Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 29, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 29, 1873 Page 8
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8 FOREIGN. The Derby Races—England's ' National Gambling Day. Terrible Boiler Explosion in Brussels —Fourteen Lives Lost. Newfoundland’s Ultimatum to tho Atlantic Cable Company. Rumored Proposition to Confirm MaoMahon for Pive Tears. GREAT BRITAIN. London, May 28.—Tho annual summer moot ing at Epsom oommoncod yesterday. Tho groat racing event of the year, a run for tho Derby ■tokos, takes place to-day. Tho morningoponod with Indications of rain, but tho clouds ore now breaking, and the prospects are' good for a fino day. Tho exodus of Londoners from tho olty commonoed early this morning, and tho trains to Epsom woro. crowded to their utmost capacity, and on tho carriago roads aro continuous liu6s Of vehicles of all descriptions loaded with visit- Dts to tho races. In London but Uttlo business is being demo, as everybody who can got away from tho city has left tor Epsom. Lateb—The raco for the Derby stakes was won by Doncastor. Tho run for tho second Slaco in tho raco for tho Dorby stakes ' was a oad boat botwoon Gang Forward and Kaiser. The bottlng Just beforo tho start was 40 to 1 against Doncaster, 7 to 2 against Kaiser, and 2 to 1 against Gang Forward. Twolvo horses ran. Tho raco was finely contested. All tbo animals started Well together, Boadroll loading to Tot tenham Comer. At tho distance of 200 yords from tho finish, Doncastor, Gang Forward, and Kaiser woro nearly abreast. When 100 yards from tho stand Doncastor spurted and came in aboad amid tbo wild ohooring of the multitude, winning tho rabo by half a length. Timo, 2 minutes, 60 seconds. Austin Byron Bidwoll, tho alleged bank forger, was brought up at Guildhall to-day. Formal testimony was takon establishing his identity, and ho was remanded to jail. In tho libel case of O'Keefe vs. Archbishop Cullen, tho plaintiff was* awarded ono farthing damages. A bill has boon filed In chancery against tho Anglo-American Cablo Company, to prevent tho amalgamation of its-fctock with that of tho New foundland and French Atlantic Telegraph Com panies. SPAIN. ■Madrid, May 28.—Tho Government army In the north, commanded by General Nouvilos, boa received reinforcements and marched for Oalan da, in pursuit of the Carlist force under Tristany, The Garlista are blockaded in manufactories m the town, tho insurgents having out the canal which furnishes tho wator*powor. Oacela promulgates a decree which pro hibits the granting hereafter, or use in oflloiol documents of titles of nobility. The Bopublicons have sent deputations to Espartero, urging him to accept the Presidency, Tho Spanish Government has authorized the creation of another society for tho abolition of alavory in Porto Rico. The Carlist Chief JDorrogaray is marching on Logrona with a large force. The National troops are concentrating ta attackhimboforelio reaches the city. FRANCE. Paris, May 28.—Tho Conservatives intend to propose a law, making tho President irresponsi ble to the Assembly for his acts. It is rumored that a motion will be made in the Assembly to proclaim a Republic and confirm MaoM&hon as President for a term of five years. •CANADA. Sr. John’s, N. F., May 28.—Tho Newfound land Government have notified the Now York, Newfoundland & Loudon Telegraph Company that they will abandon their pre-emption right if tho Company will abandon tholf monopoly Of landing cables on tbo Newfoundland. If not, they will exercise their pre-emptive right. Qdeoeo, May 28.—The recent heavy rains have swelled tho nvers, and caused .an immense destruction of property. Tho Gosford Railroad bridge, over tho Jacques Cartier River, is re ported swept away; also, the Government dam at tho mouth of the fit. Maurice River, and 'a number of extensive saw-mills. Toronto, Out., May 28.—Tho body of W. H. Jacques, a* well-known forwarder, of this oity, was found in tho Bay this morning. Ho disap peared on Monday night, and os his watch and other valuables are missing, foul play ia sus pected. Halifax, N. 8., May 28.—1t is impossible to state the precise condition of the Drummond colliery, or estimate tho damage sustained under ground. It is believed that tho fire Is under control now. and will bo subdued before long. $9,000 have been subscribed in Halifax, Pictou, and Now Glasgow for tho relief of tho widows and orphans at Westvillo. MEXICO. Kexo York Herald Special, Cnr op Mexico, May 20, via Bbownsville, May 28. —The Mexican Congress organized as an Electoral College, and has declared Yglosias elected to tho Chief Justiceship, which is equiv elant to tho Vico Presidency. Tho yellow fever is raging in Yucatan. _ BELGIUM. Bbubbelb, May 28.—A terrible boiler explosion occurred in a crowded workshop hero to-day. Fourteen persons wore killed outright and m&ny injured, some of whom will die. CUBA. Havana, May 28. —Tho insurgents attacked the town of Guanaja on Sunday. Tho garrison aided by a gunboat in tbo harbor made a vigor ous defense, and tho assailants wore obliged to withdraw. TURKEY. Constantinople, May 28. —Thirty houses have been destroyed by conflagration in Stamboul. Tho Labor Question* Boston, May 28.—Tho Boston Eight-Hour League, at a mooting to-day, discussed resolu tions which anticipate that tho voting power of the masses will bo openly and covertly assailed in the next Constitutional Convention with propositions to qualify tho suffrage, increase the taxes, reduce tho number of officers elected by the people, and that an aristocracy of wealthy HApitMin.-- y> *^...... «i til wi M tW lu bLuwu bigh-handod usurpations. The only hope for purer elections, Incorruptible legislation, loss violence, crime, and misrule, is tho reduction of tho hours of labor, wherever public opinion and legislation can properly interfere. After a few minor amendmonts’tho resolutions wero adopted. New Youk, May 28.—Everything was quiet among tbo carpenters to-duy, and tho employers and employed look at tbo situation from a com mon sense stand-point. Largo numbers have already obtained tho eight-hour system, and others will probably follow, but tbo movement cannot become universal, ns thoro aro so many unemployed men ready to work ten hours. Tho recent proposition of tho builders to the Car penters' Society, to make a “nine-hour"com-' promise at tho present rate of wages, to last for five years, has been rejected. Boston, May 28.—Tho sugar-refiners have completed arrangements to dispense with the services of tho Union coopers altogether. The lowa Editors* Dubuque, lowa, May 28. —^Tho lowa Proas As sociation moots at Cedar Rapids on the 10th of June, and the President, T, F. Troyuor, of Council Bluffs, gives notice that all tuo lowa railroads will furnish free transportation to members ot % tho Association and their wives going to and'roturuiug from the annual mooting at Cedar Baplds. Tho Chicago & Northwestern Company havo signified their willingness to take the whole party to Chicago, whence tho members can return home by either of tho other roads loading into tho State, or they can return to Cedar Rapids, and thence go homo. Circulars have boon Issued to all the editors in tbo State, explaining tho proper persons to whom application Is to be made for passes. It Is thought that tho affair will resolve itself into an excursion, and visit Chicago. Tho Judicial Contest* Special Ditpalch to The Chicago Tnburu. Peobia, 111., May 28.