Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 29, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 29, 1873 Page 7
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OITT REAL ESTATE. Lion SAMt-aniao on oamimet-av., near JT Twomr.lith-.t,, otilj' MxlAl, Mlohlmn-M,, no»rTUrtr.(lt«t-«l. to or looiltt on >Vnba»h-aT., near Thlrty-fourto-at. tOxlM, Indlana-ar.. noarTlilrty-fourth-it. loot 16(1, amndboulorard, Roar Fofty-Urat-it., At a biff b VlilS; Mlohljran-AT., noarForty-flnt-it., cheap, 100x170, nortbwoat comor Cottage tlrovo-aT. nmlForty 280x188, lonlhoail corner Ooltago Ororoar. and Forty fornnlh-st. . • 171x109, northeast comor Wnbanh-at. nnd Flfly-ioartlß 80x169. Wahash-ar., near F(ftY-Hl«1»th-Bt. 190x166. Praltlo-BT., near FUtfalU-at. . , BoTerm lota on Doarbotn-it.. between Jaekion and Bar ytooo, cheap. _ _ . . 100x100 comer on Vanßnron-at..near Dearborn, cheap. J. HKNIIY WEIL, 160Doarbom-st.,_ltoome l _ I poß saui-two rtouks. wiTii mvino booms * abere, oomot Tatior-et. and WcxtArn-av., onst front, #B.oooands9,ooo. Willexchangefor. Ilonao and lot comor Wabaih-ar. and Twonty-nlnth-it., on Wo*t Jaokxon-it., noarThroop, Wo* *ijtorr .nil bMoraont brick, «»4 barn, all notrj hoou nnighiiothood, «a“t front, modem tm* I9roro<nonts, 160 foot from Adama-it., 10.600. ... Park-ar.. noarPage-at.. marblefrontoofagon, omarblo toantela, all niodom Itaproromoali, fiTxt*cVa»», #IB,OOO. 'llouSo and lot corner Lake and flangamon-ita., comer lot on Lake, 12roonu, lotMxlKj- Ilucmf, 09 East Madlxon-et. fiO.oSJ-dlkOod down, balance easy. 60x125 foot, with two-story 10 room dwelling, bara. water, gas. on Wash* tenton-st., between lloyno and Leavllt, south ixuot* foot,. 14 room dwelling, store-mom, tw 80, barn holds 8 bones; rents for 9126 por inonlli, on Hal* itod-it., near Twelfth, bast front. 86. OOtf—sl,ooo down, balanoa In 4 yoart, W room new twenitorydwelling;Jotß6*l2s to alleyr wafer, gas. and bath, south front on Van Buren-«t., lust east ol Moyno. . $97400 cash—Four lots on Washlnglon-it., ZoO foot west of Central park; 8 ooruor lots. 131011 SALE-LOT COxEO, ASULAN D-AV., NEAR JD, Monroe-st.. 76*200, Ashland-av., noar Monroe. , , ■ Brick house 462 West }Undolph-iL, JfS.pOOibsrgaln. ‘ Lot on Madlson-st.. oast of Casual Park,.9sxl9*. House anil lot 673 Wostlndlana-sf., 89*110. 3 lot* on Wsiron-ati, near Stanton; no payment down If party builds. HouieandlotS.aWarron-ar. „ Lot 25*168 on Adaros.Bt.«noar Lallln. • , t D. com A SON, Beal Estate Agent*, 188 West Madl* gon-st. ' - TOORBALB—HURLBOT-ST., 25 FPET, NEAR WEB • near Flfth-av., south front. ■ Fllth-av.—27 foot, between Washington and Madison toot, MUTcen . Wabash^r.—2oo feet, east front, near ahlrty*omtu*at., * wibMh-w—ljaroot. oomor rif(r-fonrUi-«t.; «g). Rtato st.-No. J2S2. near Twenty-clghth-sl. 5 96.600. Prairio.av —No. 1-J6O. near Th rty-scoond-st. $6,000. FnttP* lT faKB a CD., 68 >Ya*bington-st. F OR BALE-fBTORY AND BASEMENT BRICK hottsaon Indlana-ar., Iqt’MalßO, 0 rooms, bath-room, 4 Vra*Wom. on PralriMT.. HMt Thlrll-lonrlh-it., east front, 10t26x1855 $4,700: easy terms. % h i. ta ,IKS’ nirto r.rv ico.ito Sorlhwest comer ffl£ty-savontb-st. $14,000. ULRICH » QND. 87 Doarburn-at. ______ TJIOR SALE-CHEAP LOTS FOR HOMES ORIN* X vestment, on Halitod, Murray, Union. Dcsjfialnos, and Wnllaco-sts. High property, Lift-alzod lota, oneblook from Pavilion Parkway, easily accessible from the city by rail, but a abort walk from tho Stock-Yards. Tboio |ota •relocated whore they will that aro offered at prices so low and on tsnns eoi ravomblo that tho poorest have no excuse In not investing. Price. $378 to SBOO. on tire years’ (Iraq, or In smaJl Printed abstracts furnished. Amdr PmNAM. Transit House, Stock-Yards, or POTWIN A CORBY, 118 Franklln-st. . TROR SALE—GOOD LOTS ON THE FOLLOWING Ju streets’. State. Burnside, Butterfield, Arnold, Oari baldl/llanover. Butler, Wallace, Sununor, Wtater, Mur* tay.nm! Ifalstcd; also on Wentworth, Sburtloff, Portland End Htowarf-avs; ska on Alexander, Twenir*fonrth, Twenty-sixth, Twenty-seventh, Twenty-eighth, Napoleon, Twenty-ninth, Karl, Thirtieth, Haven, Thlity-firitjThir- MCond. Tlilrtj.tlilra, Thlnj-rillli. Tlilrt.-S.lh, Thirty, seventh, Fontaine, anti Thtrty-olghlh-sU. Title perfect. Warranty deeds. A very small payment down, five year a time. 6 per cent interest. No agency business. Apply to owner, ALBERT CRANE, 873 Wabish-av. F~~6RBALE-TUE BEST AND CHEAPEST LOTS ON Wont Side, fronting on Division, Leavitt, and Shober eta., near Wicker Park. Good neighborhood; lots 124 feot deep, with sidewalks and city water. Price, S6OO, 5700. amL-ihWO. Terms, ono-thlrd cash. Warrantee coda and abstracts of title. A reduction on first cash payment; if required. to those who build this spring. In autre of F. ARNOLD A CO., Groonobaum’a Bank, No. 76 Flftb-av. YROR SALE-GROVE PARK BOULEVARD AND J} Unton-av., 188x185 foot on northwest corner: fronts also on Cottage Orovo-av. 100 feot. SNYDER k LEE, If Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroo and La fiallo-ets. ; For salb-shurtliff-av.. near tiiirty fifth-it., cottage. 5 rooms, and lot 25xlfi&» 82,6UQ. SNYDER ALKB7I4 Nixon Building, northeast comer Monroe and LaSallo-sts. TROR SALE—CHEAP LOTS-DY JACOB O. MAOIIX, JJ 81 and 63 South Olatk-st.: Harrison-sU. 86C0, easy terras. Coogross-at.. SSOO, easy forms, Fourth-st,, mI.OOO, monthly paymoata. Dillsr-st., S9OO, monthly payments. For sale-a well-builti-story and bare ment 8-room bouse, and lot, on Langley-av. and For ty-socond-st.; price, $3,500-Swo down. £3,000 In 6 years, •nd balance on monthly payments. LINuLE A DAiv- LQW. 13S Doarbom-st. _J FOR SALE-SLAUGHTERED FOR CASH-FINE lot aoHarailtoa*aY., near Adaras-st*. only $1,300; yon certainly will lose It; decide to-day. R. G, QOOD WILLIE, IM South Olafk-st. For sale—north sidb bargains for cash. Neat cottage, Uliuels-it., near Pine, canbo romoveu, S6OO. Ooltaso and lot, Wenton-at., near Llncola-av., 1,860. R.O. GOOD WILLIE, 1M Sonth Olark-st. FOB SAIiE-OHOIOB LAKE-ST. BUSINESS EOT, 25*118, o&atof Weatern-av., onlyßl2sJjor foot, worth 8160. R. Q. GOODWILL IE, 184 South Qlark-st. TJIOITSALB-BUBINESS LdtToHtY S9O PER FOOT, JP on Di»lalan-*f., 40 feet west of Larrabco. It. O. GOOPWILLIg. m South Olnrk-at. ' TmOBSALE—S23O DOWN-BRICK COTTAGE AND J* lot,, botweon Thirty-seventh ana Thirty-eighth, $3,260; Jong time. Possession Inunedlato ly. li a. gCodnVilliE,l34 Booth Clark-at. InOR SALE-CHEAP LOTS: ONLY A FEW LEFT— -1 Arnold-#!., near Forty-fourth, $500; Forty-fourlh-st., SoarWontworth-av., SBOO- Hurry up if you expect them. t. O. GOOPWiLLIfi, 131 Booth Clark-st. TTTOR SALK-GREATEST BARGAIN ON RECORD— JD 89,200—Small, neat cottage, picket fence, -two tine lots; Fourth.»t., noxt to corner Oakleys S4OO down. R. & OOQDWILLIE. 154 Sooth Olark-at. ThOR SALE-ON ONTABIO-ST., NEAR FINE ST,, P so, 40, or 60 feet, very desirable, and for sale at a bargain. Will taka other property In part payment. O. O. THAYER A CO.. 188 Hast Madlaon-st. TBOR SALE-AT A BARGAIN—A NICK COZY JD cottage on West Mouroc-st.; price, $4,600. WM. M. WHITNEY A CO., 185 LaSaJlo-st., northeast corner Madison. FOR SALB-AT A BARGAIN, LOTSON WESTERN at., Polk and Taylor-*!*., and OampboU-av.; parties wishing to bnlld, no money required down.' Inquire of GEORGE OADWELL, on premise*, or 185 South Clark at., in bank. . For bale-cheap-buildino and lease bold Nos. 196 and 18? Hast Lake-st., now rented for 87,600 a year for 6 rear* to first-class tenant*. Apply on the premises, np stairs. ■ EOR SALC-AT a great bargain, on month ly payments. know homos comer of Taylor-st. and nipboll-av.; 0 rooms each. Inquire of GEO. CAD WELL. on promise*, or 186 South Cllark-sc.. In bank. For sale-manufacturing property, ieix 866 feat on Twonty-socond-st-. northwest corner of All port-st. Also other pieces. HENRY WALLER, JR., M East Wuhington-st.. Room 4. • ' TBOR BALE-WANTED, A CUSTOMER FOR NICE JCL cottage on West Moanw-ifc. WM. M. WHITNEY A CO., 185 LaSalle -at., northeast corner Madison. 17' OR BALE—MANUFACTURING LOT 183X265 ON X Twonty-socond-st., corner of Allport, and opposlto tho ■ gaa works: railroad on Twonty-socond-st.: easy terms. AYRES «t EOFF, 74 WashlHgtoo-at. F~ OR SALE-AT A VERT GREAT BARGAIN-100X 160feotonMlohlgan-av., nearForly-IUtU-st. GEO. A. EMERY, 161 LaSaile-st., basement. . FE OB BALK-AT A BARGAIN-FINE LOTS ON Wasblngton-st.' and Warron-av., corner, and cast of all/omla-st.j easy tonus. LUMLEY INGLBDEW, 133 aSalte-st., Room 17 Hcyan Block. TTOB SALB-OR EXCHANGE—FOR HORSK AND *• buggy or team and carriage, 100 feet, south front, on gittiata-at. B. DEUAMATEB. 85 Washlngton-at. FOB BALE—LINCOLN PARK-LOTS FRONTING Fullerton-BV.,TUclno-av u Frcmool-st., and Wobater- Av., lathe neighborhood of Lincoln Park; street railway witnlu n few blocks! cheap lots and on very easy terms. Apply toW. D. K&RFOOT A CO., 90 East Washing fcon-at. For salb-two-story and basement brick house, 10 rooms, with furnace and gas fixtures, near oornor Thlrty-socond-su .and lU:odoi-av., $3,600: easy torma; pusseaslun immediately. J. U, K-KEUilt,, Ito Olark-st., corner Madison. ' I POK SALE—FINK LOTH ON INDIANA-AV., NEAR ‘ Thlrty-llfth-st., ISO foot deep, only SIW) nor foot. Also, onPrairie-av.. north of Thirty-llfth-at., 4W to *OS par foot. J* 11. KEELER, US ChrlMt., coroorMadUon. TTOR SALE—BARGAIN THIS WEEK TO A PARTY r having SB,OOO orsl,«W) for first payment: 3bouses and iOxlfiQ foot of ground, south froat, one of the flacst Inca' tluns about Union Park. If yon wish to mako a profitable and productive Investment cell and seo os* ABELL A HOTCHKISS, 41 and43oU» Block, corner LaSalle and jdadlaoa-»ts. FOR SALE—bargains, bargains decide to-day: Cottage and lot, Flrst-aU, near Paulina, 83.000. Oottago smted for two families, and lot. Huh* bard-tt., near Robey, $1,1)00. 