Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 1, 1873, Page 13

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 1, 1873 Page 13
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CITY BE AI« ESTATE. the Fourth Page.) MARSHALL A DICKENSON, fronUnk wort on tboMrk, no» price s‘» por foot. No cadi nndor 10 leut trill build » ootUgo. '‘’JKit'Ad.SMU, for builders, 125 ft fronUgo »t 8125 Ko cash under 10 years to parties who will class locality and in&ido fire limits; comer of . one lot near Thlrty-third-st. No cash on difsySrs; interest 8 percent. Price, $3,000 to party w w > ft W 47fl b Mi<^iiß“* aT -» ncarFouiteonth-Trt-, $32,000. uis Indiana-av., $13,000. §°Ungwt.. southwest comer Laflln, Slots, $1,850 near Lincoln, lota at $1,200 each. SiSEon-av-, near Adams, lots at $l,lOO. SSSonSt., new Throop, 60x185, at SIOO per foot. wnYBB-st.. near. Van Buron, 6 Ofcot at $75 per foot, p£afrie-av., comer Thirty-aeventh-st., 300 feet&t SIOO *So°l7i Centre-st., with lotSUfxlOOfeet, S-ctory and basement house for SI,OOO. Very choap. No SO Feno-st., near Division, price SI,BOO. Ono of the finest residences in Lake View, $25,000. North Side—Cheap lots on Blssell, Dayton, Osgood, and cottage with brick basement, •ait front. Will be sold cheap. in acre and a half in Bridgeport, never been subdi vided. Non-rotidenfc owner wants an ollor. - . ACRES. 11 acres Bee. 22, 89. 13, at $1,500. . __ SB acres In n e MSoo. 4,39,13, at $1,600. 80 acres In Sec. o, 87, 13, at $l5O. 63 acres in See. S3, 53,13, at $6,500 for aIL Also, a large list of acres south and west. ft.n f ntl examine. pOR SALE-BY E. O. COLE A CO., 188LASALLE- Btanton-ar., 75 ft, east front, at Douglas-place, 8120. Sbortioff-av., 50 it at Twenty-slxth-st., only SB,OOO. Butterfield-st, 610, cottage and lot. $4,000. Halsted-et., S2> ft near Sophia, east front, $1,400. Dlvision-et.. 35 ft near Lexrabce, $2,500. Triangular lot, 105 ft on linooln-av. and Centro-st,, will bo sold very cheap. - Jackson-st.. 2S ft east of Roby. Toy lor-at., 50x158 ft at Leavltt-st. J&jlor-st., 11 lota east of Westcm-sv., $853 per lot. Washington-st., house 368, lot 60x300 ft, Twelfth-st., comer Douglas-Park. 75x135 ft. Adnms-st., 35*iR3 ft east of Paulina, $4,500. FOR SALE—INDIANA-AV. —$9.800 BUYS A BRICK house and deep lot close to Slxtcenth-st.; a groat bar gain. STORES A WARE, 94 Washington-st. TTIOR SALE-BY GOLDEN A FRESH WATERS, 63 U Sonth CUrk-rt., Roomie, on tow “P room frame honro and barn, to rood repair, “ near Twelfth, price $3,600: two W Walnnt-at., near Union Park, price $3,600 each. ■t-i/tn c>tp t>v P. GEORGE, REAL ES- F opoortU> ConrtHouo: 100 feet, wabash-av., comor 130 feet, Indlana-ar., conmrThirtleth-BL 10U feet! Kvans-ar., comer Forty-third-bU »feoh Thirty -eevanth-sL, nearWabash-ar. fio feet. Oakwood-bonlevara, near Cottage Grove. SCO feet. Grand-boulevard, near Thlrty-atxth-st. 200 feet at Grand-boulovard, entrance of South Park; a very decided speculation. 5 acres sonth of and near Brighton. 10 acres Cbicogo-av. and Park-boulevard. 10 acres near great Northwestern shops. . SO aares at Hawthorne, for subdivision. 40 acres at Lawndale, on fair terms. Fine house at Hyde Park; aero property taken. FOR SALK—CHEAP—ACRES SUBDIVIDED, IN side Fifty-fifth-st. boulevard, near Ashland-av. b. M MOORE A CUMMINGS, 119 and 121 LaSalle-at. OR SALE—RATE INVESTMENT IN BUSINESS property, 6-story and basement iron and stone-front building 45x182, In lobbing centre, steam elevator, wide alleyinroar: rental value, $14,000. Address W 11, Trib une office. • OR SAiB-A GOOD COTTAGE HOUSE, WITH bay window and all modern improvements, and lot Sax 125 feet on Lincoin-st., near Jackson. k\*n a cottage and lot 80x125 on West Lako-at., near Robey. The above will be sold cheap on very easy terms, by M. MAUGHAN, 21 Reaper Block, notheost corner of rt«Tk and W**h*"gton-sta. Fob sale-new im story house, so foot lot, West Side. S3. SOO; 8200 cash, balance In month 1, psjmentt. A OLAEKSOK, M 3 Bonth CUrk. For sale-house and lot on Indiana-st., all in good order: $1,500; monthly payments or easy tanns. W. H. PHARE, 143 LaSalie-st., Major Block. Fob sale -lot 25x125 feet, north front, on Fig-st., between Milwaukee and Aabland-avs. F. J. WEIdINgEB A CO., Beal Estate Agents. Rpom 51 Metropolitan Block, northwest comer Randolph and La- Ball e-su. . For sale-by h. o, morey, 77 olaek-st.-34 zlSa, Harrison, near Oakley, $1,400. 2-stery boose and 50 ft, Leavitt, near Van Boren, 85,800. S-story house and lot, comer Waahlngton-av. and Pau lina, to exchange for residence lota, and assume enoum kjofeetj Madlson-st., near Central Park; $65 per foot. For SALE-BY H. O. MOREY, 77 CLABK-ST. : 40x180, Washington, near Market. 40x160. Lake-st., near Fifth-av. _ .. 44 feet, Fifth-av., adjoining Times* Building; 30x90 FUth-av., near Adams; 20 feet, Monroo-et., near Fifth-av. Above lots are offered low, Fob sale-lot 2a feet, south front, oh Emma-st. to west of alley, west of Milwankes-av. F, J. WEIDINGEB A CO.. Real Estate Agents, Boom 61, Metropolitan Block, northwest comer Randolph and La- SaQo-sta. . OB SALE—TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK house, oast front, 13 Wlllard-place, on ewy terms, cheap. GARLAND, HOLMES A CO.. 60 and 63 North Canal _ FOR SALE—IO9 WARREN-AV.. TWO-STORY AND basement house. 11 rooms, and all modem improve ments; bam for 6 horses: price, qulred down. A. F. NOBLE, Boom 9 Tribune Building. T7OR SALE—OR TRADE—NEW BRICK HOUSE, 631 r West Adams-st,, 14 rooms, octagon and south front, all modem Improvements; very desirable bouse and loca tion. a. F. NOBLE, Boom 3 Tribune Building. OE SALE—OK EXOHANGB-FOR UNIMPHOXED lots, new brick bouse on West Adams-st., paying 10 per cent on price asked. F, M. GRAY, Room, 6, 127 i>aS*Ue-«t, OR SAXE—TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK boose, with modern improvements, at a low price, and on easy terms. Apply at 23 Willard-place. For sale-by g. s. lacet a co., 119 dear born-st., 80cottages and lota in different parts of the rity: best bargains in Chicago. . .. . 60 lots, near tho parks ana boulevards, at half price; most be sold at once. Best bargains in acre property to bo found In the city. F3R SALE-LOTS ON MADISON, MONROE, AD- Jackson, and Van Buren-cte., on easy payments; some of tho cheapest corners in the market. G. S. THOMAS, 163 LaSalle-st., Room 10, first floor. FOR BALE—I HAVE A MARBLE FRONT HOUSE and lot on South Side, which 1 will soli for $7,500, if taken before Wednesday. . Address W 84, Tribune office. POR SALE -ON MONTHLY PAYMKNTS.A TWO story frazno house, with comer lot, on Fulton-st.. without any cash payment except the first monthly instal* New cottage and lot on Second-st., small cash payment; balance monthly to salt. . Two-story frame bouse on Bnmside-st., near Thirty second, with lot SOxlIO; small balance tton * • BoomS, Major Block. 143 LaSallo-st. FOR SALE-LOTS ON ADA-ST., JUST NORTH OP Fulton, cast front; and lots on Fulton-st., between Oakley and Westem-avs. south front, and lots to lease in last named locality. Office hours from 9t013 m. ISAAC R. DILLER, Room 1, Block, opposite Sherman House. , For sale-by w. j. davis, 14c madison-st. The whole front of block or single lots, Westem-ar., Erie and Oakloy-sta. . „ ... House and lot, Wentwortb-av., near Twenty-ninth-st. Will exobango. * Lot Webster-av., $1,300. New frame bouses; sell onions time. Lots Gardner’s Subdivision; will exchange, rvtf «go on leased ground; $500; lease runs 3 years. - FOB SALE—COTTAGE-HOUSE AND LOT NO. 293 South Jefforsoa-fit.; will be sold at a bargain. Call on the owner, D. C. GEARY, 74 West Madison-st. House vacant; title perfect. T?OB SALE—TWO-STORY HOUSE OF 7 BOOMS; i? location good, only two blocks from the street oars; at a great bargain, by W. B. STOOPS, 173 East Madi . son-st. FOR SALE-CHEAP—TWO DWELLINGS (COT tages), with lease for five years, rental SSO a year; will rent for S6O a month. Inquire at 239 Walnnt-st. FOB SALE-DIRT CHEAP. $1,600-NO. 65? WABH- Ington-ar., new bouse, 12 rooms: long and cheap ■round lease. TRUESDELL A BROWN, 176 West Madison-st. t?OR SALE-ON EASY TERMS, A S-STORY FRAME I? house and lot, a good stand for blacksmith or wagon ihop; No. 197 Twenty-fourth-st., between State-st. and Wabash-av. Inquire on premises. FOR SALE—OB TO RENT—TWO COTTAGES, ONE with barn. No. 494 and 496 West Taylor-ct, Inquire of D. B. WHITAKER, 33 Silvcr-st., or at WHITAKER A GRAVES* Iron Yard, corner Desplalnes and Wayman-sta. T?OR SALE-ONLY BL6OO FOB COTTAGE AND LOT I 1 on •Twenty-elghth-st., first house cast of Wallace; easy payments. TRUESDELL A BROWN, X 75 West Madison-st. FOR SALE-50 FEET MIOHIGAN-AV., NEAR Forty-second-st. Extraordinary terms; M caffh, bal* esae’iSfAagSt. B - E - GRo^a - R, ° m 15 TTtORSALE-OR EXCHANGE—A SPLENDID HOME, J? choice location, south front. 653 West Washington ' st.; S-story and basement. qjone-trimmed, modem brick house, and lot; U rooms, In perfect order. See owner, on prwmtgftK. • Ft OB SALE-COTTAGE AND LOT, ONLY 8700, very cheap. WILSON A MONTGOMERY, Boom 11 Otis Block. gjiOß SAXE—A GOOD HOIJaSE OF 11 ROOMS, S; large lot, on Monroo-st., at a bargain and on easy terms. Boom 11 Otis Block. JjIOR SAXE-ON MONTHLY PAYMENTS, COT S’- tages on Dsyton-sL, near Wehster-av. Inquire on premises, of SCOTT A GAGE. 3710R SALE —WABASH-AV.. ELEGANTLY-FUR -3D nished brick residence, with every convenience, 15 rooms, all in complete order; a bargain, as owner is going to Europe. Address D 2, Tribune office. CIOB SALE—RESIDENCE ON OALUMET-AV., P * near Twenb’-fourth-st.; only $12,000, snd 4 now mar ble fronts on Inolana-av., north of Thirty-fifth-at.: $9,000 to $11,500. all on easy terms. S. W. KEOFF, 145 La- BaDe-at., Boom 14. . For sale-to buildebs-lots on egan-av.. 50x173 feot each, near South Park boulevard, only SISS per foot. Very easy terms. Al*o, lota on Oakwood Boulevard vlncennes-av. J. ATAfi WARREN, 18 Chamber of Commerce. - 3? OR SALE-99 TEARS* LEASES ON STATE-ST. 3D and on Wabash and Michigan-avs. J. E3ATAS WaRREN, IB Chamber of Commerce. . 