Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 1, 1873, Page 15

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 1, 1873 Page 15
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I WANTED—MALE HELP. ' Bookkeepers, Clerks, £to> ttTANTED-A NO. 1 DBESS-GOODB SALESMAN, \\ oa« speaking German preferred, at 763 South Hal ited-ft. • W" ANTED-AN EXPERIENCED AND RAPID short hand writer; must write a good and rapid hand, and bare experience aa'a correspondent. Apply at 206 F*«t Lake-at, - ' WANTED—TOfEMPLOY A THOROUGHLY COM VY . petont business man and correspondent; a middle * aged person preferred; party must bo first-class and capa ble ol filling a responsible situation. Address, staling' oiperience, Ac., PSB, Tribune office. ; WANTED—TO BOOKBINDERS—A MAN TO TAKE yy charge of a blank book and job bindery. A first 'elass Trim can hare a permanent situation and the highest wsges. Address at once P. O. Box 653, Utbana, IIL WANTED-A TEA SALESMAN. WAGON AND Y r route ready for the right man. SHIPLEY A HAR RTSS, 246 Blue Xsland-av. WANTED— A FIRST-CLASS TRAVELING SALES msp for an old-established wholesale boot and shoe ' house. Address, in confidence. giving real name and references, H, care Carrier No. 17. I WANTED-A GOOD BOOKKEEPER. ADDRESS Wl3, Tribune office. WANTED— A WHOLESALE BOOT AND SHOE salesman. T. J. SHAY, 239 East Msdison-st. TTTANTED-AN ASSISTANT BOOKKEEPER IN A r T wholesale grocery store; most be a good penman and thoroughly competent. - Address, with references. L. fi.. Grand OontralHotoL Trades'. TrTANTED—A MAN WHO THOROUGHLY UNDER- T r • stands blank-book ruling and railroad work. A No. Iman can secure steady employment at good wages at a city within 200 miles of Chicago. Also, an assistant, or forwarder of blank work. Address O 29, Tribune office. WANTKD-AT SIMON MYERS, STRAUSS A CO.’S, experienced cutters, no others need apply. - TXT ANTED-A FIRST-CLASS CONFECTIONER W Inquire of RAUCH'A MERMER, 955 Wabash-av. TTTANTED—PLUMBER AND GAS FITTER TO GO IT to Milwankee, a first-class plumber; also a man that can do gaa and steam-fitting and assist steady employment and first-class wages. Inquire of L. WOLKfc, 109 and 111 West Lake-et., city. WANTED-A FEW GOOD STONE AND BRlCK layers and tenders that want a good boarding place near their work can get a cash job by calling at 106 North Panlina-st. to-day. : WANTED— AT THE JEFFERSON FLOURING Mills, a competent miller immediately. Jefferson, Wis. ‘ WANTED— A GOOD TAILORFOR CUSTOM WORK, to eo to a live country town. For particulars apply to GOODMAN. BABBE k MAYER, Hi and S3 Wapash »V. ‘ WANTED - TWENTY FIRST-CLASS CARPEN ten. Apply, Tuesday morning, on Stato-et., be tween Fifty-elgath and Fifty-ninth. W. W. OWEN. WANTED— A FIRST-CLASS CARRIAGE PAINT er to go to Berlin, Wls. Apply at 45 and 47 Lake-st. WANTED— CALKERS, AT LOMAX’S MANUFAO tory, between Van Boron and Harrison-sts., near Flfth-av.. to calk 20 sqqarcs of oak floor. - > TirANTED—CARPENTERS AND PAINTERS AND V r plasterers to take contract and one-half pay in lots at Highwood- E. ASHLEY MEARS, SCO LaSalle-sU Tlf ANTED-A YOUNG MAN TO LEARN THE PHO ' Tv tographlo art; a good chance. Call at SMITH’S Gallery, 28 West Kandolph-st. *rrrANTED—A PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTIST: WAGES, Tv $25 per week andstoady employment. Address W 88, Tribune office. • - - WANTED-STONE DRESSER FOB OUR FLOUB tag mtila at Lockport. NORTON £ CO., 163 Wash- Ington-st. - . ... • WANTED— GOOD CUTTERS CAN FIND EMPLOY ment at Nos. 75 and 77 Wabaah-Av., np-staita. WANTED-STRONG BOY. USED TO TOOLS, TO work with a carpenter. Call morning or evening at 621 South HaUtod-et. - WANTED-A GOLD-GILDER, AT 143 EAST MON roo-st., op-stairs. . WANTED— ONE FIRST-CLASS WOOD-CARVER; none other neodapply. KIMBALL A SHERIDAN, Arnold and Seventeenth-eta. WANTED— BOYS TO FEED CYLINDER AND Gordon presses. Apply to D. A. OASHMAN, 69 Madiaon-st. ' • WANTED— IMMEDIATELY—TWO FIRST-CLASS ■Over-platers. Apply to GRAEF A FIELDS, 29 -West Randolph-st,, corner Canal; good wages and steady employment. ' WANTED— CORNICE MAKERS AND TIN BOOF ers, at 298 Dover-*t., Boston, Mam. JOHND. MOR RISON. • TXT ANTED—A GOOD SKETOHER, TO DRAW Y Y from Nature. Apply, with specimens, at Boom SI, yjiVoatHa Rnilding., comer Clark and Adams-sts. • TTTANTED—GOOD PAINTERS. CALL MONDAY VY at 90 South Aahland-av. at 7 o’clock. ELLIOTT A . POUCKS. . TXT ANTED—AN ARCHITECTURAL DRAUGHTS ‘ W man. Apply to T. V. WADS El ER, Dearborn-si. . WANTED— A FIRST-CLASS GARDENER WHO understands the culture of grapes out of doors and tmdor glass, and make himself useful in the care of grounds, etc., about residence. Best references required. Address P. O Box 362. - TTTANTED—CARPENTER TO DO A SMALL JOB VT of fencing at No. b North Elixabeth-st. TXTANTED-A GOOD, FIRST-CLASS HORSE VV shoer, or will rent shop to a responsible man; a good stand and low rent. Inquire at 170 West Adams-st. WANTED— FOUR CABINETMAKERS TO WORK on bureaus: also, one good hand to work on a cir cular saw, at 691 Fulton-et,, in the roar. TTTANTED—TWO GOOD MACHINISTS, ACCUS VY tomed to adjusting sewing machines: none bat good, men need apply, to tho Howo Sewing Maobino Company, southeast comer State and Jackson-sta. WAITED— A FIRST-CLASS TURNER WHO CAW - scroll saw, and machine hands for cabinet facto it, northwest comer Sangamon and Fratt-ste. R, J. HAM. BROOK. ITT ANTED—THREE CARPENTERS TO WORK ON ■_ _YV . screon, at R. AJ. L. DENNIS*, 696 Tyler-st. •mANTED-A BOY TO LEARN THE SIGN PAINT. V* lug business; one who has worked at It preferred, by STOOPS A BLAIS, 178 East Msdison-st. TTrANTBD-SIX STONE-MASONS, CORNER VV Division and Franklin-st., Monday morning. TTTANTED—THREE INDIA-INK WORKERS; ALSO V V two operators, to whom good wages and steady em ployment will be given. Address, -with terms, HXLD ,EJ£TH, YOUNG A 00.. P. O. Box 984, Clinton, lowa. WANTED— AN EXPERIENCED CYLINDER AND Gordon press feeder. None other need apply early Monday morning. BRYANT, WALKER 4 CO., Printers and Binders, 146 Clark-et. - ■ TX7ANTED—CARPENTER TO BUILD A HOUSE; V V will pay real estate and cash. Call on O. W. DEAN, No. 133 South Clark-st., Room 16. ■ •WANTED—UPHOLSTERERS AND FINISHERS, \V atTland.SNorth Wells-st, WANTED— BUILDERS TO CONTRACT FOR several cottages, and take part pay in South Engle wood lota. Call at 206 LaSallo-et. WANTED-A COMPETENT JOB PRINTER AND a paper ruler. 244 to 243 JHinoia-et. Coachmen* Teamsters, &o, TTfANTED—A MAN TO TAKE CARE OF HORSES, it in a private family. Apply S3 and 40 Michigan-st. WANTED-STBADY MAN TO DRIVE EE AM. Apply at Chicago Roofing Company, 183 -LaSalle-st. Employment Agencies, TXTANTED-CLKRKS, salesmen, and trav YY cling salesmen, men with small capital, and 50 men for railroad work. 178 State-st., Room 12. TXT ANT ED—TO LEAVE MONDAY, 800 RAILROAD r T laborers for North Pacific Air Line and Canada Southern Railroads: free fare. Apply at 289 East Kan doiph-st., Lind Block, Room 4. O. V. SNELL, Agent. WANTED— 25 GIRLS FOR GENERAL HOUSE work at Employment Office, MRS. BEES, 529 State-st.. . WANTED-200 RAILROAD MEN, SAWMILL, AND if farm hands. Apply at SNELL 4 SPBRBKUK, 97 Wcstßandolph-st., Boom 4. TXTANTED-MEN IN EVERY TOWN. COUNTY, YY and State, to sell ear new button-hole cutter ana needle-threading thimble. . Agents that wish the goods will save money and time by buying direct of tho manu facturers, at 99 East Madlson-st., RoomS.- TXT ANTED—LITE INSURANCE SOLICITORS. B. YY PRUSSINQ, 143 East Bandolph-st. "\ST * ?T?ED—EXPERIENCED CANVASSERS ,TO Tt- sell tho - 4 Lives of tho Presidents.lllustrated with .fine steel portrUts, Ono toI., large quarto, 2SQ pages. Apply at 126 and 128 Doarborn-et. O. J. GRIFFITHS. Ty ANTED-A MAN THAT CAN SELL A PATENT * »» *xigfat; a good thing, with an established business bore. . Address K s<, Tribune office. WANTED— A GENTLEMAN "WITH BUSINESS ability and means, can loam of a good situation and salary by addressing Y 46. Tribune offico. "ITT"ANTED—A GOOD MAN TO CANVASS CITY FOR «T an article that will pay well; none but bare had practice selling goods.need apply. Address* M., 19634 west Madison-et. * ■ TIT ANTED—A RELIABLE TRAVELER, HAVING A Tf personal acquaintance with the best grocers in Western Wisconsin* Northern lowa* , and Minnesota. Address, with references, K 64, Tribune office. TXT ANTED-AT 164 WARREN-AV., FOUR BOYS, ON f f Monday morning, at 7 o’clock. ' Xjsr ANTED-A BOY ABOUT 17 YEARS OLD TO AT —*y--tend to a horse and boggy, do chores, etc.. Apply at 188 North Wood-et. Must be a steady boy; will board at tbs house. , - TTTANTED—SOBER, INTELLIGENT, CLEAN, AND -Vy laboring men at High wood. Pay one-half cash, one-half real estate: dirty, drunken .men please keep away. S ASHLEY MEAhS. 200 La- Balle-st. .. . . - • . 1 ■ • WANTED— CANVASSERS TO MAKE 810. A DAY and expenses; goods sell on sight. Call before bay teg elsewhere. A. M. RICHARDSON, 146 Kadison-st. TXTANTED—2O GOOD MEN TO SELL THE NOV* TT elty Glass Cutter. ISO Clark-et., Boom 10. "ANTED—AN OFFICE BOY BY WM, F. FOS TER £ CO., 10 and 13 Madlson-st. TtTANTED—LIVE MEN IN CITY AND COUNTRY Y Y to sell our Window-Screen and Chromos. Chicago Picture-Frame MTg Co., 70 East Madlson-st., corner of , State. ■ ■ ' WANTED—AN EXPERIENCED MAN TO HANDLE - V Y Y batter; none other need apply. Address Dl 3, Trib une office. 