Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 28, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 28, 1873 Page 8
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8 WASHINGTON. Religions MoltrnncoKot to bo Allowed in .the Indian Agencies. Fred Grant to Accompany the Yellow stone Expedition. Important Decision Regarding Canal Boat Licenses. special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. OAKAIi BOAT LICENSES, Washington, D. 0., May 27.—Tbo Collector of Customs at Chicago recently, upon application for tbo renewal of a license, took bond from the Master of a St. Louis canal boat, ond transmitted ! It duly executed to tbo Surveyor at Bt. Louis, ' With tbo request that a now licence bo issued End sent to Chicago where tbo boat was lying. The Surveyor at St. Louis declined to grapt tbo now license ou tbo ground that ibo bond must l>o exooutod at tbo homo port of tbo vessel. Tbo Chicago Collector thereupon appealed to tbo Treasury Department for a decision on the matter. To-day tbo Secretary decided that ibo Chicago Collector was in error in taking the owner’s bond. Tboobjoot of tbo law under which bo acted is simply to enable Western steamboat and canal owners to procure an enrollment and license or renewal, without returning to the home port, and that tbo proper course in uucb oases & for owners to proceed in the flame man ner In the district In which they may bo tempor arily located as if they woro at tbo homo port i that this application Is there to bo forwarded to ibo Surveyor at tbo homo port, who is empowered to deliver ibo license to the owner, or. forward it to tbo Collector of the port in question, to bo delivered by him. TEES OH EXTORTED ARTICLES. Objections having boon raised to the practice of collecting foes of 8 cents per 100 pounds upon tbo gross weight of exported articles, which Is determined by tbo returns of tbo Weigher, tbo Secretary of the Treasury has forwarded a letter approving the practice, and coinciding with Col lectors or Customs that it Is in conformity with the act of July 20, 1800, and also in harmony with tbS'original not of 1709, More scandal. It Is privately stated bore that a lawsuit, which Which bos Just boon commenced in the District Courts by the estate of tbo lato Cashier of tbo {Tint National Bank, against incorporation known bere as the Metropolitan Paving Company, will develop more food for scandal, so far as public officials aro concerned, than aid the Credit Mo biller suits Instigated by M’Comb la Philadel phia. Tbo story goes that any number of Con gressmen, besides higher game, bad contracts from this concern, ana dealings with ibo above bank, in a connection which will do anything but add to tbolr present reputations. PERSONAL. The Bor. Dr. Everts, of Chicago, with a dele gation of Baptist clergymen to-day Inspected the colored schools in this district. Ho loaves this evening to attend the anniversary at Blcb znond. and expects to arrive in Chicago to dedi cate tbo North Star Mission on Sunday next. Shelby M. Oallum, Speaker of the Illinois House of Boprosentativos, is spending some days in this city attending to law business be fore the Department. l3\> lAc Associated Press.} THE YELLOWSTONE EXPEDITION. Fred. Grant will accompany Gen. Stanley on bis Yellowstone expedition through the Sioux country. No civilians or correspondents will accompany tbo expedition, and tbo scientific corps baa neon reduced to five men. RELIGION IN THE TERRITORIES. J. B. Moutieth, tbo United States Indian Agent at Lopwai, Idaho Territory, wrote to Com missioner Smith as follows : “ Have I tbo right, this being a Presbyterian agency and mission, to exercise such control over the morals of this people as will enable me to prohibit tbo teaching of the Catholic faith or bolding Catholic service among them, oven though tbo Tndhvrm desire it and clamor for it ?’’ To which query, and others, Commissioner jfimith made answer: “ I have to say that tbo fact that your agency is under tbo charge of tho Presbyterian Church does not warrant any in tolerant exorcise of power, and that.whUo it la desirable in all cases that mission work should bo done under direction of the religions body nominating the agent, yet whore there ore per sons having another faith, and who desire re ligious services of their own, it is not in ac cordance with the pubbo policy of religious tol eration to forbid or binder sutb services in any way," THE NATIONAL PANES. Tho Comptroller of the Currency has called upon tbo National Banks for a statement of their condition at the close of business on Fri day, the 25th of April last. GREENBACKS Outstanding legal-tenders, $356,580,800. RETURN OF UNITED STATES BONDS. New Yobk, May 27.—A Washington special says that $3,500,000 of called bonds have been received at the Treasury to-day. LOUISIANA. The Kellogg: Government Indorsed by a Negro man Meeting# New York, Mag 27.—A Now Orleans special eoys: “The colored supporters of tho Kellogg State Government hold a largo meeting at the Mechanics' Institute last evening, for tho pur pose of of arranging for tho hotter presentation of tboir cause to the pooplo of tho whole country. Lieut.-Gov. Antoine presided, and Gov. Kellogg and several of his prominent State ofilcials wore on tho platform. Speeches wore mado by tho lead ing colored orators of tho State. Resolutions wore adopted assorting that Kellogg was legally elected, and that his supporters wore shameless ly abused and deprived of tholr rights last fall; also, providing for tho appointment of a com mittee, whose duty it shall bo to send North some of their ablest colored orators aud organ ize in every parish of tho State a committee for tho collection of evidence and tho selection of witnesses, and to do everything that is necessary to remove misapprehension in tho North of the state of affairs m Louisiana, and to present Kel logg’s case in tho strongest light before Con gress next December. JUDICIAL. Rival Conventions Bold Yesterday at Polo, 111-»Both Parties Claim to Bo tho Farmers’ Convention- Polo, El.. May 27.—At tbo regular Judicial Convention hold at this city this afternoon, and •composed of a full delegation from Whiteside, lioe. Ogle, and Carroll Counties, forming tho Third Judicial Circuit, tho Hon. >V. W. Heaton, of Loe County, was unanimously nominated for Circuit Judgo. Earnest resolutions indorsing ,tho nomination of Judgo Heaton were adopted by tho farmers who composed tho Convention. Polo, 111.. May 27.—Tuo politicians and wire* pallors of this place laid out to capture tho Ju dicial Convention hero to-day. Picked enu oanses were hold in various ports of tho dis trict, and trained wire-pullers wore on hand to engineer it. Tho result was that tho farmers ana citizens refused to consort with tho old par ty-hacks. and held their own Convention, nomi nating tuo Hon. W. Barge for Circuit Judgo. Resolutions were passed condemning tho free pass system, and railroad extortions, and favor ing that Judges should bo free of any g lodges, and situated so as to do impartial jus co to all. Tlio Labor Question* . Pottsvillb, Pa., May 27.