2?OR SALE-COTTAGES ON WEST SIDE; LARGE A rooms, finely finished; large lots; good vicinity, near street can; water, Ac., and & every respect first-claas. Price low, and easy terms. CUSBJNG A BILLINGS, ttoLaSaUe-st. t?OE SALE—S4OO—WE HAVE CHOICE LOTS BUT S A*miles from the Court-House, near Milwaakee-ar., for fttO: other parties charge S6OO for them. A. G. STOREY A SON, 145 South Olark-st., Room 8, and SB7 Miiwau kso-av. ,A SlßMarket-st., 11 rooms, gas, water, bam. and well; easy terms. G. F. WORK A CO.', SALE—A 2-STORY BUILDING 20X30. WITH f. additions on leased lot. on West Madlson-st., with ebttss engine suitable for light manufacturing business, or vQI exchange for dwelling bouse or lot, and assume difference. Address W 38, tribune office. SALE—AT A GREAT BARGAIN-TWO FIVE acre blocks at the corner of_ Twelf th-st. and Wes tgai-av. Inquire at 135 South Clark-at., in bank. IT SALE—THE GREATEST BARGAIN IN THE -wlJn£~;y* httblo business property. Nos. 616 and 613 jTr2K t^l ' <t : • comer lad Un —so Yeet front on Twelfth w. ana 135 feet front on Lafiin-st. The buildings comprise ~*gopocery. store, with dwelling rooms over, and large gmtawar, doing * business of $60,000 yearly. Also PrES 7 adjoining, and other out-buildings. BaOOO rash. Annly tQ mmar rm CITY REAL ESTATE. For sale-by w. h. Sampson * 00., heal Estate Agency, 144 LaSalle-st., Otla Block. CHOICE PROPERTY. 143 feet on the southwest corner of Thirty-seventh-at. and Btantou-av., cheap, and on easy terms. 99 foot, northwest corner of Thlrty-sevcnth-st, and Wa* bash-av.. 120 feet deep; Tory desirable. Lot, 25x182, on Prairle-ar,, near Twenty-slxth-st. Loti 100x151, on Michigaa-av., between Thirty-eighth and Thirty-nlnth-sts. Lot, IdSfeot front to fall depth, onoomer Thlrty-sev enth-st. and Pralrie-av, Two lots, 23x150 each, on Short! off-av., between Went worth-av. and Buddan-st., $1,200 each; easy terms. Two lota on Atlantio-st., near Forty-seven th-st., SSOO each. Beantifnl residence lot, 80x125 feet, on Drexol Boole ▼ard, near Brook-ct.; for sale at a bargain. Lot, 31x176, on Thirtieth-st., between Stato-st. and Wa baah-av.. Lot, 120x70. on the northeast comer of Cottage Grove and Oakwood-avs. Lot, 100x175, northwest comer of Wabash-av. and Forty second-st. • Thlrd-av., lot 60x130, betwocn Van Boren and Harri soh-sta. ... Lot, 50x130, on Douglas-placo, head of ElUs-av.; will exchange for improved property on the Sooth Division. Prame-av,, near Twenty-slxth-st., lot 25x183 feet. A large list of choice acre property In the South and West Divisions. W. H. SAMPSON A CO.. 141 LaSalle-Bt.. Otis Block. FOR SALE-CHEAP BUTTDING LOTS-BY JACOB 0. MAQILL, 81 and 83 Clark-st. • SOUTH DIVISION. 4 Indiana-av., near Thirty-sixth-et., 25 feet, |BO per foot. Indlana-av., near Thirty-fifth-st., 35 feeh S9O foot. Calomot-av., near Thirty-fifth-it., 60 feet, sllO per comor Thirty-fonrth-st., 825x175. 8150 per Vlncennee-av., corner feet, 8200 per foot. Dearborn-at., near Ohlcago-av. ,10* feet. 8175 par foot. Dearborn-sU, ncarSchillor, 100 feet, h3OO per foot. Bnrling-at., near Webster, 200 foot, $53 per foot. Clyboam-av., choap lots. Orchard-fit.. - Adonu-rt.. noarThroop, £0 foot cheap, 8200 per foot- Harris on-at., corner Spa nlding-av., S lots, *6OO per lot. Jackson-st., near Throop, 76 loot, sllO per loot. Park-av., near Lincoln. 65 foot, $l5O per foot. Throop-flt., comer Monroe, 76 feet, $235 per foot; long time. 1 Fonrth-et., comer DUIor, Clots, SBOO per lot. Fob sals-by d. cole a son, real estate Agents, 168 West Madison-st.: 6or 10 acres on Horrison-st., See. 17, R. 13, T. 89, near Central Park. 4 acres running through from Madison to Barry Point road, oast of Central Park. 135 ft on Madlson-st., Suo ft oast of Central Park, sonth front. 203 foot on Madlson-st., 300 foot deep, fronting the parks. , , 600 lots cast of parks, on Warren-av., Park-av., and Washington-st. 170 feet corner Wisconsin and Lincoln-av., one block of Lincoln Park. 8 lots on Centro and Bisseli. North Side, will bo sold on easy terms to parties that will build. . . „ 350 lots in Holstein, near Milwaukee and Westom-avs. Splendid building lota on Madison, Monroe, Adams, Jackson, Van Boren, and Harrison-«ts. Have some splendid bargains on our books that will pay parties who are looking for paying investments to Investi gate FOR SALE-COTTAGE GROVE-AV.. CORNER Thirty-socond-et., 60x165, at only 8150 per foot, on between Thirty-fourth and Thirty-fifth ■ts., east front. 60x165, at $175 per foot. Wabasb-av., between Thirty-mth and Thirty-airth-sts.. at 8125 per foot. Michlgan-av., corner Thirty-fonrth-st., at 8300 per Burnside-st., northwest corner of Thlrty-sixth-st>» 4Sx at $3,000. Drexel-av., 600 feet, between Fifty-seventh and FUty eighth-sts., at S6O per foot. . North LaSallc-st., north of Division. 85x160. at a bar gain. 40 acres in Section 4, near Northwestern Railroad Car Works. SO acres near Hawthorne, about 4 blocks from station. A.LOEBABKO.. 133 LaSalle-st. Fob sale-lots on Milwaukee and fuj> lerton-avs., in a now subdivision; cheap and easy terms. D. S. INGHAM, MSonth Desplalnea-st. For sale-nearly new cottage and lot on Llncoln-st.. on easy term*, or very low fur all cash: most be sold immediately. For further particulars Inquire of the owner, A. WILLEY, 499 West Madlson-st. SALE—T AM AUTHORIZED TO SELL, ON J time or for cash, choice blocks fronting on Stete-st.. Wabash, Michigan, Indiana, Calumet, Prairie, and South Park-avs,; all the avonuos aro 100 ft wide, ex cept South Park, which Is 150 ft wide; this property la of fered fortbo first time since the original entry; title short and perfect. Parties wishing to secure one or moro blocks for subdivision or otherwise, will do well to call and learn full particulars of HENRY J. GOODRICH. Real Estate Broker, 125 Dearborn-st. • FOR SALE-BARGAINS IN CORNER LOTS; Comer Vanßnren-st. and Wlnebeater-av.; sllO. Comer Thirty-first and Rockwell-sts.; S6OO, Comer Oakley and VanHorn-sts.; s£so. Comer Boahnell and Buddan-sts.; $1,400. Comer Wallace and Thlrty-fourth-sta.; 8750. Corners In tine suburban resident lands; $l5O to S3OO. EDMUND O. STILES. 99 Madison-st., cor. Dearborn. SUBURBAN REAIj ESTATE. For sale-by j. f. pierson, m DEARBORN st*. Room 6: 75 acres In S. E. if Sec. 84, 40, 13. 10 acres In N. E. & Sec. li, 39. 13. 10, 38, or 40 acres in See. 15. 39, 13. 10 or 20 acres in Soc. 1, 39. 13. 6,10, or 20 acres in Sec. 17, 89, 14. 75 acres in Sec. 80. 40, 13. 40 acres in Sec. 25, 40, 13. 13 lots or lii acres In N. E. if See. 27, 40.13. 50xi25feet, on Forty-firat*st,, comer L»nglor-av, 50x104 feet, on Tbird-av., just south of Van Buren-st. 100x154 feet, on Madlson-av., near Chestnut-sU, Hyde Park. 80x80 feet, on LaSalle-st., next north of Marine Bank. FOR SALE-AT WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, NEAR two depots, by the block; average size of lota, 25x150 feet, at sllu per lot, H cash, balance in 1, 3, and S years, at 7 por cent. Interest. The best property for Investment In Cook County. Free tickets to soo this property. B. F. CLARKE A CO., Room 4. 122 La Salla-Bt, FOR SALE-CENTRAL PARK-LOTS FACING Washington, Lake, Madison, Monroe, Adams, Jack son, and Fulton-sts..!and Park, Warren, and California* avs., between Western-av. and Central Park, at from §875 to $2,000 each on easy terms. Apply to WM. D. LKRFOOT A CO., 90 East Waahiagton-st. POR SALE—OR EXCHANGE—A SPLENDID 11- room boose, with lot £Ox3CO, In Evanston proper; also 7 lots in Plerco’s Addition to Humboldt Park; very low figures for cash, or will exchange for West Side improved property or lots near street-cars. B. F« CLARKE A CO., lia LaSalle-st. ITtOR SALE-OR EXCHANGE-80 ACRES NEAR 7 the city limits, subdivided into blocks of 5 acres each; will exchange one or more of ’saldblocks for im proved property Inside city limits. This property Is within 5 miles of the Court-House, on the lino of im provements, and advancing rapidly. A rare chance for parties wishing aero property to subdivide into lots that can be sold rapidly. PHLLPOT A HONOBE, 157 Waah- Ington-st. FOR SALE-FINE RESIDENCES IN HYDE PARK, from 87.000T0 S4O, C 00; also, fine building lots in best location, will take parties wishing to buy to look at property on short notice. S. L. UNDERWOOD, 99Madl son-st. ‘ For s ale—ssso to s3so—at st. cloud, 25 feet higher than the lake, near Humboldt Park, 20 min ntos’ndefromMadison-st. bridge; lots at acre prices; terms easy; all trains on both roads stop at St. Cloud; commutation very low. WILLIAM PRICE, 133 Madison st.; H. F. qpY kfiO., 163 Waahington-st. __ FOE SALE-CHOICEST LOTS AT NORTH EVAN sten; lam building 10 houses; carpenters and masons wanted. O. L. JEN KB, 145 LaSalle-st. FOB SALE—WASHINGTON HEIGHTS—4O ACRES fine land on ridge. SO acres fine land on ridge north of Morgan Park. 11 acres, very cheap, near Comom Station. SI acres at Auburn. J. D. HARVEY, 174 La SaUo-st. FOR SALE—SEVERAL CHOICE ACRE TRACTS west of city limits, in town of Cicero; very cheap. GEORGE V. BYRD, 155 LaSalle-st., Room 11. FOB SALE-CHEAP SUBURBAN HOMES IN HO bart, on Fort Wayne Railroad, 33 miles from Chicago; 5-aere lota subdivision of 500 acres; all Improved; good dry prairie land; SBS per aero, 1, 2 and 8 years; cottage 8150 extra; no agency business. J. EARLE, owner. Office days Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Boom 8, basement, 163 Monroe-st. For sale-ob rent—at hinsdalb, nice places, from 4to 14 rooms. Call forenoon at 72 and 74 Dearbom-st., main floor. O. J. STQUGII. # FOR SAXE—NORWOOD PARK—ACRES, BLOCKS, or lots at low prices, or will exchange for city or coun try property. S, a. WELLS, 188 Doaroonx-et. For sale-at hawthorne-2 fine pieces for subdivision. F. A. BRAGG A GO., 146 Doar bo nx-st, OR SALE-AT ENGLEWOOD—3OOX234 FEET, COB* nor Stewart-av. and Slxty-fifth-st. F. A. BRAGG A CO., 146 Dearbom-st. FOB SALE-IN GROVELAND PARK-AN ELE gant residence lot, south front, cheap. F. A. BRAGG A CO., 146Doarbora-st. _ For sale —lot tsxiio on s. w. corner hum boldt Boulevard and Hoffman-av., Maplewood, with a comfortable and well built house of 9 rooms, furnace, and bath-room, water la house; barn and henery; choice shrubbery, fruit and ornamental trees. Commutation fare 6« cents; frequent trains: only3ominutes drive: terms and price very reasonable. M. I, WHITMAN, at hardware store, 173 Madia on-st. FOR SAXE-80 OB 160 ACRES IN 22, 38. 