Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 2, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 2, 1873 Page 5
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CORN. Pioipood of tlio Crop* OHAnnA, HI., May 31,1873. "Kb the Editor of The Chicago Tribune: Bib 1 I notice, in your Ibbuo of yesterday, an Extract from a' letter from Eureka, which charges Homebody with trying to got up a scare on corn. Having expressed an opinion in your columns yesterday, I will say a few words more on tho eubjoot. . A grain-dealer, on reading tho said extract, ex claimed, in my hearing t “I’ll bet that follow has sold short I” Howovor that may bo, I pre sume ho may have told very nearly tho truth so lor as his locality is concerned (though it may bo slightly colored by bis manner of expressing it), ns Eureka is located in a high-rolling, well drained section 5 but tho writer will not claim that Eureka furnishes tho entire corn-supply. • There is no doubt hut a largo portion of tho BQarketablo com Is still in tho hands of tho farm ers; and, If wo ore to have a short orop of com, I trust it will remain with them until they realize tho natural and inevitable appreciation of Values resulting therefrom. Tho farmers are the ones who most need, and oro best entitled to, any advance in prices that may result from any shortage, as they will bo tho loading suffer ore from failure of crops, and aro heavily in debt for what they have on hand. It is for tho boat good of all classes that tho farmers roailzo all they can. Mechanics, merchants, and dealers of oil kinds, ore staggering under, tho burden of carrying thorn; and, if they realize bettor prices, they can pay moro debts, and all kinds of business will bo proportionately relieved; while, if, through any Influence, tho farmers are induced to dispose or their surplus, aud the ad vance accrues to tho dealers and speculators, the benefits to business generally and the State will bo comparatively small. Ido not say tbot the few encouraging reports from different sec tions oro prompted. by dealers to got up a scare* among farmers to induce them to sell at low figures,but Ido hope that will not bo the result, and I am free to say that I prefer that tho farm ers should realize tho advance, if any occurs. Thoro may he 60,000,000 bushels of corn to como to market. 'lf so, every cent per bushel advance moans $500,000; and tho most direct way to scatter it to all classes Is to lot it go to tho farmer Srat. So I ndviso tho farmers to hold on to their corn for tho present. But to tho point at issuo: Our Town-Assessor informed mo yesterday that, in his opinion, loss than half of tho pro- Eosed corn-laud is plowed at this date. Ho nos ad a good chance to ascertain tho actual situa tion. If I wished to show up tho darkest side. I could give many names of good farmers who ' havo just begun to plow for corn ; for instance, last ■Wednesday, a well-to-do farmer told mo ho wished to plant 150 acres of com. but had just begun to plow that morning (the 28th). A friend told mo of ouo of bis neighbors who planted 200 acres in corn last year. and ho had not turned a furrow up to lost Tuesday. . A reliable man from an adjoining township told mo yesterday that not moro than ouo aero in twenty was planted in that township ; and such cases could bo given ad libitum. Doubtless tho farmers see tho darkest side 5 things will turnout somewhat bettor than they anticipated, for many aro fearing a total failure ; but, at the best, they have reason to fuel blue. A gentleman from this place took a littlo trip this week, and ho reports, from Chicago to To lono, and around to Bloomington, and from Cho noa to the Btato lino, on tho T„ P. A W. Bail road, everything is. backward; pends are full; old stalks standing in the fields; but a small portion of tbo laud plowed, Ac. This Includes a tract of country equal to about 100 luilca square, or 10,000 squ&ro miles out of tbo most produc tive portion of tho groat corn-bolt. From At lanta to Ghonoa, on the Alton A St. Louis Bail road, bo reports the condition as much bettor, ond prospects fair; com nearly all planted, Ao.; but, in order to a fair estimate of tho situation, one idea should bo homo in mind, to-wit: tho lands that can’t bo planted until very late. If at all, aro those that give tbo largest yield, and hence tbo average will bo greatly reduced. I estimate that the aggregate crop may behalf that of last year, with favorable weather; but can wo expect everything favorable ? Yesterday wo bad several hours’ bard rain, clearing off cold, with quite a frost ibis morning. With tho ground so lull of wntor, a very littlo rain stops work, and weeds will grow whether com docs or not. , 6nr prairies will stand dry weather; I have known thirty bushels per acre grown without any rain from planting time to harvest; but too much rain causes entire failures, and, If wo have Dot started in well for a wot season, I am not a judge. Lot us consider for a moment what a half-crop of corn moans in Illinois. In 1870 I saw an estimate in The Tribune (from the United States Statistics, I think) placing the corn-crop of Illinois for that year at 250,000,000 bushels. In a recent issue The Tribune puts the crop of 1872 at 200,000,000. I had thought the crop of 1872 about the same ns that of 1870, but smaller thou 1871. But, putting the crop (average of three years) at 200,000.000 bushels per annum, half a crop moans 100,000,000 bushels. I estimate tho amount of our surplus for mar ket (over what is fed at homo) to ho about one fourth to ono-third tho wbolo crop. Calling it one-third, wo shall have consumed at homo 133,- 000,000 bushels, and had for sale 67,000,000 bushels, per annum. With half a crop for tho coming season, wo should need to draw on our surplus now on hand for 83,000.000 bushels, leaving 0n1y*33,000,000 or 84,000,000 bushels, for market for this year and next; or, in other words, wo shall have 100,000,000 bushels of oorn loss to market in tho next two years than wo have marketed during tho past two years. Tho impression obtains generally that wo liavo boon gradually accumulating tho surplus for threo years past, aud that wo have much more com on hand than one year ago. 1 think this is a mistake. There are a few lots of old com on hand, but I can find but very few farm ers who report as much com on hand as a year ago. > A few days of this cold weather, and com will rot in the ground. A continuation of wet weather, and tho crop cannot bo cultivated. Only with the most favroablo weather oan wo expect oven half as much ns tho average for tho three past years. So I repeat tho advice to farmers: Hold your corn till you got what it cost you to raiso it. Iroquois. ‘ BILLIARD EXHIBITION. A fow hours were spout Tory pleasantly at Foley's, last evening, hy a number of ladies and gentlemen who were invited to witness a private exhibition of billiards by Übassy. A game of SOO points French caroms was played between him and George Blossou, tho latter receiving tho odds of 200. Tho skillful Frenchman was in his best mood, as tho following remarkable score Will show: ' Udasbt—B, 2, 12, 6, 3, CO, 6, 77, 0, 0, 13, 15, 1, 3, S, 0, 14, 39, 6, 41, 61, 0, 9, 37. Total, 410. Average, 17 11-34;’ -Largest runs, CO, 77, 01. Blossom—O, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 14. 