Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 31, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 31, 1873 Page 6
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6 WONEY AND COMMERCE MONETARY. « . . rmi»A* Evkhixo, May 80, In this and In Uio Knsiom cities generally, to* day was observed as a holiday by the banks and in financial affairs. f tiib onioAao a noutiiwistern ej.ectiok, Tho annual olootion of tho ofllcors and Diroot on.of .tbo Chicago &• Northwestern Railroad takes place next week. Rumors have again boon busy, as they bavo boon several times before, in togardto a.possible change In tho administra tion of tho road, though it Is not probable that any one who knows what tho result will bo will toll of it now. During tho admiulstrotion of Hr. Tracy, tho Northwestern Roads have boon well managed, and oven If there should be a change, it ia not probable there could bo ony lm* provemont in thot respect, though it is possihlo it might derange some local ontorprisoo. nBSPONaiuiLITY OV JUNK-DIRECTORS, There is now a case in tho courts in this city In which tho Director of an exploded bank ro xuuea to pay to the Receiver hid note, given for tho purchase of stock, on tho plea of having re ceived “no consideration.” under tho National Bank act, a man must bo tho bona fldo holder of at least ton shares of stock to mako him eligible to the oHlco of Director. If tho plea of tho Director in question is admitted by tho Court, there is ho reason why tho whole Board of Directors of a National Bank may not be “ mon of straw, whoso names aro used as Directors, but who would bo subject to no liabilities wbaU vn°f* '9^S alu ty this question, of the’responsi bility of Dlrootors of National Banks requires some additional legislation. ± THE NEW ISTHMIAN CANAL PROJECT. . Tho Now York Herald of the 20th says there is one commercial scheme upon which the Admin istration has ventured with a manifest desire to carry it through, viz.i tho construction of a shin canal across the Isthmus of Darien, and says that “under the auspices of Gen. Grant’s Admin istration tho most available' route for tho canal has ai .length been found In the tiewhj dlecov ®r.°4. TO: “ft®® Isthmus, by way of tho tr i{? ® r » VOIV JVlthouk any desire to depreci ate tho Yftlu6 of Commander Solfridgo’s explora tions on tho Isthmus, wo'would inform tho Her ald. that the Atrato route for a proposed Isth mian Canal is by no moans a now one. Tho project of an inlor-ocoanio canal by I ibat route was talked of nearly a half a century I «go, and over 20 years ago a largo and elaborate map of .tho . Atrato route was published in Hunt's Merchants' Magazine. Tho estimated cost of a canal by this route is something over $70,000,000, though it is probable this is much below what it would bo. The attempted purchase of Bt, Do mingo and tho proposal now being entertained to annex and pay for tho North Mexican States of Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, Coohuiia, and Chi huahua, and finally tho project of tho Isthmian Canal, show that the Administration is bent upon' spending money for something, but while the St. Domingo and Mexican annex ation schemes have nothing at all to recommend them, there would undoubtedly be some strong arguments in favor of tho canal. ,• ' • THE OBEDIT MOUILIER SUIT. Tho bill in equity recently tiled by the United States against tbo ofilcora unci stockholders of the. Union Pacific Railroad, tho Orcdit Mobilior, the’ Wyoming Coal and Mining Company, tho Omaha Bridge and Transfer Company, and oth ers.' is epitomized by tho Philadelphia Ledger as follows t ■ It sots forth tho indebtedness of tho “Union Pacific” to tho United States for bonds Issued and interest duo and unpaid. Tho bonds amount to $27,236,612, and tho unpaid interest to 66,198,- 709, making together $33,485,221. The hill then goes on to state that tho Company has issued nrab mortgage bonds to the amount of $27,237,- OOOOj “income bonds” to tho amount of $lO,- 000,000; “ land grant bonds ” to tho amount of $8,811,000; “bndgo bonds” to tho amount of $2,468,000; and has a floating debt of $2,000,000, making in all evidences of debt of $50,410,000 over and above tbo $33,435,221 duo to tho United JBtalea—the aggregate bonded debt and unpaid interest being $83,861,221. As to a largo por tiou of tho abovo described bonds issued by tho Company tho bill declares them to havo boon unlawfully issued and divided. Mention la then made of tho stock certificates issued, which amount to $90,782,800, making tho aggregate of the money represented by tho paper issues of tho Company and tho bonds and interest duo to the United States. f5120,584,033. The issue of tho stock certificates is declared in tbo bill to havo boon procured by fraudulent combination of tho principal parties, contracting for themselves on one mdo' os tho. Union Pacific Railroad Company, with themselves on tho other side os “Hoxio” and tho “Credit Mobilior” Company. It further declares that plates are being engraved for “sinking fund mortgage bonds” to tho amount of $16,000,000, and that, unless enjoined, said bonds would soon bo “on tho market;” “that the Company is bankrupt;” that tho cost of its railroad aud telegraph linos “was considerably 7m than halfot tho sum rep resented by tho aggregate of stock certificates and pretended liabilities issued by tho Com pany,” a largo part of which wore issued unlaw fully; that tho Company’s earnings aro not suf •fleiont to pay interest on its evidences of debt: and that “ new ties and tails will bo necessary" for nearly tho whole road “ within two or three years,” Tho bill farther describes how tho chief con spirators distributed about 70,000 shores of stock among themselves ; how they in the samo man ner divided $1,250,000 of first mortgage bonds : how they brought about a “direct spoliation” of $3,000,000 of stock aud bonds ; tho contrivan ces by which they gave themselves contracts at “ their own prices, ’ with excessive profits; and tho “ covers and devices ” by which, “ under tho oppeoranco of contracts,” they woro enabled “ to distribute among themselves the property of tho Company.”. RAILROAD NOTES. Tho Boston -Traveller supplies tbo following statemout of tbo percentages of oxpeudiluroß to income on tbo-oigbt trunk roads running from Boston, during the year ending on tbo 30th of September last: Boston It Albany, 74 V per ccut. Boston, Hartford & isrle, 75# per cent, Boston Si BoWoll, 77 per cent. Boston & Maine, 70 92-100 per cent. Boston A Providence, 72 80-100 per cent. Eastern,oß 47-100 per cent. Fitchburg, 76 per cent. Old Colony, GO 70-100 per cent. Average for eight roads, 73# per cent. The Now York, Oswego & Midland Railroad Company has been reorganized, with Mr. George Opdyko for President, and a new Board of Di rectors composed of wealthy capitalists. At a meeting of the Company it was agreed to pro cure immediately 6-1,000,000. Of this amount 63,750,000 have been already subscribed, and tho remainder will be forthcoming at once. With this amount it is proposed to complete tho road and place it upon a sound financial footing. COMMERCIAL, Fbiday Evening, Slay 30. To-day having been set apart for tho decora tion of the soldiers’ graves, tho Board of Trade' hold no meeting, as a body, but several of its members gathered in tho halls of tho building, and traded as they usually do on holidays. Busl dobs was comparatively spirited, owing to tho miserable weather, which excited renewed ap prehensions of tho corn yield. It was not only stormy last night, but disagreeably cold yester day and to-day. Tho low tomporaturo of this morning was certainly discouraging, ovon to those who have hitherto hoped against hope for a turn tuat will permit a fair crop. Tho cold chill made it exceedingly disagreea ble in tho corridors, and suggested to many that it would have boon well to open the rooms as usual, if trading wore to bo permitted at all. Probably not