13; OKRY cheap, with k cash and balance 10 or K roars time with 6 per cent Interest. POT WIN A CORBY, 119 Franklin. ' For sale-m acres, in it, ss, 14 fronthjo on Harrison and Twolfth-sts. Can be bought at $350 per acre under market value, for liberal caoh payment: balance can run as long as party wishes. POTWIN A CORBY, 119 Franklin. FOR SALE—IOO ACRES AT CANFIELD, ON N. W. R. R. 40 acres on Chicago A Pacific R. R. 40 acres on Milwaukee A St. Paul R. R. _ _ 40 acme on Armitage road, near M. A St. P. R. B. 80 acres on Fullerton-av., near M. A St. P. R. B. 40 acres on North-av., near Grand. acres on Vinconnea-av., near Forty-third-at. - AX 8. FIERCE, 178 Dearborn-it. FOR SALB-6 ACRES FINELY TIMBERED LAND at Park Side, near South Park. F. A. BRAGG A Co., 146 Dearbom-st. TROR SALK-AT HIGHLAND PARK, ON EASY J? terms, choice place; brick residence, and all modern Improvements; large grounds, barn, carriage-house, etc. S. T. KING, 70 La Salie-st., 1 to 3 p. m. -T7OR BALE-SOUTH EVANSTON—FIRE LARGE J* lots in this rapidly-growing and beautiful suburb, near to the Lake shore and the depot; fan drives, plank sidewalks, and maple and elm trees set on all the streets. There is no better place to live; good schools, churches, ■tirt all the advantages of the city. We are building at place several fine brick and frame dwellings, with all modern improvements, which we offer on very easy terms. wapwen, KEENEY A CO., 186 Dearbom-st. FOB SALE-FOUR CORNERS, 200 FEET EACH. 165 deep. In Block 18. at Irving Park. Most desirable property in the subdivision; terms easy. Address OWN ER, 205 East Kinzlo-st, FOE SALE-LAKE VIEW—FOUR CORNER LOTS, each 63 feat, fronting south, convenient to horse can; larco shade tree.; fintclu!. Improvement, ediotalnj: *sd per foot, easy term*, nil. O. KRIEGEB, Room 4 Metropolitan Block. __ For sale-io, 20, or so acres louatkuh blocks from Montrose and Irving Park, will be off ered for a few days cheap and on easrtenns. Also 6or Uaoe* west of Englewood!, near the Boulevard, at $3,000 per acre If sold rhf* week. J. SOURBBY,JL22 LaSalle-st., Room 17. - • - AT? KAT.E-TiOTa BETWEEN CENTRAL PARK and O. A Ft. Wayne car shops, a non-resident owner,, trill sell very cheap. Also Boulevard lots, «gdlot« near Boulevard. Free ride, cars or carriage; PH3NNEY A LOMBARD, 155 LaSalle-ct. _ Bob BADE—AT JEVIKO PABK. OKXJ 8 MILES from Conrt-Honse, deiiribl. comer, IDO feet, eest s s, tfes3nsff l) ,u sssrfis gaaon-et- THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: SUNDAY, JUNE J, 1873. SUBURBAN BEAL ESTATE. For bale-ob rent-at englewood-two houses, S rooms each, well built, on stone walls. ISAAC DRAKE, corner Sirty-third-at. and Went worth-ar, FOB BALE—SIO PER ACRE, 80 ACRES OF GOOD land, in Thornton, Cook Co. F. A. BRAGG AGO., 116 Doarbom-at. ' FOR SALE-FINE RESIDENCE AT IRVING PARK, and large lot, well improved, near depot; want an offer. „ 150x173, Blockß. Irving Park; sidewalks, water, etc., at bsif tho usual rates: owner must sell; wants an offer. Five acres. Hill's Subdivision, Washington Heights; fronts Morgan-av. on lino of now railroad; want a cash offer: will give a bargain. Also, 20 acres in same subdi vision ; a bargain and easy terms. LING A HOLMES, 173 Madison-eC. For sale-hyde park road, near forty flfth-st., 100x350 foot, lake view: 113x325 foetcomor Ivanfaoo-st. Hydn Park lots on Kimbark and Grovc-avs. CANFIELD A MATTESON, CO LaSallo-st. F~"OB SALE—ENGLEWOOD—LOTS NEAR DEPOT on good streets, atlowpricoa; also a well-built and convenient bouse. Lako Forest—Residences from $2, SCO to $10,000; also residence sites of all sizes at from S3OO to 81,500 per acre. Irving Park—Several two-story frame houses with piazza, bay window, and other improvements, and lot 60 feet front, for 83, GOO. Aostiu—Wo have for sale some of tho most desirable property in this suburb. Bav enswood —Some choice lots near station. CANFIELD A MATTESON, 60 LaSallo-st. ■ For sale-ob rent-at evanston, a nice house, II rooms, gas, bath, Ac., within three minutes* walk of depot; pleasantest part of Evanston: a bargain, and easy terms. Address or call on J. M. LYONS, 87 South Clark-st. For sale-a, furnished house athigh land Park; house now; lot 100x200 foot, desirably lo cated ; terms oasy; a very pleasant homo; 55 minutes rido from city. Inquire at No. 55 South Clark-st. TTIOR SALE-CHEAP—MIOHIGAN-AV., CORNER J? of Fifty-fonrth-st., 47x161. Apply to owner, JOHN G. RICUBBRG, 67 South Clark-st., southeast comer of Randolph. ’ FOR SALE-BY B. J. NOOKIN, 75 SOUTH DEAR hornet., 2>rf acres in Lawndale, between Ogden and Central Park-ars.; most desirable piece of property in the city. For sale-a cottage and grounds, also, a fine building lot, 76x180. Both are In South Evans ton, on Ohicago-av., in a good neighborhood, and within 2 minutes’ walk of tho depot. For terms apply at tho office, of the Evening Mall, 123 Filth-av. IjlOR BALE—AT AUSTIN-LOTS FRONTING ON ■ Monroe and Madison-ets., near depot, 25x180 foot each; only 20 minutes’ rido; 14 trains daily; faro 7)4 coats. We will sell lots to parties on a small c a *h Rwroent, and balance in monthly payments. F. J. WEIDINQER A CO.. Real Estate Agents, Room 51 Metropolitan Block, northwest comor Randolph and LoSalle-eta. Fob sale-at winnetka, bo acres, one mile from station, la Sac. 29, T. 42, N. R. 18. I. J. WEIDINGER A CO., Real Estate Agents. Boom 51 Metropolitan Block, northwest comer Randolph and La- Sallo-sta. . For sale-by h. c. morey, 77 clark-st.—ie acres, east of Hawthomo, near O. B. A Q. Hall road, 81. COO per aero. . , 40 acros, corner city limits and Stoelo-st. 19 acres, corner city limit* and Harrison-st. 90 acres, corner Forty-sovcuth-st. and Archer-road; lone time. 42acrcs, Tvrelflh-et., near Desplalncs River. 10 acres on Egan-av., near Stock Yards. For sale-at south englewood (the fin eit suburb around Chicago)— 3 new 2-story cottages, fronting on Galstod-st. and near the boulevard, only one block from depot; 8 and 9 rooms; bay windows; lots 6Qx 125: cheap and easy terms. „,, . .. . Also, lots In ttao * 4 Original Plat." high and dry, and as near the depot as yon may desire; title perfect; printed abstracts furnished to date of sale. Extra inducements offered to parties wishing to build. Now is your time to got a homo cheap, and save rents. Call and soo. NOBLE A RICHMOND. Room 3 Tribune Building. For sale-gheap-atmaplewood-corner 50x125, on Evergrcen-av., SIOO cheaper than yon can boy Inside lots for anywhere iu same neighborhood: owner wants money. H. S. DIETRICH, Room 2, Major Block, 143 LaSallo-st. _ FOR SALE-60 ACRES SEC. 28, 38, IS, BAST H s. o. H* Inquire 188 East Madlson-st., Room 10, For salb-at wholesale acre prices, average SIOO per lot, 60x150 feet; all high ground, near schools, churches, stores, markets, and cars, only 50 minutes’ ride; terms $25 caab, and balance $lO per month. For free tickets to see these lots call on EDMUND G. STILES, 99 Madlson-st., comer Dearborn. Fob sale-one of the finest gothic cot tagoa in Englewood; 8 rooms, lot 40x170; location very desirable. Price, $650; part on long time. JAMES A. •WHITAKER, IS9 LaSalle-st. Fob salk-i will offer fob one week only a splendid chance to sccoro a suburban home on easy terms, House and lot situated five blocks from Evanston depot; lot 55x150, new bouse, 3 stories, with finished basomout; 9 rooms, with bath-room and laundry, hot and cold water, sewerage and gaa pipes, marble man tels and grate, stoves and pipe connected, all neatly ar ranged, and ready for use. Price, $5,800 ; 81,000 cash, balance on easy terms, or will dlscoont liberally for caab. J. U, FOWLER. Evanston, 111. For sale-$i,500-clyde-choice five-acre block, closo to station, etc.; streets graded: adjoin ing 5 acres sold for $1,700 per acre last Monday. This can bo retailed at 100 per cent protii in the next 60 days. STORES A WARE, fr4 Washington-st. FOB SALE—ENGLEWOOD—BEAUTIFUL HOMES, now and complete, with largo lots, closo to station and Normal School: small payments down; monthly pay ments and long time; don't boy until you soo them. STORES A WARE, ftt Washington-st. For sale-4 s-stoby houses on eastterms at South Evanston. Apply to TILLOTSON BROS.. 272 and 274 Stato-st. For sale—so cottages and s-story houses at Englewood, on easy terms. Apply to TILLOTSON BROS., 372 and 274 Stato-st. . FOR SALE—ENGLEWOOD—4 ACRES FRONTING Beck Park and Sixty-soventh-at.. at $2,750 per acre, very choice. STORRS A WARE, 94 Washlngton-st. FOR SALE—4 ACRES IN SCHOOL SECTION, T. 39. B. IS, near N. W. Car-Shops and Madisoa-ak. which I will sell very low, on easy time. THOS. A. HILL, 123 Dearbom-et. _____ For sale-now is the time to but lots at South Englewood, cheap, 6 years* time. If you will bolld, no money down. Wo propose grave ling streets, lay* Ing sidewalks, and planting trees in front of our property. Come in and see plot at our ofiico, 206 LaSaiio-at. GIL BERT, SUMWALT A CALDWELL. ' Forsale-a good chance to secure a homo—Saro your rent and buy a well-built house of 8 rooms: good cellar, well and cistern water; within five minutes’ walk of depot; lot 75x130. Choice lots, well located at Norwood Park; wiU take other property or good paper for fina panuont, and give long time on balance. G. 8. LACEY a CO., 119 Dear born-st. For sale-washikgto.v heights-cheap lota near depot and school: easy terms; free fare. Call any morning/ L. L. WILSON. Room 4. 