— The Philadelphia Coal and Iron Company, having issued an order compelling the employes in thblr collieries to enter the mines before 7 o'clock in the morning end remain until half-past 5 in the evening, the men held a meeting and resolved that as the order was Issued for the purpose of forcing the minors to strike in order to roliovo the Company of tho odium of stopping, that they refuse to strike at tho present time, out give notice that at the first favorable opportunity they will resist the rules In abody. A resolution was also passed that tho law laid down in tho Ventilation act must ho strictly adhered to, aud upon any in fringement of said law tho immediate attention of too Inspector will bo demanded. It is re ported that the minors of the Indian lUdgo col liery have struck, aud at another colliery have turned out for an increase of wages. New Yobk, May 27.—There w no regularly, organized strike among tho carpenters. A num ber of sooioty mou mot this morning, but said they wore not acting In an official capacity. This morning a number of mou osked their employers to adopt tho eight-hour rule, aud upon their re fusal left the shops. The mou thus thrown out of employment have boon wandering through the city to-day. making application for work at the eight-hour establishments, but on account of tho dullness of the season their services are nob required, »ud one result of the strike will probably be that many corpontora will bo unable to find Btoafiy employment for a long period, Notwitb fißortl°na of society* men last night, all the largo Planing mills wore In opera* uon to-day. The hilll-owncrs aro strongly Unan imous in their, doterminniion to resist any attempt to enforce tbo eight-bout rule, and think (.uero is litlio danger of tiro mills being deserted by tbolr workmen, V„ Tbo question of Btrlklng Is fllill agitated by an °thor mooting is willed for New. York, May 27*—Evfthlhf*.—Tho boss* carpenters mot to-night, but failed to agree on any concortod Kctltm. It was reported at tbo mooting that throo of tbo principal employers nod yielded to tbo demands of the mou for eight hours a day. ■ RELIGIOUS. Prosbyicrllln GctVcrbV. Assembly, North, at ll<ilUriftbrc-—Pr»coGdiiig« Yesterday* Special Dispatch to The Chicago TWftioic. ; Baltimore, Md., May 27,—Tbo Eldership question occupied much of tbo Assembly’s time this morning. Tbo reason for deferring the whole subject one year was that committees have boon appointed to confer frith tbo repre sentatives of the Reformed, Southern, and Cum- berland Churches, and with tho Old-Sobool Bynod of Missouri, consequently any change In tbo tenure of tho Elders’ office would bo regard ed, as a concession to tbo Boformod Church, which has tbo term of Elders’ office limited. and as an additional ground Of offense to all otbor PrCsbytcrlan bodies which hold contrary opinions* Ponding tho meeting of tho noxt Assembly, many churches will adopt tho rotary plan of representation, but not by au thority of ibo Assembly. Thus tho Itoformod Church will be approached In fact, and tbo Pros byletfan bodies in appearance. The opinion was Oovoral times expressed to-day oh tho floor of tbo Assembly that the lloformod Church Consistory was In accordance with tho apostolic lulnnolion. Tho sustentatlon eohomo to-day received tho hearty Indorsement of tho Assembly, & resolu tion declaring that it was do longer an experi ment, being passed almost unanimously. This department of tho Church’s work received tho enthusiastic support of tho people last year, and tho Assembly is not prepared to bury any system Which gives unmistakable signs of vitality. All business was finished this evening, and nothing pro von tod final adjournment except the request of the ■Washington churches that tho Assembly should visit that olty. To-morrow evening meeting will bo hold In tho Control Church to thunk the Presbyterians of Baltimore for their hospitality, after which tbo dissolution Of tho Assembly will take-piece. No important business was traiieaclod this evening, • lib tht, A Moetateii iVew.l Baltimore, May 27.—Tho eleventh day's ses sion of tho General Assembly bf the Prcsby torian Church was opened with prayer by tbo Bov. Qoo. Dnfflold, of Michigan. Tbo report of tho Committee on Ministerial SustoutaUon, with au accompanying resolution, was taken up. Ibo present system of eustontation and its con tinuance at? a soparalo scheme or consolidation with a Board of Homo Missions was earnestly discussed. Tho report of tho Committee, with a resolution declaring that tho sustentatlon eohomo has tho confidence of ibis Assembly os a wisely founded and well-conducted plan, and that it is no longer to bo regarded ns a moro experiment, Was finally adopted. Tbo Committee was con tinued, and Dr. Jacobus reappointed Secretary. Elder Samuel J. Freeman road tho report of tho Committee on MUoago. Tho report shows that without a single exception tho Presbyteries bad paid their mileage duos, not a penny being deficient, and that the Presbyteries of Boston and Oregon bad overpaid,—on irregularity which the Committee wove dlspoood to pardon. Tho assessment of Presbyteries for mileage was thou fixed at 0 cents for each communicant. Tho re port was adopted. A telegram was received and road by tho Moderator from the First Presbyterian Church of Albany, N* Y., pledging SI,OOO contribution toward defraying tho debt of Foreign Missions. It was an nounced that tho ministers of tho Synod of Cincinnati had boon received and found correct. A question of tho term of service of Elders or rotary Eldership thon came up on a report from tho Judiciary Committee on tho appeal of Fish hook from the Synod of Illinois, South, and tho report from tho Committee on Bills and Over tures on an overture asking the action of the Assembly on the subject. A protracted discussion onsuod, occupying nearly the,entire morning session. Dr. McGIU, j of New Brunswick, spoke at length against the I rotary system na subversive of too offleo itself. It was urged by other speakers that, in view of au early union with the Reformed Church, the Presbyterian Church, South, and other bodies, this Assembly should not take definite action. The question was ulti mately disposed of by tho Assembly adopting a resolution referring all overtures and papers re lating to the term of service of Elders to a spe cial Committee of Seven to report to tbo noxt ' Assembly, and that, in tho meantime, all minis ters and persons interested bo requested to give their opinions in writing to the Committee. The appeal of Fishback was referred back to tbe Synod of Blinds, South, with instructions to re open and hoar the case. The Moderator announced tho following Com mittee to coufer with a similar committee from tho Reformed Church relative to tho union of tho two Churches: Tho Bov. Drs. W. Adams, Now York: Henry Darling, Albany SG. W. Mus grnvo, Philadelphia: Arthur Mitchell. Illinois ; Elders George Junkin. Philadelphia; W. S. Gil man, New York; William Bust, Now Jersey? Albert Small, Maryland. The Moderator announced that the busmens before tbe Assembly could all bo disposed of at tho session to-night. Tho ovoniug session was opened with prayer by tho Rev. Dr. Bella, of Cleveland. Dr. Dafflold, from tho Special Committee to which was referred tbo fraternal appeal on tho subject of Christian Union, signed by fifty min isters, representing seven leading denomina tions, and an overture from the Touoka Presby tery with special reference to the appoint ment of representatives from this General As semble to tbo