Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 31, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 31, 1873 Page 7
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NOT FORGOTTEN. (Continued from the Second Page.) on foot, carrlagoß, tto. Tho procoßßlon, which «vaa about ouo mile and ahalf in length, marched to tho oomotorv and decorated tho graves, after vrhloh an oration wan delivered by Gapt. N. M. Hnbbard. Business wan almost entirely ona- I tended, and , tho day generally observed as a loliday. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Qcinov, 111.. May 80.—Decoration Day wan ob eorvod hero with the most Imposing ooromonlos. A long procession of veteran soldiers, flro-oom panlos, civil societies. oto., marched to the com dory, where an ovation was delivered by Gant. A.’fi. Hamilton, and an original poem roadhy Miss Birch Arnold, after which tho graves in the Soldiers' Cemetery wore decked with Bowers, wreaths, etc. Although tho weather was cold and cloudy, thousands of people took part in tho exorcises. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Madison. W1b m May 30.—Soldiers’ Memorial ‘Day won observed to-day by a pretty general suspension of business. This afternoon a long procession, including several wagon-loads or soldiers' orphans, tho University Battalion under 'command of Maj. Nloodomus, tho escort, pro ceeded to Forest Hill Cemetery, whore, in two separate enclosures, are some hundreds of Union Hid Confederate soldiers, who diod in camp or hospital hero. Gov. -Washburn presided, and made the introductory remarks. Aftor referring to this now testimonial of affection and gratitude to those who laid down their lives on the altar of their country, ho expressed his satis faction that tho bitterness engendered by tho war was fast dying out, except when kept alive by tho machinations of bad men for base pur poses, and hoped that by tho lapse of another year all unfriendly feelings would havo passed away, and tho rights of all men bo respected throughout tho land. Ho then suggest ed the propriety of laying floral -tributes on tuo graves of our lato onomios as tho token of a desire to bury in tho grave all bitterness and animosity of tho past, cot as countenancing tho crime ororrors of those Who.pought to destroy tbo Union. ‘ . A brief but ' very appropriate address was finely delivered by Captain A. 0. Parkinson, of tho Madison Democrat, who referred to tbo sig nificance of tbo custom of thus honoring tho ‘ dead. Ho briefly alluded to tho beginning and. progress of tho war. ana tho Struggles and hardships which laid so tnany bravo boys cold *in death, and enfeebled and crippled so many more, and expressed tho opinion that slavery was not tho cause of tho War, only a pretext for selfish, ambitious, and unprincipled men, snob as still infested tho laud, and that wo had special need to beware of sectionalisms and jealousies. Ho urged now devotion to tho cause for which Union soldiers An appropriate prayer was offered by tho Rov. 0. H. Richards, and songs were sung- by tho soldiers’ orphans, who strewed tho Union soldiers’ graves with flowers. Borne members of tbo Grand Army of tho Republic and others thou scattered somo flowers on tho rebel graves, and tho exorcises ended. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Peoria, 111., May 00.—Decoration Day was an ftrouitttoly observed hero. Exorcises were hold n tuo public square in tbo afternoon, followed by impressive ceremonies at Springdale Ceme tery. Tho Hon. N. E. Worthington was tho ■ orator of the day. Tho weather was extremely unfavorable, a heavy rain prevailing all day, in terrupted only at intervals. Special Dispatch to The Chieaao Tribune* Rockford, HI., May 80.—Upward of 4,000 people were in tho city to-day, witnessing tho decoration solemnities, which took placo in tho forenoon on tho oast side, and in tho afternoon on tho west side. Tho fire companies, Total Abstinence Society, Grand Army of tho Republic,* and civio authorities took active part. Gen. L. A.Hurlbut delivered the address. Quartettes of singers and tho city band preceded and follow-, od it with music. Tho procession was ouo-half ’ milo in length. All places of business woro closed during tho day. Tho number of national dead in tho coraetrios boro Is just ono hundred. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Cairo, HI., May 30.—A tremendous crowd at tended tho decoration services at tho Mound . Citv national Cemetery to-day. Tho weather was beautiful, tbo musio good, and tho speeches excellent. Tho Hon. Isaac Clements, N. J. Kykeudoll, tho Rev. H. 13. Thayer, and others ; delivered addresses. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Columbub, 0., May SO.—Decoration Day was 'troll observed at all tho principal points along tho line of tbo I. O, & Bt. Xouio Railroad, bual ueaa hulng entirely suspended, tbo people giving , themselves up for this purpose. At Milford' Centre, Ohio, a largo monument was unveiled. PERSONAL; A. Bomervail, London, was at tlio Sherman yesterday. Judge 8. Kinnick, of St. Paul, is at the. West Side Briggs House. Judge John T. Ohouy, Dixon, is at tho West Side Briggs House. Dr. A. H. Hayes, of Boston, was at the Sher man House yesterday. The Hon. J. B. Grinnoll, of Qrinnoll, lowa, is at tho Gardner House. The Hon. Boa Eggleston, of Cincinnati, was at tho Sherman yesterday, J. Wells Champnoy, of Boston, is registered at tho West Side Briggs House. Tho Hon. Hoary W. Pickering, of Boston, was at tho Sherman House yesterday. Judge Rir, of Kalamazoo, Mich., was at tho East tilde Briggs House yesterday. The Hon. T. W. Ferry, United States Senator from Michigan, is at tho East Side Briggs House. Ford D. Hughes, Jr., “Never Get Loft," of Now York, is among tho arrivals at tho West Side Briggs Honso. The Hon. Thomas Ruesol, of Npw Zealand, is at the Qardnor f eu route for Washington, whore ho goes in tho interest of his Government. Tho following wore at tho Gardner House yesterday: JolmE. 'Payne, Erie, Pa.; W. D. McCord, Baltimore; E. F. Chapin, .St. Louis; J. G. Dunscomb, Iowa; B. D. Rogers, Colum bus; U. Temple, Memphis. Tho following wore among the prominent ar rivals at tho East Side Briggs House yesterday: A. F. Temple, Milwaukee; E. P. Ferry, Grand Havon; G. H. Hutchln, Concord, N. li.; J. W. Hull, Dubuque; Nelson Diugloy, Auburn, Mo.;' B. M. Shorall, Louisville. The following were among tho prominent arri vals at tho Mattoson Houeo yesterday; 0. E. McMahon, Now Albany; Thomas A. Long, Pitt sburgh; John 0. Graves, Boston; M. S. Giles, Rockford; Wm.Nash, Now York; Mrs, Hatch, Mrs. Spinner, Miss Cook, Denver, Col.; W. King Layton, Now Orleans. Tho following wore at tho Sherman House yesterday: J. A. Allen, Cambridge, Mass.: J. A, Mcßae, Quincy; R. Christie, Kan sas; A. y. Leslie, Npw Castle, Del.; J. S. West soil, Ollntoh.N. Y.; R. H. Simtb, rntsburghj Pa.; N. M. Dibble, Now Orleans; G. W. Pear? son, Memphis; A. Bruoo, J. M. Gibson, J. Our ron, Ontario. J. F. Bonnott, St. Lonla ; M. Goldstein, Now Tork; J. D. W. Fiak, Ooldwator: J. P. Alban. Philadelphia; It. 11. Bonnott, Detroit: E. J. Morcd, Texas ; 0. ,N. Holclou, Paw Paw ; John Brooke, Boston ; Robert L. Alien, Wilmington. 111. : J. A. Jackman, Jr., Bloomington, and Qen! N. Block, Springfield, woro at (be west Side Briggs House yoaterday, ■ Ralph Waldo Emerson was 70 years old on Sunday last. « Mark Twain is building a £-10,000 bouse in Hartford. The Montgomery (Ala.) State Joiirnal denies that Congressman Hlosu of that State bus given, or lirofioaca to give/ the back pay to the poor of his; district. Gov.- Kellogg says the Louisiana climate is the only one in which be can preserve good hpftUti. fuuUhat bo intends to stay. Ex?Gov. Bullook Canada his homo, for a similar foason. " A. 0. Perkins, Principal of the Lawrence. (Mass.) High School. has been offered the Print dpMfihip of the Phillips (Exeter. N. HO Aoat demy, at a salary of £9,000 ami tno use of a flno residence. Ho will probably accept. Aid. John B. Gallagher,, of the Twenty-flftU Philadelphia, was, qr conyiotetl In the Court of'Quartur Bohblodb for charging U- Tegat/oGS, and promptly sontenood by'Judgo Paxbou to pay a Hue of £11)0 and undergo an im nrisoamont of nine mouths in the County Prison. Qen. James Shields’ many friends will bo hap py to loam that he has continued to improve steadily since the severe accident bo mot with soVeral weeks ogo, at tit. Joseph, Mo., and that he will bo on tho streets again before long, When Henry Bams retired from the United States Pension 011100, at Detroit, bo was a de faulter, hnd, the sum duo the Government bav in- this morning boon fixed at $21,000, his bonds men paid tho amount In full. The bondsmen or© Moses W. Field, J, J. Bagley, tho ostato of U. J. Bnckloy, and Jolm A. Bftmo, ntul ono or two otbor goutlomen. —Detroit Tribune, May 20. Iflot In a IVoffjro Clmrcli* New York. May 80.