Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 30, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 30, 1873 Page 3
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Preparations for tlio Decora- tion of Graves. A General Suspension of Buinosss In tho City. I'Uo Procession in tUo Forenoon —-Lino of March. OUR DEAD. A requiem fop tho dead Wbo.dlod fur Fatherland, ' A dirge above each bed . Where sleep tbo pal riot band 1 Tears for tbo loved and lost,, Wreaths for tbo truo ami bravo,— Tbotr warlike deeds our boast, Our holiest stirluo tboir grave. Their memory la green, Their glory ne’er can die, Their patriot-names aro scon Forever writ on high; Anil Ul8l*ry?8 page shall tell The story of tbo bravo,— How long they fought, hud well, ‘ Our own loved laud to’snvo. 1 Honor tho Boldlor-band ! ■ Honor tlio heroes’ tomb I Bound tboir green graves wo stand,. Whore blue-eyed \iolote bloom. In memory of our dead Tbo laurel and (bo yovr Wo bang above each hod, Wi.crn sloops tbo soldier true. Long lot each glorious name Uvo In our holiest prayer,—' Theirs bo the proudest fume « Who lived to do and dare. Freedom shall give bev tears. And Liberty her sigh, And, through tho future years, Their deeds shall never die. Chicago, May 25, 1673. A TRIBUTE OF FLOWERS. Tho ceremony of paying a tribute of spring flowers to tho (load, for which elaborate propar-. ntiona have boon mado for so many weeks, >rill occur to-day, ami, if tho weather permits, .will, bo of greater Interest than it has over boon, Tho amount of decoration will bo greater than on previous occasions, and tbo amount of labor on tho part of tho fow faithful ladios who have given up their tlmo to weaving garlands during tho past week has been great In propor tion. Besides preparing wreaths of flowers and evergreens for the graves, they have con •structcd decorations for tho - gateways of the four cemeteries, and this has boon accomplished with groat difliculty. Tho backwardness of tho season, too, has ■ increased tho difficulty of obtaining flowers, and those who have contributed r doaorvo kindly recognition of their interest iu tho event. The conservato ries of private citizens have boon stripped with out stint to furnish tho requisite flowers, and tho florists have been called upon for unusual supplies, Many of tho flowers have come from tho extreme South of the State, whore tho sea son is r.ioroadvnuccd than in Ibis cheerless and uncertain climate. SUSPENSION OF BUSINESS, Business will bo suspended in tho city to-day. Tho Cutitom-IIouRO and all Government offices, all city offices, tho public schools, Board of Trade, the courtSj and tho various banka will bo closed all day, while many of tho business houses will closo at noon. As tho train upon which tho main body will bo convoyed to tho cemeteries Will leave at 10 o'clock, this will give ample timo to employes who wish to bo present at tho cere monies. TUB PROCESSION. Tho variouo military and fiivio divisions will moot at 10:80 o’clock this morning at tho places designated below, and form in procession in tho following order; Platoon of police. Bam], 'V-and Marshal Gon. McArthur and Aides: fjol, O. LJp pincott, Gou. M. Doan, and Dr. B. 0. Miller. Invited guests In carriages. Calvary Division. Band. Irish lliilcs, . ■ Montgomery Guards, Mulligan Zouaves. Band. Itooo Hill Division, Baud. y Qracohmd Division. THE LINE OF MARCH will bo north on Clark stroat to Michigan atrcofc; west on Michigan street to Wolla street; north on Wolla street to Chicago avouuo, Calvary and Rose Hill Divisions forming lino and saluting the Oraceland Division as they pass, when they will countermarch back to tho railway depot on tho corner of Juuaio and Canal streets, arriving there In time for tho 1 o’clock afternoon train. Tho oflicora of tho Divisions, with tho pro gramme at each of tho cemeteries, will bo as follows: CALVARY CEMETERY. Division Commander, Col. Owon Slowart: Aids—Capt. J. Harrington, Capt.- J. J. Hoaly, Capt. Murphy, Capt. Cumnff,Capt. Quirk, Capt. Clifford, and Sorgt. Lyons. Tho division will form ou Fifth avenue, right resting on Monroe street. Tho programme at tho cemetery will bo as follows: Prayer—-Tho Rov. Dr. Butler ; music ; address— Prof. Lyon, of Nolto Dame, Ind,; music; address— Thomas L. Loncrgan; music ; address John F Fhmorty; music. nosEiiiu,. Division Commander, Mnj. R. M. "Woods: Aida—Capt, John Slophons.Capt. James Stewart, Hon. P. A. Hoyne, Sorgt. 11. W. Boyd, Capt. G. L. Booth, Hon. J, 0. Gregg. The division will assemble ou LaSalle street, right resting on Monroe. At tho cemetery the programme will bo: Prayer—llev. David Swing; music—National nymu ; opening address—Gov. Beveridge; music— Apollo Music Club ; address—Hon. Johu A., Logan; music; address—Rev. L. S. Chamberlain : poem— BrocU MoYlcknr ; music ; nddi'CL-s— o. IS. Loach : beno dictlou—llev. IS. J, Goodspved QRACELAND. Division Comroandor, Col. 8. D. Baldwin ; Aids—Col. Baity, Maj. W. E. Waite. Capt. R. P, Dorrickeou, Capt. S. Swan, Capt. E. Hamilton, Capt. A. G. Bubbo, Orapt. Fred Bubho, Capt. Polor Hand, Lieut. J. M. Johnson, and Capt. Norman E. Hahn. Tho division will aeaomblo on Clark otroot, right resting on Monroe. Fol lowing is tho programme at the cemetery: Prayer—Rov. A. E. KUtredgo; music; address ee. Yaleo ; muein : addrees—A. 0. Heulng ; music ; address—M, M. Parkhurnt; music ; poem—Jeremiah Muhoney ; benediction—Dr. Hartman, OAKWOOD. Thio division will not join tho procession, as tho train will not leave tho Illinois Central Depot until 3 o’clock. Capt. E. E. Ryan, with his six aids, will moot at tho Central Depot at 2:30 o’clock. Tho programme will he as follows t Prayer, the Rov. M. Johnson; music; address, E. S. Williams; music; address, Col. R. 8. Thompson; znusio; poem. Prof, Perkins; music; address, Ed ward A. Small, Esq.; muelo by children; benediction. THE BLUE AND THE GRAY. By tho flow of tbo Inland river, Whence tbo fleets of iron hud flod, Where tho blades of tho grave-grans quiver, Asleep are tho ranks of )hu dead; Under-the sod aud tho daw, Waiting tho Judgment-day; Under tho ouo, the Blue; Under tho other, tho Gray.. These in tho roblngs of glory, Those in the gloom of defeat; Ah, with tho battle-blood gory, In tho dusk of Eternity meet; Under tho sod and the dew, Waiting tho Judgment-day; Under tho laurel, the Blue; Under the willow, tho Cl ray. From llio ellonce of sorrowful hours, Tlio desolate mourners go, Lovingly laden with flowers, Alike for (lie friend and the foe 5 Under the sod and the dew*, Waiting (ho Judgment-duy 1 Under the rosea, the nine ; Under the lilies, the Gray. 80, with an equal splendor, Tho looming sun-rays full, With a touch impartially (under, On tho blossoms blooming for all; Under the sod aud the dow, Waiting tho Judgm‘--ul-d,iy; DroUlcted with gold, the Uluo; Mellowed with gold, tho Gray. 80, when tho Summer callotli, On forcit and Held of grain With an equal munmir full ?;U Tho cooling drip of ilio i l( |n : Under tho aod uml tlm .iow, Waiting tho JiiUt-ti-'v.UUyi Wet with rain, tlm blue 5 * Wot with rain, tho Gray. Badly, but not with upbraiding, Tho geuorouo deed was dons 5 In ths storm of ycura now fading, Undur t)io noil nml tlio dow, Waiting tlio Judgment-liny; Under tlio MoUßom*. tlio Uhn ; Under tlio garlands, tbo Gray. No more shall tlio war-cry sever, Or tbo winding rivers bo ml; They banish aur nngnr forever • mien I boy laurel tbo graven of our dead. Under (bo Kod and tbo (low, Waning tbo Judgment-day; . Lovo tvud tears for tho lihu>, Tcaro nnd Lovo/or tlio Gray. —A'cw York Tribune, , IT. M. Finch, ItOUOII UXWJUIIJKWi. A Citizen of PoniiMylvniilri Itobbcil on a Slnrlingtou 'A'rnin—Dtto Lokgm tiro ..'Jt’octfof One I'uot While I’lirsiitug the ‘ Tlilov(M»Auoth«r Unrinir Piracy;, • Mr. Samuel Gurney, of Bedford, Pa,, will cer tainly bo undeserving of eenauvo if lio ohnll, during tho remainder of his days, think hard of Chicago mid fldroo of her citizens. The experi ences ho .had while hero ,fully warrant (ho ox tromoat dislike. They wore as follows t On the afternoon of Wednesday ho arrived hi this city, accompanied by his wife, on route for Lincoln, Nob., and started for that city on tho IX o’clock liain of tho Oliicago, Burlington A Quincy Pail road. A abort liuio after they had boon com fortably seated hi tho car they wore approached by two youug men, who engaged themlin an agreeable conversation. One of. them was going to.Nebraska also,—provided ho couldruiuo a little money to settle a debt which' had stood for some time ftgnhißfc Idm. Mr. Carney was assist him, and drew cut u roll of cUrrouoycontahung $lO5. While ho was taking therefrom the desired amount, one of the rascals snatched tho whole roll from tho kind old mau’j hands, and both ran out of tho car. Tho duped Keystone citizen run after them, and, as ho attempted to got off tho car, had tho toes of his right foot torn off, and foil by tho side of tho train. He was found in an almost insensible condition by some railroad watdhmcn softu after,' and was taken to tho City Hotel, ufc tho corner of Stuto nnd .Six teenth streets! Mrs. Cnrnoy, being loft on tho car,’,was too much terrified to askthooon * doctor to stop tho train until sho was far out of the city, nnd, for all Mr. Caruoy knows, sho has gono on through to Lincoln, as she carried their tickets. Tho losing of $lO5, llvo toofi, and n wife in seldom met with in one day. Mr. Car ney is doing woll, but his mind is in a mate of uneasiness because of tho absence of lua’wifo, ' llauold. . ANOTHER INSTANCE of tho operations of railway pirates 1 occurred last • Tuesday evening, when a robbery was perpetrated on the outgoing train of tho Milwaukee & St. Raul Bail road, which, for during, hw seldom boon eclipsed, oven in this city. Anion" tho passen gers was an old gentleman named Joseph Hunt singor, of Ml Dorado, lowa. When the train had loft the city a fow miles in its roar, one of throo roughs approached him, and. assuming tho man ner of a trainman, told him no was in tho wrong car. Tho old man arose and followed tho im postor toward another cur in tho roar, and, when ho reached tho platform whoro tho rest of tho roughs wore nsaomblod, they suddenly sprang upoa bim. Ouo of tho villains tool: him by tho throat, another hold a revolver to • his head, and tho third wont through his pockets, robbing him of ' SSO, all tbo money ho had. Tho Bc-umdrola thou Jumped off tho train and made tboir escape before any of tbo passengers could como to tho old gentle man's assistance. Tho thlovos also got away with an overcoat belonging to another occupant of the same car. In tho scufllo tho old man's hat was knocked off, and tho goutlomnn who lost tho overcoat, prompted by a fellow fooling, com pelled tbo old man to accept a small sum of money to purchase another. Railroad pirates aro becoming alarmingly plentiful, and some thing should bo done by tho police and railroad officers to diminish tho number. PERSONAL. Col. D. 0. Houston, U. S, A., is at tho Gard ner House. Hon. A. 35. Sawyer, Black Blvor Falls, Wis., is at tho West Side Briggs.* M. L. Sullivant, Esq., tho Farmer King, was at tho Gardner yesterday. MaJ.-Gon. Wiseman loft tho Mattcson Houao for St. Louis last ovouiug. Tho Hon. Judge Edmunds, of Sonora, was at tbo Mattcson House yesterday. Tho Hon. Horacfi Rubleo, United Stntoo Min ister to Switzerland, id at tho Sherman. Dr. T. H. Roso and J. M. Griffith and wife, of Los Angelos, Cal., are at tho Matteson House. Hr. S. S. Morrill, General Manager of tho Mil waukee 1 1 St. Paul Railroad, is at tho Sherman House. J. Heine Oken, of Bremen, Germany, and 0. W. Clifford, Now Bedford, Mass., are nt tho Gardner. A. Alexander, of tho Royal Engineers, from Hong Kong, China, was at tho Sherman House yesterday. Gon. Samuel 0. ITooly and family, of Philadel phia, are among tho arrivals at tho West Sido* Briggs. House. . Mrs. Kate N. Daggett will resume hor art les sons at tho Christian Union Hall, No. Hi Madi son street, at 8 o'clock this afternoon. Prooldont Mason, of tho Board of Police Com missioners, was in his customary teat yesterday. Ono day iu tit. Louis is ouuugli for any sensible mao. Tbo following wore at the Gardner Hound yoo torday: J. W. Hudson, Mrs. H. G. Rollins, Sau Francisco; Nathan Richardson, Ma:*s.; J. D. Lohraor, Cincinnati; H. S. Jacobs. Salt Lake : Dpuisou Taft, Montpelier, Vt. James O’Neal will give a series of scientific and philosophic lectures hi Glow’s Opera-Hall, on west Madison street, on Monday ovoningo, commencing on Monday uoxt with a disserta tion on tho “ Science of tho Soul and Triui tariauism." Yesterday tho Board of Police Commissioners granted permission to Dotoctivo Tyrrell to ac cept tho gift of a valuable gold watch and chain for services rendered iu tho Tromont House rob bery. Tho jewelry firm whoso goods wore stolon la tho donor. Tlio following wbro among tho prominent arri vals at tho East Side Bvigga House yesterday; John L. Rood. Now York ; tho Rev. E. Sludo ; F. A. Jenny, Waterloo; W. Hall, Genova, N. Y. ; N.H. Stephenson, Portland,flMc.; G.W. Spencer, Emporia, Kan. Tho following wore among the prominent ar rivals at the Sherman Houso yesterday ; J. M, Grow, Providence ; E. P. Qoodioo, New Unvon; J, P. Purvias, IlaiTiaburgh ; B. E. Gray, Ala bama ; J, A. Mitchell, New York ; M. M, lluix, Colorado ; J. B. Shaw, Milwaukee. W. B. Porcival, Dr. Fisher