World’s Evangelical Alliance in Now York on tho 2d of October, submitted a re port, in substance, that while heartily indorsing tbo Christian Union and deeply sympathizing with tho Evangelical Alliance in its noble work, yet tbo Committee wore not prepared to recom mend to this Assembly, as proposed iu tbo fra ternal appeal, tbe appointment of twouty-flvo delegates to tho Evangelical Alliance. Tho re port was adopted. Tbo Moderator announced tbo following gentlemen os a Committee of Seven on Terms of Eldership, to report to tho noxt Assembly; Tbo Rev. Drs. Magill, Now Joraoy; W. E. Moore, Ohio; W. E. Parton, Now York; S. J. Nlccolls, tit. Louis; tho lion. Wm. Strong, Philadelphia; Wm. E. Dodge, Now York; Lewis Chapin, Rochester, New xork. Dr. R. R. Booth, Now York, reported a plan for tho designation of ministers in au appendix to tbo minutes of the Gonoral Assembly, which was adopted. Tho report provides: Firtt —That tho present method ho continued, ex cept os to tho designation “ W. 0.,” appended to the names of ministers without charge or without a church, which shall he discontinued, Second—That when a minister is disabled from preaching by sickness or old ago, the Presbytery to which ho belongs shall order him reported to tbo Gen eral Assembly os honorably retired, using tho designa tion “11. «/» a minister Is neither a pastor nor has a stated supply, but is faithfully engaged lu preach ing. bo slum bo desigunted nu Evangelist. iKoKrt/t—All nilulslors negotiating with a view to sot* tlomout or active work, shall bo reported as “in transitu.” Tho Presbyterians aro requested to review their rolls to carry out this plan. Tho hour of epocinl order for tho hearing of speakers on the subject of tho moollug of tho World's Evan gelical Alliance in Now York, in October, having arrived, tho Moderator, Pev. Dr.;Oroabv,in a few introductory remarks, introduced Dr. Phil lip Schaaf, who addressed tho As eombly on the important work of tho Alliance, and urging organizations of branch alliances among tho different Pres byteries. Dr. Niccolls. of flt. Louis, and Dr. Procbot, of Genoa, Italy, followed Dr. Solmat iu eloquent speeches, commending tbo work of the Alliance. t „ . . The Committee on Church Erections subnv ted a report urgently commending tbo building of manses. The report was' adopted, and tho Committee discontinued. Tho report of tbo Mileage Committee won reconsidered, and the oBBOBHmeut to the Presbyteries made 7 conta to each communicant instead of 6. Tho Assembly noxt adopted several items submitted in the report of the Committee on Homo Missions. Dr. Diolison, Chairman of tbo Committee on Con ference with tbo Old School Synod of Missouri, submitted his report, -which was received. Th© Moderator anuouucod tbo following gentlemen SH q new and final Court of Appeals. In accord ance with tho report of tho Committee on Dills and Overtures, to report to tbo noxt Assembly » llev. Dra. Qoorgo W. Musgravo, of Phlladol nhla; Henry A. Nelson, of Cincinnati; tr an il., li. of Chicago: James 0. Murray, of Now York; EUot Judge AUlßon, of Philadelphia i Truman P. Handy, of Olovolaud i and Houry Day, of New York. Dr. Nlcoolla, from tbo Comraittoo on Bills and Orcrturoii. aubuiittod a report on aovoral orot- Me CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: WEDNESDAY) MAY 28, 1873. turos of local obarAttler, which wore adopted \ also, a resolution appointing Dr, Howard Crosby, die Moderator, Dr. MoOosb, of Princeton Col lege, and Dr. Ilatfiold, tbo Stated Clerk of the Assembly, a Committee of Correspondent with all bodies of the Westminster faith, with tbo view of bolding an /Ecumenical Council, i Dr, Herrick Johnson submitted propositions relative to liquidating tbo unprovided for bal ance of tbo debt of the Hoard of Foreign Mis sions, which wore adopted, Tbo standing com mittees of tbo Assembly woro then called, and, having no further reports to make, woro all <iis charged, with tbo exception of the OovumUtse ou Leave of Absence. Dr. Ersklno, from tbo Special Committee on Observance of tbb Sabbath, submitted an im mense pro&mblo, with a long sorioa of resolu- .bolding tbo officers of stock, and steam boat, imd railroad companies In a groat moasuro responsible for tbo proper observance of ibo Sabbath. The ary of 0,000 railroad onglnoors for Sabbath root bod already gone over tbo laud. ’•***,, At tbo conclusion of the reading, Dr, Booth,.' of Now York, moved to refer tbo report to ibo next General Assembly, which was lost. A mo tion to refer tbo report to a special committee, to report to the next General Assembly, was adopted. Tbo Assembly, at 10:80 p. m., ad journed to moot to-morrow night at 7ißo. Tbo members will visit Washington to-morrow morning, and bo received at tbo Executive Man sion by the Cabinet. All business of tbo session was concluded to-night,, and the mooting to morrow evening will bo for ibo discharge of tbo Committee on Leave of Absence, and final ad journment. Illinois Slate Sunday-School Conven tion. Special Ditpatdh to The Chicago jMbune. Spiunqftkud, 111., May 27.—TUo first delegated Sunday-School Convention of Illinois mot In this city to-day. Hithorto thoy have boon mflo9 conventions, baf, having boon 05 numerously attended that W» provide accommodations was tod gro&t u tax on any city, they havo boon mods moro Boloot. Tho result is tho prosenco of about 600 choson delegates. Formerly tho attendance was numbered by thousands. Tho refusal of Northern railroads to grant reduced faro bfts had a thinning effect. Withal tbo Convention Opens favorably. Tbo morning broko id with, a drenching showor’, but, before tbd time .of mooting, tho beautiful city was smiling in tbo bright sunshine, Tho Convention is held in tbo Second Presbyterian Church, a largo aud h&udsomo edifice, Tho gathering is a remarkable one. comprising many representative men. Among those present are B. F. Jacobs, Chicago; Wm. Reynolds, pooria ; E. A. Buruou, Aurora: F. G. Gillette, Jacks ou- Villo 5 0. R. Blookall,Chicago; and tho Ron J.H. Vincent. Tbo latter has not yet ar rived. Phillip Phillips, who was to lead tho singing, Is detained olsowhora. Act ing as his substitute is O. B. Stobbma, of Obicogo. With him are D. W. Baker, Frank Borland, and 0. B. Clark, all of Chicago, mak on excellent quartette of male voices. Tl)o opening session* was mainly of a devotional ahd encouraging character. At 11 o’clock tho Oommiitoo on Nominations reported tho following names for permanent officers: President, J. O. Culver, Poutiao \ • Vico-Prosidouts, J. G. Dimmitt, Griggsvillo ; J, H. Barrows, Spriugflold ; J. IT. Colo, Chicago ; B. B. Harwood, Bloomington, and R. H. Griffith, of Rnshvillo. At tbo opening of the afternoon session tho President delivered a brief address, after which reports from coun ties wore in order. There are forty-flvo banner counties; that is, counties in which overy town ship is organized aud worked up. There are ' 6,71)1 Sabbath-schools in tho Stato, with a mem bership of 410,695 scholars, of whom 10,057 wore added to tho Churoh during tho year. Tho re ports of revivals wore voiy encouraging, Tho Rev. Dr. Goodwin gave au interesting' account of tho recent Biblo-moetiugs in Chicago, and Mr. Reeves of tho remarkable late revivals starting In Bloomington. Tho singing of tho Oonven-. tiou is an enjoyable feature. At tho evening session tbo spacious churoh was crowded to Its utmost by delegates and citi zens of Springfield. A welcome hymn com posed by Mrs. Albert Smith, of this city, was sung by a quartette, after which tho Rov. Br. Edwards, of Normal, made au eloquent appeal for the deep study or the Bible. The Rov. E. O. Howitt, of Bloomington, followed with an earnest plea for tho working out of a noble Christian life by tho training of young Christians. Tho last address was delivered by B. F. Jacobs, and was on impressive plea for the more consistent perusal of tho Bible. Reformed Presbyterians- Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. , Belle Gehxbe, 0., May 27.