Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 28, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 28, 1873 Page 7
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CITY REAL ESTATE. «70R BAIE-I0 LOTS OH BOAH-AV., OOftNER X_ Stewart. . _ on Langley., botwoon rorty-eocond and Forty- ISftxlfiA comer of Forly-clcbth-st. and Kenwood-oourt, _l6ofeotonKemTood*oourt, botwoon Forty-seventh and rort«* o| «hth-ita., wlthlu.ono block of Kenwood station. 49*160, Klmbark-nv., botwoon Fifty-sixth and Filly, •evonth-sts. Kiln, oa'lndbu-m, bclwoon Fltlj.third «nd Flßr lourth-sU. 10 lota on JV osforn-av,, near Lnngbfon-tit. ? oJotspnT.nusht«naud Mar?!n*hi«,, near Weslero-av. 10 lota ou Second and Rrlo-ats., botwoon Reuben and Noble. • 60x170 on Mlohlgan-av., with flrat-otass house* 35x110, with 3-etory frame bouse, on Fourtb-av.,botwoon Harrison and Polk-ita. - 10 lota on Kgan-av., comer Stewart. . . 60x134 on Inalana-av,, botwoon Thirty-third and Thirty* fourth.eta. WINUAFARLIN, SSEastWasblngton-st.. Hoorn*. TJIOR SALE-TWO STORES, WITH LIVING ROOMS X l ' above, eomor Tavlor-at. and Wostom-av., east front; 86,000 and $5,000, will exchange fur lota Inside. ffousa and lot corner Wabash-av. and Twonty-utnth-st., C3kxls3, 519.000. w ™ . Mouse and lot on West Jaokson-st., nearTbroop, two* itory, 0 rooms, $5,600. • ■ ' , . Honoro-st., two—toryand basement brick, and frame barn, all now, good neighborhood, east front, modem lm provomonta, iw feet from Adams*st., 59,500. Park-av.. ncarPage-st., marble front octagon, o marble mantels, all modern Improvements, first-class, 518,000. Will rent. Houso and lot comer Lake and Saagamon-sls., corner lot on Lake, 19 rooms, lot 50x125. Easy terms. J. W. HEDENDRUO, Room 4, 09 KastMadlson-st. FOR SALK-CHEAP LOTS FOR HOMES OR. IN* vestment, on Halstod, Murray. Union, Dcapl&lncs, and Wallaco-sta, High property, full slrod lots, ono block from Pavilion Parkway, easily accessible from tho city by rail, but a abort walk from (bo These lots are looated whpro they will rabidly advance lb value, arid' are offer* d at prloes so low and on terms so favorable I hat tho poorest have no excuse In not Investing. Price, SB7& to SBOO. an five years’ time, or In small monthly payments. Printed abstracts fumlsbod. Apply to P. 11. PUTNAM, Transit Houso, Stock-Yards, orFOTWIN A CORBY, 119 Franklln-st. . ; TJSOR SALK-GOOD LOTS ON THE FOLLOWING JD stroots; State, Burnside,' Buttortlold, Arnold, Oarl* baldl, Hanover, Butler, Wallace, Summer, Winter, Mur*, ray, and Hoisted; also on W'anlworUj,'Shuttled, Portland, and Stewart-ava i also on Alexander, Tweniy*fuurtb, Twonty.sUth, Twonty-soronlb, Twenty-eighth, Napoleon, Twenty-ninth. Bari, Thirt Haven, ThUtr-fllrSL_Tblr* •Mr.l ThMv.HfUi. Thirty-sixth, Thirty* seventh, Fontaine, and ntio porißol.. Warranty deeds. A very small payment down,' five year* time. 6 oor cent Interest, No agency business. Apply to owner, ALBERT CRANK, CT Wabasb-av. XTOli SALE—VALUABLE LOTS OH WABASH-AV., X near Fourtoonth-*t. toast front. _ On Tvronty-soooad-at., between Stewart-ar. ana Qrovo- Bt> On Wallace and Twonty-flfth-at*. . . • I Cheap lota and a number of cheap houses la northwest part ol tho city. . • . Also a number of fine lota at Ravenswood 5' prlco* loir, tonus oaay. W. P. JONJtlj, . JtOU SALE-TUB FOLLOWING SPECIAL BAR- Indlana-av.—33x160 font, botwoon Sixteenth and Eight* toonth-Bta.: price, $366 per foot. The above is a very choice residence lot. Mlehlgan-ar.—6o foot, Just north of Twonty-sUth-it. • Mieblgan-ar.—36 foot, noarTwenty-eigbth-st. Wabash-av.—lß3 foot, near Flfty-nnl-sfc., $45. State-at.— 1 76 foot, near Flfty-*ovonth-«t. f S4O. MATSON UllX, IDS and 110 Poarbom-Bt. ■ T7TORBALR-THK BEST AND CHEAPEST LOTS ON X West Side, fronting on Division, Leavitt, and Shobor ats., near Wicker Park. Good neighborhood; lots 131 foot deep, with sidewalks and olty water. Price, S6OO, » and 91,000. Terms, ono-thlrd cash. , Warrantee sand abstract* of title. A reduction on lint cash payment ill required, to those who build this spring. In* oulro of F. ARNOLD A CO., Oroenobauu’s Bank, No. 76 Flfth-av. • TROU BALE-DY H. O. MOREY, 77 OLARK-HT.: X 20X170, South Wator-st-, between LaSalle and Flfth-av,, ata bargain. 40x180, Lako-st., near Flfth-av. 40x170, Washington-st.. near Market., corner on alloy. Brick block In South Division. Good residence taken to part payment. • T7OR SALE-CHEAP LOTS—BY JACOB O. MAOILL, A* 81 and 83 South Olark-st.: Harrlson-st., SBOO, oaay terms. Uongreas-st., S6OO, easy torma. Fourth-st., 91,000, monthly payments, Dlllor-it., S9OO, monthly payments. FOR SALE-ONLY S6OO DOWN-OHOIOB LOT, S6Hr 137, outside flro limits, Fulton-st., between Leavitt end Oakley. $2,000. Hurt, If you expect it. R. O. GOOD WILLIE, 184 South OUrk-at- *b>Oß SALE—HOUSES AND LOTS IN DIFFERENT aoctioni of tho city slots In burnt district, bora portion of our offerings In sore property see etir card under head of 4 * Suburban." OIiAOE A ABELL. 181 Doarborn-at., Honor* Block. t j?ORBALE-AT A BARGAIN, LOTS ON WESTERN •a.’ av., Polk and Taylor-ata., and Oanipboli-av. j parties fishing to money roqnlred down. Inquire ot OEORuB OADwELL, on promises, or 136 South Clark ■t., In bank. FOR SALE—CHEAP—BUILDING AND LBABE . hold Nos. 196 and 137 East Lako-sU, now rented for B7,6ooayearfor 6 years to flnt-class tenants. Apply on the promise*, up stairs. T?OR SALE-BUSINESS LOT, ONLY SDO PER FOOT, -J* ??Itlnlori-»t., 40 foot west of Larraboo. R. O. OOODWILLIE, 134 South Olark-st. For sale-at a great bargain, on month ly payments. Snow houses comer of Tavlor-it. and |inmjphull-av.; 9 rooms each. Inquire of OfiO. CAD WELL, on promisee, or IM Bouth CJark-it., in bank. FOR SALE-MANUFACTURiNG I^OPERTvTTSr 266 feet on Twonty-acoond-at., northwest oomer of Ail* pprt st. Alio other pieces. HENRY WALLER, JR., 86 East Waablngton-st., Room 4. ' ‘1? OR BALK-AT A GREAT BARGAIN - f Two-atory frame on West Waablngton-at., near Union Park, in flrst-rato order, with comer lot 60x126. This la a rare opportunity to soeuxo a home In a flnt-oU** locality at much below lls value. MEAD A ODE, 168 La- BaUe-at. JBOR SALE—THREE-STORY. FRAME HOUSE OF 9? twenty-five room*. partly finished.- For particulars . *pply at tho office of SWAN, CLARK 4 QO., lloboy-st., •ar Bine Island-av. )R SALE—CHOICE LAKE-ST. BUSINESS LOT. *25z118, oast of Westorn-av., only 8125 por foot, worth 6150. K. O. OQODWILLIE, 184 South Uiark-st. tTOR SALE-NOW IS THE CHANCE TO BUY A JJ Tory desirable lot, 40x180, on Mlchigan-av., nortli of Jaoksoast,, at bottom figures, and on oasy terras. Tho valuo of this property will increase very much during tbo coming summer by tbo improvements which aro going up on tho lake front. E. N. BBMKNT, 163 LaßaUc-«t. For sale-by h. f. eldkeo St co., heal Estate Agents, 156’Monroo-st. * , Two-otory double frame house and ono 3-story frame bouse and Jots on Uubbard-st., between JLloyno and Jtcibey. Two-story and basement brlolc boose and lot, with carpets, gas fixtures, rango and furnace, on Rhodes-av., at a bargain. . . 8 lots on Roboy-st., between Hubbard and Klnelo. 3 lots on Hubbard-st., between lioyno and Robey. . fl Jots on Hoyno'it., between Hubbard and Klnzle. T?OR SALE-AT A BARGAIN-NEW HOUSE OF X 1 13 rooms on South Roboy-st,, $3,700; S7OO cash, balance, 6 roars’ time, Sper cent Interest; must bo sold. HAY 4 00., Room So, Bryan Block. For balb-a beautiful new 6-room cot. tagoatParkOrove. Price SI,OOO, ou small monthly payments. RHODES A OLARKB, 161 LaSalle-st. For sale-uy u. o. morey. n olark-st. ; 60 feet on Madlson-st., oast of Central Park, $65 por foot; oasy payments. ICO foot ou Monroo-st., cast of Oallfornia-av., to ex change for houses bringing good rental. Cash paid for dUloropoc. For sale-or exchange, an elegant rest donee, oast front, on Mlchlgan-av., near Sixteenth at.; vrlll take aIT over the incumbrance la - unimproved property. THOS. A. HILL, 123 Doarborn-st. For bale-slaughtered for oash-finb lot on Uamllton-av., near Adaras-st., only $1,300; yon certainly will lose It; decide to-day. R. Q. GOOD wILLIK, 181 South Olark-st. SALE-LOTS NEAR LINCOLN PARK, FOR 1' S6O front foot. MORTON St CULVER, Room 4 Metropolitan Block. POR'SALE-SVE HAVE FOUR NICE INSIDE LOTS L 1 In tho South Division which we want to trade for good louses. STONE A SKINNER, 119 Dearborn-st., Rooms. For salu—sß,ooo cash Will buy a splendid bargain in acre property, west of park,near Madlaoa st. WHIPPLE 4 CLARKSON, 183 South Olark-st. fIBOR SALE-AT A BARGAIN—FINE LOTS ON X 1 WasblQgton-st. and Warron-av., eomor, and east of Oalllomia st. Easy terms. LUMLEYINGLEDEW, IG3 LaHallo-st., Room 17 Bryan Block. nOR SALE—ft-STORY BRICK HOUSE AND LOT. D Cottase-placo, near Thirty-lirat-et., $5,600. 