and wife, Goorgo Herbert, L. 11. Johnson, Dr. Buchanan, wife, ami daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Barmatyno, Mioa Baker, • Miss Poynlor, Charles 0. Boyoa and wife, comprise tv parly at (ho Gardner House, from tho Island of Now Zealand, on route for England. . Bamuel Wilmot, Cincinnati; 0. B. Loaman and family, Boston : G. C. Swan, Cincinnati; T. Durphoy, Now Orleans; Maj. W. H. Taylor, Ottawa ; Charles Barry, Beaton ; G. W. Lang ford, F. P. Oilman, Now York ; Oon. W. 11. Race, Black River Falls ; W. R. Sill, LaCrosso ; Jamcu Gorman, SI. Louis ; J. E. Byers, Arkan sas ; C. P. Greene, Indiana ; and L. J. Murray, Menominee, aro at tho West Side Briggs House. Tho Rov. Robert Patterson, who was com pelled to leave Chicago last winter in oonso mtonco of a bovovo attack of pneumonia, and try tho balmy air of California, has boon greatly bonolitod by the chnngo. Ho has loused a house in Oakland, across tho hay from San Francisco, whither ho has removed his family. Fifty or sixty members of tho Presbyterian Church of San Francisco, whoso pulpit ho is sup plying during the ahsouco of tho pastor, met at Dr. X'flttorson’a house, a week ago last Tuesday, to give tho preacher's family a hearty California welcome. At their departure they left behind ,an abundance of dour, fruit, crops, and coin, *bh specimens of tho productions of that glorious State. Ilorr Frlcdobart, the German translator of Brot llurto, is dead, Wo thought at tlio start that it would about finish him. Martin Griffin, of tho MaHflßcluiHoUa Bonato, has assumed tlio management of Tho Leader, a Catholic family journal at Boston. Hoary L, Dawes, extra paid, will go to Europe early in tho summer, and not return until the opening of tho next session of Congress. !The gossips have it that Chicf-Juiitico Cock burn will reply to Caleb Cushing's huou, and that Cushing will follow with still another, for which ho has plenty of spicy material. Col. Timothy Munrae, who commanded dm Eighth Massachusetts. Itoglmoiit on tho eight dayu' march to Washington via Annapolis, died Sunday ut Lynn, Moss., agod 70 yearn. Tho Bov. Dr, Punnhon hog received a purse of SI,OOO from tho Wesleyan Methodists of Cairn i-uuiurillU 111. E3bJ (jfli 1 mgut, nua receiving SI,OOO purses linn mado thin Inborov In the vine yard tolerably woll off. Tlio revivalist, E. P. ITnmmoml, writes to tlio Tolland County (Ot.) Journal that ho line con verted 8,000 i\\ hliv western tour. Mont ortho dox people aro accustomed to ascribe euoh work to tho luonl.—llartford Half n million dollars which, In a fow months more, Miss Annlo G. Wllstach would liavo in herited, had film lived, now goes to certain pub lic charities in Philadelphia, named in tho will of her father, tho lato William P. WllataoU. At tho mon-ingo of Frederick A. Kims and Miss Ellon, daughter of Col. A. T. Moltoynohls, in Grand Baphls, Mich., May 27, tho presents wore numerous - nml decant. Including tho launillcout sum of £25,000 from tho urldo’s father. James B. Olay, grandson of Honry Clay, has forwarded to Kogout Bowman, for tho museum at Ashland, Ky., tho coat which tlio statesman wore at tho Treaty of Ghent, In 1814. It Is ele gantly wrought, and trimmed with silk and braid. ! Tho ox-Dnko of Modena lately visited .tho Priuco of Wales In Vienna, and a friendly moot ing of tho representatives of tho. houao of Stu art and Guelph occurred. Tho ox-Duko is a do- Qcondout of Henrietta, tho youngest daughter of diaries I. of England, and, therefore, could .assort a claim to tho British throuo. Mr. D. L. DoGollyor. of tho Arm .of DoGollyor A McOlollan, street-pavement contractors, died at his residence, No. 1183 Pratrio avonuo, last evening. Hr., DoGollyor has boon a resi dent of this pity for over twenty years. Ho loaves a family of four children, and a largo circle of loving friends, to mourn his loss. Ho was 03 yours of ago. - • i . It la pleasing to know that Babcoolc, tho Prosl dout’s Private Secretary, will have a nice cot tage, costing $50,000, finished at Long Branch in July. - Ho has recently put up, in copartner ship with Boss Shepherd, a costly block of housed in Washington, and upon Ido return' from San Domingo, purchased tho residence now occupied by Secretary Delano. Wo aro shocked. to learn that “Liout.-001. Fred. D. Grautp" as tho tolograph loyally an nounces him, will mako tho Yellowstone trip with Gou..Bkanloy. That which touches us with concern is tho knowledge thht the Yellowstone expedition moons business. TUo Indian war browing in tho far Northwest is necessary in Older to help along tho North Pacific Bailroad enterprise. As Fred. Dent Grant is a Lioutou aut-Colonol, while the ollior members of his class nro plain Lieutenants, ho must have an oppor tunity to distinguish himself.—Gmcfmiafi.Com mercial, Father Books, tho General of tbo Ordor of tho Jesuits, is described by a correspondent of tho Vienna I’rcsso as a short, narrow-shouldered man of 70* with a palo and tranquil countenance, “ whoso lifo seemed to concentrate itself in his oxprcEalvo gray eyes, shaded by long black lasuou, and always bout to tho ground except' when ho la. addressing you." .His hood is long and narrow, and its baldness is concealed by a black skull-cap \ bin brown hair interspersed hero and there with a thread of silver, is brushed back from bis temples behind bis oars; bis lioso is sharp, and bis lips are thin and bloodless. Tho Duo do Broglio, Minister of the Inte rior, who appears to nave engineered the move ment by which M. Thiers was driven from tho Presidency, has boon the loader of tho Orloanlst party for some iimo. Ho is descended from a long lino of eminent statesmen, and is a grand son of Madame do Staol, whoso only daughter was his mother. His grandfather resolutely re fused to be reconciled to tho first Napoleon; his father was a minister under Louis Phlllippo. Neither tho present Due nor his father was se duced by Louis Napoleon. They wore leaders in that cotcrio of Grloanluta whoso organs wore tho Journal den Dchats and tho Xevue dcs Deux Mondcn. After tho lato war. tho pres ent Due, who Inherited his father's title in 1870, was elected a member of tho National Assembly. Immediately on tho appointment of M. Thiers ns provisional President, tho Duo do Broglie was made Ambassador to England, whore no re mained for more than a year. On his retirement from that post, ho began to aspire to tho loador uliip of tho opposition in tho Assembly. Qo was the Conservative leader iu the famous Commit tee of Thirty, which finally yielded so absolutely to tho President. Ho is an Orlcauist, but ho iu a lover of constitutional liberty under a liberal monarchy. THE “METROPOLITAN” RECEPTION. Tho