOJ/0 ; Golden West, 6Qoj<c; White Lily, 6%® White Rose, OX@6Xo: brown Windsor, 4#® iUc i palm, C08Ko; Savon Imperial, 6&®6&0. • Staboh—Gloss, 9if®loo; corn, 9® lie; laundry, C® To j common, 6X@oo. GREEN FRUITS—Tho demand for oranges and ■ lemona continues fair, and they are very firm. Oranges have to be repacked in New York, and hero also; and It often takea two or more boxes to make ono. Tho crop of lemons is said to bo light this season. Apples are quite plenty, and lower. Pineapples aro alow and easy. Strawberries ore coming In rather more freely, though it now looka as if tho crop won going to be very light, as the receipts so far amount to very little, prices were lower to-day. We quote: Apples, good to choice, $4.0005.80 per url from store. Lemons, SB.OO @O.OO. Oranges, $8.00010.00. Pineapples, $2.60® 4.60 per doz. Bananas, $3,0007.00 per bunch. Gooso berries, 12X®15c per quart. Strawberries, 40@G0c. HOPS—There Is no perceptible change in the condi tion of thla market. The trade is almost at “ a stand still," and prices are entirely nominal, at 25045 c. HAY—Is in good request on local account and for, shipment, and under continued light receipts the ad-: vanced prices Istely established are firmly main tained. Wo quote wholesale prices paid by deal ers, as follows, cars to contain 20,000 lbs; On Tbaok—Timothy, beater pressed,. $10.00017,00; tim othy, loose pressed, $15.60010.60; prairie pressed, $12.00013.60. On wagon—'Timothy, loose, slo.oo® 17.60; prairie, loose, $14.00010.00. For delivery of pressed, $1.0001.60, according to distance. HIDES—Are moving rather more freely, and are a good Mo higher than on the date of our last weekly review, tho following prices being current j Green city butchers’, 7o; green cured light, 10^®llo; do heavy, 9)tf@loo ? P art ourod, 9®9Mo; greeu calf, 16® 16Mo; veal kip, 12>i@13o; dry culf, 240; dry kip, 210 : dry salted, l«017o; dry flint, 19® 20o; long-haired kip, 10>tfo; deacon skins, 40Q550; grubby, scored, out, or otherwise damaged, two-thirds price. IRON AND STEEL—Tho Iron trade continues dull. A decline Is noted in common iron, now quoted at 4 0-1004 6-10, and horse-shoe iron at 60S 6-10. As previously stated, concessions have been made for some time past, and now prices are in tho buyer’s favor. Steel and imported stock remains firm. Wo now quote: . iron.• 6 3*lo® 4 6*lo rates Horso-shoe ir0n...... 0 ® 0 6-10 rates Plate Iron, common tank ....OX 0 7 rates Russia iron 20@21c rates Russia iron, No. 1 stained....... 180 V lb Norway 1 Iron 0 @ OXo Vlb Norway nail rods ®loo V lb German plow steel U @l2o V lb English cast plow stool 12 @I2XO .V lb American tool steel .....17X @lßo Vlb Ohromo tool steel ....18 020 W lb English tool steel 21X @23 rates English spring steel ...11 (Bl2Xo rates LEATHER—Prices are tho same as have been cur rent for the past three weeks or more, wboco they ore firmly held both for domsstio and imported stock. •Only a fair demand exists. Wo quote s UKMLOOB. OSty harness ....... , ....♦ 39® it Country harness.. SC® 38 Line, city, ylb iK4 43 Kip, y lb. CO® 1.10 Kip, vea15......* 85® 1,20 City upper, No, 1, yft 2H® 30 City upper, No. 2, yft 28® 27 Country upper, No. 1 . • 28® 27 Collar, y It ' , 2°® . Q3 Calf, city.... ...... 