Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 30, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 30, 1873 Page 6
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nivm. rniTi/ uuiinii Lliut MONETARY. Thursday Emnw, May 20. Money Rooms to bo growing easier In tho local taarkot, and borrowers who have not already had ill tho accommodation thoy aro entitled to at dank hayo no difficulty. In tho open market, nonoy is frooly offered ou prhno collaterals at 10 percent, and somo of iho banks.wouldovoabo willing to loan on coll at fl per cent. Now York exchange ooutlnuoa firm, at par to 250 par SI,OOO premium for sales between banks. Tho movement of currency in any direction joutinuos light. j , DECORATION DAY. Notices woro posted in nearly all of tho banks 10-day, that to-morrow, Decoration Day, would bo observed as a holiday, by tho closing of tho banks. Acoocdlng to tho statutes of this State, wo have but throe legal holidays (besides Sun days) in tho year, via. : Christmas, Now Year’s, and tho Fourth of July. Any additional ones must be made no oithor by proclamation of tho Governor of thoStoto or of tho President of tho United Stales. It is, howovor, generally conceded that wo have too fow holidays, oithor legal or merely conventional.' In past 'years, when this city, particularly, felt loss secure of her commercial pro-eminence In the West than she docs now, it was, perhaps, not strange that many of tho observances and customs that aro characteristic of a moro perfectly organized society should have boon lost sight of In the rush of trade and the struggle for tbo means of subsistence. But success in tho acquirement of wealth brings with it to tho mind of every ono who deserves wealth tho con viction that money can buy nothing bettor than leisure to follow moro congenial pursuits, and that to make tno moro accumulation ofmonoy the end and object of existence is an ambition too moan for a human being. Sunday comes so regularly, and with tho methodical man of busi ness its observances aro of so uniform a charac ter, that it falls to disturb tho routine of monoy gottiug thoughts, or to start tho query in hia mind of what should ho tho objects of life. It is well ouougb, therefore. that thoro should como days when ho does not know exactly What to do ' with the Umo, when his thoughts may bo turned in some other direction than his shop or on his hank account. It is possible that Decoration Day may eventu ally grow into a social rather than a national, and to some extent partisan, holiday, as it is now! It is to bo hoped that it may, as it contains tho elements of an institution that would exercise a more potent influence upon society for good than any other holiday now observed by tho Ameri can people. It belongs to no special religious creed, and should bo claimed by no party. Its peculiar feature will prevent its ever being made a day of junketing and riot, and will call people out of • towns and cities at tno pleasantest season of the year, to cultivate a broader and moro kindly sympathy with their follow-men than can bo acquired within tho lim its of church creeds or party platforms. THE LUMIIER TiIADE. In more than a dozen of our exchanges wo find lengthy accounts of tho “Failure of tho Lumber Combination.” In many of those, tho ideas of tho writers soom to have boon tbab it was somo concerted attempt on tho port of wealthy firms East and West to advance, or at least prevent a decline in, tho price of lumber generally. There is no rea oon to believe that the whole affair was anything but a sort of co-operating arrangement byanum bor of firms to help each other through what has proved to bo a very unfavorable spring for tho lumber trade, and the cause of the dissolution of the arrangement was only tho continuance of the depression in tho trade which made it appar ent that every firm would bettor take care of it self. In this market tho spring trade in lumber bas not been encouraging. The backwardness of tho season prevented tho usual amount of solos to the country, while the excessively high lake freights last fall and early this spring have made tho lumber cost . moro than was calculated upon. Even to tho city, tho sales bavo not boon up to what was expected by most of the lumbermen. Putting all those circum stances together, the prospects fpr profit In tho lumber trade this spring ore not very flattering. TUB NEW TRUST AND SAVINGS DANE. By their card in another port of this paper, it will bo seen that tho Illinois Trust and Savings Bonk—a now hank, to which reference was made Bomo weeks ago—has been organized, and will open for business on Tuesday, Juno 2, in tho office just vacated by tho Union National Bank. Tho new bank not only begins with a respectable paid-up capital, larger, with one exception, than that of any other savings bank In tho city, but its organization of Directors and officers is calculated to inspire confidence. Four of ' its Directors ore active, practical- bankers, three of them being now the most prominent men in as many different National Banks in this city. The names of Messrs. W. F. Coolbaugh, of the Union National: Goo. Sturges, of tho North western National; Jno. DoKovon, of tho Mor shants’ National; and Mr. L. B. Bidway, late of tho State Savings Institution, are too well known to need any comment. Tho new bank will, in addi tion to its savings business, give special atton tion to the management of trust funds, a branch of banking which has been neglected by corpora tions in this city. In tho management of this class of business, tho well-known character for integrity and suocoss in business of all tho Directors will at once give tho new bank a prom inent position. LOCAL STOCK AND BOND MAJIKET. Messrs. Lunt, Preston & Keau quote as fol lows this afternoon: B-20aof 'ca tWOsof'M .118* Whi 6-20s of 'OS 117? llS'* B-20a of 'OS, Jan, and July * *HB»f 110 6-20 a of 'O7, Jan, and July, 121j5 vu 6-20sof 'OB, jau. and July::.::::::::™? IWOs iii,/ D, 8, 6s (new Issue) 115k iis»l Gold Coupons liru iihj* Gold Exchange... Sterling Exchange ’ I08jf®103? Northern Paciflo Gold 7-30 a lOO&lnt. Chicago Ci y 7s 09* Sint. Cook County 7s do£ Jtw liliaoin County and Townshlp’ios! !!!! ‘OSSOB REAL ESTATE. Tho following instruments were filed for record on Thursday May 29: citx rnopnnxY. Kossuth at, hot Stewart av and Duddan st, nf, 25 f to alloy, dated May 27; consideration, SBOO. Lot 41, in Block 2, of n * Block 4, Bhoflleld’a Addi tion, dated April 23; consideration, $3,200. North Clark at, a o cor of North av, w t, 826x140 ft, dated May 28; consideration, $49,750. Lot 0, of Block 1, of Block 0, Soo. 33,39,14, dated May 28; consideration, S9OO. Sublot 19, of Lots 1,4, and 5, la Block 5, Rockwell’* Addition, dated May 6: consideration, SI,OOO. a l'* ln t f* aWß <ra*B sokof BO V Sao 13. *9.13, j Uarcli 1! consideration, SI,OOO. * *r Dn oi v * deci ¥, ot n w#of ao # goo 1, 89,13, dated May 28; consideration, $30,000. Undivided # of Blocks 1 to 4 and Block 7, in Olif xords Addition, dated May 28; consideration, $45,000. V f e .)tf nw if 800 8, 30,14, dated Sept. 27. 1872 ; consideration, $1,400. ' * ? v » “ Mr fl , w cor of Thirty-second at, of, 25x 153# ft, dated April 22; couaidcratlou, $1,258! * Porcat av. bet Thirty-second and Thirty-thlrd also f, 60x125# it, dated May 1; consideration! $7,000, ’ Lot 17, of Lota 28 to 30, etc., in Block 4, Ilubbard’a Block 24, la Soo 29, 39,14, dated May 24 : conaldora tlon, SSOO. Lot ifl, In earn©, dated May 24; consideration, $550. Moore at, 25# ft o of Leavitt at, a f, 24x124 ft, dated May 19 ; consideration, SBOO. 1 Howard st, 103 ft w of Loomis at, n f, 23x124 ft. dated May 29; consideration, $825. ' ' Ooultorat, 188 ft wof Western av, af, 24x124 ft. dated May 28; consideration, S7OO. 1 * ' West Washington st. near a w cor of Robey at. n f. 80x124 ft, d.lod M.y ■/ i cocslclmllon, *8,250. ’ * EUla av, near Ihlrly-Blxlh at, w /, 60x137 ft. dated May 28 J consideration, *0,125. ’ ■ Lot 44, In mock 0. Sec 7, SO, dated May 22: con aldoratlon, $750. ’ Lot S3, In Runlz’ n# of Lot 13. In North Addition, dated May 23 ; consideration, $1,250. ’ Lot 45 in Block 20 of ao # See 17, 89,14, dated April 35: consideration, $3,400, ' Lot 73 In Block 1 of o #nvr #of Beo 80, 39, 14, dated May 10; consideration, $950. ' Wood st, n e cor Van Bureu st, Lots 25, 28, and 29 dated May 27: consideration, $10,009. ' Sub-Lot 7 of Lots 0 to 10 in Block 3, Rockwell’s Ad dition, dated May 27; consideration, SBOO. Lot 49 In Bess’ Lot 1, in Block 87 of w # 6eo 21, 89. 