Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 29, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 29, 1873 Page 3
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THE COURTS. The Other Side of the Dry Goods Men’s SqnaMtlc. A Poisonous Potted Pie-Plant Scrape. The Michigan Avenue Chimes Heard From Yesterday. United States, Criminal, County, and Other Court Items. Tho petition of several loading drygoods flrma for tho kontdval of tho Assignee to tho estate of Shanahan & West, has provoked tho following counter affidavit: Simeon Parnell being duly sworn, says: I am hn^£ f . S o «v, llnn °L - av * £ ftnToU A 00., creditors “oath of November last Bald Bhanabnn I °nd Bollcltod a oompromiee of tUclr SoVv„ «mU ou the dollar, They woroowing ua about four thousand seven hundred dollars ($1,700), We immediately eot at work invoetlgatlng their affairs, and became very soon satisfied that their failure was a nsirt l !5 u . en . k on ®» and that.they wore able to pay creditor,^and we peremptorily ro rußod to accept any loss. The parties continued tholr efforts for a compromise, however, until much tho larger amount of thoi .* creditors had agreed to accent the propoaod compromise, when they renewed tholr attack on no. We still refused to accept any compro mise, believing they wore ablo.topay in full. At length after the most persistent efforts of tho debtors, who clajped. that wo alone ,woro standing In tho way of their settlement, we Bottled with them at 100 cents on time, and at tholr urgent solicitation signed their com promise paper, , . Wo bad, however, previously Informed many of the creditors who .: conferred . with us that wo thought the . debtors were able to pay in .full, and that wo would ■ never accept loss. Our signature to the paper may have misled some Chicago creditors, but wo do not believe It did, as our position to stand for 100 cents was no secret among them. The Agreement signed required the 70 cents to bo secured. Wo, however, agreed to ac cent ours unsecured, os wo believed them responsible. Soon after wo extended them a further credit of about $3,000, ou which they owe us about that sura. In March lost they were unable to meet tholr paper ma turing to various creditors, and desired us to come to their relief. At their request, and that of some of the creditors, wo decided to do so, ond agreed to advance them SIO,OOO, and take In payment goods, with which they- were overstocked, at such fair discount as wo could agree upon, so as to relievo them from finan cial pressure or embarrassment, and enable them to meet tholr paper. Wo accordingly sent to tholr store two competent men to select out the goods, but they reported It Im possible ,to find that quantity or any considerable quantity of stock there which we could safely take at more than 60 cents on tho dollar. And we did not doom It prudent or desirable to toko the goods at such great apparent discount, and so that effort to befriend thorn failed. We had no knowledge of the bankruptcy pro ceedings afterwards commenced by L. M. Bates & 00., until after U was commenced,’ and have not participated therein either by attorney or otherwise until now, nor did wo Intend"to’ unless it became necessary to protect ourselves. Since this proceeding wncpommencod wo have been waited on repeatedly by ono Manning, claiming to bo the at torney of the debtors, who has Insisted repeatedly, persistently, and in a threatening manner we should give up the notes received by us for the extra SO per cent, and grant the debtors a further extension of the remainder, which Is now all duo. Wo have told him invariably that If he would pay our now account, and the notes covering tho 70 per cent, wo would probably bo obliged to release tho remainder, out that wo .would confer no additional favor or credit upon tho debtors, who having oven L, persuaded ua Into a false position 10 accommodate them would seize upon the fact to compel us to fctUl further forbearance,*and thereupon «« to us that, if we would now give time on the 70 cento, tho extra SO should bo paid hereafter. This alleged lawyer has brought to us, popcatcdly. papers purporting to bo sworn affidavits, wherein di vers unpleasant things relating to our action in this matter were said to bo contained, and threatened that unless wo acceded to his wishes in reference to the proceedings, ho would file these affidavits, and that they would damage ns with out customers, Mohave uniformly told him that If ho bad any such affidavits, they wore false end perjured, and that wo should not be intimidated by “J 0 ®- «Vl.. aro J n ( ormcd U»t»bytho exhibition of these affidavits, ho has persuaded other creditors to sign various; papers on file In Court, Intended to Impede and embarrass tho fair administration of tho assets of said debtors, upon tho theory that wo aro endeavoring to obtain on unfair advantage, whereas too facts aro that, since tola proceeding was commenc ed, wo have only insisted upon the 70 cents accorded Ip creditors in general, notwithstanding some half a £!£fo A .j >U «wf’ 88 , wo proinformed and believe, received 100 cents ot tho former compromise, among whom aro some of the identical creditors who have signed tho adverse fapera aforesaid, Deponent further Bays that, at too of too formerbankruptcy proceeding and settle, xnent, Mr. John T. Ohumaeoro had very Tittle, If any thlng, to dp with the .matter, but tho same was ar ranged and too settlement made by deponent, as ho believes, without tho knowledge of said Chuinasero in reference to its terms until some time after the settle ment was perfected. And deponent further says that so far as said Chumosero has acted as Provisional As signee in this matter, ho has acted, as deponent verily • behoves; for tho common benefit of all creditors, and not for tho preference or advantage of deponent’s firm or any one else. Simeon Fauwelu POISONOUS PIE-PLANT. _ E. W. Hopkins, attorney, yesterday filed in tbo Superior Court aprtEcipo in assumpalt.'ia the case of William M. Hogo et.' al, v. Tho Elgin Packing Company; damages, 820,000. Tho cir cumstances of tho case are these: Defendants are on organization: operating under charter, with a capital of $50,000, in the business of can ning fruits, vegetables, ©to., and' claim Superi ority over other companies engaged in like business, in tho manner of hermetically sealing their cans. Last year they canned a largo quan tity of pie-plant and groon com, of which goods they sold a large quantity to Messrs. Hogor & Jewell, and * gave it a full warranty to exceed anything of tho kind in tho market. Hogo & Jowoll were given tho ex clusive solo of the goods In Chicago, to induce them to handle them. They do a jobbing busi nesa m honey and canned goods, and do con siderable wholesale business. They placed tho pie-plant on tho market here, and sold it to a large number pf parties doing business an tho 9 it y* When it reached the consumers if was round to contain some poisonous matter, as it indirectly produced sickness in tho cater who tmod it as food. Hogo & Jewell reported this mate of affairs to tho Elgin Company, who told “ om ~8 ot ifc off at any risk, and they would be responsible for the consoquonoes. A party keep ing a restaurant