more than a baker’s dozen of those who hung around there during tho greater part of tho day really wanted to stay, and they only because they had nowhere else to go. The rest wore there under virtual compulsion,— to watch tho market in the interest of them selves or clients, so long as there was a market to bo watched. A man who has orders to buy, or sell, at a certain figure, which ho has boon look ing out for during several days, docs not like to know that that figure was touched in his absence, and tbo opportunity gone by, perhaps not to return for months. Ilonco ho stands round miserably, thinking bad words if ho do not utter them, and wishing the day wore over nr tho market at Jericho, There Is not ouo in a hundred of tbo trading members of tho Board of Trade who would not prefer that there bo no holl lay adjournments If there must ho trading. On tho other hand, there aro a great many who would bo glad of tho opportunity to tako a day off now and then, if they could do it without tho fear that tho market would run away from under thoir feet during such absence. What is wanted is a» extension of tho present 0 and 6 o’clock rule, which la now beet liked by those who strenuously opposed its passage a fow weoks ago. Lot the Board of Trade resolve that it wifi recognize do contracts p, ado on days Whioh tho • Board declares to bo holi- JJXJ c ] nb *tono asnomblngo would at all Aiufmt 1 ? tn J 1 . ol,ftrooto|, »—which 1b nono 9 U W bo necessary for tbo pro nrnt uf. members would bo to a weaken!*!*? h( J ,ldtty bo doolarod without laat i fS* W t ho . n . • B 4°S [holiday fallsupon tho 6ltbo , p btt 'f of tho month, or on a day «ra°i?# Bto { a K° °J?5 p ffoa accumulate on tho hold- P r ° duco ; -Wio members of tho Board could thou prepare for a holiday, and malto arranco -s?“*?.*° ? y°fx [i f Rowing Ihot any trading that transpired In their dbaondo would bo of tho Uro eponaiblo order. TUB MAHKETS. aiioro wns really a largo bualnouo transuded to-day In produce,—for a holiday,—though thn trading was principally speculative. Country orders woro unusually numerous, and many of thorn necessarily wont unfilled. The shinning ttiovomont was hotlvo. "puling Hoods woro again quoted qwlot, and with out change in values. A moderate number of orders woro received through the malls, hut tho SmSi U i of tuyorß **} Poraonwaa noticeably small. Tho grocery trade continues dull at about former quotations, the only change noted being a reduction In diamond drips syrup of Co per gallon. Sutler was moving freely at tho prices current earlier in the week, or at 10(®20o for poor to good, and at 28@250 for choice. The stirnny is not excessive, and prices may bo con sidered Bloody. Bogging remains quiet, at 80Wo for Stork, at 880 for 'Ludlow, at 34W0 for Lewis ton, and 820 tor American. No now features wore developed In connection with the fish market. Dealers report continued activity in tho domauQ, and prices aro firmly hold. Dried fruits remain dull, with prices rothor in buyers’ favor. In tho hay, hide, and leather market, tho changes, if anv, oro unimportant, a fair amount or sates being accomplished at substantially yesterday’s E Hces. Oils woro generally steady, quotations olng 19@10>£o for carbon, 700 for extra lard. 81.00@1.05 for linseed, and C0@570 for turpen tine. A liberal trade In lumbot is reported ab tho yards at about yesterday’s range of prices. A largo float of lumber vessels arrived at the docks last evening. There was a fair amount of trad ing in tho bettor grades this morning, but coarse lumber moved slowly. Shingles sold at $3.00 and lath at $2.50. Building materials, metals, and iron woro In moderate demand ac tho quoted prices. Nails woro fairly aotlvo at ' $5.00 rates. Wool, hops,* and broom-corn wore unchanged. Seeds woro inactive and nominal at I $1.25(3)1.85 for Hungarian, 80c@$1.00 for millet, and $4.00(5)4.25 for timothy. Green 'fruits wore in moderate demand. Lemons and oranges re main firm, but apples are slow and easy. Straw berries woro in bettor supply and a trifle lower. Tho offerings of poultry woro light, particularly chickens, which woro in fair local request and firm. Eggs woro also firm, owing to a good in quiry ana moderate supply. Lake freights wore active at decline on com to Buffalo, which was taken at tyfo. A cor responding reduction was qnotod to othor points, as for com and ll>£o for wheat to Oswego and Kingston. Wheat to Buffalo was nominal at 6o; there being nothleg done, simply because there is almost no wheat loft to ship out. Freight-room was engaged in tho morning for 828,000 bu com, tho total number of vessels chartered being 0. Highwlnos woro inactive, and nominally un changed, at 01c asked and 00@9(%o hid per gal lon. Provisions woro quiet and steady, with a mod erate demand for pork and lard, and very littlo offering. Thoro was no chango in quotations from yesterday, when tho markot closed at tho following tango of prices: Moss pork, cash or seller Juno, $16.15@16.20; do sel ler July, $10.50@1d:65; do seller August, $16.85@16.87>5: lard, cash or seller Juno, $8.60; do seller July,' $8.75(358.80; do sel ler August. $9.00; summer do, $7,900)8.00, Sweet pickled hams quoted at 10@12o. Dry suited moats quotable at69£@oK cf °r shoulders; B&}@B>£o for short ribs; aud BX@B££c for short clear. Coxed shoulders, Eng lish moats, B%@B%ofor short ribs; BX@9o for short clear. Bacon is quoted at 7j£o for shoulders; OWo for clear ribs for short clear, and 13@14>£o for hams, all packed. Moss beef, $9.00@9.2G; extra mess do, $10,000) 10.25: beef bams, $28.00@20.C0. City tallow, 7%@80; greaso quotable at Sales woro reported of 1,000 tes lord, sollor Juno, at BXo. .Flour was inactive, and nominal at yesterday’s range of prices, as follows : Fair to choice white winter extras $ 8.60 @ll.OO Hod winter extras 7.00 @8.50 Good to choice spring extras 6.25 @7.60 Low to medium 6.00 @O.OO. Mlnncsotas (patent) 8.00 @ll.OO Good to fancy Minnesota 6.60 @B.OO Spring auporflaea 3.00 @ 8.00 Bye flour 4.15 @4.40 XJrou 0.00 ,0.9R Wheat waß active, and averaged %@lo blgbor than on Thursday, though closing at nearly the game range on both days. Liverpool was early reported id per 100 lbs higher on white wheat, and-there wore a good many country dflore in. while the easier fooling in lake freights helped to higher prices, though the shipping movement was practically nothing, as freight room had previously boon taken for very nearly all the wheat now hero. The question in wheat is not so much the price as determined by tbo coming crop, as the amount that will bo hero to moot op tions as they come duo. Discrimination in freights is attracting to Milwaukee a much larger proj)or tioa of wheat than over before, aud the conse quence is light receipts boro. Wo have almost none to moot the few May shorts yet out, aud the probabilities are that the Juno receipts will bo no larger than can bo easily bandied by tbo long interest, while the same conditions promise to obtain in July. Those things causo a froo speculative buying, ovon on tho part of thoso who boliovo tho crop will bo plentiful, and aro therefore froo sollrcs of seller tho year at 130 be low noxt month's prices. Seller Juno opened at 61.28, advanced to $1.28%, declined to $1.27%, rose to 61.28%, and fell back (o sellers at $1.27% at tho close. Seller July sold at 61.26%@1.27%, closing with froo sellers at $1.27. Seller tho year sold at $1.15; there wore numerous offerings on country account, and few buyers. Seller tho month, or cash No. 2, was nominal, —generally hold at 61.80, and probably could not have boon had for loss. Tho other grades wore entirely nominal, at 61.86@1.35% for No. 1, 61.10(5)1.20 for No. 8, and 61.02@1.03 for rejected. Com was active, and averaged %o higher, though irregular. Tho market was quiot but strong early, under a good demand, with fow sellers; then weakened, as tho higher prices brought out an increased number of offer ings 4 and