1, 2, 8, 1, 8, 0, 0, 0, 1,1, 8, 83,1,9. Total, 110. Average, 4 7-12. . At tho close of tho game, Übassy favored thq company with several wonderful fancy shots, such as making the ball describe the outlines of •a’oockod hat, the outlines of a smokiug-pipo, and the figure eight. His most astonishing shot Was to carom on a ball under tho table, which ho accomplished almost at tho first attempt. Mr; Abo Bassford closed tho exhibition by making a number of difficult caroms with his fingers. EXAMINATION FOR STATE CERTIFICATES. £tate of Illinois, Department op Education,! ( ■ Speimoitbld, May 27,1873. ) Notice is hereby given that an examination of teachers desiring Slate cortifloatos, will bo bold in ibis' city, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Ist and 2d days of July next. Tho exami nation will bo bold In the High School Building, commencing precisely at balf-post 8 o’clock, a. jn., Tuesday, July 1. Tull information upon all essential matters 'pertaining''to tho examination is contained in circular No. 7, current series, a copy of which will b? promptly sent to any teacher desiring it, upon application to this ofbco therefor, A care ful examination of tbo whole of said oircular is t-ecommondod, bo tbattbero may ho no mistake br misunderstanding, 1 ns none of tbo conditions proscribed can bo deviated from. Teachers receiving Circular note particularly what Is said on 1, under the |road of “ Credentials," and on pago 0, tinder tbo bead of “ Conditions I'rccedcni as, by doing so, B omo expense and much disappointment may bo avoided. Particular attention Is also directed to tbo remarks on "Punctual Attendance,” page 7. i Papers forwarded as testimonials must in all cases bo originals. If any toaohor wishes tho originals returned, copies thereof, for-file in this pi?©, mast bo sent with the originals. Whoa copies are so sent, the originals Trill bo rotumocl, but not otherwise. It will bo usoloas for any ono to expect admis sion to tho examination who shall vot previously liavo submitted satisfactory • credentials upon each of tho required points, and boon so In formed. , „ Any teacher deciding: to make applloa llou should at once forward tho required credentials and testimonials. Those will ho immediately inspected and tho to mtit communicated to tho person apply ing. When tho papers aro reported to bo satis factory, and not till then, tho teacher will con sider himself as fully admitted to membership in tho class to bo examined. After ouo Is admitted to membership In tho class, then neither to appear nor offer any ex planation of failure, is a breach of courtesy which an houorablo man should avoid. . There Is no foo required for a State certificate. It is believed that tho tlmo chosen for tho ex amination Is, upon tho whole, os favorable ns any that could ho selected. It Is Impossible to designate a day that will equally accommodate all. This city is control, accessible, and other wise convenient, and tho expenses will bo os light os in any other suitable piece. Newton Bateman, Superintendent of Public Instruction. GREAT FRESHET. Rapid Rise of tho SI. Latvrcncc-Im* 111011M0 Number of Logs Carried f Down—Destruction to Property— Xhc River Cutis a Now Channel. Quebec {May 28) lUepatch to the fioston Otobe . . For tho past few days, tho Blvor Bt, Lawrence has been crowded with timber broken adrift from various places; and on the Bivcr St. Maurice two saw-mills, belonging to Baptists A Sons, havo boon swept away by the groat floods that have prevailed since Saturday. In tho early para of May, it was feared that there would bo a scarcity of water for driving, but ono of tho St. Maurice lumbermen, Mr. Joseph Boynar, came down from an exploring tour in tho upper portion of tho territory immediately after tbo ice shoved from tho main river, and reported tbo largo lakes still covered with ice, tho water rising slowly, and about throo foot of snow still in the woods. 'Ton days later, tho river had risen to a high pitch, but bad gouo down considerably before the recent heavy rains. On Saturday night, an other rise lu tbo river took place. At 0 o’clock on Sunday morning, tho Government boom in tho easterly channel was broken by tho impetu ous current, and some hours later tho guldo boom In tho westerly channel snapped asunder. Tbo Government Superintendent of tbo works, with a largo gang of mon, worked hard to re pair tho damage, nut without result, and noth ing conld stand against tho rushing current, and tho timber poured into tho St. Lawrence in a continuous stream. Tho quantity of timber gone adrift will probably not fall short of 100.000 logs. Tho water-mill of Messrs. George Baptist A Sons, situated at Lcs Grafs, about 16 miles up tho St. Maurice,, was swept away by tho raging waters, and tho mill booms of tho same firm, at their steam mill, near the mouth of tho river, shared the same fate. In addition to the Messrs. Baptist, the following firms will suffer from this accident: G. B. Hall, St. Maurice Lumber and Land Com pany, Stoddards, Bitohio A Gull, and a few others la a loss extent. Tho booms in tho mid dle channel still hold fast. They contain about 150.000 logs, and it is believed that tboy will stand tbo pressure, although tho timber is com ing down very fast. Tho latest advices from Throe Bivors say that tho water still continues very high. -Owing to tho rapid current on tho St. Maurice, 1 tho booms cannot bo relayed, and tho logs aro running out steadily by tbo oast and west chan nels. The booms in tho centre channel still hold fast; ami, as they havo stood tho enormous pressure so long, they may bo considered safe. The lumbermen are doing all in their power to save tbo drift logs. Steamers and small boats, with largo gangs of men, are working hard &U along tho St. Lawrence below Throo Bivors ; a great many logs will also bo saved by tho people on both sides of the river. It is reported that the Government timber slide at Shawinignn. Falls has boon carried away. The scone at Qrais vil lagers said to bo wild in the extreme. Tho river has cut out a now channel, some distance inland, forming an island which takes In tho entire vil lage and some acres of laud to tho westward.. Thousands of logs floated down the Bt. Law rence, past Quebec, to-day. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. Tho New York Produce market. New York, May 31.—Cotton—Quiet; middling up land, I9#c. Breadstuffs—Flour heavy and lower; receipts, 28.000 brls; superfine Western and State, $5.6506.16; common to.good extra, $0.6007.10; good to choice, Si.KK4iUS; vblto wheat extra, M.1O01U.5O; Ohio, $6.80 ©10.50; BP. Louis, $7.20®12.23. Rye. flour and corn meal unchanged. Wheat heavy and lower; receipts, 201.000 bu ; Inferior spring, $1.3501.40; No. 3 Chicago, $1.4801.55; No. 0 Milwaukee,. $1.60 ; No. 2 Chicago, $1.6601.58; Northwest spring, $1.6801.60; No. 2 Milwaukee, $1.6001.62; No. Ido to arrive next week, $1.6801.60. Rye. barley, aud malt unchanged. Cora heavy aud declining; receipts. 