14. dated May 20; consideration. SBOO. South I’ark av, near a w cor of Twenty-ninth at, e f, Lot 0, dated May 15; consideration, $3,000. , Wentworth av, s of and near Thirty-first at, e f, 25x 100 ft, dated May 27; consideration, $1,200, _ . „ . . . SOUTH Olf OUT LIMITS, w“A, to * n Block 8» °* llolntz’a Subdivision In s fL QO3° f S0 * tuted May 2'J; conalderation, DI? 80, In Block 1, of Carr’s ro-BubillvJslon of Bodaleva wK»o& Scot), 88,14, dated May Hi consideration, S3OO. » » ■» J ' Junction av, 125x110 ft In village of Englewood, dajod May 29: conalderation, $2,600. ° * Lots M to 10, in Block 8, of Block 83, Soo 16.89.14. dated March 28; conalderation, $1,200,* * ' ** South V of Lot I* and n K of Lot L In Block 8, of ln-I>l;£k Smith's Suliillvlalon In C ° dfttoil May 17} coualdorallon, Bl ° Ck lu '“ m0 > d " toa M “ y 17 i conaldora- COMMERCIAL. • ' Thursday Evening:, May 2D. Tho following woro tho receipts and shipments of tho loading articles of produce in .Chicago during tho past twenty-four hours, and for tho corresponding dato ono year ago s niOEIPTa. BIIIVMBMTB. . 1873. 1872. 1873. | 18727“ SfWi hri" 0,718 4,000 _ 8,037 “Tm* Wheat,bu 61,440 20,630 70 007 66 072 Corn, bu 70,000 894,000 207,411 278 171 Oats, bu 84,000 140,200 07 240 67 408 Kyo, bu. 3,880 8,707 87,000 .... .... Barley, bu 1,460 3,0u0 3,210 1.200 Qrw» booil, lb 20,140 13,680 20,700 1.421 Flax seed, Iba. 40,780..,.. Broom com, Ibn i 000 Cured meats, 1ba.,.. 48,000 121,210 880,68.', 237*03*6 Beef, brie,,. ~ *6l Pork.brla 202 1,023 037 £«; d, 8.880 7,410 28,500 72.276 Tallow, lbs 13,000 13,600 41,460 20.300 Butter, Ibe 80,387 01,710 20,005 68 000 Drenod hogs. No • Live begs, No 13,848 16,842 3,002 ’’’7*o76 Cattle, No 8,310 0,680 2,730 ‘ 1 034 Sheep, No 029 1,103 712 .... .. Uhl**. 110,053 101,140 23,000 80,024 HJghwinofl, hrlfl 030 283 62 233 Wool, tbs 284,807 111,030 110.901 187,041 potatoes,bu 4,444 0,011 6,181 ........ Lumber, mft 0,5i0 n.nsfl 2,002 1,935 Shlnglea, m 1,120 1,220 l,cm 1803 Lath, in 270 SOU 221 130 Balt, hrls 3,020 : 2,087 Withdrawn, from store yesterday for city consumption: 1.410bn wheat; 1,095 bu com; 2,888 bu oats } 1,173 bu.ryo 5 1,908 bu barloy. Tho following grain has boon Inspected into fitoro this morning, up to 10 o’clock: 80 cars wheat} 103 cars com} 81 cars oats } 7,000 bu No. 2do by canal } G oars ryo; 2 cars barloy. Total (BCB cars), 105,000 bu. Tho Board of Tradodooidod to-day, by a unani mous voto, to hold no session on Friday. Tho intention is to do honor to the dead horoos of tho lato war, and thoro is no doubt that many mombors will join tbo throngs who pay respect ful tribute to tbo memories of the nation’s dead. Meanwhile, others will gather on tho curb-stouo, and trade 5 and if any dispute should ariao tho Board of Trade will undertake to settle it, just tho samo as if tho Baud had not mado tho day a holiday. Now, this is simply a commercial nuisance, which ought to bo at onoo abated. Bather tho rooms should bo open every day (oxcopt Sunday), so that mombors can go if thoy wish, and koop away if thoy prefer it, or else the Board of Trado should declare that it does not recognize trades mado on holidays. This declaration would not prevent mombors from buylug-and selling; but it would onablo them to observe a holiday with out tho fear of neglecting the interests of tholr clients. At present tho rool commission mer chant does not daro to iako advantage of tbo unpleasant fiction. Ho may send his clerks homo for breathing spoil, but must remain him self to watch tho markot in tho intorost of tho mon in tho country who hnvo intrusted him with thoir business. It is probable that an effort will bo mado oro long to change all this, and to wind up the business of tho week at 2 or 3 o'clock ou Saturday of tornoou. THE MARKETS. Tho loading produce markets wore moderately active to-day, and steady at about the sumo av erage of prices as on Wednesday. Tho weather was fine, but cold, and tho clouds threatened more roin. Tho movement of produce continues about the same as for a couplo of weeks past— rather quieter, but there was a little moro dispo sition to ship grain at reduced quotations on lake freights. The crop reports are improving. There was a fair Inquiry for staple cotton tex tures aud also for seasonable dress goods, but in other departments of tho dry goods market the volume of sales was small. The inquiry was principally in tho shape of moil orders, tho at tendance of interior merchants being noticeably small. Jubilee week will probably bring an in creased number of buyers and a mote active trade. Groceries wore '-in light request only, and prices underwent no percepti ble change, ruling steady for moat ar ticles. The butter trade was satisfactorily active, with little or no variation in prices. Choice qualities are disposed about as fast as received, and these is no largo accumulation of any grade. Cheese was quoted quiet at tho prices current early in tho week. Coal ruled dull and easy. The fish market was reasonably active and was firm at full former rates. Dried fruits remain quiet and easy. Hay, hides, leath er, pig-iron, tobacco, • and wood woro without quotable change. Oils mot with a good inquiry at for carbon; 73@760 for oxtx-a lard: $1.01}@1.05 for linseed; aud at sG@s7c for tur pentine. The demand for lumber at the yarda continues active on both local and shipping account. Prices are without quotable change except for lath which are lower. There were only a few cargoes at tho docks this morning, and they sold readily at $10.00(5)10.50 for posts and scantling, and SIO.OO for common boards. The demand for building materials continues moderate at the quoted prices. A tolerably fair trade was reported inmotals, tinners 1 stock, and noils. Till opiate has declined 50c, owing to a doclino East, Nails aro weak and lower} quotable at $5.00. There was no particular change in tho iron mar ket ; the domand.was moderate; common bar is weak, but foreign goods aro held with consider able firmness. Naval stores wore active and firm. Tho wool market was quiet, and prices for old aro reduced from 2@lo, Seoda wore in light request, though mQIot sold to a fair orient at 80c@$1.00. The supply of poultry continues light, and choice chickens are a trifle higher, while turkeys are dull. Eggs sold to tho local trade at 13>/@l4o. Highwines were quiet and weak, but not quotably lower than two days ago, though Now York declined 8o per gallon, and is rather dull at that. Holders hbro wore firm in their views, at 910, and was bid. Sales wore reported of 150 brls at 910 per gallon. Lake freights wore moderately active, but Vo lower to Buffalo, and Vo lower to tho lower lake porta. Shippers held off early to force a de cline, and took bold rather freely when it was conceded. A total of 12 charters was reported, including some last evening, which will carry out 105,000 bu wheat, 180,000 bu corn, and 75,000 bu oats. Tho market closed rather firm at 4Vo for com. and for wheat by sail to Buf falo, and 120 for wheat to Oswego aud Kingston. Provisions wore quiet but firm. There was scarcely anything done except in changing over from Juno into July, tho premium for carrying being 400 per brl on pork, Vo nor lb on lard, and %o nor lb on moats. It is behoved that several of those transfers were not reported. Moats and lard were quoted unchanged, while moss pork advanced 40c per brl, one or two lota being wanted outside the changing round process above noted. There was some inquiry for car loads of meats for shipment; but appa rently none offered. The stocks are now small, and in very • few hands. Tho market closed at tho following range of prices: Moss pork, cash or seller Juno, $10.15 @10.20; do seller July, $1Q.C0@10.55 : do seller August, slG.Bs@lG.B7>£; lard, cash or seller Juno, $8.50; do seller July, $8.75@9.80; do seller August, $9.00; summer do, $7.00(5) 8.00, Sweet pickled hams quoted at 10@ 120. Dry salted moats quotable at Q>%@ for shoulders; BV@B>£o for short ribs; and 8 V@B%o for short clear. Boxed shoulders, CV@o%o. English meats, B%@B*tfo for short ribs; Bsj@9o for short clear. Bacon is quoted at 7>£o for shoulders; for clear ribs: for short clear, amt 18@14>£o for hams, all Sacked. Mess beef, $0.00@0.2Q ; extra mess do. 10.00@10.25; beef bams, $28.00@20.50, City tallow, 7%@80; greaao quotable at s#@CVo. Sales wore reported of 1,000 brls moss pork, sel ler June, at $10.15; 2,600 tea do at $10.00; 2,500 brls do, seller July, at $10.40; 500 brls do (last evening) at $16.25; 750 tea lord, seller Juno, at e H°- ..... . _ Flour was quiet and unchanged. Tboro was very litllo demand except for a few spring supor fiuoa on Canadian account; aud bfiyora, both shippers and local dealers, seemed to bo bolding off in anticipation of lower prices. It is prob able that several dealers were willing to shade Suotatlojiß, if they could have done so quietly, ran waa again lower, being in largo supply. Sales wore reported of 100 brla wbito winter ex tras (boat) at SIO.OO j 100 brls do (Snow Cloud) at SO.OO ; 100 brls do on private terms : 100 brls spring oxtras at $0.20 ; 100 brla do SO.OO ; 700 brls do on private terms ; 75 brla rye flour (Lol oit) at $4.00 5 100 brla do on t)rivato terms. Total, 1,875 brla. Also, 20 tons bran at SB.OO 5 10 tons do at $8.25 ;20 tons do at sß.oo—all on track : 10 toua do at SO.OO, delivered ; 10 tons middling at SIO.OO, delivered. Tbo following wore the quotations at tbo oluao: Fair to choice white winter extras S f1.60 @ll.OO Bed winter extras 7.00 @8 60 Goodtocholcosprlugextras,.., 0.25 @ 7^o Low to medium e.OO 64 6,00 Mfnnesotas (patent) 8.00 @ll,OO Good to fancy Minnesota 0.60 @O,OO ——_u !