—Tho congregation of tho African Methodist Episcopal Church at Doan ami Schenectady avenues, Brooldyn, had thotr May festival in tho church last evening. ; About midnight, while tho congregation vraa singing psalms, ono of tho stators felt herself aggrieved at somo romarks of ono of tho brethren, a tnalo friend.” Tho woman sought out tho aggressor, and from words they carao to blows, and In a short thno a general fight ommod. Chairs and tables wore overturned, and sqon tho floor ( was covered with a rolling and struggling mass of men and women, Intermingled with capsized ico-croara, cakes, and JoUioa of all kinds. Tho police wore called, hut before they succeeded In separating the combatants two of tbo forco wore knocked down. Nearly all tho brethren' and sis* tors wore marched to the station-house. , Is Tlioro to Ho rv Orneiulo Ajnlnit jncxico ? From the Savannah Advertiser, On Saturday 1 afternoon wo received a vinii from a gentleman of our city, who pavo ua tho following items; On Friday rooming laat ho bad an intorvlow with a gentleman, lato an officer of ono of tho United Btatoa volunloor ebrpa, who had just arrived from Now Orloann. Boforo leaving that city ho wtatedlhat ho bad-boon ap- S reached and offoreda command in an expedition ion being organized to move on Mexico. Ho was told that tho advanced tniard was to bo com posod of 6,000 men, consisting of,Toxana and othora, and was to bo commanded by Jaa'. Long etroot, lato of tho Confederate army, now of tho Kellogg militia. Ho was further informed that tho united Staton Government know of and sympathized with tho movomont, and would aid it in ovory way poselklo. •He was also told that onlintmonts for tho purpoao were being made in Mobile and btbor points in tho Southwest. Weekly Cotton Statement* New York, May 00.—Tho following la tho cot ton statement for tho week ending to-day: 1 8a1e9. , Not rocolpU at nil United States ports during tho week.,...' 82,877 Bamo week last year 11,464 Total receipts to date. 8,808,660 Same date last year, 2,050,017 Exports for tbo week 07,000 flame week last year 27,885 Total exports to date 2,817,615 flamodato last year...,. ..1,1,861,418 1 Block at all United States ports.... 805,030 Bamo lime Inst ycar. 204,624 Block at nil Interior towns 00,890 ■ Same tlmo last year... 26,7781 Block nt Liverpool.. it 817,000 Same tlmolastycar 874,000 Block of American afloat far Groat Britain.... 202,000; Bamo tlmo lastycar 144,000 BOARDING AND LODGING. South Side. 1 O OONGREBB-BT.—ROOMS SINGLE OR EN SUITE ±i/ sultablo for ladles or gentlemen, with board. Dayi board $6 per week. - - . I /fQ HUBBARD COURT— NEW BOARDING, ttO house; first-class board with room, $4 to $6.60 per: week, with use of piano; day board, $4. JQ IIUBBARD-OOURT—FURNISHED ROOMS, wither without board. Day boarders accommo dated. Ol £>EOURTH-AV.-QOOD BOARD, WITH LARGE AiU double rooms, for young men, at SI.OO per week; small donblo rooms, $4.60; slnglo rooms, $6. Day board, Of* C . MIOHIOAN-AV.—DESIRABLE ROOMS, i wlthboard, furnished or unfurnished. Terms reasonable to permanent parties. Toblo board, $5 per, wook. r 1 qqq bhohioan-av.-a suite of rooms? al tlt/oi o, a single room. Aqq SOUTH DEARBORN. (BURNSTDE-ST.) ncarTwonty-nlnth-st.—A nloo choorfnl family notol; excel louttable and prices tnado reasonable to all: single and donblo rooms sfl to sl4. non CORNER WABASH-AV. AND HARMON. court—Parlor on second story, with board, suit able for 2 orSgontlomon or gontlomanond wife, at roa sonablo rates; also day boarders accommodated. COO WABASH-AV.-TWO FRONT ROOMS, WITH uu&i modern iroprovomonts, furnished or unfur nished, on suite or separate; alto, other desirable rooms, I with board. References required. CC/f WABASH-AV. - NICELY FURNISHED jJrJtt rooms, singly or on suite, with board, for fami lies or gentlemen. Day-boarders taken. References ox changed. AND. 748 . MIOniOAN-AV.— DESIRABLE ItU rooms, furnished or unfurnished, with board. A few day-boarders accommodated. References glvon and required. )VABASILAV.—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED I wi front room for gentleman and wifo; also, room (or single gentleman, with first-claas table. Roforoncos re quired. QOC WABABH-AV, LARGE - AND PLEASANT X iwomß, on sulto or single, with hrst-olaes hoard. Can accommodate a (ow more tablo boarders. Rofor* cnees glTonaod roqnlrod. 1 (\Of\ , WABASH-AV.—FURNISHED ROOMS, XUOV/slnglo or on suite, with first-clnsa board. 1 OQ9 WABABH-AV.—A BUITR OF FURNISHED X\JUA or unfurnished rooms; also two single rooms for gentlemen; table a specially. Also abaru to root. TJIOBXOTT HOUSE, ora WABASU-AV.-HOOMB, JJ ou aulto or alnglo, with first-cloas board. Sands house— ll6 and ns fipih-av.—pe rm a nont board at roaaonablo rates; transient. ®2 per day: day board, ssporwook. ' West Side. IQ SOUTH ANN-ST.-FOUR VERY DESIRABLE XU furnished room, alnglo or cn suite, to rent with or wltboot board; also bam to rent. A A SOUTH MOROAN-BT.. NEAR WASHINGTON— A nicely furnished and very pleasant front room, with tho vory best board. AH SOUTH PKORIA-HT.-FRONT PARLOR AND a • bedroom adjoining; bath-room, hot and cold water, Ac., with board, to gentleman and wife; good references required; no other boarders. • • Off SOUTH, MOUOAN-ST., NEAR MADISON— OO Furnished rooms, with board, suitable for families or single gontlomon; house first-dues, with modern Im provements. Accommodation for a fow day boarders. *1 Q/f WARRKN-AV., CORNER WOOD-ST.-NIOE XOttaccommodations for two young gontlomon. Small ' room suitable for two youug ladles, at vory moderate' terms. Table first-class. OftQ AND 365 WEST MADISON-BT.—PLEASANT aUO rooms, wlthboard, suitable for families or single gontlomon. Also, day-board. A_ 9Q WEST. MONROE-ST.-A NIOELY-PUR XLiiJ nishod alcove aulto, and other rooms, :wlth flret olass board; call and see. mMADISON.ST.— THE BISHOP-COURT HOTEL, . located In tho very, centre of Chicago, between Union and Joilorson Parks (period gems of art), la newly furnished, reopened on Juno 1. Tho location as a sum mer resort Is unsurpassed in tlio West. Tho bouso in beauty of architecture and comfort as a family hotel la uuequalod in Chicago. Special pains will bo taken to make tho Übloono of tho tint In tho city. Tho bouso la under now management entirely. Oars and 'buses pass every two mlnntos. Price, M.Cqporday. M. D. MAGIC. £OQ "WEST ADAMS-ST., NIiAH UNION PARK— U 4O Two lar«o, elegantly farnlabod - rooms, with board. 1 Location ami recommendations boat on tbo West bido. . 1 ■ ' RftQ WEST MONROE-BT. —NICELYFURNISHED UUt7 frout parlor,’with board, for gentleman pnil wife, or two single gents. . TOIINSTONE HOUSE—II 4 AND lit! WEST MADI t) son-st.; everything first-class; tonus, $2 per day: tablo-board, $5 per week. ■ QT. CHARLES HOTEL. CORNER DEBPLAINKS O and Washlncton-Bts.—Will board salesman, book* keepers, Ac., at $9 to ifctlper week. Day board, $4.00. North Side* VTORTIIWEST CORNER WELLS AND HINSDALE* sts.—Largo pleasant front rooms, furnished and un- board} briok building. . - • BOARD 'WANTED. Board-gentleman and wnffe, with sister 18 years old, with rooms, luaprlvatofamllyduringthU tfViutDur, in somo'snburban place: Rlvorsfdo, lake For rest, Evanston, Hydo Park; boat of roforouoas axobantt od. Address ono week WP,P. O. box *238. city, TO EXCHANGE. TO EXCHANGE—VALUABLE FARM, WITH RICH coal-lands, In Indiana, for good oatato. mo EXOIIANOB-IOWA LANDS AND SUBURBAN J«d l4l}lUlQrllt. f r pO EXCHANGE—FOH LOTS-A NEW GROOM L lionso and lot, good location, Wcat Dlvlalon. no&r Aahlaurt-ay. and Vanßuren-at. carat Immediate posses slou, JACOB 0. MAGILL, 81 and 68 South Clark-at. ri\o -EXCHANGE—FOR. BUILDING LOTH—A NEW r* MAn.w ll^'.ool LcaUonQmlhnlth Uraptluaa, JACOB O. A 1 AGILL, bl and t3 boyth Clarl^ai/’* rpq EXCIIANHEf-DrAMONOS AND OTHER FIRST x oUaa personal property for brick. Addroaa K. Wood, rail Homo, corner Twonty-llm-st. and Wabaah-av. TO EXCHANGE-FOR CITY PROPERTY, A FRUIT farm,.l2o acres, 11,000 troea; will pay Its coal In U yoaru: incumbrances assumed upon Improved property! urlco.