placed it upon his table. the consequence was that ton boarders wore laid low at one fell swoop, and tho restaur ateur a occupation was gone. Naturally aroused, tho deserted host had a can of tho pio-plaiit analyzed by a chemist, who pronounced it unfit for use, and said it contained unmistakable evi dences of tho presence of poisonous matter. Messrs* Hogo & Jowoll complain thattholrbusl neaa In tho canned fruit line la completely at a stand-still in consequence of their handling tho deleterious stuff. One of thoir customers has brought suit against them to recover damages bus tamed by him, and tho Company instructed them to aottlo with one city firm to keep thorn bo Company; Complainants charge that tho Company wore fully aware of the char acter of the goods, and state that there are about ten firms in the city who have suffered in a similar manner. THOSE CHIMES AGAIN HEARD FBOJI. In the suit of the Great Western Insurance C^ps^7 Haaburgh, a bankrupt, tho ““davit of Wm. Hasburgh for the removal of the Ctompany’s lion from certain property which, as his affidavit shows, heboid merely in trust, but which the Company seized aapart of the bank rupts estate, was filed. Affiant testifies that about the Ist of May, 1871. Levi D. Boone. Henry E. Pickett, John K. itowloy, and affiant entered into an arrangement for the purpose of sarchieing'5 archieing' & chime of bolls for tbo Michigan venue Methodist Church, and to that end they ’ agreed to contribute: Boone, $002.B0; Picket. $197.60: Rowley. $210: and affiant, S3OO, mak ing a total of $1,400 to be invested in real estate, with a view of appropriating the value of tho In crease of said real estate to invest in the purchase of said chime of bells; that said amounts wore contributed by each of said parties, and tbo proceeds were invested in the south west of Sec. 8, T. 80, R. 14, E., and tho title was taken by J. K. Rowley, in trust for said As sociation. On 9th of August, 1878, J. K. Rowley convoyed to affiant the above land, to be held in trust for tho purpose of enabling defendant to negotiate a $3,000 loan to mako a payment on said bells, and said amount was duly paid to Jones A Co., tho manufacturers of the bells. On tho 23d o* August, 1872, tho Association sold 120 acres of the land, leaving 40 acres, which they sold on the 10th of April, 1873, to J, K. Rowley and J. P. Young for $4,000, and deponent tbo land to on tho 19th of April. Ihe proceeds of the side was applied to liquidating part of tho balance duo on said church bells. An affidavit Indorsing the above was made and filed by H. E. Pickett. ANOTUEU If AUK CUANOEU. And now oomoa John Cooley FarwoU, a minor 14 years of ago, aiming, In very pretty hand writing, hla uumo to a petition to tbo Circuit Court, asking that an order bo issued changing bis nomo to that of John YiUlora Farwoll. The Cooley godfather, after giving his namesake the traditional oloctro-plato boor-mug. has evidently gone book oh bis namesake. and the fondnampt hopoa to realize the fond dream of hie middle ago, and floo a llttlo" John V.” grow up and toko charge of the dry goods shop on Monroe street,; Resides, “ Villiors ”is the family name of the ancient English house of Ihiokinguam, a member of' which family loses his head so com* min “Richard the Third," and it doesn’t gnoro entirely one’s old country connec tions; ... UNITED STATES COUNTS. ; Thoro trill bo do business in those courts to morrow. Clark W. Upton, assignee of tbo Groat Wost om Insurance Company, filed a pneolpo in as sumpsit yesterday. Abraham D. Tltaworth for balanco duo on flvo shares of stock j damages, . In tbo Circuit Court tbo cases of W. P. Waro v. LendaucOj and Zoollucr, and Ersonslodt, and Zemlor and Marks. • iXbo District Court will commence calling In tbo .morning all .caeca on tbo calondor which have boon submitted to tbo court. ' Tbo following Judgments and trials wore. bad yesterday Joseph it. Paysou, Assignee Ropub- Ho Life Insurance, v. A. E. Small; vordiot for Slaintiff, <008.62: now trial refused. Same v. obu Black; verdict for plaintiff, $G08.52. Same ▼. A. L‘.‘Lovell j 'for plaintiff, $304.20. Same v. Charles Browns_ verdict for plaintiff, $608.52. Same v. It. 8. Dovluo; vordiot for plaintiff. $608.52. ' Same v. A. O. Warren ; vordiot for plaintiff, $304.20. Same ■v. O. O. Boynton: vordiot for plaintiff, $1,217.04. Same ,v. 0. 11. Millar; vordiot, $608.52. Same v. Henry Foma; verdict for plaintiff, $0,127.80. Same v. Adolona Boydon; verdict for plaintiff, $3,042.60 and judgment. Same v. Harriott M.'Crandall; ver dict for plaintiff, $5,470.08 and judgment. Same v. Olmunoy Hardin; vordiot for plaintiff, $4,269.64. Same y. B; P, Allan; verdict for plaintiff. $3,051.12. Same v. R. A. Knight; vordiot for criminal court items. Noilfl Holdorson was found guilty of sto&Unga $lO hat, and was remanded for sentence. . Thotoos NoMoy was tried for tho larceny of $lO from a man of tho infonml uamo of Billy Brimstone. Both plaintiff and defendant aro members of Turtle’s Insurance Police, whoso object It is to insaro against burglaries, and recently arrived from Toronto, Canada, whoro they were members of tho local police force. Neeley was found guilty and remanded for .sentence. James E. Coo was charged with concealing mortgaged property. Coo gave ono • Swain a chattel mortgage on his bar fixtures, billiard table, and household goods. On tho day Swain advertised those articles for sale, Coo kicked ont the custodian and removed tho property: so tho plaintiff claimed, yet the jury considered other wise, and found him not guilty. COOK COUNTS ITEMS. Tho will and codicil of Nancy Pitkin was yes terday proven, and letters testamentary wore granted to Louisa R. Pitkin, under a bond, So bo approved, of f G,OOO. Louisa McLain was appointed guardian of Victor Enaultofcal., minor, under a bond, to bo approved, of 68,000, and administrator of tho estate of tho late 'Viotorio Enault under a similar bond. Peter "Warden was appointed administrator of the estate of Ann Warden, deceased, under a bond, to bo approved, of $5,000. It was ordered that a warrant and venue bo is* sued, returnable this morning, to try the alleged insanity of Amelia Anderson and James Ooylo. Junes pobteb’s coubt. Tho case of Good v. Maher was, by agreement, * submitted to the Court for trial, and a verdict was rendered for plaintiff for SOOO debt and $370.44 damages. In the case of Kramer v. Qroonobaum, a ver dict for plaintiff was rendered for $94.85 dam ages. , Tho case of Hadson v. Young was dismissed on motion of plaintiff, at plaintiff’s costs. ‘ TOE COUBTS IN BBIEP. Thomaa Tally, Jr., & Co., a briclnnaking firm, file their petition in tbo Circuit Court for me chanic's lien upon Lot 165 in Boouo, Jones, and Kiefer's Subdivision of N. %, and Lot 49 of Beecher’s Subdivision of S. K of S. W of Block 1, and E. 75 feet of Block 3, in Canal Trustees Subdivision of Sec. 83, T. 3D N., R. 14 E, of 8 P. M., to satisfy a claim of $l3O for 18,000 brick delivered to Levi A. Endor, who, with Munroo M. Lord, is made defendant to the suit. John B. Fox flies bis petition in tho Circuit Court, for mechanic’s lion on tho unfinished Turn-voroin building, which tho Blue Island Turn-Vorelncra began to build on Lot No. 2 of