Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 30, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 30, 1873 Page 7
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JUBILEE NOTES. Tho Coliseum Heady—Tho Indi cations of a Kush from Abroad* Ovation Pay—Xlio Park Boards Take Action for Friday,', Juno Tko Carriage Committee. Tbo work of turning a great-depot into ft col laoum will bo completed to-day, and good judges Ceclaio that Us acoustic effect will bo perfect. Tho groat platforms will hold nearly 2,000 or chestra nnd choruO. Tho iudloations nro pouring in tlmt tho peo ple aro to como in by thousands,induced by hfttf faro rntas to nil stations in this nnd adjoining Btfttoo. Ticlcots wore purchased for tho Jubilee Ball yesterday for a largo party from Southern Ohio. ' OVATION DAY. Friday, Juno 0, when tho school-children of tho city Imvo tho Coliseum given ‘up to them, seems to ho accepted as a general ovation day. Tho display of. tho utrongth and beauty of Chi cago will bo in charge of tho. Farit Boards, who have entered into tho work with* a' will. At tho mooting hold at tho Gardner House last week tho three Park Presidents wore chosen a Special Committee of Arrangements,, and' those gentle men bavo now completed their programme. At their mooting yesterday they appointed tho fol lowiug unracd gentlemen to net with them as a OAUUIAQS COJntITTEU. W. F. Coolbaugh, S. S. Hayon, Thomaalloyno, . 8. J. Walker, William Dross, H. 11. Uonow, 3, Y. Scammon, Thomas D. Bryan, C. 11. McCormick, Hon. N. D. Judd, Robert Harris, A. H. Durloy, 11, U. Purler, J. McGregor Adame, Wra. F. Tucker, T. D. Blftckfitone, Dr. D. McVleknr, E. W. Blatchford, Charlen L. Wilson, Henry Grocuobaum, 0. T. Bowen, *O, W. Blanford, A. 0, Tiering, J, W. Wavrack, JJ. F. Culver, This Committee will accompany and bo in charge of the grand carnage escort, on Friday morning, to visit Lincoln Park, and tbcnco to tho train of ton cars vrliicb will swoop around the city on tho bolt railrord from Kinzie stroot to tho Union Hydo Park Hotel, and tho Groat Central Depot on tho lake shore, stopping at McCormick’s great reaper works, on tho South I’vanch, at noon, for ft collation. Sat urday will |.o given up to tho steamboat excur sion to South Chicago. —Twonty-two years ago ono Fiolchor filched from Cox, a London bargeman, his wife. Cox comon Into court at this late day, demanding damages of tho paid Fletcher, who, tendering ono shilling in money current of tho realm, claims that is full satisfaction for tho wrong Xio acknowledges of harboring tho said wife. A jury of his poors coincide in Fletcher’s estimate; bo it goes upon tho record that twelve pence is the legal value of that wife. But that precedent will not fix ftho- worth of spouses in general, which may bo more or less. HORSES AND CARRIAGES. A NY MAN THAT WOULD HAVE HIS HORSES JX sold ipitckly at 1 heir teal value will ploaso bring them In, as the demand Is lively for all descriptions, at 201 Et-ito-st., rain stables of horses, buggies, and harncua. BRADLEY A WILLS. A TROTTER, A TRAINED SADDLE MARE, A . riKxl business inaro, a gentle, matched pair of pouics. CHirTKNUKN, rearof Ink) Wabash-ar. NEW YORK CHOICE*'‘SMOOTH. TOUGH. X> norfeet fiouoatl-Jiiuiii light tap buggy thiu day only, for StlMhen toDANBY VA EMMONS, 100 and lIQ West lionroo-st. IT'OR S A LB—W AGONR OF ALL KINDS, ALSO ONE X 1 second-hard (Jorn urd-ton buggy, ono yacht box-bug gy, cheap, at 261 South Canal-sL TpOR SALK-A GOOD BOX WAGON WITH FOUR X 1 drawers and shelves, suitahlo for peddling notions; also hnrso and hevneas. Apply at C6O Hublmid-st. For sale—two double’ teams wVi'fi wag* oiib nnd hnnuss; (cams are now working lor $6 per das; will trado for property and pas dllioronco. M. IIAYI'-S, I. C. R. 11. deck, or 611 Bumsldo-at. FOII RALEr-TIIE BEST SADDLE PONY IN THE city, cheap fur onuli. C<o West Indlana-at. For sale-a rtylish light cay teasi: on would exchange for a young horso or inaro that cau trot Inside of 6 minutes- Addrcaa For sale-or trade’for road-wagon— Top buggy, horse, and harness; horco> can trot In 3M; Is nice ladles 1 horse. At OI.UTTENDEN'S roar of 1000 Wabash-av. • Foil SALE—SEVERAL GOOD SECOND-HAND open and top boggled at HAYDE 4 O'BRIEN’S, 79l Btatost. TTIOR SALE—CHEAP—DUMP-CARTS, AND HAU- X 1 hops to match ; team harness, wagon harness, dray harnesM, and all kinds of harness at Government Goods Depot, 195 anil 197 East Lako-st. * TT'OR SALE—DUMP-CARTS, AND. HARNESS TO X match, at Government Goods Depot, 125 and 197 East Lako-st. • • FOR SALE-SOME VERY FINEDIUVING HORSES; will bo sold cheap, or exchauccd for other horses suit able fur the country, at 167 and lt>B Minhlgan-cv. Genuine boston blade oariuages at 223 ami —I West WnshlngUm-at.; no humbug. Also, ohcapor graded at very low Injures for cosh. . HilV HILL, ‘27 AND 20~ SOUTH OLINTON-ST., ■ has a creat rarloty of lino carriages and buggies, and sells them at reasonable prices. ■ ; T WILL OFFER - FOR SALE FOR A FEW DAYS MY. J hlnck team for $1,009. J. R. BROCKMAN, 190 Twonty-aocond-at. WANTED— A GOOD DRIVING HORSE. GALL at 175 Wont Adnmv-at. FAMILY CARRIAGE V V or coupo in exchange fora central business lot, worth S2CO caaii pur foot. Adtirosa Z 28. Tribune ollico. WANTED—A HANDSOME, STRONG PONY. Vr about COO nr 700 In weight, good for driving or sad dle. Would he glad to give a geld watch as part payment. AddrcHH GLADE, 117 South Franklln-st. K(\ CAVALRY HORSE WANTED. NOT LESS TUAN OU 16 Panda high, nor over byears old: ami lit crood con dition. Will bo received by E. PATRICK, 752 Michl gan-nv. TO EXCHANGE. FOR EXCHANGE—TWO NEW AND WELL-BUILT houses, uj U and Utvoorr.o cacti,, on the West Side, to exchange for South tlidu property, improved or nmm proved. Will ray tho iiurcrenca in cash, or will sell on monthly payments. FRANCIS W. CAREY 4 CO., Aloihudist Cnurch Block. ■ TO EXCHANGE—A FINE RESIDENCE ON WEST Van Buron-bt,, for North Side lots. Itmwuß in Englewood, Evanston, Hinsdale, Irving Park, and ll>lo Park, for Improved and unimproved property la lousiness property to exchange for acres. Husiucss propuriy to exchange for farms. Lots unincumbered for robldenco property. Wo can oiler ft largo list of acre, reddonco property, nnd lots, at low figmea. HILL 4 BLISS, 91 Dearborn at., UooraL , . . a 10 EXOIIANGI^—A VERY PLEASANT HOUSE and grounds fora farm within It) miles of Chicago. Apply'to B. F..CULVER, 1-17 LaSallo-at., Major Block. niO EXCFIANOE—VALUABLE FAItM, WITIUiTOH X conl-land!, in Indiana, for goml Chicago teal estate, Improved or unimproved. Will pay somo cash diiiorcnce. MATSON HfLL,.luB and 110 Dcurhorn st. TO EXCUANGFr-ToWA LANDS AND SUBURBAN lots forinsldn hupniind proimrty: will assume somo incumbrance. Apply to B, F. CLARKE 4 CO.,Room 1, 122 LaSnllo-at. TO EXCHANGE—FOR LOTS-A NEW DRUO.H hoiifo nnd lot, good location, West Division, near Anblaiid-av. and Vanlbircu-ht. cam; immodlnto posses alun. JACOB O. MAGILL, 81 and b.l Huulh Clnrk-at. TO KXOI IA NOE—FO II BUiLDmO* LOTS—A NRW brick nuddenco; Incut lon and tiniuh lirat-clusa. JACOB C. MAOILL, bl fttid *3 South Clark-st. T‘* o exchange -house and lot on west Lnko-Bt. for a good vacant lot. ENOS TURNER, W RaetMadleon-Bt. and 100 Dearborn. WANTED —TO EXOIIANGE-A LA HO 1C HOUSE and barn and two notes of ground in Evanston (or well Improved property in Aurora or Rockford. 11. WHIPPLE, 8W) IJhnllo-st. \VTANTED—TO TRADE FOR A STOCK OP DRY TT goods, notions, clothing, furnishing coeds, bouts and shoes, and furniture, 3 farms in Mason Comity. 111., all under a good at ato of culilvntlon, near market ami ralirond—ono form of 115 acres, onnuf 211 aorua, and onu of 335 acres. Also a line now dwelling bouse and 2 lota In Iho City or Peoria, 111., with all modern improvements. The title* aro porfout. All worth SW»,OCO cash, Will trade fart nrnll. Add man lift* 1112, Peoria, 111. MISCELLANEOUS. /■'IASII PAID FOP. CAST-OFF CLOTHING AND niLcollnneoui goods of any kind, by sending a letter to I. QELBEIt, Jama (jdlco, fcul Slato-st. /iash pa iirroii watches, jewelry, old KJ cold, silver, tirnnrms. and all goodsol value, at the Exchange J.oan Odicu, 203 Kant Madhon-at. Dressmaking - DONE-BUnn - MAi>E in the laloiit .tyiu.f, Irnin $2.f1l tosß, ot 820 West Madlsuii gt. H|ioclal uitontion to chlldron’sjclutlica. GO TO THE PEOPLE'S**STORE AND ORDER _j - (mronlhts. 273 Hluto-at. HKADQUAUTEIIS— TilOSI? IN WANT OP GOOD oi)iik«prlniln in nny capacity call atlW3 Wnbash-av., Sirs. HAJ.IvAM'S oPlco. N“ OT* FOR AND WE . will solid four imlentetl receipt'* which nru enotl B roving a foiluuo to their Inventors. BROWNE & 00., ox 1126. S"* TAM.MRHING Oil STUTTERING CURED—DR. Hall, of Now York, has Just anlvod lit Chicago, and opened mi oiHco at lid Dearborn-Bt. ills treatment Is a now discovery, and cannot fall to ouro every oaso. Bond /or circulars. Curu warrauted. fIIAKE NOTIOE -LEVI D. VAN OELDER. NOTARY X i'uhlio. Real Estate, ami L<mn.*, t.R South Hlato »f. Stmciul uitcuiinii and udvioo In law iransaelluiis given gratia. Business mou will do wull to call at my pllicn. rift, rnoi'iiiiTy owukhh-you oan have X Bldo.vulkb laved nr repalrnd at short notion ami low in iocn by nddrcsblngO. W. HOVT, care of IX, C. Moroy, " */ CJ.irk-st. Vi/’AN’I’Ici)—SOME RKSPKCTARLE PERSON TO i r mb,pi a little orphan girl G months old. Apply at JlllMlchlgUlKlV. ; WANT»jb-IMilOI«Mc» Mica, FAU.MKIi.S, YOUNO fl inuu going Wuit, mid ovorybmly Hist needs r lout, wngon cover, norao lilmikot, or o;unj> (npilpago of any kind, dreama. etc., to goat unco tho Guverniuoru btimh D'-‘put, Ipfi out! 11)7 Litko-aL, ami got yuur goods at half # CITY BEAT. ESTATE. IPOR RAM!