Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 30, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 30, 1873 Page 8
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8 WASHINGTON. Senator Cameron lias Another lib lentow with the President. Ex-Gov. Jewell, of Connecticut, Ao> cepts tho Russian Mission. A Hitch In tho Manufacture and Supply of Postal-Cards. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, THE VENERABLE CAMERON. Washington, D. 0., May 29.—Gen. Cameron arrived hero this morning from Harrisburg in company with President Grant. Ho spent sev eral hours at tho Executive Mansion, and there has boon muoh curiosity .to ascertain tho object of his visit. Experience shows that Cameron seldom comes hero unless there is something to bo accomplished. Prom a prominent Pennsyl vania citizen who accompanied Camoron, and who, during his visit hero, became rather com municative, it is ascertained that tho venerable Bouator la after tho scalp of tho prosontColloctor el tho Port of Philadelphia, Mr. Both Coraly, There is nothing particular agaiust Oomly. Ho is not charged with being a defaulter, nor is (hero any complaint that bo has neglected to collect the revenue. Tbo Secretary of tho Treasury, so far as la known, is perfectly satis fied with his administration. Tho minor poli ticians of Philadelphia have not signed any peti tion for his removal, because ho refused to sat isfy their demands, indeed none of tho ordinary pretexts usually put forward for the removal of an official whoso place Is wanted seem to exist in Comly’s caso. Thoro are somo charges to tho o fleet that tho Collector has refused to remove efficient subordinates who are person ally obnoxious to Qon. Comoron and bis PhUa deipliia friends, but under tho Civil-Service regime, it was supposed those would have no effect, either at the White House or tho Treas ury Department. It is known, however, that Don. Comoron has never regarded tho Olvil- Borvico policy as either wise or expedient. Tills ie perhaps the only point upon which ho differs from the President. In public as well as in pri vate, Cameron has been said to express his con tempt for tbo wholo system, and no Las oven gone so far as to intimate that it was a humbug. Tho Senator’s demand for tho re moval of Comly does uot arise so much from my personal dislike to that coutlotnau, as from % desire to relievo Mr. Bussell Errott, Chairman of tho* State Control Committee. Mr. Errott is Gen. Cameron’s candidate for Collector of tbo Tort of Philadelphia. Ho is a gentleman who, Gen. Cameron says, has claims upon tho Admin istration. It is insinuated that uen. Comly was not as active as ho should have been in tho polit ical campaign lost fall. Whether Gen. Cam eron will bo able to accomplish his purpose is not known. Thoro nro those who say that tho recent visit of tho Pres ident to Harrisburg has something to do with this matter, and that tho wholo thing, was planned by Camoron. NAVAL DIPLOMAS. On Saturday next tho diplomas to tho gradu ates of tho Naval Academy at Annapolis will bo delivered to tbo midshipmen by Secretary Robe son. Tho Japanese student. Matz Muller, grad uates this year, and is well up in tho front of bis class, but will only receive a certificate of graduation. Tho ;colored cadot, Conyos, stands low in bis class, but not far enough down “ to flunk.” Ho will, however, remain in tho same class Doxtyearasho now is. Tho Japanese Prince, Azund, In the samo class, now, with Conyos, passes upward to another. Next year, tho gradu ates will bo detached from tbo Academy, and ordered to their' homes. Tho second will have leaves granted them, and tho first and second classes will go on tho regular annual cruise. ARCHITECTURAL. J. R. Hamilton, nu experienced architect of Now York, formerly of Cincinnati, has been ap pointed Superintendent of Repairs on public buildings, in connection with the office of Su pervising Architect of tho Treasury. DETROIT niVBQ IJUIDGE. Upon a request from tho Secretory of War, the Treasury Department is preparing a statement of all the vessels clearing from the ports on tho lakes or St. Lawrence River to a point at or beyond Detroit, with tho tonnage of each, for 1671 and 1872, for tho information of tho Board of Army Engineers, constituted by special order of tbo War Department, in accordance with a recent act of Congress, to inquire into and re port upon tho practicability of bridging, con sistently with tho interest of navigation, tho channel between Lake Huron and Lake Erie. [To the Associated Press.) APPOINTMENTS. Washington, May 29.—The President to-day appointed Frank D. Hettrlok Superintendent of the Mint at Carson City, and Darius Sullivan Postmaster at Clinton, Missouri. RESPITED. Tbo President to-day respited Tom Wright until Friday, tbo Cth of Juno, when he will bo hanged for Ike murder of Xlogoraki. THE RUSSIAN MISSION. The President was to-day informed by ex- Gov. Jowell of bis acceptance of the appoint* menk of Minister to Russia, REVENUE CUTTER. Th© Bteamer Perry has been placed In com mission for duty on Lako Eric. rOBTAE OARDB. Tho Post-Ofllco Department to-day suspended the printing of postal cards, for the reason that tho card-board submitted was not equal to tho contract requirements. Tho defects of and de lay in tho issue of postal cards aro entirely the fault of tho contractors, who had not provided facilities for their manufacture. THE DEBT REDUCTION. Tho present opinion at tho Treasury Depart ment is, that the reduction of tho public debt for May will be small, owing to tho largo expendi tures. Telegraphic Brevities* Tho tariff of tolls at tbo Sault Canal has boon reduced from % to cents per ton. A small boy, named Steepler, was drowned at Galena, 18., yesterday afternoon, while in swim ming. A man named Webster was sawed to pieces in i saw-mill in Warrick County, Indiana, on Weddnoaday, noarNowburg. Voatcb, stabbed by Farrell at tho Jofforson rillo (lud.) State Prison on Tuesday, is lying in a very precarious condition. John Hickman, ox-member of Congress, is dangerously ill at Westchester, Pa., with but Uttlo hope of his recovery. Sixty-two feet of the Everett Hotel property in St. Louis was sold yesterday at auction to Louis A. Labeamno for $77,100. Tho Government sale of ordnauco at tho Mound City Navy Yard yesterday was very suc cessful, Many bidders woro present. Yesterday afternoon Gliristian Zimmerman bad his arm torn to pieces by a circular saw in the Richmond, Inch, furniture manufactory. JTbo necessary papers have been signed and orders issued leasing tbo Missouri Btato Peni tentiary to Messrs. Perry, Young & Willis for ten years. By tho fall of a scaffold at the now Quarter master's depot in Detroit yesterday, Francis OrioJio foil seventy foot to tho ground, and was fatally injured. Tho 0-1 th anniversary of tho birth of Tom Moore, tho groat Irish poet, was celebrated in St. Louis on Wednesday night with a grand en tertainment In the Merchants' Library Hall. The Now York Ttibune advises that $15,000 or $20,000 bo collected in this city to assist in plac ing beyond a possibility of want the widow of Oou. Cauby, who died penniless, Cynthia Gray, of Evansville, Indiana, a col ored woman 25 years of ago, was con victed of Infanticide for killing her child, a week old, in tho early part of May. She goes to prison for fourteen years. A Baa Francisco Chinaman, unknown, was murdered by two white men on