Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 2, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 2, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 26. BANK STATEMENT. Report of the Condition OF THE M Coity National Bank, OB’ CHICAGO, In the State of Illinois, at close of business, April 25,1873. RESOURCES, * loan* and Dlaeormta $1,131,391.8^ Orardrafta. .. 6,445.80 JL 8. Bondi to aoouro OlroaUUon...., 851,000.00 XT. S. Bond* to aoouro Dopoelts , 100,000.00 X>aa from Redeeming and Qoaerre Agent*...• 110.PJ7.79 Do# from other National 8anka...,..,..,,.... 47,004.75 Dus from State Banka and Bankers 83,814.47 Furniture and Fixture*,...'l 4,040.45 Onrrent Kxp0na0*....,;,;;.., 10,885.11 Pramlnraa paid ......V.... ..........I. 54.573.00 Cash Items, including it&rapa,..,.,., 13,*2T,0J Sfokaniwe for qicarlng.lloose W,435.w Bills ofNatlonal 8anka,......,.;....... 83.5d7.C0 Fractional Onrreooy, Including nlokul* 776. w 59.501.468.05 LIABILITIES. ** OaplUl Block paid In $600,000.00 Sarnia* Fund 10.000.00 Kxobango $1,844.78 Internet,. 83,030.69 Rational Back Circulation out standing Dirtdenda unpaid.. Individual Deposits 780,693.61 Certified Cheeks 6,674.50 Cashier's Chock* outstanding.,,,, 9,631.83 United States Deposits... 70,081.71 Pno to Nations! Banks 887,811.87 Pno to State Banks and Bankers.. 351,868.83 «3,501,468.06 T- P* P‘Bailor. Cftxhlor of tho Cook County National Bank of Chicago, do solemnly swear that tho above state meat ia true, to tho boat of my knowledge and belief. c. G. BULKLBY, Cashier. Stato of Illinois, County of Cook. Sworn to and subscribed boforo roe tbta 80th day of May. 187J- . J. R. McQUIHTOIf, WOUI7 Public. T. 8. DOBBINS. ) D. D. HPKNOBR, > Directors. POTTER PALMER.) • ASSURANCE. MoiAsnCorpiioii LO3STX3OIT_ Xiooal Committee. J. P. OIRAUD FOSTER, of Foster A Thomson. GORDON NORRIE, of Boorman, Johnston A 00. CHARLES M. FRY. No. 89 Wall-at. HOWARD POTTER, of Brown Bros. A 00. GOOLD H. REDMOND, of Dennis loan A Co. Total Funds, Gold, - $13,234,425 Firo Assets, Gold, - - $5,064,000 GEO. 0. CLARKE, Agent, S and 4 Bryan Blook. Insurance effected on Business Buildings, Merchandise, Provi sions, Dwellings and their con tents, REAL ESTATE. CHACE & ABELL, 184 Dearborn-st., Honor© Block, DEALERS IN REAL ESTATE. I^aO , D*TgOMKAOK° PJtIT bot " M ° th ° 01,7 “*■ Forty Acres For sale w exohang*—Handsomest high land near Wash lagloa llolgbta; healthy: good water; boauUfol groves: command* fine view of Morgan Park, withlU improve menu, collegia, and school*. Two good booses on tbo promißO*. Mid superior property to subdivide or bold, as railroad faclliUoa and other Improvements are multiplying all around It. Will take a city residence in part pay. - O. H. BECKWITH A SOWS. CUFFS AND COLLARS. LINEN COLLARS AND GUFFS. The Greatest Variety of Stylos ever offered in Fine Goods, at WILSON BROS., 8; A oor. of State and Waahlngton-sts., ) n ,. „„ Arcade Court," south of Madlson-st., ( Chicago. Pike’s Opora House, Fourtb-at.. Cincinnati. STOVES, RANGES. &e. VAN'S PATENT Hotel Ranges, Family Ranges, Broilers, Carving and Btoom Tables, Coffee Urns, Bto. 36 State-st., s. w. cor. Lake, OMoago. BUSINESS CARDS. J. M. W. JONES, Stationer, Printer, aM Blank book Mannlactarer, Nos. 104 and 106 Madiaon-at. DR. E. BODENSTEDT, Baring returned from Qortnapj, has opened bla office In Bwlng’e Slock, Room 19, near GUikat. Bridge, North Side. Boora—From 6 a. to. to 8 p. m. Joseph Bilski, Custom Boot and Shoe maker, removed from 690 Wabash av, to 88 Il&ndolpb-st., corner Dearborn. Guarantees a good fit at liberal prices. H. PRICE GRAVES, MERCHANT TAILOR, Removed to 187 South Olorlc-Bt. FOR SALE. Notary Seals, PRESSES, AND BLANKS, FURNISHED BY COLTER, PACE, EOYME & CO., REMOVALS. rtBIMOVAXi. C. E DYER & CO,, General Fuel Dealers, MAIN OFFICE REMOVED TO 73 Washington-fit,, IT, E. corner Dearborn. FINANCIAL. ILLINOIS Tret aii Snu® BAUK. Capital. ....... $500,000 DIRECTORS: W. F. OOOLBAUOU, Dn. N. 8. DAVIS, T. M. 'AVFItIQ ISAAC WAIXAL, O. M. *TNO. B. DRAKE, ANSON BTAORB. 11. Q. POWERS, ff. AfoaRRQOR ADAMS, L. B. BIDWAY. QUO. BTUUQHS. JNO. MoOAF^knY WM. H. MBTOllkliL, JOHN DsKO /KN, OTW. POTTER. omoBRSs t. S', "p'o» fcgSf?- ZWWt'r™* 1 Will own forbndnota ontboSd da/of Joae. 1678, In format!/ occupied by fb« Union National NOS. 273 & 276 MADISON-ST., (CORNER OF MARKKT-ST.) CHICAGO, IXjXi. *4,675.83 816,900.00 1, Will receive Savings Deposits and pay interest on the Batnp at tho rate of 6 poroont per annum, as provided in 1U By-Laws. Will receive and execute trusts, and invest money for Individuals, Estates, Corporations, and Socie ties- Will loan money on Bonds and Mortgages, Cash Collaterals, and other nod Securities, Riving preference, however, to arsons of .small means who are desirous of securing homes ( and will sollExohango on the principal cities of this Country, Europe, and theCanadas,andlssno Travelers’ Letters of Credit, A ThU organltsd as a STRICTLY TRUST AND SAYINGS BANK, and will transact only sneh busi ness as Is dlrsotty connected with tho receipt and care of TRUST and SAVINGS FUNDS, and will bo as liberal in Its business transactions as is consistent with aaonnd and conservative policy and permanent safety. Depositors desiring to do so, can have letters addressed to them in care of the Bank, and on their rennost theso letters will be forwarded to any other Post Oueo. They mar also apply- to the Cashier for any Information on matters of business, or to have letters carefully addressed and forwarded. Special arrangement* have been made fora LADIES' DinUNESSDEPARTMENT, io a neatly furnished room, with dressing room attached, and separate from the gen eral business room, entrance to which la from Market street. The Bank will be open for the transaction of business from 10 a. m. toip.m., and on Saturday Evenings from o to 6. REM, ESTATE 101S, Wo an prepared to negotiate loans on improved Chica go real estate in any amount exceeding $6,000. PBBKINB i WOLBBLBY, 18Kendall’s Building. NORMAN 0. PRRRINB. W. ST. J. WOLSBLBY. late with Ogden A Beoddnr. PICTURE FRAMES, &o. SAMMONS, CLARK & GO., 197 & 199 S, Olinton-st,, MANTJPAOTUHEBa 07 MOULDINGS, PICTURE FRAMES, AND ' LOOKING- GLASSES, AND JOBBERS 07 