—The Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Churoh of North America will bold tboir annual session in their Theological Institute in this place commencing this evening, and will continue through this week. Among tbo notable divines who have arrived aro tho Rov. A. MoMilligan, tho Rovs. Dra. Sprow and Stone, of Pittsburgh; tho Rovs. T. P. Stevenson and S. Nyle, of Philadelphia; tho Bov. Dr. A. Stevenson, of Now York; also, tho Rev. McCollistor, of Now York} tho Rev. A. Todd, of Denver City. Col. Among tho loading topics to bo discussed is tho religious constitu tional amendment, of which thoy are the origina tors. United Brethren* Dayton, Ohio, May 27.—’Tho eleventh day df tho United Brethren Conference convened, with Bishop Weaver in tho chair. Tho further con sideration of tbo Committee of Four on lav delegation was the first business taken up. A motion to submit lay delegation to & vote of tbo people was adopted—yeas, DO, nays, 12. Tho afternoon session was opened, very unex pectedly, with tbo springing of the secrecy question,which canaod no utile agitation by both tho opposing and upholding parties. All motions to amend tho present law regarding this vital question were argued as unconstitutional, null, and void, and a vote of 79 yeas and 22 nays sus tained the present discipline. Adjourned. Protestant Episcopal Church of tho Stato of Kentucky. Cincinnati, 0., May 27.—Tho Convention of tho Protestant Episcopal Church of tho Stato of Kentucky mot at Lexington to-day. Among tho dignitaries present wore Bishops Smith and Cummings. Sabbatarian Convention. Albany, N. Y., May 27.—A convention, con-- sisting of one from each church, Young Men’s Christian Association, tomnoranco organization, and other organized bodies, in favor of tho Christian Sabbath and the suppression of tho liquor traffic, is colled to moot boro on tho 21th and 25th of Juno. CITY ITEMS. Pools on any or all of tho Übassy-DosßUnger matches will be sold at Tom Foley's thisovon- Tho Board of Polico Commissioners, Mayor, and Superintendent of Police held a soorot mooting yesterday, io consider tho 11 o’clock ordinance and kindred subjects. Somebody neglects to extinguish tho lamps near tho corner of Prairie avenue and Twenty ninth street. Tho business men residing in that vicinity have oaten their noon-day lunch before ■the dame is extinguished. A still alarm of fire was given to Engine Com pany No. 7. last evening at half-past 9 o’clock, for dames in a two-story frame building,. No. 190 llluo Island avenue, owned and occupied by Otto Brothers as a paint and paper shop. Tbe ilro bad its origin on tho first door. Lobs on stock about SIOO. Insured in the Lycoming and Alps for S3OO. Loss on building, $300; fully insured in tho same company, ’ Two well-known throe-card mouto|mon, named Omaha Charley and Doll Scott, were arrested by Sergoaut Ellis and Detective Simmons yesterday afternoon. They wore arrested at the instance •of two boys, named O. W. Corson and F. Hun 'borgor, whom thoy swindled out of S2O and a watch, in a saloon on tho southwest corner of Lake and Wells prisoners were identified by the boys, and a term in Joliet doubtless awaits them. About half-post 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon a boy uamod Nelson Pearson, and another whose namo is unknown, woro quarreling on the via duct ou South Hoisted street, when tho unknown boy drow a pocket-knife, and with It stabbed Pearson in tho loft breast. Tho wounded boy was taken to bis homo, and attended by Dr. Fourgnsou, who pronounced the wound serious but not fatal, Doth boys were about 14 years of ago, and hud boon playing together with somo other boys most of the afternoon. The boy who did tho staUblug was not arrested. Ilntlrond Notvs* Bt. Loots, May 27.— K special from Jofieraon Tux., states that tbo losuoou of (ho Btato Ponl tontlarybavo put a largo force of couvlctaio laying track on tbo Texas & Pacific Railroad, be tween that place and Marshall, and that trains will bo running by tho Ist of July. Tabntok, N. J., May 27.—Tho stockholdors of tbo United Rail road Companies of Now Jersey, mot in this city to-day and elected tbo following gentlemen Directors: J. J: Aator.Wm.ith Cook, A. L. Dennis, Benjamin Fish, Hamilton Flsb, Cambridge Livingston, Nobomiah. Perry, Isaac W, Bcuddor, John G. Stevens, Robert N. Stock ton, Ashbol Welsh, Samuel Welsh, . . • ■ Bt. Lome, May 27.—Tho new railroad bridge over tbo Missouri River at St, Josbph will bo formally opened on tho OOtlh , MEMTfiia, MaV 2t»—Truck-laying oil the Mem phis & Paducah Railroad Is being pUallcd for ward at the rate of a mile per day. By tho Ist of July trains Will ntn to Covington. THE FARMERS' MOVEMENT. Resolution* of the DoKalb County farmers’ Association* At a mooting of tho DeKalb County (HI.) Farmers’ Association, at Sycamore, May 21, tbo following resolutions wore adopted: Wncasiß, Tbs interests of tho farmers’ clubs and member! of granges are tho aomo | therefore. JlteotvetL That they should co-opcroto la all their fu tuMflOUCns. . ... Jlemlved. That the present depressed condition of tho forming intercela of Illinois require that the farmers should ho thoroughly organized for counsel, protec tion, ond defense, and that this organization should bo guarded aud maintained with ctowloss vigilance, ‘Jluolced, Thht tho railways of this Stato are .publlo tlfibWAyS. organized for the phbUo good, and subject to leglafatlva cohttol, With fnU power to regulate the maUttof of operating • and conducting tho name, and of fixing their liabilities for oil Infraction* of low aud to fix and determine tbo ratffl of fare and freight within reasonable UmlUi, * .... 