Metropolitan Club, organized but a fow months, and now enjoying a full and healthy maturity, numbers among its members many of tbo best-known gentlemen of tbo city. Starting, with a suite of throo or four rooms in Me- VioltorVi Building, ihoy hove found their quar ters too narrow to accommodate their social necessities, and have now enlarged tl v io number of rooms to muo, Those arc all furnished hand somely and tastefully, with tho exception of tho ball-room and supper-room on tho upper floor, which it is unnecessary to dccorato very elaborately. Tho reception-rooms, parlors, toilet-rooms, catering department, and ante room are all that could bo desired. Tho sup per-room is arranged with good souso, a number of small tables being ranged round it for little parties. Those preparations for future enjoy ment necessitated a reception, and tho Club de termined to givo ouo last evening. There wore about ono hundred and twonty-flvo persona present, and tho affair passed off very agreeably. Tbo musical part of tho programme, under tho direction of Mr. Ziegfold, added not a littlo to tbo enjoyment of the evening. Solos by Messrs. Foltz and Ziogfold, and a duct afterwards by tbo Bomo gentlemen; a piano pioco by Miss Valentino do Polgrom. and a charming solo by Miss Haskell, wore tiio fea tures of the ovouiug. Supper was another fea ture. and was served continuously during tho whole ovouiug. Tho ball-room, which was deco rated with bunting, was dedicated to tho delights of dancing. As tho.clnb was organized for social purposes, and with tho iutontiou of squeezing ns much en joyment out of lifo as possible, perhaps tho Reception Committee and somp of tho members will not lake it amiss if tho suggestion is mado that many of tho gentlemen present last ovouiug wore compelled to stand aloof from tho enjoy ment of tho reception because they wore entirely unacquainted with each other and with the ladies, and remain so to-day. Judicial, The election of five Circuit Judges will take place on Monday, Juno 2, next. Tho candidates indorsed by tho bar and both parties irrespective of their politico aro the present Circuit Judges, viz.: Eraslus 8. "Will iams, Henry Booth, John G. Rogers, Lambert Tree, and "\V. W. Fnrwcll, Tho ward committees already announced, and ouch other gentlemen as foci an In terest m tho election of an honest Judiciary,will ploaso organize In their respective wards, and boo that tho election la properly con ducted therein, Tho Judges of Election will ploaeo boo that tho registry boohs and pull books are at tho respective polling places ou Mon day morning. Tho only danger to be apprehended is tho apathy of citizens. Everyman who la interested lu the election of an honest judiciary will ploaso go to the polls ou Monday. Campaign headquarters In basement of Merchants’ Building, corner of LaSalle cud "Washington streets. By order of Campaign Com mittee. Webster—Chicago. At the regular meeting of tho Chicago Board of Ed ucation, hold Tuesday evening, May 37,1873, a meas ure was adopted which marks a now era In school work in this city, and will, without doubt, greatly ad vance tho grade of scholarship and accuracy of thought of the pupils of our schools. The school editions of Webster’s Dictionaries, published by Messrs, Ivison, Blnkeman, Taylor & Co., of Nos. 133 and 136 State street, Chicago, wero placed upon the list as regular text-books, and each pupil was required to obtain a copy of tho edition adapted to hls grade, to be used for study and reference like t*iy other school book, Our Board la noted for its good sense, but this Ih Iho most sensible thing It has done in many n day. Wo trust that other city and town Boards of Educa tion will follow this good example until Webster ia In tho hands of every pupil in our country. Decoration. Tickets for Calvary and ItonchUl can bo procured at Cblcrgo & Northwestern Railroad onices, comer Randolph'and LaSalle, Madison and Canal, and at the depot. Tickets (0 Rosohiil Jaml return, 26 coots; Calvary, 40 cents. Full faro if tickets are not procured. All Indies who can nro cordially invited to assist lu the dcuuiMtiou of the graves at thodKTorcut ccmctoriea of the city. All who can uro requested to ho at tho depot, corner Canal and ICiuslo, at a. ui. sharp, J. M. GirraiAK, Secretary of QoncrahCoinmlttce. Tho Latest Thine in Hats, Parker k Tilton, No. S3 Clark street, opposite tho Ouurt-llnusc, have Introduced their summer-stylo buavcr-mUcd liroßH hat, (ho lightest end most stylish hit over manufactured. A Gem, Don’t fall to tako a look at the beautiful sign that is to bo raised, this afternoon, over tho outranco of Coop er & Heuneaefl's hat store. No. 120 Clark street. WHY NOT? Shall Chicago Go Into tho Silvor- Binoltlng Business ? lo It Necessary to Send Our Oro to Wales to Havo It Reduced ? Tlio Subject Discussed at tlio Pacino Hotel Lost Evening* A largo number of influential citizens and cap italists assembled in tbo club-room of tho Grand Paolflo Hotel, last ovoning, in rosponao to a call addressed to ail who tako an interest in tho wel fare of Chicago. Ovrin E. Mooro called (ho mooting to ordor, and said ho had boon doing what ho could to impress upon a fow pooplo in this city tho importance of making Chicago a mineral market. If It was a foot that $7,000,000 a yoar was produced at tho mlnos in tho West, it eoomocl but proper that Oliioago should havo some of itj and not allow tho ores to go East and to Wales to bo smoltod. Ho hod no money to invest in tho business; was not identified with ony clique, or working to further tho plans of any bno; but, as a citizen of Chicago, ho de sired to boo her business Increased, and hero was an opportunity to create a now market in ibis city,. which would odd materially to her prestige. ' Tho Hon. Thomas Hoyno was then elected President, and Cant. Pose Mason. Secretary. Mr. Mooro submlttod tbo following resolutions: Jtoofred, That tbo successful enterprise of Chicago is duo largely to tho cooperation and unity'of spirit that pervades tbo business men, and lliolr willingness to help develop ony 1 worthy object of public Interest. Ucaolced, That Chicago by its location should com mand tbo mineral trade of tho West, and that if tho business men do ninho an effort now. 41 can bo made tbo great market for Iron, silver, and lead, as It is now for lumber, grain, and cattle, and omtally profitable. Jicsolved. That wo deem. It expedient and practical to establish a large silver smelting and refining works lu Obleago, and (bat tbo business men bo Invited to co operate lu sucb a movement. Jieiolvcd, That an Executive Committee of twcuty-ono bo appointed by this meeting to open books of sub scription for such a purpose. Resolved, That no ■ subscriptions bo binding until $200,000 Is subscribed. Ex-Liont.-Gov. Dross was called for, and, in response,'gave an account of tho mines of Utah and Colorado. Ho saw no reason why Chicago should not get all tho ore taken from them to work Up. Tho opening of tho country south of Balt Lake City by railroads would make many rich mines available. Railroads wore . now constructing there, and oro