'ANTED-TWO or three men to crate sewing machines, at 74 Statc-st. ‘WANTED -TWO GOOD MEN CAN FIND STEADY * T ‘L “pplojment by applying at 235 South Clark-st.; no capital, but references required. WANTED-A GOOD RELIABLE MAN TO TAKE ■ *tea, coffee, and spice wagon and canvass for city same experience preferred. Address .Wanted - immediately a first-class j. traveling salesman; best of references required: one connection preferred.' Address WANTED-40 MEN TO GO TO MICHIGAN AND •Vim* peel bark.'Ac. Inquire at offico of O. H. fotuuoii'* Light House, Chicago, Monday W A I' T ED r MEN-BIQGEST CHANCE EVER. OF _J,V to make money. A farmer cleared $52 last 111411 rasdo $27 in three all rffcor?®*! Jon want to make money, don’t fall to call *t 89 East Madlson-st., Boom 6. - WANTED-THReE GOOD CANVASSERS, WHO arr win S machine attachments; good sal* toO-c reference. Apply SwtfaS&SSS?*- ,6Kmafloor - WANTED—MALE HELP. I MisoeHanooua--ContinTiGl. i WANTED-A^ STRONG OFFICEJ3OY WHO CAN J T write « good hand; wholesale house. Address Wl4. Trlbun* office. ’ ~ ■ - .•. .. . . CANVASSER, A MAN WHO •J f - lawilling j£> roly to some extent on. his ability. 130 Dearborn-st., Room 7. WAIfTED-A SMART EOT. ONE USED TO THE *t. • laundry business preferred; also, a first-class shlrt ironer. Apply at the Orescent Laundry, 274 West Lake. WANTED— A MAN TO REDDLE. BREAD ON commission; must have respectable team and good connection. Call at 137 North Weiis-st. Ty ANT ED—A FEW MORE ACTIVE. INTELLI ' *• - gent men of good address to take orders for some thing now; business permanent, pleasant, and profitable. Apply atatoro No. 20? South Clark-st. : : WANTED-A COLORED PORTER TO MAKE himself generally useful around a atom and under stands the care of horses: state ago and give rocommen dattons. Address W 43, Tribune office. ■ » ‘ WAKTRD-FIRSMLASS WAITER JAT COS - Dining Rooms, 47 LaSallo-st. - • , WANTED—FEMAIiE KEEP. I Domestics* • « WANTED-A GERMAN GIRL FOR HOUSEWORK; : most spoak English. Apply at 633 West Washing ton-et. ' WANTED-A GOOD NURSE GIRL AT 23 TWENTY ftftb-st. ' _ T\TANTED-AT &1 TWENTY-SECOND-ST., A Y y good cook, for ono that salts tho beat of wages paid. ANTED-A^GOOD’NORWKGIAN OITgKRMAN girl that understands general housework, to travel on the lakes and rpend throe or four mouths away from the city with a small family. £6o WostMoaroo-st. * Wanted— two or three good dining room girls at City Hotel, corner Sixteenth and State sis. • - - - - - - • • 1 - WANTED— A GIRL TO DO HOUSEWORK IN A small family at 1035 Wabash-av. .. . - TyANTED-AN EXPERIENCED NURSE GIRL TO "TT take caro of a child two years old; German preferred. Apply at No. 65 Park-av., Monday, between 9 and: 12 o’clock a. m. Ty ANTED A COMPETENT GIRL AS LAUN- T r dress. Apply, Monday, at 253 Michigan-av. TyANTED—GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE- T T work in a small family. Inquire at 788 West Jack aon-st., Monday. ' Ty ANTED—B DINING-ROOM GIRLS. APPLY AT t T the Adams House, comer Clark and Harrison-sta. Ty ANTED—A COMPETENT GIRL TO DO SEC- T r ond-work. Apply at 1029 Pralrio-av. WANTED-A .GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework for amall family. Call at 114 Vinconnos- TyANTED-GIRL TO GO IN THE COUNTRY TO II do general housework in email family; good wages paid.' .J. CLAFLIN, Room 14, 131 LaSalle-et. TAT ANTED—A GOOD GIRL WASHER AND IRON- Tr or; none but competent need apply. Apply at 1010 Michlgan-av. - WANTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL homework. Gorman or Scandinavian preferred; the best wages will be paid a girl who understands her business. Call on Monday, between 10 and 12 a. m. at 141 Calnmet-av. WANTED— A COMPETENT. STEADY GIRL FOR general housework at IC3O Michlgan-av.; Scandlnav tan or German preferred. WANTED— AT 625 WEST VAN BUREN-ST.-GIRL for general housework; most bo a good oook, washer and Ironer. WANTED— AT 639 WABASH-AV.—A GOOD GER man girl for general housework; most speak English. WANTED-A GOOD NURSE GIRL; REFERENCES required.. Call at 71 Sooth Bobey-st. TIT ANTED—A GOOD SECOND-GIRL. APPLY AT YY SI6 West TXTANTED—TWO GOOD GIRLS, SWEDE ORNOR- Y Y wegian preferred, at 534 Michlgan-av. ; Wanted -two good girls, first to do cooking, eecond to do dining room work. Apply 131 West Lako-st. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS PASTRY OOOK AT the Dearborn Dining-Room, 79 Dearbom-st. ' WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL. HOUSE work in a private family. Apply at 993 West Adazns-st. WANTED— IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, TWO GOOD girls, one as oook and laundress, the other as second girl. Apply at 390 Mlchigan-av. WANTED— AT 1223 MICHIGAN-AV., GOOD COOK, washer, and ironer. Good wages. WANTED -GIRL TO COOK AND DO GENERAL homework. Apply at 1061 Wabaah-av. , W ACTED—GIRL FOB GENERAL HOUSEWORK. Apply at 48 St. John’s-placo, near Union-Park. WANTED-A COOK FOR A BOARDING-HOUSE; wages $7 per week to a steady person. 499 South 'Dearborn (Bnmside)st., near Twenty-ninth. • WANTED-A GIRL FOB GENERAL HOUSEWORK, at 164 West Harrison-st. WANTED-A PROTESTANT GIRL TO COOK, wash, and Iron in a private family. Apply at 431 West Jackson-rt. ,'TX/’ANTED—GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK YY at I«JS Prairio-av. TXTANTED-A GOOD OOOK, WASHER, AND IRON v T er. Apply at 654 Wabash-av. TVT ANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO COOK, WASH. AND VY iron in a family of throe. Apply at 427 West Waab ington-st. . WAATSD-A GOOD COOK; GOOD WAGES WILL be paid to one who salts. Apply at 141 Ellis-av. WANTED— AT 878 WABASH-AV., AN EXPERl enced dining-room girl. TXT ANTED—A GOOD GIRL TO DO SECOND WORK VY ac 47 Wostßandolph-st. WANTED— A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework; Gorman, Norwegian. Swede, orScandi navian. For particnlare call at ISTOhio-Bt. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL, WHO IS COMPETENT to cook in a genteel private boarding-ho use. Call_at 42 Cass-et. ■ TXT ANTED—A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL YY housework, washing, and iron. Apply at No. 203 South LaSalle-st, WANTED-A MIDDLE-AGED AMERICAN WOM. an to take care of two children. Apply at 211 Hurl but-st., near Umlon-st. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework in a small family. Apply at 634 West Lako-st. TXTANTED—A GIRL TO COOK, WASH, AND t r Iron; small family. 79 Vincennes-ev. WANTED-GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK. Call, for 2 days, at 550 Hubbard-st.; German or Norwegian preferred. WANTED —A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework, cooking, washing, and Ironing; most be a Swede, Norwegian, or German. 19 Sonth Aan-st. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL T r housework, at3B North Peoria-st., northeast corner of Lake. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS GIRL TO COOK; bring references, and call at 1145 Michigan-av. WANTED-A GIRL WHO UNDERSTANDS COOK YY ing, at 186 South Jefforsou-st. Coll this afternoon or Monday mbming. WANTED-GOOD GIRL TO HELP IN A SALOON VV or do housework; no children. 109 West Randolph. WANTED-A GOOD COOK. FIRST-CLASS WA ges. 701 West Monroe-st. WANTED-GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK, at 874 lndiana-av. WANTED-A GIRL TO COOK. WASH, AND IRON, at 426 South Park-av. Call Monday. ■ ■\T7ANTED—IMMEDIATELY—A GIRL TO COOK, YY wash, andiron. Inquire at 163 Calomet-av. WANTED-GIRL TO COOK, WASH, AND IRON. Apply at No. SBB West Tyler-st. WANTED-AT «8 WABASH-AV,, A GOOD, smart girl to do second work. WANTED— A GOOD SMART SWEDE, GERMAN, or Norwegian girl to wash and iron and assist in cooking in a private boarding house. Call Immediately at 871 Wabasn-av. ■ WANTED-A GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND ironor, at 121 Twenty-first street. ' WANTED— IMMEDIATELY—A GOOD GIRL FOR second work. Apply, with references, 927 Wabash- TXTANTED—A GERMAN GIRL FROM 14 TO 16 YY years old etllSLytlo-at. . TTTANTED—GIRL FOB GENERAL HOUSEWORK YY in% small family at 59 South Paulina-st. German or Scandinavian preferred. • -■ * TXT ANTED-A SECOND GIRL, SCANDINAVIAN, VV at 616 West Adams-st., in a very small family; wages, $4. ; WANTED— £ GOOD DINING-ROOM GIRLS AT tbo Christian Union New Holly Tree Dining-Room* 159 Fiftb-av. Call to-day or to-morrow forenoon. TITANTED-A GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND 1 1 toner. Apply 800 West Washington-et. ■ . ■ 'ANTED—I GOOD COOK AND 1 EXPERIENCED dining-room girl immediately at 19 Congress-st. LADY COOK AT THE BOARD OP Trade lunch room, in rear of 121 LaSallo-st. Good wages. - . , *\XTANTED-A GOOD MEAT AND PASTRY COOK YY at U9LaSalle-st., fifth story. Apply to-day. Good wages to the right woman. •■ ■ ■• TO"ANTED—A GOOD GIRL TO COOK AND TO V Y assist in washing and ironing. Must bo thoroughly competent, and good wages will bo-paid.