Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 1, 1873, Page 14

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 1, 1873 Page 14
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14 TO RENT—STORES. OFFICES. &c. RENT-STORE.SS6 WESTMADISON-ST. WILL JL root cheap to good tenant. A good location for a hat ier. Inquire up-stalra. JpO RENT—THAT STRICTLY FIRST-CLASS FIYE JL story bnlldisig No. 248 Wabash-ar. will be let low till Gayl, 1e74. TV. H. PHARE, Major Block, KSLaSoUo. \0 RENT—STORK AND 6 TO 10 ROOMS, NO. 83 South Balsted-st. Inquire on premises. . , .. \Q RENT-STORE AND BASEMENT,* NO. 174 Clark-st. O. F. ‘WORK &CO., 123 LaSallo-st. 10 RENT-SECOND FLOOR, 42X82R00M, Nos. 172, 174 Clark-BU G. F. TVQBK & CO., 128 LaSaUe-st. V\o RENT—A CIGAK STAND, WITH FIXTURES; 1 none bat a fiist-oUus roan need apply, at 01 South Clark-st. rO RENT—STORE 188 WEST MADISON-ST. .NEAR Halsted-st. Find key at Watkins, 173 Sooth Clark-«t. fPO RENT—SEVERAL VERY FINE DOUBLE OB 1 single a tores and basements for rotaU or wholesale business is elegant locations: also bank-rooms, offices* and sleeping rooms, centrally located, with steam heat* tx*. hoistways, and vaults. Fine residences In all parts of the city. _ J. M. CO.. Beil KsUW Broken, Rooms 9 and 10 Reaper Block, St Sonth Clark-st. ITO REST-OFFICE AND ROOM lOi3S. WITH X elevator, on first floor, at 200 and £O3 East Afedlson kt. Coll atSO7 East Monroe-st. _ fr O RENT—A GOOD BRICK LIVERY STABLE, NO. X lS2Tweaty-eecond-flt.,j^stMState. ABotwofemio dwelling*. Address W. SKINNER, 13 North Morg&n or 77 Clork-sU fro BENT—A LARGE ROOM ON GROUND fXOOR, X with power, well adapted for a cash and door factory, •roarmanufacturing pumosos; pUning-miu attached. Ball at Room 58,126 South Dearbom-st., Irom 9toloa. m. moRSNT~STOBES NOS. 921 X at., In the brick block. Apply to WM. H. SAMPoQN ft CO., 144 lASalle-st., Otia Block. f O RENT-VERY DESIRABLE STORE AND BABE ment. No. 31 East Washington-et., next door eoat of riold* Lelter A Co.’« new buildings. Apply to WAL H. AmI*SON ft CO., 144 LoSalle-st., Otis Block. T' O BENT-PART OF STORE, FOR JEWELRY bnslneas; has been cccapiod for same business. Ap ply at West Madison-et. . fO BENT—STORE NO. 970 NORTH CLARK-ST., together with 7 very desirable rooms overhead; wllibo rented very cheap. Apply to W. D. KEBFOOT A CO., 90 East Washington-at. TO BEST-STORE 288 FIFTH-AV.. WITH DWBL- Hng above, first-class; rent reasonable to good tenant. Apply on the premises. - TO BEST-STORE 286 FIFTH-AY.. SUITABLE for grocery ctoro. Apply on tho promlws. Bont reasonable to good tenant. ■ . TO RENT—A GOOD BARN WITH 8 STALLS AND plenty of room for wagon. Apply at 126 Warren-av. TO RENT—LARGE S-STOEY BABN, REAR OP 154 WestWashingtoa-st., suitable for carpenter-shop or toy light business. Inquire on prcmlsca. KENT—BAEN. 105 BOOTH SANGAMON-ST, n 7?PVT— -RA-RN. INQUIRE AT 172 WEST Y. Boren-st. TO RENT—THE BRICK STORE M EAST KINZIE st., entrance from depot. Apply on the promises- mo RENT-TILL JANUARY OB WNGEH STORE X 693 Wabaah-av., now occupied by O BRIEN’S Art Em porium ; rout low. niO RENT—STORE AND BOOMS, CHEAP, AT 791 X Stalest. ' TO BENT-A LARGE STORE-ROOM AND BASE ment, Ug Welt Laknat. Call it SSO Wet Wanting loD-St. TO RENT-129 SOUTH WATEE-ST.—ONE, TWO, or three upper boors, very light, with patent hoist. Apply on premises. O. H- WEAVER A CO. Tn -rwvt—nKTt OF THE LIGHTEST AND BEST boors In the city, very cheap, S3iso. No. 374 Stato-et. r BENT—THE SECOND FLOOR NO. 66 LAKE-ST., comer State. Inquire on first floor, TO RENT—A PLEASANT FRONT ROOM FOB OF flee or other business; furniture for sale if desired. SSB West Madison-st., Boom No. 2. TO BENT-M OF JEWELRY STORE, 110 TWENTY second-st. * TO RENT-9 FIRST-CLASS BRICK STORES, WITH basements, on the comer of North Wells and Coss ets.; will rent at very low figures. Call on GOLDEN 4 gRBSHWATBRS, 83 South Clark-sU, Room 16. TO RENT-OFFICE OR SMALL STORE, AT 421 State-ft. • rro BENT—PLEASANT BASEMENT OFFICE IN X rear of 166 LaSalle-rt- Inquire of S. H. SOUTH VTICK. |TIO RENT—S4S—NO. 174 HALSTED-ST., NICE ■X store, with 4 living rooms: cheap; good location TEUESDELL A BROWN, 175 West Madison-st. TO RENT—A STORE ON MILWAUKEE-AV. ALSO, a cottage. Apply at 834 West Bandolph-st. TO RENT-ROOM WITH. POWER AND GOOD light. 24x53feet, Wabasb-av.,near Fourteenth-sU; rent very low. Inquire at HIND IE A JENKINS’, 166 South Ciark-et. TO RENT—A FINE STORE, CORNER FIFTH-AV. and Adams-st-; rent SIOO par month. Apply on tho premises. TO RENT-A NICE OFFICE. 20X20, IN BRICK building, grade floor front, on Congross-st., well adapted lor a oarbor-ahop, OSCAR FIELD, 42 and 44 Congress-Bt, - TO KENT—HOUSES. rpORENT—BOARDING-HOUSE-FOBTY-SKVENTH- Xst-, first west of Clark-st., upper story, $23. B. O. GOODWILLIE, 134 South Clark-st. _ . TO RENT—ERIE-ST., NEAR ROBEY, HOUSE U rooms, $35. or first story, S2O, second, $lB. B. G. GOOD Wit, i 134 South Clark-st. • TO BENT-NEAT BRICK COTTAGE, 5 ROOMS, 905Butterfield-et., S3O. B. G. GOODWILLIE, 134 Eoath Clark-st. WANTED—TO RENT. Ty ANTED—TO RENT-10 OR 11-ROOMED HOUSE, >T for two families, with closets, butteries, and water; West or North Side preferred, contiguous to cars; rent sot to exceed $35; references. Andress JL67, Trlbuae office. W" ANTED-TO RENT—A STORE SUITABLE FOR a furniture store; small first floor and large upper floors. A. L. CROCKER, £3l Staie-st. XXT ANTED—TO BENT; ROOMY HOUSE. SUITA ■ T ble for boarders. South Side preferred. Address B. CSS State-st. . TXT*ANTED—TO RENT-A CIGAR-STAND AT SOME •v V public place where first-clasQfigars can be sold. Address K 51, Tribune office. Ty ANTED—TO BENT-FOB 6OR 8 MONTHS. A TT furnished honse in good locality on North Side. Family consists of gentleman and wife. Address, with full particulars, K 66. Tribune office. TFT ANTED—TO RENT-SMALL COTTAGE, FUR i* i nishod or unfurnished. South or West Side*. Ad creas, with terms and location, Z 78, Tribune office. TT ANTED-TO RENT-ROOMS, WITH OB WITH IT out board, furnished or unfurnished, in exchange for dentistry; If salted, will be permanent. Monday, E 87, Tribune office. TFT ANTED-TO RENT-BY AN UP-TOWN DEN- J T tl&t. room to operate in a down-town office. Address C S7, Tribune office. try"ANTED—TO BEXT-BY 15TH OF JUNE, TWO Il»T or three rooms for housekeeping, within one mile of 1 F-ate rent and location. JOHNSON, 133 North Olark-st. - ■ - TFTANTED—TO RENT-FOB 1 YEAR, FURNISHED T" moms for gentleman and wife, east of State-st. and northof Twelfth. Will pay $25 per month. Address W 3, Tribune office. TyANTED—TO RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE AND board owners: privilege of rerouting rooms, with or without board. Address D 84, Tribune office. TFT ANTED—TO RENT-TWO OB THREE FUR v v nished rooms for light housekeeping, by maw and wifo, or would take charge of a email bouse for parties proposing absence during summer. Good references. Address W 100. Tribune office. TyANTED—TO RENT-HOUSE OF 4 OR 5 ROOMS, TT South Side, near Illinois Central cars preferred. Address H £O, Tribune office, for three days. Terms must t>o reasonable. Ty ANTED —TO BENT A NICE FURNISHED TJ room, in a private family, for a gentleman. Address Z 55, Tribune office. Ty ANTED-TO RENT—THREE ROOMS FOR TT housekeeping, in good locality, and convenient to ■tract cars. Address, stating terms, W 77,Tribuoo office. W ANTED-TO RENT-BY A FAMILY WITHOUT children, a bouse and bam or rooms. Address, ■taring site, location, and tenafc W 78, Tribune office. TIT ANTED—TO RENT—A FURNISHED SU3USE, T T with modem improvements, and good bSts, room for two or more horses: will lease it for thrAQ*fears; on Michigan or Wabaab-av.; no children; best reference given. Address O 92. Tribune office. Ty ANTED—TO RENT-A SMALL FURNISHED TT house, or part of bouse, suitable for housekeeping, on the South Side. Address 2 45, Tribune office. TTTANTED—TO BENT—A NICE COUNTER SHOW- J T case 7or 8 feet long, for a few (tan* Address W6. Tribune office. TTTANTED-TO RENT-MEAT MARKET IN GOOD f f location with fljturos, Ac., complete. Call on or address 8 75, South Llncoln-st. WANTED-TO RENT—A PARTY DOING AN v i outside commission business, desire a headquar ters, with occasional use of desk, on or near LoSallo-st.. at reasonable rates. Address Dl 9. Tribune office. TTTANTED-TO RENT-A SMALL TWO-STOKY f T house, with bam, on South Side, north ofThirtiath &t., or West Side in vicinity of Union Park, Address Z r. Tribune office. TtTANTED-TO BENT—BY A PROMPT-PAYING T V tenant, a comfortable cottage or two-story bouse on the South Side, rent not to exceed S4O per month nor lo cation be south of Twenty-ninth-st. Apply immediatelv to WH. H. SAMPSON A 00., 144 Block. TIT ANTED—TO BENT —THREE ROOMS FOB t T light housekeeping, east of State and north of Twelfth-sta. G. 8. LACEY 4 GO., US Dearbom-st. TIT ANTED-TO RENT—2 OR 8 BOOMS FOB LIGHT VT housekeeping, man and wife, between Walnut, Monroe, Paulina, Ada-sU. ' Address Z 63, Tribune office. TT/*ANTED-TO BENT-ROOM, WITH POWER. Vv where sash, doors, and blinds can bo manufactured. Address W M, Tribune office. TSTANTED—3O RENT—TWO OB THREE BOOMS Tf nnfumished for housekeeping, within six squares of Union Park. Address, stating price, Y 66, Tribune' office. TTTANTED—TO RENT-BY A GENTLEMAN. A Tv small furnished room. Terms not to exceed $lO per month. No preference for either side. Address D 21,; Tribune office. T\rANTED-TO RENT-A COTTAGE, FURNISHED • I or partly furnished, for any length of time, by a .prompt-paying party. Address D So, Tribnne office. T*rANTED—TO BENT—A NICELY FURNISHED v v room. In a genteel family, by a yoong gentleman.' Best of references given. South Bide. Address W 76, • Tribune office. T/f^ANTED—TO RENT—BARN FOB TWO HORSES: if mnstbe withinshott distance of H*lvt*d Van Boren-sts. Pali or address 215 booth Halsted-at. {Tf ANTED—TO BENT—TWO FURNISHED ROOMS TV for light housekeeping, for three persons. Address 'WPS, 368 Wabsah-av. TO LEASE. TO* LEASE-DOCK AT BRIDGEPORT (GREAT Eastern). Apply to £. BRAIN ARC, Room 28, Bryan Block, ■ • TO LEASE-LOT €OX3OO FEET CORNER CAR roll-st. and riven the ol<J%Ue of the Newberry Eleva tor, without taxes.