—The latest dodge of the iodlclal canvass Is a letter which appeared in tho jDfmwnraU a Craig paper, of this oUr this mom- Ing from John Colton, of Galesburg, In -which hooomofllout for Lawronoo, claiming that tho kttor ta for railroads. Tho object of tho letter, which is to injure Lawronco by Connecting hie name with this railroad jobber, is so plain that no ono who has will bo deceived by It. It is 100 evident that Oolton declares for Lawrence for tho purpose of defeating him. RELIGIOUS. Illinois State Sabbath-School Conven- tion. Special Dttpatch to The Chicago JVf6un«. BftiUNonEUf/ 111., May 28.—Unbounded en thusiasm bos characterized tho Contention to day. Tho exorcises have boon Intensely inter esting, and bavo drawn together immense c6n grogntions. The exceedingly fine weather add* to the general onjoymont> to whloh tho generous hospitality of the citizens of Springfield also very materially contributes. ITho crowning ex ercise of tills morning was tho Blblo-lcsson, led by the Hot. Dr. Goodwin, of Chicago, on "Tho Blood of Christ." J3o cnWrapt wore tho delegates that, at tie close, they spontaneously burst into singing "Thoro is a Fountain Filled with Blood. In the aftottlbbn tho Bov. John Gordon, of Chicago, led an earnest Biblo-losson on "Tho Seven Cities of Refuge,” which received, and merited, serious attention. Gov. Beveridge fob lowed with a cheering exhortation to the dole? gates to persovoro ami faint not in their good work. E. D. Jones, of Bt. Lome, and tho ven erable Stephen Paxton, of Missouri, also deliv ered encouraging addresses. Tho last exorcise Of the afternoon was a Biblo-losson on "Tho LoVo of God," led by B. F. Jacobs, of Chicago. It was & calm, rich indication of the matchless love of God toward all who trust in Rim, and mado a doop and Tory evident impression upon tho congregation. Tho nominating committee reported tho fol lowing additional officers for the ensuing year: Executive Committee—"B. P. Jacobs* Chicago: Will iam Reynolds, Peoria \ K* Barrel], Aurora :_O. Lcacb, Jr.. QaiMburg ; P. L. Thompson. Cairo ; Thomas 8. Ridgeway, Shawneotown, and J. F. Culver, Pontiac; State Sccretary—3. P. Moore, Bloomington. Statistical Secretary —E. Payson, Porter. Recording Secretary —W. H. Payne, Jersoyvillo. The evening session drew out an immense audience. William Reynolds, of Peoria, who was to have boon ono of the speakers, was called- homo* by sickness In his fam ily. Tho Bov. J. H. Vincent, of Now York, howovor,, filled all gaps, and loft no disappointment by hia admirable address on tho "Church of the Future." It was replete with pathos, hulnor, apt scriptural quotations, and, magnetic eloquence. For an hour or more ho ' enchained tho vast audience. Tho excellent Suartotte of singers from tho First Baptist hurch of Chicago, lod by G. B. Stebblns, then sang tho "Invitation Hymn to tho Prodigal," whioh so affected tho congregation that another hymn hod to bo givon before attention Was given to tho next speaker, tho Bov. Mr. Barnes, of Bloomington, who gave on eloquent account of tho rocont wonderful rovival in that city, after whioh tho Convention adjourned until to-mor row, the throe sessions of which will bring the proceedings to an dnd. State Congregational Association* Special Dispatch'to The Chicago Tribune. Elgin, 111.,' May 28.—Tbo thirtieth annual mooting of the Congregational Association as sembled in this olij this evening. Tho city is full of delegates from all parts of tho State. Be tween two and three hundred are in attendance. Tbo Informal meeting was held this evening, in tbo Congregational Church. It was opened by a song of welcome, written for tho Association by Prof. Bliss, of Gnioago. Tho sermon was deliv ered by tho Rev. H. M. Daniels, of Winnebago, on tho third verse of tho Epistle of Judo, on oontondidg for tho faith once delivered to tho Saints. Ho was appointed at the last annual mooting, by a committee of which tho late Father Clark was Chairman. His allusion to tho death of this older brother was very pathetic, Tho subject was suggested by tho debate at tho last meeting on the liberal condition of membership in tho churches. The aim of tho preacher was to sot forth tbo funda mental principles of the Gospel on tho faith of tho Saints. The essential doctrine was tho manifestation of God in tho flesh as the Savior of men. Tho Association will be organized for business to-morrow morning. A number of dis tinguished persons from a distance are in at tendance, among tbom Dr. Storrcs, of Now York: Dr. Treat and the Rev. Hr. Walker, of tho Afri can Mission. The Presbyterian Assembly* North* • Badtimorb, May 28.—Tho Presbyterian Gen eral Assembly mot in formal session this even ing. Dr. Crosby, tho Moderator, on taking the obair, announced tho death, in this city, at 11 o'clock this morning, of Elder James H. Rogers, a delegate to this Assembly from tho Presbytery of Freeport, Synod of Illinois, North. Prayer was offered by the Rev. E. G. Tburber. Dr. Roll, of Lyons, N. Y., offered a resolution, that an overture in tho following words bo sent down to tho Presbytery, viz.: “ Would it bo advisable to engraft a sytem of transferring ministers from one field to another in the church polity ?” Laid on tho table. The Hey. Mr. Bulkloy made & short address, bearing testimony to the virtue and Christian character of Elder Rogers, whoso death had been» announced, and the Assembly appointed a com- •• mittee to prepare a minute to be placed in tbo i records ox the Assembly relative to the deceased, and be transmitted to his family. The Modor-' ator then road the precept formally dissolving the Assembly, and ordering the next Assembly t to convene at St. Louis on the third Thursday in May next, after which bo delivered a brief address, returning thanks to the members for their confidence and good order maintained, concluding with prayer and bene diction. The Assembly then dissolved. Its de liberations throughout wero marked with the most harmony and fraternal feeling. Many of tho members loft for their homos to-night. Tbo Virginia Baptists* Richmond, Va., May 28.—Tho Baptists of Vir-» gima commenced tho celebration of the semi-' centennial of tho organization of their General Association to-night. Over 1,700 delegates and several thousand visitors aro in tho clty, Tho Association was organized by tho election of tho Rev. Dr. J. L. M. Curry, President. Addresses woro made by tho Hon. Horatio Gatos Jones, of Pennsylvania; tho Rev. Mr. Freeman, of Illinois; tho Rev. Mr. Walker, of West Virginia, and others. The reg ular memorial exercises take place, to-morrow, In the Tabernacle erected for the purpose, capa ble of seating 0,000 persons. United Brethren, Dayton, 0., May 28.—Tho twelfth day's ses sion of tho United Brethren Conference con vened at half-past 8 this morning, Bishop Dick son in the chair. The twelfth item of tho report on lay delegation was taken up. After the pro posal of several amendments, the hearing of arguments, occupying tho greater por tion of the forenoon, tho original paper was adopted. At half-post 11 tho Con ference adjourned, to meet at half-past 7 to night, for the purpose of visiting the Soldiers* Home, whoro they woro handsomely received by bUo uffluoia aud voltuaits. Colored Christian Church* Cincinnati, May 23.—Tho convention of tbo Colored Branch or tbo Christian Curch, at Lex ington, adjourned to-day. Tho last business was tho passage of a resolution requiring all mem bers married under tho slave regime, or living together under tho slavery custom, to havo the marriage solemnized under tho present Stnto law. Kentucky Episcopalians* Cincinnati. May 20.—Tho Protestant Epis copal Convention at Lexington, Ky., spent the day in general business, and tho evening in dis cussing tho Sabbath-school question. Indiana Sabbath-School Convention*. Indianapolis, May 28.