could ho bad in unlimited quantity. No ono, unloss by personal examination, could appreciate tbo extent of tho mineral-beds in that section, and all over tbo Western coun try. Everything necessary to carry on tho smelting business successfully could bo bad iu Chicago, and ho had no doubt, if tho business was conducted economically and by honest men, there wore cart-loads of money iu it. Chicago should control tho business. That sho could do it, no ouo for a moment could doubt, having bettor facilities than Newark, N. J., or any other placo in tho world. Sir. McCarty, of tho American Bureau of Minos, gave a brief description of tho mines in Arkansas, Texas, and Now Mexico. Tho ores there yielded from SGO to $5,000 a ton. and ho had specimens which assayed SB,UOO. All these mines, with a littlo energy, could bo mado tributary to Chicago, and ho believed from tho characteristic enterprise of tho people hero that they would take hold of tho business und carry it ou suc cessfully. Mr. Adam Smith, ono of tho proprietors of tho Swausca Smelting Works of Chicago, who bad boon in tho business for two years and a half, mado a detailed statement of (ho mode of smelt ing oro. Thoro was money iu it, but a largo capital was required—fully $500,000 to carry tho business aa it should bo carried ou. Economy and bonosty were essential m tho departments, but tho process had been so systematized iu hie works that very littlo of tho metals abstracted, oithor base or precious, was lost. Ho thought ono largo corporation was bolter than half a dozen small ones. Money could bo sunk faster in tho smoltiug business thaniuauy other; hence to compass ovory emergency a largo amount of capital must bo available at all times. Tho bus iness milst centre somewhere before long, oithor in Chicago or St. Louis, and houco ho desired to see this city mado tho chief market of the world. After a few favorable remarks by tho Hon. J. It. Doolittle, tho resolutions wore adopted, and tho following named gentlemen appointed us tho Executive Committee: N. B. Bouton, A. C. Hosing, James E. Tyler, William E. Iloilo, U. Groouohaum, MattUow LatUu, Howard Priestly, 11. T. Crauo. D. *W. Whittle, W. K. Nixon, Prof. J. V. Z. Dlanoy, E. S. Plko, Prod. Gould, Charles Crnno. William M. Mayo, Conrad Parst, A* G. Van Sohaaok, Grange Sard, Jr., Ed. McQvuule, M. Jaeger, Adam Smith. Tho mooting then adjourned. THE CITY IN BRIEF. Tho city offices will bo closed to-day in order tlmi tho employes may participate iu the decora tion ceremonies. A strawberry festival will bo hold this evening at Trinity Methodist Church, corner Indiana avenue and Twenty-fourth street. Trotting iu Lincoln Park and thereabouts on Tuesdays and Fridays. Go it while you are young, boya, until your necks are wrenched. Tho license of John Houdack, convicted of keeping a disorderly saloon at No. 4-19 Dos plaiucs street, was revoked by the Mayor yester day. A meeting of tho Executive Committee of tho Fourteenth Ward will bo hold at the German school-house, on Fuller street, between Hoy no and Boboy, this evening at 7 o’clock. A committee appointed by citizens of the Fourth Ward in favor of tho re-election of tho present Circuit Judges will bo hold this evening at No. 125 Twenty-second street, up-atalrs.. Tho Mayor has directed that tho owners of Btroot-spriuklors bo notified to tako out regular wagon licenses. His Honor looks upon street sprinkling as a private enterprise, and can see no reason why it should not bo required to pay toll. Messrs. Burling & Adler ore now pfoparing tho plans for tho erection for Judge Dickey of a grand building on the southwest comer of Dear born and Lako streets. This structure will bo a basement and five stories iu height, fronting 80 foot on Lako and 181 on Dearborn, tho principal entrance being on tho last-named street. It will probably bo constructed of sandstone, and. so far as external appearance is concerned, will bo fully equal to tho most imposing edifices which have boon erected in tho South Division. Work will bo begun upon tho foundation iu a short time. Last Sunday night quite an extensive robbery was perpetrated at tho musio store of Boot & Lewis, No. 202 State street. Entrance was ob tained to the bouse by taking out a pane of glass iu a collar window in tho rear end of the store. Tho property taken consisted wholly of hand in struments, such as brass horns, accordions, drums, and flageolets, the whole being valued at $l3O. It is ooujootuVbd that tho enterprise of tho Jubilee managers has suggested to the bur glars tho idea of taking this method to soouro a ready supply of musical instruments, and that tho idea has boon adopted. If this bo the case, Messrs. Boot & Lewis may as well dispense with the service of tho detec tives, as their property will assuredly bo returned to them after the Jubilee is ovor. A reporter of tho Daily Union , named Hilde brand. met with a slight unpleasantness about 0 o’olooklaat evening. It seems, according to his story, that immediately after emerging from a saloon on Baudolph street, ho was assaulted by an unknown individual in so vigorous a manner as to leave bis coat a complete wreck and greatly interfere with tho successful operation of his olfactory nerves. The “un known ” affirmed that while walking along with two ladies, ono of thorn his wifo, they wore grossly insulted by Hildebrand, when bis innate sense of Justice demanded that ho should punish tho Insultor on tho spot. Immediately after his chastisement Hildebrand procured two friends and followed bis assaulter somo distance, when, not meeting with a policeman, they returned to tho consolations of court-plaster and arnica. The name of 11. J. Bawdy ought to bo called, this morning, at Judge Banyan's bar, and would have been but for the mistaken interference of those who merely arrested the arm of the law. Bawdy was ou one of ‘lds periodical drunks, and had, early last evening, gone to his room at the Orient Hotel, whore Ills wife sought to detain him. The shrieks of the poor woman, under the grasp of tbo brute, and her heavy fall on the floor, alarmed the house, two policemen wore summoned, and for a time all was confu sion. The drunken wretch, who had swaggered In the presence of