Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 31, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 31, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 26. financial. ILLINOIS 03 Capital. $500,000 DIRECTORS: W. F. OOOLBAUQII, pn. N, 8. DAVIS, T.M. AVERY. JRAa6 WAIXAL,' O. M. LINDUUEEN, JNO.E. DRAKE. ANSON STAGKIC H. G. POWERS, J. MCGREGOR ADAMS, L. R. BIDWAY. ORO. BTUUOKB, -I* JNO. MoOAFFKRT, WM. H. MITCHELL, JOHN DeKOVKN, O. W. POTTER. OPHOEBS: L, B. BIDWAY, President. JNO.B.DRAKB.2J V-Prest H. O. POWERS, V-Proa't. JAB. H. GIBBS. Cashier. Will open for buslnos* on the %•* «**/ of Juno, iff/8, In tho Imlldiog formerly occupied by tho Union National Bank, • - .... • r • NOS. 273 & 276 MADISON-ST., (CORNER OP BIARKET-ST.) OHIOAO-O, XXjXj. Will receive Saving* Deposit* and pay Interest on the ..aameatthoratoof 6 per coat per Annum, a* provided in - Its By-Law*. Will receive and execute traala, and invest i money for Individuals, Kitatos, Corporation*, and Socle* r ties. Will loan monoy on Hondo and Mortgage*, Cash ! Collaterals, and other good Securities, giving preference, ■ however, to persona of small moans who are desirous or * securing homes; and will soil Bxohaago on tbo principal ■ cities oi this Country, Europe, and tbo Canadas,andlssuo Travelers* Letters of Credit. , This Bank has boon organised aa a STRICTLY TRUST . AND SAVINGS BANK, and will transact only moh bast* rnotsaslt directly connected with the receipt and earn of TRUST and SAVINGS FUNDS, and will bo as liberal in . its business transactions as is consistent with a sound and . conservative policy and permanent safety. Depositor* desiring to do so, ean have mttor* addressed to them in oars of tbo Bank, and on their request these letters will bo forwarded to any other Dost Office. They may also apply to tho Cashier for any Information on matters of business, or to havo letters carefully addressed and forwarded. Special arrangement* havo boon made for a LADIES' BUSINESS DEPARTMENT, In a noatly fnmfihedroom, with dressing room attached, and separata from tho gen •oral business room, entrance to which, la from Market :«tn*o(. ~ Tboßank will bo open for tho traniaetlon of bndnfcal -| W 0 a. m. to 4p. m., and on Saturday Evening* from '3E3MC33I ‘■S^^«fi^U3hurcl (orott »llr fQrft< i qq d«poa(U. pi wdJAa. l UnMoh^ s «, SAVINGS 106 Cl*AltK> Six per o«nt lnl< aoauaUy, Jnlylau - oai . Wm. Kelret Rzkd, 0 6fO ir SOOVjLLB. Pro.Wßnt. tii'n nTi?k »m n iin ♦» notion, any boy or girl calling at * P*“ froo, and towSippiffS? £ “• "rhercnJit, whloli na cn b» X3IO. •4fi. rne T a worywhore, and collect the claim* ” n „il£ , ”» j* Morcnanta and otbon In any part of the Xo Attorney’s foe*ln milUj no chnrgpi nntil r?vrm/. lr " mode. FRASIBR’S MBROANTILB COLLKy rIOWAGgNor> I<oM>dUoo^t ORNAMENm isOK ilonlfl Eros, & Dllee, li‘i & 151 Stato-st., CikDjro. Oliisim & WBtc Metal Work, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. . Fountains, Vases, Statuary, ‘ Drinking Fountains, Aquariums, Deer, Dogs, Dions, Emblematic Signs, Copper Weather Vanes, Stable Fittings, Greetings, Iron Furniture, Brackets, and Store Stools, IXCELSIOR LAWN MOWERS. Agonts for the Prenoh Patent BOULEVARD (MRS AND SETTEES. for Younglovo Arohitootural Iron Company. _ HYAtT*S Patent Rlmnfnated Pile. IOWA AND NEBRASKA LANDS. MILLIONS OF ACRES IOWA & NEBRASKA LAIS FOR SALE BY THE Burlington & Mo. River E. E. Co. On Ten Tears' Credit at 0 per cent Interest, -J.?* No part ol principal duo until commeccom«nt ol liiLO year. m.? .u p .V r /9E. t * lo ,an< * * n d Improvement* touch within the limit of this generous credit. JF f ll?£? i,0 (.1®^ n, J ndNebrMka I* rich and easily eulUvahed, climate la warm, season* long, crops Iros toa!*** 4018 sood, taxes low, and education i* »JSn?s trilor, i ,nrir y Inducement* on freight and passage, for purchasers and their families. Circulars giving full particular*. gratia; call for all that aro wanted to road and circulate. ' -A Sectional niap. showing tbs exact location of lowa lands is sold at 80 oonts, and of Nebraska lands at same price. For Circulars and Map* apply to GEO. S. HARRIS. Land Commissioner, Burlington, la. Or W*U« WISNER, General Agent, __ 69 Olark-st., Chicago. BUSINESS CARDS. DR. E. BODENSTEDT, Having returned from Germany, baa opened bit office Id Ewing’* Block, Boom 19, near Olark-at. Bridge. North Bide. Honrs—From 8 a. m. to a p. m. Joseph Bilski, Custom Boot and Shoe maker, removed from 690 Wabaah *v. J° WRandolph-st., corner Dearborn. Guarantees a good fit at liberal prloos. SUMMER RESORT* QRBBNBBIEE, WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, West Virginia, f araons for their Alterative Waters and Fash, ioualiio Fatronage, are Now Open. They are 3,000 foot abovo tldo water, affording entire ro fief from prostrating summer boat. Capacity Tor acoom* persons. Charges, $3.60 per day, s3l per week, and $«6 per month. • We are alsotironrletors of the Bweet Chalybeate Springs, IB miles from the White, known for their Nervine Tonio Water* and bathing adrantagoa. kept boro for the me of visitor* WJtuiSt, Oxtfa ouargo. 