— A State Convention of Sabbath-school workers will bo held at Ander son, Ind., from tho Od to 6th of Juno. Arrange ments for reduced fore havo hoou made with most of the railroads. Missouri Episcopalians* St. Louis, May 28.—Tho Twenty-third Annual Convention of the Episcopal Dioccsoof Missouri has been in session hero to-day, and to-night a reception is being hold at the residence of Bishop Robertson. American Tract Society. Boston, May 28. —Tho American Tract Society to-day elected the old Board of Oillcors. Now Jersey Episcopalians* Newark, May 28.— 1n tho Now Jersey Annual Episcopal Convention at Burlington, this morn ing. tho report of tho committee favoring tho division of tbo diocese was adopted by almost an unanimous veto. Ilallroad Nows* Geneva, HI., May 28.—1n tho case of tho Chicago A Pacific Hallway v. tho Chicago A Northwestern Railroad Company for the con demnation bv tbo former of a coition of the ’-THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: THURSDAY, MAY 2D f 1873. right of way of tho latter Company In tho City of Elgin, tho Jury rendered a verdict of SIO,OOO damage in favor of the Chicago A Northwestern, and of $254 in favor of Qoslyn. This ease has boon on trial for the past two weeks, and has attracted much attention, being tho first case of this character over tried in this State. Special DUpateh to The Chicago Tribune. New Madison, 0., May 28.— A largo and en thusiastic railroad mooting was hold hero to-day, In the interest of the proposed Cincinnati, Eaton & Union City Boilroad. Union City, Pal estine, Eldorado, and Eaton wore fully repre sented. Articles of Incorporation wore drawn and forwarded to Columbus. Tho capital stock was plAood at s4oo,tm Subscription books will bo opbnbd at once. This is tho fourth, mooting held boro this spring, in tho interest of this route, and our best citizens scorn determined to push the enterprise with groat vigor. NEW YORK. IKocovorod llomli»Tlic Atlantic flank —importations—immigration -« xho Train Cato—Gxoitna of Thieves—An niversary Parade Uliscollaneuos NoWNi New York, May 28.— Mr. Qalo, of 681 Broad way, called at tho polico headquarters and stat ed that ho is a brother of Daniol Qalo. whoso bonds woro atolou from tho First National Bank, at Glenn's Falls, throo years ago, and ho thinks that thoso found on Brady woro a portion of tho stolon ouos; also that Elmoro Platt, A. W, Black, and Harriot P. ’ Baldwin, whoso bonds .woro stolon, resided at Glonn’s Falls at tho timo of tho robbery of this bank ; SIOO,OOO in bonds* woro takon, and this is the first oluo to thorn. Tho Cashier of this bank has boon tolQgraphod for to identify tho bonds. * ‘ Dutch Heinrich," tho notorious hank-rohbor, has boou ordered to tho Tombs Prison from tho Lunatic, Asylum on Ward’s Island, on tho ground that ho is only feigning insanity. . At a mooting of tho depositors of tho wreaked Atlantic Bank* a statement was road showing thoro was cash on hand amounting to $312,124, and trustworthy assets amounting to $137,000, making altogether about 70 por cont of tbo lia bilities. It Is stated, tbat a dividend of 80 or 40 por cont will bo declared within a short timo. - Tho bonded warehouses in this olty aro fillod with imported goods which tho importers do not find it profitable to tako oat, on account of tho high prico of gold and tho dullness of tho season. Tho Btook, Gold, Produce, Cotton, and other Exchanges will ho closed on Friday, Decoration Day being a legal holiday. Four thousand immigrants arrived yesterday. Judge Fanchor has givon an order for an in vestigation Into tho sanity of Georgo Francis Train, It ia stated that many professional thieves have loft for tho East ana west since tbo passage of tho act authorizing their arrest as suspicions characters. Col. late United States Consul at Oporto, was buried at Brooklyn yesterday. The Sunday-school anniversary parade in Brooklyn to-day, -was attended by the largest turnout of young people over known. They pa* radod in five divisions in different parts of tbo city, aggregating some 60,000, all dressed in gay colors, with flags, banners, and bands of music, After parade they adjourned to various churches, where re* froslunonts wore served. One division, compris ing oyer 16,000, paraded to Prospect Park, and an equally largo division on Clinton avenue. A shower during tho parade was an unfortunate feature, hut .(no residents opened their houses for tho shelter of tho little ones. The Woodhull-Olaflln obscene publication ease is sot down for tbo 2d of Juno. Henry Burns recovered SIO,OOO from tbo Ounard Company to-day, for four bales of goods delivered by their agent to tho wrong party. THE CHOLERA. A Statement by a New Orleans Paper* From the Kao Orleans Republican , May 24. ' Reports have been industriously circulated that cholera exists in this city in an opidemio form, which have had tbo effect to cause vessels from this city to bo quarantined in Havana, as well as to oxcito a groat deal of fear in some of tho Western cities. This feeling was intensified by a report that tbo steamer John Eilgoar, which loft this port for Cincinnati on tbo 17th instant, had lost three passengers by death from cholera. Of course tho prompt denial of the Captain of tho boat that such was tho case failed to over take and counteract tho flying rumor. It is true there have boon some fatal cases of cholera in this city during tho post six weeks, as the following statements of deaths will show : , Cholera Cholera Cholera Weekending — sporadic . tnorbu*. fitfmtatit. April 13 7 5 April 20 6 IS 6 April 27 10 11 8 May 4 20 18 12 May 11 11 6 5 May 18 21 8 12 74 63 43 In tho present week the following deaths have occurred: May 10. May 20. May 31.. May 22. Cholera 5p0radic........3 3 .. 1 Cholera morbua... Cholera Infantum. These are the naked statistics of death by cholera, as taken from the official returns in tho ofilco or tho Board of Health. From Dr. White, the President of tho Board of Health, wo have obtained such opinions con cerning the dread disease as he has been ablo, through his sanitary inspectors, examiners, etc., to form, as well as from intercourse with the principal practitioners in tho city, which opin ions wo proposo to give our readers, believing 1 that tho simple facta are loss dangerous than ■any attempt at palliation or disguise, out of ’ which aro euro to grow exaggeration and mis representation. Tho Doctor givos it as the result of his ex perience, observation, and inquiry, that tho symptoms in fatal cases oro not distinguishable from epidemic cholera. This is known to bo true of severe cases of cholera morbus, whoro no suspicion can bo entertained of opidomlo cholera, and it is well known that similar symp toms are presented in certain cases of malarial fever, congestive, or what is termed by French physicians as pernicious fovor. The diarrheal diseases now prevailing in Now Orleans are considered to differ from the true Asiatic cholera in tho exceedingly small propor tion of deaths to those taken sick, —certainly not over 0 nor cent of those attacked dying. In case of opidomlo Asiatic cholera these figures, would be reversed. No cose of propagation on routes of travel has occurred in tho ton weeks during which tho oases have boon occurring. Persons may have died elsewhere, possibly, of tho disease soon after leaving Now Orleans; but no other case of the disease arising from such case is known. This is certainly most unliko opidomlo cholera.' The most careful investigation shows no cases of the disease springing from other cases. Every case 'seems individually sporadic, arising from a gen eral condition acting very