1.20® 1.40 Calf, country I.lo® 1.25 Hough upper, standard 30® 35 Hough upper damaged 27® 30 Buffalo slaughter 501e..... ■ 33® 37 “B, A.” solo. 80® 82 Calf 1.25® 1.45 Kip . 15® 1.10 Harness.... . 40® 45 French calf, Jodot 65.00000.00 French call, Lcmolne... 00.00®80.00 French calf, 24 to 80 lb I.oß® 2.60 French kip, 60 to 100 lbs. I.lo® 1.05 METALS AND TINNI3UB’ STOCK—Trade la pick ing up a little. And the market is steadier. Following ore the quotations: Tin 14x20. $10,00; do, roofing, 10, $14.80; do, 30x28, $30.00. PioTin—Large. 420; small, 43c | bar.44p. Siutxx Zino—Full casks, Ho; half casks, 11,V®11X 0 i less quantity, live; slab, 9c, SniET Ixoh—no. 24, OVo rates. . OALTAMiZEuInoH—No. 10®20,16o: No, 22024,100! No. 25@20,170; No, 27.18 c; No. 28,200. A discount ,of 20 per cent Is made from the list, . „ Ooppxb—Copper bottoms, 460; braziers, over 12 lbs, 470s tlnnedcopper, 48c. .... 4 , ~ . Wiu-3 to 5, 8o; 0, 8, and 0, lOoj 10 to 11, llo; 12, 11 Vo; 18 and 14,12*0; 15 audio, lio; 17, l5o; 10, 10o; 10, lOo; 20, 20o; full bundle, 16 per cent dis count : fence wire, ikot by car load, 7Vo. NAILS—Are in tolerably fair request; Tbs quoted . prices ars $8.12 U. though oonoasalong are mads for forgo lota. We quote i !Oo6Od, per keg. $5,13)4 retea;, MBo. |5.87,Vr0d.10, 4d do. $0.00; 8d do/ I ; 8a do, fine, $8.13)4 ; 3d do, $4.87# ; clinch, ; 57.90, : ■ • • 1 NAVAL STORES—Continue In good demand. 1 Tarred rope Is a trlflo higher. now qnoled at 170180} Manilla at 180 par lb. Prices aro ■ad follows! Manilla, ropo, V to» 100 S' sisal rope. lb, 100170; hemp; tosh cord, nib. 2O035o: marline, 9 lb, SD@23o; tarred ■ rope, V ft, 170100; oalrura, bale, $5.0)06.60} pitch, tfVl, $0.0007.00} tar, brl. bale. $5,000 1.00. • OlLS—'The past week has developed few now fea tures in the oil market. Dealers report the demand [ood for the season, and, at the quotations given bo ow, most descriptions aro firmly held. lard oil is the only notable exception, and tbls may bo bought at a concession of 2030. ■ Linseed Is strong, wl‘.h some* thing of an upward tendency, Wo quote: Oatbon, 10® 10)4o; extra lard oil, 7Co; No. 1, 70c; No. 3,65 c; lin seed, raw, $1,00; do bolted, $1.05; whale, 87c; sperm, $2.0003.10; neats foot, ol), strictly pure, $1.10; do extra, 900; do No, 1, 760; bank oil, 70o; straits, 76c; elephant oil, OSo; turpentine, 67058 c; naphtha, 03 gravity, 20o; naphtha, common, 100170. ■ PAINTS, COLORS, AND PUTTV—The favorable weather of the past few days has wlnosscd increased activity In this department of .trade, local as well as Interior orders being, more numerous and forger. In prices no Important changes have token place, tho market ruling steady, as follows; Strictly pure.. Fancy brands, ECHO, Genuine VclUe Montague. American OOLOBS. Uasury’s railroad colors... Palace car colors in cans.. Rochelle ochre English Ven. rod English orange mineral.... Pittsburgh orange mineral. English rod lead., American rod load English vermilion, per ft. Bcarlet vermilion. Paris while. Whiting tfumt. In hulk. In bladders, PIG IHON—'There has boon only & fair inquiry for pig Iron, and the market J§ easier than on the date of our last review. The following quotations are fur nished r Scotch (according to brand), $63.00®66.00;: Tuscarawas, $01.00; Massillon, $61,00: Lake Superior. $50.00050,00: Chicago alone coal, $67.00; Missouri: Btoo« cool, 657,00«88.W). POULTRY—Tho supply of chickens was Quito light' this morning. There was only a moderate inquiry on local account at previous prices. Spring chickens are ; slow at $3.0003.50 per doz. Turkeys were dull and lower; sales being made at 11013 c; The following; sales were reported: 4coops turkeys at 110130; 5, coops chickens at $4.60; 5 coops do at $4.35 ; 0 coops at $4.00; 3 coops at $3.60. - • POTATOES—New potatoes wore dull and declining, quotable at $4.0004,60. Foachblows are a shade easisr, quotable at 600630 on track for fair to choice.: Bales comprise 4 cars pcachblows at 60o; 1 car poor at 40o; 1 car mixed at S7o; 1 car do at 350, all on track ; 1 cor peachblowa at 650 delivered, BALT—FIue and dairy salt are in fair request and .steady. Tho coarse grades aro quiet. Tho stock of salt is quite light, we quote: Onondaga and Saginaw, • flue, $2.00; ordinary coarse, $3,00; coarse Diamond 0, $2.35; ground solar, $3.35; dairy, without bags, $3.60; dairy, with bags, $4.5004.76; Ashton didn't per sack, $6.60; ground mum* $3.0002.40; Turk’s island, $3.00. . SEEDS—Millet and Hungarian wore In active re 2uost, and tho latter has advanced a trifle. Millet was ' rm at 65096 c. and for choice SI.OO was tho asking price, Timothy, clover, and flax wore quiet. Timo thy sold in a small my at $4.10, Wo note eales of 164 - bags choice Hungarian at $1.30: 80 bags do as $1.25 ; 145 bags prime millet at9so; 140 bags at66o; 6 bags timothy at $4.10, • - TEAS—Tho toa trade exhibits little or no Improve "ment in point of activity, and the weak feeling so long a feature of tho market is still noticeable. Tho de mand, as for several weeks past, is restricted to small parcels to supply Immediate consumption wants, and - with full stocks In store, the quoted prices have been more or less freely shaded aft around. Tho Eastern market seems to bo thoroughly demoralized. Zt is re ported that at a recent auction sale there, the loss to one house exceeded $35,000, while tho losses on tho lm ' portatlone during tho past season, and on the 40,000,000 lbs in bond on July 1, 1873, will aggregate from $8,000,- 000 to $10,000,000. Tho imports since August, 1673, ■have been 41,000,000 ibe. It is now believed that prices have reached their lowest point, and under tho largely increased demand that may be expected to result from I the extremely low prices now prevalent, dealers antici pate a reaction. At tho following revised quotations I-the market, comparatively, Is firm: Young hyson,. 1 common to fair, 450650; do good. 00070 c; do choice to extra fine, 05c®$1.10: common to fine old hyaou, 70® 05c; common imperial, 60066 c; good to choice do, 80c® $1.10; flue to good gunpowder, 7Ucosl.OO; choice Knu . sine, $1.1501.20; extra Moyuue, $1.3501.40; choice to extra loaf Japan, 85c0$l.OO; fair to good do, C5076c;. common do 40045 a; colored natural loaf Japan, 65® Cso: common to flue Oolong, 35®450; good, 55@660;' choice to extra, 86c®|1.00. TOBACCO—Tho market for this article exhibits a fair degree of activity, and for fine goods prices aro firm. Low grades are selling Irregularly, though they are not quotably lower. Following is tho range of prices: OnEwiwo—Flno Out—Extra. 