Clay street on Wednesday night. Two men, James Brannan and Rhodes, have boon arrested on suspicion of being the murderers, An investigation shows that tho lato Henry Barnes, of Detroit, the former Pension Agent, who died some two years ago, was a defaulter to tho amount of $21,000. ilia bondsmen have paid tho amount in full. On Wednesday evening, near Paris, Ind.. Charles Well and Joseph Dongerine attacked Bamuol Cook and crushed Ida skull with a boulder. A physician was called in and pro nounced tho wound fatal. Our Madison, Wla., special says that the weather is much colder than for tho last week, md there aro fears of a frost. If It clears, which would bo very destructive to tho fruit blossoms. Vegetation is hludored from rapid growth, ' 'A litllo boy named Fred Kroney was drowned m the Des Moines River, in Dos Moines, yester day. W. H. Corkhill, of Mount Pleasant, who iru dmi|o£ by. plunged in And was bringing the boy to ebon, bat groahiß oxhmißtod enmo near drowning hlmsolf, and was roßcuod by otboca. Lato_ ou Wednesday evening, a light occurred near Providence, dark County. Ind., batman Martin Maok and John Stono, irbon Slack’s non eolzod a club and struck Stono ou tiro head, free luring tho skull, Stonois not expected to iivo. Tho now Board of State Canal Commissioners will continue to have their headquarters at Lookport, and will retain Mr, Thomas, tho proa out Superintendent, and Mr. Milne, tno present Secretory, and other oppoinicoo of the old Board. 'A’bo trial of Billy Harrison, charged with tbo murder of a man named Swohndo, In Cairo, last year, is progressing now in tho Circuit Court of Pulaski County, at Mound City. It promises to ho one of tho moat lutorouting hold in Egypt for years. An unfortunate young woman of Aurora, named Holland, gave birth to a child on Wednesday morning, which soßn afterward died. A Coroners Jury revealed tho fact that the in fant came to Its death by strangulation at the hands of its mother. At Dayton, Ohio, yostorday, tbo infant son of •Tames Bossier, whilo playing in tho street, was run over by a dray, the wheel passing over its head, crushing out tho brains and killing it in stantly. Tho Ooi'ouor’a jury returned a verdict of occidental death, acquitting ,tho drayman of all blamo. o Somo oight Sophomores of the Wisconsin State University, suspended a few weeks ago for cut ting recitation, and refusing an apology, have boon received baok on professions of regret and promises of conformity to tho rules of the insti tution, and everything is peace and harmony at tho institution where was discord and demorali zation. In tho Dubuque District Court, on Wednesday, in tbo oaso of B. D. Richards against tho City of Dubuquo, Judge Wilson gave a verdict in favor of tho plaintiff, which is of great im portance to tho citizens generally, deny ing, as it does, tho right of tbo city to increase tbo valuation and taxation of property because of improvements mado aftor iho valuation by tho Assessor In January, as tho law directs. FOREIGN. CANADA. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Toronto, May 29.—Tho decision of tho Ottawa Government. iuai before tbo clone of tho House, to giro a public funeral to the remains of Sir George Etiouno Cartier, ami to oroct a monu ment to his memory at tho publio expense, which was sustained by a voto of dO to 25, or by one fifth of the entire House, meets with groat op position in every part of tho Dominion, both tho French and English papers opposing, on tho ground that ho formed one of a government charged with a serious broach of trust—la faot, of crimo—in connection with'the Pacific Railway matter, and to render this tribute would bo in consistent with a charge shortly to bo Inves tigated. “Tho representative of tbo Groat Eastern Cir cus made a charge of libel against tho agent of Danmm’s Circus. Tho latter was arrested, and tho caso has boon boforo tbo Court for two or throe days. The latter admits tho publication of tbo matter complained of, and claims tho pub lished assertions can bo established as true. Ho was rolosod on $2,000 bail, and tho caso ad journed till October. Tho Olobc returns to its advocacy of a railroad from Soult St, Mario to Fort William or Thun der Bay. and thence to Fort Garry, to counteract How of immigration and trade via Duluth to tho Northwest. Chatham has experienced another fire, which destroyed two hotels, -a church, and other build ings. Loss about $16,000. Tho largo trestle-work bridge on the Groat 'Western Railroad, near Oakville, on tho Toronto branch, was to-day destroyed by fire. GREAT BRITAIN. London, May 29.— There wore numerous accb dents at tho Derby rnco yesterday, caused by tho running away of horses, tbo falling of stands, and tho pressure of tho crowd. Throo persons wore killed and several severely injured. Tbo manufacturers of Wolverhampton oro im porting iron from the Unitrd States in conse quence of tho exorbitant rates at which tho native production is bold. At tbo annual dinner last evening, of tho Royal Literary Fund, over which Mr. Gladstone pre sided, the Lord Bishop of Derry and Raphes proposed “ The Literature of tho United States.” The sentiment was warmly received, and Mr. J. Latbrop Motley, who was one of tho guests, elo quently replied. Ho laid great stress upon the international bond between England and tbo United States, and said ho regarded tho literary men of both countries as foHow-citizend of a grout English-speaking Republic. SPAIN, Madrid, May. 29.—Disturbances occurred a few days ago on board tho Spanish frigates Vic toria and Almauso, and tho leaders being ar rested, order was restored. In compliance with tbo request of Mr. Sickles, the Government has ordered the Gantaiu-Gon eral of Cuba to givo effect to tbo pardons of the American citizens, Banta. Rosa, Olikor, and Lover. London, May 29.—Charles Bradlaugh, your Special Commissioner to Spain, returning from Madrid, has been seized by tbo Carlisle, His life is in great peril. ITALY. Milan, May 29.—Tho fuporal of Count Man zoni look place hero to-day. Tho city was draped in mourning In respect to the memory of tho distinguished poet and novelist. Prmco Humbert, hour-apparent to tbo Italian tbrono, and tho Duke of Aosta, ex-King of Spain, wore among tho pall-bearers. Fully 100,000 persons gathered in tho streets to witness tho funeral procession. THE LABOR QUESTION. Tho Massachusetts iCcfonnors to Put a, Labor 'Picket in tho Field-Other Labor Items* Boston, May 29. —At the Labor Reformers’ Convention, in session hero to-dky, it was voted that a convention of tho Labor Boform party bo held at Worcostor, Ang. 9, 1879, to nominate a complete State ticket, and candidates for tho Sonata of Massachusetts from tho different dis tricts. President Jones made a fow remarks, charac terizing tbo two parties at present in tho country as tho party of tuo past and tho party of spoils. Tho Labor party was tho salvation of the work ingmen, and would succeed if its members wore true. The Convention was rather thinly at tended. Springfield, Mobs., May 29.— Tbo United States Writing-Paper Makers' Association mot in this city to-day, and adjourned for four weeks, without deciding as to extending th© time for half production. Tbo half-production time ex pires Juno 1, and the mills will then go upon full time until tho adjourned mooting takes place. Tlio lowa Doctors* Svecial Ditvateh to The CMeano Tribune. Marshalltown, lowa, May 29.