98 yor day} S6O per month, Tharonto to these Springs from all points in the West will b» to Cincinnati by rail} thence by tirst>olau packet boat to llnntbigton (160 mllos). and thence by tho Cheaa poake A Ohio Railroad to tbo white Sulphur. Pamphlet can bo bad for both watering placoa at tbla office, and also at tbo drug stores of Van Hobaack, Ste vensona Bold, and Oslo k Dlockl, Clilcago, 111, For tickets, apply to Ticket Agent, Union Depot. GKOROKI.. PAYTON &CO. WANTED. Partner Wanted. Ina well-eetablUbod Wholesale Grocery House In Chicago. Reliable party, with SBO,OOO to s*o,ooo. can secure a de sirable business and Investment. Address, with refer •qp«4i QBOOBBi Yrtbuno ptfoe. CARRIAGES. BREWSTER & CO., OF BEOOME-ST., WABEKOOMS, Fifth-av.,,cor. Fourteenth-st,, 3STEW YOKE. Elegant Carriages, In »II tho fashionable varieties, from original designs of oar own and the boat stylo* of Paris and London, oiquls* Italy finished in all Sllk.Satlns, French Morocco, and tho finest Broadcloths. Special attention Is called to tho fact that orery Carriage ofTcrod In oor Watorooms Is tho pro duction of onr well known BROOWF-ST. FACTO- JtY, and equal, In every respect, to those built to the order of the most valued customer. In addition to our of tho LARGER vehicles, wo odor a oomri«M> assortment of ROAD WAGONS, nun and without tops. IN ALL WEIGHTS, for PLEASURE DRIVING OR SPEEDING, embracing in tholr construe* tlon tho various Improvements introduced by ua during the past fifteen years, and which baro mado tho “BREWSTER WAGON” The Standard for duality. OUB PRICES BEING FIXED AND UNIFORM TO ALL, order* by mail have equal advantage* with (hose placed in person. To prevent confusion, tho public will plo&ao romombor that wo are not connected with a Joint Stock Company of Carriage Dealer* now socking to sbaro oar reputation by adopting a Arm name similar to oar own.' BREWSTER & CO., OF BEOOME-ST. Wareroomfli Fifth-av., oor. Fonrtoenth-at, REAI> ESTATE. GREATSALE At Auction, Of 120 Glee Men Lots Fronting on Humboldt Boulevard) Xiogan Square, and Milwaukoo-ov., lots Each 150 to 200 Feet Deep. OnWay afternoon, Jnne 3, at 21-2 o’clock AT 186 BAST MADISON-ST., Will be told 190 bcsntlfol end choice residence Lots, elta •ted la tbo Subdivision of 89 acres la tbo B M of tho S E V0f600.36. «, IS. Tbo Lota are well located; tho fronod Is high, and tbo whole city overlooked by ono standing on Its surface. Humboldt Boalerard If being finely Improved; largo trees have boon sot oat under the direction of tho Park Commissioners. An Artesian "Well, with a fine How of water, Ilea on either sido of this property. Tho facilities for teaching this properly are excellent. Tbo depot of the O. A N. W. R, RTto within 200 reds cart: tho M. A . Milwaukee av. tuna directly througn it. Tbo soil is a fine loom with cloy subsoil, rich and productive. Thoro is no tmUaooo whatever In tho nelghboroood, making It par* tienlarly attractive for choice rosldenoo homes. It Is safe to predict that thn> neighborhood wilt develop rapidly this summer. Purchasers will double their Investments In two years, if not In Isas time. put oTthtoKjcl^PS^SS?. of 0,0 bMt tawilniwlsew Title to proDortyperfopt. Abstract of title famished. Terms of sate—Ono-thlrd cash, balance in one and two years at 0 per cent Interest, A deposit of SSO on each lot will bo required at time of sale, and balance of first payment within 80 days. Plata of the property can bo obtained at our office. „ , Jo. p, THAYER A CO., Beal Estate Auctioneers and Brokers, 166 East Msdlsou-st. ANK, ;h Block, payable aoml* Forty Acres For sale or exobango-—Handsomest high land near Wash ington Holkhta: healthy; good water; beautiful groves; commands nno view of Morgan-Park, with Us improve ments, colleges, and school*. Two good house* on the promises, and superior property to subdivide or hold, as railroad faeiUUes and ptherlmprovementa aro multiplying all around It. Will take a city residence In part pay. O. H. BECKWITH A SONS. REMOVALS. Waterbury CLOCK 00. Havo Removed to their Now Store* INI CIAKK-ST. ARCADE BUHjDINQ-. HBIMOVAIi. C, E DYER & CO., General Fael Dealers, main office removed to 73 ’Waabington-Bt., K. E. corn or Bsarborp. FOR SALE. MATHEMATICAL INSTRUMENTS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. cum, PAGE, HOYB & CO., 11.8 and 120 Slonroe-st. AETESIAN WELL. Berrid. Tils, aid Matltrj FOB SALE CHEAP, Any one who la about Ip dig a well can do It for lea* n> ?i n .*. 7 these tools than In any other way. Will Vi* 1 ’ v#rjr low » u 1 have no further use for them* AoaroM w. B. HALE - Sootheaat comer State and Washlngton-sia. GENERAL NOTICE. To Iho Stockholder* of the COOK COUNTY LAND COMPANY. !S” cioidnj ,h ° "tQcU,oid conlltlon or Cool connty Land Company, Hay 30, 1873, .. , „ . . nHsounoiis. Beal Estate (at cost In cash)...,, aaiq cm « W" r t««e»<l Nolo,. Trust UooJs, and Uud * Bl6 ' Boo ’ oo cSVIAIo 0 3ii,«a.oi T.rooHiiKtii;;;::;;;;::;;'.".;'.;;;;;;;;; '“-ffij-zj „ LIABILITIES. • I.BftSM.M InJurabrancoi on ilonriiatato,' ami'iVlil's pay. ® 7W ' OW,M "JSoSJ PreutujdLou ; The foregoing is a true statement from (be Company. TRAN KLIN 11. WATRIBB, Kooretarv. OUAIU.EB A. GUEQOKY/ Eri.lJoJl Subscribed and sworn to before me this noth day of Ust. le? s- A, a. DOWNS. Nolire KbUgV' ASSURANCE. Won Assurance Corporation Loisrioonsr. XiooaJ. Oommittee, J. P, OIRAUD POSTER, of Foster A Thomson. GORDON NORRIIt, of Boorman, Johnston A Co. Oil ARLES M. FRY, No.fflWalLsl. HOWARD POTTER, of Brown Bros. A 00. GOOLD U. REDMOND, of Dennlstonn A 00. Total Funds, Gold, - $13,234,425 Firo Assets. Gold $5,004,000 GEO. 0. OLAEKE, Agent, 3 and 4 Bryan'Block. Insurance effected on Business Buildings, Merchandise, Provi sions, Dwellings and their con tents. HATS. JELA-TS. NEW SPUING STYLES, for Gents, Youths, and Boys. Larg est Stock, Best Variety, and Low est Prices, at J. A. SMITH & CO.’S, 513 & 515 Wabash-av. HATS. Oar stock of Summer Casslmeros (In addition to such aa are to bo found In othor first-class establishments) comprises those of tho manufacture of