2-etory framo and large lot, Englewood, $6,000. lots on Oontro-it., near Lincoln Park, $lB5 per foot. TpOR SALB-A FEW MORE LOTS ON LINCOLN. X av., at $25 front foot. MORTON CULVER, Room tf, Metropolitan Block. FOR SALR-60 FEET ON MICHIQAN-AV., NEAR Forty-second-st.; Jf cash and balance at tho end of 9 years: extraordinary conns. For a few days only. S. E. GROSS, Room IP, Major Block, 145 Laßalle-at. FOR SALE-CHEAP LOTS: ONLY A FEW LEFT— Ariiold-at., near Forty-fourth, sJoo;Forty-four<h-st., K>ar Woptwortb-av.j s6ou. Hurry up if you expect them. . a. QOUDWIH.fa, 181 Sputa Ol.rlt-.t. F)R 8 ALE-A. NEW TWO-RTORY COTTAGE OF 7 rooms, uowly-naintod, location excellent, and within two blocks of tholtaudolpb-st. cars, with 8 roars' ground lease at $lB per annum, by the owner, W. B. STOOPS. >73 EastMaaiaon-st., third door. TBOR SALE-ORBATEST BARGAIN ON RECORD— JL 1 s3.2oo—Small, coat oottsgu, picket fence. two Una lotsivesFourtti-st,, next to corner Oakley: fetOO down. 11. fa. OOOllWlLtll!, 1M anutt Clark-.!, ■n\Oß SALE—DY KERR, DAVISON d WELCH, 4? Real Estate Dealers and Brokers, U3 LaSallo-st: 60x133, on Fralrio*ay., between Twonty*nloth and Tblr* tiolb-sls. lOOilll, on Indtana-av., between Tweniymintb and Tlilrflotn*iU. Very cheap for largo cash payment. HKRU. DAVISON i WELCH, 143 LsSallu-at. Eorsal'e-cornermadison-st. and BISHOP* KERR, BAVItiON A WELCH, 143 EOR SALB-BY KERR. DAVISON d WELCH, Real Estate Dealers and Brokers, 143 LaSalle>st,, between Aberdeen andSbolto. Ix>ts on Aberdoon-st., between UarrUou and Gurley. Lota on tibolto-st., between Harrison and Unrioy. The abort) lota will be sold cheap and on reasonable terms. FOR SALE-NORTH SIDE BARGAINS FOR OASH. Neat cottage, illinols-st., near Pine, can bo removed, t&00. Cottage niitl lot, Vroston-st., dost Llncoln*av., 1,350. R. u. OOODwILLIE, 181 South OUrk-st. TPOR BALE-OR EXCIIANOB-OOOD TWO-STORY A brick homo, all moduru Improvomonts, largo lot, good barn, near Lake>st. cars and Union Park; 41,000 cash, 01,000 one year, balunoo live years, orwili take lot, fur Hist pnymuot. 11. F. COY AC J„ Ira Washington.*!. FOli BALE—NEW 9 HTORV HOUSE AND LOT ON Wo«tern-av s , nearMonroo-st.; 43.600, small payment down, balance long time. U. F. COY A 00., 183 Wash jogton-«t. FOR SALE-ai LOTS ON SOUTH AHIILAND-AV., 3 blocks north of boulevards. llorso oars will run on booth Aibland-av. this season. Bargain for 33 cash. Address owner, P. Q. Box 47. F*' OR BALK-GOTPAQk uOUHB AND LOT NO. 293 south Jolforton-st. ■ will be cnld at a bargain. Cali on tbo owner, D. O. UK ARY, 74 West Madlson-st. House vacant, title perloot. 171 OH SALE—WHO TAKES IT TO-DAYI—VERY . choice lot, $3,400, Jaokeon-st., near Wood, one* fourth down} will advance after this wcok. R. Q. GOOD* WILLIE, 181 South Ciark-st. ImOR SALE—S26O DOWN—BRICK COTTAGE AND J* lot, lluttoriloldwit., bolwaon Thirty-seventh nod £ hU ira b &oi» t?OR HALE—3-UTORY AND BABE4IENT HOUSE. JU brown atone /rant. 18 rooms, Park &v., corner Leavitt* at. SNYDER A LEE. 14 NUoa liulldlm* oer Uontooand L»SaJJo-iti. CITY REAL ESTATE. TBOR SALE—IIURLBUT-BT., 9ft FEET, NEAR WEB. X 1 sto-av. t SMO9* Mndlsnn-st.—yffoot, noarFlfth-av., south front. >a Flfth-av".—27 feet, botwoon Washington and-Mndl«on »{»., o«*t front. . „ . . Shonnsn-st.—lß7 foot, between Harrison and Polk-sle. Wabash-av.-SoOfeot, oaat front, near Thlrty-ululh-st. ; flat. •. - ■ • . ■ . • • i Wabash-av.—l7ft foot, corner Fifty-fourth-st.: sllO. ftftto it.-No. 1283, noarTwaaty-clglitli-at, i 58,500. Pralrle-tr.—No. 1489, near Thlrty-semnd-st.; SO,OOO, . 1 FRED. L. FAKE 4 VO.. 88 Wavhlngtcm-st. T?OR f^E-SPECULATORS ATTENTION B I: lino lottwilbln 200 foot north and cast of Douglas Park. Only SMM) each If taken together; oaty terms. It. G. GOODWILUK, Ul SuutUJJUrk-sU Lfe-dlTo VE PARK BOULEVARD AND J3 Uolovav., 163x185 loot on northwest corner] fronts also on Oottago Orovo*nv« ICO foot. SNYDER i LICK, 14 Nlion Building, northeast corner Monroe and La - IpOR SALE—TWO-STORY BRICK HOUSE AND 1 .lotonlndtana-av., near Btttoonth-*t.; 55,600 this week. STORKS A WARE. 91 Washlngton-st. 1?OR BALK-OB RENT-MIOHIOAN-AV. OCTA- X' gun marble house; low priCo, only 8500 down, on long time. 8. MBARB, SOO LaSftllo-at. T7OR BALK-SUURTLIFF-AV., NEAR THIRTY* I* flfth-st., cottage, 5 moms,' and tot 95x125, S2,GCO. SNYDER A LKIL 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroe and Laßallo*Ms. ■ SUBURBAN REAX» ESTATE. WOR SALE—AT SOUTH ENGLEWOOD—FOUR ft X’ acre blocks, near the depot. and fronllng Eighty* •oTonlh-st. boulevard. No money down. Will give five years'time on all the pufobaso-raonpy to parties who will build Immediately, and will allow them also the privilege of paying any thiio before maturity Iu sums of $750, and securing the release of a proralapartof the ground j 5,000 shade-trees have been planted at South Englewood during ths present Month, and twojulloe of sidewalk Is now bolngMado. A largo number of uouacs are contract ed for, and uow being built on adjoining property. Six dummy-lralhs oaoh wav dally to and from the Grand Do* fiotoftbollnoklslamlß.il. Title very abort and per* oot. SIATSON UUA lOSandllODearbom-at. .. I"ti6r SALK—CHOIOiS SUBURBAN LOTS ON TUB } -Milwaukee Railway, six miles distant, and twenty minutes' ride. In Clybourn's Addition to luvonswood. Those lota are laid out 50x169 feet on 80 feet streets, and ' trill be saldlipon easy terms, At from* 8500 to 87(0 per lot. The facilities tor access to and from the city—the dotir ability of the land—lt being high and thoroughly drained —the proximity to tint-class improvements, churches,' schools, and «ooinlr. commend tula property as the best atXno price now la the market. Comparison challenged 1 The attention *of the Indus trious—the thrifty—the cautious—ls called to these lota os silos for homesteads or Investment*. Gall, torat* tinted abstract and plot, upon ROBERT QUEER, 64 laSalle-st., Room 2. Ti>OU SALE-SEVERAL FINE PLAGES AT HYDE I* Park offered at a bargain. 68x166 feet, choice building alto, covered with fine trees, ■outhando&at (rent, at Egandalo, on Groonwood-av.; $1 ,iXX) cash, balance on time.' ' 60x176 foot, on Madlson-ar.,’ near rifty-aovonth-Bt.; ottered cheap. 35x160 feet; on Statelet., near Thlrty-fifth-at. UL RICH A BOND, 67 Dosrborn-st. TW ANTED—IOO TO SwPfEKT FRONTING ON OR YV near Central Park s will pay half or all cash If a bar gain. - Address K 83, Tribune otfloo. TPOH SALE—WAR ASH-AV., BAST FRONT, ALL i 1 grove, 105x180, near Slxty-socond-st, at Englewood. There te nothing flnoron the South Side for au Invest ment or a residence. Tho maoaoamlrlngl with broken atone tills faeblouablo avonuo from Thlrty-nlntb-Bt. to Englewood is creating awldosproad Inqulry/or desirable lota. Title absolutely perfect. Abstract furnished. Thirty minutes by atoam-oars to and from this growing suburb; 68 dally passenger trains. Commutation, $46 per year. HULBURD A CO.. 208 La Sallo-at. TBOR SALE-HOUSE AND LOT IN VILLAGE OP X Olonooe, on lake shore 1 would sell furniture and rent rouse. Inquire of MORRIS A WILLIAMS, 13 and U .North Oanal-st. TTIOR SALE—AT RAVBNSWOOD-A DESIRABLE X dwelling house of 8 rooms, good brick cellar, furnace, bard and soft water. Lot 11&163 fL.ornamented jvilb fruit aud. abode trees. Apply to ROBERT QUEER, 84 LaSallo-at., Room 3. For sale-lots near Chicago a north western Oar Shops. ■ Non resident owner. Soil very cheaps long time. PHINNBY A LOMBARD, No. 163 La Sallo-st. F" OR SALE-00 COTTAGES AND 2-STORY HOUSES at Englewood, on easy terms. Apply to TILLOT BON BROS,, 373 and 874 State-at- • ■ • • IpOR HALE—BY ' JOHN O. OSBORNE,' 133 BAST ' Madlson-st., Room 7: Choice residence lots, ad joining Hawthorne, one mile west of Lawndale, on the Ugdon-av. road, and near Chicago, Burlington A Qulnoy Railroad depot at Hawthorne; pHoe from $260 to S3W; monthly paymonta of slo. FOR SALE-OOMPLETE RESIDENCE AT GLEN coe—House 13 rooms, modern Improvements. 8M acres Improved:'price, $13,000. Terms oaay If desired. UOVEY; 4, Metropolitan mock. riOR BALE-HOUSE IN GLENCOE NEARLY NEW. X In complete order, and two aoroa high ground, with lake view and near depot. This la a bargain at $4,600. HOVEY, 4. Metropolitan Block. FOR SALE—AT ENGLEWOOD. 100 FEET. SOUTH front, near Stewart-ar. and Sixty.flrat-at.; a groat bargain. Tho snrrouuding improvomenta are In every way lint-class. Wo consider this one of tho cheapest lots to tho market. Fifty-eight daily nasaonger trains; com mutation, $46 por year. HULBURD « CO., 208 La 'Sallo-at. For sale-enolewood-four acres front lag-Book'a Park, at a groat bargain this week. Will retail at 100 por cent profit-. STORKS A WARE, 81 >Vashlngton-st. TT'OR SALE—FINE RESIDENCES IN HYDE PARK, X from S?,OA9 to $40,000: also, fine building lota In boat location. 'Will take parties wishing to buy to look at property on short notice. B.L. UNDERWOOD, 90Madl son-at. F’~OR SALE-IN IRVING PARK-TWO LOTS. 60 feet,- oast front, and 166 deep. Two blocks from depot. • Address SANDERS, No. U North Sangamon-st, ORBALE-AT ENGLEWOOD, SPLENDID BUlLD inglutson BUty-ftret-*t, 5 sidewalks laid, ahado trees planted: good improvement* on adjoining lota- Wo are proparodle furnish money and build to order upon those lots thirty,. forty, or fifty bouses. HULBURD AGO., 208 LaSallo-st. For sale-at englewood, cottage and lot, $3,850; oaofonrth cash, balance monthly until • paid for, Tbu la a groat ehanoo fora man of amall moans to teouro a bomo In ono of the finest locations of Engio wood. Flfty-olghl dally passenger trains; coramutatfon, $46 per year. HULDUUD4 00.. 