137,000 bu ; now mixed Western, 03#®C5o; softdo.63o; yellow, 65#00C0 : white, 690: old mixed, 67069#c, Oats heavy ana lower; receipts, 103,000 bu; now mixed Western/480 60o; white, 66067 c; black, 48040 c. Eoob—ln fair demand ; Western, 170180. Hay and Hors—Unchanged. Leather—Firm at 28®30o: Orinoco, 27028 c. Wool—Dull aud easier; Ohio, 48o; unwashed, 82o; pulled, 40o; scoured, 700. Groceries—Coffee strong; Rio, 17#019#0. Sugar moderately active aud castor at OjiQOc, Molasses ' quiet. Rice firm at 7#®B#c. Petroleum—Dull and lower; crude, 8#o; refined. 20c. Turpentine—Dull and lower at 45#0. Provisions—Pork lower. Mess, $10,37#. Beef un changed. Cut moats lower, llamn, 12@13c. Shoul ders, 7#c; middles dull; Western long dear, 909,‘tfc, Lard active, hut lower; Western steam, Do; kettle, o#c. Butter and Cheese—Unchanged. Whisky—Quiet and steady at 93#c. Foreign ITlnrlcofo* Liverpool, May 31—11 a. m.—Flour, 27s fld. Winter wheat, 12s 2d; spring, 11s 2d@l2s 3d ; white, 1252d01254d; club, 12s 6d. Com, 27s Gd. Pork, Css. Lard, 39s Cd. London, May 31—3 p. m.—Consols, money, 03# ; account, 94 ; 6*203 of 05s, 01#; do of ’67, 94# ; 10-40s, 88,#; new 5s 89#; Erie, 49#. Paris, May 31—Rentes, 67f. Liverpool. May 31.—Cotton quiet and steady; middling uplands, B#d; Orleans, o#®9#d. Sales 10,000 bales ; American, 6,750 hales; speculation aud export, 2,000. llrcadstuffs quiet. Flour, 27s Od. Oorn, 27s Od. Cheese, G7s od, Cumberland middles, 37a Cd. Weekly Review of tlio Albany Live Stock Market* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Aldan?, N, Y., Juno I.—Beeves— As before inti mated, this week’s market has boon very unfavorable to dealers, Western buyers and shippers more particu larly. The market opened quietly on Thursday, with a moderate attendance of local buyers and butchers, who demanded, and finally obtained, a full >£o per lb live weight reduction from tho ruling prices of last week. Notwithstanding tho state of tho market, a moderate amount of trade was done, tho sales of tho day amounting to 1,025 head. Reports from Buffalo and Chicago were very unfavorable, and dealers, know ing that tho supply of stock would be ample,' operated strongly la causing holders to more readily make concessions. Ou tho following day also the attendance was moderate, and solos con siderably smaller than on that day last weak. No Im provement in prices was manifested, but, on tho con trary, prices still further docllucd. On Saturday tho attendance of Now York and Brighton dealers was good, but the market ruled dull. Buyers were firm lu demanding largo concessions, and finally succeeded in breaking down tho market, obtaining cattle in somo instances at a reduction of from H to per lb. From tho opening day tho market has ruled irregular, and dosed today much depressed. Tho receipts for tho week aro 9,690 bead, about 18 car-loads larger thau receipts last week. Tho average quality does not differ materially from last week except that “ tops ”a r enot so abundant. Medium weights and good butchorlug steers in light supply. Tho following aro tho. ruling prices this week: Premium. $7.0007.60; extra, 80.25 00.50; first quality, $5.7500.12; second quality, $5.25 06.50; third quality, $4.7606.25; inferior, $4,000 4.62. Sheep and Lauds— Receipts this week unusually small. The market has ruled dull, with a moderate demand. Nothing was done of importance until yesterday,when favorable reports from Now York tend ed to stimulate trade and increased tho demand. Tho supply numbers only 45 car loads, or 9,000 bead, about equal to (ho receipts of lust week. Tho market closed dull. Shorn Blato and Western, 707 Vlb 5 unshorn, 6@6&c. Lambs, 9@llo 3MI». Mnxm Cows—This branch cf trade Una ruled dull. Only one air has been disposed of, most of which were taken by local buyers, for tho supply of river counties, at last week’s prices. Two car-loads wore received yesterday, but wont .through in first hands, I’riceu range from SIO.OO to $60.00, • Houses— The supply this week has been ample, and tho quality of tho stock reinalua unchanged. The stables aro kept full, and tho demand continues active, Xlcrlcimor County Hairy market. Lttxli: Falls, N; Y„ May 31,—Tho ' market this wook has boon active, with prices a little iu advance of those of last week. Farm dairies sold briskly, and were all cleared oarlynt prices ranging from 0o to He. Tho“Bklma” went atOo to 120, according to quality, and those of whole milk, from 130 to Ho. Tho deliv ery was obout 600 boxes* • .... _ , . Factories were well represented, tho oiTorings being about 8.000 boxes, 8,000 of which woro sold,- exclusive of those that wore sent forward on commission, buy ers woro eager to secure host grades, and prices soon advanced from Htfo to 180 and 18>.fc, which was ton price for “ fancy." Wo give the leading transactions os follows: Arnold brothers. Ho 5 Avery A Ives, ISko: Brocholt A Feeler, Ho; Cherry Valley, 18ko: Oonogoharrlo, 18o; South Cory), HJtfo •, Central Valley, 16*0 5 Oonasolep, HJ<o 5 Cold Brook, IBJfo 5 Cold Crook, in,Vo ; Cold Spring, 14tfo; Crane’s Comers, ISVo; Danube Gold Spring, lOo: Eatomlloo, lB,V(o; Eagle, iSo : Fairfield Association, ISVo; North Fairfield, 160 ; Old Fnlrflold, 16Vo; Fulton, 10o{ Henderson Association, 15Wo; Uorklnn Union, 12o! Uorklnn County Oontrnl/IBVo SJ. D. Ives, 15Vc; St. Johnsvillo, 15Xo 5 Keys, lljfos Goo, Sodon, 16o; Little Falls Central, 16o; tolvlllo, U&o; Manholm, 14Vo; Manholm Centro, 15Vo; Mnnavillo, IBo: Mlildlovllle, IRtfo; NOMI & Keeler, H?/o; Newport, Nowvlllo Association, ; Nichols, lOXe 5 Norway Association, 14Vo; Slone Ohnroh, UJio; Palno’s Uollow, 151(0 ; Hnssoll, 14Vc; Old Salisbury, IBM'q ? Shell's Uiirli, IGo 5 Smith Creek, 16 Vo 5 Bprohcr, 14>^c; Walker, 14c: Warren, 14^0; Zim merman Creek, 180. ' For tho corresponding period last year, the sales amounted to about 0,000 boxes, and tho top prlco was UHc. Butter at Little Foils was rather dull and tho deliv ery light. Wo quote .sales for ordinary packages at 360 to 20c, and flue grass make at 970 to 28c, At tho Utica City market, about 2,000 boxes cheese wore sold, and sales wore brink and prices firm at 14){o to IBJfo, the ruling prlco being 14&0 to 16c. Tho weather in IlorWmor is now warm and pleasant, but rather dry. Wow York Dry floods market* New Yontc, May 91.—Thoro wan a vary slow trade movement with tho Jobbers and manufacturers agents, lirown and bleached cottons nro very quiet, but steady In prlco at tho reduced quotations. Don linn nro In fair demand and well sold up, but othor colored cottons rule dull and weak. Corset Joans aro dull. Boiled Jaconets woro Ices active. Job lota of, prints aro soiling freely, but regular goods aro slug gllßh, Dress goods rule inactive, Tho dry goods im ports for tho week woro $1,057,804, or loss thau half tho amount for tbo corresponding week of tho last two years, ~ .Tho Produce markets. MILWAUKEE Milwaukee, May 31.