—At tho ses sion last evening, Dr. J. J. M. Angoar road a ro- Sort upon expectant treatment in disease. Dr. . P. Oruwell road ft report upon the influence of the motions in disease. This morning Dr. Cleaver presented a report upon the medical history of Loo County during tho past year. Dr. French also read a report from Scott County. Dr. Watsdn reported upon epidemic spinal-meningitis In Dubuque Gouuty. Drs. Failor and Williamson reported successful cases of ovariotomy. At 11 o'clock tho Society proceeded to tho olcotiou«of oflicors for tiio en suing year, with tho following result: President—Dr. W. P. Robertson. First Vice~i , re«i(Uut —Dr. William Cornea. Second Vice-Presidenl—Dr. John Bower. Secretary—Dr. S. B. TkruU* Aofrielaut Secretary— J. F. Kennedy. 3Y«i»i<rer—J, W, Onullne. TruaUti— Drs. Angcur, liazen, House, Thompson, Seville, and timUU. Committee of Arranpcmenla— Drs. Peck, Watson, Pallor, Field, and Kennedy. Publishing Committee—D re, Hughes, Farnsworth, and Oardbart. Committee on Ethtea—Bta, Williamson, Rolotlno, Cleaver, Graham, and Baker. In tho afternoon session, tho following papers, were presented: Dr. Coiitiss, on “Mechanism of Labor ; M Dr. Pierce, report of a case of ulcer of tho stomach ; Dr. Cross, report of a gunshot wound of tho skull ; Dr. McClure, cases of dis location of tho hip. After tho adoption of tho report on finance, a vote of thanks was tendered tho Presbyterian Church, tho citizens, and the I Central lowa llaihoad. Dr. Carter reported a case of catarrh and gangrene, and Dr. Hoars an anomolema caao. VseaUtawt Rohwhion took iha chair. Thanks wore voted the retiring oillcors, and the Convention adjourned. I Dus Moines, la., May 20.—Tho fltato Eclectic Medical Convention was hold horo to-day. Tho business consisted of discussions on profession al subjects. Tho following oflicois wore elected ‘lor tho ensuing year j President, A. 0. Shor iwood, Marshalltown 5 Vice-President, J. G. ‘Howell. Pella; Recording Secretary, O. P. Shomauor, Avoca; Corresponding Boorotary, E.H. Car tor, Des Moines. Tho Convention enod to-night, with an address by Prof. Dun . c»* and a lecture try tho Itoy. A. h, X’riablo. TI-TK CIIICAOO DAILY TRIBUNE: FRIDAY, MAY 3C, 1873. REMARKABLE DOCUMENT. A Chapter in (ho History of the Bccchcr-TiUon Case. Covenant of Christian Fellowship Be tween the Two and Henry C. Bowen, Why Tills Tripartite Contract is Made Public. Special Dispatch to The Chicano Tribune, New York, May 29.—Tbo following has boon given for publication by a well-known gentle man, who says that ho does it without Mr. Beecher's knowledge t WotUroo men, earnestly deelrlng to restore each to the otlior tho reaped, love, end fraternity Jn which wo once lived happily together, in our nodal life in Brooklyn, and as members of tho Plymouth Ohurob, ami earnestly desiring to remove all cutises of offense existing, both real and fancied} to make Christian reparation for injuries done or supposed to bo dono, and to efface tho disturbed past, and to provide concord, good will, and love for tho future, do dodaro and covenant each to the other as follows: FfreU- 1, Henry 0. Bowen, having given credit, per haps without duo consideration, to talcs and Innuen does respecting Henry Ward Bcochor, and being In fluenced by them, as was natural to n man who receives Impressions suddenly to tho extent of repenting them,— guardedly, however, and within limitations, and not for tbo pur pose of injuring him, but strictly in tho confidence of consultation, now feel that therein I did him wrong. Therefore. 1 disavow alt the charges and imputations that have been attributed to wo as having been by wo mode against 11, W, Beecher, and I declare fully and without reserve that I know nothing which should prevent me from extending to him my most cordial friendship and Christian fellowship, and I expressly withdraw all tho charges, imputations, and innuendoes Imputed as haring boon uUcrod by mu, and sot forth in a letter written to mo by Theodore Tilton, on tho Ist day of January,-1871, a copy of which letter is hereto an nexed, and I sincerely regret having made any impu tations, chargee, or Innuendoes unfavorable to tho Christian character of Mr. Beecher, and 1 covenant and promise that, for all future time, I will never, by word or deed, recur to, repeat, or allude to any or either of said charges, imputations, or innuendoes. Second— And I, Theodore Tilton, do of my froo wll and friendly spirit toward Henry O, Bowen and Henry Ward Beecher, hereby covenant and agree that I will never again repeat by word of mouth or otherwise ouy of tbo allegations or Imputations or innuendoes contained in my letter hereunto annexed, or any Other Injurious Imputations or allegations suggested by or growing out of these, and that I will never again bring up or hint at any cause,or difference or ground of complaint heretofore existing between tho said Henry 0, Bowen and myself or the sold Henry Ward Bcochor. Third-- 1. Henry Word Beecher, nut tbo past forever out of sight and out of memory. I deeply regret tho causes for suspicion, Jealousy, and estrangement which have como between us, It is n joy to mo to have my old regard for Henry 0. Bowen and Theodore Tilton restored, and a happiness to mo to resume tho old relations of lave, respect, and reliance to each and both of them. If l have said anything Injurious to tho reputation of cither or have detracted from their standing and fame as Christian gentlemen and mem bers of my church, I revoke It all, aud heartily coven ant to repair and reinstate them to the extent of my power. (Signed) 11, O. Bowen. Theodore Tilton, H, W. BKEOUEH, Brooklyn, April 3,1872. t Than follows tho letter of Tilton to Bowen, published some time ago. Tho gentleman who furnishes tho above says he has -had it in bis possession a long time, and only makes it public now because Mr. Bowen has recently reiterated his slanders against the pastor of Plymouth Church. RELIGIOUS. Closing-Day of tlio Illinois State Sabbutlt-Scltool Association* Special Dispatch to Tho Chicago Tribune. Springfield, 111., May 29.—This, tho closing day of tho Sabbath-school Convention, has boon one of continued interest and enjoyment. Rare, indeed, in tho history of tho Association, has such propitious weather Jjoou vouchsafed. Throughout it has boon ns lovely as could bo desired. Crowded sessions in Springfield’s larg est church have characterized tho proceedings. This morning tbo discussions took a wider range, and wore, therefore, more generally interesting, Tho first question re ferred to teaching the lesson in tho family, and urged that thero tho foundatlou should bo laid. R. H. Griffith, of Rushvillo, earnestly defended giving tho Biblo tho pref erence, using all lesson-papers and other helps within roach, and thou being as independent of them as possible in tho class. Tho somewhat disparaging allusions to helps elicited from tho Rev. J. fl. Vincent, of_New York, a spirited de fense of all available assistance. For an hour or more tho Rov. Doctor was questioned by tho delegatee, and cave prompt replies, full of practical instruction and defense of the joint use of tbo pulpit and tho school in convoying truths to tho youthful mind. In the afternoon after the Couventlou had accoptod tho invitation to moot in Champaign next year, tho question of normal classes and homo institutes was introduced by tbo Bov. J. IT. Vincent, whoso