Dunlap A Co. (N. Y.)and Christy (London), and constitutes a variety so great that all tastes can bo salted. BREWSTER, Corner Clark nntl Madison. INSURANCE. WiauisliiiiiliCily Fire Ins. Co. OP NEW YORK. ASSETS, - - $615,000 I have advices from the Secretary of this Company, to the effect that its losses in the great Boston Are of yesterday do not exceed fifteen thousand dollars. DAN M, BOWMAR, Agent, 150 La'Salle-st. PICTURE FRAMES, &o. SAMMONS, GLARE i CO., 197 & 199 S. Olinton-st,, MANUFACTURERS OP MOULDINGS, HOTDEE FRAMES, AND LOOKING GLASSES, AND JOBBERS OF OHROMOS, Engravings, &o. The Largest Stock in the West. Call or send for Catalogue. STATIONERY. EMERSON & STOTT, wholesale and retail dealers in STATIONERY, BOOKS, AID MUSIC. BIIST LIST OP CROQUET IN THE CUV. 239 WEST MADISOE-ST,, HEAR PEORIA. A Liberal Discount to tho Trade. STOTT, late with Western Wows 00. HOTELS. GRAND MON HOTEL, SARATOGA SPRINGS, N. T„ will open Juno 1, for the reception of gnoate. Prof. J. 01. Dander and tils superb band bavo boon engaged tor IhOMMon. Rooms am bo engaged at Motrppollwo Ho SJifit 1»7 , N - Y i mmaLlN, oAud NER Jc CO., at Saratoga Springs, N. Y. SHIPPING TAGS. W DENNISON’S PATENT SHIPPING TAGS. Over;2oo millions bavo boon need wlihln tho past 10 yean, without complaint of loss by tbo teg becoming Uotachud. All Express Companies use thorn. v Hold by Printers nml Htntloimra livorywlmro. MEETINGS. Masonic, Tho member* of Kilwinning Lodge 81), A, F. A A. At, are boroby notlUod to be present at the dedication of f ho now hall, 137 East Klmlo-st., east of Clark, ou Monday evening, June 8, at half-past 7 o’clock, sharp. Per order of ALKX. M. TIfOMHON, W. M. Mnsimic. A full attendance of Union Park Lodge la requested this, (Saturday} evening, to consider the adoption of new By-Laws. By order A. CANT, Secretary, CHICAGO, SATURDAY, MAY 31, 1873. CONFLAGRATIONS. Boston Again Visited by a Destructive Fire. Several Squares of Buildings Burned (o Hie Ground. OMckering’s Piano-Booms and the Globe Theatre Destroyed. Loss Estimated at sl,2so,ooo—lnsur ance, $760,000. Fires in Other Places. Special Rtopofch to The Chicago Tribune. Boston, May 80.—At twenty minutes past 8 o’clock this morning, an alarm of flro was rung from Box 63, which called a portion of tho de partment to tho vicinity of 411 Washington street, whom it was found that tho roar build ings of Holey, Morso & Co.’s furniture factory woro In flames. Those buildings aro of tho most combuatiblo character, and, so rapidly did tho flraohtaiu control of thorn, that Witliin ton min utes a second alarm had to bo sounded, and soon after a general alarm, which drew tho wholo number of steamers, hose carriages, and ladders to tho econo of tho conflagration. Prom this point THE FIBB BPIIEAD northward on tbo west eido of Washington street to Fayette court, destroying several largo business buildings, and, crossing Washington street, It destroyed tho buildings lying on tho oast side between Essox street and Hayward place, including Chickoring’s magnificent piano warehouse and tho Globe Theatre. Tbo oxtromo boat of tbo burning building opposite, and tbo combustible nature of tho roof, doomed tbo en trance building of tbo theatre from tho moment it caught, and tho largo number of streams of water, which woro immediately directed upon it, wore of Uttlo avail. Within a half hour tho whole Washington street front wan a moss of llro, and tbo flames worltod steadily but surely to tbo eastward, toward tbo Thoatre building proper. Tho building was substantially in throe parts, tho entranco build ing on Washington street and a similar one on Essex street, being separated from tho audito rium of tbo Theatre and tho dressing-room, by a thick party wall. This wall withstood tho dames for an hour, bat in spite of it and tho largo amount of water, which was poured on tho Theatre from tho streams In the roar, before 10 o’clock, the Theatre building proper bad nearly succumbed, and by half-past 10 o’clock it was entirely ruined, and tho flames woro steadily marching to the eastward fanned by tho fierce wind, which was increased by the intonso heat into almost a hurricane. Tho sound of tho falling walls wore first heard •lit 9:35, when from tho roar of the place whoro tbo firo originated tbo bnok walls woro folt to bo tumbling to tho earth. Fears wore expressed for tbo safety of tbo ad venturous firemen who wore scaling tbo granite fronts with tboir hose and ladder-hooks. uunniED moving, Tho scones of Nov* 0, hi regard to the hur rying of families If) move their housobold furni ture, clothing, oto., wore repeated on Fayette court, Bremmor-ploco, and Mason street. Evoiy oipross-wagon and wheelbarrow that coaid bo ’impressed was loaded, and their contents taken to distant points, and In flomo oases to tho Common for security. Chairs and tables wore tumbled after tho legendary stylo from upper windows, while bedding and table-cloths wore carried down stairs in arms. Women wore screaming and children crying for their lost friends. Those farail ioa were prinoipally'of tho poorer class, and felt thoir losses severely. While tho fire was devastating tho region of Mason and Avery streets, the tradesmen on Washington, Essex, Beach, and ovou Ohauncey street, wore engaging teams, some of them at rather stoop prices, and pocking aboard all of tho goods wmch could bo boxed ready for re moval to somo safe place. It seems improb able, at this time, that Chounoey street should burn, but its occupants bad learned one lesson of tho evils of procrastination, and did not choose to run any