—BuRAnsTurrs—Flour steady. Wheat quiet and weak; No. 1, $1.35; No. 2, $1.27?f,- Data sternly; No. 2, 32c. Ilyo arm; No. 1,00 c« Cora, dull and lower; No. 2, 400 spot; 440 July. Barley dull; No. 2, 800. Fueiouts— Steady. Buffalo, 6#e; Oswego, 11 )tfo, lleoripts— Flour, 4,000 brls; wheat, 102,000 bu. Shipments— Flour, 0,000 brls; wheat, 09,000 bu. CINCINNATI. Cincinnati, May 31.—DnaADBrurrs—Flour steady. Wheat quiet, $1.4801.50. Corn quiet, 47060 c. Bye ami barley nominal. Data quiet, 370480* ■ Provisions— More active. Pork, $10,60 bid; $10.76 asked. Lard—nothing -doing, nominally, 8)40, not offered to any extent under B*f 0. Bulk meats strong; shoulders, o><q; clear riba hold SJrfo; clear, 8&0. Bacou Arm and in good demand. Bales: shoulders, 7XO; clear ribs, BXO, hold OX° at tho close; clear hold Ojtfo. WuiattT—Flrtn; 89c. PHILADELPHIA. Philadelphia, May 31.—Breadbtuffb—Flour Tory dull; superfine. $4.7635.60; extra family, $8.23(30.25. Wheat Tory weak; rod, $1.00; amber, $1.04; No. 1 spring, $1.03. Corn lean active: yellow, Cso; mixed Western, 640. Oats steady; white, 60051#0. Provisions—Dull, Mesa pork. $18.36. Petroleum—Crude, 13#o; roflued, 19#c, Whisky—osc. • BALTIMORE. Baltimore, May 31.—Bueaubtuffs—Flour un changed. Wheat dull and nominal. Com dull; re ceipts light; mixed Western, 63©63#c, Oats dull; mixed Western, 49050 c; white. 51052 c, Provisions—Heavy and nominal. Mess pork, SIB.OO. Lard doll at o@o#c. Butter—la fair demand, hut prices weak; good to choice Western, 22024 c. WinstcT—Dull at 93#0040. OSWEGO. Osweoo, May 81.—Wheat quiet; No. 1 Milwaukee nominally $1,60. Cora dull; Western, 60056 c, latter choice. ST. LOUIS. St. Louis, May 31.—Breadstuffb—Hour dull and unchanged. Wheat dull and unsettled, only sample Ipta sold. Cora steady ; No. 2, 30#©39c In elevator; cash. 39©39#0; Juno, 43@43)rf; July, 43#0; August, 45045# 0 for sacked. Oats dull and lower: No. 2, 31# ®32c on track: 33@33#0 in elevator. Barley, no mar ket. Rye quiet. Whisky—Quiet at 00c. Provisions—Fork quiet at $16.75 for oven weight, and $17.00 for over weight. Bulkmcats quiet and un changed. Bacon dull. Lard nominal. lloos—Quiet at $4.25(34.70. , - Cattle—Dull and lower; wintered Texans, 3®4#o; native steers, $4.5505.65. BUFFALO. Buffalo, May 31.—Flour —In good demand. Wheat fairly active; sates, 23,000 bu; No. 3 Chicago, $1.34; Bhohoygan, $1.48: Duluth, $1.47; No. 2 Mil waukee Club, in lots, $1.4201.43)101.43. Cora dull; nominally 40®480, according to condition. DETROIT. Detroit, May 31.—Breadstuffb—Wheat dull and a shade lower; extra, $1.8701.88: No. 1, $1.83#®1.85; amber, $1.65 bid. Corn dull and a shade lower, 470 naked, 46@46#0 bid. Oats dull and lower; State, 43c. CLEVELAND. Cleveland, May 31.—Breadstuffb—Wheat dull, nominal. Cora ana oats dull but unchanged. Petroleum—Quiet, steady, and unchanged, TOLEDO. Toledo, May 31.—Breadstuffb Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat unchanged; No* 1 white Wabash, $1.0502.00; No. 2 do, $1.85; No. 3, $1.7501.77 ; No. 1 red, $1.63* No. 2, $1.66#, Corn in fair demand and higher; high raized, 40c; spot, 490; seller July, white, 63u ;no grado, 44c. Oats quiet; No. 1, 44# o; mixed, 40#c. Freights—Firm and unchanged. Receipts—Flour, 2,000 brls; wheat, 12,000 bu; corn, 31,000 bu ; oats, 4,000 bu. shipments—Flour, 2.000 brls; wheat, 17,000 bu; com, 6,000 bu; oats, 1,000 bu. LOUISVILLE. Louisville, Ky., May 31.—Breadbtuffs—Flour dull; extra family, #6.00. Provisions—Steady, with light demand; mess pork $17.00. Bacon—shoulders, 7#c; clear rib, 9#c; dear. o#o, packed. Bulk meats quiet, unchanged, Lara steady; tierces, o®9#o; prime steam, B#o. Whisky—Quiet; 88089 c. NEW ORLEANS. New Ouleams, May 81.—Biieadhtuffs—Oom quiet j mixed, 660 ; yellow, 670; white, 57®580. • Laud—Dull; tierce, B»f®9*fo ; hog, O^QlOtfo. Orooeuies— Ooffoo firmer; ordinary, 1B@1B.V0; fair, 18?x01Oc ; good, 19@19}tfo 5 prime, 1924®20ji$o t Others unchanged. Cotton —Dull. Hales. 1,500 hales at yesterday’s quotations, Receipts, 2,423; exports, coastwise, 1,108; stock, 97,329, including 2,500 hales returned by the steamer Memphis. MARINE. Port of Chicago* ARRIVED May 81. Scow Champion, South Haven, SO m lumber. Scow Harmony, South Haven, 60 m lumber. Schr Evalinc, Erie, 440 tons coal. Bchr Autarea, Ludington, 135 m lumber. Bchr Goo. Steel, Oconto, 230 m lumber. Prop City of London, Spanish River, 460 m lumber. Schr Azoo, Mlchoal’a Bay. 170 m lumber, 27 m lath. Schr MaJ. N. H. Berry, Black Creek, ISO m lumber. Schr H. B. King, Carter’s Pier, 80 in lumber. Bchr James Garrett, 01oveland L 472 tons coal. Schr Co). H. 0, Heg, Portage Lake, ICO m lumber, 70 mlath. .... Schr Lumberman,' Black Crock, 150 m lumber. Scow Laurlua, Holland, 20 m lumber.. SchrLavinda, Lincoln, 125 m lumber. Bchr Pitot, Muskegon, 116 m lumber. Schr Monsoon. Muskegon, 116 ra. lumber, 40 m lath. Schr Thrco Bolls, Muskegon, 160 m lumber, 20 m lath. Schr D. Nowhall, Muskegon, 125 m lumber. Scow Granger, St. Paul’s Pier, 60 m lumber. Schr Two Brothers, McCarthy’s Pier, 2,800 railroad ties. Schr Adriatic, .Muskegon, 125 m lumber, 20 m lath. Bchr Lake Forest, Sturgeon Bay, 300 cedar posts, 1,010 telegraph poles, 135 cds wood. Prop Arabia, Buffalo, 650 brls sugar, 710 pkgs fish. Prop Cuba, Buffalo. 617 brls sugar, and sundries. Scbr Tuscola, Manistee, 100 m lumber. Schr Petrol, Manistee, 120 m lumber. Schr Harmony, Manistee. 250 m lumber, 40 m lath, 160 cedar posts, CO m. shingles. 4 Scow Anna Tomluo, Manistee, ISS ra lumber. Schr N.N. Brigham. Manistee, 85 m lumber, 85 m timber, COO mlath. prop Ohas. Rlolz, Manistee, 160 m lumber, 60 m lath 40 in pickets. , Bchr J; U, Btranuch, Manistee, 160 m lumber. Schr L. McDonald, Manistee, 170 in lumber. Bark Carrier, Manistee, 110 m lumber, 70 m timber. Bchr S. Bates, Manistee, 140 m lumber. Bchr J. B. Howland, Manistee, 160 m lumber. Bchr Ostrich, Little SuanUco, 215 m lumber, 4(1 mlath. Bchr Lewis Ludlugton, Escaunho, 1,000 posts, 1,800 telegraph poles. Bchr Col. Ellsworth, Oconto, 205 m lumber, 11 m lath. Bchr J. A. Travis, Muskegon, 70 m lumber. Bchr E. Q. Gray, Muskegon, 118 m lumber. Bchr Curlew, Muskegon, 160 m lumber, 70 m lath. Bchr Ivor Lawson, Muskegon. 176 m lumber. Bcow lloweua, White Lake, 105 m lumber. Bchr Planet, White Lake, 65 m lumber, Bcow Milton, ‘While Lake, ISO m lumber. Scow Horace Greeley, White Lake, 1,600 railroad ties. Bcow D. It. Owen, White Lake, 2,600 railroad Uca. Bcow M. Dixon, White Lake, 65 m lumber, Bcow Pilgrim, Ludington, 150 m lumber. Barge Horschol, Ludington, 250 m lumber, Bchr Leoj Grand Haven, 00 m lumber, C m lath. Bcow South Side, South Haven, 130 cos hark. Bchr E. It. Bluko, Muskegon, 100 m lumber. 10 m lath. • ‘ Bchr Occliin, Grand Haven, 108 m lumber. Barge Golden Harvest, Grand Haven, 230 m lumber. Scbr Gilbert Knapp, Grand Haven 170 m lumber. Bchr Falcon, Ludington, 110 in lumber. Bohr Whirlwind, Ludington, 112111 lumber. Bchr Mary Collins, Oconto, 230 m lumber, 80 m lath. Bohr Herald, Little Sturgeon, 150 m shingles. Barge Apprentice Bay, Grand Haven, 220 m lumber. Bchr Mary Nau, Bay Bottlomail, ISS m lumber, 6 m pickets, Bcbr Llbblo Nau, Oconto, 215 m lumber. Burk Winona, Menominee, 280 m lumber, CO m lath, Bchr Reindeer, Ford River. 