excellent suggestions of what the teachor should bo commanded earnest at tention. A general discussion ensued upon tbo practicability of normal classes in rural districts. A delegate demanded an expression of opinion as to whotbor tbo uso of so many such helps as les son papers had decreased tho intercut in teach ers* mootings. Tho unanimous opinion was that tho moro light reflected upon tho subject, tho greater had boon tho interest. Tho Convention Then divided into sections* ac cording to districts, and were mot by tho respec tive members of the Executive Committee. Tho ilrst chstrict, embracing Cook and sixteen other northwestern counties, agreed to hold a district convention at Bookford next Oolobor. It is to be a delegate convention, and each school, how ever iimall, is to bo entitled to sand a delegate. During those interesting exorcises, tho last black spot was removed from tho Sunday School map of Illinois by a sincere pledge being given that Ford County should bo fufiy organized within sixty-days. Now tho wholo 102 counties of Illi nois are fully organized, a moro glorious report than any other Btato in tho Umon can make, and antitliug her to rank as tho “ Banner State " in tho , Sunday School cause. This gratifying fact gave riso to an expression of gratitude to Qod when tho Convention reassembled, which culminated in tbo united singing of tho “ long metro ’* doxology, and an earnest and grateful prayer by tho Hon. J, F. Culver, President of tho Convention. Mewsra. Beardsley, Bernard, and Tuloy, of Champaign, wore appointed an Auditing Com mittee for the ensuing year. By a rising unani mous vote tho thanks of tho Convention wore given to tho citizens of Springfield for their unbounded hospitality, which has indeed boon unsurpassed. A similar expression was given in favor of tho quartette choir from Chicago, comprised of Messrs. Stob bins, Bunker, Dorn, aud Clark. It is.only just to ear that no previous Convention has boou fa vored with singing that has so charmed and ele vated the auditors os.tho music rendered by tho Chicago quartette. & Double rows of chairs wore placed in tbo aisles ot tho church to accommodate tho vast assem bly that went to participate in tho closing exor cises of tho Convention. Short addresses wore the older. Tho speeches woro limited to flvo minutes each, and all of them wero interesting, particularly those of Dr. O. B. Blaok all, of Chicago; R. A. Burroß, Aurora; T. 8. Bidgway audJ. MoKoopplos, of SUawuootown; A double portion of timo was allowed tho Bov. J. H. Vincent, of Now York, who entertained the audience with an admirable address, illus trating tho successful methods of teaching. Tho venerable Stephen Faxon, who has organized moro Sunday-schools In Illinois than any other member, spoke effectively. Tho closing address was delivered by B. F. Jacobs, of Chicago. Tho Chicago choir sang “Calling us Away" with flucb effect -that onothor hymn woa called for, and, although tho hour was late, not a person in tho vast loft tho room ■, until another hymn had; boon sung and tho Pros ■ idont had pronounced tbo Fifteenth State Sun day-School Couvonblom of Illinois adjourned, .As one of tho leading delegates exclaimed, “Tho Convention adjourned in glory," for never did a hotter fooling pervade any Christian gathering than has characterized the one that has now passed into history. Thirteenth Congregational Avmivor* snry. Special DlgpiUch to-Tho Chicago IVibnuc. Eixun, 111., May 20.— I 'Tho General Association was organized this morning by electing tho lluv. L. Taylor, of Farmington, as Moderator, and tho Itov. K. 1). Guild as Secretary. Over 200 representatives wore present. Tho hour from 0 to It) o'clock was spent in devotion, led by tho Rev. M. L. Wiliistou, of Galesburg,—tho muslo being lod by Prof. P. P. Bliss, of Chicago. Prominent in tho affectionate thought of Clio mooting was tho memory of tho Roy. M. 0. Clark, of Elglu, who. after forty years of service In tho Fox Bivor Valley, had uurlog the year passed away, Tho various honovolont soolotlos reported their collections within tho year in Illinois. Secretary 0. J. Humphrey reported $11,102.82 for the American Board and legacies to. tho amount of sl2,Bit. Secretary Howard reported for tho American. Missionary Association $8,209.04. Secretary Boy reported for tho American Home Missionary Society $0,709.72. Tho Bov. D. F. , Bascom reported for tho Fund in Aid of tho Families of Deceased or Disabled Ministers, $120.98. Tho Bov. M. K. Whittlesey,' Treasurer of tho Association, reported expenses, $008.82. Tho Bov. W. H. Brewster, of tho Ooinmitloo to visit Wheaton College, reported on tho en couraging condition of things there, and Presi dent Blanchard added a word as to the class to graduate this summer. Tho class embraces nlno young gentlemen and throe young ladles. Tho ,place of next mooting was flxod ot Ko»rauoo. Prof. Emerson gave nu account of tho condi tion and prosperity of tho college at Beloit, and the Association cordially voted an indorsement of tho institution. Tho Bov, O. Cavorno road a very interesting and progressive essay upon tho “Bolation of Bollgion to Scientific Thought. o A very exciting debate followed on an invitation of tho order of tho Grand Army for tho Association to Join lu a body In tho ceremony of decorating tho graves of tho soldiers on the morrow. Dr. Blanchard made Homo pertinent remarks on tho inconsistency of tho Church of Christ Joining in countenancing an organization of tho kind. It brought on sharp rejoinders. A committee was appointed to represent tho body in paying re epoot to tho memory of tho soldiers. Tho proceedings of tho evening session woro devoted to tho report of homo missionary op- S ointments. An independent Homo Missionary ocloty was organized daring tho past year. This was its first anniversary. Tho Bov. Bowo, Secretary of tho Stato Sooloty, mado an inter esting report. There aro 248 Congregational churches In tho Stato. Tho amount raised for missionary work was about $9,400, aud tho amount expended about SB,OOO. There has boon an increase of contributions for missionary funds from SO,OOO, two years ago, to SB,OOO last, and SIO,OOO this year. This has not boon equal to expectation, and tho reason has boon & general scarcity of mouoy. A favorable account, was given of a series of fellowship mootings in tho Association. A general report ot missionary and church work was road by the Bov. Wliittfcsoy, tho Superintendent of tho Southern Division, embracing much useful sta tistical information; also, by tho Bov. Boy, Su perintendent of tho Northern District. Ho spoke, also, of bis connection with missionary work in tho Wostom Territories. A spirited dis cussion was had upon tho resolution covering tho report of tho Secretary to raise the mission ary work $1 pot head on membership in all tho .churches, participated in by Gol. Hammond, tho Bovs. Bturtovaut, Barnes, Longloy, liacomb. West, Col. Howard, and others. Tho groat speech of tho evening on tho subject was by Dr. Btorrs, Secretary of tho National Homo Mis sionary Society. Congregational ]>ul>liHUlne Society* Boston, May 29.— At tho annual mooting of tho Congregational Publishing Society to-day tho Treasurer's report was road, showing tho cash receipts to havo boon $112,220 ; cash bal ance on hand May 1, $0,970. Tho Society has received for needy schools, $12,223, and given away $12,830, in 800 towns and localities all ovor tho country, and a fow in foreign countries. Tho financial report of tho American Education Soci ety shows tho receipts to havo boon $33,879, which, with a balance of $1,401 at tho beginning of tho year, has mado tho total available means $37,781. There has boon expended $31,095. Three hundred and slxty-flvo young mon havo boon assisted in thirty-six colleges and theologi cal schools. United Brethren Conference* Dayton, 0., May 29.— The Conference, after spending an agreeable and pleasant afternoon at the Soldiers' liomo, returned at G o’clock, and, at half-past 7, reassembled for tho night session, Bishop Dickson presiding. Tho evening session was devoted mainlv to remarks upon tho busi ness transacted by this session, returning