■ 1 iii iniin. .i u.uu n» irmj l S n o n flour Uo @Uo Brnn 8.00 0 8.7« Wheat was moro active. and )tfo higher. The market opened weak, though Liverpool wao quoted Armor. Tho probable cauao was the hot weather of tho early morning, as, when tho wind veered towards tho north, about 11 o'clock, tho market turned upward, and, thenceforward ruled strong, Tho trading was principally for next month, which will soon bo hero, deliveries being In order on Monday, with only ouo'moro working,day iu which to equalise tho outstand ing deals for Juno, Tho option opened at $1.20)*, advanced )*o, recoded to $1.20)*, roso to sl.27Jtf, and closed at sl.27X* Seller July woa very- dull at $1.20@1.27, closing at tho outside. Tho option was strong, but few cared to invest at quotations. Boiler August was quoted all tho way from $1.20(g)1.22, and seller tho year at $1.14 hid aud $1.16 asked. Cash wheat was hr fair demand for shipment, though 2)*@2)*o ahovo seller Juno, whilo there was very littlo demand to HU May shorts. This fact caused no littlo re mark, and come hinted at a possible squeeze on Saturday, whilo others said that thoro was noth ing loft to fiquoozo on tho May deal. This pref erence for cosh wheat la not unusual at this tlmo of tho year, when tho oxpootalion of de clining prioeu near tho incoming of a now crop generally causes a groat number of the shorts to hold off till near tho close of tho month of delivery, instead of settling up at' tho beginning. Aud wo may ox- Eoot to soo cash wheat rulo considerably ighor next week than will tho option to deliver at any tlmo in Juno. Cash No. 2 spring, or sel ler tho month, closed Ann at $1.29&(g)1.80. * No 1 spring was moro active, and steady at $1.05. No. 0 spring was in fair demand at $1.19; and roj soled do at $1.02. Cash sales wore reported of 9,400 No. 1 spring at $1.05 : 08,000 bu No. 2 spring (part hard) at $1.80: 400 bu do at 21.200 bu do at $1.29)* j 800 bu do at $1.29$ 5,800 bu do at $1.29)*; 4,800 bu No. 3 springat $1.19; 2,800 bu do at $1.02. ’ Total. 80,000 bu. Corn was loss active, aud )*@)*o lower, though quite strong at tho decline. Tho market opened weak, like wheat, under a hot sun, and stiffened up when the wind changed, advancing fully )*o iu throe minutes. Tho early weakness wasgroat ost In seller Juno, which was expected to be of fered very freely by parties who would want to provide against receiving on Monday next. But tho offerings wore not made as expected, indeed thoro wore few sellers of anything in corn, all through tho session. Tho receipts coutlnuo small, and aro readily taken up by shippers; tho demand being especially good for. rejected, which pays best to ship at present , rela tive prices. Tho moro deferred options woro not in much request, as buyers ore ou tho fence; they are inclined to be lieve in a radical advance in July or August, and yet fear tho effect of so much on hand, especially if tho weather should bo again damp. We noto that Now York was stronger to-day, and thoro is a good order demand hero for com for many Eastern points, as attested by tho rail move ments. Holler Juno opened at 38)*o, aud ad vanced to 090 at tho oloso. . Seller July sold, at 42@42)*0; seller August at 44>^@44)*c I and seller tho month, or regular No. 2, at all closing with firm udders at the outside. Now receipts of No. 2 closed at S9)*c. Cash Sales woro reported of 2,800 bu No. 1 at 40o: 2,400 bu yellow at 40o : 3,200 bu No. 2at 80)*o: 7,200 bu do at 39J)*o ;• 8.200 bu do at 39)*0; 15,000 budoatOOj&c; 26,000 bu do at 88,1*0; 18,800 bu rejected at 37o} 400 bu no grade at 310. • Total, .88,000 bu. * Oats woro rather moro active in options, and firm at yesterday’s quotations, though receipts were again largo. There was a fair demand for shipment, helped somewhat by tho easier feeling iu freights; and this caused a firmer tone iu op tions, especially after Now York was quoted higher at tho close. Holier the month, or regular No. 2, sold at 31)£@32c; strictly fresh receipts at 32)* @32)*o 5 seller Juno at 32>{j(?p32)*c, aud seller July at 83*1*@34o} all closing with firm holders at .tho outside. Cash sales woro reported of 24,000 bu at 32)* c { 3,000 bu at 32%0; 4,800 bu at 82)* c; 5.000 bu at 32c; 10,000 bu atOl’ic: 4,200 bu at 31%0} 4,200 bu rejected at 29£(c; 000 bn do at 29)*0; GOO bu by sample at 87o: GOO bu do at 30c. Total, 67,000 bui ‘ llyo was quiet and steady at tho price of tho past few days, with a fair demand at GB)*c. and a firm refusal to give more. Cash sales wove re ported of 2,000 bu No. 2 at CB)*c, and 600 bu by sample (equal to No. 1) at 70)* c. Barley was quiet, aud nominally unchanged, with no demand, and only an occasional offering. The range is about 70@78fc for No. 2, G3@oDo for No. 3, and 43(Jti490 for rejected} tho inside iu tiio Hock Island Elevator, aud tho outside iu other houses. Gash sales were limited to 400 bu No. Bat Cso; 800 hu by sample at 850, aud 400 bu do at 70c. Total, 1,000 bu. COHN. Wo make tho following extract from a letter written from Eureka, 111, (May 28), to a promi nent commission firm in this city: I wrilo this lu good faith to you. I would not wrlto this hud I not noticed in somo of tho papers articles on tho crops, that surely wero put in fur un object. With us thero is over ouo-haif tho com still In tho farmers’ cribs, und our fanners nro pretty well through planting, Tho oats crop Is largo and looks wed. In wheal thoro ore twenty acres to ouo sown last year aud tho year before, and It looks bully. In corn, the number of acres will fall short about eight of what was planted last year. Many aro through plant ing, and have commenced shelling, aud there will bo lota of corn marketed this and next week. Somo ono wants to get up a big acaro on corn, from tho lono of tho papers. 1 would rather soil for July and August, at prosout prices, than buy. CALIFORNIA PRODUCE. The San Francisco Commercial herald has tho following: There has been quite a revival In tho export grain trade during the current week, the bulk of throe car goes for the United Kingdom having been secured upon favorable terms. I'or obvious reasons, several largo holders of wheat have recently shown a desire to realize, to close out their surplus stocks purchased some time since below rates now current, looking for extreme prices ore this. At tho same time largo pro ducers, who had refused to sell wheat in the fall at 2 cents, and unwilling to sell at this late day for less, have during tho month been loading two or three ships for Liverpool ou their own account, hoping in that way to secure abroad a largo price. Another now feature of tho trado Is tho establishing a regular Hus between this port and groat Britain, for the currying of general cargo at current freight rates, and thus open a regular lino of couveyauce for grain, flour, ores, and other merchandise seeking a market. This has been a want long felt with us. Crop Intelligence, although conflicting, is on tho whole encouraging; and with a few weeks longer con tinuance of tho cool growing weather thus far expe rienced in May, wo may. hope to harvest a full average crop of. cereals, giving us a wheat surplus for export of at least 800,000 tons, thus giving profltablo employ ment to a fleet of 800 ships. Since last July, we have loaded with wheat to tho United Kingdom 323 vessels, with tho hulk of 176,000 tons grain; and to tills should bo added, flour to China, Central America, aud elsewhere, swelling our breadstuff exports for tho current year to about 660,000 tous. This exhibit is nearly 100 per cent greater than In any former year of our history; and hod more attention been given to digging Irrigating canals in tho San Joaquin Valley region, we should, this year have reaped as largo crops os those of 1872, arid placed ourselves for all time be yond tho roach of drought. LATEST. In tho afternoon, wheat was moderately active, and Xo higher. No. 2 spring sold at $1.275£@ 1.27% sollor June, closing at tho inside, and seller July. Com was steady at 89@ 89Xo sollor Juno, and 42%@42>£0 seller July both options closing at tho inside. Other gram and provisions woro quiet and unchanged. Lake freights woro inactive. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. 'fnuiißDiT Evening, May 20, ALCOHOL—Wo continue to quote 01 per cout proof firm at $1.62(31.87, BROOM CORN—There was no change of liupor tonce. Good corn la in request and firm.- Inferior grades are abunduut and dull. Wo quote: No. 1 burl. 6@70; No. 1 stockbraid, 6@s#c; No. a do. 4@4Vo; No, 3do, B@3J*o ; Inside green, a V@4o; do rod tip, 9 ®4o • do pale and red, 2®2>*c, BUTTER—There was nothing now to note nndor thlahcad. Fair activity characterized both tbo local and outside demands, and prlcoa wore maintained with considerable flrmneaa, as tbo receipts continue moderate, aud only about autllcleat to meet the loclll mato wants of the trade. Wo repeat our list; Strictly choica yellow, 24®2f10; medium to good. 18@21o; inferior to common. 10@17o. * DAQQINQ—Iu tbto branch of trade tboro was only a moderate degree of asllvlty, and former prlcco wore no raorolbau sustained. Stocks aro full. Wo quote: atark »3o/V“I Ludlow, 350; Lewiston, 3* Vo: Amorl cau, 320; Amoakeag, 32jtfo; Oiler Crook, 31o; burlap bugs,* and Gbu, 2U@220;; gunnies, single, l7®18o: do double, 23@‘«Jo : wool sacks. 07Vo. ’ BhANS ANB PEAS—Were lu light request. Blocks aro also quite small, especially small, especially cholco a^ n 'll 10 ' 05 obolco *>»nd-plckert navies, MS® Uo rae ‘'bmjH.s2.4o@2.4s; Inferior grades do (Iu S)%°l/V5 I,CaB( ‘ n lth)f »**o®l.»ojyeUow! BUILI>In6 MATERIALS—The demand Is improv ing. There was uo further change lu prices, though lime and brick may bo quoted easy. Annexed aro the quotations : Stucco, $3.80@U.76 : Now York 00 ’™ cl i? Un K» fd.78®4.00; suparUno do, |3.fil)Q I.tiO; Portland cement, $0.60(37.50 per brls RoJu oiulalo cement, $3.26@3.60t Utica, Louisville, and Akron comeut, $2.00 per hrl; marble dust. 33 °5 @3.50 { lime In bulk, 85cQ|l.DU; lime (brls), SUOQL2S per hrlr whlto sand, per hrl. ?1.V8@2.t)0: plas tering hair, per hu, iOQBOo ; lire brick, per 1,000. jlO.OOgDO.OO; building brick (common), $7.0(1Q7.60 • sewer brick, 110.00 5 country brick. 112.00, delivered • Milwaukee pressed, $32.50, del.; do common, fill 00• Racine pressed, $30.00, del.; do common, $14.00: Indiana pros Hod, $22.00@24.00; do common. sl2 00 5 flro clay, per hrl, $3.00, or SIO.OO por ton. The fol lowing Is tbo list of prices per box of 60 feet lor domes tie window glass, from which a reduction of 60 per cent is madu to dealers: Pint Double duality, Btrwdth, 7zloto Bxlo, flxii to 10x15, 18x23 to 18x80 M .... 11.00 10.00 20x28 to 24x30 10.00 21.00 80x00 to 40x00 .... SJio CHEESE— Remains qulot and steady at former ratcfl. Wo quote; Now York factory, now, 12X Elgin factory, 12X013X0? Ohio factory, now, 11012XO ; Western factory, now, 11012 XC. COAL—Prices woro tho same as on the prccod -li;b days of tho week, tho following being current : Lo- Jiroimrctl, ,19.00! LnoVnwnmm, »w.od J Krle, $10.00! Utlir Hill, $10.00; IVulmU inn $10,00; Ulosflburg t |0.B0; Cherry Mine, 19.00; Hock ing Valley, SO.OO ; Indiana cannol coni, $10.00; Indiana block, $0.00; Kirkland grate,.s9,oo; Mlnonk, $8.00; • Wilmington, SO.OO, COOPERAGE—Was qulot and unchanged : Pork barrels, at $1.2301.33; lord tierces, $1.0001,70; whisky barrels, $1.0002.10} flour barrels, 48007 c pork staves, rough, $17.00020.00; do bucked or flawed, $20.00025,00; tlorco slaves, rough, $20,000 31.00; do bucked or sawed. $26.00028.00; whisky staves, rough, $24.00028.00; do bucked, $30.00@33.0t); flour staves, $9.00011.00; circle flour heading, 7®Bo per sot; flour hoop polos, $14.00016.00 per m; pork and tlorco polos, $30.00035.00 perm, i EGGS—Were In moderate local demand, at 13X0 140. Hales Inoludo I,COO doz at 14o; 350 dor itt 13Xc. FEATHERS—Miuo live geese sell readily to tho lo cal dealers, Tho receipts are very light. Prices are given helow: Prime to eholco Uvo gooso at 76©770, from first hands ; Jobbing prices, 82080 c for assorted feathers ; mixed feathers. 4Q07Oo! chicken, 8010 c. FIBU—Not a single now feature wan noticeable in this market, the demand continuing good, with prices steady and uniform. Wo quotes No. 1 whltcflsb, H brl. $0.87X07.00; No. 2 do, $0.75; No. 1 shore mack erel, X brl, $11.60011.75; No. 1 bay, $9.0000.75; No. 2 mackerel, U brl. $8.6008.75; No. 1 shore kits, $1.95 02.00; bank codfish, per 100 Iks, $0.6000,76; George's ; codfish, $0.7607.00; Labrador herring, split, brls, $9.00 09.50; do x hrl, $4.7606,00; Labrador herring, round, brl, $8.0008.50; do k brl, $4.2604.50; box herring No. 1, 280800; box herring, sealed, 350370; Columbia River salmon. V brla, $10.00010.23. FRUITS AND NUTS Dealers report continued quiet lu this, department of trade, neither tho local nor Interior , demands being very considerable, and an easy feeling pervades the market for most goods in the list. • Prices range as follows : Foreign—Dates, BXO 0Xo; figs, drums, 11014o; figs, box, 14X®160; Turkish prunes, OX01Oo; raisins, $2.3602.46; Zauto currants. VXO7Xc. Dombstio—Alden apples, 18© 20c; Michigan do, 0©7o; Western do, 6®sXo; Southern do, 406o; poachcs> pared, 17010 c; poaches, halves, 600XO ; do, mixed, 4V050 5 blackberries, U - ®9Xo: raspberries, 400410; Itted cherries, 22024 c. Nuts—Filberts, 14015 c; almonds. Terragona, 210 23c; Naples walnuts, 24025 c: Brazils, OQOXo; pecans,. 11012 c; African peanuts; oX®7o; Wilmington pea nuts, 708 c; Tennessee peanuts, 4XQOc. GROCERIES—OnIy a light amount -of trading was douo In this market to-day, and values underwent no appreciable change. Dealers look for a largo influx of Interior merchants during next week, and business promises to bo brisk. The following quotations nrO furnished: Bi Card, Soda—7X®Q*/c. Oorrxxa—Mocha, 3JO33Xc; O. O. Java, 2TVO 28Xo;Javo, No. 2, 20X®270; fancy Rio, 24X® 230; choice do, 24X024>j0; prime Rio, 24024 Xo: good do, 23X023,X0; common do, 22X0230; roast ing do, 21X0220; Singapore, 24X@24X0; Costs Rico, fancy, 2C®23Xo; do, prime. 24X@24Xc; Mar acaibo, ~ ' Candles— otar, full weight, 20©20X0; stcarino, full weight, 16016X0 ? do short weight, 14014 XC. Rick—Patna, 8X@8Xo; Rangoon, 7X®Bo; Caro lina, BV@9o; Louisiana, 7V®BJfo. Sugars— Patent cut loaf, 13013Xo; crushed, pow dered, aud granulated. ll?*@12o: a, standard, 10X ®llc; do No. 2. 10X010X6; B, 10X®10Vc; ex tra O,IOXOIOXO { 0.N0,2,10X@10X0 ; yellowO, ip® lOXc; choice brown, 10®PDXo; prime do, ox® 9?*°s Mr do, 009,1(0; choice molasses sugar, 9X 01Oo; fair do, o®9Xo, Now ocleans sugar, choice, oX@locj do prime, OX® OXc; do fair, BXO OJjO: common, 7X@B,Xc. ornora—Diamond drips, $1.3)®1.38; silver (trine, extra flue, 70®73; good sugar-house syrup, 45@4b8 ♦ extra do, Co@sßc :Now Orleans molasses, choice, HO @83o; do prime. 73®780 ; do common, tis®7oc; Porto Klco molasses, choice, 55®G30 ; common mohmuca, SO @3sc. Salkhatds—Common to beat. 9@loc. Snons—Allspice, 17®10o; cloves, 37@380; cassia, 38®10o; popper, 23>*®2lVo ; nutmego, $1.25®1.30; ginger, pure, 28®30c; do No. 1,20@250: d0N0.2,10 @loc. BoAra—French mottled, 0M@0?fo; German mottled, Golden Wcst„o@BWc; Whlto Lily, Cvq 0, I *°; White Itoso, G„V@ojtfo; brown Windsor, 4if® 4#c ; palm, C@C^c; Savon Imperial, 6#@oWc. SrAiton—Gloss, @l0c; corn, 9®llc; laundry, C® 7c: common. B,V@Gc. GUEEN FIIUITS—AppIes continue dull arid weak. Strawberries were more plenty and weak, at 25033 c, A few now apples, peaches, cherries, and plums were lu tho market to-day. Wo quote: Apples, good to choice, $1.0005.50 per brl from store. Lemons, . $3.0000.00. Oranges, JB.OO@IO.CO. Pineapples, $2.50®4.G0.per doz. Bautinas, $3.0007.00 per bunch. Gooseberries, 10® 12% c per quart. Strawberries, 25®35c. HOPS—Tho hop trade Is without now feature*. Prices are nominal at 25©480 for common to choice Wcctcru. The following is from Emmet Well’s Hop Circular, May 22; “ The hop market 1h already favor ably Influenced by Gov. Dlx's veto of the * Local-Op llou bill,’ and brewers, maltsters, venders of mult liquors, nud hop merchants all breathe easier. Thu Governor’s approval of this obnoxious bill might have seriously affected tho browing, malt, nud hop intercuts of this State, and turned out of employment many men trained to tho business who are not lilted for any equally remunerative calling. With a vested capital of over $100,000,000 tho