1 HuolckL That as one effective means of breaking tho power of railroad monopolies, wo approve of the constructing and competing linos of railroad, and that the proposed Milwaukee & Uondota Railroad, recent ly Organized to run through this county, seems de serting of our encouragement and support. Resolved, That farmers should have a careful regard to their want* and l Interests In tho selection of such members of our legislative bodies os shall be true to tbo wishes of tho masses, and in tho selection of mem bers of tho Judiciary we should bo careful (o select those who are thoroughly Imbued with tho spirit of free institutions and in hearty sympathy with tbo people m resistance to monopolies and oppressions, Resolved, That In tho person or lion. Charles Helium this Convention recognises a man whoso post record and present sentiments and principles upon tbo ques tions of the times entitle him to tho confidence or thu Convention os a candidate for Circuit Judge, and that his integrity as a man aud bis recognized ability as a jurist entitle him to the support of all classes for that office. • - J}ttvl\td, That ,wo approve of tho selection of farm ers for such publlo offices as they are qualified to fill, Address ot tlio Farmers’ Convention of tho Twenty-third. Judicial Dls- 1 trket ot Illinois- At tho Farmers 1 Convention, hold in tho city of Contralla, on tho Bth day of May, 1878, for . tho purpose of nominating a candidate for tho office of Circuit Judge of tho Twenty-third Ju dicial District, tho Hon. J. Perry Johnson was choson on tho first ballot by such a largo ma ?ority of all tbo votos as to loavo no doubt as to ho choice of tho Convention, and tbo nontino . tion was immediately mode Unanimous. Mr. Johnson, having thus boon choson for this office, wo call upon all who “ corn tholr broad by tho sweat of tboir brows "to oomo boldly to tho support of tbo farmers* candidate. Tbo agents of tbo vast corporations that over shadow our country, aud who, by extortion and injustice, deprive you of the proceeds of your toil, have iuelr candidate in tbo field. They wUI Spare no pains to perpetuate a rule that has been so profitable to them and so oppressive to yon. Thoy havo by false representations and subter fuge induced you to subscribe funds to help

build railroads, with no intention of making you a fair return therefor. They havo wrongfully oppressed you with charges for transportation, too burdensome to bo borno. Thoy havo unjustly discriminated hgainst your, way-stations in favor of competing points, to tlio min of tho farming, mercantile, and industrial Interests. Unfairness and bad faith have char acterized all their actions from tbo beginning to IU6 ond. And now thoy are trying to rivet moro tightly the chains which bind you, by forcing upon you, for six years, a Circuit Judge—not of your choice—-who will bo inlluoncod in ail bis constructions of law In favor of railroads. Follow-citizens of tbo industrial classes, will you not prove yourselves worthy of solf-govern mont ? Or will you longer submit to the arrogant dictation of those who rob you of tho reward of your labor, or tbo principle that you u have no rights which they are bound to respect ?” if you will bo emancipated from tho tyranny of monopoly, rally to the support of J. Porry Johnson, tho candidate of tho people, and to tho defeat of the railroad candidate. While tho Convention was a largo and enthu siastic body representing the largest part of tho district, wo regret exceedingly that the farmers wore not more fully organized In all of tho coun ties of the district, so aa to have had a full representation in tho nominating convention. But tho shortness of tho tlmo between now and tho olootion odmqnishedns that no time was to bo lost. We, therefore, appeal to you to oomo to our holp against your and onr oppressors, be lieving wo nave mode a wise selection of a good lawyer and honorable gentleman, in tbo person of J. Ferry Johnson, as onr standard-bearer. Ho la not tho instrument of any corporation or set of men. •Ho fully indorses our motto, “ Equal rights to all, and special privileges to none." Finally, fellow-farmers, turn a deaf oar to tho allurements of party. They aro tbo siren’s songs that will lead you to certain ruin. Tho politicians have long loft you unprotected to tbo tender mercies of those who delight in your de struction. For this onco. assert your manhood and power. ' Show those tricksters and traders in tho sover eignty of tho people that you aro no longer minors, and that their services can well ho dis pensed with os tho guardians of your interests. Lot no effort he unmade that honorable men con make to secure the election of tho people’s candidate. A. Hinckley, Jas. Creed, M. M. Hootoh, J, A. Eduinston, Wm. Mddd, J. W. PniMMxn, . - Committee on Address. Oentbalia, Hay 0,1873. Telegraphic Brevities- The Missouri State Board of Equalization ad journed yesterday slue die. Two women wore killed by lightning on Sun day at Ossawattomio, Kan. William Powell killed his brother-in-law, Thomas Ayers, on Sunday morning, near Paolo, Kau. Tho yonng son of Alexander Collier, a loading wholesale grocer of Keokuk, was drowned yes terday afternoon, while bathing in tho Govern ment Canal. Frank Donnls, of Memphis, Tenn., arrested for whipping Ills daughter to death, was brought before Judge Halsey yesterday, on a writ of habeas corpus, and discharged, on tho ground that she died from internal hemorrhage, aud not from whipping. The Susquehanna 4 DHUings Laud Company, composod of capitalists of tit. Louis, Pluldol phia, and Lancaster, Fa., have Just pnrohasod a {root of more than 18,000 ooros of land from tho Atlantic A Paciflo Railroad, soar tho town of Fillings, on tho road, 260 miles from Bt. Louis. Xhe Company propose to colonize farmers from the older States on this tract. Fatal limiting Accident* Evansville, Ind., May 27. —A special to tho Journal says a son of Seiah Fairchild, 13 years old, was accidentally shot dead throo miles south of Patoka to-day. Tho boy placed his gun in tho fork of a troo, wont homo for caps, and returning took tho gun by the muzzle and pulled it; tho hammer caught, aud tho heavy load was lodged in his abdomen. Farmers* Mooting, Phihceton, 111,, May 27.—ITiero will bo a farmers’ mass-meeting bold at thin place on Fri day next. It la expected that the farmers of this and adjoining counties will turn out on masse. Prominent speakers from abroad will be present to address the people. Alleged ft'orgor Captured* Philadelphia, May 27. —John Iluoaman, ox leatber merchant. baa boon brought hero from Bt. Louis, charged with forgeries on bis father in-law and others to tbo extent of $40,000. A Convicted Alderman* Philadelphia, May 27.—John B. QaUaghor, AMonnau. was to-day conviotod of entering ille gal fees, fluod $-100, ond aontoncod to linpriaon moot for nine months. Hliorto KNlnnd Ijfltfhlatnro. PaoviPKNoß, R. 1.. May 37.—Tho Rhode laland Logialaturo to-day 'counted tho voton for State oftioorfl, and, there being no choice of Ideutenent-Govornpt l>y the people, elected E. 0. VanHandt, the iT&pnolioan candidate. Sanguinary Fight Between muon Watchmen. Louisville, Ky., May 27.—A miarrol oc curred to-day, botwoou Charles It. Voatoh, day watchman, aud James Farrell, night watchman, at the Jeffersonville, lud., lon- Itentiary, In which Voatoh huoohod FarroU down ana Farrell e tabbed Voatoh In a number of plaooa. -One out between the eighth and ninth ribs penetrated the cavity and let out ft portion ot tlio bowels. VoatoU la nob expected to live, Farrell wan arroatod. TUo quarrel occurred from Farrell wanting to ohango watch with Voatobi ALSANY. ttho A(0ko« On<n"««l < r(icco(iing'i ill thfl Legislature, Altunv, K. Y., May 27.