thanks, ote. Tho Committee which was ap pointed for tho purpose of stationing tho Bishops, submitted their report. It places each Bishop in anew Hold in the following order: East District, D. Edwards. D.D.; Ohio District, tho Bov. J. Weaver; East Mississippi District, tho Bov. J. Dickson; West Mississippi District, tho Bov. J. J. Glossbronnor. Tho Conference them decided to hold their next General Conference atr Westfield, 111., to begin on tho second Thursday in May, 1877. Bishop Oloosbrounor pronounced the benediction, and at 10:39 adjourned sine die. Virginia IlaptlstN. Biohmond, Va., Hay 29. —Tho Baptist General Association of Virginia mot to-day ia tbo tempo rary tabernacle. About 10,000 people, composed of delegates, visitors, and citizens, wore present. Many could not gain admittance. Tbo pro ceedings woro opened with prayer by tbo Bov. James Fife, tbo only survivor of tbo originators of tbo Assoolatlou fifty years ago. After the completion of organ ization tbo Bov. Dr. Curry, President, made an able address. Tbo Bov. Dr. Burrows, from tbo Committee on tbe Homorial Fund reported about $220,000 collected, of which $200,000 bad been contributed in Virginia ; SBO,OOO have yet to bo raised to complete tho Homorial Fund. Over $17,000 woro subscribed on tho spot. United Presbyterian Assembly* Philadelphia, Hay 29.—Tho Assembly met this afternoon at 2 o'clock. Tho report of tho Board of Education was presented. Aid baa been given to forty-six young men, who are under tbo care of twenty differ ent Presbyteries. A memorial from the Pres bytery, asking tbo establishment of a per manent delegate fund was referred. This eve ning a conference was bold on tbo subject of foreign missions. Homo mission and church extension arc subjects for tho special order ou Monday. African fflolhodlst Ohurcli* Philadelphia, May 20.—Tbo Baltimore and Philadelphia conference of tbo African Method ist Episcopal Zion Church in America, colored, is in session in this city. Tbo action of tbo gen eral Conference in consolidating tbo Baltimore and Philadelphia Conferences was indorsed. Tho annual address was delivered by Bishop Moore. JTllasourl Episcopalians* St, Loms, May 28.—Bishop Auer, of West Africa, addressed the Episcopal Convention to day Railroad IVcws* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Springfield, May 29.— The Springfield <k Illi nois Southeastern Bailroad Company bavo boon communicating with Now York brokers for some tlmo past to obtain money to extend tbolr road from Boardstown, 111., to Burlington, lowa. Tbo Company to-day received a letter from Blood good & uo., brokers in Now York, who state that Wall street men, in view of tbo now Bailroad law and Us effects upon tbo railroad interest, bavo declined to place any more money into Illinois railroads. Bt. Loms, May 29.—A parky of tbo Directors and stockholders of tho-Indiana ,t Illinois Cen tral Bailroad arrived boro by the Toledo, Wabash Sc Western lino Ibis morning, having yesterday passed over tbolr own completed lino from the Wabash to Decatur. They express themselves highly pleased with tbo substantial quality of tbo road, richness of tbo country through which it runs, and tbo promising prospects of business. The parly loft for Now York In tbo evening by tbo vandalia lino and Cincinnati. Nilkb, Mich., May 20.—Tho Niloa Republican of to-day baa the following: “A letter from a Marshall correspondent appears in tho Detroit I'tibuno, in which is detailed a statement of tho points xnado by tho parties interested in tho stock of tho Air Lino Hailroad between this city and Jackson in their injunction suit against tho Michigan Central Company. Wo also have in formation, doomed reliable, that tho employes on tho Michigan Air Lino and tho Niles A South Bond Hoads have had orders to hold themselves in readiness to removo tho rolling stock and ali nlovoablo property from thoso two roads at a day’s notice, with a viow to abandoning them. Wo givo tho rumor, which comes to us from a source entitled to credit, for what it is worth." Boston, May 20.—Tho Massachusetts House passed a bill which appropriates $200,000 for tho completion of tho Jioouao Tunnel, and requests tho Governor and Council to report tho most favorable uso of tho Tunnel to the next General Court. Nnw York, May 20,—1t is reported that Aldon B. Stockwoll, President of tho Atlantic A Pacific lUUroad, has tendered his resignation to tho Board of Directors, who will shortly take action on It. Mr. Androw J. Pearce, Jr., Yico-Prosl dont, will probably succeed him. Jay Gould is said to be about leaving this oily for the West, to participate in tho election of Directors for tho Chicago A Northwestern Hail road Company. Tho bulk of its slock Is said to bo hold by Joy Gould, Horace P, Clarke, Augus tus Scholl, and llioir allies. PiTTSiiunair, Pn., May 2d.—This afternoon. Judges MoKonnan and Nixon, of tho United States District Court of Now Jersey, have en gaged in hearing argument on tho motion for a preliminary injunction restraining tho Now York A Long Branch Hallxoud Company from building a bridge over the mouth of tho Raritan Bivor, In Now Jersey. Tho complainants are the Pennsylvania Railroad, lessees of tho Now Jersey Central. Theodore Cuylor. of Philadel phia, and Judge Bcuddor, are for tuo complain ants. and Senator Frolinghuyson and Ohncollor Williamson of Now Jersey, for tho respondents. NEW YORK. Proponed Retirement of n Police Coin" ml«Mi'>nnr ■■■ The Iflorno-lllsonso Stolen Hoiiiln— George Priincls Train Pronounced Bnnc»*»Tu r coil limUngor -9011--nilNcollaucoiiß Items* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, New York, May 29.—Question of George Francis Train’s mental condition camo before a Sheriff's Jury this afternoon, under tho recent ruling of Justice rancher. The Jury was quickly Impaneled. Under-Sheriff Stevens presided, but few spectators woro present. Tho prosecu tion did not put in an appearance. Tho defense examined throo witnesses, Tho jury rondorod a verdict of sane almost Instantly. Judge Fanohor Will probably discharge tho prisoner to-morrow. I To the Associated Press.} New York, May 20.