208 Latjallo-it. FOR SALE-AT ENGLEWOOD-20 ACRES. ON . llalatod-st,: a big ebanoo to aubfilrldo. Vary liberal terms. HULBURdSco., 208La'Hatio-»t. TpOR BALE-1, S2O FEET ON FIFTY-FIFTH-BT. X 1 boulevard, near Halstcd-st,; abargaln. IIULBURD St CO. THOR SALE—S26O TO 8350-AT ST. CLOUD, 25 FEET X' higher than tbo lake, near Humboldt Park, 20 min utes'rldo from Madlson-st. bridge; lota at acre prices; tonus easy; all trains on both roads atop at SU'Uloud; commutation very low. 'WILLIAM PRICE, 183 Madison. at.; H. F. COY A 00., 163 Wasblngton sU TBOB SALE—CHOICEST LOTS AT NORTH EVAN- X itoos 1 am, building 10 Uousot; carpenters and masons wanted. O. L. JENKJj, H6LaSallo-st. Fins ale-io aoreb m mile east of central Park, 2 blocks from must sell; can oiler a groat bargain: if not sold In tun Days will no put up at auction. AVERY, MILLER 4 HIGDON, 113 Men roe-et. FOR SALE-CHEAP LOTS BAST OF STONY IS land buulovard, 25x135, near Savenly-fiftb-st. and Soventy-first-st., and on lako shore; several-bargains. ULRIOH 4 BOND, 87 Dcarborn st. ■• "IjtOß SALE—SIOO WILL BUY A BEAUTIFUL LOT X 1 at DoapJ&lnos. • Only $lO cash and $5 monthly until paid. Six lota loft at Evanston, 4 blocks (ram depot,sßoo, on same tonus. IRA BRO WN. M 3 LaS^lo-nt, FOR SALE—BO COTTAGES AND 3-STORY HOUSES at Englewood, on easy terms. Apply to TILLOT 6QN BROS., 273 andß74 Stalest. SALE-LOTS AT MAPLEWOOD, ONLYFOUR X 1 - miles from tho Court Uouao; commutation faro, QH cents: large frontage on Humboldt boulovard, Fullerton and Weslern-avs,; sidewalks have boon laid and trees sat oat on tho ontlro property; parties looking for homos would do well to visit Maplewood boforo rmrouasltig; price of lots from S4OO to SWO. WING 4 PAR LIN, tSEaet Madlson-st., corner of State, Room 4. TBOR SALE-AT A BARGAIN—BY GOLDEN 4 X FRESHWATEUB, 83SouthClark-st., KoomlH: 40 acre* in 800. 11, 83, IS.' 4U acroa In Sec. 16, 89. IS. 10 acres In See, 22, 89, 18. .10 acres In See. 17, 88, IV d acres la Hoc, 16, 89, 18. ' 3 acres lu Soo. 1, 89, 18. 40 acres In Sec. 88. 88, 18. For sale-20 aores south and east of Harlem, and north of Riverside. Cheap for oasb, A. J. 4 J. W. COOPER, No. 164 LaSolle-st., Otis Block. For sale-lots in evanston, on grant av, and Lskp-at., which ere lined with shade trees for $300; terms $lO monthly payments or H cash, balaoou in 1,3, and By oars: those ate special inaucqtnonta; come and soo; parties taken free of oxponso, ROBERT COM MUNS, lidLaSallo-it., basement. For sale-lots, blocks, and acre prop ortyat Washington Heights, at low figures. 6 acres near South Park. 890 feet on Mlohigau-av., south of • limits. O. L. MANN 4 E. A. OONUDON, Room 18 Major Block. TTOR SALE—LO'FS ON LAKR-ST., AT NORTH- X western Osr-Workn. $790; S2OO down: long lime. Also, haU-aorv tots, Washington Heights, s6uu cos7iXl; stu cash, balance 6 rears, Spur cent; abstract with each sale. Q. W. DEAN. 133 South Olnrk-st.. Room Ifl. BEAL ESTATE WANTED. "VXT ANTED—SI3,W)O HOUSE FOR CASH AND 11 smaller bouse. 825,b00 /arm and cash for bost-paylng buainoM block In cltv. 823,000 housoand lot for acre property, clear. fcVa,l*Xl house and lot for aero property, clear. 813, UU> homo and lot for home, acre property and cash. Unincumbered city lutsior 418,000 bouso and lot. Good faun for suburban property. O. L. MANNA E. A. OONGDON, Room 18 Major Block, 143 Laßalla-st, •MTANTED-AORU3 I ACRES' ACRESI-WK HAVE TT constant Inuulroa for tor* property s can mako quick tales at good prices. JACOB O. UA.UILL. 81 and 83 South Clark-aU • Wf ANTED—LOTS I LOTS ! LOTS I ON WEST WASH* f r, Tark-av., Warron-av., and Adaros-st., South htato-st., Prairie, and Indlans-ava., North Dear* born and LaSallo-sta. Wo bare customers for lota on tbo above and neighboring street#. JACOB O. MAOILL, 81 and 83 South Olark-at, "IXTANTHD—HOUSE AND LOT ON NORTH OR VT South Side on seml-aunual payments. Address E 78, Tribune office. TyANTED-7*HOOMCO'ITAGEON NORTH SIDE, vr for cash customer; aUo cottages and lots throughout tUp city for good customers. SUMMERVILLE A COUSINS, mSlato-st., Itoom 17. BUILDING MATERIAL. Buena vista building stone and flag. glng, sawed to order; prices ami sample at 48 South Ulsrk-Bt. J. H. SMITH. F" OH SALK—2OO.BOO CHICAGO IJUIOK AT A BAR gain: aUo Philadelphia and Indiana (rant brick. K, A. CONGDON, Room 18 Major Block. 771 OR SALE—OR EXCHANGE—FOR PERSONAL J} properly or real estate, a low thousand foot of dimen > slou ssnd htono. For information caller a>ldross HENRY FURST, 4JA FiftlijiT. ANTKD-COCI.OOO BRICK, CHEAP, DELIVERED Vr Immediately: also a good brick yard, withorderfur 1, 800,U0U brick. B. F. HEAD. 123 Olark-it. WANTED-8(X),000 GOOD BRICK. ADDRESS Kl4, VV Tribune oltlco. PERSONAL. PERSONAL— MILTON J. RUSSELL. JOB PRINT, or; call immediately on Henry Soars AUo., No. 03 Lake-st,, corner Statu, and got a letter there for you. Important. ■ THE PARTY WHO WROTE x an anonymous letter concerning my son, please call on wo at my office this evening at 8 o'clock, ana oblige) l THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE : WEDNESDAY,! MAY 28, 1873. COUNTRY: BEAL ESTATE. T?OR 8 ALE—2O.ACRES UPON CHICAGO. MIL* JL\ waukeo-A 8t» Paul Railroad, In Roo. 97, 40,ift. CO acres north of Austin, In 800. 6, 89, 13. 40 acres In ft-aoro blocks, Riverside, 90 acres In 5-aora blocks, Hawthorne. 80 acres near Lawndale. ' fiacres In Iglohart's Subdivision upon railroad and boulevard, In Hoe. 7, 88, 11. SO acres upon Klahty-lhlrd-st., In 800. 83, 89,- 11. Sn acres in See. W, 88,14. 10 acres In Meo. 16, 87,14. W acres In Soc.o:i, 87, 14. ■ Acres n See. 37. 87, 14, Acres nfioo. 81. 88, IS. Acres n See. 25, 88, 14. Acres n HoC/23, 88,14 Acres wHeo. 14, 88, 14. Acres n Hoc. 11, 88, tl. Acm n Hoc. 8,88,14. A lino list of lands by Iho aoro in all parts of Hyde Park, at prices and terma that will Insure good proDt to pur chasers. .A lino list of rosldonoo properly in Hyde Park, and vicinity, OUAOE A ABELL, ■ lafPoarborn-st., Hoooro BJock._ FOR BALR-COAL LAND AT BRAIDWOOD; 80 acres inßootlon 19, in Grundy County, In centre of groat ooa) Hold, now being worked. Address MIDDLE TUN, Box 1995, Now York.' TBOR SALE— AdRrc9~FARMINO LANDS FOR I 1 -sale in Iowa; also, In Missouri and Wisconsin, on lone times largo tracts suited to (arming colonies. JAMBS U. LANCASTER, Bft Washlngton-st., Chicago. TBQR SALE—AN IMPROVED FARM OF 60 ACRES, X 1 In Moilonry County. 111., adjoining town of Huntley Grove, convenient to public school. Price, S6O per aoro. Including house, barns, 010. Very easy terms. Owner iu gulug (o California. MATSON HILL, 108 and 110 Dcarborn-it. * TBOH SALE-PINK LANDS—7CO ACRES OP. GOOD X* Pino lands, near Dig Rapids, Mloli., 2,V miles from MusKogon River, and Grindstone Crook runs through It. Kiillmawtd at about 15,000,000 foot of soft pine. Jl. r. EL* DEED, 165 Monrno-st. T ' Ijion sXle-a i’aiim of ico Acuna, with, ih- X 1 provmnento, at Dolovan, Tnxowell County, In. The laud is o( tho best quality. Terms o! aalo very easy. Ap* rb' to PEGICHaM A BROWN,.Reaper Block, Room A cornnr of Clark and Washlngtiui.Bta. BOARDING AND DODGING. 1 . , South Side* 1 Q OONOREBB-ST.-ROOMS SINGLE OR BN SUITE if? snltablo for ladles or-genUemon, with -board.* Day board $6 per week. A 1 BIGUTISENTH-BT.-TWO NICK LARGE ROOMS xi with modem oonvonloncos,furnished or unfurnished,' except carpets, suitable for gentlemen with wives or sin gle gentlemen, with good board, at reasonablo rates. AO uu'ddabd court—new hoarding* \tO house; flrst-olass board with room, $4 to $6.60 par week, with use ot piano; day board, $4. n*Q AND 120 TIURD-AV.—TO RENT, WITH XXO board, lovoral nice rooms, anltablo for man and wife, oralnglo gentlemen; alaollm-claM day-board. "1 QO TWENTY-FOURTH-ST.—I WANT TWO GEN- X*j£i tlomop ora family of throe to board. 970 MIOHIOAN-AV.-TO RENT. WITH BOARD, ZtixJ handsomely furnished Bocond-itory front rooms; bet and cold water. A few day-boarders wanted. OQC MIOIIIOAN-AV. ~ LARGE. HANDSOMELY, A OU and nowly-fumUhod eooond-atory front room, with board; room for single gentlemen; references ox* chaugod. QQ/t WADASH-AV.—ONB LARGE FRONT ROOM. OOv unfurnished, for gentleman and wife, with board. QQ/4 . WABASH-AV.—LARGE AND PLEASANT OOtt rooms and board for gentlemen and their faml lies; also sleeping rooms and board for single gentlemen. AQI miohioan-av.-a nicely furnished room for gentleman and wife, or two gentlemen, with board. House has all modern improvements. /f Q/f WABASH-AV.-NIOEROOMS, SINGLE OR tt£7‘x on suite, with first-class board; also, day hoard. A good barn to rent. , ■ ,4 QQ SOUTH DEARBORN (BURNSIDB-BT.), TtJu near Twenty-ninth.—A nice, ohoorful family ho tel ; excellent table and aurprlilngly low prices. Single rooms, $6 to $7, (\(\Q WABASU.AV.—ELEGANT ROOMS FOB O\JO gontloroon and their wives, or single gentlemen, Day board, $5 per week. References exchanged, C7C WABASH-AV., CORNER TWELFTH-ST.- O t O Front or back parlor, with bod-rooms attached, on suite or Slagle; bath, Ac.; first-rate board. S Q/f-WABASH-AV. A LARGE, HANDSOME Out room, with board, Aooommodatloos Urst-olass, Rofereacos required. rrn WABASU-AV.-HANDSOMBLY FURNISHED s tIX front room for gentleman and wife; also room for single gentleman, with first-class table. Referonoos re quired. ■ 7ftQ WABASH-AV.—TWO DESIRABLE FRONT lUu rooms, single or on suite, furnished or unfur nished; also, one back suite, modem improvement*, with board. nn A MICHIGAN-AV.