Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 1, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 1, 1873 Page 1
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fc.-'j* VOLUME 26. REAL ESTATE. GREAT SALE 1120 CIOiCG IfiSiEß IBIS fronting on Humboldt Boulevard, Logan Square, and Milwaukee-av., Lots Each 150 to 200 Feet Deep. On Way stool, Jmo 3, at 21-2 o’clock, AT 186 EAST MADISON-ST., be sold 120 besnfifal and choice residence Lots, situ ated In the Subdivision of 39 acres in the B Hof tne 5 B *of Sec.26, 40, 13. The Lots are well located; the ground Is high, and the whole city overlooked by one standing on its surface. Humboldt Boulevard is being finely improved; large trees have been set out under the direction of the Park Commissioners. An Artesian Well, with a fine flow of water, lies' on either side of this property. The facilities for machine this property are excellent. The depot of tbs O. *ST W. E. R.U within 200 K«U oa»tjtho M. 4 Bt. Paul B. B. runs to the westward, and the Chicago a Pacific R. B. enters the city on the south. Milwaukee av. runs directly through it, Tbo soli la a fine loam with clay eubsoil, rich and productive. There is no nuisance whatever in the neighborhood, malting It par ticularly attractive for choice residence hom». It is safe to predict that this neighborhood will develop rapidly thu summer. ... . . . . Purchasers will double their Investments in two years. If not !n less time. , . These lots will prove one of the best investments ever pat on the Chicago market. Title to property perfect. Abstract of title furnished. Terms of sale—One-third cash, balance in one and two years at 6 percent Interest. , A deposit of SSO on each lot will be required at time of •ale, and balance of first payment within SO day*. Flats of the property can bo obtained at our office. O. C. THAYER 4 CO., Beal Estate Auctioneers and Brokers, IS6 East Madison-et. FOR SALE. South Part-av. anil TiiMr-tM-sl We desire to call the attention of Builders and others to this very eli gible building site. It has a front age of 86 feet on South Fark-av., by 165 feet on Thirty-third-st., and is capable of accommodating a block of seven dwellings, which will rent for enough to pay a handsome per centage on the investment. For price, terms, &c., apply to W. 0. EERFOOT & GO., 90 EAST WASHINGTON-ST. - For Sale FOR SUBDIYISIOK, 34 acres comer Kedzie-av. and Twenty-sixth-st., and lying be tween McCormick’s Reaper Fac tory, and Douglas Park, in the vicinity of Lawndale. Will be sold in 5 or 10 acre blocks, •which, if subdivided, can he re tailed at a profit of 75 per cent. W. 0. EERFOOT & GO., 90 East Washington-st. TEXAS LMDS. Tbs beat forming, grazing and tlmbsr lands In the world, for sale in tract* to suit purchasers, at $1 to 85 per acre. Title warranted. We control 500,000 ACRES Of the best lands in the State, and have tracts unequaled In the advantages they offer for investment or colonisa tion. With direct communication now established with the West, and over 1,200 miles of railroads in her boun daries, and as many more projected and approaching e: mpletion. the population increasing at the rate of 10,000 a month. Texas oners unparalleled opportunities to the capitalist or the emigrant, where the value of these lands will rapidly increase daring the next two years. Informa tion and lists of lands can bo obtained at our office, 151 La- Ealle-at., Chicago. JOHN A. FRANCIS A CO. CHACE & ABELL, 184 Dearbom-st., Honors Block, DEALERS 15 REM. ESTATE. W« make a specialty of properly between the City Lim it* and SOUTH CHICAGO. • FOR SALE. The desirable residence 1118 lodiana-av., containing 14 rooms, handsome saloon parlor, conservatory, brick store" room, two bath rooms, hot and cold water all through the bouse, frescoed ceilings, painted walls, plate glass, Ac., Ac. There is also a fine bam on tho przmiscs, and every thing in perfect repair. Will be sold at a bargain. Possession given at any thus. Coll on the premises between 4 and 6 on any day during