Subdivision of north 120 foot of west half of Block 8, Robinson's Addition to Bluo Island. Petitioner engaged with Peter Quimbach, who was doing tho mason work of tho building, to deliver tbo stone therefor andmow that tho work has stopped and petitioner is short of the amounts duo him, somo $339, which Quitqbuch declined to pay him, although ho hau recovered SI,OOO from the Tum-Voroinos for work done; wherefore petitioner asks for tho mechanic's lion upon tho unfinished promises. Laura Vanbiariouno files a prcocipo in aenump eit in tho Circuit Court, against D. James Leary to recover tho omonnt of a past deed promissory note signed by D. James; damages, §BOO. In tho Superior Court, John Hickey and Charles Reiners petitioned for a writ of attach ment against Martin Jotuos Ryan and James W. • Carroll. Tho defendants aro owing them tho amount of $348.05, a partnership indebtedness arising from sale of goods; and complainants ohargo that defendant Carroll has within tbo past two weeks fraudulently mado and executed a bill of sale of bis individual property and a chattel mortgage on tho partnership property, with intent to defraud their creditors. Ryou 4 Carroll aro saloon-keepers, and do business on State street, tho sooond door South from Twenty-first street. Samuel and William M. Baker petition, in the Superior Court, for tho establishment and con firmation of title to Lots 50, 61, 62, and 03 in Block 80, Canal Trustees' Subdivision of W. H of Seo. 27, T. 89, N. R. 14, E. of 3 P. M.. ami Lota 52 and 63. and tho N. 10 foot of Lot 61, bo lug a strip of laud 10 feet wide, fronting on In diana avenno, running back tho full depth of said Lot 61. Floromond W. Cronklito filoa hor bill In tho Superior Court, asking for tho foreclosure of a mortgage on tho N. 85 foot of Lot 14. in tho Assessors’ Subdivision of Block 7, in Oloavor vlllo. County of Cook, and Stato of Illinois. • John Murray petitions, in tho Superior Court, for (lie establishment and confirmation of his title to tho Lota 8, 4, 6, and Gin tho N. W. \£ of B. E. K of Soo. 80. T. 86, N. R. 12, E. of 8 P. M., and W. U of N. W. k', See. 32, T. 37, N. R. 12, E. of 8 P. M., all in tho Town of Palos, in Cook County. Tho suit of Talmadgo E. Snaids y. Oliver W. Barrett/ Charles Fargo, and tho*American Mor cbants’ Union Express Company woe tried before Judge Wood yesterday. This Is a suit in which plaintiff, an extensive oyster dealer of this city, seeks to recover SIO,OOO damages from defend ant for an alleged trespass. Plaintiff stated on trial that some time since tho defendants maliciously seized his stock of oysters by writ of attachment got out by them on representation that he was on tho point of fraudulently assign ing his goods; and also refused to doliver more oysters until tho plaintiff paid an alleged debt of $2,000 odd, which plaintiff charges was 81,000 more then he owed defendant. The oysters in a few days became bad, and plaintiff alleges that over 250 cases of cans were spoiled. Tho case will run on until to-morrow. In tho matter of the estate of 13. O. Stacey, an Insolvent, tho first meeting of creditors was hold boforo Register Hibbard yesterday, when R. E. Jenkins was appointed Assignee. Cornelia Russell files her petition In the Su perior Court, making Joseph W. Braokott de fendant to tho suit, for dower in tho following real estate loft by her lato husband, John B. F. Russell, namely: Tho E. VofN. W. of Soo. fi, In T. 87 N., 11. 14 E.’of 8 P. M.. and tho 8. W. H of S. W. U of same, See. 8. Tho Bootteher y. Bohwertzor coeo has passed through its third trial, and tho only effect pro ducod wes tho extreme discomfort of twelve Jurors, who sat up all night pondering over the old man’s woes, tho clicking sound of hla broken arm, and tbo rude eloquence of tho rustio lawyer whose thunderous voice for a long two hours mado havoo among the weaker and more dilapi dated plaster of tuo court-room. In tho morn ing the Jury stated that they had agreed to dis agroo, and wore consequently discharged. Tho Obicago & Alton Railroad filo a pnnalpe In assumpsit against ox-Oollootor Edmund Jus son, In the Circuit Court; damages, $50,000. Henrietta Patek files a plea, in trespass, in the Circuit Court, against Peter Trojoubaoh; dam ages, SB,OOO. Laura S. Pease files a similar plea la tho samb court, against tho sumo party; damages, $25,001). Qoorgo R. Wood files a plea In trespass, in tho Superior Court, against John 11. Bartels, Louis Bwaohow, and rotor Boyoo; damages, SIO,OOO. NEW SUITS. The Scrsmon Counx—43,o44—Appeal. 43,545 William M, Ilogoot 01. v. Elgin Pocking Company• as sumpsit. $20,000. 43,450 —John Thomson ot ul. v. Henry w, Brooks; assumpsit, SI,OOO. 40,547—Samuel Baker v. All whom It may coucoru ; petition to estab lish and confirm title. 43.648—J0hn 11. Dunham ul a), v. Gustave Burkhardt, Edward Burkhardt, and John Teeny • assumpsit, SSCO. 48,640—Ifloromoud W. Cronkiilo ▼. Orweu Oroukllte etsl.: bill to foreclose mortgage. 43,550—J0hn Murray r. whom It may con cern ; petition to establish andoonftrm lltlo. 43,631 John V. Iforwoll ot al. v. L. It. Nickerson: asaumnslt. S6OO. 43,633— Appeal, * Tu* Oibodit CoimT—7,lo3 —Cornelia Russell v. Jo seph W. Brackett; petition lor dower. 7,lo4—Appeal. 7.106—1n the matter of tbo petition of John Oooloy Banrell for a change of name. 7,loo—Appeal, 7,107 Luther D, Pollard v. Marlin Bast, Edward B. Holmes. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: THURSDAY, MAY 29, 1«73, June*, and David Pyolt l affidavit for replevin of three lathes, value $1,600. 7,loß—Thomas Tally, Jr., ?. •** Ender eta!,: petition for mechanics' ll°n* 7,1^-7,llo—Appeals. 7,111— Chicago h Alton I £ Ur 9fr_i som l ,ftu J r Edmund Jusson: aasump ■lt, $60,000, 7,lll—John B. Pox v. Peter 7V,« 9?* * petition for mechanic's lien. 7,ll3—Mary D. Barnard r. Charles A, Barnes: assumpsit, $560, 7, lit— James Van Blatlctim v. D. James Leary • assumpsit, SBOO. 7,lls,o—Wllhheld for service. 7,ll7—Uonrletto Patok v, Peter Troponhach; trespass. $4,000. 7,118-t.Lehra - 8. Pease' v. Nathan 8., Bnow} trespass, SIO,OOO. 7,llo—Ambrose L. J. An drews v. Nathan 8. Grow: trespass, $25,000. 7,120 George It, Wood v, John 11. Bartels, Louis Bwachow, and Peter Boyce ; trespass, SIO,OOO. 7,l2l—Mary ▼. Quarles Bauer ; divorce ou the ground of desertion. SECTIONAL ANIMOSITY. QI.EMOOK, ILU, May 37, 1873. To the Editor of 77i« Chicago Tribune ; 8m s Can you Inform tho public who It Is who bus forbidden tho decoration of tho graven of tho Robot dead at Arlington on May 80P - Who aro tho mon who aro responsible for tho ordor ? To throw .tho responsibility and blamo upon .tho Grand Army of tho Republic Is very convenient for tho authors of tho ordor, but it la not'ap proved by all soldiers of tho late war, and prob ably Is not by one in ton of thoso who did tho lighting in either army. ‘ If tho names can .be givon of thoso who are responsible >for the, ordor in .question, it will probably be found that they, aro not names of soldiers who did any substantial service in tho Hold. Mon who have boon face to face with death and tho suffering of woundod mon, aro not they who prosorvo feelings of hatred or spite towards their fallen foes. It is strange that, while good citizens ore la boring