—DESIRABLE SUITE OF I t x front rooms to rent, with board; also one other fcood room; two doors south of Tweaty-ecoond-st. QAQ STATE-ST.—ROOMS WITH GOOD BOARD, OUt/ tingle or on suite, at fair prices; also day board log. Oft 7 WABASIt-AV.—ONE FURNISHED AND ONB OL> I nnlnraiahed alcove front room, with hrst-oloas board. Day boarders accommodated. QQA INDIANA-AV.. NEAR EIOUTIIENTH-BT. OOU Pleasant furnished room, with largo closet and bath-room adjoining; also a parlor or parlor aulto, unfur-, nUhodozcept carpets and curtains; would like a few ta ble-boatdon. . Q99 MIOUIGAN-AV.-TO RENT, WITH BOARD, u pleasant front rooms. 1 HI 7 WABABII-AV.-TO RENT-LARGE PARLOR XVIA J nud bedroom, fumiahod or unfurnished, with fint-olaaa board. Two nice rooms for single gents, with board. Y* INOItNNRS*AV., NEAR OAK—LARGE FRONT room, partly furnished, also one furnished room, with board; modern house. Address K 32, Tribune office. West Side. A ± SOUTH MORGAN'S!’., NEAR MADISON—A 'X x pleasant, elegantly furnished front room on roa aoaablo tonne, with mo Tory boat table. » AG NORTH ORBEN-BT.-A FEW BOARDERS TrU wanted who desire tbo enmforta of a homo. nff SOUTH PKOUIA-ST.—TO RENT, WITH BOARD, Jet I room, nicely furnished, lor gentlemen and lady, and 1 room for 3 single gentlemen. Also, a fow day-boaru on oa*i bo accommodated. OO SOUTH MORGAN-ST—A NIOKLY.FURNISHED OO room, suitable furgontloman and wife, or two slnglo gentlemen: also, a room for a single gentleman: house nasal! modern Improvements; board unaiooptlonablo. M SOUTH MORGAN-ST., NEAR MADISON-FUR. nlshod room for one or two - gentlemen, ■ with * board or without. • Off SOUTH MORGAN-ST., NEAR MADISON— OO Furnished rooms with board, suitable for families or single gentlemen; house first-class, with modem lm piovemcnts. ‘ 1/17 WEST ADAMS-ST.-ONE LARGE FRONT J.UI room and two small ones, with board, for $6 por week. TIP WEST WASHINQTON-ST.—LARGE, IIAND XXO Bomoly-furnlshod front room, with or without A 1 table; desirable for business men aa a central location. m SOUTH OREEN-ST,,.NEAR ADA6IS.-PLEAS~. nnt furnished front room, with board, suitable for two or four goutlomon. 1 Q/l_ WARREN-AV., CORNER WOODST. -NICE XO X accommodations for married couple: also for two young gents, at $7 per week: only ono block from Madl son-st., near Onion Park; delightful summer residence. IQC SOUTH PEORU-ST—IfUBNISHED BOOMS, lOU with first-class hoard. *1 off WALNUT-ST. -TO RENT,. WITH BOARD, A XOO furnlshod room with clothes press and usoof bath room, overlooking two vacant lots, suitable for two g<ja tlomoh or gontloman and wife; situated 3 blocks west of Union Park. Terms, $lB per week. Call or address. T JO WEST ADAMB-BT.-BOARDERS WANTED; furnished rooms, with board; also day-boarders accommodated; good table, and terms reasonable. Tffff WEST' SVASHINOTON-ST.—NICELY FUR XOtJ nlsbed rooms, with board, single or on suite; slnglo, $7 to slopor weak; day-board, $4.60. OAO WEST WASHINGTON-ST.-ROOM AND aUO board for two or throe gentlemen on reasonable terms. Q JO WEST WASHINQTON-ST.—LARGE PARLOR, Oxg pleasantly situated ami newly furnished:also one piodtmn-slrod room; new furnlturo; table la good. Qff7 WEST JAOKSON-ST.—FINE LARGE ROOMS, Oc I good board and moderate prices; modern com Tenioncos. ■ A C*(\ WEST WABHINGTON-6T.-TWO ROOMS TO TUU rout, furnlshod or unfurnished, single or on suite. ffAft WEST WASHINOTON-ST.-iROOMS, EN OUU suite orsioglo, furnished or unfurnished, with or without board. ftOQ WEST ADAMS-ST., NEAR UNION PARK-3 UZiO vury largo liuo rooms, elegantly furnUbod, with board; beautiful croquet grounds surround house; looa. tloo and accommodation aNo. I. TOHNSTONB HOUSE-114 AND 116 WEST MADI- U son-st.; everything first-class; tonus, $3 por day: tkßlodjoard, $6 per week. . ST. CHARLES HOTEL, CORNER DESPLAINEL .and Washlngtoo*sts,—Bookkeepers, enlosmoa, da., cun gat boerd ana room at $8 to 9a per nook. Bostac* comniodatlone. North Side. TSTORTITWEST CORNER WELLS AND HINSDALE* At sts.—Largo pleasant front rooms, wltbgood board: brick building. BOARD WANTED. TJOARD—ON THE NORTH SIDE. DY GENTLE* XJ man and wife, ono largo famished room, with alcove and closet, ortwo furnished rooms, with drsUolaai board. .Address, stating terms and location, F7O, Tribune office. BOARD-ALCOVE ROOM UNFURNISHED, EJO oept carpet, lor gentleman and wile. Few ll any hoarders. Address 0 63. Tribune office. SOARDi—WITH A PLEASANT, UNFURNISHED room, for mao, wlfo, and child 6 year* old, whore no comfort* can bo enjoyed, In private family where there are no other boarders: will pay reasonable but uo fancy prices; would Hko to bo near Union Park, or on ono of the avenues on South Side. Address, giving location and terms, K 89, Tribune office. HOARD—BY GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, WITH JJ furnished /rent rooms, on suite, on the South Side, oast of State and south of Tweuty-seoond.sls.. on reason* able forms: private family preferred; references ox* changed. Address, stating location and terms. JC 83. Tribune office. .TJOARD—FOR OENTLEMaN AND WIFE. WEST JJ of Union Park. Address, stating terms, W, oaro of CJarrlcrlL TJOAUD—WILL SOME PRIVATE FAMILY RKSID* JJ logon the Won bide. aocommodato a single young gentleman with a nicely furnished room. Address, with particulars, K SO, Tribune office. AGENTS WANTED. AOENTS WANTKD-TO BELL OUR NEW BUT. ton-hulociitteraiui noodlo-tlireadlag thimble. Agouu clear S2O per day. Wl East, Room 6. GENTS WANTED - AGEN'ia~A UE’fil A KINO $lO to 413 a day. with my needle book, machine noodle, button hole cutter, etc., etc. Particular* free. O. M. LININOTON, 17? East Madiioq-it. A “gents WANTED-KVERY OOUNTY-HEWITT llutlug and polishing baud iron combined. Secure a county and make money. Room 16, 171) East Madlson-st. A GE”NTS*cTaN MAKE 4800 PER MOOTinfELLINQ JL guns dour-bells in towns and villages. Address J ABIES F. HAYS, Chicago. ' Agents wanted-samples free-silver watch to all. Mou and women possessed of buslues • energy can easily make $8 to 916 a (far. Call or send for parthmlais from any nsrt of the country. Twenty now ar* tldoi. MERRILL A CO.. SBWcatLako-it. J.:-, .TO RENT—BOOMS.: X RYAN A 00., Inenranoo Agents, 810 Laßalln*st. T°i.nWs! jS&e”? 161 and 158Dearborn-st. TotimroMcnabla. rfib. RKNT—FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED X rooms at 177« • , rpO RENT—BLEoXNTLY FURNISHEp SUITE OP X rooms, suitable fora gonMoman and wlia or two am* pie gentlemen. No. 74 Twonty-«Ulh*at. Apply on prem- rnd RENT—TWO PARLOIMV^TTfFUSB OP GAS. X and'batb, in frstory brick-house. 6M West Washing* ton-st. ■ . . ' fpO RENT—NRATLY-FURNIRHKD WITH X gas, closets, and privilege of bath; front parlor and basement for housekeeping at 479 Wabash-av. rro RENT—A PART OP A PLEASANT HOUSE, ONK X block from Union Park, wolMnmlibod, to a small family for tho meals of myself and child; also a pleasant front room, with alcove, woll-fumUhod, without board. In a strlotly private family. Address, or call at No. 11 Union Park-place.: I ■ ■ j fTtO RENT—TWO LARGE ROOMS OR SECOND T floor 297 South Ualstod-st., Juno 1. Inquire 906 South Halsted st. ' . . mo, RENT—FURNISHED KOOSI( ALSO FINE UN. X furnished front room »t 177 01ark*at.» nortbefut cor* nor Monroe. toqulrostßoomjw. ■ • TO RENT-ONE NIOEUY FURNISHED ROOM FOR BonUomim ivnd *lls. v.U i_b.Uvto<jm. hot .nil cold nio REN'r-1074 WABASH-AV.. A SUITE OP UN. X furnUhed front rooms with largo elosot attached, and one largo back room; board can bo obtained within a few,doors., ■ ' : RENT-SIX IROOMB, ALL IN NICE ORDER,' .t fc rf 1 loirnmt. ft. KEtft NEDY, lift Olsrk-st., Rooms 86 and 27. ■ ■ fro RENT—ELEGANT FURNISHED ROOMS, KN X nnlto or slnglo, ior families or slnglo gonUomon. No. 876Wabash-av. ■ rpO RENT—AT 19 KLDIUDOE-COURT.FyiWIfIHED x and unfurnished rooms.. Also furnished basement. House has all trioqorn improvements. rpO RENT—9 FURNISHED BOOMS, WITH OR, WITH- X outboard, atH2 SouthQroen-st. : - TO MOST DESIRABLE AND ELB gantlyfurtjlshodrooms oah bohe4atßsartdß7Do&r --bom-st;; comfort a specialty; go and see thorn.- ,t r > ■-• TO RENT—AT 519.60 PER MONTH, A SUITE OF 4 rooms, in tho now building sA tho northwest corner of Arnold and Twenly-nlnth-su, Apply at tho building botwoon 10 and H o'clock la tho forenoon. TpO RENT—NIOELY FURNISHED OR UNFUR* X Dished rooms, with or without board, at 268 West, ■ : ■ ■■■ rro RENT—UNFURNISHED . ROOMS IN DAVY’S A ■ Block, northwest corner Madison and Green s snrao splendid ranees oa second floor: rani cheap. D. COLE 4 BON, 168 West Madlson-at. . . . mO BENJJ-A MIOELY-FCBNISBBD FRONT BED .J. room to a gontlomon. Inquire at 261 West Mad fson-st. ‘ rpO RENT—64I STATE-BT.—TWO SUITES OP FUR ■J. ■ Dlshodraoms. Inquire on first floor. mO RENT-FURNISHED SLEEPING-ROOM, BUIT- X - able for two young men. 345 West Madlsou-st., oor* per Sangamon.' ' ' rpO RENT-A VERY PLEASANT UNFURNISHED X front room, bandy to business. S6O AUohlgan-av. rro RENT—FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, WITH OB X without board, at No. 80 - Abordeen-st., in a private family.' ■ __ ■ - ' ■ TO RBNT-3 PLEASANT FRONT ROOMS, UNFUR nlshod. te gontlomon, two doors from Atreet-oar*} reference required. Apply at 123 Sooth Wood-eU TO RENT-310 WEST LAKE-ST.. THREE BOOMS, fint Soot; voyydoslrablo foe smaß family.. Apply on the promises from 10 to 13q. ta. orßto<p. m, •-■■ ■ T"~0 RENT-AT 429 WEST MONRO E-ST.. ONE OF . the ilneat locations lathe city, yea will find a very plooly fornlshod alcove suit, and parlor. Pali and see. TO RENT—THE SECOND FLOOR OF 146 SOUTH Clinton. 4 rooms, $23 por month. Apply at UlUs South