—A lUnOAIN-tmANP ROUI.RVARD, ’ southeast corner Oakwoodbonlovard, loot to an 18-font alley, at only S2OO per font, for this trook, being 6(1 per cent below what such n valuable Int should readily bring,-and 1(10 nor emit bolnw vrlml It must noon comtnnim cn its Intrinsic merits and ultbnnt .the slightest Inlln* enoo of spvonlnNon. Whoever doslrea 1« Imy n lot on Iho Grand Boulevard will find this by Inr tbo cheapest nit tbo whole lino, being Ibo corner of two boulnvnrda. SI,IKW per font will in ton year* bo a common prlco on this nma nillcmit Iherotigbfnro. Thorp |h no property flint will bo •o desirable for lirst-olass residences, and'no thorough faro In tbo country so st and and bountiful ns Ibis will bo In a fowyenfr. On Onkuood buulovard (second struct south of city limits, ini loot wldnll will soil lotsat from $l3O to $17(5 jior foot, ml very easy tonus. It la worth nt least $«0 per foot to bo on ft uonlurard, n street that will bo knot In order for nil (lino by tho I’urk Commissioners, without, special taxation on tho properly, '* Prices on Kgnn-nv., 6(1x170 2() (00l alley. sl3ll tier foot, on remarkably liberal terms. J, ESAIAB WARREN, 18 Chamber olGumnfutco, , ‘ • FOR SALR-2oxlßo ON OALUMET-AV,, NEAR Twonty.slxth-el,, only $133. 60x166. Mlohlgan-av.* nenrThirly-flrst-st. 60 or 100x105 on Wnbnsh-av., near Thirly-fourth-fit. 60x166, lndlanft-av.,.«oarThlrty-tourlli-Bt. 10(1x160, Grand boulevard, near Forty-firot-st.. at a biff bargain. 41x109, Michigan.*?,, ncnrForty-llrst-nk., ohcap. 100x170, nortbwool corner Cottage Grove-nr.. nnd Forty* filth-si. 280x239, southeast corner Cottage Qrovo-av, ami Forty* sovonUi-at, 171x109, northeast corner Wnbaah-AT. nml Fifly.fontlb, BOxlltf. Wnlmah-nr., nearFifty-elghtli-Bt. If-Oxltii, Pralrio-av., near Flfiloth-st, Several lots on Doarbetn-at., between Jackson and Har rison, ohcap. . „ ll’Oxlw) corner on Vnnunron-sf.. near Dearborn, cheap. ‘J. HENRY WEIL, l/s) Donrborn-at., Room 6. pOR ( a ALE -TI 1 Ilf Ft) LLOWI NG _ SPKOIAr~BAR* JNdFaNA'-AV., 1)3x18) feet bolwcen Sixteenth and Eight cent h-etc., $266 per foot: all cash. MIOHIOAN-A V., 131 foot front, northeast corner of Tweaiy-nlnth-ut. MIOIMOAN-AV., 30 feet between Twenty-fifth ami Twenty-slxth-sts.: >5300. MIOIIIGAN-AV,, 33 foot botwoon Twenty-sixth and Tweniy-nlnth-sts. 5 $276. MiaillGAN*AV„r.(i foot botwdim Fifty-sixth and FiCty sovonth-sts. t $66 cash. - WADASII-AV., lia foot botwoon Fifty-first and' Flfty i>'*o<in(l-Bts., oast front. , STATK-ST.. 7«'»-foot front botwoon Flfly-sorontU and Fifty-ofahfh-sts.j $•!» per font for a fow clays. FORBALK-nURLBUT-ST., 25 FEET, NEAR'WEB* slonv.; (Jl.fiCe. MndUon-st.—27 foot, pear Flfth*nv., south front. Flftb-nv.—27 foot, between Washington nnd Alndlron ets,, oast front. Bhorman-st.—lß7 foot, botwoon Harrison and Polk-ste. Wnbosh-av.—2o(l foot, oast front, near Tbirty-nlnlU-at-; $126. , > ■ • Wnbash-nv.—l76 foot, comorFlftj'-fnnttb-Bt.: s(’o. . Htato-st.-No. 1282, near Twonty-olghth-sl.; $0,610. Prairlo-av.—No. 14C9, near Thirfr-srcend-af.; $tl,(KO. FRED. L. FAKE A Ct)., 88 Wnslilnglon-st. FOR BALR-OHJ2AP LOTH TOR HOMES OR vestment, on Hnlsted, Murray. Union, Dcsplolncn, and Wallaoo*nls. High property, full-sized lots, nnoblock from Pavilion Parkway, easily aoccsrlblo from the city by mil. but a short walk from tho Stock-Yards.. These lots are located whore they will rapidly advance in mine, and are offered at prices go low ana on forma an favorable that tho poorest havo no excuse lu not Investing. Price, $375 fost;itO, onfivoyearn* fimo, orln smellmonthlypayments. Printed abstracts furnished. Apply to P. H. PUTNAM.. 'Transit liouno, Slock* Yards, or I’OTWIN £ CURRY, lit) Franklln-Bt. TPOR SALE—ROOD LOTS ON TDK FOLLOWING A 1 streets: Htato, Burnside. Butterfield, Arnold, Gari baldi, Hanover, llullor, Wallace, Sumnior, Winter, Mur* ray, and Hnlstcd; also on Wentworth, ShurtlolT, Portlaud mid htcwarl-avg; also on Alexander, Twenty-fourth, Twenty-sixth, Twenty-Boventh, Twenty-eighth, Napoleon, Tucnty-nlutli, Karl, Thirtieth, Haven, Tub ty-first, Thlr* ty*scc«md. Tlilrty-thlnl, Thirty-tilth. Thirty-sixth, Thirty seventh, Fontaine, and Thirty•olghth-ntfl. Tltlo period. Warranty doeds. A very email paymentdown; flvoyonr’a time, 6 per cent interest. No agency business. Apply to owner, ALBERT CRANE, 8711 Wabash-ar. FOR SALE-f IIE BEST AND CHEAPEST LOTS ON WostSido, fronting on Division, Leavitt, nnd Shobor* sts., near Wicker I’ark. Good neighborhood; lots 121 foot deep, with sidewalks and city water. Fries, S6OO, S7OO, nnd $l,lOO. Tornifl, ono-thlrd cash/ Warrantee ecu*and'abstracts of title. A reduction on Unleash payment slf required, to those who build this spring. In • quire of IT. ARNOLD A CO., Qrccnobaum'a Bank, No. 76 Fifth-av. FOR HALE-aHEAP LOTS-BY JACOB O. MAOILL, 81 and 88 South Clatlpsl. j Hnrrlson-st., s6oo, oniy forms. Congroes-st., S6OO, easy forum. Fonrlb-it., SI,OOO, monthly pxvmonts. Dlllur-nt., slkX), monthly payinonta. T?OUSALR—AT ABARQAIN, LOTS ON WESTERN* .X 1 av., Polk and Taylor-sts., and Campbcll-ar.; parlli'a wishing to build, no money required down. Inquire of GEORGE OADWKLL, on prcuilsos, or 186 South Clark* et., in bank. FOR SALK—at a GREAT bargain. ON MONTH* Jy payments, 2 now houses earner of Taylor-st, and Campbc)l*av.; 9 moms each. Inquire of GEO. CAD* WELL, onpremises, orliaSouth Clark-at.. in bank. FOR RALE-MANUFACTURING PROPERTY, l,T3x 266 feet on Twonly.Bucond-st., northwest earner of Ail* port-lit. Alro other pieces. HENRY WALLER, JR., 86 Last WaiUlnston-st., Room 4. . FORSALE-ATAVBRY GREAT BARGAIN—Ifti)X _ 160 foot un Michlgan-av., near Forty-tlfth-st, GEO. A. H.MKRY. 161 LaSallo-at., basement. ‘ ' For sale-or kxcuange-for horse and buggy or team and carriage, 100 foot. Buuth front, oa l-'lfHoth-Bt. 3. DKI.AMATER, 86 Waslilngton-at. FOR SALE-LINCOIJf X’ARK—LOTS FRONTING Fullerton-nv.. Raclno-av., Fremout-st., nnd Wobalcr* av.. intlio iH'lghborhourt of Lincoln Park; street railway within a fow blocks; cheap lots and on very ca v y terms. Apply lo W. D. KlsiiVOOT 4 CO., M Ksst Afpahtae lou-sr. Foil BALE- TinuJI2.STORV“rUAMic iIOUSR 'OF twonty-llvo rooms, partly llnishrd. For particulars apply at fho oftice of SWAN, CLARK A CO., Roboy-st., near Bluo Island-av. For sale-west side lots at great bar gnimi, or will lease them for 0 years. 11. WHIPPLE, 260 LaSalla-at. TT'OR SALE—AT A BARGAIN-FINE LOTS ON i ■\Vftflhlnnton-ut. nnd Warrcn-uv., corner, nnd cast of Cnliforuia-st.; easy terms. LUMLEV INGIdiDEW, KJ2 LaSalln-st., Room 17 Bryan block. TpOR SALE—I MUST HAVE MONEY, AND sll.o*l, X' 14 cash, will buy a rood brlck-houao and lot on South Side, worth sß,Ct<(l. Auiiross 1110, Tribune olHeo. For sale-desirable building lots on liftko, Waubluetoii, Fulton, Klnslo, nnd other streets opposite the now Northwestern Car-Shops, west of Cen tral Pork. Tho Land Comp,-my ore coins to build, In Juno, liitcon cottages, mid will ho llnlshod toaull If par ties apply now. J. D. HARVEY, Agent West Chicago Land Co., 171 La Salla-at. ‘ TPOR SALE-ACRE PROPERTY ON MADISON-BT., X! Barry Point road, Ausliu, Uidgclaud, Chicago ave nue, Ao. borne desirable tracts worth tho attention of capitalists, j. D. HARVEY, 17-1 La Sullo-st, TT'OR SALE—WHITirTO-ST.—W FEET NEAR LA- X 1 Hallo, atslcuporfoot. CANFIELD A MATTESON, CO LaSallo-st. ■ I TOR SALE-OR •• EXCHANGE—STONE - FRONT residence on Park-av., west of Union Park. CAN FIELD jS MAITESON, CO LaSallo-st. I - BOR SALE—VAN BUUKN-ST.—l2O FFET CORNER of Ccnlro-av., Cnlumct-av., ncarTwcnly-fourlh*#t.. 60x180 feet-. CANFIELD A MATTESON. ft) LaSalle-st. FOR SALE-OR RENT—7O9 WEST WASHINGTON _ at., 3-slory nnd basement brick bouse. Inquire ol DR. IIONSINOER. SCO Park-av. I non SALE-LOTH ON ARNOLD-ST., EAST FRONT, 1 between Hity-nlulb and Slx(ieth-sls., at 4GOO each. J. U. KEELER, 115 Clark-st., corner Madison. FOR SALE-ON WENTWORTH-AV.jRAST FKON'E between Twonty-iilutb mil Thh-tiuth-ats,, 26x1115 or W >125. J. H. KEELER, 116 Clark-at., corner MadLon. T?OR SALE-ON ADAMtLST., EAST^O X’ 182: also on Jackson-at., corner of Lincoln. J. 11. KKKLEU,.H3 Clark-st., corner Madison. FOR BALE—SIO,OOO HOUSE AND LOT FOR $6,000 cash. SO,OOO to SBO,OOO framo and brick houses. South and Woetbldcfl. CO ft, east front, Wabash-av, noarTwontr tiftb-st.; cheap. 126 fr, Woctera-nv., cor. Jnokson-st. 25 ft, Oenjro-av., near Tnylor-st. Q. L. MANN 4K, A. CUNGDON, Room 18 Major Block, 112 LaSallo-st. For sale-union park, plage, nra’rwash. biglou-at., 2 story nnd basement, marble front bonne. iU rooms; lot 29x110. SNYDER 4 LEE. 11 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroe and LaSaHo-sta. Ip OR HALE-AT HALF THE COST, A SIX-ROOM * caltag'>;2 yearn 1 ground lease; 896 poryonr. Also n nice confectionary and cigar store. D. E. FISK, 6 Otis Block. IpOR SALE-FOUR NEW BRICK 2-STORY AND } basombiit bouses, octagon fronts, lint-clasfl throughout, on Adamn-st., near Wood, $12,600 nnd $1().6l 1 0. inyulro at 612 West Ademe-st., or at 28 North Jctifonim-at. I' pOR SALE—BY BOYD 4 WIBNRR, 85 DEARBORN* } fit., Wobash-av., comer FoHy-llral-st., 111x170feat; btato-rt., corner I'.gnu-ftv., 100x161 foot. FOR SAljl-Cif ACRES CORNER STONY ISLAND av. and BOYD 4 WISNER, 86 Dear born-Bt. Ip OR SALE—PARK-AV.; BETWEEN WOOD AND 1 Fago-fits., 2-atoryund baacmcnt stono front bouse, 10 rooms, modern liupruvmnoata: will bu oold at a sncrllloo. SNYDER A - LEE, II Nixon Building, norlUoasl comer Munvou niidLaSnlfo-st, FOII SALE-PAIUC-AV., NEAR WOOD-ST—TWO3 story frame henso, brick foundation, No. 1111 Park ay., 10 runmn: lotf> 1 liy 102; bnrn ou promises. SNYDER A LEE,' M Nlzou building, northeast corner Monroo uni! LabnlloHt. TAOR SALE—WABIIINOTON-ST.