equally in all portions of tho city. , The disease seems local, engendered of local filth and climatic influences. If other communi ties aro to suffer, it will bo from action of simi lar causes, but not because tho disease is carried to them. About ton weeks ago, this disease made its ap pearance. It is now on tho doorcase. Its fatal effects have boon noted above. Had the disease assumed an opidomlo form, thousands of deaths would doubtless havo occurred. The customary annual inspections from house to house by tho Board of Health, through its military oflioera, havo boon this year dolayod on account of the frequently occurring outbreaks, which have necessitated tho calling m by the Su perintendent of Police of all oftloers on detailed service for active duty os policemen. But for this fact tho city would ore this havo boon placed in a bettor sanitary condition, and perhaps any manifestation of this disease might havo been prevented. Tho Police Board has, within a few days, de tailed a number of oillcors for duty with the Board of Health, and it is intended to push mat ters in tho next few weeks so rapidly as to place the city in a condition of absolute salubrity and hoalthfulnosfl. Suicide* Evansville, Ind., May 28.—Tho Journal has advices from IlowoavUlo, Ky., of tho suicide, on Tuesday, of Mrs. Hodden, an elderly lady of high respectability. Tho act was induced by ill-boalth and depression, caused by tho death of a daugh ter, who left throe young children dependent on her. She strangled herself, by winding a clothes line several times around her nook. New Yonn, May 28.—Buckley T. Benton, owner of tho Park Theatre, Brooklyn, commit ted suicide this evening by shooting himself through tho heart. Ho had boon unwell for two weeks past. Telegraphic llrovlties* Emily Twist, a young lady slightly touched with insanity, throw herself under a passing train near Lima, Wis., on Tuesday night, ana was instantly killed. George Bundy, the Torre Haute agent of A. Y. Lawrence & Co., of Indianapolis, has disap- Soared under suspicions circumstances, and' ears are entertained that ho has been foully dealt with. Tho Trustees of Jeunlne’a Seminary. Aurora, in session yesterday, unanimously elected tho Bov. John Williamson, of Dixon, 111., Principal, In tho plaoo of Dr. G. W. Quoroau, resigned. Tho Third NaehviUo Industrial Exposition has boon announced to continue through tho first weok of Juno. Tho Grand Jury of 6t. Louis County, Mo., mado a report yesterday, whioh reflects very se verely upon tho mauagora of tho Hospital, tho Insane Asylum, and other Institutions, and is causing considerable oxoltomont. THE ATLANTIC WRECK. Now Horrors. A correspondent of tho Now York Herald, who has boon exploring in the neighborhood of the wreck of tho ill-fated Atlantic, tolls some hor rible stories of what ho has boon seeing there. Tho fishermen, It seems, have given tho appro priate name of 41 The Bill of Death" to tho lo cality where tho greater portion of tho victims bavo boon buried, and wo are told that tho dead lying beneath the sod in the dismal town of Prospect number more than the living inhabi tants. Tho writer says: 4 ‘ Tho graves, or trenches, In many oases aro scarcely deep enough to allow tho coffins to rest more than a fow inches below tbo earth’s sur face. Heavy rains have washed away what littlo oarth-covoring tboro was, and to-day thoro aro hundreds of tbo coffins exposed to viow. In many instances two bodies are crowded into a single box, and in somo cases even throe; and, in order to economize in tho way of spoco, they aro ofton placed in tho trenches two and tbroo deep. At tho foot of tho shabby graves and tho rude coffins aro'the modest tablets which record the painful sufferings and haroio deaths of hun dreds of bravo men, confiding women, and inno cent children. The total number of bodies re covered, of the 510 lost, Is 428. As near as can he ascertained, about a dozen of those missing are cabin passengers, and tbo rest are steerage. Of tho latter probably many more will bo re covered, but. as before stated. it Is very doubt ful if any of tho corpses of tho missing cabin passengers will over bo found. ? 44 Those rescued'from the vessel wero in many Instances so fearfully mutilated and bruised by coming in contact with tho drifting and surging cargo that it would have boon impossible for their most intimate friends to identify them. To spook of them as ghastly, repulsive, and hide ous conveys but a feeble Idea of tho sickening spectacles presented. Although hundreds bavo been picked up before, and harrowing and. pain ful scoboß had been for weeks abounding in tho vicinity, yet with almost every corpse recov ered there was something fresh and original in the horrors presented whloh it is impossible to forgot. Although used to snob scones, oven tbo divers could not witness them without dropping an involuntary tear of pity. Somo died with outstretched arms, as if grasping for a floating timber or helping hand to rescue thorn front a watery grave; there wero others with countenances rendered hideous and start ling by appearances of fright and anguish in their final struggle for life ; And tho supplicat ing gazo and wild, glassy eyes of nearly all seemed to appeal to Heaven alone for mercy and rescue from the threatening and terrible fate. Tho furious and augry sea which, for over a month, had washed the remains of those poor unfortu nates hero and there among the debris of the broken cargo could not destroy tho evidences of ihoir terrible fright and anguish when tho ship wont down. Although their forms wore, in many oases, tom almost literally to pieces, yet their countenances, if tho fooo was preserved, indicat ed a most determined struggle for life. One of tho divers found, in tho rigging, tho body of ono who was evidently a Gorman, with a 8-yoar old boy clasped in his arms. Tho littlo follow was clinging with all the tenacity of tho 41 death grip:" and tho fond father, it seemed, would not desert his kindred oven to save himself. An* effort was made to bring them to tho surface in tho same position as found, but tho burden was* too heavy, and tho diver first brought up the child and then the father, and the two are now sleeping in tho some rude coffin in ono of tbo Prospect cemeteries. Tbo bodies found out side of the wreck seem to have suffered more from depredations by fish than those found in tho vessel, although some of tho latter, taken out soon after the disaster, wore more or loss disfigured from this cause. Tho remains of a young woman wero picked up by a grapplor yes terday, and both eyes wore literally oaten from tbelr sockets, and a hugo lobster, still feeding upon and clinging to her nook, was only removed with great difficulty. It is tho theory of tho fishermen that lobsters and crabs aro tho only species of fish that will feast upon a dead body, and tbo lobster dealers maintain tho opposite theory. When tho fact was known that & lob ster bad been actually found devouring a corpse, ono of tho principal lobster dealers at Prospect approached tbo Herald reporter and re quested that ho would not publish the circum stance, remarking, with ‘evident concern, that it would have a tendency to ruin his business. The young woman who was thus being so slowly and surely devoured bod about £lO sterling sew ed up in a body-belt and strapped around her per son, and her jewelry ornaments consisted of .ft pair of heavy gold ear-rings, a pearl finger-ring, a small gold watch, and heavy nock-chain. Al though a steerage passenger, she was evidently a lady of more than ordinary refinement. It is well, perhaps, for her friends in a far-off land, who