—Oliver Charlick, Presi dent of tho Long Island Bailroad, it is semi officially announced, will retire in a short timo from tho Board of Polloo Commissioners. Mr. Oharlick prefers his railroad and Long Island rather than municipal honors. Ho is talked of as likely to succeed James O’Brien in the State Senate. Tho horso-disoaso has reached tho Brooklyn City Bailroad stables, and fears exist that tho disease will again become general in that city. The horso-disoaso, which visited this city Inst fall, has reappeared at tho' stables of tho Oonoy Island Car lino, in Brooklyn. Seventy horses aro now sick, and thoro have boon two fatal cases. Tho trial of “ Johnny tho Greek,” tho loading thief of tho country, had to bo postponed to-day in consequence of tho absence of witnesses essential to his successful prosecution. Two SIO,OOO bonds found in tho package thrown away by Jim Brady, and registered of Amasa Stone, are believed to havo boon stolen from somo bank in Ohio. A. P. Thompson, Cashier of tho Port Jervis National Bank, has in formed Inspector Dllkcs that ho believed others of the bonds woro stolon from his bank. Col, Whitoly has $16,000 worth of bonds supposed to have boon stolen from the Glenn’s Falls B&ak, and found with two men who woro arrested some time agj. .... Goorgo H. Pendleton arrived to-day from .Europe. . , Application was mado to Judgo Davis to-day for a postponement of tho trial of Tweed to Oc tober, based on tho affidavits of John Wadhatn's illness. The motion was opposed by tho District Attorney ahd Mr. Pockham, and tho decision re served. In Ingorsoll's case, Judgo Fanchor to-day denied a motion to sot aside judgment, with leave to renew after tho Court has passed upon tho appeal, whoro tho case has been taken by tho people. Boil in tho caso of Stephen English, editor of thb Insurance Times, was reduced from $20,000 to $2,000. The Post-Ofllco at Lindon, New Jorsow, was robbed, on Wednesday night, of all mail matter, Including money-order letters containing SOOO. Tho wort was done by burglars, who blow open tho safo. THE INDIANS. Proposed Removal of tho Wlnne- Imgos from Wisconsin to the Indian Tcrrl(ory-»Tlio Vunkton Siottx«*The Kickupoos—'ffho lUortocs. Special iHopateh to Tho Chicago Tribune. Madison. Wis., May 29.— Tho agents appointed by tho United States Government to facilitate • tho removal of tho Winnebago Indians from this Slate to tho Indian Territory aro to havo a grand council at Sparta, to-morrow, to hoar tho report of a delegation sent to inspect the lands offered thorn, and consider ibo question of removal. Gov. Washburn has been requested to bo present. Tho lands offered are of tho best in quality, and tho location in all respects is excel lent, but It is feared tho lovo of Indians for the hunting-grounds of their fathers, tho whisky which they cannot got in tho Indian Territory, and tho chances for thievery and bogging from tho whites, will disincline them to make the change. Tho people of Northwestern Wiscon sin aro very anxious to be rid of them, and every effort will bo mado, short of using force, to effect their removal. Borne warlike demon strations of tho Kiowas, whilo in the territory, alarmed the Winnebago delegation. Washington, May 29.— 1n further contradic tion of Gen. Custar’s report, John G. Qorsiuan telegraphs: “To tho best of my knowledge and belief not one of tho Yankton Indians has loft tho reservation to join the hostile Indians on tho Upper Missouri.” Han Francisco, May 29. —No nows from tho Modoo scout sent after Captain Jack. Washington, May 29.— 1t is staled positively that tho Government will sustain Col. McKen zie's pursuit and punishment of tho Kickapoos on Mexican territory, and there is no reason to doubt that tho recent visit of tho Secretary of War to Texas bad for Us main object tho ar rangement and authorization of this plan for putting a stop to Indian depredations along the Mexican frontier. Sporting:* UALTnronE, Hay 29.— This was tho third day of tbo spring mooting of the Maryland Jockey Club. Tho first race, for 3-yoar olds, ono and a quarter miles, was won by Joe Johnston, follow ed by Coronet, Planet, and John Preston. Time, 2:15. Planet was tho favorito before tho start. Tho second rnco, Pimlico stakes, for all ages, two-milo boats, was won by Stoolcwood ; Pou nock’s b. o. by Vandal, second; Sanford, third: Edwin distanced. Time, 8:48; Tho third raco, free handicap stakes, all ages, one and three-quarter miles. was • won by Echo, followed by Cadence, Teetotal, and Shylook. Time, 8:15. Tbo fourth race, a dash of four miles, all ages, was won by John Merryman ; Village Black smith. second; Jackson, third. Timo7:4sK. Philadelphia, May 29.—805e Ball—PUifadol pbias, G ; Baltimorou, 3. Nashville. Tonn., May 29.— This was the sec ond day of tuo trotting meetbig. Tho raco for 2:50 horses resulted: Boyce's Captain 12 11 Spotted-Tall. Flora Tlmo-aH9tf; 2.-47 X; 2:42&; 2:43^. For 2:45 horses: Joaevblno ..........1 1 1 Annie k. Luck.... Thao—2:4T. 2:15; 2:48. New York, May 29.— The foUowing is tbo re sult of tbo trot at Fleetwood to-day lor a purse of $450. Topsy, to harness 1 12 1 Morcor, to wagon 2 2 1 2 T1m0—2:302:33; 2:34 *, 2;3o>*. Pools woro sold to-night on tbo trot to tako pl&co to.morcow at Prospect Park, tbo prices being Gazelle, $100; Fullerton, S9O. Startle was driven to wagon ou tbe Fleetwood course, yesterday, and made tbe first quarter in 81K seconds, and tbo second quarter in 33).£, making tbo half-mile in 1 minuto 7£( seconds, the bast Ualf-iailo over trotted to road wagon by any horse except Dexter. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, New York, May 29,—Bocently certain parties imported from England, at a cost of SI,OOO, a white Irish bull-bog, named Jackson, which bad whipped everything in Groat Britain, for tbo purpose of matching him against tho celebrated white dog Brandy, which has won seventeen battles in this country, and. lias never boon de feated. Tbo match was made for SI,OOO, and tbo contest took plaoo this afternoon on Long Island, in tbo presence of about 100 select spec tators. After throe hours, m which neither dog seemed to bavo tho advantage, Jackson refused to scratch, and Brandy was declared tho victor. Neither dog was injured. Tho betting was 100 to 61) on Brandy. About SI,OOO changed* bauds. Now York Legislature* Alhany, May 20. —Tho industrial Exhibition bill lias boon amended and passed by tho Senate, yeas, 20 5 nays, 7. Tho Assembly will probably concur in the amendments. Tho Civil Damage bill, similar to tho Ohio bill, passed bolb Houses. In tho Assembly this evening tho Conference Committee on tho Now York and Brooklyn Bridge bill reported an agreement upon an amended bill. Tho report was agreed to, Tho amended bill loaves it op tional with tho two cities whether tho Company will assume all tho stock 5 secures ad ’ditional direction to tho cities in tho alfairs of tho work and gives to tho Common Contrails tho confirmation of all appointments which are to bo iurclo by tho Mayors, m case all tho stock Is acquired. Quarterly reports aro to ho made and all meetings of Directors open to tho public. LouUvillo Colored Polytechnic lIIMI. tuto. Louisville, Ky., May 20.