- SH,UOO. Address Rot 18, South Pan, 1(1. mo EXCHANGE- AN ELEGANT SUBURBAN >+^'P‘ <l . Co for a good plaoo on Soutlt Sldo. Call at 78 and 71, In forenoon. Q. J. BTOUOII, mo EXCHANGE—S2O,OOO WORTH OF GOOD UN- X Incumbered real estate, part lu Chicago and part in a rUtpg Western town on railroad, for a stock of morchan dlso or a largo Mrm. ' It. KENNEDY, l« Clark-at., Rooms SQ and 27. WTANTKD —TO EXCHANGE—A LARGE HOUSE ff and barn and two aorcauf ground In Evanston for wiiiim:foora^at i . a Amora or Kookforij - H - W ANTED—TQ EIf9UANQJS—BEWINO-MACHINUS : *ll M iinrsos amiß buggloi, Forfurthorparllculara call on nr address .7, fi 2 WfIiICINS, 155 West MadlaCu-at,' a mm oFißStf W lioods, notloui, vWUs;, ftirnlsHlni! ioo'li. boot. •ndahocß. ami furniture. Bfarmalu Maidil County, 111,, ail under a good alate of cultivation, near market and rallroaa-ouoforraof U6acro», unnof 9Haorei, and ono of aurua. Also a line now dwelling homo and 11 lota In tha Oily of Poorls, 111., with all modern improvements. Tho titles aro perfect. All worth $50,000 cash. Will trade part orall. Address Box HIP, Peoria,. 111. FOR SALE, FOR RALE—BARN, .HUSO FEET, 8 STORIESt 160 loot ofllght board fauoo, M (cot of square picket fonco. Call at 55 May-st. l?OU BALE-AT"HALF THE COST, A SIX-ROOM X' oottagu: 3 years’ground lonsoj SBB per year. Also, a nice coufoctlonory and cigar aloro. D. E, FISK, OOtla Block. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: SATURDAY, MAY 31, 1*73. CITY REAL ESTATE. F ( Sflwt ,E " 10 10118 0N KOAN-AV. corner Udnbat# ° Q an * 1 ° 3r » kalwoon Forty-iocond an d Forty ' iwlV M / oor J’°rof Fqrty.elghth-it. and Konwnod*conrt. »J i. i i/! Konrrood-oonrt, liatwoen Forty-ioTonth and within onu block of Ifrmwood Station. • onthJS Kluibar * t - , * T " between Flfty-iUth and rifly-aor four n In(,ll ™ a T., between Fifty-third and Fifty* 10 ot«on Western-ar,, noarLaoßhton*«t, ■ ia o l Bon Nobo °° Bocond and between Reuben and fiWfjJ on Mlohlaan-aT., with flr»t~clft*i honto. .leyiO, with a-atpry frame houao, onFourlh*av„betwoon UMdsonand Polk-aU. : ‘{iff on Kgan-ftT., oornor Stawort. • f between Thirty-third and Thirty* WtWO A FARliiy. 68 Hast Waahlngton-at. t Room 1. FOLI.OWINQ SPECIAL, BAH indFana •AV.j - 83x16(1 foot between Sixteenth and s266pnrfoot; alloasb. . . MIOHIOAN-AV., 18! foot front, northeast corner of ,;.„.TjJ? n, Jpnlnth-st. 'HOHIGAN-AV., no foot between Twonty-flfth and MIOHIOAn.Av., as foot between Twenty-sixth and ,-__,Twontj.nhUh-«t«. ; $276. MIOIIIOAN-AV., AO foot between Fifty-sixth and Fifty 866cash. WADABH.Ay.j ifflfootbotwoen Fifty-first and Fifty o»*tfront. STATE-HT.. 76 foot front between Fifty-seventh and iW-ofghth-sts.: $4() por foot for a few days. MATBON HILL, ICB and IIP Dcarliorntt. ' TPOR SALE-CHEAP LOTS FOR HOMES OR IN- A-• vestment, oo llnUtod, Murray. Union, Dosplnlncs,' and WaUsoo-Bls,, High properly, full-sized lots, ono block .from Pavilion Parkway, easily aocossiblo from Uin city by rail, bat a short walk from the Block-Yards. Those lota are located whom they will rapidly advance in value, and aro offered at prices bo low and on terms so favorable that tho poorest have no oxonso In not Investing. Prtoo, $376 to SBOO, on live years’ tlmo, or In small monthly payments. Printed abstracts furnished. Apply to P. 11. PUTNAM, Transit House, Block-Yards, orPOTWIN 4 CORBY, 110 Franklln-st. ■ .... TTIOR SALE-GOOD LOTS ON TUB FOLLOWING A* ■troots: State, Burnside, Butterfield. Arnold, Gari baldi, Hanover, Butler, Wallace, Hammer, Winter, Mur ray, and Hoisted; also on Wentworth, Bhurtloff, Portland and Stowart-avs; also on Aloxamfor, Twoi y-fourtb, Twenty-sixth, Twonty-iovonth, Twonty-otahtb, Napoleon, Twenty-ninth, Karl, Thirtieth, Haven, Thlity-flraf, Thir ty-second. Thlrty-tblrd, Thirty-fifth, Thlrty-slxth, Thirty: .seventh. Foutalnc, and Thirty-olghth-sts. Title perfect. Warranty deeds. A very small payment down, five years tlmo, a per cent Interest. Mo agency business. 'Apply to owner, ALBERT ORANE. 672 Wnbash-av. F°Sil U LE - MAIUJLK HOUSE, INDIANA-AV., . Octagon marble house, Mlchlgan-av,, SIB,OOO. Octagon Marble house, Mlohlgan-av., $13,000. - Vermont marble house. West Van Burou, SIO,OOO. 85 foot lot, Mlchlgan-av., $176. 60 foot lot. Mlohlgan-nv., $176. 60 foot lot, Monomlnco-st., $76. 26 foot lot, Llncoln-av, near nark, SICO. . 36 foot lot, North State, near park, S2OO. For sale-tiiic bust and cheapest lots on West Sldo, fronting on Division, Leavitt, and Bhobor sts., near Wicker Park, Good neighborhood; lota 134 foot deep, with sidewalks and city water. Price, S6OO, -S7OO. and 81,000. Terms, ono-thlrd cash. Warranto* deeds and abstracts of title. A reduction on first cash Sent: If ronnirod, to thoso who build this spring. In * of F.-ARNOLD 4 00., Grooncbaum’s Bank, No. 76 jbiftii-ar. , , • TpOR SALE—OHKAP LOTS-BY JACOB O. MAQILL, JDBI and 83 South Olark-st.: Hairlßon-st., S6OO, oasy tonus. Oongrees-st., S6OO, easy forms. Fourth-st., SI,OOO, monthly payments. Dlllsr-st., S9OO, monthly pay m onts. FOR SALE—HOUSES AND LOTS IN DIFFERENT sections of tbo olty slots In burnt district. For a portion of our oftoriugs In aero property seo onr card under head of “Suburban.” CiIAOR 4 ABELL, .181 Doarbom-st., Honoroßlock. FOR SALE—AT A BARGAIN, LOTSON WESTERN av., Polk and Taylor-sts., and Oamnboll-av.; parties wishing to build, no monoy required down. Inquire of GEORGE OADWELL, on promises, or 185 South Clark st., hi bank. For sale—at a great bargain, on month ly payments. 2 now houses comer of Taylor-st. and CampboU-av.; 0 rooms each. Inquire of GEO. OAD WELL, on promises, or ISS South Clark-at.. In bank. FOR SALE—MANUFACTURING PROPERTY, 183 x 266 feet on Twonty-«ocond-st., northwest corner of All* port-st. Also Other pieces. HENRY WALLER, JR., bO East Wniblngtoo-Bt., Room 4. .■pQR SALE—LINCOLN PARK-LOTS FRONTING X' Fullorton-av., R*clno-av., Fromont-st., and Wohstor ttT., intho neighborhood of Lincoln Park; atroot railway within a fow blooka: cheap lota and on Tory oasy terms, Appfi to W. D. KKRFOOT A 00., 00 East Washing. T7OR SALE-THREE-STORY FRAME HOUSE OF X* twonty.flTo rooms, partly finished. For particulars apply at tbo ofllco of SWAN, CLARK A 00., llohoy-st., near Blue laland-ay« TTOR BALE-WEST SIDE LOTS AT GREAT BAR- A? sains, or will loaso them for 6 years. H, WHIPPLE, awLaaallo-st. T7U)R SALIC—DESIRARLK BUILDING LOTS ON X Lake, Washington, Fulton, Klnslo, and other streets ppposlto tho now Northwestern Car-Shops, woafc of Con. tral Park. Iho Land Company aro going to build, In Juno, llfloon cottages, and will bo finished to suit If par tlosjnpl, nmr. li. HAUVKY, Agent Wo.t Chicago Land Co., 174 La Sallo-st. EOR SALE-ACRE PROPERTY ON MADISON-ST., Barry Point road, Austin, lUdgoland, Chicago ayo nuo. Ao. Sorao dealrablo traota worth tho attention of capitalists. J.D. HARVEY, 174 La Sallo-st. TBOR SALE-UNION PARK PLACE, NEAR WASH- X' ington-st., 2 story and basement, marble front houso, 10room#;lot 29x110. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroo and LaSallo-ata. Ipon OAl.n— l'oun Nj-iW IiIUOK a-BTOUY AND . basement houses, octagon fronts, throughout. °?Aj??iJ ,s,,t :'. uoar Wo °d, #19,600 and *U).WO. Inquire at 612 West Adams-at., or at SS North Joilurrcu-nt. POR SALE—PARK-AV., BETWEEN WOOD AND Pago-Bts., 2-story and hasomentstono front house, 10 K ( ??r I ?f^. od^1 . 1 . I ?.n^ vo J. nonU !^ vl, l t>e sold at a sacrlllco. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast comer Monroo and LaSaUo-st, FOR SALE—PARK-AV., NEAR WOOD-ST-TWO2 Btory frarao house, brlofc foandatlon, No. 118 Parle av.-lO rooms: lotßl by 132; barn on promises. SNYDER LaSalle st Nixon building, cornor Monroe and T?OR SALE-SOUTH 'SIDE RESIDENCE LOTS- X South Park boulovanl, BO foot, uost front, botwoon Thirty-seventh and Thlrly-clghth-sts. Ellls-av., CoxlWfeot, vory choice lot, noar Thirty-soy. ontu-et. Lake-av., 6tfslßo foot, east front, noar Thlrty-clghth-st. .1 o a party wishing to build, will bo sold without cash payment. J. D. HARVEY, 174 LaSallo-st. IT'OH SALE—MANUFACTURING LOT, 133X265, ON X Twonty-soeond-at.. comorof Allport, and opposite tho works; rallrow! on Twenly-aocond-st. Easy tonus. AYRES & KOlfF, 74 Wasblngton-st. DIOR, BALE—OR EXCHANGE—TWO HOUSES AND X' lota for an improved farm noar Chicago. Apply to tho owner. No. 13 Rumscy-st., second door from In. dlana-st., Chicago, 111. L. BRADLEY. F)R BALE-NO OABII DOWN, IF PURCHASER . b wL !^?,T\ Va H 0 .? ftT * I®** outeido of Uro limits. J. ii. DIoaBLL, 45 Bryan Dlock. For bale—block of m lots'inside orrY, W no r'* !?r°Vir lo^ tlon ,or budding cottages. a. N. LANCASTER, 86 Washington-fit. , SALE—A DESIRABLE PROPERTY CORNER X* of Forty-slxlh-at and Egandalo-av, 160 foot cast of Droiol Boulevard; will exchange for house on Michigan orPrair o-av.. noarThlrtooutb-at. A. N. LANCASTER. 85 Waalilogtop-st. . * IrOU SALE—OU EXCHANGE—FINE STONE . tosldonco on Park-av., west of Union Park. CANFIELD A MATTESON, CO LaSalle-at. POR SALE-LOTS NEAR 0. AND N. W. R. R. Car Works. -Insldo city limits.' until Juno 7, 1878, at gaeOcach. S. W. KHObh, 145 LaSallo-at., Room 14. TTP,! 