180 m lumber. Belli* 8. F. Gale, Buffalo, 400 tons coal. Barge Summer Cloud, Buffalo, 700 tons coal. Schr Norman, Pousaukco, 230 m lumber, 20 m lath. Bark tfuoouto, Mommdnec. SOU m lumber. Bark Great West, Oconto, 346 m lumber, CO m lath. Bchr Hungarian, Oconto, 200 m lumber, Bchr James Couch, Erie, 1,562 tons coal. Bohr Maine. Ludington, HU in lumber. Bohr Octavfa, Manistee, ISO m lumber. Bchr It. X’, Macon, Manlatco, 150111 lumber. Barge Windsor, Maulnioo, 230 ra lumber. Bchrllaloigh, Manistee, 160 m lumber. Bchr Jessie Phelps, Manistee, 190 m lumber. Bchr Z. G, Simmons, Manistee, 140 m lumber. Bchr J. M. Forrest, Manistee, 17U in lumber. Bchr Driver, Ludington, 140 m lumber. Bohr Arab, Ludington, 140 m lumber. Prop Oneida, Buffalo, 675 brls sugar, and sundries. Bark Nuiud, Oconto, 360 m lumber, 60 m lath. Prop Winslow, Buffalo and Detroit, 589 bars railroad iron, SOU kegs nails. Bcbr Abigail, Grand Haven, 800 railroad tics. Bchr Gazelle, Muskegon, 66 m lumber, 250 m'latb. Schr 11. B. Hibbard, Frankfort, 94 m lumber, “ Scow Trio, Baugatuck, 75 m lumbtr;' Bchr 11. Hand, Alaska, 0,890 cedar i>oats, Bohr Kitty Grant, Baugatuck, 1,600 railroad ties. Schr John Doan, Jr.. While Lake, 118 m lumber, SO m • .• lath. • : }•• •. ; Sehr North Star. Pontwater, 128 m lumber. . Scow Flora, Baugatnek, ROto lumber, Schr Jo Vilas, Green Day; 1.805 m shingles,' 60 m lath. Bchr Pronto, Grand Haven, 180 m lumber. • - • • Schr Soa Bird, Grand Haven, 137 tn lumlAr. t « Schr Barm, Muskegon, 75 m lumber, 30 in lath.. • Schr Lltllo Doll, Muskegon, 117 m lumber, 80 m lath. Bchr llooml John, Muskegon, 06 m lumber,-, Schr Arctic, Muskegon. 175 m lumber., Schr Ada Medora. Muskegon, 250 m lumber, 20 m lath. ' OlifiAllHD i..;;; May 81. Schr Golden Fleece, Buffalo, 80,070 Im com. Prop Oneida. Buffalo, 10,000 bu com, 10,020 hu oats, 700 brw flour. Dark Naiad, Buffalo, 20,600 bucom. . Schr Angus Smith, Buffalo, 40,000 hu corn. , Bark Jab. 0. King, Buffalo, 25,000 bu corn,’ Bchr Alpena, Muskegon, cargo of'sundries. Schr It, Winslow, Buffalo, 68.000 bu com. Schr Camden, Buffalo, 48,600 bu corni' : Prop Montgomery.Port Huron, 13,710 buc0m,4,608 brls flour, 05 bales sea grass. t,nko Freight*. Wore active at 4ko for corn to Buffalo; lOtfe and 11 ®ll)tfo for corn and wheat to Kingston. Tho charters wore: To Buffalo—Schrs 8. T. Atwater, Buoy J. Clark, and Pamlico, com at 4tfo., To Boston, via Buf falo-Prop Fountain City, com at Mo; prop W. M. Tweed, do on through rates. From Milwaukee to Buf falo—Props Arabia and W. T. Graves, bargo O. D. Bns soU, and sebr M. J. Wilcox, wheat at C*tfo. The slmr Raleigh and schr Kate Winslow wore taken for Iron oro from Marquette to Erie. ■ , . „. ■ . • Buffalo. May 30.—Charters reported: Schrs Bed Wing, Dauforth, Foster, barks Z. Chandler and 3, G. Hasten, coal to Chicago at SI.OO free; schr Scotia, bard ooal, Erie to Chicago at $1.20 free; schr T. P. Sheldon, soft coal, same at $1.05 free; schr Miami, coal to Mil waukee at SI.OO free; schr Selkirk, brimstone to Clove laud at SI.OO per ton free; schrs Bridgewater, E. Com

ing, aud Onondaga, coal to Chicago at SI.OO free. Re ported by Capt. Tom Collins: BnrkParnns, hard coal, Erie to Chicago at $1.20 free; sebr Fortch, soft coal, same at $1,80; schr Busman, coal to Chicago, u. t. d., sl.lO freo; schr James Platt, coal, Cleveland to MU- Wftukoo.ti.2s free: schrs Ughtguord and N. Weaver, Iron to Detroit at SI.OO per gross ton, f. o. b. Vessels Passed Detroit* Retooit, Mich., May 31—p. m.—Passed Up—Props Empire State, Oawcgatchlo, Sanilac, Huron City and bargee, Dubuquo and barges, Moore and bargee. Barks Cavalier. Eroatna Corning,/ Sardinia, Schre P. 8. Marsh, Knight Templar, Champion, David' Lyons, Graham .City of Milwaukee, F. J. King. 'White Oak, L. Hanna, Bosqlo Borwlck, Pride of America, Aldarbaran, Blazing Star, Ataunto, Southampton, Groton. Avon dale, D, 8. Austin, Hlppogrlffo, Surprise, Standard, Roesaway, F. Moroll, Oamancho, Onward. Passed Down—Props Jarvis, Lord, Mineral Hock, Idaho, Brooklyn, Cantatco.-Pacific, 1 Colorado, Ever green City and bargee, Trader and barges; sohr Clara Youoll. Wind—North osat. Dethoit, May Sl.—Passed Up— Prop Nebraska; barks Constitution, Mary Jane: ecbrs Montlcollo, Hartzoll, Fame, Moses Gage, Marl, Orkney Lass, Swallow. Passed Down—Bark Montmorency. ■ Wind—Northeast. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune* Demon, Juno I.— Passed Up—Props Arctic, Fred Kelley, lama, Genera and barges; barks Lottie, Wolf, Orphan Roy; schra XT. 0., Potter, Athenian, Anuio Voght, Kolaorhouao, Mont Blanc, Kingfisher, Atmos phere, E. Harmon, W. Taylor. Passed Down— Props wcslford, Annie Young, Mer chant, Jay Gould, Tempest and barges, Holland and barges, Pringle' add barges; Hackott; barka Monarch, Superior: schts Elvina, Thomas Gawn,' L.Rawaou, Rival. • Amur Aba Down—Schra Fran da Palmar and Sunny* side. Wind—Southwest. Illinois Itlvor and Canal Nows* Special Correspondence of The Chicago Tribune. LaSaixc, 111., May 31.—The atmr Katie arrived last night, (owing tbo canal-boat Gipsy Queen from Henry, loadod wlth corn for Chicago, and the Essex, light, from Peoria, destination unknown, having dropped the Leviathan at Peru, light, from Henry, and rotum last night, light, to Peru* The stmr Beaver arrived light from Peru to-day, aud deported, towing tbo canal-boat J. D. Leonard, loaded with bard coal, and one barge of ice, both for St. Louis, and to take ono barge of ico from Peru and two from Kingston for St. Louis, and other points below. Four feet and five inches of water reported on tbo dam at Henry. Tho Gipsy Queen, loaded with corn, and Barge No. 4. loaded with LaSallo cool, passed into tho canal for Chicago, and tbo J. D. Leonard, loaded with hard coal for St. Louis, passed out. Oanai, Office, Ohioaqo, May 81, 1:10 p. m.—An niVED—Harriot, Seneca, 0.000 bn corn; Elizabeth, Lockport, 80,400 tbs meal, 200 bcls flour, and several boat-loads of stone. Olea&ed— Several boats light. HHacollancon** —Tbo schooner Gestae, while entering Milwaukee, on Thursday afternoon, during tho height of tho north east gale, ran into tho schooner Portland, lying at tho stono door,' breaking her own bowsprit and carrying away tho Portland's ta(Trail on tbo starboard quarter, besides cutting through several of her stem plank. —The railway freight-car transfer steamer Groat Western, at Detroit, Is soon to go into dry-dock. Bho Is to bo rebuilt and lengthened, ao as to carry two more cars, and her upper works will bo removed. —Tho Kewaunee Enterprise says a Government sur veying party, under tbo direction of Assistant Engi neer John Plcrpont, has arrived there, under instruc tions from Washington, and commenced tho work of making a preliminary survey of tho mouth of Kewau nee River and its approaches, to ascertain tho feasi bility of constructing a harbor of refuge at that point. —A telegram received at Milwaukee from Kno on Friday says: “ Tbo schooner Nicholson, of your city, is naboro on tbo breakwater at this place. A heavy sea is dashing over her. She Is in a bad condition." Tho dispatch was undoubtedly intended for Detroit, os tho vessel, the largo now three-masted schooner £. A Nicholson, hails from taht port. —The now canal-boat Cloronco Williams cleared from Buffalo May 20, with 8.200 hu wheat. A Buffalo paper uays this is tho largest load of wheat over carried out of Buffalo by n fuil-deckod boat. —lt is reported that a collision occurred on Friday night between tho schra Swallow aud Tanner, at Point an Felice Passage. ThoSwallow lost her Jlbboom and bowsprit, and was otherwise damaged. She returned to Detroit. The Turner continued on her course. Tlio now tug Protection ma successfully launched on Saturday morning at 7 t’clock. Her. dimensions aro aa follows! 