risk. Tho largo wholesale houses wore depleted of goods as fast as they could bo removed, and all showed by their actions that a dread existed of auothor great Boston conflagration. SPREAD OF THE FIRE. At 8 minutes past 9. tho top of tho spire of the Beach Street Church was soon to bo on firo, having caught from tbo iutonso boat of tho fire, which was then four or five blocks away. It homed vory slowly indeed, and looked like a largo, lighted candle. Tho firemen wore soon on tlfo roof with their hoso, and, though tho steamers could not roach tho top of tho spiro with any force, they succeeded iu keeping tho firo from communicating with tho main portion of tho building. It is, of course, impossible to give at onco all of the losses, or ovou tho names of all the losers, bat it can bo said that what remains from Avery street to Boylston street on tho west side of Washington, is nearly or qnito destroyed. On tbo other side, from Hayward place to Essex street little is loft to show what existed there at 8 o'clock this morning. Tho losses on buildings destroyed, at the Assessor's valuation, foot up $500,600. Deducting 20 per cent as salvage on building materials, tbo actual looa ou real estate is $465,000. Tho losses of personal property will brir-- this amount to somo $1,200,000 at tbo largo sufferers by loss of and interruption of business are Messrs. Cmokorlug & Bona, pianoforte deal ers, whoso salesrooms havo but recently boon elegantly refitted at a groat expense, at tho cor ner of Washington street ana Hayward place. Thoir loss will bo heavy. On the Ist of Decem ber, 1852, the pianoforte manufactory of Messrs. Ohiokoring & Sons, then located a couple of blocks below thoir present was destroyed by fire. Thoir at” That time was upwards of £2G0,000 over and above tho insurance. Several firms burnt out in tho groat firo cl Hov. 0,1873, are sufforora again to-day. . unded conthol. About 12 o’clock tho fire was got under con trol, and the limits described above will com prise tho now burnt district. Plro engines wore sent hither from all tho neighboring cities and towns as far distant as Lowell. Two companies of the United States Marinos at tho Charleston Navy-Yard wore sent Jo /°£iWwd duty, and five companies of tho State Militia, which wore escorting tho Grand Army posts in their decoration day parade, are detailed for tho samo purpose. NO ACOWBNTH nro ronorlod, and there waa very little thieving or uiwiirbaucoat tho econo of the lire. Xptcial Vkpaich to Thn ahiwjo Wbune. New Youk, May SO,— Tho inaiiranco oflloou hero woro uouorally oloaod to-day in obuorvauco of Decoration Day. aud but little could bo gatb orod in regard to tbolr lomuo by tbo Boetou flro, iho following dguroa woro obtained Into this ?r VO J2 lngt JV>P«blio, $0.600; Kxobungo, $5,000; Hoffman, SO,OOO 5 Clinton, $2,000 5 stua, 812,- JSJJ ; nn VGr s° ol aml London and (Hobo, $250 - 000. Juo Importera’ and Traders’ and Colum bia aro hurt. L'/tf th* Ataocuit&l J'rtw,] Boston, Way JlO.—Wlion diaoovorod tho firo was m tho upper floor of iloloy, Worse 4 Co.’s worohouso, among tho workshops, and flames wore leaning from tho roof. Biles of light mate ria], packed away, wore lilco so much Under. and before an alarm could bo given groat volumes of flamo were rolling up fifty foot Into tho air, and aUg ®fihitm TIIK niIEMEH, LOSSES. ASSISTANCE, clouds of smoko woro rising. Tho hoot Tins in* tonso, and in twenty minutes tho unpor stories of tho building, from front to roar, 200 foot doop, wore n nines of ilnmos. Tho flro worked back Into tho stablo of Goorgo F. Bonne, on Damstond place, which runs out of Boylston street. near Washington stroot, and do sfroyod It ovomually. Tho walls of tho immense odiftoo foil in, and emshod to atoms tho oxton sivo gallery of Jourdaiu, with all tho stores be neath it. On the opposite comer of Fayette court tho flames soon spread to another groat building ad jacent, and that was also destroyed, including Noe. 403, 405, and 407 Washington stroot. Tho premises wore occupied by Rhodes, Ripley <k 00., clothing; J. W. Bockott,pianos; Qoo. Foster, hats; F. P. Libby, dry goods, and Goorgo F. Whito, millinery. Tho flames Imvo crossed Washington street. OhicUorlug’H splendid granite building, with its immense front, and tho Qlobo Thoatro aro in

rnluß. Tho llro Ims also caught tho steeple of the Presbyterian Church, corner Of Roach stroot nud Harrison avenue, and tho eplro is a mass of flamos. 11 a. ra.—Tho rear of Ohaunoy stroot Is threat ened, both from Hayward nlaoo. and Errox stroot, and tho •nttro square bounded by those olroots and Washington street which lo not al ready destroyed Is being abandoned by tho oc cupants. Continuing its course southerly from tho plaoo of Its origin, tho flro soon attacked tho Interna tional Hotel, G. R. Richard, proprietor, No. 415 Washington street, and it foil an easy proy to tho flamos, which woro Irresistible. Tho next building to fall a victim was tho largo four-story stone-front edifice occupied by Kelly's billiard rooms. No. 410; Goorgo Thomson & Co., tailors, No. 421, and Montgomery A Co., confectionary store, in No. 423. 11:00 a. m.—Tho fire oo Bonoh stroot, in tho Presbyterian Church, has boon extinguished. Tho military havo boon called out, and crowds In tho vicinity of tho flro aro being forced back, giving tho liromon moro room to work. 12:15 p, m.