CHEOMOS, Engravings, &o. The Largest Stock in the West. Call or send for Catalogue. TO RENT. , For Rent. The present TBBMONT HOUSE, oontoln ing 75 rooms (besides servants* rooms), with xitohon range, ovens, boilers, steam boilers, passenger elevator, bar and billiard rooms, barber shop, laundry, drying room, safe! desk, and everything complete to continue business. Most admirably adapted for fam ilies, having rooms in suite, with baths and closets attached. HALL, having 60 rooms, wltii kitchen, range, ovens, goa fixtures, and partly furnished. The whole will be rented together or separately for 10 months, with the privilege of two years more, at a low rontoL Extra inducements will be offered to responsible parties. Apply to JNO. B. DRAKE, at Tromont House, or at Dlinois Trust and Savings Bank, corner of Madison and iwurtcpt-sts. HOTEL STORES TO RENT. Several desirable Stores, about 20 by 70 each, under and connected with u The Com mercial,” one of the larger Hotels, and Just opened. Will bo rented at fair prices to good tenants. G. p. WORK ft CO., . . HOTELS. “THE COMMERCIAL,” Corner of Lake arid Dearbom-ste., (Opposite Trnront noose), OPENS MONDAY MORNING, «Tuzxe SHm Accommodations for 600 Guosts. $2.50 per Day. PULLING & IHORAHAM, Proprietora. GRAND UNION HOTEL. SARATOGA SPRINGS, N, T., ESVffl & tli .Uooms «nbeengaged at Metropolitan Ho A Hcmwj N. Y. Adore** BIUISLXN, QARD HER A OQ., at Saratoga Springs. K. Y. WANTED. ■■"I'TANTKD-AGENI’S-FilOni BTsj' ■ B f t° 9260 per month, everywhere, to soil onoj' ■ See of tho moetnioful articles ever invented,! Iff Iff needed In everr family. Send for Olron-l! J jf Ur. Address, _ ■ Wanted--A Partner. ▲ man with.s6,ooo to *IO,OOO In an old eatablUbed wholesale crockery establishment, doing extensive trade. Preaent partner withdrawing on account of old age and 111 health. For further particulars apply to It. G. DUN * OO.'S Mercantile ▲gone?, corner Washington and BtatoaU. Partner Wanted. InaweU-establlihod Wholesale Grocery Houseln Chicago. Reliable party, with SBO,OOO to 9(0,000. can secure a do airablo bnsinees and Investment. Alldross, with refer i encee, WIIQLBBALB OROORIt, Trlbonn on{oo. MEETINGS. Masonic. The momben of Kllwlnnlag Lodge 811, A. P, A A. M. aro hereby notified to be present stlhe dedication of the new hall, 107 Baal Klntio-st., oast of Clark, on Monday •veoiog. June 3, at half-psit? o’clock, sharp. Per order of ALEX. M» THOMSON, W. M. . Masonic. Covenant Lodge,' No. 696. Communication Monday evening, Juno 9. o'olook.for Dedication of New ilall. 166Kinale-it., near Clark. By order W. M. fl. Q. PITKIN. Seo’y. Masonic. ‘ Regular meeting of the Chicago Maaonlo Board of Re ,n <■"“”! 01 KDW’D COOK, fiooroUry. Another Frullftil Scout in the Wake of the Retreating Savages* Soar-Faced and Several Other Charleys Magnanimously Surrender. Jack with Throe of His ' War riors Again Escajio. San Francisco, Judo I.—Camp Banes of Wil low Greek, Twenty*onb Miles Northeast op Boyle’s Camp, Tulh Lake Peninsula, May 29 —7 p. m.—Tho cavalry and artillery commands and Warm Spring Indians, under Col. Orodn, loft Boyle’s Camp at 2 o’clock this morning, and rodoinhot haste to Clear Lake, whore Qon. Davis issued special orders for tho scouts, Bogus Charley, Steamboat Frank, Shacknasty Jim, and Hooka Jim, who accompanied tho expedition, to load tho way to Jack’s Willow Crook re treat. . They led tho troops to a point near Jack’s Point, within a mile of tho stronghold. Copt. Hasbrouok passed up the north side of tho crook with his squadron, andGapt. Jackson’s squadron wont over tho crook along the south side. Oapt. Hasbrouok, having bad a mile farther to travel than Capt. Jackson, did not arrive at the stronghold in timo to mako the de sired connection. Jack was nevertheless sur prised. At 2 o'clock this afternoon, Jackson’s men came across two plokots on tho bluff near tho crook, and ran thorn through tho juniper to Jack’s retreat. Tho fleeing Modocs cried out, ,4 Bun quick I Bun quick I Soldiers coming.” Oapt. Jackson deployed his skirmishers along tho face of tho bluff. Though expecting to receive a heavy Are, tho men ran to tho front like door, under tho load of officers. Suddenly tho Modocs conversant with English cried out: 44 Surrender! Surrender 1 We no fight; wo want to talk peace. Wo like peace talk.” Boston Charley, tho murderer of Bov. Dr. Thomas, came in full view, and was immediately covered by a dozen Iflos. Charley offered to surrender, and asked obo allowed to come Into camp. As ho feared ho Warm Spring scouts, ho threw down his iilo, and extend od his hand in token of friend hip . ’The proffered member was cordially by tho scouts. Charley was then passed ) roar, under guard. Next ho was token to the other Modoo captives, and ’by them interviewed. Ho says that several of Jack’s best warriors wonted to leave him and come into our comp, and volunteered to put up the job. His-gun was returned him, and ho was allowed to depart on this mission. Hardly had this arrangement boon offootod when a rifle in tho hands of Steamboat Frank was accidentally discharged. Several Modocs, who stood with uplifted hands, decamped at this point. The accident was explained to Char ley, and all suspicion of foul play was banished, when another accident caused Charley more an noyance. Oapt. Haabrouck’s command reached the odgo of tho creek >aa Charley came over tho bluff, and, of course, ho was gathered in as a prisoner a second time. Two hours afterward ho was released and sent ® ~Q r, tho fleeing Modocs, but ho failed to overtake them. Not a shot othor than the accidental one was fired. Had Hasbrouck formed tho desired connection in time tho en tire band would havo been killed or captured. It was impossible for his command to accomplish tho task. Bis troops did all that ootild bo douo by any man. They rodo over fragments of lava, and one mile farther than tho distance ridden by Cant. Jackson’s command. Tho surprise re sulted in the surrender of Boston Charley, Prin cess Mary, sister of Capt. Jack, Black Jim’s woman, and five othor fomalo Modocs from 9 to 00 years of age, and captured several ponies and mules. The Modocs actually slipped from tho grasp of tbo troops. There was no help for tide result, Jock’s retreat this time was inside of a canon, through which runs Willow Crook. The canon has precipitous sides averaging forty feet high. There are few places whore tho canon can bo en tered by troons within six miles of Jack’s last homo. Tho Modocs escaped by running down tho canon. The Modoc captives will try to wean more of Jack's warriors from him. Many officers predict the speedy settlement of tho war. Wo sloop among the juniper to-night Lanqeli/s Yallev, May 80—5 a. m.