—Tho statement in special Washington dispatches this morning that Senator Bumuor received a letter from England, asking about one W* D. B. Morrill, soliciting aid la that country for tho Colored Polytechnic Institute in this city, excites some inquiry hero. It appears thoro is such an institution chartered, and Morrill was authorized to solicit funds to establish it, bat it is not believed hero that thoro is anything prac tical about tho protect. It bos not boon Hoard, of for somo time till present Inquiry brought it up. Morrill’s family Hvo hero, and ho owns some property in Louisville. MIS CELL ANEOUS. Tho inscription of Tlglath Piloaor, about which tho papers nave boon ipaklug such a tow, turns out to have boon written by Busan B. Anthony, whoti eho was a little child, playing in Tig’s hack yard,— Ohio State Journal. • —Tho fall Mall Gazette says good-naturedly s “ Tho Americano Boom to ho hard at work recon structing tholr navy, though It is difficult to imaglno why they should take bo much trouble whou future differences can bo bo easily adjust ed by arbitration." —As on illuairotlon of tho gonorol experience of strangers, to-day, I will add that I havo just boon warned out of my room by tho announce ment that, from to-morrow, the price of occu pancy will bo 24 florins per day—or sl2, for what is ordinarily valued at $2. — Vienna Idler. —Says Mr. Hamorton, In his “Intellectual Life," “A language cannot bo thoroughly loomed by an adult without Hvo years’ residence in tho country whoro it Is spoken, and without habits of oloso observation a residence of twenty years is insufficient." —Ou a recent trial In South Wales, to tost tho validity of a will, it was proved that lu 18G7 tho testator became impaired lu iutoltoot to such au extent that ho went to tho post-office with a postage stamp on his forehead, and requested lobe sent by mail to a place ho mentioned. —Thoro is a curious relic-to bo scon in the Holy Trinity Church, Minonoa. It Is nothing loss remarkable than tho head of tho Buko of Sussex, tho father of Lady Jane Grey. It Is kept in a small tin box. There is a mark as of a out from an axo on tho nook. Tho skin is very like thick parchment. —Tho Architect says that Air. Holman Hunt has received 10,000. guineas for his painting, “ Tho Shadow of Death." This sum Includes tho copyright for the engraving and tho privilege of exhibiting tho painting. For a small replica tho artist in to receive SI,OOO guineas. Queen Victoria has commissioned Mr. Hunt to paint for hor a copy of tho head of our Savior. —A Madame Bros lately passed hor first exam ination for tho Doctorate of Modiolno in Paris, and tho Secretary of tho Faculty appended tho following particulars to her certificate: “Mad ame Bros, married, and the mother of two chil dren, has nob taken to tho study of modiolno as a pastime, nor from scientific vanity. She prac tises all tho duties of tho profession. During tho two sieges which Paris has so lately borne, she never quitted tho bedside of tho wounded. Tho rain of honorary distinctions poured upon the ambulances passed by without falling upon her; tho devotion natural to women needing neither stimulus nor fiattory." —Tho rage for international exhibitions has reached ever to Chili, and that progressive State has devoted $226,000 for tho building of an edi fice in Valparaiso for tho first industrial fair, probably, which has boon proposed in South America. Tho time is sot for 1875, giving am ple opportunity for tho collection of tho. treas ures which, in tho shape of raw material of ev ery description, exist in profusion in that coun try. If there ever was a laud that deserved de velopment as well as needed it. it is South Amer ica, and it is to bo hoped that iho proposed ex position will have tho effect of infusing a now spirit Into hor lazy, lethargic inhabitants. —Tho brigands m Thessaly, near the Greek frontier,'lately captured the entire female popu lation of tho village of Cofos, while they wore laboring in the fields. Tho women wore carried to the mountains, and retained as prisoners until tho sum of 250 liras—about fifty dollars—ransom money was paid over to tho robbers. Tho fron tier guards are in .league with the brigands. Somo of them lately brought a man’s head, which they assorted to bo that of a brigand, into Armyro, and claimed bounty money for it. Tho relations of tho dead* man soon appeared, how ever, and proved tha't ho had been a peaceful peasant, who had boon murdered by tho frontier guards while at work in his field. For this brutal act sixty of the privates wore exiled by tho Turk ish authorities, and several of tho officers are to be tried by court martial. —AlUhoarfcconnoissoursof Paris wore recently on the qui rive on tho occasion of tho sale of two frescoes by llapbaol, formerly painted on tho walls of tho Chapel Hagliaua at Home, and brought to Franco by M. Oudry in 1809. Both frooooos Lavo somewhat attfforod from time, having been transferred to canvas and pawned in 1858, and a doer into tho chapel having boon pierced through one of them. The more Im portant, however, “ God Blessing thodYorld," is tolerably intact, and was knocked down to tho Louvro authorities for £8, 220, while tho other, “Tho Martyrdom of Sb. Cecelia," which con sisted of a few beautiful fragments, fetched tho price of JMCO. The Sunday Law* Columbus, 0., May 29,— Mayor Bull, to-night, issued a proclamation directing the owners of ealpons, groceries, and restaurants, where intox icating or spirituous liquors, soda water, lemon ade. confectionery, or pastry are sold to hereafter desist from tho solo of those articles on Sun days under heavy penalties; also, ordering tho police to enforce tho ordinance which prohibits persons Id years of ago and upwards from sport ing, rioting, gambling, hunting, Halving, or doing manual labor on Sunday. Railroad Accidents. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Detroit. Mich., May 29.—This morning, Henry Joukinsou, while coupling Michigan Cen tral cars at Marshall, was caught between tho bumpers, nud was so injured that ho died in a few minutes. At Kalamazoo, 'William 8011, a freight con ductor on the Michigan Central, fell, while coup ling oars to-day, and tho troiu passed over oue leg, cutting it off, and injured tho other so am putation became necessary. Obituary. New York, May 29.—Mrs. Maty Louisa Noil son, daughter of tho late James Brooks, died in this city yesterday. E. D. Stanton, one of tho oldest members of tho Stock Exchange, and formerly a partner of Daniel Drew, died last ouening of pneumonia. . Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune , Quincy, May 20.—Caleb Storey, an old and re spected citizen, dropped dead of heart disease to-day. .2122 Tho alarm of fire from Box 233, yesterday af ternoon, was occasioned by tho discovery of flames in a two-story frame house at tho corner of Elatou road and Brody street, occupied by. Morwln, Soogor & Co. Damage, $100; no insur ance. .2 2 3 .3 3 3 Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribum, Qdincy, 111., May 29.—Tho grocery store of James wood, with Its contents, was destroyed by firo last uight. Ocean Steamship News. New York, May 29. Arrived, tho steamer Caledonia, from Glasgow. Liverpool, May 29,—Tho steamships Anglia, from New York, Moravian, from Baltimore, and North American, from Quebec, have arrived out. SiimlM'ox. DiMMomKB. May 2D.—Tho Transatlantic Cir ouu Company la distributing small-pox as it goes. It left ono man boro with tho disoaso, who ban sinco died ; ono at Davenport, and two at Kook Island. Itumorud Defalcation* Bouton. May 29.