—Tho flro is now completely under control. Benjamin Ouahbig, of tbo Board of Assessors, estimates tho total loss by tbo firo at $1,000,000. Tbo following is tbo list of tbo buildinga, oitbcr wholly or partially destroyed, tbolr valuation and tho names of tboir owners: Wasbingtbn street, west side—Nos. 389 to 895, owned by Both Turner and W. O. Murdock, Trustees, $20,000. Nos. 307 to -101, owned by John Boorblo, $16,000. Nos. 403 to 409. Inclu sive, owuoo by James Parker, SBO,OOO. No. 411; owned by tho Massachusetts Baptist Con vention, $35,000. Nos. 410 to 417, inclusive, owned by Gardner Brower, $25,000, Nos. 419 to 423, inclusive, owned by F. B. Hayes, $25,000. Nos. 425 to 427, owned by John Braun, $20,000. Nos. 429 and 431, owned by Mary Boylston’s heirs, SIO,OOO. Wasliington street, oast side—No. 834, dick ering building, owned by James Paul, SBO,OOO. No. 300, owned by the Sllsboo heirs, N. J. Brad loo, Trustee, 88,000. Nos. 802 and 804, Globo Theatre, owned by Arthur Obonoy, SOO,OOO. Nos 3CO and 368, owned by A. Charles Bald win, $65,000. Nos. 870 to 874, inclusive, Ar lington Hall, owned by H. Hollis Honuoywcll, $25,000. Boylston street, north side—Nos. 15 and 17, owned by Francis llupp’s heirs, SII,OOO. Nos. 10 and 21, ownod by Jones G. Clarke, $17,000. Bumstod court—Alvaa Dexter’s heirs, stable. $15,000; Charles March, stable, 84,000; Michael Hayden, dwelling, SI,OOO. Essex street, north side—Nos. 10 to 24, in clusive, ownod and occupied by Polog W. Chand ler, SIO,OOO. Nos. 20 and 28, ownod by Allortou T. Brown, $15,000. Nos. 82 and 84, ownod by Charles Baldwin, $20,000. Nos. 8G and 88, owned by Asa P. Morso, SB,OOO. Nos. 40 and 42, ownod by A. Oa Baldwin, $16,000. Nos. 40 and 48, dwellings, ownod by Jouu Fisk’s heirs, $4,000. Tbo loss on buildings destroyed, at tho Asses sor's valuation, foots up §500,000. Deducting 20 per cent as salvage on building materials, the actual loss on real estate is $455,000. * Wldlo tho fire was burning, members of tbo E. W. Kinsley Post of tho Grand Army of tho Re public woro assembling at tboir headquarters, lu the third story of tbo front of tho Globe Thea tre Building, preparatory to tho observance cf Decoration Bay. It was soon discovered, how ever, that the attention of. tho members had bettor bo diverted to moving out, and tho work was bucuiu Tho post had a groat quantity of ()oriehablc property, much of which was saved, deluding valuable portraits, rogalla, bolts, ana some- books and papers. Heavy cases, contain ing tho books and blanks of tho headquarters of tho Department of Massachusetts, and of tbo Department of tbo United Stoics; could not bo got out, but wero forced open, and tbo record oaks and a few* other valuables wore removed, A very largo' amount of valuable books and blanks, however, wore lost. The Globe Theatre company saved nearly all their wardrobes. At a quarter post 10 o'clock Compauios I and Kof both tho regiments, who wore iu tho pro cessor for tho decoration parade at South Bos ton, left the lino and proceeded to tho scone of tho conflagration, and did good service in keep ing back the ciowd so that tho firemen could work. About tho same time a company of marines from "tho Charlpstown Navy-Yard, drawing a hose carriage, appeared ou the scone, and wore greeted with cheers. The loss of 11. E. Hibbard, proprietor of Bry ant «k Stratton's Oollogo, is SIO,OOO ; insured by tho Control Mutual Company, of Worcester. Tho Western Union Telegraph Company have lost fifteen wires by tho fire, and communication is interrupted. Tho Fireman’s National Bank has not opened its vault, and there is reason to believe that all their securities are saved. To-day being a holiday, tho report of tho fire, telegraphed to surrounding ‘towns, brought thousands of persons to tho city. ‘ Every train inward bound woe crowded with anxious busi ness mou and sensation-seekers. There could not have boon loss than 100,000 persons near tho scono of tho firo when it was at its height. Among tho firms and individuals burnt out on Essex street oto; Benjamin S. Rowe A Co., boots and shoos, loss $15,000, insurauco $0.000; Hawley, Folsom ds Martin, furnishing goods, loss $175,000, fully insured? Atherton T. Brown & Co., loss $50,000, insurance $30,000; George E. Tumor, boots and shoos, loss $15,000, insur ance $10,000; Ohaunooy Hall School; Cushing & Ladd, loss $5,000, insurauco $3,000; J. W. Pitch er, Globo Cafe, loss SB,OOO, no insurauco ; Ninth Regiment headquarters, loss slight; Loland, Whoolock ds Co., famishing goods, loss SIOO,OOO, insurauco $50,000: John B. Regan, boots and ‘shoes, loss $7,600, insurance $3,000. Ou Washington street, T. 0. Pazott & Son, furriers, losssso,ooo,(usurancounknown; bookntoro in same building, occupying throo chambers and containing valuable books and nrtiuieo uaud iu Uio Catholic Church, loss about $40,000. John Hill, a fireman, was killed by the fall of a wall of tbo Globe Theatre, and Charles Allen was badly hurt. All tho insurance offices being closed in conse quence of Decoration Day. it is impossible to furnish accurate accounts of tho insurances. Later-—Miduigl»£-*Tbo following is a list of tuo pnnoirip; lO flßos and insurance, as near as CO L uo ascertained : Warfiinpfon sired, east side —Cblokoring 4 Sons, pianos, loss, SIOO,OOO ; insured, $97,000. P. o.l’azolt 4 Son, fare, $20,000. Patrick Dona hue, Catholic book store, $40,000; insured. Globe Theatre building, Arthur Ohouoy, iossoo, $160,- 000 ; insured between $70,000 and SBO,OOO on properties, and ft largo amount on tho build ing. fiamaboo 4 Winch, pianos, $12,000; Edward L. Slocum, /urn, $25,000 ; Poston Directory, $5,000 ; Sirs. H. Curtis, cos tumer, $15.000; Mona fioril, teacher of French, $6,000; Jour Earle 4 Co., tailors, $16,000, lu surod ; Bryant, Stratton 4 Co., commercial