brewers and masters of tuis State certainly bavo had good cause to look after this bill, and prevent, as far ns lie In tboir power, tho pas sago of a measure so prejudicial lo their interests. It Is to bo hoped that other States In which similar pro hibitory legislation is now pending will take pattern after tho old ‘Empire State,’ and once for nil do owny with this Intermeddling with rights of the people. Tho demand for hops for lager browing la still much restricted by reason of the continued cold, unseason able weather.” HAY—'There was a good demand for this staple, and former prices were fully maintained. Wo quote wholesale prices paid by dealers, os follows, curs to coulain 20,000 lbs: On Track—Timothy, heater press ed, $10.00017.00; timothy, loose pressed, sls.sU@lo.fiO; prairlo pressed, $12.00013.50. On Wagon—Timothy, loose, $10.00017.50; prairie, loose, $14.00010.00. For delivery of pressed, $1.0001.50, according to distance. HlDES—ltcmalu quiet and firm at the annexed range of prices: Greeu city butchers’, 7c; green cured light, lO>tf0Uo; do heavy, 9>;@loe; part cured, 90 0Mo; green calf, 16®10c; veal kip, 12,V®Uc; dry coif, 24c; dry kip, 210 ; dry suited, 17@18o; dry flint, 19@20c; long-haired kip, 10#c; deacon skins, 460 65c; grubby, scored, cut, or otherwise damaged, two thirds price. IKON AND STEEL—The demand continues mod erate. Norway, English, and German steel are firm. Common bar iron Is weak, and concessions'are made now and then. Wo repeat: ir0n......... 4 3-10® 4 Morates liorso-Bho’o iron 6 @ Q rules Plato iron, common tank Cj@ 7 rates Russia iron 20@210 rates Russia Iron, No. 1 stained 180 lb Norway Iron 0 ® Vlb Norway nail rods U# @loo slb Gorman plow steel 11 @l2o lb English cast plow steel... 12 V lb American tool steel 17# @lßo mlb Chrome tool steel ......18 @2O mib English tool stoel 21# @23 ■ rates English spring stool 11 @i2#o rates LEATHER—Prices wore not subjected to any ma terial change, the market ruling steady and firm at the quotations given below J HEMLOCK. City harness Country harness Lino, city, ft lb Kip, ft lb Kip, veals..... City upper, No. 1, ft ft. City upper, No. 2, ft ft. Country upper, No, 1... Collar, ft ft Calf, city Calf, country Hough upper, standard, Hough upper damaged, Huil'alo slaughter solo., “H. A.” solo S? lf 1.253 1.48 £*P 7S@ 1.10 Harness <o® <3 French calf. Jodok 66.00&90.00 French calf, Lomoine, 60.00@80.00 French calf, 24 to 86 lbs 1.653 2.60 French kip, 60 to 100 lbs I.lo® 1.C5 • METALS AND TINNERS’ STOCK—Dealers report a tolerably fair trade. There was no change In prices, excepting for tin-plate, which is quoted 600 lower all round. The decline Is owing to the weak and unset tled slate of things at the East. Wo quote: Tin Plate—lo, loxl4, $14.60; do, 12x12, $16.00: do, I*lo Tik—Largo, 420; email, 43c; bar. 44c. Sheet Zinc—Full casks, Uo; hall casks, llifQlUfc: less <iuautlty, llJtfo; slab, Oc. Buebt luom— No, 24, o}fo rates. Galvanized luom—No. IGO2O, IBo ; No. 22®2 4, 10c : No. 25020, I7o; No. 27,18o; No, 28. 200. A Uiucoimt of 20 per cout la made from the list. Ooppeu— Copper bottoms, 4Bo; braziers, over 13 lbs, 470: tinned copper, 43c. Wiiie—3 to 0, 8c; 0, 8, and 0, lOo ; 10 to 11, llo ; 12,

lltfo; 13 and 14,13)fo; IS and 10, Ho; 17, ISo: 18. lOo; 11), 19c; 20, 20o; full buudle, 16 per cent dis count ; fonco wire, 7*tfo; by car load, 7,V0. NAILS—Have again declined, now ruling weak nt $5,00, owing to competition among local dealers. Wo now quote: 10®COd, pur kog, $5.00 rates; 8d do, $5.25; Cd do, $5.60; 4d do, $5.87^; 3d do. $0.60; 3d do. fine, SB,OO ; 2d do, $8.25 ; cuuch, $7,37^. NAVAL STORKS—The demand coutlnncs fair and prices steady, as follows: .Manilla rope, $) lb, lOo; elnal rope. V w, lC@l7o ; borap bukli cord, y lb, 20® 260; marline, lb, 20®220; tarred rope, lb, 17® 18o; oakum, ) bale, $5.0000,60; pitch, W brl, so.oo® 7.00; tar, brl, bale, $5.00® 0.00. OlLS—Lard oil continues weak, and an inside quo* tnlion la made on extra and No. 1. Turpentine, also, la oil a lilllo, now quoted at 6G®s7c. Linseed remains strong, while whale, nperm, and other descriptions rule steady. Following uro (ho prices current: Car bon, UlolU>tfo; extra oil, 73075 c; No. 1, C8®70o; No, 2, Coo; Imbued, raw, $1,00; do boiled, $1,05; whale, B7o; sperm, $2.00®2,10; neats foot, oil, strictly pure, $1,10; do extra, OOo; do No. 1,76 c; bank oil, 70o; straits, 750; clephautoU, 05o; turponllno, CR®s7o; naphtha, 03gravity, 20o; naphtha, common. 10(n:17c, FAINTS, COLORS, AND FUTTV—MotwltUo liberal inquiry at the subjoined quotations: WHITS LEAD. Slrlcllyjmre.. Fancy brands, Qcmilno Vclllo Montague, American.,..,..., OOLOUS. Mnsury’a railroad colors. I'uluco car colors iu cans llooht-110 ochro English Yen. red English oraugo mineral,.., Pittsburgh ornugo mineral English rod load American red load English vormllloD, pot nunriuv’ voriiimou, Parlswhilo Whiling J n » BXO3XO In bladders BV«4 o PIO-IUON—Was quoted quiet and steady at about *o™] or n» tMS Scotch (according lo brand), $52,000 Cfl.OO; Tuscarawas, $01,00; Massillon, SOI.OO Lake Su perior. fSB.MSjD.OU! Chicago Hlouo coal, fofr.oo 1 Mis souri slono coal, $67.00058,00.1 POTATOES—Now potatoes nro coming In quite free- A? 1 lr "R u,nr Prices. Old peaobblows, In car lots, nro dull and lower; good lo dinlco 48060 c, and mixed varieties a i 35040 c. -New nrA nuo tabje at $3.0006.00 ner brl, according to qusm" bSm include 1 oar ptachblows at 63c, delivered ; I cor at POULTRY—Choice chickens woro In demaudi and being scarce, prices rifled higher,' Turkova aro 1 dull 2i 77®19Xc. Ba,oß luc i utl ° 0 coops extra chtckchs at $1,7505.00; 10 coops at $4.60 ; 0 coops at $4,0004 60 1 7 coons spring at $2.7603.00 ; 3 coops do at $2 25 * SALT—Tho usual demand exhsto. Wo continual' to quote: Onondaga and Saginaw, lino, ordinary coarse, $2.00; coarao Diamond O. sj in ground solar. $2.10; dairy,' without bags Um dairy, with bags, $1.5004.76; Ashton ihdry. ,jo sack, $5.00; ground alum, $2.30®2.40; Turk’s lal-mr BASH, DOORS, AND BLINDS-Tho demand is fairly active at the following prices : . DOORS—POUR PANEL. TMekneea .Sue. 1 3*16 2x 0 by Ox 0... 1 3*16 2x B by Ox 8... } 3*B 3x 0 by Ox 0... J M 2x 0 by Ox 0... 1 3*16, 2xlo by 0x10... Wedged up, ICo extra. ..... DOORS—TWO PANEL. J 8*76 ;,..« Cx 0... J 3-76 8 by Ox 8... 1 3*B 0 by fit 0... 1 3-8 2x 8 by Ox 8... Wedged up* 10c extra, ■ OUXBWB DLIND3. i'l.T. „ PLAIN KAIL BASH. Size of Thick . Price per °J a ?n , ViV‘, window, window. B*l° 1 B*lo in 2x by 3x0V..,,..,..400 1 3-101n.........2x 7 by6x2 ~Jo4o 10x12......! 3-10 1n... 2xlo by 4xo .... ~..070 1JJ I }* 13-lCln 2xlo by 6x3 04 a ,®*l* J3-8 In 2x7 by 6x2 000 13x14 1 3-8 1n........2x10 by 6x2 800 A discount of 20(530 percent is modo from the bal. BELD3—Excepting millet, which wna in tolerably falr rqqncßl, thoro wuh very llttlo doing. Umißarhn 2? oml “lliot romainH Arm at B Boc@ fI.OO, Common timothy Bold at £1.25; good to choice Jb held Rt $4.00@4.25, Clover won nominal at $4.75® .6.00; mammoth do. SO.OO. Boles include 30 bags tim othy at $3,25; 23 bugs Hungarian at $1.35; 38 bags at $1.30; 200 bags choice millet at SI.OO ; 16 bags at Thickness, 1 3-10 1 8-18 1 3-10 1 3-10 18-10 .... TEAS—Businoes Is steadily improving and the mar ket seems to bo working a Halo firmer. No changea wero mode In quotation*, us follows j Young bynou, common to fair, 45055 c; do good, C0@70o; do choice to extra flno, 05cQ$1.10 r common to lino old hyaon, 70 ®o6c; common Imperial, Co@oso ; good to choice do, 80c@fl,30: flno to good gunpowder, 70c®$1.00 • choice ringauc, $1.1501.'J0 • extra Moyuuo, $1.35@1,40; choice to extra loaf Japan, 85c@fl.00; fair to good do, 05075 a ; common do, 40@450; common do, 40@45c ; colored natural leaf Japan, CS@(3sc; common to flno o°|o u ff» ys@4so; good, 55@C50; choice to extra, 85 cQ TOBACCO—Wo quolo: Cuewjnq—Fluo Cm—Extra, 78@850s choice, Cs® 7Bo; common, 05@00o; poor, 40060 c, Plug—Nuluralluaf, 76®BOo; half bright, Co®7oc: black, eotmd, 43@85c, Smoking— Good to choice, 32@300; medium, 29® 31o: common, 20@28e. t\OOD—llomaiuH Arm at tho following pricca: Beech, $0.00; maple, $10.00; hickory, $11.00; Blabs, (0.00, delivered. \ECIETABLES—'The offerings were very large, ami the inquiry light. Spinach, lettuce, and asparagus aro In oxceKtiivo supply. Price* ore as follows 5 Peaa, $3,0003.00 per bu; string beaua, $3.00 per box; cucumbers, 76@U0u per doz; now onions, per brl, $7.00: spinach,sl.ooo2.ooper brl; radishes, 23(S)40o; Bqunah, 70be per lb; asparagus, B0c®$1.00; pie plant. l®2>soper lb ; lettuce, 25®500 per do/.; cabbage, $1.73 @2.oopcr doz; turnips, tiUo3Uoper doz { .beets nt 30 @4Uc per doz; tomatoes, $3.00; carrots, 40®50c. WOOI/—Now wool 1b coming in very slowly, tho un favorable weather having delayed shearing in the country. There Is very little doing, Tho stuck* of old wool are small, and aro gradually being diminished. Prices are from lo to 4c lower, as follows: Tub, washed, extra medium ..80052u Tub, washed, common to fulr 4r;Cui43c Common dingy.