- Bent £8,003 a year. Apply to WiL • BL SAMPSON A CO.. 144 LoSaiU-st.. Otis Block. - BOARDING AND LODGING. Sonth'Sido- ■ 2 PARK-ROW FURNISHED OB UNFURNISHED rooms, with board, for gentlemen and tbolr wires, or. ainglo gentlemen; raiercscca required. Bam to root. BELDRIDGE-OOURT— A DELIGHTFUL SUITE OF rooms on parlor floor, fronting on Mlchlgan-ar., to let, with Crst-cVacs board, . Q EAST POLK-ST., NEAR STATE-A FURNISHED V front room, suitable for two, gentlemen or conueman and wife, with or without board, la private family. Q GEOVELAND-COCET. SX BLOCKS SOUTHOF y Douglas-place, off Vincenaca-av.;— Board and room, for and wife, fnmlahod or unfurnished; prtrato fam- Uy; twrm* moderate; retorcpcofl. etc, TO SIXTEENTH-ST.. BETWEEN INDIANA AND \.2i Prtjrle-aTB.—A nicely fomishod front room, with board. Also, a few day boarders dsslrod. lO AKDW BLDRIDGE-OODIIT-A FEW VERJ J_Q desirable rooms with board. References required. Billiards free. „ i Q EAST HARRISON ST.—3 NICE FRONT ROOMS JLOsultable for gentlemen and wives, with first-class board. ————— 1 Q EAST HARRISON-ST., PINE VIEW OF LAKE, XO between Wabash and Michlgan-avs.—One largo front room, firstr<lass table, suitable for gentleman and wife or four gentlemen. • • • IQ CONGRESS-ST.—BEATIFUL AND NEWLY Xt 7 furnished rooms with board tn this elegant marble front, just open; rooms single and en suite, saltablo xor gentlemen and their wives, or single gentlemen; no objec tion to a fow respectable single ladles—no others need ap ply. This house contains all the modem conveniences— not and cold water, bath-rooms, wash-rooms, Ac., and is only one block from tho Post-Office, and loss than 10 minutes' walk from the Board of Trade rooms. Day board $5 per week. . 1 Q EAST . HARRISON-ST BY THE DAY OB Xtf week; also nicely furnished rooms to rent. TO CONQRESS-BT.—ROOMS SINGLE OR ENSUITE Xy suitable for ladies or gentlemen, with board. Day board $5 par week. Ol VINCENNES-PLACB, CONTINUATION OF ZiX Johnson-placo—Front suite of rooms, with board, or back parlor with room off, for man and wife, cheap, in a private family. „ 2Y RLDRIDGE-COURT—WANTED-DAY BOARD- OQ TWENTY-FIFTH-ST. (PALACE-PLACE)— /iO Handsome, with board: large room overlooking lake, suitable forgentiemaa and wife or two gentlemen: rooms for single gentlemen; fine croquet S3 an da; Cottage Grove-sv. cars within half block; two s parlors next door, unfurnished, except carpets.* O/f OAK-AV., NEAR DOUGLAS-PLAOE-HANDY to steam and horse can, pleasant front room on first floor; good board; private family. or COTTAGE . GROVE-AW., NEAR TWENTY MO second-at,—Room and board, two gentlemen, email private family, unexceptionable location, convenient to steam or street cars. Dinner at 6or 6 :30, to suit. Terms, f 6 each. 917 COTTAGE GROVE-AY.-TO RENT, A NICE- Zj i ly.fnrnlshod room, with board, suitable for gentle man and wife or two single gentlemen; convenient and pleasantly located; accessible to three line* of atroot-c&rs. nn MTRICK-AV., NEAR COTTAGE GROVE AND O i Twenty-ninth-£t-—Rooms with first-class board. a“I EIGHTEENTH-ST. A GENTLEMAN AND tJ. wifo, or two or three single men, can bo accom modated with large pleasant rooms and good board in a private family. A Q TWENTY-FOURTH-ST.-PLEASANT ROOMS or suites with or without board—brick house; quiet and delightful locality. A Q HUBBARD-COURT—FURNISHED ROOMS, tr<7 wither without board. Day hoarders accommo dated. £9 VINCENNES-AV.-FRONT ALCOVE ROOM. unfurnished, except carpet; 1 furnished room, with board; modern house. Op* TWENTY-FIBST-ST.. EAST OP INDIANA UU av,—B single rooms, with board, bath-room, etc. p O PARK-AV.—LARGE FRONT ROOIdORSUITE OO with board. rjA TWENTY-SECOND-6T.—FURNISHED OR UN |x furnished rooms, with board; a few day boarders can bo accommodated; also bam to rent. 1A! WAHPAN SEH-AV. A LARGE * FRONT XWX room, alcove, and large closet, with board, for gentleman and wife. HQ COTTAGE GROVE-AV., JUNCTION OF CAL XXO umet—One large handsomely furnished front room and bedroom; also a small room. 1 1 Q AND 130 THIRD-AV.—A FEW NICELY FUR XXO nished rooms for gentlemen and wives and eioglo men; also, first-class day ooard. mTWENTY-FIRST-ST., NEAR WABASH-AV.— Two pleasant front rooms, furnished, with board for gentleman and wife. Bat four, if any, boarders. Use of piano If deairod. 1 Oi3 TWENTT-FIRST-ST., BETWEEN WABASH XaiO and Mlchigan-avs.—Salto of rooms, finely fur nished, with board, to a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen, in a private family. Terms moderate. *1 Q/l SOUTH PARK-AV., BETWEEN TWENTY XOtt fourth and Twenty-fifth-sts.—Large room, fur nished. second floor; good tablo; fine neighborhood; view of lake. References, TA Q SIXTEENTH-ST., WEST SIDE FOUR wanted. mTWKNTY-FIRST-ST. —TO RENT, WITH board, a largo pleasant room, furnished or unfur nished, to gentleman and wife or single gentlemen. Day boarders accommodated. • I CO EAST RANDOLPH-ST.-WASHINGTON X*JO Dining Rooms—Very desirable largo front rooms, single or en suite; also day-board. mTWENTY-THIBD-ST., NEAR WABASH-AV. —Furnished room to rent with board; day boarder accommodated. 177 TWENTY-FIRST-ST- BOARDING AND Xl I lodging for gentlemen and wives, or furnished rooms to rent with or without board. TOO PARK-AV.—FURNISHED OR UNFURNISH XOAr ed suite of rooms In private family, with board. *|Q7 THIRD-AV.—PLEASANT FURNISHED OB XO I unfurnished rooms, with or without board; terms reasonable. IQQ BURNSIDE-ST.-A FEW RESPECTABLE iyO wanted. Ol £ FOURTH-AV.—GOOD BOARD, WITH LARGE ZjASj double rooms, for young men, at 84.00 per week; small double rooms,;ainglorooms, $5.- Day board, $3.50. . O nr MICHIGAN-AV, DESIRABLE ROOMS, /jSJxj with board, furnished or unfurnished, suitable for familios or single gentlemen; tablo boarders accom modated. OQC MICHIGAN-AV. —LARGE, HANDSOMELY LiKjO and newly furnished second-story front room, with board; room for single gentlemen; references exchanged. 9Q7 MICHIGAN-AV.-A LARGE FRONT BOOM I to rent, with board; also, pleasant room, suitable for two gentlemen; references exchanged. QC(| MICHIGAN-AV. ONE LARGE FRONT OcJW room with alcove, and one back alcove room, with lake view; day boarders accommodated; also bam to rent. Q7£ WABASH-AV.—CAN ACCOMMODATE AFEW O I O couple with elegant furnished rooms daring the week of the Jubilee, or longer if wanted. OQA CALUMET-AV.—A NICE, LARGE BOOM, OOls with board, for two young men, or a gentleman and hl» wife, with large closet and gas. OQA WABASH-AV.—LARGE AND PLEASANT OOrooms and board for gentlemen and their faml lles; also sleeping rooms and board for single gentlemen. QQA WABASH-AV. BOARDERS AND DAT OOU boarders wanted. Reasonable terms. OQA MICHIGAN-AV. - NEWLY FURNISHED OtsO rooms, containing hot and cold water, to rent, with board, to gentleman and wife, or gentlemen. Miss FORSYTH. A'lQ WABASH-AV.—NEW BOARDING-HOUSE—A iXO' few more boarders can be accommodated by tbo day or.week, famished or unfurnished rooms. XIQ EAST TWENTY-SECOND-ST.-BOARDERS xXt/ wanted. AO A MICHIGAN-AV. HANDSOMELY FUR- TuT nishod room to rent, with board. AAH WABASH-AV. ONE PLEASANT FUR- I niabed room with good board. APi A MICHIGAN-AV.—FINE ALCOVE SUITE TO jtlx rout; also, single rooms; with board. A AC MICHIGAN-AV.—VERY PLEASANT ROOMS, xUt/ famished or nnfumiahed, with first-class board. A an MICHIGAN-AV.-ONB SUITE OF PARLORS. ttU I famished. Also, rooms, furnished or aafar nlshed, with or without board. References. A Qn MIOHIGAN-AV,—FURNISHED ROOMS TO TcO I rent; reference required. • AQI - MICHIGAN-AV,—NICELY FURNISHED jCUJ. room on the second floor, with board, for gentle man and wife, S2O week; also room for two gentlemen. , /IQQ SOUTH- DEARBORN. (BURNSIDE-ST.) jCUO nearTwonty-ninth-et.—A nice cheerful family hotel; excellent tablo and prices made reasonable to all; single and double rooms $c to 814. IQQ WABASH-AV;—FRONT ROOMS. WITH 1 U closet, and hot and cold water, suitable for gen tleman and wife, with board. Also, large side room for two gentlemen. Everything new and first-class, at mod crate rates, for the summer. References exchanged. Z(\o WABASH-AY.