74 foot longth*o\ er all, 60 foot keel, IB# feet beam, 8# feet hold ;c<si al out $13,500. The Pro tection belongs to the Vossoi O wuer’s Towing Absoclo tion, and is. with ono exception, tho largest tug at this port. She Is designed for work on tho river, and will also bo used by tho Association for- wrecking. Oapt. Brower, formerly of tho tug Hosier, will command her. The Protection will make her first trip Monday. —Tho lumber schooner Z. Q. Simmons, Copt, Kel ler, has recently made two round trips from Manistee to Chicago, in eight and omvbalf days. Tho Simmons may he sot down as a “ fast one.” —Tho schr Seventh Ohio is said to have had her bow stovo in at Michigan City, in tho storm Thursday even ing. Tho insurance men stole that they have hoard nothing of It. —Tho now schr Itoubcn Bond ran ashoro on East Sis ter Reef a day or twoslnco; but got off without material injury to hor hull after'jettisoning from 1,200 to 1,800 bushels of wheat. She arrived at Port Oolborno yes terday. Tho cargo was taken on at Milwaukee, and Is' covered by insurance in homo agencies. —The North Star, a now schooner built at Port Hope, was launched on Saturday last. Bho is a very fino model, and owned by Howell k Alvard. —The Board of Control of tho Bault Canal bavo or dered tho tolls reduced to 3#o per ton after July 1. The tolls heretofore have been 4#c, This wdl be qulto an Item of expense saved to vessel and steamboat own ers. —The tug nsgorman, which nulled tho schr Traveler off tho shore at Shoboygsu, broke her large now wreck ing hawser in the attempt. Another tug, In an effort to assist, ran itself ashoro and was pulled off by tho Hagormnn. ’ —Tho lato attempt to blow up tho bow of tho steam er Louis Ronaud. sunk In tho Lachlno Baplds, was a failure. Tho endeavor is to bo repeated, and, mean while, steamers do not descend tho rapids, . —A now schooner of full canal size, named W, B. Phelps, built for J. Dunn, of Oswego, was launched a few days since at Sscketts Harbor; N. Y. When launched, she was fully rigged. —Tho “ Qlonbulah ” Is being rebuilt at RaUentlno’s ?ord, Saginaw. • She will bo ready to launch in about hroo weeks.' ' —The hark Monitor, grain-laden, got aground on Beach Island yesterday, but ‘ was pulled off soon, and passed Detroit all right. *■ —Tho how tug F. M. Merrick has appeared on tho Detroit River. She Is 110 foot in length over all; 34# feet beam; 0 feet 6 Inches in depth. Cost,s3o,ooo. Bho Is housed In, has commodious quarters.for her crew, and capacity for a month’s fuel, and Is described as being one of tho finest and most complete tugs ova: built at Detroit. —A change of wind, at Duluth, drove tho 100 on thq north shore, opening a channel for the arrival and do* parturo of vessels. On Saturday tho largb tiig Niagara, propellers Jarvis Lord and Olty of Montreal, succeed* cd In getting Into port, also tho Bob Anderson, which had gone to relieve tho Montreal. Tho schooner Ar cadia, with lumber, departed for Silver Inlet, Tho Jstvis Lord, of Ward’s lino, la a now craft.' She loaded with 27,600 bu wheat, and Immediately cleared for Buf falo, and bad made several miles on her way at last reports, —Tugging on tho rlvor and lakes continue on the wane, and It is a matter of groat doubt whether the half of them are paying expenses, for there are. at least that many comparatively Idle. A fair proportion of them have heretofore been employed In towing rafts, but tho backwardness of the season having delayed this business it baa proved a serious drawback on tug owners. But there aro those who never weary in such matters, who continue to build regardless of results in the future.—Detroit itof. NEW PUBLICATIONS. Tho, Mineral Springs of tho United States and Canada, NOW BEAST = THE MINERAL SPRINGS ortuit United States sal Ha, By GEO. B. WALTON, M. D. 1 Vol. 12mo. SCO pages, Vrlco, $2. This book U Intended to Le a complete manual of all the Mineral Spring Resorts In the United States and Can ada, glrlqg ttio best analyses of tho waters, and the dls oases in which they are known to bo bonotlolal. 'D, APPLETON & Oft, Publisher - 540 and 551 Broadway, N,Y. Bent froeliy mall to any a.ddre%i ta thq VolM fIUtM on reoelp.t of the SPECIAL NOTICES. Summer, Although tho mother of myriads of beautiful flowers, la apt **o steal tho roioa from tho cheeks of thoio who are ox potod to tta fiery breath* At thl> season, if to ore are any germs of disease In the system, tho heat Is pretty auro to develop them. Tho bilious, tho dyspeptic, tho norreua, the dohllltAlod, suitor more at thU period of tho year than at any other. They, therefore, require an Invigorating and regulating medicine, and thin desideratum baa boon placed within tho roach of all In, tho form.of Hosteller's Stomach Hitters. To recount tho uses of this invaluable preventive and remedy, acorns like repeating a familiar fact that has boon notorious oTorywhoro far many, many years. Who does not know that dyspepsia, bilious dis orders, constipation, dlarrhneal affections, ■ rheumatism, nervous complaints, kidney disturbances, and constitu tional weakness, in both sexes, are relieved and radically cured by this powerful yet harmless vegetable preparation* __ !ho Supremo Court of tho United States has recently glron a decision In faror of tho Gorham Man ufaotnring Company, enabling them to protect their designs from all other manufacturers who Imitate and copy them. PAHTIUULAU NOTIOR If roquoatod to tho fact that tho eatno artist* aro engaged In tho production of designs, whether for tho Starling BUror Department, or for Uio celebrated Qorliara Plato, hut tho Company never roproduoo In tholr Blootro-Plato Department tho designs which they dorolo to Sterling SUror. Each baa ita own epoolal trado-maxk, at follow*, •tamped upon ororyartlolo: Trado.mark for Gorham JClootro- Plato. Trodo-marlt for Gorham Sterling Silver. @ll® 6 0T9'» 1sb 'Ccjj Gorham manufacturing co., STBUIINtt . Provldonco, R. 1., and No. 1 Boadet., Now York. Manufacturers of Sterling Sllvor, Toa, Dossort, ana Din* nor Services, and Wedding Outfits; also, manufacture era of tbo oolobratod Gorham Elootro-Flato. ON THE BREAKFAST, LUNCHEON, DINNER AND SUPPER TABLE, LEA & PERMS’ Worcestershire Sauce IS INDISPENSABLE. JOHN DUNCAN’S SONS, Now York* AgonU fur tno United States. A Physician’s Olllco and Practice lor Sale. 1 A largo and well-established office business, together with elegantly famished apartments. PHeo, 93,000 cash. Apply to DR. WARREN, at No. 107 Sooth Olarkst., Ohteago. before Jnnofl. ' PARASOLS, &o. Parasols, RIBBONS, & TIES. FIELD,IEITEE & CO. State and Twentieth, and Madison and Market-sts, SPECIAL BARGAINS will be of fered on MONDAY, Juno 2, and through the week, in Ladies’ Em broidered Crepe do Chines, Grena dines, Checked, Striped, Folka Spot land Windsor Ties; Ladies’ Square Bilk Neok Hdkfs., reduced from $2.60 to $1.76, and from $2.00 to $1.00; full assortment of Plain and •Watered Sash. Ribbons; a fine lino of Fans, including the new fashion able size, varying in pricefrom $2,60 to $26,00. In Parasols: Plain and Embroidered Heavy Gres Grain; White, with Ivory Han dle, for Laoe Covers; and a One as sortment of ; Sun Umbrellas, ■With Oxydlzed Iron and Silver Chat elaines attached, the latest styles, ■.and very popular. DRESS GOODS. CARSOI, PIRIE & CO. MADISON AND PEORIA-STS. MESS COOES .Ajr INTERESTING) PRICES, . Lot of Dress Linens at 121-2 ots., half price. 