again advanced, as it began to bo rumored around that freight room had ‘ boon engaged to carry out a largo part of a million bu. Tho early strength was partially consequent upon tho weakness in freights, and partially in sympathy with wheat, as woll os because tbo weather continued very cold. It was, however, stated that tho llior morootrlo depression was confined to Chicago and iho country immediately around us, though this morning tho wind was from tho north aud northeast all over tho United States above tho latitude of Cairo. Seller Juno opened at 89%0. advanced at 80%0, recoded to 890, and closed firm at 89%@39%0. Regular No. 2 was nominal at 38%0 bid. Sober July sold at 42%@43%0; and seller August at 44%@45%0. both closing with tho inside bid. . Oats were active Tend firm at an'advance of %@%c, in sympathy with corn, tho demand being entirely for options, except 1,500 bu No. 2, strictly fresh, which sold at 82% c. Seller Juno sold at 82%@82%0, and seller July at 84 84%0, both closing Him at tho outside. Rye was Inactive, and nominally unchanged, at QBKO for No. 2. Barley was quiet and unchanged, with very little demand, aud stocks reduced to a low point. The range is about 70@780 for No. 2, G3@7Cofor No. 8, and 48®400 for rejected; the inside In the Rock Island Elevator, and the outside in other houses. Cash sales wore reported of 10,000 bu No. 2, regular, at 700. The Augusta (Ga.) Baity Chronicle has tho following on tho provision movement and its prospects: Receipts of summer hogs at prominent points West 0 b® Increasing heavily, and prices declining rapidly. This has upset tho calculations of tho hulls, and they now find themselves carrying most all tho stock in tho country, bought up at the fancy prices produced by their own blowing, and tho meat begins to fed heavy, capecla ly In view of tho fact that Europe and the South, profltingby experience of former years, paying fancy prices later in the season, bought largely ear y, while prices were low, aud are now enjoying their bacon and greens at cheap cost. A liberal cottoS crop and good prices enabled the planters to buy free ly early, and the unusual demand during tho winter fenfe k f, Jvauta8 ° of «, «na laldfn enough to lost till late in tho season, as a rule, by which tlmo summer meats will be plenty. The eminent “ Pork vllle (formerly Hogopolls), engineer aud pilot of tho move, appears to have put on too much S .„,i bovo lot tlio bailor bum and acrid rilTbo on tho ‘'Balt llivor imckot” -bocon rinj/"™o S the pußonaera Hero blown in blub up In tfc, ,ir S tbo oxnfoßlonlt la foorod tboy will never come down omln Ilia reported very fow Chicago™ moo board tho boot, the seven-foot pork sage of UiatviiUmT rather -baking hi. head ami’"expressing th. 0& that the “old Thing wouldn’t work nohow. When an idea has passed through his cutlro length It la ant to come out pretty well cleaned of imperfections, * Tho San Francisco Market Itevkw says t An Improved fooling pervades commercial circles generally, and there is a manifest increase la ihovol umo of business. Orders for general merchandise from the Interior aro constantly reaching ns while country buyers ere more numerous than for a lons time past. Our Jobbers exhibit a greater wminouoaa to make liberal purchases of staple goods than for mouths past. As a goneral remark, our wholesale Job* we Qt KroMdw, .provisions, etc., uro carrvhur lighter THE'CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: SATURDAY, MAY 31, 1873, otooltai than customary,'and are in a good position to extend (heir business. Our crop prospects are without Jiuesllon Improving day by day, and unless some un oroaeon accident occurs to blast tho wheat plant within tho next . • twenty . -days* there Is not a doubt* but that wo will, have a surplus of 800,000 loua wheat and flour for ex port In tho year to como j and while our wheat crop la thus promising, that of barley and oats are likely to Clvp us tho usual average returns, Tho hay crop will o largo, aud so also of less important or Holes. As for fruits aud vegetables, including grapes, wo will gather full average crops. And for all tills abundance wo have cause for much thankfulness; while our mines of the proclous metals aro yielding more abundantly than over. * LATEST. In tho afternoon a report that London was lower caused wheat to doolino to $1.27% eollor Juno, and $1.20% Holler July. Tho market closed firmer, at $1.27%@1.27%0, and $1.20%, Com was Inactive in tho afternoon, bo far aa sales wore concerned, closing nominally tho same as above. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. .. _ f judav KVKKiwa. May 30, ALCOHOL—Was in fair request at $1.8201.87 for 04 per cent proof. DEANS AND PEAS—Wore quiet and unchanged, wo repeat: Choice hand-plckod navies, ja.6OQ2.COs do mediums. $2.4002.45 • Inferior grades, $1.2502.00; jrocn poaa (In brby, $1.4001.60* yellow, do (In bags), BUILDING MATERIALS—Tho demand'!® improving BlJgmly. Wo continue to quote s Stucco, $2.50@2.75; Now Yorkatuoco, casting, $3.7604.00; eupepflnodo, $5,600 4.00; Portland cement, W.60Q7.60 per brl; Boa cndalo cement, $3.2503.60: Utica, Louisville, ond per brt; marble duat, $3.25 Q3.00; lime In bulk, 85c0$l.OOs lime (brio), $1.1001,25 per brl; while sand, per brl. $1.7602.00; plau tering hair, per bu, 40®600 : Are brloi, per 1,000. $40.00000.00; building brick (common), Hewer brick, $10.00; country brick, $12.00, doUvored; Milwaukee pressed, $32.60. deb; do common, $14.00 s Baclno pressed, $30.00, del.; do common, $14.00; Indiana pressed, $23.00024.00; do common, $12.00; flro clay, per brl, $3.00, or SIO,OO per ton. Tbo fol lowing Is tbo list of prices per box of 50 feet for domesllo window glass, from which a reduction of 60 per cent la made to dealers* First Double quality, ttrcnoth. 7xlo to Bxlo f1.76 0.00 Bxl4 to 10x15.... .. 8.10 13.00 12x18 to 10x20 Di2o 10.00 18x22 to 18x30 11.00 10.00 80x28 to 24x00 13.00 81.00 86x(!0 to 40x00 45.00 BROOM COHN—Thoro won no change to make noto of. Tho inquiry is restricted mainly to fair to choice grades, which are quite firm. Wo quote: No. 1 hurl, 0®7o; No. 1 stock braid. 606>rfo; No. 8 do, 4@4kc; No. 0 do, 3®32{0; Inside green, 3#®4o; do rod tip, 3@40; do polo and red, 20'itfc. RUTTER—Tho demand for this 6 topic continues steadily fair and the market roles comparatively Arm for all grades above common. Receipts are not largo ’or tho suasdh, and thus far Boilers have managed to irovont any. considerable accumulation. Wo quote : Rrlctly choice yellow, 33®250; medium to goad, 18® 31c ; inferior to common, 10@17o. BAGGING—There was a light movement in this class of goods at substantially previous rates. Stocks are full and tho general market is not particu larly ' buoyant, though dealers do not seem tuit ions to increase Bafes ot tho sacriQco of prices; fllark, SOjfc; Ludlow, 360; Lewiston, 34#c; Ameri can, 32c; Amoskcag, ; Otter Creek, 34c: burlap bags, 4 and 6bu, 2O022o; {guimlea, single, i7@lßc; do double. 280200; wool sacks. 67tfo. CHEESE—Tho demand for cheese was fair and fine goods wore steady at ■ tho quoted prices. Low grades are neglected and BfeU at irregular prices. Wo make no change in our quotations : Now York factory, now, 13>4®13Jtfo; Elgin factory', 12>(f01S<tfo: Ohio factory, new, ll®i2ko; Western factory, now, ll®13Ko« COAL—Prices wore somewhat .unsettled all around, but if wo except Blossbturg and Indiana block, which arc off 600 per ton, no quotable* changes were noted: Lehigh, lump, $12.00; prepared, $13.00; Lackawanna, 510.00; Erie, $10.00; Briar HUL $10.00; Walnut Bill, : 510,00; Blossburg, $9.0009.60; Cherry Mine, $9.00; : locking Valley, $9,00 • Indiana canncl coal, $10.00; -In diana block, $8.50; Kirkland grate, $9.00; MJnonk. $8.00; Wilmington, SO.OO. COOPERAGE—Trade under this head continues - light, and chiefly In flour and. whisky barrels, though packers' goods are wanted now and then. Tho supply is amnio. Wo quote: Pork barrels, ot $1.2501.35; lord tteroos, fl.CO01.7O; whisky barrels, $1.9002.10; flour barrels, 46®570; pork staves, rough, $17.00020.00; do bucked or sawed, $20,00025.00; tlorco staves, rough, $20.00025.00; do bucked or sawed, $25.00®28.00; whisky staves, rough, $24.00®28.00; do bucked, $30.00033.00; flour Blaves, $0,00011.00; circle flour heading, 7®Bo per sot; flour hoop poles, $14.00@10.00 per m; pork and tlorco poles, $30.00035.00 per m. EGGS—Mot with n fair local inquiry, and owing to moderate offerings wore Arm at 14c. Some dealers were asking 14 o. Sales Include 40 cases at 140. EEATUEIIB—Wore la good request and flnu. Tho receipts aro very light. Wo quote: Prime to cholco live geese at 76077 c, from flrst bauds; Jobbing prices, 8208 GO for assorted feathers; mixed feathers. 