76085o; choice, 05® 75c; common, 65@G00; poor, 40@500,—Natural leaf, 76@80o; half bright, 00®70o; black, sound, 46@55c< „ . SMOKING—Good to ohclce, 820360; medium, 39® Sic; common, 26038 c. WOOD—During the post week there has been a de cline of SI.OO per cord in prices of wood, beech now ..iu- a .»(ona tho present ory, $11.00; slabs, $6.00. delivered. VEGETABLES—The local trade continues fair, and fresh offerings remain steady. Asparagus is in large supply and alow, A good deal of stuff arrives in poor order, and sells at Irregular prices. Wo quote: peas, $4.00 per bu; string boons, $3.00; nor box; cucumbers, 76c@51.00 per doz; new onions, $7.6009.00 per brl; do per doz, 36®300; spinach, $2.6U@3.00 per brl; radishes, 15035 c; squash, 7080 per lb; asparagus, 60c@$1.00; plo plant, 103 WO per lb : lettuce, 25®600 per doz; ■ cabbage, $1.7603,00 per doz; turnips, JJo®6oo per doz; beets at 60c per doz; tomatoes, $3.00. WOOL—The past week bos witnessed no special change m tho wool market. Western - manufacturers continue to buy old wool, and It is this demand that sustains present prices, os tho Eastern markets aro relatively lower, It Is still early for notf wool, though some unwashed haa boon received from - Missouri. Tho prospects for an active trade are not encouraging, and it Is thought by dealers that prices will rule very •low this saasou, A fair, steady demand from Eastern manufacturers is looked for, but no one cares to buy wool on speculation at present. Wo quote: Tub, washed, extra medium 61®550 Tub, washed, common to fair 45®62c Common dingy,;... Fleece, washed, XfcXX, light 430460 Fleece, washed, XAXX, dingy. :,.,.40@440 Fleece, washed, medium light 43® 46* Fleece, washed, medium dingy 07 ®*20 Fleece, unwashed, XAXX, in good condition.. • .30033 c Fleece, unwashed, coarse to medium 730® 350 Fleece, unwashed, coarse, and dingy.; 37030 c Super, pulled... 88®430 Extra, pulled 38@440 Burry wool 6@loo less. Prices for now wool ore from B®oo lower than the above. RAILROAD FREIGHTS—7" o demand for freight room continues active ok tbo rates given below: bj ' C 3 • 5? |a s'! 5 2.3' i| s. Chieogoto p2. lai Sc- S2-I* : f g‘E.6. „| a » :| ilaFlrS*. -S3 : -P-.g Now York « 900 45 B5 Boston 60 1.00160 60 Philadelphia and Baltimore,,. 40, 80140 60 PittabUTßb. .... 80 CO 130 85 Albany,!*...... 85 42* Buffalo., 80 - 60 30 ...... Cleveland.. 22Jf 45 22)g 30 Washington 48 'BO 40 03 Wheeling, W.Va 40 . 80 40 .Wilmington, N. O 70 1.35 Savannah. Qa 70 I.BO| P . Cincinnati and Columbus.... 25 60,25 Bellulro, 0 35 70 35 Montreal and Prescott 42X • Soj42>j CHICAGO UIVE-STOGK MARKET. Tuesday Evehino, May 27. - The receipts of Uvo stock aluco Saturday liavo baen aa follows: . „ Cattle. Hogt. Sheep. 0,057 5,020 162 6,000 8,600 1,600 Monday. Tuesday, Total. 11,057 Same Umo last week 8,315 Week before last 10,003 Shipments were as follows : Cattle. JIOQt. Sheep. Monday. ...... 0,003 3,777 .... CATTLE—The fact that the arrivals of beef cattle during lb® pout two days aggregate 11,000 bUlUrleuliy accounts for (bo dullness and depression prevalent in the market to-day. Uad tbo touo of advices from tho sea-board been more cheerful, tbo supply, largo as it .