300 pcs Twilled Cashmeres, Now 1 Shades, 28 inches wide, 20 ots. yard, worth 40. 100 pcs handsome all-wool Cretonnes, ele gant Shades, 66 ots., worth 86 ots. .-Lot of Wide Japanese Stripes at 18 ots., heretofore 26 ots. Large now- assortment of Dress Qoods on •the cheap centre tables, at 18, 20. and 25 ots. Silk and Wool Velours and Eplnglinoa, now Spring Shades, 75 ots.; regular price, $1.26. . Handsome Lyons 801 l Poplins, 76, 85, and SI.OO, worth SI.OO to $1.76. Extra quality Japanese Poplins, reduced to 26 ots., tho best made. ' Bargains in Japanese Silks from 40 ots up. Bl’k Ground Striped Silks reduced to 05 ots • Bargains in Dark and Light Colored Stripe pilks fit SI.OO and $1.26, Just received. • CHEAPEST BLACK BILES in the oity. ■ Bargains in Black Grenadines. NAVIGATIONS GOODRICH’S STEAMERS For Bacino, Milwaukee, Sholoygan, eto., daily, Sundays excepted, 9a. in. Saturday Excur sion Boat for Milwaukee, etc,, do’u’t leave un . til Bp. m. For Grand Haven, Grand Baplds, Muskegon, Spring Lake, PruUport, Manistee, etc., daily, Sundays excepted, 7 p. m, For St..'Joseph and Benton Harbor, Tuesday Thursday, and Saturday, 11 p. m. For Green Bay, Menominee, Oconto, and inter ' mediate ports, tri-weekly. 7 p, in. TO RENT. OFFICES. A few Very Desirable Offices are offered for rent in the Trib une Building. Single or. in suites., Witn and without Vaults. English Tile Floors through out the Building. Elevator running during all business hours. These Offices ore not equaled in tho city. The best for all, classes of business requiring a central lo cation. W. C. DOW, Boom 81 Tribune Building.; BANK STATEMENTS. Report of the Condition OF THE Coiaiiclal National Bat OF OHIOAGO, At tho cloeo of Business, April 25,1873. RESOURCES. L6ann and Discounts, Overdrafts U. 8. Bond* to secure clroula- Dao from* iVotloomlng end Be* ... .. aorre ArphU. $ 10,105.41 Duo from National 11anke....... 49,707.43 Duo from State Uanksand Bank* ’ 533.081.M 8.718.18 0,000.11 10,374.91 flanking Hooso. Furniture nnd Fixtures. Current Kxp0n505......... Gash Items (U. B. Itovonuo IM , M - Stumps) ~ „ M i.eo.w KxcliannosforOlearlng House..s 189.2M-0 Hilts of National Hank 5.......... 50.1J9.00 FrnothmalCurroncy.lno.NlokoU 1.Dj7.31 Legal Tender Notes 860,000.00 LIABILITIES. • Capita! fltook paid in Surplus Fund • r M mOOO.OO Exoliango.. Interest. ‘H'ZSiHS Prollt and Loss . 4,873.30 410.60 National Bank Olronlntlon out- , standing '. 430,100.00 Individual Deposits..... $1,916,012.31 Duo to National Banks 108,033.83 Duo to Btato Banks and Bank* W m.n. $3,831,093.67 Btato of nilnols. County of Cook, aai 1, OoorgoL. Otis, Cashier of “Tho Commercial Na tional Bank of Chicago," do solemnly, swoarjthat tho above statomont la true to tho best of my knowledge and belief. ÜBORGB L. OTIB, Coshlor. Subscribed end sworn to boforq mo, this Wat day of May, 1873. JOHN B. MEYER. Notary Public. Uorroot-AlW.t; AI.FBBD OOWi.ES,) WM. 11. FERRY, > Directors. H. F. KAMES, ) Report of the Condition OP THE Central National Bank OF CHICAGO, At tlio Clom of Easiness, April 25, 1873, RESOURCES. . . Kotos and bills discounted ®1u9,E83.21 Demand loans ...» 81,400.00 Ovordrafta . 595.37 U. S, Bonds to socuro circulation.. 100,000.00 Other Stocks, Bonds, and Mort* ~ _ _ gases ~ 11,000.00 Premium on Bonds 10,662.60 Duo from Redeeming and Reserve agents.. ...$26,905.69 Duo from other National Hanks.... 22,481,60 Duo from Banks and Bankers..,,.. 12,721.68 .... Furniture and Fixtures... .4,700.73 Current Expenses 6,620.25 Taxes 274.05 Cash Items (Including rovonao . stamps... _ „ 810.43 Legal Tenders <0,000.00 Blits of other National Banks 4,(H3.00 Fractional Currency, including M,ckoU ' ..3” n.oii.n LIABILITIES. Capital Stock A _ rtl $200,000.00 Discount $ Exchange , og-.44 I ‘“ orMt 13>066 . ra Circulation Outstanding. J5? , !55! , ?9 Individual Deposits SOC, <23.14 CortlUod Chocks..... 4.2C4.U3 $513,053.76 Slate of Illinois. County of Cook: . . I, James MoK. Sanger, Cashier of the Central Na tional Bank, do solemnly swear that tho above statement la true to tho best of ray knowledge and bpllof. J, MoK. SANGER, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before mo,this 81st day of May, 1873 - Correct—Attest; y MABSU> I. N. ASH. > Directors. WM. F. ENDICOTT.) Eeport of the Condition OF THE FIFTH NATIONAL BANE OF CHICAGO, At tlic Close of Business, April 25, 1873, RESOURCES. Loans and Discounts. Overdrafts U. B. Bonds to socuro circulation. Duo from Redeeming and Reserve Dutff^m’oVher Duo from otbor Banka and Bank* . 8,025.65 .$ 6,000.00 . 40,425.00 . 6,000.00 ■ ■ 60.425.00 Ourront Expenses 9,239.71 Cash Items (Including stamps),., .$ 5,143.18 Kiohanges for Oloarin* H0m0.... 72,829.87 lulls of other Natlonalßanks 46,692.00 Fractional Currency (Including nickels). 1,288.48 Legal-Tender Note 240,000.00 801,453.53. Dunking House Other Heal Estate Furniture and Fixtures. LIABILITIES. Capital Stock paid in. Surplus Fund.... Rxcliango Into rest Frollt and Loss ’ —— 61,409.86 National Bank circulation out* standing 877,100.00 Individual Deposit* 4665,195,15 Cortlliod Chocks 13,033.63 Duo to National Banka 356,199.12 Duo to other Banks and Bankers.. 183,003.84 State of Illinois, Count/ of Cook, as.: I, laaao 13. lombard. Cashier of the Fifth National Dank of Chicago, do solemnly swear that tho above state* mont Is true to tho best of ray knowledge and belief. ISAAC O. LOMBARD, Cashier. Sworn to and subscribed boforo bo this 81st day of May, 1873. EDWARD WALKER, Notary Public. Oorrootr-Attost: _ „ O. B. SAWYER, ) N. LUDINGTO w, > Directors. O. R. BARTON. ) Report of the Condition OF TUB Union Stock Yard National Bank, OF CHICAGO, At lake, in the State of Illinois, at close of business, April 25, 1873, RESOURCES. Loans and Diicounts, Overdrafts. U. a, Ronds to aoouro circulation, Duo from lloduumliiK and Uosorvo Agents 107,313.08 Duo from National lianks ........ 76,400.11 Furniture and Flxturoa . 1,688.10 Current Kxpomoa.... 6,613.69 Cash Itonn, Including Stamps.. 2W.13 Hill# of National lianas...., 6,831.00 Fractional Currency, including Nlokola 1,837.20 fipooio—Coin 708.61 Ugal Tender Notes 88|000.00 LIABILITIES. Capital Block paid Id {Surplus Euml.. Diuuouiit KsohaiitfO Interest I'rotlt and Lots. National Bank Clronlatlonoutatand- tug ; _ 80,000.00 Individual Deposits.. 