col lege, SB,OOO, insured ; Post No. 118 Grand Army of tho Republic, $15,000, Insurance $750; Domou 4 Temple, gents* furnishing goods, $15,000, insured $5,000; Alexander Crawford, roatauraut, $16,000 : Arlington Billiard Hal), $6,000. Washington dreet.wcst side— Emerson 4 Co., pianos, $U7,000 ; Plummer 4 Boynton, dry goods, $7,000; Given Holmes, drygoods, SII,OOO, Insured; John Roossle, lager boor saloon, $15,000; Conant's corset store, $5,000; European hair store, $5,000; Jourdim'a anatomical museum, $30,000, insured for $20,000; Rhodes, Ripley 4 Co., olothlors, lead a stock of about $125,000. They saved a littilo of their stock but of slight value. Tho firm. had SBO,OOO insurance. Holey, Morse 4 Co., $150,000, immbod $125,000 hi various oQlces outside of Boston; O. R, Roichardt, International Hotel, $60,000; J. W, Brackett, pianos, $10,000; George Poster, agent for hats, caps, and straw goods, $85,000 to $40,000, Insured, $80,500; George F. White, millinery, $20,000; P. P. Libby, $16,000; John M. Maguire, gouts* furnishing goods, 97.000; Dumluuu’s photographic gallory, $5,000; Montgomery 4 Co., confectioners, $lO,- 000 i George Thompson 4 Co., dry goods, $28,- 000, intjutod almost fully; P, W. Wethorell 4 Co., apothecaries. $16,000, well Insured; G. P. Milton, dry goods, $10,000; 11. Nowmin A Bon, I tailors; SIO,OOOI G. 0. Chase A Co., $10,000; Million, Ido A do., $16,000: William O. Booves, gents* furnishing goods, $12,000: Pornald A Go., Importers of cloth, $16,000; Kings A Bon* nott, blenching, $5,000. Tho Doylatou Bank, which was located in tho second story, was dam aged slightly by water. liumitcad court —Bonnoy A Co. a Btablos, SIB,OOO. , , Essex strcctf~T3. S. Rowo A Co., boots and shoos, $15,000, insurance. $0,000; Folsom A Martin, furnishing goods, $175,000. fully Insured in outside agonoloa ; Alhorlon T. Brown A Co., Brown’s Bronchial Troches, loss, $50,000, in surance, $30,000 ; Goorgo Turner, boots and shoes, loss, $16,000, insurance, SIO,OOO ; Chauu coy Hall School, Messrs. Gushing A Ladd, loss, $5,000, insurance, $3,000 ; J* W. Pitcher, Globe Cafe; loss, SB,OOO, no insurance; Ninth Iloglmont iloadndarters, loss, slight; Loland Woolock A Co;, furnishing goods, leas,. SIOO,OOO. insurance, $60,000 ; John I>. Bogan, boots and shoos, loss, $7,500, insurance, $3,000* J 'trimmer place— O. D, Homer, Trustee of Hobbs heirs, throe houses, $7,600. hoylcston street, north side—lt. Monroe A Bona, cuutom-imxio ntothlnrr ostablishinont; Knapp’s wine, boor, and billiard collar; J. . F. Bvrafn A Co., watch, clock, and Jewelry dealers; Boylston dining-rooms; Glass Tablet Manu factory, and Emerson, Loland A Oo.’s paper collar warobonso wore ail wot through and moro aro loss touched by llro. Tho loses on tho buildings destroyed at the Assessor's valuation foot up $600,600; deduct ing 20 per cent as salvage on building materials, actual loss, real estate, $155,000. Total loss estimated at $1,025,000. Insurance mostly in Eastern and foreign companies. New Yonit. May 80.—Tho Herald furnishes tho following list of loßsos of insurance companies by tho Boston fire: North American, Boston $ 3,600- Manufacturers’, Boston 25,000 Fanouil Hall, Boston 2,000 Continental, Now York, about 6,000. Shoo and Leather, Boston, about 0,000 Royal Insurance Company about 100,000 North American, Philadelphia 40,000 American, Philadelphia ’ 30,000 Peunsylvania, Philadelphia 30,000 Hartford, Hartford 10,000 Phcenlz, Hartford 15,000 National, Hartford. 6,000 Stearns Brothers’ Agonoy.... 100,003 Liverpool and London 160,000 Imperial 14,000 Pbosnlx,. New York; 12,000 Niagara, Now York 0,000 Hoffmann, Now York i..... 7,500 Elllzon, Halils & Co,, Companies 100,000 Clinton, New Y0rk,.,.,.- 2,000 Williamsburg City, New York 13,000 Fire Association, Philadelphia..’.. 15,000 Girard, Philadelphia 5,000 Traders’, Chicago 6,000 SI. Paul 5,000 Bangor 3,000 North Missouri 7,600 iEtna, Now York 10,000 Columbia, Now York 16,000 Lamar, New York 1,600 Union Mulual, Philadelphia * 6,000 Eliot, Boston 3,000 Manufacturers’, Boston 3,000 Total insurance,....... Tho Herald's Boston special r , " v fl that John Hill, William Killoon, Thomas Fiu..jgau, James Regan, and William Mahoney, firemen, woro killed by falling walls. Charles Alien was seriously injured. Jacksonville, 111., May 80.—A dwelling-house belonging to Martin Joyce, of Jacksonville, lo cated two miles couth oi this city and occupied by ox-Coronor Lawler and bis family, was en tirely consumed by fire last night, together with all its contents, including tho furniture and clothing. The family woro awakened barely in time to make their escape from the burning building. Tbo loss is from $2,000 to $3,000, with no insurance. PiTTSDonau, Pa M May 80.—Tho planing-mill of Miller, Steen & Co., In Allegheny City, was totally destroyed by fire last night. Loss, $15,- 000; insured in Pittsburgh companies, Cincinnati, May 80.—Tbo wmolioum of Potor Hill, at Carlisle, Ind., containing 9,000 bushels of wheat, was burned last night. Loss not stated. The wheat was insured for SIO,OOO in tbo Homo and Pbconix Companies. AGRICULTURE, Clotting kcoupv In tho National Agrl« cultural Association Convention, Vostcnlayi Special Diepaiehto The Chicago Tribune. Indianapolis, Ind., May 30.