■was, would probably not have proved so largely exces sive as to unfavorably affect values, but with no en couragement to bo derived from that source, shippers deemed it prudent to move cautiously, and for ship ping grades sellers found It Impossible to obtain as good prices aa prevailed yesterday. Tbo depre ciation, however, wa* much leas than might havo been expected, amounting to not moro than an Wo. Butchers’cattlocontinuein light supply, eo that, notwithstanding the absence of any largo de mand. former prices wore easily sustained, sales boiug effected at $4.00(39.00 for common to extra cows and poor to fairish stoers and oxen. Pat potty steers, av eraging from 1,050 to 1,100 lbs, also held their own, tho offerings of such no moro than equaling the wants of tho trade. The range of tho day’s sales was $3.60(3 0.13W, though four-ilfths of the stock sold chougou hands within tho rangg of $1.7609.05. Tho market closed dull and heavy. QUOTATIONS. Extra—Graded steers averaging 1,400 fta * _ and upward. .15.8500.23 Choice ileovea—Fine, fat, well formed 2year to 5 yea* old sleets, averaging 1,300 to Good Beovce—Well-fattened, finely formed ateere, averaging 1/100 lol.bOO tbs. 6.15(38.50 Medium Grades—Steers In fair fleeli, #TeT * , on ~- 1K aging 1,100 to 1,980 tba 4.8088.W Butchers' Block—Common to fair .leer*, . and good to extra cows, for city slaughter, averaging 000 to 1,100 1b*....... 4.00(36.00 Block Cattle—Common cattle, in t'ecent n flesh, averaging7oo to 1,080 1be.0.78(34.00 Inferior—Eight and thin cow*, heifer*, ■tags, bulls, and aoallawag steer*. Ostlle—Texas. Northern wintered, Oalllo—Oonwod Texas Xo. Av. Prlct, flOcholce 51c0r5,,.,....,,..,,,.,,,..1,188 $5.76 Oicholoo steers;.,,. ......1,816 ' 6.65' ,*• 31 fat pony steers 806 6.35 ■ 31 stock steers 889 4.65 17 butchers* steers 1,000 4.75 17 fat pony steers 1,050 6.60 10 good steers i,JO7 6.65 60good steers.. 1173 6.30 SSgoodstcors ~,...,.1,348 6.60 10 butchers* cows i, 030 4.60 18 good steers 1,133 6.60 16 good steers x,200 1.30 16 choice steers: ..'...1,450 6,87)4 20 butchers* ptock 073 4.25 . 18 good steers ..1,078 6.35 17 stockors COO 4.00 70choice steers '...,.1,393 6.C5 83 good steers. 1,330 6.35 10 butchers’ steers.; ; 1,005 4.87# 85 butchers* atoers 1,148 6.00 167 choice steers.. 1,380 6.75 10 good 5teer5........... 1,257 6.60 47 good steers .............1,363 6.65 14 choice steers. .1,840 6,00 03 choice steers .1,310 6.05 : .CD Texas steers,,... 1,153 4.85 SOgoodstcers 1,300 5.30 80 choice et00r5..,,.,,.,..,........,.1,409 6.75 03 good steers 1,442.. 8.65 60 good steers 1,263 6.60 44 extra sloan 1,419 . 0.12# 73 Cherokee steers 082 4.40 UOQB—The hog market opened active and firm at a slight advance, but toward noon became more qnlol and prices eased off a httle. Later In tho day, the re ceipts not proving as forge as had boon anticipated, .trade again revived, and the market closed steady, with about everything sold. Bates were reported at ■ $4.0004.76 for poor to common ; at $4.6094.85 for me* dium, and at $4,9005.13)4 for good to extra. Very few sold below $4,75, with perhaps a half-dozen exception*, ’nothing fetched over $5.00. Among tho day’s Iransao lions wore tho following: .