476,683,60 Duo loNational 8ank5....... 16,861.68 Duo to State Uaukaand Bankers.... 10,413.66 State of Illlnolfli Ooonty of Cook, as. .... D . . I, Edward 8. Htlcknoy, Cashier of the Union Stock Yard National Hank, of unloago, do solemnly swear that the above statement Is true. totlie and belief. rf. 8. HTIOKNBY, Cashier. Subiorlbed and sworn to before me thU tliirtrnrit nay of Uw, m». ■ OBO.B.OON^AU ()110 Oorroot—Attest: , „ , BASi'L'M. U NI«KIiUBON,j Directors. JOHN It. UOXIK. V BILKS, SHAWLS, &o. SIMPSON, NORWELL & CO., 79 & 81 STATE-ST., 9G & 198 WEST MADISOR-BT., |1,D73,6t2.W 3,034.00 HAVE NOW In stock full links op new Dress Goods! 480,000.00 SILKS, SHAWLS, HOSIERY, UNDERWEAR, EMBROIDERIES, LACES, PARASOLS, RIBBONS, and FANCY GOODS, Which thoy aro offering at very attractive prices.' Have Just added to our stock on ele gant assortment of $3,834,093.67 LADIES' USES SUITS! . ALSO, A LARGE LOT OP Straw Ooods! X.ADIBS’ BO3ST3STEI'rS, L.ft.XJXEIS”' HATS. MISSES” H-A-TS, BOVS’ HATS, Which wo oro offering at Retail at Whole- BaloPrlooa, SIMPSON, NORHLL..& C 0„ 70 & 81 Statc-St., and 100 & 108 'West Mndison-st. GIFT ENTERPRISE. LIBRARY GIFT CONCERT. $500,000 In Bank to Pay Gifts. 10,000 OABH GirfFPAID DT POLL. SIOO,OOO for Only Ten Dollars. Enough of tho 100.000 tickets Issued for tho Third Grand Gift Concert, In ala of tho Public Library of Kentucky, having boon sold to insure ft full drawing, and tlio wish having boon universally expressed that tho 10.000 oath glfta ottered should bo drawn in full and paid in 101 l with* out any sealing down, as'borotoforo, tho Management, with tho coocurroncoof tho Trustees, determined to allow nntll July 8 forthoaaloof- tho remnant of tlokotsloft on hand. Tho concert and distribution at first advertised for April 8 was tboroforopostponed to Tuesday. July 8,1878, on which day, and no other, thoy will positively and nno* gulvocally take place In Puhllo Library Hal), Louisville, At this grand concert tho following cash gifts will bo distributed by lot and paid in full to tho ticket-holders who draw them: . / _ _ „ . Lia rOF GIFTS. One Oram Cnnh 451 ft, - Oito (<srnm C’a«l» 431!t, - 4)uo Oram On*U 4*lit, - Ouo(srnm C'tuili 4011, - l)no4>rnm £JnHli4*irt« i)no lirKnil tianii UU't« ... '‘o,^. 24 Cosh COOh or 81*000 cncli, 24,000 CO Onah <.inn ol COQ “ 2G,(HH> 'BO Cnali (iltts of 400 44 ns’OQQ ioo cnflii <;m» of soft 44 op.opQ ICO Uaiili of 200 44 30,000 _ COO Cash (>illM of 100 44 CO«QQQ 0,000 Cull CiUts of 10. 44 . 00.000 $513,063.75 Total, 10,000 Gifts, nit Cnali. - 8600,000 Tlio manor to pay all those gifts In full is now upon de posit In tho Farmers’ and Drovers' Dank of Louisville, and sot aside for that purpose, and can only bo used for that as will bo seen by tho following oorillioato of tho Office op Farmers’ and Drovers* Bank, I 1, Ky.. April?. 1678. I This is to certify that t hero is in tho Farmers* and Drov ers' Dank to tho credit of tho Third Grand Gilt Concert, for tho benefit of tho Pnbllo Library of Kentucky, Hva hundred thousand dollars, -which has boon sot apart by tho Managers to pay tho gifts in full, and will be tiold by tho Bank and paid oat for this nurnoso. and tbit purpose only. It. 8. VEKCH. Cashier. Too party, therefore, who holds tho ticket drawing tho capital gift will got SHOO, 000 in greenbacks, and so of the $50,000 gift, tho $-25,000. tho $20,000, the 810,000, tho $5,(100. and all tho other gifts, 10,000 la number, amount ing to $600,000. Tho remnant of unsold tickets will bo furnished to those who first apply (orders acoomnaniud by the money always having preference over agents), at tho following prices: Whole tickets, $10; halves, $5: and quarters, S3.CO. Eleven whole tickets for SIOO, M for SSOO, 113 for SI,OOO, amt 57G for $5,000. No discount on less than SIOO worth of Uckots at a time. Tboconcert and distribution of Rifts will begin at 9 o'clock on Tuesday morning, July 8, In Public Library Hall, and tho following will be the order of proceedings: lint—Music by orchestral band. Second—Placing ot tags (ono for oaob ticket sold) In large wbool. Third- Placing of gifts In small vrhool. Fourth—Music by or oboetral band. Fifth—explanatory remarks by Pretl dont. Sixth—Drawing of first hall of gilts. Seventh— Mnslo by orohostml band. Eighth—Drawing of lasfhdll of gifts. Ninth—Plaelng of largo,wheel with tags In the -bands of Committee appointed by audience. Tenth- Grand orchestral concert.- Tho mnslo on this stand occasion will bo tho best that can bo procured, and tbo gentlemen who count and place tho tags and gifts In tho wheels, and superintend tho drawing and keen tho record of tho drawn number*, will bo ohoson trnm tho host known and moat tnistworty cltl cons ot tho State. All will bo so conducted as to bo a par* foot guaranty aglanst complaint from any Just source. Absent ticket-holders will find their Interest* ns effectu ally protected as U they had boon personally present at tho drawing. Tho payment of gifts will begin on Saturday,' July 12, pt 9 o'clock a. m. Tickets drawing gifts must' be presented at Room No, 4, Public Library Unudlng, whore cosh chocks upon (ho Farmers' and Drovers' Sank of Louisville, oi sight drafts upon tho Fourth National Sank of Now York, at tho option of tho holder, will bo given for tho tickets. All nlfta not called for in six months from tho drawing will bo turned over to the Public Library fund. For full particulars send for circulars, and for ticket* send your money direct to headquarters at Louisville, Ky., to tho following address: • TIIOH. E. IJUAMI,ETTE» Agent Public Library of^Kuntuck^, $ 938,182.43 r 807.C1 419,000.09 Warn iMge First H ffiAmlns! Premium utl Kffl 1871. Double Berated Oreo, Warming Closet, Drolling Door, Fender Guard, Dumping and Shaking' Orate, Direct Draft. FUI/LER, WABREOT A CO., Manufacturers, Troy* N, t, GB&HCB EOUBS3—Wow York, GlnbUal tfil Chicago. $3,036,528.60 . 8 600,000.00 1u0.000.u0 .$ s.csa.o3 . 34, OKI. 03 . 23,078.80 Diamond & RUBY FURNACES. $9,036,628.60 JAMES A. LAWBOK, Patentee, For Heating Churches, School Houses, Public Build* Inga and Private Residences. FULLER, WARREY 4b CO., Manufacturers, Troy, N» Y* BBAIICE BOUSES—Haw York, CloTolnd iti Chicago. S[Emßip TOVES. I Fon Sals by FULLER WARREN * CO., and GO Lako-it., Chicago, Also a fall assortment of Stovca. _ . niiifia. ,8357,231.61 100,000.00 Spring and Summer Merinos, An* gola Flannels, Silk, Lisle Thread, Joan, Linen, Jaooonot, &0., in nno goods, at bottom prioos. 8767,684.67 WILSON BROS., 9iu0.000.00 BU.COU.OO „.9 9.811.53 ... iu.W3.kj .. 8,677.3d 5.460.W B, H. cor. of SUloißd Washlngton-sts., I Chicago. ** Arcade Court," Olark-st., south of Madison,) Anil riko*» 9P»r*Jloiii2i-Si2£lsߣiL— REMOVAL. $767,631.67 The Maaafactom’ National Bant lias removed to Ua now offloo. Southeast Corner of Randolph and Doathorn-ats* AND Bi m • hm %>:f STOVES, RANGES, &c. 1873 Pattern. UNDERWEAR. REMOVALS.

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