460 70u; chicken, 8010 c. Flßll—'There wore no now features to note in connec tion with tho fish markot. Steady activity prevails, and prices are Arm as follows: No. X Whitehall, X' hrl. $6.87X®7*00; No. 3 do, $6.75-; No. 1 shore mack erel, X brl, $11.66011.76 ; No, 1 hay, $0,C0®0.76; No. 2 mackerel, X hrl. $8.6008.75; No, 1 shore kits, $1.05 @2.00; bank codfish, per 100 lbs, $6.6006.76; George’s ••.mnii, |0,7CQ7.00; Labrador herring, split, brls, SO.OO fS; $ herring No. 1, 28@30o; box herring, scaled, 35037 c; Columbia lUvor salmon, X brls. $10.00010.25. FRUITS AND NUTS—Lildo or no improvement was noticeable in tho fruit market. Orders were few and small, and prices for most goods in the list were easy. No quotable change was reported. Wo repeat our list; Foreign—Dates, 8X09X0 ; figs, drums, ll@14c; figs, box, 14X®10c; Turkish prunes, 0#@10o: raisins, $2.3602.46; Zxnto currants, IX ®7?.£c. Domestic—Aldcn apples, 18020 c; Michi gan do, 607o; Western do, 605Jtfo • Southern do, 405o; peaches, pared, 17Q10o; poaches, halves, 606X0 ; do, mixed, 4X©6o; blackberries, 9@9»£c: raspberries, 40041 c; UtoU cherries, 22024 c. Noxs —Filberts, 14016 c; almonds,' Tcrragoua, 21@23c; Naples walnuts, 24025 c; Brazils, o@oX°l pecans, 11012 c; African peanuts, CX@7o; Wilmington pea nuts, 7<»8o; Tennessee peanuts, 4xooc, GROCERIES—Jobbers were-not very well satisfied with tho situation of tho grocery market, trade being sluggish In all departments. Very few Interior mer chants were to bo seen, while tho orders by mall woro by no means liberal, and tho aggregate distribution was small. Prices were generally steady, a decline of 5c In “ Diamond drips ” syrup being tho only quota ble chango. Coffees continue strong. Wo quoto : Di Gann. Soda—7X@B*Xc, Coffees—Mocha, &JO33Xc; O. G. Java, '27XO 2flXo; Java, No. 2, 20X®270; fancy Rio, 24X0 250; choice do, 24X@24X0; prime Itlo, 24©24j.(c; flood do, 23X023 common do, 22X@230; roast ug do, 21X0220 ; Singapore, 24i(@24Xc; Costa Rico, fancy, 26@25X0; do, prime. 24X021’r0; Mar acaibo, 23X0240. * * ' ’ Candles—otar, full weight, 20020X0 ; stearino, full weight, 16016X0; do short weight, l4@l4Xc. * Rick—Patna, BX@BX°» Rangoon, 7X@9o; Caro lina, BX@2c ; Louisiana, 7X®BX°* SuoAitß—Patent cut loaf, l3013Xo; crushed, pow dered, and-granulated, llX012o; A, standard, 10X ©lie; do No. 2, lOXQlOjgo; D, 10> a '@10Vc; ex tra O,lOX® 10Xo; O No. 2, 1OX01OXO: yellow 0,100 10Xo; choice brown, 10010X0; primo do, OXO OJi'o; fair do, o®9Xo \ choice molasses sugar, OX 010 c; fair do, 909X° 5 Now Orleans sugar, choice, OXolOcj do prime. 0X®0Xo; do fair, BXO 9Xo; common, 7&OBXC, bybops—Diamond drips, $1,2501.30; silver drips, extra Quo, 70073 ; good sugar-house syrup, 45@480; extra do, 6O055o; Now Orleans molasses, choice, 80 @83o; do prime, 73@780; do common, C5@700; Porto Kico molasses, choice, CG0650; common molasses. 30 @350. Balebaxos—Common to best, o®loc. Spicks— Allspice, 17@18o; clovoe, 370380 ; cassia, 38040 c; popper, 23#024tf0; nutmegs, $1.2501.30; ginger, pure, 28030 c; do No. 1,20025 c; do No. 2.10 0190. Soaps— French mottled, O#0O#o; German mottled, Goldon West, C@o#o; White Lily, OV® 0#o; White Hose, 6#0O#o; brown Windsor, 4 4#o ; palm, 0©0#o; Savon Imperial, fl#oO#o, Stabou— Gloss,o#@loo; com, 9011o; laundry, 00 7o; common, 6#@6o, GREEN FRUITS—Lemons and oranges continue firm. Strawberries were quite plenty and o trifle lower. Prices are given below: Apples, good to choice, $4,000 6.30 per*brl; fancy, $5.9000.50 from store. Lemofls, $8.0000.00. Oranges, $8.00010.00. Pineapples, $2.60® 4.60 per doz. Bananas $3.0007.00 per hunch. Goose berries, 10@12#o per quart. Strawberries, 200350. HOPS—Were quiet and nominal at 25045 a for com mon to choice Western. HAY—Dealers report a continued good demand at full prices. Wo quota wholesale prices paid by deal ers, as follows, cars to contain 20,000 lbs : On Track— Timothy, beater pressed, $10.00017.00: timothy, loose pressed, $16.50016,00; pralrlo pressed, $12.00013.60, On Wacom— Timothy, loose, $10.00017.60; pralrlo, loose, $14.00010.00. >For delivery of pressed, SI,OOO 1.60, according to distance. HIDES—Tho movement In bides was far from being active, but the market exhibited a firm tone, and wo continue to quote: Green city butchers’, 7o; green cured light, 10#®ilo; do heavy, 9#01Oo; part cured,oo o#e; green calf, 1601 Co; veal kip, 12#@13c; dry calf, 240; dry kip, 210 : dry salted, 17018 c; dry flint, 19020 c; long-haired kip, 10#o; deacon skins, 460 660; grubby, scored, cut. or otherwise damaged, two thirds price. IRON AND STEEL— I Tho general trade Is dull, and concessions arc made now and then for largo lots of common Iron. Steel remains firm. We repeat: iron i 8-lUO 4 6-10 rates Horse-shoe Iron fl 0 0 6-10 rates Plate Iron, common tank 0# 0 7 rates Russia Iron 200210 rates Russia iron, No. 1 stained 180 fl lb Norway Iron 0 @ o#o lb Norway nail rods u# 0100 »ib Gorman plow steel 11 0120 » lb English cast plow stool 12 ol2#o fl lb American tool steel 17# 0180 Wlb Chromo tool steel ,m mr, English tool steel 21# 023 rates English spring steel 11 ol2#o rates LEATHER—Prices were steady and Arm as given be low : Oily harness Country harness Line, city, fl lb Kip, fl lb Kip, veals City upper, No. 1, fl ft. City upper, No, 2, fl ft. Country upper, No. 1... Collar, fl ft Calf, city Calf, country Rougti upper, standard, Rough pppor damaged. Buflalo slaughter solo., “B. A.” solo Calf i.wau? Kip . 750 1.10 Harness... .v. 400 io French calf. Jodot 65.00@D0.00 French calf, Lcmolno C0.00@80.00 French ulf, 34 to 80 ]ba. » 1.650 3.60 French kip,'6o to 100 thn. 3.1001 1.06 < METALS AND TINNERS* STOCK—Tho demand la moderate at tho quotations following 1 . • Tih Plats—XO, 10x14. (U. 60 i do, 33x13, $15,00; do. do, roofing, 10, (14.00; do, 20x28, PioTm—Largo, 420j small, 43c: bar.44o. Burst Ziho— Fall casks. Hot half casks, ll#011#o; less quantity, ll#o; slab. oc. ; Burst InoH—NO, 24,0#0 rotes. Galvanized Iron—No. 10(370,16o; No. 23024,100; No< 25020,170; No. 27,160 | No. 28, 20c. A discount of 20 per cent Is made from the list. Oorran—Copper bottoms, 4Bo; braziers, over 12 lbs, 470: tlunedcoppor, 430. Wins—2to 6, 8c; 0,8, and o,loc} 10 to 11, lie; 12, ll#o; 18 and 14,12#0: 16 and 10, 14o; 17,16 c; 10, 10c; 10,10 c; 20,20o; full bundle, 35 per cent dis count ; fence wire, 7#o; by car load, 7#o. . NAILS—Are in fair request. The market is weak at (5.00. Wo quote: lOO6Od, per keg, (5.00 rates; 8d do, (5.25; Cd do, (5.60; 4d do, (5.87# ;8d do, (0.60; Od do, fine. (8.00; 2d do, (8.25 ; clinch, $7.87#, NAVAL STORES—Dealers report a fair trade at former prices: Manilla'rope; 79 lb, lOo; sisal rope, lb, 100170; hemp sash oord, 7j) lb, 200 28o; marline, « Ib, 20©220; tarred rope, 7? lb, 170 16o; oakum, $ bale, (5.0000.60; pitch, 70 brl, (0.000 7.00; tar, brl, bale, $6.0000.00, ' OILS—No new features wore noted In this market. The demand was liberal, nolwlthstaudlng the un favorable weather, and prices were generally firmly sustained, wo quote : Carbon, lO01O#o; extra oil, 73©7f10; No. 1, 68070 c; No. 3, Cso; linseed, raw, $1.00; do boiled, (1.05; whale, 87c; sperm. (3.0003.10; neats foot, oil, strictly pure, (1.10; do extra, 00c; do No. 1.75 c; bank oil, 70o; straits, 760; elephant oil, 06c; turpentine, 68®970; naphtha, 03 gravity, SOo; naphtha, common. 