- 635 West Washlngton-st. - TTTANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO ASSIST IN GEN f T oral housework. Apply at 22 Sixteen th-st.' W ANTED-A GIRL TO COOK, WASH. AND IRON for a small family; highest wages paid. Apply at 126 Throop-st. WANTED— A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work for family of three. Call at 811 Lincoln-ar. TXT ANTED-A FIRST-CLASS DINING-ROOM GIRL; T Y must be perfectly competent. Apply at 434 Wa- - baah-av. . - - - TTTANTED-IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, AN VY American or Gorman -girl for general housework. Must be able to cook so things will taste good. Apply No. 9 Eighteenth-st., near the lake. IXTANTED—A COOK FOR A BOARDING HOUSE. Vy Apply 276 West Lake-st. ; WANTED— A GERMAN GIRL FOR GENERAL work; two In family. No. 1248 State-st. Wanted— a first-class girl to do gen eral housework, at 1019. Wabash-av. Private family. ANTED—A GOOD GIRL AT 119 EIGHTEENTH- Wanted -a swede or Norwegian girl to do second work In a private family. Apply at 384 Mlchlgan-av. ; • ' ■ TXT*ANTED—A GIRL TO DO HOUSEWORK IN A W «T n *ll family, at 1035 Wabash-av. ■ - TXT ANTED—AT 799 WABASH-AV., A FIKST VV cook, one who can come well recommended. IXr ANTED—A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL ■ VY-- housework. Apply at 109 Park-av. TXrANTED—GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE VV work. Call at 547 West Monroe-sU, Monday. TX7ANTED—AT. 877 SOUTH STATE-ST., A GOOD W kitchen glrL Call at once. TTTANTED- GEHL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK Wto . mill fusil, at Oak Park. Call »t 61 Knrtti HU sted-et-. Monday, between 1 and 8 o’clock^ ANTED-FIFTY GOOD GIRI£ FOB GENERAL housework. Apply at 97- West Bandolph-st., Room 3. TXT ANTED—GOOD COMPETENT GIRL TO DO VV general housework in small family. Inquire 726 West Honroe-at. ‘fltE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: SUNDAY, JUNE I, 1873 WANTED—FEMALE HELP. * w i Domestics—Continned- : .WANTED-A GIRL ABOUT 17 YEARS OF AGE Tt to do housework la a small family; wares moderate. ‘Callimmediately at 233 Bornside-st., near Twentieth, t WANTED— A COMPETENT GIRL TO DO GENER aI housework; good wages. Apply at 602 West Adams-st. .TT7ANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL ii - housework and assist in cooking; good wages. SO North Eangamon-st. , WANTED— AN EXPERIENCED WAITRESS FOR dining-room. References required. 606 Wabash-ay. WANT ED-A SWEDE* OR GERMAN GIRL TO cook, wash, and Iron, in private family, in Evanston. Inquiro at 10 East Madiaon-st., second story, after 9- o’clock a. m. ANTED—A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUS& ■ work in a small family. 170 South Pcoria-st. WANTED— A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE wntk in a private-family; uo Irish wanted. Inquire at 499 West Maaisoo-st. ITT ANTED—A GIRL TO TAKE CARE OF - CHIL •*" dren and sew. Apply at 96 Ashland-av., corner Monroc-st. TyANTED—A GOOD CAPABLE WOMAN AS Ti cook in a private boarding-house. Apply at &3 South Morgan-st. WANTED-A GOOD STRONG GIRL TO DO GEN eral housework, at SL3 West Mouroe-st. WANTED-FiRST-CtASSCHAMCER GIRL. ALSO, a good kitchen girl, at 73 and 75 East Monroo-st. ; * Milliners. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS MILLINER, (TRIM i T -mer),- at 300 West Madison-at. ; 'T\r, ANTED—TWO GOOD MILLINERS TO GO INTO •» i the country: good wages end permanent situations. Apply Immediately to QAGK, BUG. & CO., 257 and £9 Wabash-av. Soomstrossca. WANTED-OPERATOR ON WHEELER A WILSON machine. 37C West V aylor-st. Ty ANTED—2 PERFECT SHIRTMAKERS ON THE n Wheeler A Wilson machine; will pay well. Apply at2S7 Biuelsland-av. , . WANTED— SHIRTMAKERS AT MoART’S EURE ka shirt factory, 60 West MadUon-st. ... • WANTED-A GOOD TAILORESS TO WORK ON fine custom coats, at 130 South Desplaines-et. Call from 9 to 13 a. m. on Monday. ■ : Ty ANTED—ONE SHIRT CUTTER AND MAKER, Y V at 251 West Randolph-st. . . WANTED-TEN FIRST-CLASS DRESSMAKERS, at 973 Wabash-av. W ANTED—SEVERAL GOOD GIRLS WHO UN derstaud dressmaking.: also ono who can run a ►sw ing machine, at Madame HOFFMANN'S, No. tSllar mop-court, on Monday morning, June 2. . WANTED— 10 GOOD DRESSMAKERS AND ITO sow on Singer’s machine for ladles’ underwear. 235 South Clark-et. WANTED-A GIRL THAT CAN FURNISH THE Singer’s machine to work on plain sowing, 307 Carroll st., near May. TVT ANTED A LADY THAT UNDERSTANDS Tv trimming men’s Panama and straw hats. B. J. TURNER, 68 dnd 70 Statc-st. WANTED— THREE APPRENTICES FOR DBESS making. Apply at M 0 Foarth-«t. WANTED— 10 GOOD DRESSMAKERS AND 1 operator. No. 37 East Polk-st. Nnrsos. WANTED-WET-NURSE FOR CHILD 3 WEEKS old. Apply to-day, to Dr. J. ADAMS ALLEN, 503 Michlgan-av., between 3 and 4, and 6 and 7 o’clock p. m. WANTED-NURSE GIRL ABOUT 16. FOE CHILD 3 years old. for afternoons only. 386 Blinois-st., sec ond door from Rash. TIT ANTED—A GOOD NURSE GIRL FOB A SMALL Tv family; Swede or Gorman preferred. 137 Twenty*- sixth-st- ‘ TXT ANTED —A GOOD NURSE GIRL TO TAKE V Y care of two small children. Inquire at once, at No. 80Oak-av., near Dooglas-plaoe. * WANTED— A WET NURSE AT 81 ILLINOIS-ST., to take care of a baby. -' WANTED— A GIRL TO TAKE CARE OF ONE child. Apply at 174 Westom-av., between Jackson and Tan Boren. Laundresses. XTTANTED—THREE FIRST-CLASS NEW SHIRT TV ironers and one good stareber at the Oriental Steam laundry. 420 West Randolph-st. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS LAUNDRESS AT 99 Aahland-av., corner of Monro o-st. WANTED— AT TROY LAUNDRY, 78 SOUTH LlN ooln-rt., 6 first-class shirt-ironers: wages from 88 to sl3 per weoE; board in boose If wanted. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS LAUNDRY GIRL (A good ironer). Immediately, at 1121 State-st. Best of wages paid to a competent hand. Employment Agencies, WANTED— NO. 1 LAUNDRESS, IRONERS. WASH era, dish-washers, and kitchen help, for Highland Park Hotel. Inquire of MRS. H. L. BATES, No. 10 Feok-coart. WANTED— GIRL, OR MAN AND WIFE FOR farm. MRS. BATES, 10 Peck-court. ' WANTED— FIRST-CLASS GIRLS FOB EVANS ton.Oak Park, Crystal Lake, Woodlawn, and city, at MRS. HAMILTON’S, 46 South Unlon-st. WANTED— GIRLS OF EVERY NATION FOR ALL kinds of honsowork in city and country, at MRS. THOMPSON’S office, 1000 State-st. TxrANTED—GOOD GIRLS OP EVERY NATIONAL- T Y ity to fill situations In the boat of families and board- Ing-bomes. MRS. WHITTAKER, 265 Chicago-av. WANTED GERMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN girls for private families and hotels, at £0 kee-av.; no fees. TXTANTED—IMMEDIATELY—IS CHAMBER AND YV 10 scrub girls, ono to take charge of store-room In a hotel. Bes Wabaah*av., Mrs. BALKaM'S office. WANTED-SEVERAL GOOD COOKS; ALSO, girls lor housework; good nieces waiting. Families wanting help pleaso call. 446 Wabaahav., Boon 4. WANTED-GOOD girls for private FAMI- Ilett; German, Irish, Swedes, Norwegians, Danes, Americans.' Miss BARTON’S office, 883 State-st., en trance on Eighteenth. Do not call on Sunday. ‘ WANTED-A GOOD LOOKING, RESPECTABLE young lady to attend in a first-class cigar store; wages $9 per week. Address D 82. Tribune office. ■ WANTED THREE GIRLS TO DO KITCHEN work, at BURCKY 4 MILAN’S Restaurant, 167 and 169 East lladison-st. WANTED— AN INTELLIGENT GIRL, AS A lady’s servant; must bo a good seamstress, and bring best references. Address D 12, Trlbano office, stating wages expected. ; WANTED-A LADY TO DO COPYING. MUST write a good hand, plain and neat. Address D 22, Tribune office. ■' WANTED—2S LADIES TO STUDY FOR .THE v Y stage; wardrobe famished. Addresses to bo left at *1132 Stato-at. immediately. • ' ANTED-2 PRACTICAL WEAVERS (WOMEN) on power looms. A. G. GARFIELD 4 CO., 239 and 241 L&ko-st. . . WANTED-A SEWING GIRL AT 69 NORTH SHEL don-st. "" ~ WANTED-SEVERAL LADIES TO SELL A FINE i Y toilet article, and rubber goods for ladies. Room 8, 25 West Lako-st. -firANTED—YOUNG LADIES TO ADDRESS NEWS VV paper wrappers. Must write rapidly and legibly. None other neodapply. OUR FIRESIDE FRIEND, 100 81xteenth-st. SITUATIONS WANTED—MALE. bookkeepers. Clerks* ,&o. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN AS assistant bookkeeper, collector, or in any light capaci- - ty. Address GEORGE W. ROSE, P. qTBox 133. SITUATION WANTED-BY A TRAVELING SALKS-, man: has had experience, and has a trade already* es tablished in lowa and* Minnesota. Address B, 95 North Clark-st. ■ - SITUATION WANTED-AS BOOKKEEPER OR cashier, by a young man 21 years of ago. Best of refer ences from former employers, including a city bank. Ad* dress Z 26, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN IN A wholesale dry goods or notion house; has a thorough knowledge of the business; would not object to travel. Best of references given. Address Z 76, Tribune office.' Situation wanted-s2i-an ekqjgemest O as traveling salesman or collector, or to take charge of abranch bnilness. by a thorough-going business man. With over 25 years'experience in the various branches of trade; $25 will bo paid to ony party that will assist him to secure such a situation. Address W 60, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-ACCOUNT BOOKS OPEN od, closed, or examined, by a thorough accountant; posting, adjusting, etc., attended to evenings or day time. A BRASHER, No. 757 West Madison-st. _• SITUATION WANTED—BY AN EXPERIENCED grocer, as clerk or bookkeeper; none but those meaning business need reply. Address* for two days* O 73, Tribune office. ■ SITUATION WANTED-BY A MARRIED MAN, residing in the city, os bookkeeper* bill clerk, clerk In a railroad, freight, or land office; or assistant clerk in a court; would bo useful in a lawyers office, having bad several years’ experience as clerk in Circuit, Criminal, County, and Probate Courts; is well recommended as to ability, character* etc. Salary not so mneta of an object as permanent employment. • Address WB* Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNO MAN WITH good English education; two years* experience as salesman, and best of references; will not object to any kind of honorable work. Address Yl9, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BOOKS OPENED AND closed; complicated accounts adjusted; posting, copying, and general office work promptly attended