—1t in rumored hero tin's evening that a heavy dofalcatiou or irregularity has .occurred In ono of the National Banka in thia city. Nothing definite can bo ascertained. MARRIAGES. PKMISOH-BAIUISLBY-In »M. clly, bjrllin Rnr. JlonryO. Perry, motor of All-Balntu 1 Church, May £B, 1871). Mr. Oourgo Pearson and Miss Kmina llausloy, all of Chicago. DEATHS. MEKKKH—At Mishawaka, Ind., May 37, Margaret Ihiekmnn, aged C 3. wife of M. T. Mookkr, Utica, N. Y., and inuihor nt A. It. Moekor, of this city. PROFESSIONAL. Has removed bis ofllco to No. 47 Olark-st., old location. Bosidonoo: No. 331 North Doarboru-st., corner of Whitney) CWasUmK ton Square.) , AUCTION SALES. By TAYLOR & HARRISON. Eitonnlvo .nlo of Now omt Soooml-ll.oii Hou.oliolil Goods, Saturday morning. May 31, at hkf o'clock. Purler and Uhumhur hole, New and Second-hand Car pets, uhroums. Olnßiwnro, Plated warn, lollut Beta, and a largo quantity of IlnusHKoonors'supplies. TaYLOH 4 IXAuIUSUN. AuoUonoora, jjV and W South Caual-et. By TAYLOR Jb HARRISON. Peremptory Balo of Threo o|>eu Buggies, and Ono llookawoy, which must bo sold SATUUUAY, MaySl, at 13 o'clock. By TAYLOH 4 IJAIITUBDN, Auotlonoora, w uiand33South Oawlid By WM. A. BUTTERS & CO. REGULAR SATURDAY’S SALE! HonseMfl Furniture, PIANO FOETES, &c. On Saturday, May 31, at 0 o’clock,, Barbers’ Chairs, lu Rood order ; Office Itaillner, and Glass Parti tion; 10 Office Bosks; 100 yards Brussels Carpet, slightly worn. ■ WM. A. BPTTBRB a 00., IFUR/ST SALE IN OUR Old Quarters, NOS. 15 AND 17 EANDOLPE-ST. Real Estate ¥m. A. Butters & Go., At 15 & 17 Eandolpk-st. On Cotfneo Orovo-av., being lota Dl t S3, 88, 84, 85. and 86,' In Block ‘J of subdivision of Block 13 of Druxul A Smith'* Subdivlson (between Finy-foarth and Flfty-fifth-sta.) of 800. 11. Town 3 fl, Range 14. On Maolson*av. (between Flfiy-fourth and Fifty-fifth* ata.), being Lota 14, 16, 16, anil 17, of Block 3. of subdi vision of IJlock ID, In Droxol A Smith's Subdivision, to. 800. 11, Town IS, Range 14. ■ . ’ two Lots On Dro*ol-av. (between Fifty-fourth audFlfty.fillh-st*.). being Lota 8 and 7, in Block 1, of subdivision of Block? ID, in Droxol A Smith's Subdivision, iu 800. 11. Town- IS, Banco 14. On Vornon-av. (hotwoon Dcmglaa-plaoo and Thirty-sixth at.), being Lota 44 and 46 of Langley's Subdivision of Lou 7 aim 10 of bills 1 Addition. On Slxteantb-st. (botwoon Ashiand-av. and Paullna-et.). being Lot 03, In Block 33, Sco. 19, Town 39, Range 14. TWO LOTS a On Wabash-ar., east front (between Thlrty.tblrd and, Thlrty-fourth-nts.), being Lota 19 and 20; In Block 4, of. Vi ontwonh Subdivision. MIX LOTS Ou Stato-Bt.fbotwoonThlrty.tblrdandThlrty-fonrth-sta.),' being Lota 81. CD. at, 81. 86, and 86, 25x181 foot, ONE LOT OnWabuh-av., northeast coru«r Flfty-nlnlh-st. *, 231 foot front on Wabash-av.. 161 on Fifty-nlnth-st. TWO LOTS On Calumot-av. (between Thirty-third and Thirty-fifth, ata.), went front, being Lota 3a and 86 In subdivision of Lute 7 and 10, of Block D, of Dyer A Davidson's Subdivl slon. Fronting on Loxloßton-av. (Unlwoou Fifty-fourth and ' Flfty-mlb-uta.), being Lota 1, 4, S, 8, and (*, In Block 18,- EgsmJalo. ONE LOT On OottaßoGroro-av.,northeast cornerTironty-nlntn-st., 50 feet front on Cottago Orovoar,; roarlOj footon alloy; 2t)2 foot deep. __ ONE LOT ■ . , . Fronting west. on Fralrlo-av. (botwoon Fifty-fourth and Ffty-tilth-ata.). being Lot 16 in Block 6, in Jennings tfc Modal's Subdivision. _ THREE LOTS On ininoia-st. (between Franklin flud Market-eta.),being Lots?. 8. and 9, in Block 4, in Butler, Wright A Web ator 1 . Subdivision. ()NE I ()T On Mlchlgnn-torraco, DOiCOd foot, being Lot 8 la Block V of Lyman's Rosubdivislon of Block 3 and part of 3, of B K u fractional Section 2,Town 33 north, Range 14, front* lug Luko Allublgun. I.OT, ■ No. 17 Slmons-ftv., Just north of Dlckens-av., in Block 17, in Shipman, Bill A Morrill's Subdivision, Sootipn 85, Town 43, Uacgo 13. OnOaket. (between La&ullo and Wolls-sts.), being Lot’ Iff, Aasossar’s division of-Lote 1 to 8, Block 17, or out SO foot of Lot 6. and west 4 foot (if Lotfl In -Block 17, In Johnson, Roberta A Store's Subdivision. . , . B3T“FuU particulars in catalogue. which will contain Slats of tbo property to bo sold. Tiilo perfect in every lot. slo without reserve. . WM. A. BTJTTEES & 00.,'. A.TJC'riojNrBER©. HOUSE AND LOT. .A/T -A-TJCTIOXsT, On SaWay Morning, lay 31, at 10 o’ett, Iloago two-story frame, with brick bssomont; lot 100 foot frost on Ilubbard-st., by 317 foot deop on Wood-st.; Grounds fitted up In splendid stylo. Tbia property has boon occupied.for several years past by Frantz Arnold, Ksq. TERMS OF SALE CASH. TITLE PERFECT. For Information roß.nrdine tho property apply to WILL* IAM ANDREWS. Room No. 15, 152 LaSallo-st. * ELISON A FOSTER, Auctioneers, Household Furniture. Parlor, Library, Chamber and Kitchon Furniture. To* Cheat* l , Refrigerators, lUaok Walnut Wardrobes, Mir rors, Offlco nud Parlor Desks, Show Oases, Carpets, Gas Fixtures. W. G. Crockery, Yellow ami Glassware. Also, at 11 o’clock, Rugglos, and Now York made Harness, single and double. Fires. Saturday, May 31, at 10 a. m., will bo add Two Rosewood Oasod Pianos, Parlor Suites, Fino Marblo-Ton Chamber Sola, Contro-Tablos. Exten sion Tables, Elegant Drosslng-Oaso Uuroaus, Uudstoadl, Sowing Machines, Dining-Room and Kitchon huruituro. Also Elegant Velvet Carpets, Fino Damask Lambroquia*, Etc. AUo .t I p. m„ ono llano, W«^n g ...d g n.™.». a( Auctioneer*. CHATTEL MORTGAGE SALE Of an OMNIBUS LINE at auction, on Saturday morning, May 31, at los'clocka. m M nt tbo Boarding and Sain Stables No». MO and £Ol Michlgan-at., noar lluah, conalat Ingot a fino lot of torsos, young and sound: omnibuses, open and close: Concord harnesses, halters,whips, robes, «to., do. To l»o sold to llio lilbUobl Llildor for coah. Sale Vo ,ln- 0 . . Custodians and Auctioneers. AUCTION SALES, At 115 ntid 57 (Smith CamU.Mt. SATURDAY. MAY 31. (BOWKN BROTHERS’ BLOCK,) Botrroon IVab&ah and Mlohlgan-ars, GREAT SALE op TUESDAY, Jib 3.1873, Cominonolng at lo o’clock a. m. FIVE LOTS By EIiISON & FOSTER. With Elegant Grounds, 681 Hufobard-st., ON TIUS PREMISES. By GEO. P. GORE & CO., 23, 21, and 26 Randolph-Bt. .A. T AtTOTIO 3ST, A very largo and fino stock of ON SATURDAY, MAY 31, AT 9 O’CLOCK. GKO. P. GORE A CO., Auctioneers. By BKXJSH, SON & CO. At oar saloeroom, -11 Hontb Canal-st., TWO MILLION DOLLARS. BEEAT CLOSING OUT. TRUSTEES 3 SALE RBALAND PERSONAL PROPERTY EolonirlQff lo the OIIIOAQO LAND COMPANY, AT I>UUI.IO AUCTION, On Wednesday, lie ifitl day of Juno, 1873. By tho articles of (bo association of said Company, Ibis provided that all tbo property hi the bands of tho Trustees in the mouth of Juno, 1873, must bu sold at auction for unab. to close thn trust. . Tho really Is oontrally located In tho CITY OF 0111- OAdO, and Is vnluud at I,BoO,0(K>, and composed largely cf river and oaual frontage, docked and ready lor immodf* uto uso. Alsu, a largo number of vacantlots In the tnimo* dlato vicinity of tbo docks, all well adapted for business purposes. The title to this property la unquestioned, haring been buhl and owned by tbo Association for twenty yean* Tbo personal properly consists of notes bearing 7 per com interest, having from ono to five years to run, ana amounting to about $700,000. These mites wore received for doterrod payments on land bought from tho Company by tho makers (hereof, ami their payment 1* secured pj mortgage on tho same. THUMB OF SALK, CASH* ih® personal property will ho ready for transfer and oonvary immediately allor (ho sale. Purchasers of rosily will no required to make a deposit on tho day of salooflO P or f®! , r on the amount of their purchase, tho balance lo bo pam within thirty days, oras soon after tho vale as deeds caa l'“ U “ ll “ MAIU.ON I>, OODEN. ”, H. IIKKOIIKK. UUUlttiti WATSON, Chicago, March 13, 1873. Irustoes. H. B, UOUUE, Secretary. „ „ nJ „ Otiico with Ogdeu, Sheldon 4 Co., Koo® M, Np* 17v Lfta HtUo-.1.

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