122 LaSalle. ORSALE-AT AUBURN, ONE OF THE CHOIC ost suburbs on tho South Side— and bouses on easy terms and at low prices. Beat of railroad accommo dation at low rates. Excellent school and church facJl tios being near Englewood and tho Normal School. Par ties wishing to see this property should call at oar office before 4 o’clock n. m.; can return at 6. SMITH, WOOD A OO. p IC3 LaSalle-st. • For salb-at englewood-new house, large lot, on easy terms, or will exchange for inside property. Apply at 645 Sooth Dearbom-st; FOR SALE-EIGHTY ACRES. BKAUTFULLANU, ono-hMf timber, dtnated 3 miles wort of Hivoralde. 1 mile north of station at Hinsdale, and 9 mllea from cltr IlSlta; slls per aero. ASA W. dLABKB. 128 LaSalle st., first floor. For sale-lots in Austin on east terms. Trains every hour; fare, 7J£_cents. Only 2 miles from dtyn™its. W. R. wbOPfaußY, 86 Waahlngton-st. —OB SALE—S ACRE BLOCKS ON RUBEN-ST., corner Soventy-first-st, to parties wishing tobu-ld; no cash payment required, and easy terms. HENRY L. wtt.t., 164 LaSalle-st., basement. For salb-at a bargain-by golden a FRESHWATERS, 83 South Clark-sL, Room 16: 40 acres in Sec. 11, 38, 13. 40 acres in Sec. 15, 39, 13. 40 seres in Sec. 36, 38, 13. 10 acres In Sec. 22, 39, 13. 10 acres In Sec. 17, 38,14. 6 acres In Sec. 15, 39.13.. 2 acres in Sec. 1, 39. 13. XpOR SALE-LIVE AND TEN TEARS’TIME. AT Jj gner cent, choice boulevard and Hyde Park lots. Also In Blanchard Tract. JOSIAH H. BISSELL, Owner, 45’ Bryan Block. . EOR SALB-BY JOHN O. OSBORNE, 133 EAST Madison-st., Room?: Choice residence lots, adjoin ing Hawthorne, one mllo west of Lawndale, on the Ogden av. road, and near Ohlcago, Burlington A Oulncy RaU road depot at Hawthorne; price from $250 to S3U); month ly payments of $lO. COUNTRY REAL. ESTATE. EOR SALE-COAL LAND AT BRAIDWOOD; 80 acres in Section 12, In Grundy County, In centre of great coal field, now being worked. Address MIDDLE* TON, P. O. Box 1995, New York. • For sale or exchange - 340 acres op land in Crawford, Co., lowa. Will exchange for lumber or brick. Inquire of O. MASON A CO., 18 Car* roll-st. FOR SALB-AT DENVER, COLORADO TBBRl tory. In the centre of the city. Tho lease, furniture, fixtures, and good will of tho most frequented and do* gantlr-fnraisbed brick hotel, containing 26 guest-rooms, largo parlor, dining-room, offico, laundry, bath-room, and closets, collar, and store-rooms, separate brick kitchen with all modem improvements, gas, hot and cold water throughout. Rent $375 per month. Price only SIO,OOO. Apply to JULIUS CRONE, Denver, Col. Ter. For sale-in southern Colorado, at the Divide, for colony or stock and grain-raising purposes: 6.000 acre* of superior land In almost pnobody; is well watered, hie a Urge tract of Umber, and Is traroraed bj the Denver A Rio Grande Railroad. It was located with especial care at an early day. and will be Bold at the low price of 84.50 cash per acre: perfect title; government to owner. Apply to JULIUS CkONB, Denver, Col. Ter. —OR SALE-A LUXURIOUS COUNTRY SEAT IN Michigan, of 1.5C0 acres. with lake, residences, foun tains. mills, etc., fitted up for a retired gentleman of for tune and leisure. Value, $150,000. . .. « f A splendid first-class stock, dairy, and fruit farm of 1,100 acres, near the above: $66,000. u . .. . -p._v New brick residence, 16 rooms, at Highland Park, ftfarble-front residence, 15 rooms, on University-place, (W Stock ß and* of 240 acres near Elgin, Hl. t FOR SALE—FINE LANDS, TIMBER LICENSE runs 90 years, on north side of Georgian Bay. Well timbered with over 430,000,000 feet of good large pine. Avenge distance of hauling, 3 to 8 miles. For saloata mat bargain. For further particulars Inquire of H.F. F TT »RED A CO., 156 Moaroent. —no gqi.R—FARM OF 160 ACRES IN DEKALB County, HI.. 68 miles from Chicago: also. 22) acre* food crazing lancf, near farm, under good fence. Will agreat sacrifice if taken soon. fanning lands In exchange for city property. Address A. g. fiynr.g^; 333Falton-st., city. OR SALE—OR EXCHANGE—ffIGHLY-CDXTI- WfJ, o. DOW, Boom 31 Tribune Building. __ c rfw —T FARM OF 160 ACRES, “WITH IM if TareweU Co., ill. Poland f« nt th a Kant nnalitv. Terms of sale very easy. ,Apply to PEOKHAMI Boom 42, Reaper Block, comer Clark and W**bington-sts. FOB SALE—OB EXCHANGE—SMALL FARM, 40 milei from Chicago and 3 from Waukegan, 80a**®}®*. choice laud, well improved, with goodeUsT bles: cow. hog, and poultry-houses; orchard, good wens, fenres, etc.; o awes timber. Seeowne* fortwodwat Belief Home, corner West Lake and Desplalnewts. GEO. B- RANKIN. KEAIi ESTATE WANTED. REAX. ESTATE WANTED. WASTED—I HAVE S9OO WORTH OF DIAMONDS VI and S6OO in money, which I would like to Invest in suburban lots, or ft lot inside of limits. Address 8. H. WTI.r.TAMH, U4 Monroo-st., third floor. TXTANTED-TO LEASE-A LOT ON SOUTH SIDE. TT north of Thlrty-second-st., and east of State-et., for dwelling purposes. Address M. HOWARD, 48 South Parpen tor-st. ■WANTED— FARM OF 40 TO 80 ACRES IN MICHI- Y T gan. near as possible to Chicago: must bo partly ira § roved with bnildinga. B. J. NOCKIN, 75 South Dear orn-su . TIT ANTED—CHEAP LOTS! BUILD IRQ LOTS IWB Vy have customers for'tho above in all parts of the city. JACOB O. M A GILL, 81 and 83 South Clark-st. •WANTED—IMPROVED UNINCUMBERED REAL YV estate, for which will par in first-class full-paid stocks, paying semi-annual dividends. Address D 5, Tribune office. TO RENT—HOUSES. mO RENT—3-STORT BASEMENT AND SUB-CEL- X lar marble front house; all modem improvements, in cluding furnace. 230 West Washington-st. Apply at 357 West Raudolph-st. for terms. mo RENT—TWO-STORY FRAME DWELLING, X with brick basement, No. 431 Warron-av.. with mod em improvements. Inquire of E.L. KNOTT, at 59 Ex change Building, and at No. 416 Warzen-av.' TiO RENT—A SMALL HOUSE OF 2 ROOMS, PAN try, and closet, partly famished, for housekeeping. Call to-day at the bouse, 970 West Jaokson-st.; or of E. BOOTH, CTSWestMadison-sfc., through the week.. Bent, g 13 per mouth. mo RENT-A 9-ROOM HOUSE, THREE MINUTES’ X walk from Court-House, two blocks from bone can, S3O per month. JACOB O. MAO ILL, 81 and 83 Clark-st. TO BENT—CASS AND ERIE-STS.—TWO 3-STORY and basement, bricks, 16 to 18 rooms each, 10 minutes’ walk from Court-House, rent low to good tenants. JACOB O. MAGILL, 61 and S3 Clark-st. - mo REKT-A NEW COTTAGE, 4 ROOMS AND PAN- X try and closet; S2O per month. Apply 910 South Dcazbum-at. TO BENT—FURNISHED MARBLE FRONT HOUSE of 14 rooms to careful tenant; possession given June 15. Apply on promises, 37 Twcaty-fifth-st. r RENT-LARGE HOUSE, 18 ROOMS, WATER, gas, bath-room, Ac.: large lot and bam. D. 8. TXflffAM, 64 South Despialnos-at. TO KENT-THE BOARDING DEPARTMENT OP fir*t--clas« boarding house, (unfurnished); can board owners for rent. Address Z 79, Tribune othce. TO RENT-SMALL COTTAGE, 363 SOUTH DEAR bom-st., between Twenty-fifth and Twcnty-aizth. Apply to JOHN H. ROBERTS, Room 13,151 Monroo-st. TO RENT-A HANDSOME 3-STORY AND BASE ment marble-front house, with all modem Improve ments; elegantly furnished and in complete order. Ap ply on the promisee, 1198 Prairie-av. TO RENT-530 PER MONTH—NICE 7-ROOM COT tue, and barn, on Booth Side, near cart W. M. JACKSON, 118 and 120 Monroo-st. TO RENT—BY,E. 0. COLB A CO.. 133 LASALLE st.: 1069 Wabash-av. f 865; house, 12 North Carpenter st., $65; house, 15 South Greoa-st,, $75; cottage, 766 Van Buren-st., $35. a' 10 RENT-LARGE MARBLE FRONT HOUSE ON . Michlcan-av.,noar Slxteenth-sU: 14 rooms, completely furnished, for rent at a bargain. Apply at once to WM. H. SAMPSON A CO.. 144 LaSaUe-st., Otis Block. fpO RENT-COTTAGE HOUSE ON SPRUCE-ST., JL between Loomis and Laflin. Inquire at 17. TO RENT—NO. 164 NORTH DEARBORN-ST., ONE 2-story and basement brick dwelling, 15 rooms, with closets ana modern Improvements: for private residence only: rent $1,980 per annum. Apply to M. SO ANLAN, No. 7 Clark-st. - TO RENT-FINE HOUSE OP 6 ROOMS, BATH rooro, closets, gas, just finished np and famished nice; furniture insured for $700; will sell for s4oooaah. Apply at 115 Sooth Llncoln-st. TO BENT—344 TYLER-ST., SSO PER MONTH; WILL sell cheap on 5 years’ time. O. S. THOMAS, 163 LaSalle-st., Room 10, first floor. TO RENT—B-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK with all improvemonta, with two years’ lease; some furniture for sale; first-class chance for boarders or fur nished rooms. Inquire comer of Casa and lllinois-ste., North Side. mo RENT-NEW HOUSE, 6 ROOMS, CLOSETS, X pantry, and water In kitchen. In good neighborhood. 406 West Erie-st. N. B. GRAY. TO RENT—NO. 41 NORTH EUCKER-ST., TWO story frame, 8 rooms; S3O per month. A. H. Mc- LEAN, 146 LaSaUe-st. TO RENT—A TWO-STORY FRAME CONTAINING 11 rooms, in good repair, and furniture fur sale at a bargain, sitcatea east of Stato-st. and north of Twenty fifth. Address W 83, Tribune office. TO RENT-THE FOUR-STORY AND BASEMENT building, 23,25, and 27 North CUnton-st., with steam engine. Applyto R. WATERMAN, 80 Nixon Building. TO RENT-FOUR UNFURNISHED ROOMS SUlT able for housekeeping; also large bam; rent, $25 per month. Inquire at 71 North Ann-st. TO RENT—MARBLE FRONT HOUSE OP U ROOMS, comer of Langley and Thirty-elghth-eta., at $75 per month. E. F. HENSHAW, 69 vincennos-av. r RENT—ELEGANT DWELLING, FINELY FlN ished, hot and cold water, and all modem Improve ments; good bam on the alloy; rent, $75. No. 43 Egan av.; key at No. 29 Thlrty-elguth-st. TO RENT—HOUSE NO. 489 WEST MADISON-ST., Immediately opposite of, and looking up tho whole length of Loomu-su (2 miles), having been thoroughly rejuvenated, handsomely and newly furnished through out ; the rooms now ready for rental; tho suite of parlors