10017 c, PAINTS, COLORS, AND PUTTY-Mot with only* moderate Inquiry, and values wore not subjected to any Important change. Below arc the current rates: Strlctlypuro..,, Fancy brands,. Genuine Voillo Montague, American Masury's railroad colors U. 60 Palaco car colors in cans 0X0010.60012.60 Rochelle ochre 3.600 8.76 English Yen. red 4.00 English orange mineral .Tltlabupgli orange mineral 13.00 EngUshred lead.... 13.00 American rod load. 11.00011.60 English vermilion, per lb 1.40Q 1.45 Bcarlet vermilion,. 33 00 ParJswhlto 3.500 4.00 Whiting 3.000 3,60 In bulk /. BXQ3VO In bladders a PIG-IRON—Was steady at tbo annexed prices: Scotch (according to brand), $62.00000.00; Tuscara was, $01.00; Massillon, $01.00; Lake Superior, $58.00® 60.00; Chicago stone ooal, $57.00; Missouri stone cool. $57.00® 69.00. POULTRY—The offerings wore light, and chickens, being in fair local demand, were Arm at $4.3505.00; spring do at $2.0003.00. Turkeys woro slow at 11 V@ 12c. Bales include 0 coops chickens at $4.60. POTATOES—OId potatoes arc rather slow since now have appeared In the market. Car-lots of poachblows are quotable at 46050 c, and now sell at $3.6004,50 per brl. SALT—'Was In moderate request. Annexed are the quotations: Onondaga and Saginaw, fine, $2.00; ordinary coarse, $2.00; coarse Diamond 0, $2.10; ground solar. $2.10: dairy, without bags, $3.50; dairy, with bags, $4.60(34.75; Ashton dairy, per sack. $5.60; ground alum, $2.30®2.40; Turk’s Island, $2.00. ’ SEEDS—There was no session of the Board of Trade to-day, hence wo con only quote the seed market in active and nominal, at $1.8001.35 for good to prime Hungarian; millet at 80c®$1.00 timothy ot $3.76® 4.20 ; clover, $4.7605,00. TEAS—Prices were without change. A fair number of orders wore placed at the following quotations: Young hyson, common to fair, 450550; do good, GO07Oo; do choice to extra ilne, 05c@H.10; common to Ano old hy son, 70@05o; common imperial,. 60065 c; good to choice do, 60c@$l,10; fine to good gunpowder, . 70c@f l.00; choice Bingaue, $1.1601.20; extra Moyuno, $1.3501.40 ; choice to extra leaf Japan, 85c@$1.00; fair to good do, 65®75c; common do, 40@450; common do, 4U@4sc ; colored natural leaf Japan, 660C50; common to lino Oolong, 8S046O; good, 55®C50 ; choice to extra, 86c® TOBACCO—Wo quote: Cokwino—Fine Out—Exlro, 76®650; choice, 650 76c; common, 56®C00; poor, 40@. r »oc. I'luo—Natural leaf, 76@80o; half bright, 60070 c; black, sound, 45066 c. Smoking—Good to choice, 8203 Co; medium, 200 Olo; common, 26028 c. WOOD—Was Arm at former quotations as follows : Beech, $9.00; maple, $10.00; hickory, $11.00: ebbs, $6.00, delivered. VEGETABLES—'Were In moderate demand at tho annexed prices; Peas. $3,0003.50 per hu; string beaus, $3,00 per box: cucumbers, 75@000 per doz; new onions, Sr brl, $7.00; spinach, $1.0002.00 per brl; radishes, 040 c; squash, 708 c per lb; asparagus, 60c@$1.00; pio plant. per tb; lettuce, 25060 c per doz; cab bage, $1.7602.00 per doz; turnips, 30050 c per doz; bcctsat 80040 c per doz; tomatoes. $3.00; carrots, ■ lOSSOo. ’ WOOL—The market is quiet and unchanged. Fol

lowing arc (bo quotations for old wool; Tub, washed, extra medium 60052 c Tnb, washed, common to fair 45048 c Common dingy 40045 c Flcoco, washed, X&XXj dingy,...; 37@420 Fleece, washed, medium light 43(*$4Co Flcoco, washed, medium dingy 37@420 Fleece,{unwashed, X&XX, in good condition.... 28®300 Fleece, unwashed, coarse to medium 30@330 Fleece, unwashed, coarse, and dingy... ~27@300 Super, pulled 38@430 Extra, pulled .. .38@«o Hurry wool 10@20o less. Prices for now wool will probably bo from o@so lower than tbo above. CHICAGO LIVE-STOCK MARKET. Friday Evening, Moy 30. Tho receipts of Uvo stock sluco Saturday have boon os follows: Monday.,.. Tuesday..., Wednesday, Thursday.. Friday Total 10,423 40,158 Shipments were os follows : Monday.... Tuesday.... Wednesday. Thursday.. Total 11,052 27,241 1,110 CATTLE—There was a little more life la tho cattle trade to-day, and, despite tho discouraging tone of tele grams from tho East, tho prevalent feeling seemed rather firmer. Largo as have been tho arrivals, there has l>eoa no large accumulation of any class of stock, and tho moderate number received to-day enabled sell ers to got tho yards pretty well cleaned up, barely 1,000 head remaining unsold at tho close. This num ber is principally composed of good to choice shipping steers, of from 1,200 to 1,850 lbs average. All offerings that would uuswor the purposes of local butchers wore readily disposed of, and fat pony steers of from 1,050 to 1,160 lbs average also met with quick sale at rela tively hlt»h prices, the former commanding $4,00(35.25. and tho latter $3.0005.35. Tho extreme range of (ho market was $3.50@5.W, with most of tho transfers at $5.0005.60. QUOTATIONS. Extra—Graded steers averaging 1,400 lbs and upwards $5.8000.10 Choice Beeves—Fine, fat, well formed 8 year to 6 year old steers, averaging 1,300 to 1,450 lbs; 6,6005.70 Good Beeves—Well-fattened, finely formed steers, averaging 1,200 to 1,300 lbs 6.2506.40 Medium Grades—Steers In fair flesh, aver aging 1,100 to 1,250 lbs 4.8005.15 Butchers* Stock—Common to fair steers, and good to extra cows, for city slaughter, averaging 800 to 1,100 tbs 4.0005.25 Stock Cattle—Common cattle, In docent flesh, averaging 700 to 1,080 lbs 8.7604,00 Inferior—Light and thin cows, heifers, stags, bulls, and scollawsg steers 3.0009.78 Cattle—Texas. Northern wintered 4.0004.60 Cattle—Oora-fod Texas 4.0506,25 Ab. Av. Price, 10 good eteera 1,218 fs.uo 16 choice atcore 1,117 6.05 91 extra ateora 1,901 ■ 6,85 81 choice steers 1,312 6.C0 17good steers ...1.105. 6.19 13 good-steers 1,110 6.90 70 Texas steers 091 4.00 17 good steers 1,031 6,15 10 good steers 1,291 6,60 10 good ateora 1,167 6.26 33 choice steers 1,320 6.60 30 good steers 1,308 6.60 16 good steers 1,231 6.60 61 good steers 1,253 6.35 11 good steers 1,266 6.60 05 choice steers ~..1,282 6.03# 330 Texas steers. 1,220 6,30 17 good ulcers ...1,115 6.12# 81 good steers 1,280 6.10 10 choice steers .1,173 6.75 16 choice steers.... 1,300 6.76 Olgood Bloom 1,108 6.20 10 good steers 1,307 6.10 81 extra steers l,:iCl 6.85 57 good steers 1,208 6.90 13 medium steers 1,217 6,16 60 medium steers 1,230 6.15 20 choice steers 1,138 6.75 10 good steers 1,270 5.16 61 choice steers 1,830 6,05 C 3 choice steers 1,313 6,65 31 choice steers 1,316 6.65 17 extra steers 1,320 6.85 47 cholcoatocm 1,200 6.00 88 Texas steers 070 6.35 10 Texas steers oiil 6,60 30 Texas steers oco 3.37# 22 butchers* steers ~,,1,021 6.05 10 butchers 1 slcorr 1,123 6.13# IB butchers’ steers, 1,160 6.30 10 Cherokee 5teer5....,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,1,110 1.70 10 hutchors*steers 1,001 6.35 IIOGB—The hog market was somewhat firmer than ou yoeuorday, the Improvement being due to the small er supply ou sale. Only about 8,000 bead arrived to day, against 12,632 yesterday, and 13,818 on Wednes day, but there were several thousand stale hoga In the liens, which made the supply quite equal to the wants of the trade, and sellers were not able to much more than sustain prices, light, smooth " Yorkers” being tbe only description for which any considerable ad vance was obtained. Those sold about 00 higher than during yesterday afternoon, 11.00(36.00 being paid In a N li.WBM9.f9S. ..I 390 41 .. 300 38 . 410 43 . 