the week. Forty Acres For sale or exchange—Handsomest high land near Wash ington Heights; healthy; good water; beautiful groves; commands view of Morgan Fork, with its Improve manta, colleges, and schools. Two good booses on the premises, and superior property to subdivide or hold, as T*lln>sd facilities and otnerlmproveznenta an multiplying all around it. STATIONERY. NOTE, LETTER, AND IBXXjXj hjbajds. Printed in flrstrclaaa atyle, by & 00, 118 and 120 Monroe-St. WEDDING NOTES, CLAUDS., envelopes, monogbams, &rC_, Ssd. CALL AND EXAMINE SPECIMENS. US fh AivrTrT.invr.aT. IS. D. CHILDS, JB,, 4 CO. blank books In larso variety retailed at wholesale prices. At 1.. SCHICK & CO.’S, stoves. RANGES, &o. VAN'S PATENT Hotel Ranges, Family Ranges, Brcflers, Carving and Steam Tables, Coffee . Urns, Etc. S6 State-st„ s.w, cor, Late, Chicago, MILLINERY. WQI be suspended during two days of week to the benefit of the Children, on account of the «JTJ!BXXj IEOHS, And la order to supply the demand for oar new SHADB HAT for Summer. we will continue to manufacture dar ing thla week; ana offer the same at RETAIL, For the benefit of those who wish the Latest Styles, At Wholesale Prices. We have just received 100 dozen of the most Superb Flowers ever seen in this country, bought at a great sac rifice; that we will offer at 25 per cent less than any retail house can sell same Quality for. We ha to a full assortment of NOTIONS, HAEB GOODS, HAMBURG EDGINGS, COBSETS, HAyPlvKltCßtnilFSj SCARFS, XECKXJDES, &c. Infante* and Children’s Normandy Hoods and Caps. Our line of Ribbons In Cord Edge, Gros Grain' and Sashes, in shades and quality, is unsurpassed. NO TROUBLE TO SHOW GOODS. If you don’t see what you want please ask to it. Call and see ua before baying, and save money by so doing. NOTICE: As we have no Branch Store, our West Side reach us by State and Madison-st. oars to Van Buren-it., or Van Bnreu-et. cars to State-st., one block from our store, corner Wabasb-av. and Van Boren •t. Wes: Side buses pals the door every two minutes. A liberal DISCOUNT Always made to Pnbllo and Charitable Institutions. D. WEBSTER & GO., Successors to WEBSTER BROS** 270 & 272 Wabash-av. FINANCIAL. ILLINOIS M ail Savins bjostik:. Capital. $500,000 DIRBCTOES: W. F. COOLB AUGH, Dn. N. S. DAVIS, T. M. AVERY, ISAAC WADCAL, O. M. LINDOBEEN, JNO. B. DRAKE. ANSON STAGER. H. G. POWERS, J. MCGREGOR ADAMS, L. B. SIDWAY, GEO. STURGES, JNO. McCAFFKRY, VTM. H. MITOHHLL, JOHN DeKOVEN, 07V7. potter. OmCERSz U B. BIDWAT. Freddont. JNO.B.PHAKE,3dV-Pre.t H- G. POWERS, V-Proa’t. JAS. S. GIBBS, Cashier. Will open for business on the Sd day of June, 1873, in the building formerly occupied by the Union National Bask, NOS. 273 & 275 MADISON-ST., (CORNER OE MAKKBT-ST.) CHICAGO, XXili. Will receive Savings Dipoiit* and pay interest on the same at the rate of 8 per cent per annnm, as provided in its By-laws. Will receive and execute trusts, and invest money for Individuals, Estates, Corporations, and Socie ties. Will loan money on Bonds and Mortgages, Cash Collaterals, and other good Securities, giving preference, however, to persons of small means who are desirous of securing homes; and will soil Exchange on the principal cities of this Country, Europe, and the Canadas, and laane Travelers’ Letters of Credit. _ This B»nV has been organized as a STRICTLY TRUST AND SAYINGS BANK, and will transact only suoh buai osti as is directly connected with the receipt and care of TRUST and SAVINGS FUNDS, and will bo as liberal In its business transactions as is consistent with a sound and conservative policy and permanent safety. Depositors desiring to do so, can have letters addressed to them in caro of the Bank, and on their request these letters will be forwarded to any other Post Office. T£«y may also apply to the Cashier for any information on matters of easiness, or to have letter* carefully addressed and forwarded. . . Special arrangements have been made for a LADIES’ BUSINESS DEPARTMENT, in a neatly furnished room, with dressing room