Jcfiorton-at. • . mo RENT-A PEW FURNIBHEDROOMB, 40 BAST X Harrison-st., near the comer of Wabash-av. TO RENT-A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM In a strictly private family suitable for two gontlomen, with oaro: reforonces exchanged. Also, & small barn. Apply at 379 West Lako-»t. rro rent-furnished or unfurnished, en X suite or single rooms at 874 Mlohlgan-av. Would board ono oouplo. ■ ' mO RENT-WBLL-FURNISHED FRONT SLEEPING X rooms, with gas, la a strictly private family: terms reasonable; location urst-olau. Apply at 446 West Jack »on-tt. > TO RENT-SECOND FLOOR OF 617 SOUTH CANAL, at., 6 rooms, closets and pan trios, well flnishod, gas and water; rent cheap. ___ TO RENT-A WELL FURNISHED SLEEPING room; with nso of parlor, to ono or two yonng gootlo men; terms raasonabto. Apply at 828 West OMcago-av. TO RENT-FIVE ROOMS, CONVENIENT FOR housekeeping, at S2O per month. Inquire at drug store, 836 Cottage Grovo-av. TO RENT-TWO NICELY-FURNISHED FRONT rooms. Apply after 69 Twonty-sgoond-st. TO RENT-TWO FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS IN a pleasant and central location on tho South Side.-Ad diets O 60, Tribune olßce. ■ TORENT-DY E. C. COLE 4 CO., 183 LASALLE st., 13 North Oarponterst., 11 rooms. TO RENT-UNION PARK. BEAUTIFUL LARGE parlors and other rooms, furnished or net, with'or wlthoutboardjß Sboldon-st.,Ja a private family. TO RENT—ON WESTERN-AV., BETWEEN ADAMS and Jackson, 7-room house. Inquire at 163 East Wash- Ington-st., Booms 18 and 19. mO RENT—ELEGANTLY FURNISHED SUITE OP X ' rooms on tint floor: will furnish gas and attendance, No. 100314 Wabasb-av., between Twuaty-uurd and Twen ty-fourth-ata. T O KENT—STORES. OFFICES. &c. TO RENT—A VALUABLE OFFICE ON FIRST floor, Wabaih-av., near Sooth Water-st.; also offices and desk rooms over Nos. 7, O.and II Wabosh-av,. aßd basement under aamoj also third iloor, comer of Wabash av. and South Wator-at.; low to good tononta. Apply to CHASE, HANFORD A 00.. corner Wabash-ar. and South Wfttor-et, •_ r RENT—7 STORES AND 4 BASEMENTS. NOW ready, on ono of the best business streets in tho city; rent from S9OO to 83,70Q per annum. Inquire in tho’bnoo cupled stores of Lakeside Bulldlng,on Clark-it., forW. R. SCOTT. T" O RENT—STORES—BO FRET FRONT BY 183 FEET deep, on Randolph-st., botwoon Clark'and Dearborn, to be improved. Will build stores SO, 40, 60, or 80 foot front, and finish to eult tenants. Apply to O. M. UPDIKE, • . comer Taylor-pt. and Paclilo-ar, mO RENT-STORE 40 NO. RANDOLPH-ST., .26X100,. X 4 stories and basement,, finished in tho best manner. Apply to tho WESTERN NEWS COMPANY. 43 and 44 Randolph-st. ■ ■ rno RENT-NO. 723 STATE-ST., JUST SOUTH OP ■ X Fourtooath-at., fora packing-house or lor manafao turiug purposes. Imiuiroof the owneratSeoondNatloaal BaMc. D. F. CAMERON. rpO RENT-ROOMS ,ON SECOND, THIRD. AND X fourth ttoors of building No. 134 Madisoa-st., near LaSalle, desirable lor offices and slooplng apartments. Cheapest rent Ip city. Look to your Interest and exam ine. Apply to jantotc of bulldtag. TO RENT-A SPLENDID OPENING FOR A HOTEL —the four-story and basomont stone-front building, situated on the corner of North Wolls and Mlchlgan-sta., 60 feet fronton Wells-st. and 106 feet on Mlchlgan-st. Apply to JACOBS A FISCHER. Wells-st. TO RENT-PART OF TWO-STOBY HOUSEI4S3 ludiana-av.; very comfortable and cheap. TO RENT-A COTTAGE OF FIVE-ROOMS. PAN try and closet, on Buttcrfleld-st;. near Twenty-fifth at.; $25. Inquire at Pin UuUcrflctd-st. ‘ TO RENT-870 FULTON-ST., NICELY-FURNISHED .front room, with closet, to gentleman; private family. • - • .„>■ IPO RENT-147 WEST VAN BUREN-ST., 2 LARGE X front rooms, on suite, furnished, together or separ ate ; facilities for housekeeping If wanted* ’ rpO RENT-SECOND FLOOR OF NO. 46 STATE-ST., X good llghtia front and oosldo, corner alloy. Apply on first floor to HHUUXNO A CO. . ' y IPO RENT-ONE UALF OF A BRICK STORE BIT- X nalolntho most desirable part'd tho North Sldo. Address, stating stylo of business, O 89, Tribune ofßoo. ■ WANTED—TO RENT. TUTANTED—TO RENT-A STORE SUITABLE FOB IT- a furniture store: small lint floor and largo upper floors. .A. L. CROCKER, 631 Stato-st. • _ _ ‘WTAMTMD-TO RENT-BY a quirt man, a >i plaiuly-fumlsbod front room on South Dearborn, Butterfield, or from Twenty-first toTwonty-nlnth-sts,; withpUhi, qulot people protected. Address 0 70, Ttlb uno office, WANTED— TO RENT—IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, by a single gentleman, a pleasant room, wcll-fur nlsiiod, with or without board; If suited, will bo perma pout; South Side. Address O 73, Tribune offioa, •WTANTED-TO RENT-BY PAINTER, PART OF 7Jr small ttoro or basement, central location.' DOUGH ERTY A MoUJEIIAN, Room 16, 177 East Madlion-at. \\T ANTED—TO BENT—DESK ROOM, BY A YOUNG \J attorney; best of ro/oronoea given. Iw2b, Tribune ptSoe. \XTANTED-TO RENT-3 rooms suitable for it housekeeping, on Madlaon-st., near Baagunoa. Ad dress Q M, lb3 OumpbaU-av. \TTANTEU-T° RENT—house with from u ii to lb rooms, and modern Improvements; must be fur nlahod. wholly or la part. Xnnuiro of O. A. SMITH A CO., No. 8 Tribune Hull dying. WANTKD-TO fcHNT-UOUSIt, I OH DOOMS, W sst Bide, family of 8. no children, within 8 blocks of Madlson-at. Address, stating price and location, TB (Ji Western Union Telegraph Oo», Ohloago. WANTKD-TO HKNT-BY A GENTLEMAN, AIUY i T room, well furnished, without board, on the West Bldotprlvatefamllyproforred. AddressK 86, Tribune OtliOD. T r throo rooms suitably f urnUhedfor light housekeeping, or one or two roomslurulshod.wltb use of kitchen. Ileal, wbloh must bo moderate, will bo paid monthly in advance. WANTKD-TO RENT-HOUSES, STORES, AND Room 13. ' * SEWUTO MACHINES. rt ROVER 4 BAKER'S SEWING-MACHINES—GEN KJ oral otfloe, Ho 1 branch oKce, 373 Wabash av. I orsonj having old Orovsr i Baker sewlug-inaohloos are tattled to call and see tho now improvements, and hoar something to their aq vantage. (JINOEU Ojjluit or A. J, MkLOHEHT. 216 SOUTH * Open awn? 1 '* uo#w *“ 00 monthly payments and BOWING MACHINE—WE wX^ 00 ' lal atloutlon to recent Improvements mad* in . i?i«,l°. fonoo 'ii ~ 0 rn h**, ftn *} elegant styles of oases J ou / meet tho views of those proferrlog a machlao feeding tho work away from the operator, wo have made Nos. IB and H, which combine the desirable h * In machines made by others, with all tl r*Wi U £ry oxo £ Uoucl ? B ot the Floronoe. iVM. 11. nltAßl A CO., General Agents, 2M Statc-st., Chicago. WHEELER A WILSON BOWING MACHINES, Tf the now Improved eold or renloa on easy monthly s«Wisi Ui “ * 3i^nbrv“oiJS,.ui: CLAIRVOYANTS. U nbss and medical mediums, 106 West Madlsonet. Mrs. t. j. lewis, ukliablu'ulairvoyant business and medical medium. W West Madlson-at. ,1 TO RENT—HOUSES; TO RRNT-HOUBEB. DY.T. M. MARSHALL A 00., ’ Rooms 9 and 10 Reaper Block j - ’ BWTwonly.lourtii'Bt. - 147 Fomt-av. , ■ ; 48yhrnnn-(it, ' 1563 Warron-av.' • ilWfi,: > ; 4153 Smith Clark-sl. 1 474 Wo«tT(iylnr-6t. • 806 Wo«t Madlson-fll. ■ r ! 8,9, and 11 Twelfth-st. , ■ , . „ „ . ■ .Slooplnß-rooras In Reaper, MoCormtok. Spoed s, and Kentucky Block*. Also, at 117,128, and ICO. and 18.* and 186 Sooth Clarkst.- . J. M. MARSHALL * CO., j 97 Booth Olark-fIU, and 103 WashlngUm-st. mo RENT—DWELLING, 11W PRAIRIiV.AV/| RENT X s(\& per month; U roomi. Apply to HURT, RAI>, No. 120Do*rborn-flU_ TO HUNT—A SPLENDID UOUSK, 931 SOUTH Doarborn*flU,corner Thirty-ninth; only ®3opor month. Inquire of J.W. GOULD, EM, rfio RENT HOUSES IN GOOD LOCATIONS. J. cheap to sood tenants. JACOB 0. JIAGILL, 81 and ‘63 South Clark*at. • riio RENT-HOUSE 110 LOOMIS-ST. CUAOI3 4 JL ABELL, l&l Dcatbmu at. TO RENT— T\Vo NEW HOUSES, 0 ROOMS. GOOD neighborhood,sir minutes' walk from Union Park. 0. W, DEAN. 183 South Uhrk-st.. HoomlO. 7110 RENT-TWO-STORY HOUSE OF 7 LARGE X rooms and summer kltobon.on afoMoot lot,with »nrn. 823 West Inquire of J. UAIUtUiT.433 Woet Jaokton-st. , n Trent-new house, 6 rooms, closets, aniry, and water in kitchen, In good neighborhood, nat Erlo-st., near Ashland-av. Ji. B. QUAY, nib RENT-IN COMPLETE ORDER. WITH MOD - X-m »rn Improvement*, 11-toora Bloneuront hnnaoi, CCB and 668 Monroe-at. 1 100 Wood-«t., 11 moms, Kngllßb base* mont and cellar! 114 Aberdeen, 10 rooms, hoi and cold waterand good barn; 639 Monroe-tU, fl rooms. For terms call at 018 Monros-at. TO RENT-HOUSE 738 WEST MADISON-9T.. COR nor Lincoln: baa Brooms, besides bath-room, pantry, atid oloseta: well arranged. Inquire at store, ilolorenooa required. 