000 1.10 • 660 1.20 •* 280 SO 64 IDO 4.75 67 IDO 4.75 43 183 4.0S 68 330 4.70 67 313 4.70 110 300 ' 4.80 64 201 4.05 61 353 4.C0 CO 327 4.70 07 101 4.75 123 345 4.75 68 185 4.65 CO 200 4.75 103 241 4.00 ' SHEEP—Continue scarce, and the market Is unset tled. The offerings were disposed of at higher prices than prevailed early In the week, though prices were so Irregular that It is quite Impossible to give reliable quotations. „ Friday Evening, May 80. i Another large licet of vessels came lu late last even ing, and somewhere In the neighborhood of 60 cargoes were on the market. The trading); was principally In the better qualities, good to choice strips and boards selling at (14.00010.60. A cargo',- mostly thick clear, sold at (18.00, and one (Muskegon) of Orion’s mill run at $17.00. Tho common grades moved slowly. In the afternoon there was but little doing. Posts and scant ling are quotable at (10.00010.60; common boards and fair do at (10.00013.00: lath, (2.60; ablngles, (3.00. Annexed are tho sales; Pilot, from Muskegon, 110 mft boards and stripe at (13.00,-lath. (2.60. Geo. Steele, from Oconto, 210 m ft strips ana boards at (14,87#, lath, (2,60. Col. Ellsworth, from Oconto, 200- m ft, largely strips, at (10.60. Gazelle, from Muskegon, CO m ft strips and boards at $15.00,-. 184 m lath at (3.60, mill-tally. Cargo sohr Mary, front Menominee, 76 m ft common strips and boards at (11.00. Cargo prop Menominee, 1,360 m shingles at (3.00. Cargo sebr P. Hayden, from Muskegon, 110 m ft strips and boards at (13.50 j6O m lath at $3.60. Car go schr Regulator, from Muskegon. 116 m ft Orton's mill-run at (17.00. Cargo schr Curlew, from Musko* gon, 170 m ft strips and boards at $14.60, Cargo sohr Scnvillo, from Muihugun, 00 m zeeinps and boards at (10.60. Cargo schr Koto How ard. from Ludlngton, 08 m ft mill-run lumber at SIB.OO, lAidlngton tally. Cargo barge Cltyof Grand Havon.from Grand Haven,24B mft strips and boards at (10.00. Cargo sohr Carrier, from Manistee, 70 m ft timber at (12.00 ; 130 mit Joist and scantling at (10.60, Manlatoo tally. Cargo sohr Joses,.from Muskegon, 116 m ft strips and boards at (14.60 ; 13 mlsih at (2.60. Cargo schr Clip per City, from Grand Haven, 125 ra ft strips and boards at (14.00; lath at $3.60. ,$11.00011.60 . 0.00010.60 14.60 11.60013.00 COLORS. jpoxt*. - Manistee, $3.00; Ludlngton, $2,7603.00: Musko- Ron, $2.2502.60; Oconto, $3.6004.00; Menomonee, $2.8603.00; Pcntwatcr, $2.76; While Lake,s2.Co®2,7s: Grand Haven, $2,60, AT THE TATUM. Dealers report an actiro trado nttbo yards, the de mand on both local and Interior account being of a liberal character. Following aro the ruling prices : First clear. 153.00 @55.00 Second clear, 1 inch to 3 inch 47.00 @50.00 Third clear, 1 inch : 38.00 @40.00 Third door, thick 43.00 @45.00 Clear flooring, Ist and 2d together, rough 40.00 @43.00 Clear siding, Ist and 3d together 33,00 @24.00 Common Biding 20.00 @21.00 Common flooring, dressed, first 34.00 @30.00 Common flooring, dressed, second.... 28,00 @30.00 Wagon-box boards, selected, 14 inches and upward 37.00 ®i0.00 ( .4 A stock boards..; 30.00 @38.00• j B stock boards, O stock boards. Common boards 13.00 @16.66 Joist, scantling, small timber, fencing, etc., 16 feet and under 18.00 @14.00 Joist and scantling, 18 to 34 feet 19.00 @20,00 Picket*, square 14.00 @16.00 Pickets, fiat... 12.00 @15.00 Cedar posts, spilt 14.00 @IB.OO Cedar posts, round 17.00 @26.00 lAth 3.76 @ 3.25 No. 1 sawed shingles 1.50 @ 2,00 Aor Star 3.60 @ 8.75 Shingles on track S,l2)rf@ 3.25 No. 1 sawed 1.25 @ 1.60 Three dollars per car to be added when transferred, which charge follows the shingles. Thickness—Five shingles to bo two inches In thick- 1 ness. i Black-Walnut Counters, $100.000150,00; door, $05.00075.00; common, $10.00060.00; cull, $30,000 85.00; flooring, $60,00060.00. Ash—Clear, $30,00040.00; common, $20,00025.00; cull, $13.00018.00; flooring, $30.00040.00. Oak—Clear, $80.00040.00 ; common, $20.00025.00; cull. $13.00018.00. Hickory—Clear, $35.00045.00; common, $35,000 85.00 ; cull, $13.00018.00. Mnplo—Clear, $30.00040.00; common, $20.00030.00; cull, $10.00016.00. Butternut—Clear, $50.00000.00; common, $25,000 35.00. Cherry—Clear. $50.00060.00; common, $25,000 85.00; cull, $13.00018.00. Whitowood—Clear, $30.00040.00; common, $30.00 @30,00; cull, $10.00015.00. Wagon Stock—Hickory axles, per set, $1.0001.60; wogon poles, each, 450560 | box boards, $35,00040.00, Fort of Chicago* ARRIVED Bchr Bella, Saugatuck. 40 m lumber. Bchr Jennie, White Lake, CO m lumber. Schr Clipper Oily, Grand Haven, 125 m lumber. Bchr Ida, Grand llavon, 100 m lumber, SOOnu shingles, Bchr Maggie Thompson, White Lake, 165 m lumber, 20 m lath. Bchr Katie Howard, Ludington, 100 m lumber. Bchr Harriott Ann, White Lake, 60 m lumber. Bchr America, Sturgeon Bay, 245 m lumber. Bchr Black Hawk, Lincoln, 100 m lumber, 10.m lath. Bchr B. F. Wade, Manistee, 160 m lumber. Bchr 'White Oak, Manistee, 15 m lumber. Bchr Atolanta, Menominee, 210 m lumber, 25 m lath, Bchr City of Sheboygan, Menominee, 2,200 m lumber, 100 m lath. Bchr Mary, Menominee, 88 m lumber, 20 m lath, 10 m. shingles. Bark Menominee, Menominee, 240 m lumber. Bchr G. G. Cooper, Erie, 040 tons coal. Bchr Minnie Williams, Buffalo, 000 tons coal. Brig Roscius, Buffalo, 400 tons coal. Bchr P. Hayden, Muskegon, 125 m lumber. Bchr Regulator, Muskegon, 120 m lumber. Bchr Pauline, Muskegon, 116 m lumber, 40 m lath. Bchr Myrtle, Muskegon, 175 m lumber. Bchr Petrol, Muskegon, 165 m lumber. Bchr E. Scovlllo, Muskegon, ICS m lumber. Bchr Fashion, Muskegon, 160 m lumber, Bchr Wm. Jones, Muskegon, 130 m lumber. Bchr Pride, Muskegon, C 5 m lumber. Bchr Mary, Muskegon, 150 m lumber. Bchr Joses, Muskegon, 118 m lumber, 15 m lath. Bchr J. O. Moss, Muskegon, ICO m lumber. Bchr Westchester, Muskegon, 140 m lumber, .25 m lath. Bchr John Tlbbets, Muskegon, ISO m lumber. Bchr Mary, Muskegon, 150 m lumber. 5 m lath. Bchr Minerva. Muskegon, 215 m lumber. Bchr O. Harrison, ‘White Lake, 115 m lumber, 15 m lath. Scow South Side, White Lake, 125 m lumber. Brig Fostoria, Manistee, 225 m lumber. Bchr Mediator, Pcnsaukoc, 240 m lumber, 35 m lath. Bchr Mary B. Hale, Oconto, 235 m lumber, 80 m lath. Bchr Madison, Ludington, 76 m lath. Bchr W. Boutot, Grand Haven, 170 m Ivrabcr. Prop Oconto, Green Bay, 120 m shingles, IDO tons iron, 635 pkgs flsh. Prop Montgomery, Detroit, 83 half hrls fish. Bchr A. L. Potter, Escauaba, 485 gross tons pig Iron. Bark L. O. Woodruff, Erie, 000 tons ooul. Barge City of Erie, Grand Haven, 200 m lumber. Barge City of Grand Haven, Grand "Haven, 240 m lum- Cattle. Hope. Sheep. C,057 5,1120 163 5,100 8.268 1,663 8,210 13,648 029 3,080 12,033 463 1,000 8,600 400 Cattle. Hogs, Sheep. .. 3,603 3,777 .... ~ 2,740 0,312 404 . 3,043 7,093 712 . 3,000 9,101 bor. % Barge Wolverine, Grand Ilavon, 200 m'lumber. Schr E. EUlnwood, While Lake, 170 m lumber, SO m lath, 60 pkgs fish. Scow Ban Hays, Manistee, ICO m lumber. Bchr J. F. Tracey, Manistee, 135 m lumber. Scbr Moars, Buffalo, 760 tons coal. Bcbr Flying Cloud, Suamico, 220 m lumber, 30 m lath, 80 m shingles. Schr O. J. Boeder, Muskegon, 130 m lumber. Schr Bouse Simmons, Muskegon, 200 m lumlxr. CLEANED MaySa Prop James Fisk, Jr., Buffalo, 10,000 bu oats, 22,400 bu corn, 1,200 brla flour, 600 sacks oil-cake. Prop Champion, Ogdonsbugb, 8,770 bu corn, 200 ’brls Hour, 60 brla pork, 40 brls eggs. Schr Flying Mist, Buffalo, 21,400 bu corn. Schr Annie Sherwood, Buffalo, 42,000 bu corn. Schr St. Lawrence, Port Oolborno. 