attached, and separate from the gen eral business room, entrance to which is from Market street. The Bank will be open for the transaction of business from 10a. m. to 4p. m., and on Saturday Evenings from 5 to 8. MiSiiMSi, Bankers, First national Bant Building, sontlwest corner ■ of State and WasMngton-sts., Chicago, Dealers In Gold and Silver Bullion, Bar, Leaf, Sheet, and Granulated Form for me chazrical purposes. Deposits received in either currency or coin, subject to check without notice. Six per cent interest allowed on all daily balances. _ Checks upon us pass through the Clearing- House, as if drawn upon any city bank. Interest credited, and accounts-current rendered monthly. _ _ _ _ . Coin and Currency Drafts on Hew York. J3XMS! i ™®BAU 105 CIsAEK-ST.* Methodist Church Block. Six par cent Interest allowed on deposits, payable semi- J.* I and Ja^Un Wh. Kzlstz Rxzd, Cashier. NOTE.—Untti farther notice, any boy or girl calling at the Bonk will be presented with a pass book free, and oue dime deposited to his or her credit, which sum can be drawn out at pleasure. THE FR ABKLiK BAfIK IS NOW OCCUPYING ITS 3STEW OmOB a 8.1. comer Maioi&Dearlioni-sts. EEAL ESTATE LOANS. We are prepared to negotiate loans on improved Chlc*- co ml estate in any amount exceeding $5,000. p PERKINS * WOLSKLET, Boom 18 Kendall’s Boil ding. NORMAN 0. PERKINS. a ■ W. ST. J. WQT.RKr.KY, late with Ogden A Bcndder. 3DIGK TTe her. Attorney. erOTTwhere, end collect the olalme of Wholesale Meronanta Mid othen ta icj pirt of th. coantrr. No Attorney’, frala raMe: collection. nre m«Je. IJIASIER3 MEBOANTLLB COLLECTION AGENCY. 146 Madleon-lt. FLOUR. Goddard’s Golden Rule, The finest Family Flour in the market. SOLE AGENT, - ... J. HICKSON, 1270 South State-st. flour. CHICAGO, SUNDAY, JUNE 1, 1873—SIXTEEN PAGES. INSURANCE. PORTLAND, - . 1866. VICKSBURG, - - 1806. CHICAGO, -- - 1871. BOSTON, - - - - 187 S. PHENIX INS, GO., OF" BROOKL"2TM. GASH ASSETS, $2,000,000. CEITGHELL & FORD, 127 LA SALLE-ST. MISSISSIPPI VALLEY IMS. C2O-, OF MEMPHIS. IN CO BP OB ATE D 18 05. Cash Assets, $350,000. CEITGHELL & FORD, Agents, 127 XiA SALLE-ST. SILVERWARE, Sterling Silverware. We have a very large assortment of the celebrated “ GORHAM” STERLING SILVERWARE, which we offer at extremely low prices. Spoons, Forks, &c., &0., sold by the ounce. Fancy Riecec, in cases and trunks. Tea Sets, Cake Baskets, and Jelly Dishes. Knives, Forks, and Spoons, for children. Card Cases, Tobacco Boxes, Nap kin Rings, and Fruit Knives. The largest Stock of Silver Goods in the West. N. MATSON & GO., State and Mbnroe-sts. TO RENT. For Rent. The present TEEMONT HOUSE, contain* ing 75 rooms (besides servants* rooms), with kitchen. range, ovens, boilers, steam boilers, passenger elevator, bar and billiard rooms. Barber shop, laundry, drying room, safe, desk, and everything complete to continue business. Most admirably adapted for fam ilies, having rooms in suite, with baths and closets attached. CO3YGEESS HAItXi, having 50 rooms, with kitchen, range, ovens, gas flxtores, and Sartly fiirnianed. The whole will be rented igetner or separately for 10 months, with the privilege of two years more, at a low rental. Extra inducements will be offered to responsible parties. . Apply to JtfO. B. PEAKE, at Tremont House, or at Illinois Trust and Savings Bank, corner of Madia on and ht&rket-sts. FOR RENT-CHEAP. Two rooms on the second floor of our press manufactory, 13, t5 and 17 North Jefferson-st., one 31x50. and the other 31x33. with or wlthoqt steam power, well lighted, easy of access, two entrances and steam elevator. The other room is on the third floor, 94x60 feet; also well lighted, and with or without steam power. All the rooms are well fitted for manufacturing machinery or other staple business, and will be rented at a reasonable figure. Also for rent, third and fourth floors and basement of my new first-class building, .175 East Monroe-st., adjoin ing Bryan Block, 50 feet west of corner of LaSalle, and fronting on both Monroe-st. and Arcade-court. The