11. O. QUUDWILLIU, X3I South Clsrk-Bt. TmOR BALE-35 LOTS ON SOUTH ASHLANDAV., JT two blocks north of Boulevard. Horse on this avenue this season; wtUgivoabargoln. Address % 42, Tribune office. t?OR SALE—TIIREE-STORY FRAME HOUSE OP JD twenty-five rooms, partly finished. For particulars apply at tiio office of SWAN, CLARK A CO., Itoboy-it., near lllao Itlaudav. t?OR SALK-AT A BARGAIN-NEW HOUSE OF JJ 13 rooms on South Robey-at,, $3,700; $7W> o&ih, balance, syears' tlmp.fipor cent Interest; must bo sold. HAY A CO., Room 33, Bryan Block. . For salk-a beautiful nf.w 5. r00m cot. taco at ParkQrovo. Price SI,OOO, on small monthly payments. RIICDEH4 CLARKE, l&t Lahullo'St, 7ROR SALK—OR EXCHANGE, AN ELEGANT RUSI JD donee, east front, on Mlchlgan-ar., near Blxtuonth at.; will take all oyer the Incumbrance lo unimproved property. TJIOS. A. HILL, 1 iiUJLJoarborn-st. THOR SALK—S3,OOO CASH WILL BUY A SPLENDID JD bargain In aero proport/.west of Park,near ALtdlsou* st. JWaU’PLE A CLARKSON, 183 South Clark-su ]'?OU SALE-COVI’AGE-HOUSE AND ibf'NO. 233 • aouth Jelforson-st.: will bo sold at a bargain. Call on tho owner. 1). O. OEAIIY, 74 West Madlson-st, House vacant, title perfect. IpOR BALK - THREE FIR6T-OLASB BRICK 1 dwellings, large aud well built, with all modern Ini f roromunu, in tirsl-olass location, worth $15,000, will anil orSU.IW, or l«t*s, as 1 must raise sumo money soon. Address Z 60, Tribune olßco. TPOR SALE—2-STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE, XJ brown stone front, 18 rooms, P«rk-av., corner ixjsvltt gt. PNYDER Ai 14 Mrou Building, northeast cor per Mfinroufttnl LaHiillo-sts. TO LEASE. TO LEASE—DOCK AT BRIDGEPORT (GREAT Eastern). Apply to B. BRAINARD, Room So, Bryan Block. j SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. T?OR BALE—SOUTH HVANBTON—COIINIIR OP I’ Chicago find l.lncnln*aTS., a large and elegant brick house, 17 rooms, besides tlio bath-room and olosots; (Joroor of Jiutsnn and Kfloncy-ava,, a fine 8-story brick house, H rooms, hrgo collar, bath-room, tower, etc. Comer oC Wheeler and Koonoy-ava., a largo and beau* U(ul 5-story brick homo, 16 rooms, bsy-wlnduvr, ousetra* t °'?l(o C «h!>ro hntisM arc now, elegant, and complete. Ar. ranged for both gas and water. Also, several men new. frame bouse*, with brink collars, from 8 to ID rooms each, just finished after model plans. and all arranged for water ami gao, Pine, beautiful bits, near to the depot and to tho Lake Shoro drive. These lots, surrounded n» they are bymosleioollent Improvements, are sure Iphare a largo advance. Como now and select for your future homo. Wo.™..Ul U K WA Vo ffti -«,j m .. ii , y >tao i lEfl libarbora-st. r iIOU BALK—OIIOIOJS HUHUIIWAN LOTS'ON THIS J} Milwaukee Hallway, alz mllos distant, ami twwrtj minutes’ ride, InClyboum’a Addition follavonswoou. Those lota are laid out 60x1C9 fcoton 80 foot street*, ana Trill bo sold npen ©any terms, at from 8600 to *ot. Tbo facilities foraoocss to and from tha clty-tho doslr ability of the land—lt bolns blab and thoroughly drained —tbo proximity to first-class Improvements, dinralios, schools, and eodoly, commend tula properly a» tboboat attho price now in tlio market. . ... . Comparison cballcnccd 1‘ Tbo attonUnn of. tho lodns. trlous—tho thrifty—tho cautious—l« oallod to those lota aa aitoa for bOntostoads or Investments., ID OR RALE-DY J. M. MARSHALL 4 00., REAL X 1 Kalatoßrokort, ltoom»0*p'l W“«nUOX Dlook * IBVINO PARK PIIOPBftTY, fllotsfrontlngonSlgol-av., 24*126. .... 10 lots fronttug on Oardnor-nv.,, 24*135., within two blocks from Irving Pwk boulevard, botweon Woodland routine Jot* will bo sold at a bargain, If taken .oo». Torm.o.W AWjJft MA HBUALL A CO.. Boal Rata to Broker*. Boa. 07 Clark and 103 Washing* toasts. TJtOB RALE-RESIDENCE „ LOTS - BEAUTIFUL J.’ lota in Obauneoy Bowen's 4 U nahlngton Smith's Sub* division, bctwrnm Grand Boulevard and Vlnccnnes-av., Just adjoining thn city limit* Theta lots poises* ovonrad vantago, nun will bo sold to thoio lutcnding to build, at rerr low prices and on extremely easy terms, Please look at thn property. A visit lo it will satisfy anyone that In beauty ol localionand desirability In ovory respect, It can not be surpassed. lilborallmluoomcnls will bo given to those Intending to build. The lots front on Grand and Oakwood Boulevards and on Kgan and vlnoonnos-avs. »J. KSAIAS WARREN, 18 Chamber of Commerce. T7IOIV SALE-AT WASHINGTON UEIbBTB, NEAT) J? two dnpota, by the block; average sizopf lot*. 26*180 feet, at sllO por lot, Sfcash, balance In I, 2, and 8 roars. •t7 percent. Interest. The best property for Investment in Cook County. Free ticket* tosoo Ibis property. B. P. CLARKE A (JO., Boom 4,122 La Sallo-st. For sale-at Washington hbights—ten choice lots, north front on Tracy-ay.. lust oast of rall road crossing. A. M. HITT, Boom 10, tiajor Block. For sale#— 4o acres in seo. w, * o, is. near line of Bt. Paul and Paolflo Railroad, at a groat bar gatn. GEO. V. DYRD/165 LaSallo-st., K<»nr It. FOR BALE-OU EXOHANQK-NEW HOUSE Off, 8 room*, and Ba-foot lot, 88,000. neat Northwestern toll gate and Kimball's well, for college and lot worth 92,000, difference caab. h.-O. GOOD WILLIE, IJM South Olark-st. 1 T7IOR SALK—AT ENGLEWOOD. FINK LOTS ON X' flfty-iorenth and Flfty-clghth-ats., for $350 to SIOO each, to a pasty who will toko 6 lota. A splendid chance for those of Ilmltod means who want to make or savo tho ? refits wnally made by subdivides 5 ono block from ;f a lon;4Btralnsperday; for« 8 cents, Q. B. GRIFFIN, 183 Msdiaon-st., ooroerOlark. t?OB SALE—SEVERAL FINE PLACES AT HYDE I* Park offered at a bargain. , ... . . ' '83x105 feet, choice building site, covered with fine trees, south and east front, at Ifcandalo, on Oroenwoou*sv.; ftt.OOO cash, balance on time. _ „ ... 60x118 feet, on WadUJn-®r.» noat Fifty-aavonlh-at.; C «6xloO°feo?’ on Slato-at., near Thlrty-fifth-at. UL RICH A BOND. 87 Doarborn-et. For sale-central park-lots, facing Washington, lake, Madison, Moaroo, Adams, Jack son, and Fulton-«t*..Jand Park,, Warren, and California* are., between Wostorn-av, and Central Park, at from 8875 to 89,000 each on easy terms. Apply to m b. KERFOQT A CO., 90 East Wnshlngton-st. For sale-4 acre blocks at Washington Heights. I can alto parties not able to buy largo tracts a special bargain in block* near Vincennes Station: 10 tratna per day:-would exchange for good residence well located on West Side. If not heavily Incumbered, o. B. GRIFFIN, lS3M«duon-st., ooroorol Clark. TJIOR BALB—AT A BARGAIN—WE HAVE JUST RE JD oolvod from tho owner, for a fow daw, that beautiful 40-aoro tract of land at Irving Park, In tho 8. W. M 0! the B. B. Xof 10. 40, IS. BENNETT A SANFORD, 4 Trib onoßoildlng. • TIOR BALE—BY H. J. ARNOLD, 99 EAST MADI- X* eon-st.: 80 acres in Boo* 7, 87, 18, at a bargain. 40 acres at Washington Height* j beautiful grove. House and lot on West Loko-at., near Robey, on easy terms, „ , . LotaonHgrrison-st*. near Robey, south front. A beautiful briok house on Adams st., near Wood. FOB SALK—s acre's at LAWNDALE, inquire 0! DREW H NEWBURY, Room* 8 and 9, Bryan Block. - TTtOR SALE—4O ACRES NEAR CENTRAL PARK. JD Inquire of DREW A NEWBURY, Rooms 8 And 9, Bryan Block. ; •HIOB SALE—IO AORE3 ■ON MADIBON-ST., BE- Jj tween tho car ebons and Austin. 6. E. GROSS, Room 15 Major Block, 145 Laßallo-st* TPOR SALE—NORWOOD PARK—ACRES, BLOCKS. JD or lots at low prices, or will. exchange for olty or coun try property. 8. B. WELLS, 188 Doarbom-st. TJtOR SALE-LOTS ADJACENT TO NEW OAIi ; JU ahons of C. *N.W.R. B. and within two blocks of depot, on favorable terms. A. O. ODELL 123 Dearborn at., Room 10, ftrit floor. TJiOB BALE—OR EXCHANGE—A SPLENDID 11- X 1 room house, with lot Wx2oo. In Kvaaslea proper; quo 7 lots la Piorce'a Addition to Humboldt Park; very low figures for cash, or will exchaUHO for West Bide Improved property or lots near street-cars. B, i. OLAKKM <fe 00.. m LaSfcUo**t. Fob balb-at ravenswood-a desirable dwelling honso of 8 rooms, good brick collar, furnace, bard and soft water. Lbt 142*163 & ornamented[with fruit and shade trees. Apply to BOlfßllT QUEER, 64 Laßallc-st., Room 2. TTVOB SALE—LOTS BEAU CHICAGO * NORTH. j} woalem Car Shops. Non resident owner. Soil very long time. PBINNEY A LOMBARD, No. 168 T7IOR SALE—BO COTTAGES AND 3-STORY HOUSES JD at Englowood. on easy torma. . Apply to TLLLOT SON BROS., 873 and 574 State-at. __ FOR SALE-FINK RESIDENCES IN HYDE PARK, from $7,000 to $40,000: alio, fine building lata In boat location. Will toko parlJoa wishing to buytolook at property on abort uotioo. B. L. UNDfiRWOOD, 99Madi gon-st. * ' FOR SALE—S36O TO SB6O—AT ST. OLQIH). 25 FEET higher than the lake, near Humboldt Park, 20 min ates* ride from Madison-st. bridge: lota at aero prices; terms easy; all trains on both toads jjtpp at St.'Cloud; commutation voir low. WILLIAM PRICK, 183 Madison* st.; H. F. COY i CO., 163 Wftahlngtoa.«t. Tj>DR SALE—CHOICEST LOTS AT NORTH EVAN JJ ston: lam building 10 bouses: carpenters and masons wanted.