—Tho decision of the Court of Appeals In tho onno of Stokos will not bo rendered for several days. . ■TboSouato concurred in tbo Assembly bUI to divide tho crimo of murdor into two degrees. The Now York Industrial Exhibition bill wflo killed In tho Senate to-night. Tho now Local-Option bill woe to-day defeated lA tho Assembly by 50 to 47. Adulteration of ctrdon Yea* Sr. Lothoby, of Loudon, tho well-known san itary statist, baa just reported as to tho 'adulter ation of green tea In that city. 110 discovered, it appears, that somo tea on salo in Mincing lane required looking after, and ho succeeded m get ting authentic samples from iho bonded ware houses In which tho article was stored. On ex amination it was found that this so-called toa con tained from 40 to 49 per cent of iron filings and 10 percent of silica, in tho form of fino sand, which had boon cleverly mixed with and addod to tho loaves before curling, with a view to increase their weight and bmk. Aftor tho loavoa wore curled they had boon thickly covered with grooa pigment. When it was infused in boiling water It produced a very turbid solution, offensive to tho small and nauseous to tho tasto. Drowned* Lancaster, N. H., May 27.—At Quildham, on tho Connecticut River, six miles from boro, this afternoon, five men woro in a boat attempting to pass over tho rapids, when it was capsized. Tbroo escaped, and tuo others, Joseph Chaso and B. F. Porlo, woro drowned. Fatal Holler Explosion. Evansville, May 27.—Tho Journal hoe ad vices that a boiler of ibo saw-mill of Oapt. James Bouse, twenty mlloa from Owensboro. Ky., exploded yesterday, killing two mon, and wounding ouo fatally. Obituary- New Your. May 27, — A private cable dispatch announces tuo death at London of Charles A. Pago, formerly Now York Tribune armycorro sponuont, and later United States Consul to Zurich. lie was a native of Loo County, 111. MARRIAGES. WHITE—DOBTWIOK—Tuesday evening, Mar 27, at the residence of (bo bride's parents, 14 Oroyolttnp.oonrt. by tho liar. J. Front, Hoary K. Wblto, of this city, anil Nettle M. lloitwlok. of Buffalo. N. Y. ■ . CP~Buffalu and ilamilton (Madison County), N. V., papers,pleasa copy. » DEATHS. DIONAN—At 44 Pnrplo-st., at 6 o’clock last evening, Funeral on Thursday, at 10 a. m. Friends of the family GRANGER—At tho residence of UU parents, 748 Wa bash-av., Bradley Norton Granger, youngest son of o. O. Granger and N. Si. Granger. ~ Funeral at tho residence Thursday, at half-past 1. t He ra aina to bu taken to Michigan for interment. AU monos of Uio family Invited to attend. LOST AMD FOUND* T OST—A PAOKAOK OF HOYS’ CLOTHING, FROM JLj roar of buggy, somewhere on West Washlngton-at. or in tho Tunnel. A liberal reward will bo paid to any person leaving thdm at COOK, COBURN a OO.’S of fice, corner Washington and Dearborn-sis. Lost or stolen-on Sunday last, from no. 654 West Monron-st., a small white bull terrier slut wllti gray marks ovor tho.oyos. A liberal toward will he paid for nor return to ALLAN PINKERION, National Detective Agency, IP3 Flfth-av., or tho above address. LOST— $10 REWARD-TUESDAY P. M..GN NORTH Market, or near corner of Lake and Canal-sis.. a puokot-book oontalning u sum of roouoy and two chocks. The Undorwlll bo well rewarded by leaving with F. NBW UALL A CO., 83 North Canal-st. T 03T-BLAOK AND TAN DOO, ANSWERING TO* ■Jjthonamoof “Clip.” Tho iindor will rocclvo sl6 re ward by returning him to 110 Clark -st., Room 3. FOUND-TAKEN upbyo. CITY RAILWAY CO., Slate and Twontlutb-sts., a black hurso; will bo do livorod to owner upon proving property and paying charges. Found a pocket-book containing a small sum of money, which tho owner can have by calling at 7KI Stato-sL FOUND— RING—SATURDAY LAST. ON OLARK sti, a valuable ring. Owner can have same by prov ing property, etc. Inquire for HULL, with Homy W. King A 00. OUND-TUAT PERSON WHO LOST SOME MON oy In an Indlana-av. car, Monday ovotiing, Is request" cd to call at Room 4, Rico Building, TTDearbom-st. MIBBINQ-T. NELSON DALE, JR.. LEFT ODER IIn. Ohio, May 20, whore ho was pursuing theologi cal studies : awlvcd In Chicago Wednesday. % 91. and has not been soon since. Mind possibly allootua; is about 28 years old, 6 foot and 8 Inches In height,! ight brown short curly hair, side whiskers and moustache, •omowhßt sandy, vary prominent forehead, dressed In black or dark clothes, and most likely had on a colored flannel traveling shirt. Any Information as regards his whereabouts, or any person who has scon him. will bo liberally rewarded, and all expenses paid, and receive (ho heartfelt thanks of anxious parents. Coll or address FREDERICK 8. DALE, Sherman House. Chicago, or ELMER WASHBURN, Superintendent of Felloe. ATISStNO-YOUNO MAN NAMED MICHAEL KIR iVi. wau: worksln a llveiy stable; tall and slim, fair hair, and small bluo 070s; loft Motnonoo In Mar last. Any one who will call at Mrs. Oarbloy’s, 043 Bloc Island av., will bo handsomely rewarded If thoy furnuh any in* lormatlon. . STRAYED— INTO MY PLACE ON 30TU INST.. 3 horses: 1 bay about 7 yean old, aorn on oil fore foot, no shoes;! old black horao, very hollow back, no shoos. Owner can have them by paying expenses; 593 Mitch- STOLEN— DARK BAY HORSE, BLACK MANE, long busby tall, small soar on loft blp 5 now phaeton buggy, dark brown wheels, rod stripes, greoabody, moo* ograia on sides DIN: $35 reward. DANIEL L. NUL* SON. M. P., 1108 Indlana-av. STRAYED— FROM OUR PREMISES, CORNER OF Twenty-second and Burnsido-sts., a black horse with white face and ono whlto bind-foot; was nowly shod; weight about 1,800 Ids; any'lnformation will bo'suitably rewarded at the office 0! SWEPT A CROUCH, 803 Twon ty-sooond-st. . MISCELLANEOUS. A NY PERSON WANTING A FINE BOY BABY SIX -nooks old, address Y 11, Tribune office. CASH PAID FOR CAST-OFF CLOTHING AND mlsoollanoous goods of any kind, by sending a letter to I. OBLPER, Loan Office, 864 Stato-st. CASH PAID FOR WATCHES, JEWELRY, OLD gold, silver, firearms, and all goods of value, at the Exchange Loan Office, 203 Bast O TO TUB PEOPLE’S STORE FOB EVERY VA f rlolyof now patterns. 673 Btato-at. WANTED—LABORING MEN. FARMERS, YOUNG VV men going West, and everybody that nooda a tent, wagon cover, none blanket, or camp equipage of any kind, firearms, do., to goat once the Government Goods Depot, 195 and 197 Lako-st., and got your goods at half price. . WANTED— A LADY ROOM-MATE, ON WABASH av., botwoon Pook and llubbard-oourta. References required. Address 017. Tribune office. WANTED-FOR CASH-THREE TWO-STORY VV houses, cither store front or dwellings, In pood ood dltlon to move on the West Side. ROBERT COMMONS, 143 LaSallo-st., basement. WANTED-A PORTABLE VEGETABLE STAND, VV with fountain attachment. 788 West Madlaonst. WANTED-a FIRBT-OLABS TICKETS TO NEW YY York via Now York A Erie U. R. Address K 39, Tribune office. ANTED—CANVASSERS. ON SALARY OR OOM mlsslon. BUTTON A m6nTAGUE. 171 Bast Uadi -800 st., Boom 9. Btos p. m. TCfTANTE—GOO AGENTS, LADIES AND QENTLE VV men, to oanvasa city and country; can make from $lO to sls per day. 119 .East Randolph-st. WANTED— EVERY LADY TO KNOW BY GALLING at the Orient Hotel, Room 13; two daya only she can learn the art of French cutting, trimming, and design ing; free cutting to prove its nioriU; It will pay to aoo it, the only one of the kind lu America. WANTED-GAS FIXTURES, SECOND-HAND, YY for a private homo. Strictly first-oloss and cheap. I>. SAMSON, 131 booth Olatk-si. . WANTED -PARTIES TO CONTRACT TO DO tint-class laundry work oq now shirts. Flnt-oloss work wanted, and tho blithest prices paid. XJltO >VN, PIUOU A FISK, corner Monroo and Wahaah-ftv. lirANTKD—A 40-FOOT KOUND-TOl' QANVAB. it Apply immediately ttt STAPLES, FANNING ti OO.’S. SB South IlftUtoa.aU _____________ TtrANTKD—A CONTRACTOR TO 11UILD A BLOCK W of residences. worth $20,000, and taku half cash aud balance in outside lota. Addrosa B 06, Tribune »i«cu. . TO" EXCHANGE. For. KxauANoii-ou salk-at uinsdaijc. a nloo plnco of 10 mornu, with largo lot ami ham; also a houio and lot fur $3,000. U. Ij. AQ» W. I’l£KU\> Room 14 apood'a i»uck, 133 Dearborn »t. iffOß - EXOIIANOE—VALUABLE rilbrßUfY ON A* North Ulnrk-nt. to exchange for suburban or city prop. ortjr. MATSON HILL. luSond 110 Pcarborn-fll. CITY PROPERTY, A FRUIT 1 (Anti. 120 acres. 