building is 195 foot deep and 28 feet wide, splendidly light ed front, side and rear, with vaults, water-closets, gas. steam elevator, and modern improvements. Any desired amount of steam power required will be furnished, and rental very reasonable, considering quality of rooms and central location. Either the above rooms rented separate ly eras a whole. Apply to S. P. ROUNDS, U North Jofforson-st. HOTEL STORES TO RENT. Several desirable Stores, about 20 by 70 each, under and connected with “ The Oom meroial,” one of the larger Hotels, and just opened. Will be rented at fair prices to good tenants. . G. F. w OHK & CO., 128 LaSalle-st. FOR SALE. ARTESIAN WELL Drat, Tools, ani Masiierj FOE RAT.E CHEAP. Any one who it About to dig a well can do It forlww money by buying these tools than in any other way. will •ell the whole Tory low, aa I hate no farther use for them. Arldrgti W. B. BALE, Sontheast corner State and Waahington-eta. “SPORT I” atyle. Trout-Rods, Flies, etc.,and fishing tackle inera? 836 Wabaah-ar. Opera Glasses AT J. G. LANGGUTH’S, Optician, 82.State-«l., between Washington and Randolph. Vienna Glaaaes^speeialtj^—^—^i^M^^M, business cards. FineWatchW ork. deputment at Sbnney A Co. a, 55 South Clark-aU, oopoaita tl Xl»uha^i«dedicateor oomplicated watohoacan de pend upon having work done at this establishment in the furnished with aj tachmentaTWork dona at reasonable rates and warranted Joseph Bilski, Custom Boot and Shoe maker, removed av. to 88 Randolph-at., comer Dearborn. Guarantee* a good fit at liberal prleea. " • _ W.B. SOATES and H. 0. WHITNEY, T.AW OFFICES, Room. 49 Oc 50 Ashland Block. H. PRICE GRAVES, . MEKOS-A.N’T TAItOB, Somoved to 157 South darlc-at. - r, a tut: s’ goods. NOVELTIES, STYLES AND ELEGANCE. BICKERTON & JEFFERY, 36 EastWasMngton-st. Will offer on Monday, June 1, the most perfect stock of LADIES’ SUITS, COSTUMES m CLOAKS, Ever offered in this city, in beautiful shades of Silk Cbai lies, Cashmeres, Serges, and many other new fabrics. Em broidered Batiste and Tasso Cloth Suits, in new designs. Large and varied assortment of Linen and Grass Cloth Suits, drap d’Ete and Cashmere Cloaks, Talmas, Polonaise, Dolmans, and Pichu Mantles. New de signs in Kobe de Chambre. Pull assortment of Ladies’ and Chil dren’s Underwear, of every de scription. Infants’ Outfits, in great variety. FURNITURE. HAPPY HOBI Hoi to Make lei So. BUTS' TOUR FURNITURE OB HALE & BEO., 10, 12, 14 and 16 CANAL-ST., Who-always have on hand the LARGEST STOCK of Fumitur© In the West, and are able to sell at Lower Prices than other houses, as they don’t pAy SIOO,OOO a year for rent. • SAMPSON, GILBERT & CO. FURNITURE HOUSE. Extensive Stock of Bich and Me- dium FURNITURE! Of new and elegant designs and LOW PRICES. We particularly invite an examination ofourgoods, and hope no one will buy until they have examined our stock. SAMPSON, GILBERT & GO., 267 AND 269 WAMSMT. GENERAL. NOTICES. TO THE STOCKHOLDERS OP THE COOK COUNTY LAND COMPANY. In compliance with the Charter of. the. Cook County Land Company, requiring a report of tho condition of the Company verified by affidavit to be made to the stockhold ers, theioUowing statement Is submitted: CoMittm ol cool county taut! Oomjany, Hay, 30.1873. RESOURCES. „ Reel Estate (at cost in cash) - $615,900.00 Mortgages, Notes, Trust Deeds, and Land

Sale Contracts CT.483.M Call Loan 13, ££'4 Tax Certificates ••• . f<®.7o Sundry Ledger Accounts .f*sfs*2s Crab In Bank ! *1,059. as. oa LIABILITIES. „ „ Capital Stock. *750,000.00 Incumbrances on Real Estate, and Bills Pay. Sundry’ Lodger' Acc'ounV,.’.'.'.'.'.*.'.'