* O. L. JBNKB. 146LaS«»e »t. TROR BALE-LOTS ON LAKE-ST., AT NORTH- X 1 western Car-Work*. $700; S2OO down: long time. Also, half-aero lots. Washington Heights, S6OO to $700; S6O cash, balance 6 years, 6 per cent; abstract who each sale. O. W. DEAN, 138 South Olark-st.. Boom 16. * COUNTRY BEAL ESTATE. FOR SALK-COAL LAND AT BRAIDWOOD; 80 • acres In Section 13, in Gmndv County, In centre of groat coal Hold, now being worked. Address MIDDLE TON, P. Q. Box 1095. Now York. For acres farming lands for sale lu Iowa; also, la Missouri and Wisconsin, on long time: large tract* suited to farming colonies. JAMES R. LANOASTKR. 85 Washinpt<»o-st.. Chicago. REAX. ESTATE WANTED. TIT ANTED—I9O TO 800 FEET FRONTING ON OR YV near Central Park; will pay hall or all cash if a bar galn. Address K 63, Tribune offloo. •WANTED-AOREBI ACRES' AORKSI—WE HAVE Vi constant Inquires for acre .property : can make quick sales at good prices. JACOB u- MAQILL, 81 and 83 South OUrk-at. WANTED-HOUSE and lot on THIRD OB TT extension; will par part In unimproved lota, and balance cash. ALFRED JAMES, southwest comer of Madison and Olark-ata. TATANTED—LOTS 1 LOTS J LOTS I ON WEST WASH YV ington-st., Park-av., Warron-av., and Adawa-st., South btato-st.. Prairie, and Indlana-avs., North Dear born and LaSallc-sta. Wo have customers for lots on the abovo and neighboring streets. JACOB O. MAQILL, 81 and 63 South Olark-at. . TO 80 ACRES, OR MORE OP GOOD laud. 1 to lu miles north or northwest from city limits. Address P. O. Box 47, Ohlcago. . 117"ANTED—REAL ESTATE-100 FEET FRONT, VV oastof State, south of Fifty-ninth. D. P. WAR NER AGO., Reaper Blook, corner Clark and Washlng toa-ata. TATANTED—FOR CUSTOMER—AT ONOE. HOUSE YY and lot, 10 or 13 rouras, modern improvement*, on South Side north of Thh ty-fir£t-st„ worth about $9,000. Also a pleasant house and £0 feet or more on West Side, east of Uoyne-st., rented or not; give about $7,000 or SB,OOO. ABELL A HOTCHKISS, 41 and 43 OUs Block, corner LaSalle and Madison sts. _ . TO EXCHANGE. TO EXCHANGE— ICO FEET FRONT ON UAN dolphiit., 000 cash, and $5,000 or SB,OOO residence as first payment; no Incumbrance. 183x200 foot near Mil* waukoo and Norlh-av». ae tint payment on dwelling. 820,000 farm wanted for inside and suburban property. Two good leaseholds wanted. J. S. WOUB, 110 Dca born-st. TO KXOHANQ&-MOO FEET ON THE BLUFF AT Morgau X’ark, Washington Heights, near Che now Military School: all tho improvements. Will exchange all or part for a house and lot or a good Improved farm worth about 413,000. LINULK A BARLOW, 126 Dear bom-Bt. ■ T‘ O EXCHANGE—IOWA LANDS AND SUBURBAN lou for Inside improved property: willl assuum some Incumbrance. Apply lo B. 1). CLARKE A 00.,R00m4, 123 LaSallo-aC. mo BXOIIA.NQB— IIOMB, X two hour*’rido out, for city property. B.W.JtlfcOJ)!’, * ~Sailo«i>t.> llootn 14. : lT& Lbß2 fTO EXCHANGE—WE HAVE FOUR NICE INSIDE X lots la tho South Division which wo want to trade toe good horses. STONE A SKINNER* 119 Doarborn-st., Itoom B. HPO EXCHANGE-FOB city property, a fruit X farm. ISO acres, 11,000 tree*; will par Ha cost lo 8 years; Incumbrances assumed upon Improved property; price, $14,C00. Address Box Ift, South Pass, 111. fpO EXCHANGE-FOB LOT3-A NEW 8-ROOM X house and lot, good location, West Division, near AKhlaud-av. ami vnulhuon-at, oars; Immodlalu. posses slou. JACOB O. AIAOILL, 81 aiid&t South Ulark-at. _ O EXCHANGE—A PARTLY IMPROVED FARM IN Kansas, 160 acres i also, luj acres choice land la lowa far sale, or exchange for business or property, n Jo, Tribune olllcc. rpO KXOIIANOK—FOR BUILDING LOTS—A NEW X brick residences location and llulshUrst olaos. JACOB Q. MAQILL. Bl and 83 South Clark-st. - rno KXOUANUE-A BEAUTIFUL 10-AORIS LOT, X high and rolling, on tho limit* of Kankakee City, for tale or exchange lor dry goods, notions, or drugs. AddroisNo. 85981ue Island-av. _ ANTED—TO TRADE . FOR A STOCK OF; DRY goods, notions, clothing, furnishing goods, boots and shoos, and furniture. 8 farms in Miaou County, 111., alhindoragcndstafu of cultivation. near market and xMUead-oa# tana of US acres, one of 244 acres, and uno of 8.15 acres. Also • floe now dwelling house and 2 lots in tradg port or all, Address Box 1443, Peoria* BL BOARDING AND LODGING. South SIAo. 2 PARK-ROW—-FURNISHED OR UNFURNISIUtD roojni, wllh board, for aotillomon and tholrwlrMop alnslo gentleman. A fair day boaroora wanted. Dam to runt. • ■ 1(\ EfiDRIDOK.COURT - A PLISARANT FUR- Jl\J nlrticrt room. with board, for two gentlemen. Alao alnfllo rooma tor gentlemen only. Q KART UAttnißON-ST.-TWO VKRY DKSIRA n CONOURBR.ST.-ROOSiSBINQUKORBNBUITB .O suitable forladioa or gentleman, with board. Hay oard $5 per wrote, . 'COTTAOB GROVR'AV., NRAR TWENTY. acoond*at.—Hoard tut two gonUomon, pot rtoob very convoulout to atonm ami a treat oara. 25 each} 43 UUB BA UD COUUT—NRW a BOARDING houso; tlrst-class board with ronro, 94 to 95.50 l>or wllhmu o! piano; day board, 94. week. \ O HUBBARD-COURT—FURNISHED BOOMS, irl/ mil) or without board. Day hoarders acoommo ialod. • • ■ 11Q AND 150 TnillD-AV.-TO lU’.NT, WITH iiO board. several nioo rooms, suitable for man ana wife, oralnglo gentlemen ; algoflrit-olass uay-boaru. Oft,, MICUIOAN-AV.—PLEASANT BOOMS TO iCrO rant witliboari. »QT HIOHJQAN-AV.-SUITE OP BOOMS AND /OX accommodation for table boarders. OQK MroilWAK-AV.-LAnQB, HANDSOMELY, £OtX and newly .furnished eocond story front room, with board,_room forstngle gentlemen, lo quiet family. QGX WABASH-A\V—LARGE AND- PLEASANT OOtc room* and boaril forgonUemon and their fami lies; also sleeping room> and board for single gontlemem Qhn miohigan-av.-two booms TO BENT, O y t/with or without board, furnished or unfurnished. A C A MIOHIOAN-AV.-FINB SUITER TO BENT, 7x04: with board. ■ ' ’ A nr? MIOIIIQAN-AV.—TWO BEAUTIFUL PAR -4:0 i iors, on suite or separate, furnished or unfur nished, with board or without; also front alcove room and one square room; a few table boarders taken; references. "A~Ci,i WABASH-AV.—NICBBOOMB. HINOLEOrt 4:04: en suite, with first-class board; also, day board. A good bam to rent. /inn WABABILAV.—FRONT ROOMS; ■ WITH ttyy closet, and hotand cold water, sultabloforgea> UomauftndwMo, wtth\>oatA. AUo, hyw fcldo-toom tor two gentlemen.- Everything now and Urst-class, at mod erato rates, for the summer. References exchanged. Aon SOUTH DEARBORN • <BURNBIDE;BT.), “L*yy near nice, cheerful famllrho-’ tel; excellent table and surprisingly low prices. Single rooms, 90 to 97.' * tflQ WABABII-AV.—ELEGANT ROOMS, FOR <JUO gentlemen and their wives, or atnglo gentlemen. Day board, $6 per week. Boforonces exchanged. 1 RQO WABASH-AV.—3 FRONT ROOMS. - FUR jQ£t nlshod or untarnished, on suite or separates also pthocdesirablerooms, with board; rofcroncei required. CA Q WABASH-AV.-TWO OR THREE PLEASANT mom•, furnished or untarnished, to teat, with board. References required. , • enn WABASH-AV.-TO RENT, WITH BOARD, OO I haodtomo room*, on mUo or ringlo, lot gentle men and wlvot or ■ ingle gentlemen; day board. nne WABASILAV.-A LARGE FRONT BOOM TO QDtJ ront, furnished or untamUhod,-wlth board. flO/f WABABH AV. - A LARGE. HANDSOME Orstt room, with board. Aooommodationa flrat-oUei. Roforoaeoa required. QQC WABASH-AV, -LARGEi AND PLEASANT rooms, on suite or single, with first-class board. Can accommodate a fow more table boarders. Refer* •ncoa given and repaired. VERY FINE HOUSE ON ONE OF THE AVENUES last opened for the reception of n fow boarders.' Tho table Is supplied with tho best that tho city affords and aorrod In tho best manner. Tboso wishing soph a borne will do woll to call and eoo (or themselves. Address 244, Tribune office. . Michigan*av., near business, in a very .desirable location and at a reasonable price. A fow gontcel mamou or single persons can find a pleasant homo. Two table boarders can find room and best at tendants. 26, Tribune office. SOUTHEAST CORNER INDIANA-AV. AND TWEN- O ty.flrat-Bt.— Elegant front rooms, newly carpeted, matblu mantels, hot and cold water, famished or unfur nished, suitable for families or single gentlemen, with board. West Side. 1 o south onnus-sT.-j pleasant front X£ fooms furnished, with board, I desirable for gentle man and wife, and I single or callable for two. Day boarders taken reasonable. . OA NORTH SANOAMON-ST.—TWO LARGE aj\j front rooms, with board, en suite or single, fur nished ; also young lady to room with another, cheap. A A SOUTH MORGAN-ST., HEAR MADIBON-A very desirable, elegantly furnished front room, with every oonvenloace and the very best tablo. fl<j ABHLAND AV.-FHONT ALCOVE BOOJI.SEO. O A end floor, faralsbod or unfurnished, with board. QO SOUTH MOROAN-ST.—A NICELY-FURNISHED OO room, suitable forgontlomsn and wife, or two sluglo Eontlomon: also, a room for a single gentleman: house a« all modem Improvomenla; board unexceptionable. IH7 west ADAMS-BT.—ONE LARGE FRONT Xu 1 room and two amall ones, with board, for $6 por week. _____________ TIIROOP-ST., NEAR VAN BUREN-A NIOBLY furnished room to ront, with first-class board, to a gentleman and wifo or two gentleman; reference ro quirod. . lAA PLEASANT ROOaf, , X with board. In private family, for ladles or gentlemen. irrrt WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—A PLEASANT X I Li front room fumUhod, to ront with board, suiiablo tor a gentleman and wife, or twogontlemoa; also alnglo rooms; location central. OAA WEST MADI3ON-BT.