to hoal tho wounds of tho past, and pre pare tho way for real union of. tho American people in tho bonds of a common interest and a common sympotby, some should bo found in po sitions of trust who are 'so poor, exponents of. the popular will. . Tho order m question Is cal culated to do great harm. It touches the people of tho South, whose firesides have been desolafc* od, at a point whore every ono who has a human heart is most sensitive. It tells them that their conquerors ore still anxious to trample them down after they aro crushed. It tells them that they aro hated, and that tho graves of their dead are. not entitled to respect. Is this the way to build up a nation ? Horace Greeley sold, Just after the last Presidential election, that that election proved, among othor things, that tho people of tho North have no doeiro to restore friendly relations with tho people of the South. Can it bo true that this is onr position ? J.A.O. THE JUBILEE. Invitations have boon sent to ox-Mayors Ogdon, Raymond, Milliken, Gray, Boone, Trines, Wentworth, Rice, and Hason to be present and visit the parks in the carriage cortege set dorm for Friday, Juno 6. Gens. Sheridan, Sherman, Pope and other distinguished army officers ero to bo among the guests in the turnout, which present nearly half a mile of open carriages and several fonr-in-handa, led off by a mounted es cort of the city police. Tho morning visit to Lincoln Park, and tho afternoon visit to tho South Parks and boulevards will bo among thO’ most striking features of tho week. AT THE’ DEPOT Contractor Grannis has well advanced in tho groat platforms which will be in a day or two In readiness for the first grand rehearsal. Gil more will roach Chicago the first of next week. Tho Gorman citizens are preparing to receive with eclat tho distinguished representative of tho Gorman Embassy at Washington. There Is a movement among the British, Irish, and Scotch Societies to pay a notable complimentary ovation to the representatives from the dominions of tho Queen. THE COMING EVENT. The first infinx into tho city may bo expected on' Wednesday, though it is on Thursday and Friday that the greatest rush from tho country may bo expected. How thoroughly half-faro rates have taken hold of tho country is shown by tho fact that from a little town in Nebraska .nineteen excursionists are coming. Our mer chants universally 'apeak of the wide ond thorough stirring up In tho interior, and even at remote noints in this and adjoining States, whence the people are coming by thousands to boo Now Chicago and hoar Gilmore. FAIR PLAY. 7b the Editor of The Chicago Tribune : Sin: Many of tho Journals of the Administra tion aro very denunciatory of tho “ salary steal,” and all who voted for it, or received tho stolen goods. This is all well, and, considering tho low atato of partisan newspaper morals, wonder fully commendable. (l . Plain folk, however, aro surprised that those papers say nothing about President Grant’s par ticipation In tho little game, uoWrithatandlng ho approved tho lawi and took his share of tho plunder. What divinity doth hedge him that Lis conduct shall escape rebuke. Is ho not as guilty as others ? If not. why not ? Why should not all thieves, big aud little, high and low, gen tle and simple, bo treated alike ? Is not what is proper sauco for tho gooso appropriate sauce for tho gander? * What do you think about it ? Judicial. Tho election of five Circuit Judges will take place on Monday, Juno 3, next. Tho candidates Indorsed by tho bar and both parties Irrespective of thotr politics aro tho.prcsent Circuit Judges, viz.: Erastua 8, Will iams, Henry Booth, John G. Rogers, Lambert Tree, and W. W. Farwoll. Tho ward comihlttees already announced, end such other gentlemen os fool on In terest m the election of an honest Judiciary,will please organize In their respective wards, land see that tho election Is properly conducted therein. Tho Judges of Election will please boo that tho registry books and Soli books aro at tho respective polling plaaa on Mon ay morning. The only danger to bo apprehended is the apathy of citizens. Every man who is interested in the election of an honest Judiciary will please go to tho polls on Monday. Campaign headquarters in basement of Merchants* Building, corner of LaSalle and Washington streets. By order of Campaign Com mittee. Ollver-Smelting and Refining-. Chicago people have given u yet very little attention to tho idea of utilizing the groat mineral resources in tho mountains West. It is said that tho annual pro duct of the silver min os la now about seven ty-flvo millions por annum. Tho shipments of bullion through Chicago East has been over seven hundred tons this month of May. It is believed that this min eral can bo refined in Chicago cheaper than any other place. It is believed that the oro can be smelted cheaper here than anywhere else. There is a meeting called for this evening, at the new Pacific Hotel to discuss the matter. Hon. William Broas and' 8, B. Gooklna will address tho mooting. Who Buys a Piano P Wo have some now pianos that have been from three to six months. Also a few that have had the outside cases somewhat injured In moving. Those will be sold at the very lowest price*—from S2OO to S3OO. * A splendid opportunity to purchase a good, durable instrument, os every piano wul be warranted to give satisfaction, or money refunded. Call sad soo them at our now place of business—xn* riMRST PIAMO WAIiXKOOMS XM THE WOULD. Heed's Temple of Music. Corner Dearborn and Van Baron streets. Barber-Shop and Bath-Rooms. We toko tho liberty of informing our friends tho public of onr removal to the northeast corner of Monroe and State streets, whore wo have fitted up, in connection with our barber-shop, tho roost elegant bath-rooms to bo found In tho clty.A. Klenko. former ly Trumont House ; T, Becker, formerly comer Ran dolph and Clark streets. Roal Estate Auction. A number of choice lots will bo disposed of at public auction, on tho grounds, at half-past 8 o'clock to-mor row afternoon. Tho property la located on the Oak wood Park boulevard, aud Langley, Vincennes,'tmd Union avenues, aud is very desirable for residences. Particulars may bo obtained at Boom Q Uouoro Block. At Last. Tho old patrons of Keller, of boot and shoe fame, will find that gentleman now, since his removal to his convenient and central quarters, No. 80 Washington street, constantly in attendance with his maglo tape in baud. . Tbo Boavor Mixed Hat v ' ’ is the latest mode for gentlemen—a dress hat for sum mer wear—lntroduced by Parker & Tilton, No, 63 Clark street, opposite Die Court-House. A Gem. • Don’t fail to tako a look at tho beautiful sign that is to bo raised, this afternoon, over tbo entrance of Cooper k neuutgcn’fl bat store, No. 2d Clark street. The Genuine Guyeor Spring Water la drawn bv Buck 6t Ranter, at both their stores. HOME, SWEET HOME. Mrs. Ella Lyndon Cllngolh to (ho P&' tcrnal Mansion. The Michigan Avenue . Charioteer The Lady Prefers Home to Love In a Cottage with Thomas. Conclusion of n Notorious Habeas Corpus Case. From the beginning of tho world, and oven earlier, if any credence can bo placed in what , skeptics coll tho fables of mythology, ohariot , oors and