—2oo*llo FEET BE- Jj tween Ijißftllo-Ht, mid Fifih-av. CANFIELD i MATTF.IJON. COLaHallo-st. I pOR SALIC-NOUTII *HIDE RESIDENCE LOT - ’ Huuth Park botduvard, 2(1 foot, east front, between Thirty-seventh and Thlrty-elghth-aU. Rllle-av., 20x160 feet, very choice lot, near Thlrty-soy enth-st. Lako-r.v,, CdxlEOfcot, oast front, near Thlrty-olghth-bt. To a party wishing to build, will bo sold without cash Paytll ° nt ’ J. I). HARVEY, 174 LaSalle-st. lAOII BALE-ON ONTAHIO-RT., NEAR pTnK ST. X 1 211. <lO, orCU foot, very desirable, and for sale at t bargain. Will take other properly In part payment U. U. THAYER A CO., leQ East Madlson-at. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. •n*OR SALE-COAL LAND AT BRAIDWOOD; M X acres In Section 12, In Grundy Cuuniy, In contra of great coal itrM, new b.dng worked. Address MIDDLE TUN, P. O. ibii 1102, Now York. YpOR 1’ sale hi JoWn; alto, in MKsourl and Wisconsin, on long llino; largo tiacts suited to in ruling cideuloa. jamrh it. Lancaster,> 2 Washington-n.. Chicago. ' T HEAL ESTATE WANTED. TITANTED-OWNERS OP HOUSES AND LOTS, if nlr.n vacant lots, wishing to sell, and willing to lix their itiloo at what they would consider a fair liguro to give If bu/inn, will do null to cull and loavo the same with ns. Wo liavo tho cash Rivalling nuoh Invosuiionta. ObilOUN 1 SKILLM AN, IDS .South Clark-bt. \\r~ AN’I'ED- AOREfi*! ACRES’ ACRESI-WE HAVE . it com.tant Inquires for ucro property t enn mako quick Halos at good prices. JACOB O. AIAUILL, bl and 4SV Smith Chrlt-sA. WANTED-LOTSI LOTS 1 LOTS! ON WEST WASH if ingtoU'St., Park-av., Wmrou-nv., and Adutns-st., SouthMnto-ot., Prairie, ami ludiaua-ava,, North Dear born and LuHnllo-eta. Wo have cusinmors for lots on (hr Abnvnaml neighboring streets. JACOB 0. MAUILL, til ami 8.1 Snullt Clatk-at. ANTED—A FAIIM OP FROM CO TO 00 ACRES, iuMlcblran, about Uni or 120 miles from Chlo.igo} must bo yroatly Impruvcd, with buildings on It. Priou not to in coed ifh.PJU. 11. J. NOCKIN, ilual Kslato Agunt, 72 Himlh Duftvborn-st. MIJSICAI,. T AM BELLING A SPLENDID 7-OCTAVE PIANO, X ujth norpcuijno moulding and carved lego for IJ’XU cash, which la $l2O lors than sold by parlies duwa town, who aro puylngsl3,UUlutoro rent. "A word tutho Wlsu IssiiUlulout." 1. U. WOLCOTT, 261 Park av, THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: FRIDAY, MAY 30, !HTJ. SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. FOR SALE-CHOICE SUPUBPAN LOTS ON Till? Mllwankoo Railway, alt in. js distant, and twenty minutes* rldo, in uiybonrn'a Addition to Ravonswomt. Theso lots nro laid ont 60x163 foot on P0 foot streets, nnd will bo sold niton easy terms, at from freO to S7OO per lot. Tbo fnrtlitloa for Recess to nnd from Iho city—tho doalr ftblllty ol tho land—lC being high and thoroughly drained —tho proximity (o tlrst-olass bnpmromonts, obnrehos, iohooiH,: and society, oummond this properly ns Iho boat at the price now in tho market. Comparison challenged! Tho Attention of tho Indus* tilons—tbo thrifty—tbo cautions—it culled to those lots as sites (or humcvloudn or investments, Call, for a printed nbslrnof and plot, upon L ROBEUT GREEK. Si luißnllo-at., Room 3.__ I pOll BALI3— AT SOUTH ENGLEWOOD-FOUR B 1 aero blocks, near tbo depot , and front tea Eigbty eoventh-nt. bonluvard. No money down. ’Will give tivo f onrs* lime on nil tbo mirrhnso-monoy to parlies who will mild burnedlately, nnd will allow them also tbo privilege of pitying any time before nmturlty In aume of $760, and securing tbo rolonao of a pro rata part of tho ground: 6,1*00 shade*trees Imvo boon phmtrednt.Honth Englewood during tbo present month, nnd two miles of sidewalk Is now being'made. A largo number of bouses nro con* irnolod for, and now being built on adjoining properly. Six dummy-trains each wav daily to atm from tho Grand Depot of tbo Hook Island R. 11. Title very sbnrl and per* foot. MATSON 111 J, Li, 108 nnd 110 Dearborn-st. FOR SALK—at a raroain-uy golden & FJIKSUWATERS, SI South Clnrlc-st., Hnornbi: JO acres in 800. 11, lid, 13. 40 acres In Soo. IS, 39. 10. 40 acres in 800. 39, 38, 10. 10 aeros In 800. 20, JW, 13. 10 apres In See. 17, 33,14. (i acroa In Sac; 16, 31*, 13. 2 aorcs In 800. 1, 33, 13, TpdU SALE—AT WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, NEAR X 1 two clonofi, by UlO block; nvorngo size of lots, 26x160 foot, ntslt(i]iorlot, I, cash, bnlnnoo In 1, S, nnd3youifl, at 7 per cent. Interest. Tho best property for Investment In Conk Gounly, Krop (lokols to sea tills property. 11. r. UIiAUKE & GO., Room4,JiOLaSallo-st. Tjioh RALE-AT ENGLEWOOD, FINE I.OTB ON X' Flfty-oovontb and Fllfy-olKhlh-Htfl,, for $350 to 8-100 oaoli, ton pmty who will lakn 6 lota. A splendid ohnnoo for thopo of limited mnann who want to.inako or aftvo tho profits usually tnado by mibdivWnrsj ono block from ata* tloiis 48trainsporday; faroß cents. G. U. QUUFIN, 133 Jiindluon-st,, cunior (Jlarlc. • I'jidu sXIE-OENTRAL PARIf—LOTH FACING ' Washington, Lake, Madison, Monroe, Adams, Jack ion, and Fuiton-sts,,*nnd Park, Wnrron, and Unlilornta sv9., botwoon Wcs(orn-av. nnd Ounlral Park, nt from $876 to $3,000 each on onsy terms. Apply to WM. D. kEIII'OOT'A CO., 90 Enat Wnshlnffton-st. F" OR SALK-4 ACRE nLOOKS"AT WASHINGTON Holffhtn. I can rlvo pnrtlos not nblo to buy lftr«o trnetn n rpoolal bargain In blocks near Vlnccnnos Station; lu trains per day: would exchange for good residence well located on West Side, if not heavily incumbered. G. I). GRIFFIN, 133 Madlson-st.. corner of Glark. I pOll BALK—AT A HAROAIN-WK HAVK iIUST RR* ' cclvoU from tbo owner, for a few days, that beautiful 4(]-acro tract of land at Irvine Park. In the S. W. M of the 8. K. >,f of 10, 40, 13. BENNETT & SANFORD, 4 Trib une Ilmldliiff,. ' IpOliBALE—NORWOOD PARK-AORKH, BLOCKS, X’ or lotnat low prices, nr will exchange for city or ouun* try property. 8. E. WELLS, 183 Doarboro-at. I~|lOR HALE-LOTS ADJACENT TO NEW OAR 1 shops of (J. £N. W. it. 11. and wit hin two blocks of depot, on favorable forms, A. 0. ODELL, 123 Dearborn* Bt., Room U), timt lloor. InOR HALE—OK ICXOIIANOK-A SPLENDID 11-1 1 room tnmsu. with lot 66x200. la Evanston proper; also 7 lota In Piorca’s Addition to Humboldt Park; very low figures for cash, or will exchange lor West Hldn Improvod property or Mts near street-cars. 11. J*\ CLARKE A CO., 122 iJtSallo-Bt. FOR HALE-AT RAVKNBWOOD—A DESIRABLE dwelling house of 8 rooms, good brick collar, furnace, hard and soft water. Lot U2x162 ft, ornamented with fruit mid shade trees. Apply to ROBERT QUEER, gl LaSallo-st., Room 2. . IHOR SALE-LOTS NEAR CHICAGO A NORTH* * western Car Shops. Non resident owner. Soil very cheap: lung tlmo. PIIINNKY A LOMI3AIID, No. Ito La Cnllo-st. IPOR SALE-OR EXCHANGE—BO ACRES NEAR X' tho city limits, subdivided into blocks of 5 acres oftohvwlll exchange ono or moro of Bntdhlocksfor Im proved property Inside city limits. This property Is within 6 tnllcu of tho Court-House, on tho lino of Im provements, and advancing rapidly. A rnro chance for purlieu wishing aero property to subdivide into Inin that can bo sold rapidly. PIIILPOT A HONOUR, 167 Wash ingtOD-Ht. F’ OR SALK-OLYDE-WB OFFER TO-DAY A 5-acro block, closo to station and school, at 8700 nor aoro less titan tho adjoining block cold for at auction fast Monday. This Is a rare chance. STORES A WARE, 14 Waaidnglon-st. * F‘ "ORSALR-M COTTAGES AND 2-STORY HOUSES at Englewood, on easy terms. Apply to TILLOT BON BROS., F“ 6ii’hale-fine 'residences in uydepark, ftom $7,000 to $lO, WW: also, lino building lots in best location, will take pnrttoa wishing to buy to look at property on short notice. B. L. UNDERWOOD, OOMadl* son*Bt. F~ OR RALE—S2SO TO SCSO-AT ST. CLOUD, 25 FEET higher than tho lake, near Humboldt Park, 20 min* uteß* ride from Madlron-Ft. bridge; lots at aero prices; •Hortnsoasy; all tratnson'bnth roads stop nt St. Cloud; couimuiatlon very law. WILLIAM PRICE, IB3Madison st.; H. F. COY A CO., 102 Waghington-st. For salk-oiioigest lots at north evan* stnn: lam building 111 bouses: carpenters and pmsoua wanted. C. L. JKNKS, HPLaSallo-»t. F* OR SALE-80 ACRES, SOUTH OF OALUMKT ]>ake, F,. ‘M, N. W. Hoc. 7, S6, 16; $l6O per acre. MATRON HILL, 103 and 110 Dcarborn-st. "l^R - SALE^WASHiNOTONIIEIGIITS—4O ACRES lino land on ridge. 20 acres flno land on ridge north of Morgan Park. 11 acres, very cheap, near Comom Station, 21 acres at Auburn. ■ _ _ J. D. HARVEY, 174 LaSallo-eL^ For salr-at englbwood-io or is choior lots in tho grove adjoining the beautiful grounds of juim UaVisfj conviinlent to oil tlio trains, and at very low prices. HULBUHD A GO., 203LnSallo-Bt. OR SALE-RNGLEWOoD-DEHIRADLE TA3TB IN a neighborhood which 1b being rapidly Improved, near depot and on graveled streets; also rv mitnlanUally built linuuo with utioormoro lota. CANFIELD A MATTE* SON, GU LaSallo-at. I'pOll SALE—AT ENGLEWOOD—NORMAL BTA -1 tlon, •{ blocks from school and depot, a thoroughly built convenient cottage, 8 rooms, bath-room, nto.;cheap and easy terms; call ami Investigate. T. MAPLE A CO., 155 Laballc-st., basement. Room 2. F" OR SALE-LOTS IN EVANSTON ON GRANT-AV. and Lako-st. lor $900; terras $lO monthly payments, or V cash, balance J, 9, and 9 rears. Call nt my otnoo ana net n plat, ami no with mo nnd sc.