-. 40@450 Fkoce, washed, X&XX, light .4Uu?130 Fleece, washed, X&XX, dingy. 37042 c Fleece, washed, medium light .43®i50 FJocco, washed, medium dingy U7@120 i'leccc, unwashed, XiXX, in good condition... ,28(a;30o Fleece, unwashed, coar«o to medium 30®33c Fleece, unwashed, coarse, and dingy 27®300 Super, pulled 880430 Extra, pulled 38@440 iiurry wool 10@20c leas. Brices for now wool will probably bo from 3®50 lower than tho above. CHICAGO LIVE-STOCK MARKET. TauanuAy Evening, May 20. The receipts of live stock since Saturday have boon as follows: Monday.... Tuesday..., Wednesday. Thursday.. Total 17,530 40,050 Shipments wore as follow* : Monday.... Tuesday... Wednesday Total. CATTLE—Tho cattle market was witliout the slight'* eet change for tho better in any of its features, the supply continuing in excess of tho demand, ami prices remaining weak uud unsettled all around, while for tho upper grades they wore sensibly lower. Advices from Luffalo wore to the effect that there was a largo sur plus at that point, and prices off a #c, while telegrams from tho markets further East wore scarcely loss die couruglug. Ueuco, shippers did not seem desirous to Invest even whore concessions of an *£o wore offered as an Inducement,'and it was a dragging trade from tho opening to tho close. Notwithstanding tho supply cm* braced a large number of really choice beeves, not a half dozen sales wore reported at over $5.05, Two bunches averaging 1,412 and 1,454 lbs, fetched $5.60 @6,85, respectively, and Mallory Eros, obtained SB.OO for 20 head averaging 1,389 lbs, but tho groat bulk of tho day’s sales wore effected at prices ranging down ward from $5.60. Owing to the comparative scarcity of butcher’s cattle of the grade usually sought after by the city trade, tho market for such maintained tho firm tone that has characterized it for a number of days past, but no one supposes that these relatively high prices will hold for any considerable length of time, 'and those shippers who return to the country and buy butchers’ stuff, with tho extreme prices now preva lent as a basis, will stand an excellent chanco of meet ing with handsome losses. Block steers were but lilllo inquired for, but the offerings of suitable lots were not BuOicicnt to satisfy tho small demand Uiat existed., Tho market closed dull and heavy. * 39® 41 6U® 1.10 6S® 1.20 23® 27 27® 80 Extra—Orodnd Blocra averaging 1,100 Iba ami upwards .$5.80@f1.10 Choice Ueovcß—Flno, fat, well formed 3 year to 6 year old steers, averaging 1,300 to 1,450 Ib 9 5.5005.70 Good Beeves—Well-fattened, Andy formed steers, averaging 1,200 to 1,300 lbs 6,2505,40 Medium Grades—Steers iu fair flesh, aver aging 1.100 to 1,250 lbs 4,80(^5.15 Butchers’ Utock—Common to fair steers, and good to extra cows, for city slaughter, averaging 800 to 1,100 lbs 4.0005.00 Stock Cattle—Common cuttle, lu decent fleah, averaging 700 to 1,080 lbs 3.75Q4.00 Inferior—Light and thin cows, heifers, stags, bulls, and scnllawag steers 3.0003,75 Catllu—Texas, Northern wintered,......... 4.0004.50 Cattle—Corn-fed Texas 4.0506.25 CATTLE SALES, tfo. A v. Price, 11 butchers’slock Bill |I.C6 89 stock steers 024 4.05 17 good steers 1,280 0.37>f 15 extra steers 2,454 6.85 20 stock steers .1,004 4.85 18 stock steers 023 4.37,<rf 15 (jootl steers 1,443 5.60 C 8 good steers 1,234 5.30 31 good steers ..1,108 5.30 SB good steers 1,215 5.40 10 choice steer#,.. 1,237 5.C0 10 choice steers 1,179 .6.50 10 fat pony steers 1,024 5.00 11 cholcostcors 1,101 5,0U 13 choice steers 1,072 5.30 13 cows aud steers 1,023 5.20 61 good steers 1,112 6,30 20 extra steers 1,309 0.00 13 oxen 1,813 5.23 17 good steers 1,280 5.40 21 stock steers... 701 i.l'iif -18 good steers 1,130 5.2U 23 choice stews 1,330 5.C5 84 choice steers, ~..1,211 5,50 46 choice steers 1,215 5.C0 14 choice steers ,1,335 6.G5 13 good steers 1,304 5.30 60 oxen and steers, j,531 5.00 31 good Btcora, ,1,250 5.23 18 good steers 1,240 5.35 CBcholco oloers 1,280 5.75 03 choice steers 1,263 5.50 27 oxen 1,453 4.C2tf 60 choice ulcers, 1,287 5.(13 08 choice steers 1,112 5.80 48 good steers 1,127 5,25 80 good steers. 1,214 6.40 11003—To the 6,000 or more hogs left unsold at the close of trade yesterday fully 12,000 were added to-day, swelling the supply to nearly 18,000 head. The market was, of course, overstocked, and of this fact buyers took advantage and forced n material do dins, Knrly sales did not show any very decided change f4.03@5.00 being (ho range at the opening, but prices soon settled to $4.5504.85, where they ruled weak to the close. Bales worn chiefly at $t.C5@4.75 for common to good droves. Many remain unsold and buyers expect to fIU their orders at lower prices to morrow, .$11.00011.60 . 0.00010.60 .. 11.60 . 11.60012.00 .0.60®10.60(312.60 U.6o@ 0.75 4.00 16.60@10.00 13.00 12.00 11.00@11.60 l.iO@ 1.49 Xo, Av. Price, iYo. Av, Pricc,\yo, Av, Price, 61 SCO f-1.60 61 180 $1.75 101 103 $1.75 Ctl 171 1.75 63 ICO 1.76 (JO 255 1.75 67 213 1.60 60 ICO 1.75 17 213 1.70 137 100 1.70 18 258 6.00 31 323 1.05 10 208 1.75 60 170 1.75 31 285 5.00 03 209 1.73 63 103 1.75 63 230 1.76 0,50® 4.00 2.000 9.50 i’tim, Pries. Price. ..$1.75 Cattle. Jlorjß, Sheep. 6,057 5,020 153 r., K. 258 1.503 0,210 13,813 OSW *8,031 12,021 432 Cattle, Hons, Bhccp, 3,003 3,777 2,740 0,312 404 2,013 7,032 712 8,080 ' 18,081 QUOTATIONS. QOO BAI.KB, m* ' inn i,n> in am a.mi on inn «.a> ,63 180 4.75 Cl 233. .4,75 64 237 . 4.00 CO ICO 4.75 68 244 4.76 47 243 4.05 47 243 4.05 77 234 4.70 05 188 ’ 4.75 110 234 . 4.75 57' 250 4.70 04 100 ' 4,75 01 217 .4.70 62 207 4.CS 00 2,11 4.75 47 2HU 4.05 31 : 223 4.05 00 237 4.75 116' 230 4.70 70 253 4.70 60 237 4.75 60 214 . 4.70 123 244 4.70 CO 243 4.70 60 107 .4.70 65 275 4.85 731 249 4.76 61 210 4.70 337 203 4.80 SllElil*—Tho rheop trade was inactive, and prices were noinhml, Tho few on sale wore disposed of at au advance ou former rates. LUMBER. Thursday Evening, May 20. . There wore only flve cargoes on tho market, con sisting of Joials. scantling, common boards, and, lath. They wore sold carlv In tho morning, tho prison ob tained being a shade higher than those ruling ’ (ho first of tho week. Joists ami scantling sold a 1510.00010.25, common boards at $10.00011.03, nnd lath at $2.50. Good boarda and strips wore nominal at $14,00015.80, shingles ut $3.U0®3.29. Wo note tho following sales: Cargo schr I'otomac, from Oconto, 183 m ft coarse. 1, 2, and 3-Inch, from No. 3 logs, ot SIO.OO ; 6 m lath at $2.50, Cargo oobr Emma, from Lmlluwlou, about 100 mft Joist cud scantling at $10.23; 12 m lath at $2.63. Cargo schr Madison, from Ludlngton, 70 in ft Joist and scantling at slo.l2>tf, Cargo schr Frontier Oliy, from Ludlngton, 175 in ft joist nnd scantling nt $10.03. Cargo schr Hubbard, from White Lake, 103 m ft common mlxod at SU.O3. t Tho parties engaged in driving the river report that tho season thus far has been very favorable, and tho work is progressing tlnoly and is well advanced. About 8,003,330 feet have been sorted and delivered, which Is about oue-loulh of tho amount put In during tho winter upon both branches of tho river,—Jhwen County {Ludiiirjtoii) Itecord. Manistee, $3.00; Ludlngton, $2.7303.03; MitsTnv gon, $2.2502.50; Oconto, $3.6004.00; Mriiomm.ce, $2.8303.00; I'enlwater, $2.75; White Lake, $2.5002.76; Grand Haven, $2.63. at Titn TAnnfl. ■Trade nt tlio yards continues very active, the orders from both local amt interior dealers being numerous and liberal. There was no particular change In prices, except that lath are 250 lower. Hardwood remulus steady, Wo quote: first wear. j . Second clear, 1 inch to 3 inch Third clear, lltich., Third clear, thick Clear flooring, Ist amt 2d together, rough Clear aiding, latand2d"ogcthor Common siding Common flooring, dressed, first Common flooring, dressed, second.... Wagon-box boards, selected, 14 Inches and upward... A slock boards Uslock boards...., O stock boards Common boards Joist, scantling, small timber, fencing, ole., 1C feet and under 13.00 @l4 00 Joist and scantling, 18 to 24 feet 15.00 @2O 00 “I™™ U.oo @15.00 Picket,, f1at..,.. Ja.oo 815.U0 Collar po»l», spill u.oo mib.oo Cellar post,, rouml 17.00 @06.00 Lath 2.75 ■ ® 0.25 No. 1 sawed shingles 1.50 @ 2.00 Aor Star. 0.50 <$ 3.75 Shingles on track 3.12#® 3.25 No. 1 sawed ; 1.25 @ 1.50 Ihrco dollars per car to bo added when transferred, which charge follows tho shingles. Thickness—rive shingles to bo two inches in thick nesu. - Length—Sixteen Inches IIAKDWOOD. Black-Walnut Counters, $100.00(2150.00; clear $05.00076.00; common. $10.00050.00; cud. $30,000 03.01); iloorlng, $50.00000.00, Aali—Clear, $30.00010.00 ; common, $20.00025.00: cull, $12.00018.00 5 Iloorlng, $30.00010.00. Oak—Clear, $30.00010.00: common, $20.00025.00: cull, $12.00018.00, ’ ° * *• Hickory—Clear, $35,00015.00; common, $25,000 85.00 J cull, $12.00018.00. • . Maple—Clear, $30.00010.00; common, $20.00030.00: cull, $10.00015.00. ’ * Clear, $50.00000.00; common, $23,000 Cherry—Clear, $50.00000.00: common. $25,000 35.00} cull, $12.00018.00. Wmlcwood—Clear, $30.00040.00; common, $20.00 @30.00 ; cud, $10.00015.00. ' Wagon Stock—Hickory nxlos, per set, $1.0001.50; wagon poles, each, 45055 c; box boards, $33.00040.00. MARINE. Port of Chicngoi ARR1VED............ May 2a. Schr Glad Tidings, Muskegon, 170 m lumber, and GO m lath, ScUr Alice M, Deere, Little Bay do Noe, 140 m lumber. Prop Norman, Bayfield, 200 pkga ilsh, und 200 tuns pig,iron. Prop City of Madison, Sturgeon Bay, 140 m lumber. ScUr Prank I’eiw, Erie, 1,075 loua coal. I’rup Champlain, Ogdeuaburgh,229 bdls iron, and 13 brls oil. • ■ Bark Chicago Board of Trade; Eric, 7HO inns coal. Prop Roanoke, Buffalo, 101 burs railroad iron. Bein' Jhh, 11. Bentley, Buffalo, 900 tone coal. Bchr Gallatin, Buliulo, 025 tons coal. Bohr Nellie Iluddingtou, Eric, 1,341 lona coal. Dark A. X*. Nichols, Duifalo, 500 tons coal. Schr KatA'jVinsloiT, Cleveland, 1355 toua coal. Prop Raleigh, 'Cleveland, 007 tons coal. Barge C. O. D., Grand Haven, 200 m lumber. Barge Win. Barn, Grand Haven, 200 m lumber. Schr O. O. Trowbridge. Cheboygan, 220 ni lumber. Prop Java, Duifalo, 490 brls sugar, 100 bxa chccao. Schr Angus Smith, Buffalo, 000 toua coal. Schr 14. M. Unvidsou, Buffalo, UOU toua coal. Bchr Adiroudac, Eric, 000 tons coal. Prop Peerless, Marquette. 670 tons Iron ore, 153 tons plg«iroii, 27 pkga tlsh, aud sundries. * ScUr O. Worth, Mcuomiuce, 70 m lumber, 000 m shln- BIM. , . Strar Sheboygan, Manitowoc, 000 seta hubs, 04 tubs butter. Btmr Muskegon, Grand Haven, 13 bxa Osh, 200 brio stucco. Schr G. D. Russell, Buffalo, 1,250 tuna coal. Prop Montana, Duifalo, 1,020 brls sugar, 3SO bdls Iron. Barge E. S. Robinson, Menominee, 400 m lumber. ScUr Emma, Ludiugton, 100 m lumber. Bchr Guide, St. Joseph, 45 m lumber. Bohr Lizzie Doak, Demon Harbor, 55 m lumber. Bchr Rob Roy, Saugatuck, 120 in lumber. Dargo Mary Amanda, Grand Haven, 200 m lumber. Prop Annie Laura, Muskegon, 200 m lumber. Schr Gamecock, Muskegon, 175 m lumber. Dark Contest, Muskegon, 2dU m lumber. Schr Oliy of Paiucsvlue, Duifalo, 1,050 tuns coal. Prop Ira Chaffee,’ Saugatuck, CO m lumber, 20 brls Hah. Prop George Dunbar, Muskegon, 150 m lumber. Schr J. A. Johnson, Saugatuck, 00 m lumber. Prop 8. C. Baldwin, Evanston, 032 gross tous-lrou oro. Barge J. Bronson, Menominee, 240 m lumber, 107 m shingles, 2 m cedar posts, 160 in lath. Barge Serena, Menominee, 240 m lumber, 50 m latii* Schr E. Williams, Mouoniiuce, 300 lumber. Schr Marinette, Menominee. 600 m lumber, CLEARED Bark Pcehtlgo, Buffalo, 28,200 bu com. Bchr Northwest, Duifalo, 30,000 bu ouru, Bchr A. M. Beers, Day Da Noe, GOO bu oats, 16 brls Hour, 6 brls pork, and sundries. Schr Hattie Wells, Ocvrcgo, 10,000 bu corn. -Bchr G. M. Davis, Ogdcusburgii, 22,600 bu com. Bchr Kate S. Bruce, Kingston, 21,470 bu wheat. Prop East, Goderich, 3,058 bu oats; to Walkersvillo, 15,000 bu corn. Schr G. v. Roberts, Foutwator, 1,000 bu outs, 200 bu corn. 3 brls Hour. Prop Merchant, Duifalo, 20,300 bu corn, 10,200 bu rye. Pnqvßfoutuna, Buffalo, 41,133 bu oats, 10,000 bu corn. 1)00 brls dour. Schr Philo Scovillo, Port Colbomc, 20,507 bu wheat. Prop City of Detroit, Port Huron, 11,900 bu oats, 1,423 brls pork, 400 brls Hour, 250 pkgs feed. <* Barge Guiding Star, Port Huron, 24,557 bu cum. Prup St. Albans, Ogdcnsburgh, 7,285 bu corn, COO brls Hour. - - Schr riorolta, Kingston, 19,500 bu wheat. Btmr Alpena, Muskegon, 170 pkga sundries. Stmr Shehoygau, Sheboygan, 686 pkgs sundries. Btmr Curouu, St. Joseph, 230 pkga sundries. Prnn Pflerloaa I Marquette, 4,000 buoutb,ooheadcaUlo. lro l’ icerioao /• Hanack, 500 bu oats. Schr Crosthwalte, Buffalo, 25,800 bu corn. Schr Yankee Blade, Ogdbnabuvnh. 10,600 bu com, Lake I?ieij;mw aro quotable at for corn to Buffalo, amt wheat nominal at The chartuw were: To Port Colbome, bchra fit. Lawrence (yesterday), for corn, at C#o; Pamlico, for wheat, to do, at Go; to Ogdoub burg, Bchra Yankee lilado and George Davis, corn, on private turma; to Boston, via Buffalo, prop Oneida, earn, at 25c; prop Champlain, corn, through at title: to Buffalo, genra Croelbwulto ami Flying Mini, ecru, at So; echr O. Mourn, wheat, at S>jo; prop Java, outs, through rato ; sehr Gallatin, wheat to Kingston, at lie. Notice* All customs offices will bo cloned to-morrow (Decora tion Day). Tho night office, on the southwest corner of Clark ami South Water streets, will ho open during tho day for reports uud clearances of vessels* Ifllscvllaneotisi Tho sclir Cecilia, which wont ashore at Black Lake, has got off without damage, and is now in port. —The old bark B. I). Pomeroy is to bo rebuilt at Olevoluud. —Nearly SIOO has been nubsoribed for tbo wife ami family of Capt, A. Jasmor, who was accidentally killed on board tbo aehr Moors, on Thursday, (ho 22d lust. —Tho prop Norman left* Chicago on May 0, on her first trip to Duluth, and returned on tho 119 th. She got within sovou miles of Duluth,hut, owing to the vast fields of 100, was unable to gel in. In 1671 tho first arrival at Duluth was tho prop Pacific, from Buf falo. May ID. In 1872 it was tho prop St. Paul, from Buffalo, May U. —Wo aro Indebted to Mr Bonds, tho dork of the Norman, for tho log from which tho following la taken: “Tuesday, tho 20lh. met leo off Duluth, forced our way through to within 7 miles of Duluth, could proceed no further, laid all night In tho lee. Tug Silver Spray In tho leo 0 miles to tho north. Saw elx mnn go ashore from tho tug on tho morning of tho 21st, ou tho leo. Wo turned around and returned to Bayfield, and landed our Duluth freight, worked our way back to Murquotlo and stuck fast, staid still until noon 2Jd, forced our way In,” Tho following were among the vessels (hero: Props Union uud Missouri, “ Loft Mavquetto on tho 25th. Saw tho Kewenaw pass up. Hlmr tit. Paid off Whlto Fifth Point bound up. Locked through tho canal on tho morning of tho 20th with bsrga Bhelden. Tug Anna Dobbins at foot of canal with uchrs M. Stalker, lillza Uerlseb, Cambridge, and W. Bbupo in tow. Wet tug J, O, Mono with schrs York Btato and 8, A. Wood at foot of tho Neblah. Mot stmr Metropo lis abovo Detour bound up.” "Tho Norman has passed through over 3UO miles of lea this trip. Our wlittcl In badly broken; will go Into the dry dock for a now one. Many of tho propellers nnd banjos havd brokcm wheels: Van Hallo's in entirely gone,” • —Tho Oily ot Montreal hr\duot been liberated from (ho lee off Dulnlh tip lo Thursdry night last. Tn/r Kllza Williams nnccocdnd in ({oiling back to port, anil provisions had boon got lo tho propeller by means of « small boat. A tug. supposed to bo the ono sent from’ Detroit, was reported la tho 100 several miles below oo tho north shore. —pant. L. 1). Goldsmith, of tho »T«y Cooke, from .Sandusky, reports, atDclroit, scofug yesterday a largis trirce-nmnled venae! ashoro on North Harbor reef, ono of the Islands at tbo head of Lake Erie, It wan Im possible to distinguish tho name at tho distance, A lug was at work getting her alloat, but had not suc ceeded when last soon. —A Eolroll paper rnjn: Tho nolmon.r E. I). Earlier, Which passed down Wednesday with a cargo of grain l for Duflalo, roturnod yesterday noon on route to Chi cago, sailing all tho way to thin port ou tho up passage. On her down trip through Lake Erie oho oncountcrotf head winds nearly nit tho way. Bho had on board a cargo of coal, and tho trip may bo sot down as ono of tno fast ouch. , —Tho wreckers who have Just roturnod from a vloUf to Oapt, Ward’n lost bnrgos on Lake Superior rohila somo painful Incidents bearing upon that end calamity. Tho scene on board tho wrecked Saturn Indicated only two plainly that a denporato struggle for life had been resorted to by tbo crow before yielding to the elements,’ .corydonof llfe-linci^had boon strung athwart andl foro and aft tho decks to protect thorn from being-, washed from tho decks, and not until perishing with; tho cold la It likely was there such a result. If thoyi could have weathered tho storm ono hour longer alfl might have been saved Is admitted by those acquainted with tho facts. Cant. It. Qtringleman, a mo-lonra sailor, commanded tho Saturn, and tho condition hlal vessel was found In rondoiH It evident his nenniausblm ami good judgment did not forsake him in tho hour of port!.