— Tho Notional Agricultural Congress resumed business at 8 o'clock this'morning, Hr. Smith, of Georgia, in tho chair. The Meteorological and Crop Boport Committee presented resolutions approving the meteorological reports now fumiehod from Washington ; urging upon Congress tbo exten sion of tho system, so that ibo farmers could re ceive daily reports at all post-offices and railway stations ; recognizing tho importance of a na tional system of crop reports ; indorsing thd plan laid down by the late Commodore Maury, and providing for urging thoso points on tbo Government. Adopted. Mr. Pord, Missouri, moved to take from tho table tho resolutions relative to donating public lands to Agricultural Colleges. Mr. Whoelor, Nebraska, opposed it. Mr. Holgardj Mississippi, said ho was Presi dent of a State College, but did not believe It advisable for tbo Congress to adopt tho resolu tions. There being a large majority against tho motion, tho resolutions were allowed to lie on tho table. Tho Congress adjourned and onioyod a pleas ant drive around town, under tho auspices of tho Indiana Stato Agricultural Society, visiting many places of interest. On reassem bling. resolutions regretting tho death of commodore Maury, of Virginia, and Mr. McAllister, of Pennsylvania, late members of the Congress, woro adopted. Tho Constitution was amended so that each regularly-organized agricultural, horticultural, or other kindred association contributing $5 or more to the sup port of tho Congress should bo entitled to one representative, and establishing hereafter stand ing committees of iho Congress. Mr. Smith, Illinois, moved to indorse tbo West ern and Pastern transportation scheme, being a railroad from Leavenworth. Kb., to Port Bovfll. s. a ' . Mr. Wheeler. Nebraska, thinking It unwise for tho Congress to indorse any particular trans portation scheme, moved to refer to tho Trans portation Committee to report to tho next Congress. So ordered, Tho Praaldotit road a dlapniob announcing that Boston was again in flames. Tho intoliigenco created a profound sensation, and resolutions of sympathy, presented by Col. Langdon, of Ala-' bamo, woro unanimously adopted. Gen. Jackson, of Tennessee, tho new Presi dent, was installed, and, after reluming thanks, said that, after a long period of apathy and criminal neglect of tho most Important interest of tho nation, tho cultivators of tho soil, North and South, East and West, by 00-oper&Uon with each other, hod sot on foot and fully organized tho National Congress. Twenty-five States of the Union wore represented at the mooting. They recognized in tho Congress as constituted besides every form of society having for its purpose tho advancement of agriculture and tbo protection of tbo former, whether known os Fanners’ Clubs, Associations, Oranges of Husbandry, Formers' Unions, or by whatever name they might bo designated, iho repre sentatives of those, including tho National and Stato Boards of Agriculture and Agricultural Colleges, would meet in the Congress on tho common ground, to consult upon a subject of public import, and compare interest, and for mutual advancement and self-protection. Here tofore tboy had boon an army at rout, oaoh one for himself and to himself, oftentimes pull ing in opposite directions, thereby neutralizing their strength. Their plan was simple, possible, and feasible. By it tho farmers of ibis bread land could exert tbo influence and power to which their aggregate numbers, about ono-half tho population of America, their property, inter ests, and importance entitled them. They should work up their Slates, and tho watchword in all forms of farmers’ unions should ho 44 Or ganize and Harmonize.” [Applause.] The Congress adjourned to moot at Atlanta, Ga., In May, 1874. Thu Homo Disease* New York, Hay 30.—An increase is reported in tho number of horses sick in tho Oouoy Island car stables, Brooklyn, and tbo disease Is said to bo spreading to other stables, whore a large number of homes are kept. X’mLADEza'uu, May 80.—A case of opieoot was observed this mcrulug on the ferryboat coming from Camden. NjIIBER 285. FGfiEIGN. lo The French liS'iislry Entirely Rc ce| trnctefl, Revolution in the Argentine Republic. The Russian Campaign In Khiva. SOUTH AMERICA. Libbon, May CO.—Tho mall aloamor Garonne, from South Amoricau porta, has arrived, bring' mg dates from lUo Janeiro to tho lltbi Inst. Thu budget of tho Brazilian Minister of Finance re ports a surplus of $0,143,700. A revolution hod broken out in Entro Rios, a Province of tho Argentina Republic. Lopez Jourdan vraa at tho hood of tho rebels. Ho took possession of tbo towns of Qunloguav, Victoria, and Colon, but anbaoquoutly mot with a check ac tho hands of the Argentina forces.. At last ac counts tho Government was concentrating troops to crash out tho insurrection. SPAIN. Madrid, May 30.—Admiral Topoto bos boon relinked from imprisonment. The Constituent Cortes will moot to-morrow. The of Rub), in Catalonia, bavo ro fueod to pay tho contribution levied on thorn foe putting tho fortifications in a stato of defense, Tho authorities bavo taken enorgotlo measures to compel tho payment, and threaten to oxpol all who rofueo from thoir houses, and wall up tho doors and windows. ■ Bayonne, May 80.—Advices from tho vioinity of Lorono represent that a great battle between tbo Carlisle and Republicans is on tho point of taking place. FRANCE. Paris, May 30.—The Official Journal announ ces tbo appointment of Gon. Du Derail to bo Minister of War, In placo of Gon. DoOlssoy, which completes tbo reconstruction of tho Cabi net. It is reported that tho Marqnia Do Bannoville, tho Ambassador of Franco at Vicuna, will bo re called., May 30.—Tbo Assembly this af ternoon voted to robuild the Column Vondomo, and adjourned until tbo Ctb of Juno. KHIVA. London, May SO.