parted from her while she was beautiful in life, that they wore not permitted to gaze upon tbo ghastly ond.repnlsivo corpse as it was laid away with tho hundreds of others which this terrible disaster has famished. “ Tho other day, while some of tho voluntary wreckers—those who prowl around tho sunken vessel for plunder—wore fishing with their hooks for whatever they might find of value, ono of their number fastened upon what appeared from the feeling to bo a bale of dry goods. He tug- Sed and pulled away for a minute or two aud ion called another stalwart fisherman to help him. The united strength of tho two succeeded in bringing up fragments of a silk dross and lady’s underclothing. That they bad got hold of a body was certain, and with the stimulation of a twenty or fifty dollar toward, they renewed their efforts with groat vigor. After consid erable groping tho Hooks wore again mado fast, and with difficulty pulled to tho surface, but all they brought up was a lady’s shoo and stocking, ana the fragments of a delicate foot which bad been actually tom from the rest of the body. Further efforts to recover the body were mado, and finally a diver went down, but he could soe nothing of It. Probably tbo poor victim was bold fast by the cargo of tho wreck, and the final efforts of grapplora so loosened the body that tbo action of tho soa and heavy undertow soon afterwards released it entirely, and tho remains wore afterwards washed out to soa. “There are now nearly a dozen dodios of tho lost cabin passengers missing, and tho chances aro that few, if any, of tbom will ever be recov ered. There ore a few state-rooms which the divers have not yet been ablo to reach; but it is not generally believed that any bodies will bo found in tbom. When the ship struck the fatal rook, Oapt. W Ulloms notified all tho cabin and steerage passengers of the ponding danger, and ho believes all who wore in the cabin state-rooms escaped on tho dock and into tho rigging. If this is so, tho remains of those not already found have probably long elnco boon washed out to sea, and nothing mors will over be hoard or soon of thorn.’ 1 Spurgeon Declines to Como* Sptcial Dispatch to Ttu Chicago TYibuiie. Janesville, May 28. J. 8. Bliss, of this city, wrote to Spurgeon a short time ago offering him S9OO a Digut to lecture in the United States, un der his management, lor 100 nights. Mr. Spur geon replies as follows: Olapuau, London, May 10,1878, To J. S. IWea. My Dsau Sib: I am unable to viait tbo United States tend, moreover, lam no lecturer. To preach Jceuß Ohrlut simply lu a plain manner la all my ambi tion. Eloquence 1 leave to others, May you and your great country prosper vpdor the blousing of God. Yours very truly, 0. 11. Svuboboh. Drowning: of a Woman and Two of Her Children* JVom the Mtmeatint (fa.) Journal , May 27. By tbo Liberty (Mo.) Tribune of tbo Oth wo have an account of a sad calamity which bofol tbo family of Benjamin Williams, late of tbiu county. On the 30th of April, while immigrat ing in a wagon to Koneaa.ue attempted to ford the Fishing Bivor, near Liberty, but tbo stream was so high that the horses wore obliged to swim. They got across with tbo wagon in safety, but, having floated below tho road, the bank was so steep that they could not ascend it. Tbo horses turned around to go book, when tho wagon uncoupled and they separated item it, leaving tho entire familv in the wagon-box with tbo hind wheels. The wagon and contents were soon submerged, and tbo mother and throe chil dren souk under tbo angry waters, while Will iams, seising a boy of 4 years, swam to tho bank. Dropping his almost drowned child and throwing off his overcoat, ho pursued on ward to tbo rescue of tbo rest, tho current run ning at such a rapid rate that it was almost Im possible for him to koep up with it. Whilo run ning along tho shore, watching for the appear ance of some of tho bodies, ho, at a distance, saw his wife rise and sink for tho last time. lie then sprang into tho water, in hopes his wife would rise again, and at tbot moment his babo mode its appearance, which he succeeded in res cuing, being, as ho supposed, nearly lifeless. All further efforts to rescue the mother and the re maining children wore in vain, as they did not again appear. The citizens nf the uolghbor- hood, when informed of tho distressing affair, turned out and searched unceasingly tlll tlio bodies wore found. Tho mother was found tho next day, and tho little girls, aged 8 and 0 years, wore found on 'the fourth day. Tho two littlo boys, aged 4 years and 18 months respectively, wore kindly cared for by sympathizing strangers, and recovered sufficiently to proceed with their father on his mournful Journey. Benjamin Williams lived on a farm on tho Slough road, about seven mites west of this city, lie was part owner of tho place, in connection with his brother, John P. Williams, now an agent in tho Indian country. Benjamin Will iams* wife was a beautiful and intelligent young lady in this city a number of years ago, known as Fanny Collins, being tho daughter of Peter Collins, a Friend. She was 27 years of ago at tho timo of her death. CITY ITEMS; Tho body of Henry Parsons, who was drowned in Calumet Lake wlillo out boating last Tuesday afternoon, was recovered yesterday afternoon. It was removed to tho church at tho corner of Sophia and Mohawk streets, whore tho Coroner will hold an inquest to-day. A melancholy accident occurred yesterday afternoon at half-past 2 o’clock, In a stono quarry near tho Artesian Wolls, on tho West Hide. During tho process of blasting a ploco of stono, ono of tho blasts failed to go off. Be ing surrounded by numerous other blasts, and tho stono being broken, ono of tbo charges which failed to oxplouo was not observed. About ft half an hour after tho charges had boon put in, and while tho workmen wero handling tho pieces of stono which had been broken, tho blast wont off. A workman who was in tho vicinity named William Lange lus, of No. 86 Clarendon street, was struck in tho eyes by several pieces of stono, and Dr. ■Willard, tho attending physician, thinks ho will lose his sight. Tbo accident is made tho sadder by the foot that tho injured man has ft largo family dependent on him for support. Kansas Items. LawnEKOE, Kan., May 28.—Tho oxcosslvo rains all ovor Kansas bavo raised tbo streams to flood height. Tho Kansas Bivor is higher than for tbo past five years. Largo amounts of monoy bavo lately gone to Now York for tho payment of interest on tho dis trict school bonds, most of which falls duo Juno 1. An Omaha Scandal* Omaha, May 28.—Tbo Bee to-night gives an account of an oncountor between a sporting man of this city and a member of tbo Board of Edu cation, an ex-minister of the Baptist persuasion, whom the former accuses of too much friend* ship for his mistress. Tbo latter claims ho was trying to induce her to reform, with prospects of success, were ho not interfered with. Murdered by Negroes* Cincinnati, 0., May 28.— A Lexington, Ky., special says : George C. Alfred was murder ed at his residence, Washington Oounty, Ky., last night by two negroes inuis employ, named George Miller, and Ned Alfred. The murderers are supposed to have fled to Louisville. Mrs. Alfred offers SSOO for their apprehension. .Execution of a Murderer* New Youk, May 23.—Levi Soules was hanged yesterday at Marion Court Houso, South Caro lina, for the murder of Noah Sutton, on the lUth of February last. Soules and his victim wore flatboatmon. Masonic* Indianapolis, May 28.