are aa pleasant as any in the city; modem conveniences. Apply sa above. TO BENT—FURNISHED HOUSE. THREE-STORY and basement marble front, with all modern Improve ments, furnace, laundry, range, completely and elegant ly famished, including bedding, table-linen, dishes, and silver, on Michlgan-av., near Twelfth-st., suitable for boarders. Also good bam. Bent taken in board. Ad dress W 43, Tribune office. TO RENT-OR FOR SALE, CHEAP-THE BEAUTI fnI'3-atory, basement, and French roof boose, with lot 40x145 deep, on Calumot-av., just south of Twenty ■eednd-et., cast front. Also, 3-story frame house, with lot, on southwest comer of Graco-av. and Slxty-fourth at., in Woodlawn, one block east from Woodiawn Sta tion. Hyde Park. Immediate possession of either the above. Apply to A. J. AJ. W. COOPER, No. 154 La- Salle-# t., Otis Block. TO RENT—FOR THE SUMMER, FURNISHED bonse. near steam and horse-car*. Inquire on prom* ises, 13Unlon-av., second street sooth of Egan-av. r BENT-NEW SIX-ROOM COTTAGE, CLOSETS, pantzy, attic floored. Apply to G. G. JONES, on premises, 843 West Harrlson-at. TO BENT-HOUSE NO. 16 COTTAGE-PLACE; $45 per month. Apply on premises. TO RENT-TWO ELEGANT NEW BRICK HOMES, corner Indiana-av. and Twolfth-st.; 14 rooms; all mod* era improvements; lake view; cheapest rent in the city. Call and see them. TO RENT—BRICK HOUSE, 10 ROOMS, PARK-AY.; S4O. House and barn, Walnnt-st., near Lincola-st. House, 7 rooms, Hamlltoa-av.; $35. Tenement, second floor, Hoync-sU; 825- House, Warren-av., near Oakley-st-; $35. GEORGE D. PEASE, 79 Wost Madison-«t- rRENT— HOUSES—TWO-STORY FRAME, GOOD repair, pleasant neighborhood. Nos. 94, 26, 88, on Thirty-seventh-st., between Lake and Ellis-avs.; rent very reasonable. B. E. WELLS, 188 Dearbora-st. O RENT—MY HOUSE, SOUTH TWENTY-FOURTH st. and Pralrie-av., and furniture for sale on 6 months* time; rent of house SIOO per month; furniture worth about SS. 000. Address 2 84, Tribone office. TO RENT-NEW TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT house. 10 rooms, all improvements, barn, Ac . «fl West Monroo-st., SSO per month. O. W, BROWN, 83 Lake-st. TO RENT-HOUSE WITH 13 ROOMS. NEWLY FlT tod, hot and cold water, bath-room, Ac. Apply be tween 8 and 3 at 299 West Lake-st- • TO BENT-A 6-ROOM COTTAGE. FURNISHED complete, all In perfect order; will soil furniture cheap, or rent without furniture. Call at 649 Carroll-av. TO RENT-DR. M. W. SHERWOOD WILL RENT his residence, No. 143 South Wood-st-, between Adams and Jackson; house contains 13 rooms, newly painted In side and out, and calclmlned. Dining-room and kitchen stove for sale; also, parlor earaot. Apply on the prem iscs, or at his Dental Rooms, No. 163 Stato-st., corner of Monroe. TO RENT—TO A RESPONSIBLE PARTY. HOUSE partly fumlshod, vicinity ol Union Park, nice grounds, garden, and bam. Call alter the Sabbath from 1 to 6 n. m., at 148 Walnnt-st., corner of Lincoln, one block from cars. References required- _ TO RENT—3-STOBY AND BASEMENT HOUSE, near corner Pralrio-av. and Twenty-fonrlh-st., hot and cold wator, bath, marble mantels, gasflxt urea. etc. Rent, SI,OOO to a good tenant. Address W 89, Tribune office. - rRKNT-BRIOK BASEMENT COTTAGE, CON sis ting of 9 rooms besides cellar,' bath-room, room, etc., water up-stairs and down. Price, only «4o per month. Situated, 80S Park-av. Apply to H. O. STONE, Room 9,146 Madison-st. Key at 899 Lake-st. to day- ___• TO RENT-NORTH SIDE. ONE BLOCK FROM cars, upperpart of cottage. 820; lower part, BM, each six roopis. A. T. GALT, 77 Dearbora-st., Room 11. TO RENT—IM-STOBY HOUSE ON LANGLEY-AV., between Forty-fifth and Forty-six th-sta.; good barn. Inquire on premises. TO RENT—FURNISHED HOUSE, GOOD BARN, and large groan da to a party who will hoard owner, wife and child; house in perfect order. To a suitoblo party a liberal arrangement will be made. Address zee. Tribune office. TO RENT—2-STORY AND BASEMENT MABBLE front residence, II rooms. I(E6 Twenty-thlrd-st. Inquire of FEBD. W. PECK, Boom 8, Nixon’s Building. _ TO BENT-NEW 2-STOBY. BASEMENT. AND Mansard brick house and brick bam. House baa aU Improvements, large lot, etc. 84 ,Bemlnary-av.. Iforth Side. 850 per month to a small family* O. W. BROWN, 83 Lake-st. ■ rro RENT— A COTTAGE OF SEVEN BOOMS. AF- J. ply at 235 Dekoven-st., between Hal*ted and Doe plames. mO RENT-ONE NEW 3-STOBY HOUSE. JUST J» completed, with latest improvements. No. &u we« Indiana-st., to good tenants; rent reasonable. Apply vo 295 Divislon-st., or 631 Indiana-st, - TO BENT—SIB—A NICE COTTAGE, FOUR ROOMS and kitchen, 291 Hubbard-rt, Inquire at earnerstore, or to G. P. BAY, 552 North Clark-st. TO RENT-631 WEST ADAMS-ST., NEW^ BRICK bouse, 14 rooms, octagon and sooth front, aB modem improvements; very desirable hoose and location, a- r. NOBLE, Boom 3 Tribune Building. mo RENT-TWO COTTAGES CONTAINING EIGHT 1 rooms, with bam; rent, S3O; comer and Thirty-sixtn-st. CaU or address for particulars at-fit Thirty-sixth-st. - rBENT-A FINE 2-STOBY AND BEICK BASE mont residence for S3O per month, corner rony fifth-st. and Evans-av. F. D. OBCUTT. • TO BENT-HOUSE OF 14 ROOMS; OWNER WOULD • like to famish 4or 6 rooms end .board to family .to suitable tenant will pay liberally. Address or call at rio. 10 Sixteenth-st. TO RENT-HOUSE AND LOT, NO. 451 ar., near Hldridge courtjlot trtth«« bam* J. ESAIAS WABBfeN. 18 Chamber of Com merce. - TO RENT—A HOUSE OF SIN-ROOMS, BY UNION Stock Yarde. Addreee PM. Tribnne office. rBENT— TWO-STOBY DWELLS OJJ.O. B: NORTH AdMt; gas, water, seven rooms. OMAR BUSH NELL, 130 Dearbom-st.. Booms 11 and 12. ; TO RENT—THE S-STOEY AND BWCK BASEIUWT house No. 9 Sooth Uaj-»t.. host Wsshtolrton. honso has all the modem Improvements. and .triU borcntrt cheap to a good tenant.' Apply *t 187 We*t Lake at., p stair* TO BENT-BOABMNG-HOnSB, AM. Ed complete, JnU o t able fora woman to manage* Gallatin ttctv 'mo RENT—B-STOEyAJjp i home, modem bnproremeats, W3 Adame-«.. gfip- Izuimre at 835, TO RENT—HOUSES. mORENT-BYW.H. SAMPSON AGO., REAL ES .X Ute and Renting Agency, 144 L&Ssllo-st., Otis Block. . SOUTH DIVISION. 138 Vincennes-ar., 2-* lory brick bouse, 10 rooms. • Two-story frame bouses Nos. S3, 31 and 26 Thirty- 4 seveath-et., 840 per mouth each. Desirable hotel, centrally located in the South Division, doing a good business. Desirable rooms for housekeeping in brick block on State-st., corner Archer-av. Two-story brick bouses on Langloy-av., Nos. 45, 47 and 49, 10 rooms each. , Two-story brick houses Nos. 24and30Thirty>eighth-ai., 9 rooms each. WEST DIVISION. Two-story frame houso No. 445 West Jacksoa-at., 8 rooms. $45 per month. 75 Floumoy-et., S-stoiy frame house, 8 rooms, $35 per month. 13 North Carpenter-et.. 11 rooms, $65 per month. 16 and IS Irving-place, between Adams and Monroe-sta., 5 and 9 rooms each, 640 and S3O par month. 854 Hnbbard-st., 14 rooms, $45 per month. Completely famished bouso on Lailin-et., between Madison and Monroe-sts. 10 rooms, modern Improve ments. Furniture in good order and for sale at about SBOO. Two-story frame bouse at Norwood station, 9 rooms; largo lot, 165x175; the bouse contains gas-fixtures. Ac. IS3 Rebecca-st., 10 rooms and water; $45 por month. . Upper part of houso 43 South May-st, 8 rooms; S6O per month* • 621 Fulton-et, 9 rooms: $45 per month. 488 West Taylor-st., 12 rooms, sl, COO per year. 198 North Curtls-ot, 5 rooms; $25 per month. Four rooms for housekeeping, S3 West Mauisoo-st; S3O per month. Marble front bouse, 4C9 West Madlson-st.; 14 rooms* First houso on the west aide of Leaviit-st., south of Madison-et., 14 rooms, modem improvements. 76 Honoro-et., 10 rooms; $76 per month. Brick house, 404 West Tyler-st., 10 rooms; $75 por month. NORTH DIVISION. Very desirable S-stoir and basement atone front house, 834 North LaSalle-et., IS rooms and bam. 115 Baldcs-av., 10rooms; s4opermonth. 164 North Dearboru-st., 15 rooms. New cottages on Noblo-ar., 5 rooms each. A large list of houses for rent in all parts of tbo city. WM. H. SAMPSON 4 CO., IJIO RENT-BY G. S. LACEY A CO., 119 DEARBORN- No. 836 West Moaroe-st., 3 story brick, 13 rooms, mod em improvements, fine grounds, bam, SI,OOO. No. 369 Daytozi-st., 3-etory frame, gas and water, £9 rooms; will rent separate floors, or rooms to suit. Stewart-av., 2-story frame, 8 rooms, $35. 229 Forquer-st., 4 (lower back, rooms, sl6. . „ Northeast comer West Twelfth and Clinton-sts., hall 26x76 feet. S4O; basement, 48x70, $25. No. 474 west Taylor-st., upper floor, 8 rooms, $35. • No. 1365 Indiana-av., upper floor. 