—At 0 o clock yesterday morning, tho troops loft Willow Crook camp for a sharp and decisive scout, and mot with admirable success. Tho Warm Springs Indians trailed tho Modocs across tho creek aud in a northeasterly direction, then due north, and finally to tho rocky cliff bordering Langoll’s Valley on tho east. This scout from tho outset was tho moat exciting of tho campaign, Tho freshness of tho tracks and apparent proximity of tbo Modocs caused continued excitement. Led over ridges of mountains, along canons and valleys, and over small streams of water, tho route was traveled with difficulty by tho best-trained horses. Milos upon miles of lava in a fragmentary form wore crossed, and the troops literally loft behind thorn a trail of blood and horse-shoes. Several miles south of the volley the scouts lost the trail, and wo suf fered a detention of two hours. Tho halt was broken by sudden yells from tho Warm Springs and cheers from the soldiers. The command u Forward!" was given by Col. Oroou. Scouts woro called out to tho right and left of tho line and covered the trail, Then came Troop K, of tho First Cavalry, Maj. Oreaaon commanding, Lieut. Bacon in charge of skir mishers. Troop K belongs to tho squadron with Captain Jackson. Capt. Hasbrouck’s squadron hold another equally important posi tion, and was, as usual, on' time. Along tho crest of the bluff and down tho steep trail on its side charged tho entire force of 230 men. Sud denly four rifle-shots wore fired from tho rooks, and four bullets whizzed over tho soldiers. A lino of skirmishers, deployed along the crest of tbo bluff, started the Modocs from their lair. About this time Scar-Face Charley and two or throe other Modocs rushed down tho rooks and ariod out, “Wo surrender; don’t shoot." Five Modocs came in, and at once hostilities ceased. Dr. Oabanoss, of Yroka, the surgeon who has long been acquainted with tho Modocs, wont up among tho rooks and made peace negotiations. All tho Indians, including Jack, agreed to come in. Cabaness slept with them last night. A few momenta since Ocar-Face Charley, Old Schon chin, and ten warriors surrendered. Capt. Jack and throe others decamped by night. Boston, Juno I.—Tho messenger of the Bo vero National Bank, named Allen, disappeared last Thursday, with chocks and drafts amount ing to $30,000, on which ho raised SB,OOO cash. What ho did with tho remainder is unknown. It is possible that ho may have converted the pa per into money otherwise than at bank. Just before leaving tho bank on Thursday morning, bo waa informed that his services would not bo required there after June 1. Bobort N. Dudley is under arrest hero, charged with receiving and disposing of drafts and other valuables stolon from molls* His alleged accom plice waa B. M. ‘Wales, a routo postal-clerk be tween Toledo and Buffalo, who was arrested about a year ago. Dudley is said to havomado over $50,000 by his operations. Ho had recently purchased a handsome cottage at Mtaapan, near this city, under tho nemo of E. H. Purcell. Tho establishment waa taken possession of yesterday by tho Government ofllcore, and its occupants committed to jail. Ho will probably bo sent West for trial. 6EOOUD A GO., 167Stato-et., Chicago, m, Tho Annapolis Naval Academy. Baltimoiie, Juno I.—A special dispatch from Annapolis says j “ At tho graduating exorcises of cadets yesterday, AdmiralDavis delivered tho annual address in tho chapel, after which dress-parade took place on tho grounds. Tho graduating midshipmen and engineers then stopped forward from tho ranks, throw down their muskets and swords, os customary, and marched up In front of Secretory Bobesou, (ho band playing “Ain’t I Glad to Got Out of tho Wilderness." Secretary Boboson mode a short speech, and delivered diplomas to tho midshipmen. Tho following oro tuo names of tho graduating class in their order of merit: Wro, H, Shuolze,, Missouri; O. W. DoErlng, Maino | Q, Fowler, Massachusetts ; T. B. How- CHICAGO, MONDAY, JUNE 2, 1873. THE MODOCSi Crime In Beaton* ard,. at largo, Presidential appointee ; N. O. Cornea, Connecticut; S. W. B. Dlohl, Ponnsvl vAuia; O. J. Badger, at largo ; A. A. Miobolsdn, at largo; E. L. Young, Kentucky; H. F. Nich olson, Now Orleans: J. p. Underwood, Michi gan ; F. A. Wilmor, Now York ; F. Tyler, Michi gan ; H. Morrell, Now York; O. F, Put-, nam, . Illinois j E. B. Underwood, at largo; A. S:, . Case, at largo; W. F. Halsey, Louisiana,;.. M. A. Shnfoldt, Connecticut; 8. O.Lomley, North Carolina; W. 'Winder, Now Hampshire; T; E. Muse, Maryland; J. B. Bob inson, at largo; J. W. Boan, North Carolina; A. Reynolds, Maryland; 0. 0. T. Moore, Illinois; Z. Z. Matzmulla, Empire of Japan; T. E. D. W. Voodor, Now York. When tho Boorotary con cluded tho delivering of diplomas, tho band playod “Tho Girl 1 Left Behind Mo," tho other classes cheering tho graduates. Tho graduates have ono month's leave, and will thon bo ordorod to soa. Tho Bocond and fourth olabbob leave on tho Constellation,. on Wednesday or Thursday, for a summer cruise. Tho third class have throe months’ leave. WASHINGTON. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, . VIRGINIA POLITICS. Washington, D. 0., June l.