< thn improvements and inducements lam oficriiig. ROBERT COMMONS, 119 LaSaUc-st. . TT'OR SALE—2O ACRES, 2 MILKS ‘WEST OF CITY, X 1 near nillmad; no cash: lone time. 300 Mlchlgau-av., south of limits, lit, 20or 1U acres. South Englewood house and lot nt Englewood. 6 ..urea near South Park; will trado for $20,000 house. O. L. MANN & E. A. CONGUON, Room 18 Major Block, Uti LaSalle-at. TJOIToaTE-AT SOUTH ENGLEWOOD—CHOICE J. l building lota near depot. $250 oaoh, payable onc-n ur'li cnoo ;.nd i'fthimJo'at tho mm ot three years. Will not aril i. ithan lovu- lot* nt a time. No money down to \uictlia v.hi> will build immediately. MATSON HILL, US and Hi) D.mrhorn-at. AGENTS WANTED. Agents wantkd-every county-iiewitt Fluting, Polishing and Band Iron combined. Secure a county and mako money. Room 15, 179 East Madl aon-Pt. Agents wanted-sk a day easily made by men and women, In city and country. MERRILL A CU., 25 .West Lako-st. Agents wanted-to sell an article in great demand and mooting with a ready sale. Apply at E9 South Wotor-st, A GENTS WANTED-TO SELL OUR NEW BUT iI ton-hole cutter and necdlo-lhrcudlug thimble. Agents cleat S2O por day. 1 09 East MacUsim-st., Room 6. A GENTS WANTED-AGENTS ARB MAKING 810 j!\. to 812 a day, with my needle honk, machine ncodto, button nolo cmtnr, etc., ole. Particulars free. C. M. LININGTON, 177 East Madison-st. A GENTS CAN M~AKK S9OO PER MONTH SELLING XX goiif' door-bells in towns and villages. Address JAMESF. HAYS. Cbleaco. AGENTS WANTED-TO SELL OUR WINDOW XXscreonH. 'Going like, hut cakes. .Chicago Picture Frunio Mnnufnoturing Comimuy, 7U East MadUon-st., corner of Ktato at. ’ PARTHERS WANTED. PARTNER WANTED-A BUBINEHS • MAN WITH $1(1,00(1: nno not ufraidofa Utile hardship (in travel). Capital guamuteod. trebled in a year.. Addrcaa Z 9J, Tribuuo uthco. ■PARTNER WANTED-WB MANUFACTURE AND X make ft specially of the boat medicinal btttors In tho market. We also linudlo foreign enso goods. Tho bual nctu li fully oMnblUliod nnd prolitublo. Wo want more capital to uxlond tho trado. If you have $5,000, or more, cnniidt your own iniorcal by Investigating us. Addroca SIBLEY, 071 V/ost Lako-st., or como at unco, aud In quire ns ebovo. I>AUTNKR WANTED—'WITH SS.«W TO SIO,OOO, IN X commission Ijiisliimb, wall cntablldiod; bestof refer cnoo given. Acldroau Z BJ, Tribune oillco, for further In formation. TJARTNER WANTICD—(SILENT) TO INVEST $3.00) JL lo SI,OU) In a good paying business. Host of references given. Address, wlthnamo, K 70, Tribune o(Uco. BUILDING MATERIAL. T)UENA VISTA BUILDTNQ.BTONU AND FLAG .IJ . King, eawod to urdnr; prices and sample at 48 Huuth ClarK-st. J. 11. SMITH. ipoil HALE—A QUANTITY OF SEASONED 4 AND a.’ 0-lnoh ?u-b.!ado(l colling. lat S sides; nine. ?£, 1-3. and fa colling; -I, 0, orti-lnchU. Q. caning; stock-boards and shelving, any width. Constantly on hand droiaod fleering and siding. An object to buyers of oar-lead lota. STAR- ItET l’ A BROTHER, uouthwoat corner of Twelfth and Lumber-sta. IpOlt SALE-COMMON OR PRESSED RRTOK, IN I 1 quantities to milt purchaser. M. 1). FLAHERTY, Room Id, IbtiEastMadlson-st. )U RALE—S226 WCIIITU OF STONE OR STONE and lime at n discount. 182 South Clark-st., Haem 1, TTYDRAIJLIcTPJiEHSICiI ST. XX Louis, Mu. The St. latuls llydraullo Pressed jlrlok aro larger and of greater atronulh Hum Uio Philadelphia orllnlilnioni Ferco Brick, mid are nut surpassed In an lienrnncit nr color. For snlu in any quantity. J, J. .UCKWOUD, Agent, lo and RMVest Randolph-st. ‘ Pressed limoKs-nToiNif an’dmilwauicke X jircuand brick fur sale in any quantity; also rod prosa od mid Block brick. Also holo agent lor the St. Louis Hydraulic pronj<d brick. Cull and moo EumploHiind gut mines. J. J. LOCKWOOD( Agent, lo and l‘J Wont ifiimlnlpli-al. tJLV/ING MACHINES. An IMPROVED GROVER A BAKER BI2WINO nmohlti' l , hnmlsomu table and oovor, cost but a short time eltico .-feu; price, s3(l. Rotldonoo? Elghtooutii-st. G~ crnl olllco, U0 Slato-Bt.; branch olllcn, 1)73 Walmsli av. Porsoua having old Uruvor Si Raker bowJiig-nmohlnos aro Invited to call and sou tho now Improvements, ami hear uomothlng to their advaidago. LINGER OFFICE OP A. J. MELOHERT, 215 SOUTH O UftUtcd-sl., maohlnossold on monthly poyinonts und runted. Oppnovpwlngs. rruiRNEW FLORKNOE SHWINO MAOHINIC-WIC X cull special attention to roeoiit linprovoinonts made in thcPlucuuco, also to tho now and elegant stytua of casus added lo our list. T«i moot tho vlows of thuso preferring a nmuhlno feuding tho work away trout (ho opuruior, wo huvo titadu Nos. Rlnnd M, which combine tho dsahablo (t uluioi lo ho fnutul in mnohluos niado by oiliurs. with all tliii peculiar oiimlloiioliis of tliu I'Jorenci*. IVM, H. SHARP »t CO., (lonnnil Agents, 2M_H(alu-i*t. L Chlouga. TO lEASE. niO LEASE-DOCK AT BRIDGEPORT (GREAT X Emteru). Apply lo E. BUAINARL), Ruum 28, Bryan Block. BOARDING AND LODGING. South Sltlo- SPAnK-now-runmaiiKD on unfurnished moms, with board, for jp.'JUlomcu\ Md their wives or single gontlemon. A four day boarders wanted. Bara to T n OONGRESR-ST,—ROOMS SINGLE OH RNBUITU XU suitable for ladles or gontlomou, with board. Day board_ss por wook. _____________________ A Q HU II bar'd COURT—NEW BOARDING *1:0 houso; llrst-olnssboard with room; $4 to $6.60 por wuote. with nso of platioj day board, sl. A O ROOMS, *XfJ wither without board. Day hoarders accommo dated. ... 11Q AND 120 THIRD-AV.-TO RENT, WITH XXO heard, sovornl nloo moms, suitable for man and wife, nr Binglo gentlemen; alsnllr»t.claßs day-hoard. fori iganTav. - furnished and un- U:00 fnroiflliod rooms to rent with board, to gentle man and wives; also rooms with board to Binglo ladioa and gentlemen. . QQ/1 WABASU-AV.—LARGE AND PLEASANT Out: rooms and hoard for gentlemen and tholr faml. Bon; also Bloaplng moms and board for single gojdlomon. ~A oTmioiIIGAN-AV.-room furnisiird'with *I:UA. board on second fieor, lor gontloman and wlfo; S2O a wook; also room for two gontlcmon. /IOQ SOUTH DEARBORN (BURNSIDE-ST.), *±OCI noarTwonty-nlntb.— A nloo, cheerful family ho toUoxcoHent table and surprisingly low prices., Slnglo rooms, $0 to $7. rnn wabasilav.-elegant rooms. for OWO gontlomon and tbolr wives, or Binglo gontlomou. Day boaid, $6 per wook. Uoforonoos exchanged. C .1 Q WAUABII-AV.-TWO OR THREEPLEASANT UttO moms, furnished or unfurnished, to rent, with board. References roqutrod. £»AQ WADABINAV.—ROOMS AND BOARD. ONLY UuO first-class pouplo desired. Day-boarders aooora modntod. ‘ . On Pi WABASILAV.-A LARGE FRONT ROOM TO UQu rout, furnished or unfurnished, with board. WO/l WABASH-AV. -A LARGE, HANDSOME lidT mom, with board. Accommodations tlrst-claea. Koforoncos required. /yfrl WABASH-AV.—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED I OX front room for gontloman and wlfo; also, room for alnglo gentleman, with firat-olus table. Roforouooa ro* qulrod. QPJ 7 WABASH-AV.—VERY PLEASANT ROOM OU t 1 auUahlo for gontlemon and wlfo, or two or threo gentlemen; also unfurnished alouvo room; day boarders accommodated. ■ OOK WABASH-AV,-LARGE AND PLEASANT 040 rooms, on anlto or single, with first-class board. Can accommodate a few more table boarders. Refer cnees given and required. 1 nOO WABASH-AV.—A SUITE OP FURNISHED X\JO4 or unfumlshod rooms; also two aluglo rooms for gontlemon; toblo tuspoclalty. Also abarn to rent. Nick unfurnished, alcove room, with ovory convenience, to lot without board, in private family, hand/ to da/ hoard, near cornor Sixtoouth-st. and Indiana-av. Address K 25. Tribune 00100. f\ NR OR TWO YOUNG LADIES, ENGAGED during (ho day, can find pleasant homo with a pri vate family, near Mlchigan-av. and SlXteenth-at,, hy ad dressing k fi2. Tribune office. West Side* O/f RISTTOP-COURT, SECOND DOOR FROM MAD- Ison-st., near Union Park. Throo very ploaeant neatly furnished rooms with first-class board. Refer* cnees. A A SOUTH MORGAN-ST., NEAR WASHINGTON X*± —A nlcoly furnished and very desirable front room, with unexceptionable board. Cr» NORTH PEORIA-ST.-A FEW NICE BOARD OO ora accommodated In private family at $4.60 per week* ItC CENTRE-A V.—LARGE ROOM OR SUITE UN- XtJtJ furnished with board; also room for single gentle* on Q WEST WASHINGTON-ST.-COMFORTABLY ZiUO furnished rooms, with board, for gentlemen, or gentlemen and wives* 0/1 Q FULTON-ST.—A X'URNISHED ROOM WITH Z'kO board. ___ QQC WEST RANDOLPH-ST.-ONK LARGE ROOM OOc/ nlcoly furnished with board, for man and wife, or two single gentlemen. QQQ WEST RANDOLPH-ST.—FURNISHED OR Ouu unfurnished rooms, with board: all modern con* vonloncos; family small. Day-boarders accommodated, WAflirfN^TON^T.-TWO ROOMS TO ttOU rent, with board, furnished or unfurnished, single or on suite. nf\A WEST ADAMS-ST.—BOARD AND SUITE OUtt ofolegnnt front rooms unfurnished, except car peta; alao two largo rooms on parlor lloor. WEST ADAMS-ST., HEAR UNION PARK-2 o*4o very fine, largo, ologantly-fumlshod rooms, with boards location and accommodations tho boat on tho West aide. A BRRDKEN HOUSE, CORNER OP ABERDEEN J\. and Madisoo-sta.—A few boarders can And a comfort able homo at a moderate prlco. JOHNSTONE HOUSE-IH AND 116 WEST MADI eI son-at.; ovorytblug first-class; terms, $2 per day; tablo-board, 86 Per wook. North. Sido, nn.f ILLINOIS-ST—A FEW BOARDERS OAN BE *4y‘Xr accommodated- Country* 4 A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN OAN OBTAIN board, with pleasant rooms, iu a private family at Addroes B 01. Trjbuno office. First-class board can be had either for families or single parsons, in one of tho finest resi dences in that beautiful Village neighborhood between