5 rooms, $25. No. 489 Horlbut-st., 9 rooms. $35. No. 45 Egan-av., 10 rooms, all modem, bam, $75. TO BENT—VERY DESIRABLE TWO-STORY and basement brick houso 843 West Adams-st.. 10 rooms, modem Improvements; rent, $55 per month. Ap ply to WM. H. SAMPSON A CO.. 144 LaSalle-st.. Otis Block. TO RENT—393 MICHIGAN-AV., NORTH OF THlß teeath-Bt., from July I to Oct. 1 of this year, throo •tory and basement stone front faonae, handsomely far nithed inside, and fly-screens and awnings for windows, etc., to a private family. Apply at 898 Mlchlgan-av. TO RENT-OR FOR SALE-A GOOD HOUSE ON . Jackion-st.. corner of Califomiar-ar.; also 4 nice rooms to rent. Inquire at 1091 Jackson-st. TO BENT-TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK bouse. No. 21 Vincennos-place (contlnoation of John son-place), completely famished, to good parties. Ap ply on premises. ■ TO RENT-TO SMALL FAMILY. A 10-ROOM \H story house on Warren-sv.; large corner lot; fruit, shrubbery, and hV»*Aa trees. S. DELAMATEB, 85 Yi oah tngton-at. RENT 6-ROOM COTTAGE. FURNITURE will bo sold cheap. Call at once at 15 Grant-st., near Lincoln Park. TO RENT-A VERY DESIRABLE RESIDENCE ON Prairlo-av., north of Twontleth-st.; largo lot and bam. Address O 20, Tribone office. TO RENT-HOUSE, 720 WABASH-AV., 13 ROOMS, modem improvements: good bam; lot, 26x180, to alloy. Apply to J. B. STANLEY, 190 Dearbom-st. TO RENT—THE TWO-STORY FRAME DWELL- Ing, No. 597 Mlchigan-av. House recently pat in complete order. Rent, $1,500, or, reserving two'room*, will oe rented for SI,OUO. Apply to J. C. FARRING TON, office of George C. Clarke, 3 and 4 Bryan Block. r RENT-COTTAGE ON HAMILTON-AV. CON taining 5 rooms, kitchen, bath-room, and basement. ERNST PHUSSINQ, 143 East Randolph-at. r RENT—OR FOR SALE CHEAP-TWO-STORY and basement brick boose with all modem improve ments; furnished or unfurnished; small bam; located at No. 132 South Psullna-st. Apply on premises. RENT-HOUSE OF 6 ROOMS, 53 COOLIDGE- TO RENT-NEW HOUSE, 6 ROOMS, CLOSETS, water, etc.; good neighborhood, $25. C. W. DEAN, 133 Sooth Clark-Bt», Room 16. r RENT-HOUSE OF 10 ROOMS. OWNER WILL board, if agreeable. Largo bam, etc.; onTwelfth •t. J. S. WOLFE, 119 Doarpom-at. _ TO RENT—TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK, modem Improvements, on Thlrtysecond-st., east of Sooth Park-av. A. A. DEWEY, 155 LoSaUe-st TO RENT-A HANDSOME COTTAGE ON REA sonable terms to a party that desires apleasaat home, and who can give references. 133 North Pooria-st. TO RENT—PLEASANT COTTAGE OF 6 ROOMS— Stato-st.. at Forty-first-st.; 825 per month. 3. M, MOORE A CUMMINGS, 119 and 121 LaSaUe-st. TO RENT—VERY DESIRABLE FURNISHED AND .unfurnished rooms, without board, either single or en suite, at No-13 Eldridge-oonrt. TO RENT-A FIRST-CLASS RESIDENCE, FUR niahed, at Highland Park, with bam. pleasant ‘grounds, Ac. Apply at Room 29 Tribune Building. TO RENT—A COTTAGE ON OAKLEY-ST, RENT low to good tenant. Apply to A. A. LATHROP, Room 28, 88 LaSallo-st. mo RENT-TWO NICE COTTAGES (NEW) WITH X all modem improvements, on the comer of Wllcox-st- Campbell-av. Only two blocks from the Madison-st. oars. By M. MAUGHAN, SI Reaper Block, northeast comer of Clark and Washlngton-sts. TO RENT—CHEAP TO A GOOD TENANT. THE large 3-story frame dwelling 1371 Mirhignn-av. Con* aista of 10 rooms besides pantries and closets. Modem Improvements. Barn In roar. Possession at once. Prlco 841.67 per month; worth S6O. Apply to H. 0. STONE, Room 9, 146 East Madlson-st. TO RENT-513 NORTH DRARBORN.ST.,II BOOMS, modom improvements, pleasant location* Inquire at 8 Chamber of Commerce, or 85 Sigol-st. TO RENT—FIRST-CLASS THREE-STORY . AND basement stone-front house No. 335 North LaSalle-st-, complete with modern improvements. Apply to WM. O. DOW, Room 21 Tribune Building. Suburban* r RENT—AT EVANSTON-PLEASANT HOUSE of 9 rooms, partially furnished, till Oct. I. accessi ble and convenient; terms reasonable to right tenant. Address Box 1653, Evanston. TO RENT-BY H. J. ARNOLD. 90 EAST MADISON st., bouse of 7 rooms at Maywood. Rent reasonable to good parties. _ TO RENT —43 WAHPANSEH-AV. (THlßTY seventh-st.,) a noat 2-story house. 10 rooms, gas, hot and cold water, and in good order, and situated In one of the most plasant parts of Cottage Grove; $45 per month. T. S. FITCH & CO., 157Dearborn-et. TO RENT-AT EVANSTON. CHEAP FOB THE balance of the year, a very desirable residence,choice situation, near tho colleges, garden, barn, etc. Apply to H. M. KIDDER, 108 West Bandolph-st., or 1. R. HITT, Evanston. TO RENT-DWELLING HOUSE OF NINE ROOMS neatKonwood Station, with largo lot and good stable. ApplyU) WM. O. DOW, Room 21 Tribnne Building. TO RENT-AT ELMHURST—AN ELEGANT COUN try homo, with fine grounds and a large quantity of fruit and ornamental trees. Inquire of BRYAN lA* THBOP, Room 13 Exchange Building, or JOHN R. CASE, Elmhurst, and 44 South Green-st. TO RENT-AT WINNETKA, MILWAUKEE RAlL road, one of the most beautiful places looking over the lake, house 10 rooms, barn, etc., five acres of garden, grove, overgoens, shrubbery, etc., four blocks from sta tion. Call on J. T. SHEPHERD, at Wlnnetka, or G. T. CLINE, 78 Doarboro-st., Room 21. Rent reasonable. TO RENT—ROOMS. TO RENT-TWO VERY DESIRABLE FURNISHED rooms, cn suite or single, with or without board, at 19 South Ann-st. Also, bam to rent. TO RENT—A PLEASANT AND NEATLY-FUR ntailed front parlor, suitable for one or two persons, at 643 Sate-st. _ TO RENT-FURNISHED OB rooms at 177 Twenty-first-9t, TO BENT—IO74 WABASH-AV.. A SUITE OF UN furnished front rooms with large closet attached, and one large back room; board can bo obtained within a few doors. . TO RENT—THE MOST DESIRABLE AND ELE gantly furnished rooms can be bad at 85 and 87 Dear bom-st.; comfort a specialty; go and see them. mo RENT-TWO UNFURNISHED PARLORS, WITH X bath and gas at 638 West Waahlngton-st. TO BENT—AT SM FULTON-ST.—TWO NlCELY furnished rooms, either singly or together, with or without tirst-class board; terms reasonable. O RENT—A NIC ELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, suitable for one or two gentlemen; also, small bam; references exchanged. Apply at 279 West Lake-st. TO BENT—ROOMS—LARGE MCELY-FDBNISHF3) rooms, with or without board. In the new brick build ing southeast comer East Van Boren and Franklin-sta. Apply Room 6, first floor. TO BENT—62S WEST MONROE-ST., ONE BLOCK west of Union Park, a large famished room in private family. TO RENT-ROOMS FOR GENTLEMEN, WITH OR without board, third floor. 283 South Halsted-st. TO RENT-TWO WELL-FURNISHED BED-BOOMS, without board; the front room has alcove. Inquire at West Sldo Conservatory of Music, 872 West Randolph-at- TO RENT-TWO NICELY-FURNISHEP FRONT 287 West Van Boren. References exchanged. O RENT-FIVE ROOMS” CONVENIENT FOB housekeeping, at 830 per month. Inquire at drug •tore, 826 Cottage Grove-av. TO RENT-FOUR BOOMS. APPLY AT 147 SOUTH Clinton-st.; references required. TO BENT-PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOMS. AT 1071 West Harrison-st. __ __ OEENT-J ROOMS, EN SUITE. FOR TWO GEN tlemen, in brick house with modem improvements. Addreea K 84, Tribune office. ■ O RENT—3 'FURNISHED ROOMS AT sl2, sls, and S2O per ffionth. Apply at 40 East Moaroo-at. TO RENT—UNFURNISHED. 4 ROOMS ON FIRST floor, with water; quiet ferr-Hy; no children-.refer once required. Bent. S3c. 140 Wait Adama-gt. mO BENT-WEST QUINCY-5T.,6 ROOMS, WITH X water; sls per month. Call at 140 West Adams-st. O RENT—A SECOND FLOOR SUITABLE FOR housekeeping. Apply at H2J4 Booth Jefferson-st. O RENT-UPPER PART OF A COTTAGE-HOUSE Apply at 109 West Klnzle-st. O RENT—A VERT NICE ROOM FOR TWO GEN tlemen fn private family at IXO South Gxven-st., near Monroe; just the place for summer. •_ T" O BENT-ONE UNFURNISHED FRONT PARLOR at moderate rate at No. 137 West Monroe-st. TO RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS AT 234 WEST Bandolph-st. ■ | TO BENT—DURING THE JUBILEE, NEWLY AND elegantly famished front parlor and bed-room in a private family; $1 a day; convenient to cars. 735 Lake *t., second floor. Breakfast and tea. If desired,- mo BENT-6 ROOMS. PANTRY, CLOSETS, AND X water. • 425 - To REST—AT ISB WEST WASHINGTON-ST., FUR; slshed rooms, largo and small, for ladles or jfsutlo xnpo; rent low, ' TO BENT—ROOMS, FURNISHED, AT 403 MlOHl gas*ar., single or ea suite. TO RENT—ROOMS. TO RENT—3 OB 5 BOOHS, GAS AND ‘WATER, AT fid South Halirted-st., near Twelfth. TO RENT—FURNISHED FRONT ROOM FOB sleeping, where the comforts of a home can be had* references exchanged, 168 South Deeplalnes-st. TO RENT—CHEAP—S PLEASANT ROOMS, 337 South Weatern-av, TO RENT-FURNISHED BOOMS ON THIRD floor, 389 South Halsted-st, TO RENT-PLEASANT FRONT ROOM FURNISH ed; suitable for man and wife; terms eery reasona ble; 449 South Dearborn st., between Twenty-seventh and Twenty-ninth. TO RENT-FRONT ALCOVE BOOM, NEWLY FlN ished, to one or two persons with reference. Apply 946 Wabssh-ar., opposite Woodruff House. mo RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH CLOSET. X gas, and privilege of bath. Also basement furnished for housekeeping. 763 Mlchigan-ar, TO RENT-TWO PLEASANT ROOMS IN THE house of a private family on Warron-ar., near Union Park. Good day board close by. Address for particulars, Z 96, Tribune office. TO RENT-TWO FINE FURNISHED ROOMS, NO. $4 Sixteenth-si., between Indiana and Pralrio-ars. TO RENT-FOUR OB SIX ROOMS. INQUIRE AT £6l Centro-av. TO RENT-AT 336 WEST ADAUS-ST., THERE IS a room suitable for two persons; terms reasonable; pri vate family. TO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS, SINGLE OR EN suite, 776 Michlgan-av. TO RENT-FURNISHED BLEEPING ROOM AT 837 West Adams-st. Terms, 88 per month. TO RENT—WITH OB WITHOUT BOARD, A LARGS furnished front room; also a single room; terms reason able. Apply at MO Wabash-av. TO RENT-TWO FURNISHED BOOMS FOB housekeeping, at 856 State-st. TO RENT-TWO VERY PLEASANT UNFUB nlshcd rooms, at 755 Michlgan-av., near Twonty-sec ond-et. ■ . TO RENT—SIX ROOMS, WITH GAS AND WATER. 