—The Virginia Republicans arc becoming thoroughly frightened at tho compactness of the OonserratiTO or Op position organization in that State. Tho Ad-; ministration organ is driving tho campaign from a Washington standpoint, as if tho fato of tho nation depended upon its exertions. It has sug gested tho nomination of Goorgo E. Donoal, a native of tho State, for Governor, by tho Lynch burg Convention, and has otherwise interfered to upset tho calculations of tho State Republi can politicians who are in favor of nominating Judge Hughes. The latter is not tho choice of Senator Lewis andhis clique, but is supported by tho carpet-bag element. It is evident, oven at this early date, that tho Convention will bo a stormy one. Tho Republican clique, under tho leadership of Senator Lewis and his son-in-law, J. Ambler Smith, Representative-elect from the Richmond District, will violently oppose the schemes of Messrs. Platt. Stowell, and other loading carpet-baggers, including Rush Burgess, against which latter they have an especial grudge on account of his personal popularity with tho President, which has enabled him to retain his place as Internal Reve nue Collector in spite of tho confirma tion of Dr. Smith by tho Senate. This act of tho President’s in retaining Burgess indi cates tho preference of tho Administration for tho carpet-bag faction, and his repeated acts of friendship for Mosby indicates that ho Is disposed to ignoro tho Lewis-Smith clique altogether. Tho Conservatives object to this Administration interference in the local political affairs of Vir ginia, and some of tho native Badioata, particu larly those who follow tho load of Senator Lowis, threaten to bolt tbo ticket if tho management of tho Lynchburg Convention is retained by tho present Washington influences. The material suggestions at issue regarding railroad laws and other internal improvements seem to be overshadowed by tho fear that tbs State may bo reduced to the financial degra dation which prevails in South Carolina, owing to thoso important schomos falling into tho bands of an irresponsible carpet-bag govern ment. Philadelphia collectobship. Tho President to-day authorizes the statement that he was not the guest of Senator Cameron during his late visit to Philadelphia, and that there are no charges against Collector Burley, of Philadelphia, which would justify his removal. This would seem to indicate that Cameron's desire for this removal will not ho ‘gratified. Cameron's friends, however, are confident that the removal will bo made during the coming summer, . THE DEBT STATEMENT. The indications are that the debt statement to-morrow will show a decrease of about $4,000,- QQOJn the public debt, notwithstanding the largo disbursements uu account of warrants for relief acts, river and harbor and light-honso appropri ations by Congress, which wore made available upon demand, and which have boon largely drawn upon during the last month. [To'the AasociaUd Press.) Washington, Juno I.— Anothorloanof $4,000,- 000, payable -in thirty-eight years, is proposed, to continue the street improvements under the direction of the Board of Public Works of the District of Columbia, a bill having been intro duced for that purpose in the Legislature. The Secretary of the Treasury has directed the Assistant Treasurer of Now York to give notice that during the month of Juno ho will purchase $500,000 In bonds on the first and third Wednes days each, and will sell $2,000,000 in gold on the first and third Thursdays each, and $1,500,000 on tho second and fourth Thursdays each. Iu all, bo will sell $7,000,000 gold and purchase $1,000,- 000 in bonds. FIRES. Destructive Conflagration in Peru* 111.—Fires elsewhere. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune . LaSalle, 111., Juno I.—Tho most destructive conflagration over experienced in Peru broke out in that city at about I o’clock this morning, in a row of brick stores known os tho Block. The origin of tho fire is unknown, but tho flames wore first discovered in a grocery oc cupied by Michael Murphy. Tho city being des titute of any fire-engine, tho fire spread rap idly, and soon destroyed five stores with most of their contents, and greatly damaged tho sixth. Tho following statements of losses and insur ance will probably prove to bo correct : J* L. McCormick's loss on buildings, $31,000; insurance, $22,000. It. &A. D. Murry had a stock of $60,000 worth of dry goods, and $lO 000 worth of boots and shoos. Moat of the dry goods wore saved, but in bad disorder, while tho estructiou of tho boots and shoes was almost complete. Probable loss about $30,000; in sured for $20,000. William Penning, grocer, loss $2,000 ; insured $1,200. Michael Murphy! grocer, loss $2,000 j insured $1,500. B. Denny! dealer in stoves and tinware, loss $4,000 ; in sured $l,lOO ; Ever & Noimki, carriage manu facturers, loss S7OO ; no insurance. J. H. McCormick, lost library and valuable Srivato papersj no insurance. Julius Hoiuoch, ustico of tho Peace, lost library and important public records. The totalloss will fall Little, if any, short of SBO,OOO or $85,000. Baltimoub, Juno I.—A fire this morning de stroyed the chemical works of Prank Slinguff & Go. Loss, $60,000 ; insurance, $42,000. Another Victim of “ Non-Explosive.” Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Evanston, 111., June I.—Koroaono oil baa bo* cured another victim to bo added to tbo long list of those who boliovo it is non-oxploßlvo. Mrs. Erasmus Iverson, tho wife of a watchmaker in tho employ of F. Lion, was so severely burned by kerosene oil this morning that her life is despaired of. Sho aroao at G o’clock and started a fire, but, the firo not burning rap* idly enough to suit her, she tried to hasten it by pouring oil on from a can containing about half a gallon. Tho fluid instantaneously exploded, and onvolopod her in a sheet of flame. Her husband camo to her rescue, but did not succeed in extinguishing tho flames until tho poor vic tim of her own folly was burned beyond recov ery. Mr. Iverson and his wife wore occupying a suite of rooms over J. Boll’s drug-store. Irish Nationality* Baltzuoub, Juno I.—Arrangements are being made for a national convention of Irish-born citizens to bo hold in Cleveland, Ohio, about tho 15th of July next, for tho purpose of forming a a league, similar to tho Gorman Union. Some of tho loading Irishmen of Now York, Philadel phia, and other cities, encourage tho movement, on tho ground that tuo Irish element lu this country have not the standing, politically or commercially, which thoir numbers and impor tance entitle them. They say tho Gormans ex ceed them in almost every sphere, and that this