11,000 trooa; will pay Its coat Inßyoara; l»ouinbranoo« aaamnod upon Improved property; prioo, $14,000. Atldroaa Hot 18, South Paea, HI. ~ w\‘r- MIO RSoiIANOK-'FQR lots-a nkw o-room X houno and lot, good location, West Divlalon, near Ashland-av. and vanlinron-st. oaras, Irmnodlato ponses* clou. .JAOOII 0. MAUIIiU HI and Kl booth Olark-st, nil) BXOIIANOB-FOK IlUfj.niNU LOTB-A NKW X lirlok iiwldcuoo; location ami tlntsli flrat-oload. JACOB U. MAGILUJJI And 63 South_Ujnrk’Bt._ MIO NKAULINGOCN, WIOKRR, I irvioff Barks for farms mid business property )u • H. ’WULKK, 111) Dcarborn-st. country. J. ■\ArANTKD—TO TEADE-A KIND NEW KOSU- W wood 7*oct«vu piano. Will tako a good soddlo-honu In part payment. Address K Ik), frlbuuu olUoo. WANTKIi-TO RXOII ANGI6—IW AGUES AT WARH- W' IngUmUolgUls, noardoyot, for Iruldo proriorff. Ira* moved or unimproved; will aKauniu an iiioumyrauoool from 410,000 to SI6,UK). Coll at 116 lust MadUon-at., iiouur Wc ifrANTUD—TO TUADK FOR. A STOCK OP ORY W goods, notions, clothing. furnishing goods. hoots ladshous will furutiuro, B farms in Mason County. 111.. sumu ora goodiuto of cultivation. near market ami JSSSS-OM him ol 115 »or»., on. ot 2H no™., W . <»« .ifitfA acres Also a lino no«r dwelling liuuso and a lots In ihaOh » of*l’oorla, 111., with all modern ImproTSiaonts. tljd llfloa aro jiorfoot. All worth *W.OOO oa»h. WIU ,V;°»V,.rTnrall.‘ Address Boa HO. y«»pflw lU. BOARDING AND LODGING, or tbroo gontlonuio can obtain good board, oom* fortablo rooma aud 0 o’ulooH dlntior. A A W*~WAUABII• AV. -N1 (JIS FUIWISHBI) ROOMI 4;4:| with good board. Onoiluglorooxu. BUSINESS CHANGE. FOR SALE. HARDWARE ZBTJSHsTESSS, M m STEEL BUSINESS, In Quincy, Illinois. Wo offer our entire Hordwaro, Iron and Stool business for sale flt the qotuol present cash value. Our stock of Hardware baa boon reduced to about flvo thousand dollars of good salable stock. whlob qan easily bo re assorted, and our largo and extensive ous* ness is stUI porfbotly and well assorted, ana complete in all its branches, and Is this day in oasb value of about seventeen thousand dollars. . ... Wo have boon profitably engaged in this business over twenty-two yoars* and enjoy q largo and reliable trade boro. There is but ono Heavy Hardware andiron business be sides oura in existence boro, and so ihyorablo an opportunity fop entering into a weU-oatab llnbod business in a largo and prosperous city, commanding a groat and wealthy dis trict of country, accessible by seven rail roads, centreing hero, will bo seldom again offered. _ Wo will sell for cash, or part oasb, with ap proved security for the balance, and at actual present cash value, without bonus, and with our good will. BERTSCMGER & STMWIML Quincy. Hi;. WnyM. 18TC. AUCTION SALES. By HAVENS & CO. HORSEMEN, ATTENTION! AUCTION BAIB OF Horses, Buggies, and Harness, emulating In part of 86 to 40 lionet. 18 open and top bug gloa. and 16 boU of Blngl# and doubleJbarno«i. will bo Bold without roßorvo, alHannDy'sldTory 8arn,14510 147 Spurn Bangamon*at., running through toMorgan-et, on Thurs day, May 80. 1873. at I(T«. m. , IIAVBNB <t CO., Auctioneer*. 63 South Oanal-it. CHATTEL MORTGAGE SALE Of an OMNIBUS LINE at auction, on Saturday morning. Mayßl, at lOa’olooka. m., at tho Boarding and Balo St&bloa Nob. 3GO and 362 Mlohlgan-sfc., near Rush, consist ing of a flno lot of bonoß, young and toond; oranlbusoi, onon and otoso: Oonoord hamossos, haltora.wlilDß, robes. *o.. Ao. To bo Bold to tho highest bidder fop cash. Balo P..W Tor order, J. H. Costodlans and Auctlonoora. TWO MILLION DOLLARS. GREAT CLOSING OUT. TRUSTEES 5 SA.X.B REALAND PERSONAL PROPERTY Bolonglng to tho OUIOAGO LAND COMPANY, AT PUBLIC AUCTION, On Wednesday, llie IBtn flay of Jane, 1873. By tho article* of tho association of said Company, it is provided that at) tho property la thohands o( tho Trustees In tho month of Juno. 1879, moat bo sold at auction fur cash, to close tho trust. , . .. __ Tho realty is centrally located In the CITY OP OUI* OAGO, andia valued at 81.800.000. and composed largely of river and canal frontage, docked and ready for Immedi ate use. Also, a largo number of vacantlotein the liamo dlalo vicinity of tho docks, all well adapted for business pU TEo«lio to this property is unquestioned, having boon hold and owned by the Association for twenty years. The personal proporty consists of notes bearing 7 per cent interest, having from one to five years to run, ana amounting to about 9700,000. These notes wore received for deferred payments on iand bought from the Uompany required to make a deposit on tbo day of sale ofTO per cent on the amount of their purchase, the balance to bo paid within thirty days, or as soon after tho sale ae deeds can bo made and delivered. „ A „ T<ON p. odDEN. L. H. UKBOUBU. GBOIIOK WATSON. Chicago. March 13, 187fl. Trustees. Ol’llco Md?h Snllo-si. HORSES AND CARRIAGES. Tll tiCb^d Were A trying to init purchasers with driving horses,and bavo not half managed to supply the trade, wo have the cup tomon, and roust have hones. Now la thptimo to soil, and tho place to buy or aoll la at 261 and 2638tat0-st., Sale Stables, and nothing else, of boraoa, boggles and harness. BRADLEY A WILLS. __ ' T 868, 866 AND 857 WEST RANDOLPH-ST. CAN bo foond clarencoe. landaoa, coupes, phaotoni.baaf glca, eto., at manufacturers* prices. O. L. BRADLEY. OB BALB-AN ELEGANT PARK CARRIAGE, pair of aonnd, gentle, aorrol mares, and harness, all complete; an elegant family rig. the propert/ol having no further nao for thorn. Apply, from 9to 10 a. mA Room 0, Rloo A Jaokaon balidlng, corner of West Randolph and Jogewon-ste. For SAi.K-aooo horse and,harness, aioos good 2-«oatod boggy, $75; all for $l6O. Address K 25, Trinnne office. •• >R SALE—CHEAP—HORSE, BUGGY, AND HA] neat. Apply at 122 South tiangamon-st. For sale-two double teams with wag ods and haroesa; toama are now working for $6 per day; will trade for property and pay difference. M. HAYES, I. O. B. R. dock, or Ml Burnsldo-st. EOR BALB-A GOOD LEATHER SHIFTING-TOP buggy. Apply at 201 East Waahiogtoo-at., basement. OB SALE-SEVERAL GOOD SECOND-HAND open and top buggioa at HAYDE A O’BRIEN'S, 78l Stato-at. Fine pastbraob for horses ; plenty of water, good (once, and safe placo; only 81 per week 5 boteoa taken from and returned to the city. Leave order* or boraoa at 1068 Stato-at. J. W. PYNB. Calumet, 111. For salr-a horse and top buggy, horse a dark bay, dappled. W. P. JONES, 203 Laßallo-at. tS'LETOHEU, LAZEAR4 CHENEY. MANUFAOTUB- X 1 on of lino top and open buggies, road and basinets wagons, Ao.. factory corner Sedgwick and Ulvlalon-sti., aaloaroom 826 SUto-at.; a full lino on hand for aalo at low prioea. _ FOR SALE—CHEAP—DUMP-CARTS. AND UAH noaa to match: team liarnoaa, wagon harness, dray harness, and all kind* of harness, at Government Goods Depot, 125 and 127 Kaat Lako-st. . FOR SALE—DUMP-OARTB, and harness to matob, at Government Goods Depot, 196 and 197 East Lako-at. . For salb-or trade for a light road wagou, the boat borao la tho olty