617 South Canal-st., up-stairs. • TO RENT-WABASH-AV.. NEAR TWENTY oightb-st., handsomely-furnished rooms, with every convenience, In private residence, to four gentlemen with highest reference. Address D 3, Tribune office. TO RENT-TWO NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS on West Side, to two gentlemen, or gent and wife, convenient to Blue Island-av cars, with or without board; references required. Address D 16, Tribune office. r RENT—THE UPPER PART OP A TWO story frame dwelling, 6rooms: water, gas, etc., in each., on Burnslde-st., comer Thirty-thlrd-st. ;_s2s por month to small family. H. S. DIETRICH, Room 3 Major Block, 143 LsßaUe-et. TO BENT-BY H. O. MOREY, 77 CLARK-ST.: A fine suite of rooms on second story Sujierior Block. 77 Clark-st., with vault, speaking-tubes, etc., adapted for attorneys or brokers. rRENT— A NICE FRONT ROOM ■WITH OB WTTH ont board oa Kandolph-st. near Union Park. Ad dress W 15, Tribune office. TO RENT-6 ROOMS, 80S WEST HARRISON-ST., 820. mo RENT-A FURNISHED SLEEPING ROOM FOR X gentlemen at 223 South Jofferson-st., near Vanßoren. TO RENT—A WIDOW LADY LIVING ALONE wonld rent a room to one or two gentlemen, or gentle man and lady; convenient to street can and bos. WB3, Tribune office. rRENT - FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED front rooms, at 374 Michigan-av. Would board one couple. TO RENT-AT 258 MICHIGAN-AV., A FURNISHED room, with gas and use of bath. • TO BENT-TO A SMALL FAMILY, SIX ROOMS, pantry, and closets. No. a Wilcox-av., near Western er. ; price, $25 per month. TO RENT-LODGINGS. 25 AND 60 CENTS PER night, at 177 West Randolphet., and famished rooms by weex or month. TO RENT-214 NORTH A FUB nishod front sleeping room, to 000 or two gentlemen. rRENT FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, largo pleasant front and back parlors, between the Bigelow and Avenue Houses; gas, not and cold water; will bo rented cheap toarespoosible party. 965 Wabash-av. mo RENT-AT 385 WABASH-AV.. TWO ROOMS ON X first floor, with water, for housekeeping; also, ono largo single room. TO RENT-FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED rooms, without board, in the new brick house on Twelfth-st., between Michigan and Indiana-avs. Ad dress K 77, Tribune office. O BENT-FODK BOOMS. INQUIRE ATJB7 WEST Indiana-st. mo BENT-FOUR ROOMS FOB HOUSEKEEPING, X suitable for small family; good location; HXJI State-st.; references exchanged. TO RENT-A FURNISHED ROOM FOB ONE OB two gentlemen at 702 State-st. TO RENT-69 TWENTY-SECOND-ST., 3 NICELY famished front rooms. TO RENT—I LARGE FRONT ROOM AND BED room on State-st., near Twenty-eecond-st., rent 810 per month- Apply at 166 West Lake-st. TO RENT-98 CORNELIA ST., NEAR MTLWAU kee-ar. cars, 3 rooms at SB, and 3 rooms, with water, at $9 per month. TO RENT-3 ROOMS. AND LARGE BUTTERY, furniture for sale, 398 Twenty-third-st.; rent $lO per month. PWKT-.FTTRNTSTTED ROOMS AT 468 WABASH av., near Eldridge-oourt. Call this afternoon. TO RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS FOR GENTLE man in quiet family, 291 West Lake-st.. near Carpen ter; furniture new; convenient to West Side cars, churches, Ac. mo BENT—SUITE OF BOOMS, NICELY FUR- X nished for housekeeping, or will sell fomlture; price 8125. Call to-day or Monday. B. HURT, 151 West Indlana-st. TO RENT—TWO PLEASANT FURNISHED OR unfurnished rooms in private home, convenient to first-class board. Coll at S9l West Randolph-st. TO REST—49 WEST VAN BUREN-ST.-FUB niibed bedroom, with or without board: strict!/ private family. References required. TO RENT—ONE PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOM, suitable for two. Inquire at 196 West Waahlngton-sl. r RENT-SEE DESIRABLE BOOMS, PANTRY, and closet# with water, Just cslciminod, two doors from street-cars. Apply on promises, 193 South Wood-st. TO RENT-AT 28* MIOHIGAN-AV., FURNISHED room for one or two gentlemen. mo RENT—NEWLY-FURNISHED ROOMS, SINGLE X or on soite. 161 South Clark-st., between Madison and Monroe, Room 11. TO RENT-FURNISHED ROOM TO GENTLEMEN only. Apply at 227 West Waahlngton-st. TO RENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT suite of rooms in marble-£ronL797 Wabash-av. First class table board nest door.. TO RENT FURNISHED ROOMS FOR ANY length of timedealred. Address W 33, Tribune office. O RENT-231 WEST WASHINGTON-ST., A FUB nlshod room, suitable for 2 gentlemen. TO RENT-1 LARGE FRONT ROOM_(NEWb FUR nlihcd or unfurnished, Apply at 429 Botteroeld-st. mO RENT—NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM. X suitable for 9 gentlemen, without board, hotand cold water in; bath-room on same floor. No. 73 Thir toenth-st. TO RENT—HANDSOME BOOMS, FURNISHED OR unfurnished, cn suite or single, brick bouse, all modem convenianeos, terms reasonable. 267 West Har rison-st., near Morgan. _ TO RENT-A FRONT BOOM AND ALCOVE, Ei ther furnished or unfurnished, to man and wife or ■ingle gentlemen; reference required. Call at 234 West Monroo-et. TO RENT-TWO NICELY FURNISHED PARLORS, with bed-rooms, for gentleman and wife or single gen tlemen, with or without hoard ; centrally located. Apply at 172 West Jackson-st. _ TO RENT-THE LOWER PART OF HOUSE NO. 77 North Morgan-st.; five rooms, newly papered and panted. Inquire at 246 Oarroll-st. TO RENT-A LARGE BOOM, WITH OB WITHOUT board, at 1 5)4 Depoystor-st. TO RENT-SUITE OF ROOMS. 224 WEST WASH- Ington-et. TO RENT—A FRONT PARLOR, UNFURNISHED, and bed-room, famished, at 190 West Jackson-st. TO RENT—FURNISHED OB UNFURNISHED rooms, in private family, with nso of bath, at 690 i nl ton-st. O RENT-387 WABASH-AV.—TWO GENTLEMEN and wives can bo accommodated with front rooms, with or withont board; also day boarders wanted. TO RENT-ELEGANT BOOMS, FURNISHED OB unfurnished, in Ashland Block, opposite Sherman Bouse; elevator In the building. Inquire at Room SI. O RENT—FIRST-CLASS FURNISHED AND UN fumiahod rooms at reasonable rates at 559 State-et. TO RENT-ENTIRELY NEW. ELEGANTLY FUR nisbed rooms at sl6 to S4O, nearly opposite Sherman House, 41 Sonth Clark-st., Room 80, after Monday. TO BENT—ONE LARGE FRONT AND BEDROOM suitable for mao and wife, or young men, unfumlab ed, at 814)4 West Lake-st. TO RENT—I 3 SOUTH SANGAMON-ST., A NICELY fomlshod front room, to gentleman and wife, or to 2 ■ingle gentlemen. mo RENT-A €UITE OP FRONT ROOMS; ALSO, X one large-room, fnmlshsd or unfurnished; no house keeper. I<J Sooth Sangamon-st. FOB RENT-A VERY DESIRABLE SUITE OFFUB niahed rooms, en suite or single, with or without board, and also a largo bam. 13 South Ann-st, TO RENT-AN ELEGANT CORNER SUITE OF rooms, unf umlshed, except carpets, at Honore Block; ai«n famished rooms. Apply at Room 38. TO RENT-NEWLY-FURNISHED AND VERY DE tirablo rooms for gentleman and wife and single gen tlemen; bouse with all modem improrements; at 603 Wabasb-ar. mo RENT-FRONT BOOM. SLEEPING-ROOM AND X kitchen, or three famished rooms. 3U South Park-ar. O RENT-TWO FURNISHED FRONT BOOMS, suitable for two or four gentlemen. Inquire HI West Jackeon-st., up-stairs. TO BENT—FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED largo front parlor; also two smaller rooms {references required; at 761 Mlchigan-ar. T' o RENT—AT 63 ST. JOHirS-PLACE-NlCELY famished single room, to a gentleman; terms reasona ble. Day board conTanlont, . TO RENT-TWO COMFORTABLE FURNISHED rooms to gentlemen only, 674 Waba&h-ar. TO RENT—B3I WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—PLEAS ant rooms, with or without board. TO RENT-ELEGANT FURNISHED ROOMS,WITH largo closets, gas, and bath, newly calcizninou ap pointed- 191 West Madison-st., Room 8. TO RENT-SUITES OF ROOMS. SINGLE BOOMS, fomlshod or unfurnished, with or without board. Terms reasonable. For particulars Inquire at 52* »>e«. Madlaon-st. ; TO RENT—FRONT ROOM, BEDROOM. KITCHEN, and two closets, and water. No- 36 O’Brisa-st. rpO RENT—S24 WABASH-AV. TWO £JOTLEMEN X and wires car* bo accommodated with neally-fur-, nished front rooms, with or without board. TO RENT—A FRONT ROOM, JtuuNISHED. AP ply at 834 West Handolph-st. , TO RENT—46I MICHIGAN' A Y .—VERY PLEASANT rooms furnished and unfurnished. * TO RENT-FURNISHED FRONT BOOMS, $8 AND £9 per Tnnnth, comer of Indiana and 6reen-sta.; brick house. ~ - Trt T?rvT—PARLOR AND BEDROOM. FURNISH-' ed or unfurnishod, or rooms for light housekeeping, at 490 South Dearborn. ■■ m Q pgyf-A SPLENDID BACK PARLOR. FPR- X r t,hAH or unfurnished. 10S9 Wabaib-ar. ~ « i TO BENT—ROOMS. TO BENT—A NICELY FURNISHED PARLOR AND bedroom to lor 3 gentlemen, or man and wife, la » private family, where there are no other boarders; terms reasonable. Inquire at 641 Washington-ar., between Wood and Lincoln. ; r BENT-21 ELDRIDGE-COURT-A SUITE OP front rooms, with or without board; also, day board ers accommodated. rro RENT-3 ELEGANTLY FURNISHED FRONT JL rooms, with or without board. 1153 Wsbssh-av,, near Twenty-tnlrd-st. rpO RENT-SEVERAL FURNISHED ROOMS, FOB J. ladies only, with or without board. Z3, Tribune of* nee. TO RENT—A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED SUITE of rooms;also, a pleasant front room for gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen, on best part Michigan* ar. Address O SO, Tribune office. TO BENT-AT NO. 2C6 WEST TAYLOE-ST., FIVE unfurnished rooms and one furnished room. r BENT—AN ELEGANTLY FURNISHED FRONT room forgentlemaatalso, brick bam, with all con veniences. 