—1n the Grand Lodge, this morning, the proposition to build a now Masonic Temple was voted down by a largo majority. No measures wore taken toward re pairing the present structure. Christian Fotta was re-olootod Grand Master, Alleged Incendiary Arrested* Memphis, Toon., May 28.—Sam Goldberg, a clothing merchant, at No. 400 Main street, was arrested last night for attempting to burn his store to obtain tbo insurance, and committed to jail this afternoon without bail. Hold Robbery* St. Louis, Mo. May 28. — A private dispatch from DuQnoin, El., states that J. B. Lemons, while changing cam at that placo early this morning, was knocked down and robbed of $7,000. Tho Missouri Editors. Bx. Louis. May 28.—The Missouri State Edi torial Association mot in convention to-day, at Louisiana. Gen. Forrest was introduced and delivered the annual oration. Accidental Death* Toledo, May 28. — Harvoy Abrams, a porter at the Boody House, shot himself doadiaat night, while carelessly handling a revolver belonging to a guest. ‘ Obituary* London, May 28.— Sir James Duke, Lord- Mayor of London in 1818. and for many years a member of Parliament, died to-day, aged 88. —A curious detail of tho habits of the Imperial Court of Russia has boon remarked upon since the residence of tho Russian Imperial Family in Italy. The Empress does not correspond vrith tho Emperor by tho Post-Office. A service of couriers has boon established between Sorrento and St. Petersburg, composed of eighteen per sons, who are continually en route between tho two places. Tho immediate friends of her Maj esty writo to Russia llko other people—that is to say, through the obliging and economic medium of tho Commander Barbavora. But no letter of tho Czarina is ever thrown into tho box, or sent to the Russian Legation; every time tho Em press writes, as she does nearly overy day, a courier starts with a packet, which ho is in structed to deliver into the*handa of the Czar himself. MARRIAGES. HARVEY—BADGER—In this city, on the 38th Inst., by the Rev. Dr. Oralk, of Louisville, Ky., assisted by the Rov. Dr. Locke, at the residence of A. O. Badger, Esq., the father of tho brldo, Turlington W. Harvoy and Bello 8. Badger, Tbo copy ortho prayer book used by the officiating min ister la tho same from which bo married the father and mother of the bride. DEATHS. COLBURN—William D. Colburn, (Undoof Lovl J. Cob bum. of this city). Wednesday morning, at Oroen Bay, Wts.. of dropsy, agod 68. Mass., papers pleaso copy. GRANGER—At tho residence of his parents, 716 Wa. bash-av., Bradley Norton Granger, youngest son of 8. O. andN. if. Granger. Funeral at tho roeldonco, Thursday, May 99. at half past 1. Remains to bo taken to Michigan for Interment. All friends of tho family are Invltod to attend. KXT’Nevr York papers please copy. GEARY—Of scarlatina, at 293 South darkest., on tbo 88th tost,. LUllo Marla Goary, aged 8 years. 7 months, and 7 days; tbo only beloved ohlld of Johnw Geary. Funeral, by carriages to Rosa Hill, on Friday morning 10 o’clock. CT'Dublln and Now York papers please copy. MoOLAREN—In this oily on Tuesday, May 87, William MoOlaren, agod 69 years and 0 month*- FOR SALE. For salb-lono leases; running w years, at $9,500 por year, homo and lot No. 401 Wabash-av., near Kldrldge court; no reappraisals; lot4ozl7oft to alloy; good bam; possession June 1. Here la a lease that will pay oiponaea until it la wanted for bualnoia purposes, aalt euroly will be: will be sold (or a roaaonable d>onus. or tho home, lot and barn will bo rented to a responsible party for $8,500 por annum, In oato tho loaao la not aold by Juno 1. Tho loaao embodies a eight to purchase at alflzod prloo at any time within 90 years. J. EBAIAS WARREN, 18 OKambor of Commerce. For sale—ohbap-a good bet op steam. fitting tools. Apply at 169 Krio-st. For salb-at half rooms, inn yuan' luaso of lot, S3O per year only: wall located. D. E. FIBK, Room fl, Utta Block. For halr-a fink lot op peacocks at m West Lako-st. POTTER, SCHOFIELD A 00. F)R HALE-WIRE OLOTII, AT RETAIL AND wholesale. WM. A A. W. WHEELER. 816 Btato-st. IHOR BALE—AT HALF PRIOR, A LARGE LOT OF 1 rubber auil leather belting and hoso. Tbo goods are new ami tlret-claes. SEWING MACHINES. GROVKR A RAKER'S SEWING-MACHINES-GEN oral oUloo, 160 Btato-st. t branch office, 073 Wabash* av, Persons baring old Grover A Rakor aowlng-maohlnoa aro invited to call and too the now Improvements, and hoar something to tbclr advantage. QINURR OKFIOK OF A. J, MELOHRRT, 216 SOUTH O llalslod-il., machine# Bold oa monthly payment* and ranted. Opcu evenings. fpilK NKW FLORENCE SEWING UAOHINE-WB X call special attention io recent Improvement# made la tbo Florence, alio to tbo now and elegant stylos of oases added to our Ret. To moot the view# of those profaning a machine feeding tba work away from tho operator, wo bavo uiado Nun. 13 and 14, which combine tbo detlrablo feature* to bo found in machines made by others, with all tho peculiar oxocllonoles of tho Floronuo. WM. 11. SHARP A 00.. General Ageote, 864 BtAto-afc., Chicago. WIIEKLER A WILSON SEWING UAOHINUS, VT tho now improved sold or rented on eaiy monthly payment*. BURNHAM A FLANNERY, City Agents, 011fe0.166 Htate-at. DIVORCES. T\IVOROEB—LEGALLY OBTAINED—FEE AFTER J J decree. Scandal avoided. Nino years'practise la tho courts of Chicago. Address I*. O. Roi lUiff. TTVIVOROKB OBTAINED FOROAUBEB. ALL LAW XJ buehiea# attended to. PUSH, 817 South Clark-st. ■ HOUSEHOLD GOODS. WANTED— A COMPLETE SET OF HOUSKKUKP. Ing ntenalle and furniture, fora family of threo, in oxohanuu for first-class now n'anoor organ. Address D 6. Trluuoo offleo. HORSES AND CARRIAGES. And tiir demand still continues, for trotter*, good drivers, and homo* for light delivery! wo oan’t boalu to, supply the demand j who ha«ithomf bring them fn where they can bo sold atonooi lust re ceived a lino bay maro, eound, and will trot In 46i also aorrol horse, will do It In 0 intnutoa iat a bargain. Sul and fifl3BUto>et. Halo stables ol horses, buggies, and wagons. BRADLEY A WILLS. _________ AT 844 WABASIi-AV. YOU CAN CRT A NEW OH sooonddiand carriage, top or open baggy. Concord*, Basket phaeton foe balk, or would ex change for top buggy, at BAsBBTT'B Hoarding Btable, 18 and at Harmou-court. I 1011 SALE—A CAR-LOAD OF FINE HOUSES, consisting of ono pair Tory flno dapnlo gray Raiding*. h 100 lbs, ono pair matched bay*. 1,000 lost ono pair 1,000- lb mnros-show bettor than ß minutes to pole*, oneoxtra linn 6-yoar-old mare, sonnd, kind, and Tory well bred, a food ono; two business rigs, etc. WHEELER i COOK, IQ Mlchlgan-ftT., corner Monroo-st. F“"UR SALE—FOR WANT OF USE, HORSE. buggy,and harnsss.all Srst-olaaa,or will sell separate; buggy nearly now, made to order; boron bay, young, sound, and good stepper. Inquire at 63 West Washing* ton-st. . • T?OR SALE—SPLENDID HORSE, 7 YEARS OLD} J? top buggy and harness, nearly now; separate orto gothor; will take cash or real estate. Inquire 706 State. FOR SALE-TWO DOUBLE TEAMS WITH WAO ana and harness: teams aro now working for 95 per day twill trade for property and pay dlllerenee. M. HaYES, 1. O. U. R.dook, or Ml Durnaldo-st. FOR SALE-CHEAP, A FEW GOOD WORK horses; also somo good drlrers, and ono road wagon and harness, at tbo Prairie State Bale Stable, SttWost Polk-at. A. H. SANBORN, Agent. _ ■EIOR SALB-A GOOD LEATHER SHIFTING-TOP JD buggy. Apply at 2M East Washlogton-st., basement. F)R SALE-SEVERAL GOOD SECOND-HAND open and top buggies at HAYDE A O BEIEN’S, 781 Btate-st. FOR SALE—CHEAP—DUMP-OARTB, AND HAR ness to match; team harness, wagon harnois, dray harness, and all kinds of harness, at Government Goods Depot, 195 and 187 Mast Lake-st. For bale-dump-oarts. and harness to mateb, at QoTomment Goods Depot, 185 and 187 EastLako-st» OR SALE-SOME VERY FINK DRIVING HORSES; will bo sold cheap, or exchanged for other horsox suit ablo for tho country, at 187 and lU3 Mloblgan-sT» For sale-io head of horses. 