—HOUSE. IN PERFECT OR tJUU.dor, Very desirable rooms can now be obtained, with'bond. References required. KAO WABABH-AV.—ELEGANT ROOMS FOR GEN UUO tlemen and their wives or single gentlemen. Day board $5 per week. References exchanged. KOA CORNER WABASH-AV. AND HARMON vZj\J • court—Parlor on second story, with board, suit able for 2or 8 gentlemen or gentleman and wife, at rea sonable rates; also day boarders accommodated. KQ9 WABASH-AV.—TWO FRONT ROOMS, WITH xjkjZj modern improvements. . famished or unfur nished, en suite or separate; also, other desirable rooms, with board. References required. PiAQ WABASH-AV, PLEASANT ROOMS TO yxO rent with board; references required. PTC A WABASH-AV.-ROOMS, WITH BOARD, TO OOV/rent; also, barn. KZA WABASH-AV.—FURNISHED ROOMS, SIN x gle or on suite, with board, for families or gen tlemen; day-boarders taken; references exchanged. MIOHIO AN-AV.—FRONT AND REAR rooms on second floor, famished, with board, for gentlemen and wives, or two gentlemen. K7Pv WABASH-AV,, CORNER TWKLFTH-ST.— v I Large and pleasant rooms, with as good board as any private house in the city. Day boarders accommo dated. KQ7 WABASH-AV.—TO RENT, WITH BOARD, • ir • rooms, en suite or single. Vacancy for two young ladles engaged daring the day. ft! Pi ST ATE-ST.—PERSONS DESIRING FIRST- Ult/ class boarding and lodging will find excellent ac commodations. nAO AND 7« MICHIO AN-AV.—DESIRABLE I ttU rooms, famished or nnfarnished, with board. A few day-boarders accommodated. References given and required. rrpr\ WABASH-AV.—HANDSOMELY-FURNISHED IOX front room, for gentleman and wife; also, room for single gentlemen, with first-class table. rjnA MIOHIGAN-AV.— FURNISHED ROOM TO (jx rent, with board, suitable for two persons; al io, «tngle room; two door* sonth of Twenty-second-st. rrOQ WABASH-AV.—ONE DESIRABLE ROOM TO | t7 o rent, with board, nicely famished, at a moderate price, tv calling immediately. Also, vacancy for single gentleman. Qf\n WABASH-AV.—FURNISHED OB UKFUB* uU 1 wished front room, 2d floor, with board. OO A WABASH-AV.—TO BUNT, WITH BOABDo pleasant single room for a gentleman. Also, two large rooms, with marble mantels, chandeliers, 4c. Qnrr WABASH-AV.—VERY PLEASANT FUR OO I nished room and large front alcove room, furnished or unfurnished. Day-boarders accommodated. QCQ BTATE-ST.—TWO PLEASANT FURNISHED 000 rooms, with board, for gentlemen end wives or tingle emtlamoß. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE; SUNDAY, JUNE 1, 1873. BOARDING AND LODGING. South. Side-—Continued, non PRAIRIE-AV,—TO RENT WTTH BOARD A OtjU desirable front room, famished handsomely; aim, a fine room on second floor, with south front- House dots cbed and location unexcelled. n.-ro WABASH-AV.—A FURNISHED FRONT O I O room to rent, with board. QQA INDIANA-AV.. NEAR EIGHTEENTH-ST.— OO U Desirable famished room, with largo closet; also, parlor, or parlor suite, partly furnished; would like a few toblo-boarders. . ■ QQ.f TV A B -VS FI-AV. -TO HBNT,‘ A SUITE OP OOx furnished rooms, also elegantly furnished parlor, ■with or withont board; nouto all modern improvements. QAC jnCHIOAN-AV.-DESIRABLE, ROOMS TO yUO rent, fumkhed or unfurnished, with board; references exchanged. QOC WABASH-AV, LARGE AND PLEASANT c/Mts roome, ea suite or single, .with first-class board. Can accommodate a few more table boarders. Refer encos given and ■ required. . 007 MICHIOAN-AV.-I HAVE A WELL FDR «jjCii nished front room, suitable for two gentlemen, or lady and gentleman, with first-class board. Bars on premises. T non WABASH-AV.-A FURNISHED ROOM, XUMU- hoi sod cold water, suitable for man and wife or two einglo gentlemen. • ■ -I nOQ WABASH-AV.-ELEGANTLYFURNISHED XUMO salto of rooms, with board;parlor floor. inOO WABASH-AV.—LARGE FRONT ROOM, XU MU with board. A fow day boarders wanted. Pleas ant location. • 1 AQA WABASH-AV.-FURNISHEDROOMS, SIN XUOU glo or an suite, with first-class board. •lArO WABASHAV.. NEAR TWENTY-THIEp- XUuO at.—A handsomoly-fnmlshod front room, for gentleman and wife or two gentlemen, with first-class oard. _ 1 A'Tl WABASH-AV.—BOARD FOB GENTLEMAN XU | X and wife, with back parlor, partly furnished: bedroom, with water, adjoining If de&ircd; also accom modation for two single gentlemen. . • 1 AGO wabash-av.-furnishkd or UNFUR XUUM nlshod rooms to runt; also slnglo rooms for gentlemen; table a specialty; a'ao a born to rent. 11 Ol STATE-ST.. NEAR TWENTY-FOURTH. XXMX South Side Honso—Hotel: excellent table and rooms at $5 per weak; families at reduced rates. 11 WABASH-AV.—TWO LARGE ROOMS TO XXDU rent, with board, to two couples or gentlemen; bay window facing south, first floor; ono second story. IfWA WABASH-AV., BETWEEN TWENTY XU | U third and Twonty-fourth-ats.—Front suit, un furnished; also pleasant furnished room. No other boarders. 1009 PRAIRIE-AV.-ROOMS WITH OR WITH XMMM out board; gents preferred. 1 orro WABASH-AV.-SUITE OF ROOMS WITH XO i O bath attached; house oil modern Improve- moots. TA A Q PRAIRIE-A V.—TWO NICELY FURNISH X“i jtO od rooms, with or without board, In pxirato family; no other boarders. 1 A 4 Q PBAIRIE-AV.-TWONICELY-FURNISHED i‘±‘j;o small rooms, with board in private family; terms reasonable; no othor boarders. 1 Kfin INDIANA-AV.-BOOMS to rest with XOUU board In a prirato family. A LARGE FRONT BOOM AND ALCOVE.'WITH board. In the marble block foot of Twontv-ufth-st., from whicn la a delightful view of the lake and harbor; it is suitable for a gontloman and wife or two toum men; the furniture In the same will bo sold If desired. For par ticulars, Inquire at No. 91 South Park-av. A LARGE PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOM FOR S gentlemen with good board In a private family on South Side. No other boarders. References exchanged. Z 68, Tribune office. ____ A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN OBTAIN FlßST clasa beard in a choice locality on South Side, with rooms, single or on suite, furnished or unfurnished, by applying at 10 Bryan Block, 162 LaSallo-sL ; references given and required. CALUMET-AV., NEARTWENTY-THERD-ST.-aOR 3 gentlemen wanted to occupy a room and board with a private family. Tho rooms aro elegantly famlshed-and any party wishing a quiet homo should address Zl2, Trib une office. • NEAR TWENTY-THIRD-ST.— First-class rooms and board for two couples; choice location. Address Z 34. Tribune office. Families VISITING CHICAGO FOR THE JU biJoo will find comfortable quarters; terms, $3 per day. 687 Wabash-av. Fine suite front rooms three squares sooth of Douglas House; small family. Address D 79, Tribune office. ___ MICHIGAN-AVi, NORTH OF TWENTIETH-BT. A party going East for throe months would rent their woll-fnrnlshod front room, an alcove, with excellent board. For particulars address Dl, Tribune office. MICHIGAN-AV., BETWEEN TWENTY-THIRD and Twonty-iourth-sts.—Two rooms with board, either single or en suite; reference exchanged. Address W 35, Tribune office. NEAR DOUGLAS-PLACE-WOULD LIKE TO Ac commodate two gentlemen with pleasant room and board, In private family. Address O 2a, Tribune office. ON MIOHGAN-AV., NEAR SIXTEENTH-ST. AND Jake shore—An elegant marble front has just been fur nished In elegant stylo: 3or 3 couple and 3 young men can have elegant rooms with the best tablo tho markets af ford; no other boarders; terms reasonable. Such a chance is seldom offered in tills city. References re quired. Address W 47, Tribune office. OAKWOOD-AV. VEKY PLEASANT IJNFUB nishod room, or suite of rooms, for gentleman ana wife, with board; small family, pleasant yard, home com forts, etc.; references exchanged. Address W SI, Trib une office. • SOUTH SIDE—NICELY-FURNISHED BOOM, WITH board for lady, whore there are no othor board ora; $25 per week. Address P. O. Box 163. Sands house-116 and m fifth-av.-perma nont board at reasonable rates; transient, $2 per day; day board, ssporwcck. Southeast corner Indiana-av. and twen ty-first-st.—Elegant front rooms, newly carpeted, marble mantels, hot and cold water, furnished or unfur nished, suitable for families or single gentlemen, with board. _ WABASH-AV., NORTH OF TWENTY-THIRD-ST, —Board In private family, steno-front row, nlco front rooms, and good home tablo; references given and required. Address W9, Tribune office. TXf AB ASH- AY,—A SMALL FAMILY OCCUPYING Via nicely furnished house in a desirable neighborhood, would like to receive two or three gentlemen or gentle man and wife, who would make a pleasant addition to their circle. Highest references. Address DlO, Tribune office. WITH BOARD, TWO LARGE ROOMS WITH TT use of bath-room: all boated byfomaco. House on Indlana-st., east of State. No boarders. Address W 80, Tribune office. West Side. 6 SOUTH PEORIA-ST.—TWO NICELY FURNISH od rooms to rent with board. 9CENTRK-AV.-A PLEASANT SIDS AND BACK room to rent with board. *IA NORTH CURTIS-ST.