7110 RENT—IW-BTORY HOUSE, 9 ROOMS, LARGE X lot, corner Warrou-av. and Oakloy-st.; fruit, shrub bery, and flhado treoa. S. DBLAMATIIU, WWaablng ton-at. 7110 RENT—3 ELEGANT NEW BRICK HOUSES, ■ X ' tnodorn Improvements, Jake view [ cheapest rout In the city,. Call at block comer Indlana-av. and Twelfth-at. 110 RENT-NEAT BRICK COTTAGE; 6. ROOMS. . -906 Buttortlold-sU, SB3. R. Q. UOODWILLIE, 131 Booth Olark-at, . . HID RENT—ERIE-BT., NEAR ROBEY-HOUSE 11 X rooms. $35. or tint story, S2O; soooud, $lB. R. 0, OQODWIIiLIE, 184 South Clark-sU mOBENT-BOARDINOHOUSE-FORTY-SEVENTH JL at., first west of Olark-st, tipper story, $23. R. G, OOOPWILLIE, m South Olark-st. ■ TORENT-OOTTAOR OF SIX ROOMS, RESIDES oloseta and pantry, $35; alio 3 rooms, $lB a month, to rent to responsible parlies, situated ono block west of Union Park. O. J. CORSE, Room 108 85 Daatboni-st. X gant two-alory basement and French roof brink house, No. PI Calumot-av., Just south of Twonty-eooimd-st., oast front lot 40x1-16, house In perfect order with all llio tnodom Improvement*: good bum. Also tho doslrablo two-story and basement brick house with bum No. 173 Warren-av., oast of, lot 45x136;. Immediate SOBMssloaof either. Apply to A. J, AJ. W. COOPER. to. 1M LaSallo-st., OtU Block. Suburban. rpO RENT-LARGE HOUSE AND GROUNDS ON >X lake shore, near and south nf Oakland Station and : cityUmllj. H. L. UNDERWOOD, misdlson-gt. TO RENT-IN HYDE PARK-A HOUSE, NEARLY -now, containing y rooms, largo lot. oast front: 1 block ■ from dopot and lako. 8. L.’ UNDERWOOD, TO Madison. TO RENT-A PLEASANT FURNISHED KRBl donoo at Highland Park s now. brick, noatbarn, and i grounds. Address or call from 2t06 p. m. at Room SO, - BUSINESS CHAKCBS. A PROMINENT FIRST-CLASS RETAIL FAMILY grocery for sale, doing a largo and profitable busi ness, which can bo greatly inoroaaod by a live, onorgotlc, noshing man, who oan giro his ontlro attention to tho business. Tho owners bavo other business to attend to, which ts their reason for soiling. For particulars caller address BURTON, PIERCE 4 CO., wholesale grocers, 64 Miohlgan-aT. • , A FIRST-CLASS BOOK STORE FOR SALE IN THE flourishing town of Dixon. HI.. 98 miles west of Chi cago, on tho Northwestern Railroad: a good stand well ’ assorted wltb books, stationery, wall-naper, tors, fancy goods, 40.; will bo sold at private Bale; capital required $5,000; must bo sold in tho noxt 10 days treasons for soiling Good. Dixon is tho county seat of Leo County; popula on about 6,000, and is destined to bo an important manufacturing (own; terms cash, For further iiifonna- Ron, address or call on REYNARD DUOS., Dlxoo, HI. A .N OLD-ESTABLISHED LIGHT MANUPAOTUR UA. Ing business, whoro the small capital of sl, DUO la re quired, for talo; reason* for selling, 111-health. Apply at fl9 South Dosplalnes-st. A LARGE BILLIARD HALL. AT A BARGAIN, for sale—(Very wotl adapted lor a concert saloon), together with a fine fitted up aaloon in tho boat business location on West Madlsnn-st.: this business can bo bought also without billiard* ana stock. For particulars, Inquire of D. J. NOOKIN, 76 South Doarborn-st. A FIRST-CLASS BARBER SHOP FOR SALB; RBA sonfor soiling, going Into other boalnoas. Cali at 77 Dluo Island-av. A MAN WITH S3OO OR S4OO CAPITAL OAN BUY A well-established cigar and tobacoo store In tho best location in this olty. Address 1C 9, Tribune ofiles. A FIRST-CLASS MEAT MARKET FOR SALE, nowly fitted up, now doing a good business. 674 Indl ana-st. A FIRST-CLASS HILLIARD SALOON, WITH stock, fixtures, and everything complete, for solo. Owner going to Europe* reason fur soiling. First man first ohanco. Inquire at 86 Qhlcago-av. A COMFORTABLY- FURNISHED, FIRST-CLASS A boardlng-houso for sale, with lease, on a prominent •froot on tho West Side, near business centre. Address i£ 50, Tribune office. A BUSINESS MAN, WITH FROM $5,000 TO SIO,OOO capital, can uow atop Into a satp and prolllablo job* ■ bing and retail builuoes. woll established, lu this city. Goods ataplo ond lirst-clasn la ovary respect. Address HARDWARE, Tribune office. A RARE CHANCE FOR A GOOD BUSINESS MAN to control a manufactured article that Uon actual necessity In every house In tho Union; a oomptoto mem* opoly to a party who can furnish from SB,OOO to $5,000 cash, or roal estate security. I will clvo & chance to mok* from $5,000 U>sUl,ooopornunuin, ICl£l, Tribune offioo. Business interests 'fobTsAlrl partners X) wanted. .Various openings, mercantile, manufac turing, etc., on hand. requiring S6OO to SIO,OOO. Worth InvoallgaUag. j. E. KIM It ALL, HdlJuarborn-it. Best chance ever offerrd-must bk sold this week. A boarding house (2d beds), well adapted for transient trado, and saloon, on East van Buron-st. D. J. NOCKIN, Real Estate Agont. 75 South Dearborn. Feed store for sale, no. s»i south ual stod-st. /7J.REAT BARGAIN. WITH LEASE OF DWELL \JT lug, a desirable moat market ond packing house for sale. Good location. Dally sales largo, Inquire of 11. UNDERWOOD A SON, 20-Markat-st. Half interest in a billiard hall, in good locality, to party who can tako charge oi samo. Address,K 66, Tribune oltieo. F’ YOU WANT THE BEST BUSINESS AND BEST located cool and wood yard la tho city, address K 67, Tribune office. . MY HALF INTEREST IN SALOON * RESTAUR ant, No. IN West Randolph-st., fur salo. Rare cnanoo. M. B. McCOY. PARE CHANCE FOR A DRUG OI ST—TH B WELL XV known and long-ostabllsbsd Northwestern Homto pathlo Pharmacy, No. 619 Wabash-av., comprising Uio entire stock, fixture* and building, will bo sold pursuant to an order of tho County Court, by tho undersigned as tho Administratrix of tho estate ot O. M. Von Sclilelbon. Parties wishing to bid on the same, wlllploano send seal ed proposals to 8. F. Hanchott, Deputy Sberitf, At tho County Court (Old Court-House), by tho 16th day of Juno, •1873; such proposition must contain terms of, whether for cash, or part, on thno, ond what security, also nomo and addroas of tho bidden. Mark onvolopo * ‘ Bid on Pharmacy," 610 Wabash-av, AUGUSTA VON SOHLEIBRN. . Administratrix. STEAM FLOURING MILL FOR SALK CHEAP, HAS 7 run of stone, now ongluo of amplo power in good or der; is In a town of U, 000 people; good local trado; ship ping facilities, two Eastern railroads and Mississippi Rlvor. Terms easy. Address or call on F. L. UNDEII WOOD, Muscatine, lows. • QMALL FOUNDRY, SITUATED AT NO. 531 ELS h?... toD '. ro,wl » forsalot hi order ami toadyforocoupauoy. Will make tonus to aultpurohasor, or will tako real estate in part payment. DYER, LAMB AGO., Rodftold-st. THE LEADING MERCHANT TAILORING ESTAB- Hahment in a city of 6,000 Inhabitants, for sale; also a fine stock of gouts’ furnishing goods, hats, caps, Ao. Stock in tlno order, and Cha host trade la tho city. Hero IK a fine bargain for a live business man. Tho stock of cloths and goods about $5,000. Wo sru now running ten tillers. Apply to or address 1L B. X’IEUUE, IWJ South Olark-st., Boom 6. WE ARB OFFERING A RARE OPPORTUNITY to agood business man, with a small capita), to mako a fortune. STONE A SKINNER, 119 DoarWn-flt., Room 6. QOnn WILL SECURE ONE-HALF INTEREST LV %S>4o\J A cash business, long established, and making money: a oloar profit nf tho above amount can bo realized every month. U. HALL, 16 South Canal-st., Room I. Q1 ICE oueam saloon ipX.UUW and restaurant, old ostabllohod, cash busi dob«. Pali at ‘JIO Mllwaukec-av, <JSI BUY A HALF INTEREST in A «E>XtUUU well established cash business, paying half that amount monthly. 127 South Olark-st., Room J&. &9 Ann for half interest in a job printing othco; S7OO for nno ofthobost markets In tho city; ssoo—An established business, nay ■^Bvte&TougiMa”” btjM - FINANCIAL. TBOR BALE—S3.COO ADJUSTED CLAIM AGAINST A 1 Lama* Insurance Company, Address K93, Trlbuuo offloo. LOANSOFS6OOTO SI,OOO. 6 TO 13 MONTHS, AND $6,000 for 90 days, or real estate mortgages bought; also loans on collaterals, or houses on leasehold. Dla moods wautod. W. OTTAWAY, 79 Do&rbora at. Money loaned on city real estate. SI,OOO to SBO, uOO; real estate paper Wanted; loans on lo&w --holds. U. GROSSMAN. Room 18.178 Stato-st. Money advanced at Lassen’s loan otfleo; late Jacobs 4 Co., on diamonds, watches, and other valuables. 177 Olark-st., coruor of Monroe, Room 6, Xjrb'NLY TO LOAN ON CITY REAL ESTATE, a IVI B. HUBBARD, Jit.. 188 Wa»bl>u:tun»st. TO LOAN-IN SUMS OF SI,OOO OR MORE ON CITY property or improved Illinois farms within 100 miles of OUtosgo. Jt. L. PEASE. 79 West Madlson-at. rno LOAN—S6,IXO IN ONE LOAN, FOR THREE OR X five years, at 10 nor cent, on tfrst-olasa Inslda city property. WAITE A CLAIUvE, 63 Bryan Block. W ANTKD-TO HELL SOME OF THE STOOKTw'a oominnr paying over UHI per cent; tiumpauy has 4 of the Lost paying articles In the market. Also, a sultablo Eorion can secure position as Treasurer in tho company yso doing. Address F 61, Tribune (ilßoo* (SO ono T 9. li 9 A V‘ ON Chicago real VJ,UUU estate, for 6 years. Fnrrhaan money mort gages wanted. Money on hand, B. GROSSMAN, Uoum 13, 178 Htate-st. C*l a nnn to loan on inside UNiMßTtfmeT) jrXU.UyU property for Qor (years. 11. W. HUNT, 16 Boono Block. ' ©9K flnn-WR havktiiisamountonhand *p4U t \J\J\f to loan on Inside real estate in sums of $6.000 each. J. Q. MuCOUD A CO.. KtO Dearbom-at.l INSTRXJCTIdN. INSTRUCTION GIVEN IN THE FRENCH LAN- X guago by a teacher ol avporlonoo, private or eUsjcs; torma wodaraU, Address ft 11, Trlbuuo chic?. •WANTED—MATE HELP. Bookkeepers. Clerks, Eto» ' WANTBD-SALBRMBN LOOKING FOR EMPLOY. VV moot will do well to address BRADLEY A CO,. 