$11,00011.60 . 0.00010.60 ..... 14.60 ..... 11.60013.00, ‘ 11.60 .9.60010.60013.80 ..... 4.00 ..... 1.400 1.45 ..... 8.600 4.00 aoo BALM. Xo. Av. Price.\Xo. Av. l^riet. 103 216 $-1.85 67 238 $4.00 47 233 4.75 103 354 6.00 95 187 4.83 60 971 4.05 68 281 4.80 00 913 4.80 f49 818 4.76 40 970 6.00 47 241 4.75 82 208 4.80 68 250 4.80 CO 221 4.75 62 , 107* 4.85 60 200 5.10 63 207 6.00 .. .40 264 4.R1 SO ■ 1M 4.8U iO7 221 4.00 54 958 4.00 CO 100 4.85 69 939 6.00 65 SIS ’ 6.00 44 284 4,87)4 64 293 4.80 SHEEP—OnIy a small amount of trading was dona la this department of the market, and price* wore In buyers* favor. Salsa were mostly at $4.0006.25 foe medium to choice grades. THE CHICAGO DRY GOODS MARKET. Tuesday Evening, May 27. The week Just closed lias nothing to distinguish II from last week or the preceding one; the quiet, easy feeling then prevalent having as yet given place to no betto* condition. Trade In nil departments la alack, almost to dullness, and the disposition to “concede ” a little, whore by pursuing that course an increased amount of sales can be effected, seema to bo general. The attendance of buyers la person has been notice ably small, tbo great bulk of the week’s business hav ing been; accomplished through the medium of mall orders, but a largo number of Interior merchants have indicated a purpose to bo ' bore dur ing Jubilee week, and a materially Increased distribution of goods is confidently looked for. Prices are steadier and more uniform than for some time past, but cannot bo called Arm. During tbo week the only changes noted were a#o decline In Morri mac, American, Sprague, and Gloucester prints, a va •In Cabot, Dwight Star, lull, and Auburn, and loin Fruit of the Doom. Lonsdale, and Androscoggin bleached cottons. The carjxit trade.has /ftUeuolT some on interior account, but the local retail trade continues active, and In tbo aggregate a large amount of goods has been distributed. Prices, though scarce ly as firm as a fortnight ago, are fairly sustained all ' around, there having been no quotable decline cither in domestic or imported carpetings. QUOTi jisown Atlantic A,4-4...... 13)4o Atlantic H, 4-4 13 Atlantic D, 4-4 19 Atlantic P, 4-4 U Indian Head, 4-4. ...13)4 Indian Head, 8-4.... 11)4 Stork A, 4-4 18)4 Nashville, 30 In 13 Nashville, 80 In 11 Nashua E,40*1n... Nashua R, 30-1n... Nashua O, 33-1n... Pepperell E, 40-ln, Pepperell* It, Stt-ln, Pepperell 0,33-Jn. PopporoU N, 30-ln. '**" ' ’ vv\ MorrlmaoW. Plnk..,l2>so Merrimao D. Fancy.. 11 Cocheco Fancy Htf Donnell Fancy U Richmond Fancy. ...11 American Fancy,....lOtf Sprague Fancy. 1% Gloucester 10>j 01*0 ,1* O .14 .14 cortazi Naumicog eatt«cnß..lsjtfo Pcquot sattoona 14# Laconlfl 13 taucaSTer' Bates.... Garner F1at,.,;,,... 8 o Washington 6 High colors, 1 cent extra . . PUACnEt Lonsdale carobrio...23#o Lyman, do 23 Hew York Mills 31 Wamsnlta .-...10# Pride of the West. ...20 ' Langden, 08. 10 Fruit of the Loom.. .10 Lonsdale...., 15# Androscoggin, L..,.15#0 Hill 15 Auburn, A... 15# Minnehaha. 4-4 05 o Minnehaha, 7-8 30 Amoskoag, ACA.....30 Amoakeag, A 24 Amoskoag, B ...21 Ainoskeag, O. 10 Amoakeag, D 17 York Bine. Amoikeak. Columbian, OUb.ASA., Oils, 88... Otis, C 0... ,20 .Si I ,ao« .17V BTQI Minnehaha, 0-3 23>tfo •Amosboag, 0-3 10 .Amoakesg, 3-3. 