to. Aggress O 58; Tribune offico. ~ : SITUATION WANTED-BY* A YOUNG MAN; speaks English and German; has experience in grocery trade and bookkeeping; willing to do anything. Address Yl9, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-AS BOOKKEEPER; 85 years of ago; fully competent; salary moderate. Ad dress W 91, Tribune office; - - -- ■ • - • • ‘ SITUATION WANTED—IN HARDWARE TRADE, wholesale or retail, by a person of ten years* experience and a thorough acquaintance with all Eastern manufso. turers. Salary a secondary consideration. -Address Yl7, Tribune office. . SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN WHO is temperate, honest, a good penman, and not afraid of work, m some wholesale house or railroad office; wages not so much of an object as steady employment. Address O 22, Tribune office. ; ; ’ Situation wanted—a young man with about 81,600 desires a situation where he .eon loan his money to his employer, or a partnership in an established business. Abdress K 65, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—EITHER IN THIS CITY or in any part of the country, by an active business man of twenty years* experience, who capable of taking charge of the most complicated business in the office or outside; bos kept books and done the correspond ence in tbo jobbing, manufacturing, and commission business, and in tbo Utter has a large Eastern order trade which would be valuable to parties m that line; has U toly been unfortunate in business, and is anxipus to osa bis abilities where they will be valuable: no objection toßomg to California or tho Territories Address at once* UUoi- NESS, 1076 Wabash-av, • SITUATION WAKTED-AS CLERK IN A REAL estate, general broker, or Insurance office by a young man with good recommendations and references. Address Y 24. Tribune office. -* - SITUATION WANTED —BY A MIDDLE-AGED man. sober and steady, in a boot and sh f © store, foreman, salesman and gensral jobber; no objection to the country. Address W 39, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-AS BOOKKEEPER OB any other position with some good firm: 9 Jjars ex perience; can keep or straighten any set of books. Ad dress W 6, Tribune office. SITUATIONS WANTED— MALE. EooldjeopcraVClorts.&o.—Continued^ SITUATION WANTED-AS SALESMAN LN A wholesale confectionery store, or as traveling agent to soli by sample ; have bad experience In the busings, and conjfiTO the best of references. Address w. ZliiKIU MAN, Tribnoo office. CITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN WHO 'O can speak and write German, in some light business: reference given .If required. Address WEDDALL, lßi WestLakcHßt. , - 0 CITUATION' WANTED—BY AN EXPERIENCED O bookkeeper in some mercantile house. Address W 81, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED^BY -A. YOUNG MAN 23 years of ago, as bookkeeper, assistant bookkeeper, copyist, or shipping-clerk; has been on a railway for 3M years in England. Address D 27, Tribune office.. CITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN OF O good business education and oipcricnco; is not afraid of work; best of references. - Address D 29, Tribune of fice. SITUATION WANTED - A GENTLEMAN WHO has a business of his own, bat which does not require but a small portion of hb time, doeires to procure a situ-, tion vrbare his entire lime will not bo required, la a oora ; potent bookkeeper, raj-ld writer, quick and correct, ten' years 1 business experience, good references, and moder ate salary. Would like a petition as bookkeeper, or as sistant collector, or correspondent. Address W4B,Trlb ono office. . . ■ 'J | . Trar.cs- SITTATION WANTED-BY AN ENGINEER OF 20 years 1 experience; undcrs:aode high end low pressure. Best of city reference*. Address S, tfrg South Halsicd-st.' SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN; HAS - bad two years 1 experience in harness shop; is willing to work for a fair salary. Address W4, Tribune office. ‘ CITUATION WANTED-BY A BLACKSMITH. TO £3 do any work in his trade; boat references. Address 25t> West India aa-st. : > SITUATION WANTED-BY A PRACTICAL OAR pooler, who can work Irom plans: is a raedium draughtsman, and good bookkeeper. Address DS, Trib une office. . " SITUATION WANTKD-AS A FOREMAN IN A MA 'chlna shop; speciality of work immaterial: am a good draughtsman and of inventive genius; a trial cf a few days will satisfy the employer. Address MECHANICAL ENGINEER, Box SO, Hinsdale, DuPag e County, 111. CITUATION WANTED —TO APPRENTICE . A O smart English lad.'aged 13. to tho eabiaot-maklnc, upholstering, or other llgnt business. Addrtws J F, cur nor Twenty-seventh and Butlor-sts. ■ ‘ SITUATION ..WANTED—BY A GOOD COMPOS- I:or (German), on a periodical, book work, or a chance to improve on job work. Address F 61, Tribuna office. SITUATION. WANTED—TO BUN A STATIONARY engine, by a practical engineer, in the city; good ref erences given. .'Address for 10days. GEO. DAVIS, 188 North CUrk-st. ■ Coachmen. Teamsters. &c. SITUATION WANTED —BY A YOUNG MAN (Swodo) as first-class coachman; has several years* experience and best of references. Address W 66, Trlb* nne office. , . OIEUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN (NOR- O wegian) to take care of horses and to drive and make himself useful in a private family; Rood city reference. Please call or address Ski West Lako-sL J. JOHNSON. SITUATION WANTED—AS COACHMAN, BY A ytying Englishman of experience; good groom and driver: city references from last employer. Address 8., care of THOLE A FXDDELKE, 911 btaic-st., SITUATION -WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AS coachman or to drive a delivery wagon. Address Y SO, Tribune office. . SITUATION WANTED-BY AN ENGLISHMAN as coachman and gardener; willing to make himself generally useful. Apply to GH, S49Van Buren-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A SWEDE. ASCOACH m«n in a private family; am sober and willing to work. Address W 96, Tribune offico. SITUATION WANTED—BY AN ENGLISMAN, AS coachman, or to drive light wagon for wholesale firm; can loan good horso to employer; good references. • G. ELLIS, S&6 North Wolls-at. • SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED coachman;.good references; willing to work for any wages—take caro of horses and make himself useful. Please Address NBLLSON, Tribune office, or Denmark Hotel, 9 Milwankee-av - • SITUATION WANTED—AS COACHMAN, BY A young man who thoroughly understands the manage ment of horses; English; good references; would ho will ing to make himself useful. Address W. HAMMOND, llSKinzle-st. • • 1 • SITUATIONS WANTED-BY MAN AND WIFE, AS No. 1 coaofamon and oook; best city references. Ad dress Y 52, Tribune office. - • SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG SCANDl navian man who understands taking caro of horses, as ; will mako himself useful round the honso; no objection to the country. 99 Unlon-st. SITUATION WANTED-AS COACHMAN. BY A sober and steady man (Dane) who thoroughly under stands tho care of horses and carriages, and will make himself useful. Fleoso address Z 60, Tribune office. CITUATION WANTED—BY AFIRST-CLASS COACH jj man; Is willing to made himself nseiul, and is highly recommended. Address WlO, Trihnno offico. SITUATION WANTED-AS COACHMAN BY A young Dane; understands the core of horses and car riages, and will make himself useful, and as a good driver. WS, Tribune office. • JOliaceUaneous- SITUATION WANTED—S2B-1 WILL GIVE $35 TO any oue procuring mo an opportunity to work for fair pay; best of reference. Address Y 25, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED —BY A YOUNG MAN (white), as waiter, or where he can learn cooking. Ad dress Z 74, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED A WELL-EDUCATED man desires a situation os private watchman or any position of trust: unexceptionable references. Address K 63, Tribune offico. • SITUATION WANTED —BY A YOUNG MAN whore ho can moke himself useful; best of references furnished. Address O 23, Tribune office. S'ITUATION WANTED—AS COLLECTOR, OR TO > occupy gome plaoo of trust; satisfactory references. Address W J, Carrier 80. ■ SITUATION WANTED-BY AN ENGLISHMAN where there is one horse and buggy, to work in gar den; is willing to make himself generally useful. Adcruss J H, Tribune office, lor two days. _ ; SITUATIONS WANTED— FEMAIjS Domestios.. SITUATION WANTED—AS- SECOND GIRL IN A private family in neighborhood of Lincoln Park. Best of references. Call at MR. CUSHIONS, comer Taylor and Ccntro-av. . SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young girl to do sooond-work. Apply, for three days, at Third-av. • SITUATIONS WANTED—BY A COMPETENT COOK in private family; also, chambermaid. Can bo aeon at 10 Pock-court. _ . SITUATION WANTED-AS DINING-ROOM GIRL . or as tirut-class waitress in a private family; under stands all about salads, and can take full charge of din ing-room. None but first-class private tamilies need ap ply. at 840 Wabash-av. Best of references. SITUATION WANTED—IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, to do light chamberwork and sew; has her own ma chine if wanted. References given if required.: K6O Tribune office. ... SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young Protestant girl to take care of children; will not ao washing. Best of references. Address Y 21, Trib une office. •. - SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG DANISH - girl in a private family Intending to travel. She is ■willing to tako care of children. She speaks English and Gorman. Best of references. Address Z 81, Tribune office. Situations iv anted-by a cook and sec ond girl in a private family. Call Monday and Tuea day at 32a Butterfield-st. . SITUATION WANTED—BY A FIEST-CLASSOOOK in a restaurant or private boardlng-houso. North Side preferred. Apply Monday, 129 North Peoria-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD GIRL IN' A small family, or to do second work. Apply at 154 Ar chor-av., up stairs. Call Monday. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN GIRL to do second woric in a private family; reference given if raqnlrod. Inquire tel West Erie-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GERMAN GIRL, IN a German family. Call oraddress 369 West Washing, ton-st. ■ SITUATION WANTED-BY A COOK WHO UNDER stands her business. In a private family. Apply.443 Mlchigan-sv. Good references. • • -• SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young girl in a private family, for second girl or sow ing rtri; ran do either. Pleaso call Monday from 10 a. m, to 3 p. m., at7s6North Wolls-st.; good references from last employer. j _ SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT GIRL, to do general housework in a small Private family: nest of references. Please call or address 23 Bublo-st., West Side. ■ SITUATION WANTED—TO DO SECOND WORK Id sprirato family, by a Protestant girL Apply* Mon day, 263 Weatworth-av. • Situations wantkd-by two girls, one to do general housework in a small family, the other to do second work. Call at 497 Amold-st. Situations wanted-by two girls, one as cook and the other aa second girl. Call at 118 Bum* sldo-st. No objection to the country. . ; SITUATION WANTED-BY A NEAT GERMAN girl, to cook, wash, and Iron in a Jitkont children: West Side preferred. Apply at 477 Falton-st, Monday morning. ■ SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD GIRL AS cook or to do general bouiowork in a small family. Cali at 872 West Wmhington-at. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL TO do second work; best of reference. Apply to 680 But* terfield-et., Monday. . . ' ITtJATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE girl to do second work or general housework In a small family. Please call at store a 59 State-st. SITUATION WANTED—IN A PRIVATE FAMILY as cook or general housework. Good references 11 required. Please g*ii at 63 North Cnrtis-st., Monday. Laundresses* „ . Situation wanted-by a respect able English woman; bonae-cleaning. washing. >?dlron ing. family wA.whtng tf|r«»w home It required. Address 892 South May-st.~ • • . SITUATION WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN GIRL to do plain sewing In a private family; , c “/2!?n?!UJSS own machine. Wheeler * Wilson. Apply *t 337 Taylor st., for three days. Seamstresses- OITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS DRESS- SITUATION .WANTED —BY AN dressmaker, to go oat by the day, can be found at Ilw* Wabash av. MRS. M. £. O, ~ SITUATION WANTED-BY A EXPECTABLE lady from England as seamstress, or would bo wflhng .to go traveling with a lady for tho summer and make her sell generally useful. Address 171 Malhar-st., near xiai stod. ' C* ITUATION WANTED—A COMPETENT DRESS- O maker would like a few mote customer* at 833 west Harrison-st., or would go out by the day. SITUATION WANTED-BY A OP long experience: can cut the day or week. Call or address 187 Weirt Washlngton-at. QITDATION WANTED—AS SEAMSTRESS M PKI- O vato families. Apply at 257 Araold-st,, betweenTwea ty-third and Ttrenty-/ottrth-«ts» OITPATXON WA-NTEBr-BY. A SWKLUSU l&dj to do uiixt second work and Mwlxyf iTiwr {jm ingnim fox three difii at 88 Twenty* seventh-at. ■ SITUATION WANTED—AS SEAMSTB ESS AND pwiw dmsmakar. Call Monday at 659 absab-ar. SITUATIONS . WANTED*-TEMAIjI Seiimstressea*-CozrtixmcfL CITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE O girl, in a private family, to do saving and assist in second work. Please call or address 28 Hublo-st. \TTANTED —GOOD HANDS FOR WHEELER A . Vt; Wilson and Wilcox A Gibbs sewing machines, at Iti Third r av.. Nurse*. SITUATION WANTED-A GERMAN LADY WANTS a place in a respectable family as none, with a respec table gentleman, m order to keep bouse. Address A. K„ 701 North Fnmkiin-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RELIABLE WOMAN O as vet none. ’ Call at 631 Wostlndiana-st, SITUATION WANTED-A LADIES* NURSE OF long experience can be found at 56d; beat of reference given if required. SITUATION WANTED-A PLACE AS WET DDne. References can bo given. Z 72, Tribnae office. SITUATION WANTED—AS WET-NURSE FOR child 4 to 6 months old, by a lady without child twill, leave city If desired. Call on Monday, at 16 North Shel don-et. SITUATION WANTED —AS LADIES' MONTHLY or weakly nnrso, by a woman of many years experience; best of references given: terms Sltlper week. Call or address MRS. M. THORNTON, ISO Thlrty-lim-sL SITUATION WANTED-ONE ELDER SWEDISH O girl wants a place to take care of a baby. Call at 316 North Markot-st., rear. . ‘ SITUATION WANTKD-AS NURSE. BY ONE AC emtomed to the care of invalids; $lO per week; best of reference glvun. Apply at 21 2)4 Fuiton-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG AMERICAN girl, /ram the country, ago 17, a# nurse girl or second girl; best references given. Address W76, Tribune office. S' TrUATION WANTKD-AS NUUSK-GIRL IN A private family. Gail at 12 North'EUxabeth-et., on Monday. Housekeepers. SITUATION WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER;. BY a younj widow lady. Address Z £3, Tribune office. HOUSEKEEPER, BY A O widow woman; a widoworpreferred. References given If required. Address K 61, Trioune office. • SITUATION WANTKD-AS HOUSEKEEPER, BY an American Udy (best of references gtvin), in a pri vate family, or a respectable widower, if sister can board with her. Can bo scon, for two days, at her home, 325 South Halstoi-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG LADY, AS housekeeper; rone need apply only those with a homo; no objections to children. Address D 23, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE widow lady, as housekeeper in a hotel or widower’s fam ily; tho country preferred. Call or address,' Monday, M. M., H8 Haatlngs-st. • SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG WIDOW, as housekeeper in a widower’s family; not afraid of work; Rood references given and required. Address, 443 W&Ltwa-av., Boom 4. • Employment Atjencies. Situations wantbd-families in want of good Sc«Qdina\isn and Gorman help can bo supplied at Mrs. DUSKE'S offico, 60 Milwaukeo-av. _ SITUATIONS WANTED - GOOD COOKS, ALSO holp in every capacity, supplied at Mrs. BALKAM’S office, 845 Wabash-av. Item ember, No. 835 Wabash-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY OF REFlNE xnent as housekeeper for a widower or two or threo penUemon; e-m give good references. Address Y SO, Tribune office. ' __ Situations wanted-at the star employ ment Office, for cooks, chambermaids, on the lakes. Captains will find tho best of help at No. f> West Madison* st. Hotels, restaurants, laundries, boarding and private houses, r -** n be aupplied on abort notice. A number of situations now on hand for German, Swede, and Nor wegian girls. SITUATIONS WANTED-FOR SOME OF THE BEST cooks In tho city; also girls for all kinds of work. 84 Uuiou-kt., corner Washington. Miscellaneous* SITUATION WANTED-AS CLERK IN A NOTION store or confectionery, by a German girl who speaks English; some experience and con give the best of city reference. Address X 58, Tribane office. • SITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY OF EXPERI enco in fine laces and embroideries, os saleslady; con furnish the best of reference from her lost employer. Address K 59 Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A MIDDLE-AGED woman to travel with a family and take charge of children. Apply at 296 West Polk-st. SITUATION WANTED—A LADY WOULD • LIKE the core of a family of children, at their own home, daring the absence of tho parents fortbesummermouths; woula also taka charge of the house. Reference to Dr. CLINTON LOCKE, 1073 Pralrie-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY SHORT-HAND writer os amanuensis in a business office to write let ters from dictation. Call or address W, 16 Ccntre-av. SITUATION WANTED—AS COMPANION TO A LA dy or governess, by a lady of genial disposition, who Isa good reader and musician; travel preferred; referen revr nrnhftnggd. Address Y S7, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG FRENCH lady, in a good private family where her services in teaching music to children will be sufficient compensation for board. Call, Sunday or Monday, at 275 Madlion-st., up-stairs. ' SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG LADY, TO writo in an office or to do copying. Address, fur two. days, Y 57, Tribane. - - • Situations wanted —by two colored women to go traveling with ladles; one as waiter, one nuraory. CoS at 128 Foortb-av.. or 327 South Clark-at. FOR SALE, FOR SALE-SECOND-HAND MICROSCOPES FROM 200 to 1,000 diameters, at Dr. JOHN PHILLIPS*, Optician and Oculist. Don't forget tho place, 120 Fourth av.. a few doors south of Harrison-st. • Spectacles suited by Inspection to tho eyo. • FOB SALE—SO OASES. AT 13354 WEST MADI son-st. ’ FOB SALE—ICE-BOXES AND REFRIGERATORS; been ueod about six months, in the best order, mode by Benton & Gower, and very cheap. Como and see them at 159 South Ilalatod-st. DAN'L COSTELLO. For sale-one large, well-builtice-box, cheap, suitable for a hotel or largo boardlng-houso. Call atS-ioßurnslde-st., near Twenty-fifth. For salk-cheap-saloon fixtures, with pigeon-holo table. 