is duo to thoir default of cohesion and harmony, and to religious and political contention. Irish men, like members of tho German Union, will bo pledged to support one another in preference to persons of other nationalities,without distinc tion of seot or parties. llallroad Nows* St. Louis, Juno I.—From correspondence published to-day it is learned that the Atlantic A Pacific Bailroad Company, through thoir attor neys, have withdrawn from what was understood to bo an agreed case between them and State Attorney-General Ewlug to tost tho constitu tionality of the act of the Legislature relating to tho State’s lieu on tbo Missouri Pacific Ball- road. It is not improbable that tho rood will now bo advertised for solo by Gov. Woodson, undor authority of tho concurrent resolution passed by tho Legislature last winter. An interview with William Tausoing, Presi dent of tho Union Depot Company, discovers tho fact that tho project of building tho Union Ball road Depot in connection with tho bridge and tunnol now in process of construction In this olty has boon abandoned for tho present, and that a temporary depot will bo.buUt on the Illi nois sido of tho rivor at tho eastern ond of tho brldgo by tho railroad companies directly inter ested. WEATHER AND WATER. Chicago, June 1—10:18 p. m. Tho following reports havo boon received from tho places mentioned below t Station, Wind. Brooldnrldgo Buffalo Chicago Cincinnati ...... Cleveland Cheyenne,....... Davenport Detroit... D ninth... Ft.-Garry,,,..,.. Keokuk LaCrosse Milwaukee Omaha. Pembina.... .... St. Paul Toledo ;. 03 8., gentle. 64 8. W., fresh, 63 N. E„ light. 70 E., light. 6C E., gentle. 60 E., light. 07 8. E., gentle. 68 8. W., gentle, 61 Calm. 68 8., fresh, ca e., light. OS S., frosb. 61 8. E., light. 70 8., gentle. 61 8. E., freflb. 07 8. E., brisk. 60 E., gentle. PROBABILITIES. Washington. Juno I.—For Now Englond southwesterly to northwesterly winds and clear or portly cloudy weather. For thoMiddlo States, winds shifting to easterly and southerly, and generally clear, worm weather. For tho South Atlantic and Gulf States oast of tho Mississippi, northeasterly to southeasterly winds and partly olondy feather, with possibly light areas of light rain along the South Atlantic Coast. From Tennesson to Ohio and Michigan fresh, brisk easterly to southerly winds andlncreasing cloud iness. From Missouri. Illinois, and the lake region to Dakotah and Nebraska a falling bar ometer, fresh to very brisk easterly to southerly winds, veering to southerly and westerly, cloudy weather and rain areas. STAGE OP WATER. Daily report of tho stage of water, with changes in tho twonty-iour hours ending 8 p. m. t Sunday, Juno 1, 1873: * ABOVE LOW WATER. Bt. Paul 15 ft. 8 In, Omaha 12 ft. 3 In. Davenport 7 ft. 6 in. Keokuk 11 ft. 81. Louis 23 ft. 11 Jn. Pittsburgh. 3 ft. 0 in.. Cincinnati 16 ft. 2 in. Louisville 7 ft. 3 in. Memphis 25 ft. 11 In. Nashville 11 ft, NewOrloana....... 2 ft. 6 in. Yankton 12 ft. g in. W. 8. Kaufman. Observer Signal Sendee United Slates Army. SPRINGFIELD. miraculous Escape from DcatU«*Tho Judicial Contest. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune* Springfield, 111,, Juno I.—Joseph Burn* ey, the workman who had such a fearful fall from the top of the State-House, Is still living, and his attending physician pronounces his re covery almost certain, iho extent of his serious injuries has boon ascertained to bo two ribs bro ken on the loft side, one of which slightly pene trated the lung. Those have boon replaced and sot. It Is not thought that ho Is internally in jured save In this respect. Ho is terribly bruised in various parts of his body. Considering the height and place of the fall, his escape from in stant death was miraculous. Tho contest for Circuit Judge in this district has boon quite exciting, and,a largo amount of electioneering has boon done. Tho report runs hero to-day that some one has started tho story iu Macoupin County that Zone, is Interested in tho Macoupin bonds, and in sympathy with tho bondholders. Mr. Zano promptly telegraphed to-night that ho had none of tho bonds, ana no sympathy with tho bondholders. His chances for succession aro considered good by thoso posted, although Judge McCUernaud is confident of success. NEW ORLEANS. Villainous Assault»»ltlcEnory Advises Acquiescence. New Orleans, Juno I.— About 1 o’clock this morning on unknown party, using a slung-shot, assaulted E. 0. Hancock, of tho Herald, at tho comer of Grnvior and Gamp streets. Hancock received a severe but not dangerous cut on tho forehead. His assailant escaped. Gov. MoEnory issued on address to tho people of Louisiana, advising acquiescence in the Kel logg Government until Congress assembles in December. Tho Texan Border Troubles. Washington, Juno I.—While Gon. Sherman in conversation* continues to emphatically dis countenance tho request made to tho Governor of Texas for tho release of Batanta and Big Troo, ho has no authority to intorforo in the matter, it being in the hands of tho oxooutivo authority; but, at tho same time, ho thinks whatever promises havo boon made for tbo restoration of those Chiefs to thoir people ought to ho carried out In good faith. Tho Mexican Minister has not yet received a full official ac count of theparticulars attending Col. McKenzie’s operations against tho Lipons and Kickapoos, and thoroforo is not now prepared to represent tho case to our Government with a view to ex planations. and thoro is no doubt those will bo placed on tho ground of tho duty of tho Govern ment to protect its citizens and punish all hostile invaders of our soil wherever found, tho Mexi can Government being unwilling or unable to prevent such incursions. It is said in military circles that tho operations of Col. MoKenzio wIU doubtless servo oa a warning to all armed bands who cross to our territory for stealing or murder ous purposes. Tologrrapliio Brevities. Elmo won tho raco on tbo Oakland coarse at Ban Francisco on Saturday, winning every heat. George Dawes, employed as brakoman on tho Chicago. Bock Island & Pacific Bailroad, mot his death by falling between tho cars of a freight train on Saturday evening. Deceased was a resident of Gouosoo, 111. Dr. Ashcroft, who was shot at Sandusky on the 21st ult., died on Saturday night. Jesse Gregg, sou of ex-Mayor Gregg, who was ar rested at tho time of tho shooting and subse quently released, was rearrestod immediately after tuo Doctor's death, charged with murder in tho first degree. Tho friends of tho Bov. Henry D. Moore, of Cincinnati, who lately retired from the pastorate of tho Vino Street Congregational Church, and has since boon preaching at Bobinsou’s Opera House, have a project on foot to erect him a church to cost $200,000, having tho largest audi torium In tho olty. One man offers $60,000. It 1s understood that tho members of tho Masonlo Order are active in tho movement. Now York Items* New Yobk, Juno I.