charioteering have boon Invested with . charms. Beginning os far back aa possible, say a thousand or . two centuries after tho birth of Saturn, lived tho young Pbaetbon, son of old ; Hollos, tho immortal* teamster who guided tho horses which sped the sun on > Us circuitous road round tho ancient world, and of tho beautiful Ocoonld Glymono. Emulating his father’s success os a “ whip,", ho, aided, by tho persuasions of his gentle sisters, young Phaothon prevailed upon tho antcdoluvian Pickwick to allow Mm to drivo tho team for a spoil. What follows is history. The horses felt tho absence of tho canning hand .of Hollos and took an earthward swoop, going so near to tho world that tho sun. almost scorched' it up, and Zeus got so vexed thst ho sent Phaethon a tele graphic message In tho shape of a thunderbolt, which laid him low la the yellow waters of tho river Eridanas, while tho seductive sisters wore changed to poplars, and their tears to amber, out of which tho jcuncasodorce of Greece carved, in their leisure moments, pipe-stems and cigar holders. Later on, tho glories of oh&rlotooring ore re sounded In the first ode of ono Horace, who, Sorhaps, of all the ancient poets, would bo hoart y welcomed out W*at as a kindrodlsplrit and a •right fellow. Ho says: Sant ones curricula pulvorcm Olymploum Oollcgbtac Jurat, motaque fervldla Evitata rolls, psimaque nobllin Tentmim dominos oveblt ad Decs. To look at tho thing closer; in tho present Jay.among existing nations, which carries off

tho paima nobilis T ' forfaat horses of tho char ioteering description? Rospopao is needless; aa long as thero are among 09* a Robert Bonner. • Henry Ward Booohor, and a Budd Doblo, thero la no room to fear that tho reputation for owning tho fastest roadsters in tho world will etaybv us. Yet tho moat famous of modem charioteers is unsung. Tho glories of mytholo gy, of the Augustan ora, of the Brooklyn divine and his associates, must pale before tho brighter K5 of the more greatly gifted Thomas Lyndon, dos being an accomplished driver, ho possess ed Uks art of making himself generally agree able In the eyes of tho fairer portion of humanity, and more particularly In those of Miss Ella Hancock, tho daughter of his employer. It Is well to pass over tho natural moralizing which arises in consideration of his too vaulting am bition. and tho various ovoote which followed his marnring tho young lady in question. A row days since tho too ambitious Lyndon applied for . a writ of habeas corpus for. tho body of his wife who, ho stated, was detained against hor will by hor father. Col Hancock, and his wife. Since then tho room of Judge Gary, who granted tho writ, has boon be sieged by visitors. Clerks and bailiffs of tho courts popped their hoods in at tho door to find put. whether or no the cose woa com ing off, and tho flatter of a petticoat in tho vicinity woe tho signal for a rush. Tho minute clerk of tho court-room bad offers from a variety of others to do his work for a day gratia, but ho declined, stating that ho wouldn’t Ipso tho trial • for a hundred dollars. Yesterday tho trial oamonp. Tho court was crowded, tho ogal profession being so profusely represented that tho question woa mooted whether tbo rout of tho courts had temporarily adjourned to givo tho advocates a falx chance. Prominent among them was tho figure of Mr. Thompson, of Wumotko, who was hoard to as sert that ho hadn't aeon anything so oxciting since the famous Bioko dWorco suit. IXo was very free in hia remarks as to tho • per sonal appearance of tho ladies interested in tho suit, speaking more like a lady-killer than a lawyer, which ho probably is, although perhaps not much of either. Tho interest, of course, centered in the lady, who woa conspicuous by hor absence during the opening of tho trial and a hundred pairs of oyes remained fixed upon tho door of Judge Gary’s privoto room, whore * she - remained, with tho hungry look of a boy ■ outside a poetry ■ cook’s or an excited audience watching tho drop-ourtoin before tho opening of the fifth act of “ Othello.” The ambitious Lyndon was a centre of attrac tion. Ho, with a tender fondness that was quite touching, lingered near the door which enclosed his spouse, as though in hope of catching Btra y accent, of tho voico which bad made him so happy and so miser able. Ho was not by any moans aa seedy a customer as ho ho has boon made oat, although tho longer ono looks at him the more amazing Booms tho infatuation that caused a young lady of 2 snohprospocta to contract such a mosalSianco. Lyndon is fat, not fair, and 45, is bald-headed, with- a low forehead, plentifully wrinkled, overshadowing a rather minute pair °* . oyes. Ho was dressed in a uoat-black coat and light a red nooktio was thogroonuost " article in his toilet. Ho'waa, perhaps, Judging from appearances, tho most unconcerned man in the room, his connec tion with good society accounting therefor, probably. Mr. King, his counsel, opened pro ceedings by stating that ho made an issue of fact aa to the return or Hancock to tho writ. Tho following is the substance of Oolouol Hancock’s return to tho writ: Anti-Labosnt. The within named John IX Hancock respectfully jnakoa return and Bays, In answer to the within writ, that he haa not unlawfully detained In hla custody, nor, does he now lawfully detain tho body of Bald Ella palled In the said writ EUa Lyndon, but tho a&ld Ella la hla daughter, a minor, needing hla care, protection, and support, and is voluntarily hying in bis family: and he now cornea Into this honorable Court, with said daughter, In obedience to the command of the within writ, and denies that he haa traugroased any law or duty in the promisee, and prays Judgment, oto. The Court then asked if there was any Issue filed, upon which John Lyle King read an affida vit, in which tho relator stated that, though Ella was the daughter of Col. Hancock, she was still his .wife } that she was nob a minor; did not need her father’s support, as ho himself could take care and proyido for her. He then states tho fact of the marriage, and again reiterates tho charge of illegal restraint on the father’s part. The Court stated that tho real question was, whether the lady wishes to remain away from her husband or go with him, while Mr. King suggested that ho should go a stop farther, ana ascertain what has operated on her will to cause an answer against the interests of his client, if such an answer bo rendered, and stated that Lyndon had in his pocket evidences of the lady’s attachment, and of her willingness to live with him. The Court responded that ho could pay no attention to anybody’s wishes in tho matter. All he had to do was to make tho lady acquainted with tho fact that she was at liberty, and lot her go 1 where sbo will. Considerable as to whether or not the Court should look into tho matter of Influence on the part of the parents, but tho Court decided that, Inasmuch as the language of a writ of habeas corpus is in the present tense, only such influ ence could bo taken into consideration as was brought to bear at or since tho issuing of the writ. . „ A mutual understanding being apparently aimed at. the young lady, attended by her f athor and mother, entered tho court, closely