—AN UNFURNISHED Xv front parlor, with board, to gentleman and wifo or two gentlemen. I*l AND 13 SOUTH GBEEN-ST.—NICELY FUR XXnlihcd rooms, single and double, with bath, and first class board; also day-board. 1 n SOUTH CURTIS-ST. —PLEAS ANT FRONT XA/room, famished, with board, suitable for gentleman and wife: alto room for 2, or ainglo gentleman. Day-board ers accommodated. T 9 CENTRE-AV., A FEW STEPS FROM MADI- Xlj son, a nice famished front roam withbed-reom off, for gentleman and wifo or four single gents; also a few day boarders accommodated. MWILLARD-PLACE-FURNISHKD BOOMS TO rent, with first-class board, at low rates; beautiful location. Also,. room In the bam for two or more horses, with carriage-room. 1 A NORTH SHELDON-ST., NEAR RANDOLPH, 1 XU block east of Union Park—2 very desirable front rooms, with board. T Q NORTH SANGAMON-ST.—PLEASANT ROOMS, JLt7 with board, at $6 per week; also, day boarders can bo accommodated. 9 A NORTH SANOAMON-ST.—LARGE PLEAS- A\f ant front room, with board, gas, closet, good table, with home comforts. Terms reasonable. 99 LOOMIS-ST., NEAR UNION PARK-OANAO commodate two boarders In private family. 9 A BISHOP-COURT, SECOND DOOR FROM A/jbMadison-et., near Union Park—l large finely fur nished front room; also two other fine rooms suitable for gentlemen, with first-class board. 9 A ABERDKEN-ST.—PLEASANT FRONT ROOM, yUTTwith board, for lady and gentleman, or two gentle znon. Terms reasonable. OC ABKRDEEN-ST. - BEST LOCATION WEST Side; everything the most convenient, comforta ble, clean, homelike, and elegant, and lowest terms In the city; choice of rooms, wither without board; table board; accommodations daring JnbUee. GOLD.BT., OFF HARRISON, WEST OF HAL jU\J sled—Board and rooms for a few gentlemen. no ABERDEKN-ST—THE FINEST ACCOMMODA jU\J tfons In the city; every summer comfort; an elegant borne; terms from $7; accommodations during jubilee. O£ BISHOP-COURT-TWO UNFURNISHED rooms to rent, with board, and one furnished room. OH WEST VAN BUREN-ST.-THREE RESPECTA- Ou ble boarders wanted at a cheap rate. QQ NORTH PEuRIA-ST., NORTHWEST CORNER OO of Lake—Pleasant room, and good table, for a gen tleman and wife or two gentlemen. An LAFLIN-ST., BETWEEN MONROE AND AD TA/ a ms, a suite of furnished or unfumised rooms on tbo first and second floor with hot and cold water, in a new marble block. ATT SOUTH PEORIA-ST.-FRONT PARLOR AND jt I bedroom adjoining unfurnished, bath-room, hot and cold water, 4c., with board, to gentleman and wlfo; good references required; no other boarders. AH SOUTH HALSTED-ST 3OR 4 GENTLEMEN jt | can find pleasant rooms and good board. Day boarders accommodated. An SOUTH PEORIA-ST.-FRONT PARLOR AND I bedroom adjoining; batb-room, hot and cold water, 4c., with board, to gentleman and wife; good references required; no other boarders. >4 0 NORTH MAY-ST.—« YOUNG GENTLEMEN *w will find pleasant rooms and board: none bat first class, responsiblo parties noed apply. Terms $5. WAI-NUT-ST.—NEW~RO6Ms7*GOOD BOARD. PCQ SOUTH HALSTED-ST., BETWEEN MADISON and Washington—To rent, with board, single rooms; also, double rooms. Terms reasonable. CQ SOUTH GREEN-ST.—NICELY FURNISHED OO rooms, with board. PCQ SOUTH GREEN-ST.—A FURNISHED FRONT OO room to rent, with board, suitable for two gentle mon. 79 SOUTH MORGAN-ST.-A pleasant and 4 well famished front room with first-class board; also one single room; terms moderate. 7 A HONORE-ST.-LARGE FRONT ROOM, NICE* 4 -t .hr furnished, for geutlem&n and wife or two gentle men, fa private family, .with board. nc SOUTH PEORIA-ST.—TWO FURNISHHED 1 1/ rooms, with board. Also, a few day boarders accommodated. 77 SOUTH .BANGAMON-ST., 8 DOORS FROM I I Madison—A nice bedroom with good board for sin gle gentleman. . - ftft K? 8 ! BOAHD GAIT Qy be had In an English family where but few are kept. Q1 SOUTH MORGAN-ST—TWO WELL FURNISH wX ed moms suitable for gentleman and wife, or two single gentlemen, with or without board; bouse first class, with modem fanprovemente. On SOUTH GREEN-ST—NICELY FURNISHED 0 4 room for two gentlemen, with : no SOUTH SANGAMON-ST.. CORNER MONBOB t/O —Pleasant furnished room to rent. BOARDING AND DODGING. West Side-- ContfamocL mTHBOOP-ST.— NICELY FUENISHED BOOMS to rout, with board, to gentleman and wife, naif block from street ears. . m SOUTH HALBTBD-ST.—FURNISHED BOOMS with board and oso of piano; first-class in every re spect; terms reasonable; also day boarders wonted. . m SOUTH GRKEN-ST.-A FEW GENTLEMEN will find nioo furnished rooms, with hoard, in a pleasant family. IQA WARREN-AV.. corner of woodst.— lOt One room, south and west view, for married couple; also accommodations fbrtwoyonnggontsoryoung ladies, at moderate terms. Location ono of the most pleasant on West Side, only one block from Madison-fit, cars. IQK SOUTH PEORIA-ST.—FURNISHED ROOMS, XOUwith first-class board, T A A SOUTH PEORIA.—DAY BO ARD AT REA X±X sonablo rates. 1 A Ci WEST WASHINGTON-ST.-GOOD rooms, jJilO with board: terms reasonable; day boarders ac commodated. ■ ■i £ A NORTH CARPENTER-ST.—TWO OB THREE XQjb qaiet boarders wanted. Irr WEST WABHINGTON-ST.—ROOMS WITH beard, single. $7 to $lO per week; for two, 813 to 315 ; day board, £ per week. Everything now, house and all. Come and soo them. BUI of faro to-dsy: Roast boef, chicken pot-pie, mashed potatoes, lettuce, stowed tomatoes; Keiufaes : Chow-chow, catsup, Worcestershire cause; Pastry: Lomonpie, strawberry *1 no WARBEN-AV.—SOUTH FRONT ROOM TO XDO ront, with board for married couple or two single gents. 1 ft'T WEST JACKSON-ST., NEAR HALSTED-A XO I few gentleman can bo accommodated with good board by day or wook. *1 ft Q WEST ADAMS-ST.—PLEASANT ROOM WITH XOOboard; also room-mate for gontloman occupying parlor. 179 WEST WASHINQTON-ST. - PLEASANT X I Li front room, furnished, to rent, with board, suita ble for a gontloman and wifo or two gentleman; also, sln glo room. 17Q WEST ADAMS-ST.—AXCOUPLE OF GKN- X I O tlomon eon bo accommodated with board. Also, ploasant front room, furnished or unfurnished, with or without board. T rC SOUTH PEORIA-ST,—ONE LARGE ALCOVE XI O room to rent, with or without board; alto 4or 6 tingle gontlomen accommodated. A few day boarder* wonted; terms reasonable, and first-class board given. Any one wanting a comiortoble home, call. mAND 179 WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—PLEAS ant rooms, well furnished, board desirable, house modem and central. References given and required. 1 Q9 SOUTH PEOEIA-ST., CORNER VAN BUREN Xu Li —Pleasant single rooms to ront with board. 1 QA WEST MADISON-ST.—FURNISHED ROOMS or without board; also day-board for gentle* IQQ WEST WASHINOTON-ST.-A NICE FRONT if7t/ room to rent, with board, in a very doalrabis loca tion, with modern conveniences; also a single room. OAQ WEST WASHINGTON-ST. —TO RENT, WITH board, comfortablr-fumioned rooms to gentlemen and wives or gentlemen oruy. f)At WALNUT-ST.-A FEW GENTLEMEN CAN £\JO be aooonunodated with board and large airy rooms. Terms $6 per week. Dinner at 6 o’clock. m SOUTH HOYNE-ST.—BOOMS FOR TWO OR three single gentlemen, with board, at 84 per week; Van Bnren-st. cats stop at the door. FDLTON-ST., CORNER PEORIA—NICELY AuJ-O furnished rooms for gentleman and wife, or two gentlemen, with first-class board: house all modem im proroments; also, day-board; prick house. OIQ SOUTH HAL3TED-ST— 3 ROOMS, WITH Zi I n good board for either one or two gentlemen, in private family. OOT MAXWKLL-BT. —FURNISHED ROOMS. MiAiX, with board; also, day-boarders accommodated. 000 WEST MONROE-ST.-9 BOOMS, SUITABLE for3orßgentlemen; good accommodations. Also bam to rent. QHQ WEST LAKE-ST.-BOARDERS WANTED; MiZitJ and day boarders at 83.60. - oon WEST WASHINGTON-ST,—NICELY FUR nlshod front rooms, single or en suite, with board; to permanent parties prices reasonable. oon WEST MONROE-ST. TWO PLEASANT front rooms to rent, fumtnhcd or unfurnished, with first-class board. References required. OQQ EWING-ST,—ACCOMMODATION FOB A JiO O few boarders in a private family. oAn SOUTH DESPLAINES-ST.—4 OR 6 GENTLE- I men <•*« find very pleasant rooms and first-class board. OCft WEST WABHINGTON-ST.-TWOPLEASANT. AO O well-furnished rooms, with board. f)£Q WEST ADAMS-BT.—TO RENT, FURNISHED, AiOxJ single and double rooms, with good board. o£o WARREN-AV.—A NICELY. FURNISHED AO£ room to rent with board, suitable for gentleman and w Ife, or two single gentlemen. ocn FULTON-ST., CORNER CARPENTER— Ai\)U Largo front room and board for gentleman ana wife, or two single gents; also 1 tingle room; references given; all first-class. o*7o SOUTH CLINTON-A FEW MORE BOARD- en wanted at the new Mechanics* Boarding houao; $4 and 85 per week. 070 WARREN-AV.-GOOD BOARD AND BOOM ZIU for one or two gentlemen. ' OQX WEST LAKE-ST.—A SUITE OF FRONT rooms, furnished, with board. OOf* WEST HARRISON-ST.-BOARD AND ROOM for two gentlemen in private family. QAO FULTON^T—FURNISHED ROOM $lO A month, or 8f1.50.a week with board. OAK WEST MONROE-ST.-FURNISHED BOOMS, OUtAwith board, for gentleman and wife or single gen tlemen; day-boarders can be accommodated.