843 Wabash-av. mo RENT—A SUITE OF FRONT ROOMS, PLEAS- X antly situated, furnished or unfurnished; also, part or whole of a good barn. Apply at 126 Warren-ar. rEENT-AT 763 WABASH-AV., DOUBLE PAR lors for private or business purposes; locality very desirable; good reference rcqnlred. ' TO RENT-243.V FOUBTH-AV.-COLORED GEN tlcmen will find pleasant sleeping rooms. TO KENT-UNFURNISHED ROOMS, SINGLE OB en suite, or upper floor, suitable for housekeeping house with all modem improvements; with small Amer ican family. Inquire at 1310 lndiana-av. rpO RENT—3 OR < BOOMS. CLOSETS, GAS, AM X water, cheap, at 1469 Prairie-av. TO RENT-3 ROOMS IN THE THIRD FLOOR Ol brick building. No. 128 West Randolph-st. Icqnir at No. 134 West Kandolph-st., Room No. 2. TO RENT-A NICELY FURNISHED ROOM. AT 191 West Indlaaa-st.; gas and batb-room In the house | board can be had close by, if wanted. TO RENT-A PLEASANT ROOM.FURNISHED OR unfurnished. 468 Wabash-av. TO RENT—A WIDOW HAS A FURNISHED ROOM suitable for a gentleman and lady, or two Indian am ployed out during the day. Address D 4, Tribune office. TO RENT-SUITE OF FIVE NEATLY FURNISH* ed rooms on mala floor of residence 1446 Pralrio-av. for three months. L. Q. BRAINARO, at premises. r RENT—AT 63 SOUTH HALSTED-ST.. BE tweon Madison and Washington, ono front parlor, nicely furnished, suitable for two gentlemen or and wife. TO RENT—FURNISHED ROOM FOR ANY LENGTH of time. 883 State-st., op stairs. ~ mO RENT-TWO SUITS OF ROOMS, ONE SINGLE X room, and one office in Opera-House building comer Halsted and Harrison. Apply to J. H. KEELER. 145 Clark-st, corner Madison. TO RENT-FOUR BOOMS, WITH GAS AND water, at 19 South Grcen-st., to small family. TO RENT—SUITE 07 NICELY-FURNISHED rooms, with hot and cold water, on Michlgan-av., near Twenty-thlrd-st. Brick house, private family; rent low to suitable parties. Address Z 57, Tribnne office. r RENT-HANDSOME SUITE 07 ROOMS, FUR nished. to gentleman and lad/, with board for lad/, on West Side, convenient to can. No references re qaired. Address Dl 6, Tribnne office. TO RENT-A FEW ELEGANT ROOMS. AND brick bam on reasonable terms. Call or address IndlsTis-av., with references. ■ TO RENT-A FRONT BED-ROOM, SUITABLE FOR one gentleman, with or without hoard, at Si West Vanßnron-st. TO RENT-SINGLE OR EN SUITE UNFUR nishedrooms in Hough’s Block, Wabash-ar., opposite post-office; best rooms m city for gentlemen ana their wives; only respectable people admitted. B. M. DAV ENPORT, Room 10 Major Block. TO RENT —PARTIES WHO HAVE ENGAGED suits of rooms for house-keeping in that block on Doarbom-st. are notified that they will be ready for oc cupancy ou Wednesday next. Several salts (teach) not yet rented. Also, two fine stores and two basements. 70 feet deep, in same building: also, two stores and two basements on the comer of Hinsdale and North Wella-sts. Apply to E. F. ADAMS, comer Madison and State-sts., Room 6. . TO RENT—B2S—SIX ROOMS AND PANTRY. 831 Forest-av. O. R. WORK A CO.. 128LaSalWt. TO RENT-ROOMS ON FOURTH AND FIFTH floors, and office on third floor. No. 183 State-st, O. H. WORK A CO.. 123 LaSaUo-st. TO RENT-A FURNISHED BOOM, NO. 135 WEST Monroe-st. __ aiO RENT—A SUITE OF FRONT ROOMS. WITH . all first-class conveniences; a delightful location, and terms reasonable. 131 South Peoria-at., comer Adams. T* !Q RENT-NO. 235 WEST WASHINGTON-ST., corner Sangamon, a nicely famished front room suit* able for two gentlemen or gentleman and wife. TO RENT-A FLOOR OF 6 ROOMS. ON WEST MadUon-tfc., near Robey, 830; all newly caldmlnod. R. KENNEDY, 145Clark-st., Room 26 and 27. r RENT-ROOMS FOB HOUSEKEEPING AT 988 West Monroe-st.; possession at once. TO RENT-FIVE ROOMS NO. S3 THIRTY-SEV entb-et., suitable for small family. Apply at hoosa or 50 North Canal-st. TO RENT-NO. 17 SOUTH ANN-ST., FURNISHED room for two gentlemen In private family, and bam. TO RENT-AT 87 WILLIAMS-ST., CORNER ABER- deen, 2 rooms and barn. - TO RENT—THE UPPER PART OP 663 SOUTH Olark-st., 3 rooms; 815 per month. Inquire at 470 Sonth Olark-st. TO RENT-A LARGE,HANDSOMELY-FURNISHED room, at 83 South Olark-st. Call Monday at Boom 41. TO RENT-870 FULTON -ST. —LARGE, AIRY, AND nicely-furnished front zoom, with closet, to one gentle man; sl2 per month; private family. TO RENT—A VERY DESIRABLE TENEMENT, consisting of 7 nlco rooms, in good order, over 970 North Glark-st. Will be rented verv cheap. Apply to W. D. KERFOOT A CO., 9QKastWashipgton-st. TO RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS, WITHOUT board; bath, hot and cold water, gas, and closets. 134 Throop-st. rpO RENT-FURNISHED SLEEPING-ROOMS FOB X gentlemen only at 245 West Madison-et., comer Sanga mon. r RENT—A LARGE, NEWLY FURNISHED front room, or unfurnished, for gentlemen, at 834 Wabash-av., comer Congress-st. - TO RENT-A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT room, suitable for lor 3 gentlemen, with privilege of bath-room; rent moderate. Apply to-day at 937 StaW at., second door, comer Madison and Dearbom-sts. TO RENT-6 ROOMS, BEING THE UPPERPART 09 boose No. 2i5 West Randolpb-st. TO RENT —NICELY FURNISHED SLEEPING rooms (single) for sny length of time to salt parties. For particulars address Wl9, Tribune office. TO RENT-ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS single or an suite, with or without board. In private family'; nonse has all modem improvements; at fix) Wa bash-av. TO RENT—UNFURNISHED ROOMS, NEWLY painted and eaietminad, at No. 740 Wabash-av. Ref erences required.' TO BENT—A FRONT ROOM, FURNISHED, AT 831 Wabash-av., comer Congress-st. Inquire to-day on the pr*nii«M, or Monday, at 891 South State-st. TO RENT-A ROOM SUITABLE FOR TWO GEN tlemen, at 294 Dlinois-at. ’ TO RENT—LARGE PARLOR CHAMBeSVYITH closet, also single room; all handsomely fomisi&l. 834 Wabash-av. TO RENT —NICELY FURNISHED OB UNFUR nlshed sleeping rooms, at 146 East Madison-st. Call at Room 23. r BENT—33B WEST LAKE-ST.—ROOMS FUR nished or unfurnished, with or without board. RENT-TWO PLEASANTFURNISHED~ROCMg. Apply at 185 West Wasfaington-st. TO RENT-FURNISHED BOOM, LARGE CLOSET, and gas: 915 per month. 615 Michigan-av., neax Eighteenth-si. mO BENT-PARTIES WISHING K.00M3 BY TUB X week or month for sleeping or housekeeping, please call at 679 West Madlson-st. on Monday. • TO RENT-LARGE FRONT ROOM, VERY PLEAS ant for two gentlemen, fnmiahed or unfurnished. la qnlre at 788 West Lake-st. _ TO BENT—STORES, OITICES, TO RENT—A VALUABLE OFFICE ON FIRST floor, Wabash-av.. near Sonth Water-sfc.; also offices and desk rooms over Nos. 7, 9. and 11 Wabash-av., and basement under same; also third floor, comer of Wabash av. and Sonth Water-st.; low to good tenants. Apply to CHASE. HANFORD A CO., comer Wabash-av. and South Water-et. ; TO BENT-NO. 738 STATE-ST., JUST SOUTH Off Fourteen th-st-, for a packing-house or for manufac turing purposes. Inquire of the owner at Second National Bank. D. F. CAMERON. TO RENT-BOOMS ON SECOND, THIRD, AND fourth floors of building No. 164 Madison-st., near LaSalle, desirable for offices and sleeping apartments. Cheapest rent In city. Look to your interest and azazn tne. Apply to janiotr of building. mo RENT-OHEAPEST OFFICE IN TOWN-SMALL, X cheerful, and famished. Vault and closets. Also, desk-room; 153 Monroe-st., Room 3. mo RENT-A SPLENDID OPENING FOR A HOTEL X —the four-story and basement stone-front building, situated on the comer of North Wells and Michlgan-sts., 80 feet front on Wells-st. and 106 feet on Michigan-*t. Apply to JACOBS A FISCHER, No. Bg North Wells-st. r BENT-SECOND FLOOROFNO. 48 STATE-ST., good light in front and on aide, comer alley. Apply on first floor to HERRING A CO. - r RENT—STORE-STOCK AND FIXTURES FOB sale, consisting of a fine stock of fancy sod milliner] goods. A great bargain is offered if taken this week. For particulars apply to D. COLE A SON, 188 West Xfsdf. »on*»t. S TO RENT-HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF FIFTH ar, and Adazns-st., containing 63 room*. Including bath-room, water closets. la on dry, hot and cold watot. Apply to owner on the premises. r RENT-A ROOM COX7S, SUITABLE. FOR LIGHT manufacturing purposes. Inquire of C. SON A CO., 18 Carroll-st. ? TO RENT HOTEL AT FROITPORT. Midi. A i-itorj brick, elciantly tornlihed tj x jan.mcr re iort: lino, b»tb-hr>aia. By A. J. SAWYER. fniLrarcr. 154, Chicago. : rpO BENT—STORE AND DWELLING N0.519 WEST X comer Oakley, suitable for any business. For terms apply by letter to the owner, F- A. STUART, Maywood, ill. mo RENT-THREE FLOORS, HALF OF FIRST X floor, and office-room: good storage lor flour or wood. X BEACH A CO., 115 East Kinzle-st. \ mo RENT-BRICK BARN REAR 843 WABA9H-AV. X Apply at 843 Wabaab-ar.or 23 Chamber el Commerce, OHAa. 5. POPE. rpO RENT-A NEW STORE ON THE CORNER OF X Wcntworth-ar. and Thirtiath-st. Apply on the prem ises. ; . mO RENT-TWO STORES ON OLYBOURN-AV.. JL one with four rooms in roar; other with counter ana shelling; S2O. A. T. GALT, 77 Dearbom-st., Room 11. TO RENT-STORE AND BASEMENT, NO. 2£9 South Clark-st., between Jackson and van Buren. close by the Pacific Hotel, and Custom-House, and ran* ttad degot. Inquire In store from 9 toll or 3to 4. JaS. TO RENT-STORE. WITH. ROOMS FOB HOUSE keeping, 961 North Clark-at., for S2B. KRAMER BROS., 2& Madison-st. TO RENT—STORE, NO. 43 SOUTH WATER-ST.. near Wabssh-av.,-suitable for any buxines, by Q, A A. PRICE, Boom 1, No. 87 Washington-st. TO RENT-3 STORES IN THE LARKS IDE BUILD ing, on Clark and Adams-sU., $1,200, $2,000; 34x10k $2,500. Inquire on premises for Scott. Store en Madl son-it., near Clark, $3,000. Building on Lake-st., net* TaflaUe. 80x116, S,OOO. . 13

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