.. .0, Profit and Lon. M. 560.01 $1,069,396.03 The foregoing Is a true statement from the Books ef said Company. FRANKLIN H. WATBISS, Secretary. CHARLES A. GREGORY. President. Sabseribed and sworn to before me this 30th dayof May, 1873. A. 8. DOWNS. Notary Public. KTOTICB. Washington Heights—Female Sem inary—lmportant Meeting. By virtue of the authority In mo rotted, in the articles of the subscription to a Female Seminary in the Town of Calumet, Cook County, HI., I hereby cal! a meeting of the tnbtcribert to such articles, to be held on Monday. June 3, 1873, at 9 o’clock, at the office of Chambers 4 Bogus, Ho. 4 Honor® Block, Chicago, for the purpose of considering the general Interest of the enterprise, and nxch steps as may be adrisable to secure, at tns earliest possible period, the commencement and com pletion of said Seminary, according to the terms of saia subscription. The punctual attendance of erery sub ecriber is earnestly desired. JOHH W. 0 * JB. BARGAINS! BwWM. H. SAMP3OH A CO.’S Urt for Ml. oliowliOT, HATS. “THE COMMERCIAL,” Comer of Lake and Dearborn-sts., (Opposite Tremont House), OPENS MONDAY MORNING, June 2- yyocnrnrn for 500 Guesta. $3.50 per Day. PULLING t Proprietors. _ BASE BALL GOODS. BASE BALL. PIERCE'S BASH BALD EMPORIDM (jUI *»= «*• more to th. Sooth Side), WimporAiU/ loeitod »•- IIS NORTH • WELLS -ST - Ti ACES. &o. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO LADIES. G. MENDELSON, last fflaiKt, tor. Mil, Will offer, for 30 days, a large stock of REAL LACES DmaCMTfiiis, Buttons, Sash & Neck Ribbons, Fans, Jewelry, forsteil ad WMte EraMeries, 05* Mill KINDS, In short, his entire stock BELOW DOST! It is my earnest desire to close out my entire stock, regardless of price, before moving to my new store. ASSURANCE. LoMon Assurance GorDoratlon x.o3snDo3sr. Xiooal Conxmlttee. J. P. GIBAUD FOSTER, of Foster A Thomson. GORDON NORRIE, of Boorman, Johnston A Co. CHARLES M. FRY, No. 89 Wall-st. HOWARD POTTER, of Brown Bros. A On ■ GOOLD H. REDMOND, of Dennis toon A Co. Total Funds, Gold, - $18,234,425 Firo Assets, Gold, - - $5,064,000 GEO. 0. CLARKE, Agent, 3 ond 4Rryan Block. Insurance effected on Business Buildings, Merchandise, Provi sions, Dwellings and their con tents. PIANOS AND ORGANS. FUNDS! FUNDS! For the convenience of our friends and patrons living on the West and North Sides, we have opened temporary Warerooms on State-st., adjoining the Palmer Hotel (be tween Monroe and Adams-ats.}, until' our Stores in the Palmer Hotel are ready. We have on hand there a full assortment of the Knabe and Bauer Pianos, Bauer Organs, and all kinds of Musical instruments. And are offering BPEOTA.T, INDUCE MENTS, both in price and terms. Our of fice will remain at 390 and 306 Wabaah-av., until we remove to the Palmer House, comer State and Monro-ats. JULIUS BAUER & CO., 390 & 396 Wabash-av,, And (TEMPOBABHiY), State-st., adjoin- ing the Palmer Hotel. . .. < REMOVALS. -A-Xj. HOEFMAJm & AMBERG’S LIVERY AND BOARDING- STABLE, 160 & 158 West Waahington-st. Onr Livery Stock and Stable hu no equal in Chicago. BEN.H.SELIGMAN&CO., Insurance Agents, BEHOVED to their hew office, 208 LaSalle-st., Chicago, HI. IE. ZBTJIRJLIEIsra-, HAS REMOVED TO THE Ogflen BmMing S. V. cor. (M & LeMs. -B~> /X T~tT -TTiTFt A.S. O HXTB OT, HAS REMOVED TO THE (Men Baling, S. ff. cor. CM & Leie-sts. REMOVAL. C. E DM & CO, General Fnel Dealers, MAIN OFFICE REMOVED TO 73 WnaTiiHgtop-at., IT. E. comer Dearborn. CARPET CLEANING. THE CHICAGO STEAM FEATHER BENOYA TING AM CABEET CLEAMG CO, In rear of No. 1347 Prairle-av., will attend nromotly to all orders by mall or otherwise. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. J. M. pmr.T.rpg, Agent. i mm MUSICAL. STEINWAYS’ SPARE 6IASDS. We desire to call the attention of those who still prefer a piano of the square form to STEIN WAY’S SQUARE GRANDS, with the new patented ** Duplex Scale.** This improvement adds immensely both to the power and even ness of tone, and makes the STEINWAY SQUARE GRAND Incomparably superior to any other Square Plano. STEINWAYS' SQUARES Surpass tho Square Piano* of *ll other manufacturer* la all the essentials of a superior Instrument. STEINWAYS’ NEW PARLOR GRAND Is another evidence of the extraordinary value of the * * Patent Duplex Soale.