103 Woit Twclfth-st. For sale—a large lot of sash weights less than the market rate, as I Swam to close oat my stock; also, a lot of nitro In bulk at 3 cents 9 lh» WAR REN SPRINGER, 23 North Cllnton-st. FOR SALE-A SPLENDID MILCH COW; GIVES from 12 to 15 quarts milk per day. Call and see the some at No. 634 Wabash-av. FOR SALE-CHEAP, BILLIARD TABLE. BALKE make, Phelan A Collander 1 * patent cushion. J. P. WARNER. 124 South Olark-sU, Room 9. FOR SALE—A 6-FOOT NICKEL-FRAME SHOW case. Apply at W. B. HILL’S now hairdressing rooms, 131 LaSaUe-st. . , For sale-at half-price, large lot of rubber and leather bolting, and hoso; new and first class goods. 230 West Waahmgton-st. T7OR SALE-ONE OP HALL’S DOUBLE-DOORED J} safe in good order. Will sell cheap fer cash, or cz* change for a lot in Irvin Park. Call on CHARLES H. GOODWIN, 43 Canal-st. . For sale-a magnificent marble-top bar counter at 80 North Canal-st- For sale-cheap, a first-class ticket to Liverpool, via White Star Line, for a lady. Address Dl 7, Tribune office. ' For sale—cheap—one SMALL saloon, bar complete, at Home Billiard - Parlors, No. 607 West Madlson-st. For sale-sample and lunoh room signs cheap. S3 Stato-et. | For sale-a complete file of the tribune /or the quarter succeeding the great fire. Address A 100, Tribune office. • For sale-a complete soda water appa ratus, 8 fountains 12 gallons each and No. 1 copper Snerator, suitable for a druggist or small factory, for loss on half cost price. P. ROUZE £ CO., 24 North Oa nal-st. . . . T?OR SALE-TWO AWNINGS, BEEN USED A LIT JD tic. only $4 each. CHAPIN BROS., 214 and 216 East Madlson-st. ; . For sale-60 coeds of good wood, sutta ble for brick works and limekilns; all hickory, oak, maple, and walnut; will bo sold cheap to a cash custo mer. Call upon or address ROBERT GOLOBECK, Room 7, southeast corner State and Adams-ats. FOR SALE-A SET OP TINNER’S TOOLS. W. O. SHELDON, 783 Sooth Halsted-st. For sale —a well-finished counter, shelves, desk, counter stools, sash for cashier’s office; also, a large opon-woric banner sign, with large oz, for merly the sign of the winter market. Inquire at 966 West Madlson-st., up-stairs. • •niOaSALE—B2,OOO CASH-STEAM GANAL STONE Jj propeller, in complete running order. A. McKIRDY, 341 South Wator-st., or O. BAY, 663 North Clark-st. For sale-at 10 east madison-st.. sample trunks, shelving, tables, stove, Ac. Gall before 10 Monday a. m. or between 1 and 3p. in* Boston Star Col lar Co. FOR SALE-ON MONDAY AND TUESDAY, ALL kinds of scales, with or without drop-lover, from 40U up to 8,000 lb*. Also, I single and one doable pillar dor pntnt, very low, at S6 West Lake-st. FOR SALE—IS,OOO tamarack posts, equal to codar. MCDONALD A RAE, comer Taylor and Shonnan-sta. TP OR BALE-TICKET TO BOSTON VIA FORT JJ Wayne Road. Price, 823. Apply to the Western Nows Company, 42 and 44 Randolph-st. FOB SALE-ONE SECOND-HAND HALL SAFE, good as new; also, black walnut offleo counter, suit able for cashier’s desk; both aro bargains. Apply at southeast comer Market and Washlngton-sta*. for three days, from 9 to 11 a. m. Fob sale-thb fixtures of a first-class saloon. wilting of bltck walnut ico-chesU, bar, bar fixtures, cigar cases, mirrors, gas chandeliers, tables, and other articles appertaining to the bnsinee. Apply at 201 West Bandolph-st. Fob sale-one Cincinnati safe? price, 8176: cost, S3OO. Inquire of S. H. SOOTH WICK, 166 LaSalle-st. FOE SALE-LOT CROCKERY WARE, LARGE cook stovo, with furniture, glassware for saloon, do., ve& low; bankrupt sale, 171 South Water-* t. Apply from 9 to 13 o f clock Monday morning. MUSICAL. A FINE NEW. ROSEWOOD 7-OCTAVE PIANO FOE sale. Will take a good port payment. Address K 80, Tribune office. ASWEET-TONKD ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, by Gilbert* of Boston, in fine order, price, S6O, It is well worth S2OO. Residence, 7£lghtoenth-st. For sale-a splendid 7-octavk rosewood case, carved leg piano (Stainway scale), in fine order, Call Monday after 10 a. m., £sl Patk-av. TpOR SALE-CHEAP—A SPLENDID FIRST-CLASS J* entirely new piano. Z 59, Tribane office. - . FOR SALE-CHEAP, AND PART ON TIME, ONE 7-octave piano and one Estey organ, nearly new. E. ROGERS, 177 Bait Madison-st., Boom 9. OR SALE-A NEW YORK PIANO, CARVED leg*, over-strung bass, and stool for SISS; very cheap. 274 State-st., second floor. T. DAVIS. For sale-grand concert piano (by wm. Sonehe, of Baltimore), cheap for cash; most leave for Europe. Address E SO, Tribune effleo. MELODEON COST $l6O, GOLD AND BELTER wUcbet 83,000 for sale or exchange at a bargain: also $4,000 stock of dxj goods. BOH7VXS A CO.. 43 Sooth Clark-st. PIANOS TO RENT, 8F PER MONTH AND DP* wards, also for sale at lowest prices and on best tfrm*. N. GOOU> A SON, 13 Cottage GroTO-ar. TO RSNT-OB FOR SALE-PIANO; FIRST-CLASS enrt AffiQ. liSTiUld-aT. BUSINESS CHANCES. A PROMINENT FIRST-CLASS RETAIL FAMILY grocery for sale, doing a Urge and profitable busi ness, which can be greatly Increased by a live, energetic, paining man, who can giro his entire attention to the business. The owners hare other basinets to attend to, which is fhclr reason for selling. For particulars call or address BURTON, FIERCE A CO., wholesale grocers, 54 Michlgan-av. ■ A N ACTIVE BUSINESS MAN WANTED WITH JjL 81.000 cash, to join a gentleman with equal amount and act as Treasurer to take charge of the financial affairs for tho manufacture of a Ultle patent article that costs 3 coots and sells for 00 cents. A sure fortune; failure im possible. Orders on hand foe 60 gross, amounting to 82,160, which cannot be filled for want of above capital. Send 60 cents fur sample, or call and investigate at 85 and 87 De&rbom-st., Room a, Chicago, 111. Asash and door factory for sale in a first-class locality: good power and cheap rent. Ad dress Z 71, Tribune office. A RETAIL TEA. COFFEE, AND SPICE BUSINESS with fixtures, in the best location on tho South Side, for sale: everything now, stock light, but small capita! required. A splendid chance for . tho right man. Good reasons for selling oat. Address £ 90, Tribaao office. A PRACTICAL SEWING MACHINE MAN WANT od—The right man with some ohpltal can find a per manent and paying business, whore all kinds of sewing machines are sold at exceedingly low figures. Apply soon at ill West Madlson-st. A GOOD AND WELELOCATED GROCERYSTORE. with fixtures and stock on band, for salo cheap; good reasons given. Inquire at 688 Archor-av., ono block oast of Halstod-st. A MILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT FOR SALE IN aclty of-i,(XO inhabitants, doing a good business: av erage receipts from $25 to SSO a day through the busy season. For particulars address, xor one week,' Carrier 30, Chicago P. 0., 111. A GOOD COUNTRY PRACTICE FOR SALE. IN quire of GALE A BLOCK!, 85 Sooth Clark-st., Chicago. A BOARDING-HOUSE OF 13 ROOMS FOR SALE; all furnished, and in running order; good location; only S4OO. Inquire at Boom 11 Otis Block. ABARGAIN-THE EATING-HOUSE AT GRAND Rapids it for sale. Inquire on tho premises or Post- Offieo Box 1298, Grand Rapids, Mich. A FIRST-CLASS DRUG STORE FOR SALE, IN A good locality; capital required, about $6,000. Ad dress W 92, Tribune office. A DRUGGIST WANTED WITH SMALL CAPITAL who wishes to purchase a drug store on easy terms; no better chacco in city. Call on MoPHERSON A CO., 163 Washlngton-st., Room So. A PARTY WITH FROM SIO,OOO TO 820,000 WANT od to purchase a one-third interest In an established manufacturing business, a monopoly; fullest investiga tion courted. Address W 30, Tribune office. A RARE CHANCE FOR »A FIRST-CLASS Busi ness man that can fnrnlsh from $1,500 to $3,000 cuh, or real estate security, to control a manufactured article that will pay a largo profit and quick return. Address Y 63, Tribune office. A MILLINERY STORE IN A COUNTRY TOWN now doing a good business for sale; reason for soiling the owner is In poor health and wishes to travel- Address O SC, Tribune office. A RARE" CHANCE FOR A GOOD BUSINESS MAN to control a manufactured article that is an actual necessity In every house in the Uulon; a complete mon opoly to a party who can famish from $3,000 to $5,C00 cash, or real estate security. 