scanned by about 150 pairs of eyes, moat of which wore for more familiar with tho pages of Coke and Blookstono and tho Illinois Imports. Tho Court explained to her how m&ttors stood, and asked her if she understood that she was at liberty to B,° where she liked, when sho replied, “I do, sir.” To tho question whether sho had boon re strained by her parents at any timo since tho Is suing of tho writ, sho replica that sho bad not. Hereupon some xnoro discussion of technical points aroso. Mr. King suggesting a cross-ex amination of tho young lady by tho Oourt, to which ho replied. “ I can’t mako the young lady ohango her romd, Mr. King," a response which elicited a sort of legal snicker from tho oudienoo. ;Finally came tho momentous question as to whoro she would go, to which sho responded, “I will go with my father,” which words aro strikingly similar to those uttered by a young gontloman in sacred loro who had wan dered from homo and booomo sadly impecunious. Suiting tho aqjlon to tho word, ehe took hor father’s Loses His Wife, «rm mid loft tl»o room, the 150 mlra of oyos fol lowing hor ovory movement. Lyndon remained unmoved, mid would probably have shown no emotion but for tho delicate attootlona of tho J’oat reporter, who approached him, and with characteristic good taste asked him, “Well, Mr. Lyndon, and are you satisfied now?" Thla was tho last straw. Tho bereaved coach man dived into the recesses of his pantaloons, pulled out a red and yellow pictorial handker chief, and blow hia nose with an air so melan choly that oven tho j Post man tried to look sym pathetic. One by ono tho crowd dropped off, and in a quarter of an hour tho attention of tho Court was occupied with an ordinary chancery squabble. PERSONAL. James n. Jones, U. S. A., is at tho Bhorman House. . Henry S. Foil, Esq., of Now Zealand, is at tho Bhorman. «l. 0. Nimms, Scotland, was at thif Gardner, yesterday. Dr. 8. 0. Baldwin, Beaver Dam, Is at tho West Side Briggs. Hon. A. E. Sawyer, Black Blvor Falla; is at tho WoutSldoDtlgßß. Qon. George Cadwollodor, U. S. A., was at tho Sherman yesterday. Abbott and family, Rock Island, aro al tho West Side Briggs. Senator Matt H. Carpenter, of Wisconsin, is at tho Sherman House. Col. J. H. Ammon, TJ. S. A., arrived at tho Mattoson House yesterday. , Mr. N.O. Munson, of Boston, proprietor of tho Sherman House, is at tho Shcrmau. Major B. P; Haley, Nantucket, R. 1., is among tho Mattoson liouso guests. Col. J. W. Mansfield, of Now Haven, Conn, Is among tho arrivals at tho West Side Briggs. Tho Hon. Garble Mason, Paosidont of tho Board of Pollco, Is on a business visit to St. Louis. * W. P. F. Mosorvo, Esq., of Boston, proprietor of the Palmer House before tho fire, is at tho Bhorman. * ’ R. M. Hooloy, Esq., sailed for Now York last evening via Fort Wayne & Pittsburgh. Ho will bo absent tea days. Tho Hon, David Wilbur, M. 0., of Milford, N, Y., arrived in tho city yesterday, and is stop ping at tho West Side Briggs. Mr, T. W. Harvey, tho well-known lumber merchant of this city, was yosterday.unitod in marriage to Miss Bello, oldest daughter of Mr. A. 0. Badger, tho Chicago banker. Tho following woro at tho Gardner House yesterday; H. M. Stowe, California; Otis B. Hopkins, Milwaukee; 8. D. Woods, Kansas City; N. B. Chouteau, St. Louis; J.L. Anthony. Now York. Tho following woro among tho prominent ar rivals at tho Mattoson House yesterday: M. J. Pardee, Pittsburgh, Pa.; B. Lamborson, Now York; E. B. Webber, tit. Louis; 0. F. Lord, Colorado ; S. D» Carpenter, Ottumwa. Iowa: Q-. E. Chick, Louisville, Ky. Francis T. Sweats, an old fireman, was yester day reinstated on tho Deportment as foreman of Hoso Elovator.No. 1, tho position which ho hold when discharged for personal reasons by ex-Po lioo Commissioner Tafcott several months since. The right to remove without cause woa contested before tho courts, and Judgment was rendered in complainant’s favor. Tho following woro among tho prominent ar rivals at the East Side Briggs yesterday: J. 8. Farrar, Detroit; T. J. Jameson, Little Rock ; 0. W. Bhaw, Austin, Mo.; James McQuiston, Pittsburgh ; F. Faehoy, Beaver Falls, Pa.; 0. A. Bowen, Lansing, Mich.; F. W. Ratzol, Pent wator, Mich. At the West Bide Briggs: F. W. Roil. Ft. Wayne; M. P. Brown, Rod wing; W.H. Docker, A. D. FloreJ Davenport; A. 11. Cheney, Alton ; J* B. Walker. Ft. Wayne; M. Spear, Now York s J. H. Randall and family, St. Paul; J. B. Thomp son, Oswego, N. Y.; R. H. Adams, Michigan Central Railway, and J. 0. Weiner, Philadel phia. Tho following woro at tho Bhorman House yesterday: W. A. Simmons, Boston; Lyman D. Brown, Now York; J. F. Moffot. Jr., Denver, Col.; 0. D. Gilmore, Washington, D. 0.; Noble Hill, Boston: M. D. Mungor, Canandaigua, N. Y.; T. H. Hostings, Louisville; E. V. Preston, Hartford; A. Kolly, Columbus, 0. 5 S. W. Tur ner, Dayton. George Crulkehank’s friends hnvu memorial ized the Homo Secretary for tho artist’s elevation to a Baronetcy. a Tho Fall Mall Gazette stylos Caleb Cushing's book ou tho Alabama claims “ an extraordinary flood of blackguardism.” Col. R. M. Mooro, for several years Professor In MoKondall College, Lebanon, HI., has boon olootod Chief of Pohco of Selma, Ala. Tho Lamborton (N. 0.) Hohesonian says that Oapt. Jack is no other than Homy Berry Low ery, tho fearless loader of tho “ Swamp-Angola.” Vinnlo Roam has not sculped In vain. She has chiseled hor way into tho marble heart of a Now York clothing merchant, and will bo mar* riod in tho fall. Henry W. Sago, of tho firm of Sago & Co., of Wonono, Mioh., holds $40,000 worth of paper which, in consequence of tho recent failure of tho lumber combination in Now York, has gone to protest. Mrs. Sherman, the polaonor, in the Connecticut State Prison, says she fully deserves her punish ment ; that she does not . wish to be released from confinement, for fear that if she were to bo set at liberty she should immediately proceed to poison somebody. Tho throe families of Blackburns, Wiltsoos, and Moors only hold eleven oflices In the City Government. It is no wonder, when places are distributed in this manner that there is so much complaint among tho people that the offices fail to go round. —Cincinnati Enquirer. BirEdword Thornton has concluded tho bargain for a lot in Washington, D. 0., on which a spa cious mansion is to be at onco erected for the Legation of Groat Britain. Tho land cost 814,- 600. and la 130 foot on Nineteenth street, 234 feet on N street, and 194 feet on Connecticut avenue. J. K. Buchannan. formerly station agent of the Chicago «fc Northwestern Bailway in Water town, Wls., and more recently General Freight Agent of the Missouri, lowa & Nebraska Bail road, has received tho appointment of General Superintendent of tho Quincy, Missouri & Pacific Railroad. Bishop Johns, in tho Episcopal Council of Vir ginia, at Winchester, last week, read a paper on the doctrine of transubataatiation, which has boon pronounced a masterly effort. Ho defended Zwlnglo from tho attack of tho theologians, and maintained tho ground hold by that groat re former. Powers, tho sculptor, is making a now design which ho will call 44 Blowing Soap-Bubbles.’’ Ho does not anticipate much trouble uintjl ho begins to chisel the soap-bubbles. How in the world to 14 sculp" a soap-bubble." which must be hollow, spherical, and apparently suspended in.tho air, is what bothers Powers. It Is stated upon good authority that Mr. Hutchins, tho newly-appointed Indian Agent, has, after a visit to Wisconsin, declined to accept tho position. He'does not desire to become a partner In swindling the Indians for the benefit of tho 44 ring," and so returns to his homo in Massachusetts. —Oshkosh Times. James It. Faulkner, formerly Superintendent of the Harlem Extension Railroad, and late Bu fieriutoudout of tUo Brazos Division of the In ornatloual Ao Great Northern Railroad of Texas, has boon appointed Superintendent of the Hous ton Division of tbo same road, and Assistant Superintendent of tbo lino. Mr. Faulkner’s headquarters aro at Palestine, Texas. Tbo Governor bos mode a most admirable selection in tbo appointment of Edwin S. Baker, of Winchester, It. D. Gushing, Harrisoinburg, and Mann Spitlor, of Pago County, Oommssion ers on tbo part of Virginia for tbo purpose of establishing tbo boundary lino between Virginia and her “bastard child,*’ West Virginia.—Rich mond (Va) Whig. ’ 0. J. Brydgoa, Managing Director of tbo Grand Trunk Hallway, accompanied by Sir Francis Hinaks, ex-Finauco Minister of Canada, Theo dore Hart, Henry Judah, together with Chief Engineer Hauulford and General Superintendent Spicer, arrived in the city by special train yester day and left by the ■! p. ra. tram for Port Huron. Mr. Brydgou and stall aro on a tour of inspoo- Uou arranging for now locomotives, now oars, ties, and the placing of stool rails, which are be ing delivered ou tho lino in largo quantities.— Detroit Free Dress. Tho recent stories to tho effect that Senator Mitchell, of Oregon, was living under an as sumed name, has caused oonsTdorablo excite ment among tho citizens of Oregon now In Washington, as, if they should provo true, the olTaot will bo to necessitate his retiring from tho' Senate* Congressman Wilson, from Ore gon* wrote to Mr. Mitchell on tho oubjoot a few days ago, and a reply from lilm Is looked for wUhnmcli anxiety .—Correspondence of PlUs burgh Telegraph. _Ool. Ronald S. Mackenzie, of tho Fourth United Btntoa Cavalry, who orooood tho Rio Qraudo from Port Olarko, Toxae, K'xlln-nt young olllcor, tho youngest Colonor In the eorvlco, graduating from tho Military Academy as late as 1802, and receiving an appointment ae Lieutenant of Engineers. Hlh promotion to a Oolonoloy In 1807 was In rooog nlllon of hie merits as a ooldler in iho Wav for tuo Union, A BROOKLYN TRAGEDY. A Young: Man Accidentally Kills HU mother, Frotn the TTeio York Tribune, May so, _ A. sad domestic tragedy was enacted in South Brooklyn, last ovoniug, George Roderick, aged 20, resided with his parents at No. 105 Ninth street, near Second avenue. Yesterday morning ho wont on an excursion with a party of friends to X< ort Hamilton, and returned to tho city about pP* m. While walking along Second avenue, on his way homo, ho mot Thomas Fitlum, and was engaged in conversation with him when another acquaintance, James Corcoran, advanced toward them from tho opposite sldo of tho ave nue. They noticed that ho was consid erably under tho Inflaonoo of liquor, and, being anxious to avoid him, quickened their stops until tboy reached Roderick's houso. They then halted, and Roderick had his hand on the goto, and was about to open it, when Corcoran ran up and caught him by tho arm, at tho snmo time ex claiming. “Do you want to fight ?” Roderick replied that ho did not caro about fighting, and requested Corcoran to remove his hand. But this tbo intoxicated tnon refused to do, and con tinued to jerk away at his coat-sleeve. Fitlum then got hold of Corcoran, and waa striving to pull him away from tbo gate, when Roderick orl » J , “T°m, lot him go I" thin Pitlnm did, ana the two men then endeavored to p&oify their friend, bnb ihotr efforts wore unavailing, as ho bocamo wild with passion, and insisted on fight ing with them. Finally ho broke away from Fitlum, who had again seized him, and dashing up to Roderick struck him several blows in the face. Roderick drew book and placed his hand in his coat pocket. Corcoran perceiving this, exclaimed, “ I hoar that you have a revolver j well. I've one too," and at the same time ho struck Roderick another blow, which was returned. Mrs. Ann Roderick, aged 50, who had witnessed ,tho quarrel from the par lor window,’ whore she hod been seated, ran out at this moment and stopped between her son and Corcoran, Just as both had drawn tholr re volvers. She besought tho drunken follow to go away, and was urging her son to enter the house, when Corcoran made an effort to push her aside and obtain possession of his oppo nent's weapon. During tbo struggle tho re volver hold by Roderick was discharged, and'a ball entered tho right eye of his mother, who dropped dead instantly upon tho sidewalk. Booing what had been done, Corcoran quickly ron across the Hamilton avenno bridge, and was arrested for drunkenness by an officer of tbo Third Frooinot, who had no knowledge of the tragedy. Young Roderick . was horror-stricken at the terrible fate of his mother, and throw hhbsolf upon tho ground beside her body, weep ing bitterly. Tho neighbors assisted Mr<. Hod onok in convoying tbo body of his wife into tho house, and thq grief-stricken son gave himself “{the custody of Sergeant Driscoll, of tho iMghth Frooinot, Ho woe locked up in the sta tion-house with Fitlum, who is hold as a wit n«fl‘ young man is a student in tho law offleo of Messrs. Morris & Pearsall, and bears a good reputation. Hla father Is engaged in tho Wholesale drug business in Now York. —A charming bit of gossip has boon going tbo rounds about somo of tuo amonltloa of the ‘‘Up per Ton" in Calcutta. Tho etory runs that a lady called at a house, sent up her card, was ad mitted, paid the usual visit, aud enjoyed the usual amount of small talk with tho lady of tho house. Returning homo, she informed nor hus band whore she had boon, when that distinguish ed member of society at onco wrote offto tho “ Occupant of tho house No. —, street,” saying that bis wifo had called by mistake, aud requesting tho return of tho card sho had loft on visiting the lady of tho said house. Tho husband of tho lady visited, however, woa equal to tho oc casion, for bo replied that, on returning homo and finding tho card, ho had looked at his wife’s visiting list, and, not finding tho name of tho visitor, he had torn up tho card, and was there fore unable to return it. JUBILEE. JUBILEE I TICKETS OEUTSwui bo* 01 tb ° aRAHD COLISEUM CON- SOLID TO-DAY ■t., tioarMoarw), and Carpenter 4 Sheldon's Book Store, 958 Wabaah-av., on the South Side. Price, ' ONE DOLLAR! It being noooasary to sell ticket* at over two thoniand -different places throughout the adjoining States, it ha* boon found Impracticable to 101 l reserved Mata in the country, and, ns It would be manifestly unjust to diiorlml nato against the thousands who come hundreds of miles to ? oaco i t “ Belling roaorrod eoaU la Chicago alone, it has been determined to * RESERVE NO SEATS, TJjHJ r * n * ell who attend tho Oonoorta an equal oppor tunity to secure tbs boat aoat. Those who whin to avoid tho great crowd at the doorwodld be