*' It has all the power, volume, and effectiveness of the former fall grand, while It is but 6 feet 8 Inches long, precisely the length of tha Square Piano,baa the farther advantage of tho natural and graceful form that no Square Piano can claim, while the price la within SSO of Steinways* highest priced Square Piano. STEINWAYS' Superb Uprights Are the moct desirable Parlor Planes now made. Their volume of tone la of the most exquisite musical charac ter—pure, sympathetic, and perfectly pliable; while their capacity for long standing in tone is most remarkable, ex* celling even the “Grand" and * ‘ Square*. ” which hither to hare stood without a rival in this respect. They are the only “ Uprights "that hare stood the test of time and the sererest of trials, and can therefore be conscientiously recommended. SMITH MIXON, Stale ai ffioiee-sts, HMiLETT.BATIS & CO.’S PIANOS. SEVENTY-FIVE first premiums award, ed for BEST PIANOS. 20,000 bare been manufactured and are now In USE. Franz Liszt, first of living Pianists, says it is th am oat admirable Instrument ever made. tSTThese Pianos, both Grand and Square, can be seen In Chicago, In largo numbers, with a variety of other manufactures, at tbo Piano and Organ Warerooms of ¥. W KIMBALL, STATE ANDADAMS-STS. A large assortment of new Pianos and Or gans to RENT. Parties wishing to pay by Installments can be accommodated. MEDICAL. The Most WondeiM Discovery of the Hine teenth Oentmry. DR. S. D. HOWE’S ARABIAN MILE-CUBE, FOE CONSUMPTION, And all diseases of the THROAT, CHEST, and LUNGS. (The onlj medicine of the kind In the world.} A eabitl tute for Cod Liver OIL Permanently cures Asthma, Bronchitis, Incipient Consumption, Lots of Voice, Short nest of Breath, Catarrh, Croup, Coughs, Colds, etc., in a few days, like magic. Trice, $1 per bottle. ALSO DR S. D. HOWE’S Arabian Tonic Blood-Purifier, Which DIFFERS from all other preparations in its imme diate action upon the UTEE, KIDNEYS* AND BLOOD. It la purely vegetable, and cleanses the system of sU Im parities, builds it right op, and makes pure, rich blood. It cores Scrofulous Disease* of all Wads, removes Opnrtl nation, and regulate* the Bowels. For“GENERAL_DB» IlLlfY,” VITALITY" and “BROKEN DOWN CONSTITUTIONS,” I “ challenge the Nine teenth Century *' to find Its equal. Every bottle is worth its weight in gold. Price, 81 per bottle. Sold at Wholesale in Chicago by the following Drug gists: LORD, SUITS 4 CO., and FULLER 4 FUL LER. At Retail by: WEST SIDE - . J> R. DYOHB 4 CO., 183 West Madison-it. WALKER 4 BROWN. 280 West Madison-st. A. O. BELL. <35 Wert Madlson-rt. J. O. BORCHERDT, 735 West Madlson-rt. GALH 4 BLOCKL 67 Randolph-*!. J. W. KILL, 1335outhHalst«d-«t. M. W. BORLAND, 878 Wert Van Barenat. RICHARDSON 4 FORSYTH, northwest corner Hal ited and Van Burcn-sta. J. A. MEAD. 641 South Oaaal-st. HUNTON 4 HALL, 8» West Lake-it. . HENRY SWEET, corner Desplainss and Kiarie. SWEET 4 JAUNOEY, 110 and 113 Milwaukoe-ar. SOUTH SIDE. GALE 4 BLOOKI. 85 South CUrk-rt. B. T. GALE, comer State and Thlrteenth-ate. E WHITEFIELD. comer State and Eighteenth-eta. BARTON 4 COMBS, corner State and Thirty-aeoend *l. H. PATTERSON, comer Michlgaa-ar. and Twenty- ytTcTbOBDEN 4 GO., comerlndiana-av. and Thirt- T. N. JAMIESON. 613 Cottage Grore-ar. . _ M. WKRKMIESTKB, comer Aroher-ar. and Twenty ■econd-at. W. 69 Archer-ar. TTOBTH SIDE. HOENCB 4 BBINHOLD, 1« North OUrk-rt. MKDCALFS 4 CO., 87 North GUrk.l. DR. S. D. HOWE, SOLE PROPRIETOR, 161 Chamberg-st., New York. WANTED. Wanted--A Partner. Amu with SB,OOO to SIO,OOO In an old eetabUohed wholesale crockery establishment, doing extentire trade. Present partner withdrawing on account of old ace ana ill health. For farther particular* apply to 8.0. DuXj k, CO.’S Mm-ctnffle Agency, corner Washington and State'ete. _ Partner Wanted. la a wa&astabllabed Wholesale Grocery Boose la Chicago. Reliable party, with $30,000 to 910,000, i]nb]« btubun and InrMtm .nt-Addi mj. wlta rol*r mea. WHOT.RfIAI.K GBOOEg. Tribune ofljea. BUSINESS CHANCES, A 'RAKE OPPOETDUITY For a ©croon with a few thousand dollars. I will mQ half totoJ^UamyPbotogrspbGallery. 