—FURNISHED OR UN- Zi\j\J furnished rooms with board, to rent. Terms moderate. non WEST WASIXINGTON-ST.—NIOHLY FUR 40\J nished rooms, tingle or on suite, with board]' to permanent boarders, prloos reasonable, Table-boardon accommodated. ~ non WEST WASHINGTON-ST.-A FURNISHED room, aultablo for odo or two gcntlomon, with board. 0/1/1 SOUTH ORREN-BT.-A NIOELY-FURNISH- Zi L xrx. room with board; 8 o'clock dlnaor; roforoncoa ex changed ; privato family. • • OC fl WEST WASHINGTON.ST.—TWO PLEASANT ZODwol) furulahod rooms,- eu suite or single, with board. ___ OOQ WEST LAKE-ST.-COMFORTABLY FUR O—iOnlsbml rooms for gentlemen, with first-class board at moderate prloo. Day boarders accommodated. Alisa CROWS. ■ aoa WEST VAN BUBEN-ST., TWO BLOCKS ‘x4o from Jefferson Park.—Largo pleasant rooms, fur nished or unfurnished; brick house; modora Improve ments. First-class board; best of references. A df\ WEST WABIIINGTON-ST.—TWO ROOMS TO “tOU rent, with board, furnished or unfurnished, sin gle or so svAto. _______________ COQ WEST ADAMS.ST,, NEAR UNION PARK- D £o two very tine, largo, elegantly-furnished rooms, with-board. Location and accommodations the boston tho West Side. K)jjO room, orioltoof room*; lioosefirst-clas*. fi.t rr WEST BIADISON-ST.—PLEASANT ROOMS ox 4 to rout, with or without board. ern FULTON-ST.-ONE FLOOR-TWO PARLORS Q I X (bedroom and oloiet with each) to lot, with board; no other boarders; Tory desirable. ■ - TOHNBTONE HOUBB-114 AND l» WEST MADI - son-st,; everything flrst-clasa; terms, $3 per-day| table-board, ssper week. Near union park-two gentlemen can have board; home comforts. In private family of two, at $7 per week. Address K 46, Tribune office. Sr. oharlkb'hotbl. corner desplainks and Washlngton-sta.—Bookkeepers, salesmen, do., can get board aud room at $6 to $8 per week. Bostac . commodatlous. Country, A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN board, with pleasant rooms, la a private family at Riverside. Address K 91, Tribune office. -TTimST-ULASS FURNISHED .BOOMS TO RENT, i} with board, two minutes'walk from depot. ISAAC L. HINDS. Hinsdale. _ _ _ ' BOARD WANTED. •DOARD-BY TWO YOUNG GENTS, A PLEASANT JDfurnlshed room, on West Side, prlvatelyfamlly prefer rod. Address, stating terms, W. 57 West Randolpo-st. HOARD—ALCOVE ROOM UNFURNISHED, BX JD copt carpet, for gentleman and wife, how If any boarders. Address QM, Tribune ottioo. ■ TJOARD—GENTLEMAN AND WIFE WITH CHILD Jy t year, desire rooms and board In good location, no West Side, with private family: brick Tipuseproferrod.. Address stating torma and location LAWYER, Room 8, Methodist Church. HOARD—GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. WITH SISTER J3 13 years old, with board lo a private family during tbo summer, la some suburban ptauo: lUvorsidu, LaktHTor vest. Evanston, Hyde Park; best of roforoncoa oxonang-. ed. Address one week WP,P. O. box 339, olty. TJOARD-BV A GENTLEMAN, BOARD IN A PRI - > yftto family whore Chora are few or no other boarders, on Washington or Monxoo-ita. Address with term* K S3, Tribune olttoo. . T?CARD-A MIDDLE-AGED GENTLEMAN D& X> liras a room and board in a family wUb Imt or no hoarders. Uivo particulars. Address AMERICUS, Tribune office. MISCELLANEOUS. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE WOULD LIKE THE charge of a famished bouse during the "mumor mouths. Boat of references given. Address Kit, Trib une office* __ rtAßll PAID FOR OAST-OFF QLOTiUNQ AND raiscollannons goods of any kind, by Bonding a letter to I. OELDKIt, Loan OlHco7*M fitote-st. riASH PAID FOR WATCHES, JEWELRY, OLD \J gold, silver, firearms, and all goods of value, at the Exchange Loan Office, 203 East Madlaon-st. Goto “the peoples* stork 11 for hand* some party dress, 67J State-at. 7SWMKRB OP HOUSES AND DOTS, AMO VACANT \J lots, wishing to sol), ami Killing toll* their nrioo at what they would consider a fair llguro to giro If buying, will do wall to call and leave the miuo with us. wo liavo tbo cash awaiting such investments. OSBORN A HKfLLMAN. 1M South 01ark-»t. T)ARTIKB DESIROUS OP BIDDING ON MOVING A X house at Gatewood may ascertain nartloulare by on plying tit Room No. SB. OUs Block, La Hallo and Maui* son-ste. Take notice-lev! d. van oelder, notary Public, Real Estate, aud. Loans, Ml South Blntu~ at. Special attention and advloO la law trunsaotluiu given gratis. Business woo will do troll to coll at oiy allien. . WANTED— AT 230 SOUTH OANAL-BT. ONE SET of second-hand blaolstnUU’a tools. ANTHD-LABOUINQ MEN. FARMERS, YOUNG niou golugWost, and everybody that needs a tent, wagon cover, horse blanket, or pamjp equipage of any kind, firearm", oto., t<* goat once tln» Government Goods Depot, 1W and 137 Lako-st., and got your goods at half CLAIRVOYANTS, nmOAGO SPOUT ROOMS, 311 WEST MADISON- O st. i relit hie business, medical, clairvoyant, and test mediums. fSiCMATIIKW AND MADAM BUM IJ aos§ and medical mediums, lUSMestMadlson-st. nets rasdlmn, 4WI West MacUieo-st. Seance this craning. and every evening. Private barinejs sitting# during uw day. .u> aaiuhoual) TO RENT—BOOMS. TO RENT-FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED roomaatlT? Twenty-first-sl. : ( rno rent—ts?rwAflasii*av,. a suite of un. X. furnished front rooms -with largo floret attAobml, and ono largo baok room ; board cau bo obtained within a few doors. , . TO RENT-TUB. MOST DKSniABLB AND ELE gaudy furnished rooms can bo bad at R9 and 67 Dear born-it. ; comfort ft specialty; go and see thorn. ' ROOMS IN DAVY’S X UlooV. northwestcorner MadlsonandGreen; snmo splendid offices on second floor; ront cheap. 1). COLE A BON, 168 West Madlson-st. TO RENT—FURNISHED SLEEPING-ROOM, SUlT abln for two young nion. 816 West Madlson-st., cor ner Sangamon. ■ ■ fv(T BENT—A PEW FURNISHED ROOMS, 40 EAST X llarrlson st.. noarlim conior of Wabaih-ar. TO FURNISHED FRONT ROOM in ft strictly private family suitable for two gentlemen, with caro! references oxehangod. Also, a smalt barn. Apply at a <9 West Lake-at. rno RENT—AT fil9.n) PER MONTH, A* BUITR OP 4 X rooms. In the now building at the northwest corner of Arnold and Twon%-nlntb-its. Apply at tbo building between 10 and It o’clock In (ho forenoon. —oTkENT-B ROOMS AND PANTRY, CM SOUTH • Morgan-st.. front part, np-sUirs, U) a couple with ont childrens sl3 per month. ; | —o REN\ -TWO OF THE COOLRBT AND PLEAS ante room* In the city, Tory reasonable, with; or without board. 803 FnlUm-at., near May. ! UNTOUNISIIKD KOOMB, with or without board; all modern Improvements. At 88 Abordoen-st. TO RENT-ONE UNFURNISHED ROOM. IN qnlro at 1046 Wabaah-av. ; ' —0 RENT-IN an ELEGANT THREE-STORY brick residence, south front, furnished prunlornlsh od rooms to gsntlomon only. Houre entirely now, with hnt-and cold water, bath room. ftp. location. Booth Bide, north of Thirteenth-at. Andrew 1C 77, Tribune oiDcC. . mo RRNf=FODR NICK FRONT ROOMS. WITH X closota. Ront 915 per month. Apply In baaomout 185 West Randolph-st., coTnotPosplaVnos. 1 F? RENT—AT A BARGAIN. TO A RESPONSIBLE oarty with a small family, throe rooms on first lloor or jasomont. with privilege of bath room. Apply on prem aos 676 West Adams-st. rno'RBNT—VERY PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH OR X without botrd, at 871 Wabash-av. ■ - rro’rent-five rooms “and two olosets, X: with wator and gas, on third floor, suitablel kooplng, northwest comer ot Franklin and Van llaron sts. Apply on premise*. ' ’ O RENT—9O ABERDEEN ST.—MAGNIFICENTLY famished front or baok rooms; also acoommodatloss forfewslifgla persons; ohoerftUnoM aodovory comfort; .terms moderate. - ■ ' mo RENT—A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED SUITE X of rooms; Also, » pleasant frost room, for «ontloraaa and wife, prtwo single gpnllomsn. on best part of Mlohl. gsn-av. Addressoßo, Tribuneoffloo. TO RENT—A VERY PLEASANT AND NICELY furnished room for one or two gentlemen at 110 Soutli Iwen-st.' Private family. ro RENT-LARGE FURNISHED ROOMS FOR X slDoplng.roomsforgeatloinoa; also rooms furnished for housekeeping for two. No. 679 west Madlson-st. Call early.' ■ O RENT—FIVE ROOMS, AND FURNITURE FOR ssle, a bargain given In both; splendid ohanoolfor seme one to start business with small capital, Inquire at IBljtfWestMadlson-st., upstairs. ' TO RENT-AT 885 WEST RANUOLPH-ST., ONE large room, nlooly furnished, for man and wife, or two ■lngle gentlemen. TO RENT-47 SOUTH PBORIA.ST, TO GENTLE, man end wife, a Very nice unfurnished parlor and bedroom adjoining, with board; bathroom, hot and cold water, gas, do. TO RENT-ROOMS, FRONT, KITCHEN, 'BED room and two closote and water. 38 QBrioa-»t. TO RENT-AN BAST FRONT ROOM. FURNISHED, for single gent or lady; closet, and Privilege of bath, room; convenient td businosa portion of oily. Call at No, 40 Oass-st, to-day. 1 . TO RENT—NEWLY FURNISHED ROOMS, SINGLE oroueulle, for gentlomon only, 181 South Clsrk-at., between Madison and Monroe, Room U. a tO RENT—TWO FRONT ROOMS UNFURNISHED . to gentlemen, or gentleman and wife, two door* from street can. Reference required. 193 Sooth Wood-st. niO RENT-TWO COMFORTABLY FURNISHED X rooms for light housekeeping In good American fam* tly, Address tfIfOMIS, 234 West Madlaon-st. TO RENT-PLEASANT. AIRY ROOMS, NICELY famished, with or without board; also one lino suite of moms, unfurnished, consisting of parlor and two bod. rooms: nno location for doctor or dentist. 263 and 205 West Madlaon-st. __________________ tO RENT-HANDSOMELY-FURNISHED ROOMS; transients accommodated. Apply Room 43, to and 18 BUSINESS CHANCES. A PROMINENT FIRST-CLASS RETAIL FAMILY grocery for sale, doing a largo and prolUsbloboil ness, which can bo greatly Increased by a five, energetic, pushing man, who can giro bis entire attention to the business. The owners have other business te attend .to, which Is their reason for selling. For particulars call or address BURTON, PIERCE 4 CO., wholesale grocers, 54 Mlohlgan-av.