women and guests, cowed down at the sight of, tho brass buttons. ami was, niont mistakenly, loft to pass tlio night ou tlio promises ho had desecrated. Bawdy lino heretofore hold responsible posllloii, Uio duliofi of which havo called him mi a daily round among our host business houses. Ho will probably discover that this llttlo.affair is, to him, Bomothfng moro than uufortuunto. - Tho time of the Hoard of Police Commission ers, yesterday, was mainly lolcou up hi hearing' evidence lu tho case of Lnwronoo Dronoy, driver of hoHO-cart No. 0, and Edward Barrett, driver of hose-cart No. 18, who woro charged with enro losßinSas reuniting In injury to Fire Department property. It appears that the carts driven by tho mou collided at the corner of Fisk and Twenty second atroota about dawn a fow moniings einco, cud ono of tho horses was fatally injured. Tho ovidonco proved conclusively that tho nnimni was hidden from view by a largo lumber pile, and tho Hoard decided that tho charges woro not proven. Tho right of planing mill owners to Silo lumber on tho nubile streets is to bo invos gatod. John X>. lllluo, Jacob Kilsen, Bloplion Paine, and Wilson 0. Hawkins were appointed members of tho regular force. John A. Hall's resignation was accepted. A special mooting of tho Hoard of Education was hold yostorday afternoon for tho purpose of awarding tho contracts for two now twolvo room primary school buildings. President King occupied tho chair. There wore present Inspec tors Bishop, Calkins, Pichborg, llunyan, Stouo, Wells. Wllco, and Hosing. Tho Committee on Buildings ana Grounds reported that eight bids had boon received for tho masonry, eighteen for tho carpentry, and three for tho painting and glazing. They recommended that tho following awards ho mane: Western Avonuo Primary, N. P. Labors, masonry, $12,523} carpentry, Mo- Kcolmlo, KotUvrood and Towers, $9,5C0 \ painting, oto., Anstorling <t Vandorborg, SI,BOO. North Hide Polling Mill Primary, carpentry, MoKocknio, Korkwood it Towers, $9,050; glazing, etc., Aus torling & Vandorborg, $1,200. Tho report was concurred In. All tho bida for tho mason-work of tlio Polling-Mill School woro rejected, and tlio committoo was,ttUthorizod to lot tho contract to Mr. Loborg,' if ho would tako it for tho same price as tho Western Avonuo School. Tho Board thou adjourned until next Tuesday evening. THE JUDICIAL ELECTION. To tho Editor of Tho Chicago Tribune, Bin: Thoro in no class of tbo Chicago people that feel more anxious in roforouco to tho Judi cial election which is about taking placo than tho Qorman-Amoricana. They have been mis represented to a fearful oxtont by a compara tively small number of tho Gormans and by a portion of tho public press. As a class of law abiding citizens, they do not dosifo that tho temperance question should bocomo oven a negative element In tho Judicial election. Whatever their opinion may bo as to tho views of any candidate Booking tho ofllco of Judge of any of our courts, they desire it to bo distinctly understood that they do not wish to support any man upon tho siuglo question that ho is, or may bo, favorable to any Judicial action which would extend to thorn, as a class of citizens, any special privilege. On tbo contrary, tho groat majority of tbo Gorman rotors dosiro that tho Judicial offices should bo filled by men who will enforce tho law, whatever it may bo, manfully, and regard loss of consequences. There is no class of citizens in Chicago who desire tho enforcement of tho law to tho fullest extent tnoro earnestly than tho Germau-Amori cans. As ono ovidonco of this, I need but mention tho fact that tho lato action of somo thirty or forty Ealoon-kcopora in roforouco to tho Bundoy law was almost universally condemned by them. And even those who, in a moment of excite ment, seemed to have forgotten thoir obliga tions as citizens, have seen the error of their ways, and are touing every measure, os far as may bo, to correct tho mistake (if in charity wo may so call it) which they havo made. Tho Gormau-Anioricans do not countenance any political bumming electioneering which may bo pursued by any' candidate on tho single ground that his opponent is not an habitue of boor-halls and wiuo-collars, and they entirely discountenance the action of candidates socking tho office of Circuit Judge, who haso their claims upon tho fact that they aro not tompor auco mou, and not upon their legal qualifications for tho office. • In my dally walks and conversation with tho Gorman people of tho city, I find that they aro In perfect accord with tho general pub lic fooling, that tho flvo present Judgoo of tlio Circuit Court have given general satisfaction. Each ouo of them has been untiring in his zeal for tho public welfare. Tho compensation which they havo received (until lately) has boon far below that liberality which the public has generally extended to its servants ; and yet is thoro a mou iu tho City of Chicago who dues not know of tho unremitting labor which they havo performed? Thoro is not a word said, by ovon tho lowest of election eering agents, against tho honesty, integrity, and legal ability of any of the present Judges. When a candidate for tbo high and honorable position for Circuit Judge of Cook County pre sents his claim to tho pcoplo on tho ground that he has always taken his glass of wmo and beer, and not upon his legal qualifications, ho makes himself utterly contemptible in the eyes of tho very men that stand behind tho counter and cater to tho habits and desires of their Gor man customers. In conversation with one of our most promi nent German citizens, ho referred with great Jirido to tho good name and famo which tho ■udges of Cook County hnvo always borne. Shall wo now commit tho error which Now York City made in its Cardozos and McCunos ? Tho-o is no class of tho public that dcsiro an< honest and oafe Judiciary more than the Ger mans. Mow can our present Judges bodlsplncod then with safety ? By such men and lawyers as tho lion. Sam Ashton ? The qualifications necessary to make a Judge competent to decide in any of our courts (as un derstood by a Gorman) are honesty, experience iu the legal profession, and ability. If drinking a glass of wine or boor occasional ly would qualify a man for a position as Judge, there are many lawyers as well qualified as some of tho candidates now before tho people. I will not trespass further upon your columns, save to propound to every Gorraan-Amorican' this question, for his consideration until elec tion-day : Can tho pooplo and the whole people, of our beloved Chicago dispense with tho inval uable services of any one of our present Circuit 1 Judges ? And, to tho glory