1 . ? AL B -I /P TS , ON . SimilMAN-af.. NKAR -L. Michigan tiputhorn dmiot. oaat front, ono or olirht to gether, otforod chonp. ULRICH A Hpfrp, ftl Hoarliorri.' TflCm BALK-LOTS ON MILWAUKKR-AV. AND f otherßtreotonoartbd Pnwoll llmiMo. very chonn fora fow-dftM. ADKLI, 4 HOTCHKISS, H3 LaSalle-st., Ooroor Madison, Room -13. TTOR BALB-MARULK“raONT HOUSE ON JNDL A f T K“' l0 . ll , 1 ; !l . t :t "H 11 or w‘i‘“ut furmmro. MATRON HILL, 109 ami 110 Dearbora*st. rion SAI,E_O« AGUES on riveiTsidk uonr.u. "atsqniiill, TTOR SALK —WEST TWELFTH-ST, —WR HAVE J««t nmdo a Subdivision of tbo jllocV hounded by V> cal Twelfth. Sampson, Roboy, and fioyno-Ht., ami wo tiro prepared to soli lota on either of those streets oilcan, on easy tonus. Twolfth-st, or boulevard Is 160 foot wide .and la finely macadamized. Parties purchasing lota on it now ean bo suro of ronllMnn a handsome nrollt from their Investment. Apply to 11. D. KERFOOT A CO., 00 East Washlngton-st. For salei the mioiiiqan-av, hotel or 1 romonuilousp, on tho corner. of illohlgdn-av. and uongross.Qt.. (CtiJiU {out, over 100 rooms, In purfoet order, only SU),«JO for a short timo, being $lO. (toy loss than cost. Sor a family hotel this Is tho finest In tliootfy. A portion Of tho purchase moqoy might bo inkun In tho shape of un* Incumbered real ©state. J. ESAIAS WARREN. 18 pimuilior of Cnmmoroo. • COUNTRY REAL ESTATE, T7OR SALE-GOAL LAND AT IWAIDWOOD* M f acres in Sootfoq 13, in Grundy iSountj-Vln contrk Sf Y o “k. '' AM, ‘“ Mluu,Ji - BALL OR EXCHANGE !RO ACRES of X’ land la Crawford, Co., lowa. Will exchange for •lurabor or brick, Inquiry 010- MASON 4 CO., 18 oar roil-St, TfiHJR BALB-100.000 AGUES FARMING LANDS FOR , X aale in Iowa; also. In Missouri and' Wisconsin, on ate 1 ”- real estate wanted. ANTED —OWNERS OF HOUSES AND LOTS, 4>Ji ftl ?° Tft ? an s «?l>, vrUhluff, to aoll. 1 and willing to llx thotr nrlco at what tnoy wentd consider a fair figure to glyo I) buying, will do well to call and leave the same HolLH!’.. ”'9 hijyo tha cash awaiting such Invcstmcnta. (IbliOUN 4 SKILLMAN, 128 South Clark-aR *\\T ANTED—AGUES I AGUES' ACRES l-WK HAVE ft constant Inquire* for acre properly 1 oun mako -SSiFSigSISkSi.fgS?. W “ d iuAOILL - 61 WANTED-LOTSt LOTS II.OTBI ON WEST WASH- J r .‘ngtou-at., Park-av., Wnrron-av., and Adama-at., poutli SUto-at.. Prairie, jand Indlnna-ava., North Dear born and LaßaUo-ata. Wo have customers for lota ori tlio ftljo . v o e , , J lll nolkhborlng streets. JAGUB O. MAGII.L, ft! and 83 South Olark-at. > WANfED-Tp LEASE-A LOT ON SOUTH SIDE, north of ThJrty-aooond-at.. ami east of State-el.. for awolling purposes, Addroaa M. HOWARD, (8 South CLAIRVOYANTS. TJABTIAN AND TAYLOR WILL HOLD REANOES i> every evening at the Rollglo<Phnosophloal Publishing Houao Suaiioe_Roomi, Adams-at. and Fiftli-av, DIVORCES, TAIVOUOCS—REGALLY OBTAINED—FEE AFTER 4 J doorom Scandal avoldod, Nino ycnrs'iirttcUco In tho Courts of Chicago. Address P. O, Ifox 1u37. nWOROKH OBTAINED FOR CAUSES. ALL LAW \J business attended to. BUSH, 817 South OUrk-Bt. pERSONAL-B. F. NOKINi X your risk on Weal Madlsun-at. Thanks for kindness.' $. Bi RYAN 4 go., 810 LaSaUc-«L T *mdocM. ' SUBURBAN BEAIi ESTATE. Til Oil BALE—SO * ACRES UPON .CHICAGO. MIL. X.V wanxoo A St. Paul lUllroad, In Sco. 27, <O, ifi. . Macreanorthof Austin. JnHoo, ft. 89, IS. 40 acres In 5-aore block*, 1 Itlvarstua. .. SO aorea In fi.aore bleqks, Hawthorne.- 1 CO acres near Lawndalt. .. 8 aoroa .in Iglohart’a Subdivision upon railroad and boulevard, In Bo<R 7, 08, 11.. ■ . „ 80 aoroa upon Elghtr-tlitrd-at., In 800. 83, 88,14. 20 aoroa in 800. w, 88,11. 10 Korea in Hoe. Ift, 117, 11. ’ 80 aoroa In Seo. 83. 37. 14. Acres In 800. 37, 07, 1 h Aoroa In Poo. 81, 88,1 ft. Aoroa In 800. 2ft, RB, 11, . Aoroa In Hoo. 28, 88, 14 Aoroa in Hoo. 11, £W, 11. Aoroa In Hoo. 11, 89, 11. Aoroa In Hoo. 8,88,11. „ , • . A lino list of lands by the tore In all part* of Hyde Park, at prlooa and terma that will Inauro goon profit to pur- A Hue lUt of rosidonoo property In Ilydo Park' and vicinity. OITAOK A ABF.LL. For sale-at south knglewood-four b acre blocks, near tho depot, and fronting Eighty aoventh-at. boulevard. No money down. Will giro live years' time on all tho nurchnao-mqnoy to parties who will build Immediately, and will allow tbom also tho privilege of paying any time before maturity In sums >of S7OO, and aoourlng tho roloaao of a pro rata part of tho ground] 6.000 shade-trees baro boon planted at South Englewood during, tho present month, and two miles of sidewalk is now being made. A largo number of, houses aro con tracted for, and now being built on adjoining property, HU dummy-trains each wav dally to and from tho Grand Depot of tho Rook Island R. R. Title very abort and per fect. MATSON HILL, 108 and 110 Doarbom-at. For balr-at Washington heiguth, near two depots, by the block; average also of lota. 25x160 foot, at sllO per lot, }i casb, balance Ini, 3, andsyoan, at 7 per cont. Interest. Tho best property for Investment In Cook County. Froo tickets tosoe this property. B, F. CLARKE AGO., Room I. 123 La Ballo-st. FOR SALK-CENTRAL FACING Washington,. Lake, Madison. Monroe, Adams, Jack son, and Fulton-«ta.,land Park, Wamm, and Californio, a vs., between Woalorn-av. and Central Park, at (mm 987 ft to $3,000 oaoh on easy terms. Apply to WM. U. KERFOOT A CO., 90 Bait Washlngton-st. _■ FOR SALE-LOTS AT MAPLEWOOD, ONLY FOUR mlloa -from the Court Homo: commutation faro, CM cents: largo fronlagoon Humboldt boulevard, Fullerton and Woatom-ava.; aldowalka bavo boon laid and trooa sob ootontbo entire property; parties locking fur homos would do well to visit Maplewood before nuroliailng: price of lota from S4OO to S6OO. WING A FARLIN, ftft Bast Washlngton-st., Room!. . • • . For halb-at a bargain—we have just re. eolvod from tbo owner, for a few dan, that beautiful 40-acro tract of land at Irving Park, In too S. W. H of tbo 8. E. MoflO, 40, 13. BENNETT A SANFORD. 4 Trlb tmo Bonding. For sale-norwood park—acres, blocks,' or lota at lovt prices, or will exchange for city or conn* try property. S. B. WELLS, 168 Doarbom-at. For salr—lots adjacent to new oar shops of 0. A N. W. R. R. and within two blocks of depot, on favorablo toms. A. 0. ODELL. 123 Doarborn st.. Room 10, first floor. - - For sale-or kxchanok-a splendid h roora houio, with 10t60x200. la Evanston proper; also 7 lots la Pioreo's Addition to Humboldt Park; very low figures for cash, or will exchange for West Sldo Improved property or iole soar street-cars, B. F. CLARKE A CO.. 123 LaSsllo-st. - IBOR SALB-AT RAVBNSWOOD-A DESIRABLE X 1 dwolliUß honso of 8 rooms, good brick collar, furnace, bard and soft water. Lob 142x163 ft, ornamented with fruit and shade trees. Apply to ROBERT GREER, M LaSalla»st., Room 2. '• For bale-lots near cuioago & north* western Car Shops. Non resident owner. Soil very cheap: long ttmo. PHINNEY A LOMBARD, No. 163 La Sallo-st. . ■ . . . IBOR SALE-OR RXOIIANGE-80 ACRES NEAR : the city limits, subdivided -Into blocks of & acres onoh; will exchange ono or raoro of saldhlocks for im* proved property inside city limits. This proport/ Is within 6 rollot of tbo Court-House, on tho lino of Im provements, and advancing rapidly. A raro cbanco for parties wishing aero property to subdivide Into lots that can bo sold rapidly. PHILFOT A UONORE, 167 Wash. trigton-st. *, - T7IOR SALE—CO COTTAGES AND 2*BTORY HOUSES J? at Englewood, on easy terms. Apply to TILLOT* SON BROS., 272 and 274 Btato st. ' For sale-fine rf-sidenoes in iiyde park, from $7,000 to $40,000: also, lino building lots In host location. Will tako parties wishing to buy to look at property on short notice. B. L. UNDERWOOD, 08 Modi* aon-Bt. M FOR SALE—S26O TO SBSO—AT RT. CLOUD. 25 FEET higher than the lake, near Humboldt Park, 2U min utes’ndo from Madlson-st. bridge; lotaat aero prices; terms'easy; all tralnson both roads stop at St. Cloud; commutation vary low. WILLIAM PRICK, 103 Madison st.; 11. F. COY A CO., 163 Washingtons!, For salb-ohoiorst lots at north evan* ston; I am building 10 bnnsos; carpenters and masons wanted. O. L. JENKB, 146LaSallo-st. - FOR SALE—BO ACRES, SOUTH OF CALUMET Lnko, U. W, N. W. H 800. 7, 86, 16; $l6O per aero. MATSON HILL, 108 and 110 Doarbora-st. For sale-washinoton heiguts-w acres lino land on ridge. SO acres flno land on rldgo north of Morgan Park. 11 acroß, very cheap, near Comoro Station. 21 acres at Auburn. J. D. HARVEY, 174 La Sallo-st. OR SALE-AT ENGLBWOOD-IO OR 16 OUOfOE lots in tho grovo adjoining tho boantiful grounds of John Rabor, convenient to all tho trains, and at very low prlcos. HULBUUD A CO.. 208 La Sallo-st. FOR SALE-FIVE AND TEN YEARS’TRUE, AT bporoout, choice boulevard and Hyde Park lota. Also In Blanchard Tract. JOSIAH H. BISSELL. Owner. 46 Bryan Block. FOR SALE-SEVERAL CHOICE ACRE TRACTS west of city limits, In town of Ctooro: very cheap. GEORGE V. BYRD. 165 LaSallo-st.. Room 11. For salic—on rap suburban homes in ho bart, on Fort Wayno Railroad, 82 miles from Chicago: C-acro lota subdivision of 600 acres; all improved; good dry prairlo land; SBB per aoro, 1, a and a years; enttago