18 'Dnc&svlUe, A 14 OABPEI Standard ■while 07>tfc I HocMonl.GQG 35 Heaper Oily W | OAHPE Tttjicitry Thret Hartford, extra,.., I Hartford, 1mp1.... 1.15 I I»W Bright’*.. Crosaioy’a. 'Smith’s tapestry SI.BO Hartford extra....;.. 1.20 •Hartford m0d;......* 1.05 8e1grade......... 85 Common p1ain.,22#®270 j Jfat English cocoa, be5t....850 American common,. . ,650 American heat .7Co Bed and wh. chTt 4-4 ..35c Bed and wh. ch’k 6-4. .40c TEIU Spool thread, grain bags, off 10 dayo. Domestic*, cottonades, E •cent off 30, a por cent oft' 1C Regular department goo cent off 30, 0 per cent off 11 u,m i,033 11,000 1,100 00,370 001 A few Very Desirable Offices are offered for rent in the Trib nne Building. Single or in suites. Witn and without Vaults. English Tile Floors through out the Building. Elevator running during all business hours. These Offices are not equaled In the city. The best for all classes of business requiring a central lo cation. W. O. DOW, Boom 81 Tribune Building. 0. K LAWRENCE & 00., PROVISION AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, fiFAV OIU.HANB. LA. ... 4.0004.60 .... 4.6006,33 cattle soles. Ah. Av. Prfoa, Cl 174 4,00 20 249 6.13)4 113 344 6.13)4 07 283 6.00 03 200 6.00 60 204 6.00 67 206 4.96 30 388 4.85 39 170 4.0* 63 216 4.86 57 213 4.90 CO 184 4.80 80 917 4.90 03 314 4.00 03 ' 200 4.85 113 204 4.00 48 253 6.00 09 100 4.00 63 234 4.00 40 80S 4.85 133 100 ■ 4.00 63 210 6.00 00 238 4.95 ATIONB. COTTONS. : Great Ihlls E, 4-4...13 o Cabot A, 4-4 19)4 Cabot W, 4-4 11)4 Lawrence. L L, 4-4. .11)4 Agawam P, 4-4 10 Btiawmut, LL 11 Swift River 0)4 Hosier, 4-4 10 . Utica 0 0 tnOWKB. Dwight Star, 4-4....14 Continontol Lawrence D U Nowmaikot A 11 }i MueocliUßotts B B.<ll>£ Massacliuaottß PortamouthP....... iw FINK DJ .15 o .13* ...13* ..13 ..IX Garner Taney.., Araoskeag Fancy.... 9 Mourning 11 to lljf Shirting 10 to 11 Mallory Pink 13 Mallory Purpl# HJtf Manchester 11 Wamsutta Fancy....-7.W X’mookcag Glasgow.. Hartford. JEANS. llockport .12^0 I Columbian. ll£ ] Indian Orchard .12 m> OAironicH. _ .14 0 •MX -12# Slater's Paper B#o Manville Paper 8# COTTONS, Blackstono, AA 13# Cabot 14 Dwight Star 15 Western Product....lß Harris..; ...14 Gold Medal 13# Social, L 11# Green 0 .....10# Green, G- 10# •nous. Methuen, AA 23 a Willow Brook, No. 1.23 Portland, AAA 25 York. 32-iuob 25 York, 3U-lncb .21 Pacllio ...16 Swift lUrer 12# Warren, AXA Mtfa Warren, OB 20# Warren. CO 17# Haymaker .14 Boston 13# .25 o PES, Whittenton, A 16 o Whittenton, O. 12}f American, C-3.......14 American) 3-3. 13 wabp. Peerless 37^a Bee Dive, colored,.. .85 lirmaeU, I Higgin5,........'...51.80 | K0ibury........... 1.83# te-Ply, | Lowell sl.lO | Smiths 4 Banfordfl. 1.15 rrot'ns. | Lowell extra $1.30 Lowell superfine..... 1.05 Common wool,. „.fifi®76o Union 60®60a «in. I Twilled and ex. pl’n.. ..340 China matting 4-4 800 China matting 5-4.... .85a China matting 0-4 400 Bed and wh. chit 6-4. .450 UIB. i, etc., SO days, or 1 par cant Kentucky jeans, etc., 1 par 0 days. ode, 4 per cent off 60,6 per 10 days. TO RENT. BUSINESS GARBS.

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