of tho city, and in tho interest of public peace and security, I have no doubt that a largo majority of tho Gormau- Americans will answer, No I { Jno. VT. Kiveomeu, 1 RAIN AND CORN. Paxton, 111., May 28,3873. To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune: Sis: I loft Chicago on Monday evening, In a rain-storm, and wont as far south as Tolouo. It had rained nil tho way, and at Tolouo 1 saw per sons from tho west as far as Jacksonville, and they all reported tho weather very wot and farm ers doing no plowing; they are very much . dis couraged about making ovor ono-tbird of a crop of corn this year. At Tolouo and Cham fiaign, the grain-dealers find somo of heir com damaged in tho cribs. Hero, at Paxton, Hue, Buuhnoll & Go., say thoro is loss than half tho corn in store hero now that there was Inst year at this date, and not over 80,000 bushels at this time. Many of our largo farmers are intending to sow tholr corn-ground in millet and Hungarian grass, having abandoned tho hope of getting sound com from late planting, when the ground was so wot. One man told mo ho had planted 20 acres of 200 acres ho had intended to farm. There will bo very little farming iu this section this week, even if wo havo no moro rain. X. AN ABSCONDING MERCHANT. Correspondence (f The Chicago Tribune. St, Patti, Mlnu., May 27, 1873. John Dunn, ox-Treasuror of Dluo Earth Coun ty, a leading merchant' and rospeotod citizen of Mankato, who was reputed to bo worth $25,000 or more, has Hod from that city,—rumor says with a woman. Ho is a man well advanced In years, and loaves in Mankato, to sniTor for his sins, Ida wife and their married children. Other rumors say his show of wealth was a sham, and that there are a groat many farmers in Bluo Earth County, whoso wheat ho hold in trust, who are losers by him ; and yet others tell of St. Paul creditors who will miss him and mourn be cause ho is absent, ami of grain-dealers here and olsowhoro to whom bo has sold the Name bins of wheat twice over. Is anybody iu Chicago inter ested ? I dOu’t know. Eouo. • —Quo of tbo most curious exhibits forwarded to Vienna is a model o( Purls in pasteboard, and measuring twenty yards iu circumference ; it is a faithful oopy of tho capital before tho Com munists changed Its features, or the Germans its suburbs, HATS. GENTS’ DRESS AND BUSINESS HATS. Largo Stock, Endless Variety. Everything Now and Desirable. All tho Now York and Eastern Stylos. Best Stock in tho City. All tho Novelties at BISHOP & BASHES’, State nmi Monroc-sts. FINANCIAL. LAO SHORE & IMGIN SOUTHERN RAILWAY COMPANY. NEW SINKING FUND BONDS, COUPON AND KEGISTI3IIEI). $6,000,000. Honda Duo Oct- 1* 1883. with Intercut nt Seven per Cent, payable HCinl-nniitmlly. Aiirll ami October, at the allleo of the . Union Trent Co. of Now York. SOOO,OOO, or, Ton per Cent of tboLoan, to bo retired annually by the Sinking Fund. Coupon Bonds of . (51,000 onob. Registered Bonds of SI,OOO, SO,OOO and SIO,OOO each. Price, 94 and Accrued Interest. ROBESON, CHASE&CB. B-A-KHSiEBS, No. 18 Broad-st., Now 'York. FLORIDA WATER. IMPERISHABLE FRAGRANCE! lUMAT& MHiIfS OELEBEATED FLOMlti. Tho rloSost, moat lasting, jot most delicate of all For fames, for ase ou the HANDKERCHIEF, At the TOILET, And in the BATH. As (boro aro Imitations and counterfeits, always ask for thu Florida Water which has on tho bottle, on tho label, and on thn pamphlet, tho names of lUUIIItAY A LANJIAN, without which none Is genuine. For sale bj nil Perfumer** Pniafflatß, nnd OCEAN NAVIGATION. mu. mu. Railing from Now York for Queenstown and Liverpool every Saturday, and for London direct every fortnight. Cabin Passage SBO, S9O, aM SIOO Currency. Excursion Tickets at favorMilo rates. Intending pas* sengers should make early application for berths. BTEERAOK, Sitr.OO currency. Prepaid steerage tickets from Liverpool, Queenstown, Londonderry, Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol, or London, s3l. Oil currency. Passengers booked to or from Gorman and Scandina vian points at low rates. Tho Steamships of this lino aro tho largest In the trade. Drafts ou Grout Britain, Ireland, and tho Coutiuout. WILLIAM MACALISm, Gcn'l Western Agent, Northeast corner Clark and Rnndolph.sts. (opposite now Sherman House), Chicago. CVN&BB HAIL LIKE. ESTABLISHED IS-iO, irk, Boston, and Livcrjioo], Steam Between New Yoi Parthlo.. Cuba.... Suiuarla May 311 Scotia , luno4 Abyssinia Juna 71 Algeria..... Ami from Boston every Tuesday. Onhln Pnssngo, 880, 8100 and 8130, Gold. Steerage Passage. 83.1 currency. Pasaengoraand freight booked to and from all part* of Europe nt lowest rates. tJiahtDrafißuuGrcnillfilnlii. Ireland, and tlieUuntlnont. P. 11.DU VKIINKT, Oeu’l IVost'n Agout. ■ . H. IV, nor. Clark and Itaudoloh-sts. Sailing twlco a week from Now York, and carrying pas sengers to all Parte of Great Britain. Ireland, Continental Europe, and tun Mediterranean. Cabin from $65; Steer age, British ami Irish ports oast, S3O; west, $32, Conti nental ports same as other regularlluos. All payable In U. S. currency. Apply for full Information nt the Com pany's olheus. No. 7 BowllngGroen. Now Turk, andN. 15. corner LaSulloand Mndison sta., Chicago. HENDERSON Agents. STATE LINE STEAMSHIP COMPANY. NEW YORK AND GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL, BEL PAST AND LONDONDERRY. Those elegant new steamers will sail from Stato Lino Pier. Fulton Ferry, Brooklyn, N. Y, Asasfollws: VIRGINIA, 2,600 tons '...Wednesday, Junoll. PENNSYLVANIA, 2,W0 tons Wednesday, Juno 26. GEORGIA, 2,600t0ns Wednesday, duly 0. Fortnightly thereafter. AUSTIN BALDWIN i CO., „ _ Agonts.TO Broadway, N, V. Steerage office, 40 Broadway, N. Y. STOCKHOLDERS’ MEETINGS. NOTICE la hereby given that amooting of tho stockholders of tho Peninsular Railway Oompnnywlll bo hold at tho ofllco of tho Company in tho City of Batllo Crook, State of Michigan, on tho SOth day of July, 1873, at 9 o'clock p. m., for tho purpose of submitUug to said stockholders, for thoir sanction or rejection,an agreement msdo and entered Into by and botweon tho Directors of tho Peninsular Railway Company and tho Directors of tho Port Huron A Lake Michigan Railroad Company for tho consolidation of said two companies Into ouo corporation. M. 8. BRACKETT, Secretary. Dated May 20, 1873. OFFICE OF CMcap.Rock Islanl & Paciflc RAILROAD COMPANY. Tho annual mcoflngof tlio Stockholders "otho*Cfi U o at? o, Rock Island * I’acillo Railroad Company, lor tho elocmn of Directors pursuant to law, and tho transaction of such other business ua may como boforo thuin, will bo hold at tho ollico of the Company, in tho Olty of Chicago, on Wednesday, tho 4th day of .Juno next, at 11 o’clock a. m. •p. it rrnwa « , JOIIN F * TiIAOY. President. F. 11. TOWS. Secretary. Stockholders’ Meeting. Notico R horuby tflvoa that tho annual meeting of tho Stockholders of Chicago South Branch Dock Company, for tho election of I) rectors of said Company, will bu hold at tbootllco of said Company, No. 623 Wabntdi-av.. In the City of Chicago, nt 10 a, m., Wod^«day..l.m Q 4 A. D? 1873. K. O. MASON Secretary of Chicago South Branch Dock Couinang. BUSINESS CARDS. 