$l6O extra; nn agency business. J. EARLE, owner. Uificodays Monday, Wednesday-and Friday, Rooms, basement, 163 Monroo-st. POU SALE-6 ACRE BLOCKS ON RUBEN-ST., comer SoTonfy-ilrst-st, to parties wishing to build; no cash payment required, and easy terms. HENRY L. IILLL, IMLaSallo-st., basement. FOR SALE—OR RENT-AT HINSDALE, nice places, from 4to 14 rooms. Call forunoonat 72 ami 74 Doarbonrst., main floor. O. J. STOUOiI. IBOR RALE-AT RAVENBWOOD, ONLY M MIN ’ utou* ride from Wollsst. depot, a beautiful now house and 100x163 foot of ground; price, $4,1)01), S6OO cash and S6OO annually; 7 trains to city; commutation fare. 7 cent". Also, several choice grove building lota. W. P, JONES. 202 LaSallo-sf. • JiH)R SALE—AT SOUTH ENOLRWOOD-OHOIOK 1 huildlng lots near depot. $260 each, payable one-fourth cash and balance at tho end of throe years. Will not soli lots than four lots at a time. No money down to parties who will build immediately. MATSON HILL, lls and 110 Dearbnrn-at. ~ HORSES AND CARRIAGES. - A ND IT IS PASSING STRANGE THAT MEN OP J.X. good common souse will fool away time and money by trying to soil horses at livory,boarding,and private sta bles, wboh our whole business is soiling. Tbo boat loca tion and stabling In tho city, plenty of customers, cud doing moro business than all tbo balance pot together. BRADLEY A WILLS 1 Sale Stables of horses, carriages ; and harness, 261 Stato-st. -AMOTION SALE OF CARRIAGES,: OPEN AND -XXtop buggies, trotting and side-spring wagons,carryalls, express wagons. on Wednesday morning, Juno 4, at if'i o’clock, by VVM. A. BUTTERS, at 66 and 67 South Canal st. Sale peremptory, to pay advances and charges. {AT OH WABASH-AV. TUB. JUBILEE* IS COM XX moncod In new and second-hand carriages,' top and opon buggies, at low prices. Jt H. CARSON. IHOR SALE—CHEAP; OR TO RENT—TWO FIRST ‘ oluis llghlnlmf-rod wagons. CHICAGO LIGHT, NING ROD CO.. M West Lake-at. . V aKNTLB WINE PASTURAGE FOR HORSES. 81 PER WEEK, X’ at Kensington. 13 miles from city; taken from and ro turned to city. Call at 10G8 Stato-st. J.W. PYNE. UOR SALE-TWO DOUBLE TEAMS WITH WAO- J. ons and harness; teams nro now working for 86 nor ri ENUINE BOSTON SLApK CARRIAGES AT 223 vT i Wc«t Waslihigton-Bt.; no humbug. Also, cheaper gradea at very low figures for cash. T V? Ii P 9 F1,,K1 5 FO J} 9A XU FOR A FEW DAYS MY X block team for 81,00<J. J. It. BROOKMAN, 100 Twonty-sooond-st, j WILL OFFER FOR SALE, FOR A FEW DAYS, X my black team for 81,000. J. R. BROOKMAN. 1M Twonty-scoond-st. ' J R. BROOKMAN, 100 TWENTY-SECOND-HT., • has for sale otm Pair flu® black Morgan carriage uorsos vary qtyllsU and porfoot drivers; now and second hand top and open buggies, phaetons, Concords, and ox press wagons, ilorsos, buggies, and carriages to lot, with or without horeo. Ty ANTED—BASKET PHAETON. PONY. AND ,»I , harness; 8100 cash, baloaoq monthly, or will trado watch, qr other jewelry; Address R 73, fiO OAVALTIY HORSE WANTED,' NOT LESS THAN StftVLv 1 BUILDING MATERIAL. TDUENA VISTA BUILDING-STONE AND F'LAG- X> ging, eawed to ordor; prloos and sample at 49 South Clark-at. J. H. HMITjI, s If Oil BALE—OH EXCHANGE POII PERSONAL 1 property of real estate, a few tlioasand foot of dltnon* idmi aatid-stono. For Information call or address HENRY FURST, 468 Fifth-ay., Chicago. ■ • For bale-a quantity of seasoned 4 and 6-lnoh %-beadea colling, I or 3 sides: also. H> 4-8, and celling; 4, 6, orb-lnohO. O. casing; stock-boards and shelving, any width. Constantly on hand droned flooring and aiding. An object to buyer* of car-load lots. STAR* RETT aYiROTIIUR, southwest comer of Twelfth and Lumbor-als. TTYDRAULIO PRESSED BRICK COMPANY. ST. XI Louts. Mo, Tito at. Louis Hydraulic Pressed Brick ate larger and of greater strength than the Philadelphia Orltaliimoro Force Brick, anu are not surpassed in an* poaraiioo or color. For sale in any quantity. J. J. LOOK WOOD, Agent, 10 and 13 West Raadolpli-at. "PRESSED BRICKS—RACINE AND MILWAUKEE X pressed brick for aalo in any quantity: also rod nrosa od and stock brick. Also solo agent for ibo Ht, Louis Hydraulic pressed brick. Call aqd mo samples and cut nricos- J, J. LOCKWOOD j Agent, 10 aud 14 West Rmiiiolpli-st. , . ■ HOUSEHOLD GOODS. TRURNITURB FOR SALE M PER CUNT BELOW tilin' aU<l * omo 10 ,ont * ium b>tHAto)y. IUS Stnto-st., up. WANTED—A COMPLETE BKT OF IIOUNEKEKP vT log utensils and furniture, fora family of three, In 9?5 ,I SPK u lor Urat-olaas now piano or organ. Address DO, Tribuneoftioo. • * ; ■ . INSTRUCTION. WANTRD-TWO YOUNO MEN OR LADIES TO M study short-band In a class of 7; one of the best short-hand reporters in the city teacher; must bo of mur al, temperate habits; a good cbauoo; tirat lussou to bu given Tuesday evening. Apply to W. MuMAHQN, - BothoLHeine, corner West lamb and I)o>|>laino>-sts.' TO L?A»£. rpO LUABK-40X170 FEET ON WABABII AV.. NEAR X Kldrldgc-onurt, with good house and born? wyotlrt' . lease at low rato, wlth-prmlege of purohaso, Nptuiugto ( onmparo with it In market, Rouha reasonable. J. KSAIAH WARREN, ft Chamber ordommoroo. IPO LliAHli-DOOIC AT IIUIDOKPOKT (QIIEAT'I X Haitera). Apply to E. BRAINARD Room 29, Bryan 1 Block. TO BENT-HOUSES. TO RENT—A SPLENDID HOUSE. 981 SOUTH Dearborn-st., comer Thirty-ninth; only SBO per month, Inquire of J. W. OOULD, DM. __ rpo. RENT HOUSES IN GOOD LOCATIONS. X eboAp to good tenants. JACOB O. MAUILL, 81 ana M South Olatk-at. . rilO RENT-HOUSE 110 LOOMIB-BT. CHAOE A X ABELL, IM Dearborn at. mo rhnt-or for sale-new s-btory frame X house (south front}, W3 West Monroo-at., oloso to Westcrn-av. Low rent w a doalrahlo tenant. Apply to JOHN WEST, Wi West Monroo-at.,or 276Wost Madison. TO RENT—A BIX.ROOM COTTAGE ON WARREN av..osatof Itoboy-st. i posostlon Immediately. IL F. CLARICE A CO., Room 4, 122 Laßallo-st. TO RENT—VERY DESIRABLE TWORTORY and basement brick house 813 Weil Adoma-at.,-10 rooms, modern Imnrovcmenlatrout, 805 per innnlb. Ap ply InWM, U. SAMPSON A CO,. 11l LaSallo-st., Otis Block., , . TO RENT-TWO VERY DESIRABLE FURNISHED rooms, on suite or single, with or without board, at 19 South Ann-at. Also, barn to rent. ■ TO RENT-A PLEASANT AND NEATLY-FUR niahod front parlor, sultablo for ono or two persons, at Wfl S&te-st. TO RENT-399 MIOHIOAN-AV., NORTH OP THlß toonth-nt., from July 1 to Got. 1 of this year, throe atoryand basement stono front house. handsomely fur nished Inside, and fly-soroona and ownings for windows,’ etc., to a private family. Apply at 899 Mloblgsn-ar. TO RENT—OR FOR BALE—A GOOD~IIOUBK ON Jaokson-at.. comer of Oallfornla-av.; also 4 nlco rooms to rent.’ Inquire at 1091 Jaokaon-at. WANTUD-TO RENT-10 OH 11-ROOMRD HOUSE, for two families, with otninli, buttorlos, and water: Woat or North Hide preferred, continuous to oars; rent not to oxoood SB6; roforooooa. Address KO7, Trlbuao office. fho RENT-TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK X bouse. No. 21 Vlncennos-placo (coutlnuattod of John* aon-plaoo), completely furnished, to good parties. Ap ptyoa promises. TO RENT—TO SMALL FAMILY, A 10-ROOM IM story bouse on Warron-av.; largo corner Inti fruit; shrubbery, and shade trees. B. DELAMATEU, 86 Wash ingtoa-at. ■ 310 RENT —B-ROOM COTTAGE. FURNITURE . will bo sold cheap. CallatoncoatlSGrant-at., near Incoln Park. • ' TO RENT-A VERY DESIRABLE RESIDENCE ON Pralrlo-av., north of Twontloth-st. 5 largo lot and barn. AddrcsaO 20, Tribnno otUoo.. (TO RENT-NICE FURNISHED HOUSE OP TEN X rooms at Evanston, for aummor or till May* Cool, ahady, and healthy. O. U. G. PAINE, 3 West Madi aon-st. niO RENT-HOUSE OP -14 ROOMS; OWNER X would like to furnish 4or 6 rooms and board In fami ly, ftnd to suitable tenant will pay liberally. Addresser call at No. 10 SUteonth-at. TO RENT-HOUSE, 720 WABASILAV.. 18 ROOMS, modern Improvements: good barn; lot, 06x180, to alloy. ■ Apply to J. R. STANLEY, 190 Dcarborn-st. TO RENT—THU TWOSTORY FRAME DWELL log, No. 697 Mlohlgnu-av. Houro rocontly pub In complete order. Root, $1,600. or, rosorvlug two rooms, will bo rented for QI.OOO. Apply to J. C. PAHRINU* TON, otfiooof Ooorgs O. Clarke, a and 4 Bryan Plonk. . . TO RENT-ENTIRE FLOOR OVER73B WEST MADI* Bon-st., Brooms, pantry, and bath-room. Inquire at atoro. rpo RENT-COTTAGE ON IIAMILTON-AV. CON* X talnlng ft rooms, kltohon, bath-room, and basement. ERNST PttOBBINO, 148 East Randolph-st. rrto RENT—THE CORNER HOUSE IN THE NEW 9- X story and basumant brick block corner Adams and Sooloy-av.; S6O per month. F. M. GRAY, Room C, 127 LaSalle-st. me RENT—OR FOR SALE OIIKAP-TWO STORY X and basement brlok honso with all random improve- Sonts:furalshodorun(amlshod;sraatl bam; located at o. 183 South Psullna-st. Apply on promises. » TO RENT-HOUSE AND LOT NO. 4CI WABASH* av., near Kldrldgo-court. None but responsible par ties need apply. Immediate possession. J. ESAIAS WARREN, 18 Chamber of Commorco. . TO RENT—SBO PER MONTH-NICE 7-ROOM OOT tngo and barn, on South Sldo, uoar cars. W. At. JACKSON. 