wlao to SECURE TICKETS AT ONCE. Frogrammo of each Concert will bo announced In a few days, and daring the Jubilee period - -mu . . “TUB DAILY JUBILEE« . ♦»•/*! n* «9 ntl 1,0 8 and ornotAi, organ *l)2 n u 1 00 Bnd the only programme used I*l tb° Coliseum. It will bo ably and spicily edited by one of Chicago a most brilliant Journalist!. Its entire bnsl ?'i?r. m kIwill 1will i>° 1“ t* lo hands of 11. H. CHAND LER A CO. Those who have received their Invitation to tne Urand • .... . JUBILEE BALL should apply early at the Jubilee Headquarters, No. 87 WnahtagtOD-st.. To secure their TICKETS for tie Ball, as tho NUMBER WILL BK LIMITED. CARPENTER A SHELDON, Business Managers. TO RENT. A few Very Desirable Offices are offered for rent in the Trib une Building. Single or in suites. Witn and without Vaults. English Tile Floors through out the Building. Elevator running during all business hours. These Offices are not equaled in the city. The best for all classes of business requiring a central lo- cation. W. C. DOW, Room 21 Tribune Building. PLANTS, &o. ; SELLING OUT. LARGE PLANTS AT TOUR OWN PRICES. DIME PLANTS BY THOUSANDS. POOL’S GARDEN, 07 Oakloy-st. SUMMER RESORTS. CLARENDON HOTEL, SARATOGA SPRINGS, OoteTum U ‘°AT optlono, , lt, !?' u ,r ° m J“no 110 Octohtr 1, 1873. All communications for apartments should be addressed Charles K. Leland. Sturtovsnt House, Now York, or Delavan House, Albany, N, Y . previous to tho opening Board, #4.60 iW day. CHARLES K. LMLAWP. Pronrlntor. SCALES. tjfeS 1 . PAIEBANKS' |J*| STANDARD . L SCALES » iffl CA OF ALL SIZES. FAIRBANKS, MOBBID & OO ” HI AND 118 LAKE-ST. AMUSEMENTS, HOOKEY'S THEATRE, Doit Company In AtnoHoa~Tliur*d(»y, Friday. and Bat* nrdny Afternoon and Night, Marshall's elegant Comedy, False Shame, With a.powerful ea*t nml gorgooas scenery, concluding wltha ntighnbio FARCIS. - Monday, elutifl l 2, eft«r months of clahorato preparation, TJ,B B^VAGIC d tb ° Mu,,oal Bitraiaganra of Yifi CBN- ACADEMY OF MUSIC. llalalod-it., near Madison. Unmistakable and Unabated Success of tho Theatre Oomique Combination Jrom Theatre Oomlauo, M 4 Broadway, N. Y, TO.NIUIIT, anolhor oomploto oh&ngo of bills tho Groat Irish Drama, 3st_a Bitoxja-E, With all tho Specialty Stars In tho cast, Poll Ballot. OhorusoH, and Effects. AIKEN’S THEATRE. Tills (Thnrsdny) Evening, last performance of Hunted Down; or, Tlte Two Lives of Mary Lola MISS LAUKA KEENE AND HER STAR COMBINATION IN TUB OAST. To morrow (Friday) BKNKFIT OF LAURA KEENE, wtion ’ SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER .ill "c ShTOTnilnrA 1 - MoVIOKER’S THEATRE. East Week of tho Season! » East Nights of Edwin Adams! EVERY EVENING AMD SATURDAY MATINEE. ENOCH ARDEN I New and Beautiful Scenery. Novel Mechanical Effect*. _Noit week—THE KATIE PUTNAM COMBINATION. MILLINERY. ■IIIIIIITI -A.T WEBSTER’S, 241 West IMson-st. CHOICE STYLES, CLOSE PRICES, PROMPT -ATTENTION. JUST OPENED—A DABGE DINE OE ELEGANT Imported Flowers. OCEAN NAVIGATION. MTIOML ÜB. Sailing from Now York for Queenstown and Liverpool every Saturday, and for London diroot every fortnight. Cabin Passage SBO, S9O, anfl SIOO Cray. Excursion Ticket* at favorable rates. Intending pas sengers should make early application for berths. _ ~ . STEERAGE, 829.00 currency. Prepaid steerage tickets from Liverpool, Queenstown, Londonderry, Glasgow; Cardiff, Bristol, orLondou, sßl.Of currency. Passengers booked to or from Gorman and Scandina vian points at low rates. Tlio Steamships of this lino arc tho largest in tho trade. Drafts on Great Britain, Ireland, and tho Continent. WILMAM IUCAUSTEE, „ .. , Gon’l Western Agent, Northeast corner Clark and Randolph-iU. (opposite non Bhormsn Homo), Chicago. FOR EUROPE. imaFlue ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. Will sail from Now Tork as follows: Ol'i'y OF LIMERICK........Thursday. Mav S9 fiA M CITY OB* LONDON.. .fiaturcUij’. Mav Bl 9 A M O{TVOK NKW YORK..:.;:.'nmr.,S, T ; junVj'' 11'. M. OHY01) PARIS Saturday, Junoi, 3P. M, 101 T,IUII3DAY ' Cabin Pajisaßc, 88fl and 8100 Gold. Steorago, to British Ports $30.00 Currency. Steerage, to Gorman Porta M.OO Currency. SUorspo, to Dromon or Scandinavian SIGHTURAiTaVVr'iMoMIWraIV.V 88 00 Oun:ono7 - FRANCIS O. BROWN, General Western Agent, 86 South Markat-st., Chicago. Sailing twice a week from Now York, and carrying pas sengers to all parts of Croat Britain, Ireland, Continental Europe, and tho Mediterranean. Cabin from $66: Steer age, British and Irish ports oast, $80; west, $33. Conti- 6 until ports nuuo as other rogularllnoa. All payable in i. B. currency. Apply for full Information at the Com pany’s offices. No. 7 Bowling Croon, New York, and N. K. comer LaSalle and Madison-sts., Chicago. HENDERSON BROTHERS, Affonts. CDHARD MAIL LINE—ESTABLISHED 1840, Steam Between New York, Boston, and Liverpool. Parthla May 311 Beotia Juno 11 Cuba Juno 41 Abyssinia Jane 14 Samaria Jane 71 Algeria .Juno 18 And from Boston every Tuesday. Cabin Passage, 880, 8100 and 8130, Gold. Steerage Passage. S3O currency. Passengers and freight booked to and from all parts of Europe at lowest rates. SlgbtDraftson Croat Britain. Ireland, and tho Continent. P. U. DU VERNET, Gon’l Wost’n Agent. N. W. por. Clark and Randotph-sta. STATE LIE STEAMSHIP COMPANY.- NEW YORK AND GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL. BEL FAST AND LONDONDERRY. Those elegant now stoamors will sail from State Line Plor* Folloa Forty. Brooklyn, N. Y, as os follws: VIRGINIA, 9,600 tens ...Wednesday, June 11. PiyiNHYLVANIA, 9,600 tons......WednoSdi/, Juno Si! GEORGIA, 9,600 tons Wednesday, July 9. hortnlghtly thereafter. AUSTIN BALDWIN 4 CO./, _ Agent*. 79 Broadway, N. Y. Steerage office, 48 Broadway, N. Y. SALVE. All Right Salvo for Burns. Bolls* CORNS! 28 cents a box. Pit. STEPHENS, 121 Dearborn-H. STOCKHOLDERS’ MEETINGS. NOTICE Is hereby given that araootlng of tho stockholders of the Peninsular Railway Company will bo bold at tho office of the Company In tho City of Battle Crook, Htato of Michigan, on tho 80th day of .July, 1673, at 3 o'clock p. ra., for tho purpoao of submitting to »ald atockholdora, for Iholr sanction or rejection, an agreement made and ontonxllnlo by and between the Dlrootors of tho Ponlaiular Railway Company and tho Dlrootors of tho Port Huron A Lake Michigan Railroad Company for tho consolidation of said two companies into ono corporation. M. S. BRACKETT, Secretary. Dated May 20, 1670, 088108 OB CMcaMIsMMc RAILROAD COMPANY, The annual meothigof tho Ronk Island ± I’acllio Railroad Company, (or tho oluoilon of Directors, pursuant to law, and tho transaction of such other hu.-dnoss ua may cumo before them, will bo held at tho office of thu Company, la tho City of Chicago, on Wednesday, tho till day of Juno noth at 11 o'clock a. ui. , „ ' „ . JOHN F. TIIAOV, President. F» 11. TOWB, Booretary. Stockholders’ Meeting. Notice Is hereby given that tho annual meeting of the Stockholders of Chicago South Brunch Dock Company, (or the ulsctlon of Directors of said Company, will bo bold at tho office of said Company, No. 823 Wuha«n-av,, in the ■ City of Chicago, at 10 a. m., Wednesday, June 4, A. D. 1878. IC. □. MAHON, poorotarv of Chicago Booth Branch Book Oomuanw, 3

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