ono WEST MONROB-ST., NEAR ABERDEEN— OUt/ Boom* with board in private family for gentle- Ol A WEST WASHINGTON-ST.-A PLEASANT OXxbolio of unfurnished front rooms to rent, .with board; also'several other rooms suitable for family or single gentlemen* o*l £ WEST LAKE-ST.—FURNISHED BOOM FOE OXO two gentlemen* with board* QOA WEST LAKE-ST.- THREE PLEASANT OOU rooms (one Is a large front room) with good board; terms moderate; a few day boarders accommodated. 000 WEST WASUINGTON-ST.— ALCOVE SUITE OUJ with board; first-class accommodations. OOK WEST WASHIN OTON-ST,—BOOM TO RENT, 000 with board. _ ' QOQWEST WABHINOTON-ST.—VERY DESmA OOO bio rooms, furnished and unfurnished, with first elaas board; references required. OA A WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—NICELY FUR -o‘x'x nlshed rooms, with first-class board; also table boarders wanted. oA 4 WEST MONROB-ST—PLEASANT FOR- O jctc nlshed rooms, with or without board, in a private family, for two yonng men; terms reasonable. O A C* WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—VERY DESIR A OtD bio rooms, with first-class board. •_ Qrn WEST JACKSON-ST.-LAEGE FRONT ROOM OO I and board. - orQ ciNTRE-AV.-A FEW YOUNG MEN CAN 000 find good board and pleasant front room. On £* WEST RANDOLPH-6T.—VERY PLEASANT 010 room, with alcove, furnished or untarnished, with board; also, day boarders accommodated. 000 WEST MADISON-ST. —PRIVATE BOARD OOO lag-house, with first-class board; terms, $5 per week; dayboardersaccommodated. OOA FULTON-ST^—THOSE WISHING A PLEAS OOtfc ant boarding-placo, with good table, at $3 per week, will find accommodations. Also large room to rest to man and wife or two single gonte. on n west randolph-st —a few genteel oU I boarders will bo accommodated; nloe room for gentleman and wife, or two single gentlemen; house changed hands and renovated. • onn WEST RANDOLPH-ST—FURNISHED OR OUt/ unfurnished rooms with first-class board; all modem improvements; location pleasant. A Ofl WEST VAN BUREN-ST., TWO BLOCKS from Jefferson Park—Pleasant famished or un furnished rooms in brick house, modem improvements, with first-class board. . AHQ WEST MONBOE-ST.-A NIOELY-FUR wished alcove suite, and other rooms, with first class board; call and see. A An WEST LAKE-ST., NEAB UNION PABK-A. 'Xtt I largo parlor, with sleeping-room, well furnished, in a brick bouse with all modem improvements, for two gentlemen or a small family; tho table is first-class; price reasonable. . A nr\ WEST WASHINGTON-ST,—TWO SINGLE xOU famished rooms to rent, with board* ca/j WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—TWO SUITES OF OUO rooms, ono furnished# tho other unfurnished, with board. - ■ MAUISON-ST.-THK BISHOP-COURT HOTEL, located In tbo to 17 centre of Chicago, between Union and Jefferson Parks (perfect aema of art), la n«wly tarnished. roopenodon June 1. Thelocation “asum mer resort is unsurpassed In the West. The boose in beauty of architecture and comfort as a family hotel to unequaled In Chicago. Special Mina will bo taken to make the table one of tbo first in the city. Jb® h°a»» la under new management entirely. Cars and JbTuespoa* every twppinutea Price. $2.50 per day. M» D. MALii. cn a FULTON-ST. TWO SUITES OP BOOMS DZiO for two gentlemen and wire* or singlegentlemen, furnished or unfurnished, with or without board; noose with all modem improvements; one block from Union Park; also, bsm- . .j__ rnO WEST LAKE-ST., FRONTING UNION PARK. OjLO —Two rooms with board, furnished or unfurnish ed, for gentleman and wlfo, or two gentlemen. COQ FULTON-ST.-LARGE, PLEASANT ROOM, UOt7 suitable for four young men, with board; tonna, 85 per week, ' „ . trn O WEST ADAMS-ST.—BOOMS, SINGLE OR EN OuO suite; alio a back parlor, with bedroom, to rent; » few table boarders can bo accommodated. ~ can WEST adams-st.— nicely-furnished oyt) room, or BUlle of room*, with first-class board, can be had at reasonable price; house modern Improve moots. * On(\ WEST ADAMS-ONE SUITE OF ROOMS TO OUU rent with board; house first-class. On A a"dams-st., 1 block west op .union OU4t Park—2 large parlors on first floor, and choice front rails on second floor* with board. ' ■ 017 WEST MONROE-ST.-A PLEASANT ROOM. Oi I with alcove, suitable for man and wife, with board; references required. - - _ Ann WEST ADAMS-ST.. NEAR UNION PARK— OSifj Two large, elegantly furnished rooms, with board. Location and accommodations best on the west Side. • . . 000 WEST ADAMS-ST. _TO RENT. WITH QOO board, one, two, or three rooms, single or en suite; house new; location, otc., first-class; south front._ no A WEST MADISON-ST.-ELEOANT SUTTE OF OOrt rooms for gentleman and wife. Also, single rooms for single gentlemen or ladies, furnished or unfnr xdshed, withnrsbclaas board: good location; new house. O An WEST MADISOIT-ST.-TO REST, WITH. OR Drt I wlthont board, pleaaant airy room*. ■ cerr MONROE-ST.-TO KENT-A. HANDSOME DO I parlor and bedroom, connocttag, with or without board; gaa, and mo of bathroom. Hof owanoes roq aired. ; " 1 .. CCn WEST MONROB-ST.—NICELY FURNISHED Dby front parlor, with board, for gentleman and wife, or two single gents.• ' ~ _ ft OO TgRST gX>RNE& LINCOLN—FUR*. «ZO nlsbed *nd unfurnished rooms, single or on suite, wjth board; day boarden*wanted. . •* . nnr WEST MADI6ON-STV-A JEW GENTLEMEN yUO can be accommodated good board and rooms.' r BOARDING AND DODGING. West Sido'-Continned. QC'e JAOKSON-ST.—BOARD AND BOOM FOR yOt) gentleman and wife. No children. Call this wook. - • - ■ A [PLEASANT FRONT PARLOR WITH BOARD for gent and wife, family private; reference* required. Apply to 67 Soath Hoyne-st.,# block from street cars. - Boarding-fob two young men-a nice room, hot and cold water, in a private family, one block west of A«h!and-av. ana one block from street cars. Address Z 70, Tribune office. • JOHNSTONE HOUSE—Hi AND 116 WEST MADI. son-fit.; everything first-class; terms, $2 per day; table-board, $6 per week. Near union park-two gentlemen can have board with home comforts in family of two; 9? per week. Address W 34. Tribune office. ST. CHARLES HOTEL. CORNER DESPLAINKS and Washlngton-sts.—Will board salesmen, book kcopors, Ac., at $6 to $9 per week. Day board, $4.60. TWO GENTLEMAN BOARDERS WANTED; RESI ‘ donee on West Adams-st. Address W 93, Tribune office. mWO BLOCKS EAST OP UNION PARK—HAND- X some parlor, with bay window, and bod-room adjoin ing. supplied with hot and cold water, suitable for gon tlcman and wifo or for two or three single gentlemen. North. Side. A O OABS-BT., THREE BLOCKS FROM BTATE-BT. *XLI bridge—Vr itb or without board, one large front par lor, with bath-room, hot and cold water, commanding a fine view of the lake; also, other rooms suitable for an gle gentlemen. Day boarders wanted. On NORTH WELLS-ST.-NICELY FURNISHED 01/ rooms to rent with or wlthoat board. Teems roo sonable; with all modem improvements. QQ NORTH WELLS-ST.—FIRST-CLASS BOARD OO at $5 per week. • % LINCOLN-A V.—FRONT BOOM AND ALCOVE, with board, for two gentlemen, comer Contre-st. and Lincoln-av., 3 blocks from tho Park; cars pass the door; references exchanged. 1 Oft NORTH DEARBOBN-ST.-PARLOB AND XJjlj bedroom off, unfurnished except oareets, with board; have one front furnished room on second floor. 917 ILLINOIS-BT., TWO BLOCKS NORTH OF LiX t State-fit. bridge.—A large, nicely-furnished front room, south front; very pleasant: suitable for gentleman and wife, or two gentlemen. Also, a nico single room. Unexceptionable references required. 9QQ HURON-ST.-TO RENT. WITH BOARD, IN Li OO a private family, elegantly furnished front suite, suitable for gentleman and wife; also ono large room suit able for two gentlemen, within 10 minutes* walk of Court- House. 9A C EAST INDIANA-6T.-A LARGE FRONT room to lot, with good board; salted to gentle man and wife or two gentlemen. OH A OHIOAGO-AV.. 10 MINUTES* WALK FROM Olt Roah-st. bridge. Very desirable unfurnished front room. Also, well furnished single room. _ Wllirunt together or separately at moderate rates. OQQ NORTH CLARK-ST. TWO OR THREE 000 sociable boarders wanted in private Methodist family. Northwest corner wells and hinsdale sts.