21,711 bu oato. Bchr America, Sturgeon Bay, 600 bu oats.' Prop Ocoulo, Orocu Bay, cargo of sundries. Prop J. S. Hurd, Marquette, 1,000 bu oats and sun dries, 1,912 bu outs. Schr Potomac, Baymoud’s Pier, 200 bu oats, 10 brla Hour, 100 lbs butter, 4 brls pork, 4 brls beef. Schr Meurs, Buffalo, 80,000 bu wheat. Lialco Freights , were active at l#e for corn to' Buffalo. Following are the charters: Bchra Harrluoii, J, O. King, A. Smith, Camden, Naiad, Illchard Winslow, City of PaluevlUe, corn at 6#c, to Buffalo ; schr Golden Fleece (yesterday Lin.), corn to Buffalo, ou private terms ; prop City of udou, corn to Colliugwood, on private terms. Total capacity equal to 323,000 bu. ' The vessels ou tbe laku last night wore roughly handled by the storm which rsged so violently, and nearly all of them wore damaged to some extent. About 3 o’clock thin morning, the schr Honest John, whllo endeavoring to enter the harbor, struck against tho south pier, and was seriously damaged. Her side was broken in, and she would have sunk limnodlatoly if It had not boon for her cargo of lumber. Hhu drift ed along the pier, and tbe men succeeded lu gutting off. About half of bor dock load was lout. The tugs Van Bchsaok and Shields towed her In this morning, her entire cargo being under water. —The following cargoes of ore are In transit through the rivers from Eacauaba to Cleveland and Erie; Prop Forest City, 1,106 tons : sebr William McGregor, 1,376 tons; schr Bessie Smith, 1,110 tons 5 prop Scluh Chamberlain, 1.236 tons ; schr Monitor, 668 tons : schr O. Hinckley. c6l> tons; schr B. I* Mather, 013 tons5 total, 7,137 ions. —The schrs Cousin Mary and O. O. Butts, both lum ber laden, were also brought lu waterlogged. TlieHt. Peter lust all her bout stays, aud tbo Hungarian ber yawl boat. Several other vessels suffered more or loss, aud H is quite probable that there were other dis asters which have not yet been beard of. Fortunately most of the large licet of lumber vessels at tbe docks, arrived earlier ui tbe evening, and thus escaped. —The Lake Erie, a now propeller, was launched at Bt. Catharines, Out., 22d lust. Bho la full canal else, —Tho party which left to rescue tho schr Marquette, . at Ctrawd Island, l>ako Buuulor. have fotwuwl. poor to common, rI $4,7504.80 for (4.8604,00 for good to choice. ,uoo balks. X<r. Av. Price. No. Av. Price.] 118 310 (1.75 00. .208 .(6.00 60 ' 220 4.70 • 60 -230 6.00 40 353 6.00 170 193 6.00 • 40 236 4.76 69 213 4.75 05 241 4X5 65 209 4.85 44 230 4.70 Cl 190 4.87# 69 209 4.77# C 9 200 4.77# 61 201 .4.80 67 220 4.80 103 233 4.75 64 300 4.70 60 200 4.80 61 240 4.75 04 240 4.70 03 213 4.75 213 4.60 LUMBER. XiDMDER rnKIOIITS. Length—Sixteen Inches. HARDWOOD. MARINE. iUiscellancoiiß* Iho vessel having been entirely hrokott' Up beyond re covery. The Marquette wan comparatively mew, end a three-master of eomo 400 tons burthen. medium, and at IAo. Av, Price, 45 278 (4.00 28 339 4.05 05 989 4.70 77 270 4.05 06 248 4.85 01 227 4.70 01 252 4,70 86 310 4.75 08 183 4.70 03 200 4.75 08 200 4.76 00 204 4.70 81 200 4.70 20 249 4.70 44 359 4.80 64 213 4.75 08 330 4.70 08 337 4.70 • —The schr Willie Keller, which arrived at the De troit dry dock Monday, minus her mir.renmant, has now’rocolvod a new spar and In ready to sett westward. —On the 91st Imt. a now three-masted baitge-eebr, called the J. 11. Rutter, wan launched at Marten City. She wan built by David Lester, for the Toledo ft Sagi naw Transportation Company. Her dlmensVms are: Length, 210 foot: breadth of beam, Bfl'feot;.depth of hold, lo foot, and a carrying capacity of Go,ooo\bu com. Probable cost, $45,000. : Buffalo. Mot 28.— Charters reported: Schr P. S. , Marsh, coal to Chicago at SI.OO per ton, free. Reported by 11. 11. Smith, Esq.; Bohr Ataunto, coal to OlUmgo' at SI,OO, free ; schr Onward, coat to Raclno at fJ.M, free; schr F. Morrell, Coal to Duluth at $1.50 froo,. and Iron ore back from Morquetto to Buffalo at $4.6U' per ton ; schr Sardinia, coko from Baudusfay to Mar- ■ quotte at SI.OO, froo, and Iron oro back to Cleveland at 1 $3.60 per ton, season contract; schr Southwest, ironr, oro from Msrquetto to Buffalo at $4.00 per ton. —Oapl. OiUan, of the schr 11, W. Converse, was lost Overboard and drowned Monday night, on the passage from Belleville to Oswesn. , OCEAN NAVIGATION. MTIOMIi IM 1 Sailing from Now York for Queenstown and Liven moI every Saturday, and for London direct every fortnight , Catiin Passage SBO, S9O, ani SIOO Cniwacy. Excursion Tickets at favorable rates. Intondlnr t pas aongera should make early application for berths. _ .. . STEERAGE, #29.00 ourronoy. Prepaid stcorngo tickets from Liverpool. Qnear as town, Londonderry, Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol, or London, SBI.OO ourronoy, , Passengers booked to or from Gorman and Sr mndlna ▼ian points at low rates. The Steamships of this lino are tho-largost In ff M trade. Drafts on Groat Britain, Ireland, and the Coir dnont. WILLIAM MCALISTER, „ . GenT-Westcm Agent. Northeast corner Clark and Randolphv-ita. (op poslto now Sherman Uouso), Chicago. . ' * fiUNARD MAIL /LINE. BSTABUSHBB 1134:0. Steam Between Now York, Boato a, anil Liverpool. iTarthla, Ouba..,, •Mayßl Sootla... ~.70n041 Abyßilnl u. ■Juno 71 Algeria,. And from Boston every T nesday. Cabin Fassnso, 880, 8100 nr Id 8130, Gold. _ N. Wo cor. Clark and Hando/ph-aU. Samaria BatllDß twice a woolrfrom Now/York, and carrying pas- MDEon toall parU of Oroatßri'Aia. Ireland, Continental Burum. and tho Modttcrranoa-i. Cabin from S6O: Htoor »go, British and Irish porta ea,#t, S3O; Went, s£]. Conti nontal porta same os other reiu&rUnos. All parable m U. 8. currency. Apply for fall Information at tho Oom pany’a offices, No. 7 Bowllny/Gtoon. Now York, and N. IS. coroerLaballoandMadUoiMta., Chicago. HENDERSON BROTHERS, Agents. 20.00 @28.00 ’ 16.00 @20.00 1 MW YORK TO CARDIFF, BRISTOL, LONDON, And all Other''Points in England and Wales, _ The RVuth Wfcloa Atlantic Steamship Company’s now nrst-olosv Steamships will sail 'from Pennsylvania Roll* road Wharf, Jersey CUy: PEMBROR.E., May 28 GLAMORGAN ,>...V...;..V....V.V...V..Jud0 IB Thoso aloamshlM,built oiprcssly for tho trade, are pro vided with all tho latest Imfirovemontafor the comfort and convenience of CABIN AND BTEJJRAOK PASSENGERS. First Oabln,. SBO currency Second Cabin...... 65currency Steerage.. 80currency Prepaid Stoeragp cortlwoataa from Cardiff. s.'£ Drafla for XI rmd up* ards. For further p/rtlonlftrs, apply In Cardiff, at tho Cam ♦ pany’a OSloos, No. 1 Jpook Chambers. and in Now York to ARCHIBALD BAXTER A CO., Agents, ■ • No. 17 uroaflway. :/TOR EUROPE. DAMAN LINE ROYBAL MAIL STEAMERS, Will sail from Now York aa follows: CITY OF MONTREAL Saturday, Jano 14, 8 A. M, Andr noh succeeding SATURDAY and THURSDAY! from Pier No. 45, North River. Cabin Ffusago, 885 and*Sloo Gold. Steerage, to British Porta $30.00 Currency. Sto'/rago. to German Ports 85.00 Currency. bte crogo, to Bremen or Scandinavian ...Porta 88.00 Currency. fiIOUT DRAFTS foraalo atdoW ratoa. FRANCIS C. BROWN, General Western Agent, 86 South Markeit-st,, Chicago. .-.May 30* ALLAN LINE Mutual Qian Slmbßi b First-class Steamships, Unsurpassed for Speed and Comfort, miming on the Shortest Sea Routes between EUROPE AND AMERICA BATES OF PASSAGE: CABIN as low as by any other FIRST-CLASS LINES. Return tickets at great redaction, 81 EUR AGE Ticket* either to or from Europe, also at lowest rates, and through to point* In the West lower than by other linos. . . BATES OF FREIGHTS Tariff arranged on all classes Merchandise from Liver pool or Glasgow THROUGH to Chicago. For other Information, or freight contracts, apply at tho Company's Office, 7Sand7lLoSailo-st. ALLAN AGO.. Agents. STATE LISE STEAMSHIP COMPANY. NEW YORK AND GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL, BEL FAST AND LONDONDERRY. 'These elegant now steamers will call from State Lino Pier., Falton Ferry. Brooklyn, N. Y, ns oaf oil we: VIRGINIA, 3,600 tons Wednesday, Juno 11. PENNSYLVANIA, 2,600 tons Wednesday, Juno .26. GEORGIA, 9,600 tons.. Wednesday, JuljvO. Fortnightly’thereafter. AUSTIN BALDWIN k OO.T _ Agent*. 