118 and 120 Monroo-st. TO RENT—STORES. OFFICES, &o. rpO RENT—AT LOW PRICE, STORKS WENT- X worlh-av. Rooms Wentwortb-av.; low prieo. Rooms Shurilolf-av.; low prtoo. Rooms Wabaab-av. Nice elegant honso Mlchlgnn-av. Ootngou marblo-cuttagu, No. 34 Twenty-olghlh-st., near Wabaab-av. Office room 200 LaSallo-st. S. MEARS, owner, 200 La- Sallo-st. • mO RENT-A VALUABLE OFFICE ON FIRST X floor, Wabash-nv.. near South Wafor-st.; also oltleos and desk rooms over Nun. 7, 8, mid 11 Wabash-av., and basement under same; also third finer, corner of Wabash av. and South Wntor-at.; low to good tenants. Apply to CHASE, HANFORD A CO., corner Wabash-av. and South Wator-st, . . TO RENT—STORES—BO FEET FRONT BY 183 FEET doop, op Randolph-Bt., between Clark and Dearborn, to be Improved. Will build Btoros SO, 40, CO, or 80 foot front, and finish to salt tenants. Apply to O. M. UPDIKE, THO RENT-STORK 40 NO. RANDOLPH-ST.. 25X100, X 4 stories and basement, finished in tho host manner. Apply to tho WESTERN NEWS COMPANY, 43 and 41 Randolph-st. rpO RENT-NO. 738 STATK-ST., JUST SOUTH OF X Foartoonth-st., fora packing-house or for manufac turing purposes. Innulroof thoownoratSccundNatioual Bank. D. F. CAMERON. TO RENT-ROOMS ON SECOND, THIRD, AND fourth floors of building No. 161 MadUon-ot., near LaSailo, desirable for otficos and sleeping auartmonts. Cheapest rent In city. Look to your interest audoxam- Ino. Apply to Janiotr of building. rpO RENT-OHEAPEBT OFFICE IN TOWN-SMALL, ± cheerful, and fumitbnd. Vault and oloaots. Also, desk-room; 168 Alonruo-at., Room 3. a tO RENT-A SPLENDID OPENING FOR A HOTEL —the four-story and basomont stone-front building, situated on tho corner of North Wells and Mlohigan-sts., 80 foot front on Wulls-st. and 100 foot on Michigan-st. Apply to JACOBS A FISOHEU. No«6fl North Wclla-st. rpO RENT-FOURTH AND FIFTH STORIES OF NO, X 173 Stato-st., over American Clock Co. Wide stair* wayaudusoof elevator. Heated with steam. Apply to E. S. PIKE, with N. Matson A Co. mo RENT-SECOND FLOOR OF NO. -11 l STATE-ST., X good light in front and on side, comer alley. Apply on first lloor to HERRING A CO. rrio RENT—STORE—STOCK AND FIXTURES FOR X sale, consisting of a lino stock of fancy and millinery foods. A great bargain Is oifored it taken this week; or parlioalars apply to D, COLE A SON, 18b West Madl- SOll'St. rpo RENT-HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF FIFTH- X av. and Adams-st., containing (15 rooms, including bath-room, water closets, laundry, hot and cold water. Apply to owner on the premises. nib KENT—A ROOM 60X76, SUITABLE FOR LIGHT X manufacturing purposes. Inquire of O. MASON A CO., 18 Carroll-ot. mo • RENT HOTEL AT FRUITPORT. MICH. X A-l-story brick, elegantly furnished ns a summer re siirt; also, bath-houso. By A. J. SAWYER, Treasurer, liA LaaaHo-st., Chicago. TO RENT—THE BEST LOCATED FRUIT STAND on tho West Side. 274 West Madisou-st. Call at above number for particulars. fpO RENT-AT REASONABLE PRIOR, NO. 61 X Stato-st., second floor, storo room nlculy finished! olovator. Apply to P. B. COOK, U00m27 Major Block. rro RENT—THE- CIGAR STAND IN THR'SeSu X born dining-rooms, 7?Do«rbom,-fll. X'arparlloulora, rjlO BENIV-ONE-HALF OP A BRICK STORE BIT .v-,bateiu tho.most desirable port of tho North Side. Address, stating stylo of business, 0 39, Tribune oflloo. TO RENT—ROOMS. T° nB . IS iTrA IJR ? II S I W 0n UNFURNISHED X rooms at HI Twogty-ilrat-at, TO RENT-1074 WAOABII.AV.. A SUITE OP UN furnished front rooms with largo closot attached, and quo largo back room; board can bo obtained within a few doors. rpO KENT—THE MOST DESIRABLE AND ELE- X gantly furnished rooms can bo had at 65 and 87 Dour- Lom-st.; comfort a specialty; go and see* thorn.' rpo RENT-PLEASANT ROOMS FOR UOUSKKEEP- Ufchon at 038 ” 081 Blon . ro °' • water and waalo pipes in rpo RENT-TUB SECOND FLOOR OF 140 SOUTH x Cllntpn-st., 4 rooms, 823 per mouth. Apply at H3M Booth Jotforson-»t. rpo RENT-TWO UNFURNISHED PARLORS, WITH X bath and gas at KMWost Washlngton-st. fpO HENT-ANY LADY WISHING TO KEEP TWQ X or throe lady boarders can find three or four nicely fur nisboa rooms with low rant. Address K 60, Trflmuo oltieo, . fo RICOT-AT 861 FULTON-BT.—TWO NICELY „ ‘nnyshedrooms, either singly or together, with or Without nrst-olnsa board; terms reasonable. T" 0 RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH USE OF bath-room, at 667 Wahnsh-av, TO RENT—A WIDELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, suitable for one or two gentlemen t uljio, tmmll b&ru: references exchanged. Apply a,t 87H West Lako-it. T" o RENT-TO a small FAMILY, 0 ROOMS, monfli litry * and closets, No. S Wlloox-av.; price $25 per a 10 RUNT-FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH CLOSETS, gas, and privilege of bath: front parlois, with base moot fur housekeeping, at 472 Wabnuh-nv. WANTED—?TO RENT. Wtantbd-TO BENT—A STORE SyiTAULR FOR Tf a furniture store: small first Uadi* and largo upper floors. A. L. CROOKER. EU State-st. \\T ANTED—'VO, RENT : ROOMY HOUSE, SUITA ,V bio (op boarders. South Side preferred. Address 11. Ktaauitft-st. \\T ANTED—TO .RENT—A QIOAR-hTAND AT SOME Tv publlo placo whom ilrst-olassHclgars can bo uoUl. Address K 61, Tribune 011100. 1 \rANTED —.TO RENT-A SMALL FURNISHED J I house or part of house euitnblo for house koophig on thu South Sido. Address E,45, Tribune oitiou. WANTKD-TO RENT-A BARN FIT FOR BOARD. TT ing and tale ataitloa,. Aim yby letter or person, to g. B.ORQIISENIUB, Kinzto-st. * TAT ANTED—TO RENT—FOR 1} OR 8 MONTHS. A i t furnished houao in good locality on Nortli Side. Family consists of gentleman and wife. Address, with full particulars, KCe, Tribune otlico. WANTED-TO RENT-5 OR «lIOOMS FOR FAM vv tlyofthroo. Addroan A S \V, 32t; South Clurk-at. AGENTS WANTED, A GENTS WANTED-TO SELL OUR NEW RUT JX ton-bole cutler and needle-threading tblmblo. Agouta clear S2O per day. jfttUast Madlson-at., Room 6. AOENTfI WANTKD-AQENTS ARB MAKING «10 2V to sl9 a day, with ray neotUn book, machino ueodK A HUNTS CAN MAKK #SOO I'Kl; MONTH BiII,UNO mCT. 1IAYB? 1 * ,IUI A ‘‘ dto ” AHENTU WANTED-SAMPLES FHEU-BILVEII •A+ watou to all, Man and women potsussoit cf butiincis energy can easily make $8 to SIQ a day. Gall or send for -parUoulara inim any part of tlio country. Twenty new ' articles. MERRILL «x CO., 25 Weal Lake-sl., Chicago, A ni! K‘S WANTEU^LADIks'Tb - gK’LLKBMP'S I Tvn./WAViff ‘lrc*i chart. ProlHs large. Address AIAHS. Pattern Agency, 231 WostWashlnttion-st. 1 A GENTS WANTED—EVERY COUNTYI HEWI'IT 2\. Fluting, Polishing, ami Rand Iruu combined. Securo .aeounty, aud makoj»unoy._ Room 15, Mil Eaut Madison. A GENTS WANTiiD—EVERYWIIRRE-SijND~FbR XX circulars: literary production, notther book nor pic-! WANTED—MALE HELP. BoolriKooDors* Glories. Eto. TyANTKD-OLItnKS, BAUSSMRN,■ AND BOOK- J.». koopofl l i 0110 with a fow hundred for a market. 179 HtatO'at, i Hoorn 19. WANTKD-A NO. 1 DURRR-OOODS RALESMAN. ' oho ipßaklng German preferred. &( 763 South Hal* itod-«t. ; ■ WANTED-A t GERMAN OR. SCANDINAVIAN , clerk for roUll drug «toro at Cl Kail Uhluago-av* WANTED TWO FIRRTOLABH DRY GOODS rnli iinon. Apply At MJIUIGOLD A LLOYD'S, 8;M Woflt MnJUon-et., ooloro 9 o'clock, T\ r ANT ED—A GOOD PENMAN AND ROOICKREP. Vt or willing to work for email p«jr until tlmoa got hotter. Addme E 01, Tribune oflloo. . , Trades. TAT ANTED—FIRST-GLASS CABINET MAKERS, VV carvers, and llnlihors, At JAMES BARKER'S, cor nor Croon ami Klnr-losta. . WANTIcb~At SIMON MYERS, STRAUSS A CO.'S, it experienced cation, uoutliors need apply, WANTED-A CABINET-MAKER. GALL AT M West Madlson-sl, . ... WANTED-A YOUNG MAN WHO HAS HAD SOME experience In photograph business, to mnko himself 6 oiicrnlly useful. Inquire! at 12Q South Clark-sl.. RoomC. . J.BKST. . WANTED MOULDERS AND BLACKSMITHS. Inquire of D. J. Murray, at tho Briggs House. WANTED-A GOOD TAILOR TO DO BUSHEL lug, right oil, at 116 East Madlson-sl. GOOD BARBER AT NO. 747 WEST Vi Madlsunst. ; steadyoroploymmt. • WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS CONFECTIONER WANTED-A FUIST-OLASS PASTRY BAKKIL or a good moat cook to take an Interest In a first class dining-room on tho South Hide, with capital from $3,04)0 to iM.oOUs or would tako real estate; tho best of ruforencos given ami romiirod. Por an intorriotr and particulars, address /. 