Highland Park and Lnko Forest. Apply lu air. AUULUV MfiARS* office, SOULaSallo-st. First-class furnished rooms to rent, with board, two minutes'walk from depot. ISAAC L. HINDS, Hinsdale. BOARD WANTED. "HOARD—ALCOVE ROOM UNFURNISHED, EX- J3 ccpt cut-pot, for gentleman nnd wlfo. Fow if any boardurs. Address Q 63, Trlbuno olMco. . pOARD-BY A GENTLEMAN, BOARD IN A PRI JD vftto family whore thoro nro fow or no other boarders, on Washington or Mouroo-sta. Address with terms K ffi>, Tribune oihco. • • "HOARD-BY SINGLE GENTLEMAN IN AN JD agrooablo family; South Sldo preferred. Address, with forms, K 71, Trlbuno otlico. 150ARD-BY A YOUNG LADY IN A RESPECT- J3 nblo private family, within IQ 1010(1108* walk of Court lluuso. Terms modorato. Address J5 tit], Trlbuno olßco. X>OARD-A YOUNG GENTLEMAN OF-REFINE > muni wlshoa tho comforts of a homo in n private fam IJy where there aro young ladles; Is acquainted, and car give tlrst-class references. South or West Sldo. Addrosi lit confidonco, 2 68, Trlbuno olllco. LOST AND FOUND. T OST-A BUNCH OF KEYS, AMONG THEM A JLj wa'.ch-koy, attached by a small brass chain. Finder will pli ano t end address by mall to GEO. G. MERRICK, Hoorn ti, l.*o Uoarbom-st. Lost-6n Wednesday evening, 2rTH inst.. botwocn tho Lake and Michigan-av., on Twenty-nee end it,, a pocket-book, containing a sum of money, with tho card nnd address of the ownor. Tho lindor will rocolvo a liberal reward by lonving It 15 Twonty-socond-st. LOST-OR STOLEN—FROM WEST JAOKSON-ST.. yesterday evening, abayhurso, 8 years old, nnd light express wagon, two half springs and spring scat. Any porsou giving Information whom tho above can bo found will bo liberally rewarded, at 183 West Woshlngton-at., People's Ons Company. T OST—WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 28, A XJ gold watch, on Jackson or Saugamon-sts., between Bklnnor school and V 3 South Sangamon-st. Anyone ro turning It to tho nbovo number will bo rewarded. LOST-THIS DAY, A PAIR OF GOLD SPEOTA cIes lu Wm. M. Mayo's case, comer Twenty-second st. and Wabash-ar.: tho finder will bo liberally rewarded. EDWARD 11. CASTLE, 219 Warron-av, T OST-TTIB PARTY WHO FOUND MY POCKET XJ book may keep tho money; please return book and papers torno. Mrs. 11. B. IIaNNaUD, 609 Wabash-av. T OST-MAY 29, A POOKETBOOK WITH ROME XJ currency, night-key, railroad ticket, Ac,; a liberal toward given to tho fiudor by leaving it at No. oti-M West RnndolpU-at. , I‘ OST OR STOLEN—FROM MY BUGGY ON TUBS- J day evening, May 27, a heavy .lap-robo, rod on one sldo and black nnd white striped cn tho other. A liberal reward will be paid for Its return to N. COUWJTIi, 11 nnd 13 Union Building, corner Washington and La feallo-Bls. I - OST—LEW IN A WABABII-AV. OMNIBUS ON J Wednesday evening, May 28, a pair of opera cwsbco; the tinder will be rewarded by sending address to OPERA, Trlbuno olfloe, whore they may bo found. __ I' OST—A COLD WATCH, WITH THE OWNER’S J name Inscribed ou Its caso. Tbo flndor will bo lib crully rowardod by leaving It ot this otlico. Miasmo-T. NELSON DAl.fc, JR.. I.EIT OUER tin. Ohio, May 2D, whore bo was pursuing theologi cal studios ( arrived In Chicago Wednesday, May 21, and has not boon seen since. Mind possibly affected: Is about2B years old, B foot and 8 Inches In height,! Ight brown abort curly hair, sldo whiskers and moustache, Bomuwhat sandy, very prominent forehead, dressed in lilaok or dark clothes, and most likely bad on a colored lUumol traveling shirt. Any information as regards his whereabouts, or any person wbo has seen him, will bo liberally rewarded, and all expetisea paid, and receive tho heartfelt thanksof anxious parents. Call or address FREDERICK H. DALE, Sherman House, Chicago, or ELMER WASHBURN, Superintendent of Poltoo, T?OUND-ON THE S6TII INST., ON LASALLKBT., X* a small package containing gloves. ribbon, io. 'l'ho owner can have ft by addrosiung REV. JAMBS Mo LEOl), Jollot, aud paying for tills advertisement. STRAYKD— FROM OUR PREMISES, OORNUR OF Twenty-second and Ilurnsido-alB., a black Kama with white faeo andono whlto hind-foot; was nowly shod; weight about 1,800 lbs; any Information will 1m suitably rewardod at tbo ollico of SWiiTT <k UROUUII. 203 Twon ty-socond-at. STRAYKD— OR STOLEN—LABT TUESDAY NIGHT, a dark bay horse, with atop buggy. Anyone who return* tho same will rooolvo ft liberal reward, at No. DO South Sholdon-at, (iTOLRN-WRDNKHDAY FORKNOON. MAY 29, O from before my ollico, my whlto maro Funny and top buggy. She is about l6jtf bauds iilgh, main and tall light gray; buggy painted dark bottle greon, somewhat Morn; right fore wheel considerably dished; thill girt to harness new. Any one wiio will return to mu ut 211 bouth Market at. will bo liberally rewarded. . HENRY N. HOLDEN. QTOLKN—A DARK HAY IIORSK, BLACK MANE. O long, bushy tall; weight, I,MO lbs; small sear on left hip. Now buggy, high lop phaeton, brown cloth lining, dark greon body, DTN monogram, patent wheels, dark brown gear with two rod tUrines. A liberal reward will bo palu._ DAmEL T. NELSON, M.IL._HOB Indiana-ov. niAKIIN UP—ARUNAWAY HORSE. WHICH THU X owner can have by proving property ond paying ohargos._BJ7 Madbon-at. A REWARD-STOLEN—FROM 13 EAST MON «p LW roo-Bt.,bond-stall and lines. The abuvo reward will bo paid to any ono returning tho samo, and no questions asked. OOfc RKWARD—FOR RETURN OP MY HORSE ami buggy, stolon from front of U. K. Lx prcsrtCo.’B Building, 87 Wniddngton-st., on tho afternoon of May £8; horse lu a lloabltton gray about 16 bunds high, In good condition, white tall ami inane, is a good stopper, I and culled h yours old, and wulglissny 1, tX'O pounds; ton mggy nearly now, painted black, with gilt stripes; yacht JUX wltti (otter C on hutil sides l patent wheels; bluodlned ton: no Bldocurlnlns, and blno cloth cushion. MARK J. CLINTON. ’ Cll REWARD-THK rUESON WHO TOOK tJpXUW Jewelry from U37 Indiana-av., will receive $l5O reward by returning 11, ami nu uuosthms asked. FOR SALE. TjTOR BALE-AT HALF-PRIOR —LAROK LOT OP X 1 rubber and leather bulling and hose goods, new and flrst-oluH. Inquire 230 West waildugtea-st. TO BENT—ROOMS. r RENT—B7O FULTON*ST., NIOELY-FURNIBHRD front room, with closet, to gentleman; private family. . a~iORKNT~H7 WERT VAN BUREN-ST., 3 LARGE .. front rooms, on suite, furnished, together or separ ate; facilities for houaokooplng If wanted. mo RENT—IN BLOCK SOUTHEAST CORNER OF X, ami Flfth-av., two nlcoronma, subdivided Into four each; suitable for gentlemen and wires or tingle gentlemen. S. 8, JONES, Room 24. r RENT-TWO NICELY FURNISHED. SMALL rooms, wltlior without board, In private family ; no other boarders. 1443 Prnlrlo-nv., noarThhly-tlrat-st. TO RENT—FURNISHED OR UNFUUNIBIIEU roams at 177 Twenty-Urst-st* DIO RENT-1074 WABASU-AV.. A SUITE OP UN- X furnished front rooms with largo oloiot ntlnehcd, and ono largo back room; board can Lo obtained within a few doors. r RENT—THE MOST DESIRABLE AND ELE gantly furnished rooms can bo had at.fift and 87 Dear* bom-at.; comfort a specialty; go and bco (horn. 110 RENT—A FEWIrURNISIIKD ROOMS, 40 EAST . Hsrrlaon-at., near tho comer of WnbaaU-av. TO RENT—A SUITE OF TWO PLEASANT FRONT rooms, furnished. Apply at C 3 Twonty.aocond.Bt. . HID RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS—ONE FRONT X unfurnUhed, with alcove, with water and gas. An* ply to IS. TURNER, 09 East Madliou-st., or ntHlWn bash-av. rpo RENT-TWO NIOELY-FURNISIIED FRONT X rooms, 287 West Van Buron-st.; roforonoca ex changed. _ 1“ 10 RENT-AN ELKOANTLY-FURNISIIKD FRONT . room forgontlemon; also brick barn, with all con veniences. 813 Wabasb-nv. a~i6 RKNT-LODGINGS 250 AND DOo PER NIGHT AT . 177 West ltandolph*Bt., and furnUUod ruuuiß by wook or month. rTtO~RRNT—NEATLY-FURNISHED ROOMS, SINGLY X oron sultos terms reason able; modern convonlonooa. Apply at. 2%) Norton's Block. 1" io'RENT —TWO NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS, . Bocond lloor; also, ono olognntiy furnlaliod front parlor,. first Door.. Also, a nloo aovun room cot lago, fully car. Eolod; desirable location. South Side. Apply otßMWa aah-nv. • • ~ 0 RENT—WELL FURNISHED FRONT SLEEP . log-rooms, with gas. In a nti lolly prlvnto family; terms reasonable; location ilrst-clnsa. 448 Wcat.Taokson. mo RUNT-SINGLE OR X unfurnished rooms, in Hough's Block, oimnsllo the Post.Ofiico, Wobaah-ov. D. M. DAVENPORT, Room 111 Major Block. TO RENT-HOUSE NO. 489 WEST MADISON-ST., Immediately opposite of, and looking up the whole length of Loomls-Bt. (3 miles), having boon thoroughly rejuvenated, handsomely end newly furnished, through out ; tho moms aro now ready for rental; the suite of par lors aro ns pleasant as any tu tho city; modern conrcn tcnoca. Apply aa abovo. TO RENT—AT 210 WEST LAKB-BT.. 8 ROOMS, drat lloor; very desirable for a small family. Apply on tho promisor from 10 to 13 a. m., or 2 (o 4 p. m. rno RENT—THIS UPPER PART OF HO WEST X Adams-st., consisting of 4 rooms, with water; rent, $23 per month; no clillclron. mO RENT—PLEASANT ROOMS FOR HOUSEKKKP- X lug at 968 West Monroc-st.; water and wasto pipes In kitchen. rno RENT-SIX DESIRABLE ROOMS, PANTRY, X and closets with water, just aalcimincd. two doors from Btroot-enrs. Apply nn premises. ItU South Wond-st. FnO RENT-LARGE CFRONT PARLOR X witii closet, furnished fur two gentlemen. 