72 Chicago, * * *W ANTED—BO Y Ift OB Ifl YEARS OLD. TO CLERK TT In a store and drlro a horse occasionally; good ref oronco required. Address Y Ift, Trllmuo office. Trauofl, TyANTED-nARNKSS MAKERS, ATIR3 TWENTY rr aoooml-at., hotwnon Htato-st., nndWabaah-av. . TVTANTED— tSVO I''IHRT-CLAB3 PaTTH'UN MAK* o”5 those used to furnace work proforrod. j, W. MoMILLAN A 00.) 10 and 21 Worth Jmlorton-sU WANTED - A riIhST.'CLARa'IiAUftER AT 490 VV South Oanal-at. TIIOS. E. QLLMOUK. CUTTER, AT S. LIBERMAN'S, 80 WANT BD-A YOUNG MAN WHO UAH WORKED at carpentering to make window screen* this aum* mor« Apply this morning In roar of 102 Bast Crlo-at. TITANTED—OARVKUS—BOMB BOYS CAN RE EM VV ployed. Apply nt-B3 West Wnshlngton-at. • • ■ WANTED— A FEW GOOD CARPENTERS FOR IN aldo linlshlng work. Apply at 53 Dopiiystorsf, . TYTANTItD^IMMKDiXTRLY-FOUU FIRST.OLAbB VV pattern-makers. Apply at works of tho American Brldgo Co., oornor Eagan and Stowart-avs. • TirANTED-GOLD BEATER AND STOUT BOY AT VV 87 West Washlngton-at.’ • WANTED-A TAILOR AND TAILORKBB. IBS La, , "\\rANTED—TEN PAINTERS AND OALQIMINERS, ? r Apply at Room CO Exchange Building at 7a. m. UTANTBD—A WIIO UNDER : VV atauds lettering and striping, at 313 West Twelfth* »t. W. A. RUSSELL. - Employment Acenoiou. WTANTEU-20 RAILROAD MEN; $1.75 PER DAY, TV board with farmers; 10 men fur station-work. No. 69 West Randolph-st.. Room J. .. , \\fANTKD-4 BOARDING BOSSES AND 800 MEN TT for railroads In Wisconsin: also for mills, farms.aud choppers.' ANUELL 4 OOAKUR, 91 West Randolph-st. TIT ANTED—SOO LABORKRS'tO WORK ON RAIL. TT roads, farms, saw-mills, tie-choppers. AC., at good wages and steady employment. Apply to CHRISTIAN 4 DING, No. 1 Sooth Clark-aU ‘ - . ■ "lATANTED—IOO RAILROAD LABORERS TO LEAVE TT to-daysoumpany work and entirely froo faro. Call at 874 South Wator-st., nearLako-st. bridge. SHAW 4 CO. WANTED-MO RAILROAD LABORERS, $3 PER VV day; SO woodeboppors: 35 sawmill bauds:, ail freo faro. Apply at 359 Boat Randolph-st., Lind Block, Room 4. MisooUanoons. WANTED-MEN IN EVERT TOWN. COUNTY, i T and State, tn moII our sow button-hole cutter and noodle-threading thimble. Agents that wish the good* will sato money and tlmo by buying direct of tho manu facturers, atWEoatMadlson-st,, Room 6. i T^ANTED—COMMERCIAL TRAVELERS OP ALL V V trades who Uoslro a special!/, to toll on commission to address P. O. Box 13. Nunda, 111. . • WANTED— MEN AND WOMEN IN CITY AND country, to soil Prof. Henry's ■ non-oxplcshro com found for kerosene oil; $8 a day easily made oa small cap lal« A. RAY, Room 8, 26 West laltMt, TSTANTED—MEN OUT OP EMPLOYMENT TO YY call on JONES A OO.* 71 South CUnal-st.; $34 to 840 a week sure money. WANTED -SMALL BOYS TO DISTRIBUTE • VV bills. Apply at 674 Wost Adams-st., between 4 and 6 p. m., to-day. . .. ; WANTED-A BOY FROM 16 TO 18 YEARS OP V” age living with his parents. Inquire at Sti North Clark-vt. • T/\TANTED—WAITER TO SERVE THROUGH DIN* YY nor, at CONDON'S, 4f LaSallest, . WANTED— LIFE INSURANCE -SOLICITORS. B. PHUbSING, 143 East Itandolph-st. , TATANTED-A COMPETENT PARTY TO RUN THE - TT Universal Self-Washer, lust patented, In the city and vicinity. Address K 89, Tribune office.' ~ ‘ WANTED-A DAY WASHER TO WASH PINE VV buggies and drive extra, at GROSSMAN A CO.’S Livery, Boarding, and Sale Stable, 41) to 419 Ran dolph's t. . ■: XXT ANTED— FIVE GENERAL TRAVELING VV agents, male or female; also 25 canvassers; the bolt la the city, to call and examine at Orient Hotel, Room 13. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN TO WASH WINDOWS at Continental Hotel, corner Stato-st. and Eldridgo court. ' WANTED-AN HONEST, RELIABLE MAN, WITH a few hundred dollars, to Uko an Interest In and charge of my business; $125 a month and half prolita al lowed. Address K73, Tribune office. ' WANTED-MALE WAITERS, TO WAIT DINNERS only, at BENNETT'S dining rooms, roar S3 South Watcr-tl, WANTED—IO GOOD COLORED DECK-HANDS; Vi good wages, good boat, Ac.; also, 25 laborer*. Ap ply early at 15 Soma Room 1. WANTED—FEMALE HELP, Domestics. WANTED-A GIRL THAT UNDERSTANDS GEN oral housework, to travel and spend 4 months away from tho city with a private family. Norwegian or Gor man preferred. fifid West Monroo-st.; apply at the front door. TITANTED—A GOOD GIRL TO COOK, WASH. AND it Iron. Apply to 78 South Robcy-st. TITANTED—A RELIABLE GIRL FOR, GENERAL IT housework; must bo a good, plain cook, and under stadd washing and Ironing. Apply at 1074 Wabasb-av. "ITTANTED—A GIRL FOR GENERAL WORK IN A TV small family whore a second girl Is kept. Apply, with rotcrence, at 79 Vlnconnes-av. TXJ ANTED—A. GIRL TO .DO UOUSIiWOIUC IN JL. TT family ofthrooj ono wllilng to nolp tako ouo baby. Apply at 360 Qalumot-av. ' WANTED— A FIRST-RATE COOK AND A GOOD einart eooond girl. 4t2 Woat Waablngton-at..' ■^yANTED—A GOOD COOK, AT 1039 PRAIRIE-AV, \\T ANTED—QIUIi TO DO GEN BIULHOUSEWORK IF In a anull prirato family at 683 Woat Waahlngton-st, WANTISD— GERMAN OR NORWEGIAN GIRL FOR sooondwork. Callai477 Fulton.»t« WANTED-A GERMAN GIRL IN A FAMILY OP v» two persons. 1213 Pralrle-ay. WANTKD-AN experienced girl for gen ii oral housework; Protestant preferred; wanes, SI per week. Apply at 800 West Weshfogton-st. WANTED-A SCANDINAVIAN SECOND GIRL AT 610 West Adanis-st., lo a vary »niall family. TyANTED—A YOUNG GIRL TO TAKE GARB OP •VV children. Apply at 705 Wabash-ar. * • TIT ANTED—A GOOD GIRL AS COOK AND LAUN ii dross In a private family. Apply at 890 Mehtgan^ay. WANTED-OIRL AT f25 WEST WABHINOTON vr at. Must be a first-class cook and laundress. • • WANTED— AT W TWENTY-SECOND-HT.. A GIRL that understands cooking 5 to ono that aufta tbo beat Of wages paid. T\TANTED-OOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE* V» work in small family, WYATT, frU NorthGlark>fit.> near Division. WANTED-A GIRL TO DO KITCHEN WORK, AT ii 651 Wabaah-av. Good references. WANTED-A SECOND GIRL IN A PRIVATE family, to help in iho washing. Apply at WlMiohb gan-av. WANTED— SERVANT QIRLj MUST BE A GOOD cook, washer, and ironor; throe in family. Apply at No. 1 Blue Island-av., oornor llarrlson-st, . .. WANTED-A QIIU, FOB SECOND WOBK AND Tr wait on table at 751 Wabaah-av. \ WANTED-A girl for general house. Vf work. Apply at W9West Twelfth-st. WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE, vr work In a privato family. Apply at 2tß Walnut*»U WANTED-A YOUNG GERMAN GIRL TO DO TT general houtowork in a small family. 679FuUop-st. WANTED-A GOOD CAPABLE WOMAN AS !L £ .i* 0 *? firflt - cl « a private boatdlng-houso. Apply at 83 South Morgan-lit. WANTED— GIRLTfTsMALL PRn r ATB Gorman or Hwode preferred, Call at No. 45 Et. johaVplaoo, one block from Union Park. TAT ANTED—A GIRL THAT UNDERSTANDS GUf*: tT oral housework thoroughly; only throe in family. Apply at 109 Park-av. . - WANTED-A GIRL AT 85 SOUTH JEFFERSON- V i at., to do general housework In a small family; to a competent portion 84 per week wilt be paid. WANTED - IMMEDIATELY - A GOOD COOK,“ TV •washer, and Ironor: Gorman, Swede, or Norwegian girl preferred. Ono who thoroughly understands her buslnoes, good wages will bo paid to, c»U at sn West Washingtoryst. •WANTED-OIRL TO COOK. WASH, AND IRON; •J ' ..must * washer and Iroaer.. Apply at Mo North Franklln st. WANTED-A FIRBT.OLABB COOK AND DINING tr room girl at 49 Lldrldgo-court. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL TT housework. to o email family. Apply M.45 Juhn eou-plsoo, 3 Wqck* woit of Oottago Qrove-ar., between Tblrty-clgbtb and Tblrty-ninthsf. WANTED--A KITCHEN GIRL AT MERCANTILE Yr Restaurant, 1W South Olark-st. W A ?£!? I ,!r 0 .9. OD ,P ,nl washer and iboneu • at 636 West Vau Buron-st, WANTED-A GIRL TO WORK IN KITCHEN IN A small cotTao-bouse. Apply at 181 LaSallo-st. WANTED— A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE wurk at 'll South Morgaa-st. Seamstresses. TXT ANTED—GIRLS FOR HAND AND MACHINE TT sowing on costs. Apply at 163Townsend-st. WANTED-DRESSMAKKRS. 10 GOOD GIRLS. None but axporloucod bands need apply at 972 Wa. baoU-av. WANTED— 20 GIRLS TO WORK ON COATS, BY machine or by band. The best prices paid good paud». Call at tho clothing housel*4) Oanalport-ay. WANTED-A SEWING GIRL TO WORK~Tn"a tt dressmaking shop. One with a sowing muohinu f 'referred, btoady oinnloyinout, and can board with tho anilly. Apply at till Tblrd-av. . WANTED-A SEAMSTRESS, ONE WHO UNDER immediately. WANTED— 1 SHIRT IRONKU AND \ SHIRT OUT* tor and maker, at £6l West Randolpu-st. Laundroaaos. •WANTED-AT TROY LAUNDRY, 73 SOUTH UN ) » coln-flt., llrst-oUhs shirt Ironors. Board in laundry, if warned. WANTiCD-GOODSHTuT,IUONERB AND POLISH- T Tors at laundry corner Twoaty-nlath and Stato-ita. Highest wages for good bauds, WANTED-! NO. I WAKIIEU AND A GOOD ROY. this morultig, next to Tromout Homo, on Lako->t. \V ANTED-FEMALE iIKLpIN PRIVATE HOUSES, - c ° unw ' •»«"- W ANTED-i) ANIISi NORWEGIANS, SWJfDttflT 11 »md Gorman thD for general lu.mtmork. Apply at “• P JC , aI Western limploymimt Office. « dolpb-st., Hoorn i, * ' ! WANTED—FEMAEE KEEP. . Mnraos. TCTANTKD—NURSB GIRL; GOOD WAGESTOTIW VV .right kind of a girl. Apply, after 10 a. m., at 1810 Prtltle-ftT. ■ . ' . ‘ANTED—A GOOD NURSE GIRL AT WO. 9 South Cnrlls-st. References roqulrod,., "WANTED—A FIRST-CLARS SECOND GIRL, AND VV ft girl for kltohnn work. Room 10, 75 East MonroO* at., onunuoo MyorV Opera Homo. WANTHD-IMMEI/lATRLY, A WET NURSE. AP* j »T plyaiM Bryanl-av. Good warcs. • • - - - Housekeepers. TXTANTED-A RELIABLE WOMAN AS HOUSE Vr kooper, Rood onok, to do tboworkof a email family near Washington Height*. Apply to 118 and 116 South Wator-st. . MisooUauoona. WANTED—BOOKIfOLDEUS, IN RtNDBRV OP J. VV J. SPALDING 4 00., 168 Booth UUrk-st. ANTED—AT THE. IRVING lIOUHK, 1« WA bnah-qv., 4 laundry girls and 1 pastry cook. ANTED—TWO GIRLS, U TO 17 - YEARS OP ago, on winding machines. A. O. GARFIELD 4 get and *2-11 T.akw-st. SITUATIONS WANT£D”MAL£. ' Boolckoopors, Glories. &o. QITUATION 'WANTED—A MIDDLE-AOBD MAN, ‘ VJ with 20 years' orperlenco In twary branch of tbs drug,- i Bslot,8 slot, and glass trade, a graduato of tho Philadelphia , ollogoof Pharmacy, doalros a situation, Address ORL 1 Tribune office, < i , } S’ ITUATION WANTED —BY A FIRBT-OLAS3 salesman from tho East, In a wholesale or retail house. 