67, Trlbuno offco. Employment Agencies* . WANTED-2R RAILROAD LABORERS; BUM i t mor'fl work; good wages, froo faro, and company work; agent goes with roon. Apply 274 South Wator-sl. bhaW & ou. WANTKD-200 RAILROAD LABORERS FOR THE Northern Paclllo Air Lino in Wisconsin; steady Jerk and froo faro. Apply at 569 Bast Randolph-st., ind Block, Room 4, O. .V. SNELL, agent for tho Com pany. ■ WANTED— 600 LABORERS TO WORK ON RAlL roads, farms, saw-mills, tio-chopporsr Ac., at good wages nml steady ompioyniont. Apply to CHRISTIAN A BING, No 1 South Olark-st. - Mis o ell ano ems * WANTED-MEN IN EVERY TOWN. COUNTY, and Statu, to noil our. now huttomholo.outtor and nondlo-lhroaillng tiilmblo. Agents that wish tbo goods will savo money and time by buying direct of tho manu facturers, at99EastMadison-st., Room 6. WANTED— COMMERCIAL TRAVELERS OP ALL trades who desire a specially, to toll on commission to address I*. Q. Box 23. Nunda, 111. ' TSTANTItD—LIFE INSURANCE SOLICITORS. E. VY TRUSSING, 143 East Randolph-st. WANTED-A ill [OR SO.UORBB POWER PORTA. TT bio engine and boiler: must bo a good second-band. Address or Inquire at CO South Wator-at., Room 1. Sl* >IUN W. WYATT. \\T ANTED -A GOOD SECOND-HAND IRON >V lathe, from Bto 13 foot long, by WAHL BROTH ER3,I26 Mlohlgan-ay. •••■.• Wf ANTED—MEN FOR CITY AND COUNTRY TO TT bundle three fastest soiling articles on record? 100 to 800 per oout profit on small capital. A. RAY, Room 8, 20 Wosb Lako*at. TXTANTKD—EXPERIENCED CANVASSERS TO TT soil tho “Lives of tboPresidents;" llluatratod with lino steel portraits. Onovol., largo quarto. SCO pages; Apply nt 126 ami 128 Donrburn-et. O. J. GRIFFITHS. \\TANTHD—CANVASSERS—GENTLEMEN OR LA TT dies, salaried or commission. LATTON A MON* TAOUE, 171 East Madlson-st., Room 9. : 10 to 13 a. m., 3 to 6 p. m. WANTED— A MAN THAT OAN SELL A PATENT right; a good thing, with un established business hero. Address K 67, Trlbupo oftico. ■ TITANTED—A GENTLEMAN WITH BUSINESS T t ability and moans, can learn of a good situation ami ■alary by addressing Y 48, Tribune office. WANTED-A YOUNO'MAN TOIdAKE, AND ONE to put up, wlro window soroona this summer. Apply, after 0 a. in., at office, 181 South LaSnlio-at. WONTED-TWO BOYS AT 65 WEST LAKE-ST., prhiflng olDco. •\VANTKD-ERRAND BOY AND PRESS FEED >V ors. BASSETT, BUSH 4 MITCHELL, 13undU LaSallo-st. \\T ANTED—MEN OUT OP EMPLOYMENT TO CALL it ou JUNES 4 CO., 71 South Oaual-at.; s3otosloa week euro money. T\TANTED--A FIRST-CLASS, ACTIVE, BOBER • T man as order cook; one who understands cutting moats. Apply this morning at (basement) 31 West Madl son-st. RACE BROS, WANTED-A BOY TO DRIVE DELIVERY WAGON I ' .and do an>* kind of work about tho laundry; must read and writo; can’t bum out nighta, and must come well recommended. WILSON, 309 South Stato-st. WANTED— BIX RESTAURANT WAITERS AT BUUUKY 4 MILAN’S, 167 and 163 East Mndlaon-st. WANTED- AN EXPERIENCED MAN TO ATTEND a soda fountain at tho Exposition Dollar Bazar, corner Hoisted and MndUon-sts, WANTED-A GOOD STEADY MAN TO WORK IN li a stable, None but a man that understands his busl* ness tu rd apply, at SCI] South Doaplulnca-ht. WAHTED—FEMALE HELP. Uomostios- WANTED-A GIRL TO GO IN THE COUNTRY Vi during tbo summur inontba to taka cara o( a baby, and make herself youerally useful. Apply at Kid Mlohl gan-av. WANTED— A GERMAN CURL FOR HOUSEWORK; must speak English. Apply at CG3 West. Washing-I lon-st. TIT ANTED—TWO gIrLB, COOK - AND SECOND J » girl. Apply, with references, at 622 Wahash-av. \\f ANTED—AT THIS DOUGLAS HOURK“'aOOD. t T competent dining-room girls { also laundry girls. ANTED-A GOOD NURSE GIRL AT23TWEN"fyI WANTED— A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSR v>ork; liberal wages will bo paid to a good girl. An ply at 637 V/ost Adams-st. WANTED— A GIRL THAT CAN COOK, WASH, and Iron. 1° do nonornl housework In a small family. Apply at BSlWest Washlngton-at. WANTED-AT &1 TWKNTY-SECOND-ST., A *' good cook, for ono that suits the best of wages paid. WANTICD-A GOOD NORWkGIAN'oiTGERSfAN ’'a. Rlrl that understands general housework. • to travel on the lakes and spend throe or four months away from Iho city with a small family. 866 West Monroo-st.' TITANTKD-a GIRLS, ONli'-AS COOK, ONE TO cncos WANTED— IMMEDIATELY, A GOOD GIRL FOR gonoral housework, at HU West Lako-st. WWOLbyW Pastry cook, inquire 9 tiotol, nortliwoat corner OUrlc amt *\\rANTIII)—A GIRL TO. no 6ENERAL lioUSb' '• work in a email family. 2d houea 60N° 0ftUll)bo,1 ‘ av * \ °® oo M Woet J, JOHN- WANTED--A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL YJ housework:small family. Call at C 6 Uhodoi-av., lifth bouao south from Thirty-socond-st., to-day. WANTKn-GIRLTODOGKNKRALHOUSKWORk r! it ? wu ®'ll family on South Sido; also a nurso girl. Cull at basement oliioo i:ta and HU Lakollo-at. 8 Ty - ANTEp~TWp OR THREE GOOD DINING- B | B ' room girls at Oily Hotel, corner Sixteenth and State- "\\T ANTED—A GIRL TO DO HOUSEWORK IN A ■tt small family at 1036 Wubaah-av. Nurses. TyANTED—A WET NURSE AT 81 ILLINOIS-ST., T T to take care of a baby two weeks old. Enundressos. WANTED-A IHRST-OLASS LAUNDRESS, ot 99 tt Ashland-nv., corner Monroo-st. \\ r ANTED-THUKE FIRST-GLASS NEW SHIRT J. ‘J OUOI I C‘>P d ptarohor at tho Oriental Steam ‘\yANTED-IMMKDIATELY, TWO FIRST-CLASS wamtefcr “ An,orlo “'* Employment Aconolou. WANTED— IMMEDIATELY—16 CHAMBER AND . 10 PfPlll al«»i one tp take charge of store-room in a Uutol. 1&7 Waoaah-av., Mm. BALkAM'B oltlco. Miscellaneous* WANTED -FOR THE GREAT NOVELTY CIRCUS, T » live young ladles to learn the variety business; must bo good dressers. Wanted, also, a lady to run a case; must understand her business, Inquire, for two dors, at 17 f ndftt South Clark-st., of OAPT. F. E. FISHER, Room 19. TV/’ANTED-ONE PItAOTTOAL WEAVER ON TOW- Yf or loom*. A. Q. GARFIELD A CO.. SW and ail Lako-st. \\rANTED—SALESLADIES, AT THE EXPOSITION If Hollar Raznr f coniuijlfaiatndjw^^ LOST AND FOUND. T OST—WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 89. A JJ gold watch. on Jackson or Baugaimm-ats., between Bkinner school and Sill South B*nnamon-at, Anvouure* turning It to tho above number will bo rewarded. LOST-A GOLD TABBED FROM LADY’S WATCH vltalu In or near Union Park. Tho ilndor will bo ro. warded by reluming tbo earnout tbootllooof tho West Bldo JJrlggs House. » ' v FOUND-ON THE 26T11 INST., ON LAKALLKBT.. a email nackngp containing gloves,ribbon. Ao. Tho ®? u .. , i ftVo by , “d'lrosHVnc REV. JAMES Mo-, I.UOD, Joliet, aud paying for this advertisement. QTRAYKD-A GOAT. THE OWNEIPoTITTO™ CTOLBN—A DARK, DAY HORSE, BLACK MANIC. P long bushy tail s weight. 1,050 Iba; small soar on 101 l hip: ucw buggy. h gU top plmoton, brown cloth lining, dark green body, DT N monogram, patent wheels, dark brown guar with two red stripes. A ilhuml ran» l M ni PANIKLT. NI'.I.KUN, J Clfbl.KN-MAV S9, 3 IIOAN UOUaitH. O.M! LIQUT O .nil one dark color, .bout It build. hWr dark roan blind In 101 l oyoi the rlnht hind 100 l ut thi llabt toau S nblloi bandaomodrnitliono., A .uil.blo coward nlinn lor Ibolr recovery, til boran, ,Volon In Cblcano In laaTlivS KSi a"i l “ k ° ul <w(W B. BTILKN, 63 «Mad° MISCELLANEOUS^ A YOUNG MAN QF INTEGRITY AND~EX|»KRI! ,*• one ls / who hau several hours’ lelsum each day, do* ( lAiIPKNTKIIS-WM \VIBH TO CONTRACT FOR 25 M lln ll,°n»}mbqr and putting down of over of besides other camentur work, and SKl®a™'!!!uFi‘rk. o .°. l,ro, ’ 0,: ‘ y - oSlioltN 48K,1X - ( lASII PAID Mil OABl'-tib'P UI.OTHINQ AND ‘ ‘““" r *!AIU POli WATCHKS, jKWKI.UY, OLD V' Kohl, silver, firearms. and all ioodaof faluo, at tbo »cliau ho Lo« IKHBOO ,_»W_Ka»t Madisou-st. • fPAKK NOTIOK-LKVi D. VAN'OELDBU, NOTARY -L 1 ulillo. Jiuttj ami Loam, 634 HoutU Blato. at. opeuial attention and udvico in law traasaalluns givoa yrulls. Business mua will do Hull to call at uiy otllco. SITUATIONS WANTED—MALE. Booklcooporn, Clorlca. &o, OITUATION WANTED—DY A YOUNG MAN WHO p apoaka EorUsli and German, and haa *OlllO ojporlence Initio RToeory, dry goods, ami boot and ahoa trade, ai porter or olork In a wnolowilo limiso [reference* can bo rlvoiu I’loaao addrogß O. HEDUIOIi, W llarllmt-at. OITUATION WANTED—HY A YOUNG MAN, AB O bank toller or book-koopor, or aa enabler of a nior. cnntllo bonne; has had over fen year*’ bn*lne*ao*porlonoo| can furnish bent of city reference na to obaraotor, ability. Ao. Addroia OKOUGK lIUHKUT.JTrnmno onfoo. OITUATION WANTED—BOOKS OPENED. POST. kJ ea and closed: complicated accounts adjusted on tba shortest notice. Address O tB, Tribune eflico. .