1 will give a chance to make from $5,000 to $lO, pop per annum. Y £4, Tribune office. A FIRST-CLASS SALOON FOR SALE, LOCALITY central, if bought at once; serious Illness of proprie tor cause of sale: purchase money can easily bo doubled In2month*; £3.ooodown,' balance on terms to salt. Address D 28, Tribune office. A SPLENDID OPENING FOR A BATH-ROOM OR trunk business. Apply to PEKIN TEA COMPANY, 876State-st. A FIRST-RATE, LEGITIMATE MANUFACTURING business, staple article, and ready demand, profits large; cash required, about SS,CCO. Inquire at 170 South Peoria-#!. A SMALL CIGAR STORE FOR SALE, DOING A good business, good reasons given for selling out. Call or address 85# North Wells-st. AN OLD ESTABLISHED MANUFACTURING business, with largo trade, in the city, for sale. Cosh required from $5, COO to $6,000: easy terms for balance, or would take for part real estate in exchange. Would sell an interest loan active business man. Reason for soiling, bad health. Address H 80, Tribune office. AN ESTABLISHED MANUFACTURING BUSl businoss for sale, requiring 83,000 to $3,000, in the lino of grocers’, sundries. This; la an excellent chance; other business makes tho sale necessary. Address W 80, Tribune oifico. A RETAIL GROCERY. IN FIRST-CLASS NBlGH borbood, and doing a good business for sale: stock and fixtures valued at 81,600. R. KENNEDY, 145 Clark-st., Rooms 26 and 37, A WELL-DOING MEAT AND VEGETABLE MAR ket. doing a r**h business, for sale cheap, with ice house and everything complete, on a thriving corner. In gniro at O. TISSHER, No. 1135 Milwankeo-av. Boarding-house and saloon for sale; good location, with two rears’ lease; can accommo date 40 boarders; will be sold cheap for cash. Apply at LOUIS MARCBAU, 27 EaetKlrulosU : Boarding-house for sale, inquire at 71 West Van Buren-et. ■ Business chances, with stocks of goods for sale or exchange: Well-fitted np and well-stocked drug store. Chicago, $4,560. splendid dry goods business, lowa, SIO,OOO. Manufacturing business, Chicago, $4,500. Dry goods and groceries, lowa, $6,000. Elegantly fitted np drug store, $3, SCO. Dry goons, groceries, and real estate, $7,000; lowa* Hardware store, Chicago, $5,000. First-class saloon, $1,000; Chicago. We will take real estate, good farms, and part cash for any of tbo above chances, all of which will bear the strictest investigation. BOILUN A CO., Exchange Brokers, 48 South Clprk-st., Chicago. Brick yard on south branch for sale or exchange, very cheap; splendid location, excellent clay, inachlnc-ryin perfect order: part pay will bo taken in bricks. Address at once C. S. BURDICK, 79 Dear bom-st., RoomS. Barber shop, best location, west ban. dolph-st., dningflrst-clasa business, will be sold At great sacrifice. B. J. NOCKIN, 75 South Dcarbom-st. Billiard hall and saloon on west madi son-st., excellent location, will be kjIJ with or with, oat billiards and stock. B. J. NOCKIN, 75 South Dear born-st. Boarding-house and saloon, best loca tlon In city for transient custom, 26 beds, must be eold on account of owner going East. B. J. NOCKIN, 75 South Dcarbom-st. • Billiard room at rockford, m., 14.000 for sale: business good: seven first class tables, fixtures, and furniture, cheap for caab. Ad dress P. O. Box 313, Rockford, or K 69. Tribune otfico. Billiard and sample room doing a cash business, situated on Madison-st., for sale. Reason for selling: proprietor is leaving the city. Call or address F. HOWARD, 85 Wtlsoa-at. . ' Boarding-house for sale, furnished and full of boarders, on West Side. Address O 27, Tribune office. . CORRESPONDENCE IS SOLICITED WITH A \J party who is capable of taking charts of a boot and shoe factory, and willing to invest £I,OOO in one to bo es tablished at Sandwich, 111. To the right man an excel lent opportunity is offered. Address H. P. JOLES, Sandwich, 111. . Confectionery and ice cream saloon doing a good business for sale: good reasons given for selling out. Inquire at 563 South Oanal-st. Confectionery and news depot for sale on account of sickness. 293 West Lako-st. CIGAR STORE, BEST LOCATION ON SOUTH Side, with or without stock, cheap rent, must be sold at once. B. J. NOCKIN, 75 South Dcarbom-st. CANAL BOAT FOB SALE—THE UNDIVIDED half of a good boat and team for the small sum of $650. Will take good paper of ninety days, with interest. Apply at WILLET A HERRING’S LawjOlfice, No. 119 Madisoa-st., Room 10. Drug store for sale in a central loca tlon: trade good; will soil for part csah.balaneo real estate. Cali on MoPHERSON A GO., Druggist Agency, No. 162 East Washlngton-st., Room 26. TVOCTOBS—RARE CHANCE FOR A PHYSICIAN ,1 / who is not afraid of an advertised business; pars SSOO monthly; will sell for price of furniture only. Address Z 69. Tribnno offico. . OR SALE-CHEAP-A LARGE LAGER BEER SA- Inon: long lease and cheap rent, on South Side. A. A. WESTENGARD AGO., 145 South Clark-st,, Boom 11. - Fixtures of a saloon and first-class boarding-house, capable of accommodating 25 board ers. for sale; everything In good running order, and pays well. Reason for selling, sickness. Inquire at 170 East . Adams-st. * Fob a person with small capital to engage in the manufacture of specialties, having ready sale and paying good profits. New articles can be Introduced aa the market requires. A fine opportunity to those meaning business. Address Z 80, Tribune office. FIRST-CLASS SAMPLE ROOM, DOING S4O A DAT all over the counter, for $1,009, worth $2,000. A man with S6OO can got possession; balance on time. EOILVIN A CO., 48 South Clark-st. . Fixtures and tools of meat market for tale; corner store to rent. SCO West Etarrisoa-st. Great bargain, with lease of dwelling, a desirable meat market and packing house for sale; good location: dally nales'largo. Inquire of H. UNDER WOOD A SON. 25 Markct-et. .* Grocery store for sale-a well estab ■Jished and paring business in a first-class location (Wert Chicago); will require about $5, OCX) capital. No agoator person wishing to barter need apply. For partic ulars address E 88, Tribune office. Half interest in a first-class drinking house for sale, one of tbo best locations in Chicago; stock on hand about $3,000; reason for sollling, absence of owner during summer months. Address D 76, Tribune office. Half or whole of a paying drug store for sale, In central location; business can be doubled with more capital; 53,000. Address Y 22, Tribune office. IN ONE OF THE MOST FLOURISHING TOWNS ON the C.. B. A Q. R. R., for sole, store 23x70, and stock consisting of boots and shoes, bats and caps, dry goods, clothing, Ac. Inquire of £. 0. RBICH\tALD, 165 South Water-sU Laundry for sale, on account of other business, on West Sloe, doing over S6O per week, basement 25x100, and rent only £ls per month, or will trade for good horse and wagon. Address W 51, Tribone office. Laundry for s ale-s2oo wnx but a laun dry on State-st. (receipts from SSO to S6O per week) as I have other business: will sell immediately. Call at the stand, corner State and Twelfth-sta. Lager beer saloon with fine bun of custom and an excellent location In the central part or the city for sale; sickness of owner the cause; consid erable capital required. Address D 28, Tribune office. Lease, stock, and fixtures of a fxest class saloon, near corner of Clinton and Madlson-sta., for sals; doing nrst-olass business: causa of selling, sick ness. Inquire at Boom 3 (Doctor’s office), 42 West Maiil son-it., over Miller’s Jewelry Store. Livery stock and stable in a desirable location, foreala; biwlaa«ncUod lartyear.s6,ooo, For particulars, apply at office cf F. NICKEM A SON, 61 South Watcr-st. • Meat market no.aso west madison-st. for tale at a bargain. Apply to tho owner, ALBERT LONGLEY. at the Massasoit House. MONET— WE AREOFFERINGTHEBESTCHANCB to moke a fortune quick ever offered; small capital roquimdTSTONß A SKINNER, 119 DoarbonriU, Rooms. NOTICE-PARTIES WISHING TO GIVE UP Busi ness now offer a rare opportunity to buy for cash a «m»n trimming store, elegantly located for both mlltnary and' dressmaking, with a nice trade already established; apply at once. Address Z 75, Tribnne office. ONE OF THE LEADING DRUG STORKS OF Tkl city for sale, doing a retail trade of s6Qparday. McPHRESON A CO.. 163 WaahiajgtoMt., Boom 26. BUSINESS CHANCES. ONE OF THE BEST-PAYING RETAIL OROCER les on the West Side for sale. A good family trade established, which Is constantly increasing. An opportu nity seldom met with for a party with from $5,000 to $3. CCO to step into a good business: no bonns required. Satisfac tory reasons for selling. For particulars, address-D 9, Tribune office. ONE OP THE BEST LIQUOR STANDS IN CHIOA go (South Side) for salo. Change of business cause, W 23, Tribnno office. Rare change-grocery stock for sale and store to rent at SlB Lake-st., corner Hoyno. RARE CHANCE FOR A DRUGGIST—THE WELL known and lung-eatablishod Northwestern Homeo pathic Pharmacy, No. 619 Wabash-av., comprising the entire stock, fixtures and building, will be sold pursuant to an order of tho County Court, by the uudoralznod as the Administratrix of the estate of O. M. Von Schlelbon. Parties wishing to bid on tho same, will ple&so sond seal ed proposals to S. F. Haachett, Deputy Sheriff,-at the County Court (Old Court-House), by the 15th day of Jans; 1873; such proposition must contain terms of purchase, whether for cash: or part, on time, and what security; also name and address of tho bidder. Mark envelope * 4 Bid on Pharmacy. ” 619 W*btslt-av. AUGUSTA VON SCHLEIBEN, Administratrix. STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A TOY AND CANDY store for sale, situated on a business street. Ad dreesO 15, Tribnno office. SALOON AND FIXTURES FOR SALE—WITH lease, 173 Clark-st., near Monroe. • CHOPS, WITH A 13-HORSE ENGINE BOILER, 3- O foot plainer, 1 shaper, scroll saws, circular saws, 3 turning lathes, and all other necessary machinery and tools for carrying on tho manufacturing of furniture, fur sale cheap and on easy terms, or to rone; a good location for a builder. Call on the owner, 145 South Clark-st.,' Boom 12. J. H.EHLE. SEVERAL FINE STOCKS OF MERCHANDISE FOR salo, for part cash, balance real estate, such as hard ware stores from $5,000 to $8,000; grocery stores from 81,500 to $6,000: also a manufacturing business, ss*ooo. Call at room 25, No. IS East Wasblngton-et. SALOON, LEASE, LICENSE, AND FIXTURES FOR sale, at 353 East Randolph-st. Apply on the prem ises. SALOON NO. 306 SOUTH HALSTED-ST. FOB SALE; most be sold Monday; the best bargain offered in this paper. ■ . ■■ SALOON ON WEST VAN BUREN-ST. FOB