— Large pleasant front rooms, furnished and un furnished, wlta board; brick building. Coxmtry- A PRIVATE FAMILY AT OAK PARK CAN BOARD a few children and ruing Psoplo for the summer; piano, nlco lawn, etc. Addrots w 87, Tribune offioo. T HAVE A VERY NIOC ROOM TO LET WITH JL board. ISAAC L. HINDS, Hinsdale. I HAVE ROOM FOR A FAMILY.OR SEVERAL SlN gle boarders. MRS. D. O. DICKENSON, Waukegan. IN OAK PARK-FINE ALCOVE ROOM, LARGE size, unfurnished; board for gentleman and wbe; also largo square room, suitable for two single gentlemen; tonus reasonable. Address Wl2, Tr.bune offe?. Miscellaneous. AN ELEGANT ALCOVE SUITE TO RENT; FUR nUhod, If desired, with first-class board, in a pri vate family: terms xnoaoraio; references exchanged. Ad dress E 83, Tribune office. FIRST-CLASS LOCATION—ROOM AND BOARD for three young men at 87 per week. Address DB, - Tribune office. TWO GENTLEMEN DAY BOARDERS WANTED; residence on West Adams-st. Address W 93, Trlb nno office. , . BOARD WANTED. Board— by gentleman, in a strictly pri vato family; West Side, between Halsted-at. and Union Park preferred. Address RANDALL, 208 Lake- BOARD-A SUITE OF FURNISHED OR UNFUR nished rooms, with board, in a private family, whore there are no other boarders, by a young gentleman and wife, where price ta not so tenon of an object as the com forts of a homo. Must bo on South Bide, north of Thlr tloth-at. Address YlB, Tribune office. ■DOARD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG LADY » > and an unfurnished room. Call at 2751 V est Madison st., up-stairs.. Sunday or Monday forenoon. BOARD-WEST OF MORGAN-ST., ACCOMMODA tions for two gentlemen; best of references given. We dosiro a pleasant place. Anyone having such to offer address w 65, Tribune office. Board— a suite op unfurnished rooms, excepting carpet, for gentleman and wife in a private family, m vicinity of Union Park preferred. Address W 99, Tribune office. BOARD-BY a YOUNG MARRIED COUPLE IN A private family, or whore there are few other boarders, on South Side, north of £lgbtecnth-st. and east of State. W 23, Tribune office. • "HOARD—FOR MAN AND WIFE ON NORTH P side; private family preferred. Terms must be rea sonable. Address Y 28, Tribune office. BOARD-IN A PRIVATE FAMILY AT EITHER Austin or Harlem for two young men. Address D 35, Tribune office. - BOARD-A GENTLEMAN DESIRES BOARD AT reasonable rates abont 10 blocks from Palmer’* Hotel; tingle room preferred. Address 012* Tribone office. TOOARD—BY A YOUNG LADY, DRESSMAKER D room In a private family, with homo comforts; would not object to do family sowing to pay room rent. Please add. OSS MISS W, 89 South Peoria-st. BOAHD-BY GENTLEMAN, WIFE, AND DAUGH tcr (7 years) where there are few or no boarders. Ref erence given. Addr?a» Zll. TribQng_office^______^_, LOST AND FOUND. LOST-WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, MAY £3, A gold watch, on Jackson or Sangamon-ste., between Skinner school and 229 South Sangamon-at. Any one re turning it to the above number will bo rewarded. LOST-BETWEEK BOWERY AND LASALLE4STS.. a silver-headed ebony cane; name on the head. Please leave at XSOLaSaUo-st. F. BABCOCK. OST-ON SATURDAY MORNING. MAY 31, FROM the residence of John Cooke, 136 South Morgan-st., a bay mare about 15 bands high, with baiter on. The finder will bo paid for his trouble by leaving her at the above number. ■ T OST-GOLD SLEEVE-BUTTON MARKED WITH I j lady’s name. Reward for return to 85 Twenty* fourth-st. LOST-A COW LOST SINCE TUESDAY MORNING, belonging to Anthony Hopkins, No. 73 Kramer-st., nice, itraightnoma, black and yellow face, her fore feet white, ana a little more white to the hind feet than to the fore feet, and there will be some reward given to anybody that will find her. LOST-THURSDAY EVENING, MAY 29, EFT HER onMadispn-st., east of Peoria, or atNixon’s Amphi theatre. a pocketbook, containing a sum of money, cards, and photographs. The tinder wUI bo liberally rewarded bv returning to the address on the cards, or at North Franklin-st. OST-A PLAIN, BLACK SILK PARASOL, LARGE size. The finder will pleaso return it to No. 7 Forest av., or to the Tribune office. ' OST-TWO DIAMOND STUDS, ON OAIU). DUE las oast week: $lO or more reward to finder, byro tornlSf to B. W. ROBINSON, No. 154 Madisoa-st., RoomlS. ' OST-HALF SET OF TEETH. LEAVE AT OHl cago Savings Institution, corner Dearborn and Mad ison-stfl., In care of the Clerk. L' OST—ON THE INCOMING TRAIN FROM EVANS ton. at noon yesterday, a bundle of old newspapers (Connecticut). Finder will confers great favor by-leav ing at the office of H. H. CHANDLER A CO.’a News paper Advertising Agency, 69 Madison-st. —OST-A GOLD PENHOLDER AND PENCHrCASE. The finder will be rewarded by leaving it at 966 M Wa basb-av., ncarTwenty-sccond-st., in the neighborhood of which fl was lost. OST—ON FRIDAY LAST—A -CARPET CHECK book. Any person returning it to owners will be lib erally rewarded. E. A. EDWARDS A 00., 253 and 255 South Canal-st. —OST—ON THE 28TH-A GOLD QUARTZ WATCH seaI. The finder will bo suitably rewarded by return ing to 0. COOK, 50 Mlcblgan-ar. ■ ' LOST— $35 REWARD—A LARGE ENGLISH GREY hound. mouse-colored or nearly the color of a maltese cat, quite fat, has a very lltUa white on breast, andan ewers to the name of Lon or Louis. Any porsOT who will return him to me or give any Information that wfil lead to bis recovery will receive the above reward. M. L. MON GER IgsTtfenty-eecond-st., up stairs. f OST-A BniNOLK OBEYHOUNI). I i will be liberally rewarded by calUntf at JOSEPH Grocery, corner State and Division-ala. S' TRAYED-FKOM 518 WEST AD AMS-ST., A SMALL dark brown more. Anrono glriDK Information to ro eororr of MM will bo anltabUf rewarded. O TRATED OR STOLEN—A D AEK-CHESTNUT S how. heavy Bllrcr manp and tail, aomewMta la forts head weight about I.QUO lbs. together with aquare box tS» ba«y. letter Bon bo*, harness rubber trimmed. A .‘fftablo* wward willbeuaid by returning aamo or ad drawing MUNSON, 827 West Lake-st. tyTOLEN—A DARK BAY HORSE, BLACKMAILS, O longbn.hT tall; might, 1.050 Cut email eoar on left hlo- now buggr, high lop phaoton. brown doth lining, dSi green bodT. DT N monogram, patent dirk browngcar wltn two redstripoe. A Tlbcrel reward will E™f DA«IBLT. KELSON. M.D., 1108 Indlana-av. CiTOLKN—MAY 28. 3 BOAN HOUSES, ONE LIGHT S and one dark color, ahoot 15 handa high ; dork rooo ison-et. cTtOLEN—SIOKEWAKD AND NO QUESTIONS FOE O the retorn of fbo dress stolen from the comer of Madison and Lafiln-ete.. to sara arrest, u the parties are fcjtnm. ■ ■ ■ _ <?»£ REWARD—STOLEN OR hi BAYED MAY IB S5 from 613 Sooth Jeffcrson-et., a rod ycarUog brffer. with white and red loco, white spots on Lind qnaxtor, stnbby horns about 3 InoVes long. The shore reward will INSTRUCTION. Yt V« first-class A teacher baa room* for «to boh rood culture, $8; very best of references. Address Z 67, Trib une office. Charles harms, teacher op the guitar (jind Banjo, 1C Olariat,, corner of Madlaon. Boom C. moderate. • • ' • ns H SIMONS. FROM THIKTY-NINTH-3T., . Now York, successor to Mtaa Mott. KagUih, tYoncn, and German boardin* and d*r school; tbs school doles duly 25. 460 Michigan-*.., corner Fourteenth-*!. „.n attention to her complete a/stom of InstnicUon' In tha pianoforte, aa practiced nr the Croat maaton. , 836 Wsatßandnlpb-st. ; —ROF. DKLOULME, 413 WEST MADIBON-ST., UP stairs—Flsno, vocal culture, singing, French. Latin,- Spanish* Thorough teaching at my. rooms or pupil’s resi dence- ' • ROF, fiy.attlTlE, MS WEST MADIBON-ST.. CLASB - and mathematics, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. HORSES AND CARRIAGES. A STABLE TO RENT, WITH CAPACITY FOR 60 hones, on De«plalnoa-st.,opposite Hayroarkot. Apply to T. F. ROONEY, C 6 South Cunton-st., up-stairs. A T 344 WABASH-AY. CAN BE POUND NEW AND Jl i. second-hand carriages, top, and open buggies, phae- and jump Boats, from S4O to S6OO. J. H. And ms passing strange that men of good common souse will fool away time and money by trying to sell hones at livery, boarding, and private eta* bice, when oar whole business is selling. The beet loca tion and stalling in tho city, plenty of enstomen, and doing raoro business than ail the balaneo pnt together. BRADLEY A WILLS* Salo Stables of hones, carriages, and harness, 261 State-st. A GOOD SADDLE-HORSE WANTED IN EX- A change for a fine new rosewood 7-octave piano. Ad dress K 30, Tribune office. A GROCER’S WAGON, SECOND-HAND. VERY cheap: also several good seoond-band top buggies in perfect order, and flrat-cUas makon, cheap. PENNOY- Elt, SHAW A CO.. 325Wabash-av. Auction sale of carriages, open and top buggies,trotting and stde-epring wagons,carryalls, express wagons, on Wednesday morning, June 4, at 9Jj o'clock. byWil. A. BUTTERS, at 65 ana 57 South Canal - at. Bale peremptory, to pay advances and charges. A GOOD TOP BUGGY WANTED IN EXCHANGE for a lot, or cheap for cash. Call or address Singer office, SIS Sooth Halsted-st. A SPLENDID TOP-BUGGY TO EXCHANGE FOR snbnrban lota- Apply corner Beach and Matber-sts. Bassetts boarding stables-having Re cently enlarged and refitted my stables, I am prepared to toko a few more boarding horses; horses kept on first and second floors, at 19 and 21 Hannonconrt. ' Because every man, woman, or child who wants a boggy or harness, new or second-hand, comes to us for It, It certainly makes it the best place In America to sell anything of the kind; 2d •tables of horses, baggies, and harness. BRADLEY £ WILLS ■nOAKDINO AND Sjttß STABLE-ROOM FOR Jl> more stock; money advanced on goods left In my charge. 421 State-st. EATHAN ALLEN, JR., WILL STAND THIS SEA son, at 421 Stato-st., the host horse for speed and atyle la the West; good stabling for mares. Fob sale-a good business wagon fob sllO, In use only 6 months; also express and business wagons to order. GEO. T. STONEHaM, 44 Eldridgo court. For sale-a single bockaway station ary-top: or will trade for open boggy. Apply Loomis at., second door north of Catherine. Fob sale-a nice family horse, sound and safe, for woman or child: also buggy and har oess; also work-horse, cheap. 