0. tt LAWRENCE & GO., PROVISION AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, NEW OItr.KAAS, I,A. SCALES. tj&P PAIE BANKS' jjj *1 STANDARD I* SCALES or ALL 81HUS, J^g^^3?AIBBAWK9 ( MOBBia &00 m AWP I|3 LAKK-ST. AMUSEMENTS. MYERS’ OPERA HOUSE. von A SHOUT SEASON. rfmrnienMmr Monday Even* lug, Jlino 3, 1 billi THE CELEBRATED MORAN & MANNING’S nvmsrsTißrET.s, Direct from the Klnvonlh'St. Opera Hnnoo, Philadelphia, Will giro a of llirlr iiurriiinllrul ETHIOPIAN KNTRIITAINMRSTS, Introducing nil (ho groat Slam and l uvorlmi In lliolr Specialties. Among 'ho list will ho found EUGENE. , , .. The unrivaled Prlrna Donna and Burlesque Arlht. UNSWOimi. . , Tlio Original Slump Orator and Burlesque Arllot. J-'UaNK MORAN, Tho Groat Original Ethiopian Oomodlnu. BILLY MANNING, „ , Tho Greatest of all Living Comedians and Chicago’^ Favorite. ‘ _ , Tho Celebrated BUFFALO HOYS, iho Groat Song and Tho EXCELSIOR'(JUAirnCTTiiJ and SUPERB OR* OIIICSTUA, forming the Strongest C'omldnallon ovoi brought together. . AIKEFS THEATRE. This (Friday) Evening, for the BENEFIT of MISS LA XT R A KEENE, And for the Mntlneo 10-morrovv afternoon, will bo pro Bunted (ho Elegant Comedy, SUB STOOPS TO CONQUER, With the full Star Combination In tho cast. To-morrow Night last appearance of Laura Koono and lior Star Com pany, and Inal porformanco of Honied Down; or, Tiio Two Lives of MarrLeigh. ACADEMY OF MUSIC. MONDAY, Juno 3, first appearance of tho WORLD UENOWKD LI3STG- LOOK, In hla great ITRE-EATING and SWORD-SWALLOW ING PEAT. Alco, YAMADIVA, THE MAN SERPENT. . MoVIOKER’S THEATRE, LABT NIGHT BUT ONE OP rBXD-WXUST S- Thla (Friday) Evening, Schiller's Tragedy of the ZES.OECE23S3Xr2.E3™ CHARLES DE MOORE .EDWIN ADAMS. Saturday Matlnoo-WILD OATS. Katnnlny Evening—Last Night of the Season—THE DRUNKARD. Mr. Adams an Edward Middleton. NIXON’S AMEHITHEITEE, ■ Clinton-st. MONDAY EVENING, Juno 3, CALI.EXDEK’S FAMOUS mmm mms! Tho King Langh-Makoro, in tbolr original portraitures ol 7,1 To on tlio Plantation. introducing tho groat Camp Moots lng Jubilee*. OLD AUNT JK.MUIA. Matlnco Wednesday and Saturday. • ACADEMY OF MUSIC. Uulatod-at., noarMadison. Unmistakable and Unabated Sucocsa of tho Theatre Oomique Combination Prom Theatre Oomlquu, 614 Broadway, N. Y. TO-NIQUT, another complete cbfftigo of bill 5 tho Groat Irish Drama, . 2ST-A. BK.OTJC3-B, With all tho Knaclalty Stars la tho cast, Full Ballot, Choruses, ami Effcctc. HOOLEY'S THEATEE. Best Company In America—Thursday, Friday, nod Sat* urcioy Afternoon and Night, Marshall’s elegant Comedy, False Bliame, With o powerful east and gorgeous scenery, concluding with a laughable FAUOE. Monday, Juno 3, after months of elaborate preparation, will ho produced tho Musical Extravaganza of Vl2 OJSN* TLK SAVAGE. TEINITY M. E. OHUEOH, - Indlana-av. near Twonty«fourth*Bt. STRAWBERRY FHOTAL THIS EVENING. TIOKETSjSO ctq. JUBILEE. CTT JZBXjDIBIB I TICKETS admitting to anyone of tho GRAND COLISEUM CON* CERTS wllllio SOLID TO-LJLir at Dyeho's Drug Store, corner Hnlstod and Madfsod*sts., on tuo Wont Slue, anil Lyon A lloaly's Musiu Store, Stato- Bt., near Monroe, ami Carpenter A Sheldon's Hook Store, 858 Wahash-av., oa tho South Slclo. Price, ONE DOLLAR! ..Tone 11 .Juno 14 .Juno 18 It being necessary to tell delects at over two thousand dUTonmt places throughout tho adjoining States, it has boon found impracticable to sell reserved scats in tho country, and, as It would bo manifestly unjust to discrimi nate against tho thousands who coino hundreds of miles to attoud those Ooncorts by soiling roaorvod scats lu Chicago nlono, it has boon determined to KESBRVJE NO SEATS, Tbns giving all who attend tho Ooncertu an onual oppor tunity to secure tho best scat. Those who wish to avoid tho groat crowd ut th j door would bo wiso to SECURE TICKETS AT ONCE. Those who bavo received their invitation to tho Grand JUBILEE BALL should apply early at tho Juhilco Headquarters, No. 87 WoalilngtoD-st., tosocuro thoirTICKETS for tho Ball, OS tho NUMBER WILL HR LIMITED. CARPENTER A SHELDON, Business Managers. TO RENT. OFFICES. A few Very Desirable Offices are offered for rent in tho Trib une Building. Single or in suites. Witii and without Vaults. English Tile Floors through out the Building. Elevator running during all business hours. These Offices are not equaled in the city. The best for all classes of business requiring a central lo- cation, W. C. DOW, Boom SI Tribune Building, MEDICAL CAKES. DR. 0. BIGELOW CONFIDENTIAL PHYSICIAN, 4W Slato-st., Chica/ro, It la well known by nil readers of the papers, that Dr. O. Bigelow Is tho oldest established physician in Chicago, Science nml experience have nmdo I)r. B. the most re nowned SPECIALIST of tho ago, honored by tho press, esteemed of tho highest medical attainments by nil flu medical Institutes of tho day, having dovoted TtvlsNTV YEARS OF Ills LIFE In perfecting remedies that will euro positively all casus of CHRONIC AND SPECIAL DISEASES in both eoxus. CONSULTATION FREE. SEPARATE PARLORS for ladles ami gentlemen. Call. CORRESPONDENCE OONFIDENTTAL. Address nil letter*. with stamps, to Dr. 0. BICiELOW, No. 404 Stnto at. DR. J. H. CLARK, Tho fthlo and well known BpculalUt-at lot East Harrison, at., botwoon Clark «adStaio-fta.~can »|0 oonaulto*i~«laj orovunlng—uu all diseases and dlljicuhioa of n chronic, delicate, urcuntldentUl naturo-nf both Bonos. Special attention to female diilieiiltlos. Medicines sent by nia I or express. Hond stump tor circular to tho Married. Ad dress DR. CLARE, 101 Rust Hurrlsonat., Chicago, 111. SiSS Dr. Kean, 300 South Clavk-st., Chicago, MoylioconlMontinlly consulted, jiorooiiiilly or by mall, free ul cliuruu, oil nil chronic or nervous diseases. lij{, J, KKAN Is tlmonly physician In tho city who wap rantseuros or uu pay. Ureeu Hook tool (or W conta. Illustrated with nnmop mis lino engravings. DE. A. a. OLIET, ItSSoulU CUrh-st., Chicago, (ho longest engaged and most successful Specialist In tho troaimout of alt private ohruulo, mill nervous illu-asos lu both soxes. bond two stamps for Medical Tieatl-o. Full Information. Con sultation ireo. Cum-spnndonco confidential, Separata rooms for ladios and gentlemen. Hoard. atUiuUaco. euj»

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