for a lady or bush ness driver, top buggy and harness. Oan bo teen to roar of 1060 Wabaab-av. OR SALE-PARK PHAETON, FOUR SEATED, extension top, as good as now, at a sacrifice; must bo sold this week. Inquire at 66 >Vaablngton*at., base moat. i.... OR BALK—A VRRY STYI.IBU, FIRBT-OI.ASS rig. oomploto; phaeton top buggy, silTor-mounted harness, both bran now. boon used only a few days, and a nloo buggy mare, gentle and sound, with robot, at a groat bargain, or will soil mare separately. DR. GRIFFIN, 209 M Blue Islapd-av. ; B. HILL. "STAND 29 SOUTH CLINTON-ST., • baa a groat variety of tine carriages and buggies, and soils thorn at rosaoaablo prices. T B. BKOOKMANTIM TWENTY.BEOOND.fiT., *l. baa for aalo now ami second-hand buggies, phaetons, express wagons, horse and harness. Horses, buggies, and carriages,To lot at all times; » now Concords for prices lower than over. ABTURAGB—EXCELLENT FEED. WATER, ►ND abndonearclly. O. 1L BECKWITH A SONS. TITANTEP—A SINGLE AND DOUBLE TURNOUT; V» also two uloo single horses. Call at 623 Best Adaniß-at. ■\\rthh KXOHANGK-a.MAI.I. STYLISH BAY W maro, baroona, and mad wagon. roadster, or last maro or gelding. Big gained at SoOO. Address K 81, Tribune olllco. ANTEU-IIOUSBi HARNESS. AND WAGON, suitable for a grocery. Inquire at lUoS Indlana-av. iirANTED A HORSE AND BUGGY IN EX* Monroest. iXTANTED A GOOD PAIR CARRIAGE HORSES VV for a good inside lot, mitaldo of lira limits. 0. J» ADAMS. Room 16 Hryan lUouk. , WaNtVo-A STYLISH WELL-BROKEN RADDLE home. No others need apply. Address H 73, Trill imo office. ' __ PIVoXV AI.HY HOIlSlt YYAHTKD, NOT LTISS THAN *)lf ifi imiidH hluh. nor over 8 years old: and In trood oun dlllnni \VIU bo rawlnil by IS, 1-ATIIIOK, 761 Mlcbl gan -av. n-MUST lIK SOLD TO-DAY, TOP BUGGY fpl.OUand single liarnoss, only a Uttlo used, at DWIGHT 4 RANEY’S Btoblo, Ub and 117 buulh Sauga mun-st. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. SALE—AT HALF PRIOEOOODOOOK STOVE, X' No. 8s now parlor store, aolf-foudorj good oitcnMon tnhlo, ami other furniture, to ho sold to-day. Inquire at 274 Iriuiklin at., corner Van Huron. riHIE EMPIRE PARLOR BEDSTEAD IS JUST THU i thing that will ouablo you to accommodate your friends during tbo crowded week of tlio Jubilee. Huron stylus, all sUui, adapted to parlor, library, dining-room, cilHoo, and «Uiro. An elegant piece of furniture, oonvprtl bio Instantly Into a perfect bed. Hold on Installment* of $lO a month. Empire Parlor Bedstead Company, 870 and tn*J Wont Madisnn-at. FOR SALE. For hai.k-squtu sidr KoiiNiamtu hoom, lease and furoituro. Central location. Very cheap. Address K 03, Tribune office. THOU SALE-SALOON COUNTER AND LOOKER, I 1 cheap, with pictures aud looklng-gUsa, If called for at once. 267 North Uarkot-st. Owner going out of business. Fon SALE—S9,OOO OABII—A STEAM OANAL-BOAT 1 in complete running order. ALEX. MoICIRDV, 114 > Bomb Water-et. AUCTION SAXES.' By TO. A. BUTTERS & CO. On ■Wednesday, May 38> , Fine New Top Buggies, OponWneoni, rhsotons, Democrat, and Erprosi Waf cos. Double and Single name.*, ATAUUTION, atMand 01 West Wa«lit>iKlon*nt.< Wednesday morning, at lu o’clock. W. A. UUfTUUH A 00., Auctioneers.. On Thursday, May 20, )ry Goods, Beady-made Clothing, Straw Goods, Carpeting, Bouts and Hhoot, 010., AT ‘ Anolhmoot*. GREAT SALE 03? Real Estate TUESDAY, Jib 3.1873, B"sr Wm. A. Blitters & 00., , At 15 & 17 Eandolph-si 0 Lots fronting on Cottage Grovo-av., being Lots 31,33,33.34,86, and 30, in Block ff of Droxelft Smith's Sub. of Section U, Town 38. R. 14, 4 Lots fronting on Madisdn-av., being Lota 14,16,10, and 17, in Block 3 of Brezol ft Smith's Sub. of See. 11. Town 88, 8.X4. 2 Lots fronting on Droxol-av.. being Lots 0 and 7, in Block 1 of Brezol ft Smith's Bub. of 800. 11, Town 38, H. 14. 2 Lots fronting west onVornon-av.,between Bouglas-av. and Thirty-sixth-st. 1 Lot fronting on Siztooath-st. between Ash-* 1 land-av. and Paulina-st., being lot 03, 26 foot front. 2 Lots on Wabash-av.. oast front, between Thirty-third and Thirty-fourth-sts., be ing lots 10 and 20 in Block 4 of Went worth's Sub., 60 by 180 eaab. 2 Lots on Oalumot-av.,between Thirty-third and Thlrty-flfth-sts., west front, being lota 36 and 30 in Sab. of Lots 7 and 10 of Block 2, in Byor ft Davidson's Sab. 5 Lots fronting on Lezington-av., between Fifty-fourth and Flfty-ilfth-sts., being Lots 1,4,5,8, and 0, in Block 18, Egan dale. 1 Lot fronting west on Prairie-av., between Fifty-fourth and Fifty-flfth.sts., being Lot 18, in Block 6, in Jennings & Moffat’s Bab. 3 Lots on minoie-st., between Franklin and Morket-ats., being Lota 7, 8, ond 0, In Block 4, in Butler, Wright ft Webster'S Bub. 1 Lot, No. 8, in Lyman’s Sub. of S. E. froo. quarter of Soo. 2, Town 38, B< 14. 1 Lot, No. 17 Simons-av., just north of Dlok one-av., in Block 17, in Shipman, Bill ft MorriU's Sub., See. 35, Town 40, B. 13. Full particulars hereafter. WM. A. BUTTERS ft GO., • Auctioneers. . By EHSON & FOSTEB. POSITIVE CLOSING SALE OF MABBtfSTHOARY Bronzes and Clocks, wniii take riiAOH THIS, WEDKSDiT, EWING At S o’cloolr. At Store No. 948 WaLasli-av.', Corner Twenty-first-st. BLISON & FQ3TBB, Auotloneora. 195 West Washington-st. GENTEEL FURNITDRE AT AUCTION, On WEDNESDAY MORNING, May 28, at 19 o’clock, consisting of Chamber. Dining-Room, and Kitchen Fur niture, Bedding, Crockery, Ac., Ac. EDISON A FOSTER. Auctioneer*, g7 Market-st. HOUSE AND LOT. "With Elegant Grounds, 581 Hubbard-st., AT ATTCTION, On Saturday Horulug, May 31, at 10 Q’cloclr, ON THE PREMISES. Ilonso two-story frame, with brick basement; lot 100 foot fronton HubbanLst., by 217 foot deep on Wood-st.; Grounds fitted upin splendid stylo. Thlspreportyhasboca occupied for several yoart past by Frants Aniold, E»Q* TERMS OF SALE CASH. TITLE PERFECT. For Information regarding tho property apply to WILL IAM ANDREWS, Boom No. 16, 163 LaSallo-at. KLISON A FOSTER. Auctioneer*^ By GEO. I*. GORE & CO., Men's and Boys' Summer BOOTS AND SHOES OF BEST STYLES. Largo and Attractive Line fomUGito’s Smier Wear, That must bo closed, at tho OATALOQU3 4 auction BALE of GKBO. IF*. QOBE «Sc 00., 22, 24 & 20 Handolph-at., Wednesday, May 28, at 9 X-a a. m. By GKO. P. GORE & CO. Wo will hold a sale at our now and spacious atorO, 68 and 70 Wabaah-ar., near corner Randolpb-st., j&. TJOTioasr, A special sale of W. O. orookery and yellow ware. 20 crates W. Q. Oroekory, 10 oratoa of Yollowwaro, On Thursday, May 20, at 01-2 o’oloos Q. P. GORE A 00.. Auctioneer*. By TAYLOR & HARRISON. At No. 16 Aberdeen-st,, On WEDNESDAY, May 28. Nt 10 O’Olook, AX AUCTION, TUo Household Goods consisting of BED-ROOM, DIN* INO-ROOM, AND KITCHEN FURNITURE, CROOK. ERY, GLASS WARE, PLATED-WARK, 40., 40., By TAYLOR 4 HARRISON, Auctioneers. Large Auction Sale-of DRY GOODS, NOTIONS, &0. f THIS MORNING, at % o’clock. Fans, and Fancy Qooda, Dross Goodn, Bilks, Ribbons, D. 4 T. Oasstmoroi. Cloths, Hwlss Mulls. White Goods, Trimmings, Kid and LlaloThroad Ulovos, Cutlery, Haled* ware, Towels, Napkins, Handkerchiefs, Embroideries, " ” DjTAYLOR A JIAHIIIBON, Auollonoors, SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. Fob balk-duyub-wk dan ommyins webk tbo second division of Clyde. £0 acres, •• “R®*? situated ss that sold at auction Wo«kJ*a». at will guarantee a line prollt. SiOiUlS 4 WARE, 94 WMolnatou-aV-

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