018. Tribunooffion. , ; „,..i ■ QITUATION WANTED—IN A COMMISSION HOUSE I Oas-bookkeeper or s&lciinan. Can Influence a largo . Eastern trstjo. Address K 00, Tribune otiloo. - 1 QITUATION WANTED-A THOHOUGULY OOMPB*- O lent bookkeeper would Kko a situation with aomo. , food homo, wholesale proforrod: first-class rofofoncea k rom last employers. .Address K 88, Trlbuoo office! , ■ ■ * QITUATION WANTED-AB a. > p yean* oxporlonoo, A 1 roforoncos. Address W 8.114 v East Monroo-st., cAro Q. N» P. U. , • Vl ;_ u .j QITATION WANTED—BY A YOUNO MAN. l AS ! p dork In sny light httslnnsst spoaks Gorman and But* •, fob. Address WM. WEDDAWk 181 West lAks-st. SITUATION WANTED -IN SOME WESTERN .railroad office, by a thorough accountant; has boon .chief clerk lu Auditor’s Department, and subsequently noted as Contracting Freight Agent. Am well posted on Eastern and Southern business. Address K 81, Tribune office. Trades* SITUATION WANTED-BY A CONFECTIONER VJ And lirst-class Ico-croam maker.’ with the Tory bout of recommendations. I'ioano addroat E tjfl.Trlbuao office. CITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AS O UUor. la williUß to work Rt lowrato: liutruoUon ro. qolrod. Addrfws JPff, 78 Ilubbard-st. . . QITUATION WANTED—AS WATCHMAKER OR O any capacity lu a Jewelry store by a man of experience. Address K H, Tribune office. - Coachmen* Toamstors* &c, .» ; SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AND O wife, the rann' as coachman and gardener; hi* wife a thorough English cook. Address OD, 616 ArnohTs?. ‘ ‘ ’ SITUATION WANTED—BY A STEADY YOUNG man to take care of horses and drive. Address K 86. Tribune office. , . ... • SITUATION WANTBD—BY A COLORED MAN AH O Unit-class coachman In a Private family: goodrofor, cnees. Address WM. JONES, Williams Rome, Kla, xie-Bt. . . ..... XfflgooUanooiu* CrrUATION t WANTED-BY A MAN AND WIPE. O without children, as janitor. The very best of dtt references given. Address O 69, Tribune office, for few SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE _ Domestics. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL TO .DO.’ SEO, Catharlno°st * boat of city references. Apply at 850 CITUATION WANTED—BY a" GOOD QIRL’WHO Q uudoratauda general housework, at cook or second. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GHIR TO DO GENE- in a private family, Cali at 850 Oath* CITUATION WANTBD-BY TWO GIRLS. TO DO litatTMt ° C dining room work. Apply at 971 CITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT SWEDi kJ isb girl to do secoud work in a private familr. - Ooud reference. Apply at 470 West Washlngtcn-st. UWq SITUATION WANTED-BY A DANISH GIRL, JUST* at 71 Wo*t 7 Ktlo.flt R Prlvato ? maU American family, Apply SITUATIONS, WANTED-BY TWO GIRLS. IN A first-class private boarding house: one to do second work, the other to help In general, References given and required. Apply at 68 North Markot-et. . SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT GIRL kj to do general housework on tho South Side. Good references. Apply at 763 Btate-st. - M<w * CITUATION WANTED—BY'a GOOD GIRL, TO DO general housework In a private family, OMJ at 131 .S 1 , T , U^ T , I . 0; i WANTED-BY A VERY REBPEOTA kJ bio girl to do second-work in - a private family. or stairs work and sowing; would take care of a otlld and sow; firat-olass city reference. 866 Thlrd-av. CITUATION WANTED—A GOOD AND COMPE- O tent alrldoslros to do gonoral bousework In a Private 6,111 •“ 858 WANTED-BY A. QlUt. TO DO BROi ffdnS aVaSt" SSiSSI ln ll,llll SITUATION WANTRD-DVV GERMAN GIRL TO BkJo? Booolli worit '- Larrabao-at., up atalrs. North SITUATIONS -WANTBU-BY TWO GIULS. ONM AS O aecoodgtrl, tlio other aa cook. Apply at 4fi i gtal«>at« gmXATIONWAOTED-BV A FIRSMLASB COOK, S lT t^^Ti9^ V^lN^ E , D ~ li X A GIRIr 14 YEARS OLD ta * ni ar S a baby .and help through the houso, Thursday. 95 ForauDr ‘ ot * W«Mo call Wednesday ami CITUATiON WANTED -IN A FIRST-CLASS M private house* to dosocond work, either cooking, Iron. iu», or washing, Apply at 78 Unron-st. Pioaso coma to»mortow or tfio day after. •* ■ SITUATION WANTED—AS COOK IN A PRIVATB boariung-honse, by an experienced woman, with ref, oronco. Pleaao call at 11 Hopo-st.. West Side. CITUATION WANTED—BY A COMPETENT GIRL h® n O .. Jr°P, cr f l housework in a araall private family, •189 Butte rflold-at. Can bo soon for two days. w OITUATiON WANTED-BYA GERMAN - GIRL OP at B^\h?rchav Bt ta boiuoWQtkor CMO children. Call nsssgs it&sfcsiA CITUATION WANTED-BY FIRST-CLASS COOK, fei«?i el i.i. r / PM . tTjr ' J hotel or boarding house. Please call for Wo day* at 61 Boward*Bt., ofl Eighteenth, or Cnnalport-nv.. op West Sido. * awgnwwiw# Seamstresses. CITUATION WANTED-AS SEAMSTRESS (PER- U maoent) in a private family or boarding'house; can cat and lit; reference given If required. For further infor mation addreee JAM. Box 233, Lookport, 111. : (SITUATION WANTED—TO DO GENERAL SEWING with her own machine. Apply at 185 Nftrth Halsted. CITUATION WANTED-BY A PIRSTToLABS kp soametress in famlUoa; understands cutting ladles and children ■ clothing. Terms moderate. Address, by uoto. Miss SI D, lU3 West Adams-st. Nurses. CITUATION WANTED-BY, A PROFESSIONAL O woman nurso. Call as S3B Oalnmot-av. Honsokoouora. CITUATION WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER FOR p somoroapeotablo family; good references given. Ad, dross L 11, 19(1 booth Poorfa-el. Employment Atronciou, qrrUATIONS WANTED—FAMILIES IN WANT OP ¥ass&ssitiszx}&;s; bo •”« ,u " d “ MRa - (SITUATIONS WANTED-BY 0 SWEDISH, 9 NOR, O wogian. and 8 Gorman girls at tho Scandinavian Em, ploymemt Room, 863 Sedgwiek-at. Good girls -olwaya on CITUATIONS ANTED—BY TWO ITUST-CLASS °> a mbonnaid. Apply at MRS. BAILS office, 10 Pock-court. City reiorencos. Two Swede girls wanted at this office. -■ Miscellaneous. CITUATION WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN WOM, O an lo travel In tbo euro of children or an invalid. Ad, dross ALICE, Tribune office. • • SITUATIONS WANTKD-BY TWO INTELLIGENT O colored girls to, wait on ladles traveling or to nurao. Apply at.llw Fourth-av. PARTNERS WANTED* PARTNER a good tlrst-oloaa established business. Call or wiltO lao Twonty-socoud-st. ■ ' pAUTNER WANTED-A PRACTICAL PHOTO-. « .* r , a V»M. *woU known in this oily, with a complete, ttrafc'Olaßj outfit, would taka a partner, olthor active or ■tlont. with from SI,OOO to S3,i)OD, to open ft gallory In n good location In the city, a good investment. Best of references given and reaulrod. If you mean business, address K 91. Tribune oflTcg. * u uI V PARTNER WANTED—AN ACTIVE BUSINESS man, with 85,000 or S«.«M in cash. wants to join soma roilablo party In eoino legltimato buolnoss when) capital can bo used lo advantage. Address i SM, Tribune office. •*ajlng nature of business and whoro au Interview cw»ba pAirCNKR WANTED--WITU 84,000 CASH CAN L obtain ono-balf iniorost In a lucrative light business. Only persons of good address and bost of ro&ronooa need address K 27, Tribune office. P ARTNKtt WANTED—TO INVEST 8600 INAN K3- X (abllsbod paying business by an active man. Hlgbeil references given and required* Address O 03, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED—A REAL ESTATE FIRM X doing a good and safe business will take a partnei (either actlvo or silent) for ft ono-thlrd Interest, with 4‘JO.IWO cash, and guarantee £6,0C0 ]>or annum on the in. vestment, with security! references exchanged; noaebul principals giving real name la'confidence and bavins ready easb need answer. Address K 31, Tribune office* TiAHTNER WANTED-WlTIf A CAPITAL OF 1 In a good-paring, legitimate business. Foe purlieu* jars Inquire atoi Uiiioiist. Partner wanted-(silisnt> to invest saox X to In a good-paying business! beat of roforonect given. Address, with name, K lift, Tribune olUca. DIVORCES. TvIVOROKB—LEGALLY OBTaINRD-FER AFTER XJ decree, fioaudal Avoided. Nine years' practice in tht courts of Ohlcngo. Address P. O. Box 1037. D' TVOROKS OBTAINED lYm CAUSES." TllIaVI imtluesa attended to. UUSII, 547 Houth Olatkai. MUSICAL. piANOSTO RENT AND FOR SALE. LOWES* X . prices In tho city. Call and examine before purobasi I 1 " 1 ‘ 0r .°•„« u ? 1 ftt »d repairing at lowest rauift N. GOULD A SON. 13 OolUgo UroTO-av. 7

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