951 Wabash-ar.. os.l want to open another gallery in the burnt district: moke Mm egnaf partner In each gallery, or la one. No risks, oa mr basinets U well established. _ 0. I). MOSHEB, 961 Wabesh-av., Chicago. NUMBER 286. GOTHAM. Decline of the May Anniversa- ries. The Woman-Suffrage Folks, and Their Journals. Lady-Lecturers—Olive Logan and Grace Greenwood. From Our Oum Correspondent, New Tore, May 37,1573. THE MAT ANN It used to be the custom for all the “isms'* and ologies ”in tho country to send delegates to New York every year in Hay, to celebrate their respective anniversaries, and discuss such ques tions as they considered of vital importance to their and the nation's prosperity. During tho holding of these grand pow-wows, tho doora of the hospitable Knickerbockers wfero thrown open, and all who came duly accredited, either as participants or observers, received a warm and hearty welcome. The different. halls and churches of the city were crowded day after day with people loyal to the doctrines advocated, oc attracted by the fame of tho speakers, or tho the novelty of the theories' they ad vanced. The newspapers, too, vied with each other in giving ex tended reports of the sayings and doings of tho distinguished strangers ; for, as they were gen erally representative men and women of tho different organizations, their speeches woro of the most pestilent and incendiary character, as well as of tho mildest and moat conservative type, and were eagerly sought after by all class es. But our tastes and habits change. . The ways of our fathers are not our ways. Tha things that interested them possess no attrac tions for na. And the Hay anniversaries are be coming .rapidly obsolete. Those who attend them are permitted to go quietly to their hotels and boarding-houses. Tho general public cares nothing about them, and the newspapers dispose of them in a few brief paragraphs, which the average reader scarcely notices. This year the ripple made upon the social current of New York by the frnfln-r of anniversary delegates was so .alight as not to be perceptible. Even those gal lant combatants for citizenship and the ballot. THE WOMAN-SXJPPBAOE POLKS, failed to bold their annual conventions. To be Bare, Susan B. Anthony, and a few of the irre pressibles who take considerable stock in her. a email meeting at Apollo Hall one day, and adopted a series of resolutions denouncing Grant and tbo Republican party for having deceived them. But the Boston wing, in which are all the ablest men and women of the cause, for some reason failed to favor us with a visit. And, when 1 looked in on the handful of tame and spiritless ds.m«nla gathered about Susan, and compared them with the earnest, hopeful crowds that thronged the platforms at both. Apollo and Steinway three years ago, when the two wings were holding conventions at the same time, I failed to realize that any material progress had been since then in the woman-suffrage movement. At .that time, Henry Ward Beecher, George William Curtis, T. W. Higginson, Mar? A. Livermore, Julia Ward Howe, Grace Grcon wood, and dozens of others almost as distin guished, made able and eloquent speeches at Steinway; while, at Apollo Hail, Victoria Wood hull, Theodore Tilton, Elizabeth Cady Stan ton, Susan B. Anthony, and a 'score of lesser earnest and forcible addresses. Last fall, both wings struck hands in opposing _ the Liberal movement, and, with the exception of Anna Dickinson, who fought bravely for Greeley, every prominent toUring or writing woman in the coun try did her level beat to secure the election of Grant; and it may be they so completely ex hausted themselves by their efforts, and aro so thoroughly disgusted with the object of their idolatry for haring, since his election, gone back on them, that their ardor for the enfranchise ment of woman has somewhat abated. If. tbs cause has made headway lately, there is cortainlj no evidence of the fact by an increase of woman suffrage conventions, or by a prosperous growth of WOMAS-ST7FTBAOB OBQAKB. Three or four years ago, the Revolvlion, Wood hull & Clafiin's Weekly, and the