—During a quarrel which took placo to-day in tho saloon of Frederick Kirkor, corner of Ono Hundred and Twonty ninth street and Second avonuo, between John E. Dunham, of Mount Vernon, tho landlord and his bar-keeper, John Jahn, Dunham was kicked by ICirkor and so severely injured that death ensued within a few hours. A boat in which Bobort Davis, of Twen ty-first street and Third avonuo, Wm. Swift, of the Liverpool steamer Minnesota, and throe others, woro sailing this evening on tho North Bivor. capsized. Davis and Swift woro drowned. Tuo others woro rosouod. The Illoody llonders—Two Thousand Dollars Howard for Thoir Approhou ■don* Tho Governor of Kansas has issued tho fol lowing proclamation: Whereas, several atrocious murders have boon recently committed iu Labette County, Kansas, under circumstances which fastens, be yond doubt, tbo commission of tboso crimes upon tbo ftnqlly known as tbo Bonder family, consisting of John Bonder, about CO years of ago, 6 foot Bor 0 Inches in height, Gorman, speaks but lit' tie English, dark complexion, no whiskers, and sparely hallt. Mrs. Bonder, about CO years of age, rather heavy sot, blue eyes, brown hair, Gorman, speaks broken English. John Bonder, Jr., alias John Gobardt, G foot Bor 0 inches in height, slightly built, gray eyes with brownish tint, brown hair, light moustache, no whiskers, about 27 yean of ago, speaks Eng lish with Gorman accent. Koto Bendor, about 24 years of ago, dark hair and oyos, good looking, woll formed, rather bold in appearance, fluent talker, speaks good Eng lish, with very little Gorman accent. ; And, whereas, said persons ore St largo; and fugitives from justice. Now, thoroforo, -I, Thomas A. Osborn, Governor of tho Stato of Kansas,’ in pursuance of law, do hereby offer a reward of •’ SSOO for tho apprehension and deliv ery to the Sheriff of Labette County, Kansas, of each of tho above persons named. Weather. Tbroat'ng. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Fair. Opening* or tho Gortos—nilifttary Ktovc* Madrid, Jnno I.—Tho Constituent Cortes as sembled yesterday. Tho session was* formally opened by Bonor Figueroa, President of tho Ministry, with a speech in which he maintained the right of tho Spanish people to choose their own government. Tho Republic, he said .would pursue a policy of order at homo. It had no eon corn with revelations in European States, and was not ambitions of territorial aggrandizement. Ho promised to abolish slavery In Cuba as In Porto Bioo, and advocated the separation 6f Church and Stato. Tho Cortes then organized by electing Sonor Grouse, a Federal Republican, os its President. Fair. Clear. Cloudy. 11. rain. Clear. . Cloudy. Clear. Light rain. Tbroat'ng. Light rain. Clear. Qon. Oabrintti, in command of the Govern: moot forces, has defeated a force of 800 Carlisle near Bobolls. Gen. Valias bos ordorod tho suspension of rail woy traffic in the Province of Valencia, under pain of death. ASHLAND AVENUE HOUGHS. A Buggy Intentionally Overturned and tho Occupants-Soriously Hurt-* They Arc Pursued, and Fire Two Shots at Their Pursnors. Tho crowded condition of tho popular thor ougbforoß daring yesterday resulted in a largo number of accidents. Tho only ono of any im portance occurred on Ashland avenue, about half-past 7 o’clock, and its Importance arises the aggravated circumstances which attended it. At 7 o'clock, a lady ond gen tleman woro driving slowly along tho avonuo .in an open buggy. A short distance behind them was a carnage containing four young men. whoso actions indicated that they woro much influenced by an overcharge of of an intoxicating drink. As they neared tho baggy tho gentleman who was driving it at tempted to got out of their way, but his utmost endeavors did not provent tho roughs from run ning Into him and upsetting his buggy. Tho lady was thrown out and seriously injured. Her name is supposed to bo Mis. Stanton, ond her residence on West Van Boren street, between Clinton aud Jefferson. The occupants Of tho carriage drove right on after tho occurrence, aud paid no other attention to it than to laugh at the Injured parties. Bomo gentlemen who bod witnessed tho outrage followed the perpetrators, in tho hope of securing their arrest. They hod chased them but a short distance on West Adams street, when thero woro two shots flrod at them from tho carriage containing tho roughs. They fortunately did not take effect. Tho vohfelo was thou driven at such a rapid epood down a side street that tho pursuers were unable to overtake It. If tho parties who were injured will report their names at tho Madison Street Police Station, an effort will bo made to arrest and punish tho perpetrators of the outrago. ORANGES. FalU 8 in. 1 ft. 3 in. 1 ft. 2 in. 1 It. lOin. Tho first rehearsal in force takes place at the depot-coliseum this evening. William Watts, of England, la registered at tho West Side Briggs House. Qilmoro will reach Chicago on Tuesday night, and be received with musical honors. Maj. A. W. Edwards, OarllnviUe, is among the arrivals at tho West Side Briggs House. Tho Hon. 8. B. Dick and wife, of San Fran cisco, ore at tho West Side Briggs House enrouto for the East. The regular monthly mooUng of tho managers of tho Half-Orphan Asylum will be held Tues day at 11a.m. Gov. Washburn, of Wisconsin; Got. Hen dricks, of Indiana; and Gov. Beveridge, of Tin, nois. will arrivo in this city on Wednesday to at tend tho Jubilee, and will pass the week in ear city. Tho Library Association of the Scotch Pres byterian Church will hold a meeting this even ing