70 West Monroe-st. For sale-a span of fine dapple-gray horses, fast, kind and jnat from the country. Also a No. 1 single driver. Come and aoe, at No. 100 West Monroe-st. For sale-a gig, "with platform springs. Call Monday after 11 a. m. at 723 West Madlson-st. Fob sals-a vert fine 5- year old roan mare, 15 hands 3. well broke, stylish, and a good stepper. J. P. HUBBELL, 145 and 147 South Saaga aoa-fiU FOR SALE—BBS—VERT CHEAP-A NICE FAMILY or business horse, sound and reliable. 300 Roboy-st., near Polk. FOB SALE-HORSE, BUGGY, AND HARNESS, separata or together, a bargain. Buggy and harness nearly now; horse gentle and fast. 706 State-st. FOB BALE-NEARLY NEW GROCERY OR Ex press wagon and harness, and first-class horse, cheap for cash- At), 300 Oharch-et. For salb-sobrel horse, weighing i.a» pound*; a valuable horse for business or family use: must bo sold before Tuesday: can be seen at southeast comer of Madison and Laflln-sts., any time before? o'clock Tuesday evening, unless previously sold- For bale—a good, sound, black gelding horse, 6 years old, IS hands high; good, prompt dri ver. and well broko to city. Call at stable, in,rear of 873 State-st. | FOR SALE—A LARGE BAY HORSE, SUITABLE for a family horse or delivery-wagou; sound, and well broken for city use; will exchange fur smaller hone; can be seen at 157 and 163 Wabash-av., Omaha Stable. FOR SALE-HORSE. TOP BUGGY (NEARLY NEW) and harness, for $350. if taken immediately: also, one black, Morgan gelding, fast trotter: aho, basket phaaton: or would trade lor top buggy. BASSETT'S BOARDING STABLES, X9and2l Harmon-court. For sale-a light? - s-sprino. movable top wagon, very cheap, at JAS- MAXWELL'S, Twenty-thlrd-sL, between Michigan and Indiana-ava. FOR SALE-A TROTTER; a TRAINED SADDLE znaro, and a beautiful pair of ponies, gentle drivers, CHITTENDEN, rear IC6O Wabash-av. For sale-or exchange-one fast trot ter, one coupe hone, a dapple gray marc, and ten business bones. ANTHONY, t? Blxtcenth-st. FAMILY CARRIAGES, JUMP-SEAT BUGGIES and phaetons at Eastern factory prices. 10 and 13 West Randolph-st.. near tho bridge. H. J. ED* WARDS. For salb-a strong gray working horse, 6 years old. Call immediately at 1060 South Hal sted-st. Foe sale-a likely buggy horse, gentle and fast, at 653 West Washington-81. • ■ FINE PASTURAGE FOB HORSES. 81 PER WEEK, at Kensington, 12 miles from city; taken from andro turned to city. Call at 1058 State-st. J. W. PYNE. FOR SALE-TWO DOUBLE TEAMS WITH WAG ons and harness; teams are now working for $5 per day: will trade for property and pay difference. M. HAYES, I. C. R. R. dock, or 541 Bornsido-st. FOR SALE—ROCKAWAY AND DOUBLE HAR dcss in good order on 6 mouths’ time. Can bo seen at WHEELER & COOK'S stable, comer Monroe-st. and Mlchlgan-av. FOR SAXE-CHEAP FOR OASH-A FIVE-YEAR old workhorse, 1,300 weight; good worker and sound. Also, a good two-wheeled rig and harness. Apply at 5 6 Foster-st., off Harrison. FOB SALE-A BEAUTIFUL, THOROUGH-BRED riding mare, particularly adapted for a lady or boy's use; sound and gentle in every respect. For particulars call at 99 East Madlson-at., Room a. . For sale-one light 2-hobsb peddling wagon; one second-hand Concord baggy* with top; light and heavy express wagons of all kinds, cheap* at No, 263 South Canal-st. FOR SALE-2 TOP BUGGIES, A NICE PHAETON, horse and harness, very cheap. OSCAR FIELD* u and 44 Oongress-st. 17108 SALE-THE HANDSOMEST LADY’S PHAB ' ton horse in the city* perfectly kind and gentle, not afraid of anything; also buggy and harness. Apply to A. ROBERTS, at Centre-av. barn* No. 373 West Madison st., or to R. W. RATHBORNE, S4B East Washington-st. For sale-a car-load of horses, coach cn, carriage, express, grocers, and single drivers, two trotters, and too best pole-team in the city. Call Monday or never* on EUzabeih-ft., between West Ran dolph and Lake. _____ FOR SALE-THREE OYSTER WAGONS IN GOOD condition. Inquire at 45 Polk-et. .1 For sale-a first-class horse, harness, and Coon A Tonßroek p hoc tea* cheap. Apply at No. 122 South Saugamon-st. Fob sale—California buggy, shefting top, and but little used* cheap. Apply at 17 South Jefferson-st. ' For sale-a very fine two-skated fam ily carriage, nearly new* cheap for cash; must be sold at once. Apply at 406 North-av« Fob sale-a phaeton buggy, cheap, gall at 207 and 209 East Monroo-st. FOR SALE-CHEAP FOR CASH-ONE SOUND horse, harness, and open bogey, nearly new: <Oso. one extra heavy horse. 0. ROGERS* 177 East Madison st.. Boom 9. F)R SALE—A BEAUTIFUL BLACK PONT, i yean old, soundand kind. Also, a fine basket phae ton and gold-mounted harness. Apply st MELTIMORE, STRUNK A CO., 100 and 102 West Monroo-st. OB SALE-HORSE, BUGGY, AND HARNESS; horse 15>$ hands high. No. 1 roadster; Democrat bug. gy* pearly new. Gall at 258 West Randolph-st. 7710R SALE-ONE HORSE, BROKE TO SADDLE J? and harness, several drivers and team horses* throe finn saddle hors os. KENDALL A NORTON, rear of 657 State-st. ' FOB SALE—CARRIAGES, BUGGIES, PHAETONS, etc. A great variety from first-class makers at rea sonable prices, at 253 and 356 West Randolph-st. G. L. BRADLEY. FOR SALE-CHEAP—HORSE, HARNESS, AND light delivery wagon, at 639 West Loke-st- For sale—sl7s will buy a good horse. open baggy, and harness complete- Apply, from 9 to 12 o’clock, 178 State-st., opposite Potter Palmer House. THOR SALE—A NOTION PEDDLER WAGON IN JJ good order, for one or two horses. Also, a hone 9 years old, warranted sound and gontle. Apply at 800 Hubbard-st. TTIOR SALE-VERY FINE BLACK COUPE MARE, J? or for family. Address DSO. Tribune office. THOR SALE-A FIRST-CLASS FAMILY HORSE. 7 JD years old, and not afraid of the cars. Call to-day between 9 and 2 o’clock, at 739 Monroo-st. T?OR SALE-CHEAP. VERY CHEAP. ALMOST jj given awav—One hone, harness, and two-seated buggy: must bo sold; $l5O for aIL Address DBl* Trib une office. . _ - T?OB SALE—A NICE GRAY MARE. STEAKS OLD; J? weight, 1,100; work* single or double; cheap. Also sot of doable light work harness, cboap. 613 Butter ficld-et. • : TTIOR SALE-A HEAVY, WAGON, Jn nearly as good as new; 3100 will boj It; to bo sold Mon day, Inquire at 618 Wentwortb-av., between Thirty second and Thlrty-third-gte. For sale-a handsome chestnut mars, s years old, Uii bands high; weight, abont 900 2)*, aired by Gage’s Logan; dam a last pacer; Usoond and kind, and suitable lor a lady to driTo. WiU be sold cheap for cash. Call or address Rl J. DOWNS, <63 Michlgan-av. T?OB BALE—A GENTLEMAN’S DRIVING RIG. I? all complete, horse harness, a light buggy, horse sound and stylish;cheap fox cash. Call at BEAKDSLIiS A NEWTON’S Stable, Couch-plsco, near Sherman House, For sale-*or exchange foe real estate, a good family bone, buggy, and harness. For particu lars, address J P, 579 Centro-av. - ■ For salb-or trade-a very fine scotch Norman stallion, 7 years old, sound and kind; wo&ht, about 1,500lbs; can bo soon-at WHEELER A COOK'S Stable, UoMichigan-ar., comer - TpOK SALE-CARRIAGE AND HARNESS; THEY D ire almost new, of the very best make, beautiful style polo and shafts, suitable for one or two horses: also a splendid buggy bone for sale. Address Z 73, Tribune office: ♦ • . FOR SALE—a new covered carriage or carryall. two Bested, for one or two horse* i cbesp for pjnh. Call Monday aftor4 p. m., orTuotds/ before 10 a. xa. Q, W. RHODES, 1227 Wabaah-sr. For sale-a bay tram, « years old, weighs 2,500, well broke, single or doable, sound, kind, end true. C*U33l~We«t Laxe-st. ■ Good top buggy fob sale very cheap fob ■c&sta, or will trade for horse. Address O &4, Tribune office. • . ~. , ; GKNUINR BOSTON SLADE CARRIAGES AT 223 and-2M West Washington-et.: no humbug.. Also, cheaper grades at Tety loir figures for cash. Heavy wagon, nearly ssw, anx> hab ness /or s&Io cheap. Inquire at 98 MltcboU-fu TTORBE. TOP(PIIAKTON) BOGGY, AND HA.B li non wanted; hone moat be soond and centloi far lad/ to drive, and accustomed to city. Adilreee Y 29, Tribune office. ; Horses wanted nrexchange fob lots in ■ldo Boulevards, welching from 950 to 1.050 pounds. <>ll at Room 4, 89 Bast Madiaon-at. TTARNESS OP EVERY DESCRIPTION CON 1~1 gtutlfoa hind and tnidfl to oidd? At «J» ISLE'S, <57 Stato-ou • - - ' PARTIES HAYING HOUSEHOLD GOODS TO DlS nose of »U1 find Uto thetr Interest to call oa or «d --drtaaHODGES <k GO., 613 We»t Lake-it. Goods' sp onitod froo of chargt. HORSES AKB CARRIAGES* T WANT THE USB OP A HORSE AND BUGGY X lor their keeping; no work; and bus light m- B W B. t Ana tin, 111. I WILL OFFER FOR SALE FOR A FEW DAYS MV : black team .for SI,OOO. : J. B. BROCKMAN. 