FIRST-CLASS BOOK STORE FOR SALE IN THE flourishing town of Dixon. lit., 08 miles west of Chi cago. on the Northwestern Railroad: a good stand woil assorted with books, stationery, wall-paper, toys, fancy foods, Ao.; will bo sold at private sale; capital required 5,000; roast bo sold in the nexilu days treasons for selling good. Dixon la the county seat of Loo County; popula tion about 6,000, and Is destined to bo an Important manufacturing town; terns cash. For further Inform*. Uoo, address or call on REYNARD BROS., Dixon, 111, A N OLD-ESTABLISHED LIGHT MAN UFA OTUR- J\ ing holiness, whore the small capital of <91,000 is re quired, for sale; reasons for selling, Ul-hosith. Apply at 110 South Dosplntaos-st. A FIRST-CLASS BARBER SHOP FOR SALE; RRA sou lor solUug, going into other business. Call afjy Blue laland-av. ' FIRST-CLASS MEAT-MARKET FOR SALE, newly flttod up, ndw doing a good bualaosi. 674 Indl ana-it. A FIRST-CLASS BILLIARD SALOON, WITH stock, fixtures, and everything eoraploto. for sale. Owner going in Europe reason for colling. First man first chance.lnquire at 85 Cblcago-nv. I>BBT CHANCE EVER OFFEUKD-MUST BE SOLD J3 this week. A boardlng-houso (38 bods), well adapted for transient trade, and saloon, on East van Durou-st. B. j. NQOKIN, Real Estate Agent. 78 Sooth Dearborn. UOARDING-IIOUSB FOR SALE. INQUIRE FOR JL> partloulars at 74 West Van Buroa-st. THLLIAUD AND SAMPLE-ROOM DOING A CASH X 3 Imslnoas, situated on Madison-st., for sale; roason for selling, proprietor la leaving tbo city. Call or address F. HOWARD, S3 Wllsonst. _ OOMPLETE OIGAR STORE FIXTURES. WITH OR (j without stock, for sale, at SIS South Btate-st. InOR SALE—A GOOD COUNTRY PRACTICE. IN. ) quire at GALE A DLOCKTS, 66 South Olark-st- Great bargain, with lease op dwell lug, A doairablo moat market and packing houso for sale. Good location. Daily solea largo. Inquire of H. UNDERWOOD A SON. 95 Market-sU . ALP INTEREST IN a BILLIARD HALL. In good locality, to party who can t&ko charge of same. Addross K 86, Tribune omoo. TOE CREAM AND CONFECTIONARY STORE FOR X salo’choop for cash; proprietor has other butinoaa. In quire at 663 South OanaT-st. I WILL STOCK A RESTAURANT AND DIVIDE the profits with any Uraily who will pay tho rout and run tho place. 139 West Madlaon-st.. up stairs. ■ATEAT MARKET N0.490 WEST MADISON-ST. FOR iVX sale at a bargain. Apply to tho owner, ALBERT LONQLEY. at tho Maasoaolt Houso. TV,TEN WITH WOO TO 610,000 CAN FIND FIRST -1»X class, legitimate business openings, mercantile, manufacturing, Ac., worth investigating. J. E, KIM BALL, 126 Deatborn-at. My half interest in saloon 4 RESTAUR ant. No. 31 West. Randolph-st., for sals. R&ro . chance. M. B, McCOY. ’ XTEWSPAPEU IN OHIO FOR SALE; EXOELLBN' Xv opportunity: proprietor will bo In Chicago a foi days. Address OWNER, Tribune office. NE OF THE MOST PROMINENT AND WELL established groceries on tho West Side for sale: about ®J,I(X)wIU take it; stock No. 1;. other business. Address Y 18, Tribune office. 11 BAD-READ-KEAD-I WILL SELL OUT HALF XV interest In my business, Paying S2OO per month, tho lease good lor one year, and furniture of 8 rooms, newly S spared, oaloiminod, and painted, centrally Jooatod; root 46 per month, and 4 rooms filled with good pomanonl tenants, paying $66 per month in advance; will giro hu pu&aosston of half Interest la business and.rooms at S6OO cash. Business suitable for a lady or gentleman. Apply toW. B. RAPE, 167 East MadUoa-st., Room 1. SALOON NO, 606 SOUTH HALSTED-BT., FOR ■ale. AVnisaiu. AKo. I location:'will soil at a smv criflco on account of falling boalth. lIitNUY W. SOM MERS, Proprietor. OTEAM FLOURING MILL FOR SALE CHEAP, HAS O 7 nm o! stone, now engine ot ample power la good or der; is la a town of 0.000 people; giwd local trade; ship ping facilities, two Eastern railroads and Mlwhslppi lljvor. Terms easy. AdAtuas or call on i. L. UNDKIi- WOOD, Muscatine, lowa. OMALL FOUNDRY, SITUATED AT NO. 631 ELS- O ton-road, for »ale; In order and ready for occupancy. WIU make terma to suU purchaser, or will take real oaUto lu part payment. DYEfi, LAMP A 00., Rodfleld-gt, Tub leading merchant tailoring estad. Ushmunt lo a city of 0,000 Inhabitants, for sale; also* lino stock of gento* furnishing goods, bate, caps, do. Stock in fine order, and the boat trade In tho city. Hero is a duo bargain for a live bualnnas man. Tho stock of cloths and goods about *3,000, Wo are imw tuning ton tailors. Apply to or addreaa n. B. PIERCE, 183 South € I ark -itßoom 6. ■ milß ENTIRE INTEREST IK A LIGHT MANU JL /aoturlng business foraalo; Prolltalargs, aptlbloala nlo: business already established. For Information call at factory, 36# South liflsted-st,, baaemont. WE ARB OFFERING A RARE pPPORITJNITy to a good buslnoMman, with a siuall capital, to make a fortune, STONE A SKINNER, UP Doarborn-st., Room S. ' COCA WILLBEOUUEONE-HALI? INTEREST IN OZO'J a cash bu.lnosi, lon, citabltihod, and maldnfr money: 0 oloarnrolll ol Uw ab»»o amount oanboroalUoil every month, G. HALL, 1# South Canal*st., Room I, C*l AAA WILLPUROHASE A Liy^BUSINESS fex.UUU worth $6,«X>. For particular* call at 110 Dearborn-st., Room 4. None but reliable parties need call. r.-| IfiA WILL BUY A GOOD PAYING SALOON spX.JLUI) ond boarding-home, Ifiroom*, all well lUtod up, ‘JO good paying boarders In the houses low rent and lung lease; must bo oold ou account of poor health. In quire at 6U7 South Olark-at, ■ i»Q J AAA TO SO,OOO CASH WILL HUY AN A NO. X iJO.UuU retail businesss otlorod 00 account of Ill health, No experience necessary; everything in hue run ping order. Blip WtosXMadlsonjK_^^ BUILDING MATERIAL. TJUHNA VISTA BUILDING STONE AMD PLAO. J j ging. sawed to order; prices and aample at 48 South Olark-sl. 0. U. SMITH. F)U HALE—Jtf MILLION GOOD BRICK, deUvorod Immediately, AUo, rv^lojf fftl'Jt-' order lor 100 million brick. B. F. HEAD, ISflClark-st. HYDRAULIC BRICK ST, Louis, Mri. The St. Louis Hydraulic DUKHBED BRICKS—RACINE AND MILWAUKEE X pressed brick for sale in any quantity 1 also rod Press* od and stock brick, Alsu tola agent (or the St. mull Hydraullo pressed brick, Dali and see ismplosandgot U)CIK{VOaDI A«»nt, W nndU WM» TO RENT-HOUSES. mo RENT-ON WKBTRRN-AV,, BETWEEN ADAMS L and Jackson, 7-mntn hmiso. Inaalro at !63 East Wash* ingicn-st., Rooms 18 and 19. fri6~nimr^i , AßT of two-story house us* X Indtaua-av. \ vovycomfortableandjohosp, ~ r RENT—A COTT AGE OF FIVE ROOMS. TAN try and closet, on UuU«vflold-«t., near Twonly.flUh ■t. j S2O. Inanlro at 867 Hm(orflold-«t. frO RENT-870 FULTON-BT., jfIORLY-FUBNISIIKD X front room, with olosot, to gentleman; private family. . rno RENT— I 47 WEST VAN RUUEN-BT., 3 LARGE X front rooms, on aulto, furnished, toaelhwr ot separ ate; facilities for housekeeping if wanted. rpo~RBNT—DWELLING, lUI FAAIIIIB-AV. | RENT X $66 nsr month 114 rooms. Apply to ROlil. RAIS, No. 129Doatbotu-sl. 1 TO RENT—A SPLENDID HOUSE. 081 SOUTH Dearborn.#t.,cnrnor Thirty-ninths only S3O pormonth, Inquire of J. W. GOULD. W3. ' fno RBNT HOUSES IN good., locations. X otieap to good tenants. JACOB O. BIAOILL, 81 ana 93 South OlarK-st. . . . 10 RENT—HOUSE 110 LOOMIBST. CHAOB A . ARBLL. Ist Dearborn at. ; T' O RENT—IJrf-BTORY HOUSE, 9 ROOMS. LARGE lot, comer wamid-av. ami Oakloy-et. 5 fruit, shrub bery, and shade trees. B. DKLAMAtER, 85 Washlng lon-st. RENT-3 ELEGANT NEW BRICK modern improvements. lak« views cheapestrent m the city. Call atblook corner Imliana-av. and Twolitb-st. mo RENT—OR FOR SALE OHEAP-THK ELB- X gftnt two-story basement and French roof brick house, No. WOalaraot-av., lost sooth of, east front tot 40*146, honso in Perfect order with all (no modem improvements; goodbarn. Also imr Qoswatvto tWo-story and basement brick huuao with bam No. 17J Warnm-ar.,. oast oi lincoln-st., lot 46*126: l™M£lal° SMtesslnn of olther. Apply to A. J, AJ. W. COOPER, o. 164 LaSalio-et., Otis Block. . TO RENT-NEW TWO-STORY FRAME HOUSE corner Forty-third end, 8 rooms. Apply at store 811 Oottago Ornvo.av.__ . . TO RENT—THE COTTAGE HOUSE 187 WEST TAY ior-st., cornet ot Doiplalnoa-et., 0 tuoins and but teries. all oowlypahitod and papered; watorandolalomn on premises. Rent low to a good tenant. Apply- <m promises from 10 to 13 ft. m., this Thursday, or at Bvß South Olark-st. . mo RENT—OR FOB SALE-NEW a-STORY FRAME X houao (south front), OM West Monroo-st., close to Wcstern-av. Low rent to a dosltablo tenant. Apply to JOHN WEST. 901 West Monroo-5t..0r270 West Madison. mo RENT-mUCIt HOUSE, 9-StORY AND BABE- X meuton Wflrren-av., near Oskloy-fl,. fiMpormonlh. 1. R. ANDREWS, offleo. 