72 Broadway, N. YJ Steerage 4C Broadway, N. V. • MISCELLANEOUS. BARLOWS INDIGO BLUE Is tne obes pest and best article In tho market for BLUE- 1 XNO CLOTHES, Tho genuinehaaboth Barlow’s and Wlltborgor’s name* on the labdl. and la pntnpat Wlltborgor’s Drug Store. No. 233 North Second-st., Philadelphia. • E3? For mo by Grocers and Druggists. OTEDIOAD CARDS. DR. G. BIGELOW CONFIDENTIADPIIVSIOIAN, 481 SUto-st., Chicago. II Is well known or all readers of Uio paper*, that Dr. O. Bigelow la Uio oldest established physician hi Chicago, Science and experience have made Dr. B. the most re nowned SPECIALIST of the ago, honored by the press, esteemed of the highest medical attainments by all th» medical Institutes of the day, having devoted TWENTY YEARS OF 1118 LIFE in perfecting remedies tliat will enro positively all oaeot of OIIROmO AND SPECIAL DISEASES In both sexes. CONSULTATION FREE. SEPARATE PARLORS for ladies and gentlemen. Call. CORRESPONDENCE CONFIDENTIAL, Address all letters, with stamps, to Dr. 0. BIGELOW. No. 404 Stalo at. X>XL. 3TOKTE ; OonfidontialPhyeiolan, 113 W.Madlaon-at,, Chicago,lll, (A regular graduate In modlolno) euros all ohronlo and > 'BpouialDueasoe,"n( both sexes, at reasonable prices. MoulctnoifurnUbod. No mercury used. CousultaUonfreo. iieraonallyorbymnll. Cures guaranteed. All ‘ ‘female dlf liculUos " treated with safety and sucoosa. Circulars freo X>l\ TO - %7V‘3SST®3E3Km, 183 SOUTH OX.ABK-ST,, Continues to cure all Chronic, Nervous, and Urinary Diseases of both aoxos. and may ho confidentially con suited, personally or by maO, Iron of charge. Feraalo dlfllcultlo# treated with safety and success. Ills Medical Treatise to ladles and gentleman sent free. PRESCRIPTION - PREE Forthospeedy onro of Nervous Debility, Early Dooar, and tho whole train of gloomy attendants, Loss of Memo* ry, Knurpy. Ac. \ny druggist hastflm Ingredients. Ad dress PR. HII/TON .t UP.. Cincinnati. Ohio. FRACTIONAL CURRENCY, $5 Packages OF FRACTIONAL CURRENCY FOR SALE ATi TRIBOTE OFFICE. FINANCIAL. -lAIB SHOES & MICHIGAN SODTHBBN J -i MILWAY COMPANY. NEW SINKING~FUND BONDS, COUPON AND REGISTERED* $6,000,000. inoml. Dim Oct. 1, 1982, ivlth Intercut at Seven per Cent, pnynble eonil-nnnualiy, / April nnd October, at the office of the Union Trust Co. of Now York* 4000,000, or Ten pm Oont of Ho loan, to bo rollracl annually by tbo Sinking Pnnd, ;Conpon Bond. 0f..... 4l,oooeaob. Boglatorcd Bondn of SI,OOO, $6,000 and SIO,OOO oaob. ! Price, 94 and Accrued Interest. ROBINSON, CHASE & GO, , Wo. 18 Broad-st.. New York. i- RAilroad TIME TdBT.I. ' Spring Arrangement. leave, Arrive. ilifs 7 Ml«hl EipriSr". m. I S:00«. m. Ti. pl'in nolol - ' :00p - tn - t*6flO fc ia. maht EVpro»:;;;: "A®.-. “• •§ m. ■ ANDriMraixii;: t p,m ' •Otfloni. :: jfflfrg: HENRY O. WENTWORTH, General Passenger Agent. CHICAOO& ALTON .OAILROAD. Are pc. Arrive. r. sprin ß fi,ld Eiproos, ~ “■ vlaMalnlino,. •0.15. m „ Kansas City Feat ’KxpriVs, vU 9,15 ’ fUOp, “* Jacksonville, 111,, .and Loulsl- Ex’ * 9:15 *' m * * 8:I0p * m * m,to P n CAO , 0 ’ HILWfIUKEE & or. PAUL RAILWAY. U toJL l i^rLtt rn , er Madi f? n r ? na Ckinal.itt.f Tiektl OJtea ~_2z Clark et., oppotiie Sherman Home, and at Depot* Leave. Arrive, J/llwaakeo. St. Paul* Mlnnoap. ' .vnuiiP? 7 fi i p S B> *0:00 a. m. 17:20 a. m. r art. uu V ldß l?P roßa *i *4:Mp. m. *ll rf!o*, m. % Paul * Minn cap _oyiaNlght Express t9;oop. m. *6:oOp. m. : CHICAGO. BURLINGTON"* QUINCY RAILROAD. Depot*— foot of lxxkt-il., Indiana-av., and Hixleenth-et.. ‘ and Ctonal and S<iteeitlh-tli. Ticket afflete in Brigge llouee, ho, 69 Clarkil,, and at dtj>oli. Leave. Arrive. > t »H •Vi-. • 7:JS«. m. • J.lSp. m. 1 Ottawa and Stroator Passenger.. 7:45 a.m. B:Oop,m.j g“buquo and Btoux City Exp..., • 9:10 a. m. * 2:18 p. m $ Pacific Fast Lino *10:00 a. m. * 8:15 p. aT GaloaburePasiongor. • 8:15 p. m. • 8:00 p. mj Mendota* Ottawa Passenger... • 4:20 p. ra. • 9:65 a. me Aurora Passenger. • 1-45 p. m. • 8:15 a. m. Aurora Passenger • 6i3op. m. • 8:65 a. m. Aurora Passenger (Sunday) I.OOp. m. 9:65 a. mi su-.nQa&5 u -.n Qa &. A i 8 » lo £ x ° ,lylixp W :COp * m ‘ $ 7d»a. m. Paollio Night Express tll:00p, m. I 6:00 a. mi Downer ■ Grove Accommodation *ll sOO a. m. * 6:50 p. m. Dtiwwor’aQrnvo-Aonnm~-J-Mw M - 0.-tc p> m . * 7:18 a. m. ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. Depot SootnfLakey and foot of Ticket <Uftee», 121 Jlandnlph-et., near Clark, arid 75 Cbna(.*l.. comer u/ .tfadwon. * . Leave. Arrive, ii|g^==pipiEi : }| p: s : Dubuque * Sioux City Ex * flqsS* S* • 2<oS’ S* Dubuque * Sioux City Ex f 9-Ofln m ± v-reiS'm* Efungtiam Paesengor:....:::;::: i £: 1 Kankakee Passenger *ll*lon m m Uydo Park and oX W00d5....... • ehoL'm,* • 6 : S?‘m’ Hyde Park and Oak Woods } 9:00 a- m. • 8 40 a! ra! Hyde Park and Oak Woods {I2:l0p. m. • 9*2oa. m. HydeParkandOekWoods....... * 3 OOp m 610 Wa. ra. Hyde Park and Oak WockU • 4;30p. m. | 1 45n! m Hyde Parkand Oak Wood 5:15 p. m. * 6dMp. ra. IJ>do Park and Oak Woods • 6:10 p. m. • fl-65u m Hjde Park and Oak W00d5,...... *ll;10p. m. * 7;40p. m! CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN RAILROAD. Ticket office, comer Jiandolph and,, and SI IT«t JUatllton^t. Leave. Arrive, Paollio Fast Lino M 0:15 a. m. *BISO m’ Dubuque Day K x . via 0U0t0n.... 10:16 a. m. 8:l6p. m! Pacific Night Express...,, tl0;45o. m. * m Dubuque Night Ex. via Clinton.. 1i1 : 45 p. m. 1 a. m! Freeport * Dubuque 9:15 a. m. • 2:00 p. m.- Prooport* Dubuque Express • 9:15 p. m. • 7ri»a.m! x!i! WftU i keß »J all • 8:00 a. m. *10:15 a. m. M vraukoo Express • S:2O a. m. • 4:00 p. m! M waukoo Paasenger... ■ 5:00 p. m. • 7:40p, ml Milwaukee Passenger (dally) {ll;U0p. m. 4 5.-00 a. ra. Green Bay oho ft . m. * 7:00 p. m. St. Paul a. m. 4.0 Up, ra’ Green Bay Express • 9:Wp. m. * 6:50 iuSk St. Paul Express f9;30 p. in. 10:20 a. m. CHICAGO, ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC RAILROAD. Depot, comer <\f Ilarrfton and Shermanite, Ticket okee. M * Leave, Arrfes. Omaha, LoavanwHh* Atchison El* *10:16 a. ra. • 8:45 n. m . J PeruAcoomraodatlon • 6 : oop. m. • B:30a. ra. Night Expre55............ t 7rf»a. m. Leavenworth * Atchison Express tl0;00p.m. j 7d)oa. 10. LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROAD. Depot, earner JiarrUon and Shermanite. Ticket okeee . fiQrfftif«s( corner Clark and and souAu&iS corner Canal and Madiiomte, Leave, Arrive. Kiprc. Accom. Tin M«ln Lino.. 2:30 n. m. Hip. m. Alail. via Air Lino and Slain Line * 6:40 a. m. * 9*oo n. m Special Now York Express, via v . Ak I*h>o* • HrtMa. m. • BdWp. m. Atlantlo Express, via Air Lino.. 6:16 p.m. 8:00 a.m. Right Express, via Main Lino.... *t9roop.m. *Jflsßoa. m. KlkhartAocummodatlon • 3:40 p.m. ■ 0-5Sa. m South Chicago Accommodation.. 12:00 in. 1:60 p.m. •Juno 11 •Juno 14 •Juno 18 CHICAGO. DANVILLE & VINC Pai««iper Depot at I'., O. db St, Loi iiatamf Ktmle-ets, Freight and Ticket ojice 168 K vans vUIVA Torre* liaute Ex! PITTSBURGH. FOR I WAYNE & CHICAGO RAILROAD. Day Express......., Pacltlo Express Fast'Liao Mall „ Valparaiso Accommodation. CHICAGO & PACIFIC RAILROAD. _ , . (OI’EK TO nOBKLLK.) ■Dtf 0 * corner ami JVortA JlrancK-tle. Central oMta 10 Metropolitan JUoek, corner Uandotph and laSal.'eJte, Roselle Accommodation River Park Accommodation. Rlvor Park Accommodation. CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS & CINCINNATI THROUGH LINE. VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. JVont Great Central JiaUroad Depot, foot of Lake-rt. ■F ur tickets and eleeping-car berth! apply at our n«u« Ticket office, 1211 Jlaudolph-et,, near comer Clark; 75 OiriaMf., comer Jfailteon; ft} LaSnile-et,, corner )raiA. ingtoni ahofoot q/' Tuenty'ieeand-et, Lei _j»ve Ohloafo Arrive At ItidlAuapolU..... Arrive at Cincinnati _ Traloi arrive at Chicago at 7:67 a. m., 8:83 a. m„ and siawfc ~ns 'dVo*** cllßoked * nd uko tniln at Tw«ntj--SQcoad*t. ‘ Toncli Him Again If Yon Dare.” SUMMER RESORTS. CLARENDON HOTEL, SARATOGA SPRINGS. Will bo open for the reception of guo.ta from Junal to October 1, 1878. All communication# for apartment# •noula be addreued Oborin K. Lolond, oturte.aat llouae, Now York, or DeloTan Homo, Alban/, N. Y., pmioua to the opening. Board. 84,60 nerd#/. . OiiAliWtß madalfllr, CENNES RAILROAD. >u(s Depot, comer q/ Ca» Wuth(ng-ton*it, Zcara, Arrlvf, * 7:40 a. m. * 7:00 p. m. * 1:40 p. m. t 7;Bda. m. Zeaes. Arrive. • 0:00 a, m. ± {6:10 p. xa. I t*9:iwp. m. t' • 4:65 a. m. * I* 8:40 p. m. * t 7:30 p. m. [6:3oa, m. a. m. 1 G:lop, m. * 8;t0a. m. Arrive, Zeute, 6:00 p.m. o:toa.m. 6:16 a.m. 10:61 a.m. 11:30 p,m. 7:21 p.m. .1* 9:50 a, ra. 8:45 p. ra . . • 6:lup. m. fi.OO a, nt. .1*10:30 p. m. lO:OOa, m.

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