4 single drivers, and SO head mules at WALKER'S stable, northwest corner Indlana-av. and Thlrty-thtrd-st. /~1 ENGINE BOSTON SLADE OARRIAOES AT 223 VJT and 284 West Wasblngton-st.; no bnmbug. Also, cheaper grades at Tory low figures for cash. Good pasture for horses and cattle at the tbo well-known 460-Aoro Pasture House of John A. Brounstoin, on tbo North Branch, Ik miles west of Graooland; part heavily limbered, securing shade, and never-falling water. Crippled horses will be attended by a practical veterinary, free, and stabled nights. Leave orders at 166 West Lnxo-st., or at HOFFMAN’S Livery Stable, 12 North Ollnton-st. Horace wUI bo takonont free of charge. HB. HILL, 37 AMD 39 SOUTH CLINTON-ST., • has a great variety of lino carriages sod buggies, and sells thorn at reasonable prloos. I HAVE FOR BALE ONE LIGHT TWO-HORSE wagon tollable for the furniture business or peddler's wagon; also light and heavy express and delivery wagons; ono sooomHiind Concord buggy, wilii top, and second hand yacht box buggy, cheap, at 363 South Uanal-st. TDBT IN FROM THE COUNTRY, ONE PAIR W stylish dapper grays; ono pair stylish chestnut sorrels; one pair mahogany bays: and ono No. 1 family horse. Is a perfect saddle as well as harness hone, and can bo trusted with children. GEORGE H. WEST, at Cook A Wheel* er'a stables, corner of Mlchlgau-av. and Monroe-sL T AROE BARN. BESIDE SHEDDING. TO RENT, ij No. 474 West Twelfth-st.; SB. J. B. WOLFE, 119 Doarborn-eti . WANTED-A NICE CLEVER,BUGGY HORSE, AT RoomS, Nevada Block. WANTED—TO TRADB-A NEW OPEN BUGGY v T for a good borso; most be a good traveler and full of life. Address Z 49, Tribune office. WILL EXCHANGE-SMALL STYLISH BAY mare, harness, and road wagon, for good stylish roadster, or fast mare or gelding. Big valued at S3OO. Address K 81, Tribune office. WANTED—TO TRADE STATIONERY FOR A VV good light business wagon. Address Z 80, Tribune oflloe. | _______ Cft oavAlry house wantbd, not less than uU 15 Hands high, nor over 8 years old; ami iu good con dition. Will be received by B. PATRICK, 782 Michl- FINANCIAL. T?OU SALE—SB,2OO ADJUSTED CLAIM AGAINST J? Lahmau Insurance Company. K 47, Tribune otßoo. T WILL PAY 9 PER CENT A MONTH FOR ONE X year for 98,000 lu throo sums, on good buildings worth three times tbo amount on leased lots, low ground-rout, and long time to run, and will Insure to protoot tho loans. Address Z 43, Tribune office. M* ONBY LOANED ON CITY REAL ESTATE. SI,OOO to $20,000; real estate paper wanted; loans on loaso holds. D. GROSSMAN, Room 18, 178 State-st. Money to loan on household furniture, houses, pianos, and other good chattel security. E. ROGERS, 177 East Mndlson-st., Room 9. Money advanced at lasbbn's loan office; late Jacobs A Co., on diamonds, watches, and other valuables. 177 Olark-st., corner of Monroe, Room S. ONLY TO LOAN ON CITY REAL ESTATE. (T 8. HUBBARD, Jn.. 168 Washlogton-st. TVfONEYTO LOAN ON HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, XVX bouses on leased laud, and other good collaterals at Room 6, 143 South Olark-st. K. WINNB. XTONKY TO LOAN IN BUMS OF SI,OOO AND UP* J.VX wards on city property: first-class mortgages bought. 11. LOWY, Room 6, 183 Olark-st. ■VTONEY TO LOAN IN SUMS FROM 81, ONTO $20,000 IVX lor Bor 6 years on fiat-class reabestatc at 9 and 10 nor cent; small commissions. Short time A 1 commercial paper wautod in sums from SI,OOO to $6,000. Money In hand. Q. 8. T.AQBY A CO., 119 Dearborn-st. TV/TONEY LOANED ON BUILDINGS ON LEASED JIVJ. ground or other good collaterals. W, VAN O'LIN DA| IIP Dearbom-it. rrto LOAN-MONEY ON WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS, J. houses on loused lots, and other good collateral*. JAB. D. STOREY. 84 and 80 LaSallo-st.. Room 25. QIO LOAN—S2,OOO ON OUIOAOO REAL ESTATE. 10 per cent, and moderate commissions. ALLRED JAMES, southwest corner Madtsoa and Qlark-sts. TO LOAN-IN SUMS OP 81,000 OR MORE ON CITY property or Improved Illinois farms within 100 mlloa of Chicago. B. L, PEASE, TO West Madiaon-st. TO LOAN—S6,OOO IN ONE LOAN, FOR THREE OR five jean, at 10 per cent, on first-class insldo-city property. WAITE A CLARKE. 63 Bryan Block. W ANTED-TO SELL BOMB OP THE STOCK IN A company paying over 100 per coot; company has 4 of tbo best paying articles In the market. Also, a suitable Serson ean secure position as Treasurer in tbo company yso doing. Address FM, Tribune office. WANTED— I WANT 81,000, FOR WHICH I WILL pay 10 per cent, and o per cent commission, for oao year oDDuildlng on leased lot; no risk. Address O S3, Tribune offlco. <t»o /\n/I TO LOAN, ON CHICAGO REAL estate, for 6 years. Purchase money mort gages wanted. Money on band. B. GROSSMAN, Room 18, 178 Stato-st. tfjT A Ann TO LOAN ON INSIDE IMPROVED flpi.U«l/UU property for3or Byoats. Loans nogotla tod on city property. H. W. HUNT, Room 16 uoono Block. ' LOST AND FOUND. LOST-A PACKAGE OF BOYS’ CLOTHING, FROM roar of buggy, somewhere on West Waahlngton-st. or In tbo Tunnel. A, liberal reward will bopald tc.any person leaving them 'at COOK, COBURN a CO.’S oi flee, corner Washington and Doarbom-ats. OST-ON MAY BETWEEN HALSTED and. Conlro-av. and Jackson-#., green morocco pocket-book. Contents: memorandum, receipts, two St. Louis Railroad tickets, and railroad passes to GEO. N. BIMMONB. Tbe flndor will bo liberally rewarded by the same at No. 63 South Hatated-st. . LOST-A TAN SLUT. FROM 117 TWENTY-NINTII st., corner Calumot-ar,; weight, about 16 pounds; bad on brass collar and look, with key-ring for chain. Any Information of her will bo rewarded atabove number. Lost or btolen-from my buggy on tubs day evening, May 37, a heavy lap-robo, red on one sido ana black and white striped on tbo other. A liberal reward will bo paid for Ita return to N. OORWITH, 11 and 13 Union Building, corner Washington and La- Ballo-ste. EOUND-A RING. INQUIRE AT THE OFFICE of ELIEL. DANZIOER A CO., 217 Lako-at. POUND-ON MONDAY LAST. A LAP-ROBE. Tbo rightful owner may call at 42a South Btato-st., up stairs. MIBSING-T. NKLBON DALE. JR.. LEFT OBKR- Un. Ohio, May 20, whore be was punning theologi cal studies ; arrived In Chicago Wednesday, A lay 31, and has not been soon since. Mind possibly affected; Is about 28 yean old, fi foot and 8 Inonoi In height, 1 Ight brown abort curly hair, aide whiskers and moustache, somewhat aandy, vdry prominent forehead, dressed In black or dark clothes, and most likely had on a colored flannel traveling shirt. Any Information as regards bis whereabouts, or any penon who has seen him. will be liberally rewarded, and all expenses paid, and receive the heartfelt thanks of anxious parents. Call or addrose FREDERICK 8. DALE, Bhonnan House. Chicago, or ELMER WASHBURN, Superintendent of Police. STRAYED OR STOLEN—A BLACK MARE 6 yoara old, altout 14 hands high: onslly known baring wart on loft law. A liberal reward, if returned to ltd South Wnter»et» STRAYBD-FROBI OUR PREMISES, CORNER OF Twonty-aeoond and Burnsldo-sts., a black hone with while faeo and ono white hind-foot; was newly shod; wolghtabout 1,800 lbs; any information will Unsuitably rewarded at tho otllco of SWETT A CROUCH, 303 Tweu* ty-Bucond-st. Cil Kfj REWARD—THE PERSON WHO TOOK IJIXtJv/ jewelry from 037 Indlaua-uv., will rocolvo $l6O reward by returning it, and no questions a3kod ± _____ AGENTS WANTED. Agents wantbd-to sell our new but. ton-hoio cutter and neodle*threadlDg thimble. Agents dear S2O perday. W East Aiadlson-st., Room 6. Agents wanted—agents are making *lO to *l3 a day, with my noodle book, machine noodle, button nolo cutter, cto., eto. Particulars free. O. M. LININGTON, 177 East Madison-st. Argents can hake ssoo per month selling gong, door.hells in towns and villages. Address JAMES F. HAYS. Chicago. Agents wanted-samples free-silver watch to all. Mon and women possessed of business energy can onslly niska $8 to ftlfi a day. Call or sand for particulars from any part of tho country. Twenty now articles. BiERUILL g CO., 26 West Lako-st., Uhloago. AGUNT^^NTED^kVERY - CbuWY~HEWITT Fluting, Polishing and Band Iron combined, Secure a county and make money. Room 15, 179 East Madl son-st. AGENTS wanted-to sell our window -Tk. soroons, Going like hut oaken. Chicago Pioturo Frame Bfanufaoluring Company, 70 Bast Alsdison-st., corner of Hute-at. AUCTION SALES. CHATTEL MORTGAGE SALE Of an OMNIBUS LINE at auction, on Saturday morning, May SI, at lOs'dooka. m., at tho Boarding and Sale Stable* No*. 