* S' ITUATION n»-' WANTICD-UY A YOUNG MAN AS Militant bonklcpoiirr, collector, or In rut llglil oapacl ty. AclilfosiGKOlUJU W. UU.SI!, I*. O. Jlok 133. SITUATION WANTKrJ -UY A TIIAVKI-INn RAT.EB ii i. n V in .v ,B V lft( l oxpnrlcaoo, and has a trado alrnady ci» tnliiiftiied 1q lowa and Minnesota. Addroii B. 05 Noflll darK-it. Trades. DITTATION WANTED-BY AN ENGINEER OP 20 O ycfti-A* oxporlrnoo s understand* high nml low pressure. Muni of olty roteroncos. Address H, GtSJ South Halstod-st. SITUATION WANTED—TO AND O nrlntnrfl-anhor. Bteady eonipoßltor (German) doHro* n situation on weekly, book-wort, or with practical -Job lit tiler to ImproTOou Job-work. Address Z 61. Trlbuuo odlce. , > SITUATION WANTED-BY A MAN AS FRENCH O pastrycook. .Thoroughly undotßlands his huelooss. Address 83 West Adams-st. \ Gbfiohmon. Teamsters. &o. SITUATION WANTED—AS COACHMAN. BY i sober and Btoady man (Dano) who thoroughly under* stands tboonro of horaos and carriages; and will tnrko himself, useful. Please address Z CO, Tribune office.', "t S~ ITUATIONS WANTED-BY^" for himself, aBOUKOhman, and also for his wife, hide J cnoral housowork in tho bsiuo fauilly. Address K 66. rlbnna otnee, forgone week. - nils o ollnno o ns. SITUATION WANTED —BY A SCANDINAVIAN man and wife In private family, In Chicago or outside, tho man to work around Uiehouso; tho wife a good dress* maker. ■ Apply at2os West Indlana-st. ,♦ S“ ITUATIONS WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AND his wifei (French, cannot apeak much English), ak waiter, and wife as chambermaid, or to make themselves generally useful, in ft private family. Town or country no object.' Address if, 627 SouthClark-at.; Chicago, Hi/ ■« SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE Domestics. OITUATION WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE KJ grls, las cook, tho other as second girl. Boat of ref* oroncas. ’ Call for 2 days ftt 83 Brown-st? SITUATION WANTED-BY A STEADY,' RESPECT, p able young lady, recently oomo from England, loans hgbt capacity in a private family, or any light business, Ploaiocall or address K. SAUNDERS, U56 SedgwlcK-st. > Nnrsoa* GITUATION WANTED-BY A PROFESSIONAL O woman nurso. Call as 238 Calrnnot-av. GITUATION WANTED-A GERMAN LADY WANTS M » place-In a respectable family as nutao, with aresnom la bio gentleman. In order to keep house. Address A, k.. 701 North Frankllu-st. *■ SITUATION WANTED-BYA RELIABLE WOMAN J aa wot nurso. Call at C3l West Indlana-st. HonaokooDors. GITUATION WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER FOR taHCSB.r I "''""'' » iv “- Ad ‘ MisooUanoona* GITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG LADY. AS |P entry or corresponding clerk. Address KA, gag Wat BUSINESS chances; A PROMINENT rmaT^CLASirßrc^^ ■ or , ail l 0 * dolnff a largo and profitable busi ness, which can bo greatly Increased byn livo, onorgotlo; ll eaasr^asf A S^o°. LASS BILLIARD SALOON, WITH w ß ' niu l everything complete; for Bale. Europe ronton for Belling, iflrat- man first chance. Inquire at 65 Cblcago-av. BUSINESS MAN WANTED WITH to Join a gontloman willi oquol amount and not oa Treasurer to take charge of the financial a flairs fortbo manufacturoof a little patent artlolo that costaS for6oc S ntß i ABurofortune; failure Si, nuulblo. Orders on hand for 80 gross. 'amounting to feilbO. which cannot be llllod fnr.waut of above capftal. hond 60 conta for sample,, or call and Investigate at W and 87 Doarbom-st., Room 28, Chicago, 111, • AGOp? AND WE LL-LOCATED GROCERYs,TORV;' with fixtures ami stock on hand, for salo cheap; good SYfflod™"* lo< l ul f o iwa Arohor-av.. one block® Mt 15USINESS INTERESTS SOLD, PARTNERS PRO- U or»i d 5 n r n t rB T° , fi ß .»°f l T ll ' ind ,op tnon with S6OO to SIO,OOO. Call. J. K. KIMBALL. 12Q Poarborn-atT Billiard room at rookford, uu, .i. 0r business good: seven llm viasstabtaa, fixtures, and furniture. cheap (or cash. Ad* Rookford. orK69. TrlbuDeofflco. 7*l ItY BRICK YARD FOR SALE OR EXOHANQEI t Bldondld location, machinery and yard in porfool order. Boiler will giro buyer orders for largo Quantities boniest * Rooml* 8 ftt ° nC ° °* L ’ BUKDI OK. 79 Dear- T 7i Q t AIIDING * HOUaE * ALL FURNIRHWtI V Ka * madison-bt. fob S W.ODRINO MI LL FOR SALE CURAP, HAS n?V« 0 /f touo ' rS'SL? n ß ino of ample power in good or n?ni P C °P ,D • pood local trade; shin. ftivor f l A°iA 0m ral *r?aaß end Mississippi ffoob. tea io^ droMoroail ° n r * l - unuei? - T U iL^P, ING MERCHANT TAILORING K&TAb! Stock In lino order, andtlmLoft trado /n - The atook «? olott. anil aooa. about *6,000. Wo aro now ?nn?Jni?ton oteLf&l." .***"“ "• “• fIEBC gonn n V !J J ' B V Y A UALP INTEREST In“a FINANCIAL, TVTONEY TO LOAN ON CHICAGO REAL ESTATE, J.U. or on farms In Illinois, within about 100 miles of Chb> /"i 1 ." B™° to 83.000. QUO. W. NEW p0M8,!57l West MadUoa*st,, near Roboy-st. Otßct boors in tbo forenoon. - TIfONEY LOANED ON OITY REAL ESTATE, fll,00( to real cßUtoi.apor wanted; loans on Tease; holds. B. QHOSBMAN, Room 13. 176 Btate-st. f ONEY TO LOAN ON HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, i,^n^o?, og l^ i S. no ?',? n^. othor « 00d chattel security. k1 ROGERS, 177 East Madlson-st., Room 9. VfONKY ADVANCED AT LASSEN'S LOAN iTA otlico; Into Jacobs A Co,, on diamonds, watches, and other valuables. 177 Olark-at., ■ corner of MonrooV Room 6. * LOAN ON OITY REAL ESTATE. (L -iVi- B.’ HUItBAUD, Jn.. 169 Washlngton-at. rrq loan-money on warehouse receipts. X bouses on lonsod lots, and other good collaterals. J AS. H. STOREY, 81 and 8d USallo-at., Room 25. TO LOAN—IN SUMS OF 81,000 OR MORE ON CITY property or improved Illinois farms within 100 miles ot Chicago. 11. L. PEASE, 79 West MacUaon-st. rpO LOAN-MONEY IN OITY REAL ESTATE ATI T Ti o^^^ oß ;* Lnprovod preferred. 3 to 6 years. J> 11. BISSELL, 46 Bryan Block. r r°-^°. AN r:??<. o^P^ G years on real estate. J- T. A. JAOKhON, 680 Stato-st., near Twelfth. • • WANTED-84,000 OR 86,000 OF GOOD REAL EB - paper. THQB. A. HILL, 123 Doarborn-at. TWANTED-GOOD PUROHABE-MONEY NOTES. tt •No oomtnUalon.. Apply at No. 8. 336Btate-»t. W ANTED—TO SELL SOME OF THE STOCK IN A company paying oror 100 per cent; company has 4 of tno best paying articles in the market. Also, a suitable person can aoouro position an Treasurer In the company by uo doing. Addroas F t>i, Tribune office. PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNER WANTED—WITH $5,000 TO slo,(ft) X commission business, well established: bust of rofor onco given. Address ZM, Tribune olllco, tor in. formation. - suiiuwrta. pARTNER' WANTED—WITH S3.OOOINA PAYING X luanufaoturlng buslnoM. Property worth moro than double tho luvo.tmout required. Address K 54, Tribuns PARTNER WANTED—I WANT A GOOD QUSI* noflß ronn with $350 to take half interest In a business mat will u&y principal In 80 days. Southwest oorner Btatt and M&dlaon-sts., Room 0. O. A 00. , ' WA NTEp-WITII a CAPITAL OF SS,(XX X orfflo.oooinarouudry goods and grocery store; rolor> Bok“piKh" SfSlvilr* P.rtlcul.r. call on OAK. FrunVlln-sti* corner of Madison and pASh.^KV. AN '^ iI . I ?rA business man with. to establish a branch bouio hero tomanu* J«M U /°5i ,aßu lV lno °* l ,al °nt goods which have boon sold for the past five yours and have become staple Uasty Bomotblng baa been done boro, Tbuco is moru than r .» ordinary ohanoo to make monoy in this, as we are 1° ftf* * boro In good riiapo. AddresaK.s7, PARTNER WANTED—ANY WELL-ESTABLISHED •A . real estate broker who would be willing to nogotiatf fora partnership with a gentleman who has bad about years' experience In insurance and roal estate fo tho Bask Clay address TROJAN, Room 17 Barnes House, Chicago. SEWING MACHINES. A GROVER A RAKER LATE FAMILY MAOIfINB, In perfect order, lor s26i cost $55. Also. one full cabinet mahogany late family Singer, inlaid with pearl. fors7s; coat jllM. 829 East Indtanaat.. near Ruth. GROVER 4 RAKER’S oral olliop, ISO Stato-et.; branch 01800, 073 Wabash* uv. Persona having old Grover 4 Baker sowlug.machines aro invited to call and see tho now Irapruvemout*. and hear something to their advantage. * “ QEWINU MACHINES (ALL KINDS) AT HALF I . teilftlrW dOM< * 00.. S’hSSSi 0 P, l ’ A - d. MKI.OIIKIIT, aiIUOUTIt Opon l .ron°!}i,.°‘‘ J ““ •»* T 1 *JSi OI^ N 9 K BKWINO MAOHINB-WK »hn %n 11 P lt ® n 9? Q *° reoont Improvement* made In «,(?l«i n . ronQe 'li°l W nf l * lo lIOW atlt * OIQU&Ut BtjriM Of CUM S^ Gt V. oot J rJ k t * wool tbo vlow»of those preferring a intjclHiiq fftodin« tlio work away from tlio operator, wo hara taado Nos. hi and 14, which oombluo (bo doeirabio feature* to be foimd in mochUio* made by other*. with ali ct?,?, B , c . u l ia X^ excullarjclefl of the Florence. WM, 11. 6IIAIU* ACO., General Amenta, 3M Btato-et., Chicago, uElt d WILSON HK WING-SI AUHINES, TAB .* uew imiirufod, enld or routed oDoairmuatblrn*y< n>eni». BUUNUAM d I'LANNUKV, OUjr A«<mu, office 160 nlftto-ii. 7

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