SALE, good location, low rent, groat bargain. B. J. NOCKIN, 76 South Dearbom-st. SALOON AND BOARDING-HOUSE FOB SALS cheap. Apply at 48 East Klnxle-st. - SALOON ON THE WEST SIDE, FOR SALE. 8506 will purchase a nicely fitted up saloon including $250 of stock, and some furniture. Owner going to Europe shortly. Address O 42, Tribune office. SALOON 173 CLARK-ST., (NEAR THE CORNER of Monroe, In basement. Lease and fixtures for saia. STOCK OF GENTLEMEN’S AND LADIES’ FUR nishlng goods on one of the best corners on the West Side, for sale: must be sold this week on account of illness and going to Europe. Store with 4 rooms to rout: or will ■ell the store, fixtures, show-cases*, wlthontstock, if taken atonoe. Store is suitable for any kind of business. Address 8 86, Tribune oifico, stating waero aa Interview can Do had. STEAM FLOURING MILL FOR SALE CHEAP. HAS 7 run of stone, now engine of ample power in good or. dcr; isinatownof 9,000 people; good local trade; ship ping facilities, two Eastern railroads and Mississippi River. Terms easy. Address or call on F. L. UNDER WOOD, Muscatine, lowa. SALOON FOR SALE-DOING A GOOD BUSINESS; big chance for the right kind of manager; sickness accounts for soiling out. Call on 47 and 49 Congreas-«t., tho place opposite Aiken’s Theatre. OALOON AND BOARDING-HOUSB FOR SALE; O good location; with room for thirty boarders. Inquire 14 <5 Fifth-ar. SMALL FOUNDRY, SITUATED AT NO. 631 ELS ton-road, for sale: in order and ready for occupancy. Will make terms to salt purchaser, or will take real estate in part payment. - DYER, LAMB A CO., Bedflold-st. THE ENTIRE INTEREST IN A LIGHT MANU facturing business fDr sale; profits large; artiblo sta ple ; business already established. For information call at factory, 255 South Halated-st., basement. - TIT ANTED—TO SELL ON ACCOUNT OF ILL. v i health, a half interest in a good paying established business; S6OO required. Address W 32, Trtbuno office. WELL FITTED UP DRUG STORE, DOING $25 A day. A man with SBOO can got possession; balance on tlmo. BOILVtNA CO., 43 South Clarkat-, orwll take part real estate. (JfcOAA WILL BUY A HALF INTEREST IN A light, good-paying, old-established, and cash business; no risk. 15 South Caaal-st., Room L (fcOrA WILL BUY A HALF INTEREST IN A *P£tJ V good paying business; largo profits and no risk. Call at 34 Unlon-st., corner West Washington. <J»yf Or-A CHANCE FOR SOMEBODY-SALOON for sale on Hals ted-st., ebsap If taken Monday: best locality: satisfactory reasons for selling. Inquire o£ CHARLES JAEBGER A CO., 153 Cloo lalaad-av. CIQ HMH TOS6,OOOCASH. ON ACCOUNT OF ILL tPOvUI/Übcalthan A No. 1 retail bnsinesa is offered for sale. No experience necessary to success. 353 West MadJion-st. QOr AAA CAN BE MADE IN ONE YEAR BY investing $3,000 in one-hall of a very valuable household patent, or 1 will eell the whole for 83,010. J. P. HASELTINE, corner Clark and Adams-its, Lakeside Building, sth floor. PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNER WANTED—WITH $5.C00 TO 810,000. IN commission business, well established: best of refer ence given. Address Z 84. Tribune office, for further in formation. PARTNER WANTED—WITH $3,000 IN A PAYING manufacturing bnsinesa. * Property worth aoro than double the Investment required. Addroea K 54, Tribuna office. PARTNER WANTED—I WANT A GOOD BUSl ness man with $350 to taka half interest in a business that will pay principal in 80 days.. Southwest corner State andMadtson-sts., RoomS. O. A GO. PARTNER WANTED-A BUSINESS MAN WITH a fair capital to establish a branch boose hero to manu facture and sell a line of patent goods which haVebsea ■old for tho past five yean and have become staple East. Something has been done here. There is more than an ordinary chance to make money in this, as we are anxious to got it to running here in good shape. Address K 67, Tnbnne office. ' PARTNER WANTED—WITH SMALL CAPITAL TCT ongago la a fancy and notion store. Call or address 883 State-st.. np 1 stairs, onSonday. - PARTNER WANTED—ONE-HALF INTEREST IN a idea paying restaurant, 31.0C0 required; good open* lag for a live man; reason for selling, too much to attend to.* Address 2163,-Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED-A PARTY TO JOIN ME IN A business already established, which with a small amount more* of capital will dear a handsome profit. Address 0.24, Tribune office. ■ PARTNER WANTED—WITH A FEW THOUSAND dollars, to open with me a new photograph gallery Is the burnt district, or will sell ono-aalf interest in my gallery. 951 Wsbash-av,; or make him equal partner in each: no risks, as my business is well established. C. D. MOSHER, 951 Wabash-av. PARTNER WANTED—WITH 85.000 TO BIC.WW. either active or silent, In a manufacturing boslnest yieldingXpercent on sales. Hoferencea exchanged. Address WB7, Tribune ofHco. PARTNER WANTED-WHO WILL FURNISH $6,000 and take half interest in a coal mine in good order; convenient to this market; slo.ooocan be made in nine months. Call on N. £. DAVISSON,I23 Clark-st., Room 3. PARTNER WANTED-WITH SIO,OOO. WHO WILU take charge of books, or Is a machinist and act as foreman in shop; will sell Kor M interest in a well-estab lished business. If His taken, will take part In real estate. Address WB, Tribune office this week. * . PARTNER WANTED-WITH BUT SIOO FOR A money-making, light business- Address .W 7, Trib* .une office. . . - '• ' . PARTNER WANTED—I NEED A MAN. OARPKN-. ter preferred, who has a few hundred dollars cash, to take half of a business already established, in good running order, that pays well—business. ,T. F. DAVSN*. PORT, la Builders* Exchange, 133 LaSalle-st. PARTNER WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS BUSINESS TT)a.n that can command from $40.000 to SCO.OOO, part casn and securities, to take an interest in a business already established in the city of Chicago, that will pay 20 pet cent per annum on investment, and no risk to capital. Address Y55, Tribune office., PARTNER WANTED-A RELIABLE MAN WITH about SI,OOO to conduct and take an interest lot specific business; £2,000 a year and interest in tho bush ness allowed an acceptable party. First-class position fox a first-class man. Address W 45, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED —WITH A REASONABLE capital, in the grain commission business. Have bad 12 years* experience in the business, and have now a good receiving and order trade, and can be worked np to t large trade. Address WlB, Tribune office. PARTNAR WANTED—BEST CHANCE IN CHI. csgo for a partner in a manufacturing business. Cal) at No. 85 Nortn Union-st. PARTNER WANTED—IN BOARDING AND SALE stable. <2l State-st. . ARTNEB WANTED—ACTIVE—WITH A CAPE tal of from SIO,OOO to $12,000, to engage in a wholesale business doing a large city and country trade., Good, liberal terms will be made to the right kind of a man. Address W 23, Tribune office. - - . PAETN ER WANTED—THB ADVERTISER WISHES to engage in a respectable btzHlnosa when a hone and wagon is roquirod. References famished and required. Address Z 64, Tribone office. PARTNER WANTED—S3OO TO SSOO, WITH SER» Ticosof active bmlncsn moo, toinroii in some good business. Address W 62. Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED—WITH A FEW HUNDRED dollars. Have more business than 1 can attend. W 60, Tribune office, PARTNER WANTED—WITH FROM SSOO TO S:«J, in an established business, which will pay from S£ul to S4OO per month; present partner wishes to retire, oa account of death of wlfo. Call at northwest comer Madi son and Oanal-ste., up-stairs, Boom 1. Good chance foi an eaorgetlc man. AGENTS WANTED. Agents wanted—to sell our new but ton-holo cutter and neodie-threading thimble. Agents clear S2O per day. W East Madlson-at., Room 6. Agents wanted— agents are making 41c to sl2 a day, with my needle boo*, machine needo, button hole cutter, etc., etc. Particulars free. C. M. t.tvISGTON, 177 East Madlsoo-»t. Agents wanted-ladihs to sellermps reliable dress chart. ProdU targe. Address MM C. DHMOREST’S Pattern Agency, 234 West Waafaxngu?n-Bt, Agents wanted—s&o per month can eh made selling gong door-bells in towns and villages. Address JAMES F. HAYS, Chicago. Agents wanted—immediately—at tay- LOB A CO.'S, 3U West Madison st. Agent wanted-at the st. Nicholas House, Nos. -116 and 118 North OHntaa-at.;>oae who can speak German and English preferred. Agents wanteo-to canvass for family ■ Bibles. “ Life of Christ and Virgin,” ** History of Ireland,” Ac.; good inducements* to the right men: no capital, but references required.' KELLEY A HOWI SON, 296 South Clark-at. A GENTS WANTED—EVERY COUNTY—HEWITT •O. fluting, polishing, and band iron combined; accuro & coonty and make money; 179 East Madison, Boom 15. Agents wanted-bamples free-silver watch to all. Mon and women possessed of business energy can easily make $8 to sl3 a day. Call or send for particulars from any part of' the country. Twenty new articles, MERRIIX A CO., 25 West Lako-st-, Chicago. Agents wanted-with small means to earn S4O per week, and no mts»gkr» T 71 South Canal si. J. 8. RICHARDSON A CO. Agents wanted-two or three active young men wanted to sell a good article in tho city. Call Monday morning at 8 o’clock at GS South viiiaton-st., np stairs. ’ Agents wanted-ftbst-class canvassers for the Aldiss;best of terms and territory given. L 8. BAKER A CO., Sols Agents. Agents wanted-to sell fire-works. Ap ply to CHAS. MORRIS, office 119 Randoich-U. 15

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