Woman s Jour nal were exciting considerable interest, and cre ating quite a sensation in the journalistic hold. But how is it to-day ? Let ns examine their po sition and standing. The Revolution was started by Mina Anthony and Mrs. Stanton, and was for a time edited by them; but, as neither of them possessed any editorial qualifications, it grew so intensely stupid under their control that they eventually discovered they were not calculated to run a paper, and retired from the manage ment. Phebe Cary, who had no taste for the »—v w& a then, against her will, induced to ac cept the editorship; but, after a few months', trial, she relinquished it, and Mrs. Laura Curtis Bullard tried her hand at edit ing. Under the plea of ill-health, she, too, soon retired, and the paper became the property of the publishers of the Liberal Christian, who per suaded the Bev. W. T. Clark, at present the lead ing editorial writer of the Graphic, to become ite editor. Clark is a brilliant writer, and knows how to make a readable paper, but he found in a short time that it was impossible to infuse now life into the drooping Revolution, and more than a year ago it ceased to exist. WoodhuH & Claf- Un's Weekly was always an advocate of freo-love, spiritualism, and nastiness; but, after the death of the Revolution, Mies Anthony, and a number of the women who wore ite most zealous patrons, tallied around Mrs. Woodhnll, put her promi nently forward as a leader of their wing of tho woman’s suffrage movement, and . for a time gave her Weekly ■ some promi nence and respectability. A rumpus, how ever, soon occurred in the camp; Woodhnll and Claflin incurred the displeasure of Susan and her set, and they withdrew their support from the Weekly, which has again relapsed into tha organ of freo-love, pure and simple; and, since its publication of thsßeecher-Tilton scandal, for which its publishers were arrested and imprison ed, baa had so many obstacles to contend against that it barely manages to exist. The Woman's Journal, for a year or more after its removal from Chicago to Boston, was edited quite ably by Mary A. Livermore; but, when she retired from the position, a committee was appointed to edit it, and, as committees always do, they have edited in a very feeble manner, —so feeble, in fact, that few readers take any interest in it. i judge its circulation must be quite limited, too, for I have inquired for it at nearly all the news paper and periodical depots in New York, and have never succeeded in finding a copy of it for sale at any of them. t. k nv.T.HTrcarßS appear, however, to be on the increase; for, a fewdays ago, I counted the names of seventeen who are announced as ready to hold forth this winter on various subjects, in any part of the country where their services may bo required. Many of them are names new to me, but I nope they may all succeed in obtaining profitable en- I fear some of them, though, will The public is becoming so ac customed to women-lectnrers that all the novelty of the thing is worn away, and they, like men lecturers, fail to draw unless they have some thing to say. OLITEI/XUS, who was a tramp-card when she entered the lecture-field a few winters ago. is about played oat awa lecturer. She had gained considerable notoriety by her war upon “ the legrdrama." and, for a year or two, had all the engagements she could* nil at $l5O a night. As she is a train ed actress, her lectures are committed to memory, and delivered in a theatrical manner, without reference to her notes, and thus create a more favorable impression upon an audience than if tamely read; but, as they contain little beauty of style or originality of thought, Tew persons care to listen tc her a second time, and she has ceased to he popular. 1 believe she intends retimg from the platform this spring, and going to Paris for a few years; but her success has been so indifferent the past winter that she would have been compelled to retire, whether she in*

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