at the corner of Monroe and Paulina streets, when tho pastor, tho Rev. J. Maolaughlin, wUI deliver an address. ; Edward Crane, Esq., will lecture this evening at the Now Jerusalem Temple, corner of Wash ington street and Southwestern avenue, for the* benefit of the organ fund of tho church. Sub ject, “Chivalry and tho Crusades.” Admission, 25 cents. Before going to your place of business this morning; 6° to tho polls in your precinct and cost your ballot for Circuit Judges. Tho candi dates are Williams, Booth, Rogers, Farwoll, and Tree. Examine yonr ticket carefully, and look out for Sam Ashton. Yesterday afternoon, about 6 o’clock, a boy named James Fitzgerald accidentally shot him self through tho loft hand with a revolver. Tho ball entered near tho centre of the palm and came out at the wrist. The accident occurred at tho corner of Blue Island avenue and Boboy street. Yesterday evening, at 8 o'clock, a horse, at tached to a buggy, which contained two gentle men, named Johnson and Livingston, of No. 271 North Halstod street, ran away, on North Dear born street, near Schiller. Both men wore thrown out of the vehicle and badly injured. Tho buggy was broken to splinters. P. M. Popena and wife, Cedar Falla, Iowa; B. Donnington, Bloomington s H. J.. Harris, New York; Qoorgo F. Abbott, Texas; J. Randolph, Cincinnati; William Watts, England; J. A. Fisk, Lemont; 0. Loren, New York: George Spicer, Cincinnati; E. J. Harbaugh, Indian Ter ritory; and William Fender, Minneapolis, are among the arrivals at tho West Bide Brigga House. Among tho party of 500 excursionists that make tUo ontiro circuit of the city will be a large number of tho loading railroad men of tho country, tho present week being tho annual mootings of tho Chicago, Hook Island A Pacific and the Chicago A Northwestern Railway Companies. Quito a number of railroad officials from other States will bo in tho city. Ono of tho features of the wook will bo this assembling of the rail road interest. Tho Friends of Poace In Chicago will hold a mooting to-night at tho rooms of tho Chicago Christian Union, No. 114 Madison street. Simi lar mootings aro to bo bold to-day, at tho in stance of Mrs. Julia Ward Howo and other Eromlnont members of tho Woman's Peaco [ovomont, In tho other chief cities of this coun try and those of England. Tho mooting bore will bo of a social and lltorary character. There will bo musio and speeches. Reports will bo mado of tho progress of tho Peaoo Movement in every quarter, and committees will bo formed to correspond with other associations. On Saturday afternoon Mr. J. D. McGee, tho foreman of tho Star Union Lino Freight-House, was presented with an olegant sot of silverware, tho gift of tbo men under hia control, who hold himln high regard for his many gentlemanly qualities. Tho brief presentation speech was mado by Mr. W. W. Chandler, the Wostomagont of tho lino, and remarks wore also made byMr. William Bornor, tho cashier. Mr. McGee’s re ply to his friends was quite creditable, under tho circumstances. Mr. Adlar, tho architect, has just finished plana the following buildings: Malt house for Wm. LIU, Esq., at tho comer of Rush and Illi nois streets, 100x160 foot, seven stories high; cost, $76,000. For Ogdon A Sheldon, on Btato street near Adams, five stories and basement, business building, 49x130, of Buena Vista stone, to bo occupied by A. J. Nutting, clothier; cost, $90,000. For Messrs. Douglas A Ohamloy, at the corner of Erie and State streets, two brown-stone front, first-class residences, basement and three stories; cost, $40,000. For Meadoworoft Bros., at tho corner of Erie and LaSalle streets, two brick dwellings, 40x43. basement and throe stories; coat, SIB,OOO. SPAIN. menta* THE CITY IN BRIEF. NUMBER 287. VIENNA’S “BLACK FRIDAY." Tho Financial Crisis in the Austrian Capital* Vienna {Hay 12) Correspondence of the New York r _ t H'orW» Tlio Vienna Stock Exchange, Ukothatof Now York, has had at loot Ha “Black Friday" ■ 'ln oluor words, a financial crisis has In a foi iaya modohavoo among mlllionairoa and pal Cfizotl trade. Suspecting that Americana aro‘. 2 so thoroughly posted upon Vienna affairs v£*‘ho Importance of tbo city morlta, I must pi 1 (ec that over since 1800—the year of tho A ~s*o* Prussian war—Vienna has boon thocontro» Hha moat active speculation. That war, ao hi* U oting to Auatrla In its military and polttio » V suits, gave a strange impulse to Austrian ; 2 > morco and industry. Ever slnco 1800 tbo tli n f speculation baa boon running higher < i higher. Now banka, now manufactu » companies, now . building companies ,started up over night, until thoro seemed to bo no limit to tbo expansive power of Austrian capital end credit. Not having the statistics at this moment before mo. I cannot givo exact figures; but at least ono thousand millions' worth of now- stock wok placed on the Vienna market during 1872 alone. Of course, every sound headed financier know that a crash must como. But tho cry of “wolf "was raised so often that bvory one ceased looking out for him until ho was actually,at tho door. Last Wednesday tho horizon bocaroo overcast. A “pool,” trying to carry a largo amount of fancy stock, failed to tho amount of several millions. This broko tho entire market. Thursday matters grow worse, and reached their climax on Friday. On this last day, if I may trust tbo loose statements of the prose, no loos than 110 failures wore entered. Those who claim to be eye-witnesses say that tho scones on 'Change baffle description. Reading off the names of brokers and firms that failed to moot their en gagements was like tho call of tho death-roll in tbo Roign of Terror. Many of tho lighter stocks wero swept out of tho market. Austrian loans, railroad shares of tho host companies, dropped 6, 10, 20, oven 60 per cent. On Fridayaftomoou it seemed impossible to raiso a loan on any secu rity. Tho boars bad things their cwn way. The branch house of Rothschild was accused of “bear ing” without mercy, and two of tho firm narrowly escaped being lynched. Two suicides have been reported, ana many more rumored. Tbo boars began to soo that unless relief waa given nothing would bo safo. On Friday evening a council wua hold, consisting