260 and 3dl Michigan-it., near Rush, consist ing of a fine lot of horses, yonng and sound; omnibuses,, open and close; Concord harnesses, bailors, whips, robes, do., do. To be sold to tho highestbidder for caln. Bale ,Wu„. P" 0 " 1 "' J ' IS; pustodlsns and Auctioneers. AUCTION SALES. By WM. A. BUTTERS & CO. On Thursday, May 20, Dry Goods, Eoady-made Clothing, Carpeting, Hunt a and Shoes, oto.. AT AUCTION, on Thursday, atgjio’oloelr, at AS and 67 South Canal-at. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO.. . Aaotloneera. BUTTEKS & CO.’S REGULAR SATURDAY'S SALE HoiseliolfFmitiire, HMO FORTES, &c., On Saturday, Hay 31, at 0 o’clock, At C 5 and CT South FIRST Sj^LLE! IN OUR Old Quarters, (BOWEN BROTHERS* BLOCK,) NOS. 15 AND 17 EANDOLPH-ST. Between Wabash and Mlohlgan-ars. GREAT SALE OF Real Estate TUESDAY, June 3,1873, srsr ¥m. A. Butters & Co., At 15 & 17 Eandolpli-st. Commencing at 10 o'clock a. m. On Cottage Grove-ay..dicing lots B?. 89, 83, 84, 85, and SO, (n Block 3 of subdivision or Block 13 ofDrexel A Smith's Bubdlvlson (between Fifty-fourth and Flfty-fifth-sts.) of 800, 11, TownllS, Range 14. „ , FOUR LOTS On Madlson-av. (between Fifty-fourth and Fifty-fifth* eta.}, being Lota 14, 15, 18, and 17, of Block 3, of subdi vision of IBook 13, in Droxol A Smith's Subdivision, Us See. 11, Town 88, llnnao 14. T\»'o LOTS On Drozol-ay. (between Fifty-fourth and Flfty-fifth-sts.), being Lota 6 and 7, In Block 1, of subdivision nf Block 18, In Drexol A Smith's Subdivision, In 800. 11, Town 88, Rangol4. TWO LOTS On Yeraon-av. (between Douglos-plaoo and Thirty-sixth* st.), being Lota 44 and 46 of Langley's Subdivision o£ Lots7andloof Kills' Addition. ONE LOT On S(ztoontb*st. (between Ashland-av. and PauUna*tt.} ( being Lot 93, In Block On Wabash-av., eas?)roni (between Thirty-third and Thlrty-fonrth-sls.), being Lola 19 and 20, In Block 4, of Wentworth Subdivision. On Btate-sfc. (between Thlrty-UilrdnndTbirty-fourth-ste.)* being Lota 81, 83, 83, St. 86, and H6, 26x181 foot. ONE LOT On Wabash-av., northeast, corner Flfty-nlnth-st.; 381 fool front on tfWO J.OTH On Oalumot-av. (between Thirty-thlrd»«Bd Thirty-fifth* sts.}, west front, being Lota 8e and 86 In subdivision of LotsTand 10, of Blocks, of! Dyer A Davidson's Subdivi sion. FIVE LOTS Fronting on Loxlngton-av. (botwoon Fifty-fourth ana Flfty-fifth-sts.}, being Lota 1, 4, 6, 8, and 9, In Block 18, Kgaadalo. _ ONE LOT * • , .. . . On CottagoGroTO-aT,,northeast comer Twcnty-nlnth-st., 60 feet trout on Cottage Qrovo-av.; roar 105 footon alloy; 303 feet deep. „ ONE LOT , 1W _ Fronting west on Pralrio-av. (between Fifty-fourth and Ffty-lutb-sts.), being Lot 18 In Block 6, lu Jennings A Molfat’s Subdivision. _ THREE LOTS „ , , , % . . On llUnels-st. (between Fraukllu and Markot-sU.),being Lota 7, 8. and 9, In Block 4, In Butler, Wright A Web ster's Subdivision. ONE LOT . On Mloblgan-terrako. 60x200 feet, being Lot Bin Block K of Lyman’s Rosubdlvlslua of Block 3 and part of 8, of 9 E >4 fractional Section 3, Town 88 north. Range 14, front ing Lake Michigan, LOT No. 17 Slmons-av./ just north of Diokons-av., in Block IV la Shipman, Bill A MorriU’s Subdivision, Section Town 40, Raogo 13. LOT On Oak-st. (between LaSalloand Wells-sts.), being Lot 16, Assessor’s division of Lots 1 to 6, Block i 7, or east SO foot of Lot 5, and west 4 feet of Lot 6 In Block 17, la Johnson, Roberts A Storr’s Subdivision. . . ■ t&~ Full particulars In catalogue, which will contain plats of the property to bo sold. Title perfect In every lot*. Sale without reserve. WM. A. BUTTERS & 00., ATTCTIONEERS. By ELISON & FOSTER. HOUSE AND LOT. With Elegant Grounds, 581 Hubbard-st., A.T -A.TTOTIOU, On Satnriay Morning, May 31, at 10 o’cloclc, ON THE PREMISES. Houflo two-etory frame, with brick basement; lot 100 feet fronton Hubbard-st., by 217 feet deep onWood-st.; Grounds fitted up la splendid stylo. This property has been occupied for several years past by Frants Arnold, Esq. TERMS OF SALE OAtJII. TITLE PEUFEUT, For Information regarding tbe property apply to WILL* IAM ANDREWS, Room No. 16,161 LaSallo-st. KLISON A FOSTER. Auctioneers. By GEO. P. GOBE & CO. Wo will bold a aalo at our now and Bpsolou* store, 61 and 70 Wabash-av., near corner Randolpb-st., .A.T A special sale of W. .0. crockery and yellow ware. 30 orates W. G. Crockery, 10 orates of Ycllowwarc. On Thursday, May 20, at 01-2 o'clock G. P. GORE A CO.. Auctioneers. By GEO. P. GORE & CO., 29, 21, and 26 Raodolpb-st. .A. T AUOTIO 3NT. A very largo and fino stock of Household Purniture. SS& & rors, dffloo and Parlor Desks,. Show Oates, Carpotl, Gas Fixtures, W. Q. Crockery* Yellow and Glasaw&ro. Also, at 11 o’clock, Buggies, and Now York made Harness, single and double. ON SATURDAY, MAY 31, AT 9 O’CLOCK. GEO. P. OORB AGO., Auctioneers. By HAVENS & CO. HOUSEMEN, ATTENTION J AUCTION SALE OF Horses, Buggies, and Harness, Consisting In part of 35 to 40 howes, 15 open and top bug. gla>, and 15 sots of single and doable harneas, will be sofa without roeorro, at Rannoys Livery Barn, 146t0 147 Sputa Sangamon-at., running through to alorgan-at., on Thuya* day, May 29, 1873. at lu a. m. . IXAVBNB d GO., Auctloneors. 63 South OanaLst. TWO MILLION DOLLAES. GEEAT CLOSING OUT. TRUSTEES” SAiB REAL AND PERSONAL PROPERTY Belonging to the OHIOAQO LAND COMPANY, AT rUULIC AUCTION, Od Wednesday, tbo 18tb day ol Jane, 1873. By tho articles of tho atsoelatlon of said Company, it is firorided that all tho property in thehands of tho Trustee! a tho month of Juno, 1873, mutt bo sold at auction fur cash, to close tho trust. Tho realty is centrally located In tho CITY OF GUI. OAQO, and la valued at $1,300,000. and composed largely of river and onnal frontage, ducked ami ready fur inimodi* ate use. Also, a largo number of vaoautlole in the Immo. diato vicinity of the docks, all well adopted for business purposes. Tito title to this property Is unquestioned, having boon held and owned by tho Association for twenty years. The personal property consists of notes hearing 7 per cent interest, having from one to five years to run, and amounting to about $700,000. These notes wore received for deferred payments on land bought from the Company by the makers thereof, and their payment ts secured by mortgage on tho samo. TERMS OF BALE, CASH, The personal property will be ready fur transfer and delivery immediately after tho sale. Purchaser* of roslty will be required to make a deposit on tho day of sale of 10 per oonj on tho amount of their purchase, the balance to ho paid within thirty days, eras soon after the sale as deeds can be made and delivered, BIAHI.ON D. OQDBN, L. S, IIBKOIIKR* GEORGE WATSON, Chicago, BlarohW, 1878. Trustees. 11. U.UoauE, Secretary. . „ _ Omoo with Ogdon, Sheldon A 00., RcooH no. 178 IM

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