831 Wa> banh-av., nearly opposite tho Post-OHloo. TO RENT—HOUSES. TO RENT—DWELLING, 1181 PRAIRIE-AV.; RENT per month; 14 rooms. Apply to HURT. UAE, No. 129 Dearborn-st. TO RENT—A SPLENDID HOUSE, 981 SOUTH Dcarborn-st.,comer Thirlj’-ninth s only SUO per month. Inquire of J* W. GOULD, 962. TO RENT —HOUSES IN GOOD LOCATIONS, cheap to good tenants. JACOB O. MAUILL, 81 ami 83 South Clack-st. * TO RENT-HOUSE 110 LOOMIS-ST. CHAOE & ABELL, 184 Dearborn st. ' HID RENT-OR FOR SALE—NEW 2-STORY FRAME X house (south front), {lt'S West Mouroo-at., close to Wostorn-nv, Low rent to a desirable tenant. Apply to JOHN WEST, 991 West Monroe-at..or 270 West Madison, rpo RENT—A SIX-ROOM COTTAGE OH WARREN- X a v,. east of Robey-st. ;pososslon iinmoJlatoly, 11. F. CLARKE & CO.. Room 4, 122 LaSallo-at. TO RENT-TWO-STORY FRAME, IN GOOD RE pair, 10 rooms, Nos. 20 and 28, on Tbirty-aovonth-st., between Lake ami Etlls-nvs., .840 per mouth. S. B. WELLS, 168 Dcarborn-at. TO RENT-NEW HOUSE, SIX ROOMS, PANTRY, closets, and water la kitchen, In good neighborhood, 406 West Erlo-st., near Ashland-av. N. B. GRAY, npd DESIRABLE TWOSTORY X and basotnout brlok house 843 West Adamsst.. 10 rooms, modern Improvements; rout, 466 nor month. Ap ply to WM. 11. SAMPSON & CO.. 144 LaSulle-at., Otis Block. rpO RENT—S!Y RESIDENCE NO. 143 SOUTH WOOD- X st. f 3-storv and basement house, contains 13 rooms, newly-painted, ealclmlned, and very convenient; kitchen, dining-room; stovo and parlor carpet fur sale. Apply on tho promises, or at my olllco, No. 163 State-at., cornor Moucoo. 1* l 6 RENT— THE WHOLE OR A PART OP A WELL furnished U-story house, centrally located, on Mlchl gaa-av. Address K 60, Tribune olllco. fpo RENT 614 WABASH-AV., FURNISHED X house, modern improvements. Apply at 171 East M&dlsou-URoom 17. rfiO RENT-COTTAGE AND BARN AT 668 WEST X mO RENT—DURING THE JUBILEE NEWLY AND X clcgnatly furnlshnd front parlor and bed-room in a private family; Bladar: convonlout to oars. 733 Luke at., second lloor. Breakfast and tea, If desired. T"’ ORKNT—TWO VERY DESIRABLE FURNISHED rooms, on bqUo or single, with or without board, at 19 South Ann-at. Also, bato to rent. alO RENT—A PLEASANT AND NEATLY-FUR . ulshod front parlor, suitable for ono or two persons, at 613 Hnto-st, T” 6 RENT-HOUSE, 7 ROOMS AND CLOSETS, $33, otll6Wostom-av., between Adams and Jackson-sts. Inquire at 102 East Wnablnglon^st., Itooms 18 and 111, mO RENT-393 MIOHIOAN-AV., NORTH OF Tillll- X toonih-at., from July 1 to Out. 1 of this year, three story uud basement stono front house, handsomely fur nished insido, and lly-suroons and awnings for windows, do., to a private family. Apply at 393 Mtchlgen-av. TO RENT—SB3I) PER MONTH-NICE 7-ItOOM COT tago nnd Intro, on South Sldo, near cars. W. M. JACKSON, llti and 12Q Monroo-st. mO RENT—3-STORY, BASEMENT, AND SUB-CEL x lar marblo Iroot Iioubo; all modern Impruvomontj, Including furnace; 330 West Washlngton-ut. Apply at 357 West Uamlolph-st. for terms. TO RENT —STORES. OFFICI'S, &o. rpo RENT-A VALUABLE OFFICE ON FIRST JL lloor, Wabnsh av.. near South Wator-st.; also ollicos and dusk rooms over Nos. 7, 9, and 11 Wabash-nv., and basement under same; also third lloor, comer of Wabash av. and South Wator-st,; low to good tonnnta. Apply to CHASE, HANFORD & CO., corner Wabush-av. and South Wator-Bt. mO RENT—STORES—BO FEET FRONT BY 183 FEET X deep, on Rnndulph-ot., between Clark and Dearborn, to bo Improved. Will build stores 20, 40, CO, or 80 foot front, and flulsh to suit tenants. Apply to O. M. UPDIKE, comer Taylor-st. and PacUlo-tw. TO RENT-STORE 40 NO. K A NDO LPILST., 25X100, 4 stories nnd basement, finished in tbo best maunor. Apply to tho WESTERN NEWS COMPANY, 42 and 41 Rand(ilpb-at. rpo RENT—NO. 728 STATR-ST., JUST SOUTH OF X Fourteenth-flt., fora pnoklng-bouco or for manufac turing pnrpbsos. inquire of tho owner at Second National Bank. D. F. CAMERON. TO RENT-ROOMS ON SECOND, THIRD, AND X fourth lloor* of building No. IG4 Mndimm-ai., near LaSalle, desirable for otllccs and sleeping apartments. Cheapest rent In city. Look to your Interest oud exam* Ino. Apply to janlotr of building. rpo RENT-NOW IS A CHANGE-TWO MORE X atoms In tho Lako Sldo Building on Olark-st., near tho Grand Paclllo Hotel, Wilt rent vary cheap. Inquire on tho premises forW. R. SCOTT. fPO RENT-CHEAPEST OFFICE IN TOWN-SMALL, X cheerful, and fnmfshod. Vault and eluants. Alsu, desk-room; 163 Monroo-st., Room2.H rpO BENT—LARGE BRICK STORE, CHEAP, NO. X 87 Thlrd-av.; suilablo for any business nr light manu facturing, or storngu. 11. LOW!’, Room C, IttJ Olark-st. rpo RUNT-A SPLENDID OPENING FOR A HOTEL X —tho four-story and basement stone-front building, situated on the comer of North Wells ami Mlohlgnu-stn., 60 foot fronton Wclls-st. end 106 foot on Mlchigan-st. Apply to JACOBS A FISCHER, No. 6ti North Wclls-at. rp6 RENT—FOURTH AND FIFTH STORIES OFN(L X 172Stato-Et., over American Clock Co. Wide stair way nnd u«o of elevator. Uontod with fitoam. Apply to K. S. PIKE, with N. Matron A Co, TO RENT-TUB LARGE CORNER STORE NO. 803 West ilarrisun-st,, formerly occupied a» a meat mar kot, and fixtures for sale. Apply at No, 300. Low to a good tenant. TO RENT—SECOND FLOOR OP NO. 46 STATE-ST., good light in front and on side, corner alley. Apply on first lloor to HERRING A CO. ** mo RENT—STORE—STOCK AND FIXTURES FOB X salo, consisting of a lino stock of fancy and mllllnory goods. A great bargain Is offered If taken this week. For particulars apply 10 D. COLIC A SON, ICSWoat Mudl- SOU'St. RENT—HOTEL ON TUB OORNUR OF FIFTH . ay, and Adams-st., containing UTi rooms, including bath-room, water closets, laundry, hot and cold water. Apply to owner on the promises. fpO - RUNT—ONE-HALF OP A BRIOIC STORK RIT- X unto in the most doslrablo part of tho North Side. Address, stating stylo of business, p Tribune ollieo. WANTED—TO RENT. \\T ANTED—TO RUNT-TWO OOMFORTAHLY FUR- V i nishod rooms for light housekeeping In good Amer ican family. Address HNUMiS, 231 West Muuison-Ht. \yANTED—TO RENT—A STORE bIUTAULP/FOB if ft funiltnro store; small tint Hour and large minor floors. A. L. UROUKEU, Ml Stato-st. WANTED— TO RUNT—A OKIAU-STAND AT 80MB public place whom Urst-dosOlgars can bo suld. Address K 61, Tribune otlloo, \\ r ANTED —TO lIKNT-A SMALL FURNISHED TI buubO nr part of huuso suitable for hnusu keeping on tho South Hide, Address £ 45, Tribune ollleu. \yANTED—TO RENT-A BARN FIT FOR BOARD it liignndialoetabloa. Apply by lottor or person, to 0. BOUOHSEMUd, 23nud 25 West K1 nado-st.* W ANTED—TO RUNT—AT ONCE, A STORE ii suitable for trunk business. not to exceed aiixx), cdlhoron Madison, Clark, or Stuto-sta. Address 1C 79, Tribune ollico. \\T ANTED —TO RUNT—ROOMS, FURNISHED it only with carpots, for gontlonmn and wife, In vlulnl tyofChicugo-av. andLaSaflo-st. Address IC6B.Tribune oilloo. WANTED-TO RENT-0 OR 0 ROOMS FOR FAM~ Vi lly of thrnn. AildroiflA SW, 320 South Clurk-nt. PERSONAE. •I NFORMATION WANTED-CONCEUNINO TIM! X whercnbimu of Win. K. Pollock, 110 was fonuorly of Huntsville. Logan Co,, Ohio, and como from Ottmu* Wii, lows, loOlilc/igo, about May 92, 1879. Anyuuuglr lug Information of ids whorenbonts, or of what may have become of him, will bu reworded by Ids brother, who may bu soon or addressed at Mi Wubash-av,, until June U, LOCJK mt Bt llunt,vU,o » Co., Ohio. J. A. POL- TsTATHANIKL SCOTT CAN FIND IMS BROTHER •IN utUIPHKh-ov. J PERSONAL-TO KATIE: SAW YOUR PERSONAL May 4; write me at Furt Basoeiu, Now Mexico, U. U. of BleemiugUm. \VANTED--MALE HELP. BoolUcooporo. OWlcsi Etc. WANTKD-aALKSMKN TO BELT, OIIOOKIUEH AT wholesale by sample. ■ Llboml toms given. Address with stomp P. b'. /WILSON, Cleveland, O. \ATANTKD—A STRONG, ACTIVE BOY, IB OR 10 TT years old, to bo generally useful around sloro; mutt \\T ANTED—GERMAN- OIIIIOANDINAVIAN BOY ti In a country stores mustwrlloafalrhaml. Inquire of W. H. HORN, 2111 liimili Water-sL Trades. it pnitorn-maknis. Apply at works of tho American Bridge Co., oornar Eagan and Htmiart-qvs. WANTKD— TWO GOOD COAT-MAKKHH TO GO to Evanston, 111. liiQuiro of T. F. PHILLIPS, 12 Enst Al«dtaon-flt. • IVANTED - IMMEDIATELY —B GOOD UPIIOL > V stokers. ALLEN A UIIAPIN, 487 Btata-st. WANTKD— 1 PLUMBER AND* 1 GAS-FITTER AT "IXTANTED—IMMEDIATfSLY. A BARBER, AT 490 VV. South Oanal-st. Apply loTHOfI. 11. GILMORE. WANTED— FIRST-CLASS CABINET MAKERS, carvers, ami tlnlshors, at JAUKb BARKER'S, cor ner Croon ami Klnrlu-atfl. • • ■ ■ WANTED-AT SIMON MYERS, STRAUBS A CO.'S, experienced cutters, noothors need apply. 1 AT"ANTED—AN ARCHITECTURAL DRAUGHTS VV mao. Apply to T. V. WADSKIER, Arobltoot, 120 Doarborn-nt. WANTED-TINNER AND BLACKSMITH TO start- Imsluoss at Hlghwood; good opening, E. ASHLEY MEAItS, 200 LaSiulo-st. WANTED-A BLACKSMITH. ONE WHO UNDER- stands horse-shooing. at 255 Cottage Oremvav. t* on now work and ono Jobber. Addross A. B. lIUBERMANN AGO., Omaha, Nob. \\TAtif ED-A YOUNO MAN WHO HAS HAD SOME ti osporionoo In tolegrapb business, tomnko blmsolt fcnorally useful. Inquire at 120 South Clark-at., Room . O. J. BEST. WANTED— A FIRST-CLASS CONDITORE CAN got steady work at 122 Milwaukee-*?. Best of wages paid to who nndorstauds hla business. WANTED-A FIRST-OLARS MOULDER AND TWO boys to make corns. Apply to BABCOOK MANU FACTURING GO., 826 South Dosplclnoß-st. WANTED— IMMEDIATELY—A MAN THAT THOR ougbly understands putting up wire screens; nano othor need apply to J. W. D, KELLY & BUG., 88 Mad ison-st. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS BARBER; GOOD Vi wages. Apply at 14U East Madisou-oti, under Burko's Hotel. ' ’ TXTANTRD—A GOOD SCROLL-SAWYER, AT PIKE it nit Plantnc-Mllls, corner Sangamon and Carroll. "lil/'ANTKD—FIRST-OLARA RESTAURANT COOK, V V llbornl wages, at KUHN'S Restaurant, Dearborn-st. ■\ATANTED— A GOOD CARPENTER AT BRASS tt foundry, 195 WostMadlson-st., roar. VVANTED-A FIRST-CLASS WOOD WORKMAN if on lightcarriage work, nono otbor noodapply. 175 West Adama-st. • Coaohmon. Teamsters. «So. TVTANTED—AN EXPERIENCED COACHMAN. » Apply to F« T. SEELEY, with J. M, VanOsdol A Co., 41 South Qlark-st. . • Employment Aconoios, X\T ANTED—6OO LABORERS TO WORK ON RAIL >T roach', lams, Eaw-mtlls, tio-choppors. Ac..* at good wages and steady employment. Apply to GIUUbTIAN A BINO, No. I South Olark-st. \VA NTK ~RXILUOAD MEN? FREE FARE; YY wages, $1.75 por day; 20 lor Elation work. 69 West Kandolph-nt., Itoom 0. • Miscollanoons, TTTAKTED-MEN IN EVERY TOWN. COUNTY. Yi and State, toaoll our now button-holo cutter and noodlo-tbronding thimble. Agents tbatwUU tho goods trill save nfbnoy and Unto by buying direct of tho ruauu faotururs, at 99 East MndUou-st.., Room 6. TITANTED—COMMERCIAL TRAVELERS OF ALL »V trades who dcslro a specialty, to sell on commission to address P. O. Box 23, Nunda, 111. •“WANTED-MFE insurance solicitors, is. Vr PHUBSINQ, 143 East Randolph-st. - TXT ANTED—A BOY 13 OR 18 YEARS OP AGE TO TY travel with a blind man. Apply at Arcade Uutuo, South O'aiial-st., opposlto tho Fort .Wayiio Depot. ' TATANTED-BOV TO TAKE OARE OP HOUSE AND ; VY Uvo at Evanston; Gorman preferred. OnUatSCOnnd Su3 Mlolilgan-at., op stairs, Saturday. w ANTED-T WO ADVERTISING SOLICITORS; i Y t good salary to tho right men. Apply early at &1 1 North Ann-sU • . . T\TANTED—CANVASSERS TO MAKE $lO A DAY Vi and expenses, with goods that soil on sight. A. M. RICHARDSON, l-lg Madlson-st. WANTED-AT WEST SIDE BRIGGS HOUSE, boll boys and hall hoy. Apply at oflioo of hotel. 'WTANTKD—LABORING MEN AT HIOIIWOOD; VY steady work, }6 cash, % real citato i only sobor men wlth,cloau collar need apply: drunken, lazymonwill ploaso not call, K. ASHLEY MEAES, 2110 LaSallo-st. ITVANTED—FIUSI~-CLABS WHITE WAITERS AT ■f VT tho Gault House, 89 and 41 West Madison-et. ALES MEN~W ffllX" i?KW“DOLLARS can make $l5O a month. BRADLEY A CO., 773 Carroll-st., corner lloyne. • ■\\rAXTRD “ SEVERAL YOUNG MEN TO SELL it nnn-oxploslvo and other goods in city and country. *A. RAY.« West Lako-st. Ty'ANTED-n'RAVELINO SALESMEN-AND MEN it with small capital: also ono hoarding boss and £0 men for railroad wo,i{. 178 Stoto-st., Room 13. WANTED -MEN OUT OP EMPLOYMENT TO call on JONES A CO., 71 South Cauat-st. S3O to $lO a week sure money. WANTED-A SMART, EXPERIENCED WHITE waiter; no other wanted. J.ppjy immediately >at 479 Wabaah-av, WANTED—FEMALE KELP. Domestics. WANTED— A OTRL FOR GENERAL IIOUSEWOSK at 254 NVest llurriuoi»-nt. WANTi2D-A GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND ironcr, at £3 Twonty-ecoond st. ANTr,O-A"CObifTN A PRIVATE FAMILY; good wages paid. Also woman to wash and iron two days unch woylt. Apply at 51-12 Lako-av., U blocks south of Thlrty-ntnth-st. WANTED— A COMPETENT SWEDE OR GERMAN girl for general housework in small private family,at 10 Buwory-st., first house south of corner Bowery and West Vaulluron-sts. ■ .. WANTED— GOOD RESPONSIBLE COOK. ALSO second-girl; Gorman or Suede preferred. No. 23 Abordocn-st. ANTED—A COMPETENT’GERMAN OR SCAN dinavlan girl for general housework In a private fam lly; wngos, $4 purweek. 2511’ark-av. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS COOK FOR PRIVATE family at Crystal Lr-Uaj none but llrst-olaas need apply. Inquire at -16 South Unlon-ut. . WANTED-A GIRL TO GO IN THE COUNTRY V> during tho summer months to tnkaoaro of a baby, and ranko herself generally usoful. Apply at.833 Michl gan-uy. ■ WANTED-COMPETENT OIRL FOR SECOND work. Call at 477 Fulton-st., comer Union Park* place. niTANTED-3 GIRLS AS COOK AND DINING VV room girl at 523 Wabash-av. WANTED— AN EXPERIENCED NURSE GIRL, AT 876.16 Indlana*av. WANTED— FIRST AND SECOND GIRL AT 823 Wabash-av.; come at 8 o'clock, prepared to atay. TVTANTED—IMMEDIATELY—A SWEDISH, NOR VV woglan, or Gorman girl for general housework in a family or two; must speak English and understand wash ing and Ironing. Apply nt N0,537 North Wolls-at., not , bolero 8 o’clock In the morning. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework, private family, at 029 Forrost-av. WANTED— A GOOD COOK AND KITCHEN GIRL, Apply at 11 South Sheldon-st. nvrANTED—AT &l DOUGLASPLAOE, A GOOD ' VV cook and second girl; good wages. Como prepared to stay. *\ATANTED—AT 17 LAFLINST. A YOUNG GIRL VT who can sleep at homo to do second work and wait on toblo. WANTED-A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK at 7U Twonty-tblrd-st., corner Prairlu-av. WANTED-A GOOD; SMART GiRLITOR SECOND work, ami oaruof childron. Apply at 80 West Ad nmfl-Bt., cornur of Jefferson. SonmetreßseN 'll/ANTED—EXPERIENCED SHIRT-MAKPRS ON VV lino Khlrls at COLLINS & HUNT'S, 128 Doarborn-st. Milliners* •tXTANTKD-IMMEDIATIOLY. 11l MILLINERS AND VV two apprentice girls. TELFAIR BROS., 189 West Madlsun-at. 1 ftnraoa' WANTHD-NURBISOIRL. APPLY AT OFFICE ' liauntlroasoH. WANTED— LAUNDRY GIRL, SILVER GIRL, AND kitchen girl, at Thomson's restaurant, 81 South Dlark-at. * . WANTED— FIRST-CLASS SHIRT IRONEHS, JAT No. It) South Cllnton-st. WANTED-GOOD LADIES' CLOTHES IRONEU. None but first-class noed apply, at tbo Lakcsldo Laundry, 83 andCSSuuth Oanal-st. Employment Agencies, W' ANTED—3 LAUNDRESSES AND 4 KITCHEN girls. Anply at KLINE'S HOTEL, northwest cor nor Clark and Lake-sis. W" ANTED—2S GIRLS FOR THE CITY ANDOOUN try. GREAT WKSTEUNRUHINESS EXCHANGE, corner Union and West Woihluglun-st. Miscellaneous. WANTED-A WOMAN TO MANAGE A FEMALE T¥ boarding hnnso, or rent or buy out tbo lease; 1 bare other business. 88 South Halslod-st. WANTED —LADIES OUT’gF EMPLOYMENT WHO would Ilko a good and profitable) business that tiioy cau clear SBO to $-10 per week to cull at the Orient Hotel, Room 13, 3 days only. "\ WANTED—FOR THE GREAT NOVELTY CIRCUS, \> tlvo young ladies to learn tbo variety badness, must bo good dressers. Wuntod also, a lady to run a cubo, nmat understand borbu-dooes. Inimlro, for two days, at Conley’s Ht. Oliarloa ilotol. Hand Id South Oharies-st., of GAt'T. F. |C» FISHER, Room U). ’ CLAIRVOYANTS. /'HHUAGO SPIRIT ROOMS, 217 WEST MADISON \J st. ;_reliublo business, medical, clairvoyant, and tost. l\ll. MATHEW AND MADAM MAYNARD, 11UHI- J J ness and medical inodlmnu, lU> WostMadlson-st. Mrs. t.‘ jrj.EWis7~R!a.iA*ijVß Tjlaiuvoyant Imaiiiess.and niedloal medium. 69 West Madinon-ut, DIVORCES. I'VIVOROES—LEGALLY OBTAINED—FEE AFTER J J dooroo. Scandal avoided. Nluoyesrs' jiraclieo iu the courts of Chicago. Address P. 0. IfuxJiDT, iSIVOUCES OBTAINED FOUOAUHES. ALL LAW JLJ buginosH.attended to. BUSH, 817 South Olailc-st. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. 'VIT'ANTED—A COMPLETE BET OF HOUHKKEKP. »I lug utoiulls and lurnlturo, iura family of throe, In oxdiaiuu tor lU-st-clau uow plane or organ. Address .DC, Tribuneotfloe* SITUATIONS WANTED--MALE. Boolclroopors. Glories. &o. OITUATION WANTKD—BY A YOUNG MAN WHO O speaks English nod German, and has mno oxperlonoo In tbo grocery, dry goods, am! boot and rlioo undo, A* porter or dork In a.wholosalo house; references .oau be glvou. Plonao address O. IIKDRIGH, 63 HurlbttUt. SITUATION WANTKD—HY A YOUNG ENGLISH man At assistant bookkeeper, odlootor. or In any light onpnolly. Address HENRY STONE, 03 West Qulncy-at SITUATION WANTKD—AB BOOKKEEPER, SlllP plng or receiving dork; sovon years' oxporloacc. • Ad* dross E 69, Trlbuno oflloo. j ■ - SITUATION WANTKD—BY A YOUNG MAN, AS . bank teller or book-keeper, nr at cashier of a mer cantile house 51ms bad oror ton years’ business oxperlonoo j can furnish best of oily rofortnon as to character, ability*, do. Address GEORGE ROBERT,-Tribune oflioo. SITUATION WANT ED,—BOO K S OPENED, POST- O od and closed; complicated account* adjusted on tbo lliortosi notice. Addross O 18, Trlbuno olllco. SITUATION JWANTKD—AS* CLERK Tn A RAlL road ofliooor frclghtdopot; has been In tbo buslucsa for rovoral years, and can furnish tho jcmhilto recom mendations. Addross T. J. It., Trlbuno otilco. Tracing. OITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNO MAN, WHO O , can furnish tbo best of rolcrouoo, as an operator In a flrst-olma photograph gallery 5 also understands tbo busl nnssof photographic supplies and bookknoplng. Address ROBERT'TAkIM A GO.. 74 East Madlson-jR., Obi* cage, HI, . SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS BLACK smith and forgor la Iron and stool. Address Y. M., 318 West-Handniph-M,. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN A* O forwarder of blank bodkt or job work. Ad d rest K4? Tribune olllco. ■ Conobmon, I’camstoro. &o. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG TMAN (Hvrodo) to tako onro of bones, and to drlvo, and make himself useful in p private family. Address 140 Townsenu-st. . S“ ITUATION WANTED-BY A STEADY AND RE liable colored man, to take care of horses, drlvo. and' mnko himself aaolni In prlvuto family. Address K4O, TtlUuno oihco. ■ ' . ■ SITUATION WANTKD—AS COAOHMAN, .BY A sober and steady man: Is willing to do generall work around house or gardon. and thoroughly aomintntud with hones and carriages. Please address L. JOHNSON, 49 Fourth-st. • ' • SITUATION WANTED-AS COACHMAN. BY A sober and steady mau (Dane) who thoroughly under stands tho oaro of homes and carriages, and wilt mrko himself useful. Please address Z 00, Trlbuno olllco. jftlisooUanoons. SITUATION WANTED-AS PORTER; PACKER OB salesman; good city roforonoo. Address K,- 43, Trib une cilice. - . SITUATION WANTKD-PKRMANENT, AS COL* looter tor a llrst-clnts house, by a married nmn ol front energy nml good morals; can glvo best of refor onccß nnd produce lotlors of correspondence; have a good situation, for which I have worked for years; can giro good reasons for quilting. Address O It*, Tribune OlliCO. ■ SITUATIONS WANTED—Jc’jQMAIVG Domestics* Situations WANTRD-nY a young girls, i ns a llrat-clsss cook -in a hotel or boardlng-houso and tho other aa a plain Ironor in a hotel or rostaurant; rofor* cnocs given. Call at *l9 Woat Adams-st., In the roar. g'ITUATION WANTKD—BY A MIDDLE-AGED woman aa a cook on tho lako. Call or address 875 West ko-ot. • SITUATION WANTKD-BY TWO RESPECTABLE grla, las cook, tho other as second girl. Boat of rof oroncofl. Oall.forS daya at £3 Urowa-Bt. SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT ANI O willing young lady to do second work.. Address E 61, Trthuno oiiico, for 6 d.-tya. * SITUATION WANTED-UY A COMPETENT GIRL to do general housework in a respectable family; good references. Apply at 376 West Harrlson-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A LITTLE GIRL, TO do light housework, or take cavo of baby. Ploasu call or addreas, 23 Bottor-at.. Comoro! Abordoon. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD COOK (WILT wash and Iron), In a small private family. Apply fa: two daya at 175 North Wolls-st. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG GIRL IN A small family,to dogunoral honnowork; good reference) given. Inquire for one week, 431 West Alaillaun-et. SITUATION WANTED—AS DINING-ROOM GIRL, or to do chamber work, soon ot 183 East Chi* oago-av. SITUATION WANTED —BY A FIRST-CLASS cook. Apply at 26d South llalsted-st., to-day. Nurses. SITUATION WANTED-BY A PROFEBBIONAI woman nurse. Call as 838 Cftluinot-qv. SITUATION WANTED-A GERMAN LADY WANTS a place la a respectable family as nuno, with tv respoc* tablo gentleman. In order to keep buuso. Address A. K., 7ul North Franklla-it. Honsoltootjors. SITUATION WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER FOR some respectable family; good roforoacos given. Ad drots L H, 190 South Peoria-st. QITUATION WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER BY A O young woman with a child 8 years old. Widower's family preferred. Call or address lor three days 875 West Lako-st. Miscellaneous. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG LADY AS copyist. Address Z 6tf. Tribuno nflico. BUSINESS CHANCES. A PROMINENT FIRST-CLASS RETAIL FAMILY grocery for sale, doing a largo and profitable hus|. noes. which can bo greatly Increased by a live, onurgotlo, pushing man. who can giro his ontlro attention to tho business. Tho owners have other business to attend to, which is thulr reason for selling. For particulars call or address BURTON, PIKRUE A CO., wholesale grocers, 64 Bllohlgan-sv. A TEA, COFFEE AND SPICE BUSINESS WITH now lixtures, for snlo, In thn Lost location in tho city. A splendid chanco /or tho right man; present slock light. Good reasons for tolling out. Address K 53, Trlbuao olhco. A RARE CHANGE FOR A GOOD BUSINESS MAN to control a manufactured article that is nu actual necessity in ovoiy bouso In tho Union; a complete mon opoly K patty who can tuiniah from $3,0U0 to $5,000 cash, or >qai ostato security. X will give a chance to mako (ram $5, WK» to SIO,tCO per annum. It SI, Tribune ofllco. AHPLENLtD OROOEPy STORE FOR SALbT Also, parluir wanted lu tea business. Other Rood openings. SSOO Uslo,UW. J. E. KIMBALL, 128 Dear bora-at. • A first-class billiard saloon, with stock, fixtures, and everything complete,- for snlo. Owner going to Europe reason for selling. First man first chttuoo. Inquire at 85 (Jmciqo.nv. A N ACTIVE BUSINESS MAU WANTED WITH A SI,OOO cash, to join a gentleman with cipiul amount and aotas Treasurer to take ohargo of tin. financial alfalrs (or tho manufacture of a little patent artioi* that coslsS conta and sells for 60 cents. A sure fortuuo; failure Im possible), Orders on hand for 60 gross, amounting to $3,1C0, which cannot bo Jlllocl for want of above i*ntial; Bond 60 cents for faroplo. or call and lavosllgato at ct,and 87 Dcarbom-st., Room la, Ohlcagu, 111. Billiard room at rookford, hi., 14.000 fur salo; business good: seven ilret class tables, Hxtufcs, and furniture, cheap for cash. Ad* dross P. O. Box 213, Rockford, or lw GO, Trlbuno otUco. 7) KHT CHANCE EVER OFFERED—MUST BE SOLD J) tills wook. A boardinghouse (26 bods), well adapted (or transient trade, and saloon, on East Vas Bnron-st. B. J. NOCKIN, Real Eetato Agent. 75 South Dearborn. COMPLETE CIGAR STORE FIXTURES, WITH or without stock, for salo at 319 South Stato-at. TDOR SALE-A $30,000 TWO-THIRDS INTEREST JP In a long established manufacturing business, ovey. thing in tho best repair and linoly located; has a large trade throughout tho West; a good ohanoo fur an active man with good health; will Itako good acre property ai B.rtpay. Roaaon for selling, poor health. Address 11 , Trlbuno oilico. Meat market no.-im west madihon-st. for salo At a bargain. Apply to tho owner, ALBERT LONQLEY, attbo Massatoit House. nNE-IIALF INTEREST IN A MONEY-MAKINO otllco bushuisa. No experience necessary. Only small capital required. Q. HALL, 15 South Canal-st., Room I. SALOON NO. 30Q SOUTH lIALSTED-BT., FOR salo. A bargain. A No. I location; will soil at a eac oritlco on ocoount of failing health. 11ENHY W. SOM MERS, Proprietor. STEAM FLOURING MILL FOR SALK CHEAP, HAS 1 run of stone, now oughm of ample power In good ar dor; Is In a town of W.OOO people; good local tmd«; ship ping facilities, two Eastern rnllrondu and Mismslnpl Jtivor. Terms easy. Address or call on F. L. UNDER WOOD, Muscatine, lowa. SMALL FOUNDRY, SITUATED AT NO. 531 ELS. ton-road, for salo: ia order and ready for occupancy. Will make terms to suit purchaser, or will tnko real estate In part payment. DYER, LAMB A CO., Rodllold-st. rpHM LEADING MERCHANT TAILORING ESTAR. i. llshmoutln a city of 8,000 InhabllnutH, foranlo; also a fino stock of corns' furnishing goods, hats, caps, Ac. Stock in tine ardor, and tho best trade in the city. Here Is a lino bargalnrfor a live business man. Tho stock of cloths and goods nbont $5,000. Wo aro now running ton tailors. Apply to or address 11. B. PIERCE, 182 South Clark-st., Room 0. rnilß ENTIRE INTEREST IN A LIGHT MANU- X factoring business fur sale: pruilta largo i artlblo am ple j business already established. For lutonautlon call at factory, *255 South Ilalatod-Bt., baaotneut. WANTED— TO A BUSINESS MAN WE CAN OP. lor o rare opportunity to make a fortuno, with small capital. STONE A SKINNER, Hi) Dearborn-st., Room 6. WILL BUY a half interest in a WjZjOkJ light good paying business; no risk. Call ftl 81 Uiilon-wt.,. corner West Washington. FINANCIAL. I?OR HALE—SI,OOO PURCHASE MONEY NOTES, I .woll-securon by trust dood, lor $3.00,1 If taken this week; RUguod. j. F. L ATS HAW, 70 Doarborn-at., Room 18. TIfONEY LOANED ON CITY REAL ESTATE, $1,004 1»X to ffiO.l'OOs real ustato paper wanted; loans on leuuo bolds. 11. GROSSMAN, Room 18, 178 Ktato-sl. MONKY TOIAJAN lINIIOUSKIIOLDFUiINITUIUt, Imnioi, pianos, ond other good chattel security. L. ROPERS, 177 East Mndlsou-st., Jloom_P. Tl/TONEY ADVANCED AT LASSEN'S LOAfi j>i oiilce; on diamonds, watobos, and other valuables. 177 Clark-st., corner of Mouroo, Room 6, MONLY TO LOAN on CITY REAL ESTATE. O. H. HUBBARD, Jn., 163 Washlngton-st. ONEY TO LOAN IN SUMS OF $1.00(1 AND UP wards on city property: llrat-rlass mortgagu bought. It. LOWY, Room 6, 183 Olark-Bt. M'ONEV TO LOANTnkUMS FROM tfiI.OOOTO $20.00 for 3or 6 roars oh llrat-olaas reabestato at Band 1 pur cents small commissions, Short time A 1 connnorela paper wanted In sums from 81,000 to $6,0u0. Money b fiaiul. U. H. LACEY A (JO., Hi) Dearborn-st. T\\o LOAN-MONEY ON WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS, X bouses on leased lots, and other good collaterals, JAB. 11. STOREY, 81 amlßd LaSulle-st., Room 35. H\o LOAN—S3,COQ ON QUKIAGO HEAL ESTATE. X 10 nor cent, and mudornto commissions. ALFRED JAMES, southwest corner Madison and Olark-sts. rnb toAN-nfßU>iHOF~«i,«iodß mobb on oit? X ,*roiiort> or Imitrovod Illluol. f.rniß within 100 lullw of Cliionao. b. L. I'BAalS, 70We.tMiullitniwt. HID i.UAN-t»t.lX»l IN ONK I.OAN, FOB TIIHUK Od X Ilya years, nt 10 per omit, ou hrst-class Inside oltj property. WAITE A CLARKE, 63 Bryan Blook. W’ ANTEU-Si,OOQ OR OF GOOD HEAL K8 Uto paper. ■i'llO^^jUf.LjaajjoarhQrn-st. WANTBU-TO SEI.L SOM’li OB THE BTOOK IN 1 umupuny paying over lix) per cents company has 4 a tbo best paying articles iu tbo market. Also, a sultabli person can sucuro position as Iroanuror iu ibooouipaQ) by eg doing, Address F 04, Tribune oluoo. 7

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