8 Roodall block. ’ . . rpO RBNT-A NEW COTTAGE ON OAICLEY-BT. X Low rent to a good tenant. Apply to A. A, LATHROP, Room 28, 83 Lagallo-st. mo RUNT-NORTH SIDE, ONE BLOCK FROM X cars, uppor part of cottage, S3O; lower part, SM, each pix room*. A, T. GALT, 77T)earboni-st., iloom ll» TO RBNT-518-A NICE COTTAGE. FOUR ROOMS and kitchen, KM Hubhard-st. Jnqulroflt comorstoro, ortoG. I*. RAY, 883 North Olark-st. fO RENT-HOUSE 788 WEST MADIBON-ST., COB* nor Lincoln, 8 rooms, bath-room, pantry, oto. Rarer, cnees required. Inquire at a toco. ' TO RENT-RY E. 0. COLE h CO., 138 LASALLE st., house 16 Booth Oronn st.. ®76;cottage7Cfl Van Bnroa-st., s36;bousoia North Osrpontor-st., II rooms, STOsloworpartof cottageolOßuttoriiold-st.. S2O; houses H andiSßM Hubbard-st., 9 rooms, in splendid order, S3C. rno RENT-A SIX-ROOM COTTAGE ON WARREN- X av.» oast of Uoboy-st. sposoaaloa immediately, ii. F. CLARKE A CO., Room -I, 122 Lo8«llo-»t. T“ O RENT-TWO STORY FRAME'riN GOOD RE. pair, 10 rooms. Nos. 29 and 28, on Thlrty-sevontli-st., between Lake and Bllis-avs., $49 per month. 8. E. WELLS. 188 Doarborn-at. . . TO RENT-NICE FURNISHED HOUSE ON-WA. bash*av., for the summer. J. S. GOULD, 119 Dear* born-st. | O RENTON BLOCK SOUTHEAST CORNER~OP Adams-st, and FUth-av., two nlco rooms, subdivided Into foar each: suitable for gentlomon and wives or single .gentlomon. 8. 8. JONES, Room 24. ‘frd RENT-TWO NICELY FURNISHED SMALL X rooms, with or without board, In private family; no other boarders. U4BPralrio-av., noarThlfty-tirst-at. rno RENT-ONE HOUSE OF 1 ROOMS, IN NEW X two-story and basement brick block, corner Adams and Soeley.av. F. M. GRAY, Room 6, 127 LaSttUo-st.; mo RENT-NEW HOUSE, BIX ROOMS, PANTRY, X closets, and water tn kitchen, In good neighborhood, 408 West Ktle-st., near Ashland-av. N. B. QUAY. rno RENT-530 PER MONTH-NICE 7-ROOM COT. X (ago and bam, on South Side, neat cara, W. ,M. JACKSON, 118 and 1:10 Monroo-st. TO RENT—VERY DESIRABLE TWO-STORY and basement brlok house 813 West Adams-st., 10 rooms, modern improvomouta; teat, J&»5 pot mouth. Ap ply to\VM. U. SAMPSON 4 CO.. 144 XaSnilo-st., Otla Block. - ’ TO UENT-TWO-STORYDWELLING, NO. 8 NORTH Ada-st.; gas. water, 7 rooms. OMAR lIUSUNBLL, 130 Doarborn-st., Rooms II and 12. rno'RENT-Tilß FINE, SIX.ROOM HOUSE, WITH X hay windows, 116 South Lincoln-st-. near Monroe; h&th-toom with marble slab and basin; furniture, which Is all nice, will bo sold at a great bargain: lino white hair mattresses, bedding, nice parlor humor, brown rep parlor SaC Apply at house. Snbnrban. TO RENT-AT WINNETKA, ONE OF THE MOST beautiful places in tho village; house, 10 rooms; 5 acres of garden and grove, barn, outhouses, <So; tbroo bleaks from depot: go out on the 1 o’clock train. Gallon J. T. SHEPHERD, at Wlnaotka, or address Post oQlco box 05, Chicago. ■ ■ fro KENT—I.AntJB HOUSE AND GROUNDS ON X lake shore, near and south of Oakland Station and city limits. 8. X. UNDERWOOD. 99 Madlaon-st. TO RENT-IN HYDE PARK-A HOUSE, NEARLY new, containing 9 rooms, largoJoit. oast.front; 1 mock from depot and laire.^S- M L. UADK!tWoOD.jgjiadlaoD. TO RENT—STORES. OFFICES, &o. rro RENT-A VALUABLE OFFICE ON FIRST i floor, Wabaah-av., near South Wator-st. 5 also offices tad cloakrooms over Nob. 7, 0, aud 11 Wabash-av., atm asomont under samo; also third floor, corner of Wabash* av. and South Water-st.; low to good touanta. Apply to CHASE. HANFORD A- CO., coruor Wabash-av. aud South Wator-st. TO KENT—STORES—BO FEET FRONT BY 183FEB1 deep, on Randolph-st., botvreon Clark aud Dearborn, to bo Improved. . . Will build stores 30, 40, 60, or B0 foot front, and finish t< ■ulttononts. Apply to O. M. UPDIKE, oornor Taylor-tt. aud Paolflc-av. rrO RENT-STORE 40NO. .RANDOLPH-HT., 26X100, X 4 stories and bnsomont, finished in tbo best manner. AppSlotbo WK3TJJUM liitWS COMPANV, 42 and 44 Itandolph-sj. _ TO RENT-IIALF OF STORE 119 RANDOLPH-ST., near Sherman House, very dasirablo location; also, desk-room. Inqutin at store. ■ TO RENT-NO. 728 STATK-ST.T JUST SOUTH OF Fourtoonth-at.. fora packing-house or for iimnufno luring purposes, inquire of the ownoratSecondNatlonal Bank. D. F. OAMKUON. rro RENT-ROOMS ON SECOND, THIRD. AND X fourth floors of building No. ItM Madison-st., near LaSalle, doairablo for offices and sleeping apartments. Oboapeat rent In city. Look to your Imorost And oxam- Ine. Apply to Jaolotr of building. TO RENT—LARGE BRICK STORE, CHEAP, NO. 07 'fhlrd-av.: suitable for any business nr light manu facturing, or storage. H. LQWY, Room P, 183 Llark-it. TO RENT-ONLY 846-fITORR AND FOUR LIVING rooms, llahffod-st.. near Jackson: vow cheap, TRUBSDELL A BROWN, 175 West MadUon-st. T~ O RENT-A SPLENDID OPENING FOR A HOTEL —tho four-story and basomaut stono-fraut building, situated on tho corner of North Woits and Miohigan-sis., BO foot front on Wo W«-Bt. and lUJ foot on Mlohlgap-st. Apply to JACOBS A FISCHER, No. 66 North Wolla-it. mO~BKNT—FOURTH AND FIFTH STORIES OF NO. - X 171Sl*lo-»t., over American Clock Co. Wldoatalc waynndutoof elevator. Hoated with stoom. Apply to E. 8. PIKE, with N. Matson A Co. TO RENT-THB LARGE CORNER STORE NO. 303 West HarrUon-st., formerly occupied as a meat mar ket, and fixtures for solo. Apply at No. 300, Low to a good tenant. • TO RENT-LARGE TWO-STORY BARN 161 WEST Waslilugton-st., suitable for oarpooter shop or any light business. Inquire bn premises. r RENT-SECOND FLOOR OFNO. 40 STATE-9T., good light In front and on side, corner alloy. Apply pa first floor to HERRING A CO. - mo RENT—BUTTER CELLAR. APPLY AT 03 X South Wator-st. ... , TO RENT—A LARGE STORE-ROOM AND BASE, meat, USWostLako-st. Oall»t2£0 West Washing tun-et. .» RENT-NICE ROOM, SUITABLE FOll AN OF fico, atl66E* Inquire at OLIVER'S lunch-room. TO RENT-STORE-STOOK AND FIXI’URES FOR aalo. oonsltuag of a lino stock of fancy and roimooiv eoods. A great bargain Is offered I! taken tbis-wonk. f’or apply U>D. OOLE A SON, 168 West Mddl son-at. ' rpo RENT—ONBDALF OF A imiolC~Bfoßß BIT- A nsleln the most doslrablo part of tho North Bldo. Address, stating stylo of buslnosa, 0 39, Irlbuno pfllcg^ WANTED—TO RENT^ T\TANTRD—TO RENT-ON TIIE SOUTH BIDR VV north of Monroe-st., a, locality for iho Gorman American Froo Dispensary. Slay bo a baeemcut. or on first floor, but must have wood light. Iho Institution is a charitable one, ami tho rent will bo secured la any way dost rad. Write about sltuntlnn and condition* to Dr. ERNST SOHMIDT, 876 Wabash-av. tXrANTED—TO RENT—3 ROOMS SUITABLE FOR W dressmaking, on Madlson-st., near Sangamon. Ad* drosa O M, 163 Uaropboll-av. WANTED-TO RKNT-A STORE 'SUITABLE FO~R VV d furniture store! small lint lloor and largo upper floors. A. L. OROOKBR, Ml Stato-st. WANTED-TO RENT—A NICE LARGE STORE AT once. Address, stating locality, also, raut,. Ac. Q 47, Tribune office. •WANTED —TO RENT—A COTTAGE OF SEVEN YY or more rooms, convenient to st root cars. v «o«tn«t lo exceed $lO por mouth. lIOXILHT J. iAYLOit, Jl Lako-st. ■ 1\ r ANTED —TO RENT—A SMALL FURNISHED Vi house or pax tot huusa aultahlo for houau keeping on tho South Side, Address ig 45, Tribune ofllco. WANTED-TO KENT—A FUIINISHKD HOUSE ON YY thoSoUlh Division, south to Twouty-flltli-at. Will rout tho family for part board If satisfactory. Rout from 81.800to82,Wwa_yonr. will rent for six months nr one yoirT Apply to WM. U. SAMPSON 4 CO., OtU Block, IU LaSaUe-st. lA T ANTKD—TO RBNT-RY A LADY, ONE UNFUII VV nUhod room ou tho West Side, between Harrison and Lake. Rout must l>o low. Address JESSIE, Trib une olllco, Tlf ANTED—TO RENT-8 OU 6 ROOMS FOR FAM- W llynf throe. Address AS W. 1).!6 Htmtli Clarkut. PERSONAL, INFOUMATION WANVeD-CONORUNINO THE X whereabouts of Ww. K. l oljook. Ho was formerly of lluntsfillu, LuguuCu,, Ohio, and came from Ottum wa, lowa, to Chicago, about May 32, 1613. Any one giv ing Information of hla whereabouts, or of what may have become of him. will bo rewarded by bla brother, who may be soon or Addressed At IW3 Wabasbay., until June■ G, alter (bat at UuntavlUe, Logan Co., Ohio. J. A. POL LOCK. _ IJKRSONAL—WILL THE YOUNG LADY WHO X called with abstract at £2B Wabash-av. please call again, same number f •PERSONAL-MORRIS EDWARD. 1-RANK. OU X EdwardFltrgoraldwl I please send Iholr address to their sister, Mrs, MARIE SLATTERY, Fort Jolfer ■ourYhw pAETNEH WANTED—A BUSINESS MAN WITH X slu,oool one nut afraid of »little hardship (in travel). Gapltai guarantoed trebled ,1a a, year. Addroas A tu, IVipano odloe. • • WANTED—MALE HELP. Booldcoopors, Clerics, Etc* ■\XTANTRD-A COMPETENT DRUG CLERK. AP- Vf ni» tn own liAndwrltbitf toL. U; WEHMER, Drug, gist, Milwaukee. WANTICD-SALESMEN TO BKLTj GROCERIES AT T f wholesale by samplo. Liberal term* given. Address wUli_»tnm|i IV I. WILriUN, Cleveland, O. \\fANTED— A GOOD TRAVELING SALESMAN. Tl Gommn Joairablu. Z 80, Trihuuu olllco. Trncioa. WANTED-IMMEDIATELY-FOUR FIRST-CLASS T» paunrnunakeni. Apply at worts of llio American Brhlgn On., corner Eagan nod Htowart-avs. 'ANTED—GOOD TAILORS, APPLY IMMKDL aiolyat D. GOLDBTINR’S, 646 South WANTED-A FEW (1001) A NO. t PAINTERS IF and o&lolntinm for Inaldo work; wages In full every Saturday, and Hearty work, fttltU Washlngton-st. None but good workmen nood apply. T\TANTKD-A GOOD CUTTER, WITH REFER. tf onooa for Ctialom work. Apply at 190 West Madison. \%J TED-TWO GOOD COAT-MAKERS TO GO VV- to Evanston, 111. Inquire oT T. F. PHILLIPS, 13 East Madlaon-st. FRIST-CLASS MEAT O&TTKIl. V F One that otu apeak FronoU preferred, Auutoss K 48, Trlbuno olfloo. . \\rANTED-A MAN WHO THOROUGHLY UNDER. ft stands blank-book ruling and railroad work. A No. 1 man can secure steady employment at good wages at a oily within 2CO miles of Chicago.' Also, an assistant, or forwarder of blank work. Address O 89, Trlbnno offleo. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN TO LEARN THE ART of retouching negatives. Address K76, TrUiuno WANTED-A MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS RR. touching negatives; wagos SBO per week. Address K4O, Tribune otfloo. ■ WANTED— AN EXPERIENCED PRESS-FEEDER, who understands cylinder and Gordon presses; also an apprentice who has had some nsperlenoo at coraposl linn. Apply to BRYANT; WALKER A 00., 148 South Clnrk-st. • * 1 ; WANTBD-AN 'ARCHITECTURAL DRAUGHTS-. VV man. Apply to T. V. WADaUIER, Architect, 136Doarbom-at. - - 1 . TIT ANTED - PAINTERS, CARPENTERS. XND YY plasterers to Uko contract and bike' part pay la lota at Hlghwood. B. ASHLEY MBARS. 300 LaSalto-et. • WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS TURNER THAT OAN eoroll-saw, and a good ,machine man, at 7 o’clock, aharp. R. S. IIAMBUOOK, northwest cornet Bangs* mouandPratt-sts. •, . ’ I WANTED— A STRONG BOY, THAT OAN PLANE and smooth off doors. 631 South Halstod-at. * *; ANTKD-OARPKNTERa, THIS MORNING, AT LOMAX’S Soda*Wator Faotoov Oharlos-plaoCfbo. twcon Van Bnrcn and Harrison-sta., noarFiftli-av. . ” WANTED— FIRST-CLASS CUSTOM COAT AND . vent makers, at 330 Wabash-av. Nono Imtflrst-alass need call. i WANTED IMMEDIATELY —6 GOOD UPHOL atorora. ALLEN ft OIXATIN, *97 SLato at. WANTED— nOUB~E-PAINTERB AND OALOIMIN era. Apply at 133 Ea*t Monroa-st. , • TIT ANTED—I PLUMBER AND 1 GAO-FITTEB AT W 49 Mllwaukoe-av. WM. IIERIIST. 7 WANTED TWO BARBERS, AT ONOH. 149 Boqlb Dosplaincs-Bt. TirANTBD-a finishers on, VY immediately. Apply to Empire parlor Bedstead Co., 970 and 373 West Mamson-Bt.- • • Coachmen. Teamsters. Ale. TtTANTED—A YOUNG MAN TO DRIVE GROCERY TV wagon that can furnish good references. Inquire At 639 WostMadlson-st- Employment Agencies, WANTED— 4 BOARDING BOSSES, AND J SOO railroad laborers, 20 for saw-mill go to-day, 10 fur lam*. AKGSLL ft UOAKER, M VfeivßandDlph-sl,- •nrANTED-ai RAILROADMEN* 81,76 PER DAY, VV free faro; 10 station-men and 3 farm-hands. 69 West Rnndolph-st., Room 8. v i - WANTED-600 LABORERS TO WORK ON RAIL VV roads, farms, saw-mills, tlo-choppors, do., at good wagon and steady employment. ' Apply to CHRISTIAN ft BING. No. 1 South Clark-Bt. Miscellaneous* TTTANTED—MEN IN EVERY, TOWN. COUNTY, VV and State, to soil our nftw button-hole cutter and noodle-threading thimble. Agedta that wish tbe'goods will saro money and time by£uylag direct of Urn manu facturer*, at 99 Boat Madlioo-st., Room 6. TTTANTED—COMMERCIAL TRAVELERS OF ALL 'V V tradoa who desire a specialty, to soli on commission to address P. O. Boa 23, Nando, 111. • TTTANTBD-A BOY PROM 10 TO 10 YEARS OF VV ago living with hla parents. Inquire at 28 North Clark-Ht. * ■ ■ *\ITANTED—LIFE INSURANCE SOLIOITORS., B. VY FRUSSINO, 143 Bast Randolph*!. .... TTTANTED-INTELLIQKNt MEN, AT 'LEAST R PT, VV 6 Inches high, for U. S. Army, at 83 North Canal-at. WANTED— ACTIVE MAN WHO UNDKR •tanda grain, seeds, etc.,, and Is accustomed to Belling on Board of Trade, (o take salary or Interest iu a commission house. .Address, with real name and rotor onooa, 0 03, Tribune oflloo. ■ ! TITANTED—OFFICE BOY AT F. E. OANDA ft VV Go’s, 79 South Olark-st. ; TITANTHD—AN EXPERIENCED CITY OANVAS ■VV eor. Will pay salary to good man. Address WM. ft A. W. WHEELER., 916 South Stato-lt. • Tlf ANTED—SALESMEN LOOKING FOB EMPLOY VV moot win do wellto addrosa BRADLEY ft CO., 773 Carroll-st., Chicago. • WANTBD-13 MORE MEN FOR THE OITY AND ono for every unoccupied county lo all tho States to aell ouc three universal and fast soiling articles at a profit •of 3M pnr cent; no business in tho universe pays bettor; men and women mako from $9 to $47 a day. Call and In vestigate, or Bond lor sample free. A. BAY, Room 8, 35 West Lako-st. \ITANTED—M FIRST-CLASS WAITERS (WHITE), VY at the now Sherman House. Call tbia morning. WANTED— MEN—BIGGEST CHANGE EVER Of fered to make money. A farmer cleared $63 Joat week. One young man made $37 in throe days, above all expenses. If you want to make money, don't, fall to call at Ifl East Maalsoa-at. , Room 5» WANTED — CANVASSERS TO SELL BUTTON bnIo cutters, glass cutters, oto. Bare money by call, tug before buying. A. M. KIUIIAIVDSQN, ll^Maulsoa. TXrANTKD-OANVASSERS ON SALARY OR COM vv Jiilapliin. SUTTON A MONTAGUE, 171 East Uadl son-st,, Room 9., 3 to 5 p.m. WANTED-BOY ABOUT IQ YEARS OLD, ACTIVE and trusty; oao who lives with his parents preferred. Address, with references, O 67, Tribune office. WANTED-« GOOD RESTAURANT.WAITERS, atLURCKY A MILAN’S, 167 and 169 East Madl- Boa-Bh - WANTED— AN ASSISTANT PHYSICIAN WHO has knowledge of pharmacy; ho must bo single and steady; ono who speaks French and German preferred; references required. Apply Dr, B.BUIARD, 189 South Uftlslod-st. . lirANTKD—MEN GUT OP EMPLOYMENT TO W callou JONES ACO.. 71 Sooth Caaol-st. ©3O to ©lO a week sure money. ‘T\rANTED—I SALESMEN TRAVELING FORBOOT VV and shoe houses to sell over gaiters in connection, on commission. OailatVSKastWashlngten-st., for throe days, ' • WANTED-A YOUNG OR MIDDLB-AOKD MAN, VV withßsoor 876. to travel; sl3 per week and ox pontes. Audroas CLINTON, Tribune offloo. 1 WANTED—A GOOD BOY TO ATTEND TO BATH VY rooms and shop. Inquire at tho Orient Hotel Hair- Grossing and Bathing Rooms. 287 Booth State-st. WANTED-A SMART, ACTIVE SALESMAN; ONE V V acquainted with sewing machines preferred. Apply at Room 3, 35 West Lako-st. . ■ . ■'IATANTED-3 THOROUGH ADVERTISING OAN YV vassen to-dayv Rone hut exporioneod wen need ap ply. 83 South Joltortoo-st. nirANTED-A SMART SALESMAN, WITH ©25; VV con make S2OO per month. Northeast corner Clinton and Washington-st., Room 37, from 9 tq It a. iu. TXrANTBD - AN ACTIVE MAN WITH ©4OO TO 'VV lako hall Interest in a good legitimate business. Ad dress E 33. Tribuno ollico. • WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domestics. TVFANTBD—A GOOD OJRL AS COOK AND LAUN VV dross In a private family. Apply at 890 Moblgan-aV WANTED-AT 84 TW ENTY-8 ECOND bT., A GIRL VV that understands cooking; to ono that aulcs tbo best of wages paid. ■ ' ‘ANTED—GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work. Apply at liM West Adams-Bt, ’UTANTED-A GIRL TO DO WASHING AND IRON YV ing; wages 920 per month; must sloop out. Apply Immediately at 470 Wabash-av, •- WANTED-A PROTESTANT GIRL TO OOOK, wash, and iron In a private family. References re quired. Apply at 431 West Jaokson-at. VifANTED-A GIRL FOR GENERAL IIOUSBWOSK VV ot 854 WoatHarrlson-st. ■ . • 11TANTED—A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUBE > Y work for a family of four. Call at M 6 ButterfloTd-st, 'ANTED-AT” w" DOUOLAtiPLACE, and second kUIi *o®«* u*imw \\TANTEP-A GOOD QlilL TO COOK, WASH, AND W iron; Scotch. Bwodo, or Gorman preferred. 5H9 Doaglas-placo, comor Pralrlo-ay. *IxrANTBI>—A GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND Vr ironor, at 83 Twenty-second st. WASTBD-A COMPETENT GIRL TO DO GEN. Vl eral housework la a family of three adults. Refer* euooatoqultod. Apply at 668 West Washing ton-si. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO 1)6 GENERAL VV housework In a very small family, Uoforeaoo* re quired. Apply at 16 Bhmop-oourt. ' T. WANTED—A GOOD SECOND GIRL AT 838PRAI VY rlo-av. Rofnrenooa roipilrod. WANTED-A SWEDE OR GERMAN GIRL TO DO VV general housework; must bo olcan and neat. Ap* ply at Ilia Wahaah»av, WANTED-A GIRL FOR KITCHEN, ALSO A GIRL for second work. Inquire at 713 Wabaah-qv. ANTED—A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work, to go to Evanston; family of (our. Good wa. gos will bo paid. Apply at 79 Uonore-st., West Hldu. IXTaNTRD—AT Bfß west randolph-st., two VV girls forgeneral housework. WANTED-A OiUL X'OR GENERAL HOUSEWORK VY lu small family. 707 Jackson-at. ANTKD-A GOOD COOK. APPLY AT 83 ABU laml-ar.i noarfllsdlaon-at. T WANTED—AT 17 LAFUN-HT,, NEAR BISHOP 1 1 Court ilotol, a second girl who can sleep at homo. W ANTED- A~G IRL FOR KFrOHKN AND DINING, if room work. Apply at Holly Trea Culfoo lun, IBS Hast Monroo.flt. WANTED-AT 333 WEST RANDOLPH-ST., ONE YY first-class cook; none other need apply. . WANTED - A COMPETENT GIRL TO DO GEN* it oral homework, at Eli West Jackson-st. WANTED-A COOK IN A PRIVATE FAMILY; YY good wages paid. Alsu woman to wash and Iron two days each week. Apply at 213 Luku-ar., 2 blocks south of Thlrty-nimh-st. WANTED-A GIRL FOR GENERAL HODSKWOBK \V lu small family. n« children; German or Norwegian preferred. Call at tap Huhbard-st. WANTUD-A 6TBADY OIBL OR WOMAN TO do the work for » »maU famfiy four at our summer homo, new: VfathlogUwt Height* • Cali at U3 and u* bomb Wntor-st, 1 - •tmU <th floor, Rooo4t* WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Sofimfttrossoß. WANTED -A FlnBT-OLA63 OPERATOR ON Wheeler A Wilson sowing machine, at No, 1343 Indlana-av. TATANTHU-25 DRKSSMA KERS FOR FIRST.CLAHS W wnrk at MAWDUL BROS., State and Liar* mion-ste. ‘ ANTED—AIJIRL TO SEW AT DRESSMAKING, inquire at 77 Twcnty-fourth-st. WANTED— THREE FIRST-CLASS OPERATORS on Whmdor A Wilson Machlnft (nnno others need ap ply) at FIELD, LRII’ER A CO.'S .Manufacturing Do. partmoni, corner Twentieth and State-sis* ■ ■ LnniulrosgOH. WANTED-TWO good washers and two ft first-class shlrt-lmnors.' Como tlili morning pro* pared to work at 83 Woat Adnms-st. HmuolroeDera, WANTED-A RELIABLE WOMAN AS HOUSE tf .koopor, good cook, to do tho work of a small family near Washington Heights. Apply to 118 and 116 South Water-st. ■ 1 ■WANTED-A RESPEOTADLB PERSON OAPAHLH ft of keeping bouse for an elderly gontloman. Refer cnees required. Address K'44, Tribune oflloo. Mminors. .WANTED-A FIRST-OLAfIS MILLINER. APPLY VV to Mu. H. WEOK, W East Klnzlo-at, - * ■ MisooUnneona. YirANTED-A GOOD PLAIN COOK IN STEVENS* ft bakery and colfoo-houso, 29 SouthCanal-st. Wa les, st>. . .. • -- • _ WANTRD-ONR POWKIULOOM HAND (WOMAN), VV A. 0.