—Detroit Fren Preta. M?* 2 J*“-Charlors: Schr nippogrJff, coaß f2n? u Si U i #t * l,C< iv. f f oo » BUlirs Atm Maria, lumboo* , from Sheboygan, Mich., lo Buffalo at s6.oi per m. J rail; oehr l’eUcan, coal to Duluth at $1.60, free. Hoi Wl nit 1 OolliiiH * Schr L. Hamm, coot Ltlo to Chicago at $1,.)0 per ton, free: schr Bon Franca pIR-irm lo OlOTclanct nt ,1.00 por grons lonf- • l * • Solir 1!. J. Cllbbß, paving slono to Toledo «6 Woko u l’> Bl ™° 10 Olovo laud at $3.00 per cord, free. TABLE. .$52.00 058.00 , 47.00 050.00 . 08.00 (g 10.00 . 40.00 (£I9.(K) ARRIVAL MB BEPAETi Spring Amin; Explanation op Ebpehknoe M cpptccl. • tjuucJay excepted. i M rive Sundayat#:oOa. la. {Dally, MICHIGAN CENTRAL « GREAT l JJejiot, Jnnf »(/' J.akt it . ami fc Txchcl vjjlee, 76 (dnaf-it,, coi 40.00 @42.00 20.00 (£24.00 20.00 021.00 04.00 @OO.OO 28.00 000.00 37.00 @IO.OO 30.00 @38.00 20.00 @28.00 10.00 @20.00 13.00 @IO.OO Mnll (via main and Mr lino) I)ay Express ti.AuksoQ Accommodation Atlantic Express.. Night Express INDIANAPOLIS VIA I'fillU Hoad!' Null Night Exprem Oil AND HAPIDS AND PENTWATEB. Jlornlnp Kxprosa..,. Night Express, CHICAGO & ALTON I Chfeaao, Alton .0 yt. Louie T/iroi (.J/o.) iieu iiiv. t tuulej'rim Chicau Jhput, U ■‘mi/c, near Madimii-i St. l£uSs & Springfield Express, Tift Main Lino Knnpfta Clly East Express, via Jacksonville, 111., and Louisi ana, Mo , Wtmona, Lrjcon, Washington Ex prc»s (Vj-oatcra Division.) Joliet* Dwight AccomoMatlon. .Htv Louis * Sprlnstinld Lightning Express. via Main Lino, and also via Jacksonville Division E&npaa City Express, via Jack* aouviUo, 111., A Louisiana, Mo.. Jolferson Olfy Express Peoria, Keokuk* ilurl’n Ex..... •IDally, yin. Mftln Lino, and dally except Sa Jnckßonylllo Division. it Dally, via Main Llm except Monday, via Jacksonville Division, CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & Sf. p’AUL RAI Vnion Deiml. center Jfitillsim oiul Ciwal-its.; 1 South Cuxrlcet,, oj)jti>a!te Sherman Iloiue, an l\liiyrnti!(Oo, Gt. Paul & Slinnoap* olMDjiy Kiprcas »9;OOa. m. 17:20 a. m. A Prairie du Ohlen Wl 'vnuheo. M, Paul A Mlmicaii oilsMght t9:Wp.m. *6;oop.m. CHICAGO. DURUMGTON ft 0 Depots—Fool q/' /..(/.«•$(., /nd/anu am/ C\inut and Sixtrenlh-st*. House, t\ <i. fij Chtrl.-sl,, and aid Ottawa ana Hlroator Pnsjnngor.. 7:45 0. m. BrfX)p. nu l)nl|i«moand .Slow-sOUyKsp.;., • 9:10 a. m. • 2:18 p. m 3 ruciticlast LUo ...... ’10:00a. m. •Sslfip.m. GftlosburtfPnssunyor • 3:15 p. m. * 8:00 p. mj nlondota A Ottawa Passenger... * 4:20 p. m. • 9:55 a. m<i ’Aurora Pra-songor • l : « p. m. * 8:15 a. ra. Aurora PA*«oui;er *fi:3op. ra. ’8:55 a. m. Aurora Passenger (Sunday) I.OOp. m. 9sfoa. raj llulmqua A .Slows Oitv Exp..,,,, + 9-COp, ». 1 7Ma. m. Paclllo KiaUt Express fll ;(>0 p. ra. t 6:00 a. raj limviierM llrnvu Accfuntnoda-lon *11:00 a. iu. • BjSop, m, Downers Grove Accommodation * 6:15 p. m. ’ 7;18 a. M f ' ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. Dejwt .foot <\f T*r.!;e.%t, and foot of Ticenty-eeeandit', Ticket o'Jces, 121 wear Clark, and 75 Cbna/.i/., corner n/ Jhidison, 9 /.«aor, ArriveT* [>t. Louis Express • 8:25 b. m. »li:2op. m" bU i-ast Lino tHilf.p. ni. • 7:57 a. m. n a ! 1 ■•**• 8:25 a, m. • 4:45 p. in. « t«:lsp. m. ’7:55 a. m. Sprlngl old Express • 8:25 a. m. • 4:45p.ra. bprlngtlold Lspreis. t a:lsp. m. • 7:55 a. to. DubuquoASlonsO tyEr 4 9:15 a. m. • 9:00 p. m. Uiilrnguo A Sioux City ICi t 9:lK)p. m. t 7:00 a. iu. 12miucUBni.PA880iitfor. * Bjlßp. m. 5 8:20 p. ra. Xankakoo I’aisruiKor.. Ml;l0p. m. * 9:20 a. m. llyrto Park and Oak Woods • rtdOa. m. • 6:49 a. to. llycoParkand Oak Woods • 7:l»a. in. * 7:45 a. im Ilydo Park and Oak Woods « 9 : ooa. ui. • 8:10 a. m. Hydo Park andOaltWooils 5l3:l0p. ra. • 9:20 a. m. Hyde Park ami Oak Woods. ’3:oo|>. m. fl0:30a. ra. liydo Pork and Oak Wciods • 4 : 30 p. m. | l:4. r >p. m Ilydo Park and Oak Woods • CdSp, m. * 6:20 p. tu. Ilydo Park and Oak Woods "<S:lOp. m. »6555 p. tu. iljdo Park and Oak Wood MldQp. in. * 7:40 p. m. CHICAGO Ci NORTHWESTERN RAILROAD. Ticket office, corner Randolph and LaSa\le-at,, mu/ 31 TT«I Jlgcihcm-st. Leave, j Arrive. Pacific Fast Lino *10:15 a. m. • 3:16 p. ra.' DuUuquo Day Ex. via 01iut0u..... 10:15 a. in. 9:15 p. m. I’acitio Nlsrbt Express +10:46 p. m. 16:30 a. ra. Dubuque Nl.rlil Ex.,via Ulinton.. I0:!l»p.ra. 6:30 a. in. Freeport ADuhuquoEspresH • 9:15 a. m. • 2:00 p. m. I'roeportAlJubuiiuoE.xpress • 0:151». ra. * 7:00 a.m. W wanke*> Mall • 8:00 u. m. ’10:15 a. m. Mlwaukco Exprcfs • » : ;io a. in. » 4:00 p. in. A hvaukooPasaoiiger * 5:00 p. ra. • 7:40 p, m. Milwaukee Pft«oa«or (dally) 511:0rtp. m. } 5:00 a. ra. Green liny Express 9:40 a. in. • 7:00 p.m. M. Paul Express *10:10 a. m. p, ra. Green Hay Express • 9:00 p. m. • 6:,10 a. m. bt. Paul Express H>:3op. m.|t6:2oa. m. CHICAGO, ROCK ISLAWdIT PACIFIC RAILROAD. Depot, corner e\f Harrison and. Shermnn-iU. Ticket qjlee, 33 West Jfadlion-at, . I Arrive, Omabß.LoAvouwUliAAtchSsoiiEx *10:15 a. m. * 3:45 p. ra. Peru Accommodation 1* s;lH)p. ra. * 9:'kJa. ra. NljditKipro.; p. in. t 7:00 a. ra. Loavunworlh A Atelilsun Hiprosd|rlo:oop.ra. j 7:00 a, m. LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROAD. Dejiot, corner tlarrhon and Shermanite, Ticket viftaee, noriiiieetl corner Chirk amt Handot/thUi,, ami louthuest corner Camtl and .Vudiion-eti, Leave, Arrive, Ktprou Aooora. via Main Lino.. 2;IUa. m. 6:56 p. ra. Alnil, via Air Lino mid Mntu Lino * 6:40 a. w. * 9:00 p. m. tipeclcl New York lCxpra«j, via Air Lino.. * 9:00 a. u. * 8:00 p, m. Atlantic Express, via Air Lino.. 5:15 p. ra, 8:00 a. ra. Nielli Express, via .Main Lino..,. *t9; ’16:30a. ra. KHcliartAceorarauaaUon * 3:40 p. ra. * 9:Win, tu. beutli (Jlilcanu Aocuraniodatiou.. 12:00 ra. HWn. m. ........ f — . CHICAGO. DANVILLE & VINCENNES RAILROAD. rateewjer Depot at l\, C. & St. Louii Depot, Ca» na/und ICimie'd*. iYeiyfd and Ticket qfica 163 ll'ar/ifnydon-jf. Leave.- Arrive, Rail.. * 7:40 a. m. * 1:40 p. m. A Terre llauto Ex.... * 7:1X1 p. m. t 7:30 a. ra. .May 29. PITTSBURGH. FOR i WAYNE ft CHICAGO RAILROAD. Day Kinross • U:l)0a. m. $ 7:30 p. m. Pacttln Express (5:10 p. in. 5 6;U)a. m. . Past Line t*9:oop..m. t*BsCoa,m. Mall • 4:55 ii. m. * 6:10 p. m* Valpiuai-.o Aeuiumnutlatiou...... *0:10 p, m. • 8:50 a. m. CHICAGO & PACIFIC RAILROAD. (OPEN TO ROSELLE.) Depot earner UaUtrd uud North Ilraneh-its. General offlee lo .hffrc/ioh'aiii Jilot-.V, corner Dandolph untf Layalle»stt, Leave, Arrive, Roselle Accommodation Gif Op.m. 9:10 a.m. Kfvor Far e Accommodation 0:15 n.m. 10:51 a.m. Hirer Park Accommodation thlklp.m. 7:31p.m, CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS & CINCINNATI THROUGH LINE. VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. Trom the Greet Central llailruiui Depot, fool nf Lake-il, /hr through tlekeU and eUrpinj-eur berths apply n( our tieis ‘Jacket o'Uce, Id Unwlnlph-et., near corner Clark; 76 Canal-el,, corner .Hadlion; Ski J.iiSaltfet,. comer IVuiA. inylon; uhojuolii/' Tueuty-eceond-st, Leave Chicago |» 9:50 a. m. 8;«p, m. Arrive at liminimpolU ........... 1 GdOp.m. 5.00 a. in. Arrtvoat Cluoiimati [*|Q:3op. m. l0;00a.m. „ Tralua arrlvci at Chicago nt 7:57 a. m„ K;36a. m., and 7 :t0 I>. m. Only lino running Saturday night train to In. UlannpmU and Cmelim&tj. South find na»uongon can nut buggego checked and take train at T’wouty-aoooud-at. Depot. PI.ANTSr&c. ■ SELLING oiTL LARGE PLANTS AT YOUIt OWN PIUOH3. DIME PLANTS BY THOUSANDS. POOL’S GARDEN. 07 Oakloy-st, MG OF THAIS, igcmont. MaHKß.—+ Saturday ox< loudpy oxcoplod. | Ar- WESTERN RAILROADS 'oot. q/" Tteeutjj-ieeond-et irner nf Madlion, Arrive, * 6:3(1 n m. • 1 P:00a. m. • | 3:35 p, m. (I I o:l‘>p. m. J h9:oop.m. M ’ 8:45 p. in. ’ 8:00 p. m. 10:20 a. m. i flifila. m. rti:3oa. ai. • 0:30 a. m. 10:10 p. m. *B:4sp. m. *(i:3Ju m. P.OOn. m. 8:00 p. ml 10;10p.m. »<i;oon. m. HENRY < Gem O. WENTWORTH, iriu Passenger Agent. RAILROAD. ugh Line, and Lmiieiana •jolo Kansas City, Union it, bridge. I Leave. I Arrive. 1 9:15 a. mi * 8:10 p. m. * o:lfia. ni. *, * 4:10 p. nj. 1 8:10 p. m. * OdOp, m, * 9:40 a. m. :30 p.m. V9:oop. ra. 79:00 p. m. 1il»;03p. m. * 0:00 r. m. P7-M a. m. 7:«0a. m. 8:10 p. m iturday, via i>, aud daily , ULWAY. Ticket OJHea nd at Dt}i-it, Leave. Arrive. OUINCY RAILROAD. ui-ar., and Sixteenth'll,, Ticket ojfieet in JJrljfjt “ depots, I.eace. Arrive. Arrive, leave.

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