— A special from a corre spondent with tho Russian expedition against Khiva Bays: “Two columns of Gon. Kauff man’s command aro about to moot in tbo Roakau bills, Orenburg, and Mangosplak. Tbo columns bavo established communication. .5703,500 GREAT BRITAIN. London. May 80.—The race for tbo Oaks stakes took placo at Epsom to-day, and was wit nessed by a great crowd of persona. Mario Stuart was tbo winner, Wild Myrtle second, and Angola third. Eighteen fillies ran. T. Cannon woa jockey of the Mario Stuart. Tbo betting just previous to tbo race wad two to one against the winner, two to ono against Wild Myrtle, and seven to one against Angela. CANADA. Toronto, May 30.—A dispatch from Throe Rivers says tbat Gus Matti, agent for Ritchie & Cull, lumbermen} David Lord, fireman; and Loon Houle and Peter Stone, boatmen, wore drowned while descending the rapids of tho River St. Maurice. RECONCILIATION. Joint Decoration of Federal and Com federate CSravos at Bt* Louis* St. LoOiff, - May DO; —Tbo decoration of tho soldiers’ graves m tho National Cemetery, Jef ferson Barracks, 14 miles bolow tho city, was raoro largely participated in than ovor before. Thousands of gontloraon, ladies, and children of all classes wore on tho ground. Bovoral military companies, including ono colored, wore also present, and participated in tbo exercises, -which wore very impressive. Tho marked feature of tho day was tho cordial corporation of Federate and Confederates in paying tribute to the mem ory of the dead. Tho services wore opened by- Bishop Bowman with prayer, after which Col. John A. Joico, Union officer, delivered an elo quent oration,-and was followed by Col. Herricks in a brief speech la Gorman. Prof. Fathers then recited (ho poem entitled Tho Blue and tho Gray,” ana was followed by Col. A. W. Blaybaok, Confederate officer, in a very eloquent address, in which ho plead • for peace, reconciliation, fraternal fooling, and hearty corporation in all things calculated to promote harmony and condnco to the prosperity and glory of our common country. After tho benediction nr Bishop Bowman, tbo groat crowd headed by military companies, a detachment of United States regulars, and tho Post baud, formed in procession and marched to tbo como tory, whore they scattered over tho grounds,— tho Blue and tbo Gray mingling freely and tenderly, and showered their floral offerings over the graves of departed heroes. Of tho 14,000 graves in tho cemetery not one was passed unheeded,—tho Federal, tbo Confeder ate, and tho colored soldiers being alike honored. The gravea in Bollofontaino and Calvary Comotonos, five miles above tho city, wore also decorated, and the tombs in other cemeteries in the vicinity of tho city received like attention. CALIFORNIA. Murder of a Cblnaman—Great Con sternation Among- the Celestials— Fearful Corruption of Officers ol tbo Law in Sacramento* San Francisco, May 29.—Tbo Ohinoman who was murdered by two white men last night has not been identified. A woman identities tbo prisoners as tho men who did tho murder. Tho Chinese are greatly alarmed, and fearful of mur der and riot. Their theatres and stores are all closed. Law-abiding citizens of all classes de nounce in strong terras tbo efforts made by un principled demagogues to incito the massacre and murder of those people, ond there is a gen eral determination that the laws shall bo main tained at all hazards. Thoro is much excitement at Sacramento con cerning the investigation by the Police Com missioners into tho conduct of Officers Len. Harris and Enoch Dolo in the Mortimer caao. In tbo Gibson murder trial Carrie Mortimer swore that tbo officers several times told her and Mortimer of persons who possessed largo sums of money, for tbo purpose of having thorn rob them. Sue said they brought Mortimer homo on tho night of tho murder, airs. Gibson told her ebo had business for Mortimer to perform, but ho was too drunk to attend to it proporly. A largo number of witnesses will bo examined. IKitllronrt Ticket Frauds* Bt. Louis, May SO.— Some time since tho ofll core of tbo Atlantic A Pacific Bailroad Company discovered that they wore being systematically swindled out of passenger tickets on tho branches of their road, and at Ban Francisco, Now York, and other points. An investigation lod to the discovery that tho dorks in tboir employ had boon guilty of tho spoliation, and that tho loss to tho Company, so far as known, would roach fully $20,000. It was further ascertained that those tickets woro disposed of through, private agencies, of which there are a Fargo number in different parts of tho coun try. To-day William P. Foster, proprietor of Foster’s Express Package Delivery, in this city, who was formerly connected with tho ticket office of tho Chicago «V Alton Boad, and who now has a ticket office connected with his business, was brought before tho Criminal Court on a capias to answer to an Indictment for receiving stolen prop erty, he boing charged with having in his posses sion $4,000 worth of stolon tickets. He gave $5,000 bonds, and was released. Suicide* Special fUtpafek to The Chicago Tribune, PwimiT, 111,, May 80.—An unknown man, whose name sounds like rotor Kladman, hung himself at Dwight this forenoon in a vacant com-orib. Ho had boon drinking tho day before, and spent lofifc night in tho calaboose. An in quest was held before Justice Thompson, and a vordiot rendered accordingly. As 2 bill and a razor wore found In his pockets. Ho was of me dium height and build, not badly dressed, with a blue blouse, of light complexion, and Gorman appearance.

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