-GARFIELD A CO.. SUN.and 34U.ake.Bf. SITUATIONS WANTED —MALE. Booldcoopors. Clerics, &o. CITUATION WANTED—A MIDDLE-AGED MAN, O with 20 years’ experience In every branch of the drag, paint, and glass trade, a graduate of tho Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, ooalrosnaltnnilon., Address.oß3, Tribune oflloo. . CITUATION WANTED—AS BOOKKEEPER, BHIP- Q Ping, or receiving clerk ; good references: 7 years' ox penance. Address K 69, Tribune oUioo. CITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GERMAN Q man, as traveling (or In house) salesman for acme wholesale drugglaU’ sundries or fancy goods house: . has a good trade in this city and country; can give boat olty ref* eronca. AddressB80, Tribune office. i •- - • CITUATION WANTED A YOUNG' MAN WHO Q speaks English and Gorman well, and acquainted with all branohea of the dry goods trade In this olty, .Wiscon sin, and lews, wishes a situation as clerk, traveling ci city salesman; tho best of city.reforonces given. Address LEOPOLD, B§fl West Lako-st. • SITUATION WANTED —BY A SCANDINAVIAN dry goods clerk; Hats worked two row* In one place, and hare s largo acquaintance In ttio city. Addrost K 42, Tribune office. _ : Trades. QITUATION -WANTED—BY A OONFBOTIONKII O and l\r*t-clsss Ico-cresm maker, with the rory bait of recommendations. Ploaee address E 66, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, A steady job required, atgralnor, and can do plain sign writing. AddressK7p, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-TO ARCHITECTS AND D bnildori—By a praotioal carpenter aa foreman, or will iiko trimming to any amount. Address K 41, Tribuoo ufleo. < 'QITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG .MAN AS O plotnroframo Joiner, Can fit up. Willing toad taco the country. Address GEORGE BRUOKJHAN, 246 Bast Klnilo-st. . . . QITUATION WANTED—AS FIRST-CLASS OAR -3 rlage body maker. Address 0. HANSON, Box 16U9, .Madison,Wis. ■ ■ ■ ■ : , QITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN; HAS O ' had two yean* eipsrtonoo in harness shop; la- willing to work on smalt salary. Addrots 2 46, Tritmneofllce. QITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, WHO p can furnish' the best of roferooco, as an operator in a first-class photograph gallery; alto understands tho.huil nogs of photographic supplies and bookkeeping;’ Address ROBERT TaßtU ft CO., 74 East MacUsou-at., Ohi oago, 111, . ' Coachmen, Toamntcrg. &cu QITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AND p wife, the man as coachman and aardoner; hlawlloa thorough English cook. Address OD, 646 Araold-at. SITUATION WANTED-BY A STEADY AND RR. Uablo colored man. to take caro of bones, drlvo-and make himself useful In private family. Address. R 40, Tribune office.' . . - QITUATION WANTED—AS COACHMAN OR IN A p wholesale storo by a rnipoclablo young man. Dane, -who la highly recommended. Address Y 46, Tribune otßeo. QITUATION WANTED-BY A BOY 17 YEARS OLD O to care for hnraoa and mako himself useful. Address 2 40,.Tribune office. SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE Domestics- QITUATION WANTED—BY TWO GIRLS, TO DO pebamber work and dining room work. Apply at 971 Dtato-st. ■ QITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL TO DO HOUSE. O work in a respectable private family, at 133 Sampson st., in the rear. ■ ... QITUATIONS WANTED-BY A YOUNG GERMAN O girl and a middle-aged woman, one to do house. work, tho other to take caro of children. Inquire at 283 Ohi. csgo-av. QITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXCELLENT VJ Swedish cook, either in a private family, hrat-otaas boarding-house, or hotel. Call, for two days. At 565 Ohi cago-av. - SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD GIRL IN A private family. Call at, or address, 137 Fonrth-av. QITUATION WANTED—IN A PRIVATE FAMILY p to do general housework or aocond-work. Call at hot last place, IB Oalumot-av. ■ QITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO FIRST-CLASS O girls, onoaicook amt ttoo other an second’ girl; the boat of reference given. Please call at 891 South Dos plainevst. SITUATION WANTED-BV A RESPECTABLE woman aa cook, wash and Iron. Wishes to go into a amall private family. Call at No. 820 South Park-ar. ■ITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG GIRL A3 > chambermaid or dining-room girl In a respectable jtel. Write or call at Arnold-st., South Side. B. . SULLIVAN. OITUATIONS WANTED—TOGETHER BY TWO O good girls, ono for second work, tho other for dining room; City references. Address IS and 18 Eldridgo court.. SITUATION WANTED—BY A • RESPECTABLE girl to do second work fa private family. Good reference given. Plooso call or addres O M, 845 Con tro-av. • ’ __ • Q ITUATION WANTED—BY A GOOD GERMAN O girt to do second work. SM Notlb Larabao-st; SITUATION WANTED—BY A GOOD GIRL AS cook, washer, and ironer. Can bo Boon for 2 days at IWMathor-st., between HaUted and Dosplainoa. Can giro the best of oity reference, • Seamstresses. SITUATION WANTED-DY A YOUNG LADY TO do plain sowing, in private family. Can furnish ma chine. References given. Apply At 933 South Olark-st., near Twonty-flrst-st. QITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT DRESS. O maker to go oat in families by the day. Good refer. sums as to ability. Terms moderate. Apply at Q& Ful toa-st. ’ Norses. C ITUATION Wanted—BY A PROFESSIONAL O woman ourso. ■ Call as 238 Oalamot-av. - Honßokoopers. CJITUATION WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER FOR O eonio respectable family; good references given. Ad dross L U, 190 South Poona-st. - Employment Apoaoion,. '" CJITUATIONS WANTED—AT TUB STAR BMPLOY- O meat Office, N0.6 West Madlson-st., for cooks and chambermaids, on tho lakes; also, for throe restaurant order, and hotel cooks and girls of ovory nationality for all branches of housework. Branch office, 126 WeatMon roo-st. Miscellaneous. D ITUATION WANTED—BY AN AMERICAN WOM. O an to travel in tho card of children or an invalid. Ad. dross ALICE, Tribuno office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL AS clerk In a bakery, confectionery or cigar store. Ref eroucos If required. Call or address 181 North CurtU-Ht. QITUATION WANTED -BY A FIRST-CLASS O woman cook In a restaurant or private boarding-bouso. Address 137 Fonrth-av. • : PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNHR TV ANTED—A REAL ESTATE TWM doing a good and safe business will teko a partner S either active or silent) for a ono-thlrd ■ Interest. with :ao,(X)0 cash, and guarantee $5,000 per annum on tbe In vestment, with security; references exchanged; none but principals giving real name la conihlonus ami having ready cash need answer. Address K 31, Tribuno office. PARTNER WANTED—WITH 93,000, TO BUN A good theatre In the city. Address OL, caro Frea m W»Ml>lngt<»n.ut A^GOOD PARTNER WANTED-A SMALL CAPITAL WILE, boy half Intoroatln a first-class saloon, with billiards; Rood chance for tho right man. Address 129 North Wolls-et. _ "PARTNER WANTED—WITH SBOO, CAN HEAR OP X good chance la an established, pleasant, and safo business, with largo profits; location first-class. Address 0 28, Trtbonoolllog. ' ' ■PARTNER WANTED—THE ADVERTISER UAV, X log a stamped contract with a largo European glova ruanufaotaror, Is wishful to moot a gonllcraoa with capi tal to assist him in carrying on the business, tlrst-class city roforonces, and some capital will bo Invested by ad vertiser. Address Q 69, Tribune ofllco. •PARTNER WANTED—IN TUB BUTCHER BUS, X iiiosas best stand onLako-st.s ho will be rooulrcd to have S2OO cash. Inquire at F. OWENS' Market, 097 West Lako-st. ‘ PARTNER WANTED—WITH FROM $3,000 TO X $6,000, In a well-established and protlUblo foundry business, which tho proprietor desires to onlargo. riia most sat sfaotory roforencos and guarantees glrim. uau on or address A. U. BALDWIN, Room 80, I'aUaiUo;*^ IJAIiTNKn WANTKD-WTU SiW. IH.A, K?iP X business; profilslsrgo; no risk to run. SlUnlon-st., comor of Washington. PARTNER WANTED—I HAVE A HOTBfc ALL X furnished, and want a partner, with fthtWcash. to join mo In running tho aamo. Address K 70, Irlbuno oflloo. P A SS.?n WK ffif: oii orluiico In an Eastern oily; can give best of ref-, CSSis.M 1., vvjUnjioyw.riit nto. VAN, jfcooin 17, llarnos Ifouse, Chicago. TviWPNKR *WANTED—WITH S6O TO ACT All 1? cashier in a legitimate busluoss. Call on HAIITT, ial Clark-st. _ - - MUSICAL. AVGwfniLABSE! AN O FOR SALE OR EX* otiaugo for u stock of domestic ami Imported. Cigars, valued at S2OO. ImpilroatWl Buttortlold-st. iSIANOS TO RENT AND FOR SALE. LOWEST X prices In tho city. Call and oxamlno before purchas ing alsuwhoro. Tuning and repairing at lowest rates. N;QOOLD A SON. IS Collage Grota-av. (tt.OAa -WILL BUY A GOOD TONED 1 OOTAVB rosewood piano, with an Kollan attachment; la fact It Uan organ anil Plano combined la one. All lq oomploW order; carved m» t and caie, »l Pork-at. 7

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