190 Twenty-second-st. * J R. BEOOKMAN, 190 TWBNTy’SECOND-ST • has for sale one pair fine black Morgan carriage bones very stylish and perfect driven; new and second* hand top and open buggies, phaetons. Concords, and ax. press wagons. Horses, buggies, and carriages to Ist. with or without hone. ■ *** New livery and boarding stable. corT ner Wabash-ar. and Twenty-thlrd-st, Good accom modations for boarders. Orders for carriages promptl* attended to. Also'cmo saddle pony and nice drirlne hones for sale cheap. PASTURAGE-EXCELLENT FEED, WATER. Wjri shade near city. 0. H. BECKWITH A SONS. SPLENDID TEAM OF WAGON HORSES SUlT able for an express company. Largo box grain wagon and double harness, together or separate. Can be seen at 138 North Wood st. *•"* TO EXCHANGE—A FINE SHIFTING-TOP LIGHT baggy. little used, for phaeton or two seated carriage. AddressEßs, Tribune office. TXT ANTED—A BUGGY HORSE AS PAYMENT ON TT a half-aero lot at Washington C. W DEAN, 133 South Clark-sh, Room 16. WANTED—THE USE OF AHORSE, WITH OR V v without carriage, for a few weeks or months, to be nsed In collecting, and well taken care of. or would pur chase on reasonable terms. Address w 41, Tribune of. flee, with price. TXT ANTED—A SMALL HORSE ABOUT 15 HANDS V v high, 4to 6 years old, weighing from 800 to 900, good style, that can step in three minutes or less. Address, giving ago, color, and price, stating where can be sees. D 6, Tribune office. ' WANTED-A HORSE. BUGGY AND HARNESS. Win exchange a good lot or buy for cash. If cheap. BOILVIN A CO., 48 &nthClark-sC * T\TANTED-5 SPAN OP LAKGB MULES AT 41 it North Dosplaines-et. for cash Monday morning. TTTANTED—HORSE AND BUGGY IN EXCHANO3 Vr for good suburban lot. Call, or address 0. T. LA* THROP, 127 Twenty-seooad-at. WANTED-HOESE AND BUGGY IN EXCHANGE for gold watch and lota la Jefferson. BL 63, Tribune, office. TXTANTED-A GOOD GROCERY WAGON FOR it Singer machine and cash. Address, giving partlo a jars, O 74, Tribune office. WANTED— A LIGHT DELIVERY-WAGON OR democrat, for painter's use; most be cheap for cash. W.AR. STRANG, 337 West Bandolph-st. TIT ANTED—A GOOD BUGGY HORSE 5 OB S VI years old; must bo kind and sound in evorT respect; weight abont 1,000 pounds; cheap for cash. Call at 183 North TTTANTED A HANDSOME. STRONG PONT, Tf weight about 600 to 700; wonld uka to nut in the trade an English gold lever watch. GLADE, 117 Sooth Frank* lin-it. WE WILL SELL AT PRIVATE SALE A LARGE lot of goods, consisting of carpets, first-class cook stores, parlor, dining, and sitting-room furniture from a large private residence. Bo sure and call at 03 West Lake-st. before purchasing goods. Will be sold cheap at HODGES A CO.’S Commission House. TIT ANT ED—HORSE AND BUGGY CHEAP, FOB VY cash, character of rig considered. Horse most be sound ana gentle, and perfectly safe for lady (with chil dren) to drive. Buggy most be of good make. and com paratively new. Address AGO, 50WestWashlngton-st- WE ARE MANUFACTURING FIRST-CLASS TOP and open buggies, road and business wagons, Ac. All work warranted, which we sell at very low prices, FLETCHER, LAZEAR A CHENEY. Factory, come* Sedgwick and Dlvlsion-sts. Repository, 225 State-st. WANTED— A GENTLEMAN'S ROAD HORSE OB team in exchange for real estate: must show 3:10 gait; to eecuro trade will take first-class boggy and bar* ness. Address O 40, Tribane office. TITANTED-A NEW OB GOOD SECOND-HAND Vt boggy, to pay for it in portrait or landscape paint ing : specimens of work shown: or will exchange a pair of small horses, sound, good drivers, splendid in saddle, suitable for ladies and children to ride and drive; afraid of nothing. Address ARTIST, Tribune office, or call at 93 West Madison-si., Monday or Tuesday, from II to 2. WANTED-A HANDSOME DRIVING HORSE FOR use in a phaeton: must be gentle and used to the city; will not pay over S3OO. Address Z SS, Tribune office. WANTED—TO PURCHASE SOME GOOD TEAMS, YV wagons, and harness for railroad work. COL. GIB SON, Contractor, Room 7, 48 South Clark-at. W'ANTED—A HORSE ABOUT 6 YEARS OLD, YV kind, well broke, good traveleryand not afraid of cars or anything. JENKINS A MURPHY, comer of Twenty-second and Laflln-sta. • WANTED-BASKET PHAETON. PONY., AND YV harness; SIOO cash, balance monthly, or will trade lady’s Elgin watch, or other jewelry. Address K 7% Tribune offieo. • rn CAVALRY HORSE WANTED. NOT LESS THAN O U 15 hands high, nor over 8 years old ; and in rood con dition. Will be received by E. PATRICK, 783 MlchL gan-ar. * ~ MISCELLANEOUS. A RESPECTABLE FAMILY WISHING TO ADOPT a boy 5 years old, will please address W 46, Tribune office. ■ROOKS-CASH- PAID FOB. NEW AND OLD j) books of all kinds, and in any quantity. The Ola Book Store. CHAPIN BROS., 214 and 215 East UadL son-st. ■ - OHROMOS— TO PICTURE AGENTS AT 34.50, AND lithographs, polished frames, $3.25. E. Q. BUST A CO., 270 Sedgwick-st. . • CASH PAID FOR CAST-OFF CLOTHING AND miscellaneous goods of any kind, by sending a letter to L GELPER, Loan Office, 864 State-st. Detective agency-any person desiring the services of a detective of 10 years experience* with any references required, address O 75, Tribuns office. • ‘ GO WEST WITH THE ARMY AND NAVY COLONY, 160 aero farm, 2 town lots, and other advantages; membership, $36. H. B. STEVENS, 169 Madlson-st.* RoomS. OB ADOPTION—A FINE, HEALTHY BOY BAB? 6 weeks old* a lawful child* Address Z 25* Tribune of fice. » ; GEO. P. WHITCOMB’S LAW OFFICE REMOVED to Ashland Block* corner Clark and Randolph-sts. Grand opening at the Chicago wine com pony. 131 South Clark-st., ou Monday, Jane 2, at 7 p. in., with Tnijnififiont free lonch. Mr. Louis Sordet, Proprietor, hopes to soo all his friends and the public also, having spared no pains to make the opening a grand affair. The best brands of wine, liquor, lager, ale,‘Ac.* are* and always will bo, kepton hand. I WANT EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT DR. JOHN PHILLIPS bos a very large assortment of Brazilian Pebble spectacles for sale, which be salts by inspection to the eye. Don’t forget the place. 120Fourth-av., Optician and Oculist, a few doors from Hanison-st. JCOPEL, MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING. • Miss. E. WAGNJSR. Ladios* goods called for and returned by addressing 366 South Clark-st. TT ANSAS COLONY-PERSONS DESIROUS OF OR ly gun!ring a company as a colony lor Kansas* address Box 513, Chicago. Ladies, if you wish to see the latest style of dressing the hair, call at MRS. HAAS’ Hair Dressing Parlors. 3M West Madison-st. She has just re ceived a fall stock of the latest patterns of hair orna ments. Curls and switches a specialty. Combing pre pared to look the same as new hair* and made into - any style yon wish. ___ Ladies are nrvrrED to call and examine Madame Bennett’s ladies* indispensable rubber goods. For sale by Madame LEAVITT. 319 South Clark st., opposite new Rock Island Depot. ___ KS. BLAIR WILL PAINT A PICTURE UNDER spirit-control* ftt 99 Hsndolph-st., this (Sonasjl evening. OTICE-WE WILL SELL AT PTOUC AUCTION, at our salesroom. 87 Markebst., on Tuesday. June 3, at 10 o’clock, a certificate for 21 shares stock “Chicago Metalfc Cement aianufactoring and •by order of Edwin H. Brown. ELISON a FOSTER* Aactioneers. - OLD PANAMA LEGHORN AND STRAW HATS made new at TURNER’S Bleachory* 68 and «0 State- PARTIES OWNING IMPROVED UNINCUMBEE ed real estate In this State, can increase their in come therefrom by addressing, with real name, 021 Tribune office. . Soldiers call at ti sooth canal-st.. fob pensions, bounties, back pay, lauds and other busi ness with the Government. J. F. ROSE., TAMPING DONE TO ORDER. AT»iJ and powder for sale at 259 "West Madison-st. Ou* white powder is superior; try It. Take notice-levi d. van geldsa, notary Public, Real Estate, and Loons, £34 booth State st. Special attention and advice to fcw transaction* given gratis. Business men will do well to call at my office. • O PROPERTY OWNERS—YOU CAN HAVE SlDE wolks laid and repaired at short notice, ana low prices, by addressing G. W. HOYT* core ol H. O, Mo rey, 77 Curk-st. WANTED —TO PURCHASE A FIRST-CLASS business or hotel, about $6,000 to slo*ooo.' Address D 4, Trlbano office. - ' ■ trrAXTED-TO BUY—A GOOD MILCH COW. FOB VY or Anting and caldmlning. No, 9008owa Park-av. . WANTED— AN AMERICAN WOMAN DESIRES A child to noise at homo; beet of references. Appiy* t 173 Wapanaohav. ' _ TIT ANTED—A CHILD TO BOARD AND CABS FOB? VY oxpeet to spend the snmiDor in the country; cmf* tho very best of references.. Call, or address M, P0 ton-Bt. ■— WANTED- A YOUNG MAN WITH A SMALL ital to travel with a first-class exhibition; a goo. steady job and good salary offered; none but those man. ing business need apply, ALLYNE, Boom d Csauw House, Jnne land 2. • • - - - WANTED —BY AN AMERICAN WOMAN, hotel or family washing to do at homo; beat orrsi ercnecs. Address W 89, Tribuno office, - - - - - TIT ANTED—WILL PAY CASH FOR ONE UMJS VY gold-bunting case watch; also, ono soltairo diMniroo ring* Address W 49, Tribune office. ANTED—ABOUT TWENTY FEET OF BLAI walnut office railing. Wl6, Tribune office. WANTEJ>— TO BUY A GOOD SECOSD-HABD Ufa cheap. Address WM. Trlbmia office. WASTED—A SECOND-HAND DENTAL CHAitt; VY mast bo in jgood order and cheap. Addicea, price, Ac.. Y 28» Tribane office. TtrANTED—INVENTORS AND OTOS80r«; V T tent rlahU, wbo ■wiah'to dlspotoof ttelr call on STONER 6 KEENER, U9l>oarborn-«t., Zoom*- "WT AWTED—COMPANION—AM 60ETO TU VV credo for my health; •would like to DM gentleman who Is not in health to accompany me. reee Vt Tribano office. stain. THrANTED _ A GOOD ; SECOND-HAND OFFS VY desk. Address DU. Tribune office. -nr ANTED - SHELTUfO. , CODOTIHUV SHOW VV - cams; also, & figure tot elg&ruore. Jjlasttm Ittboso office. TSTASTED—A 3 OK 4-BARKEL ICE-BOX. AD- Vl dran tor 3 dw», Wg, Trlbn"" - ■WAIII3, Attomar. 73Uearborn-at. •\TTA2TIED-HOMK fob a girl VY Ibo Will b« schooled and cared for a» thalr own Call or address 17& “West Monroe-at. DIVORCES. Divorces obtained tor c*naEs. business attended to. BUSH, 547 Sooth (be oorcrta of Chicago. AddnisaF, O.Boxlw*

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