of deputies from tho loading Srivato firms and public banks, and attended by io representative of tbo Ministry of Financo, and it was resolved to advance twenty millions as a loan to carry certain stocks, and also to pro pose moderate terms of settlement for those firms that wore on tho point of breaking. This action was mado known immediately and pro duced tho desired result on Saturday. Thoro wore still somo failures, but it became evident that the crisis was over. Tho outside public, aa is usual in such cases, also came to tbo relief. Everyone who hod a few thousand florins to spare profited by tbo low prices and bought in. This of itself eased tho market. Tho results of this crisis may bo briefly sum med up thus: The Vienna Exchange has boon cleared, as if by a hurricane, of fancy stocks. Hundreds of men who imagined themselves millionaires on Tuesday found themselves bog flora on Friday. But tho groat commoroial and ndustrial interests of Austria aro still intact. Tho manufactories will continue to do a good business, and tho railroads bavo all they oau cany. Tho final result of tho crisis will bo ben eficial, although tho present state of affairs la a cruel hardship. PERSONAL. Gen. Frank P. Blair, Jr., is yet at Richfield Springs, Otsego County, N. Y. His health is im proving. Col. Carroll D. Wright has boon appointed Chief of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in Mas sachusetts, In place of Qon. Oliver. 1 The Rev. John Williamson, of Dixon, 111., has boon elected principal of Jennings Seminary, at Aurora. It is understood that ho will accept. J. Enos Neff, who claims a seat in Congress; is one of tho owners of tho Fort Wayne (Ind.t Sentinel under tho now regime. Cant. George H. Bradbury, tho newly elected President of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company, has been one of tho most trusted Captains of the lino. Col. Thomas A. Scott intends to visit the money centres of Europe this summer, for the purpose of presenting to tho financiers of tho Old Worldtho superior advantages of tho Southern Pacific Railroad os a source of investment. ' . James P. Clark, form any years a Boad-Mostor of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad, will soon take charge of tho mountain division of tho Union Pacific Railroad, vice P. J. Nichole, who will assume tho Superintondoncy of the eastern division, with headquarters at Omaha. Wo hardly know what to think of tho remarka ble dispatch which describes a covenant said to have been entered into by Henry Ward Beecher, Henry 0. Bowen, and Theodore Tilton. The effect of tho publication of the document must be to bring what Is known as tho ,4 Boochor scan dal "to a crisis. It is not improbable that there Is a huge hoax in tho dispatch, and that no such “covenant” was over mode, if tho factsallogod are true, then Mr. Beecher has acted very un wisely m keeping silent under the charges brought against his personal chastity. When innocent men are accused in that way, their im pulse is not to keep silence.' Snob a course is apt to load to a suspicion that they are afraid to speak lost they might say too much for their own good. A really innocent man .is seldom afraid to denounce ms accusers and dare them to bring on their proof or else to hold theU peace. —Jiuffalo Commercial Advertiser. A ITlisgruldod Book-Agent* A book-agent entered tho open door of a snug Pittsfield cottage one day last week, and nod ding to a trim, bright-looking little woman who sat sowing by tho window, commenced volubly to descant on the merits of a groat work which ho was for tho first time giving mankind an op portunity to purchase. It was a universal biogra phy, cook-book, dictionary, family physician, short-hand instructor, and contained, be* sides, a detailed history of every important event that has transpired in tho world, from the ap ple incident and Adam's fall to Credit Mobilioi and tho fall of Congress. Tho work contained 6,000 chapters, all with running titles, Tho agent, after talking on tho general excel lences of tho volume about fivo minutes, com menced on tho headings of thoso chapters, and ai tho woman did not say a word to interrupt him, ho felt that ho was making a conquest, and he rattled away so that she shouldn’t have a chance to say no. It took him nearly half an hour, and as he breathlessly wont on, the eweat started on bis forehead, and he made oonvulaivi grasps at hls collar, and when he finished he bad hardily strength enough left to put on a bewitch ing smile and hand her his ready pen wberowitl to subscribe her name to tho order book. 6h< took tho pen, but instead of patting her auto graph on hls list, she lifted a scrap of papei from her work-box, and wroto in plain letters, “ Ime dofe and dum.” He said not a word, bm tho unutterable things that bo looked, as b t turned to tho door, would fill a library. Singular Death* LoutsvnxE, Uy., Juno I.—At a small flro atJ o'clock this morning, Jack Hunt, a plpeman on ono of the engines, stumbled over tbo hose in tho stroots aud lay stunned about a minute* Ha was at length brought to and couvoyod half de lirious to bod at tho engine house, whors ho diod in about an hour. Tho post-mortem to day revealed a rupture of tho vena cava, between tho pericardium and heart. Tho sack was filled with blood, which probably prolonged life. Physicians regard tho case as a singular one. Ocean Steamship News* New York, June I.—Arrived, steamer Deutsch land, from Bremen. Tho owners of tho steamship Goo. Cromwell, now overdue at Now Orleans from this port, feel no uneasiness as to her safety, she being a very strong, seaworthy boat. Bho nas five first-olasi life-boats. Bho hod only seven passengers, who, with thirty officers and crew, could bo fully ac commodated in tho heats in case of accident. New York, Juno I.—Arrived, steamer Celtic, from Liverpool. Cannibalism* New York, June I.—A letter from tho Fiji Islands states that tbo mountain savages killed a family of .whites named Bums, aud some Poly nesian laborers, altogether sixteen whites, whose bodies wore found horribly mutilated. Some of tho bodies wore carried away for a cannibal feast, . .

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